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For me, Anzu is one of sexiest yugioh girls

Just 2 hours for it. I made it too fast and carelessly so it's got some mistakes, specially Anzu's legs XD
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*Title fail as usual*

Got the pictures from our private shoot with =wisecraxx! It was a lot of fun and the photos turned out amazing, I'll have more photos to come soon!

Photo taken by the awesome ~IndisVeniant, with a bit of Lightroom tweaking by me.~ :heart:
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Bleh I can't find the second half of season two with subs, so I skipped right over to season three.

I like Johan. : D

edit- Oh man, I must've been out of it when I posted this. Moved from Traditional Art to Digital Art.
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I like to draw him :D


EDIT: I'm finshed now ^^

It looks much better ^___________^

More stuff
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Yusei Fudo 1 > [link]
Yugioh 5D's Satellite > [link]
Yugioh 5D's Dark Yusei > [link]
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Yugioh Gx
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My facebook page>>
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Yu Gi Oh
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比賽用啊 ::icongroup-astral:
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This was secret Santa that I did for :iconmanadarkmagiciangirl: ^^

Fuya Okudaira and Robin ESPer (c) Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
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Yu Gi Oh
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lyrics edit from "FUYU NO MABOROSHI/WINTER's ILLUSION" by Acid Black Cherry.
i :heart: that song a lot~~~ and this fic based on my latest fic about johan/juudai "The Promised Day" (sorry there's a similar words with the one in my fanfic. just think it as the 2nd ver. ok, xDD)
this's my old pic about johan/juudai. just a rough and unfinished one.
actually i just made the pic but i feel a bit incomplete so i put the text there ^^;

Kimi no shashin ga waratteru
Daisuki datta egao de
Juuichigatsu no yoake mae
Tengoku e tabidatta...

Samusa ni yowai boku no [SHATSU] ni te wo iretarishite
Kimi ga yorokobu kara fuyu ga suki datta...
Konayuki yo yamanai de
Te no hira ni kienai de
Hakasugiru inochi to kasanaru kara
Furueta koe de kajikanda te de
Tada kimi wo sagashitsuzuketeiru yo

Nakimushi de kowagari dakara
Hayaku kimi wo mitsukenakya
Doko ni mo iru hazu nai no ni
Fuyu no kaori ga shita yo
Maru de kodomo no you ni "samui..." tte hashagi nagara
Kimi ga dakitsuku kara fuyu ga suki datta...
Kimi wo mitsukerarenai
Kurushiku nemurenai
"Aitai..." aitai kimochi osaerarenai
Yume ni mo tarete shizuka ni naite
Kimi wo sagashitsuzuketeiru
Kami-sama ga iru no nara
Kiseki ga okoru no nara
Boku no negai hitotsu dake kanou nara
Mou ichido dake kimi ni awasete
Maboroshi demo ii kara...

Konayuki yo yamanai de te no hira ni kienai de
Hakakute...koe ni naranai
Semete yume de [II] kimi ni aitai
Sotto atatamete agetai
Kimi wo mitsukerarenai
Kurushiku nemurenai
"Aitai..." aitai kimochi osaerarenai
Yume ni mo tarete shizuka ni naite
Sukoshizutsu aruite miru yo
Demo kimi ga wasurenai
Namida nara nagasanai
Boku no kokoro no naka ni ikiteru kara
Shiroi keshiki ni kimi wo utsushite
Ano hi no egao no mama...


Your picture is laughing
With that smile I loved
As November's dawn broke
You began your journey to Heaven...

I stuffed my hands into my shirt, weakened by the cold
Since it made you so cheerful, I loved winter...
Flurries of snow, don't stop falling
Don't vanish in the palm of my hand
Since our too-fickle lives cross over one another
With a wavering voice and shaking hands
I'm still searching for you

Since I'm such a crybaby and a coward
I have to find you soon
Even though it should have been nowhere to be found
The scent of winter came upon me
While complaining with "it's so cold..." as if I were utterly a child
Since I was clinging to you, I loved winter...
I can't find you
So torn by the pain I can't sleep
"I want to see you..." I can't keep down these feelings of wanting to see you anymore
Not leaving them behind even in my wildest dreams, silently weeping
I'm searching for you still
If there is a God somewhere
If miracles really do happen
If just one of my wishes can come true
Let me see you just once more
Since even if it's just an illusion, it's okay...

Flurries of snow, don't stop falling, don't vanish in the palm of my hand
In voice is unbearable
Even if it's just in a dream, I don't care, I want to see you again
I want to gently offer my warmth to you
I can't find you
So torn by the pain I can't sleep
"I want to see you..." I can't keep down these feelings of wanting to see you anymore
Not leaving them behind even in my wildest dreams, silently weeping
I'm trying to move on, little by little
But I won't forget you
If there are tears, I will not shed them
Since you live on in my heart
Reflected in this white scenery
Just like your smile that day...
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Yusei's in pain:(
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One YGO fan held a Dakimakura (the hugging pillow ^^) contest in January, and I submitted this work.

Doing a Dakimakura drawing for the first time, I did not make Yusei adopt a lying pose, while every submitter did.
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I love this dragon now...

mainly for ability over looks, but seeing it animated really changed my mind

I used the stardust from the psd file i have for the 5d's picture and the mat background for slifer that I created...

wacom intuos3 and photoshop CS3
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Long-time readers, you'll know where this comes from: Back when I tried making Iceland blonde but ended up not liking the colors.

Disclaimer: I support Hong Kong and Iceland as friends. 
Axis Powers: Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekazu.
This pixel animation was done by me, GydroZMaa.
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Reverse AU of Xiaolin showdown belongs to Blpak~

And the genderbend XS idea from Evino~

Ben 10 commissioned by Lolipopsandrazorblades

last three kevedd commission pics are based on a plotbunny by
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based off of this +EENE ASSASSINS AU+ by C2ndy2c1d
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why all your characters have father issues? :<

i tried to finish this on time, i really did!!
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Do no repost. Do no edit.

Princess of the Moon lineart by funeral-hymn

It's started with a simple sketch for relaxation and it's became an illustration.
I love to draw modern kimono and Sailor Moon, it's great idea. I use the colors of her first magical costume, like an alternative costume for her ^^

Tumblr link for reblog :…
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Something I drew months ago before all the headphones stuff took away my free time. 

