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My sequel to Sakura’s Weight Gain Problem.

I do not own Naruto.


                                     Sakura’s Feeding Frenzy

Haruno Sakura walked through the village, no longer ashamed of her new physique.  Today she wore a red leather mid-drift that zipped up in the back, her red ribbon instead of her headband, regular black flip-flops, and a dark green miniskirt.  Her stomach stuck out proudly and jiggled with every step she took, attracting much attention.  In fact, Sakura counted five men who got slapped across the face by their jealous girlfriends for staring at her.

Sakura made her way towards the apartment of Uzumaki Naruto, her new boyfriend.  They had been dating for three weeks now, and during that time frame she had gained over ten pounds.  But how could she not?  She always found herself overcome by hunger at the sight of her boyfriend, so he would always take her to the nearest all-you-can-eat buffet where she eat nearly half of the food on the salad bar, main bar, and the dessert bar.  One manager attempted to ban the couple, but he changed his mind after Sakura sat on him.

Sakura finally arrived at Naruto’s house.  It was after one o’clock but Sakura hadn’t eaten lunch due to a request from Naruto.  ‘I wonder want what he’s up to?’ she thought to herself.  “Oh Naruto-kun,” she said aloud, “why did you make skip lunch?  You better have a good reason or I’m...gonna...” but Sakura couldn’t finish her sentence.  Before her eyes was a large table filled with all sorts of food.  There was sushi, octopus, calamari, rotisserie chicken, honey-roasted ham and pineapple, mashed potatoes with gravy, steamed carrots, and much, much, more!  “What is all this?!” Sakura exclaimed.

“I’ve been saving up my money to buy all this for you!” he explained, “I was just going to cook some simple home-made ramen from a cook book Teuchi-san let me borrow, but when I realized that your appetite had grown so much, I knew it would take more than a few bowls of ramen to fill you up.”

“Aww...Naruto-kun, you’re so sweet!” Sakura squealed as she rushed over to the table.  Immediately, Naruto pulled a pair of chopsticks out of his pockets and began feeding Sakura whatever she asked for.  First, he plucked off one of the octopus’s legs, which the hungry rosette slowly slurped down, followed by the entire plate of sushi, and then the remaining octopus legs.  Next, Naruto took a large spoon and dipped it into the bowl of mashed potatoes.  He held it up to his girlfriend’s mouth, who instantly clamped her jaws over it.  After she swallowed the spuds, they moved on to a hot bowl of shrimp ramen with egg.

Meanwhile, the Hyuuga heiress, unaware of Sakura’s date with Naruto, progressed towards the hyperactive blonde’s apartment.  Hinata had been somewhat disappointed when she learned that the man she loved was already dating someone else, but she was also somewhat happy that Naruto found someone to love.  She was on her way to his apartment to wish him the best of luck in his new relationship.  And by staggering coincidence, arrived outside his door just as he began to feed Sakura the noodles...

“Mmm...Oh, Naruto that was sooo good!” came a voice from his apartment.

‘Huh?’ thought Hinata, ‘Was that Sakura-san?’

“Here, let me wipe the juices off of your mouth.” came Naruto’s voice.

‘Juices?’ wondered Hinata, ‘What are they doing in there?’ Hinata raised her hands to form the seals to activate the Byakugan, but she hesitated, afraid that the unspeakable may be occurring beyond that door.

The following Hinata did not see: Sakura grabbed her stomach and moaned in pain.  Naruto placed his free hand on her dome belly and began to rub.  “Oh, Naruto, a little to the left...back to the right...ahh...that’s it, right there!” Outside, Hinata stood frozen in place, cold sweat was dripping out her every pore.  She couldn’t believe her ears.  Naruto and Sakura were...were...

“NOOOOO!” the heiress screamed as she ran away.

“Hey, did you hear something?” inquired Naruto.

“*BURRRP* No, why?” asked Sakura.

“Eh, nevermind, my ears must have been playing tricks on me.”

Naruto then placed the chopsticks on the table and picked up the ham.  He held it close to Sakura’s mouth and she ravenously began taking large bites and swallowing, barely taking any time to chew.  After Sakura had completed devouring the ham, Naruto fed her the pineapple, which was diminished within seconds.  This process was repeated for the chicken, as well as the ribs and salmon filets.  Soon, all the entrees and their respective side dishes were depleted.  

“Now on to dessert!” exclaimed Konoha’s most unpredictable ninja.  

“*BEEEELLLLLCH* Ooo, I don’t know if I can hold anything else in!” moaned the kunoichi.

“Not even a delicious four layer dark chocolate cake with twelve cherries on top?” her boyfriend asked in response.

“Mmm...well, I could try!” she drooled.
Elsewhere, Hinata, having regained her composure, walked slowly back to Naruto’s house.  ‘They couldn’t have been doing...that.’ she thought as she walked along, ‘There’s no way.  Those two aren’t like that, are they? NO! Of course not! I’ll just use my Byakugan this time to find out what they are really doing.  I’m sure it’s nothing bad.’  Back at Naruto’s, Sakura had not hesitated to pluck off and devour the cherries.  Naruto then slowly fed the cake to her with a spoon as she sat moaning and begging for more.  

After the cake was gone, Sakura released another “*BEEELLLLLCH*” and licked the plate clean.  Then, her boyfriend held a 1/4 gallon milk carton with a long bendy straw inside it up to her face.  “Here,” he said, “wash it down.”  Sakura smiled and complied.  But once again, these events occurred just as Hinata approached.  Her Byakugan still inactive, Hinata could only here a slow, loud slurping sound radiating from inside the room.

As soon as the sound stopped, Sakura spoke: “That was very refreshing, Naruto.  Thank you.”

“No problem!  Here let me wipe off your mouth.”  At those words, Hinata’s delicate mind was barraged by a flood of unspeakable images.  She turned all the different shades of red in the color spectrum simultaneously and passed out in front of Naruto’s door.  “Do you have to leave now, Sakura-chan?  Why don’t you lie down and sleep off that meal?”

“No, I have to get home.  I promised my mom I’d help her rearrange furniture when she got home from work, and she should be back in a few hours.”

“Okay.  See you later, babe!”

“ ‘Kay!  Bye, Naruto-kun!”  Sakura walked out of the door carrying her swollen stomach, and noticed none other than Hinata laying on the ground.  “Hinata!” cried the medic-nin as she lifted Hinata and began to shake her, “Hinata, wake up!”

The heiress’s eyes slowly began to open.  

“You!” growled Hinata, shrugging off Sakura’s arms.  “You corrupted my Naruto-kun!”  Sakura stood puzzled by these words, but then she saw her friend activate her kekkei genkai.  “DIE, PINK-HAIRED SLUT!”  Normally, the rosette would have accepted her challenge, but with a full belly weighing her down, Sakura decided to run away instead.  


But all Hinata said in reply was: “HIYA-YA-YA-YEEE-YAAAH!” A fearsome battle cry that haunts the cherry kunoichi to this day.

Back in his apartment, Naruto was loading up his dishwasher.  “Geeze, what is WITH all the noise today?”


well, there you have it. and as promised, it is nowhere near as mushy.
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Well, here it is, my first vore fanfic.  As I said, I am an anime fan, so I used Naruto characaters who, by the way, I do not own.  So enjoy it and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Sakura’s Sleep O-Vore

‘It’s almost time!’ Haruno Sakura thought to herself.  ‘I can hardly wait!’ Sakura waited eagerly at the door of her new house for her guests to arrive. She had bought the place 2 years after the defeat of the Akatsuki (insert pic of Sakura shuddering).  Unfortunately, she was unable to move into it right away because Danzou and the Root ANBU, minus Sai, attempted to usurp Tsunade-shishou and the council.

The attack had leveled one-eighth of the village including the neighborhood that Sakura’s house was located in.  Only recently had that area been rebuilt, attributed to Tsunade’s severe aversion to paperwork.

Turning her mind back to more immediate, and much happier, matters, Sakura tapped her foot in anticipation of Ten-Ten, Hinata, Temari, and Ino’s arrivals.  You see, Sakura was badly injured in Danzou’s rebellion, so Tsunade-shishou taught her a very useful technique.


The Root’s legs kicked madly in the air as he struggled to escape his soon-to-be prison, but to no avail.

*GULP* “And that’s all there is to it!” said Tsunade-shishou before belching loudly.  “Oh, excuse me. Anyway, the only real difficult part is sending enough chakra to your stomach to expand it for the duration of the digestion process, which you can accelerate by using this special pill,” Tsunade held up a small, purple pill, “without over exerting yourself. Did you *hiccup* get all of that?”

Sakura was dumfounded.  She had just seen her shishou devour a human being whole.  She wasn’t sure what to think.  As Tsunade swallowed the pill and her stomach shrank, she noticed a blank expression on her pupil’s face. “Sakura, what’s *urp*  wrong?”

“Shishou, is this, I mean...should you...I...really...” Tsunade’s laughter cut her off. “Sakura,” she said, “relax.  I was a little hesitant when my mother showed this to me, but you get used to it. And besides, *BELCH* (oh, sorry) I’ve only ever used this on people who really deserved it.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to make a quick trip to the ladies room.” And with that, Tsunade was off.

‘Somehow shishou, I doubt your trip wil be anything but “quick”.’ Sakura thought. “WAIT!”, she said aloud, “Did she say her MOM?”

As unusual as the whole affair was, Sakura did try the “Consumption Jutsu” 2 months after her shishou revealed it to her.  And she LOVED IT.  She had been hired, along with Shikamaru, to track a serail killer ravaging the Land of Rice.  She caught him one night and swallowed him. He tasted great! Of course, then she realized she forgot the pills, so she had to pretend to be sick and tell Shikamaru to go on ahead of her back to village so he wouldn’t get sick.

‘She is the medic.’ He thought. So he went on his way not even asking about the killer because honestly, he didn’t care.

End Flashback++++++++++++++++

Sakura’s brain returned to the present once more as she heard the other girls knocking at her door. ‘Oh, boy!!’ She thought and opened the door.

“KONICHIWA!” Her visitors shouted in unison.

“Hi guys, come on in.” She motioned them inside.

“Nice setup,” Observed Ino. “So what’s on the agenda for tonight?”

“Oh, I didn’t have much planned. I figured we’d all eat ourselves sick on pizza and watch a flick.” ‘Stuffed meals taste so much better!’

“That’s s-sounds f-f-fun.” Hinata stuttered.

“Cool.”Said Ten-ten. “So what movie didja get?”

“Bloody Romance IV” Sakura replied.

“Ah, murder and love,” sighed Temari with a most disturbing smile on her face, “who could ask for a better combination?”

“Riiiight...”said Sakura, “I’m just gonna go pick up the pizza real quick.”

45 minutes and 40 slices of pizza that were devoured with unfeminine ferocity later, all the girls except Sakura were practically in a food coma on the floor.

“You guys are *hiccup* wimps” The cherry-colored konoichi noted.

“Oh, shut up and play the movie! *burp* ‘Cuse me” said Temari tiredly.

After the two-hour cinematic combination of gore and true love had ended, all but Sakura had succumb to sleep.

“Time for a late night snack!”She whispered.  She began to slowly lick their heads to determine who tasted best and to decide what order she should eat them in.  After she reached her decision, she etched a seal on their stomach with her blood that would keep them from digesting by coating them with a shield of her own chakra. “They’re my friends, I don’t want to kill them, just get in a little practice!” Sakura assured herself quietly.  

She decided to start off with Ino as an appetizer.  Ino’s bust may have been a bit larger than her own, but overall Sakura found the thinness of her friend’s curves to be disappointing.  She swallowed her in about two minutes.  Trying not to burp, she wobbled over to her next course, Ten-Ten. The weapons mistress’s well-toned muscles were absolutely delicious!  After savoring her for about 5 minutes, she moved on to Temari.

“Time for the main *hiccup* course!” She whispered loudly.  With some difficulty, she lifted the Sand konoichi up to her head. Before she take her first bite, however, she heard Temari say “Ooo, Shika-kun that tickles!” in her sleep.  ‘Um...OK.’ she thought and was about to sink her teeth into her, but then she heard “Oh, Naruto don’t stop!” and clamped her mouth over Temari’s head quickly before she uttered anything else traumatizing.  She was the best so far!  Sakura slowly slurped her down for the next ten minutes.

Doing all she could to hold down her belch, Sakura made her way slowly over to Hinata, her sweet, sweet dessert.  Her belly was now way too big for Sakura to sit down and reach over to grab her final course, so she sat sideways by Hinata’s head and slowly lifted her towards her mouth.  

When Sakura bit down, she moaned in euphoric pleasure.  Hinata was the yummist thing or person she had ever tasted!  For a full half hour she relished the Hyuuga princess’s sweet taste.

“OOOH, *BEELLLCH* so *BUUURRRP* full!” Sakura said as she passed out.

As I’m sure you can well imagine, Sakura’s friends weren’t too happy when they all woke up.

“Re-*BURP*-lax, guys,” Sakura soothed, “I was just about to let you...”

“OHAIYO, SAKURA-CHAN!!!” yelled Naruto as he impolitely bursted through her door without knocking, “I was just wondering if you had toad...summoning...scroll?” Naruto’s bewildered eyes met Sakura’s startled ones.

“Um, no,” She stated, “but I’ll keep my eyes open.”

“Right, thanks.”He said and left.

“NARUTO!!!  DON’T LEAVE US!!!” came the girls’ voices, but he was long gone.
Whew, my first deviation! I didn't think it would take so long! R&R plz!
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A short story requested by gof22.  Although I said there would be no sequel to Sakura’s Sleep O-vore, gof22 talked me into this one.  The idea was just so good I couldn’t turn it down!  Enjoy!

All characters are owned by Kishi-sama.

                                                                 Ino’s Payback

                                                       The Sweet Taste of Revenge

Sakura stood nervously in Tsunade’s office. After she had released her friends, they had been very angry with her. And what was she supposed to say in her defense? That they looked to tasty to resist? As true as that was, Sakura doubted that would make anyone less angry with her.

So there she stood, looking at her mentor’s irritated face. Tsunade had told her that someone special was coming to deliver her punishment. Sakura trembled at the thought of who it might be. Suddenly, the door to the Hokage office opened.

“Ino?!” Sakura cried.  “Tsunade-sama, what is SHE doing here?”

“She is the one who is to deliver your punishment.” Tsunade explained. “I asked each of your friends if they would like to get back at you for outragous and unauthorized actions and Ino readily volunteered. Since you used the Consumption Jutsu on your own comrades, I taught the jutsu to Ino. You will spend the night in her stomach tonight to pay for your disobedience.”

Sakura felt downhearted. She had felt so proud to be the one kunoichi out of the many others in the village to be selected as the Slug Queen’s apprentice, but Tsunade had taught a jutsu that only the two of them knew to Ino-Pig. Tsunade instructed them to proceed to a special cell in the solitary confinement sector of the Konoha Prison that had been set aside for the two of them. However, unbeknownst to the two rivals, Tsunade had the cell bugged to ensure that Sakura didn’t try to escape and that Ino wouldn’t attempt to digest her.

When they reached the cell, Sakura became very nervous. She removed her shirt to allow Ino to draw the seal on her stomach so she wouldn’t be digested, but to her surprise, the platinum blonde suddenly lunged right at her! Before Sakura could react, her head was in Ino’s mouth and her shoulders soon followed. Ino took a large gulp and swallowed Sakura’s chest, inwardly laughing at how small her breasts were. Sakura tried to struggle, but Ino simply leaned her head back and let Sakura’s thrashing legs push her the rest of the way down.  

“Ino, what are you doing?  Without the seal, you’ll digest me!” Sakura screamed in horror.

“That’s what you *BUUURRRP* get, Billboard Brow.” Ino replied. “I’ll just tell Tsunade-sama that  you attempted to attack me, then I’ll have Naruto-kun all to myself.”  

“WHAT?!?!” Sakura screamed, enraged.

“You heard right, pinkie. I realized Sasuke and I would never work out after he ran off, and I will admit I was disappointed for a while. But when I saw how sexy Naruto-kun had gotten during his time away, I knew I had found the perfect man.  At first I was worried that you or Hinata-san might make  a move on him before I could, but since neither of you have after all this time, I’m going to claim him as my own!”

