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(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Ivan's large hand slid under his boyfriend's t-shirt to feel his warm belly. Alfred was a little chubby, so Ivan planted a kiss on the pliable skin.
"Hey stop it!" The younger man giggled, swatting the hand away. "I'm ticklish!" Ivan's hand returned to Alfred's stomach.
"Nyet, I like your belly. I want you to lay down on the bed so I can play with it some more."
"Ack! Don't touch my gut!" Alfred blushed. Ivan shrugged and removed the blonde's glasses.
"Don't be self-conscious, Fredka." Ivan steered him back so his calves were pressed against their bed.
"I-I'm not self-conscious!" Alfred defensively tugged his red Coca-Cola shirt down.
"Then why do you never let me touch your stomach?"
"Because it's weird, dude," Ivan pushed Alfred back, effectively allowing him to force him onto the bed.
"It's not weird. I love you, Alfred." The larger man traced his boyfriend's hips with a playful finger. "I love you very much."
"How much?" Like a minx, Alfred wrapped his arms around his Russian boyfriend's neck and licked his own pink lips.
"Let me show you..." Ivan grunted huskily.
After thoroughly emptying his stomach of the hamburgers he had for lunch, Alfred wiped off his mouth and looked in the mirror.
"Well, I guess I better go to the store." He bitterly chuckled to himself.
"Ivan, I'm pregnant." Alfred plainly informed the man whose lap he was sitting on. Ivan barely shifted.
"I said I'm pregnant."
"... ohh..." The realization suddenly struck Ivan.
"Yeah." Alfred awkwardly murmured. Ivan's arms, which were formerly wrapped around his boyfriend's midriff, were pulled away. Alfred winced. "Don't... please... don't be mad. I mean, it would be really sucky if you left me, so..." Gentle hands covered the younger man's stomach.
"Fredka, you are so foolish it's cute." Ivan nuzzled the crook between Alfred's shoulder and neck. A hand crept up under Alfred's Superman shirt.
" you won't leave me?" Alfred shyly asked. Ivan laughed heartily.
"No, I will not be leaving you."
"Okay, good... cuz that would bum me out."
"Alright. I will try not to bum you out." The Russian chuckled.
Alfred's little brother had been happily married for three years. His husband, Maximo, took wonderful care of him, making sure he had everything he needed. It had been eight months, however, since Maximo came up to Matthew, Alfred's brother, with a request; a family. Fortunately, unlike most couples trying to have a child, sex hadn't become a chore for them. Results weren't in their favor, however.  Adoption was always an option. But neither wanted to rule out having a biological child just yet.
Matthew was in the kitchen of the house he shared with his husband when Alfred burst through the front door.
"Mattie! Hey Mattie!" Alfred shouted.
"Please be quieter, Al. I'm in the kitchen."
"Hey Mattie!" Alfred poked his head around the corner. "Where's Max?"
"I had him go out to get some groceries. Did you come for a surprise visit near dinnertime for a reason?" Matthew looked down the bridge of his nose at Alfred accusingly.
"Huh? Oh, no. I... I had something I wanted to talk to you about."
"Well you might as well stay for dinner." Matthew gestured to the wooden table in the adjacent room. "It's almost done, and Maximo should be back soon."
"Have you had any luck with-" Alfred stopped. There had to be a better way to phrase it, but it was already too late. His brother stopped stirring the fragrant contents of the pot on the stove and turned to face Alfred.
"...we're actually looking further into adoption."
"Yeah? That's cool." Alfred smiled. Matthew stiffly nodded his head and leaned against the counter top. "Would... how would you feel about being an uncle?" Matthew's violet eyes flashed for a moment.
"What do you mean?"
"Like, what if I had a kid?" The older brother bit his lip.
"What are you saying, Al?" Matthew sighed, returning to the pot. He kept his eyes glued to his brother, however.
"Nothing. I was just asking."
"...sometime I wonder about you and Ivan." Matthew's gaze finally left Alfred, who silently let out a breath of relief.
"I don't know what you're talkin' 'bout, bro." Alfred chuckled.
"I mean I wonder just where you guys are. You've been living together since you graduated high school. That's five years."
"So? Lots of people live together for, like, longer than they're actually married." Matthew glared at Alfred's response.
"What about your future? The Braginskis are rich, and you've been living off of Ivan's father's fortune." Matthew dryly pointed out.
"Ivan has a job, too!" Alfred defended. The man cooking their dinner ignored him.
"You're a secretary."
"Ivan's secretary."
"How do you think you'll manage if you two break up?"
"I-" Alfred had no response. He suddenly felt hot tears well up in his bright blue eyes. "Why are you saying that?" That was when Matthew's husband opened the front door.
"Hey, is Alfred here? His car's out front." Maximo's deep voice made Matthew perk up.
"Yes, hes in the kitchen with me. He's staying for dinner." The smallest man called back. He turned to Alfred and untied his apron. "Go wash up."
"Why do I always have to wash up before I can eat when I'm here?" Alfred complained. Matthew raised a blonde eyebrow and smiled.
"Go wash up, Alfred F. Jones."
"Yes, mom."
"Vanya... would you ever leave me?" Alfred softly asked as he kissed one of the hairy arms that was cradling him.
"If this is about the baby-"
"It's about... it's about us." Alfred looked up at his boyfriend. "We've been dating for, like, seven years, Ivan. We graduated then moved in together."
"Dа, because I love you."
"Your dad is a rich Russian businessman, and I'm just mooching off of you!" Alfred fully broke down in tears.
"What?" Ivan was dumbfounded. "...Fredka, you have work on my father's company. You are not 'mooching'. I am here to take care of you." The larger man cooed as he caressed the whimpering Alfred's sandy blonde hair.
"I'm gonna be even fatter." Alfred sniffled. Ivan took this opportunity to rest a hand on Alfred's stomach. Ivan laughed heartily and buried his large nose in Alfred's hair.
"You are too precious."
"The fertility doctor said there was nothing wrong with me." Matthew sighed as he leaned against Maximo's shoulder. "Francis did suggest you go in and get checked."
"What- me? I know there ain't nothing wrong with me!" Maximo protested, but furrowed his brow when he saw his petite husband's face. "But, er, I should go anyway." He rested a darkly tanned hand on Matthew's small waist. The paler man had always been scrawnier than his brother. He weighed just enough to put him in the range for healthy child-bearing, Francis assured them many times.
"That woman from the agency called again today, too."
"Yeah? What did she say?"
"She talked to me about that Asian boy again."
"Sprinkle..." Maximo shifted on the couch so his husband could lay on his lap.
"We should consider it."
"Ju scheduled an appointment with that lady, didn't ju?" Matthew was silent. He tucked Matthew's dark blonde hair behind his ear. "Okay, we can talk to her.
"Realy? That's fantastic! Thank you!" Matthew sat up and wrapped his arms around Maximo's neck, planting a kiss on his smile.
"Ju better stop that; jour sexy little hips are teasing me." The larger man groaned. Matthew didn't stop, so Maximo flipped them over, landing Maximo on top.
"Max, what-" Matthew's arms were still around Maximo's neck.
"We checked your background," The brunette woman cheerfully informed the men sitting in front of her desk. "You two are free to go to the visiting room."
"Thank you very much, Ms. Hedervary." Matthew's genuine smile prompted Maximo to stand up. Matthew and Maximo walked out of Elizaveta's office to the main area. A few children were walking up a case of polished wooden stairs. The two prospective parents were led by the pleasant woman to an open room. It was only about the same size as Elizaveta's office, but the absence of crammed bookshelves and the addition of a few more windows created a welcoming feel. The small couch in the room was where Matthew and Maximo were offered a seat, which they gratefully accepted; Matthew was so nervous he doubted he could stand much longer.
"I'll go fetch the child I told you about."
"Are ju nervous, Sprinkle?" Maximo laced his fingers with his husband's, who nodded shakily.
"We're lucky that this part of the process takes less than a week." Matthew softly murmured as he stared forward towards the glass door. "Although it took two months to get approved."
"We can always try for a kid again later, ju know."
"Whatever happens will happen." Matthew bit his lip in anxiety. Elizabeth opened the large glass door, closely followed by a frail looking Asian boy.
"Yao, say hello."
Alfred let go of Ivan's hand as they left the dark theatre. No matter how long they had been together, Ivan and Alfred still got odd glances whenever they tried a little PDA.
"Did you like the movie, Fredka?" Ivan asked, holding the door open so Alfred could exit the building.
"Yeah... it needed more explosions. Hey Vanya, can we get something to eat?"
"Let me guess- McDonald's?"
"Duh." Alfred rolled his sapphire eyes.
"Okay. We can go to McDonald's." Ivan chuckled.
Alfred's breathing became slow and steady, signaling he had fallen asleep. The Russian man who was spooning him gently patted Al's stomach. He shifted his position so Alfred was laying on his back, allowing Ivan access to his stomach. Ivan lowered his platinum blonde head onto Alfred's belly.
"Zdravstvuĭ, malysh ". he whispered. "YA tvoĭ otets Ivan ".

