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A Rainmeter skin. Has hexagons that kinda look like a honeycomb if you place them right.... If you are having trouble the instructions are in this video by myself and these text instructions by /u/desrtfx

Images now link properly for everybody thanks to help from /u/Veriace

Now V 1.2, has 16 icons included. This includes:
  •     chrome
  •     evernote
  •     csgo
  •     notepad
  •     photoshop
  •     premiere
  •     plex
  •     reddit
  •     speedfan
  •     steam
  •     teamspeak
  •     imgur
  •     music
  •     popcorntime
  •     utorrent
  •     settings
  • skype (you probably need to change the location of the program) 
  • spotify
  • Origin
  • Settings
  • Teamspeak
I changed settings and teamspeak because they didn't quite fit with the scheme of the rest of the skin, if you liked the old ones better (you're crazy!) they are available as backups in the Resources folder of the skin, just switch the filenames. 

Added 19 New Icons:

  • Gimp
  • Foobar2000
  • Hamachi
  • Hearthstone
  • League Of Legends
  • Minecraft (2 versions)
  • Runescape 
  • Smite 
  • Spore
  • Starcraft
  • Synctoy
  • TI Connect
  • Transmission
  • Twitch
  • Ventrillo
  • Visual Studio
  • Vuze
  • Deluge
  • Calibre
Added 1 new icon:
  • Borderlands
Fixed one icon:
  • League of Legends
Added 5 New icons:
  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Outlook
  • Dota 2
  • Excel
Added 28 new icons:
  • Adobe Auditon
  • Bitdefender
  • CivV
  • Curse Voice
  • Dropbox
  • Excel
  • Firefox
  • Folder
  • GEForce Experience
  • Generic Gamepad Icon
  • Google Drive
  • Greenshot
  • Guild Wars
  • Guitar Rig
  • Hexchat
  • Intelli J
  • Liberkey
  • Mumble
  • Outlook
  • Pandora
  • Portable Apps
  • Rainmeter
  • Robocraft
  • Rossetto Stone
  • SyncToy
  • Tor
  • xbmc
  • YouTube
Added 1 new icon:
Fixed major issue with last update.

Now in 2.0! Added Feature:
  • CPU and RAM meters as requested. More to come. 
Added Icons:
  • Gameboy Emulator 
Added 2 new icons:
  • 4Chan
  • Bittorrent
Added 1 new icon:
  • VLC (With an alternate version)
Added 4 new icons:
  • osu!
  • avg
  • crunchyroll
  • generic mouse icon
Updated uTorrent to look nicer, left the old one in case people liked it too. 

Sorry for all the updates, lots of disjointed requests. Added 1 new icon:
  • Mirrors Edge

Fixed osu!. 


Will now merge skins instead of deleting them. Correct version is in download. 

Because I don't actually use a lot of these programs I have no idea where they are kept on the computer, or their file names, so in order to use them you need to manually link to the program (if you didn't have to already). This is easily done and explained in this video and these text instructions by /u/desrtfx
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Some numbers
Over 18K views, 150 favs and 8K downloads! Thank you for all your feedback.

My latest Rainmter suite - Origami - is finally available. Sleek and elegant, with over 30 skins to choose from, highly customizable and user friendly. Discover it's potential by yourself!

For all the info, see the included read me file. Remember to download the newest version of Rainmeter (beta).

Hope you enjoy it!

Stuff used in the preview
plain weather icons -
Metro UI Icon Set - 725 Icons -
Vivid Colors Mountains -…
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i2 bar

Get this idea from VPR Litestep, from that moment I want to use the that theme for rainmeter, and this is the result!
This skin is only for 1280 width resolution! But someone can modified it by extending the black edge, and also need to re-code again!
This bar have many features inside, from cpu stats until weather and also ANIMATED time bar, wifi, recycle bin!! (you must love this one)

The number shows the quality of your wifi

Recycle Bin
Left Click on Bin : Open Recycle Bin
Right Click on Bin : Delete Files
The numbers show the items and how many big of your files that are in recycle bin

Short Troubleshooting
1. How can I change my weather location?
- You can find your location code in then right click computer stats bar and choose 'Edit Skin'
change the code into your location code.

2. When will you make for other resolutions?
- Well, I need someone help to me. My screen resolution is only 1280!! That's why I cannot make for higher resolution.
If you're willing to help me, just send email to

Position Configuration
1.Arrange your ANIMATED time bar, wifi, recycle bin below the Computer Stats bar like in preview
2.Right Click Computer Stats bar
3.Choose Skin Menu/Click Through
4.Right Click all ANIMATED bar
5.Choose Skin Menu/Position/Bottom

As rainmeter gets update, so is the i2 bar. Now you have i2 bar Top themes, just tick load when installation. So you don't need to check the position configuration of each config!

-VPR LS by chiwou [link]
-Enigma by Kaelri [link]
-moxa weather by moxamax [link]
-Pre-Alpha Enigma Recycle Mon by ~gschoppe [link]
-Animation method by Chris Hennessey
-mepu [link]
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48x48 & 64x64


Download here - Link

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Collection by
-fixed the "egg" shaped icons ;)

Now Using [link]


wallpaper in this preview, [link]
made by jsz [link]

includes the Chip clock [link]

Weather icons by LavAna [link]

Alright :)
Update v1.3
+now using

Update! v1.2
+now includes a "Light" version for those who wants to save CPU power
+added a refresh button (to delete, scroll down to the bottom of .ini file and delete the two meters named Refresh and RefreshH)

WoxxBar is a bar containing all information you need.
All in ONE .ini file!

--You can minimize/maximize the bar by LEFT CLICK hide/show button
--You can Hide/Show Winamp controller by RIGHT CLICK hide/show button
--MOUSE OVER action will show hidden information, e.g CPU GRAPH
--easily customize the shortcuts
--and much more

you will find more information on how to use this skin in the Help application

minimum screenwide: 1280 (I think)
maximum screenwide: non

please report any bugs and if you miss something please tell me ;)

more info about WoxxBar 2 here [link]

feel free to edit, just don't forget to give me the cred ;)
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Kotoko Suite 4.3.1 (english | русский | українська | 中文)

- (На Русском) более подробно о релизе можно почитать здесь -
Happy Holidays to ALL!!!
This is my gift for you :)

Q: How to Install?
A: Double click on file you just downloaded to install

Before you start to use skins, you need to configure them, use Variables Tool which should pop up on first run when you install. Or you can launch it manually by clicking on "Variables" button from Configuration Tool

!!! Rainmeter 2.2 build 1084 or newer highly required!!!
- Tested on v 2.2 beta 1084r (64bit)

Major features of new version

- Hight quality graphics.
- Hight range of performance and functionality.
- Animated (some of skins are fully animated).
- Fully Resizable skins.
- Full support of Cyrillic characters in media player.
- Wheel mouse control (volume change, scrolling pics in slideshow and other).
- Automatically suits to your system configuration.
- User friendly Setting Tool and Tool for changing variables.
- Notifications of new mails and updates in RSS feeds + more...
- A lot of options for customize the look of suite as you want
...and a lot of other things which i can't remember now (lol)

Note: 90% of all apps (.exe) which are included in suite i wrote myself so i guaranty you that they are clean! any questions and proof can be given personal!

