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dbz vs
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Edit by me..
Real by alessandelpho
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because I can! nuff said ^-^

in case you don't know them :lol: :P
Dragonball GT vs DC Comics + Marvel

Trunks (ssj2) vs Iron Man
Mystic Gohan vs Spiderman
Vegeta (ssj4) vs Batman (The Dark Knight)
Goku (ssj4) vs Superman

Is not about who would win, this is just for fun XD
respect to the fans plz!

Regarding the DB characters, I couldn't decide which ones to put, I wanted to include only the 4 strongest (good) characters. But i guess Gohan and Trunks are indeed very strong, besides that's the 2 fathers and sons :)

The fact that there are only dudes in the picture reminded me of this
IT'S OVER 9000!!! > [link]
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2:
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looks like he got frostbite :D
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Priscilla and Veggie...
Pay no mind. Doodle. Lil' sick right now.

Dragon Ball/DBZ (C) Akira Toriyama, Funimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV.
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Updated! I'm going through my entire gallery and taking down all the multiple paged models, and uploading a single PDF containing all the pages to help keep things neat!

Assembled picture

PePaKuRa (PDO) File

If you can't figure out how to download this file, refer to this One-Step How-To Guide

Have you built this or one of my other models? Feel free to let me know how hard you thought they were!
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When you think about it, even aside from having the same coloured clothing, Gokuu and Naruto really do have a fair few things in common...


Both Gokuu and Naruto go completely insane the first time they transform, and do something useful. The second time they do almost nothing useful by transforming and have their transformation removed. Later on they both receive the power of their transformation without going nuts (Naruto by learning to use the red chakra, and Gokuu by drinking the Shinsui water in the Piccolo Daimao Saga).

*end spoilers*

^_^ I guess in some small ways it shows that Kishimoto was a fan of Toriyama's...
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Hahaha !! Half broken, but anyway.. I'm on this for soooo long. I almost gave on many times on this crap. But hey, it could please someone !!

It's HARD to do him justice :D

For me, the left eye is broken, but i can't find the way to correct it!
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Collection by
Please like my facebook page for more :)…

Painting for a comic+manga convention called "Overload" taking place in New Zealand at the end of Sept
If ur going, plz buy one when u see it :)
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An other collaboration between me and Leakim Dek (, in which I did the colors 
Really amazing to work on his fantastic draws, it make me feel that I want to improve, more and more ^^

Enjoy friends  :powerup:

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Just for fun :)

Original here
Drawing by :iconvhaan00:
Colors by me :D
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Collection by
Another crossover between Sonic the Hedgehog and DBZ. This time, it's Goku vs Shadow! (I was going to do the Chaos Spear but I change my mind)
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EDIT: Most sequences and scenes were fixed to make it the most smooth possible. So if you see any minimal or major mistake I have done, comment to me, okay? I'll fix it.
Also, the full version will be 500x350 and with a new sky for the battle (as you currently see). And lucky that for the full part you'll see I improved with Swift 3D scenes and I can go even further with my skills if I want to. I will never say no to this, the animation will be surely finished at 100% sooner or later. :nod:
SECOND EDIT: You can now click on the message, press SPACEBAR, or ENTER to continue without pressing any other key. Music was added as well.

Also, if you are unable to see it, here's the original:

Finally, it's here the preview 2! :phew: After a very long wait, I decided to show to all of you this preview about the battle animation. =)

But for being honest, I'll need your help guys, since I don't have the mp3 Khz changer program anymore and I had planned to add music on this preview, but I failed, and the worst part is that the original song couldn't be imported into Flash (I was going to use the "X vs Zero song from Megaman X5", but the Flash didn't allow it to import into it...). Can you tell me a program that changes the Khz from a mp3 file?

Here's the song I failed to import:

I worked on this one especially for you guys, and especially for *kimeria87:iconkimeria87:, and ~Peach-X-Yoshi:iconpeach-x-yoshi:, since these girls like princess Peach as most of us. =) I worked on some complex scenes, but when I tried to import the music converted into Wav., it made the Flash sound sequences fail and ruin the fun from it... :B

So I decided to don't place music until I could be able to make scenes without damaging the frame speed between the background and the sounds. Well, in this preview FIXED today in 2012, I DID finally add the music, and is different this time. =)

People expect TOO MUCH on Sonic the Hedgehog :no:, so if you expected I was going to place Sonic, you are wrong. :I But there's another surprise I added on that preview, but for some GTS-fans you'll notice why I placed the GTS cathegory? Well, I decided to make 2 girls bigger while the mains are still with their "Fire and Ice" powerups. =)

Well, I dunno if this is the first time our fighting style is fused with VGGTS and Anime GTS content on this Flash animation... ^^; But yeah, I hope you enjoy and thanks for waiting! (=

M&L Mario sprites: A.J. Nitro, CyberWolfJV (~TheGuy07), ~JumpmanDA, Nintendosega, Alvin-Earthworm
MPA Peach sprites: Hans-460
Zatch and Kiyo sprites: Silver (or Silverbolt), Grim, Soulcatcrf, and dimps
Tia and Megumi sprites: Mr. Kupo, Skell, and dimps
Ice Mario and Fire Zatch recolors and some edits: me (~ZatchHunter)
MFGG and TSR people have also credit by ripping the backgrounds and sprite effects I used

Finalmente, está aquí el preview 2! :phew: Después de una espera muy larga, decidí mostrarles a todos ustedes este preview acerca de la animación de batalla. =)

Pero para ser honesto, necesitaré su ayuda muchachos, desde que ya no tengo el programa que cambia los Khz en un archivo mp3 y había planeado agregar música en éste preview, pero fallé, y la peor parte es que la canción original no podía ser importada en Flash (yo iba a usar la "canción de X vs Zero de Megaman X5", pero el Flash no me permitió importarla...). Me pueden decirme un programa que cambia los Khz de un archivo mp3?

