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RainLoader is a simple program to even more simplify installing Rainmeter Skins.
It supports ONLY .rmskin to show a little step into Rainmeters future :)
RainLoader will install .rmskins with Rainstaller. Its able to show #Rainmeter's newest and featured skins, Overall Rainmeter Newest skins and has a search function.

How to make your Skins compatible with RainLoader:
1. Your skin should be in the rmskin file format: [link]
2. Upload it to DeviantART, WITHOUT packing it into a zip file (If you HAVE TO pack it into a zip file, make sure it is in the root folder of the zip file. Otherwise it will be incompatible with RainLoader)
This tool is deviantArt only.

.NET Framework 2.0 is required to run RainLoader.

Official Forums Post: [link]

Using icons by iTweek and this: [link]

Final version for now, fixed some issues with updating (removed auto update) and fixed issues with deviantart api changes. NOTE: The changes DeviantArt did to their RSS api result in longer loading times.

Also added some security measures that prevent downloading and installing skins from the general rainmeter section of deviantart, you can still open the skins page tho.

Also: If you like deviantART's check out [link]
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If you are a Rainmeter theme maker, this update is just for you!

Get the super easy configuration features from Omnimo in your themes! Introducing the standalone Rainmeter Skin Config: ULTRA EDITION
It has lots of cool new features and is now faster and more optimized, check it out!

silent update: changed settings.ini to

Time for a real treat to all advanced rainmeter skinners!

With this applet, you can make customizable skins easy, if you use it right, end users won't have to manually edit anything in your skin, ever!

Possibilities are limitless, as seen in Omnimo and Enigma, you can customize Weather codes, mail, passwords, user accounts, time formats, sizes, colors and much more in a convenient easy to use window.

Top features of this applet:

Easy to use minimalistic UI, with minimum required buttons.
Possibility to refresh a specific config immediately after a setting is changed/saved.
Custom header and background color to match your skin style.

What's included:

All the necessary configuration files
Instructions.txt, credits.txt

If you don't know how this sort of thing works, read the instructions, it will be worth it. Configurable rainmeter skins are a lot more ossum than non-configurable skins ;)

Enjoy! Feel free to include this in your skins!

Credits to Kaerli for RainConfigure source code.
Thanks to Xyrfo and poiru for their help.

:iconxzibitplz: Yo dawg, we heard you like configurations, so we put configurations in your configurations so you can configure while you configure:

Change the background color of the configuration window
Change the font
Change the title

Courtesy of Xyrfo
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This is a very lightweight iTunes controller, made for Rainmeter, using Rainmeter's excellent iTunes plugin. The skin is split into two configs, one for the spinning record(Record\record.ini) and one for the player+artwork+controls (Player\player.ini). I have put a recommended setup for the skin here: [link] (put it in your rainmeter.ini file), but all you really need to do is enable both configs and drag the vinyl record into the main player until it snaps into position (look at the image preview to see the placement of the record).

If you need more help head over to the Rainmeter forums thread here: [link]

-Clicking on the round part of the arm opens iTunes and starts playing.
-Clicking on the round part again will stop the player but leave iTunes open.
-Hovering over the artwork displays some basic track information, volume control and some iTunes player controls:
Previous song, Rewind, Pause, Hide/Show iTunes, Play, Fast Forward, Next song
-Sound effects for needle drop and lift (courtesy of

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I am using Windows 7 with multiple audio output devices (PC Speakers and a TV over HDMI). I found it annoying always having to switch between them through the Sound Settings dialog. With the plugin you can toggle between the devices or set a specific device as the default output device.

I've removed the output device index as standard measure output and replaced it with the current volume. I also added a few bangs to change the volume.

Stability and debug output. (Fixed a COM init issue).
Thanks to ~White-Baron for feedback on this.

Fixed volume being 1% off sometimes.

Added Mute/Unmute bangs, Meter shows volume -1 when muted.

Technical stuff:
This plugin uses Windows Mmdeviceapi and an undocumented API call to set the default audio device in Microsoft Windows 7. It also works in Windows Vista but will not work in Windows XP.

Depending on which version of Rainmeter you are running you have to pick the x32 or the x64 folder. Copy the dll to the Plugin directory (..rainmeter-install-path\Plugins). There is also an example config.


-undocumented API header-
[link] by EreTIk
see: [link]

music-2.png from [link] by omercetin

07.06.2010 x32 crash? fixed
08.06.2010 x64 dll fixed (sorry ^^;)
20.06.2010 Stability
20.06.2010 Fixed volume 1% off
22.08.2010 see v1.6
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Collection by
Amazing clock for Rainmeter by anelectricmind, based on QlockTwo by Biegert & Funk - [link]

anelectrimind seems to have moved on, and this really nice skin does not seem to be available anywhere at this time, so I thought I would re-release it, updated for the latest Rainmeter 2.3 version.

All credit belongs to anelectricmind.

Requires the latest Rainmeter 2.3 at [link]
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QQ Discontinued :C

Hmm... I just put together this skin, its sort of an upgrade to my older [link] Clock). You need [link] (Rainmeter 1.2) >_<

To change the text color click on the small square on the top left, from there u would be able to open Raincofig.
Also please install [link] RainRGB 4.0

Most of the skin is customizable through Rainconfig.
WordClock2 ALT is only compatible with Rainmeter 1.3

Color Chooser Please Install by [link] (jsmorley).
I got some ideas from some of [link] (poiru) skins
Rainmeter skin config by [link] (fediaFedia)

omg thanks for the daily deviation >_< thanks alot.
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--------FIXING IN PROGRESS-------

Hi all. :D

Circulo for RM.

The idea was from [link]

any problems , questions, feel free to ask.


Please Set Your Player First! The default player is WMP.

Please :+fav: or say thanks if you use or download it.



1. fix the selection of default player
After install it, it will ask to set your default player.

if you have trouble selecting it , follow this step.
-open the ini.
- change the
Player="WMP" ---> to your player.


just replace this from

ToolTipText="Open Media Player"
MouseOverAction=!Execute [!SetOption #CURRENTSECTION# ImageName "open h.png"][!Update]
MouseLeaveAction=!Execute [!SetOption #CURRENTSECTION# ImageName "open.png"][!Update]
LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute [!CommandMeasure "Player OpenPlayer"]


LeftMouseUpAction=[!CommandMeasure "mPlayer TogglePlayer"]

sorry for inconvinience.
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Package updated..