After installing be free to use Configuration Tool and customize your own theme style as you want and as you like

Tip: Each skin has ToolTips, thus you can easily to know what it can and what it does :)
Tip: If you want to disable sounds in suite then just disable option Notification, look at screenshot [link]

To see Suite in action
(v4.3) Video is here (YouTube HD) --> [link]
(v4.0), use previews
1st Preview "Black Style" ||| 2nd Preview "White Style"

------------------- Please test and comment :+fav: or give me Llama if you liked my work -------------------

Easy to Configure, to use and highly functional Suite. Many skins has their own buttons to fast configure and use. Look at Tool Tips to know how to use...
Goes with 7 styles (Completely new design ).You can change a color theme, load/unload skins using and many other thing through Kotoko Configuration Tool. For changing Variables use Edit Variables Tool (can be loaded from tool, above)

• New design.
• New improved user friendly interface
• Wide variety of setting and features
• A lot of performance improvements.
• Minimalistic and in the same time very practical skins
• No need to edit skins manually, all can be done through configuration tools
• Tool Tips to help you understand how thing are working
• At this moment it supports 4 languages
• And much more other things...

Works well in all resolution

Change Log: (4.3.1)
fixed (bugs, problems):
:bulletpurple: when, deviant Art statistic of today's pageviews count keeps rising and not resets
:bulletpurple: changing language action fails on Variables Tool
:bulletpurple: increased password input box width in Variables Tool to fit long passwords of your mail. (that actually may cause cut-down of string if your password would be too (too^2 ;) long)
:bulletpurple: user picture in KotokoConfigurationTool4.0.ini
:bulletpurple: version update check in KotokoConfigurationTool4.0.ini
:bulletpurple: problem with maximum number of discs in Variables Tool
:bulletpurple: Yandex mail files were not properly loaded
:bulletpurple: Edit Variables tool: location was not properly saved thus list of location on start up unable to load.
:bulletpurple: slightly changed the behavior of notifications area
:bulletpurple: changed notification sounds (softer and better)
:bulletpurple: System Monitor, when cores and discs number was more then 4
:bulletpurple: missing of option, to remove/show Deviant Art stats icon from Taskbar skin
:bulletpurple: Kotoko Youtube (for support latest flash features)
:bulletpurple: Settings in Taskbar skin
:bulletpurple: syntax mistakes
:bulletpurple: some minor fixes
:bulletpurple: Anime Radio skin
:bulletpurple: Tool for wheel control (better handling)
:bulletpurple: design in some styles
:bulletpurple: System Monitor
:bulletpurple: Taskbar skin to 1.5.1 (some UI tweaks)
:bulletpurple: Edit Variables Tool to v.2.1
:bulletpurple: database of locations (Gismeteo servise)
:bulletpurple: feature to easy edit setting in FolderInfo skin (change path {folder&file supported}, icon, icon size)
:bulletpurple: some error handling in various skins
:bulletpurple: slider volume control in Taskbar skin
:bulletpurple: feature to choose country for Google News (from Edit Variables Tool)
:bulletpurple: feed (in Taskbar skin) for russian/ukrainian
:bulletpurple: missing files from suite, such as pics, bg, inc (sometimes i'm very clumsy ;))
:bulletpurple: database of locations (for
:bulletpurple: minor fixes in localization

Change Log: (4.3) На русском
- Added function for resizing skins
- A lot of system performance changes has been done
-Added utility for making screenshots (in Taskbar.ini)
..full change log will be added after holidays)

Change Log: (4.2.1 hotfix)
-fixed few bugs in Anime Radio and in PicsSlideShow
- changed process of applying changes in KotokoConfigurationTool4.0.ini
-fixed bug with radio in TaskBar.ini

If you have NOD 32 Antvirus Installed and got problems (freezing) with this skin or other skin, try to add to exclusions in antivirus options:
- Path to Rainmeter.exe
- Path to Rainmeter.ini
- Path to rainmeter Skins folder (or Kotoko Suite folder)

This is a basic list of skins/configs in suite and some comments on each (below not describes all, it will be a lot of text if to make proper describing for each component of suite):

:bulletblue: Configuration Tool (v4.0)
- With this tool you can easily activate and deactivate each skin by one click, change Font and Language, on/off variety of settings . Also you can change the style and color theme of Kotoko suite. There are 5 styles: Kotoko , Black (default) , White , Glass, Soft,
You can pick the color of style as you want with color picker. And that is not all :). You can tint your background and icons using color picker...oh and tint can be transparent... :)

:bulletblue: Auto Task
Works like countdown timer. You can set time and task what should be done after elapsing desired (selected) time. If you didn't set task then it will only alarm sound. you can change it also by replacing original with yours, only filename should be same!

:bulletblue: Calendar Note
- Usual Calendar with one handy feature :) You can make your notes on each day and calendar will remind you about your note (if you turn on this option)
- 2 styles: Line and Normal

:bulletblue: EarthQuake
Originally made and permission for adding was kindly granted by maminscris. Pictures loads from site.

:bulletblue: RSS Reader
- 4 in 1 Feeds (RSS & ATOM)
•- auto scroll and notify about updates (if "Notification" option is enabled)

:bulletblue: Media Control (it can)
- Alows to controls all what can be possible to control through NowPlaying plugin made by poiru
- Two styles. Amphiton and Classic
•- Lots of media players supported (read note)
•- ID3 Support
•- Cyrillic and hieroglyphics characters supported
•- Full search of album covers! (not only in ID3 tags)
•- Mouse Wheel to change volume, or through bar

:bulletblue: SlideShow
- DeviantArt/Flickr/National Geographic now all in one Slide Show (newest/popular/your url)
- Folder Slide Show
•- You can change the size and style of window easily, apply wallpaper automatically and manual and more other things. Use Tool Tips to know more.
•- Mouse Wheel to scroll images
•- Thumbnail option
•- and lots of other options
:bulletblue: System UpTime

:bulletblue: Recycler Bin
- Measure bin and clean on click

:bulletblue: Notes

:bulletblue: Anime Radio (v.1.5.1)
~ Change Log v.1.5.1 ~
- Changed and added backgrounds (for best fit with Kotoko Suite)
- Fixed problems with some radio stations when they updated their source code.
- Fixed some bugs
- and some minor changes

:bulletblue: Zakladka
(Left and Right sides the arrow to change )
- Battary
- Gmail
- Wi-Fi (i don't have wi-fi on my system. Used poirus' code with some additions )
- Volume Changer + mini-launcher | one for Windows 7| and one for other system OS

:bulletblue: TaskBar
~ With this you'll get ~

Mail, Battery, Weather, Wi-Fi, Volume Value control (win7 only), Media Control, Network Info, System Resources Info, Temperatures, CD Rom Control, Search Bar (+cmd line), Radio, Settings, Launcher, Clock, Notification area, and other features...

