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Clock Cowon D3 for rainmeter

I creat some icons here [link]
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Developed by fediaFedia and Xyrfo

:bulletblack: Version 2.0 (22.4.2011):

:pointr: Now uses Rainmeter native blur
:pointr: Improved performance
:pointr: Improved unlocking
:pointr: 4 new TopBar Add-Ons
:pointr: 2 new skins
:pointr: Fixed Flipclock variant
:pointr: Now works also on portable installations

:bulletblack: Features:

:pointr: Authentic LockClock font
:pointr: Easy to configure
:pointr: 40 languages
:pointr: 12 skins
:pointr: Perfectly utilizes Aero glass
:pointr: Lock your desktop with one click
:pointr: Topbar with several addons
:pointr: Automatically adjusts to your screen resolution and chosen height

:bulletblack: How to install and use?

The installer will launch Rainmeter with iPad clock once finished. Choose your language from the languages window and close it. Hover the upper right corner of the clock to unveil three icons, close, configure and lock.

:bulletblack: Credits

~komalo for AeroBackgrounder base code
~poiru for his excellent refresh and language setting applications
~ChristianBaroni for allowing us to port his Glissade Lockscreen
~bucksam for beta testing
All translators (~foreveryone, ~Genedon, ~iUmut, ~K-Ikki, ~Alex2007December, ~Paradoxxxxxx)

iPad PSD used in the preview: [link]
iPhone 4 PSD used in the preview: [link]

Enjoy and don't forget to :+fav:!
Comments disabled by owner.
Preview background: Scottish Highlands by boysetsfire.

- - - - - - -

Update: Enigma 4 Patch 1 (16 September 2012)

I've added some of the performance improvements and bug fixes made since the release of Enigma 4. Please check the Issues List to see which issues have been addressed. :)

- - - - - - -

Update: Enigma 4 (7 August 2012)

It looks like I managed to beat the one-year anniversary of 3.1, if only by four days. :)

First, some news. One: I need to give special thanks to smurfier, who has been a huge help to me this cycle. Among many other things, he's contributed his latest features from LuaCalendar, and he's tightened up some of my code considerably. If you like what you see in Enigma 4, be sure to thank him.

Two: I've decided to jump on the Chrome bandwagon and simplify my version numbering. The next stable update will be Enigma 4. After that will be 5, 6, 7, etc. If I need to do patches, they'll still use decimals (e.g. 4.1, 4.2).

Three: the Enigma source code is now being hosted on GitHub. So if you want to see, test, and give feedback on new features before the beta, you can "Watch" the project page on GitHub and follow Enigma's development in real time. :)

Now, on to the new stuff. :)

• A new tool lets you search for and set your weather code entirely from within Enigma.

Variants now work the way they used to: just right-click a skin and pick from the "Variants" menu. No more of that frustrating double-clicking on an invisible background.

• Speaking of backgrounds, all skins now have a shadow that appears on mouseover. This makes it easier to grab skins and move them around.

• All-new skins include Process, which shows your top Windows processes by CPU usage; a Reader variant for the taskbar; and a Volume variant for the sidebar.

• Taskbar skins now automatically resize to fit their contents.

• Many, many new options. The old options are smarter, too: you can now add your Gmail account with or without "", and Google Calendar feeds with or without "/basic". You can also right-click any individual option to restore the default.

• The Calendar skin now lets you display your personal events from a local XML file. You can also choose to have the Google Calendar skin write an XML file with your upcoming appointments.

• It's much easier to add new tabs to Notes and Reader. Instructions will be added to the FAQ in the near future (see below).

These are just the highlights. As always, you'll find a complete changelog in the release notes.

- - - - - - -


Enigma is a featured "suite" for the Windows system monitoring application, Rainmeter. It's a library of desktop gadgets that you can choose from, arrange and configure however you want.

• A neutral, minimalist design that goes well with a wide range of themes, wallpapers and color schemes.
• Over 100 customization options in a user-friendly panel, no programming skills required.
• Up to 7 variants for each skin, including "Sidebar" and "Taskbar" styles that stack neatly and snap together.
• Support for "stylesheets" - third-party modification packages that completely change the look and feel of the entire suite. New stylesheets can be installed and turned on or off in seconds.
• Three pre-made themes that fit your computer screen right out of the box.

Enigma also includes a full range of standard skins for a Rainmeter suite, including clocks and calendars that show your personal events; feed readers that support RSS, Atom, Gmail, Google Calendar and Remember The Milk; notepads; picture slideshows; media player controls and album art displays for over 16 players; application launchers and search engines; weather forecasts powered by Yahoo! Weather; and numerous system and network monitors, including CPU, RAM, volume, drive space, WiFi status, IP address, recycle bin state, and more.

- - - - - - -


Enigma has been downloaded over 330,000 times alone, and over 2 million times bundled with Rainmeter, which chose Enigma as its default theme in 2009. It has been featured several times by Lifehacker, Windows Magazine and Computer Bild, and spent over two years as the #1 most popular work in deviantArt's Skins and Themes category.

- - - - - - -

License & Credits

See here for a list of credits and license information for this software.

- - - - - - -


Issues List
Forum Thread

Please don't post help requests on deviantArt. Use the forum thread instead. It really helps to keep everything in one place. :)

- - - - - - -

For more information, visit the official website.
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Use Config wrm to change things like drive letters, Gmail user and pass, worms messages, font etc.
Default font is Arial Rounded MT Bold, if you don't have it installed try with Arial.
Left click on mail wrm to refresh, middle to open Gmail.
Left click on trash wrm to open recycle bin (if full).

Thank you:

enkera-2005 for WRMZ icons

fediafedia for rainmeter skin config thingy

"Stole" some code from:

Kaelri's Enigma

and white-baron's Simplesentencethree

wallpaper in preview Simplymi by SuiXDesign
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A more elaborate & polished version of the popular Elegance. [link]

UPDATE v1.0.1 (080211)
* Fixed the font problem... the correct fonts will now show (as seen in the preview).