Strength chapter one/ End

:iconkonata101: here you go, darling!

Poor Matthew and Maximo are trying to have a kid when Alfred conveniently gets knocked up. :iconstephencolbertomgplz: DRAMA!

You may notice the similarities I have between the brothers. I'm under the impression I'm doing a fair job keeping them in character, but if it gets too unbelievably OOC, go ahead and tell me in a gentle manner. The fact that Matthew's being an ass for no reason does not count here, though XD
And at the end of the scene when Maximo and Matthew are discussing adoption, they simply have an intense make-out session. No sex... this time XD

At the end, Ivan basically says "Hi baby, I'm your dad, Ivan."

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You can completely blame this on a four hour rp with two of my rp friends, but God damn did they give me a plot bunny that just won't stop hopping around in my head and eating my brain lettuse! Plus seeing the two drawings that nashi, one of my favorite Hetalia artist, drew recently gave me the good swift kick in the pants to write this out.

Summery: 'I never regret having him, but it hasn't been easy.' Ivan and Ludwig have a long relationship but when Ludwig becomes pregnant, things become troublesome for them, especially since they're still teens in high school. What are they to do?

Pairings: RussiaxGermany (main), FrancexEnglandxPrussia (minor), other pairings will appear

Warning: yaoi, mpreg, sex, birth scene (I don't know on this), angst, cussing, OOC moments (this is an AU fanfic, actually, just a fanfic in general, I don't know why I need a warning), OCs, stuff like that

I own nothing, the story is mine but the plot was given life by me and my friends. I also own Nicholas Ivanovich Braginski.

NOTE! This is AU, in this universe some men are able to have children, it's not a truly common thing but it's well known so people are aware of it. It's my only explonation for this, you can take it or leave it.

On with the fic!


We Can Do This

Chapter One: Childhood Meeting


I never regret having him, but it hasn't been easy.

I love my little Nicholas, my beautiful baby boy who looks so much like his father, but I may have had him too early in life, I may have made some choices that weren't right, but do I hate myself, Ivan or Nicholas? No, no I don't.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about how my son came into this world, how I was young and stupid that night he was made, how I reacted and my choices.

Let's start from the beginning, when I first met Ivan, how we became friends who became lovers.


I had known Ivan Braginski since I was six years old. He had moved in next door from Russia with his two sisters and when I first saw him I was captivated. He was taller then me, with large violet eyes and a rather big nose that looked kind of cute. He was a bit chubby, but that fit him perfectly, and around his neck was a very long, pink scarf that trailed on the ground behind him.

He spotted me when he came out of the house and ran over to me, hugging me tightly. He spoke Russian to me, I said hello in English and he giggled. His first English words to me were words that would stick with me for all time:

"You reminds me of sunflowers, I like sunflowers and I like you."

I remember my whole face burning red and then he hugged me, laughing as he did. We became friends at that moment, he told me about himself, about his life in Russia and his family. His father was big and scary, his older sister was the sweetest person in the universe, his little sister was just bat shit crazy.

But Ivan, oh Ivan was perfect. He was strange but he was so cute, so nice. I wanted to know everything about him, I wanted to be his best friend and the only person he wanted to be friends with.

He was in my first grade class, he sat right next to me. I remember Ivan talking to me through most of class, even when the teacher told him not to talk. He wanted to know everything about me, he kept calling me 'sunflower'. He even drew me a picture during art, it was a sunflower in the snow.

"You make the sun show in the coldest of snow storms!" He said, smiling the whole time. Personally, it was corny, but it was really sweet. I never thought much of his actions at this age, I just thought he was... different, you know, because he was from a far away nation and not use to living in America, like I had been when I had moved to the states two years earlier.

Ivan made people uncomfortable during his first few days at school. He was taller and the way he acted made people nervous. Ivan loved to smile and wanted everyone to be his friend, to be one with him. I had to tell him that it wasn't really a good idea. His actions with me also didn't help him.

He got picked on during recess a lot, starting when he had me sit on his lap on the swings. A bunch of the older kids picked on him, saying that kids in America don't so that, that he was weird. Ivan had ran away from the name calling and I went after him, finding him hiding behind a tree and covering his face in his scarf. The Russian hadn't been crying but he look depressed.

I told him to not let what they said get to him and that maybe he should lighten up on his actions, not everyone could handle them like I can. He just nodded but looked sad. "Did they hurt you that much?" I asked him.

"Nyet... it's just... if I try not to let them get to me, I might hurt them. I got in trouble a lot at my old school by hurting people."

At the time, I didn't know what he meant. But a few days later, I was the one that was being picked on, for being friends with Ivan.

Well... Ivan heard what the other kids were saying and when I saw how he reacted, I understood what he had said. He was changing something that sounded like 'kolkolkolkol' before he came charging at the kids and started to attack them. Ivan got a huge warning from the school and a phone call, but he was smiling.

"I defended your honor. I'm your knight and you are my princess, da~?" Was what he said to me when I had asked him later about what had happened. I blushed and told him not to say such embarrassing things, he just smiled and laughed.

Our friendship was good after that, though Bruder, Gilbert, he wasn't exactly thrilled with my best friend being a Russian with emotion issues and possibly being a bit insane. Heck, in return, Ivan didn't like Gilbert in return, I don't remember what caused them to truly hate each other, but I do know that they still can't stand each other, even though they don't remember as well.

But let us move on. Ivan and I have been friends since we were six, always spending any time we got with each other doing something that interested us both. However, when I was eleven, my family, meaning my grandfather Germania, Bruder, and I, had to move due to a promotion Grandpa got.

When I told Ivan he broke down and cried, begging me not to leave him to stay with him forever and ever and to live with him. He kept saying he could not live without me, I told him I would keep in contact with him, we'd write to each other. That cheered him up a little, but only a little, he wore a mask.

I still remember the morning we moved, looking out the back window and seeing him standing in the front yard, having been up since the crack of dawn. He was waving at me, but he wasn't smiling. He looked so... heartbroken, like his heart and joy for life were just... gone.

I wouldn't see Ivan again for three years, and that's when things changed for me.