- :pointr: YouTube Feed
You can trace which video was:
"Most viewed today"
"Most viewed this Month"
"Most Recent"
"Most Favorites"
You can watch videos on your desktop. ;)

:pointr: DeviantArt Feed

Here You can trace what was:
"Popular" on DA
"Latest Rainmeter Skin"
"One custom feed" (edit variables in configs)

:pointr: Flickr Feed

Using this you'll get:
"Group pool"
"Friends' Feed "
"Favorite photos feed"

:pointr: Google News
Shows News using Google service (Big thanks to Google for this)
(edit variables in configs)

:pointr: 3 costume feeds
(edit variables in configs)

:pointr: SystemInfo
Enhanced system info :)

:pointr: Radio
You can listen to your favorite stations on your desktop
Now it easy to customize and edit stations. Have Fun!!!

- Shutdown, Reload, Lock, Sleep etc. buttons

:bulletblue: Clock
- Mini clock
- TimeDate (Big clock)
- TextClock (Vertical)
- Text Clock Text (Vertical)
- TextClock (Horizontal)

:bulletblue: Folder Info
Shows size and number of folders in dir
Thanks to elestel

:bulletblue: Weather
- (this option visible only for рус/укр (rus/ukr) languages, edit variables to choose service, in configs)

:bulletblue: Launchers
- Left/Right side. For programs (customizable )
- Left/Right side. For folders (customizable )
- Dock (customizable). It can Maximize or Minimize window depending of their state and show indicator of currently loaded applications

:bulletblue: System Monitor

:bulletblue: Edit Variables Tool (2.2)
Tool for setting variables. Can be loaded from KotokoConfigurationTool Skin by clicking on "Variables" button.

!!! Don't forget to edit variables if you not using Windows 7. Use Edit Variables Tool!

Credit to:
~ jsmorley [link] for RainRadio inspiration.
~ Kenz0 (not on DA) for circle code and time period code
~ elestel (not on DA) for file list and folder info plugin
~ poiru [link] for his wi-fi code, for plugin QuotePluginS.dll and NowPlaying.dll plugin
~ chrfb [link] for ecqlipse_2 icons
~ Varelse [link] for inspiration in creating Text Clock (when i saw Seclorum Clock)
~ Reiswaffle [link] for Win7AudioPlugin plugin
~ maminscris [link] for Earthquake skin
Rainmeter Team for developing Rainmeter! awesome program!
Ascend4nt (not on site here) for _GuiBox udf
Nir Sofer for NirCmd Tool

Wallpaper in preview is unknown pls help me to identify)
...If i forgot someone please tell me
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A Simple white Winamp interface for Rainmeter that shows Title, Seekbar, length, elapsed Time, Bitrate and Buttons for next, previous, play/pause, stop and Volume

Font is Clockopia and is included


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The first "module" of my new setup :) hope you like it.
I decide to split the dock in five for those who have a small resolution can adjust what docks they prefer and can change the order :)
The only you need to configure are the routes of the programs, your media player and the routes of the Hdd´s depends on the unit letter.
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*** Requires Rainmeter 3.0 or higher ***
Before upgrading to a newer version, back up all settings, holiday files, and personal style sheets.

A simple calendar powered by Lua with many customizable options.

Options and Features include:
  • Uses Style Sheets for easy customizing.
    • Includes three default styles and an Enigma style.
  • Start the week on Monday.
  • Use localized month names.
  • Show holidays and events.
  • Move through the months.
  • And many more!

For more information visit:…
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Collection by
hello  friends

here is  my new rainmeter skin 

for explanation

 in the upper taskbar is left in the corner an invisible drop menu button  

and a recycle bin when you go over it with the mouse, shall the content of your paper basket displayed 

if you click on it with the left mouse button will open the recycle bin with the right mouse button you can delete the contents of your paper basket equal

the under taskbar

there are three dice 

left of the first cube is for the windows start menu

then one comes to the drop menu by clicking on the second cube opens the display for cpu and ram

and the last is for hiding the windows taskbar 

the music player is winamp this opens once her playing a song 

then there is a wlan display the red x is called the time no connection and if you click on the wlan icon opens your network display

and a volume-display  if you using the left mouse button on it, we clicked it louder with the right button it is quieter and with the middle mouse button you switch it dumb

I have inserted in the lower and upper taskbar nor a taskbar when you click on it there you can see all your open windows and programs

I hope you like it 

best greetings your doc
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Pragmatic 3.0

:la: Wow now my Pragmatic3.0 is Skin of the Month (March & April 2011) in Rainmeter community.You can check it out here [link] :eager:

A complete new version of my previous rainmeter skins Pragmatic [link] , Pragmatic 1.0 [link] and Pragmatic 2.0 [link]

:bulletblue: 24 configs in total

:bulletblue: Customizable

:bulletblue: Easy to use

:bulletblue: Easy to modify

:bulletblue: Settings provided for easy usage of Pragmatic 3.0

:bulletblue: Includes almost everything you need on your desktop.

:bulletblue: Light size

:bulletblue: New look and feel

Please do comment :shoutbox: and fav :+fav: my work if you liked.It would be much appreciated. :D




and thanks to
~bogo-d for his Project icons
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for Rainmeter, version 2.0

Updated 2014-01-19 - Fixed the Layout included in the rmskin, media skins now handle missing metadata with some finesse
Updated 2014-02-21 - Added French translation - thanks Skymil!

Simple, text-based Rainmeter skins, for someone who doesn't need to monitor their overclocked 8-core processor, but does want the time and date on their desktop.
(And now it's better!  And stuff!  And things!)

How To

:bulletblue: Make sure you have Rainmeter installed (version 3.0.2 or later).  If you have never used Rainmeter before, you may want to check out some walkthroughs to get familiar with the program, like the Getting Started section of the official manual or this LifeHacker article.
:bulletblue: Download the .rmskin package from the link near the top-right of this page.  Your browser should give you the option to open the file with the Rainmeter Skin Installer, or you can double-click the downloaded file later to open the installer.  In either case, Rainmeter should put all the files in the right places for you.
:bulletblue: After installing, you can launch Elementary skins using Rainmeter's Manage dialog or context menu.
:bulletblue: Edit the file "...\Skins\Elementary\@Resources\Settings.txt" to change settings.  The file "...\Skins\Elementary\README.pdf" has explanations of all the options!

