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Too tired to think
Too depressed to move
Too sick to eat
Too guilty to feel
And I now know what its like too be numb
I've been in a really bad spell. I have a constant head ache, I've been crying for the last 18 hours on and off
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Is it wrong
To miss those calls at night
That went on for hours on end?
To miss staying up until 1 AM
Not wanting to end our conversation?
To miss reminiscing over past memories together
Of the great times we had?
To miss feeling that I could trust you
With absolutely any secret of who I am?
To miss hurting whenever you were in pain
As if attached by our emotions?

Is it wrong
To yearn for those fights between us
About which of us loved the other more?
To yearn for those dates that were always filled with joy,
Laughter, wanting time to freeze at that moment?
To yearn for the way that, in each of our conversations,
The words "I love you" would easily slip in?
To yearn for that feeling we had together
That we could conquer any feat thrown at us?
To yearn for the way you came to me for comfort
To help you through those tough times?

Is it wrong
To wish for the good times of innocence
We had before love interfered?
To wish for those talks that made me feel important,
And that really convinced me you really where the one?
To wish for the way people envied us,
Of the way we fell head-over-heels for one another?
To wish for the way people told us we were the perfect couple,
And feeling as if we really were.
To wish for one last chance
To kiss you, and see if it would stir up any emotions we once had?

Is it wrong
To still love you?
I want to explain to my friends out there... this is about all of them!! Not one of my past ex's in particular. There are certain things from each relationship that I miss, that I can't seem to get out of my mind. For those of you who don't understand, I dated a... decent amount of guys so far, and this poem is just to voice that, in each one of them, I miss a part of our relationship, of our past, maybe even of the love we shared. Anyway, enough personal talk, hope you liked it!!
BTW, this picture was gorgeously drawn by :icon8sketch8: 8sketch8, and I thought it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Here's a link to his art [link]
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Chapter 1 – "Unfortunate Presumptions"

It was already eight o'clock in the morning, but Maka Albarn was still deep in her dreams. Soul had left early to get some food, leaving her alone. The young teenager slept on her back, each breath causing her small chest to rise and fall, barely moving the soft, warm blanket that covered her petite body. A single hand peeked over the edge of the doona cover, her small meek fingers gently clenched. Her face wore an expression of relaxation, her olive eyes twitching slightly underneath her eyelids as she dreamed, an occasional smile appearing at the corners of her mouth as she experienced something pleasant within her dream world.

"Maka! Maka!" a young woman's voice rung out throughout the house, the sound of a heavy wooden door opening and closing rapidly. None of this did anything to wake Maka up, the sound reaching her mind only as a fuzzy hum.

"Maka!" this time more persistent, finally the young meister groaned a response as she started to move ever so slightly underneath her bed covers.

Slowly she opened her eyes, her vision blurring the ceiling above her. Turning her head to the side Maka was met with the sight of her friend Blair, patiently sitting on the edge of her bed, wearing her trademark witch's outfit and smiling eagerly at her.

"Finally awake I see!" Blair said with joy, "Enjoy your sleep?"

"Yeah…" Maka replied weakly, managing a slight nod as she slowly became more coherent, the effects of her sleep wearing off slowly.

A voluptuous young woman, Blair possessed the body of a well-developed model. As always her breasts stuck out pertly, their mass apparently unaffected by gravity. Maka had picked up one of her bras the other day, and the tag said she wore a 36E. From that day on Maka lived partly in denial, there was simply no way a cat that only took human form had a pair that large….was there?

Slowly picking herself up Maka went to lean against the bed head behind her, only to remember at the last second that underneath she wore nothing more than a pale white bra and matching underwear. Quickly she pulled her blanket cover up with her.

"What's the problem, cold?" Blair asked inquisitively.

"Yeah I guess." she muttered, wishing she'd gone to bed with more on the previous night.

"Well that's no problem, I brought you a nice warm glass of milk for you!" said Blair cheerfully, holding out a large glass of milk.

"No cocoa?" asked Maka, taking the glass with one hand, the other still holding the cover up.

"Cocoa? Why would you put something like that in milk?" Blair replied, tilting her head to the side confused.

Giggling, Maka just shoot her head. After all Blair was still just a cat at her core, she wouldn't understand why people would add things to milk. Gulping it down happily she noticed something was different about the taste.

"Blair you liar, you did add something to this!"

Looking hurt, Blair raised her arms in mock defence, "Not at all! It's exactly the way it came!"

"Well then be sure to let me know where it came from next time we run out of milk, this stuff is great!" Maka said, placing the now empty bottle on her side table.

"If you really want to know, it's mine!" Blair said proudly.

"Yours? Oh I see; you must've made your own. I didn't know you knew how to do that Blair!"
Blair looked confused again, "What do you mean; I thought everybody could make their own."

"Nope, most people go to the shops to get their own. I guess living alone the way you did forced you to learn some skills a lot of people would never learn." Maka said, smiling encouragingly.

She then noticed a slight tingling sensation coming from her chest, looking down to check Maka was met with the same two underdeveloped mounds she had lived with for the last two years.

Must have just been the cotton blanket rubbing….she thought. Pushing the feeling out of her mind she looked back up, only to notice Blair watching her.

"What's wrong?"  Maka asked.

"Admiring your own boobs I see." Blair replied with a devilish grin.

"W-what!! No! I wasn't doing anything like that!" cried Maka, blushing from being caught.
"It's okay, we're friends after all! No need to hide…." reaching out Blair wrestled control of the blanket from Maka and pulled it down to her waist, "….these non-existent boobies from me!"

Crossing her arms in defiance Maka averted her gaze, "They're not non-existent…."

"Oh no, they're already a huge…" Blair's gaze locked onto the tag on Maka's side, "….double A-cup."

"Shut up! Just because you have monster tits!" snapped Maka.

"But I've got to say, I envy small girls like you!" cried Blair mockingly, "At least you can cross your arms easily, whenever I try….."

Swiftly Blair went to cross her arms as well to mimic Maka, her breasts bulging over and underneath her arms as she pressed into herself.

Holy…how soft are they! Maka thought to herself, but instead remained silent, pretending to not see what Blair was doing,

"If I want to actually cross my arms comfortably, I've got to go lower….." the pseudo-witch continued.

Letting go of herself, her breasts bounced back into shape. Lowering her arms she then hugged herself underneath her chest. This time her arms pushed her chest up and almost into her chin, and leaning forward she tried to push them into Maka's face. Still turning her head to the side and looking away, Maka couldn't hide the deep blush forming in her cheeks from the embarrassment.

Suddenly she felt a cold hand press against her right breast, causing Maka to quickly turn back to Blair. Falling for the trap, she face-planted between Blair's large breasts, still held up by Blair's left arm. Grinning, Blair looked back down and managed to cup her hand around Maka's tiny boob. Again, the tingle from before returned to Maka's attention causing her to moan slightly in surprise, the sound luckily muffled by Blair's chest.

Still focused on Maka's chest, Blair couldn't help but say, "Wow, you can actually grab something this small! I see what you meant by feeling cold however!"

Quickly Maka felt her face go red. She wasn't cold, in fact she felt quite warm. But she knew exactly what Blair meant. That last tingle she felt had left her nipples erect, and now one of them was pressing hard into Blair's hand through the thin material of her bra.
Several moments passed, and neither of the two girls made a move. Finally Maka decided to break the silence.

"Blair, could you please let go of me." she said, still speaking into the other's chest.

Jumping backwards the purple-haired woman now stood in the middle of the room, smiling happily as though nothing happened. Maka pulled the blanket back up to her next and quietly asked Blair to leave her alone to dress.

"Sure thing!" Blair said, "I'll just be in the other room making breakfast, let me know if anything changes!"

Assuring her that she would, Maka was then left in peace again, her face slowly becoming less red. Looking down again, she could still see her nipples poking through her bra.

Why won't they go down? She thought to herself, still embarrassed, I've never been this hard before, and never for so long.

Sighing, she decided she may as well get up and cover herself first. Jumping out of bed and landing lightly on her feet, she spun around to the closet on the other side of the room. Opening to closet to choose something fresh to wear, Maka was dumbstruck to find it empty.

Quickly she ran out of her room, the sound of Blair singing in the kitchen making her quicken her pace until she reached the laundry. There in the middle of the tiled floor was a washing basket, filled with all her clothes.

"Soul!" Maka raged through clenched teeth, the idiot hadn't done the washing like he was meant to last night. Quickly fishing through the large pile, she managed to find a single white shirt that looked reasonably clean, everything else however smelt horrible and looked filthy.

I guess this'll have to do… she thought sadly. At least until the rest gets washed.

Quickly pulling the shirt over her head, she dumped the basket's contents into the washing machine and turned it on, hoping the load would be finished before Soul got back. Feeling the cold air on her stomach, Maka realised that the shirt she was wearing was too small and left the skin from her belly button down to her waist bare.

"Dammit, just my luck to be stuck with a shirt too small for me." she muttered miserably. Trying to make it cover more skin she pulled at the bottom only to realise it made her still erect nipples show even more.

Giving up she just left it as it was, slowly walking out into the main room. Blair turned around from the frying pan she was working on, surprised at Maka's appearance.

"My my, I thought you said you were getting dressed!" she said teasingly.

"It's Soul's fault, he didn't do the laundry last night!" Maka cried hopelessly, sitting down at the kitchen table where some food was already setup. In front of her was a plate with bacon and eggs on it, and another glass of milk.

Hungrily stuffing all the food into her mouth, she washed it down with the milk, pausing halfway through when she noticed something.

"Hey Blair, where's the carton for this milk?" Maka asked, swallowing the food in her mouth.

"What are you talking about?" Blair said, not seeming to understand what Maka asked.

"The milk carton, you know the container where you put the milk you made in."

"Don't be silly, I just put it straight into the cup!" Blair said, returning to the food she was cooking.

"From where exactly?" Maka asked, now thinking Blair was pulling her leg.

"My titties of course." Blair replied, the pride from before returning to her voice.

"Huh?" is all Maka could say, "You mean this is…"

"My breast milk, duh!"

Spinning around Blair reached up and gave her left breast a slight squeeze, instantly causing a wet patch to form around where her nipple was. Maka was left speechless; her right arm rose slightly as though to make an objection that never came. Eventually she managed to ask why Blair got her to drink her own breast milk.

"Because it was the only way to transfer the spell of course!" Blair said, sitting down on the opposite end of the table.

"What spell?!" Maka cried, finding her voice again.

Eagerly Blair leant forward, her chest resting on the table.

"To tell you the truth Maka, it's to help you!" she said happily.

"Help me….?" Maka said, stunned by the response. Suddenly she realised the tingling from before had returned, now centred on her chest and hips.

"It's just that you're so small! And all women are meant to look like me, right? I don't know a lot about human bodies but all the magazines I've seen has women as big as me in them!" Blair continued, unaware of what Maka was now feeling.

"What magazines!?" Maka groaned, now shifting in her seat as she was unable to keep still.

"The ones your father showed me." replied Blair, innocently.

Instantly she forgot about the sensations in her body, and Maka was left shaking with anger, Dad I swear if you somehow caused this even if by accident, I will murder you!

"Looks like its starting!" Blair cheered, still under the impression she was helping.

Maka was quickly brought back to reality, the tingling now intensifying. She wasn't just feeling warm anymore, she was feeling hot. Unable to touch herself, her arms now lay limp at her sides, her body immobilized from the sensations. Closing her eyes, she slowly leant her head back and widened her legs slightly as each second she became more and more lost in the feelings.

Her chest felt as though fingers were lightly flicking across the surface of her skin, each pass causing her body to twitch in her chair. Eventually the fingers reached her hips, thighs and buttocks; playing lightly across her body. Maka could also feel those areas begin to change, her breasts starting to push out and grow heavier, her ass making her rise from her seat and her hips widening to cover more ground.

Blair only looked on enthusiastically, now singing softly again as in her mind it would reassure Maka that everything was okay.

However it was falling on deaf ears, Maka was becoming a slave to the magic rushing through her body. The unseen fingers were now pressing into her flesh, rubbing, stroking and massaging her with invisible hands. Unable to keep it in anymore, her lips parted to give way to the moans she had been holding in for so long. Her hands finding new strength, she gripped the sides of her chair as the hot sensations began to really build momentum.
She felt her breasts suddenly jump in size, the clasp of her brazier digging into her back and her cotton shirt being strained as her flesh pushed forward desperate for freedom. Below her legs were becoming much more mature, now pressed together as she tried to hold in an orgasm. Her entire being was on fire, never before had a teenager gone through such powerful ecstasy as their bodies changed so rapidly. Hitting the side of the table as another sensation rippled through her, the half full glass of milk tipped onto the ground. One of her hands then left the chair; starting to run up and down her side, feeling her growing body, unconsciously searching for a spot that'd relieve her of this ever-growing heat. Trying to cup her breasts she found she could no longer hold a single breast in the palm of her hand, the shirt's material instead stretching across her hand as the pulsing flesh underneath continued to grow rapidly. Passing down to her hips she found them to curve out insanely, never before had she even considered becoming so voluptuous. Her second hand now joined the first, both finally finding their place held up to her face, her forearms pressing into her expanding chest as if to stop the growth with strength alone.

And suddenly, it was over. Maka's back arched throwing her chest into the air, a shout of relief and passion emitting for her mouth as the transformation finally climaxed and ended.

Slumping back into her seat, the room was left silent, disturbed only by Maka's heavy breathing. Soon she was back to her normal self and it was only then did she truly realise what just happened was real and not an illusion. Like lightning she jumped to her feet, and was almost hit in the face as her breasts followed the momentum.

"B-b-big!" she stuttered, yet to find her breath.

"I'll say!" cackled Blair, obviously pleased with herself.

Maka wasn't just big, she was huge! By some miracle her shirt hadn't torn, though now it only covered her new endowments. Maka tried crossing her arms like she had in the morning and found she could no longer reach to her back, each hand barely reaching her elbows. Then she discovered she wasn't just huge but also equally sensitive. The minute she applied pressure to her tits, she almost fell to her knees, another load moan escaping her lips.

"Ohh, yeah I should mention there'll be side effects." teased Blair, "But it's not just your boobies that grew."

Instinctively Maka attempted to look down, but found all she could see now was the generous cleavage the neck of her shirt revealed, which now stretched a quarter of the way down the top of her chest. Turning around to see behind herself, Maka found out how much her ass had grown too. While nowhere near as much larger as her breasts had become, she saw that she was much rounder and shapely then before, her white underwear stretched dangerously tight across each ass cheek.

"Don't forget the hips and legs!" reminded Blair.

"How could I not…" Maka moaned again, just discovering her ass was as sensitive as her breasts.

Unable to properly see them, she went by touch alone, each hand running across her sides softly, cautiously exploring the growth. Just as before they were unbelievably curvaceous, and even her own touch caused shivers to go down her spine. Eventually they ran around her legs and reached the groin, Maka almost losing herself again.

"So what do you think!? Now you're like all the other girls!" cheered Blair, snapping Maka out of her daze.

"But Blair, not all girls look like this! Those people you saw in the magazines are fakes!" Maka said, throwing her fist to the side in frustration and almost losing her balance because of it.

"They're fakes!?" Blair cried, genuinely shocked.

"Yes! People who have either had procedures done to them or a team of 20 make-up artists! None of them are real!"

Maka looked down to the ground, again meeting her new chest instead of the usual floor.

"And now look at me, I'm huge!"

"You're not actually that big, really you should only be as big as me if not a little smaller." Blair said, smiling.

"You're joking right?" Maka said, unbelieving.

"Nope, it's because your short and I'm tall! It's all about proportions!"

"Okay then, so I just look huge."

Maka knew that Blair couldn't see what she meant, so she decided to drop it.

"Well, I'm still feeling a little hot from all that, I'm going to take a shower now and freshen up." Maka said.

"Okay! I hope you enjoy your new body!" Blair replied, still cheerfully oblivious.

Why do I feel like she doesn't believe me? Maka thought to herself. Turning around she then left for the bathroom, each step causing her breasts to sway and bounce, her thighs now rubbing against each other too. I might even have to walk differently from now on.

Entering the bathroom, she looked into the mirror and was shocked at how she appeared. God, she felt big enough, but in her reflection she was even bigger then she imagined herself. Raising a hand to her chest she felt for her nipples which were still erect, only unseen because of her extremely tight AA-cup bra holding them back. Upon touching one Maka felt another flush, blushing again.

Giggling, she couldn't help but think, maybe this isn't so bad.

Out in the kitchen however, Blair couldn't help but notice the half empty glass of milk on the table and wonder, maybe I shouldn't have given her that second glass to drink…
Yes I know it isn't the next chapter of TSB but I recently got into Soul Eater and thought I'd try a BE story with new characters. :D

Don't worry guys, the next Bleach tale is on it's way. :)

Sorry about the ending with this one too, I seem incapable of not leaving my stories open for a sequel! ^^;

Let me know what you think!
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I live with a Big Booty Bitch with a Big Black Dick
Written by: Silent Soul Ken
Summary: Janet Ferrari is a former model with a sizable rump, who now is enjoying her money and lives a singular life, what happens when a person with a sizable rump she knows comes with a sizable package?
Tags: Big/Huge ass, Futanari, Futa on Female, Penis/Balls Expansion, Big Penis, Huge balls, Non-consensual sex, Romance, language, Cum Inflation

Chapter 1
Unwanted Acquaintance

Janet Ferrari grabbed the piece of meat on sale in its wrapping looking at the price. She set it down and looked bending forward slightly to get a better view. Eventually she found a price she was willing to pay, $13.27 a steal. She set the meat with her basket of groceries. Janet was a black woman tall, thin, with long gold colored hair, average curves, save a rather big butt that she had paid to be enhanced to its monstrous size of 43 inches. A few years ago she was a model and internet sensation with her rump and black features. However when another came into the industry with an even larger rump than her own she quit the business preferring to live her royalties she had done a video and photo shoot with the other and had a slight bonding due to their similar features. However when she quitted she lost contact. She was surprised to find that said other had been arrested and put in prison. While she was concerned she ultimately put it out of her mind. It was none of her business, and besides the two weren’t friends more like acquaintances of similar features.

Now she lived on the money she made with the public, currently she was wearing a dress that could hide her enormous backend effectively. Janet went to the dairy products opening the door and grabbing a bottle of milk. She placed that in her basket and looked at it to make sure she had everything she needed. ‘Milk, meat, eggs, flour, syrup, baking soda and… crackers… all right now I need some apples.’ She went to the produce area to grab apples and any other fruit that caught her eye. She arrived at the produce and saw the various apples on display grabbed what she wanted and putting the apples in a plastic bag she headed to the front to pay for her groceries. As she walked she saw a teenager glance at her his gaze following her as she walked past. ‘Ugh fucking creep probably undressed me 3 times… pervert.’ Janet went to a cashier with the smallest possible line.

With the coming of fall and thanksgiving parents and family members were swarming in like locusts looking for food to bring home and devour. Janet thanked herself for not wanting to go on any relationships at this stage in her life. She didn’t want to deal with some mama’s boy or son with crazy traditionalists who had rods up the butt with traditions and holidays. Janet already had spent enough time with people ogling her and send her millions of e-mail calling her ‘big-booty bitch,’ ‘Trunk stuffer,’ ‘hot babe,’ etc. she just wanted to live a normal life now and one day start dating. For now she wanted to get out of the store away from anybody else that could recognize her.

She was finally up she put all her stuff on the belt letting the cashier swipe it through. The cashier, a woman, looked at Janet then turned her gaze back to the register as the final item was swiped. “$24.78,” she said lamely Janet pulled up her purse and opened it pulling out a 20 and a 5 dollar bill and handing it to the cashier who took it and typed in the amount. It whirred as it opened allowing her to put the bills inside and ejected the appropriate amount of change into the small change pool. Janet grabbed it and walked down to where the bagger had been bagging the food. She thanked him and grabbed her bags quickly exiting the building.

Janet walked to her car the bags of groceries in hand. She opened the trunk of her black Ferrari California and placed her groceries in. Closing it she went to the driver door and opened it getting into the car and sitting in she closed the door. She sighed, ‘No oglers today… thank god,’ she started the car and began to drive heading home. Janet turned on the radio as she reached the highway adjusting the radio signal. Eventually she found the radio station, pop and hip-hop playing in the car speakers. She relaxed her mind drifting to when she was doing those shoots for the rappers. So raunchy and ill-mannered, she couldn’t believe that she had done that especially since they were interested in her butt. She sighed she had wanted to get surgery to remove it but decided against it.

It would cost much more and would take a long time to get rid of everything so she focused on just living with it. She turned off the exit and headed down the street. She lived in a suburb in particular a cul-de-sac to keep away from oglers and people who knew her. True there were still a few people that knew her in here but not as many as in the city she pulled into the street and drive down heading to the cul-de-sac and pulled into circular road was parking the car driveway of her house.

Janet’s house was a yellow brick house that was single story, she had a backyard and a small front yard, and the garage door was a big white door that was opening as she pressed the button to open it. She parked her car inside the garage. Turning it off she pulled her keys out and unlocked the door pushing it open. Then she went to the control for the door pressed the close button the garage light with a special movement sensor light. The garage door closed and she grabbed her groceries, slamming her trunk close and exiting the garage through the door in the back. The lights would turn off if they were on for 5 minutes. She walked to the side door that lead straight into the kitchen of her house and with key in hand she unlocked the door and walked in.

The kitchen was a spacious white tiled area with the stove against a small wall and to the far right of it was a sink and dishwasher. She set her groceries down and went to the fridge opposite of the stove a good 10 feet behind. She opened it and looked at her food supply she raised an eyebrow in surprise. Her bread was a few slices short, and when she looked her ham was disturbed a piece dangling from its plastic container. Mayonnaise bottle was also open when it shouldn’t have been and some tomato had been ripped apart.

This set off warning lights in Janets head; she went to the phone that rested on the wall next to the sink. She pulled it and was about to dial 911 when she realized that she had no signal. ‘Fuck!’ she put the phone back and she went to her closet, opening it she grabbed her broom and pulled it out. She then took off her heels walked to the entryway of the kitchen and paused straining her ears to hear even the faintest of sounds. Nothing, so the intruder was not in the living room, she walked forward looking around, the living room had a single large plasma TV at the wall, with a presentation table top that had various statues. She walked forward then turned her head left where her bathroom and bedroom lay. She walked forward then stopped when she heard the grunting coming from her bedroom. She also saw the door was ajar and she slid forward using her stockings to quietly move forward to look at the gap.

She heard moaning now and grunting. “Fuck yes! Ohhhhh yeah!” The intruder hissed she heard skin slapping as the intruder… whacked off? But that was a females voice! Whatever was going on she needed to get them out of her house and in the hands of the cops. She put her fingers on the door and opened it quickly running to the figure on her bed. The figures head turned and lunged at her she saw a feminine build closing in rapidly she swung the broom only to find her center of gravity falling and the first thing to hit the ground was her rump.

“OW!” Janet’s rear was a massive cushion but she still felt pain. Then her back then her head, her arms were pinned down. She felt a hot breath on her neck and heard the low giggling in her ear.

“Oh yes you’re home… and your butt is as big as ever!” Janet could not understand, this voice was a woman’s yet the throbbing hard thing against her crotch was a guy’s dick!? “Mmm I’ve missed you.” She felt a lick on her cheek. The voice was familiar but… “Haven’t seen you since that gig so long ago… mmm,” A kiss on her neck, Janet tried to squirm she was feeling flustered.

‘I can’t be getting off from this… freak!’ she had to push the intruder off ‘Gotta get out and get help.’

“Mmm stop moving! Otherwise I can’t give you my 11 inches of love!” The intruder squealed, wait that squeal it couldn’t be.

“Rubi, is that you Rubi Starz?” Janet said.

“Oh yes you remembered! Good, good I’d explain what’s going on but I’ve been here for hours wanting to cum! Naughty of you to be so late my little booty whore!” Rubi said. “My balls are nearly bursting because I’ve held back every time!” Suddenly she pushed up and Janet saw Rubi. Rubi had a more rounded face compared to Janet’s however she had large curls of pink-dyed hair, as well as C-cup breasts that were swinging slightly. Her body was slightly hourglass shaped with her wide hips and enormous rump that put Janet’s to shame at a monstrous 56 inches. She could see it slightly jiggling behind as Rubi shook her hips and she saw the male organ attached just above her cunt. It was a huge cock 11 inches in length and 3 inches in width around the head she saw what looked like a ring wrapped near the head, the balls looked like overstuffed softballs and had a slightly darkened color to them.

“Yeah they’re huge huh!? Normally they’re smaller but I’ve been beating off so many times and holding it back that they kinda grew! Hurts a bit too I think guys call this blue balls or whatever the fuck, I don’t give a shit though cause I’m fucking horny as a bitch in heat!” No sooner had she said that then a beep sounded and the ring fell off. “YES!!!” She grabbed Janet’s skirt and ripped it apart with freakish strength. Her hot fingers clawed at Janet’s panties even as Janet raised her hands to intercept.

“Stop it! Leave me alone you-you freak!” Janet shouted with disgust struggled with Rubi who tried to grab the panties but failing as Janet pushed and eventually grabbed both hands but Rubi broke the grip and grabbed Janet’s hands in one. She pushed it over Janet’s head her body leaning in forcing Janet to get her face buried in Rubi’s cleavage she screamed in protest and shook her head.

“Oh yes do it more!” Janet felt disgust build in her as well as arousal. This odd situation was not good, she didn’t want to have sex with this mutated Rubi. Her panties were becoming wet as her pussy disagreed with her mind, wanting the hot hard cock to ram into her! She could feel the hot organ dripping pre-cum onto her stomach.

“Stop! Please Rubi I don’t want this!” Janet begged Rubi held up her other hand revealing a strip of her clothing in hand. Rubi stuffed it in Janet’s mouth and then reached for more of the ripped clothing Janet tried to spit out her own clothes but Rubi was quick as she wrapped the cloth around her mouth preventing her from spitting it out. Rubi tied it on and secured the knot now Janet was trying to scream which was muffled by the gag. ‘Oh god someone help me please!’ Janet tried to move but Rubi was pinning her down. She felt Rubi’s tongue lock her cheek, and her giggling chest rubbed her own. Janet moaned into her gag trying to close her legs and hide the increasing wetness of her crotch telling Rubi that she was getting immensely aroused by the action. However it seemed as if increased strength and her organ was just the prelude.

“Mmm someone smells ready, someone wants to fuck… and they want to fuck HARD!” Rubi shouted and she pulled away. Moving down her hard cock throbbing in anticipation she came to the wet cunt of Janet and she licked her lips eager. ‘Finally I get to have some pussy… oh thank you doctor!’ Rubi licked the cunt her tongue flicking the lips and lapping up the juices eagerly her dick seemed to grow even harder than ever throbbing so hard that it was painful! “Oh that’s it I gotta fuck!” Rubi grabbed Janet’s leg with one hand and the other her own throbbing organ. She rested her cock on Janet’s cunt lips and when she was sure that she was on target she pushed her hips forward. Janet screamed as she felt the cock move in inches of hot black meat invading her body. “Oh god Janet you’re cunt is so tight and hot!” Rubi said huskily. “I love it! Just like how I love you! Yes we’re gonna have so much fun from now on!” Rubi giggled like a schoolgirl who had gotten her favorite thing in the world. Rubi was thrusting now her cock sliding in and out of Janet easily. Janet moaned and whimpered pitifully as she was aroused and disgusted at the same time.

Rubi was now on top her breasts rubbing against Janet’s skin. Janet shifted her mind was conflicted between wanting to cum and wanting to kick Rubi in the nuts. Rubi gave a strong thrust grabbing Janet’s leg and holding it up fucking Janet in a side angle. Rubi was watching Janet’s butt wiggle and jiggle. So arousing and titillating that it made her cock even harder. Rubi then reached with one hand and slapped Janet’s ass.

Janet gave a squeak. “Oh yeah look at it jiggle!” Rubi crowed, she slapped again watching Janet’s ass cheeks jiggle to and fro what with the slapping and her powerful thrusts. Rubi moaned as she felt her balls rumble ready to unload their payload. “Fuck yeah Janet get ready you getting a big fat load here!” Rubi grunted. Janet shook her head, today was not a good day for her if this freak’s dick worked right then she could get pregnant!

That seemed to set her off as her body stiffened in orgasm spraying juices onto Rubi, “OH FUCK YEAH!!!” Rubi shouted and she slammed it in Janet sobbing as she felt hot cum flood into her womb pooling and expanding. Janet felt her belly start to expand slowly as Rubi kept cumming then it stopped Rubi sighed and pulled out her cock then she stood up and shuffled over Janet. “If the doc was right then oooooh yeah, look it’s working it’s working!” Janet in her teary hazed looked up. If she didn’t have her clothes on her mouth her jaw would’ve dropped open. Rubi grunted and moaned as her dick suddenly swelled larger gaining 2 inches in length and half an inch in girth, her balls also swoll becoming bigger and fatter! Janet found herself blacking out as her mind overloaded.

-1 hour later-

Janet awoke to find herself in her bed she looked around wildly nobody else was inside the room. She looked at the floor to see her clothes on the ground. She sighed and was about to pass off what she thought happened as a dream when she felt the soreness at her crotch. She then heard a snore, she froze not wanting to believe it. She looked to her left to see Rubi laying on the bed snoring. “Ah you are awake, good yes good.” Janet turned to see a man standing at the door.

“Who are you!?” She demanded not exactly liking these turn of events.

“Do not panic I’m doctor Ilenkay Psetrovich, I’m a bio geneticist.” He said in a thick Ukrainian accent, Janet wasn’t sure what it was exactly but she had a general idea and it was enough to put one and one together.

“So you’re responsible for… for turning Rubi into a freak!?” She shouted, “A freak that raped me and now impregnated me!?” She had half a mind now to beat this quack into putty.

“Please first of all she chose this, second of all hermaphrodite or futanari are not freaks they are next step in evolution ja? Finally it’s impossible for you to be pregnant her sperm are completely inactive, inert.” He said he held out his hands then clasped them together. “Miss Rubi was in jail for crime she claim she did not commit, however till they found out otherwise she be in prison for long time. So she was given a choice serve term or participate in experiment. She chose experiment.” He walked to a chair and sat down leaning back slightly his fingertips bridging each other..

“And what is this experiment exactly?” Janet hissed still not liking what was being said.

“Well we make her hermaphrodite and then we give her to someone of her choosing to care for her. She chose you so now you are responsible for her actions. Also when she has sex with some and reaches climax her dick and balls will grow bigger, it’s a system we plan incase nuclear fallout happen ja? She is prototype for future generations you see the growth will be to better ensure maximum fertilization see?” Psetrovich explained.

“So you turn her into this unnatural… freak?” Psetrovich sighed and placed his thumb and forefinger at the bridge of his nose.

“You must not have good ears, hermaphrodite is not unnatural plenty of things that are hermaphrodite in real world, lizards, frogs and other things. We just sped up natural order, in about 500 years no men or women just hermaphrodites,” He said this slowly as if he was explaining something utterly common sense to a child. It worsened Janet’s mood however.

“Ok fine whatever so if this is natural then don’t you think that her sperm can possibly one day make me pregnant? Nature finds a way right?” Janet said.

“Impossible sperm is completely inert and unable to become fertile we made sure to program that into them there’s no way that they will be able to impregnate…” There was a buzzing and he pulled out his phone and spoke in Ukrainian. He nodded his head and hung up the phone. “If you’ll excuse me I must leave I have a mess to clean up people cannot be trusted to do simple chores now, I’ll see you in a month to check up on her. Oh yes you’ll be supplemented with necessary funds for food and such have fun taking care of her!” Psetrovich said and he stood up and began to walk away.

“Wait, wait, wait you can’t just dump her on me!” Janet jumped from her bed, uncaring of her nude body, and ran after the doctor.

“I’m sorry but it’s out of hands now she requested to be transferred her specifically, oh yes first payment should be in mail now I must go please.” Psetroivch said and he was out the door. Janet was about to go out when she realized she was nude and ran back to her room to grab something but she heard an engine roar and tears screeching she pulled on a night gown and ran back only for a silver Lamborghini to drive away.

“Ah god dammit, why me?” She moaned as she stepped out of her house. She stood there then heard a wolf whistle and she turned to see one of the neighbors teenager watching her. She gave a huff of annoyance and she went to her mail and opening it grabbed a letter she then walked inside and slammed the door. “God damn government giving me chump change for watching some dickgirl fr-“ her voice trailed off as she opened the letter and saw the 500,000 dollar check. “Ok… maybe I can do this shit then…” She then heard loud grunting and she felt a chill up her spine. “Maybe… not…” She gulped.
A little story I wrote with characters based on real life characters if you can find out who they are... I'll think of something maybe the 3rd chapter can be an idea you guys pick. Anyway this is gonna be a romance fic hope you guys like it.
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A Quick Turn-On

Your jaw drops as you watch me close my eyes and smile, feeling my shirt stretch around my growing breasts. The feeling of my shirt tightening around them as they grew bigger turned me on greatly, and a moan escaped my mouth. Already my cleavage was swelling out from the collar, straining the topmost button on my shirt.

You can't take your eyes away from me as you watch my hips began to flare outward. As my cleavage billowed out from my collar, snapping the first button, my shorts clenched tightly around my thighs. My ass stretched the seat of my shorts and I moaned softly as my clothes tightened.

The second button popped off, and my G-cups jiggled happily inside my shirt. I smiled and gently pressed them together, feeling my cleavage ooze over the opening of my shirt.

I reached my hands down to my backside, feeling my butt plump up bigger into my hands. My shorts cut into my lower half enough to make it uncomfortable. I could feel my shorts beginning to slowly tear, but to speed up the process, I bent over and stuck out my butt. I felt the fabric shred apart as my butt grows, and you practically drool at the sight of it.

Your mind is in a fog as you watch me grow right before your very eyes. The sight of my cleavage jiggling and my ass swelling turns you on, and the sound of my moans filling the room gets your heart racing.

You stare deep into my cleavage, watching as the third button on my shirt pops off. My breasts gently jiggle inside and it's at that moment that you realize I don't have a bra on.

You walk up to me and I bite my lower lip as I look into your eyes. You place your arms around me, feeling my long black hair brush against your fingers. My chest swells into you, slowly pushing you back. You look down and can feel my huge melons swelling into you, and you can't help but stare deep into my cleavage almost as if you're in a trance.

Your hands explore my curves, traveling down to my ass. You can even feel how tight my red panties are getting as they stretch around my swelling ass cheeks.


The final button snaps off and now my shirt is showing off a very considerable amount of cleavage. I reach up and hold my shirt from both sides. I give you a naughty look as I slowly pull it apart, your eyes widening as my breasts swell outward as my shirt gradually rips down the center. With only a couple inches left, I give it one final tug and my shirt rips in two, allowing my massive tits to bounce before your eyes. As you stare at them, you can't help but drool over how perfect they are. My nipples are slightly erect, and you reach up with both hands and trace your thumbs over them. I shiver as your cold hands send chills up and down my spine, then softly moan as I feel your hands roam around my breasts.  

As I shrug off my ripped shirt, you squeeze my tits together in awe at how soft, warm, and huge they feel. As you fondle them, my panties squeal as my butt continues to blow up like a balloon.

My bubble butt stretches the waistband of my panties as it pushes it outward. You look over my shoulder and your eyes are amazed at how big my ass has become. You stare at the waistband as it slowly strains as my giant ass cheeks pull it apart until....


I moan as I feel my panties slide down my leg. I giggle at the look on your face, knowing that the sight of my bubble butt bursting out from my panties turned you on even more.

You reach around and firmly place your hands on my swelling butt cheeks. You grasp them in your hands, and your fingers sink into the abundant flesh as you knead and massage them with your fingers. I moan softly, pressing my gigantic tits into you. Your mind nearly explodes at how my warm and luscious breasts swell against you but also at how big my ass is as you squeeze it.

Your hands explore my naked body, traveling up to my wide hips and back to my breasts. But just before you do so, I grab your hands and playfully push you back into the bed. Laying on your back, I slowly climb onto you; you stare at my immense breasts bouncing and jiggling as I lean over. With both my legs by your sides as I sit on top of you, I lean over and smother you with my juicy breasts, pressing them against your face. You are in pure bliss as you lay there motionless feeling my soft, jiggling breasts against your face.

I then sit up and look down at you. As you look up at me, you see me rising higher into the air as my ass swells against your stomach. You try to hide how turned on you are but I easily detect it through the expression on your face.

You reach up and squeeze my breasts, and I slowly grind against you as they innocently bounce and jiggle into your hands. My ass ceaselessly balloons and pushes me higher into the air to the point that my breasts are slowly getting out of reach.

You smile up at me, adoring my bubble butt and huge tits. Looking down into your eyes, I give you a wink as I lean down and smother you once more.

The End
Haha, well, I'm sure the title explains it all ;p

I decided to write up a little mini-story, which I REALLY enjoy writing. What I do like about this is that just like a few other ones I did of this POV, ANYONE can put themselves into the story regardless of their gender. I really enjoy writing stories that allows anyone to include themselves in the story as they read it, it makes it that much better! :la:

Haha, so yup! Just a quick little story with some hourglass expansion to get you all "excited", hehe ;p

Enjoy! :) :tighthug::highfive::glomp:

Here are a few other stories I wrote in this point of view:

"Busty Aspiration": [link]

"You And I": [link]

"Teasing You": [link]
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Katie and Makayla were two students, and they walked home together ever since middle school. They lived right nearby, and just so happened to be best friends. Katie was a brunette, short hair, medium height, with piercing blue eyes and a flat chest. Makayla, on the other hand, was tall- almost 6 foot -had long, flowing blonde hair, and sizable breasts-about C-cups. As they traveled home, Katie noticed something on the ground.

It was a dark blue diamond-shaped stone, attached to a silver chain. It looked almost new, aside from some dirt that got on it from the ground.

“Hey, check it out!” Katie reached down and picked up the necklace.

“Woah...its nice.” Makayla looked at it closely, brushing off the dirt. “Should probably wash it before you wear it. Katie shrugged.

“Gotta shower anyway.” She  wrapped it around her neck and hooked the clasp together. “Ah! Fits perfect!”

“Looks nice on you too.” Katie smiled.

'Thanks.” They continued their way home, not noticing the faint blue glow the gem let off...


Makayla and Katie both studied intently for the test that was coming for them the next day. “God, its gonna be a killer.” Makayla sighed as she looked through the review.

“No kidding.” Katie shifted a bit. She could have swore she felt some kind of tingling in her chest since they had left school, but she brushed it aside and focused on her work. They continued to write, study, and read, until the feeling Katie had took a sudden jump into being quite pleasurable. “Unnhhh...”

“What?” Makayla questioned.

“I dunno....I feel...weird.” The sensation spiked again and again, becoming more and more unbearable until Katie as squinting in pleasure. “Oooohhh...” Katie couldn't control her moans, as much as she wanted to. Suddenly, she felt as if her breasts were being pumped with hot water, suddenly plumping up like two water balloons. They swelled, her nipples getting erect and becoming apparent in her light blue tank-top. The pleasure was at its peak now, and Katie and Makayla both noticed the changes in Katie's figure.

“Oh God!” Katie quickly grabbed them, feeling them expand in her hands. They were incredibly sensitive, and lured a few more moans out of her when she grabbed them. “What is going on?”

“Woah!” Makayla had jumped up and away from Katie, shocked by her metamorphosis. “How are you doing that? Did you down your-”

“I'm not doing this Makayla!” They had grown to C-cups now, perky oranges, and they continued, getting bigger than her friend. Soon they were D's, then DD's in no time flat, her shirt stretching upwards at her belly downwards at her neck, revealing her burgeoning cleavage. They looked about the size of grapefruits, and were headed for the diameter of DVDs. “Ohhh...make it stop! How is this even...” Suddenly, she looked down at the pendant, which was glowing bright blue. “The necklace!” She tried to unhook it, but her bosom got in the way. Every time her elbows nudged her bosom, which were now well into EE cups, she went limp with the now extreme pleasure coursing through her body. They had begun to reach Melon size, nice ripe honeydews, and she was beginning to panic. “Makayla! Help! Get it off!” Through her hesitation and confusion, Makayla pulled herself together and rushed to Katie, prying at the necklace.

“Its stuck!” Makayla lamented in growing fear.

“Try harder! Break it if you have to, I want it off of me!” Katie's breasts had reached G—cups, her shirt beginning to restrict them, pushing them closer together and causing flesh to ooze out of her collar. Katie winced, the pressure beginning to get to her, but it only added to then immense pleasure she was experiencing. “Mmmmm...please Makayla...uhhnnn...” Her shirt was becoming a midriff, riding all the way up her chest and showing off her pale belly. Makayla wrenched at the necklace, tugging on it in any way she could, until finally, it gave weigh. Katie sighed, the feeling gone. But she looked at her boobs, now enormous.

“Oh man...” She lifted them, squeezed, every grope had a small prick of pleasure. “They feel nice though, so...that's something I guess. Thanks Makayla.” Katie turned to face Makayla, whose boobs had grown to twice their size, around E-cups, the size of party balloons. Katie had been so busy testing her new boobs, she hadn't noticed Makayla's pleasured moans or yelps for assistance.

“ feels sooo gooood...” Makayla smiled and fondled her breasts, rubbing them up and down. They lunged forward, her bra giving weight and putting excess stress on her tank top, which was now seeing its final days as well. They were near H-cups now, and Makayla started to worry. “Katie...get it off...”

“What, and have it latch onto me?” Katie quickly rushed to the door. “No thank you.” Makayla tried to reach over, but her knees buckled from the pure ecstasy flowing through her body. Katie was gone, and Makayla was left heaving with breasts that were borderline J-cup. Dinner plate diameter.

“Wow...nothing I, I guess. Better just – oh! - enjoy the ride.” And Makayla laid there as the charm filled her breasts out, more and more as every second passed. Her shirt tearing to nothing more than mere pieces, revealing her soft breast flesh and taut nipples. She spiraled her fingers around them, gasping and moaning in desperate and intense pleasure. She rubbed against the wall, horny as hell and having no way of letting out rather than rub her breasts up and down, the only way she knew how at this very moment. She rubbed her back more and more, her hands covering every point of her ballooning boobs that she could get to, until suddenly, the feeling stopped. Makayla looked at her lap.

There, in her sprawled out legs, sat the necklace, the latch somehow let loose. Makayla let out a sigh of relief, then bounced her almost beach ball sized breasts in awe. “I...need to get rid of this thing. For good.”

Another one from the vault! MAN there's a lot of stories in there! O.o Again, this was written way back when i first started out, so it isn't as good as my other stuff, but oh well, still a fun little story. Short as hell too, doesn't mean bad I suppose ;P

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it! :D

Link to Part Two:…
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Angela roamed the aisles of the drug store, getting some of the vitamins her mother sent her out to get.

“Okay, so...we got Vitamin D...” She read off the list to her friend Melissa, who joined her for the trip. “Folic Acid...Fish Oil...”

“Jeez, your mom is obsessed with these things, isn't she?” Melissa laughed a bit as she picked up some Vitamin A and tossed it in the basket. “How does she stomach all of these?” Angela shrugged.

“Eh, I think it keeps her healthy. At least it makes her THINK she's healthy. That's good enough, I suppose.” Angela gave a quick smirk.

Angela stood at roughly 5' 6 and had long, flowing brown hair. She had inherited chestnut eyes and a tan complexion from her mother. Her tan complemented both her face and her cleavage, which was practically popping out of her low cut top, the flesh pouring out of the u-shaped neckline. This was one of Angela's favorite things about herself: her DD breasts. Even with a plus sized figure, she could still flaunt these babies like no one's business and she did that quite often with pride.

Melissa, on the other hand, was roughly the same height, but thin as a rail. With not an ounce of fat or mass anywhere on her body, she seemed to be almost the opposite of Angela in terms of physique. Her raven black hair cut a straight edge down her back and almost graced her backside, and her lightning green eyes almost pierced anyone who dared to look in them.

Both of them continued to find the various vitamins, minerals, and supplements scattered all across the store, when a particular drug caught Angela's eye.

“NEW! SLIM MAX! Try it today for instant results! Get your perfect size as fast you want it with Slim Max!”

Angela approached it slowly, then took a bottle from the display and read the back, then shook her head and put it back. She looked over at Melissa, who was buying their purchase with the cash Angela had gotten from her mom. She looked back at the bottle, and noticed something strange: No nutritional facts. No ingredients. The only thing on the side was a warning: 'Only one pill necessary. DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONE'.

'Rather vague, aren't we?' Angela thought. She began to ponder a bit. She didn't need this. She was happy with herself, plus sized or not. She wasn't obese. She wasn't at all that large. But every day in the supermarket where she worked, she saw magazine after magazine, tabloid after tabloid telling her she wasn't as thin as she needed to be, as slim as she could be, and if she wasn't thin, she wasn't attractive. She fought those thoughts down, but they rose from time to time.

This was one of those times.

“Hey Melissa, I'll meet you in the car, k?” She called over to her friend. Melissa nodded and finished checking out, then left.  Angela continued to stare at the bottle for a few seconds. She rattled it, hearing only one pill inside the tiny red container. She shrugged.

'Couldn't hurt to try.'


Angela kept staring at the bottle in her hands. She passed it back and forth, studying the label over and over.

“Do I really want this? Does it even work? Did I just waste $20?” Too many questions were running through her head. She fought through it all and popped the bottle open, quickly tipping it to her mouth and swallowing the pill whole, coughing a bit. “Why didn't I drink anything with that?” She questioned, feeling a bit silly. She waited a second, wanting to see the so called “Instant Results”. But nothing happened. She waited for a good five minutes with nothing occurring.

It was getting late so she decided to pack it in, putting on her night shirt and falling into a deep sleep.

Little did she know, things were changing as she slept...

The next morning, Melissa's eyes groggily opened as she crawled out of bed. She stretched her legs to the floor, sitting at the edge of her bed, when she noticed that she felt...rather light. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she managed to look down at herself, and as soon as she did her eyes shot open. She darted to the bathroom and turned on the light to see a thin version of herself standing in the mirror. She smiled broadly.

“No...fucking...WAY!” She jumped up and down in excitement, spinning and looking around at herself. “I'm as skinny as Melissa, I think.” Her smile faltered a bit, noticing something a bit bittersweet: her boobs had vanished. Without a trace. She was as flat as a board now. She shook her head and smiled again. “Whatever. Guys don't want boobs. They want thin girls...” She kept eying herself, and began to get dressed for the day. She couldn't get her mind off of her last thought.



Angela met up with Melissa at the mall, wanting to show her the miracle that had occurred. As soon as Melissa caught a glance of Angela from across the food court, her jaw dropped. She squinted, looked around her, in disbelief that it could possibly her. But when Angela sat at the table, there was no denying it.

“Oh my GOD!” Melissa marveled at Angela's new slim figure.

“I know, right?”

“How...I mean, what...” Melissa was at a loss for words.

“Remember when we were at the drug store yesterday?” Melissa nodded, then it hit her.

