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Okay, So Me And Digi-Sama :icondigi-shaman-of-fire: Decided To Created Our Own Version Of The Well Known OC Meme And OC Meme Remix

With Different Questions And Different Design, I Hope People Will Take Part In Our Version And The Other Versions Of The OC Meme's!

Me And Digi-Sama Would Be Real Happy, If You Send Us Your Versions! ^^ So Please, Do So! We Would Love To See Them!

I Give Credit To:

:iconmisuteru: For The OC Meme Remix meme [link]

And :iconblackvixzin: For The ABSOLUTE ORIGINAL.... ( 2 Question Ideas From This, Like The Chariot Race, Trapped In A Cave And The Blair Witch, It Appears.... WE DO NOT OWN THEM IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM SO GIVE CREDIT TO :iconblackvixzin: FOR THOSE QUESTIONS, PLEASE... Thank You)

:iconblackvixzin:'s Text Meme [link]

Most Of The Question Ideas And Questions, Meme And Design (c) Biyu-Chan/Artist-Chan And :icondigi-shaman-of-fire:
Chariot Race, Cave Trap, Day Camp (But We Made Ours Into A Daycare... ^^; ) And Blair Witch Idea (c) :iconblackvixzin:
OC Meme Remix (c) :iconmisuteru:
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The "Flesh Out your OC" Meme!

You may also be interested in my new Advanced OC Meme!


I've made some adjustments to the Meme.

1. Fixed a typo.

2. Added a few helpful pointers.

3. Increased the quality a bit.

4. The Artist's Comments have been Revised -- **PLEASE READ**

These changes took place 8/2/2011

Thank you, and continue enjoying the Meme!


Wow, I never expected this Meme to show up on first page if you search "OC Meme" under all categories. That's something else...

* * * *

This Meme is designed to help further develop your recently created Original Characters by combining conceptual art with data/information. It is important to focus on parts of your character you're unsure of that the Meme points out. There really is no point in doing this Meme if you don't fill every aspect.

* * * *


Alright, you know how Memes go...

1. You have the freedom to download this and fill it in, but link back to this page in your comments when finished. Also, remember to give proper credit.

2. Let me know! Comment back here with a link so I and everyone else can see your work!


Please remember that this Meme is intended to help the study and development of your character. You can fill it out however you like, but keep in mind it's intended purpose.

* * * *

Photoshop Elements 6.0
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YUSH I had to redo this whole thing from loosing it last time. ANYWAY 8D added a lot more fun things to do!

if you see typos let me know!

INFO PART by griffsnuff  DESIGN PART by griffsnuff  CHALLENGE PART by griffsnuff  DERPUS PART by griffsnuff

:bulletpink: this was mostly made for animal characters, but you can use it for both, just change out soem words and stuff in places you feel needs it :D

:bulletgreen: you can fill this out how you want to with sketches, photos, text or drawings
:bulletgreen: You can change whatever you want on it.
:bulletgreen: Awesome note piece used from here… by girlisradd
:bulletgreen: Font used in the meme is Hobo Std

8D HAVE FUN! Just X out any part of it you dont want to do or whatever you want.

Thanks for a lot of epic suggestings from my poll by people here on dA hope you have fun with it.
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Here. This is a meme I thought about yesterday night before sleeping. I had to wait until this afternoon to do it because of school =^=

It's a simple meme: every character has to challenge another character of the list to do something. Let be known who wins for each challenge, ok?

You can use OC or fan characters, nothing else, ok? u_ù

If there's somethink you don't understand about the challenges, feel free to ask! ^O^ I'll explain as good as I can.

In the last panel you have to choose the character who, in your opinion, would be able to defeat all of the other characters in an optionally final challenge different from the challenges above.

