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Marge Simpson in a superhero outfit she wore after losing a life in The Simpsons Arcade Game.

Marge Simpson (C) Matt Groening and FOX
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10: Suzy (Phineas and Ferb)
9: D.W. (Arthur)
8: Cree (Codename Kids Next Door)
7: Sarah (Ed Edd n Eddy)
6: Katie Kaboom (Animaniacs)
5: Nefera (Monster High)
4: Patty and Selma (Simpsons)
3: Vicky (Fairly Odd Parents)
2: Azula (Avatar)
1: Blackfire (Teen Titans)

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This is basically an updated inflated version of the Way To Be Star collage. As with that, the bigger the person is, the more important they are (not in every case though, as some are smaller or bigger to take up the right amount of space.) The other thing with it is if the person is dead they are in black and white, and if they are alive they are in color. It's mostly alphabetical, but not exactly. Everyone on the collage represents someone or something (in some cases many things) that I really like or love. My main goal was to put as many people as possible without using anyone twice.

Here's the rundown of who is featured:

1. Charlie Chaplin as Adenoid Hynkel (representing Chaplin and "The Great Dictator") NOT HITLER!
2. Agent M (representing Tsunami Bomb)
3. Edward Norton as Alan Isaacman (representing Norton and "The People vs Larry Flynt")
4. Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy (representing 30 Rock)
5. Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne (representing Robbins and "The Shawshank Redemption")
6. Anthony Keidis (representing the Red Hot Chili Peppers)
7. Geoge Clooney as Danny Ocean (representing "Ocean's 11")
8. Albert Wesker (representing the Resident Evil videogames)
9. Bruce Campbell as Ash (representing the "Evil Dead" movies)
10. MAAAATT DAMONNNNNN puppet (representing "Team America: World Police")
11. Michael Keaton as Batman (representing Tim Burton's "Batman")
12. Baloo the Bear (representing "Jungle Book")
13. Beck
14. Bob Dylan
15. Ben Gibbard (representing Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service)
16. Seth Rogan as Ben Stone (representing Rogan and "Knocked Up")
17. Bernard Sumner (representing New Order)
18. Beth Gibbons (representing Portishead)
19. David Carradine as Bill (representing the "Kill Bill" movies)
20. Bill Hicks
21. Josh Brolin as Dr. William Block (representing Brolin and "Grindhouse")
22. Bill Maher
23. Billy Corgan (representing Smashing Pumpkins)
24. Billy Joe Armstrong (representing Green Day)
25. Barack Obama
26. Birthday Cat (representing "The Upright Citizens Brigade")
27. Blag Dahlia (representing the Dwarves)
28. Sasha Baron Cohen as Borat (representing Cohen and "Borat")
29. Brandon Flowers (representing the Killers)
30. Brian Aubert (representing the Silversun Pickups)
31. Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana (representing Rudd and "Anchorman")
32. Brian Molko (representing Placebo)
33. Jason Lee as Brodie Bruce (representing Lee and "Mallrats")
34. Bryan Ferry (representing Roxy Music)
35. Russell Crowe as Bud White (representing "LA Confidential")
36. Butters (representing "South Park")
37. James Dean as Cal Trask (representing Dean as an icon and "East of Eden")
38. William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk (representing the original "Star Trek" series as well as the films.)
39. Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman (representing Catwoman)
40. Jessica Makinson as Carly (representing "Halfway Home")
41. Carah Faye Charnow (representing Shiny Toy Guns)
42. Marlon Brando as Colonel Kurtz (representing "Apocalypse Now")
43. Michael Cera as George Michael Bluth (representing Cera and "Arrested Development")
44. Nell Campbell as Columbia (representing "Rocky Horror Picture Show")
45. Conor Oberst (representing Bright Eyes)
46. Michael Biehn as Corporal Dwayne Hicks (representing Biehn and "Aliens")
47. Mickey Rourke as Marv (representing "Sin City")
48. Damien Rice
49. Dana Carvey as the Church Lady (representing Saturday Night Live)
50. Danger Mouse (representing Gnarls Barkley)
51. Dave Chappelle (representing "Chappelle's Show")
52. Dave Grohl (representing Foo Fighters)
53. Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle (representing De Niro and "Taxi Driver")
54. David Bowie
55. David Byrne (representing Talking Heads)
56. David Cross (representing "Mr. Show")
57. Darth Vader (representing the "Star Wars" Trilogy)
58. David Johanson (representing the New York Dolls)
59. Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander (representing "Zoolander")
60. Jack Black as Dewey Finn (representing "School of Rock")
61. Dolores O'Riodan (representing the Cranberries)
62. John C. McGinley as Doctor Perry Cox (representing "Scrubs")
63. Leslie Nielsen as Doctor Rumack (representing "Airplane!")
64. Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote (representing Hoffman and "Capote")
65. Dom Joly (representing "Trigger Happy TV")
66. Clive Owen as Theo Faron (representing Owen and "Children of Men")
67. Eddie Argos (representing Art Brut)
68. Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant (representing "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?")