UPDATED 25.11.2010

-added german language | can be selected as cal_german.ini
-one colour for every display – can be configured with the tool
-change the structure of the folders a bit
-changed standard variables

Feauture suggestion and everything about this update by ~daspalme (thanks very much for such a contribution:))

UPDATED 4.7.2010

now you can rotate calendar with an angle to fit other corners.
bottom corners will do fine but for top corners it will be somewhat hard to read as code rotates calendar only not flips text.

Choose angles 0-90-180-270 in config tool for different corners.(0 is bottom right corner)


Now its in .rmskin format so its much more easy to install

finally i finished the second version of my corner calendar [link]

*First of all you must have rainmeter 1.2 to make configurable calendar work else you can use one of the presets in the package:)
*make sure your skin path is like that C:\Users\User\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Corner_Calendar_v2

I made some important changes according to feedbacks
-now you can change the size,color and alpha values of the calendar.
-I used rainmeter skin config utility to simplify the configuration process and additionaly thanks to this nice tool you can see the changes instantly after you set them
-And i changed the font obviously:)


Rainmeter Skin Config by Fediafedia [link]
DenmarkFont: [link]
Rainstaller by poiru: [link]§ion=&global=1&q=rainstaller#/d2mcvn1
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****^^ Elegance 2 NOW AVAILABLE! [link] ^^****

After the complexity of Ribbits [link] I needed a taste of simplicity again.


~ Time [3 sizes (12hr & 24hr)]
~ Date
~ Weather
~ iTunes player
~ Recycle bin + meter

See this skin in use... [link]

Enjoy. :wave:

wallpaper: [link]

**For more simple Rainmeter options check out "Simple Media [link]" & "Encoded [link]" **
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Collection by
Hello mates, here are more themes for ur lovely Windows 7!
This is my Valentine gift for all of y'all fellows that love customizing. Plz tell me what you think?

A really big thanks to my dude, ~Dwx50 because he provided both the .psd for
Sombras [link] And Snow [link] . Go check out his gallery, I promise you will love his work!

How-To Video

ExplorerFrames.dll Here!

The .rar pack includes:
Snow & Sombras
CAD skins

UPDATE #2 [11/26/12]
✓ Fixed taskbar flash bug
✓ Made Snow more minimal
✓ Fixed some border bugs
✓ Decrease .rar size

UPDATE #1 [03/13/12]
✓ Change taskbar buttons
✓ Fixed some minor bugs
✓ Add new captions for Sombras & Snow

If there any bugs plz report it to me!

Please comment and :+fav:

I apreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)



Note: All the resources in this Vs are 100% made by me (=kiko11)!
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A retro blast from the past!

Check out the Winamp & Icons for the suite

Thanks again for the awesome theme and permission Cara! Also thanks to Scott for the original collaboration.



:magnify:*How to Install & Use Custom 3rd Party Themes

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:new: v1.2 released : bug ("maybe") fixed in playlist tab manager (crash the script with some bad handled fonts)

- Show Now Playing by double clicking on status bar
- Stop action by double clicking the Play/Pause button

BEFORE INSTALLING, check requirements below

*Required Fonts
*VIDEO of the full install and settings
    Check it if installation notes below are not enough : [link]

*Installation Notes
  1. Install Foobar (when prompted, select Normal or Portable installation, as you prefer)

  2. When installation process is over, when prompted, RUN foobar2000, then CLOSE it before resuming below

    • If Normal install done, extract the .zip file into your foobar2000 user profile folder, FYI on Seven it's C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000\

    • If Portable install done, extract the .zip file into your foobar2000 program folder, for example C:\My Programs\foobar2000\

  3. Now, RUN foobar2000

  4. When prompted, select as default interface "ColumnsUI" then OK

  5. Installation is now over, Slate layout is now visible, first your have to configure your media library : click the icon button before the playlist "Library" or use the main menu entry "Library>Configure"

  6. To personalize the QuickSearch icon, click the default one > Options > Custom bitmap > ... browse for the Slate icon (quicksearch_icons.bmp) placed in your foobar2000 folder (program or profile one, depending of your foobar2000 installation mode as discribed step 1.)

  7. Additionnal tasks: configure Shpeck visualisation plugin (File>Preferences>Visualisations>Shpeck). You may have to set some other useful features, like "Cursor follows Playback" (menu "Playback") ...

Enjoy! :D
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Hello mates, this is another theme for Windows 7 Users

After 2 days of hard work and of listining to DJ BL3ND and SKRILLEX :music:. I finally introduce you a new and
Unique Vs called --> Uniko.

This theme works for Top, Bottom, Left, & Right taskbar. It should work with x32 and x64 bits ;)

Hope u like it and :love: it

Tools: =Kishan-Bagaria
Wall: *LNePrZ

Big thanks to *JasonAbsolom becuz this theme is based in his concept

How-To Video

ExplorerFrames.dll Here!

The .rar pack includes:
Uniko Theme
Orb for top and bottom
Explorerframe, for x64 & x86 users
Tools "Add Take Owenership Option", "Uxtheme Patch", "Windows 7 Start Orb Changer"

UPDATE #3 [01/19/12]
Change the progress in taskbar
Change taskbar size
Fixed some minor bugs

UPDATE #2 [12/04/11]
Change the taskbar color
Add orb for top and bottom taskbar

UPDATE #1 [11/27/11]
Fixed some bugs in start menu panel
Change some font color
Change the preview
Change the wallpaper

If there any bugs plz report it to me!

Themes For Win7:

Please comment and :+fav:

I apreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)


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I made all of this by scratch (except the logo). I also made this a very High Resolution...yup...that's all I have to say. Nothing much to say :|

I'm not really proud of this because all I did was recreate it with with a different logo. But I do think I did a pretty cool job recreating it because it is VERY similar to the original (remember, I made everything by scratch).
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Collection by
My second Dota 2 based theme for Windows 7.

Windows 8 / 8.1 port:
Dota2 Theme Windows 8.1 by  cu88

As a big fan of the game I had to make another Windows theme based on it, this time a more detail-heavy theme, that gives a Dota 2 feel without using any additional applications.

A huge thanks to everyone providing feedback / suggestions and ideas!