This was a gift for my SO, inspired by our trip to the Monterey Bar Aquarium. 

There are plenty of fish in the sea
But you’re the only one for me

Countdown by yuumeiGuilty by yuumeiConnection by yuumeiInner Sanctuary by yuumei1000 W0RDS by yuumeiKnite: Chapter 1 by yuumei
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prints of this available at society6 store!

I've been in the mood to draw some of my old favorite cartoon characters & I just really wanted to draw a cute Cosmo^^
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prints of this available at my society6 store!

A fun drawing of Danny Phantom I made a little while ago^^
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HGUUFHAHG YA So I finally took advantage of my winter break and art trade 8D;;
Pinlin's OC Ikuya and her cute bunny :3

Sorry for taking so long Pin-chan QQ....I hope you like it though~~ :heart::heart:

Sweet Angel by Pinlin
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"maybe i will disembowel you a few times i will not even need to use my sharp doggy teeth! i will just snap my fingers and your delicious guts will teleport outside your body "
From the recent update
Jade Harley (c) Andrew Hussie
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All of the effects can be found at their original pages. Uploading these effects one by one would be way to much work.

If you don't see the effect you are looking for leave a comment I will do my best to dig it up!
Be sure to check this site too!…

working floor (All versions)
Active Distortion
Heat Ground
Manga effect set Boardselfburning
Hayabusa last shot


Hatching Shader
Go effect


KHEF… pass - hamham

Self overlay (So pretty)…

Blood and guts shader…

cook torrence -…

pmotskin -

G_Shader -

Post Rim lighting -…

SSradiosity -…

Adultshader (All versions)  -…

D_Darkshader -…

S5Skinshader -…

3D Custom Girl shader -…

Superdupertoon -…

Old TV…

MME_Cloud0_4…   I think this is it... i'm not sure I wasnt able to DL so let me know. 

and PE_CHARGE (I think this is is.)…

Ikoverray (Other IK effects.)…




O_Tonemap  (Comes with 0_sepia / o_psSepia / o_plain / o_monochrome )


Clone (3 and 4)
Diffusions 6
Dissusion 7


Simplemagic VOL2
Simplemagic vol1
Softparticle Engine
Depth of feild
Blood and Ejaculation

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Snarling you struggled against the net that was holding you on shore. It made you made, furious. Humans were so selfish and greedy. Destructive to everything around them. Letting out shrieks you thrashed wildly.
“Ah, now what do we have here?”
You looked up at the man. He was beautiful, wearing an almost feminine looking…kimono? Is that what it was?
“Who are you?” you hissed. “Let me free.”
Raising an eyebrow he said, “So you speak?”
“Of course I speak,” you snapped.
“I am Count D. How would you like to come to my pet shop?”
The thought was appalling to your human side. Become someone’s pet? Once again you appraised the man in front of you, you smiled an almost crocodile like smile. “Alright…but only if I’m your pet.”
He seemed surprised, but it didn’t show on a facial level. “Very well.” He released you from the net and carried you to your new home.
---Years later---
“I’m hungry,” you complained from your place in the pool.
“Here,” Leon said handing you a plate of shrimp.
You smiled, “Thanks. Where have you been, handsome?”
He shrugged, “Work. Home. Work. You?”
Glaring at him you said, “I’m a mermaid. I can’t exactly get very far with a tail.”
Count walked in holding another plate of food. “Here you are.”
“Thank you,” you said and strained to get out of the pool to get closer to him. But failed as he merely set the plate down and walked away. Pouting you dug into your food.
“What’s wrong, __________?” Leon asked sitting by the side of the pool.
Not answering you flipped water on him with your tail.
After you were done Leon left.
Count sat on a couch drinking tea. You smiled. No one was here. Using all of your strength you managed to haul your heavy lower half onto the ground. Painfully you dragged yourself across the ground to where he sat. Unable to pull yourself onto the couch you rested your head on your arms.
“Count…” you purred.
Count practically spat out his tea. “__________. How did you get out?”
You smiled, “I…flopped…over here.”
“You must get back to the water,” he said and tried to pick you up.
“But I want to stay with you!”
Count sighed, “You have to get back into the water.”
You almost wanted to cry. “No. I stay.”
He didn’t listen to you. He picked you up and put you back in the pool. “I’m doing this for you own good. My little pet.” He placed a small kiss on your forehead and left you in the pool.
“Fine,” you sighed and sunk into the water, cheeks slightly red.
Requested by :iconartisan-garden:
Also a thank you I got watching Petshop of Horrors because of this request, I liked it ^^

Please comment!
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I lacked the bitch person on my page. So here you go. ALSO SSCCHHHOOOLSS OUT FOR SUMMER!!
Fucking finally too!
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WARNING: This story contains darkish situations, sexual references (Lime), mild violence and some bad word.
You have been warned. If you're offended by it, then don't read it.

Otherwise, enjoy the reading!


White Stone


You were lying on the ground, head aching like if it would crack in half. How you'd gotten into this mess you just didn't know. Ironic how at the beginning the day promised well…
To tell the truth, that day was supposed to mark an important step in your career. As ordered by your boss, you had to go as his representative to the World Meeting Conference, attend the entire session, take some notes and write a report for him. Even though you weren't actually a country, it was given you the permission to participate, on condition that you didn't shown around the information you recorded. Thanks to your job, you already had occasion to meet some of the countries, but you never thought to have the opportunity to attend one of their legendary meetings. Needless to say that you were so excited at the thought.

Unfortunately, all your expectations were shattered when, at barely 20 minutes after the start, on the table of the conference room formed a cloud of flying punches and kicks containing France and England, intent on beating each other after a not-so-friendly argument about the Frenchman's military inability.
In a few moments, chaos was totally unleashed. China and America tried to separate the two litigants, only to finish themselves dragged into the brawl, Germany was screaming like crazy to stop immediately, Italy, frightened, hid himself under a chair, Russia watched amusedly the scene with his usual childish smile and Japan just shook his head in disappointment, without saying a word. Glasses of water splintered on the ground and paper sheets were flying everywhere.