Aquí está la canción que fallé de importar:

Yo trabajé en éste especialmente para ustedes muchachos, y especialmete para *kimeria87:iconkimeria87:, y ~Peach-X-Yoshi:iconpeach-x-yoshi:, desde que esas muchachas le gusta la princesa Peach como muchos de nosotros. =) Trabajé en algunas escenas complejas, pero cuando intenté importar la música convertida en Wav., hizo que las secuencias de sonido del Flash fallaran y arruinaran la diversión que había en él... :B

Así que decidí no poner música hasta que pudiera ser capáz de hacer escenas sin dañar la velocidad de los fotogramas entre el fondo y los sonidos

La gente espera MUCHO en Sonic The Hedgehog :no:, asi que si esperaron que iba a poner a Sonic, estan equivocados. :I Pero hay otra sorpresa que agregué en ese preview, pero para algunos fans de GTS notarán porqué yo lo puse en la categoría de GTS? Bueno, decidí hacer a las 2 chicas más grandes mientras los principales están todavía con sus powerups de "Fuego e Hielo". =)

Bueno, no sé si ésta es la primera vez que mi estilo de pelea se fusiona con contenido VGGTS y Anime GTS en esta animación Flash... ^^; Pero sí, espero que disfruten y gracias por esperar! (=
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A banner for Kai's site.
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My Best Mash-Up in AGES!!!! Wow....this one took me a while!! Enjoy!
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Collection by
Line Art by Seiya-Dbz-Fan :iconseiya-dbz-fan:
Color by Wizard Tsufur :iconwizardtsufur:
Card Design : Seiya-Dbz-Fan
Dragon Ball Z : Saga Sayans.
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This Adoptable Has Been Claimed

This is a FREE adoptable.

The first person to comment may claim him/her.

Made With: [link]
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A colored version of Son Goku (Dragon Ball). A little before the SSJ transformartion.

lineart Marvelmania : [link]

Color : me

Marvelmania gallery : [link]
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J'ai tellement dessiné de dragon ball étant me suis dit et comment je le ferais maintenant ?

Voila le résultat avec un son gohan bien en rogne contre cell.

Reline et colo par Berto

Dragon ball par Akira Toriyama

Photoshop CS et tablette graphique wacom Bamboo

Environ 6 heures
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I'm sure most of yall can figure out who these two are.
I didnt want to use their original outfits, but i figured that would be the only way anyone would recognize them
My take on what should have happened ;)

EDIT: i will upload the lineart when i get home later if anyone is interested in coloring it.

copyright toriyama
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Collection by

Here's an action scene for you guys! :excited:
Can't wait for Dissidia 012! :heart:
Well, obviously this is not the battle screen of Dissidia 012.
It's actually from FFXIII. But since Dissidia 012 is not yet released, I just inspired this one from XIII.
Oh btw, Lightning is equipped with the Omega Weapon here.
I have 2 gunblades, the omega and the blazefire saber. :D

One of the most awaited battle, Lightning and Warrior of Light!
Who's light is brighter?

:icontsunade-hime18: as Lightning
:iconkarlonne: as Warrior of Light

Photo by Anthony Wong :camera:

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B - for - BLEACH
A - for - AVATAR
O - for - ONE PIECE






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4 days late but who gives a shit LOL.
It's been 10 years since Digimon started. wow. Sorry I didn't draw a more proper picture.

This just shows digimon adventure still reigns supreme over the other ones lol. Although, I personally like 02 best.
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*plz read * sorry,if the charactors r not match,coz I did this artwork Before I watched bleach ^^;

Who is who?
Let's guess!

the answer r below!!

gin ichimaru/jiraiya
byakuya kuchiki/orochimaru
the parakeet/rock lee
sado "chad" /gai sensei
uryu ishida/sasuke uchiha
the stuffed plushie thingy/Itachi
orihime inoue/sakura haruno
ichigo kurosaki/naruto uzumaki
rukia kuchiki/hinata hyuga
renji abarai/kiba
kenpachi zaraki/zabuza mamochi
yachiru kusajishi/haku
toshiro hitsugaya/kakashi sensei
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we are about to make a picture series of character from avatar fight against character from naruto.

this is the first one, Aang VS Naruto

if comicket in indonesia really happening for good, we will print it for sale

to see the comic version, visit :iconsetagila:
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Collection by
this is officialy the biggest and most awesomest thing i have ever made. (if u see the kyubi naruto with the odd smiley face, i was trying to light the netherrack on fire, but the wool caught on fire too)
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a dumb random idea I had yesterday :XD:
lol they look so funny

Let me know what you think :D

Comments and Faves Are appreciated

drawing and coloring each character took me an hour :)

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Whew, this one's been sitting around for a looooong time now. I think I posted the lineart several years back, but for some reason I never got around to putting the finished product up.

