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#14 – Innocence/naive

The young Prince walked silently along the ever so familiar halls of the gigantic castle he had always called home. Today, he was headed for the garden, from which could be heard the clatter of swords and the cries of war. Indeed, his older brother was, once again, engrossed in sword training with the King.

Wolfram quickened his pace when the clash of swords could no longer be heard. Conrad’s voice resonated into the clear air, calling out the King’s name loudly.

“Yuuri !”

The Prince’s blood turned cold at the sound of distress coming from his brother’s throat. He immerged into the courtyard, his beautiful green eyes searching franticly for a young man clad in black. Finally, his eyes found what he was looking for and he ran towards a slumped silhouette on the ground.

“YUURI! Conrad! What happened to him?” Asked the blonde-haired Mazoku as he kneeled next to his fiancé.

“I-I don’t know ... he just collapsed!” Replied the shaken guardian.

“W-Wolf ...? Is that you? What are you ...” Said the young Maou in a strained voice.
“Yuuri! You’re awake! Shhhh, don’t speak. I’ll bring you to your room okay?”

The young King nodded softly as he felt his body being lifted from the hard ground. His eyes fluttered open for an instant to notice that Wolfram was carrying him towards the castle. He gently gazed at his soldier’s perfect face and slipped back into unconsciousness. The Prince held his King close to his chest and walked steadily into their room.

He laid Yuuri upon their bed and proceeded to remove his shoes and loosing the neck of his black uniform. Once that the Maou seemed more relaxed after Wolfram’s attending, his breathing became more regular. Wolfram took that as a good sigh and decided to call upon his basic medical knowledge and examine Yuuri’s body for any bruises.

The young Mazoku came up with nothing and concluded that whatever had made him collapse was not due to any physical injury. That thought was comforting to the Prince. He could not bear the possibility of seeing Yuuri hurt. His blood started to boil just at the thought of letting his fiancé get hurt while on his watch.

Wolfram’s hand floated to the king’s soft face. He looked tenderly upon the one called the sun. In that instant, Wolfram knew that he would always stay by his side, guiding and protecting the one he deeply cared about.

A soft knock came from the other side of the door, pulling the Prince out from his reverie.

“Come in!” He proclaimed with a strong voice.

“Wolfram Kaka? Conrad Kaka send me to examine Yuuri Heika. He said that Heika suddenly lost consciousness. I just want to be sure that everything is alright.” Replied the green-haired doctor, Gisela.

“Of course! Please check him” Replied the prince while temporarily leaving Yuuri’s side.

The young woman walked in with her usual medical briefcase and sat next to the King. She pulled out various odd-looking instruments and used her healing maryoku upon Yuuri’s body. Wolfram looked on as his fiancé filled himself with the healing green light of maryoku.

“Kaka? Yuuri Heika is fine. It seems he suffered of exhaustion. I recommend a good night’s sleep and he should be all right by tomorrow. There’s nothing to worry about so, you can rest easy too Kaka.”

“Really? Ah, that’s good to hear. Thank you Gisela. Be sure to tell Conrad too.”

“As you wish Wolfram Kaka. Well now, I’ll be taking my leave.” Answered the doctor before closing the door behind her.

Wolfram returned to Yuuri’s side and sat upon the bed. “Baka! You always make me worry so much ...”

“I’m sorry. I know I cause a lot of trouble to everyone” Mumbled Yuuri through half-closed lips.

“Y-Yuuri! You’re awake?” Replied the blushing Prince.

“Yeah ... somewhat” Said the Maou with a silly grin etched onto his face.

Wolfram bore into Yuuri’s face, his eyes as brilliant as jewels. The Maou stared clueless back at his fiancé’s face, a wide questioning look in his eyes. The prince bent over his King’s body and rested his head against his, the clash of their hair, mixed more beautifully that any known colour palette. Yuuri stared, mesmerized by Wolfram’s deep green eyes. For an instant, the Maou thought he could see a glimpse of Wolfram’s soul. He snapped out of his trance and stammered into a conversation.

“W-Wolf! What are you doing?” Asked the bewildered boy.

“Yuuri I ... I ... I care about you.” Replied the Prince with a serious look upon his face.   

“W-what ? I mean, yeah, I care about you too Wolf!” Said Yuuri with a wide, child-like smile.

“I-I don’t mean it like that ... I mean, I care, really.” Answered the increasingly red Mazoku.

“yeah, I care too!” Replied a now confused Maou.

“No! You ... you don’t understand! I ... I’m in love with you! I want to stay by your side forever. I want to protect you. I want to hurt anyone who hurts you! Don’t you get it? I ...”

Wolfram’s speech was cut short by the feel of soft lips against his. Completely shocked, he pulled away at lightning speed from the boy beneath him. He stared wordless, at his king while allowing a scarlet hue to creep up his face.

“Wolf?” Asked the King tentively.

“W-what ... why ... ?”

“...!! Didn’t you just say that you cared? I don’t understand anymore. I thought you would be happy” Replied the confused boy.

“Baka! You can’t just go k-kissing people when you feel like it! You don’t even care about me!” Answered a now angry Mazoku.

“Wait a sec ... whoever said I didn’t care? I told you twice! It’s you who didn’t believe me!”

“Yuuri! This is not a game! I-I’m serious about my feelings! I ... I don’t want to lose you to anyone! Ugh! This is so frustrating!! How in the world can you be so naive?” Questioned the blonde Prince.

“Huh .. I was born that way Wolf. But, you have to trust me ... I’m trying my best to understand everything that’s going on. So, for now, will you remain by my side? I need you here, with me.” Replied the black-haired youth while pulling his Prince closer once more.

“I ... yes, I’ll stay with you. Forever.”

For the second time that day, the Maou pressed his lips against his fiancé’s perfect ones. This time, Wolfram didn’t pull back, and he enjoyed every moment of their exchange.

                           ***Somewhere in the castle***

“Gisela-san? Are you telling me that there was nothing wrong with Heika?”

“Yes Conrad Kaka. Yuuri Heika had absolutely nothing. I told Wolfram Kaka that he was exhausted but ... that wasn’t the case.” Replied the young doctor.

“So, in other words, Yuuri faked his illness? But, to what ends? Wait ... don’t tell me ...!" Said Conrad with widened eyes as realisation hit.

“Uh-huh ! Exactly!” Replied Gisela with a knowing smile.