In the middle of that mess, you couldn't understand anything more. And as if that was not enough, the few notes you were able to write weren't anything of so important.
So you decided to go out and get some fresh air, waiting for them to calm down. You excused yourself and silently walked out of the chaotic meeting room. "And now what I'll tell to the boss?" You thought, slowly walking to the main door…

And it's now that it happened.

Just crossed the threshold, you froze. Suddenly, your ears were deafened by a loud bang that exploded into a sharp pain in the nape. The last thing you remember was you, lifted in the air and thrown forward by that monstrous hit, and the asphalt, going up and giving you a big and rough kiss. A salty, ferrous taste formed in your mouth. Your vision turned red, then black…


"... ..."

Voices… There were voices all around you.

You groaned, trying to understand what they were saying but your head started to hurt terribly, preventing you to concentrate. The taste of blood still on your lips. You moaned in pain again, and the voices suddenly stopped. There were a few seconds of silence, then the sound of footsteps, that you could hear better and better as they slowly approached, causing you to feel their almost imperceptible vibrations across the floor until they stopped, halting right next to your right shoulder.

"Seems that she finally decided to wake up." Said a cheery, British accented voice.

With a huge effort, you slowly opened your eyes. Even if your vision was still blurred and around you it was very dark, you recognized that you were staring at the ceiling of a huge room. At one point, a strange figure that your eyes identified as a blurry mass of bright colors leaned on you. "Welcome back to the world of living people," He chuckled. "For now."

Slowly, the color spots began to stabilize, taking the shape of a young man with blonde strawberry hair, bright blue eyes and thick, bushy eyebrows. After a quick look, you noticed with fright that his features corresponded exactly to Arthur Kirkland, the English nation you had met at the meeting. But something was not quite right, starting with that wicked Cheshire grin that was sending chills up and down your spine. The colors of his clothes were bright and saturated as his eyes and hair: a pink shirt with long sleeves, a purple sleeveless wool sweater and a curious, electric blue bow tie at the neck. A look way too eccentric to belong to the Englishman.

With trembling arms, you got up into a sitting position and massaged your head with both hands. "W-what happened? Where am I? Who are you?" You asked.

"Oh, how impolite. Where are my manners?" Bowing a little, the colorful stranger gently took your hand and kissed it. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name's Oliver Kirkland. And what's yours, poppet?"

You blushed and shivered a bit at the feeling of his lips on your skin. "M-my name's _______." You answered shyly.

"Such a pretty name for a pretty lady," He said, showing another toothy grin and kissing your hand once more.

"Cut the crap, Oliver!" Another voice suddenly echoed from the darkness, making you jolt. "We have not brought her here to drink a cup of tea together!"

Another figure approached strode and came out of the shadows. This one was tall, roughly sturdy, with deep red-brown hair and red eyes. He wore a black bomber jacket with a red star on the left side of the chest, blacks leather gloves, dark torn jeans, heavy military boots and a pair of dark sunglasses atop his head. The thing that surprises you more was that his features were identical to the American nation, the one who that morning had welcomed you so warmly. Well, except that instead of his typical smiling and cheerful expression, this one expressed the greatest aura of hate and violence that you'd ever seen.
Your eyes fell on his right hand and you screamed when you saw he was holding a bat with nails and broken sharp pieces of glass planted at the end, realizing with horror there were stains of blood all over it, some old and coagulated, others more recent.

"Al, Al, please control yourself. You're scaring her." Oliver said, petting your head.

"And if it is? Soon it will not matter anymore!" Al replied, rolling his scarlet eyes in annoyance. "And anyway, I don't wanna stay here all the damn day waiting while you spit mawkishness!"

"Well, if we were to follow YOUR methods, my dear Al, we would not gain anything except a nice little brain splattered on the carpet." Oliver said with a bitter laugh.

"I think both of you should finish to do all this unnecessary noise and go directly to the point." A third voice, this time with a strong French accent, joined the group, followed by a stinging smell of cigarette smoke.

Your vision was still a bit blurry, but with a bit of effort you succeed in identifying the shape of the third man. He was leaned against the wall with crossed arm, the reddish-orange light emitted from his cigarette lightened up his face slightly, allowing you to better recognize his features. Long, disheveled dark blond hair fell on a serious face with purple-magenta eyes and a scraggly beard. He wore a purple, ruffled shirt and black, long jeans that seemed to bring the dirt of a month. He was staring at you with bored eyes, while the smoke from his cigarette drew little dancing snakes in the air. Despite your mind was trying to deny it, you couldn't help but find he looked like the evil twin of the French nation.

You were really starting to frighten. Who the hell were these creepy weirdos? And why they resembled to the countries? "I must be dreaming..." You cried between yourself. "Please, let it be just a nightmare…"

Now that your eyesight was slowly returning to normal, you could finally distinguish more or less clearly the place where they brought you: by its size, the room looked like belonging to a nineteenth century villa… or at least what was supposed to be once. The plaster on the walls was blackened by what looked like burns from a great fire and showed signs of cracking and chipped paint. Below you, there was a large Persian carpet whose designs were abruptly interrupted from rips and burns, as if to mark the end of an era. The left side of the room was composed almost entirely of tall windows whose light was totally blocked by metal blinds that seemed no one had opened in many years. The room was quite empty, except for some old gutted armchair, broken furniture and pieces of plaster and glass here and there. The only thing that seemed to remember the magnificence of the place was a giant crystal chandelier; once it should dominated the room from above, now it just lay in pieces in the middle of it, like the skeleton of a large fantastic creature. What lit up the room just slightly, was a small bonfire, that crackled weakly into a large, marble fireplace.

A chatter formed by a blend of foreign languages seemed to come from different corners of the huge room, causing a worrisome particular to finally hit your mind: there were other presences. Unfortunately they were too far away and it was way to dark for you to recognize them. At that distance, the only things you could distinguish were some slight orange glow that danced with irregular rhythms on the shapes still hidden in the dark. "Damn it, but how many of them are in there?"

"I think Vincent is right, I suggest to start right now." Oliver suddenly said, looking at you and widening his smile even more.