Intro chapter is a bit short, don't you think? Well, I wanted it to be that way, next chapter will be longer and have more character interaction. Yes, the story is told through Ludwig's POV but I think I may have moments where it isn't seen through his eyes, but that MIGHT be through Ivan and/or Gilbert's.

Next chapter: Ivan and Ludwig meet up again during high school and the story gets more complicated.

Hm, if you think I need to fix anything up, tell me, this is a first for me (well, not the pairing or mpreg, just the way the plot is written).

Please review~
Please tell me what you guys think, I really want to write this out but I'm not sure if people will like it... orz Plus I really wanted to write an mpreg story with my little Nicholas, he's one of my favorite OC characters ever.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Arthur stood in the mirror looking at himself making sure he was decent enough for the world meeting. He fixes his hair a bit before giving himself a content smile. Francis appears behind him and wraps his arms around Arthur's waist and plants small kisses along his neck. Arthur looks up at him and smiles. Francis easily scoops him up and throws him onto the bed, kissing him passionately. Arthur pushes him away, "We're going to be late if we don't leave now." Francis pouts. "Mon amour, it will be really quick, I promise~" He kisses him again and Arthur shakes his head and sits up. "No, we're leaving now."

~*~*~*~At The World Meeting~*~*~*~

Francis and Arthur walk into the world meeting hand in hand. They came out about their relationship about a year ago and no one seemed surprised about it. Antonio gives a whistle in their direction and Francis gives him a thumbs up and a wink making Arthur blush a bit. He sits down next to Alfred who stared at him quietly with a smirk. "Mon amour, I promised Antonio I would sit by him at this meeting. Do you mind?" He smiles at him. "No, go ahead. Just don't tell him all of our business frog!" Francis laughed and walks away. "I'm serious Francis! Not a word or you'll regret it!" Arthur crosses his arms and slumps down in his seat with a sigh. "So he didn't catch us last night?" Alfred whispered to Arthur. Arthur glares at him. "Shut up, I told you not to talk about it in public." He whispered back. Alfred smiles happily and leans back in his chair.

The meeting starts off with Ludwig rambling on about some problems that didn't concern Arthur. He starts to stare at the ceiling, his mind going to a completely different place. He starts to smile but is quickly brought back to reality by a hand resting on his thigh. He looks over at Alfred who is smirking but still paying attention to the meeting. He starts to rub his hands in circles and Arthur smirks. He grabs a pencil and his notebook and starts to scribble.

{Stop teasing you little slut!}

He passes it to Alfred. Alfred moves his hand towards Arthur's crotch and gives him a firm squeeze before fondling him slowly.

{Is that better?}

Arthur smirked at the boys chicken scratch handwriting. He gives him a little nod before replying.

{Be at my house at four. I'll have tea ready for us and Francis will be at Antonio's house.}

Alfred takes the note and quickly shoves it into his pocket. He then shoves his hand into Arthur's pants and grabs his hardening member. Arthur inhaled deeply and closes his eyes for a few seconds. When he opens his eyes he looks back up at the ceiling. Now he really couldn't focus on the meeting, especially with how tight Alfred was squeezing him and how teasingly slow he was stroking him. He lets out a low groan.

"And what do you think about it Arthur?" He looks around and everyone is staring at him. He starts to blush. "Well... I think it's a very big problem and it should be fixed." Alfred laughs obnoxiously loud. "Good answer dude!" Ludwig face-palms. "Were you even listening to a word I said Arthur?"  He looks down and shakes his head. "Sorry, my head is in a different place right now. Can you repeat the problem again?" Arthur hears Antonio giggle and he looks in the direction. Francis gives him a wink and blows him a kiss. "Damn it..." he mumbles to himself

~*~*~*~Arthur's home~*~*~*~

Arthur sat in the kitchen waiting for Alfred to arrive. Finally at four thirty there was a tapping on the front door. Arthur is quick to answer it. "You're late." He glares at the American as he walks inside. "And I thought I told you not to use the front door." Alfred shrugs. "I saw that his car wasn't here so it didn't seem like much of a problem."

They make their way to the bedroom. "Well now we have less time so if he comes home early you're out of luck." Arthur pushed Alfred up against the wall and kisses him roughly. Alfred wraps his arms around his neck and pulls him closer. Clothes start to come off and next thing they knew both of them stood there completely naked. Arthur pushes Alfred onto the bed and then looks in the nightstand drawer before finding what he needed: lube.

He spreads some on his fingers and presses two into Alfred's entrance and pushes in and out quickly. He lets out a little moan and Arthur smirks. "Y-You know Arthur, you really suck at this thing called foreplay.  Ever heard of it?" Arthur pouts a bit. "Who needs it?" He slams his fingers hard into him and hits him right in the prostate making him moan loudly. He keeps hitting in that spot over and over as Alfred squirms under him letting out loud moans. He adds a third finger and stretches him out. "O-Oh Arthur, p-please just take me now~" Arthur ignores him. He adds a fourth finger and keeps ramming him hard. Alfred was screaming and moaning and panting. He arches his back high and Arthur pulls out knowing he was already getting close. He squeezes some lube into his hands and rubs it on himself before positioning right at his entrance.

He slams into him hard and pulls out quickly. He does that a few more times before pulling out completely. "W-Why did you stop?" Alfred pouted. "I don't like this position. It's too boring." He looks around a bit trying to think of something new to do. "Come on Arthur! You're wasting time!" Arthur glares at him. "I could just leave you like that you know." Alfred's eyes get big and he shakes his head. Arthur smirks. "You're one needy little boy, aren't you?" Alfred nods and rolls onto his hands and knees. "Please finish Arthur~" Arthur grabs him by the hips and begins to slam into him again.

Alfred grips the sheets and arches his back. "Arthur, fuck me harder~" He pounds into him as hard and as fast as he could. "Arthur!" Alfred screams really loud. Alfred grabs Alfred's manhood and starts to pump it quickly. Once he felt Alfred's muscle tighten he knew he was done, but put his thumb on the top of his member to cover it. "You're not allowed to finish until I do." Arthur rubbed circles with his thumb and started to slow his thrusts. "Damn it Arthur! Let me finish!" Arthur still held him and continued to thrust as slow as he could. He thrusts once more before letting him go and his cum goes everywhere. He collapses down but Arthur pulls him back up. "You're lucky I felt bad for you, but I'm still not done."

It didn't take him long to finish though. A few more hard thrusts and he finished. They both fell on the bed and panted for a while. "Do you want some tea Al? Francis made biscuits too if you want some." He nods tiredly and the two of them get dressed. Arthur heats up the tea and then takes it outside along with the biscuits to his tea time table. Alfred sat across from him and took a big bite into a biscuit. "Mmm this is really good! Maybe you should learn a thing or two from that man." Arthur scowls at him. "I'm surprised you can even sit knowing how hard you like it." Alfred laughs and shrugs. "It just takes practice."

They sat in silence for a while. Things were always a bit awkward for them after sex. Alfred sighs and stands up. "Well I guess I'm done here." Suddenly they hear the front door open. "Shit! He's home! Get under the table." Arthur shoves Alfred down to hide him. "Arthur? Where are you?" "I'm out here Francis." Francis appears in the backyard and smiles. "There you are mon amour," He goes over to Arthur and kisses him. "Francis, your home so early." "I'm just here for a little while, Antonio wanted some alone time with Lovino, if you know what I mean." He nudges him and Arthur rolls his eyes. "I will be going back to his house soon though. Some couples actually like having quickies." Francis takes Alfred's seat and Alfred scoots closer to Arthur's legs. "I'm sorry that I like slow and sensual sex, you're supposed to be romantic so you should understand that."

