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Too tired to think
Too depressed to move
Too sick to eat
Too guilty to feel
And I now know what its like too be numb
I've been in a really bad spell. I have a constant head ache, I've been crying for the last 18 hours on and off
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Is it wrong
To miss those calls at night
That went on for hours on end?
To miss staying up until 1 AM
Not wanting to end our conversation?
To miss reminiscing over past memories together
Of the great times we had?
To miss feeling that I could trust you
With absolutely any secret of who I am?
To miss hurting whenever you were in pain
As if attached by our emotions?

Is it wrong
To yearn for those fights between us
About which of us loved the other more?
To yearn for those dates that were always filled with joy,
Laughter, wanting time to freeze at that moment?
To yearn for the way that, in each of our conversations,
The words "I love you" would easily slip in?
To yearn for that feeling we had together
That we could conquer any feat thrown at us?
To yearn for the way you came to me for comfort
To help you through those tough times?

Is it wrong
To wish for the good times of innocence
We had before love interfered?
To wish for those talks that made me feel important,
And that really convinced me you really where the one?
To wish for the way people envied us,
Of the way we fell head-over-heels for one another?
To wish for the way people told us we were the perfect couple,
And feeling as if we really were.
To wish for one last chance
To kiss you, and see if it would stir up any emotions we once had?

Is it wrong
To still love you?
I want to explain to my friends out there... this is about all of them!! Not one of my past ex's in particular. There are certain things from each relationship that I miss, that I can't seem to get out of my mind. For those of you who don't understand, I dated a... decent amount of guys so far, and this poem is just to voice that, in each one of them, I miss a part of our relationship, of our past, maybe even of the love we shared. Anyway, enough personal talk, hope you liked it!!
BTW, this picture was gorgeously drawn by :icon8sketch8: 8sketch8, and I thought it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Here's a link to his art [link]
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)

Chapter 1 – "Unfortunate Presumptions"

It was already eight o'clock in the morning, but Maka Albarn was still deep in her dreams. Soul had left early to get some food, leaving her alone. The young teenager slept on her back, each breath causing her small chest to rise and fall, barely moving the soft, warm blanket that covered her petite body. A single hand peeked over the edge of the doona cover, her small meek fingers gently clenched. Her face wore an expression of relaxation, her olive eyes twitching slightly underneath her eyelids as she dreamed, an occasional smile appearing at the corners of her mouth as she experienced something pleasant within her dream world.

"Maka! Maka!" a young woman's voice rung out throughout the house, the sound of a heavy wooden door opening and closing rapidly. None of this did anything to wake Maka up, the sound reaching her mind only as a fuzzy hum.

"Maka!" this time more persistent, finally the young meister groaned a response as she started to move ever so slightly underneath her bed covers.

Slowly she opened her eyes, her vision blurring the ceiling above her. Turning her head to the side Maka was met with the sight of her friend Blair, patiently sitting on the edge of her bed, wearing her trademark witch's outfit and smiling eagerly at her.

"Finally awake I see!" Blair said with joy, "Enjoy your sleep?"

"Yeah…" Maka replied weakly, managing a slight nod as she slowly became more coherent, the effects of her sleep wearing off slowly.

A voluptuous young woman, Blair possessed the body of a well-developed model. As always her breasts stuck out pertly, their mass apparently unaffected by gravity. Maka had picked up one of her bras the other day, and the tag said she wore a 36E. From that day on Maka lived partly in denial, there was simply no way a cat that only took human form had a pair that large….was there?

Slowly picking herself up Maka went to lean against the bed head behind her, only to remember at the last second that underneath she wore nothing more than a pale white bra and matching underwear. Quickly she pulled her blanket cover up with her.

"What's the problem, cold?" Blair asked inquisitively.

"Yeah I guess." she muttered, wishing she'd gone to bed with more on the previous night.

"Well that's no problem, I brought you a nice warm glass of milk for you!" said Blair cheerfully, holding out a large glass of milk.

"No cocoa?" asked Maka, taking the glass with one hand, the other still holding the cover up.

"Cocoa? Why would you put something like that in milk?" Blair replied, tilting her head to the side confused.

Giggling, Maka just shoot her head. After all Blair was still just a cat at her core, she wouldn't understand why people would add things to milk. Gulping it down happily she noticed something was different about the taste.

"Blair you liar, you did add something to this!"

Looking hurt, Blair raised her arms in mock defence, "Not at all! It's exactly the way it came!"

"Well then be sure to let me know where it came from next time we run out of milk, this stuff is great!" Maka said, placing the now empty bottle on her side table.

"If you really want to know, it's mine!" Blair said proudly.

"Yours? Oh I see; you must've made your own. I didn't know you knew how to do that Blair!"
Blair looked confused again, "What do you mean; I thought everybody could make their own."

"Nope, most people go to the shops to get their own. I guess living alone the way you did forced you to learn some skills a lot of people would never learn." Maka said, smiling encouragingly.

She then noticed a slight tingling sensation coming from her chest, looking down to check Maka was met with the same two underdeveloped mounds she had lived with for the last two years.

Must have just been the cotton blanket rubbing….she thought. Pushing the feeling out of her mind she looked back up, only to notice Blair watching her.

"What's wrong?"  Maka asked.

"Admiring your own boobs I see." Blair replied with a devilish grin.

"W-what!! No! I wasn't doing anything like that!" cried Maka, blushing from being caught.
"It's okay, we're friends after all! No need to hide…." reaching out Blair wrestled control of the blanket from Maka and pulled it down to her waist, "….these non-existent boobies from me!"

Crossing her arms in defiance Maka averted her gaze, "They're not non-existent…."

"Oh no, they're already a huge…" Blair's gaze locked onto the tag on Maka's side, "….double A-cup."

"Shut up! Just because you have monster tits!" snapped Maka.

"But I've got to say, I envy small girls like you!" cried Blair mockingly, "At least you can cross your arms easily, whenever I try….."

Swiftly Blair went to cross her arms as well to mimic Maka, her breasts bulging over and underneath her arms as she pressed into herself.

Holy…how soft are they! Maka thought to herself, but instead remained silent, pretending to not see what Blair was doing,

"If I want to actually cross my arms comfortably, I've got to go lower….." the pseudo-witch continued.

Letting go of herself, her breasts bounced back into shape. Lowering her arms she then hugged herself underneath her chest. This time her arms pushed her chest up and almost into her chin, and leaning forward she tried to push them into Maka's face. Still turning her head to the side and looking away, Maka couldn't hide the deep blush forming in her cheeks from the embarrassment.

Suddenly she felt a cold hand press against her right breast, causing Maka to quickly turn back to Blair. Falling for the trap, she face-planted between Blair's large breasts, still held up by Blair's left arm. Grinning, Blair looked back down and managed to cup her hand around Maka's tiny boob. Again, the tingle from before returned to Maka's attention causing her to moan slightly in surprise, the sound luckily muffled by Blair's chest.

Still focused on Maka's chest, Blair couldn't help but say, "Wow, you can actually grab something this small! I see what you meant by feeling cold however!"

Quickly Maka felt her face go red. She wasn't cold, in fact she felt quite warm. But she knew exactly what Blair meant. That last tingle she felt had left her nipples erect, and now one of them was pressing hard into Blair's hand through the thin material of her bra.
Several moments passed, and neither of the two girls made a move. Finally Maka decided to break the silence.

"Blair, could you please let go of me." she said, still speaking into the other's chest.

Jumping backwards the purple-haired woman now stood in the middle of the room, smiling happily as though nothing happened. Maka pulled the blanket back up to her next and quietly asked Blair to leave her alone to dress.

"Sure thing!" Blair said, "I'll just be in the other room making breakfast, let me know if anything changes!"

Assuring her that she would, Maka was then left in peace again, her face slowly becoming less red. Looking down again, she could still see her nipples poking through her bra.

Why won't they go down? She thought to herself, still embarrassed, I've never been this hard before, and never for so long.

Sighing, she decided she may as well get up and cover herself first. Jumping out of bed and landing lightly on her feet, she spun around to the closet on the other side of the room. Opening to closet to choose something fresh to wear, Maka was dumbstruck to find it empty.

Quickly she ran out of her room, the sound of Blair singing in the kitchen making her quicken her pace until she reached the laundry. There in the middle of the tiled floor was a washing basket, filled with all her clothes.

"Soul!" Maka raged through clenched teeth, the idiot hadn't done the washing like he was meant to last night. Quickly fishing through the large pile, she managed to find a single white shirt that looked reasonably clean, everything else however smelt horrible and looked filthy.

I guess this'll have to do… she thought sadly. At least until the rest gets washed.

Quickly pulling the shirt over her head, she dumped the basket's contents into the washing machine and turned it on, hoping the load would be finished before Soul got back. Feeling the cold air on her stomach, Maka realised that the shirt she was wearing was too small and left the skin from her belly button down to her waist bare.

"Dammit, just my luck to be stuck with a shirt too small for me." she muttered miserably. Trying to make it cover more skin she pulled at the bottom only to realise it made her still erect nipples show even more.

Giving up she just left it as it was, slowly walking out into the main room. Blair turned around from the frying pan she was working on, surprised at Maka's appearance.

"My my, I thought you said you were getting dressed!" she said teasingly.

"It's Soul's fault, he didn't do the laundry last night!" Maka cried hopelessly, sitting down at the kitchen table where some food was already setup. In front of her was a plate with bacon and eggs on it, and another glass of milk.

Hungrily stuffing all the food into her mouth, she washed it down with the milk, pausing halfway through when she noticed something.

"Hey Blair, where's the carton for this milk?" Maka asked, swallowing the food in her mouth.

"What are you talking about?" Blair said, not seeming to understand what Maka asked.

"The milk carton, you know the container where you put the milk you made in."

"Don't be silly, I just put it straight into the cup!" Blair said, returning to the food she was cooking.

"From where exactly?" Maka asked, now thinking Blair was pulling her leg.

"My titties of course." Blair replied, the pride from before returning to her voice.

"Huh?" is all Maka could say, "You mean this is…"

"My breast milk, duh!"

Spinning around Blair reached up and gave her left breast a slight squeeze, instantly causing a wet patch to form around where her nipple was. Maka was left speechless; her right arm rose slightly as though to make an objection that never came. Eventually she managed to ask why Blair got her to drink her own breast milk.

"Because it was the only way to transfer the spell of course!" Blair said, sitting down on the opposite end of the table.

"What spell?!" Maka cried, finding her voice again.

Eagerly Blair leant forward, her chest resting on the table.

"To tell you the truth Maka, it's to help you!" she said happily.

"Help me….?" Maka said, stunned by the response. Suddenly she realised the tingling from before had returned, now centred on her chest and hips.

"It's just that you're so small! And all women are meant to look like me, right? I don't know a lot about human bodies but all the magazines I've seen has women as big as me in them!" Blair continued, unaware of what Maka was now feeling.

"What magazines!?" Maka groaned, now shifting in her seat as she was unable to keep still.

"The ones your father showed me." replied Blair, innocently.

Instantly she forgot about the sensations in her body, and Maka was left shaking with anger, Dad I swear if you somehow caused this even if by accident, I will murder you!

"Looks like its starting!" Blair cheered, still under the impression she was helping.

Maka was quickly brought back to reality, the tingling now intensifying. She wasn't just feeling warm anymore, she was feeling hot. Unable to touch herself, her arms now lay limp at her sides, her body immobilized from the sensations. Closing her eyes, she slowly leant her head back and widened her legs slightly as each second she became more and more lost in the feelings.

Her chest felt as though fingers were lightly flicking across the surface of her skin, each pass causing her body to twitch in her chair. Eventually the fingers reached her hips, thighs and buttocks; playing lightly across her body. Maka could also feel those areas begin to change, her breasts starting to push out and grow heavier, her ass making her rise from her seat and her hips widening to cover more ground.

Blair only looked on enthusiastically, now singing softly again as in her mind it would reassure Maka that everything was okay.

However it was falling on deaf ears, Maka was becoming a slave to the magic rushing through her body. The unseen fingers were now pressing into her flesh, rubbing, stroking and massaging her with invisible hands. Unable to keep it in anymore, her lips parted to give way to the moans she had been holding in for so long. Her hands finding new strength, she gripped the sides of her chair as the hot sensations began to really build momentum.
She felt her breasts suddenly jump in size, the clasp of her brazier digging into her back and her cotton shirt being strained as her flesh pushed forward desperate for freedom. Below her legs were becoming much more mature, now pressed together as she tried to hold in an orgasm. Her entire being was on fire, never before had a teenager gone through such powerful ecstasy as their bodies changed so rapidly. Hitting the side of the table as another sensation rippled through her, the half full glass of milk tipped onto the ground. One of her hands then left the chair; starting to run up and down her side, feeling her growing body, unconsciously searching for a spot that'd relieve her of this ever-growing heat. Trying to cup her breasts she found she could no longer hold a single breast in the palm of her hand, the shirt's material instead stretching across her hand as the pulsing flesh underneath continued to grow rapidly. Passing down to her hips she found them to curve out insanely, never before had she even considered becoming so voluptuous. Her second hand now joined the first, both finally finding their place held up to her face, her forearms pressing into her expanding chest as if to stop the growth with strength alone.

And suddenly, it was over. Maka's back arched throwing her chest into the air, a shout of relief and passion emitting for her mouth as the transformation finally climaxed and ended.

Slumping back into her seat, the room was left silent, disturbed only by Maka's heavy breathing. Soon she was back to her normal self and it was only then did she truly realise what just happened was real and not an illusion. Like lightning she jumped to her feet, and was almost hit in the face as her breasts followed the momentum.

"B-b-big!" she stuttered, yet to find her breath.

"I'll say!" cackled Blair, obviously pleased with herself.

Maka wasn't just big, she was huge! By some miracle her shirt hadn't torn, though now it only covered her new endowments. Maka tried crossing her arms like she had in the morning and found she could no longer reach to her back, each hand barely reaching her elbows. Then she discovered she wasn't just huge but also equally sensitive. The minute she applied pressure to her tits, she almost fell to her knees, another load moan escaping her lips.

"Ohh, yeah I should mention there'll be side effects." teased Blair, "But it's not just your boobies that grew."

Instinctively Maka attempted to look down, but found all she could see now was the generous cleavage the neck of her shirt revealed, which now stretched a quarter of the way down the top of her chest. Turning around to see behind herself, Maka found out how much her ass had grown too. While nowhere near as much larger as her breasts had become, she saw that she was much rounder and shapely then before, her white underwear stretched dangerously tight across each ass cheek.

"Don't forget the hips and legs!" reminded Blair.

"How could I not…" Maka moaned again, just discovering her ass was as sensitive as her breasts.

Unable to properly see them, she went by touch alone, each hand running across her sides softly, cautiously exploring the growth. Just as before they were unbelievably curvaceous, and even her own touch caused shivers to go down her spine. Eventually they ran around her legs and reached the groin, Maka almost losing herself again.

"So what do you think!? Now you're like all the other girls!" cheered Blair, snapping Maka out of her daze.

"But Blair, not all girls look like this! Those people you saw in the magazines are fakes!" Maka said, throwing her fist to the side in frustration and almost losing her balance because of it.

"They're fakes!?" Blair cried, genuinely shocked.

"Yes! People who have either had procedures done to them or a team of 20 make-up artists! None of them are real!"

Maka looked down to the ground, again meeting her new chest instead of the usual floor.

"And now look at me, I'm huge!"

"You're not actually that big, really you should only be as big as me if not a little smaller." Blair said, smiling.

"You're joking right?" Maka said, unbelieving.

"Nope, it's because your short and I'm tall! It's all about proportions!"

"Okay then, so I just look huge."

Maka knew that Blair couldn't see what she meant, so she decided to drop it.

"Well, I'm still feeling a little hot from all that, I'm going to take a shower now and freshen up." Maka said.

"Okay! I hope you enjoy your new body!" Blair replied, still cheerfully oblivious.

Why do I feel like she doesn't believe me? Maka thought to herself. Turning around she then left for the bathroom, each step causing her breasts to sway and bounce, her thighs now rubbing against each other too. I might even have to walk differently from now on.

Entering the bathroom, she looked into the mirror and was shocked at how she appeared. God, she felt big enough, but in her reflection she was even bigger then she imagined herself. Raising a hand to her chest she felt for her nipples which were still erect, only unseen because of her extremely tight AA-cup bra holding them back. Upon touching one Maka felt another flush, blushing again.

Giggling, she couldn't help but think, maybe this isn't so bad.

Out in the kitchen however, Blair couldn't help but notice the half empty glass of milk on the table and wonder, maybe I shouldn't have given her that second glass to drink…
Yes I know it isn't the next chapter of TSB but I recently got into Soul Eater and thought I'd try a BE story with new characters. :D

Don't worry guys, the next Bleach tale is on it's way. :)

Sorry about the ending with this one too, I seem incapable of not leaving my stories open for a sequel! ^^;

Let me know what you think!
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
I live with a Big Booty Bitch with a Big Black Dick
Written by: Silent Soul Ken
Summary: Janet Ferrari is a former model with a sizable rump, who now is enjoying her money and lives a singular life, what happens when a person with a sizable rump she knows comes with a sizable package?
Tags: Big/Huge ass, Futanari, Futa on Female, Penis/Balls Expansion, Big Penis, Huge balls, Non-consensual sex, Romance, language, Cum Inflation

Chapter 1
Unwanted Acquaintance

Janet Ferrari grabbed the piece of meat on sale in its wrapping looking at the price. She set it down and looked bending forward slightly to get a better view. Eventually she found a price she was willing to pay, $13.27 a steal. She set the meat with her basket of groceries. Janet was a black woman tall, thin, with long gold colored hair, average curves, save a rather big butt that she had paid to be enhanced to its monstrous size of 43 inches. A few years ago she was a model and internet sensation with her rump and black features. However when another came into the industry with an even larger rump than her own she quit the business preferring to live her royalties she had done a video and photo shoot with the other and had a slight bonding due to their similar features. However when she quitted she lost contact. She was surprised to find that said other had been arrested and put in prison. While she was concerned she ultimately put it out of her mind. It was none of her business, and besides the two weren’t friends more like acquaintances of similar features.

Now she lived on the money she made with the public, currently she was wearing a dress that could hide her enormous backend effectively. Janet went to the dairy products opening the door and grabbing a bottle of milk. She placed that in her basket and looked at it to make sure she had everything she needed. ‘Milk, meat, eggs, flour, syrup, baking soda and… crackers… all right now I need some apples.’ She went to the produce area to grab apples and any other fruit that caught her eye. She arrived at the produce and saw the various apples on display grabbed what she wanted and putting the apples in a plastic bag she headed to the front to pay for her groceries. As she walked she saw a teenager glance at her his gaze following her as she walked past. ‘Ugh fucking creep probably undressed me 3 times… pervert.’ Janet went to a cashier with the smallest possible line.

With the coming of fall and thanksgiving parents and family members were swarming in like locusts looking for food to bring home and devour. Janet thanked herself for not wanting to go on any relationships at this stage in her life. She didn’t want to deal with some mama’s boy or son with crazy traditionalists who had rods up the butt with traditions and holidays. Janet already had spent enough time with people ogling her and send her millions of e-mail calling her ‘big-booty bitch,’ ‘Trunk stuffer,’ ‘hot babe,’ etc. she just wanted to live a normal life now and one day start dating. For now she wanted to get out of the store away from anybody else that could recognize her.

She was finally up she put all her stuff on the belt letting the cashier swipe it through. The cashier, a woman, looked at Janet then turned her gaze back to the register as the final item was swiped. “$24.78,” she said lamely Janet pulled up her purse and opened it pulling out a 20 and a 5 dollar bill and handing it to the cashier who took it and typed in the amount. It whirred as it opened allowing her to put the bills inside and ejected the appropriate amount of change into the small change pool. Janet grabbed it and walked down to where the bagger had been bagging the food. She thanked him and grabbed her bags quickly exiting the building.

Janet walked to her car the bags of groceries in hand. She opened the trunk of her black Ferrari California and placed her groceries in. Closing it she went to the driver door and opened it getting into the car and sitting in she closed the door. She sighed, ‘No oglers today… thank god,’ she started the car and began to drive heading home. Janet turned on the radio as she reached the highway adjusting the radio signal. Eventually she found the radio station, pop and hip-hop playing in the car speakers. She relaxed her mind drifting to when she was doing those shoots for the rappers. So raunchy and ill-mannered, she couldn’t believe that she had done that especially since they were interested in her butt. She sighed she had wanted to get surgery to remove it but decided against it.

It would cost much more and would take a long time to get rid of everything so she focused on just living with it. She turned off the exit and headed down the street. She lived in a suburb in particular a cul-de-sac to keep away from oglers and people who knew her. True there were still a few people that knew her in here but not as many as in the city she pulled into the street and drive down heading to the cul-de-sac and pulled into circular road was parking the car driveway of her house.

Janet’s house was a yellow brick house that was single story, she had a backyard and a small front yard, and the garage door was a big white door that was opening as she pressed the button to open it. She parked her car inside the garage. Turning it off she pulled her keys out and unlocked the door pushing it open. Then she went to the control for the door pressed the close button the garage light with a special movement sensor light. The garage door closed and she grabbed her groceries, slamming her trunk close and exiting the garage through the door in the back. The lights would turn off if they were on for 5 minutes. She walked to the side door that lead straight into the kitchen of her house and with key in hand she unlocked the door and walked in.

The kitchen was a spacious white tiled area with the stove against a small wall and to the far right of it was a sink and dishwasher. She set her groceries down and went to the fridge opposite of the stove a good 10 feet behind. She opened it and looked at her food supply she raised an eyebrow in surprise. Her bread was a few slices short, and when she looked her ham was disturbed a piece dangling from its plastic container. Mayonnaise bottle was also open when it shouldn’t have been and some tomato had been ripped apart.

This set off warning lights in Janets head; she went to the phone that rested on the wall next to the sink. She pulled it and was about to dial 911 when she realized that she had no signal. ‘Fuck!’ she put the phone back and she went to her closet, opening it she grabbed her broom and pulled it out. She then took off her heels walked to the entryway of the kitchen and paused straining her ears to hear even the faintest of sounds. Nothing, so the intruder was not in the living room, she walked forward looking around, the living room had a single large plasma TV at the wall, with a presentation table top that had various statues. She walked forward then turned her head left where her bathroom and bedroom lay. She walked forward then stopped when she heard the grunting coming from her bedroom. She also saw the door was ajar and she slid forward using her stockings to quietly move forward to look at the gap.

She heard moaning now and grunting. “Fuck yes! Ohhhhh yeah!” The intruder hissed she heard skin slapping as the intruder… whacked off? But that was a females voice! Whatever was going on she needed to get them out of her house and in the hands of the cops. She put her fingers on the door and opened it quickly running to the figure on her bed. The figures head turned and lunged at her she saw a feminine build closing in rapidly she swung the broom only to find her center of gravity falling and the first thing to hit the ground was her rump.

“OW!” Janet’s rear was a massive cushion but she still felt pain. Then her back then her head, her arms were pinned down. She felt a hot breath on her neck and heard the low giggling in her ear.

“Oh yes you’re home… and your butt is as big as ever!” Janet could not understand, this voice was a woman’s yet the throbbing hard thing against her crotch was a guy’s dick!? “Mmm I’ve missed you.” She felt a lick on her cheek. The voice was familiar but… “Haven’t seen you since that gig so long ago… mmm,” A kiss on her neck, Janet tried to squirm she was feeling flustered.

‘I can’t be getting off from this… freak!’ she had to push the intruder off ‘Gotta get out and get help.’

“Mmm stop moving! Otherwise I can’t give you my 11 inches of love!” The intruder squealed, wait that squeal it couldn’t be.

“Rubi, is that you Rubi Starz?” Janet said.

“Oh yes you remembered! Good, good I’d explain what’s going on but I’ve been here for hours wanting to cum! Naughty of you to be so late my little booty whore!” Rubi said. “My balls are nearly bursting because I’ve held back every time!” Suddenly she pushed up and Janet saw Rubi. Rubi had a more rounded face compared to Janet’s however she had large curls of pink-dyed hair, as well as C-cup breasts that were swinging slightly. Her body was slightly hourglass shaped with her wide hips and enormous rump that put Janet’s to shame at a monstrous 56 inches. She could see it slightly jiggling behind as Rubi shook her hips and she saw the male organ attached just above her cunt. It was a huge cock 11 inches in length and 3 inches in width around the head she saw what looked like a ring wrapped near the head, the balls looked like overstuffed softballs and had a slightly darkened color to them.

“Yeah they’re huge huh!? Normally they’re smaller but I’ve been beating off so many times and holding it back that they kinda grew! Hurts a bit too I think guys call this blue balls or whatever the fuck, I don’t give a shit though cause I’m fucking horny as a bitch in heat!” No sooner had she said that then a beep sounded and the ring fell off. “YES!!!” She grabbed Janet’s skirt and ripped it apart with freakish strength. Her hot fingers clawed at Janet’s panties even as Janet raised her hands to intercept.

“Stop it! Leave me alone you-you freak!” Janet shouted with disgust struggled with Rubi who tried to grab the panties but failing as Janet pushed and eventually grabbed both hands but Rubi broke the grip and grabbed Janet’s hands in one. She pushed it over Janet’s head her body leaning in forcing Janet to get her face buried in Rubi’s cleavage she screamed in protest and shook her head.

“Oh yes do it more!” Janet felt disgust build in her as well as arousal. This odd situation was not good, she didn’t want to have sex with this mutated Rubi. Her panties were becoming wet as her pussy disagreed with her mind, wanting the hot hard cock to ram into her! She could feel the hot organ dripping pre-cum onto her stomach.

“Stop! Please Rubi I don’t want this!” Janet begged Rubi held up her other hand revealing a strip of her clothing in hand. Rubi stuffed it in Janet’s mouth and then reached for more of the ripped clothing Janet tried to spit out her own clothes but Rubi was quick as she wrapped the cloth around her mouth preventing her from spitting it out. Rubi tied it on and secured the knot now Janet was trying to scream which was muffled by the gag. ‘Oh god someone help me please!’ Janet tried to move but Rubi was pinning her down. She felt Rubi’s tongue lock her cheek, and her giggling chest rubbed her own. Janet moaned into her gag trying to close her legs and hide the increasing wetness of her crotch telling Rubi that she was getting immensely aroused by the action. However it seemed as if increased strength and her organ was just the prelude.

“Mmm someone smells ready, someone wants to fuck… and they want to fuck HARD!” Rubi shouted and she pulled away. Moving down her hard cock throbbing in anticipation she came to the wet cunt of Janet and she licked her lips eager. ‘Finally I get to have some pussy… oh thank you doctor!’ Rubi licked the cunt her tongue flicking the lips and lapping up the juices eagerly her dick seemed to grow even harder than ever throbbing so hard that it was painful! “Oh that’s it I gotta fuck!” Rubi grabbed Janet’s leg with one hand and the other her own throbbing organ. She rested her cock on Janet’s cunt lips and when she was sure that she was on target she pushed her hips forward. Janet screamed as she felt the cock move in inches of hot black meat invading her body. “Oh god Janet you’re cunt is so tight and hot!” Rubi said huskily. “I love it! Just like how I love you! Yes we’re gonna have so much fun from now on!” Rubi giggled like a schoolgirl who had gotten her favorite thing in the world. Rubi was thrusting now her cock sliding in and out of Janet easily. Janet moaned and whimpered pitifully as she was aroused and disgusted at the same time.

Rubi was now on top her breasts rubbing against Janet’s skin. Janet shifted her mind was conflicted between wanting to cum and wanting to kick Rubi in the nuts. Rubi gave a strong thrust grabbing Janet’s leg and holding it up fucking Janet in a side angle. Rubi was watching Janet’s butt wiggle and jiggle. So arousing and titillating that it made her cock even harder. Rubi then reached with one hand and slapped Janet’s ass.

Janet gave a squeak. “Oh yeah look at it jiggle!” Rubi crowed, she slapped again watching Janet’s ass cheeks jiggle to and fro what with the slapping and her powerful thrusts. Rubi moaned as she felt her balls rumble ready to unload their payload. “Fuck yeah Janet get ready you getting a big fat load here!” Rubi grunted. Janet shook her head, today was not a good day for her if this freak’s dick worked right then she could get pregnant!

That seemed to set her off as her body stiffened in orgasm spraying juices onto Rubi, “OH FUCK YEAH!!!” Rubi shouted and she slammed it in Janet sobbing as she felt hot cum flood into her womb pooling and expanding. Janet felt her belly start to expand slowly as Rubi kept cumming then it stopped Rubi sighed and pulled out her cock then she stood up and shuffled over Janet. “If the doc was right then oooooh yeah, look it’s working it’s working!” Janet in her teary hazed looked up. If she didn’t have her clothes on her mouth her jaw would’ve dropped open. Rubi grunted and moaned as her dick suddenly swelled larger gaining 2 inches in length and half an inch in girth, her balls also swoll becoming bigger and fatter! Janet found herself blacking out as her mind overloaded.

-1 hour later-

Janet awoke to find herself in her bed she looked around wildly nobody else was inside the room. She looked at the floor to see her clothes on the ground. She sighed and was about to pass off what she thought happened as a dream when she felt the soreness at her crotch. She then heard a snore, she froze not wanting to believe it. She looked to her left to see Rubi laying on the bed snoring. “Ah you are awake, good yes good.” Janet turned to see a man standing at the door.

“Who are you!?” She demanded not exactly liking these turn of events.

“Do not panic I’m doctor Ilenkay Psetrovich, I’m a bio geneticist.” He said in a thick Ukrainian accent, Janet wasn’t sure what it was exactly but she had a general idea and it was enough to put one and one together.

“So you’re responsible for… for turning Rubi into a freak!?” She shouted, “A freak that raped me and now impregnated me!?” She had half a mind now to beat this quack into putty.

“Please first of all she chose this, second of all hermaphrodite or futanari are not freaks they are next step in evolution ja? Finally it’s impossible for you to be pregnant her sperm are completely inactive, inert.” He said he held out his hands then clasped them together. “Miss Rubi was in jail for crime she claim she did not commit, however till they found out otherwise she be in prison for long time. So she was given a choice serve term or participate in experiment. She chose experiment.” He walked to a chair and sat down leaning back slightly his fingertips bridging each other..

“And what is this experiment exactly?” Janet hissed still not liking what was being said.

“Well we make her hermaphrodite and then we give her to someone of her choosing to care for her. She chose you so now you are responsible for her actions. Also when she has sex with some and reaches climax her dick and balls will grow bigger, it’s a system we plan incase nuclear fallout happen ja? She is prototype for future generations you see the growth will be to better ensure maximum fertilization see?” Psetrovich explained.

“So you turn her into this unnatural… freak?” Psetrovich sighed and placed his thumb and forefinger at the bridge of his nose.

“You must not have good ears, hermaphrodite is not unnatural plenty of things that are hermaphrodite in real world, lizards, frogs and other things. We just sped up natural order, in about 500 years no men or women just hermaphrodites,” He said this slowly as if he was explaining something utterly common sense to a child. It worsened Janet’s mood however.

“Ok fine whatever so if this is natural then don’t you think that her sperm can possibly one day make me pregnant? Nature finds a way right?” Janet said.

“Impossible sperm is completely inert and unable to become fertile we made sure to program that into them there’s no way that they will be able to impregnate…” There was a buzzing and he pulled out his phone and spoke in Ukrainian. He nodded his head and hung up the phone. “If you’ll excuse me I must leave I have a mess to clean up people cannot be trusted to do simple chores now, I’ll see you in a month to check up on her. Oh yes you’ll be supplemented with necessary funds for food and such have fun taking care of her!” Psetrovich said and he stood up and began to walk away.

“Wait, wait, wait you can’t just dump her on me!” Janet jumped from her bed, uncaring of her nude body, and ran after the doctor.

“I’m sorry but it’s out of hands now she requested to be transferred her specifically, oh yes first payment should be in mail now I must go please.” Psetroivch said and he was out the door. Janet was about to go out when she realized she was nude and ran back to her room to grab something but she heard an engine roar and tears screeching she pulled on a night gown and ran back only for a silver Lamborghini to drive away.

“Ah god dammit, why me?” She moaned as she stepped out of her house. She stood there then heard a wolf whistle and she turned to see one of the neighbors teenager watching her. She gave a huff of annoyance and she went to her mail and opening it grabbed a letter she then walked inside and slammed the door. “God damn government giving me chump change for watching some dickgirl fr-“ her voice trailed off as she opened the letter and saw the 500,000 dollar check. “Ok… maybe I can do this shit then…” She then heard loud grunting and she felt a chill up her spine. “Maybe… not…” She gulped.
A little story I wrote with characters based on real life characters if you can find out who they are... I'll think of something maybe the 3rd chapter can be an idea you guys pick. Anyway this is gonna be a romance fic hope you guys like it.
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
A Quick Turn-On

Your jaw drops as you watch me close my eyes and smile, feeling my shirt stretch around my growing breasts. The feeling of my shirt tightening around them as they grew bigger turned me on greatly, and a moan escaped my mouth. Already my cleavage was swelling out from the collar, straining the topmost button on my shirt.

You can't take your eyes away from me as you watch my hips began to flare outward. As my cleavage billowed out from my collar, snapping the first button, my shorts clenched tightly around my thighs. My ass stretched the seat of my shorts and I moaned softly as my clothes tightened.

The second button popped off, and my G-cups jiggled happily inside my shirt. I smiled and gently pressed them together, feeling my cleavage ooze over the opening of my shirt.

I reached my hands down to my backside, feeling my butt plump up bigger into my hands. My shorts cut into my lower half enough to make it uncomfortable. I could feel my shorts beginning to slowly tear, but to speed up the process, I bent over and stuck out my butt. I felt the fabric shred apart as my butt grows, and you practically drool at the sight of it.

Your mind is in a fog as you watch me grow right before your very eyes. The sight of my cleavage jiggling and my ass swelling turns you on, and the sound of my moans filling the room gets your heart racing.

You stare deep into my cleavage, watching as the third button on my shirt pops off. My breasts gently jiggle inside and it's at that moment that you realize I don't have a bra on.

You walk up to me and I bite my lower lip as I look into your eyes. You place your arms around me, feeling my long black hair brush against your fingers. My chest swells into you, slowly pushing you back. You look down and can feel my huge melons swelling into you, and you can't help but stare deep into my cleavage almost as if you're in a trance.

Your hands explore my curves, traveling down to my ass. You can even feel how tight my red panties are getting as they stretch around my swelling ass cheeks.


The final button snaps off and now my shirt is showing off a very considerable amount of cleavage. I reach up and hold my shirt from both sides. I give you a naughty look as I slowly pull it apart, your eyes widening as my breasts swell outward as my shirt gradually rips down the center. With only a couple inches left, I give it one final tug and my shirt rips in two, allowing my massive tits to bounce before your eyes. As you stare at them, you can't help but drool over how perfect they are. My nipples are slightly erect, and you reach up with both hands and trace your thumbs over them. I shiver as your cold hands send chills up and down my spine, then softly moan as I feel your hands roam around my breasts.  

As I shrug off my ripped shirt, you squeeze my tits together in awe at how soft, warm, and huge they feel. As you fondle them, my panties squeal as my butt continues to blow up like a balloon.

My bubble butt stretches the waistband of my panties as it pushes it outward. You look over my shoulder and your eyes are amazed at how big my ass has become. You stare at the waistband as it slowly strains as my giant ass cheeks pull it apart until....


I moan as I feel my panties slide down my leg. I giggle at the look on your face, knowing that the sight of my bubble butt bursting out from my panties turned you on even more.

You reach around and firmly place your hands on my swelling butt cheeks. You grasp them in your hands, and your fingers sink into the abundant flesh as you knead and massage them with your fingers. I moan softly, pressing my gigantic tits into you. Your mind nearly explodes at how my warm and luscious breasts swell against you but also at how big my ass is as you squeeze it.

Your hands explore my naked body, traveling up to my wide hips and back to my breasts. But just before you do so, I grab your hands and playfully push you back into the bed. Laying on your back, I slowly climb onto you; you stare at my immense breasts bouncing and jiggling as I lean over. With both my legs by your sides as I sit on top of you, I lean over and smother you with my juicy breasts, pressing them against your face. You are in pure bliss as you lay there motionless feeling my soft, jiggling breasts against your face.

I then sit up and look down at you. As you look up at me, you see me rising higher into the air as my ass swells against your stomach. You try to hide how turned on you are but I easily detect it through the expression on your face.

You reach up and squeeze my breasts, and I slowly grind against you as they innocently bounce and jiggle into your hands. My ass ceaselessly balloons and pushes me higher into the air to the point that my breasts are slowly getting out of reach.

You smile up at me, adoring my bubble butt and huge tits. Looking down into your eyes, I give you a wink as I lean down and smother you once more.

The End
Haha, well, I'm sure the title explains it all ;p

I decided to write up a little mini-story, which I REALLY enjoy writing. What I do like about this is that just like a few other ones I did of this POV, ANYONE can put themselves into the story regardless of their gender. I really enjoy writing stories that allows anyone to include themselves in the story as they read it, it makes it that much better! :la:

Haha, so yup! Just a quick little story with some hourglass expansion to get you all "excited", hehe ;p

Enjoy! :) :tighthug::highfive::glomp:

Here are a few other stories I wrote in this point of view:

"Busty Aspiration": [link]

"You And I": [link]

"Teasing You": [link]
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Lindsay the new futa Goddess!

Chapter 4

Lindsay's desire!

Lindsay awoke to a bed above her, and she sat up and looked to see Gwen sitting next to her bed reading a magazine. "Oh you're awake? Well I think you deserved the rest that you got especially with what happened…" Gwen said lowering the magazine. Lindsay was confused now.

"What happened?" Lindsay asked Gwen shrugged.

"You won the challenge and didn't have to do the next challenge which was a stupid dodgeball game."

"Oh? Who won?" Gwen sighed.

"The other team… Though we got rid of that Noah guy… So it's not all bad…" Gwen said. Lindsay nodded, then she looked under the blanket, and saw that her skirt was still on.

"Say uh… Gwen if you don't mind… I… would like to be alone for a while…" Lindsay said. Gwen nodded, and stood up and walked out the door closing it. Lindsay pulled the blankets over her, and pulled down her skirt and panties to see her male half of herself. She was surprised to see that it had grown bigger than before. It was now 3 inches long and maybe an inch in a half in diameter her balls she now noticed were also bigger, now the size of chicken eggs. "Wow I wonder if that dream made them bigger…" Lindsay said, then she pulled her skirt and panties back on and pulled herself from the blankets. She then stood up and stretched, she felt different, a vitality that she never had before which was saying something since she was a cheerful person to begin with. But now she had no worries she felt like she could take on the world if she wanted to.

`Of course you could you have me with you…' A sweet sensuous voice said Lindsay froze.

"G-Goddess?" She asked, nervous.

`But of course Lindsay who else did you think it was?' The goddess said teasingly.

"I'm guessing that me sleeping helped you get into my mind?" Lindsay asked warily.

`BINGO! I think I might of made you too smart! It also helped me modify your body a bit more. It's easier to do that when you're sleeping you know!' The goddess said happily. Lindsay sighed.

"I guess that I got bigger boy parts is also because of you right?" Lindsay asked.

`Mmmm… maybe the dick but not your balls you made them like that yourself!' The goddess answered, Lindsay paled.

"How did I do that?" Lindsay asked.

`Oh come on haven't you been doing something a lot lately?' The goddess teased, Lindsay furrowed her brow thinking, then it came to her. She had been masturbating A lot.

"So you're telling me that every time I play with my boy parts that my balls grow?" Lindsay asked.

`Not exactly when you cum then they grow because they overfill for the next batch it was only a slight overfill but thanks to me it's gonna be a bit more noticeable! Hee hee hee!' The goddess was pleased with her work, Lindsay however wasn't.

"What are you giggling about what if they see me! I can't go out looking like a freak!" Lindsay shouted.

`Oooh all right! I'll cast a spell on them so they don't notice the changes!' The goddess huffed, Lindsay blinked.

"Really? How does it work?" She asked grabbing onto the news with eagerness.

`All you need to do is look them in the eye… all right? Then they'll not really bother with noticing you that much… I should also say this only works on guys… if you want girls to not notice you, you have to give them a kiss! Got it?' The goddess said Lindsay who was looking excited looked skeptical now.

"Why do I have to give a girl a kiss?" Lindsay asked.

`Simple most girls hate getting kissed by another girl… however if you find a girl that likes getting kissed by another girl well then… she'll be highly attracted to you instead!' The goddess said, Lindsay rolled her eyes.

"Yeah right like that's gonna happen!" Lindsay said and she looked at the door to see Beth standing there the short girl staring through the door at Lindsay. Lindsay paled, how long had Beth been standing there!? "B-Beth!" She gasped. Beth smiled slightly and waved, Lindsay waved back then Beth opened the door and walked inside.

"Hey Lindsay we heard you shout and they sent me to find out what's up… Were you talking to somebody?" Beth asked flashing her braced teeth.

"Huh? Uh no! Just um… talking to myself! I was um trying to brace myself for the next challenge!" Lindsay said, she felt a drop of sweat racing down the back of her neck.

"Oh! I get it! Well don't worry the next challenge is a talent contest!" Beth said smiling even wider, Lindsay blinked.

"Talent contest?" she asked.

"Yeah talent contest you know when people display some talents that they have and the most impressive talent wins that type of thing?" Beth said raising an eyebrow at Lindsay, Lindsay nodded hurriedly.

"Oh right, right! Sorry it's just hard to remember for me sometimes." Lindsay said, Beth seemed to except this and she turned to walk away then Lindsay remembering what the goddess said, cried out. "H-Hey Beth!" Beth stopped walking and turned to look at Lindsay.

"What?" She asked, Lindsay was nervous now, unfortunately the goddess didn't tell her where to kiss a girl but she had to assume on the lips for now. She beckoned Beth to come closer, Beth did. When she was inches away so that Lindsay's breasts were nearly in Beth's face Lindsay bent down grabbed Beth's cheek with one hand and kissed Beth on the lips. Beth's eyes widened in surprise however she made no sound when Lindsay pulled away. "Lindsay!?" She gasped, she stared at Lindsay shocked by this. Beth took a step back.

`Is it working?' Lindsay prayed that it did, Beth stood there staring at Lindsay then she pounced on Lindsay. Lindsay taken aback by this fell back as Beth pretty much bowled her over. Beth had pressed her lips against Lindsay's again for another kiss this one filled with incredible lustful energy. Lindsay could feel her cock twitching beneath her, `No! Oh dammit! Don't tell me that Beth's a lesbo!' Lindsay thought. It was then that she heard laughing in her mind.

`Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I told you to be careful and no she's not a lesbo she's bi!' A voice said.

`Goddess? Don't tell me you knew!' The goddess laughed again.

`I didn't know until you kissed her! Oops did I forget to mention once you kiss somebody you can read their thoughts it's a perk to being a goddess.' The goddess said Lindsay fumed angrily but stopped when she felt Beth pull back and begin to kiss her neck.

"Ooooh your so beautiful Lindsay! Every time I go to bed I think about you and if you would pay attention to a goofy girl like me I prayed that you would! Now I know for sure you're the girl for me!" Beth said as she began to plant kisses down Lindsay's neck proceeding down to Lindsay's ample chest. Lindsay was enjoying the attention that Beth was giving her.

`NO this is wrong! I gotta stop her somehow!' Lindsay thought desperately but the more she tried to fight her new feelings the more pleasurable they became eventually her body began to respond as she too began to kiss Beth's freckled skin. Her mind began to drift, who cared about what the other's thought, she felt her cock grow harder, lengthening beneath her skirt she felt Beth's hands slide underneath her shirt and begin to caress her breasts through her lacey bra. Who cared about the damn challenges… the challenge! This snapped into Lindsay's mind and she pushed Beth off of her. "Beth stop it!" Lindsay said firmly Beth looked surprised by the sudden firmness in Lindsay's voice. "We have to go to the challenge! If we don't people will get suspicious." Beth frowned.

"I don't care! Just make love to me!" Beth snapped now looking angry. Lindsay raised a hand between the two.

"Look! I promise that I'll make love to you later but for now let's just drop this and get to the challenge!" Beth sat there frowning then she sighed.

"Fine! But I'll hold you to it!" Beth said and she got off of Lindsay and walked off. Lindsay lay there on the ground, thinking about what had just happened.

`You know even though she isn't much of a looker she would bear nice healthy children too.' Lindsay scowled and said.

"Just shut up…" Her answer was a giggle.

--Later on—

Lindsay was sitting on the front porch of the girls dorm looking up at the moon then she heard the door open and she heard footsteps. She looked to see Gwen walking toward her she smiled. "Hey Gwen," Gwen smiled.

"Hey… How's it going?" Gwen asked.

"Okay I guess." Lindsay said shrugging. "Wasn't it cool though? Harolds beat boxing?" Gwen nodded in agreement. Harold had surprised everybody by showing his rather mad beat boxing skills impressing everybody greatly. Gwen looked at Lindsay for a minute.

"Hey, are you okay?" Gwen asked, Lindsay looked at Gwen nervous.

"What do you mean?" She asked, had Beth told her what happened?

"I dunno how to explain it but something is different about you…" Lindsay felt a drop of sweat slide down her face. Gwen stared at her hard then she shrugged, "Maybe it's my imagination." Gwen said, Lindsay mentally sighed. She then heard the door open and she looked to see Beth standing there. Beth was glaring at Gwen, "Hey Beth, what's going on."

"Not much I just was gonna out for a walk with Lindsay…" Beth said, "Would you excuse us?" Beth said icily. Gwen shrugged then she got up and went back into the dorm. Beth watched her go then she walked to Lindsay and grabbed Lindsay by her arm and began to drag her forward Lindsay following Beth, as Beth lead them through the forest past trees and bushes when they were a considerable distance away Beth stopped turned and slapped Lindsay. Lindsay surprised felt her head jerk slightly as the slap hit her hard she clutched her cheek.

"B-Beth!" Lindsay said, then she felt Beth grab her head and pull her into a rough kiss. Lindsay squirmed and pulled away from Beth she was about to say something when she saw Beth's eye's they were sad and were wet with tears.

"I know I'm not pretty like Heather or Gwen but you kissed me! It means that you should only look at me! Not those… those… sluts!" Beth said she looked pitiful in fact Lindsay felt a little sorry for Beth. She then knew what she had to do, She grabbed her top and pulled it off her breasts bounced and jiggled when the top came off.

"Hey Beth take off your glasses I don't want to break them." Beth looked confused but did as she was told.

"Why what's up?" Lindsay smirked.

"You'll find out in a bit I got a special surprise for you." Lindsay said her breasts swaying side to side as she walked forward. She then wrapped the top around Beth's eye's and tied it on tight making sure it was secured properly so that it wouldn't slip Beth gulped and sweat began to appear on her face.

"Lindsay? I'm scared." Beth said Lindsay smiled and kissed Beth again.

"Shhh just relax you won't even feel a thing, well maybe you will but it will feel good later, I promise" Lindsay said in a husky voice. She could feel her arousal growing and her cock twitched and began to grow erect in response. She could feel it jump up slightly with her heartbeat and the cock grew harder and longer. She slid off her skirt and panties in one swift move, she sighed as her cock pulsed and throbbed in the cool night air it stood angrily up its skin red with blood. She stroked the hard flesh with a finger and her body jerked slightly in response particularly when she stroked the head. She felt so in control and so powerful it was almost intoxicating, her nine inch cock pulsing with life. She then reached down and rubbed her balls feeling their weight and she gave them a slight squeeze. She then looked at Beth who was standing there her head turning this way and that. "Beth lay on your back and spread your legs."

"What?" Beth said.

"Just. Do it!" Lindsay commanded, Beth winced and did as she was told Lindsay looked up at the moon. `Gotta hurry before the other's notice!' She thought and she grabbed Beth's pant legs and pulled them down enough so that all that Beth was wearing was just her panties. Lindsay licked her lips and reached forward and began rubbing the panties paying attention to Beth's crotch and butt. Beth reacted by giving a slight moan.

"Oh! That feels good!" She said, Lindsay smiled then she grabbed the panties and pulled them down. She leaned forward and saw the small yet slightly wet slit that was Beth's pussy. Lindsay inhaled the scent and her cock began to leak pre, throbbing painfully and bouncing against her stomach the pre smearing against her skin. She then began to lick the slit enjoying the salty taste of Beth's cunt, Beth moaned louder and her hips began to buck and thrust up. Lindsay licked and she stopped when she felt Beth's body begin to tremble. "My body! So stiff! Feels like… I'm gonna explode!" Beth grunted. Lindsay knew that she had driven Beth close to an orgasm, Lindsay smiled and she began to rub her cock against Beth's wet slit feeling the pussy juice soaking up on her cock lubricating it. She then lined her body up for maximum penetration and she began to push forward she did it slowly carefully so as to not send Beth into an orgasm. True Lindsay didn't know much of sex and even though she had sex with a goddess in her dream it was still lacking but she had enough sense to go slow and be careful as it could be painful for Beth at first. She then felt resistance and she looked to see she had at least 4 more inches to go. She then leaned forward and kissed Beth roughly pushing against the girl and she pulled her hips back then forward with all of her strength. She broke through the resistance with ease and she felt her cock hit something again and push that apart too. She felt Beth's mouth vibrate as she screamed into the kiss however Lindsay kept pushing forward. Then Lindsay pulled away and Beth had tears sliding down her face. "It hurts! It hurts!" She said Lindsay put a finger on Beth's lips.

"Hush my love this is only the beginning it hurts at first but it'll go away later I promise." Lindsay said. Beth gulped and nodded, Lindsay stayed that way letting the pain subside in Beth then she began pumping her cock in and out of Beth. She started off slow and soft to get a rhythm then when she had found it she began to increase the speed and strength of her thrusts soon her hips and balls were slapping hard against Beth's bottom. Beth's hands were clawing at the ground her body jerking and writhing. She was moaning and grunting.

"God! I don't know what you're doing but it feels so good!" Beth shouted, it wasn't long till Lindsay felt her balls clench up and her muscles begin to seize up!

"Uh! God! I'm cumming!" Lindsay shouted and she gave a final thrust and her cock bulged as it began to pump cum into Beth's waiting womb filling it with her hot sticky seed. Lindsay clenched her teeth, her head tilted back, her eyes closed and her muscles were stiff to her the orgasm felt as if it lasted an hour, in truth it took a minute and a half. When she felt her cock finally stop pumping out cum she opened her eyes and lowered her head panting. She then looked at Beth, Beth was also panting her arms soaked in sweat her shirt also soaked with sweat. Lindsay pulled her cock out which was shrinking back to its current 3 inches, her balls however swelled up with cum becoming larger than before. She looked and saw them visibly swell up then they stopped they were definitely bigger than before and it was definitely noticeable. She then pulled back on her panties and skirt wincing slightly as her panties forced her balls up and rubbed them uncomfortably. She looked at Beth's cunt which was dripping with white cum, Lindsay leaned forward and licked the dripping cum and she rolled it around in her tongue it had a strange taste to it not unpleasant just strange. She swallowed and pulled Beth's pants and underwear back up and she untied the makeshift blindfold she had made put her top back on. Beth was panting and her eyes had a faraway look. It was then that words came to Lindsay's mouth, words she had no control over yet she knew she had to say. "Beth you are my first but you will not be my last, however know this you will have my eternal love, now come and bear my seed, bear my children raise them to be beautiful and strong." Lindsay said. She blinked then she touched her mouth surprised. `What in the world did I say?' However she could not recall her words. She shrugged and grabbed Beth and her glasses. "Hey Beth? You okay?" Beth's eyes turned to Lindsay's face.

"Thank you…" She breathed and she grabbed her glasses and wobbling slightly she stood up and walked off. Lindsay following behind, however unnoticed by both of them a bush rustled and a figure appeared the figure was covered by darkness.

"So… they do exist but how? I… must find out…" The figure said then they vanished back into the bushes.
Chapter 4 Yay... Reviews bring more chapters and more chapters brings more reviews not a bad deal if you ask me...
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Lindsay the new futa Goddess!
Chapter 3
Lindsay and the Goddess

Lindsay walked back to the dining room in time to see today's breakfast, a hamburger at least that's what she thought until it began to move in a sickening way. She immediately lost her appetite and found Heather to be staring at the hamburger as well. Lindsay didn't know why but she found Heather to be very sexy looking almost sexy looking to- She shook her head in time to prevent the thought from entering her mind. She sat down next to Heather. "Can you believe the filth they're serving us? This is just purely disgusting." Heather said, Lindsay nodded. It was then that Chris called them outside to tell them their next challenge. "All right people your challenge is an `Awake-a-Thon' the challenge is simple the last member of whoever team to stay awake for however long is the winner of the challenge so just stay awake! Good luck!" Chris said and with that he walked off. Lindsay sighed thankful for the challenge appointed to them. She had a feeling she wouldn't be going to sleep anytime soon anyway not with her new friend.

-2 days later-

Lindsay was nodding off, Beth and Heather had already gone to sleep, so had a few other contestant's but Lindsay was determined to stay awake for two reasons. 1, she didn't want to see that fertility goddess in her dream again, 2 she was scared of what else her mind could dream of.

-Next day-

Lindsay's eye's hurt and her eyelids were extremely heavy, she wanted so much to close them and to sink into the oblivion known as sleep but she remained vigilant. She didn't even care about the challenge anymore all she cared about was staying awake. So it came to her as a surprise when she found out that she had won the game for the team. She blinked in surprise as the other member's congratulated her then she fell forward her mind drifting into sleep.