Some of the changes and additions that make this a 2.0

:bulletpurple: Completely rewritten weather skin using YQL (Yahoo!)
:bulletpurple: Rewritten analog clock that only looks slightly different but is no longer coded like Rainmeter is still back in the 2.0's
:bulletpurple: Some proper Unicode support (may have actaully fixed the problem with degree signs not displaying properly in the weather skin)
:bulletpurple: New feed reader skin, big and small versions (thanks to jsmorley, see credits)
:bulletpurple: New notes skin, big and small versions (thanks to sa3er, see credits)
:bulletpurple: New search skins (web search via DuckDuckGo, file search via Locate32) (thanks to jsmorley, see credits)
:bulletpurple: New NowPlaying.dll media player skins (aligned left, aligned right, and mini)
:bulletpurple: New system Uptime skin
:bulletpurple: All skins adjusted to use the new AccurateText setting (one reason that Rainmeter 3.0 is required)
:bulletpurple: Backstage, a total overhaul of the folder structure in the Resources folder and meter style usage
:bulletpurple: Added an option to use a highlight color like in JackDMF's remix
:bulletpurple: Revamped the translation template (a necessity due to the new weather source and new skins)
:bulletpurple: Project is now on GitHub, where you can see an exhaustive list of changes by looking at the commit history.

As usual, all constructive criticism, feature suggestions, and bug reports are greatly appreciated. :)

Let there be Credits!

Primary font is Century Gothic, designed by Monotype Imaging
Secondary font is Futurist Fixed-Width by WSI
Weather data and feed normalization is provided by Yahoo!'s YQL API
The file search utility is Locate32
Web search is handled by DuckDuckGo
- The feed reader is a mod of YQLFeed
- The File Search skin is a mod of SearchDrive
- The notes skin is based on Note Paper
- I received much inspiration for upgrades and improvements from ElementaryRMX
- Lua optimizations and fixes
- Beta testing and lots of suggestions and helpful feedback!
- Beta tester and translator (Russian)
- Beta tester and translator (German)
- Translator (French)
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Collection by
(DA version doesn't include updates)

For full download click here:

Download above includes a READ ME file for those who are new users to rainmeter and need help.
Requires: Rainmeter 2.4 or higher.

Skin includes:
• 28 shortcut web icons
• 64x64 px
• Transparent
• Solid color hover effect

Icons:… - Edited by so they would be transparent

DO NOT: redistribute, edit or claim. for personal use only.
customize at your own risk;; but do not resubmit, or redistribute as your own work.

i fully tested it, but if you find a bug please comment or send me a message.

:dalove: Please favorite this deviation if you use or download
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How to Use:

1. Click the settings button on the right top

2. Create Windows Shortcut and put it in the folder

3. rightclick - refresh skin

you can use as much shortcuts as you want
hover over the right side of the background for the navigation or scroll up and down

enjoy :)
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ADIAN BOLON "aero" A skin for Rainmeter
+Magazine_like time 3.0 (aka. Adian Bolon)
+All in one side bar
+Itunes skin
+FavTabs Only
+Meter Status Only
+Foobar player Support
+WMP support
Required Fonts:
+GeosansLight (Included)
+Segoe WP Semibold (Google it)
+Century Gothic
+Change your location code
New FavouritesCenter:
+Change your links to all your application its according where you install your Applications
Right click on the skin and edit,
change the following links or code, save then refresh the skin,.
credits to:
+ POIRU [link](Basic of Google search, WMP,Foobar, and all plugins)
+jessyDior [link](Gmail Count)
Icons for the favourites Tab are created By Me.
Enjoy,.. don't forget to FAV:+fav:
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Check out my other projects!
Tribute v2.1 for Rainmeter: Link

Tributes Clock v2.1 for Rainmeter: Link

Wisp boasts many features!
* Interactive Configuration App (Config options are case sensitive!!)
* Cpu (Overall Cpu usage. Temperature monitor.)
* Memory (Ram usage and Swap usage.)
* Drives (Drive usage, up to two drives.)
* Gpu (Gpu usage and temperature. Currently supports one Gpu.)
* Network (Net, up and down.)
* Weather (Weather description, graphics, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, chance of rain, sunrise, and sunset. Up to three days.)
* Email (Currently only supports Gmail.)
* Recycle Bin (Monitors recycle bin size.)
* Clock (Twelve hour and twenty-four hour clock modes.)
* Date (Current day of the month, month, and year.)
* Taskbar (System monitor, twelve and twenty-four hour. Program launcher, twelve and twenty-four hour. Supports five programs / urls)
* Themes (Currently four themes: Green, Red, Blue, and Dark Orange)

Main wallpaper:

Panels Wallpaper:

If you have Rainmeter installed, then that's basically all you have to do! Required Rainmeter version: or higher.
All theme wallpapers are included in the package!

Programs used for system temps!
Cpu temp:

Gpu temp:

To get the best use out of the taskbars included, I recommend using Desktop Coral.

If for some reason you find yourself needing a fresh copy of Stangowner's MSI Afterburner.dll, you should go to this page. 
All information on how to install the .dll manually is presented at the top of the first post.

Different Resolutions!
I'm currently not taking resolution requests! Sorry for the inconvenience!
Max resolution I can offer is 1920 x 1080, sorry!

Resolutions made:
1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050
1600 x 900
1440 x 900
1366 x 768
1024 x 768

    Changed Coretemp download link back to its parent website.
    ::Message to Users!::
            There seem to be no more trojan warnings coming from the program's installer. If this changes again, please, anyone inform me!
            I'll have a clean, safe version of the program ready for download ASAP.

    Changed Coretemp download link because of dropbox blocking my account due to too much traffic.
    The file is now being hosted on Mediafire.

    Changed the CoreTemp download link. This is the correct, and clean, version of CoreTemp.

    Temporarily took away the resolution request button.
    Removed the version history tab in the config.
    Other minor changes to the config.

    Added themes to the skins features.
    Added four themes: Green, Red, Blue, and Dark Orange

    Fixed Weather Code entry box not displaying in the proper location.
    Changed how the Recycle Bin app handled displaying the 'Empty' option when showing its current size.
    Better clarified how you should enter your email username and password.
    Added ‘Version Information’ tab to the config.
    Removed many duplicate and unused images.
    Added variable so users can more easily edit the maximum number of emails that the skin will register.

    Added 1024 x 768 to the config.

    Fixed minor bug that would cause swap on the system taskbar to overlap other entries. 

    New Config app that supports the new features in version 2.0
    System taskbar added.
    Program taskbar added.
    Better support for the new D2D rendering engine in Rainmeter 3.0
    Fixed a bug where the SWAP values would go into massive negative numbers.
    Better way of making new resolutions. I'm still figuring out a way to make it 100% automatic.
    Mixed weather units. Example: Celsius while using Mph for windspeed.

    Now loads the Config.ini when installed.
    Added 1600 x 900 to the config.
    Fixed positioning of the Recycle Bin meter.
    Fixed random typos throughout the skin.