Don't forget to add the link back to this blank version in your work's description and to link me in a comment your finished work. Enjoy! *____*

EDIT: Since there's a lot of people who ignore what exactly skin diving is, I'll explain it as simple as possible here in my comments. Please ask if there's something else you don't understand ^___^

Skin Diving: going underwater without diving gear or other stuff for immersions. Let's see it in this way: the characters have to hold their breath and go underwater; the first who surfaces (or collapses 8D) loses the challenge.
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Link to the updated meme: [link]

Meme © lemondragon19
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I was very inspired by :iconnyu: to do this...I'm not exactly sure, why, but I did.

Questions aren't amazing, but it would be a good chance to get to learn about other characters, right? For people that don't know your character's just a short intro then, with the throw-in of total randomness that have nothing to do with anything X3. I hope to see what you guys come up with <3

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I have heard people say how hard it is to create an original character, well I present to you an OC meme to help you make your very own.

Only rule is no copying anyone else when you do this. If your style is similar to someone elses, try changing it up a bit and see what you get ^^.

If you have no tablet, print this out and use just a normal pencil and then scan it back in.

If you do this, please give me credit and comment with a link to the finished meme. I want to see what you all come up with and I can only do that if people comment and let me know!

Edit: I have had a lot of people asking about using an OC that either have not been shown on DA or shown on the net. This is up to you if you wish to use them, but this meme was created in order to help people come up with OC's for themselves instead of just copying other people's work.

So if you want to use this OC meme to expand upon a character instead of making a new one, feel free. That is solely on you as the artist to make that judgment call.
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EDIT: Versión en Español: [link]
Courtesy of :iconangeldhan:
This will help alot!

EDIT:Fixed spelling error.
EDIT: Moved to Scraps so it wont affect Gallery Stats.

Just download and save! You can resize it to a width of 12 inches and a height of 30 inches to still get a decent size.

Make sure to link back for other people!

No need to ask for permission. Just leaving a comment would be greatly appreciated. I think it would be cool to see other people's results.

Here are their definitions of some if you are stuck:
-alienation: feeling of out of place or in the wrong place among a whole group, creating a feeling of isolation
-epiphany: sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something
-scorn: The feeling or attitude of regarding someone or something as inferior, base, or worthless
-hysteria: Behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic; a heightened sense of emotion
-submission: Opposite of defiance and resistance basically
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Fill it out and have fun.

Sorry for all of the horrible sentence mistakes, i really don't give a fuck about correcting them ahahahaha

DEATH NOTE is (c) to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata
Meme (c) to me
Comments disabled by owner.
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UPDATED IT, i made this meme gosh.....2008? It's 2014 now so thats....6yrs? About so? Oh my god thats so long.....

This really needed that update, I made it more up to date with New Leaf since when I made this Wild World and GC were really the only ones, I do hope people still want to do this meme and mabye now would like to redo it now that I updated!

I still of course want to see them too! Be sure to send them to me <333 (I gotta do this meme myself too)

Meme (c) :iconruhianna:
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Whewt. ^-^ So, here's a little idea I had for a meme.
You get to see your character as just about...any kind of stereotype.
If you intend to do it, or finish it, I'd love to see, so leave a comment!

note -- it's high time that i explained that 'sock monkey' box, there. =D basically, draw your character how you think they'd look if they were incarnated as a sock monkey! it's just fun and goofy, give it a try!

also -- thank you everyone for the absurd amount of favorites/completed memes. makesmehappy. =D
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ALSO DRAW IT ONLY ONCE! Don't spend more then 5 minutes on each questions. and don't draw chibi please, otherwise the result might change on some questions

This was based a little like Nyu's meme, except that this is more an exam...

Ok, it's a self evaluation of your own drawing skills. Don't cheat while doing it otherwise you wont be able to progress. (or you wont be able to see your own mistakes)

do it if you want, don't do it, it's like you wish, but you might discover things about yourself... (like I discovered that I can do chibis when I start by drawing the eyes...)

Once you've done it, read this!


- if at the first question you still did a fan art, it really means you lack of originality. try discovering yourself more.

