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“I’m not too sure about this, Lisa…” Mary said, frowning as she stared at the neatly tied bundles of hemp rope on the table in front of her.  Her eyes lifted toward the wooden rod suspended horizontally from the ceiling by matching ropes, and gulped.  “When I heard you had an idea to help me with my flexibility, this isn’t even close to what I imagined…”

Lisa grinned from across the coffee table, that wicked, Cheshire-cat grin she wore so often when she had something sneaky or kinky in mind.  “This will be a lot more fun, trust me!  I’ll have you bending in ways you’ve never imagined before; you’ll be showing up everyone with my special training!  And I’ll make sure you have more than a little fun while we’re at it,” she added, a smoky tone slipping into her voice.

Mary couldn’t help but blush, biting at her lower lip.  She and Lisa had been messing around with each other in the bedroom since their senior year in high school, and when they had entered college together, they’d gotten even closer.  Lisa had hinted to Mary that she wanted to experiment with bondage, but so far they’d done little more than some scarves or, at most, a pair of furry handcuffs.  The sensations that Mary had felt when Lisa had her tied down and used their toys or her own lips and fingers were certainly incredible, but this seemed like a huge step.  “I’m really not sure about it…I mean, we’ve never done anything like this before…”

“You haven’t,” Lisa said, pointing at Mary, then turned her thumb toward herself. “But I have; I’m quite the shibari artist, I’ll have you know.”

“When have you done this before?” Mary asked quickly, more than a little surprised.

“I have to find something to do while you’re off on those competitions, and there are other people on campus, you know,” she replied without missing a beat.  “Would you feel better if I invited someone else over?  Have a bit of a girl’s bondage night?  I wouldn’t mind two lovely playthings…”


“I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” she replied, waving her hand dismissively.  “Only if you wanted to, not that I’d mind at all.  But trust me, I know what I’m doing, and you can bet you won’t be disappointed by this little thing I’ve got planned; I’ve been thinking this over all week, and I’m dying to try it on you!  Please?” Lisa asked, looking much too sweet and innocent for someone as naughty as her, even fluttering her eyebrows.

But Mary was a sucker for such things, and she blew out of her breath, nodding.  Lisa would never do anything she couldn’t handle, and she did have a way of manipulating Mary’s body to pleasures that nobody else had figured out yet.  “Okay, okay, I trust you!  What do you want me to do?  Do I need to get naked?”

Lisa shook her head, rising with a smile as she rubbed her hands together.  “Nah, you’re fine.  The naughty schoolgirl thing you’ve got going is really hot, and it fits with the Japanese rope work I’ve got in mind.”  Lisa’s eyes played over Mary’s body for a moment, taking in the dark, rather snug blouse and matching short skirt, and her thigh-length socks.  She gave a quick shake of her head and picked up some of the rope.  “Okay, stand up and turn around and give me your hands!”

Before Mary knew it, she had her hands behind her, and for the first time felt ropes encircling her wrists.  It was just a few quick loops around both wrists, and a quick knot between them, and Lisa was finished, leaving her hands tied quite snug behind her.  She shifted her wrists back and forth, tugging the ropes circling them, but found them to be just as inescapable as she would have expected from Lisa, though not tight enough to hurt.  It was a strange feeling, the hemp rubbing at her wrists, the unusual way the ropes circled her wrists; she was almost ashamed to admit that she was already feeling more than a little aroused.  “That’s…not bad…” she said softly, feeling herself blushing.

“Just wait, it gets better,” Lisa replied, already with another longer bundle of rope in her hands.  Mary was a little surprised to feel Lisa’s hands on her waist, and wondered why she wound the rope around there.  She was also a little confused by the pair of ropes that she left dangling down her front, between Mary’s legs.  “This next part is going to be a bit odd, but trust me, you’re going to love it.”

“Okay,” Mary said , letting Lisa take control and guide her arms up and back, dropping them over the wooden rod so that it rested between her back and her arms.  Lisa picked up the dangling ends of the waist rope now, tightening it a little more, and pulled downward, guiding the rope between Mary’s legs and up against her panties.  Mary gasped as the rope tightened and pressed into her private area.  “Lisa, what are you doing?” she asked quickly, stepping from foot to foot as the rope continued pressing deeper.

“Making you horny, from the looks of it,” Lisa said, leaning in to give Mary a reassuring kiss on the cheek, no doubt noticing how her nipples were hardening.  “Almost done with this part, then I’ll give you a chance to get used to it before we do the next part.”  Within moments, Mary felt the crotch rope being secured to her wrists, and Lisa making a few adjustments on the length before she gave Mary a pat on her ass.  “There, I think that’ll work.  You’ll like this!”

Mary turned toward Lisa as she walked away, watching as she untied the rope suspending the wooden rod from the ceiling from its anchor, and started pulling at it.  The rod began to rise, and Mary’s arms along with it.  Her arms almost naturally rose to a point, until the rope between her crotch and her hands went taut, which was when the rod settled at the bend of her elbows.  “How high are you going to go?” she asked, when the rod kept going, forcing her to step back, then to raise her heels off the floor.

“Just a little further…there,” Lisa said at last, once Mary was standing on her toes, the crotch rope pulled tightly between her legs, her hands feeling even more securely bound as she was forced to lean forward.

Mary was uncertain at first, but after a few moments, she was surprised to find that she was not the least bit uncomfortable, well, not in a bad way, at any rate, and with each movement she made, she felt the crotch rope rubbing between her lower lips, pressing against her clit.  “How do you come up with this kind of thing?” she asked, breathing slowly and deeply to try and keep herself from getting too excited too soon.

“I’ve got a dirty mind,” Lisa replied with a shrug, taking up another rope and crouching by Mary’s leg.  “A good internet connection helps, too,” she added, wrapping the rope around Mary’s left ankle and tying it off; it was loose, but not loose enough for her to just step out of it.  She stood and grinned, moving behind Mary.  “Okay, now I’m gonna lift your leg up behind you; you’re flexible enough, so it shouldn’t be a problem.  Just go with it.”

“Okay…” Mary said, licking her lips anxiously and letting her foot rise when Lisa tugged the rope.  Slowly her leg was pulled back and up, and she found herself leaning forward a bit more, putting all her weight on the toes that remained on the floor.  The rope between her legs got tighter as her body shifted, and her shirt tightened on her torso as her breasts soon found themselves pushing even further forward than they had before.

Wondering if Lisa was ever going to stop, Mary was relieved when her friend finally seemed to stop pulling her leg behind her, leaving her thigh just slightly above parallel with the floor, and her foot and ankle even higher, angled toward the ceiling and secured to another rope that had been dangling there.  Lisa’s hand patted her backside as she leaned in, her grin wide.  “There, not bad at all, is it?”

Mary couldn’t deny that it was something completely new for her, and though she was feeling a bit panicked, she had to admit that her arousal was quickly overtaking it.  She wiggled against the ropes, tugging with her suspended leg, teetering on her tiptoes, feeling the firm pressure of the ropes on her wrists and the teasing, rubbing rope between her legs.  “Y-yeah…” she said at last, taking a deep breath.

Laughing, Lisa went back to Mary’s front, looking at Mary’s breasts as they pushed against her shirt, her nipples plainly visible beneath the black fabric.  “My, I simply have to relieve the pressure before it explodes!” she said jokingly, quickly undoing a few buttons, letting Mary’s breasts pop free of the tight shirt, making the bound girl flush, even though she was grinning almost stupidly as she futilely fought to keep herself from admitting how much fun she was already having.

“You know…I just got another idea…how do you feel about chopsticks and rubber bands?” Lisa asked as she leaned over, gently blowing on Mary’s ever-hardening nipples.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mary asked breathlessly.  

Lisa looked up with her Cheshire-cat smile again.  “You’ll see!”
Here we have the first of the stories I'm writing based on that poll I had a couple weeks ago. I kinda cheated, in that this one didn't get the highest number votes, or the lowest, but I had an idea spark, so I ran with it. These aren't any particular characters, just a couple I made up for the story, and maybe they will make future appearances, perhaps in the other two stories in this series.

This is based on this lovely picture:

I'd love to hear any feedback you might have on this one!
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The warm summer day had hit one o'clock for the suburban home. Flipping on the air conditioning, Jenny flopped on the couch as she waited for her friend Cassandra to arrive. A young girl of about twenty, she was tan-skinned with long, black hair, dressed lightly with flip-flops, a teal tanktop and blue shorts. The two were planning to engage in a bit of self-bondage, a mutual interest they discovered a few weeks back.

A ring at the doorbell soon confirmed Cassandra's arrival. She came in a light red t-shirt, tan skirt, knee-high socks and tennis shoes that complimented her light complex and blonde hair. Jenny met her at the door and the two hugged briefly before she let Cassandra in.

"Hi, Jenny! Are we all set?" asked Cassandra.

"Yup! I'm ready when you are," replied Jenny.

"Then let's not waste any time."

The two went upstairs to Jenny's bedroom, where the supplies were already laid out. It was a small collection of ropes, rags and strips of clothes Jenny had gathered for her brief play moments. Jenny started by binding Cassandra's wrists behind her with a coil of rope, looping them thrice with palms together before knotting it just out of reach. She then knelt down and did the same to her ankles, again with three loops. Knowing what was coming, Cassandra opened her mouth up and Jenny stuffed in a rag followed by a strip of cloth between her teeth and tied in the back of her head to gag her.

As Cassandra wiggled in her bindings and tested them out, Jenny began to tie herself in a similar manner. She started with her ankles, again with three loops of rope, then gagged herself with a stuffed cleave gag. She then prepared a loop of rope and slid her wrists in it behind her bag before snugging it up. She always kept it a little loose in case of an emergency.

As the two girls giggled and prepared for their fun, the sound of footsteps coming up caused them to freeze in panic. Suddenly, in walked a tall man, dressed in black and his face concealed behind a dark mask. In one hand was a gym bag and the other, a large roll of duct tape.

"Well, that's handy," he remarked. "Saves me having to waste tape. Don't try anything, you hear me?"

Aware they were no position to argue, the girls quickly nodded in agreement. The man started with Jenny, first taping her hands up, so she couldn't wriggle her fingers. Next, he wrapped about three turns of tape to her ankles, as well as several more around her chest, putting pressure on her breasts and pining her arms behind her.

As Jenny whimpered and groaned, the man snatched up some of the spare rags they have brought out. Layering one strip of tape over her mouth to hold her cleave gag in place, he then used another rag pulled tight over her nose and lower face on her, restricting her breathing. He then used a little more tape along the top and chin to hold it on and further restrict her. Finally, he topped it all off with several strips over her eyes to blindfold her.

His work finished on one of them, he applied the same bindings to Cassandra, leaving her as helpless as Jenny. The girls instinctively began to struggle in their bindings, barely able to make a sound through their thickly-layered gags. The man watched for a second as an idea formed in his head.

"Say, girls, how about a game?"

The two stopped, curious about this.

"You two seem to have been bound before, so how about this: if you can get even one binding loose before I come and check up on you, I'll leave your stuff. If you can't, let's just say I've got enough tape to make you two into some fine mummies. Deal?"

Once again, the girls knew they were in no position to really argue, so they nodded their heads in agreement.

"All right. See you in a bit."

As soon as the man left and shut the door, the girls began struggling like crazy. They twisted and turned every which way, but the tape holding their bindings held firm. The rope they had binded themselves with was also holding strong. After a minute, it became clear to them that this wasn't going to work.

"Ovr her!" murmured Cassandra.

Changing tactics, the two scooted up next to each other using their knowledge of where they were earlier. The two began to rub against each other, hoping to loosen the other's rope or find a knot. Unfortunately, the bindings held firm and their taped-up hands prevented them from working on any of the knots. After a few more minutes of work, the two stopped in frustration.

"Wha nw?" asked Cassandra.

"Ah don knw..." sighed Jenny.

Their moment of quiet recovery caused the ruckus from downstairs to become audible. Jenny listened as she heard the man loading his bag with as many valuable as he could find. She scowled under gag and resumed struggling once again in a fury, determined to not to lose to some scumbag. Cassandra, initially surprised by this burst of anger, soon joined in and the two twisted and turned, yanking at the tape binding them and hoping to tear it loose.

Finally, Jenny felt something come loose. It was her own wrist bindings from earlier, which she had purposely keep loose for emergencies. Considering this was very much an emergency, she focused on her wrists, wriggling them as much as she could. Slowly, the rope began to slide off down as its slipknot came undone.

Suddenly, it stopped, caught on the tape that encased her hands. Jenny began to panic, a fear only enhanced by the sound of the man's footsteps coming up the stairs. She continued to wriggle them, desperately hoping to get it loose. Sliding to the bedframe, she scrapped her wrists along the side and the rope slid off just seconds before the man reentered the room.

"I'm all done!" he announced. "So how did you do?"

The man looked over Cassandra first, seeing every binding as firmly in place as when he tied them.

"Not looking so good."

He then moved over to Jenny and started at her ankles before moving up and finding her wrist ropes lying on the bed.

"Hmm, so you did get one loose. Fine then, I lost."

The man kept his word, dumping all that which he had taken from his gym bag onto the floor. The girls sighed in relief for a second as the man gave his own sigh in frustration at having lost. Calmly walking over to Jenny, he picked up the rope and tied it back around her wrists again, making sure they were on tighter this time. Jenny gave a murmur of confusion at this.

"I said I'd return your stuff. I didn't say I'd untie you. You girls enjoy the next few hours."

Taking only which he came with, the man packed up and left. Jenny and Cassandra, tired from the recent events, laid down on the bed, huddled together and prepared for a very long evening.
This short story was modeled after some of the bondage RPs I'd done with friends. I mostly wanted to a story where the girls spent the majority of their time helplessly tied up. It was also a good chance for me to do some serious binding to the victims and render them nice and inescapable.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
The plane ride was terrible and the taxi cab ride wasn't much better. Why did I agree to come up to Wisconsin at this time of year? Oh yeah....a big promise of being pampered, special room and board for the weekend and constant attention. All if I just help out with a few things at the shop since some of the workers were gone.

I paid the stinky cabby his money and exited the vehicle and looked at the warehouse. I didn't see anyone and sighed and lugged my suitcases out and dragged them up the sidewalk.

"So much for the easy life", I sighed to myself.

The warehouse door flung open and I faced the sunniest and happiest grin I ever saw on Autumn's face. "'re here!"

I dropped my stuff as she bear hugged. We might have been roughly the same height and weight but my gosh all that exercising she does makes her so much stronger than me.

"'t breath." Wiggling my pinned arms in a playful manner.

Autumn released and picked up one of my suitcases, "Traveling light are we? Only two suitcases? I had expected a caravan would be needed for a preppy little princess like you."

She opened the door and I went in first, "Well...if I need anything I could always borrow something of yours...maybe a little black dress?"

"Hmmmf", Autumn half laughed and half scoffed. She wouldn't forget that little adventure we had were I stole her hottest black dress and left her bound up. Though she got me back for that.

We walked a little down the hallway and up the stairs to the receptionist room. Nothing had changed really, though what would one expect. This was a business of course, not a brothel. I sat my suitcase by the wall and took the one from Autumn and did the same.

"Soooo, needing a secretary for the weekend?" I looked over the table and saw it had stocking orders spread all around.

Autumn put her hand to the desk, "All this could use sorting if you don't mind first. Start with the most recent and work your way back....", Autumn checked her watch. "Hey...pardon me, I need to check on a special item that Ayva is finishing up for the shop's number one buyer. Be right back hun."

Autumn went quickly back down the steps and I could hear a door shutting off in the distance. I walked around the desk and say down in the chair, curling up my legs under me. The task wasn't that hard. and I got quite a large numbers of papers done. But then the phone rang in.

"Hello, this is Autumn and name is Nicole may I help you today?"

"Well...don't you make a sweet talking secretary." Ayva's saucy voice was unmistakeable.

"Hi Ayva...whatcha need." Relaxing my voice some.

Could just hear a little smile across the line, " there is that southern accent I love to hear. We need your help down here if you got a moment from paper pushing."

I told her I would be right down and hung the phone up. I quickly put the completed paperwork to the side so I could get started again easily later. I got up and went down the steps and paused to make sure I was heading down the right hallway to the main warehouse. I turn the door knob and walk in. It was all so quiet except for a bit of hammering down at the far end, but that ended.

"Hey...Autumn...Ayva..where" My voice stopped as a sexy pink clad nurse stepped in front of me with a clipboard. She was in Autumn's Vinyl Naughty Nurse Costume and looked more cute than sexy being so young.

I had never met Eden yet but recognized her from her photos. She looked at me with a simple smile and then said, "Miss Nicole?"

I shook my head a little to get the cobwebs out. No doubt she was just trying on an outfit, though no one is used to seeing co-workers in outfits like these. I smiled back relaxing a little.

"Yeah...but just call me Nicole. No point being so formal." I stepped the rest of the way in and saw she was tapping a spot on her clipboard.

"Oh...but we must be formal with our..patients." She never looked up or even sound like she was joking.

"Ummm..where is Autumn or Ayva....hey!" Both my arms where snatched from my sides and pulled out vertically. I turned to my left and saw Ayva in a aqua colored Wet Nurse Vinyl 3 pc Bustier Set and then to my right and saw Autumn in the standard 2210L Nurse Outfit.

Both of them locked my arms with one of theirs and lifted up slightly. It hurt just enough to where I didn't want to kick or move. Eden just mused me over for a second and checked marked something on her clipboard.

"What do you three think you are doing....owwwwowoowooowooow!!" They both lifted upward and sent a quick shot of pain to my shoulders.

"Quiet patient 1." Avya's voice had that mocking sound.

"Autumn what.....owwww!!!" I didn't even get to finish three words this time.

Autumn just reached over and patted me on my arm, "Shhh..there there."

Eden finished whatever she was doing on her clip board, " are the first patient of the sub-shop clinic. And you will be undergoing some new therapy techniques."

No doubt my open jaw and vacant look in my blue eyes spoke volumes about my confusion. Though when Eden came up with a pair of scissors, that snapped me out of it. And then Autumn leaned over and said, "I did promise you a weekend of attention and pampering."

I struggled a little but with Ayva and Autumn giving me a little bit of encouragement through my shoulders, Eden proceeded to cut off my tee and then pulled off my shoes and jeans. She got her clipboard and spoke as she wrote, "Given the patient's reputation, we had expected something more deviant than a simple white bra and panties".

I blushed in humiliation and humility. This had been planned for a long time. I tried to stay on my tiptoes as Autumn and Ayva kept the pressure on my arms and shoulders. That changed when Eden produced the white canvas straitjacket. I started to thrash a little but that prompted Ayva to put my in a full nelson while Autumn helped open up the straitjacket and hold it waiting on my arms with Eden.

Autumn gave a sly smile, "Now we can do this one of two ways patent 1....the easy way, or....."

With that Ayva grabbed my earlobes and started to pinch them hard making me squeal.

"....or the hard way. But you will be in this jacket." Autumn held one sleeve open.

Ayva just did the pinch quick but the pain was hot. Now she just massaged them, ever ready to pinch again if I needed it. I didn't, I am such a wuss when it comes to pain. I allowed Autumn to work my right arm into the jacket and then Eden the left. They pull the sleeves tight around me while Ayva got around and started to tighten the buckles around my body. Then Autumn and Eden both yanked tight the sleeves and wrapped my arms around my body and one of them buckled it tight. I wiggled a little but it was so snug.

"This isn't funny anymore..get me...gahhh!!" I started to hop on my feet as Eden and Autumn grabbed the crotch strap and pulled it up tight on me. I danced a little till the strap worked it's way inbetween my butt cheeks and they buckled it in place.

They let me go while I fought it. They just stood there, they knew I wasn't getting out. I never wore a straitjacket and always thought they couldn't be as tough as all that. But this was terrible.

Ayva came up and grabbed me by the back of the jacket and made me walk forward to a chair and plunked me down in it. She got behind me and put a firm grasp on my shoulders keeping me in place. "Now stay put."

Autumn kneeled down in front of me and grabbed both of my lower legs and held them up. I didn't resist, there was no reason to. I turned my head and looked at Ayva and her toughgirl expression.

The click of Eden's pink heels made me turn and look at her cheerfully coming back my way. With a pair of white ballet boots and some other stuff. I started to wiggle my feet but Autumn kept a tight grip on them with her arms and Ayva kept my upper body still.

From her pictures I always thought Eden looked ornery, but seeing it in person confirmed it. She took my left foot and gave it a little tickle and then petted it. She loosened the strap and lacing of the left boot and between her and Autumn they forced my foot in. I tried to keep my foot scrunched up but soon my foot was pointed out and they laced and strapped it on tight. My right foot was just as easy.

I whimpered a little as Autumn let go and got up. I tried to bring my right foot back but my left foot followed. I didn't see it at the time but they also put a pair of ankle cuffs and a short chain on me.

I wiggled my feet and the chain made that light metallic clinking sound. No amount of thrashing would break the chain. I looked up at Autumn and opened my mouth only to get a wad of cloth shoved in by Ayva.

Eden brought a few large stips of bondage tape and started to put it over my mouth, "So nice...this is def you. and We will have you cured of whatever ails you soon enough."

Ayva started to work my hair into a ponytail and Eden got a white Gwen hood. Autumn stopped her, " this one is mine. She always says she loves these hoods sooo much."

I shook my head as Autumn came by. Ayva kept a firm grip on my shoulders and Eden sat on my lap. The white leather went into my field of vision and they worked my ponytail through the top of the lacing. Once it was through the laces pulled so tight and made the hood fit snug over my head. I could see through the open hole of the Gwen hood. They finished fooling with the lacing and was about to let me stand up when Eden hopped off and said she would be right back.

I sat there helpless as we waited. I couldn't think of a way out of this and I couldn't talk my way out of it either now. When I saw Eden returned I knew right then she had definite evil Domme potential. She produced a huge bright pink bow and handed it to one of the girls behind me. I was fuming as they tied it at the base of my ponytail. I could tell it was making it stand straight up.

Eden smiled and looked at me, "We like to make our patients seem happy. And what's more happy than pink?"

All three of them helped me up on my feet and forced me to walk toward the door to the new section of the warehouse. The last time I was here it was just a huge empty space under renovation. All our heels clicked against the concrete as we entered. Master L had just laid a hammer down and half laughed as we came by.

"My gosh babe, I never thought you would go through with this. Hi Nicole." He grabbed his redheaded nurse and gave her a quick kiss before she pulled away.

Without dropping from character she straightened her redhair, "This is patient 1  you simple day worker. Now the room to specs."

Master L grinned and fooled with his tool belt, "Well Ma'am...I think it is. But I'm just the hired help here....would you want me to show you if I did right?"

Autumn smiled and nodded and all of us walked over to a large rough looking exterior of a room. Well, everyone but me walked willingly. I was half stumbling and falling over myself but Ayva and Eden helped to make sure I didn't fall.

Master L motioned to a simple enough door, "This is the way in ladies and around here is how you can view inside without the occupant seeing in."

We walked around and I first saw Autumn with her arms crossed and then I saw what she was looking at. There was a large window with a darkish tint to it. It was at about chest height. I looked inside and saw nothing but black. Then I realized that there was a light on inside but black, but the black was shiny. I squinted my eyes and would have gasped if I could and tried to fight free.

Eden took a firm grip on me, "Guess she realized it's a padded black rubber room eh?"

"Yep...who said blonde's weren't bright." Ayva grabbed me on the other side and they both started to haul me back around to the door.

Autumn came by ahead of us and unlocked the door. The room was utterly black inside and light reflected off the rubber coating every spot inside. They pushed me to the entrance and Autumn grabbed my mmmfffing head.

"Now will be spending most of your time in this special little room we made for you. While here you will be taken care of by one of us. We will take you out for feedings and to let you do other business. We will also be trying out some new medical items on you to see how good they are. We will be monitoring you the whole time...please enjoy your stay."

With that she grabbed the back of my neck and pushed me in with the help of the other two girls. I stumbled in and fell softly to my knees. I turned back just in time to see all three of them waving at me as the door shut and locked. I fought to get to my feet, the ballet boots made it hard enough without being on padded rubber. I shouldered against the door but it didn't budge. Heck, I almost bounced off it with all the soft rubber that was on it.

A small rectangular panel slid sideways just above my head and I could see Autumn's green eyes, "Now you might as well just stop that. This door is rock hard....just like the man who built it." She turned her head and I imagined she probably winked at Master L. But then she shut the panel.

I turned and took my first good look at the room. It was at least twelve feet long and about six feet wide. The ceiling was at least six feet high from what I could gather and covered in the same black rubber. They only thing not covered was the mirror that was on one the long sides of the room. I groaned as I realized that it was the window I has seen on the outside, but it was one way mirror. I couldn't see out but no doubt they were looking at me.

A little bit of a squealch sound came from somewhere and I looked and saw a small speaker in the upper corner, Autumn's voice then came through, "Patient you may realize or maybe not...there is no way out. But I would guess because of your blonde nature you won't learn this lesson for a long time. In any case, lights out in ten minutes...good night."

"MMMMMMMFFF!!!" I struggled and thrashed in my jacket. I took small itty bitty steps to the mirror and gave the most angry look I could. I gave small kicks to the padded wall with my boot.

I paused and looked at myself in the mirror. I was utterly helpless and I could also see why they made sure everything I had on was white. It showed up perfectly against the black rubber of the room. I eyed that huge pink bow on my head and blushed in humiliation. They caught me so easily and I didn't see it coming. I got to my knee and focused on getting out of the jacket but after a few minutes I was wiped out. Then the one harsh light in the room started to dim and eventually went nearly out. Guess they needed a little light to keep an eye on me but it might was well be out.

I renewed my struggles for another minute and ended up laying on my side panting the best I could. A soft classical tune came over the doubt to calm the patient. I grumbled and tried to get comfy and eventually drifted off to sleep.
Tricked into coming up north and made a unwilling patient of some crafty bondagette nurses. Oh this is soooo unfair. Wonder if I will be cured? Or even what that might mean? Keep an eye out for future chapters.

The Sub-shop:
Part II may be found here: [link]
Part III: [link]
Part IV: [link]

And the great pic you see at top if by the ever so talented Luctem: [link]
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
"Good little kitten. You are going to make such a wonderful little slave. I want to get out of this dress and into something more appropriate."

Nicole stood up as Autumn stayed still...the vibrations driving her nuts but she didn't dare move. She didn't want another zap. She looked right at Nicole's smooth and shapely legs.

" like? Here nuzzle them like a good kitten." Nicole put her right leg right next to Autumn's hooded face.

"Mmmfffff", Autumn did as instructed and started to move her face up and down them. She even tried to purr a little as she nuzzled her neck against the back of Nicole's knee.

Nicole grinned and bent down at patted Autumn on the head, "Good girl...and a little reward for you."

Autumn clenched her thighs together hard as the vibrations went off the charts. She rolled over and balled up as her insides were being attacked with wave after wave of pleasure. She quickly started to moan and barely heard Nicole mentioning about not having to do anything to secure her new kitten with the vibrators on full. Autumn moaned loudly as Nicole exited the room.

Nicole headed to the changing room with a confident smirk on her face. It hadn't been a bad trip at all. She found Autumn all helpless and ready for torment, tricked her cohorts and even raided Autumn's closet. Now it was time to get all Dommed up herself. She came up to the long rows of clothing and made her picks and took them to the nearby table.

First came off the heels as she flipped them off and let them land where they may. She sat the remote controlling Autumn's little vibrating pals on the table. The black dress slid off her body and the smell of Autumn's expensive perfume spread around Nicole's nose again. She would have to go back to Autumn's house and take that with her when she finally left.

Nicole picked up the black latex catsuit she had picked out. It looked so sexy, but first came the powder to help get it on. After that she bent over and put her foot through the first leg hole then the other. She heard Autumn mention how tight latex was and she was right. As Nicole pulled the garment up and worked to smooth it out, the latex hugged every curve. She especially like the way it made her hips and tush look. After some more tugs and stretching the garment was on and zipped up.

Nicole looked in the standing mirror and smiled. A slight shiver of excitement raced through her. She paused for a sec as she started to hear ringing. She turned and there was Autumn on her ballet boots and coming at her.

" are you..bad kitty..", Nicole started to reach for the remote but Autumn lunged at the ill prepared blond.

"Let go you brat..or I'll make you suffer....", Autumn had knocked Nicole on her back and on the floor. The sound of curvy latex bodies rubbing against one another echoed in the room.

Autumn grunted angrily through her gag as she forced Nicole on her belly. While it was hard to resist the vibrations in her body, her Master had put her through many a orgasmic trial and this was no different. Nicole flailed about, wasting energy, which worked well into Autumn's plans. She finally forced Nicole's arms behind her and grabbed her wrists. The bondage mittens that Autumn had on made this hard but not impossible.

"Let me go you slut!! What?? what are you doing?"

Autumn pulled as hard as she could and made Nicole arch back some. With that Autumn forced Nicole's legs apart and put her crotch against the struggling blond's. Autumn made sure that Nicole's legs couldn't hit her.

"No....Autumn....stop...stoooop!!!" Nicole squealed as Autumn's vibrating crotch pushed hard against Nicole's. As Autumn had thought, Nicole tried to kick but the way Autumn had both of her arms positioned and holding Nicole's wrists..none of the kicks did any good.

"Autumn..mmmmm...plz stop, this was all a....a joke", Nicole's words were coming a little slower now and Autumn could even hear a little bit of a moan escaping Nicole's lips. Autumn squeezed her thighs tight making sure that every vibrations hit Nicole just right.

Nicole's back relaxed and Autumn knew she had her now. Nicole squeezed softly and started to move a bit. Autumn took care to be gentle with the blond. She didn't want her to snap out of this. Autumn kept a tight grip on Nicole's wrists but took her right knee that was at Nicole's chest and started to move it on them.

Finally after alot of moaning and panting, Nicole's body shook and tightened up then went limp as a rag. Autumn let her go and rolled over to the closet and grabbed some coiled up rope. Nicole had just tried to put her hands under her to try and lift herself up when Autumn rolled back over and looped some of the rope around Nicole's wrist.

" way!", Nicole finally snapped out of it but it was too late and Autumn wanted it more anyway. She quickly pulled both arms back again and tied Nicole's wrists together. The knots were sloppy thanks to the mittens on Autumn's hands but still worked. The feet and knees were simple and Nicole's body didn't resist much. It wasn't till Autumn started to pull Nicole's body into a hogtie did she start to really fight but Ayva had taught Autumn well and soon Nicole was in a beautiful and effective hogtie.

It didn't take long for Autumn to get out of her ballet heels and other gear. The hardest had to be those darn bondage mittens. But after she got the key in the locks they came off nicely. Nicole wiggled and struggled ash Autumn unlaced the Gwen hood she was wearing and pulled off the microfoam and took the mass of stuffing out of her mouth.

"Oh that feels better. Enjoyed shoving this in my mouth did ya? Well open up blondie." Autumn got to her knees and pushed the wet cloth to Nicole's lips. The fight was short lived as Autumn pinched Nicole's nose and she had no choice but to open up. The cloth filled up her mouth and Autumn sealed it off with the same piece of microfoam tape that was on her.

"Good stuff this microfoam...very reusable." Nicole tried to rub her mouth on the carpet to get it off but it wouldn't come off. Autumn took the Gwen hood and slipped it onto Nicole as she wiggled and laced it super tight. No way that gag was coming off now.