You were so busy looking around to not realize that the three strangers had stopped arguing and had begun to slowly get closer to you. As soon as you noticed it, you tried to get up, but a sudden dizziness made you fall back again on your ass; obviously you were not fully recovered from the hit. Panicky, you tried to get away from them as much as possible by pushing you with your legs and arms, but you ended up with the back pressed against an armchair. "Stay back!" You cried in fear, your body shaking uncontrollably. "D-don't come near!"

Chuckles rose around you, apparently amused by your pathetic actions.

"Please _, I beg you, wake up! WAKE UP! WAKEUPWAKEUPWAKEUP…!" You began to frantically slap yourself. Soon you'd wake up in your bed, have gone to work and recounted to (best friend's name) that strange dream you had done this night...
Strangely, you still felt the hard floor under your ass, cold air on your skin and fire on your cheeks. And as if that was not enough, the laughs were not gone… Indeed, they seemed even increased!

When you opened your eyes, Al and Vincent were immobile, their head slightly tilted to a side as they were looking at a freak show, while Oliver was bent over from laughter, nearly losing his balance. "But what are you doing? Now you hit yourself?" He said, pressing his hands against his belly and barely stifling another laugh.

You were still here…
You felt a slight discomfort in your chest, as if the heart was trying to get out of the rib cage, making his way between the ribs. "W…W-Who… t-the hell… WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!"

At your words, the laughs suddenly stopped. Their expressions seemed to change, first expressing surprise, then irritation, as if you were making fun of them. The only keeping a slight smile was Oliver. "Are you trying to make us piss off, or you're just stupid?" Al hissed between his teeth, tightening the grip on his bat.

"She must be new," Vincent said, thoughtfully rubbing his chin with two fingers. "Maybe our First Players haven't still explained anything to her…"

"Wait, First Players?!" Hearing those words, something seemed to emerge from your mind.
When you were just a child your grandfather used to tell you stories. One of these recounted the existence of beings, similar in appearance to the nations which he had fought side by side during the war, but they incarnated pure evil and did terrible things to people who had the misfortune to meet them. Every time this story made your hair stand and hide you under the covers of your little bed. Growing up, you were to say it was just a legend, a joke only used to scare you.

If you don't remember wrong, he called them…

You gulped hard. "The Second Players…"

The Englishman made you a little applause. "Well done, little _______! See that you know us?"

"What the hell do you want from me?" You asked, doing your best to assume a threatening tone.

"Oh, nothing of complicated, my dear. Just some things that we would like to know also from other little countries like you," Oliver continued. "Data, information, weaknesses,... Things like that."

"Collaborate and we're not going to hurt you… Pas beaucoup." The Frenchman added, blowing another smelly puff of smoke.

Hearing these words, your stomach suddenly seemed to weigh a ton and guts knot up in balls of throbbing viscera. "They… think I'm a… nation?!" Your (e/c) eyes widened and your jaw dropped. Now everything was clear to you… Too much clear.

"We are waiting, honey." Oliver said with icy calm.

"L-listen, sirs… I-I'm sorry… but…. but…" You paused, desperately trying to swallow the large lump that was formed in your throat. "Now they're gonna kill me... " On your forehead began to form droplets of sweat, despite the goose bumps on your skin suggested the low temperature of the room. You took a deep breath, closed your eyes and picked up all your courage. "Look, I'm sorry, b-but you have been mistaken!" You finally said, squeezing your eyes and fists. "I'm not a country and I don't know anything about what you're looking for! Please, just let me go!"

You waited few seconds, silently cursing yourself for saying that, then slowly opened your eyes, raising you head to look up at them… Your blood froze in your veins.

Their eyes seemed to have lost that bit of humanity who had, and in them you could only see the reflection of the fireplace's flames. Oliver had lost his usual smile, now replaced by a contorted and insane grimace. Vincent's eyes narrowed dangerously, his mouth furiously chewing the end of the cigarette. Al's muscular body stiffened and his right hand tightened, clutching the bat so hard that the handle made a slight crunch of protest, all while gnashing his teeth and snorting from his nose like an enraged bull.

You hadn't even the time to think of running away that your respiratory tract was suddenly and brutally blocked by an iron grip that closed on your throat like a bear trap. The same grip lifted you effortlessly, bringing you up with it until your incredulous (e/c) eyes were at the same level as those red and furious of the American. He had grabbed you so quickly that you hadn't even seen him move. Immediately, you began to squirm and kick with all your strength, desperately trying to loosen his grip or hurt him in some way, but he was far too strong for you.

"She is taking us the piss… THIS BITCH DARES TO TAKE US THE PISS!" He growled right in your face, causing some spits to wet your cheeks.

You grimaced and held back your breath, waiting for the smell of saliva to go away. "No! I swear, I told the truth!" Tears began to form in your eyes. "PLEASE PUT ME DOW… AH!"

"SHUT UP!" He tightened his grip even more. "You've taken us for fools?! I saw you sit at their table and leave the conference room! No ordinary person can attend one of their meetings! You MUST be one of them!"

Your face began to turn a bluish tint and your squirming grew weaker and weaker. "N-no… I'm n… pl…" The rest of your words were lost in an incomprehensible series of guttural sounds. "Shit, I'm really going to die…" Your vision began to blur, due to lack of oxygen. After a last weak struggle, you let yourself hanging from his grip like a hanged man from a noose, waiting for death to take you...

For few seconds, you felt as if you were floating in the air, then a sudden hit on your face woke you up from your trance. You found yourself on the floor, curled up in a fetal position and taking in sweet oxygen with all the strength of your lungs. The muscles in your throat seemed on fire and your hands were shaking so much that you were barely able to massage your neck. Tears rolled down your cheeks, making them wet and itchy. You just don't know how long you remained there, trembling and wailing while the Second Players just stared at you with their soulless eyes.

"She keeps saying the same things even in the face of sure death… She's crazy, or maybe she's really telling the truth…" Vincent said, overlapping his voice to your noisy breaths.

"Are you telling me that I've done all this trouble and almost be fucked by those assholes for NOTHING?!" Al growled, kicking away a broken chair. "This little bitch is completely useless!"

"And knock it off using that word! Problems can't be solved screaming bad words for no reason and destroying everything." Oliver sighed, now seeming to have calmed down; on his lips peeking his usual grin. "Well guys, what are we going to do with this little one?" He then asked in a loud voice, so that everyone in the room could hear him.