In the package you will find:
  • The visual style (with substyle for wider taskbar)
  • The wallpaper made by EranFolio
  • Installation guide
  • Navigation icons - explorerframe.dll
  • Clock - timedate.cpl
  • Shell style - shell32.dll
  • Start orbs
  • Cursors
  • Icons in .ico and .png format, with templates
  • IconPackager iconpack

With any questions, requests, suggestions, feedback, or help contact me:
  • Mail: 
  • Steam: yorgash
  • Skype: yorgash
  • Or leave a note here, on DA

If you like my work and want to see more, or support the making you can donate via PayPal at 
You can also purchase the Premium Content on the site as a form of donation.



Clash of the Ancientsby EranFolio
Token by brsev
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Version 2.1

You can no longer download this version, get the latest edition here.

Note: Read the included text file before installing.

Updated: New skins now included, as well as some fixes. Music player now compatible with Foobar2k and Winamp!

An overhaul of my previous Simplesentence Rainmeter skin; here is the second edition.

This time I was aiming for a much more complete configuration, and a sleeker look. Simplesentence is designed to be unique from any other available skins, while still remaining easily customisable so that it can be integrated into a multitude of different desktops and themes.

Voted Skin of the Month for April 2010, thanks to everyone and to ~Magatsuerath for the nomination.

Premium iPhone and iPod Touch themes: iOS'86 | Sarif
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Port To Rainmeter by DarknesFreak

Her is my latest work, I liked the original design of the Litestep them created by x-spirit,but the problem was that i hated using LiteStep So i said why not port it to rainmeter and so i did of course i added some modification to the original design, people who are familiar or used the LiteStep them by x-spirit will see the difference, i wasn't planing on sharing this theme i kind of made it for my self, and than i changed my mind so i hope you like it.


thanks to :iconx-spirit: for letting me port it to rainmeter and :iconsmurfier: for the help

her is the original LiteStep theme


:bulletblue:Pack include :

Rmskin for easy install
Collection of wallpapers that go well with this skin ( wallpapers in the preview are included to )

:bulletorange: ohh My next theme will be in futuristic high tech style i will add a preview in the next few days.


to use this theme in a good way do this

- Click on the rainmeter icon in the try section
- Choose Edit Settings
- Under the Rainmeter section in the config text file on top Write this DesktopWorkArea=0,60,1440,900

where the 1440 and the 900 are the resolution of my screen you have to set them up to your screen resolution for this to work
and the 60 is the distance which will be saved for the bar, that way the skin will always be visible

refer to this for more info…

Skin is featured in this article…

Don't forget to donate some :points:
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UPDATE This configuration supports the old Rainmeter version. Eventually I'll port it to the newest version to maintain its usability.

I edited the readme so it shows much more information as well as added the .ini for instant theme.

Featured on Lifehacker and Gizmodo

I used Rainmeter, launchy, object dock, and cd art display to make this.

The origins of this idea was taken from the Microsoft vision 2019 UI shown here at 1:18.

the icons on the bottom left open music, video, recycle bin, and system operations. The Recycle bin turns red when full. Thats Launchy at the bottom.

The toggle buttons on the right open different RSS Feeds and turn Black when open. Above the RSS feed is now playing information provided by CD Art Display. Above that is a system meter I grabbed from Enigma and beside that is a system heat sensor that reads info from Speedfan.

Above those are of just weather and To Do things

The ONLY resolution this is in is 1280x800. I included the photoshop file in the pack if you want to make it bigger. Sorry!

This is my very first Rainmeter skin so I hope it's not too bad :)

Tell your friends and if you like it please favorite it :D

Thanks for downloading Windows 2019 by Painkilla05! \(^.^)/

Requirements to duplicate the screenshot:

CD Art Display-[link]

Object Dock-[link]


To install this theme, copy the "Win2019" folder to C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Skins\

To install the CD Art Display theme, open the "CD Art Display" folder and copy the "Pure Adium" folder to C:\Program Files\CD Art Display\Skins\
To apply the theme right click the taskbar icon for CD Art Display > Skin > Pure Adium > For Enigma Sidebar

To install the Lanuchy skin, open the Launchy folder and copy the "Launchy2019" folder to C:\Program Files\Launchy\skins\
To apply, right click launchy while it's open, go to skins, click the Launchy2019 skin

To apply the system icons just right click on the program you want, click change icon, and choose whatever icon you want.
*WARNING* The three icons in the "System Icons" folder are shortcuts that link to whatever their named and they WILL perform without a confirmation window so dont go clicking around

To make it really easy you can just copy the rainmeter.ini in the "Final 2019" folder to C:\program files\rainmeter\ or wherever you have it installed. If one allready exists I suggest you backup the old one by just changing the name (If you use other skins and dont want to mess them up) and replacing it with mine. This way everything will snap into place next time Rainmeter is started. Just make sure rainmeter is CLOSED before you do this or else when you do close Rainmeter it will overwrite the .ini


The Dock icons folder are for a docking program or shortcuts. For example on my desktop I use them on the bottom left of the preview image with Object Dock(You can also use Rocket DocK). To make things pop out you need Object Docklet (or Rocket Docklet).

The system temperature tracker requires Speedfan to work. ([link])

Theres a large space on the bottom between Launchy and the RSS buttons. What I did was ran rocketdock down there so I have a little icon bar. If you want you can do this too.

The RSS Toggles are a bit picky. To move them you have to left click and hold then move the mouse till its off the button. It should turn white. once white you can click and move it anywhere you want. Simply click it again to return it to its normal state.

Any comments and questions please feel free to comment at [link]

Kaelri for the resources offered from the Enigma Desktop - [link]
mepu for more resources from - [link]
PatLeeArt for the wallpaper - [link]

Lifehacker for giving me the opportunity to do something big
And the Rainmeter team for being awesome!
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Collection by
credit for 90% of the work goes to
all I did was do some editing and Photoshop to make it look the way i wanted it to look

Firefox belongs to Mozilla
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Startpage with Google Search and Sidebar

- to open the sidebar click the Logo

Background by winnichip
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Windows 8 RTM Theme For Windows XP

Windows 8 RTM Full Theme Pack For XP [link]
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From minhtrimatrix's concept!
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Lightroom XP


This style is inspired with the look of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom so it can be considered as homage to the mentioned one. I was made it really quickly so if there is any issues please report here. Just keep in mind that dark themes are not fully compatible with some programs which are using their own unique style!

Credits going to fediaFedia for Longhorn shell styles: [link]


1. 10 variations of shell style for this visual style
2. Styler buttons skin
3. Fonts (just in case)
4. Wallpapers

Hope you’ll enjoy it



Additional firefox skin for this VS (until I make one) could be ACE Safari Foxdie (Graphite) 1.2.1: [link]

or Nasa_Night_launch: [link]

For additional black backgrounds in the browser check also next pages:

Search engine black: [link]

Blackify the web: [link]



Additional update was made…

I was changed some small parts in it so that style looks more completeness...