"Now I have a few calls to make and to get some things ready for be good...or else." Autumn's words were mixed with playfullness and a certain chill.

~~~Hours later~~~

Ayva and the other girls pulled up into the shop's drive. Autumn had called them and simply said to come over. Considering how they left her earlier..they were a bit nervous. Ayva pushed the door open and the crew went down to the main office and went through the door.

"Welcome ladies...I apologize for how I have been acting lately and thought I might take you all out to eat." Autumn was sitting on her desk and in a very sexy black dress and heels.

Ayva was somewhat perplexed. "So you aren't mad the way we left you?"

"Oh no....I realize that I have been to uptight lately and because of your little lesson I got something great out of it...come with me and bring your purses."

Autumn led them all out to the nearby changing room. Before them was a latex covered doll trapped on a Dungeon Stockade & Fucking Stand. The form was covered from head to toe in latex and wiggled on all fours like the stand made one do. Ayva was the first to notice a card hanging down from the collar of the girl trapped.

"For Sale: Bondage Slave for the weekend"

Autumn walked up and put her hand on Nicole's covered head, "This slave lost to me and I am offering her to the highest bidder. You can do anything to her."

At that Autumn went to Nicole's arched backside and unzipped the crotch area..exposing Nicole. She wiggled lightly but the stand held her tight.

"Who...who is she?" Sandra finally spoke up.

"Oh..that's sort of a surprise but once sold..she's all yours." Autumn re-zipped Nicole and patted her bum.

After a flurry of nickle and dime bids, Ayva finally came out on top with $2 dollar bid and won herself a slave girl. Autumn ceremoniously put a "sold" sticker on Nicole's butt.

"Ok...lets go get something to eat. Ayva, you may pick up your slave is her key and the key to the toy section of the shop." Autumn tossed Ayva two keys and headed out.

Nicole struggled as the door slammed shut. The metal bindings were not giving anything up. She tried to relax but the thought of Ayva coming back to reclaim was unsettling to say the least. How did she get herself in these situations??
The final chapter. Hope you enjoy was thrown together rather quickly.

Chapt 1: [link]
Chapt 2: [link]
Chapt 3: [link]

The sub-shop: [link]
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Collection by
I was waiting for my new video card to arrive, according to the tracking site it
should have came that day. It was Saturday and by chance I was home alone. The
UPS truck drove into the yard, the driver came to the door with my package, odd,
the package seemed allot larger then a video card...

I took it inside and looked at it, disappointed, I noticed that it was not from
Newegg. Upon closer inspection I found that it was from someplace called "Second
Identity" it sounded familiar, but I did not remember where I had heard it. Only
when I opened the box did it make any sense, it was full of beautiful scaled
materiel! I took it out and realized that it was like a costume. I said out loud
"No way!" It was one of Drethan's transformation costumes. But that was
impossible! Those only existed in some fiction I read on DeviantART! I must have
been dreaming! I tried every reality check I could think of, from plugging my
nose and trying to breath to sticking my finger though my hand, none of them
worked, so either this was one VERY realistic dream or I was awake.

I started trying to put the dragon costume on, I was very exited to see if this
would really work. As I put my legs in it, it started to move and form itself to
my feet, the rest of it soon followed.
I just relaxed and let it do its work, if the stories on DA were anything to go
by then this would go far easier if I did not fight it, but why would I want to
fight it? I knew what was supposed to happen, unlike most of the characters is
the stories. By now it had covered most of me and had started to reform my body,
I could feel myself smoothly reforming and could feel wings growing. It felt
very odd, like when a limb falls asleep I had that strange 'pins and needles'
sensation everywhere as all of the new skin became mine. This seemed different
from what I had read, so  Drethan must have gotten better at making these

As the transformation completed I was standing on all fours,(obviously, I was
now a western style dragon.) and looking at myself. I was a beautiful back with
some red markings. I opened the door, with some difficulty, seeing as the
doorknob was not designed with dragon claws in mind.

So, what do you think?

What was that? Oh... this must be one of the sentient costumes, I said
"Absolutely amazing!"
When I tried to speak it had come out telepathically, interesting.

Great, can we fly now?
I said "Yes! I have always wanted to fly by myself, without the aid of any

Here we go!

My body, seemingly of its own accord walked a short way away from the house
and leaped into the air.

It feels so good to be alive! Thank you!

"No, thank you!" I said "This is amazing!"

You already said that.

"I know, but that is all I can think of to say. I'm hungry..."

Looks like we will have to go hunting... I hope you are not a vegetarian.

"Don't worry about that, even as a human I never liked vegetables very much. I
know there are deer around, but I know next to nothing about hunting."

Leave that to me.

We flew (well, at this point, the costume was doing most of the flying.)
over the fields and woods in the area looking for potential meals, I learned
alot about the layout of the land that I did not know before. Even though we
were flying fast, I could still hear perfectly. Apparently, a dragon's ears are
designed in such a way that the wind makes no noise as it blows past. Then I
noticed how sharp my vision was, as a human I had trouble reading a 36pt font
without my glasses, now I could probably read the title of a newspaper from 600
feet in the air!

Nice eh? Look, there is our dinner!

There was a deer near the edge of the woods, we started diving towards it...
It was an extreme thrill, diving at high speed towards our unsuspecting prey,
and feeling the wind on our wings. As we came closer to the ground everything
seemed to go in slow motion, our rear legs landed right on the deer's back,
killing it instantly. We started eating it, and I said "Wow, this tastes
better then any meat I have ever had, although I do not think I would like it
very much if I was in human form."

I was thoroughly enjoying myself, I felt more alive then I ever had before.

Well, now what do you want to do?

"I don't know, I would like to learn to fly under my own control instead of
letting you control my/our body all of the time"

I can do that.

I spent the rest of the day learning how to control my new body. Now it was
getting dark, and I remembered that my parents probably came home hours ago and
were probably looking for me. I wonder what they thought when they found the
empty box by the door, the scratches my new claws left around the doorknob, and
the odd clawed footprints in the snow...

Don't you want to stay out here? You are not going to back to being a boring
human forever are you?

"Don't worry about that, I will not let you die or whatever it is that you
"costumes" do when nobody wares you. I was only planing to take you off for as
long as it would take to explain to my parents why I was gone."

Thank you again, for giving me life.

I started flying towards my house, thinking about what to do, what to tell
my family, or whether I should live as a dragon constantly or if I should make
some sort of compromise. I flew over my house and was surprised to see no lights
on, I looked around and did not see my parent's car anywhere. Odd, they must
have been delayed somehow.

Does this mean that we can stay merged longer?

"Yes, I see no reason why we should separate when there is no one to see us and
freak out."

I flew down to the basement door, because that one has leaver style handle,
far easier for dragon claws to operate. I walked inside and looked around,
noticing details that escaped my poor human eyesight.

Is this where you sleep as a human? It kinda reminds me of a cave.

"Yes, this it my bedroom. My mom always calls it a cave too, 'Why do you spend
all day in your cave on that damn computer?' she says"

That is amusing. Jake, I have been looking at your thoughts and I see that you
are trying to think of a name for me, mind if I suggest one?

"Sure, go ahead."

How about 'Draycos'?

"Ahh, I see you have been looking though my memories of books. No problem. That
is a good name, after all, you are a symbiont like in those books."

I walked to the stairs, which, due to bad planning when the house was built, has
a wood burning stove right at the bottom. Many a friend nearly fell on it when
they got to the bottom of the stairs... I did not have to worry about getting
burned because the stove almost out due to my being gone all day. Its not
like you could get burned very easily with scales anyway...
That was true,
and it turned out that I had no trouble avoiding the stove with my dragon body
When I got to the top of the stairs I thought of something that I should have
thought of while I was still outside...

"Draycos, since we are a dragon, can we breath fire?"

I though you would never ask...

Before I could do anything Draycos released small fireball, which left a
nice big black spot on the wall... Mom would be happy about that!

Sorry about that...

"Don't worry about it, I nearly burned the hose down when I was five years old.
I always have been fascinated with fire, even before I knew that I liked

I walked to the living room and checked the answering machine, my parents had
left a message!
I hit play and heard "Sorry Jake, but we won't be home tonight. We decided to
take little vacation, should be back on Monday! Dad says that you can take care
of yourself for two days." Now that was weird, my parents had NEVER done
anything like that before. Not that I minded very much, on the contrary I was
glad of it.
Now you have two days to think of how explain your 'change'.

"Yep, we can think about that in the morning, I am tired, you?"

Yes, very. Do you think you could read me the books my name came from? Your
memories of it are kinda foggy.

"I could, except I don't own them, I borrowed them from the library. I would
have to request them again. It's not hard to do, I just need to use my computer
to do it, and I cannot type with these claws."

By now I had walked back downstairs and was looking at my keyboard.

I can fix that...

Seems appeared at my wrists, and when I pulled them apart my hands and arms
turned liquid and flowed into their proper shape. I still wondered why the
shapeshifting was different then the 'Costume Shop' stories, but I liked this
version much better as it was virtually painless. I then turned my computer on
and put the books on hold. I put my arms back into the costume and they quickly
reformed back to their draconic form. I walked over to my bed and laid next to
it and curled up like a cat, I was slightly surprised at how comfortable it was.

" 'Night Draycos."

See you in the morning.
Thanks to [link] for the idea of a living costume.

I do not think this story is that good yet, I will probably rewrite it.

Also, I can't seem to think of a good title.

EDIT: new version here: [link]
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The red ballet boots part 3

Clara, among the crew, listened to the red ballet boots’ story as she watched astonished how Nancy danced with the red boots on. Ernest continued to make Nancy dance as the boots glowed in an intense red color.

From behind Ernest, some one approached him. He made Ernest turned around by grabbing his shoulder and punched him in the face. Aside of this person was Diana.

“Leave alone Nancy, stranger!” Bill demanded Ernest.

Ernest rose again and shook his head. Bill tried to hit Ernest again, but this time Ernest rose his had at him. Without touching him, Bill fell back as he was in trance. Quickly, Diana approached Bill to help him.

“Bloody Yanks! Never appreciate what people do for you!” Ernest stated as he watched Bill.

Ernest continued to make Nancy dance. Nancy felt like she was inside a horrible nightmare. Without knowing what exactly was going on, more students continued to arrive.

“Well now that you are trapped like this forever, I could take you with me and live in my castle so you can dance all day long.” Ernest told Nancy.

“NO! Please help me get out of these horrible things! I beg you Ernest!” Nancy begged desperately.

“And why is that madam? I thought you loved those beautiful boots or isn’t it?” Ernest asked Nancy.


“Ha, ha, ha! That’s all I needed to hear Nancy! Good bye Madam.” Ernest informed Nancy while smirked.

A bright light covered the entire playground of the school. Moments later, it disappeared along with Ernest Blackpool. Nancy was sat on the ground, she was barefoot and confused.

Clara quickly approached to Nancy and asked if she was Okay. Bill finally woke up and along with Diana, he approached Nancy. With relief, Nancy found out she was freed from the red boots. Diana approached Bill and slapped him in the back of the head.

“What kind of gentleman you are Bill! Nancy is hurt and bare feet. Take her to the sickbay immediately!”

“Oh… Sorry… You are right Diana!” Bill replied and carried Nancy on his arms to the school doctor.

“They make a great couple!” Diana stated as she sighed “Clara, do you have an idea what was this all about?”

“I don’t know Diana, but it seems the British actually helped Nancy.” Clara told Diana as they watched Bill carried Nancy away.

“Err… Thank you, Bill for defending me.” Nancy shyly said to Bill.

“You’re welcome Nancy. If anyone tries to hurt you again, I’ll be there to help you.” Bill told Nancy as she smiled.

And that’s what happened last autumn. Nancy and Bill are still dating. Although Bill thanked me for helping him meet Nancy, Clara finally convinced me to stop playing the cupid roll with my friends.

Bill is amazed of Nancy! He says Nancy never stops to amaze him with all her knowledge about the world. It seems Nancy has forgotten the idea to leave Smithville and that makes everyone happy. Smithville is a great place to live. One think I really hate about Smithville now, is the traffic jams created by those guys at the Ledd factory.

The other night just a week ago, I found Nancy and Bill going out. They were having dinner at new bar they opened in downtown. I couldn’t help myself and sat at the contiguous table to listen to them. I listened to their conversation while I hide behind my menu.

They talked about the weird episode at the school playground for the first time since it happened. For Nancy was a tough experience that showed Nancy how a simple lie can create a situation than can harm all those close to her. Bill patiently listened how Nancy expelled those traumatic moments.

“Still having nightmares Nancy?” Bill asked her.

“No Bill, actually I’m fine with all that. At the beginning I thought I was going to be excluded or marked by everyone as someone weird. Fortunately for us, that didn’t happen.” Nancy confessed.

“Well, we sure have to thank Diana for that.” Bill told Nancy.

“You are right Bill.”

“You know… I now understood why they make those weird boots. You looked like a goddess, proud, elegant, and beautiful when you wore them.” Bill tried to make her feel better.

“Thank you Bill, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to wear a pair of those ever again.” Nancy blushed while covering her cheeks with her hands.

“Don’t worry Nancy. You’ll get over it soon. Besides, I’m a patience person; I can wait a while to see you wearing a pair again.” Bill told Nancy and she giggled.

“Let‘s toast for Diana!  For the idea that saved the reputation and honor of the nicest girl in town.” Bill asked Diana as he raised his soft drink and winked at me after discovering I was there.

“He! He! You have walk a long way before becoming a perfect gentleman, but I love you the way you are.” Nancy replied and she rose her wine glass while I leave the scene.

Most of the students don’t have an idea of what happened that day, but thanks to my intervention, most of them think it was a play rehearsal Nancy, Bill, Clara and I were doing. Even though none of us were in acting classes or the “play” was ever shown… I think is easier to buy that rather than to think in witch stories.

As for Ernest Blackpool, we never saw him again in Smithville, but I’m sure those darn cursed boots will continue to cause problems.

The End.
The long awaited conclusion to this story as posted in:

(Illustrations by the Andrade bros.)

Part 1 [link]

Part2 [link]

And here is an alternative ending to this story: [link]

Still no date for the reopening of
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An hour and a half had passed after Nancy trapped herself in the red boots. The teenager had found an old and rusty hayfork and was using it to break the locks on her ankles. Suddenly, one of the points of the hayfork broke in half. Nancy looked at the utensil unable to believe it.  

Nancy in rage threw the hayfork to the wood floor of the stable. The other point of the fork was all bended. Nancy sat over the haystacks and lowered her face. Moments later, she began to sob as tears fell over the floor between her feet. Nancy had given up hope to free herself.

“What I’m going to do?” Nancy said softly as she regretted her actions.

Minutes later, Nancy heard a vehicle approaching. Instantly, Nancy jumped up as she felt anxiety. She quickly hid behind the haystacks and waited impatiently to see who was coming. From the door of the stable, she observed the pick-up of her mother headed to the entrance of the farm.

‘Mom is going to the supermarket in Longview. That means the house is alone until dad arrives.” Nancy thought.

Nancy’s mother usually went to the nearest city twenty miles away to buy food. She knew her father would return from work in approximately two hours. She saw this as an opportunity.

Nancy waited five minutes and then she came out from the stable using the hayfork to help her balance. She began to walk to her house. It was a long walk and she was wearing the tiptoe boots. Unfortunately for her, the boots had a metal bar that went from the boot sole to the back of the ankle making impossible for her to lower the feet.

Nancy walked as fastest as she could. She didn’t want anyone to see her wearing the red boots. The possibility of getting caught wearing the boots, made the walk seem to last for an eternity.

When Nancy finally reached the house stairs, she threw away the hayfork and quickly crawled inside. She entered the kitchen on her knees and headed to the fridge and grabbed the gallon of orange juice. She began to drink the gallon continually, only interrupted by the pauses she made to breath. After she almost drank a quarter of the gallon, she placed the bottle aside of her as she pant heavily and wiped the abundant sweat from her face.

Nancy looked at the kitchen clock. She had completed the distance from the barn to her house in about fifteen minutes. Nancy lay on the floor as she planned what to do.

Minutes later, she stood up and began to walk again on her tip toes. She headed for the basement of the house. Carefully the teenager walked down to the basement and looked for her father’s power tools. She placed one of her legs over the work table and looked at the tools.

Nancy took the electric drill and plugged it in. She then placed the drill’s bit in one of the locks of her ankles and turned it on. After a while she turned off the drill to see how much progress she had done, but the lock was intact.

“You have to be kidding!” Nancy exclaimed.

Sparks jumped from the lock as Nancy continued her desperate attempt to get free from the boots. After a long time drilling, she finally burned the drill’s motor. Tired, Nancy realized what she feared, the lock remained intact.

As she looked surprised, the drill fell from her hand. She took a hammer and slammed it over the lock repeatedly. Minutes later, she found out it had the same result as the drill.

Desperately, she grabbed the lock with her hand and tried to pull it off. She released the lock as her hands shook in fright. More scared than angry, she threw to the floor the tool box aside of her. She realized it was useless to continue.

‘This is witchcraft’ Nancy thought with her eyes widely open.

The first thing Nancy thought was to hide in her room until she came up with a better idea. She left the tools in the floor and headed up to the kitchen again. She took food and milk from the fridge and went up to the second floor and locked the door of her room.

While she was taking a bath, Nancy heard a motor. She went out of the bathroom and looked thru the window of her room to find out it was her mother. She checked again the lock of her door and sat over her bed quietly.

Nervously, she heard her mother walking up the stairs. Nancy quickly covered her legs as her mother approached her door. Nancy’s mother tried to open the door and after find it lock, she knocked.

“Nancy, are you there?” The woman asked.

“Y … yes mom. Don’t come in! I’m … studding for a test.” Nancy told her mother.

“Okay Nancy. I just wanted to tell you that a man called you this afternoon. I think his name was Mr. Blackpool.”

Nancy’s eyes widen as she heard her mother. She felt hopelessly cornered. Nancy grabbed her pillow and hugged it in silence.

“Well Nancy, I’m going to make dinner. If you get hungry, please go down stairs.”

“… Thanks Mom, but already eat.” Nancy finally answered.

Nancy in shock, sat over her bed for more than half hour until her father arrived. All this time, she uselessly tried to find a solution to her problem. Telling everything to her parents seemed like the only solution.

As Nancy was gathering strengths to walk down stairs, her cellular phone rang. She quickly answered the phone. It was Clara calling from her house.

“Err ... Nancy, Hi this is Clara! I was just calling to see if everything was fine. You didn’t look Okay this afternoon and I thought that you probably were sick …” Clara nervously told Nancy and then she paused as she had dropped the phone.

“Nancy? This is Diana!” Her other friend had taken the phone from Clara’s hand “Guess what? Someone called today looking for you!”

Nancy in silence listened to Diana. She gulped while her hand sweated. Trying to remain calmed, Nancy talked to Diana.

“W..who?” Nancy nervously asked.

“Bill! He called me today asking me about you …mph!”

In that instant, Diana received a pillow hit in the face. The phone fell from her hand and was picked up by Clara again. As Clara grabbed the phone, Diana looked at her angrily while rubbing her face.

“Hello Nancy. This is me again.” Clara told Nancy on the phone.

“Clara … Can you do me a favour? It’s very Important and also a secret.” Nancy asked Clara while biting a fingernail.

“Sure Nancy, anything you want. What is it?” Clara answered with worried.

“Can you come here to my house tomorrow in the morning and pick me up at 7:00 AM? It’s very important.” Nancy told Clara still biting her fingernail.

“I will Nancy.” Clara respond.

“Please, this is a secret between us. Pick me up tomorrow here and don’t tell anyone about this.” Nancy warned Clara.

“Yes Nancy.”

“Bye, take care.” Nancy told Clara and immediately hung up.

Nancy prepared everything for the next morning. She had decided to tell anything to her parents. Instead, she planned to solve this problem by herself. She set the alarm clock for 6:30, and then placed her backpack and a very long blue skirt over the bed. She remained in the bed until she fell asleep.

The next morning, Nancy woke up when she heard the alarm. She quickly placed on the long skirt. It was perfect; the skirt was long enough to cover entirely her legs while standing. Only the tips of the boots were visible.

Patiently, Nancy waited for Clara to arrive. She sat near her window to see when Clara arrived. Five minutes before Seven, Diana saw Clara’s Pick-up truck arriving to her house. Downstairs, Nancy parents were talking while having breakfast.

“Dear …” Nancy’s father talked with his wife “Did you hear a Ledd Computers’ executive visited yesterday the closed factory?  The rumour is, The Ledd Company is interested on expanding and this place is perfect to open their new plant.

“Honey, last year was the home appliances company too. I don’t want to sound pessimist, but will be better if we wait a little longer until there is an official announcement. Remember Nancy’s disappointment last year when the company decided at the end not to purchase the building.”  

In that moment, Nancy walked thru the corridor behind them. Trying not to be noticed by her parents, Nancy walked quietly as she headed to the front door. Her mother caught Nancy when she passed in front of the kitchen entrance.

“Good morning Nancy. Aren’t you going to have breakfast?” Her mother asked as her father turned around toward Nancy, who stood still when she got caught.

“Err… I have to go now to study with Clara. I’ll buy something to eat later.” Nancy excused her self as she continued to walk slowly toward the exit.

“Okay Sweetie.” Nancy’s mother replied “Nancy … You are walking kind of strange are you alright?”

“Oh, you mean this? I … I twisted an ankle yesterday while I practiced. It’s nothing serious Mom.” Nancy replied as she finally reached the door and escaped from her parents.

“Our daughter is growing up.” Nancy’s mom exclaimed as she heard Clara’s truck leave.

“Yes dear, she looks taller.” Her husband stated.

“I meant she is getting more responsible with her studies, even with that injury.” The woman replied upset.

Nancy asked Clara to take her to downtown. Most of the trip, both friends remained quiet. Finally, they arrived to Smithville’s Historic Museum. Clara parked in front of the old building while Nancy prepared to get out of the truck.

“Thank you Clara for the ride. I’ll see you later.” Nancy thanked her friend.

“Nancy!” Clara called her when she opened the door “Aren’t you going to tell me what is going on.”

“I… I…” Nancy babbled nervously.

“Please I’m your friend Nancy. I know there’s something going on here!” Clara interrogated Nancy.

“I can’t Clara … But I promise I will soon. Trust me on this one.” Nancy replied to her friend feeling bad.

“Okay, just promise to be careful. Good luck Nancy.” Clara smiling, said to Nancy.

Clara placed her hand on Nancy’s shoulder and pulled her friend toward her. Clara gave a big hug to Nancy. As both teenagers embraced together, Clara looked at one of Nancy’s feet wasn’t covered by her skirt. She noticed the metal ring on her ankle and the red tiptoe boot she was wearing. Hiding her surprise, she turned to Nancy and smiled at her.

“Bye Clara.” Nancy said goodbye and headed to the Museum.

‘What are you up to, Nancy?’ Clara thought as she waved to Nancy.

After Clara leave, Nancy headed to the front door of the Museum. She knocked the door, but no one answered. After several tries, Nancy sat on the door steps. Minutes later, she walked to the side of the building and look thru a window trying to find someone inside.

“What are you doing here lady?” A voice told Nancy from behind her.

“EEKK!” The teenager screamed as she turned around.

Behind Nancy was a policeman. He was a 5’8” tall and two hundred pound man with sunglasses and beige uniform. The man fixed his hat as she looked at Nancy.

“Err… Hi! My name is Nancy Hendricks and I came here to talk with the man from the Victorian exposition.” Nancy answered the policeman still shaking.

“You mean the British people? They left Smithville last night; they had an exposition scheduled for today at a small town at the other side of the Stateline.” The fat policeman informed Nancy.

“NO! There must be a mistake mister! I got to talk with Ernest Blackpool!”  Nancy told the policeman containing her hysteric laugh.

“I’m sure they leave Miss Hendricks… Say, aren’t you supposed to be at school right now?” The officer asked Nancy as he rubbed his chin.

“You don’t understand! Is urgent I see Ernest. I can’t stay this way!” Nancy desperately, told the policeman.

“You can’t stay here Miss. You have to be in school now. If you don’t have a valid reason then I’ll have to take you there. If you don’t cooperate, then I’ll have to take you into custody.” The policeman warned Nancy.

“Didn’t you hear me? I have to talk to him immediately!” Nancy snapped as she grabbed the fat man’s uniform.

“Hey! Hey! Calm down Miss!” The policeman took a step away from Nancy and kept a hand between him and Nancy “You can’t talk to him now, everybody left town and the museum opens till nine. This is what we are going to do. I’m taking you to your school and you can comeback here after class. If you have a good reason to skip school Miss, then please say it.”

Nancy remained quiet with her eyes down. The policeman escorted her carefully to his patrol and headed to Nancy’s school. Looking thru the rear mirror of his patrol, the policeman noticed Nancy’s worry.

“I noticed you don’t walk right Miss Hendricks. What happened to you?” The policeman asked while looking at her thru the mirror.

“I twisted an ankle in the gym.” Nancy told the officer sadly.

“To me it looks like you twisted both ankles.” The policeman replied to Nancy “Don’t worry Miss Hendricks. I’m going to talk with the museum personal and try to contact the British guy. If there is anything, I’ll let you know immediately, just relax a bit.”

“Thank you.” Nancy answered forcing a smile.

Minutes later, the patrol car parked in front of the high school. The officer helped Nancy to get down the vehicle and took her to the front door of the school. Thanks to the long skirt she was using, the policeman didn’t notice the red ballet boots she was wearing.

“I have to go back to the police department now. I’ll go later to the museum and talk to them about your problem. Don’t worry about anything. Good day Miss and take care of those wounded feet.” The officer told Nancy as he touched the tip of his hat and headed back to his car.

Nancy entered the school and walked down the lonely hallway. The sound of the locks and her tapping heels echoed all over the place. After passing several doors, she reached her classroom. Nancy stood grabbing the door knob for a few seconds, then took a deep breath and opened the door.

Nancy’s entrance interrupted the teacher’s lesson. Nancy looked at the teacher while she shrived. Then the teacher instructed Nancy to sit in her desk then turned to the classroom and continued teaching.

‘If I fall, everyone will notice the boots’ Nancy thought as everyone in the classroom looked at her.

Nancy tried to dissimulate by walking as fast as she could and without leaning to the wall. The barely audible sound of the jingling locks seemed to her like loud church bells pealing. As she walked to her desk, everybody continued to look at her until she sat and hide her feet under the long blue skirt. At the other side of the classroom, Clara stared at her skirt.

Nancy managed to hide successfully her secret all morning. At noon, Nancy was more confident and decided to go to the school cafeteria. She noticed some of the male students looked at her flintily. She bought a sandwich and dared to walk between all the cafeteria tables.

Nancy didn’t know it, but the mystery metallic sounds she made as she walked kept everyone in suspense. Further than any possible prediction, she had become the center of all looks. Nancy in the other hand, enjoyed the feeling of be fooling the entire school.

Nancy sat at a lonely bench outside the cafeteria and unwrapped her lunch. Before she could taka the first byte, someone approached her. Before Nancy could raise her head, someone began to talk with her.

“You could probably fool all the school with that skirt covering your legs, but I know what you are hiding.” A woman voice told Nancy.

“Huh?!” Nancy exclaimed surprised as she noticed it was Diana.

“Judging by the height you gain and the clicking sounds. I’ll say you are wearing platforms heels and ankle bracelets with little bells on both legs.” Diana told her friend with a smirk on her face.

“He, he, he! How did you notice it?” Nancy pretended to be surprised.

“Come on Nancy! All Those International fashion attempts you always do have finally hit the Jackpot! Your new, slow and elegant walk; plus the fact everyone is trying to figure out what are you hiding under that noisy skirt you are wearing, have the entire school on suspense, even me. Come on Nancy, let me see the bells.” Diana asked Nancy.

“NO!” Nancy exclaimed as she retrieve her legs and embrace them.  

Diana tried to look beneath the blue skirt as she continued to ask Nancy. Completely embarrassed, Nancy grabbed the skirt and covered completely her legs. Nancy begged Diana to stop, but her curiosity was big. Then, someone grabbed Diana from behind and pulled her away from Nancy.

“Leave her alone Diana.” Clara ordered Diana.

“Hey! I just want to see the anklets!” Diana replied.

Clara, being raised in a farm family and worked in it since she was five, grabbed forcefully Diana. She pulled her up and then grabbed both Diana’s wrists. Diana looked with fear at Clara realizing how strong she really was.

“Leave NOW!” Clara told Diana as she grabbed and shook her wrists.

Diana scared, fled leaving Nancy and Clara by themselves. Nancy with her head down released her legs. Clara sat aside of Nancy in the bench and look at her.

“So are you finally going to tell me what is going on Nancy?” Clara asked Nancy in a demanding tone.

“I’ll do it tomorrow. I wasn’t able to solve this matter today.” Nancy excused herself.

“I’m disappointed with you, Nancy. You think I don’t know you are locked on those red perverted boots from the English man?” Clara complained.

“But … How did you found out!” Nancy asked perplexed.

“I wanted to help you, but I needed a little trust from you. For me was important you trusted me enough to tell me your problem. We are friends; well at least that was what I thought.” Clara with sadness revealed this to Nancy and then she leave.

“Please wait!” Nancy shouted “Understand this is shameful for me!”

Nancy stood up to follow Clara. But as soon as Nancy took two steps, someone stopped her. Nancy with fear discovered it was the man in the black raincoat. She sat again and watched him nervously.

“You have something that belongs to me!” Ernest told Nancy as people gather around them.

“Heh, hehe! What are you taking about? I … I don’t understand you.” Nancy pretended confusion as she looked at the curios students.

Among the people circling them, was Diana. Standing near Ernest, Diana suddenly walked away from the place after she recognized Ernest Blackpool. At the center of the circle, Ernest seriously looked at Nancy.

“Do you have any idea of what you did to yourself Madam?” Ernest asked Nancy.

Ernest raised his hand above his head. Immediately Nancy stood up ad began to dance gracefully. Nancy’s with a terror expression watched how her body danced out of control.

“Every month is the same story! Some dumb teenager tries to steal the same object from the collection. My great-grandaunt Karen was a perfectionist. To become the greatest ballet dancer in the world, she used magic treated leather to make those boots. The boots gave her the abilities she needed to become a great dancer, but she paid a very high price. The leather needed to feed from her greed and obsession. The boots became so dependent of these crooked feelings that attached themselves to her legs and spent the rest of her days trapped. After she died, the boots fell from her lifeless legs and were locked to avoid they found a new victim.”

Nancy watched with terror how the skirt raised every time she turned showing the locked boots. Nancy’s secret had been revealed to all the school. She wished with all her strength everyone disappeared.

“Decades without being fed with those negative feelings had made those boots to search for a new victim. The boots must have sensed the similar feelings of Karen Blackpool in you, Nancy and they seduced you to take them away and wear them. Now you are condemned to be their prisoner for the rest of your life Madam!” Ernest continued.

To be concluded...
Second part of the story. To see the conclusion, please visit sticky-site. [link]

Illustration done by the Andrade bros.

Part 1 here: [link]
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Life in a small farmer town like Smithville can become pretty predictable after living some years there. There’s no action and life is an endless routine. Well, that was the point of view of a young lady until this autumn.

One morning, Nancy Hendricks stepped out the school bus and headed to the High school entrance. She was 5’ 4” tall with waist long hair tied in a ponytail with a red bow and as usually, she was carrying her backpack where she kept her gym uniform.

At the doorsteps of the front door of the school where her friends Clara and Diana sat as every morning talking. Nancy waved her hand at them and walked quickly toward the teenagers as they paused for a moment their chat.

“Hi guys, what’s going on?” Nancy greeted.

“Not much Nancy” Clara answered “Say … Nice short skirt where did you get it?”

“Oh, you mean this? I bought it last summer. I heard Short skirts are very popular nowadays in New York City” Nancy answered as she modelled the white mini skirt.

“Hellooooo Nancy!” Diana told her “It's October and we are not in New York!”

“You don’t have to be sarcastic to Nancy” Clara told Diana “I think she looks great on it”

“I’m not being sarcastic, I’m realistic” Diana answered as she crossed her arms “As you can see, no one in the school is wearing mini skirts this time of the year. Is better to adapt to the environment rather than try to change it. For instance, we all are going to the downtown museum and you are carrying your leotard. Isn’t that a little too odd or nobody told you there will not be P.E. today?”

“Diana, please not again” Clara tried to calm them down.

“Why, instead of thinking about international fashion, you don’t accept Bill’s invitation? He is a cutie, I wouldn’t think twice if he asked me out” Diana added.

“Oh, shut up! For your knowledge Diana, I brought my leotard because I planned to practice today after we comeback from the school trip. I love ballet and I want to practice after school” Nancy replied upset.

“Always against the flow” Diana stated while shook her head “There’s no future in this town for a ballet dancer. Unless you want to work at the library, with your training you could reach out higher bookshelves.

“As you said, IN HERE” Nancy replied angrily “I don’t plan staying in this boring town all my life. I’m going to the state capital’s University and my ballet skills will help me achieve it. If you want to spend the last years of your life on a rocking chair watching the crops grow then keep that adapting attitude of yours, Diana!”

Without saying more Nancy leave the place and entered the school. Diana and Clara continued sitting in silence for a while. Finally Diana sighed and lowered her arms.

“Poor Nancy, She is a dreamer. She can’t depend on something as trivial as ballet to construct her future. She has to be realistic and accept reality as the rest of us” Diana said in the sad tone.

“But is necessary for you to be rude with her?” Clara enquired.

“Clara, you were born here and your family has owned the ranch you all work in for several decades. Unfortunately, the Hendricks came here as many others families, including mine, to work at the newly opened fabric ten years ago. They moved from the city to Smithville to build their home to be near the plant. Everything pointed that this town will grew up and soon become an important city, but no one expected the factory to close down two years ago. She feels trapped as I did at the beginning, but I soon understand that life has to go on” Diana concluded as the bell rang.

“Well, we better hurry up” Clara told Diana as she stood up.

“I hope you don’t forget our bet, Clara. Nancy only talked about big cities, ballet and how she hates this place as she always does. So you owe me five bucks” Diana remained her friend with a smirk on her face as they enter the school.

“Sometimes you can be so detestable Diana” Clara stated as they ran to their classroom.

An hour later, the school bus was on his way to Smithville. Nancy melancholically watched thru the window of the bus, the abandon warehouse where the local wholesale store used to be a year ago. The scenario was similar in downtown, most of the locals on main street where closed or in clearance sale. It was a clear financial agony the town was experiencing.

Finally at downtown square, the school bus stopped in front of Smithville Historic Museum. The place used to be the mansion of the town’s founder more than a century ago during the years of the civil war. Slowly everyone formed a line in front of the bus as the teacher began to explain the purpose of their visit.

“Class, today we gather here as part of an important cultural event. We have an exhibition of English Victorian objects. This is a remarkable event and an excellent opportunity for you to admire the late XIX century European culture” The teacher finished her speech while the group dissimulated to have listened to everything.

The group was conducted by the museum guide to the right wing of the mansion where several objects where at display including antique furniture, and personal objects like pocket watches, paintings and silverware. The group was conducted by the guide as he descripts, one by one the old objects.

Nancy and her friends where making fun on an old painting of a woman when Nancy saw something that caught her eye. Inside a square glass cabinet, where in display a pair of high heel boots. The boots where made of red leather and they where above the knee high. The strangest details of the boots were their high heels. They were so high that the wearer must walk “On Pointe” position. Nancy began to ponder what a fetish item was doing in a Victorian exhibition.

“Come on Nancy” Diana told her “We have to catch up the rest of the group”

“Oh … You go ahead guys. I think I’ll stay here looking at this weird stuff” Nancy told them in a distracted way.

“Okay. We will wait for you in the next room” Clara replied and leave the room.

(illustration 1)

Nancy pretended to be looking at the items aside of the pair of boots until the rest of the group leave. Then she came close to the boots and began to admire them. Behind her a young man approached the teenager unaware of his presence.

“It sure is a strange pair of boots” The youngster stated with a heavy southern accent.

Nancy quickly turned back and recognized the teenager. It was Bill, her classmate that had previously invited her out. Nancy tried to dissimulate her surprise and turned back from him.

“These are called ballet boots. I’ve heard about them on the internet. Not everyone can use them because of the position of the feet. A person needs to have very high elasticity on her feet to be able to walk on them” Nancy told Bill as she kept watching the boots.

“Why would a person use those weird boots in the first place, Nancy? They seem very uncomfortable to work or even to walk on them? Bill asked as he scratched his head.

“That is something you farmer boys will never understand. You would need to have some city experience to be able to understand modern fashion. Cloths are not just overalls and steel toe boots!” Nancy in an anger tone told Bill.

“I don’t know if I did or say something wrong to you Nancy. I just want to be friendly with you. You seem like a nice person that knows about a lot of things and that’s why I like you Nancy. I think I’ll go with the rest of the group” Bill apologized and leave Nancy alone.

Nancy calmed down as soon as Bill left the room. But soon she heard foot steps heading her way. She took a deep breath thinking Bill had returned and turned around to confront him, but this time wasn’t Bill there. It was a tall man in his early 20s wearing a trench coat and with a modern hairdo.

“Actually madam, these boots are not so modern, they are more than ninety years old” The man told Nancy with an English accent.

“Huh?” Nancy exclaimed surprise as she looked at the man.

“Hello madam, my name is Ernest Blackpool. I’m the organizer of this event” The man presented himself in a cordial way.

Hi … my name is Nancy, Nancy Hendricks Nancy answered shyly.

“I noticed you are indeed interested on this particular item among all my vast collection” Ernest stated.

“Wow all these are yours?” Nancy asked surprised as she turned around and looked at the room.

“That is correct madam. I inherited everything about six months ago from my grandmother. As a clause on her will, I had to organize this cultural tour on specific small American towns chosen previously by her. I don’t understand the purpose of this action, but I wouldn’t be surprise if this is some kind of lesson from her or she did it so I would travel and meet young woman to get married as she insisted me the last years of her life. What is a fact is that I surely have met a lot of women this last months, but few as beautiful as yourself madam” The foreigner told Nancy in a cocky tone.

“Ahem!” Nancy cleared her throat trying to hide her blush “You were telling me about the boots?”  

“I heard your chat and you sure know a lot about boots, but unfortunately this pair of boots are not a common fetish item as you told your friend” Ernest told Nancy as he looked at her from behind while she observed the boots “These boots belonged to my grandmother’s aunt Miss Karen Blackpool a famous ballet teacher that taught ballet classes at the Royal Ballet Academy in London”

“Wow these belonged to a real London ballet instructor?” Nancy asked with interest.

“Indeed Nancy” Ernest continued “Miss Karen personally instructed to make this boots for the purpose of training her feet constantly. It was common to see her taught her class wearing these boots on and also dance her routines with them on. In fact some say, she got so accustomed to the boots that she spent the last twenty years of her life with the boots fasten to her legs with metal shackles on her ankles”

“But that is impossible! Is very difficult to walk on those things and very painful to wear them for more than an hour. What about cleaning her feet? Or cutting off her nails?” Nancy enquired.

“He, he, don’t pay attention to all that, Nancy. They are just legends people invent. Some people even used to say Karen Blackpool was a witch or that she was under a curse. All is part of the English folklore”

The couple laughed for a moment and continued looking at the boots. Then the museum guard entered the room and called the English man. The man excused himself to Nancy and leave the room. Nancy remained once more alone that room with the enigmatic pair of boots.

‘Is it possible to use them that long? Someone can actually dance with these on? If I train my feet as Miss Blackpool did I’ll be a better ballet dancer’ Nancy asked all this to herself as she watched the display cabinet.

Nancy looked around and saw no one. She walked to both room exits without finding anyone near. Suddenly, Nancy felt an adrenaline rush thru her whole body.

‘I have to try them on’ Nancy thought.

Nancy took off the glass box and placed it behind the display table. Then took the boots and putted them inside her backpack. Feeling anxiety, she then walked away the table and almost tripping with a nearby display cabinet, fortunately she managed to avoid its fall. Then she headed looking for the bathroom.

‘I’ll go to the bathroom put the boots on for a moment, walk on them and return them to the display cabinet. No one will notice it’ Nancy thought as her hands shook nervously.

But as soon as she leave the room, she ran into her class teacher. Nancy was extremely nervous and didn’t know what to do or say. She just stood there watching her teacher hoping she didn’t caught her taking the boots.

I’ve been looking all over for you Miss Hendricks! Where you have been young lady?” The teacher reprehended Nancy.

“I, I was going to the bathroom miss” Nancy tried to excuse herself.

“Oh no Nancy, you are coming with me to hear the organizer’s speech now!” The teacher told Nancy then grabbed Nancy’s arm and pulled her into the room.

Both entered a room where Ernest was talking to the group about the history of his family. The teacher stood aside of Nancy guarding her until the man finished his speech. Then she excused herself and leave the room.

Nancy quickly tried to head into the exhibition room to put the boots on its place, but she saw, at the end of the hall, the museum guard entering the room where the boots were at display. Nervously, she entered the room again.

‘Oh my, if the guard finds out the boots are missing, I’ll be in a lot of trouble. That was so dumb’ Nancy thought with fear.

Without having an opportunity to return the boots, the school group leave the small museum shortly after the speech. At the bus, Clara and Diana observed their thoughtful friend who had not said a word during the trip back to the school.

“Is something wrong Nancy? Clara approached her friend and asked worried.

“Huh? No, everything is fine, thanks” Nancy responded pretending to be fine.

“What’s the matter Nancy?” Diana approached maliciously “I heard Bill went to talk with you. Did you two behaved correctly while you were alone?”

“Diana, stop it!” Clara told her.

“No, everything is fine, thanks” Nancy replied again.

“Nancy didn’t get angry this time, Clara” Diana told Clara in secret after they moved away from Nancy “I think she is sick. I’m very worried”

“Diana, that’s enough. Cut it out!” Clara reprehended her again.

Nancy remained sat with her backpack over her legs the rest of the trip back to the high school. She didn’t know what to do or how to excuse herself for taken the old boots. In silence, she tried to find a solution to her problem. She didn’t even want to tell her friends about the matter. How she would explain she took the fetish footwear to try it on.

As soon as the class arrived to the school, Nancy asked Clara to take her home on her Pickup truck. Nancy didn’t want to stay anymore at the school fearing the police could go there looking for her. So she opted not to practice ballet and return to her house.

Nancy lived outside town in an old farm house her family had reconstructed. The house was a quarter mille away from the road. Clara agreed and took her, but when they arrived to Nancy’s home, she insisted to be left on the road outside her house.

“Thanks for the ride Clara. I see you tomorrow at class” Nancy thanked her friend.

Nancy opened the door of Clara’s truck to get off. Then, Clara placed her hand over Nancy shoulder and stopped her. Nancy nervously turned back.

“Nancy, I know you since junior high. You’ve been behaving very strange these last hours. I’m your friend and I’m worried about you. Is anything wrong?” Clara worried, asked Nancy.

“Err … No, everything is fine Clara. Thank you anyway” Nancy nervously answered her.

“Well, if you need anything or want to talk, please call me. Just promise me that, Okay?” Clara asked Nancy looking into her eyes.

“Sure, anything you say Clara … Bye” Nancy answered quickly, got off the pickup and closed the door.

After Clara left, she began to walk to her house. At half the way she stopped in front of an old stable used by the previous ranch owners. Nancy’s plan was to hide the boots in there as a precaution and to avoid her parents to found them.

Nancy entered the stable and opened her backpack. She pulled off the red ballet boots and admired them for a while. Then she began to think what to do.

‘Mom is not expecting me so early. If I arrive at this hour could be suspicious and I don’t want to be questioned by mom. It will be better if I stay in here an hour or two’ Nancy’s mind started to divagate.

Nancy sat over the haystacks with the boots on her hands. She looked at them and tried to imagine how Miss Karen Blackpool could manage to dance with them on. The whole idea fascinated Nancy. The girl could not hold anymore. She took her tennis shoes off and tried on the ballet boots. It was the first time she ever putted a pair on. She knew her ballet training would help her to balance on them.

With the boots on, Nancy stood up and prepared to take her first steps on them. Her heart was racing on her chest. She was conscious what she was doing was wrong. She had stolen them, lied to her friends and even denied the opportunity to be helped by Clara; just to trying those things on. It had become an obsession for her.

‘Wow! This is not so hard after all’ Nancy thought as she began to walk on them.

Nancy began to walk all over the stable, and then she tried running slowly. Nancy stopped for a moment to rest before the final test, to dance her ballet routine with the boots on. Nancy took a deep breath and began to perform her routine. She started dancing, but soon found out it was too hard. She couldn’t jump too high and she loose balance easily. Nancy decided it had been enough.

‘Everything Earnest told me about dancing with this boots on was a lie. Is just impossible to do it’ Nancy thought as she sat back over the haystack.

As soon as she grabbed the sole of the boot to take it off, Nancy discovered something incredible. Somehow the boots had metal shackles on them with locks on place!

“WHAT!” Nancy exclaimed.

(illustration 2)

Nancy tried to pull the boots off without luck; the metal rings on her ankles didn’t allow them to be taken off. She stood up again and shook her legs trying to make the rings to fall down, but was useless.

“No, no, NO! What ‘s going on?!” Nancy exclaimed again.

Desperation began to invade her. How she was going to take back the boots if they were locked to her ankles? What she was going to tell everyone? Nancy’s joy soon became panic as she kept denying the situation.

“No, this is not real” Nancy said crying as she tried desperately to take the boots off her legs.

Nancy observed the metal shackles on her ankles. They where fixed to the boots as the where glued to the leather. The locks danced playfully every time she moved her legs, they were attached to the ankle cuffs by two rings that kept the shackles closed. The teenager meditated her situation as she continued to observe her legs. She finally realized what had happened.

“Oh, what I have done!” Nancy concluded looking at the boots as she sobbed and grabbed her head with both hands.

Nancy had been seduced, welcomed and finally trapped the same way as a fly is caught by a carnivorous plant. Nancy understood too late that the red ballet boots were actually a trap and she had fallen into it.  A trap that had caught a victim ninety years later, probably the same way Miss Karen Blackpool had fallen into it.

To be concluded …
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Fascination? Curiosity? What did Nancy saw on that mysterious pair of boots?

(Illustrations by the Andrade bros.)

Part 2 here:…
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Part 2

The next morning, Jodie and Ellen woke up early as usual. While they comb their hair at the wall mirror, Ellen looked at her dress. She observed the maid outfit she was trapped in.

"I bet you would like better something black and purple with corset and laces." Jodie said while winking.

Ellen casted her eyes down looking bothered. Jodie smiled and moved behind her friend and looked over Ellen shoulder. Jodie remained looking down as Ellen enjoyed the moment.

"Like the time we went to that party. Everyone was wearing Gothic outfits. You had that frilly dark dress and all that white makeup. Everything seemed strange to me, but you fitted in so easily." Ellen added.

"Be quiet!" Jodie turned around blushing. "Do I have to remind you, you gave your word?"

"I never told anyone, not even Vanity." Ellen responded smiling. "Your little secret will always be safe with me."

"Secrets aren't safe here with Queen." Jodie replied angry and Ellen placed her hand over her mouth. "Vanity is waiting for us and it's late."

The maids exited their room and walked the long corridor. After walking for minutes, they arrived to Vanity's room. The friends fixed their outfits and opened the door, but instead of finding Vanity, they found a large room filled with lines of 3 feet tall pedestals, each separated by the same measure from each one. Before they recovered from their surprise, the door closed behind them.

"Queen!" Both exclaimed looking at each other.

As this took place, Vanity rested in her room. She was lying on her bed with her right foot resting over a pillow. Her feet were still wearing the golden ballet slippers under her white high heels. Vanity's expression reflected pain as she avoided moving her leg.

The door opened and a pair of white tiptoed Mary Jane heels entered. Vanity heard the steps, but didn't raise her head. Instead she laid back and waited for the person to reach the bed.

"Jodie, Ellen; I better stay here. My leg is worst than yesterday." Vanity said when she felt someone climbed over the bed.

Vanity gasped when she felt her wounded leg was grabbed. She raised her head but didn't found any of her friends. Instead an oriental woman dressed in a peculiar maid outfit was massaging her leg.

Vanity sat on the bed to observe the visitor. It was a woman with brown hair done in pony tails. She was wearing dark blue stockings and a blue dress, but the dress looked more like a straightjacket preventing her from using her arms. Her stocking and oriental dress seem been made of slick plastic partially transparent. The facemask gagging her looked similar to the white apron she wore.

What surprised Vanity was the fact the maid looked comfortable in her restraining outfit and she was massaging Vanity's leg with her feet. The trapped princess felt a warm comfort as the maid continued curing her. Then the trapped maid pulled Vanity's leg and a bone crack was heard. Vanity was about to shout, but realized the pain of the right leg ceased slowly.  

"Wow, that's amazing!" Vanity exclaimed happy.

The mysterious maid looked at Vanity for a couple of seconds as she continued massaging. After she finished, the maid stepped down the bed, as soon as her foot touched the floor, the ballet heels appeared again in her feet.

"Hey, I want to thank you for your help. What's your name?" Vanity asked her helper.

The maid turned and muttered something, then vowed at her and continued her way toward the door. Vanity moved her right leg and found out it was cured. She stepped down the bed, but Queen's voice made her stop.

"Do you like my silent maid? It was an acquisition for some time ago." Queen said proudly.

"It's cruel the way you keep her. Arm restrained, gagged and forced to walk on her tiptoes." Vanity replied upset.

"Restrained?! That was a good one!" Queen laughed loud. "We'll see about that."

The tiles around the armless maid started moving. Also square cracks on the ceiling and walls appeared around the woman. The maid observed Queen's doing as she headed for the exit. Then without warning, square blocks in the four directions flew against the maid like some sort of trap. They crashed against each other with loud bangs, Vanity gasped, but then saw the maid jumping and evading the traps between the dust clouds. The mysterious maid evaded easily more than twenty deadly attacks without even panting. Vanity stared at the destruction surprised.

"And you thought you were the only tiptoed fighter around here." Queen added. "Well now that your leg is fine, we better go with your maids."

A door materialized and Vanity entered the pedestal room. She found Jodie and Ellen looking at the pedestals. Vanity noticed each pedestal had a pair of golden high heel shoes. All the shoes were different and looked extravagant. Jodie and Ellen ran around the room excited like children in a toy store.

"Oh, Vanity is here, Ellen. Hello!" Jodie exclaimed waving her hand.

"What's going on here?" Vanity asked surprised.

"Queen said we can pick a pair of magic shoes." Ellen replied without taking her sight of the pedestals.

"True, we are going to have magic slippers like you and we are going to train with them." Jodie added.

"That is correct, Vanity. All of you can pick a pair of golden heels." Queen told her captive princess. "Each one has a different magic power enhanced with the personality of the person. That is why you have to pick the pair you like the most."

"What is the reason for this act of charity?" Vanity said unimpressed.

Then the three women heard a loud bang and someone screaming at an adjacent room. Queen sighed and added. "Let's say you will need them today. Please hurry up and pick one. I'll keep Galatea busy for a while."

As soon as Vanity heard Galatea's name, she walked into the aisles. Jodie then found what it look like a pair of ballet slippers mounted over large crystal balls. The inscription in the pedestal read "Podsliders". Jodie smirked and picked them up.

At the other side of the room, Ellen focused on a particular pair of shoes. All the shoes in that room were golden, except this pair of high heels. Ellen gulped as soon as she saw them. Her heart raced as she headed to the pedestal. Ellen found a pair of high heeled oxford black panted shoes. The inscription on the pedestal read "Shadow-walkers"

Ellen didn't look at the pedestal inscription, but as soon as she touched the shoes, murmured their name. She picked them up carefully and looked at them for a moment as a smile appeared in her face. Then she turned around and looked at Jodie who was showing Ellen her election.

Both maids turned to Vanity and found her looking at a pair of laced high heeled sandals. The golden sandals looked normal except for the high heels in shape of wings. The inscription read "Icarus sandals".

All three were ready and exited the room. Finding themselves in the elegant room Queen had taken Vanity before to train with the golden slippers. The maid's shoes and high heels disappeared, leaving the maids barefoot and Vanity wearing only her golden slippers.

"Everyone," Vanity said sitting down. "Put on your shoes and let's see what they can do."

At another room, Galatea was using her bee armor to wreck the place apart as Queen talked to her, in the same room, two other women looked in silence at Galatea's tantrum. "There's no need for all this commotion. I told you we can set the competition for tomorrow."

"Good try, but no. The agreement you did with the Queen bee expires today and I demand it takes place now!" Galatea scolded holding an old manuscript on her hand.

"I offer you a deal. If you destroy that document, I will free you from those gold shoes you hate so much." Queen told the angry woman.

"That was lame and desperate, Queen. Api offered me the same if I won the castle for her, plus got the chance make you pay for everything." Galatea added. "If you refuse participating, then the castle will be mine."

"You have earned a punishment with that rebel attitude, but we will discuss that after the competition." Queen replied.

"What's the hurry, Galatea? Let's have some fun first with Vanity." One of the women interrupt Vanity's rival.

The woman was a tall blond fit woman in her twenties wearing sporting cloths. She looked confident as she took a step forward. Aside of her was a burnet woman with a misfit expression wearing similar cloths.

"I don't think we have met. I'm Queen and you? Queen asks polite.

"That's none of your business, brat girl." The blonde woman replies. "I'm here to settle an old score with Vanity."

"Well said, boss." The burnet said revering her friend.

"Interesting, if you want Vanity, she'll be here ready in a few hours." The voice told the new woman as a giant sand clock materialized at the center of the room.

"Hours? I won't wait that long!" Galatea scolded as she slowed down." I demand them to be before me nooowwww..."

Everyone in the room froze in time as Galatea finished the sentence. However, the sand inside the big clock kept falling normally. Then Queen's voice was heard mocking. "Heh, dold!"

To be continued...
Part two.

A new plot against Vanity is executed, but this time she won't be the only one fighting.

Drawing by: :iconsuichitanaka:
Story based on :iconalfonsomarin: 's characters.

Part 1 here: [link]
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“Oh wow, a teddy bear. Thank you mommy.” Olivia’s younger sister Maggie said holding it up excitedly.

“You’re welcome sweety.” Olivia’s mom said.

Olivia rolled her eyes. Her three year old sister’s family birthday party was taking so long. Did no one care about her schedule? She had a date with the cutest boy in the school tonight, possibly her one and only chance to become popular, and this little party that Maggie would never remember had taken at least an hour. Her dad was fidgeting next to her too. He was missing a football game for this.

“I’m going upstairs to get ready.” She said, getting up off the couch. Her mom caught her arm and pulled her back down.

“Just one more. Five more minutes won’t hurt.”

Maggie moved painstakingly slowly back to the pile of gifts and picked up the last wrapped one. She tore at the wrapping paper and finally unearthed a baby doll.

“Thank you mommy.”

Olivia and her father stood up and walked out of the living room as quickly as they could to their own rooms, ignoring the stink eye Olivia’s mom gave them.

“Who’s it from?” Her mother asked Maggie

“Uhh, I don’t know.”

“There’s no card?” her mother said looking around at the shreds of wrapping paper “Hmmm, that’s strange. Oh look, she looks almost identical to Olivia. That should be her name, Olivia.”

“Mommy, I need to go potty.” Maggie said and her mother led her quickly to the bathroom. She was almost done with daytime training, but was having a lot of trouble at night. She was scared of getting up at night to use the bathroom, so she did anything she needed to in her diaper. Still, she was much better than Olivia who had been scared to death of toilets and refused to go anywhere but her pants until age four when other kids on the playground had started to tease her for still wearing diapers.

“Mom, I’m leaving for my date now!” Olivia called and her mother heard the front door slam before she could speak

“All done mommy.” Maggie said emerging from the bathroom.

“Good girl. Why don’t you play with your new toys? I have work to do.” Her mother said and went to start dinner. Maggie went over and grabbed her new toys and climbed the stairs to her room, then retraced her steps to pick up all the toys she had dropped on the way. She set up a tea party on the floor of her room.