“Oh, really?” the medic retorted, “And how are you going to do that after Naruto finds out you digested his best friend?”

“My mind control jutsu should convince him to overlook that tiny detail.” Ino responded smugly.

Tsunade had been using the microphone she had installed in the cell to easedrop on the entire conversation. Surprised and enraged by Ino’s betrayal, she quickly rushed to the prison and headed straight for the solitary confinement center.

Once there, she threw open the door to Ino and Sakura’s cell. She saw slowly stroking her bloated abdomen. The blonde ninja looked up in surprise.  “H-Hokage-sama?  What are you doing here?”

In response, Tsunade punched a hole in the left wall, revealing the hidden microphone. The younger blonde’s eyes widened in horror as she realized what that meant. Before she react, Tsunade had ripped Ino’s shirt off, bit her own finger, and inscribed the chakra seal on her stomach using her own blood. She then grabbed Ino by her shoulders and stuffed her into her mouth. Swallowing Ino’s enlarged midsection proved difficult, but after ten minutes, she had made had made her way to Ino’s waist.  She quickly slurped down the rest of her victim’s skinny frame.

“*BUUUUURRRRRRP* That ought to teach you to never double-cross me!” Tsunade shouted, poking her belly.  Meanwhile, Sakura had felt Ino’s body turn upside down.

“Hey, piggy!” she called, “what was that?”

“Tsunade just found out about my plan and ate me!” Ino whined.

“HA!” laughed Sakura, “Serves you right!  Hey, wait! I still don’t have seal on me!”

The next day…

Tsunade awoke after a great sleep and proceed, that is waddled, to her office. Once there, she vomited Ino. But she was shocked to find that Ino’s belly had already returned to normal size.

“INO!!!” she roared, “If you’ve digested Sakura, the worst fate imaginable awaits you!”

Ino stuck her index finger as far back in her throat as she could, cursing herself inwardly for being so stupid. She vomited, but all that exited her mouth was Sakura’s bra.  “Oh, mother f*&^%$#!” Ino whispered softly. She gazed upward, and saw an enraged Tsunade lunging towards her. The Princess Hokage slurped Ino’s thin frame down like a noodle.

“Ino,” Tsunade said, “In order to *BEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLCH* pay for your treachery, you are here-*UUUURRRRRP*-by sentenced to digestion! *BRROOOOOOORRRRRRP*” Tsunade said.

“NOOOO!” Ino cried. But it was all over.

Meanwhile, Haruno Sakura walked home with Naruto at her side while wearing his jacket. “Thanks for coming to my rescue, Naruto.” She said.

“Don’t thank me, thank Baa-chan.”  He answered, “When she heard you screaming that you didn’t have the protection seal, she came straight to me and explained everything. She swallowed me, and since Ino was asleep, I forced myself down her throat to get you.”

“Well, thanks anyway.” Sakura replied, “By the way, how did feel getting eaten?” she inquired.

“It wasn’t so bad, except for getting covered in someone else’s saliva.” Naruto said. Suddenly, he got an idea, “Hey, Sakura-chan?  How badly did you say you wanted to bring Sasuke-teme back?”

Sakura smiled, knowing exactly what he was getting at.  “Well ask Tsunade-sama about it later. Right now, let’s get someone to eat, I’m starved!”

“Yeah, me too. I…hey, wait a minute…” Naruto said. Then both laughed and continued on their way.

“But anyway,” Sakura said, “I’m serious.”

well, gof22, here u go! and don't worry gandan, your request is up next. i would do my bleach vore story next, but only ONE PERSON has left me any votes. *hint hint*
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Yamanaka Ino did not realize it when it first began, but she would soon find herself making a life-altering decision, but it would be one she'd eventually come to terms with.


"What do you mean I can't go on any missions for two months?" Ino shouted in Shizune's face. Calmly, the raven-haired medic pushed the young woman back down onto the bed. Ino pouted and Shizune sighed. Neither girl was in high spirits right now, and it certainly showed.

"I'm sorry, but it's my diagnosis as your doctor, Ms. Yamanaka. Yes, you've injured yourself rather badly in your last mission. However, you will heal and you will be back to normal with no long-term repercussions. Unfortunately, my medical jutsu can only do so much, and the hospital has been booked with so many operations and meetings that it will take far much more time to complete. I'm sorry, but this is all I can do for you right now. If you'd like, you can come back again next week for a check-up. Still, as a certified doctor and healer tutored by Tsunade-sama herself, I promise that you'll be fine, Ms. Yamanaka. These pills I'm giving you will also help you."

Ino's pout deepened; she couldn't believe how she was being thrown out so easily like this. It was absurd. She had just suffered a concussion from some falling debris by an enemy ninja. Shizune had insisted several times that she had done a thorough check for abnormalities, but Ino still had some doubts; she'd never been put in this sort of situation before so she was feeling terribly paranoid. She wanted to be extra-perfectly-sure about everything. It was her head, and she was worried about it. Shizune gave her a few more token pieces of safety advice before sending the blonde on her way. Ino couldn't get a word in the whole time. She took the bag and ultimately left unsatisfied.

"Hey, Ino! Are you alright?" Ino was immediately greeted by her teammates Choji and Shikamaru upon leaving the building. Choji was sweating bullets over her safety, nothing new there. What took Ino aback for a moment was the expression of relief on Shikamaru's own face; he was the unflappable one in the group, yet he seemed to have worried for her too. They had been there when she fell unconscious. Neither man was skilled enough in medical jutsu to aid her, and they had carried her all the way back to Konoha, unable to do anything but continually check her pulse.

"Yeah, I'm fine...there's no pain or anything," Ino replied, tapping at her head. Choji finally stopped shoveling chips into his mouth to breathe.

"Oh thank God! You know we were really worried about you!"

"You guys worry about me too much! I can handle a few rocks on my noggin!"

"Hmph..." Shikamaru smiled wryly, "I should have figured that. You're too stubborn to even let any talk of sense get through to you; of course your skull would be hard as steel!"

"Hey! Shikamaru!"

Choji intervened. "How about we all go out for something to eat? I'll buy this time!" he offered. "You know, to celebrate Ino's quick recovery!"

"Really? Well, I've already filled out all the necessary paperwork, so I'm down with that." Shikamaru remarked, stretching his arms over his head.

Ino, however, was not amused with the idea. "You just want to get more food, that's all!"

"What? N-No, it's for you too! You gotta eat, and you'll get your strength back! That's one of the first lessons of the Akimichi clan!"

"Yeah, Ino, lighten up and feast a bit; you made it out of a hairy situation way better than we all thought you would've." Shikamaru remarked with a smirk and a shrug.

Ino frowned; she really didn't want to mess up her new veggie diet, but the two men seemed determined in convincing her. She opted to give into the friendly peer pressure. She really was feeling hungry, after all. "Alright...we'll go..." she said.

"Yes! Grilled meat all the way!"

"Hey, Choji, don't forget what you said earlier: you're buying!"

"Ha ha ha! Yeah, I won't forget! Even with my appetite, my wallet can handle it this one time!"

Ino walked a few steps behind her teammates. She touched her stomach. It was so flat, flatter than she could remember. Ino had held her figure on a personal pedestal; she was both skinny and had curves, whereas Sakura lacked the curves and Hinata lacked the skinny. She had been working on a new veggie diet, and she was worried how it could destroy the entire schedule if she ate real meat now. However, judging from the growls in her gut, she was definitely starving, and Choji's offer sounded too good to pass up.

'I wonder how much food would be too much,' she pondered.

Ino went along with them. She could probably control herself. Her stomach gurgled again, louder than before.



Ino dragged her feet, and her heaving belly, through the front door of her apartment. The blonde removed her sandals slowly and deliberately, afraid of upsetting her overfed abdomen anymore than it already had been. Once done, she immediately made her way for the nearest recliner. She groaned, agonizing, her stomach feeling like it was weighed down by metal balls and chains. She had TRIED to control herself, she really did, but that effort sadly resulted in a total failure; she had stuffed her face like a pig. Her hunger won out, and for the first time in ages, she ate until she couldn't eat anymore. Choji even seemed to egg her on by offering her more, and like a fool, she took it all. The meat was salty, greasy, and the peppers and onions mixed in were so hot she could barely touch them at first, but it still tasted so good. She had just been starving badly, and now she was paying the price for her weakness.

'Thank God Sakura wasn't there...she'd never let me live this down...' Ino thought to herself, belching softly into the wind. She needed to take a rest.

The blonde kunoichi carefully lowered herself onto the living room couch. She undid her skirt and threw it away, the clothing piece draping itself over a lamp. She laid back far enough that her stuffed little tummy rose over her like a mountain of tightened skin. She poked it, and let out a coo at how sensitive it had become from her feasting. Ino tried to think back to how many helpings she'd had. Shikamaru only ate a little, his appetite distracted by his own thoughts and his cigarettes, while Choji had downed nearly half the meat. The rest of that sweet, tangy, salty, oily pile of beef...was now in the process of digestion inside Ino's tummy.

"Those jerks!" Ino shouted, desperately looking for a scapegoat to blame, "It's all their faults! They - ooh - they goaded me! They've been bugging me about my diets before, and Shikamaru with his whole 'weight shouldn't matter, be happy with yourself' shtick, but if they think they can trick me into gaining weight, then they're wrong! What a bunch of good teammates they are! Sheesh!"

Ino wasn't going to let herself get caught again like this. She felt like she was the sole victim of some kind of mass conspiracy. Granted, she knew that wasn't actually the truth, but she was too infuriated to care much about that otherwise. Needing a quick outlet for her anger, she unleashed her rage upon an innocent pillow, sending it flying to the ground with a fast and hard kick. Ino felt another sharp jab in her stomach, and she groaned even louder. She couldn't do a damn thing when her belly would start doing flips over the most minor action.

After an hour of rest, Ino felt confident enough to try getting up. Her body shifted precariously on the couch, still feeling somewhat weighed down, but not enough to keep her down. Ino reached into her small fanny-pack which laid on the table. Inside was a special set of medicine she had been given by Shizune, which she was supposed to take until she was certified to resume working. It was some kind of pill. It had a list of possible side-effects, but Ino was too tired to bother reading them all. She didn't think it would be dangerous; you can't be passing out drugs like this unless they'd been tested safely already. She downed two pills as required, and headed straight for her bedroom.

Ino pat her stomach. 'Whatever...this will be gone by tomorrow. And I'll make sure never to eat like that again!'


Ino awoke that morning to an odd sensation in the pit of her abdomen; it was a discomforting emptiness. She sat up in bed, only to feel something soft roll onto her lap. She glanced down; it was a belly. Her belly.


Ino rubbed the pudgy little roll; it was definitely real. Ino dashed out of bed and charged straight for the pill bottle in the kitchen. Now that she was standing upright, she had a better idea of how much her stomach pooched out. It really wasn't as bad as she had initially feared, Ino realized. When she stood up, and when she sucked in, her stomach could easily come off as thin as it used to be. The fat was a very thin layer. Her fears relaxed somewhat. Still, an inkling that the medicine might have been responsible prickled inside her brain. Even with all the food she ate yesterday, it shouldn't have left this kind of impact. She had been so thin and sexy less than a day's time ago!

"Hmm, okay, let's see here..." she looked over the labels and the list scrawled in Shizune's rushed handwriting, "Side-effects include...weight gain? Enhanced Appetite? Exhaustion? What the hell kind of medicine is this? And it's all for what, a bump on the head and a few scrapes? Dammit, I'm going to go and talk to Shizune about this right-"

Ino stepped forward. Out of nowhere, her sense of balance let out, and she swooned forward. Clutching her throbbing head in one hand, Ino caught herself on the wooden table with her other hand. She had almost blacked out. In fact, she did, for a second at least.

'What the hell? Was that because of my concussion before...?' she wondered. It frightened her. Something could be seriously wrong. Ino was starting to freak out; she dove for the pills and downed one before she could experience anything else. She wanted to be thin, but she wasn't dumb enough not to realize that her life was the most important thing of all.

'My life...'

Ino thought about it some more. For some reason, a memory of Shikamaru's words, telling her 'not to worry' about weight and just 'enjoy life', came to mind. The 'deer' of their team was a natural slacker, pretty rude and completely hopeless in understanding Temari's feelings, but he was definitely no idiot. Maybe...he was making a good point...

"No! That's not important right now! I'm not going to let myself become some kind of fatty just because he said so!" Ino shouted enthusiastically, throwing her hands in the air, but she nearly tumbled over because her feet hadn't steadied yet.

In the end, for breakfast, she ate two pieces of toast, several pieces of fruit, and a bag of potato chips she had originally bought to entertain future guests. She could hardly help herself anymore; those pills made her as hungry as a hog. It reminded her how good chips tasted, though.


Ino was not much of one for exercise; she relied on her ninja jobs to help keep her in shape, along with the usual dieting. Because she was barred from such activities right now, she had come to discover that her life was quite boring otherwise. There was almost nothing to do Her old job at her dad's flower shop had been given off to a newcomer, and Shikamaru and Choji were kept busy with their own missions. Most of the other 'Konoha Eleven' were out of town, too.

Thus, Ino ate. She ate a lot. The combination of boredom, pills, and a revived appetite for tastier (also fattier) foods all contributed to this. Ino tried to fill her time off with food, but the health food she ate didn't fill her stomach enough, and she was becoming more inclined to eat what went against her diet. Yes, she experienced a great amount of guilt during or after she'd eaten, but she couldn't help herself sometimes. The urge to eat was constantly growing, as was her waistline. The tiny little belly she'd sprouted before was becoming a full-on potbelly.

"Screw the Pistachio, just bring me the Chocolate!" Ino ordered at the ice cream bar, feeling like treating herself for having taken the long way around; she normally didn't treat herself, but seeing the posters of desserts on the windows made her want to go inside. The ice cream didn't have as many calories as she feared. She convinced herself it wouldn't do any more damage than what's already been done. She'd just take another long walk afterward. After such a little time, having lived on diets and physical perfection for so long, Ino was becoming deluded. Her new eating habits were altering her form with new blubber. She only became more and more convinced she could easily fix the issue, all the while letting her hunger get the best of her each time.

'Maybe I'll take another one of these pills too, because fuck it I already missed the first scheduled dose today.' Ino thought, popping the tiny sphere into her mouth.

Haruno Sakura, Ino's oldest friend, had come across the blonde woman by chance. She kept watching her from afar. Even though she could only see Ino's back, Sakura easily recognized her, although she'd done a double-take at first. Ino had gained a lot of weight, made obvious from the wideness of her back and how her bottom seemed to overtake the entire stool. She twisted back and forth on her stool, causing her larger body to jiggle wildly.

'I always meant it as an insult when I called her a 'pig', but she really didn't have to go and make it true...' Sakura thought with a shiver. She'd never seen anyone gain so much weight so quickly, either.

Ino suddenly felt as if she were being watched. She looked over her shoulder, but Sakura was already gone. She resumed eating. The ice cream was so good; maybe she could splurge a bit, just for today, and order a second helping.

As Ino walked home, she started examining her girth again. She wondered once more if she could really slim herself down again; it would take weeks, probably months, of exercise and dieting that her current appetite could not possibly handle anymore. She was far too lazy to do anything that physically active, and depriving herself of ice cream for more than three days was akin to torture.

A simple thought came to her, the gravity of its meaning the most important thing of all.

'Now that I think about it, aren't things a lot easier this way? As in...I can eat whatever the hell I want and not worry about it?'


Two and a half months later, and Ino had run out of medication, and she went in for one final check-up.

"W-Well, Ino, you're, no longer in danger from what I could see," Shizune said, removing her glowing hands from Ino's skull, "But, I do hope you hadn't been too worried about it. Stress is never a good thing for a young woman your age, after all,"

Shizune was trying her best to remark on Ino's weight without actually saying it. Ino Yamanaka was officially obese, according to medical standards. It had been a long time since she'd seen anyone weight this much outside of the Akimichi clan. In fact, she rivaled some of the larger women of that clan, ironically enough. Her stomach had swollen, softened and fattened into this pillowy ball of dough that spread over her lap when she sat. Her arms and legs were thick with pudge, giving the false impression that they were large with muscle and strength, only for it to be nothing but adipose standing between the skin and the bone. Ino's face was also on the verge of sprouting its second chin, and her neck was bulkier too. She looked up at Shizune and smiled at her as if nothing was wrong.