    Added different resolution options to the config

    Initial release

Known Bugs!
When installing the skin or running the config app, Rainmeter becomes unresponsive and locks up. 

Info about this bug:
    Thanks to H0rwood, I've found out that the config tool is causing the issue. 
    At this moment I'm not quite sure what's in the config that's causing this to happen.
    Currently, the work around is to force close Rainmeter. After that you should be able to edit the '' file and then launch the apps individually.

Theme Help!
I've added themes for the current release. So far I have green, red, blue, and dark orange themes, but I'd like to add more.
If anyone's good with PS and your interested in helping make more themes, don't hesitate to contact me!

Suite Author: FiiZzioN
Weather Icons Author: MerlinTheRed
MSI Afterburner.dll Author: Stangowner
Just the Panels Wallpaper: thehatersalad
Weather Mixed Units Inspiration: itz4mna

Frequently Asked Questions!

Contact Me!
If you notice any bugs or want any features added, contact me at my:
* Email address:
* DeviantArt profile: Link
* profile: Link

Once again, thanks for downloading Wisp!

Feeling Generous?

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A powerful visualizer and monitoring skin that uses stereo mix and HWiNFO.

Please note that both the Circular and Monitoring skins are designed for a 1440p screen. The wallpaper is large enough for 1440p as well.

The positioning of Circular is dependent upon variables defined in it's .ini
The positioning of Monitoring is dependent on the coordinates set in Rainmeter.


please consider that when you criticize. so long as it's productive, I welcome all comments.

yes, I know the code is clunky. trust me, it was a lot worse at first.

I could care less what you do with this so long as you link back to the latest release (or the release you used)


The first "Major" bar is Total CPU usage. the next four "Minor" bars are each individual core. the last "Minor" bar is the CPU temperature, with 100 degrees centigrade as completely full. The second "Major" bar is GPU Usage. The first minor bar after is the VRAM usage, the second minor bar is GPU temperature, the third is the first VRM temp (voltage regulator temp. nice info for overclocking) the fourth is the second VRM temp, and the last is the GPU fan speed. The third Major bar is the RAM usage, followed by storage drives C through G (if the drive doesn't exist in the system it shows as full) as minor bars.


that's the thread about the plugin, and it shows you where to find the correct values for the measures in the .ini file.


1. You need HWiNFO for this to work.

2. the plugin for HWiNFO is vailable in 32 and 64 bit distributions in the .rmskin download.

3. for the Circular EQ included, it listens for "stereo mix" in your recording devices.

to locate this, right-click on the volume tray icon. select recording devices.
Then right click on a blank area of the main window, and select "show disconnected devices" and "show disabled devices"
Select Stereo Mix and set it be a default device. This should not influence any other recording devices.

4. if "Stereo Mix" doesn't show up after those steps, update to your latest audio driver. That fixed the problem I had
when I originally put this together.

Thanks to Cactuar for his visualizer - which showed me how to put together a visualizer that relied on the audio output and not
a separate program.…
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 Smooth fades
Credits: Contains an icon from White Pixel Icons

Accompanying screenshot
Questions? Ask.
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    First of all, I would like to link you to lassekongo83 page. He is the original author from the great Soothe for Linux

    Pack includes:
    • Windows 7 theme (SC and SN versions)
    • Navigations Buttons
    • Wallpaper
    • StartOrb
    • All instructions to Install
        You will find two versions. Both are for using tasbar on top.
        *Soothe_SC - Small icons combined on taskbar
        *Soothe_SN - Small icons not combined on taskbar

        Push too these skins

    Thanks to 4nt1p0p who helped me with bitmaps

    If you still have doubts on applying a theme, i recommend take a look to this article by neiio

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-4 main launchers
-14 launchers on a hidden left bar (revealed by clicking the down arrow on the bar.)
-now playing bar (additional nowplaying and cover window can be revealed by clicking the down arrow on the hidden left-bar.)
-cpu meter

Easily customizable as usual.

I use Ubuntu and Hobo standard fonts in this skin. You'll need to find and download them on your own.

*designed with 1600x900 monitor in mind, may not look right on larger/smaller resolutions.
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Fresh off the presses.  As a favour for my fellow themer yorgash, I introduce the port you've been begging for.
A Steam themed visual style for Windows 8/8.1.
The visual style incorporates the appearance of Steam with a functioning Windows visual style.

:bulletblue: Includes Blank Caption Text Registry Hack

:bulletgreen: Or use OldNewExplorer


How to install:

What you have to do:

- Download and install UxStyle ( OR Universal Theme Patcher.
- Copy the contents of Themes folder to \Windows\resources\themes folder.
- Apply it in personalization or double clicking .theme file you like.

Or follow this guide if you're stuck:
How to Install Custom Themes


:new: Steam vs Windows 8.1 system-clock (Timedate.cpl)by Y-N-1-F
Steam vs Windows 8.1 system-clock (Timedate.cpl) by Y-N-1-F



Token by brsev
Steam Logo by TheGreatJug
Etched for IP by dafmat71
Steam VS for Windows 7 by yorgash
Steam VS for Windows 7 by yorgash

Comments and +fav's more than welcome!

:bulletgreen: Jamie Green aka neiio.

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Collection by

Latest Rainmeter beta is recommended for use with this skin

What is 360?
This is an all-in-one widget in a smartwatch-like interface. You've got your music display, a watch, a CPU widget and a network display. Plus it's very customizable, not only on what it should do but also on how it looks, so much that whatever combination you do on it would look good!

Need more details? Need help setting up? Want themes?
Click here to visit the website.

Found bugs? Need more help? Got ideas or thoughts about 360? Want to help expand this project?
Comment below or send me a direct message/tweet at my twitter page! I'd like to hear you out!


  • 3.1 | 8 November 2014
    • Added 360 Updates separately
    • Removed update ticker in Settings
    • Added AM/PM text for analog display on 360 Watch
    • Added time guides for analog display on 360 Watch
    • More actions added on right-click for 360 Watch
    • Hand lengths changed for analog display on 360 Watch
    • Changed default background color for Settings
    • Current value color added as variable backgrounds in Settings
    • Added RainRGB support for easier editing
    • New formula for 360 Network for more accurate graph
    • Fixed delay in cover update for 360 Music
  • 3.0 | 7 November 2014
    • New method of rendering album art in 360 Music
    • Thinner outlines
    • Added analog display in 360 Watch
    • Added 24-hour time support for digital display in 360 Watch
    • Left double-click replaces "shuffle" button to go back to Menu
    • Built-in update checker added to Settings
    • Added shine in all widgets
  • 2.0 | 20 October 2014
    • Menu changed to full icons
    • Updated icons leading to Menu for all 360 widgets
    • Updated icons in 360 Music and 360 Spotify.
  • 1.3.1 | 15 July 2014
    • Added a Spotify Without Plugin option in Settings for those who don't have/want the Spotify plugin which is reported to be unstable.
  • 1.3 | 2 July 2014
  • 1.2.1 | 5 May 2014
    • Minor adjustments to 360 Network
    • Added customization for the faces of both 360 CPU and 360 Network
  • 1.2 | 1 May 2014
    • Simpler interface
    • Rearranged elements in 360 Music and Settings
    • Newer Up button on all widgets
    • Added many customization settings, including 360 Network
    • New look for Settings
    • New buttons in 360 Music
    • New faces for widgets
    • Enhanced menu
    • Smaller size (now 188KB) from removing unnecessary code
  • 1.1.2 | 23 April 2014
    • Added 360 Network widget
    • Changed About link to Help & Support
    • Added more variables in Settings for the 360 Network widget
  • 1.1.1 | 20 April 2014
    • Outline size adjusted
    • Restructured organization of fonts
    • Info background in 360 Music adjusted
  • 1.1 | 17 April 2014
    • New media controls
    • Added 360 CPU widget
    • Centralized settings menu
    • Smart sizing: 360 resizes according to screen resolution; overriding available
    • About button added
  • 1.0 | 7 April 2014
    • First release