“Oh, you got a diet pill?” Angela nodded. “And it worked THAT fast?” She nodded again. “Jeez. You lost like...50 pounds at once.”

“HEY! It was only, like...35...” Melissa laughed and leaned back in her chair.

“ does it feel to be thin?” Angela began to answer, but was suddenly distracted by a handsome guy. Someone she had never seen, just a stranger at the food court. But he looked so...

Melissa looked around at him. She turned back to see Angela's starry-eyed expression. She smirked.

He turned towards Angela, and she suddenly went red. She looked at the table, then glanced back up to see him walking towards her.

“Oh, God, he's coming over here.” She whispered excitedly to Melissa. As he walked, Angela could feel her nerves getting more and more wound up, only to fall apart as soon as he passed and went to the table behind her, where a blonde chick with huge boobs sat. They looked as large as Angela's used to be. Angela frowned, then stood from the table.

“Let's go, Melissa. I don't wanna be here right now.”


Melissa and Angela returned to the drug store, looking to get more supplements for Angela's mother.

“What could we have possibly forgotten?” Angela laughed, throwing the various pill bottles into the hand basket. Suddenly, another display caught her eye. Made by the same exact people that had made the diet pill.

“NEW! MAX BUST! Get a fuller, rounder, better bust with Max Bust!”

Angela eyed it, seeing that the bottle was much bigger than the diet pill, and had many more pills, along with actual instructions on the side.

“Use only as directed: Ingest one pill by mouth weekly. Do not exceed that amount. Do this for one month and you will see your bust go up by at least one cup size.” Angela grinned and put it into the basket without a second thought.

She drove Melissa home, then drove herself home, with the pills in hand. She dropped off the vitamins to her mother, got a quick thank you, then went to her room.

“Alright. I've got the figure. Now all I need is the boobs to top it all off. Then I can get guys...they'll be all over me...” She stared at the bottle, and began thinking. “But...what if it isn't my body? What if...the only reason I can't get because I'm not comfortable with myself?”

She paused a second.

“Nah, its the boobs.” She took a pill and swallowed it with a swig of water. “So, a month, huh? No problem. I can wait that long.” So, she continued the process. Once a week for four weeks, she consumed a pill. But after the month had ended, she saw no results. Not even a bulge. “Hmm...maybe I just need a bit more...after all, I've got a bunch of pills...” She began to take one every day for a week, for about two weeks, then two a day for a week, until she was all out of pills. Nothing happened. She waited a week with no results.

Until one day, not too long after, she began to have a stomach ache. It was minor, but got severe after a while, and it kept her in bed from work. She writhed a bit, clutching her stomach in pain, and whined as she felt a sort of bubbling and simmering deep inside her.

But all of a sudden, it stopped. She lied there for a second, looking down at herself, her loose nightshirt was all she was wearing, that and a pair of panties. She propped herself up against her headboard, curious as to why the pain had stopped so abruptly. This was answered by a sudden heat in her chest, which struck her so suddenly that it caught her by surprise, making her stick her chest far forwards, then recoiling.

She began to pant, the heat rising more and more, burning her chest more and more, until it began to cool just slightly, becoming a sort of warm, tingly sensation.

“What's happening to me?” She asked as she heard a strange sound emanate from her body. She looked down and gasped. Her boobs were growing. Right in front of her eyes, the flat shape of her body had developed two very small but distinct hills rising like dough in an oven. She smiled broadly, then laughed. “Oh, yes! Yes, yes, ye-” She was cut off by the tingling sensation getting abruptly more intense, the tingling becoming a wave of pleasure. She shot up, her eyes rolling back in her head as she started to moan deeply. “Woah, this...t-this is...i-is...” She couldn't collect her thoughts as her chest reached the size of tennis balls, the night shirt she wore becoming more and more taunt.

She pulsed her body back and forth, gripping the side of her bed in passion as she moaned and sighed loudly, crouching forward a bit as her breasts reached somewhere around C-cups. She was writhing once more, not in pain, but in pleasure. The night shirt was riding up her body, climbing up past her legs and covering more and more of her growing breast flesh. They had soon reached their old size, good ol' DDs, and she felt the sensations melt away, her moans trailing and her body calming. She stood and went to the bathroom, presenting herself in the mirror, the night shirt drawn up to reveal her pink panties, the shirt barely past her navel. She smiled broadly.

“That's more like it.”


“Beep. Beep. Beep” The tone was monotonous and she heard it every day as she scanned item after item through the register. Angela placed them in their respective bags, hitting the proper buttons on the register and totaling the purchase.

“Comes up to $46.87”. She told the old man in front of her. He seemed to be in a daze, though, fixated upon Angela's now stretched shirt, the apron not hiding any bit of her figure. She sighed, this being the fifth time it happened today. “Sir? Sir!” She waved him back into consciousness. He shook his head in embarrassment, payed, then quickly left, getting one last glance before he went out the door. Angela sighed again.

“Geez...figures these would be a bit of a bother here...” Business was slow at the store today, so she had time to think and stop, look around, and spruce up her work area. She began to fix up the gum and candy next to her register when she felt something...odd. Her apron felt a bit tighter than it had a little while ago. She tugged at the strings a bit, thinking that she just wasn't used to her physique. But it was unmistakably tight. And it just seemed to be getting tighter. She looked down and brought her hand to her mouth in shock. It wasn’t just her apron. It was her shirt.

Her boobs were growing again. She darted to the restroom in a panic, trying not to look too distressed but quick stepping before anyone could notice. She got into the restroom and automatically pulled at the apron, but the knot was too tight. She couldn't get it undone. As the strings dug thought her shirt and into her skin, she let out a whimper of pain, mixed with pleasure as she felt the numbing and sensual heat glowing in her boobs. She suppressed her moans, not wanting to be heard now.

The apron strings continued to tighten and dig as she pried at the knot. They were getting massive, at least EE cups by now, her uniform shirt beginning to tear a bit at the seams, since she had gotten a smaller one for her new physique, not expecting to get massive boobs so soon. She couldn't see the tears hidden by the apron, but the strings suddenly ripped off, her boobs flopping forward and causing all sorts of popped seams for the white dress shirt. She was going red as she watched her boobs reach F territory, getting almost as big as her head. They began to slow down a bit, stopping before her shirt was shredded.

She decided to get out of there while she still could, and call her boss when she got home and tell them that she was incredibly ill. She drove home, staring down at her boobs as she drove, the AC in her car making her nipples begin to bore holes through the already tattered shirt. She promptly shut it off. As soon as she got home, she texted Melissa about her predicament, and told her to come to her place immediately. She sat there, her boobs so massive she could hardly believe it. She didn't want THESE. They were fine as they were. At DDs.

'I guess that's what I get for not using it corre-OOF!” She felt another spike hit her, her bosom now pouring into the Swiss cheese-style shirt, her flesh bulging ever more out of the holes, and new holes being made as well. It stopped relatively quick, only for her to have G sized boobs.

'Hurry, Melissa. I need someone to help...somehow...” She suddenly got a text. She moved her hands from her boobs to her phone, seeing it was a text from Melissa and promptly opening it.

'Let me in.”

Angela rushed to the door, swinging it open, only to see Melissa standing there and immediately go slack jawed.

'OK, you gotta stop experimenting with your body.”

“I know, I know...but what am I supposed to do? They keep...ugh...growing.” She felt another push against her fleeting shirt, two holes becoming one in places.

“Alright lemme in. Close the door.” they went over to Angela's room, Melissa carrying a box of some kind.

“What's that?”

“Well, when you told me about your dilemma, I figured it was some kind of...milk production thing. I mean, how else would they be growing?” Angela nodded in realization and approval. “ mom has this special recipe for milk tea. If made correctly it'll make your milk glands stop producing.” Angela smiled.

“That's perfect!”

“But...if I DON'T make it correctly, it...kinda does the opposite.” Angela's smile quickly faded.

“Oh, um...”

“Still...its better than nothing. The quicker we do it, the smaller they'll stay.” Angela nodded, willing to take the risk. Melissa cooked up the tea, making it as quickly as she could, then pouring Angela a cup.

“Wait..” Angela paused. “...would you...try for me?” Melissa looked at her in surprise.

“I, uh...”

“Please? If it works on you, you'll be ok, right? You'll just get a bit bigger. With me, it'll...” Melissa looked at her skeptically. She was hesitant to do it, but saw the state her friend was in and shrugged.

“Alright, then...” She took a swig from the cup. “Not like I have much to lose, huh?” She giggled. They waited. And waited. And waited for about five minutes when Angela began to feel the sensation hit her again.

“! It must be fine!” She quickly took the cup and downed the rest of the tea. She waited for it to take effect, glaring at her slowly tingling boobs. As she stared, she began to hear a soft moan.

It wasn't hers.

She looked up to see Melissa groping herself, massaging her developing chest.

“NO!” Angela shouted as she felt the already pleasant sensation and slow growth build quickly, her chest vaulting forward and splitting her work shirt into pieces. Melissa cooed in both pleasure and worry as her boobs reached B-Cup size, about tennis balls, seeing her black tank-top rise above her navel as the neckline descended to her burgeoning cleavage.

“Woah...who knew it would actually work. mom told me about it, but...ooohh...I never believed her. Thought it was just-AH!-a s-s-story...” She could barely make it through her sentence.

“But I thought it was supposed to do the OPPOSITE, Melissa!”

“It was! I tried to brew it correctly, but I...messed up, I guess.” She said as Angela's shirt finally burst to pieces under the rapid growth of her boobs, their mass becoming that of melons, their form firm but their complexion soft. They flew forwards, causing Angela to tip onto her chest, the sudden smack to the ground sending an explosion of euphoria throughout her system.

“OOOOHHH!” She sporadically yelled passionately.

“Oopsie...” Melissa said, referring to her previous comment, not very sorry at all. She loved her billowing bosom, now well into C cups and still pressing on, her tank top revealing more and more cleavage as it drew down her chest. It also displayed her pale, flat stomach.

Angela lay on the floor, panting and moaning as her breasts became as big as beach balls, the flesh mounting her up higher and higher. It soon slowed, stopping at around MM cups, as Melissa's soon did as well, having a nice pair of DDs.

Melissa laughed, then stood. “I'm gonna go make some more of that tea. You want some?”

As promised, here's my spur-of-the-moment tale, Bust Max! This recounts the times and troubles of Angela, who struggles with body image and confidence, deciding to take drugs to do something about it. Little does she know, she has no idea what she's getting herself into...

Took me a while to finally get around to it, but its all finished. I like how it turned out, and I hope you all enjoy it as well! :D
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“Whew that was a close one...” Aisha said as she entered her tent. She set her treasures on the desk and dusted herself off. “Can't believe I made it outta that one alive. The whole thing caved in. Managed to get three of them, though...” She began to examine the three tablets splayed across the table, all written in ancient Egyptian. “Let's see, its WAY too hot in here. Gotta get outta this stuff...” Aisha quickly peeled off her tan Khakis and heavy denim jacket, revealing a white tank top with a sports bra underneath, and tight, black yoga pants.  “That's better. Now then...” She continued to speak to herself, as she did quite frequently.

Aisha had a slender figure, being tan and average in height. Her hair was chopped short, out of fear of getting it caught in some kind of booby trap in the caves. Being an archeologist for ancient Egyptian artifacts was no easy job. But she had hit the jackpot! Three ancient tablets, almost in mint condition. When she had found them, they were surrounded by busty idols, seemingly bowing to them. She made a note of that in her journal and continued to examine the artifacts.

Aisha could speak the hieroglyphics aloud, but when it came to actually knowing what they meant, that was another story. She had always had problems reading a foreign language, but could speak it easily, no matter how complex. Almost any language, even Japanese or Russian. Hieroglyphics were no exception. She decided to mutter aloud one of the tablets to herself as she shuffled through her things. Finally, she pulled out her translator book, and began to pore over the conversions from word to word.

Her breasts began to itch, most likely from the heat. She gave them a slight scratch and continued to translate word after word. She shifted in place, the tent being small, but private. No one really knew of this place, but she could call for help if she ever needed it. All she had with her were basic food supplies, a bed, and a desk and chair, a long mirror, and her translator. She grew a bit stiff and decided to get up and stretch a bit.

She walked to the mirror and studied herself. She took off her glasses and rubbed them a bit with her shirt, removing some dust. She itched her boobs again, the heat starting to get to them once more, and stood there and peered at her body. She had a great body: thin, breasts about C-cup, and a round, attentive backside. She had always liked her body just the way it was, and thought that if she ever gotten any bigger, her breasts or her rear, it might sacrifice her integrity as an archeologist. Whether or not that was true was up for debate, but she didn't want to risk it.

She sat back down and began to translate, finding words like “curse”, “read” and strangely “breasts”. She was getting more perturbed at every word she figured out, until she finally completed the message. She thought it to herself:

“Whomever reads the curse aloud will have their breasts grow in size.” Her auburn eyes widened as she scratched her boobs. “All that must be done is to rub one's breasts three times. To make them stop, read tablet 3.” She stopped mid-scratch. A look of fear fell across her face.

“, these don't, right? No, no of course not.” She felt the itchiness of her mams slowly evolve into a prickle, then a tingle. “How many times did I scratch them?” She stood from her chair and went to the mirror. She could feel them slowly filling, her tennis ball sized breasts were puffing ever so slowly against her sports bra. “No. No, no, nonononononNONONO!” She began to panic a bit, the creases across her shirt tightening and becoming slowly more taut. “Oh God....what did I do? What do I do now?” She thought for a second as her breasts became more and more tingly, and reached further and further out. Aisha glanced down to read it again.

“That's it! Tablet three! I just have to read it and it'll stop!” She picked up the other two tablets and looked back and forth between the two of them. “But...which is which?” She faltered a bit, feeling her chest begin to get heavier with each passing moment. “I gotta just...guess!” She set one down and read the one in her hand aloud. She waited. But the sensation didn't stop, and the swelling progressed, straining her sports bra and making all the creases on her tank top. “Crap, its gotta be the other...oh...OHHH...OH GOD, WHAT?” She looked in the mirror at a side angle and saw that her butt had began to swell with her breasts. Just as slowly, but with an obvious growing mass as her bust, which had now expanded to somewhere around grapefruits.

“This isn't happening...this CAN'T be happening...” She held her inflating assets in her hands, to feel only a rush of  pleasure shoot through her whole body in a wave. She moaned quietly, letting the feeling wash over her. She smiled coyly, allowing her mind to drift for a bit. Only to quickly remove her hands and shake her head. “Aisha, you're a professional! Get it together.” She looked over and decided to translate the the second tablet she had just used. She bent over the desk, not daring to sit, and she felt her butt slowly gain mass, soon the size of two volleyballs (she took a quick peek around her shoulder at the mirror as she translated).

It became harder and harder to write as her breasts swelled  between her busy arms. They began to push up through her tank top, her cleavage becoming more and more prominent, the already impressive line down her shirt gaining more and more distance north. She tried to stay calm as her breasts had reached the size of softballs. Finally, she had finished the translation, reading:

“Whomever reads this curse after the first will have their posterior expand in size. To stop this, read tablet 3.” It was then that Aisha looked in the corner and saw a “2” inscribed in this corner, then a “1” in the first. She quickly took hold of the last tablet.

“You MUST be the one! You're all that's left!” She read it aloud and waited for the process to stop. To her dismay, it seemed to only pick up the pace, growing larger faster. Her sports bra began to strain, the fabric creaking and stretching along her building flesh. Her butt also seemed to be causing problems for her stretch pants, but the yoga leggings held strong around her now basketball sized cheeks. “C'mon! This has to work! Maybe it needs one more read...” She read the inscription again, to no avail, as her breasts and behind just seemed to flare out more, gaining more and more speed. The sports bra began to snap in places, until it had finally gave weigh to the colossal flesh mounds, letting them flop forward, now roughly the size of her head. Her tank top had risen above her tan, thin stomach as it covered her now rapidly ballooning assets.

“NO! Work with me here...” She read it again, now more with just pure hope, only to feel another surge of speed in her growth, her breasts gaining an inch very few seconds. They felt more and more sensitive by the moment. She dropped the tablet on the desk. “This is just...unnhhh...insanity. This HAS to be the one. I mean...isn't it?” She began to translate it, as daunting as the flow of flesh into both sides of her was to her psyche. Finally, she had figured it out, and almost began hitting herself when she read it:

“Whomever reads this slab will suffer quicker effects from slabs one and two. Read slab three to stop the curse”.

She looked in a corner.

And saw the number 4.

She threw the tablet across the tent. She paced the room, her breasts now the size of honeydew melons, her butt so impossibly huge, and worried and struggled in her mind.

“What am I gonna do?” She spoke softly to herself. “ I mean...unh! one will take me seriously in the archeology department looking like this. I'm a total freak now!.” She held them and watched her cleavage spill out of the top of her shirt, the fabric straining as little holes ripped on the sides, letting out little bits of flesh. “But...” She continued to think as she slowly smiled. “I mean...this is some discovery! A curse that can grow your boobs? And I can prove it... I am proof!.” Her smile turned into a big grin as her butt began to peek out of the top of her yoga pants. Her shirt began to tear in the middle, revealing more and more cleavage. “I'll be rich! I'll never have to work again!” She began to rub them, welcoming the sensations that poured through as she dug into her boobs with her fingers. “And all the men...they won't be able to keep their hands off me! Yeah...” Her tongue hung out as her shirt burst open, letting her titanic ta-tas leap forward and jiggle back and forth. She rubbed them more, keeping a constant massage of passion running though her body. She collapsed onto the floor, her breasts the size of pumpkins, and her butt rivaling that size as well.

“I could TOTALLY get used to these.”

Aisha discovers three ancient slabs, each with some unexpected powers. Will she be able to control what happens? Or does she even want to?

This was a spur-of-the-moment sort of thing. I saw a beautiful woman at work and just began thinking. This story just...happened. I don't do Hourglass Expansions as much, so this might be a bit rough, but I hope you enjoy it just the same. :D
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Mel had been lugging around her new G-cup breasts through school for about a week now. She had tried to use a serum that would've allowed her to exchange boobs with her friend Leah, but that had backfired. But she had seen her physician and gotten more of the magic medicine that she needed. And she was planning on using it ASAP. But who to use it on? She didn't want to stick them on anyone who didn't want them, but that mentality was starting to wane a bit as the week drew on. She was getting impatient, tired of all the stares she got, the back pain, bumping into something with every turn. Sure, she could have any guy she wanted. But she didn't want to get them like this.

One day, Mel was hanging out with her friend Meghan. Meghan was a tall woman with an athletic build. Breasts at about a B-cup, pale green eyes, and cropped, curly brown hair. They sat  outside at lunch between classes, when the topic of boobs came up (as it did quite frequently these days for Mel).

“Yours really...blew up?” Meghan said rather awkwardly. Mel nodded.

“Yeah. Just overnight. I mean, they built up to it I guess, but really, this one growth kinda just...happened and left me with these.” Meghan shook her head in disbelief.

'That's why I'm glad mine stopped when they did. I'd hate to carry those things around.” She looked at Mel. “Sorry.”

“No, that's ok. I agree, anyway.” She laughed a bit nervously. Meghan stood to go to the trash can, a bit far from where they were sitting. Mel then noticed Meghan's metallic water bottle. She picked it up, shook it to hear very little liquid remaining in it. She then reached in her pocket. She had been carrying around the switch medication with her in hopes that she'd be able to use it at the right moment.

Now as that moment.

She swiftly took out the serum, downed a third, then poured one more third into the bottle, and replaced the cap. She then took the vial and chucked it down a nearby storm drain. She smiled devilishly, then saw Meghan walking back and straightened up a bit. Meghan smiled at her, then took the bottle and downed the rest of her water.

“Gotta go refill this” Meghan shook the bottle in front of her. The bell for class then rang. “Meet up with you later?” Mel nodded then stood carefully, knowing good things would happen soon. Meghan left to the restroom to fill up the bottle when she felt something strange. As she filled the bottle up in the restroom, a warm prickle began to emanate in her chest, growing stronger and stronger within her. She let out a light moan, inaudible to anyone, then looked at herself immediately after.

“Uhh...what the hell?” She asked herself quietly, only to feel the warmth growing more and more intense, the tickle feeling like a million light, tiny needle pokes across the surface of her boobs. This feeling then combined with the feeling of flesh rubbing against cloth. It then connected with her mind what was happening. “OH-OH MY-WHAT?”

Meghan rushed into a stall and locked it shut as her boobs rose in size slowly, vaulting out from her ribs. She breathed in heavy from panic, her eyes wide and awe-struck as her once apple-sized endowments reached grapefruit diameter. She was holding her palms against the walls of the stall in fear, her breath both panicked and aroused by what she was feeling, her green tank top slowly climbing up her torso.

“Um-ok, this needs to stop!” She thrust her hands from the walls to her boobs-only to immediately regret it. The slight prickle became an immediate rush of euphoria that caused her to collapse onto the toilet behind her. She kept her hands on her ballooning chest, now at around DD cups, the feeling starting to dull, but still coursed through her breasts. “Ohh...oh no...what if they get as big as...?” A sudden thought struck fear into Meghan, forcing her to look down her ever-shrinking neckline, the v-neck deepening and revealing more and more of her  increasing cleavage.

They soon slowed, then stopped completely, at just about G-cups. As big as Mel used to be. She exited the stall and looked in the bathroom mirror, having good enough fortune to still be alone.

“Shit, they're huge!” Meghan pouted as she lifted and dropped her massive mammeries over and over, letting them bob up and down, testing their heavy weight. She groaned. “What am I gonna do now?”


Mel walked the halls with a smile, her gigantic boobs shrunken down to a mere B-cups. Relieved of all the shoulder and back aches, the aggravating looks from passer-byes (although she did get a look or two of confusion). Soon, she bumped into Meghan. She acted surprised to see her, while Meghan had a look of genuine shock.

“Woah, what happened?” Mel asked in disbelief.

“What happened to me? Where did your giant tits go?” Mel shrugged.

“I dunno, I guess I just...I worked out and stuff like my physician told me to. This morning I woke up and they were...” She presented them a bit with her hands. “Like this.” She smiled. Meghan nodded, but couldn't help but think something was up. But she just shrugged.

“Wow. Congrats. I'm gonna get to class.” She waved and left, still adjusting to the girth of her new bra-free boobs (she couldn't find a single one in her size when she went shopping the other day). She was self-conscious about them. Not only did they bounce and sway no matter how lightly she walked, even though it was moderately warm in the halls at her school, her nipples jutted out noticeably through her incredibly tight t-shirt, one that was once baggy on her when she had her old boobs. Now it was almost a tube top. As she headed to class, Meghan bumped into Mel's younger brother, Ashton. An awkward, finicky freshamn, his eyes widened at the sight of Meghan's gifts. An idea suddenly hit Meghan.

“Hey Ashton...?” Meghan said almost flirtingly.

“Y-y-yes?” Ashton managed to cough out.

“Do you know the name of the physician your sister went to see?”

'Uh...yeah, she's...she's...she's the family-um-physician. Up at the local w-w-walk-in. Dr...uh....Dr. Habern, yeah.” He tried to keep his eyes up as he slowly turned red.

“Thanks, Ashton.” Meghan smiled broadly and let her boobs lightly brush Ashton's head as she passed by. Ashton nearly fainted, his legs wobbly, trying to hide the actions occurring on the lower regions of his pants. He watched walk away her as a river of drool poured from his mouth


Dr. Habern entered, taking one glance at Meghan and sighing.

“Lemme guess: You don't want those?” Meghan nodded.

“I heard you gave my friend Mel some advice on how to make them smaller. I was wondering if you could tell me too?”

“Well...” Habern paused. “It wasn't exactly was...a medication...”

“Really? Coulda swore she said advice...” Meghan reflected, then shook her head. “Whatever. I'll take the medicine.”

“Oh, is HIGHLY experim-”

“I don't care. You can explain.” Habern paused, the let out a big sigh.

“It...when two women drink it, it causes them to...well...switch breast sizes-”

“WHAT?” Meghan yelled, then almost immediately put the pieces together. “That bitch! She must've used that on me!” Meghan hesitated, then a smile slowly crossed her face. “I'd like to have some of that, please.”


Mel sat at the lunchroom, still enjoying the boobs she stole from Meghan, slowly getting used to them, when the very person she took them from walked to her table. She wore a tight pink shirt that should've covered her whole torso, but instead barely covered her boobs. Mel, meanwhile, wore a tight gray t-shirt and some black jeans. Meghan held a soda can, and took a seat next to Mel. Feeling tempted, Mel decided to ask her.

“How are those going?” She asked almost tauntingly. Meghan sighed.

“Still getting used to them. They are really heavy.” She groaned. “I don't know how you stood them for a week. I've barely made three days.” Mel nodded.

“Yeah, I know. It was tough.” Meghan shrugged, then held her soda can to Mel. It was nearly empty.

“Want the rest of this?” Mel nodded.

“Sure.” She took it and swallowed the liquid inside in two gulps.

“Y'know, I went to a physician...” Meghan said slowly. Mel's heart skipped a beat, but she kept up the charade.

“Yeah? What did they say?”

“She told me there was no way to fix them...” Mel sighed in relief a little “...except for this medication. I'm sure you've heard of it. Like you used on me. Like I just used on you.” As soon as Meghan finished her sentence, she felt a cooling sensation sweep her engorged grapefruits as they slowly deflated to their old B-cup size. Mel, on the other hand, felt the opposite sensation, her boobs gradually warming up, her shirt already rising up past her belly button, revealing her pale, thin stomach.

“No! It's not fair!” She said as she crossed her arms over her chest, hoping no one in the lunchroom would see them expand. “Why do I have to have these?”

“Because they're yours, you little bitch. And if you ever try that shit on me again, don't think I won't force feed that stuff down your throat!” Meghan pulled out her phone and made an alarm sound, drawing the attention of everyone around. “Have fun, giganta-boob!” She smiled mockingly then walked away, her pink shirt now loose on her normal body. Mel, however, had an audience for her breast-enlargement occurrence. Many eyes peered over as the flesh from her boobs peeked from the top of her shirt, her crossed arms letting them swell up further, almost touching her chin. She was afraid to let them go. But she knew it was no use.

She let her arms fall and her boobs flopped forward, snapping her bra almost immediately and making the threads in her shirt cry out for mercy. Her now E-cup breasts pressed hard against her  her stretching shirt, as all the guys in the room went wide eyed and started pulling out their phones. Mel stood and ran as well as she could for the exit, the bouncing causing her shirt to tear in the front, an eye shaped hole forming in the very face of her boobs, letting cleavage spill out. She frowned, and grasped them as they reached G-cup status.

“Dammit. This isn't working...” She immediately took her hands off them, letting out a moan and stopping where she stood. She closed her eyes and swayed and place, then shook her head and collected herself.

“What the...were they always this sensitive?”

A continuation of the struggle of Mel. She continues to try and reduce her breast size by switching them with another woman, this time being Meghan. Attempting to use a prescribed serum, she does her best to keep her breasts small. But does she ever succeed?

The second of a four part series I plan on putting up. Hope you all enjoy! :D

Link to the first part: [link]
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Alexis awoke to the loud buzzing of her alarm. She groggily turned her head to the culprit, her clock blinking 6:00. Today was the first day of her internship at the St. Bishop's Medical and Experimental Practices Facility. She slapped her alarm clock several times until it finally decided to shut off, and she slowly made her way out of bed. She quickly took a shower, then returned to her bedroom to get her outfit together. She tied her long brown hair up in a ponytail, then got her glasses on. She then put on her scrubs and went back to the bedroom to put the finishing touches on her attire. Alexis was half Caucasian, half Hispanic. She was medium in height, had quite the attractive face, and didnt have much to show in terms of assets, both with her breasts and her butt. Her breasts came up to about B-Cups, and she was satisfied with them. She wasn't a fan of big boobs, or women who had them. Every time she met a woman with huge knockers, she always felt like they thought they were so much better than her. She had finally finished getting ready, and she was out the door and to her car.

Alexis entered the building and went up to the front desk to the receptionist. The woman had pale skin, sunken eyes, and was quite thin. She seemed very sickly, barely able to hold the phone she had up to her ear. She rolled her eyes up to Alexis.

"Oh. Uh...yes?" Her voice was weak.

"Um...I'm here for the internship?" Alexis said, a bit worried about the frail young woman who sat before her.

"Oh, you must be the new tes-I mean...intern, right?" Alexis gave her a skeptical look, but just brushed it off and chuckled.

"Uh, yeah that's kinda what I said I was here for." The woman nodded and hit a button on the phone.

"Nurse Holly, the new intern's here. She's waiting in the lobby." She hit another button, then looked at Alexis. "She'll be right with you." Alexis nodded, then sat and waited. Soon, the nurse walked in, and Alexis could tell she wasn't going to like her, and for one reason only: her boobs were enormous. DD at the least. She was tall, leggy, with blonde hair and very attracrive facial features. Even her scrubs managed to flaunt her amazing body. The receptionist pointed over to Alexis, and Holly went over. Alexis stood and offered her hand politely.

"Nurse Holly? It's Alexis." Holly smiled and shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Alexis. Ready for a tour before you begin all the official stuff?" Alexis nodded, and they began their way through the facility. The first room they entered was a patient's. It was a middle aged man with very long hair, glassy eyes, and a blank stare. He seemed very hefty. "This is Charles. He has mild Dimentia, and we're seeing if we can manage it on some level. Isn't that right, Mr. Shmidt?" All that Charles replied with was a slight "murr", and a line of drool slid down his cheek. "Good, good! You're making progress, Mr. Shmidt. just hang in there." Alexis watched her go through standard procedures, then they exited to to explore other territories. The restrooms, the break room, other patients rooms, almost the whole building.

Eventually, they came across a door with "Authorized Personnel Only. Do Not Enter" written on it in bold, red letters.

"Hey Holly, what's in this room?" Alexis asked, pointing at the mysterious door. Holly looked over, gave a bit of a startled look, then went over.

"Oh, its...just experimental machinery. Very dangerous stuff. Gotta keep out unless you have clearence, got it?" Alexsis nodded, and they continued forward. But Alexis couldnt help but glance back, her curiosity very intense to see what lied behind that door. The day concluded with the signing of paperwork, wavers, security information that she hadnt filled out from the initial sign up. All the while, she couldnt get that mysterious room out her mind...

Finally, the day had concluded, and she was finally rid of Holly. Though she was nice, she couldnt stand being around a woman with a chest that big. As she went to the exit, she came across the restricted door, and she hesitated. She turned to it and looked into the little window. It was so dark in the room, she could only see figures, no real objects. Suddenly, something moved. She leapt back, and hid behind the wall of a hall close by. She peeked around and saw two men in lab coats walk out. She could hear bits of their conversation as they walked away.

"...finally complete. Wait until they see this. We'll be..." Alexis looked over and saw that the door was slowly shutting. She made sure the two men were a good distance away, then she quickly leapt through the doorway. Inside was hardly anything. A very cramped room with a dim blue light, and the source of said light: A tall, strange looking machine. It was cylindrical, with a doorway inside, almost like a time machine or a teleportaition device. this was what came to Alexis' mind, and she was suddenly very excited. She went into it, closed the door, and studied the device. All that was inside were two knobs: One that gave the options "A-G", the other that gave the numbers "28-50".

'Hmm...' Alexis thought to herself. 'Must be coordinates or something. I dont wanna end up in Japan or something...if this really is a Teleporter of some kind. I mean, its gotta be. I think...maybe its just a tanning booth X-Ray machine. I'm probably just being silly. But, still...the controls are different. Letters and numbers? There's nothing like that on either of those...well, only one way to find out...' She switched the letter to 'E' and the number to '44' and hit the button in the center. There was a sudden blue flash, a humming, a whirring, a lot of noise, then, suddenly...nothing. It powered down, Alexis still in the same place, with no tan or any x-rays taken. 'Hmph. Thought so. Whatever.' She opened the door and stepped out, leaving the room ever so sneakily, and making her way out of the facility and on her way home.

She never noticed the machine say: "Thank you for using this Breast Modification Unit. Have a nice day."

Alexis awoke once more to the sound of her alarm. She stood, went through the regular routine, and headed for the door. As she went to it, she felt a strange warmth in her chest, like a faint tingling or something. She shrugged it off and headed to her car, and drove back up to St. Bishop's.

She entered, then prepared her clothes in the dressing room at the facility. Like Holly mentioned to her yesterday, if she wanted to get a taste of working there, she would also have to dress there as well. As she began to put on her shirt, she felt something hit her. She was dazed a but, her breath taken right out of her. The tingling was getting stronger every minute, it seemed. She tried to ignore it and she bent over to get her shirt. Luckily, she was the only one in the dressing room at the time. She got on hands and knees to see where she had dropped it. As she scanned the ground, the sensation built and pulsed in her breasts, so much so that her hands buckled. She landed flat on the floor, her breathing becoming more and more labored.

"What's happening to me?" She asked herself softly "What is this feeling?" As she got to her knees, she felt her bra tighten. She looked down in confusion, which quickly became shock, as she saw her breasts expanding! They were swelling slowly, her cleavage now full and popping out of her brassiere. She couldnt believe what was happening. Her boobs were actualy growing right out of her bra! She stood the best she could. The bra was getting tight, digging into her shoulders as her breasts had reached at least C-cups. "Oh God! Are they...growing?" She quickly rushed to the restroom section, over to a mirror, only to see them pulsing and pressing her bra outwards. The bra was unbearably tight. She reached back to unhook it, but before she had a chance, the straps snapped, the bra falling right off by itself. Her boobs flopped out free onto her chest, and she gawked at them. They were a good high C-cup, possibly even D at this point. "No way..." Alexis was worried. She never wanted boobs like this. She had always been content with her flat chested ways. These were the size of softballs, but they seemed to have stopped, the sensation leaving her body.

She sighed, then went to pick up her shirt. "I don't know whats going on, but...I don't like it one bit." She put on her shirt and went to begin her intern shift. She went up to Holly, hoping she wouldnt notice her changes. "Hey Holly. What's my mission today?" Holly turned to look at her. As soon as her eyes laid on Alexis, they widened. Alexis cringed a bit, Holly's stare intense, but it changed on a dime.

"Did you...cut your hair or something?" She looked closely at it.

" Not recently, anyway." Holly shrugged and turned to get Alexis' job for the day. Alexis let out a sigh of relief. 'Dumb bimbo can't even see what's right in front of her. Probably the boobs, sucking out her brain...' she snickered a bit, then looked down. "But...crap, what if...' she didn't want to finish that thought. Instead, she went about her day, tending to pateints with no problems. She went in to tend to Mr. Shmidt, the Dementia patient.

"Hello Mr. Shmidt. How are you today?" She asked the typical question. His eyes rolled over to Alexis, then his gaze narrowed, focusing on Alexis' chest. She noticed immediately but ignored him. Suddenly, she could hear him mumble something barely audible:

"God, another one? What are the nurse's chests inflatable or sumthin...?"

Alexis abruptly turned

"Mr. Shmidt, did...did you say something?" All she got for a response was a line of drool down his cheek, and an empty look in his eyes. She figured she was hearing things...

Soon, her shift was over. She went to the dressing room to bump into Holly, mid-changing, breasts bare to the world. Alexis went red. "Oh! Um-uh, well...I-I'll just-" Alexis mumbled in embarrassment." Holly just laughed.

"Come on, Alexis. You gotta get used to this eventually. Come in. Change. Then get out. Its easy." Alexis nodded, then began changing. As she put on her regular clothes, she couldn't shake an odd feeling in her body, growing once again, and she began to fear the worst. 'No, no, no! Not here...not now!' The feeling was growing, just as she had feared. She was trying to contain the moans, but the feeling was much more sensual this time, and she couldn't shake it.

"Ohhh..." She threw her hands upon her mouth to muffle the moans, but Holly had heard.

"Alexis, are...are you ok?" She checked her over quizzically.

"I'm fine, Holly, just a bit...uh...ohhh...ohhh my god..." She couldn't suppress it, the feeling, like the greatest orgasm she had ever felt, it was slowly coming over her. She looked down and saw her chest beginning to inflate right in front of her. Slowly, but surely, they crept up in size, now at least at DD. She gripped them, but as soon as she did, a spike of pleasure shot through her body, and she quickly let go. She was gasping, unable to control herself or her moans of ecstasy. Her boobs were swelling a slow but gradual pace, the white shirt getting tighter than it already was. "No...ohhhh...why is this...unnhhhh...happening to me...?" The shirt was starting to tear under her massive mams, almost a size E. "Why won't they stop? Why?" The shirt had almost tore all the way through, straining to stay together under the flesh busting through it. It finally gave, her breasts flopping out bare in front of her. The shudders of pleasure faded, her breasts now the size of cantaloupes, gigantic on her small frame.

She looked up and saw Holly offering her hand.

"Get up. Get a shirt. Get to the parking lot. I'll explain everything there."
Alexis starts her new internship at an experimental hospital, only to discover a mysterious machine. Yet another Breast Expansion story I plan on continuing at some point.
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Shizune made her way through the hospital towards Tsunade’s lab, where the busty blonde makes the different medicines needed to prescribe to the patients.  The raven-haired beauty wasn’t sure why her teacher was there since there were no patients at the moment that needed medicine.  She soon reached the lab and entered, gaining Tsunade’s attention.

“Ah, Shizune!  About time you got here.”

“Gomen, Tsunade-shishou.  What exactly are you doing?” asked the younger woman, looking over the different beakers and test tubes.

“As you know we lost a lot of people during the last war,” started Tsunade.  Shizune nodded at that.  There were many casualties during the Fourth Shinobi War.  It still didn’t explain what Tsunade was doing.  “As such, I developed this fertility potion, which I plan on giving to different civilian women and kunoichi who volunteer so we can bring up our population again.”

Shizune blinked in confusion, unsure if she heard correctly. “Wait, what?  Did you just say you were going to impregnate the female population of the village?”

“Not the entire population, but in a nutshell, yes.”

“…Doesn’t that seem unethical, Tsunade-shishou?”

The blonde gave off a shrug. “Maybe, but we really don’t have a choice.”

“Did you even test the potion to make sure it works?”


“Well then how are you going to know if it works?”

Tsunade glanced over at Shizune, making a chill of foreboding dread go up the young woman’s spine.  Shizune tried to make a break for the door but was grabbed by Tsunade.

“Time to drink up, Shizune!”


Yelling at her was a mistake on Shizune’s part as it allowed Tsunade to pour the potion down her throat.  After making sure she swallowed the liquid, Tsunade released Shizune, who stared back at her with a stunned expression.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“Tsunade!  How could you do that to me?!”

“Oh don’t be such a baby, Shizune, especially since you’ll be having one in a moment.”

Shizune let out a gasp as she felt a warm sensation in her belly.  Placing her hands on her belly, she could feel it start to swell.  As her belly swelled, Shizune could feel her hips start to spread apart as well to allow her growing belly to settle.

“Ah!” cried Shizune as she sank to her knees, the weight she was gaining by the second becoming too much for her.

It was then that her breasts started to swell with milk.  Her already snug robes becoming tighter thanks to her new burgeoning assets.

“Looks like you’ll be having more than one child, Shizune,’ said Tsunade as she watched Shizune bypass what looked like the nine month mark with one child.

“H-How many am I supposed to be having?” panted the red-faced Shizune.

“According to my calculations the potion is able to make a woman conceive twins, triplets at the most.”

“Tri-Triplets?!” squeaked Shizune in shock.  She then let out a moan of what sounded like pleasure as she continued to grow.

Tsunade continued watching, taking notes as she did.  She was intrigued by what she was witnessing, especially Shizune seemingly enjoying this.  She also noted that Shizune’s hair grew longer and thicker during the process, most likely due to the hormones rushing through her body.

Soon the process was done.  Shizune slowly tried to stand up on her now thicker legs, needing help from Tsunade when she almost fell back down.  The raven-haired woman looked down at her larger, much rounder body and let out a whimper.

“Go lay on the examination table so I can see how you’re doing,” said Tsunade.

Shizune gave her a quick glare before she waddled over to the table.  It took her a few tries to get up on it, but once she did she laid back and awaited Tsunade.

Walking over, Tsunade undid the sash of Shizune’s robes and pulled them back, revealing the pale flesh of the dome.


“Oh shush,” said Tsunade as she started scanning the belly with her chakra.  As she did this, she could feel the babies within Shizune’s womb kick.  Taking a quick glance towards Shizune, Tsunade saw a warm motherly look on the younger woman’s slightly rounder face.  Once she was done, she gave the younger woman a grin. “Congratulations, Shizune.  Looks like you will indeed be having triplets.”


“Good thing you have so much milk for them to drink,” stated the blonde as she poked Shizune’s swollen breasts, which were actually a little larger than her own.

“Tsunade!” squeaked Shizune, trying to cover her large breasts.

Rolling her eyes, Tsunade looked back at her student. “C’mon, let’s get out of here.  I bet you’re hungry.”

“…Actually, now that you mention it, I’m starving,” stated Shizune as she got off the table and tied up her robes.  She then waddled towards the door; her wide hips and large rear sway as she did.

Tsunade merely shook her head as she followed the pregnant woman.  Taking a quick look back at her lab, she had one thought.

“I wonder who my next subject will be?”
There needs to be more Shizune pregnancy.
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Everybody has a breaking point. A limit to the abuse and suffering they can tolerate. And when Shinobu reaches that point, it's not pretty.

Or is it...?

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The Beast That I Am 1

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In the past, Keitaro has never wound up crashing into anybody after being sent flying by Naru. But that's about to change.

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The Beast That I Am 1

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Futa tg
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My first non-TG story. Still a fun transformation though.

Stephanie walked through the supermarket. She was looking for some apples and was having trouble finding some. She flagged down the manager and asked for directions to them. He said he would go find some for her. While she waited, Stephanie decided she would look around some more. Eventually he came back with some and she put them in her cart. While she was waiting she had made her way over to the meat department. Behind the counter was a Guy she had been looking at for months now. He was new in town, and she liked him immediately. Chiseled good looks, muscular and a very funny personality, everything she wanted. But sadly, he didn't seem to notice her.

Stephanie wasn't what you would call a knockout. She had shoulder length brown hair, wore glasses, had no curves. Her butt was small, her stomach not athletic and she had mosquito bite boobs. Nothing a man would want, if only they would talk to her, they would see that she is a very attractive person on the inside. She had a pretty face, but no one wanted that.

She ordered some hamburger from him, blushing the whole time. He handed it to her, not giving her a second look because another customer had walked up. Stephanie walked to the front of the store and checked out. She got to her car, cursing herself for not talking to him. She sat in her car, fuming at herself. Finally she got the courage to go back in. She walked right up to the meat counter and looked at him.

“Hi, I'm Stephanie, I don't know if you have noticed me before but I think we should have dinner.” Stephanie said, all in one breath.

The guy smiled. “Hi Stephanie, I'm Cole. Nice to meet you. And yes I would love to have dinner with you. To get to know you.”

Stephanie couldn't believe it, it had worked. “When would you like to go?” She asked.

“How about tomorrow at 9 when I get off of work?” He asked.

Stephanie smiled and agreed, walking back to her car. She was ecstatic! She drove home through the woods, headed to her house. Halfway there she thought she saw a woman lying on the side of the road. She pulled over and got out. It indeed was a woman, a skinny blonde woman. Stephanie walked over and Leaned down.

“Are you okay?” She asked. The woman stirred and looked up. Stephanie couldn't be sure but the woman's eyes looked yellow.

“No please, you have to run, I can't fight it.” The woman said, trying to shuffle away. Stephanie went after her.

“Mam, you should come with me, you're not okay.” Stephanie said shouting. The woman stumbled, and grabbed her head, screaming. Eventually Stephanie heard the woman's screams become moans, and for a moment she could swear they sounded like moans of pleasure. She approached the woman, who quickly spun around and leapt onto Stephanie. They fell to the ground.

“You're turn!” The woman said, biting down onto Stephanie’s neck. Stephanie screamed in pain, thrusting the woman off of her. She stood up, grabbing her neck and feeling the bite mark.

“What the hell?” Stephanie screamed.

The woman just smiled. Then she spoke. “Have fun tomorrow night, this is now your world every night. Enjoy babe.” And with that she ran off into the woods.

Stephanie stood there for a moment than went back to her car. She arrived home and went into the bathroom to inspect the bite. She pulled down her shirt and looked, but the bite was gone. She blinked, opened her eyes again and looked, but it was not there, it was as if the bite never existed. She thought this odd and decided to lie down.  She smiled to herself before she drifted to sleep, this would make a great story for her date with Cole tomorrow night.

The next evening, Stephanie was in her room getting dressed. She put on a white blouse, and some nice skinny jeans. She didn't have much of a figure for them but they were nice just the same. She looked at herself in the mirror and wished she had contacts but, oh well, he agreed to the date when she had the glasses on so. He would be okay with them now.

She went downstairs to her living room and sat in the chair. She was ready a little early, but she wanted to be prepared in case he cam early. It was quarter to nine now and she knew he could be there at any moment. She sat there thinking of the fun they were going to have when she felt a tingling on her arm. She looked down and watched as her usually paler skin started to darken. She watched as her skin took on a tanner more silky tone.

She blinked and looked down to still see the tanned skin. When she felt a pulling in her fingers. Stephanie looked down and saw her short fingernails start to grow. They got longer and longer and she watched as they took on a pink glint, as if she were wearing nail polish. She sat up alarmed at the sight. What was happening. She felt something on her shoulders and looked in the mirror on the wall and watched as her shirt brown hair started to get longer, it grew and grew down to her lower back, and Stephanie watched as it changed to a bright blonde color. Now she was terrified, what was happening to her. She thought this just as she felt a massive pain in her stomach.

Stephanie reached a hand down and lifted up her blouse to look at her stomach. She cried out in pain as she watched her stomach get smaller. She saw her sides get curvier and suck in, she watched as her stomach became toned and athletic, a sleek six pack taking form on her abdomen. Her sides caved in even father than ever, giving her a tight and curvy, and very slim stomach. She dropped her shirt and screamed in pain as she saw her small hips start to get wider. She heard pops and snaps as her hip bones cracked to become wider. Her hips got wider and wider, giving her a large and curvy hourglass figure. Her jeans barely couldn't contain her now wide hips. Her thighs filled with fat as her legs got longer. He usually shorter self rose off the ground as she got taller. Stephanie stared wide eyed at what was transpiring before her, her thighs got thicker and bugger, tearing her jeans down the side. She looked down in horror at the sight before her, she now had thick sexy legs, and wide curvy hips. She saw the same silky tan skin in her legs and hips when her backside was pushed out.

She looked back and saw her ass expand. She was her usually small and unspectacular ass get wide and large. Each cheek popped out and got wide and big, eventually leaving Stephanie with a big a firm heart shaped ass. Stephanie didn't know what was happening, it was as if she was becoming a very attractive and curvy woman. He usually normal back snapped inwards, pushing her now bigger ass out. Stephanie cried out in pain as her back arched. She felt a pain on her face as she felt her usually thin lips started to expand. She saw in the mirror as her lips got bigger and wider, taking on a gloss. She felt her teeth crack and get bigger, whiter. Her cheekbones rose a little bit, making her face a little more angular, sexier.

