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Berlin - World Tour
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Official Berlin deviantMEET Information! Huzzah!
Guten Tag Berlin!  :wave:
The time has come to prepare for the next World Tour deviantMEET ...
Location:  Berlin, Germany
When:  Saturday, June 6th @ 2:00 PM
Where:  Meet at the Brandenburg Gate, followed by a short walk to Tiergarten

That's exactly where we're meeting!
With the help of local resident trenchmaker, spyed and I spent part of the day scouting Berlin for an excellent deviantMEET location.  As previously noted, we always try and hold deviantMEETs near culturally relevant locales.
Sydney = The Opera House
Singapore = The Merlion in Merlion Park
Warsaw = Palace of Culture and Science
Istanbul = Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Berlin = Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten offer perfect lo
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Berlin, come meet your local art community NOW!
Es ist Zeit, Berlin!  :eager:
spyed, MidnightExigent, hexentanz, and I will be at the Brandenburg Gate in just about two hours.  We're looking forward to meeting with fellow deviants and sincerely hope you'll join us!  In the event you get lost or just need a bit of encouragement, call our temporary cell phone number and I'll help you out!  49 1 520 631 7930.
Location:  Berlin, Germany
When:  Saturday, June 6th @ 2:00 PM
Where:  Meet at the Brandenburg Gate, followed by a short walk to Tiergarten

That's exactly where we'll be meeting.  You can't miss it.
The weather for today is predicted to be 61°F/16°C with a slight chance of showers during the day, increasing into the night.  Be sure to dress appropriately.
Not sure what to expect?  Good times,
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An Epic Report Of The Berlin World Tour Stop
#hq ist ein Berliner!
Long blog is long. TL;DR N/A. Grab popcorn and coke. If it reads like something a five-grader wrote, that's because I'm writing straight from the top of my head! It was just too great of an experience for me to leave anything out.
Friday, June 5 - Arrival
Thursday/Friday night I was just restless, anxious and nervous and couldn't get any sleep at first but I managed to squeeze in a decent 2.5 hour nap right before I had to head out to catch my train. But when I woke up, my nervousness was almost entirely gone. It was magical. I was just like 'Heck yeah, let's do it! UNF!'
The train ride was OK for lasting ~6hours. On the first train I blended out a bunch of loud kids with a nice long mellow dubstep podcast, which will forever remind me of this trip from now on, just like Dog Fashion Disco's 'Adultery' album still reminds me of my first visit to hexentanz four years ago.
On the second train I opted for listening to comedy and spoken word
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For our many friends in Berlin
We had such a great time making new friends and meeting old ones in Berlin.  To start off, here is the official World Tour Berlin, Germany meet photo:

I love this photo. Taken by my friend travisk who came to visit all the way from San Francisco just to be a part of the meet. :heart:
We also had some local core staff who work from Germany for deviantART, including MidnightExigent who wrote this epic journal update about the meet and hexentanz who wrote this update as well. From our volunteer team it was very nice to meet Grandchild and TobiasRoetsch for the first time! They help all of us in moderating the Visualizations and Space Art galleries, respectively. :heart:
So here's what happened; after the meet photo, we walked towards Tiergarten;
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devMEET Berlin 2009
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your body is jerusalem,
he’ll tell you
coveted first, then plundered.
– you’re my backwater bedroom
martyr, he’ll tell you
as he nails your wrists
to bedposts,
seizes your tongue like
a white flag,
pulls stones from your parapets –
little sister,
i’ll tell you
the children’s crusade
is lost:
and you’ll kneel at his sword and know
you were always his
to take
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the undivine
i bite my own skin, feel the vein
beneath the flesh curve against my canines
and very nearly
and it feels wonderful
i am not ashamed to admit it.
one AM heart girl,
feeling nothing inside herself
except the hunger
of her blood, with the warmth of the sun
surging through her bloodstream and lighting her up
from the inside
like a fluorescent
light bulb flickering
by its lonesome in the night  
of the city
lost among a street of dark
lips scratchy and bleeding
she doesn't care for their chapped state;
eyes drooping from the weariness of
the worlds she lives in
the catlike cotton comforts her, curling
across her gentle, soft bones
her shoulders arch,
all melancholy,
her chest presses flush against the mattress and
oh yes, now the beats of her heart connect with her
eardrums and
(boom boom boom boom)

she curls her palm and a fiery
flower blooms in it, the heavy
love poison soaks into the capillaries of her
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