closer2thelung for reporting multiple issues in 360. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

.raptor from the Rainmeter Forums for his awesome Spotify plug-in available here

Exper1mental for reporting an issue with the 360 Spotify skin. Thank you!

Rabra for his suggestion to add RainRGB and display current color value of variables
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Air for Steam

Embracing Google's Material Design language, Air has been redesigned to be bold without compromise.
Showcasing consistent beauty through minimal design, the new Air is here!

Join the NEW Community Group

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Skyfire flat skin for VLC Media player, hope you like it and as always ZOOM for better quality :)

Artwork by :icontsuaii:

29. 05. 2014 -- Version 1.0
07. 06. 2014 -- Version 1.0.1
--Button for minimalization added
17. 07. 2014 -- Version 1.1
--Mute/unmute button re-worked
--Pressed effect on exit and minimize button repaired
--Button for adding media added (custom playlist view in further release)
17. 07. 2014 -- Version 1.1.1
--Button for adding media added to fullscreen control
30. 07. 2014 -- Version 1.2.0
--Custom playlist view added
--Button for media adding re-worked

1. Extract .vlt file to VLC Skin folder or any other filder what you won't delete
2. Start VLC
3. Go to preferences
4. In Interface check the custom skin option and select extracted .vlt file
5. Enjoy!


Edit: Newly you can buy me a coffee if you like work :)
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:bulletred: If you're looking for AiMP3 version, dzheka3d did an awesome job porting my theme. It's available here.

:new: I'm gonna add 2 new flat presets soon (to match Win 8 and Yosemite styled VS) :new:

Rumianekk is here, with a hint of older OS X systems (I might add Yosemite variant). I highly encourage everyone to use it with borderless visual style and toolbar icon blanker! :)
You may not believe, but the hardest thing to pull of was toggle-able scrollbar. It took me 2 days to figure out how to do this. Where are tutorials for this kind of stuff I ask you. WHERE!
Visual styles used on preview are Placebo Pure Morning and Placebo Cold by ever amazing SolMiler.
And to everyone curious about origin of the name. Rumianek in polish means chamomile. This little white flower that's used to brew stuff.

:bulletblue: Installation & usage manual can be found inside the archive or here.

:bulletred: This theme was designed and tested on f2k v1.3.3 (works fine on portable edition).

:bulletred: If your AV is bitching about trojans, worms or atom bombs inside the archive, ignore it or get a non paranoid AV. It's just UI_hacks component which is totally safe.

:bulletred: Log of changes:
2014-10-02: ***1.1b FIX***
** Playlist now shows disc number.

2014-10-02: ***1.1 UPDATE***
** WSH Seekbar is displayed properly for tracks that are longer than 59:99 minutes,
** Added new indicator to now playing track on playlist,
** Radio stations are no longer colored like dead files on playlist,
** Playlist have disk sorting enabled.

2014-05-05: ***1.0 INITIAL RELEASE***

:bulletgreen: Installing on f2k portable:
1. Unpack,
2. Open up unpacked "Theme" folder, copy its contents to your portable foo directory. Overwrite stuff if necessary,
3. Open up unpacked "Configuration" folder, then do the same with foobar2000 folder that's inside. Copy "user-components" and "configuration" to your portable foo directory. Overwrite stuff if necessary,
4. Run portable foobar. If it asks you about which GUI you would like to use, select ColumnsUI,
5. Enjoy your new theme.

:bulletgreen: Enable/disable scrollbars in Library Tree Panel:
1. Right click on Library Tree Panel,
2. Choose panel preferences,
3. Set scrollbar to default (will be shown when needed) or hide (always hidden) :pointr: (bottom right section).

If you like my configs, support me with a :+fav: or comment. :beer: is fine too!

Rating & Weblinks WSH by high king of scripts, marc2k3.
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Clean, squared and simple.

:bulletblue: Installation manual can be found inside the archive or here.

:bulletred: If your AV is bitching about trojans, worms or atom bombs inside the archive, ignore it or get a non paranoid AV. It's just UI_hacks component which is totally safe.

:bulletred: Changelog:
2014-9-1: ***1.2 UPDATE***
** I'VE BEEN PRODUCTIVE! Added PURE preset. Also fixed messed up UI_Hacks settings from 1.1 update.

2014-8-31: ***1.1 UPDATE***
** Track length is aligned properly, library tree does not use system dropdown lists anymore, mini-mode can display current track title on cover tab (click on the cover to show/hide text).

2013-12-19: ***1.0.1 BUGFIX***
** Details tab "online stream" text fixed.

2013-12-12: ***1.0.1 BUGFIX***
** Amethyst is fetching dynamic track and artist names now. Go on and stream something.

2013-12-8: ***1.0.1 UPDATE***
** Web links "Aw Crashed" errors corrected,
** Volume bar click area increased (for both mini and big mode), "Aw Crashed" errors corrected,
** New rating script.

2013-12-6: ***1.0 INITIAL RELEASE***

:bulletred: This theme was designed and tested on f2k v1.3 b4 (works fine on portable edition).
To install it on portable f2k, move "user-components", "configuration", "components" and "skins" to your portable installation dir, this should do the trick.

:bulletgreen: No cover – setting up „no cover stub image”:
1. Open prefs
2. Go to display
3. Look for "stub image path", point it to "nocover.png" (skins :pointr: Amethyst :pointr: Raw)

:bulletgreen: Enable/disable scrollbars in Library Tree Panel:
1. Right click on Library Tree Panel,
2. Choose panel preferences,
3. Set scrollbar to default (will be shown when needed) or hide (always hidden) :pointr: (bottom right section).

:bulletgreen: Enable/disable scrollbars in ELPlaylist:
1. Right click on any track or playlist header,
2. Choose setings,
3. Go to style tab,
4. Set scrollbar to default (will be shown when needed), hide (always hidden) or show (always visible) :pointr: (bottom left section).