Francis laughed, "I was just joking around Arthur. I know exactly what you like." Alfred chuckles and Arthur steps on his hand. He bit his lip to keep from yelling and pouts. "These biscuits are delightful Francis, thank you for making them." "It was no big deal, I just…" Francis starts to ramble on as Alfred gets a brilliant idea. He turns to face Arthur and unbuttons his pants and pulls out his member. Arthur tenses up a little then smiles. Alfred strokes him slowly and licks all over. Arthur shudders and sighs. "Are you alright Arthur?" He nods. "Yeah, everything is fine. Why do you ask?" Francis shrugs, "Just had a feeling something might be up." Alfred sucked hard on the tip before taking it all in. Arthur reaches down and holds his head down and Alfred starts to gag. Arthur fakes a cough to cover the noise and sighs again.

Francis gives Arthur a strange look. "Are you sure you're alright?" Arthur lets go of Alfred and nods. Alfred gasped and Arthur fakes another cough. "Just not use to having tea while people are around. This is usually my alone time so I feel strange sharing this time with you." Alfred bobs his head up and down quickly and Arthur bites down on his lip. He groans. "I should be on my way anyways, Antonio told me that Lovino doesn't take too long to finish." He laughs, "Reminds me of someone else I know." He winks at Arthur and he pouts. "Whatever just let me know when you're going to be back." Francis kisses Arthur on the top of the head. "I should be back in about two hours. Bye~" He goes back inside and the front door is slammed shut. Arthur lets out a loud moan and throws his head back. "God damn it Alfred what the bloody hell is wrong with you?" Alfred looks up at him and smiles innocently. "Teaching you what foreplay is." Arthur pushed him down and crawls under the table on top of him. "Well we have another two hours. Do you want to go back upstairs?" Alfred shakes his head. "Let's do it right here."
Oh my gosh where did this come from >.>

FrUk or UsUk o.o I love both ships >< Arthur is uke in one relationship but seme in another bluhhhh DX

I was looking at this picture ([link]) for like 30 minutes and it inspired me to do this >.> Thank you :iconrizafromkeron: for making such great art ><

Characters: Hetalia
Story: me

Check out my tumblr:
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Prussia sighed as he lounged in his favorite chair. He'd been flipping through the channels of the TV, hoping to find something good on, but had no such luck. He was waiting up for his boyfriend, Canada, who'd gone out with his brother to a hockey game. Prussia usually accompanied his lover to hockey games, but for once Canada had asked for some brother time with America. Prussia had been fine with it, so now he was simply waiting for his fellow country to get home. But the only problem was, Canada was late.

Prussia was sure that a hockey game only took a couple of hours. Three at the most. But it had been just about five hours. He'd already tried calling his boyfriend twice, but unfortunately Canada's phone had gone straight to voicemail. He'd be truly worried by now, but took comfort in the fact that America was there. The superpower wouldn't let any harm come to Canada. They'd probably simply gone out to do something else as well. He began flipping through the channels again, sighing. "Verdamnt, why is there never anything good on here anymore?" he muttered.

At that moment, he heard the sound of a key unlocking the door. He perked up. Canada must be home! Turning off the TV he stood up and went over to the door, ready to give his lover a hug in greeting. But what he didn't expect was the Canadian to be giggling as he walked in. He was stumbling a little, and his face was a bit flushed. Prussia blinked, confused.
"Um? Welcome home, Mattie… are you all right?" he wondered. His lover seemed to notice him, and then giggled more. Leaning in a bit, Prussia realized he smelled like alcohol.
"Did you… go drinking with America?"
"I did," Canada giggled, nodding. "It was fun. I missed you terribly, though!"
Prussia was shocked to hear how loud his lover's voice was. Usually, Canada spoke so softly he had to strain to hear him. But now the younger man's voice was almost as loud as America's. Was that because of how drunk he was?
"Um, Mattie, maybe you should get to bed…" he suggested as Canada swayed a little and caught himself of the wall. The blond shook his head, a slight smirk on his face.
"Don't want to…. I have other plans for you and me, Gil."
The albino blinked, confused.
"Plans? Wha-"

He was cut off by Canada suddenly gripping his collar and melding their lips together. His eyes widened at the unexpected contact, but it wasn't like he didn't appreciate it. So he kissed back, trying to force his tongue into his lover's mouth. He was usually the dominant one. This was why he grew more surprised when Canada pushed him against the wall and invaded his mouth instead. Of course, the ex-country put up a resistance, not wanting to be dominated, but Canada showed surprising ferocity as he held his ground. Prussia soon found himself not wanting to resist anymore, but just let Canada do what he wanted and see where this ride would take him. When Canada finally pulled away a chuckle slipped through Prussia's lips as he gently pried his lover's hands off his collar.
"Wow, Mattie. You've never been so dominating… it's kinda hot."
"There's more where that came from, mon amour," he purred, slipping into French seemingly without realizing it.

He grabbed Prussia's hand and let him up to the bedroom. Prussia was all too happy to follow, still a bit surprised. But it wasn't like he was complaining. A stupid grin was plastered on his face and it just wouldn't go away. He could get used to an outgoing Canada, he thought. When they got to the bedroom, Canada pushed him down on the bed and immediately started working on the ex-nation's shirt. Prussia helped him, seeing as Canada's dexterity seemed to have dropped a couple notches.
"Geez, Mattie… You should get drunk more often," he joked as the Canadian began exploring his chest with those hands. Prussia had only actually seen Canada drunk one other time, and it was quite a while ago, before they were together. Now that he thought back, the younger had been louder and more outgoing… But this? He hadn't been expecting this at all.

He moaned as Canada began licking at his neck, and began tugging Canada's shirt also. Once that was off he also ran his hands down that chest, rememorizing each muscle. He couldn't resist brushing his fingers over those two soft, pink mounds, watching as they hardened. Twisting them gently, he listened intently as Canada moaned in pleasure. He loved this man, this man who was usually quiet and nervous but showed so much affection when they were alone. Of course, he couldn't help but love him drunk as well… But instead of focusing on that unusual aspect, he focused on the other man's body. Canada wasn't as muscular as his big brother, but he was well built, enough muscle to get by. He tugged off the other man's pants, lifting his hips so Canada could get his off too. Then he palmed the bulge in those maple-leaf boxers and smirked at another moan. But then his few moments of domination ended, and he bit back moans of his own as Canada went back to giving his neck attention. His breath was soon ragged, his eyes clouded with lust. He tugged the other man down into another kiss, this time surrendering dominance without a fight. He could taste the strong beer on his lover's tongue, as well as Canada's own special taste, nearly covered but not quite. Once they broke away, panting, Prussia reached a hand up to that curl in Canada's hair. But the blond dodged out of the way.
"Not today, Gil~ Today I run the game…"
He couldn't suppress a shiver of longing at that smirk and commanding voice. He was beginning to like being submissive.