With a throbbing feeling, Stephanie saw her nipples get bigger. Each areola got bigger, and darker as Stephanie was forced to push her chest out. She watched In horror as her small mosquito bite boobs expanded. Fat welled behind them forcing them out, they got bigger and bigger. They surged past a B cup and a c cup and kept going. Her blouse got tighter and tighter, the top button popping off and cracking the mirror in front of her. They grew and grew, getting big and soft. She watched as another button snapped, exposing her massive cleavage, a blue vein taking its place on top of them. Eventually they stopped growing at a large E cup.

Stephanie looked down at the finished changes and couldn't believe her eyes. She now had the body of a very attractive woman. Wide hips, long sexy legs, a large tight ass, small athletic waist and massive voluptuous tits. She didn't even recognize her face in the mirror, she was a knockout now. Suddenly a pain assaulted her head. She grabbed in in pain and cried out, feeling her mind start to loose intelligence. Suddenly, normal things she would know and understand started to disappear. She felt her mind start to go as the bimbo took over. Thoughts of sex and blowjobs took over and she wanted nothing more than that.

She opened her eyes and looked around. She looked down at her body and smiled at the sight. She grabbed her breasts and felt a wave of pleasure rush through her. She orgasmed right there in the hall, falling over. With a surge her clothes started to change. Her torn and buttonless blouse changed to a tight white tank top that exposed her massive tits. Her torn and tight jeans changed to a small pair of red panties. She looked down at her completed body, knowing this would be her every night and smiled. Then there came a knock at the door.

“Come in!” She said, in her new sexier voice.

The door opened and Cole walked in. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the bimbo Stephanie.

“Hello?” Cole said, stepping forward as Stephanie got up. “I'm looking for Stephanie.”

“I'm Stephanie, and I'm here for you. We don't need to go out.” She said, wrapping one of her sexy legs around him. “We can have some fun right here.”

She got down and unzipped his pants. Cole was alarmed but didn't care, this woman was gorgeous and he needed a release very badly. She pulled out his erect penis and proceeded to give him the best blow job of his life. When finished, he took her right there in the hall. They both came at the same time, moaning in pleasure. Cole didn't know what was going on, but he liked the new Stephanie.
I do not own the image. 
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The Final Chapter

Greg and Scott awoke some time later, tried to chairs. Greg opened his eyes and looked around, they were still in the warehouse. Scott was just waking up next to him and Greg looked and saw Scarlett standing at the massive window, looking out at the carnage before her.

Scott looked around and saw Alice standing nearby. He called out to her.

“Anthony! It's me! Don't do this, you can beat her, you can come back!” He shouted, but Alice continued to just stand there.

Scarlett turned around to face them. “Well hello you two. Glad you finally woke up.” She said, walking towards them. “I'm happy that you can see the final stage taking place.”

“What are you talking about?” Greg asked, trying to get out of his bonds.

“You see, I have done the numbers. All I had to do was change an entire town of men, and we would be unstoppable. There would be too many of us. There is no way to stop us now, we will overtake the state by the end of the week. The eastern seaboard by the end of the month and the entire country by the end of the year!” She said, laughing.

Greg didn't know what to do, there was nothing to be done. They had been captured and stopped. He looked to Scott who looked just as depressed as he did.

“I must say though, it's very brave of you guys to have figured out how to stop the change. But it don't matter. We can just kill you.” Scarlett said, that evil smile reappearing. “For now though, let's just watch your town take its last breath as my celebs finish their takeover and kill the rest of the population.”

“Anthony, please, use your mind. Try to overtake Alice, you can beat her!” Scott shouted again at Alice. Nothing happened, but it looked like, for a split second, Alice lost composure. As if something tripped her up for a moment. Scott wasn't sure, but it seemed maybe Anthony was trying.

“It's is no use. Just sit back an accept this.” Scarlett said, looking out to the town.

Scott wiggled in his bonds behind his back, he couldn't get free but he had some wiggle room. Greg looked at his breaking point.

“Just kill us, no matter what you do, we will fight this and never turn. You can't beat us unless you kill us, so just get it over with and stop screwing with us!” Greg shouted at Scarlett.

She turned and smiled back. “I'm not going to kill you, I'm going to change you.”

“Good luck, I will just fight it like we did earlier.” Greg said, laughing at her.

“Oh it won't be into Alison Brie. No, no, no, I know you can beat her. But you see, I am he alpha, I can change you again, into another celeb. It will be too strong at that point for you to stop it.” She said, walking over and leaning down to Greg. “Say goodbye to your friend Scott.” She said, kissing Greg on the lips. A static charge shot between them. She pulled away,undoing Gregs bonds at the same time.

Greg shot up, trying to grab Scarlett but he fell back. Scott could see Gregs arm hairs suck back into his body. His skin became a little paler as it beca,e smooth and flawless. Greg cried out in pain.

“Greg, you have to fight it!” Scott shouted to him. Greg closed his eyes, trying to concentrate, but the change was too much, he couldn't fight this one. He turned to Scott.

“I can't, Scott you have to stop her!” It's all Greg could get out before the bones started to snap and pop. Gregs voice rose in pitch, it got higher and higher until it was the sexy coo of a woman.

Scott watched as greg’s hips popped out. They got wide and full, rounding down, becoming curvy. Greg screamed in pain as his ass inflated. His jeans got tight as each cheek popped out and became full and toned. Dimples appeared above each cheek as it stopped inflating at a round heart shaped behind. His thighs filled up, becoming lean and sexy. With a pop, Greg felt his penis suck upwards into his body. He felt it tear down the middle, with a sickening feeling it flowered out into a tight slit. His new vagina became tight and wet as his testicles sucked up and became new ovaries.

Greg moaned in pleasure as his new vagina finished taking shape. With a snap, his spine popped inwards. His back got smaller, as it arched, accentuating his now wide and toned ass. Greg felt his fingers pop and comfort until they were long and elegant. His finger nails grew out, becoming manicured. Greg felt an immense pressure as his shoulders cracked downwards. He cried out as they rounded down, shrinking his frame. His rib cage popped and snapped as it got smaller. As this happened, his stomach sucked in. Greg watched as his stomach got lean and toned. A six pack popping out into place as his sides sucked in. They got sucked inwards,making his stomach curvy and athletic.

With a pop, breasts shot out of his chest. Greg moaned in pain as his chest got bigger and bigger. His nipples became erect, rubbing against his now tight shirt as his tits got bigger, stretching his shirt. He felt skin touch skin as his breasts continued to grow. His back arched even more, pushing his breasts out as they stopped at a full C cup size. He looked down, seeing his view of his lower half blocked by two voluptuous tits.

His neck elongated and thinned out as his Adam's apple dissolved in his throat. His voice completed its change to a sexy female voice. Scott saw greg’s brown hair get longer and longer, growing down to his back. It brightened up, changing to a luscious blonde as it became long and silky. His face then started to pop and shrink. His noes broke, shrinking down. His cheekbones rose in face as his jawline shrunk. It became smaller and more angular. His lips plumped up, filling with fat until they were juicy and sexy. A feminine moan escaped his lips as the final changes took place. His hips popped out once more, as his stomach got even more toned. His breasts got a little bigger as his ass got fuller. With a massive pain, Greg felt his mind start to go. He grabbed his now smaller head and screamed in that new womanly voice.

Scott saw Greg grab his head and knew he was almost changed. He had to do something or Scarlett would do this to him next and they would be screwed. He looked back at Alice, pleading with her.

“Please son, you have to help me! Concentrate, take control.” He cried out.

Alice didn't know what was happening. She had lost some control of her body. With a huge leap, she jumped over and grabbed the knife off of the floor, she slid it across the ground at Scott. He grabbed it, unbeknownst to Scarlett and started to cut his bonds. He was finally free when he looked at Greg. He saw Katee Sackhoff looking back, smiling at him.

He stayed sitting. Not wanting to give away he was free. Scarlett turned to him.

“You see, there is no way out of this. I will change you into someone else like I did for Katee here. There is nothing you can do.” Scarlett said, laughing manically.

With a swift motion, Scott leapt out of the chair and grabbed Scarlett, he took her by surprise, grabbing the back of her head for control.

“This is for my wife you bitch!” He shouted at her. He brought the knife up and jammed it through the bottom of her chin, up through her mouth. Scarlett's eyes got wide at what happened. She spurted blood from her mouth as the blade went into her head. Scott pulled it back out, blood shooting from the wound. Scarlett fell back against the wall in shock, grasping at her wound.

From the far side of the room. Katee and Alice lunged towards Scott to stop him, when a massive wave of energy shot out from Scarlett. Katee and Alice were knocked from their feet as Scarlett started to scream.

From out of Scarlett, wave after wave of energy shot out. Scott looked over at Katee to see her hair sucking back in and changing back to brown. Her hips were popping back into a smaller position. He looked over to Alice and saw her massive tits sucking in, as her finger nails sucked back into her finger tips. He looked out he window and saw WERECELEBS all over the town falling to the ground as the changes happened.

He looked back to Scarlett who was just changing back into the old man. The last to change was her lips, which sucked back in and got smaller. The old man, still grasping his throat, smiled at Scott.

“Well done.” He rasped. With a smile and a slight laugh, the old man died, blood spilling out of the wound onto the floor. The final waves shot out. He turned in time to see katee’s breasts suck in, leaving Greg moaning on the floor. He looked over and saw Anthony breathing heavily. He ran over to his son.

“Are you alright?” He asked. Anthony sat up, he then smiled.

“You did it!” He said, hugging his father.

“No, you did it. I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for you taking control of Alice.” Scott said as Greg joined them.

“It's over now.” Greg said, looking at the old man. He looked out the window and saw men all over the town looking around. Some were confused, others looked happier than ever. Slowly they all headed back to wherever they lived.

The coming days went by quickly. Multiple news outlets ca,e to the town for a story, but no one was talking. Something about the ordeal made them all want to cover it up. Nothing ever came of it. Everyone just moved on. Scott and Anthony moved to another state, hoping to move past the sadness of the loss they both suffered.

Greg stayed. He didn't want to leave the town. He continued with his normal job, continued with his boring life. He was content knowing that they had survived. They had stopped the Wereceleb curse.


Scott came back to town.he and Greg met at the bar for a drink to commemorate the ordeal they had stopped the year before. They had a drink for Scott's wife.

“Cheers.” Scott said, downing his shot. Greg did also.

“So, can't believe it's been a year.” Greg said, looking around at the other people in the bar.

“Yeah, but thankfully, life had gone back to its normal routine. No more curses, no more bullshit.” Scott said, ordering another drink. They drank for hours, reminiscing., taking of anything they wanted.

It was time for them to leave and they headed to the parking lot. They were about to get in their respective cars, saying goodbye to each other when a voice spoke up behind them.

“Excuse me sirs, do you have change, my car broke down and I need to call a cab.” They tuned and were face to face with the actress Alexandra Daddario. She was wearing a tight tank top and was looking at them alluringly.

Scott and Greg didn't know what to say. They both got out some money and gave her some.

“Thanks.” She said. They just continued to stare. “So this is the town huh? The WERECELEBS town?”

They just gaped at her.

“Oh you don't have to hide it. I know all about it.” She walked to them.

Scott stepped forward. “Yeah it was pretty bad. But we stopped it.” He said, smiling at her.

Greg walked towards her. “Where are you headed? You don't need to take a cab, I can give you a ride.” He offered. She accepted and Greg said goodbye to Scott. Scott drove off and Greg and Alexandra got into Greg’s car. They drove out of the parking lot, headed for the airport he was taking her to.

As they pulled away, Alexandra leaned close to Greg and smiled. She stroked his leg. “So I know this was a WERECELEB problem that you all beat, but have you ever heard of a Were-Daddario?” And with that she smiled and kissed Greg as they pulled away.

The End. 
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Part Nine

Greg and Scott awoke lying on the floor of Gregs office some time later. They both got up and looked around, the old man was nowhere to be found. They each went home and changed saying they would meet at Gregs house in 30 minutes so Greg could fill Scott in on what they could do to stop Scarlett.

They each changed, had a quick bite to eat and met at Gregs. They sat at his table, each having some coffee.

“Okay, so here is what we know. All WERECELEBS can change at random times now. There doesn't need to be a full moon. So basically, we have to concentrate really hard in order not to change. We can control the transformation. We can stop it.” Greg said. “But, that doesn't cure it. But I know what does. Shockingly, it's a lot like Dracula, we kill Scarlett or the old man, whatever his name is, we reverse the curse. Anyone changed because of this particular line of WERECELEBS will be cured. They won't be cursed any longer.”

“Great, so we have to find the old man, or Scarlett, whatever he is at the moment and kill it.” Scott said. “How the hell are we going to do that? We have no idea where to look.”

“My guess is, is that she will be out and about tonight, Scarlett womt be able resist turning more men under cover of darkness. If we fight the change and remain ourselves, we can track her down in town and take her out.” Greg said. “But it's going to be very hard, I saw in her mind that this curse is very powerful, it's going to be a bitch trying to overcome the change.”

They both agreed to meet again at Gregs at 8 that night to go out and find Scarlett. Greg decided to take a nap to get some much needed rest, while Scott went home to find his son. He went in his front door and called out to him. He got no answer, he knew his son should be home. It was at that time he heard something upstairs. He went up and opened the bedroom door, there was Anthony sitting in his bed in stretched out clothes. His shirt was large in the chest area, where he must have had massive breasts moments before.

“Anthony, it's me.” He said, walking towards him. “It's okay son, we know how to stop this. But we need to lock you in your room. That way you won't turn any more men while we try to stop this thing.” He locked Anthony in and went back downstairs, headed to Gregs house.

Greg and Scott got into their car and headed into town. Just in city limits, Greg slammed on the breaks. A massive pain spread all through his boys, next to him, Scott started to wince as well.

“Oh god, this is it, it's happening. We have to fight it. Concentrate on something really hard.” Greg shouted, his voice already starting to crack.

Under his shirt, Scott felt fat start to well out, forming breasts. He shut his eyes, ignoring the pain and focused on his now deceased wife. He focused on her smile and how it always brightened his day. As he thought as hard as he could, his breasts started to suck back in. When the pain stopped, Scott opened his eyes and looked down, he had done it, he had beaten Cobie. He looked over to Greg and saw that his friends hair was down to his shoulders.  Greg cried out in pain but focused on his father. The memories of them fishing growing up. With one final wave of pain, he overcame it and the changes stopped, his hair sucking back in to its normal length.

They both sat there, breathing heavily.

“So it is possible. We can overcome the change.” Scott said.

“Good, let's go find this bitch.” Greg said, starting the car moving again. They got to town and saw more chaos. There were a few men laying on the ground, in the throes of transforming. Some had breasts surging out under heir shirts, other s had hips popping out into place. They just kept driving until they came to a warehouse that was lit up.

They got out and walked to the back, they both just had a feeling that this was where she was. They opened the back door to the warehouse and went up a flight of stairs. They came out into an observation room, with windows looking out into the bottom floor of the warehouse. They looked down and saw Scarlett standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by other WERECELEBS. She spoke to one, the woman left and came back with a man who was fighting to get away but couldn't. They dropped him in front of her. She smiled and walked over.

Scott got up to go down there when Greg grabbed his arm.

“No wait, we will stand no chance against all of them. We have to wait until she is alone, don't worry about that man. If we succeed, he will be changed back.” Greg told him. Scott crouched back down and looked out.

Scarlett leaned down and kissed the man, a surge passing between them. The man screamed and fell over onto his back, crying out in pain. Greg and Scott could only watch the transformation happen.

The mans shoulders were the first to change. They cracked down and rounded out, becoming smaller, shrinking the mans frame.  His arms thinned down as his fingers elongated, cracking smaller. His finger nails shot out, becoming manicured. He screamed in pain as his hips popped outwards. He squirmed on the ground as they got wide and shapely. They rounded out as his thighs fattened up. His jeans got tight as his legs got full and longer. He rose off of the floor as his ass inflated. His butt got round and heart shaped, becoming full and firm. He moaned in pain as his penis sucked upwards, flowering out into the folds of a tight new vagina. His testicles sucked up a and became new ovaries.

He grabbed at his crotch as his spine snapped in, forcing his back off of the floor, pushing his ass out even further. He screamed in agony as his stomach sucked inwards. It became flat and toned, as his sides caved inwards as well, completing his curvy hourglass figure. He moaned in pleasure as his nipples perked up. He watched in horror as breasts surged forth on his chest. They got bigger and bigger, stretching his shirt in the middle. They got round and voluptuous as they settled at a large DD cup size. His voice rose in pitch as his screams changed from manly shouts, to feminine moans. His voice was replaced with a high pitched and womanly voice, a slight British accent popping out of it. His neck thinned and elongated as his hair grew out.

The ,and hair got long and luscious, changing from his light blonde to dark brown, growing down to his lower back. His face popped and snapped, his nose shrinking down, his cheekbones bopping upwards into a new position. His lips plumped up, popping out, becoming plump and full. With a final moan, the mans memories were molded out, being replaced by the objective of taking out all of the men.

Breathing heavily, Kelly Brook got up off of the floor. She brushed herself off, smiling at her massive tits, and wide sexy hips and legs. She turned to Scarlett who smiled back as well.

“Welcome sister.” Scarlett said. “Here is the objective for all of you. Go out and convert them all. We end this tonight, I want this town overrun by morning.”

All of the other WERECELEBS left the warehouse leaving Scarlett alone. Scarlett went to the middle of the room, looking out the windows at the people outside being changed. Greg and Scott slowly crept down to the bottom floor.

Being as quiet as possible, they got right up behind Scarlett. Greg pulled out a knife he had taken with him, he brought it up, ready to strike, when a smash occurred next to him. Scott crumpled to the floor, hit from behind by a baseball bat. Greg whirled around to see Alice Eve. Scott looked up at his attacker, eyes going wide.

“Anthony, no!” Scott screamed out as Alice brought the bat down, knocking Scott out. Greg turned as quick as possible to stab Alice, but she beat him to it, hitting him square in the face with the bat. For Scott and Greg, everything went dark. The last thing they heard was Scarlett laughing above them.

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Part Eight

Greg and Scott watched through the eyes of the WERECELEBS they now we're. They watched as their other selves followed Scarlett from the house. They all got into a car and headed to the downtown area. They pulled in front of a large building that Greg recognized as his office complex. He wondered what they were doing there. All three women got out and went into the building.

They got into the elevator and went up to the floor that Greg’s company worked on. They went into his office and sat down. Scarlett in greg’s chair and Alison and Cobie in chairs opposite her.

“Now ladies, that we're all back together, I have to say something. Since I transformed during the day, not during a full moon. The transformations will be different now. There is no need for a full moon for the WERECELEBS to be born. Now anytime I transform, all WERECELEBS we have created will transform.” Scarlett told them. “This is how we take over faster. When we don't have to wait a month for the change, we can spread like a wildfire. Since there is no moon out, we have 6 hours during each non moon transformation to do our work before we change back again.”

“This is wonderful, we won't have to worry about waiting, letting others try to stop us during the off time.” Cobie said, smiling.

“Exactly. Now, ladies, as all of the others are out there right now, spreading his virus, we can sit back and enjoy watching the world dissolve into chaos around us.” The three stood up and looked out the window, out to the city below. There were fires, cars crashed, and people running everywhere. Chaos had indeed spread.

Inside her mind, Greg was starting to notice something when he concentrated. He was able to dig deeper into his WERECELEBS mind.  He concentrated real hard and screamed out, trying to hurt her. Nothing happened.

Over in Cobie’s mind, Scott heard Greg scream. He didn't know how, but he heard what Greg was thinking. Scott concentrated hard enough and tried speaking out to Greg. If this worked, they would have a way to communicate with each other while transformed. He thought real hard and tried to reach out to Greg.

“Greg, can you hear this? This is Scott.” He thought hard.

Scott heard every word and was elated that they could talk through telepathy.

“Yes, yes I can hear you!” Greg responded.

To the WERECELEBS this was nothing more than an itch in their heads that they thought nothing of as they continued to watch the chaos unfold below them.

“What can we do?” Scott asked Greg.

“There is nothing we can do.” Greg responded. “We are stuck here until the transformation wears off.”

They sat there trying to think. Finally Greg concentrated real hard and when he did, he was zapped somewhere else. For a brief moment he was looking out Scarlett's eyes. Down to the world below. He immediately zapped back into Alison's.

“Whoah.” Greg said.

“What, what happens?” Scott cried out.

“I think, I'm not for sure, but I think I just went into Scarlett's mind.” Greg responded.

“That's incredible!” Scott said. “Maybe we can use this to our advantage. Did you see anything worth while?”

“No, I wasn't there long enough. Maybe it I tried harder.” Greg said, but before he could, he watched as the women turned from the window.

In the office, they heard a sound. The women turned to the sound and walked out of the office. Standing at the elevator was a man. He was wearing a dress shirt and tie and dress pants.

“Who are you women? What are you doing here? This is a private office.” He said. Greg recognized him as his boss Charlie.

The women descended on the man, looking at him. That's when Charlie recognized them.

“Oh my god, you're Scarlett Johansson! And you're Alison Brie, and Cobie Smulders! What are you doing here?” He asked, stepping towards them.  Scott and Greg were shouting at him to run in the women's minds, but it was of no use.

“We would love to show you why we are here.” Scarlett said, motioning to Cobie. Cobie seductively walked over and grabbed Charlie, she closed in and kissed him on the lips, sending the charge through them. She pulled back and joined the other two women.

Charlie stood there in shock, he had just kissed Cobie Smulders! He thought this, not noticing his finger nails growing longer. It wasn't until pops and cracks started that he looked down and gasped. His fingers were growing slimmer. His knuckles cracked and shrunk as his hands became famine and dainty.

“What is this?” Charlie shouted, being cut off as he felt a massive pressure on his body. He felt his body shrunk down and lose height, he was eventually shrunk to the size of a 20 years old girl. His muscles sucked away as his bones snapped and cracked, making his younger and thinner. He looked down and watched in horror as his thighs got bigger. Fat rushed into them as they became thick and sexy, getting a little bit longer, but increasing his height. His calves drained of fat, leaving his legs sexy and curvy. With a massive snap, his hips shot out. His hip bones popped and got wider, pushing organs around to make room. His hips finally settled at a wide, curvy size.

Charlie screamed in a massive amount of pain as he felt his penis suck upwards. He tried to reach down and grab at it but it was too late, it sucked into his body. A sick tearing feeling took place as his penis tore down the middle, folding outwards and flowering into a new tight vagina of a 20 year old. He moaned in pleasure as his testicles sucked up and became new ovaries.

He kept moaning, hearing his moans get higher pitched. He heard his voice become distinctly female as his ass started to inflate. He looked back and watched his dress pants get tight as his butt cheeks got large and firm. They ballooned out and became round and heart shaped, and incredible ass. He looked back at the woman in shock, but only saw them smiling at the transformation taking place.

Charlie cried out in that new female voice when his spine snapped in. He heard a loud crack as his back was arched forwards, sticking his new curvy rear end out even further, showing it off. Twin dimples appeared above his ass cheeks as his back got womanly and slim. With a sucking sound, Charlie's stomach sucked inwards. Charlie watched as his flabby stomach lost all fat, sucking in and gaining a six pack. His sides caved in as completed his new sexy hourglass figure, wide hips, and a curvy and athletic stomach.

His vision started to get blocked as Charlie saw his shirt red hair grow down below his shoulders, it stopped at his lower back and changed to a beautiful and luscious blonde. He cried out as his shoulders crashed down, shrinking his frame as his rib cage popped smaller and rose up.

With a surge, his dress shirt was tented by breasts popping out of his chest. He watched as his dress shirt got tighter and tighter as two mounds grew and grew. They got full and round, popping a button, and stopping at a modest B cup. He cupped the, in his hands and moaned in a massive amount of pleasure as he came with his new vagina for the first time. His neck cracked and thinned down, elongating.

With pops and snaps, his face shrunk down. His eyes got bigger as his nose shrunk, becoming cuter. His cheekbones snapped and rose up in his face, as his jawline reformed and popped into a more angular one. He moaned as his thin lips plumped up. They got bigger and bigger as they filled with fat, eventually stopping at large and juicy lips. Charlie grabbed his head as he felt his mind start to go, instead being replaced with new thoughts and memories, also thoughts of the new objective of taking out all of man and making them into WERECELEBS.

With a final girly moan of pleasure, Chloe Moretz was left standing before the women. She smiled at her body, large tits, and a tight stomach with a curvy behind and wide hips. She smiled her large smile between her juicy lips. She looked down and saw some clothes by a nearby desk. She went over and changed into them, a tight black jacket and tight jeans. She came back to the women.

“Well hello Chloe, glad you could join us. I'm sure you know what you must do?” Scarlett asked her.

Chloe smiled back. “Of course, see you all later.” She said and with hips swaying, went back to the elevator to go down and change more men.

Greg and Scott watched all of this happen and even though they have seen it happen plenty of times, seeing a man transform into a woman before their eyes was always a traumatic sight. Greg knew he didn't have much time, he concentrated as hard as he could to try and enter Scarlett's mind.

“I'm going to try again, we need to know how to stop this!” Greg told Scott through telepathy.

Greg shot into Scarlett's mind and tried to look around. Getting only glimpses. Scarlett grabbed he head in pain. Alison and Cobie ran over to see what was wrong. Scarlett screamed in pain as her head was wracked with agony. She cried out. Scott saw this and was amazed that it was working, Greg was in her mind.

Minutes passed. Scott began to get worried. “Greg, are you there?” He cried out. “Greg hurry back, please!”

Minutes still ticked by, and eventually Scarlett stopped sea,isn't and stood up.

“What was that?” Alison asked her.

Scarlett looked at them. “I'm not sure, that's never happened before. Oh well, let's go back to watching the carnage.” They went back to the window.

Seeing Scarlett back, Scott got deeply worried. He screamed in telepathy as loud as he could. “GREG!!??”

Suddenly he heard deep breathing, Greg breathing. “Oh thank god, Greg you're back! What happened?” Scott asked.

Slowly, greg responded. “I know how to stop them.”

I do not own the image. 
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Part Seven (Trade)

At the same time Scarlett was watching Cobie and Alison become themselves again, men all over the town were starting to transform, even without the full moon. Alison Williams came to be again in a home across town, a man in a car swerved to the side of the road as Anne Hathaway was left sitting in the front seat. Now that the woman changed at random times, chaos started to ensue all over the town. Men were being attacked by the WERECELEBS, changing into all manner of celebrities.

Regular women were being murdered by these celebs, in the most brutal of ways. The WERECELEBS knew this was their time to take over, nothing would stop them now. New celebs were popping up, taking their new job seriously, converting men all over. The epidemic was starting to take over the town.

At the far end of town, in a little house in the woods, was Steven. He was your average guy, tall, brown hair, blue eyes. He was playing video games all day, unaware of the events taking place in town. It was getting late, so he decided to have some dinner.

He went into his kitchen and grabbed a TV dinner from the fridge. It wasn't much, but they were quick and easy to make. He popped it into the microwave and stood at the kitchen sink. He was washing his hands when he thought he caught movement outside the window near the edge of the woods. He blinked, and saw nothing so he assumed it was a trick of the light, reflecting from behind him. He finished washing his hands and took the dinner from the microwave. He took it to the living room and sat down to eat.

When he was finished 15 minutes later, he went back to the kitchen. He threw the dinner in the trash and washed his hands again. This time, he looked up out the window and saw a woman standing near the edge of the woods. He blinked, but she was still there. She smiled and motioned for him to come outside. He was concerned but, curious as to what she was doing in his yard.

He went outside and approached her. That's when he noticed that she looked familiar. It was the actress Olivia Wilde.

“Hi there.” She said.

Steven stared wide eyed at her. What was Olivia Wilde doing in his back yard?

“Hi” was all Steven could get out.

“Would you like a kiss?” She said, coming towards him.

Steven didn't know what to say, he just gulped and shook his head yes. Of course he would, she was drop dead gorgeous. If she wanted to kiss him, she could do so. She came forward and wrapped her arms around him. She then kissed him, a surge passing between them. Steven was in his glory, he was kissing Olivia Wilde! She finished and backed away.

She smiled at him. “Have fun.” She said, walking back into the woods.

Steven watched her go, unsure of what was happening. When she was gone and he wasn't nervous anymore, he turned to go back inside. Suddenly a massive pain made him fall to all fours. He cried out in agony as his body felt like it was going to explode.

He looked down at his hands and screamed in terror as he watched his fingers thin out. They thinned and elongated, becoming long and slender. His fingernails twitched and started to grow out. Eventually Steven was left looking at woman's hands. He stared wide eyed at them as his shoulders cracked painfully in. They got smaller, crunching down and resetting into a smaller frame. Steven didn't know what was happening, he could only sit there on all fours, and watch as the changes occurred.

With a pop his hips cracked painfully outwards. He screamed in terror as his hips got wider and wider, stretching his pants. His hips got wide and curvy, as his thighs fattened up. They got thick and sexy, and a little bit longer as Steven felt himself rise up a bit as his legs got longer and thinner. With a loud crack, his back was rocked downwards as his spine curved in. His back shrunk down, becoming slender, and womanly. His back arched, causing Steven to push his butt up in the air. As he did so, his ass started to grow out. Each butt cheek popped and got bigger, toning down and becoming firm. His jeans got tighter, but held on. He looked sexy, down on all fours, back arched, ass up in the air. With a shuck, his penis shot inside of him. Steven cried out in agony as his penis split down the middle, flowering out into the folds of a new tight, wet vagina. His testicles sucked up and split off, moving organs around to form into new ovaries.

He felt a sucking in his gut and he sat up on his knees. He looked down at his belly, which wasn't too big, but not slim. He lifted his black shirt and watched wide eyed as his gut sucked in. He saw his fat drain away as his abdomen became slim and toned. His rib cage popped and cracked down into a smaller one, realigning his waist as his sides caved in. His stomach got athletically toned and a six pack popped into place on his stomach. He stared at his new toned and firm, but curvy stomach in shock as he saw his nipples get hard under his shirt.

He dropped his shirt back down and felt his back arch again, he pushed his chest forward as fat welled behind his nipples. Steven watched in horror as his shirt tented as breasts sprang forward on his chest. They stretched his shirt in the middle, getting round and large. Eventually they stopped growing at a modest C cup. Steven was too terrified at the sight, almost going crazy at seeing this all happen. It was tom much, he reached down with his new longer fingernails and started to tear at his shirt. He tore in in a lot of places, revealing his womanly back, his sides, and some cleavage. Eventually his shirt had lots of tears in it, revealing new milky white skin, but Steven didn't care, his Adam's started to burn at that moment.

Steven heard his gruff voice start to rise in pitch as his Adam's apple sucked into his neck as his neck thinned out and got longer. His voice settled at a high pitched sexy, womanly voice. His shirt brown hair started to grow out. It shot down past his shoulders, eventually stopping at his lower back. His brown hair shifted in color to a dirty blonde color, with some black shades to it. He grabbed some in shock. Then his face started to crack and morph. His cheekbones popped upwards, as his nose shrunk down. His jawline receded, becoming more angular, sexier. Then his lips welled up, becoming plump and juicy. Steven felt his eyes change from a blue, to a hazel as his head started to burn. He was still on his knees, as he grabbed his new womanly head in his hands. He felt his mind start to go, memories being erased. New memories flowed in, as a new objective shot in as well, to change all the men.

With a final womanly moan, Avril Lavigne was left moaning sexily in Stevens backyard. She leaned forward, arching her back in pleasure. She looked down at her wide curvy hips, her sexy trim back, and her round firm tits. She smiled to herself and stood up. She looked around, seeing no houses around. She headed to the house. She got inside and looked around. She smiled, knowing she was about to leave to go and turn more men into WERECELEBS. She left the house, hips swaying as she walked down the road to town.
Her is part seven, which is also a trade with Rollsumi09
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            “My love…”  She murmurs excitedly, then seizes the moment of shock to kick at one of the mages and roll off the altar, wrenching herself away from the three.  Despite the immense weight in her womb, she staggers to her feet and bursts into as much of a run as she can muster toward the door in the direction from which she heard the roar of her dragon.  As this hugely pregnant princess charges at them, the guards seem at a loss for what to do, one standing aside and the other grabbing Alys about the chest with one arm.  She hisses fiercely and sinks her fangs into the arm, digging straight through his chainmail and into his flesh.  With a cry of surprise, he releases her and she bolts out the door and into the hall.

            Another tremor rumbles through the castle followed by a roar, louder this time, and she can hear masonry crumbling in the rooms ahead.  Her heart flutters as she pauses in awe…  No human man could ever love her enough to tear a castle apart with his bare hands.  But as she goes to take another step a surging pain flows through her belly, causing her to brace herself against the wall with her shoulder, doubled over her heaving stomach, her hands splayed on it as it throbs and squeezes.  A long, pained moan leaves her lips as she suffers through the pain, an intense feeling unlike any she’d experienced before.  It fades slowly, leaving her shaken but able to stand again.  One arm cradling her belly, she begins to jog down the hall once more, her breath trembling.  “If they did something to my baby, I swear…”

            Her nightgown clings to her dramatic curves with sweat as she bursts through the door into the great hall, completely exhausted from her short run.  A huge chunk of stone shatters on the ground in front of her, soldiers running back and forth through the hall, the sound of shouting almost deafening as archers fire at a huge dark form soaring above, visible through a huge gap in the ceiling.  The dragon lunges down again and slams his hind legs into the castle roof, causing another large section to come raining down, crushing a few of the archers.  She can see the shafts of arrows sticking out of his scales here and there, but he doesn’t seem to be phased in the least.

            “My love!”  She calls out to him and starts to waddle further into the hall, waving her hands at him.  He gives a mighty roar as he sees her and circles wide, lining himself up with the gaping hole he’s made.  Just as Alys reaches the center of the hall, her smiling face contorts in pain and she falls to her knees, clutching her bloated stomach as it squeezes into a tight ball again.  She can feel something wet and sticky soaking her nightgown from between her legs but is too pre-occupied with the pain to give it much heed.  On her knees, she doubles over till her forehead is against the ground, her arms cradling her laboring stomach, a groan of pain loud enough to be heard above the din of combat coming from her soft lips.

            Then something hits her with the speed and power of a falling tree, yet so gentle she barely feels it, her dragon scooping her up into his arms, the flapping of his wings strong enough to send the archers tumbling to the ground.  He cuddles her protectively to her chest and immediately turns to soar into the night sky.  By the time the pain of the contraction has passed, the castle is just a light behind them.  Alys looks up at her lover in disbelief, a few arrows stuck in his scales but none actually penetrating them.  Her hand goes to his chest as she wonders if he’s really there, if this isn’t just a dream, when a distressed thumping in her womb brings her attention back to the baby.

            “They… they did something…  Is he hurt?...  I…”  She begins to bawl against his chest, stroking her stomach worriedly.

             “Easy, love…  Look in your heart.  You’re scared, but you know he’s all right.  You’re his mother, and closer to him than anyone.  I’m so proud of you, my Alys…  You did a wonderful job protecting our baby.  But now there’s one more thing you need to do for him before you can rest.”   Though it twists his heart, he doesn’t look at her.  He needs to keep his head straight to fly as fast as he can; he must bring his laboring mate to a place where she can rest.

            Alys’s tears slow and stop with his reassurance and she rests in his arms, both hands caressing and massaging her heaving belly.  She does her best to rest as they soar toward home through the night sky, knowing that the pains will get much worse before she gets to sleep.

*          *          *          *          *

            Alys pulls herself weakly further into the cave as the light of the rising sun hurts her eyes.  She lays fully on her back, her dragon lover coiled nearby, a worried look on his face.  The woman can no longer stand, feeling her baby’s head wedged in her birth canal, certain she would hurt it were she to press her legs too tight together.  A faint, pulsing bulge presses against her lower abdomen, and she can feel it easily but certainly cannot see it, her vastly pregnant stomach standing heavily upon her, skin taut and heaving, oddly still smooth and now shiny without a single stretch mark.  Her bellybutton has been pushed out, now standing tall upon her swollen stomach, which could easily be that of a woman ready to deliver triplets.  And that is close to the truth.  The labor pains have been coming hard and fast, Alys’s naked body covered with sweat, her violet eyes closed and brow knitted with focus.  She gives a slow, pained moan and a gurgling is heard between her legs, the bulge in her abdomen suddenly forcing downward, accelerating her moan to an agonized scream, a clot of dark blood bursting from between her legs.  Eyes widening, the dragon immediately runs to her and settles before her spreading legs.  Cautiously, he lays a hand upon her greatly swollen vagina, feeling the head of their baby beginning to push through.  He rests his other hand upon the top of her massive belly, looking down into her eyes with worry as he feels their baby kicking and struggling wildly.   “Push, darling.  Push.  You must…”

              With a pain, Alys gives a faint nod and a little whimper, lying back to catch her breath a moment.  Seconds later, her huge belly ripples, becoming rock hard, and she presses her chin to her chest with a fierce scream, pushing her hips heavily.  Her hand snakes out to grab the end of her lover’s tail, into which she sinks her fangs, though he barely notices.  Another gush of blood, and the dragon’s eyes widen, her opening beginning to spread, something dark and wet inside her.  He looks back to her face, excited, but his traces of joy fading as he sees the look of pain in her expression.  She slumps back again and pants heavily, reaching her hands up to slowly rub her terribly sore stomach.  The dragon gently leans over and nuzzles her cheek.   “You’re doing it…  I can see it.  Keep pushing, dear.”

            Whimpering softly, she nods, and throws her head back, arching her back with a scream that upsets some bats further down the throat of the dark cave, sending them flowing up and out into the light.  The dragon leans his head down and lovingly nuzzles her tight, jiggling abdomen, and suddenly opens his eyes wide, feeling something wet in his clawed hands.  Looking down, he sees the head of a darkly tanned child with midnight black hair and strange little ridges where his eyebrows should be.  The baby twists in his hands, trying to get free of its mother.  

            Alys gives a pained groan and stares up at the ceiling of the cave, pressing lightly on her stomach with a cry, “Get it out of me... Please... It... hurts too much!”

            He leans his head toward her, eyes glowing with pride,  “It’s coming, love!  Push!”

            She nods weakly and rests her head back, once again her vastly pregnant stomach rippling and tightening as she presses her chin tight to her chest, a flow of dark warmth coming over the dragon’s hand as something wriggles free into his grasp, his nymph’s stomach lowering till it’s barely swelled in the slightest.  The child squeaks, not a cry but a half-human
shriek, and squirms in its father’s arms, bearing its small fangs and struggling for warmth.  It is a remarkable mesh of mother and father, looking humanoid, but with long, sharp-clawed feet, a strong, whipping tail, and a pair of leathery wings.  As the dragon hugs their son close, he settles down next to the panting Alys and moves the child into her arms.  She can’t help but smile proudly at her dark-scaled lover, and soon falls asleep, cuddled up against him with her firstborn suckling peacefully at her breast.

*          *          *          *          *

            Alys yawns softly and rubs her eyes.  As she tries to sit up, she’s met by a familiar soreness, and something not quite so familiar, a heavy weight on her stomach, and something keeping her from bending all the way at the waist.  There is a gentle flutter at the right side of her stomach, then another rapidly at her left, joined by one near her entrance.  With a surprised blink, she slides her hands down her sore, full, milk-heavy breasts to her stomach.  Her eyes shoot open and she looks down, greeted by the large bulge of a seven-month pregnant woman.  They had only made love last night... It couldn’t possibly be growing this quickly.  Her dragon tenderly helps her sit up against his flank, watching her worriedly as she gathers up her three-week-old baby, whom smiles happily at her, and presses its head lightly to her soft breasts, each nearly the size of her head.  The baby latches on eagerly and starts to suckle with great enthusiasm, Alys jumping and blushing with a faint smile at the black dragon as the child holds on a little too tight.  She sits the baby astride her round, pregnant belly, his wings beating happily as he feeds.  Her smile vanishes as she sees the concerned look on the face of her lover.

            With a soft tilt of the head and an empathic look of the eyes, she inquires, “Sweet dragon… what is wrong?”

            He gently leans his head down and rubs his snout lovingly against her cheek, his hand going to her melon-sized belly, beginning to rub gently.  Again, she feels a swarm of fluttering, causing her own hand to go to the side of the large bulge.  He wraps his wings around his lover and their crossbreed son, and speaks softly into her mind,  “You have conceived
three young.  You are carrying our triplets.”

              Her gleaming violet eyes widen, thoughts of her immensely pregnant belly from just days ago returning.  At once, her thoughts join his, and she begins to wonder how much strain her body can take.
So it seems somewhere along the line, DeviantArt decided to remove the "download" button, rendering the full version of Yellow Flowers inaccessible.  This here is a makeshift solution with a more elegant one forthcoming.

Apologies to my Thief's Burden fans that I may have faked out with an update; you kind folks deserve better.  I'm not done with Annie just yet, so hang in there.
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Yellow Flowers
by The Supine Dragon


            The flowers waft gently in the dawn breeze, their golden yellow
turned bronze by the orange glow of the sun in the distance, still obscured by
the mountains but surely moments from rising.  The Lady Alys strolls casually
through the field, enjoying the feel of the soft grass and sweet flowers
brushing her bare feet, a rebellious smile on her face as she betrays the King’s
orders three times over.  Never to leave the castle before sun-up, never to
leave the castle in a nightgown, and never to walk on the soil without shoes.
Well, technically the third point was only half-valid, as the spring grass had
fully grown in, and with a casual sweep of the area, no splotches of dirt are to
be seen.

            Of course, it is very unusual for a princess to leave a castle
without an escort, especially before the sun was up, even if its light was
still spreading across the fields.  Especially this particular princess, whom
has some half-dozen lords from around the continent vying for her hand, a
slender, shapely hand indeed, befitting a slender, shapely body.  Her face is
the kind that could undo the damage of a medusa, but so beautiful more than one
lonely seaman has suffered chest pains upon casting eye upon her.  Her lips are
soft and naturally red; she detests makeup.  Though her slim features are
extraordinary, what usually sells men on her are those stunning eyes. 
Endlessly deep, and a most unusual violet in shade, leading local
storytellers to spin tales of her legendary, perhaps fictional nymph heritage. 
Her hair is softer than water, smoother than Elven garb, a rich brown that
redefined that shade to something far more beautiful than the color named to
dirt and wood.  Second only to her hair in softness being her porcelain skin,
flawless and uniform, so pure one might assume she were crafted of marble.  On
either side of her head is a long, pointed ear, expressive as her thin eyebrows
and fitting as an Elf’s, perhaps once more hinting at a potential strain of
nymph in her blood, though in these days the races have blended so much
together she is still referred to as human without a hint of blush or
patronization.  Her neck is thin and chiseled, holding her head proudly above
her small shoulders, seemingly designed to be held.  Her figure is a perfect
hour glass, her treasured – frequently the subject of intense study from
passing scholars, and other youths with minds sharp enough to imagine the
removal of clothing – breasts, round, full, and soft yet firm with her youth
and perfection.  Just beneath her ample bosom is a delicate ridge of her
ribcage, a flat, concave abdomen leading to the feminine flair of her rounded
hips and the female V where her legs and torso embrace in perfect union.  And
those legs, long, strong from these frequent strolls in the countryside, and so
smooth it is doubtful she has ever needed to shave them.  Now her small feet
dance among the fresh flowers, the gossamer white of her nightgown leaving a
perfect silhouette of the flesh beneath in the dim light, giving her such a
natural and mysterious look, one could easily mistake her for a sprite of the
fields themselves.

            One in particular is watching her beauty, with
particular sadness, and long-germinated jealousy.  He circles high above, his
golden, cat-like eyes focused down on the lust of his life, the only young
humanoid has ever known as beautiful.  The sleek dragon glides between the
clouds, his scales dark emerald unto black, as a piece of midnight escaped from
the warm stare of the sun and the lazy gait of the moon, reflected off the
stagnant waters of the bogs.

            Alys smiles to herself and bends over to pluck a
flower from the generous earth, giggling softly at what a wonderful time she’s
having and moreso the fuss that has doubtlessly begun in the castle corridors,
her eyes just barely catching a hint of passing darkness.  With an innocent
blink, her long ears drooping in curiosity, she stands up, golden flower
dangling in hand, casting her violet eyes to the sky in search for some silver
cloud that might dare to block the rising sun.  She feels a frightened flutter
in her chest and a gasp escapes her throat, the flower slipping to the ground,
forgotten, as she turns to run.

            The dragon grumbles softly to himself, his eyes
narrowing in sorrow as he sees her running from him, sure she must not know
what he is, but the poor thing, like a bird, is so easily frightened.  He
slides down in the sky, spreading his wings to approach her, a faint frown
creasing his scaled lips as he sees her trip and fall to the ground, mouth open
but silent.  With a graceful swoop, he lands by her, now able to hear her
whimper, wide-eyed, but not scream.  No, such a work of nature would never
pierce the silence.  She rolls over to crawl away from him, and he sees her
nubile form, never before so close… her soft breasts bobbing slightly as she
scrambles, her powerful hips pushing dark strips of brown into the field of
green as her heels uproot the grass.  His eyes widen a little, and before he
knows what he’s doing, he’s upon her, and can feel her arms pushing desperately
against his hard and scaled chest.

            He grabs one claw around her flank and sweeps
the other up her nightgown, pushing the heel of his hand against one of her
soft breasts as he pulls her close with her wings, putting his weight down upon
her and his knees, so as not to crush her.  He watches as though detached,
truly unable to help himself as he presses his waist against hers, wrapping her
right leg with his strong tail, grabbing her close to him with his arms and
wings.  With a quick dart of his sleek head, he gently bites one of her
nipples, causing her another whimper, and proceeds to grind his head against
her soft chest and slim neck, and his hips against hers.

            Alys closes her eyes and tries to scream, but
all that will come is a soft, frightened whimper.  She balls her fists and
strikes the dragon upon the chest weakly, knowing she couldn’t even fend off a
human like that, so gentle is she.  She nearly finds her voice, giving a
particularly enthusiastic whimper and shudder as she feels her entrance
stretch, something pushing up deep inside of her, feeling huge and alien,
seemingly with a pulse and life of its own.  With another shove as the heavy
dragon lowers and rubs against her hips, she immediately experiences both pain
and intense pleasure, her body shivering and writhing, her senses on fire as
she feels something tearing deep within her.  Finally, she manages a long,
frightened moan as the dragon presses into her again, and she feels a strange
energy shooting up her nerves, making her skin tingle and burn like nothing she
has ever experienced.  The dragon lifts off her once more, and presses himself
into her.  With a long withheld scream of mixed terror, pain and pleasure, she
feels an incredible pulsing and firmness within her, wave after wave of heat
pressing into her body, making her feel oddly tight and warm.

            The dragon looks sadly at her and scoops her
into his arms, pressing the top of his snout into her soft hair and sitting her
in his lap, their union still intact.  After a moment, he notices she has
fainted, and is now leaning against his chest, a remarkable look on her face,
one that makes his heart skip a beat.  She looks too peaceful to be dead, the
faintest traces of a smile on her lips.  Coming down from his fit of passion,
the gravity of his act comes crashing to the mind of the beast.  When he sniffs
the air, he notices with a certain dread that the scent of his beautiful Alys
has changed.