“Unbelievable. Well, I guess Yuuri’s not that innocent after all!" Said a now laughing Conrad.

                       ***At the same time in Yuuri’s room***


“Yuuri? What’s wrong?”

“Um? Ah nothing ... I just had the feeling that someone was talking about me ...”

Alright !!! So, here's the first story from the KKM project I started :D

The art for this one will be done by ~issabissabel . I'll post the link here when it's going to be ready.

Yay !! I'm happy I got to start this project ! :D It keeps me busy XD ha ha ! But, I think it's a good way to bond with other artists too ! ;P

About the story ... sorry if Yuuri seems a little bit out of character at the end ... ^^; On ~issabissabel 's request, the story had to contain a certain amount of YuuRam-ness ... obviously, whenever Yuuri acts lovey-dovey towards Wolf is a complete chara transformation ... ^^; however, I tried to maintain Yuu-chan's cute and naive side, even thought he's the one who makes a move ;P

Well, that's it for now ! I hope you enjoyed it ! There will be more stories coming soon :) If anyone is interrested in participating, please leave me a comment ! :D

Disclaimer: I do not own KKM !! However, I do own this fanfiction. Please, no stealing !!! Or else, I'll have to send Wolfram to barbecue you ! XD



Here's the link to :iconissabissabel: 's fanart : Yuuram - 14 - Innocence

Thank you for the wonderful art !! :D

EDIT: Alright ! here are a few technical specks about the fic ... ;P

:heart: Favorite quote: “No! You ... you don’t understand! I ... I’m in love with you! I want to stay by your side forever. I want to protect you. I want to hurt anyone who hurts you! Don’t you get it? I ...” said by Wolfram :blush:

:star: Word Count: 1380

:heart: Pairing: Yuuri & Wolfram :D

:heart: Devious character: Gisela-san !!! :XD:
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*Cross-posted to my account

My gift to you

The cold autumn wind blew through the leaf-less trees in Shin Makoku and the 27th Maou shivered due to lack of proper clothing. Yuuri Shibuya had just come back from a long vacation on Earth, only to find that the seasons had progressed without his knowledge. The double-black teenager stood statue-like, in knee-deep water and silently wished he had thought of bringing a warm pullover from his home on Earth. Then again, it was still summer in Japan and there was no need for such attire.

Yuuri sighed with relief when he saw Günter running towards him, blanket in hand, with a worried expression on his face. The royal advisor swiftly covered the boy’s shaking shoulders with the warm, thick, what seemed like hand-knitted, blanket. The purple-headed man mumbled something about ‘not wanting the Maou to catch a cold’ and hushed Yuuri into the warmth of the temple. Murata soon followed suit, as he appeared mere moments after the Maou had.

Once inside, Yuuri was greeted by all those oh-so common faces, and happily bounced towards his ‘Demon World’ friends. Conrad greeted him first, his head bowed and sporting a large smile. Then, Wolfram, who was obviously unhappy with Yuuri’s long absence from Shin Makoku, proceeded to giving his fiancé a piece of his mind, but still managed to remain soft-hearted towards his King.

Greta pulled out from behind of Gwendal and ran straight into her father’s arms, nuzzling her small face against his neck. The Maou gathered the small girl in his arms and happily followed his retainers into the main chamber of the temple, where the shrine maidens gave him an exchange of clothes. After both Yuuri and the Sage had dressed in proper wintery clothing, he finally made his way towards his own castle, a little ways further down the hill.

“Heika, you came back just at the right time.” Started Günter as he walked directly behind the young King.

“Ah? Why is that Günter?” Answered Yuuri as he looked over his shoulder towards the older man.

“Well, Heika, you’re just in time for the ceremony of the winter solstice.” Replied the advisor, a small bounce evident in his speech.


“Wimp! You’re the King and you don’t know this?” Replied Wolfram as he maintained his pace next to Yuuri. “Every year, when the winter solstice comes around, we celebrate the venue of the new season. Therefore, there’s a big celebration in the castle and all the townsfolk prepare something to offer to the Maou, for the new season to come.”

“Really?” Replied Yuuri bewildered.

“Yes Heika, Wolfram is right. It’s an important event of the year where the people of Shin Makoku thank the Maou for his services and, in return, get their winter blessings.” Answered Conrad, who currently walked next to Günter.

“Oh? Shibuya! Looks like you’ve got work to do!” Said Murata from Yuuri’s left side.

Yuuri smiled diligently at his Earthly friend, wishing he had more control over his smarty remarks. The royal procession reached the massive doors of the castle where Günter hurriedly made his way through the halls, screaming out various commands to anyone who was listening. Yuuri waved at the maids as he walked by them towards Gwendal’s office. Obviously, the work of a Maou was never done and so, he had lots of paperwork to fill out. Yuuri walked into the office, followed closely by Wolfram and Gwendal, and seated himself at the desk. Yuuri was getting used to the drill and so, quill in hand, extended his other arm in a waiting position and questioned Gwendal.

“So? Where’s the current load of paperwork to sign? Should I start with the tax refunds or maybe the animal-care?”

Conrad suppressed a small chuckle as he walked into the office. He came to halt before the King and crossed his arms on his chest. “Heika, there’s nothing to do for now.”

Yuuri stared back clueless. “What do you mean there’s nothing to do? There’s always something to do!” He replied, confusion evident on his face.

“Ahh, you’re so hopeless Yuuri!” Replied his fiancé as he circled the desk to come and stand next to him. “All the work has been taken care of. All you have to do is get ready for the party!”

Yuuri smiled happily at the three brothers and bounced up from his seat. “Really? I can go?” He answered excitedly.

Gwendal smacked his forehead with the palm of his hand as a long sigh escaped his lips. How in the world could Shin Makoku still be standing with such a clueless leader at its head, was still a mystery to the eldest brother. Conrad smiled gently and nodded to the young King, whose own grin grew even more. He grabbed Wolfram by the hand and pulled his fiancé out of the office at top speed, almost running towards their shared quarters.

Once into their room, the door tightly shut, Yuuri released Wolfram and flopped down onto his own bed. The Prince, who hadn’t been expecting this reaction, regained his composure and sat on the edge of the bed, his eyes full of questions.

“What’s going on Yuuri? You’re never this happy to be free of work!” inquired Wolfram, suspiciously.