Soon the boxers fell to the floor with the rest of the clothes, and Canada reached over to the end table and opened the drawer. He pulled out a familiar piece of black cloth, and the albino tensed. Yes, he used that quite often on Canada, but he'd never considered it being used on him. Even so he didn't struggle when his lover blindfolded him, giggling slightly. He immediately began straining his ears, wanting to still know what was happening without seeing. But even so he couldn't predict what would happen next. Before he knew it, cold steel pinched his wrists, which were moved to opposite corners of the bed.
"M-Mattie, what are you…"
"Hush~ I know you like bondage, Gil, don't try to say you don't."
That was true, but he more preferred having someone else handcuffed to the bed, not himself. His other senses beginning to sharpen, he felt Canada straddle him. Then there was a warm tongue lapping at his nipples, and he couldn't hold in a groan. It felt so much better for some reason. He could feel every twitch of his lover's tongue, so much clearer than when he could see. Soon that tongue began to trail up to his neck, nipping and licking eagerly. He moaned again, a low, guttural sound. This was almost too much for the highly-aroused man. He longed to end the foreplay, tackle his partner and ride him like there was no tomorrow. His wrists involuntarily yanked against his restraints. He felt Canada chuckle into his neck.
"Now now~" he teased, licking the sensitive skin again. "I do the touching today~"
All he received in turn was a whimper of need. Prussia wasn't known for bottoming, but he was actually enjoying this semi-helplessness more than he should. It was such a turn-on to hear the North-American nation be so dominating, so forceful.

The red-eyed man sucked in a sharp breath at a particularly hard bite to his neck, but then relaxed again as his lover lapped lightly at the small drop of blood which was released. He then felt lips on his own, and he opened his mouth willingly. While he was being overwhelmed by Canada's skillful tongue, hands trailed down his chest with irritating slowness. Then, finally, they reached his boxers and began to tug them off, slowly, teasingly. He almost whimpered again, but caught himself. Then that tongue trailed down his neck again, down his chest, until it finally reached his arousal. He bucked slightly when Canada licked along his five meters, allowing another needy groan to come out.
"M-Matt… C-come on…" he mumbled, but all he got was a chuckle in response.

Then he moaned loudly as he was suddenly deepthroated, trying to keep himself from thrashing wildly in pleasure. As it were, he bucked up into the touch, causing Canada to pin his hips down. Then the younger nation pulled back and began to take him in slower, licking and sucking along the way. The silverette couldn't hold in the continual moans, his hips straining slightly against his lover's hands. His wrists once again strained against the cuffs, him wanting to touch the other man. But soon enough he forgot about touching, as he could only focus on the immense pleasure of that tongue on his cock. Soon the Canadian had taken in as much as he could, and began to bob his head, teeth scraping against the sensitive skin slightly. Prussia's eyes rolled back slightly as he tried to process the pleasure coursing through him. He was so close.
"G-Gott… I'm so close…" he gasped out, hips straining up again and back arching. Canada just hummed, allowing the vibrations to add to the effect. A few seconds later, Prussia came with a load moan, back arching more.

When he was finally let down from the world of white and heat that he'd been thrust into, he was aware of Mattie still sucking him gently, milking his orgasm. Panting slightly, he felt himself immediately begin to harden again at the sensation. Not much, but it was a start. Then, quite suddenly, Canada's familiar weight was gone. He threw his senses on high alert, trying to figure out what would happen next. He could hear the quiet sound of a drawer opening and then closing. Then there was the telltale sound of lube being squeezed out of a bottle. Soon after, his legs were lifted and one shockingly-cold finger trailed around his entrance. He gasped in shock, then tensed as the finger was inserted. It had been far too long since he had last been topped, and he was no longer used to the feeling. When another finger was inserted, though, he whimpered again needily, trying to force the fingers in farther.
"M-Matt… Come on… please…" he whimpered.
"Patience, Gil. Unless you want me to do you hard so you can't walk tomorrow."
He could only whimper again in response. A third finger was added and he moaned again quietly. Then he arched upward with a near-shout as those fingers found his prostate.
"M-MATT! Gott…" he gasped out, trying to catching his breath. That earned another chuckle. He was growing to love that quiet laugh. It sent a shiver of  submissive pleasure down his spine.

Finally, the fingers were removed. Then after a few moments his legs were lifted and the other man's now lube-covered length pressed against his hole slightly. Then, without warning, it plunged inside of him. Prussia tensed, gritting his teeth. It really had been far too long. Mercifully, his inebriated lover paused then to give him time to adjust. After a few moments the albino relaxed more. That was apparently taken as a sign to proceed, as Matthew then began to pull out slowly. Then, suddenly once again, he slammed back in. Prussia cried out from the intense pain/pleasure mixture, once again yanking on his bindings without meaning too. The heavy, pleasing rhythm continued, gradually quickening in pace. More and louder moans were spilt from Prussia's lips, and at one particular thrust he arched upward, seeing stars for a moment.
"OH GOTT! Right there! Again!" he shouted, his wrist straining against the cuffs.
His drunk partner complied, chuckling again slightly. Though, the chuckle was cut off by a moan of his own. He was beginning to move more sporadically, obviously quite close to his peak. Prussia was so close also. He could feel the pressure rising more and more, until he thought he would explode. Finally, with one last shout, he did. Stars flew across his vision as his seed spit out between their chests. Canada came a moment later, with an almost-as-loud shout of his own. Prussia shivered from the aftereffects of his orgasm, and the feel of his lover filling him.

They both went limp, panting heavily. After a moment the blond pulled out and laid next to him. Then he reached over and uncuffed and unblindfolded Prussia. Said silverette rubbed at his wrists, which had dark red rings around them. But then he put an arm around his Canadian. An impressed smirk was on his face. "Wow, Birdie… I really should let you do that more often…" he said lowly into his companion's ear. Said companion chuckled lightly and nodded, before kissing his cheek.
"Je t'aime, Gil."
"Ich liebe dich, Mattie."
With that, they both fell asleep, cuddling as close as possible.



OH MY GOD, THIS TOOK ME SO LONG. I'M SO SORRY. T_T I aught to just give you back your points for taking so long. Dx I hope it's smexy enough for you to forgive me. ;3;

With love: nooby ~<3
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Ha! You bloody fools! Think about it!! Is there another 2P!Canadax1P!Canda fanfiction out there!?!? No!

Probably not....

In this I'll just call 2P!Canada, Matt. Okay?

England had to attend to some important business with his boss for about a week and he couldn't leave his cat in the house all alone. So he thought of who would be best to take care of his pet. He thought of America, no the bloody wanker would just feed him hamburgers. He thought of France, no the frog would just make him drink wine. He then came to the conclusion of Cana- no wait Canako?  Or Canaka? Maybe Canadia? Or was it...Canada! That's it! The boy's name was Canada. So he called him and asked him. Canada accepted the job.

"Sorry to bother you like this Matthew. But I have some important business to attend to with my boss and I'll be gone for a week so I cannot leave my cat in the house all alone. So can you please look after him?"

"Okay sure. What's your cat's name?"


"That's a cute name."

"Thank you, Canada."

"I'll be there in about an hour."

"Okay, bye."


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Time skip of awesomeness~!!!!!!!!)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
So Canada drove to England's house. Then he finally got there and knocked on the door. England then answered the door.

"Hello there, Canada."


"So you just need to do the basic stuff give him food and water and you can stay here at my house if you like."

"Oh, okay thanks."

"You're welcome anyways I have to go now. Goodbye."

"Goodbye." Then England left. Canada now all alone in the house except with Kumajiro and Iggycat.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Time skip to Friday. It was Sunday.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As Canada left the guest room to go and make breakfast he heard some meows. He went down stairs and went to where Iggycat was. He looked down and saw that England's cat had no food in its food bowl.

"Oh maple, you have no food in your bowl."

"Meow." The cat meowed in response.

"Don't worry, I'll go get the bag of cat food from the basement." Then Canada walked over to the basement door, opened it and went down the steps. As he went over to the shelf that had the bag of cat food, he saw something at the corner of his eye. He turned around and he saw a big round mirror. He walked closer to it and saw his reflection. Then there was a flash of white light. He saw a man that looks exactly like him but his hair was tied back in a short ponytail, he had dark sunglasses on, and he was wearing a Mountie uniform. Canada turned around to get a better look at the person standing behind him.