“I am a princess.” She announced to the toys taking a pull up from her dresser and putting it on her head like a crown “And you are my servants. Everyone can drink their tea now.” And she pretended like all the dolls were drinking. “Oh, Olivia, you spilled a bit on your shirt didn’t you? That’s all right, we all have accidents.” She said, pretending to see the doll spill a bit on her shirt.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant, the date was going better than Olivia could have possibly hoped. She had the boy in the palm of her hand and was getting ready to close the deal when she did something unthinkable, she splashed some water that she was drinking onto her lap. She hastily put the glass down and put a hand in her lap to cover it. Luckily the boy had been taking a bite out of his bread and hadn’t noticed. She continued talking and hoped that the spot would dry soon.

At the tea party, Maggie had just finished wiping off the pretend wet spot on her doll’s shirt and sat back down. She handed out plates and began to pretend everyone was eating. Suddenly she felt warmth and looked down at the disappearing flowers on her pull up. She felt a pang of disappointment and looked up to see the Olivia doll with its eyes staring straight at her. She thought of what Olivia would say if she were her.

“Why can’t you hold it like everyone else? It’s gross when you do that.” The doll sneered in her mind

“Well, you can’t hold it either! You just had an accident!” Maggie said back to the doll, thinking of her big sister having a wet spot spread across her crotch.

Olivia felt the spot on her lap and was relieved to feel that it had dried. She was just about to recommend that they leave when an urge to go to the bathroom hit her hard. She hurriedly excused herself and left the confused boy at the table as she ran to the bathroom. It was a one room unisex. She was almost to the toilet when she lost control and peed all over herself. She pulled up her skirt and saved most of it but it soaked through her underwear and ran down her legs. She took off her dress and laid it on the counter to try to clean up the mess.

How had she just had an accident? She was fifteen. But she couldn’t think about that now. She could just tell her boy that her period had caught her off guard if he asked. It would take a lot of soap to get rid of the smell and she might have to ditch her socks and underwear, but she could still pull this off.

She reached down to take off her underwear, but just as she reached for it, it slid down her legs on its own and vanished. An unfolded disposable diaper her size appeared and pulled itself up her legs. Olivia grabbed it and wrestled with it but it wouldn’t budge as it taped itself onto her. Olivia looked down at herself and saw she was wearing what looked like on of Maggie’s nighttime diapers. All thoughts of being popular disappeared and Olivia grabbed her dress and put it on to hide the diaper and ran out of the restaurant.

Maggie was pleased with herself at putting her Olivia doll in diapers. Her nighttime diapers fit the doll surprisingly well and Maggie felt like she had just really put her older sister in diapers.

“You’re a baby now.” She said to the doll, forgetting the tea party and focusing on it “So I’m going to have to treat you like one. Now babies can’t use the potty, so you gotta use your diaper if you need to go. I get to pick what you wear and what you eat. Got it, baby Olivia?” in her mind baby Olivia nodded timidly “Good. I need to pick you out something to wear first…”

Olivia was speeding in her car home. She took back streets to her house because she no longer trusted her driving and she didn’t dare be caught dead like this. Halfway through the drive, her outfit began to change. Her dress disappeared and then her bra, but to her horror, her breasts had vanished too. A hello kitty t-shirt appeared, which was much too short to hide anything but the very top of her diaper. Then her high heels and white socks disappeared and were replaced by Velcro shoes and striped socks. Finally, just a block away from her house, a pacifier appeared in her mouth and as much as she tried, Olivia couldn’t spit it out. Pulling into the garage, Olivia clipped a side mirror, but she didn’t care. She ran into the house as fast as she could and up the stairs towards her room. As she passed Maggie’s room, she came to a screeching halt and looked at Maggie playing with the doll that looked like and was dressed like her. Realization swept across her and she stepped into her sister’s room.

“Maggie have you been playing with that doll?” She asked

Maggie looked up and giggled at the sight of her sister.

“Maggie, whatever that doll does, I do. You need to give it to me.” Olivia said without thinking

Maggie’s eyes got wide “Really?” she looked at the doll and said “Baby Olivia just used her diaper.”

Olivia doubled over as she squatted and messed her diaper just like Maggie imagined. Olivia growled and began to advance on Maggie when she fell to her hands and knees, unable to walk. Maggie imagined the doll doing all sorts of things, drooling, baby talking, farting, even clapping her hands and as soon as she thought them, Olivia began to do them in the middle of her sister’s room. But Olivia finally managed to lunge and grab Maggie’s ankle. Maggie soaked her pull up in terror at Olivia’s expression and squealed “Baby Olivia is just a little baby.”

Olivia began to pull Maggie and the doll towards her but stopped as she forgot who she was. She sat back and jumped in surprise at the squish of her sitting in her mess. Then her body began to get smaller and smaller until she was just a tiny baby girl sucking her thumb and looking around at the world.

“Sweetie, are you playing nice with your baby sister?” Maggie’s mom asked, coming into the room.

Maggie nodded. She loved her baby sister, even though she sometimes took up her attention. She had even named her new doll after her.

“Oh, did you have an accident?” asked her mom and Maggie blushed

“That’s all right, just try not to drink too much from now on. Whew, your sister really had to go. We can have a changing session.” Her mom said and carried baby Olivia and her sister to the changing table. As Maggie lay back and let her mom give her a new pull-up, Olivia crawled over to the doll and smiled at it. The doll winked and for a moment, Olivia remembered who she was, but before she could say anything, the light in the doll’s eyes went out and Olivia was just a tiny baby wailing at the top of her lungs. Her mom walked over to her and rocked her in her arms until she calmed down, and then changed her diaper.
A quick story I wrote a while back. Feel free to critique in the comments below.

Warnings: contains physical and mental AR and some diaper use.
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"Come on, this isn't fair!" Sierra pouted as she trailed after Lilly, going as fast as she could to try to keep up with the taller woman's pace.

"What isn't fair? I have to go out for the day, so I have to hire a babysitter. That's just how it works!" Lilly said, grabbing her purse and looking through it to make sure she had everything she needed.

"That's just it! I'm the babysitter!" Sierra whined, stomping her foot.

Lilly just turned, eyeing Sierra up and down. Sierra blushed and squirmed under her gaze, glancing down at herself, too, seeing herself standing there in her yellow t-shirt with the duck on it, barely going down to her belly button, and the Pamper beneath it, expanded with her own spell to fit her perfectly, despite originally having been the same size as the one taped on the stuffed bunny she was holding. Along with the two ponytails in her hair, held with ribbons that matched her shirt, Sierra knew she certainly didn't look the part of the babysitter.

"Well, I was supposed to be!" Sierra glanced down at her feet for a second before looking back up at Lilly. "I don't need a babysitter!"

"Of course you don't!" Lilly agreed, to Sierra's surprise. "Zoe is here to take care of you! But she's still getting used to taking care of her little dolly, so she needs help! Besides, somebody has to take care of her, too!"

"I am not a doll!" Sierra huffed, stomping her foot again.

"I can't believe you're being so fussy after what happened last time," Lilly said casually as she closed her purse back up, satisfied that it was packed correctly. "Do I need to give you a nice, big, soapy enema before I leave so you'll behave for the babysitter?"

Sierra gulped, taking a toddling step back from Lilly as she realized she might have pushed her too far. "N-No..." she said nervously, afraid the question was rhetorical.

Luckily, the doorbell rang just then, halting Lilly as she advanced on the petite girl in front of her. "Well, that should be Robin," she said with a smile, grabbing Sierra's free hand. "Come on, you'd better come meet her! But don't think I've forgotten about this!" Lilly swatted the rear of Sierra's thick diaper. "If Robin tells me you were fussy today when I get back, we'll take care of it then, before I put you to bed extra early!"

"B-But..." Sierra pouted as she was pulled through the house, toddling behind the taller woman, feeling very much like a little kid, especially once they came to a stop in the living room.

Zoe was there, where she had been when Sierra had followed Lilly to her bedroom after hearing about the babysitter, still in her blue shortalls with nothing except her diapers underneath, and its three rows of lace across the backside. With her, however, was somebody Sierra had never seen before, obviously the babysitter.

Sierra wasn't quite sure what she was expecting. Maybe some old woman who smelled like mothballs, or someone a bit older than her with a riding crop, dressed in black leather. What she actually saw there was quite different, however. She looked like she was about Sierra's age, perhaps a little younger, considering the cheerleading uniform she was wearing that made Sierra think she could still be in high school, though definitely as a senior if that was the case. Sierra gulped as she stared up at the tall girl, feeling even more small than usual, especially as she was unable to help glancing down at her ducky shirt after being unable to help noting just how well this Robin girl filled out her uniform.

"And who is this?" Robin cooed, patting Zoe on the head as moved over to Sierra, bending down right in her face with a smile, making the smaller girl squirm and blush, especially when she felt the girl's hand reach out to pat the padding between her legs. "She's a little wet, whoever she is!" she announced quite loudly.

"This is our little Sierra," Lilly said. "She's Zoe's little baby-doll, though I'm sure she won't mind having your help looking after her!" Sierra's blush darkened as Lilly reached down and patted her diaper as well. "She'll be all right for now! We're running a little low on her diapers and I haven't had a chance to get more, so she can wait a little longer for a change. Her Pampers can handle it!"

Sierra pouted at that. There was no way Lilly could know about her diapers, and no way for Sierra to tell her without revealing she was a witch, but those diapers would hold up for much longer than Lilly thought. Sierra's first attempt at expanding Pampers had been a bit of a disaster, absorbency-wise, so these ones added some bulk to try to help with that. They also had an anti-leak charm, just in case. They were designed to make the tip of her wand - which was still lost in the bottom of Zoe's toy chest as far as she knew - glow slightly when they had been used, so she would know her charge needed a change, because otherwise, they never felt overly well-used... At least from the outside.

Sierra hadn't realized it when she'd made the charms, but from the inside, it was always quite evident just how wet, or messy, those diapers were, and she'd been dealing with diaper rashes off and on ever since she'd begun her new life here as Zoe's doll, much to her embarrassment. Especially when Lilly decided to mention it to other people, so that was just what the woman did. "Make sure you use lots of diaper rash cream on her when you do change, her, though! She was looking a little red this morning!"

"Poor thing! We can take care of that!" Robin said, patting Sierra's diaper again. Unfortunately, this time was far worse. Sierra thought she felt something poke into her diaper, but she just assumed Robin was slipping a finger inside. A moment later, however, her eyes widened and she let out a gasp as she felt a huge, warm, mushy mass begin to fill the seat of her diaper. This couldn't be happening! Not right in front of everyone, especially her new babysitter, whose hand was still on her expanding diaper. Sierra stared down at her feet, blushing, knowing there was no way Robin could fail to notice what was happening.

Unfortunately, neither could anyone else. "Mommy, Sierra's pooping her pants again!" Zoe giggled.

"Am not!" Sierra sniffed, squirming in her increasingly full diaper. It really didn't feel like she was doing anything at all, and her tummy still felt just as full as before, but obviously something was going on! It finally stopped, just in time for Robin to remove her hand and Lilly to move hers there in its place.

"Oh, you most certainly did, young lady!" Lilly shook her head, giving the lumpy Pamper a swat. "Did you do this just so Robin would have to change you right away after all? Well, that's just too bad! You'll still be all right for a little while, and if you get a rash, you only have yourself to blame. Your behavior for today is not off to a good start." Sierra bit her bottom lip, shuffling her feet nervously as she remembered Lilly's threat from earlier. "She can be a bit of a handful," Lilly smiled apologetically at Robin.

"Don't worry, I'm sure I can handle the two of them!" Robin assured Lilly. And with that, Lilly kissed Zoe and Sierra on the foreheads and went on her way, leaving Sierra standing there in her full diaper in front of her new teenage babysitter. Sierra wished she could fall through the floor right then. The whole thing was quite embarrassing, not to mention confusing. Had she actually pooped herself without noticing, or being able to stop it?!

"Why don't you two play in your nursery for a while?" Robin suggested, picking Sierra up and resting her on her hip, then holding her hand out for Lilly. While the girl had probably nine inches on her not quite five foot frame, Sierra was still quite surprised by just how easily she had been able to lift her, and she carted her to the nursery with what seemed like very little effort.

"I don't want to play with her!" Zoe complained on the way as she trotted alongside Robin. "She's stinky!"

"She smells just fine!" Robin chuckled, and as Sierra took a tentative sniff of the air around herself, she realized the girl was right. It didn't smell like she'd had an accident at all! But with Robin's hand planted firmly under her bottom, she could feel it even more than ever!

"She will!" Zoe insisted, hurrying over to her coloring books and crayons once they were in the nursery and grabbing them all, taking them to a corner of the room and starting to sort through them.

"Go on, you play, too!" Robin said, setting Sierra down with a pat to her diaper, then walking back out of the room. She started to toddle over towards Zoe, but the other girl just glared at her, gathering her stuff into a tighter pile in a way that clearly demonstrated she didn't want to share.

Sierra couldn't help but feel a little offended at first, until she realized this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Normally, Zoe didn't let her choose what they played with, since she was the one in charge, but if she was set on coloring by herself, then Sierra could finally go through the toy box and get her wand back! Clearly, she needed it, because it seemed like this place was really starting to get to her for her to just have an accident like that!

The lid to the toy box was just as heavy as she remembered, if not more so. Sierra groaned, straining as she pushed it upwards, wishing she hadn't relied so much on magic while she was at school. They'd warned her about that, but, being from a non-wizard family, the temptation had just been too great, and now that she didn't have her wand it was more difficult than it probably should have been for her to do physical stuff like this.

She let out a small sigh as she stared down into the box at all the toys piled in there. There were a ton of them, though there was still room for quite a few more, and at first glance, her wand wasn't among them at all. Of course, it was rather small and thin, so it had likely fallen down near the bottom, and since it was enchanted to look like the most boring toy possible to anyone other than Sierra, that made sense. Zoe had probably pushed it aside many times while getting playthings, and piled stuff on top of it.

It was a very big box, and Sierra had to stretch a little to even brush aside the top layer of toys. To dig deeper, she had to get up onto her tiptoes, then nearly climb up the front of the box, her lacy ankle sock clad feet slipping against the heavy wooden surface as the lip of it pushed into her tummy. It wasn't the most comfortable, or efficient, way of searching, so it wasn't much of a surprise that she didn't seem to be getting anywhere. This had to work, though, so she just leaned in further, putting all her concentration into just finding the wand that would help her get out of here.

She didn't even hear Zoe walk up behind her. She didn't know the other girl was there until she felt her hands press against her mushy backside, pushing her higher up. For a second, Sierra thought she was trying to help, and it was helping her get closer to the bottom of the chest. Then she realized Zoe wasn't stopping. She started to kick her feet, trying to find some grip on the box so she could stop what she knew was about to happen, but that only made Zoe speed up, shoving Sierra up and into the toy box, which her petite frame fit into just right.

"I told you to stay out of my toys!" Zoe exclaimed angrily. "Well, if you want in there so bad, you can just stay there! You're just a dolly anyway!"

Sierra sputtered and twisted, contorting herself to try to get free from the mass of stuffed animals and oversized baby toys she'd been forced into face first, managing to turn over just in time to see Zoe start to shut the lid. She gasped, letting out a burst of warm pee into diaper in fear as she reached upwards, trying to hold the top open, but she had sunk too far into the collection of toys to reach, and it was slammed shut with a loud thud, sealing her into the darkness.

"No!" she wailed, trying to bang her fists against the side of the box, only to be met with a loud squeak as she mashed a toy instead, the unexpected noise causing her to start to wet again. This time, however, surrounded by darkness with no apparent way out, she couldn't make it stop, even as she clamped her hands to her crinkly crotch, feeling herself helplessly flood the already full garment. Sierra was not a fan of the dark at all. If she hadn't had to share a room at school for so long, she would probably still sleep with a night-light, and even now she really didn't mind the fact that Lilly kept one on in Zoe's nursery at all times.

"Let me out!" she yelled, unsure whether Zoe could even hear her outside of the chest, not that she was likely to care. "Zoe, please, I'm sorry!" she whimpered, still flailing futilely among the toys as she sniffled, the last of her bladder's contents dripping its way into her now very well-used diaper. She knew she should probably be grateful for the spell she'd used to keep it from leaking, since it would probably be doing that just now, and Zoe would be mad at her if she knew that, but at the moment she didn't really care if she ruined a few of the other girl's toys.

It felt like hours, but according to the big sun shaped clock on the wall of the nursery it was only a minute or two later that light suddenly flooded her prison, making her shut her eyes to avoid getting blinded. Before she could even open them again, she felt herself being picked up, and knew right away that it was Robin's strong arms around her, as she heard toys spilling out onto the floor as she was dragged out and set back on the cheerleader's hip.

"That was not funny, young lady!" Robin lectured sternly, encouraging Sierra to open her eyes a little quicker to see Zoe's pout.

The girl didn't even apologize, she just whined, "How did you know?"

"Babysitters hear everything," Robin said simply before turning to Sierra, readjusting her position a little. "Hmm, you seem a little wetter," she observed. "But I need to deal with this first." Sierra felt that same odd feeling in her diaper as before, like something pushing its way in from the leg hole, and then, without warning, she felt the same warm, thick mush begin flowing into it.

"No!" she gasped quietly, biting her bottom lip as she fidgeted, frantically trying to stop it, but she still couldn't feel it at all, much less stop it. She had just gone, though! How could she need to go so badly again this soon, and this much? It felt like just as much as the last time, if not more, though it was hard to tell, having not been changed since then.

Robin frowned and looked down at her as it finally ended, making her blush and stare down at the floor. "There seems to be something wrong," Robin mused, almost to herself, just before a third wave started. Sierra gave a humiliated squeak that Robin didn't acknowledge as she moved the girl off of her hip, setting her down not on the floor, but in an oversized baby bouncer.

"No, not there!" Sierra blushed as her loaded diaper was set into the seat, earning herself a pat on the head by Robin.

"That should do for now," Robin said before the girl turned away, her eyes locking on Zoe.

As she walked away, Sierra's diaper finally stopped filling. In her relief, she looked down at herself, surprised at how relatively clean her diaper looked from the outside. From the corner of her eye, she thought she saw something moving across the floor towards Robin, but before she could look up, or even say anything, it was gone. Sierra sighed, pouting as she did her best not to move, but the messy diaper around her waist made it difficult to feel comfortable, prompting her to squirm, which, unfortunately, only made her seat start to bounce and jostle her even more, making her feel all the more uncomfortable.

"Well, then," Robin said, standing over Zoe with her hands on her hips. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Sierra glanced up, wondering what was about to happen. Zoe shrugged, putting on her best innocent face, the one that always seemed to work wonders on Lilly. "I was putting away my toys like a good girl!" she smiled, batting her eyes.

"That's what I thought," Robin shook her head, sticking her hand into her pocket and coming back out with a pink, heart shaped paddle with holes drilled into it. Zoe's eyes widened, and even Sierra couldn't help but gasp at the sight. At least since Sierra had been around, Lilly had always allowed herself to get talked out of spanking Zoe when she was naughty. Robin, on the other hand, didn't look like that was going to work on her.

"I-I'm sorry!" Zoe changed her tune immediately, starting to toddle over towards Sierra to apologize, only for Robin to reach out and grab her by the wrist, pulling her over to the rocking chair and yanking the girl over her lap. There was a loud thwap and crinkle as the paddle came down on Zoe's backside, the girl jumping and yelping.

Despite her own situation, Sierra couldn't help but giggle at the sight. After everything Zoe had done to her, it was rather satisfying to see her get spanked, especially watching her struggle in vain to escape the babysitter's grip, tears quickly welling up in her eyes.

After ten swats, Robin lifted Zoe off her tummy, setting her upright on her lap for a quick hug before putting her down on the floor. Robin stood, patting the still sniffling Zoe on the head as she walked over to Sierra, plucking her out of the bouncer and carrying her over to the changing table. "Zoe, while I take care of Sierra, I want you to clean up those toys."

"But she's the one that dropped them all!" Zoe whined, but a glare from Robin silenced her quickly as she shuffled over to her toybox.

"Your Mommy tells me you're supposed to be sorting through your toys to give some of your old ones you don't play with anymore away. I think this would be a good time to do that, don't you?" Zoe nodded obediently, but from her expression it was clear she didn't agree at all.

Sierra wrinkled her nose as her mushy bottom was lowered onto the crinkling surface, though she was quite grateful to feel Robin finally untape the diaper, freeing her from the squishy prison, and begin to clean her up.

"My, that's fuller than I thought," Robin observed, making Sierra blush. The girl seemed quite good at her job, however, and made short work of making sure Sierra's bottom was clean and taping her into a fresh magic Pamper. Instead of putting her back on the floor afterwards, however, she picked her back up, carrying her over to the rocking chair, where the paddle was still waiting. It looked even bigger up close, and quite threatening. For a moment, she found herself wondering how that had fit into Robin's pocket.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Sierra gulped, wriggling worriedly as Robin picked up the paddle, then sat down, turning Sierra over onto her stomach across her lap, giving the girl an excellent view of Zoe, squatting in front of her toy box and tossing stuff back inside.

"It isn't nice to laugh at your poor sister while she's in pain," she pronounced.

"That's not fair!" Sierra squeaked. "She..."

"I know what she did," Robin said. "And arguing isn't helping your case, young lady." With that, the punishment began, the paddle slapping against Sierra's bottom hard enough to bring tears to her eyes, even through her thick diaper. Her vision blurred, but not enough to keep her from seeing Zoe pick up her wand, examining it with distaste, almost immediately dropping it off to the side, the beginning of her pile of unwanted toys, joined mostly just by old stuffed animals that were nearly falling apart.

"S-Stop!" Sierra whined, thrashing in the babysitter's grasp, trying to break free to go grab her wand so she could get out of this place. "Let me go!"

"I told you to stop arguing," Robin reminded her, punctuating it with another whap. Sierra could practically feel her bottom growing red already, just after two! "One more word out of you and you'll get just as many spanks as Zoe."

Sierra wanted very much to point out that Zoe's spankings were much more well deserved, so she ought to have had more, but she forced herself to bite her tongue, twisting and whimpering her way through three more swings of the paddle, before Robin gave her a hug, then put her down on the floor.

"That was your punishment for laughing," Robin told her. "Now I'm going to punish you for sassing me about it."

"B-But..." Sierra pouted, still sniffling from the spanking.

"No buts, young lady, except yours in the corner," Robin shook her head, picking her up off the table and setting her down on the floor, patting her throbbing backside through her diaper. Sierra turned to stare up at her in disbelief for a moment, but it was obvious the girl wasn't joking. She stuck out her bottom lip, hands curling into fists, but with her bottom still freshly reddened, she didn't dare say anything. Sulking, she stalked over to the corner, feeling ridiculous to be standing there like some naughty toddler. "Don't think I didn't see that look," Robin told her. "Because of that, I'm extending your time-out to half an hour."

"What?!" Sierra spun around before she could stop herself, and in a flash Robin was right beside her, spinning her back around and smacking her diaper.

"That's an hour, then," Robin informed her. "Are these the toys you're getting rid of? Good work! Let me get these out of your way. Look after Sierra for me."

Sierra twitched nervously as she heard those words, wanting to go grab the wand. She was too afraid to move from the spot now, though, especially since she doubted she'd have been able to get the wand away from the bigger and stronger Robin. All she could do was grumble, "No fair" and stomp her foot defiantly... But only once she had heard Robin leave the room. She had a feeling Zoe wasn't going to let her get away with cheating, either, so she was going to have to ride out the whole hour.

Or so she thought. A minute or two after she'd heard Robin's footsteps retreat from the nursery, she heard the door begin to close. She wasn't able to resist the urge to turn her head to see what was happening, only to find Zoe standing behind her, Robin's paddle in hand, evil smile on her face.

"That really wasn't very nice of you," she said, tapping the paddle against her open palm. "I think Robin let you off way too easily!"

Sierra gulped, squirming in place. She knew that, on the other side of the house, her wand was free from the toy box, and probably quite easily accessible, if she could just get to it. Unfortunately, Zoe was standing between her and the door, and there was no way around her.

"Come on, it's time for your real spanking!" Zoe declared, reaching out and grabbing Sierra's hand. Sierra tried to dig her heels in, to prevent the larger girl from dragging her across the floor, but Zoe was stronger than her.

"I-I can't!" she protested. "R-Robin told me to stay here! I'll get in trouble!"

"Oh, don't worry! I won't tell! Probably..." Zoe grinned as she sat down on the rocking chair, dragging Sierra over her lap. As she was pulled down close to Zoe's diaper, she caught a whiff of an all too familiar smell, a blush tingeing her cheeks as she realized she was about to get spanked by somebody in a messy diaper. "Now, let's get this off..."

Sierra gasped as she felt Zoe's fingers on the waistband of her diaper, realizing what the girl meant. She was going to give Sierra a bare bottomed spanking! "N-No, don't!" she squealed, trying to wriggle away. "I-I'm supposed to wear my diaper, you know that! I'll get in trouble!"

"Hmm, that's funny," Zoe smirked. "All this time, you've been complaining about not needing these diapers, no matter how many times you use them. And here you are, practically begging me not to take them away! Just wait until I tell Mommy how much you really do love your Pampers!"

Sierra blushed, reaching back to try to grab her diaper and hold it in place, but Zoe had already slid it down around her knees. "Don't be nervous!" Zoe told her, patting her wiggling bottom. "I've practiced this plenty of times! I'm sure I can handle it for real!"

Sierra knew that was true. When Zoe thought Sierra was acting up, Lilly would let her do just this, yanking her over her lap, sometimes even taking down her diaper, but she always made sure Zoe just gave her a few light taps, even though Sierra could tell she often wanted to do much more. She gulped as she felt Zoe's hand slide across her backside.

"She did all right for a start, I guess," Zoe mused. "But I want to see this little bottom bright pink!" And, with no more warning than that, she started the spanking. It was hard to judge for sure, but it didn't seem like Zoe was hitting her as hard as Robin had been, but without the diaper in the way, she didn't have to. And she was definitely spanking her hard enough!

Sierra squeaked and squealed, making no effort to keep quiet, hoping that Robin would hear her and come to her rescue, but with the door closed, she had no idea if it would happen or not, and after the first few minutes, she gave up hope, staring to bawl and kick her legs while Zoe continued to warm her backside. It seemed like she'd made it her mission to make sure the paddle found every inch of Sierra's bottom, and before long, the whole thing felt sore and hot. Sitting was not going to be fun after this!

Finally, Zoe seemed to have had enough, dropping the paddle to the floor and moving her hands to Sierra's rump, giving it a pat and then rubbing it. "You're practically glowing," she giggled after a moment. "I think it suits you! I guess it'll do for now, but maybe I'd better hang on to this paddle so we can make sure it stays this way!"

Sierra whimpered, still crying as Zoe pulled the diaper back up into place, the thick padding only making her bottom feel warmer underneath it. "Now get back to the corner, or I'll tell Robin you were out!"

Sierra toddled back into place obediently, trying to rub her now twice spanked rear through the diaper as she stared at the wall for what felt like days. There was nothing to do but think about how she'd just been spanked, diapered, and put into the corner, which made it all but impossible for her to put an end to her post-spanking crying. It was all so unfair! She was an adult, she shouldn't have to deal with any of this! She wasn't sure it was really any worse than anything else she'd been through, especially when she'd opened the door to that weird alternate dimension for a school assignment, but at the moment anyway, it definitely felt that way!

Finally, she heard Robin come back into the room. "Uh-oh, somebody's stinky!" she announced right away, getting a giggle from Zoe. She could hear the soft crinkle of Zoe being lowered onto the changing table, and did her best to stop the last of her tears before Robin could finish and come see her. It didn't seem to matter much, though, because the babysitter asked, "Zoe, is your sister crying?"

Briefly, Sierra thought that maybe this was a good thing, and she could get Zoe in trouble for what she'd done, but Zoe pre-empted her by lying, "Yeah! She tried to get out of the corner and I told her no! She got so upset she started throwing a tantrum and crying! She's such a baby!"

"It looks like it," Robin agreed. "You're a good girl for taking care of her for me. I think it's about time for your nap, though, isn't it?"

"I guess," Zoe sighed.

By the time Robin got back to Sierra, Zoe was already tucked into her crib, sucking on a bottle of milk as her eyelids started to droop. "She was lying! She..." Sierra grumbled as soon as Robin turned her around and she knew it was safe to talk.

"Be quiet, your sister is trying to sleep," Robin lectured, cutting her off. "I'm sure you're still mad at her for what she did, but I won't have you waking her up just to make up some story to get her in trouble." Robin picked Sierra up, but rather than taking her to the crib, she carried her to the door, where she paused to turn out the lights. "Sleep tight, Zoe!" she said softly, starting to walk towards the door.

"Where are you taking me?" Sierra gulped nervously.

Robin chuckled. "Don't look so scared, little one! I'm not going to eat you! I just think it would be best to separate the two of you, at least for naptime, to give you both a chance to calm down a little more." She turned out the light and walked out the door, closing it behind her as she carted Sierra off to the living room. Sierra's eyes widened as she saw the pile of toys Zoe had discarded sitting in the middle of the room, but Robin didn't even give her a chance to look for her wand among them, instead plopping her down into a huge pink and purple infant car seat, fastening the harness tightly into place around Sierra.

Lilly and Zoe obviously had a lot of oversized baby furniture, but nothing like this! Sierra had a feeling she could fit into a booster seat if she had to, but this was clearly a car seat intended for little babies, complete with a carrying handle. There was no way she could fit one of those! She'd never seen one of these this size! At least, not in this dimension. What was going on?!

Robin took a step back, her eyes briefly turning red as a light began to shine from them, scanning the captured Sierra up and down. "Just as I thought," she said. "You are the one I was looking for. Now, I think it's time to take you home."

Sierra gulped, squirming against the tight straps holding her against the seat. She'd seen that red light before, though not coming from some cheerleader. "Wh-what do you mean?" she asked, eyes darting over towards the toys again. Her wand was right there! If she just had it, maybe she'd have a chance!

"The Cases miss you," Robin informed her, making her blood run cold as her fears were confirmed. She had lived with the Cases while she was in that strange dimension! There was no way she was going to let this girl take her back there! She struggled, trying to find some slack in the straps, but they refused to budge. She looked back over at the toys, wishing she had studied harder when it had come to wandless spells. They were useful for just this kind of situation, but she was terrible at them! And, as Robin grabbed the handle of her carseat and began to pick her up, she knew she was running out of time.

"Wh-who are you?" she asked quickly. "Some inter-dimensional bounty hunter?"

Robin chuckled. "In a way, I suppose. My main purpose is to look after babies, but I was designed specifically to go after runaways like you. The old model was simply too conspicuous in these less-evolved dimensions."

Sierra's mind froze in the middle of trying to work up the strength to summon her wand as she finally realized exactly who - or, rather, what - this was, the revelation making her bladder release into her diaper. She fidgeted, cheeks starting to glow red as she thought back to her time in the robotic nursery, and the huge robot caretakers she'd seen there. Just like Robin with the paddle, they'd always seemed to have access to whatever they needed in the pockets of their aprons, even if the item was realistically too large to come out of there.

"My, my, wet again," Robin shook her head. Sierra watched in horror as a silver tentacle popped out of the girl's back, darting towards her and sliding its way into the leghole of her diaper, feeling just like that odd sensation of intrusion she'd felt back before she'd 'messed' her diaper those times earlier. And, sure enough, she felt her diaper begin to fill with the same goop as before. It was comforting to know that she hadn't had an accident those times earlier, but that didn't do much to help her now as her diaper began to expand, pushing against the strap on her crotch, though not nearly as much as it should have for as much as she could feel being pumped into it.

Robin seemed confused by that, shaking her head. "I must need to refill my rash prevention solution reserves," she said, letting another long burst of the mush out before the tentacle slid back into place on her back, blending in perfectly with the skin there. Sierra let out a small gasp as she realized that had been what she'd seen out of the corner of her eye right before Zoe's spanking. If only she'd been paying more attention! "Don't worry, little one, that should last you until we get home. They have plenty of diapers for you there, so you shouldn't need it as much anyway!"

Sierra supposed she could see the logic in Robin's reasoning after what Lilly had instructed her to do. If this really was one of those Robo-Nannies, she was programmed to take care of 'children' like her, so when ordered to give Sierra limited changes, it made sense that she would try to prevent her from getting a rash. It also meant something else, though! Something much more important to the matter at hand!

"Are you really going to leave Zoe here all by herself?" she asked pointedly.

"Zoe has a Mommy to take care of her," Robin responded. "And there is no evidence that she has ever even been to our world. She belongs here, unlike you."

Sierra sulked, wanting to point out that she didn't belong in that crazy place, either, but instead she said, "Yeah, but she's still a baby, isn't she? As a nanny, are you really just going to take me off and leave her here alone until her Mommy comes home?"

Robin's expression froze for a moment. It was just long enough for Sierra to wonder if that would work, and then, thankfully, Robin set the car seat back down on the couch. "That would be quite irresponsible of me," Robin agreed. "I suppose you'll just have to wait here for now. You should probably take a nap as well."

Sierra let out a quiet sigh of relief as Robin shuffled away, looking over at the toys once again. She had no idea when Lilly would get home, but she'd bought herself a little time. Squeezing her eyes shut, she channelled all her energy into her summoning spell. It was simple enough to do normally, but without her wand it was far more tiring, and after her spankings she was already feeling quite drained. She opened her eyes hopefully to see if it had worked. The wand wasn't in her hand, or in the car seat with her, but the toy pile had shifted enough that she could see the tip of it there.

Before she could try again, however, Robin walked back into her view. "Zoe is sleeping like a little angel," she said. "Why are you not napping as well?"

"Well, umm..." Sierra fumbled, searching for a good excuse.

"You must be thirsty," Robin decided, unbuckling the harness and pulling Sierra out of the seat. "I can take care of that!" Robin sat down next to the car seat on the couch, laying Sierra face up over her lap as she began to pull down the top of her uniform, revealing that underneath she looked just as realistic as she did on the outside.

Sierra's eyes widened as she realized what was happening, trying to wiggle her way out of Robin's grasp, only for a pair of silver tentacles to spring out of the robot's back, wrapping around Sierra to pin her arms to her side and hold her in place. "No!" she whimpered as she was brought up ever closer to Robin's chest.

"Are you not comfortable feeding from this form?" Robin asked. "I have two more that are capable of feeding." Suddenly, her body seemed to ripple, and a moment later the cheerleader was gone, replaced with a similar looking, but slightly older looking and taller, woman, this one in a nurse outfit. The top was unbuttoned, one side folded back to reveal the open nursing bra underneath. The other side of the top had a pocket, holding a few syringes, a lollipop, and a thermometer.

"No!" Sierra repeated, shaking her head. Again, Robin's form changed, turning a little older still, now in a dress and apron, one that looked exactly like the ones she'd seen the Robo-Nannies in the other dimension wear, though, unlike them, Robin still looked completely human underneath it. "No! I'm not thirsty!" Sierra whined.

"You're not used to this, are you?" Robin asked, patting Sierra's bottom. "According to your records, you've only dealt with the first R.N. model. Us second models have many new features, including a camouflage function to help us blend in on these other worlds. Our research indicated that uniforms tend to make people more comfortable. We are also able to produce our own synthetic milk, which we can customize to the situation as needed. I could add a diuretic to it, for example, but you seem perfectly capable of soaking your diapers on your own." Sierra blushed at the teasing, getting a smile from Robin. "What you do seem to need is help getting to sleep," she continued.

Sierra's eyes widened and she started to open her mouth to protest again, only to be pulled upwards and against Robin's breast. As soon as her lips touched it, she felt her mouth begin to fill with milk. It felt warmer and thicker than Sierra was used to, and slightly sweet, though the thought of what it was, even if it was coming from a fake breast, made Sierra try to deny that it actually didn't taste too bad. She knew she couldn't let herself drink it anyway, or she'd fall fast asleep, helpless to think of a way to avoid being taken back to the other dimension.

She tried to pull her head back, trying to spit the milk back out, but it was coming too fast. She did feel a little dribble from the corners of her mouth down her cheeks, but most of it was getting in. Robin noticed as well, shaking her head. "A messy eater, huh?" With that, yet another tentacle appeared, sliding up over Robin's shoulder, then down towards Sierra's stomach. Sierra glanced down in time to see her shirt begin to raise up off her body towards the tentacle, as if it was being drawn towards it, and then, with a rip, it was sucked inside. Yet another tentacle appeared from the other side of Robin's body, and one of Robin's normal arms reached up towards it, allowing it to drop a large, plastic coated yellow bib with a duck on it into her hand, which Robin quickly tied around Sierra's neck.

"That's usually meant for when babies like you are found in big girl clothes, taking those nasty old things and reforming them into something more appropriate," Robin said, rocking Sierra lightly, "but at least you seemed to realize that you don't belong in those."

No matter how hard Sierra tried, there was always more milk being pumped into her than she could spit out, so she was going to have to try something else. She tried to twist around, to get a better glimpse of the toys, but Robin's tentacles just wrapped around her more tightly. It was going to be even more difficult now, since she couldn't talk around the mechanical, if very real feeling, breast in her mouth, so the spell would have to be both wandless and wordless, a difficult combination in the best of times, even when she wasn't already worn out and being force fed sedatives.

Still, it looked like her only chance, so she closed her eyes again to help her concentrate, her lips moving subconsciously, making more milk dribble down her face and onto her bib. She didn't even notice that she was dribbling from elsewhere as well until Robin patted her bottom and observed, "Someone is a regular little fountain, isn't she?"

Sierra blushed, her concentration temporarily broken, forcing her to start again, trying to push aside all thoughts of the milk she was drinking, the diaper she was wearing and wetting, the robotic woman holding her, her mind focused just on the spell at hand. To her surprise, she felt the familiar, slightly tingly, sensation of magic. A moment later, her hand, still held against her body by one of the tentacles, closed around the handle of her wand.

Her eyes snapped open as she cast another spell, still difficult without being able to talk, but far easier with the help of her wand. She remembered quite well that this kind of technology had seemed to have some sort of resistance to magic in the other dimension, though her magic had just worked worse in general there, so she wasn't sure if that was the cause or if there was some other factor at play. Either way, she didn't want to try doing anything against Robin herself until she could talk again, so instead she cast a spell on herself. She'd used it several times, and she disliked having to do it, but it seemed like her best bet.

In a flash, she shrank, loosening Robin's grip on her enough to let her slide free, jumping to her feet clumsily and backing up, pointing her wand at Robin. "You'd better leave me alone," she threatened. "I'll turn you to scrap metal!"

"If you can't play nicely with your toys, I'll have to take them away," Robin lectured her, the two grabbing tentacles shooting out towards Sierra. She was ready for that, though, blocking them with a hasty, but effective, shield charm.

"Just go away! Tell them you couldn't find me!" Sierra ordered the robot.

"I can't do that, little one," Robin said sternly. "You are going right back where you belong, whether you like it or not!"

Sierra had been using the time as the robot spoke to focus her energies, aiming a magic blast right at the robot's face. If she could damage it enough, maybe it would have to leave to hide what it really was from any outside observers.

Instead of blasting a hole in the robot's head, however, its form merely shifted again, this time shrinking downward to a little shorter than Sierra herself, as a cute little girl in pigtails and a Girl Scout uniform. "Hey, I told you to play nice!" the girl squeaked in her cute little voice, crossing her arms and stomping her foot right before changing back into her cheerleader form.

The grabbing tentacles swiped at her again, and this time her shield spell faltered, forcing Sierra to jump out of the way, scrambling clumsily out of the way. "Stay still!" Robin ordered, but Sierra had no intention of doing that, staying on the move as she changed her tactic, aiming instead at the base of the tentacles where they sprouted from Robot's back, hoping to break them off.

One of the other tentacles unfurled floating across the room not at Sierra, but at the pile of old toys, sucking them up as it's companion tentacle appeared as well, shooting a brightly colored net out of itself at Sierra. She swung her wand, managing to swat it out of the air just in time, making it hit a lamp instead, knocking it over and breaking it.

"Naughty girl! Look at what a mess you made!" Robin scolded her. "Do you need another spanking?"

Robin grabbed for her with the tentacles again, this time coming at her from two different directions. Sierra managed to avoid them, just barely, but she could tell this wasn't going well for her. Maybe she just needed to Apparate out of here once and for all, and hope Robin couldn't follow. As she ducked out of the way of the second tentacle, however, she turned right into the path of a third, one she hadn't seen the robot use before. The end of this one was shaped like a pacifier, which, to Sierra's horror, was shoved into her mouth and immediately began to pump disgusting baby food into her mouth. A strap began to grow from one side of the mouth guard of the pacifier, quickly winding its way around Sierra's head to fasten to the other, attaching itself to Sierra.

"Don't think you can outsmart me, young lady," Robin said sternly, quickly moving in closer now that she had a hold on Sierra. "You're just a baby!" The tentacle that had just spit a net at her moved towards her feet, where it began to spit out more fabric, weaving what looked like a pair of fuzzy pink bunny feet around Sierra's own sock clad feet before starting to move up her legs as it's companion continued to devour the stuffed animals to fuel it. The two grabbing tentacles wrapped around her arms, holding her in place, though she kept her hand clamped as tightly as she could around her wand. Finally, the last tentacle, the one that had filled her diaper so many times that day, came to join the fun, snaking its way back into her pants.

"My rash solution tanks read as 85% full," Robin mused to herself. "There must be some other malfunction with the delivery system. I'll have it checked out when we get home. For now, however, I believe you would benefit more from another function." Sierra yelped in surprise as she felt the tentacle twist in her diaper, moving up towards her sore backside, then narrowing slightly as it pushed its way into her bottom. It slid upwards as she squirmed uncomfortably, then, when it stopped, she felt a rush of liquid begin to pour into her.

"Let's see if we can clear all this naughtiness out of you!" Robin said cheerfully. With all these tentacles working, she looked like some huge, half-mechanical, half-human spider, especially as the one continued to move up Sierra's body, bundling her up in what was now recognizable as a fluffy, footed sleeper, one made to look like a bunny. As it moved up to her crotch, it halted just long enough for its companion to join it over there, sucking the diaper right off of her, only to be rebuilt and reattached as a much thicker version, this one thick enough to force her thighs well apart, before being covered by the bunny sleeper.

With the baby food still flowing into her mouth, she couldn't talk again, but she began to desperately shoot off any spells she could manage at Robin, trying to get her to stop. Most of them bounced off the robot, hitting various things in the room and knocking them aside, but a few of them made the surface of her body ripple in places, like she had when changing shape.

If that had any effect, however, Robin didn't show it, just wrapping her grabbing tentacles tighter around Sierra's arm before reaching out with her normal hand and pulling it away right before the tentacle wrapping her up moved over that arm, making the sleeve of the bunny sleeper, which ended with a thick mitten shaped like a paw. It seemed quite hopeless now as she stood there, held in place, being force fed what tasted like mashed peas, being given an enema while the last touch were put on her new outfit, a big fuzzy hood going over her head with a pair of floppy ears attached. Sierra could see herself in a mirror across the room, and she looked like one of those stuffed animals Robin's tentacle had consumed to make this, other than her face and some of her hair sticking out of the front of the hood. There was even a little tail on the back!

Luckily, just as Sierra thought it was all over, she heard the front door open. Lilly was home! Robin seemed to realize this as well, as she started to retract all of her tentacles, slipping Sierra's wand into her pocket. The tentacle at her face snapped free of the end, leaving the pacifier still in place, ready for Robin to reattach any time she wanted. Sierra gave a little sigh of relief as the enema stopped and that one snaked up her back and out of the neck hole of her sleeper as well, though she was uncomfortably aware of the water Robin had already managed to put into her with it.

The tentacles all retreated back towards Robin, but stopped before sliding back into their hiding places on her back. She frowned, the tentacles bobbing slightly, but still not going any further in. Robin's eyes narrowed as she glared down at Sierra. "You damaged my camouflage circuit, you little brat!"

"Oopsie," Sierra giggled, feeling a rush of pride that she had actually managed to accomplish something with her magic. "What if one of the inhabitants of this dimension sees you like that? Won't that blow your cover?"

Robin gave her a dirty look before rippling into her nurse form. The tentacles snapped back into place in a flash, almost before Sierra could see them do it. Sierra's stomach sank as Robin grinned down at her. Maybe she hadn't done anything after all... When Robin changed back to a cheerleader, however, the tentacles all instantly popped back up, making Robin frown again.

Her shape snapped back to that of the nurse right before Lilly walked in, looking around at the mess the two had made of it in their fight. "What is going on here?" she demanded before turning to Robin, narrowing her eyes as she realized it wasn't the same person she'd left in charge. "Who are you?"

Sierra hoped that Robin would have to struggle a little with that, but instead she smoothly said, "I'm Robin's big sister. She wasn't feeling well and called me to take over."

"That's too bad," Lilly said. "I wish she would have called me, too, to let me know." Her eyes turned to Sierra now, narrowing angrily. "I don't think I need to ask if you were well behaved, now do I? Don't think this cute little outfit is going to get you off the hook, either!"

"It's not my fault!" Sierra squeaked.

"Did Sierra do all this?" Lilly turned to Robin, gesturing towards the wrecked living room, turning back to Sierra after the robot nodded. "I think I believe her more than a bratty little girl like you. This is how you act when I tell you to be on your best behavior?"

"B-But..." Sierra pouted.

"Does your sister need that sleeper back?" Lilly asked Robin, who shook her head. Lilly opened her purse, pulling out some cash. "Well, thank her for for me, it is awfully adotable. And give her this, please. Feel free to take some yourself for your time. I hope she feels better soon. Now, as far you, Sierra..."

Before Lilly could finish her thought, they were interrupted by a sleepy yell of, "Mommy? Is that you?" from down the hall.

"You stay here," Lilly ordered Sierra before heading down the hall.

"All right, Zoe is fine now. Let's get you home, too," Robin said, stepping towards Sierra. Sierra took a few clumsy steps backwards, barely able to even waddle with this hugely thick diaper between her legs. There was no way she could outrun the woman dressed as she was, but fortunately, before she had to, Lilly returned, leading Zoe by the hand.

"Oh, thank you for keeping an eye on her," Lilly told Robin, sounding a little surprised she was still there. "We have some business to attend to, though, don't we, Sierra?"

Sierra gulped, the liquid already in her tummy sloshing slightly as she nodded. She knew she was condemning herself to even more of an enema to be added to that, and likely bedtime right after that. Still, it was better than giving Robin any excuse to stay and possibly find another chance to snatch her away.

Robin, sensing that she was being dismissed, frowned at Sierra, seeming to be searching for some reason to stay without blowing her cover, then finally just said, "I hope you'll give my sister another chance! She felt so awful having to leave early! And even if she's not available, I'd be happy to help out!"

"Okay!" Lilly smiled and waved as the robot retreated. Once she was gone, though, she said, "I don't know about that! Just look at the mess those two let Sierra make!"

Sierra's mind raced as she processed those words. Robin still had at least two other forms Lilly hadn't seen, so even if Lilly never called her again, there was a chance she'd find another way to take her. But there was no telling when or where that would happen... And, unfortunately, as much as Sierra didn't want it to happen, she had to see Robin again, if only because the robot had taken her wand with her. She wasn't sure how she would get it back, but the longer she was around her, the more chance she would have of figuring something out, and the best way of making sure she was around was to have her as a babysitter.

"It's not their fault!" Sierra said reluctantly. "Don't blame them! This was all me! They were both really nice!"

Lilly seemed a bit surprised at the words. She smiled down at Sierra, patting her on the head. "That's very mature of you, taking responsibility like that. It isn't going to get you out of your punishment, though. Now, Zoe, would you like to get get the enema bottle ready?"

"Yeah!" Zoe giggled, racing off down the hall excitedly. Lilly took Sierra's hand and began to follow, Sierra having to go much slower with the diaper she had on. By the time they reached the hall, Sierra could already hear the water running in the bathroom and blushed, hoping Zoe didn't fill the bag too full. For a moment, she wondered if she had made the right choice not just letting Robin take her, but, as humiliating as it could be from time to time, she knew this was much better than that other world. She would just have to hope that she could come up with a plan for outsmarting that robot before she came over to babysit the next time... And that Zoe would be less of a meanie while playing with her from then on.

That second hope was quickly quashed as she was taken back to her crib, tummy even fuller now - though not from supper, which she was being sent to bed without, though she'd already eaten more than enough baby food - and cramping from the cool water Zoe had filled the bottle with. Zoe had gotten only a slight reprimand and a reminder that warm water was better when Sierra had complained about it, batting her eyes and claiming that she had forgotten. Between that and the sight of the toy box, sitting there open, heart shaped paddle sitting on top of the other toys, Sierra was sure that things weren't going to be getting any easier for her here.

As she squirmed on the mattress, bottom still sore from her spanking, fighting hard not to fill the huge diaper under her bunny sleeper, she wondered if maybe she could find a way to make Robin take Zoe with her to the other dimension instead. The thought of the other girl living with the Cases, and especially the spoiled, bratty Madison, made her giggle, right before she reached back to rub her throbbing rump, barely able to feel it through her diaper, remembering the trouble she'd gotten into for laughing about Zoe's misfortune last time. Still, it couldn't hurt to dream about it, and, as Sierra snuggled up, the sedatives and the long day she'd had finally catching up to her, that was just what she intended to do.
Wow, a lot of people to thank with this one! First off, though, to maybe make this a little less confusing, this is a sequel to both  Babysitting ZoeSierra looked at herself in the mirror skeptically, wondering if she should change yet again. It seemed like nothing she tried on looked right!
It might not have been so bad if it wasn't so hot out. This wasn't her first babysitting job by a long shot, but it was the first one that felt professional. It was the first that wasn't just for one of her neighbors, and that was meant to be long term, so she wanted to impress what sounded like the single mother of her hopeful new charge, but at the same time, the mother had told her she was a bit of a handful, so she really didn't want to be stuck chasing a toddler around in the heat in anything too fancy.
She was pretty sure she'd gone too far in the opposite direction this time, though. She'd picked out a pair of black denim shorts, the pockets on the rear shaped like hearts and colored red, and a sleeveless pink button up, tie front shirt with a white lace collar, and a matching pink bow in her hair. She thought it looked pretty cute, and
 and  Yes, Sierra - A Christmas Story"What do you have there?"
Sierra looked up, biting into the bulb of her pacifier at the sound of the voice booming above her, the question sending a chill down her spine as she recalled what had happened the last time she'd been asked that. Quickly, she tried to slide the envelope into the pocket of her coat, but a huge hand wrapped around her wrist and pulled it back out, revealing the front, and the words crawled across it in crayon. Sierra's cheeks darkened as her eyes travelled up the arm attached to the hand, staring up at the girl standing beside her in her pink snowsuit.
While she wasn't as imposing as the forest of arms that had introduced her to this world, the girl was still quite intimidating, her high, childish voice almost worse than the smooth, mechanical tone that had come through the speakers that first day. After what felt like hours of oatmeal and juice of various kinds - mostly apple and prune, though there were a couple taste she didn't recognize - her pacifier gag
, and you might also want to read Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension, since it ties in, too, and also just because it's awesome!

Anyway, thanks to Princess Pottypants for writing Yes, Sierra and putting me into the Diaper Dimension, and for creating it in the first place, and letting me play around with some stuff! Thanks also to CS Fox (who I think is on DA but I can't remember his username >.<) for being a huge inspiration with one of his RP characters, :iconrfswitched: for being another big inspiration with his awesome picture of Sierra, one my my first, :icon34qucker: for a little chat during one of his livestreams that inspired a big part of this story, and to :iconjamjarmonster: for taking part in that chat, and being so great, and to :iconlillyonymous:, who I hope doesn't mind me borrowing her character for another little story. Thanks you guys, you're all the best! *hugs*

And also thanks to Dropbox for keeping me from having to rewrite 3/4s of this after a power outage!
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Sierra looked at herself in the mirror skeptically, wondering if she should change yet again. It seemed like nothing she tried on looked right!

It might not have been so bad if it wasn't so hot out. This wasn't her first babysitting job by a long shot, but it was the first one that felt professional. It was the first that wasn't just for one of her neighbors, and that was meant to be long term, so she wanted to impress what sounded like the single mother of her hopeful new charge, but at the same time, the mother had told her she was a bit of a handful, so she really didn't want to be stuck chasing a toddler around in the heat in anything too fancy.

She was pretty sure she'd gone too far in the opposite direction this time, though. She'd picked out a pair of black denim shorts, the pockets on the rear shaped like hearts and colored red, and a sleeveless pink button up, tie front shirt with a white lace collar, and a matching pink bow in her hair. She thought it looked pretty cute, and she shouldn't get too warm, even if the baby wanted to play outside, but she wasn't sure it would really impress the mother.

Unfortunately, she was out of time. She glanced over at the clock and gasped as she saw what time it was, hardly able to believe she'd wasted so much time looking for an outfit. She was just so nervous! She really wanted a good summer job, something other than flipping burgers, and this sounded like it could be that! Or would be, if she could get there on time now.

She had planned to drive, but now there was no way she could do that, so instead she just grabbed her bag of supplies, slinging it across her shoulder, and her wand and Apparated, praying that they hadn't put anything between their fence and garage since taking the picture they'd sent of their house. Thankfully, when the world snapped back into place around her, she saw that was, indeed, the case. Just walking up to the door didn't feel quite as mature as driving, but it would just have to do. She had wanted to leave her wand out in the car, though, because from her experience, kids always liked to play with it if they saw it in her bag, and that rarely ended well for her. She'd just have to keep a closer eye on it this time, she thought. Then, with a flash of brilliance, she decided to use a rather complicated little charm on it, disguising it as the most boring toy the viewer could imagine, making it so that she was certain the little girl would have no interest whatsoever in it, while still not looking out of place in her bag.

She marched up to the door and rang the bell, waiting patiently as she tried to think of the best way to introduce herself. Even if she was still pretty sure her outfit wasn't right, maybe a good first line would make a good first impression on her client. She smiled up at the woman who opened the door, surprised at how quickly she arrived. She still wasn't ready, so she froze for a moment, giving the woman a chance to smile at her and ask, "Are you lost, dear?"

Sierra shook her head with a blush. "N-No, I'm... I'm Sierra!" she declared, standing there awkwardly for a few seconds before deciding to clarify, "I'm the babysitter!"

"Oh, of course you are!" the woman said, standing aside. "Come on in! You're right on time!"

"Oh, good!" Sierra smiled, glad to hear that, after how worried she had been. "You have a very beautiful home, ma'am!"

"Thank you!" the woman replied. "You can go ahead and call me Lilly. And you're Sierra?" Lilly grabbed Sierra, holding her out at arm's length for a moment, looking her over thoroughly before declaring, "Yes, I can see that! Your references had some very... interesting stories about you!"

Sierra blushed as she wondered exactly what those stories were. She usually managed to get things at least mostly cleaned up before the parents got there, but who knew what the kids said after she left, and whether the parents believed them. "Good stories?" she asked hopefully.