“Eh? Ah well, I’m just glad I’ve got more time with you!” He replied innocently.

Wolfram blushed at the Maou’s last remark and rose from his seating area. Yuuri was acting strange today and the Prince suspected something was in the air. He walked over to the closet, which they shared, and pulled out a black attire for his fiancé. The dark trousers where lined with a fine golden trim along the length of the leg and at the bottom too. The jacket, matching the trousers in colour, was also trimmed in gold and the interior lining was of red satin. Wolfram walked back to the bed and offered the formal wear to Yuuri, who instantly took it without a comment or remark. He jumped off the bed and proceeded to replacing his current clothing with the soft, silky dark ensemble.

“What about you Wolf? What are you wearing?” asked the Maou as he fiddled with the buttons on his jacket.

“Me? I’m not going.” Simply replied the Prince.

Yuuri stared at his fiancé and immediately stopped what he was doing. “What do you mean you’re not going?” Asked the Maou, clear disappointment in his tone.

“I have to take care of certain things Yuuri. While you’re out at the party, someone has got to take care of the rest.”

Yuuri knew that Wolfram had some duties to perform even so, he was hurt by the cold-attitude that his fiancé was currently displaying. The young King hung his head, letting his dark bangs cover his eyes, and spoke ever so softly that Wolfram had to strain his ears to understand.

“Fine then. Be like that. I hope you have fun with your things.” He said coldly as he briskly walked out of the room, leaving his fiancé with a hurt look etched on his beautiful face.

The party had started a long time ago and the Maou was starting to get bored. Seriously, all the formalities were annoying and he wished he could just escape the whole thing. Of course, the ‘gifts’ from the villagers had been beautiful: a whole wardrobe of new attires for the King for when he left on his adventures. Gwendal had given him a hand-knitted blanket, for those cold nights, Conrad had gotten him a new Pro baseball bat and even Greta had thanked him with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Even so, Yuuri felt as though something was missing and that, he knew, was his best friend and fiancé. He regretted having had that fight earlier however, he had felt sad at the fact that his favourite soldier wouldn’t be at the party. ‘Ah’ he thought inwardly, ‘I wish Wolfram were here too’. At that moment, the Maou decided to leave the party and to try to find his betrothed.

He walked down the empty halls, dark shadows looming everywhere around him, and kicked himself mentally for having left his flashlight in his room. At the end of the hall, Yuuri caught glimpse of a shadow, moving swiftly into his room. The Maou jumped nervously and cleared his throat before calling out to the intruder.

“W-Who goes?”

“Yuuri?” Replied the familiar voice.

“Wolf?!?” Answered the King as he moved closer to the shrouded figure.

“Yuuri! What are you doing out here? You’re supposed to be at the party!” Replied the surprised voice.

Yuuri extended his arms in front of him and walked blindly towards the source of the comforting voice. He was relieved when Wolfram took hold of his shaking hand and pulled him closer to him.

“Wimp! Don’t walk around at night without any guards! It’s dangerous!” Said the Prince as he pushed Yuuri against his chest.

“Wolf! I-I just wanted to see you ... I’m sorry I got angry earlier.” Replied Yuuri in the Mazoku’s strong chest.

“Well, I guess you have good timing. I was just about to come and whisk you away.” Replied the Prince with a wink, currently invisible to Yuuri.

Wolfram tugged on Yuuri’s hand and started to walk towards what seemed like the exit to the courtyard. Once outside, Yuuri’s eyes accustomed themselves to the dark and he stared at Wolfram’s blond bob from behind. The soldier was clad in his ceremonial uniform and had his waist-length cloak over his shoulders. Yuuri secretly wondered why Wolfram was wearing such attire, seeing has he had refused to go to the party. The snow was starting to fall from the heavily clouded sky and Yuuri shivered slightly at the cool air that blew through his hair.

“Are you cold Yuuri?” Asked the alerted Prince.

“No, it’s okay. It’s just a little bit chilly tonight, that’s all.” Replied the Maou.

“Well, it won’t be long, I promise.” Answered Wolfram as he tightened his hold on Yuuri.

Wolfram led his fiancé deep into the grounds and stopped in the middle of a small forest. There, he let go of Yuuri’s hand and stood directly in front of him. He pulled out a dark material from his inner pocket and covered the Maou’s eyes with it. Yuuri remained unmoved and let the Mazoku tie the scarf behind his head. Wolfram walked away from Yuuri, until his footsteps could be heard no more.

“W-Wolf?” He asked tentively.

“It’s okay Yuuri! Don’t look until I tell you to, okay?”

Yuuri nodded in the dark and heard Wolfram muttering his usual fire-summoning spell. Soon enough, the Maou felt warmth spreading through the nightly air and even saw an orange tinge through his blindfold. Wolfram walked back to Yuuri and pulled off the cloth which currently obstructed his vision.

“You can look now.” Whispered the Prince has he moved aside to let the Maou see clearly what he meant.

Yuuri’s mouth dropped open as the scene settled into his eyes. Right there, in front of him, stood the most magnificent Cherry Tree he had ever seen. All around its foot stood at least twenty small bonfires, which gave off a soft glow to the blossoming tree. Yuuri looked to his side at Wolfram and stared in awe at the Prince, his eyes sparkling wildly.

“This is my gift to you, Yuuri, for being a great King and a great fiancé.” Announced the Prince to the glowing Maou.

“Wolfram ... it’s so beautiful.” Responded Yuuri, still in awe. “It’s a late blooming tree isn’t it? They are very rare! Usually, the Cherry Blossoms are all ‘asleep’ this time of the year.”

“Yes, well, it’s the only one of its kind here. It has been in bloom for the past two weeks but, because you weren’t home yet, I was afraid it would stop blooming before you got a chance to see its beauty. So, every night, I lit some bonfires around it, to give it heat and to trick it into thinking it’s still summer.” Replied Wolfram, a gentle look on his face.

“Wolfram ... you’re a genius! Thank you so much, this is the best gift ever!” Replied the Maou as he swung his arms around his fiancé’s neck.

Wolfram encircled Yuuri with his arms and smiled happily at the positive reaction. It had been worth all those sleepless nights to see Yuuri’s beaming face. The Maou looked over the Prince’s shoulder and stared at the beautiful tree, a soft expression painted on his face.

“Wolfram ....?”

“Um? What is it?”