*          *          *          *          *


            She awakens to an intense soreness.  It feels
like her body has been pulled in four directions by warhorses, a dull and
steady pain saturating to her very center.  Just as she becomes aware of this
feeling, an immense wave of nausea hits her, and she violently pulls herself
out of the odd leathery blankets about her and rolls onto her knees to vomit,
pressing her hands to her abdomen as she does.  She does not manage to empty
her stomach, though.  Slowly, eyes filled with shock, she rolls onto her firm
behind and stares down at her hands, moving them slightly, fingers splayed. 
Beneath the thin cloth of her nightgown, a gentle bulge beneath her hands.  Her
waistline appears to have nearly doubled, the soft swelling rising and falling
with each breath.  Hands trembling with fear, she pulls up the hem of her
nightgown and nearly faints at what she sees.  Her belly is swollen and round,
her bellybutton pushed up several inches, a half-grapefruit sized bulge in her
lower abdomen.  With a terrified gasp and a shake of her head, she presses her
hands to her stomach, and feels tears rise as her smooth skin feels her hands
in turn, verifying the realness of her swelled stomach.  She gives another soft
whimper and presses in, unable to feel within in, but finding a strange
firmness beneath her soft skin.  She jumps, feeling nausea return as something
suddenly squirms against her hands, like someone had just twisted their hand up
inside her.  As a thin, scaled hand rests lightly upon her stomach, she nearly
faints again, but manages to just stare up the arm wide-eyed... it joins a
shoulder crested with a large leathery black wing, a sharp black talon at the
wrist, a long, scaled neck between.  At the end of the powerful neck is a sleek
and beautiful head, that of a dragon with an impressive nape of quills with a
gorget of long horns, his eyes shining and reflective golden with slitted
pupils.  He stares down at her with such a look of love, she finds herself
settling down in his presence despite her mind’s protests to run.  The dragon’s
hand softly caresses her bulging belly, sending waves of warmth and relaxation
through her.  Whimpering softly, she settles down and stares up at the dragon.

            His lips do not move, but his voice comes from
deep within Alys’s own mind.  “My sweet Alys, please do not be afraid…”

            She gasps at the thoughts, knowing they
certainly must be from him.  Her violet eyes darting to the hand on her
stomach, she pleads, “W-what… what’s happening to me!?  What did you do!?”

            He tilts his head and frowns sadly, laying
slowly down by her feet, resting both hands on her sensitive stomach, one
folded over the other.  “You... I... I’m sorry, dear Alys.  I never meant
this.  You looked so beautiful.  I only wanted to help you up but…  I couldn’t
help myself.  Please forgive me.  I love you.”

            Alys stares at him a long moment, her heart
fluttering oddly as she stares upon the majestic creature.  She had heard the
stories and the warnings.  She knew of the dragon, the horrible beast that had
slaughtered thousands and destroyed so many lives.  Its horrible breath of
flame, its wings strong enough to break the masts of ships with a single buffet,
the terrible sharp claws.  The claws.  The dragon’s claws brush her skin softly
as he caresses her bloated stomach, not leaving so much as a scratch.  She
hates to admit it, but no human had ever touched her so tenderly.  Finally she
manages to murmur, “…What is going on?”

            He lowers his head; close enough for her to
strike him.  He knows he cannot avoid it any longer.  “My lady…  I swear I
didn’t mean to.  You looked so beautiful that morning, I had to have you.  I… 
I have gotten you pregnant.  My child grows within you.  I did not know it was
even possible.  You will birth it soon, and I could never have left you in that
field all alone.  I had to do… the right thing.”

            The concept strikes her like a gauntlet, but at
the same time she knows it must be true.  As if on cue, the thing inside her
stomach moves with another gentle fluttering sensation.  She slides her hands
to her flanks and rubs tenderly, realizing now how pregnant she does look, four
months were this the child of a human.  Fearfully, she pulls away from his
claws and hugs her pregnant belly, curling into a ball, “You won’t hurt me,
will you?”

            Tenderly, he slides up along her and puts an arm
around her back, curling his wings around her to cradle her changing form
lovingly.  As he looks down upon her, his eyes linger on her breasts, the heavy
orbs already swelling with milk to feed his baby, her nipples darkened enough
to see easily through the thin nightgown.  Cautiously, he lowers his head and
lifts her nightgown, surprised as she squirms but does not protest.  He flicks
out his long red tongue and slowly slides it along the inside of her thigh,
across her entrance, causing her to shiver softly, heavily along her bulging
stomach, up over one of her soft, filling breasts, and finally to her neck,
where he nuzzles her lovingly.  “My sweet love, I would never hurt you.  The
mother of my child.”

            Cautiously, she looks into his eyes for
sincerity, and finds them nearly impossible to read, but very soft and tender. 
With some suspicion, she inquires, “Why am I so big?  Why is your baby growing
so quickly?”

            Very lightly, he strokes her swollen, pregnant
stomach and looks deeply into her eyes.  “Dragons are magical creatures. 
Our child will grow quickly.  I will take care of you, my dearest.  I swear
it.  Rest, now.  You will need your strength.”

            At that moment, she felt her eyelids grow
heavy.  Despite herself, she couldn’t say the feeling of his tongue on her
smooth skin, his hand on her belly, was unpleasant.  With a cautious glance in
his direction, she settles down on the gritty floor to go to sleep.  A very
faint smile rising to the dragon’s lips, he scoops her up in her arms, rests
his head on her child-swelled abdomen, and cradles her as she rests.  He can
swear he feels her skin stretching as his seed germinates within the most
perfect womb in the world.


*          *          *          *          *

            Tears stream down her cheeks as she walks along
the inside wall of the cave, her fingertips tracing over each nook and cranny
though she can’t go too deep for the darkness within.  Her other hand shakes
and swings to her side, anything to keep it occupied…  she’d found, much to her
dismay, that it had a tendency to stray to her belly if left unattended.  Her
belly…  She hated to think about it, about the creature growing inside her,
bulging her stomach out so obscenely.  The weight was a constant reminder,
punctuated by the occasional kick.  It had gotten bigger and stronger over the
last two days, taking much of her energy so even if she dared wander into the
forests outside the cave she knows she wouldn’t make it far.  Suddenly
something moves under her hand upon the wall, a large spider causing her to recoil
with an eep of surprise.

            “Foul thing!”  She ponders stomping the spider
as it skitters near the floor but her small feet are still bare and the thought
of spider guts all over her toes turns her still-sensitive stomach.  “Shhh…”,
she coaxes, immediately startled, wondering who she’s talking to until she
looks down to see that her arms have wrapped themselves protectively around her
belly again, the baby thumping away eagerly inside.  Giving a huff of defiance,
she throws her arms away from it and clenches her hands into fists at her

            Slowly she makes her way back toward the light
and the mouth of the cave, set into the side of a mountain that rose from the
forest in a bulge similar to the unfamiliar growth of her belly.  Already
feeling tired again, she sits down on the edge of the stony terrace and leans
back on her hands to enjoy the sun a bit.  The dragon had gone out hunting and
she was all alone.  For some reason, he trusted her.  Maybe he was just smarter
than she, the princess pondered.  She carried his baby and her pregnancy was
advancing like none she’d ever heard of.  Were she to leave now and get lost in
the woods, well…  even if starvation didn’t claim her, she had no desire to die
giving birth to a monster.

            As she laid back on the warm stone to stare at
the sky, her hands folded behind her head.  Again she felt the stirring in her
womb and sat up enough to see the bulge rising, just barely peaking over the
swells of her breasts.  She couldn’t help but admit to herself that it didn’t feel
like a monster was growing inside of her.  With a sigh followed by a loud,
irritated whine, she lays her head back again, “Why me!?  Papa…  why haven’t
you rescued me yet?”  The blue skies above gave no reply, save a sudden dark
form gliding gracefully overhead, a chunk of meat clutched in its claws.

            Alys felt her stomach growl, a strange relief
coming to her that she hadn’t been forgotten by her captor.


*          *          *          *          *

            The young mother waddles along through the woods
with the help of a stick she’d found near the foot of the cave hill,
occasionally pausing to rub her back and stare up at the canopy above, the
sunlight shining jade through the high leaves of tall trees.  She’d felt
anxious and asked her dragon if she could take a walk, and after some hesitation
he’d nodded but cautioned her not to stray too far.  To her own surprise, she
consented without a fuss.

            Her nightgown had become dirty and tattered
despite her best efforts to keep it clean in the nearby spring but she didn’t
really mind any longer.  She still wore her gold earrings and circlet, though
she knew the only person that would be able to appreciate them was that
detestable dragon.  All the kind words in the world couldn’t undo the fact that
he raped her and got her pregnant.  All the sweet and gentle treatment didn’t
give her back her freedom.  All the soft caresses… and the careful licks and
nudges…  and…  she found herself blushing, which only increased her
embarrassment.  Pushing the thought out of her mind she resumed her walk once
more, one hand straying to her bloated belly.  The baby’s kicks had become so
strong they woke her up at night frequently, but though her thumb was gently
rubbing up and down the maternal curve, she did not scold herself or pull
away.  She knew she shouldn’t hate the baby, and that she’d been cruel to
reject it in days passed.  It wasn’t the baby’s fault.  And those little kicks
and bumps had become a true comfort to her, the weight of her fruitful womb a
reminder that she was never all alone.  With no chance of seeing her feet while
walking casually, she takes each step with care, her bare feet finding stable
stones and patches of moss. 

            Carefully, she eases her heavy body onto a rock
and leans back against a tree, cradling her pregnant belly with both arms.  It
had gotten so big, so tight, so round…  She’d wondered if she could get much
bigger, but surely all pregnant women thought that.  Besides, she had a small
frame, so she was bound to feel big.  Her hands splay curiously on either side
of the gravid ball as she contemplates the weight sitting in her lap.

            When she looks up again, she realizes why she
had decided to sit just there.  This was one of her favorite places to play
when she was little, with an interesting rocky landscape and lots of big bushy
trees to hide in.  Caressing her belly, a smile comes to her lips as she
remembers coming here with her best friend Lily, her maid’s daughter.  The two
of them had always been inseparable, Alys and Lily, Lily and-

            “Alys!?”  A familiar voice calls out from behind. 
The princess sits up and leans around the tree to see a very familiar face, one
framed by blonde ringlets, with intense green eyes. 

            She barely manages to keep from bursting into
tears right there, “…Lily…”  Her old friend starts to run toward her, but stops
dead in her tracks when Alys stumbles to her feet, her eyes locked on the
princess’s immense belly.

            “…Alys… what…  what happened to you?”  Lily
stammers, approaching slowly, her hands extending for Alys’s bloated stomach. 
She’d been so excited to see her friend she nearly forgot about it, and
immediately she starts to blush, stepping back slightly.  Lily looks at her
sternly, “Alys, this is not funny, we’ve been looking all over for you,
everywhere!  Your father is worried sick!  And here you are playing in the
woods, sticking watermelons up your nightgown?  What’s gotten into you?”  Again
she lunges for Alys’s belly as if to tug it off her, the nymph jumping back and
turning away, her arms wrapped around her swollen middle.

            “Lily, stop that!  Calm down!  I can explain
everything!” Alys pleads desperately as Lily’s hands grasp probingly at her
nightgown, pulling it tight.

            “You’re acting like a child!  I know you don’t
like the royal balls and you don’t want to get married!”  Lily darts in front
of the princess, a harder life and slimmer waist making her more agile.  “But
that’s no reason to fake being…  pregnant…”  Alys’s attempts to keep her
nightgown on finally thwarted, she stops squirming, Lily holding her nightgown
above her very real, very big, very pregnant stomach.  “…Alys…  How…  It’s been
less than a month!”  Lily’s hands press flat against Alys’s belly but quickly
dart away when the baby gives a firm kick, “Something moved!”

            Alys tries to tug her nightgown down again but
Lily’s hands are back and she’s not quite done with her investigation, feeling
all along the tight bulging stomach for some indication that it’s a trick.  Her
irritation growing, Alys starts to nibble on her tongue and is startled to find
just how sharp her teeth had become, her canines feeling a bit sore.

            “Of course something moved.  I’m going to have a
baby.”  She explains calmly, quietly, fighting a sense of panic as she listens
to her own words.  Lily continues to rub along the taut bulge, helping Alys
keep her head on straight.

            “Who’s?”  Lily can only mumble, still intrigued
by her friend’s impossible pregnancy, starting to get a bit more bold in her
examination, poking and prodding around her navel and eliciting big kicks.

            Alys winces and tries, unsuccessfully, to pull
away, “Stop that.  It’s… umm…  Well…”

            “Come on, out with it.  And this better be good,
good enough that your father will forgive you for running off and getting
knocked up like a tart!”

            “Lily!  That’s so mean!”  She feels tears
welling in her eyes, “It wasn’t my choice!  I was out picking flowers and the

            “The dragon!?  That beast did this to you? 
Then…  what’s growing in there is a…”  Lily takes a cautious step back, eyeing
the bloated belly cautiously.

            “I don’t know.  It’s the dragon’s, but…  I feel
all right Lily, really!”  Timidly, Alys pulls her nightgown back into place and
goes about softly stroking her belly, one hand just resting on top.

            “We’ve got to get you out of here.  Come on.” 
Lily grabs Alys’s hand and wraps an arm around her shoulder, helping the
heavily pregnant princess walk along back in the direction of town.  It hadn’t
occurred to her before, but she did know how to get home from here.  Yet she’d
still planned to just go back to the cave…  Lily interrupts her thoughts with a
sharp mumble, “There are mages and healers.  We’ll help you, dear.  We’ll get
it out of you.”

            Alys stopped dead in her tracks, almost causing
Lily to fall.

            Lily whips around, staring wide-eyed at the
pregnant woman, “What’s the matter?  Does it hurt?  Oh no, it’s not coming,
is it?”

            For a few moments there’s just silence, Alys’s
violet eyes gazing down at her stomach, “…I don’t want it out.”  Her hands
glide over the smooth, tight sphere, a ripple of movement chasing one of her

            “Are you insane!?  It’s dragonspawn!  A demon! 
A monster!”

            “Don’t you dare call my baby such
horrible things!”  Alys glares at Lily intensely, leaving both of them quite
shocked at her reaction.

            “Alys… what are you saying?  This isn’t
natural!  You’ve got a monster in there and we have to get it out!”

            “I said don’t call it names!  My baby is my
baby, and the only way it’s coming out is when I have it!” She has no idea
where these words are coming from but they feel so right.  Just as right as
this child growing inside her womb.

            “I’ve heard of women getting addle-brained in
late pregnancy but this tops it all.  Stop being so stupid…  We’ve got to get
you back home and kill that beas-“ Lily’s sentence is cut off by a sharp slap
across her face. 

            Alys stares at her, tears in her
eyes, her hand stinging, “Then I’m not going, and that’s that.  You have no
right to force me, peasant.”  She immediately regretted using that word.  “No
friend of mine would try to kill my baby.”

            Lily’s mouth hangs open a moment, a
combination of the words and the slap dumbfounding her.  Finally her mouth
closes and she speaks softly, “Alys…  Everyone’s worried about you.  Please,
just come home and we’ll discuss this with your father.”

            The princess’s head begins to
shake, tears falling down her cheeks, “You’ll just convince him to kill my
baby.  Why do you hate it so much?  It’s not even born yet!”

            “It’s not a baby!  It’s some kind
of… thing!  Have you looked at yourself lately?  You’re enormous!  Pregnant
women aren’t supposed to get that big!  Alys, something is wrong!”  Lily
sniffs softly, staring at her pregnant friend in disbelief, “I don’t want to
lose you again.  Please…  if our friendship means anything to you, just… just
come home.  We’ll get the best knights to fight off the dragon if it tries to
take you again.  We’ll take care of your… baby… I promise.”

            “I’ll see you later Lily.  It’s
getting late and I need my rest.”  Alys rubs her eyes with her nightgown sleeve
and turns to hurry back in the direction she came, back toward the cave,
leaving her friend standing there in the woods, dumbfounded.

            “Alys…”  The maid’s daughter stands
there in the woods for a few minutes longer, then simply shakes her head and
starts to run back toward the castle.  Perhaps she has no right to force the
princess home, but others could.


            One hand still resting atop her
belly and the other at her mouth, rubbing at her oddly itching gums and her
newly pointed teeth – what she could only call a pair of fangs – the princess
waddles along the creek that feeds the spring.  Lily’s words keep racing
through her mind.  “You’re enormous!  Pregnant women aren’t supposed to get
that big!”  She looks down at herself curiously.  Was she really all that
unusually big?  Sure she felt like she was, but all pregnant women feel huge. 
But she hadn’t seen her own reflection for nearly a month now, not since the
morning she was taken from the field, since before the dragon took her and planted
his seed in her belly.

            Quickly starting to feel sore from
the load she carries in her womb, she pauses for a rest by the spring and
climbs carefully up onto a rock overlooking the water.  Standing on the edge
with her bare toes upon the stone, she leans over a little bit to try to see
her reflection.  All she can manage to glimpse is an inch or so of the
underside of her huge belly, the real thing all but completely blocking her
view.  Hmphing in annoyance, she turns to her profile and leans to the side to
try to get a better look.  A tiny gasp escapes her lips as she leans further and

            She’s bigger than enormous!  She
had never seen a woman so hugely pregnant, yet with every inch she leans she
seems even bigger.  Then her arm catches her eye, her hand splayed against the
side of her immense belly.  Having never worked a day in her life, she didn’t
expect to see such fine definition in her arm.  Still slender as ever, yet it
looks and feels much stronger.  Just as she leans in a little more for a closer
look, she neglects her shifting center of balance and slips, crashing into the
little pond with a squeek of surprise and a large splash.

            It’s much easier for her to get her
feet back under her than it would’ve been on land as she stands nearly
waist-deep in the water, gasping for breath and completely soaked, her hair and
clothing plastered to her smooth skin.  Looking down at herself, she can see
through her diaphanous nightgown, her pale breasts with their growing dark
brown nipples, and of course that massively swollen globe of growing life just
below them.

            Suddenly she starts to whimper and
snivel, “…What’s happening to me?”  Her waddle even more pronounced due to the
water, she sloshes over toward the rock she fell from and puts her hands up on
it, but quickly realizes there’s no chance she can pull herself out that way. 
Keeping a hand on the rock for balance, she waddles over to the spring’s bank, a
loose slope rather than the nice beaches near the castle.  One arm cradling her
stomach, she only makes it a few steps before she slips and ends up in the
water again with a loud splash, on her hands and knees.  Despite her
frustration, the cool, soft grasses and foliage feel nice with her heavy belly
pressed against them, the rubbing caused by the slightest movement helping to
soothe her stretched, itchy skin.  Gripping the plants with her small hands,
she slowly begins to work her way up the bank, blushing as her immense
pregnancy squishes against the ground with nearly every step until finally
she’s on dry land and flops on her back to catch her breath, her heavy breasts
bouncing painfully with the sudden movement, then rising and falling with each
deep breath.

            With night rapidly approaching
she’d started to tremble with cold, her hardening nipples rubbing uncomfortably
against her wet nightgown.  For a few moments she flails like a turtle on its
back, pinned under the bulk of her huge round womb, until finally she rolls
onto her side and manages to get some footing.  An unladylike grunt escapes her
lips as she hefts her bulk to her feet, both hands immediately going to her
sore back, arched with the weight of her inhuman pregnancy.

            A sudden rush of wind and imact to
shake the ground startles her enough that she stumbles back a few steps with a
hand to her mouth, almost falling into the spring again.  Her other arm wraps
protectively around her bloated abdomen, before she realizes it is the dragon
that has landed before her.  Tears begin to well up in her eyes, the shivering
woman starting to whimper.

            His eyes narrow slightly, lips
curling into a disappointed sneer.  Looming over her, wings partially spread,
he grumbles, “Do you loathe me so?  That you would risk your life by running

            His projected words are cut off as
Alys bursts into tears and throws herself against his chest, clinging tight,
her face rubbing against the strong scales.  His heart melts, his expression
changing to one of bewilderment, then of affection, his arms wrapping around
the shivering human slowly, followed by his wings.  He tucks his head down to
nudge her cheek lightly.  “There, there, it is all right.  I did not mean to
scold you.  You needn’t be frightened.  Come…  let us go home and get you out
of these clothes before you catch cold.” 
He lowers his head to nuzzle her
stomach, the woman turning a little to the side so he can get at it more
easily, her tears fading to quiet sniffles.  A purr of approval rumbles deep in
the dragon’s chest, his tongue flicking out to brush across the tight bulging

            “You are becoming a wonderful
mother, Alys.  Our baby is getting big and strong.  It must be a special sort
of human that can give birth to a healthy dragonling.”

            She can’t help but smile with a
hint of pride.  Her dragon scoops her into his arms as easily and gently as if
he were lifting a newborn babe and pulls her close to his chest.  Hold on
tight, love.
 With a powerful thrust of his wings, he leaps into the air
and circles a few times to gain altitude, Alys clinging to his chest for dear
life.  A little chuckle passes his lips, and with another swoop of his wings
they’re soaring over the treetops, back toward the cave.  After a few minutes,
Alys manages to settle in and relax her grip a little, confident the dragon
would never let her fall.  Or if not her, the baby.  Leaning against the warmth
of his body but shivering again from the air flowing by, she lets her eyes
close peacefully.

             “Alys…  Do you love the baby
that grows within you?”
  He asks without looking at her, partially to
maintain aerodynamics, but mostly out of fear of how she might react.  She
stares down at the massive swell now dominating her lithe body, considering the

A gentle thumping under her hand
gives her the answer, and she softly replies, “Yes.”

            A small, toothy grin comes to his
lips and he adds, “But do you love the baby’s father?”  Immediately he
regrets the foolish question, knowing that he’s asking this beautiful mother to
break his heart.

            But the fluttering he feels in his chest can
only compare to the fluttering the woman feels in her pregnant belly as he
hears a hesitant, tiny, “…Yes…”  One of the scaled arms wrapped around his
beloved creeps a bit tighter, pressing the woman against his chest, his hand
splaying across the tight dome of Alys’s stomach.

            “I am very pleased to hear that.”

            Blushing, Alys rests her hands over his, running
her fingertips along one of his ridged fingers, “…Me too.”  She smiles to
herself and settles down in his warm arms, resting her head against his chest,
her eyes closing.  She could clearly feel the warm weight throbbing in her lap
even through the chill of her wet clothes clinging to her skin, the growing
baby nudging against their hands.

            In just moments, the dragon alights on the ledge
outside their home and folds his wings once more, relaxing his grip on Alys to
be more comfortable for her.  She smiles shyly up at him, her hands still
gripping his fingers upon her round belly, but she blushes as she remembers
what had been troubling her.

            “Dragon?  I think I’ve been… changing, in ways. 
My teeth…”  Now inside the warmth of the cave, he leans his head down to look
her closely in the face and she opens her mouth for him to show off the set of
fangs she’s grown. 

            He hmmmms deeply, then murmurs a soft, Nothing
to worry about
.  His snout leans closer to her parted lips, hesitates, then
presses lightly against her lips, his thin tongue snaking out to brush across
the fangs.

            Alys pulls back quickly with a deep blush, then
tentatively leans forward again, one hand lifting to his cheek as she kisses
him back.  When their mouths part they each look away, even the mighty dragon
staring at the ground and scuffing his feet a little like an awkward schoolboy.

            “Y-you need to get warm.  You’ll catch cold.” 
He sets her down on her feet and turns his back to her to grant her a little

            Alys is still blushing brightly as
she gazes at his back, her dark nipples poking at her nightgown but not from
the cold.  Carefully she peels the gown from her damp, slick skin, up over her
egg-like belly, over her heavy breasts, and finally up over her head.  She laids
the garment over a dry rock, and as an after thought removes her jewelry as
well.  Then she settles down on her knees and leans forward onto her hands, her
arms pressing her breasts close together and the size of her belly making it
bulge around her sides a little, her flattened navel nearly touching the floor.

            “Mister Dragon?”  She calls to him
softly, tilting her head in a coy manner so her damp hair tumbles down her
shoulders, her long ears drooping calmly back.  The beast glances over his
shoulder, then slowly turns his body to face her, a grin coming to his lips as
she beckons him with a fingertip.  When his head cranes close she lifts a hand
to stroke his cheek and pull him into another long kiss.  A passionate rumble
comes from his chest as he lopes a step closer and moves his probing tongue
down, Alys’s head tilting back with her lips parted.

            He slides his tongue across her
chin and down her neck, against her elegant collarbones, and finally down to
her large, heaving breasts.  His tongue glides around one breast and then the
other, giving each a tiny squeeze before he puts his entire mouth around one
and lets his sharp teeth glide over the smooth, soft flesh without leaving a
scratch.  Alys puts a hand to the base of his neck and caresses, gasping
quietly as the dragon wraps his scaled lips around her breast and rubs his long
tongue back and forth across her nipple.  He is pleasantly surprised to
suddenly taste something new, a little hint of something warm and rich, only to
notice her other nipple leaking a few droplets of milk when he brings his hand
up to squeeze and knead it in small circles.  His hand strays down to her belly
for a moment, cradling the massive swell in his hand.  The immense bulge had
never looked so beautiful to him, pushing his love’s belly out so hugely,
stretching her skin tight as a drum, making his graceful nymph endearingly
clumsy and cumbersome.  The baby kicking against his hand was never meant to
be, but here it was, and it was making his dreams come true.

            A sudden nip at his neck brings him
back to the moment at hand, the beautiful Alys grinning into his eyes, “Am I
boring you?...  This is good for me, you know, it warms me up.”  She slides
down to her hands and knees again, spreading her legs just a hint with a
playful grin on her face.  The dragon needs no other hint, and quickly moves
around behind her, nuzzling against her cheek all the way, her hand caressing

            He leans over her from behind, his
smooth scaled belly lightly rubbing against her back as she kneels on all
fours, his hand creeping around to rub at her breasts, both at once with his
long fingertips even as they become a little sticky from the droplets of milk. 
His head snakes down to nuzzle Alys’s cheek, occasionally flicking his tongue
out against her chin and lips or his teeth grazing those long ears of hers. 
How he’d dreamed of this.

            Alys closes her eyes, her heart
trembling as she remembers the first time he’d had sex with her, the feeling of
him inside her pleasant enough that even the associated memories did not mar
her excitement.  Her hand lifts occasionally to grasp against his as he plays
with her wobbling breasts, her lips parted and breathing already heavy.  When
he finally mounts her, his member fills her womanhood so completely she gives a
broken gasp, her body trembling with pleasure.

            Slowly he rocks against her, her
large breasts bouncing with each thrust, her pregnant stomach brushing the
floor from time to time as they rub against each other.  His nips at her ears
and shoulders become more intense with his thrusting, growls rumbling through
his chest and against Alys’s back mixing with her increasingly loud sighs.  She
tosses her head as she moans and cries out in bliss, finally falling to her
knees and elbows, her wrists giving out from the sheer pleasure flowing through

            She’d lost count of how many
orgasms she’d had by the time she feels his warm spurt into her and hears his
roar rumble through the cavern, her many expanding curves shining with sweat
and her tired body throbbing pleasurably.  For a few moments they just rest
there, panting slowly, both spent by what must have been a full hour of
lovemaking.  The dragon eventually slides out of her and rolls over onto his
back, lifting his exhausted mate up to rest on his chest, his wings folding
over her like a blanket. 

            His hands slide up her sweaty
flanks to rest atop her belly, her own settling upon his, yet despite the size
of the dragon’s fingers the pregnant stomach is easily large enough for him to
splay them fully.

            Alys pants out softly, “…That was
incredible…”  Her dragon only grins and chuckles, nuzzling against her cheek. 
Both so tired they can barely move, they fall into a deep slumber, lulled by
the gentle movements of the baby growing in Alys’s gravid womb.  His last
though before drifting off is one of pride and marvel at her size, the heaving
stomach looking even larger with its sheen of sweat, the shininess showing off
the occasional kick and ripple across its smooth surface. 

            Through the night, he dreams
sweetly of a large family.


*          *          *          *          *


            Sir Laeric approaches the cave cautiously, eyes
narrowed and sharp, aware.  He has his mission; the Princess has been abducted
four days ago, and the farmers said they saw a massive serpent carrying a woman
shroud in white to the caves.  This is the biggest one around; the only one he
figures a dragon could live in.  The King promised his daughter’s hand if
Laeric could rescue the princess, and though he was no nobleman, it didn’t take
wealth to see a wonderful pair of breasts.  He also has his equipment, his long
sword gleaming and clutched tight in hand, his partial chain mail hugging his
muscular body silently, a paladin’s tunic over it.  He had to abandon his horse
several miles back, as the faithful mount smelled the evil stench of dragon. 
The poor horse, much like its rider.  Tall, dark, and handsome.  Sir Laeric had
a truly heroic face, ragged, raven-black hair, and eyes sharp enough to stare
down a mountain.  Even the Lady Alys had noticed this one.  His head was full
of images of heroism, victory, and the beautiful princess that could support
him for the rest of his life, make the nights interesting, and bear him healthy
sons with those nice hips of hers.

            And what luck!  The dragon is asleep, curled up
at the gaping mouth of the huge cave.  Looking in the reflection of his blade,
Laeric fixes his hair quickly and takes a strong, erect fighting stance,
lifting his sword skyward and clearing his lungs with a deep breath.  In his
proudest, bravest voice, he calls, “Dragon!  I have come to save Princess
Alys!  Show yourself and prepare for battle!”

            That’s all it takes.  With a fierce roar, the
dragon lifts his head and glares hatefully at the shining knight, the royal
crest on his shield, and the gleaming sword in his hands.  Laeric growls in
fury and charges at the dragon, the black-scaled serpent rearing up his head
and preparing to lunge.

            “Quiet down!”  A beautiful, feminine
voice rings out, stopping both the slayer and the beast in place, identical
worry coming into their eyes.  A stirring bump rises in the dragon’s folded
wing, and lady Alys pushes her way out into the open, leaning heavily against
the beast.  Laeric gasps, wide-eyed.

            Alys rubs her greatly child-swollen belly
tenderly, so large and round it stretches her nightgown almost transparent. 
She looks to be well overdue, her eyes tired and posture weak, leaning heavily
upon her draconic companion.  As she breathes slowly, tiredly, her massive,
pregnant stomach rises and falls, her thin hands lovingly caressing the tight
round bulge.  Her hair is disheveled and hanging all over, white nightgown
filthy and dirt-stained, and eyes stern as she puts her greatly increasing
weight against her scaled mate.  In a scolding voice, she stares at the knight,
“I am trying to sleep!  Now you.  Both of you.  Be quiet!”  The round swell
lists slightly to the side with a gurgle and she frowns, moving her hands down
to cradle her belly, giving Laeric a very unpleasant glare, “You woke up my
baby...  He needs his rest too.”  With a tired sigh, Alys lowers herself down
against the dragon’s flank, the weight and size of her pregnant stomach forcing
her legs slightly apart.  She gives a tired but loving smile as she tenderly
massages her huge stomach, humming a lullaby to her tightly swollen abdomen,
the stirrings and strong kicks she feels slowly decreasing.  With an angry
glance at Laeric, the dragon lowers his head and nuzzles his snout against the
taut bulge, cuddling his mate and his unborn child.  He slides his tongue
across her ripe belly and raises his head again, a sickly grin coming to his
scaled lips.

            Laeric watches in shock, his sword clattering to
the ground.  As the dragon’s head descends toward him, he stares at the
beautiful, glowing Alys and murmurs, “You’re... you’re pregnant!”  The obvious
stated, the dragon snaps his jaws shut over Laeric’s torso and rips him messily
in half, dropping the top of the corpse at his forepaws.

            Alys groans and makes a disgusted face, looking
away, feeling her stomach shift...and the growing child in her belly stir
excitedly.  Much to her surprise, she feels her mouth watering, the elongated
teeth she’d noticed beginning to ache, making her eager to bite down on
something, anything.  The dragon nudges the corpse by her, Laeric’s face still
twisted in shock, and coaxes her gently.  “The blood and flesh is very
important for the baby.  Please, beloved Alys, feed yourself.  Feed our child. 
He will come soon.  You can feel him getting ready.”

            Indeed, she was feeling very hungry all of the
sudden, and she could feel the child’s head pressing lightly against her
cervix, its...his body getting heavy in her womb.  A concerned look comes to
her gentle eyes as she licks her lips, looking up at the dragon for
reassurance.  He smiles back down at her and flicks his tongue against her
cheek.  “Eat…”

            As she leans over to the corpse to tug on its
armor uncertainly, she feels claws pulling at her own clothing.  Blushing
brightly, she allows the dragon to remove her nightgown, bearing the smooth,
now slightly weather-tanned skin of her full, gravid body, her heavy breasts
nearly supported by the taut bulge of pregnancy that fills most of her
abdomen.  Slowly, carefully, she leans over and bites into Laeric’s neck.  The
first taste of blood excites the child in her womb so much she winces and
presses her hands to the bulge, seeing faint bumps rise and fall as the baby
kicks and stirs in anticipation.  Rapidly, she returns to the corpse and bites
into Laeric’s shoulder fully, drinking of his warm blood with frightening
enthusiasm, chewing the well developed muscle and feeling it warm her as it
goes down.  Blood flows freely over her milk-filled breasts and child-bloated
belly, turning her skin a shining crimson.  With a proud and affectionate grin,
the dragon bends his head down and takes one of her dark nipples into his
mouth, causing Alys to give a quiet squeak of surprise.  A few drops of white
mix with the blood on her belly as she arches her back in pleasure, feeling her
heavy breasts draining as her draconic lover drinks from her.  His wings go around
her, his tail around her legs as he drinks heavily as she feeds upon the dead
meat of her proud hero, the late Sir Laeric.  The dragon smiles proudly at his
lover and his unborn child, his claws splayed across the shining and tight
surface of Alys’s huge abdomen, feeling gentle kicks and pushes of the
strengthening child growing rapidly within her.


*          *          *          *          *

            The baby in Alys’s womb has grown so large the
slight woman now has trouble getting around, usually only crawling unless
absolutely necessary.  Sleeping through most of the day and all of the night,
her engorged belly seemed a bit larger each time she took to looking at it,
which was just about as often as she was awake.  And so as her dragon helps her
waddle toward the mouth of the cave, she can feel every slightest nudge and
squirm of the child that fills her belly so immensely, both of her hands
pressed to her poor arching back and the dragon’s hands on her swollen flanks. 
He’s been fussing over her more than usual, and deep in her heart, she knows

            “Just sit here in the sun, my love.  I’ll go
get you something to eat.  There’s a plant I want to look for, as well.  It is
said to ease pain.” 
The dragon nuzzles her fondly, but she sleepily finds
his cheeks and pulls him into a warm kiss.  He rumbles approvingly and nuzzles
her again, then leans his head down to rub his snout against the enormous ball
of her belly.  “And you… stay put till Da gets back.”  Alys giggles,
leaning back on her palms to watch her stomach wobble against her dragon’s snout,
the baby nudging its father eagerly.

            “You should probably hurry, then.  I think he’s
getting impatient.”  She chides, running her fingertips along the dragon’s
cheek.  He dips his head once in a nod, flicks his tongue across her cheek
briefly, and with a graceful roll of his powerful muscles, leaps into the air. 
She blushes as she watches him soar off toward the treeline, her heart skipping
a beat to know that such an incredible creature is all hers, and that she is
soon to give birth to one.

            The warm summer breeze blows through her hair
and across her cheeks.  The last time the weather was this nice, she went out
to pick flowers.  Closing her eyes, she tilts her face toward the sun and tries
to relax when she feels an insistent kicking inside her overly stretched womb.

            “What’s the matter, dear heart?  Do you want
some sun too?”  Although her nightgown has worn so thin and dirty it’s
practically a fancily embroidered rag, she pulls the stretched material slowly
up over her stomach and bares it to the sun.  Her skin is so tight over her
heavy pregnancy it shines, making it easy to see when the baby’s confined
squirms make ripples in her drum-tight flesh.  She giggles again as the baby
squirms and wriggles inside her, making her belly bulge out in places till the
child is settled again with his back turned toward the warmth of the sun.  Her
hand goes to rest over the same spot, and fingers splayed gives slow, circular
caresses.  She’d never imagined she’d ever be so hugely pregnant, nearly twice
the size a woman might be were she about to deliver, her full belly nearly
reaching her knees.  But for the last few days she hadn’t thought once of her
old life; this is what was ahead of her now.  A big, healthy baby and a free
life out here in the woods with her dragon.  The gold tiara she keeps hanging
upon a sharp bit of stone inside the cave is enough to remind her of her past
life.  Maybe one day she’d bring the baby to go see her father.  It is to be
royalty, after all.

            Thoughts of the future cloud her mind as she
stares dreamily down at the massive round swell, her skin having turned from
pale to a light golden with all her recent sunbathing.  Curiously she wiggles
her toes and sits up a little more, trying to see them over the huge mound that
all but pins her where she lies.  But instead of seeing toes along the curve of
her belly, she sees a face.  One obscured by a dark hood, and painted the
colors of the forest.  And as soon as the face realizes it’s been spotted, it
starts to move, a ranger seeming to materialize directly out of the

            Alys gasps, scrambling back toward the cave,
unable to get her feet under herself to stand or even take the time to pull her
nightgown back down over her swollen abdomen.  As she looks around desperately
for escape, she sees more of the rangers emerging, some with nocked bows but
the first one she’d spotted holding a longknife.  Quickly exhausted from her
struggling, she stares up at the ranger with the knife and whimpers, “Leave me
alone…  He’ll be back soon…  And he’ll kill you all in a heartbeat if you’re
here to hurt us!”  Her hands clutch protectively around her belly, which seems
to throb as the baby kicks and squirms, upset by his mother’s sudden motion.

            In a low voice, the ranger with the knife
speaks, “Your Highness, we’ve been sent to bring you home.”  He kneels to get
just about eye-level with the frightened princess.  “We would prefer you not
struggle.  Your condition is very delicate and we wouldn’t want you hurting

            She shakes her head wildly, “No!  Even if I
wanted to go with you, there’s no way I can walk that far!  Just… just go
away!  I’m fine here!”  She glances down worriedly at her huge stomach, the
baby pushing up against the hands that don’t even begin to cover the great
expanse of tight flesh.

            The ranger sighs silently.  There are few things
he hates more than being sent to babysit, forcing his will on beautiful women,
dealing with royalty, or having anything to do with moody, irrational pregnant
women.  And here, he’s got all four.  He gives a subtle nod, looking over
Alys’s shoulder.  The mother turns her head just in time to see another ranger
shove a cloth over her mouth, his other arm grasping under hers.  She squirms
and struggles, fighting as strong as she can, biting at the cloth with her
sharp teeth, but she isn’t a match for the trained soldier’s grasp.  Within
moments, her world fades to black.


            She’s awakened by a steady thumping in her
belly, her hands going to it even before her eyes open to gaze out a window at
the setting sun.  She still feels a little floaty and lethargic from the
sedative, but has enough wherewithal to see that something is very wrong.  As
quickly as she can, she rolls over onto her back and sits up to get her
bearings, but a pair of gentle hands come to her shoulders and push her back
down onto some very soft, familiar pillows.  Even the scent in the room is
familiar… it’s her bedroom.  She lies naked on her bed, the satin blankets
pulled up to her chest, and above her is the smiling face of Dahlia, her old

            “Shhh… easy, child.  You musn’t strain
yourself.  You’re safe now but you aren’t out of the woods just yet.”  The
middle-aged woman stands up straight again and fluffs some pillows behind
Alys’s back so she can sit up.  The princess rests her hands worriedly on her
belly, looking about in alarm till a figure near the door brings a gasp to her
lips.  Her father, standing against the wall with the darkest expression she’d
ever seen, enough to bring tears to her eyes.  He turns and walks out the door.

            “Daddy!”  Her hand reaches for him and she sits
up again, only to be pushed back down once more by her nurse.

            “You’ll have plenty of time to see him once
we’ve healed you, dear.  You know he can’t come near you.  Not while you’re
cursed.”  Dahlia strokes Alys’s hair and clicks her tongue, “Look at you,
you’re filthy…”

            “Cursed?”  Alys rubs at her eyes and sniffles,
“I’m not cursed…”

            Dahlia heaves a slow sigh and looks down at the
immensely pregnant stomach of her mistress, made to look even larger by the
tenting of the blankets, the smooth curve broken only by the poking of her
distended navel.  Carefully, she sets a hand at the apex of the swollen belly,
“You have a devil inside you.  We need to get it out before you give birth to
it, or you’ll be spoiled forever.”  Her smooth fingers part Alys’s lips to run
along her fangs, “It’s already changed you…  But once you’re cured we’ll file
these down and no one will notice.  You’ll be good as new, in time, and a young
thing like you will surely slim right down.”

            Her thoughts immediately go to Lily.  This must
be her doing.  “It’s not a devil.  It’s my baby.  And I’m not getting rid of
it!  I don’t have to!”  Alys begins to sit up, holding her belly protectively. 

            Dahlia shushes her gently, shaking
her head, “But you do, dear.  By order of the king.”

            Alys feels her blood run cold,
“…Daddy.  How could you?”

            Shaking her head, her nurse pushes
the girl back down by her shoulders, “Just relax.  Everything will be back to
normal very soon.  Now I just need to have a little look at you so the
sorcerors know what they’re dealing with.”

            Dejectedly, she slumps in the bed
again and watches the gentle hands of her nurse pull the blankets back from her
enormous belly.  So this is it, then? she wonders.  Tears come to her
eyes at the thought of having them take her baby from her as if exorcizing a
demon.  Her lover would be heartbroken, to lose her and their baby in a single
day.  Does he even know I’m gone yet?  No matter what, she knows she’s
in her final hours of pregnancy.  Practically since she conceived she couldn’t
imagine getting any bigger, yet only now, being as huge as she is, has she felt
instinctually ready to give birth.  She’d come so close, only to be caught.

            But being with her old nurse was
soothing, particularly those strong, working hands rubbing gently all over her
stretched belly, poking and prodding, rubbing here and there, feeling for the
baby’s head and back.  Alys winces as Dahlia palpates her belly hard with her
palms, moving the baby around a little and causing a few very strong kicks that
make the nurse jump in surprise.  “Oh…  Oh dear…”

            Alys sniffles, “What’s the matter? 
Is he all right?”

            Dahlia stares at her wide-eyed,
“We’re out of time.  This... this baby is ready to come right now.”  Even as
the nurse rushes from the room, Alys feels her heart flutter in excitement. 
Her hands settle on her huge belly and she begins to squeeze with her palms,
just a little at first, feeling the softness of her skin but the firmness of
her over-stretched womb just beneath.  As the pressure increases, the baby
begins to kick a little.

            “That’s it sweetie.  Time to come. 
Come on out now… hurry…”  She whimpers and gasps at her stomach begins to
wobble under her hands, the baby irritated by the pressure and now not kicking
or wriggling but thrashing inside her.  It quickly becomes too much and the
princess curls up around her throbbing womb, moaning softly.  But still, no
contractions come.  Tears begin to pour from her eyes as she hugs her stomach
and strokes it.

            Dahlia rushes back in and darts
across the room to Alys’s side, touching her arm so lightly she seems afraid of
the princess, “Is it coming?”

            She sits up a little and shakes her
head, “No…  But…  Can’t we wait just a while longer?  Maybe he’ll come out on
his own?  Then you won’t have to do anything special for m-“

            “Absolutely not!  Have you gone
insane?  If you actually birth that thing your body will be tainted forever… 
And then we’ll have the little beast on our hands.  Monster or not, it’s never
pleasant to kill a child.  Now hurry, we need to get you dressed.”  Dahlia
slides her arms under Alys’s and helps her to her feet despite her protests. 
Alys stands there with her hands on her belly as Dahlia dresses her in a fresh
nightgown and robe, her eyes focused on the horizon outside the window,
searching for any sign of her lover.  Yet her hands probe and caress her tight
belly, nudging back against the gentle kicks she feels inside.  Suddenly she
feels another hand beside hers, Dahlia massaging her bloated womb as well. 
“…Some day, probably soon, you’ll have a good baby inside you.  A human baby. 
And you’ll be a wonderful mother Alys, I just know it.  If you can love a
creature like this, you’ll love your own baby so much!  So please, come along and
behave?  It’ll be over very soon.”

            Alys can only mumble, “But this is
my own baby.”  She waddles along with Dahlia’s hand to her back, still staring
down at her huge stomach, her hands rubbing it through the clean, soft
nightgown.  As the two traverse the halls, servants stop to stare at the
immensely pregnant princess, one even dropping a tray of drinks as they can
only assume Alys had been hidden from them all this time, only to now emerge
more heavily pregnant than they’d ever seen a woman before.

            Dahlia leads the princess to a
large theatre and gives her a familiar little kiss on the cheek and a squeeze
on the hand, “Be brave, dear.”  Immediately, two priests escort Dahlia away
from Alys, already chanting prayers of purity on the one that got so close to
the cursed princess and even touched the swollen belly where the “devil”

            Dazed from fatigue and the
intensity of the last few hours, Alys glances about in a stupor.  She turns to
run, but two armed guards stand now at the door through which she’d entered. 
Her arms wrap around her stomach protectively, feeling the upset throbbing of
her baby, and when she turns around again she sees a pair of mages approaching
her slowly, an altar surrounded by a magic circle behind them.  Tears flood
into her eyes as they take her arms, the mother only putting up meek

            Unintelligibly she murmurs, “Please
don’t do this.  My baby hasn’t done anything.  He deserves to live.”  Her
stomach gurgles softly as the baby gives a huge kick, almost causing her to
double over.  Staring down at the wobbling bulge, she can’t help but think the
baby knows what’s going on and is trying to escape.

            The mages lay the pregnant princess
carefully down upon the altar, one moving to hold her hands and the other her
ankles so she can’t move.  The sorcerer approaches and pushes up her nightgown
to expose her giant belly, rising above her in a huge, tight dome.

            Tears clouds her eyes as she hears
the sorcerer and mages begin to chant, the former lifting his hands with
fingers splayed to lay them, claw-like, upon her pregnancy, gripping firmly as
though to keep something from bursting out.  The chanting grates in her ears
like a demonic hymn and she begins to struggle, pleading, “Please...  Stop

            But they pay her no attention, the
sorceror’s grip only increasing as he presses down harder on her stomach.  Her
whole womb begins to throb as she feels her baby begin to kick, harder than
she’d ever felt before, her stomach wobbling and squirming, gurgling loudly,
striking against the foreign hands aggressively.  She feels the pressure in her
hugely distended womb increasing, the bulge itself looking to squeeze into a
ball for a moment as the baby kicks wildly inside her, hard enough to make her
moan and writhe upon the altar.

            Suddenly, a massive quaking rocks
through the chamber, the mages ceasing their chanting in surprise and the
guards drawing their weapons.  A familiar roar echoes through the halls, so
powerful it shakes the very foundation of the castle.