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here is the long awaited Rainmeter skin! :la:

not have much to describe just hope you enjoy
leave a comment and favs :D :+fav:

Credits to :iconaaron-a-arts: for the psd , :iconyimingmojun: for the indicator idea and :iconsmurfier: for calendar original idea.

here u cand find the CAD skin : [link]

enjoy! :peace:
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Working fine in Windows Vista/7, sorry users with XP or below, the Win7Audio-Plugin in Rainmeter doesn't work with your OS :(

In case blue isn't your color, just middle-click anywhere on the skin and you'll be able to set the color of the slider to anything you want (Thanks to JSMorley's RainRGB).

The Wallpaper in the preview is the Lighthouse Wallpaper by =MangoSango [link]

wondering what toastSuite is?

As I noticed working on one suite takes quite a lot of time I decided to do another type of suite. I'll release a few skins that share the same design and eventually will be a suite stand-alone. There's no particular time-frame or anything, I'm just doing these when I got some time.

And don't worry - I'm still working on Dastey, but it's going to be one big suite that I won't release skin-by-skin as with this one.

I hope you enjoy it. Feedback appreciated :peace:
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Hello :devart:

• This is my first Rainmeter skin.
• It's very simple, just a launcher, but i hope you like it!
• comments and :+fav:'s really appreciated!

• full preview here !!!

give credits to =scurrrvy , who made the wonderful Gradiated-Icons. You can download more downloads there !!

for work, please change your path from
i "C:\Users\Kenneth\pictures" to

------------>update !!! added .rmskin !!!<------------
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First Thanks a lot ~Vezalka for giving me permission To Share The Skin...

Inspiration :

In the Skin is included : Bar, Separators, Time Date, WebSites App's Launcher and Font.

Full Preview : [link]

Hope You Like It.

All Credits :

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Collection by

Icon is from token by brsev

:iconrainmeter: Visit the Rainmeter Group

Oct 13 2009 - Version 1.2 Update

-Fixed issues with repeating events
-Changed the event time to only show the starting time
-May also be a bit faster

Sept 28 2009 - Version 1.1 Update

-Updated to be compatible with versions other than that latest beta
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Eker_lina Rainmeter
+Foldercount (IFiles)
+System Monitor
+Fav Launcher
+RSS Feeds
+Google Search
+Gallery Viewer
+Upload & Download
FOR GMAIL Paste this link to your social resource:
URLGMAIL=https:// "your Username":"your gmail Password"
(") only symbol don't include it in your link..
For Facebook:
-First go to and click "like" on the bottom page
-Then go to this…
-Click Via rss
-Copy the url that u found on adress bar.
-Paste it to the skin
-Refresh the skin
Credit To:
:iconpoiru: :iconxune531: :iconvarelse42: :iconminhtrimatrix: :icongoldfish2008: :iconyaromanzarek:
+ Stock nexus 5 with a bit tweak
Fonts= Freesans.ttf, FreesansBold.ttf (Included)
Dont Forget To Add comment and Of course :+fav: .....
ENJOY... :iconhpluslabels: .... :D ........
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UPDATE! The skin comes now with two variants, that show information from two different weather feeds, Yahoo! and The Channel Weather. That is why it is re-named to Simple Weather.

Rainmeter 2.3.3 (or higher) is required. Get it here.

~~~~~~ Old description ~~~~~~~~

This is my first skin release. I hope you all like it! :)

I am obliged to say that I was inspired by this screenshot:
March '11 Geektool Desktop -[link]

So kudos to the original artist. If anyone know him/her, let me know so that I can credit them properly.

Besides that, I have to say that I simply use Yahoo! Weather information & icons, and do not claim them as my own.

Unfortunately, the font I used ("Helvetica Neue") is not free, as I know of, so I didn't include it in this release. If anyone is certain that it is free, please post it so that I can include it in a updated release.

~~~~~~ Old description ~~~~~~~~

  1. Change your Weather Location, temperature Unit & PostFixUnit in the .ini file (right click the skin --> edit skin). Make sure you read the comments.

  • 1.5: Total rework of the skin. Now supports 2 different weather services
  • 1.0.2: fixed wrong unit error presented after last update
  • 1.0.1: changed the way the Weather unit was changed to one's location
  • 1.0: Initial release

You can see the skin here - [link]
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UPDATE! No. 2 - The sand image was low resolution, thanks to photobucket; reuploaded it at it's original size. Please redownload if you want to have a proper effect! I'm sorry for not noticing sooner. Thanks to ~myshad for notifying me.
UPDATE! - Thank you guys for your support, I really appreciate it. I'm sorry for taking such a long time to answer to your queries, the studies got in the way. :)

Ok, I did change very fast the last one. But I spend a lot of time in front of my pc now, pretending I'm studying (I really have to :P).

Inspired by March '11 Geektool Desktop

So, Credits:

  • Wallpaper
  • MacBar 3.0 en by ~Vit-Ok
  • Generic Yahoo! Weather by me
  • Manual Google Calendar by me (it looks like but doesn't really pull data from google)
  • Media Player inspired by WMP Player for Rainmeter by ~SieSie . It uses, however, the latest NowPlaying plugin.
  • KrEveReader (Evereader by ~Kaelri MOD)
    After a lot of requests, I uploaded the modified evereader.
    Download it here.
    TIP: If you would like to disable the Title preview (it appears when you hover over a feed item) click here.

  • Custom Helvetica clock by me. You need the font used for it to display properly.
    TIP: If you would like to create the same "behind the image" effect, here is the code for a simple image skin and here is the image used. grab this .rmskin here. BEWARE that you have to edit the skin and change the H value to match your monitor resolution and/or your "Windows Wallpaper Picture Position".