“Can this be our spot? I mean our own, little, secret spot?” Asked Yuuri into Wolfram’s shoulder.

“Of course Yuuri, this will be our spot for as long as you want it to be.” He replied as he leaned his head against his King.

The royal couple remained in that position until the cold had seeped into them and the snow had travelled through their clothes. Then, slowly, they both walked back, hand-in-hand, towards the guest-filled castle. There were still lots of entertaining to be done.

The End!
Haiiiii minna !! :D :D :D

Long time since my last fanfic right? Well, technially, I've been posting some fics on my account ---> [link] so yeah, I don't want to re-post all of my stuff on DA ^^;

Anyway, this fic was done for a contest on LJ (which I didn't win btw.) and the theme was actually a word promt, Shadow, Snow, Cherry Blossoms. But yeah, I'm also using the same fic for my project ;P (lazy? noooo, of course not!)

:star: Tech Specks: :star:

:star: Word count: 2241 !! ^__^
:heart: Pairings: YuuRam
:star: Favorite quote: "So, every night, I lit some bonfires around it, to give it heat and to trick it into thinking it’s still summer.” Said by Wolfram :D

Okies so, that's it really ;P Concrit is welcomed ! I must go back to finishing my other fic, and I hope to be able to post it today ;P

See ya !


RELATED ARTWORK: Nothing for now ... anyone interrested? *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*
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KKM Project #16 – Magic

The rain was coming down hard in Shin Makoku and every horse and man were currently stranded in an abandoned stable. Conrad and Yozak were tending to the horse while the great sage was at the limit of his patience. He sighed deeply, lifted his body from the brick wall, and walked towards the crumpled shape of the youngest soldier. The Prince raised his head and questioned Murata with his powerful eyes.

“Sir von Bielefeld, may I speak with you?” Inquired the black-haired boy.

“Of course Geika. What is it?” Replied the ever so polite Prince.

“Would you mind telling your fiancé to stop playing with the Mateki? We’ve been stuck here for hours. We’ll never get to our destination if it keeps raining like this!”

“Why me? I can’t do anything about it! Why not ask Weller for his help?” Answered the flustered Mazoku.

“No, only you can do this. Sir Weller is busy with the horses so that leaves only you.” Replied a very smug-looking young man.

Never in a million years would Wolfram admit that he actually liked it when the Maou played the recorder. Granted, it was always the same song but, to the Prince, his music was soothing and pure. The blonde glanced towards his fiancé and hung his head in defeat. Murata was right, if Yuuri didn’t stop this now, all of Shin Makoku would soon be flooded. Wolfram gathered himself from the hard ground, brushed of his uniform and joined his King from out of the shelter.

“Yuuri! If you don’t stop playing that darn thing, we’ll never get anywhere!” Said the Prince as he sat next to his black-haired fiancé.

“Wolf! Ah, you’re right ... sorry, I got carried away” Replied the Maou with a silly grin plastered on his face.

The Prince stared into Yuuri’s innocent face and quickly got up from where he was sitting. Showing his back to Yuuri, he allowed a small shade of pink to cover his cheeks slightly. He heard Murata snicker from inside of the stable and kicked himself mentally for being so weak. The King rose from his sitting area and walked to where Wolfram was standing.

“Wolf? What’s wrong?” Asked Yuuri, clueless as usual.

“Shibuya! I just think we’re all relieved that we can finally get a move on! Right Sir von Bielefeld?” Called out the sage from the shadows, his glasses shining wildly in the newly emerged sunlight.

In fact, the clouds had begun to break up and the sun was starting to poke its head out, trying to dry up the mess caused by the magical water flute. Yuuri looked on bashfully upon the grounds surrounding the small group and rubbed the back of his head in an apologetic manner.

“Well, at least now we can go. Yozak! Get the horses ready. We’re leaving immediately.” Commanded Conrad.

“Right away taichou! Heika, you’re horse is here please mount carefully.” Replied the orange-headed muscular man while bringing Yuuri’s horse, Ao, out in the open.

Yuuri smiled happily at the sight of his horse and moved excitedly towards the black animal. Ao, recognizing his master immediately, stomped the ground happily and moved towards the Maou. Conrad appeared from inside of the stable, holding on tightly to both his and Wolfram’s horses.

“Heika, please be careful” Said the godfather to the young master.

Daijoubou nazukeoya! If it’s Ao, then it’s fine! Right Ao?”

Murata could have predicted the outcome of this event in the blink of an eye. He leaned against the wall and observed the inevitable to happen. Yuuri started of all right, placing his left foot in the harness then, came the hard part. As the Maou swung his leg over the saddle, his not-so stable foot slipped and resulted in him falling to the soggy ground in an undistinguished heap. Obviously, the whole cavalry yelled out the King’s name in fear of him being hurt. Murata sighed deeply for the second time that day and let a small chuckle escape his lips as both Conrad and Wolfram literally threw themselves on Yuuri to break his fall. Yozak caught the horse by the neck before it could get to far away.

“Yuuri! You’re such a wimp! How come you still can’t mount your horse properly?” said the young Mazoku while helping up his useless fiancé.

“Ha ha ... gomen” Was all the King replied to his betrothed as he blushed deeply.

“That’s it! You’re riding with me you wimp! What if this happens again? Ah, you’re hopeless! Come on, you first.” Answered the Prince while leading Yuuri towards his own snow-white horse.

Yuuri tried the same thing again, first the foot in the harness, then the other leg around the saddle. This time, Wolfram stood guard beneath him, his hands firmly positioned on the King’s slim waist. Once Yuuri was sitting properly, Wolfram jumped up in front of his fiancé and took control of the reins. The couple waited for the other riders to mount their own units and they finally departed for their mission, Yozak holding on firmly to his horse and Yuuri’s.

Conrad rode first in line, followed closely by Wolfram and Yuuri, Murata and Yozak as the closing rider. The sun was shining brightly now and most of the magical rain had disappeared from the ground. The young King held on tightly to Wolfram as the horse swayed from one side to another. He felt the soldier’s body stiffen between his arms and stared aimlessly at his strait back clothed in blue. The passage way became narrower the more the procession progressed. Soon enough, they were strutting, single-filed along a precautious road. Yuuri stared down slightly and gulped when he noticed the deathly fall next to him and his friends.