"Interesting stories," Lilly repeated unhelpfully, though it became clear what she meant when she continued with, "I have to admit, I have some doubts about you."

Sierra bit her bottom lip nervously. Had she come here for nothing? "I really do know what I'm doing!" she promised. "If you just give me a chance, I..."

"Yes, I'm sure you'd be just fine," Lilly interrupted her flustered begging. "But this is a special case, and I just don't know if you're ready for it."

"I can try!" Sierra nodded. "You don't have to hire me for the whole summer right away!"

"Well, I wasn't planning on it, but thank you for the offer," Lilly patted her on the head condescendingly, making Sierra blush. "I do like that you came prepared. Let's see what you brought with you," she said, reaching out and opening Sierra's bag, starting to rummage through it. Sierra couldn't help but blush again as Lilly pulled the first thing out of the bag - her stuffed bunny, Ms. Hoppikins. "And who is this fine fellow?" she asked, her tone sounding more like she was asking a child than a potential employee. "Is he your friend?"

"Sh-She's just a toy," Sierra squirmed. "It's important to keep kids occupied, so I have lots of toys..."

"Yes, but the rest of these look like games," Lilly commented. "Do you not think the children would have stuffed animals of their own?"

"W-Well, yes, but..." Sierra stammered. "But..."

"Oh, don't worry, I'm just teasing," Lilly smiled, tapping Ms. Hoppikins's nose against Sierra's before shoving the stuffed animal into the girl's hand. "Hold this. I don't mind babysitters having friends over if they're as well behaved as this little lady. Let's see, Pampers, good, baby lotion, good, baby powder, very good... Zoe loves that! Hmm... No diaper rash ointment?"

Sierra blushed as Lilly turned her attention back from the bag to her. "I-I just thought, if I needed it, the parents would already have it," she said, feeling proud of having come up with that, considering she had really just not thought about it.

"And you didn't think they would have powder or lotion? It's always good to have extra, isn't it?" Lilly asked seriously.

Sierra nodded, biting her bottom lip and staring down at her feet, embarrassed at the oversight. But not nearly as much as the next one. "And no changing pad?" Lilly shook her head.

"What?! No, I have one!" Sierra declared, looking back up to dig through her bag, only to realize that the woman was right. "I thought for sure I'd put it in here!"

"But you didn't double check?" Lilly shook her head again, closing the bag up without bothering to take Ms. Hoppikins back, leaving Sierra holding her.

"I did!" Sierra responded back automatically. She usually did, but she'd been in such a hurry she hadn't had time.

"Did you?" Lilly demanded. Sierra nodded hesitantly. "I think you're fibbing to me, young lady. And I will not put up with that! Thank you for your time, but I will not be requiring your services!"

"No!" Sierra squeaked, seeing the woman reach for the door. "Please, give me another chance! I can do this, I swear!" She got down on her knees, begging, blushing as she realized she was still holding her stuffed bunny, now clasped between her hands in front of herself, before reaching up with her free hand and grasping at Lilly's skirt when she began to open the door anyway. "Please, I just lost track of time and didn't pack as well as I should have! I still know what I'm doing! Just give me another chance!"

"Hmm..." Lilly paused, doorknob half turned, before letting it go. "All right, one more chance. Let's see if you really are as good as you say." She reached down and took Sierra's grasping hand, helping her to her feet, but not letting go afterwards as she led the girl through the house, still holding her bunny. Lilly seemed to be taking large steps, making Sierra have to struggle to keep up, which only made her feel more silly as she made her way through the house after Lilly, until finally the woman opened a door and pulled her through it into the nursery.

But it wasn't just any nursery. Sierra's jaw dropped as she looked around at the place, trying to take it all in. Like most nurseries, it had a changing table, a crib, a rocking horse shaped like a lion, crib, and toy box, and smelled of baby powder, and just slightly of used diapers. What was strange about it all was the size, which was more than big enough for Sierra - Lilly probably could have used it all if she wanted! That made sense, though, since when Sierra looked past the bars of the crib, she saw not a baby, or a toddler, but another full grown woman, this one with pink hair, sleeping there in nothing but an obviously wet diaper, sucking on a pacifier.

"Standing there gawking is not a good way to start," Lilly teased, bending down to whisper in Sierra's ear before standing back up with a giggle as the girl jumped in surprise. "Come on, now, get out your diaper bag and show me what you can do!"

Sierra blushed at Lilly calling her bag of supplies a diaper bag as she took it off her shoulder, though she wasn't quite sure what to do from there. "Umm... How?" she asked, confused.

"Show me you know how to put a diaper on! Show me on your little bunny friend!" Sierra blushed again, this time at the memory of doing just that thing when she was younger, though she hadn't in quite a long time.

"O-Okay," she nodded, starting to walk over to the changing table.

Lilly stopped her in mid-step, grabbing her arm gently, but firmly. "No, no... You're just using the supplies you brought. Let's see what you can do with those, first."

"Umm... All right..." Sierra said, though as she stood there, looking around, she couldn't help but still feel overwhelmed, and a little scared. Should she really be there? After a moment, Lilly grabbed her arm again, this time pulling her over in front of the crib and pushing her down onto all fours. Sierra dropped her bag, sending stuff pouring out in all directions, surrounding her with baby supplies as Lilly patted her on the bottom.

"Get going now, Sierra!" she instructed. "Your baby is bound to have an accident if she isn't in diapers soon!"

Sierra's cheeks turned red as she quickly sat, settling her backside down in the soft carpet of the nursery to keep it out of Lilly's reach, embarrassed that the woman she was trying to impress had done that. "Y-Yes, Lilly," she nodded, looking around herself to find one of the Pampers, grabbing it and starting to unfold it. They weren't just any Pampers, of course... It was a good idea to have some spare diapers, just in case, but it was always hard to tell what size baby you would need them for, so Sierra had come up with an ingenious solution for that. She just enchanted one set of diapers so that they would automatically fit whoever they were intended to be put on at the moment. Nice and simple! She'd chosen Pampers because she thought their designs were the cutest the last time she'd gone diaper shopping. The first couple times she'd tried using diapers she'd enchanted that way had led to leaky diapers - she wasn't sure if she had just not been paying attention, or if the magic affected them somehow, perhaps stretching the padding out further than it could handle - so there was an extra spell on them that made them quite a bit thicker as well.

As Sierra laid the Pamper out, she failed to notice the girl in the crib starting to stir, slowly waking up and turning to watch her as she put Ms. Hoppikins in the center of it. She felt absolutely ridiculous, but this was what Lilly seemed to want, and she wanted to make the woman happy so she would hire her. She grabbed the baby lotion and pretended to squirt it out onto the bunny's crotch, then pretended to shake the baby powder there as well before pulling the diaper up between the toy's legs, taping it into place.

"There, see?" she said, glad to be done with the silly test. She started to stand up, but Lilly put a hand on her shoulder, keeping her down on the floor, holding out her other hand expectantly.

Lilly took Ms. Hoppikins as Sierra handed her up, shaking her head. "Bunny, do you think Sierra did a good job with your diapering?" Lilly twisted the toy's neck slightly, making it shake its head before using a slightly higher voice, bouncing the bunny a little with every word. "No way! She didn't use baby wipes, or rub in the lotion or powder! And just look at how loose the diaper is! I'd leak all over!" Lilly sighed dramatically, switching back to her normal voice to ask, "Do you think she's ready to be a babysitter?" before answering through Ms. Hoppikins with an emphatic, "No way!"

"You heard her," Lilly shrugged. "What do you think, Zoe? Do you want her to look after you?"

Sierra turned in surprise as the girl in the crib began to speak, blushing at the realization that her audience had been even bigger than she thought. "Nuh-uh!" Zoe said with a playful smile, as if she knew what was coming next.

"Well, that's two votes!" Lilly declared. "Of course, my vote is the one that matters, because I'm the Mommy. And, honestly, while I think it's just adorable that you carry diapers for your little friend here..."

"I don't!" Sierra protested automatically, pouting.

"Oh, don't you?" Lilly raised an eyebrow. "Do you take care of many babies the same size as your bun-bun here?"

Sierra bit her bottom lip, not really able to answer that. Of course she couldn't explain the spell that was on the diaper, and there really wasn't much else she could say except, "It's so the kids can play with her and dress her up..."

"I'm sure it is," Lilly said condescendingly. "And don't interrupt me! As I was saying, while I think it's just the cutest that you carry around your little bunny and a diaper for her so you can pretend you're a babysitter, you are obviously nowhere near ready for the real thing. In fact, I bet Zoe here is more capable, and she's just a baby! But, you know what? I'm still glad you came, cutie, because you gave me a great idea. Zoe, how would you like a practice doll, so you can practice diapering and feeding and taking care of a baby yourself?"

"That'd be lots of fun, Mommy!" Zoe exclaimed, bouncing in her crib. Sierra, still being held down on her knees on the floor, looked between her and Lilly nervously, having a bad feeling about the way the conversation was heading.

"It will be!" Lilly agreed enthusiastically. "Do you like this one?"

Sierra froze as Lilly's hand tightened on her shoulder, just as she tried to stand and get away. "But..." she tried to protest.

"Yay!" Zoe clapped her hands.

"We'd better get her into a diaper, then, huh?" Lilly smiled.

"No! I'm not a baby!" Sierra whined, trying to squirm free of Lilly's grasp.

"I'll show you how to do it this time, and then you can try when she needs a change," Lilly said, pulling Sierra to her feet and patting her bottom again. "I'm sure that won't take long!"

"You can't do this!" Sierra thrashed as the woman dragged her to the changing table, which, now that she saw it close up, she realized had a pair of cuffs attached to the sides, which Lilly easily pushed Sierra's wrists into, locking them into place before setting Ms. Hoppikins, still diapered, down beside her as she struggled. "Let me go!" she whimpered as Lilly walked back to the crib and let Zoe out, who eagerly hurried over to the changing table as Lilly bent down, grabbing a Pamper from the floor, then reconsidering and taking a second as well.

"It was so nice of you to bring such cute diapers!" Lilly said, setting them down on the changing table. "They look like they'll fit you perfectly! And they'll match your little friend's!"

"No!" Sierra blushed, glancing over at Ms. Hoppikins. Not only was she going to be put into a diaper, an actual baby diaper she had enchanted herself for her babysitting charges, it was, indeed, the same kind that she'd just put her stuffed animal in.

"These clothes aren't appropriate for a little baby, either," Lilly observed as she began to unbutton Sierra's shorts and begin sliding them down the girl's uselessly kicking legs. "We'll have to find something else for her to wear!"

"My clothes are fine!" Sierra insisted, face flushing as Lilly grabbed the waistband of her pink, heart-covered panties. "Especially my underwear!"

"She's awfully grumpy!" Zoe observed. "Maybe her tummy hurts! Should I go get the suppositories?"

"No!" Sierra squeaked, trying again to break free from the table.

"What a great idea! You're so smart!" Lilly smiled at her, kissing her on the top of the head. "They're in the bathroom."

Zoe scurried away, leaving her Mommy behind to finish undressing Sierra, sliding her panties down, then tickling the girl's tummy where her shirt had ridden up and exposed it. "You're so squirmy!" she teased, before starting to unbutton Sierra's shirt from the bottom, freeing her wrists from the cuffs just long enough to slide the shirt off of one of the girl's arms, and then the other, then starting to untie Sierra's sneakers.

"You can't do this! I'm not a baby!" Sierra tried to keep her feet away, but Lilly clearly had lots of experience with wrangling babies, and easily finished her job, casting Sierra's shoes, and then socks, aside, leaving her completely naked on the changing table, then starting to tickle the soles of the girl's feet, making her protests quickly dissolve into helpless giggles.

"You sound like a happy baby now!" she said, picking up one of the Pampers and unfolding it, just as Zoe returned with the container of suppositories. "What a good helper! I'm sure you'll take great care of your little dolly, won't you?" Lilly kissed Zoe's head again, setting the container down on the table. "Now, get close and watch how to do this!"

Carefully, Lilly showed Zoe how to cut slits in the outside cover of the diaper, then laid it out and grabbed a large booster pad from under the table and laid it out inside. Sierra gulped as she watched. Clearly, Lilly already planned on double diapering her... Did she really need to add even more bulk to the diaper?! "I don't need all that!" Sierra pouted, but the woman just slipped a pacifier into her mouth in reply and lifted the girl's feet into the air, sliding the diaper beneath her bottom.

"There we go! Now, we have to make sure she's nice and clean! She didn't make a messy this time, but she will next, so it will be even harder then!" Lilly explained as she grabbed a cool baby wipe, making Sierra squirm as she began to use it to thoroughly clean her, seeming to pay a little more attention than was really needed in some of Sierra's more sensitive spots.

"Stop it!" Sierra pouted behind her paci, squirming and blushing.

"Then, when she's nice and clean, you put on the lotion," Lilly instructed, squeezing the stuff directly onto Sierra's skin, making her squeal at the cold sensation. "You have to make sure you rub it in well!" she said, starting to do just that, massaging it into Sierra's skin very thoroughly, especially between her legs. "And now..." she said, trailing off expectantly.

"The baby powder!" Zoe giggled.

"Of course! Your favorite part!" Lilly agreed. "Why don't you try this?" She handed the baby powder over to the diapered girl, who eagerly twisted it open and began shaking it onto Sierra, quickly creating a cloud of sweet smelling dust that made Sierra cough while Lilly said, "You have to rub that in, too!" and she felt Zoe doing just that.

"Usually, you would just tape up the diaper now," Lilly went on once Zoe was finished, looking quite proud of herself as Sierra laid there, a little flustered and blushing, "but we can't forget about these!" She smiled and picked up the container of suppositories.

"Yes, you can!" Sierra tried to insist past her pacifier.

"Hmm..." Lilly speculated for a moment. "I wonder if we should take her temperature, too... Maybe she's cranky because she's sick."

Sierra shook her head, feeling pretty sure they wouldn't be using an oral thermometer for that.

"Maybe if she's still cranky after she fills her diaper," she decided finally, lifting Sierra's legs in the air, leaving her bottom fully exposed. "Now, do you want to be a big helper again?"

"Yeah!" Zoe nodded.

"Okay, take one of those suppositories, and put it into her bottom!"

"Nooo!" Sierra whined, staring helplessly as she saw Zoe gleefully grab one of the little white objects, then stare down at her backside.

"Where do I put it?" she asked innocently, though Sierra had a feeling she had done it mostly to see her blush some more.

"Right there!" Lilly told her, patting Sierra's lotioned and powder rear. "Just push it in!"

Sierra's cheeks turned bright red as she felt the girl's finger begin to push into her, slowly forcing the suppository inside her body, sliding it deeper and deeper, until Sierra could feel her body take ahold of it and continue the job, pulling it inside, no matter how much she tried to will it not to.

"Good job!" Lilly praised Zoe. "What a good helper you are! Do you think we should do another, just in case?"

"No!" Sierra yelped, but Zoe just nodded enthusiastically, repeating the procedure before her Mommy cleaned her hand with a baby wipe, and continued with Sierra's humiliation.

"Now, just pull the diaper up nice and snug, like this," she demonstrated, holding it tightly against Sierra's tummy, "and tape it up!" She repeated the procedure with the second diaper, then ran her finger along the leg gathers, making sure it was on perfectly, before patting the front of it. "And there we go! A perfectly Pampered little baby!"

"I'm not a baby!" Sierra wailed, squirming in her thick baby diapers.

"She's still awfully cranky," Lilly mused. "Maybe we should have given her an enema instead. Oh well, there's always next time! Now, I'm going to pick her out a more appropriate outfit... Why don't you blow some raspberries onto her tummy like Mommy does with you?"

"Okay!" Zoe nodded, and before Sierra could try to say anything, hoping that Zoe would be more reasonable than her Mommy, she was giggling helplessly, the tickling sensation of Zoe's lips on her belly almost making her forget about the already mounting pain in there. Zoe, seeing how effective it was, kept going, ignoring Sierra's half-giggled protests.

By the time Lilly returned, Sierra was laughing so hard she could feel her bladder dribbling into her fresh diapers, making it easy for Zoe and Lilly to pull a pair of rainbow striped thigh high socks onto her squirming legs. Lilly then unfastened Sierra from the changing table and sat her up, slipping what seemed at first like a shirt on over her head, tugging it down over her queasy tummy, then lifting her down onto the floor, and, almost before Sierra notice part of the shirt was dangling between her legs, had pulled those parts together and snapped them up, making Sierra realize it was a onesie. It was pink, with a butterfly pattern, and the crotch bulged quite a bit from the thick padding beneath, which it held quite snugly right against her body, no matter how she stood. Lilly shoved Ms. Hoppikins, with her matching Pampers, into Sierra's arms, and her outfit seemed to be complete.

"All right," Lilly said, sounding a little more serious as she turned to Zoe. "Now, it's your bathtime, so I'm going to go get it ready. I want your nursery all cleaned up by the time I come back, okay?"

"Okay, Mommy," Zoe nodded obediently. "Is Sierra going to take a bath with me?"

"No, not this time," Lilly shook her head. "I don't think she needs a bath just yet... But she will pretty soon!" Zoe giggled at that, while Sierra blushed and stared down at her feet, past her puffy crotch. "And if we wait, I can teach you how to give her a bath!"

Zoe pouted a little at that. "But I just learned... I wanna play with her some more first! I want to show her my rocking horse!"

"That's fine," Lilly nodded patiently. "You can give her her bath whenever you're tired of her stinky diapers... But you're getting yours now, so get to cleaning up!"

Zoe nodded, and started to pick stuff up off the floor, including the toys Sierra had been carrying in her bag, taking them over to her toybox and dumping them inside. Sierra stood there watching in a daze for a minute or two before remembering that one of those toys was her wand! That would get her out of this! Quickly, she toddled over to the toys, looking around at them and trying to spot it. "Here, you take this stuff over to the changing table!" Zoe ordered, shoving the rest of the Pampers Sierra had brought with her into her arms, along with her other supplies, piling more and more on until Sierra was struggling to keep ahold of it all, then swatting Sierra on the diapered bottom when she just stood there.

There was way too much stuff, especially when she was trying to hold on to Ms. Hoppikins as well, and she still wasn't used to walking in her thick diaper. By the time she got to the changing table, she'd already dropped half the stuff, and had to go back and collect it all, setting it on top of the table, then hurrying back over to the toys, only to see that Zoe had just finished putting them up, slamming the lid of the toy box with a loud bang. Sierra toddled over to it and tried to open it, a little surprised at how heavy it was, only to have Zoe slap her hand away anyway.

"Those are my toys!" she said with a huff. "I'm the one in charge, so I get to choose what we play with!"

"But I just..." Sierra protested.

"No!" Zoe declared loudly. "They're mine!"

Sierra squirmed, starting to suck nervously on her pacifier. Zoe didn't look like she was going to change her mind anytime soon, and without her wand, she wasn't sure how she was going to get out of here... Especially before something very bad happened in her diaper! And if she just left it up to Zoe, she wasn't sure if she would ever bring her wand out to play with it! She had enchanted it to look like the most boring toy the viewer could imagine, so why would she, when she had so many other toys to choose from?

Of course, Sierra thought, Zoe was about to be given a bath, something she was reminded of when Lilly returned, a towel slung over her shoulder. Zoe couldn't stop her from getting into her toy box if she wasn't there! There was some hope after all!

"All right, to the bathroom with you!" Lilly ordered, swatting at Zoe's wet diaper to send her scurrying away, giggling. "And let's make sure you stay out of trouble..." she said, grabbing Sierra and putting her into the crib, pulling the side up and locking it in place before following her baby girl out to the bathroom.

Sierra's eyes widened as she rattled the bars of the crib, tugging urgently on them, trying to figure out how to lower them again, to no avail. She groaned, pressing a hand to her bottom as her tummy rumbled, but she was barely able to feel it through the diaper. She sucked harder on her pacifier, staring up at the bars as she bouncing in place urgently, knowing she was very close to being out of time. She made a feeble attempt to climb out of the crib, but it ended just as badly as she thought it would, with her getting barely off of the mattress, and certainly nowhere near the top.

It wasn't fair! Her wand was right there! She could practically touch the toy box from the crib! In her desperation, she tried to do just that, reaching through the bars, stretching out her arm as far as it could go. She wasn't quite sure what that was going to do - the lid was heavy enough that she was pretty sure she'd have a hard time opening it even when she wasn't reaching out from so far away, and the wand could be way down at the bottom - but she felt like she had to try!

She was still trying when she felt another rumble in her tummy. This one was a little different, but she didn't realize it until it was too late, and her eyes went wide as it caused not a little gas, but a huge wave of squishy, stinky mush to push out into her diaper. She squeaked and squirmed, feeling the mess spread out into her diaper, being pushed up against her quite securely by the onesie, forgetting about the toy box as she hugged Ms. Hoppikins to her instead, cheeks bright red as she felt herself continue to fill her diaper, not able to stop herself no matter how hard she tried.

"This isn't fair!" she whined as she finished, stomping her foot angrily, though all that did was make the mattress beneath her crinkle. "It's not..." She gasped as she lose her balance, falling flat on her mushy butt, blushing bright red as the mess in her diaper squished beneath her bottom. It only made her feel more upset, and she began pounding her fists against the crib's mattress, pouting and whining while, in the distance, she could hear Zoe laughing and splashing in the bathtub.

What she didn't hear was Lilly saying, "It sounds like she's still awfully cranky! I think I'd better get the thermometer out after all!"

"Yeah!" Zoe agreed with a giggle. "And if that doesn't work, can you show me how to give spankings?"

"Of course!" Lilly smiled proudly at her baby girl. "You're such a good girl! I'm sure you'll take just the best care of your little dolly!"
This was originally supposed to be a story for :iconjamjarmonster: to thank her for the wonderful pictures she's made for me, both for winning her story contest and otherwise, but it kind of wound up being more about me. Sorry! Hope you still enjoy it, Jammy! And it's also for/inspired by her Mommy :iconlillyonymous: who is soooo mean! =P
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“Come over on Saturday and I'll show you, it's strict but I promise you'll be whipped into shape in no time”

“Awesome! I can't wait!”

Groaning, I opened my eyes groggily to the sight of a lovely oak-wood ceiling, what was it? 6 in the morning? Yeah it was. What had happened? Had.... yeah... yeah I'd come over to Natasha's place to... to... what had happened? She offered me a salad to begin and I just sort of... fell asleep......
Sitting up, I went to rub my eyes but I'm met with a rubber squeaking sound as my arms only lift up to my chest. Looking down, the body that I see isn't mine but something... shinier. I seemed to be wearing some kind of pink latex dress over a skintight white suit of similar material, but that wasn't even the half of it. Going from top to bottom, the lower half of my face was encased in a stiffer white latex with some kind of hole or plug in it that held my mouth wide open, although it felt like it was plugged since I couldn't breath through it. I recognised a neck corset that was designed to hold the head still, and on test.. it worked perfectly, I couldn't even nod, it even sported a small metal ring on the front.
Continuing downwards past my huge pink latex breasts, my arms were held in the uncomfortable position of being trapped inside the pink latex immobile above the elbows by strict and tight internal sleeves, yet my arms below the elbows were encased in the same white latex, free to uselessly wave at my sides for all the good my new short limbs would do. The ends of my now half-length arms now showed smooth white round spheres where my hands should have been, encasing them and pressing them into fists inside the inflatable bondage mitts. Were they inflatable?... on testing them, it felt less like they were full of air and more some kind of flexible gel. My arms halved and my hands useless, all I could do was continue looking down....

…. The pink latex dress ended just at my thighs, right in the middle of them. Unfortunately my newfound focus on my lower half rewarded me with a scary discovery; What felt like a large stiff rubber cock of some kind was pushed deep between my ass cheeks, inflated to the point where any movement I made just seemed to irritate it and make it go deeper. It wasn't painful, more extremely uncomfortable, I didn't even bother trying to get my shortened arms behind me to loosen it, I knew my arms were useless to me as they were now. If I would've bitten my lip if it wasn't stretched around the plug gag covering my face but all I could do was continue looking down my long white latex legs to find my next torture.
Ballet boots, white like the bodysuit I wore underneath the pink latex dress, I recognised them from a friend I knew who was a ballet dancer. Inside them I felt my feet pointing directly down, vertical to an en pointe position, and as if as one last insult to my freedom, a rubber cord hung between the ankles of the ballet boots, short enough to stop me from doing anything more than a hobble and long enough to at least allow me to hobble at that.
“Ahhhh, has my doll woken up?” I watch helplessly as a dark blue hand curls around my waist from behind me on the bed and grasps one of the huge pink latex hemispheres on my chest, squeezing a moan out of me as I'm made all too aware of the warm breath on the back of my head.

“Mmmmm, you were right, Grace. Just look at all this excess fat hanging off you, you're not nearly as skinny as you look y'know. No muscles either, tut tut. Do you know how long it's going to take to get you into a good shape?”


“Months, 6 of them anyway. As of now you're officially on a 6 month workout routine, courtesy of your boyfriend”

My thoughts flicking back to Felix, I angrily thrash in Natasha's grip, the white orbs covering my hands battering the bedsheets as my shortened arms swing up and down pointlessly, I would've done the same with my legs but I couldn't separate them far enough. “MMMMPHH!!!! MMMHHMMGNH!”

“You could say he and I know each other pretty well, I agreed to train his girlfriend as a favour to him. He knows how much I love the opportunity to see a fine young woman grow.” The hand tightens around my breast “But if I'd known we had this much work ahead of us I would've started sooner”
Feeling my face flush scarlet as I sit a helpless latex doll on Natasha's lap, I squirm lightly and pleadingly look up into her shocking blue eyes. I wanted to get fit yeah... but 6 months? Of this? I was going to kill my boyfriend when this was all over.


I couldn't look down, but I could guess from the jingling that I now had a chain going down from the ring on my posture collar. With that, my suspicions are confirmed as Natasha gets off the bed in her dark blue skintight latex suit (And no dress or bondage, how one-sided) and pulls me so that I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, looking me over either for her enjoyment or to find any problems with the suit as I continue straining to escape the latex prison. Seemingly satisfied, she slowly and seductively trots up to me on long dark-blue legs and grabs my cheek, planting a kiss on the other.

“Time for your first workout”


Like a hapless animal of some kind, she leads me by the chain through her house, graciously slow to allow me to hobble behind her as we enter some kind of exercise room, a treadmill in the middle. Straining, it's all I can do to give her a dirty look as she fixes the chain onto the handlebar at the front of the treadmill. “Are we going to behave?”


“Fair point, let's give you some more room to breath shall we?” Natasha reaches up and with dexterously slender blue fingers she plucks the heart-shaped plug from my gag, pulling strands of saliva with it as I take a deep breath through the hole. “NNAAHHH!!!! AHH  UHHHH AHHHAAA!” I protest, my blush deepening with every syllable until I shut up and stare down humiliated, globules of drool sliding down my chin and smattering my shiny pink breasts as my captor tries /and fails/ to suppress a loud giggle.
“Let's try medium shall we?” A beeping sound indicating the start of what I would soon learn to be hell as the nylon strip beneath my heels starts to move backwards, forcing me to hobble along as fast as I can to compensate, all too aware of Natasha's gaze on me as I struggle to keep balance on my toes, each step producing a 'clack' against the treadmill, if it wasn't hard enough to keep my balance on these things then the rubber cord tying them together wasn't helping in the slightest, I had to practically run in small steps on the spot.

Suddenly, it stops, leaving me panting and quivering on my heels in front of her as I look at her from the side.

“That'll do, but now to make a few adjustments. Let's get some real exercise!” Out of the corner of my eye the last thing I see is Natasha's dark blue shiny arm darting behind me before suddenly the most unpleasant sensation starts to invade my ass. The butt plug was expanding, inflating, it was getting bigger with every pump of Natasha's fist around the pump itself hanging out beneath the dress. Bigger... bigger.... oohhhhhh......
It didn't stop, it just stretched my asshole further and further open, parting my ass-cheeks wider with every breath of air into it. Now it was getting REALLY uncomfortable, oohh.... owww...... now it was getting painful, my ass was starting to throb from the pressure within it...

It ends, the cock stops inflating and I'm left with a throbbing ass full of rubber. Only then did I realize I was panting hard and had to try to control my breathing, the plug shifting with every twitch and flinch from me. “I nearly forgot your boyfriend had uhh... requested some physical training for his benefit too, he wants you nice and loose for when I give you back to him.” I can almost feel the radiant smirk plastered across her face as she drops the pump to let it hang between my thighs “By the time you leave here, you'll have the perfect body, I guarantee it! Through our hard work, sweat and pain- well, yours anyway- We can turn you into the sexiest slut Felix has ever had laid eyes on.
That..... fucking.... asshole..... I think to myself with each shuddering gasp through the drool-lubed hole in my face.
“Now let's try medium-high shall we?” A hand reaches out in front of me and adjusts the settings, pressing 'Go' and suddenly the ground beneath my heels starts to spin. Pain exploding in my ass as every 'clack'ing step of my heels and every rubber squeak of latex-against-latex forces the massive cock between my cheeks to shift, twist and somehow plunge deeper between my hips. Within 5 minutes I'm already reduced to a mess of sweat, drool and tears. Every step making my toes throb with pain as the butt-plug continues its relentless assault on me, Natasha making no effort to ease my suffering as she watches from a folding chair against the wall.

Just when I think I'm barely holding up, when I start to think I can maybe manage if I can concentrate hard enough enough, Natasha's voluptuous dark blue figure comes into view, stepping in front of the treadmill to lean on the front and watch me from the front with a grin. Not even sparing me the freedom to look away from her as the corset around my neck creaks and holds my gaze with hers while drool slides down my chin and tears join sweat down the rest.

“Let's make things more interesting shall we?” She holds up a small pink remote and gives me no time to wonder what it does before switching it onto 'high'

My eyes shoot open and I helplessly moan as suddenly powerful vibrations blow up my pussy, There had been a vibrator taped there all along is all I'm left to think before I lose it and collapse onto the treadmill, latex whining as it rubs against the moving treadmill and I curl into a vibrating gasping ball uncaring about it and moan into the cold steel on the side of it.
It stops, the vibrating stops, the treadmill stops, it all just stops as Natasha heaves me back onto my heels, seemingly enjoying the look of pain that flashes across my face as the butt plug bulges inside me. “That was very very naughty, Grace. Now we have to start all over again!”

“Nuh! Nuuuhhh!” I sob, shaking my head and trying to beg through the gag thoughtlessly, ignored of course.

“We will not stop until you have completed one full hour of the exercise, if you fall then you must start again.” A wry smile decorates her features “And if you cum, I will inflate the butt plug another 3 pumps. Every third orgasm will be another half an hour. Are we clear you disobedient little toy?”

Not bothering to wait for my response, she tears my crying head from her arm and steps back, pressing the button on the treadmill to its highest setting and forcing me to hobble faster than before, so hard sweat is already pouring down my face by the time she's gotten out the remote. Sparing me a loving smile before turning it all the way up and shattering my thoughts of how I would one day get back at her, my body disobeying my will as it arches my back and forces loud moans out of me as I run, my legs burning and my toes hurting as my pussy and ass are tortured without delay or mercy. It's not long before I give in to the feelings building up inside me and the juices of my womanhood gush down my white latex thighs, to be replaced by yet another building orgasm as the vibrator unceasingly continues its assault, 1... 2.... 3 pumps..... my ass feels like it's going to explode!
...... Oh no... not another one...... Ohh gooodddd I can feel more building up inside me! Just don't fall over... don't fall... don't CU-........ oooooohohhhhhhhhhhhh......

“Looks like that's another 3 pumps. I'm glad I brought a book. Don't cum again or we're gonna be here even longer you fat whore”

Toes hurting... legs burning.... pussy vibrating.... cumming........ and my ASS.... GODDAMN IT, FELIX..... it's s-so.... so hot in here.....

“Another hour and 29 minutes to go! You can do it! Sooner you finish sooner I get to show your new diet so hurry up with you want breakfast, honey. It's got all the vitamins and energy you'll be needing for the next workout I have planned....”


“…. Honestly, 6 months to go and you're already whinging on the first day. You'd better do better on the treadmill tomorrow... or else.”

To be continued? Unfortunately for poor little Grace.... perhaps...
So this was inspired by a picture I saw of Argrim's:… I don't give him credit for the story, but I give him credit for that image and credit to the inspiration of Grace's outfit (albeit modified by me for uhh, Natasha's convenience ;) )

Anyhoo, ANOTHER NATASHA STORY! YAAAY!!! I really really love this idea, someone paying for or causing you to be taken captive in latex and trained hard for their benefit, to be delivered and released at their doorstep a sexy slut.

And now the lovely Grace can have the privilege to experience first-hand Natasha's ultimate training program. I'm sure when the gag's taken out 6 months later she'll thank Natasha for her hard effort and giving her such an amazing body, but until then it's hard work itself. There shall be a part 2, I promise it. I still have so many ideas for this little story, consider it a part-by-part long one. Let's just say Grace's schedule for each day is going to be made very clear, and while I'm sure she won't be so fond of it I think you'll all enjoy watching her sweat and work :D

Lemme know in the comments section what you think, and any... exercises.. you think would be a good idea for Grace :D I'm not out of ideas but it just now occurs to me that you guys might have a few good ones for her too! I'm sure I can pass it along to Natasha....
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Collection by
:iconesv: & :icongreeniegurl:

I found this gorgeous lineart on :iconcolor-me-club:
Here is the link for the lineart itself [link]

i hope that you enjoy the coloring as much as the lineart. i really learned a few new things working on this piece.
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Here is the first of many collabs which I enjoyed doing because it's always fun coloring other people's work.

:iconskyline91: - Sketch/Lineart [link]

:iconargrim: - Hardline/Coloring.

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"Why am I wearing this?" Alex asked as she was sitting in front of Natalie's make up mirror and table.

"Because you look so cute." Natalie replied as she finished putting Alex's hair into a long ponytail like a female genie would have their hair like.

"The things I do for friends." Alex dully said as she sighed as she was currently wearing a genie costume for Natalie's Halloween party.

The outfit Alex was currently wearing consisted of gold sequin-trimmed turquoise halter bra top with attached chiffon drape, coin-trimmed pants which were a little transparent so you could see Alex's legs, sequin-trimmed chiffon sleevelettes and matching headpiece with attached sheer veil. She had golden ear rings in her ears and she had golden slip on slippers on her bare feet.

This isn't exactly Alex's type of outfit as it greatly showed off her figure which a lot of people would be seeing soon but she did admit she looked good in it.

"There, all done. You look so cute Alex." Natalie happily said as she stepped back and allowed Alex to stand up to get a full look at herself. As she looked at herself Alex had to admit that she looked really good dressed as a genie.

"I do look cute don't I?" Alex replied as she sat down and began to apply some makeup to her face.

"If you add some chains to that outfit you could pull of a slave girl look just as well." Hana remarked as she entered Natalie's bedroom looking like a witch.

Hana was wearing a black and purple trimmed robe that just went down to her thighs and the bottom of her robe was all ripped up and the robe was left open so you could see her shirt. Under it she was wearing a black shirt that had a large white spider web on it. She was wearing a really low black skirt that had purple lines going around it and she was wearing black and purple thick stripped tights with black flat shoes. She had on on black and orange earrings with a black pointy hat and her hair was messy with many strands of her hair turn purple.

"Oh hahaha." Alex merely replied.

"Tell you what Alex, how about we make a bet on who will have the most popular costume between the two of us at the party? Loser gets tied up in their costume by the winner. Are you in?" Hana asked wondering if she would do it.

"Sorry Hana, but I don't feel like tying you up anytime soon." Alex said as she applied some mascara to her eyelashes with a smirk.

"Oh, ho? So you think you can win my pretty? Well then bet!" Hana said as she started to do her witch impersonation.

"Fine, as long as it gets you off my back." Alex replied as she put all the make up away.

"Then it's a bet!" Hana said as she let out a witch like laugh.

"Cut the playing you two and go finish getting things ready. I got to change myself you know." Natalie said as she pushed them out of her bedroom.

"Alright, alright were going." Alex said as she left the room with Hana right behind her.

"So what do you think she will dress up as?" Hana wondered as they walked down the steps.

"Knowing Natalie, probably a fairy princess costume." As Alex said that both her and Hana let out a soft giggle. Once they got downstairs they started to get out all the food and drinks and lined up the music to play for the party which the main theme music for tonight's party was This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson.

As Alex and Hana waited by the door for the guests to arrive, there were signs of people starting to show up for the party as a lot cars began to park outside of Natalie's house. As they waited they both wondered what Natalie had dressed up as and they finally got their answer when she came down the stairs.

"Is everyone ready to cheer!" When Natalie said this, Alex and Hana had turned around to see what she was wearing and what she was wearing shocked them both.

"Oh, my."

"God." Hana said as she finished Alex's sentence as they couldn't believe what she was wearing.

"Oh come on you two, got to give more cheer then that!" Natalie cheered as she came down the stairs wearing a Dallas cowboys cheerleader costume which consisted of blue star shape earrings on both of her ears, long sleeved tie front crop top with attached stars and fringe vest and matching belted hot white pants and white knee high boots with blue pom poms.

"Are you seriously wearing that?" Hana asked as she didn't believe someone would wear something so chessy for Halloween.

"Sure am, what? Don't you like it?" Natalie asked as she held back her disappointment and sad face.

"Ah, no. It looks good on you Nat." Alex quickly said.

"Whatever works for you." Hana merely replied as she went over to the window to keep a eye out for guests.

"Your both jealous, we all know a lot of girls wear this." Natalie said as she felt proud to wear it as she wouldn't mind being a NFL cheerleader one day.

"Yeah, but your not getting paid like they are." Hana quickly remarked.

"Whatever, but I wish to enter your little bet." Natalie proclaimed.

"Oh really? Well your more then welcome to join." Hana said as people started to appear and were walking towards the house. "Looks like company is here, so all betting is close and let the game being." Hana cheerfully said as she opened the door and all three of them began to welcome their classmates and other kids to the Halloween party of the year, or was it more then that?


Alex had easily spent a half hour welcoming people the party and with each person she welcomed, each of them took a quick liking to her outfit and was becoming the most popular one of the party. This little fact alone made Alex happy as she knew she would win the bet. Alex quickly forgot about the bet though as she began to mingle with the guests and saw some pretty great looking customs.

Alex saw one bunch of guys come to the party dressed as the beetles in their 60s British Explosion different color jackets and they even had guitars to match. Some of the guys and girls came dressed up as fully clothed ninjas, pirates with little fake birds on their shoulders, some came dressed as Angels Of Death with big 2012 numbers on their chest, some came dressed as Austin Powers, a few were dressed as the joker from the dark knight even. Some of the girls were dressed as pink devils and nurses, one guy came dressed as a big yellow chicken while another one came dressed as a Christmas tree and another as a black Grinch. If one thing was for certain, everyone pulled of their look pretty well.

The most impressive thing at Natalie's party was that it is full of creativity and they were all having fun. Though among all these happy, dressed, party people stood one dark goth individual who was eying Alex a bit too much but like a shadow, no one noticed him at all.

Alex had spent a hour talking to people and sipping on Cherry and watermelon fruit punch from one of Natalie's mother's real crystal fruit punch bowls. As Alex was chatting with some Arabian dancer girls by the snack table, she set down her plastic cup of juice down on the table and laughed hard at a joke one of the girls said which caused all the girls to close their eyes and laugh hard. As they did this, the guy eying Alex had quickly walked in between her and the table that her cup rested on top of and as his hand passed over her drink, a small red tablet dropped from his fingers and into Alex's drink which dissolved instantly.

Recovering from the joke that was said, Alex gulped down her drink in one go and didn't take notice of the addition to her drink.

"Oh god Mandy, that was a great joke. I'll be back to hear more in a little bit." Alex said as she excuse herself since nature called. As she headed for the downstairs bathroom she saw right away there was a very long line of people who needed to use it as many of them were doing the pee dance. Turning around, Alex headed upstairs which was restricted for everyone else to go up to which meant she, Hana and Natalie could use the bathroom if needed if the one down stairs was busy.

Alex had managed to get to the top and walked into the hallway and out of sight of the other party people but as she was walking down the hallway she noticed her vision was getting blurry and she noticed her body seem to get heavy.

"I think I'm partying too much." Alex groan as she put her right hand over her face as to make herself feel better in some way and she placed her left hand on the wall near her to steady herself. Her ill feeling only worsen quickly as she felt her stomach turn and felt as if something was about to come up her throat.

"Oh god, I think I am going to puke." Alex said in a weak tone as she fell to her knees and was now holding her left hand over her mouth. "Oh god, 911." Alex said even weaker as she tried to stand back up and head for Natalie's room which her cell phone was currently at, but instead of standing up to walk to it her world began to spin very fast and Alex fell onto the floor passed out. As she laid there, the guy who had drugged her drink stood over Alex with a wide simile on his face. He picked her up and held her in his arms and took her into a nearby room and shut the door.

Meanwhile downstairs, both Hana and Natalie had retreated back into the safety of the kitchen after a good hours worth of talking in order to resupply the snack table and punch bowls.

"Where's Alex to help with this?" Hana asked as she took out a big jug of juice from the refrigerator.

"I'm sure she's out there winning the bet or being sweep off her feet by some good looking guy." Natalie replied as she looked through some pizza requests she took from her guests.

"Like that happen." Hana said which both her and Natalie giggled at as Hana went out to refill the punch bowls and Natalie began to order the pizzas.


It was a hour later when Alex finally and slowlynopened her eyes to a light blue carpeted floor and the room she was in was dimly lit and the only source of light came from the full moon that shown through a big window.

Alex was laying down on the carpeted floor and she raised her upper body off the floor and as she did her back ran into something hard. When she turned around she saw that she hit the front end of a bed post that was connected to a large, old bed. As she fully came to, she could feel her head pounding a bit but otherwise she felt fine and much better then when she was passing out. As she tried to lift her hand to hold her head she herd a rattling noise and started to feel something cold, round, and heavy around her ankles and wrists that stopped her hands and feet from being very far apart.

"What the?" Alex wondered as she looked to see her ankles and wrists chain together with her hands chain behind her back and they weren't fake chains either as they were thick iron chains and cuffs that bound her. As Alex tried to pull the chains off of her a voice spoke out which startled her.

"At last, you have woken up my dear genie."

"Ahhh!" Alex gasped and yelled as she looked around to see a dark looking man who was looking at her from a chair he was sitting in. The worse of the fact is, Alex knew him and he was the last person she wanted to see in a situation like this.

The man's name was Gino Ichimaru, he went to the same school as Alex and was even in the same grade. At school everyone and even the teachers call him Gino the weirdo. The reason why he got that name is because he is weird to the bone and would be describe by culture standards as a goth and emo person who believes in anything mythical.

He's so weird, teachers wouldn't even give him homework in fear what he may hand back in and they will pass him even if he is failing with a big red F minus so they wouldn't have to deal with him for another year. They say each year of school he comes in dressing very strangely and believing things are real like monsters, aliens, the tooth fairy, the great pumpkin, and other little things like planter's Mr. Peanut.

As Alex stared up at him, she could tell he had black short messy tangly hair that grew down from all sides of his head. He had green eyes and was currently wearing a white shirt with a brown unzip sweater over it with black pants and black and gray shoes on and he had two small round sliver earrings in his ears with one in his chin.

"At long last, I have a genie of my own. Tell me, how many wishes will you grant me today?" Gino asked as he got up and walked over to her and bent down to Alex's level and had a goofy look on his face.

"Ummm, hey Gino. In case you can't tell it's me Alex Audley. Would you mind taking this chains off of me?" Alex asked kindly hoping he do it but sadly he didn't.

"Ahhhh, I get it. You genies must have sneaky leprechaun blood in you. Because I know that Alex Audley always wears socks or tights which your not wearing." Gino pointed out and as he did Alex look down to see that her slippers had been removed and of course the costume she was wearing didn't call for socks or tights which Alex really didn't like that part of the costume.

"Ahhh that's true. But genies don't wear tights or socks. So if you would be so kind as to take theses chains off I will be on my way." Alex said again as she was growing more irritated.

"You can't fool me. I know Halloween's true purpose is to allow the magical and the unseen to come out and mingle with the mortals of this world. You probably use your magic to look like someone else as well. I also know for the fact that Alex Audley had not talked about coming to a party tonight so your out of luck genie" Gino explained as he stood up and sat the bed post. "Now grant me my wishes and we will be on our marry way."

"Oh is that just not great, the nut is stalking me! Well Gino, I can't grant wishes so you are wasting my time. Now let me go!" Alex stated as she was really growing pissed off now.

"Hey now, I might be feeling a bit high tonight but I know a wish granting genie when I see one." Gino explained to Alex as he got off the bed post and sat down in front of Alex.

"Oh great, the nut is also on drugs. Can this situation get any worse?" Alex thought to herself as she shifted her feet and hands around as the chains and cuffs were getting uncomfortable. "Look, take these chains off me and I will prove to you I am not a genie."

"I don't think so. Those are anti magic cuffs I got on, the second I take them off you will poof out of here. But they should allow enough of your magic through to grant me my wishes."

"Buddy, you are really making me mad. Either take these cuffs off or so help me I will bite your face off." Alex threaten and if he didn't comply she would do it.

"I guess we do this the hard way." Gino said as he grabbed both of Alex's legs with force and pulled them towards him leaving the souls of her feet exposed to him.

"Hey! What do you think your ahhhahah, ahahahahahah!" Alex began to question him but the second he began to run his fingers up and down her feet she broke out into laughter.

"Will you grant me my wishes now?" Gino asked as he went from tickling her feet to tickling her belly.

"Ahahahahahah, bite hahahahahahhah me, ahahahahah." Alex managed to say between laughs.

Gino soon slapped his face with his hand as if he realized something.

"Oh duh, now I know why you can't grant me wishes. I don't have your bottle or lamp. Hold on while I go down stairs and check for it." Gino said as he stood up and made his way towards the door.

"Hey! Don't leave me like this." Alex pleaded with him as she got her breath back quickly. As he was turning the door knob Gino looked back at her.

"Oh sorry, I forgot something." Gino said as he put his hand into the left side of his sweater and walked over to Alex and got behind her. "Now say ahh." Gino told Alex.

"Ahh?" Alex questioned before a pink ball gag was shoved into her mouth from behind and was tightly buckled behind her head. "Nprmphrpmrphp!" Alex complained from behind the ball gag.

"Now be good you hear? And stay quite." Gino said as he quickly ran his fingers up and down Alex's greatly exposed belly which caused her to fall onto her right side giggling into her ball gag.

"Nnrhprmprhrpmrph!" Alex wailed as he seem to have a magic touch with tickling. Gino then walked towards the door and open it and walked out of the room and shut it behind him. But as he open it Alex could make out what sounded like music which made Alex wondered if she was still at Natalie's house.

Alex took this time to look at her surroundings to quickly realized she was currently in Natalie's parent's bedroom. After pulling against the chain binding her and trying to push out the ball gag Alex gave a sigh realizing she was bound and gagged to tightly and good to escape on her own. But luckily she noticed the chain between the cuffs was long enough that it would allow her to move around some.

Alex carefully stood up making sure not to fall down and once she was fully standing and had balance she walked over to the door. As she was about half way there she moved her left leg forward and it pulled against something which caused Alex to fall down onto the floor with her face hitting the carpet.

"Nrphrpmrphrpm!" Alex groaned in pain as she look behind to see her left cuff was not only linked to the other cuff on her right leg, but was also link to another cuff that was currently cuffed to the bed post.

"Just, great." Alex thought as she slid back towards the bed post and rested her back against it and try to think of a way to alert Natalie and the others. But with the loud music playing below and being chain to a bed and ball gagged, that would be impossible to do.


Alex wasn't sure how much time had passed, but the chains that bound her wrists and ankles really began to feel uncomfortable. Not to mention that the ball gag in her mouth had already produce a rain size puddle of saliva that dripped off from the ball and onto the floor carpet since Alex didn't want it dripping on her outfit or exposed skin she had to lean her head to the side.

"Mmphpmpnpmpn." Alex moaned as she wanted free but knew it wouldn't be possible. After a long while of silence with a low hum of music coming from downstairs, the door knob to the room began to turn and Alex had hope it be someone other then Gino and amazingly it was Natalie!

"Alex?!" Natalie gasped as she ran over to her and was going to untie the rope that was binding her but was surprised to find chains instead of rope binding Alex. "Who the hell did this to you?!" Natalie asked as she check the chains over to see if there was some trick to opening them.

"Mrnprhrgnpnmrpohrpnr!" Alex tried to tell her but her ball gag more then took care of jumbling up her words and making any person unable to understand them.

"I didn't quite catch that, so let me help you out with that. Turn your head." Natalie told Alex and she quickly turned her head enough so Natalie could get at the belt holding her ball gag in. But as soon as Alex herd Natalie curse she had a bad feeling in her stomach.

"You got to be fucking kidding me. This is a padlock ball gag, I need a key to take off your chains and gag." Natalie explained as she tried to slide the gag down to at least get it out of her mouth but it was too tightly buckled around Alex's head to move it even a inch.

"Mrphrprmpmhpmrmp!" Alex groan in frustration as she shook her head.

"Just calm down now Alex. I'll go get Hana and call a lock smith or something. Just hang tight." Natalie quickly told her as she got off the floor and ran out of the room leaving Alex alone in a room that Gino would soon be returning to.

"Mrphrpmrm!" Just great, by morning the whole town will know what happen to me. Could this get worse?!" Alex wondered as she lean her head back until it touch the bed post.

After a few minutes though, Alex thought she herd noises that sounded like a struggle. Soon Natalie came back into the room but not by walking in but rather tossed in by Gino and Natalie had her wrists and ankles both bound by a thin brown rope and was gagged with a black bandanna which had little orange glowing pumpkins all over it.

"Mrphrpmrphpm!" Natalie mphpm as she struggled against the rope but it wouldn't loosen but instead tighten and cut into her wrist skin.

"Mrphprm." Alex moan as she saw Natalie captured. "Oh great, I had to think to myself about things not getting worse." Alex thought but had to stop thinking once Gino approached her and began to spout more crazy talk to her.

"Well you must of hidden whatever you use to stay in and I doubt you will tell me where it is even with tickle torture. So I guess that leaves only one thing for me to do." Gino said as he knelled down in front of Alex with a sinister look on his face.

"Mrphrpm?" "Free me? Alex mphpmed at him and she knew it wouldn't be that.

"I'll just have to cut you in half and drink your genie blood." Gino said as a wide smile appeared on his face.

"Mrhrppmrprhpm!" Alex shrieked as Gino stood up and headed towards the door.

"I just got to get something sharp, so don't go anywhere." Gino told her as he made his way out and close the door.

"Mmmmprhpmrmmphpm." Alex moaned as she began to shake and shiver as her whole body began to turn a sickly pale color. Alex turn her head over towards Natalie who seem to be struggling and mphpming to get free but Alex knew she was or both of them were screwed.

Not being one to give up, Alex mhpmhmphed at Natalie to come by her so she could free her from the rope but it would seem Natalie was to busy trying to get free on her own to notice Alex's help attempt mphpms. Deciding that she was a lost cause, Alex grab the chain that bound her to the bed and began to pull on it.

Alex knew that either she would give out or the wood that the cuff was around would give out and break. If Alex was a betting girl, she bet on the wood on the bed post would break before she gave up pulling on it.

As Alex was pulling on the chain, the door to the room opened and in walked a person wearing a long brown jacket with a hood on it which was pulled up with a hokey ski mask over the person's face and was holding a axe that had a long wooden handle with a sharp looking blade.

Seeing this, Alex began to panic and mphpm loudly as she curled up against the bed and closed her eyes and braced herself once she saw the axe was raised above the person's head and was about to be swing at her. As she braced herself for the worse Alex didn't feel anything happen. Alex soon opened her right eye to see some of the people from the party, Natalie untied and ungagged, and Hana who was holding the axe and taking off the ski mask in front of her.

"Mrphrpm?" Alex mphpmed wondering what in hell was going on.

"Halloween trick Alex! All of them cried out.

"Mrhpmr?" Alex once again mphpmed in confusion.

"Let me get that." Natalie said as she went over and took off the gag which didn't have a padlock on it and quickly unlocked the cuffs. Once the cuffs were off Alex began to rub her sore wrists and ankles with her hands.

"What the hell is going on?" Alex demanded.

"Don't you get it miss genie? This whole thing was just a set up here by Natalie to pay you back for that swimming pool incident." Hana explained as she flipped her axe upside down and began to lean on it.

"So, wait. This whole thing was your sick idea Natalie?" Alex said as she turn towards Natalie and Alex's face began to turn red with anger.

"I wouldn't call this idea sick, but it's a decent pay back for putting me in a spot where all the girls saw the upper part of my swimsuit come off and saw my exposed chest."

"Look, how many times do I have to tell you I am sorry for that. But all this went way too far." Alex said as she began to shout.

"Oh lighten up, where's your Halloween spirit Alex?" Natalie asked her.

"My Halloween spirit? I'll show you my Halloween spirit! You mind Hana?" Alex asked her.

"Not at all." Hana said happily as she tossed Alex her axe which Alex caught and began to walk towards Natalie with it held high.

"Ummm, Alex. What are you going to.... AHHHHHH!" Natalie screamed as she ran out of the room with Alex close behind swing the axe around like a serial killer would. All the while the girls back in the room were giggling loudly.

"Wow Hana. How did Natalie come up with this plan and get Gino the weirdo to be apart of this?" One of the girls asked.

"That's the funny and odd thing. Natalie had no idea how to pay Alex back for the pool thing. So Gino approached Natalie and gave her this plan from dressing Alex up as a genie to her getting chain up and to her getting free." Hana explained.

"Wow, he is a weirdo. By the way, where is he?"

"Don't know, don't care. Come on, there's some pineapple, mushroom, and ranch pizza slices to eat up yet." Hana said as they went down stairs though most of them were not going to eat the pizza.


Outside of Natalie's house, as a storm began to brew. Gino looked at Natalie's house with great interest.

"Until next year, my dear genie." Gino said as he began to walk away but as soon as a flash of lighting lit up the night, he disappeared into thin air as if he was never there.

The Spooky, End.
Well here is my Halloween story for this year. A story which I hope that scares you out of your comfy computer chair.

I must admit that the fun and hardest part of this story was figuring out everyone's costume and coming up with a ending that wasn't messed up. But I think this turn out pretty good.

As always, Read, fav, and comment and have a happy spooky safe Halloween everyone.
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Chapter 3: Almost There

Brian had never been more eager to start the day!  As he jumped out of bed, he couldn't stop thinking about the possibility of humans using bondage for sexual activities, just like him.
The one thing that did bother our friend was the fact that bondage was so rare here on Earth that he had actually believed that it didn't exist at all on this planet.
But that didn't matter to him right now, what did matter was getting to that mall!
So, the nephilim hopped into his car and followed the instructions on the map, which the magazine provided.  It seemed to take forever to get there, but that was just thanks to Brian's anxiety.  Once he did though, he pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming...  Nope, this was real.  There really was a bondage mall standing right in front of him, on Earth nonetheless.

Well now, would you look at that.  Humans actually have taste.
Brian thought to himself as he locked his car door and started walking towards this paradise.
Suddenly, though, the neph was halted by a patrolling officer who immediately asked him to show a member ID, to which Brian replied in confusion and frustration "A member ID?"
"Yes, are you an exclusive member or not?"  The officer was quick to answer.  Brian, on the other hand, was quite upset at this human for two reasons.
One, he was standing in his way to the bondage mall.
And two, how dare he speak to him in that manner?  Brian was a nephilim, after all.  And no pitiful mortal had the right to demand anything!  ... Or, at least that's what Brian thought.

It appears I need to be a member of this organization in order to enter
Brian continued to think casually as the officer grew more impatient with his lack of response.  Of course, it wasn't long until he spoke up.  "Listen, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave if you can't show me any ID."
Well, Brian didn't like the sound of that either.  He had been waiting far too long for some bondage fun to let this, this non-supernatural being stop him!
What should I do though?
Brian wondered again.
I would just create a fake ID out of thin air, but I don't even know what one looks like.  Of course, force is always an option.
This was a simple solution indeed, but was it worth it?  Brian pondered this thought, until the guard started to reach for his baton.