- trying to start from different place helps you to understand more the anatomy of your character. even if it's ugly, try to change sometimes, you might discover new tricks or way to do something.

-For the hands. Alot of people have mistakes drawing hands. even if the trick is to draw plenty of them, many will just try to hide them. Observe your own hands and draw them. If you think your hads aren't pretty. Observe what's wrong with them.

-Same things for the foot. it's as hard as hands, but people usually draw shoes, so the ofter don't notice that feet are as hard or even harder to draw then hands.

-drawing your character standing is a good practice too. if it's bigger then the spac I left, you might have trouble evaluating the space around.

- the next question is a tricky one. this is an anatomy lesson. head's height should be about 6-7 times in the body (exceptions on kids tho). look at you own self, see the size of your hand with your own face. it might be bigger/smaller then you think.

-the next one is a memory test. to see if you can observe or reproduce other drawings. the more it's close to perfect, the more it may look that you cheated. it's really hard to reproduce a drawing we only saw once (except if you have a super dupper good photo-memory which I don't think you have.)

- drawing a tree is quite simple. there's plenty of way of drawing a tree. there's alot of kind of tree. most of you have probably draw a simple mapple leaf kind of tree. it's not because the exemple was a simple tree that you had to do one.

- A little a same of above. how many of you have trees in you sceneries?

- The flipped image. Why so long before that question? because you had time to think of something else. A flipped version of a drawing will help you see your mistakes. when you just done it, sometimes the mistakes aren't as clear. take a break from the drawing and come back to it later. you might see mistakes you didn't saw before.

- this is to test your inspiration. have you drawn the same character as you did for the entire test?

-comments whatever there...
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Made out of utmost boredom.

I'll pretty it up later, when I actually feel motivated to do something productive. (Like finish contest art that needs to be done in about two days.)

I'll do this meme myself someday. ...Yeah.

I was very tempted to add 'birthday suit' to the list. ...So very tempted. *appropriately ashamed*

I feel like I missed a very important outfit, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is.

Oh, well.


(Link me if you do it, yeah?)

UPDATE - 04/13/10
A new and much nicer-looking version of this thing is currently in the works, but until then...

Here is an example for #14, which seems to have been the cause of some confusion: [link]

And, for those interested, here are all of the memes that have been filled out so far and sent my way: [link]

Last but not least, I remembered the outfit I wanted to add: gothic and/or punk. Not really super-important like I'd initially thought, but still relatively amusing. Ah, well.

Anyway. The next update will come once the tidied-up and prettified version of the meme is complete and ready to be posted, and then that'll be it. Until then, cheers!
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Collection by
I originally made this to help fellow artists to return to an old piece they have done and recreate it again in their styles of today. It's a way to get in-touch with your nostalgia, your past. To bring that old friend back you wondered "Maybe I should draw them all over again" and find yourself stuck and never get to that desire. Well, here's your chance. Find that piece that inspired you back then and bring it back to life. Show the world that every artist can change their style! Even if we all start out drawing Japanese inspired cartoons, or mere stick figures, or even use the Sonic style of work. Show us, and yourself, that you're more and you have proof.

Anyone is welcome to use this meme.

You're also welcome to change up the resolution to fit your fancy, just remember to link back to the original so people can decide to take part in this meme.

-ONLY POST ON THIS. (comment section of this meme, meaning don't post on my front page or through notes.)

----If anyone is willing to make a tutorial on the 'How-To-Incorperate-Images-onto-Meme' of this, that would be greatly appreciated.

(Revised description)

Wow, you guys. I'm so proud of you all, every last one of you.
And I am so flattered by the group that was just made for this meme.

Founder: :iconreinhold-hoffmann:
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on 5 sept. 2010, *Miyukiko posted this pixiv meme up.

... to this day (18 Nov 2010) i still have it in my inbox. and i've been meaning to fill it out. however, i couldn't find the translated base on dA, so i decided to do it myself.