69. Eddie Vedder (representing Pearl Jam)
70. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow (representing Depp and "Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl")
71. Elvis Presley
72. Tom Cruise as Les Grossman (representing "Tropic Thunder")
73. Emily Haines (representing herself, Metric, and Broken Social Scene)
74. Emily Wynne-Hughes (representing Go Betty Go)
75. Jeff Bridges as The Dude (representing "The Big Lebowski")
76. Fiona Apple
77. Fat Mike (representing NOFX)
78. Frank Black with UKULELE! (representing the Pixies and the ukulele)
79. Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth (representing "Blue Velvet")
80. Steve Carell as Frank Ginsberg (representing Carell and "Little Miss Sunshine")
81. Frank Sinatra
82. Freddie Mercury (representing Queen)
83. Gena Olivier (representing Midnight Movies)
84. George Carlin
85. George Harrison
86. Greg Graffin (representing himself and Bad Religion)
87. Gordon Gano (representing Violent Femmes)
88. Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber (representing Rickman and "Die Hard")
89. Will Farrell as Harold Crick (representing Farrell and "Stranger Than Fiction")
90. Burgess Meredith as Henry Bemis (representing Meredith and "The Twilight Zone" original series)
91. Jeffery Combs as Herbert West (representing "Re-Animator")
92. Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster (representing "The Munsters")
93. Damon Wayans as Homey D. Clown (representing "In Living Color")
94. Howard Devoto (representing the Buzzcocks and Magazine)
95. Ian Curtis (representing Joy Division and "Control")
96. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones (representing Ford and the "Indiana Jones" film series)
97. Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya (representing "The Princess Bride")
98. Marty Feldman as Igor (representing "Young Frankenstein" and all Mel Brooks films)
99. Jack Skelington (representing "Nightmare Before Christmas")
100. Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance (representing Nicholson, "The Shining" and Stanley Kubrick films as well as Stephen King novels)
101. Jack White (representing the White Stripes and the Raconteurs)
102. James Carville
103. Jello Biafra (representing himself and Dead Kennedys)
104. Jenny Lewis (representing herself and Rilo Kiley)
105. Jigsaw's Doll (representing "Saw")
106. Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison (representing Costner and the film "JFK")
107. Jim Morrison (representing The Doors)
108. Jim Gaffigan
109. John Krasinski as Jim Halpert dressed as Dwight Schrute (representing "The Office")
110. Sean Connery as Jim Malone (representing Connery, "The Untouchables", as well as
111. Jimi Hendrix
112. Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan (representing Hanks and "A League of Their Own")
113. Jimmy Pop (representing the Bloodhound Gang)
114. Jim Reid (representing The Jesus and Mary Chain)
115. Joe Montana (representing football and the San Francisco 49ers)
116. Joey Ramone (representing The Ramones)
117. John Candy as Del Griffith (representing Candy and "Planes, Trains and Automobiles")
118. John Cleese (representing himself and "Monty Python")
119. Joe Strummer (representing The Clash)
120. John Fitzgerald Kennedy
121. John Lennon
122. John McEnroe (representing men's tennis)
123. John Wooden (representing UCLA)
124. Johnny Lyndon (representing Sex Pistols)
125. Johnny Marr (representing The Smiths)
126. Jon Fratelli (representing The Fratellis)
127. Jon Stewart (representing "The Daily Show")
128. Heath Ledger as the Joker (representing "The Dark Knight")
129. Juliette Beavan (representing 8mm)
130. Justine Frischman (representing Elastica)
131. Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield (representing Jackson, and "Pulp Fiction")
132. Karen O (representing Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
133. Mark McKinney as the Headcrusher (representing "Kids in the Hall")
134. Kevin Spacey as Kaiser Soze (representing Spacey and "The Usual Suspects")
135. Kele Okereke (representing Bloc Party)
136. Kelli Dayton (representing Sneaker Pimps)
137. Alfred Kinsey (representing sexual awareness as well as the film "Kinsey")
138. Klaus Nomi
139. KT Tunstall
140. Kurt Cobain (representing Nirvana)
141. Kristeen Young
142. Larry Bird (representing basketball)
143. Larry Flynt (representing free speech)
144. Layne Staley (representing Alice in Chains)
145. Orlando Bloom as Legolas (representing the "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy)
146. Lenny Bruce (representing himself as well as the film "Lenny")
147. Guy Pierce as Leonard Shelby (representing Pierce and "Memento")
148. Lewis Black (representing "Root of All Evil")
149. Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor (representing the movie "Superman")
150. Thomas Lennon as Lieutenant Jim Dangle (representing "Reno 911!")
151. Liessje Sadenius (representing Hooverphonic)
152. Lily Allen
153. Liz Enthusiasm (representing Freezepop)
154. John Kusack as Lloyd Dobler (representing Kusack and "Say Anything"
155. Lou Reed (representing himself and Velvet Underground)
156. Lovefoxxx (representing Cansei de Ser Sexy)