Anyway, speaks for itself. The only reason Sonic's Sasuke, is because he couldn't really fit any other role. : P

Sonic and co. (c) Sega/Sonic Team
Inked with Millineum ink pens, Sharpie.
Colored with Crayola color pencils.
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.:.:.NaruSonic Project.:.:.
The next installment of the project is the Transformation animation. Yes i know the tails look stupid but when you think about it, some sprites look like that when animated

Dark Super Sonic and Dark Super Sonic Sprites (C) SEGA
4 Tailed Naruto (C) Masashi Kishimoto
4 Tailed Naruto Sprites Neimed
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It has happened, the combination: Sonic & Naruto!!!
Featuring Kakashi Sonic & Mighty Knuckles!!

SO yes, Tails is Naruto!!! :XD:

More to come... XD

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EDIT: If you didn't understand some words in the song, here are the lyrics: [link]

2nd flash in a row! :dummy:

I started working on this flash 6 months ago, but then I lost the motivation to continue it XD

Aaaanyway, the song is called 'Jar of Dirt' and it's a remix made by Captain Neon from the movie 'Pirates of the Carribean'. :I

.....I LOVE making fun of Pein :iconohohoplz:

Flash CS3, 10+ hours
Naruto (c) Kishimoto
Song (c) Captain Neon
Comments disabled by owner.
Dark Art Fella

Soley 3DSM
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So I seen some people do stuff like this and I decided to make one myself. It's my first one I ever made so don't be too harsh!!! T_T

Rinoa Heartilly©Square Enix
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Here's another fanart of Haruno Sakura from Naruto.
I really loved the way this one turned out! :love:
The lineart was not done by me; I only coloured.

:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange:

Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto
Haruno Sakura © Masashi Kishimoto
Lineart by: :iconfalcouk:
Original Link: [link]
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Phew! I'm finally finished.
This took me like...six hours? ^^;
Oh, well! I love how this had turned out.
Please comment! :)

:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange:

Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto
Yamanaka Ino © Masashi Kishimoto
Lineart by: :iconraburetta:
Original Link: [link]
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One Piece
Collection by
After the first one I wanted to try and make a even better one...Now I'm not sure. But if you guys like then that's all that matters. Please fav, comment, chat, and I wish you all a happy holiday!

List of charatcers:
Super Saiyan Blue Vegito-DBZ
Issei-High School DxD
Luffy-One Piece
Eren-Attack On Titan
Meliodas-Seven Deadly Sins
Natsu-Fairy Tail
Ryuko-Kill La Kill
Edward-Full Metal Alchemist 
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Doctor Moo: Ah Halloween, one of my favorite time of the year. Whether you’re just a kid with a pail venturing door to door, out to a party, out playing pranks, or just staying home to watch movies, you’ll see all kinds of monsters. Although none are more traditional and common than pumpkins, bats, ghosts, and of course: skeletons!

Maestro: Indeed, skeletons are very traditional in the world of spooks. Whether you find them scary of not, Skeletons can actually be quite charming with their eccentricity and flamboyance. Despite being dead, they are often very lively as they sing and dance the night away, turning the grave yard from a place of rest into a place of song and celebration.

Doctor Moo: Like Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town.

Maestro: And Brook, the "Soul King" and musician of the straw hat pirates.

Doctor Moo:  I’m Doctor Moo, and he’s Maestro

Maestro: and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE.


Jack Skellington
First Appearance: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’10
Occupation: Pumpkin King
Affiliation: Seven Holiday World Leaders
Likes: Scaring others, discovering new things, Halloween, Christmas, and Sally
Theme song:


- Earned the title of pumpkin king, a title that states the bearer is the scariest creature to exist.
- Managed to hijack Christmas itself
- Rescued Santa Claus and Sally from Oogie Boogie several times
- Saved all of Halloween town twice from invading monsters
- Defeated a giant sized fully powered Oogie Boogie
- Teamed up with Sora, Donald, and Goofy to defend both Halloween town and Christmas town.
- Has fought and defeated a variety of creatures such as giant insects, Heartless, ghosts, and other kinds of monsters. 

Doctor Moo: If you haven’t seen his movie, then chances are you’ve seen his face on merchandise at your local Hot Topic. Either way, Jack Skellington needs no introduction: The spirit of Halloween itself, whether he’s singing a catchy song, scaring the pants off children, or hijacking Christmas, Jack Skellington is one of the most recognizable characters to come from the mind of Tim Burton and the wide world of Disney.

Maestro: No one really knows who Jack was before he died, but considering Halloween has been around for at least a century, it’s fair to assume that he is very old and he must have lived his life in the mid to late 1800’s. Sometime after his death, Jack Skellington traveled around scaring people all over, sweeping even the bravest off their feet and gaining quite the reputation. 

Doctor Moo: At some point, he was given the title of Pumpkin King, and since then he had ruled over Halloween town, ensuring that each Halloween is fun, exciting, and most importantly: Terrifying. Of course, not everyone was happy about Jack's new found status... The king of all bugs Oogie Boogie  was rather ticked that he was no longer considered the scariest thing around and that everyone had forgotten about his own holiday "New Bug Day". Determined not to be out done, he launched his attack!

Maestro: He sent Locke, Shock, and Barrel to kidnap Jack, only for them to accidentally kidnap Sally instead. In frustration, he not only held her hostage, but released a whole plague of monstrous insects of all shapes and sizes on the town itself so they'd learn to fear him once more. However, with the aid of the citizens of Halloween town, Jack was able to defeat the horde of giant bugs, gain Sally's admiration, and banish Oogie Boogie himself to his mountain lair. 

Doctor Moo: With that, things returned back to normal and Halloween resumed as per usual... But the usual was starting to wear thin. Just a year later, Jack had grown tired of Halloween itself after years of the same thing over and over. He fell into a depression and left Halloween town only to soon wander off into unfamiliar territory where he ran into several strange doors; amongst them was the entrance to Christmas town. 