... i need a life :XD: *shot*

translations are based on miyukiko's translations.
... i'd love to see this filled out :XD: if you do, please comment with the link! ^o^

meme base is not originally mine.
meme base is from pixiv
translations provided by *Miyukiko

EDIT: figured out what "pop art" is. :XD: (took me long enough) great example is (why i didn't think of this before is beyond me) Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein :)
look up their stuff to see examples :)

EDIT 2 although you aren't required, i love seeing what people do with these :love: a link to the finished meme would be greatly appreciated! :D

EDIT 3 okay, so i was informed that pop was from some video game...? lol. INTERPRET IT HOWEVER YOU WANT
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The other day my mother and I were going through some veeeeery old photo albums we found in an old closet. It was so much fun looking back at everything through all the years. And, being as my mind seems to always somehow bring my OC's up at the most random of times, I started thinking about what if they had a photo album of their lives and what might be in them if they did... Thus, this meme was born.

Please link back if you do it, and please post the results here! I LOVE looking at what you come up with! 8'D <3

Texture from:
Text from:

Edit;; FFFFFF. I hate typos. 8'C All well, I'm to lazy to fix it right this second.

Edit 2.0;; I finally filled it out myself! (Horribly I might add.)…

Edit 3.0: Holy guacamole! I can't believe this got a DD! Thank you so much! <33 Ha ha, I was so confused when I first logged in and saw so many favs and comments, "I was all, what in the world?? Is DA broken?" Thank you!! <3
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Hey! I finally uploaded this!!
For you!
To use!!!
Like, it's blank on purpose.
Totally forgot about it...haha... 6_6;;
So now everyone can stop downloading it from my site and stuff. whee~

This is translated/edited from the original meme.
"If you know 80% of these characters, then you're my friend" is how it goes. Haha... XD

Original meme from pixiv: [link]

I did a boy version and a girl version, which was extra fun. (Just a suggestion.) XD
Boys: [link]
Girls: [link]
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Guess what time it is....!

Almost December, so--time for posting this blank again with some changes (one of which includes the year at the top because haha it's not 2012 anymore hahahaha you guys) since I've got the files already!

Download includes a PSD and a transparent PNG.

Drop a link to your finished meme in the comment if you get the chance! I'd like to see!

2014 Summary of Art BLANK

| 2012 | 2011
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Collection by
Whoa! Hey, look, I made a meme! :O Never thought this would ever happen. Guess being bored enough can do miracles.

I actually had this idea already some time ago. I can't remember where exactly, but I think I was reading somewhere a comment about some random web comic or anime or something, that said that all the characters in said comic/anime/can'tremember, regardless of personality, always reacted in identical way to each other. The same stock smile, the same stock lines of dialogue when something happened. That does steal away from the characters. It doesn't matter if you tell your audience that this character is headstrong tomboy, if her expressions are copies of the character you claim to be shy, your audience isn't going to believe you. I didn't find comparative character expression charts, so I hope this can be useful.
At least I find it interesting to compare different characters' reactions.

Personality and attitude shows through in how people handle their emotions which in turn show on their faces, and thus even when people might have the same expressions (like smile, anger, fear) they will always include a little bit of themselves in those expressions. If you for example take my comic characters Surama and Hafmar from Wurr and look how they express themselves, you can see distinct differences. One of Surama's most dominant personality features is that she's absolutely 100 percent self-confident, so whatever happens she never completely loses her cool or freaks out, compared to Hafmar who's less confident and lets his emotions show a lot easier.
(Having canine characters also has the extra bonus of having expressive ears, I'm pretty careful in how I position them. For example Surama keeps her ears up almost all the time, where as submissive Hafmar keeps his down often when interacting with other characters. As a little hint, there are couple of moments in the comic where the ear position might bring some extra hint in how some characters feel. Nothing major, but still.)