--Lindsay's dream—

"Liiiiiindsaaayyyy!" A singsong voice said. Lindsay groaned and turned to find the form of the fertility goddess, perhaps it was because Lindsay was tired but the woman looked bigger than before, a lot bigger particularly her sexual organs. "Oh don't look you'll make me blush!" The woman said teasingly. Lindsay shook her head and looked at the goddess' face.

"What are you doing to me!? Stop changing me! In fact get out of my body or my mind or wherever you are!" Lindsay shouted. The goddess tutted and wagged a finger.

"Temper, temper! I'm just making your body… better than before and as for me leaving your body… well let's just say I like it here! It's gonna be fun being you especially when I make you fuck that Heather chick." The goddess licked her lips at this. Lindsay's jaw dropped, and she took steps back.

"H-H-Heather!?" She gasped.

"Oh yes Heather! She looks so absolutely ripe and fuckable don't you agree? Look at that ass and that waist! Ooh it makes my cock twitch! I just want to fuck her like no tomorrow! Mmm… and imagine the young she would bear!" The goddess said hugging her huge breasts and twisting around. Lindsay watched her cock and balls flail about slapping against her leg then a word penetrated her brain.

"YOUNG!?" She shrieked.

"Yes! Young! The best part of being a fertility goddess is the ability to breed! With every sex with every race! Male, Female, Black, White, Asian it make's no difference just as long as somebody has a big belly with babies!" Lindsay stared horrified at this goddess.

"You're crazy I'm only 18 there's no way I can-!"

"Oh yes you can and you will!" The goddess said, "Even if I must make you do it! You will have sex with Heather!" She took a step forward, "Even if I must show you how great sex is myself!" The goddess grabbed her monster cock and began stroking it. Lindsay knew what was going to happen and she turned and tried to run but she found her legs to be unresponsive. "Hmhmhm… This is my world little girl… I say when you run or not! You are going to stay here and watch as I fuck you out of your little mind!" The goddess said, as the cock began to pulse and twitch as enormous amounts of blood began to fill it up. Lindsay watched in horror as the monster thickened and lengthened, becoming larger with every passing second. The thing would tear her in half if it ever got inside of her.

"Now, now I'm not gonna kill you there's no fun in that! What's really fun is giving someone the fucking of their life! In fact… I'll let you fuck me first just so you know how good it feels!" The giant cocked woman said she sat down and she made a few gestures in the air and the cock vanished. Lindsay blinked then she nearly fell forward as a weight suddenly appeared down below. She looked to see a smaller yet still monstrous version of her cock on her. Her balls were huge like beach balls but they weighed a hell of a lot more, and her cock was 24 inches long and probably 12 inches thick. She had to grab the thing with both hands just to heft it up it was so huge! The goddess smiled and spread her legs it looked a little strange since Lindsay was used to seeing her with the giant cock blocking the view of the goddess' vagina. However Lindsay could see that it was sopping wet, and the lips seemed to beckon to her. Lindsay stared at the thing. "Come on now! It's not gonna bite!" The goddess giggled. Lindsay looked up at the goddess then she walked forward with a bit of difficulty. Her balls were so huge that they actually scraped against the ground further exciting her senses and further sending more blood to her cock making it stiffer. When she reached the giant woman's dripping cunt her cock was fully erect. She hefted the great cock and began rubbing the monster head against the walls of the giant cunt. Her senses were going crazy at even this light stimulation. "Oooooh that feels good… Now… plunge your cock inside of me fuck me good and hard!" The goddess said sensuously. Lindsay who was panting now, nodded dimly registering the goddess' words. She put the head of the cock against the large lips of the goddess pushing forward slightly, however due to her restricted form she couldn't push it all the way. The goddess realizing this raised a hand and pointed her finger at Lindsay. A bolt of white light hit Lindsay and she felt her thin body began to expand with powerful and lean muscles. Lindsay could also feel her body growing slightly larger, she then felt her strength growing as she grabbed her cock with a newfound confidence and strength and grabbing the giant woman's pussy lips she pulled herself forward. The giant cock speared its way into the woman's cunt with ease barely meeting resistance. The goddess shivered slightly and moaned as the cock continued its way into her pussy which seemed endless. Then Lindsay felt her cock come to a halt as it bumped something. She looked to see she still had at least 10 inches to go. She looked up at the goddess to see that the goddess was drooling slightly her eye's rolled up to her head. "Oooooh god! You're so deep!' The goddess then reached forward and grabbed Lindsay and she shoved Lindsay forward with so much force that the rest of her cock entered the goddess and Lindsay also partially entered the goddess. Whatever it was that her cock had bumped into it was now in it. "Gooood! It's been ages since I felt this! A big, fat, juicy cock right in my womb!!" The goddess cried. She then pulled Lindsay out and pushed her back Lindsay's body swayed back and forth as the goddess repeated this action using Lindsay as a giant fleshy living dildo. Lindsay however could care less as her cock was clenched so tightly by the walls of the goddess' cunt. Lindsay was in utter bliss, the feeling of so much warmth and the tightness she was feeling was soooooo good! She then felt her balls rumble with cum and her muscles tightened.

"Huah! I'm! I'm cumming!" Lindsay shouted and she felt the goddess' body shudder too as the goddess was also orgasming. She felt the gush of pussy juice hit her like a tidal wave as the goddess orgasmed onto her. Then she felt her cock grow rigid and felt it spew out cum inside the goddess. The goddess rubbed her belly where she felt the warm cum entering in her womb. Lindsay felt as if her orgasm would never end with the sheer amount of cum she was pouring into the goddess however she felt her cum now cumming in spurts then it finally ceased. She gasped her eye's focusing on nothing. It had felt so good to cum especially inside of a woman. Maybe… just maybe she would fuck Heather.
Chapter 3... same deal read and review...
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Lindsay the new futa Goddes
Chapter 1
Lindsay and the Statue

Lindsay was excited to arrive at the island and excited at a chance of being on TV. Lindsay was tall, with long blonde hair, large D cup breasts, and a slim perfect body. She also had an IQ that was dumber than even a slug's, and because of this she was your stereotypical dumb blonde, all looks no brains. However that was going to change by her coming to this Island, this Island that kept a deadly and erotic secret. She was with 21 others, she being the dumby she was couldn't keep track with all the names. The only names that stuck with her was… oddly enough… the females. Gwen, Izzy, Courtney, Leshawna, Eva, Katie, Sadie, Bridget, Heather and finally Beth. She talked with a few of these girls and quickly got to know and like them. Leshwna was a large black girl with a spunky attitude and a loud voice. Eva was a strong, silent girl who mostly was lifting a single dumb-bell. Izzy was… out there to say the least, very much out there. Beth was a friendly girl with braces and glasses who seemed to look up to the other girls. Katie and Sadie were… well BFFFL's and they seemed rather committed to that title. Gwen was your typical goth girl, quiet, soft-spoken and generally wanted to be left alone. Courtney was a team player but also a bit of a bossy person. Heather, well… what else was there to say about Heather? That didn't mean that Lindsay didn't like her but due to her lacking intellect she couldn't really see the girl as a potential enemy. Later on, Chris Maclean the host of this show, began by greeting the competitors and telling them about their time their and separated everybody into their individual teams.

"All right! We have the Killer Bass on one end and the Screaming Gopher's on the other end now we go to our first elimination round!" This drew many confused looks from the contestants. It was then that Chris began explaining about the elimination rounds, that would take place every night and that tonight was the first night. "So since this is our first night we'll do a by vote elimination round. You guy's basically say the name of whoever it is you want eliminated and if that person get's enough votes it's down to the dock of shame!" Chris said gleefully pointing to the dock where a single boat lay. Lindsay wasn't sure what happened next. All she did know was some guy… named Ezekiel or something like that was eliminated due to a comment he had made. Then they were told to go to their cabins. Lindsay grabbed her stuff and headed off with the rest of her teammates toward the cabin. She set her stuff down next to her bed and stretched.

"Wow, to think I'm gonna be on TV tomorrow I'm so excited!" Lindsay said, in fact she was so excited that she went outside to look at the night sky. She stood outside looking up at the sky. She sighed then she turned ready to head back into the cabin when she saw a strange glow, coming from a bush. Curiosity getting the better of her Lindsay walked off to find the glow. She pushed through bushes and branches eventually coming to a small clearing. She looked around awed by the sight then she the glow in the center of the clearing. She walked forward, and the glow faded revealing it to a statue, but a statue like she had never seen before. It was a large green statue roughly around the size of a Barbie doll. However the thing that made the statue strange was that even though it was shaped like a woman it had a large penis and balls dangling between the woman's legs. Indeed the male half of the statue was so large it looked a little ridiculous. Lindsay however being the dumb blonde she was thought it was funny looking and she grabbed the statue. She held it up to the moon admiring how it looked she then heard somebody call for her. "Coming!" She shouted and she hurried back with the statue in her hand. When she got back to the cabin Gwen was standing.

"Hey where did you go? It's dangerous out there." Gwen said, then she stopped herself. "Not that I care or-or anything!" She said hurriedly Lindsay shrugged.

"It's all right! Besides I found something really funny!" She said and she held up the statue to show Gwen. Gwen looked at the statue.

"What the? What the hell is it?" She asked, Lindsay shrugged.

"I dunno! But isn't it funny?" She said smiling, Gwen shook her head.

"No to be honest it's disturbing put it back where you found it!" Gwen said.

"Oh come on! How bad is it to have something like this?" Lindsay asked, Gwen looked at her then shrugged.

"Yeah I guess you're right… But put it someplace where nobody else will see it okay?" Gwen said. Lindsay nodded and went with Gwen into the room thankfully everybody else was focused on something else or asleep to notice Gwen and Lindsay. Lindsay went and stuck the statue under the bed and got into her bed ready to sleep. Gwen watched Lindsay for a second then she too went to bed. As the night progressed the other's soon fell asleep and at the height of the night the statue began to glow with it's strange green light. The light then began to flow up and to Lindsay, as a strange mist expelled from the statue and the mist floated up and covered Lindsay's body then it began flowing into her open mouth and into her crotch then the statue stopped glowing.

Lindsay turned and twisted in her bed… she was having a strange dream, a woman had appeared, looking very much like the statue that Lindsay had picked up. The woman was incredibly beautiful, with tanned skin, large breasts and the largest pair of cock and balls that Lindsay had ever seen the thing had to be at least 3 feet in length! And it was only flaccid! The balls looked like flesh colored boulders. The woman also had long red hair that flowed out from behind. The woman smiled, and spoke in a gentle mysterious voice. "Hello Lindsay…" Lindsay blinked at this.

"Huh? How do you? Know my name?" The woman chuckled.

"It's best to know the name of my new vessel…" The woman said.

"Vessel? What's that?" The woman smiled at this.

"Hmm your intelligence is a bit lacking but I'll change that very soon… A vessel is something that carries something usually moving it from one place to another. But in your case a vessel is something that eventually becomes what it's carrying in your case a Goddess." Lindsay oh'd then she blinked.

"A goddess?" She asked, her information on the said word sorely lacking.

"Yes, you're carrying me! A fertility goddess!" The woman said. She folded her arms over her sizable chest. "You will become the fertility goddess and help spread my influence throughout the island and then the world!" Lindsay listened to this a little confused.

"Um… What's a fertility goddess." The woman sighed then she walked up to Lindsay and grabbed her head with her giant hand. Lindsay screamed then she felt information begin rushing to her head. She felt as if her brain was going to explode from too much information then the woman released her. Lindsay shook her head her brain now sore.

"Now do you understand…" Lindsay nodded and looked up at the woman with a new found fear and respect.

"What're gonna do to me?" She asked the woman put a finger on her chin then she smiled.

"Well first things first I'm gonna change you into a more `ideal' body!" The woman said and with that she vanished!
Well I might as well post this on here since I got it on HF and FP... This is not for minors I repeat this is not for minors or those with a very limited imagination if you have either or, then leave... other than stay read and review!
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Kristy idly thumbed through the pages of the trashy fantasy novel she picked up the other day, and reflected on her lot in life, and how pretty much everything had been going her way.

She had answered an ad some months ago looking for a receptionist, and that brought her to what had once been a disused VR Entertainment studio, but was now something much, much more.

The kindly woman who was running the place explained what she was doing, and she could not accept the job fast enough. Because Kristy had a secret. Not a deep, dark secret, but a secret nevertheless.

Kristy was obsessed with the idea of pregnancy. Oh, she wasn't especially fond of children, which, she reflected, was kind of ironic, but she loved every little thing about the pregnant form, and her deepest fantasies involved her being hugely pregnant. When she was younger, she did the best she could with a pillow stuffed under her shirt, but with the advent of new applications of VR technology, she could have so much more.

Of course, she was just a receptionist. Not qualified to operate the actual VR rigs. But still. Of course, individual sessions were strictly confidential. And Kristy may have been a pervert, but she was a moral pervert. However, she had made copies of most of the demo tapes and snuck them home, and if it were possible to wear digital media out, she would have worn them out.

It was one late Friday evening, however, that the opportunity of a lifetime began to knock. She heard a throat being cleared and looked up into the face of Amber Jones, the founder and head technician, as she adjusted her lab coat.

(Amber wasn't a doctor, of course, but, she had told Kristy once, the coat reassured people.)

"Excuse me, Kristy," said Amber, "but could I ask a huge favor of you?"

"Sure thing, boss lady," said Kristy. "What'cha need?"

"I'm running a debug operation on the filing system," said Amber, "and I need someone to shut it all down once it's finished running. It'll be two, maybe two and a half hours, and you'd have to stay the whole time to make sure everything works afterward. Normally I'd do it myself, but I promised the kids I'd take them to see a movie tonight. So do you mind staying late tonight? I'll pay you overtime."

Kristy tried her hardest to keep a straight face, but inside, she was doing cartwheels.

"Oh, no problem!" said Kristy, waving a dismissive hand. "And don't worry about the overtime! You treat me well around here, it's the least I can do for you."

"You're an angel, dear," said Amber, reaching into her pocket and setting down a little red keycard. Kristy recognized it as her master keycard. It opened all the doors in the facility... and operated all the VR machines.

"Just drop it in my office before you leave," said Amber. "I've got a spare. And thanks again."

"You can count on me, boss!" said Kristy brightly.

Amber gave her a smile and headed for the door. Kristy felt her heart skip a beat as she left, then looked down at the keycard.

She waited for five minutes, just to give Amber enough time to get to her car. Then she picked up the phone and dialed, her hand shaking.

"Jacob?" she said into the receiver. "Drop whatever you're doing and get down to the office. What? Tape the match! Get down here now. Trust me, you won't regret it. And step on it."


Kristy's boyfriend Jacob was a great guy. He was clever, loving, and shared her passion for hilariously awful horror movies. But most importantly of all, they had a mutual love of pregnancy, having initially met via a message board where she used to post erotic fiction. And they had both been waiting for an opportunity like this for some time.

He arrived at the offices about twenty minutes after Kristy hung up the phone.

"I think I ran a red light on the way here," he said, as she let him in the door.

"Not important right now," said Kristy, grinning ear to ear. "My boss told me to mind the place for awhile, so I've got the full run of it."

Jacob returned her smile as that sunk in. "And you know how to run the rigs?" he said.

"I've been reading the documentation on them in my spare time," said Kristy. "It's not that hard."

"Then what are we waiting for?"

Kristy gripped Jacob's hand and half-dragged him down the back halls, to the largest of the VR Rooms. It, like the others, appeared as an unadorned room with a bed, although this particular one also had a padded floor.

Using Amber's master key, she opened up a cabinet built into the wall, which contained several sets of VR nodes, as well as an experimental portable control rig that Amber had been working on, in order to give clients more direct control. Still in the beta testing phase, but Kristy figured it would be safe enough for what she had in mind.

"Here," she said, giving Jacob two of the little silver disks. "Stick these to your temple."

"And it's perfectly safe? Even for dudes?" he said, looking dubiously at the nodes.

"Totally!" said Kristy. "Why, we even have some male client who... you know what, you'd be happier not knowing. Just put the nodes on and hop on the bed."

Jacob shrugged and did as he was told, and Kristy did the same. She felt a little tingle down her spine as she fixed them in place. She didn't know if it was due to the nodes, or just anticipation.

With everything ready, the two of them laid down on their backs, side by side, while Kristy examined the control box.

"Alrighty then," she said. "The nodes are interfacing with our brains... they're calibrating... and here we go!" With that, she pushed the button.

It would have been nice if there was a little 'boop' sound to go with what followed. But such was not the case. There was just the briefest of flashes across her vision, and the next thing she knew, she felt... heavy.

Kristy looked down. Poking through her shirt was about seven or eight months worth of pregnancy. She could feel everything; the tenseness of her skin, the extra weight, the sensitivity, even the movement from within. Goosebumps sprang up all over her. Cautiously, she ran her hands over her middle. It was everything she had dreamed of and more.

"Jacob?" she said. "Are you seeing this?"

He didn't answer. She looked over to him. He was staring wide-eyed at her, mumbling incoherently. She laughed and gave him a nudge. He blinked and rubbed his eyes.

"Is that... for real?" he said, awestruck.

"Close enough as makes no difference," said Kristy, jerking up her shirt. "Here, feel."

Cautiously, Jacob held out his hand, until it laid on her belly. He ran his hand over it, shivering at the sensation.

"It's so... big, and firm..." he said breathily.

"Keep doing that," said Kristy, loving the sensation. It was perfect. She could feel her nethers tingling already. She grinned.

"I bet that's not all that's getting big and firm," she said suggestively.

Jacob looked from her belly to her eyes. They shared a moment of mutual silence.

Then they both burst out in giggles. "I can't believe you said that," he said.

"Yeah, me neither," said Kristy. "As cheesy as that line was, I bet it was true, right?"

"Maybe," said Jacob. "You know, it's getting awfully warm in here..."

Kristy, of course, knew very well that the whole facility was temperature-controlled. But she certainly felt very, very hot right now. Both of them began to wriggle out of their clothes. She had never felt so sensual in her live, loving the feel of her clothes rubbing up against her swollen middle and her super-sensitive breasts. She took her time getting undressed, wanting to drink in every little bit of the experience.

Soon, she was completely unclad. She looked over at the full-length mirror that each of the rooms had, admiring her body. It was incredible; the simulation gave her more than a belly. It showed the effects of a pregnancy on her whole body. Her already-supple curves were even curvier, her nipples were dark and firm, and she even had a few stretch marks. Her smile grew even wider.

She turned to look at Jacob, who was, like her, completely undressed. His eyes were fixed firmly on her body, and a certain part of him was, yes, certainly very big and very firm.

"Wow," said Jacob. "You're... absolutely stunning."

"I know, I really am," said Kristy, as she turned around a bit, admiring herself from every angle. Very slowly, she walked over to the bed, letting her belly sway from side to side very deliberately. She could almost hear Jacob's heart pounding. She waddled over to the little table beside the bed and picked up the control rig.

"I hope you've enjoyed the appetizer," said Kristy. "'Cuz the main course is on its way, and it is gonna be decadent."

She began to fiddle with the controls a bit, adjusting a few settings and parameters before mashing the execute button.

Right before their eyes, her belly twitched for a moment, then slowly began to swell outwards, bit by bit. She could feel it happening from within, and she nearly had an orgasm on the spot from it. Her fantasies never prepared her for this feeling. She felt like she was going to explode with pleasure.

And Jacob's jaw was on the floor.

"You like that?" she said, waving her new girth from side to side a little. "That's the 'twins' setting. And that's just the beginning."

A few more adjustments were made, and it happened all over again. At the moment, she was huge, but still huge within the realms of possibility. But as she grew more and more, that was very quickly no longer the case. "Huge" wouldn't even cut it.

"And here," said Kristy, grinning ear to ear, "is 'quads' mode."

Jacob was in awe. But there was a note of puzzlement to his look.

"Not that this isn't the hottest thing I've ever seen," he said, "but how are you standing upright with that thing?"

Kristy giggled at him. "You can ask silly questions," she said, leaning languidly onto the edge of the bed, "or you can come over here and have some fun. Which will it be?"

It didn't' take long for Jacob to make up his mind. Grinning, he got up off the bed and walked around her, letting his hand trail along her smooth skin, until he got to her rear, which seemed to have also benefiting from her newfound growth. He gave one cheek a playful squeeze, eliciting a squeak from Kristy.

She looked over her shoulder, and their eyes met. She looked down. Jacob looked down too. His cock looked like it was one minute away from taking matters into its own nonexistent hands if he didn't give it what it wanted soon. Who was Jacob to argue?

He positioned himself behind her. Already he could see that she was dripping wet, her plump lips slightly parted. He leaned closer,  rubbing his member between her plush buttocks to warm himself up. She shivered.

"Whoa man," she moaned. "Don't tease me, and don't take it slow. I want it so bad..."

Jacob didn't need to be told twice. He pulled back, allowing himself to line up with her, and let out a shiver of his own when he felt her wetness on his cock. That was all the prompting he needed to push all the way in.

She let out a cry as he felt him enter her. They had done this many times, in many ways and in many, many places, but it had never felt like this before. Every little sensation was magnified a hundredfold, and pleasure rocketed through her swollen body like lightning.

"More," she moaned, bucking her hips against him. "More, give me more, just... fuck me!"

Jacob wasted no time, slowly pulling out of her before thrusting right back in, marveling at how tight and wet she was. He repeated his action, a little faster this time, and she could hear his breath quicken.

As he worked in and out of her, he leaned across her back and put his arms around her belly, rubbing and caressing it, and she moaned even louder. She brought her own hands up and began to pinch and squeeze her breasts in time with his thrusts. Every single part of her was giving her pleasure, and even as she felt her climax begin to build, she never wanted it to end.

"Ngh!" she cried. "More... harder... ngh, you're gonna make me... I'm gonna... nnngh!"

She felt her pussy clamp down on him, juices gushing out of her all the while, as her body was rocked by the most intense orgasm of its life. She saw stars flash before her eyes as she rode the wave.

Finally, she felt Jacob start to pull out of her as it began to die down. Her head was still swimming.

"You okay, babe?" he said, planting a kiss on the back of her neck.

"Bwuh... wooblie..." she murmured.

"I'll take that as a yes."

She shook her head a bit as her vision re-focused.

"That was..." she said.

"Yeah, it was," he replied, pulling closer to her.

She looked back, and their eyes met for a moment.

"Let's do it again," she said. "But bigger this time."

Some time later, the two of them lay side by side on the bed, watching the pretty colors. Both of them were admiring Kristy's belly. She had forgotten how many she had gone up to. Ten? Eleven? It didn't matter.

"You got the time?" she asked dreamily. Jacob, though reluctant to look away from her, spared a glance at his watch.

"About eleven-thirty," he said.

"The computer thingy should be done by now," said Kristy. "Pass me the VR console, will you?"

Jacob grabbed it and passed it over. At first, Kristy had some trouble with positioning, but she finally stuck it on top of her breasts, which seemed to do the trick, and pressed a few buttons before hitting execute.

Nothing happened.

Confused, she put in the sequence again.

She felt something throb within her as her belly got a little bit bigger.

A cold feeling sank into her.

"Um... is there a problem?" said Jacob, looking confused.

"I really, really hope not," said Kristy. Franticly, she pressed a number of keys and tweaked a number of settings.

Her massive middle lurched again, eliciting a groan.

"Shit," she said. She pulled Jacob eye-to-eye with her.

"Listen closely," she said. "I need you to go to the control panel in the wall and manually override the subject B nodes, then go to the main office and find a troubleshooting manual."

"Um, okay," he said, looking confused. "But why can't you just-"

"I can't manually stop all of this when I'm this deep in the simulation!" she snapped. "The cognitive dissonance might fry my synapses! Just go, get on with it! And hurry!"

Her belly rumbled again.

"If I end up having to get all of these things out of me manually," she said, "I am not going to be a happy camper! Get on with it!"

Not even bothering to get dressed, Jacob jumped up and got to it. Kristy sighed. She really hoped she would be able to fix it. If she had to wait all night for the boss to get back in order to fix this, she would never hear the end of it.


The following Monday morning, Kristy was back at her desk, nose in her book once again. She heard the door behind her open, followed by someone clearing her throat.

"Morning," said Kristy, giving Amber a nod.

"Hello," said Amber. "What's the schedule look like for today?"

"Three sessions scheduled for today," said Kristy, "and four more tomorrow. The first of the day should be in by ten-thirty."

"Excellent," said Amber, leaning onto the desk. "Everything okay with the computers?"

"The what now?" said Kristy, before her brain caught up with her. "Oh, right, that! Yeah, everything's fine."

"Thanks so much for staying late," said Amber, giving her a wink. "I'll be in my office. Lots of paperwork to take care of, you know how it is."

With that, she left, leaving Kristy alone. She exhaled. She thought she'd been busted for a moment.

As she relaxed, something caught her eye. There was a little piece of pink note paper on the desk, right where Amber was standing. Cautiously, she picked it up. It said, in Amber's handwriting:

Next time, just ask.
Extra key to the rig in the bottom drawer of your desk.
P.S.: The emergency reboot code is 'strawberry teacup'.

A blush spread across Kristy's face.

Followed shortly by a smile, as she idly wondered if Jacob was busy next weekend...
The sequel that everyone (and by that I mean like three dudes) was asking for! Once again, written at the behest of Fastflame, and once again, shared with you all, because Fastflame is just cool like that. Enjoy.
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Jennie entered the lobby with a sense of anxiety that afternoon. There was nobody else in the waiting room at the moment. The only other person around was the receptionist, a small, dark-skinned woman who looked to be about Jennie's own age, who was reading a book.

Jennie took a breath and approached the desk and nervously cleared her throat. "Um... hello?" she said.

The receptionist looked up. "Hello!" she said, in a voice that was a little too cheerful for Jennie's taste. "Are you our 3 o'clock?"

Jennie looked at the clock on the wall. It was 3:02. "Um, yes," she said.

"Welcome, welcome!" said the receptionist, standing up. Her now-visible nametag said 'KRISTY'. "You're just in time! Come on, I'll show you where you need to be. Can I get you anything? Water, gum, something?"

"Um, no thank you," said Jennie, as the receptionist got up and gestured for her to follow. Jennie was lead down a long corridor of doors.

"Let's see," said the receptionist. "You're in room... thirty-seven."

Sure enough, she had led Jennie to a door with a number thirty-seven painted on it.

"Go on in," said the receptionist, "and we'll be right with you!"

"Thank you," said Jennie, going into the room. It wasn't large, and there were no windows. The walls were stark white and unadorned, and there was a large bed against the far wall. Not knowing what else to do, Jennie sat down on the bed and waited.

Five minutes later, an older woman in a lab coat with a pair of thick spectacles entered. "Are you Jennie Fletcher?" she asked. "Ah, good, hello. My name's Amber, and I'll be overseeing your procedure."

"Hello," said Jennie, giving a little wave.

"So your questionnaire said you're looking to become a surrogate and want to prepare yourself, correct?" said Amber, looking at a clipboard that was tucked under her arm.

Jennie just nodded.

"Well, you came to the right place!" said Amber, stepping closer. From a pocket, she withdrew a pair of small silver disks. Carefully, she lifted up Jennie's hair and affixed one to each of her temples. For a moment, Jennie felt a tingle run through her body.

"Alright, we're ready," said Amber.

"That's all?" said Jennie.

"That's all!" said Amber, smiling. "I'll be monitoring you from another room. I'll be able to see and hear you, but nobody else will. Feel free to disrobe if it makes you comfortable. And if at any time you want the simulation to end, just say 'eggplant'."

"Eggplant?" said Jennie.

"That's the one," said Amber, making her way out the door. "It'll begin momentarily. Just relax."

And with that, she left. Jennie took a deep breath and lay back on the bed, not entirely sure how it was going to happen.

"Jennie, can you hear me?" came Amber's voice. Jennie looked around, but didn't see any speakers or anything.

"Um, yes," she said. "Yes I can."

"Good," said Amber. "We'll begin momentarily. You may feel a bit of a tickle. Starting in three... two... one..."

The walls of the room began to shimmer, and the next thing Jennie knew, she was in a fully-stocked hospital room. Jennie looked it over.

"Er," she said, "how about something a little less... clinical?"

"No problem," said Amber. The walls shimmered again, and now Jennie was in a nicely-furnished bedroom. There was even a window, through which she could see a beach. "How's this?"

"Better," said Jennie.

"Alright then," said Amber, "now for the main event. Brace yourself."

Jennie felt a shiver run down her spine, and suddenly her body just felt... heavier.

She looked down, and suddenly she was sporting a pregnant belly, perhaps five months gone. She lifted up her shirt. It looked, for all intents and purposes, real. She put a hand on it. It felt real, too.

"How did you do that?" she said.

"Trade secret," said Amber, sounding a bit playful. "When you want something changed, just say the word."

Jennie nodded, standing up off the bed. On the other wall, there was a full length-mirror. Deciding that she might as well, she stripped herself bare, leaving herself just in her socks and underwear. She looked at herself in the mirror. Everything looked real. She felt the weight. She could even feel it moving.

"Um... Amber?" she said.

"I can hear you," came the reply.

"Can we move along to, um, month seven?"

She felt another tingle, and suddenly her belly was that much bigger. Her bra felt tighter, too. Carefully, she reached around her back and undid the clasps. As it popped off, she felt her enlarged breasts flop down onto her belly.

Looking herself over, she waddled back and forth a few times, getting used to the weight.

"Okay," she said, feeling a bit more confident. "Bring me up to nine."

Yet another tingle, and suddenly she was smuggling a beach ball. She was positively huge. She ran her hands over her newly-swollen middle. The skin was tight and warm, and occasionally, she could feel a little kick. Her navel had popped out, and she even had some stretch marks. Amazing.

"That's just one," came Amber's voice. "Would you like to know how multiples feel?"

Multiples? She hadn't considered that posibility. But it could happen.

"Okay!" she said.

Suddenly, she was even bigger than she had been. She looked at herself in the mirror again and her jaw nearly dropped.

"Now you have twins," came Amber's voice.

"I can't believe how big I am," said Jennie.

"Oh, do you want to see big?" said Amber, sounding a little mischievous.

She suddenly felt as though she was wearing a necklace of bricks. If she was huge before, she was collosal now. Her belly took up most of her torso, she could feel a straining on her back, and it took a considerable effort to even walk back to the bed and sit down.

"Now you have quads," said Amber's voice.

"I look like I'm carrying an elephant," she said, running her hands over the massive mound in awe.

"We don't have a setting for that yet," said Amber. "But we're working on it."

Jennie let out a breath. "Alright," she said, "bring me back to one, please."

Jennie soon felt a whole lot lighter, though not as much as she may have anticipated. She was still quite heavy. Sighing, she leaned back and closed her eyes, relaxing. As strange as it was, she rather enjoyed the sensation, being so big and full.

For perhaps half an hour or so, she just relaxed, enjoying herself.

"Amber?" she said, breaking from her reverie.

"Yes?" came the reply.

"I think I'm ready for... the next stage," she said.

"Alright," said Amber. "It says on your questionaire that you wanted the all-natural package. No pain dampening or anything. Are you sure?"

Jennie nodded firmly. "I want to feel everything," she said.

"Just making sure," said Amber. "Remember, if it gets to be too much, 'eggplant'. Initiating..."

Jennie felt a sharp cramp run through her, and saw her belly visibly quake. She waited for a moment. A few minutes later, it happened again, more intensely.

This was it. She was in labor.

Taking a deep breath, she got up and began to pace the room. The pains were coming every few minutes, each time more intensely than the last. She knew that this was the easy part.

"Jennie?" came Amber's voice. "We can move right on to the difficult bit now if you want."

"No, no," said Jennie, raising a hand in a 'stop' gesture. "Give me a little bit. I want to... feel this out."

"You're the boss," said Amber.

Jennie felt another pain, causing her to wince. She took a shallow breath and stretched out, then started pacing around the room again. The pains were coming irregularly, but the walking seemed to help. She wasn't sure how much time was passing. Ten minutes? Twenty? It didn't matter.

She looked at herself in the mirror again, laying both her hands on her aching middle. She had to admit to herself that she kind of liked how she looked right this. She felt... feminine. As feminine as it was possible to be. A smile crossed her lips. It was a good feeling. She hurt, but it was a good pain.

"Amber?" she said softly. "I'm ready."

As she said that, Jennie felt a release of pressure, and felt a splash of wetness through her panties. The pains began to intensify.

'I'll have to ask how they managed that,' she said, as, with some considerable effort, she worked the sodden panties off and tossed them into the corner. Another pain flared up.

"You should be fully dilated," came Amber's voice. "It's your show now. I'll stay quiet until you need something."

Jennie nodded, getting back up onto the bed. She began to prop up a number of pillows to give her something to lean against, and settled into a sitting position. She could feel it starting to come, pressing against her cervix. How big was this thing?

She closed her eyes, taking deep, steady breaths, until she felt another contraction, and as she did, she scrunched up her face and bore down.

Jennie could feel the baby beginning to enter her birth canal, and it felt like she was being torn in two. She knew it would hurt, but she never imagined it being like this. She pushed again; she didn't know if what she felt was it moving down, or if it was just her imagination. Soon, the contraction subsided.

"Amber?" she said, panting. "Can you... move the mirror... so I can see what's happening?"

There was a shimmer, and the mirror was now on the wall opposite her, so she could see right between her spread legs. Her nether lips were swollen and bulged open a little, but she could see nothing yet.

Another contraction came, and Jennie put her whole body into a push. She could see her face turning bright red with effort. A little gush of fluid came out of her, and just for a moment, she could see the beginnings of a head. As she saw it, she gained a second wind, and pushed again, harder than before. A new, fresh pain overrode her senses as her lips began to stretch around the emerging head. Was this the 'ring of fire' she had heard so much about?

She tried to go on, but she couldn't keep pushing at this point. Stopping to catch her breath, she looked back at the mirror, where she could now see the head, almost fully crowned.

This was it! This was almost there! She wanted to push it out, but part of her knew that she had to wait for another contraction. So she waited.

After a minute that felt like an hour passed, she could feel the contraction. She could even see it, as her belly squeezed in. Taking her knees into her hands, she pulled her legs back and pushed. Slowly but surely, she could feel the head pushing out of her. This baby had to be a ten pounder, at least.

She took a quick look back up into the mirror. The head was almost fully out. Reaching down, she ran her hands across it. She could feel it! Moving her other hand down, she gently held the hand up as she gave a push, freeing one of the shoulders. Another little push took care of the other one, and with just a little tug, the child came free, and as she laid it on her belly, it began to wail.

As she let out a huge breath of relief, the walls shimmered again, and she was back in the featureless room. She looked down at her body. No baby. No stretch marks. No sign that she had ever been pregnant, although she was still naked.

Just as she finished gathering up her clothes, Amber came back in. She was holding a bottle of water. Jennie happily accepted it and drained it.

"So, how was it?" asked Amber.

"That was... incredible," said Jennie, wiping her brow. "I mean, it was so intense, and it felt so... real."

Amber smirked as she took the silver disks off of Jennie's head. "That's the idea. We used lots input from lots of real mothers, including myself. I've got three kids, all natural births."

Jennie nodded. "Well, thank you. This was quite the experiance. And... I think I'm ready for the real thing."

"Well, if you're not quite sure," said Amber, "feel free to come back anytime. We have a discount plan for repeat customers."

"Do you get a lot of repeat customers?" asked Jennie.

"You'd be surprised," said Amber, winking at her.

"Well, thank you," said Jennie, shaking Amber's hand before making her way back out. She just knew she was ready for this now.

Although... as painful as it was, there was something about the experiance that just felt... good. Pleasureable, in an odd way. Jennie couldn't quite explain it.

Perhaps she would become a repeat customer.
A little story written for Fastflame, the admin of Pregchan, shared with his permission. I hope you enjoy it as much as he did.
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Morning. Caitlyn squinted her eyes against the light coming in through her blinds. A Saturday, no school, and from the sounds of it, or lack of sounds, it didn't seem her parents were home. She mulled over the idea of just staying in bed and being lazy when she felt a sharp pain under her ribs. She inhaled sharply, peek one eye cautiously open. " you're still there..." Her sheets billowed up roundly over her middle. There was a flutter along her side as she sighed. "And you too..." Every morning she thought she was going to wake up with her regular form and laugh about the crazy dream, but the wait pressing down on her middle was unmistakable. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She'd pretty much resigned that this condition wasn't just going to go away as suddenly as it appeared, but one could hope. "Bah" she muttered.

  Turning her head to the side she looked out the window. Blue skies, some light clouds. Looked like a beautiful late summer day, she'd go to the beach normally, though she'd be mortified now. She folded her hands behind her back and just stared out the window for a few minutes before reaching over to where she had left herself a small folded piece of notebook paper. She opened it up, pushing asides some strands of her white hair from her face she read. Things to do: Return movies, pick up dad's suit, get some cloths that fits. She crushed the note and threw the crinkly ball to the corner of her room. "Whee, maternity cloths." That made a knot form in her stomach. That was not something she should have to be doing, yet, not something she had much choice in. She still considered that she might be able to be creative with something normal, but she wasn't just big, she was quite big, something that brought her more than a little embarrassment.

  "Embrazzada" she said remembering her Spanish class. Pregnant. Funny that it sound so close to embarrass. She looked back down at her belly. "Yeah, riot. Ha. Ha." She went to rise out of bed with a grunt, reminding herself it was easier to roll to her side and swing her legs out and over to a seating position. From there it was a (relatively) easy matter of pushing herself up and hoping she didn't overshoot like she had the first couple times. Wasn't fair, she never got the opportunity to get used the weight, it was a crash course in maneuvering, a couple of times literally. Up on her feet she padded to her closet. She opened the door and looked at reflection on the mirror hanging on the inside. The pj top tented over her form, just barely covering her middle, a thin strip of pink showing along the bottom where her pants were cinched under it.

  "Sheesh, I don't think I'm ever going to get used to that." She poked the side of her belly, feeling it yield slightly and firm just under the skin. In response she felt a faint tickle, like bubbles, ripple under the skin. "So weird." She shook, her head and pulled out a read long sleeve shirt that used to be her favorite baggy comfort shirt and now barely fit over her swollen frame. Her jeans were an adventure getting on, first getting on leg in then doing a shimming dance routine to pull them up where they buttoned just barely very low under her belly. She pulled the shirt down as best she could, always threatening to slide back up. Checking herself  over once in the mirror, she hazarded a glance as she turned her side to the mirror and quickly averted her eyes. "Gah, I'm huge."

  Sandals were her best friend, there was little chance of getting a pair of sneakers on, much less tied, without help she wasn't going to ask for or a pair of telescoping grips and strategically placed mirrors. Passing through the bathroom to comb out her hair and brush her teeth, she wasn't feeling too hungry so settled on a couple apples and a yogurt as she went downstairs. At last her parents had left one of the cars, giving her a rare opportunity to drive, something she hasn't done in weeks. She grabbed her things and headed out, taking a moment to feel the breeze dance across her skin and whip her hair freely. The air was sweet, the birds were chirping, life was good...right until she tried to get in the car.

  Dad's car, his old mustang. No matter which way she tried, she couldn't get comfortable. The steering wheel gouged into her middle, and after trying to adjust the seat from inside unsuccessfully, she squeezed back out, trying to do it from outside. Pulling the level catapulted the chair forward, not the direction she wanted, and from outside, crouching at floor level and trying to work around her unwieldy belly, she couldn't get the chair back no matter which way she tried. It would have made her cry if she wasn't so annoyed. "Life ain't fair." she finally said, admitting defeat.
  "Great, I'm an invalid." she said folding her arms over her belly as she fumed back inside. So to do anything, she would need a ride. Going back into the kitchen she stabbed the phone, more than a little mad. "Adam....Adam....Wake up, it's Cait....Me dummy, how many Cait's do you know? I need a ride...yes today, preferably before your usual waking hours of dusk. Get over here, and move it." She put the phone back up on the wall unit and decided she might as well make lunch, she'd have time to bake a cake from scratch before Adam arrived even though he only lived a couple blocks away. She was quite surprised as she looked up from her kitchen window in the middle of making sandwiches to see Adam's clunker roll into her drive and Adam spring out in what was almost a hurry. "Is he wearing a dress shirt?" Adam's wardrobe usually had more holes than a golf course, he almost approached decent. He knocked on the door and Caitlyn yelled to him it was open. She was just finishing the sandwiches and bringing them to the table on plates for both of them when Adam's head poked into the kitchen and found her. "Heya."

  "Heya, grab a seat." She said as she placed the plate before him. "You going to church or something, its not Sunday."

Adam looked confused for a second and then looked down at himself.  "Oh this...nah, it's nothing...I..uh...I didn't have anything else clean." He quickly stuffed the sandwich in his mouth, averting his eyes. Caitlyn didn't noticed, taking a bite from hers.

"When has that ever stopped you?"

Adam gave her a mocking glare, mirrored back from Caitlyn. "So what you need a ride for? Your dad left his car keys, no?"

Caitlyn took a deep breath, her shoulders hunching up as she rolled her eyes.  "Don't fit."

"The keys?"

"No you knit, me."

Adam looked up at to Caitlyn where she stood at the kitchen counter with her sandwich. "Oh, cause of..." His eyes briefly looked down at her middle.

"Yeah, because of the...", exaggerating looking down at her stomach. "So you're my chauffeur."

Adam finished his sandwich, standing up and bowing deeply and grandly. "You're chariot awaits...or is that carriage?"

Caitlyn finished her own, licking a bit of mustard off her tongue. "I think it's carriage...but you know, I'm liking chariot better for some reason." Adam held out the crook of his arm which Caitlyn took with dainty curtsy, heading out.

  Dropping off the tapes and picking up her father's suit from the tailor was easy enough. Much like everyone else, no one really gave her state more than a second glance, even the Mr. Mordechi who had been their tailor for years. That was a bit of oddity that Caitlyn welcomed. Besides Adam and the other three girls, no one gave her pregnancy a second thought, any explanation was accepted no matter how outlandish. Curious that Adam noticed. But then again, they had known each other as far back as either could remember. Pulling into mall, Adam pointed at one of the maternity parking spaces which earned him a quick jab and a sore shoulder though after winding their way to the nether regions of the lot, she wish she would have taken advantage of her condition just this once. The mall was fairly busy today. It was a large three story sprawl of a mall, servicing not just New Athens but the surrounding counties. Adam made a show of running ahead and opening the door for Caitlyn who gave him a quizzical look.

"So what you want to do, want to catch a movie?" Adam asked looking over the feature posters strategically placed near the main entry.

"Mmm...maybe later...I need to get some cloths first."

Adam nodded absentmindedly, looking glossy eyed at the 'Bloodlust Beach Bunnies IX' poster, complete with buxom beach bunnies bursting from their bikinis armed to the teeth and bad guys just bursting into explosions. Now if only he could just convince her that it was the cultural masterpiece he knew it was. Strolling through the mall, most of the shoppers were the mix of usual townie  teenagers like them, out of town families stocking up, and a few of the rare tourist. Riding the escalator up Caitlyn saw a few of her friends on the different floors, waving to them as they waved back. A couple she saw turn and talk, and maybe it was her imagination, but she felt like they were talking of her, why she's wearing the prosthetic belly even away from school. Her hand went to her belly, holding it for a moment as she frowned. It's in her head, she was sure. She just felt so self conscious. Even when she turned to Adam behind him, she caught him flatly staring at it with a vacant expression. She twacked him upside the head and pursed her lips at him as she glared.

"Cut that out."

"Heh, sorry." Adam sheepishly grinned rubbing his head.

  Reaching the upper level, Caitlyn made a left and started heading to a large store front, decorated in pink and blue hues. Adam noticed where they were going and stopped, looking up nervously at the sign. Caitlyn had taken a few steps away before she noticed her friend had stopped.

" coming?"

Adam pointed up the sign. "That's Great Expectations." He said ending in a giggle. It was the biggest chain of maternity stores in the region.

Caitlyn put on a big look of shock and surprise as she brought her hands down as if to introduce her belly with an unspoken 'tada'.

Adam giggled nervously, taking a step back away from the fearsomely pastel colored store. "I can't go in there!" He said in shock.

Caitlyn folder her arms and narrowed her eyes. "You giggle like a twelve year old girl, you know that. C'mon."

  Adam took a couple more steps back, shaking his head between eruptions of whispers.

"Come here." She said, pointing at the ground next to her.

"Nuh uh."

Caitlyn's eyes narrowed more and she made a fist, shaking it at Adam. "If you don't get over here right now..." She threatened between tightly clenched teeth." This had always been between Caitlyn and Adam, even as babies. At 8 years old Caitlyn had Adam treed for three hours after she had found Adam trying  a magnifying glass out as a death ray in the noon sun with her favorite doll.

Adam gulped and hesitantly shuffled his feet forward, staring at the ground, prompting Caitlyn to lunge forward and grab him by the ear. "Ow, ow, okay!"

  Caitlyn wasn't thrilled to enter, though she had to admit the interior was very welcoming. It was far less cutesy than she had thought, the displays were modest, warm...seemed friendly enough. Somehow she had imagined a landscape of babies and cherubs. Adam walked closely in lockstep  behind her, trying to be as invisible as he could. She passed a lot of the traditional muumuus and jumpers. No way she was getting into something like that. Just a few simple shirts that fit better, maybe some pants if they didn't look god awful. She pulled up her pants a little. They fit snug enough on her, if a little tight where they pulled down from her hips to under her ample belly. She stopped at one clothing rack, flipping through some simple one color tees as Adam folded his arms and hunched in on himself and looking about fearfully as if either a crowd was going to gather and start throwing stones at him or a news crew was going to come in and plaster his face on the 6 pm news nation wide. Or both.

  "Caitlyn can you hurry it up a bit please?" Adam plead.

Caitlyn was comparing to blues, trying to decide which shade she liked best. "Yeah, just a second."

She liked the lighter blue, seemed like a pleasing sky blue. She also grabbed a pair of short sleeve two color shirts, the body white while the sleeves were green on one and blue on the other and a pair of turtlenecks as the weather was cooling off at nights. Satisfied with her selection, she shoved them into Adam's hands, who seemed to think for a moment she had handed him uranium. Adam started to turn for the cashier only to see Caitlyn wasn't done, heading deeper into the forest of circular wracks and pyramidal displays and away from the exit and sweet sweet freedom. He slumped after her, hopelessness congealing around him. As they meandered through the aisles, Adam perked up, noticing a wall of varying swimsuits in a late summer sale arrangement. He took hasty breathe and stammered out.

"Hey Cait, wanna go to the beach." Caitlyn looked back at him, then briefly to the wall.

"Ugh, no way." It wasn't unusual of them to go, they usually did most every chance they got during the summer, as it was a full day's activity getting to the beach and back. "Not like this." She looked back at Adam, cracking a smile. "Someone might harpoon me."

They both laugh, Adam feeling more relaxed. Stopping in front of a long row of pants, Caitlyn started sidestepping down the line, examining each.
  Adam had even eased up enough to be somewhat useful to her, answering which color he liked better, which seemed too 'mommy’s'. As Caitlyn held two different cotton pants to the light, Adam decided to scan around over the top of the displays, a good head taller than Caitlyn, he could see further around. His gazed stopped and he tilted his head to the side. "Isn't that your Danielle?" Caitlyn looked as Adam pointed, her eyes locking on clump of brown hair just to see it look up directly back at her. She heard and eep and Dani shyly waved from a couple aisles over, her cheeks turning red. Caitlyn was a bit embarrassed too. Though she had be perfectly fine after a little period of adjustment to be around strangers looking like she did, people she knew was a different story. And as Dani walked from around the aisle towards them, showing her own belly gravidly swollen not quite as large Cait's own, she too shared the mysterious affliction.   

   "Hi Dani."

"Hi Cait, kinda surprised seeing you here." Caitlyn looked down at her own belly, Dani doing the same, and looking at each others.

"Yeah, guess its not that unusual." Added Dani. There was a moment of awkward silence and Dani continued. "You feeling alright?" she said with genuine concern on her face. Caitlyn felt some relief.

"Yeah, I feel fine...better than fine...its know." She lay her hand atop it, rubbing the tight skin softly. "It's kinda hard to get used to."

Dani folded her own hands atop hers, slowly running them down the sides with a soft smile. "I know what mean."

Caitlyn really did feel better, she knew Dani was one of the only people she could really talk to. "Just feeling really..." Caitlyn looked around. "...noticeable."

Dani giggled, covering her mouth as she reached out and lay her hand on Caitlyn's belly. "No, I'm not laughing at you, really."

Adam, who till this point had been standing as a silent observer looking back and forth as each spoke was suddenly paying much more attention. "I know, it feels like everyone is laughing behind your back, you feel fat." She approached Caitlyn, giving her a friendly hug. Adam just stared wide eyed. "They're not and you don't." she reassured her. "You look good, really!" Dani beamed. Then her smile turned sly as she looked to where Adam stood. "Don't you think so Adam?" Adam made a weird choking noise.

  "Isaiah...." Adam gulped nervously and he made his face take on a serious expression. "Yes, really, you look great." Adam gave Caitlyn the 'buddy Christ', making her laugh. "Thanks guys, really." Yeah, Caitlyn thought, no one had given her a hard time or said anything negatively that she knows about. And besides the very large, very obvious belly, she looked exactly as before. All of them did. Dani even looked better, though she realized it seemed that it was because she didn’t' seem like she was hiding her appearance as much as she normally does. She actually looked fairly cute, with her hair made up in elaborate tresses and a cute looking blouse, billowy without looking like a tent...And she had a huge bundle of clothing in a basket she had placed down nearby. "Wow, you're going full out aren't you, I was just going to get a few shirts and stuff."

  Dani looked back to her basket, her cheeks turning red as she laughed, hiding her face in her hands. "Heh, yeah, know, we don't know how long this is going to last." She shrugged, "I figured I might as well do it right." She looked over at what Adam was carrying. "What have you got there?" Adam offered them forward. "Oh, a couple shirts, are was going to look at some pants." Caitlyn explained. "Oh, well then you'll probably want something with an elastic center, unless you want some support if your back hurts?.."Caitlyn shook her head as Dani continued to ramble, "Ah, good, then I'd say go with something you fit under, perhaps...ah!" Dani reached into one the racks, showing Caitlyn some examples. She showed her the various cuts, how the sizing works. "You sure know a lot about this stuff Dani," Caitlyn interjected as she looked at a denim jumper. As a matter of was it that Dani already had a maternity shirt? Dani laughed suddenly. "My cousin!" she spit out. "She's had 9 kids, I've been shopping with her for maternity cloths since I was 7, she's pregnant all the time." She had a strange look on her face, the smile looked a bit contrived. "That's how I got this blouse, she...uh...left it out our house last time she visited." Quickly she changed the subject. "So what you think of those?"

  Caitlyn nodded, dismissing Dani's abrupt manner. "Oh...these overall things? I don't know, don't think they're tentish?" Caitlyn held them up, turning them. "No, they look cute." Both Dani and Adam answered simultaneously. Dani turned aside as Adam quickly wandered away, nonchalantly. "Why don't you try out some of this stuff?" Dani asked. Adam quickly came wandering back nonchalantly. "Oh I don't know..." "Oh come on, that's what the dressing rooms are for. "Well, might as well." The went to the booths and Adam found himself sitting on a couch before a row of doors. There were thumps and thuds from two of the doors before him, and in moments Danielle and Caitlyn came out, both wearing identical denim overalls, with plain black long sleeve shirts beneath. Though the same outfit, it gave each a different look. Danielle it made look more earthy, her brown hair and easy demeanor making her look very casual and comforting. Caitlyn on the hand looked more tomboyish. Plus it was tight over her larger belly. "Yikes, will you look at this?" she looked down at herself, wrapping her hands beneath her belly and cradling it. "Looks like I'm trying to smuggle a watermelon." Danielle laughed holding her own belly as she did. Adam didn't do anything for half a second with a shell-shocked look on his then let out sharp laugh on the verge of a giggle. Cait and Dani both looked at him with a puzzled look. " was funny?"
Sometimes I get bored and I make Cuddles write for me. Now.. he has an accout but he refuses to post his own stuff instead opting for me to post it.

So this is a little thing he worked up one day. Dani is a little ooc at the end but Adam and Caitlyn are lovely.
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Brianna stands before the mirror atop her dresser in nothing but a large t-shirt and panties with a pillow jammed up the shirt, her hands laced under it, and her sports bra stuffed with inserts and tissues. Turning to the side, she sighs lightly and puts one hand at the small of her back as if to support the fake eight or nine month sized belly. See, Brianna is the type to be fascinated with the process of pregnancy though she, herself, doesn't really want to experience it, at least not for another good five to ten years only being an eighteen year old about her senior year of high school and honestly can't afford to get pregnant. Every month, though, she tortures herself with worrying about it possibly happening since she and her boyfriend never use condoms and only rely on the pill, Brianna enjoying the feel of him and just him inside her too much to use them.

Smiling lightly at the thought of her boyfriend, Aiden, Brianna remembers how they've had sex several times this month, the last time being just this afternoon a little over an hour ago. Oh, how she loved the feel of him in her, unconstrained by the cold rubber of a condom and all eight inches hers and hers alone. Brushing a stray strand of her long, black, silky hair behind her ears and combing out her straight cut bangs to perfect neatness, they hung neatly below the brow bone and the darkness of her hair accentuates her pretty light gray eyes.  Over all she's a pretty girl, five foot eight, skinny with long, thin legs, some curves and a gentle jaw line on her heart shaped face but little to no chest to speak of. What honestly fascinated her about pregnancy is that the hormones make a woman gain more breast weight and that meant getting an actual chest in her case with her tiny little As she hardly even needed a bra for. Her boyfriend has said he's never minded and that she's still beautiful without them, but Brianna still wishes she had breasts. Big ones. Nice, juicy, big ones she could cup in her hands and they'd overflow them and she'd actually be able to squeeze them and have cleavage! No matter what she did, though, they wouldn't naturally grow any larger and Brianna detests the thought of surgical implants.