            “My love…”  She murmurs excitedly,
then seizes the moment of shock to kick at one of the mages and roll off the
altar, wrenching herself away from the three.  Despite the immense weight in
her womb, she staggers to her feet and bursts into as much of a run as she can
muster toward the door in the direction from which she heard the roar of her
dragon.  As this hugely pregnant princess charges at them, th

I wrote this a few years back and received some very positive feedback. This feedback has gone into this revision, which has a fair amount of new content and a bit more development. I hope you, my dear reader, find the change for the better. Comments are welcome at or below. I would also like to thank ShadowXM1. If you’re viewing this on DeviantArt, you’ll see his illustration above. He did this as gift art for me, rather out of the blue, and I was surprised, delighted and honored to receive it. I’d say this was also my inspiration for doing this revision. So again, thank you Shadow, I hope you in particular enjoy the story.

If you are not legally allowed to view mature content, do not read on. This short story contains pregnancy, a little gore, sex with a dragon, mild cannibalism, and excessive use of symbols. If any of this offends you… how the hell did you FIND this story? In other words, read at your own risk, and don’t blame me if you feel sick afterwards.

Yes, it may cut off if you view it through DeviantART, so PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT. Then you'll get the full version. :)
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Pokémon PG: Kanto Adventures #1: Our Expanded Adventure Begins

Pallet Town Outskirts—Route 1

“See I told you!” called a voice from behind the tall grass leading out of Pallet Town.

Outside of Pallet Town two young women ran to a collapsed Pokémon lying just on Route 1. It was a tailed, bipedal, ground-dwelling pholidote notable for its defensive capabilities. Its body is mostly covered in a dry, tough hide, which is colored to blend in with the sands of the desert. It has two sharp claws on each foot and has three small but sharp claws on its paws, which are also useful for burrowing and can sometimes be poisonous. The two people, Jessica and Elena, inspected the Pokémon. They were both sisters, Jessica being the eldest at eighteen and Elena being fourteen.

Jessica had long flowing brown hair that went down her back and long bangs that ran down the side of her face down to her chest. Atop her head was a white baseball cap that was worn backwards and had a blue Pokéball on its front. Her white tank top was only long enough to cover her breasts but the rest of her torso was covered by a blue hoodie that was partially open which showed she was wearing a necklace with what looked like a Squirtle shell pendant. On her upper arms were blue armbands and on her hands were white gloves. Next below her waist was a pair short torn white denim shorts that were over blue cotton shorts. Her white boots cover up to just below her knees and the portion over her toes were black, each boot had a zipper instead of laces or straps and her blue socks reached over her knees.

Elena’s brown hair was neck-length and mostly hanging in front of her shoulders. Wrapped around her head was a bandana with a Pokéball pattern. She had a white tank top like her sister’s only it revealed more cleavage then hers. She had a pink hoodie that was long enough to reach her ribcage and was left open leaving her midsection bare. On the back of the hoodie was the image of Mew, a Pokémon widely considered to be a myth. Her legs were covered with baggy black pants with a Pokéball on the side of each thigh and a white belt that held them up. And finally she wore pink and white sneakers on her feet.

“It’s a Sandshrew,” claimed Elena.

“I know it’s a Sandshrew,” said Jessica. “But why is it out here? Sandshrew don’t live out here.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. It was abandoned by its trainer, some guy wearing a strange black outfit.”

Jessica examined the Pokémon, “We have to get it to Professor Oak’s lab right away.”

Just as the sisters nodded in agreement they heard the sound of grass rustling. They looked away from the Pokémon and found that they were surrounded by men and women wearing black uniforms with a stylized ‘R’ on their chests.


A young man with inch-long brown hair stood up on a sturdy tree branch and looked down below. This was Lucas, older brother to Jessica and Elena. He’s wearing a black t-shirt under an unbuttoned shirt that was black over his chest with an orange Pokéball on his left and orange over the rest of his torso and his sleeves. On his hands were black fingerless gloves. Then on his legs he wore gray pants with a black belt that had one Pokéball on it. His sneakers were black and orange. And finally strapped over his left shoulder and hanging by his right hip was a gray travelling bag in which he was digging in.

From his bag he pulled a pair of high-tech binoculars. Viewing through them he was able to zoom in closely on the camp of Team Rocket. He saw a few grunts walking around. Then there was the three that stood out, a hulking man, a short man who could be confused for a child, and a rather thin woman who was facing away.

That woman is creepy thin, thought Lucas before the woman turned revealing a rather round belly. She looks thin from the back but she’s really pregnant. They’re evening doing this to their own people? I don’t get what all this will accomplish.

The woman was wearing a gray robe with an ‘R’ on her chest, which was very accommodating for her new form. She happily caressed her pregnant belly as a mother normally would but Lucas knew this woman wasn’t experiencing a normal pregnancy.

That’s kind of creepy, he thought. What should I do? These people have been impregnating women all over Kanto and now they’re dangerously close to home. I can’t let them get to Pallet Town.

Pallet Town Outskirts

“No stop!” yelled Jessica unseen by the tall grass.

A couple of Rattata ran through the grass and came across Jessica who was being held down by two Team Rocket grunts. An older man walked up to them. He looked at Jessica and then Elena who was being held down by five grunts as she thrashed about. Jessica had tried to break free but was worn out from struggling.

“My dear don’t you know how dangerous it is to travel in this tall grass without a Pokémon?” asked the man. “What is your name?”

“Jessica…,” she said.

“Ahh, Jessica, a lovely name for a lovely young lady,” said the man. “Just one more question, how old are you?”

“Eighteen,” she replied before tears run down her face.

“Well, Jessica you’re exactly what we’ve been looking for. You can call me Dr. Namba.”

Dr. Namba stood at five feet six and is partially bald. Over his work attire he wears a long white coat indicating that he is a scientist. The rest of the group wore the standard black uniform issued to low level members. Jessica looked at Elena worried about her sister more than herself.

“What do you want from us?” she asked.

“My dear I am a scientist of Team Rocket, we’ve discovered something great and we need your help,” answered Dr. Namba.

“Team Rocket? I’ve heard of you. You’re no good crooks who steal people’s Pokémon!”

“Yes, maybe so,” laughed Dr. Namba. “But we will be known for much more than that very soon, with your help of course. See we’ve found the remains of three extraordinary legendary Pokémon, the last of their kind.”

“What?” asks Jessica.

“There isn’t a single one of them left in existence. We instantly came up with a plan to resurrect them,” continued Dr. Namba. “We knew if we did this we could use these Pokémon to take over the world. So we set our plans in motion and we came up with something special. We just needed one thing, a way to let these creatures grow in a safe environment. We came to the conclusion that we needed the bodies of young women to revive these Pokémon! Their wombs being the special environments! This is what led us here.”

“You need my womb to resurrect a Pokémon?” asked Jessica.

“Yes,” Dr. Namba as he pulled a small container from his lab coat. “This pill in here contains the DNA of the Pokémon we wish to resurrect, once you swallow it…”

“No…,” muttered Jessica. “No! Stay away from me.”

“Keep her down,” ordered Namba to the two Team Rocket grunts.

They do so and he stepped up to Jessica and forced open her mouth. He placed the pill in her mouth and then grabbed a bottle of water from his other pocket and poured it into her mouth.

“Drink up,” said Namba. “Our previous attempts say it tastes bad, so the quicker it goes down…”

With her eyes wide open with fear she swallowed the water with the pill going with it.

“You don’t know what a great service you’re doing for us,” he said. “You’ll be written down in the Team Rocket history books.”

“Ahh…,” muttered Jessica at the taste in her mouth.

Namba signaled his grunts to let go of Jessica. She grabbed hold of her stomach as pain set in.

“It hurts!” yelled Jessica.

“Yes, it will for a moment,” he explained. “This is no normal pregnancy. You’re carrying a Pokémon egg in you. You’ll instantly look nine months, although you’ll still have to sit through the normal pregnancy length.”

“Oh!” she moaned.

A small bump grew out on Jessica’s abdomen. She rubbed it in fear. Finally the bump grew to its full size bursting out of her hoodie. Jessica looked nine months pregnant as Namba explained she would and with such a short top her bare belly showed. Her breasts also began to swell as most women experienced during their pregnancy.

“Oh my god,” muttered a shocked Elena.

“Congratulations, you’re gonna be a mother,” snickered Dr. Namba. “Now pick her up! We have to get a reading on the development within her midsection.”

“Whoa, she’s a lot heavier now,” said one of the Rocket Grunts.

“Obviously, each pill makes the surrogate gain forty pounds. Now let’s go!”

“Hold it right there!” yelled another voice of a female.

“What’s this?” asked Dr. Namba.

“Growlithe, take them down!” yelled the woman in a blue uniform which holds a police badge over her left breast and her hair is a bright blue.

The police arrived on scene. And with them their Pokémon Growlithe, which is a quadruped, canine Pokémon. It had a short, rounded muzzle, a small, fluffy tail, a tuft of fur on top of its head, and rounded ears. It had bright orange fur with black stripes over its back and on its forelegs. Its belly, tail, and fluff on top of its head are a cream color. Its nose is shiny black, while the insides of its ears are light brown. Growlithe had two claws on its forepaws, and its paw pads are brown.

“No we can’t let the police interfere with our plans,” Dr. Namba grunted. “Stop them!”

“Go Zubat!” yelled one Rocket Grunt.

“Go Rattata!” yelled the other.

“Growlithe, use flamethrower now!” yelled the police officer.

“Grow-lithe!” growled Growlithe as it launched its flame attack from its mouth.

Growlithe’s flamethrower hit its mark knocking Zubat and Rattata unconscious.

“You fools!” yelled Namba. “We have to get out of here!”

“Return!” called both Rocket Grunts.

With the use of a smoke bomb Team Rocket caused enough of a distraction to slip away. The police tried to go after them but was unable to find them.

“Oh, darn,” said the woman. “They got away.”

She walked over to Jessica and a shocked look grew on her face.

“They said you were thin…,” muttered the woman.

Tears run down Jessica’s face.

“They impregnated me,” cried Jessica.

“Oh, you poor thing… My name is Officer Jenny,” she said.

Jenny takes her and Elena to her squad car and put a blanket over Jessica’s shoulders. Another officer drove as Jenny sat in the back with Jessica. The officer rubbed Jessica’s belly to comfort her. Elena couldn’t believe what she had just seen.

Jessica’s House in Pallet Town—The Next Day

There was a knocking at the door. Jessica’s mother opened the door, outside stood two young women the same age as Jessica. The first was Lynn who had long black hair with red highlights wrapped in a red bandana. Lynn’s eyesight was pretty poor so she needed to wear glasses. Her gray shirt was long extending below her waistline leaving her skintight black shorts barely visible and covered her neck much like a turtle-neck sweater. Over her shirt she wore a red vest with a Pokéball design on the back. Her red belt was worn over her shirt. Finally her gloves and sneakers matched the rest of her clothes.

The other was Anya whose brown hair was fashioned a little wildly compared to Lynn. She had bangs that completely covered her forehead and two long strands that hung at each side of her face. Her hair was long enough to run down her back but was held up in a ponytail. She wore a green hoodie that left her midriff bare and its sleeves reached to her elbows. She also had a pair of low cut baggy blue jeans that was held up with a black belt that had a silver chain hanging off her hip. Finally she had two accessories, one being a leather strap bracelet with a Pokéball on it and the other a choker gold necklace with a locket that had a Bulbasaur on it.

“Lynn, Anya,” said Jessica’s mother.

“Hi, Erika,” started Lynn. “We heard about Jessica. We came by to see if she’s doing okay.”

“That’s so sweet of you,” said Jessica’s mother. “Jessica is resting upstairs. Go on up, it may not be easy but maybe you can cheer her up a bit.”

“We’ll try,” replied Anya following Lynn up the stairs.

Jessica sat in her bed rubbing her stomach. She sighed. She then turned to the sounds of knocking at the door. She was reluctant to answer it. She knew had it been her mother or sister they would have simply just walked in without notice. She took a deep breath and invited in her friends who were easily shocked by her new appearance.

“Jeez, Jess,” said Anya as she looked upon Jessica’s belly. “You’re so…huge.”

“I know,” says Jessica. “Thanks for pointing that out. I wasn’t depressed enough about this.”

Lynn sat down at Jessica’s side and began to rub her belly. During this she happened to catch sight of her new bust size.

“Wow, this is really unbelievable,” said Lynn.

“You’re telling me,” moaned Jessica. “I was taken to get an ultrasound today and they say there’s a giant egg inside of me, the equivalent of having twins. The thing I’m gonna give birth to, isn’t even human…”

“I’m so sorry this happened.”  Lynn rubbed her belly some more.

“Yeah, now I can’t go on our journey,” pouted Jessica. “I hope you guys have fun.”

“No,” interjected Anya. “We all agreed we wouldn’t go without each other. We’ll wait till next year.”

“No you two have been dying for this,” said Jessica. “I can’t do this to you.”

“It wouldn’t be the same without you,” replied Lynn.

“Then I’ll still go with you, I may have gained forty pounds, but I can still walk around with this bulge,” answered Jessica.

“That wouldn’t be right.” Anya then put a hand on Jessica’s belly.

“There’s no talking me out of it!” exclaimed Jessica jumping up. “I’m gonna go on our Pokémon journey! Ah…”

“What is it?” asked Lynn.

“My panties just snapped,” replied Jessica.

“Since we can’t talk you out of this, we’ll just have to stop at a store and get you some maternity clothes,” said Anya.

“Well I can get some new underwear, but I am not wearing some big dress!” yelled Jessica. “I didn’t ask for this pregnant gut and I didn’t even get sex out of this! I’ll wear what I want and everyone is gonna see my belly!”

“Well glad you can still be cheerful about this,” snickered Anya. “But can you at least wear pants?”

“Heh,” blushed Jessica.

“You know I heard there’s this new store that just opened in town,” claimed Lynn. “They specialize in trainer maternity wear.”

“Really?” asked Jessica before heading to her dresser and pulling out a pair of boxer shorts. “I saved some of Lucas’s old boxers for a day I might need some comfort. Who would have known this would be the source of discomfort I’d need them for.”

“You’re wearing your brother’s old underwear?” laughed Anya.

“You laugh but I know you’re jealous,” smiled Jessica. “You love my brother.”

Anya blushed and tried to change the subject, “Lynn, you say this store is new? Seems very convenient for them now that all these trainers are starting to become pregnant all over Kanto.”

“It does seem that way doesn’t it?” Lynn pondered. “I guess we’ll just have to check this place out.”

Oak Pokémon Research Laboratory

After surveying the Team Rocket camp out on Route 1, Lucas had reentered Pallet Town. The first building he happened to come by was the lab of the one and only Professor Oak. Anyone from Pallet Town knew it well, with its most prominent feature being its large windmill. Lucas climbed the long staircase leading to the lab. He was called away from Route 1 when news of what happened to Jessica reached the lab. He entered the lab and the first person to greet him was the granddaughter of Professor Oak, Daisy. The first thing he noticed of course was what was filling her turtle-neck sweater.

“Daisy, I see they got you too,” Lucas referred to her apparent pregnancy.

“Yeah, it happened after you left the Orange Islands,” she claimed. “I was doing some investigation with Lorelei when we ran into Team Rocket members again. They got us.”

“Lorelei is pregnant again?” he asked.

“Yes, but that’s not why I called you off your mission,” replied Daisy. “It’s your sister Jessica. They did this to her too. She was out on Route 1 trying to save this Sandshrew.”

“What?!” Lucas was surprised. “Jessica is pregnant? I have to go see her right away.”

“Lucas, wait.” Daisy stepped forward showing signs of discomfort. “We got a message from G-Men HQ. You have a new mission…”

“Are you all right?”

She took a deep breath before she answered, “I’ve been feeling contractions over the last hour. It’s almost time for me to give birth.”

“You shouldn’t be walking around in this condition…” Lucas went to get a chair for Daisy but was stopped.

“It’s fine. I’ve been keeping off my feet but I needed to walk around a bit. Sitting can be just as tiring. Listen don’t worry about me. I have a doctor on hand for the moment my water decides to break. You be more concerned with this new mission. You have been assigned to go along with your sister and her friends on their journey. It is believed that your sister maybe carrying a legendary Pokémon. Team Rocket will be watching her and I know there’s no way anyone will be able to talk her out of going. You must follow her posing as an ordinary trainer. That means catching more Pokémon and defeating gym leaders. This mission was sent down directly from Lance.”

“Lance, really?” Lucas was again surprised. “This is really serious then. Could this have something to do with the incident on out by Shamouti Island?”

“Lance believes so.” Daisy put a hand on her belly near her protruding bellybutton that was very visible through her sweater. “Go find your sister and her friends. Bring them here so that my grandfather can provide them with a starter Pokémon. They’ll need all the protection they can get.”

“Right.” Lucas agreed and headed out.

Pokémother Central

Jessica and friends entered the store that specialized in dressing Pokémon trainers that had recent run-ins with Team Rocket and refused to let their current predicament to prevent them from continuing their adventures. The girls looked around seeing a number of female trainers who all appeared pregnant. Jessica was the biggest of them all, which sort of upset her. Before leaving for the store Lynn called ahead and found out that they were able to adjust clothing to fit where needed, so Jessica brought her clothes with her in hopes of not having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

“Ahh, you must be the young mother who needs our help,” said a male clerk with pale blue neck-length hair. “I can tell you are in dire need of our services.”

“Yeah, so you can really adjust my clothes to fit this massive gut of mine?” asked Jessica.

“Indeed we can just give me a moment to work and while I do why don’t you check our merchandise to see if anything catches your eye,” smiled the clerk. “There are quite a bit of young women in your same situation and they all plan on continuing their adventures despite their extra added weight.”

They all looked around at the merchandise. Some of it actually looked impressive. While they continued they couldn’t help but look at the various trainers and their different shapes and sizes. Then they caught glimpse of another clerk, this one a female. She was pregnant as well, but what was strange about her was her long magenta hair that sort of hung unnaturally. Near her was another clerk who was really small and unbeknownst to them a Meowth in disguise.

“Oh, new customers!” cheered the pregnant clerk before noticing Jessica. “And wow you must be the biggest yet out of all our customers.”

“Thanks, you’re making me feel so much better.” Jessica was being sarcastic.

The clerk rubbed her belly, “There’s no need to pout. Sure this was forced upon you but what’s done is done. You should try your best to put your feelings aside because it’s unhealthy for the baby.”

“Well, you’re trying your best to not let this weight you down,” said Lynn. “No pun intended.”

“So do you have any information on why this is happening?” asked Anya. “Why Team Rocket is doing this?”

“We don’t know why,” answered the Meowth clerk. “We only have information surrounding the differences in each trainer.”

“Differences?” asked Jessica.

“Why yes,” replied the female clerk. “As you can see there are a number of women who are different sizes. We’ve learned the stronger the Pokémon the bigger the belly you have and longer pregnancy. The opposite happens for smaller and weaker Pokémon, you get a smaller belly and shorter pregnancy. I believe we have a record of a trainer laying a Magikarp egg only after an hour of becoming pregnant.”

“Really?” sighed Jessica. “I have a feeling I’ll be pregnant for a while.”

They finished up their conversation and went back to looking around. The female clerk looked down to Meowth, “That’s the one the boss wants us to follow. He seems to be interested in her friends as well.”

“We’ll be able to keep up with them no problem with my plan set in motion,” Meowth let off an evil grin. “James will sew a tracking device in the larger ones clothing.”

A little later the girls exited the store. Jessica was wearing her old clothing with a better fit. She was quite surprised and impressed by the quality of work on her outfit. The hoodie even wrapped around her belly like when she was thin, the zipper pulled the two sides together but was still technically open revealing her belly which it did when she was thin.

“So how do you feel?” asked Lynn.

“Huge,” replied Jessica. “But I’ll live. My mom gave me these new running shoes, but I think they’re point less in my condition, especially with my ankles swollen.”

“That must be bad,” said Anya.

“Yeah,” said Jessica. “You know if Lucas was still in Kanto I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“You can’t always count on your brother for help,” Lynn pointed out. “I mean how can you be sure this still wouldn’t have happened?”

“I don’t know, but I wish he never went to Johto,” answered Jessica. “He should be going on our journey with us.”

“Well it wouldn’t have worked out in the long run.” Anya opened a book showing a couple Pokémon. “Professor Oak only has three Pokémon to give to new trainers.”

Professor Oak’s Lab

Professor Samuel Oak checked in on his granddaughter who had just given birth to a Pokémon egg. She was resting comfortably. One of his aides entered the room and informed him that Jessica and the others had arrived to get their starter Pokémon.

“Ahh, yes,” Oak said.

Moments later he was in another room standing behind a table with three Pokéballs on it. The girls stood in front of the table looking over them.

“Well, girls I’m glad you’re here,” stated Oak. “And I’m quite surprised that you would be here after yesterday’s problem, Jessica.”

“Nothing would stop me from doing this!” exclaimed Jessica.

“So what do we do?” asked Anya.

“Well each of you pick one of these three Pokémon,” answered Oak. “Hope you’re ready to make your choices.”

“Jess, you should go first,” suggested Lynn. “You’ve had rough time with this.”

“If you’re okay with it,” Jessica took a second. “I think I’m gonna go with Squirtle.”

“Anya, you go next,” said Lynn.

“Sure,” cheerfully responded Anya. “I’ll go with Bulbasaur.”

“And I guess that leaves Charmander to me,” replied Lynn.

“I’m glad you came to this so easily,” said Oak. “You’ll need these Pokéballs for catching other Pokémon during your adventures. You can always buy more at Pokémarts across Kanto. Also these are called Pokédexes; they hold information on all the Pokémon in this region. It will come in handy when you need help.”

“Let’s see.” Jessica opened the Pokédex with one hand while her other one is on her belly.

Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon. Squirtle’s shell is not merely used for protection. The shell’s rounded shape and the grooves on its surface help minimize resistance in water, enabling this Pokémon to swim at high speeds.

“Oh, cool,” smiled Jessica rubbing her belly some more.

“My turn.” Anya clicked her Pokédex.

Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokémon. Bulbasaur can be seen napping in bright sunlight. There is a seed on its back. By soaking up the sun’s rays, the seed grows progressively larger.

“Cool,” Lynn answered ready to find out about her Pokémon.

Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon. The flame that burns at the tip of its tail is an indication of its emotions. The flame wavers when Charmander is enjoying itself. If the Pokémon becomes enraged, the flame burns fiercely.

“You have everything you need to become excellent trainers,” claimed Oak. “You’ll want to begin on Route 1 and head to Viridian City which has the first gym to the Kanto League, along your trip you’ll want to pick up more Pokémon to help ensure your victories.”

“Will do,” said the girls together. “Thanks Professor!”

Route 1

The girls walked through the forest together. They were chatting about their Pokémon when Anya noticed something. Jessica started to waddle. Jessica and Lynn stopped when they noticed Anya’s attention focused on the way her friend walked.

“Jess, you’re starting to waddle,” said Anya.

“Well I am pregnant after all…,” sighed Jessica. “It’s to be expected after all. I’ll just have to get used to it. Why don’t we start looking for Pokémon?”

Jessica moved quickly despite her hindering shape over to some tall grass as fast as she could and started to look in it. All that was visible of Jessica from the tall grass was her rear end that moved around as she searched. Anya and Lynn looked at each other trying not to laugh.

“Maybe you should take it slow,” suggested Lynn. “You don’t want to hurt yourself.”

“I’ll be fine,” replied Jessica before something jumped out at her. “Ahh!”

Jessica fell backwards and landed on her butt.

“Oww,” she muttered.

She looked before the creature that jumped at her. It is a short, chubby rodent Pokémon. It is covered in yellow fur, and its ears are long and pointed with black tips. It had a small mouth, brown eyes, and two red circles on its cheeks. There are pouches inside its cheeks where it stores electricity. Its forearms are short, with five fingers on each paw, and its feet have three toes. It had two brown stripes on its back, and its tail is in the shape of a lightning bolt with a patch of brown fur at the base. It had a V-shaped notch at the end of its tail. It is classified as a quadruped, but it has been known to stand and walk on its hind legs.

“Okay, I’m gonna get you for that,” said Jessica. “But first…”

Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. Whenever Pikachu comes across something new, it blasts it with a jolt of electricity. If you come across a blackened berry, it’s evidence that this Pokémon mistook the intensity of its charge.

“Hey, a Pikachu!” yelled Jessica. “It’s so mine now! Squirtle go!”

Jessica threw the Pokéball in which her Squirtle resided. It popped open and Squirtle came out in a flash of light.

“Squirtle!” exclaimed the Pokémon.

“Jess,” interrupted Lynn. “I think you made a mistake.”

“What are talking about?” asked Jessica. “I’ll catch it no problem… Damn, I forgot the typing match up. How could I forget that? Well, there’s no turning back now. Squirtle use tackle!”

Squirtle obeyed her command and went after Pikachu with a tackle attack. Pikachu prepared itself. Sparks can be seen coming from its cheeks.

“Pika-chuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!” yelled Pikachu unleashing an electric attack.

Squirtle is shocked badly and fell back unconscious.

“Squirtle no!” yelled Jessica.

“It fainted.” Anya shook her head.

“Oh, no,” replied Jessica. “Return.”

“Pika!” Pikachu was angry.

“It sounds mad,” said Janelle.

Pikachu began to charge at Jessica.

“No,” cried Jessica. “You wouldn’t hit someone who’s pregnant would you?”

Jessica closed her eyes in fear with her arms over her belly.

“Hoooowwwrrooo!” exclaimed another voice as it tackled into Pikachu.

“Huh?” questioned Jessica slowly opening her eyes. “Lucas?”

Her brother stood a distance away, but she can make him out. With him was a Pokémon she was unfamiliar with. It was a dog-like Pokémon with short, black fur. It had a red underbelly and snout. It had short, pointed ears and a tail. Its fangs protrude out of its mouth, and its nose is dark in coloration. There are white bands on its ankles, and more rib-like ones on its back. It appears to have a simplistic, stylized skull on its forehead, with the orbits looking much like ‘eyebrow’ patterning commonly seen on dogs. It also has circular, red-colored patterning on the underside of its paws.

“Houndour!” commanded Lucas. “Use flame thrower on Pikachu now!”

“Rooo,” replied Houndour obeying the command. “Hooowwwrrooooo!”

Houndour unleashed a blast from its mouth striking Pikachu. It hit the ground but got right back up and shook off the pain. The two Pokémon charged at each other and then dodged each other a number of times before finally bashing their heads.

“Pika…,” muttered Pikachu as it staggered.

“Wow, that was an effective hit,” said Anya.

“Now use your tackle!” called Lucas.

Houndour finds an opening and hits its mark. Pikachu falls over and faints.

“Here’s a lesson for you Jess,” said Lucas. “Pokéball go!”

Lucas threw a Pokéball at Pikachu and it is pulled into the ball. It shakes a bit with a red light flashing in the center button. Once the light goes out the ball stops shaking.

“Nice capture, Lucas,” said Anya.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” stated Jessica.

“I heard what happened,” replied Lucas. “I couldn’t just stay in Johto. What are you doing out here? In your condition you should be staying at home.”

“No way!” screamed Jessica. “This thing will not keep me from having the time of my life!”

“I figured…,” laughed Lucas. “The speech was worth a shot. I came to make sure you’ll be okay through your journey and so far it’s not looking to good.”

“It’s not?” asked Jessica.

“Come on everyone knows water-types are weak against electric-types,” explained Lucas. “I thought you knew that… Or is that thing in you getting the best of you?”

“Stop criticizing me!” cried Jessica. “It was a mistake. I’m entitled to them.”

Lucas walked up to them and picked up the Pokéball with his new Pokémon.

“Lucas, go easy on her.” Lynn defended her. “She’ll get her head back in the game soon, it’s just been a bad few days for her.”

“Okay I’m sorry, sis.” Lucas hugged his sister. “I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you and a little mistake like this could be a problem.”

“Okay,” said Jessica. “I’ll think before I act next time.”

“Good,” smiled Lucas.

“Hey, what’s this Pokémon?” asked Anya as she popped open her Pokédex.

No entry recorded.

“What?” asked the three girls together.

“You’re Pokédex is out of date,” responded Lucas. “I suspected Oak wouldn’t give you one of these yet.”

Lucas pulled out his Pokédex, which looked more advanced than theirs.

Houndour, the Dark Pokémon. Houndour hunt as a coordinated pack. They communicate with each other using a variety of cries to corner their prey. This Pokémon’s remarkable teamwork is unparalleled.

“It’s from Johto,” he claimed. “They have discovered a lot of new creatures, and Houndour is one of them. We met up after I left New Bark Town to explore the next town and been buddies ever since. Right Houndour?”

“Hoowwrrooo,” replied Houndour.

“It’s so cute,” said Anya as she pinched Houndour’s cheek.

“Well now that we’ve gotten together what should we do? I mean it’s getting pretty late.” Lynn looked up to the sky.

“We’ll make camp and I’ll help each of you catch your first Pokémon tomorrow,” answered Lucas. “Then we’ll all go to Viridian City.”

“Sounds cool,” agreed Lynn.

“Now this is what I wanted to do,” said Jessica. “Camp out under the stars. This pregnancy won’t stop this.”

“That good to know, but one question,” started Lucas. “How’d you get your clothes to fit?”

“This store back in town adjusted my clothing for me.” Jessica unzipped her hoodie. “It looks weird doesn’t it?”

Lucas placed his right hand on her belly, “No, but what I do find weird is the fact that it’s cold. I would expect your belly to be warm not ice cold.”

“I don’t know what to tell you,” stated Jessica. “Now can we go to sleep? I’m pretty tired.”

“I bet,” said Anya. “I’ll help you open your tent.”

They go about their plans looking for a good night sleep, but little do they know that they’re being watched.

“Sir, the girl is down there,” called a Rocket Grunt.

“Good,” smirked Dr. Namba. “We’ll let her have her fun. We won’t need her for nine months anyway, but in the meantime I think we found two more candidates for our last two pills.”

“What about the guy with the Houndour?” asked the Grunt.

“He’s a new trainer, like the girls,” Namba seemed unconcerned. “He shouldn’t be a problem at all. When it is daylight we’ll single them out and make these girls parents to be.”

To be continued…
Well, Pokemon X & Y have officially launched so as mentioned in my journal here is the remake of PPG #1. PPG #2 will be out tomorrow and #3 when I get it done. Now off to my new adventure with my Fennekin.
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Pokémon PG: Kanto Adventures #2: First Pokémon and Lynn’s Pregnancy!

Route 1

Jessica woke up in her tent wearing pajamas that unlike her regular clothes were not refitted for her size. Her shirt reached just below her ribcage and her pants rested underneath her belly. She gave her belly a quick pat before trying to get up. Once up she looked herself over. She examined her bra to see if it were still fitting properly. It wasn’t just her stomach that got too big for her shirt, her breasts expanded as well.

These babies got way bigger after I got this thing forced in my belly, thought Jessica to herself. When I was home I exploded out of my bra but when I got my clothes refitted everything seems to be fitting right. Well, except for my PJs but I don’t need them to cover my belly while I’m sleeping. I guess I’ll just have to live with this. When I give birth I’ll raise the Pokémon on my team and use it to lead myself to the championship!

Just as she thought to herself something happened. The egg inside began moving. It felt funny at first but she got used to it. The other day she was down, but this feeling changed her look on things.

“Lucas!” yelled Jessica to her brother.

“Are you all right?” asked Lucas.

“Your future nephew or niece is moving within me!” said Jessica joyfully.

“Nephew or niece?” he questioned. “Are you serious? You expect me to call a Pokémon a nephew or niece?”

“Why not?” she asked. “It may not be human but it’s growing in me nonetheless, which makes it family.”

“…,” sighed Lucas. “Fine, if it’s that important to you.”

“It is,” said Jessica. “What should I name it? Sure it’s a Pokémon but people nickname their Pokémon. Oh, it’s moving again! Feel it!”

Jessica grabs her brother’s hand and presses it on her belly. The movement was visible outside her belly. She did have a large egg inside her after all, the whole thing was moving at once.

“Wow it’s very strong.” He was surprised. “How can you stand it? It must hurt.”

“It doesn’t!” She put her hands on the sides of her belly. “It’s so great!”

“Bulbasaur!” yelled Anya. “Use vine whip, now!”

“Huh, what’s going on?” asked Jessica.

“A Pokémon wondered into our camp,” answered Lucas. “Anya is attempting to capture it.”

“Hmm, let’s see,” said Jessica pulling her Pokédex from atop her neatly folded clothes. “It’s that Sandshrew that Elena and I saved.”

“Really?” Lucas remembered seeing a Sandshrew at Professor Oak’s lab.

Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokémon. Sandshrew’s body is configured to absorb water without waste, enabling it to survive in an arid desert. This Pokémon curls up to protect itself from its enemies.

“Oh,” said Jessica.

Sandshrew followed the quartet through Route 1. It knew that one of these trainers saved it and wasn’t sure who, but felt it belonged with the group. Bulbasaur tackled into Sandshrew but nothing happened. Sandshrew then scratched Bulbasaur making it stagger back a bit. With her fists clenched Anya commanded Bulbasaur to use vine whip. In an act of defense Sandshrew curled up into a ball and was repeatedly struck by the vicious grass-type attack it was greatly weak against.

“What’s going on?” asked Anya.

“Its defense curl,” replied Lucas. “It’s a move that raises the defense of the Pokémon using it. Vine whip should be still effecting Sandshrew but it’s getting weaker every time defense curl is used.”

“Looks like you’re in a predicament,” giggled Jessica who was still holding her belly. “What are you gonna do to get out of this one?”

“Well, I have one idea,” answered Anya. “I checked Bulbasaur’s moves and it has one move that I didn’t think a starter would have. Bulbasaur let’s get things back in our favor. Use attract!”

“Attract?” wondered Jessica.

“Bulba!” called Bulbasaur as it winked with a bit of a devious smile just as a number of pink hearts swirled around it.

The hearts then floated over to Sandshrew circling around it. In a bright flash of pink the hearts entered the mouse Pokémon. It uncurled itself showing signs of attract working with its love struck look in its eyes. It just stood there as Bulbasaur moved in.

“Let’s vine whip it again!” commanded Anya.

Two long vines shot out from the bulb on Bulbasaur’s back and began whipping Sandshrew left and right. With the last strike Sandshrew fell over, with a glazed over look in its eyes. Anya withdrew one of her empty Pokéballs from her travel bag and threw it. The ball hit Sandshrew and when it popped open a red light sucked it inside. It hit the ground shaking a bit with a light flashing in the center button. Anya looked with Lucas as Jessica put on her hoodie. With a ping the Pokéball stopped shaking. As Anya went to pick up her Pokéball, Jessica noticed the way Lucas was looking at her.

“Hey, I see you’re eyeing a certain someone,” said Jessica with a smile on her face. “When did this come up?”

“What are you talking about?” asked Lucas.

“You’re staring at Anya, you love her I can see it,” giggled Jessica. “Don’t deny it!”

“Jess, just congratulate Anya,” sighed Lucas. “She caught her first Pokémon.”

“Yes!” yelled Anya jumping up and down.

“Admiring the scenery,” asked Jessica with a smile on her face.

“Will you stop already?” questioned Lucas. “We have to find you your next Pokémon.”

“Oh, all right,” pouted Jessica. “Spoil sport… Hey, where is Lynn?”

“She went to get some water,” replied Lucas.

By the River

Lynn kneeled at the river to drink some of the water. She enjoyed it, and after she finished she filled a container with water. Her Charmander walked around behind her, both are unaware that they were being watched.

“She’s a fine specimen,” said Dr. Namba hiding behind a bush. “Don’t you think so Cassidy?”

“Oh she’s just wonderful…,” answered Cassidy being sarcastic while holding her big belly that filled out her black Team Rocket uniform.

“She’s a little thinner than that Jessica girl,” said Namba.

“A little thinner?” snickered Cassidy. “The girl has no meat on her bones. She doesn’t even have boobs. Are you sure she hit puberty?”

“Why don’t you go ask her?” asked another voice.

“Butch, you watch your tune, or I’ll have you back scrubbing the bathroom floors at the Team Rocket hideout,” demanded Namba.

“Ehh, why me?” asked Butch.

Lynn stretched before she prepared to head for camp. She started to walk when something crossed her path. It was a serpentine Pokémon that resembles the larvae of the Spicebush Swallowtail. It is a green caterpillar with yellow ring-shaped markings down the sides of its body. It also had large yellow eyes with black pupils. Its most notable characteristic is the bright red antenna (osmeterium) on its head, which released a stench to repel predators. These and the large eye-shaped markings help to startle predators. Its feet are tipped with suction cups, permitting this Pokémon to scale most surfaces with minimal effort.

“Huh?” asked Lynn while pulling out her Pokédex.

Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon. Caterpie has a voracious appetite. It can devour leaves bigger than its body right before your eyes. From its antenna, this Pokémon releases a terrifically strong odor.

“You’re telling me.” Lynn held her nose shut. “Nevertheless I’m catching it! Charmander use ember!”

Charmander used its ember attack on Caterpie. With just one hit Caterpie is taken out, much to Lynn’s surprise.

“…,” sighed Lynn. “Are you serious, you’re that weak?! Well, I guess Pokéball go.”

Lynn picked up her Pokéball and thought about how she should train this Pokémon. Just before she could come up with an idea something brushed passed her.

“Rattata!” yelled another Pokémon from Lynn’s left.

“Mankey!” yelled another from her right.

“What’s the meaning of this?” asked Lynn.

The three members of Team Rocket that had been scoping out Lynn came out of hiding. Butch and Cassidy were partnered together when they entered the crime organization. They both wore the standard black uniform with a red ‘R’ issued to grunts. Butch had unusually green colored hair that was inch-long except for the bangs that covered his forehead. Cassidy’s hair was golden and stuck out sideways. She, like another Team Rocket member spotted by Lucas, was pregnant and fit well in her uniform. Apparently Team Rocket has maternity wear. Dr. Namba was a balding short man with fading light orange hair on the sides of his head with matching bushy eyebrows and mustache.

“You have been chosen,” replied Namba.

“Mankey, knock out Charmander!” commanded Butch.

Mankey quickly lashed out against Charmander and knocked it out.

“Rattata, tackle her!” Cassidy then commanded removing a hand from her belly.

Rattata tackled Lynn. She fell backwards landing on her butt. She winced in pain putting a hand on her back.

“Hold her down!” ordered Namba.

Butch and Cassidy both held down Lynn. Namba grabbed a container of water and walked up to her. He opened her mouth and put a pill in it.

“I’m sure your friend told you what happened, so I’ll save the details,” said Namba. “Enjoy!”

Namba put the container to her mouth and made her drink to swallow the pill. It quickly went down her throat. Lynn began to sweat as she felt a pain in her stomach. She indeed knew what was happening as Jessica explained it to her. She felt like her stomach had just filled with some kind of fluid, it made her feel nauseous. Her belly began to fill out more pulling her shirt up from underneath her belt and pushing the belt below her growing belly. The belt got tight as she gained more weight. Finally ending her growth she now looked nine months pregnant.

“Ohh,” moaned Lynn.

“Ha, ha, ha,” cackled Cassidy. “Even pregnant she has no boobs. This is so funny.”

“You bitch,” Lynn continued to moan.

“Quit your blabbering,” said an annoyed Dr. Namba. “Pick the girl up and let’s go before her friends come looking for her. I want to run some tests on her.”

Back at camp, the rest of the group prepared breakfast. All their Pokémon were out. Bulbasaur handed something to Squirtle with its vines while Pikachu and Houndour greet Anya’s newly caught Sandshrew. Pikachu went to say something when something caught its attention. Its ears twitched and it turned its head.

“What is it Pikachu?” asked Lucas.

Pikachu looked around and pinpointed what caught its attention. It turned back to Lucas and pointed. Pikachu then ran in the direction of the river that Lynn went to get water. Lucas ran off following Pikachu with Houndour right behind him. Jessica and Anya noticed this.

Anya put a pot down she had over a fire, “Lucas, what is it?”

“Something is wrong down by the river,” explained Lucas. “I’ll check in on Lynn, you stay here a protect Jessica.”

Lucas and his Pokémon proceeded to the river. They arrived in time to see Team Rocket attempting to lift an extremely pregnant Lynn into a truck. Her belly was the same size as Jessica’s but bigger than Cassidy’s. The Team Rocket duo struggled to lift Lynn into the back of the truck. She was too heavy for them and Cassidy was in no condition to do any heavy lifting.

“Will you put your back into it?” questioned Butch.

“Hey, you know I can lift anything this heavy while pregnant,” groaned Cassidy.

Lynn began moving around to make it harder to take her and she barked at them, “Don’t you dare call me heavy you cow!”

“Put her down you Team Rocket goons!” demanded Lucas entering the scene. “I won’t let you take her.”

“Huh?” Butch and Cassidy said together.

Houndour and Pikachu stood in front of Lucas. Houndour was growling while Pikachu stood with its hands clenched ready to fight. Team Rocket dropped Lynn, again making her fall on her butt. She winced more this time with added weight in this fall. The villains summoned their Pokémon for a double battle with Lucas.

“You think you can stop us?” asked Cassidy with a wicked smile. “You don’t stand a chance. Go Rattata!”

“Mankey!” shouted Butch. “Use karate chop on Houndour now!”

“Houndour, dodge it!” directed Lucas.

Although the Kanto Pokédex had little to no information on Houndour, Lucas knew that one of its weaknesses was fighting-type moves. Houndour pounced back as Pikachu flipped in front of Mankey with its cheeks sparking. With a strong thunder shock Pikachu sent Mankey soaring back. Rattata went after Pikachu but was intercepted by Houndour who shot its ember attack at it. The duo gritted their teeth as they watched their Pokémon be easily taken down. Houndour and Pikachu landed next to each other and united their respective attacks to strike Team Rocket at once. The thunder shock ember combo hit its mark sending both Rockets into the truck and their Pokémon back into them. Rattata landed on Cassidy’s belly causing her great pain.

“Ahh!” she screamed in agony. “It hurts so bad! I think I’m going into labor.”

“Hurry pick her up we must get out of here,” said Namba.

Butch dropped a smoke pellet and grabbed Cassidy. Team Rocket made their escape leaving the now pregnant Lynn behind. Lucas quickly walked over to Lynn to check on her. She was holding her back still after being dropped.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“My back hurts,” she cried. “I don’t know if I can get up.”

Lucas grabbed hold of Lynn and piggybacked her back to camp. He could feel her belly pressing into his back which made it hard to carry her but he managed to do it nonetheless. Anya was the first to notice it as she ran up to them. Jessica kept back but saw by Anya’s expression that something wasn’t right.

“Oh, my god Lynn!” said a shocked Anya cupping her hands over her mouth.

Anya helped Lynn out of Lucas’s arms. She held onto Lynn as she got a better look at her belly.

“It hurts,” cried Lynn.

“I know it does, but it will go away soon,” claimed Jessica.

“Come on let’s get you over to the bench,” says Lucas. “Anya can you massage her back? She was dropped pretty badly.”

Jessica sat next to Lynn and put a hand on Lynn’s belly. “Wow, Lynn you’re as big as me. I can’t believe Team Rocket got you too.”

“Yes, they jumped out at me from nowhere when I was catching a Caterpie,” said Lynn. “And made me swallow this pill that impregnated me.”

“It’s more than likely another Pokémon within you,” stated Lucas. “I wonder what they’re gonna do with these two.”

“Try and rule the world,” mentioned Jessica.

“Wait Jess, didn’t you say they needed three young women?” asked Anya.

“Yeah,” replied Jessica.

“Then that’s it…” sighed Anya. “They’re hiding somewhere in this forest and I’m they’re next target. They want me pregnant as well.”

“Don’t worry I won’t let them get to you,” said Lucas putting his arm around Anya.

“Aww, how cute,” smiled Jessica.

“Oh, god I have to pee wicked bad,” moaned Lynn. “Help me up please.”

Lucas and Anya helped Lynn near some bushes and let her do her business. Lucas walked over to Jessica to check up on her.

“So how are you feeling?” he asked

“Good, the baby stopped moving around,” replied Jessica. “I’m surprised an egg can move that much.”

“Well, we all have new Pokémon now, except for you,” said Lucas. “You need help looking around?”

“Nah, I think I’ll be fine,” she answered. “My ankles and back were hurting me but I seem fine now. It’s strange but I’m not complaining. I’ll look around.”

“That bitch was making fun of me being flat-chested,” Lynn told Anya. “And how they didn’t grow when I got pregnant, but seeing how big Jess’s got I’m kind of relieved.”

“Let’s eat breakfast cause we need to get moving,” explained Lucas. “We have another day before we’ll reach Viridian City and we want to get a little closer.”

“Eating sounds like a good idea,” said an enthusiastic Jessica.

And less enthusiastically Lynn added, “But walking sounds terrible.”

“Are we gonna even have enough?” joked Anya. “Us and two pregos…”

The group ate breakfast and then began to walk in the direction of Viridian City. They walked what seemed like forever to their pregnant companions. They only stopped for a short lunch break and when they came across a random Pokémon that passed them. It resembled a plant bulb with round, foot-like roots. It had a blue body and beady red eyes. Five large, green leaves sprouted from its head. These leaves are prehensile. It can use them to scale vertical surfaces and catch light objects.

“Oddish!” said the wild Pokémon.

“Oh a wild Pokémon!” yelled Jessica as she bent over putting her hands on her knees. “It’s an Oddish!”

Most pregnant women would find it hard to stay bent like this but Jessica moved around with great ease. It’s as if she weren’t pregnant at all.

“I so want it but it’s a grass-type,” Jessica stated. “It’s not a good match up with Squirtle. What should I do?”

She thought about it a second and decided to throw caution to the wind. She called out Squirtle and sent it after Oddish. Squirtle rolled out of the way of an absorb attack and then dove in with a tackle attack. After several tackle attacks and close calls Oddish is knocked down. Jessica threw her Pokéball and caught her first Pokémon. She picked it up with ease and threw her arm up joyfully making her belly pop out of her hoodie.

“I caught Oddish!” exclaimed Jessica who then pulled the hoodie back down.

Later that evening, the group chose a new base camp and started to set up. Jessica was now holding her back in pain. Anya walked with Jessica and helped her to a log that was set around a camp fire.

“I don’t understand,” cried Jessica. “Nothing was hurting the entire walk here and now all of a sudden I’m in pain again. My ankles are swollen. I don’t get it.”

“A lot of weird things have been discovered concerning human pregnancies with Pokémon,” stated Lucas. “All the trainers who have been impregnated experience different things. Some gain stamina from the Pokémon they carry, that maybe what happened and you just wore yourself out passed your limits.”

“Really?” asked Jessica. “How do you know that?”


Jessica looked at her brother suspiciously, “You’re involved in this somehow. How else could you know?”

“Are you trying to say I’m involved with Team Rocket?” asked Lucas a bit annoyed.

“No, no,” Jessica defended herself. “I’m just saying you know something about this. More then you’re letting us know anyway. Spill it! Lucas why am I pregnant? What have you been up to all this time you were away?”

“That’s right Jess told me you went to Johto,” Anya joined in. “Did you experience this over there?”