"Who are you?"

"I'm you."

"Wha-?" Canada didn't have enough time to finish his question as the mysterious man suddenly pulled him in for a kiss. The 2P!Canada forced the original Canada up against the wall. The Canadian's eyes widened in shock, he soon melted into the kiss. They had broken the kiss after a few minutes for air.

"Heh. You kissed back."

"What do you mean you're me?"

"I'm your other self, your complete opposite."

"Then why did you kiss me?"

"Because somehow, I have fallen in love with you."

"What's your name?"

"You ask too many questions, but since you want to know, it's Matt."

"Okay." Then suddenly Matt picked up Matthew and carried him bridal style. He carried Matthew up the basement steps, to the stairs, then up the stairs, and into the guest bedroom. Matt then threw Matthew onto the bed, kicked the door close and locked it.

"W-What are you going to do?" Matthew asked nervously.

"I'm going to have some fun with you." Matt walked over to the bed and removed his and Matthew's shirt throwing them to the corner of room. He went over on top of Matthew and gave him a kiss. He met no resistance, Matthew opened his mouth immediately, allowing Matt to slip his tongue in and explore. Matt savored every moment. He tasted everywhere he could reach, sometimes just sucking on Matthew's tongue, sometimes nibbling his lips. Now he was running his hands along Matthew's sides, Matt caressed the slim torso, flicking his thumbs over the nipples, making his Matthew moan and arch.


"Shh," he slid his hands down to Matthew's belt, deftly unbuckling it, unbuttoning the pants and taking them off along with his boxers, then Matt also took off his own pants and boxers. Matt smoothly knelt down, never taking his mouth from his Matthew's body. Trailing kisses here and there, he held the boy's thighs open, gently massaging as he worked his way to the prominent erection. He detached his lips from Matthew's for air.

"You better tell me if I hurt you. Got it?" He said concernedly, beginning to finger his other self.

"Ah~!" Matt cried out, closing his eyes and arching his back as his Matt pushed his fingers into him.

"Are you alright, Matthew?" Matt asked, but he didn't stop moving his hand. The blonde nodded quickly, breathing heavily.

"Y-Yes, oh yes. feels s-so g-g-good!"

The other Canadian scissored his fingers widening the hole enough that he could fit inside. Matt took out his fingers then replaced them with his cock moments later. He quickly started a slow rhythm. Matthew let out a long moan as his other self went inside.


Matt sped up his pace a bit, Matthew was so tight! Matt cried out, tears of pleasure filling his eyes.

"Oh, fuck. M-M-Matt! M-more! Please!!!" Matt then let out a grunt, speeding up even more. Matthew reached up, pulling his other self down for a lustful and passionate kiss, moaning heavily as he moved inside him. Matt kissed back, slowing his thrusts as he lost himself in the kiss. The Canadian panted and moaned heavily, putting his legs around Matt's waist and pulling him even deeper in. Matt changed his angle a bit, trying his best to hit Matthew's prostate, knowing that would send him over the edge. Matt lets out a high pitched moan.

"Oh, oh!! R-Right there Matt! D-D-Damn it!!! Right there, please!" Matthew cried out, and also started cursing in French.

Matt smirked as he found his target. He began to thrust harder and faster, knowing neither of them could hold back much longer.

"Mon Dieuuuu!" Matthew cried, letting out a long moan as Matt hits his prostate straight on. "Oh god! Matt, more!! More,more,more!" he started tearing up from the pleasure, clinging onto Matt.

"You bastard, relax your damn grip. You're going to fucking pull my arm off."

"I-It's you...your own fault, for fucking me so good~!!" He leaned his head back in a groan.

"Well I could always just stop." Matt said teasingly, slightly smirking as well.

"N-No! D-Don't stop." Matthew's head shot back up, his eyes also wide....

"Oh alright, if you so much insist." He began to thrust even harder again, having regained a bit of stamina.

"M-Matt! S-Shit, Matt... t-tell me you're a-almost...cause I-I'm going to...I n-need to cum n-now...!" Matthew whimpered as Matt  hit his prostate again.

"A-Almost there." He thrusted faster. After a few more thrusts, Matt couldn't hold back any longer. He let loose, shooting off and filling his other self with his cum.

Matthew leaned his head back and cried out, feeling the warmth well up inside him "Ahhnn...Ahnnn...AHHH! MATT!!!" he held on to Matt tightly as he came against both of their chests and his muscles clench around Matt's cock.

"Uhhnnn!" The muscles tightening around his sensitive cock were too much, he pulled out, laying on the bed beside his other self, panting. Matthew closed his eyes and panted heavily, feeling as if his heart was going to beat out of his chest and his body was going to melt away. Matt basked in the afterglow. After a moment, he sat up and leaned back over his Matthew, kissing him again, still forcefully, but making every move more deliberately.

"I love you, Matthew."

"I love you too, Matt." Then the 2P!Canada got up, put on his own clothes, and walked over to the window.

"Where are you going?"

"I don't need to tell you where I'm going. But I can tell you this, we are going to see each other again whether you like it or not."

And then Matt suddenly jumped out the window and left leaving a wondering Matthew behind.

~The End~
Is there another 2P!Canadax1P!Canada fanfiction out there somewhere on dA!?!?!?! Nope~!!!

Well maybe...I'll give someone a internet cookie if someone says that there is....

I'm so happy I could dance~!
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Collection by
A whole load of OCs + 4 new Black Butler ones!

Old ones (Left to right)

Chelinka Torainu - Soul Eater
Sarah Riannah Jones - Black Butler
Maka Kitsune - Vocaloid
Scotland - Hetalia
Deli Morimura - Vampire Knight
Natsu Ryuu - Soul Eater
Seshi Mae - E.S.H. (Own Series)
Amilie - Hetalia Mpreg
Olivida - Hetalia Mpreg
Wang Xiolin - Hetalia Mpreg

New ones (Left to right)

Mercutio Montier, demon, younger twin of Seiren (being made by :iconloopylyd333:), gay, had a one night stand with Vanity Holmes while they were drunk which lead to the birth of her newborn son Jamie.

Lucy Beaumont, cook for Bryoni Delloware's Ex-Fiancee Melissa, straight, is a very cheery girl who loves to shop for cute dresses.

Melissa De La Coste, Bryoni's ex-fiancee, straight, was engaged to Bryoni but they called it off due to the fact they hate each other.

Vanity Holmes, one of Sarah's pirate friends, straight, has a newborn son called Jamie and is very hostile towards Mercutio (even though he tries to be a good daddy)

Dress Up Game - [link]

All charas in the pic (c) Me

Seiren (c) :iconloopylyd333:
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
I was going through my desk earlier today and I happen to find this picture lodged in the back of one of my drawers. I don't know how it got there, but I do remember that day.

I believe it was Father's Day and Danica was 7 and Renata was 1. Both of those kids finished their naps and hopped onto the couch with me and Feliciano while we were watching a movie. Danica kept closing his eyes every time there was a romance scene and Renata seemed to stare at the screen intently when it happened. It was hard watching the movie while those kids did something but Feliciano and I didn't mind it at all. We laughed and laughed not caring if we were too loud. Pretty soon we forgot the movie all together and somehow we ended up falling asleep on each other. I guess Aunt Elizabeta or Uncle Kiku payed a visit to us when we were sleeping because I found this picture sitting on the table. I wonder why they drew it out?