Fonts Used: Helvetica & Helvetica Neue.
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Collection by
Gaia10 Rainmeter

Featured on Nerds Magazine by Viney Dhiman:…
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Xch4nge foobar2000 configuration for Windows Vista or Seven (aero required)

v1.0.4 uploaded on 2011-07-20 (bug fixing in QuickSearch)

.zip file contains all required files included installation notes (read it to know where to extract files for Standard or Portable foobar2000 installation) and video links, but required fonts are not included, see below for the link

Required dependencies:
foo_wave_seekbar component requires Ms Visual C++ 2010 SP1 32 bits > [link] 64 bits > [link]

Required Fonts (package of free fonts available here : [link])
    Segoe UI (included by default in windows Vista & Seven)
    Uni 05_53
    Tahoma (included by default in all Windows version)
    Guifx v2 Transports

Playback Statistics:
Xchange include its own stats system and rating engin for taging your music file, but you can install foo_playcount component if you want to handle stats thru an external database (playcount and rating) ;)

Lyrics settings information:
My WSH Lyriks panel use Lyrics Show Panel v2 to grab automatically lyrics from the web. To edit the settings, display the Lyrics Show Panel window by using the menu entry: View->Lyrics Show Panel v2, then right click in the lyrics window and select Settings. Be careful, lyrics have to be stored in profile foobar folder .../foobar2000/lyrics or in ther music folder or in the TAG <UNSYNCED LYRICS> or <LYRICS>, otherwise, my wsh lyrics panels won't load anything!

I you like it, don't forget to support my work by giving a :+fav: and a comment (and why not a Llama badge too, i love them ^^), Thanx by advance!
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This is the successor of DarkOne v2.1 for foobar2000
If you are interested in the new design line of DarkOne please see DarkOne v4


DarkOne3 only works properly in resolutions at 1024*x or higher!

Version 3.1
* updated: component package
* removed: enabling windows scripting host through batch file
* removed: additional dll's for waveform seekbar (are included now)
* updated: components package
* added: needed dll's for waveform seekbar (temporarily)
* updated: component package
* added: Lyric Show Panel 3
* added: switchable scrollbar for panels in LIB button
* added: some options to cover panel
* added: enhanced context menu of volume knob
* changed: small cosmetic updates
* updated: components package to latest versions
* fixed: Rating Panel now works for Audio CD too
* fixed: some small code improvements
* removed: own made wsh lyrics panel
* removed: own %band% tag remapping (obsolete since foobar2000 v1.1.6)

Version 3.0.1
* updated component package
* updated component package
* fixed: components installation on XP
* fixed: Various Artists image in ELPlaylist and MiniPlaylist
* updated: EsPlaylist
* fixed: Play icon in ELPlaylist
* changed: made Rating Display more conveniant
(read more about in the new Manual.pdf, chapters 2.21, and

Version 3.0
* added: EsPlaylist as "graphical browser"
* added: Waveform seekbar with a simple setup
* updated: components package to latest versions
* changed: DarkOne-files now copied to the ...foobar2000themes folder
* changed: Components are now copied to %appdata%foobar2000user-components to meet component update option introduced in foobar2000 v1.1
* changed: behaviour of Rating Panel and Rating Display in the playlists to meet new functionality in foo_playcount 3.0
* changed: readme file, german and english user guide's now merged into one "manual.pdf" (can be found in the ...foobar2000themesDarkOne folder)
* fixed: Lyrics Panel now works with foo_lyricsgrabber2
* fixed: ELPlaylist now respects CUI colour/fonts settings (as possible)

The archive contains the following components (the latest versions available at 2014-02-07):
Album List Panel, Columns UI and libpng-libraries
Biography View Panel, Channel Spectrum Panel, ELPlaylist, EsPlaylist and Panel Stack Splitter
Lyric Show Panel 3
Peakmeter Spectrum component
Playback Statistics
Quick Search Toolbar
Waveform seekbar
WSH Panel mod

This config has its official thread on the german foobar-users forum
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This version is no longer maintained.
Look here for its successor v3.0: [link]
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If you like my theme, you could :D :D :D

:bow: :bow: :deviation:


[Update 4]
- Fix a bug on MoreResult band when you use Windows Search. [link]
- New glyph for Command Link. [link]
- I changed everything into Segoe UI instead of Corbel because some people told me that Corbel is too small to use.
gdipp is recommended if you like the effect of text like Mac OS and Linux distributions. [link]

[Update 3]
- Change text color + Items for Taskbar toolbar. [link]
- New style for Download window if you use IDM. [link]
- New style for Command Link. [link]
- Add new image + fix some problem for Vertical Taskbar. [link]
- Black caption and white glow. [link]

[Update 2]
- Add an image for ListItem on Taskbar Thumbnail.
- Use Segoe UI for Placelist instead of Corbel.

[Update 1]
- Fix wrong patch in theme file for Elune 1.
- Add en-US and Shell folder in Elune to fix problem with Command module and Detail pane.

I didn't include explorer.exe because I updated my computer to Windows 7 SP1.
You can use Restorator to change yours by replacing BMP number 6801,6805 & 6809, so do explorerframe.dll

[How to install]
1. Install Universal Theme Patcher, re-patch again if you updated to SP1.
2. Copy everything in themes folder (Elune folder, Elune 1(Bottom), Elune 1 (Top)...) into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
3. Take Ownership, rename the orignal to back up and replace modified explorerframe.dll in System32 folder.
4. Restart Windows & then select this theme in Personalize Menu

:thumb197343002: :thumb199192123:

[Deviations used in preview]
Icons by AP-GRAPHIK [link] & SoundForge [link]

Special thanks K-Johnson for based theme [link] :

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Collection by
Animated previews
A not-so-minimal round visualizer for Rainmeter.
Contains five different variants - Bar, Line/MultiLine (circular waves), ShapeBubble (enlarging circles), ShapeExtrude (extruding circles)

✓ Configurable number of points
✓ Configurable circle size
✓ Configurable colors

Purchase option doesn't have anything different atm

Access the settings file by right-clicking the skin!
Alternatively, the VisBubble settings file is called and is located in Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/VisBubble.
You can change the settings, like radius, number of items, color etc. inside it.

If VisBubble freezes when you stop playing music, try reducing the FFTDecay in

If you want to make it only show when you play music from a music player, set Player to your music player and HideWhenNotPlaying to 1

+fav yay, 100 faves! +fav

Wallpaper used for preview: Prime
Some other visualizer skins like MetalCactuar's Visualizer and Monstercat Visualizer for cross-referencing
Shoutout to /r/Rainmeter for boosting this skin's popularity

1.7 Add RadiusY variable, add context menu option for settings file.
1.6 Add AngleTotal and Inward variable.
1.5 Start from BandIdx=1, as Band 0 is kinda out of proportion. Also add general FAQ.
1.4 Fix ShapeBubble and ShapeExtrude not working due to 1.3 change, add CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.
1.3 Fix ClockWise setting not affecting anything, add FFT variables in
1.2 Make truly universal, add BackCircleColor variable.
1.1 Reduce CPU usage, make the existence of clearer.
1.0 Cleaned up the folder, added 3 new variants.
0.2 Fixed a bug.
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Check out my blog, there you will find more Rainmeter skins from other users .  
Rainmeter Skins

Wallpaper is included , go to : Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Element\Wallpaper.jpg

Wanna have the Monitor PSD ?