157. Kurt Russell as MacReady (representing "The Thing")
158. Magneto (representing X-Men)
159. Mandy Moore (representing "Saved")
160. Marc Bolan (representing T.Rex)
161. Maria Sharapova (representing women's tennis)
162. Mark Oliver Everett (representing himself and Eels)
163. Mark Ronson
164. Tommy Lee Jones as Marshall Sam Gerard (representing "The Fugitive")
165. Matt Berninger (representing The National)
166. Maura Davis (representing Denali)
167. Christopher Mintz-Plasse as McLovin (representing "Superbad")
168. Michael Moore (representing documentaries)
169. Michael Myers (representing the original "Halloween")
170. Michael Stipe (representing R.E.M.)
171. Michelangelo's David (representing Michelangelo and renaissance art)
172. Miki Berenyi (representing Lush)
173. Stephen Root as Milton Waddams (representing "Office Space")
174. Monique Powell (representing Save Ferris)
175. Michael Madsen as Mr. Blonde (representing Madsen and "Reservoir Dogs")
176. Moby
177. Marilyn Monroe (representing Monroe as an icon and "The Seven Year Itch")
178. Morrissey
179. Natalie Portman
180. Natalie Wood (representing "Rebel Without a Cause")
181. Natasha Khan (representing Bat for Lashes)
182. Steve Martin as Navin R. Johnson (representing Martin and "The Jerk")
183. Neil Tennant (representing Pet Shop Boys)
184. Nico
185. Nina Gordon (representing Veruca Salt)
186. Christopher Walken as Nick Chevotarevich (representing Walken and "The Deer Hunter")
187. Noel Gallagher (representing Oasis)
188. Oscar Wilde (representing British Literature)
189. Patton Oswalt
190. Paul McCartney (representing the Beatles)
191. Paul Weller (representing the Jam)
192. Penn Jillette (representing Penn & Teller)
193. Bill Murray as Phil Connors (representing Murray and "Groundhog Day")
194. Poe
195. Polly Jean Harvey
196. Robert Shaw as Quint (representing "Jaws")
197. Ralph Wiggum (representing "The Simpsons")
198. Peter Billingsley as Ralphie Parker (representing "A Christmas Story")
199. Jeff Anderson as Randal Graves (representing "Clerks I & II" and the animated series)
200. Ethan Suplee as Randy Hickey (representing "My Name is Earl")
201. Rebecca Sealfon (representing "Cheap Seats")
202. Ricky Wilson (representing the Kaiser Chiefs)
203. Frank Gorshin as The Riddler (representing the original "Batman" series)
204. Rivers Cuomo (representing Weezer)
205. Robert Plant (representing Led Zeppelin)
206. Robert Smith (representing the Cure)
207. Roberto Clemente (representing baseball)
208. Roger Waters (representing Pink Floyd)
209. Roxy Epoxy (representing the Epoxies)
210. Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty (representing "Blade Runner")
211. Roy Orbison
212. Sabina Sciubba (representing the Brazilian Girls)
213. Sarah Chalke as 2nd Becky Connor (representing Chalke and "Roseanne")
214. Simon Pegg as Shaun (representing Pegg and "Shaun of the Dead")
215. Shirley Manson (representing Garbage)
216. John Lithgow as Dick Solomon (representing "3rd Rock from the Sun")
217. Al Pacino as Lt. Colonel Frank Slade (representing Pacino and "Scent of a Woman")
218. Sophie Moone (representing adult entertainment)
219. Robert Patrick as T-1000 (representing Terminator 2)
220. Thom Yorke (representing Radiohead)
221. Tim Armstrong (representing Rancid, Operation Ivy, and Transplants)
222. Henry David Thoreau (representing American Literature)
223. Toad (representing Mario Kart, and every other Super Mario videogame)
224. Tom Verlaine (representing Television)
225. Joe Pesci as Tommy Devito (representing Pesci and "Goodfellas")
226. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark (representing "Iron Man")
227. Tony Wilson (representing Factory Records and Manchester music in general)
228. Vince Vaughn as Trent Walker (representing Vaughn and "Swingers")
229. Trevor Moore (representing "The Whitest Kids U Know")
230. Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden (representing "Fight Club")
231. Hugo Weaving as V (representing "V for Vendetta")
232. Tim Curry as Wadsworth the Butler (representing Curry and the film "Clue")
233. Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams (representing "The Addams Family" movies)
234. Dave Gahan (representing Depeche Mode)
235. Cary Elwes as Robin Hood (representing Elwes and "Robin Hood: Men in Tights")
236. Win Butler (representing Arcade Fire)
237. George C. Scott as General George S. Patton (representing Scott and "Patton")
238. Janet Gaynor as the Wife (representing "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans")
239. Zooey Deschanel (representing herself as an actress and the band She & Him)
240/241. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (representing Swell Season and "Once")
242. Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka (representing Wilder and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory")
243. John Hurt as Winston Smith (representing Hurt, "1984" and George Orwell)
244. Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura (representing Carrey and "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective")
245. Predator (representing "Predator")
246. Tony Kornheiser (representing "Pardon the Interruption")
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Bzzzzzz :iconbeeplz:


Disclaimer: Characters featured here are property of their respective owners.
This was drawn for fun and not monetary gain.
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Collection by
Heads-up that this journal contains a rant punctuated by a good deal of swearing.


So those of us who love and have watched the show "Teen Titans"... we all know who Control Freak is. (Or at least, I should hope we do.)


Control Freaky by CrackpotComics

The fandom at large seems to mock and hate this guy.


No seriously, sit down and think about this for a damn second.

The fandom gives Control Freak all kinds of shit for being the ultimate stereotyped fanboy.


He's the single most relatable character in the entire goddamnmotherfuckin show.
He writes fanfiction. He collects memorabilia for all the fandoms he loves and is in. He watches his shows religiously to the point he knows episode production numbers and can quote them verbatim. His remote control ALLOWS HIM TO ENTER THE REALITY OF THE FANDOMS HE LOVES.

He isn't just a fanboy stereotype; he is the PARADIGM of the fandom itself.

Think about it. How many self-styled self-insert villain characters are out there, that want nothing more than to interact (whether positively or negatively) with the cast of the show? How many of them get shit for it because other people aren't impressed with them? In essence, CONTROL FREAK IS THE FANDOM.

In his actions, he does EVERYTHING THE FANDOM WANTS TO DO.

The only difference? He literally did that, just in what is considered "reality" in the source material.

Yet even the Wiki pages just write him off as an "overweight, unshaven geek." FOR SHAME, PEOPLE.




~Yoru-okaasan has spoken~
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For those waiting the second part of my Darkiplier story, it is being written, but I've had writer's block for the past few weeks, (also school, Minecraft and other things,) so it's only half way done, but I will get it to you asap. For now, enjoy this little quick fic I wrote. It's sad as Hell! Trigger warning: death.
                Never before had your heart pounded so loudly in your head. Each beat sent another wave of worry through you, as well as another helpless thought. He's ok. He's going to be ok. The doctor will come out any second now and tell you he's ok. Yet nothing you told yourself could change the truth. You were in the hospital, shaking as you sat in the empty lobby. A clock on the wall told you it was almost three A.M. As for why you were here, that wasn't something you wanted to think about right now. All you could think was the same four words, over and over again.

                He's gonna be ok.

                "Miss (L/n)?" The doctor's voice called from the door. You look up at him only to see a gloomy expression etched on his face. Your heart skipped a beat as he opened his mouth, then closed it.

                "Is-" You gulped. "I-is Mark ok?" You stammered. It was hard to choke back the sobs you withheld, and try to not let your voice crack. The doctor sighed after a few moments, and looked to you with a serious look.

                "Miss (L/n), I'm not sure how to say this but-" He paused again, as if he wasn't sure of something. Anger began to well up inside you as the tears fell freely. You stood fast from your chair.