If you like my configs, support me with a :+fav: or comment. :beer: is fine too!

Thanks to:
:iconmuzikfrrrik: for the inspiration
:iconscrollunlock: for amazing wallpaper

And as always, report bugs!.
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Collection by
Notepad++ with Rainlexer is required / Sublime Text's own is fine, too.

Features a chance-of-rain roundline meter. This shows how much chance of rain this day will get.

Instructions: Follow along with the .rmskin file and install the skin. Then right-click and click on "Ganymede" and launch "", this will show you the instructions on how to configure the skin's location and the Imperial/Metric system, and translation setups. Please follow along with these instructions.

Changing the languages: Right-click and then "Edit Skin", then when you see line 174, remove this semicolon ( ; ) before you activate the translation on "Substitute". Then on the .inc file, disable the semicolon as well on line 17 before "LangSub". Translated versions of the skins are coming soon (the languages that I accept is Spanish, Italian, and French only due to the font "Hit The Road" doesn't have any other special characters).

If you're done with the configuration that you set up, refresh the skin (right-click > refresh skin).

Known issues:
If you don't see the current condition, then The Weather Channel's XML is to blame. I think some VClouds Weather users will / might be having the similar problem with their skin as well. This bug will go off after it updates for about 20 minutes (1200 seconds).

If you have other similar issues or newer requests regarding of this skin or any other skins, just let me know. :)
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Classic retro-style clocks with Roman numerals for desktop - 8 skins..

Wallpaper [link]
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To start with the skin, just right-click and edit the skin. To edit the links, then you can click "Edit" (the will appear) and edit these links and follow the instructions as mentioned in the comment (;). After you configured that skin, hit "Refresh" to refresh the skin.

Editing the skin (Nyx3.ini)
In order to get your location if you're out of the US, you can go to to get your location. If you see your 8-digit code (or if you see a 8-digit code with a colon with a 1), copy this code and paste this to your URL in line 20. If you live inside the US, you could use your zip code without a problem unless if you are having trouble obtaining the feed, you'll be using the 8-digit code (with a :1 on it) instead.

If you're a Windows 8 user, there is a shutdown button link to fully turn your PC into a cold boot state without having the need to disable Fast Boot, even if your uptime tells you that your PC is running for about two days without shutting down completely (fast boot feature on). If you want to get the Aero Glass feature, get this tool to run it if you want, otherwise you'll see this skin as completely transparent.

The search feature is powered by Google. You may have the ability to change your search engine to your own.

You can edit the colors as you want it on line 29-36.
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Four Clocks with Pendulum,  on your desktop.

Download, click to instal, Have fun !

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Back to the Basics .2, show here in the preview is the expanded view. when originally loaded the test will be invisible and the bars considerably smaller. Click and hold on the solid circle inside the visualizer's complete, unfilled circle to unhide the details and blow up the bars.

here is .1's page, which details a lot of the installation.

Back to the Basics .1

note, a lot of the clunkier code has been rewritten using variables making changing it easier for end users. I'm still lost on how to make the visualizer less painful to resize, but hopefully I can figure it out soon.

.3 will have a calender and a clock. I'm not really sure how best to add either of them. I'll figure it out.

UPDATE: changed the paths of the files so it auto-isntalls both in a way so that they can be both used, and updated the layout.
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Collection by
Version 2.1

You can no longer download this version, get the latest edition here.

Note: Read the included text file before installing.

Updated: New skins now included, as well as some fixes. Music player now compatible with Foobar2k and Winamp!

An overhaul of my previous Simplesentence Rainmeter skin; here is the second edition.

This time I was aiming for a much more complete configuration, and a sleeker look. Simplesentence is designed to be unique from any other available skins, while still remaining easily customisable so that it can be integrated into a multitude of different desktops and themes.

Voted Skin of the Month for April 2010, thanks to everyone and to ~Magatsuerath for the nomination.

Premium iPhone and iPod Touch themes: iOS'86 | Sarif
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Port To Rainmeter by DarknesFreak

Her is my latest work, I liked the original design of the Litestep them created by x-spirit,but the problem was that i hated using LiteStep So i said why not port it to rainmeter and so i did of course i added some modification to the original design, people who are familiar or used the LiteStep them by x-spirit will see the difference, i wasn't planing on sharing this theme i kind of made it for my self, and than i changed my mind so i hope you like it.


thanks to :iconx-spirit: for letting me port it to rainmeter and :iconsmurfier: for the help

her is the original LiteStep theme


:bulletblue:Pack include :

Rmskin for easy install
Collection of wallpapers that go well with this skin ( wallpapers in the preview are included to )

:bulletorange: ohh My next theme will be in futuristic high tech style i will add a preview in the next few days.


to use this theme in a good way do this

- Click on the rainmeter icon in the try section
- Choose Edit Settings
- Under the Rainmeter section in the config text file on top Write this DesktopWorkArea=0,60,1440,900

where the 1440 and the 900 are the resolution of my screen you have to set them up to your screen resolution for this to work
and the 60 is the distance which will be saved for the bar, that way the skin will always be visible

refer to this for more info…

Skin is featured in this article…

Don't forget to donate some :points:
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UPDATE This configuration supports the old Rainmeter version. Eventually I'll port it to the newest version to maintain its usability.

I edited the readme so it shows much more information as well as added the .ini for instant theme.

Featured on Lifehacker and Gizmodo

I used Rainmeter, launchy, object dock, and cd art display to make this.

The origins of this idea was taken from the Microsoft vision 2019 UI shown here at 1:18.

the icons on the bottom left open music, video, recycle bin, and system operations. The Recycle bin turns red when full. Thats Launchy at the bottom.

The toggle buttons on the right open different RSS Feeds and turn Black when open. Above the RSS feed is now playing information provided by CD Art Display. Above that is a system meter I grabbed from Enigma and beside that is a system heat sensor that reads info from Speedfan.

Above those are of just weather and To Do things

The ONLY resolution this is in is 1280x800. I included the photoshop file in the pack if you want to make it bigger. Sorry!