“Come to think of it you never told me any stories,” Jessica remembered.

“Uh…,” muttered Lucas. “Well, you see I never went to Johto…”

“What!?” shouted a shocked Jessica. “Then where have you been?”

“The Orange Islands,” replied Lucas.

“Wait why did you go there?” She was confused.

“Well, I was never to tell anyone this, but since you all are now involved in all this…,” he started. “Back when I started to head to Johto with my Charmander…”

Incoming Flashback

Lucas was taking one of the routes leading to the Johto region when he came across two women being attacked by a Fearow and its flock of Spearow. The first was a rather busty woman wearing a black blouse with a purple skirt. She had on heels, which Lucas believed was an odd choice for journeying through the route. She put an arm up to guard her face in which she wore glasses. She had lower back length red hair that was in a ponytail with two long bangs hanging to the side of her face and some that covered half of her forehead and pointed out to the right.

The second’s hair was just and long but there was more of it in comparison. Her hair was a silvery-blue. She wore a yellow top with black outlining around her cleavage that left her neck and midsection bare. One would think this woman was thin based on the top but she had a large pregnant belly hanging out of it. Her white pants were unbuttoned because of her belly and seemed to be fashioned with a number of yellow ovals that hung from the loops one would place a belt. She too was wearing heels which were more questionable since she was pregnant.

“No!” yelled the redheaded woman.

She looked as if she was brutally beaten, her Pokémon were laid out behind her.

“If those Rockets didn’t gang up on my Jynx and Cloyster I wouldn’t be in this mess,” cried the woman.

Lucas assumed that meant that someone attacked them before the Fearow arrived. He decided he needed to help.

“Charmander, use Ember on Fearow!” he commanded his Charmander.

Fearow took the hit and it seemed to do some damage, it must have been a weak Fearow. It dived in at his starter Pokémon with a fury attack and it seemed to be working on Charmander. They trained a lot but he didn’t think it was ready for an opponent like the one it was fighting.

“Kid, don’t let your Charmander get hurt over us!” yelled the woman.

“Relax we’ll protect you,” he said. “Charmander use scratch now!”

As Charmander swooped in, Fearow used a massive gust attack sending his Charmander falling back. It closed its eyes knowing it couldn’t take Fearow at its current level and wished hard that it could protect everyone.

“What?” he said as Charmander began to glow in a bright light.

“It’s evolving,” said the woman.

“No way!” He was amazed.

“Char!!!!!” it yelled as it finally grew. “Meleon!!!!”

“All right Charmeleon!” I yelled. “Use flame thrower on Fearow now!”

“Meleon!!!” it roared as it hit Fearow with all its might.

The Fearow fell out of the sky. Lucas quickly thought about catching it and pulled out a Pokéball.

“Fearow, your rampage ends here!” he stated. “Pokéball go!”

“That was excellent,” said the woman. “It always good to see a trainer work well with his Pokémon, my name is Lorelei and this is Karen. You may have seen our work with the Elite Four.”

“Wait I have,” said Lucas. “My name is Lucas.”

Lorelei was only two years older than him and Karen three, but they were already members of the Elite Four. Lorelei requested his assistance in getting them to her home in the Orange Islands, so he carried the heavily pregnant Karen to the docks nearby Pallet Town while Lorelei kept up the best she could with an injured leg and went on the ship with her. Lorelei was surprised he could carry Karen so easily with her newly increased weight. Lucas sat Karen down and watched in amazement as her bellybutton popped out.

“Team Rocket did this to you?” Lucas asked.

“Yes, they’re a group of thieves who plan to take over the world with the aide of Pokémon,” answered Lorelei. “They attacked the both of us. An elder looking man made Karen swallow a pill that made her like this and was close to doing it to me.”

While in the middle of the sea, something happened, an explosion. “What was that?” he asked.

“It’s probably them,” responded Lorelei. “They came to finish the job.”

Two Team Rocket members found them and unleashed two very powerful Pokémon. With Lorelei’s out of commission and Lucas’s Fearow fainted all that was left was Charmeleon and it was taken down in an instance. One of the goons grabbed him and held him down as the other went for Lorelei. He watched him open up her mouth shoving something down her throat. Then for no reason they fled.

“What the hell was that?” Lucas rushed for Lorelei. “Lorelei, are you okay?”

“Ahh, ahh, I’m gonna be sick,” she said as she ran for the side of ship.

She started throwing up and he stood behind her rubbing her back. After she finally stopped she turned to face him. Her blouse came unbuttoned and he could see a bump in her abdomen. He grabbed her and watched as her belly grew huge. She was pregnant.

“They succeeded,” she said. “All they wanted was to impregnate us, so we would be slowed down and incapable of ruining their plans.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he said rubbing her belly. “You’re really, really pregnant and in a matter of seconds.”

“I had a feeling this is what they were gonna do,” moaned Lorelei. “Lucas, when we get to my home I will explain everything to you.”

They got to her house. She explained that Team Rocket had been impregnating women all over Kanto and the Orange Islands. She said that she joined an elite force of trainers who had the authority to take down those who misused Pokémon and that after foiling many of Team Rocket’s plans they came for her and Karen planning to slow them down by giving them a pregnancy of their own. Time went on and he stayed in the Orange Islands living with Lorelei, who asked him to replace her in the Pokémon G-Men, and trained for the day he would meet up with Team Rocket. Knowing he would be faced with the situation, the G-Men thought him how to aide female trainers in labor when Karen was about to give birth. He delivered a Pokémon egg and was surprised to find Karen returned to her formerly well-toned physique she had before getting pregnant not showing any signs of having been.

One of the higher ups of the G-Men, Lance, discovered Team Rocket’s whereabouts. They were going to Shamouti Island which was surrounded by three other islands which Lance believed was the main target of Team Rocket’s.

“Lorelei, are you sure you want to come out here?” asked Lance. “I’m sure Lucas can handle himself, especially since he was trained under you.”

“I’ll be fine, just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t be out here,” replied Lorelei.

“So what’s so important about Shamouti Island?” wondered Lucas.

“It’s not Shamouti that’s the goal for Team Rocket,” replied Lorelei walking over to him. “Shamouti is the center of a small chain of islands. The three islands that form a triangle around it are sacred islands. To the north are Fire Island, southwest Lightning Island, and southeast Ice Island. Each island was rumored to be the home of one of the legendary bird trio. Team Rocket is looking to find proof of their existence and use it to further their goals.”

“The legendary bird trio?” he asked. “You mean Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres?”

“Yes, no matter what we most stop them at all costs,” said Lance. “Too many innocents have been cursed by their insanity.”

The battle began once they arrived. There were numerous amount of Pokémon on Team Rocket’s side. Lucas and Lance called out Charizard and Dragonite respectively. Also there was Bruno who sent out Hitmonlee, Karen now back to normal sent out Gengar. Attacks fired all over. The Pokémon belonging to the G-Men all swooped in and struck down as many Pokémon as they could but for each one that went down more showed up. As the battle raged a stray attack shot at their ship that only Lorelei was on. She was knocked off her feet and crashed into a wall.

“Ahh!” she yelled in great pain.

“No, Lorelei!” both Lance and Lucas yelled.

Lucas ran over and checked her. Her water had broken and she was in labor. Lucas would aide her while she gave birth. He would turn around every so often to give a command to Charizard. This went on until finally an egg came out of her. The G-Men managed to push Team Rocket back but they still got what they wanted. The other members of the G-Men tended to the clean up after the battle while Lucas tended to Lorelei.

“God it feels so great to get that thing out of me,” said Lorelei placing a hand on a now flat stomach.

“Here take it,” Lucas said.

“No, for everything you’ve done for me during this ordeal I want you to keep it,” she said. “Now that we can see a design I can clearly identify it. It’s a Houndour egg.”

“A Houndour, huh?” I questioned.

A year went by and Lucas had his Houndour trained and part of his team. The day came when Lucas was to return to Kanto, having been given a mission to investigate the whereabouts of Team Rocket. He waited outside Lorelei’s house with her and her assistant Daisy Oak, a jeep than pulled up with Karen sitting in the driver’s seat. Lorelei said goodbye to her apprentice and he opened the door to the jeep to find a surprise. Karen was pregnant again and three times bigger than her first time.

“Karen?” asked Lucas.

“It happened in Viridian City,” she answered rubbing her belly that pushed into the steering wheel. “The ultrasound says there are three eggs in here. Triplets… this will be painful. I expect to be due any day now, luckily I have the one person I trust to deliver my babies going back to Kanto with me. You’ll stick with me until then right?”

Lucas put a hand on her massive belly and noticed her pants unbuttoned, not because they didn’t fit but just for comfort. Karen blushed. With a final wave they drove off heading to the island’s port. Together they went aboard a cruise ship.

Lucas’s Flashback Ends

“I guess you’re story leads to us,” said Jessica. “Lynn and I are carrying one of the legendary bird trio? This is crazy.”

“Yeah,” answered Lucas. “Why don’t we get ready to call it a night? We still have a ways to go to get to Viridian City.”

Weeks Ago—Faraway Island

The one thing Lucas didn’t know was that while on the ship something was happening on a quiet island located far from civilization we find a small camp setup within its jungle. There were a number of people walking about the camp, all of whom had something similar about them. Their clothing had various different sized ‘R’s.  Team Rocket was searching for something yet again.

“Please tell me we found something,” said one of the female executives, who stood out with her stylized red hair that pointed up by the scalp and reached down to her upper-back where it was fashioned to go sideways. “I would like to return to Kanto as soon as possible. I’m sick of this overheated environment.”

She and the female grunts had an additional similarity, they were all pregnant. The executive, named Ariana, put one hand on her belly and the other on her back as she tried to sit down without hurting her back. She wore a long-sleeved white dress with a V-neck and diamond-shaped opening over her belly which all showed the black blouse she wore underneath to cover her skin. She also inexplicably wore a pair of knee-high boots in white leather with stiletto heels, again something a pregnant woman wouldn’t normally wear.

“I should have known those ruins were booby-trapped,” Ariana continued. “And with ironically something that impregnates women. I wonder what could be growing in here.”

“Based on the nature of the ruins I suspect it’s a Pokémon,” said another executive, this time a male with purple hair and matching goatee. “The creature that once resided within these walls is widely speculated to be the ancestor of all Pokémon. It is believed to be the creator of all Pokémon, the Pokémon known as Mew.”

Just then the sound of what seemed like the ground shaking underneath the ruins caught the two executives off guard. More grunts appeared running away from the ruins. Some of the female members were picked off their feet by other male grunts to aide in their escape.

“Petrel, what’s happening?” asked Ariana of her male counterpart. “We can’t afford another setback like we had in the Orange Islands. Giovanni will be furious with us.”

“Clear the ruins immediately!” exclaimed Petrel before noticing a pink orb exit the ruins.

The shocked expression on his face caught Ariana’s attention. She looked at the orb not sure of what it was. Nearby a mysterious young woman with brown hair tucked into two buns, wearing a strapless top that was white around the portions that covered her breasts, not including her cleavage, the rest of the top was blue and could be buttoned shut but couldn’t due to her round belly that struggled to fit in her white shorts that were over black leggings, watched on.

“Sheena,” called a voice from within her belly.

“Yes, Lord Arceus?” she answered.

“Those people wish to bring harm upon this world,” replied the one named Arceus that lived within her pregnant belly. “The Pokémon that once lived on this island is responsible for the existence of many of the creatures you know today. That pink orb is what is left of that Pokémon. Its spirit has been awakened and is in danger.”

“What will happen?”

“The spirit will leave the island and seek out a suitable host to reside within. I’m afraid even though it will safely get away, the villainous group Team Rocket will still gain what they seek, the essence of Mew. They will bend it to their will and use it to endanger the world. This is why I’ve brought you here child. I have chosen you to help prevent this from happening. Although you yourself cannot get directly involved with the conflict it will be up to you to guide chosen heroes in protecting the Pokémon world.”

Sheena watched on as the pink orb left the island and Team Rocket moved in on the ruins to discover what they set out for.

Out at Sea

While on the cruise ship, Lucas and Karen sailed to Kanto through the Orange Archipelago’s seas. Karen was lying out by the ships pool in a bikini that surprisingly fit. She had a hard time putting sun tan lotion on her massive belly so she asked Lucas for help. As he did so the pink orb from Faraway Island appeared and flew into Lucas’s back without his knowledge. Some symbols appeared on his back.


As quickly as they came they faded. Lucas finished putting lotion on Karen’s belly and she thanked him. Their adventure continued on as they entered Kanto and did some investigating in Team Rocket’s dealings before Karen finally went into labor again. Days after Karen gave birth to three eggs Lucas left on his own to keep an eye on Team Rocket on Route 1 before returning to Pallet Town and joining his current companions.

To be continued…
Here's the remake of #2. I currently have no predictions on #3's re-release date, working on it now while I play Pokemon X. I've now played all day and have yet to get to the second gym. Either this game is really long or I like exploring a lot. Current team: Braixen, Quilladin, Wartortle (with Mega Stone), Pancham, Honedge, and Tyrunt. I started with Fennekin and during my game play I tried Wonder Trade out putting up a Weedle. I didn't expect to get a Chespin out of it. Anyway hope you enjoy this remake and let me know how X & Y are going for you.
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Pokémon PG: Kanto Adventures #3: The Viridian Caper Part 1! Bellies All Around!!

Route 1

The two very pregnant members of the group, Jessica and Lynn, sat back and played with their Pokémon while Lucas and Anya stood a short distance away surveying the terrain. Lucas held in his hands a device known as a Pokégear. He was using its map function to find out where they were.

“So where are we?” asked Anya. “We’re running out of food and the girls are starving. They’re so hungry it’s starting to get scary. I think I saw them eyeing the Pokémon food.”

“Well, they are carrying Pokémon after all,” Lucas laughed. “Who knows what kind of crazy cravings they’re having.”

“I don’t want to even think about," Anya shook her head. “If I’m not careful I might end up like them and experience the cravings myself.”

She then puffed her belly out as far as she could to see what it would look like and poked her belly.

“Don’t worry I’ll do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Anya sent a smile his way. After looking into each other’s eyes they blushed and looked away.

“We’re…we’re almost to the city. It shouldn’t be too long before we get there and find a Pokémon Center to eat dinner and get some sleep.”

Jessica and Lynn watched as the two stood next to each other. Jessica held in her arms her Squirtle and Oddish, while Lynn’s Charmander sat at her side and her Caterpie crawled up her belly.

“Ha, that tickles!” Lynn laughed.

“You know I wish they would just admit their feelings for each other,” said Jessica. “They obviously like each other.”

“It’s not as easy for everyone to admit to things like that as it is for you,” Lynn answered. “You always jump before thinking. That big belly of yours is a result of that. Hell, my big belly is a result of your thought process. If you stayed out of the tall grass that Team Rocket group wouldn’t be looking to impregnate us.”

“Who would ever think that there were lunatics out there that wanted to knock up women to give birth to Pokémon?”

“Okay, guys,” Lucas said as he walked up to them. “The city shouldn’t be too far off. Do you feel okay enough to continue on?”

“I’m fine,” said Lynn as she stood up.

“My ankles are a little sore but to get some food I’ll do anything,” answered Jessica.

The group continued on their way to Viridian City. Although they were tired they were determined to reach the Pokémon Center. They walked along a road where they found a truck that was surrounded by a number of police motorcycles. Lucas went ahead of the others to see what was going on. There he found some police officers tending to Officer Jenny who appeared to be in labor in back of the truck. Her belly was barely being contained by her police uniform. The male officers weren’t prepared for this and were freaking out.

“What do we do?” asked one of them. “Our radios are out and we won’t make it to the city in time.”

“Deliver the baby!” exclaimed Lucas. “Is it really that hard to grasp? She about to give birth, get out of my way!”

The others caught up with them. Jessica jumped in the back of the truck with strange ease, “What’s the plan?”

“With how much pain she’s in I imagine she’s gonna lay the egg soon,” explained Lucas. “We’ll have to help her now and then once she’s given birth take her back to Viridian City. We’ll need someone to drive the truck.”

“I can do that,” said Anya.

“Jess, I want you to assist me,” he continued. “Lynn if Jessica can climb in here so can you. I want you to hold Officer Jenny’s hand. Don’t worry about her hurting your hand. Officers I need some kind of cloth doesn’t matter what and water.”

“We’re on it!” they exclaimed before spreading out.

Everyone did as they were told. The big moment got closer. Jessica wiped Jenny’s head with a wash cloth to remove the sweat running down her face. Lynn held her hand. Her hand was tightly squeezed by Jenny but it didn’t hurt. After some breathing and intense pushing Officer Jenny eventually pushed the egg out of her. Jessica found something to cover Jenny. With it done Anya got behind the driver’s seat of the truck and Lynn got in the passenger’s seat. Lucas sat in back of the truck with Jessica sitting in his lap.

“That was painful just looking at it,” stated Jessica. “I’m amazed at how you took command of the situation. You being trained by the G-Men is a good thing for everyone. It will be weird if I go into labor out on some random route and you’re my only option to deliver the Pokémon egg.”

Viridian City

They finally reached the city. And to their surprise they found something much unexpected.

“More pregnant women, now that’s refreshing,” Anya sarcastically said behind the driver’s seat of the truck.

Everywhere they looked women with round bellies walked through the city. There were girls the same age as them pregnant, as well as women much older with child or possible Pokémon child.

“Lucas, things aren’t looking up for me,” said Anya looking at a young woman who's round bare belly hung out of her top.

“What I’m not gonna change my lifestyle because some group wants me to carry a Pokémon in my belly,” said the young woman.

“Let’s just get Officer Jenny to a hospital…” Anya sighed.

Pokémon Center

Like the rest of the city the female trainers in the local Pokémon Center were all pregnant. And of them all, the center’s nurse was the biggest of them all. Nurse Joy, one of many from the Joy Family, sat behind the counter wearing her usual pink dress that surrounded her swollen belly. In her hands she folded a white apron that she was also usually seen wearing.

“Wow, Nurse Joy, you’re huge,” said Lucas.

“Yes, so huge that I can’t wrap my apron around me…” Joy sighed.

“I’m really not surprised she's this big,” Lucas thought to himself. “The Joys are known to be very fertile women.”

Nurse Joy looked at the four trainers and was surprised to see the still skinny Anya. Then she saw Jessica and Lynn. Of all the women in the city, she knew that she was the largest when it came to belly size. All the other trainers have had normal sized bellies for a pregnant woman but these two girls were huge, not as huge as her but close. How they were able to walk was beyond her comprehension.

“You’re new to Viridian City,” started Joy. “You’re welcome to stay here but I hate to say I’m unable to provide care for your Pokémon. As you can see I’m unable to stand. I’m surprised you two can and even more that you’re not pregnant.”

“Guess I’m just lucky for the time being,” said Anya. “What happened here? How is everyone pregnant? This is unbelievable.”

“It is indeed,” Joy began to rub her belly. “Other than Team Rocket’s involvement, no one knows what really is going on. There are no reports of Rocket members running in the streets shoving impregnation pills down the throats of women.”

“Isn’t anyone helping you here?” asked Lucas. “Where are your male nurses? Unless they’re somehow able to get knocked up now there’s no reason for them not to be here.”

“All the members of my staff have not shown up for work in days,” replied Joy. “I don’t know why. I’ve talked to Jenny and she's tried to investigate but her hands are full with this bigger situation.”

Our heroes and Nurse Joy are approached by another young woman. To the surprise of the quartet, she wasn’t pregnant. She wore a bright purple long sleeve shirt underneath a black short sleeve shirt. There were purple Pokéballs on the sleeves of the black shirt. The purple shirt was long and covered a small portion of her baggy black pants that had matching purple Pokéballs above her knees. She had two black belts that hung diagonally off her hips, with one having an actual Pokéball on it. She wore a black choker with what looked like a pendulum hanging from it. She also had fingerless fishnet gloves that covered her forearm and over them three bracelets each, two black with a purple one in the middle.

She placed a toolbox on the counter, “I was finally able to fix that electrical problem, and then I helped that severely injured Pidgey. It should be fine for now.”

“Thank you Emi,” said Joy. “It seems you’re no longer the only non-pregnant woman in the city.”

Emi, as she was called, looked at Anya, “Well that’s a surprise. Usually new trainers are already pregnant when they come here. I’m Emi. I’ve been helping Nurse Joy around here.”

“I’m Anya, these two big bellied girls are Jessica and Lynn and this is Jessica's twin brother Lucas.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Emi.

“If you need any help with the Center I’ll gladly volunteer,” stated Lucas.

She smiled at the thought of having help, “It would be much appreciated. Some of the girls have been helping me here and there but in their condition they find it hard to stay on their feet for a long period of time.”

Nurse Joy looked at Emi, “Emi, why don’t you take a break? And show our new friends here the kitchen.”


Moments later the five teenagers were sitting next to each other at a table in the kitchen.

“So, Emi why aren’t you pregnant when everyone else is?” inquired Anya.

“I honestly don’t know,” she said. “I’m actually native to Viridian and over the past month I watched women of all shapes and sizes swell. I personally watched Nurse Joy’s flat belly grow to the round shape it is now. It was crazy watching her skin stretch the way it did.”

“Yeah, we’ve witnessed it ourselves,” Lynn rubbed her belly.

Our heroes ate together while Emi sat and watched. She only had a bottle of water, which she took a sip of while everyone else ate.

“There’s plenty more where that came from so don’t be afraid to have more,” she said. “Those little guys in your bellies are probably starving after traveling with no food.”

“Why aren’t you eating?” asked Jessica.

“I’m actually a health fanatic, so there’s only certain things I’ll drink and eat,” Emi answered.

“So are you a trainer?” asked Anya. “Do you have your own Pokémon?”

“I do,” answered Emi. “My mom gave birth to a Pokémon egg and gave it to me. It hatched into an Abra.”

“Then let’s battle!” exclaimed Anya.

“I would…but…”

Anya was confused by her lack of enthusiasm, “If you have a Pokémon with you, you should battle with it. What’s wrong?”

“Well…I haven’t been able to successfully train it yet,” she replied. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Battling is good way to get in some training. I haven’t had my first battle yet so this would be a learning experience for me.”

“Hmm…I guess.”

Later, behind the Pokémon Center, our heroes have gone out to the battlefield used by trainers to battle and train their Pokémon. A number of trainers have gathered in the stands, a good portion of them pregnant trainers. Among them sat Jessica and Lynn, while Anya stood on the battlefield across from Emi. Lucas stood in the referee’s position.

Jessica rubbed her belly as she looked over to Lynn, “Feeling more comfortable now?”

“Definitely,” Lynn said as she rubbed her own belly.

Lynn found another shop that specialized in Pokémon pregnancy like the one they went to for Jessica. She had her clothes refitted so they would be more comfortable. What she found strange was that the same clerks from before were there as well.

“The following will be a one-on-one battle,” said Lucas. “Now bring out your Pokémon!”

Emi threw an arm in front of her sending the Pokéball containing her Pokémon to the field, “Abra, let’s go!”

From the ball popped out a bipedal Pokémon that loosely resembled a fox. It had two short, fox-like ears on the top of its head, and in the middle of its face, it had two eyes which are usually seen shut. It had a somewhat lighter color around its nose and mouth. It looked like it is wearing armor, as it had two pauldron-shaped pieces on its shoulders and a fauld-like piece around its chest. It had three fingers on each hand and three toes, two in the front on either side, and one in the back near the ankle. It also had a tail, which is fairly thick and is the same gold color as the rest of its body, except for the brown band that is located around the top of the tail.

Anya pulled her Pokédex from her pocket to get some info on the Pokémon.

Abra, the Psi Pokémon. Using its psychic power is such a strain on its brain that it needs to sleep for eighteen hours a day. It senses impending attacks and teleports away to safety before the actual attacks can strike.

“Eighteen hours?” Anya thought to herself. “That’s some nap. Okay, let’s see. Abra is a psychic Pokémon so Bulbasaur’s secondary type of poison would make it a bad match up. That’s leaves me with one option.”

Anya picked a Pokéball and pressed the center button to make it bigger. She then threw it and in a flash of light popped out Sandshrew.

“Sand!” exclaimed the Pokémon.

“It’s Abra versus Sandshrew, battle begin!” exclaimed Lucas.

“Sandshrew, sand attack!” ordered Anya.

The Pokémon dug its claws into the ground and sent a flurry of sand Abra’s way. The sand hit its mark.

Anya smiled and threw a hand up, “Now hit it with scratch!”

“Abra, teleport!” commanded Emi.

As Sandshrew dove in for Abra it vanished. Sandshrew looked around with a bit of confusion. Anya was shocked that Abra disappeared like it did.



Abra reappeared behind Sandshrew but did absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, Emi’s Pokémon only knew the one move. Anya was unaware of this and continued to go on the offensive.

“Sandshrew, attempt scratch again!” exclaimed Anya.

It followed the command and nailed Abra with a strong enough attack to make it fall over and faint.

“Huh? That was it?” Anya seemed a bit disappointed.

“Sorry, Anya but that’s all my Abra knows,” explained Emi. “And I haven’t caught any other Pokémon so it’s been really hard training it.”

“We want a real battle!” exclaimed the crowd.

Jessica looked around, “Well, that didn’t go over well.”

A woman with neck-length black hair, wearing a white and purple robe that was filled with a pregnant belly stood up, “I’m not gonna let this pregnancy hold me back. I’ll take anyone on!”

“Wow, someone’s eager to put on a show,” laughed Lynn. “I’m actually surprised she has her belly completely covered.”

“Lucas, you should battle her,” Jessica said to her brother. “You probably have the most battle experience here.”

She pushed her brother onto the battlefield.

“I guess I’ll battle you, since my sister is so instant on seeing me in action,” Lucas shook his head.

“I’ll be the referee,” Jessica said taking position. “Now pick your Pokémon.”

“I am Psychic Laura,” said the pregnant trainer. “Let me show you the power of my Pokémon! Drowzee, stand tall!”

Drowzee, the Hypnosis Pokémon. Said to be a descendant of a dream-eating tapir. It was the first Pokémon to use a combination attack like Hypnosis and Dream Eater.

“A Drowzee, huh?” Lucas pulled out a Pokéball from his belt. “I got just the Pokémon for the job. Houndour, let’s show them how it's done! Use bite!”

“Drowzee confusion!”

Drowzee waved its hands and its eyes began to glow. It unleashed its confusion but Houndour ran forward unfazed. It leaped up and bit Drowzee on the arm. It cried in pain as Houndour dug into its arm with its fangs.

“Why didn’t confusion work?” asked Psychic Laura.

Drowzee fainted from the bite attack and Houndour walked over to its trainer who answered the psychic, “Houndour are quite rare in Kanto. Outside of Kanto three new types have been discovered. Fairy-type over in the Kalos region which we have just learned some Pokémon in Kanto actually are really typed. For instance Jigglypuff is a dual-type of normal and fairy. Than in Johto they discovered steel-type which Magnemite and its evolution line have been reclassified as and then dark-type which my Houndour is. Dark-types are super effective against psychic-type Pokémon.”

“No way!” yelled Laura.

“Fairy-type?” asked Jessica. “I want one! How do you know what’s being discovered in Kalos?”

“With Lorelei as my teacher she made sure I knew everything there was to know about Pokémon typing,” answered Lucas.

Later in the Evening

Night has fallen over Viridian City and our heroes have gone back inside the Pokémon Center to eat dinner and now are ready to go to bed. Jessica and Lynn discussed something before they're joined by Emi. They talked to her as Anya stepped out of her room. They then looked at her with wicked smiles on their faces.

“What?” asked Any before being pounced on. “Hey, what the hell? Get your hands of my clothes!”

Jessica grabbed the doorknob to Lucas’s room and together the three girls pushed in a naked Anya inside. With the door slammed behind her she quickly covered herself with her arms.

“Anya, what are you doing?” Lucas looked her up and down. “You’re naked.”

“Yeah, thanks to our knocked up traveling companions,” Anya blushed.

She turned around and tried to open the door. This left her butt uncovered and caused Lucas to blush.

“Damn it, they locked the door,” she sighed. “Now I’m butt-naked in a guy's room. I should have never told them how I felt. This is so embarrassing.”

“Felt about what?” he asked.

She turned around, “Abo…About you and me. I told Jess and Lynn that I had a crush on you and well they took it upon themselves to try and put us together. I don’t know why they think shoving me in here naked will help things…”

“So you have a crush on me?” he approached her.

“What? I… Umm… Yeah…” her face became even redder.

Anya nervously looked away. Her head was turned back to him when he put a hand to her chin. He then kissed her.

“I’ve felt the same way for quite some time now.”

Lucas went over to his bag and pulled out a shirt that would be long enough to completely cover her.

“Thanks,” said Anya. “This was really…embarrassing…”

“What’s wrong?”

Anya held her midsection in pain. Lucas watched as her breasts inflated. She than gripped the bed as her flat stomach began to swell starting with the lower half and then growing all the way out. She like her other companions was now pregnant but not nearly as big as them.

“Oh, my god…” she muttered.

Lucas was a bit shocked. “What but we haven’t come across Team Rocket since yesterday.”

“I’m pregnant…no…I don’t understand why this is happening…How could this happen?"

“I don’t know, babe.”

“God I must look repulsive,” she cried.

“No, you're still as beautiful as ever,” he put his hands on her round belly and witnessed her bellybutton pop out. “I’ll help you through this.”

The next morning, the two of them sat on the balcony outside the room. Anya was wearing a pair of Lucas’s boxers with the shirt he gave that covered her belly.

“I’m not as big as Jess or Lynn,” she said rubbing her belly. “I guess its cause I didn’t get pregnant the same way they did. But how did I and everyone in this city get this way? And why is Emi unchanged? She lives here.”

“There’s gotta be something she’s not doing that everyone else is,” he quietly thought to himself for a moment. “Wait she said she was a health fanatic. She’s picky about what she eats and drinks. Like her water she drank was manufactured. So she’s not drinking the city’s water which is something everyone here uses, including you.”

“Oh, my god it’s in the water.”

They are finally joined by Jessica and Lynn who smiled as they walked in. Their smiles quickly faded when they noticed Anya's pregnant belly.

“Anya, when did this happen?” asked Lynn.

“While I was stuck in here with Lucas,” she simply answered. “Thanks for locking me in here by the way.”

“It worked didn’t it?’ Jessica laughed when she noticed the two of them holding hands. “And I already knew no little old pregnant belly would change my brother’s thoughts. Speaking of a little belly…that's so not fair.”

“Anya, you’re pregnant…” Emi stepped onto the balcony. “Guess I’m back to being the only non-preggy left.”

“I think we figured out how everyone is getting pregnant,” stated Anya. “It’s in the water supply. Team Rocket must have put something in the water. It makes perfect sense. It explains why you’re not pregnant.”

“That’s a good theory,” replied Emi. “Lucas, a woman by the name of Lorelei is asking for you. She wants me to take you to her.”

“Lorelei’s here?” asked Lucas. “We need to see her and tell her what’s going on.”

A little later the group waited in the Pokémon Center’s lobby as Anya joined them now in her regular clothes that appeared to still fit.

“I’m surprised my clothes fit as well as they do,” Anya lightly tugged on the top of her pants. “My pants are a little snug but that’s fine.”

“Glad to see you’re taking this easy,” said Lynn.

“Yeah, what’s to worry about?” asked Anya. “You guys are pregnant and you seem fine. If you can walk down these long routes then so can I. How do I look Lucas?”

“Great,” Lucas kissed her.

Jessica and Lynn smiled. Emi signaled for them to head out. She guided them to where Lucas’s mentor Lorelei was staying. As they moved on Anya walked in the back. The group doesn’t notice that members of Team Rocket sneaked up from behind and grabbed her. They reached Lorelei’s place and entered. Lucas stayed back to help Anya in.

“Hey, where’s Anya?” he looked around for her. “I thought she was behind us.”

“I thought so to,” said Jessica.

Emi stepped out, “I’ll go look for her. Go talk with your friend.”

Emi left the three of them to see Lorelei. They headed in. Jessica and Lynn meeting her for the first were surprised to see how busty Lorelei was. She wore a black blouse with a purple skirt. Her red hair was held up in a ponytail and her glasses complimented her blue eyes. The biggest feature was the round belly that rested in her blouse. An even bigger surprise was the fact that she was wearing high-heels.

“Aren’t your ankles swollen?” asked Jessica. “I can’t imagine walking in high-heels while pregnant being comfortable.”

“Believe it or not they don’t hurt as much,” replied Lorelei. “It’s nice to finally meet you girls. Wasn’t there another?”

“Emi, is searching for Anya right now,” Lynn patted her own belly. “I hope she is all right.”

Lucas stepped into the conversation, “Lorelei, I see you’ve gotten to experience Viridian’s problem.”

“That I have,” she said. “This is my fourth pregnancy, second in Viridian.”

“Fourth?” the groups said together.

“Whatever is affecting the people of this city is affecting them in different ways,” explained Lorelei. “Some give birth quicker, some give birth to multiples. My second pregnancy resulted in me carrying three eggs and the third two. I think this one might be just one. I’m hoping.”

“I think we figured out what’s causing the infinite amount of pregnancies,” Lucas put a hand on Lorelei’s belly and felt movement. “Team Rocket has put something in the water.”

Lorelei stroked her chin, “Hmm…if we could find their base of operations we might be able to reverse what they’ve done.”

“Guys!” Emi burst into the room. “They got her. Team Rocket got Anya!”

“What?!” Lucas became angered. “I’m going back to the Pokémon Center and getting a hold of Professor Oak! They’ll regret taking her!”

Team Rocket HQ

Anya hung chained to a wall. She was approached by Team Rocket’s mad scientist Professor Namba who held a pill similar to the ones used on Jessica and Lynn. He put it in her mouth and made her swallow it. As he walked away Anya’s belly began to grow again. The button on her pants burst off sending it across the room. And her hoodie no longer could contain her belly as it now reached to her ribcage.

To be continued…
Well I looked it over and I didn't feel the need to add too much. I thought it looked good enough that I could add a little and then move on to #4.
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The Sorceress’ Challenge

Malana strode into the hall, her long black robes split to the top of her thighs showing her long pale legs as her spiked heels clicked on the floor.  She pulled the hood down from her head, looking up haughtily at the assembled circle of sorcery, seven men in long robes the colours of the rainbow.
“I Challenge for the right to join the circle in the seat of black…” She called up to them, placing her hands on her full hips, “I have passed the tests, I have proven my power, I demand my place amongst you.”
“There is a final test…” White stood from his seat, “Before you may take the position of Black at the head of the table, long vacated in our order.”
“I am equal to it,” Malana tilted her head back, the movement pulling her robe open slightly where her tight breasts bounced without constraint, her clothing barely holding her in, “Name the test.”
“It is the test of true power…” White nodded, “The test that all applicants to the black must master.”
“I have the power,” Malana looked at each of them in turn, “This is but another delay to my rightful place.”
“And yet you must master the test to prove worthy of the power of the black, head of the council and mistress of all of us.” White nodded, “Will you take the test, or relinquish your claim to the seat.”
“I have no fear old man,” Malana looked up at him defiantly, “Show me the test.”
“The test is in the house of Gerrona, the last holder of the black seat,” White said, “I ask you again if you are sure you wish to undertake the test, there is no turning back once you have started on the path to the black.”
“Let there be no more delays,” Malana opened her arms wide, “I am prepared.”
“Very well…” White raised his hands and a flash of light encompassed all of them.

Malana opened her eyes to the sight of a log cabin deep within a forest, she looked to the west to see the high peak of a mountain stretching out into the sky, to the east to see the steep drop to the ground far below, no sign of a path in either direction.   Malana looked at the rest of the council stood there and pointed at the house.
“So what’s this about?” She asked, the cool mountain air causing her nipples to harden in her robes.
“The master of the black must spend a single evening in this house…” White made a half bow, “If you survive the night, you will be brought back to the council to take your place at the top of it.”
“And that’s it?” Malana looked incredulous, “One evening in the house and I rule all of you?”
“Not even within the house…” White remained bowed, “You are free to wander the whole of this plateau as you will, there are fresh fruits and meats in the house, ample drinks, and comfortable furnishings to use at your discretion.”
“So what’s the catch…?” Malana turned to look back at the house.
“You will be tested…” White looked up at her, “In your capacity to contain power, to channel it, to make it serve you rather than you serve it, as you know, in the hundred years prior to Gerrona, no woman has passed the tests…”
“They tried and failed…” Malana sneered.
“They tried and died…” White nodded, “Those of them that came off the mountain were broken in other ways, but none of the women that went into that house came out whole.”
“I will succeed…” Malana turned back to them and dismissed them with a wave of her hand, “I will see you all tomorrow…”
“Indeed you will…” White raised his hands and a blinding flash obscured Malana’s vision, the faintest whisper of the words on the breeze…

“One way or the other…”

Malana strode towards the house, looking around the grounds of it, an orchard growing fruit of every type, a patch of all the vegetables she’d ever known and a few she knew nothing of.

It’s a trick… She thought to herself, They think I’ll eat these cursed things and be poisoned…

She walked to the door and looked at the handle, no trace of magic upon it, nothing that her most potent detection spells could discern, reaching out with a hand to pull the door open.  The warmth within delicious on her skin, now covered in goosebumps.  She strode in and closed the door behind her, looking around the cabin.  A warm glow from the fire in the corner and soft furnishings all around, she paced up the stairs and looked at the single bedroom, a queen size bed in the middle covered in thick blankets, a bathroom next to it, hot water bubbling gently, the surface of the water covered in rose petals.  She walked back down the stairs and into the lounge, facing out over the spectacular high views, a scroll on the table, rolled and sealed with a ribbon, the top of it with a message in the ancient language of the magi.

The Ritual of the Black…

She bent at the waist to pick the scroll up, the movement making her breasts slosh upwards for a second, and she smiled as she straightened up, her long crimson nails picking the ribbon off as she opened her robe to the heat, her bare body trim and tight from all her preparations.  She unfurled the scroll and started to read.

Candidates for the black must be of the fairer sex, no man can survive the trials that will be placed upon them, she must visit each room in turn and therein master the challenge within before returning to the council to claim her place.  She must not squander the power that she is given, if she releases any of the power, she will be deemed unworthy, and the challenge that mastered her will dominate her forever… The first is the lounge, where she will prove her ability to hold the power within her and her freedom from earthly constraints, then to the kitchen, where she will master her hunger, then to the bathroom, where she will be cleansed throughout, and then to the bedroom, where she will prove her discipline outweighs her desire…

Malana rolled the scroll up and smiled as she set it down.

“Each room in turn…” She mused, looking around the lounge, “Well, I’m here now…”


She raised her arms and turned around to survey the whole room, “Come on…COME ON…” Her voice rose as she looked around the room.


She dropped her arms to the side and suddenly swayed as the warmth in the room felt oppressive, cloying, stifling as she staggered and dropped down on to the huge cushioned chair, her robes billowing around her.  She looked around the room through lidded eyes and waved her hands in front of her to try and cool the air around her, succeeding only in wafting warm air on herself.  She tried to open her mouth to protest, but all she heard was the beginnings of her own snoring as she dropped into the warm darkness.

She awoke sprawled in the chair, her body feeling numb, as if something had been pressing down on it while she slept.  She opened her eyes dreamily, staring around the room to see what had happened, seeing nothing, but realising that it was no longer light outside, the moon shining down on the snow outside, illuminating everything through the glass in a pale glow.  She stirred, shaking her arms and stamping her feet to bring the feeling back to them, then stopped as she felt her breasts quake within her robes.  She looked down and gasped as she saw the ballooning flesh beneath the black silken cloth.  She tried to stand and realised that her ass had similarly swollen, the cheeks now wedged into the seat holding her back for a second as she put her hands down to the chair arms and pushed herself upwards.  A moment of resistance and she tottered forwards on her heels, her centre of gravity changed as she put one hand on her titanic breasts and one hand on her balloon butt.  She looked around her, realising that she could no longer see her feet past the enormous swellings on her chest.  She reached down to the front of her robe, suddenly selfconscious in the face of the open air, a blush coming to her cheeks as she stood still, her breasts gently sloshing under her hands.

“Those pervy bastards… They’ve put a bloat spell on the furniture…” She murmured, then considered the words on the scroll. “She will prove her freedom from earthly constraints…”

Malana paused in the middle of the room and then smiled, “I’ll show them freedom…” She stepped to the side and shrugged her robe, letting it pool on the floor as she stepped out of the cloth, clad only in her spiked heels, she looked in the window as her reflection could be seen clearly against the night sky.

I’m huge…

Malana turned as she looked in wonder at the gigantic breasts bobbling on her chest, the nipples still small and pert, tight and hard, but the flesh of her breast spherical, like someone had bolted medicine balls to her chest.  She leaned back, pushing her breasts higher as she put both hands on her huge bubble butt, the cheeks clearly separated as she leaned forwards, the weight of her breasts threatening to pull her over for a second as she ran her hands over the taught fleshy curves of her ass.  Malana felt her hands stray inwards for a second, pulling her huge breasts to the side as she looked down at the massive inflated nether lips now being crushed between her legs. She opened her legs a little wider as the pressure increased and she clamped with all the muscles inside her as she felt a spasm ripple over her.  She stood in silent torture for a second before trying to relax, the spasms beginning instantly as she felt the pressure increase again.   Her hands bunched into fists as she felt the pressure intensify inside her, her eyes closed tight as she felt her pussy start to bulge and pulse, the intensity threatening to overwhelm her as she clamped down again, determined not to let the test beat her.  She looked in the window again at her arched body, her huge breasts now pointed nearly straight up as her back arched, her ass sticking out like a shelf as her pelvis rocked gently back and forth, as she watched, her mouth opened wide in a whorish scream, her tongue flicking out to lick her lips.

Bastards must have wanted me to look like a real whore…

Malana held herself still till the pulsing subsided and she stood up, finally breathing a sigh of relief as the room became cooler and she felt the satisfaction of passing the first test.  She tottered through on her heels to the kitchen and looked around the room, seeing the bubbling pot of stew on the side and realising as her stomach gurgled just how hungry she actually was.  She strode over to the side, her new ass making her hips sway far more than they had before, leaning over the stew pot, the sides of the pot cool to the touch as she inhaled the rich spicy smell.  She thought back to the scroll.

“She will master her hunger…”

Malana sat down on the stool next to the side and looked miserably at the stew.

“That smells so good…” She mused, then smiled, “There are many ways to master your hunger, you only eat till you’re full…”

As she said the words, she felt a curious sensation at the edges of her mouth as her lips widened, her jaw feeling loose as she looked at the stew and picked up the ladle, dipping it into the stew and then moving it to her mouth.  Her eyes opened wide as the whole ladle disappeared into her mouth, the hot food slipping straight down her throat to sit warm and wholesome in her belly.  Her eyes rolled as she took the handles to the pot and brought it up to her lips, tilting it slightly as a force beyond her comprehension started to tilt her hands, the stew starting to pour into her as she moaned in extasy, her belly filling with hot fluids as she leaned back, the fluid at the edges of the pot spilling out onto her overinflated breasts, but most of it coursing down her neck into her belly.  She gulped and gulped as more and more liquid flowed into her, the heat flowing throughout her as she felt herself growing heavier under the influence of the pot.  Her thighs were the first, spreading out and making the pulsing within her intensify as she felt her legs squeeze her nethers.  She continued gulping as her legs grew larger and larger, her calves growing tight against her boots, the pressure continuing to build as she gulped and gulped, no longer able to stop as the meat sat heavy within her.  Her arms felt heavy as she felt her throat starting to swell, her belly feeling stretched and bloated as she closed her eyes and surrendered to the ecstasy of being fed.  Her eyes closed as she felt her arms dropping to the side, the pot somehow remaining in place as the pot continued to flow. An explosive snap as her boots split down the middle to allow her thick legs to swell further.

Malana woke to the sound of the pot dropping to the floor, clanging down as it finished the pour within her.  She looked around, feeling her head constrained somehow as she stood still.  Her eyes caught the window and she gasped in shock at the sight there.  Where once a svelte, busty goddess had stood, now stood an monstrously bloated woman, her belly a huge dome of corpulent flesh, soft of skin and jiggling all over as she swayed in the kitchen, her feet nearly submerged under the mass of her massive legs.  She looked down at her now immense tits, no longer small and pert but huge saucer areole with thick heavy nipples over bulbous hanging breasts still covered in the thick gravy of the stew.  She reached back to the huge jiggling cheeks of her ass and slapped it, watching as the wave of flesh travelled across her.

Bastards…Now I’m too fat to sit in the throne…

Malana paused for a second to consider and then remembered the scroll.

“To the bathroom to be cleansed…” She murmured, lumbering towards the stairs, each step a ponderous thud as she heaved her immensity across the room. She began to climb the steps, each movement a massive effort as she lifted the immense pillars of her leg to the next step, sweat now running off her as she made the tortuous climb to the top of the steps and turned towards the bathroom, the sweet smell of the roses rising up from the waters as she lumbered inwards, looking in the mirror at her enormous frame, the three chins beneath her face framing her as she sat on the edge of the bath, her enormous fleshy butt hanging down into the water.  She moaned happily as the weight came off her legs and the heat enveloped her ass.

For a second, she closed her eyes and relaxed…

For a second…

Her eyes opened wide as she felt a spike of heat between her buttcheeks, the spike pushing through till it contacted her nethers, then flowing further inwards.  She flailed as she tried to stand but the sudden heat, the weight of the water within her pulled her down and she felt the heat all around her as a loud slurping noise emerged from between her legs.  Malana dropped down into the bath, now larger than it had been as she floated backwards, her massive body adrift on the waves as her nethers continued to drink greedily of the water within.  She looked up the dome of her belly as her breasts sloshed to the sides, the heat becoming unbearable as she felt her breasts starting to swell and heat as the water flowed into them.  She gargled as the water flowed throughout her and waved her arms helplessly as she tried to stop herself submerging.    The heat built all the way throughout her as she pulsed helplessly, her body bloating and smoothing out, her breasts being absorbed into the mass of her body as she grew and grew, the tightness of her body pulling her to a sitting position as she became a gigantic pear of a woman, her ass spreading wide as she drained the last of the pool.  She sat helplessly for a second, round and tight like an overpumped waterballoon, then she gasped as she felt something bubbling up inside her, the water erupting out of her mouth and nipples as she started to empty, her pussy spraying outwards and as she tilted backwards, she blushed as she started pumping from all her holes.  She tried to gulp in air as the water pressure intensified and her mouth opened, liquid erupting from every part of her as the darkness closed in on her from all sides.

She awoke in the water, her body back to being thin and tight, her breasts still large and heavy, but the nipples small and tight once again.  She sloshed in the water for a second before standing, the only evidence of her recent transformation the slight silver lines across her body where the stretching had taken place.