"C'mon, do you really think I'd let something like some medicine scare me? I've had to deal with the fact that every time I use my jutsu, my mind could end up stuck inside someone else's body! I've also been working alongside dopes like Shikamaru and Choji ever since I became a kunoichi! At this point, I think I could handle just about anything thrown my way." Ino happily boasted.

"Oh, r-really?" Shizune observed how Ino's belly inflated and receded with each breath the teen took in. Her entire body rippled as she made the tiniest of movements; from the depths of her meaty cleavage to the ends of her porky thighs did the jiggles flow. Ino reached back to scratch at her ass; if Shizune dared place her hand on either ass-cheek, she would bet her fingers could sink a few inches into the jelly-like flub. Her belly, her thighs, her butt, her breasts, everything had grown in size since Shizune had seen her last. Shizune knew she had to act professional and be honest to her patient.

"No, Ino...what I mean is...your weight. You've gained a lot since you started taking the medicine." Shizune stuttered. Ino blinked as she continued to stare.

"...You're right. I have." Ino admitted after a moment.

"But why? I know the medicine had some serious side-effects, but I'm sure you would have only put on a handful of pounds! To put on this many pounds in only a few months is incredible, if not impossible. You must have been eating all on purpose."

"I guess I realized that eating and relaxing is a lot more fun, and a lot easier, than dealing with diets all the time." Ino flashed a sheepish grin.

Shizune gasped.

Ino thanked Shizune for her help, and quickly let herself out after a few brief exchanges. Her butt nearly got caught in the doorway, but after some excessive wiggling and jiggling, Ino popped herself free. Shizune was left behind feeling dumbstruck; she had never believed to see Yamanaka Ino accept gaining weight. It seemed her concerns of the girl being malnourished were now concerns of the girl having abundant nourishment. She might want to talk to Sakura about this too. She could speak with Ino on a more personal level.


Ino and Sakura sat side by side on a park bench. The bench squeaked like a whisper in the wind as Ino's heaviness pressed down on it. Sakura did not mention how the bench was actually raised off the ground on her side. Ino was fascinated with her ice cream cone; so fascinated, in fact, that she was more busy ploughing into it with her mouth than listening to what Sakura was saying. She wrapped her mouth around the full, creamy pillar of ice cream emerging from the cone, slurping down as much as she could before pulling her lips back again. She slid her plump lips around the ice cream's sticky base as she lapped away at every sweet little bit. Sakura started to blush just from watching her.

"Huh? S-Sorry about that, can you repeat that?" Ino asked.

Sakura sighed. "I asked why you gained so much weight, Ino-pi...please tell me!"

"I don't know what to tell you, Forehead," Ino shrugged, saying, "I tried to keep from gaining at first, I really did...but I kinda found out that I'd rather just real food than that health stuff that doesn't even work half the time. I still eat lots of the good stuff, but I don't mind eating more than three square meals a day, if you get me, Sakura."

"But...but don't you think you're overdoing it-" Sakura tried to say.

"If things don't work out, I could always see if the Akimichi clan's interested in training me. I'm sure Choji would speak in my defense."

Sakura sighed. "You are being way too blase about this. You're Ino; you're supposed to be sobbing your eyes out for every pound you put on! You care about your looks more than anything else!"

Ino laughed a great, bellyful laugh, said belly shaking up and down. "Correction: I care about my own life even more. I guess I changed a lot more than just in the body in these past few months!"


"Do you think I look ugly like this, Sakura?" Ino suddenly asked, and Sakura nearly jumped out of her seat from it.

"N-No," Sakura shook her head, "I think the weight works for you; even when you're fat, you still have a great body."

"Ha ha ha, ya think so?"

"Hey, don't you know just how annoying that is for plain-looking girls like me? Fat or thin, you always win!"

"Don't worry, Sakura, I'm sure you'll catch up one day!" Ino giggled, winking at her. Sakura sighed, but after a few seconds, she started laughing herself. Ino resumed eating the rest of her ice cream cone before it melted.
A new commission with Ino Yamanaka gaining weight, from the series Naruto.The story focuses more on how Ino starts her gain than the gain itself, but since it's meant to be more character-focused kind of story with its plot. I'll make sure to focus more on weight gain for stories that require it. Please let me know what you think of this one. I tried to get it to make as much sense as I could explain, anyway.

Naruto @ Kishimoto
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Throughout her career as a kunoichi, Haruno Sakura had prided herself in being able to keep herself in a prime, physical condition. Whereas it had become gradually noticeable that her friends Ino Yamanaka and Hinata Hyuga were growing a bit more curvy all around, Sakura was still as lean and mean as ever. She even had slight muscles forming on her limbs and her washboard stomach. She was a perfect example of why physical fitness should be kept a top priority for ninjas and kunoichi alike.

This was exactly why Ino and Hinata decided they needed to ruin the pink-haired girl's fame.

"W-Wait a minute!!" Hinata exclaimed aloud, a handful of french fries clutched tightly in her right hand.

Ino, who was just about to sink her teeth into a rather large cheeseburger, raised an eyebrow in confusion. "What is it?"

The two girls were sitting at an outside booth in front of the new fast food restaurant that just opened up. Ino had been the first to locate the place, and then called Hinata over to meet her to discuss something 'very, very vital to their cause'...whatever that 'cause' was. While the Hyuga heiress was wearing her usual purple jacket, Ino had on a simple t-shirt and jeans. A small layer of flab was pushing tightly against the confines of her shirt. Her plump ass cheeks, too, were looking a bit stuffed in their undersized confinements. For Hinata, her jacket, which was about two or three sizes too big when she first brought it, had to be kept quarter-way unzipped at all times.

"I know you're upset that Sakura is so popular in Konoha these days, Ino-chan," Hinata began, "But I never said I wanted to be apart of any scheme to go and humiliate her! I'm Sakura-chan's friend; I could never go and hurt her voluntarily!"

"Hinata-chan, I was sure you of all people would want to help me get back at that bitch..." Ino glanced off to the right, as if distracted by something.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because," Ino turned back to Hinata, and smirked evilly, "If Naruto, when he returns from his training with Jiraiya, were to choose between you, who's put on a bit of weight recently, and a fit pink-haired sex-bomb like Sakura, well...there'd be no contest there..."

Hinata's mouth fell agape in utter horror; Ino was right!

"So...what do you say now?" Ino chuckled under her breath.

Shoving an entire pile of fries into her mouth without abandon, Hinata gulped them all down and belched. "I...I'm in. I don't want to lose my chances with Naruto-kun...not ever."

Ino farted. "Excellent! So...what do we do?"

"You mean to say that although you're the one organizing this thing, you didn't even come up with a plan?"


" about we," Hinata paused to eat a few more fries, "We fatten her up, and make her lose all of those muscles and that toned body of hers, and she'll be so fat no man, especially not Naruto, would want her!!"

"That's a great idea!" Ino wiped the grease and sweat off of her face with a napkin, " do we do that?"

"I can't think of everything..." Hinata replied.

"Hmm..." Ino furrowed her sweaty brow as she rummaged around her brain for an idea. She raised a hand and lightly scratched her head. Suddenly, as her fingers wrapped around the shiny golden locks of her hair, the whole plan immediately formulated in her mind. It was quite risky, and it would result in her gaining a large amount of weight as well, but she was willing to do it as long as it pulled Sakura back down to their level. She was surprised that due to being inactive for so long that she had actually forgotten about the ninjutsu technique that was solely unique in her family.

"All we gotta do is get Sakura to stand still for just a few moments, and then I can use my Mind-Switching Technique to take over her body and stuff herself full of food!" Ino explained with a smug grin on her round face.

Hinata gasped. "But...but Ino-chan, if you do that, your body will also be affected by the gain, and you'll most likely end up even BIGGER than Sakura-chan!!"

"You think I don't know that? But I'm willing to do it...I mean, a few extra pounds won't hurt as long as Sakura ends up being fat too in the end..."

Hinata was thoroughly impressed by Ino's crazed determination.

"Alright, Hinata," Ino leaned over the table, her belly pressing against the table's surface, "Here's what we gotta do..."


Sakura had been skeptical at first when she received an invitation to the new all-you-can-eat buffet, especially since the invitation itself was written on the back of a paper napkin. It also mentioned that it was all prepaid for her already by her friends 'I' and 'H'. It was because of the mysteries surrounding this ridiculous "invitation" that Sakura did end up heading down to the buffet regardless of whether she was hungry or not. It went exactly as Ino had planned after all.

'Huh...why do Ino and Hinata come to mind whenever I look at this invitation?' Sakura pondered to herself as she made her way through the bustling crowd. The dining street always became rather busy around this time of day, especially since alot of people were just getting out of work and getting some dinner before heading home. The air was thick with a heavy mixture of delicious smells coming from every angle. Sakura recognized them all: ramen, teriyaki, sushi, fresh bread, salmon, pork chops, baked potatoes, dumplings with rice drenched in soy sauce, curry, fried lobster, hamburgers, tofu, and much more. Sakura's stomach let out a low growl.

'Ugh...I'm hungry, but I've already maxed out my calorie intake for the day,' Sakura thought solemnly, so set on her rigorous diet to remain thin and healthy that she was even ignoring her body's own basic needs. The pink-haired kunoichi could feel her will slowly crumbling in the presence of her growing hunger. Gritting her teeth, Sakura picked up the pace, wanting to get to the all-you-can-eat buffet and clear up the invitation mishap as soon as possible.

The buffet was located on the other end of the street, and it really stood out from all of the other eating establishments that surrounded it. It had been built to resemble an ancient Chinese temple, with banners of every color and size hanging from the rooftops. As Sakura neared the building, she instantly recognized Hinata Hyuga standing near the front door. She had a bashful look on her face, and kept glancing side to side as if waiting for someone. Sakura decided to confront her.

"Hey, Hinata-chan!" Sakura flashed a grin as she walked up to the pale-faced Hyuga heiress. She shrugged off the grumbling in her empty belly.

"Ah!" Hinata shrieked in surprise, but immediately regained her composure, "Uh...h-hello, Sakura-chan...what're you doing here?"

Sakura reached into her pocket and took out the invitation. "I got some weird letter from some weirdos named 'I' and 'H' to come and visit this buffet. I don't know if this is a trap or not, so I ended up coming to check it out anyway."

"I...I see...well, good luck..."


Chuckling nervously, Hinata started to break out into a cold sweat. Sakura was about to say something about it, but she changed her mind and turned to make her way into the buffet. She had just about made it to the front door, when a pair of arms pulled her into a tight, paralyzing embrace. Sakura quickly looked over her shoulder to see Hinata staring back at her with tears in her white eyes. Despite all of her strength, Sakura could not even so much as struggle herself free.

"H...Hinata!!" she cried, "What're you doing...?!"

"I'm sorry, Sakura-chan!" Hinata exclaimed.

"What're you-"

Suddenly, completely out of nowhere, Ino came dashing in, her hands held out and the fingers entwined in the shape of a heart. Sakura gasped. A devious smile formed on Ino's lips. Hinata could do nothing but look away.


Sakura opened her mouth to let out a scream, but her cries were cut short as Ino took complete control of her body.

"Ha ha ha...think you can make fat fools out of us, eh, Sakura-chan? Well, we'll just see who's the fatty in the end..."

Hinata felt a tiny bit of regret as she watched the possessed Sakura (i.e. under Ino's control) charge into the buffet like her life depended on it. The last thing she ever wanted to do was hurt any of her friends, yet she allowed her obsession over Naruto become a convincing argument that she needed to do just that. It was awful.

"Ah!" A waiter standing near the entrance gasped upon seeing Sakura run by, "Uh...miss, where are you going? Do you have a reservation?"

"Shut up!!" Sakura came to a stop in front of the dessert table, licking her lips hungrily. She grabbed a nearby bowl of pudding and practically thrust her face into the bowl. It only took about a few minutes before all of the pudding had relocated itself within Sakura's stomach.

The pink-haired girl snickered, listening to her belly rumble, "Heh...this is only just the beginning, Sakura-chan..."

Hinata came in just in time to watch as Sakura finished off an entire blueberry pie. Despite only having just begun her binge, there was already a very slight bulge in Sakura's stomach. She then proceeded to thrust a huge handful of cookies, two thick fudge brownies, half of a vanilla cheesecake and a cinnamon roll about the size of her head down her throat. There was a loud snap, and the top two buttons of her shorts flew across the room.

"Urp! Mmm...that was delicious," Sakura rubbed her swollen tummy, "But I think I still have quite a bit of room left!"

Everyone who was present at the buffet could only stare in frozen silence as the kunoichi continued to stuff herself beyond reason. A bowl of pasta along with meatballs, a large juicy steak, an entire pot of mashed potatoes, a whole roasted ham, a fried lobster, two fried crabs, three entire stacks of pure butter and a yellowtail were piled into Sakura's lithe frame, and the fat immediately started to spread all over. Her stomach, which was taut red and aching, made it appear as if she were 7 months pregnant with twins.

"Whoa!" Unused to carrying so much weight, Sakura would have fallen right on her ass if she hadn't grabbed on to the table beside her for support. She gave her belly a slap, and smiled when she saw it couldn't even jiggle.

"This is going better than I expected..."


Several hours later...


The moment Sakura regained consciousness, she instantly jerked forward, causing her to knock into the table in front of her, and she crashed sideways onto the ground. Much to the pink-haired girl's surprise, she was unable to push herself up.


Sakura brought her hands close to her face, and noticed they were awfully puffy. Not only that, but she felt rather bloated, and despite it being chilly today, she was sweating up a storm.

"...Oh my god..."

It only took her a few seconds to realize why.

She was, not fat, but obese. A rough estimate of her weight would be somewhere around 265 pounds of pure, sexy fat.

Her shirt, which had fitted comfortably on her once-nimble frame, had been pushed all the way up to only being able to cover her breasts, which had grown to a tremendous F-cup size. Her belly resembled a round, fleshy orb that jutted out about half a foot in front of her. Globs of back fat had formed with her flabby spare tire. Sakura's thin face was now cherubic, with reddened cheeks and a double chin to match. Her ass was incredibly swollen, each bulging cheek almost as large as her belly, and her legs were as thick as tree trunks. Her shorts now functioned as a thong, and her shirt a sports bra.

Struggling to her feet, the corpulent girl fought hard to keep the tears back. Her belly hung far over her waist and swung back and forth like a heavy sack filled with water. The pink-haired girl looked around to view her surroundings. There were piles of empty dishes upon empty dishes all over the floor, and a young man dressed as a waiter (he probably was a waiter) was lying unconscious, with blood trickling out of his nose for some odd reason. Sakura gave her massive gut a slap, and cringed as she watched it jiggle. An airy fart soon followed.

' could this have happened?'

The last thing Sakura could remember was being held still by Hinata, and Ino suddenly popped out of nowhere and-

Sakura's fat face scrunched up in anger. "INO-PIG, YOU CRAZY BITCH!" Her entire body shook violently all over.

" you have to talk so loud?" moaned a very familiar voice from behind.

Sakura immediately spun around, and a look of pure shock spread out over her face. It was Ino-pig...except she was HUGE. In fact, she was even larger than Sakura herself, almost twice her size. The blonde kunoichi was pinned to the floor by her massive sphere-shaped body, fat leaking out from every conceivable space within her torn clothes. Her portly face and triple chins were smeared with a sort of chocolate sauce. Standing beside her was Hinata, who was looking quite guilty.

"H-Hinata-chan..." Sakura didn't realize that her voice had become slightly deeper due to her fattened state.

"I'm really sorry, Sakura-chan," Hinata apologized, "I...I let Ino convince me into plotting against you and making you fat so that you wouldn't steal Naruto-kun from me! I'm so, so sorry!!"

"We'll talk about that later, okay?! What happened to Ino?"

"Well, she...she was also affected by the food she ate while in your body, and she became so addicted to it that even once she returned to her own body, she just kept eating and eating! I couldn't stop her! In a way,'s karma, I guess..."

Ino let out a powerful belch. "Ooooh...I'm so...full..."

"What should we do now?" Hinata asked with a heavy heart, trying to avoid making any eye contact with Sakura.