"Alright, 'captain steroids.'  You-" Before the officer could even finish his sentence, Brian had made up his mind...  Force it is!
Next Chapter: Coming Soon...
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And here's chapter three! ;3  I'm sorry these chapters aren't very long. :/
However, I have some very good news! :D

... The next chapter ... Contains ... BONDAGE!WOOT- Emoticon
Hope you guys n' gals are ready. ;3
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Chapter 2: Hope

It was about 2:40 am as Brian tossed and turned in his sleep.  He inevitably awoke, having had another dream about the extermination of his kind.
While Brian understood why they had died, he never believed that it was deserved.
Why should we be hated and killed while the angels and demons enjoy life freely?
Brian thought on this while sitting upright in bed rubbing his tired eyes.
Giving up on sleep, Brian ventured to the kitchen to get a drink.  Perhaps that would settle his nerves.
As he walked through the empty hallways, the neph thought about the fact that he wasn't quite satisfied with everything he had.  Despite the fact that he indeed had a lot.

If there was just some way
Brian thought to himself again as he stood in his luxurious kitchen about to open the fridge.
Some way I could find someone, anyone who was willing...
Of course, he as already aware of how hopeless of an idea that was.  After all, what demon or angel in their right mind would be interested in a nephilim?

Brian sighed before he took a sip of beer, only to notice a magazine he had previously tossed on the table, assuming it was just some more useless junk-mail.  Honestly, he still didn't understand why humans sent undesired things to peoples' homes.
However, when Brian noticed one word in particular, he became very intrigued, and set down the bottle to pick up the paper.
'Bondage' was the word he had noticed, and when he observed the magazine more closely Brian realized that the title read 'Bondage Mall.'  The neph could hardly believe it!  Bondage?  Here?  On Earth?  Well, thanks to the shortage of bondage here on Earth, it's no surprise that Brian actually thought it was nonexistent in this planet.
For the first time in a long time, Brian was very excited!  There was hope now, there was actually hope that this nephilim, though despised and looked down upon, would get exactly what he wanted!  The thought that humans might actually be interested in the same kinky sex methods as Brian was almost too good to be true.

Finally, there was hope, even if it was just a human, this neph might not have to remain alone forever.
"First thing in the morning, I'm gonna see if this 'mall' is really what it's all cracked up to be" Brian stated to himself as he finished off his drink, tossing the empty bottle into the trash bin...
Next Chapter:…
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And chapter two is up! :D  Enjoy...
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Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
[CAUTION: This series contains mature content, including bondage and bdsm, yuri/lesbianism, some strong language, and sex. If this offends you, close the page and do not read further.]

Cindy gripped the steering wheel harder to keep her hands from trembling. Tonight was the night. The night her Mistress had promised her the greatest bondage session ever.

The light ahead of her turned from yellow to red. Cindy slowed to a stop and groaned in frustration. Another red light. Wonderful. Part of her wanted to hit the gas and blast straight through the intersection so she could be with her Mistress that much sooner. She was only minutes away from her destination, and yet the drive over seemed to be taking forever. After what seemed like an eternity the light changed back to green and Cindy stepped on the gas pedal.

She reflected on her Mistress' instructions to her after their last phone conversation. She had called in her vacation time and gotten a week off work. She had told her boss, her friends, and anyone else who might wonder about her that she would be spending her vacation in the mountains and would be unreachable the whole time. She had prepaid her rent and asked her neighbor to look after her cat. And, as instructed, she had packed a single extra set of clothes in the trunk of her car. She had completed all her instructions. Now Cindy was ready to see her Mistress. She could hardly wait!

Finally, Cindy turned off the main road and onto the long rural road toward her Mistress' lakeside cottage. She rolled across the gravel driveway and parked her car in the open garage. Leaving her car behind, Cindy went to the front door of the small cottage where a folded note with her name on it was taped.

To My Slave,

You have arrived late. I am displeased. Because of your lateness I was forced to cancel an important appointment and delay another one. Your instructions are to strip and proceed down to the dungeon to await my return. Naturally you will be punished for your tardiness once I do.

Mistress Angela

P.S. UNDER ABSOLUTELY NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to touch any of the equipment in the dungeon or pleasure yourself. Refuse these instructions at your peril.

Cindy blanched at the harsh tone of the note. Had she arrived late? She was certain this was the time Mistress Angela had told her to come. Had her Mistress been mistaken? No, that was impossible. Clearly Cindy had misheard Mistress Angela's instructions.

Regardless, she was in trouble now. Mistress Angela was not a very forgiving woman, and Cindy knew her Mistress would make her regret her mistake dearly. A key was taped to the letter which Cindy used to unlock the front door. Depositing the key in a bowl in the front hall, Cindy proceeded to the study and pulled on a leather-bound book titled "Of Human Bondage". She smiled at her Mistress' sense of irony as the shelf swung smoothly open, revealing a dimly-lit staircase leading down. At the bottom of the stair was a thick metal door. The door to Mistress Angela's dungeon.

Cindy had stood before this door so many times it seemed like an old friend. All her previous sessions with Mistress Angela flashed through her mind and Cindy felt a tingle between her legs at the memories. Beside the door were a series of cubbies. Cindy stripped off her clothes and underwear, folded them neatly, and deposited them in a cubby. Now fully nude, she gripped the door to the dungeon and opened it. The door swung open with a loud creak and Cindy walked inside and flipped on the lights.

The dungeon was truly a thing to behold. In total square footage it was actually slightly larger than the modest cottage that sat above it. Sinister furniture loomed at Cindy from the darkness and the walls were lined with implements of torture and bondage. A rack of ball gags seemed to call to her, but Cindy remembered her Mistress' instructions. She was to touch nothing. She had been a bad girl and did not deserve any pleasure yet.

Cindy turned around and regarded the heavy metal door. The door was custom built to automatically lock from the inside. Once she closed it, she would be trapped. Only Mistress Angela had the key to open it. Her hands trembled as she placed them on the door and pushed hard. The door swung shut with a loud bang and Cindy heard a muffled click as the locks engaged. No turning back now.

While she waited Cindy assumed the seiza position as Mistress had taught her. She knelt with her legs folded underneath her thighs and her buttocks resting on her heels, with her hands folded on her lap (which also had the marvelous effect of pressing her DD breasts together). She remained in the seiza position for almost thirty minutes until her legs began to hurt and her feet began to go numb. As she shifted her posture to bring circulation back into her legs she noticed something she hadn't seen before. In the far corner of the dungeon was a huge metal box. It reached from floor to ceiling and was painted a glossy black. Cindy was certain the mysterious box had not been there the last time she had visited her Mistress. It must be something new that Mistress Angela had added to her dungeon.

Cindy glanced at the locked metal door that trapped her in this room. If Mistress had not returned after this long she would probably not be back for quite a while. Surely there would be no harm in taking a look?

Cindy got up from the floor and tiptoed over to the metal box. Whatever it was, it was large enough to be a room itself. A prison cell, perhaps? A place to lock up an unruly slave? Would Cindy be put in this box when Mistress Angela returned? Cindy's curiosity was piqued. She had to know what was inside.

A short ramp and a rectangular seam in one side of the box described a door. She stepped forward to look for a handle or a knob when to her surprise the door slid open with a pneumatic hiss. The inside of the box was covered in bright and shiny steel. Pipes and gears and all sorts of other machine parts lined the walls. Along the center of the floor was a diamond-plate walkway. It reminded Cindy of the inside of a car wash.

She stepped inside to get a better look. As she entered her foot fell on a hidden pressure pad in the floor. Cindy heard a loud click and the door hissed shut. Alarmed, she turned around and was about to try and force the door back open, when suddenly something metallic clamped itself around her wrist and pulled her to the center of the room.

Some kind of robotic arm had come right out of the wall and grabbed her. It now held Cindy's wrist in an unbreakable grip. She tried to struggle but more arms came out of the walls and grabbed her. Soon she was held by no less than eight arms at her wrists, ankles, knees, and elbows. What on Earth is this thing? Cindy wondered.

The arms pulled her right off the ground and forced her into a spread-eagle position. Suddenly jets of cold water sprayed Cindy's naked body from every direction. She coughed and spluttered as the water died down and gusts of warm air washed over her until she was fully dry.

Another pair of robotic arms emerged from the walls. These arms had fine manipulators on the ends. Cindy tried to resist but they forced themselves into her mouth and wrenched her jaw open like a Whitehead medical gag. Another arm emerged and using a small nozzle sprayed foam all over her teeth and tongue. The foam tasted minty, like toothpaste or mouthwash. Once the inside of Cindy's mouth was coated in the foam another nozzle appeared and suctioned it all back out, though Cindy could still taste the stuff on her tongue.

The nozzle disappeared and another arm emerged, this time carrying an inflatable gag which was forced into Cindy's mouth. The raised rim around the edge of the gag was coated in a light adhesive that sealed instantly to Cindy's lips and mouth. A clear tube was attached to the gag and a thick rubber compound was pumped through it. Cindy felt the gag expand inside her mouth, pressing down her tongue and ballooning out her cheeks as the inflatable bladder filled with liquid rubber. Her eyes widened as the rubber then began to harden into a solid mass. It reminded Cindy of the time she had tried to chew an entire pack of gum at once. Fortunately she could still breathe through the a pair of rigid tubes running through the center of the gag.

More arms emerged. The first shoved a feeding tube through one of the rigid tubes in the gag and down the back of Cindy's throat. Another forced a pair of stiff rubber tubes up Cindy's nose and secured them with more adhesive. Two more forced soft rubber plugs into Cindy's ears. She was now deaf and dumb.

The arms tipped Cindy backward until she was suspended horizontally. Her hair was sprayed with water and the machine piled it neatly on top of her head before covering it snugly with a rubber swim cap. This also was secured with a coat of adhesive around the edges.

Cindy was tipped back to a vertical position. A rubber Gwendoline hood with holes for her breathing and feeding tubes was forced over her head and zipped closed. A rubber flap covered the zipper and was sealed over it with rubber cement. Finally a rubber gas mask strapped on over the hood. All necessary tubes were attached and the edges of the mask were sealed with more rubber cement.

Cindy's eyes widened with fear as two more arms emerged and approached her pussy and ass. Cindy gasped as a nozzle was inserted into her vagina and a douche was applied. Another nozzle was forced into her ass and Cindy moaned as it began pumping an enema into her. Several more enemas were applied until the machine decided Cindy's bowels were fully flushed and Cindy was practically in tears.

Next the machine forced Cindy into a pair of rubber panties. The panties had a built-in butt plug, dildo, and catheter, all of which were lubed and unceremoniously forced into her. Long plastic tubes were connected to the butt plug and catheter for urination and waste removal. Cindy felt her face flush as a stream of piss involuntarily drained out of her onto the floor. A pair of rubber cups appeared and were rolled onto Cindy's boobs, enveloping each breast all the way down to the base.

Now the real bondage began. A multitude of arms emerged from the walls and wrapped Cindy's individual limbs in plastic wrap. Her torso was similarly wrapped, though the machine was careful to keep her enema and catheter tubes free. Heat guns appeared and began sealing and shrinking the wrapping. When the heat-shrinking process was complete the robotic arms pressed Cindy's legs together and her arms to her sides as her whole body was wrapped from her neck to her toes. Quick as a flash, the machine had Cindy completely mummified in a layer of plastic and sealed it with heat guns. Three more layers were added, each individually sealed with the heat guns. Cindy wriggled like a worm on a hook.

An inflatable rubber bondage bag was brought out. The machine rubbed Cindy's mummified form with powder before sliding her inside. Like the hood, the zipper on the bondage bag was covered by a rubber flap and sealed with rubber cement. A stiff rubber posture collar was brought out and locked around Cindy's neck, connecting the hood to the bondage bag.

Cindy was now cocooned from head to toe in rubber. But the machine was not done. Instead of air, the machine filled the inflatable bondage bag with the same liquid rubber compound it had pumped into the gag. Cindy felt the bag compress around her as the thick rubber filled in around her. As the rubber hardened the machine cinched several straps around Cindy's body from her ankles to her chest, compressing her even further and evening out the stiff rubber as it solidified.

When the rubber had completely hardened the machine lowered Cindy to the floor and deactivated. Cindy strained as hard as she could against her prison. But between the weight of the rubber and the tightness of her bonds she could not manage more than a slight wriggle.

Mistress was going to be mad.
Originally this story was going to be longer. There was going to be an additional scene where Mistress Angela comes home, finds Cindy bound on the floor, and gives her a piece of her mind...or something. I couldn't figure out exactly what would happen next so I decided to cut it short. I may go back and add the final scene later if I ever get around to it.

Comments are welcome and appreciated!
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Raven opened her eyes, dragged from her meditation by the pounding on her door.  Sighing softly to herself, she padded quietly across the room to her door.  Opening it, she suppressed the urge to groan at the sight of an even more energetic than normal Tamaranean.  "What is it, Starfire?" she asked resignedly.

Starfire hovered above the floor. "Friend Raven," she said cheerfully. "I seek your assistance in a matter that confuses me."

Barely managing to avoid rolling her eyes, Raven muttered, "Of course," under her breath before continuing in a slightly louder voice. "And let me guess, the boys are all busy or gone?"

Starfire nodded. "Yes, Friend Robin, Friend Cyborg and Friend Beast Boy have gone to something called a…" She paused in thought… "A Ballbase game."

Raven smiled faintly. "Close, Starfire. Baseball instead of ballbase." Returning her mind to Starfire's as of yet unrevealed problem, she asked, "What was it you wanted to ask me about?"

"I was tiding up when I found a magazine. I was sure that our friends would not mind me reading it but the concepts seem to be beyond my understanding," she said.

"I see," Raven responded evenly. "Do you still have the magazine? It would help me explain it to you if I knew exactly what you were talking about."

Starfire nodded and hovered back into the living room. She returned a moment later with the magazine and handed it to Raven. "Here," she said.

Glancing down at the magazine in hand, Raven had to exert iron control over her emotions as shock and embarrassment rolled over her.  Even with her best efforts, she still felt her cheeks burning and her jaw drop slightly as she took in the cover picture of an attractive dark haired women dressed in a tight, revealing leather outfit and bound with rope, in the process of being gagged.  Flipping rapidly through the magazine, she confirmed that the rest of the magazine was filled with similar photos, if not worse.  Shutting it, she looked back up at Starfire.  "Um, Starfire..." she trailed off, at a loss as to what she should say.

Starfire looked worried. "Raven, are you ill?" She asked nervously. "Your face has changed color."

"No, I'm not ill, Starfire," Raven hastened to reassure her friend. "I was just a bit..." She gave the magazine cover another look and shuddered briefly. "Surprised," she finished.

Starfire looked at the magazine then to Raven before raising her arms slightly as though preparing to fire a starbolt. "Is the magazine dangerous?" She asked.

Eyes widening slightly, Raven was quick to explain. "No! I mean, no, Starfire, the magazine isn't dangerous, it's just a bit...unusual in its subject matter."

Starfire lowered her arms. "I did find it strange that that magazine had no words," she said.

"Er, yes, that is somewhat out of the ordinary, ," Raven agreed, privately marveling once again at the strange twists Starfire's mind could take. "But with this type of magazine, words usually aren't important. The readers are more focused on the images. So was that all you wanted to ask me?" she asked hopefully.

Starfire shook her head. "I am confused Raven. These women are being tied up yet they seem joyous." She had her fellow titans had been tied up before but she could recall enjoying it.

Raven had suspected as much. "Some women, and men, enjoy being tied up, Starfire, especially if it's by someone they love and trust. And there are also people who enjoy tying others up. Besides supervillains," she finished dryly.

Starfire blinked. "Do you enjoy being tied up Raven?" She asked.

I really should have seen this coming, was the main thought running through Raven's head as she briefly stared with wide eyes at Starfire before getting herself back under control. "W-what makes you ask that?" she asked, hoping Starfire hadn't noticed her brief stutter.

Starfire smiled. "I wish to try this tying up that brings joy to men and women," she said happily.

Oh, don't tell me she means..."Ah, I see," Raven replied weakly. "And you want me"

"Yes please, Friend Raven," Starfire said eagerly. "We trust each other, do we not?"

Raven cringed slightly at the hopeful look on her face; it would be like kicking a puppy to turn her down. "Of course, Starfire, I trust you with my life," she told her bubbly friend sincerely. "But, if you don't mind me asking, why do you want to be tied up?"

Starfire shook her head. "No Raven, I wish to bring joyous feelings to you by tying you up."

Raven felt her stomach drop slightly at that innocent statement. "Ah. I see. Let me rephrase then: why do you want to tie me up? Is it just to bring joyous feelings to me?" She was proud of herself for being able to say the last line without sarcasm.

Starfire nodded eagerly, a wide smile on her face. "The circles of the rope will be a representation of our everlasting bonds friendship," she said.

Raven just stared at her for a moment before chuckling briefly and softly. "I've never heard it put quite that way before, Starfire, but I suppose you're right, at least in this case." She squared her shoulders. "All right, if it means that much to you, I'll help. What did you have in mind?"

Starfire's eyes lit up. "Thank you friend Raven," she said giving her friend a tight hug. "This will be a most fun night."

Raven awkwardly returned the hug. "I'm sure it will be a night to remember," she said dryly. "How do you want to start?"

Starfire thought about it for a moment. "I will use the book to guide me." Suddenly her eyes began to well up with tears. "But we do not have any restraint material. I am sorry friend Raven."

Raven had a fierce mental debate of keeping an embarrassing secret and getting out of this situation versus making Starfire happy, but with Starfire right in front of her staring with such tearful eyes it wasn't much of a contest. Sighing, she told her alien friend, "Don't worry, Starfire: I'm pretty sure I have all the restraints we'll need in my room."

Starfire looked up with wide and curious eyes. "Really?" She asked hopefully.

"Yes, really," Raven replied, giving her a small smile.  "Come on in."

Starfire giggled and hovered into the room.

Raven closed the door behind her and made sure it was locked; she knew the boys were away but there was no point in taking chances. That done, she walked past Starfire to her closet. "The items are in here."

Starfire looked over her shoulder curiously. "Raven? Does this magazine belong to you?"

That, at least, Raven could answer without hesitation. "No, Starfire, it isn't mine; as I'm sure you've noticed, I don't leave my reading materials laying out in the open." Turning her head to meet Starfire's gaze, she asked, "What made you think it belonged to me?"

Starfire tilted her head. "Were you not going to show me materials related to this magazine?"

"Fair enough," Raven acknowledged. "But the reason I have all this," she waved her arms at the pile of ropes, gags, and leather restraints that were neatly arranged in the very back of her closet, "is completely unrelated to that magazine."

Starfire looked at the materials curiously. "Why do you have these?" She asked as she examined a ball-gag.

Raven resisted the urge to squirm; intellectually, she knew it wasn't really all that embarrassing, but it still made her feel that way. "I had placed an order for more of my leotards, since I tend to got through a lot them," she started. "Apparently the company that makes them also has a side business in bondage materials, and my order got mixed up."

"I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found all of this instead of what I had ordered. The company was very polite about it, sending my next order for free. And I guess I just never got around to sending the other items back; partly because I was embarrassed and partly because I had the vague idea they might come in handy someday. Which," she gave Starfire a half amused, half resigned look, "seems to be today."

Starfire nodded. "How fortuitous. Shall we begin?"

"I suppose we shall," Raven responded. "So what's first?"

Starfire looked at the magazine. "The women in this magazine are not wearing clothes," she stated. "That is where we start."

In what was becoming an all too frequent occurrence lately, Raven found herself staring at Starfire with wide eyes. "You...want take off...all my clothes?" she squeaked out.

Starfire frowned. "Does that make you uncomfortable, friend Raven?"

Raven swallowed softly.  "A little bit, Starfire; it's not really something I'm used to."  She took a deep breath.  "But I guess since it's just us two will be all right."  She undid the clasp of her cape and hung it carefully on the wall before beginning to remove her boots.

Starfire turned to a random page which showed a woman in a sexy outfit. "Would such an outfit you feel more comfortable?" She asked as she showed Raven the picture.

Raven felt her left eye twitch briefly as she looked at the picture.  "Actually, I'm not sure which would be more uncomfortable: being naked, or wearing something like that," she said, eying the scandalously revealing outfit.

Starfire tapped her lip for a moment before her face lit up. "Wait here," she said before she flew out of the window.

Raven looked after for a moment, then at the various pieces of bondage equipment, and finally up at the ceiling. "I'm doomed," she deadpanned before continuing to remove her clothes; it seemed that one way or another she would not be wearing her original clothes, so she decided to strip down to her underwear and go from there.

Starfire returned a moment later. "Ta da," she said proudly as she held up a skimpy schoolgirl outfit.

Not nearly as surprised as she should have been, Raven raised an eyebrow at Starfire. "Dare I ask where you got that from?"

"I got this outfit from my room," Starfire said simply.

"Of course you did," Raven said resignedly.  A thought occurred to her and she couldn't help but ask, "How many other outfits do you have?  And why?"

Starfire suddenly started blushing furiously. "A few," she said nervously. "As for why, erm…"

Raven folded her arms across her bra-covered chest and gave Starfire a mildly stern look. "C'mon, Starfire, I told you my secret; you can tell me yours. I promise not to laugh or tell anyone else."

Starfire lowered herself to the ground. "I learned that outfits such as this make males notice females more," she mumbled shyly. "So, I thought that if I wore one, that maybe…"

Feeling a pang of sympathy for her friend, Raven gently interrupted her. "I understand, Starfire. And don't worry, I'm sure that what you're hoping will come to pass."

Starfire immediately began hovering again, happiness radiating off her. "You think so?" She asked eagerly. "Should I wear the outfit then?"

A mischievous part of Raven wanted to say 'yes' if only to see the look on Robin's face, but common sense prevailed. "You may want to work your way up to something like that, Starfire; you suddenly wearing an outfit like that may be too much for him."

"Oh," Starfire said disappointed. "You do not think Ro- I mean, the person I wish to wear this outfit for would not like it?"

Raven shook her head. "No, I'm saying he might like it too much and faint. Or think you were under some kind of mind control."

Starfire nodded in understanding. "Very well, I shall wait for another day." She held the outfit out. "Would you like to wear it?"

Examining the outfit, Raven had to ask, "Are you sure it will fit me? If you bought it for yourself, it would be made to fit you, and your measurements are bit different than mine."

Starfire put the outfit down. "Then you shall be restrained without clothing," she said simply.

"I'll try it on," Raven said quickly before pausing. "Do you know if you're supposed to wear a bra with this top, because just by looking at it, it doesn't seem so."

Starfire looked at the magazine. "I do not think so."

"Figures," Raven muttered before removing her black bra and began donning the outfit.

Starfire waited patiently for her to finish.

Raven finished sliding the white stockings up her legs to mid-thigh, grimacing at the pink bows, before slipping on the black heels. Wobbling slightly as she stood, she tugged at the very brief skirt and made sure the knot holding the shirt together was secure before standing in front of Starfire. "So, how does it look?"

Starfire clapped her hands. "It looks wonderful."

"I'm glad you think so...I think," Raven added the last in a lower tone, looking over herself in the outfit. Lifting her head, she looked at Starfire and asked, "I suppose you want to start with the bondage now?"

Starfire nodded and picked up a small piece of rope. "Now, I will begin the binding," she said eagerly as she hovered behind Raven.

Turning her head to look at Starfire, Raven asked, "Hands behind my back?"

Starfire hummed. "First, I will bind your breasts. Arms up please."

Raven choked a bit at that. "And just how are you going to bind my breasts?" she asked pointedly even as she raised her arms.

Starfire dropped the rope she was holding and picked up a larger one. "With this," she said cheerfully.

Raven felt a headache coming on. "I meant, what kind of tie were you going to use on my breasts?" she asked patiently.

Starfire looped the rope under Raven's breasts. "Um… A tight one that lifts them up."

"I see," Raven replied, watching the rope loop around her torso. "And this is something you found in the magazine?"

"Yes, it seemed to be important to the binding process," Starfire said as she finished the third loop just under Raven's breasts and tied a knot against her back to keep the ropes in place.

"I suppose it would be, especially considering who the target audience is likely to be," Raven agreed, grunting slightly as the ropes tightened.

Starfire hummed happily as she repeated the process above Raven's breasts. "Halfway there," she said as she tied another knot above the first one. "How is that?"

Raven wiggled considering. "It's a little tight, but not bad overall," she replied absently before asking, "Wait, halfway?"

Starfire nodded. "Yes, halfway." The rope she had used was a very long one and she had used it to tie the loops above and below the breasts. She pulled the trailing ropes under the three pressed against her back before crossing them and placing one over each shoulder so they dangled down Raven's front.

Looking down at the dangling ropes, Raven had a bad feeling. "I'm thinking this next part won't be very comfortable for me."

"Do not be silly," Starfire said as she walked in front of Raven. "This will be fun." She picked up the trailing ropes and gave her friend a reassuring smile.

Rolling her eyes but smiling back, Raven said, "If you say so, Starfire."

Starfire hummed before she crossed the ropes between Raven's breasts. She then pulled each rope under a breast and then looped each breast once and pulled tightly.

Raven winced as she watched Starfire work. "Yes, I can definitely see why this would be a popular binding."

"Yes, it does make the breasts seem bigger," Starfire commented throwing the ropes over Raven's shoulders and hovering behind her.

"I'll say," Raven agreed, still staring down at her chest. She had known, intellectually, that she was relatively well-endowed, but the rope harness combined with the revealing outfit made them look enormous.

Starfire hummed thoughtfully. "Should I tie mine up?" She asked. "That would make them more noticeable, would it not?"

Chuckling slightly, Raven felt compelled to tell her, "I think that might be another one those things that the object of your affections, or most anybody else, wouldn't be prepared for just yet."

"Oh," Starfire said, not really understanding. After all, men like breasts, why would it be a problem? She tugged on the trailing ropes, pulling them tight across Raven's back. "Elbows please," she said.

"Lucky for you I'm flexible," Raven quipped, putting her elbows as close together as she could.

"Yes, it is most fortunate," Starfire agreed as used the rope to pull Raven's elbows together before tying them in place.

Raven winced slightly, but didn't find it all that uncomfortable. "And now my breasts are really sticking out."

"I am sure that Beast Boy would appreciate that," the hovering woman said as she began to bind Raven's wrists palm to palm.

"I'm sure most males would appreciate it," Raven replied, adding as an afterthought, "You're not going to take pictures, are you?"

Starfire frowned. Raven had missed her joke. "Well," she said. "It would be a good way to remember this joyous event, would it not?"

"No pictures, Starfire," Raven said firmly as she tested her bonds.

Starfire pouted. "Not even for Beast Boy?" She teased.

"Especially not for Beast Boy," came the very dry response.

Starfire hovered in front of Raven and gave her a teasing grin. "Are you sure?"

Raven narrowed her eyes at her female friend. "If you want to take pictures of me dressed like this, not to mention tied up, you better have something good to offer in return."

"Such as?" Starfire asked with a giggle.

"Honestly, I don't know," Raven replied, shrugging as best she could with her new bonds, noting idly the way it made her breasts bounce. "I can't really think of anything that would convince me to let you take pictures of me looking this. Still, you surprise me on a regular basis, so I'm not ruling it out."

With a proud look on her face, Starfire moved behind Raven again and finished the binding on her wrists. She had only used one rope so far and it was nowhere near ending.

Dismissing the subject for the moment, Raven asked, "So how much more rope are you going to use for this tie?"

"Not sure," Starfire admitted. "So far, I've only used one rope," she said as she picked up the trailing rope, a wicked grin appearing on her face.

"Really? That's somewhat impressive." And worrying, Raven thought, considering how helpless she was from just one rope.

As she was hovering behind Raven, Starfire's wicked grin had gone unnoticed. "Raven, could you close your eyes a minute please?" She asked.

Raven frowned, suspicious of the request and the way that Starfire's voice suddenly seemed to be too innocent, but after warning her again, "No pictures," proceeded to close her eyes tightly.

"No pictures," she promised as she passed the rope between Raven's legs along the floor. Moving in front of her again, she picked it up and gently lifted it so that it was running between Raven's legs but not touching her.

"I'm going to make the harness a little tighter, is that okay?" She asked. She would not be able to do this next part without Raven noticing.

"Okay, sure," Raven said, still wondering why she had to have her eyes closed.

Using one hand to keep the rope away from Raven's stomach, she carefully tucked the end of the rope under the breast harness and then over the top, around the crossing ropes once and then let go so that it dropped down like a leash.

Still holding the rope away from Raven's stomach, she smiled at her work. One tug at the rope would pull Raven's breasts together, create a tight crotch-rope, which was the reason she had asked Raven to close her eyes, and pulled her bound arms against her back, making her chest stick out even more.

"Almost done," she said.

"I'm really curious as to what you're doing that necessitates me having my eyes closed," Raven grumbled.

"Well, your wait is over friend," Starfire said as she used her super-strength to give the rope a tug make everything she had planned happen.

Raven's eyes shot open and she let out a piercing squeal as she was assaulted with a barrage of very intense feelings from her breasts, arms, and especially from between her legs.

Upon hearing the uncharacteristic sound from her friend, Starfire fell to the ground laughing loudly.

Quickly getting herself under control, Raven was not happy. "Starfire" she ground out, almost growling.

Starfire laughed louder and gave the rope a few more tugs.

Raven couldn't help but let out a new squeal with each tug. "Starfire, cut it out!" she yelled in higher pitched voice than normal.

The Tamaranean complied and stood up, still giggling at her friend's plight.

Raven glared at her for a few moments before reluctantly smirking. "All right, I'll admit it, you got me pretty good."

Starfire smiled, still giggling lightly before frowning at the rope in her hand. "What should I do with this?" She asked.

"Well, for one thing, don't pull on it anymore," Raven told her deadpan. "I think what it is normally done is tying it off somewhere."

Starfire's expression brightened. "I will tie it off then," she said as she stepped forward and once again passed it through Raven's legs.

Raven immediately regretted her choice of words. She opened her mouth to tell Starfire she'd changed her mind.

Starfire gave the rope another mighty pull before tying it off tightly to Raven's wrists. "There," she said proudly. "A perfect upper body tie."

Going up on her tiptoes and squeaking at the last pull before flushing in mortification at making another humiliating sound, Raven took a moment to respond. "Yeah. Perfect," she responded, subtly testing her bonds and wincing when she found the slightest movement would move shift ropes in very sensitive places. "Lower body next?"

Starfire picked up the magazine and began looking through the pages. "I must decide on a suitable lower body tie," she said. "Please, take the time to find joy in your bindings."

"Ah yes. Joy," the half demon girl muttered under her breath as she fought the urge to blush at the sight of her body in such a salacious costume, with the ropes enhancing her appearance by making her breasts seem noticeably larger and drawing attention to her crotch.

Starfire hummed as she flicked through the magazine. "Do you like your appearance?" She asked, pointing at the mirror.

Putting the same concentration into analyzing her appearance as she did into analyzing an enemy, Raven came to a startling conclusion. "Yes, actually; I think I look... sexy." It was an unusual thought for her to have, given her general indifference to how she appeared to others.

Starfire looked up. "I think so too," she said as put the magazine down.

"Um, thank you, Starfire," Raven replied akwardly. Wanting to get past the moment, she asked, "Did you find a tie you like?"

Starfire picked up a piece of rope. "Yes," she said. "Lay on your stomach."

Raven eyed her warily. "This isn't going to be another surprise like last time, is it?"

Starfire gave her an innocent smile.

Raven gave her a suspicious glare, but laid down on her stomach, squirming slightly as she felt her bulging breasts squish against the floor.

Starfire gave her friend a concerned look. "Raven, are you in discomfort?"

"Not as such, Starfire," Raven reassured her. "It's just that my chest is little more compacted now than what I'm used to. I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?" Starfire asked nervously. "Did I tie the binding wrong?"

"No, it wasn't anything you did; I'm just well-endowed enough that lying on my stomach isn't the most comfortable position. How long did you want me to be down here?" she asked.

"Well, the tie would have had you on your stomach for a while," Starfire said as she picked up the magazine. "Hmm, sit up," she said after a moment.

Raven did so, biting back a sigh of relief as her chest came off the ground. Sitting with her legs ducked demurely under her, she told Starfire, "If you wanted to do a tie that would have me on my stomach, that's fine; it really wasn't that bad."

Starfire nodded before speaking. "Please put your legs out."

Raven did so, curious as to what Starfire had in mind.

Starfire moved Raven's legs so that each foot was resting on an opposite thigh. "Levitate please," she said.

Raising an eyebrow, Raven softly intoned her mantra of "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos" and slowly rose about a foot into the air.

"Thank you," Starfire said cheerfully as she began to bind Raven's ankles to her thighs.

"You're welcome," Raven told her, watching her actions with bemusement. "You know, you're lucky I'm so flexible, or these ties would have been a lot more uncomfortable for me."

Starfire smiled and clapped her hands. "Oh, that is wonderful, there are more ties that I could not do but now I have learned of your flexibility, they will be no problem," she said happily.

Raven smiled at her weakly. "That's great, Starfire; I'm very happy for you," she told her even as she was cursing her big mouth.

Starfire finished with the leg and thigh binds. "How does that feel?" She asked.

Raven wiggled her knees up and down, but was unable to loosen the ropes.  "Tight, but not uncomfortable," she replied.

Starfire was happy with that. "Should I add more or are you happy with that binding?" She asked.

"Well, I'm doing this to help you out, so it's up to you," Raven responded.  "I will admit that I'm curious as to what you think you can add to this," she added, wiggling as best she could in her tight binds.

Starfire smiled before she returned to the rope pile. "You can let yourself down now," she said.

Raven blinked, having forgotten she was still levitating. "Oh, right," she said, letting herself settle gently back down to the floor.

Starfire giggled as she walked over to Raven and knelt down in front of her. She then reached forward and tied an end of the rope she was holding to the rope that tightened the breast harness.

Watching her friend closely, Rave had to comment playfully, "You know, I'm starting to get nervous whenever you giggle, especially when you're holding a rope."

"Raven, I am gentle and peace loving," Starfire said cheekily. "You need not fear me," she added as she straightened out the rope so it looked like a leash before curling it around the point where Raven's legs were bound.

"That would sound a lot more convincing if I weren't watching what you were doing," Raven quipped.

Starfire pouted before she tugged at Raven's double crotchrope hard.

Raven found herself once again squealing involuntarily at the intense feelings of mingled pain and pleasure.

Starfire looked pleased with herself as she passed the rope underneath Raven not showing any concerns about her hands brushing against Raven's panties.

Feeling a bit of deja vu as she squeaked and blushed yet again, she hissed, "Starfire, watch where your hands go! Or at least warn me!"

Starfire giggled yet again and hovered behind Raven and pulled the rope tight forcing Raven to learn forward.

Raven grunted as her head was forced down towards her legs. "Are you sure you haven't done anything like this before?"

Starfire nodded. "I am very sure," she said as she pulled the rope till Raven's head had been forced all the way down.

"Well, congratulations, as you seem to be a natural." Raven's voice was muffled by her position, but her normal dry humor came across clearly.

"Thank you, Raven," Starfire said happily as she loosened the rope a bit to allow Raven to left her head up slightly.

"You're welcome, Starfire," Raven replied, sighing with relief as her head gained enough slack to make breathing and talking easier.

Starfire tied the end of the rope to raven's wrists. "There," she said. "Finished." She was very proud of her work. If Raven leaned forward to get rid of the some of the discomfort of being held at an angle, it would tug on the crotchropes forcing her to go back up.

Raven squirmed in her bonds and very quickly discovered that her new position was even more restrictive, as the slightest movement of her torso in any direction resulted in her crotchropes digging into her even more. "I'm impressed, Starfire; I can barely move a muscle."

Starfire was pleased by this. "Are you filled with joyous feeling yet?" She asked.

Raven considered the statement carefully, suppressing her normal urge to snark back. It was kind of nice not having to worry about moving or what would happen next; it was all in the hands of Starfire, and she had meant it when she said she trusted the alien girl with her life. "A little bit, yes," she answered.

"A little? Then I must do more," she declared before returning to the magazine.

Raven started to protest, but changed her mind; the bondage was a little uncomfortable, but as she had thought earlier kind of nice as well, and she had been meaning to spend some more time with Starfire. "Okay. You wouldn't happen to have any more costumes in your closet, would you?" she asked, trying to sound casual.

Starfire nodded eagerly and started to list off various costumes she had picked up.

Raven listened with mild astonishment at the growing list. "Wow, Starfire, you really have that many outfits?"

Starfire nodded. "I was not sure which outfit Robin would like so I brought as many as I…" Her eyes widened as she realized what she said. "No, wait, I did not mean…" She trailed off, blushing madly.

"It's okay, Starfire," Raven reassured her. She felt vaguely ridiculous trying to comfort her friend while dressed and bound the way she was, but soldiered on, rolling her eyes up to look at Starfire. "I know that Robin is the boy you have a crush on."

Starfire fidgeted nervously. "You do?"

"No offense, Starfire, but I'm pretty sure most of the people we know are aware of that. Even Robin."

Starfire whimpered. "I... um… I have to go, I will return shortly," she said before flying out the window.

Raven blinked, surprised by the abrupt exit. I wonder what that was about, she thought as tried to make herself more comfortable.

In her from, a bright red Starfire danced around her room happily before letting out a large squeal of happiness.

Raven tilted her head to one side, frowning. "What was that noise?"

Starfire squealed again a few more times before an idea came to her. She turned and moved to her closet.

Checking carefully to make sure Starfire wasn't back yet, Raven carefully rocked back and forth twice, biting her lips to suppress a moan as her crotchropes rubbed against her.

Starfire looked at herself in the mirror and giggled. Raven was going to be so surprised at her outfit choice.

Raven thought she heard the sound of Starfire returning, so she ceased her movements and concentrated on getting her breathing back under control.

Starfire flew back into the room. "What do you think?" She asked Raven as she indicated her outfit. She had chosen a sexy schoolteacher outfit to go with Raven's school girl.

Complete with crop.

Raven's eyes widened minutely. "Oh. Great costume, Starfire. It goes great with mine," she complimented, hoping to avoid drawing attention to Starfire's new accessory.

Starfire nodded eagerly. "The magazine had women wearing outfits like this. They seemed to be playing a game from what I understood," she said. "I think it was called, 'Naughty School Girl gets punished."

"Really?" Raven asked, her voice carefully bland and neutral.

Starfire placed the magazine in front of Raven open at the page. "See?"

Raven squinted at the page, studying the picture of a busty young lady dressed in a similar outfit to the one she was wearing, gagged and bound bent over a desk as an attractive older woman appeared to be caught swinging a crop at her captive's well rounded and already red posterior. "I see."

Starfire hummed innocently as she pulled the crop out of her garter belt.

"So, Starfire," Raven did her best to keep her nerves out of her voice. "What are you planning to do now?"

Starfire smiled. "I was going to bring joyous feelings to you with the method of cropping." She frowned. "I do not understand though, why do these women enjoy pain?" She asked.

Raven gathered her thoughts, trying to think how to explain the sensation to the innocent alien girl. "Well, with some women, and men, their brains and nerves interpret physical sensations differently. Pain feels good to them, and so they enjoy being punished, like the woman in that picture," she nodded as best she could at the magazine photo.

Starfire considered it for a few moments. "I think I understand," she said. "Do you have such interpretations?"

Squirming slightly in her bonds, the half demon replied, "I don't know for certain; I've never tried anything like that."

Starfire hovered closer. "Then we shall discover it together," she said twirling the crop between her fingers.

Raven gave a half-smile. "I suppose we will." Then she put on her best pleading expression and said pitifully, "Please Miss Starfire, I've learned my lesson; I'll never misbehave in your class again, I promise!"

Starfire gave her a menacing look. "It is too late, Miss Raven, you must be punished for your noisiness," she said as she smacked the crop against her hand.

"No, please, have mercy!" Raven begged, struggling in her bonds so that her breasts swayed back and forth and her butt wiggled attractively.

Starfire gave her a stern look. "You are still too noisy," she said. "I must find a way to quiet your protests." She hovered over to the box of bondage equipment.

"W-what do you mean, Miss Starfire?" Raven asked hesitantly, inwardly pleased at the quaver she put in her voice.

"I mean that you must be silenced through gagging," Starfire declared as she looked through the box.

"What?! A gag?! Bad enough you tied me up like this, but now you're going to gag me as well?! You can't do that!" Raven shouted in feigned indignation.

Starfire smiled sweetly. "You have no choice," she said bluntly as she picked up a large roll of duct tape and examined it.

Raven pouted fetchingly. "Why do you have to be so mean, Miss Starfire?"

Starfire gave her a cross look. "You are the one being disrespectful, Miss Raven," she said as she held up a ball gag with her other hand. "I think both of these will do nicely."

"I said I was sorry," Raven said petulantly before pausing and lifting her face towards Starfire. "Wait, both?"

Starfire nodded. "Yes, both, your overly large mouth must be silenced," she said, hovering down to Raven's level.

Raven put a panicked look on her face. "Surely there's no need to go that far, Miss Starfire. I'll be good, just please don't use both of those on me."

"It is too late Miss Raven, your noise level is unacceptable, even Beast Boy is not as loud as you," she said, curious to see Raven's reaction.

"Hey!" Raven said indignantly. "That's a complete fabrication and you know it, Miss Starfire! I'm nowhere near as bad as Beast Boy!"

Starfire's hand hovered over the crop."You are much louder and noisier then Beast Boy," she said as though it were a fact as he picked up Raven's purple panties.

"Am not," Raven responded childishly. "And what are you doing with my panties, you perverted teacher?"

"That is it," Starfire said crossly. "I was going to be nice but now I will use these panties as stuffing for your mouth."

Raven's eyes widened and she did her best to scoot away from Starfire. "No! Don't stuff my panties in my mouth, Miss Starfire; that would be so humiliating."

"It is exactly what you deserve," Starfire said. "Now open wide."

"No," Raven replied simply, clamping her mouth shut and turning her head away.

Starfire grinned and trailed the crop over Raven's exposed sole. "Disobeying me has consequences."

Raven glared warningly at Starfire, keeping her mouth stubbornly closed.

Starfire grinned. "Do you believe the hand is faster than the eye?"

Raven raised an eyebrow at her, confused as to what she meant.

Quicker than a flash, Starfire had a camera in her hands and had snapped a photo of Raven. "Now Miss Raven, do you want all your friends to see this?"

Raven frantically shook her head, eyes pleading with Starfire.

Starfire dangled the panties back and forth. "Then ask Miss Starfire nicely for your nice panty stuffing."
This is Part 1 of a Teen Titans RP between me and :iconjack-inqu13: It has been posted on my DA page with his permission. Here is Part 2: [link]

:iconjack-inqu13: commissioned a pic for this story
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In a few more minutes, these girls will be mine. Ryan looked at his wrapped captives. They were fast asleep from the chloroform. He turned off the vibrator and took off the dildo, to keep them fresh for what he had in store for them. Ryan finally reached his cabin. A bravura two floor cabin. Very expensive. His uncle had bought it for his dad (grandpa), and grandpa gave it to Ryan. It was the perfect haven. Ryan opened the door, and came inside.
The house wasn't any ordinary cabin. It was a mansion on the inside, with a spiral for stairs, huge bedrooms, and living room. Exquisite kitchens, a swimming pool, even a gym! This was a top-notch house! Taking the stairs, he went up to his bedroom. There he untied the unconscious girls and retied them, back to back in chairs. He quickly removed their gags before they woke. Alexis was the first to wake up.
"What's … going on?" Alexis "Where am I?" She looked around the house, but stopped at Ryan, who was smiling down on her. "What are you doing, Ryan?" She tried to stand up, realizing she tied down nude to the chair. "EEEKKK!!!" Alexis blushed immensely, failing to be able to cover herself up. Jessica shook awake.
"Alexis? Stop screaming!" Jessica mumbled.
"Jessica? Is that you?" Alexis turned her head around. Jessica was also tied up nude, in the same position as her.
"Of course it's me, what are you …." She stopped. She raised her head. "Where are we?" Trying to stand up, she also realized that she was tied up. "Damn ropes!"
"You are now in my world." Both girls turned to see Ryan naked. Alexis screamed and turned away. Jessica spat on the ground.
"You disgusting pervert! Let us go!" Jessica yelled. Alexis kept her eye on Jessica.
"I don't think you are in the position to make demands." Ryan walked forward to Jessica, gripping her chin to raise her head at him. She shook her head away. Ryan frowned. "Oh well, soon it will be time for me to play with you. He rubbed his penis against Alexis's face. She whimpers and flinches from the touch.
"You damn perv!" Jessica spat on his chest. He slowly wiped it away.
"I guess you are going to be first, Jessica." He smiled evilly. He grabbed a roll of black tape, and wrapped it several times around Alexis's mouth. She whimpered as he also wrapped the tape around her eyes. Ryan then cut the rope bonds that held Jessica. Surprised but still furious, she swung her fist at him. He sidestepped, grabbed it and threw her towards the bed.
"Rrrghh!" She lashed out her leg, as Ryan tripped her. The moment she hit the bed, Ryan was on top of her. He instantly tied both of her arms and legs to the bed posts, putting her in the spread-eagle position. "You damn- MMPPHH!" Ryan placed his hand firmly on her mouth.
"Now, now no bad words!" Placing his hand on the bed and unable to hold it back any longer, he inserted his cock into her body.
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"Doesn't this feel good?" Ryan asked. Jessica couldn't help but nod. "Then I'll keep on fucking you." Removing his hand, he kisses her lips as he continued to rape her.
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"Now it's your turn!" Grabbing the chair, Ryan rubbed his wet cock against her dry vagina. Alexis whimpers and moaned at the touch. His cock slowly pierces through her clit, emerging inside.
"mmmmmmmmmm!!!" Alexis's body heaved forward. The chair began to rock from the interaction. "mmmmm…" As he did with Jessica, his penis reaches all the way into Alexis's body. She moaned loudly as it reached the end.
"Doesn't it feel good?" Despite the interaction, Alexis shook her head. "Well now." Ryan began to rape her more and more. Alexis once in a while cries out from the plunges. "Hahahahah!!" Ryan slowly pulls it out. Removing the tape gag, he shoves his cock into her mouth. "Suck it, bitch!" Alexis slowly sucks it, maneuvering her tongue around his penis. "Hoho! That's it!" Alexis was forced to suck for 5 minutes straight, before he removed it.
"Please …. Stop…." Alexis weakly whispered.
"Stop?! NO way!" Ryan replaced his penis back into her wet vagina. Cum spurts out from her.
"Ahhh!! Ahhh!! MMMPPPHH!!" Ryan lays his hand on her mouth. "MMMMMMMMMPPPHHHH!!!" Ryan shot sperm into Alexis many times before he stopped. Her breast dripped with milk. And the floor was soaking wet.
"How was it? Did you like it now?" Ryan raised her head to his face. There was no more light in her eyes. She nodded. "Good. Call me master."
"Yes, master." Alexis weakly looked at his eyes. She was a slave to him now.
"Good good." He went to take a shower. After he was done, he came out and retied Alexis to a bed next to Jessica. Blindfolding both and ball gagging Alexis, he dresses up to leave.
"I'll back soon my pretties. Don't go anywhere. You former virgins are now mine." He laughed. He got gagged talk back in response. "See you guys in a hour or two, I got to get the teacher off on wondering where you are, so you can stay here with me forever." As he unlocked the door and opens it, he hears Alexis cry out.
I know… I love you too slave."
He closes the door, locks it and begins traveling towards the camp. Now who else can I get? He smiled gleefully and traveled towards the camp.
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Part 1:[link]
Part 2:[link]
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Jessica continued to walk down her road, as she lost sight of Alexis. She walked for about half a mile, when she realized she had went in a circle again.
"Damn this forest!" She hit a tree. "Now I'm wishing I never left Alexis." Jessica looked around her surroundings. Everywhere it looks the same! She slumped, defeated. Suddenly she heard something rustling. She grabbed a stick. There shouldn't be any animals here. Ryan popped out of the bushes. Jessica almost swung the stick too.
"Gaah!" Ryan fell back.
"Oh, it's you." Jessica said with distaste. She threw away the stick.
"Geez, you almost gave me a heart and head attack!" Ryan stepped from the bushes. Jessica laughed. "What? What's so funny?"
"It looks like you wet your pants! Hahaha!" Jessica dropped to the ground laughing. Ryan looked at his pants. Looks like Alexis cummed a bit. He wiped his pants with some leaves. By the time Jessica stopped laughing, his pants were dry.
"Anyway, I found Alexis on the way here." Ryan said.
"You did? Where is she?" Jessica exclaimed
"She is a little back, we heard cussing, so I told to stay back while I investigated." Jessica sighed, at least Alexis is ok. "I know the way out of these woods, follow me." Ryan began walking in the direction where he pointed out Alexis was. Jessica narrowed her eyes at him, before following him. As they continued to walk, a buzzing sound was heard. It was louder as they seem to come closer.
"What is that?" Jessica darted her head to the left and right.
"Nothing … just bugs." Ryan continued to walk. As they came into the opening, Jessica saw a human shaped figure laid against a tree.
"Alexis!!" Jessica ran towards the figurine. As she got closer, the buzzing noise was louder, and Alexis became more clear. She was nude, but tied up in a blanket, moaning. The blanket was little wet from cum from her vagina. "Alexis?!"
"mmmmmmmmm…" Alexis just moaned from the pleasure the vibrator was giving her. Ryan quickly grabbed Jessica and chloroformed her. She fainted instantly without a sound. Ryan quickly stripped her and tied her up with rope. He looked gleefully at her body. Though she was pretty mean, she had a very sexy body. DD breasts, nice curves, and very smooth skin. She was a natural born cheerleader. She and Alexis were both still virgins. Well now …. He might change that. Jessica quickly woke up from her chloroform. Ryan didn't even have time to put on a gag.
"What … the hell … are … You doing?!!" She screamed. Ryan had to cover his ears.  He quickly took her panties and shoved them in her mouth.
"MPPHH!!" She was about to spit them out, when he placed a nice ball gag into her mouth. "MMMMMPPPHH!!!" She struggled really hard. Ryan began rubbed her clit. Her struggles were replaced by squirming and moaning. "mmmmmmmmpphh."
"Now be a good girl." Ryan took his other hand and took a dildo from his bag. He gently slid in between Jessica's legs. Jessica's eyes widen as she felt her clit open to a solid stick.
"mmmmmmm…" She whimpered as Ryan pushed the dildo in and out of her. All of Jessica's resistance went out of her body. All her body wanted now was the pleasure. Jessica tried to fight it, but it was no use. The contentment was too much. Ryan smiled as she settled down.
"That's it." Ryan took some tape, placed the dildo all the way into her, and taped it in. Jessica moaned loudly from the insertion. Ryan took his second blanket from his bag (It's a really big bag), and wrapped Jessica in it. As with Alexis, only Jessica's head was in view. As he chloroformed the girls again, he tied their mummified forms  together with tape. "You two are such sexy prizes." Alexis and Jessica only moaned in response.
Ryan picked them up, grabbed his bag, and traveled towards his secret cabin, where the fun begins.
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
It was camping season for Webbers! Jessica and Alexis wanted to have a midnight stroll through the woods, except … they got lost. They have been wandering for what felt like hours, following a map. They repeatedly came back to the same place.
"Damn that old coot! What kind of a teacher can't draw a map!?" Jessica ripped up the map.
"Ahhh!" Alexis tried to piece the map together but it was no use. "Now look what you have done! Now we have no chance of getting back! It's all your fault!"
"Me?!" Jessica scowled, pushing Alexis. "If you hadn't asked the teacher for this map, we wouldn't be here in the first place!" Alexis brushed the dust off her pants.
"Ok, I'm sorry, but let's stick together, otherwise, we could get lost for a very long time." Alexis looked at her watch. It was already 12:46 PM.
"Whatever, let's keep going." Jessica started walking in a random direction, Alexis ran to catch up.
Unknowing to them, a boy around their age was following them. Ryan, the sports captain as well as the sports manager of the camp, kept a close eye on them. He had a major crush on Alexis, but a huge dislike for Jessica. He couldn't understand why Alexis liked sticking around with Jessica. He rolled his eyes at that thought. Oh well, at least I have two prizes tonight, he smiled at the thought, shaking his bag. With my bag of tools, you two will stay with me forever! He silently laughed as he continued to stalk them.
Jessica led the way through manipulating trees. Alexis's eyes nervously darted left to right. Every time a stick snapped or a animal cried, she'd either scream or jump. Finally after the 12th scream, Jessica had enough. "Would you stop fucking screaming?"
"I'm sorry, I can't help it." Alexis seemed to have shriveled from Jessica's voice. Jessica sighed looked towards a forked road, leading in two different directions. Alexis looked both ways, unsure which way to go. "I think we should go right."
"I think we should go left." Jessica began to walk in the other direction.
"But the map said we should go left!" Alexis kept indicating to the left. Jessica sighed heavily.
"Do what you want, I'm going right." Jessica walked away. Alexis was about to stop her, but had second thoughts. With a gulp, Alexis traveled left.
Ryan knew everything about the woods. Every nook and cranny of the place. Alexis was going the right way, while Jessica was not. Ryan decided to follow Alexis. Capturing her first truly excited him. He shuffled towards where Alexis was.
Alexis was terribly frightened. She would jump at every occasion or sound. She thought she would die from fright. "Maybe I shouldn't separated from Jessica."
"Alexis!" She jumped clear into the sky. Ryan watched as she bumped her head on a branch, and fell towards the ground. "Alexis! Sorry, are you alright?"
"Owwwy!!"Alexis rubbed her head rapidly. Tears formed at the edge of her eyes.
"I'm so sorry!" Ryan stammered. Damn! This is a bad start, got to try to make it better. "Are you ok?" Ryan slowly helped her up. Alexis blushed at his touch.
"Umm … thank you. It's not your fault. I get easily startled." Alexis couldn't avoid his gaze. His eyes seem to shine brightly.
"No, I shouldn't have suddenly called out to you."Ryan smiled warmly. Alexis's heart thumped at an unnatural pace. Her instincts were telling her to run, but it was only Ryan, the Team star.
"Anyway, why are you here, Ryan?"
"That's also my question. I was only out for a stroll."
"Me too! I was with Jessica, until we separated and got lost."
"Well, I know these woods inside out, here I'll show you the way."
"Oh! Thank you very much. Can we go back for Jessica too?"
"Sure, lead the way." Alexis began to walk back the way she came. Ryan quietly followed her. Here's my chance! He grabbed a chloroform cloth from his bag and came up to her. His arm came around her waist.
"Ryan, what are you- MMMPPH!" Ryan pressed the cloth tightly over her nose and mouth. He fondled her breasts to indicate what he was going to do.
"I'm going to play with you." With no choice, Alexis struggled a bit before fainting in no time from the smell. He gazed at her magnificent unconscious body. Though she wasn't really into beauty, she has a nice bust, ass and legs. Her breasts were sized D. Ryan messaged them a bit before focusing on his other task. He quickly laid her on the ground. He took hold of the rope in his bag.
He was about to bind her legs when he saw her pantyhose. His hands went from her foot to her thighs, loving the touch of her skin and panties. He pulled them off easily since she was wearing a skirt. He tied it around her mouth, forming an efficient OTM gag. He then grabbed red tape from his bag and began wrapping it several times around her mouth, carefully not tying her hair as well. After he was done, he rapidly and expertly binds her legs with the rope. He then roped her hands behind her. She was a beautiful view. With her exposed vagina, he could almost feel it. But he controlled himself, as she begun to woke.
"mmmmmmppphh?" Alexis stirred.
"Hey, are you awake yet?" Ryan looked at her face. Alexis shook awake.
"MMMMMMPPPHH!!" Alexis tried to scream, but her gag held it in place. She struggled strongly against her bonds but with athletic ability, there was nothing she could do. She finally relaxed and tried to get comfortable with her bonds. Ryan smiled gleefully. He reached out and gently squeezed her breasts. "MMMMM!!" Alexis tried to move away but failed.
"I have always wanted you, Alexis and now you and your friend Jessica are now mine." Ryan grinned evilly. Alexis was shocked. Then …. All these times together, was to get close to me? Ryan rubbed her nipples. Alexis moaned. Ryan was breathing heavily. He took out some scissors and began to cut her shirt off. Alexis screamed, but Ryan continued. Finally, he cut the shirt and bra off. She was now nude except for her skirt. He quickly got rid of that too. Alexis whimpered as she fought nude. Oh my god! I'm going to get raped! As though reading her mind, Ryan kissed her gagged lips.
"Not yet! I got to get your friend next. He fondled her breasts a bit more, before rubbing her vagina.
"mmmmmmmmm…" Alexis wiggled from the feeling. Ryan was having an erection, but he controlled himself. Not yet, still need to get the other bitch. He smiled at Alexis as he removed his hand.
"I have a surprise for you!" Ryan pulls out a vibrator from his bag. Alexis's eyes widen as she watched him attach it to her wet vagina, binding it by rope. He turned it on.
"MMMMMMMMM!!!" Alexis moaned loudly. Ryan kissed her breasts. He grabbed a blanket, wrapped it around her, and secured it with tape. Only her head was visible. "MMMMMMMMPPPHHH!!!" Her moans were driving him crazy. He swung her over his shoulder and his bag, and continued on the road to make Jessica's and his own fate connect.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