I placed it in a frame for safe keeping. It's now hanging up on my office wall. To think that time passed by so quickly. Mein sohn is a grown man and moved out of the house with Renata. Feliciano has grown older too, with the experiences of being a responsible parent. I grew up as well. I found a couple of gray hairs in my head the other day.

With age comes many experiences and I'm so happy, no elated, no I'm, I'm.... Gott... Either the dictionary doesn't have enough words or I'm getting too old because nothing can describe every single moment I have spent with my family. I could never ask for any of it back.

All of you have made my life worth living for and for that, I thank you three for everything.

Ich liebe dich mein familie.
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Canada and Prussia welcoming their new baby girl, New Prussia!

Part of my PruCan mini series.

[link] - PruCan - Vital Regions
[link] - PruCan - Oh Baby
[link] - PruCan - Telling The Family
HERE - PruCan - Family
[link] - PruCan - New Prussia
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Spain: >3< :heart:
Romano: Go kissing tomato you idiot!! //blushes//

this is a 5555th kiriban pic prize for :iconsabakugaara: !! xDDDDDD

Axis Power Hetalia (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
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I have moved to ~rui-kari

:'D I am so creative with names. /sarcasm

A double submission? I must have more time than I thought.

No wait, I'm just procrastinating.

Don't kill me for this, please. I needed to draw more Spain. and for some reason, I couldn't sleep before actually submitting this. /hides

Also, excuse my horrible designing skills.

:iconchibispainplz: & :iconchibienglandplz: (c) Himeruya Hidekaz

ah yeah- that's my lj account. <A<;; /too lazy to erase it
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Pirate England and Spain ∼
request from nennisita1234
al final te hice los piratas xP espero que te gusten (pero me dejaré pendientes los OC que me pediste para cuando mi musa esté de humor :P)

I'm not a fan of englandxspain but... they're smexy :D

hope you like it! :heart:
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)

READ LEFT TO RIGHT! (English style!)

SPAMANO one-page comic I drew for the hetalia kink meme koffkoff that is why it is by anon @>@


Um. Romano's having some growing pains /hides

This started out as a silly sketch but somehow grew into a full page inked!comic xDDDD. First comic page I've ever done that's all on the tablet. Fffffff I'm so soft for this couple @>@. Though this is also the first time I've even attempted little!Romano, ahaha.

(btw I am also busy working on other pieces... and school's starting soon urk. Don't know what that'll mean...)

I thought to post this since it is the first (ever!) comic page I've finished (drawn + inked + toned + lettered)

Photoshop CS4
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Collection by
My entry for :iconhetalia-mpreg:'s Icon Contest~ ^^

Originally it was just gonna be mama Luigi Italy, then America 'butted in', and I was gonna add preggy England and Japan, buuut then I was like meh I'll just go with these two moe-blobs. So there you have it. Uhh...the baby daddies are whoever you want them to be, I guess lolololol.

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)

Well... ever since Yuuko has 'left' - this plot has been in my head for awhile where Yuuko is reincarnated and Doumeki x Watanuki are her Daddies...

but I'll probably never write it - so enjoy the picture XD
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Yay!!!!! I finaly finished!!!!! But bla........its kind of ugly.....oh well...............Well you cant tell be Romano just found out that he's pregnant with Spains child! Yus her Cradle song stories are mpreg

I hope you like it :iconninja-emo-pink:
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welll i´m open an as...hehehe is for entretaiment...
art by me:iconkamik91:
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I'm gonna be doing a series of pics showing what happens to the night guards after Freddy's Pizzeria
After the events of the first game, Mike sues the CEO of Fazbear Entertainment for everything that happened. He wins and gets enough money to put his Granny in a home and buy an apartment for him and Jeremy/Jen. He also wins the Pizzeria itself, lock,stock,and barrel. Things go well for them for a few years, until a group of wealthy people offer to buy the pizzeria for a small fortune. Mike accepts, but keeps working there as the day guard. Things keep going well until Mike gets the news that he's gonna be a dad. Realizing that his pay check isn't enough to support a family of 3,Mike quits and sets off to find a better job. Luckily the money from selling Freddy's is enough to keep them going for a long time. A few months later,baby Maya is born,happy and healthy. Everything goes well until Mike finds out he only has enough money in his bank account to last them a few months. Racing to find a job, Jeremy/Jen makes enough money to make ends meet. A couple of months later, Mike receives a phone call from the Nursing Home. Granny died in her sleep. Mike falls into a slight depression after the funeral. Luckily, Granny left enough money to support them for the rest of the year. Mike keeps looking for a job,but with less urgency, still in his funk. But one day, Mike gains a bit of hope when he sees Maya playing with an old Foxy plushie he stored away in a closet. He realizes he had already been to Hell and back, he can make it through anything. After a while, he finally gets a job that pays well enough to support all three of them and enough so that Jeremy/Jen don't have to work at Freddy's anymore. A few weeks after that, Freddy's finally closes for good. At least until Fazbear's Fright opens up years later...
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I havn't uploaded something in a while, so I figured this would fit that gap. Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Toy Chica - Icon GIF mangle gif icon  Perfect sisters
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I didn't have a better title. :/
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Collection by
UPDATE!! New chibis have been added: Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan on Row #6. I also added the countries' names next to each chibi. Some people were having difficulty finding certain countries (don't blame them, there are a TON on here), either they were skipping over them or couldn't recognize their flag. (I assume too much and figure most Hetalia nuts like me know the countries by their flags) That's all for now.

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as Oman and Qatar should be added here in the next few days. And then it's onto finishing the rest of so not looking forward to it. >_<

We seem to have turned back into a WIP, but that's okay! I added a whole bunch more countries (mostly middle east) and I've still got most of Africa to do. I'm pushing over 200 here, so go me for all my insanity at doing this!

IT IS NOW COMPLETE!!! Woot, I finally got them all done! Unless of course I get more ideas/requests...but that might not happen anytime soon. I'm thinking of laying off the Hetalia OCs for a while. Certain people have really been harrassing me of late and it's getting irritating. I mean, I am an animation student. It's part of my job to be able to exactly copy someone's style! I don't know why I let them get to me anyway. I'm doing something I enjoy and I don't need their f*cking opinion to keep drawing.

There are 140 countries pictured here. I have given proper credit to those whose OCs belong to and to Himaruya-sensei.

List of Countries (from left to right):

Row #1: Canada, America, Bahamas, Bermuda, Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador. Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Jamica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, Barbados

Row #2: Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Boliva, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands

Rox #3: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Sealand, Denmark, Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, France, Monaco, North Italy, San Marino, South Italy

Row #4: Vatican City, Malta, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Prussia, Holland, Belgium, Flanders, Luxemburg, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Craotia, Bosnia i Herzegovina

Row #5: Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan

Row #6: Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Cyprus, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar, Seychelles, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal

Row #7: Tibet, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia

Row #8: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Western Samoa, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Federative States of Micronesia (FSA), Tonga, Falkand Islands, Turkmenistan
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Y yo con estos pelos... :XD:

Thanks ~DarkFierceClaw for the ignominious image ---> [link]

Ale, a cascarla :P
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Just back from China ^^ . I finished another 2 fan art for APH-- china and england and will post them here soon.
I brought back some FEIMO's newest art books with me, they are a set with 1 art book that is 19X30CM, 120 page--- 1 large poster that is 18x24 inch, and 1 tutorial CD, 1 set of chopsticks,all in a nice paper bag ^^ if you are interested in it, please mail your zip code and country name to ask for price ^^
Also-- if you like this image, we have poster size for it --18x24 on really nice gloss thick paper ,it will be $15 each and will be signed!
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I came across this photo and knew instantly that I wanted to redraw it for Gutters. Thank you so much to the photo owner for letting me do this!