Ano ... wasn’t there another route? Isn’t this a little bit dangerous?” Asked the Maou to no one in particular.

“Still complaining you wimp? This is the only road to get to where we’re headed so, bear with it. As long as you hold on to me, then there’s no problem.” Replied Wolfram with a tone of impatience showing in his voice.

Yuuri took that as an opportunity to squeeze Wolfram even more than before, knocking the wind out of the Prince’s body.

“Not that tight Yuuri! You’re going to choke me!” Coughed out the blonde youth. “Wait, don’t tell me you’re scared of heights?”

“N-not really ... well, I don’t really like them ...” Answered Yuuri softly into Wolfram’s back.

Their conversation was cut short by a sudden announcement from Murata. “Yozak! Get ready!”

“Get ready? What do you mean Murata?” Asked the confused Maou.

No one had the time to respond to Yuuri’s inquiry, a bunch of men had just jumped up out of nowhere and surrounded the small team. Conrad clenched his teeth tightly and stared angrily at the assaulters. They were obviously road bandits, by the way they were clothed.  However, what troubled Conrad the most was their large number in comparison to the small Mazoku party. He quickly unsheathed his sword from his side and stood guard before Wolfram’s horse. Yozak rapidly dismounted his own horse and prepared himself for a one-on-one combat with the largest of the men, while covering the back of the group. Murata moved closer to the Prince’s horse and threw a sandy coloured shawl over Yuuri’s head to hide his unique double-black feature. Wolfram drew out his sword and reached with his free hand for Yuuri’s own. Once he found it, he squeezed lightly, withdrew and repositioned it at the front of his body.

“Hand us all of your goods and we’ll let you live.” Called out what seemed like the leader of the pack.

“I’m sorry but, we don’t have anything to give.” Replied Murata calmly.

“Don’t mess around with us! You’re clearly all Mazokus, which means you must be carrying precious cargo somewhere with you.” Answered the already angry thief.

“I already told you. We don’t have anything. We are Mazoku but we’re only journeying across the land towards in search of a new town.” Maintained Murata with all of the eloquence he could muster.

“Hey boss! Isn’t that Soshoku? That boy! He’s got black hair and eyes! He must be the Maou! This is our lucky day, if we can get our hands on him, the whole country will be ours!”

“You have it all wrong. I’m only a poor traveler!” Exclaimed Murata.

Obviously, words had no effect whatsoever upon the rogues and they fearlessly attacked the royal procession. Yozak quickly fought off the closer bandits and maintained his defence line. In the meantime, Conrad skilfully deflected a weak sword attack by one of the men at the front of the pack. Wolfram remained stiff on his horse, knowing very well that the ‘precious cargo’ was currently riding with him. As for Murata, he swiftly covered Yuuri with his arms, a serious frown appearing between his eyebrows. If only he had thought of covering his own head, they probably wouldn’t be in this situation.

“Oi! Soshoku! What are you hiding over there?”

Both Murata and Wolfram stiffened even more. Furthermore, how impolite to call someone by that despicable name! Yuuri, not being able to withstand the weight of both the shawl and Murata, breathed loudly, causing the blanket to fall around him, revealing his presence to the bandits.

“Guys! There’s another one with them! That’s what they’re trying to protect so much! Then, he must be the King! Get’em boys!” Yelled out one of the closer men.

“Not while I’m alive! You won’t lay a finger on him!” Yelled out Wolfram, his sword fully drawn, flames starting to form at his fists.

“Wolf! You can’t! There are too many of them!” Said Yuuri while shaking off what little was left of his disguise.

“Shut up you wimp! If you think I’m going to stay idle-by while you get roughed up, you’ve got something coming your way! I’ll never let you get hurt!” Replied Wolfram, glowing with an orange hue.

Conrad turned his head towards the Maou and his youngest brother in time to realize that Wolfram was starting to lose what little cold-blood he had running in his veins. “Wolfram! Control your powers or else we’ll all be roasted!” called out Conrad to his little brother. Yozak and Murata watched silently as Wolfram’s usually gentle eyes turned wild and soon enough, both he and Yuuri were completely engulfed in the burning flames of maryoku. Yuuri was at loss of words to tell Wolfram and so, he did the only thing he could think of: he grabbed onto his fiancé’s waist and pressed his face hard onto the other one’s back.

“Yuuri ... Yuuri ... Yuuri is my responsibility! I have to protect him no matter what!” Said the Prince wildly, sending burning flames to anyone who dared come close to his horse. The terrified rogues felt it was time to take their leave and gracefully escaped the burning pit created by the young Prince.

“Wolfram! It’s alright! I’m okay ... you can stop now !” Said Yuuri to the pig-headed blonde.
There was nothing to calm Wolfram from his fury. Conrad tried getting closer but was slightly singed at the mere contact of his brother’s powerful fire. Even Murata’s wise words had no effect at this time. Yuuri was thinking, and he was doing so the fastest he had ever done. What could he do to stop Wolfram from scorching everyone and everything? Then, it hit him: the Mateki could solve the problem! The young Maou pulled out the beaten up recorder from inside of his jacket and started playing the only tune he had ever learned.

The gentle sound of the flute escaped into the heated air and reached everyone beyond the fiery wall imposed by Wolfram. The pure and crystal-like notes reached the Prince’s ears and entered his mind immediately, calming him body and soul. Soon, he realized that he was literally on fire ... and so was Yuuri. Wolfram stopped his rampage instantly as the light douse provoked by the Mateki killed off the remaining flames. Conrad, Yozak and Murata watched, soaked and wide-eyed, as the Maou manipulated the surrounding clouds and instilled peace within his fiancé’s soul. Once all the flames had died out, Yuuri stopped playing his magical flute and stored it back inside of his shirt. Wolfram half-turned towards his King and looked at him through glassed eyes.

“Y-Yuuri ... I ... I’m sorry ...” Said the Prince softly before falling into his fiancé’s lap, unconscious.

“Wolf!! Oi Wolf, wake up!” Replied the worried young man.


Wolfram opened his eyes slowly and focused on his surroundings. It was blood-pledge castle, of that much he could tell. He painfully tilted his head sideways to get a better view and caught glimpse of Yuuri, dozed-off on the side of his bed, looking tired and worn out. The Prince sat up in the bed and rubbed his eyes as he tried to remember what had happened. He remembered the journey, the attack by the bandits and then ... then what? It was all blank in the Mazoku’s mind. He looked back at the Maou and wondered why he was the one being attended by Yuuri. The Prince winced at the growing pain in his limbs and, when he looked down, he noticed his arms and legs covered in bandages.