 Showcase PSD template 

You can use these two lockscreens :

 Jelly LockScreenRainmeter LockScreen
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Unify Weather, Clock, Drives, RAM CPU & GPU Temp, CPU & GPU Usage and Fan Speed. Uses, MSI Afther Burner as feeder.…

The Weather Widget shows, Now, Tonight, Tomorrow and Tomorrow Night, Cycling every 10 seconds using accuweater data.

The Skin has 8 Color Themes. Black, BlackLime, BlackIce, BlackRed, White, WhiteLime, WhiteIce and WhiteRed.

To change location of weather go to Resources folder and follow de instructions on config.ini. Its EASY!

IF You Like, plz, share and like!

Forum Post
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-fixed the "egg" shaped icons ;)

Now Using [link]


wallpaper in this preview, [link]
made by jsz [link]

includes the Chip clock [link]

Weather icons by LavAna [link]

Alright :)
Update v1.3
+now using

Update! v1.2
+now includes a "Light" version for those who wants to save CPU power
+added a refresh button (to delete, scroll down to the bottom of .ini file and delete the two meters named Refresh and RefreshH)

WoxxBar is a bar containing all information you need.
All in ONE .ini file!

--You can minimize/maximize the bar by LEFT CLICK hide/show button
--You can Hide/Show Winamp controller by RIGHT CLICK hide/show button
--MOUSE OVER action will show hidden information, e.g CPU GRAPH
--easily customize the shortcuts
--and much more

you will find more information on how to use this skin in the Help application

minimum screenwide: 1280 (I think)
maximum screenwide: non

please report any bugs and if you miss something please tell me ;)

more info about WoxxBar 2 here [link]

feel free to edit, just don't forget to give me the cred ;)
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Kotoko Suite 4.3.1 (english | русский | українська | 中文)

- (На Русском) более подробно о релизе можно почитать здесь -
Happy Holidays to ALL!!!
This is my gift for you :)

Q: How to Install?
A: Double click on file you just downloaded to install

Before you start to use skins, you need to configure them, use Variables Tool which should pop up on first run when you install. Or you can launch it manually by clicking on "Variables" button from Configuration Tool

!!! Rainmeter 2.2 build 1084 or newer highly required!!!
- Tested on v 2.2 beta 1084r (64bit)

Major features of new version

- Hight quality graphics.
- Hight range of performance and functionality.
- Animated (some of skins are fully animated).
- Fully Resizable skins.
- Full support of Cyrillic characters in media player.
- Wheel mouse control (volume change, scrolling pics in slideshow and other).
- Automatically suits to your system configuration.
- User friendly Setting Tool and Tool for changing variables.
- Notifications of new mails and updates in RSS feeds + more...
- A lot of options for customize the look of suite as you want
...and a lot of other things which i can't remember now (lol)

Note: 90% of all apps (.exe) which are included in suite i wrote myself so i guaranty you that they are clean! any questions and proof can be given personal!

After installing be free to use Configuration Tool and customize your own theme style as you want and as you like

Tip: Each skin has ToolTips, thus you can easily to know what it can and what it does :)
Tip: If you want to disable sounds in suite then just disable option Notification, look at screenshot [link]

To see Suite in action
(v4.3) Video is here (YouTube HD) --> [link]
(v4.0), use previews
1st Preview "Black Style" ||| 2nd Preview "White Style"

------------------- Please test and comment :+fav: or give me Llama if you liked my work -------------------

Easy to Configure, to use and highly functional Suite. Many skins has their own buttons to fast configure and use. Look at Tool Tips to know how to use...
Goes with 7 styles (Completely new design ).You can change a color theme, load/unload skins using and many other thing through Kotoko Configuration Tool. For changing Variables use Edit Variables Tool (can be loaded from tool, above)

• New design.
• New improved user friendly interface
• Wide variety of setting and features
• A lot of performance improvements.
• Minimalistic and in the same time very practical skins
• No need to edit skins manually, all can be done through configuration tools
• Tool Tips to help you understand how thing are working
• At this moment it supports 4 languages
• And much more other things...

Works well in all resolution

Change Log: (4.3.1)
fixed (bugs, problems):
:bulletpurple: when, deviant Art statistic of today's pageviews count keeps rising and not resets
:bulletpurple: changing language action fails on Variables Tool
:bulletpurple: increased password input box width in Variables Tool to fit long passwords of your mail. (that actually may cause cut-down of string if your password would be too (too^2 ;) long)
:bulletpurple: user picture in KotokoConfigurationTool4.0.ini
:bulletpurple: version update check in KotokoConfigurationTool4.0.ini
:bulletpurple: problem with maximum number of discs in Variables Tool
:bulletpurple: Yandex mail files were not properly loaded
:bulletpurple: Edit Variables tool: location was not properly saved thus list of location on start up unable to load.
:bulletpurple: slightly changed the behavior of notifications area
:bulletpurple: changed notification sounds (softer and better)
:bulletpurple: System Monitor, when cores and discs number was more then 4
:bulletpurple: missing of option, to remove/show Deviant Art stats icon from Taskbar skin
:bulletpurple: Kotoko Youtube (for support latest flash features)
:bulletpurple: Settings in Taskbar skin
:bulletpurple: syntax mistakes
:bulletpurple: some minor fixes
:bulletpurple: Anime Radio skin
:bulletpurple: Tool for wheel control (better handling)
:bulletpurple: design in some styles
:bulletpurple: System Monitor
:bulletpurple: Taskbar skin to 1.5.1 (some UI tweaks)
:bulletpurple: Edit Variables Tool to v.2.1
:bulletpurple: database of locations (Gismeteo servise)
:bulletpurple: feature to easy edit setting in FolderInfo skin (change path {folder&file supported}, icon, icon size)
:bulletpurple: some error handling in various skins
:bulletpurple: slider volume control in Taskbar skin
:bulletpurple: feature to choose country for Google News (from Edit Variables Tool)
:bulletpurple: feed (in Taskbar skin) for russian/ukrainian
:bulletpurple: missing files from suite, such as pics, bg, inc (sometimes i'm very clumsy ;))
:bulletpurple: database of locations (for
:bulletpurple: minor fixes in localization