Maestro: While there, Jack fell in love with the holiday, so much so that he actually wanted to have it for his own, even if for just one night. Against the warnings of Sally, Jack proceeded to take over the holiday by having Locke, Shock, and Barrel kidnap Santa Claus. Meanwhile he had the citizens of Halloween town manufacture strange twisted toys while Dr. Finkelstein made him his own sleigh and reindeer. Complete with his red suit and hat, he took off into the night lead by his ghost dog zero… but things unfortunately didn’t go his way.

Doctor Moo: Considering his presents started coming to life and outright terrorizing people all over the world, Jack’s attempt at being Santa for the night ended up quite literally going up in smoke. To make things worse, both Santa Claus and Sally were now held captive by the sadistic Oogie Boogie.  The Pumpkin King rushed back to Halloween town, rescuing them, defeating Oogie Boogie, and setting things right. 

Maestro: Although Santa Claus STILL had to clean up the mess Jack left, it was a Christmas that no one would soon forget… but of course, Oogie Boogie wasn't done yet... and neither was Jack himself. 


Undead Skeleton body: 
- Can remove parts of his body (including his own head) and put himself back together just fine
- Once got blown up by an anti air-craft round and fell thousands of feet from the sky, and remained mostly intact only missing his bottom jaw.
- Isn't hurt by fire
- Electricity can restore his health
- Neigh immortality
- If thrown into acid, he’ll just turn into a puddle-like blob and be able to reform back to normal later.
- Can use his skeleton finger tips to slash at targets like claws

- Is incredibly light due to lack of flesh to weigh him down. 
- Can leap long distances and jump rather high
- Able to gracefully maneuver around deadly obstacles and booby traps with ease.
- Quick enough to dodge speeding projectiles being flung his way
- Allows him to sneak around easier
- Able to do acrobatic flips
- Can easily climb ledges and walls

Singing and Dancing: 
- Is a dang good singer as far as we're concerned.
- Can burst into song, even while fighting/during battle
- Is actually quite a skilled graceful dancer and knows many moves such as twirling, sliding, and flips.
- His dance moves actually make for effective attacks
- Special move: Applause!: Jack does a dramatic slide into his enemies from a long range which knocks them away.
- While dancing, he can summon music notes that fly towards opponents and bombard them with small explosions (as well as back up dancers)
- If he dances while in his “Santa Jack” form, he can summon meteor-like chunks of hail to fall from the sky onto the opponent
- If he dances while in his “Pumpkin King” form, he can summon large streams of fire from the ground to torch his opponent
- If his dancing is off, damage inflicted will be lower and the music note projectiles might miss

Master of fright: 
- Is a master of fright and is very knowledgeable of many ways to scare others
- Is very good at sneaking up on others to trick/scare them
- Can charge up to people and scare them by releasing a powerful shock wave, which sends them flying back and leaves them momentarily disoriented/stunned. 
- Said shock wave is powerful enough to tear down trees and bust open large crates.

Magic spells/abilities:
- Blazing Fury: Launches a fire ball at an enemy. Can also engulf himself in flames and charge into enemies.
- Icey Terror: Shoots out a burst of ice crystals
- Bolts of Sorrow: Conjures a variety of thunder bolts to continually strike opponents
- Ghostly scream: Can summon dark spheres that crush enemies
- Can conjure up a wave of bats and ghosts that surround and damage opponents
- MP Haste: Allows the user to recover MP more quickly
- Thunder Boost: Increases the damage inflicted by electric attacks
- Blizzard Boost: Increases the damage inflicted by ice attacks
- Fire Boost: Increases the damage inflicted by fire attacks
- Magic relies entirely on MP and can be drained quickly if spammed. 

Doctor Moo: Jack Skellington is not only the ruler of Halloween town, but he seems to also be its local defender. The town has been overrun several times by creatures of all kinds such as giant bugs, heartless, and menacing ghosts and skeletons. Because of this, he of course has a variety of powers, skills, and weapons which come in really handy for dealing with such invasions.

Maestro: For starters, Jack Skellington is already dead, making him quite difficult to kill. His bones can be ripped/torn/cut off, but he can put himself back together. His bones are also surprisingly durable, since he once got hit by an anti-air craft gun and fell from above the clouds... only to just lose his bottom jaw, which was easily re-attached. He can light himself on fire without getting burnt or feel pain, and getting shocked by an electric chair somehow revitalizes his health. His long bony fingers also function as make shift claws, which can be used to swipe at enemies. 

Doctor Moo: and considering how skinny Jack is, it's no surprise that he's actually quite nimble and flexible, which he uses to his advantage to constantly dodge enemy attacks from all angles and to conceal himself for sneaking scares. Speaking of which, Jack has been scaring people for almost 100 years and knows all kinds of ways to make them scream. While technically non-damaging, his scare tactics are great for stunning his targets and psyching them out.

Maestro: Also, Jack seems to possess a few magical abilities that manifest themselves through his dancing or through spells. He has also shown to be adept with magic, knowing a variety of elemental spells and being able to summon a wave of ghosts and bats to circle around him. By dancing, Jack can conjure up musical notes that then home in on opponents and explode upon contact, and even summon the powers of fire and ice depending on which form he's in.