“What the ...” He spoke out loud.

“Um .... Wolf .... ? .... WOLF! You’re awake ?!?” Said a freshly woken Yuuri.

“Y-Yuuri ... what’s going on?” Asked the confused Prince. “Why are we in blood-pledge castle? And why am I hurting all over?”

“You ... you don’t remember? ... Gisela said you might suffer of memory lost, because of shock.” Replied the Maou.

“What? I don’t understand ...”

“Wolf ... there was an attack out on the road and, ... well, you were trying to protect me, I know but, ... oh Wolf!” exclaimed Yuuri as he threw his arms around the other boy’s body. “Wolf, you’ve been unconscious for three weeks! Everyone thought you wouldn’t wake up ... I was so ... so scared!” continued Yuuri as hot tears streamed down his face. “I thought I’d lost you!”

“Yuuri I ... I’m sorry.” Replied the blonde-haired boy as he gently wrapped his arms around Yuuri’s shoulders.

Soon after, Murata made his entrance, followed closely by both Conrad and Yozak. Conrad walked briskly towards his brother and Yuuri’s crumpled form and encircled both of them in his strong arms.

“Thank goodness Wolf ... thank goodness. We were all so worried.” Said the protective big brother to his youngest sibling.

Murata and Yozak joined the happy reunion and sat around the Prince and the King. After the sage had resumed the whole thing to Wolfram, everyone felt the weight being lifted from their chest. Before long, everyone had put aside the sad memories and were laughing gleefully together about various funny details such as, the way the bandits literally ran from Wolfram’s awesome fire maryoku.

Yes, everyone was doing better now that the Prince was out of danger but mostly, Yuuri was doing much better than anyone would ever know. The three-week fear of losing the most precious person in his life had been lifted from him and now, he could enjoy with everyone else the happy reunion. Yuuri held on tenderly to Wolfram’s hand, promising himself that he would never let go.

The End !
Phew ! Yet another KKM fanfic ... @_@ I'm so totally dead right now ... ! *sigh* Yeah, I think I'll leave the talking for tomorrow ... :XD:

Anywho, here's my latest fanfic ... I hope you liked it ! :) please comment before you go !

Disclaimer: I do not own KKM however, I do own this fanfic. Please, no stealing ! Or else, I'll send Wolfram-sama to burn your a**es ... :XD: Thank you !


Related Fanart:

The Flame by :iconninja-wolfy:

The Flame (coloured) by: :iconsakumi-sensei:

That's it for now ! See you all soon ! ;P


EDIT: Yay! I'm back from a good night's sleep so now I can detail more about the fic :) Here goes!

At first, I wanted to write something about Wolfram's fire magic in a narrative kind of way. However, once I got the project on the road, I thought to myself 'Hold up, .... Wolf it totally out of character right now' ... so I ditched thta idea and replaced it by Yuuri having to use the Mateki for some reason or another.

And so started this story. I had no idea as to how I would incorporate Wolfram in the story and I most certainly didn't know how it was going to end. Even so, I worked for hours on it and the birth of the "bandit-idea" came into my mind. So I used it ;P !

Sorry if there isn't much romance betwwen Yuuri & Wolfram ... I tried to remain as much into character as possible. However, ... it is hinted that Yuuri has realized his feelings for Wolf at the end. As for Wolf, it's clear right from the start how he feels .... ;P

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it! Please comment :) Also, if anyone is interrested in doing a fic with me, please write me a message! Thank you :)

~ S.K. ~

EDIT: Tech specks ! :D

:heart: Favorite quote: After Yuuri sueezed Wolfram a little bit too hard ... “Not that tight Yuuri! You’re going to choke me!” ^^;

:star: Word count:2828 ... !! :wow:

:heart: Pairing: Yuuri & Wolfram

:heart: Devious character: Murata !!! :XD:
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I WAS UTTERLY PISSED OFF when I reread chapter 261, after seeing an awesome fanart, I could not even believe those word 'Gaara is already dead' coming out of Deidara's mouth! So i decided to vent off my disappointment in drawing...well, it had to be one of the most easiest drawings I ever made on the computer...just so some of you know, this is NOT a bashing picture, I actually like Kishimoto-sama, but dammit man, he knows when to put in excellent plot twists...

Thank you for viewing!

Gaara is (c) by Kishimoto Masashi
Kishi Chibi is (c) by BeautifulEnemity


All rights reserved.
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Wow, I spent like five hours on this piece. This is for 's contest, called the Atasuki Propaganda Poster Contest where someone has to design a poster to convince others to support the Atasuki, and give a reason why. And what the Atasuki can do for you?! :heart: Gah, this is actually my first time drawing ANY of them, I think I did a pretty good job.

I thought that was an amazing idea, so I immediately drew it up in er, five hours nonstop. Then I finished it. For the dummies out there, my reason to support is because: once they take over the world, you can all have a five-second golden chance to gawk at each and one of them HANDSOME BOYS...:glomp:

Err, excluding Zetsu and Kisame, apparently they are both the Atasuki Shame. And also, I'm not so sure if Deidara is a dude or a chick...hmm...

Thanks for viewing, and wish me luck on the contest! :blowkiss:

Atasuki Members is (c) by Kishimoto Masashi
Poster Contest is (c) by Lizkun
Propaganda is (c) by self
All rights reserved :peace:
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I would never would have thought I would draw her, but I have to admit Neji and Kin look a lot alike...but anyway, I really think she's pretty with her impossibly long hair and her sharp black eyes. I really feel sorry for her death in Orochimaru's plot of reviving the past Hokages, but I love her nonetheless (actually I love all the females) and because if it wasn't for her, Sakura would have never grown out of her shell and blossom. Kin is very strong with her incredible paralyzing bell trick. I mean, that's very hard to do! Well, this picture turned out better than I thought! The shadow screen was great with her figure, I absolutely loved this piece.

Thank you for viewing!