Sighing, she retreats to her bed and sits there, looking down at her fake belly and rubbing it, cringing slightly. While Brianna is fascinated with the prospect, it just didn't appeal enough to want to go through it herself. "If Aiden did get me pregnant, though, that would mean my boobs would get bigger… I wonder what it would feel like having another life growing inside of me, though. Would it be worth it to get bigger boobs?" she says to  herself, leaning back on her hands and staring down at the fake belly resting in her lap and making her shirt tent slightly over it. Sighing, Brianna flops down on her back and lays there with the pillow resting on her flat stomach and her mid-back length wavy hair fanning out beneath her, arms thrown out to the sides and legs slightly spread. "A kid though… I don't think I'd be ready for that or if Aiden would be. Hell, I don't even know if he'd stay! He hasn't even turned eighteen yet…" she ponders, her mind saying that no matter what getting pregnant wouldn't be good but at the back of her mind the thought of bigger breasts semi-pushes for it as she pulls her arms in from her shirt and shimmies out of her stuffed sports bra. Tired, her gray eyes slip closed and she tries to fight it, but she falls fast asleep within minutes.

In the morning, Brianna finds herself curled up on her side around something big, cold everywhere but her stomach. Flinching, she finds it huge! But then she laughs and remembers her adventures with the thought of pregnancy last night and pulls the pillow out from beneath her shirt. Sitting up and stretching her arms above her head, arching her back and wriggling her toes, Brianna lets out a contented sigh and glances at the calendar. This time tomorrow, she'd be in her first official day as a high school senior, in the middle of third period and yearning for lunch to arrive, and one day closer to graduation. Swinging her legs over the side of her bed, she heads to the bathroom connected to her room for a shower, humming a soft tune as she bathes and dances lightly in the closed in shower, eventually belting out the lyrics playing in her head. "Betty Lou! Betty Lou! It's really true, man it's all true! What do you think about that- boooys?!" she sings, smiling and lightly chuckling at her strange love for oldies when all of her classmates are crazy about rap, pop and hip hop; her and Aiden were the only ones abnormal enough to actually like something outside of the mainstream. She took oldies while Aiden took country and classic rock.

Going under the hot spray of water one last time, Brianna shuts off the water gets out of the fogged glass enclosure, wringing some of the water out of her hair before reaching for a towel to wrap it in. Her breasts felt tender, especially around the nipples, and they felt kind of tingly. "Well, it is about time for my period to come. Guess I've gotten lucky again this month with no baby," she says with her hair wrapped up in the towel atop her head like a turban, massaging her sore nipples. To her surprise, Brianna found there to actually be something to her breasts to roll around while massaging her nips, looking down and finding they actually looked a tiny bit bigger than they usually were. Flying to her steamed up bathroom mirror, Brianna frantically wipes it clear and examines her chest, a wild grin claiming her face when she saw she wasn't just imagining things. Finally, her breasts started to grow! And they seemed to grow more with stimulation, like that one online article said it would do, though it never quite said it would happen this quick and right before her eyes.

Massaging her small mounds, they grew a tiny bit bigger with all of the rubbing and stimulating but not enough to grow out of an A cup yet. Frowning, Brianna sighs and says, "At least they're a little bigger… maybe they just need more time to get bigger on their own. I'll keep massaging them though just to be sure, but they're so tender today! My period must be starting really soon, I better put a pad on," she says, lightly drying off and wrapping herself in a second towel before going to her room, grabbing a pair of underwear and going back to the bathroom for the pad, Brianna too nervous about the risk of TSS there is with using tampons. On the toilet, she slides into her black bikini cut underwear and sticks a pad in the crotch, pulling them up the rest of the way upon standing and going back into her room to lotion up. Smiling, she squirts a small handful of her cocoa butter lotion with almond oil in her hand and rubs it in all over her arms and legs, then dropping the towel and getting the rest of her body, going back to singing Bob Seager's Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight.

Massaging her tender breasts some more, she smiles when she releases the pressure and finds they've swollen up a bit more, squealing with excitement and continues to massage despite the slight pain from the not-so-gentle rubbing. Woken up at ten with dinky little As that hardly necessitated a bra, at ten thirty Brianna has a set of small, perky Bs sitting on her chest; still not much, but way better than having hardly anything. Scrambling to put on one of the very few underwire bras she owns, Brianna slips into a simple white one with thin straps, squealing again, ecstatic that her tiny little breasts slightly overflowed her 32A bra. "I don't know what brought on this growth spurt, but I honestly don't care! I might just yet have a little bit of a chest to speak of before I start my senior year!" Brianna says excitedly to herself, twirling around in circles and dancing around her room, pausing in front of her dresser mirror. Standing in profile, she grins wildly at the breasts poking out of her chest and goes into another fit of glee.

Picking up a white t-shirt with a bright blue puzzle-like heart that's falling apart a little and "Paramore" written in it in cursive letters, Brianna slides it on over her towel turban and tugs on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, looking herself in the mirror again. Removing the towel from her hair, she shakes out her long, damp hair and brushes it with the plastic blue brush sitting on her dresser, then tousles her hair into messy waves and grins at her reflection. For another twenty minutes, Brianna vainly admires herself, her breasts swelling again to the point she had to loosen her straps as loose as they'll go, enthralled about the bust she's always lacked has quickly filled in and honestly shows. At eleven, Brianna listens to her parents leave the house for work and slinks down the stairs for breakfast once they're gone and out the door. Brianna's parents haven't spoken to her since they caught her and Aiden together and found out they didn't use condoms, so she avoids them and their lectures about protection whenever she can.

Frying up three eggs, some bacon and putting two slices of bread in the toaster, Brianna finds herself hungrier than usual as she cooks for herself but she just shrugs it off, too preoccupied by her new set of breasts to care about an increase in appetite. She eats too little any ways, so it's actually better that she wants a big breakfast. The eggs and bacon ready, Brianna slides them onto a plate with an already buttered slice of toast in her mouth and sets them on the island behind her next to a fork while she goes to grab the ketchup from the fridge. Squirting some in the corner of her plate, she gets up on the high stool and sets her toast aside for a moment to dig into her three fried eggs, sunny-side up, and her eight slices of bacon. It felt good to have something in her stomach, and a lot of something for once, but it still didn't feel like enough by the time she'd devoured her meal. So Brianna just fried up a few more eggs and made an egg sandwich or two, actually three, heading back up to her room with them with a bottle of Sunny-D in hand.

Sitting on her bed, Brianna uncomfortably shifts, the waist of her jeans digging into her hips and stomach. Sighing, she says, "Man, I knew they were getting small… and these were my favorite pair of jeans!" Sighing again, she just waves a dismissive hand and sits back against a pile of pillows and eats her egg sandwiches, watching the TV that sat in the corner of her room and sipped on her orange juice, lazing around waiting for Aiden or one of her friends to call and make plans for the day. By eleven thirty, Brianna's breasts had finally stopped their subtle growth at a solid B, the cups a little tight and necessitated her to loosen the hooks in the back. Smiling contentedly about her increased bust line and the fullness of her stomach, she lightly pats her full belly and sighs, leaning back into the pillows with her hands laced together behind her head.

Brianna jumps with a start hearing a knock at her bedroom door, gasping and looking around frantically. Her gray eyes fall on her digital clock, reading eleven fifty seven, the red dot still next to the AM label on its plastic dome. "Hey, Bri, you up?" Aiden calls through the door, making Brianna bolt up straight with a broad grin thinking about him and her new set. Sitting up so suddenly was painful though, her tight jeans digging into her stomach and hips. Rolling her eyes, she makes quick work of the button and fly, ready for some action any ways to try out her enlarged breasts. Smirking, she removes her bra as well, wincing lightly at the discomfort of her shirt rubbing against her erect nipples but just ignores it as she jumps off her bed and opens her white painted bedroom door with a big grin. "Hey, ba- whoa!" Aiden says, staring at his slender girlfriend's chest, instantly grabbing onto them while walking her towards her bed, giving them a gentle squeeze. "Holy shit, they are real! Babe, how did your boobs grow so much in one day?!" he exclaims, fondling the decent sized Bs still in shock, his brow furrowed lightly in confusion but a light grin tugs at his lips.

"Don't know, don't care," Brianna says with a smirk, giggling with every astonished squeeze and grope, her legs pressed against the footboard of her queen sized bed. Grabbing the front of his black shirt, she plants a firm, hungry kiss on Aiden's plump, warm lips and pulls him onto the bed atop her. Firmly sandwiched together, Brianna lets go of the shirt and works her hands over her loving boyfriend's buzzed short blond hair, his roving over her lithe body. Only taking short breaks from their making out, the two of them migrate further onto the bed, tugging at each others' pants. Aiden skillfully wriggles Brianna's underwear and jeans off of her in one go, she only having to lift her hips and pull her legs a bit, moaning into the kiss with the small jeans no longer digging into her and tugs at the blonde's baggy jeans and the elastic band of his gray boxer briefs, the button and fly already undone. Pushing them down in the back over his ass, she smirks into the kiss as she moves her way around to the front, slowly moving his underwear over his massive boner and teasingly runs her hands up its length with a feathery touch with Aiden's pants down to his knees, smirking again when it jumps and he moans into their fervent kiss. Kicking out of his Converses, pants and underwear, Aiden roughly thrusts his tongue on Brianna's mouth, faces smashed together as he takes her hips in his hands and thrusts into her.

Brianna's arms wrap tightly around his neck, her nails digging into his back at the abrupt plunge into her womanhood and thrusts her chest into his, the action both somewhat painful and very pleasurable at the same time. After their sexy little tryst, they cuddle in  the warm summer air, completely naked and reveling in each other's company, Bri completely forgetting that she's supposed to be getting her period today until her eyes catch her clock again, reading twelve fifty six. "Crap, I forgot my period's supposed to be coming," she says, slightly pulling back from Aiden's hot, sweaty chest and checking the sheets in case it started while they were cuddling for the past ten minutes, sighing, relieved, when she finds none.

"You know I don't care, Bri. We've done it when you were on your period before," Aiden says with a chuckle, pulling her back to his lightly toned chest and nuzzling her neck affectionately. His big hands travel down to her ass, giving it a squeeze, making her squeak and giggle, and lets them rest on her hips, tenderly rubbing them. "You must've put on a bit of weight though this summer without either of us noticing. Your hips didn't feel as bony this time," he said, chuckling when Brianna groans with worry. "It's good though, you're so skinny that you could stand to put on a bit of weight, otherwise I'll be scared I might crush you when I hold you like this." Poking her tummy, he grins tauntingly, poking the barely noticeable mound of pudge until Bri laughs and covers her stomach.

"Stop that, you know I'm ticklish there. I guess it's okay though if I've put on a little weight… I am kinda bony, huh?" she says with a light smile, looking up into Aiden's bright green eyes, their faces close, and she giggles lightly, rubbing their noses together and cuddles into Aiden, hugging him.

"Yeah, just a little. No matter what, though, I'll always think you're beautiful, Bri." This makes Brianna smile, snuggling closer to Aiden and wondering how she got so lucky to have an amazing boyfriend like him, not to mention handsome with his toned body, significant endowment, gorgeous green eyes, a strong, square jaw, a cute round nose and such an amazing smile that it brightens even the darkest of rooms. Ready to say how lucky she is and how much she loves him, a car door slams from the driveway, making the both of them bolt upright and stare at the bedroom door with worry. "Shit, what're they doing home so early?! I thought they usually had lunch together at some restaurant in town!" Aiden says, scrambling into his clothes while Brianna just jumps into a big t-shirt and underwear, her shirt who knows where and her pants too tight to try to get back on.

"I don't know why they're back early! If I knew they were coming, I would've told you so we could've gone to your place. Quick, out the window! The tree's right there and they can't see it from the driveway or the front of the house," she says, gently pushing a mostly clothed Aiden towards her open window next to said tree. He ducks out quick, ready to bolt for fear of her parents' wrath, but steals a quick kiss before he does and tells her he loves her and will stop by in the night after her parents go to bed. And just like that, he's down the tree and running into the backyard to hop the fence. Brianna sighs and pouts, wishing her parents hadn't interrupted and she'd been able to cuddle with her boyfriend some more, but there's nothing that can be done about it so she goes to the bathroom, grabbing another pair of underwear on the way, expecting her period to have started by now with the way her breasts ache and nipples hurt with every breath, her shirt rubbing against them uncomfortable and almost painful.

She's surprised to find it still hasn't started yet, though, shrugging and just putting a new pad in and goes to the mirror, lifting up her shirt and pouting. Indeed, her stomach isn't quite so flat any more, a small layer of fat pushing out of her abdomen. Pinching her sides, a small bit of flesh and fat is held between her fingers, making her whimper with dissatisfaction, unsure how it could've gotten past her careful eye and gotten to this point where a little bit of a gut has started to show on her slim physique. Dropping her shirt down, Brianna sits back down on her bed, cross legged, and glares at her door, wishing her parents would just go away already. Of course, she had no such luck; it seemed like they were having lunch at home for once, the smell of baked haddock wafting to her nose and making her feel sick. Oh, how she hates the smell of fish, it always makes her sick to her stomach to the point of almost throwing up. This time, though, she actually does, running to the toilet to puke up whatever was left of her breakfast that was still in her stomach. Wiping her mouth once her gut was empty, Brianna wipes her mouth and flushes the toilet, eyes screwed shut for fear that seeing her own vomit will make her do it again, the smell alone almost enough to do it.

With it all gone, Brianna sprays the bathroom with an air freshener, going overboard with it though since the strength of the scent made her feel nauseas again and forcing her out of the bathroom until some of it dissipates. Back at her bed, she picks up a pack of mints and tosses three in her mouth, the taste of vomit still in her mouth making her feel sick again. Holding her nose, Bri just sits, annoyed, and waits for the sound of the front door closing and her parents' car starting up again before she goes down for her own lunch, it being one thirty by the time the coast was clear.

The kitchen stunk of the fish still, too much for her to stand to actually cook something, so she just throws together a couple salad mix bags and a fork into a big bowl, grabbing the bottle of ranch dressing and bolted out of the kitchen. Back in her room, Brianna gasped for air, holding her breath the entire time she was down stairs. Once her breathing calmed, she held the bowl in her lap and opened each bag of salad, dumping it into the big, clear plastic bowl until all three bags of salad were in it and covered in ranch dressing. Briana's stomach gave a mighty growl before she dug in, eating slowly and carefully so she doesn't choke on a crouton or something, sighing happily at the wonderful taste of a crisp salad and ranch dressing. As she ate, though, her stomach gurgled with gas, making her a bit uncomfortable but she just lets the gas pass and returns to her eating, ravenous with hunger like she hasn't eaten in days. She briefly thinks about how this excessive eating is going to make her gain weight, but then she remembers Aiden saying she could stand to gain some. Looking down at herself, however pointless with the baggy t-shirt, Brianna just nods and eats with a new fervor, striving to get away from the boniness of her current body.

Done with her salad but not daring to go down stairs with the smell, she sets the bowl aside and puts her other empty plate from breakfast inside it, emptying her bottle of Sunny-D and putting it in there as well. Full, she lays back once again, hands laced behind her head, ready to take a nap at two in the afternoon and content until she feels her big shirt against her stomach, something not feeling right. Lifting it, Brianna screams when she sees her stomach, ripping off her shirt to confirm that she sees it not layered with fat but jutting out, firm, like… like she's… like she's pregnant! And about three or four months by the looks of it. "This… this can't be real. I must've fallen asleep after I finished that salad and this is all a bad nightmare. I-I can't be pregnant! And pregnant women don't get big this fast. It takes weeks! Months! It's only been hours for me!" she says with a panic, grabbing at her hair as she continues to stare in horror at the firm belly on her even if it is only slight.

Running to her bathroom, ignoring the still slightly strong smell of the air freshener, she opens the medicine cabinet behind the mirror and takes out one of the many pregnancy tests she keeps in there in case of scares. Taking it out of the package and following the instructions, she pees on the stick then waits for her results, groaning when it comes up positive. She goes through three more and fifteen minutes trying to convince herself they're all somehow wrong until it finally sinks in, but none of it made sense! She looks like she's three or four months along, but just last month she had her period and this morning she knows her stomach was flat. So what the hell is going on?!

Grabbing her air freshener, she goes down stairs and sprays the kitchen, trying to calm her hyperventilating as she grabs a tub of ice cream and a spoon. Always a nervous eater whenever the rare occasion of her being stressed arises, Brianna tearfully tears into the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, stuffing her face trying to drown out her sorrows, staring down at her stomach as she eats and shivering lightly with the cool air on her bare body and the coldness of the ice cream. The tub empty, she decides now is not the time to be drowning her sorrows and stress away in food and worriedly paces the kitchen, not caring about modesty in her own home and her predicament takes precedence. How could this have happened?! Well, Brianna could figure out how she got pregnant in the first place, but nothing logical explained the accelerated gestation of her baby. Or even babies! For all she knew, twins, triplets or whatever could be growing inside of her right now and Brianna's too scared and confused, not even convinced this isn't a just nightmare, to go to a clinic for an ultrasound.

The clock chimes two thirty and Brianna groans, seeing her growing bump slowly expanding as time presses on, a solid four month bump by now and slowly ebbing towards five. Her breasts ache, her back hurts and her heart thuds painfully against her ribs in her distress. Normally, she'd think that this much stress going on with the mother would affect the babies and the pregnancy, perhaps even calling for a miscarriage but it seemed to Brianna that they baby/babies kept on growing unaware of their mother's emotional turmoil because of them. Looking down at herself, she notes her breasts look a little bigger than they did a couple of hours ago when she was with Aiden. Was that when he impregnated her with this demon in her womb? Or could it have been earlier than that? Yesterday?? Who knows. Right now, Brianna had to confirm her thoughts about her breasts getting bigger again.

Back in her room, she tries on her bra again and finds that her boobs had gotten bigger, overflowing even more from her A cup bra. Brianna guesses they're full Bs, approaching the line of Cs; if it weren't for her slowly expanding girth, she'd be ecstatic about her breasts reaching such a size. All of this defies logic, simply not possible in real life, so Brianna finally decides that this has to be a dream, for the sake of her sanity it has to be so. So, calming herself down with that reasoning, she puts on a loose sports bra, removes the uncomfortable pad from her underwear and sits on her bed, leaning back on the pillows and folding her hands atop her growing stomach, calmly watching as it grows, repeating in her head "It's just a dream, It's just a dream. Ride it out and I'll eventually wake up from this freaky ass nightmare."

By three, she looks about twenty three weeks along, a full five months by three thirty. At this rate, Brianna estimated that she'd be giving birth in her dream world around seven thirty tonight, a half hour after her parents got home. Chuckling to herself, she thinks about what her parents' reactions would be to their only daughter going from a flat chested little twig to a nine month pregnant woman with Cs hanging on her chest, if not bigger, in less than a day. They'd never let her live it down, but the looks on their faces would be priceless. Rubbing her swelling belly, Brianna feels hunger ebbing at her again, prompting her to go down stairs, scratching her ass and feels that, like her stomach, it too is doing some expanding along side her thighs. Reaching into the fridge, Brianna pulls out all sorts of Italian cold cuts, the mayo, and a jar of roasted red peppers. Adding some bread to the mix, a massive cold cut sandwich is made and being devoured, but it's still not enough. The peach ice cream goes down next, then a second salad of the day after that with crumbled blue cheese, feta cheese and artichokes added to it. In all of her binge eating, Brianna watches the time pass and her breasts, stomach and thighs slowly swell, her stomach gaining a small bit of speed with all of the eating. Her baby satisfied by four fifteen with the massive meal, Brianna returns to her room and lays on her bed, patiently watching her belly grow with every passing hour.

Seven o'clock, Brianna's parents return home and Brianna's already loaded herself with a large dinner, so when they call her down to eat she's already full and remains in her room, rubbing her eight to nine month sized belly and giggling at the kicks and punches the baby is throwing left and right, hitting her all over the place with its movements. Seven forty five, she looks a full nine months but still no labor and no waking up, making her wonder just what time it really is in the real world and how long she's going to sleep for. Eight thirty, Brianna starts getting worried. Still having not gone into labor and her belly seeming to keep expanding, she sits up, her stomach filling her lap completely and rubs the massive dome. "Why hasn't it come yet? Did I miss calculate when it'd come? Or…" Brianna's face drains of color and her heart drops, eyes widening as she stares at her growing girth. "Could it be… there's more than one? Could I have been looking bigger and father along than I thought this whole time?! Just home many are in there? Aren't they going to want out soon? My stomach's huge by now, how much bigger can I get!?" she exclaims, pressing a hand against her massive stomach that looks like she swallowed a big beach ball and it inflated inside her. Wincing at another kick, she feels it simultaneously on two completely sides of her stomach. That confirms at least two, but could there be more?

Eight forty five, her breasts, now full Cs, are leaking a bit, a thick yellowy substance dribbling out of her swollen and enlarged, dark nipples. Waddling towards her computer, Brianna sighs and shakes her head. "It's just a dream any ways, right? Why would it matter what the stuff is in a dream?" she says to herself and struggles onto her bed, heaving a bit by the time she's settled back in her nest of pillows holding her over inflated beach ball stomach and watches it grow a tiny bit more as it approaches nine o'clock at night. The growing stops then, but besides that nothing happens. "Come on, just come out already or wake up! This has been a very uneventful dream, nothing like that one episode of Fringe I saw a while back," she says, lightly glaring at the bulge that's making it hard to breathe and the babies that made these changes happen, especially unhappy about her stomach and her sore and swollen ankles.

Raising her legs and spreading them wide, Brianna tries to push the babies out, but nothing happens. After a few more tries, she gives up, sighing with relief when it feels like the load in her womb got lighter and some of the pressure is taken off of her lungs. A pressure fills Brianna's pelvis, telling her that the first baby's dropped and should be getting contractions soon. Nine thirty, the baby's gone a bit lower, but no water breaking or contractions or anything of that sort, frustrating the impatient mother. Strumming her fingers on her stomach that's just about size of one of those yoga balls, probably a little smaller though, she wonders why these kids are taking they're time and why she hasn't woken up from this boring dream yet, wondering if she'd even feel contractions since you can't feel pain in a dream. Dull cramp-like feelings creep up on her, making the raven haired teen wince slightly but it was nothing more than somewhat uncomfortable rather than painful. Quarter of ten, with her legs spread as wide as they can go and even holding them open, Brianna feels the first baby drop really low, pressing on her bladder but she resists the urge to run, er, waddle to the bathroom in case the baby comes while she's in there, not that it should matter in her dream world. Figuring that, she gives up on the notion and rolls herself onto her side, having difficulty moving with her enormous belly getting in the way and the sensation of something big between her legs.

In the bathroom, she relieves herself, disgusted by the slightly bloody clump in the toilet, she's just about to pull her underwear up when a gush of fluid flows out of her. "Oh crap, I think that was the water breaking," Brianna says to herself, holding her stomach and tries to waddle back to her bed but she doesn't get very far, a stab of pain ripping through her. Panting, she slides onto her ass and starts panicking, eyes wide with realization. "This isn't a dream… oh fuck, this isn't a dream! This is for real! I'm seriously pregnant and about to go into labor! Oh my god," she says to herself, about to scream as she repeats her OMGs, only a grunt coming when another contraction comes ten minutes later. More contractions come, slowly getting longer, more painful and closer together, the most recent one making her scream out in pain and her parents to come running into her room.

Saying they were shocked to find their daughter in the predicament she's in would be an understatement, but Brianna's screams and being in labor on the bathroom floor takes precedent over properly reacting. Her father at her side, holding her hand, and her mother in front of her holding her legs up, Brianna cries and blabbers on about how confused and scared she is, how much it hurts, how sorry she is, and how she wants the babies out of her. The plural to the word shocked her parents, but now wasn't the time to focus on that; birthing the children is what's important. In minutes, Brianna's fully dilated and she gets the urge to push, her mother telling her it's okay to and to push with the contractions. A shrill cry pierces the air, bringing smiles and tired laughter with the birth of the first child, a little boy. Contractions come again, the next baby coming soon after its brother and he's handed off to Brianna's father, the baby's grandfather, while the next one comes. Ten minutes of excruciating pain and pushing later, another boy is born. Five minutes later, at ten fifteen, the contractions came again for another ten minutes of terrible pain, a little girl is thrust from Brianna's pelvis. After twenty minutes of nothing and Brianna catching her breath, the three conclude that the birthing stops with three babies, Brianna's father going off to get the hedge clippers and a couple clamps, the umbilical cords still attached to the children too thick and strong for scissors to cut through.

By eleven, all four are cleaned up and Brianna's set in her bed, breast feeding the boys while her mother holds the girl. They were all stupefied about how this could have happened so fast, it only being two months ago that Briana had been caught in the act with Aiden and she was still a flat chested twig back then with no signs of being heavily pregnant with triplets. That didn't stop her parents from scolding her for getting pregnant, but they let her off easy since she just pushed three children out of her body and needed to feed her children and rest. School was out for tomorrow, for sure, but after that they needed to think of what to do.

At midnight, all of them asleep, Aiden looks up at his girlfriend's bedroom window. Closed and the lights out, he takes the hint that she's not up for another rendezvous tonight and walks back home, unaware that he's a father of three now.
Have any of you other girls out there done that when you were younger? Sticking a pillow, or even a balloon or a ball, up your shirt like you're pregnant? I know I did it a lot when I was kid playing doctor and stuff, lol.
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Rose sat in the breeding pen, rubbing her belly.  She was a young brunette, about

23, and she was heavily pregnant.  Her belly jutted out in front of her, and rounded

out very well.  Although it had a slight watermelon-like shape to it.  Rose was a

breeder.  She was part of a huge corporation that bred food, animals, plants, and

children for the colonies on Mars and Luna.  After the Earth became uninhabitable,

the remaining humans needed a source of supplies to nourish the colonies, and

Rose's job was just that.  She was breeder #102,329 of the Edible section of the

Plants district in the Non-Human branch of Preggo Corporation.  Rose was part of a

small detachment that bred watermelons, a very highly demanded food product.  

She was a veteran breeder, having been repeatedly impregnated since she was 18,

the legal age a girl can become a breeder (Although it was no secret that Preggo

Corp. illegally recruited under age girls).  Rose was originally a breeder for animals, but after an incident with a horse pregnancy, she transfered to watermelons.  She

sat in her pen rubbing her belly, it gurgled as the large watermelon continued to

grow.  She walked over to the edge of her pen, her large belly swaying back and

forth in front of her, and looked over the edge at Sun, a fellow breeder.  Sun was

pregnant with four watermelons, and she loved to brag about it. "What's up?" Sun

asked, rubbing her gargantuan tummy.  "Nothing to much." Rose replied, "You

almost done?" Sun laughed, "Yeah, I should be going into labor just"  

Sun's belly shifted and growled as the first watermelon snaked down towards her

butt (Yeah, certain breeders birth through their butts, a little odd, but it gets the job

done).  Sun stood up as the watermelon reached her rear birth canal.  She squatted

down and pushed.  Rose could see the front of the watermelon just barely poking

out of Sun's firm, round butt.  Sun strained as the watermelon slid out, a small gush

of amniotic juices splashed out.  The first watermelon fell onto the padded floor and

rolled away.  Sun smiled as the next one entered the birthing stage, "Let's see you

squeeze 'em out as fast a me." Sun said, challenging Rose's birthing skills.  Rose

was just about to make a comeback when her belly began pulsating and growing.  

Strange, thought Rose, the growth stage was over, the watermelon inside her gut

was only supposed to be ripening.  Rose was so distracted that she didn't notice as

Sun squeezed two more melons out of her ass.  Sun's belly had shrunken greatly

and now simply looked like a normal pregnancy.  Sun turned around to gloat as the

last watermelon snaked through her tummy towards her rear opening, but she

stopped cold when she saw Rose.  Rose's belly was expanding, rapidly in front of

their eyes.  Rose screamed in shock as her watermelon breeding belly inflated.  

"What's happening to me?!?" she screamed in shock.  Just then, Rico, the head of

the watermelon breeding farm led a group of well dressed business men down to

Rose's pen.  "See what I told you? The fertility serum I've been working on really

does increase the number and speed of the watermelon pregnancy."  The men

nodded, apparently assessing the drug's results on Rose.  "So far..." Rico continued,  

"It only works with my melon girls, but with help from the higher ups, it could rapidly

change the breeding business."  Rose backed into a wall and held her bubbling belly

with both hands.  Sun's jaw had dropped and the final watermelon from her tummy

hit the ground and rolled away without even being noticed.  Rose suddenly felt

what was happening.  Inside of her girth, she felt watermelons, lots and lots of

watermelons.  She felt them piling up and growing bigger by the second.  "Holy

SHIT!" she screamed, "Rico you bastard! What did you do to me?"  Rico hopped the

short wall into the pen and approached Rose.  He dragged her over, closer to the

suited men and turned her so that they saw her from the side.  "There's also

another advantage gentlemen." Rico said matter-of-factly.  He rubbed Rose's back,

relaxing her and coaxing the watermelons in her bloated tummy to come out.  Rose

felt one of them leaving the gestation chamber inside her and heading for her well

rounded ass.  She braced both butt-cheeks and prepared to push.  One of them

entered the birthing stage and she immediately realized a horrible fact, the

watermelon was larger than any of the others she had grown inside her in the past.  

She strained to push the large melon out as her belly continued to fill with the other

watermelons.  There were so many  growing in her tummy that the round sphere of

her gut started to show large, round lumps.  The watermelons where to big to be

contained.  Rose pushed and strained, sweat dripping from her entire body.  The

watermelon is to big, she thought out loud.  She squatted down, her breasts, filled

with milk, jiggled as she pushed.  She groaned and placed a hand on the base of

her back for support, and the other gently caressed her over-taxed, round belly.  

She heaved for several more minutes, but the melon was only half out.  One half

rested inside of her while the other jutted out from between her butt cheeks.  She

panted and moaned, this birth was like nothing she had ever  squeezed out before.   

Rico grabbed onto the watermelon and pulled as Rose pushed.  Rico twisted the

melon slightly to the left and with a splash of belly juice, and an audible pop, the

melon slipped out of Rose.  She fell onto her bottom and then reclined back.  She

was beat, then she looked over her large swelling tummy.  There are alot more from

were that one came from, she thought weakly.  Rico happily presented the huge

melon to the company big-wigs.  Their mouths hung agape, it was the largest

watermelon ever.  Rico measured it and then confirmed that it was larger than any

melon ever produced, even from back when they where grown on Earth.  "Now all I

need is a little funding, a raise in pay, and then this serum is all yours.  Think of the

possibilities gentlemen, you could produce them at a faster rate, more per girl, and

then raise the price due to the size, what do you say?"  The board members

grinned, they liked the possibilities.

A story I thought up while dragging myself out of bed this morning. It's kinda stupid, but just for fun. I think I might make a series out of the whole Preggo Corporation thing though. Enjoy.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Katie and Makayla were two students, and they walked home together ever since middle school. They lived right nearby, and just so happened to be best friends. Katie was a brunette, short hair, medium height, with piercing blue eyes and a flat chest. Makayla, on the other hand, was tall- almost 6 foot -had long, flowing blonde hair, and sizable breasts-about C-cups. As they traveled home, Katie noticed something on the ground.

It was a dark blue diamond-shaped stone, attached to a silver chain. It looked almost new, aside from some dirt that got on it from the ground.

“Hey, check it out!” Katie reached down and picked up the necklace.

“Woah...its nice.” Makayla looked at it closely, brushing off the dirt. “Should probably wash it before you wear it. Katie shrugged.

“Gotta shower anyway.” She  wrapped it around her neck and hooked the clasp together. “Ah! Fits perfect!”

“Looks nice on you too.” Katie smiled.

'Thanks.” They continued their way home, not noticing the faint blue glow the gem let off...


Makayla and Katie both studied intently for the test that was coming for them the next day. “God, its gonna be a killer.” Makayla sighed as she looked through the review.

“No kidding.” Katie shifted a bit. She could have swore she felt some kind of tingling in her chest since they had left school, but she brushed it aside and focused on her work. They continued to write, study, and read, until the feeling Katie had took a sudden jump into being quite pleasurable. “Unnhhh...”

“What?” Makayla questioned.

“I dunno....I feel...weird.” The sensation spiked again and again, becoming more and more unbearable until Katie as squinting in pleasure. “Oooohhh...” Katie couldn't control her moans, as much as she wanted to. Suddenly, she felt as if her breasts were being pumped with hot water, suddenly plumping up like two water balloons. They swelled, her nipples getting erect and becoming apparent in her light blue tank-top. The pleasure was at its peak now, and Katie and Makayla both noticed the changes in Katie's figure.

“Oh God!” Katie quickly grabbed them, feeling them expand in her hands. They were incredibly sensitive, and lured a few more moans out of her when she grabbed them. “What is going on?”

“Woah!” Makayla had jumped up and away from Katie, shocked by her metamorphosis. “How are you doing that? Did you down your-”

“I'm not doing this Makayla!” They had grown to C-cups now, perky oranges, and they continued, getting bigger than her friend. Soon they were D's, then DD's in no time flat, her shirt stretching upwards at her belly downwards at her neck, revealing her burgeoning cleavage. They looked about the size of grapefruits, and were headed for the diameter of DVDs. “Ohhh...make it stop! How is this even...” Suddenly, she looked down at the pendant, which was glowing bright blue. “The necklace!” She tried to unhook it, but her bosom got in the way. Every time her elbows nudged her bosom, which were now well into EE cups, she went limp with the now extreme pleasure coursing through her body. They had begun to reach Melon size, nice ripe honeydews, and she was beginning to panic. “Makayla! Help! Get it off!” Through her hesitation and confusion, Makayla pulled herself together and rushed to Katie, prying at the necklace.

“Its stuck!” Makayla lamented in growing fear.

“Try harder! Break it if you have to, I want it off of me!” Katie's breasts had reached G—cups, her shirt beginning to restrict them, pushing them closer together and causing flesh to ooze out of her collar. Katie winced, the pressure beginning to get to her, but it only added to then immense pleasure she was experiencing. “Mmmmm...please Makayla...uhhnnn...” Her shirt was becoming a midriff, riding all the way up her chest and showing off her pale belly. Makayla wrenched at the necklace, tugging on it in any way she could, until finally, it gave weigh. Katie sighed, the feeling gone. But she looked at her boobs, now enormous.

“Oh man...” She lifted them, squeezed, every grope had a small prick of pleasure. “They feel nice though, so...that's something I guess. Thanks Makayla.” Katie turned to face Makayla, whose boobs had grown to twice their size, around E-cups, the size of party balloons. Katie had been so busy testing her new boobs, she hadn't noticed Makayla's pleasured moans or yelps for assistance.

“ feels sooo gooood...” Makayla smiled and fondled her breasts, rubbing them up and down. They lunged forward, her bra giving weight and putting excess stress on her tank top, which was now seeing its final days as well. They were near H-cups now, and Makayla started to worry. “Katie...get it off...”

“What, and have it latch onto me?” Katie quickly rushed to the door. “No thank you.” Makayla tried to reach over, but her knees buckled from the pure ecstasy flowing through her body. Katie was gone, and Makayla was left heaving with breasts that were borderline J-cup. Dinner plate diameter.

“Wow...nothing I, I guess. Better just – oh! - enjoy the ride.” And Makayla laid there as the charm filled her breasts out, more and more as every second passed. Her shirt tearing to nothing more than mere pieces, revealing her soft breast flesh and taut nipples. She spiraled her fingers around them, gasping and moaning in desperate and intense pleasure. She rubbed against the wall, horny as hell and having no way of letting out rather than rub her breasts up and down, the only way she knew how at this very moment. She rubbed her back more and more, her hands covering every point of her ballooning boobs that she could get to, until suddenly, the feeling stopped. Makayla looked at her lap.

There, in her sprawled out legs, sat the necklace, the latch somehow let loose. Makayla let out a sigh of relief, then bounced her almost beach ball sized breasts in awe. “I...need to get rid of this thing. For good.”

Another one from the vault! MAN there's a lot of stories in there! O.o Again, this was written way back when i first started out, so it isn't as good as my other stuff, but oh well, still a fun little story. Short as hell too, doesn't mean bad I suppose ;P

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it! :D

Link to Part Two:…
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Angela roamed the aisles of the drug store, getting some of the vitamins her mother sent her out to get.

“Okay, so...we got Vitamin D...” She read off the list to her friend Melissa, who joined her for the trip. “Folic Acid...Fish Oil...”

“Jeez, your mom is obsessed with these things, isn't she?” Melissa laughed a bit as she picked up some Vitamin A and tossed it in the basket. “How does she stomach all of these?” Angela shrugged.

“Eh, I think it keeps her healthy. At least it makes her THINK she's healthy. That's good enough, I suppose.” Angela gave a quick smirk.

Angela stood at roughly 5' 6 and had long, flowing brown hair. She had inherited chestnut eyes and a tan complexion from her mother. Her tan complemented both her face and her cleavage, which was practically popping out of her low cut top, the flesh pouring out of the u-shaped neckline. This was one of Angela's favorite things about herself: her DD breasts. Even with a plus sized figure, she could still flaunt these babies like no one's business and she did that quite often with pride.

Melissa, on the other hand, was roughly the same height, but thin as a rail. With not an ounce of fat or mass anywhere on her body, she seemed to be almost the opposite of Angela in terms of physique. Her raven black hair cut a straight edge down her back and almost graced her backside, and her lightning green eyes almost pierced anyone who dared to look in them.

Both of them continued to find the various vitamins, minerals, and supplements scattered all across the store, when a particular drug caught Angela's eye.

“NEW! SLIM MAX! Try it today for instant results! Get your perfect size as fast you want it with Slim Max!”

Angela approached it slowly, then took a bottle from the display and read the back, then shook her head and put it back. She looked over at Melissa, who was buying their purchase with the cash Angela had gotten from her mom. She looked back at the bottle, and noticed something strange: No nutritional facts. No ingredients. The only thing on the side was a warning: 'Only one pill necessary. DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONE'.

'Rather vague, aren't we?' Angela thought. She began to ponder a bit. She didn't need this. She was happy with herself, plus sized or not. She wasn't obese. She wasn't at all that large. But every day in the supermarket where she worked, she saw magazine after magazine, tabloid after tabloid telling her she wasn't as thin as she needed to be, as slim as she could be, and if she wasn't thin, she wasn't attractive. She fought those thoughts down, but they rose from time to time.

This was one of those times.

“Hey Melissa, I'll meet you in the car, k?” She called over to her friend. Melissa nodded and finished checking out, then left.  Angela continued to stare at the bottle for a few seconds. She rattled it, hearing only one pill inside the tiny red container. She shrugged.

'Couldn't hurt to try.'


Angela kept staring at the bottle in her hands. She passed it back and forth, studying the label over and over.

“Do I really want this? Does it even work? Did I just waste $20?” Too many questions were running through her head. She fought through it all and popped the bottle open, quickly tipping it to her mouth and swallowing the pill whole, coughing a bit. “Why didn't I drink anything with that?” She questioned, feeling a bit silly. She waited a second, wanting to see the so called “Instant Results”. But nothing happened. She waited for a good five minutes with nothing occurring.

It was getting late so she decided to pack it in, putting on her night shirt and falling into a deep sleep.

Little did she know, things were changing as she slept...

The next morning, Melissa's eyes groggily opened as she crawled out of bed. She stretched her legs to the floor, sitting at the edge of her bed, when she noticed that she felt...rather light. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she managed to look down at herself, and as soon as she did her eyes shot open. She darted to the bathroom and turned on the light to see a thin version of herself standing in the mirror. She smiled broadly.

“No...fucking...WAY!” She jumped up and down in excitement, spinning and looking around at herself. “I'm as skinny as Melissa, I think.” Her smile faltered a bit, noticing something a bit bittersweet: her boobs had vanished. Without a trace. She was as flat as a board now. She shook her head and smiled again. “Whatever. Guys don't want boobs. They want thin girls...” She kept eying herself, and began to get dressed for the day. She couldn't get her mind off of her last thought.



Angela met up with Melissa at the mall, wanting to show her the miracle that had occurred. As soon as Melissa caught a glance of Angela from across the food court, her jaw dropped. She squinted, looked around her, in disbelief that it could possibly her. But when Angela sat at the table, there was no denying it.

“Oh my GOD!” Melissa marveled at Angela's new slim figure.

“I know, right?”

“How...I mean, what...” Melissa was at a loss for words.

“Remember when we were at the drug store yesterday?” Melissa nodded, then it hit her.

“Oh, you got a diet pill?” Angela nodded. “And it worked THAT fast?” She nodded again. “Jeez. You lost like...50 pounds at once.”

“HEY! It was only, like...35...” Melissa laughed and leaned back in her chair.

“ does it feel to be thin?” Angela began to answer, but was suddenly distracted by a handsome guy. Someone she had never seen, just a stranger at the food court. But he looked so...

Melissa looked around at him. She turned back to see Angela's starry-eyed expression. She smirked.

He turned towards Angela, and she suddenly went red. She looked at the table, then glanced back up to see him walking towards her.

“Oh, God, he's coming over here.” She whispered excitedly to Melissa. As he walked, Angela could feel her nerves getting more and more wound up, only to fall apart as soon as he passed and went to the table behind her, where a blonde chick with huge boobs sat. They looked as large as Angela's used to be. Angela frowned, then stood from the table.

“Let's go, Melissa. I don't wanna be here right now.”


Melissa and Angela returned to the drug store, looking to get more supplements for Angela's mother.

“What could we have possibly forgotten?” Angela laughed, throwing the various pill bottles into the hand basket. Suddenly, another display caught her eye. Made by the same exact people that had made the diet pill.

“NEW! MAX BUST! Get a fuller, rounder, better bust with Max Bust!”

Angela eyed it, seeing that the bottle was much bigger than the diet pill, and had many more pills, along with actual instructions on the side.

“Use only as directed: Ingest one pill by mouth weekly. Do not exceed that amount. Do this for one month and you will see your bust go up by at least one cup size.” Angela grinned and put it into the basket without a second thought.

She drove Melissa home, then drove herself home, with the pills in hand. She dropped off the vitamins to her mother, got a quick thank you, then went to her room.

“Alright. I've got the figure. Now all I need is the boobs to top it all off. Then I can get guys...they'll be all over me...” She stared at the bottle, and began thinking. “But...what if it isn't my body? What if...the only reason I can't get because I'm not comfortable with myself?”

She paused a second.

“Nah, its the boobs.” She took a pill and swallowed it with a swig of water. “So, a month, huh? No problem. I can wait that long.” So, she continued the process. Once a week for four weeks, she consumed a pill. But after the month had ended, she saw no results. Not even a bulge. “Hmm...maybe I just need a bit more...after all, I've got a bunch of pills...” She began to take one every day for a week, for about two weeks, then two a day for a week, until she was all out of pills. Nothing happened. She waited a week with no results.

Until one day, not too long after, she began to have a stomach ache. It was minor, but got severe after a while, and it kept her in bed from work. She writhed a bit, clutching her stomach in pain, and whined as she felt a sort of bubbling and simmering deep inside her.

But all of a sudden, it stopped. She lied there for a second, looking down at herself, her loose nightshirt was all she was wearing, that and a pair of panties. She propped herself up against her headboard, curious as to why the pain had stopped so abruptly. This was answered by a sudden heat in her chest, which struck her so suddenly that it caught her by surprise, making her stick her chest far forwards, then recoiling.

She began to pant, the heat rising more and more, burning her chest more and more, until it began to cool just slightly, becoming a sort of warm, tingly sensation.

“What's happening to me?” She asked as she heard a strange sound emanate from her body. She looked down and gasped. Her boobs were growing. Right in front of her eyes, the flat shape of her body had developed two very small but distinct hills rising like dough in an oven. She smiled broadly, then laughed. “Oh, yes! Yes, yes, ye-” She was cut off by the tingling sensation getting abruptly more intense, the tingling becoming a wave of pleasure. She shot up, her eyes rolling back in her head as she started to moan deeply. “Woah, this...t-this is...i-is...” She couldn't collect her thoughts as her chest reached the size of tennis balls, the night shirt she wore becoming more and more taunt.

She pulsed her body back and forth, gripping the side of her bed in passion as she moaned and sighed loudly, crouching forward a bit as her breasts reached somewhere around C-cups. She was writhing once more, not in pain, but in pleasure. The night shirt was riding up her body, climbing up past her legs and covering more and more of her growing breast flesh. They had soon reached their old size, good ol' DDs, and she felt the sensations melt away, her moans trailing and her body calming. She stood and went to the bathroom, presenting herself in the mirror, the night shirt drawn up to reveal her pink panties, the shirt barely past her navel. She smiled broadly.

“That's more like it.”


“Beep. Beep. Beep” The tone was monotonous and she heard it every day as she scanned item after item through the register. Angela placed them in their respective bags, hitting the proper buttons on the register and totaling the purchase.

“Comes up to $46.87”. She told the old man in front of her. He seemed to be in a daze, though, fixated upon Angela's now stretched shirt, the apron not hiding any bit of her figure. She sighed, this being the fifth time it happened today. “Sir? Sir!” She waved him back into consciousness. He shook his head in embarrassment, payed, then quickly left, getting one last glance before he went out the door. Angela sighed again.

“Geez...figures these would be a bit of a bother here...” Business was slow at the store today, so she had time to think and stop, look around, and spruce up her work area. She began to fix up the gum and candy next to her register when she felt something...odd. Her apron felt a bit tighter than it had a little while ago. She tugged at the strings a bit, thinking that she just wasn't used to her physique. But it was unmistakably tight. And it just seemed to be getting tighter. She looked down and brought her hand to her mouth in shock. It wasn’t just her apron. It was her shirt.

Her boobs were growing again. She darted to the restroom in a panic, trying not to look too distressed but quick stepping before anyone could notice. She got into the restroom and automatically pulled at the apron, but the knot was too tight. She couldn't get it undone. As the strings dug thought her shirt and into her skin, she let out a whimper of pain, mixed with pleasure as she felt the numbing and sensual heat glowing in her boobs. She suppressed her moans, not wanting to be heard now.

The apron strings continued to tighten and dig as she pried at the knot. They were getting massive, at least EE cups by now, her uniform shirt beginning to tear a bit at the seams, since she had gotten a smaller one for her new physique, not expecting to get massive boobs so soon. She couldn't see the tears hidden by the apron, but the strings suddenly ripped off, her boobs flopping forward and causing all sorts of popped seams for the white dress shirt. She was going red as she watched her boobs reach F territory, getting almost as big as her head. They began to slow down a bit, stopping before her shirt was shredded.

She decided to get out of there while she still could, and call her boss when she got home and tell them that she was incredibly ill. She drove home, staring down at her boobs as she drove, the AC in her car making her nipples begin to bore holes through the already tattered shirt. She promptly shut it off. As soon as she got home, she texted Melissa about her predicament, and told her to come to her place immediately. She sat there, her boobs so massive she could hardly believe it. She didn't want THESE. They were fine as they were. At DDs.

'I guess that's what I get for not using it corre-OOF!” She felt another spike hit her, her bosom now pouring into the Swiss cheese-style shirt, her flesh bulging ever more out of the holes, and new holes being made as well. It stopped relatively quick, only for her to have G sized boobs.

'Hurry, Melissa. I need someone to help...somehow...” She suddenly got a text. She moved her hands from her boobs to her phone, seeing it was a text from Melissa and promptly opening it.

'Let me in.”

Angela rushed to the door, swinging it open, only to see Melissa standing there and immediately go slack jawed.

'OK, you gotta stop experimenting with your body.”

“I know, I know...but what am I supposed to do? They keep...ugh...growing.” She felt another push against her fleeting shirt, two holes becoming one in places.

“Alright lemme in. Close the door.” they went over to Angela's room, Melissa carrying a box of some kind.

“What's that?”

“Well, when you told me about your dilemma, I figured it was some kind of...milk production thing. I mean, how else would they be growing?” Angela nodded in realization and approval. “ mom has this special recipe for milk tea. If made correctly it'll make your milk glands stop producing.” Angela smiled.

“That's perfect!”

“But...if I DON'T make it correctly, it...kinda does the opposite.” Angela's smile quickly faded.

“Oh, um...”

“Still...its better than nothing. The quicker we do it, the smaller they'll stay.” Angela nodded, willing to take the risk. Melissa cooked up the tea, making it as quickly as she could, then pouring Angela a cup.

“Wait..” Angela paused. “...would you...try for me?” Melissa looked at her in surprise.

“I, uh...”

“Please? If it works on you, you'll be ok, right? You'll just get a bit bigger. With me, it'll...” Melissa looked at her skeptically. She was hesitant to do it, but saw the state her friend was in and shrugged.

“Alright, then...” She took a swig from the cup. “Not like I have much to lose, huh?” She giggled. They waited. And waited. And waited for about five minutes when Angela began to feel the sensation hit her again.

“! It must be fine!” She quickly took the cup and downed the rest of the tea. She waited for it to take effect, glaring at her slowly tingling boobs. As she stared, she began to hear a soft moan.

It wasn't hers.

She looked up to see Melissa groping herself, massaging her developing chest.

“NO!” Angela shouted as she felt the already pleasant sensation and slow growth build quickly, her chest vaulting forward and splitting her work shirt into pieces. Melissa cooed in both pleasure and worry as her boobs reached B-Cup size, about tennis balls, seeing her black tank-top rise above her navel as the neckline descended to her burgeoning cleavage.

“Woah...who knew it would actually work. mom told me about it, but...ooohh...I never believed her. Thought it was just-AH!-a s-s-story...” She could barely make it through her sentence.

“But I thought it was supposed to do the OPPOSITE, Melissa!”

“It was! I tried to brew it correctly, but I...messed up, I guess.” She said as Angela's shirt finally burst to pieces under the rapid growth of her boobs, their mass becoming that of melons, their form firm but their complexion soft. They flew forwards, causing Angela to tip onto her chest, the sudden smack to the ground sending an explosion of euphoria throughout her system.

“OOOOHHH!” She sporadically yelled passionately.

“Oopsie...” Melissa said, referring to her previous comment, not very sorry at all. She loved her billowing bosom, now well into C cups and still pressing on, her tank top revealing more and more cleavage as it drew down her chest. It also displayed her pale, flat stomach.

Angela lay on the floor, panting and moaning as her breasts became as big as beach balls, the flesh mounting her up higher and higher. It soon slowed, stopping at around MM cups, as Melissa's soon did as well, having a nice pair of DDs.

Melissa laughed, then stood. “I'm gonna go make some more of that tea. You want some?”

As promised, here's my spur-of-the-moment tale, Bust Max! This recounts the times and troubles of Angela, who struggles with body image and confidence, deciding to take drugs to do something about it. Little does she know, she has no idea what she's getting herself into...

Took me a while to finally get around to it, but its all finished. I like how it turned out, and I hope you all enjoy it as well! :D
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(Contains: sexual themes)
“Whew that was a close one...” Aisha said as she entered her tent. She set her treasures on the desk and dusted herself off. “Can't believe I made it outta that one alive. The whole thing caved in. Managed to get three of them, though...” She began to examine the three tablets splayed across the table, all written in ancient Egyptian. “Let's see, its WAY too hot in here. Gotta get outta this stuff...” Aisha quickly peeled off her tan Khakis and heavy denim jacket, revealing a white tank top with a sports bra underneath, and tight, black yoga pants.  “That's better. Now then...” She continued to speak to herself, as she did quite frequently.

Aisha had a slender figure, being tan and average in height. Her hair was chopped short, out of fear of getting it caught in some kind of booby trap in the caves. Being an archeologist for ancient Egyptian artifacts was no easy job. But she had hit the jackpot! Three ancient tablets, almost in mint condition. When she had found them, they were surrounded by busty idols, seemingly bowing to them. She made a note of that in her journal and continued to examine the artifacts.

Aisha could speak the hieroglyphics aloud, but when it came to actually knowing what they meant, that was another story. She had always had problems reading a foreign language, but could speak it easily, no matter how complex. Almost any language, even Japanese or Russian. Hieroglyphics were no exception. She decided to mutter aloud one of the tablets to herself as she shuffled through her things. Finally, she pulled out her translator book, and began to pore over the conversions from word to word.

Her breasts began to itch, most likely from the heat. She gave them a slight scratch and continued to translate word after word. She shifted in place, the tent being small, but private. No one really knew of this place, but she could call for help if she ever needed it. All she had with her were basic food supplies, a bed, and a desk and chair, a long mirror, and her translator. She grew a bit stiff and decided to get up and stretch a bit.

She walked to the mirror and studied herself. She took off her glasses and rubbed them a bit with her shirt, removing some dust. She itched her boobs again, the heat starting to get to them once more, and stood there and peered at her body. She had a great body: thin, breasts about C-cup, and a round, attentive backside. She had always liked her body just the way it was, and thought that if she ever gotten any bigger, her breasts or her rear, it might sacrifice her integrity as an archeologist. Whether or not that was true was up for debate, but she didn't want to risk it.

She sat back down and began to translate, finding words like “curse”, “read” and strangely “breasts”. She was getting more perturbed at every word she figured out, until she finally completed the message. She thought it to herself:

“Whomever reads the curse aloud will have their breasts grow in size.” Her auburn eyes widened as she scratched her boobs. “All that must be done is to rub one's breasts three times. To make them stop, read tablet 3.” She stopped mid-scratch. A look of fear fell across her face.