This is my very first Rainmeter skin so I hope it's not too bad :)

Tell your friends and if you like it please favorite it :D

Thanks for downloading Windows 2019 by Painkilla05! \(^.^)/

Requirements to duplicate the screenshot:

CD Art Display-[link]

Object Dock-[link]


To install this theme, copy the "Win2019" folder to C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Skins\

To install the CD Art Display theme, open the "CD Art Display" folder and copy the "Pure Adium" folder to C:\Program Files\CD Art Display\Skins\
To apply the theme right click the taskbar icon for CD Art Display > Skin > Pure Adium > For Enigma Sidebar

To install the Lanuchy skin, open the Launchy folder and copy the "Launchy2019" folder to C:\Program Files\Launchy\skins\
To apply, right click launchy while it's open, go to skins, click the Launchy2019 skin

To apply the system icons just right click on the program you want, click change icon, and choose whatever icon you want.
*WARNING* The three icons in the "System Icons" folder are shortcuts that link to whatever their named and they WILL perform without a confirmation window so dont go clicking around

To make it really easy you can just copy the rainmeter.ini in the "Final 2019" folder to C:\program files\rainmeter\ or wherever you have it installed. If one allready exists I suggest you backup the old one by just changing the name (If you use other skins and dont want to mess them up) and replacing it with mine. This way everything will snap into place next time Rainmeter is started. Just make sure rainmeter is CLOSED before you do this or else when you do close Rainmeter it will overwrite the .ini


The Dock icons folder are for a docking program or shortcuts. For example on my desktop I use them on the bottom left of the preview image with Object Dock(You can also use Rocket DocK). To make things pop out you need Object Docklet (or Rocket Docklet).

The system temperature tracker requires Speedfan to work. ([link])

Theres a large space on the bottom between Launchy and the RSS buttons. What I did was ran rocketdock down there so I have a little icon bar. If you want you can do this too.

The RSS Toggles are a bit picky. To move them you have to left click and hold then move the mouse till its off the button. It should turn white. once white you can click and move it anywhere you want. Simply click it again to return it to its normal state.

Any comments and questions please feel free to comment at [link]

Kaelri for the resources offered from the Enigma Desktop - [link]
mepu for more resources from - [link]
PatLeeArt for the wallpaper - [link]

Lifehacker for giving me the opportunity to do something big
And the Rainmeter team for being awesome!
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Requiem: The Cyberfox Theme


On a promise I made to Toadyshadow if he created me an x64 browser as per my request

I said I would make him a kick ass theme to go along with it.

So here it is in appreciation for Toadyshadow for making the best x64 version of firefox I have ever used!!!

To try this amazing piece of work just go to this thread here: [link]

and grab your copy to start enjoying the speed and stability of Cyberfox the best x64 variant of Firefox on the web!!

Requiem: The Cyberfox Theme

Theme includes:

:bulletgreen: Cyberfox Requiem Theme
:bulletgreen: Custom Cursors
:bulletgreen: Start Orb
:bulletgreen: Custom Cyberfox Sound Pack
:bulletgreen: Fonts
:bulletgreen: Explorerframe buttons and images
:bulletgreen: Shell32 replacement images for the Control panel panes
:bulletgreen: 2 Wallpapers
:bulletgreen: Imageres.dll icons

Theme Extras

:bulletgreen: 7zip theme
:bulletgreen: Dock
:bulletgreen: Shellbrd Orb
:bulletgreen: Winrar Theme
:bulletgreen: Adobe Application Splash Screens
:bulletgreen: System Genuine Image
:bulletgreen: System Clocks
:bulletgreen: Aimp Skin

Download from mediafire: [link]

Theme extras: [link] Extras/Requiem extras.7z


:bulletred: Toadyshadow for making such an amazing browser

:bulletred: dsdesign of Sevenedge for the original wallpaper that I modded from their Reverze flash project amazing wall

:bulletred: Jas Seehara for his alienware phone concept which was the base idea for the aimp skin
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Collection by
This is a mod I made of MoxaMax's Rainmeter skin for feeding XML weather forecast. I was asked to upload by somebody so I hope it can be of some use.

Edit Location ID in 'Weather.ini' configurations settings file using Notepad.

Critique encouraged
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I seen this desktop configuration of the linux app Conky and wanted it on my Windows desktop.

Has two colors - black and white. With all the meters shown in the screenshot. The main drive is linked to C:, but there are also configs for drives D, E, F, G, & H.

The network meter for some reason isn't working correctly but I left it in there anyway. Maybe one day I'll have a fix for it. So for now it's aesthetic.

Just about everything is individual configs so pick and choose what you want.

Update: Forgot to include the fonts :p
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This is an old version. For a fully updated version of this skin check out VClouds Weather 2 and my new Glasses theme.

My first Rainmeter skin - a detailed vertical weather skin.
it includes 3 sets with 8 skins each, that shows weather conditions - from current weather to a full 9 day forecast from

To change the weather to your city location right click the skin, click edit skin, scroll down to Location and read the instructions.

* The Today/Tonight line is taken from Shivaism's Large Clean Weather skin.…

- Make sure to read the instructions ;)
- Also check this video that I found for easy installation instructions…

13.12.2011 - Temporary fix for the update issues. everything should work except for the last forecast day in the 9 days variant.
3.11.2013 - Fixed Tonight forecast not showing thanks to josey-wells.
20.1.2014 - Fixed Tonight forecast not showing up again. thanks to josey-wells.

German version translated by MissPauline can be found here…
Russian version translated by Lukunder can be found here
Portuguese version translated by Armaru can be found here…
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Please use this instead:
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It still has a few bugs and issues to work out and a skin or two to make. If you install the beta, you'll need to install the included font.

Final Release here [link]
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Here's the next version of Simplex! This version features a new frame, search & address bar, taskbar, and various of other changes.

1. You should put the winaeroglass and TBarIconBlanker app inside your startup folder so that you won't have to start them up each time you log into windows
2. The glass effect will be disable if you change the color scheme or have auto-colorization on.
3. This theme is Ribbon compatible! If you prefer using the ribbon, no worries :)

Please fav if you like this work!
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Supports Uxstyle Core and UltraUXThemePatcher.
Supports Windows 8 x86/x64.

Default Windows 8 Aero visual style with
New top/bottom/left/right taskbar,
New window caption buttons,
New scrollbar,
New navigation buttons,
New fade colors for inactive windows.
Include version with light window caption.

Made with PE Explorer & Gimp 2.8.

See Install.txt.
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Release Preview Visual Style ported to Windows 8.

The bug in internet Explorer can't be fixed for the default theme because Microsoft linked Internet Explorer with the msstyle, the bug is caused by the navigation bar background from Windows Explorer.

The style for StartIsBack is not made by me, I just replaced some resources in AeroByDesign.msstyle, the resources were taken from a squared theme, I don't take any credits for it.

UXstyle - [link]
StartIsBack - [link]
Aero Glass for Windows 8 by BigMuscle - [link]
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Hi deviants! :wave:

Field of PAIN

:heart: Wallpapers™

There is no life without pain! :peace:

:+fav: +:+favlove: + :deviation:
--------------------------- careful, it's a beast's land out there]

-6 colors
-4 resolutions
-include sizes for your phone and tablet


{16x10} 6 x 2560x1600
{16x9} 3 x 2560x1440

{Devices} 2 x iPad 2 1024x1024
2 x iPhone 4 640x960

Stock photo: Come tenere in una goccia tutto il mare by
Cammino & Vivo Capovolto ☆.

Credits to Cammino & Vivo Capovolto ☆ on flickr.


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Stock © raichinger - : [link]
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