"Just let me go, please..." You asked begging, returning to your sitting position and still massaging your throat. "I haven't done anything to you..."

"Hahaha! Sweet white soul, ours is a dying and violent world. A nice tidbit like you would not survive a second out there." Oliver chuckled amusedly, like if you said something funny.

"Y… your world? But…"
Now, finally you realized. All your escape plans were suddenly crushed, as well as your future. You couldn't hope in the help of anyone. You were completely at their mercy and you would have never come back to home. All your friends, family, colleagues, even your boss and that unpleasant secretary that have always gave you annoyance… At their remembrance, cruel daggers of ice stabbed your heart, causing your eyes to glaze over with tears. Sniffing, you hugged your knees and lowered your head on them.

"Awwww, c'mon, don't cry…" Oliver moved by your side and began to gently caress your (h/l) (h/c) hair, pretending to comfort you.

"Leave me alone…" You said between sobs, don't liking his touch.

But the Second Player knelt in front of you and gently took your chin with his left hand, forcing you to look into his icy-blue eyes. "It's a shame that such pretty face is ruined by tears, don't you think so, guys?" He smiled, rubbing your chin with his gloved thumb.

A soft whimper escaped your lips as you parted them to say something... But that's was all you managed to say. You didn't know why, but there was something very entrancing in those eyes, as if they had some strange magnetic power, so beautiful that you couldn't look away...
So dazed by those piercing irises, you didn't even notice when his right hand moved from your hair and gently placed on your left thigh, beginning to slowly and sensually stroke you up and down through the fabric of your jeans. As if in a kind of hypnosis, you felt your body slowly relax, making you close your eyes while a shiver of pleasure climbed up your back like a bunch of little fidgety lizards.

Seeing the blissful expression on your face, he chuckled delighted and came even closer, until your noses barely touched; his warm breath exhaling scent of cupcakes and cookies, tickling your lips.

"U-uh~" Butterflies began to form in your stomach and a slight blush flushed your cheeks. You've never felt so good in your entire life.

"I know how to make you feel better, poppet." He purred in a smooth tone, licking his lips greedily as he slowly approached them to yours, still massaging your thigh up and down, up and down, up and down...

Your eyes suddenly snapped open when his fingers moved down on your inner thigh and slightly blushed against your private parts, causing you to wake up from your trance and realize what was going on. In an explosion of adrenaline, you smacked him hard on the cheek and jumped back away, finally being able to stand up on your feet; your face never been so red in your entire life... But soon, your anger turned into fear when you realized what you had done, which grew even more when you saw the Englishman slowly stand up with one hand pressed against the sore cheek. Wide eyes injected with psychotic rage glared at you, making your heart froze. "Dear God, what have I done?!"

But under your incredulous eyes, instead of getting angry Oliver just smiled again and began to chuckle. He calmly massaged the painful area and looked at his hand, grinning with insane amusement. "Wow, you're a feisty little one," He laughed. "I didn't think you were such a prudish little flower that would be shocked for such a trifle," He paused for few seconds. "Unless..." His smile widened as ever and his eyes glowed in excitement, sending a shiver down your spine. "That's it! You must be a virgin, am I right?" He then said triumphantly.

"I'm not your fucking business!" You yelled in embarrassment, blushing madly and hugging yourself in your shoulders, as if you were trying to protect yourself.

"Well, ma chérie, since it seems you'll stay here with us for quite a long time, I think that now you're become our business for sure, non?" Vincent said, throwing away the cigarette end with a snap; his lips curled up into a devilish smirk.

"I fully agree." Al grinned like a shark, gazing at you like a pile of fresh meat.

You gulped hard at their sudden hungry eyes. "Y-you can't be serious…" You began to back away slowly; small diamonds of cold sweat forming on your forehead. But after just two steps, something pointed and sharp pressed against your back, preventing you to continue. You froze, shivering dreadfully at the blade's coldness.

"Dove credi di andare, bella?" Someone behind you breathed in your neck, making you a hot and humid tickling.

That small, peculiar particular came back to your mind as a punch in the stomach: you had completely forgotten about the others…

You had to get out of here. Now.

With heart pumping adrenaline in your veins, you jerked and began to run wildly, making a last desperate attempt to escape launching yourself at breakneck speed through the only place that your attackers didn't occupied. Incredibly, you managed to pass through the circle of men who surrounded you… Just before a pair of arms wrapped around your stomach, pulling you back against a muscular chest and lifting you from the ground.

"Think of it as a punishment for making us lose so much time." Al nibbled your ear from behind, giving it a hot humid lick as he took a first taste of your skin.

At the wet, ticklish sensation, you began to squirm like crazy, kicking desperately and screaming for help with all of the air that your squeezed lungs allowed you to use while panic finally took you completely. A strong hand crushed on your mouth, choking your screams to simple muffled wails. You looked up, only to find yourself staring at a pair of starving purple eyes.

"Save it for later, little robin." Vincent purred lustfully, crushing you with his body against Al's chest. In your current position, you could feel the hearts of both men palpitating with excitement, caged behind their rib cages.

The Frenchman slid his free hand under your shirt, making you shiver terribly at the feeling of cold cold fingers caressing your middle and slowly crawling up to your breasts. He cupped one in his palm and gave it a hard squeeze, making you yelp. "Mmmm~ you're so warm and soft…" He whispered, hungrily sweeping his tongue over his lips; his hot, smoke-smelling breath itching your nostrils. The wicked hand then sneaked under your bra and grasped your bare bosom. His fingers circled your hardened nipple, pinching it teasingly.

You squeezed your eyes shut and grimaced, feeling yourself extremely violated.

Behind you, the American turned his attentions to your neck, licking and biting it roughly like a hungry animal. "And tasty too," He grinned against your skin. "I like it."
Not wasting time, Al gave another long lick, following the valley of your neck until the beginning of the shoulder, enjoying every bit of your warm shivering flesh under his pink skilled muscle. He then artfully unbuttoned the opening of your jeans with one hand and slid it inside, began to roughly massage your womanhood through your panties, feeling the warm, delicious softness under his gloved fingertips; your little trembles and wails turning him so on.

"Hey! Leave her to the others too!" The Italian accented voice of before suddenly echoed in your ears, and it didn't sound too happy.