~ All meters have two versions to achieve either a horizontal or vertical look.
~ Includes Color Changer & Configuration tools for easy customization and setup.
~ The Color Changer alters accent colors throughout the skin with one-click (clock, music player, recycle bin).

- clock
- date
- nowplaying player * (w/progressive bg)
- cpu
- ram
- net upload
- net download
- hard drive (up to 4 drives)
- gmail
- weather (w/icons)
- recycle bin +meter

(*) The 'foo_rainmeter.dll' plugin [link] for foobar2000 must be installed.

Thanks for looking, please enjoy. :wave:

Thanks to :iconmohitg: for the fantastic weather icons. [link]
Thanks to :icontoastbrotpascal: for inspiring the ColorChanger.
Thanks to :iconrurounivash: for the wallpaper. [link]
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Collection by
Seeing how some people use just the text items from omnimo on their desktop, I decided to release them separately and standalone.

It's pretty much the same thing that's in Omnimo, but doesnt require for it to be installed. Customizability and functionality should stay the same. This version uses config which I released yesterday.

The websites panel, as you probably noticed isnt completely done, I'll try to find a optimum solution for it later.

What's Included:

Day variations + Day universal

Comments are welcome!
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For a better Description, go here:


The Configs Included in this are the 2 outer bottom ones, the

Red Black Productions originally had Synergy, which has many more configs, but I was surprised when I didn't find a weather or power Config, so i created these, and after someone asking me for them, they have been uploaded on DA.

Here are the originals:


This file includes:
1) Re:Synergized Power Config
2) Re:Synergized Weather Config
3) Antipasto Font

Wallpaper: [link]

Hope you like it!
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Roomico for Rainmeter
Notes and Gmail checker

Inspired by the great work of bedroompop
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### Check out my latest skins "Encoded [link]" "Elegance [link]" "Ribbits [link]" ###

*** Update v1.1 - 062211 ***
- Added a few new options for Time/Date & Weather
- Now in .rmskin format for easier installation.
- Minor updates to code.

Keeping it simple for my first ever Rainmeter release. I've included many of the themes I've worked on into a single package. Mix & Match, change colors, fonts, sizes... modify to your heart's content.

Included are multiple options for the following.

-Recycle bin + meter*

This project has certain elements taken from or inspired by both Token and Enigma skins, big Thanks to the authors. Also thanks to bobbyperux and his SIMPLE CLOCK SAVER for inspiring one of the included Date/Time skins.

~Rainmeter is Required to use this skin, visit [link]

(*)The big ugly trash bin icon isn't included, it's simply there to illustrate a use for the skin next to it. :D

Wallpaper used in preview...
1: [link]
2: [link]
3: [link]
4: [link]
5: [link]
6: [link]
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My first skin for rainmeter, a shelf :B
Credits to :icondip-priest: for the shelf background and :iconqishui: for the icons :B

File manager, C:\, Pictures, Chat, People, Photoshop, Home and To do list :D

:+fav:? comment?
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Collection by
Amazing clock for Rainmeter by anelectricmind, based on QlockTwo by Biegert & Funk - [link]

anelectrimind seems to have moved on, and this really nice skin does not seem to be available anywhere at this time, so I thought I would re-release it, updated for the latest Rainmeter 2.3 version.

All credit belongs to anelectricmind.

Requires the latest Rainmeter 2.3 at [link]
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QQ Discontinued :C

Hmm... I just put together this skin, its sort of an upgrade to my older [link] Clock). You need [link] (Rainmeter 1.2) >_<

To change the text color click on the small square on the top left, from there u would be able to open Raincofig.
Also please install [link] RainRGB 4.0

Most of the skin is customizable through Rainconfig.
WordClock2 ALT is only compatible with Rainmeter 1.3

Color Chooser Please Install by [link] (jsmorley).
I got some ideas from some of [link] (poiru) skins
Rainmeter skin config by [link] (fediaFedia)

omg thanks for the daily deviation >_< thanks alot.
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--------FIXING IN PROGRESS-------

Hi all. :D

Circulo for RM.

The idea was from [link]

any problems , questions, feel free to ask.


Please Set Your Player First! The default player is WMP.

Please :+fav: or say thanks if you use or download it.



1. fix the selection of default player
After install it, it will ask to set your default player.

if you have trouble selecting it , follow this step.
-open the ini.
- change the
Player="WMP" ---> to your player.


just replace this from

ToolTipText="Open Media Player"
MouseOverAction=!Execute [!SetOption #CURRENTSECTION# ImageName "open h.png"][!Update]
MouseLeaveAction=!Execute [!SetOption #CURRENTSECTION# ImageName "open.png"][!Update]
LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute [!CommandMeasure "Player OpenPlayer"]


LeftMouseUpAction=[!CommandMeasure "mPlayer TogglePlayer"]

sorry for inconvinience.
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Package updated..


UPDATED 25.11.2010

-added german language | can be selected as cal_german.ini
-one colour for every display – can be configured with the tool
-change the structure of the folders a bit
-changed standard variables

Feauture suggestion and everything about this update by ~daspalme (thanks very much for such a contribution:))

UPDATED 4.7.2010

now you can rotate calendar with an angle to fit other corners.
bottom corners will do fine but for top corners it will be somewhat hard to read as code rotates calendar only not flips text.