It's not the prettiest meme, but I hope it can come useful for people in examining the personality differences of their characters. It's the first meme I've ever made. Run with it! (And let me see your takes! I'd love to see them.)
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Hey everyone! For 2011, we have a fun new contest from :iconyuumei-fan-base: to show your creativity! People have asked to make the LIKE AN ARTIST comic into a meme, well now it is and if you complete the meme before February 15th, you can also win prizes! :D

:star: 1st place wins a free bust commission from me
:star: 2nd place wins a free deck of Augen Auf cards

If you would like to donate prizes, please contact :icondeathmonkeys:

:star: How to enter:

1. You can use the blank template provided here or a textless alternative here [link] or even make your own template. It can be digital or traditional, or even photography :D Important: the template is a PNG file with transparency, so you must save the file before using it, you can't just copy and paste it to photoshop or it will be black.

2. Add in your own text and drawings about what makes you an artist. You can use the same _________ LIKE AN ARTIST catchphrase such as "DRESS LIKE AN ARTIST" and "CREEP LIKE AN ARTIST", or you can make up your own such as "SHOWER LIKE AN ARTIST" and "SLEEP LIKE AN ARTIST". You can also combine existing ones with new ones :) (btw the font is Flubber)

3. There's no limit on the number of panels in the comic. You can add extra panels if you have more ideas, or subtract some if you run out. You can also submit more than one comic, there is no limit on the number of entries you can submit. You can also collaborate with someone else :D

4. Submit your entry to the contest folder at [link] before February 15th.

5. Judging will be based on creativity and humor. Good drawings also help but not it's not the most important factor :) what's important is to have fun and to share with your friends what makes you an artist.

6. Winners will be announced on the 28th!

If you have questions, please note me or :icondeathmonkeys:

Thanks for participating! :D

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All the relevant text for this meme is in the picture! [Below the grid.]

Do this and show others what influences you!
Hell, you might even discover some things about yourself doing this!

The grid can ultimately be filled out however you want it to be. The recommended sizes of the images are shown below the grid -- make your biggest influence take up 3x3 squares! Lesser ones to follow.
Also, editing the file, changing colors, sizes, fonts, whatever, have at it! Make it yours!

See my own filled out version here so you have a good idea on what to do!
fox-orian's Influence Map [2013] by fox-orian

These people that REALLY made it their own:
Kaijusamurai Influence Map by KaijuSamurai Influence Map Meme thing by scarypet Influence Map by Synfull Influence Map by RyemSalim

Look at this one to really, really make you think:
Influence Map by algenpfleger

And, I just got a big kick out of these ones:
[it's better if you don't see the thumb first.]

Remember, if you want to see ALL of the influence map submissions, type in "influence map" [WITH quotations] in the DeviantART Search! Remember to put "influence map" in the keywords so yours shows up, too!


EDIT: Oh god, a DD? Hahaha by now, seeing how many people did the meme already, doesn't really seems like it needs the more exposure! Man I made this and thought only like, 40 people would do it total, considering there were probably like 10 other similar iterations of this same meme elsewhere It was just a little spur of the moment idea I got while at work and felt like having a little fun. See what you did DA? LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID! Well, thanks for the DD -- I wonder when my Perspective tutorial is still going to get the award, though :)

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i got the idea last night.

The point is to draw one of your OCs as how they would look or be, if something important in their past would come out differently as it did.

this is not an 'anti' meme.
you don't draw the anti-version of your character, but simply what would happen with them if something would go wrong/right in their past.

when you finish the meme, please link me what you created! :)


memes finished by others:
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I saw that someone had made a DA ID like a driver's licenses. I tried to use it but it was so small. So I decided to make my own that was similar to the one I had tried to use. I figured this is a good size at 500 px wide. Please credit me if you use it and let me know so I can add it to my faves.  So this can be an ID or it can be just a meme to fill out for fun.  Enjoy.