Sakura scratched her chin thoughtfully. "Hmm..."





























Later that same day...

"...And that's what happened, Hokage-sama."

As Hinata concluded her explanation, Tsunade buried her face into her hands and sighed. Sakura and Hinata exchanged nervous glances, both of them rather afraid of what the Hokage's thoughts on the situation would be. Ino was still back at the buffet, with a pair of ANBU ninjas there to aid her, although they were having a difficult time trying to figure out how to actually move the immobile girl.

Tsunade sighed again. "Hinata, I am very disappointed that you and Ino would engage in such irresponsible, childish conduct...although I can see that you feel remorse for your actions and I am glad you were brave enough to come clean about it with me."

"T-Thank you, Hokage-sama!" Hinata bowed.

"That doesn't mean you're totally off the hook though..."


Tsunade then turned her attention to Sakura. "I must say I'm a bit impressed at how much weight they forced you to gain in such a short amount of time, but it seems like there is no other choice but to work it off through exercise and dieting...and judging from your girth, it'll take you at least 2 years to get back to your original fit state..."

"2 YEARS?!" Sakura exclaimed in horror.

"Well, you could lose all of the weight in about a year, probably," Tsunade continued, "But to be as physically powerful as you were before, it'll take another year of training as well. I'll have to be your official coach again."

Sakura cursed under her breath. She still had some scars left over from Tsunade's training regimen a few months back. There were also the daily night terrors that came with it as well.

"Hinata, as punishment, you shall join Sakura in the training," Tsunade smirked deviously; she was fully aware of the psychological effects her training had on people. This was definitely a fair and just punishment.

Hinata, however, was totally unaware of this. "Th...Thank you, Hokage-sama! I would be...honored to train under you!"

"Anyway, Tsunade-sempai," Sakura interjected, "What do we do about Ino? She's too big to even walk on her own feet anymore..."

"We'll take care of that, don't you worry. She may not be able to return to her duties as a kunoichi anytime soon...but we hopefully will be able to figure out how to aid her in losing the weight," Tsunade nodded. She twitched violently for a moment and blushed, prompting Sakura and Hinata to exchange nervous glances again.

"Anyway, that will be all, girls. I hope to see both of you here early tommorrow morning!"

"Y-Yes, Hokage-sama!!"

Once they were done talking, the two chubby kunoichi turned around and walked out the door. A few moments later, Shizune came crawling out from underneath Tsunade's desk, and she wiped her mouth on her sleeve. Tsunade let out a small moan, as if a great weight had just been lifted from her shoulders.

"Ah, Shizune...still as good as ever."

"Heh," Shizune grinned sheepishly, "Oh, praise me too highly!"
Not very good at titles... ^^;

Sorry it's not that good.

Naruto @ Kishi-monster
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Hinata Hyuga visibly cringed as she gave the small layer of flab on her belly a light poke. It barely went over the edge of her panties, sticking out only by an inch or two, but it was still there. She watched in disgust as it jiggled violently before coming to a complete stop a few seconds later. Even though she was alone in her bedroom, she couldn't help but feel a rush of embarrassment as she stood there in her underwear, examining just how fat she had gotten over the past month. She brought her hands up to her breasts and squeezed them; they were definitely a bit bigger since last time she checked. Her thighs and ass were a little chunky as well. Luckily, she hadn't outgrown her bra or panties yet. Her jacket and pants had gotten somewhat tighter, though, but they were still able to stealthily conceal her recent increase in weight.

'Oh dear...I seem to have gained some weight...' she solemnly thought to herself, pressing her fingers into the tiny bumps that were her love handles. Plopping her butt down on the edge of her bed, she thought back about everything that had happened so far that could have possibly lead to her current state. The only thing that really stuck out in her mind was when she and Sakura became a couple, and she highly doubted that that had anything to do with her weight gain.

Suddenly, the door bell rang, and a few moments later Neji's voice called from downstairs. "Hey, Hinata...Sakura Haruno is here to pick you up!!"

"Ah! That's right! We have a date tonight!" Hinata gasped in sudden realization, and she immediately threw on her jacket and a pair of jeans before rushing out the door and down the long winding staircase. For some reason, that little dash had tired her out a little. Sakura Haruno, her girlfriend of four weeks, was standing in the doorway with a big, playful grin on her face. Neji was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey, Hina-chan!" Sakura exclaimed, and she leaned in to kiss Hinata full on the lips, only to be suddenly blocked by said Hyuga girl's index finger. Nervously, Hinata glanced over to the right, where her father was watching the two of them disapprovingly from within the shadows. He had generally accepted Hinata and Sakura's relationship, but not enough to be completely tolerant about it. It was just fortunate that he still allowed Hinata to live in his household. Noticing Hiashi's hateful glares as well, Sakura reluctantly pulled away from her female lover.

"...Let's go, Hina-chan..."


Without further ado, the two girls rushed out into the night. Hinata took one last glance at the house before turning the corner, and she could see Hiashi staring back at her from behind the window curtains. It was rather unnerving. Once they were out of sight, though, Sakura literally pressed Hinata up against the wall, and their lips smashed together in a passionate kiss. Hinata groaned as Sakura's wet, hungry tongue rolled around and about within her mouth. Sakura ran her hands up and down along Hinata's body, giving her bouncy breasts and slightly-pudgy belly a gentle squeeze every now and then. It was such an electrifying feeling; Hinata had almost forgotten how good it felt to kiss someone you loved. By the time they broke apart, both girls were sweating and out of breath.

"Ah...that...that felt good..." Sakura remarked, licking her lips in satisfaction.

Hinata's entire face was glowing brightly. " was..."

Wiping the sweat from her brow, Sakura glanced over her shoulder as she then said, "So, uh...wanna go get something to eat, Hina-chan? There's this new all-you-can-eat-buffet place that's just opened up, and I'm sure you'd like it! Because it's the grand opening, we can eat all we want for free!" she ginned mischievously, although Hinata personally interpreted it more as a grin than a smirk.

"W...Well," Hinata nervously fidgeted with the hem of her jacket, "I...I've been gaining a bit of weight recently, Saku-chan, and I...and I think I should try and stay away from fatty foods for a bit..."

"Aww, what's wrong with indulging yourself for a little while?!" Sakura exclaimed, giving her girlfriend a reassuring pat on the shoulder, "It's only for one night! You can start your diet tomorrow!!"

Hinata thought about it for a moment. 'Hmm...she DOES have a point...'

"So...whadda say, Hina-chan? Willing to pig out ONE LAST TIME?" Sakura chuckled, nudging the raven-haired girl in the rib.

Finally, after a second of hesitation, Hinata nodded her head. "That...that doesn't sound like a bad idea...I'll do it..."

"ALRIGHT! LET'S GO, HINA-CHAN!!!" Sakura cheered with an unnecessarily large amount of enthusiasm, pulling her timid lover along by the hand...


Later that night, at the buffet...

Sakura let out a refreshed sigh as she leaned back in her chair. Despite only having eaten a small salad and some chicken, she put on the act of being full by giving her flat stomach a wholesome pat. She even forced out a tiny belch to make it appear more convincing.

"Mmm...that was good, huh, Hina-chan?"

Sakura couldn't help but smile as she looked at Hinata, who was just finishing off a rather large drumstick before finally coming to a sudden halt. About twenty plates laid about in front of her, all of them completely licked clean. Apparently, Hinata had forgotten about watching her carbs by the time she had helped herself to a fifth helping of food. Belching loudly, the Hyuga girl leaned back in her chair as well and placed her sauce-covered fingers upon her bloated belly. She had to unzip her jacket because it was getting so tight. It had grease and ketchup stains all over it, too, from her massive feasting.

"Ugh...I'm...I'm so full..." Hinata groaned, belching again. Her stomach was about the size of basketball now, taut and stuffed to the brim with delicious food. Her cheeks were swollen and red, and her pants seemed much tighter than before, which meant her ass and thighs had gotten a good amount of fat in them as well. Her breasts were two round, jiggling orbs; they had probably gone up at least an entire size by now. Sakura was getting wet just from looking at her; it seemed that her secret plan to fatten up her adorable little Hinata was working perfectly so far.

Hinata winced in pain, and spread her legs out in a lethargic manner. "Oh...S-Saku-chan...I...I need to unbutton my pants...but...but it hurts so much just to move...can...can you do it for me...?"

"...Of course, my love..." Licking away the drool on her chin, Sakura slowly leaned over, and gingerly unbuttoned Hinata's pants, allowing the raven-haired girl's puffy gut to roll out in between her legs. It was like a swelling bubble of flesh. The pain of her jeans cutting into her belly now gone, Hinata had a relieved look on her face as a third belch arose from deep within her throat, soon followed by a soft fart. Every short, shuddered breath Hinata took made her belly jiggle. Her love handles were beginning to sag over the sides of her pants. Seeing her beloved in such a state made Sakura's crotch tingle with excitement.

"Wow," Sakura mused with a tiny smirk, "You must have been really hungry, Hina-chan! You ate so much!"

"Y...Yeah...but...but it won't be too much of a problem to work of, though...I can lose these pounds easily..." Hinata boasted, mainly to herself. After having eaten such a huge amount of food, she was beginning to become a bit disillusioned, thinking that no matter how much she ate tonight, she could definitely work it all off at some point later on. She was practically drunk on food now, so her common sense was out of wack as well. This was exactly what Sakura had hoped would happen.

"Well, then, if it's no about some dessert? You look like you could probably hold a bit more in that cute little belly of yours!" Sakura suggested cheerfully.

Despite being so full, Hinata's mouth watered at the idea of dessert. "Hmm...urp...t-that sounds good..."

"Awesome! I'll go and get it for you!" Sakura immediately jumped to her feet, and rushed over to the dessert table. The young man tending to the dessert section gave Sakura a rather incredulous look, but the pink-haired kunoichi simply ignored him and dashed back to Hinata carrying a plate stacked high with sugary goodies. As expected, Hinata still hadn't budged an inch since her incredible binge.

"Here ya go, Hina-chan! It's all for you!" She grinned from ear to ear as she placed the plate down in front of the Hyuga girl. Grunting, Hinata slowly reached out, grabbed a rather large jelly donut, and greedily stuffed the entire thing into her mouth. Some of the filling splattered onto Hinata's chubby cheeks. Although her belly gurgled in protest, Hinata continued to eat with ravenous speed once again. In the bright lighting of the building, pale, pink stretchmarks were visible on Hinata's gut where there had been none before only hours ago. It took all Sakura had to keep herself from reaching over there and squeezing that luscious round belly in her hands right then and there.

"'s all so good..." Hinata moaned as she shoved a handful of chocolate truffles into her gaping gullet all at once. Sakura tilted her head back to get a better view of Hinata's ass; it was squishing through the bars of the car and pouring over the edges of the chair as it grew larger and larger, rounder and rounder. Hinata's pants now resembled ridiculously tight shorts, and her butt crack was slowly becoming more visible. Her thighs were huge and thick with cellulite, jiggling violently with even the slightest of movements.

Sakura almost wanted to burst out into tears of sheer joy. 'OH MY GOD, THIS IS SO FREAKIN' HOT...!!!'

"Mmmmm," Hinata licked the icing off of her plump fingers as she leaned back. All of the food on the plate had found a new home within Hinata's ever-growing belly, "I'm...I'm finished..."

Hinata's belly was massive now. It had grown to the size of a beach ball, so large now that Hinata could not even spread out her chunky legs enough to let it hang over. Her tummy was incredibly bloated from being so overstuffed, Sakura was afraid it might explode. Hinata let out her loudest burp yet as she lazily rubbed her belly all over. Her giant basketball-sized breasts, which had been rather large to begin with, were sagging over the sides of her belly, and her puffy, hard nipples were pressing against the fabric of her shrinking jacket. Hinata's neck had become enveloped with fat, and she now possessed a double chin and swollen red cheeks. Both of her ass-cheeks were humongous, each cheek roughly the size of Choji Akimichi's body.

As she stared at her fat girlfriend in utter amazement, Sakura felt something warm and wet fill the crotch of her panties.

Hinata let out a tiny burp this time, and then a series of hasty farts. "S...S...Saku-chan..."

"Y...Yes, Hina-chan?" Sakura's entire face had become as red as a tomato now.

"Can...can we go home now? I'm...I'm really full...ugh..."

A soft smile graced Sakura's lips. "Sure, Hina-chan...I'll take you home..."

After helping Hinata to her feet (which took a good ten minutes), the two lovers headed for the door admist revolted stars from both the staff and the other customers. When they stepped outside, it was already dark out, and the moon was shining brightly high in the sky. Hinata's walking pace was visibly slowed now. The grease in her veins made her legs heavy, and every step took an incredible amount of force on her part. By the time they reached the other side of the street, the fat in Hinata's belly was spreading all over her body, causing her to slowly grow even larger by the second. A third chin seemed to be in the works.

Hinata let out yet another belch as she gave her overstuffed gut a nice pat. "That was...really delicious, Saku-chan...thanks so much for taking me to that place...we should...go there more about we have breakfast there tomorrow morning?"

"Oh?" Sakura put on a confused expression, "I thought you said you wanted to go on a diet starting tomorrow morning..."

Hinata attempted to shrug, but it would have taken too much energy, so she simply shook her head. "I...I can lose the any time...I'm...I'm very good at training...there's...there's no problem...with indulging a little bit more before going on the diet...right?"

"No...of course not..." Sakura purred, licking her lips lustfully. Suddenly, she takes notice of a small 24-hour convenience store just across the street at the end of the block. For a moment, the pink-haired girl pauses, but she eventually decides to throw out the question anyway.

"Hey, Hina-chan...before we go back to your you mind if we stop at that convenience store over here? I...uh, I wanted to pick up some snack foods to store for later..."

Just as Sakura had expected, a look of hungry spread across Hinata's chubby face. "Hmm...s-sure...I...I could go for a little something myself..."

Sakura smiled to herself; this was definitely going to be one hell of a night...
SakuHina fic with Hinata weight gain!!!
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Kunoichi Rivalry

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto


Despite the friendship shared between the pink and blonde haired girls, there had always been a tense rivalry between the two that never seemed to end. Whenever one managed to achieve something, the other would immediately call them out on something and the two would quickly compete to out do the other in that regard. Both of them were not the type to be outdone either - their determination spurred them on until the other eventually couldn't keep up anymore. And naturally, as soon as one argument was settled, they would almost instantaneously find another thing to fight over in a never-ending cycle of a civil yet comptetitive conflict.

On this occassion it had been the pink haired one who had begun it. Sakura, as she was called, was a medic-nin who bore a head of pink bubblegum hair with somewhat jagged ends, worn short as the tips reached her shoulders at best. Her costume consisted of a red top zipped up at the front that exposed her midriff, whilst a pair of black shorts covered her lower body and exposed most of her legs. A pair of dark gloves fitted on her hands and pale elbow pads protected her shoulders. Her eyes were pools of green, meanwhile, were at the moment fixed in a downwards direction.

Standing opposite her was her rival known to all as Ino, a blonde with long hair worn up in a high ponytail, while a good portion of it was brushed over one eye, covering a portion of her fair face. Luscious lips seemed fixed in a straigh line as it were, though when they curled up into a smile it attracted men from all over. Her shapely physique was clad in a short purple skirt and a sleeveless purple top that exposed her midriff much like Sakura's red one did. Fishnet bands covered her knees and elbows, whilst black sandals covered her feet. But Sakura wasn't staring at any of this - rather, what she was staring at was a thin layer of pudge that was her stomach, which began to dip over the waistline of her skirt. Ino, of course, seemed to be waiting for Sakura to actually say something, her own face looking bored.

The two, as it were, standing at the side of a street in Konoha not far from the training grounds, had met up to talk with each other, but the moment Sakura had laid eyes on the extra pounds, she had turned silent as a mouse. Slowly, one of her gloved fingers poked Ino's stomach, as though trying to see if what she saw before her was in fact real or not. When the finger sunk slightly into the pudge, Sakura recoiled her digit in surprise, only for the blonde to roll her green eyes, placing both hands on her hips as she looked back at Sakura's face to see her looking back up at her, albeit still silent and at a loss for words.