Choose angles 0-90-180-270 in config tool for different corners.(0 is bottom right corner)


Now its in .rmskin format so its much more easy to install

finally i finished the second version of my corner calendar [link]

*First of all you must have rainmeter 1.2 to make configurable calendar work else you can use one of the presets in the package:)
*make sure your skin path is like that C:\Users\User\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Corner_Calendar_v2

I made some important changes according to feedbacks
-now you can change the size,color and alpha values of the calendar.
-I used rainmeter skin config utility to simplify the configuration process and additionaly thanks to this nice tool you can see the changes instantly after you set them
-And i changed the font obviously:)


Rainmeter Skin Config by Fediafedia [link]
DenmarkFont: [link]
Rainstaller by poiru: [link]§ion=&global=1&q=rainstaller#/d2mcvn1
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****^^ Elegance 2 NOW AVAILABLE! [link] ^^****

After the complexity of Ribbits [link] I needed a taste of simplicity again.


~ Time [3 sizes (12hr & 24hr)]
~ Date
~ Weather
~ iTunes player
~ Recycle bin + meter

See this skin in use... [link]

Enjoy. :wave:

wallpaper: [link]

**For more simple Rainmeter options check out "Simple Media [link]" & "Encoded [link]" **
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Collection by
Simple skin for Rainmeter that shows the current song.
For Winamp.



Which Players are supported?

AIMP: PlayerName=AIMP

foobar2000: PlayerName=foobar2000

iTunes: PlayerName=iTunes

J. River Media Center: PlayerName=CAD

J. River Media Jukebox: PlayerName=CAD Client: PlayerName=WLM

MediaMonkey: PlayerName=MediaMonkey

Media Player Classic: PlayerName=WLM

MusicBee: PlayerName=CAD

OpenPandora: PlayerName=WLM

Spotify: PlayerName=Spotify

TTPlayer: PlayerName=WLM

Winamp: PlayerName=Winamp

VLC: PlayerName=CAD

WMP: PlayerName=WMP

Zune: PlayerName=WLM

How I can change the player?

Right-click on the skin and select 'Edit Skin'
Under [Variables], change the Player= value
Save the file, then right-click there and select 'Refresh Skin'"



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Need help?
Take a look at the ABP support thread on the Rainmeter forums: [link] or write a comment here on deviantART.

Rainmeter 1.3 or higher is needed for this skin to work.
Get the latest version here [link]


ABP 1.2:

-completely refined white skin

-new search skin for multiple search engines and the command line with text-input

-new "all-in-one" skin - featuring System, Weather, RSS, ToDo and Apps in smallest space

-some fixes and minor changes here & there

ABP 1.1:
-Tabs now stay open even after refreshing Rainmeter/rebooting/etc.

-Volume control in music skin

-Added more functions to slideshow

-Bug fixed: No more error messages saying "Settings.ini doesn't contain any meters"

-Several small fixes and updated graphics here and there ...

ABP 1.01:

Launcher bug fixed. Thanks to ~ufo01fr for the hint.

ABP1.0 (first public release):

This is ABP for Rainmeter, the suite comes in black and white and has a configure-tool pretty much like Tabmeter2.

You also find kinda tabs in there, for example in the RSS or Launcher skins. These are meant to be small but still featuring a lot of functions.

Here are some tips:
The launcher has space for 21 shortcuts, but I personally liked to have some of them launch a website instead a program. You can do this by clicking "Advanced Options" in the configure-tool and then just put in things like Link1-1="h t t p://w w w. deviantart. com" (of course without the spaces - I only did this so deviantART doesn't see this as an URL :D)

Questions and Answers:
I always get an error when I try to open a tab in the System skin, but that doesn't happen with the Launcher :confused:
Answer: Get Rainmeter1.3

Is your skin compatible to Foobar/WMP/etc.?
Answer: nope. But you can get a CAD skin fitting the suite perfectly here: [link]

As always, I'm very happy about every comment, :+fav:, :+devwatch: and llama, even if I don't write a comment on your profile ^^;

Feedback and (feature) suggestions appreciated. :peace:

Credits / thanks to:
[link] (Fiftyfootshadows for Wallpaper in preview),

Thanks to =karmat111 and =bendenfield for beta-testing.
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**Update Sept 2010**
The calendar has received an upgrade including holidays, localization and skinability.

Check out the beta at the Rainmeter forums and pitch in your ideas and thoughts.


Instead of using Rainlender I built my own calendar to use in Rainmeter.

Originally designed to fit in the Sidebar layout for the "Enigma" layout: [link]

Silk icon thanks to Mark James at [link]

Grey (micons) icon thanks to [link]

**Update 3/30/09**
Updated to include a version with the week starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. Both the underline and bold versions have this.

A minor feature with these new calendars is they now update faster! Whoopie! Also note that I changed the font I used back to Trebuchet MS (the font ~Kaelri uses in Enigma).

Sorry for the wait, everyone. Enjoy!

**Update 1/10/09**
This is now a pack including 2 calendar types. One is the original underlined type and the other is a stylized text type to highlight the current day. Each are just as customizable as before.

Also added is the option to display part of the previous and next month in the calendar (partly displayed in the preview). Again, colors can be customized.

Also, two icons are included (credits above) and are used to enable/disable showing the extra days in the calendar by double left clicking. By right clicking you can open the Time/Date Properties window (only tested in Windows XP Pro as admin).

And then obviously the month is now displayed next to the icon. This also can be enabled/disabled, but it requires some in-config tweaking

Hope you enjoy the new features and improvements.
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- This desktop is the 1st winner (with the great "Morph" skin suite by minhtrimatrix [link]) of the January/February Skin of the Month
on :iconrainmeter:

- This desktop is the 1st winner of the 9. Contest
on :icondeskmodder-de:



PSD File [link]

- Version 2.1.5 -

I created a new Theme with Rainmeter 2.0 [link]. I hope you like it.
Don't hesitate to comment, whatever you like it or not, it will help me to improve this Theme!


Now you can download a .zip file which contains :

- A readme.txt (Read It !!!!!)
- The .rmskin file (for the installation of the skins and of the theme)
- The default wallpaper, with some new resolutions
- Two preview pictures
- The changelog file

For the main .ini files modifications, you have now the newspaper_config.exe file in your skin folder.
You can also launch the Newspaper_config.exe with a left click on the red icon on your desktop.
A right click on this red icon close Rainmeter.