                "Just tell me what's wrong!" You yelled. This time you couldn't stop it. Your voice cracked, and you sobbed pitifully. It wasn't like it would be news to you; you saw his state when the police scraped him off the street like old gum. You just refused to believe it. Mark was everything to you, and seeing him limp and unconscious like that just tore you up inside. You remembered how helpless you felt as you were held back by the other officers, unable to do anything but watch as he was loaded onto a stretcher. You could've swore you saw his eyes open briefly to look at you.

                The doctor finally realized how distraught you were and confessed. "I’m sorry, (Y/n), but his injuries are too severe. Several of his ribs were broken when the car hit him, some of them punctured his internal organs, one of them being his left lung. I'm afraid he got here just too late." Every feeling of hope inside you shattered. Your thoughts swirled around in your mind as you tried to bring yourself to admit it; Mark wasn't going to make it. "If I'm correct, he only has a few more hours left to live. I'd advise you to be with him during them." You said nothing, you simply nodded and followed him into the corridor.

                You kept your vision straight as you were lead down the hall to a closed door. The letters 207 engraved on a black plaque and painted over with silver paint labeled it. Below it read the occupants name, scribbled onto paper with black marker in a last minute attempt: Mark E. Fischbach. The doctor slowly open the door for you and allowed you inside. You thanked him quietly and went in.

                You looked around the room a bit and found it was quite empty aside from a window, displaying the night sky, a chair, a counter top, a tray with all sorts of medical tools, and a bed that held the broken form of your beloved Mark. His eyes were closed, but you could see his chest rise and fall, but just barely. It surprised you how unscratched his glasses were, despite them being thrown off him when he was hit. His breaths were short and a little ragged, and you thought back to what the doctor said. It must've hurt for him to breath at all in this state. Drying your eyes, you grab the chair and pull it over to the bedside for you to sit.

                Mark seemed to hear you and cracked open his eyes. He smiled weakly when he saw it was you. "Hey Babe," He murmured. His voice was low and gravely like he was sick. You smiled sadly and reached for his hand, thankful it wasn't hurt. His grip was light and you could feel his hand tremble softly. "How's my girl doing?" You weren't sure how to reply. There was no way you could describe how awful and helpless you felt.

                "Not so good," Was all you could manage. The tears came rushing back, but you prevented them from falling. Mark gently massaged the back of your hand with his thumb as a way to comfort you.

                "Has the... has the doctor talked to you yet? About-" Mark was cut off by a coughing fit that made squeeze your hand tightly. A few drops of blood were spewed onto his bandaged chest, and ran down his chin. Once the coughing subsided, he tried to catch his breath, but was reminded of his restrictions. With his other arm in a cast, he moved the hand that gripped yours onto his torso. Tears brimmed in the eyes of both of you, Mark from coughing so violently, and you from having watched it.

                "Y-yes," You stammered, referring to his question. You didn't want him to make him talk any more than he should. So instead, you choose to voice your thoughts. "Mark I- I’m so sorry; this is all my fault!" You cried. Once again, you lost control and began sobbing. "I'm sorry I made us walk home, I Should've listened when you said to take the- take the-" Your sobbing takes over as you no longer are able to form sentences. Mark rubbed the back of your hand in attempts to calm you down.

                "Shh, shh, it's okay. It's not your fault, (Y/n). Hey," He lifted his hand to brush the tears from your cheek. "Hey, look at me. Don't you dare blame yourself for what happened." His soft touch help you relax a little bit, but you couldn't bring yourself to meet his gaze. "None of this is your fault, and I want you to know and remember that. I don't want you feeling guilty for something that-" More coughing. "That wasn't in either of our control."

                "But..." You whispered. You reached up to grab his hand once again, holding it close to your heart. Staring at the blank white linens he lay on you whispered to him. "I don't want to lose you." Giving up on holding back your tears, you let them river down your cheeks and drip from your chin. Mark was silent for a few moments, his jagged breath being the only sound that came from him. Then he finally spoke, and said something you weren't prepared for at all.

                "(Y/n), do you remember our song?" He asked. At last, you looked up at him, confused. You did indeed remember that song, the song both of you claimed as yours, for it was what brought your relationship to life. "You remember. That song will always be ours, (Y/n), every time you hear it, I want you to remember all the things we did together and the great memories we shared. That way, I'll always be with you." You nodded.

                "I will," You told him. "I will, I promise I will, Mark." You were a woman of your word, and would keep any promise you made. This one was far from an exception. For a few more minutes, you two sat in silence, you cried quietly while you held tight to Mark's hand.

                "(Y/n), will you do me one last favor?" Mark asked. You look up to him.

                "Yes, Mark, anything!"