This story is a fetish bondage story, which includes non-consensual sexual acts.  If such things bother you, please don't read it.  It is tongue-in-cheek fiction.  The author would not wish these things to happen to anyone, male or female, in real life.  

Thomas Silk

Copyright 2014 Knotty Silk Scarf Productions

The Story of the Three Nuns Gang

Sister Beatrice felt warm in her nun's habit, even though it was a relatively cool Spring day.  She knew that she would get hotter in a few minutes.  The physical activity that was about to happen would contribute, but it was the sexual anticipation of what was about to happen that got her hot and bothered now.  She always felt this way before a job.  She wasn't a real nun, of course.  No real nun would do what she was about to do.  And her name wasn't really Beatrice.  Two other nuns approached.

"Sister Molly and Sister good to see you again.  Are we ready for our little adventure?" Beatrice asked with a smile.  Molly and Rebecca were the founders of the Three Nuns Gang, they didn't have that name back then, of course.

Molly and Rebecca are a know, lesbians...they liked to fuck each other.  Fortunately, in 1967 no one questioned two women living together.  It had sounded disgusting to Beatrice at first...she preferred a man inside her.  But after having a helpless woman between her legs, a woman who was scared to death that if she didn't do a good job she might be killed, Beatrice found that type of sex to be additive.  She also found it fun to force helpless women to have unwanted sexual climaxes.  The look on their faces when they came against their will was a rush.

Of course, none of this would have happened if Beatrice, herself, hadn't walked in on a robbery Molly and Rebecca were conducting.  But, that is a story for another time.  Why had Molly and Rebecca started this little robbery enterprise?  They had been pissed off by men in power sexually harassing them and even sexually violating them in the workplace.  The first robbery was their employer's wife and a couple of her girlfriends.  The stuff they stole wasn't that important to them.  Oh, it helped pay expenses and made their lives easier.  No, it was humiliating the women of those powerful men that was the primary purpose of their robberies.  Beatrice had also experienced the 'fuck the boss, if you want the raise,' mentality of the corporate structure.  If usually didn't involve actually fucking anyone, fortunately.  Sometimes, it was a 'wear something sexy' comment or the copping a feel of her bottom or well-endowed breasts.  Teaching the women of these men a lesson simply seemed so right.

Now, of course, they didn't even know the men or the women that they attacked.  They were simply wealthy and that was enough.  Visits to high-end hair salons were the primary method of getting information on the women who would be satisfying them.  But, going to church was how they would first identify their targets.  What a great way to select their targets.  No one would question a woman attending church with a headscarf and dark glasses as a disguise.   Beatrice often wore a wig, as well.  Of course, the Catholic Church still wanted women to cover their heads anyway, a practice that would soon end.  Beatrice would give the signal after church and Molly and Rebecca would follow the target home.  A few days of watching her, finding out which salon she goes to.  Gather more information and then the big today.

Today's marks were a bit different than previous marks.  A pair of sisters, Alice and Sara Carson, were on today's menu.  They were both young and pretty.  Recently, they both became very wealth when their parents died in a boating accident.   Neither was married.  No men to hate, but these women were wealth...enough reason for the Three Nuns Gang to visit.

"Of course, Sister Beatrice," Molly replied, "All the necessary supplies are ready"  Indeed, each woman had a small revolver strapped to her leg.  They also carried a couple lengths of clothesline for binding and some men's handkerchiefs for gagging.  Although they preferred use more personal articles of clothes to gag the women.  Sometimes a gal just needed her mouth stuffed quickly to prevent her from making a fuss.  Sometimes a gun in her stomach was enough to control her until she was bound.  After her hands and feet are tied, there was little she can do to prevent what the Nuns would do to her.  Rebecca was the expert at tying and gagging, although each Nun could adequately secure and quiet a woman if necessary.  Beatrice truly enjoyed the gagging process.   She loved the look of distress on a woman's face when her ability to speak or scream was taken away.  It was an even better look when she realized that her maid's or daughter's or sister's or friend's well-worn panties were in her mouth.

While young girls, those under 19 or 20, were not usually subjected to the sexual aspects of the Nun's robbery...although the Nun's didn't check their IDs to make sure, they were often still in the room, blindfolded.  Girls did not escape being tightly tied and gagged, however.   Often they were left with the adult women in full view of potential rescuers.  Boys were treated in a similar manner, although the Nuns often ignored their self imposed age-limits when it came to teenage boys; they would be men soon enough and deserved to be taught a lesson.  Men were never present during a Nun's robbery and if they were...


Sara was tired of writing thank you notes after the funeral.  Alice simply wouldn't do it.  Their wonderful parents, who basically ignored them while they were alive, were now causing them problems now that they were dead.  It had been such fun planning their demise.  Yes, a year in the planning.  It had been fun having secret meetings with Alice.  Stockpiling the materials for making of a bomb.  The clandestine operation to plant the bomb, get their parent on board and then the explosion.  That was all over a month ago.  Sara now regretted what they had done.

Things had not gone as planned.  First, the insurance was dragging their feet on paying because of the unusual circumstances of their parent's death.  The bills were starting to pile up and their parent's bank accounts were frozen until the investigation was complete.  Then there was the snooping police and other agencies.  Why did they do it?  In hindsight, it was a bad idea.

Of course, that was only Sara's opinion.  Her sister was having the time of her life, now that their oppressive parents were gone.  Alice was 20 years old, two years younger than Sara.  Alice was a blond that liked to party and wear gaudy clothes.  And party she did, spending money like it grew on trees.  Sara was the conservative one.  She wore more conservative clothes.  Soon, Sara knew that they would have to break into the secret stash of money and jewelry hidden in the house.  The money no one, but knew about.  Their emergency money if they had to flee the country.


Insurance investigator Monica Willis sat in her Ford Mustang across the street in a driveway of an empty house for sale.  The 31-year old redhead was wearing a white sun dress with little red roses on it.  Her red hair was covered by a white headscarf wrapped under her chin and knotted at the back of her neck.  She was bored.  Watching people like the Carson sisters was boring.  Nothing exciting ever happened.  She half dozed and half kept her eye on the mirror that showed the large house behind here that the Carson sisters now owned.  Suddenly she saw three women...three nuns approach the front door.  That was strange, she thought.  


Sara was deep in thought when the doorbell rang.  She got up and walked down the hall.  Sara stopped to look at herself in the full-length mirror.  Her salon-styled shoulder length brunette hair was perfectly coiffed with graceful waves falling from a part in the middle of her head.  Her white silk blouse was tight fitting so that her breasts stood out.  Her navy blue miniskirt, nude hose, and heels completed her ensemble.  

She looked through the peephole.  A nun?  No,, three nuns?  What was this all about.  Each was wearing a standard nun's habit.  They all wore sunglasses, which seemed odd, but it was a bright day.  Sara opened the door.

"May I help you?" Sara asked wondering why nuns would visit them.  Sara and Alice were   Catholic, but neither considered themselves actual members of the local church.  After their parents death and funeral, Sara had begun to attend church again, but how would they know who she was?

"We are here to ask for a donation, dear," Sister Molly stated with a smile.

"A donation for what?" Sara asked.

"It is for a very good cause, but it is a bit involved.  Would you mind if we got out of the Sun?" Sister Molly asked.    

"Of course...How rude of me!  Please come in," Sara replied as she stepped aside.  The nuns walked into the large foyer with marble tiles.  There was a staircase to the right leading upstairs with a carved wooden handrail and beige carpet.  Just before the staircase was an elegant hat rack with an assortment of ladies hats and at least half a dozen ladies silk headscarves of different sizes , colors and pattens.  Directly ahead was a long hallway that probably lead to the study and the kitchen.  To the left was the expansive living room with white plush carpet.  The kind of carpet that no one is allowed to actually walk on.  There was a sofa in front of the large picture window that looked out on the street.  There was an expensive stereo system with large speakers.  In the distance to the right was the entrance to the large dining area, which was only used for family functions and special guests.  The nuns already saw that the haul from this job would be significant.  Each of them smiled.

"Sisters, how can I help you?" Sara asked hoping that she could wrap up this visit as quickly as possible.

"Remember dear, It is better to give than receive...We would appreciated it if you would keep your trap shut and do exactly as you are told," Sister Molly told the startled woman who saw the gun Sister Molly was holding, "That's right, dear, this is a robbery.  If you want to stay healthy you'll do exactly as we, no, no...don't even think about screaming for you sister, Sara"  The fact that the nuns knew her name came as a shock to Sara.

"Sister Beatrice please do the honors," Sister Molly instructed,"No gag for now unless Sara become uncooperative"  Beatrice took out a length of clothesline from under her tunic, pulled Sara's hands behind her back, wrapped cord around and between her wrists and knotted it.

"Now, Sara dear, before we can do what we came to do, we have secure your sister, Alice, as well.  Please call her down here in a lady-like manner.  No tricks, screams or other warnings, Sara, or you both will regret it.  Understand?" Sister Molly instructed.  Sara nodded.

"Alice!  Alice! We have company.  Please come down," Sara yelled up the stairs with more composure than she actually had.  A few seconds later footsteps could be heard.  Then Alice came into view.  A slightly taller version of Sara, Alice had shoulder length blond hair parted in the middle with salon-styled waves that bounced as she came down the stairs.  She was wearing a tight fitting red silk blouse to go along with her white miniskirt, black hose and heels.  Alice clearly saw the three nuns and didn't sense danger.  She was about two thirds away down the stairs when Sara panicked.

"Alice! Run! They are robmmmpphh" Alice's scream was cut off by the wadded up man's handkerchief that Sister Beatrice shoved into her mouth.

"That was stupid, Sara," Sister Molly hissed as she moved in front of Sara and began slapping her face with her white gloved hand, back and forth, "Get the bitch, Sister Rebecca"

Sister Rebecca hadn't waited for the command, she was already part way up the staircase moving fasted than one would have thought a nun could move.  Alice hearing the warning had tried to stop and turn, but her momentum carried her several stairs further down before she could stop and turn.  She made it about two thirds of the way up the staircase when Sister Rebecca's hand took her feet out from under her and Alice wend down hard.  The fall knocked the wind out of Alice and dazed her.  Sister Rebecca wasted no time straddling her as she lay on the stairs.  Taking cord and a handkerchief from under her habit, Rebecca pulled Alice's hands behind her back and tied them tightly in a few seconds.  Alice opened her mouth to say something and a large wadded handkerchief filled her mouth.

In the foray, Sara was crying and her face was red from constant slapping, which had now ceased.  Nothing hard enough to do damage, but the slaps stung.  The nuns knew how hard to slap so that they would cause discomfort without brusing.

Sister Rebecca turned Alice over and slapped her several times causing tears to well up in Alice's eyes.

"Now Sara and Alice, I fear that we must punish you for not obeying us.  Sister Rebecca, care to start?" Sister Molly asked.  Of course, this part of the robbery would have happened whether or not the nuns would have been obeyed.

"My pleasure, Sister Molly," Sister Rebecca replied with an evil smile and then to Alice, "Relax dear, we are going to have some fun...right hear on the stairs"  Sister Rebecca carefully unbuttoned the Alice's silk blouse.  Alice's chest was heaving underneath her, which was turning Rebecca on.  Both women were in a precarious spot on the stairs.  If Alice has any leverage, she could easily cause Sister Rebecca to fall down the stairs, but she didn't.  If Sister Rebecca got off of Alice, she could easily slide down the the stairs.

In the foray, Sara was watching Alice's situation in horror and whimpering until her attention was diverted to Sister Molly unbuttoning her own silk blouse.  Sara squirmed in Sister Beatrice's arms, her body rubbing against the faux nun's body.  Sister Molly pulled down the straps of Sara's bra and then the cups popping out her large breasts.  She caressed Sara's breasts with her cotton glove covered hand.  Then Sister Molly grabbed a white silk scarf from the hat rack and began caressing Sara's breasts with it.  Sara moaned through the handkerchief stuffed in her mouth.  To her dismay, Sara realized that her nipples were becoming hard, very hard.

"See, our visit can be least for a while," Sister Molly told the terrified young woman as she sucked on her nipples causing more moaning from Sara.

Sister Rebecca was treating Alice in a similar manner, nettling her breasts with gloved hands and pinching her hardening nipples.  She kissed Alice's breasts.  Alice was shaking her head no, but her body was responding to the stimulation.

"Alice dear, I am going to give you the honor of making me cum with that sweet mouth of yours,"  Sister Rebecca told her captive.  Alice shook her head no and said something unladylike through the handkerchief stuffed in her mouth.  Alice was determined not to pleasure this robber.  She had given oral sex to women before, but she had never been forced to do it.

"That's okay, dear.  Just let me know when you change your mind...okay?" Sister Rebecca told her with a comforting voice.  She then began to slap Alice's face.  Then she slapped her breasts.  Then her face.  And then her breasts.  Alice was crying and whimpering.  Her mascara ran down the side of her face.  Sister Rebecca stopped and Alice shook her head yes.

"Excellent!  It is never a good idea to disobey a nun.  Just consider that you are worshiping my body," the faux nun Rebecca told the helpless woman, "I'm sure you will do a good job because the alternative would be unfortunate"

Sister Rebecca pulled up her tunic, undid her garters and pulled down her panties.  She then descended on the helpless woman.  Helping her through the forest of pubic hair, Rebecca shoved  Alice's face into her crotch.  Holding onto the banister, Sister Rebecca gyrated back and forth.  Alice did her best trying to lick this woman's clit and love hole.  She didn't want to be slapped again.

"Your turn, Sara.  We are both horny as hell and your mouth and tongue need something to do.  I hope I won't have to convince you to obey me again," Sister Molly hissed.  Sara shook her head and sunk to her knees on the cold, hard tiles of the foray.  Sister Molly pulled up her tunic, undid her garters and pulled down her panties.  She moved over Sara and guided her to her twat.  Sara had never been with a woman and never wanted to be, but she knew what to do.   Sara started to quickly lick and got a mouth full of pubic hair and retched.  Sister Molly made a path through the hair with her gloved fingers and when Sara's tongue hit her hot pussy, Sister Molly let out a gasp and grabbed the banister for support.  Sara quickly figured out how to get the maximum reaction from the nun that loomed over her with her eyes closed.  Sara lost track of time as she worked on Sister Molly's clit and licked deep into her womanhood.  She knew these were not real least she hoped not...but giving a woman in a nun's habit an orgasm seemed very naughty.  Sara was religious, but she also didn't mind poking fun at her church.  This was a bit beyond that, of course.

Sister Rebecca's eyes were closed as Alice worked on her.  This wasn't the ideal location to  have one's twat administered to so she was patient.  Sister Rebecca had had her twat eaten out in cars, on the floor of a walk-in safe and even in a church.  It didn't matter to her, she wasn't religious.  Getting off in unusual places, got her off.  To Rebecca, the loot they took as good, but the reason she did these robberies was the have a woman forced to lick her pussy.  

Sister Molly stifled a scream as she came.   It took her a few seconds to recover enough to clean herself with Sara's handkerchief gag she was holding.  Then she pulled up her panties and reattached her stockings.  Sara looked up at her.

"Very good, Sara," Sister Molly told the woman, "Sister Beatrice requires your excellent talents, my dear.  I'm sure you will do your best"  Sister Molly handed Sister Beatrice the gag, just in case Sara had a change in heart.  Sister Molly went down the hall as Sister Beatrice pulled up her tunic and pulled down her pantyhose.  Sara wasted no time, she wanted this madness over with as soon as possible.

"OH MY LORD!" Sister Rebecca screamed as she came panting.  It had taken Alice quite a while to make her cum, but when she did, it was a good climax.  But Sister Rebecca was back to business quickly.  Wiping herself and then Alice's mouth, Alice wasn't surprised when she stuffed the handkerchief fully in her mouth, packing it in place with her fingers.  Alice retched, but didn't resist.  She had had enough of being slapped.  These women were going to get what they wanted and resisting them would only hurt.  Eventually, you would give in.  She watched Sister Rebecca pull herself together.  

Sara was bringing Sister Beatrice to a satisfactory climax as Sister Rebecca forced Alice down the stairs and Sister Molly returned with a coil of thin clothesline and a sharp kitchen knife.  Sister Beatrice wiped herself and Sara's face with the handkerchief.  She grabbed her chin and force fed the wadded cotton into the hapless girl's mouth.  This time pushing it all the way in.  Sara gagged on the cum soaked handkerchief.  More humiliation, she thought.  Sister Beatrice pulled up her pantyhose and adjusted her tunic.

"Everyone satisfied?  Good.  Let's make these ladies a bit more presentable so they can be properly displayed," Sister Molly said, "I found this clothesline so you can make them comfortable, Sister Rebecca.  I will cut the cord for you.  Sister Beatrice, if you would be so kind as to select something fashionable to wrap over their mouths and to headscarf them with"

Sisters Rebeca and Beatrice forced Alice's and Sara's boobs back in there bras making sure they manhandled them.  They pulled off the women's skirts and tossed them.  Alice's white skirt landed in the middle of the living room while Sara's was tossed down the hallway.  The reason for all of this befuddled Alice and Sara, but clearly the nuns had something in mind.

Sister Rebecca put on a clinic in tying.  She tied the helpless woman's hands with a second length of cord.  She then wrapped cord above and below Alice's breast and over her arms clinching it under her arms.  There was no way wiggle out of those bonds.  Another cord was wrapped around her waist and secured.  Then she tied a cord to Alice's wrists and forced it between her legs, securing it tightly to the waist cord.  Alice gasped through the handkerchief in her mouth as the cord was forced into her slit.

Sister Beatrice selected a white scarf, folded it into a triangle and a 3" band.  She poked in the stuffing fully in Sara's mouth and bound the white scarf tightly over her mouth, securing it over her hair at the back of her neck.  She then selected a white scarf with blue polka dot flowers on it from the hat rack and placed the triangular folded scarf over Sara's head.  She knotted the scarf very tightly under Sara's chin.  Sara understood the scarf gagging her, but not the headscarf...what was that for?

Sister Rebecca moved over and began tying Sara the way she had tied Alice.  Sister Beatrice selected two scarves for Alice.  The white scarf with red polka dots on it was folded into a band and bound over Alice's mouth.  She held up a triangularly folded light blue scarf with large white daisies with yellow centers printed on it.  She put it over Alice's head and tightly knotted it under her chin.

"Our ladies are ready to be displayed," Sister Molly announced.  Alice and Sara wondered what the hell she was talking about.


Monica Willis was wondering what was going on in the Carson house.  Those nuns had been in there a long time.  As she watched with binoculars, two of the nuns moved behind the white sofa with their backs to the window.  Damn, she couldn't see what was going on.  Wait...the nuns were moving out of the way.  Two women on the sofa.  The Carson sisters?  Hard to tell.  They were wearing headscarves.  Why were they wearing headscarves inside?  Okay, some women would wear them inside, Monica had seen it.  Usually the women were on their way in or out or were staying for just a short amount of time.  Perhaps this wasn't that unusual.


Sister Rebecca got up from the floor in front of the sofa.  She looked at Alice sitting side by side on the sofa.  She had tied the their ankles to the legs of the sofa.  Alice's right ankle was also tied to Sara's left ankle and both to the middle leg of the sofa.  The spreadeagle tying of the legs make it impossible for the Carson sisters to turn and look out the window.  People looking in could only see their headscarves, which hide their gags.

"Sister Rebecca and Sister Beatrice search the upstairs.  I'll search down here.  Starting with our two hostesses,"  Sister Molly instructed.  She went over to Rebecca and pulled off the necklace she was wearing.  Looked at it and tossed the fake pearl necklace on the floor.  

The Three Nuns Gang used scorched Earth policy of ransacking a house.  They pulled out every draw and dumped it.  They emptied ever cabinet.  If anything was in their way, they threw it on the floor.  Sara and Alice could only watch this mayhem.  A favorite lamp stand with a glass lampshade was the victim of Sister Molly's ransacking.  She pushed it over onto the floor and the lampshade burst into pieces.  Sara and Alice groaned.

Alice and Sara did struggle, but they were too tightly bound.  The struggles did stimulate their twats.  Given that they were horny, but unsatisfied, from their sexual encounters with the nuns, those crotch ropes might be a blessing.


Monica saw the nuns take suitcases of out of the house.  What was going on, she wondered.  If she didn't know any better, she would think that those nuns had robbed the Carson sisters.  The two  headscarved women were still sitting on the sofa.  She had to decide what to do.  Drive to a pay phone and call the police?  Go to the house and check?  The decision was made for her.  

"Hi honey...what you doing?" Sister Molly said as she put her head in the open window along with a gun pointed at Monica, "Move over to the passenger seat and don't do anything stupid"  
Monica did as she was told.  Sister Molly opened the door and got in the driver's seat.  Sister Rebecca opened the passenger door.  Sister Beatrice got in the back seat behind Molly.  Sister Molly went through Monica's purse.

"Monica is an insurance investigator, aren't you Monica," Sister Molly commented, "Well, dear, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Fortunately for you, we are only going to tie you up and gag you so you can't report the Carson robbery for a while"

"The hell you are..." Monica tried to get out of the car and push past Sister Rebecca, who pushed her back in the car and then slapped her face several times until Monica put up her hands indicating surrender.

"That's as you are told and I will give you a reward," Sister Molly said with a smile o her face.  What reward, Monica wondered.

Sister Rebecca pulled Monica forward, told her to put her hands behind her, which Monica did.  Pulling cord from under her tunic, Sister Rebecca tied Monica's hands.  She then tied her ankles.  More cord wrapped Monica into the seat.  Sister Beatrice pulled Monica's medium sized silk headscarf off her head without untying it.  She force fed the well-used scarf fully into Monica's mouth.  Monica made a face as the full flavor of her hairspray and perfume filled her mouth.  One of Sara's expensive silk scarves, one with a hunting scene on it, was tied over her mouth.  Finally, one of Alice's scarves, a solid black silk square, was folded into a triangle and tied over her head with a secure square knot under her chin.

" you will be quietly subdued in place sight...just like the Carson sisters.  That black headscarf will make you almost invisible when it gets dark," Sister Molly said with a smile, "Oh, now for your reward, Monica.  I found this in your purse"  Sister Molly held up a vibrator...a vibrator that had a plug that went into a car's cigarette lighter.  Monica shook her head, pleading through her gag.   Sister Molly pulled up her sun dress and pulled forced the vibrator under Monica's pantyhose.  Monica groaned as the vibrator was shoved deep into her love hole.  The plug was put into the lighter socket.  Sister Molly put the key in the ignition and turned on the car's electronics.  She switched the vibrator on and Monica moaned.  The nuns got out of the car and locked the doors.  Monica would be stimulated until the car's battery died.


Several hours later, all three women were still securely bound and gagged.  No one paid them any attention.  The struggles of the Carson sisters looked like two women having a conversation.  No one noticed Monica sitting in her car.  All three women had multiple orgasms, but now the pleasure had turned painful.  Fortunately for Monica, the car's battery had finally died.

When the police cars pulled up with lights flashing, all three women thought they were going to be rescued.  For the Carson sisters, they were rescued and arrested for murdering their parents.  Although, when they were lead away to the police cars they were still bound and gagged.  The police took their right to remain silent seriously.  No one was going to investigate the robbery, not when the people robbed were accused murderers.

Poor Monica was found the next morning by a neighbor walking her dog.

The End, but not for the Three Nuns Gang

bound in plain sight by jstreel Poor Sara and Alice Carson...they had a run in with the Three Nuns Gang.  The wonderful drawing showing their plight is by :iconjstreel:.  The full size image can be seen here

As the Three Nuns Gang is better to give than receive...that is give to them and you really don't want to receive from them...ropes gags, sexually...well you get the idea.  :evillaugh:
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"Swati's friend. Don't worry I know her", Parvathy said as she came in and took off her sunglasses." She's been coming to our house for a while now. She knows all about our love for bondage and she even participated in a video shoot once. She's a North indian girl, very pretty , very fair. A bit tall though. Her name is Sanchita."

"I wonder… " Parvathy said as she thought about why Swati could be coming with a friend, and if it was indeed what she was thinking, what other possibilities this would open up. "I think.. Sanchita maybe keeping Swati in bondage.." Parvathy's face lit up and she smiled, but it was all hidden under the veil.

Aurora nodded in understanding as Parvathy spoke about Sanchita.  She was still worried at how this might play out, but she trusted Par on this.  "Fh, Fwhtn'f hlrmhdn tnmd hp, hhh?" Aurora said,  "Fmmmf lngm fhm ghhldn't whnt fhr nhh."

"Um not sure I understand what you meant, but I guess you're a bit concerned about the new friend ? Don't worry, I'll introduce you to her. Knowing her I don't think there'll be any problem between the two of you. There's actually one thing similar between the two of you." Parvathy said as she sat next to Aurora and her hands went over Aurora's mask gagged face stroking over the nose. "Your eyes. Her's is as green as your's" Parvathy said widening her eyes. Aurora nodded, thinking that it was neat that they're eyes are the same.

"Well I guess you've sat here bored. Let's watch some television." Parvathy said, still veiled and gloved, dressed as she was when she was about to leave. They turned on the tv and flicked through the channels. "You're not curious why I didn't take off the veil ? " Parvathy asked, her voice still muffled by the veil, for Parvathy at least a muffled voice was a bit arousing, but she wanted to know Aurora's thoughts.

Aurora honestly didn't give that much thought, "nmhh, Hmt hhfn't grhffmd mn mnnd tnll nhw."

"Well.. tell me one thing, how are you liking the mask gag?" Parvathy asked, "how do you feel with the mask covering your lower face."

"Well maybe you don't have it, but I do.. and I could vouch for quite a few women who have, whether they know it or not. Its called a veil fetish. For me, I just feel.." Parvathy takes a deep breath and rubs her hands over her nose and mouth, "I just feel such ecstasy and pleasure when I veil. its like.. imagine your lover has hugged you over your face and kissed you full of passion, and he stays with you in a silky embrace…" Parvathy closes her eyes and breathes deeply, seemingly lost in a fantasy now. Aurora sat there, amazed at Parvathy's confession, "wow, that's quite a fetish she has." she thought.

Parvathy looked at her, "and i think you're kind of developing a liking for the veil too. You see this gag ? I love it the most because it arouses those feelings in me. Whenever I miss Rajaveelu, I'd just put on this gag for hours and remember him. I love the feeling of it. Right now, I like the veil on me, even if I'm not gagged." she turned back to the tv, ok Aurora, let's watch something you'd want, Parvathy just flicked through the channels, "if you want something just moan it out when I hit the channel ok ?"

"Mmmphh." Aurora said nodding as Parvathy flipped thorough channels, eventually Parvathy got to a comedy that Aurora liked and they started watching it together.

Around fifteen minutes later, the doorbell rang. "They're here" Parvathy said excited, she quickly rose up to get the door. Swati and Sanchita stood there, both were veiled, except there was something very different about Swati. An additional scarf covered her upper body such that her hands were hidden. In fact it covered all over till her waist. Swati squirmed under it, as if her hands were tied. "Hi aunty.." Sanchita greeted in a muffled voice, she too was veiled in the style typical of the city. "Come on in" Parvathy said bringing both of them into her house. Sanchita was exactly 5'9", a full three inches taller than Parvathy and Swati. Aurora's attention was brought from the TV to Sanchita, she rose from the couch and walked over to the others.

"Oh and Sanchita, you haven't met .." Parvathy thought for a second how to introduce her latest guest.. "Aditi, she works here. Actually she has been helping Raja with his site for some time. She's from .. Punyanagri." Parvathy got a bit nervous introducing Aurora. She just remembered the caution she'll have to use to keep Aurora's identity hidden, 'shoot! why didn't I veil Aurora!..'

"Hi nice to meet you Aditi. Actually Swati told me about you, but never guessed you were helping uncle Rajaveelu with his.. other.. work as well." Sanchita spoke. "hmmrm mmhrhm" Swati moaned still standing outside the door. Her face was covered over with a veil for the eyes as well. She was partly blind, much as Aurora had been earlier today, though Swati hadn’t known about that.

"Hn, Fh nghnth, Hmt'f nngm th mmmt nhh." Aurora said, offering to shake her hand if they weren't restrained by the armbinder.

"Its ok Aditi, I can see your hands are bound" Sanchita said with a slight chuckle. Parvathy closed the door and turned to talk with Sanchita, "Well, I think I should thank you for keeping watch on Swati."

"It was no problem aunty, it was a pleasure watching over her making sure she kept the bet." Sanchita said, "but ..umm.. I have a small request if you don't mind." Parvathy raised her eyebrows, curious as to what Sanchita's request could be. Sanchita spoke, "I'd like to be part of your challenge. I mean, I'd keep Swati's part of the challenge." Parvathy was a bit skeptical and a bit confused, "What do you have in mind ?"

Swati answered a bit wavering, "Well.. Im not doing anything tomorrow after classes. I was thinking I could join you all and help you with their bondage ?"Parvathy was more than happy to comply with that request, "Of course you are always welcome to join in ! I'd be glad to have you on board."

Aurora smiled behind her gag, things were looking to get interesting tomorrow.

"Yay thank you aunty" Sanchita exclaimed out in joy and gave Swati a hug. "hear that tomorrow I will be joining your games here. How's that !" Swati gave a very understated moan "Mmmhh"

"So you hear that Aditi ? we'll have yet another partner to play with." Parvathy said looking at Aurora who was visibly excited by that possibility.

"Thht'f grmht!" Aurora said, then she wondered if Sanchita was joining them tonight, "hrm nhh ghnng th jhnn hf thnnght?"

"Well.. are you going to join us from tonight itself or .." before Parvathy could finish her question, Sanchita answered, "No aunty today I have some work to finish off, I was planning for tomorrow itself. I'll join you after classes and stay over. How does that sound ?"
"fnnm bm mmmi" Swati moaned through her gag, it came out quite muffled from under the layers of veils, but quiet as it was, it could still be heard and understood by Parvathy.
"Well no matter. Tomorrow is fine as well. Swati" Parvathy turned to her daughter, "I hope you've had your lunch." Swati's nods answered in the affirmative.
"Thht'f ghhd, Hmt whf hbhht tnmm Hm hhd h tnmd hp phrtnmr." Aurora said, she was eager to be tied up with Swati.

Parvathy looked to both Aurora and Swati and had an idea. "Well now that the both of you are here. I'm going to enjoy letting you be like this for a while. Especially Swati. I like her like this all wrapped up. ooh I envy you!" Parvathy said in a tone that would suggest sexual arousal. Swati simply shrugged in embarrassment. "Let's see how you're tied underneath." Parvathy said, raising the scarf covering over her upper body.

"Wow" was Parvathy's first reaction. Swati had been tied with tape her arms and wrists wrapped with tape behind her back. Three wraps of tape were taken over and under her breasts. Her rope harness still held. Parvathy tested on it by feeling the rope through her salwar and pulling at the crotch rope. "mmhhhm frmm, cmmt mt mmt" Swati moaned out not wanting to be aroused in this way. "Well Sanchita certainly knows what she's doing. Though I wouldn't have had her waste so much tape. "I'd say." Aurora thought as she looked at Sanchita's handywork.  To her, it looked she used the entire roll of tape.

"You know… let's watch tv together for a while. Then I'll start off with my idea for the both of you." Parvathy said as they all walked to the couch. Swati sat in the middle with Parvathy and Aurora on either side. Swati slowly turned to Aurora and tried to see her through her veils. "mmh" she moaned through her gag. She shifted herself over the couch till she came closer to Aurora. Then she kept her head on Aurora's shoulder and kissed her shoulder through her veils and gags.

Aurora moaned out in content as she relaxed into Swati, smiling through her gag, she wasn't paying much attention to the TV, she was just enjoying her predicament and being in the company of such good friends who recently introduced to her a side of her she never knew existed.

After about half an hour the tv show ended, Parvathy looked to Aurora and Swati and smiled. "So girls…" she started, "ready for the rest of the day?" Parvathy was grinning under the veil, but it was her eyes that were smiling.

Swati was nodding vigorously under her veils, "hmmhmmmhh" she moaned almost excited. Parvathy got up and started walking towards the bedroom, "Stay here girls, I'll show you what I have in mind." The day was more than half over, the wall clock showed the hour hands at IV and the minutes hand at II . The sun had started setting in and the sky was turning red. Parvathy returned after around 15 minutes, with a golden and red folded cloth in her hand. When she unfolded them before the girls, it was revealed these weren't any ordinary clothing but full morph suit."These are zentai pieces" Parvathy explained, "and.. we're going to do a small shoot. I have this planned as a little surprise for when Raja comes. What say ?" She looked once at Swati and once at Aurora. Swati almost jumped on her seat , and started squirming "Hrrrmm cllmmm!" she exclaimed.

Aurora giggled, "well, someone's excited" she thought, Aurora nodded., She was curious about the suits and wanted to try them on.

Parvathy first took up Swati, "Ok, first remember one thing, you'll remain gagged under the zentai suits. Is that agreed ?"

Aurora nodded, "hgrmmd." she said.

Parvathy kept the suits on the couch, "Aurora, I'll be untying you first, then Swati." she said and started untying Aurora. One by one Aurora's ties came undone. "Now Aurora.. you'll have to strip to put on the suit. Just your underwear will stay on." Aurora nodded, "Dh nhh whnt mm th ftrnp rnght hmrm?" she asked.

"Strip right here ?" Parvathy responded, "Well.. does it look like anybody else is looking " Parvathy said somewhat sarcastically. "Its your call."

Aurora nodded, then started undressing herself, placing her discarded clothing in a pile.  Soon, the only clothing she had on was her bra and panties.

"Alright" Parvathy took a few seconds to admire Aurora's body. Swati was visibly excited, almost trembling under her veils and bindings. "Put your legs through this" she said putting the unzipped zentai suit around Aurora's legs. She put her legs through the legs of the zentai suit, "Now your hands into the hands of the suit" she said putting the arms of the suit over the arms of Aurora. "Now for the final part." She put the zentai suit's hood over Aurora's head covering her head completely in an all enveloping red. Now Aurora was nothing but red from head to toe, the contours of her physique was perfectly visible over the smug suit. Aurora looked around herself, getting red from seeing how every curve of her body was visible through the suit.  she ran her hands around herself, admiring how she looks.

"nmf. Hmt fmmlf ghhd, Hmtf lngm Hmtf hhggnng mn bhdn." Aurora said."I thought so too" Parvathy commented, "Swati what say ? looks nice da?" Swati simply nods her head in response. Parvathy could see the tension that Swati had hid under her veils and bindings, but Parvathy knew what was going on in her daughter's mind. "Ok now Swati, its your turn." Swati slowly got up, and Parvathy started to untie her. First the veils came off, then came the ropes. She wouldn't even allow her the rope harness. Parvathy stripped her daughter down to her underwear and then took off the ropes she had tied over her in the morning. Swati breathed deeply with the veils off and quite involuntarily pouted through the wide strips of white tape gag.

"Ok, now let's put this on," Parvathy said, taking the golden zentai and started dressing her daughter in the zentai. First she put in the legs, then the hands and finally the hood of the zentai. She zipped it in and the suit took the form of Swati's sensuous body. "MMhhh" Swati moaned as her mother put on the zentai hood, her daughter was still gagged with tape under the hood.

Aurora watched Swati and liked how she looked in the golden zentai, she could see all the curves and realized she had a great body.  She gave Swati a thumbs up and said, "lhhgnng ghhd!"

"Thmmk mmm" Swati replied, "rmm lmmmk gmmd tim" she gave Aurora a loving look through the zentai. "Alright now, I think we'll start the shoot like this only." Parvathy said. She went to bring Swati's camera for the shoot now. "Ok first we'll take a picture of the two of you in zentai." Parvathy made the proper settings for the shoot on the camera. "Ok, this is how you'll pose, Swati hug hitomi, and Hitomi hug Swati, both of you make a "v" sign and act like you're really enjoying, playing around."
"hg." Aurora said then look at Swati, "ghmm hn, Fwhtn, lmt'f hhg!"  She then moved to hug Swati.

"Nice" Parvathy started taking the pics, "Perfect, that's exactly what I'm looking for." "Ok Swati now you lean back a bit, Hitomi lean forward at Swati, both arms around her." She said as she kept clicking. Aurora did as Parvathy said, as she continued hugging Swati, she had an idea and lightly tickled Swati.

"Hmmmm hmmhmhmhmh" Swati gave muffled laughs through her gag under the zentai and almost got off position, but that is not what Parvathy intended, "Try not to do that Hitomi", she checked the pictures once more on her camera. "Ok, this would be enough to start off, now for the bindings." Parvathy fetched the white cotton ropes she had tied Hitomi with earlier. "Ok, now the scene is going to be this, Swati will be tying you Hitomi." she turned to Swati, "After that, Swati, I will be tying you with Hitomi. Later on, it will be only you tied up, Hitomi will be above you caressing your face and thrusting it against her breasts. Ok ?"

Aurora nodded, "hg."

"hhw wnll Hm bm tnmd?" she asked.

Parvathy gave Swati the ropes, "Ok, now you tie her with a frog tie, and tie her hands behind her back but in a way that makes her elbows point up. Cross her wrists, it helps for the tie." Parvathy ordered Swati and she did as she was told. Since she was no novice to tying up people, it wasn't much difficulty for her to follow her mother's instructions. Before long Aurora was completely immobilized and kneeling bound and gagged in her zentai.

Parvathy gave a thumbs up to her daughter's work and began taking pictures of Aurora like this. "You like this position right Hitomi ?" she asked.

Aurora felt around in her bounds, the way her legs were tied reminded Aurora of her dream last night, and the way her arms were tied did not feel uncomfortable.  "Hmt'f ghhd."

"Now take a rope and tie it to her ankles." Parvathy ordered, Swati tied a rope around Aurora's ankles after making her cross her legs one over the other. Then she tied the hands to her ankles fixing them in the position her mother wanted. "Ok Aurora spread your legs." she said as she adjusted the camera and lighting. The red light of the twilight sky had come into their living room, and it created a very interesting effect on the zentai suits making the colors look more bright. Aurora's red had turned blood red while Swati's gold had turned a shiny orange color. Aurora did as she was told and spread her legs.

Swati hugged her from behind and instinctively put her hands over Aurora's sensitive spots, "Good girl.." Parvathy thought as she kept snapping photos. She took several shots with the red twilight coming through the windows. "Now fondle her Swati." Swati was only more than glad to be able to do all of this to Aurora, perhaps Parvathy had known or had not known, Swati did have a strong attraction towards Hitomi from the very first day, then again, Swati is very good at hiding her feelings. "Ok Swati, enough, now its time for you to be tied up as well." Parvathy took the ropes from the couch on the living room and proceeded to tie her daughter up.

Aurora came down from the sensations she felt when Swati played with her.  As Parvathy tied her daughter up, Aurora began to reflect on how it was being tied in a zentai.  She was surprised at how comfortable it was being in one, she was also surprised that she could see, hear, and breath.  From the outside, it looked like she wouldn't be able to too from looking at it but she was amazed at how thin the material was.

Parvathy tied up Swati in much the same way Aurora was tied up. Except that her hands were not only tied behind her back, she was also tied with her front firmly over Aurora's. She was tied in a way that she would be forced to kiss Aurora over her gags and zentai mask. Parvathy cinched the rope that bounded them together making Swati moan "mmhh". It was a moan of pleasure. She went back to her camera and took several shots of this situation, in particular she took close up shots of her daughter kissing Aurora. It was very enjoyable to look at. "Neat, you both look sooo sexy" she said as she kept taking pictures.

Aurora played along and kiss Swati through the gags and Zentai mask.  "mmmh" Aurora moaned out, having fun with the situation.  She enjoyed kissing Swati as much as she was enjoying being played with by her.

Swati was most thrilled by this situation. She had kissed Aurora only once, but that was in between games. Perhaps her mother noticed, or perhaps not, either way she was extremely thankful to Parvathy for giving her this opportunity. She thrust herself and kissed sensuously through her mask and gags. It was a situation that was inescapable for both of the girls, but neither of them would want to. Parvathy in the meantime enjoyed taking photos of the girls like this. "This would be a great addition to our site and a very pleasant surprise to Raja." Parvathy commented going over the images. "You two girls stay right here, I'll go and check up on the pictures and come back." Parvathy left for her bedroom.

As Parvathy left, Aurora had a big smile , she liked the predicament she was in, being tied with Swati, and kissing her.  She couldn't tell but she imagined that Swati was smiling too.  She leaned her head towards Swati, kissing her on the cheek and placing her forehead on Swati's shoulder.

Swati snuggled with her like that, both were in bondage tied together and caressing one another very sensuously. Swati enjoyed every moment of this predicament 'thank you amma thank you so much !' she thought to herself. She squirmed slightly against her bonds which she realized resulted in her being pulled tighter to Aurora. In the meanwhile, Parvathy looked through the pics she had made of her daughter and new found best friend. She was almost lost in the sensuous charm of Aurora and Swati in their zentai suits and in bondage.

Aurora too realized how close she was to Swati, she noticed that their breasts were almost touching. Aurora subconsciously moved her body forward so that her breasts were touching Swati's. "Mmmh" Aurora and Swati moaned out together in pleasure, then Aurora moved her body so that her breasts were rubbing up against Swati's. Both girls moaned out even further at the contact that was being made.

Parvathy could hear the two pleasure themselves from her bedroom. Their moans grew louder and louder, "they're having fun" she said to herself almost sarcastically. She was fingering herself as she worked on the pictures, she was getting turned on. It was starting to distract her a lot. In time she got off from her chair after seeing that it was 6 pm already. She walked out of her bedroom and walked to her daughter and Aurora finding them in bondage. Aurora, breathing deeply,  continued her movements until she saw Parvathy approaching, she looked up at her at her and asked, "Whnnh jhnn Hmn, Phr?"

"its nearing evening girls" she said, approaching them. "Its time to go for the final part of this shoot." She readies the camera and moves to untie the girls. "Bmm mmmrrhh" Swati moans into her gag disappointed that this experience is going to come to an end.

"Sorry girls, but all good things must come to an end." Parvathy started untying Swati first, but first began by untying the waist tie that tied both the girls together. "This night I will let the two of you sleep together though. So.. its only a matter of waiting." the sun was all but set by now, and the twilight had become a very dim faint purple. After having untied both of them, she helped Aurora and Swati stand up, "So for this last part of the shoot, you'll just have to start stripping from your zentai. Its meant to be a before - after thing."

Aurora nodded, after hearing that, she guessed tonight was going to be unique.  She stripped out of her zentai suit and folded it up, leaving her back in only her bra and panties and a gag.

"Hey wait !" Parvathy shouted, "don't take it off just like that !" Swati had been in such a shoot before, so she hadn't yet taken off the zentai suit. "Mnnnn hmm" she moaned shaking her head at Aurora. "Put back the suit Aurora, then when I say, you start taking off the hood. When I say stop just stop whatever you're doing ok ? and proceed with stripping only when I say so."

She muttered an apology, "fhrrn," and put the suit back on her, putting it back the way it was before she started taking it off.

Parvathy positions herself with the camera, and looks at Aurora, "Ok now Hitomi, start unzipping the suit." she said and Aurora started unzipping the hood, when she was half way through Parvathy orders "Stop!" and takes two snaps. "now go on." she continued taking off the zentai first letting her hair fall back. Now her mask gag was revealed, "Stop!" Parvathy ordered and took close up shots of Hitomi's gagged face with her hands over her now removed hood, her eyes were smiling. "now continue" Aurora kept undressing , now she was allowed to go half way through slowly unzipping and removing the suit "Stop" Parvathy ordered again, and this time ordered her to turn around. She clicked several shots of Aurora's beautiful curving back with the half opened Zentai. "now turn back and go on." Aurora continued. When she had removed the suit entirely she asked Aurora "Now pose with the suit in one hand" and Aurora now wearing nothing but her underwear posed with the zentai in her right hand and smiling through her gag.

After Aurora, it was Swati's turn. She was much more savvy with such shoots so it was less trouble explaining to her when to pause and when not to. Parvathy took several pictures of Swati removing her zentai revealing her tape gagged face. At the end, she asked both Swati and Aurora to pose together. "Now the two of you hug each other and make the 'v' sign with your hands like you did when you were in zentai." swati and Aurora did as they were told, and hugged each other. "Beautiful!" Parvathy exclaimed as the two posed according to her orders. After the shoot ended, Swati was ogling Aurora's figure and face. The two exchanged another sensual gag kiss.
"heh get a room you two.." Parvathy remarked sarcastically while heading off to her bedroom. she would go over the pictures on her PC before returning.

Aurora continued kissing Swati then broke off, holding Swati's hand, almost admiring Swati's figure, asking, "hhd fhn?"
"hmm hmm" Swati nods emphatically and smiles through her gag.
The story continues from -…
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Around a month had passed since Aurora had started living with the Swaminathan family, during that time, she had managed to become close to the family members. Swati became her best friend and Parvathy took good care of her. Rajaveelu, the patron of the house proved a good friend and guardian for her as well.

She was happy and at peace in their home. It was a welcome contrast and brought a sense of security for her, especially since she had been on the run from authorities till this point. Her entry into india was not done legally, she used a false identity and false papers. As luck would have it, she was exposed soon after her entry to India, and her money was robbed. Alone in a foreign land and a fugitive from the law, she struggled to survive. She travelled from Northern Burma to Bengal via Arakan and for a time stayed at Dhaka. There she took refuge with the Rama Krishna Mission ashram, but she could not stay there for long. Before long the police caught her in their crackdown on illegal immigrants and refugees. Her ninja skills came to good use in the course of this perilous journey.

Hiding from authorities, struggling to survive, sleeping on pavements, and finding shelter wherever she could, and travelling. That was her life, till she finally arrived in the autonomous city state of Madras and found the Swaminathan family. When she had found them, the daughter Swati was being held captive by a menacing thug and the parents were emptying their purses. She struck fast and hard breaking the thug's limb and freeing the captives. Since then, they had been ever grateful to Aurora, and Aurora had found a home to live in, and friends to live with. With their help, she created a new identity, complete with enough documentation to prove she was an Indian citizen. No one would harass her anymore.

Whilst she was grateful to the family, she could never quite understand their ways. “What is with this family and bondage ? .. and the veiling ?” she would think to herself sometimes. The sight that seems to have surprised her the most was Parvathy willingly gagging herself before leaving the house. Swati would often do so as well, she even saw them put on jewellery designed for restraint. It was beautiful, but its function had left her perplexed. Even so, she tolerated it, it was an eccentricity which she conceded to in return for them helping her find a home.

A typical day would have her cleaning the house chores and helping Swati with homework, then spending the evening with the family either going out or behind a tv. She even taught Swati a few self-defense maneuvers during her evening free time. However, occasionally (and the occassions came more often than she'd expect) the family would indulge in what was one of their favorite pastimes, bondage games. Till now, Aurora had shied away from the games, and the family never pushed her to play with them, knowing full well she found it odd. That was however, until now.

It was a typical Tuesday evening, save for the fact that Parvathy had decided to tune in to the UTV movies and watch the Johnny Cage marathon ! Now neither did Aurora know of Parvathy's like for Johnny Cage movies nor did she know of Swati's distaste for the same. Nor did Parvathy know that Aurora disliked Johnny Cage movies, it was not something which ever came up in discussions, that is until now.

“Hey ! Its 6:30, the movie's about to start” Parvathy exclaimed before tuning on to UTV movies, Aurora expected another of the typical intelligently made 70s hindi movies that Parvathy usually likes to watch, to her surprise, (or should we say horror?) it wasn't so. It was an incredibly cheesy Johnny Cage movie ! 'What the hell is this!' she thought to herself, 'Oh no ! Not Johnny Cage I can't stand that!'
“Nice!” Parvathy said smiling, “I like this guy.”

Aurora was quite shocked to see that a person like Parvathy could like the egotistical Johnny Cage,  'Stay calm, stay calm, don't offend your host, just.. tolerate this for a while, maybe go to another room.. pretend it doesn't rain' she thought to herself and just nodded with whatever Parvathy said.

Fifteen minutes into the movie, and Aurora felt as if her head would burst open, 'I have to leave this..' “I'll be going to check on Swati.”

“Hey don't go, you'll miss the movie.. what you don't like Johnny Cage, Hitomi ?”

'I hate him!' “No its nothing like that..”

just then Swati entered the living room, “Hey everybody, what's goin on here?” she said with her usual casual style

“Oh Swati you're free already ? Weren't you writing your essay ?” Parvathy asked, a bit surprised that she had finished her task so early

“Yeah I finished it, reviewed it, and formatted it. Its ready for submission, which I'll do first thing tomorrow!” Swati said very contently, then her eyes went to the tv screen and Johnny Cage, “What the hell is this ?”

“Its the Johnny Cage marathon Swati, 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm.”

“Oh please tell me you're not going to watch through all of it ! His movies are terrible and I hate them !”

'oh what is this ..' Aurora thought to herself, a bit surprised and amused by the conflict between the mother and daughter over the former's choice of movies.

"Its fun to pass the time with Swati, what is your problem with it anyway, Johnny Cage is a martial arts champion and he makes a good movie." Parvathy spoke defensively,

"Oh c'mon its obvious those moves are fakes, just..just look at that scene ! and oh … he's so pompous.." Swati then noticed Aurora smirking, "Hey Aurora, take my side here, you know a fair bit of martial arts right ? Tell me is Johnny Cage for real ? I mean .. "

Aurora thought a bit about what to say, 'I can't anger the mother, but I can't help but agree with the daughter..' "Well, he's got some talent, I admit." She said, "but, it's his character that I have a problem with, it seems to me that he has a very large ego.  I mean, he has his name tattooed across his chest, for crying out loud, that's gotta say, 'hey, I got an ego the size of mount Everest.”

"He's an actor and a star, of course he'll have an ego, I don't mind it, he's got the right to flaunt his fame." Parvathy replied,

"hah ! Your so-called 'hero' is a pompous jackass, and Aurora agrees with me ! Yay I got a supporter, hi-five!" Swati hi-fived with Aurora, Aurora returned the high five, "that's right, girl."

"Look, I don't care if you don't like Johnny cage, i'm not changing the channel" Parvathy said stubbornly,

"I'll make you change !" Swati said equally stubbornly , "in fact .. I'm willing to make a bet !" Parvathy raised an eyebrow and turned to her muting the movie, "I'm listening.."

"Ok, but first I want Aurora to help with this. Please don't say no."

"Okay, I'm in." She said while thinking, "I'm going to regret this."

"Ok, great ! So the bet will be, you would tie up Aurora, give her your best shot ! And if I beat your record at untying, then you can't watch any more of those corny Johnny Cage movies for a month !" Swati said, "and if you lose?" Parvathy asked, mimicking the same cheeky accent of her daughter,
"if you win… if you win…"

"here's what you'll do" Parvathy said, smiling in that 'naughty' way she does when she thinks up something clever, "if you lose, you'll have to go through the bondage challenge. A whole weekend in bondage. remember the last time.." she said rubbing her hands,

Swati started to remember the last weekend in bondage, and its been a month since they did that to her, in her mind she really wanted it again. She thought to herself,'how can I forget .. I loved it too much !' "deal !" Swati said emphatically, "but I promise you this I will win ! Come on Aurora!"

“Hey wait ! Slow down!” Aurora said, surprised that bondage became suddenly involved in the equation, this is not what she expected "Wait, tie me up!?!"

Swati wouldn't care for Aurora's inhibitions, she really wanted to win a bet against her mother. This was understandable since it was usual that whenever either of the two would place a bet against the other, it was the daughter who would lose. "Hey come on na pleeez" Swati said with the most pitying look she could muster, "we always do this kind of stuff at home.. its no biggie, please please please, I can't lose to amma, please please please please".

Aurora was sure Swati was giving her puppy dog eyes, she wasn't sure about being tied up, her last experience with ropes wasn't enjoyable, but she was sure she could trust them.  Besides, how could she say no to that face Swati was making?  "Okay, lets do it."

"I love you you're awesome !" Swati gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek, "Come let's do this, to the bedroom."

"hey wait !" Parvathy's voice came from behind, "Wouldn't it be unfair if I let you tie her ? No, it has to be me who'd do the tying."

"That makes sense," Swati said, almost in a worrying tone, "What do you have in mind?"

Parvathy made a naughty expression, and smiled villainously, "its a surprise" she winked and took Aurora to her bedroom. Aurora was unsure, and a little worried, of what Parvathy had in mind as she was dragged into the bedroom. She closed the door behind her and walked Aurora to her bed,  she put a finger on Aurora's lips and silenced her “sshhh”. 'what could she be thinking.. I'm getting a little worried here' Aurora thought to herself, “Uh Parvathy?”

Parvathy walked to her wardrobe where she kept her bondage implements. A drawer on the right side of the wardrobe,  contained ropes and a set of leather gags. From there she took out a custom made silicone ballgag with cotton cloth straps. Aurora saw some of the bondage gear and looked in amazement, 'crazy ? Or passionate.. I really can't tell.. at least that ballgag doesn't look too uncomfortable' she thought to herself.

Parvathy walked up to Aurora, "say aaa" Parvathy said before inserting the ballgag in her mouth, "the cloth straps make it more comfortable, and the size is small enough for a newcomer like yourself.. I am guessing you're a newcomer right ?" Aurora nodded unable to speak now. Parvathy continued "Well I'll acquaint you with one thing about india." she said as she tied the gag on securely, but not too tightly, "Over here, bondage is an every-day mundane thing, and just like veiling, girls don't mind it. I was first introduced to it when I was ..I think ten. But that was just in a game. It was later I learnt that in some houses this is actually a custom!"

Aurora was intrigued by that, she had known by now that Indian women veiled and gagged themselves, but now this odd act seemed to start making sense. It was part of an eccentric tradition 'in some houses' and maybe even a part of this family ? 'So why not participate in it ? That would only be proper.. now I feel odd for not engaging in bondage earlier..' she thought to herself. Parvathy continued her explanation, "Its like some other cultures, but its milder here, its not a rule, so some women don't do any bondage. They settle with the veiling. This family however, has a record with shibari events as well ! I didn't know that till after I got married here." she said as she fiddled through a drawer and took out lots and lots of rope.

Aurora had many questions in her mind, but the gag prevented her from speaking, she decided to commit them to memory for later. The sight of ropes however, started to make Aurora a bit nervous, to an extent they reminded her of the unsavory memory of Kano tying her up and humiliating her. Then Parvathy requested her to take position, “please sleep on the bed with your hands behind your back”.

With Aurora in that position, Parvathy started tying her. In a rather unorthodox style, Parvathy would start off from below with the legs and make her way to the upper body. So Aurora's legs were first to be tied, then around her waist and then over her wrists and then finally her chest and shoulders. She took the first bunch of ropes and delegated that for her legs, Aurora's ankles were first to be tied, then she made a criss-cross pattern till she reached just below her knees. She then tied and cinched that tie, just as she had inched her ankles.

Aurora could feel the ropes on her, they were tight but soft as well. "I personally like these cotton ropes, they're very soft, even if they're tied tightly. Now, I apologize in advance, you see.. in our family, we have this thing about bondage and tying. I personally like to test my daughter's skills. So I will be tying you tightly, so my daughter doesn't have it easy. Next month we have a shibari event coming up, this little episode will help her along. I hope you understand ? I hope I'm not asking too much from you ? "

Aurora still felt nervous, her wrists would be tied next and then she would be truly helpless, but she sensed that this women meant well, even if her intentions seemed bizarre to Aurora. "Hm hndmrfthnd, Hm thnng.  ghntnnhm hn." She said, forgetting that she's gagged. "Did anyone ever tell you, you have a really sweet voice" Parvathy said smiling as she continued her bindings, now her legs were completely enveloped with exquisite rope work. Her thighs were tied last in the same manner her ankles and knees were tied with the same criss-cross design she applied to her legs.

Aurora was dressed with a tight fitting red tank top and black leggings, the family did not mind, Mr Swaminathan wasn't at home and was away for work for the week, and the son was in his college hostel in another city. The house belonged to the girls and they were free among themselves. Parvathy though, as always, chose to dress indian. A flowing flowery salwar suit with tight white leggings. Her daughter though, chose to emulate her newest idol, Aurora. Aurora's outfit seemed perfect for the bondage Parvathy had planned.

Parvathy having tied her legs, would now move to what would be the trickiest part of the bindings. "This may um.. tingle.. you a little bit" Parvathy said, as she went about tying her waist and eventually made a crotch tie. She took the rope and wrapped it around the waist first, and then another rope between her legs and tied it to the rope over the small of her back and then with the surplus rope ties that to the thighs. The move had caught Aurora off guard, she let out an almost pleasurable moan, “mmhh”. Parvathy then moved to assure the captive, “Don't worry Aurora, this is pretty standard stuff here," she whispered to Aurora's ear, "I've been tied like this the whole time" she said winking, all the while she was speaking in a very soft hushed tone so that her voice can't be overheard by Swati.

It seemed to work, Aurora calmed herself down a bit "Okay," she thought, "that was a new feeling, but I'll trust her." after securing Aurora's waist. After securing her waist, she took the other bunch of ropes, "Now for your upper body" Parvathy said. She took the rope, and started tying her arms first. She tied her hands at the wrists where they crossed one another and tightly cinched it. The cotton rope did not cut as badly, and she made sure not to tie too tightly, but tight enough so as to be a challenge for Swati to untie her.