Note : This Theme has still the best look in the default 1366x768 resolution


The wallpaper is my personal work. You can find it in the .zip file with different resolutions.
I completly created it with different textures, mostly from my stock.

Other textures I used :

- Wood Texture by infopath [link]
- Paper Texture by PanzerTM [link]


Here is the original skins I used, but I modified all of them :

- Pricedown Rainmeter Clock by hello-123456 (Date) [link] - With his written permission
- Sinister V2.0 by natosaurus (System information) [link] - With his written permission
- Elementary by Col-Darby (Chronophage, Hour) [link] - With his written permission
- Enigma by Kaelri (4x Rss Reader 3, Taskbar Launchers) [link] - With his written permission
- Rainmeter Calendar by limpet [link]
- PC Meters by Liquid-Tension-vbb (2x HDD Bar) [link]
- VClouds Weather 1 by VClouds (Weather 2Days Simple) [link] - With his written permission
- Gmail widget by jessydior [link]
- Notes by easy-art (Notes Skin, System Stats) [link]
- Newspaper Skin, Pocket Watch Clock by Tatenokai,with the help of AvoidTheSky (Include in the .zip file)
- Cigarette Skin, Evening Edition Skin by Tatenokai, with the help of JpsCrazy (Include in the .zip file)

+ Skin Config by fediaFedia [link]

Thanks for their work !


Inculde in the .zip file

Special Thanks

:iconavoidthesky: :iconjpscrazy:


Rainmeter Forum [link]

NOTE : If you use one of the skins content in this theme in one of your works, please credit the original author and me as modifier with a link of the original page, Thanks.

PS : Read the readme before asking a question, Thanks.

Many thanks to all of you for your support, comments and faves! I didin't thought my theme would become so popular.
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Collection by
a rainmeter skin for your desktop...
also Featured Morninglight Wallpaper
-Must Install Geosanslight Font (ask MR.Google, he will help you)
-Copy Filelistplugin.dll to C:\Program Files\rainmeter\Plugins
thats all, and enjoy...

Special Thanks To....
- Varelse42 [link]
-Poiru [link]
-Minhtrimatrix [link]
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Simplistic Clock for Rainmeter

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NovaSev RMS is a refreshing re design of SimplyNova. This skin allows users a better few of the stats, with a minimal look and feel. I prefer this set up, as it allows (using two background bars) the use of any wallpaper without having to change color schemes or losing visibility.

The preview above shows different background bars then what the default ones are - which are just black. This is just to show you that you can do a lot with it from easy and quick changes. With the default background bars, I like to change the transparency to 20% which gives it a cool look.


Hard Drive bars: Used amounts
RAM bars: RAM ans SWAP usage
Network bars: Current usage of Upload and Download (hovering shows totals)
System bars: Current usage of CPU and top running process
Misc. bars: Recycle bin and Gmail account
12 Hour time + date
4-day forecast weather: Showing current and low temps.
Background bars for use with any and all desktop backgrounds.

****WEATHER EDITING**** To change the weather unit (F or C) and location follow these simple steps..
1. Right click on the weather meter and select Edit Skin.
2. To change weather measure - use f for farenheit and m for celsius.
3. To find your location code - use this site: [link] and enter your code to replace the one currently there.

I hope you like the skin, get in touch with me if you need anything at all. Thank you.

If you like my skin, want to see what I've got coming up, need help with stuff, or just want to support me - go like my Facebook page, NovaSev at [link]
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Here's a rehash of one of my older rainmeter skins, the Lines suite.
All of the pictured lines comes in black and white formats and can be moved around independently.

Note that you'll need to install and have SpeedFan running in order to see CPU/GPU temperatures and you may need to check and edit which gauge checks which temperature (what is correct for my laptop may be different from your system).

If you want to change the HDD meters to show space left in GB/MB, go into the config and comment out the Percentual=1 line under [MeterPercent] section, you'll also change to change the Text= line to reflect GB/MB free instead of %. Refresh when done. ;)
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My second work for Rainmeter.
These bubbles were designed in GIMP.
The .rmskin-file includes:





Wallpaper in the preview is Galactica by :iconstormmajki:.

I still don't get how to make that RegExp code, so i took it from this Skin: [link]
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Collection by

Due to some new DeviantArt policy it is no longer possible to submit executable files.

UPDATE Version: 0.7 R4
Released 2012-09-06.

It should now run on Windows 8. It should also display a useful error message if an icon can not be applied.

Download it here [link] if you are having problems or are running Windows 8.

UPDATE Version: 0.7 R3
Released 2012-03-30.

I've fixed a problem that made backups impossible to create if no shortcuts had ever been pinned to the start menu.

Is this the final release? Only time can tell.

UPDATE Version: 0.7 R2 BETA
Released 2011-09-20.

I've added three new packages! Two from ~deleket and one from ~aablab. Be sure to check them out. Also, please note that these packages are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (see their respective license.txt file). Thus, I requested special permission to create these packages.

Otherwise, there are only some minor changes.

UPDATE Version: 0.7 BETA
Released 2011-06-26.

This release is looong over due; but now its here! I have made a lot of small updates, as well as some big once.

For the package creators I have included a way to auto assign icons to programs. I hope this will encourage more people to create packages :D

As for the rest, there is a new backup system that will ensure your shortcuts are always safe. It should be virtually impossible to destroy them now!

It is also possible to change icon of unpinned shortcuts! This is possible ONLY if you apply the package to a folder that contains the shortcuts you use then launching the program. This should not be a problem though since it's possible to apply a package to any folder on the hard-drive!

UPDATE Version: 0.5 R3 BETA
Released 2011-01-20.

Fixed an error in the Dark Token package concerning Skype.

In short. There is no need to update if you have not experienced any problems.