Pumpkin King:
- Jack can set himself ablaze for an extended period of time
- Flame Thrower: Jack can shoot a long stream of flames that blast enemies away
- Fire Bomb: Can send out a powerful ring of fire that damages all enemies in range
- Can also use flames to jet himself in a straight line and burn whatever is in his path
- Fire can somehow hurt/burn ghosts
- Fire can eventually run out after extended use

Santa Jack:
- Equips him with a sack full of various kinds of toys that can take enemies by surprise
- Appears to have an unlimited amount of toys at his disposal.
- Gains some ice based powers as well 

Doctor Moo: Jack also has two transformations he can instantly switch back and forth between: Pumpkin King and Santa Jack. Pumpkin King Jack primarily uses various kinds of fire attacks, able to burst into flames, shoot out a stream of fire like a flame thrower, form a ring of fire that completely surrounds him and multiple near by targets in range, and even jet himself towards his opponent leaving a trail of flames behind him.

Maestro: And as Santa Jack, Jack gains a large burlap sack that several kinds of toys to use at his disposal that are capable of freezing enemies, stunning enemies, or weaken them by snapping them out of rage. While the amount of toys Jack can throw at a time is limited, the toys themselves never seem to run out. He also gains some ice powers as well, as shown by the fact that dancing in this form allows him to summon large meteor-like chunks of hail from the sky.


Soul Robber:
- A living green slime creature that wraps around Jack’s arm
- Can change shape
- Has a very long reach
- Can grab enemies and throw them and/or slam them hard into the ground
- Can grab enemies and spin them around before tossing them away
- Can be spun around Jack which attacks enemies all around while also deflecting projectiles
- The tip can form a giant hand, the head of a morning star, a blade, a hook, a spear head, ect.
- Can be used like a grappling hook to climb/swing from high ledges.
- Can be used to grab and fling objects at opponents.
- Can shatter stone
- Can actually hurt/damage ghosts

Booby trapped presents:
- Three different presents to choose from:
Re-possession: A jack-in-the-box that scares enemies so they revert to weaker less aggressive forms. 
Scared Stiff: A bigger scarier jack-in-the-box pops out and stuns enemies
Cold front: A stack of snowy pumpkins pops out unleashing a blast of freezing cold that can freeze enemies into ice
- Weapons also work on ghosts
- Never run out
- Only 3 can be used at a time
- Have to be remotely triggered to pop open and take effect
- Can only be used when Jack is in “Santa Jack” form

Frog Gun:
- Shoots out powerful long range cloud of gas that takes the form of a frog face
- Great for killing insect enemies

Pumpkin Bombs
- Jack-O-Lanterns that can be used as an explosive
- Can grow larger for a bigger explosion/more damage
- Can be used to destroy specific barriers

Bat Boomerang
- A live bat that travels in a straight line towards a target to inflict damage
- Can be fired 3 times in a row
- Can disable electric walls and barriers
- At full power it can split into three red bats and inflict even more damage 

Maestro: Jack Skellington has also been armed with various kinds of weapons supplied to him by the citizens of Halloween town. The Soul Robber is a strange living slime-like shape shifting creature that wraps itself around Jack's hand and has a variety of uses such as being able to function as a grappling hook, being used to ensnare enemies, and turning into different kinds of weapons. It's even capable of somehow harming ghosts!

Doctor Moo: The citizens of Halloween town also armed him with the Frog Gun, which shoots out a powerful gas cloud that does like Raid and kills bugs dead. He also has the Pumpkin Bombs, which are explosives shaped like jack-o-lanterns that when thrown, can cause a small but potent explosion... wait... that last one sounds awfully familiar...

Maestro: He also carries the Bat-Boomerang, a projectile that-

Doctor Moo: Wait wait wait... WAIT... Did you just saying Bat-Boomerang? Okay, either Jack has been ripping off ideas from comic books, or him, Gobby, and Batman met one night and exchanged ideas... Now I want to see a team up between Jack Skellington and Batman! 

Maestro: Well in all fairness, his bat-boomerangs don't function like THOSE kinds of Boomerangs (even though chances are they were inspired by them) Jack's are actually live bats that fly into the opponent in a straight line and attack when thrown. When fully powered, it can split into three bats traveling in different directions for more damage and range, and can even be used to disable electric barriers.

Doctor Moo: I still think it would be awesome if Jack and Batman teamed up to fight Oogie Boogie and the Scare Crow... That alone is worthy of an episode of "The Brave and the Bold!". Back on topic: Jack has many powers, skills, and tools that make him more formidable than he may appear and even able to adapt to almost anything that comes his way, but unfortunately the Pumpkin King isn't without his short comings...

Maestro: Jack Skellington is very child-like at heart, making him oblivious to the feelings and intentions of others. When he's excited, he tends to make impulsive irrational decisions and can come up with ideas that lead to disaster, such as when he entrusted Santa Claus to Locke, Shock, and Barrel, Attempted to BE Santa Claus for one night, and attempted to use dangerous Heartless for a Halloween celebration. As such, he can't always seem to tell when he's in danger right away.

Doctor Moo: And while Jack Skellington is already dead, it's been speculated by the Mayor of Halloween town that if Jack were blown into a pile of dust, he'd "double dead" as Oogie Boogie would call it. And while he did survive getting blown up/falling from a high distance, he was still out cold for awhile, showing that it's possible to knock him unconscious. Also, various spells of his have a limit to the amount of times they can be used before they run out and stop working temporarily. 