“, these don't, right? No, no of course not.” She felt the itchiness of her mams slowly evolve into a prickle, then a tingle. “How many times did I scratch them?” She stood from her chair and went to the mirror. She could feel them slowly filling, her tennis ball sized breasts were puffing ever so slowly against her sports bra. “No. No, no, nonononononNONONO!” She began to panic a bit, the creases across her shirt tightening and becoming slowly more taut. “Oh God....what did I do? What do I do now?” She thought for a second as her breasts became more and more tingly, and reached further and further out. Aisha glanced down to read it again.

“That's it! Tablet three! I just have to read it and it'll stop!” She picked up the other two tablets and looked back and forth between the two of them. “But...which is which?” She faltered a bit, feeling her chest begin to get heavier with each passing moment. “I gotta just...guess!” She set one down and read the one in her hand aloud. She waited. But the sensation didn't stop, and the swelling progressed, straining her sports bra and making all the creases on her tank top. “Crap, its gotta be the other...oh...OHHH...OH GOD, WHAT?” She looked in the mirror at a side angle and saw that her butt had began to swell with her breasts. Just as slowly, but with an obvious growing mass as her bust, which had now expanded to somewhere around grapefruits.

“This isn't happening...this CAN'T be happening...” She held her inflating assets in her hands, to feel only a rush of  pleasure shoot through her whole body in a wave. She moaned quietly, letting the feeling wash over her. She smiled coyly, allowing her mind to drift for a bit. Only to quickly remove her hands and shake her head. “Aisha, you're a professional! Get it together.” She looked over and decided to translate the the second tablet she had just used. She bent over the desk, not daring to sit, and she felt her butt slowly gain mass, soon the size of two volleyballs (she took a quick peek around her shoulder at the mirror as she translated).

It became harder and harder to write as her breasts swelled  between her busy arms. They began to push up through her tank top, her cleavage becoming more and more prominent, the already impressive line down her shirt gaining more and more distance north. She tried to stay calm as her breasts had reached the size of softballs. Finally, she had finished the translation, reading:

“Whomever reads this curse after the first will have their posterior expand in size. To stop this, read tablet 3.” It was then that Aisha looked in the corner and saw a “2” inscribed in this corner, then a “1” in the first. She quickly took hold of the last tablet.

“You MUST be the one! You're all that's left!” She read it aloud and waited for the process to stop. To her dismay, it seemed to only pick up the pace, growing larger faster. Her sports bra began to strain, the fabric creaking and stretching along her building flesh. Her butt also seemed to be causing problems for her stretch pants, but the yoga leggings held strong around her now basketball sized cheeks. “C'mon! This has to work! Maybe it needs one more read...” She read the inscription again, to no avail, as her breasts and behind just seemed to flare out more, gaining more and more speed. The sports bra began to snap in places, until it had finally gave weigh to the colossal flesh mounds, letting them flop forward, now roughly the size of her head. Her tank top had risen above her tan, thin stomach as it covered her now rapidly ballooning assets.

“NO! Work with me here...” She read it again, now more with just pure hope, only to feel another surge of speed in her growth, her breasts gaining an inch very few seconds. They felt more and more sensitive by the moment. She dropped the tablet on the desk. “This is just...unnhhh...insanity. This HAS to be the one. I mean...isn't it?” She began to translate it, as daunting as the flow of flesh into both sides of her was to her psyche. Finally, she had figured it out, and almost began hitting herself when she read it:

“Whomever reads this slab will suffer quicker effects from slabs one and two. Read slab three to stop the curse”.

She looked in a corner.

And saw the number 4.

She threw the tablet across the tent. She paced the room, her breasts now the size of honeydew melons, her butt so impossibly huge, and worried and struggled in her mind.

“What am I gonna do?” She spoke softly to herself. “ I mean...unh! one will take me seriously in the archeology department looking like this. I'm a total freak now!.” She held them and watched her cleavage spill out of the top of her shirt, the fabric straining as little holes ripped on the sides, letting out little bits of flesh. “But...” She continued to think as she slowly smiled. “I mean...this is some discovery! A curse that can grow your boobs? And I can prove it... I am proof!.” Her smile turned into a big grin as her butt began to peek out of the top of her yoga pants. Her shirt began to tear in the middle, revealing more and more cleavage. “I'll be rich! I'll never have to work again!” She began to rub them, welcoming the sensations that poured through as she dug into her boobs with her fingers. “And all the men...they won't be able to keep their hands off me! Yeah...” Her tongue hung out as her shirt burst open, letting her titanic ta-tas leap forward and jiggle back and forth. She rubbed them more, keeping a constant massage of passion running though her body. She collapsed onto the floor, her breasts the size of pumpkins, and her butt rivaling that size as well.

“I could TOTALLY get used to these.”

Aisha discovers three ancient slabs, each with some unexpected powers. Will she be able to control what happens? Or does she even want to?

This was a spur-of-the-moment sort of thing. I saw a beautiful woman at work and just began thinking. This story just...happened. I don't do Hourglass Expansions as much, so this might be a bit rough, but I hope you enjoy it just the same. :D
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Mel had been lugging around her new G-cup breasts through school for about a week now. She had tried to use a serum that would've allowed her to exchange boobs with her friend Leah, but that had backfired. But she had seen her physician and gotten more of the magic medicine that she needed. And she was planning on using it ASAP. But who to use it on? She didn't want to stick them on anyone who didn't want them, but that mentality was starting to wane a bit as the week drew on. She was getting impatient, tired of all the stares she got, the back pain, bumping into something with every turn. Sure, she could have any guy she wanted. But she didn't want to get them like this.

One day, Mel was hanging out with her friend Meghan. Meghan was a tall woman with an athletic build. Breasts at about a B-cup, pale green eyes, and cropped, curly brown hair. They sat  outside at lunch between classes, when the topic of boobs came up (as it did quite frequently these days for Mel).

“Yours really...blew up?” Meghan said rather awkwardly. Mel nodded.

“Yeah. Just overnight. I mean, they built up to it I guess, but really, this one growth kinda just...happened and left me with these.” Meghan shook her head in disbelief.

'That's why I'm glad mine stopped when they did. I'd hate to carry those things around.” She looked at Mel. “Sorry.”

“No, that's ok. I agree, anyway.” She laughed a bit nervously. Meghan stood to go to the trash can, a bit far from where they were sitting. Mel then noticed Meghan's metallic water bottle. She picked it up, shook it to hear very little liquid remaining in it. She then reached in her pocket. She had been carrying around the switch medication with her in hopes that she'd be able to use it at the right moment.

Now as that moment.

She swiftly took out the serum, downed a third, then poured one more third into the bottle, and replaced the cap. She then took the vial and chucked it down a nearby storm drain. She smiled devilishly, then saw Meghan walking back and straightened up a bit. Meghan smiled at her, then took the bottle and downed the rest of her water.

“Gotta go refill this” Meghan shook the bottle in front of her. The bell for class then rang. “Meet up with you later?” Mel nodded then stood carefully, knowing good things would happen soon. Meghan left to the restroom to fill up the bottle when she felt something strange. As she filled the bottle up in the restroom, a warm prickle began to emanate in her chest, growing stronger and stronger within her. She let out a light moan, inaudible to anyone, then looked at herself immediately after.

“Uhh...what the hell?” She asked herself quietly, only to feel the warmth growing more and more intense, the tickle feeling like a million light, tiny needle pokes across the surface of her boobs. This feeling then combined with the feeling of flesh rubbing against cloth. It then connected with her mind what was happening. “OH-OH MY-WHAT?”

Meghan rushed into a stall and locked it shut as her boobs rose in size slowly, vaulting out from her ribs. She breathed in heavy from panic, her eyes wide and awe-struck as her once apple-sized endowments reached grapefruit diameter. She was holding her palms against the walls of the stall in fear, her breath both panicked and aroused by what she was feeling, her green tank top slowly climbing up her torso.

“Um-ok, this needs to stop!” She thrust her hands from the walls to her boobs-only to immediately regret it. The slight prickle became an immediate rush of euphoria that caused her to collapse onto the toilet behind her. She kept her hands on her ballooning chest, now at around DD cups, the feeling starting to dull, but still coursed through her breasts. “Ohh...oh no...what if they get as big as...?” A sudden thought struck fear into Meghan, forcing her to look down her ever-shrinking neckline, the v-neck deepening and revealing more and more of her  increasing cleavage.

They soon slowed, then stopped completely, at just about G-cups. As big as Mel used to be. She exited the stall and looked in the bathroom mirror, having good enough fortune to still be alone.

“Shit, they're huge!” Meghan pouted as she lifted and dropped her massive mammeries over and over, letting them bob up and down, testing their heavy weight. She groaned. “What am I gonna do now?”


Mel walked the halls with a smile, her gigantic boobs shrunken down to a mere B-cups. Relieved of all the shoulder and back aches, the aggravating looks from passer-byes (although she did get a look or two of confusion). Soon, she bumped into Meghan. She acted surprised to see her, while Meghan had a look of genuine shock.

“Woah, what happened?” Mel asked in disbelief.

“What happened to me? Where did your giant tits go?” Mel shrugged.

“I dunno, I guess I just...I worked out and stuff like my physician told me to. This morning I woke up and they were...” She presented them a bit with her hands. “Like this.” She smiled. Meghan nodded, but couldn't help but think something was up. But she just shrugged.

“Wow. Congrats. I'm gonna get to class.” She waved and left, still adjusting to the girth of her new bra-free boobs (she couldn't find a single one in her size when she went shopping the other day). She was self-conscious about them. Not only did they bounce and sway no matter how lightly she walked, even though it was moderately warm in the halls at her school, her nipples jutted out noticeably through her incredibly tight t-shirt, one that was once baggy on her when she had her old boobs. Now it was almost a tube top. As she headed to class, Meghan bumped into Mel's younger brother, Ashton. An awkward, finicky freshamn, his eyes widened at the sight of Meghan's gifts. An idea suddenly hit Meghan.

“Hey Ashton...?” Meghan said almost flirtingly.

“Y-y-yes?” Ashton managed to cough out.

“Do you know the name of the physician your sister went to see?”

'Uh...yeah, she's...she's...she's the family-um-physician. Up at the local w-w-walk-in. Dr...uh....Dr. Habern, yeah.” He tried to keep his eyes up as he slowly turned red.

“Thanks, Ashton.” Meghan smiled broadly and let her boobs lightly brush Ashton's head as she passed by. Ashton nearly fainted, his legs wobbly, trying to hide the actions occurring on the lower regions of his pants. He watched walk away her as a river of drool poured from his mouth


Dr. Habern entered, taking one glance at Meghan and sighing.

“Lemme guess: You don't want those?” Meghan nodded.

“I heard you gave my friend Mel some advice on how to make them smaller. I was wondering if you could tell me too?”

“Well...” Habern paused. “It wasn't exactly was...a medication...”

“Really? Coulda swore she said advice...” Meghan reflected, then shook her head. “Whatever. I'll take the medicine.”

“Oh, is HIGHLY experim-”

“I don't care. You can explain.” Habern paused, the let out a big sigh.

“It...when two women drink it, it causes them to...well...switch breast sizes-”

“WHAT?” Meghan yelled, then almost immediately put the pieces together. “That bitch! She must've used that on me!” Meghan hesitated, then a smile slowly crossed her face. “I'd like to have some of that, please.”


Mel sat at the lunchroom, still enjoying the boobs she stole from Meghan, slowly getting used to them, when the very person she took them from walked to her table. She wore a tight pink shirt that should've covered her whole torso, but instead barely covered her boobs. Mel, meanwhile, wore a tight gray t-shirt and some black jeans. Meghan held a soda can, and took a seat next to Mel. Feeling tempted, Mel decided to ask her.

“How are those going?” She asked almost tauntingly. Meghan sighed.

“Still getting used to them. They are really heavy.” She groaned. “I don't know how you stood them for a week. I've barely made three days.” Mel nodded.

“Yeah, I know. It was tough.” Meghan shrugged, then held her soda can to Mel. It was nearly empty.

“Want the rest of this?” Mel nodded.

“Sure.” She took it and swallowed the liquid inside in two gulps.

“Y'know, I went to a physician...” Meghan said slowly. Mel's heart skipped a beat, but she kept up the charade.

“Yeah? What did they say?”

“She told me there was no way to fix them...” Mel sighed in relief a little “...except for this medication. I'm sure you've heard of it. Like you used on me. Like I just used on you.” As soon as Meghan finished her sentence, she felt a cooling sensation sweep her engorged grapefruits as they slowly deflated to their old B-cup size. Mel, on the other hand, felt the opposite sensation, her boobs gradually warming up, her shirt already rising up past her belly button, revealing her pale, thin stomach.

“No! It's not fair!” She said as she crossed her arms over her chest, hoping no one in the lunchroom would see them expand. “Why do I have to have these?”

“Because they're yours, you little bitch. And if you ever try that shit on me again, don't think I won't force feed that stuff down your throat!” Meghan pulled out her phone and made an alarm sound, drawing the attention of everyone around. “Have fun, giganta-boob!” She smiled mockingly then walked away, her pink shirt now loose on her normal body. Mel, however, had an audience for her breast-enlargement occurrence. Many eyes peered over as the flesh from her boobs peeked from the top of her shirt, her crossed arms letting them swell up further, almost touching her chin. She was afraid to let them go. But she knew it was no use.

She let her arms fall and her boobs flopped forward, snapping her bra almost immediately and making the threads in her shirt cry out for mercy. Her now E-cup breasts pressed hard against her  her stretching shirt, as all the guys in the room went wide eyed and started pulling out their phones. Mel stood and ran as well as she could for the exit, the bouncing causing her shirt to tear in the front, an eye shaped hole forming in the very face of her boobs, letting cleavage spill out. She frowned, and grasped them as they reached G-cup status.

“Dammit. This isn't working...” She immediately took her hands off them, letting out a moan and stopping where she stood. She closed her eyes and swayed and place, then shook her head and collected herself.

“What the...were they always this sensitive?”

A continuation of the struggle of Mel. She continues to try and reduce her breast size by switching them with another woman, this time being Meghan. Attempting to use a prescribed serum, she does her best to keep her breasts small. But does she ever succeed?

The second of a four part series I plan on putting up. Hope you all enjoy! :D

Link to the first part: [link]
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Alexis awoke to the loud buzzing of her alarm. She groggily turned her head to the culprit, her clock blinking 6:00. Today was the first day of her internship at the St. Bishop's Medical and Experimental Practices Facility. She slapped her alarm clock several times until it finally decided to shut off, and she slowly made her way out of bed. She quickly took a shower, then returned to her bedroom to get her outfit together. She tied her long brown hair up in a ponytail, then got her glasses on. She then put on her scrubs and went back to the bedroom to put the finishing touches on her attire. Alexis was half Caucasian, half Hispanic. She was medium in height, had quite the attractive face, and didnt have much to show in terms of assets, both with her breasts and her butt. Her breasts came up to about B-Cups, and she was satisfied with them. She wasn't a fan of big boobs, or women who had them. Every time she met a woman with huge knockers, she always felt like they thought they were so much better than her. She had finally finished getting ready, and she was out the door and to her car.

Alexis entered the building and went up to the front desk to the receptionist. The woman had pale skin, sunken eyes, and was quite thin. She seemed very sickly, barely able to hold the phone she had up to her ear. She rolled her eyes up to Alexis.

"Oh. Uh...yes?" Her voice was weak.

"Um...I'm here for the internship?" Alexis said, a bit worried about the frail young woman who sat before her.

"Oh, you must be the new tes-I mean...intern, right?" Alexis gave her a skeptical look, but just brushed it off and chuckled.

"Uh, yeah that's kinda what I said I was here for." The woman nodded and hit a button on the phone.

"Nurse Holly, the new intern's here. She's waiting in the lobby." She hit another button, then looked at Alexis. "She'll be right with you." Alexis nodded, then sat and waited. Soon, the nurse walked in, and Alexis could tell she wasn't going to like her, and for one reason only: her boobs were enormous. DD at the least. She was tall, leggy, with blonde hair and very attracrive facial features. Even her scrubs managed to flaunt her amazing body. The receptionist pointed over to Alexis, and Holly went over. Alexis stood and offered her hand politely.

"Nurse Holly? It's Alexis." Holly smiled and shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Alexis. Ready for a tour before you begin all the official stuff?" Alexis nodded, and they began their way through the facility. The first room they entered was a patient's. It was a middle aged man with very long hair, glassy eyes, and a blank stare. He seemed very hefty. "This is Charles. He has mild Dimentia, and we're seeing if we can manage it on some level. Isn't that right, Mr. Shmidt?" All that Charles replied with was a slight "murr", and a line of drool slid down his cheek. "Good, good! You're making progress, Mr. Shmidt. just hang in there." Alexis watched her go through standard procedures, then they exited to to explore other territories. The restrooms, the break room, other patients rooms, almost the whole building.

Eventually, they came across a door with "Authorized Personnel Only. Do Not Enter" written on it in bold, red letters.

"Hey Holly, what's in this room?" Alexis asked, pointing at the mysterious door. Holly looked over, gave a bit of a startled look, then went over.

"Oh, its...just experimental machinery. Very dangerous stuff. Gotta keep out unless you have clearence, got it?" Alexsis nodded, and they continued forward. But Alexis couldnt help but glance back, her curiosity very intense to see what lied behind that door. The day concluded with the signing of paperwork, wavers, security information that she hadnt filled out from the initial sign up. All the while, she couldnt get that mysterious room out her mind...

Finally, the day had concluded, and she was finally rid of Holly. Though she was nice, she couldnt stand being around a woman with a chest that big. As she went to the exit, she came across the restricted door, and she hesitated. She turned to it and looked into the little window. It was so dark in the room, she could only see figures, no real objects. Suddenly, something moved. She leapt back, and hid behind the wall of a hall close by. She peeked around and saw two men in lab coats walk out. She could hear bits of their conversation as they walked away.

"...finally complete. Wait until they see this. We'll be..." Alexis looked over and saw that the door was slowly shutting. She made sure the two men were a good distance away, then she quickly leapt through the doorway. Inside was hardly anything. A very cramped room with a dim blue light, and the source of said light: A tall, strange looking machine. It was cylindrical, with a doorway inside, almost like a time machine or a teleportaition device. this was what came to Alexis' mind, and she was suddenly very excited. She went into it, closed the door, and studied the device. All that was inside were two knobs: One that gave the options "A-G", the other that gave the numbers "28-50".

'Hmm...' Alexis thought to herself. 'Must be coordinates or something. I dont wanna end up in Japan or something...if this really is a Teleporter of some kind. I mean, its gotta be. I think...maybe its just a tanning booth X-Ray machine. I'm probably just being silly. But, still...the controls are different. Letters and numbers? There's nothing like that on either of those...well, only one way to find out...' She switched the letter to 'E' and the number to '44' and hit the button in the center. There was a sudden blue flash, a humming, a whirring, a lot of noise, then, suddenly...nothing. It powered down, Alexis still in the same place, with no tan or any x-rays taken. 'Hmph. Thought so. Whatever.' She opened the door and stepped out, leaving the room ever so sneakily, and making her way out of the facility and on her way home.

She never noticed the machine say: "Thank you for using this Breast Modification Unit. Have a nice day."

Alexis awoke once more to the sound of her alarm. She stood, went through the regular routine, and headed for the door. As she went to it, she felt a strange warmth in her chest, like a faint tingling or something. She shrugged it off and headed to her car, and drove back up to St. Bishop's.

She entered, then prepared her clothes in the dressing room at the facility. Like Holly mentioned to her yesterday, if she wanted to get a taste of working there, she would also have to dress there as well. As she began to put on her shirt, she felt something hit her. She was dazed a but, her breath taken right out of her. The tingling was getting stronger every minute, it seemed. She tried to ignore it and she bent over to get her shirt. Luckily, she was the only one in the dressing room at the time. She got on hands and knees to see where she had dropped it. As she scanned the ground, the sensation built and pulsed in her breasts, so much so that her hands buckled. She landed flat on the floor, her breathing becoming more and more labored.

"What's happening to me?" She asked herself softly "What is this feeling?" As she got to her knees, she felt her bra tighten. She looked down in confusion, which quickly became shock, as she saw her breasts expanding! They were swelling slowly, her cleavage now full and popping out of her brassiere. She couldnt believe what was happening. Her boobs were actualy growing right out of her bra! She stood the best she could. The bra was getting tight, digging into her shoulders as her breasts had reached at least C-cups. "Oh God! Are they...growing?" She quickly rushed to the restroom section, over to a mirror, only to see them pulsing and pressing her bra outwards. The bra was unbearably tight. She reached back to unhook it, but before she had a chance, the straps snapped, the bra falling right off by itself. Her boobs flopped out free onto her chest, and she gawked at them. They were a good high C-cup, possibly even D at this point. "No way..." Alexis was worried. She never wanted boobs like this. She had always been content with her flat chested ways. These were the size of softballs, but they seemed to have stopped, the sensation leaving her body.

She sighed, then went to pick up her shirt. "I don't know whats going on, but...I don't like it one bit." She put on her shirt and went to begin her intern shift. She went up to Holly, hoping she wouldnt notice her changes. "Hey Holly. What's my mission today?" Holly turned to look at her. As soon as her eyes laid on Alexis, they widened. Alexis cringed a bit, Holly's stare intense, but it changed on a dime.

"Did you...cut your hair or something?" She looked closely at it.

" Not recently, anyway." Holly shrugged and turned to get Alexis' job for the day. Alexis let out a sigh of relief. 'Dumb bimbo can't even see what's right in front of her. Probably the boobs, sucking out her brain...' she snickered a bit, then looked down. "But...crap, what if...' she didn't want to finish that thought. Instead, she went about her day, tending to pateints with no problems. She went in to tend to Mr. Shmidt, the Dementia patient.

"Hello Mr. Shmidt. How are you today?" She asked the typical question. His eyes rolled over to Alexis, then his gaze narrowed, focusing on Alexis' chest. She noticed immediately but ignored him. Suddenly, she could hear him mumble something barely audible:

"God, another one? What are the nurse's chests inflatable or sumthin...?"

Alexis abruptly turned

"Mr. Shmidt, did...did you say something?" All she got for a response was a line of drool down his cheek, and an empty look in his eyes. She figured she was hearing things...

Soon, her shift was over. She went to the dressing room to bump into Holly, mid-changing, breasts bare to the world. Alexis went red. "Oh! Um-uh, well...I-I'll just-" Alexis mumbled in embarrassment." Holly just laughed.

"Come on, Alexis. You gotta get used to this eventually. Come in. Change. Then get out. Its easy." Alexis nodded, then began changing. As she put on her regular clothes, she couldn't shake an odd feeling in her body, growing once again, and she began to fear the worst. 'No, no, no! Not here...not now!' The feeling was growing, just as she had feared. She was trying to contain the moans, but the feeling was much more sensual this time, and she couldn't shake it.

"Ohhh..." She threw her hands upon her mouth to muffle the moans, but Holly had heard.

"Alexis, are...are you ok?" She checked her over quizzically.

"I'm fine, Holly, just a bit...uh...ohhh...ohhh my god..." She couldn't suppress it, the feeling, like the greatest orgasm she had ever felt, it was slowly coming over her. She looked down and saw her chest beginning to inflate right in front of her. Slowly, but surely, they crept up in size, now at least at DD. She gripped them, but as soon as she did, a spike of pleasure shot through her body, and she quickly let go. She was gasping, unable to control herself or her moans of ecstasy. Her boobs were swelling a slow but gradual pace, the white shirt getting tighter than it already was. "No...ohhhh...why is this...unnhhhh...happening to me...?" The shirt was starting to tear under her massive mams, almost a size E. "Why won't they stop? Why?" The shirt had almost tore all the way through, straining to stay together under the flesh busting through it. It finally gave, her breasts flopping out bare in front of her. The shudders of pleasure faded, her breasts now the size of cantaloupes, gigantic on her small frame.

She looked up and saw Holly offering her hand.

"Get up. Get a shirt. Get to the parking lot. I'll explain everything there."
Alexis starts her new internship at an experimental hospital, only to discover a mysterious machine. Yet another Breast Expansion story I plan on continuing at some point.
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Shizune made her way through the hospital towards Tsunade’s lab, where the busty blonde makes the different medicines needed to prescribe to the patients.  The raven-haired beauty wasn’t sure why her teacher was there since there were no patients at the moment that needed medicine.  She soon reached the lab and entered, gaining Tsunade’s attention.

“Ah, Shizune!  About time you got here.”

“Gomen, Tsunade-shishou.  What exactly are you doing?” asked the younger woman, looking over the different beakers and test tubes.

“As you know we lost a lot of people during the last war,” started Tsunade.  Shizune nodded at that.  There were many casualties during the Fourth Shinobi War.  It still didn’t explain what Tsunade was doing.  “As such, I developed this fertility potion, which I plan on giving to different civilian women and kunoichi who volunteer so we can bring up our population again.”

Shizune blinked in confusion, unsure if she heard correctly. “Wait, what?  Did you just say you were going to impregnate the female population of the village?”

“Not the entire population, but in a nutshell, yes.”

“…Doesn’t that seem unethical, Tsunade-shishou?”

The blonde gave off a shrug. “Maybe, but we really don’t have a choice.”

“Did you even test the potion to make sure it works?”


“Well then how are you going to know if it works?”

Tsunade glanced over at Shizune, making a chill of foreboding dread go up the young woman’s spine.  Shizune tried to make a break for the door but was grabbed by Tsunade.

“Time to drink up, Shizune!”


Yelling at her was a mistake on Shizune’s part as it allowed Tsunade to pour the potion down her throat.  After making sure she swallowed the liquid, Tsunade released Shizune, who stared back at her with a stunned expression.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“Tsunade!  How could you do that to me?!”

“Oh don’t be such a baby, Shizune, especially since you’ll be having one in a moment.”

Shizune let out a gasp as she felt a warm sensation in her belly.  Placing her hands on her belly, she could feel it start to swell.  As her belly swelled, Shizune could feel her hips start to spread apart as well to allow her growing belly to settle.

“Ah!” cried Shizune as she sank to her knees, the weight she was gaining by the second becoming too much for her.

It was then that her breasts started to swell with milk.  Her already snug robes becoming tighter thanks to her new burgeoning assets.

“Looks like you’ll be having more than one child, Shizune,’ said Tsunade as she watched Shizune bypass what looked like the nine month mark with one child.

“H-How many am I supposed to be having?” panted the red-faced Shizune.

“According to my calculations the potion is able to make a woman conceive twins, triplets at the most.”

“Tri-Triplets?!” squeaked Shizune in shock.  She then let out a moan of what sounded like pleasure as she continued to grow.

Tsunade continued watching, taking notes as she did.  She was intrigued by what she was witnessing, especially Shizune seemingly enjoying this.  She also noted that Shizune’s hair grew longer and thicker during the process, most likely due to the hormones rushing through her body.

Soon the process was done.  Shizune slowly tried to stand up on her now thicker legs, needing help from Tsunade when she almost fell back down.  The raven-haired woman looked down at her larger, much rounder body and let out a whimper.

“Go lay on the examination table so I can see how you’re doing,” said Tsunade.

Shizune gave her a quick glare before she waddled over to the table.  It took her a few tries to get up on it, but once she did she laid back and awaited Tsunade.

Walking over, Tsunade undid the sash of Shizune’s robes and pulled them back, revealing the pale flesh of the dome.


“Oh shush,” said Tsunade as she started scanning the belly with her chakra.  As she did this, she could feel the babies within Shizune’s womb kick.  Taking a quick glance towards Shizune, Tsunade saw a warm motherly look on the younger woman’s slightly rounder face.  Once she was done, she gave the younger woman a grin. “Congratulations, Shizune.  Looks like you will indeed be having triplets.”


“Good thing you have so much milk for them to drink,” stated the blonde as she poked Shizune’s swollen breasts, which were actually a little larger than her own.

“Tsunade!” squeaked Shizune, trying to cover her large breasts.

Rolling her eyes, Tsunade looked back at her student. “C’mon, let’s get out of here.  I bet you’re hungry.”

“…Actually, now that you mention it, I’m starving,” stated Shizune as she got off the table and tied up her robes.  She then waddled towards the door; her wide hips and large rear sway as she did.

Tsunade merely shook her head as she followed the pregnant woman.  Taking a quick look back at her lab, she had one thought.

“I wonder who my next subject will be?”
There needs to be more Shizune pregnancy.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Everybody has a breaking point. A limit to the abuse and suffering they can tolerate. And when Shinobu reaches that point, it's not pretty.

Or is it...?

Love Hina (c) Ken Akamatsu, She-Hulk (c) Marvel
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In the past, Keitaro has never wound up crashing into anybody after being sent flying by Naru. But that's about to change.

Love Hina (c) Ken Akamatsu, She-Hulk (c) Marvel
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Futa tg
Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Lindsay the new futa Goddess!
Chapter 3
Lindsay and the Goddess

Lindsay walked back to the dining room in time to see today's breakfast, a hamburger at least that's what she thought until it began to move in a sickening way. She immediately lost her appetite and found Heather to be staring at the hamburger as well. Lindsay didn't know why but she found Heather to be very sexy looking almost sexy looking to- She shook her head in time to prevent the thought from entering her mind. She sat down next to Heather. "Can you believe the filth they're serving us? This is just purely disgusting." Heather said, Lindsay nodded. It was then that Chris called them outside to tell them their next challenge. "All right people your challenge is an `Awake-a-Thon' the challenge is simple the last member of whoever team to stay awake for however long is the winner of the challenge so just stay awake! Good luck!" Chris said and with that he walked off. Lindsay sighed thankful for the challenge appointed to them. She had a feeling she wouldn't be going to sleep anytime soon anyway not with her new friend.

-2 days later-

Lindsay was nodding off, Beth and Heather had already gone to sleep, so had a few other contestant's but Lindsay was determined to stay awake for two reasons. 1, she didn't want to see that fertility goddess in her dream again, 2 she was scared of what else her mind could dream of.

-Next day-

Lindsay's eye's hurt and her eyelids were extremely heavy, she wanted so much to close them and to sink into the oblivion known as sleep but she remained vigilant. She didn't even care about the challenge anymore all she cared about was staying awake. So it came to her as a surprise when she found out that she had won the game for the team. She blinked in surprise as the other member's congratulated her then she fell forward her mind drifting into sleep.

--Lindsay's dream—

"Liiiiiindsaaayyyy!" A singsong voice said. Lindsay groaned and turned to find the form of the fertility goddess, perhaps it was because Lindsay was tired but the woman looked bigger than before, a lot bigger particularly her sexual organs. "Oh don't look you'll make me blush!" The woman said teasingly. Lindsay shook her head and looked at the goddess' face.

"What are you doing to me!? Stop changing me! In fact get out of my body or my mind or wherever you are!" Lindsay shouted. The goddess tutted and wagged a finger.

"Temper, temper! I'm just making your body… better than before and as for me leaving your body… well let's just say I like it here! It's gonna be fun being you especially when I make you fuck that Heather chick." The goddess licked her lips at this. Lindsay's jaw dropped, and she took steps back.

"H-H-Heather!?" She gasped.

"Oh yes Heather! She looks so absolutely ripe and fuckable don't you agree? Look at that ass and that waist! Ooh it makes my cock twitch! I just want to fuck her like no tomorrow! Mmm… and imagine the young she would bear!" The goddess said hugging her huge breasts and twisting around. Lindsay watched her cock and balls flail about slapping against her leg then a word penetrated her brain.

"YOUNG!?" She shrieked.

"Yes! Young! The best part of being a fertility goddess is the ability to breed! With every sex with every race! Male, Female, Black, White, Asian it make's no difference just as long as somebody has a big belly with babies!" Lindsay stared horrified at this goddess.

"You're crazy I'm only 18 there's no way I can-!"

"Oh yes you can and you will!" The goddess said, "Even if I must make you do it! You will have sex with Heather!" She took a step forward, "Even if I must show you how great sex is myself!" The goddess grabbed her monster cock and began stroking it. Lindsay knew what was going to happen and she turned and tried to run but she found her legs to be unresponsive. "Hmhmhm… This is my world little girl… I say when you run or not! You are going to stay here and watch as I fuck you out of your little mind!" The goddess said, as the cock began to pulse and twitch as enormous amounts of blood began to fill it up. Lindsay watched in horror as the monster thickened and lengthened, becoming larger with every passing second. The thing would tear her in half if it ever got inside of her.

"Now, now I'm not gonna kill you there's no fun in that! What's really fun is giving someone the fucking of their life! In fact… I'll let you fuck me first just so you know how good it feels!" The giant cocked woman said she sat down and she made a few gestures in the air and the cock vanished. Lindsay blinked then she nearly fell forward as a weight suddenly appeared down below. She looked to see a smaller yet still monstrous version of her cock on her. Her balls were huge like beach balls but they weighed a hell of a lot more, and her cock was 24 inches long and probably 12 inches thick. She had to grab the thing with both hands just to heft it up it was so huge! The goddess smiled and spread her legs it looked a little strange since Lindsay was used to seeing her with the giant cock blocking the view of the goddess' vagina. However Lindsay could see that it was sopping wet, and the lips seemed to beckon to her. Lindsay stared at the thing. "Come on now! It's not gonna bite!" The goddess giggled. Lindsay looked up at the goddess then she walked forward with a bit of difficulty. Her balls were so huge that they actually scraped against the ground further exciting her senses and further sending more blood to her cock making it stiffer. When she reached the giant woman's dripping cunt her cock was fully erect. She hefted the great cock and began rubbing the monster head against the walls of the giant cunt. Her senses were going crazy at even this light stimulation. "Oooooh that feels good… Now… plunge your cock inside of me fuck me good and hard!" The goddess said sensuously. Lindsay who was panting now, nodded dimly registering the goddess' words. She put the head of the cock against the large lips of the goddess pushing forward slightly, however due to her restricted form she couldn't push it all the way. The goddess realizing this raised a hand and pointed her finger at Lindsay. A bolt of white light hit Lindsay and she felt her thin body began to expand with powerful and lean muscles. Lindsay could also feel her body growing slightly larger, she then felt her strength growing as she grabbed her cock with a newfound confidence and strength and grabbing the giant woman's pussy lips she pulled herself forward. The giant cock speared its way into the woman's cunt with ease barely meeting resistance. The goddess shivered slightly and moaned as the cock continued its way into her pussy which seemed endless. Then Lindsay felt her cock come to a halt as it bumped something. She looked to see she still had at least 10 inches to go. She looked up at the goddess to see that the goddess was drooling slightly her eye's rolled up to her head. "Oooooh god! You're so deep!' The goddess then reached forward and grabbed Lindsay and she shoved Lindsay forward with so much force that the rest of her cock entered the goddess and Lindsay also partially entered the goddess. Whatever it was that her cock had bumped into it was now in it. "Gooood! It's been ages since I felt this! A big, fat, juicy cock right in my womb!!" The goddess cried. She then pulled Lindsay out and pushed her back Lindsay's body swayed back and forth as the goddess repeated this action using Lindsay as a giant fleshy living dildo. Lindsay however could care less as her cock was clenched so tightly by the walls of the goddess' cunt. Lindsay was in utter bliss, the feeling of so much warmth and the tightness she was feeling was soooooo good! She then felt her balls rumble with cum and her muscles tightened.

"Huah! I'm! I'm cumming!" Lindsay shouted and she felt the goddess' body shudder too as the goddess was also orgasming. She felt the gush of pussy juice hit her like a tidal wave as the goddess orgasmed onto her. Then she felt her cock grow rigid and felt it spew out cum inside the goddess. The goddess rubbed her belly where she felt the warm cum entering in her womb. Lindsay felt as if her orgasm would never end with the sheer amount of cum she was pouring into the goddess however she felt her cum now cumming in spurts then it finally ceased. She gasped her eye's focusing on nothing. It had felt so good to cum especially inside of a woman. Maybe… just maybe she would fuck Heather.
Chapter 3... same deal read and review...
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Lindsay the new futa Goddes
Chapter 1
Lindsay and the Statue

Lindsay was excited to arrive at the island and excited at a chance of being on TV. Lindsay was tall, with long blonde hair, large D cup breasts, and a slim perfect body. She also had an IQ that was dumber than even a slug's, and because of this she was your stereotypical dumb blonde, all looks no brains. However that was going to change by her coming to this Island, this Island that kept a deadly and erotic secret. She was with 21 others, she being the dumby she was couldn't keep track with all the names. The only names that stuck with her was… oddly enough… the females. Gwen, Izzy, Courtney, Leshawna, Eva, Katie, Sadie, Bridget, Heather and finally Beth. She talked with a few of these girls and quickly got to know and like them. Leshwna was a large black girl with a spunky attitude and a loud voice. Eva was a strong, silent girl who mostly was lifting a single dumb-bell. Izzy was… out there to say the least, very much out there. Beth was a friendly girl with braces and glasses who seemed to look up to the other girls. Katie and Sadie were… well BFFFL's and they seemed rather committed to that title. Gwen was your typical goth girl, quiet, soft-spoken and generally wanted to be left alone. Courtney was a team player but also a bit of a bossy person. Heather, well… what else was there to say about Heather? That didn't mean that Lindsay didn't like her but due to her lacking intellect she couldn't really see the girl as a potential enemy. Later on, Chris Maclean the host of this show, began by greeting the competitors and telling them about their time their and separated everybody into their individual teams.

"All right! We have the Killer Bass on one end and the Screaming Gopher's on the other end now we go to our first elimination round!" This drew many confused looks from the contestants. It was then that Chris began explaining about the elimination rounds, that would take place every night and that tonight was the first night. "So since this is our first night we'll do a by vote elimination round. You guy's basically say the name of whoever it is you want eliminated and if that person get's enough votes it's down to the dock of shame!" Chris said gleefully pointing to the dock where a single boat lay. Lindsay wasn't sure what happened next. All she did know was some guy… named Ezekiel or something like that was eliminated due to a comment he had made. Then they were told to go to their cabins. Lindsay grabbed her stuff and headed off with the rest of her teammates toward the cabin. She set her stuff down next to her bed and stretched.

"Wow, to think I'm gonna be on TV tomorrow I'm so excited!" Lindsay said, in fact she was so excited that she went outside to look at the night sky. She stood outside looking up at the sky. She sighed then she turned ready to head back into the cabin when she saw a strange glow, coming from a bush. Curiosity getting the better of her Lindsay walked off to find the glow. She pushed through bushes and branches eventually coming to a small clearing. She looked around awed by the sight then she the glow in the center of the clearing. She walked forward, and the glow faded revealing it to a statue, but a statue like she had never seen before. It was a large green statue roughly around the size of a Barbie doll. However the thing that made the statue strange was that even though it was shaped like a woman it had a large penis and balls dangling between the woman's legs. Indeed the male half of the statue was so large it looked a little ridiculous. Lindsay however being the dumb blonde she was thought it was funny looking and she grabbed the statue. She held it up to the moon admiring how it looked she then heard somebody call for her. "Coming!" She shouted and she hurried back with the statue in her hand. When she got back to the cabin Gwen was standing.

"Hey where did you go? It's dangerous out there." Gwen said, then she stopped herself. "Not that I care or-or anything!" She said hurriedly Lindsay shrugged.

"It's all right! Besides I found something really funny!" She said and she held up the statue to show Gwen. Gwen looked at the statue.

"What the? What the hell is it?" She asked, Lindsay shrugged.

"I dunno! But isn't it funny?" She said smiling, Gwen shook her head.

"No to be honest it's disturbing put it back where you found it!" Gwen said.

"Oh come on! How bad is it to have something like this?" Lindsay asked, Gwen looked at her then shrugged.

"Yeah I guess you're right… But put it someplace where nobody else will see it okay?" Gwen said. Lindsay nodded and went with Gwen into the room thankfully everybody else was focused on something else or asleep to notice Gwen and Lindsay. Lindsay went and stuck the statue under the bed and got into her bed ready to sleep. Gwen watched Lindsay for a second then she too went to bed. As the night progressed the other's soon fell asleep and at the height of the night the statue began to glow with it's strange green light. The light then began to flow up and to Lindsay, as a strange mist expelled from the statue and the mist floated up and covered Lindsay's body then it began flowing into her open mouth and into her crotch then the statue stopped glowing.

Lindsay turned and twisted in her bed… she was having a strange dream, a woman had appeared, looking very much like the statue that Lindsay had picked up. The woman was incredibly beautiful, with tanned skin, large breasts and the largest pair of cock and balls that Lindsay had ever seen the thing had to be at least 3 feet in length! And it was only flaccid! The balls looked like flesh colored boulders. The woman also had long red hair that flowed out from behind. The woman smiled, and spoke in a gentle mysterious voice. "Hello Lindsay…" Lindsay blinked at this.

"Huh? How do you? Know my name?" The woman chuckled.

"It's best to know the name of my new vessel…" The woman said.

"Vessel? What's that?" The woman smiled at this.

"Hmm your intelligence is a bit lacking but I'll change that very soon… A vessel is something that carries something usually moving it from one place to another. But in your case a vessel is something that eventually becomes what it's carrying in your case a Goddess." Lindsay oh'd then she blinked.

"A goddess?" She asked, her information on the said word sorely lacking.

"Yes, you're carrying me! A fertility goddess!" The woman said. She folded her arms over her sizable chest. "You will become the fertility goddess and help spread my influence throughout the island and then the world!" Lindsay listened to this a little confused.

"Um… What's a fertility goddess." The woman sighed then she walked up to Lindsay and grabbed her head with her giant hand. Lindsay screamed then she felt information begin rushing to her head. She felt as if her brain was going to explode from too much information then the woman released her. Lindsay shook her head her brain now sore.

"Now do you understand…" Lindsay nodded and looked up at the woman with a new found fear and respect.

"What're gonna do to me?" She asked the woman put a finger on her chin then she smiled.

"Well first things first I'm gonna change you into a more `ideal' body!" The woman said and with that she vanished!
Well I might as well post this on here since I got it on HF and FP... This is not for minors I repeat this is not for minors or those with a very limited imagination if you have either or, then leave... other than stay read and review!
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
Warnings: Rapid hyper pregnancy, birth, sexual themes?
Summary: Bree was an archeological explorer who had made her way deep into the amazon jungle, where she found a tribe of what appeared to be solely men. When she finds an artifact of importance to these men, they praise her. If only Bree knew the artifact was that of the tribe's fertility goddess!

The humid heat of the amazon would make most people wish to stay in, but for Breedy, it was the perfect temperature to be out and looking for ancient artifacts and unknown tribes, hidden treasures and secrets of ancient worlds long forgotten by outsiders. Brushing her short red hair back off her sweat slickened forehead, the woman stopped to take a drink from her water canteen while taking in the sight of the area she'd found herself in.

Breedy was an archeological explorer with short red hair that reached the base of her neck, and heterochromia eyes; one green and one blue. The woman had the ideal figure for adventuring, with the advantage of being rather busty for an aesthetically nice appearance. Her mountaineer attire was accented with everything she'd need to do her work as an archeological explorer; such as rope, clamps, her trusty backpack, and anything else she needed to do her work.

Wiping the sweat off her face with the back of her hand, she put her canteen back into her backpack and trudged further on, huffing while she climbed over fallen trees and brushed herself past large bushes and things which didn't look good to be touching in general.

Suddenly seeing something like smoke rising in the distance, she hurried herself along to see what the smoke was from. Breedy quickly reached the source of the smoke, stumbling from behind a few large bushes, and her heterochromia eyes widened at the sight. A village! This deep in the jungle! She couldn't hide the gleeful look on her face even if she tried.

Several men were working in the village, but she didn't really see many women. In fact, she saw none, and there were no younger men that she could tell; all seemed in their thirties and later years. She saw no children as she stepped further, either. When a couple men spotted her, they called to the rest of the village and she blushed as they surrounded her.

She didn't get a dangerous vibe from them, in fact she got the hint that they were happy to see a stranger in their secluded village.

After figuring the language they spoke, in which case Breedy had run across the same language before and understood it well, she was taken to have a meal with the villagers. She took this opportunity to listen to what they had to say, and she quickly became interested when word of a precious artifact reached her ears.

Listening to the men tell her of this artifact, she learned it was of an immense importance to them. But this artifact was kept in ruins, and they feared to go in and get it and bring it to their temple as most who entered didn't return. But Breedy wasn't going to let that keep her from seeing it for herself. This is her job, after all!

Once the woman learned the ruins were just a few miles from the village and learned the direction, she grabbed up her gear and thanked them, telling the men she'd return before the end of that day. Smiling and thanking them again, Breedy hurried along to said ruins, excited for the adventure that she'd found herself in.

The ruins weren't far from the village, and after a good trek through the jungle and checking her compass to make certain she wasn't straying, the female archeological explorer found herself amid ruins of an ancient city. "Stunning." She said breathlessly, slinking her way deeper into the ruins where the artifact was said to have been kept.

Though excited the woman wasn't blind to the traps that had been set to keep anyone from getting to it. Seeing where the different bones were, she outwitted the ancient traps and found herself in the deepest part of the ruins where she was standing in a large, mostly empty room. Walking around the room, Bree looked at the writings and pictographs which were etched into the walls of the room.

The writings were different than the language the men of the village spoke, which led Bree to think it was even older than their tribe. The pictographs depicted what appeared to be very heavy women and what looked like their servants, which made Breedy chuckle and shake her head at the thought of fat women being worshipped. She simply didn't understand their meanings in the least, utterly baffled as to what the writings said and the pictographs simply making it even more confusing.

Breedy took several pictures with her camera in the hopes of unraveling their mysteries once she returned home, and after she had taken enough pictures, her eyes caught sight of a stand which was holding a necklace. "Is this their precious artifact?" She'd seen a lot of artifacts in her life but the necklace seemed plain to her.

However, it did have an alluring touch to it. Looking up through the hole in the ceiling, Breedy could see the sun was beginning to set and she needed to return quickly before it got dark; being out in the dark in the amazon jungle was never a good idea. Pulling the necklace over her head and letting it settle around her own neck, the woman explorer quickly retraced her steps through the ruins; mindful of the traps.

But it wasn't too hard for her to pass them the second time as she'd already figured them out from the first, and Bree was soon outside of the ruins and following her compass back toward the village of men which she'd stumbled on earlier in the day.

Once back at the village, Bree took a breath of fresh air and to collect herself after escaping the traps with the necklace still around her neck. The moment the men saw her, she was surrounded by even more men than she remembered seeing earlier. They immediately began giving her praises when they saw the necklace around her neck, their artifact back within their grasps.

Blushing, Breedy thanked them as they took her archeological equipment and her backpack and began leading her toward their temple which was near the back of the rest of the village. They're practically worshipping me. She thought with a deep blush and rubbed her neck, then took a bowl of fine drink as it was offered to her.

She was a bit embarrassed by all the attention but she accepted it as to not be rude, and followed the men as they ushered her toward the temple. The sight of it was actually surprising, as it was much larger than Breedy expected it to be as the village itself seemed rather small. The building was huge and seemed even bigger as she walked in surrounded by the villagers.

Walking through the temple, Breedy caught sight of a huge room that the men completely passed by. She stopped and made her way to the large entrance, poking her head in. At the back of the room was a throne, and a huge one at that. Looking up at the ceiling, there was no roof and the sky above showed the dusk of the sun setting.

"This is amazing!" She breathed, walking into the large throne room. She glanced back at the villagers and seen they weren't entering, but weren't stopping her either so she walked in deeper to look around the room. Stopping in front of the massive throne, the woman couldn't believe anyone would want or need a throne so huge to sit on! Let alone in a temple.

And yet the urge to sit upon it, even for a moment was too tempting to resist for the young archeological explorer. Running her hand across the seat to dust it off, she turned herself around and lowered herself onto the huge seat, her slim form hardly even taking up a quarter of the massive throne's seat.

The moment she sat down, however, the room was lit by a powerful beam of light. Bree gasped and shielded her eyes as the light shone directly on her, then she felt the necklace vibrate and grow warm around her neck. She grabbed at it, and the light vanished as quickly as it had arrived, and the second it was gone Breedy's stomach rumbled and gurgled loudly and uncontrollably.

"What's happening to me?" She gasped, clutching her slim belly. She felt it rumble under her palm, then suddenly surge out into a large round bump. Her eyes widened and she pulled up her camp shirt to see the bump that had suddenly grown where her flat stomach had been. Then it surged out again, and again until she was already looking full term with a baby.

"This can't be happening!" She gaped, too stunned to even know what she should do to stop it. It was all too insane to even believe it was real. Her stomach groaned and ballooned outward, making her gasp and lean back in the chair. Her knee high jeans suddenly got tighter around her waist and she gripped at them to try and tug at them and give herself more room.

It wasn't just her waist, however and as her belly seemed to just inflate even more bigger the woman's jeans tightened, her buttocks swelling just like her stomach. When she attempted to get up her stomach swelled bigger still and she fell back with a grunt and groan, closing her eyes and gripping at the sides of the large throne.

"Oh God," She gasped as her shirt rolled up to under her breasts, her quickly growing stomach exposed and getting bigger by the second. She moaned, gripping the underside of her belly as it surged out and inflated larger than if she was pregnant with quadruplets. The necklace around her neck was still thrumming against her skin and she idly thought of removing it, but another surge of growth to her belly and rear end made her completely forget about the ancient necklace all together.

Moaning almost as nonstop as the growing of her stomach, Bree closed her eyes and gripped the throne's arms tightly, sweating freely now as her stomach ballooned out even bigger. Her bum swelled up just as quickly and soon she was covering more than half of the hue throne seat. Her knee high jeans were stretched to their limits, the threads snapping under the pressure of her growing rear.

Her breasts were rapidly filling with milk, swelling up bigger until her shirt was painfully constricting them and they were falling out over the top and under the bottom of the camp shirt as it stretched to it's limits. Bree opened her eyes, face flushed while she stared over the top of her growing breasts at her massive belly that could be holding more than seven or even eight babies and yet it still didn't stop growing.

Her biggest shock came with the fact that, as her stomach, buttocks, and breasts swelled to huge proportions she was moaning not from the feeling of them swelling but from pure arousal. She tossed her head back against the throne and moaned, nearly singing with a sudden climax that seemed to come out of no where.

She panted and moaned, pulling at her shirt to get the tight fabric away from her plumping and heavy breasts. They were beginning to soak her shirt as they lactated fresh milk and she moaned, squirming in the seat and her too tight jeans. It's, ah, amazing...! She moaned louder when the telltale sound of fabric ripping was heard.

Her largely swollen butt tore through the remainder of her knee high jeans and then they were shredded as the girth of her rear tore through the rest of them in seconds. Free of both her knee highs and underwear, the fabric fell away as her buttocks swelled out and filled the whole throne's massive seat, and then continued to swell bigger.

Breedy's breasts ballooned with milk when her stomach looked as though she was carrying a dozen overdue babies, and the shirt was torn to shreds from the shear pressure of the twin mountains fell out and atop her still swelling belly. "Ahh~!" She moaned, feeling the oncoming of another climax as she got bigger and bigger.

A sudden gush of hot fluids drenched between her legs and she gasped, looking down at her massive form at realizing she was going into labor. Yet her belly continued to grow bigger even as she felt the first of her dozen and more babies descending into her birth canal. And to her biggest surprise yet was there was absolutely no pain to the process, she was in fact feeling more and more horny the bigger she got and the longer she seemed to labor for.

Moaning and panting as her baby pushed it's way down her birth canal, she barely noticed as her breasts were squirting milk freely and the villagers finally entering the room, as if they'd been waiting for her water to break and for her to go into labor. She tried to get up off the throne when she felt the baby starting to crown but realized that her butt was literally stuck in the seat as it swelled bigger.

She struggled again, groaning and moaning from euphoric pleasure but her rear end swelled bigger and was now wedged tightly in the massive seat, her plump bum pinning her down. She leaned back instead and tossed her head back, her legs spreading to give some kind of room for the baby.

She barely bore down once and the head was poking out just as she climaxed again, making her sing in pleasure rather than howl in pain. She didn't think it was normal for birth to feel good but she was too preoccupied with getting the baby out and trying to get the growth to stop than worry about that. She was actually loving this more than being horrified at having it happen! She didn't feel like she had any worries in fact.

One of the villagers was pushing at her belly to get under and grab the baby as Bree bore down, pushing the rest of it out in just a couple long pushes. She groaned, throwing her head back and gripping the side of her dome shaped belly as it surged bigger still. Her breasts were getting close to being similar in size to twin beach balls, and her rear end was squeezed tightly in the throne chair and swelling out over the edges of the arms, taking any space it could get as she continued to grow.

"Wh-What's, nnngh...! Happening, ahh! To me~!" She moaned. She was in desperate need of someone to please her further, the need for stimulation more powerful than the need to even push as a second baby descended her birth canal and started to crown.

"That necklace," One of the villagers said as he stood to her right, a smile on his face. "Is a fertility necklace, worn by our fertility goddess. You've been handed that gift, my dear. You're our new fertility goddess, sent to us to birth the next generation of our people." He said with his smile growing.

Breedy groaned, panting and looking down at herself as her breasts swelled and started to gush milk from her nipples. Her belly was so hugely swollen, she swore she was carrying two dozen or more babies. And still it expanded, inflating with more and more babies faster than she could birth them.

Moaning loud with arousal, she bore down and the second baby was already being pushed out of her vagina and into the waiting hands of one of the villagers. Bree's stomach was soaked with milk and sweat and the villagers were entering the throne room with large vases, and she flushed and bucked her hips as a third baby quickly descended.