Here is my completed ID on  my main accont

Vi un ID y lo intente llenar pero era muy pequeño. Asi qui hice una parecida y mas grande. Creo que esta mejor y a 500px ancho es suficient gradne. Lo puden usar como ID o solo como un meme  para diversion. Solo pido que porfavor me den credito. Y dime quando terminas para que lo pueda poner en mis Faves. Disfruten.

:iconcommentplz: :iconnocritiquewantedplz:
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Made a Kiss meme!! XD
Hope you all understand what this meme asked, if not, search for the kisses in google <3

This Meme can be done anyway you want to, it's made freely.
-Official Characters
-and MANY MANY MORE.... yu can put whatever you want!

This meme can contains more than a cartoon itself... such as you have a Sonic THe hedgehog pairing and next kiss you have Mário!

This is only a idea ;P

IT'S Free to USE just don't forget to credit this meme please :)

Want a Reference to see how it's done??
My Drawing:.


Hope you enjoy making this meme! :glomp:

.: By PhoenixSAlover :.

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
First Meme! Enjoy! Here's mine!: [link]
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Collection by
Here's a basic 8 question meme based on Yume Nikki. The idea is from this cool guy here! -> [link] If there's any ideas to improve upon this one, please say so, because this was rushed for the most part.

I will do this one too.
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My very own - and very first - meme!!!!

Please let me know if you're going to use it, and send me a link with the finished meme because i'd love to see it.
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I really like making functional memes :U


-Influences can be anything from a particular artist to videogames to a certain anime to medieval heraldry. Anything that has a hand in the way you draw. (If you can't think of 5 things, put down some things that you'd LIKE to learn from.) Also, show us how it influences you.

-Motifs are recurring themes and elements. Maybe you draw Bleach fanart all the time. Maybe all of your original characters have curly hair. Maybe you draw way too many bugs.

-How can you tell your artwork from everyone else's? What do you do that others don't? (Motifs from the previous question do count.)

-Don't be one of those mopy-ass artists who can't find ANYTHING GOOD IN THEIR ART BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW. If you've put the pen to the paper more than once in your life you obviously glean some sort of enjoyment from it.

-There's always something we can improve on~ ("EVERYTHING" doesn't count.)

So yeah...this is kind of a FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR ART! meme. SO GO FEEL GOOD!

(and make sure you let me see if you complete it! 8D)
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:iconmynameismad::iconinuryan: SOOPAH AWESOME COMBO TEAM GOOOO!

This started out like many other memes...but along the way I kind of sacrificed wittiness for what I hope is functionality. :/

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Just link back to the original if you use it, but mostly have fun! This is to help people realize possible design flaws if your characters are too similar. I highly recommend challenging yourself with this one! Choose characters that you think are very similar to better help you understand where you might need help. See if your viewers can guess your character within the first half! Don't rely on eyes, and hair to differentiate your characters!! Make every subtle nuance unique! This applies for all styles! You can't tell me "But I draw humans, or anime." Look at any GOOD anime character designs and you'll see that you can fill this out for them too! Some good examples to use this meme on for preexisting characters: Cruela Devil, Jafar, Facilier, Cowboy Bebop cast, any of Hanna Barbera's characters or any pre 90s toon, Batman villains, etc.

If you post a link to your meme, I may not respond. I hope you don't find that rude, I just can't check them all I'm afraid, but feel free to post it for others' reference n.n

Here's my example: [link]
And here's an excellent human example by *Altalamatox: [link] & [link] by *Kwieskita

If you liked this visual format, you might also be interested in the longform written version here [link]

Another character uniqueness meme! [link]

A 4-character version of this file [link]

See my Reference folder for tutorials on how YOU can add variety into your characters! Here's a few for starts: [link] [link] [link]
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Collection by
EDIT: Due to the ridiculous popularity of this meme, I don't have time to always look and comment on everyone who does it. I apologize for that. I am glad you all have enjoyed this meme.