"Alessandro, get the fuck out… We're busy." Al snarled against your neck, his voice lightly muffled as he continued to lick and suck.

"Col cazzo, now it's my turn-a!"

A pair of not very large but strong hands suddenly grabbed your arm and began to pull hard. The sudden stroke made you widen your eyes and cry in pain.
With the corner of the eye, you managed to see the fourth man. A boy, to be more precise. His hair was the color of reddish bronze, while red-pink eyes shone over the tanned skin of the young man. He wore a brown military uniform, a same color cloth cap on his head and a pair of black gloves. An elegant purple feather hung from a side of his hat, waving sinuously at the slightest air movement, like engaged in an endless lightweight dance. Excluding his basic features, he was completely different from the shy and sweet Italian you knew. The only thing they had in common was the characteristic hair curl, that swirled up from the left side of the head.

"Let go immediately, you fucking spaghetti idiot!" Al growled, tightening his grip.

"I don't see your-a name on her!" Alessandro hissed darkly, pulling your arm stronger as he abruptly unsheathed a throwing knife from his belt and began to dangerously cleave the air from side to side, narrowly missing the faces of his adversaries.

"Stop being a baby and wait your turn… And throw that damn thing away from my face, imbécile!" Vincent yelled in anger, trying to kick him away and painfully clutching your thigh like the claws of a raptor in the flesh of his prey.

As for you, you felt like a piece of meat torn between stray dogs. You had the feeling that your limbs were going to tear away from the body, like a bug in the hands of a naughty little kid. You screamed in pain as the vertebrae of your spine began to crackle dangerously, sending a painful shock up your back.

"Guys, guys, please," Oliver interrupted them, raising his hands to get their attention. "Calm down, there's no reason to fight."

Everyone turned to him, letting you ungracefully fall on the ground with a thud. You left out a gasp, sighing in relief by feeling your joints return back in place.

"We shouldn't be so rude with a guest, am I right _?" he asked, smiling and looking down at you.

You nodded frantically, weakly smiling back in hope.

"Speak for yourself, freak!" Al snarled. "I expect a treat after all this effort!"

"Oh, you'll have it, don't worry…" The Englishman smirked, giggling by seeing your smile disappearing. "But let's decide peacefully, like true gentlemen does." Said this, he gave you a playful wink and trotted out of the room.

"And now what has he in mind?" You felt the anxiety growing in your stomach, until he suddenly returned with a mischievous smile on his lips. In his hand, you noticed he held now a lovely blue velvet bag, with a thin pink cord that closed the opening. Gently pinching it with two fingers, he opened it and put his hand inside, pulling out a handful of black and smooth pebbles.

You frowned, trying to understand.

"Let's play a little game. As you can see, this bag contains nothing more that black pebbles," He paused, putting them back in the bag. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out another one, the same size of the others, but it had a milky white color. After showing it, he put the little rock with the others and began to shake the bag to well mix the content. "Now, in turn we'll put a hand inside and take a stone each one. The lucky guy who will find the white one, will spend the night with the lovely lady right there. Understood?"

All the Second Players gazed at you.

You froze. "W-wait a minute! You can't just-!"

"Yes, I think it can work," Vincent said at last. "I'm taking part."

"Tsk, I already have the victory in the bag-a." Alessandro said, giving a smirk of defiance to Al, who answered him by raising his middle finger.

"B-but I don't want to do that!" You cried in protest. "You can't-!"

"Poppet, have you not yet figured out?" Oliver chuckled, opening the bag and getting ready to start the game. "Now that you're here, we can do everything we want with you," He stared at you darkly. "Tease you, play with you, make you beg… And there's nothing you can do about. You can't rebel, you can't escape, you can't call for help. You're our little toy from now, don't forget it again, honey… You belong to us." Said this, he turned away from you and began to walk among his fellows, that in turn began to put their hands in his bag.

You remained there, seated on the floor, your head bowed. Your empty eyes facing the floor, without fixing anything in particular, without tears for cry. A feeling of shame overcame you, followed by a huge wave of despair and disgust at the thought of what was waiting you. His words echoed in your head, cutting your brain like sharp knives.

You belong to us
You belonged to them.
I belong to them…

Once everyone had a stone in his fist, they slowly opened their hands in unison.

A single white stone surrounded by black ones…

to be continued…

Hi everybody!

This is my first attempt to a Reader-Insert story.
It's just an intro of what I have in mind to write. If I see that you like it, I'll make also sequels.
English is not my mother language, so if there are spelling errors please let me know.

I did my best, so I hope you enjoy read it :) If not, tips and constructive comments are always welcomed!

PS: According to you, who has found the white one?
Write it in the comments, I could consider your decision ;)

The characters available are:

- 2P!America/Allan "Al" -DONE!
- 2P!England/Oliver -DONE!
- 2P!France/Vincent
- 2P!Russia/Vladimir "Vlad" -DONE!
- 2P!China/Shao
- 2P!Canada/Matt
- 2P!Italy/Alessandro -DONE!
- 2P!Germany/Lutz
- 2P!Japan/Kuro
- 2P!Spain/Rodrigo
- 2P!Romano/Flavio
- 2P!Prussia/Gerald

The choice is yours :devilish:

You can read the following chapters on



pas beaucoup = not so much
ma chérie = my dear
imbécile = imbecile

Dove credi di andare, bella? = Where do you think to go, beauty?
Col cazzo = Fuck that

All character rights belong to Hidekaz Himaruya©
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"Mr. Peter," Jarvis's voice awoke the sleeping teen. He sat up in his bed, waiting for the AI to continue. "There's someone climbing up your window to see you. I believe it's Mr. Wilson." Peter sucked in a sharp gasp. "Would you like me to sound the alarm?"

"No, no, that's okay Jarvis! In fact, don't tell my dads, okay?" the teen ordered.

Jarvis responded, "As you wish, sir," and signed off. Peter jumped out of his bed and bounded over to his window, shoving it open and peering down the mansion wall. He could already see a figure through the black night, crawling his way to his window.

"Wade!" Peter hissed, and the figure froze. "Wade, what are you doing here?"

"Web me up!" he answered. Peter let out an annoyed huff, but shot a clean web down the wall, hauling the boy up.