"What? Is there a problem?" she asked, a brow raised. The question was dry and sarcastic as Ino was more than fully aware of what Sakura's problem seemed to be. For a moment Sakura stared dumbly at the blonde, mouth open and trying to form words, although to actually get together a proper, grammatically correct sentence took a few extra seconds that only made Ino want to roll her eyes once more. Instead, she simply settled with waiting for Sakura to finally speak her mind for the first time today.

"Y-You've put on some weight!" Sakura blurted out, not hiding her thoughts for even a second. Her mouth pulled itself into a small, victorious smirk as she proceeded to pat the extra poundage. "So you've finally looked deep inside and realized it, huh? I'm glad - you should be able to accept yourself, Ino-Pig!" the words were intended to be teasing, though Sakura couldn't help but take delight in the chance to revel in her being right at last. True to form, Ino snorted at the comment however and brought up a hand, poking the pink-haired girl in the forhead.

"Get real, Forehead-Girl. I've just started eating a bit more - with teammates like Chouji and Shikamaru, their habits are beginning to rub off a bit" she remarked, remembering the numerous times spent lounging around with Shikamaru or going to eat Yakiniku with the team after a successful mission. Indeed, though she lamented it slightly, she had picked up on a few of their traits. However, as her green irises caught Sakura's focus again, she decided to give a little smirk as one of her own more notable traits took charge - her pride. "Although, I suppose you can't help but be jealous - You've always been very flat, haven't you?".

Suddenly Sakura's brow twitched. Before it twitched again. Her eyes snapping up, she sent a hardened glare towards the blonde; furious, fiery eyes found a fuel in Ino's still, smug look. "What was that?!" she demanded to know, unable to contain her anger now that Ino had pressed her buttons. "I'm not flat - I'm modest! And that's a lot more than I can say for you, you boar!" Sakura bickered back at her, patting the pudge again to prove her point.

"Oh really? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were a carboard cut-out! Admit it - You envy my looks don't you? Because you know that there's no chance of you ever gaining the same good looks as I do" Ino's smooth voice served to entice Sakura further and in an instand, the pink-haired girl gripped her hand, beginning to lead Ino down the street, earning a curious look from the blonde. In her defense, Sakura offered only a simple statement.

"If you think you can beat me, let's see you do it!".


Both girls sat in the restaurant seated behind a table with their backs to the wall. As it were the gauntlet had been thrown - If Ino thought she could outdo her in eating, then Sakura would have to prove her wrong! When the waiter had first come over, the two had surprised him - immediately both had ordered everything on the menu, deciding to use the money they had saved up to pay for the meal. After all, compared to rivalry, matters regarding money mattered little to either of them. Their first dish had managed to arrive quickly enough - A large steak for each of them served rare - and at the same moment both girls had begun their eating contest.

Forks and knives moved quickly, cutting portions out of the meat and bringing it to their eager mouths. Sakura was quick to devour cut after cut of the food, determined to show Ino that she could easily best her at being the bigger eater. The meat juices dripped out of the corners of her mouth as she ate ravenously, like a hungry mountain cat who had caught its prey. Briefly she glanced over to Ino to see that she was a bit behind, having only finished half of her plate in contrast to the two thirds Sakura had eaten. Smirking, she let her vigour drive her forwards as she continued to eat.

No sooner than a few minutes had passed when she finished the first plate, the waiter bringing out the next dish of rice with pork. Releasing her fork and knife she picked up and split a pair of chopsticks and began to shovel pieces of rice into her mouth. Though the bowl was delicious, she cared little for the taste - the goal was to surpass Ino here in this contest! Grabbing a piece of pork she managed to make a visual connection between it and her rival before plopping it into her mouth, chewing the meat and swallowing. Ino had only begun her bowl as Sakura finished and the pink haired girl couldn't help but smirk wider.

As the next few dishes came, the pattern seemed to just continue - Sakura seemed to simply devour each and every thing placed in front of her, with Ino always remaining that little bit behind. Sakura hadn't even noticed her stomach begin to distend and fill with chub, her gut taking on a softer, rounder look to it. Love handles dipped over the side of her waistband as the cheeks of her rear end took on a more spherical shape. But eventually Sakura began to find herself slowing down in her eating pace - her stomach grumbled noisily as she patted it, a frown on her face. What had happened? She couldn't be full already, could she?

Looking over to Ino, she watched as she proceeded to calmly eat through the rest of the dish, before placing it down and grabbing a large ham. Out of the corner of her eye Sakura caught her smirk and realized what was happening - Ino had been pacing herself from the beginning to give herself the advantage! Sakura watched in stunned silence as Ino took bite after massive bite of the meaty ham, adding on pounds to her figure. Her pudge had grown from a pot belly into a gluttonous paunch. Her arms and legs had grown chubbier and even her cheeks seemed a little rounder.

Watching as Ino proceeded to get ahead of her, devouring the food placed in front of her, Sakura regained her vigour - she was going to win this! Grabbing her food, she proceeded to quickly redouble her efforts, stuffing herself with the food placed before her. The gigantic meal the two ordered for their contest was quickly beginning to shrink as the two grew bigger. The other people watched in silence as the girls proceeded to eat more food than what they thought people should be capable of eating.

Both girls didn't care for them however - all that mattered was beating the other. Having begun to match each other in pace as they ate, both girls gobbled up every last crumb placed in front of them, not a single scrap of food escaping their guts. Both girls had begun looking like members of the Akimichi Clan save for the lack of red hair, their large forms swelling as they continued to eat and eat long into the day. It seemed that as the hours passed their appetites could only grow with their size.


"Ugh... Oh man..." both girls remarked in unison as they waddled down the streets at sunset. Their forms occupied a large space of the street as they moved, jiggling involuntarily all the while. Their binge had lasted at least three hours and ended up with a large bill that left both girls almost broke, along with less than fitting clothes. And despite the sheer volume of their meal, neither girl could admit that they hadn't enjoyed the enormous eating contest they had engaged in.

"Heheh... Looks like the Ino-Pig is the winner!" the blonde declared proudly as she rubbed her stomach. She was truly enormous, with a globular middle that distended as far as Chouji's Multi-Size Technique must have. Her rear end had grown much larger as well, becoming like two beach balls stuffed under her skirt, only, her skirt had rode up on her, exposing at least half of her behind. Her top meanwhile was struggling to stay on her as her breasts, which were large enough before hand, now looked truly titanic, resting buoyantly atop her stomach. Her chubby hand squeezed them together for a moment to see what it would look like, and Ino found herself happy with the results.

"As if... I'm much bigger!" Sakura replied. She had grown to as great in girth as Ino herself, gaining a tremendously big belly with rather ample assets set atop that began to fall to either side, stretching the fabric of her already straining top whose zipper had been forced down, exposing her now generous cleavage. Although her breasts hadn't become as big as Ino's, her rear end was the saving grace, the black shorts pulled so much they had become a pair of panties, the fabric sinking in between Sakura's taut, pink cheeks that jiggled with each step. The blimp-like buttocks seemed to sway from side to side as she walked alongside Ino, arguing about the winner of the eating contest.

Rivalry always was a big thing between them.
Behold, a Naruto WG story featuring two of our favorite Kunoichi and their rivalry that transcends logic and apparently, dress sizes. Enjoy!

Don't like, don't read.
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Hinata bit her lip as she looked at herself in the mirror. There she stood in her entirety, where nothing was hidden. In a way, she almost wished it had. Soft, pale hands reached down to her stomach and took hold of it in her hands like soft clay waiting to be sculpted. Releasing her stomach, her hands now even moved up to her face, where she cupped her round, pudgy cheeks. There was no hiding from it, she realized. She had to face an unchangeable truth.

She had gained weight.

Her frame was once slender yet feminine, possessing a curvaceous figure almost akin to a true hourglass shape. Now, though, she had grown much wider - her chest was a fine pair of soft, doughy breasts as big as her own head. Her waist had become far wider - twice, if not three times its original diameter. Extending out before her were several rolls of fat, hanging down over her waistline like a flesh apron. Her hips had widened greatly, with a prominent posterior that attempted to correct her balance - without such a vast and heavy rear, she would no doubt be falling forwards on her bloated belly. Thick thighs like tree trunks made of gelatin along with bulky calves helped support her huge frame. She noted with some dismay that even her arms were thicker, pudgier. Her fingers were like meaty sausages just itching to grab some food.

She couldn't admit to being surprised. Somewhere, she'd always known she had been going down this route. When Naruto-kun left the village, she found herself trying to cope. Sometimes, simply working hard and training wasn't enough to build her confidence, so in order to try and forget about her troubles she began to eat. And eat and eat. It wasn't building confidence, but it was forgetting her worries. Even when Naruto-kun came back, however, she found herself becoming more distant from him. She wasn't even able to approach him anymore, because he'd always be busy, or she'd always be busy, or something would come up. And sometimes, she was just too scared to speak to him.

She'd tried to get over him, but that only made her fall deeper in love with him. But that had made her even more anxious, and soon she found herself devouring anything she could anytime she could. Now, as she looked in the mirror, she could see the result of that. A fairly obvious one, at that. But this was not her first time coming face to face with her own weight, and she'd found a solution. A temporary one, but a solution. Bringing her hands together, she formed a seal.

"Henge no Jutsu," she spoke, smoke bursting around her before clearing to reveal the dark-haired, moon-eyed Hyuuga heiress. But this time, it was not her heavy, overweight form but her slender, thin one. The Transformation Technique may have only been a way of fooling the eyes, but it was her only real option for keeping her extra weight a secret. After all, if she showed up as her big, fat self, what would Naruto-kun think of her?

Getting herself dressed, Hinata rushed out the door. She felt like walking around the Village today.

The pale-eyed Heiress walked by herself down the street, clad in her typical purple jacket and dark trousers. One other advantage to the Transformation Technique, she discovered, was mobility. When your thighs constantly scraped together, waddling slowly towards your destination was your only method of movement. With all that body fat compressed into a slender form, she could at least walk normally, at a fairly brisk pace.

Then she felt her stomach rumble a little.

She bit her lip. She could hide her weight, certainly, but she still had the matter of her appetite. An appetite that had grown with her - she could probably eat a whole family's dinner and still have room for seconds at her current size. It caused her cheeks to turn pink. She wanted to eat something - anything, but she also wanted to restrain herself. She didn't want to become even bigger, did she? There was no way Naruto-kun would want her if she-

"Was that you, Hinata?" a familiar voiced teased. Nearly jumping in fright, Hinata's head turned to see a blond young man standing next to her with a cheeky grin plastered over his face and a set of whisker-like markings on his cheeks.

"N-Naruto-kun!" she exclaimed in surprised, just barely managing to restrain herself. Her cheeks turned a shade darker as she looked at him. This really wasn't the best time to be speaking to him, she felt. He'd even heard her stomach growling!

"I haven't seen ya in a while, Hinata! I guess I've been busy training to become stronger! Say, wanna join me for some Ichiraku? It's just right around here, and I haven't had some since I went out on my last mission!".

"Oh, oh no, Naruto-kun, you don't-" Hinata's response was interrupted by a loud growling, akin to a lion. Her cheeks turned even pinker as he let out a snicker. Shyly, Hinata bit her lip and looked away a little. "... Ichiraku would be nice, Naruto-kun".

Hinata really was trying to restrain herself. She really was. Unfortunately, what was considered 'restraint' to Hinata was considered gorging oneself to the point of bursting to anyone else. She hungrily wolfed down her fourth bowl of Ramen in the past fifteen, earning a look of surprised amusement from the blond sitting beside her. Surprise, because he'd never expected someone as shy and introverted as Hinata being such a big eater and amusement because... Well, he'd never expected someone as shy and introverted as Hinata pigging out.

"Man, Hinata, I'm only just starting my second bowl! I didn't realize you were so hungry!" Naruto laughed, smiling still. Slurping down her current mouthful of noodles, Hinata's face turned pink yet again as she set it down gently in front of her, looking shy back out of the corners of her eyes.

"S-Sorry, Naruto-kun, I just haven't had anything to eat all day...".

"Nah, nah, it's fine! No need to be embarrassed!" Naruto remarked, patting her on the back.

Hinata felt embarrassed, yet she couldn't help but find a form of joy in sitting here by Naruto-kun's side. He teased her a little, but he was never mean, and he always tried to make sure she felt comfortable even when being teased. There was nothing malicious, nothing to be afraid of. Speaking to Naruto, Hinata realized, was far easier than she'd ever thought it would be. Almost as easy as devouring a bowl of noodles.

"Say, Hinata! I've got an idea!" Naruto exclaimed, grinning as he turned to look towards her. Blinking, she looked back with a raised brow.

"What is it, Naruto-kun?".

"I've never met anyone capable of out-eating me when it comes to Ramen! Not even Choji stands a chance!" he boasted with a smirk. And he had every right to boast - it was not everyday one could claim to outdo an Akimichi when it came to eating. It was at the very least worthy of a certain kind of respect. "How about we have a little competition? Loser has to pay for the winner's food!".

Hinata felt her mouth water. In spite of herself, the idea was tantalizing and temptuous offer. Her gluttony and desire was begging her to accept - every inch of her wanted to take Naruto-kun on in an eating contest. An excuse to just pig out and devour everything before her. Hinata was hesitant - but only for a few moments. Some things, ultimately, just had to give. For once, Hinata took the more impulsive option.

"I-It's a deal, Naruto-kun," she took up the challenge. Having overheard their banter, the old man behind the counter gave a hearty laugh as he looked up to them. Cracking them both a grin and a thumbs up to prove he'd heard everything, he gestured to his young, brown-haired daughter to start cooking. Clearly, an eating competition between Naruto and someone else was nothing new. Setting a pair of fresh bowls down in front of the both of them, he turned back to his cooking. Hinata and Naruto looked to one another for a moment.

Seconds later, they began. Naruto pulled lengths of noodles into his mouth and swallowed them all down without restraint. At the speed with which he ate it was astonishing he didn't choke, but it didn't seem like he was going to slow down any time soon. It was as Naruto claimed - when it came to eating Ramen, few could compete with him. This was his kind of eating competition. But nevertheless, he couldn't have expected what was going on beside him.

Hinata devoured her noodles like a ravenous beast, hungrily gobbling up everything set in front of her without restraint. She was indulging herself for once, throwing caution to the wind as she focused solely on filling up her own stomach and sating her incredible appetite. It seemed as if she didn't even need to stop to breathe as she swallowed everything in front of her. In half a minute the noodles were gone, and another few seconds of drinking down the soup emptied the bowl. She'd already taken the lead over Naruto.

For the Ichiraku chefs, it was a sight to see. It wasn't just that someone was managing to hold their own against Naruto in an eating contest - she was taking the lead too! By the time he'd started on his second bowl, she'd already finished hers. As he moved onto his third, she had started on her fourth. As he took his fourth bowl, Hinata had already outclassed him by finishing her fifth.

Empty bowls of ramen stacked upwards like a tower to the Heavens. Hinata never seemed to have her mouth empty, always swallowing down huge mouthfuls before filling her cheeks right back up again. Even though her physique never seemed to change, the seat beneath her backside seemed to creak loudly, as if crying out for help under her weight. Naruto was beginning to slow down and yet Hinata, surpassing all expectations, showed no signs of stopping. As astonishing as it felt, Naruto's stomach was practically begging him to stop, yet Hinata had now reached what must have been her twelfth bowl. Naruto raised his chopsticks to his mouth and forced the noodles into his mouth, but as soon as he had swallowed he felt his stomach complain. Despite wanting to continue, he'd met his limit.

"Ugh..." Naruto groaned, rubbing his sore stomach. He'd been completely outclassed, by Hinata of all people! He'd never seen it coming, but a loss was a loss. "Alright Hinata, you win. Uh, Hinata?".

Hinata gulped down yet another bowl of soup before letting out a loud and most decidedly unfeminine belch that almost shook Naruto off of his seat. Setting down her bowl, Naruto counted a whopping fifteen bowls of ramen! Compared to his comparatively measly seven. There was no doubt who the winner had been, even as she looked back at him with a beet-red face, covering her mouth with her hand.

"Um, excuse me, Naruto-kun. I'm very sorry..." she spoke in that soft, unassuming voice of hers. Naruto held out a hand and shook his head, smiling still.