A while ago I became interested in changing the icons on my Windows 7 Taskbar. Unfortunately I had to do it manually which required a lot of work. After much blood, sweat and tears I decided it was time for a change. It was time to create 7CONIFIER.

7CONIFIER is a tool is capable of changing all your taskbar and start menu icons in a single click (and key press)! All you need to do is select the package you would like to use and hit "Apply".

7CONIFIER comes pre-loaded with three packages (Eclipse 2, Token Light and Token Dark). If you like variety you can easily add more packages. Simply download a package and place it in the folder called "packages".

● One click (and key press) to change your systems appearance.
● One click (and key press) to change it back.
● Comes pre-loaded with three packages.
● Supports future package releases.
● Built-in editor that allows you to edit or create you own packages.
● Works on both big and small (xp-style) icons.
● Backup system.

How to install
Simply unzip the file and place the folder called "7CONIFIER" in a good place. I do not like applications that change registry entries and spread files allover my hard drive thus 7CONIFIER won't touch the registry and it will keep to itself as much as it possibly can. To uninstall simply delete the folder -- remember to reapply your default package though.

● Windows 7. Works on both 32 or 64 bit (thanks ~se7ensinner).
● .NET 3.5 (should be included in your Windows installation).
● Taskbar buttons need to be set to: "Always combine, hide lables". You can find this option by right-clicking the taskbar and pressing Properties. Screenshot: [link]

Preview info
● Visual style: Shine 2.0 [link] by *zainadeel (thanks ~dysgenics)
● Wallpaper: Name and author is unknown.
● Star orb: steelOrb for Windows 7 [link] by `ap-graphik

I have been granted permission to redistribute Token [link] and Ecqlipse 2 [link] as part of 7CONIFIER by each respective author (~brsev and ~chrfb).

Woahw! Never thought I would get a DD! Never! I am honored :D

Enjoy! I hope you find it useful.
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Hello fellas, today i would love to share with you a new Vs that i have made with the resource of ~ainq. As you may see this
theme turned out to be so soft and gentle. I'm really digging this theme. I think i might use it for a while. ;p

It better work with x32 and x64 bits or else, i'll jump of a bridge. :fingerscrossed:

Don't forget that Critiques are welcome and comments 2. :stinkeye:

PSD Resource

How-To Video

ExplorerFrames.dll Here!

The .rar pack includes:
Drop theme
For top and bottom

If there is any bugs plz report it to me!

Please comment and :+fav:

I appreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)


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These fit well with "MetroStation" Icon set, ([link]) which I felt was missing several important icons. (no "recycle bin"!)

So in this batch I've got:

Task manager
Recycle Bin

And I threw in a simple Rocketdock Skin (Not Pictured), Just a simple black bar, because the white icons weren't showing well over firefox, etc.

Also Included is the .psd file white circle in case you'd like to make your own.
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MetroStation Icons Pack [Version 2.20]

If you truly feel I am deserving, your donations are appreciated. THANK YOU to those who have already done so.

My other projects

In case you want to contact me for work, or have questions and comments, please send me a Note or Mail me detailing your requests, and I will get back to you with a quote within 48 hours. More info
*PayPal payments only*


What is a METRO

METRO is codename for Windows Phone Design System. It's modern, clean, light and open design with no shadows, glows or gradients.

The Design

The Design of these icons it's based on the METRO style, with cleared, straight forms and pure typography. Most of the parts are just basic shapes - circles and rectangles, combine in the best way.

What's in the package

There is 7 main sections, with total 209 icons*3 colours - white, blue and black (overall 627 icons). The files are 256 x 256px ico files (from 16 to 256px) and 256 x 256px png files.

Most of these icons are normal stuff for a computers or smartphones. There are included icons for web browsers, social networks, mobile operators, there are some standard software packages, system icons, and such as multimedia and navigation systems.

The design of all icons, which are registered trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. You can see the preparation of these icons in Illustrator - [link]

How to use it

The ico files it's for your Windows OS. Just replace the original icon from the Properties dialogue in any program or folder.

The png files are for Windows Mobile OS, Android, iOS and Linux OS. There are a lot of programs, that allows to change the icons of these OS.

My recommendations for the background are - since the icons are with one solid colour, use dark bg for the white and blue versions and light for the black.

More Icons....

There will be no more updates for now, If you want more icons and colours, please use the template [link] to make your own icons.

Download the template:

Got a questions...

Please write in the comments, :+fav:, :+devwatch:


To download the whole package, just press Download in the sidebar. If you want to download an individual icon, go to iconspedia - [link]
History of changes:

[tmp] - MetroIcons template - BR 08052011
[2.40] - MetroDroid - BR 09032011
[2.30] - MediaStars - BR 20112010
[2.20] - MetroStation - MU 18112010
[2.19] - MetroStation - MU 22102010
[2.10] - MetroStation - MU 20102010
[2.00] - MetroStation - BR 19102010
[1.00] - Windows Phone 7 Icons - BR 01062010

Used Programs:

First Edition:
    My work must not to be edited, distributed, sold or uploaded anywhere without my writen expressed permission. If you have any doubts or would like to use it or have a special license for a commercial work, please note me, or leave a comment. The Icons are not free for commercial use. Thanks.

    In case you want to contact me for work, or have questions and comments, please send me a Note or Mail me detailing your requests, and I will get back to you with a quote within 48 hours. More info
    *PayPal payments only*
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Free Windows Metro Icons is a pack of over 130 royalty-free icons for Windows systems. Produced to match and exceed the design guidelines for Microsoft Windows systems, this collection of application bar icons includes 48x48 pixels images with a transparent background and an actual drawing located in a central square of 26x26 pixels. All the images are supplied in the PNG format. Design perfect apps for Windows today!
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Collection by
Hello mates, here are more themes for ur lovely Windows 7!
This is my Valentine gift for all of y'all fellows that love customizing. Plz tell me what you think?