                "Will you sing it?" You were silent for a moment.


                "Will you sing our song to me? Just one more time?" You felt your heart break at his request. How could you sing at a time like this? Then again, something pushed you to do it. It was like you wanted to do as he advised and think back to happier times than this one. Then you saw that there was a wet glistening coming from his deep chocolate eyes, as if it was dawning on him at last that this was really it. You had to do it, it was the only thing you could do for him at this point.

                So, clearing your throat and regaining as much composure as you could, you opened your mouth and began to sing softly. "Time is fleeting, you say." The lyrics you knew by heart rolled off your tongue with ease. It somehow cleared your mind as you continued. "When I grabbed your hand, you turned away." Mark closed his eyes just as he let his own tears fall. Not wanting to see, you did the same and went on. "We chased after the sun and the fading light of day." You could already feel your sadness leaving, as well as the strength of Mark's grip. With one last beep, the heart monitor went flat, leaving you with one last ear slipping back down your cheek. "Watched the broken shards slip away."
                You shuffled nervously through the crowd of people, trying to get to the door as fast as you could. It didn't help that almost every person would accidentally step on your dress and pull you back. All you wanted was to be outside and away from everyone else. You had known coming to this party was a bad idea, but your friend insisted on you finding a date before you graduated college. You didn't even like any of the boys in the university you went to, all of them were selfish douches that only cared about themselves.

                With a great amount of effort, you push past the last of the people and out the open door. The music was blaring loud enough for you to hear it from outside. How had none of the neighbors called the cops yet? With a dismissive huff, you remove the uncomfortable high-heels from your feet and scamper over to your car in the driveway. You were glad you brought your other pair in case this happened.

                 You changed shoes then dug through your purse for your key. All you wanted to do was go home and forget all about this mistake. But the more you looked, the more you realized you couldn't find your key. Then it hit you; your friend had taken your keys before the party started to be sure you didn't try to leave. She was determined to get you to socialize with others if it was the last thing she'd do.

                With an annoyed groan, you get back out of the car and head back to the house. You didn't care how many precautions she took to get you to stay, you were going to leave and she wasn't going to stop you this time. The music had changed from the hard and loud dub step it was just playing to something a bit more relaxing. A slow song that you knew none of the words too, but have heard before on the radio, something by Bruno Mars. As you came up to the door, you saw another person emerge from the mass of bodies into the cold night air.

                It was a man. He wore a sleeveless tuxedo with a red bow-tie and a pair of black slacks. He didn't look like anybody from your school, no one you recognized at least. With a glance back into the house, he breathed a sigh of relief and loosened the tie from his neck, pulling it off completely. That's when he caught sight of you.

                "Oh, I'm sorry, am I in your way?" He asked, taking a side-step from the door. Normally, you would've slipped past him with a quick 'thank you', but this was different. You had a strange curiosity of this man, but you didn't know why.

                "Uh- no, it's ok I'm just out here for some fresh air." You lied. The man chuckled lightly.

                "Tell me about it," He agreed. "Not one for big crowds, I take it?"

                "They're not my favorite. Especially when it's full of people from this school." You were interrupted by and intoxicated man stumbling out of the door frame past you two. He eyed the guy you were with and flashed him a drunken smile.

                "What up, New Kid?!" He cried, his voice probably the only one that challenged the music in volume. That's when you realized that that was why you didn't recognize this man; he had been the infamous New Kid that all the Senior girls claimed was oh-so cute. The drunken guy muttered some more incoherent garble before taking a few steps and falling over. He began snoring loudly, telling you that he had passed out on the lawn.

                "See what I mean?" You muttered. The new kid chuckled at the display.

               "Yeah, I think I see. But let me tell ya, the place I used to go to was way worse."

                "Oh really?" You smirked. "Care to tell?”

                You leaned into your knees for support as you keeled over in laughter. You and the new kid whose name, you learned, was Mark were sitting on the concrete steps that lead into the house. He was in the middle of telling a story of his high school years, and you were busy laughing at it. He chuckled as he went on.

                "The best part was when he tried to pin the whole thing on me. Now, I'm not sure what made him think that would work since my arm was in a sling and I could hardly hold my lunch tray. Which was kind of an important detail, I mean come on, six kegs of beer? Yes, because obviously I have mind powers." You laughed until you weren't able to breath; he was hilarious! During the talk you two had, you found out that Mark had transferred from his old college to this one for a better chance at getting a Master's Degree. It surprised you how such a nice guy like him ended up in a place like yours.