"hmm.. you know.. I think Swati's hearing me speak… " Parvathy left Aurora's hands and legs tied in that way, and went to cabinet to fetch a gag. She took out a leather mask gag which covered her entire lower face over the nose and chin, "mm km, nwm frm th rmmst fm urmm bdmmm" she mumbled into her gag, as she kept tying Aurora's upper body. This time, she chose a pentagram tie pattern, securing her upper body and her arms to a very nicely done pentagram tie which went over her breasts making them bulge a bit, and making a pentagram design over her abdomen ending in a tie over her crotch tie.

For this part of the bondage, she made Aurora sit up on her bed. Her face was reddening from embarrassment when she noticed how her breasts were bulging forward because of the rope ties. "trm nmmd mmm ur rrmmms" Parvathy mumbled trying to say 'try and move your arms'. Aurora tried to move them, but they were firmly pinned to her body, she was surprised at how tight the ropes were without hurting and how pleasant it was, the opposite of when she was tied up by Kano.  Still. she wasn't sure she could get free on her own.

Now would come the final part of her bondage, "Gmmm. Nwmm fm dm fmmnl prrm" she mumbled, trying to say 'now for the final part', she took the last extra piece of rope left and tied her ankle bindings to rope which went around her waist that attached to the crotch tie. 'Damn.. what is happening to me.. am I actually liking it ? ... ' Aurora thought to herself, she couldn't fully come to terms with the fact that she was actually liking her predicament. “mmmhhh” she gave out a longer pleasure filled moan as the crotch rope rubbed against her.  

"Nw urmm rdmmm" Parvathy said, then went to open the door to the bedroom, as suspected, her daughter was leaning on the door hearing everything. She almost stumbled and fell face forward when the door was opened, but her fall was broken by Parvathy. She smiled through her gag, looking at her daughter in her arms. "Oh amma..I um…" she staggered up and then saw the subject of her bet.

Aurora was there tied up in the most exquisite kind of hogtie Swati had seen in a long time, and gagged. Parvathy opened her gag, and started speaking, "Well there's your challenge Swati, now remember the bet ? My record. Fifteen minutes. No instruments, just your knowledge of ropes and knots." Swati raised her eyebrows, a rush of different feelings was going through her head as she saw the sensuous figure of Aurora on her mother's bed bound and gagged.

'wow.. I am actually.. feeling sexy ? Its funny the way Swati reacted to me. How must I be looking now?..' the thoughts still conflicted in Aurora's mind, when she saw Swati coming in and her reaction to seeing her in she became curious and wanted to see herself bound and gagged, "mmpggh" Aurora said as she motioned to the mirror nearby, there was something she wanted to see. "Oh ? " Parvathy saw the mirror and Aurora , " You want to um.. see something ? " she walked to her. "Hm, I think you want to see yourself right ?"

Aurora smiled through her ballgag, she was quite excited at the chance of seeing herself like this, 'mmp' she moaned and gave an affirmative nod. Parvathy gestured to Swati, “Bring your camera,”. Swati had just purchased a new Canon camera with a very sharp lens, photography was one of her side hobbies you see, and she would indulge in it every opportunity she got. Now was one of those opportunities, Swati took pictures of Aurora from every angle. She even rolled her to her side to take a picture of the ties that ran through her front. Quite interestingly, Aurora made an expression of a helpless hostage, almost involuntarily.

After taking over two dozen pictures, Parvathy inspected through them, and showed Aurora the snaps. Aurora let out a muffled gasp, she hadn't expected to look so good in bondage. "huh, nice na ?" Parvathy said smiling, " I must say I am impressed by my own tying" she said with a chuckle, "And look at you .. What do you think swati ?.. Swati ? " Parvathy turned to see, Swati's eyes were wide and her mouth was almost open her hands were twitching, Parvathy knew this state of her daughter

The first time she ever saw Swati like this, was when she was thirteen, and her father showed her mother tied up and gagged, of course then, it was part of a game. She had to guess the gag, and Parvathy's face was covered with a veil underneath was a gag. If Swati guessed it right, she would get to wear the gag. At around that time, Swati's curiosity had already been awakened, and now, her father had practically brought her to the candy store.

What had followed after that , was seeing Swati utterly embarrassed and quite unable to make the right guess. But when she saw how her mother was gagged, nothing could stop her, she had to be in bondage. What could the father do but oblige. Back then, there was also the brother to deal with. Both father and son obliged in tying the young Swati. Since then, she would be in bondage again. Playing bondage games was quite a regular affair and she would be an eager participant. Only time would tell whether the past would repeat itself once more in the Swaminathan home and Swati would lose another bet and end up in bondage, but the odds weren't in Swati's favor.

“You're gonna lose” Parvathy whispered into Swati's ears. "Hah.. huh.. you'll see ! I'll .. I'll win this.. " Swati spoke flustered, the truth was she was extremely aroused by Aurora's predicament, she almost looked forward to losing now. Her task wasn't easy, but Parvathy would make it notch further. She took out a leather gag from the cabinet, it was her favorite type as well. A soft leather panel gag with a short phallic shaped protrusion.

"Oh Swati.." Parvathy said softly, "open wide" , Swati's eyes became even wider, and a hint of a smile came on her face, and her mouth opened almost involuntarily. Parvathy put the gag in, and secured it firmly pulling the straps tightly behind her head. It made her cheeks bulge a bit around the straps, but that is how Swati liked it.

"Now you two girls have fun, remember, fifteen minutes. I will keep time. Now, I'll go back to watching Johnny Cage, .." she came close to Swati's ears and said loudly , "At full volume!". 'Oh great.. now she's going to torture us!' Aurora thought to herself.

Parvathy walked out of the bedroom, went back to the living room and turned the tv to full volume. There was only twenty minutes left in the movie, but it was the Johnny Cage marathon, there would be more of the same for another hour and a half.

With all the distractions around her, Swati was sure to lose, not the least the irritating Johnny Cage movie bursting out at full volume and she was already nervous to begin with ! Swati approached Aurora nervously. Aurora was helpless, she could only wait and hope that Swati can untie quicker than her mother did. "hmmm" Swati moaned as she went over the rope work, taking a few moments to appreciate her mother's rope work. she pulled a bit on the crotch rope and the hogtie linking her ankles with her waist rope.

That pull made Aurora moan out with pleasure, "srrmyy" Swati mumbled into her gag, "remember Swati, your gag isn't coming off till you untie your partner!" her mother yelled out, her screams hard to hear between the extraordinarily corny Johnny Cage dialogues. Swati traced the ropes from her ankles to her thighs and couldn't help herself but fondle Aurora's butt cheeks a bit. "Please, untie me." Aurora thought out, "If I have to sit through one more of his movies."

"uhmmmf.. srrmmy" she moaned. While Aurora and Swati struggled against bondage while the most corniest of all of the Johnny Cage movies was going on, starting off with a typical egotistical dialogue from the man himself. "Yeah, that's right" the character he was playing said, "Who's gonna get caged first?"

Just as the fight sequence began, Parvathy increased the volume to the highest possible sound. She herself of course put on ear plugs just so that she wouldn't have to go through the torture. “Thirteen minutes left !" Parvathy shouted.Swati was startled, she struggled through a myriad of distractions and the intricate tie up. She finally started undoing the wrist tie and ankle tie. Aurora started to feel the ropes loosen as Swati worked on untying her.

After around two minutes of trying, Swati managed to untie the ankle ties but not the other bonds. “Ten more minutes!” Parvathy screamed, "Uhmmmff" the Johnny Cage movie now had a musical scene, which was even more annoying than the rest of the movie, making Swati moan with displeasure and frustration. Her tensions were getting worse, she untied frantically and within five minutes had managed to untie the lower part of Aurora's legs. Aurora could now move her wrists around a bit and her legs below the knees and at the ankles were free, but her thighs were still firmly secure. "Hhrrn, plmhfm!" Aurora moaned out.

She squirmed till she rolled to her side, her crotch rope was still there and it was giving her untold tensions, "wrmm strmmp" Swati pleaded not to squirm, she would now work on her waist and crotch ties, but her hands started to tremble at the very thought of it. Aurora calmed herself and stopped squirming, but that didn't help apparently, Swati stood nervously and her hands were trembling as she clumsily fumbled around with Aurora's bindings.

Aurora was confused and looked on, wondering what was wrong. She immediately flinched and started fumbling with the ropes on her upper body around her waist, but the ropes did not come loose. "Eight more minutes!" Parvathy shouted. She rolled over Aurora to her front now, and set to work on Aurora's wrists, but no sooner than she loosened her wrists a bit, she immediately switched over to the waist tie, then she realized, the rope tying the ankles and wrist together was still dangling from her wrist, she immediately untied it. The rest of her body remained in bonds, she would fumble some more loosening a rope here and there, but not successfully untying any of the bonds. "Three more minutes" Parvathy shouted, as Johnny Cage gave another corny egotistical one liner, just before making out with the actress.

"Nht mhgh tnmm lmft, Fwhtn!" Aurora said, getting frustrated that Swati hasn't freed her yet. Swati had grown frustrated, "ufhhmfmmh umhhhah" Swati just moaned unintelligibly into her gag getting frustrated at her failure to take out her mother's gag. 'Oh no she's giving up !' Aurora thought as the realization dawned on her that Aurora was going to lose. "Thirty seconds! hahahaha" Parvathy screamed and laughed out in satisfaction , Swati gave a last look at Aurora's upper body. By now Swati had succeeded in taking out the leg ties but not the upper body tie. She drooped down in disappointment. Aurora gave a reassuring look at Swati, "Hmt'f hghn, nhh dnd nhhr bmft." she said.
With ten seconds remaining, Swati finally gave up.

Parvathy shouted, "Time's up !" and just like that the annoying Johnny cage movie was muted, it brought a moment's relief. She entered the bedroom finding Aurora still tied up and gagged, and her daughter, almost to tears with that puppy dog eyes. "oh don't feel bad" Parvathy went ahead and gave the most comforting hug to her daughter. She kissed her daughter over the gag, "umhhm hmmmrrm" she moaned some more through the gag, Parvathy then saw Aurora, "well I can see my daughter wasn't a complete failure. She undid your leg ties pretty nicely."

Aurora nodded then asked, "Hm'hm Hm ghnnh gmt hntnmd nhw?" "Let me ungag you Swati" Parvathy gently ungagged her daughter. "uuhm.. I'm sorry amma, I just .. couldn't focus." she bowed her head down, "Its ok Swati, I may have been too tough on you anyways." she looked on at Aurora, "Let's take that gag off you,". "Thanks." Aurora said, "It was a good effort, Swati."

"So your first time, bound and gagged, by someone you can trust" Parvathy said, "At least I hope I was trust worthy enough" Parvathy chuckled, "How was it ?”

"It was... surprisingly good.  I have to admit I had fun." Aurora said. Aurora moved, which caused the crotch rope to move, which caused Aurora to let out a slight gasp. "This rope here was something I didn't expect." Parvathy gave out a slight chuckle "hehe, I know. But it was my dastardly trick to make my daughter lose" Parvathy said winking 'damn you and your wicked genius..' Swati thought to herself, "genius" is what she said sarcastically.

"Well" Parvathy said, slightly trailing off, "Remind me what the bet was Swati.."Swati blushed with a bit of embarrassment, "tied for the weekend…" she said softly to herself while rubbing her hands. "Something tells me your going to have a fun time Swati." Aurora said smiling, "And she won't be alone" Parvathy continued. She had that impish smile on her face.

Aurora gave a knowing smile, "Guess I know what I'm doing this weekend." she then looked to Swati and smiled, "Guess the two of us are getting tied up together."

"wow Aurora, are you clairvoyant as well ! because you just read my mind" Parvathy said with a sly smile.

"But I was thinking a little something extra for the bet.. but this I'll leave to you two to decide." Parvathy continued, "What extra I want to add is.." she started rubbing her hands again, taking a moment to think, "See, its a tuesday today. The weekend won't start for .. another three days ! So I was thinking, what's the point of waiting ? Let's start off first thing tomorrow."

Aurora contemplated it and looked at Swati, "I'm ok with it, how about you?"

Swati was thinking to herself.."I would have classes in the day.. there's also my essay to submit .. how would I manage ?"
"Oh I have an idea. We'll keep the rules a bit flexible for you. When you need to go out and do work. You'd still be in bondage, but I'll decide how and what kind. I mean, its not the first time you've gone out with a gag on anyways is it ?" Swati thought about it some more, 'yeah I did go out a couple of times, and there are a few classmates I can think about who've gone gagged to class !.. ummm I'll risk it.. what the heck!' "Ok I agree"

"Alright then!" Parvathy exclaimed with joy, "Now just because you two have been so nice, I am going to spare you the Johnny Cage movies. They're not that great anyways." she then looked at Aurora, "Now I'll give you a choice. "

"your choice, should you chose to accept it, hehehe" she chuckled at the Mission Impossible reference, "Stay tied up like this, and make a choice of gag from my collection." She said pointing to the cabinet, "okay, and what's the other choice?" Aurora asked, almost afraid of the answer. "Its kind of boring.." Parvathy answered quite nonchalantly, "I untie you."

Aurora chuckled, being tied up like this wasn't so bad when it was among friends, maybe she could learn to enjoy it.  "Okay, let's try duct tape for a gag."

"Aw.. where's your sense of imagination and wonder" Parvathy said almost sarcastically.

Aurora giggled, "hey, I'm the newcomer here."

"hmm how 'bout I try this white tape ? Would you like that ? "


Parvathy turned to Swathi, "would you help me with her ? " Swati was grinning wide, "yes definitely !" She took the roll of white tape, and kept it on the bed, then she took out a scarf. With the scarf she wrapped Aurora's head and hair and took the scarf under her chin then over her head. With the roll of tape she wrapped it once around her head and over her lips. “well this isn't so bad” Aurora mused.

She wrapped it once more time around her head over her lips and chin before calling Swati. "ok swati, you may have failed in untying, but I'm going to give you a chance of making it up. You have to tighten the bonds you loosened. Make it just like you had found it." then she turned to Aurora," I won't be tying your legs.. for now. Later though, I'll ask you for it." she smiled, 'in fact, we have all night, we might do a little shoot. What do you think?" Aurora nodded her head affirmatively.

Next Swati went about tightening Aurora's ties, she went about tightening the wrist ties and reapplying some of the ropes on the waist and over her breast. First she tightened Aurora's wrist ties and then the wasit ties. Then.. she did something naughty.

She ties some extra rope into the crotch tie, now her wrist tie is attached to the crotch tie with a knot at the most sensitive point. The more aurora struggled, the more the crotch rope rubbed into her privates. Swati turns back and winks at mother, "Like mother like daughter" she gives a thumbs up. Now there are three ropes over her crotch and a knot over her vagina, with every step she would take it would create tension, and just as much if she sits.

Aurora's eyes widened and she moaned as Swati's newest rope job does its work on her. Parvathy looks at her watch, "Oh look its nearly 8, our show is coming up ! Come on Swati, bring your partner with you.." Swati came behind Aurora, biting her lip, "Come on.. partner" she said rubbing her crotch tie a little bit, then it was revealed, there was actually a loose end of rope which came out and acted like a leash.

Aurora was embarrassed at being led around tied up on a leash but remembered that she agreed to it, but what followed was far more than what Aurora was ever prepared to expect from this little interlude. Just before they would turn to the living room, Swati stopped for a moment, turned and gave Aurora a vigorous kiss over the gag. "Swati! WHAT! WHY ARE YOU KISSING ME!?!" Aurora thought to herself. Swati gave a naughty smile and continued leading her by the leash to the living room and the tv.

Aurora was led by the leash to the couch behind Swati, each step was causing the crotch tie to rub against her, causing tensions in her body.  Aurora never felt anything like this before, it felt good but was torturous at the same time.  Eventually she was led to the living room and stopped in front of the couch.

Swati pulled at her rope, a bit puzzled why she isn't moving ahead, "come sit on the couch Aurora." Aurora did as she was told, however sitting on the couch made the knot on the crotch rope go deeper into her vagina.  "MMMPPHH!" Aurora moaned out as she wriggle, trying to find a less torturous position on the couch.

Swati gave a diabolical smile and looked at Parvathy and winked, "you're really wicked to do that Swati."
"I get it from you" she replied.
"But we can't have her moaning through our tv show" Parvathy turns on the tv and quickly moves to the channel, the tv show "Mudrarakshas" just started, a historical show about Chanakya and the founding of the Mauryan empire.
"Aurora, you should try and just sleep on the couch instead of sitting on it. Put your head on my lap and your feet on my daughter's"
"No let me get the head."
"Ok fine, put your head on Swati's lap and your feet on mine."
Aurora rolled her eyes at the silliness of the two and layed down, with her head on Swati's lap and her legs on parvathy, "ah," Aurora thought, "much better." She'd be smiling if she wasn't gagged.

On the couch, Swati enjoyed in taking pleasure with her captive. She put her hand over Aurora's mouth and rubbed it a little, then pinched her nose, "You look sooo cute", "and I love your pointy nose, your lovely green eyes." Swati said as she felt over Aurora's face, "Say amma, why haven't we veiled her ?"
"shush! the credits have just ended, just sit in silence and watch the show."'Should've kept her gagged too' Parvathy mused, seeing how silly Swati is acting.

Aurora watched the show with the others, but her mind was on the situation she was in.  She had no doubt that she looked cute, but There was also the ropes binding, it was still amazing how comfortable they were and tight too.  She was also surprised at herself, she was doing the helpless hostage look when the photos were taking.

Then the position she was in and being tied up reminded her of a moment that she had forgotten about.  It was back when she was training in the Lin Kuei,  it was required that they took part in escape training in case they were ever captured.  Aurora took part in this training and the person helping her was a man that she had strong feelings for: Smoke.  It was a simple tie, just her hands and feet were tied with no gag, but the moment following it was special.  Somehow when struggling to get free, her head ended up in Smoke's lap.  It was a moment where the two looked at each other and both realized their feelings for each other, and then they kissed.  It was the happiest moment of her life and as she remembered it, she started to realize how badly she missed Smoke.  a tear went down from her eye.

"Hey you're crying !?" Swati exclaimed feeling the tear in her hand, "Wait you're crying ? … " Parvathy looked at Aurora as well, "is that a tear down your eye?"she and Swati exchanged a worried look, " I hope I didn't have something to do with that ? " Swati asked worryingly, "Swati ungag her". After Swati ungagged her, Aurora said, "It's okay, it's alright, it's nothing, you can put the gag back on." She was trying dispel any worries they may have.
You sure ? if we caused any trouble we're sorry."

"Oh no, its nothing you two did, trust me, I'm fine."

"hmm, after this show's over, I'd like to have a talk with you." Parvathy said, "Well this gag isn't going to last much longer. You already cut it off anyways. Might as well put it away."

"Okay," Aurora said, feeling that it was useless to talk her out of it.

The first quarter of the show had ended and there was a five minute break. "Let me go get a fresh gag for you. and we may veil her now." Parvathy said as she got up and left for her bedroom.

"I'll be here" Swati said, she put her hand over Aurora's mouth covering over her nose and mouth, pinching her nose a little.

A moment later, Parvathy came back with a long ornate red dupatta and a leather gag. Aurora looked at the dupatta curiously "Wonder what she has planned." she thought."Ok, this time Aurora, I'm going to use this" she showed the gag, it was a panel gag with a soft rubber ball for a gag. "Thing is, this type of gag is easier to take off and put back on. The tape will have to be cut off as you can see." Parvathy explained before she went to put on the gag, "Any last words before I gag you ? " she said smiling.

Aurora smiled, with a jest in her mind, "Oh, please, don't gag me, miss kidnapper."  again, she surprised herself with what she just said.

"Hahahaha hahahaha" Parvathy gave out a haughty laugh, before inserting the gag into Aurora's mouth, She secured it by tying the strap tight behind her head. The gag covered her entire lower face under her nostrils and made her cheek bulge.

"MMPPHH." Aurora texted the gag, "Nope," she thought, "nothing coherent coming from my mouth."

Parvathy then took the scarf, and wrapped it over and around her head covering her face except her eyes, she had to sit up while she was being veiled in that way, it caused her tensions, but Parvathy was quick enough with the wrapping. The veil wrapped over her face somewhat tightly, but the fabric was thin enough to breathe through without any difficulty. "Hey the show's started again!" Swati exclaimed, "just in time !" Parvathy said. The two went back to watch the show with rapt attention.

Aurora watched the show too, trying to keep her mind off Smoke so that she doesn't cry again.

An hour had passed watching Mudrarakshas, at the end of the show parvathy and Swati were left open mouthed in surprise. Aurora however, couldn't follow much of anything. "Mmmmph?" she asked through her leather gag.
"That… was … amazing!" Swati said, still amazed by the episode and how it ended, "I can't wait for the next episode ! What will Chanakya do next …." Parvathy replied,

Aurora sat through the show, confused. She couldn't quite understand what Parvathy and Swati were so surprised about, "Hm hhvm nh Hmdmh." Aurora moaned, trying to play along despite not knowing what happened in the show.

"Oh its ok, you don't need to pretend Aurora, its a show in Tamil, you wouldn't know what the hell happened." Parvathy consoled, "Say, its dinner time, what should we do with our captive Swati?" she asked smiling ,"hmm" Swati thought to herself a little, "How about we erm.. I'd like to keep her tied to the chair while we cook." Parvathy thought about that idea a little, "That does well enough for me."

"Hmn! Dhn't Hm hhvm h fhn Hmn thnf?" Aurora asked, "What is she saying?" Swati asked Parvathy, "I don't know, I really can't make out all her mumblings. The gag is really effective", "there is also the veil, it muffles it further." Swati noted, "true. maybe we should give her a phone or something so she can text what's in her mind ?" Aurora was getting annoyed she couldn't communicate, Nmhh, thht whhld hmlp." she mumbled.

"Come on, sit up" Swati said to Aurora making her sit on the couch, the rope pushed against her privates, but its a detail she had almost forgotten, "let me get you the phone" Parvathy went to fetch the phone for Aurora.
"I think we should tie her upper body differently" Parvathy said, "I'd let her hands be in front, that way she can type properly." Swati agreed.
The two went about untying Aurora and retying her so that her hand came in front. "Plmhfm hndh thnf grhtgh tnm whnlm nhhr ht Hmt." Aurora said as the knot on the crotchrope dug in, making her uncomfortable.

Parvathy tied Aurora's ropes, this time they were just as tight her wrists were tied in front, her arms and chest were tied in the same way they were earlier, with a pentagram design. The crotch rope however was not undone, "Sorry Aurora, but I really don't want to undo my daughter's work." She said with a sly smile on. “WHHT!" Aurora exclaimed, "Hh, nhh hhvm ght th bm gnddnng mm!"

Parvathy handed her the phone, "here take this phone, your fingers are free, text on it. Its got a chat program, linked with Swati's phone. Just text what you want to say", Aurora typed that on her phone. "Oh please, undo this crotch rope, I'm begging you!" . Swati seemed a bit disappointed and surprised by that response, "really ?" Swati asked, "you werent liking it ? I thought you sort of enjoyed it…"
"Yeah, I was" Aurora typed, "but I'm not sure how much of it I can stand."
"Ohhkay" Swati replied smiling and chuckling a bit, "So … I guess I'll loosen it for you, but I can't untie it without untying the rest of you."

Swati moves to loosen her bonds a bit, "I'll be making dinner" Parvathy said before going to the kitchen. Swati took Aurora and seated her for dinner. She went about tying her ankles to the legs of the chair and took an additional rope to tie her to the back of the chair. "I hope you're comfortable?"
Aurora nodded in agreement, she was glad that the ropes were loosened.

Aurora left the table for a drink, while Aurora tested her bonds, seeing if she could get free as Parvathy cooked dinner, waiting for Swati to come back. "Ok I'm back" Swati said, sitting down with a bottle of coca cola, "You know I'm kind of curious about your situation right now. I want to know, are you really really liking being tied up and gagged like this ? Come on, tell me honestly …"

Aurora texted out her answer, her fingers moving rapidly over the keypad of the phone, "Honestly, I was a little nervous about being tied up.  The last time I was tied up my life was in danger, so it was quite different being tied up for fun." Aurora texted, "but, once I got past my nervousness, yeah, I did had fun." Swati looked happy at that answer, “Ah so .. how are you feeling right now ?” she asked.
"Good, actually, comfortable, especially since you loosened this rope."  Aurora thought for a moment and texted, "You liked seeing me tied up, huh?"

Swati felt a bit embarrassed by that frank statement made by Aurora, "haha" she chuckled, "I think I get it from my mother. But yeah , I really enjoy seeing you in bondage. You're a real natural you know. I think you may like bondage in general, just didn't know it yet."
"Maybe." Aurora texted with amusement, "seeing those pictures you took of me, I have to admit, I looked pretty good."

"Glad you liked my mother's work. She's really artsy with the rope work. I got the basics right but it'll take me a while to get the artistic side of things. We participate in the shibari tournament which takes place in the city, dad's a recurring champ. Last year he came in 3rd though. My mom participates in the tournaments as his bondage partner to be tied up."

Swati continued drinking her cola, the sight of it perhaps made Aurora thirsty, or maybe it was the gag that made her mouth dry up. She asked “Can I have a drink Swati ?” Swati smiled, and then went back to drinking her cola, "we have a gag for that, you can drink through a straw." she said before taking a drink, "but not this one. You know, I kind of like your gag talk. I can't understand a damn thing of it, but I just kind of find it .umm nice."
"Thanks, I think. It's taking a while to get used to."

She then thought about the crotch rope, "this crotch rope in particular is taking some getting used to., you use this kind of tie often?"

"well its mostly amma really. She loves the feeling. I mean, she's wearing it right now if you can believe it ! Heaven knows how it'll be for me. I will probably be spending the week with that tie." Swati said, then remembered her first full day in bondage.

"I think the first time I had to face this, I kind of reacted the same way that you are. I am still a virgin by the way but the next time, it wasn't so much of a problem." Swati thought a bit more, "I think if you spend more time, you'll get more used to it."
"It's just that, it brought up...feelings...that I've never felt before."

hahaha" Swati laughed a bit, then went on drinking again.

"Swati, come and help me here!" Parvathy called her, "I'll be away, but will be back soon." She went to Aurora and whispered to her ear, "Enjoy your predicament", 'Way ahead of you' Aurora thought to herself, but she texted, "I'll try to."

As Swati moved to help her mom, Aurora sat then and thought about the days events, she never thought it would end up as this, being tied up and enjoying.  She remembered that when she accepted the bet she thought she was going to regret it. Turns out, she doesn't regret it, not one bit.  Maybe Swati was right, maybe she does like bondage.  It surprised her to think so, but in the end, she didn't mind it.

Swati and Parvathy came back with dinner. Indian food was relatively new to Aurora, but she had grown to love it. And how not ? Tonght it seems they made biryani hyderabadi style. "Ok so Aurora, we're going to open your upper body and ungag you so you can eat with us, but your leg ties remain. It'll give you a feel of things to come." Parvathy said, before going about untying Aurora. "Thank you." Aurora said as she was ungagged.

"Ok so Aurora, hope you're enjoying this?" Parvathy asked, taking her seat to eat dinner. "I hope the crotch rope wasn't too much for you to deal with ? My daughter can get a bit carried away sometimes." that comment made Swati blush a bit. "I've noticed." Aurora said smiling at Swati, "Don't worry, I'll get used to it. I never thought I'd say this but thank you both for tying me up, it was a lot of fun."

"Hmm 'thank you', somebody likes being tied up" Parvathy commented cheekily, "truth be told, the way you took it the first time at that.. makes me think this isn't your first time at all" she said preparing her food before eating. Aurora sighed, "yes, I've been tied up before, but it was under...unpleasant circumstances."  The memory of being tied up by Kano flashed in her mind.
"Hmm, no I don't think it was all..unpleasant" Parvathy looked at Aurora with inquisitive eyes.

Aurora comtemplated, to tell them or not to tell them? Ah, what the heck, they earned her trust. "No, it wasn't. The first time I was tied up was by a boy I liked very much. It was a simple tie and I wasn't gagged but it was a nice moment we had."

"Sweet!" Swati said, "I hope I can find a boy someday" .

Parvathy interrupted, "My parents found mine, rest assured Swati, we'll find one for you."the dinner went on with chit chat for about half an hour, at the end of the dinner, Parvathy explained the rules for the bet which starts tomorrow.

"Ok girls, this is what we do" she started , "The point of the challenge is, to be in some form of bondage or the other throughout the day. If you're not tied, you're gagged, if you're not gagged, then you're tied. Now since Swati has her classes in the morning, its not proper to have her be gagged in class. So I'm going to take a special measure for you, however, moment class ends, she's going to be put back in restraints. For you though Aurora, I have more liberties. Now, I am going to give Aurora a choice again. Would you be ok with being in bondage overnight while you sleep ? or would you start with Swati in the morning ?"

Aurora thought about it and said, "I'm ok with being in bondage overnight but I would like the crotch rope to be as it was before Swati loosened it. Figured I'd better get used to it."
"Alright then, its settled. You wouldn't mind sleeping with me on my bed would you ?" Parvathy asked,
"Huh, why?" Aurora asked startled,
"well because its a bigger bed, more comfortable. I mean you were just tied on it, how did you like that ?" Swati seemed to flinch a little, like she had something to say but was holding it all in.

"I liked it very much. Something wrong, Swati?"

Swati was flustered by that question, "er. no nothing .."

"oh..okay." Aurora turned to Parvathy, "Sure, I would love to sleep on your bed with you."
"Would you be tied up, too?"

"Well let's say I keep the dominant role for now, maybe later, I'll give you a chance to return the favor" Parvathy winked, "and I mean that for you too Swati." she went to her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "So, Aurora, I was thinking, would you like to try on my gag ? I mean the one I wore while tying you up? "

"Hmm, yeah. Oh, sometime during the week, can I be tied up in my ninja uniform and have pictures, no wait, a video taken of me? I want to see how I look tied up in it."

Parvathy got a naughty idea, "Actually.." she thought to herself with her index finger to her chin, "A bondage shoot wouldn't be so bad. Its a pretty neat idea. For now, though let me tie you up."

Parvathy secured Aurora's upper body in the same way she was before being untied, with her hands in front and a mobile phone in her hand. That way she can chat , "Hey Swati, lend me a hand here."Aurora was tied securely, and the crotch tie was tied once again by Swati, Parvathy decided she'd 'let her have the privilege' . It was tied once more securely. "Lovely" Parvathy said admiring her work.

Aurora's face reddened as the feelings from the crotch rope returned. "Still going to take some getting used to." she thought to herself.

"Alright then, I'll bring my gag" Parvathy went to her room, readied her gag and showed Aurora how it works, "See basically , its a simple leather mask with a strap behind the back like so" she said displaying the strap mechanism, "it has a gradient light to tight. I prefer the tight setting, the light setting is too loose." Swati then intervened in the discussion, "You sure you want this one Aurora ? I bet you've never worn anything like it. Its a ukrainian thingy. Not your average bondage toy."
"Oh come on Swati don't scare her !" Parvathy replied.

"I'm sure, Swati. Go ahead, Parvathy."

She put the mask over her, the phallic gag went into her mouth keeping it open by an inch, and then the straps behind her head were buckled on moderately tight. "Ok now try and speak" Parvathy asked. "Mmmph." Aurora tried to say through the gag but her voice came out all muffled.

Parvathy appreciated the gag, "Good, seems secure enough" Parvathy noted, then she looked to Swati, "What time do you have class tomorrow?" she asked. She noticed Swati's hands fidgeting like she does when she gets a bit of sexual tension, "er, its at 10" she said fumbling a bit. "Ok then, we get up early, we start off the day early, better to just sleep early then." Parvathy noted, she pulled on Aurora's leash, "Come on then let's go to bed. Oh and here's your phone, don't forget to text."

Aurora chuckled behind her gag as she grabbed the phone, texting "Good night, Swati". Swati waved her hand, and went to her room, Aurora noticed she was undressing her top, and just for a brief moment, thought noticed that her chest had a rope harness tied over it. "Wow," she thought, "how did I not notice that?"

Aurora was pulled to Parvathy's bedroom and Parvathy shut off the lights along the way and closed the bedroom door when they went into the room. Then she turned on a very dim night lamp, "its a bit hot today na?" Parvathy noted while undressing, then paused, "Say.. er I'll be sleeping in my underwear tonight.. I hope that isn't a problem? Its just a force of habit, when it gets a bit hot. I sweat and its very uncomfortable." Aurora nodded as she saw the crotch rope Parvathy was wearing, "Swati was right, how long has she been wearing that?"  She texted that question to Parvathy's phone.

Parvathy checked for the messages, "Oh so you didn't really believe that ?" Parvathy gave out a chuckle, "I wear it for most of the evening here actually. It gives me pleasure. When my husband isn't at home.. you know" Parvathy winked, "its my way of keeping company". She looked into Aurora's gagged face and asked, "How's the gag feeling ? the leather can get hot, but there are two holes for breathing. They cool it a bit. If you want out, just give me a message ok ?"

"Its okay for now, I'll let you know if I need it off." Aurora thought for a minute then bravely texted, "sorry if this is an improper question but does it drive you to the point know, when you lose control?"
Parvathy smiled, "isn't that the point of it?" She crawled into bed beside Aurora and cuddled in with her.

Aurora realized into Parvathy, content and happy, and texted "good night, Parvathy.", but Parvathy was not going to sleep right now. "I am not sleeping right now." Parvathy said, she rubbed her hands over Aurora's gagged face. "You know I was going to talk about earlier today ? when you cried a bit ?"
"Oh, right." Aurora texted. "Sorry, I didn't mean to worry you two."
"Tell me about him. Why did you break up?" Parvathy asked, curious but with a certain sad tint to her voice.
Aurora paused for a moment and thought to herself, 'Do I tell her this .. I might as well. I can't keep this in my heart forever, and now I have a friend i can share with'. "I prefer to talk about this rather than text it. Can you take the gag off please?"

Parvathy agreed but a little reluctantly, "Ok, I'll take off the gag," Parvathy moved to take off the straps for Aurora's gag and slowly pull the gag out of her mouth. "Ok, now tell."

"Well,  to be honest, we didn't actually broke up.   I told you about my history, that I was part of a ninja clan and I left because they were dishonorable and I just couldn't stay with them anymore.  I...I never went back to the clan after I refused to carry out my mission, so I didn't see him again.  I didn't send a letter because I was worried that it would be intercepted, I never even said goodbye." Aurora started to cry again, "I don't know if he still likes, if he even knows if I'm alive, or if he hates me because I left the clan, because I left him.  All I knew was that if I went back to the temple, I wouldn't just be putting my life in danger, but his as well.  And I just...couldn' that.  I couldn't put the one I cared about most in this world in danger." more tears fell from her eyes.

Parvathy hugged her, and consoled her. She kissed her lips gently and wiped her tears. "You are strong Aurora." She hugged her tighter, but then she began to cry a little herself. Aurora continued, "I try to be, but here I am, crying.  That moment between us that I remembered today, made me realize that I miss him, I miss him so much."

Parvathy would now share a story of her own, "Its good to cry, it lets out pent up emotions. I too had a love, a long back. But it was not possible for us. His parents were muslim, and mine were hindu. I had almost fled from my house, but he.. he wouldn't let any harm. Parvathy continued, almost breaking down, "His name was Riyaz.. he left, because he did not want my relations with my family to burn down. He wouldn't run away. That.. was the last day I saw him.. They… his family… killed him".

The story seemed to have shocked Aurora, she could not imagine Parvathy losing the man she loved She exclaimed at Parvathy, shocked, "what?". Parvathy couldn't speak anymore, she simply hugged her and cried into her shoulder. Aurora wished her hands weren't tied so she could return the hug, she just put her head on Parvathy's shoulder, still crying, saying,"I'm sorry."

"Damn this" Parvathy said, then started oddly chuckling, "You know.. I didn't expect this to happen. I mean.. your tied up its supposed to be a thing of pleasure dammit ! and I'm married and have a wonderful over-achiever daughter .. You know what.. life has its way of coming around. If you're good and do good deeds, good will happen to you."

"Now.. I'm sort of tempted to put on that gag back on you.." Parvathy smiled and said, "Let's gag the past hahaha"

"Wait." Aurora said, the tears starting to slow down, "Something I want to say, you've been very good to me, you, Swati, Rajaveelu, you've all treated me like one of your own, like I'm one of your family.  I want to repay the hospitality you've shown me.  The Shibari event you mentioned, if there's any way I can help, I'll be glad to."

"Well.. its been a tradition for me to participate and its been a tradition to have only one partner. I'll really let Rajaveelu decide that. But its so generous that you're offering this. Really Aurora, you're an excellent person." Parvathy kissed her on the forehead once more. "Let's take it up in the morning. I have a feeling you'll really enjoy yourself with Swati giving you company. Also.." she came closer, "I'll let you in on a small secret of our's" she winked before beginning to place the gag back.

Parvathy put back the gag and secures it tightly, "You'll see in the morning" she smiled, "its a surprise". She then took out two sleeping masks from the bed side drawer. It was an interesting sleeping mask, especially since it covered the entire face including the eyes. A picture of an Indian yakshi was artistically drawn over it in golden paint in the style of Ajanta. She put one mask over Aurora and one mask over herself. "Sweet dreams" she wished her before going to sleep.

"good night," Aurora thought as she rested her head on the pillow, inches from Parvathy's head, as she went to sleep, one word came to her mind, "Tomas."

epilogue -

The sleeping mask had a light sweet smell which seemed to ease the wearer into sleep. Soon after the mask was placed on Aurora, she went into a deep sleep and the world around her became dark. Then from the darkness, a dim light appeared, she saw herself in a cave where the only source of light was a campfire. She tried to move, but found her hands stuck behind her back, that was when the picture started getting clearer. Her hands were tied behind her back in a box tie, and her legs were tied up as well with her ankle tied to her thighs.“Who.. what.. Where am I ?” she scanned the cave, curious and confused. She noticed that she was in her Lin Kuei uniform, but without its outer vest.

Then she heard footsteps coming from inside the cave, slowly a man walked towards her. She couldn't recognize who this man was, but the thought of her being bound and gagged by a captor made her nervous. That was until she saw who the man was. He wore a Lin Kuei uniform, only his was grey. She knew a man once, who wore a grey Lin Kuei uniform, but that was a long time ago in another life. “could it be...” she thought to herself, was it really her love Tomas ? “maybe it was all a dream.. and I have really woken up now... and we're still near the hills.”

As the man walked closer to the campfire, his features became clearer and Aurora could see his face. “Tomas!” she exclaimed in sheer delight, “Oh my god Tomas you're still here.. you're with me.. Tomas..” her expression turned romantic and elated, she almost started to cry, she struggled against her ropes wanting to jump up and hug the man she loved. She didn't have to, Tomas, otherwise known as the Lin Kuei assassin Smoke, walked up to her, and kissed Aurora on the lips. It was the most sensuous pleasure filled kiss she ever had.

For fifteen minutes Aurora remained in Smoke's embrace, his tongue felt her's and she could feel her nipples hardening against her top. Aurora kept squirming against her bonds as Smoke felt over her and kissed her. “Oh Tomas I ..mmhh” before she could finish her words, Tomas put a ballgag over her mouth and tied the cloth straps tightly behind the back of her head. “Shhh” Smoke said putting a finger to his lips, “Say absolutely nothing, Aurora, my love.” he stroked her hair and looked into her eyes. Smoke spoke with a soft yet deep sexually arousing voice, which made Aurora's breath quicken. Smoke gently felt held her breasts and felt her nipples with his thumbs.

“I have missed you Hitomi” Smoke said, “I missed your smile, I missed your eyes, I missed your friendly nature.” he came closer, continuing to stroke her breasts only more vigorously now, “mmhhh” Aurora let out a pleasure filled moan, “I missed your voluptuous body, your beautiful breasts, your sensuous belly. How I missed you.. Hitomi..” he leaned forward to kiss her over her ballgagged lips. His tongue felt around her lips and his lips kissed her upper and lower lips. It was a kiss she had never experienced before, never for real. 'This cannot be a dream... this cannot be .. its too real..' Aurora felt excited and felt a rush going through her.

Smoke kissed Aurora's lips again, more vigorously than before. He looked into her eyes, and spoke, “I have been away from you for too long Hitomi, I have longed for you, for all those lonely days. I will love you tonight, in this cave, like I have never loved you before.” He walked behind her embracing her in his strong arms. With his right hand he gently massaged Aurora's left breast and with his left hand, he rubbed her vagina up and down. “uhhmm mmhhh mmmhh nmmmnnmhh” Aurora gave out such pleasure filled moans that Smoke couldn't resist himself. He held her more vigorously and licked over her neck while still rubbing over her vagina. He could feel her going wet now.

Seeing this, Smoke moved in front of the ecstatic Aurora, he grasped her right breast with his left hand giving it a gentle squeeze while moving his face to her other breast. He began sucking from her breast, Aurora could feel his tongue slurping around the nipple of her left breast and his thumb over the nipples of her right breast. Then he thrust two fingers into her vagina and inserted them in making aurora scream with pleasure through her gag, “mhh gmmd hmm Tmmmmsss”. Just as she climaxed, her eyes broke open, and once again there was darkness. Smoke was gone as was the cave with the campfire and Aurora could feel herself wet in her privates.
This was a story as part of a set me and Xanatos83 have planned with his OC and my OCs set in my alt. universe India. 
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Jessica and Lola Rabbit
by ~drgugi28

This is the art of fiction. It contains soft bondage and sexual themes in this, so please be aware of that.

Part 1.

Rectangle 1: The sun had already set when Lola Rabbit left the school campus to walk the empty parking lot to her mother's big SUV. Lola shivered despite her thick long black coat, her breath misted over her lips as she walked towards the beckoning shelter of  parked vehicle.
Rectangl 2: A few minutes before she was arguing with her mother on cell, because they were late for dinner. Her mother, famous actress Jessica Rabbit finally finishing her last movie, find some time for dinner with her daughter and now she was late. So what, thought Lola, if this is a girl's night? Pfhh, big thing, we will be sitting in some fancy restaurant, talking small talks and laughing on stupid jokes. OK, the dress and jewelry my mother sent to me is stunning, I must confess that, Lola smiled to herself. She was stunning beauty, just like her mother, long, red hair, green eyes, great body with long, long legs and big breasts. Unfortunately, she has from her fathers side long, white rabbit ears, but because of that her hearing was perfect. Under the coat she was wearing way to short black cocktail dress, with very deep and very big cleavage, and for this evening she picked black velvet boots. No high heels tonight, sorry mom.
Rectangle 3: Lola reached the passenger door and then stopped, watching reflection of herself in the window and  comparing herself with her mother.
Rectangle 4: Jessica was sitting on driving seat with her hands clenched on the steering wheel,looking through her window so her long, thick red hair covered her face. Lola's gaze followed her mother's figure in her famous red dress. Mom, what a body You have, You look like my older sister, not like my mom she thought with a proud smile. Suddenly, she thought she hear Jessica softly mumbling something, but she wasn't so sure, the stereo in a car was a way to loud. She opened the door and plunged into the seat, welcoming Jessica and slamming her door shut.
Rectangle 5: Then, to her horror, Jessica turned her head, revealing her mouth gagged with a wad of cloth stuffed into her mouth. She was shaking her head, mumbling something as she watched her with horror in her eyes. But it was too late, from the back seat, big hand locked Lola's door and then slapped over her mouth. Lola screamed into the palm pressed over her gaping lips watching Jessica's terrified eyes.
Rec tangle 6: Jessica's hands were tied with thin nylon rope to the steering wheel and her legs was tied to throttle and clutch pedal. She was shaking furiously trying to spit out the wad. Looking in rearview mirror,
Rectangle 7: Lola saw the attacker, big man all dressed in black with a ski cap with slits for his eyes. Welcome to our little party bitch he said. Suddenly, with big hunting knife in his other hand, he tapped on Jessica's shoulder talking: calm yourself lady, or else.
Rectangle 8: You, bitch, unbutton your coat, I want to see what are You hiding under it. With trembling hands she unbuttoned her coat letting her hands fall into her lap. With the point of his knife, man slowly opened her coat, revealing her short black cocktail dress, with very deep and very big cleavage. He laughed: No fucking way, are You kidding me? He pocked her breast with the point of his knife, are they natural? And then with the smile in his voice: Are You two sisters? Jessica started again to shake her head mumbling silently in her gag, but she fall silent when the knife poked Jessica breast: I said be silent.
Rectangle 9:  Now, bitch I'll remove hand from your mouth, not a sound, clear? Lola froze in her seat, watching in rearview mirror how man put the knife down next to him and then pick something from his pocket. Man slowly remove the palm from her lips  while in his other hand he waded the piece of cloth into the ball. Open your mouth, say AAAAA, man laughed again. Lola tightly shut her mouth but man pinched her n:
Rectangle 10: That wasn't so hard, wasn't it? man asked while jamming the cloth into her mouth. Satisfied, he nodded, look at your sis how I made a fine job. Now, lean forward, You don't need that coat anymore. Lola leaned forward, letting the man to strip her coat from her.
Rectangle 11:  Now, put the arms on your back, I'll tie your hands. Lola shaked her head, silently moaning into her gag,  but the man grabbed Jessica's breasts and starts to caress them at first, but Jessica remains silent.
Rectangle 12:  Man start to squash and squeeze them pinching her nipples and Jessica started to moan, shake and twist her body, pleading him through her gag to stop. Bitch, it's up to You, put your arms on your back or watch me play with her.
Rectangle 13: Lola turned her head watching Jessica's eyes filling up with tears, man's hands squeezing her breasts, and with the fear in her eyes she slowly, uncertainly put her hands on her back, crossing her wrists. That's my girl, now hold still, he said still groping Jessica's breasts for a few more seconds. With a sigh he remove his hands from Jessica and grab microfoam tape from his pocket. And now, to tape You up...
Rectangle 15 and 16: He grabbed Lola's thin wrists and start to tape her wrists, fingers, elbows. He merged her elbows together with the microfoam tape and the result was spectacular, she even more bust out. Satisfied, he caught her by the hair and pulled towards himself whispering on her ear:
Rectangle 17: Now I can play a little with You also, You are powerless, your mouth gagged and hands tied. Do You know what excites me a lot? Rich big breasted bitches, gagged and tied. So before I tape your mouth shut, I will handgag You and then grope your breasts, while your helpless mother watch us. On that statement, Jessica and Lola begun to mumble in surprise, as they realise that attacker know who they are. That's right, this isn't random kidnapping, You are Jessica and Lola Rabbit, mother and daughter. Lucky for me, I can play with You both before I drive You to a hiding place. And there You will be my sex toys for a few days while in the meantime, Roger does not collect money, a lot of money for You, and You.
Rectangle 17: Jessica and Lola watched in horror each other, while kidnapper clasped the palm over Lola's gagged mouth. With his other free hand he covered her breast and start to fondle. Lola tried to scream, but the only thing that was heard was quiet mumble. With a sigh man removes his hands That's not it. Kidnapper grabbed another roll of microfoam tape and start to tape her gagged mouth, over her lips, around her head, lifting her hair, carefully adding and pressing the tape over her gagged mouth, lips and around her head. Finally satisfied he tore the microfoam tape pasting it tightly on the back oh her head and covering the edge of the tape with her hair.
Rectangle 18 ,19 and 20: Then he did the same to Jessica, taping her gagged mouth with microfoam tape in the same way as to Lola. Wow,You two looks amazing, so hot with your mouths taped.
Rectangle 21:Jessica was panicaly tugging her bonds, while Lola was twisting her taped hands, rocking her body, but the microfoam was to strong to break it.
Rectangle 22:Kidnapper grab Lola's breasts, groping and squeezing hard her big mammaries, while Lola silently shake her head, twisting in her bonds.
Rectangle 23: Suddenly kidnapper yanked Lola to back seat and start to tape her legs. The fun time is over, it's time for business.
Rectangle 25: He crossed her ankles and, without taking off her shoes, tightly wrapped them. He bent her knees, and wrapped her lower thighs.
Rectangle 24: He took a moment to run his hands under her skirt and over her hips and rear.
Rectangle 26: Lola screamed but all she could hear was tiny mppphhh. And with loud music in car...
Rectangle 27:The man turned to Jessica, Now it's your turn.
Jessica and Lola Rabbit by ~drgugi28, the interesting and sugestive historry of ~drgugi28 whit th edescription of all the rectangles of my comic ilustracion of the history, red to enjoy my comic please
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
In to Africa
Chapter 1
By Rohana
with thanks to SkyHawk7x

April 12, 199_

Dear Diary;

This is Annie's diary, and I'm Annie.


I decided to start this diary the moment I heard the amazing news – I'm going to Africa for missionary work! Wow! Except I couldn't write anything at the time because Mother Superior was cording my hands firmly into the small of my back and calling for the carriage to carry us to London.

It all started a half-hour before that. I was sitting neatly in my cell in the Salisbury Temple to Astarte, my wiry form sheathed by a night dress (rumpled from my recent nocturnal fun), combing my page-cut coppery hair. The mirror reflected my small dormitory cell: the wall-mounted figurine of Astarte, the slit window with the tiny vase with its single flower, my narrow bed with Madam Johnston roped up so neatly across it. She was adorable, tied up so nice and tight. And even though she's something like twice my age, she carries it well – you can see that her body is firm and shapely under her sweat-stained nightie and my coils of rope.

I'd set her up pretty well the night before, using soft number five cotton rope to gain comfortable security. Her wrists were palm-to-palm behind her back, her arms locked to her side with thick coils to give a feel of coziness. I'd X'd rope between her breasts and over her shoulders so she wouldn't be distracted with silly thoughts of getting loose. As for her firm and shapely legs, I looped my lines down thighs and shins, whirling up her feet, making them fast. A final line linked her ankles to the footboard.

I'm sure she would have complemented me on my detail if not for the thick cloth gag. The only sound she made was a sleepy moan of satisfaction.

We'd played away the night in my own particular style, cuddling and nuzzling in the dark. I adore snuggling like that, tossing my arms and legs around my captive, just loving away the long night. And in the end, as dawn lanced my narrow window, I'd smiled into her weary eyes and slowly massaged a relaxing orgasm out of myself, watching her as she watched me. Only when I had her full attention (and I was finished) did I slowly ease my slick finger against her own thinly-sheathed snatch, rubbing it through her nightie, building her up slowly, wearing away her reluctance. She tried to struggle but she was helpless trapped in my arms, my legs, my ropes. In the end, she gave me a nice class-three side-grind orgasm, her hips parodying the invasive rhythm of my fingertip.

And outside, it began to snow.

You see, Madam Johnston had been a witch when she came to us. Through some sort of coven fallout, she'd been dropped off with our order. We didn't hold it against her – we don't care about anyone's politics or paganisms as long as we can climax them for the pleasure of the Goddess. Usually the sisters of our order spend their night either bound up or hosting, with occasional tight-knotted travelers and guests. The goal is to wring out as many orgasms as possible overnight and our order dosn't care who gives them up, or even if they wish to.

It's a goal I don't necessarily follow. You see, I like long cuddlings and smoky climaxes. Its a quality vs quantity issue. The other sisters rampage their tethered guests, trying for six, even ten climaxes. They'll even force a dry eruption. Me, I like a comfortable build up and slow carry-though – I'm sure Astarte really doesn't mind. To my favor, our ex-witch had been most stubborn until now, doing her best to deny us the benefit of her pleasure. I'd managed to drag a nice one out of her this morning, resulting in this freakish snowstorm (her occult specialty was weather control). Hardly had it begun to stick when there came a sharp rap at my door.

"Sister Annie? Mother Superior wishes to see you. Now."

I doubted she wished to have a snowball fight with me.

No doubt she knew (from the timing of the snow fall) preciously when I'd gained Madam's trust and trap. And this pointed towards excessive cuddling. Frowning, I tossed on my black robes and habit, gave Madam Johnston a kiss on the nose, and left.

I was shown in immediately. On the window sill, the snow was already melting clear.

"You did that snuggling abomination of yours again," my superior demanded. "Astarte is not interested in artistic devotions. She wishes orgasms, strings of them, wrenched out of roped and positioned partners. We have tools and toys for the reluctant and resistant."

"None of those have yet worked," I softly forwarded, eyes downcast. "The witch was... resistant."

"Regardless, something must be done about your... excessive degree of intimate contact." Eyes as hard as excited nipples held me. "I'm sending you on missionary work. To Africa. This very day."

I didn't know what to say. The thought of all those unsaved souls, those unclaimed orgasms, those unteathered limbs – beneath my robes my body blossomed its reaction. But there was no chance of argument on this – she quickly spun me around and lashed my wrists nice and tight in a reverse-prayer arrangement. I stood there, feeling every inhale press against the gathering, tightening ropes, wishing I could write down my thoughts of the moment. I vowed to document my adventures henceforth.

In short order, I was loaded into a carriage, five bags pressed into its boot (one with clothing, holy books, and various toys, the others stuffed with rope – missionary work can be very hemp-intensive). And with that, we were off for London.

Late in the day we drew up before The Quivering Quill, a press club two blocks from the Savoy. The Mother Superior took a firm hold of my cocked elbow and escorted me across the sidewalk and into the club. I was happy to be back in London if only for a short time. The Goddess Astarte loves this city – so many of its population spends its nights in tight, heaving passion. And what goes on beneath the streets...

The room we were shown into was a private wood-paneled chamber at the end of a long lonely hall. A huge desk, a massive globe, the street below shrouded behind thick curtains.

Then I noticed the long leather couch against the far wall. My eyes widened, and behind my back, my upthrust fingers trembled.

The woman on the couch was as black and curvy as a club on a playing card. Her coffee-hue skin was set off by a tight, immodest bikini, her nipples and snatch quite obvious against its creamy whiteness. She couldn't rise and greet us; she was wrapped in a thick, thorough leather harness, one that pinned her strong arms to her sides and her lanky legs together in a multitude of straps. Her lower face was sealed beneath a multi-buckled leather gag.

I'd have loved to lay down on her flesh-heated leather couch and see how well we could cuddle, sisters in bondage, like two tightly-trussed peas in a passionate pod. I'd have loved to linger over long hours with her, exchanging coddles and kisses. But the Mother Superior would not permit such. She'd likely force us alternately to our knees before the other, butter-churning out tongue-tied tremblings, a tit for twat exchange.

That could be nice, too.

At that moment, the door opened and a compact woman swirled in, crossing to hook a jodhpured leg over the desk. She had an attitude as sharp as cheddar cheese and a body as compact and shapely as a soda bottle. Her sea-green eyes swirled towards us, demanding answers to questions yet asked.

"I'm Burke," she shot. "Adara Burke of the Sun."

"An accomplished writer," Mother Superior allowed. "The girls have been passing about that collection of Pit Erotica you compiled while on your subterranean sabbatical. It's given our sisters much to dwell on."

"Thank you," Burke replied with an offhand wave. "Pitinna Pitt really didn't give me a choice in taking on the assignment, but it was nice of her to grant me the rights. Anyway, on to our agreement."

"Agreement," I asked, timidly yet confused. I felt like I was coming into the middle of something.

Burke's eyes fell upon me. I wasn't sure if I wanted to find myself in the position of possessing information she desired. She looked... persuasive.

"Is this the missionary who will accompany the expedition?" Mother Superior gave her nodded confirmation, introducing me. I curtsied as best I could with locked-up arms.

"Fine. Okay, Sister, here's how it stacks up. Back in the wild and woody manni days, many expeditions were sent into Africa. Sometimes they were hosted by explorers, but often the press or missionary concerns funded them. And that's what you've found yourself roped into, a joint expedition funded by Sun Publications and the Temple of Astarte."

I shifted my shoulders, hoping Adara didn't notice the way the Mother Superior's ropes projected my modest breasts. She was just so skillful at tying someone to best effect. Licking my lips (and glancing to the black goddess who watched the proceedings with cat-calm eyes), I asked, "But Africa's been long mapped out by airships. There is nothing left to be explored."

"There's this," she said, cupping something from her pocket and thrusting it under my nose. I blinked.

"That's quiet a diamond."

"It's not 'quite'. It's perfect. They call them 'carbon-aligned' - every molecule is lined up like ropes around a taunt tummy."

"We want to find diamonds?"

"No, we want to find the party that went looking for the diamonds. Doctor Stone, a top gemologist, was dispatched by the Crown to find their source. She went missing." A picture replaced the cold rock – a compact, confident women with chestnut hair dusted with silver, a noble nose and cool eyes. "She vanished into the Amahagger region. We go there and locate her. I get my story. You get access to villages of long-limbed women. Everyone wins."

"Speaking of long-limbed women..." I nodded to our cross-strapped mahogany-toned beauty reclining in bands of bikini and leather.

Adara nodded. "May I introduce Miss Chespeake, late queen of an Andes tribe, degreed translator of the Amahagger tongue. I managed to snatch her up from the airship service who'd intercepted the slaver carrying her into cruel bondage in America. We made a deal."

"If you made a deal, why is she strapped up?"

"That's part of the deal. She likes her situations simplified."

I nodded, looking up and down her long lanky body, its curves and concavities made all the more exciting by the array of straps holding her in place. The thought of tucking into bed with such an ebony beauty, hobbled and helpless beneath my fingertips, ignited my zeal. I'd love to find out what she tasted like. Sometimes, over the long night, the flavor would actually change...

"Anyway, we leave on the morning tide aboard the Lola Montez," Adara Burke exclaimed. With that, we were sent to our rooms, to ready ourselves for tomorrow's departure.

The Mother Superior was firm. I was only released after I'd performed my penance (three sloppy orgasms, made all the more juicy with thoughts of that black, bikinied, buckled beauty somewhere nearby). Once she was satisfied (she must have been, given her glow) Mother Superior untied my wrists and departed, locking the door behind her.

I found this empty diary in a disused desk drawer. Even exhasted, I managed to get these words down.

Tomorrow we sail.

Final note: It's snowing steadily outside. Just what is going on back home at the Temple?

(Continued in the "Gai-Shift - In to Africa" folder")

I'd been mulling over this story for weeks, thinking who was going, why they were going, and what would happen to them. Strangest thing - I woke up at 3am the morning before I was going to write this and thought, "A diary! I'm going to write this story like a diary!"

Granted its not a TRUE diary - she still drops into present-tense for much of it (its like a flashback sequence more than anything else). But its cool, and different.

And we're on our way. See you onboard for the trip to Africa. And, for grins, does anyone know what POSH really stands for? (no googling!)

P.S. Yes, that Witch is one of the losers from "Magic". Remember her?
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Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