"No, no, you won! That was incredible! I mean, I never took you for such a glutton! I mean,  I don't mean that in a bad way!" Naruto commented, clearly impressed by her ability to eat without end. With rosy red cheeks, Hinata looked shyly out of the corner of her eyes at him, a small smile on her plump, pink lips.


"Yes, Hinata?"

"Um... Do you mind if I... Continue eating? Just five more bowls, I mean it! I-I'll even pay for them...".
Hey! So I decided to write something for the WG crowd. Technically, Hinata's already been through the gaining part, but hey, Naruto doesn't know that! There's gonna be another part to this story, maybe even a third part, so be sure to stay tuned!

Oh, and as always, be sure to comment and tell me what you think!
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Naruto was, for lack of a better word, astonished. He'd watched Hinata devour more than an Akamichi at a buffet in one sitting, and it was only by that point that she eventually decided that yes, she'd had enough to eat. Most people would have considered that as having had more than enough to eat. But what was even more astonishing was the fact that, in spite of eating such a huge meal all for herself, she had not visibly changed in the slightest. There was no extra layer of fat upon her body, no bulging belly or heavy hips. She was as slender as she had always been, as if she'd only eaten a grain of rice.

In a way, Naruto was almost disappointed.

He couldn't describe it well (Eloquence was not his strong suit) but some part of him had wanted to see some sort of change. He was expecting her to devour that food and have it show. To see her gain the weight that her appetite surely meant she should have had. But she didn't. She hadn't changed at all - she was still as slender as she was. For some reason he couldn't possibly understand, he'd wanted to see it. He was certain he was going mad. Pushing it to the back of his mind, he looked to the dark-haired Heiress and grinned.

"Man, Hinata, I can't believe you ate that much! I bet Chouji's dad would be jealous!" he joked light-heartedly, baring his brilliant white teeth. The pale-eyed girl couldn't help but turned red faced and look away slightly.

"I-I don't eat that much, do I? N-Not to insult Chouji's family..." Hinata stuttered out shyly. Shaking his head, Naruto suddenly stepped beside her and draped his arm over her shoulder. Hinata almost yelped in surprise, caught off guard as she nervously turned her head around to look up at the slightly taller blond. He smiled back in a manner that managed to ease her - reminding her she was around someone who liked her for who she was.

"It's not an insult, it's impressive! I bet you could win an eating contest!" Naruto grinned with enough energy and warmth that his smile could have gone nuclear. Biting her lip, Hinata couldn't help but admire that about him - even though the village sometimes thought of him as obnoxious, annoying or childish, he was so readily accepting of others. He judged, first and foremost, on character. She began to wonder and hope - maybe, just maybe...

"N-Naruto-kun..." she began to speak shyly and quietly, her face turned red. Right now, walking alongside one another with his arm over her shoulder, she couldn't help but feel nervous. He looked back with interest, his ears open to her words. He was so accepting of others that maybe, just maybe...

"Naruto-kun, I-" Hinata, unfortunately, had been cut off as water balloons shot through the air, striking the pair of Shinobi without warning.

"Really, I'm sorry! I only meant to hit Naruto-nii-chan that time!"

" 'Only' meant to hit me..."

Naruto stared irritably at the younger, brown-haired kid. He wasn't truly angry. He was annoyed, he could admit, but that was more for Hinata than anything else. It wasn't like he was new to Konohamaru challenging him in all sorts of ways - lately he'd begun to apply Shinobi tactics to pranks played on Naruto himself. Naruto was well-known for his pranks in his youth, so in a way it was a challenge to Naruto's reputation as a prankster.

"I-It's okay... I mean, he didn't know..." Hinata attempted to justify Konohamaru's actions against her. That was the thing about Hinata - in spite of everything she'd been taught as a Shinobi, she tried to see the good in everyone and quite often even made things out to be her fault when others wronged her. It was a habit she was slowly shaking over the years, especially as her relationship with her father and her cousin improved, but it was still present to some extent.

"Hrm..." Naruto began, before letting out a slightly-frustrated sigh. "In future, challenge me before throwing water balloons at me then! Okay?".

Nodding embarrassedly, the young Sarutobi looked to Hinata and flashed a smile before bowing apologetically and running off. In the meantime, Naruto was currently looking at his jacket, which was now soaked with water. He sighed again, shaking his head before looking at Hinata. Hinata was embarrassedly hugging her jacket, which was likewise soaking wet. Looking around and down the street for a second, he then looked back to her.

"Say, Hinata, if you want to dry off your jacket, my apartment is just down the street... If you need to change too, you can even borrow some clothes..." Naruto remarked. Hinata's face turned red again as she considered his offer, biting her lip.

"A-Ah... You don't... I mean..." Hinata was struggling to respond, attempting to reason that he didn't have to do that for her, but eventually her soggy, wet clothing convinced her otherwise. "... Thank you, Naruto-kun. That would be nice".

Shuffling into the apartment, Hinata was still taking firm hold of her own soaking wet jacket as Naruto-kun shut the door behind her. This day had gotten so surreal, she wasn't even completely sure she was awake anymore. To any other person, perhaps what she had done today had felt mundane. But she'd spent the whole day thus far with Naruto-kun, talking to him and even having an eating contest with him at Ichiraku Ramen. He'd told her how impressed he was with her voracious appetite, even. She'd even almost... She shook her head. She couldn't even imagine what she would have said to him had Konohamaru-san not interrupted. But a small part of her had hoped. Oh, it had hoped.

"Ah, Hinata, my bedroom is just over there! You can change in there if you want!" Naruto spoke to her, smiling. Turning back her head, she nodded and gave a small smile before quickly dashing into the room and locking the door. Naruto chuckled before unzipping his jacket and pulling his arms out of the sleeves. Clad in a black t-shirt with an orange, flame-like spiral design on it, he tossed the jacket into a clothes basket by the kitchen before walking over to the fridge and opening the door. Maybe he'd get a drink for himself and Hinata.

Hinata, meanwhile, stood in the middle of Naruto-kun's room. It had only dawned on her after entering that this was indeed Naruto's room. He lived and slept in this room, kept all his clothes in this room. Indeed, this was Naruto-kun's apartment. This was his home. To be invited into his home on such short notice... She couldn't help but feel her cheeks turn pink. She shouldn't be this embarrassed or shy about it, but she felt her relationship with Naruto-kun had become more personal. They'd been friends, of a sort, but they didn't hang out together or spend quality time together the same way Naruto-kun did with Sakura-san, or Shikamaru-san and Chouji-san, or Kiba-kun.

Hinata began to push the thought from her mind as she focused on getting changed. As she unzipped her purple jacket, she began to feel a change within herself. Pulling off the wet garment she had to bite her lip again to prevent any sound escaping her. Her stomach became softer and rounder, growing and spreading outwards. She watched it distend from her figure prominently, until it was as if she had stuffed a wooden barrel under her black, short-sleeved shirt. Her breasts had grown as well, swelling until they surpassed her head in size. Her hips became wider, her round buttocks looking great enough in size to fill a couch. Her limbs were meaty and swollen, with arms and legs thicker than the wooden support beams in a mansion. Her hands even had a weight to them, with her fingers looking stuffed full of nothing but fat.

Hinata turned to stare at herself in the mirror. It was her boated, fattened form. She seemed almost bigger than she had even been this morning - her thighs pressed against one another due to lack of space, her excess layers of stomach fat hung down like a fleshy apron whilst her behind was like a bean bag for her to sit herself down upon. Perky, though full breasts sat atop the mountain of stomach she possessed whilst a chubby face viewed it all in the mirror. She could even feel a creak in the floorboards as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

She knew why she'd changed back - the jacket had transformed with her, so as not to appear so huge. She'd been buying clothing in her actual size and shrinking it down with her whenever she used the Transformation Technique, so it was only natural that when she took it off it would break the technique. She dropped it by her feet, before she grasped some of the extra weight of her body in one hand, eyeing it in the mirror.

Naruto-kun couldn't possibly like this, could he?

She was lying to him, she knew. If she wanted to be with him, how could she lie to him? But the alternative - of being rejected without a chance - was too frightening to her to consider. She wanted to share her feelings with him, but to do so, she realized, she would have to share this too.

Opening his drawer, she caught sight of one of his black t-shirts and a jacket. Taking a deep breath, she sighed before beginning to form the handseals. She'd have to shrink back down to borrow some of his clothing - they weren't made for a fat girl like her anyway.
The second part of this WG piece :) I hope you enjoyed it!

Not gonna lie, the ending is a bit more depressing than I planned on it being. However, fear not, for there is a third part to this story planned! Be sure to keep an eye out, because I'm sure I'll probably get to uploading it soon-ish :)

Please, be sure to comment and let me know what you think!
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     It was a sunny day in the Hidden Leaf Village in the land of Konoha, the Land of Fire. Here resided the ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, the biggest village in the whole world. Their leader was the Third Hokage, but he was killed by Orochimaru, a former Leaf Ninja and currently incapacitated after the Third Hokage sealed his arms away in their fight. The current Hokage is a woman named Tsunade, who was much younger than the previous one and also a member of the Legendary Sannin. Her assistant, Shizune, helped Tsunade with different matters throughout the day and was the Yin to Tsunade’s Yang and tried to help Tsunade stick to her duties as Hokage. She was successful--most of the time.

Tsunade, however, HATED doing paperwork and wanted to goof off and gamble at various casinos; unfortunately for her, she always lost. Due to this, she was called the Legendary Sucker of Konoha, much to her chagrin and disgust. But let’s get away from them for a while. Let’s turn now towards the kunoichi of the Hidden Leaf Village, mainly Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuga, Ino Yamanaka, Tenten, and Temari, of the Hidden Sand Village. Lately, the five had heard about a new restaurant that had food and desserts without any of the bad calories and stuff like that! It still made a lot of people fat from multiple visits there, but no one seemed to mind.

There was something in the food, desserts, and drinks that eliminated all the bad calories and everything, but it also had a high fat content. However, all the signs of being really fat were gone as well, such as heart attacks, slowed breathing, things like that. Anyway, Sakura and the girls decided one day to check this place out for themselves and try the food to see what the big deal was about it. Ino, however, had second thoughts about this. Ooooh! She complained. All this food’s gonna ruin my figure! Stop complaining, Ino-pig! Sakura retorted.

I don’t see why you would want to watch your figure anyway, Tenten added. Temari nodded her agreement. It’s so I can look good for Sasuke! Ino retorted. Tenten scoffed at this. Why would he find you attractive? She asked. Why not? Ino asked, pouting a little.

The girls decided they would all spend the night at Sakura’s house for a little sleepover. Afterward, they all went inside--and saw that there was no one here! No employees, no other people dining here, no one! Well, except for Hinata’s little sister Hanabi Hyuga. She was just stuffing herself like crazy! Her belly was HUGE; it took over both her legs, resting on top of them like a huge beach ball.

The others were stunned at Hanabi’s enormous size, especially Hinata! Hanabi? Is that you? Sakura asked. Hanabi turned and looked at her sister and her friends. Hey guys! She replied. Yeah, it’s me. This place’s food is terrific!

Hanabi! Look at you! You’re ENORMOUS! Tenten exclaimed. How long have you been here eating like that? Hanabi stopped for a minute, resting a hand on her bloated tummy. Since this morning, Hanabi replied. You’ve been here since this morning? Temari asked. Uh-huh, Hanabi replied, rubbing her really huge bloated belly happily, a smile on her face.

No wonder you’re so bloated like that! Ino commented, poking Hanabi’s belly. Hey, easy! Hanabi said. I’m feeling really full here and I wish you wouldn’t do that! What’re you gonna do about it, fatty? Ino asked. Hey! I’m not fat! Hanabi retorted. I’m just really stuffed on food!

Oh, really? Ino asked. I think that belly of yours could hold some more food! With that, Ino started stuffing Hanabi with more food despite the younger Hyuga’s protests. Hanabi’s belly swelled and expanded outward as she had more and more food shoved into her mouth, until she was stuffed to her limits and her belly exploded outward from her shirt, resting on the table! Sakura, Temari, Tenten, and Hinata watched in shock as they heard Hanabi groan in pain, trying to massage her overstuffed belly as tears formed in her eyes. I feel like…I’m gonna burst…Hanabi moaned, holding back her tears of pain.

The other girls proceeded to massage Hanabi’s massively bloated and overstuffed stomach for her while she laid back against her chair, sighing with relief. Sakura, Tenten said. You stay here with Hanabi. We’ll go after Ino. Okay, Sakura said, and watched as the other girls rushed off after Ino. Sakura? Hanabi asked; will you rub my tummy?

Sakura nodded. Sure! She said. As she massaged the overly bloated sphere of Hanabi’s belly, she found herself becoming hungry; not for food, but somehow for Hanabi! She looks sooooo good! Sakura thought hungrily. But I doubt I would be able to fit her whole huge body in my mouth and swallow her.

Sakura then had an idea. She went over to the bathroom to try out her sleep jutsu, which she did, on Hanabi; the young kunoichi then felt really tired and fell asleep. Sorry about this, Hanabi, Sakura said. She walked over to the younger Hyuga sister and put a blood seal on her massive bare stomach to protect her from being digested, and then proceeded to put the huge girl in her mouth! She swallowed the upper portion of Hanabi fairly easily, until it came to her humongous belly. Oh, man…not the belly…Sakura thought. She managed to devour the huge stomach of Hanabi, then swallowed the rest of her.

Sakura moaned as she felt Hanabi’s heavy belly land in her own stomach, then proceeded to sit down to massage her bloated belly. Sakura then had an idea. Using a fattening jutsu, she placed the jutsu on the food inside the restaurant so that when Ino would be force fed food, she would start growing bigger and fatter, even more so than Hanabi!  Sakura also used a jutsu on the food that would make the other girls start eating as soon as Ino was being force fed. Sakura soon finished up whatever food Hanabi had left over as she heard the others coming back to the restaurant. Sakura! Temari called. We’re back!

Sakura panicked and got up quickly, waddling back over to her original spot as the other girls came in with a bound and gagged Ino. Where’d Hanabi go? Temari asked. Uh, she left, Sakura replied, trying not to sound worried, as Hanabi lay inside Sakura’s own tummy. Oh, okay then, Tenten said. They proceeded to stuff Ino after untying the gag around her mouth. Mmph! Ino groaned, muffled as they started stuffing the blonde’s mouth.

Sakura breathed a sigh of relief mentally, and watched as Tenten soon grabbed some food and stuffed it into her own mouth! Hey! What’s going on? The young weapons user asked, surprised after putting food into her own mouth. You must be hungry, Hinata replied. Soon, the other two started stuffing both their faces and Ino’s, until the other four were as big and encumbered as Hanabi was, maybe even bigger! It soon became dark, and the 5 girls went home to Sakura’s place. Unbeknownst to them, Karin, the female team member of Team Hawk, had followed them to the restaurant and watched as the five heavily stuffed women went to Sakura’s house.

My word! Karin exclaimed. Those guys are bigger than blimps! I wonder how they got THAT huge? She then decided on a whim to head into the restaurant to see how this had happened. She sampled some of the food and found that it was really delicious! Must…have…more! Karin exclaimed, stuffing her mouth with the delectable foodstuffs.

She then felt her belly growing, along with her hips, thighs, and rear end and shrugged it off. She continued to eat until she was as full as the other 5 females and screamed when she saw how fat she had gotten! I’m so fat! She screeched. She then rubbed her tummy and felt better about it. She then waddled as fast as she could towards Sakura’s place, as she was sent to kill the pink-haired kunoichi. Okay, Sakura! She exclaimed, her huge hips and rump swaying back and forth as she went over to Sakura’s place.

Only one of us gets to be with Sasuke! And that’s gonna be me! Meanwhile, the five girls managed to squeeze their really stuffed forms into their pajamas at Sakura’s place and felt really tired. Well, night girls, Sakura said. The others said good night as well and went to sleep; Sakura, however, was still awake. Now, time for you to sleep, in MY belly! Sakura thought to herself.

She put a shield of her chakra on the bare bellies of Ino, Temari, Tenten and Hinata, and was going to put one in her mouth when she stopped. She saw Karin enter her place and quickly reacted, putting the assassin to sleep before she could even counter! Karin! Sakura replied. She must’ve been sent here to kill me! Too bad she won’t be awake when I eat her! She then put the same chakra shield on Karin’s stomach and proceeded to eat the girls in order from smallest to largest, starting with: Karin, Tenten, Temari, Hinata, Hanabi, and Ino as the largest.