As she started to push out the third baby, a couple villagers held two vases on each side of her and others held her breasts to where the milk gushed from her nipples straight into the vases. She panted, the feeling of the villagers fondling her breasts making her climax again and the baby she was birthing plopping out of her and into one of the men's hands. "Ahh~"

Already another baby was coming down to crown and she bucked her hips, clutching the sides of her belly as it swelled outward in every direction to house all the babies that were rapidly growing inside her womb. The woman's buttocks was bulging out over the arms of the chair, thoroughly keeping her there as she birthed baby after baby.

Oh my God, so, amazing! She thought, howling with ecstasy as another baby was pushed from her nethers. She actually didn't want for this to end as she birthed another baby quickly after the last. She bore down, feeling even hotter when she did. Her face was flushed as she rubbed her sphere like belly, looking up over her heavily large milk swollen breasts to see her massive belly.

The room was huge, but her stomach took up more than half of the space and continued to swell with babies. The villagers moved around her, rubbing her belly and making her moan and writhe as she came again so suddenly. "Your milk will not go to waste, I assure you my goddess." The man from earlier said to her as she tried to regain her senses.

She panted and huffed, moaning and groaning while looking at the villagers. Already the vases were nearly full of her milk which gushed from her breasts like endless fountains. "Milk is something we use in all our rituals." The man said, and she could only moan in response as more vases were brought in to fill up as well.

Her legs were being held open as wide as they could in the throne she was sitting on as a few villagers held them open, the babies she was birthing coming out seemingly one after another without hardly any effort now that her vagina and birth canal was stretched from several earlier babies.

Her belly rumbled with even more babies growing rapidly inside her, and she moaned and writhed while her stomach and breasts swelled out bigger with babies and milk building up inside. Her breasts were gushing milk endlessly and she mewled and moaned as the villagers just fondled her breasts and kept filling the vases.

The men were taking the babies she was birthing out of the large room, and she just kept pushing each one out one after the other. Now her birth canal and vagina were so stretched from the birthing that with a single push they were sliding out of her with ease and into the villagers awaiting hands.

Breedy grew hot and aroused each time she bore down and she moaned and howled each time a baby was born. She was starting to think she'd never want it to end at this point if every birth was going to make her grow so aroused. The villagers hardly paid any mind to her horniness and continued to just assist her in birthing the village's next generation and gathering her milk for their strange rituals.

A couple of men were now standing on each side of her, and she moaned with relief and delight when she felt a soft breeze of air. She tried to look and see what they were doing, and managed to push at her breasts enough to see the men standing on each side of her, holding giant palm leaves and actually fanning her!

"That's, mmmm, better...~" She sighed, closing her eyes as she was fanned to cool her down. It kept her from overheating and now she could just focus on just the pure pleasure of her growing belly.

"Magnificent, my lovely goddess!" Someone praised her and she flushed at the praise while pushing out another baby. She groaned and howled, arching her back and bucking her hips as another baby plopped from her vagina. She couldn't see past her twin mountain like breasts as they took up her vision now, and all she could see was what was beside her which were villagers coming and going with babies and vases and the ones fanning her.

One of the villagers came over to her side and started to help her drink and eat, and she moaned with the taste even as she was giving birth to babies. This is just...amazing! I-I love it so much~ She thought with a satisfied smile and moan. The villagers were talking over one another, praising Breedy as she birthed baby after baby.

Her stomach was now so swollen she had to be carrying more than fifty babies, easily over that amount as it was dome like and heavy. Her legs were still kept spread wide and the villagers had to push at her massive stomach to reach the babies that she was still giving birth to. She soon finished her meal and drink and she tried to push at her breasts to see past them but it was no use as she simply couldn't see past her own milk producing machines that were her breasts.

"Mmm~" She closed her eyes as another baby slipped from her nethers and she bucked her hips, climaxing yet again. She moaned loud, rubbing what part of her belly she could actually reach. When one of the villagers began rubbing an oil on her massive stomach she howled again as she felt herself climax again. It was just too amazing feeling to not climax repetitively like she was.

"You're doing quite well. We were blessed indeed." Said the same man from earlier, and Bree nodded her head quickly and groaned as she pushed and another baby was born. She could hear all the crying from so many babies and she couldn't tell how many she'd already pushed out, but she truly didn't care at this point as there just wasn't an end to it.

Bearing down to push out another baby, she huffed and panted, covered in sweat, breast milk, and now oil as the villagers covered her mammoth sized belly. It rumbled and groaned as she labored with more babies, and only did it stop growing when it took up nearly the whole space of the entire throne room, with Bree sitting atop the huge throne.

The villagers had to squeeze by her but made due and continued carrying babies and full vases out and bringing in empty vases to continue have filled with the streaming breast milk that gushed from her nipples. Her butt was squeezed so tightly in the throne now and she looked down at her sides, groaning slightly at the sight of her rear end so swollen it pushed out over the top of the arms of the throne.

But that was hardly a concern as she couldn't shake the feeling of intense horniness and arousal as villagers rubbed her belly down and held her breasts. She leaned back into the throne, panting and sweating freely as she pushed another baby and came at the same time, groaning and moaning louder and louder.

"I-I can't get enough, nngh, wow so....great feeling!" She panted, a tired smile on her face as she tried once again to see past her breasts at the villagers worshipping and praising her. Their voices didn't fall on deaf ears and she couldn't help but smile gleefully at the thought of being their new fertility goddess, even as she was immobile with her immense girth.

"It is a blessing to be allowed such a position in our village, my goddess. We're here only to serve you as you birth our village's next generation." The earlier man said, smiling and wiping sweat off Bree's face and neck. A-Ah, yeah...this is...ahh~ The life! Bree, fertility goddess! She nearly giggled at the very thought of having become a goddess.

She'd arrived in the amazon as just a normal archeological explorer looking for artifact and treasures, and ended up becoming a fertility goddess to a tribe of people in need of a new generation. Being praised and assisted in birthing their people would seemingly never get old for the redhead.

Warnings: Rapid hyper pregnancy, birth, sexual themes?
Commissioned from: :icontransvenom:

:squee: Another commission, this one from transvenom! :D I was rather happy to work on this for them and I do believe I managed to get everything exactly how they wanted it! :happybounce: So, here it is. Don't know what else to say. :XD: Hopefully they enjoy and I got everything exactly right! :heart: Let me know how it goes!

Here ya go~ :la:

The idea was entirely transvenom's. The character Breedy (c) transvenom. Title, plot, location, all their idea as they requested it. :)
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
In a worn house with a patchy, thatched roof that leaked during every rain, there lived a peculiar girl. Darren had taken an interest in her a year back, not the least because she was one of few women who would actually talk to him, and between certain other hobbies the boy had he had been actively courting her for at least half of that time.

The girl was terrifying, if he had to be honest. Most of the townsfolk tended to avoid her, only ever coming around to buy whatever magical odds and ends she had cooked up for her store, and most were wary of her dabbling in alchemy and magic. And he really couldn't blame them. Hell, the girl liked him and he still ended up on the receiving end of more bizarre enchantments and alchemical backfires than anyone still alive had any business being hit with. He could only imagine how much less careful she'd be around people she didn't like.

But the girl respected him, at least as an equal, and that was a rare quality for the boy. It certainly didn't hurt that she was also very pretty. He'd heard others describe her as a weasel with wings, but he didn't see it himself. Well, he saw the wings, anyway. Large, blue feathered wings that looked quite powerful, and stood taller than her short frame. He'd never seen her fly, or even float, but he knew first hand that they could still pack quite a punch. The bruise on his chest was still healing from when he had surprised her a week ago and tried to sneak in a hug. She didn't really mean to do it, he knew, but that just seemed to be how things went around her.

Darren believed firmly that it was all worth it. When she wasn't buffeting him with stray wing jabs or turning him into a frog or whatever (usually an accident. Usually), she was surprisingly loving. She would always worry if he ever went into the dungeon without her, and she gave some of the best, biggest, and energetic hugs he'd ever experienced, usually almost knocking him over in sheer enthusiasm. And as had been said, she was very pretty. Vibrant red hair contrasted sharply against her wings; it was almost always a mess, and he wasn't sure if she even owned a comb, let alone a brush, but it was wild in a way, and fell naturally into waves that often poked out in odd angles. She was also very expressive, more than anyone else he'd ever met. When she was overjoyed her face would light up like the sun if it could be shrunken so, and when she was upset...well, she did have that fearful reputation for a reason. But the honesty in her face at all times was one of the most beautiful things about her, he thought.

They seemed to be the same age, though BW never confirmed much of anything. He wasn't even really sure if BW was really her name, but the girl loved secrets and mystery. Her age, name, hometown, origins, species? All secrets. Although sometimes she would seem to answer these questions, it'd always be completely different from whatever she told anyone previously, and deep down he had to wonder if she even knew the answers herself. He never pried; he didn't want to find out he was right and end up pressing her too hard for answers she didn't have.

Darren himself was no stranger to mystery. Only, his secrets weren't terribly secret, and mostly just embarrassed him. He became an adventurer purely to follow after a librarian he took a fancy to years back, and until recently had spent most of his evenings...watching over her, if he had to call it anything. She never noticed, and he never really did anything about it, but it was still there, and it was partly the reason why his skills as a rogue were top-notch. He had gotten a lot of practice. As for himself, Darren was a young man of seventeen years, almost as short as BW, and seemingly almost as scrawny. There was a strength to his core that allowed him to sneak and climb and throw with amazing dexterity, but compared to the other adventuring men in town, or even some of the women, he was not much more than a little boy. He had long black hair that always seemed to fall in front of one of his eyes, and short of cutting it he could never seem to keep it from happening, and wore an equally lively grey and black ensemble. Partly because of his profession, partly because he couldn't really afford many other outfits.

But BW thought he was cute and that was all he needed.

She also thought he made an excellent patsy, so he spent most of his days much like today; sitting around in BW's bedroom above the magic shop, gathering up ingredients and doing manual labor to assist in the girl's alchemical ventures. He sat on her bed next to her favorite teddy bear, a ratty old thing she said she'd had forever, and watched as she darted her head around the pile of books and scrolls she was currently sitting in waist deep. "I swear I saw something about that stupid leaf in here somewhere- ah ha!" she shouted, grasping for a half torn, half burnt old tome to her left. She flipped through the pages eagerly, and chunks of paper fell from the book as she did so, carefulness clearly far from her mind. "Yeah, yeah...uh huh, yeah, blah blah blah, YES!" She jumped up, scrolls scattering as her wings flared in triumph.

Darren couldn't help but be happy for her. "So, success?" he asked.

She nodded at him, grinning like a child on the eve of the winter solstice. "Now, watch and learn!" She turned to her cauldron, bubbling away with some manner of unholy concoction, and produced a thin, silvery leaf from the fold of her sleeve. She crumbled it up in her hands and dropped the dried bits into the magical stew, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Before Darren could say anything she cursed and kicked at the iron cauldron angrily. She was lucky that she always wore boots, he thought. He was about to get up and offer some meager condolence when suddenly she snapped her fingers, and started to chant something he couldn't hope to understand, in a voice that sounded like BW's but also like a hundred different people all at once. Runes written invisibly around the rim of at he cauldron started to glow blue, and the bubbling mixture started to swirl rhythmically as she spoke. Slowly but surely, the liquid spiraled up into a small spike, rising into the air against all reason, until a droplet detached from the tip with a 'plop'. The liquid settled back save for the droplet which continued to float in the air, glowing with a faint glimmer of light.

Giddily, BW turned to Darren and shouted "Look! I did it! I did-"

Suddenly the droplet followed her line of sight and rushed with incredible speed at the boy's face. Dextrous or not, he had no hope of dodging it as it hit him square in the forehead.

And then everything was dark.


Afterward, everything seemed normal for a while. BW couldn't figure out what had happened with the droplet, but Darren felt fine barring a headache, and still had all the same limbs that he had come in with so he considered that a victory.

But after a week or so he started to get violently nauseated seemingly at random. At first he assumed he must have caught some sort of bug, or perhaps he really shouldn't have let BW make dinner that night, but after six solid days he started to worry. And that led him to the clinic on the edge of down. The doctor there was one Warren McCulloch, a friendly sort whom he had seen many times previous, and had patched him up many times both in and out of the dungeon near town.

"So, those are the symptoms, I guess." He said meekly, clutching his tummy as it lurched even now.

Warren nodded, his expression oddly blank. "I see, I see," he muttered, jotting some notes down on Darren's patient record.

" I going to die?" he squeaked.

Warren tried his best not to chuckle. "No, no, I don't think so. For now, just try to get plenty of rest, keep warm, drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated, and try to avoid eating anything too rich. In the meantime I'll need to do some tests."

"Like...a blood test?" Darren paled. As often as he found himself here he still couldn't choke back his fear of needles.

"As many kinds of fluid as you're willing to give." He paused. "Wait, no, no no no. Never mind. Just blood and urine." Darren raised a hand as if to speak. "Nothing else," Warren answered quickly.

So he followed the doctor's orders and gave his samples, and for the next few days continued to do as he had been. BW had insisted that he stay at her place for the while, and while she wasn't exactly a great care taker he was quite grateful for it. It beat shivering all alone in the room he rented at the Adratea Inn. And she made for much more pleasant company than Ravendor.

However, another week passed and nothing seemed to be changing. This time BW came with him to the clinic, and Warren ushered them quickly into his office, and locked the door behind him. Nervously he went back to his desk, shuffled through some papers, and took a deep breath.

Darren was paralyzed with fear. BW was paralyzed with boredom. "Come on, get on with it. Do I have to buy a new boyfriend?"

The men in the room both ignored the jest. "Look, from the tests, and your symptoms, and everything...I really don't know how to say this."

"What's wrong?" said Darren, barely a whisper.

"It's not even possible. I don't know how this could happen."

Darren was shaking. Mercifully BW pulled him close and rubbed his arm to calm him.

"Darren Walker. You're pregnant." Warren looked just as perturbed as Darren though himself to be. The doctor then accusingly pointed a finger at BW. "What did you do to him?"

"Hey just wait a minute!" she shouted, but then stopped suddenly. Realization seemed to strike her and she turned to Darren once more with the same smile she wore on that night at the cauldron. "Oh my god it actually did work after all!"

"What worked?" the men both asked.

"I alchemized life!"


Darren left Warren's clinic confused. Confused about his state, confused about his future. Most importantly, confused about why he himself had declined to abort. Even BW seemed a bit shocked, but the smile she gave him when he assured her that he was certain made him feel like melting. "Then we're having a baby," she said, and hugged him fiercely.

Maybe that was why. He loved his girlfriend, and maybe it was early but the idea of having children with her and settling down was very comforting to the boy. And while the means were frankly terrifying, deep down he had to wonder if it wouldn't be scarier if she were the pregnant one. He'd heard all sorts of things about the mood swings of pregnant women, and due to spending a lot of time with Sera before Cyrus Jr was born due to BW being her closest friend, had seen some of it firsthand. Granted, the elvish beauty had access to a variety of fire spells as well, but he didn't think BW would have the same strength of will not to blow up half the town. And that was normally.

Regardless, though, he was terrified. Nothing about the situation made any sense, alchemy or not. He had at least a basic understanding of human reproduction, if only from spending some much time reading random books at the library, and he knew full well that he lacked quite a few necessary organs for this to even work.

He asked BW about this but all she would do was shrug and say "It's magic, I dunno."

Warren didn't press the issue of aborting any further and instead laid out a plan for Darren. "If things run the normal course, we're probably going to have to perform a c-section, since I don't really see how anything would be getting out of you elsewhere. That being said this is wholly a mystery to me, and to the medical community at large, so I'll need to you to come by here at least weekly so we can monitor you." He nodded to himself. "This will make a hell of a journal article."

Darren agreed since his alternative was to wait for this mysterious magic to run it's course on his body, and also because Warren seemed kind of excited to publish about something so rare. Scared as he was of the treatments half the time, Darren liked Warren. They even had similar names so they had to help each other out, right?


"Heeey, how are you feeling today?"

Darren rubbed his eyes and sat up from the tangled pile of blankets he had wrapped himself up in on BW's bed. "Uh, good, I think." he said, yawning all the while.

"That's good." She grinned at him and raised up a tray. "I made you breakfast."

The smell of buttered toast hit him before his vision cleared. This normally was pretty safe, even in BW's culinary clutches. "Oh, thanks, Bee," he mumbled, graciously taking the tray.

BW hopped into bed with him, and the boy had to grip the tray tightly to stop his breakfast from spilling all over the sheets. Before he could complain she wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled into his back. She didn't say anything, preferring to just hum a little tune as she rocked him slightly back and forth.

Breakfast went down smoothly enough for a time, and the nausea seemed to be going away lately. His girlfriend kept up her loving streak the whole day, an oddity for her. As much as he loved her she was usually pretty self-centered. Not intentionally, but the effect was the same. But ever since he'd gotten back from the clinic she'd been acting much clingier. It was kind of cute, he decided.

This continued for the next few weeks, and despite the attention Darren found himself starting to forget about his predicament. This all ended one day, three months in, when Darren woke up and found his pants felt annoyingly tight. While BW snored away, he quietly got up and went to the bathroom, checking the full-body mirror hanging on the door. Everything looked normal, but then he lifted his shirt and pulled the waist of his pants down a bit, and then it all came back to him. The slight swell of his stomach was all the evidence he needed to start worrying again. Oh god, oh god, he thought, sweating nervously. This is really happening. I'm actually...pregnant. He found himself unconsciously rubbing the small bump with his hand, and for a moment it felt kinda soothing, until he once again thought more about what the bump was. And it was only going to get bigger.

He tried his best to ignore his growing erection as he thought about it.


Two months later, the nausea had all but finished. But a host of new problems was facing the boy. For one, he had no clothing he could fit into anymore. None of his pants would stay up, and none of his shirts would cover his distended tummy. He could almost pull his coat around, but it still poked out all the same. He also had to pee every hour on the hour, it felt. And gods was he hungry, almost all the time.

He was eating, as was the norm lately, and BW was sitting next to him and rubbing his tummy, cooing at it all the while. He swallowed his mouthful and finally said "BW? I think I need some new clothes."

She sighed, but then agreed to help out, and then skipped downstairs and out the door, leaving Darren alone with his lunch and his belly. "Ah, I think she likes having you hanging out all the time, little guy," he said to it, giving it a gentle pat. A squirming sensation went through his middle, and he assumed that was normal. "But I really want to wear clothes like normal again."

About an hour later, BW returned to the apartment above her shop with Sera, the elvish shopkeep from across the road, in tow, along with a big brown bag full of something. "I've got just what you need!" the red haired girl said before upending the bag and dumping the contents all over her bed. Out tumbled a bunch of clothing. Women's clothing. And as he recognized some of it, Sera's clothing.

"Um..." he mumbled.

"I'm sorry, Darren," replied the elf. She too was a red-head, albeit taller and quite a bit more voluptuous. Darren, along with most of the men in town, would be lying if they said Sera never entered their fantasies from time to time. Motherhood had done no damage to her beauty. "I didn't have anything on hand that would fit besides...well, my old maternity wear." She smiled apologetically.

BW prodded his arm. "Come on, try some of it on. It might be comfy!"

You might also be taking blackmail photos of me, he thought darkly. But he knew better than to argue, and grabbed one of the dresses and disappeared into the bathroom. He shed his ill-fitting outfit, but before changing he also pulled off his boxers. Curiosity had struck him. His profile looked ridiculous, he thought. From his chest upwards he looked exactly as he always had, but just below it his belly surged out comically. It looked as if he had been drinking heavily for years, but he knew better. He also noticed that his own backside was looking slightly softer as well. From his research lately he'd found that to be normal with women, so it made sense it'd happen to him too, but he really wasn't a fan.

The erection, again, claimed otherwise. Darren tried to ignore it but the more he looked himself over, and rubbed his tender middle, the more stiff he would become, until he felt the head of his shaft tapping against the underneath of his swollen belly. He turned beet red, and his member only surged harder, trying to stand tall against the ceiling it wasn't used to having. The heavy belly pressing against his manhood felt so good, he realized. He reached down, his forearm pushing against the swell of his middle, and gave himself a stroke. His knees almost buckled, so he pressed against the wall before he continued.

Breathing heavily, he massaged himself at a medium pace, rubbing his belly with his arm as he did so, driving himself wilder in the process. He worked harder, and harder, and pressed up against the wall with seemingly all his might, until suddenly he felt his toes curling and then he ejaculated all over the toilet seat. Right up until then it had felt amazing, but now he was tired, confused, and flustered. He cleaned up quickly and hurriedly put on Sera's old dress, and stepped outside.

Sera was the first to burst out laughing. "You're absolutely glowing," she wheezed out between guffaws.

"You always were my pretty princess," said the winged girl.

Darren sulked. The dress was a green affair, as the elvish beauty had a thing for the color, but it clearly was not meant for the likes of him. For one, she was taller, and a woman, so obviously it wasn't cut right for him, but she was also very well-endowed, leaving the front of the dress looking like he was a toddler playing dress up with his parents' wardrobe. Aunt Selina would have a field day, he thought. About the only thing that was comfortable was his middle, as the dress was meant for, but he was starting to think he might as well just stick to his old clothes and just never leave the house again.

A few hours later, Sera had gone, and BW had just made him dinner. She'd been getting better at cooking lately, he noticed, and rarely did he have to throw up everything or spend days on the can anymore. At least, not due to food poisoning. As he sat back relaxing, rubbing his tummy, she came up behind him and whispered "I know what you were doing in there earlier, you know." Darren's body stiffened, but she continued. "And here I thought you were leaving me in a drought because the baby broke your sex drive." She reach down and groped at his chest. "Have you been holding out on me?" she purred.

That night, his inhibitions fled, and she rode him all night long. They had to take extra care with the baby in the way, but between her sitting on top and him taking her from behind, they made it work, again and again. She giggled at first when his stomach rested on the small of her back as he entered her, but she quickly stopped once his pent-up sexual frustration was thrust into her over and over. She was always wild in bed, and the cacophony he got out of her that night was something he'd wear like a badge of honor. That, in the end, was the one other particularly interesting thing about BW; the girl had a healthy sexual appetite and Darren never went wanting for long.

By dawn, he figured they must have done it at least five times. He didn't know where he got the energy from, as lately the baby seemed to be draining him from head to toe. And he certainly felt that lively now as the morning sun crept through the heavy dark curtains BW kept in her windows. He briefly recalled the curtains in his apartment. His old apartment, actually. They were a light blue color that let in gentle sunlight, but he had stopped renting months ago once BW insisted that she move in with him. "We've got a baby on the way you know!" she had told him, though he didn't tell Ravendor his reasons.

In fact, aside from sneaking to the clinic every other week, he hardly left the house at all, and only a handful of people knew about his condition. BW, Warren, Sera, and Reiyu. BW and Warren were obvious, and Sera and Reiyu were BW's closest friends, and Darren himself considered Reiyu to be his best friend if he ever had one. He was also the only one who hadn't cracked any jokes or made too many weird faces at him when he heard the news. In fact, after asking if it was what Darren wanted, he had simply said, "I'm happy for you, buddy. Congratulations." And then gave him a big hug. He liked that, and he could definitely understand what Sera saw in Reiyu after that.


Two more months passed, and Darren reckoned he was seven months in. From his research, he knew he had two to three months left. And he regretted that. Once he'd come to grips with how much he actually enjoyed being pregnant, he found life a lot more livable, and relished his pregnant swell every day that he woke to it. Knowing that it would end someday soon was almost as scary as thinking about how it would end used to be.

For one, the bigger he got, the more it pressed down against his more frequent raging erections. And he started to think that the baby had to be nudging his prostate, as he had read up on that too during his recent anatomy studies, and it seemed to make sense. The growing tummy pressing against him drove him mad with lust, which BW was more than happy to take the brunt of, and in the end this had led to their current situation.

Warren removed his glasses and placed them on his desk, sighing. "So now you're pregnant too," he monotoned to the winged mage girl. "Can you please stop knocking up everything in site? I'm only one doctor, I can't make a full time job just out of gynecology."

BW was giddy in spite of his attitude. "Hee hee, now I don't have to feel so guilty anymore!" She squeezed Darren by the shoulders, being careful not to crush his swollen middle. Or her own, he found himself thinking. BW had started to show a month earlier than him, no doubt due to her scrawny nature, and she started having all the same symptoms he did leading up to his current predicament. So he knew she was pregnant, but they still figured they ought to see a doctor in case something weird had happened here, too.

She added, after a moment. "But I still feel kinda guilty. Just kinda. So I'll just have to keep coddling you." And then she pecked him on the cheek.

Later, he went about his usual ritual of disrobing in the bathroom and checking the changes happening to him. His belly looked impossibly full, and felt it too. Every so often he could see faint movements on the surface as his baby rolled around, and the feeling was utterly bizarre, warming and scary at the same time. Each day this baby became more and more real, he could see that. His hips seemed to have spread, although he had no idea why since it's not like it was going to do him any good. He occasionally had nightmares in which he was giving birth, and his mind kept making up horrible ways for the baby to get out. And yet every time he woke up with a shout, a cold sweat, a subsiding erection, and wet patch on his trousers.

His buttocks, of course, were still getting pudgier, which was annoying but he was taking it in stride. It was by far the least noticeable growth, although he was very happy he wasn't growing breasts as well. That would've been too much. It also helped make sitting down all the time a bit more comfortable, as he was finding it hard to get around as well as he used too.

He sighed, as he realized his cock was thumping against the bottom of his belly with each pulse of blood, and figured he'd better go celebrate the news of his girlfriend's pregnancy with gusto.


Forty weeks, he figured. He and BW had gone to the library to do more research. The girl was begrudging at first, as she was no big fan of Mina, the library itself, or her boyfriend's old infatuation with the former, but Darren pleaded that he wanted to know more to be ready, and that he didn't wanna be alone when he was this close to bursting, or so he felt. So there they were in the medical wing of the library, thumbing through every anatomy, gynecology, and maternity book they could find.

Darren felt absolutely helpless. His stomach was massive, and even some of the more gender-neutral shirts he had kept from Sera's stash were starting to ride up his bump. Every time the baby kicked he thought his bladder was gonna give out, and it was kicking harder and more often as of late. No doubt it still aroused him, but it was countered with extra helpings of fear as the final days were approaching.

He watched BW as she went about her search. She'd been growing too, although at least her body was supposed to do that sort of thing. She could still fit in her robes and dress easily enough, they were quite big and roomy to begin with. But he knew underneath that her small, perky breasts were starting to swell, her own rear was growing plump and delightfully squishy, and the baby in her belly was growing rather prodigiously, even compared to the one inside the boy. She didn't let it show much, but she was starting to feel the effects of pregnancy quite acutely, and lately they'd been doing their best to coddle each other, with neither of them accomplishing much in the process. Except for the sex, he mused, which seemed better than ever. Double the hormones, double the fun, he guessed.

Just then, a twinge of pain shot through his back, and he felt his abdomen tighten. "Hnngh.." he moaned, rubbing where it hurt. He ignored it for now. It wasn't the first time this had happened, and usually it subsided after an hour or so.

“Something wrong?”

Darren jumped in his seat at the sudden voice, realizing with slight dread that Mina was right behind him. A year ago he would've been flustered into a stammering mess, but he was a different Darren then, and this Darren was trying to keep certain secrets. It's why he'd taken to standing behind his girlfriend's wings whenever they had to go anywhere in anyone's line of sight. “Ah, well, you know. Just the hiccups. Sorry for the noise.” He turned his head to grin bashfully at her, hoping she wouldn't notice certain tremendous growths.

Mercifully for the boy, the librarian's penchant for obliviousness was in full force today. “Oh, that's alright then! Don't let me disturb you.”

As she went around behind the next bookcase, Darren quietly heaved a sigh of relief. And grit his teeth as another clenching gripped his stomach. If this kept up he'd have to acknowledge it, and that was his biggest fear right now. Maybe it'll just go away, he thought. He spent most of the afternoon thinking that over and over, as well. Eventually BW came and tugged on his sleeve, muttering something under her breath, and he knew it was time to go.

He hid behind her on the way out again, grateful that their own house was just next door. His waddle was heavily pronounced, and any sort of distance was looking herculean to him with each passing day. From behind her, he could see that BW was starting to pick up the same penguin walk, and while he definitely felt her pain, much more than any man who'd ever lived, he still couldn't help but find it absurdly cute. He also had to wonder if she'd even be able to walk once she reached full term, given how much bigger she seemed to be compared to him at that same stage.

As always, thinking about that sort of thing sent his hormones nutty, and he could feel himself growing hard at the thought. If anything, his massive belly was at least hiding that. And if he thought it felt amazing before, it pressing down on his member at this size was indescribable to him. Recurring pains or no, he absolutely had to do something about his lust, and he hoped his girlfriend was as willing as ever. She seemed to like it when he was in the mood and being forward about it.

By the time they actually got home, a mere moment or two later, he still felt almost winded enough to not carry through, but then BW shrugged off her coat and groaned loudly, rubbing her own bump and cursing the heat. Which, admittedly, really shouldn't have been all that exciting but Darren would take anything at that point. He came and hugged her from behind, her wings and his belly getting in the way too much for it to be terribly comfortable, and joined her in running his hands on her tummy. And, after a few seconds, her swelling breasts and widening hips as well. She purred, so he spun her around gently, avoiding her extra limbs, and kissed her tenderly, his hands still roaming.

The red-haired mage wasn't content to let him have all the fun, and she ran her hands under his shirt, and he moaned at how nice it felt on his overtaxed middle, and again at how amazing it felt when she grabbed his shaft. At some point she had learned how much he loved it and started tapping it against the underneath of his bump, giggling as it throbbed and grew harder, longer. “Oh wow, this is the biggest I've ever felt you.” She gave it a tug. “I hope I can take it,” she whispered.

He knew full well that she could, but was willing to test it out anyway. They rushed upstairs, as fast as they could waddle, and stripped down with equally clumsy haste. The girl definitely had more mobility between the two of them; she was growing, but could still at least bend over. Darren had lost that ability two months prior, and as such had stopped wearing socks and shoes to skip at least that much hassle every day. He kicked off his flip-flops with ease, and wiggled his way out of his shorts while BW was still pulling her off her pure red dress.

By the time he got his shirt off, they were both equally nude and clearly in the mood for some fun. Darren's own equipment was still raging, and BW's nipples were at total attention. She cupped her small bust when she saw him looking, and winked at him. Laughing, he did the same in return, rewarding him with not much more than a stuck-out tongue. As for their respective baby bumps, his was easily twice the size of hers, and unlike his own, her belly button had yet to 'pop'. Her skin still was looked silky smooth, pale and creamy, a stark contrast to his own, riddled with stretchmarks and pulled way too thin by the unnatural pregnancy.

The 'tap-tap' of his penis against his underside brought everything back into focus. Who cared about skin when there was work to be done?

With both of them being fairly heavily pregnant, the best way they had left to do anything was for the winged girl to get on all fours near the edge of the bed, and for Darren to stand behind and take her. He had actually planned to climb into bed with her first for some foreplay, but she insisted that he hurry up and take her, damn it. He eased into her, and was surprised at just how wet she already was.

The boy had to take care with his own angle, and arched his back a little to lift his belly above BW's rear. The relief was palpable, and the girl didn't complain, so he started to pump away, slowly at first as he settled his balance, and then faster and faster when she complained about it being 'too wimpy.' It was hard work, much harder than it had ever been, but it felt amazing and was willing to give his all if it meant he could keep on feeling this way. Harder and harder he went, the red haired girl grabbing fistfuls of blanket while she shouted in glee, demanding more and more with every breath.

Darren was finding that the momentum building up from throwing his huge belly back and forth was actually starting to do the work for him a little bit, and he swore he was pushing in further than he'd ever gotten with her before.

A few minutes later, and Darren was starting to worry about running out of steam when he felt the familiar urgency building up in the base of his manhood, and in a furious rush he brought BW screaming to a climax, seconds before his own ejaculation coincided with a powerful contraction that squeezed the life out of him. “Aaah-aah-aaaaah!” he half yelped, half moaned.

“Yeeeess,” slurred BW, still on all fours and rocking slightly. “Sera was right, pregnant sex really is the best sex. We should be pregnant all the time.” When the boy didn't respond, she added, “Well, probably not you again.”

More silence, and she felt him pull out with a quiet slurp. She rolled to a side and sat up to look at him, in time to see him fall to his knees, clutching at his middle like it was trying to escape, and though he was clenching his eyes tight, tears were starting to fall. He was breathing haggardly, and wincing every few seconds. Frantically she stumbled out of bed and knelt by his side. “Darren, what's wrong?” She could hazard a guess, but she just wanted to hear his voice instead of the silent choking sobbing that wracked his small frame.

“I think I'm g-g-g-going in to labor...” he wheezed.


BW got dressed with amazing speed, and was out the door yelling “I'll get help! Put a shirt on, I'll be right back!” within moments.

Darren couldn't even begin to understand why he should be worrying about clothes at a time like this, but he tried his best anyway to get back into at least his shorts. It was a struggle, and after after what felt like an eternity, he got them on, just in time to hear BW stomping back into the house, yelling at someone who must have followed her. Just then he doubled over in pain, shutting his eyes tight as if it would make it hurt less, and then...

Strong arms hefted him like he was an infant, and next he knew he was being bridal carried by none other than the mayor of Adratea, Siro Leveche. BW was anxiously babbling something he couldn't focus on, and the blond swordsman had a look of disturbed curiousity, but Darren didn't really care at the moment. It didn't matter who knew about this now, he just wanted it to end.

Soon enough, Siro had carried Darren to Warren's clinic, with BW tearfully following and asking far too many questions of the larger man that he had no answers for. Warren took one look at them from where he was standing, sewing up the last stitch on a bewildered Ravendor, and quickly tied it off and dragged them all into the operating theater. Then he removed Ravendor and Siro once he had gotten his bearings and started to get everything organized.

“It hurts so much,” Darren whined, although no one was going to deny him the right.

The doctor looked around at his supplies, sighed, and then asked Darren to sit up, facing away from him. The boy did so, but before he could ask why he felt six sudden jabs to his back and shoulders, and then suddenly all the pain was gone. That, and he couldn't feel anything below his ribs. He gingerly laid back, and cocked his head quizzically at the doctor. Warren looked sheepish. “It's a martial arts thing. It'll wear off. You'll be fine, honest.”

BW just stared at him, her own fears forgotten for the moment. “You really gotta teach me that.”

The procedure went smoothly after that. The first thing they learned was that Darren did seem to have some sort of uterus in there, although it didn't seem to be attached to anything. The second thing was that they baby was shockingly normal, barring the tiny wings on it's back. There was no umbilical, and no placenta that Warren could find. He found this odd, and even odder still when whatever sac had had been holding the growing infant had suddenly vanished, and Darren's interior looked much the way a young male's should. Barring being sliced open, anyway.

Still, the job was done, and Darren was stitched up and handed a squirming newborn. Relief washed over him, as did pride, and a bit of fresh fear now that he actually had to raise this thing. “Congratulations Darren, you're a m- a father. Sorry, habit.”

“It',” he said tiredly, but then noticed how much heavier his baby seemed. Still, “Is it a boy or a girl?” he ended up asking.

Warren shrugged. It was terribly unprofessional but nothing particular sane had happened that afternoon and it was starting to wear on him. “I actually can't tell. There's nothing discernible.”

BW balked. “Geez, I figured you could at least tell the difference between dangly bits or no.”

The muscular physician sighed. “There's nothing there, dangly or otherwise. Remember this is some sort of weird alchemy baby you made.”

Darren squeaked, and they turned back to him. And the toddler in his arms. The boy looked shocked. “ this normal?”

“To be grateful to you.” said the androgynous winged figure standing in the operating theater. Moments earlier it was a baby that Darren had delivered, but it grew quickly into the form they saw now. Long black hair floated majestically behind them as if underwater, and their face was utterly calm and peaceful to look upon.

Darren was still mortified. “I...what?”

“To be happy to have been given corporeal form. Darren and BW, parents to this one.”

Darren nodded, not really comprehending, but it seemed the thing to do.

“To be curious, no doubt, as to what this one is. To be an elemental spirit. To have longed to feel the world, not just see. To be grateful, again.” The spirit bowed, and then a faint glow emanated from it's body. “Farewell,” it said, and then it floated upwards. Before it could conk it's head on the ceiling, it faded away, leaving only a faint glowing trail, and a small, floating bead of liquid. The same as the cauldron months earlier.

Yelping, BW swept it into the closest container at hand before the cycle could repeat itself.

Warren, meanwhile, stood nearby staring dumbly at the entire spectacle. “Darren, rest. Drink. Now.” And then he left.

“Pfft, I thought he was a proper adventurer doctor. Sees one materialized spirit and out he goes.” BW tisked and shook her head. “Ah well. Alchemy successful,” she said with a grin, and sat down at Darren's bedside.

Darren was filled with confusion. And feeling was starting to come back to most of his body. And before he could say anything about either, a deep sadness took him. “My...our baby?”

BW took his hand in hers and gave it a pat. “All grown up and off to college.”

Darren frowned. “Oh.” Then he sighed. “Well, he seemed happy. I...think it was a he. Was it?”

BW shrugged. “No idea. If I had to guess I'd wager it was a water elemental.” She patted her tummy. “This one'll probably just be a normal baby, don't worry.”

The notion didn't exactly dispel the longing he felt, but it made him smile all the same.
In a complete change of pace, Darren undergoes weirdness due to BW's alchemy.  

Actually that's normal.   The results, not so much.
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Warning: tentacles, impregnation and pregnant belly expansion follow.

So. Malthus was gone on a trip, and would be back in four days. She could wait four days to have sex. Couldn't she?

Staring fixedly at her reflection in the mirror, she let the vibrator drop. This isn't going to satisfy me, she thought, dejectedly. The toy isn't big enough, and besides… it won't get me pregnant. She ran a hand down her now-flat belly and frowned. Part of her urge was sexual— and part of it was procreation. She loved being pregnant, having her womb huge and swollen with his children.

If she got horny, he had said the tentacles would satisfy her, but she’d have to go to them— they were shy. If he hadn't told her, she wouldn't have known they were there. Rummaging through her closet, she chose her outfit: black heels, a skirt so short it would expose her ass if she bent over, a push-up lace bra. A short-sleeved shirt was buttoned, barely, over her breasts.

I like what pregnancy has done to them, she thought, cupping her assets, which were heavy and milk-swollen in her hands. Heels clicking, she walked outside, through the woods by the lake, where he said the tentacles lurked. Her heart was pounding, but she tried to act natural.

I'm inviting a demon monster with tentacles to come ravage me,she thought. I hope I know what I'm doing.

There was a bridge over the lake, a small wooden one. She walked out, and, trying to act like this was natural, she stopped, and bent over, the short skirt pulling up to reveal her dampening panties. Closing her eyes, she ran her hands over her ass, and slipped her hand into her panties, inside her wet pussy. Arching her back, she pulled her underwear aside with one hand while her pleasured herself with the other. Well, if the demon doesn't come, at least I'll have fun, she thought, closing her eyes.

She had started to moan when she heard a rustling coming from the water. Opening her eyes, she realized that she was surrounded by tentacles: rising from the water, curving like cobra snakes, their phallic ends pointed at her. Blushing, she felt herself get even wetter. There's so many, she thought, how can I satisfy them all?

She would have her answer soon, as one tentacle slowly made it's way toward her mouth. Reaching out, she ran her tongue over the tip before sliding it into her mouth. Behind her, she felt the tentative caress from others, as her skirt was pulled up and over her ass. A gentle nudge on her shoulders and the small of back told her to kneel down. Stick sucking on the tentacle cock, she knelt, her ass high in the air. Two of the tentacles pulled her panties down, and she kicked her legs to free herself of the clothes. Smaller appendages massaged her breasts, caressing and pulling on her nipples. On the damp folds her of her pussy, she felt the gentle nudge of an erect cock. She took a deep breath.

With a sudden thrust, the demon monster pushed into her, and she gasped around the dick in her mouth. The pulsing cock was as big as her demon lover's, but not as gentle. Forcefully, with a sweet rhythm, the cock was thrusting inside her.

“Harder,” she moaned, wanting to feel sore, filled, taken. The demon’s girth was satisfying, and a smaller dick was massaging her clit. Arching her back, she moaned as the bridge creaked with each thrust. Her own orgasm was building, building— and she cried out, and the walls of her sex contracted out the demon’s cock, and she felt its ejaculation.

With barely enough time to catch her breath, she was penetrated again— by any even larger cock. She moaned as she felt her pussy walls stretch around the new fullness, and willed herself to relax, to take as many of the tentacles penises into her as she could.

I wanted to be ravaged, she thought, moaning, digging her fingernails into the old wooden boards, her breasts swaying from the pounding. The familiar pulse of life fluttered in her stomach— she was pregnant, already. This tentacle cock was taking its time, ramming into her with long, purposeful thrusts.

I’m going to swell up while I’m being taken, she thought, and the thought sent her into orgasm, and as she came, her pussy tightening around the demon inside her, she felt an intense rush, coming again— the pulse of demon seed shooting deep inside her.

This time, after the monster had orgasmed, she felt a smaller tentacle massaging her ass— with a kind of warm oil. Gently, slowly, the smaller cock worked its way into her butt. Breathing slowly, she felt another tentacle slip into her wet pussy— and then a second one joined the first. She grunted, feeling the two cocks working themselves inside her. The sensation was so different, and a little welcome after the massive pounding she had just taken.

I’m so wet, she thought,... slipping a hand back to play with her clit... and brushed against the swell of her stomach. Already with child, she felt the weight in her stomach begin to pulse and grow.

He told me the tentacles are carrying his sperm, she thought. So they’ll all be his children. She wondered if it was possible to get more pregnant, and feeling the pulsing in the twin cocks inside her, knew she would soon find out.

Thinking it was over, she rolled over onto her back, a smile across her face. A hand went to her belly, which had already begun to swell. I wonder how many I'm carrying, she thought, tiredly. I should start walking back, before I get too big. Her legs were spread open to the night air, and the cool breeze was welcome.

But it wasn't over. A fourth enormous cock was rubbing itself against her now sopping pussy, and other tentacles were still coiled around her breasts. It's huge, she thought, staring at the head, at the pulsing veins of the cock. I'm not even sure it will fit. But she slipped her hand between her legs, into her sore pussy, working her already-open sex even farther.

“Take me,” she moaned, guiding the demon penis toward her waiting sex. “Take me, fuck me, fill me.” Slowly, it worked its way inside her, the massive head spreading her open, and she felt like she was being split in two. The immense girth was bigger, wider, than anything she had felt— and she closed her eyes, her legs spread wide, and tried to accommodate the massive cock inside her.

She cried out, and felt other tentacles pulling her legs back and apart. In small pulses, her belly continued to grow, bulging out with life. Panting, she felt her huge breasts swaying, and could see milk beading on her nipples, ready for the demon spawn inside her.

I’ve never felt so full, she thought, almost delirious. Her vagina ached from the massive organ slamming into her, almost to her cervix, but she loved the feeling. She slid her hands over her damp, splayed thighs, over her rounding belly, and up to her full breasts. She felt full, fertile, alive.

Unexpectedly, the thrusting slowed, and she was afraid it was over— but no, the tentacles rolled her over, onto her knees, and the massive cock pushed back into her now- sore pussy.

As she felt the creature start to orgasm, spurting a massive load deep into her sex, she felt her belly button pop from innie to outie. For a moment, she lay sprawled on the bridge, her thighs slick from her vagina’s secretions and demon sperm. Inside her, she could feel her vagina contracting from the last, massive orgasm she’d had.

Groggy, she pulled herself to her feet, the tentacles helping support her. And she needed the help— by the time she stood, she looked easily six months along. Well, I got what I wanted, she thought, smiling down at her burgeoning belly. Amazing sex and another baby— well, babies— on the way. Contentedly, she started to waddle back home, carrying the heels in one hand. Her other hand cupped her belly, feeling it swell with children.

She was glad she wasn't wearing a shirt, and her panties were long gone. Even the bra, though, started to feel tight. I need to get this off, she thought, feeling sleepy.

When she got home, she lowered herself onto her bed, her legs splayed around her still-swelling belly. I'm huge, she thought, staring at herself in the mirror, and I'm still growing. Her belly button had popped, her sides were swelling out further and rounder than normal. More noticeable was how huge and low her belly was, and a beach ball could have easily fit inside. Cradling her swollen womb, she tried to judge how many she was carrying. More than triplets, she thought, as her she continued to grow rounder and rounder. She leaned back to make room for her pregnant womb. Leaning back and spreading her legs felt natural as her belly continued to expand, and she sighed as she laid down. Feeling strong kicks, she rubbed her hands along her swelling stomach.

I'm right here, she thought, sleepily. With a grunt, she closed her eyes, feeling her unborn children move inside her.

The bed creaked under her growing weight as she drifted off to sleep.
So I'm uploading a longer work out of order. Hope you enjoy!
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)

I couldn’t believe we just did that.

We actually did it! That was the best we have ever done!

“Are you crazy, Cheryl?!” Patricia shouted at me, her eyes big and terrified at the box in Karla’s hands. I just simply grinned at our success.

“Come on. Those stories are just rumors. You really think that creepy clerk would do anything to us?”

“Maybe call the cops! We were just kidding about that stupid dare!”

"And back out? No way. I've never lost one and I never will," I exclaimed with a triumphant toss of my hips.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe it! You did great, you two!”


“Patricia. Patricia,” I said. “Always the tight one. Admit it. That shop was just nothing but a hoax of tricks.”

We loved dares. Just the four of us in our little sisterhood. And tonight, was a special one Patricia and Felicity gave to me and Karla. The two of us were dared to go to one little shop and take one artifact from inside without letting the clerk know. And that one little shop was very well recognized in this whole town.

Louhi Antique Collectibles. 

That store had so many rumours about it. Even in our college, almost everyone, even the teachers, would tell us what they’ve heard from a friend of a friend. In all stories, it was about some troubled poor wimp that entered the store and brought one thing they wanted more than anything.

Their greatest desires. They say the shop could fulfil your deepest and darkest wishes. But for a price.

One tale our English teacher told us about was of a naïve student who went to the store and bought a book. The next thing that happened was that the book opened up with teeth and a tongue and with unnatural magic, the girl fattened up and was eaten by the book.

I think it was his own way of getting us on our toes and keep studying. It was a good laugh still.

It was just yesterday at the cafeteria that we were talking about the shop after Felicity heard one rumour about the clerk being demonic to anyone who dared stole from her store, turning a thief who sneaked in into a fat rat and fed her to her shadowy imps. We laughed at how silly it was about those stories. Only kids would believe them.

That was until Patricia had an idea for the next dare.

She had never given the best dares before and often, she’d get angry at how easy we could beat them. Then again, she had never did like to do bad things. That was until she decided that Karla and I, the winners from the last dare, were to do her wild dare so we could prove what a phoney the clerk really was. 

It was the best dare ever! And I were eager to do it! 

So we went to the store in the afternoon. I still couldn’t remember how we walked into the store but we were in. We even jumped out of our shoes when the clerk appeared out of nowhere at the counter. Unaware of our true intentions.

And just like that, she went to business. As she ranted on and on about details, consequence, blah, blah, we got to work. Karla snitched behind me and searched carefully about the antiques around us while I tried to get the clerk to pay attention to me, either with on-going questions and blocking her from seeing Karla.

She then seemed to raise an eyebrow further into the conversation. “It is very odd that more than one customer would enter my store. Where is your friend, by chance?”  

“Oh, don’t worry about her. You were saying about a trade?”

“Ah, yes. A trade,” she continued, her tone sounding being suspicious. “I will not be asking for anything personal. It is neither your green paper nor worthless gold. It varies with each customer. It is...something in particular.”

“Wow, that’s cool,” I said and felt Karla poke me with a wink. “Oh, look at the time. We’re actually late for an outing with our friends. See you!”

Karla rushed out the door and I followed suit, one foot out and one foot still in.

“What terribly bad little girls...”

Just hearing that...made my hair stand on the back of my neck. Why was I feeling that? I glanced back and for a glimpse, I saw her wickedly grin and...were her eyes glowing?

“I know you took it.”

I heard that correctly! I swallowed. Did she see us? Were there cameras inside?

But the clerk didn’t budge from her seat and the door closed shut behind us. Karla hurried me to keep running and we did, but I couldn’t help it. I had never been so scared like that before in my life.

Regardless, I just shook off the feeling. It must have been my imagination. The two of us then made it to our dorm house and showed Felicity and Patricia our steal. 

In Karla’s hand was a small metallic trinket box, about four to six inches and with an unlocked latch. A weird design was carved on the top, showing many swirling tendrils and jagged diamonds surrounding a symbol that comprised of two circles intertwined together and their lines intersecting into the sockets and mouth of a skull. 

“Freaky,” Felicity uttered. “Open it!”

“Shouldn't we return it back?” Karla asked, retreating the box away. “Shouldn’t you guys think that nothing good ever comes out of that shop? This is like some horror movie.”

“Don’t worry yourself up,” I assured her. “Come on. You said you wanted to prove that creepy clerk was just a fake.”

“Yes, but-”

“Look, nothing’s gonna happen when we open this box. “ Patricia snatched the box out of Karla’s hands and opened it without glancing back at Karla’s scowl. “See?”

I actually was...expecting something horrid to jump out of the box. Realistic but horrible. Like a pair of scooped-out eyeballs. Maybe a served finger. Or a heart, still grossly beating... 

But there was nothing of the sort.

Instead, inside of the metal box was some metallic motif, shaped in tentacles and filled up most of the box. Nestled on top of those tentacles was a small red palette holding some purple dust. Next to the dish were a long black matchstick and a folded piece of paper. 

“Just powder?” I said as Patricia took the paper.  

“Don’t tell me we got whatever was inside broken?” Felicity moaned angrily.

“Bummer,” Karla uttered casually, only to get a glare from Felicity.

“Hang on, guys,” Patricia stopped them. “Listen to this. ‘The Sealing Box of the Y-ha...Yha-she...Yhashia-ho Othuum’.”

“What the heck is that?” Karla uttered.

“Read it out, Patricia!” Felicity asked keenly.
“‘Yhashia-ho Othuum, also known as the Eight-Forked Horror. Power. Known for tainting ‘female’ victims for its own harem and continuously carry out its monstrous heritage. Within the harem, chooses one as a ‘queen’ while the rest are her subordinates but often shares its ‘gift’. Status. Cocky, big-headed but now tamed. Cult has been dissolved. Unable to use it for potion-making. Hence, useless until solution. Caution. Releasing this Dark Goddess from its box will set it loose. No virgins should be near its release. Follow instructions if you want to meet it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Sincerely, Louhi Ixchel.’”

“That’s very weird,” I said. “And who was this Louhi Ixchel?”

"Isn't that the name of that shop?" Karla pointed.

"Good point."

“There’s more. ‘Instructions. Make sure the summoning is done on the twentieth hour of the Full Corn Moon. If not, do NOT continue. Strike the black matchstick and light the incense.’”

“Oh, so this is incense,” said Karla.

“‘Allow the incense to fill up the room after five minutes. Inhale deeply and chant these words, the first line by the number of people presented and the third, five times. No more, no less.’

‘Silence comes upon thy bare spiral.’ And then the leader must say, ‘I call upon the power of the Dark Cosmos and I invite thy, you may enter.’ Then ‘Yhashia-ho Othuum,’ five times. Lastly, ‘Come onto us and grant us the life of great gods,’ by the leader again. Everyone ends it with ‘Let us be as ‘ones’.”

Felicity smiled widely. “Ooh, sounds wicked. Let’s try it!”

I glanced at her. “Come on, Fel. You can’t believe this stuff.”

“Who would? I wanna see this joke play out and fail.”

“Hang on. Remember what Karla just said? This could end up like being those movies,” I said nervously. I still remembered all the gore and dark scenes from the last movie we rented. Souls from the Abyss. “Someone reads the words and some voodoo shit happens.”

“Oooh, are you afraid?” she taunted playfully.

“Besides, that’s just fiction,” Patricia pointed. “What can go wrong?”

“Fine. All in favour of doing this?” I asked.

Three hands up. Mine was down.

I shrugged defeatedly. “Motion granted.”

We sat down in a circle, the box in the centre. Patricia struck the black matchstick and cautiously flung it into the incense. A violet flame erupted, giving of a strange sweet scent I couldn’t recognize. Nothing like the perfumes and bottles we had. 

Five minutes later, we took each other hands and inhaled deeply. We started chanting.

“Silence comes upon thy bare spiral. Silence comes upon thy bare spiral. Silence comes upon thy bare spiral. Silence comes upon thy bare spiral.”

I peered about, looking to see if anything was out of place. Nothing so far. Except it was feeling bit chilly...

“I call upon the power of the Dark Cosmos and I invite thy, you may enter,” Patricia took over. None of us objected.

Better her than me, truth be told. What if it really happened like in the movies?

“Yhashia-ho Othuum. Yhashia-ho Othuum. Yhashia-ho Othuum. Yhashia-ho Othuum. Yhashia-ho Othuum.”

Our chanting slowly died -  all four of us jumping – as Karla’s lamp, the only thing on that illuminated our dorm room, flickered before it blacked out. Now only the flame was our light source. There was even a small unsettling tremble beneath us.

“Uh, guys,” Karla asked. “Is this part of it?”

“Maybe it’s that party downstairs. And shh! Keep going,” Felicity urged.

Patricia puffed up her chest and focused. “Come onto us and grant us the life of great gods.”