If the term sparkledog offends you, then sorry. I actually think it sounds cute. I like bright colors,and i like dogs, so why not draw a bright obnoxiously colorful dog? I mean some of us don' have trouble with designs but for some that do, I thought this could be a nice creativity booster or something.

haha I only made this because I'm so booorred at ~Moogle-Master88's cause she's at work and I;m on her laptop.
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- Click download for a higher resolution.

- Yes, you can use it.

- The speech bubbles are that of someone talking TO your character. It is not your character saying these words.

- Your character can be human, animal, anthro, anything. It's your character; you do whatever you want.

- You don't have to fill in all the boxes if you don't want to.

- Right click on the image. Press save. Then open up the saved file in an imaging program, eg. Photoshop, Paint, etc.
Alternatively, you can print it out and fill it in by hand. Seriously, whatever you want.
Comments disabled by owner.
Phew! Look how busy I was. This here is the first ever OC Meme ever to be created by yours truly.

This Meme is for anyone and everyone to use, so please have fun! However, if you decide to fill this beastly long meme out, I'd greatly appriciate it if you would send me a note or comment with the link to the completed deviation [Just so I feel loved and what not] and also, feel free to take this form and change it up a little for photo memes, writer's memes, but please give me a little credit? After all, I did create the original blank and what not.

Anywho, Have fun kiddies~!

[There are excactly 19 blanks to fill out and 12 different sections to reply to. I wasn't kidding when I said beastly, now was I?]

Estimated Time: 4 hours
Tools: Jasc Paint Shop Pro
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Collection by
Ok got some feedback and updated the Artist Commission Matricies I created as a tool for a commission artist to use to convey to people what they will and will not draw.

I left the basic matrix as is but added two fields on the bottom for specifics.

This is free for artists to use and the font I used was ARIAL if you want to customize it more.

Use, distribute and share... but please don't sell for profit.
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I'll have to explain this so people won't get confused. So please read this carefully.

This is for you OC

How this works? On the white frames/boxes is where you'll draw, & the questions below it are what you'll draw :3

Now, as for explaining the questions for you:
"G'day, show your OC"-Simple, just draw a picture of your OC. Full body, face close-up, waist up, etc. It doesn't matter, just show her to us.

"You look very nice. Now draw the real you next to your OC"- Simply draw the real you next to your oc

"Can you compare each other now? :P"-All you need to do is draw anything comparing yourself to your OC. You can label each other with your differences, similarities etc. Just have fun here.

"Great, now lets see what you looked like with those
chubby cheeks? :3"-From here on forward, your OC only. Draw your OC as what she looked like when she was a baby.

"Cute! What was the most embarrassing nekkid moment
you’ve had? :D"-Just draw her in an embarrassing naked moment. NO, SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FULLY BUTT NAKED. She can be in anything intimate, just as long as it looks embarrassingly funny XP

"OMG! Now lets see your most embarrassing moment at
school 0.o"-After being embarrassed nekkid, draw her in an embarrassing school moment. Getting hit on the face with flying dodge balls, having a strand of toilet paper stuck behind her jeans, caught sleeping in class, etc.

"Fail! Now let’s see yourself as your favorite chibi expression"-What would she look like as a chibi with the best chibi expression you can think of?

"Eeeeeeee! Kawaii!! Now lets see her doing the most boyish
thang eva! :P"-What is the most boyish thing she'll do? Dance like a gangster, wearin extremely baggy clothes, wrestling her siblings? :P Name it

"Wow! Now let’s see her is she was a guy :)"-What would the chick look like as a dude? If you already have a male version of her, draw a different version, like draw him dancing, singing, skateboarding, etc. Not the same picture (where's the fun in that?)

"*.* Now draw her Disney (human) style"-What would she look like if she was a Disney character?

"Awesome! Let’s add some color(s)! Draw her in the fanciest hero
suit of your favorite color!"-Rather hard question ^^; Basically, just draw her in a very fancy hero suit. And the suit's color being you favorite color (if you have two, then mix them :))

"Let’s see if you can make her look like your favorite character
from your favorite show/book/movie/anime....>:]"-Do you have a favorite character? If so, draw her looking like her. Like, if you liked Sakura from Card Captors, draw her in the suit, or Mindy from The Spongebob Suarepants movie? Draw her as a mermaid :) Get creative.