- Can be naïve and even too trusting at times
- Doesn’t always immediately recognize danger
- Never thinks things through so he can come up with impractical/terrible ideas which often leads to disaster.
- Can die if his bones are grounded or blown into dust
- Can be knocked out/put out of commission temporarily with a powerful enough attack
- Attacks that rely on magic can easily be drained with excessive use

Maestro: Despite Jack's crazy plans that tend to get him and sometimes the citizens of Halloween Town in trouble, He remains beloved and respected King and is a noble soul who will always stand up for his friends and won't tolerate anyone mistreating them. 

Doctor Moo: Jack Skellington has continued to help sustain the spirit of Halloween for many years. While he has spread fear, he's also spread a sense of excitement and wonder much like the holiday itself. He truly is the Pumpkin King.

“Fear and doubt are signs of a strong heart. They push your heart, strike out in new directions! Without them, your zest for life might fade… and would your taste for fear… and believe me, that would really ruin my fun.”


First Appearance: One Piece Chapter 442: Adventure in the demon sea (2007)
Age: 90
Height: 9’1
Occupation: Captain, Pirate, Swordsman, and Musician
Affiliation: Rumbar Pirates and Straw Hat Pirates
Likes: Tea, Milk, Takoyaki, playing music, and women’s panties (don’t ask)
Theme song: 


- Was once the leader of a battle convoy
- Was once Captain of the Rumbar Pirates and gained a bounty of 33,000,000 beri
- Saved Nico Robin and Franky from a giant spider monkey monster Taranran
- Assisted the Straw Hats in taking down Oars and Gekko Moriah
- Became a major rock star
- Defeated the New Fishman Pirates alongside the rest of the straw hat crew
- Rescued Nami and Chopper from an officer of the Donquixote Pirates. 

Doctor Moo: When Monkey D. Luffy started his voyage to become the king of the pirates, he of course also needed to have a trusty crew. He met all kinds of people that joined him on his journey, including a weird reindeer man doctor and a cyborg that runs around in speedos. While all of them were welcome additions, the one thing Luffy longed for was a musician... Well, in time he got his wish, and he was soon joined by the skeleton musician and humming swordsman: Brook.

Maestro: Fifty Two years before joining the straw hat crew, Brook was once a living human who was part of the Rumbar Pirates, a crew that consisted mainly of musicians. On their ship they one day came across a lost baby whale who they then proceeded to cheer up with their music. The whale itself began following them where ever they went, so they affectionately named the whale "Laboon". While the crew itself had grown attached to Laboon, the one who bonded with him most was Brook himself. 

Doctor Moo: The Rumbar pirates realized it would be too dangerous for Laboon if he followed him to the grand line, so they left him under the care of doctor named Crocus and vowed to return for him when their voyage was complete. However, that whale would be waiting a LOT longer than he anticipated, since tragedy struck the crew not too long afterwards. 

Maestro: The captain and some of the crew died of a disease, leaving Brook to be appointed as their new captain. Things were going well for Brook and his crew for awhile, but it wasn't long until they entered the Florian Triangle, where Brook and his crew were attacked by enemy pirates who used poisoned weapons. Barely surviving the assault, Brook and his crew realized they weren't long for this world, so they spent what time they had left doing what they loved most: Playing music. One by one, they died as they played their final song, until finally Brook was the only one left... who then died alone.

Doctor Moo: Holy crap that's sad... Instead of crossing over, Brook's soul returned to the mortal world thanks to having ingested a devil fruit. But because of how thick the fog was in the area, he had a bit trouble locating his body... and by the time he found it, it had decomposed to the point where all that were left were his bones (as well as his afro due to his hair having "strong roots"... believe me, that isn't the weirdest thing about his skeleton body, but we'll get to that later.)

Maestro: Brook spent decades aboard his drifting vessel completely alone. One day his ship drifted onto Thriller Bark where he was captured by Gecko Moriah, a powerful pirate who removed his shadow and attached it to the corpse of a samurai named Ryuma to animate it. Brook fought to get his shadow back, but failed, ending up cast off from the island for five years... But instead of wallowing in loneliness, he spent the next five years training in hopes he'd defeat Ryuma.

Doctor Moo: One eventful day, Luffy boarded Brook's ship accompanied by Sanji and Nami. Despite two of them being understandably freaked out by Brook, Luffy was amused by this gentleman skeleton and didn't hesitate to ask him to join his crew. Not too long after that, he along with the other straw hats ventured onto Thriller Bark, helping him reclaim his shadow and joining forces to take down Gecko Moriah himself. After finding out that the Straw Hats themselves knew Laboon and let him know that Laboon was still waiting for him, he finally accepted Luffy's proposal and officially became the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Maestro: Of course, that's only the start of Brook's adventures with the Straw Hat Pirates. In no time at all he formed a connection with them, but sadly not too long afterwards he ended up separated from them for two years. But because of their close bond, not only were they reunited, but Brook came back stronger than he was before, having trained and improved himself for their sake.