The quaking suddenly increased as she spoke out. Some of Karla’s and my make ups and accessories vibrated off our drawers and table. 

But we kept on going.

“Let us be as ‘ones’,” we chanted.

And with that, the flame extinguished itself out. The shakes stopped. 

The room was dark and still for five minutes.

The lamp bulb glimmered back on, the light assuring us it was over.

“Well, that was a disappointment,” Felicity groaned. I simply sighed with relief. 

“What a let-down, “ Karla added, reaching out to the box to close it. “I thought some tentacle monster would come out-”

A hand grabbed Karla by the wrist, giving her a fright. We turned to Patricia, who was now arching back and muttering something strange.

She caressed her other free arm through her hair, moaning. “Gaaagh, I feel so hot...”

“P-Pat?” I called and neared to her. Did those fumes make her dizzy?

With a loud crick, she arched back up. We jumped and it wasn’t just because of the sudden burst. Her eyes seemed to be unnaturally darker than before.

I accept thy invitation.

Karla then screamed, snapping her hand free from Patricia. We watched as two bumps stretched out of her bare stomach. Claws and elbows took shape. An extra pair of arms was crawling out of Pat. Our friend, who was barely freaking out over what was happening to her.

“I don’t...feel right,” Felicity moaned, falling to her knees. 

So was I. A wave of heat hit me like nothing before. A surge of power and hotness was seizing me inside.

“W-What’s...happening to us?!” Karla whimpered but she too gave in to the pleasure.

My knees turned to jelly and I fluttered down. Each of us stood stumbling at the farthest corner of the room but we were all too overwhelmed to care if we were watching each other. 

Then again, the more we watch, the more we felt...aroused. Changing.

Something snake-like slithered out of Felicity’s shorts, pushing it down but by then, her lower half was covered in fur with her legs misshapen into something dog or cat like. Her now sharpened fingers tore off her top, revealing at her sides four extra breasts. Her body even toned into a more muscular shape. Not too much like a bodybuilder but enough to call her athletic.

Patricia’s extra arms thickened while her abdomen stretched long. Her legs deformed to be more horse-like, her toes extending into webbed claws. Her shorts too were no match, ripped into shreds. She was slowly turning into a green-skinned demon/centaur creature, horns adorning her head.

I glanced at Karla when bat wings exploded out from her back. She was immediately unclothed at the top, skin shifting into a blue hue. Scaly tail included. One look and you’d immediately think half-dragon. As she moaned, her tongue slid out, forked, thick and long.

I was already halfway through mine. Teeth sharpened in my mouth. My hair grew lustfully. I glanced at my hands, now purple like the incense. I felt something slimy quiver from my back, tinkling my body. I didn’t take a peek, too dazed by my pleasure but my hands were feeling what I could make out as some shell-less insect’s abdomen coming out from the end of my spine. 

Yes. You seized the artefact from the witch. You shall be queen. Queen to claim back this overworld.

I liked that idea. I should be questioning the voice in my head but for some reason, I liked the word, queen. I as queen. 

Yellow-ringed tentacles snaked into my view, oozing with dense slime. They were strong, flexible and within my control. I was one with something.

Give thy seed. Give life of gods.

I did as I was told. Spreading my back tentacles about with unspeakable measures, filling up most of the room.

Karla yipped as one entered her but she eventually cooed calmly at the invite. Patricia and Felicity hissed happily while I opened my legs welcomely to the biggest one I had.

I curved back as it entered me and pumped loads of the seed into me. Into us. We were filling up, our moans and groans echoing about. Part of me hoped no one would hear us.

Now here was where the change really got interesting for us.

I examined everyone first. Karla’s sexual moans enticed my other tentacles to fiddle with her wings, chest and legs. Her cute slim belly started to curl outwards. More and more. Rounder and rounder. Happily, she wrapped her skinny legs around one fat tentacle. At her command, she motioned her dragon tail to tighten around it and mentally attempted to milk more seed into herself.

With Patricia’s long centaur body, it was twice the amount. Her two stomachs swelled up, the one between her four legs being the bigger of the two. Her eyes twinkled to yearn more and traced to Felicity’s six aching breasts, the bubbly pairs in different sizes. Milk dripped from them, wetting her fur and huge woolly tummy. 

Patricia licked her lips hungrily.

She trotted hurriedly and lashed her lips onto one plump fruit. In no time, she swelled up to the point that her legs hung out helplessly.

My throat immediately became itchy and dry. Oh dear god, I wanted that. 

I forced myself up, ignoring the uncontrollable sensation in my body and shifting my newfound weight to easily walk or waddle forward. Karla followed suit. We reached to Felicity and each grabbed a free bosom. The delicious taste of rich milk rushed into my throat and with the moans increasing more out of my friends, my tentacles thrust more with faster rhythm.

“Don’t s-stop!” Patricia took a moment to breathe. “D-Don’t, augggh! Don’t stop! Mmm.”

I could feel the skin of my belly going tight like a drum. I mentally ordered my free tentacles to strip off my panties, feeling uncomfortable at them digging into me. God damn wedgie. Ugh.

Once off and with relief, my hands reached down to feel the fleshy development in my butt. Yup. My two cheeks were growing too, like scrumptious watermelons. 

Karla arched back, flinging milk out of her mouth in a toss. “Yes! Oh yes! Oooh! YES!” She dove back down.

It was coming. Oh god! The pressure was reaching its end.

Felicity wailed out like a monstrous cat, flexing her long ears down. She was the first to feel the climax. Then Karla, flapping her wings impatiently. Patricia was next, her arms and legs wrapping over her bloated stomachs. And last me. I swore that our screams were almost in tone together.

My tentacles retreated and we collapsed back, panting heavily. Naked, half monsters or demons and very much beaming with fullness. Our round shapes took most of the bedroom. 

It was the best kind of thing ever. Like sex, only better. Much better.

Out of the four of us, I was amazed that I was the biggest. My huge belly could nearly reach the end of my bed from the top, rippling with seed and milk. But my other friends also won other things. 

Karla’s hips were huge that she began playfully exploring them with her claws. And from all that drinking, Felicity’s breasts have inflated even more as if more milk was constantly restocking them. Patricia, heck, she had two prized bellies. I’d say that was a win too.

My fingers played across my body, feeling the tenseness erupting throughout me. 

“Wow,” Patricia gasped. “That was incredible. Freaky. But incredible.”

“I’ve never felt so alive,” Facility purred loudly as she massaged her swollen belly. “I could take on anything.”

Take on anything. The thought crossed my mind.

I should be freaked. Breaking into tears that I looked like some monstrous far walrus. Screaming and blaming at everyone that we shouldn’t have gone through with this. 

But I didn’t.

 I felt pleased. Grateful at what happened to us. Look at me. I was a goddess. I could crush anyone, even those annoying snobs from upstairs. 

Claim this overworld in my name.

I could lift a truck if I wanted to. I could wrap people with my tentacles and ooh, deliciously make them my slaves. Our slaves. Fill them up and put them under my spell, the voice whispered sweetly at me.

“That’s not a bad idea,” I declared. “We’ll need some servants to pamper us anyway.”

“Servants?” Karla said curiously. 

“Don’t you guys feel it? The power? The voice?” I asked and slowly, one by one, they nodded. “This is real. This is great. There’s no way I want to get rid of this new form. And nobody’s going to 

“Yeah,” Felicity agreed. “The moment they laugh, the moment they bend down and be our toys. Heeheehee!”

“That’s wicked. But I like it,” Patricia hummed. “Hmm, I’m feeling wet again.”

“Why don’t we get the boys from next door? I’ve seen them trying to make a move on us.”

“Oh, will they ‘love’ it, alright,” I uttered and moaned with pleasure. I can imagine Richard, one of those boys, his belly filled up too and making him sexy. Him as an obedient servant for me, popping grapes into my mouth and f**king with me all night long. “Shall we call them, girls?”

“Gladly!” Karla uttered.

“Should we get them to come to the gymnasium? That’s got lots of room for us to laze around.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Such naughty little children.”

We didn’t hear her enter our room. Not a single sound until she spoke out.

The clerk.

In the flesh and standing near the box with a foot on the lid. 

She wasn’t flabbergasted at our new changes. Or mad that me and Karla stole from her. The clerk was oddly relaxed. Like she had the upper hand on us.

“Who is she?” Felicity muttered. 

“The clerk!” Karla shrieked.

“That’s her?” Patricia said. “Huh, I expected her to be old and wrinkled.”

The clerk frowned but it was brief. She took a minute to get back her stiff composure. “You have no idea what you have done.”

“You think she’s going to call on us?” Karla whispered.

“She doesn’t look so tough. And look at us.” Felicity slapped at her belly, the ripples spreading across her skin and making her purr. “We’re badass. Nothing can stop us.”

Uncanny laughter escaped from the clerk’s mouth. “Rebellious and foolish in reading both warnings and instructions. I sure can never be bored of your youngsters.”

“Foolish?” Patricia hissed. “Please, we followed everything to the book.”

The clerk shook her head. “How naïve.” 

Patricia glared at her, annoyed. “We read everything according.”

“It’s not a Full Corn Moon tonight.” 

“Excuse me.”

The clerk folded her arms causally. “It’s not a Full Corn Moon. This is the month of the Mead Moon. Instead of summoning forth, you summoned him within your spiritual boundaries.” She shrugged. “No matter. I guess I have to take care of you lot. You did steal this box from me. I dislike thieves.”

“Oh, what you’re going to do?” Felicity snobbishly snapped. “That paper said someone couldn’t even control this Yhashia-ho Othuum dude.”

“And we’re filled with Yhashia-ho Othuum power,” I added, stroking my belly with glee.

The clerk simply laughed. Unafraid. She was taunting us. And I wanted to wipe that smug off her face.

“You are right. I may not find any usage for this item,” the clerk sang. “That doesn’t mean I am powerless against this filthy old god. And neither will four corrupted servants.”

“She’s mocking us,” Karla stated the obvious. 

“You better watch your mouth, missy,” Patricia growled.

“Come and get me." 

Despite our awkward shifting and shafting of our weight, the four of us charged with fangs, claws and tentacles bared out. The clerk didn’t budge and still continued to smile. Only her one foot immediately closed the box lid.


Our arms dove at nothing. She was gone! Vanished in a flash.

“Where did she go?” I asked uneasily.

“Ha! Ran away with her tail between her legs,” Felicity cheered.

Shivers crept down my spine when laughter boomed around us. Our eyes darted to find the clerk but still, she was nowhere in the room.

“Naïve indeed.”

Karla suddenly yelped and pointed up, to the only window in our room. It was also oddly bright outside.

With our huge jiggling forms, we hopped with shock. Outside our window was the clerk, towering above us like a giant.

I then realized what our surroundings were. We were in a glass container. Both our dorm rooms. The four of us. We were inside an enormous glass jar.

But it wasn’t enormous. We were small!

We glanced around to see what was beyond the glass walls. From the looks of it, it seemed like we were in a huge basement with rows and rows of shelves. On those shelves were jars, tanks and bottles of all sizes with something or someone inside.

“Welcome to Louhi Antique Collectibles again, my dears. This will be your home. For eternity.”

We were underneath the store?

The clerk chuckled with arms folded, tilting her head in delight. “You know, I was a little disappointed about this box but surprisingly, out of all this, it ended with me getting four times more ‘ingredients’ than expected.”

“‘Ingredients’?” I repeated, confused.

She giggled coldly. “Young one, I am a witch. A special ‘kind’ of witch. And a witch needs her tools. Anyone, any being who isn’t like me, can become tools. Those who ignore my instructions must pay back in giving me an ingredient. Those who upset me...well, you can say you’ve become my cows to make ideal the ‘old god poultice’.”

“Y-You can’t do this to us!” Patricia yelled.

“And you shouldn’t have stolen the box,” the clerk retorted amusedly.

“People will find out we’re missing!” Karla hollered.

"If you were outside here, yes, they would. But inside that container, you are merely a faded memory to everyone. There is no one coming."

I clutched my fingers. "I won't let you! I'm the queen to rule this world! Come at me, you bitch!"

The clerk chuckled, each laughter deepening my fear more. “Dearie, this world does not belong to that low-level horror. This is the witches’ to keep. Your mortals are our customers. Our means for this business system. And that means no one can help you until you fulfil your sentence and be nice little humans.”

“You got to be kidding me,” Felicity exclaimed.

“Don’t worry. See this sentence as a...vacation instead. Every little resident here are taken care of. Although how long it will be? Well.” She turned away, her glowing eyes still on us. “Start behaving and we’ll see.”

We watched in awe as she climbed up a set of stairs, leaving us alone to take it all in.

I then glared at Patricia.

“Only fiction, huh?”

To the reader of this letter,

Welcome to the Louhi Antique Collectibles. Where anyone can acquire their greatest desires. Whoever the customer, whatever the deed is, business is business. After all, when a customer enters my shop and purchases an item – they have to remember this. You are obliged to follow not just my rules but also your desire. And in an ‘appropriate’ fashion. If you do not, well, I can’t guarantee the consequences of your actions. It always turns out for the better...or the worse. Whatever the end will be, however, the debt will always be paid in full.

Tonight is a special night; instead of one customer, we have four. Cheryl Marshall, Patricia Brown, Karla Daniels and Feclitiy Royce. Four delinquents who should know better than to take one of my items without 'purchasing' it. But no matter. Misfortune comes to those who sweeten the deed.

So without further ado. Enjoy this tale, my dear reader.

Sincerely, Louhi Ixchel


Hello all. With the 20000 pageviews on the way, I wanted to write something for that moment. This piece is a little rushed and short cuz I'm also busy with work again. In all, I hope you'll enjoy this and I thank you all for your support, even when I'm struck on writer's block and haven't uploaded regularly. Thank you again.

Also, if expansion not your thing, just simply press the back button.

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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Bella watched, with a ghost of a smile on her face, as her husband paced nervously around the living room, rubbing his hands together and slightly adjusting furniture. She said nothing until he touched the living room chair for about the tenth time and she said, gently, “David.”
He looked at her, his narrow face startled slightly by the announcement.
“Relax,” she said, at length. “Please. You're freaking out over nothing.”
David let out a sigh and tried to sit down, but scooted himself to the edge of the seat – no doubt to bolt upright the second the doorbell rang.
Not as though Bella, the slim woman sitting on the couch with her dark hair cut in a small pixie cut, was not anxious herself. But David had a way of moving and behaving that belied a cable at its maximum tension about the smallest things. It was normally cute but Bella was trying to stay calm for her husband, and it was difficult.
David let out a sigh and ran his hands through his hair. “I know, I'm sorry,” he said, nervously. “I just...don't know what to expect.”
The couple had a problem. Not with their marriage – they were a delightfully happy pair, married for two years now and having bought a nice house with David's work at a government office and her successful career working in graphic engine code. The problem was, they were interested in children, and it was physically impossible.
David was a transman, at one point having been born a woman. He was much happier after that time, having gone through hormone therapy and small, cosmetic facial changes. He still grew very little facial hair, but his looks slanted less masculine and more boyish, in good ways. Bella had met him ages ago when he was still a woman, and helped him through the process of figuring out his gender identity.
However, neither of them had the necessary physical equipment to produce a baby. David was adamant about keeping his vagina, and even if he wasn't, the possibility of producing semen to impregnate her was still out of the question. Gender assignment surgery was not able to work miracles like that.
He was also adamant about maintaining his trans status, since he looked perfectly natural in his own skin, and didn't feel up to walking around in public, young man in his late 20s waddling with a pregnant belly sticking out of his dress shirts. Bella knew all too well how horrible that would be, outing him so blatantly, and agreed it was out of the question.
However, she was also less than enthusiastic about en vitro. It was incredibly expensive and not guaranteed, and she was less than interested in the whole process of having things shoved up her vagina and further into her uterus. Adoption was next on their list, but a friend of David's at his work had a different solution.
His name was Alan, and he was a burly, masculine man, and father of three. David, naturally, asked how he knew about an adoption agency, and Alan laughed.
“My wife and I were infertile,” he said, quietly. “And this agency fixed the problem for us.”
Surprised, David only said, “Wait, what do they do, though?”
Alan was excitedly smiling. “Just call them,” he said. “I can't explain it. They are miracleworkers, though.”
Confused, David did so, dialing a number he didn't recognize the location of. The name said Infertility Solutions Inc, which David guessed was a good name for a place specializing in infertile couples.
The phone call was fairly pleasant, the woman asked for their information, which he told. To his relief, they said nothing about reasons why they were infertile, simply saying they had his information. Their rates were reasonable, too. En vitro was tens of thousands of dollars, but they offered a very simple cost of around eight thousand, which he knew they could get a loan for. The woman he talked to then said they would send an agent to talk to them, a latina woman named Carla.
The doorbell finally rang. David jumped up at once to get it, and Bella tried not to laugh as he did so.
At the door was a lovely woman, with dark hair and hispanic features. He invited her in after the opening pleasantries, and they sat in the living room to talk. She had a shrewd, piercing gaze behind her glasses, and her mouth and cheeks seemed surprisingly flattened despite her otherwise fine demeanor. All in all, she seemed very professional, almost to a fault. David knew she was not being mean, but her demeanor seemed almost detached.
Carla was dressed very respectably, as well, even a touch sexy. It was a short pencil skirt, a high-collared shirt, and a suit coat. With the glasses and firmly tied up hair, she looked sexy in an icy, distant sort of way.
“So!” she said, amicably, pulling her MacBook out and opening it. “Tell me a little about yourselves. How did you find out about our company?”
“A friend at work,” David said, feeling his tension change exactly none. “He, uh, told me that you would have a solution when I said we weren't able to have children.”
She typed rapidly, her painted nails clicking as she did. “Mm-hmm,” she said, nodding, not looking up. “Did he explain anything about our program?”
“No, oddly,” David continued.
She nodded, slowly, still typing away. “Good, very good,” she said. “And have you any qualms or issues with maintaining a similar silence on the issue should you decide to utilize our services?”
“No,” he said, at once. “Not if it works.”
“We're willing to try anything,” Bella chimed in.
“Excellent,” Carla continued, typing away. “Now, do you wish to discuss the specific reason of your infertility, or no?”
David opened his mouth, then hesitated. “ it going to affect our eligibility?”
She finally met his eyes, and nodded. “Unfortunately, yes. If you wish to not specify, I can file it under 'general.'”
Bella reached out for her husband and put a hand to his shoulder, but he waved a hand. This time, it was fine. “I'm a transman,” he said. “And as such, I don't have a way to impregnate Bella. And I don't wish to get pregnant myself. And...en vitro is a bit expensive for us. Adoption will be our last resort.”
Carla typed away, nodding. Her expression never flickered. “I understand,” she said, then looked up. “To be clear, what you have told me will not go to the company. I will file it under a different banner that provides you with the same eligibility, if you'd be okay with that.”
“That...would be great,” David said, a bit surprised.
She carried on as though she hadn't heard him, her face still neutral. Bella, watching her, begun to wonder if she was perfectly happy and lively but had, what she had heard called, 'chronic bitchface.' She seemed kind enough, but it was hard to tell with the cold demeanor.
Carla finally stopped typing, and pushed the MacBook closed. “Well, you're more than qualified,” she said, and the couple felt their hearts lift. “But I have to be clear about a few things about our service.”
Confused, both of them looked at each other, then to her, and nodded.
“Our method relies on using extremely secretive and special methods to produce a child based on the DNA structure of both parents,” she said, and took off her glasses to look at them. “The company has very strict guidelines on what I – and by extension, both of you – can talk about. You will be subject to legal repercussions if you do not follow these.”
Confused, David nodded, giving a nervous glance to Bella. Bella was also confused.
“You are more than qualified for our program,” she continued. “But I'm required to explain the rules to you before you read the contract, to ensure you follow them. Do you have questions before we proceed?”
“I'd like to know how much it costs,” Bella said, and she nodded, again pulling out the MacBook.
The price was reasonable – they would have a baby delivered to them, formed by their DNA, and all other associated issues and expenses would be handled by the company. It was around eight thousand dollars, but it also included a bit of baby furniture and a few hundred dollars in shopping trips at baby supply stores. It was a very generous affair, especially considering it was promising no hassling with adoption centers and whatnot, all of which sounded painful from stories they had heard.
“Okay,” Bella said, nodding. “What are the...rules, anyway?”
She closed the MacBook and put it aside. “Well,” she said, crisply. “There's only four, but they are absolute and critical,” she put a finger up. “One, you absolutely cannot call any medical authorities during the process. No doctors, no ambulances, no miwives, nothing. Is this acceptable?”
They nodded, but Bella said, “Why?”
Carla ignored her and continued, “Two, you cannot ever talk about the process itself. People will not understand, and they will be upset or scared of what we do. We can promise results and nobody will be hurt in the process, but you must understand that it is critical for the health of our employees that it does not get out. Do you accept that?”
David looked to Bella, who nodded, slowly. He looked back to Carla. “Yeah, I do.”
“Thirdly, you must not interfere with the process of creating or birthing the children,” she continued. “When the company begins the process, it is our affair, and your intervention – no matter how well intentioned – can lead to complications. If we make requests of you, you must fulfill them, but do not intervene otherwise.”
“That's fair,” David said. He had heard similar things about adoption, where some restricted their communicating with the pregnant woman.
“Lastly, simply, we cannot be responsible for...” Carla paused. “The process is unreliable at times, and may produce more than one baby. We have to account for this, because often twins or triplets or, in rarer instances, even more can be produced. You have to take whatever children are created, because the company cannot, and we are bound to the children being yours. Is this acceptable?”
Surprised by the ease of this question, he glanced to his wife, who shrugged. “I don't care if an entire soccer team is presented to us,” she said, jovially. “I just want like, one.”
“Yeah, that's alright,” David said, nodding.
“Excellent,” Carla said, and reached down to pull open her briefcase, fetching a stack of papers from it. “Then we can move onto the actual paperwork.”
David and Bella both signed the dotted lines and X marks, more than excited to carry on with the process. When they were done, Carla tucked the papers and her MacBook into her briefcase and stood up to walk closer to them.
“Well then, congratulations to you both,” she said, extending a hand.
Unexpected, but not entirely unusual, David slid forward on the couch and reached out to take it. He felt a small jolt going through his palms as they touched, weirdly, but he paid it no mind. She also reached out to shake Bella's hand as well.
“Thank you so much,” Bella said, and was cut off suddenly.
“Just doing my job,” she said, crisply. “But, I'm extremely hungry, and I wouldn't mind buying for all of us. Would you join me?”
“Uh, sure,” David agreed, and followed her out to her car, Bella in tow.
Carla was nice enough, but the meal was a fairly awkward affair. They went to a burger shop down the road, and tried to chat her up. It didn't go very far – she seemed to regard them with a detached eye, as though they were a burden and not customers or friends. They talked about their marriage and life, and Carla barely responded with cold 'mmhmm's throughout it. David was grateful when their orders arrived, though he was surprised to see her – as thin and lithe as she was – devour two complete hamburgers with all the trimmings.
When they got up after their meal, David was a little surprised to note that, right at Carla's stomach, was a little bulge, disrupting the perfectly fitting clothes she had previously. It was a strange shape, and one he thought he didn't see before. Unless he did?
No, that would be impossible. When she sat down at their couch earlier, she would have made that obvious. But, he kept silent as they gathered in her car and drove back to their house. When they arrived, she parked and slipped out of the driver's seat, working a little awkwardly. It was noticeable, especially since her walking and stature was so crisp before. Maybe her meal overtaxed her sucking in a bit of a belly?
About the time he was going to say goodbye, she was already following them into the house, carrying a small bag. It was not her briefcase. Bella, who was still slightly miffed by Carla's cold demeanor over lunch, opened her mouth to ask about it – as well as why she was going into their home now – but was cut off.
“Can I use your bathroom?” Carla asked, cordially.
“Oh!” Bella said, relieved. She opened the front door and pointed to where it was, “Of course, let me show you.”
“Thank you,” she replied, absently fiddling with her coat. She dropped the bag at the door. “I forgot that pregnancy makes you need a bathroom within reach at all times.”
Both of them stopped at that, confused, and made small glances at one another while she walked off. Once she was in the bathroom, Bella looked to him. “She's...pregnant?”
“I guess so,” David replied, shrugging. “I didn't know, but I did notice she's got a bit of a belly now. I didn't see it before.”
“Weird,” Bella replied. “Well, I suppose she's got a boy of her own, then, or-”
The toilet flushed, and she came out, fishing into her coat pocket for something – likely her phone. Again, David noticed that her belly was a little...rounder, more prominent, than he remembered when she appeared, so crisp and clean and businesswoman like.
“Oh, so,” David said, amicably, “So, when are you going to process the paperwork? We're excited to get started.”
“Oh, not till later tonight,” she replied dismissively, looking down. She finally procured a phone. “I'm going to be staying here until the matter is entirely settled, the paperwork can wait.”
The matter settled, he thought, confused. But...we signed the paperwork?
Again, that eerie sensation of something being off hit David, at the way this woman was behaving and speaking. He begun to regret, slowly, that he didn't ask more about exactly what was going on.
“Ugh,” she muttered, looking at the phone. “Hang on,” she then trotted off, into the kitchen, bringing the phone to her ear, and begun to talk into it. David was incredibly curious, but respectfully stayed away.
Bella looked at him when she was gone. “Until the matter is settled?” she asked, tilting her head. “What the hell does that mean, is she going to live with us or something?”
David shrugged. “I'm starting to regret not asking more questions,” he muttered, itching his head. “This is...weird. Very weird.”
“Yeah,” Bella said, and sat down. “I guess...we're kind of stuck, though. With the contract and all.”
He nodded. What more could either of them do? They had signed a contract already, their options were limited.
She came back a few minutes later, and Bella's jaw dropped – Carla's face had unchanged, other than a slight tinge of annoyance, but her shirt was now desperately trying to restrain a big, round belly. One that was not there before. Her skirt was being pushed down and a small line of her tanned flesh was exposed to them, the divot of her belly button easily visible.
“I apologize,” she said, putting her phone in her pocket. “I had hoped another agent would be here to assist me, but it looks like I'm on my own. I'll be handling the remaining affairs personally.”
“Oh,” Bella said blankly, still staring at the sphere emerging from this woman's middle. Her mind had blanked – what was going on? What could she even say?
“So,” David said, trying not to look. “Who will be carrying our child, anyway? I never asked.”
“I am,” she replied, simply.
David tried to respond, ask about any of the details, but he was too dumbfounded to do so. Carla, as efficient and focused as ever, looked down at her belly and let out a sigh. “I suppose I should go collect the things I need before it get any more difficult,” she said, and begun to walk back out to her car, waddling more visibly than ever. “I should stop relying on second agents for finalized contracts. The company loves to send me out alone. One moment.”
Bella let her face fall into her hands, rubbing her eyes. “This is....this can't be happening,” she said, slowly. “This is a dream, and I'll wake up soon.”
David said nothing, a little baffled. Was...she pregnant with their children already? How...what process did they agree to? What ability had this Infertility Solutions company come up with?
The door opened again, and she was now walking in with a large bundle under her arm. Her shirt now was barely fitting over her belly, which had swollen even further, her skirt bunched up at her hips. Carla, though, carried herself as though this were the most ordinary thing in the world.
“I, um,” Bella tried, tripping over the words, still unable to comprehend. “So, when are you, er, leaving?”
“Once I have delivered to you,” Carla replied, and waddled forward, to the center of the living room.
“But we already handled the paperwork,” Bella said.
Carla gave her a confused look, then turned to her, naked belly sticking out of her dark blue clothes. “No, not the paperwork,” she said, as though discussing the weather. “I mean your baby.”
She then, casually, unfurled the bundle and begun to lay it on the ground. It was a tarp.
“Uh,” David asked, slowly. “Do you, uh, need any-”
“The company will handle all affairs,” she said, formally, while struggling to bend down around her unyeilding stomach, pulling the corners out.
David looked to his wife, his eyes widened with panic. This situation was clearly going out of control, and he was freaking out. Bella didn't blame him.
“Bella,” he begged. “What is...what is going on?”
She didn't reply for a moment, simply watching Carla.
Carla was now upright, rubbing one hand over her swollen middle, looking into her phone without so much as a flicker of expression change. She didn't seem bothered by what was going on in her body, but as Bella stared, she saw the hem of her shirt suddenly slip up and snap at her sternum. Carla barely noticed, thumb sliding over the plastic surface.
Bella peered closer, and realized she could see it growing.
She couldn't believe what was going on right now. She opened her mouth to ask anything, any sort of information about what was going on, but stopped. The contract stated that they could not. She looked to David, who was also staring at Carla, sitting on the couch next to his wife, and she took his hand.
“David, promise me you won't ask questions,” she said, carefully.
He looked to her, then back. In a low voice, he whispered, “Not ask...honey, look at her! She's-”
“Yes, I know,” Bella replied, and gripped his hand tighter. “But we were under contract. Don't ask anything, alright?”
His reply was cut off as Carla suddenly let out a small, sharp breath. Her normally cool and collected face had bunched up in pain, and she slipped her phone in her pocket, putting both hands to her belly. Aside from the pain, she seemed unfazed.
Slowly, she begun to walk – slowly, deliberately, in her high heels – around the room, taking deep breaths. Her belly seemed to have stopped growing, and she absently fidgeted at the hem of her shirt, making herself more comfortable in it. After a few steps, Carla reached down to her knees and yanked up the hem of her skirt from the bottom.
She wore no hose, and David was surprised to find neither did she wear any underwear. David almost looked away out of politeness – he had a vagina as well, but it didn't mean he went staring at all of them – but it almost felt silly given how sexlessly she was treating it.
Carla looked up at them then, face as impassive as ever. “Wait a moment, please,” she said, crisply, though her voice was slightly ragged from the spasms of contractions. “I need to deliver your baby. It shouldn't take long.”
They were staring at her, blood long gone from their faces.
She knelt down, then waited there for a moment, taking deep, relaxing breaths. She put one hand to the ground, and the other rubbed at her swollen middle, soothing the contents. As David watched, he could see small shifting motions inside of her stomach, as well as the occasional spasm that indicated contractions. Her hand rubbed the stretched skin, then slid to the other side.
She suddenly looked up at him, hand still on her belly, face as cool as ever. “I apologize, sir, ma'am,” she said, as collected as ever. “But I have reason to believe-” she was suddenly cut off as a powerful contraction seized her, and she let out a loud gasp, head tucking down, teeth gritted. Wet, semiclear fluids leaked out from behind her onto the tarp, and her whole body stiffened.
“Uh,” David began, moving to get up, but Bella gripped his hand again, stopping him.
Carla finally panted for breath, and looked back. “I apologize,” she said again. “But I have reason to believe there will be more than one child.”
“Th-that's,” he muttered weakly, raising a hand. “That's, fine...we don't-”
The woman seized up again, and slowly pushed herself back, so she was squatting, hands on her knees, bearing down tightly over her belly. David and Bella both gasped – they could see a small, dark form that was just inside Carla's groin, emerging slowly from her body, dripping with fluids. She was gasping, panting between moments of silence where she bore down hard and pushed, and the baby in her birth canal slid a little further down.
David couldn't stop himself. “Can-can I do anything?” he asked, quietly.
Carla let out a long, sustained grunt that pushed into a long moan of pain, and he saw the baby's head emerge, catching at the shoulders. “Just,” she gasped, shakily. “Just wait right there, please, your baby will-” another contraction cut her off, and she put her hand between her legs, pushing for all her might. “-be...right...heerreeeee-!”
A wet form slid from between her legs, and she caught it deftly with one hand, gently placing it on the ground as a wailing cry rang out. It was a baby – a real, live baby. She gently placed it on the ground, shaking weakly, before looking back up to them. “The other one...” she let out a grunt as the contraction shot through her. “ a moment...”
Carla grunted, bending herself in half, and struggled back into a squatting position, ready to give birth. It was only moments later when she spread her legs and bore down, hard, pushing. The form slid out of her body, then hung low, head hanging just outside of her vaginal lips.
“But-” David wanted so badly to get up, to help, to do something, but his wife's hand – rightfully – were holding him back, restraining him from moving.
“Your babies...” she wheezed, looking at him. “Are...on their way...please, just...wait there.”
She gasped for breath, took in one gulp, and shoved down hard. “Hrrnggh,” she grunted, and panted deeply, then bearing down even harder and gritting her teeth together. “Gnnnaaaahhhhh!”
Her grunt turned into a long, pained yell, and more fluid sprayed from her nethers. A second baby dropped from her body and she barely managed to catch it with a birth-soaked other hand. Carla gulped for air, panting as both babies cried.
She rolled into a sitting position, and calmly reached out – her hand entirely steady – and picked up her black rimmed glasses, sliding them back onto her face with her clean hand. “Let me clean them off and you can take them,” she said, curtly, and knelt down to tug the umbilical cord out from inside her body, working the placenta out with it.
David felt slightly ill, and his wife was stunned enough to be entirely quiet.
After cleaning and wrapping both babies, Carla was on her feet, tugging her skirt back down her legs, looking completely the same as if the last insane hour had never happened. She gathered up her tarp and her medical supplies, and made a short walk out to her car to place them in the trunk.
She came back inside, where the couple were holding their new babies, still somewhat speechless.
She adjusted her glasses, and glanced at them. “Well, I'm glad the company could assist you,” she said, curtly. “Please, don't hesitate to spread the word of our services, minus, of course, what you just witnessed.”
“Uh,” David said, blankly. She took that as a confirmation.
“Enjoy your new parenthood,” Carla said, and walked out, briskly, brandishing her phone from her pocket. She was receiving another text.
“Got another job for you,” it said, and she let out a sigh.
“Any assistance?”
“You don't need an assistant.”
It figured, really.
Short, surreal piece I thought up a while back. Not quite good enough to go on SmashWords, not fetishy enough, so I decided it can go here.

An infertile couple calls a mysterious company to offer them a solution to their problem. But what do they do, exactly, that makes them come so highly requested? David and Bella have no idea, especially not when the cold, detached agent named Carla that's sent their way begins to undergo odd changes...
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Pokémon PG: Kanto Adventures #1: Our Expanded Adventure Begins

Pallet Town Outskirts—Route 1

“See I told you!” called a voice from behind the tall grass leading out of Pallet Town.

Outside of Pallet Town two young women ran to a collapsed Pokémon lying just on Route 1. It was a tailed, bipedal, ground-dwelling pholidote notable for its defensive capabilities. Its body is mostly covered in a dry, tough hide, which is colored to blend in with the sands of the desert. It has two sharp claws on each foot and has three small but sharp claws on its paws, which are also useful for burrowing and can sometimes be poisonous. The two people, Jessica and Elena, inspected the Pokémon. They were both sisters, Jessica being the eldest at eighteen and Elena being fourteen.

Jessica had long flowing brown hair that went down her back and long bangs that ran down the side of her face down to her chest. Atop her head was a white baseball cap that was worn backwards and had a blue Pokéball on its front. Her white tank top was only long enough to cover her breasts but the rest of her torso was covered by a blue hoodie that was partially open which showed she was wearing a necklace with what looked like a Squirtle shell pendant. On her upper arms were blue armbands and on her hands were white gloves. Next below her waist was a pair short torn white denim shorts that were over blue cotton shorts. Her white boots cover up to just below her knees and the portion over her toes were black, each boot had a zipper instead of laces or straps and her blue socks reached over her knees.

Elena’s brown hair was neck-length and mostly hanging in front of her shoulders. Wrapped around her head was a bandana with a Pokéball pattern. She had a white tank top like her sister’s only it revealed more cleavage then hers. She had a pink hoodie that was long enough to reach her ribcage and was left open leaving her midsection bare. On the back of the hoodie was the image of Mew, a Pokémon widely considered to be a myth. Her legs were covered with baggy black pants with a Pokéball on the side of each thigh and a white belt that held them up. And finally she wore pink and white sneakers on her feet.

“It’s a Sandshrew,” claimed Elena.

“I know it’s a Sandshrew,” said Jessica. “But why is it out here? Sandshrew don’t live out here.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. It was abandoned by its trainer, some guy wearing a strange black outfit.”

Jessica examined the Pokémon, “We have to get it to Professor Oak’s lab right away.”

Just as the sisters nodded in agreement they heard the sound of grass rustling. They looked away from the Pokémon and found that they were surrounded by men and women wearing black uniforms with a stylized ‘R’ on their chests.


A young man with inch-long brown hair stood up on a sturdy tree branch and looked down below. This was Lucas, older brother to Jessica and Elena. He’s wearing a black t-shirt under an unbuttoned shirt that was black over his chest with an orange Pokéball on his left and orange over the rest of his torso and his sleeves. On his hands were black fingerless gloves. Then on his legs he wore gray pants with a black belt that had one Pokéball on it. His sneakers were black and orange. And finally strapped over his left shoulder and hanging by his right hip was a gray travelling bag in which he was digging in.

From his bag he pulled a pair of high-tech binoculars. Viewing through them he was able to zoom in closely on the camp of Team Rocket. He saw a few grunts walking around. Then there was the three that stood out, a hulking man, a short man who could be confused for a child, and a rather thin woman who was facing away.

That woman is creepy thin, thought Lucas before the woman turned revealing a rather round belly. She looks thin from the back but she’s really pregnant. They’re evening doing this to their own people? I don’t get what all this will accomplish.

The woman was wearing a gray robe with an ‘R’ on her chest, which was very accommodating for her new form. She happily caressed her pregnant belly as a mother normally would but Lucas knew this woman wasn’t experiencing a normal pregnancy.

That’s kind of creepy, he thought. What should I do? These people have been impregnating women all over Kanto and now they’re dangerously close to home. I can’t let them get to Pallet Town.

Pallet Town Outskirts

“No stop!” yelled Jessica unseen by the tall grass.

A couple of Rattata ran through the grass and came across Jessica who was being held down by two Team Rocket grunts. An older man walked up to them. He looked at Jessica and then Elena who was being held down by five grunts as she thrashed about. Jessica had tried to break free but was worn out from struggling.

“My dear don’t you know how dangerous it is to travel in this tall grass without a Pokémon?” asked the man. “What is your name?”

“Jessica…,” she said.

“Ahh, Jessica, a lovely name for a lovely young lady,” said the man. “Just one more question, how old are you?”

“Eighteen,” she replied before tears run down her face.

“Well, Jessica you’re exactly what we’ve been looking for. You can call me Dr. Namba.”

Dr. Namba stood at five feet six and is partially bald. Over his work attire he wears a long white coat indicating that he is a scientist. The rest of the group wore the standard black uniform issued to low level members. Jessica looked at Elena worried about her sister more than herself.

“What do you want from us?” she asked.

“My dear I am a scientist of Team Rocket, we’ve discovered something great and we need your help,” answered Dr. Namba.

“Team Rocket? I’ve heard of you. You’re no good crooks who steal people’s Pokémon!”

“Yes, maybe so,” laughed Dr. Namba. “But we will be known for much more than that very soon, with your help of course. See we’ve found the remains of three extraordinary legendary Pokémon, the last of their kind.”

“What?” asks Jessica.

“There isn’t a single one of them left in existence. We instantly came up with a plan to resurrect them,” continued Dr. Namba. “We knew if we did this we could use these Pokémon to take over the world. So we set our plans in motion and we came up with something special. We just needed one thing, a way to let these creatures grow in a safe environment. We came to the conclusion that we needed the bodies of young women to revive these Pokémon! Their wombs being the special environments! This is what led us here.”

“You need my womb to resurrect a Pokémon?” asked Jessica.

“Yes,” Dr. Namba as he pulled a small container from his lab coat. “This pill in here contains the DNA of the Pokémon we wish to resurrect, once you swallow it…”

“No…,” muttered Jessica. “No! Stay away from me.”

“Keep her down,” ordered Namba to the two Team Rocket grunts.

They do so and he stepped up to Jessica and forced open her mouth. He placed the pill in her mouth and then grabbed a bottle of water from his other pocket and poured it into her mouth.

“Drink up,” said Namba. “Our previous attempts say it tastes bad, so the quicker it goes down…”

With her eyes wide open with fear she swallowed the water with the pill going with it.

“You don’t know what a great service you’re doing for us,” he said. “You’ll be written down in the Team Rocket history books.”

“Ahh…,” muttered Jessica at the taste in her mouth.

Namba signaled his grunts to let go of Jessica. She grabbed hold of her stomach as pain set in.

“It hurts!” yelled Jessica.

“Yes, it will for a moment,” he explained. “This is no normal pregnancy. You’re carrying a Pokémon egg in you. You’ll instantly look nine months, although you’ll still have to sit through the normal pregnancy length.”

“Oh!” she moaned.

A small bump grew out on Jessica’s abdomen. She rubbed it in fear. Finally the bump grew to its full size bursting out of her hoodie. Jessica looked nine months pregnant as Namba explained she would and with such a short top her bare belly showed. Her breasts also began to swell as most women experienced during their pregnancy.

“Oh my god,” muttered a shocked Elena.

“Congratulations, you’re gonna be a mother,” snickered Dr. Namba. “Now pick her up! We have to get a reading on the development within her midsection.”

“Whoa, she’s a lot heavier now,” said one of the Rocket Grunts.

“Obviously, each pill makes the surrogate gain forty pounds. Now let’s go!”

“Hold it right there!” yelled another voice of a female.

“What’s this?” asked Dr. Namba.

“Growlithe, take them down!” yelled the woman in a blue uniform which holds a police badge over her left breast and her hair is a bright blue.

The police arrived on scene. And with them their Pokémon Growlithe, which is a quadruped, canine Pokémon. It had a short, rounded muzzle, a small, fluffy tail, a tuft of fur on top of its head, and rounded ears. It had bright orange fur with black stripes over its back and on its forelegs. Its belly, tail, and fluff on top of its head are a cream color. Its nose is shiny black, while the insides of its ears are light brown. Growlithe had two claws on its forepaws, and its paw pads are brown.

“No we can’t let the police interfere with our plans,” Dr. Namba grunted. “Stop them!”

“Go Zubat!” yelled one Rocket Grunt.

“Go Rattata!” yelled the other.

“Growlithe, use flamethrower now!” yelled the police officer.

“Grow-lithe!” growled Growlithe as it launched its flame attack from its mouth.

Growlithe’s flamethrower hit its mark knocking Zubat and Rattata unconscious.

“You fools!” yelled Namba. “We have to get out of here!”

“Return!” called both Rocket Grunts.

With the use of a smoke bomb Team Rocket caused enough of a distraction to slip away. The police tried to go after them but was unable to find them.

“Oh, darn,” said the woman. “They got away.”

She walked over to Jessica and a shocked look grew on her face.

“They said you were thin…,” muttered the woman.

Tears run down Jessica’s face.

“They impregnated me,” cried Jessica.

“Oh, you poor thing… My name is Officer Jenny,” she said.

Jenny takes her and Elena to her squad car and put a blanket over Jessica’s shoulders. Another officer drove as Jenny sat in the back with Jessica. The officer rubbed Jessica’s belly to comfort her. Elena couldn’t believe what she had just seen.

Jessica’s House in Pallet Town—The Next Day

There was a knocking at the door. Jessica’s mother opened the door, outside stood two young women the same age as Jessica. The first was Lynn who had long black hair with red highlights wrapped in a red bandana. Lynn’s eyesight was pretty poor so she needed to wear glasses. Her gray shirt was long extending below her waistline leaving her skintight black shorts barely visible and covered her neck much like a turtle-neck sweater. Over her shirt she wore a red vest with a Pokéball design on the back. Her red belt was worn over her shirt. Finally her gloves and sneakers matched the rest of her clothes.

The other was Anya whose brown hair was fashioned a little wildly compared to Lynn. She had bangs that completely covered her forehead and two long strands that hung at each side of her face. Her hair was long enough to run down her back but was held up in a ponytail. She wore a green hoodie that left her midriff bare and its sleeves reached to her elbows. She also had a pair of low cut baggy blue jeans that was held up with a black belt that had a silver chain hanging off her hip. Finally she had two accessories, one being a leather strap bracelet with a Pokéball on it and the other a choker gold necklace with a locket that had a Bulbasaur on it.

“Lynn, Anya,” said Jessica’s mother.

“Hi, Erika,” started Lynn. “We heard about Jessica. We came by to see if she’s doing okay.”

“That’s so sweet of you,” said Jessica’s mother. “Jessica is resting upstairs. Go on up, it may not be easy but maybe you can cheer her up a bit.”

“We’ll try,” replied Anya following Lynn up the stairs.

Jessica sat in her bed rubbing her stomach. She sighed. She then turned to the sounds of knocking at the door. She was reluctant to answer it. She knew had it been her mother or sister they would have simply just walked in without notice. She took a deep breath and invited in her friends who were easily shocked by her new appearance.

“Jeez, Jess,” said Anya as she looked upon Jessica’s belly. “You’re so…huge.”

“I know,” says Jessica. “Thanks for pointing that out. I wasn’t depressed enough about this.”

Lynn sat down at Jessica’s side and began to rub her belly. During this she happened to catch sight of her new bust size.

“Wow, this is really unbelievable,” said Lynn.

“You’re telling me,” moaned Jessica. “I was taken to get an ultrasound today and they say there’s a giant egg inside of me, the equivalent of having twins. The thing I’m gonna give birth to, isn’t even human…”

“I’m so sorry this happened.”  Lynn rubbed her belly some more.

“Yeah, now I can’t go on our journey,” pouted Jessica. “I hope you guys have fun.”

“No,” interjected Anya. “We all agreed we wouldn’t go without each other. We’ll wait till next year.”

“No you two have been dying for this,” said Jessica. “I can’t do this to you.”

“It wouldn’t be the same without you,” replied Lynn.

“Then I’ll still go with you, I may have gained forty pounds, but I can still walk around with this bulge,” answered Jessica.

“That wouldn’t be right.” Anya then put a hand on Jessica’s belly.

“There’s no talking me out of it!” exclaimed Jessica jumping up. “I’m gonna go on our Pokémon journey! Ah…”

“What is it?” asked Lynn.

“My panties just snapped,” replied Jessica.

“Since we can’t talk you out of this, we’ll just have to stop at a store and get you some maternity clothes,” said Anya.

“Well I can get some new underwear, but I am not wearing some big dress!” yelled Jessica. “I didn’t ask for this pregnant gut and I didn’t even get sex out of this! I’ll wear what I want and everyone is gonna see my belly!”

“Well glad you can still be cheerful about this,” snickered Anya. “But can you at least wear pants?”

“Heh,” blushed Jessica.

“You know I heard there’s this new store that just opened in town,” claimed Lynn. “They specialize in trainer maternity wear.”

“Really?” asked Jessica before heading to her dresser and pulling out a pair of boxer shorts. “I saved some of Lucas’s old boxers for a day I might need some comfort. Who would have known this would be the source of discomfort I’d need them for.”

“You’re wearing your brother’s old underwear?” laughed Anya.

“You laugh but I know you’re jealous,” smiled Jessica. “You love my brother.”

Anya blushed and tried to change the subject, “Lynn, you say this store is new? Seems very convenient for them now that all these trainers are starting to become pregnant all over Kanto.”

“It does seem that way doesn’t it?” Lynn pondered. “I guess we’ll just have to check this place out.”

Oak Pokémon Research Laboratory

After surveying the Team Rocket camp out on Route 1, Lucas had reentered Pallet Town. The first building he happened to come by was the lab of the one and only Professor Oak. Anyone from Pallet Town knew it well, with its most prominent feature being its large windmill. Lucas climbed the long staircase leading to the lab. He was called away from Route 1 when news of what happened to Jessica reached the lab. He entered the lab and the first person to greet him was the granddaughter of Professor Oak, Daisy. The first thing he noticed of course was what was filling her turtle-neck sweater.

“Daisy, I see they got you too,” Lucas referred to her apparent pregnancy.

“Yeah, it happened after you left the Orange Islands,” she claimed. “I was doing some investigation with Lorelei when we ran into Team Rocket members again. They got us.”

“Lorelei is pregnant again?” he asked.

“Yes, but that’s not why I called you off your mission,” replied Daisy. “It’s your sister Jessica. They did this to her too. She was out on Route 1 trying to save this Sandshrew.”

“What?!” Lucas was surprised. “Jessica is pregnant? I have to go see her right away.”

“Lucas, wait.” Daisy stepped forward showing signs of discomfort. “We got a message from G-Men HQ. You have a new mission…”

“Are you all right?”

She took a deep breath before she answered, “I’ve been feeling contractions over the last hour. It’s almost time for me to give birth.”

“You shouldn’t be walking around in this condition…” Lucas went to get a chair for Daisy but was stopped.

“It’s fine. I’ve been keeping off my feet but I needed to walk around a bit. Sitting can be just as tiring. Listen don’t worry about me. I have a doctor on hand for the moment my water decides to break. You be more concerned with this new mission. You have been assigned to go along with your sister and her friends on their journey. It is believed that your sister maybe carrying a legendary Pokémon. Team Rocket will be watching her and I know there’s no way anyone will be able to talk her out of going. You must follow her posing as an ordinary trainer. That means catching more Pokémon and defeating gym leaders. This mission was sent down directly from Lance.”

“Lance, really?” Lucas was again surprised. “This is really serious then. Could this have something to do with the incident on out by Shamouti Island?”

“Lance believes so.” Daisy put a hand on her belly near her protruding bellybutton that was very visible through her sweater. “Go find your sister and her friends. Bring them here so that my grandfather can provide them with a starter Pokémon. They’ll need all the protection they can get.”

“Right.” Lucas agreed and headed out.

Pokémother Central

Jessica and friends entered the store that specialized in dressing Pokémon trainers that had recent run-ins with Team Rocket and refused to let their current predicament to prevent them from continuing their adventures. The girls looked around seeing a number of female trainers who all appeared pregnant. Jessica was the biggest of them all, which sort of upset her. Before leaving for the store Lynn called ahead and found out that they were able to adjust clothing to fit where needed, so Jessica brought her clothes with her in hopes of not having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

“Ahh, you must be the young mother who needs our help,” said a male clerk with pale blue neck-length hair. “I can tell you are in dire need of our services.”

“Yeah, so you can really adjust my clothes to fit this massive gut of mine?” asked Jessica.

“Indeed we can just give me a moment to work and while I do why don’t you check our merchandise to see if anything catches your eye,” smiled the clerk. “There are quite a bit of young women in your same situation and they all plan on continuing their adventures despite their extra added weight.”

They all looked around at the merchandise. Some of it actually looked impressive. While they continued they couldn’t help but look at the various trainers and their different shapes and sizes. Then they caught glimpse of another clerk, this one a female. She was pregnant as well, but what was strange about her was her long magenta hair that sort of hung unnaturally. Near her was another clerk who was really small and unbeknownst to them a Meowth in disguise.

“Oh, new customers!” cheered the pregnant clerk before noticing Jessica. “And wow you must be the biggest yet out of all our customers.”

“Thanks, you’re making me feel so much better.” Jessica was being sarcastic.

The clerk rubbed her belly, “There’s no need to pout. Sure this was forced upon you but what’s done is done. You should try your best to put your feelings aside because it’s unhealthy for the baby.”

“Well, you’re trying your best to not let this weight you down,” said Lynn. “No pun intended.”

“So do you have any information on why this is happening?” asked Anya. “Why Team Rocket is doing this?”

“We don’t know why,” answered the Meowth clerk. “We only have information surrounding the differences in each trainer.”

“Differences?” asked Jessica.

“Why yes,” replied the female clerk. “As you can see there are a number of women who are different sizes. We’ve learned the stronger the Pokémon the bigger the belly you have and longer pregnancy. The opposite happens for smaller and weaker Pokémon, you get a smaller belly and shorter pregnancy. I believe we have a record of a trainer laying a Magikarp egg only after an hour of becoming pregnant.”

“Really?” sighed Jessica. “I have a feeling I’ll be pregnant for a while.”

They finished up their conversation and went back to looking around. The female clerk looked down to Meowth, “That’s the one the boss wants us to follow. He seems to be interested in her friends as well.”

“We’ll be able to keep up with them no problem with my plan set in motion,” Meowth let off an evil grin. “James will sew a tracking device in the larger ones clothing.”

A little later the girls exited the store. Jessica was wearing her old clothing with a better fit. She was quite surprised and impressed by the quality of work on her outfit. The hoodie even wrapped around her belly like when she was thin, the zipper pulled the two sides together but was still technically open revealing her belly which it did when she was thin.

“So how do you feel?” asked Lynn.

“Huge,” replied Jessica. “But I’ll live. My mom gave me these new running shoes, but I think they’re point less in my condition, especially with my ankles swollen.”

“That must be bad,” said Anya.

“Yeah,” said Jessica. “You know if Lucas was still in Kanto I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“You can’t always count on your brother for help,” Lynn pointed out. “I mean how can you be sure this still wouldn’t have happened?”

“I don’t know, but I wish he never went to Johto,” answered Jessica. “He should be going on our journey with us.”

“Well it wouldn’t have worked out in the long run.” Anya opened a book showing a couple Pokémon. “Professor Oak only has three Pokémon to give to new trainers.”

Professor Oak’s Lab

Professor Samuel Oak checked in on his granddaughter who had just given birth to a Pokémon egg. She was resting comfortably. One of his aides entered the room and informed him that Jessica and the others had arrived to get their starter Pokémon.

“Ahh, yes,” Oak said.

Moments later he was in another room standing behind a table with three Pokéballs on it. The girls stood in front of the table looking over them.

“Well, girls I’m glad you’re here,” stated Oak. “And I’m quite surprised that you would be here after yesterday’s problem, Jessica.”

“Nothing would stop me from doing this!” exclaimed Jessica.

“So what do we do?” asked Anya.