"Jesus you need to lose some weight," Peter grunted as he gave one final jerk and Wade collapsed on top of him and onto the soft carpet. They lay there for a moment, Wilson grinning mischievously.

"Well, this is a pleasing position," he snickered before Peter shoved at him.

"Oh, get off me." They both sat up, sitting criss-cross and facing each other. "What are you doing here? If my dads catch you, they'll literally murder you. I'm not kidding." Wade pouted.

"But it's not fair. Just 'cuz they don't like me don't mean they can stop me from seeing you." His expression grew soft, his blue eyes warm. "I really like you, Spidey."

Peter smiled, feeling his heart grow fuzzy. "Okay, fine. You can stay for the night. But my pop wakes up early, like at five. So you have to be gone before then, alright?" Wade beamed excitedly, lunging forward and crashing into the teen, causing them to topple onto the floor in a tangle of limbs.

"I love you, Spidey!" Wade purred, kissing along his neck, knowing that's Peter's tickle spot. Peter immediately wriggled underneath Wade's lips, fighting back laughter.

"Wade, stop, before you make me scream," he whispered, giggles escaping his throat.

"But you're so adorable," Wilson breathed in Spiderman's ear as he mounted Peter to the floor, his knees pushing down on either side of Peter's thighs, and his hands pinning the teen's wrists above his head. Peter trembled at the warm air wafting at his ear, and tried to remain calm and focused.

"Wade, come on. No fooling around. It's too easy for us to get caught- let's just go to sleep."

Wilson let out a whine. "But sleeping with Peter Parker and NOT making out? How is that possible?"

"Waade," Peter pleaded. He liked keeping Wade to himself, but he couldn't risk them getting caught. Wade sighed.

"Alright, fine," he mumbled, scooting off and letting Peter get up. He jumped onto the bed, curling up underneath the covers. He pulled off his t-shirt and jeans, quickly shoving off the comforter and striking a sexy model pose in only his boxers. He gave Peter a perfect smile. "Hey there, big boy." Peter snorted while trying not to laugh, even covering his mouth as he lay down next to his boyfriend.

"Oh shut up and go to sleep."

"It's so hot," Wade suddenly said, tugging at Peter's pajamas. "Maybe you should take these off so you don't have a heat stroke and die?" Peter rolled his eyes, slipping off his shirt.

"That's all I'm taking off," he warned. Wade smirked.

"For now," he whispered before shutting his eyes and curling up against Peter's bare chest. Peter sighed but kept his smile firmly on his lips as he shut his eyes and wrapped his arms around Wade's waist. The last thing he heard before drifting off to sleep was a faint, "I love you, Petey."

When he woke up the next morning, Wade was gone.
Spideypool feels. Cute teen!fic. Obsessing over Superfamily asdfghjkl;
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Steve leaned back on the couch as he flipped through the New York Times, lounging before he had to go out and get some groceries for dinner. Tony jogged down the stairs and into the living room, bending over and giving his husband a quick kiss on the cheek before heading over to the kitchen.

"Have you woken up Peter, yet?" Tony asked, skimming through the fridge for the butter. Steve shook his head.

"He doesn't have to be at school for another hour, so I thought I'd let him sleep in."

Tony suddenly narrowed his eyes, pursing his lips as he buttered his bread. "Y'know I'm getting a little suspicious, Steve," he said abruptly.

Captain America glanced up, looking concerned. "What for?"

"Well, ever since that Wade Wilson kid came up to our front door asking if Peter had his backpack, I've been a little curious about what's going on."

Steve laughed, catching Tony off guard.

"What? You don't respect my parenting?" he snapped indignantly, entering the living room and sitting down at the couch with his toast beside his husband. Steve shrugged, smiling.

"I just think it's cute that you think one boy is going to change anything. I mean, he could just be a friend?"

"Yeah, but a friend who keeps leaving his stuff here? I mean, when does he even come in the house? What the hell?"

Steve chuckled. "You're just overreacting. Why don't you just go wake up Peter, and ask him?"

Tony sighed, finishing his toast. "Yeah, I guess," he mumbled, standing up and heading back upstairs. He reached his son's door, and pushed it open. "Peter, it's time to get-" Tony froze with his hand still on the knob, eyes wide in shock with what he saw. That damn Wade Wilson was lying sprawled across Peter's bare chest, both of them in their boxers. Peter lay there, frozen in horror. Wade was still asleep.

"D-Dad!" he exclaimed. "G-good morning!"

"Hm…?" Wade mumbled, lifting his head to blink at Peter. "Mornin' puddin' pop!" he chuckled, but the look his boyfriend gave him made him pause and glance over his shoulder. "Oh. Hi Mr. Stark."

"STEVE!" Tony snarled, forcing himself not to throw himself on the idiot and rip him apart for taking advantage of his son. "Steve, get up here right now!"

"What's wrong?" Steve asked worriedly as he bounded up the stairs. He froze beside his husband, staring into Peter's room. "Oh."

Wade tightened his grip around Peter's chest. "Well, now. This is awkward."

x x x

"I want him DEAD!" Tony snarled, shooting a finger at Wade, who was leaning against the wall beside Peter, with his hand curled around the boy's waist. "And take your hand off my son!"

"He's my boyfriend," Wade retorted, shrugging. "I can do whatever I want." He smirked. "Like this…" He reached over and gave Peter a light kiss on the lips, a mischievous look in Wilson's eyes. Tony nearly exploded.

"HE'S ASKING FOR IT, STEVE! I'LL KILL HIM!" Steve had to keep his hands on Stark's shoulders to keep him still.

"Tony, calm down," he tried to assure his husband. "Peter's at that age where he can start dating and doing this stuff, now."

"Sixteen is not that age!" Tony spat. Before anyone could say anything else, Peter stepped forward and out of Wade's reach.

"Dad," he said firmly. "I'm sixteen. I have a boyfriend. You can't keep me from seeing him."

"Yes I can," Tony retorted stubbornly. Peter glared at him.

"No. You can't. You have to let me go, Dad. I can handle myself. I'm not going to be stupid, okay? You have to trust me."

Tony let out a defeated sigh, looking lost. "But why him?" he complained. Wade scoffed.