                "Oh my god," You gasped, wiping a tear from your eye. "Well, I guess you're right, these people are nothing compared to what you've been through." You glanced back at the still open doorway, showing the slowly dying party inside. A good amount of the students had left already, leaving only a small group shimmying about in the abode. There wasn't a clock or anything in sight, so you had no idea what time it was. It seemed like you and Mark had been talking for hours though, ignoring the people inside and listening to the blaring music.

                Suddenly your friend stumbled into view, obviously drunk. "Hey, (Y-Y/n), (Y/n) hey. I was just- I just went through my bag and I foun' a key that I don't know whose is. And you to take it." She lazily dropped your car key onto the concrete with a clink. "Ok, I'm gonna go nap on this dude's sofa. Bye (Y/n), bye random guy." With that, she shuffled back into the house. You grab the key off the step and sigh.

                "Finally! I can't wait to go home and get some sleep!" You stood up and smoothed out the dress material before turning to Mark. "You ready?" You asked. While you two were sitting out here, he had said that he was also brought here by a friend of his, a new on mind you, and didn't have a ride of his own. You offered to take him home at the end of the party and he accepted.

                Mark stood up and brushed his hands together. "Yeah," He replied. "Y'know, I wasn't looking forward to this party that much when I first arrived, but I'm glad I came. You seem like really cool person, and I'd like to spend more time with you." If it had been lighter, you'd have seen him blush. "If you'd like to, that is."

                "I'd like to," You said. Just then, a familiar tune came to your ears. A song that had been playing over the radio for the past few weeks that you had grown to love. Tut Tut Child's Hummingbird. "I love this song," You said in a hushed voice. The melodic voice of Augustus Ghost met your ears as you looked back to Mark. You offered an empty hand to him. "Since neither of us got to dance tonight..." He took your hint and complied, pulling you into his arms. Your heart sped up as you two began dancing on the grass, the song's harmony reaching out to you now more than ever.

                Hold me close, 'til I hit the ground.
                Heaven knows that the only sound
                Is my heartbeat, like a hummingbird.
                Hear my heart beat like a hummingbird.

                Like a hummingbird.

               The surface of the headstone was cold against your bare shoulder, but you didn't care. The funeral had long since ended and you were the only one in the cemetery anymore. Though no one was there, you knew you weren't alone. You knew Mark was there with you, not just as a stiff in the ground, but in spirit. One that would forever live on in your memories and in your heart. You sat there at his grave, the freshly churned dirt being the only thing you could smell, think of what to do next. There were quite a few thing that you needed to be done.

                To start, you needed to look for a different place to live; you wouldn't be able to afford your currant apartment without Mark's help. The next thing would be figuring out how to break it to his five-million fans that Mark wouldn't be posting videos anymore. You were unsure about how that one would turn out, but you did know that there would be a group of people that blamed you for the death of their idol, that was inevitable. You weren't going to lie to try and avoid it.

                But the thing you felt was the most important, the thing you'd do first, was finish the song. You'd sing the last verse for Mark as he lay in peace under the Earth. Placing a hand on the cold stone, you sung the last bit, not caring if anyone heard anymore. This wasn't for them, it was only for him, and in ways for you too. You'd never forget him, he'd always be with you like he promised, and all you had to do was remember. So you sat there, remembering every moment you two shared, singing softly all the while. When you finished it was silent. A soft breeze blew through the branches of the trees. The only thing you could hear was the sound of your heart beating fast.

                Fast, like a hummingbird.
Hope that wasn't too extreme or anything. The song used is Hummingbird by Tut Tut Child. It's really pretty and I highly recommend you look it up. Also, if this works, I will be very happy. 
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People keep leaving comments on his instagram post telling him to look out for Pyramid Head . . I wouldn't be worried >.> markiplier 
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theme song: All  My Friends Are Dead. sums up that whole game nicely 

not my best work weird how my first Markiplier picture i better 

I'm stuck in my room because there's a lot of people I don't know and don't wanna know outside for my mum's birthday party which she is only having because a friend said she took the day off for a non existent BBQ party so I doodle this 

combine shyness with socially awkward it's not fun trust me 

Tumblr Post:…

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Been wanting to draw Wilford for a while now hehe. And I finally got around to do it. Enjoy =3
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Collection by
doraemon inspired :P 
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Aquí subiendo un nuevo dibujo, esta vez de otra serie que me gusta mucho, Los Simpsons. Y como siempre lo hago de mi personaje favorito, que en este caso es Lisa :3

Me encanta cuando lee, por eso quise hacerla leyendo n_n No quedo muy bien pero es primera vez que intento dibujarlos, el estilo es difícil D:

Si alguien quiere pintarlo, aqui esta ^^ Sketch Hora de leer
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I haven't drawn Lisa in the longest time and I adore her. This is one of the pieces I needed to finish, as I love how Lisa turned out. 
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Something looks different, it because on the Wii U version of Smash Bros, five people now can play, so Grandpa Simpson don't have to worry about being the fifth wheel while in the Simpsons house, although he need help how to use the Gamecube controller. :D

Simpsons is owned by Fox
SSB is owned by Nintendo
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"Because I'm Homer Simpson!"