A really big thanks to my dude, ~Dwx50 because he provided both the .psd for
Sombras [link] And Snow [link] . Go check out his gallery, I promise you will love his work!

How-To Video

ExplorerFrames.dll Here!

The .rar pack includes:
Snow & Sombras
CAD skins

UPDATE #2 [11/26/12]
✓ Fixed taskbar flash bug
✓ Made Snow more minimal
✓ Fixed some border bugs
✓ Decrease .rar size

UPDATE #1 [03/13/12]
✓ Change taskbar buttons
✓ Fixed some minor bugs
✓ Add new captions for Sombras & Snow

If there any bugs plz report it to me!

Please comment and :+fav:

I apreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)



Note: All the resources in this Vs are 100% made by me (=kiko11)!
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A retro blast from the past!

Check out the Winamp & Icons for the suite

Thanks again for the awesome theme and permission Cara! Also thanks to Scott for the original collaboration.



:magnify:*How to Install & Use Custom 3rd Party Themes

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:new: v1.2 released : bug ("maybe") fixed in playlist tab manager (crash the script with some bad handled fonts)

- Show Now Playing by double clicking on status bar
- Stop action by double clicking the Play/Pause button

BEFORE INSTALLING, check requirements below

*Required Fonts
*VIDEO of the full install and settings
    Check it if installation notes below are not enough : [link]

*Installation Notes
  1. Install Foobar (when prompted, select Normal or Portable installation, as you prefer)

  2. When installation process is over, when prompted, RUN foobar2000, then CLOSE it before resuming below

    • If Normal install done, extract the .zip file into your foobar2000 user profile folder, FYI on Seven it's C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000\

    • If Portable install done, extract the .zip file into your foobar2000 program folder, for example C:\My Programs\foobar2000\

  3. Now, RUN foobar2000

  4. When prompted, select as default interface "ColumnsUI" then OK

  5. Installation is now over, Slate layout is now visible, first your have to configure your media library : click the icon button before the playlist "Library" or use the main menu entry "Library>Configure"

  6. To personalize the QuickSearch icon, click the default one > Options > Custom bitmap > ... browse for the Slate icon (quicksearch_icons.bmp) placed in your foobar2000 folder (program or profile one, depending of your foobar2000 installation mode as discribed step 1.)

  7. Additionnal tasks: configure Shpeck visualisation plugin (File>Preferences>Visualisations>Shpeck). You may have to set some other useful features, like "Cursor follows Playback" (menu "Playback") ...

Enjoy! :D
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Hello mates, this is another theme for Windows 7 Users

After 2 days of hard work and of listining to DJ BL3ND and SKRILLEX :music:. I finally introduce you a new and
Unique Vs called --> Uniko.

This theme works for Top, Bottom, Left, & Right taskbar. It should work with x32 and x64 bits ;)

Hope u like it and :love: it

Tools: =Kishan-Bagaria
Wall: *LNePrZ

Big thanks to *JasonAbsolom becuz this theme is based in his concept

How-To Video

ExplorerFrames.dll Here!

The .rar pack includes:
Uniko Theme
Orb for top and bottom
Explorerframe, for x64 & x86 users
Tools "Add Take Owenership Option", "Uxtheme Patch", "Windows 7 Start Orb Changer"

UPDATE #3 [01/19/12]
Change the progress in taskbar
Change taskbar size
Fixed some minor bugs

UPDATE #2 [12/04/11]
Change the taskbar color
Add orb for top and bottom taskbar

UPDATE #1 [11/27/11]
Fixed some bugs in start menu panel
Change some font color
Change the preview
Change the wallpaper

If there any bugs plz report it to me!

Themes For Win7:

Please comment and :+fav:

I apreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)


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I made all of this by scratch (except the logo). I also made this a very High Resolution...yup...that's all I have to say. Nothing much to say :|

I'm not really proud of this because all I did was recreate it with with a different logo. But I do think I did a pretty cool job recreating it because it is VERY similar to the original (remember, I made everything by scratch).
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Collection by
In a set you will find:
- Explore with the animation (you can change names and paths)
- Batteries
- Weather
- Date
- Mail (Gmail)
- Trash bin

rus ver [link]
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Gaia10 Rainmeter

Featured on Nerds Magazine by Viney Dhiman:…
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If you like my theme, you could :D :D :D

:bow: :bow: :deviation:


- Temperature: A new skin which can measure your System Temperature.
- MultiDock: show usage percent of CPU, RAM, SWAP, your GMail messages, CPU Speed. Press the button to switch to Apps State, middle Mouse to go back System State
- iFiles: There are 2 versions for Rainmeter x86 & x64
- Reader: 4 Pages, 5 Feeds/page, click to open with your Default Browser
- Bing: feel pretty image from Microsoft everyday
- Notes & Wallpaper: possible click the fold to open or change the next picture
and more ...

What do you need to do?

- Install all font for the best performance
- @Temperature: Install SpeedFan, copy SpeedFanPlugin.dll to Plugins Folder & run simultaneously with this Temperature skin, minimize SpeedFan in System Tray
- @iFiles: Copy FileListPlugin.dll to Plugins Folder & use correct version
- @MultiDock: Fill out your Name & Password for Gmail, put link Applications between "" for App & BM, best for 32px icons
- @Weather: You need change Location=your zipcode
Go to to search it
e.g: City is Helsinki, Finland
Your location will be FIXX0002, see this [link]

Credits & Thanks:


Wallpaper: [link]
Icons on MultiDock: [link]

Welcome to my Gallery, there are many skins for your taste

If you like it, just give me :points: :+fav:
Glad to join your Group

Update 1: Add MediaDock skin which can control Windows Media Player
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...... i was playing around with rainmeter and ended up with this ....
- simple
- looks great
----->> CREDIT -- [link] !!!