She got out of the bath and looked out into the mountains where the sun was almost above the trees, nearly day break and she had only one room left to do, she paced into the bedroom, water dripping from her as she looked around, standing at the end of the bed and then turning to face the door.  She dropped to the bed with a sharp gasp as her insides cramped and she doubled over, bouncing on the bed before sitting up again.  She put her hands on her thighs as they heated up, the warmth spreading into her pelvis and then upwards as her large soft breasts reddened with arousal, her nipples long and hard again, but this time tingling all over.  She squirmed back up the bed to try and get away from the heat, only to find it following her, caressing every part of her, making her writhe on the bed as she involuntarily opened her legs, her body knowing what she wanted.

“Say you want it…” A voice in the air, like the whisper of the wind, “Tell the world you want the power, you want it all.”
“I want it….” Malana moaned softly, “I do want it all…Give it to me…”
“Your wish…” The voice whispered.

Malana’s body arched upwards as she was filled to the core, the heat deep within her as her arms went wide, bound with invisible cords of silk, she bared her teeth as the heat slipped out.
“No…” She howled, all her muscles tense, “MORE….”
Again her body arched as she was filled again, deeper somehow, the heat all the way to her soul, then slipping, slipping out.
“ALL OF IT…” she moaned as she glanced sideways, watching as the power delved deeper and deeper into her convulsing body, her hips trembling as she was saturated within, her belly getting tighter and tighter as she swelled, the power pouring into her now as her breasts got tighter, then harder, till they felt like ripe melons inside her skin, she thrashed against her bindings, desperate to hold her invisible lover in her arms, to pull it deeper, to take all of it.  Her nethers pulsed as she felt herself erupting within, her juices coating the invisible creature as it worked within her, and then everything was still and she laid there, her massive breasts heaving as she felt it rise from her, leaving her on the bed, her belly a huge tight dome of pregnancy, her belly button popped out with the pressure within her.  She rose to a sitting position and put her hands over her belly as she felt the power swelling within her.

“Now I have it all…” She murmured softly, standing and levitating as the power rose, She floated to the stairs and then downwards, “I will take the throne.”
“But you wanted all the power…” The voice whispered, “All of it…”
“But I have it all…” Confused, Malana patted her huge taught belly as she picked up her robe and draped it around her. “All of it here…”
“This is raw…” The voice whispered, “You must refine it…”
Malana looked down in horror as her belly bulged out of her robes, her breasts now huge torpedoes bobbling within as her belly expanded forwards, the power expanding within her.
“I…” She looked down and then glided over towards the door, opening it and gliding out onto the soft snow there, “Refine the power…?”
“To make it yours…” The voice whispered, “And you must contain all of it, or you will be its slave…”
“I…” Malana gritted her teeth as the bulge within her belly swelled enormously and she felt the pressure inside double, then triple, “I am no….no one’s slave….”
“And yet…” The voice, now mocking as Malana’s feet touched the ground and she found herself in contact with the world again.

Malana stood still for a second as her belly stopped growing, but then the pressure renewed and she crouched over, feeling the unending need to push deep inside, she felt her legs opening of their own accord as she started bearing down, struggling to stand upright as she cupped the dome of her belly above and below, sweat pouring off her as her breasts started to pulse and droplets formed at the end of her nipples.  She walked briskly up and down the snow, willing the sun to rise faster, all she had to do was hold out till the sun touched her and it was all hers, she moaned as her belly contracted, her chin digging into her chest as she found herself on the floor, legs wide, the robes barely covering the immense gravidity of her as she gasped and groaned.  She looked up as the sun cleared the trees, looking down at the ball of power within her, her belly more than six feet around as the next contraction opened her wide, leaving her with her legs in a wide split as she felt her insides turn, something inside her peaked as her breasts pinned her flat to the snow, too heavy to move, too heavy even to think as she put her head on her chest and her feminine instincts finished the job her body could not do by itself.  

A flash of light and the circle appeared in the clearing, the rays of the sun reaching the top of the house as they walked around Malana, her body now dominated by the impregnated power within her, her breasts dripping golden glowing fluid as her legs twitched, she looked up at White as he leaned over her and tapped her stomach, such a tiny motion for so devastating an effect.

Malana howled as her nethers went wide, impossibly wide, the glade was filled with light and heat as her pussy erupted in wet benediction.  Malana felt the warmth of the sun on her brow a moment later, looking up between her legs to see the massive globe of power in the clearing.
“I did it…” She moaned, “I did it…”
“No…” White looked at her, “We did…”

She looked around all of them, crouching down as her belly became massive again.  She felt something on her head and looked up at White as everything faded.  White stood back, looking at the circlet on Malana’s head as it channelled the sun into her and she stood straight, her eyes now blank, shining like the sun as she stood, her belly pushing out from between the robes as she shrugged out of her robes and stood there, and White smiled as Malana pulsed again, power leaking from her nipples and dripping to the floor from between her legs.

“If only we had more candidates…”
Had a bit of a play with something new....
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Jesse, the Queen of Honey

"I'm surrounded by morons!" Jesse sighed as she marched off into the woods.  "It's no wonder we never catch that electrical rat!"

Jesse sat down by a nearby tree.  She closed her eyes, trying to clear her head.  As she sat under the tree, a small drop of honey dropped from a hole above. It landed on Jessie's shoulder and she opened her eyes.  

"What is this?"  Jessie got the honey onto her gloved hand.  "Is it honey?"

She placed her finger into her mouth.  Yes, it was honey; sweet, delectable, pure honey. Jessie savored the taste, not wanting to swallow.  She was starving, famished in fact.  Being a member of Team Rocket was a killer on the stomach.  When was the last time she had decent meal?  Hell if she knew.  This honey was like eating a drop of heaven.  If only she could get some more.

"I wonder," Jessica looked up.  "Oh, I see it.  I just hope it's filled with Beedrils."

The hole wasn't that far up so she didn't have to stress very high.  She peered into the hole, seeing no bug Pokémon.  Instead, there was nothing but that sweet, golden nectar.  Jessie licked her lips, the taste still lingering on her tongue.  She just needed one more taste!

Jessica took a huge glob of honey and gulped it down.  She sighed as she swallowed the crazy sweetness.  So sticky, yummy and sweet! She greedily licked the remnants off her black gloves. Jessie eyed the golden treat; her stomach gave a low rumble.

"Okay, just another taste."

Jessie shoveled more honey into her mouth.  She smacked her lips as she indulged.  Jessie felt enwrapped in a state of bliss.  The honey trickled down her throat.  She longed for a spoon to make her lunch easier to eat.


Jessie whirled around.  Standing before her were two adorable Teddiursas.  They stared up at her with their glistening, black eyes.  They were adorable but she felt a little nervous, seeing as how her last encountered with the creatures wasn't a pleasant one.  She looked at the honey on glove and felt even more terrified.  Before she could do anything, the Teddiursas bowed to her.   

"What?  Bowing to me?" Jessie asked, confused and flattered.

From the bushes, three more little, bear Pokémon appeared.  They ran over and joined in the bowing.  Jessie watched as more and more Teddiursas began to appear, bowing before her.  Jessie watched in amazement.  Did they think she was a queen?

Suddenly, a group of five Teddiursas came forward.  They held what looked like a huge beehive.  She saw no bees and they set it down in front of her.  They stepped back, looking at her expectantly.  Jessie glanced at her new group of followers.  She then looked at the dripping honey hive.  Rumbling, her stomach made its opinion known.

Eat it, they're giving it to you! You want more honey don't you?

Jessie bit her lip; the honey was the best she had ever tasted.  Her taste buds quivered as she began to lose her resolve.  And she doubted that the Teddiursas would poison the honey. What could one little treat hurt?

Jessie tired to pick up the hive but she found it too heavy.  She decided to sit down instead in order to eat the honey.  Placing her lips on the hole at the bottom, she began to suck out the honey.  A flood of golden goodness began to flow into her mouth.  Her cheeks became chubby as the liquid forced it into your gullet.  Jessie gulped and gulped, not wanting to miss a drop.  Jessie slim belly had started to transform into tiny, muffin top.  It expanded frontwards with each sip Jessie took.

To her surprise, Jessie found that the hive itself was edible!  Once she had drank at least half the honey, she took a bite of the hive.  She chewed and realized it was actually gingerbread. She found this somewhat strange but only for a second for she spied more honey down at the bottom.

With the hive nearly empty, Jessie was able to hold the hive up and pour out the honey.  She opened her mouth wide as a waterfall of honey fell.  She chugged it down, her belly increasing in size. It began to balloon forward with each gulp.  With stopping for a breath, she finished off the honey and started to eat the gingerbread hive. The Teddiursas watched in awe.

When she finally finished, the bears all cheered and bowed again.  Jessie sighed happily as she licked the remaining honey from her lips.  She was in heaven! Not only was she gorging herself on the sweetest honey ever created, she was being treated like a queen!  Could it get any better?

As if they read her mind, two Ursaring appeared.  They picked her up and began to carry her away.  

"I could get use to this!" Jessie said as she closed her eyes.

The bear creatures carried Jessie deeper into the woods.  They came to their cave.  Inside was a nice, fluffy mattress with silk pillows.  Jessie opened her eyes as they set her down.  One Teddiursa brought over a golden goblet filled with an orange juice.

"I wonder where they got gold," Jessie asked as she took a sip.  "Oh, this is yummy!"

Four Teddiursas appeared, carrying a large wooden plate of fruit.  One took some grapes and offered to feed Jessie.

"Finally, someone who knows I should be pampered!"

Jessie opened her mouth and let herself be fed. She sipped the sweet nectar offered to her while her new servants fed her the sweetest fruit.  More Teddiursas brought her food like pastries and candy.  Where they had found it, she didn't know but she didn't really care.  As long as it was offered, she would eat it.  Within her state of bliss, Jessie found herself caressing her belly.

"My, I've never been so---" Jessie stopped.  "How can I reach my stomach?"

For the first time, Jessie saw her belly.  Instead of being tiny and trim, her belly was now five times bigger.  It was now big and bulbous in a strange circle shape.  Shocked, she pressed a finger into her chub.  She gasped; this was real? Did this all come from the honey?  Jessie tried to sit up but the Teddiursas suddenly came to her belly and began to hug it.

"Wait—is this why you're worshiping me?  Because of this?"  She gave herself a poke.  "Hm. Well, it's not that bad I guess."

What were a few pounds to her admirers anyways?  Jessie grabbed another goblet and gulped it down.

The day passed and Jessie fell asleep.  When she awoke the next morning, she was slightly groggy.  As she yawned, her mountainous belly rose.  Each movement caused the massive belly to wobble and slosh.  Laying down, Jessie couldn't see past it.

"I doubt I can even sit up!" Jessie pushed herself up but didn't get far.  "Oh, too much pressure!  And when I move, I feel like I'm going to------"

Jessie didn't get a chance to finish.  Something was suddenly crammed into her mouth.  Jessie screamed but it did no good; it was stuck.  She heard a noise before a rush of honey entered and puffed out her cheeks.  Jessie grabbed at the hose but she couldn't pull it out! Why were they doing this?  Wasn't she already big enough?

Jessie watched as her stomach grew higher and higher.  She felt the pressure as her weight increased.  There was another tight feeling up in her chest.  Jessie managed to see her breasts inching upward.  The honey needed more room and had started to go towards her breasts!  They pushed against her top as they struggled for freedom.

Jessie became frantic.  Desperately, she tried to push her breasts down but they grew despite her efforts.  They had become heavy with honey that they started to hurt.  Jessie felt her top becoming tighter and tighter as her breasts grew.  Tears ran down Jessie's face; how could something so good cause her such pain?

With one more inch, the top ripped open.  The bra was next to go as it tried to hold the large boobs.  While she felt some relief, Jessie couldn't do anything but watch as she grew.

Hour seemed to pass until the hose was pulled out.  Jessie gave a loud burp that cause both her breasts and belly to jiggle.  She sloshed and she groaned.

"Oh my—I'm gigantic!" Jessie looked at herself.  "I'll never be able to move! Look at me, I'm a fatty! If only I hadn't eaten all that honey I---"

The Teddiursas suddenly appeared.  Once they saw Jessie's newly formed body, they let out a loud cheer.  They ran towards the huge gut and began to caress it. Jessie paused for a second, considering her position.

"I guess it's not that bad," Jessie gave her full breasts a squeeze.  "Besides, you need to go big or go home."
I'm on a roll!

If you fave, can you please comment and tell me why you liked this story? I also apologize if I messed up on the Pokemon names.
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Katie and Andrew entered the hotel ballroom that evening. It was the night of Bensonville High School’s senior prom.

The room was dark dim, lights glittering down from the chandeliers decorating the ceiling.  All eyes were one Katie and Andrew as they walked inside. As they were the two most popular students in the school, Katie and Andrew were a shoo-in for prom king and queen.

At nineteen, Katie was easily the hottest girl in the senior class. She was wearing a form-fitting floor-length gown with spaghetti straps and a low neckline. Her long brown hair danced against her shoulders, falling a few inches past them. Her C-cup breasts were so full and perky that they looked as though they would pop out of the top of her dress at any moment. Andrew tried to be discreet in his appreciation of them.

The two spent the night dancing away, ignoring everything but each other, not even allowing their friends to interrupt the bliss of the evening. Though Katie did nothing but stare into Andrew’s eyes, she couldn’t help thinking about the gorgeous tiara sitting on the stage. This night was hers. Through her peripheral vision, she could see slips of paper being exchanged amongst other prom-goers as teens giggled and whispered and wrote their votes, but Katie and Andrew left them ignored. The two had already agreed that they had no interest in voting.

“Even if we don’t win – it won’t matter. What’s important is that we’re here. Together.”

“Agreed,” Katie lied. Being prom queen had been her dream since Freshman year.

“Can I cut in?” someone said beside them.

Katie and Andrew looked up to see Roland. He and Katie had dated a few months sophomore year. As Katie rolled her eyes, Andrew frowned.

“We were kind of in the middle of something, Roland,” said Andrew.

“Just one dance,” said Roland, grabbing Katie’s arm to her irritation.


“Andrew, it’s fine,” said Katie. She didn’t want to dance with her ex, but she didn’t want a fight to start either.

Still frowning, Andrew nodded and walked off to get a drink. Katie turned to Roland and allowed him to take her hands. To her misfortune, a slow song came on. He closed their distance, wrapping his arms around her.

Katie tolerated him, for just that one song. She could see Andrew watching them from the distance, a cup of punch held to his lips.

“I miss you, Katie,” Roland whispered in her ear.

Katie didn’t respond, she just counted the seconds till the song was over. But suddenly the music stopped and the lights turned on. She was relieved to finally have an excuse to pull away from Roland, though he maintained his hold on one of her hands.

Katie and Roland looked up to see Ms. Monroe, their high school principal, standing on stage with a mic in hand.

“It is time to announce this year’s prom king and queen,” Principal Monroe said as the teenagers crowded around her platform.

Roland urged Katie to follow, but she remained frozen to the spot.

“All of your votes have been counted and re-counted. I am pleased to inform you that it wasn’t even close!” she said, to massive cheers. “This group knows what it wants!”

There was continued applause. A spotlight began to dance around the room.

Ms. Monroe continued. “This years prom King of the senior class of Bensonville high school is none other than - Andrew Jacobson!”

The spotlight stopped on Andrew, who was still standing by the refreshment table. All the students applauded. Andrew pretended to look surprised, but there was mostly amusement on his features. The crowd of students parted as he made his way towards the stage, garnering many pats on the back as he proceeded.

Katie’s heart pounded as Principal Monroe continued.

“And our senior class prom queen is –

Katie didn’t make out her name through all the cheering, but she was suddenly aware that the searing spotlight was on her.

White confetti rained down from the ceiling. The crowd screamed. Her hand broke free of Roland’s as she was surrounded by her cheering girlfriends as they hopped up and down, affectively drowning Roland in their sheer numbers. Katie was in such a daze, she practically had to be pushed towards the stage. Andrew took her hands and helped her up, where they shared a deep kiss, wrapping their arms around each other. The two of them had to be separated so the coronation could proceed.

Katie and Andrew two were instructed to face the crowd. Katie watched as her boyfriend was crowned. He threw her a devilish smile. This was the best night of her life. She blinked back the tears in her eyes.

And now it was her turn. She gazed at the tiara as Principal Monroe carried it towards her. Katie closed here eyes as she felt it being lowered to her head.

And at the very moment it made contact, Katie felt a weird tension in her stomach that just as quickly disappeared. Her eyes opening, she placed her hand against her slim abdomen.

“You okay?” Andrew whispered.

Katie nodded. “Yes,” she lowered her hand as the lights dimmed, and the music started up again. The two closed their distance and proceeded with the customary on-stage slow dance. The crowd joined them, gems of light dancing around the walls. It was all so gorgeous. When it was over, Katie and Andrew took a bow, then headed off the stage.

“That was amazing,” Katie whispered, now having to dab at her tears. She allowed Andrew to lead her towards a table. “I can’t believe how perfect this night is turning out to be. Did you see when-“

Katie stopped and groaned when a pain suddenly shot through her stomach. She could feel it gurgling, and hoped Andrew couldn’t hear it over the music.

Andrew placed his hand on her back. “Seriously, Katie, are you okay?”

“Fine,” said Katie, her face reddening. “Just a little indigestion, I think. Excuse me for a minute?” She leaned up and kissed his cheek.

Holding her stomach, Katie headed for the bathroom. Once there, she locked herself in a stall and unzipped herself from her dress.

She was surprised to see that her stomach looked somewhat fuller, as though bloated with gas. She groaned in frustration. “Why tonight?” she mumbled, as she zipped herself back into her gown.

Katie exited the stall and went to the mirror, dabbing some moisture from her forehead then fixing her makeup.

It was just a little gassiness. No big deal. This was her night and she would make sure that it was everything and more than it was supposed to be.

Taking a deep sigh, Katie exited the bathroom. She peered around the room until she spotted Andrew. He was waiting at the table. It looked like he had ordered dinner for the two of them. She headed over.

“Sorry about that.” Katie smiled.

“Not a problem,” Andrew responded, standing up so he could pull out her seat. He was such a gentleman. Katie sat down.

She lifted her fork and knife, and started to cut her way through a piece of chicken, when that strange pressure started up again. She dropped her utensils and folded her arms over her stomach as it painfully gurgled and seemed to be…pushing out? “Hoo…” Katie panted, struggling to get through the pain and discomfort. “Hee…hoo…hoo…” Finally, it stopped. Beads of sweat had formed on her temple. Katie was stunned to look down and find that her stomach looked even fuller in her formfitting dress.

“Katie, what is it?” said Andrew. He looked genuinely worried. “Are you hurt? I can take you to a doctor.”

“No,” said Katie firmly. She wasn’t going to allow whatever was going on with her body to ruin her big night. “Really, it’s nothing, Andrew. I must have had some bad milk this morning, that’s all.”

“But Katie-”

“Don’t smother me, Andrew. I can make my own decisions.”

She had hit a touchy matter – the subject of some of their previous arguments. It successfully got Andrew to back down.

“Fine.” He folded his arms.

A little shaky by then, Katie proceeded to eat her meal, unable to help herself from consistently glancing down at belly. Every once in a while, she dabbed at a newly formed bead of sweat on her temple. Why was she so anxious? Maybe it had something to do with the strange sense of tension cumulating in her abdomen, but she tried to distract herself by making conversation with Andrew.

“I hate when we fight,” she said, grabbing his hand.

Andrew sighed. “Me too. I’m sorry I get so—controlling sometimes.”

Katie smiled. “We all have our faults. I’m sorry for snapping at you.”

Andrew leaned forward to kiss her, but they were interrupted when some of Katie’s girlfriends swooped in.

“Congrats Katie,” said Gladys, leaning down to embrace her.

“You two were gorgeous,” Sandy piped in.

“That dress is amazing,” said Gina.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, Andrew returned to his meal.

“So is yours,” said Katie. “All three of you look beautiful. Sorry you didn’t win, Sandy. I thought you were a shoo-in.”

“Nonsense,” said Sandy. “Everyone loves you.”

As the cycle of fake-complements proceeded, Katie had trouble focusing on what was being said. She began to feel uncomfortable as the tension in her abdomen escalated until she couldn’t fight it any longer. Oh no, she thought. It was happening again.

“Do you see what Barbara is wearing?” Gladys was saying. “She looks like-“

“I have step out,” Katie interrupted, standing. She moaned as the painful gurgling started up, the others staring at her in confusion. “Hoo, hoo…” Katie breathed, as she pressure built in her abdomen. Her body hunched slightly, hands clutching her stomach. She could feel it beginning to push out, but tried to push it back in as it grew more pronounced and rounded, swelling out in her dress. She continued to huff and struggle to breathe, her face flushed by then. “Hoo…hoo…hoo…”

By the time the weird episode had ended, Andrew and her girlfriends were staring at Katie in shock.

“Oh my god, Katie!” said Gina.

“What’s happening to you?” said Sandy.

“It’s fine,” said Katie, still panting. “I-I’m fine.” Feeling embarrassed by their scrutiny, she stood and hurried off. As she made her way through the dance floor, someone grabbed her arms, and she looked up to see Roland.

“Congratulations, my queen,” he muttered flirtatiously as he pulled her into a dance, and Katie allowed him to hold her close, as she swayed and tried to process what was happening to her body. So her stomach had gotten bigger, and she clearly had some sort of digestive issue going on. She couldn’t let it ruin her night. Any other night, but not this one.

Roland was busily sweet-talking into her ear, but Katie could barely focus. She just had to get through the next few hours.

Someone tapped her shoulder. “Can I cut in?”

Katie looked up at Andrew. But Roland was far from backing down. If anything, his hold on her tightened.

“Not right now, bro,” Roland said with sarcasm.

Andrew scowled. “This is between me and Katie.”

“If the lady wanted to dance with you, why would she be on the dance floor with me?”

Katie could see her friends standing off to the side, watching her in concern.

Andrew turned his attention away from Roland. “Katie, we really need to talk.”

Roland freed one of his arms to push Andrew in the chest. “I said that we’re-”

The tension was suddenly back. Katie couldn’t control it. “Nrrghh…hhhh…” she groaned, as her body trembled and her belly tightened. Roland and Andrew turned their attention to her, Roland’s eyes widening as her belly push against him, swelling outwards, and increasing the distance between them. Katie hunched slightly and struggled to breathe. “Hoo…hee…hoo…”

Andrew held onto her shoulders until the episode ended, by which point Katie’s forehead was sleek with sweat. She stared down at her belly in shock.

Her dress had gotten unbearably tight. Her belly gurgled as she stood there, clutching it. She tried in vain to push it back in, but it wasn’t going anywhere. She looked as though she was six months pregnant. “Ahh…hoo…” Katie breathed. She yelped as her belly button suddenly popped out. Much like Andrew and Roland had, the surrounding teenagers had stopped dancing to stare at her.  Katie rubbed her hands against the mass. What was happening to her?

As Roland stood there in stunned silence, Andrew took Katie’s arm and led her off. With Sandy, Gina, and Gladys, Andrew brought her into an unused office off the ballroom. He had her sit down in a chair, which she did - slowly. She held the underside of her belly as she eased herself down. Oh god, Katie thought. Her belly had an underside. She stared down at it, feeling just as shocked as everyone else.

“Can someone get her some water?” said Andrew.

Sandy nodded, and hurried off.

Andrew dabbed her head with a handkerchief he’d found. “She needs a doctor,” he said.

“No, I don’t,” Katie protested, still a bit breathless. “All I need is for you guys to stop making a big deal out of this.” Katie grabbed the handkerchief and began to dab at the sweat on her chest as well. Her face flushed, she continued to breathe and catch her breath.

Andrew, Gina, and Gladys merely gave Katie doubtful looks, and formed a small huddle a few feet away.

“What’s wrong with her,” Katie heard one of them whisper.

“She looks pregnant.”

The door opened, and Sandy returned with a water bottle. She opened it and handed it to Katie, then turned to Andrew. “I spoke to Principal Monroe. She said she’s gonna see if she can send for an ambulance, though traffic’s looking bad, what with the parade and everything.”

Katie sat there, feeling rather irritable as the others continued to discuss her well-being. Didn’t she have any say?

As Andrew started making phone calls, Gladys and Sandy browsed the internet on their smartphones, trying to figure out just what Katie’s affliction could be. Katie was at her wits end with them. She was just about to give them a piece of her mind, when the pain and the gurgling started up again. Gladys, Sandy, Gina, and Andrew froze, then turned to her.

“Ahhh…” Katie moaned as her belly swelled and pushed forward into her lap, her dress stretching at the seams to accommodate the growing mass. “Oh god…oh no…hoo…hoo…” she breathed, as the mass continued to gurgle swell. Her breasts pushed more heavily against the neckline of her dress, looking as though they would pop out at any moment. “Hoo…hoo…” The growth spurt finally ended, Katie continuing to clutch the rounded ball attached to her midsection. “Hoo…hee…hoo…” The room fell silent except for Katie’s breathing, the others blankly staring as Katie struggled to catch her breath. Katie’s eyes had begun to tear, but she didn’t let them fall. She wasn’t going to allow this to get to her. “I need to…go to…the bathroom,” she said weakly. She just had to get herself a little composed.

Gladys and Gina agreed to take her, and together, the three made their way to one of the restrooms, where Katie locked herself into a stall.

Katie could do little more than sit down and marvel at what had become of her body. Something was seriously wrong here. She covered her mouth and fell into sobs.
There was a knock on the door. “Katie, are you all right in there?” It was Gina’s voice. “Principal Monroe is here. She’s borrowing Derek’s limo. The driver says he’ll take us to the hospital.”

Katie silently shook her head. She wasn’t leaving that stall.

There was more knocking. “Katie, come out.”

“Ahhh,” Katie groaned in surprise as her belly tightened. The episodes were happening most closely together now. She moaned as the pressure grew and grew, struggling to ignore the persistent knocking on the other side of the stall. It hurt so badly. Her legs twisted as her belly gurgled and swelled, tears finally leaking from her eyes. She could hear her dress’s stitching being to rip at the sides. She was getting huge.

When it was over Katie gasped for breath.

“Katie, what’s going on!?” Gina called as she hammered on the stall door.

Katie’s legs felt weak. She didn’t know if she could get up. She held the sides of her round belly as she started to feel weird sensations…movement? Kicking? She stared down at herself uneasily. Was she really pregnant? How was it even possible?

“Katie!” Gina demanded.

“Hoo…hoo…” Her belly rising and falling with her heavy breathing, Katie struggled to stand up on her trembling legs. Feeling woozy, she unlocked the stall door and allowed it to swing open. From the other side, Gina and Gladys stared at her.

“Oh Katie!” said Gladys, grabbing her arm and helping her out of the stall. Gina took her other arm.

Gina rubbed her back. “It’s going to be okay.”

As the trio exited the bathroom, people gathered around to ogle the sight of their bloated prom queen. Katie just held her belly, breathed, and tried to keep her head high. She had begun to waddle slightly. Her belly just felt so bloated and full. She, Gladys, and Gina continued to proceed towards the door, when Andrew appeared in the crowd.

“The limo’s waiting outside,” he said, as Gina and Gladys handed Katie over to him. Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he guided her towards a side-exit that would lead them directly to the parking lot.

“Oh Andrew,” said Katie, beginning to huff again. “I have to stop.”

“We’re almost there,” said Andrew. He was determined to get her headed to the hospital.

“Andrew, please, I have to stop, I…ahh…I can’t…” she gasped, her body trembling. “Hoo…hoo…hurts,” she groaned, clutching her belly as it tightened again.

With the whole senior class standing around to see, Katie’s belly pushed outwards again, her dress beginning to tear at her navel as she held tightly onto Andrew’s hand. Pained tears freely rolled down her cheeks. Her belly continued to tighten, her innards twisting and gurgling. “Hoo…hoo…” Katie breathed, her areola beginning to show over the top of her dress as the growth spurt finally ended.

The expressions of the surrounding students ranged from amazed to fearful. With no further delay, Andrew, Gladys, and Gina carted Katie off to the limo waiting outside.

They gently guided her inside, where she carefully eased her round body down beside Andrew. She continued to breathe and rub her belly, feeling fearful that the painful episodes weren’t going to stop. She looked at term with child by then.

“Just breathe,” Andrew urged her.

Katie could do little more than nod. She laid her head on his shoulder.

Principal Monroe followed them inside. For a moment she stared at Katie in shock, before shooting questioning looks to the others.

“We have no idea what’s happening to her,” said Gina, as Gladys nodded in agreement.

“Let’s go,” Ms. Monroe called to the driver. “The hospital, asap. I’m not sure she can take much more growth.”

Traffic was horrible on the local roads as well as the interstate. The group was making little to no progress, and Katie’s anxiety just continued to build alongside the tension in her belly.

“We’re almost there,” Andrew lied, petting her head. He was just trying to reassure her. “Just hold on a little longer.”

But she couldn’t hold on! The gurgling started up again. Her back arching, Katie groaned as her belly swelled outwards, her bulging belly button trembling as it pushed farther away from her. The mass of her belly tore free of her dress completely as her belly swelled more and more, leaving her breasts to be perched atop it. By the time it ended, she felt unbearably tight, and looked overdue with child. Her dress had been reduced to a skirt, the remaining scraps barely containing her breasts. She was huge.

Katie quietly groaned as her belly ached again. Her flushed cheeks puffed outwards as she tried to coordinate her breathing. “Hoo…hoo…hee…hoo…” The bottom of her dress was suddenly soaked in fluid.

“What’s that?” whispered Gina in confusion.

Katie’s insides stirred. “It’s coming,” she moaned.

“What’s coming?” said Andrew.

Katie spread her legs and bared down, her face reddening more.

“I think she’s giving birth,” said Principal Monroe’s astonished voice. She shifted over to Katie, and helped the teen lower herself against the seat so her head was resting in Andrew’s lap.

“How is this even possible?” said Andrew, in a daze.

Katie began panting and blowing like the women she had seen in labor so many times on TV. The contractions were now on top of each other, her belly tight and aching. “Hee…hee…hoo…hoo…” Her back arched and her body trembled. It hurt so badly! “Nrrgghhh…” she groaned.

“I see the head,” said Principal Monroe. “Katie, keep breathing.”

“Hoo…hooo…” Katie did as instructed. She felt another contraction building. “Aahh…ohhhh…” She pushed as hard as she could.

She felt something pushing painfully out of her. Principal Monroe gathered something out from the skirt of her dress.

“It’s a girl,” said Monroe, staring at the blood-covered infant in her arms. Andrew had a pocket knife, which Monroe used to cut off the umbilical cord. The baby was then handed to Katie, who clutched it to her chest, atop her still-round belly. She stared down at it, not knowing whether to feel happy or sad, or downright confused. Tears poured down her cheeks nonetheless.

Katie groaned when her belly suddenly contracted again.

“Katie?” said Andrew in worry.

“Ahh…nrrgghhh…” She was still in labor! As Gladys gently took the baby from her, Katie clutched the smaller, but still large, mass of her belly. There was another one in there. “Hoo…hoo…” Andrew offered her his hand, which Katie squeezed tightly.

“You’re doing great,” he assured her.

Katie merely managed a nod, still struggling to pant and breathe. She couldn’t believe this. As the next contraction piled over the present one, Katie pushed, her face strained and red.

“Almost there,” Principal Monroe encouraged. “One more.”

“Hoo…hoo…” Katie pushed again, feeling the mass of her second-born slide through her opening. When it was over, she sunk against the seat, her head dropping back down on Andrew’s lap. She felt weak and exhausted. She heard the second baby start to cry, and sighed in relief.

“A healthy boy,” said Principal Monroe, as she cut the umbilical cord off the second baby as well. “You did great, Katie.”

“Thanks, I guess,” said Katie, in a daze. She hadn’t exactly signed up for all this. She allowed both babies to be placed into her arms, and gazed down at them thoughtfully.

“This turned out to be some prom,” Andrew whispered, stroking her head.

“Agreed,” Katie mumbled back, before closing her eyes and drifting off.
Commission for :iconbryanklemm:

Summary: After Katie is crowned prom queen she begins to experience some unusual expansion.

Contains: Female, belly expansion, pregnancy, multiples.
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Meanwhile a bright red light flickers illuminating a long white tiled room. It is a massive space that stretches on for as far as the eye can see, with huge cathedral ceilings and wall sized windows that are individual aquariums of exotic fish with beautiful ultraviolet designs all glowing under a black light.

The walls and floor are covered in a sterile white tile that had been cleverly smashed and put back together in gorgeous art deco designs that were framed in stainless steel. Alexandra steps out from a dark purple velvet lined closet full of various textured labcoats and nurses uniforms.

Her six foot, five inch frame slides across the floor in long elegant strides as her white silk robe flows behind her in beautiful shiny waves. Each powerful stomp of her metallic heels exude confidence and pride as she steps up to the  stage at the center of her bedroom. She climbs a small set of stairs that individually light up as she steps on them.

Sparking a series of spotlights and music to start playing in a very theatrical fashion. She smiles and spins around on each step as Madonna's "Like a virgin" echoes loudly through her chambers. Clapping and dancing she slides to the center of the stage, stopping at a large stainless steel bathtub. With quick dramatic flair she throws off her robe and extends her long pale leg to a loose tile on the floor.

Pressing down with her shiny white steel lined high heel shoe, the tile clicks and extends upward, revealing a small display panel of tiny monitors and glowing buttons. Alexandra leans in and presses down a large circular button labeled CONFESS.

"Begin countdown!" She yells with excited authority. Kicking her shoes off, she jumps into the empty Jacuzzi sized tub as the ceiling above her slowly opens. "This has to work! We have never been this close to achieving ascension!.......I am so close!"

She declares as she adjusts her glasses and spreads her arms and legs along the bottom of the tub in preparation. "I am ready to receive your love!" She yells as she slowly reaches upward with her tongue out. Pushing herself up with her feet Alexandra presses a big red tile at the foot of the tub labeled ASCEND.

It clicks into place and illuminates the bottom of the tub, simultaneously dumping gallons of warm cum from the ceiling. It falls in one big thick soupy white splash, completely submerging her and overflowing out of the tub, spattering everywhere. A full minute goes by as tiny air bubbles gurgle out from the flowing ooze.

Suddenly Alexandra flips her hair out and looks upward flinging nut in an upward arc that splashes back down and into her open mouth. "Hahaha! Its so delicious! (Pant) It feels so good! (Pant) My entire body is tingling!.....Ohhh!" she spins around wildly, dunking herself up and down drinking mouthfuls of cum as it runs down her mouth and entire body. Touching herself and rubbing it into her skin as she gorges on the pulsing puddle of pure life.

"I can feel it! Its coursing through my body, it feels so incredible! Aahh! Pure liquid orgasm!" She screams as she struggles to stand up.
Bringing herself to her feet Alexandra stands frozen in a daze with her arms out as cum slowly pours from her body in thick streams. Then suddenly she snaps to, smearing the sugary semen splatter from her lenses and face with her trembling fingers like a squeegee down to her mouth. She greedily sucks on each finger as she readjusts her glasses and tries to compose herself, clearing her throat.

"Heh....Ahem. Now I want cameras 12 and 17b following my every move and potential change, the rest will create a rotating perimeter around me so we can reconstruct this in a 360 degree environment later. Starting......Now!" In a instant hundreds of little machines, robotic arms and flying cameras take flight and go to work.

Cleaning and recording Alexandra as she hobbles to.  "Its so hard to focus! Grrrr! But I have to! A life of pure pleasure and ecstasy is at my feet. I'm so close!"
She struggles to step forward as her hands uncontrollably caress her pulsing pink parts.

Each step becoming more difficult as her body tingles and her pussy soaks itself in excitement. "Ooohh God I just want to get back in!....oohh!.oh!..No! I have to see this through!"
Alexandra is suddenly interrupted by her labs A.I system J.U.D.A.S. "What is it Jude?!"

The computerized voice of a young english man fumbles on to the intercom.
"Terribly sorry for for the disturbance Madame Alexandra, I thought you should know that my sensors are picking up a dramatic change in your core temperature and cellular structure."
"Perfect! Now prePARE....for stimulation!" She commands while her voice cracks and flutters from the pleasure and changes her body is experiencing as her hormones rage out of control.

A small steelchair rises up from the floor forcing Alexandra off her feet. As she falls back, a thin metal extension shoots up from the seat and forms to her back, catching her. She leans back and puts her legs up in the air, curling her shaking toes in anxious excitement and fear as white fuzzy lined steel stirrups drop from the ceiling and clamp around her ankles.

"I want a thermal scan every ten seconds and a x-ray video starting now!" She yells as a long golden falice covered in rotating, vibrating balls slowly descends from the ceiling. It is attached to a robotic prehensile tube that slowly pumps itself full of the cum from her tub.

"Hurry please! Fill me on my command! We have to time this just right!" Alexandra pleads as she pulls herself upward, uncontrollably rocking her hips in a shakey hump motion towards the buzzing golden vibrator. It hovers over her open aching pussy and circles around the outer edges of her wetness creating tiny clear stringy bridges with her juices as it slowly enters her in a spiral, like water down a drain.

Already on the verge of another powerful orgasm from her dip in the tub she clinches the soaked walls of her pinkness and bucks wildly back and forth consuming the entire length of the golden rod. "Aaahhh! Jude playback....aahh....playback the footage of subjects 13 and Adam 01!.....Now!" She yelps as her long thin body jerks and quivers, slowly melting back into her chair.

"At once Madame." J.U.D.A.S replies as a small screen extends from the left side of  Alexandras chair playing a surveillance video of Eric and Alice. Her body freezes and she stares at the screen with wide eyes as her mouth slowly opens. Sticking her tongue out, she purses her lips, kissing and licking the monitor as it shows Erics massive dick growing bigger and bigger.

"Ohhh look at you!....It should...aah....It should be me with you. I will be worthy of your love Eric!" She declares as she crosses her legs together and tightens her body, arching her back upward. "This is it! Jude time your release with mine!...Now! Free me of this mortal form!" Alexandra commands quickly opening her legs while her inner thighs shake and shiver.

"Oooohhh.....Ahhh....Fill me!" She gasps as the fully sumbmerged golden cock slowly opens and rotates in a counterclockwise spin, further stimulating and massaging the inner lining of her rumbling pussy. It buzzes and stirs as cum is quickly sucked up through its tube, illuminating a small strip of rainbow colored  lights that activate as it passes through.

Cum fills the dick like a big golden syringe, pushing up a metalic cork that slowly screws upward and cocks back into place like a gun. In an instant the cork shoots back down blasting out cock syrup like a fire hose.

"Ooohh...oh...ohhh..ohhh...dont stop!" Alexandra screams as cum flows through her insides like a wave of liquid rapture. It fills her, slowly forcing the vibrator out as it begins to shoot upward into the air like a geyser. "Ahh...(pant)..stay...stay inside me Jude!...I....I want all of it!" She stammers, shaking and wide eyed as if possessed.

"But Madame you are at full capacity." J.U.D.A.S reluctantly replies.
"I dont care!...I dont....(pant)...I want it all!...I want it all to flow through me! Increase output now!"
Machines and alarms sound off as gallons of cum violently pour out of her and onto the floor, covering her and some of the cameras floating by. It gurgles and bubbles, slowly increasing in temperature as it reacts to her own oozing fluids.

Her pussy resonates with seismic electrical pulses that warm her as they slowly spread throughout her body with each  blissful orgasm. Wave after wave of impossible pleasure tears through her from her melting insides to her lifeless fingers and toes as hot roaring cum flows in a continuous heavy stream accompanied by powerful surges that shoot through her, vibrating and tickling her insides to the core.

Each surge becomes more intense and frequent while she begins climaxing in unison with every blast as each one spurts more cum out of her in violent sprays that hit the ceiling.
"I....oooohhhhh....I...uuhh..huhh...I.." Her eyes roll back and her whole body goes limp, leaving her arms and legs to flail wildly with each influx of cum that gushes its way through her unquenchable girl parts.

A high pitched ringing slowly increases in Alexandras ears as her vision is suddenly checkered in a purple pattern that begins flashing from clear to darkness as if someone was rapidly turning her senses on and off. She struggles to lift her head as she gazes once more at the explosion of cum cascading from her insides.

Smiling slowly with an exhausted but satisfied grin she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue as her head wobbles back and forth, both from delirium and the still constant upsurges of undulating dick nectar wriggling through every silky wet seam of her fluttering pinkness.
Spreading her tongue into a small bowl, she catches the random droplets of cum that rain down on her as she giggles from the extreme high and euphoria of a never ending orgasm.

She rolls her tongue back into her mouth and sinks back slowly. "Ahhhh!" Alexandra declares as she swallows the tingling shot of sweet quivering orgasm. It moves gently down her throat stimulating her body like a slow soft caress through her out of control recesses. Her vision and body sink into darkness in time with the gradual slide of cum down her esophagus as she feels weightless for a second before drifting off into a completely satiated sexual shutdown.

Her unconscious mind rattles with pleasure and she feels the warm, pink, wet, addictive glow of love and passion resonating from the cum inside her as she becomes a part of the overwhelming connection between Eric and the girls for a brief moment before completely giving in to her bodies exhaustion and fainting.

An hour later she wakes to the whirring and clanking of her little machines cleaning up. "Huh? What happened?" Where am....Oh." Alexandra asks herself in a drunken stupor. "Oww! Jeez did I run a marathon without stretching. Heh." She says as she sits up under the purple silk covers of her circular steel framed bed.
"Madame Alexandra!  Thank heavens you are alright."

J.U.D.A.S cheers out on every monitor and speaker at once with as much simulated excitement as his processors would allow. "Ok ok Jude, could you turn it down a bit? I feel like I got drunk and had my ass kicked."
"My most sincere apologies Madame."  Says J.U.D.A.S as he condenses his consciousness into a purple teddy bear with devil horns and a black silk cape, laying on Alexandras bed.

"Your vitals were completely incomprehensible. I was so worried for you!" He says clumsily standing up on fluffy teddy legs and walking towards her, hugging her long thin pale foot and tickling her toes as he nuzzles his fuzzy bear face on them.
"I cant believe I lost control like that. Thats certainly no way to run an experimental procedure of such importance!"

Alexandra scolds herself as she cleans her new red rimmed glasses with her sheets."Madame you should not be so hard on yourself. Perhaps you need further stimulation." Teddy Jude says as he unzips his lower half and extends a two foot vibrating golden penis.
"Oooh You dirty bear! You've been upgrading yourself. Ha haha." She laughs as she picks it up with her feet and pulls him in.

"Yes of course. You programmed me to care for you. If I am to remain relevant in Madame Alexandras life I must be adaptable to her needs and desires. And also I thought it might"
"Yes? Out with it silly bear!" Alexandra demands with a smile as she slides her glasses in to place on her nose with one finger.

"Well I thought it might lessen your disappointment my lady."
"Disappointment?!.....(gasp!)....Oohhh no! Alexandra cries out as she rips the sheets from around her naked body.
"What happened?! Did anything happen?! She asks as she looks down and slowly grabs her b cup breasts in a disappointed sigh. " all?"
"Well Madame since you've been out, I had time to analyze all the data and have put together a small presentation for........"

"Just tell me what happened Jude!" Alexandra interrupts as she picks Jude bear up by his gold member and holds him up in the air.
"Ahem, well Miss seems that you do not possess the proper composition to change the way you want to. Of course it is quite early in our research to just assume....."

"Wait, what do you mean "change the way I want to"?" Alexandra asks as she shakes Jude bear around like a wagging finger of resentment.
"" He stutters and stammers while being flung around until she abruptly stops.
"You did experience physical change Madame.  It seems to have increased the rate of your aging and height. I know its not what you wanted but if you will just look at the monitor you...Whooooaahh!!"

Alexandra throws Jude bear dick first across her room and into a computer screen that was displaying the various views and angles of all her most recent research and experiments.
"How much taller am I!" She growls slowly and gutterally.
"How much fucking older do I look Jude! Fuck! Oh fuck me!"
"My Lady I would be ever so honored to pleasure you but it would seem that piercing through this monitor has shorted out my......."

"Shut up bear! I didnt mean literally fuck me!
"Sorry Madame, based on the data from my extra sensory drones you have aged by five years, three months, eight days, thirteen hours, forty two minutes and fifteen sixteen

"Jude! What the fuck!" Alexandra screams.
"Terribly sorry my lady...and you are growing at a slowing rate of an inch every twenty minutes. Which if it keeps slowing I estimate an additional foot of....
Alexandra throws her glasses at Teddy Jude and slowly stands up as shiny purple silk falls in flowing waves off her extra long, slightly curvier pale legs.

She screams loudly as her monitors shatter and spark around her sending a powerful electrical surge through the entire facility that rumbles and quakes through the halls, echoing with her ear piercing wail as it vibrates the door to Eves room.

"Wait! Sshhhh! What was that?!" I ask with terrified concern.
"Oh thats just one of us screaming. It happens all the time. I use them as timers for myself throughout the day. One girl screams almost exactly at 7:30 every morning. I use it as an alarm to get up!" Eve says disturbingly nonchalant.
"Eve thats terrible! What if something bad is happening!"

I whisper as I squeeze her soft little body into my chest.
"It probably is. But you're here now and you're going to stop it right?" She smiles and looks up at me with her big beautiful yellow cat eyes. "Heeeee! Ahhhhh!" She squeals like a little girl in excitement as she rears her head back and sticks her tongue out in an exaggerated, almost cartoonish motion. With a quick jerk of her neck she pounces on my chest with her little hotpink tongue and licks. "Mmmm!" Eve declares with an adorable high pitched yummy noise.

She straddles my body as I remain pinned down by the weight of my giant unerect penis that had rolled off Eves back and flopped to the left of us moments before.
It is now nine feet long and two feet thick with testicles the size of two overinflated beach balls. It is still growing slightly, even though Im not aroused.

I roll to my side, slowly and with much effort sliding Eve to my left and sandwiching her between my monster dick as I push my balls behind me with my legs."What are we doing daddy?" Eve asks as she curls into a little ball and faces me.I reach upward over my head and grab the huge tip of my penis.

Bringing it closer to my head I prop myself up and use it as a pillow holding it in place as my shaft rounds out and forms a makeshift fort of squishy dick meat that surrounds Eve.
"Ohhh I see! How neat! Can I sleep like this everynight?!" She asks as I drag her upward face to face and lay her on her back, allowing her to stretch out as she drapes her her little legs up over the base of my cock wall, rubbing it with her tiny soft feet.

I lightly caress her naked spread out body with my fingertips, slightly tickling her as they leave spreading trails of goose bumps across her ivory skin that harden her perfect, round, light pink little nipples.
Kissing her forehead I say with a gentle sigh.

"I am here now my little baby girl and I am going to save you all.......even if I have to grow a dick big enough to bring this whole place down."
Eve smiles and closes her eyes as she nuzzles my face and kisses me with her shiny, puffy soft lips. "Ahhhh. My daddy. Hee hee!" She says with a blissfully proud sigh.

"Um....but.....Eve? There is....well its just....can I ask you something?" I ask hesitantly.
"You can ask me anything silly!" She replies as she turns her head to snuggle with my dick.
"Well Im kinda scared for the answer but Im not really like....actually your father in some weird rape of science am I?"

"Heee hee! No you're not my father! How could you be? Im older remember? Ha ha! But you are my daddy! Why? You dont wanna be my daddy?" Eve says with a fake child like pout.
"I will be whatever you want cutie pie. I belong to you." I say as I lightly kiss her neck.