Kin is (c) by Kishimoto Masashi
All rights reserved
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Frau from 07 Ghost
I always was curious about how would he look with black hair, and one of latest chapters finally answered my question XD

Frau belongs to Amemiya Yuki and Ichihara Yukino
artwork - me

another of my 07 ghost art - here
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weellll~ I was wondering how would it look if Hyuuga made Ayanami and Konatsu lose their patience same time (we all know he tends to tease Ayanami, and Konatsu also doesn't seem to have much patience for Hyuuga.... so yea, here it is :la:I made it just for the fun of it :la: as help I used picture from 25th chapter of manga XD
what could Hyuuga have possibly said to make both Ayanami and Konatsu react like this? ......

Ayanami, Hyuuga and Konatsu belong to Amemiya Yuki and Ichihara Yukino
artwork - me

another of my 07 ghost fan art - here
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Hyuuga - third drawing for :icontheredlightning: for taking second place in my group's contest. This one was pretty difficult to draw *sighs* As for the BG, I didn't draw it, it's a pic from manga page, I just coloured it.

Hyuuga belongs to Amemiya Yuki and Ichihara Yukino
artwork(the Hyuuga) - me

another of my 07 ghost fan art - here
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For :iconmasamunerevolution:'s contest (Hijikata theme)

Inspired by Gintama episode 104 in which Hijikata tried to unsheathe his katana : I love his face's expression in this scene !

My first Chibi works ^^
Lineart in traditional method (I don't have a graphic tablet yet -_- ) and coloring in photoshop.
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Gintama, Chibi Hijikata Toshiro & Sakata Gintoki ;)
Begun before my first one travel in Japan and ended in my return.
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Hijikata Toshiro from Gintama and Hijikata Toshizo from Peacemaker Kurogane.
Sketching and photoshop.
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Divide an A4 sheet of 12, the drawings were very small O_O 'It was hard to color

"All" no, I forgot Itou ,Shiranui Kyo and other I forgot the name and that is a rival of Saitou D8 '

Neither needed to turn cats, because they already were -QQQQQ

*Points* behold my only memory that works! Remember Japanese names XD had memorized most then I saw the first ep for the first time already, this time I forgot the last name of Yamazaki and Shinpachi (and quoted above) had to go, shit

mixed colors so I can get them in the key, I think I messed up the colors of Chizuru, but who cares? X'D not even like her

I liked the outcome of this drawing, usually when I do a drawing with many chibis (I always do drawings like that) when the third ja ta gets stranger and I give the drawing, but this time it worked

I liked especially the Okita, I love the mixture of brown and green colors in it and became more visible in this chibi Too bad he will die with tuberculosis in the anime

then just \o\


Dividir uma folha A4 por 12 é tenso, os desenhos ficaram muito piquenos O_O' Foi um cu de colorir

"All" que nada, eu esqueci do Itou, do Shiranui Kyo e o outro tio que eu esqueci o nom e que é rival do Saitou D8'

Nem precisavam virar gatos porque ja eram -QQQQQ

*aponta* eis aí minha única memória que presta! Lembrar de nomes japoneses XD tinha decorado a maioria depois que vi o primeiro ep pela primeira vez ja, dessa so isquici o sobre-nome do Yamazaki e do Shinpachi (e o citado acima) tive que pesquisar shit

misturei cores pra poder chegar na tonalidade deles, acho que errei as cores da Chizuru, mas quem liga? X'D quero mais é que se exploda ela, num gosto dela memo

Gostei do resultado desse desenho, geralmente quando eu vou fazer um desenho com varios chibis (sempre faço desenhos assim) quando ta no terceiro ja vai ficando estranho e eu desisto do desenho, mas dessa vez deu certo

Gostei em especial do Okita, adoro o jogo de cores marrom e verde dele e no chibi ficou mais visível isso Que pena que ele vai morrer de tuberculose no anime

intom, é só \o\

:bulletblue:All characters (c) Yone Kazuki (in Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan)
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:bulletred:Tradution to portuguese:bulletred:

Ja tava com a ideia de fazer faz tempo, só tava esperando o anime cabar |D

entom, antes de eu arremessar em algum grupo, eu poço pedir um favor? Alguem que manja de inglês poderia ler e me falar os erros nos comentários? Sabe... Meu inglês + google tradutor = porcaria eminente o_o'

Vou por aqui a tradução

1 - Ok, primeiro desenhe seu personagem preferido
2 - Desenhe seu personagem preferido com roupas do sexo oposto (Espero que ele não seja o Kaoru) Lembre-se, desenhe roupas daquela época (kimono)
3 - Desenhe um momento "LOL" do anime
4 - Desenhe VOCÊ depois de beber o ochimizu. Sem controle. Cabelo branco, olhos vermelhos e não se esqueça da cara louca. Você é um rasetsu!
5 - Tem alguma coisa que você sempre quis dizer a algum personagem? DIGA!
6 - Existe algum personagem que você odeie? O que você sempre quis fazer com ele?
7 - Desenhe um personagem em forma de animal
8 - Desenhe um personagem com roupas modernas
9 - Uma ideia doida... Desenhe alguém ou um objeto com o uniforme do Shinsengumi. Tem que ser algo estranho e "WTF?"
10 - Grupo Oni ou Shinsengumi? Qual é o melhor?
11 - Sobre o episódio 12... O que você queria que acontecesse?
12 - Desenhe um personagem com cosplay de outro anime
13 - Kaoru é um menino ou uma menina?
14 - TAG!!!

Bem na questão 10 nom tem algo exato pra desenhar, intom é random XD

:bulletblue:Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan (c) Idea factory/Yone kazuki
MEME (c) me :iconluna-hitsuke:
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Finally, remember that drawing? Well I did it as training to do this that you can see, I thought it would get XD

Finally, one of the rare 100% of my drawings on the computer until the sketch was based on the tablet

pose was the challenge I am posing loser in inventing and prospective D8 '

Well I did not want to download bushes because I think it is dishonorable to get things done that other people did, so I created my Own brushes exclusively for this drawing 8D learned from tutorial of Raq! did for Sakura and for the prints on their clothes

It was tedious to do this pebble by pebble floor x_x ...