"Excuse me, sir, but I find that offensive."

"I don't care what you find it," Tony grumbled, glaring at Wilson. Steve rolled his eyes, smiling calmly at his son.

"It's okay, Peter. I trust you. You can go out with Wade." He paused, shooting a suspicious look at the boy. "As long as you guys don't have sex. I'm okay with anything but sex."

Peter's face grew red. "P-Pops! I'm not g-gonna have sex!"

Tony narrowed his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. "Then what was last night? Why were you both naked, huh?"

Peter frowned. "We weren't naked, we both had our boxers on."

"And we were just making out. It was pretty hot," Wade cut in.

"Alright, that's enough out of you," Tony growled. He turned to Peter. "No more secret sleepovers, got it? You have to have our permission before he just sneaks in through the window, okay?"

Peter sighed. "Fine. Now can we go to school now?"

Steve smiled. "Of course."

Peter grinned and grabbed Wade's hand, pulling him out of the house and away from his parents. Wade blinked.

"Well, that could have gone worse."

Peter laughed. "Yeah, my dad could have put on his suit and uni-beamed you to California."

Wade laughed, but it quickly lowered into a nervous chuckle. "Eheh… Yeah."
Oops. I did it again. I wrote. Have some Superfamily and Spideypool. Woot.
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"Psst, Peter," Wade whispered from his spot crouched in the tree, Peter in the bush below, Spiderman mask practically frowning up at him.

"Shh, Wade! You're gonna get us caught," he scolded softly, glancing back at the factory they were ordered to keep an eye on.

"No, but Petey, it's important," Deadpool insisted.

"Shut up, Wilson," Wolverine growled, his claws slicing out threateningly from where he knelt next to Deadpool's tree.

"But, Peter!"

"Fine, what?" he sighed, peering back up at him.

"…I love you."

Peter obviously smiled behind his mask, and he tipped his head to the side. "Aw, I love you, too."

"Oh, would you two shut up!" Logan snapped, rolling his eyes, and complaining into his communicator, "Why'd I get stuck with the lovestruck idiots?"

"Because I'm the leader of this mission, and I believe you'll be able to handle them," Captain America's strong voice replied, but then paused before adding, "And, Peter, I don't want any make-outs on this mission, you got it young man? Or else you're grounded."

Spiderman huffed in annoyance. "Yeah, yeah, whatever Pops. Tell Dad he should start worrying about his own dang life, okay?" he answered into his own communicator.

"HEY, I just don't want you two getting distracted, okay- This is a mission we're on," Iron Man retorted. Wade let out a groan, hopping out of the tree to land beside Peter, ignoring Logan's objections.

"This assignments bogus, anyway," he muttered, pulling up his mask up to his nose for some fresh air. "Fury just sent us here on a wild goose chase. He's probably up to something. Wants us out of the way."

Peter shrugged. "Dunno. Still nice to spend quality time with you, though," he purred, leaning into his boyfriend. Wade chuckled, popping a kiss on Spiderman's cheek. Logan snorted in disgust.

"Guys, it's starting," he grumbled into the com. Tony immediately snapped.

"Wade, get your dirty, grubby hands off my son."

Deadpool groaned. "Ugh, I can't show any simple affection to my own boyfriend without being accused of sexually assaulting him!"

"Wade, keep your voice down," Peter whispered, pulling up his mask to his noise because, let's face it, that thing gets stuffy.

"And to be honest, Wade, most of the time you are sexually assaulting him," Hawkeye finally spoke up, and Natasha chipped in.

"Yes, you both don't try to be discreet at all."

Wade smirked. "Well that's because I know Peter likes it," he snickered, stealing a kiss now that Peter's lips were exposed. They all groaned into their communicators, and Wade could practically see them wrinkling their noses. He huffed a laugh while Peter smiled to himself. "Aw, Peter, c'mon. Say it. You know you like it."

Tony growled into the com, "Don't you dare, Peter."

Spiderman felt his lips turn into a smirk. "Well, you know what. I do like it," he confirmed, and he jumped at the rage in Iron Man's robotic voice.

"Peter, so help me I will stop this mission right now, drag you home, and lock you in your room forever, forbidding you from seeing that asshole ever again!"

"Tony," Steve tried to cut in, but Peter was already arguing.

"Dad, you always do this! I love Wade, and you can't do anything about our relationship!"

"Oh jeez, I did not sign up for this," Logan muttered, sitting down with a defeated sigh.

"I can do whatever I please with Wade," he said finally, turning back to his boyfriend, pulling off his mask to gaze affectionately at him. "I love him." Wade pulled off his mask as well, smiling sweetly.

"I love you, too, kiddo."

They leaned into each other, kissing, and Wolverine let out a disgusted groan.  "Oh god, guys they're doing it again- They're not separating."


"Oh- ugh guys seriously this is disgusting."

"You just don't understand young love," Natasha added, letting out little huffs of laughter. Hawkeye wasn't even trying to hold in his.

"Guys this is like the best mission I've ever been on."


"Tony, maybe we should cancel the mission? It doesn't seem like anything's happening in the factory," Steve suggested.

"No, guys keep you're costumes on- oh jesus-"

i dont even think this is what the person actually wanted but whATEvER Spideypool anon request on Tumblr
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"Don't be afraid."
"I am not."

Series: Batman: Streets of Gotham
Character: Damian Wayne (Robin) & Colin Wilkes (Abuse)
Models: Me & *Misandrie
Photo by: Nee-Chan

Babe is just the lovliest Colin on earth, don't you think?! *3*~
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White Unicorn circlet I sell on Etsy ( ) Modeled by the magical Kerli - ( ) Photo by Vespertine (… )

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came up with those chars playing the sims 2 castaway.
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This is an old picture from 3 years ago.
Just fetched it on my HD and tought it was worth sharing.

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So my geological studies took me to one of the most amazing places on the planet: Iceland! What an absolutely beautiful country. I snapped this picture quickly while hiking up to the glacier so it might not be the best photo out there but I still wanted to share, it's a fascinating area. This is an outlet glacier called Falljökull which is part of the Vatnajökull icecap. Vatnajökull is the largest icecap in Europe.
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Germany - Berlin

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for a finished piece check my Facebook

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