"Mmmmm well then.......I want you to let me tell you all that important stuff you wanted to know so badly and not interrupt me every time you hear a girl screaming. Kay?
She says in a much more serious and womanly tone that I have not yet heard from her.
"Um.......Sure!" I say with muffled enthusiasm.

"That way we can hurry up and get back to......hmmmm, how did you put it? "Growing a dick big enough to bring the whole place down!" Hee hee!"
As if nodding in agreement, my engorged penis eagerly bulges out by another foot in response to Eves desires. Veins swell out as they grow warmer and beat in sync with her increasingly hot, wet little pussy pulses.

"Ooohhhh!" She yelps as she grabs her petite, round, snow white butt and jolts her hips upward. Clenching each cheek she gasps for air as if suddenly frightened and then lets it out in a slow contented sigh, lowering her daintily trembling body.

"Aahhhh! you know where we are?" Eve asks as she plafully pats my dick with her delicate feather soft feet.
"Alice told me we were trapped in some kind of "last resort rehab place" where they are trying to cure us?" I reply.
"Ha! Thats Alice alright. She was one of the last born so she never had a handler. She barely knows a thing, you know?

Just a wild animal running on instinct and sexual desire. But then we all kind of are to some degree. Arent we daddy?" Eve asks teasingly as she licks the curve of my cock wall surrounding her.
"Mmmmmmmm! The snozzberries taste like snozzberries! Hee hee hee! Thats from one of my favourite movies. Its the only one my handler would let me watch when I was a really little girl."

She says as she smiles and gazes upward, humming the theme song to Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.
"You remind me of that movie. Heehee. My own personal paradise." She lets out a satisfied sigh and returns to licking me.

"What is a handler? Can I be your handler?" I ask while helping myself to the task of handling Eves perky, soft, cantaloupe sized breasts and massaging their undersides as I gently kiss around her areolas.

"! Please stop!....stop asking me things if you insist on making me so wet daddy! I cant focus! Its very frustrating. All I want to do is rub myself on your big fat dick!.....Oooohh...! I want......I want! I want to eat your cum! Hee hee! I want to lay across the room and watch it......ooooh, grow towards my open legs. I want to coat every inch of it in my wetness as I grind my aching pussy into it.....yours! Its your Pussy! Ahhh.....Im yours! Oooohhhh!" Eve squeals as her body shivers in a carnal frenzy and she cums without a touch, just from the thought of making love to me.

My cock, now a ten foot mass of soft, floppy, pulsating flesh, swells out another foot as it plumps up in response to Eves orgasm. My balls begin to fill and round out to a single sac as they tighten and churn in preparation, under the command of her sweet soaking love slit.

I sit up, realigning my dick outward away from me and slowly roll it upright as I use my hind legs like a forklift to move the pulsating bulk of slowly growing balls behind me.
"Come here baby girl." I beckon as I hold one arm out and and pat the two foot wide mound of dick in front of me.
She says nothing as she stands up wide eyed and stares at me sitting naked in her bed on my knees with eleven feet of simmering cock meat fully extended across it and and two bean bag chairs worth of quivering nutsac skin resting on her pillows.

Eve cums again as she steps over my dick to stradle it. Her succulent candied orgasm squirts slightly from between her legs as her knees give out and she collapses clumsily onto me.
I catch her and lightly squeeze her soft delicate little body into mine.
"Heh...... I cant look at you with out cuming." Eve whispers in a heavy hot breath as she looks up at me slowly and bashfully.
"Well then cum my sweet little baby girl." I say with a smile as I kiss her forehead and drop her onto my dick.

Her slippery wet little pussy lips drench my bloated warm penis skin in a soothing kiss of tingling juices that make it grow more."Uhhhh! Uhhh huuh! Its heaven Daddy!"Eve yells as she arches her back and leans away from me. I run my fingers down her body and hold her tiny waist as she holds her arms up and leans back further.

"Oooohhhhhaaahh!" She screams as her girl parts flood with streams of cum and juice that pour down the sides of me.
I lean forward and grab her, slowly grinding her hips downward as I press her pussy harder onto my shaft. I uncontrollably start thrusting myself forward, trying my hardest to remain unaroused and focus on finding some answers. But there is more dick than me and I slowly lose control to it as it obeys the commands of Eves body.

"Ah...Ah....Ah!!" Eve moans as her head bobs up and down with every orgasm, leaning back with her head upside down and her arms stretched out like wings. She smiles as her eyes look upward towards my mammoth dick, a big pulsing canoe sized pile of flacid flesh that was now twelve feet long and still growing.

"!...want to view paradise!..Simply look AH!.... around and view it!...Ohhh...hee hee! Anything you want to!...Ahhhh....ha ha!"
Eve sings lightly to herself, dangling backward as her body jerks every few seconds, each time becoming less violent until she suddenly jerks upward and stares at me with her hypnotic, dilated, wide open eyes and continues to sing "Do it."

Regaining control of herself she kisses me and stands up with her knees bent, hovering over my gently rising member by only a few inches as she slides back and forth on her own immense puddle of delicious wetness.
"Heh..ah..heh..A the person charged with taking care of us. Each one of us had our own. My handlers name was Carmen, she was the closest thing to a mom I had before everyone left."

Eve rests her head on my chest as she elegantly kisses the beads of sweat forming at the center away.
"What happened to your parents?" I ask while my steadily increasing cock chub reacts to her puddle of slick pussy nectar by  thickening slightly as it begins to protrude a few inches off my hips on both sides.

She stands up slowly on the weak trembling knees of a freshly deflowered girl and laughs.
"Ha ha ha! You really dont know anything do you? We dont have parents silly!" She says as she gets on all fours and rubs her face and body against me like a cat.
"Thats not true! My parents dropped me off here, not to mention raised me from infancy."

I say slighty defensive as my body shudders from Eves full body rub down. She drags her tiny baby soft figure against the length of my dick as she licks and kisses it all the way down towards the tip and around back up to me.
"We were born here Eric. We were made here." She says looking up as she drags her tongue through the inner curve of my hips and crawls behind me.

"Oh my god! Look at you daddy!" She proclaims as she dreamily gazes at my enourmous mound of churning balls while crawling to the center of them and pressing her face between their palpitating, wrinkled confines, slowly sinking downward.

She rubs her hands in circular motions on each ball as she sweetly motor boats between them with an adorable little engine noise.
"W...w...what do you mean here?" I ask, desperately trying with every fiber of my being to not get aroused as my colossal cock extends to fourteen feet and pours off the side of the bed down to the floor.

"Did your parent's......I mean handlers ever let you read the bible?" Eve asks rolling on her back and sprawling out over the full expanse of my soft swollen sac flesh as she burrows and nestles into them like a dog trying to mask its odor.
" really but Im...Ah....aware of alot of the...oohhh....stories that most people are I guess...mmmm...Why?" I ask unable to mask the pleasure Im in as Eve presses and kneads like a cat into my giant aching balls that were sore from their extreme growth and cum brewing.

"So then you know.......about genesis and......the creation?" Eve asks inbetween tiny little licks and kisses of my goose bump covered sac skin.
"Sure...alot of But its more or less...just a story...a fairytale right? And what...ahhh!...does tha...that have to do with any....unngh...any of this!" I ask as I lean backward against my loveseat sized balls and look up at her.
"It has everything to do with everything silly!" Eve shouts and sits up to rest my head in her lap, draping her velvety soft perky breasts onto my face as she leans forward in an attempt to greedily touch my mammoth mass of cock meat before giving up and sitting back with a defeated shrug.

"Sigh....well a long time ago a group of explorers were traveling through the inner caverns of the Tibesti mountains in Africa. At the center of the mountain range, deep inside was a huge open cave full of water  that was covered in complete darkness. All except for a tiny piece of land that was just big enough for a single tree. It stood twelve feet tall and and shined under a single beam of light that somehow managed to slip through miles of stone and dirt."

Eve pauses for a moment and lifts my head out her lap as she rolls over and slides her tender butt back under me like a squishy little pillow.
"Mmmmm! Hee hee! Thats better! She says as she drapes her precious petite legs over my shoulders and tickles my stomach with her toes.
I turn my head and nuzzle my face on her left butt cheek as I lightly kiss it. Her luscious rump skin is intoxicating and smells like vanilla on perfectly shaped little lady mounds of smooth creamy butt flesh that warmed the more I touched them.

"Ooooohhh." She shudders in a reserved whisper as she continues.
"At the base of the tree were two tiny piles of bone fragments and hair. Two people, a man and a woman under an ancient apple tree. Sound familiar?" Eve asks as she retracts her leg back and grazes my cheek with the bottom of her baby soft foot.  I kiss it each time she draws it near as she teasingly sways it back and forth in front of my face.
"What?......Smooch!....Like Adam.....Smooch! and Eve? I reply between kisses.
"Hee hee haha! Yes!...Yes thats it!" She laughs as she lightly dabs her toes on my extended tongue.

"Two ancient piles of dust, older than any known human remains ever documented before. Just sitting at the center of the Tibesti mountains, in the heart of Africa. Which was once the center of an even greater continent, we call it Pangea......but they called it...........Eden." Eve turns and looks at me slowly with the spooky seriousness of a campire story as she puts both feet on my face and presses me into her butt. I feel it tense and rise up slightly as the heat and wetness from her pussy warms my neck.

I run my hands up her legs to her enticing little feet and grab them as I rub their bottoms across my face kissing and licking them. Her supple mouth watering toes spread apart as she laughs and I suck on each one, tightening my lips around them as I swirl my tongue on their honey sweet tips.

"Hee hee ha! Daddy.....mmmmm!......I dont think you're taking this very seriously!"  Eve says giggling as she shakes her butt back and forth, rocking my head from one jiggly cheek to the other.
"Hmmm?....pop!....well it soundths....pop!....kinna crazthy.....pop! I say as I release my lips from each toe, creating a popping sound of suction.

"Would you like to see!?" She says as she sits up and raises her butt out from under my head, dragging her body backward over me. She slides her divine precious wet pinkness over my face, drizzling me in her juices as I stick my tongue out and lick between her legs for the first time. She tastes like cherries as her addictive oozing essence coats my lips making my mouth tingle in an orgasmic shiver that makes me feel light headed and euphoric.

"Aaaahhhh! Ha ha ha! Oh my gosh it feels so good!" She screams, uncontrollably jerking her body as she slides down my chest and stomach, landing on my dick. She cums again as she makes contact with it, making me grow to a staggering fifteen feet long.

"Ohh...ohh..heh....heh...I think..I think Im starting to get the hang of this! Before you know it I will be able to pleasure you as you have me. Weee hee hee hee!" Eve pants as she darts up and clumsily tumbles over me onto the bed.
"Hee hee cumming so hard makes my legs not want to work!"
She crawls off the bed bouncing and skipping to the center of the huge mirrored wall facing the bed.
"My room is special! Do you know why!" Eve asks coyly as she sticks her butt out at me and wags it like an excited puppy.
"Well is it something other than the migraine inducing pink light reflected for infinity in all directions?

Because thats pretty special." I say with a smirk as I slowly stand up from between my boiling, bubbling balls that were now just below my hips and rising. My monumental mass of squishy cock flesh bloats even further, protruding from my sides by a few more inches.
"Silly everythings mirrored panels. I have other rooms here too, this is just my bedroom. The pink is for my eyes, they're sensitive to light. And the mirrors....those are for you! Well mostly me, but you too! Ive dreamed of it since I was a really little girl."

"Hee hee! To be able look in every direction and see you loving me. Its always been you. My dream come true! Oohhh how lovely! To be able to watch myself receive your love! Its what I need! what Ive always felt! Its what we are meant to do!" Eve shouts as she presses a hidden panel that illuminates a grid of blue neon behind a mirrored wall. It spreads into a rectangular shape that cleans itself of reflective surface like slowly dissipating smoke to reveal a huge clear window.
"Tah dah! Look! Im the only girl with a window! Heehee!" She giggles, propping one foot up in the air and posing like a ballerina.

"Eve...nnggghhh!....what are we looking at? Urrggghhh!" I ask stepping to the side and trying to adjust my self as I drag my giant growing member to the edge of the bed with a sudden unexplainable anxiety and desperation to get closer. My balls tighten up and spring upward dangling an inch above the ground allowing me to move my body, adapting to the situation and immediately feeling lighter as I step off the bed. Walking forward, my massive nutsac leaks off the edge behind me, making a thunderous "Smack!" as it hits the ground and quickly tightens back up, allowing me to stand. I waddle forward as my four foot wide expanse of testicle meat swings back and forth behind me with each step.

All fifteen feet of my pounding veiny dick flesh flop to the floor in a chain reaction as it pulls itself off the bed to join me. Hundreds of pounds of cock feel like nothing as I step forward, it jerks like the quick pop of a rope or whip, straightening out and facing my line of sight which is directed towards Eve.

"Oh my god! How can you walk! Its amazing! Its! Oh my god! Come here! Please! Come here! Uhh ahh ohhhh!" Eve screams as her body jerks and she slides down the wall onto her butt with her legs spread open, exploding inside as she lightly splatters the floor with her unbridled orgasm.
"Pleeeease daddy! Please!" She begs as she holds her arms out, shaking from savage lust and fantasy.

My dickhead bobs up, sloppily spurting in response to Eves crippling desire and slithers towards her as I walk forward. With minimal effort I slide across her room, being guided by my own throbbing dick. It glides forward like a snail on a trail of precum, as it slips over her feet and between her legs, coating her in clear strings of cock slime that ooze between her toes.

She grips my dickhead between her feet squeezing and rubbing as she drags it towards her anxiously gushing girl parts.
Her pussy lips clench and pucker while sweet fuck honey sputters out violently as if trying to verbally convey its out of control desire to be ravaged.
Stepping forward I reduce the space between us to just the length of my colossal cock as it discharges buckets of precum like a hose being unkinked, spashing all over Eves lower half.

She bucks forward, lifting her drenched, scorching love slit to the thundering lips of my dick tip and presses them together like a soaking wet sloppy smooch. An explosion of sexual electricity shudders through our love parts as she screams and shivers, instantly cumming, causing a burst of our flowing sex fluids to mix together and squirt upward like little wet fireworks.
Eves tender quivering pussy lips blossom open and suction to my urethra like a magnet.

"Mmmm ooohh oh see! We are made for each other daddy! Like..Ahh!!... pieces of a puzzle! She screams, absorbing my precum as her rumbling cunt gulps it into her. Eves eyes roll back and she climaxes every couple of seconds causing her own cum to erupt outward against the flow of mine, gushing out in splattering rings of an exquisite love cocktail.

Our connection floods my mind with images and random thoughts. Memories that were not mine bombard me and I see two hands embracing infront of a white glowing tree, a kiss, a bite of an apple, an earthquake, passionate never ending sex and Eve much younger touching herself in the darkness of her room as she screams my name out.

I step forward with my arms out and I slowly shuffle towards her, walking to the side as my dick curves behind me. Uncontrollably thrusting my hips as it grows another foot slightly chubbing out from the sensation of Eve rubbing her incredible pink candy in circular motions on my dick tip.

My big fat sixteen foot penis starts to react to my  gestures and thoughts as it moves in a counterclockwise motion against the caressing of her fluttering coochie, massaging my clear spewing cock lubricant into her soaked nether region.
" is this!?"
My amazement and lust leave me speechless and I thurst forward more, clinching my body as I try to gain further control of my dick.

It moves and slithers in waves like a tentacle between Eves legs and she tightens her grip on it with her inner thighs, stroking the sides with her soft feet as she follows the contour of my bulging veins with her tender toes. "Oh ohhhhh it feels so good!" She yells as I slowly scoop her up with my penis, sliding upward against the window, I bring her to an upright postion and she sits on top of my growling dick head, straddling me.

I lunge forward and kiss her madly as I ravenously feel her body with my hands. My mind is torn and I am overcome by my crushing desire to pleasure Eve and my out of control instinct to become more, to grow more, to gain complete control of my body, and pleasure Eve even more, to pleasure her even better, to transcend beyond pleasure to something the world hasnt seen since its creation, to create heaven on earth.

"Oh god I want you so bad Eve! I want you all so bad! I can feel you! I can feel the unsatisfiable aching in your delicious little pussy. It calls to me! Its controlling me! Making my dick growl! Making it grow bigger! I wanna love you! I want to give you eternal ecstasy!" I whisper to her, raising her up with my dick a little more, clinching my butt as I thrust my hips in the direction I want it.

I ferociously kiss her neck and drag my tongue down her chest as I bring her creamy breasts to my face. Kissing along their bottoms, I rub and knead her baby soft tit flesh into me. Bringing one of her perfect shiny pink nipples to my mouth I kiss it and watch as it hardens immediately to my touch."Heeheehee! Oh please suck them! Mmmm! I Want...ooh...I want you to lick and suck them both right now!" Eve demands.  

I stare into her eyes longingly with a smile as I drag my wet lips in circles over the hard wrinkled areola skin surrounding her inch long nipple. I push them in like buttons with my tongue and then suck them deep into my mouth, alternating from one nipple to other and then both at the same time.

She cums again as I steadily try to coil my dick underneath her like a snake. Tilting the head of my prehensile penis, I drop Eve into a four foot tall bundle of stacked penis meat as I bring my massive cock tip to her face, dribbling an endless flow of precum on her.

"Hahaha! Oh my fucking god! Eric this is....mmmmm!..... better than heaven! Better than anything!.....Ahhhhhhh!....Your a dream! My dream!......I....I cant stop cumming! I dont want to stop cumming!"
Eve declares as she twists and turns inside my dick coil, desperately grabbing for the mouth of my serpent like member.
"Here my little baby." I say as I rest her head back against my gyrating pile of love muscle and dangle its tip over her mouth, temporarily preventing the endless preseminal spring from dripping on her. I run my fingers through her hair as I pull her pigtails out and delicately drape her long flowing white hair down my shaft.

"Oh please....mmmm...please!" Eve begs as I lightly trickle my fingers down the sides of her face and to her mouth. Running my fingers across her lips I open her mouth and slowly drop my dick head towards it, unclenching my urethra as precum spurts out onto her lips.
"Mmmm...oooh its good!....its so good daddy! I want it allglghh!" She gurgles as she locks lips with my oozing member and guzzles down gargantuan gulps of cock goo. It pours out of her mouth in rivers and spurts as she smears it into her body slowly filling my cock cocoon.

"Ahh haha!..heh..heh..oh its making me so fucking horny! I feel like im going to go crazy!" I tighten my dicks grip on Eve, slowly spinning her back and forth like a washing machine as my vibrating stack of dick rings massage the shower of precum into her body. Eve slips and slides around in a cum soaked corkscrew as the full body hug of my tingling orgasm inducing dick skin plunders her body of the purest pleasure shes ever experienced.

"Aaaaahhhhhh! (Pant!) Aahhh (Pant!) oooohhh!" She screams as her body shoots up and stiffens like a puppet being jerked. Her eyes roll back in her head and she falls back letting out a long gasp as she dangles upside down over my curled up cock tower, tickling me with her cum soaked hair.
"Ahhhhhhh! Mmmm! Hee hee heh! Do you (Pant!) see it daddy?

Eve pants, barely able to hold her shaking hand up as she points out the window in the direction of a leafless white tree with a golden glowing aura that resonates a low humming when directly looked at. I am drawn to it, as its glare catches my eye and assaults my mind with the screams of desire and despair from Eves sisters.

It is accented by a single beam of light that reflects off the water, creating a beautiful haze of light blue phosphorescent illumination throughout the entire cave. A pink mist hovers over the ground and brief electrical flashes flicker in the water where parts of the apple trees roots are exposed. "Welcome to the garden of Eden Eric! Welcome home!" Eve says as she hugs my waist upside down, still dangling from my flexing pile of dick loops.

"Did you see it? Did you see what happened!? Do you feel it now?" Eve asks as she rights herself and holds her arms out towards me. I sit back on my engorged balls, now nearly the size of a twin bed, and lean forward. Clenching my lower half I pick Eve up with my dick and unravel her into my lap. She slides out and I hold her in my arms as I stand back up.

"They both took the apple, didnt they? They picked it and ate from it and did this!? Did this to the world! Did...what we are doing now! Is that why I can do this?! Is that why I killed Le....." I ask frantically, trying to make sense of the surge of memories and information besieging my mind. "Are they real?

Are these memories mine.....ours? Why can I see your dreams? Why do I know how to do these things? Why do we share the same thoughts?!" I uncontrollably unload on Eve with a barrage of questions, scared and confused as my mind spins with information.

"Oh Daddy please do not be frightened." She pleads as she squeezes me tightly, wrapping her legs around my waist and locking them.
"God made Adam and Eve from his eternal love! They were made to love each other. They were made to make love to each other. Love for eternity in paradise! Do you feel it?! Feel me inside you! We will feel so much more when we are free! I will feel your pleasure and you will feel mine and we will feel everyone elses pleasure all at once!

Ohhh! All my sister's. All of us. We are meant for you! We belong to you! Only your love can free us. Make us whole!" Eve comforts me, breathing heavily as she grinds her pussy into my lower stomach.
"The bible teaches that a serpent tricked Eve into taking the forbidden fruit. But we know that the serpent wasnt a snake and that it  didnt cum till much later." I smirk as Eve looks up at me, making sure Im okay and seeking approval for her joke as she slides down my hips and drops onto my dick.

"(Gasp!) Ooohh!" She silently shudders as she cums on contact again. I flex my hips and rise the hilt portion of my monster cock into a hump, pressing her into my body. She rubs her face into my chest, holding a single tiny milky hand over my heart. She looks up at me with extreme contentment and continues. "They picked the apple and held it up between themselves, both taking a single bite at once and dropping it.

The apple instantly decayed from their sacrilege, leaving nothing but a black core as it dropped to the ground. The earth trembled, the apple tree wilted and the garden darkened as the roots holding Eden together withered and died, breaking up the world into the many continents we see now.

The garden sank deep within the earth leaving Adam and Eve imprisoned in darkness with nothing but the glow of the great tree. The apples energy, the power and knowledge of the gods surged through them. But because they were made from Gods endless love, they could only acheive ascension through love. So they made love.

They loved each other endlessly, creating pleasures never dreamed of before by any creator. They rejected Gods limited human shell and molded their bodies to orgasmic perfection, pure temples of infinite ecstasy. Massive monuments of flesh, fucking and loving, sustaining each other with their own love fluids for a lifetime...oohhh its just incredible!" Eve declares excitedly as she throws her arms up and falls back into a reclining position.  "Aahhhh! Hee hee!..........Of course that isnt why we were made.

"What do you mean? How do you know all of this?" I ask curving my dick behind me as I slowly turn around to face the bed.
"Didnt you see it too daddy? Didnt the tree show you? Eve replies as she rubs my chest and stomach with her velvety soft feet.

"You and that.....tree showed me many things, but im still trying to comprehend them. I mean God? For real, the God? Ive probably "sinned" enough in the last forty eight hours to merit a one way trip to Hell! I mean right?! And like...who made us....seriously! Made us!....And where are they now?" I ask as I run my fingers over her toes slowly caressing her little legs downward to her silky inner thighs.

"No Eric! I love you! We can not deny what we are meant to do. To love is not a sin. And we will always be innocent in the eyes of the creator. We did not will ourselves to be! Nor can we be held responsible for the sins of the people who made us."

Eves voice deepens into her more serious womanly tone again as she sits up and places her hand on my face. I feel soothed immediately as if her touch absolves me of my burdens like a church confessional. "Heh well thats convenient." I whisper as I bashfully look down, nuzzling her soft tiny hand like a dog looking for more affection.

"I dont know how or who made this place....or us for that matter. But I know there are a lot of us. I can feel them. I have heard them, screaming out into the night. Just like me, dreaming and wishing for you! For your love! Needing your touch so badly it hurts. I feel their pain just as I feel their pleasure, but it is only through you that we can be whole."

"It is written that Eve was created from Adams rib, I believe that in the same sense we all need you to be complete. To ascend to a higher level of being. To take control of our destinies, of our bodies, to be able to shape and mold ourselves and our love to infinity!" Eve declares as she gets excited and uncontrollably starts touching herself.

"Oh Eve I wish.....I wish there was a way to show you how much I care for you! My mind! My body! They are seething with a million different impulses to love and pleasure you! How could anyone create such perfection and leave any of you?!" I ask as I straighten my dick out towards Eves bed.

Pressing my five foot wide, three foot tall, cum filled sac against the wall, I lean into it. Thrusting forward I lengthen my dick another four feet using the excess width of cock flesh jutting out from my sides to reduce its girth back to two feet. Twenty feet of warm slithering dick extend to the center of Eves bed like a fleshy throbbing bridge.

"Ohhh daddy! How can anyone not see your love? I know you care for me! For all of us! Just look at the big fat gorgeous dick you've grown for me! You are so special Eric! So much more than you realize. I remember the moment your were created. Even though I had only been alive for a year, I felt you! The moment your consciousness came to be, I felt you in me."

"A warmth that grew inside me as I got older! Your love, my desire! A warm aching and longing for you! For your touch....your flesh! A warmth that grew even stronger between my legs as I reached puberty and then...then manifested its way out of me as it has to all of us."

"Allowing us to change, to grow, to feel and experience an endless paradise of pleasures!" Eve rolls over onto her knees and presses her soft jiggly butt into my stomach, rubbing it in circles as she balances on me.

"Im not more special than any one of you Eve. We are all one, we belong together, all of us....we are connected body and soul." I say leaning forward as I lick and kiss the delicious curves of her shapely pale white butt.

"Ahh uh huh! Your very existence is a miracle! You see, the tree had rooted around the remains of Eve, keeping them secure and preserved in an airtight pocket. Adams body  however had fallen into the surrounding water slowly dissolving over the millenia.
The only trace of him was a black fifty foot long, dick shaped shadow that stretched outward from the tree along the lake bed."

"It wasnt until almost a year later under an eye shaped knot of bark did they find you. The eye had been leaking out sap in individual tears that pooled into the root grooves at the base of the tree. It dried and sealed just enough of Adams genetic material to create you. From the moment of your conception you glowed with an aura of sexual energy and power."

"Because of your exposure to the sap you grew fast, fast enough to catch up with those of us that were created before you, and then you were gone. I couldnt feel you anymore. All that was left was an empty longing for you. For years." Eve says as she looks back at me and shakes her butt back and forth on me like a frustrated puppy.

"Why would they take me away?" I ask as I slowly curve my dick up and backwards towards us. "I dont know daddy. Most likely because of the effect you have just being within the vicinity of us. But I have felt you again before this. Most importantly right before everyone left us here three years ago. The year when our bodies began to change simultaneously and we were consumed by the effects of puberty.....something must have happened here."

"To you, to us, something unexpected. Because the makers dropped everything and left us here with no explanation or understanding of what was happening to our bodies. We grew alone and out control for an entire year. It was......" Eve pauses as she gazes dreamily upward and smiles.

"Wait three years ago? Thats when....when, when...Lexi and I....when I... I pause and start to sink back into darkness as my mind fixates on the past, but just as I begin to, I remember Alice and smile. "Heh um nevermind. But you, you were here? In this room alone for a year? How did you survive? How did anyone survive?" I ask curling my two hundred and forty inch cock into a ring as I dangle its head over Eves back.

"Oh this place is completely self sustaining with an energy core that runs on geothermal energy from the volcanoes! It is all run by the facilities A.I system J.U.D.A.S, he took care of us until.......until Lady Alexandra came here and fitted us with the restriction harnesses." Eve replies as she arches her back and pokes her little butt further up in the air, eagerly trying to rub my pendulous dick bulb.

"Judas? what sort of name is that to have in the hypothetical "Garden of Eden"? Might as well go with Benedict Arnold or Saddam Hussein while we're at it." I tease as I lightly dab her butt with moist cock lip kiss marks of dribbling dick dew. "Oh hee hee ooh....It stands for juvenile ultra development augmentation system."

"He was really quite nice before she took over." Eve says as she grabs the outer edge of my dick head and presses it into her butt, smacking herself with it as clear streams of precum splatter with each individual spank.

"And what about her? Alexandra, the tall woman. Where did she come from? What does she want?" I ask clumsily rubbing her back and head with my bulging cock cap.
"I honestly do not know anything about her Eric. She came here and began making more of us. She hasnt always been so tall. And my body is familiar with her in some way.

"Something I cant explain, but my skin knows her some how. Thats all I know......Soooo......Did I do good daddy!?" Eve asks as she slides her knees forward into a crouch and raises her butt into the air like a cat in heat.

"You sure did baby girl!" I sweetly reply while I  hug her into me, squeezing her bent over body into my face as I run my tongue down her smooth ivory butt and into her frenzied pussy. "Ohhhh dont stop! Ahhh heh...hold me up! Hold me up in the air and tongue fuck me daddy!" Eve cries and turns around to face me, still balancing on my monstrous dick ring as she holds her arms out.

"Mmmmm heeheehee!" She giggles in excitement as I place my hands under her arms and lift her up over my head. "Oooohhh!" She wails as I drag her quivering pussy lips over my face and kiss around them. Her legs dangle down the sides of my face as her toes spread and shiver tickling my sides. "Who taugh ooo to be stho derdee lil girl?"

I ask coyly as my voice vibrates the inner folds of Eves delicious cherry cunt candy. Her body jerks and her back arches as she places her feet on my face, spreading her legs open. "Ooohhh my God! Oh it feels so good! Uh huh uh ohh! Dont stop hahaha!

To be continued....
So after something like a year ive finally continued this. I had so much to reveal this chapter and it took forever. I may lose a few of you on this one. I went a little wild with the story line but its the direction I always imagined for it. Not completely satisfied with it so I will most likely change alot over time, just wording and what not. Hope you enjoy! 
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A haze of darkness washes over me. Flashes of light and memories spark through my mind. I hear music and fragments of conversation. "The girls are expendable! All that matters is him and me!" I overhear as I come to for a brief second. Bursts of pink neon light wash over me. I feel drugged and I daze in and out of consciousness for hours, maybe days or weeks.

I feel the tall woman who called herself Alexandra standing over me. Sometimes crying or yelling. I hear her moans of sexual desire echo through my mind as I experience incredible dream like pleasure followed by extreme pain. I lay strapped down, lost in my own mind unable to move or speak, thinking of Alice and everything she said.

And then I awake in complete darkness. No longer restrained I sit up. Dizzy and disoriented I call out into the black thickness. "Hello?.....Alice?.....anyone?" My sheets tighten and pull away from me as I hear a slight rustling next to me on the bed. Suddenly a flicker of fire from a lighter illuminates the room in three individual sparks and I make out a little face in the darkness.

She lights up a cigarette and inhales, returning the room to black and disappearing back into it, leaving tiny orange trails of light in the air as she smokes. "Is there a light?" I ask anxiously. "I knew you would come!" Says the girl in an excited whisper. Her tiny bare foot touches my chest and she runs her toes downward over my stomach. "Hee hee, you don't like the darkness?" She asks as she makes her way down to my bulge and rubs it with her teeny little toes.

"I would like to see you if that's okay." I sternly reply. "Hmmm, well I suppose its only fair since I've seen ALL of you the last couple of days. Your a deep sleeper you know that? Hee hee!" She takes her foot off me and presses it against a panel in the headboard of the bed. A single pink neon light in the center of our room turns on and reflects off the mirrored walls and ceiling.

We are at the center of a massive empty room, our reflections trailing off a few dozen times in every direction. My eyes then adjust and fixate on the little girl in my bed next to me smoking. She is four feet tall and looks incredibly young. She has long straight hair in pigtails, it is white but reflects the pink light and hangs down to her hips.

She is on her back with her legs spread and her feet up in the air, wearing a black tank top that barely covers her perfectly rounded cantaloupe sized breasts. It says "100% pure whoop ass" on it and was purposely cut at the bottom so her enticing, snow white boobs could hang out. They lay perched on top of her petite frame, perky and together with puffy pink nipples that were starting to show through the stretched fabric as they quickly hardened.

Her body is also fitted with a metal restraint but this one is on her lower half. A big cold metal pair of panties with blue lights and tubes and the same big heart shaped keyhole over her little coochie. "Who are you little girl?" I ask as I sit up and adjust my dick that had returned to its previous size of three and a half feet and been stuffed into a giant pair of underwear. "Little girl!? I'm older than you Eric! And my name is Eve."

"How do you know my nam..mmmfrgle!" She interrupts me by putting her little white toes in my mouth. Her skin is soft and her toes taste sweet, leaving a sugary after taste. "Shhhh." She says as she places her foot over my mouth. "I know you very well Eric. You belong to me. You belong to all of us."

Eve sits up and flicks her cigarette across the room. Leaning forward she drags her body across mine and rubs her face on me like a cat from my dick to my chest, sticking her little toungue out every few inches to taste me. She stops and makes eye contact with me. Her great big beautiful yellow eyes are hypnotic and scan my body like a tiger about to pounce on its prey. "You belong to all of us.....just as we belong to you."

She makes a quick motion towards my face and grazes her lips over mine, sticking out her toungue slightly to catch the corner of my mouth. "Mmmm!" She excitedly exclaims. "Your taste! Your scent! Ooooohhhh!" Her eyes flutter and her knees buckle, shaking with sexual frustration. "I want it all over me!" Eve whispers with extreme elation as she quickly jumps off of me and crawls to my front.

Slowly rubbing her hands and face over the full mound of dick and balls between us. She bites my underwear and pulls, making adorable little growling noises. "Wait Eve! I want to kno....." I'm interrupted as she opens the three foot dick flap on my underwear and starts forcing herself in. Giggling to herself she begins to crawl around inside my enormous custom briefs, hugging, kissing and tickling me as she rubs her body all over my slowly hardening cock and churning balls.

I laugh and jerk back as she smears her body and tongue over the wrinkles of my balls. "Eve!? Aahhh! Please! Could you..." I'm interrupted again as she pops her head out of my waist band and looks up at me with her great big doe eyes and and smiles. "I'm sorry daddy, I just can't help myself when your around." She pauses to lightly lick my dick that is slowly stealing the available space in my underwear and pressing her into it even more.

"None of us can! Our bodies prepare themselves for your love. Ever since they first brought you here we've been in a frenzy." "what do...ahh! mean?!" I ask trying not to show the crippling pleasure I'm experiencing from her incredible touch that is extremely amplified and intoxicating. Like a flash of lightning Eve stands up, having lost her shirt in my briefs, she leans forward and presses her cool soft body into mine hugging me as she intentionally buries her throbbing hard nipples into my stomach.

She rubs her face on my chest and licks upward looking into my eyes as she quivers from her extreme horniness softly speaking in light pants. "My...pussy...has been..dripping...for you..since you entered this.... place a...week ago!" She slowly slips herself back down into my underwear and continues swimming around. "Uuhhaaahh! But what about!.....ahhh....and!" I continue attempting further questions untill Eve sandwiches herself between my huge growing chubbed erection and tightening balls.

"Heeheehee! Destroy these awful briefs Eric! Burst through them with your great big beautiful dick!" She pleads as she licks like a cat in tiny little tongue smears across the bottom of my swelling erection, which has lengthened by a foot and is still growing. Eve hugs it and presses her creamy warm breasts into it, squeezing it between her cushiony soft little thighs as I continue hardening and thickening between her legs, slowly pressing her into my filling balls.

I thrust forward, uncontrollably flexing my dick causing it to extend another foot and half and pull my tearing waistband away from me as my knees crumple from Eve's orgasmic touch. "Oooohhh....its...incredible! I can... (pant)...I can feel your heartbeat! I can feel your surging blood flow! Its.... (pant)...magic. The raw sexual power! I've waited!..Ahhhh!....I've waited my entire life!! You WILL satisfy me... (pant)...won't you daddy!? She yells as she begins to lose control of herself in the frenzy of the enslaving addiction to our tingling hyper sensitive skin touching.

Her touch is unlike anything I've ever experienced, even with Alice. My dick throbs and stretches, growing bigger and bigger, obeying the tiny soft fingertips of Eve as she shapes it with her lust and hunger. My dick pounds like a heart bobbing up and down as it pulls and tears the strained fabric of my briefs forward. A burst of energy shoots through my now six foot dick, thickening it by a foot in an instant. The sudden surge violently tears at the seams of my underwear as my massive spreading dick and ball skin begin to bulge out of my leg holes and waistband.

Eve begins to breathe heavier as she wraps herself around me, squeezing tightly, she rubs her feet on the sides of my tire sized dick head and kisses the bottom of my stiff heavy erection with cute little wet smooches. I stand back up, drawing my waist back I quickly thrust forward fully extending my pulsing boner to seven feet, violently tearing through my underwear as it springs up into the air with Eve ravenously clinging on.

"Haha ha! (Pant) Your so much fun! (Pant)...Ohhh...(Pant)..the dick of a god!... (Pant)...Aahh....heh heh (Pant)...maybe I should start.. (Pant)...praying to your unbelievable dick!....hee hee! She says as she dangles upside down, tickling my balls that hover just above my ankles with her pigtails. Humping forward I quickly tense my engorged dick upward, loosening Eves grip as she slips downward onto the bed.

I then push my seven foot long, two foot wide erection downward onto to her, pinning her to the bed. "Oh my god! Oh my dick! Its so heavy! So warm!....ahhh!...Slap me with it! Hee hee!" She demands straining under the weight as she pushes my trembling boner up into the air with her feet and hands. I grab the sides and pull up lifting my dick into the air. With a heavy thud I drop a hundred pounds of hard dick meat on Eve. "Oh my god! Oh my god! I could stay here forever! Let me live here forever! Your everything I could possibly. ...Ouch!

She yells as she rolls and writhes around under the mass of pulsating cock flesh. "What is it? Are you okay!? I didn't mean to hurt you! I swear! I just wanted you to answer my questions!" I lift my dick up to find her on her back with her legs spread, hugging a big heartshaped key with tears running down her face. "I can't believe it! You have it! It was here this whole time in the flaps of your underwear! Ahhhh!"
She screams with ecstasy as she squeezes my dick head in her arms and kisses my urethra, forcing a stream of clear precum to spurt out on to her lips.

"MMMM!!" She screams as she laps it up, running her tongue from the bottom of my dick head to inside my quivering dick hole. She moves her tongue in a swirling motion inside me as she sucks out my oozing nutsac sweetness. "Lift me up Daddy!" Eve asks with the joy of a little girl on Christmas as she locks her legs and arms around me, squeezing out more delicious cock molasses on to her face and chest.

I thrust my hips forward again sending a flexing wave of hardness to shoot up my dick.
It bobs upward stretching and bulging out eight feet in the air with Eve riding the fat bulbous tip. "Haa haha! Your a dream! An absolute fantasy! She screams as she flips to the top of my dick head and slides down to me. "Weeeee! Hee heehee! Ooohhh I love it!" She squeals, stopping herself with her feet on my shoulders. "You have shown me such wonders! Eve says as she places the bottom of her soft, dainty, pale baby foot on my cheek.

"Will you release me? Will you love me?.....I want you!...I want to satisfy you for eternity! (Pant) Please! (Pant) Please unlock me!....I will do whatever you want! (Pant) Whatever you could possibly want or imagine! We will do together!" She declares as she humps the air between us and pretends to pull the key from behind my ear with her foot as it dangles in front of me between her tiny purple painted toes.

I lose control of myself and grab the key with my right hand and her milky little white foot with my left. I lick the bottom of her foot, bringing my tongue to a point and slipping it between her toes. Individually sliding in and out of each little toe crevice. "Ohh...Aaahh!...Eric!..please!" She screams and laughs as she squirms around on my erection, desperately trying to get away.

I place the key in the lock of her metal panties while she's preoccupied and leave it there. Grabbing her other foot I bring them together and pull her feet up to my mouth, scooting her butt up against my stomach and running the entire length of her petite ivory legs up my chest. Her feet stretch up to my chin allowing me to rub my face on their feathery bottoms and lick every inch of her soft luscious skin.

"Please! (Pant)..You can't! Its.. (Pant).. too much haha ha!" She shouts as she flails wildly kicking and bucking her legs and feet while I roll my tongue around every delicate sugary little toe, their sweetness making my mouth water. "Wirr ooh tear me whafs goin on?" I ask with a mouth full of toes. "Yes! Yes! Haha ha! (Pant) Please! Just unlock (Pant) me first! I need you!"

I take her feet out of my mouth and kiss their bottoms as I spread her legs and wrap them around my waist. I think of Alice and everything she did for me, remembering something she said to me. "Do you know why you cant stop reliving those memories? You cant stop because no one has given you new memories to relive. Better memories. Incredible memories." And I realize that she was right, I don't want to die anymore.

My memories, my life before her, it doesn't matter. I can never go back to my old life. I will never want to go back to my old life. This is my life, these beautiful girls are my life and nothing else matters. I owe them everything and it is my destiny to take care of them, to love them and most of all save them from this place.

I give into Eves desires and smile, leaning in forward I kiss her forehead and lightly lick the outer edges of her ear as I whisper with a heavy deep breath. "I want you Eve! I want to pleasure you until you can't move! I want to soak you in my cum! I WILL satisfy you like no one in the world can!" She screams out in rapture as I turn the key and flex my boner upward, pressing her into my chest as I hug her with my dick.

Her restraint buzzes and clanks as the heartshaped lock splits down the middle and opens up revealing a complicated series of gears, lights and tubes that blast out a cool mist like before. Eve looks down as her panties crack open and unhinge. "I can't believe it! Ohhhh! I can't believe it!" She yells as I pick her up and hold her soft, tender, limp body in the air allowing her restraint to fall off on to me, clicking and flashing as it spews out cold vapor with every roll down my dick and balls, finally crashing onto our bed.

"You did it! Your the only one who could! Thank you so much!....ahhhh....heehh...thank you so...much! daddy!....oooohhhhh!" She shivers and goosebumps wash over her entire body as I continue holding her up. Bringing her cold ivory pelvis to my face, I kiss it and lick away the frost from above her delicate frozen pinkness. "Is that better my precious little baby girl?" I ask, slowly dropping her back down as I rub her body against mine and warm her cold girl parts with the heat resonating from my enormous pounding boner.

"I...I...never.. (pant)..thought... (pant).. this day would c......Aaaahhhh! Eve screams and her entire body flutters as I place her cold bare pussy on my vibrating erection, the contact instantly making her cum hard. Her body freezes up and falls forward into my chest. I hug her and lift her up slightly, making her hover over my dick. "I'm here now. I'm all yours Eve. So cum! Cum for me!" I demand as I hump back and forth, slowly dropping her down, rubbing my dick between her legs.

"Ooohhh...oooohhhh..ohh..ohhh..pleeaase!" She shrieks. Her body convulses as she grabs her velvety pale little butt that was blossoming outward, slowly stretching back to life from years of confinement,  as it grew warmer with every jerk of her dainty frame. I lift her up again and raise my dick to her, bobbing it up and down between her legs as I sit her down in the middle of it. She straddles me and begins uncontrollably rubbing herself on my pulsing warmth.

I grab her hips and slide her down my two foot thick shaft towards me. "Aaaahhhh!! Don't stop!( Pant) DONT STOP!!!!" She cums all the way down my erection, soaking it with her flowing wetness as she slumps into an exhausted little pile and lays back. "Oh! (Pant) Oh! Heh...I've waited my whole life to know such pleasure! (Pant)!" Eve cries and shakes as her body and mind recover from a lifetime of unreleased orgasms and fantasies.

"I never thought I would! I never thought I could! Heh...waiting. (Pant) I've been waiting so long for you!" She whimpers as she holds her arms out to me, but is too weak to lift herself up. I lean forward and contract my giant dick lifting her up and towards me into my open arms. She hugs me and leans forward pulling my monster boner towards us, she knocks me off balance and I fall back on to the bed with her on top of me.

My dick crashes down on top of us smashing Eve flat into my body, covering us both. She laughs and lifts herself up under the weight of my erection, crawling up to my face, she kisses me with one single little wet smooch on my lips. "Mwah! Hee hee! Your mine now daddy!" She declares as she licks the side of my face and laughs. "Mmmmm! Now I will tell you everything!"
A really wonderful handful of people who enjoy this story show such enthusiasm and appreciation for it that Im inspired to work on it. Alot came together for me with this chapter. This only scratches the surface of what I have planned. Im really enjoying this one and it totally gives me a bone. I hope you feel the same way! Please enjoy!
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well, this is something cool.........but i have many ideas with the customs ;)
comment it!!!:3
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From the recently retired Sketch Book Vol. 3. It's a page of Flonne from Disgaea, inflating in various ways!

I really like Flonne, ok?


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Her name is Aurora
She was only five
This is what happened
When she was alive

Her dad was a drunk
Her mom was an addict
Her parents kept her
Locked in an attic

Her only friend
Was a little toy bear
It was old and worn out
And had patches of hair

She always talked to it
When no one's around
She lays there and hugs it
Not a peep of sound

Until her parents
Unlock the door
Some more and more pain
She'll have to endure

A bruise on her leg
A scar on her face
Why would she be
In such a horrible place?

But she grabs her bear
And softly cries
She loves her parents
But they want her to die

She sits in the corner
Quiet but thinking,
" God, why? Why is
My life always sinking? "

Such a bad life
For a sad little kid
She'd get beaten and beaten
For anything she did

Then one night
Her mom came home high
The poor child was hit and slapped
As hours went by

Then her mom suddenly
Grabbed for a blade
It was sharp and pointy
One that she made

She thrusted the blade
Right in her chest,
“You deserve to die
You worthless pest! "

The mom walked out
Leaving the girl slowly dieing
She grabbed her bear
And again started crying

Police showed up
At the small little house
The quickly barged in
Everything was as quiet as a mouse

One officer slowly
Opened a door
To find the sad little girl
Lying on the floor

It must have been bad
To go through so much harm
But at least she died
With her best friend in her arms
Story of a girl
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A boy and a girl,
The best of friends.
From elementary to high school
From beginning to end.

Through all those years
Their friendship grew.
They both felt the same,
But neither knew.

Each waking moment
Since the day they met.
They both loved each other
Sunrise to sunset.

He was all she had
In her terrible life.
He was the one
Who kept her from her knife.

She was his angel,
She made him smile.
Though life threw him curves,
She made it all worth while.

Then one day
Things went terribly wrong.
The next few weeks
Were like a very sad song.

He made her jealous
On purpose he tried.
When the girl asked, "Do you love her?"
On purpose he lied.

He played with jealousy
Like it was a game.
Little did he know
Things would never be the same.

His plan was working
But he had no clue.
How wrong things would go,
The damage he would do.

One night she broke down,
Feeling very alone.
Just her and the blade,
No one else home.

She dialed his number,
He answered, "Hello"
She told him she loved him
And hung up the phone.

He raced to her house
Just a minute too late.
Found her lying in blood,
Her heart had no rate.

Beside her was a note,
In it her confession.
Her love for this boy,
Her only obsession.

As he read the note,
He knelt down and cried.
Grabbed her knife,
That night they both died.

She was found in his arms,
Both of them dead.
Under her note
His handwriting said:

"I loved her so,
She never knew.
All this time
I loved her too."
Love story with sad end..
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