Oh man, "Homer's Enemy" was my favourite episodes from The Simpsons. This part made me laugh because of Frank Grimes acting crazy and mimicking Homer Simpson.

The Simpsons (c) Matt Groening/FOX
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Collection by
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This was something I cooked up for a visual gag on the Mega Man 7 review. Did it completely in Flash, in about an hour.
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Getting back into the swing of things, and when I warm-up, I always go back to what I'm familiar with. Scanner was on the fritz, so this is a photo. I kinda like the "vintage" look of it.

Traditionally drawn and inked.

Sonic the Hedgehog © SEGA
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The 3 last hopes the Patapon have... or are they only 3?
Credits to whoever deserves them
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Collection by
my tumblr page

This ones for you... and me (after all the work in a slower update)

>3 Beware.... be very very scared of this horrific flash.... and the Dinosaur! BEWARE *zooms out like a box ghost*

okay now I'm dead sleepin making this flash done. As for the animation, FBF is much better than the tween. ;)

And the voices are mine all the way:

Mandy and Nergal jr = hard to high pitch but it's for the best, throat hurts too. :dead:
Billy and Dad = easy, and it fits! XD boy! meh sucks! lol

for those who dont know, this is a spoof about Grim Adventures and Lazy Town.
the Grim Town characters are from…
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Spider Mandy Grim Remake-Spider Mandy  as drawn by DeathwishDetour

Here, I colored her in, and boy, was it hard on my ancient eyes! I also decided to experiment, and colored in her abdomen with a black fur pattern highlighted by red.

Spider Mandy was drawn by DeathwishDetour from the episode of the same name and for a fanfic of mine.  Of Prisons and Palaces-Chpt 26

In this particular scene, Grim and Billy are about to corner Spider Mandy in the old Doolin Mansion, and she is NOT happy about it!

NOTE: May tweak the facial colors. Muzzle, fangs, eyebrows, etc.

Spider Mandy: Maxwell Atoms
Background: FGM Premade Background 059 by FairieGoodMother
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She is my new main character! :D (Big Grin) 

Please be kind to her :pwease: 

decoration :…
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Gift I got from a friend in Pixiv    :D
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Just a kind of a surrealistic fantasy image featuring my adult version of our favorite ragdoll superheroes. :aww:

Done in water color pencils.

Characters by :iconcmcc:.
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other fanart
Collection by
don't you think that's true?

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it's been so long, I just suddenly decided to submit something old from tumblr to give a sign I'm still alive:'D
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tribute to Godzilla
ink on paper and digital color
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Ink on paper and digital painting
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I think every Brony is required by law to make a joke about the massive inaccuracies in the MLP:FiM toyline. And as I was guaffawing over the fact that my recently purchased Fashion Applejack has a pink hat (seriously, PINK), this idea popped into my head.

I apologize that the joke's a little vague, but basically, Apple Bloom (whose toy lacks her hair bow) threw her bow into the laundry with AJ's hat, and we all know what happens when you mix pink with any other colour, AMIRITE? :D Applejack is so horrified, her freckles fall off. (Seriously, Hasbro, you can't include her freckles? What the what?)

....That this needed that much explanation proves this is not funny. Ah well, c'est la vie.

Applejack and Apple Bloom belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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I guess you can consider this an offset to my last Applejack and Apple Bloom drawing, because I honestly find these two adorable and I wanted to draw them being all cute and sisterly. Though I dearly hope none of their customers notice Apple Bloom sitting in that barrel of apples. That can't be hygenic.

Applejack and Apple Bloom belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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Because Pinkie Pie obviously gets her courtship tactics from the world's greatest sexual predator lover, Pepe Le Pew.

Bonus points to whoever catches the other reference in here.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.

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For :iconunseenvision:.  I had fun making this and it is the first time I've drawn a Power Pony!  I should draw more!

MLP © Hasbro
FiM © Lauren Faust
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