Yomi-Yomi Fruit:
- Brought him back to life and allows his soul to dwell in his re-animated corpse
- Can separate his soul from his body to interact with others (similar to astral projection)
- However, doing so leaves his body vulnerable
- His soul can pull his bones back together if they get broken/ripped off (including putting his head back on after being cut off) 
- Allows him to eat and poop despite the lack of a digestive system (wtf?)
- Can feel the souls of others
- Gives him a weakness to sea stone
- Gives him a weakness to being submerged in water
- Allows him to conjure the chills of the underworld 

Chills of the Under World:
- Gives him ice based powers
- Can channel this power into his weapon
- Can freeze the blood of opponents he cuts
- Can also freeze/lock up enemy weapons
- Can shoot out streams of freezing ice

Undead skeleton Body:
- His broken/shattered/cracked bones can actually be healed if he drinks milk
- Isn’t bothered what so ever by incredibly hot or cold terrains
- Resistant against lightening/electricity
- Can absorb electricity and use it for an attack
- Can fall from great heights and not get hurt
- Can store objects in his hollow skull
- Cannot age
- Can still feel pain and become fatigued
- Is still susceptible to sleeping gas

- Fighting style is a combination of classical fencing and iaidō
- Is incredibly precise/accurate, able to hit small quick moving targets
- Sword strikes are faster than the eye could keep up with and can land before they have time to react
- Is able to keep up with Zoro (Despite being nowhere near his level)
- Knows a variety of techniques
- Can intercept speeding projectiles with quick swings of his sword

- Can run on water
- Can appear behind his opponents in the blink of an eye
- Can leap long distances/great heights
- Can take out a whole group of enemies in a fraction of a second
- Can slice enemies so quickly/precisely that they will not even realize they're cut

Muscial Talent: 
- Can play any kind of musical instrument
- Is particularly good with a violin and a guitar
- Music can inspire others to fight back
- Can use his music for combat capabilities
- Is is a good singer as well

- Will sometimes play dead to trick his opponents
- Can actually trick/deceive his adversaries to let their guard down
- Can hypnotize his foes and make them hallucinate with his music 

Doctor Moo: Brook ate a devil fruit known as the "Yomi-Yomi no Mi" (Revive-Revive fruit) which allowed him to revive after death by animating his corpse with his own soul. His soul can project out of his body to interact with others, and even pull him back together if he's been broken to pieces. He can even sense the souls of others, making him difficult to sneak up on. It also allows him to eat, drink, burp, fart, and even 'poop' despite the lack of a digestive system... How the hell does that even work? 

Maestro: While on the subject of hell, Brook's devil fruit allows him to conjure up the harsh colds from the afterlife itself, which he can channel through his sword to freeze his opponents after they have been cut. He can even use it to disable his opponent's weaponry, such as when he froze the barrels of flintlocks belonging to a group of gun men, causing them to backfire and rendering them useless. Being a re-animated skeleton, he's very difficult to put down. He is not bothered by harsh hot or cold weather, and appears to be resistant to electricity and can even use it to power up his attacks.

Doctor Moo: His fighting style involves his amazing speed and swordsmanship. Brook seems to prefer finishing fights as quickly as possible, dashing faster than the eye can see and cutting his opponents so quickly they don't notice they've been sliced until AFTER Brook has sheathed his sword. His swordsmanship is so precise, he once ran through an entire colony of flesh eating ants and killed every single last one of them of them with just a few swings of his sword in just several seconds.

Maestro: Brook is also a musician (like yours truly), incredibly talented and able to play any instrument given to him. Those talents with music can also be used during combat, since he is able to play music that has different side effects on his opponents. He has shown to be good at deceiving others, being able to trick them by playing dead or pretending to be on their side so he can lower their guard and strike them down.


Soul Solid:
- A Shikomizue (A sword concealed within a cane/walking stick) 
- Was sharpened by the long arm tribe
- Can cut through steel
- Can cut through the scales of dragons which are stronger than steel
- Can coat the sword with the "chills of the underworld" allowing it to freeze who it cuts
- Can be used to play his musical instruments

- Music played on it can be used to put people to sleep
- Music played on it can also cause targets to hallucinate
- Music played on it can hypnotize targets into doing as he commands 

Doctor Moo: Brook's main weapon is "Soul Solid", his trusty Shikomizue. During his two year separation from the rest of the straw hat crew, the long arm tribe sharpened his sword. As a result, Soul Solid can not only cut through steel, but even through the scales of dragons which are said to be tougher than steel itself.  He can not only combine it with his freezing abilities, but he can also combine it with his music abilities by using it as a bow to play his violin.

Maestro: Which is actually a bad idea as that would that would most likely sound terrible and would damage the violin itself... but anyway, by simply playing his violin, Brook can play music that when heard, can have different kinds of side effects on the target in question thus leaving them open to attack.

Special attacks: 

- Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri: A slash so fast that the target doesn’t even realize they’ve been cut until a few seconds later

- Aubade Coup Droit: a thrusting technique with the sword that apparently creates a highly compressed blast of air with enough power to burst its way through a thick wall as if fired from a gun.

- Prelude: Au Fe: A close range dis-arming technique that destroys whatever weapon the user is holding with an instant slash.

- Gavotte Bond en Avant : Propels himself towards his opponent to get in close range to attack for a powerful thrust strong enough to even make dragon's bleed. Can also be combined with his freezing powers.

- Swallow Bond en Avant: An aerial version of Gavotte Bond en Avant in which Brook jumps above his opponent and comes down with a spinning thrust to spear through them.

- Polka Remise: Delivers several powerful thrusts to the opponent so fast it looks like he is thrusting several swords at once. 

- Quinte Tierce Fantasia:  a swift draw-and-sheathing technique while his opponents are still under the influence of his music.

- Kasuriuta: Fubuki Giri: Same attack as "Yahazu Giri" but combined with his devil fruit powers, using his chilled sword to freeze his opponent's blood. 

- Ekakiuta: Hitoyogiri: Another swift draw-and-sheathing technique that slices the opponent's torso with three horizontal freezing cuts. 