I know the outfit isn't cannon to the Gutters story, but I tried my best. :\ And despite all the inaccuracies, I'm happy with how it came out. The coooooat. *A*

Sorry for the darkness. ;; There's not really a lot of light after the apocalypse... /shot

Denmark (c) Himaurya
Gutters (c) :iconcalciumbomb:
Reference (c) :iconorangewolfennetwork:
Art (c) :iconameumi36:
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....oh, come on, you know it's true XD

This is a creation of mere boredom Tite owns Bleach.
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Is MPREG !Draco :O

for :iconeuphiii: who really wanna see mpreg, sorry took a looooooooooooong time, honeeeeeyyy *fiuh* finally i get the idea and draw it with a cross finger. Hope you like it :D

I love sappy moment :heart:
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
... I don't know. >_> I'm still getting used to Arthur; this is, what? My third time drawing him...
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Fanart/illustration-practice for the lovely fic "When Pasta Is To Blame" written by the totally AHZUM!!* FroggyFran! (Awesome*)

Fic: [link]

This is one of my fave parts in the fic! :love:

- - -

“I’ll fucking kill you!”

Spain threw the newspaper to the side, the pages flying out and scattering all across the floor as he readied himself for the angry head butt his Lovino planned for him. Instead, Spain wrapped his arms around the furiously struggling boy as he launched himself at him and laughed wholeheartedly.

“Lovino! Oh my Lovino, you are precioso!”

“Don’t talk to me like that!”

“Then I’ll talk to mi hijo!”

“No! No, I’ve had enough of your baby talk!”

“But he hasn’t!” Spain smiled out, rolling Lovino onto the couch and lifting his shirt up to stare at the bulge beneath. “Mi hijo! Mi hijo, hola!”

- - -

*Makes noodle dance* Kyuuuuun! KAWAIIIIIIII!!! :heart:

(Actually, I think just about all Spain/Romano-parts are really cute and adorable and... and... AHZUM!!!
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Yes, Yong Soo how did their baby brother get inside Yao's stomach? Appa= daddy/dad in Korean

Who's excited for Hayao Miyazaki's newest movie The Wind Rises???…
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"He asked that question every day till I gave birth to the twins, aru"
"I WAS SO EXCITED I WAS GOING TO BE A APPA!!" (appa=daddy in Korean)

have some KoreaxChina love or S.KoreaxChina or KoChu, KorChu, or kimichibun... whatever this pairing is called... I own nothing
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Here's part two! 

Ngl, I like this more than the first part. Mostly because I finally drew their babies! :la:

They would totally dress the babies in gender-neutral colours just to mess with people's heads. (Not even I'm sure what gender they are lol.)

:bulletred: Family Time - Part 1

Hetalia: Himaruya
Tumblr post:…
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Human AU in which Canada is a trans man and Netherlands is agender and they're expecting their first babies. :3

I think "Transtalia" isn't as widespread on DA as it is on Tumblr but I personally find it great, because it gives representation to gender minorities, as well as new possibilities for characters and pairings. That being said, hateful and ignorant comments will be deleted/hidden, because I have no time for them. I just wanted to draw something cute, so there.

:bulletblue: Family Time - Part 2

Hetalia (c) Himaruya

Tumblr post:…
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Fanart/illustration-practice for the lovely fic "When Pasta Is To Blame" written by the totally AHZUM!!* FroggyFran! (Awesome*)

Fic: [link]

This is one of my fave parts in the fic! :love:

- - -

“...Stupid Spain, let me sit down,” he voiced with difficulty, trying to swallow his own tears. Spain nodded once, standing and leading the young nation to a nearby chair gently.

But as soon as he helped him to sit, he was back on his knees, talking to his baby.

“Niño...Your madre and padre are waiting for you! You can’t imagine how happy we’ll be! You will be absolutely...increíblemente hermoso!”

“...S-Stupid Spain,” he whispered, hating himself for falling hard for the moment. “It’s going to be a boy.”

“Ah sí?” Spain laughed, still entranced with the hidden baby, “Well, even so, he shall be hermoso! How can he not be, with you as his madre?”

And suddenly, as if the waterways turned on, Romano let the tears fall over tomato red cheeks. He leaned forward over his exposed stomach and cried. Spain smiled carefully, petting Romano’s hand. He brought it to his lips and kissed it most romantically.

“Shh, no, no, Lovino,” he whispered, “No derrames lágrimas.”

But that only brought more choking cries to Romano’s lips.

Good thing Spain was good at kissing those sorts of things away.

- - -
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Fanart/illustration-practice for the lovely fic "When Pasta Is To Blame" written by the totally AHZUM!!* FroggyFran! (Awesome*)

Fic: [link]

This is one of my fave parts in the fic! :love:

- - -

“I’ll fucking kill you!”

Spain threw the newspaper to the side, the pages flying out and scattering all across the floor as he readied himself for the angry head butt his Lovino planned for him. Instead, Spain wrapped his arms around the furiously struggling boy as he launched himself at him and laughed wholeheartedly.

“Lovino! Oh my Lovino, you are precioso!”

“Don’t talk to me like that!”

“Then I’ll talk to mi hijo!”

“No! No, I’ve had enough of your baby talk!”

“But he hasn’t!” Spain smiled out, rolling Lovino onto the couch and lifting his shirt up to stare at the bulge beneath. “Mi hijo! Mi hijo, hola!”

- - -

*Makes noodle dance* Kyuuuuun! KAWAIIIIIIII!!! :heart:

(Actually, I think just about all Spain/Romano-parts are really cute and adorable and... and... AHZUM!!!
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I support a tan Spain! >=D
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I know, that title is sooo overused but I am on a horse. D:

OK I was gonna wait till I got more photos from this shoot so I can pick and choose what I want to upload here but I was too exciteeeed so I am posting this right now.

When I made my cowboy!America cosplay, I wanted a cheesy western shoot so bad. I put-putted online a bit to see what's in my area and I stumbled upon the most awesome place called Pioneertown. It's in the middle of the desert in California. It was a town made for western movies in the 1960s.
A few friends and I went on a small road-trip and hung out there for the afternoon. The timing was perfect because a show had just ended and one of the performers was out with his horse! So. PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES GALORE. The guy was super friendly and I learned a few random facts about horses. 8D
This particular horse (his name is Denver~~) has the PRETTIEST blue eyes. You can't see them in this pic--they'll probably be in the other pics!--but I am super jealous of them. They're the color of the sky.

Photo by :iconsoyotome: !!
May 1, 2011
Pioneertown, CA

Related photos:

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This is what tumblr is doing to me.
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Forgive my randomness....

italy la by auchan vriconella
hetalia by hidekaz himaruya
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And...Pervy Doitsuuuu XDDDD
with wurstel,ya! XD

Ecco anche Pervy Doitsu XD
con il wurstel u,u
mi sembra venuto ancora meglio degli altri,mah!
spero lo apprezziate.
e...che ne dite delle icon?XD
qualcuno presta la sua mail per farle?XD
sono carine >w<

Pervy France: [link]
Pervy Spain: [link]
Pervy Prussia: [link]
Pervy Iggy: [link]
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She? Alfred, now we know your weak spot.

America, Russia, Denmark (c) APH
P.S. Big file is BIG!

UPD: Fixed the flag. Sorry for that.
UPD2: :iconrussiaeatsburgerplz: -- You guys are the best.
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