Change Log: (4.3) На русском
- Added function for resizing skins
- A lot of system performance changes has been done
-Added utility for making screenshots (in Taskbar.ini)
..full change log will be added after holidays)

Change Log: (4.2.1 hotfix)
-fixed few bugs in Anime Radio and in PicsSlideShow
- changed process of applying changes in KotokoConfigurationTool4.0.ini
-fixed bug with radio in TaskBar.ini

If you have NOD 32 Antvirus Installed and got problems (freezing) with this skin or other skin, try to add to exclusions in antivirus options:
- Path to Rainmeter.exe
- Path to Rainmeter.ini
- Path to rainmeter Skins folder (or Kotoko Suite folder)

This is a basic list of skins/configs in suite and some comments on each (below not describes all, it will be a lot of text if to make proper describing for each component of suite):

:bulletblue: Configuration Tool (v4.0)
- With this tool you can easily activate and deactivate each skin by one click, change Font and Language, on/off variety of settings . Also you can change the style and color theme of Kotoko suite. There are 5 styles: Kotoko , Black (default) , White , Glass, Soft,
You can pick the color of style as you want with color picker. And that is not all :). You can tint your background and icons using color picker...oh and tint can be transparent... :)

:bulletblue: Auto Task
Works like countdown timer. You can set time and task what should be done after elapsing desired (selected) time. If you didn't set task then it will only alarm sound. you can change it also by replacing original with yours, only filename should be same!

:bulletblue: Calendar Note
- Usual Calendar with one handy feature :) You can make your notes on each day and calendar will remind you about your note (if you turn on this option)
- 2 styles: Line and Normal

:bulletblue: EarthQuake
Originally made and permission for adding was kindly granted by maminscris. Pictures loads from site.

:bulletblue: RSS Reader
- 4 in 1 Feeds (RSS & ATOM)
•- auto scroll and notify about updates (if "Notification" option is enabled)

:bulletblue: Media Control (it can)
- Alows to controls all what can be possible to control through NowPlaying plugin made by poiru
- Two styles. Amphiton and Classic
•- Lots of media players supported (read note)
•- ID3 Support
•- Cyrillic and hieroglyphics characters supported
•- Full search of album covers! (not only in ID3 tags)
•- Mouse Wheel to change volume, or through bar

:bulletblue: SlideShow
- DeviantArt/Flickr/National Geographic now all in one Slide Show (newest/popular/your url)
- Folder Slide Show
•- You can change the size and style of window easily, apply wallpaper automatically and manual and more other things. Use Tool Tips to know more.
•- Mouse Wheel to scroll images
•- Thumbnail option
•- and lots of other options
:bulletblue: System UpTime

:bulletblue: Recycler Bin
- Measure bin and clean on click

:bulletblue: Notes

:bulletblue: Anime Radio (v.1.5.1)
~ Change Log v.1.5.1 ~
- Changed and added backgrounds (for best fit with Kotoko Suite)
- Fixed problems with some radio stations when they updated their source code.
- Fixed some bugs
- and some minor changes

:bulletblue: Zakladka
(Left and Right sides the arrow to change )
- Battary
- Gmail
- Wi-Fi (i don't have wi-fi on my system. Used poirus' code with some additions )
- Volume Changer + mini-launcher | one for Windows 7| and one for other system OS

:bulletblue: TaskBar
~ With this you'll get ~

Mail, Battery, Weather, Wi-Fi, Volume Value control (win7 only), Media Control, Network Info, System Resources Info, Temperatures, CD Rom Control, Search Bar (+cmd line), Radio, Settings, Launcher, Clock, Notification area, and other features...

- :pointr: YouTube Feed
You can trace which video was:
"Most viewed today"
"Most viewed this Month"
"Most Recent"
"Most Favorites"
You can watch videos on your desktop. ;)

:pointr: DeviantArt Feed

Here You can trace what was:
"Popular" on DA
"Latest Rainmeter Skin"
"One custom feed" (edit variables in configs)

:pointr: Flickr Feed

Using this you'll get:
"Group pool"
"Friends' Feed "
"Favorite photos feed"

:pointr: Google News
Shows News using Google service (Big thanks to Google for this)
(edit variables in configs)

:pointr: 3 costume feeds
(edit variables in configs)

:pointr: SystemInfo
Enhanced system info :)

:pointr: Radio
You can listen to your favorite stations on your desktop
Now it easy to customize and edit stations. Have Fun!!!

- Shutdown, Reload, Lock, Sleep etc. buttons

:bulletblue: Clock
- Mini clock
- TimeDate (Big clock)
- TextClock (Vertical)
- Text Clock Text (Vertical)
- TextClock (Horizontal)

:bulletblue: Folder Info
Shows size and number of folders in dir
Thanks to elestel

:bulletblue: Weather
- (this option visible only for рус/укр (rus/ukr) languages, edit variables to choose service, in configs)

:bulletblue: Launchers
- Left/Right side. For programs (customizable )
- Left/Right side. For folders (customizable )
- Dock (customizable). It can Maximize or Minimize window depending of their state and show indicator of currently loaded applications

:bulletblue: System Monitor

:bulletblue: Edit Variables Tool (2.2)
Tool for setting variables. Can be loaded from KotokoConfigurationTool Skin by clicking on "Variables" button.

!!! Don't forget to edit variables if you not using Windows 7. Use Edit Variables Tool!

Credit to:
~ jsmorley [link] for RainRadio inspiration.
~ Kenz0 (not on DA) for circle code and time period code
~ elestel (not on DA) for file list and folder info plugin
~ poiru [link] for his wi-fi code, for plugin QuotePluginS.dll and NowPlaying.dll plugin
~ chrfb [link] for ecqlipse_2 icons
~ Varelse [link] for inspiration in creating Text Clock (when i saw Seclorum Clock)
~ Reiswaffle [link] for Win7AudioPlugin plugin
~ maminscris [link] for Earthquake skin
Rainmeter Team for developing Rainmeter! awesome program!
Ascend4nt (not on site here) for _GuiBox udf
Nir Sofer for NirCmd Tool

Wallpaper in preview is unknown pls help me to identify)
...If i forgot someone please tell me
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Collection by
(DA version doesn't include updates)

For full download click here:

Download above includes a READ ME file for those who are new users to rainmeter and need help.
Requires: Rainmeter 2.4 or higher.