- Nemuriuta Flanc: Swipes his weapon over his stringed instrument and creates a stream of music notes with a soothing melody that puts his opponents to sleep.

- Party Music: Brook uses his music to hypnotize his opponents into believing they are at a night festival, leaving them not only open to attack, but vulnerable to suggestions.

- Raikotsuken: Gavotte Bond en Avant: Brook is launched towards the opponent with his sword extended while spinning at high speeds, struck by electricity, and drills through his opponent and shocks them. However, Brook cannot control where he lands and requires an outside source to provide the electricity.

Doctor Moo: Most of Brook's attacks involve him getting closing the distance between him and his opponent and dashing past them while delivering several slashes or thrusts to quickly mow down his targets. His most used technique is his speedy draw-and-resheath technique: Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri (Meaning Three-Verse Humming: Arrow-Notch Slash) based off a technique he learned while serving under a Kingdom's old assault squad. 

Maestro: Brook also knows techniques that involve his musical talent such as Memuriuta Flanc; with just a simple swipe of his sword against his guitar, he can create a soothing melody that can make an entire group of enemies fall asleep the instant they hear it. With Party music, Brook can not only make his opponents hallucinate that they're at a festival under the stars, but even hypnotize them to waste their ammunition by firing at the sky, further distracting them so he can attack them before they even notice.

Doctor Moo: While Brook is very skilled, he does have a few weaknesses... For starters, despite being undead himself, he's actually terrified of ghosts and easy to frighten. Like all devil fruit users, Brook's powers weaken with Sea Stone (Think of it as a Devil Fruit user's kryptonite) and with being submerged in water (even just partially). It's even possible for Brook's body to be destroyed so badly that even his soul wouldn't be able to put him back together again!  

Maestro: Which can prove quite troublesome considering Brook will defend his afro first and foremost before he defends the rest of his body (Since Laboon recognized Brook from his afro, which he wishes to have intact for their eventual reunion) And despite his undead status, it's been shown that he can still feel pain, get tired if he pushes himself too hard, get knocked out by sleeping gas, and even drown. Finally, if his soul leaves his body, his body will remain motionless and be left open to attack unless he can get back into it quick enough.

- Has a fear of ghosts and the living dead (despite being the living dead himself)
- Shares the sea stone weakness like all devil fruit users
- It’s still possible for him to suffer a “Second death” if his body is completely destroyed or drowned in water
- Defends his afro before he defends the rest of his body
- Can still feel pain and fatigue
- Can fall unconscious when exposed to sleeping gas
- If his soul leaves his body, his body is left immobile and vulnerable.

Doctor Moo: Brook has had it really rough... He lost everything, including his own life. But even years of loneliness and isolation weren't enough to make him give up. Not even death itself will keep him from fulfilling the promises he makes.

Maestro: His determination as well as his music help to inspire the Straw Hat Pirates and even others who've listened. He has touched their hearts, and even their souls, hence why he calls himself "The Soul King"

“Death is NEVER an apology… because when a man makes a promise, he doesn’t stop fighting until he fulfills it!”
Jack Skellington vs Brook

Pumpkin King vs Soul King

Fire vs Ice

Singing Skeleton vs Singing Skeleton

You guys can read the fight here:…

Oh, and for all you guys wondering where the heck did all these powers/abilities for Jack Skellington come from... I admit, I kind of cheated and used a composite Jack based off not just the movie, but several video games (The Kingdom hearts series, Disney Infinity, Oogie's revenge on the PS2, and The Pumpkin King on the GBA) though some of Brook's feats here are also non-canon (Like the whole Ant thing was just from a movie, not the anime/manga) so Brook is just a tiny bit of a composite, but not as much as Jack.
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aaaand finally
Random strawhat drawing by tareshLuffy Sanji Zoro my style by taresh
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after discovering a pic i did a while ago Random strawhat drawing by taresh i decided it'd be rude not to draw the other strawhats in my style :) so i guess i'll be doing nami usopp and robin next :P
Usopp Nami and Robin my style by taresh
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So i was shuffling through some old files and found this that i drew about 9 months ago. My take on Franky, Brook and Chopper from One piece. i think i did this as a little experiment to see how the weirder crew members would look in my style. 
finding this inspired, this! Luffy Sanji Zoro my style by taresh Usopp Nami and Robin my style by taresh
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Collection by
Stock image from the game SoldierFront/Special force.


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Concept rendering I made for my company. I was given a sketch made by a freelance artist they hired, so this is my interpretation of their sketch.

Merry Christmas to you all :)
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My take on a Greek themed god of war. Or maybe this is undead Leonidas...

For Dragon Magazine Online. Copyright Wizards of the Coast.
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The God of War.

The giver of fortunes.

The taker of lives.

He lives within the hearts of men, beckoning to be summoned.

He frowns upon the weak, he preys upon the impressionable, he manipulates the lustful.

He uses the guise of religion and politics to persuade the men of earth to one and only one purpose:

To maim, to kill, to slaughter one another, to feed the beast of war.

I feel that I kind of rushed this to completion so give me a bit more time and I'll touch it up to make it more complete^^
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bayonetta and kratos (god of war) fanart :) as requested by my hubby.

they are from 2 of my favourite action-genre games :D

if they ever met.. i guess they'd probably... play the GoW minigame with each other. XD

i guess their games are very different in terms of style... but, somehow it's very pleasing to draw them together. probably because they are such opposites to each other.

kratos is primarily white with red highlights, very masculine, bald :D

bayonetta is primarily black with red highlights, very feminine and with a lot of hair XD
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