[link] screenshot ......

fix it up however you wish .... (:

tasklist is included ... can be found here >> [link]
also added a taskbar killer .. (: im not sure wher i found it .... sorry

comment and let me know how to make it better ....
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Don't forget to get Rainmeter 1.2 from [link] to use this :)

You can also suggest this skin as a SOTM (skin of the month) at the #Rainmeter Group, although the Topbar has already been suggested!

Finally it's here. The complete Tabmeter2-Suite with all its tabs.

The config-tool is pretty self-explaining, so I guess there shouldn't be a big problem using it. Anyways, if you got any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

A little tip btw: you can open the config-tool by simply middle-clicking any skin of Tabmeter2 :)

-Background: Nature Wallpack by Skorpion 24 [link]

-some code or helper programs by:
Kaelri [link] Poiru [link] fediaFedia [link]

-Icons: Inspirit by dnw-s9 [link]

Thanks everyone for permission to use things :hug:

Anything else to know?

Well, I'm always happy about favs comments and :llama:

I also got a donation pool on my site, if that's something you like :shrug:

Are there any updates coming?

Yep, make sure to check my Twitter [link]

-Planned for 2.1:
-More media player support (WinAmp, etc.)
-deviantWATCH tab
-Other stuff, bug fixes, etc.

Thanks to =karmat111 for beta-testing.

You should totally go check out this skin for Tabmeter2 by ~whattoput [link]

And of course this wooden skin by ~Psychybrid as well! [link]
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Collection by
- Clock
- Date
- Free Disk Space

Three banner colors, one blank.

- 11.02.11: Re-packaged the skin into the .rmskin format
- 21.02.11: Made a lot of changes to the skin.

Website: Color Me Android
More Rainmeter skins: SimpleCLOCK | SimpleDOCK
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WMP skin for Rainmeter
Skin have two language's, English and Russian.

Hope you enjoy :D

Original skin by ~SantaRyan [link]

All who encountered the same problem as ~unoahn should download the following file.

Update 2:
!!!Meet the Windows Media Player Controller 2!!!
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A weather skin with attention to details...

• For a matching skin suite that includes VClouds Weather 2 check out my new Glasses theme.

IMPORTANT - This skin requires Rainmeter v3.0 or higher

• Up to 9 day forecast provided by The Weather Channel and 1 day variant by Yahoo Weather.
• Available in 17 languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamazight, Slovak, Serbian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Finnish, German and Hebrew.
• Moon phase - a small moon phase image with additional info that can be toggled in the settings and a big moon phase integrated in the night time weather image.
• Includes 12 vertical and 3 horizontal variations.
• Additional tooltip information for the forecast days (put the cursor over the weather forecast icons).
• New panel for selecting forecast days and opening various options.
• Very easy to customize (colors, fonts, etc) with the Rainmeter skin config tool.
• Semi transparent background (You can change its color and opacity or disable it completely).
• Support for Aero Glass (Blur) - only on Windows 7 / Vista.

* all the graphics, buttons and the moon and weather icons were created by me. if you want to use the icons look Here and read the description.

• To change the settings open the panel with the upper right button and click the gear shaped button on the left - the settings utility will open (be aware that the horizontal and the yahoo variations has their own settings utility and you will need to change it separately).
• Location - To find the code for your location Go to search for your city.
when in your city page, copy the 8 digit code (for example - USNY0996) from the URL in the address bar.
Click the button on the upper right corner of the skin to open the panel and click the Settings button -
select 'Location' and Paste the code over the old one - click Set.
• To change the language click the upper right button. click the Settings button on the panel. in the Settings
box scroll down to Language, select it, type your language (for example Italian) and click Set.
• the 9 day forecast + 3 horizontal versions can be selected via the new panel (the numbers on the panels).
• Click the ? button on the panel to read further instructions.

• 13.4.2011 - Added Aero Glass (Blur) support (available only for Windows 7 and Vista. also added a background transparency option - use the settings utility to control both options.
• 4.7.2011 - Integrated new images of the moon phases into the current weather and tonight forecast images and removed the old small ones + minor changes.
• 1.8.2011 - Added an option to change the background color.
• 22.8.2011 - Multiple Updates:
a) Now the language can be easily switched via the settings utility (16 Languages are included).
b) Added more information to the detailed data and moon phase sections, it changes every few seconds.
c) a New Yahoo Weather variant (available for 1day forecast).
d) Changed the font to support more languages.
e) New loading screen.
f) Many small changes and fixes.
• 28.8.2011 - Fixed 'New Moon' phase image not showing in the Yahoo variant. Added moon elongation to the sun info.
• 31.8.2011 - Added Italian language thanks to DRACOVINIA74, added latitude and longitude to the Yahoo variant + small fixes, fixes to some of the translations.
• 5.9.2011 - Added additional tooltip information for the forecast days. fixes to translations.
• 8.9.2011 - Fixes to translations + minor fixes.
• 10.9.2011 - Fixes to translations.
• 16.9.2011 - Added Hungarian language thanks to Csige.
• 24.9.2011 - Added Portuguese language thanks to fabianopinheiro.
• 4.10.2011 - Added Tooltip info to the small moon phase icon. added moon elongation to the horizontal variations.
• 5.10.2011 - Added a shine effect around the background frame that subtlety changes color depending on the weather (can be turned off in the settings).
• 8.10.2011 - Fixes to the Shine effect.
• 11.11.2011 - Fixed wind speed showing N/A in the forecast tooltips.
• 21.11.2011 - Small fixes to the translations.
• 29.11.2011 - Added Spanish language thanks to EyesWolf.
• 4.12.2011 - Increased moon data update rate by request of Benjam Welker of
• 14.12.2011 - Added Serbian language thanks to xtrinity1.
• 13.1.2012 - Small code cleanup which hopefully fixes some of the problems people are having with the skin not fully loading. ( recent screw up)
• 4.3.2012 - Minor fixes to the Hebrew translation.
• 28.3.2012 - Italian translation fix and a few overall fixes.
• 6.4.2012 - Added a width setting to the moon details line for languages with long words.
• 19.4.2012 - Fixed a small compatibility problem with the latest RM 2.3 beta (thanks to smurfier).
• 16.5.2012 - Added Czech language thanks to Ejmin.
• 4.6.2012 - Fixed moon data issues caused by rainmeter 2.3 beta r1434.
• 16.6.2012 - Fixed a line height issue in the Today/Tonight Forecast. Added tooltips to all the weather description lines.
• 17.8.2012 - Fully updated the skin to match the glasses suit.
• 3.11.2012 - Added the Slovak language thanks to sspooky13.
• 8.3.2013 - Fixed 9th day forecast not showing (fixed by Archange2009)
• 8.4.2013 - Added the Bulgarian language thanks to WeeD0x
• 3.11.2013 - Fixed Tonight forecast not showing thanks to josey-wells, fixed some vertical alignment problems.
• 9.12.2013 - Added a full translation for the Finnish language thanks to 80shark
• 20.1.2014 - Fixed Tonight forecast not showing up again. thanks to josey-wells.
• 22.1.2014 - Fixed the substitute errors in the log. added Wind Gust info.
• 9.3.2014 - Fixed Tonight forecast not showing up yet again. thanks to josey-wells and 1for-matik.
• 13.3.2014 - Fixed some log errors thanks to josey-wells.
• 8.4.2015 - Fixed Moon info thanks to benjamwelker. fixed day forecast not showing after midnight. added the Ukrainian language thanks to t1Hb. added sunrise/sunset time in 24h thanks to hw2015 for the code (to use it, enter English 24h instead of English in the language settings). many small changes and fixes.