“Well each of you pick one of these three Pokémon,” answered Oak. “Hope you’re ready to make your choices.”

“Jess, you should go first,” suggested Lynn. “You’ve had rough time with this.”

“If you’re okay with it,” Jessica took a second. “I think I’m gonna go with Squirtle.”

“Anya, you go next,” said Lynn.

“Sure,” cheerfully responded Anya. “I’ll go with Bulbasaur.”

“And I guess that leaves Charmander to me,” replied Lynn.

“I’m glad you came to this so easily,” said Oak. “You’ll need these Pokéballs for catching other Pokémon during your adventures. You can always buy more at Pokémarts across Kanto. Also these are called Pokédexes; they hold information on all the Pokémon in this region. It will come in handy when you need help.”

“Let’s see.” Jessica opened the Pokédex with one hand while her other one is on her belly.

Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon. Squirtle’s shell is not merely used for protection. The shell’s rounded shape and the grooves on its surface help minimize resistance in water, enabling this Pokémon to swim at high speeds.

“Oh, cool,” smiled Jessica rubbing her belly some more.

“My turn.” Anya clicked her Pokédex.

Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokémon. Bulbasaur can be seen napping in bright sunlight. There is a seed on its back. By soaking up the sun’s rays, the seed grows progressively larger.

“Cool,” Lynn answered ready to find out about her Pokémon.

Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon. The flame that burns at the tip of its tail is an indication of its emotions. The flame wavers when Charmander is enjoying itself. If the Pokémon becomes enraged, the flame burns fiercely.

“You have everything you need to become excellent trainers,” claimed Oak. “You’ll want to begin on Route 1 and head to Viridian City which has the first gym to the Kanto League, along your trip you’ll want to pick up more Pokémon to help ensure your victories.”

“Will do,” said the girls together. “Thanks Professor!”

Route 1

The girls walked through the forest together. They were chatting about their Pokémon when Anya noticed something. Jessica started to waddle. Jessica and Lynn stopped when they noticed Anya’s attention focused on the way her friend walked.

“Jess, you’re starting to waddle,” said Anya.

“Well I am pregnant after all…,” sighed Jessica. “It’s to be expected after all. I’ll just have to get used to it. Why don’t we start looking for Pokémon?”

Jessica moved quickly despite her hindering shape over to some tall grass as fast as she could and started to look in it. All that was visible of Jessica from the tall grass was her rear end that moved around as she searched. Anya and Lynn looked at each other trying not to laugh.

“Maybe you should take it slow,” suggested Lynn. “You don’t want to hurt yourself.”

“I’ll be fine,” replied Jessica before something jumped out at her. “Ahh!”

Jessica fell backwards and landed on her butt.

“Oww,” she muttered.

She looked before the creature that jumped at her. It is a short, chubby rodent Pokémon. It is covered in yellow fur, and its ears are long and pointed with black tips. It had a small mouth, brown eyes, and two red circles on its cheeks. There are pouches inside its cheeks where it stores electricity. Its forearms are short, with five fingers on each paw, and its feet have three toes. It had two brown stripes on its back, and its tail is in the shape of a lightning bolt with a patch of brown fur at the base. It had a V-shaped notch at the end of its tail. It is classified as a quadruped, but it has been known to stand and walk on its hind legs.

“Okay, I’m gonna get you for that,” said Jessica. “But first…”

Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. Whenever Pikachu comes across something new, it blasts it with a jolt of electricity. If you come across a blackened berry, it’s evidence that this Pokémon mistook the intensity of its charge.

“Hey, a Pikachu!” yelled Jessica. “It’s so mine now! Squirtle go!”

Jessica threw the Pokéball in which her Squirtle resided. It popped open and Squirtle came out in a flash of light.

“Squirtle!” exclaimed the Pokémon.

“Jess,” interrupted Lynn. “I think you made a mistake.”

“What are talking about?” asked Jessica. “I’ll catch it no problem… Damn, I forgot the typing match up. How could I forget that? Well, there’s no turning back now. Squirtle use tackle!”

Squirtle obeyed her command and went after Pikachu with a tackle attack. Pikachu prepared itself. Sparks can be seen coming from its cheeks.

“Pika-chuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!” yelled Pikachu unleashing an electric attack.

Squirtle is shocked badly and fell back unconscious.

“Squirtle no!” yelled Jessica.

“It fainted.” Anya shook her head.

“Oh, no,” replied Jessica. “Return.”

“Pika!” Pikachu was angry.

“It sounds mad,” said Janelle.

Pikachu began to charge at Jessica.

“No,” cried Jessica. “You wouldn’t hit someone who’s pregnant would you?”

Jessica closed her eyes in fear with her arms over her belly.

“Hoooowwwrrooo!” exclaimed another voice as it tackled into Pikachu.

“Huh?” questioned Jessica slowly opening her eyes. “Lucas?”

Her brother stood a distance away, but she can make him out. With him was a Pokémon she was unfamiliar with. It was a dog-like Pokémon with short, black fur. It had a red underbelly and snout. It had short, pointed ears and a tail. Its fangs protrude out of its mouth, and its nose is dark in coloration. There are white bands on its ankles, and more rib-like ones on its back. It appears to have a simplistic, stylized skull on its forehead, with the orbits looking much like ‘eyebrow’ patterning commonly seen on dogs. It also has circular, red-colored patterning on the underside of its paws.

“Houndour!” commanded Lucas. “Use flame thrower on Pikachu now!”

“Rooo,” replied Houndour obeying the command. “Hooowwwrrooooo!”

Houndour unleashed a blast from its mouth striking Pikachu. It hit the ground but got right back up and shook off the pain. The two Pokémon charged at each other and then dodged each other a number of times before finally bashing their heads.

“Pika…,” muttered Pikachu as it staggered.

“Wow, that was an effective hit,” said Anya.

“Now use your tackle!” called Lucas.

Houndour finds an opening and hits its mark. Pikachu falls over and faints.

“Here’s a lesson for you Jess,” said Lucas. “Pokéball go!”

Lucas threw a Pokéball at Pikachu and it is pulled into the ball. It shakes a bit with a red light flashing in the center button. Once the light goes out the ball stops shaking.

“Nice capture, Lucas,” said Anya.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” stated Jessica.

“I heard what happened,” replied Lucas. “I couldn’t just stay in Johto. What are you doing out here? In your condition you should be staying at home.”

“No way!” screamed Jessica. “This thing will not keep me from having the time of my life!”

“I figured…,” laughed Lucas. “The speech was worth a shot. I came to make sure you’ll be okay through your journey and so far it’s not looking to good.”

“It’s not?” asked Jessica.

“Come on everyone knows water-types are weak against electric-types,” explained Lucas. “I thought you knew that… Or is that thing in you getting the best of you?”

“Stop criticizing me!” cried Jessica. “It was a mistake. I’m entitled to them.”

Lucas walked up to them and picked up the Pokéball with his new Pokémon.

“Lucas, go easy on her.” Lynn defended her. “She’ll get her head back in the game soon, it’s just been a bad few days for her.”

“Okay I’m sorry, sis.” Lucas hugged his sister. “I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you and a little mistake like this could be a problem.”

“Okay,” said Jessica. “I’ll think before I act next time.”

“Good,” smiled Lucas.

“Hey, what’s this Pokémon?” asked Anya as she popped open her Pokédex.

No entry recorded.

“What?” asked the three girls together.

“You’re Pokédex is out of date,” responded Lucas. “I suspected Oak wouldn’t give you one of these yet.”

Lucas pulled out his Pokédex, which looked more advanced than theirs.

Houndour, the Dark Pokémon. Houndour hunt as a coordinated pack. They communicate with each other using a variety of cries to corner their prey. This Pokémon’s remarkable teamwork is unparalleled.

“It’s from Johto,” he claimed. “They have discovered a lot of new creatures, and Houndour is one of them. We met up after I left New Bark Town to explore the next town and been buddies ever since. Right Houndour?”

“Hoowwrrooo,” replied Houndour.

“It’s so cute,” said Anya as she pinched Houndour’s cheek.

“Well now that we’ve gotten together what should we do? I mean it’s getting pretty late.” Lynn looked up to the sky.

“We’ll make camp and I’ll help each of you catch your first Pokémon tomorrow,” answered Lucas. “Then we’ll all go to Viridian City.”

“Sounds cool,” agreed Lynn.

“Now this is what I wanted to do,” said Jessica. “Camp out under the stars. This pregnancy won’t stop this.”

“That good to know, but one question,” started Lucas. “How’d you get your clothes to fit?”

“This store back in town adjusted my clothing for me.” Jessica unzipped her hoodie. “It looks weird doesn’t it?”

Lucas placed his right hand on her belly, “No, but what I do find weird is the fact that it’s cold. I would expect your belly to be warm not ice cold.”

“I don’t know what to tell you,” stated Jessica. “Now can we go to sleep? I’m pretty tired.”

“I bet,” said Anya. “I’ll help you open your tent.”

They go about their plans looking for a good night sleep, but little do they know that they’re being watched.

“Sir, the girl is down there,” called a Rocket Grunt.

“Good,” smirked Dr. Namba. “We’ll let her have her fun. We won’t need her for nine months anyway, but in the meantime I think we found two more candidates for our last two pills.”

“What about the guy with the Houndour?” asked the Grunt.

“He’s a new trainer, like the girls,” Namba seemed unconcerned. “He shouldn’t be a problem at all. When it is daylight we’ll single them out and make these girls parents to be.”

To be continued…
Well, Pokemon X & Y have officially launched so as mentioned in my journal here is the remake of PPG #1. PPG #2 will be out tomorrow and #3 when I get it done. Now off to my new adventure with my Fennekin.
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Pokémon PG: Kanto Adventures #2: First Pokémon and Lynn’s Pregnancy!

Route 1

Jessica woke up in her tent wearing pajamas that unlike her regular clothes were not refitted for her size. Her shirt reached just below her ribcage and her pants rested underneath her belly. She gave her belly a quick pat before trying to get up. Once up she looked herself over. She examined her bra to see if it were still fitting properly. It wasn’t just her stomach that got too big for her shirt, her breasts expanded as well.

These babies got way bigger after I got this thing forced in my belly, thought Jessica to herself. When I was home I exploded out of my bra but when I got my clothes refitted everything seems to be fitting right. Well, except for my PJs but I don’t need them to cover my belly while I’m sleeping. I guess I’ll just have to live with this. When I give birth I’ll raise the Pokémon on my team and use it to lead myself to the championship!

Just as she thought to herself something happened. The egg inside began moving. It felt funny at first but she got used to it. The other day she was down, but this feeling changed her look on things.

“Lucas!” yelled Jessica to her brother.

“Are you all right?” asked Lucas.

“Your future nephew or niece is moving within me!” said Jessica joyfully.

“Nephew or niece?” he questioned. “Are you serious? You expect me to call a Pokémon a nephew or niece?”

“Why not?” she asked. “It may not be human but it’s growing in me nonetheless, which makes it family.”

“…,” sighed Lucas. “Fine, if it’s that important to you.”

“It is,” said Jessica. “What should I name it? Sure it’s a Pokémon but people nickname their Pokémon. Oh, it’s moving again! Feel it!”

Jessica grabs her brother’s hand and presses it on her belly. The movement was visible outside her belly. She did have a large egg inside her after all, the whole thing was moving at once.

“Wow it’s very strong.” He was surprised. “How can you stand it? It must hurt.”

“It doesn’t!” She put her hands on the sides of her belly. “It’s so great!”

“Bulbasaur!” yelled Anya. “Use vine whip, now!”

“Huh, what’s going on?” asked Jessica.

“A Pokémon wondered into our camp,” answered Lucas. “Anya is attempting to capture it.”

“Hmm, let’s see,” said Jessica pulling her Pokédex from atop her neatly folded clothes. “It’s that Sandshrew that Elena and I saved.”

“Really?” Lucas remembered seeing a Sandshrew at Professor Oak’s lab.

Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokémon. Sandshrew’s body is configured to absorb water without waste, enabling it to survive in an arid desert. This Pokémon curls up to protect itself from its enemies.

“Oh,” said Jessica.

Sandshrew followed the quartet through Route 1. It knew that one of these trainers saved it and wasn’t sure who, but felt it belonged with the group. Bulbasaur tackled into Sandshrew but nothing happened. Sandshrew then scratched Bulbasaur making it stagger back a bit. With her fists clenched Anya commanded Bulbasaur to use vine whip. In an act of defense Sandshrew curled up into a ball and was repeatedly struck by the vicious grass-type attack it was greatly weak against.

“What’s going on?” asked Anya.

“Its defense curl,” replied Lucas. “It’s a move that raises the defense of the Pokémon using it. Vine whip should be still effecting Sandshrew but it’s getting weaker every time defense curl is used.”

“Looks like you’re in a predicament,” giggled Jessica who was still holding her belly. “What are you gonna do to get out of this one?”

“Well, I have one idea,” answered Anya. “I checked Bulbasaur’s moves and it has one move that I didn’t think a starter would have. Bulbasaur let’s get things back in our favor. Use attract!”

“Attract?” wondered Jessica.

“Bulba!” called Bulbasaur as it winked with a bit of a devious smile just as a number of pink hearts swirled around it.

The hearts then floated over to Sandshrew circling around it. In a bright flash of pink the hearts entered the mouse Pokémon. It uncurled itself showing signs of attract working with its love struck look in its eyes. It just stood there as Bulbasaur moved in.

“Let’s vine whip it again!” commanded Anya.

Two long vines shot out from the bulb on Bulbasaur’s back and began whipping Sandshrew left and right. With the last strike Sandshrew fell over, with a glazed over look in its eyes. Anya withdrew one of her empty Pokéballs from her travel bag and threw it. The ball hit Sandshrew and when it popped open a red light sucked it inside. It hit the ground shaking a bit with a light flashing in the center button. Anya looked with Lucas as Jessica put on her hoodie. With a ping the Pokéball stopped shaking. As Anya went to pick up her Pokéball, Jessica noticed the way Lucas was looking at her.

“Hey, I see you’re eyeing a certain someone,” said Jessica with a smile on her face. “When did this come up?”

“What are you talking about?” asked Lucas.

“You’re staring at Anya, you love her I can see it,” giggled Jessica. “Don’t deny it!”

“Jess, just congratulate Anya,” sighed Lucas. “She caught her first Pokémon.”

“Yes!” yelled Anya jumping up and down.

“Admiring the scenery,” asked Jessica with a smile on her face.

“Will you stop already?” questioned Lucas. “We have to find you your next Pokémon.”

“Oh, all right,” pouted Jessica. “Spoil sport… Hey, where is Lynn?”

“She went to get some water,” replied Lucas.

By the River

Lynn kneeled at the river to drink some of the water. She enjoyed it, and after she finished she filled a container with water. Her Charmander walked around behind her, both are unaware that they were being watched.

“She’s a fine specimen,” said Dr. Namba hiding behind a bush. “Don’t you think so Cassidy?”

“Oh she’s just wonderful…,” answered Cassidy being sarcastic while holding her big belly that filled out her black Team Rocket uniform.

“She’s a little thinner than that Jessica girl,” said Namba.

“A little thinner?” snickered Cassidy. “The girl has no meat on her bones. She doesn’t even have boobs. Are you sure she hit puberty?”

“Why don’t you go ask her?” asked another voice.

“Butch, you watch your tune, or I’ll have you back scrubbing the bathroom floors at the Team Rocket hideout,” demanded Namba.

“Ehh, why me?” asked Butch.

Lynn stretched before she prepared to head for camp. She started to walk when something crossed her path. It was a serpentine Pokémon that resembles the larvae of the Spicebush Swallowtail. It is a green caterpillar with yellow ring-shaped markings down the sides of its body. It also had large yellow eyes with black pupils. Its most notable characteristic is the bright red antenna (osmeterium) on its head, which released a stench to repel predators. These and the large eye-shaped markings help to startle predators. Its feet are tipped with suction cups, permitting this Pokémon to scale most surfaces with minimal effort.

“Huh?” asked Lynn while pulling out her Pokédex.

Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon. Caterpie has a voracious appetite. It can devour leaves bigger than its body right before your eyes. From its antenna, this Pokémon releases a terrifically strong odor.

“You’re telling me.” Lynn held her nose shut. “Nevertheless I’m catching it! Charmander use ember!”

Charmander used its ember attack on Caterpie. With just one hit Caterpie is taken out, much to Lynn’s surprise.

“…,” sighed Lynn. “Are you serious, you’re that weak?! Well, I guess Pokéball go.”

Lynn picked up her Pokéball and thought about how she should train this Pokémon. Just before she could come up with an idea something brushed passed her.

“Rattata!” yelled another Pokémon from Lynn’s left.

“Mankey!” yelled another from her right.

“What’s the meaning of this?” asked Lynn.

The three members of Team Rocket that had been scoping out Lynn came out of hiding. Butch and Cassidy were partnered together when they entered the crime organization. They both wore the standard black uniform with a red ‘R’ issued to grunts. Butch had unusually green colored hair that was inch-long except for the bangs that covered his forehead. Cassidy’s hair was golden and stuck out sideways. She, like another Team Rocket member spotted by Lucas, was pregnant and fit well in her uniform. Apparently Team Rocket has maternity wear. Dr. Namba was a balding short man with fading light orange hair on the sides of his head with matching bushy eyebrows and mustache.

“You have been chosen,” replied Namba.

“Mankey, knock out Charmander!” commanded Butch.

Mankey quickly lashed out against Charmander and knocked it out.

“Rattata, tackle her!” Cassidy then commanded removing a hand from her belly.

Rattata tackled Lynn. She fell backwards landing on her butt. She winced in pain putting a hand on her back.

“Hold her down!” ordered Namba.

Butch and Cassidy both held down Lynn. Namba grabbed a container of water and walked up to her. He opened her mouth and put a pill in it.

“I’m sure your friend told you what happened, so I’ll save the details,” said Namba. “Enjoy!”

Namba put the container to her mouth and made her drink to swallow the pill. It quickly went down her throat. Lynn began to sweat as she felt a pain in her stomach. She indeed knew what was happening as Jessica explained it to her. She felt like her stomach had just filled with some kind of fluid, it made her feel nauseous. Her belly began to fill out more pulling her shirt up from underneath her belt and pushing the belt below her growing belly. The belt got tight as she gained more weight. Finally ending her growth she now looked nine months pregnant.

“Ohh,” moaned Lynn.

“Ha, ha, ha,” cackled Cassidy. “Even pregnant she has no boobs. This is so funny.”

“You bitch,” Lynn continued to moan.

“Quit your blabbering,” said an annoyed Dr. Namba. “Pick the girl up and let’s go before her friends come looking for her. I want to run some tests on her.”

Back at camp, the rest of the group prepared breakfast. All their Pokémon were out. Bulbasaur handed something to Squirtle with its vines while Pikachu and Houndour greet Anya’s newly caught Sandshrew. Pikachu went to say something when something caught its attention. Its ears twitched and it turned its head.

“What is it Pikachu?” asked Lucas.

Pikachu looked around and pinpointed what caught its attention. It turned back to Lucas and pointed. Pikachu then ran in the direction of the river that Lynn went to get water. Lucas ran off following Pikachu with Houndour right behind him. Jessica and Anya noticed this.

Anya put a pot down she had over a fire, “Lucas, what is it?”

“Something is wrong down by the river,” explained Lucas. “I’ll check in on Lynn, you stay here a protect Jessica.”

Lucas and his Pokémon proceeded to the river. They arrived in time to see Team Rocket attempting to lift an extremely pregnant Lynn into a truck. Her belly was the same size as Jessica’s but bigger than Cassidy’s. The Team Rocket duo struggled to lift Lynn into the back of the truck. She was too heavy for them and Cassidy was in no condition to do any heavy lifting.

“Will you put your back into it?” questioned Butch.

“Hey, you know I can lift anything this heavy while pregnant,” groaned Cassidy.

Lynn began moving around to make it harder to take her and she barked at them, “Don’t you dare call me heavy you cow!”

“Put her down you Team Rocket goons!” demanded Lucas entering the scene. “I won’t let you take her.”

“Huh?” Butch and Cassidy said together.

Houndour and Pikachu stood in front of Lucas. Houndour was growling while Pikachu stood with its hands clenched ready to fight. Team Rocket dropped Lynn, again making her fall on her butt. She winced more this time with added weight in this fall. The villains summoned their Pokémon for a double battle with Lucas.

“You think you can stop us?” asked Cassidy with a wicked smile. “You don’t stand a chance. Go Rattata!”

“Mankey!” shouted Butch. “Use karate chop on Houndour now!”

“Houndour, dodge it!” directed Lucas.

Although the Kanto Pokédex had little to no information on Houndour, Lucas knew that one of its weaknesses was fighting-type moves. Houndour pounced back as Pikachu flipped in front of Mankey with its cheeks sparking. With a strong thunder shock Pikachu sent Mankey soaring back. Rattata went after Pikachu but was intercepted by Houndour who shot its ember attack at it. The duo gritted their teeth as they watched their Pokémon be easily taken down. Houndour and Pikachu landed next to each other and united their respective attacks to strike Team Rocket at once. The thunder shock ember combo hit its mark sending both Rockets into the truck and their Pokémon back into them. Rattata landed on Cassidy’s belly causing her great pain.

“Ahh!” she screamed in agony. “It hurts so bad! I think I’m going into labor.”

“Hurry pick her up we must get out of here,” said Namba.

Butch dropped a smoke pellet and grabbed Cassidy. Team Rocket made their escape leaving the now pregnant Lynn behind. Lucas quickly walked over to Lynn to check on her. She was holding her back still after being dropped.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“My back hurts,” she cried. “I don’t know if I can get up.”

Lucas grabbed hold of Lynn and piggybacked her back to camp. He could feel her belly pressing into his back which made it hard to carry her but he managed to do it nonetheless. Anya was the first to notice it as she ran up to them. Jessica kept back but saw by Anya’s expression that something wasn’t right.

“Oh, my god Lynn!” said a shocked Anya cupping her hands over her mouth.

Anya helped Lynn out of Lucas’s arms. She held onto Lynn as she got a better look at her belly.

“It hurts,” cried Lynn.

“I know it does, but it will go away soon,” claimed Jessica.

“Come on let’s get you over to the bench,” says Lucas. “Anya can you massage her back? She was dropped pretty badly.”

Jessica sat next to Lynn and put a hand on Lynn’s belly. “Wow, Lynn you’re as big as me. I can’t believe Team Rocket got you too.”

“Yes, they jumped out at me from nowhere when I was catching a Caterpie,” said Lynn. “And made me swallow this pill that impregnated me.”

“It’s more than likely another Pokémon within you,” stated Lucas. “I wonder what they’re gonna do with these two.”

“Try and rule the world,” mentioned Jessica.

“Wait Jess, didn’t you say they needed three young women?” asked Anya.

“Yeah,” replied Jessica.

“Then that’s it…” sighed Anya. “They’re hiding somewhere in this forest and I’m they’re next target. They want me pregnant as well.”

“Don’t worry I won’t let them get to you,” said Lucas putting his arm around Anya.

“Aww, how cute,” smiled Jessica.

“Oh, god I have to pee wicked bad,” moaned Lynn. “Help me up please.”

Lucas and Anya helped Lynn near some bushes and let her do her business. Lucas walked over to Jessica to check up on her.

“So how are you feeling?” he asked

“Good, the baby stopped moving around,” replied Jessica. “I’m surprised an egg can move that much.”

“Well, we all have new Pokémon now, except for you,” said Lucas. “You need help looking around?”

“Nah, I think I’ll be fine,” she answered. “My ankles and back were hurting me but I seem fine now. It’s strange but I’m not complaining. I’ll look around.”

“That bitch was making fun of me being flat-chested,” Lynn told Anya. “And how they didn’t grow when I got pregnant, but seeing how big Jess’s got I’m kind of relieved.”

“Let’s eat breakfast cause we need to get moving,” explained Lucas. “We have another day before we’ll reach Viridian City and we want to get a little closer.”

“Eating sounds like a good idea,” said an enthusiastic Jessica.

And less enthusiastically Lynn added, “But walking sounds terrible.”

“Are we gonna even have enough?” joked Anya. “Us and two pregos…”

The group ate breakfast and then began to walk in the direction of Viridian City. They walked what seemed like forever to their pregnant companions. They only stopped for a short lunch break and when they came across a random Pokémon that passed them. It resembled a plant bulb with round, foot-like roots. It had a blue body and beady red eyes. Five large, green leaves sprouted from its head. These leaves are prehensile. It can use them to scale vertical surfaces and catch light objects.

“Oddish!” said the wild Pokémon.

“Oh a wild Pokémon!” yelled Jessica as she bent over putting her hands on her knees. “It’s an Oddish!”

Most pregnant women would find it hard to stay bent like this but Jessica moved around with great ease. It’s as if she weren’t pregnant at all.

“I so want it but it’s a grass-type,” Jessica stated. “It’s not a good match up with Squirtle. What should I do?”

She thought about it a second and decided to throw caution to the wind. She called out Squirtle and sent it after Oddish. Squirtle rolled out of the way of an absorb attack and then dove in with a tackle attack. After several tackle attacks and close calls Oddish is knocked down. Jessica threw her Pokéball and caught her first Pokémon. She picked it up with ease and threw her arm up joyfully making her belly pop out of her hoodie.

“I caught Oddish!” exclaimed Jessica who then pulled the hoodie back down.

Later that evening, the group chose a new base camp and started to set up. Jessica was now holding her back in pain. Anya walked with Jessica and helped her to a log that was set around a camp fire.

“I don’t understand,” cried Jessica. “Nothing was hurting the entire walk here and now all of a sudden I’m in pain again. My ankles are swollen. I don’t get it.”

“A lot of weird things have been discovered concerning human pregnancies with Pokémon,” stated Lucas. “All the trainers who have been impregnated experience different things. Some gain stamina from the Pokémon they carry, that maybe what happened and you just wore yourself out passed your limits.”

“Really?” asked Jessica. “How do you know that?”


Jessica looked at her brother suspiciously, “You’re involved in this somehow. How else could you know?”

“Are you trying to say I’m involved with Team Rocket?” asked Lucas a bit annoyed.

“No, no,” Jessica defended herself. “I’m just saying you know something about this. More then you’re letting us know anyway. Spill it! Lucas why am I pregnant? What have you been up to all this time you were away?”

“That’s right Jess told me you went to Johto,” Anya joined in. “Did you experience this over there?”

“Come to think of it you never told me any stories,” Jessica remembered.

“Uh…,” muttered Lucas. “Well, you see I never went to Johto…”

“What!?” shouted a shocked Jessica. “Then where have you been?”

“The Orange Islands,” replied Lucas.

“Wait why did you go there?” She was confused.

“Well, I was never to tell anyone this, but since you all are now involved in all this…,” he started. “Back when I started to head to Johto with my Charmander…”

Incoming Flashback

Lucas was taking one of the routes leading to the Johto region when he came across two women being attacked by a Fearow and its flock of Spearow. The first was a rather busty woman wearing a black blouse with a purple skirt. She had on heels, which Lucas believed was an odd choice for journeying through the route. She put an arm up to guard her face in which she wore glasses. She had lower back length red hair that was in a ponytail with two long bangs hanging to the side of her face and some that covered half of her forehead and pointed out to the right.

The second’s hair was just and long but there was more of it in comparison. Her hair was a silvery-blue. She wore a yellow top with black outlining around her cleavage that left her neck and midsection bare. One would think this woman was thin based on the top but she had a large pregnant belly hanging out of it. Her white pants were unbuttoned because of her belly and seemed to be fashioned with a number of yellow ovals that hung from the loops one would place a belt. She too was wearing heels which were more questionable since she was pregnant.

“No!” yelled the redheaded woman.

She looked as if she was brutally beaten, her Pokémon were laid out behind her.

“If those Rockets didn’t gang up on my Jynx and Cloyster I wouldn’t be in this mess,” cried the woman.

Lucas assumed that meant that someone attacked them before the Fearow arrived. He decided he needed to help.

“Charmander, use Ember on Fearow!” he commanded his Charmander.

Fearow took the hit and it seemed to do some damage, it must have been a weak Fearow. It dived in at his starter Pokémon with a fury attack and it seemed to be working on Charmander. They trained a lot but he didn’t think it was ready for an opponent like the one it was fighting.

“Kid, don’t let your Charmander get hurt over us!” yelled the woman.

“Relax we’ll protect you,” he said. “Charmander use scratch now!”

As Charmander swooped in, Fearow used a massive gust attack sending his Charmander falling back. It closed its eyes knowing it couldn’t take Fearow at its current level and wished hard that it could protect everyone.

“What?” he said as Charmander began to glow in a bright light.

“It’s evolving,” said the woman.

“No way!” He was amazed.

“Char!!!!!” it yelled as it finally grew. “Meleon!!!!”

“All right Charmeleon!” I yelled. “Use flame thrower on Fearow now!”

“Meleon!!!” it roared as it hit Fearow with all its might.

The Fearow fell out of the sky. Lucas quickly thought about catching it and pulled out a Pokéball.

“Fearow, your rampage ends here!” he stated. “Pokéball go!”

“That was excellent,” said the woman. “It always good to see a trainer work well with his Pokémon, my name is Lorelei and this is Karen. You may have seen our work with the Elite Four.”

“Wait I have,” said Lucas. “My name is Lucas.”

Lorelei was only two years older than him and Karen three, but they were already members of the Elite Four. Lorelei requested his assistance in getting them to her home in the Orange Islands, so he carried the heavily pregnant Karen to the docks nearby Pallet Town while Lorelei kept up the best she could with an injured leg and went on the ship with her. Lorelei was surprised he could carry Karen so easily with her newly increased weight. Lucas sat Karen down and watched in amazement as her bellybutton popped out.

“Team Rocket did this to you?” Lucas asked.

“Yes, they’re a group of thieves who plan to take over the world with the aide of Pokémon,” answered Lorelei. “They attacked the both of us. An elder looking man made Karen swallow a pill that made her like this and was close to doing it to me.”

While in the middle of the sea, something happened, an explosion. “What was that?” he asked.

“It’s probably them,” responded Lorelei. “They came to finish the job.”

Two Team Rocket members found them and unleashed two very powerful Pokémon. With Lorelei’s out of commission and Lucas’s Fearow fainted all that was left was Charmeleon and it was taken down in an instance. One of the goons grabbed him and held him down as the other went for Lorelei. He watched him open up her mouth shoving something down her throat. Then for no reason they fled.

“What the hell was that?” Lucas rushed for Lorelei. “Lorelei, are you okay?”

“Ahh, ahh, I’m gonna be sick,” she said as she ran for the side of ship.

She started throwing up and he stood behind her rubbing her back. After she finally stopped she turned to face him. Her blouse came unbuttoned and he could see a bump in her abdomen. He grabbed her and watched as her belly grew huge. She was pregnant.

“They succeeded,” she said. “All they wanted was to impregnate us, so we would be slowed down and incapable of ruining their plans.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he said rubbing her belly. “You’re really, really pregnant and in a matter of seconds.”

“I had a feeling this is what they were gonna do,” moaned Lorelei. “Lucas, when we get to my home I will explain everything to you.”

They got to her house. She explained that Team Rocket had been impregnating women all over Kanto and the Orange Islands. She said that she joined an elite force of trainers who had the authority to take down those who misused Pokémon and that after foiling many of Team Rocket’s plans they came for her and Karen planning to slow them down by giving them a pregnancy of their own. Time went on and he stayed in the Orange Islands living with Lorelei, who asked him to replace her in the Pokémon G-Men, and trained for the day he would meet up with Team Rocket. Knowing he would be faced with the situation, the G-Men thought him how to aide female trainers in labor when Karen was about to give birth. He delivered a Pokémon egg and was surprised to find Karen returned to her formerly well-toned physique she had before getting pregnant not showing any signs of having been.

One of the higher ups of the G-Men, Lance, discovered Team Rocket’s whereabouts. They were going to Shamouti Island which was surrounded by three other islands which Lance believed was the main target of Team Rocket’s.

“Lorelei, are you sure you want to come out here?” asked Lance. “I’m sure Lucas can handle himself, especially since he was trained under you.”

“I’ll be fine, just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t be out here,” replied Lorelei.

“So what’s so important about Shamouti Island?” wondered Lucas.

“It’s not Shamouti that’s the goal for Team Rocket,” replied Lorelei walking over to him. “Shamouti is the center of a small chain of islands. The three islands that form a triangle around it are sacred islands. To the north are Fire Island, southwest Lightning Island, and southeast Ice Island. Each island was rumored to be the home of one of the legendary bird trio. Team Rocket is looking to find proof of their existence and use it to further their goals.”

“The legendary bird trio?” he asked. “You mean Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres?”

“Yes, no matter what we most stop them at all costs,” said Lance. “Too many innocents have been cursed by their insanity.”

The battle began once they arrived. There were numerous amount of Pokémon on Team Rocket’s side. Lucas and Lance called out Charizard and Dragonite respectively. Also there was Bruno who sent out Hitmonlee, Karen now back to normal sent out Gengar. Attacks fired all over. The Pokémon belonging to the G-Men all swooped in and struck down as many Pokémon as they could but for each one that went down more showed up. As the battle raged a stray attack shot at their ship that only Lorelei was on. She was knocked off her feet and crashed into a wall.

“Ahh!” she yelled in great pain.

“No, Lorelei!” both Lance and Lucas yelled.

Lucas ran over and checked her. Her water had broken and she was in labor. Lucas would aide her while she gave birth. He would turn around every so often to give a command to Charizard. This went on until finally an egg came out of her. The G-Men managed to push Team Rocket back but they still got what they wanted. The other members of the G-Men tended to the clean up after the battle while Lucas tended to Lorelei.

“God it feels so great to get that thing out of me,” said Lorelei placing a hand on a now flat stomach.

“Here take it,” Lucas said.

“No, for everything you’ve done for me during this ordeal I want you to keep it,” she said. “Now that we can see a design I can clearly identify it. It’s a Houndour egg.”

“A Houndour, huh?” I questioned.

A year went by and Lucas had his Houndour trained and part of his team. The day came when Lucas was to return to Kanto, having been given a mission to investigate the whereabouts of Team Rocket. He waited outside Lorelei’s house with her and her assistant Daisy Oak, a jeep than pulled up with Karen sitting in the driver’s seat. Lorelei said goodbye to her apprentice and he opened the door to the jeep to find a surprise. Karen was pregnant again and three times bigger than her first time.

“Karen?” asked Lucas.

“It happened in Viridian City,” she answered rubbing her belly that pushed into the steering wheel. “The ultrasound says there are three eggs in here. Triplets… this will be painful. I expect to be due any day now, luckily I have the one person I trust to deliver my babies going back to Kanto with me. You’ll stick with me until then right?”

Lucas put a hand on her massive belly and noticed her pants unbuttoned, not because they didn’t fit but just for comfort. Karen blushed. With a final wave they drove off heading to the island’s port. Together they went aboard a cruise ship.

Lucas’s Flashback Ends

“I guess you’re story leads to us,” said Jessica. “Lynn and I are carrying one of the legendary bird trio? This is crazy.”

“Yeah,” answered Lucas. “Why don’t we get ready to call it a night? We still have a ways to go to get to Viridian City.”

Weeks Ago—Faraway Island

The one thing Lucas didn’t know was that while on the ship something was happening on a quiet island located far from civilization we find a small camp setup within its jungle. There were a number of people walking about the camp, all of whom had something similar about them. Their clothing had various different sized ‘R’s.  Team Rocket was searching for something yet again.

“Please tell me we found something,” said one of the female executives, who stood out with her stylized red hair that pointed up by the scalp and reached down to her upper-back where it was fashioned to go sideways. “I would like to return to Kanto as soon as possible. I’m sick of this overheated environment.”

She and the female grunts had an additional similarity, they were all pregnant. The executive, named Ariana, put one hand on her belly and the other on her back as she tried to sit down without hurting her back. She wore a long-sleeved white dress with a V-neck and diamond-shaped opening over her belly which all showed the black blouse she wore underneath to cover her skin. She also inexplicably wore a pair of knee-high boots in white leather with stiletto heels, again something a pregnant woman wouldn’t normally wear.

“I should have known those ruins were booby-trapped,” Ariana continued. “And with ironically something that impregnates women. I wonder what could be growing in here.”

“Based on the nature of the ruins I suspect it’s a Pokémon,” said another executive, this time a male with purple hair and matching goatee. “The creature that once resided within these walls is widely speculated to be the ancestor of all Pokémon. It is believed to be the creator of all Pokémon, the Pokémon known as Mew.”

Just then the sound of what seemed like the ground shaking underneath the ruins caught the two executives off guard. More grunts appeared running away from the ruins. Some of the female members were picked off their feet by other male grunts to aide in their escape.

“Petrel, what’s happening?” asked Ariana of her male counterpart. “We can’t afford another setback like we had in the Orange Islands. Giovanni will be furious with us.”

“Clear the ruins immediately!” exclaimed Petrel before noticing a pink orb exit the ruins.

The shocked expression on his face caught Ariana’s attention. She looked at the orb not sure of what it was. Nearby a mysterious young woman with brown hair tucked into two buns, wearing a strapless top that was white around the portions that covered her breasts, not including her cleavage, the rest of the top was blue and could be buttoned shut but couldn’t due to her round belly that struggled to fit in her white shorts that were over black leggings, watched on.

“Sheena,” called a voice from within her belly.

“Yes, Lord Arceus?” she answered.

“Those people wish to bring harm upon this world,” replied the one named Arceus that lived within her pregnant belly. “The Pokémon that once lived on this island is responsible for the existence of many of the creatures you know today. That pink orb is what is left of that Pokémon. Its spirit has been awakened and is in danger.”

“What will happen?”

“The spirit will leave the island and seek out a suitable host to reside within. I’m afraid even though it will safely get away, the villainous group Team Rocket will still gain what they seek, the essence of Mew. They will bend it to their will and use it to endanger the world. This is why I’ve brought you here child. I have chosen you to help prevent this from happening. Although you yourself cannot get directly involved with the conflict it will be up to you to guide chosen heroes in protecting the Pokémon world.”

Sheena watched on as the pink orb left the island and Team Rocket moved in on the ruins to discover what they set out for.

Out at Sea

While on the cruise ship, Lucas and Karen sailed to Kanto through the Orange Archipelago’s seas. Karen was lying out by the ships pool in a bikini that surprisingly fit. She had a hard time putting sun tan lotion on her massive belly so she asked Lucas for help. As he did so the pink orb from Faraway Island appeared and flew into Lucas’s back without his knowledge. Some symbols appeared on his back.


As quickly as they came they faded. Lucas finished putting lotion on Karen’s belly and she thanked him. Their adventure continued on as they entered Kanto and did some investigating in Team Rocket’s dealings before Karen finally went into labor again. Days after Karen gave birth to three eggs Lucas left on his own to keep an eye on Team Rocket on Route 1 before returning to Pallet Town and joining his current companions.

To be continued…
Here's the remake of #2. I currently have no predictions on #3's re-release date, working on it now while I play Pokemon X. I've now played all day and have yet to get to the second gym. Either this game is really long or I like exploring a lot. Current team: Braixen, Quilladin, Wartortle (with Mega Stone), Pancham, Honedge, and Tyrunt. I started with Fennekin and during my game play I tried Wonder Trade out putting up a Weedle. I didn't expect to get a Chespin out of it. Anyway hope you enjoy this remake and let me know how X & Y are going for you.
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Pokémon PG: Kanto Adventures #3: The Viridian Caper Part 1! Bellies All Around!!

Route 1

The two very pregnant members of the group, Jessica and Lynn, sat back and played with their Pokémon while Lucas and Anya stood a short distance away surveying the terrain. Lucas held in his hands a device known as a Pokégear. He was using its map function to find out where they were.

“So where are we?” asked Anya. “We’re running out of food and the girls are starving. They’re so hungry it’s starting to get scary. I think I saw them eyeing the Pokémon food.”

“Well, they are carrying Pokémon after all,” Lucas laughed. “Who knows what kind of crazy cravings they’re having.”

“I don’t want to even think about," Anya shook her head. “If I’m not careful I might end up like them and experience the cravings myself.”

She then puffed her belly out as far as she could to see what it would look like and poked her belly.

“Don’t worry I’ll do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Anya sent a smile his way. After looking into each other’s eyes they blushed and looked away.

“We’re…we’re almost to the city. It shouldn’t be too long before we get there and find a Pokémon Center to eat dinner and get some sleep.”

Jessica and Lynn watched as the two stood next to each other. Jessica held in her arms her Squirtle and Oddish, while Lynn’s Charmander sat at her side and her Caterpie crawled up her belly.

“Ha, that tickles!” Lynn laughed.

“You know I wish they would just admit their feelings for each other,” said Jessica. “They obviously like each other.”

“It’s not as easy for everyone to admit to things like that as it is for you,” Lynn answered. “You always jump before thinking. That big belly of yours is a result of that. Hell, my big belly is a result of your thought process. If you stayed out of the tall grass that Team Rocket group wouldn’t be looking to impregnate us.”

“Who would ever think that there were lunatics out there that wanted to knock up women to give birth to Pokémon?”

“Okay, guys,” Lucas said as he walked up to them. “The city shouldn’t be too far off. Do you feel okay enough to continue on?”

“I’m fine,” said Lynn as she stood up.

“My ankles are a little sore but to get some food I’ll do anything,” answered Jessica.

The group continued on their way to Viridian City. Although they were tired they were determined to reach the Pokémon Center. They walked along a road where they found a truck that was surrounded by a number of police motorcycles. Lucas went ahead of the others to see what was going on. There he found some police officers tending to Officer Jenny who appeared to be in labor in back of the truck. Her belly was barely being contained by her police uniform. The male officers weren’t prepared for this and were freaking out.

“What do we do?” asked one of them. “Our radios are out and we won’t make it to the city in time.”

“Deliver the baby!” exclaimed Lucas. “Is it really that hard to grasp? She about to give birth, get out of my way!”

The others caught up with them. Jessica jumped in the back of the truck with strange ease, “What’s the plan?”

“With how much pain she’s in I imagine she’s gonna lay the egg soon,” explained Lucas. “We’ll have to help her now and then once she’s given birth take her back to Viridian City. We’ll need someone to drive the truck.”

“I can do that,” said Anya.

“Jess, I want you to assist me,” he continued. “Lynn if Jessica can climb in here so can you. I want you to hold Officer Jenny’s hand. Don’t worry about her hurting your hand. Officers I need some kind of cloth doesn’t matter what and water.”

“We’re on it!” they exclaimed before spreading out.

Everyone did as they were told. The big moment got closer. Jessica wiped Jenny’s head with a wash cloth to remove the sweat running down her face. Lynn held her hand. Her hand was tightly squeezed by Jenny but it didn’t hurt. After some breathing and intense pushing Officer Jenny eventually pushed the egg out of her. Jessica found something to cover Jenny. With it done Anya got behind the driver’s seat of the truck and Lynn got in the passenger’s seat. Lucas sat in back of the truck with Jessica sitting in his lap.

“That was painful just looking at it,” stated Jessica. “I’m amazed at how you took command of the situation. You being trained by the G-Men is a good thing for everyone. It will be weird if I go into labor out on some random route and you’re my only option to deliver the Pokémon egg.”

Viridian City

They finally reached the city. And to their surprise they found something much unexpected.

“More pregnant women, now that’s refreshing,” Anya sarcastically said behind the driver’s seat of the truck.

Everywhere they looked women with round bellies walked through the city. There were girls the same age as them pregnant, as well as women much older with child or possible Pokémon child.

“Lucas, things aren’t looking up for me,” said Anya looking at a young woman who's round bare belly hung out of her top.

“What I’m not gonna change my lifestyle because some group wants me to carry a Pokémon in my belly,” said the young woman.

“Let’s just get Officer Jenny to a hospital…” Anya sighed.

Pokémon Center

Like the rest of the city the female trainers in the local Pokémon Center were all pregnant. And of them all, the center’s nurse was the biggest of them all. Nurse Joy, one of many from the Joy Family, sat behind the counter wearing her usual pink dress that surrounded her swollen belly. In her hands she folded a white apron that she was also usually seen wearing.

“Wow, Nurse Joy, you’re huge,” said Lucas.

“Yes, so huge that I can’t wrap my apron around me…” Joy sighed.

“I’m really not surprised she's this big,” Lucas thought to himself. “The Joys are known to be very fertile women.”

Nurse Joy looked at the four trainers and was surprised to see the still skinny Anya. Then she saw Jessica and Lynn. Of all the women in the city, she knew that she was the largest when it came to belly size. All the other trainers have had normal sized bellies for a pregnant woman but these two girls were huge, not as huge as her but close. How they were able to walk was beyond her comprehension.

“You’re new to Viridian City,” started Joy. “You’re welcome to stay here but I hate to say I’m unable to provide care for your Pokémon. As you can see I’m unable to stand. I’m surprised you two can and even more that you’re not pregnant.”

“Guess I’m just lucky for the time being,” said Anya. “What happened here? How is everyone pregnant? This is unbelievable.”

“It is indeed,” Joy began to rub her belly. “Other than Team Rocket’s involvement, no one knows what really is going on. There are no reports of Rocket members running in the streets shoving impregnation pills down the throats of women.”

“Isn’t anyone helping you here?” asked Lucas. “Where are your male nurses? Unless they’re somehow able to get knocked up now there’s no reason for them not to be here.”

“All the members of my staff have not shown up for work in days,” replied Joy. “I don’t know why. I’ve talked to Jenny and she's tried to investigate but her hands are full with this bigger situation.”

Our heroes and Nurse Joy are approached by another young woman. To the surprise of the quartet, she wasn’t pregnant. She wore a bright purple long sleeve shirt underneath a black short sleeve shirt. There were purple Pokéballs on the sleeves of the black shirt. The purple shirt was long and covered a small portion of her baggy black pants that had matching purple Pokéballs above her knees. She had two black belts that hung diagonally off her hips, with one having an actual Pokéball on it. She wore a black choker with what looked like a pendulum hanging from it. She also had fingerless fishnet gloves that covered her forearm and over them three bracelets each, two black with a purple one in the middle.

She placed a toolbox on the counter, “I was finally able to fix that electrical problem, and then I helped that severely injured Pidgey. It should be fine for now.”

“Thank you Emi,” said Joy. “It seems you’re no longer the only non-pregnant woman in the city.”

Emi, as she was called, looked at Anya, “Well that’s a surprise. Usually new trainers are already pregnant when they come here. I’m Emi. I’ve been helping Nurse Joy around here.”

“I’m Anya, these two big bellied girls are Jessica and Lynn and this is Jessica's twin brother Lucas.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Emi.

“If you need any help with the Center I’ll gladly volunteer,” stated Lucas.

She smiled at the thought of having help, “It would be much appreciated. Some of the girls have been helping me here and there but in their condition they find it hard to stay on their feet for a long period of time.”

Nurse Joy looked at Emi, “Emi, why don’t you take a break? And show our new friends here the kitchen.”


Moments later the five teenagers were sitting next to each other at a table in the kitchen.

“So, Emi why aren’t you pregnant when everyone else is?” inquired Anya.

“I honestly don’t know,” she said. “I’m actually native to Viridian and over the past month I watched women of all shapes and sizes swell. I personally watched Nurse Joy’s flat belly grow to the round shape it is now. It was crazy watching her skin stretch the way it did.”

“Yeah, we’ve witnessed it ourselves,” Lynn rubbed her belly.

Our heroes ate together while Emi sat and watched. She only had a bottle of water, which she took a sip of while everyone else ate.

“There’s plenty more where that came from so don’t be afraid to have more,” she said. “Those little guys in your bellies are probably starving after traveling with no food.”

“Why aren’t you eating?” asked Jessica.

“I’m actually a health fanatic, so there’s only certain things I’ll drink and eat,” Emi answered.

“So are you a trainer?” asked Anya. “Do you have your own Pokémon?”

“I do,” answered Emi. “My mom gave birth to a Pokémon egg and gave it to me. It hatched into an Abra.”

“Then let’s battle!” exclaimed Anya.

“I would…but…”

Anya was confused by her lack of enthusiasm, “If you have a Pokémon with you, you should battle with it. What’s wrong?”

“Well…I haven’t been able to successfully train it yet,” she replied. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Battling is good way to get in some training. I haven’t had my first battle yet so this would be a learning experience for me.”

“Hmm…I guess.”

Later, behind the Pokémon Center, our heroes have gone out to the battlefield used by trainers to battle and train their Pokémon. A number of trainers have gathered in the stands, a good portion of them pregnant trainers. Among them sat Jessica and Lynn, while Anya stood on the battlefield across from Emi. Lucas stood in the referee’s position.

Jessica rubbed her belly as she looked over to Lynn, “Feeling more comfortable now?”

“Definitely,” Lynn said as she rubbed her own belly.

Lynn found another shop that specialized in Pokémon pregnancy like the one they went to for Jessica. She had her clothes refitted so they would be more comfortable. What she found strange was that the same clerks from before were there as well.

“The following will be a one-on-one battle,” said Lucas. “Now bring out your Pokémon!”

Emi threw an arm in front of her sending the Pokéball containing her Pokémon to the field, “Abra, let’s go!”

From the ball popped out a bipedal Pokémon that loosely resembled a fox. It had two short, fox-like ears on the top of its head, and in the middle of its face, it had two eyes which are usually seen shut. It had a somewhat lighter color around its nose and mouth. It looked like it is wearing armor, as it had two pauldron-shaped pieces on its shoulders and a fauld-like piece around its chest. It had three fingers on each hand and three toes, two in the front on either side, and one in the back near the ankle. It also had a tail, which is fairly thick and is the same gold color as the rest of its body, except for the brown band that is located around the top of the tail.

Anya pulled her Pokédex from her pocket to get some info on the Pokémon.

Abra, the Psi Pokémon. Using its psychic power is such a strain on its brain that it needs to sleep for eighteen hours a day. It senses impending attacks and teleports away to safety before the actual attacks can strike.

“Eighteen hours?” Anya thought to herself. “That’s some nap. Okay, let’s see. Abra is a psychic Pokémon so Bulbasaur’s secondary type of poison would make it a bad match up. That’s leaves me with one option.”

Anya picked a Pokéball and pressed the center button to make it bigger. She then threw it and in a flash of light popped out Sandshrew.

“Sand!” exclaimed the Pokémon.

“It’s Abra versus Sandshrew, battle begin!” exclaimed Lucas.

“Sandshrew, sand attack!” ordered Anya.

The Pokémon dug its claws into the ground and sent a flurry of sand Abra’s way. The sand hit its mark.

Anya smiled and threw a hand up, “Now hit it with scratch!”

“Abra, teleport!” commanded Emi.

As Sandshrew dove in for Abra it vanished. Sandshrew looked around with a bit of confusion. Anya was shocked that Abra disappeared like it did.



Abra reappeared behind Sandshrew but did absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, Emi’s Pokémon only knew the one move. Anya was unaware of this and continued to go on the offensive.

“Sandshrew, attempt scratch again!” exclaimed Anya.

It followed the command and nailed Abra with a strong enough attack to make it fall over and faint.

“Huh? That was it?” Anya seemed a bit disappointed.

“Sorry, Anya but that’s all my Abra knows,” explained Emi. “And I haven’t caught any other Pokémon so it’s been really hard training it.”

“We want a real battle!” exclaimed the crowd.

Jessica looked around, “Well, that didn’t go over well.”

A woman with neck-length black hair, wearing a white and purple robe that was filled with a pregnant belly stood up, “I’m not gonna let this pregnancy hold me back. I’ll take anyone on!”

“Wow, someone’s eager to put on a show,” laughed Lynn. “I’m actually surprised she has her belly completely covered.”

“Lucas, you should battle her,” Jessica said to her brother. “You probably have the most battle experience here.”

She pushed her brother onto the battlefield.

“I guess I’ll battle you, since my sister is so instant on seeing me in action,” Lucas shook his head.

“I’ll be the referee,” Jessica said taking position. “Now pick your Pokémon.”

“I am Psychic Laura,” said the pregnant trainer. “Let me show you the power of my Pokémon! Drowzee, stand tall!”

Drowzee, the Hypnosis Pokémon. Said to be a descendant of a dream-eating tapir. It was the first Pokémon to use a combination attack like Hypnosis and Dream Eater.

“A Drowzee, huh?” Lucas pulled out a Pokéball from his belt. “I got just the Pokémon for the job. Houndour, let’s show them how it's done! Use bite!”

“Drowzee confusion!”

Drowzee waved its hands and its eyes began to glow. It unleashed its confusion but Houndour ran forward unfazed. It leaped up and bit Drowzee on the arm. It cried in pain as Houndour dug into its arm with its fangs.

“Why didn’t confusion work?” asked Psychic Laura.

Drowzee fainted from the bite attack and Houndour walked over to its trainer who answered the psychic, “Houndour are quite rare in Kanto. Outside of Kanto three new types have been discovered. Fairy-type over in the Kalos region which we have just learned some Pokémon in Kanto actually are really typed. For instance Jigglypuff is a dual-type of normal and fairy. Than in Johto they discovered steel-type which Magnemite and its evolution line have been reclassified as and then dark-type which my Houndour is. Dark-types are super effective against psychic-type Pokémon.”

“No way!” yelled Laura.

“Fairy-type?” asked Jessica. “I want one! How do you know what’s being discovered in Kalos?”

“With Lorelei as my teacher she made sure I knew everything there was to know about Pokémon typing,” answered Lucas.

Later in the Evening

Night has fallen over Viridian City and our heroes have gone back inside the Pokémon Center to eat dinner and now are ready to go to bed. Jessica and Lynn discussed something before they're joined by Emi. They talked to her as Anya stepped out of her room. They then looked at her with wicked smiles on their faces.