The wind howled around the outpost. With each gust the desk lights would flicker in the small cabin and the hum of the generator would temporarily be drown out by the wind. Captain Samantha White, whom was called Snow White by all but the newest recruits, sat at her desk double checking inventory forms while Major Kyle Bronson across the room read over the soldiers' outgoing mail. They worked in silence among the storm outside. It was late but hard to tell as the weather had kept the sky dark so long. When the wind blew strong enough it made the cabin walls shake and the genuine WWII German luger Maj. Bronson's grandfather had given him would rattle on the wall.

Maj. Bronson sighed and folded up the last letter, throwing it in the approved pile. He ran a hand through his hair and started clearing his desk. Tomorrow was a day of relaxation; some of the men were still up probably playing cards. Sam could make out lights from the bunk houses through the blowing snow. She began to stack and organize her papers, taking her commander's signal to turn in for the night. When he finished clearing his desk Maj. Bronson stood up and stretched.

"It's when we have storms like these I'm glad we double and triple check those generators" he said, unbuttoning his uniform with a yawn.

"Me too Sir" Sam replied, turning off the lamp on her desk which darkened the room. When she pulled her hair out of its ponytail she noticed her commander watching her.

"It's pretty nasty out there Captain" his stare was steady "perhaps you should stay here for the night. I can't lose a subordinate officer to a storm."

"I'm sure I'll be quite alright Sir, it's but a short distance to my quarters."

"But it's such a small cabin for one officer" his gaze didn't waver, "the wind will blow it around and freeze it solid. You'll never sleep."

"I'll manage Sir" Sam nervously gathered her things.

"Stay here Captain" Maj. Bronson said with a devilish smile, "I'll personally make sure you're comfortable."

"That's quite alright Sir" she turned her back to him and headed for the door.

"That was an order Captain" she froze.

"Yes Sir" she returned to her desk and set down her things.

"You don't need that heavy coat anymore" he said, sitting back in his chair and comfortably reclining. She took a deep breath and removed the coat, throwing it over the back of her chair.

"You have beautiful hair Samantha, can I call you that? Of course I can, I can do whatever I like on my base. So since the men aren't here I'll call you Samantha." He looked at her as if gauging her reaction. She looked blankly back at him for a moment.

"Yes Sir"

"At attention Samantha" he said coolly, she paused before reacting but came to attention regardless. She was starting to sweat despite the chill. She'd never been so nervous before, not even when she and Kyle were on that sniping mission and a mercenary had blown up the truck next to her after he pinned her down with suppressing fire. She remembered watching through her scope when Kyle put a single shot through his temple. But that was back before either of them had been promoted.

"W-what… Kyle stop!" she stammered, pulling away from him as he began to unbutton her uniform.

"I didn't say 'at ease' Captain" he growled, grabbing her hair and forcing her face up toward him, "and it's Sir, Commander, or Maj. Bronson to you." He pulled her back to him and began roughly undoing her buttons with his teeth. She gasped as he pulled her to her tiptoes to make her small frame easier to reach from his height. Her nails dug into his back and shoulder making him grunt but continue unhindered.

"You've always been so obedient" he began telling her as he pulled her uniform off, "Except for once, you've obeyed ever order. Do you remember which order that was? The one thing so bad it kept there from being a Major White instead of a Major Bronson?" He didn't ask it as a question but instead told it as a story.

"I remember it" he continued, now pulling off her pants "they told you the last soldier probably wasn't still alive and the airstrike had already been called. You insisted he was and that you knew it. They ordered you not to go and you grabbed an AK-47 and grenades. They told you to stand down and you stormed the outpost yourself. I still remember how you struggled to carry me out of there in time on your back. Sometimes on windy nights up here I think I can still hear you screaming for a medic."

He paused and held her now naked body to him, "You know they would've court-martialed you if you'd been wrong."

"I knew you were alive Sir" she whispered "We leave no man behind."

"And you took every risk to ensure that" he said, "and that's why I knew from that day forward that if I was ever going to have another woman I'd have you and only you."

"Sir I-"

"Shhhhh Samantha, relax. That's an order" he knelt and took one of her nipples in his mouth. She buried one of her hands into his short spiky hair and pulled lightly. He sucked both nipples in turn, then ran his tongue down to her belly button leaving a cold wet streak. Kyle took in the scent of her sex with a deep breath.

"You may outrank nearly every man here Captain" he whispered to her "But you're still a woman underneath. You're still my Samantha." She didn't resist when he dragged her to her desk and with a sweep of his hand sent her possessions to the floor. He picked her up and forced her naked form onto the desk.

"I trust you can reorganize that" he told her as he positioned himself between her legs.

"Yes Sir"

With a grunt Kyle pulled his erection free of his pants and Samantha marveled at his size. He wasn't terrible long, but he was thick with pre-cum already dripping from his tip. He paused only long enough to pull his jacket off and toss it on the floor.

"Kyle, we shouldn't do this" but her plead was only halfhearted.

"It's Sir to you" he growled and then plunged his thick shaft inside her. Samantha let out a gasp that blended with the shrill of the wind. She'd never felt a man so big, the stretch to accommodate him nearly hurt. He started moving inside her slowly, the silver necklace he wore swung like a pendulum from his neck. On the end was a bullet they'd pulled from him once, she'd forgotten what mission. When he leaned down to her breasts the cold metal brushed her and she took a sharp breath in. When she did Kyle leaned down and ran his tongue over her breast, increasing his tempo at the same time. His thick girth pumped in and out of her, bring her up much faster than she'd felt before. She pulled his face from her breast and kiss him, their tongues meeting between them as he began to pant for breath. With her reception of him, Kyle went deeper and faster, growling and scratching at her sides. She leaned back and moaned, arching her spine to present her breasts to him and wrapping her legs around his waist. He ran his tongue over her nipples, his hot breath caressing her breasts. Her juices were beginning to drip down his legs as his thrusting turned into pounding. He growled deep in his chest and held her hips in place while he pounded her pussy. She groaned and raised her arms above her head, surrendering to him. Samantha began to gasp as her pussy tightened on its trip toward climax. Kyle began to grunt, digging his fingertips into her hips as he too moved toward climax. Sweat rolled down his back and plastered down some of his hair despite the cold. He thrust deeper and faster, rocking the whole desk with his motion. Inside Samantha her pussy overloaded. She let out a scream as she climaxed and her female juices splashed all over Kyle and the desk. Burying himself deep in her, he let out a near roar as his cum shot into her to join the mess of juices.

But the winds drown out their calls of triumph.


Back at the barrack the men are playing cards

During a lull in the chatter one soldier asks: "who wants to take a bet?"

"What's the bet on?" another asks.

"I bet Major Bronson is finally going to tell Snow White how he feels" the first replies.

"Fuck dude" the second says "he's never going to tell her. He's terrible with women. I'm telling you. I'd follow him on any suicide mission but I wouldn't go chick hunting with him."

"I don't know" the first says again "I've got faith in him."

"You're nuts"

"50 bucks say I'm not." A third guy whistles at that.

"You're on!" Two rumpled wades of cash on slammed on the card table.

"Go to sleep!" someone yells.
I finally got this done after quite a few times of it getting put off because of another piece. I've very happy with how it turned out as a short story. I feel it literarially has all the right parts, but I'm not sure how the eroticism turned out. A penny for your thoughts?
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
'I'll get even with you Wonka if it's the last thing I ever do. I got a Blueberry for a daughter'

Mr Beauregarde said as Violet is rolled out of the Inventing Room and down the Corridor.

'I'm sorry Mr. Beauregarde this is as far as you may proceed. Only Oompa Loompa's are allowed in the Juicing Room'.

Violet is rolled into the middle of a large room. She is surprised to see the floor is made of a Fabric. She tries to spot a Machine or Apparatus for juicing her but there is none. The room is not well light. It seemed as if Violet is on a stage and only she is illuminated. She is now incredibly frustrated. I mean they just seized her, put her on her back and rolled her to this place. Her hands and feet absorbed into her body there was nothing she could do. She flapped her hands shouted and even tried to kick her assailants but it was no use. They even risked her exploding by singing a stupid song before bringing her to be juiced. They seemed to think a girl becoming a Blueberry was a good thing. Violet was getting worried. She had no idea what this Juicing would entail. She assumed she would be squeezzeed and the Juice would come out, but this seemed more like a weird fancy bedroom than a room for extracting Blueberry Juice.

Then an Oompa Loompa walked up to her and rolls her up from her back and puts her on her Crotch.

'Where is the Juicing Machine' said Violet.

'Oh that thing don't worry Miss Beauregarde we are going to take care of you personally', he said with a Malevolent grin.

'You see Violet, May I call you Violet, Mr. Wonka supports us and feeds us, but as I'm sure you know men have other needs. All you naughty children are ours to do with as we please'.

Your friend Veruca has just fallen down a tube which Wonka thinks is a Garbage chute but it will be diverted to us and we will have both of you'.

Aside from the Terror now flowing through Violet causing her light blue skin on her face and cheeks to go Indigo she realised the gum in her mouth had lost its flavour and spit it out.

'Now Violet, Spitting is a dirty habit. You will have to pay for that!!

At that moment another Oompa Loompa approached Violet and put another item in her mouth. She was going to spit it out before she started chewing but the smell (aroma)/something about the gum (it was definitely gum) wouldn't let her.

'Now my dear you have just started chewing very special gum. It is how would I put this, the essence of sexual maturity. We designed it to benefit our needs. It will instantly mature your extremities to womanhood. But wait there is more!! We have calculated the Genetic formula of pure Desire, simply put you will become a perfect 10 model if you were not a Blueberry, but with larger parts. To look upon you will cause a Sexual Frenzy!!'.

Violet could feel the changes begin. She would not be a perfectly round blueberry much longer. She began to grow, possible as much as 9 inches. She was 5'8 now.  
'Quite frankly my dear I don't know where you buy your clothes but they have been impressive to date but they won't last much longer'.

Violet felt her Breasts grow. They began to surge slowly out from her chest. Filling quickly with Blueberry Juice she could feel her Nipples harden and expand as well. Bang!  2 buttons on her blouse broke off. A little window to her chest was visible. Prominent and growing Cleavage was surging out the gap, destroying more buttons as it went. Her bra was visible. 'A white push up bra, you won't need that ever again'. The top of her blouse finally had had enough and the remaining pieces fell in tatters as Violets Breasts continued to surge. Her now small bra was just covering her areolas which you could just make out were dark purple!!

Serious pressure down stairs caused the zip in her pants to open. Underneath her matching White panties you could see her Vagina was taking shape. It too was expanding. Like her Breasts they were out of proportion to the 5'8 Blueberry. She could easily fit the entire head of an Oompa Loompa inside her.  Her Panties were getting tight on her and were stimulating her Clitoris. Only the shear sense of Violation that Violet felt was stopping her from enjoying the rubbing sensation as her most sensitive spot was being stimulated as her Vagina continued to grow.

Several moments passed, the growth spurt stopped. Violet was praying it would all be over soon. Deep inside her she felt something she hadn't felt before, some sort of growing warmth. It was spreading, she could fell it all over her torso and then it happened.

'I'm afraid it's exploding time Violet'

'No' she pleaded

In that moment her Breasts and Nethers went very warm and very wet. Her bra and panties became soaked as Blueberry Juice began to run out of them like water down a drain.

'By exploding I meant you couldn't hold it in any longer'.
Violet began to cry, 'Don't worry Violet is Juicing Time!!'
Out of the shadows Three Oompa Loompa's appeared. They had been watching in the shadows all along.

Violet was petrified as they approached her. One of them poked her. She waddled for a second trying to regain balance and fell on her back. They moved in on her, laughing and trying to decide what they would do next.

'I guess since we don't have an audience this time we can roll you some more without interruption'.

Violet felt the Juice move around her body as they began pushing her and rolling her. She was helpless even more than before. Now she had two large Breasts sticking out of an otherwise spherical body. She was being rolled so fast she had to keep her eyes closed or she would get dizzy. She was leaving a trail of Blueberry Juice behind her, as it was still leaking out of her Nipples and Crotch. Still her underwear held on. Each time she was caught by an Oompa Loompa they would grope her Ass or Breasts or Dry hump momentarily before they would roll her on to the next Oompa Loompa. After what seemed to Violet like twenty minutes they returned her to the Centre of the room and left her on her back.

'Well Violet now that all of us are warmed up we can really begin'.

One Oompa Loompa went towards her Head and Crotch and one for each Breast.
Violet lay on her back with just her strained soaked bra and panties on her as she was the definition of helpless with a Blueberry body without Arms and Legs and Curvaceous firm breasts and an enlarged pussy. Her Nipples were hard and visible through her Bra which was so soaked it was see-through. Her breasts were the size of soccer balls.

As the Oompa Loompa's moved in they began to sing:

'Oompa Loompa doompadee doo I've got another puzzle you:
Blueberry Sex is fun when its once and a while, you satisfy us and makes us smile, but we aim to satisfy too, Screwing and screwing all day long, the way that a Whore does.
Oompa Loompa doompadee daa given good blowjobs you will go far, you will live in happiness too screwing the Oompa Loompa doompadee doo'.  

The two at her Breast removed her soaked bra and one stroked her Nipple while the other pinched its twin. They began to suck on her Breasts as they ejaculated on her.
As their mouths were enclosed on the Nipple they would squeeze the breast with painful strength as they tortured her Breasts which turned Purple and Dark Blue.

Below another Loompa reached inside her Panties and began stimulating her Clitoris. The Blueberry Juice which had subsided resumed and she was wet. He ripped her panties off and began thrusting.

Violet was crying and trying to shout but the transformation had left her with no energy. At that moment the lead Loompa proceeded to put his cock in Violet's mouth. Violet decided she would fight back now, and make him regret the move. As she was about to bite down her Mouth began to suck furiously. Violet tried to stop but couldn't. The lead Loompa was Laughing.

'Another side effect of the gum, you may feel Violated with every thrust, pinch, suck and fondle but your Blueberry body loves it, and won't jeopardise your actions,

'Oohh Ohh, slow down Violet, I'm not going anywhere, your now my Blueberry, you will know the taste and feel of my cock very well from now on'.

Violet was then deep throated during the ejaculation. Even as his penis was limp Violet proceeded to suck it trying terribly hard to stop.

After each had cum, they began to roll Violet around the room again, faster and faster despite her pleas and then resumed screwing her. When they were done they slapped her Ass and went towards the door.

'Well that's our shift finished' one said, as they opened the door and walked out. Violet was alone, at least until the next four Oompa Loompa's finished walking down the corridor.
Ok. I have always wanted to know just how Violet was juiced. Quite a bit of canon has been developed by different writers, and we have heard the same stories over and over. Mainly the fact her clothes always had to come off. i wanted to change that slightly. the Oompa Loompas in the end remove Violets bra and panties despite massive growth. it could have been longer but i find if these stories are too long and too detailed i usually fast forward to the Inflation Scene. Please comment.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)

Such a feeling.

Filled sometimes with anxiety but mostly hate.

A Tenseful hate.

She stared at him, her eyes hard on his never letting her guard down not even when his knife danced along her knee.

The ripping of fabric.

A Knife cuts open a skirt to reveal black lace underwear.

Rachel saw him glide his tongue over his scarred lips like an animal about to devour its meal.

"Now Miss Dawes don't glare too much...we don't want your face freezing that way" He clicked his tongue. He places his hands on both her knees rubbing in a soothing manner while staring her down, his eyes burning into her and Rachel...poor little Rachel might not live after this. "You're disgusting..." He giggled and continued rubbing her knees. "Now Rachel I think that's a lie...Don't worry I'll make you tell the truth"

She tried moving her hands but the handcuffs dug deeper into her already raw wrist. The tension feels thicker.

Rachel closed her eyes and kept the bile from rising in her throat, his hands felt strangely warm against her bare legs his rough calloused hands making lazy circles on her thighs just felt...ok. Squeezing her eyes shut harder she imagined Harvey's face the way his eyes fell on her whenever she speaks, how his always finds an excuse to get close to her at work, the way his lips fit hers just perfectly but somehow his thought seemed distorted like a fuzzy memory about leave at the cause of something keeping her mind elsewhere.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked down.

Her underwear was gone and the clown was on his knees.

He kissed the inside of her things his teeth leaving tiny red marks on her creamy skin. She kept starring both in shock and morbid curiosity. Her mind was working by itself because she couldn't bare the thought of actually enjoying this. She blames her mind for parting her legs to allow him more room; she blames her mind for her shallow breath and the heat gushing down.

The sick freak knows how to use his mouth.
The sick freak has a true talent with that tongue.
The sick freak just made her sigh in relief.

His mouth found her moist lips, his tongue licking her wetness with slow strokes avoiding her clit at all times.

Rachel bit her lip.

She closed her eyes again.

She thought of Bruce. His sly smirk whenever she insulted him, his over protective arms around her thin frame, the way his lips felt needy against hers, how his smile were only for her and no one else and the way his eyes light up just at the moment she walks in.

Her eyes snapped open when she felt the metal around her wrist disappear.

Once more she blames her mind for wrapping her arms around his neck.
She'll blame it again for moaning when he places her body on a desk.
She'll hate it when her hands react to pulling him forward towards her.

The Joker rips apart her blouse.

His hands roaming all over her breast, his hands claw away her bra leaving lines of red on her chest as the garment is removed from her body. His painted lips leave shades of faded red on her nipples as he sucks and kisses.

She felt paralyzed. Her hands frozen beside her not finding the will nor the strength to move them.

He smirks against her chest and places one final kiss on her left breast before climbing on the desk and straddling her, his grabs her hands and places them on his stomach. "Undress me. Now.

Fear and adrenaline kick in making her reacted by unbuttoning his vest, He slides it off as she continues undressing him removing his hexagonal shirt and unbuttoning his pants. He stops her hands from pulling his pants down and places them on his chest. "Tell me Rachel..." He purrs her name "If I'm such a monster would I have a heart?"

She could feel it.

The beating of his heart.

Rachel swears it beats to another rhythm. A rhythm of chaos and destruction like the sounds of bombs exploding.

"You can hear it, right?" His eyes got darker. She felt smaller. "You're right...monsters don't have hearts...only freaks" He bit the inside of his scars and leaned down "Well m'dear only a freak would be underneath me on top of a desk and I'm still surprised you haven't tried to punch me" He arched a painted eyebrow.

She glared at his remark. She dug her nails into his chest but that only caused him to grind against her warm dripping heat. She could feel his arousal and her toes curled up unintentionally. "Scratch me bite me whatever you want gum drop...I'm your canvas babe and so are you"

The last statement gave her fear but not any fear a fear that made her even more wet than she was already.

"I hate you" She pulled his hair and crashed his lips to hers.

He bit her lip; she pulled his head back by his hair, he growls and groped her breast tightly. She winces and wraps her hands around his neck, his eyes roll up and he grinds more forcefully against her slick opening. "Freak..." He laughs and rips her hands away "I know what you are but what em I?" She slaps him.

His licks the tiny droplet of blood. "Hit me...again" Rachel stares in horror.


"Hit me again" She shook her head. The clown prince grabs her by her bruised and raw wrist "No?!" He made a mock upset face and squeezed her wrist. Whimpering she used her other hand and slapped him as hard as she could...and again and again and again until her hand was burning bright red and his cut lip began to gush blood out. He slid his pants down and with not even a second thought he entered her.


He placed his palms on either side of her face, supporting his weight on his hands as he pounded into the assistant attorney with no mercy what so ever.

This time she didn't close her eyes.

She looked at him.

His dark brown eyes disappearing into the black of his paint.

All of Rachel's emotions were going a thousand miles per hour, the way his hips slapped hers, the way he grins when she moans, how his arms tense up, the way his hair cascades down and sticks to his sweat covered face, how she can't look away when his tongue glides over his dry lips and for once she won't blame her mind.

She'll blame herself.

The tension inside of them burst.

Rachel screaming.
Joker growling.
:) I feel very proud. My first Jokachel fic :dance: and you some of you dont know thats Joker and Rachel Dawes both from TDK :love: im into this pair thanks to :iconblood-and-lust-87: who does incredible vids/stories/drawings for this awesome pair!! and im happy to dedicate this to her :glomp: this ones for you Sensei :salute: hope you like!!

Go check her out here and on Youtube!! trust me you wont regret it she is awesome :D

Now this paring gets a lot of flames and im asking my readers: If you dont like this pair then dont comment and ESPECIALLY dont go over to her page and flame her. The idea is to expand the love for the pair and get others to join in on the love. So a thousand thank you's if you follow this plz :D

As always I adore my readers :glomp: :kiss:
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
"Who is that girl over there?"
"I don't know but,god,look at her outfit!"
I glare directly at these two preppy chick to the right of me.Do they think I can't hear their snickering?The day I graduate from the damned school is the day I'll make sure dumbasses like them are jobless.

The class pours into the room,and two guys are fighting over who gets stuck sitting next to me.

It isn't like I bite,I mean,my rats may,but I wouldn't go as far as risking my two best friends over some mere child.

The two guys break into a shoving fight,and the teacher scolds them,and they take a seat.

The taller of the two sat next to me.Honestly I don't see how the teacher puts so much fear into everyone,she obviously couldn't make it anywhere in life,so shes forced on a teachers salary,pity.

The teacher begins her reviewing,some kids pass notes,some stare off,and a few actually pay attention.

And I see a folded up piece of paper in front of me,Is it for me?Or do they want me to pass it.
Either way,I open it.

"Are you a girl or a guy?"

My face gets red with anger,instead of replying I shout at the kid in front of me

And the class goes bug-eyed and silent.

Except for one voice,"So you're a hermaphrodite?"
The teacher however,ignores the remark and grabs my arm and throws me out of the class and slams the door in my face.

Instead of going to the principal (Which obviously is what she wanted me to do.)
I walked through the main door.

Fuck this place.
As I promised dearie. <3 As I promised.

Hope you like it Aubery.


–noun individual in which reproductive organs of both sexes are present.Compare pseudohermaphrodite.
2.Biology. an organism, as an earthworm or plant, having normally both the male and female organs of generation.
3.a person or thing in which two opposite qualities are combined.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Magic Trunk

“Hey Bernice.  What was so urgent I had to come over right away?” asked a twentyish woman, posing in the doorway to show off her new skirt.

Bernice ignored Tanya’s primping.  Her dusky-skinned friend always tried to look her best, and while a little part of her had to admit Tanya looked yummy in that cute little dress, the rest of her was too excited with her news.  “My great-aunt left me something cool in her will.”

Tanya grinned.  “Cool.  Where is it?”

Bernice led the way into the living room.  Crouching where her parents’ old-school stereo cabinet used to be was a large chest.  With its ornate wooden carving and curved top, it looked like a prop from a pirate movie.  “Isn’t it cool?”

Bernice shrugged.  “I... guess?  I mean, it’s just an oversize steamer trunk.  Was there something cool inside it?”

“I don’t know.  I can’t open it.”

“A trunk you can’t open?  How is that cool, chica?”

“Because it does this when I’m near the lock.”  Bernice waved her hand in front of an ornate carving in the front of the trunk, and parts of it glowed faintly.

“Oh!  Is it magic?” asked Tanya, softly.  “Did your great aunt seriously give you a magic trunk in her will?”

“Yeah.  My parents got the house, I just get a magic chest.”  Bernice grinned, and bounced in place, her chest heaving and her hair flowing in a way that always turned Tanya’s head.  “I think I got the better deal.”

“If you can open it,” mused Tanya.

“The note that came with it said something about my twenty-first birthday.  I’ve tried everything I can think of, but it doesn’t react.  But next week...”

Tanya grinned.  “We can have a birthday and magic trunk party.  Cool.  Will your parents mind?”  She looked around at the living room and frowned.  “Wait, where’s all their stuff?”

Bernice grinned back.  “They’ve moved in to Great-aunt Hiroko’s house.”

“So are they going to sell this place?  You’ve lived here all your life!”

Bernice shook her head.  “It’s mine now.”

“Awesome!  Then we can really have a party.  After exams.  You missed a week of classes, are you going to be OK?”

Bernice nodded.  “I’m ready.  And having a party to look forward to will make it go that much faster.”

* * *

Bernice sighed as she picked up another discarded beer can.  “God, how can ten people make such a mess in a couple hours?”

Tanya snorted.  “Not like it’s the first time.”

“It’s the first time in my place, where I’m the only one responsible for keeping it clean.  I got a small annuity from the will, but it’s only enough to keep this place going, not enough to live off of too.  I can’t afford to hire cleaners.”

“I’m helping.  Kim and Rob stayed, too.”

Bernice looked over at the other two.  Kim had been a good friend since high school, but Bernice barely knew Rob.  Kim was obviously smitten by him, but the bad-boy vibe and leather jacket grated on Bernice’s nerves.  She’d expected him to start a fight all night, but nothing bad had happened.  They’d even stayed to help clean up, though right now they were making out on the couch.

Bernice tossed the last tin in the recycling bag.  “Done.  I just wish the stupid chest had opened, so we all could have seen what was inside.”

To her surprise, Rob spoke up then.  “When were you born?”

“Today.  Well, twenty-one years ago today.”

He sat up, drawing a slight pout from Kim.  “Not what day,” he clarified.  “What time of day?”

“Oh!  Um... Late.  Eleven forty-something at night?”

Rob pointed to the clock on the wall.  “And it’s currently ten to midnight.  Try the lock again.”

Bernice shrugged, and waved her hand across the front of it like she had several times that night, showing it off to the gathered acquaintances.  This time, however, instead a dim general glow over the carving, it glowed more brightly, and a tracery of intense purple light shone from some of the grooves within it.

Rob’s eyes lit up.  “A maze-lock!  I’ve heard of these.”  He hopped up from the couch, shedding his jacket as he moved to the chest.  He crouched before it, carefully examining the tracery that was slowly fading out.  “They’re incredibly rare,” he said reverently.

“How do you know so much about them?” Bernice asked Rob, surprised.

“Dad’s one of the best safecrackers around.  I picked up a lot.  Maze locks are... almost legends, though I’ve seen replicas.  They’re basically impossible to defeat.”

Bernice’s shoulders sagged.  “Oh fooey.  So I’ll never get it open?”

Rob laughed, but not unkindly.  Bernice looked at him oddly, it seemed out of character.  “Oh, it’s easy to open," Rob said.  "But you have to be a direct blood descendant of the latest owner.”

“But Hiroko was my great-aunt,” protested Bernice.  “My grandpa’s sister.  I’m not a direct descendant.”

Rob shrugged.  “The lock glows when you’re near it.  It thinks you’re a descendent.  Maybe there’s more to your family history than it seems, hm?”  The grin he flashed her made Bernice suddenly jealous of Kim.  She was never one for bad boys, and they’d never really looked at her with her mousy hair and almond eyes.  It wasn’t fair.  Her cousins had inherited the same olive skin, but they’d all ended up achingly pretty, and she was the mouse of the family.

“Fine,” she said, finally.  “I’m a descendant.  So?”

“Solve the maze.”

Bernice looked at Rob for a moment longer, then shrugged, and put her hand near the lock again.  The tracery glowed once more, a different pattern this time.  She looked around the edge, found the spot where it started, and started tracing her finger along it.

“Um, Rob?”


“My finger is stuck.  I can’t pull it away from the lock.”

Rob nodded.  “That’s part of why it’s so feared.  If you can’t solve the maze, you’re trapped.”

“Could have told me that before I started,” Bernice huffed.

Rob waved the comment off. “You can still see the maze, you’re fine.”

Bernice finished tracing out the maze, then pulled her finger away with a relieved sigh.  The lock glowed brightly then with an anticlimactic click it let the lid pop up a crack.  “That’s it?”

“Now we get to see what’s inside!” cheered Tanya.   “Open it!”

Bernice smiled at her friend’s enthusiasm, and flung the top open.  The trunk was stuffed to the brim with clothing, a tangled, unsorted heap of clothing of every description.

“Clothes?  Just...  I don’t get it.  I have a magically locked trunk, and it’s full of... clothes?”

Bernice dug through the pile, scattering brightly coloured garments around the trunk.  By the time she was at the bottom, tops and skirts and jackets and corsets and bras of all description were heaped around it.  “That’s it?” she asked petulantly.  “Just clothes?  I have a magic trunk, and all that’s in it are clothes and a small pile of blue string?  I was hoping for something...”

“More like Lynne’s magic hairbrush?  God, she made such a fuss over that thing.”

Bernice nodded.  “Yeah.  She turned my hair green with it, once.  That was fun.  People actually looked at me.”

“They were laughing at you, too.”

“Didn’t care then.  Don’t care now.”

Rob had been poking through the pile of clothes, curiously.  “There’s something weird about all this stuff.”

Bernice turned to look at him curiously.  “What do you mean?”

He held up a bra, and shook it out.  There were four cups rather than the usual two.  “Not one piece of clothing I’ve found is made for normal people.  The shirts have one sleeve, or three, or five.  There are at least three four-legged pair of pants, and two three-legged ones I’ve seen so far.  But no two-legged ones.

Tanya giggled drunkenly as she looked at the bra in Rob’s hands.  “It looks like it’d fit you.  Put it on!”

“What?  No!”

Kim slinked up against her boyfriend and whispered something in his ear that made him blush dark enough to hide his freckles.  He didn’t protest as she pulled his shirt over his head, though he did squirm a little as she settled the bra in place.

“There!” Kim slurred.  “Doesn’t he look cute?”

Bernice frowned in puzzlement.  “He fills it out a bit too well.  What just...”  She reached out and grabbed one of the lower bra cups.  When she squeezed it Rob moaned in pleasure.

“Hey!  That’s my boyfriend.  Only I get to grope his...  hic.”  Kim stared at her boyfriend’s chest, then reached out and squeezed one of the upper cups of the bra he was wearing, producing more moans.  “Wait.  Why does my boyfriend have boobs?”

“I don’t,” protested Rob.  Until he looked down at his body and saw the curves of flesh spilling out over the top of the bra.  “What the fuck?”

“Take it off!” cheered Kim and Tanya as Rob struggled his way out of the bra.  It took him three tries to manage the hooks in back, which even got Bernice giggling a little.  Especially because Rob was cursing about how he could normally do this blindfolded and in the dark.

Then it was impossible to argue.  Rob’s four large breasts bounced free as he flung the bra aside.  “Holy fuck.  I have tits!”

Bernice stared in as much shock as Rob was showing.  “But... you have bigger tits than I do!  That’s not fair!” she wailed.

Kim gave Rob’s chest a good fondling.  “He has bigger boobs than even I do, sweetie.  I like it...”

“You do?”

Kim nodded. “Wanna know a biiig secret?”

Tanya glared at the redhead, and shook her head.  “Kim...”

“All three of us girls here are bi.  Bernie won’t admit it, but she and Tanya have had a crush on each other for years.”

“Oh...”  Rob looked stunned.  Then he looked down at his boobs.  “So you like this?”

Kim leaned in and sucked on one of his breasts, making Rob shudder.  When she came up for air, her eyes were gleaming. “Oh fuck yeah.”


Bernice, meanwhile, was in tears.  She’d taken off her blouse and bra, and was wearing the bra that Rob had discarded.  “It doesn’t work!” she cried.

Tanya dug through the pile and offered her a bra with three cups side-by-side.  The cups were bigger than the Ds on the bra Rob had used.  “Try this one.”

Bernice shucked out of the one bra, and had the other on in seconds.  “Aww, it didn’t do anything either.”

Tanya giggled.  “Are you sure about that, sugar?”  She reached out and groped her friend, emphasising the fact that the cups of the bra were indeed full.

Bernice squealed with joy, and squirmed out of the bra to look at her new assets.  “Oh my word!  They’re beautiful.”  She broke out into fresh tears.

Tanya hugged her and kissed the tears away.  “What’s wrong?”

“I have boobs!  I actually, really, honest to goodness have boobs!  Thank you so much!”

“Why thank me?  It’s your magic trunk that did it.  I bet all these clothes will do this...”  A wicked look grew on Tanya’s face, then she hopped up and went to one of the recycling bags.  She returned with an empty vodka bottle, set it down between the friends, and gave it a spin.  It ended up pointing at Kim.

“What?” asked Kim.  “Do I have to kiss Bernie?”

“No,” said Tanya with that big grin.  “She gets to pick out a piece of this stuff for you to wear.”

Bernice looked uncertain until Kim grinned and started taking off her top.  “Hit me with your best shot,” Kim challenged.

Bernice sorted through the pile until she found a sleeveless top.  She handed it to Kim, blushing as she realized Kim hadn’t been wearing a bra.  Bernice still took a good look as Kim wriggled into the top.

“Can someone give me a hand with this?” asked Kim.  “I’m stuck.”

Rob tugged the top down until Kim’s head popped out.  “Where’d your arms go?”

Kim looked down at the arm-holes of the top, belatedly noticing that there was a fine nylon mesh over each one.  “I... don’t seem to have them any more.”  She started to hyperventilate.  “My arms are gone!”

Bernice was watching this play out with her hand to her mouth.  Rob only shrugged.  “They weren’t your best feature anyway.”

“Take it off!” ordered Kim.  “Maybe my arms will come back.”

They didn’t.  Rob, Bernice, and Tanya all stared at Kim.  Tanya was the first to speak, dryly noting, “it was only an ‘armless joke.”

“Not funny,” Kim huffed.  But Bernice started to giggle, and then Rob joined in.

“Come on, babe,” encouraged Rob.  “You look good like this.”

“Really?  I...”  Kim looked down at herself.  “I feel really helpless.”

“You were the one that offered to be tied up if I wore that damned bra...” said Rob with a leer.  “This is even better.”

Kim snickered.  “You would think so.  Fine.”  She kicked the bottle with her foot, sending it spinning.  It pointed at Rob.  “Hey Bernice,” Kim called out.  “Find a four-armed top so pretty-boy here can fondle all of his own breasts at once.”

Bernice dug through the pile, and tossed a purple button-down shirt with four slim sleeves at Rob.  Rob sighed, and put it on.  His arms barely fit at first, but as soon as the shirt was settled around him, before he could even button it up, two more hands poked out of the two extra sleeves.  “That was quick,” he noted, and slipped the shirt off again.

“You’ve got girl arms!” exclaimed Kim, excitedly.  “Cool.”

“I do?” asked Rob.  He stared at his arms, flexing them.  “Bah, they feel so weak.”

Kim wriggled up beside him and snuggled against his body.  “But your arms and chest are so lovely and smooth now.  None of that icky hair.”

“You never called my chest hair icky before,” complained Rob. “If I’d known, I’d have shaved it.”

Kim shuddered.  “Ew, then you’d be all stubbly.  This is way better, and you get boobs in the bargain, too!”

Rob just shook his head.  “Well, as long as someone’s having fun...  I guess it’s my turn.”  He reached out with his lower right arm, and gave the bottle a flick.  It ended up pointing at Tanya.  “Hm.  What would look good on you?  How about this toque.”  He tossed a knitted hat to Tanya.

Once the hat was perched on Tanya’s head, the purpose of the holes in its sides became apparent.  Two fuzzy white ears poked out.  Bernice giggled.  “You’ve got bear ears!”  And when Tanya pulled the hat off to check, it revealed that her black hair had gone pure white instead.

Tanya ran to check herself out in the bathroom mirror.  While she was doing so, Bernice got Rob to help her drag the standing mirror from her bedroom into the living room.  “There.  Now we can all see ourselves.”

Tanya gave the bottle a spin, and it fetched up against Kim’s leg.  “Hm.  We should balance you out,” mused Tanya.  “Let me see...”   She started digging through the pile, and pulled out a three-legged pair of pants.  She dumped that near the bottle, and shook her head.  “Close, but not quite...  Aha!”

Tanya handed Kim what looked like a pair of panties, just without any leg-holes.

Kim stared at Tanya.  “Are you serious?”

Tanya shrugged.  “I didn’t make up the rules.”

“Yes you did!  I’ll be totally... helpless...”  Kim looked over at Rob, and bit her lip.  “Will you...”

Rob just grinned at her lecherously.

“OK, give me a hand getting them on.”

Moments later, Kim was entirely limbless.  All that was left was her head and her naked torso.  Rob scooped her up, drawing a squeal from her.

“Wow, you’re light like this.”

“Hey!” called Tanya as Rob started toward a guest bedroom.  “Kim still gets a go.”

“Fine.  What do you want me to wear, Kim?”

Kim looked down at the three-legged pants lying next to the bottle.  “Grab those, and let’s go.”

Tanya watched them go, and her grin just widened as she heard their squeals of...   Well, Rob seemed a bit annoyed, but Kim sounded happy.  And before long, Rob did too.  Tanya licked her lips, and looked over at Bernice.  “Just the two of us left.”

“Yup.  Spin to see who goes first?”

“Nah.  You pick something, I pick something, we trade.”

Bernice started digging in the pile.  She cooed over a long, narrow corset with a full dozen small breasts down the front.  “I could have worn this at my old size...  Here, give it a try.”

Tanya grinned, and accepted the gift.  “You just want my tits to be as small as yours used to be.”

“Mmmaybe.  I just think you’ll look sexy with that many boobs.”

“Me too.  Here.”  Tanya handed over a set of tights that had four legs instead of two, and they both started wriggling into their respective items.

Tanya’s corset had no zip or lacings in the back, but it was stretchy enough that she could wiggle her way into the neck hole.  It wasn’t until she’d pulled it up under her arms that she realized her legs weren’t emerging from the bottom... instead a tapering tube of flesh emerged from the bottom of the corset, extending about three feet until it came to a thin, whiplike tip.  Smaller and smaller breasts lined the first two feet of the length.  She tried to count how many boobs she had, and got distracted around twenty when Bernice stood up.

Bernice didn’t just have four legs, the leggings had stretched apart as she put them on, creating a full length torso between the legs as well.  As she tried walking back and forth in front of the mirror, the effect was much like a centaur, except with human legs and lower torso.

Tanya giggled.  “Your back feet have the same toenail polish as your front ones.  Same mole, too.”

Bernice turned to look at her friend, and gasped.  “What happened to your legs?”

Tanya writhed her tail-body to show it off.  “I don’t care.  Wriggling on the floor like this feels incredible.”

“But you’re...  Not even human any more.”

Tanya looked at her arms.  “Some of me is human.  Bah, let’s fix that.  Find me a top, and I’ll give you one.”

Bernice handed Tanya what looked like a T-shirt, except it had three equally-spaced sleeves, rather than just two.  Tanya managed to find a turtleneck sweater with only two sleeves.  To make up for that, it also had two neck-holes.

Bernice held up the sweater, staring at it nervously.  “I don’t know.  Two heads?”

“I’ve got a lot of nipples needing attention.”

Bernice giggled, and slipped the sweater on.  Her head popped out the top, and she had a sudden sense of dizziness as she got two views of Tanya instead of one.  She looked left and right, and saw her own head.  “Aaa!” said the left head.  “Eeek!” said the right.

Tanya just giggled.  She waved her three tentacles about, grinning like a little kid.  “Perfect!  C’mon, let’s go give these bodies a workout.”


“Oh come on, Bernice.  Live a little.”

Bernice shook her heads, wobbling as they shook in opposite directions and made her even dizzier.  “This two heads thing is...”

“Just think.  You can suckle two boobs at once.”

“I guess.”  Bernice closed one set of eyes, then started picking up all the discarded items. “Give me a minute to put the used ones away, so we don’t try to use them again.”

Tanya sighed, then pitched in to help  Bernice always had been the responsible one.  All the used items got put back in the trunk, except for the triple of pants that was in the guest room with Kim and Rob.  Given the noises coming out of that room, Bernice had no interest in going in.  So Tanya took care of it instead, coming out with a huge grin.


“These pants?”  Tanya held them up with one tentacle.  “They’re women’s pants.”

“So Rob...”

Tanya giggled.  “Two pussies.  Kim’s in heaven.”

Once the last used item was in the trunk, Bernice closed the lid.  The lock closed with a loud clunk, glowing briefly as it did so.  Bernice’s eyes widened, and she tried opening the trunk once more.  The lock wouldn’t even glow.

“Oh god... are we stuck?” Bernice asked in echoed whispers.

“Eh, I can think of worse ways.  You can pass as human... if you hide the second head and your lower body behind a door.  I’m sure this will all wear off just like Lynne’s brush did.”

Bernice nodded in tandem, and let Tanya lead her to her bedroom.

* * *

“Your tail is amazing.  I hope we figure out how to use that corset again” said Bernice, two sweaty hours later.

Tanya tenderly traced two tentacle along Bernice’s jawlines.  “Me too.  I’m going to miss this body when the magic fades.  I’ll miss your second tongue, too.”

“How long do you think it’ll take?”

Tanya shrugged, her three tentacles turning it into a flowing, sensuous gesture.  “A day at most.  Your green hair from the magic brush only lasted what, eight hours?”

“Something like that.  We should make good use of it while we can...” Bernice said with a broad grin.

Tanya growled and pounced.

* * *

Late in the morning, when everyone finally got moving, they were still in their altered forms.  Rob carried Kim down to the kitchen, propped her up in a chair, and fed her breakfast cereal while the coffee was brewing.

Tanya slithered down a little later, followed by Bernice who was complaining about having to coordinate four legs and four eyes before coffee.  She accepted a steaming mug from Rob with a grateful look, sipping at it with each head in alternation.

After she felt human again, despite not really looking so, Tanya turned to Rob. “So what happened to the tough guy act, anyway?”

Kim answered first.  “No guy left, for one.”

Rob stuck out his tongue at her, which just made her grin.  “It’s just an act I learned to fit in with my Dad’s crowd.  I kept it up, because certain people seem to like it.”  He shot Kim a dangerous look, which made her grin even wider.

“You don’t seem so dangerous without the big manly arms and big manly legs... not to mention what used be between them.”

Rob laughed.  “Yeah.  I’m looking forward to getting little Bobby back when all this fades.”

“Hey... it’s just us girls here, right?” asked Kim.

Tanya frowned.  “I suppose...”

“So if this doesn’t fade by tonight, we could have a slumber party!” Kim enthused.

Bernice shrugged.  “Sounds fun to me.  I haven’t watched Thelma and Louise in ages...”

Rob made gagging noises, but stopped when Kim glared at him.  “It won’t be that bad, sweetie.  We’ll make a good girl of you yet.”

“Yeah, like that’s what I always wanted to be...”  Rob laughed, and shrugged.  “Well, it’ll be different.”

Kim looked over Bernice and Tanya. “I see you two had fun after we took off.  Is having two heads as much fun in bed as it sounds?”

Tanya grinned.  “More.”  Bernice blushed furiously, but nodded.

They lazed around Bernice’s townhouse all day, exploring their modified anatomy.  Bernice practiced singing with both mouths, until she could harmonize with herself.  Tanya showed off just how maneuverable her tail was, and Kim’s comments about that made Bernice blush even brighter than before.

Rob asked Bernice for something to juggle, and she found some toy balls in among all the boxes of kid stuff her parents had left in the storeroom.  They all got a good laugh out of watching him try to coordinate four arms and juggle.  He eventually gave up, and just used his hands to move four balls around in the air, and claimed that as juggling.

Kim got impatient by lunchtime, and insisted on having arms and legs once more so she could feed herself, even if it meant she’d be ‘stuck’ for longer.  They discovered that the chest was willing to unlock once more, and the clothing that had been inside it could be used again.  Kim gave herself four arms and four boobs to match Rob, though she left her (lack of) legs alone, as she loved it when Rob carried her around.

There were plenty of leftover snacks from the party, though by dinnertime they were all starting to get a bit nervous.  Most magic that they’d heard of didn’t last much more than half a day, and they were expecting to change back at any moment.  So leaving the apartment was out of the question, even if they’d come up with some story about their rather... unusual forms.

Bernice called out for pizza, and used Tanya’s suggestion of mostly hiding behind the door when she paid.  She giggled as the door closed.  “I don’t think he suspected a thing!”

“Party time!” cheered Tanya as she slithered up to help carry the pizzas.  Her lower breasts were tougher than they looked, and didn’t chafe on the soft carpets in Bernice’s place.

After eating, the girls talked Rob into letting them paint his fingernails and toenails.  He reluctantly agreed, as long as there was to be no teasing if he changed back and still had polish when he had his male hands back again.  Despite his misgivings, Rob found all the attention and pampering fun.  With his four hands and three feet there were an awful lot of nails to paint.

While Bernice was working on Rob’s middle foot, she noticed something odd.  “Look at this, Tanya.  His middle foot has little toes on both sides.  It’s symmetric.”

“Cool.  It looks better that way than being a left or right foot would.  It almost looks natural.”

Bernice frowned at a thought.  “Natural...  Uhoh.”

“What?” asked Rob, worriedly.

“Why does magic only last a little while?” Bernice asked, dropping into teaching assistant mode.

The other girls shrugged, but Rob’s eyes widened.  “Because it tries to impose an unnatural state on the world.  Doing so requires a constant input of power, so absent that, it...  Do you really think that we look natural?”

“Look at Kim’s shoulders.  Or Tanya’s tentacles.  They don’t look patched on, they merge with the rest of their body smoothly.  It’s amazing work, and...”

“Crap.  Crap crap crap,” muttered Rob.  “All the clothing in that trunk was female.  Well, we’ll know by midnight.  I've never heard of temporary magic lasting longer than a day.”

That put a damper on everyone’s spirits, so they quickly finished up Rob’s nails, and put on a cheesy movie to distract themselves.  In retrospect, Return of the Killer Tomatoes might not have been the best choice.

“Look at the bright side,” said Kim afterward.  “At least you’re not likely to get stuck as a tomato for the rest of your life.”

Rob snorted.  “I guess.  And it could be worse.  Classes are out, so we’ve got a while to figure this out.  Nothing’s forcing us to go outside like this...”

Kim grinned.  “And you had a lot of fun with that body last night.”

“So did you.”

“C’mon.  We’ve got an hour left to midnight.  Let’s give it one more workout, just in case these only last a day.”

Tanya leered at Bernice as Rob carried Kim off.  “Kim has the right idea.  C’mon.”  She slithered toward Bernice’s bedroom, and after two last worried looks at the magic trunk, Bernice followed.

* * *

Once again, Rob was the first one up.  He carried Kim’s reduced body down to the kitchen morosely, and continued through the morning routine with ill temper.

“Come on, sweetie,” Kim was saying as the others emerged to the scent of coffee.  “It’s not so bad.”

“Not so bad?  I’ve got too many arms, too many legs, tits, and the only male part of me is my head.  I look stupid.”

“You’re hardly the only one who can’t pass as human,” said Kim.  “Did any of those shirts have the normal number of limbs, Bernie?”

Bernice showed off her two arms.  Her right head did the talking while the left drunk coffee.  “One did.  Two heads, though.  It’s not as bad as you’d think, really.  I’d almost forgotten about it.”

“Same here,” said Kim.  “It feels like this body is perfectly normal.”

Rob and Tanya nodded as well.  “I’m not really sure I want to change back,” added Tanya.  “This body is made for sex.”

Kim looked Tanya over, and licked her lips.  “I bet... but it’s missing something.  Bernice, can you dig out the panties that you used on my legs?”

“Hey,” protested Tanya as Bernice held up the legless panties.  “I like my tail.”

“Oh, this isn’t for your tail,” leered Kim.  “I want to know if clothes can fit in the wrong places.”


“If this works, we can use the no-legs panties to get rid of two of Rob’s arms, or Bernice’s back half.  We could piece together normalcy that way.”

“Well, if you think so...  OK, I’m game,” said Tanya.

“Put it on her head, Bernie.”


The protest came too late.  Bernice was already following Kim’s suggestion and jamming the panties onto Tanya’s head.  They sunk down readily, as if Tanya’s head wasn’t even there.  When the hem of the panties went over Tanya’s shoulders, her tentacle-arms got sucked up into it and vanished.

“Keep going!” urged Kim, but the changes had stopped once Bernice had stopped pulling, and trying to tug the panties further down proved fruitless.

Bernice pulled the panties away, and stared in shock at what she’d wrought.  The top of Tanya’s body looked like an empty set of hips, with a pair of lips oriented where a pussy might be expected to be.

“Woah,” said Tanya, and a tongue licked out and moistened her lips.  “I feel so... Ooooh...”

“Tanya?” asked Bernice.  “Are you OK?”

Tanya kept licking her lips and squirming, her tail finding its way to her chest to twine around her breasts.  The moans coming out of her mouth didn’t sound pained, though.  Rather the opposite.

The other three watched in fascination as Tanya writhed in the throes of what sounded like an earth-shattering orgasm.  When she finally calmed down, Bernice pulled her into a hug, and Tanya cooed happily.  “That was amaz... mmm, gotta shut up or it’ll start again.”

“Are you OK, Tanya?  You can breathe and all that?”

Tanya snuggled happily against Bernice, but didn’t answer.

“Can you hear me?  Say something...”

After more silence had gone by, Kim spoke up.  “No ears.  So I doubt she can hear, or see.  I so have to try that later.”

“You want to be like this?” asked Bernice, wonderingly.

“Yeah.  And legless, too.  Just a fuck toy for my guy... wait... damn.  I don’t suppose you have a strap-on anywhere handy, Bernie?”

Bernice shook her head.  “I don’t have anything like that.”

“Not even a dildo?  You poor thing, we need to correct that... but to do that, someone needs to be mostly human again.”

“That would be nice, yes,” said Rob.  “Or at the very least, partly male.”

Bernice stared at the magic trunk, thinking.  “What if...  The trunk recharged the clothes we put in it.  What if we put some of our own clothes in?  They might react the same way.  Rob’s pants would make him male again.”

“Or they could make someone else male,” interjected Kim.  “We could trade parts!  That’d be so cool!  Do it.”

Bernice collected up Rob, Kim and Tanya’s discarded clothes, then gathered up four sets of her own, and put them all in the magic trunk.  The lock closed with the same exaggeratedly loud clunk as it had the previous night.  “Now we wait.”

“Why?” asked Rob.  “I want to change back now.”

Bernice waved her hand in front of the lock.  It didn’t react.  “It won’t open, just like last time.  It opened fine the next morning so... maybe eight hours?  Maybe less.”

“Ah well.  I guess I can live with this body for a while longer,” said Rob.  “I should practice four-handed juggling again while I have the chance.”

Kim laughed.  “That’s the only thing you can think of doing to pass the time?”

“I don’t want to get too used to the... other stuff.  I might not want to change back.”

“Really?” Kim asked excitedly.  “So once we change back, you might... consider this again?”

Rob stared down at his body, tracing his four hands over his four chests, and then on down to his three smooth, feminine legs.  “I... yeah.  I could be persuaded.”

“Awesome.  Hey Bernie, you have lots of spare rooms now.  Can me and Rob move in?”

“I...  If you pay for the groceries and utilities, sure.”

Kim’s eyes widened.  “No rent?”

Bernice explained her financial situation.  She owned the place free and clear, and had a trust fund that would pay for its upkeep.  Getting food covered, and some extra on the side, she’d actually be making a modest profit.  Kim and Rob thought it was a great deal, and actually bargained the price up a bit.

“What about Tanya?  Is she going to stay here too?”

“Tanya?”  Bernice asked, then laughed.  “Right, she can’t hear.  Can you find some kind of pullover top for her?”

Tanya struggled away from the top when she felt it slipping over her, but Bernice persisted.  Soon Tanya had her head back, and her three tentacles as well.  Her head was normal, without the fuzzy bear ears.  Tanya pouted at Bernice.  “Why’d you go and do that?”

“Wait... you wanted to stay headless?”

Tanya nodded eagerly.  “It was great!  Having a tongue built into my second pussy rocked.”

“But you couldn’t see or hear...” protested Bernice.

“So?  Don’t need to see to fuck.  That body was all about sex.  Can we recharge the panties?”

Bernice nodded.  “As soon as our clothes are ready.”  She explained what they’d done while Tanya was enjoying the dark and silence, then went on to invite Tanya to stay at the townhouse with her.

“At that rent, sure.  That’s an awesome deal,” grinned Bernice.  “I’d pay three times that for a place with these amenities.”  She pointed a tentacle at the magic trunk.

Bernice giggled.  “You just want me for my body... or the body I can have, with the right clothing.”

“Yup!  We gotta get you into this corset.”

“Sure.  Once I know we can change back.”

So they waited.  Every hour Bernice would wave her hand in front of the trunk’s lock to see if it would light up.  A couple hours after lunch, it did.

Bernice rushed through the maze, and everyone crowded around as the trunk opened.  Bernice pulled out one of her tops and frowned.  “Why does this blouse have seven arms?  I swear it only had two when I put it in...”

Rob pushed forward, and grabbed out his shorts.  “Crap!  These look like a skirt now.  Are they going to turn me into a girl?”

“You’re already mostly a girl,” Kim pointed out.  “Why not try it out and see?”

While Rob was struggling with his tube-shaped shorts, the others pulled out their own clothes.  Tanya’s dress had only one sleeve, but otherwise looked ‘normal’.  Kim’s T-shirt was armless, which made her cheer, but her shorts had eight legs.  

Kim started putting on her eight-legged shorts while Rob was struggling to stand.  His shorts had given him a single, thick leg.  On the plus side, he figured, it was very definitely a male leg, muscular and hairy.  It still had bright purple toenail polish on its nine toes.

Soon Rob was hopping around the room on his single leg, and Kim was wriggling her eight new tentacles.  She used those tentacles to pull her T-shirt on, and then wriggled her way over to the standing mirror to check herself out.  “Look!  I’m an octopus!”

Tanya laughed.  “It’s a good look for you.  You should stay like that for a while.”

“But how is she going to get back to normal?” asked Bernice.  “How are any of us going to get back to normal?”  She shook a handful of clothes at Tanya, four tops with varying numbers of arms, none of them ‘two’.

“Go with the three-arm top, and hide an arm?”

Bernice took a deep breath, and nodded.  “I guess that’d work.  What about legs, though?  Hard to hide a third leg.”

“Go legless, and use a wheelchair?”

“Kim!  That’s not helpful.  Well... I suppose it would work.  Better than going out looking like an octopus.”

“People know magic exists,” pointed out Kim. “It’s rare and expensive even for the temporary...  Geez, how much is this trunk worth, then?  Even with the twist?”

“Magic is worth a lot,” said Rob.  “Dad stole a magic wand some years back, and we got to play with it a bit before he delivered it.  It could only add copies of existing body features, and they lasted about two hours.  Even then, the job paid enough for him to retire.”

“So you’ve had multiple arms before?” asked Kim.

“Yeah.  Couldn’t juggle then, either.”  Rob paused, and considered the problem.  “The twist would cut the value down a lot.  And the family line lock even further.  Without that, it’d be worth millions... but since it can’t be transferred, it’s not really worth anything at all.”

“Ah,” said Kim, dejectedly.  “Still, we can do funky stuff like this.”  She wiggled her leg-tentacles in front of her face, giggling at the sight of them.  “Think of what I can do with all these... pity you didn’t end up with four-legged pants.”

“There were a set of six-leggers in here, somewhere,” said Tanya with a smirk.  “That’d keep you two busy for a while.”

“Focus!  How are we going to get normal?  I want to walk out of the apartment with two legs and two arms someday.”

“Fine,” said Kim.  “Was there anything other than clothes in the trunk?  Instructions, magic erasers?  Ooh, we should get some chalk-board erasers and see if the trunk empowers them.”

Bernice emptied out the trunk.  “Nope.  Just this box full of bits of blue string.”

Rob picked up one of the bits of string, and tied it around a finger.  “To remind me to... wait a minute.”  He untied the string, and everyone stared at his finger.  Where the string had dug in, there was a deep divot in his flesh.  Over the course of the next minute, it flowed and filled in, making it seem as if he’d never done it at all.

“That was weird,” said Bernice.  “Do my wrist.”

Rob obligingly tied a string tight but not too tight about Bernice’s wrist.  They took the string off, and Bernice grinned.  “I look like a mannequin.”

“A bit.  You’d need smoother skin and...”  Kim’s eyes went distant.  “What would happen if we put a mannequin stand in the trunk?”

Bernice pouted as she watched her wrist return to normal.  “What if we tied one around my wrist and left it like that for a minute or two?  Tie it tighter this time.”

“As the lady wishes.”

Everyone watched, wondering what would happen.  After about thirty seconds, Bernice’s hand started to shrink away until there was nothing left.  The string fell off.  Bernice and the others stared at the stump that remained.  It looked like her arm had always ended in a smooth, rounded lump, as if she’d never had a hand at all.

“Oh my God...” breathed Bernice.  “Yes!” she shouted.

“You wanted your hand amputated?” asked Rob, puzzled.

“No!  Get a long one and do it around my second torso.”

Rob did so, pulling it even tighter this time.  When it pulled through, Bernice’s hindquarters quietly disappeared.  One moment they were there, the next they were gone.  There was a flat plane in place of her bum, where her hindquarters had been.  Over the next minute her cheeks filled out, and soon Bernice’s lower half looked like it originally had.

“Yes!  We can fix things.  Wear something with extra limbs, trim them off, and done!”  She tried to clap, then realized she was short one hand for it.

“Now I just need to get my top half right, and...”

“Wait,” said Tanya.

“Wait?  I can be normal again!”


“Because...”  Bernice trailed off as Tanya wrapped her long sinuous body around Bernice’s legs, and started nuzzling up her side.  “Oooh,” said Bernice.  “That feels...”

Tanya grinned up at her.  “What’s the rush?  We can fix things.  Why not have a little fun, first?”  She held up the long, twelve-cupped corset that had changed her into a boob-snake.

Bernice stared at it for a long time, then slowly reached out and took it from Tanya.  “We can change back...  Tomorrow.”

Tanya grinned even wider as Bernice started wriggling slowly into the corset.  Her hesitancy meant that it settled in and started changing her before she’d even got it fully over her legs.  As a result, she ended up about two feet longer than Tanya, keeping her enhanced chest and much of her torso, and adding the boob-snake body below.

“Mmm.  Nice,” purred Tanya, wriggling around Bernice’s new body.

“Do we really have to turn back tomorrow?” asked Bernice, plaintively.



* * *

None of them went back to normal for the next week.  Bernice eventually went out to shop for a few things, coming back with food, a mannequin stand, and a large bag full of things from the ‘adventurous adults’ store she passed on the way home.

Kim spent the following weekend as an armless, legless mannequin.  Rob spent the week after that as a very realistic dildo getting shared among the three girls.

Kim, Tanya and Rob did go back to human in time.  They had things to gather from their old apartments, and clothing to add to the trunk’s collection.  Rob finally got back to his normal body, and after spending one day male, Kim ambushed him with two pairs of legless panties.  Three days later, Robin decided she was going to stay female.

Kim tried to persuade Bernice to rent her out as a mannequin.  It turned out that it didn’t pay very well, and being made of plastic wasn’t nearly as much fun when you had to be a ‘boring old human’.  Still, Tanya took a turn being on display too, just to see what it was like.  She even talked Bernice to spending the week with her as well.

By the end of the summer, they’d each settled into favourite forms at home.  Kim’s favourite was being legless, carried around on Rob’s back.  He used a four-legged pair of his pants and the same pair of three-legged tights as he’d used the first night to create a hybrid human centaur form, male in the back and female up front.  Tanya used the boob-snake top every chance she got, eventually growing her snake body over twenty feet long.

And Bernice?  She kept finding new uses for the condoms they’d put in the trunk, allowing her to look human enough to open the door... at least as long as she was wearing a heavy robe.
Berince inherits a magically locked trunk.  What wonders lie within?  Her friends find out the fun way... until they discover that it wasn't temporary after all...
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