Sakura soon landed on her now huge rump, causing a big bang that sounded in all rooms of the house. Oh, man! That was good! Sakura exclaimed, rubbing her now larger than physically possible belly. She then belched unladylike, patted her tummy, and went to sleep. Good night everyone, Sakura said sleepily before passing out.

The End
A story I typed a while back about Sakura and the other females of Naruto getting really big and stuffed on food from a new restaraunt and Sakura eating Karin, Temari, Tenten, Ino, and Hinata.

The characters aren't mine, but the story idea is.
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     Ever had one of those days where you wished you hadn’t made a bet with someone? Ole Hinata Hyuga did, and she was currently regretting the bet she had made with Ino Yamanaka, Sakura Haruno, Temari of the Sand Village, and Tenten. Hinata had been bet that if she could go one month without eating, then the other four would take her to eat as much as she wanted, but they reigned out on their half of the bargain and left Hinata sitting where she was, dumbfounded and almost in tears. She was now as skinny as a rail, bordering on the skeletal, and her stomach growled hungrily for food. Those four witches! Hinata thought angrily as she watched them walk off, laughing. They tricked me! I’m gonna die soon if I don’t get any food in me…

She got up and walked, stumbling occasionally, to the office of the Fifth Hokage. Her name is Tsunade, but her staff called her Lady Tsunade. She had her normal Hokage garb on, complete with the official Hokage hat. She also had a good sized chest, but was concealed by her clothes. Hinata knocked at the office door, grabbing Tsunade’s attention. Tsunade…? Hinata asked weakly.

May I come in? Yes, Hinata! Come in! Tsunade replied with a cheery voice. Hinata opened the door and came inside. How’ve you been--Tsunade started to say, but stopped when she saw Hinata’s gaunt-looking face! Hinata! My word! What happened to you? Tsunade asked. I…went a month without food…Hinata replied.

It was a bet I made with Sakura, Ino, Temari, and Tenten…I feel like I’m gonna pass out…Tsunade quickly helped Hinata to a chair and got some food brought over to the young Hyuga Princess. Hinata ate and ate until she was back to her normal, shy self. Oh man, I feel so much better, Hinata said with relief in her voice. Thanks, Lady Tsunade.

The Hokage smiled. You’re welcome, she replied. I need to get even with those four! Hinata said after having filled her belly. She turned to Tsunade. Got anything that would help me with that? I have just the thing, Tsunade replied, smiling.

She went over to her desk and pulled out a small box and walked over to Hinata with it in her hand. These are special pills I created that increase the production of fat cells in the body. You put these in their food, and they’ll start to balloon with the weight they’ll gain. It’s the perfect revenge for you. Thanks, Lady Tsunade! Hinata said. You’re most welcome, Tsunade replied.

Hinata hugged the Hokage and started to leave, but then turned back to her. Where’s Shizune? She asked. Just at that moment, Shizune lumbered in holding her massive belly, which looked like a great big overfilled beach ball! Here…Shizune moaned, rubbing her huge, bloated gut. What happened to you? Hinata asked, shocked at the Hokage’s assistant’s appearance. I’m pregnant, Shizune replied, and I just got back from being at an all-you-can-eat buffet…

She burped and moaned, rubbing her overfilled belly. I was there…she paused to scratch an itch on her bare, swollen abdomen, for 5 hours straight just stuffing myself to the gills…My kids wouldn’t stop demanding food, so I ate and ate and ate…I feel really sick…Shizune waddled over to a chair and sat down, rubbing her massively over bloated belly. May I feel? Hinata asked.

Shizune nodded her head and let Hinata see her huge belly first, then let Hinata come over and feel her belly. I felt a kick! Hinata squealed in joy. Shizune smiled and shifted her weight around. Carrying a load of 6 kids is really tiring for me, Shizune said. How far along are you, Shizune? Hinata asked. 7 ½ months, Shizune replied.

She then got up, looking at Tsunade. I feel really sick. Lady Tsunade, may I go home? I’m not feeling all too well, and I feel really weak…Of course you can, Shizune, Tsunade replied with a concerned look on her face. Hinata, please help Shizune get home.

Yes, ma’am! Hinata replied, saluting her and helping Shizune get to her house. Hinata helped Shizune walk inside and guided her to the couch; Shizune collapsed onto her back on the couch, letting her bulging belly show off. Thank you so much for helping me get home, Shizune said. You’re welcome, Hinata replied. Now get some rest. You need it.

Shizune nodded, yawned, and conked out on the couch. Hinata rubbed Shizune’s massive belly as a smile formed on the assistant‘s face, then went out to complete her own revenge against the four women who didn’t uphold their end of the bargain. She spotted the four at an ice cream parlor, eating ice cream. When the four went to order more ice cream, Hinata quickly acted and snuck up to their bowls, sticking the weight gain pills in their icy treats and snickered to herself before skedaddling away. The pills had quickly dissolved into the ice cream, so the four girls wouldn’t notice a thing. The four returned to their ice cream and started to talk.

I can’t believe Hinata actually took that bet! Ino chortled. I know! Sakura added, normally not agreeing with what her blonde-haired rival said at all. Temari paused mid bite. Don’t you think we were being a bit mean to Hinata? She asked. No way! Ino and Sakura said together. I think we were, Tenten chimed in, defending Hinata.

She might find some way to make us pay for our dirty deed against her. Whatever, Ino snorted, and continued stuffing her face with ice cream. Tenten and Temari sighed in defeat and continued to eat their ice cream as Ino and Sakura finished eating theirs also. As soon as their ice cream hit their stomachs, the pill would kick in. Feeling full, the four girls went to their separate houses later that night and conked out on their beds, unaware of what was happening in their bodies. The first to wake up to discover the effects of the pill was Ino. She woke up and went over to her full body mirror and saw her fat soft body…and screamed!

My figure! She shrieked. She looked herself over and saw her belly had filled out and spilled out over her former petite frame; her thighs, hips, legs, and chest also were affected by the pill as well! What happened to me!?! Ino continued to cry out, panicking. Then she stopped as Hinata’s name came to her mind. Hinata! She did this to me! The blonde kunochi fumed and fixed herself some breakfast. Meanwhile, Sakura woke up at her house and discovered the same thing happened to her!

I’m fat! Sakura cried. This must’ve been Hinata’s doing! Tenten and Temari woke up and discovered their new soft fat bodies as well, and all four met later that day to discuss their revenge, when Hinata strolled up to them. There she is! Ino said angrily, pointing a finger at Hinata. Before they could do anything, Hinata lunged hungrily at Ino, seizing the fat blonde and opening her mouth! What’re you doing!?! Ino screamed.

Getting my revenge! Hinata replied, before stuffing the fat blonde into her mouth, and with one great big gulp, swallowed Ino whole! You fat cow! You’re gonna pay for that! Sakura exclaimed angrily, and leapt at the usually shy Hinata. But Hinata, undaunted, opened her mouth and swallowed her as well! Hinata felt a heavy thud in her belly as Sakura’s fat form landed inside and she saw Ino as well in there. The same fate befell Tenten and Temari even as they begged not to be eaten, and soon all four girls found themselves inside Hinata’s tummy! The normally shy Hinata smiled in triumph as all four settled in her now massive belly.

That was delicious! Hinata said, smiling as she felt Ino squirm inside her tummy, followed by the other three. Maybe I should go eat. I’m still hungry! What about us!?! Ino exclaimed. Aren’t we gonna be digested in your belly!?! No, I wouldn’t do that to you! Hinata replied.

You’re just gonna stay in there for a while! For how long? Sakura asked, almost afraid to hear the answer. Forever! Hinata replied, smiling and rubbing her belly. Nooooo!!!! All four girls cried as Hinata waddled off to fill her still growling belly! Ah, now this is the BEST kind of revenge! Hinata said, smiling as she headed towards the nearby Ichiraku Ramen Shop, where Naruto was currently sitting at. I hope Naruto loves my new figure, considering how I ate those four really fat cows that are  resting inside my belly!

Hey! The girls cried in unison, but Hinata ignored them as she strolled up to Naruto, putting her hands over his eyes playfully. Guess who? Hinata asked sweetly. Ahhh! Naruto yelped. I can’t see! I’m blind! It’s just me, silly! Hinata replied giggling at Naruto’s reaction.

Naruto turned around and saw Hinata, and instantly fell in love with her new form. Hinata? He asked. Is that you? Wow, you look incredible! Awww, thanks sweetie! Hinata replied, a hint of a blush on her face. Want to have lunch with me? Naruto asked.

After I finish my ramen snack I’m going over to the new buffet place! Sure! Hinata replied, being happy with herself mentally that she finally got Naruto to fall in love with her. Say…Naruto? Hinata asked. What is it, Hinata? Naruto replied. Will you feed me once I get too full to eat myself? Hinata asked, her face blush deepening. Sure! I’d love to! Naruto answered.

The two then proceeded to head over to the buffet place and on their way, Naruto looked over his shoulder and said, Man, I don’t know how this happened, but I LOVE it! Giving a thumbs up sign, Naruto looked over at Hinata, kissed her cheek…and watched as Hinata squealed loudly, fainted, then turned back to look over his shoulder. Is there a doctor in the house!?! He exclaimed as he looked at the fainted Hinata, then turned to look at the audience, a stunned expression on his face.

The End
A vore/wg story I worked on and expanded on; due to this, the story is 7 pages long and split into 6 sentence paragraphs to make it easier to read instead of it being one big block of text. I also threw in a bit of breaking the forth wall, which is something I don't normally do.

Note: All the Naruto girls have been aged into their early to mid 20's.
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     Tenten, the young weapon’s toting ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, sighed as she kicked a stone away from her while she was on her walk. She was upset because none of the male ninja ever paid attention to her as they were too busy swooning over Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Temari, and Hanabi. It’s not fair! Tenten said. None of the guys ever give me any attention; they’re always swooning over the other girls! I’m just as pretty as they are…She knew that not ALL the male ninja swooned over Sakura, Hinata, Hanabi, Temari, and Ino; there was Neji, but he was always training and didn’t really seem to like her, although he would say hi to her occasionally.

Tenten sighed as she then saw Hinata Hyuga, Neji’s cousin, and an idea formed in her mind. She strolled over to Hinata, who saw her and smiled, waving to her friend and unaware of what was in store for her. Hello, Tenten! Hinata said. Oh, Hinata! Tenten spoke as she placed an arm over her friend’s shoulder. I’ve been thinking about you. You want to join me for lunch?

Sure, Hinata replied. The two of them went to lunch and that is when Tenten set her plan in motion. While Hinata went to wash her hands to eat, Tenten used a hunger increasing jutsu and a fattening jutsu on the food to make Hinata eat and eat more. Then, Tenten would make her move by swallowing Hinata. As soon as Hinata came back from washing her hands, Tenten went to wash hers, telling Hinata to go ahead and eat. Go ahead and eat, Hinata, she said.

I’m gonna go ahead and get MY hands washed so I may eat with you. Okay, Hinata said, COMPLETELY unaware of what Tenten had in store for the shy woman. As Hinata ate, she found herself getting bigger and more stuffed, but continued to eat anyway, almost as if she was in a trance! Tenten watched as her prey got bigger and bigger and licked her lips hungrily, awaiting the chance to devour the huge Hyuga girl. Soon enough, Tenten went back and saw that Hinata had finished and was really full and stuffed. Ooh…her prey groaned.

My tummy’s so full and stuffed, it hurts real bad…! Wow, you sure did eat a lot! Tenten said, looking at the huge amount of food packed away within the Hyuga Princess’s belly. I think if I eat any more, I’m gonna explode! Hinata exclaimed. Tenten threw her friend’s trash away, then used a sleep jutsu on Hinata, making her sleepy and after she fell completely asleep, Tenten walked up to her sleeping and very stuffed prey, lifted her shirt and put a blood seal of chakra on her friend’s belly, then lifted her up, sticking her head in Tenten’s mouth as she started swallowing Hinata using her chakra to make her jaws expand enough to encompass the huge bulk of her friend’s belly. Getting her down, Tenten smiled and patted her belly, which now had Hinata encased inside! You sure tasted good, Hinata! Tenten said as she waddled off towards her next target but not without leaving money to pay for the food.

Now to go after Ino! Tenten said as she stroked her large belly, in which Hinata slept soundly protected by the chakra seal on her own belly. Tenten waddled out of the restaurant she and Hinata were in and soon found Ino walking down the street. There’s Ino, target number two! Tenten thought to herself and started to walk when she felt the contents of her belly shift around somewhat. Man, Hinata! You sure are heavy! She said to herself, then waddled towards Ino. Hey, Ino! She said loudly, catching the blonde-haired female’s attention. Hi, Tenten, Ino said.

Is she pregnant? Ino thought to herself. She’s enormous! Ino walked over to Tenten. Have you seen Hinata anywhere? She asked. I’ve been looking for her and I can’t find her. I know where Hinata is, Tenten said.

And you’re gonna join her…in my tummy! She thought to herself. After doing the same thing to Ino like she did Hinata, Tenten made her move and swallowed the enormous blonde bellied ninja; she was even bigger than Hinata! Man, Ino! Tenten said. You were bigger than Hinata, but just as tasty! She did the same to Sakura, Temari, Hanabi, Shizune and Tsunade until she was so huge she could barely move!

Ooh…man, was that ever good! Tenten said as she stroked her overstuffed belly, inside which held 7 of Konoha’s most attractive female ninjas. When they all woke up later inside Tenten’s massive, overstuffed belly, they weren’t too happy with having been eaten like that and started to kick and thrash around inside Tenten’s belly, which made it bigger and bigger, but this also tickled Tenten and made her laugh. Hey, cut it out! She said laughing. That tickles! Let us out! Ino cried inside the massive bulk of Tenten’s tummy. This is SO NOT COOL! Sakura yelled angrily, agreeing with Ino.  

Let us out, please? Hinata pleaded. Tenten giggled at their attempts to make her let them out. You guys’ll be fine in my tummy! Tenten said. After all, you guys deserve to stay in there! For what!?! Temari screeched. For having all the guys swoon over you! Tenten replied, sounding just as angry.

You all have every single boy in this village swooning over you, and none of them ever pay ME any of that! Tenten? A male voice said, interrupting Tenten’s argument with the girls inside her belly. Neji? She asked, seeing the male Hyuga genius Neji, the cousin of Hinata and Hanabi Hyuga. Tenten! What happened to you? He asked, seeing her belly all huge and distended like it was. I ate Hinata, Ino, Temari, Sakura, Hanabi, Tsunade and Shizune, Tenten replied, looking down. What made you do that? Neji asked, looking over her vast belly.

None of the other guys paid me any attention and that made me angry, Tenten replied getting choked up. I…just wanted some too, so I got rid of the competition…Wow, Neji said as he heard Tenten start to break down into tears. Neji walked up to Tenten and wiped her eyes with his hand. Aw, don’t cry sweetie, he said. I think you’re absolutely gorgeous like this.

Tenten then felt her face redden as she looked up at Neji. You…you really find me gorgeous all huge and swollen like this? She asked, a surprised look on her face. Neji then kissed her on the lips, making Tenten blush even more! Does that answer your question? He replied. Yeah…Tenten said as she felt his hands on her massive belly. But why would you find me gorgeous like this?
I’m as big as a blimp! So? Neji asked, rubbing the massive swell of her tummy lovingly. I’ve always found you attractive, but now you’re even more so with a huge belly. Tenten blushed again and smiled. You want to go out to eat with me? Neji asked. You mean…are you asking me to go on a date? Tenten replied.

Neji nodded his head as he held her enormous belly. Yeah, he replied. Just you, me, and me feeding that cute face of yours. S-sure! Tenten said as the two of them headed out to eat. Hey! Sakura cried. Let us out! No! Neji and Tenten said together as the two of them started laughing on their way to fill Tenten’s already massive belly.