Skin includes:
• 28 shortcut web icons
• 64x64 px
• Transparent
• Solid color hover effect

Icons:… - Edited by so they would be transparent

DO NOT: redistribute, edit or claim. for personal use only.
customize at your own risk;; but do not resubmit, or redistribute as your own work.

i fully tested it, but if you find a bug please comment or send me a message.

:dalove: Please favorite this deviation if you use or download
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How to Use:

1. Click the settings button on the right top

2. Create Windows Shortcut and put it in the folder

3. rightclick - refresh skin

you can use as much shortcuts as you want
hover over the right side of the background for the navigation or scroll up and down

enjoy :)
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ADIAN BOLON "aero" A skin for Rainmeter
+Magazine_like time 3.0 (aka. Adian Bolon)
+All in one side bar
+Itunes skin
+FavTabs Only
+Meter Status Only
+Foobar player Support
+WMP support
Required Fonts:
+GeosansLight (Included)
+Segoe WP Semibold (Google it)
+Century Gothic
+Change your location code
New FavouritesCenter:
+Change your links to all your application its according where you install your Applications
Right click on the skin and edit,
change the following links or code, save then refresh the skin,.
credits to:
+ POIRU [link](Basic of Google search, WMP,Foobar, and all plugins)
+jessyDior [link](Gmail Count)
Icons for the favourites Tab are created By Me.
Enjoy,.. don't forget to FAV:+fav:
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Check out my other projects!
Tribute v2.1 for Rainmeter: Link

Tributes Clock v2.1 for Rainmeter: Link

Wisp boasts many features!
* Interactive Configuration App (Config options are case sensitive!!)
* Cpu (Overall Cpu usage. Temperature monitor.)
* Memory (Ram usage and Swap usage.)
* Drives (Drive usage, up to two drives.)
* Gpu (Gpu usage and temperature. Currently supports one Gpu.) Will not work with Integrated Graphics!
* Network (Net, up and down.)
* Weather (Weather Graphics, Description, Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Humidity, Chance of Rain, Sunrise, and Sunset. Up to Three Days. Mixed Weather Units. Ex: Fahrenheit while using Km/h for windspeed.)
* Email (Currently only supports Gmail. Left-Click to open your Inbox.)
* Recycle Bin (Monitors recycle bin size. Left-Click to Empty. Right-Click to Open)
* Clock (Twelve hour and twenty-four hour clock modes.)
* Date (Current day of the month, month, and year.)
* Taskbar (System monitor, twelve and twenty-four hour. Program launcher, twelve and twenty-four hour. Supports five programs / urls)
* Themes (Currently four themes: Green, Red, Blue, and Dark Orange)

Main wallpaper:

Panels Wallpaper:

If you have Rainmeter installed, then that's basically all you have to do! Required Rainmeter version: or higher.
All theme wallpapers are included in the package!

Programs used for system temps!
Cpu temp:

Gpu temp:

To get the best use out of the taskbars included, I recommend using Desktop Coral.

If for some reason you find yourself needing a fresh copy of Stangowner's MSI Afterburner.dll, you should go to this page. 
All information on how to install the .dll manually is presented at the top of the first post.

Different Resolutions!
I'm currently not taking resolution requests! Sorry for the inconvenience!
Max resolution I can offer is 1920 x 1080, sorry!

Resolutions made:
1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050
1600 x 900
1440 x 900
1366 x 768
1024 x 768

    Changed Coretemp download link back to Mediafire because its parent website is being shown as Red Flagged. This event occurs differently depending on what web browser you're using.
    This will be the last time I'll change the download link unless it's absolutely necessary.

    Special thanks to user Unramaan for alerting me to this issue!

    Changed Coretemp download link back to its parent website.
    ::Message to Users!::
            There seem to be no more trojan warnings coming from the program's installer. If this changes again, please, anyone inform me!
            I'll have a clean, safe version of the program ready for download ASAP.

    Changed Coretemp download link because of dropbox blocking my account due to too much traffic.
    The file is now being hosted on Mediafire.

    Changed the CoreTemp download link. This is the correct, and clean, version of CoreTemp.

    Temporarily took away the resolution request button.
    Removed the version history tab in the config.
    Other minor changes to the config.

    Added themes to the skins features.
    Added four themes: Green, Red, Blue, and Dark Orange

    Fixed Weather Code entry box not displaying in the proper location.
    Changed how the Recycle Bin app handled displaying the 'Empty' option when showing its current size.
    Better clarified how you should enter your email username and password.
    Added ‘Version Information’ tab to the config.
    Removed many duplicate and unused images.
    Added variable so users can more easily edit the maximum number of emails that the skin will register.

    Added 1024 x 768 to the config.

    Fixed minor bug that would cause swap on the system taskbar to overlap other entries. 

    New Config app that supports the new features in version 2.0
    System taskbar added.
    Program taskbar added.
    Better support for the new D2D rendering engine in Rainmeter 3.0
    Fixed a bug where the SWAP values would go into massive negative numbers.
    Better way of making new resolutions. I'm still figuring out a way to make it 100% automatic.
    Mixed weather units. Example: Celsius while using Mph for windspeed.

    Now loads the Config.ini when installed.
    Added 1600 x 900 to the config.
    Fixed positioning of the Recycle Bin meter.
    Fixed random typos throughout the skin.

    Added different resolution options to the config

    Initial release

Known Bugs!
When installing the skin or running the config app, Rainmeter becomes unresponsive and locks up. 

Info about this bug:
    Thanks to H0rwood, I've found out that the config tool is causing the issue. 
    At this moment I'm not quite sure what's in the config that's causing this to happen.
    Currently, the work around is to force close Rainmeter. After that you should be able to edit the '' file and then launch the apps individually.

Theme Help!
I've added themes for the current release. So far I have green, red, blue, and dark orange themes, but I'd like to add more.
If anyone's good with PS and your interested in helping make more themes, don't hesitate to contact me!

Suite Author: FiiZzioN
Weather Icons Author: MerlinTheRed
MSI Afterburner.dll Author: Stangowner
Just the Panels Wallpaper: thehatersalad
Weather Mixed Units Inspiration: itz4mna

Frequently Asked Questions!

Contact Me!
If you notice any bugs or want any features added, contact me at my:
* Email address:
* DeviantArt profile: Link
* profile: Link

Once again, thanks for downloading Wisp!

Feeling Generous?

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