“What?” asked Any before being pounced on. “Hey, what the hell? Get your hands of my clothes!”

Jessica grabbed the doorknob to Lucas’s room and together the three girls pushed in a naked Anya inside. With the door slammed behind her she quickly covered herself with her arms.

“Anya, what are you doing?” Lucas looked her up and down. “You’re naked.”

“Yeah, thanks to our knocked up traveling companions,” Anya blushed.

She turned around and tried to open the door. This left her butt uncovered and caused Lucas to blush.

“Damn it, they locked the door,” she sighed. “Now I’m butt-naked in a guy's room. I should have never told them how I felt. This is so embarrassing.”

“Felt about what?” he asked.

She turned around, “Abo…About you and me. I told Jess and Lynn that I had a crush on you and well they took it upon themselves to try and put us together. I don’t know why they think shoving me in here naked will help things…”

“So you have a crush on me?” he approached her.

“What? I… Umm… Yeah…” her face became even redder.

Anya nervously looked away. Her head was turned back to him when he put a hand to her chin. He then kissed her.

“I’ve felt the same way for quite some time now.”

Lucas went over to his bag and pulled out a shirt that would be long enough to completely cover her.

“Thanks,” said Anya. “This was really…embarrassing…”

“What’s wrong?”

Anya held her midsection in pain. Lucas watched as her breasts inflated. She than gripped the bed as her flat stomach began to swell starting with the lower half and then growing all the way out. She like her other companions was now pregnant but not nearly as big as them.

“Oh, my god…” she muttered.

Lucas was a bit shocked. “What but we haven’t come across Team Rocket since yesterday.”

“I’m pregnant…no…I don’t understand why this is happening…How could this happen?"

“I don’t know, babe.”

“God I must look repulsive,” she cried.

“No, you're still as beautiful as ever,” he put his hands on her round belly and witnessed her bellybutton pop out. “I’ll help you through this.”

The next morning, the two of them sat on the balcony outside the room. Anya was wearing a pair of Lucas’s boxers with the shirt he gave that covered her belly.

“I’m not as big as Jess or Lynn,” she said rubbing her belly. “I guess its cause I didn’t get pregnant the same way they did. But how did I and everyone in this city get this way? And why is Emi unchanged? She lives here.”

“There’s gotta be something she’s not doing that everyone else is,” he quietly thought to himself for a moment. “Wait she said she was a health fanatic. She’s picky about what she eats and drinks. Like her water she drank was manufactured. So she’s not drinking the city’s water which is something everyone here uses, including you.”

“Oh, my god it’s in the water.”

They are finally joined by Jessica and Lynn who smiled as they walked in. Their smiles quickly faded when they noticed Anya's pregnant belly.

“Anya, when did this happen?” asked Lynn.

“While I was stuck in here with Lucas,” she simply answered. “Thanks for locking me in here by the way.”

“It worked didn’t it?’ Jessica laughed when she noticed the two of them holding hands. “And I already knew no little old pregnant belly would change my brother’s thoughts. Speaking of a little belly…that's so not fair.”

“Anya, you’re pregnant…” Emi stepped onto the balcony. “Guess I’m back to being the only non-preggy left.”

“I think we figured out how everyone is getting pregnant,” stated Anya. “It’s in the water supply. Team Rocket must have put something in the water. It makes perfect sense. It explains why you’re not pregnant.”

“That’s a good theory,” replied Emi. “Lucas, a woman by the name of Lorelei is asking for you. She wants me to take you to her.”

“Lorelei’s here?” asked Lucas. “We need to see her and tell her what’s going on.”

A little later the group waited in the Pokémon Center’s lobby as Anya joined them now in her regular clothes that appeared to still fit.

“I’m surprised my clothes fit as well as they do,” Anya lightly tugged on the top of her pants. “My pants are a little snug but that’s fine.”

“Glad to see you’re taking this easy,” said Lynn.

“Yeah, what’s to worry about?” asked Anya. “You guys are pregnant and you seem fine. If you can walk down these long routes then so can I. How do I look Lucas?”

“Great,” Lucas kissed her.

Jessica and Lynn smiled. Emi signaled for them to head out. She guided them to where Lucas’s mentor Lorelei was staying. As they moved on Anya walked in the back. The group doesn’t notice that members of Team Rocket sneaked up from behind and grabbed her. They reached Lorelei’s place and entered. Lucas stayed back to help Anya in.

“Hey, where’s Anya?” he looked around for her. “I thought she was behind us.”

“I thought so to,” said Jessica.

Emi stepped out, “I’ll go look for her. Go talk with your friend.”

Emi left the three of them to see Lorelei. They headed in. Jessica and Lynn meeting her for the first were surprised to see how busty Lorelei was. She wore a black blouse with a purple skirt. Her red hair was held up in a ponytail and her glasses complimented her blue eyes. The biggest feature was the round belly that rested in her blouse. An even bigger surprise was the fact that she was wearing high-heels.

“Aren’t your ankles swollen?” asked Jessica. “I can’t imagine walking in high-heels while pregnant being comfortable.”

“Believe it or not they don’t hurt as much,” replied Lorelei. “It’s nice to finally meet you girls. Wasn’t there another?”

“Emi, is searching for Anya right now,” Lynn patted her own belly. “I hope she is all right.”

Lucas stepped into the conversation, “Lorelei, I see you’ve gotten to experience Viridian’s problem.”

“That I have,” she said. “This is my fourth pregnancy, second in Viridian.”

“Fourth?” the groups said together.

“Whatever is affecting the people of this city is affecting them in different ways,” explained Lorelei. “Some give birth quicker, some give birth to multiples. My second pregnancy resulted in me carrying three eggs and the third two. I think this one might be just one. I’m hoping.”

“I think we figured out what’s causing the infinite amount of pregnancies,” Lucas put a hand on Lorelei’s belly and felt movement. “Team Rocket has put something in the water.”

Lorelei stroked her chin, “Hmm…if we could find their base of operations we might be able to reverse what they’ve done.”

“Guys!” Emi burst into the room. “They got her. Team Rocket got Anya!”

“What?!” Lucas became angered. “I’m going back to the Pokémon Center and getting a hold of Professor Oak! They’ll regret taking her!”

Team Rocket HQ

Anya hung chained to a wall. She was approached by Team Rocket’s mad scientist Professor Namba who held a pill similar to the ones used on Jessica and Lynn. He put it in her mouth and made her swallow it. As he walked away Anya’s belly began to grow again. The button on her pants burst off sending it across the room. And her hoodie no longer could contain her belly as it now reached to her ribcage.

To be continued…
Well I looked it over and I didn't feel the need to add too much. I thought it looked good enough that I could add a little and then move on to #4.
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
We have been telling stories since our kind first learned how to speak. Huddled around each other in the warmth of our homes, we spin tales of love and heroism, inspiring fables, and historical embellishments. Many are the narratives we craft, and for many different reasons, but tonight, you will hear an account that fits among the darkest types of these sagas. The ghost story, the tragedy, the cautionary tale; these are the legends we tell our children to instill caution and wisdom, and to remind ourselves that while the world holds great wonders, it also holds great terrors...

On a sodden, wind-swept hillside, three travelers huddled together. The storm pelted they and their wagon's horses with torrents of raindrops, soaking them to the bone. More than once, the wooden wheels of their transport had nearly become mired in the washed out road. To stop would be to risk being washed away by a flash flood or freeze in the cold; all they could do was press onward, though the road signs had been uprooted by the wind.

"We can't go on like this!" Miriam shouted, holding her hood down protectively over her face. "We've got to get out of this weather, girls!"

"Where are we supposed to go?! The next town is ten miles away!" shouted Marinah, her firm grip on the reins keeping the horses calm.

Gabriel did her best to keep the lantern lit. Though its light was miniscule, it was all that prevented them from steering off the road itself and plummeting into any of several deep ravines. "There has to be a lumberjack or someone in these woods!" she cried, her optimism unquenchable by even the drenching tempest.

A lit window appeared off the road up ahead, and Miriam pointed. "There!" As the exhausted horses pulled them closer, they saw it was cast from the top floor of the turret in what appeared to be a castle-like mansion. Its gray stone towers loomed high above them, melding into the black sky as they stretched away from the light they carried.

"Who'd be living in a castle in the middle of nowhere?" Gabriel asked.

"Who cares?! We can finally get out of this rain!" Marinah snapped.

Without waiting for permission, they drove their wagon, carriage and all, into the nearby stable, hurrying into the castle through an adjoining side door that had been left unlocked. They stood on a bare tiled floor, catching their breath and wringing out their soggy cloaks.

"This doesn't feel right," said Gabriel, feeling like an intruder in the magnificent, if empty, home.

Miriam chuckled. "Well, you can stand outside if you insist on being so proper," she chided. She took off her cloak and sweater, hanging them to dry on a hook. "Myself, I'd like to stay where it's warm, though we should probably introduce ourselves to the master of the house."

"Anyone here?" Marinah shouted, the entire room echoed and bats flew around the room. Gabriel shook her head and stayed close to the other ladies.

A tall, gaunt man with heavy gloves and a white coat appeared at the top of the stairs in the next room. "Who in blazes is in here?" he roared, wrenching the goggles off his face to see in the dim light. "Can't you see I'm trying to work!?"

"He's busy, we should-" Gabriel pulled on her friend's arm, but Marinah interrupted her.

"We just need a place to stay for the night!" she shouted. "It's too stormy for our horses to carry on!"

The man's angry voice softened upon seeing his visitors. "Ah...!" He bowed grandly, his long white coat sweeping the ground. "Forgive my rudeness. Please, come in! Make yourselves at home... I thought you were someone else."

"Come on..." Marinah grabs Gabriel's hand and pulls her along. "I'm Marinah" She lifted up Gabriel's hand "This is Gabriel, and over there is Miriam."

Miriam curtsied. "Pleased to meet you!"

"The pleasure is all mine, good ladies," the man smiled. "I am Doctor Lucius Ingham, and this is my home and workshop. I am a student of many sciences that outsiders deem... impractical."

"We won't need to stick around that long. Just for tonight - we'll leave first thing in the morning," said Marinah

"I would only be too pleased to accommodate you... right this way." He gestured toward the second floor. The three ladies followed the scientist, but Gabriel remained unsure about their host. There was something odd about him, a hint of insincerity or even sarcasm in his unerringly polite tone of voice.

He led them to a doorway off the upper hallway, ushering them inside. "This will be your room for the night. I apologize for the darkness; if you'll just step inside, I'll fetch a fresh lantern for you."

"Thank you," said Marinah, pulling Gabriel into the room while Miriam went in with no worries.

"See? He's not so bad. And this is certainly better than being outside," said Miriam.

The door swiftly shut behind them, casting them into utter blackness. The click of a lock was clearly heard. "Oh god!" shouted Gabriel. Her friends knew she was terrified of the dark, but even they were shocked when she immediately panicked and started to slam her fists on the door. "Let us out! Let us out!"

The other two girls tried to calm her, as her fear was somewhat contagious. They knew they needed to keep their heads if they wanted to make it through this. After a few minutes of pounding on the door, a harsh panel of light flicked on in the ceiling, revealing a bare wooden room. The doctor grinned at them behind a thick pane of glass set above head-height in the far wall.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Miriam shouted.

"You three lovelies are going to help me in an exciting experiment," he explained, all warmth vanished from his voice. "An experiment concerning some rather exotic fauna I've come across. The samples are rather easy to store, but I've had no luck in developing them through artificial means..."

"What do you mean?" Marinah asked, while Gabriel sagged onto the ground and started to cry in fear.

"Showing is so much easier than telling," he grinned, opening a small port by him and throwing a jar into the room, which shattered on the ground in a spray of opaque gray slime.

Marinah and Miriam moved out of the way as the gray slime splattered on the floor and started to move. Slowly, it flowed toward them, leaving the pile of broken glass behind. It extended curious pseudopods as if to smell the air, and the two backed away. It oozed closer to Gabriel, still curled up in the fetal position, paralyzed from the fear of her kidnapper.

Miriam and Marinah shouted the girl's name, prompting her to look up and scream when she saw the slime. She tried to weakly crawl away, but the slime latched onto her legs and began to make its way up her leg. She swatted at it, but her fingers slid through the insubstantial goo without even budging it. Backing into the wall, she and the others watched in horror as it disappeared up her skirt.

"Oh, god... oh god!" she screamed out. "It's going in me!"

Miriam looked to the scientist, powerless to stop the creature from violating Gabriel. "What are you doing to her?!" she demanded.

"Making her into an incubator!" he declared. "That slime seems to have trouble surviving even when I give it all the water it wants... but I suspect that an organic host should prove far more effective than a simple glass jar." He threw his head back and laughed as Gabriel clutched her stomach. It started to swell up like a balloon, agony written on her face. "Yes! How did I never think of it before, it's brilliant!"

"Stop this! We didn't do anything to you!" shouted Marinah.

Lucius huffed indignantly, looking down his nose at them. "You think this some sort of punishment? Some petty revenge for invading my home unannounced? I am beyond such trifles as those - this is a gift, my dear. You will be the first to help me prove that such creatures can exist in our world!"

Miriam ran over to the window, clawing at the wall beneath the glass. "Stop this, you monster! I'll kill you for this, I swear!" She screamed and cursed as she jumped and grasped, but there were no handholds for her to use to get closer to him, or even to touch the glass that protected him.

"Tsk, tsk - so impudent! I'll give you something to occupy yourself, as well - I never let this little guy out much, I'm interested to see how he'll react to you..." He pressed a button, a small door opening near the floor. Out scuttled what looked to be a flat-bodied spider with a long, segmented tail.

Marinah saw the tiny horror, and backed herself against a wall. "What is that thing?!"

"I'm not entirely sure myself," Ingham admitted. "Do let me know what you discover, won't you?" The critter paced around confusedly before setting its sights on Marinah. It bent its legs, curled the long tail beneath itself. With a snapping sound, it shot toward her, its spindly legs clinging to the front of her torso. Marinah squealed loudly and tried to pull the creature off her. Her struggles irritated it, and it stuck her in the stomach with a slender stinger on the end of its tail.

"Marinah!" Miriam shouted, running to her aid. She grabbed onto the creature and tried to pull it off. Catching it off guard, Miriam managed to rip the creature off her friend, only to stumble backward with the flailing bug-like creature's limbs dancing in the air. Its tail wrapped around her waist, using the leverage to pull itself free and wrap its legs around the back of Miriam's head.

Marinah slipped onto the floor, arms around her stomach as Miriam started to bang the back of her head against the floor violently in a desperate attempt to crush the creature's legs. Her efforts only convinced the hideous thing to grip harder. While muffled, she could still breathe through her nose, even when she felt a fleshy tube extending into her mouth. Miriam bit down on the fleshy tube as hard as she could, but it seemed to be ribbed with thick cartilage, her teeth doing little more than squeezing the organ for a moment. It pulsed against her tongue as it probed outward more toward the back of her throat. It swelled with a rigid mass her throat bulging grotesquely as she choked and collapsed onto the floor, the spider tensing and untensing as it delivered its payload into her body.

"Mwahahaha! Fascinating, absolutely fascinating!" the scientist cackled. "I'd never have guessed it could deliver a xenomorphic embryo in such a unique way!"

All the while, Gabriel had continued changing. Softly sobbing, she'd been forced to watch as her womb swelled out before her, hands grasping uselessly under her dress as more and more of the syrupy gunk passed through her fingers and into her body's temple. Her fragile corset had sundered under the strain, relinquishing the vast orb of her pale fecundity, drenched in a cold sweat and quivering from the movement of its gelatinous occupant.

Mustering some small piece of courage, Gabriel began to crawl across the floor toward Miriam, who lay still on the floor as her body fought the small dose of paralyzing venom she'd been dosed with from the sting. Gabriel's belly, noticeably larger than a full-term pregnancy, dragged on the ground as she went, her unwanted progeny squirming in protest. Marinah groaned in agony as her belly, too, started to swell up.

Lucius eyed the small sting on Marinah's side where the tail of the creature had stuck her. "Interesting... looks like it can inject its DNA directly. But then, what did it put into Miriam?"

Miriam gasped and coughed as the spider-thing finally released her, a thick fluid drooling from the corner of her mouth. The creature rolled over, its life force spent. She sat up dazedly, hearing her stomach groan oddly. She felt fuller, as if the thing she'd been force-fed was somehow expanding.

"What did you do to us?!" Gabriel screamed out.

"Isn't it obvious!?" he cried, watching as Marinah continued to round out. "You've become carriers for some of the rarest creatures in the world, things that shouldn't exist! You're testament to my genius!" He cackled maniacally.

"You bastard!" Miriam growled.

"Ingrate! Why don't you still your tongue and get back to growing my creations?"

"Never!" Gabriel picked up a long shard of glass, heart hammering in her chest as she followed what she saw as the only course left to her. She made a small but painful cut near her navel, the slime seeping out of the fast-bleeding wound.

"No!! You stupid wench, where am I going to find another host for that thing!?"

Gabriel panted and sweated, crying out deliriously as she made the cut longer and deeper. She started to feel dizzy as she lost blood, eventually passing out. The blood-soaked ooze pooled around her, bubbling in confusion as its host's heart began to slow.

Marinah breathed heavily as lumps and bumps form on her belly. The adrenaline released from her panic fought off the last of the drug in her system, and she pulled open her dress, watching mutely as a long, snakelike body writhed under her skin. "Ahhh, it's hurting! Please, make it stop!" she cried out.

"Too late for that, my little pet," Lucius chuckled. He watched with sudden interest as the slime leaked out of Gabriel, gliding across the floor in a thin trail to the struggling Marinah.

Miriam crawled slowly to her friends, seeing the slime's interest in entering Marinah. "You bastard..." she whispered over and over, chanting it like a mantra as her body erupted in pain. A feeling of severe heartburn accompanied an unwelcome wriggling behind her ribcage. "My chest.... Oh god, what's in my chest?!"

"This should prove quite enlightening," the doctor mused, taking notes from behind the safety of the glass chamber.

As Marinah clasped her hands around her swelling stomach, trying in vain to calm the rambunctious, rapidly-developing life inside her, she suddenly felt something slimy go between her legs. Powerless to stop it, she could only watch as it joined the monster within her, stretching out her belly to an unbelievable size. The alien creature already inside her squirmed as it began to unexpectedly float inside an orb of gray goop. The slime creature contorted reflexively as it did so, turning her belly into a jiggling ball of mayhem.

Miriam coughed and gasped as she stood, feeling the thing within her rib cage pressing worryingly against her heart. It suddenly dropped down and started to expand her stomach, now scratching the linings of her abdomen. She cried her eyes out as the monster growled in annoyance, its small host having little room to accommodate it. It surged upwards, causing her to double over and fall across her friend. Their lips locked unexpectedly as Miriam's throat bulged, her monstrosity climbing up to her mouth with its sharp claws.

Marinah felt the thing slide down her throat and slapped Miriam away. Blood spilled from her friend's lips as she slumped over, making Marinah terrified for her life; but now, she couldn't do a thing. As the third life made her stomach expand even more, she looked due with a half dozen children, her creaking flesh a horrifying reflection of natural motherhood.

Miriam collapsed, fainting away almost instantly and leaving her friend alone in the room with her unnatural brood. The trio of horrors scrambled and shifted against each other, but their movements were less violent than before. It was as if they realized that she was the only host left to them, and they would be forced to share if they wished to avoid the harsh world outside.

Marinah cried. Her friends were gone, and now she was heavily pregnant with the monsters that had killed them. "Oh, please help me!" She wept, shutting her eyes to the carnage wreaked on the corpses of her friends.

Her stomach grumbled mightily. "I think you should help yourself," the Doctor said grimly. "Those things look like they have an appetite..."

Marinah opened her eyelids hesitantly and looked over to her friends. Lifeless. Empty shells taking up space. She grabbed Miriam's hand and pulled her over. "You want me to... eat my friends?"

Ingham's expression twisted in sadistic glee. "Listen to your body, how it screams for sustenance. Would you rather starve?"

Marinah hugged Miriam's body. Her friend deserved better than this – a burial at home, a respectful sendoff – not some grisly fate nourishing the very evils that had destroyed her. "I'm so sorry..." She whispered, and put Miriam's hands in her mouth. The slime quivered as Miriam was dragged over the vast belly, the larva-like creature poking curiously at the weight on top of it. The third creature twitched in anticipation, feeling a large meal come to share Marinah's stomach with it.

Marinah gulped up Miriam's arms and head next. Tears ran down her face as she feels her belly stretching and moving, as if the creatures were anxious for their supper. She feels her jaw stretch over her dead friend's torso, swallowing more and more of her to feed the things that had taken root within her. The beast in her gut made a small chirping noise, it seemed to recognize the face of its original mother.

Soon, all of Miriam was devoured, and Marinah moaned in equal parts relief from her hunger and agony from her body's continued expansion. "There... Is that better?!"

The awful trio gave her soft nudges of approval, though their greedy appetites still nagged at her. She could feel their hunger as if it were her own, and the smell of Gabriel's blood filled her nostrils like the scent of an irresistible feast. However, the weight of the young ones kept Marinah pinned in place. Gabriel was too far away for her to reach by herself.

"You're vast... a paragon of motherhood!" Lucius praised. "I never suspected those three species would be able to coexist, much less fit inside the same host. You're very special, it seems... how are you feeling?"

"Hungry... for one more," she answered, the tears drying as she began to accept her brood's needs as her own responsibility.

"Is that so?" he stroked his chin thoughtfully. "I suppose you are eating for four now." She saw him leave through the back door of his chamber.

Alone in the chamber, silent but for the crawling of her flesh, she placed a hand on her swollen stomach and started to talk to it. "Are you... going to kill me, like the others?"

She felt something rubbing almost affectionately against her insides, but she was too packed to be able to pick out which one was doing so. She hoped they would try to be more careful with her than they did with her friends.

"None of you want to be out of there... right?"

She felt herself slowly shrink, the meal's essence divvied up to feed her passengers. The two more substantial creatures seemed content to partake of her food and bask in her body's inner warmth, but the slime wriggled in slight agitation.

"What's the matter? Are you still hungry or thirsty?" It twitched as the last word of the question left her lips. She frowned, replying, "I... I don't think there's anything to drink in this room."

The door clicked again as a key turned in the lock. The mad Doctor strode through, a look of fascination on him. "You look even more vibrant and ripe up close," he realized.

She tugged on her dress, angrily looking at him as she felt suddenly exposed. "I think one of these monsters is thirsty..."

"Thirsty as well? I think I can fix that." He stepped into the hallway, pulling an old-fashioned fire extinguisher off the wall, several gallons in size. "Forgive the presentation," he said, setting it next to her and handing her the short hose. "But I assure you, it's clean water."

Marinah lifted the hose over her mouth and patted her belly maternally, an odd calmness on her face. "Here you go: some clean water for you all."

Dr. Ingham squeezed the handle, watching his test subject's cheeks puff out as she struggled with the intense stream. She gulped the fast-flowing water as best she could, her eyes squeezing shut by the pressure, her belly slowly growing once more. She drank as though she'd been dying of thirst, but the enormous water pressure caused the liquid to leak from her lips and down her breasts.

She felt the xeno paddling around in the rising water, enjoying the sudden chance to swim around. The slime convulsed slowly, using osmosis to draw the moisture across her various bodily tissues and into itself.

Marinah threw the hose away and coughed loudly. Her billowy dress stuck to her skin wetly and revealed the motherly figure she'd tried to hide. She rubbed over her belly and asked "Is that good for now?" The slime seemed content, but it felt like the stomach-critter was hogging Miriam all to itself. Her third child needed food, too... and Marinah knew what it was after. She struggled to heave herself up, grunting and moaning as she slowly stood.

"Careful," Lucius cautioned. "Are you sure you should be standing, in your condition?"

Ignoring him, she leaned against the wall, knees bent thanks to the added weight, her dress struggling to keep intact. She slowly shuffled her feet to the body, set herself down next to Gabriel, picked her up by the legs, and started to devour her feet-first.

"Ah...!" Gabriel whispered as her toes entered her friend's mouth. She was deathly pale, but she was conscious. And she'd seen everything. Both Marinah and Ingham believed Gabriel was still dead, her whisper almost completely inaudible over the distressed grunts and moans of the hungry mother. She finished with her legs and started to eat up her cut-up and bloody midsection.

"Oh--OW!!" Gabriel cried, her wounds dragging across Marinah's palate.

Marinah's eyes widened, hearing her friend's scream of pain, but it was too late. Her maw reflexively gulped up the last bit of Gabriel, the weight landing in her stomach enough to knock her onto her back. Gabriel let out a scream of terror once she was fully inside, reverberating through Marinah's bloated body. She was dumped feet-first into the water-filled stomach, coughing and sputtering as she kept her head above the liquid. "Help!" Gabriel sobbed, struggling as she felt the creature in the water burrow into her cut, distending her ruined belly and turning her world into a moment of perfect agony.

"Oh god... She was alive!" Marinah realized, snapping out of her maternal mindset. "Lucius! You've got to get Gabriel out of me!"

"My dear girl, even if I were so inclined, I don't think I have the materials to do so. Besides, she's worth more to you as food now."

"NO!" Marinah latched onto her belly and stared at it, her mind imagining what her body was doing to Gabriel. She felt her stomach bloating again. Her face was drenched in tears, wholeheartedly believing that she would burst from the pain of the growth, stretch marks spider-webbing across her impossible girth.

"Ughhh! Oh god...!" Gabriel wailed, the merciless xeno continuing to grow bigger and stronger in her damaged womb. Gabriel put up a valiant struggle, trying both to claw the thing out of her and muscle her way out of the damp stomach. In the end, though, she passed out, her body growing deathly still.

"Oh no.... Not her!" Marinah whispered. Her children wiggled happily, thanking their mother for the plaything and the bounty of food and drink. She finally felt the urge to feed them fade, and her dress split wide open as her final growth spurt completed.

Her belly and breasts were finally exposed, looking ripe like fruits. She tried her best to cover her large bosoms, but she felt an unusual feeling... The grief of her loss faded quickly, replaced by an overwhelming responsibility. She wanted only to protect the creatures within her, like a mother would.

"Well done," said the doctor, giving a slow, appreciative applause. "I can tell you're going to be a very interesting specimen from now on, as long as I keep you fed."

"I'm not a specimen," she said coldly, without meeting his gaze. "And neither are my children."

"Of course you are! Silly little girl. You're a very exciting, important, and unique specimen, but a specimen nonetheless."

Marinah slowly heaved herself off the ground, grabbing a long shard of glass and hiding it behind her back. "You've done enough, Lucius. I will not be your lab rat!"

"Ha!" he cried with a dismissive flourish. "Well, you're certainly not going to be my assistant, not at your size! Come now - it won't be so bad. You're too unique to cut open and dissect, but I will need to keep you here - measure and probe you and do all manner of necessary tests..."

"You will never touch me!" She pulled out the shard of glass and stabbed the scientist's shoulder before he could react. Lucius fell to the ground in pain while Marinah did her best to waddle out of the room.

He howled in pain as he watched her escape. "You fool! Get back here this instant!" He tentatively pulled the shard from his shoulder, putting a hand over the seeping puncture. He rose to his feet, staggering after her down the hall.

Marinah waddled as fast as she could for a woman due with three completely different species. She managed to get the door to the outside open, going back out into the rain and soaking her entire body as she headed to the stables.

"Where are you going!?" he shrieked, pausing at the threshold to his home, reluctant to leave the lab he'd secluded himself in for so long. "You need me, you rebellious little cretin! The people of this world will never accept you for the thing you've become!"

She climbed into her wagon through the back, reached for the reins connected to her horses and whipped them, shouting "Yah!" The horses neighed loudly and ran as fast as they could out of the stables and back into the forest.

Ingham screamed in impotent rage, watching his captive disappear into the rain. Marinah glanced over her shoulder several times as the horses galloped away, watching the scientist stumble back inside, defeated. She rounded the corner of the road, out of sight of the castle, continuing the journey she'd started with her sisters. Marinah sighed heavily, shivering in the cold. "Don't worry babies," she spoke, placing a hand on her belly, "I'll protect all of you."

Hours later, the rain had finally stopped. The carriage was parked under a copse of trees, while the horses stood in place, resting after the long run. Marinah lit a lamp, dimming the carriage and had put a blanket over her nude body. She breathed deeply a few times, rubbing her giant belly. "I'll see you all in the morning..." She whispered and closed her eyes for some rest.

Miles away from the horror and death, she was starting to enjoy the feeling of pleasant fullness, of the movement from the exotic lives that now relied upon her. Her organs pressing them against each other, they slept as though in a huge dogpile, the simple-minded creatures snuggling up against each other instinctively, feeling safe.


Marinah started to notice something one day. While she was in the river for a bath, she noticed her reflection's eyes had turned yellow, and her hair was changing from black to silver. As she looked on, her nails started to get longer and sharper at a fast pace. "Wh-what's happening to me...?" She asked herself, touching her face to be sure it was all real.

Her skin softened, turning a snowy white and taking on a elastic quality. She accidentally brushed herself with one of her new claws, finding herself quite resilient against the sharp point. She stood up in the water, watching herself change, a pair of tiny horns sprouting from her forehead. A tail sprouted from the end of her spine, wrapping around her large belly twice.

When she got out of the water, she saw that her legs had horns growing on the side and had taken on a more feral appearance. Even without the aid of buoyancy, she still walked with surprising ease, her new, muscular legs and thickened spine making her belly seem at least half as heavy as before.

Her now super-sensitive hearing suddenly heard a bush rustling nearby. She went on the defensive, her long tail curling up like it was ready to strike anything, the spike on the end of it quivering as her muscles flexed. Her mouth opened and hissed in the direction of the sound.

A frightened young maiden spilled out of the brush, looking horrified that she'd been discovered. The creature that had once been Marinah calmed slightly, seeing that there was no threat, but her stomach let out a groan... she'd had nothing substantial since leaving the castle. The young maiden looked delicious... Marina's tail quickly wrapped around the young maiden and lifted her into the air!

"Aaii! What are you?" she screamed, kicking her feet in the air, one of her heeled shoes falling to earth as she struggled to free herself from the boa-constrictor-like grasp.

"My young ones are hungry," Marinah purred. She lifted the maiden over her head as she tilted her neck back, opening her mouth to show a very alien mouth, lined with ridges and folds to help her swallow prey, and dropped the maiden into her maw.

The girl landed on her rear, a quick sucking motion from her captor bending her body at the waist as her feet pointed straight up alongside her head. Her arms braced against the monster girl's shoulders, trying to stop her descent. "Oh god, don't eat me!"

Marinah's long tongue wrapped around the maiden's wrist and started to pull her in. Her throat started to expand like a snake's body as the maiden was pulled deeper and deeper into Marina's mouth. The girl struggled mightily as the prehensile tongue pulled her arms in, stuffing them down the twisted, fleshy folds of the altered gullet. Soon, only her feet remained outside, Marinah's parted lips giving the girl a final view of the blue sky, the last breath of fresh air she'd receive. "Wait! Mercy!" she begged.

Marinah took a large gulp, disposing of the poor maiden. She laid on her side and rubbed her hands over her large belly. "Eat up, babies. Mommy's gonna get you more food soon." The children squirmed in delight, fussing over their panicky new meal. She dimly felt them ask if she enjoyed their gift to her, of a new body.

"I do, my little ones. Thank you." She crawled into her carriage and grabbed the ropes to the horses. She shouted "Yah!" and the horses were off once more. "There's a town not far from here... we'll have all we could ever want to eat there." Her tail rubbed over her belly as she felt them kicking and squirming over the maiden.
The promised new collab between me and :iconoogies-wife67:.

This is by far the darkest thing I've done, though I still greatly enjoyed it (not sure if I could handle anything much more disturbing than this, though). It took me a while to get the time I needed to work on it, and even longer to figure out just what changes I wanted to make from the raw transcript of our RP, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. This is the first of three parts, and my wonderful partner has an illustration for each, to be released when I edit the other two.

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(Contains: nudity, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
It had been several months since the incident that had turned Marinah into a monster. Since then, she'd begun to adapt quite well to her new life. Gone were the nights she'd awaken, screaming after reliving the deaths of her friends in her nightmares. Gone too were the feelings of guilt and disgust when she fed upon live prey. Shreds of her humanity remained - though she no longer identified with the villagers and farmers who lived in fear of her shadow, she still acted much as she had before coming to the castle on the hill. She still spoke, still felt happiness or worry, though the only ones to share in her triumphs and defeats were her unborn trio.

For weeks, she'd been terrorizing a decent-sized village for human flesh, produce, and water for her  children. Feeding by day, she rested in a large clump of trees during the night, well-hidden from any who would seek to harm her and her brood. At first, she believed her body's changes were at an end, but her belly kept growing larger... and with it, her appetite grew as well.

Just when the townsfolk were nearing their wits' end, a strange sight greeted them one bleak February morning. Down from the hilly road to the north came an iron carriage, its wheels lined with steel spikes and its windows mere slits in its hellish armor. No horses drew it, and it seemed to be towing some type of enormous cage behind it.

As it rolled noisily into the square, a pipe protruding from the top of the vehicle belched gouts of steam. It emitted a sharp hissing noise as it ground to a halt. A door opened, and out stepped a short man in a white coat. One of his arms was in a sling.

"Who might you be?" A villager asked him.

The man sneered, as if the state of the dusty village disgusted him. He turned to the farmer and forced a false smile on his face. "Doctor Lucius Ingham, at your service. I hear you have a very... unique problem afflicting your little community?"

"Yes! This... monstrous woman has been terrorizing us! She has been eating all of our harvests, drinking all of our well water, and devouring our people!"

"Ah, so you have seen the beast?" The scientist withdrew a small notebook, holding it gingerly with his weak hand and a small black pencil in the other. "What does this monster look like?"

"Pale skin, silver hair, yellow eyes..." The farmer starts to use his arms to describe the rest of the beast. "Long enough tail to wrap it around her enormous stomach twice; long, black nails; two horns on the top of her head; and a large enough stomach to birth 2 dozen kids."

"Two dozen!?" he exclaimed. That was much larger than his last observation; he hadn't expected the monsters to flourish so well, let alone transform her as part of some complicated symbiotic relationship. "And yet she still has the strength and speed to remain a danger to this place... Fascinating..."

"Look, if you have a way to get rid of this thing, do whatever you like! We'll pay you as much money as we got to offer!"

"Money is beyond a man of my talents," he growled, as if insulted. "All I'll be requiring is room and board here - surely there's some domicile left unoccupied after the recent attacks. I'll also need your people's full cooperation should the hunt require any assistants or raw materials. Tracking her down and capturing her will be no easy task, but trust me when I say I won't be leaving without her bloated body in that cage!"

While the villagers and scientist talked about deals and plans, Marinah was in her nest, resting her strength for breakfast. The slime, larva, and xeno were busy in her with the biggest surprise they had for their mother: An actual baby for her. The slime and larva made sure that the baby was alive and moving while the Xeno had been taking the nutrition out of food and giving the baby as much as it needed. Marinah hadn't been noticing that she had been eating for five, thinking the extra kicks were one of the other monsters in her. The baby looked full term and ready to birth anytime soon.

It stretched sleepily, poking around inside as though still trying to figure out what it was supposed to be, or what it'd been stuck inside. Passing the last of the food to the other two siblings, the xenomorph settled down for a nap, while the slime cradled the newest addition to the family. The larva wriggled about under her belly button gently but excitedly, trying to convince their mother it was time to awaken.

Marinah moaned a bit and slowly heaved herself up, resting on her much longer hands and knees and looking down at her belly. "Good morning children. Did you all sleep well?"

As if they were answering a roll call, her babies each made a small jump, one at a time. Her hands smoothed appreciatively over her body as each sounded off, she felt as though she could recognize each of the bulges sticking out of her as easily as if her brood were already born. She raised an eyebrow as a weaker, fourth kick met the bottom of her belly, beyond her field of view.

"Hmm.... They must be hungry." Marinah jumped out of her nest and jogged to the village. Her first destination: the fields. The farmers had been growing corn, pumpkins, eggplants and potatoes for the winter season.

It had been getting harder and harder to hide as she grew, especially in the daylight. Cornfields, however, provided both an excellent source of cover and nutrition. She crept out of the forest as silently as she could, her tail stretched far out behind her as a counterbalance to her enormous womb. Crossing the small stretch of open ground quickly, she disappeared into the field with a rustle of stalks.

Her long tongue stretched out of her mouth and started to eat up the ears of corn whole. In their hiding spot, the old farmer pointed to his corn and whispered to the scientist "It's her! It's definitely that monster we've been telling you about!"

Ingham pulled a telescope from inside his coat, examining the commotion in the field from his vantage point. The stalks rustled about every which way, as though something huge was moving through their midst. "You might be right. I have a plan - it's simple and straightforward, but it may yet work. We can't catch her while she's in there, though, and we must try not to let her escape through the trees..." He scratched his chin in thought. "I know she craves moisture sometimes. See if you can put some of those juicy pumpkins just outside the cornstalks - it might lure her into the open."

The xenomorph was working hard on separating the nutrition in the corn to the fourth member of the family while Marinah finished up eating as many ears of it as her stomach would allow. She licked her lips and felt how parched she was. She looked through the cornstalks and found the eggplants in their usual spots, while the pumpkins were harvested and left alone in a wagon. Marinah didn't think much into it, quickly ate some of the eggplants and headed for the pumpkins.

Ingham watched with enthusiasm as the creature emerged, her belly too large to let her approach too close to the wagon. She turned slightly, letting her long, barbed tail skewer one of the fattened pumpkins and bring it to her maw, swallowing it whole. She grinned, licking the juices from her lips while reaching for seconds. "Definitely her," he mumbled, shifting the carriage into gear.

A huge metal shape burst forth from a nearby hedge, bearing down on the expectant monster with frightening velocity. "I have you now, Marinah!" the doctor roared. He flipped a switch, the cage dropping down in front of the vehicle, doors opened wide to scoop her up.

Marinah hissed and roared loudly, trying to slash her way out of the cage as it was dragged onto the vehicle. The villagers roared with excitement. "We cannot thank you enough sir! We are forever in your debt!"

Their hero exited the carriage, holding his hand up as he basked in their applause. "Don't mention it, good people! I was merely exercising my talents for the good of others, as any man of science would do!" He sighed inwardly, glad that he wouldn't have to spend such a long time in the village, as he'd feared. In truth, he thought she'd prove much harder prey. "I'll take her far from here, you'll never have to worry about her again..." He shot her an evil grin.

Marinah hissed at him and went back to slashing at her cage. It wasn't until they were far outside the town's gates that she settled down enough to try talking with him. "What do you plan on doing to me and my children?!" she roared.

Lucius smirked as Marinah coughed on the steam billowing out of his contraption while it rolled back up the hill. "I was going to keep you trussed up, originally. You were to be my little lab rat, kept in comfort while I measured your changes and growth... perhaps a spot of blood testing here and there. But now I see that you're more trouble than you're worth, so imagine something much more... invasive in store for you. I'll get whatever data that I can out of you, but after that, I care not if you meet the same fate as Gabriel or Miriam. I'll take what I've learned from you and find some girl who's a little more compliant!"

Marinah slammed her body against the cage, making a large dent in it. "You'll never hurt me and my children!" she screams out, slamming into the cage once more. The slime, larva and xeno knew something wasn't right and tried to keep the new baby from crying.

"Dammit, I knew I should've built a thicker cage!" He pressed the accelerator into the floor, his only hope was to make it back to the castle before she could break free.

Unexpectedly, the baby burst into tears. Marinah was one slam away from freedom when she stopped and looked down at her belly. "What in the...?" It wasn't unusual for her belly to emit strange noises from one or more of her children, but she'd never heard this kind of crying before. The carriage rolled on, its driver oblivious to the sound, thanks to the noisy engine. Her hands found a trembling lump at the bottom of her belly, her two other womb-bound children rubbing up against it to comfort it.

Marinah took a big gulp and asked her children, "Is there something... none of you are telling me?"

Her children shook with fear. There was something important they needed to share with her, but for now she had to escape! They remembered their lives outside of mother, stuck in jars and cages, part of Ingham's collection. They did not want to go back.

Marinah was about to hit the cage one more time when the vehicle came to a sudden halt, making her fall onto her back. Lucius hopped off the vehicle and activated a machine to haul the cage into his castle. A large winch hauled her up to the roof, then lowered her through a hatch directly into the top floor. The cage opened, letting her loose in a much larger chamber than where she'd previously been held. She hissed loudly and tried to find a door to escape out of, but there were none! The only feature of the room was a window, but when she attempted to scratch it up, there was no damage to it.

Ingham appeared briefly at the window. "Maybe going hungry for a bit will calm you down," he grunted, shutters closing as the room grew dim. She felt her stomach quivering quietly, her frightened litter remembering the cold tile of the Doctor's lab which could be felt on Marinah's feet. At the edge of her hearing, the muffled crying continued.

Marinah started to cry along with it, something she hadn't done for months. She lied on the floor and tried her best to curl up into a ball, looking at her giant belly and hearing the crying. "Please children... What's going on with me?"

She could feel her babies' hearts breaking as they started to tell her. It was supposed to be good news, they said, and they were afraid that leaving her in the dark as to the new "change" had made her slower, more vulnerable to the doctor's ploy. They begged her forgiveness, though she knew not what for.

Marinah rested her head on her belly. "I could never be mad at all of you.... And all that you've done to me has made me a better... well.... person and mother...." The cold made her so tired, she fell asleep as she talked.


She woke up shivering, unable to tell just how much time had passed. The xeno let out piteous whines, the demands of its siblings for food frustrating it, as there was none to give. Her otherwise-empty stomach churned and growled, further discomforting it.

Marinah moaned in agony, feeling her own hunger multiplied by those of the lives within her. She heaved herself up and scratched at the window. "Please, doctor! My children are starving for food!" she begged. She lightly bounced her belly with her long tail, trying to soothe her brood.

The shutters behind the glass opened suddenly, as if the man had been patiently awaiting this moment. Light flooded the room, her slitted pupils adjusting instantly. "Of course... surely you don't think I'm all that cruel, do you? A large honey ham appeared in a kind of dumb waiter set into the wall. It looked and smelled delicious, but even a whole ham was far less food than she was used to lately. Still, it was a start.

Marinah skewered the meat with her tail and quickly devoured the whole thing, even gulping up the bone. But she was still hungry. "Could you... Give me more food?"

She could feel the xeno tearing into it ravenously, its siblings lining up for their share. Eating had become a far quicker process, now that she essentially could let someone else do all the chewing for her. "Perhaps... if you're willing to do something for me."

"Wh-what's that?"

"I need to measure you, an act which necessitates me being in the room with you." He eyed her with contempt as he pressed a button, opening a very small trapdoor in the floor. "I'll be coming up through there, seeing as how there's no danger of you escaping through it. If you harm me in any fashion, you can look forward to starving to death..." A malicious look overtook him. "Though I'd imagine your body would digest your little xeno-child before that happens."

Her eyes widened in horror. She nodded slowly, crawling backwards to lean herself against a wall opposite of the trap door. "I promise I won't attack you...."

"Good..." He disappeared from sight, emerging a minute later with a length of measuring tape in his hands. "Stand up," he ordered. "Arms out."

Marinah stood up the best she could, using her tail as a way to keep herself up as she spread her arms. He measured her with little respect for her dignity, recording the length and width of everything from her belly and thighs to her horns and claws. Her children seemed to recoil at his touch. "I know kids.... This will be over very soon...." She whispered to her unborn.

At length, he finished. "There, was that so hard?" he asked in a condescending tone, putting the notebook back in his coat and winding up the tape.

She sat herself onto the floor and stroked her belly. "Now.... Could we have some more food?"

"Very well, I suppose you've earned it." He pulled out a small device, pushing a button in the center of it. The hatch in the ceiling opened again as he began to climb back down into the trapdoor. The battered and dented cage descended, containing a live, fully-grown cow. "A final gift of gratitude from the villagers," he commented. "I picked up this morning. Ironic that their gift will end up meeting the same fate as everything else they've lost lately... enjoy."

Once the doctor left, Marinah pounced onto the unfortunate cow and started to shove it into her mouth. Her jaw stretched like a snake, teeth scraping the skin. The xeno chirped quite happily when the cow's head landed in her stomach almost immediately.

The cow mooed in alarm, its strong legs almost enough to match its would-be consumer. She struggled to keep a grip on it as it furiously backpedaled, crashing into the rear of the cage. With nowhere left to go, she managed to wrestle it all the way inside her, falling backwards as its massive weight settled inside.

The xeno got to work on slashing up the live beast into pieces, blood squirting all over the stomach walls as its organs were torn into pieces for their nutrition. The slime and larva managed to calm the new baby down enough to feed its fill. Marinah sighed heavily as she felt all of her children moving around in excitement.

She felt herself strengthened by the massive feast, her nutrient-starved body returning to its normal, unusually fit self. Her larva began to poke with its tail, the pointed bulge emerging out of the smooth belly to point at the tiny trap door as if encouraging her to escape.

"But my children... I don't think I can fit through there....."

It was then they revealed the change they'd made in her. Not long after her transformation, the three children had felt so happy with their mother they wanted to give her a special present. It was growing inside her now, along with the rest of them. It was a baby much like her, so she wouldn't have to be the only one of her kind anymore.

Marinah felt so happy, she started to cry. "So that explains the extra cravings and kicks... But I can't give birth in here!" She felt confident and strong now. She walked over to the trap door, determined to do her best to escape. Try as she might, though, there was just no way her massive waist was fitting through.

Her babies had a different plan in mind: continue to keep the child a secret, and mature it with the food she was given until it was big enough to walk on its own. Then, when the doctor's back was turned, her child could easily escape through the comparatively small opening and free her.

Marinah agreed. She closed the trap door and went to a corner of the room for some sleep. Over the next several months, the doctor did every form of testing on Marinah, violating and destroying her dignity, giving her some food and taking notes on her swelling belly. The fourth member of the family was now getting more than half of the nutrition in the food, growing big and strong alongside its siblings. Marinah looked due with three dozen children when the fourth child looked ready to enter the world. Now was the matter of slipping into labor without the doctor noticing.

Ingham seemed to have taken an interest in her increasing size, and had built what he'd called an 'imager' after weeks of effort. Threatening harm to her, he forced her into the chamber-like device, the walls glowing red with heat as it passed strange energy waves through her. It felt as though she'd been trapped in a sauna, her skin drenched with sweat. She breathed heavily and felt the slime freaking out about the extra heat, pushing against the walls of the womb while the larva tried to calm it down and have it focus on the shielding soon-to-be newborn from the rising temperature.

Just before she felt ready to pass out, the device switched off, the door opening again. She stumbled back into her cell, being met with a few chilled watermelons in reward for her trouble. "Interesting," Ingham said, poring over the results. "The data is a bit more complex than I'd guessed; but I should have an accurate three-dimensional image of that womb of yours by tomorrow. After that, maybe I'll cut you open to make sure it worked!" He laughed cruelly, shutting down his equipment for the night.

Marinah devoured the watermelons as fast as she could, not even chewing them up. The Xeno quickly got to work and gave most of the water to the slime. Marinah was so exhausted from the heat that she passed right out.

She awoke a few hours later, the castle dead quiet as Ingham likely slumbered in some unseen room. From what he said, she knew that tonight would have to be the night. "Alright, my children.... I need my water broken if we want to escape."

The larva got to work, wrapping its length around the sac that held her fourth child. Squeezing it gently, it ruptured, the fluids it contained draining out of her to the floor. This seemed to trigger something inside her, her belly clenching suddenly with a contraction.

Marinah gasped loudly and placed a hand on her belly, feeling the contractions getting stronger. She started to push the child out, clenching her teeth. This was no easy feat; for her youngest child was no longer the size of an average infant - rather it was closer to a six-year-old with all the nutrients it had been receiving.

She started to hiss louder when the pain increased. The slime assisted with the birth by checking how their youngest sibling was doing and if it would survive being compressed into the birth canal. A soft whimper escaped her as she began to worry the child was too wide for her to handle. She felt the slime flow around it, stretching her open a bit further while its cool touch eased the pain.

She pushes as hard as she could while hissing loudly and she hears a child's cry. She looks over her giant belly and sees her fourth child born. A giant smile came across her face and she bit off the umbillical cord. "Hello... Welcome to the world...."

Her strong arms gingerly pick up her son, hugging him to her as he shivers. The cold castle is a drastic change from the warmth of her body. She stroked the boy's hair a few times as his cries slowly became quiet. "Now dear.... Mommy and your siblings need you to do something that will save our lives...."

His eyes opened for the first time, beautiful purple irises full of innocence. He reached toward her face with a small hand, no claws yet grown on his short fingers. "Mommy...?" He'd heard her voice constantly over the past months, but had never seen her from the outside before.

"Yes... This is mommy..." Marinah held her son close and walked him over to the window where the doctor would watch her. "Now listen closely.... Behind this glass, there is a button to our freedom..."

He nodded nervously. "I... I don't want to leave you this soon, mommy," he sniffed. "But the other three told me you needed me to do something important. So... I'll try..."

"Good boy.... Come back right away after you press the button and we'll leave together..." Marinah opened the trap door and put her son through it.

The nameless child wandered the narrow hallway below, arms around himself to fend off the cold. The world was so new to him, and his legs were only just learning how to walk. His violet eyes widened, their reflective surfaces taking in the details around him in the building's low light. Marinah waited with worry. Was this the right thing to do? Will the doctor see him?

After a few wrong turns, her son eventually found the room he was looking for. From the door, he could see through the large window where his mother was anxiously pacing. Not far from him was the button that would free her... but between him and his goal lay the sleeping form of the Doctor, passed out at his work bench.

Marinah looked through the window the best she could, hoping to see her son. "Be careful..." she whispered.

Crawling on all fours, he snaked past the slumbering man to the large red button marked 'RELEASE.' Eagerly pressing it, the child turned to the window to see the door in the ceiling open, the crane cable lowering to provide a way to climb out.

Marinah waved her hands for her son to return to her. She watched in horror as the Doctor snuck up behind him, clapping a hand around his mouth and twisting his arm in restraint.

"Well well well. Marinah, have you lost weight?" He sneered. "I simply can't imagine why..."

"NO! LET GO OF HIM!" she shrieked.

"What reason do I have to do anything you ask? Need I remind you who is the scientist and who is the test subject!?"

Marinah starts to slash at the glass as hard and fast as she could as her son struggled in the doctor's grip. "How could you know that I was having a son?!?"

Only scuff marks appeared in the glass. "Are you joking? Do you really think me so uneducated as to not notice such a drastic change in the focus of my studies? I never needed the imager, truthfully - I figured it out shortly after you arrived. Now I have a nice, disposable subject to work on while I keep you alive a bit longer..."

Marinah slams her body against the glass a few times before sliding onto the floor and crying, covering her face. "What have I done?...."

Ingham savors his moment of triumph, a mad cackle erupting from him as his body was wracked with a venomous mirth. The child struggled in his grip, managing to capitalize on his moment of vanity by freeing himself enough to sink his teeth into the hand that held him, turning Lucius' voice from wild rapture to the embodiment of pain itself.

Marinah looked up and shouted, "GET OUT OF THERE! QUICKLY!"

Ingham backhanded the child savagely. It whimpered as it weathered the blow, scrambling across the floor from the force of the strike and scampering down the hall toward the trapdoor. As soon as he reappeared, Marinah stretched out her tail and wrapped her son in it. "Hang on to mommy now!" Marinah jumped onto the rope and starts to climb it as fast as she can.

"This isn't over, you hear me!?" Ingham roared. "No one makes a fool of me twice... Next time I see you, you're dead!"

The two ran for hours, never daring to turn back. They knew they hadn't seen the last of the mad doctor, but for now, they were free.
Part two of my long-overdue collab with the lovely and talented :iconoogies-wife67:. This one sees an even stranger pregnancy than last time, if that's possible! Third part will be along at some point, and do make sure to leave a comment on the illustration [link] On OW's page.
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Light poured down between the tiny gaps of the leaves, illuminating small spots of the forest, but not all of it. Somewhere deep within this dark forest, abandoned and all alone, lay a young girl of no older than eighteen. Her frame had once been shapely and beautiful, but now looked scrawny and exhausted. Little more than a pile of skin and bones, with limp locks of blonde hair lying disheveled around her.

Her eyes were half-closed, only just barely staying open as her weak arm lay over her empty stomach. How many days had it been? All of her efforts to find food had been for naught, and any time she'd been found by wild animals she'd run and run and used up all of her energy, making her even hungrier.

It had been just a few days previous, when she had still been living with her parents. They were poor, but they were able to get by. Or at least, it had seemed that way. But her parents had begun to grow desperate. Simply to prolong their own lives in poverty, they had led her into the forest and abandoned her. Now she was on the verge of death.

A tiny tear trickled out of the corner of her eye. She hated this. She didn't want this. She didn't deserve this. Why did she have to die so they could live? What had she done to deserve this? The pain seemed to course through her body, originating from her stomach. She just wanted to get out of this damn forest.

A large shadow enveloped her and for a moment she tried to look up at the source of the shadow. She guessed it to be a wild animal, but the large figure was silhouetted against the light. Then, before she could get a good look, she blacked out.


The young blonde girl awoke several hours later, not too sure where she was. Her focus was fading. She needed a minute to regain her wits about her. But a fantastic and tantalizing smell entered her nostrils and all of a sudden she was far more alert. Weakly, she gripped whatever she was sitting in and pushed herself up.

Before her was a wondrous sight, like something out