Neither has to see streaks of repeats of the tree that I took time to do D8

I do not know how to use texture x_x I guess if I knew it would have been easier

full come after the drawing that I got into that shadow, to give to see that it is night and a little to hide the bodies, nom know it was better with or without it, anything I have the file in PSD


This is all my fault perfecssionismo! In the drawings by hand, however much you try, always has a limit of details and effects to the by, aside from the failure to clear the, already in photoshop this limit is broken and I travel in detail O_O

Do not expect so many detailed drawings of me, if I want to become a digital artist (to me striving for this) I have to make drawings faster \ò_o

I have to please one another little tutorial also

Anyway, to finish, well when I started this drawing was being released ep 3 Hakuouki, and is now being launched in 12, ie the last x_x I do not believe I finished the draft when the anime ended!




Enfim, lembra desse desenho? Bem eu fiz ele como treino pra fazer este que vós podes ver, achei que nom ia conseguir XD

enfim, um dos raros desenhos meus 100% no computador, até o sketch foi na base do tablet

a pose foi desafio, sou loser em inventar poses e em perspectiva D8'

Bem eu nom queria baixar bushes porque acho meio que desonrrado pegar coisas prontas que outras pessoas fizeram, por isso criei meus própios brushes exclusivamente para esse desenho 8D apredi com o tutorialzin do Raq! daí fiz pras sakuras e pras estampas nas roupas deles

Foi tediante fazer esse chão x_x pedrinha por pedrinha...

Nem deu pra ver de reito os risquinhos da árvore que eu levei tempo pra fazer D8

Eu nom sei usar textura x_x se soubesse acho que teria sido mais fácil

depois de cabado o desenho que eu meti essa sombra pra dar pra ver que é de noite e pra esconder um pouco os corpos, nom sei se ficou melhor com ou sem ela, qualquer coisa eu tenho o arquivo em PSD


Tudo isso é culpa do meu perfecssionismo! Nos desenhos a mão, por mais que voce tente, sempre tem um limite de detalhes e efeitos que da pra por, além de que nom da pra apagar, ja no photoshop esse limite é quebrado e eu viajo em detalhes O_O

Não esperem muitos desenhos assim detalhados de mim, se eu quiser me tornar uma digital artist (to me esforçando pra isso) eu tenho que fazer desenhos mais rápidos \ò_o

Tenho que agrader a um outro tutorialzinho tamem

Enfim, pra terminar, bem quando eu começei esse desenho tava sendo lançado o ep 3 de Hakuouki, e agora esta sendo lançado o 12, ou seja o último x_x nom acredito que terminei o desenho quando o anime terminou!


:bulletblue:Kazama Chikage and Hijikata Toshizou (anime version) (c) Yone Kazuki/Idea Factory Studio
:bulletblue:Art (c) me :iconluna-hitsuke:

:bulletblack:Download para a imagem um cadin maior
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DO NOT :+fav:
IS IS NOT MY WORK I DON'T KNOW WHO THIS IS BYE BUT WHEN I FIND WHO THIS IS BYT I WILL PUT THE LINK AND THE ARTIST and if u now please comment and please if u like these stamps join are club
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DO NOT :+fav:
IS IS NOT MY WORK I DON'T KNOW WHO THIS IS BYE BUT WHEN I FIND WHO THIS IS BYT I WILL PUT THE LINK AND THE ARTIST and if u now please comment and please if u like these stamps join are club
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Loveless - Syk-Art
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Loveless Ritsuka et Sobi
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*Download for huge picture*

This is a tribute to my favourite character from Hakuoki, Souji Okita. Hope you like it, this one took me more time than any other of my drawings :)
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another try at this style, and Hajime-kun was the victim again :)

* Saito Hajime from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

** Technique: black ink and halftone filter with PS

(The original of this drawing is travelling right now to Europe :))
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Another fanart of Okita Souji from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
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:D Okay… How did I find this? This time I remembered:

I was having the usual argument about Bleach with my sister. I like Bleach, but I was trying to tell her that Bleach isn't flawless and perfect. So what's the best source to find good arguments? Right! Encyclopedia Dramatica. In the section about Bleach, I found this picture. I admit taking the title 'Mayuri's Logic', but the rest is my idea :nod:

I know that this is definitely just an inconvenient translation. Mayuri is one of the most intelligent characters in Bleach, so him saying weird stuff is just… Well, he often says weird stuff, but yo get what I mean.

:P Now gimme some rofl's!!

I don't own Bleach or any of its characters. Both belongs to Kubo Tite.

If anyone wants to use this image, ask my permission first.
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You know it's true.

Well, I was just watching Letter Bee and almost died laughing when I saw this :XD:. It's a screenshot from episode 36.

I don't own Letter Bee or any of its characters. Both belongs to Asada Hiroyuki.

If anyone wants to use this picture, ask my permission first.
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Zehel: "The Chief of Heaven is waiting beyond there (referring to The Land of Seele). Apparently, he'll grant anyone of your wishes. When you meet him say this: I wish to return to this world again."

I won't say who exactly the guy patting Teito in this picture is, though clever people should be able to figure it out.


OAO This is definitely THE manga coloration I've taken the most time to finish. Reason why: This was my first time completely tracing a scan and only then coloring it. I think I started around 10:30am and now it's… *glancing at clock* Holy cow! It's 10:17pm :O. Nearly twelve hours… Okay, I'll take away an hour for general spacing out and taking breaks, then it's still nearly eleven hours.

I totally love how the background turned out. I tried out a technique where the colors should create something gradient-like that looks like watercolor. Turned out awesome in my opinion :D.

It's also the first time that I colored in most of the lineart. I think I'll do that in future colorations too.

In the beginning, I thought the flowers would kill me. Not just the tracing, but the coloring of those hell-born things too. Luckily, it wasn't so bad, just a little tiring.

This is from the manga chapter 68, page 28/29.

I don't own 07-Ghost or any of its characters. Both belongs to Amemiya Yuki and Ichihara Yukino.

Also: Thanks to Ayumikat, Renji_chan and Miss Ink for the scanlation.
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Ananas with a fork~
(Reupload of an old fanart...)
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... and one day, Mikage couldn't resist anymore xD
Ah, the good old days in the academy~
It ain't easy to be in love with your best friend and roommate...

My Secret Santa-gift for :iconakatsukibunnyx3:
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~ Even If I Die I Can't Let You Go ~ [link]
I think the song is somehow fitting for the relationship between Mikage and Teito~

Tried to capture the beautiful moment in Episode 25...
Why, Mikage... why did you have to die? *sob*
(My friend said, because otherwise the show wouldn't be called 07 Ghost, but probably "Mikage and Teito's happy family life in the countryside" ~)
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