Those who want to translate this skin to their language, simply open the panel with the upper right button, click the question mark (?) and read the instructions.

* If you have fully translated VClouds Weather 2 to your language please share it and I will add it in the next update.

:iconfediafedia: :iconjsmorley: :iconsgtevmckay:

Translations provided by:
Polish sakej
French NickoLef
Russian Anegin13
Hungarian Csige
Czech Ejmin
Portuguese fabianopinheiro
Spanish EyesWolf
Tamazight Ya2sine
German MissPauline
Serbian xtrinity1
Slovak sspooky13
Bulgarian WeeD0x
Finnish 80shark
Ukrainian t1Hb.

The skin is featured in…

*** If you like this skin try VClouds System and Glasses

Please update to the last version of the skin before posting about problems.
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Update: RMSkin (20 November 10)

I've coverted the package to the ".rmskin" format, which makes it quick and easy to install new skins in the latest version of Rainmeter.


Londonali1010 has kindly given me permission to port her original Conky config to Rainmeter. :)

Rings requires absolutely no setup to use. Just drop it in your Skins folder and go. The skin will be scaled to your screen width automatically (it is particularly suited to smaller screens, like netbooks or Eee PCs). As always, make sure you have the latest Rainmeter build. Rings requires revision 223 or higher.

Rings makes use of the free font Santana by Manfred Klein, which is included here.

Preview background: No, not now by Angelus Hellion, whose textures are sublime.
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Minimal Meter for Rainmeter

Nothing special actually, this is just a simple skin i made sometime back for personal use & i was using it for a week, so i thought of sharing it. It has 2 styles - a light and dark version. There are not separate meters, instead i chose to have a single ini file.So if u want to edit something or dont want a particular meter, u have to edit that ini file. It shows current time,day,date,month,year,weather,cpu,ram,hdd and battery.

If u like the skin or have anything to say about it....then please leave a critique..i would really appreciate it:)

Comments,:+fav: and :+devwatch: are always appreciated.
Dont alter or redistribute this without my consent.

Fonts used - Capture it (included).

My other rainmeter skins-

©macro-love 2011
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Collection by
tech skin

love to create this kind of skin.. yeah2, I know, the texts are too small.. but I think it is fit with this kind of theme (or I can say I love small texts) Nevermind, you guys will cope with it..
Unlike my other skins, I seperate the computer stats so you can put wherever you like..
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Hi everyone!

This is my latest skin, as promised, seen at [link]
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Hi everyone! Thanks for supporting my Preview
Finally it's done
This is one of series Glass Rainmeter's skin from me
All of them are Rainmeter
Special thanks to :iconvarelse42: for RSS Reader code

*******HOW TO USE*******

1. AniDate: Show date, sleep, shut down, restart funtions & there is a circle spin around it.

2. Fusion: You can see Clock, Weather & CPU, RAM, SWAP status on this stuff, there are 3 skin: Glass, Dark & Light.
Default Temp is °C & my Location (Garland, TX), If you want change, go to this page: [link] to find your location, then open my .ini file, find Location=2408980 then replace it by yours, Unit= C (is °C) or F (is °F)

3. iFiles: these are new skins for Rainmeter, it can measure size folders, count items, it need a new plug-in FileListPlugin.dll (place it on Plugins directory), you can create another by yourself: just copy my skin, rename it, open .ini file, you will see
WildcardSearch=*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.png;*.bmp ---> type of files
Path=E:\Pictures ---> place you want measure

4. MultiDock: a complicating dock, you can easy edit it as your wish, main screen that is your HDDs, there are 5 tabs & a back button to return mainscreen anytime you like
Remember edit for links

5. And many other stuffs... :D

Wallpaper: Actually not mine, I just edit from this [link]
And special thanks Artist's Icons

For full review: [link]

Update1: there are 2 version for iFiles (x86) & (x64)
-Blank .PSD for Multidock [link]
-A longer indicator for Gmail [link]
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If you like my theme, you could :D :D :D

:bow: :bow: :deviation:

All of them are Rainmeter skin
Hope you like it
Leave comment if it has bugs
Credits to icon Artists
Special thanks to :iconvarelse42: for RSS Reader code
Wallpaper: Calm by `elusive

- Update x86 version for iFiles
- Fix IP for Network
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