"We’re almost done! Now draw her showing his special power"-What can she do? Can she create energy from her hands? Can she cover her whole body in ice? Or does she bend light around her body to make herself invisible? Show us!

"And finally, finish this with her dancing her @$$ off to her
favorite song!"-Like it says, draw her dancing her ass off with your favorite song 8D

"And you’re done! Yay!
Now tag three of your freinds >:D"Now that you're finished, you'll need to tag three of your friends :D

Note: If you're going to tag a guy, then you'll need to link him to the male OC meme.

If you wanna do this meme, then click the download button.
It'll open up (or you can save the file) on photoshop. This file has many layers. So you can have fun changing the text font, bg color, remove some of the brush effects & add your own, etc. Have fun with it :)

Let me know when you used it, I'd like to see what you did.

If you do not own photoshop, then I'll be uploading a JPEG image of the meme so that you may print it out & do it hand drawn, & then scan it in :) Have fun with it.
Other versions of this meme:


JPEG file-Male [link] Female [link]
Yay! My VERY FIRST meme :dummy:
Being my first meme, it might suck XP But leave me alone.

To start things out, I'll tag my good pals:
:iconlilith13thevampire:, :iconhollybell:, & :iconxx0pain0xx:
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These are pretty much all the questions that I noticed nobody ever asks in memes. And these are all the questions that I think can really define a character.

SO YES. Enjoy~


:icondezia: doatrisdoatrisdoatris <B~
:iconvazette: B>~
AAAAAAND:iconrocket--baby--doll: Cause I'd like to see what you do with it.

EDIT: HEY GUYS. If you use it in any way, please let me know. I'd really like to see what you do with it. Thanks~
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If you use this then please link me.
People who used it:

:iconwestiegirl1151: [link]
:icondarkmistresskari: [link]

Is´nt there anyone else who would like to try this meme?
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bases and memes
Collection by
Just a little base for all your basing needs :iconimhappyplz:

Original: Ack, I just found it on photobucket :iconsweatdropplz: I shall look for it though :]

Rulezies ::::

1-No stealing/claiming as your own :iconwthplz:
2-Edit it in whichever way you like (That means Franken-dolling or whatever else you come up with C: )
3-You can use it in other bases/edits.
4-You can gender bend.

Please send the finish product to me somehow >w< You don't have too, but I'd love too see your art >w< :heart:

Oh yeah, and have fun. Or I kill you when you sleep, yeah? (:


If you are the original artist of the picture I edited this base from, or know the original artist, and would like me to take the base down due to copyright, please tell me before you yell at me or report me and what not.
If you tell me that you know or are the original artist I will take the base down without hesitation. (If you know the original artist please send me a link to their profile so I can credit if they're ok with me keeping the base up ^^)
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Original image--->[link]


:bulletred: You must link me your picture
:bulletred:Credit me
:bulletred: Have fun
:bulletred:Can edit all as you want
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Original image--->[link]
Rulz---> ~fancoupleanime
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so this is the first base i'm uploading but is the fourth one i've made ^^ ya so i hope you like it

• Send me a link i want to see when your done.
• Credit me by icon or by link.
• All edits are okay.
• You cannot use any of my bases to make real money. Online currency (like GaiaGold, for example) is perfectly fine, though.
• You may frankendoll.
• Please take your time when you doll! <3 Beautiful dolls aren't rushed.

orignial pic [link]

i used it [link]
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It took its time. but is finished now!

Original IMAGE: [link]

Remember to follow the rules:
Pleas send me a link
You can change colours
Credit me!
Remove my username/name
You can change the gender
No need to ask before using
No frankdollin
You can change experssions
And of course ENJOY!

By カミラ
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