The End
A story I wrote on Tenten eating 7 of Konoha's most attractive female ninjas. This story was inspired by :iconemperornortonii: Tenten's Vore Jutsu, but in this one Tenten eats Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Hanabi, Temari, Tsunade and Shizune and ends up being EXTREMELY large! The story is mine, but the inspiration belongs to EmperorNorton II and the characters belong to Mashashi Kishimoto.
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                  "Nah, that can wait. I'm still starving. Time for some

                  Kim stopped the camera and took it upstairs to the
                  bathroom, her huge belly jiggling wildly. She then
                  went to her room to find her mini-fridge. Kim opened
                  it and took out cans of whipped cream and many gallons
                  of ice cream, which is surprising that something so
                  big can fit in a mini-fridge.

                  "Ohhh, man, this is gonna be fun!"

                  She took the gallons of ice cream and dumped them all
                  into the empty, sparkling bathtub. When the dumping
                  was finished, all the ice cream towered over her. It
                  nearly touched the bathroom ceiling.

                  "EATING TIME!!!"

                   Kim pressed Record on the camera and, in less than
                   second, began chowing down on the ice cream.

                   Minutes passed, and the tower of ice cream was
                   shrinking due to the rapid intensity of Kim's eating.
A continuation of my Kim Possible Weight Gain Story. Now, she has more room for dessert.
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The numbers on the scale sped by quickly until ... BOOM! It broke!

Ron was amazed. "Kim, congratulations. You have belly that would envy Buddha's."

"My belly is that heavy? That's insane. It doesn't feel heavy."

"Kim, are you telling me that your ginormous stomach is not causing any stress on your body?"

"No. Not at all."

"Kim... are you human?"

"Yes, but my stomach isn't."

Kim stepped off the squashed scale and rubbed her belly. "Isn't it cute?"

Ron smiled. "It sure is. I can't stop admiring it. It looks like you're giving birth to sumo wrestlers."

Kim laughed out loud, causing her gut to jiggle. "Ronnie, you're a clown."

Kim's stomach let out a fierce growl. "Whoa! It seems that I'm hungry again. I guess the 200 pizzas and giant cola weren't enough." Her stomach rumbled and vibrated and forced her to emit a large fart.

"WHEEWW!" Ron yelled, holding his nose. "Something tells me that was more than enough. I need to open the windows, cause it smells like a sewer in here!"

Ron opened every window of the house and sprayed streams of air freshner until the cans were empty.


"Yeah, KP?"

"I was wondering, since you like the new me, if you wouldn't mind if I gained more pounds."

"Kim, I want you to do what you want to do. If you feel good about this, go for it. You're still healthy as a horse, so you should go forward. Besides, no matter what, you're still gonna look sexy to me."

Kim blushed. "Oh, Ron." They kissed for one long minute. " I want to gain weight so fast."

"Kim, how are you gonna do that?"

BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! Kim turned on the Kimmunicator.

"Hey, Wade," Kim said.

"Hey, Kim- AHHH!" Wade fainted at the sight of her belly.

"Wade? Wade, are you there?"

It took a few minutes until Wade finally awoke from the floor and sat back in his chair. "Kim, what happened to you? Bee sting? Bloating?


Wade was puzzled. "Then how- oh my gosh, YOU'RE PREGNANT?"

"No, Wade," Kim said, trying to hold back laughter. "I just put on a couple of pounds."

"A couple, or a bunch?"

"It's just the new me. I decided I would feel better if I just, you know, let myself go. It's no big."

"Well, this is really unexpected. I thought girls would be super-sensitive about their weight."

Kim points to herself, "Not this girl."

Wade chuckled. "Well, you should be lucky there aren't any missions so far. Besides, can your body take that much gut?"

"Amazingly, yes. Anyway, I want to gain more weight. Do you have some kind of something that can pork me up instantly?"

"Well, I do have Fast-Fat, a formula I worked on when I was younger. It's a fluid substance that could make you gain a hundred pounds per sip. I can deliver it right to you."

Right after he said that, the doorbell rang. Ron opened the door and saw a huge crate.

"That was quick," Ron said as he closed the door and placed the crate near the sofa.

"So Wade, how come you didn't release this to the public?" Kim asked.

"Uhh, Kim, everybody does not want to gain weight. Well, see ya. Gotta go to the bathroom and play the band." BOOP. The Kimmunicator automatically turned off.

Ron was prying open the crate and pulled out a big clear plastic gallon-sized jug. "Kim, it's Fast-Fat!"

"Cherry flavored!" Kim said with full excitement.

"Well, Kim, here's what's gonna put some junk in your bunk!" Ron said.

"OPEN IT, OPEN IT, OPEN IT!!!" Kim shouted, jumping up and down like a little girl in a candy store.

"Alright! Pause it a little bit." Ron began to open the jug, but a thought just crossed his mind. "Uhh, KP?"

"Yeeesss, Ronnie?" Kim said, bursting with anticipation.

"Umm, I am with you with you gaining weight and all but, what about your parents? Are they ready to see... the new KP?

Kim's excitement quickly shut down. "D'oh! I completely forgot about that!"

"KP, should we...
After a little delay, here is the next chapter of my story. Enjoy.
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                    Only an hour passed, and all of ice cream was out of
                    the tub and into Kim's belly. Her belly was nearly the
                    same height of the dessert before she ate it. It
                    jiggled every time Kim breathed, and it was groaning
                    loudly due to the digestive system working hard to
                    churn all of the consumed ice cream. The gigantic gut
                    shook suddenly, and made Kim release an insanely loud
                    burp that made her belly shake more than a pile of

                  "Whoo! That was the best dessert I ever had!" Kim said
                   with much excitement. Amazingly, Kim stood up easily,
                   despite her large stomach. She turned to the big
                   mirror and glanced with amazement.

                   Her belly stood out
                   two feet in front of her: an immense, fleshy apron
                   with a belly button half the size of a crater. It
                   drooped from her pajama pants and touched the floor,
                   covering twelve inches of it.

                   "Oh my gosh, I'M SOOOOO SEXY!!!!!"

                   Kim placed her hand on her belly. The hand was
                   instantly sinking into the fat until it disappeared.
                   As she pulled it out, her fleshy skin wobbled rapidly.

                 "BUGLURRRRRRRRRRRRRP! I'm gassy and gorgeous! Hmm,
                  maybe I should order some pizza. I can use some cheese
                   right about now."

                  She turned off the camera and took it with her down to
                  the kitchen. Kim picked up the phone and called
                  Fatty's Pizza, a restaurant that Ron now works at.

                          "Welcome to Fatty's Pizza, how can I help you?" the
                          caller said.

                          "I would like to have 200 Extra Extra Extra Cheese
                          Pizzas With Extra Cheese with a 20 Liter Burpsi soda."
                          Kim said quickly. She had never ordered so much

                          "Would that be all?"

                          "Yes, please."

                          "That would be $35. Your delivery will arrive in 5

                          "Thanks. Bye." Kim hung up the phone and quickly
                          started thinking:

                         Oh, no, Ron would see me! He wouldn't be attracted to
                          me anymore if he sees me fat like this! I gotta do

                          She, despite her girth, raced upstairs quickly to find
                          some clothes that would hide her gut.

                          . . .

                          Outside, Ron arrived in the delivery truck.

                          "Kim's house? This can't be right. She wouldn't even
                          eat a whole pizza pie, let alone 200! She must be
                          having a party."

                          Ron got out of the car with a wheelbarrow that
                          contained three large crates. He scooted the food to
                          the door and rang the bell. The door opened and Kim
                          stood at the door, wearing a big baggy sweatshirt.

                         "Hi, Ron," Kim said romantically as she gave Ron a big

                        "Hey K.P.," Ron said. "Uh, are you having some kind of
                          party or something, cause I have a lot of food here."

                          "No, I'm not having a party. All of that food is for

                          Ron stared at Kim, then the crates, and bursted with
                          laughter. "Okay, Kim, seriously. Who are these for?"


                          "Okay, that's too funny."


                          "Kim, serious time now. Who are these for?"

                          "Come in, I have to show you something."

                          Ron followed Kim inside the living room carrying the
                          wheelbarrow, and stood in front of Kim.

                          "Ron, you might want to stand back."

                          "Ohhhh.....kay." Ron backed up two inches. Kim then
                          took off the sweatshirt. Her stomach was flat.

                     "Umm, Kim, why are you showing me your stomach? And
                      what is that in your navel?"

                          "It's a cork, and here is what I want to show you."

                         Kim yanked the cork out of her belly button and within
                          seconds her flat stomach bulged into the giant belly
                          she had before. Ron's eyes popped out of his sockets.

                          "So Ron, what do you think?"

Another continuation. I will get the rest of the story later, but for now, I decided to leave it on a cliffhanger.
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On a beautiful day in Konogakure Sakura is on the way to Tsunade. But then there come Shizune and says: “Sakura, you must go to the forest and bring this scroll to ohm Mr. Imamto (the name is not real^^) “. Sakura says: “Okay but why I “? “ You are the only Ninja who is without work in this time”. “Okay then I will go”. Sakura leaves the village and goes to the forest. Not a long time ago there’s the first ninja. But the ninja isn’t a enemy for her, just 10 seconds and he is down. But before he dies he says: “Don’t go further in the forest”. “But why”? Sakura says. But he died before he could give a answer. Then she saw a village in the forest, many people are there. But why I never heard of that village? Hmm I must go there and ask questions. The ninja arrived in the village, she talked to the first man she saw and ask how I can come to Mr. Imamto but the man doesn’t answered. Hmm that’s very strange, Sakura thought, but suddenly the man runs away. The girl follows the man into a high building but suddenly she runs into a trapdoor. And the man says: You want to go to Mr. Imamto then you must do our 10 Examinations. Sakura says: What I must do in this examination? The man answer: That you will see^^.
Later outside of the village. There are the 10 Examinations. So girl are you ready? Yes I am ready. Okay that let us weigh. What? We must identify your weight^^. Okay…. Ohm just 99 pounds that’s poor girl you must weigh 110 pounds to go for the first examinations. Okay I then I must eat a something! Okay bring the food here. The people out the village bring more then 10 tablets of meat and chess. So little women can you eat this all? Of course. Sakura eats the first two tablets with meat and she felt more and more hunger then she eats two tablets of chess and she isn’t full at all. But she felt that her dress is a little too tight for her but she can move in it. Now that she isn’t full she takes the other 6 tablets of the food so fast as she can eat. Now she goes to the Libra and she got 122 pounds. She is ready for the first examination. She went to the place where the first test takes part.  There she saw 20 bowls of chips. She must eat them all^^. 20 Minutes later all the chips are gone and Sakura weight 135 pounds. Under her dress now we can see a little belly that came from the food that she eats the last hours. Now she goes to the second test. There she sees 50 Cheeseburger and 50 Hamburger. Burgh she shouted so many fast food. But I must do it for Konogakure (but I hope the scroll is really important). She goes to the meal^^ and eat at first the hamburger, the cheeseburger she will eat at least (she likes them better ^^). After all hamburgers were gone we can see that her belly is a little bigger than before the meal and the dress is a little tighter then before. But I am not full and look at the cheeseburger darn the cheeseburger into her mouth. Now she weights 166 pounds. And can go to the next test. At the 3rd Examination she saw just 75 milkshakes is a dessert for the fast food. Ahh that’s good she says. And sits on the chair and drinks the shakes in a time you saw never before. That was refreshingly she says now after that refreshingly we can go to the next test. The girl weight now 188 pounds. Her arms are just a bit larger then before. Her belly just grown a little bit and the dress is a little tighter than before also not a ground to give up that tests.  At the 4th test she saw a fat dinner with everything to eat what is in the world. But she can only eat one tablet she must juice. Sakura pics: Chips, fries, lettuce, potatoes, pork and chicken. Hmm delicious she says. Now Sakura looks a quite fatter than in the beginning now over 100 pounds heavier. Her belly looks like a football, her arms and legs like small trees^^. She weighs now 210 pounds. Now she goes to the 5th test. Ohio she shouts ice-cream and so much. On the tables there are over 500 balls of different ice cream sorts. Sakura runs slowly to the table and begin to eat them all. Now at the half of them she begun to fell strange her dress must to be tight for her. She looked at her body and see that she can’t see her legs because her belly is there. Ohh my good she screams but now she got a idea. With her Finger marks she decided to take her fat in different parts of her body. Suddenly she can see her legs. And she begins to eat again the last 250 balls. At the end Sakura weight 300 pounds alone through the ice cream. And she go to the next test. Her belly is gigantic now he looked like volleyball. But her dress is still to wide for her. Maybe she should fasten her belt closer. And now she arrives at the 6th test. She saw that there is just what for drinking. Shit just cola, she says angry but many cola. Over 20 Bottles, but that’s no problem for the ninja. Just 20 minutes and all the cola were gone. And she just weight 2 pounds more. No on the way to the 7th test she fells pain in her belly and she decides to rest a little before she go to the 7th test. After one hour the pain is away and she goes to the 7th test. There are puddings more than Sakura had ever seen in her life. That must be 250 pounds of the glibbriger mucus but it s so yummy. Sakura runs into the pudding and put him into her mouth. Almost at the end she felt that her belt tears. Zack and the belt was gown. But Sakura cares not she eat the rest. And now she weight 370 pounds and her belly looks almost like a basketball her arms like branches. Her foots doesn’t pass into her shoes, so fat they are. She goes to the 8th test there just pancakes and eggs. Over 50 pancakes and eggs are on two tables. Ohh breakfast Sakura said I got no breakfast today^^. The eggs were in 10 minutes away but the pancakes take longer then she thought them too good to eat them to fast. But the last pancakes she can’t eat, she fells totally full. But I must eat them all she shouts. After a long fight she eats all pancakes and she lays down to rest. The people from the village watch every test and fit to which she can’t escape. After two hours sleep Sakura wake up and goes to the 9th and penultimate test. She arrived and saw cookies in front of her. Ohm yes she said cookies on what I have long delight. It was a little mountain of cookies and she eats all to the last piece. Now she can’t move because she totally stuff and Sakura weight now over 450 pounds her belly is so gigantic that she is if it is the same size as in the lie. She can’t move her fingers for the finger marks and now she must wait until she can go. 10 hours pass until she can move and go to the last test. As she arrives she can’t believe what she see in front of her it was more than 1000 bars of chocolate. Was form to a big Square in front of the Square was a shield with the text:” You must find the way trough the chocolate on the other side there is Mr. Imamto. Uhh yes I am finally at the end I must eat me throw the chocolate, and there is Mr Imamto. Sakura begin to eat the first bars but she must eat more and more and not at the half her dress fells so tight but she must go further. The tunnel never ends she thought but as she eat the next chocolate she see a light. Bar of bar she eat and now she was outside but there was no Mr Imamto. “NOOOOO”, Sakura shouts. But there was a shield with the text: “That was the wrong side go back and find another side”. “WTF, Sakura says angry but I must to it for Tsunade and my village”. So Sakura goes into the Square again but she no longer fit through. “Ohh shit, I am to fat, and she says I must make the tunnel wider”. Also Sakura eats the chocolate on the side of the tunnel to fit trough but suddenly the whole tunnel brakes in. “No why”? Sakura screams. No she must make a new tunnel and begun from new. She eats and eat and eat and eat now there is a light back again. But she was at the start again. “Shit I am at the beginning, but there a Libra” ,she says. “Oh no what the hell no way I am weight not over 550 pounds”? Shit my dress is so tight and my belly is so huge what can I do? Is there no idea? Wait I just start her on that side and now I go there then I must go not so far. She keeps on eating and now she can see a light again. And a man. Ohm yes she shouts. Now she go out of the hell of chocolate and asks: Are you Mr Imamto? Yes I am, says the man. Uhh yes Sakura says, I should give that to you.
Ohm my scroll I never thought that anyone can bring it back to me. Thank you. But why are you so fat? I must do eating test to come here, Sakura answers. Oh you poor child, he says but thank for the scroll and say Tsunade a beautiful greetings of me. Yes I will. I am sorry but how I can back to my village? , the girl answers. Ohm you must go back that way? , the man answers. On the way back Sakura must do all examinations again put she can’t eat all the things again and give up, but then comes the people from the village and took her into her village to eat her. The man, women and kids have a really delicious dinner but they must say that the meat was a bit to fat^^. So Sakura dies, but she is a hero in her town Konogakure who never want forget anyone.
I hope you will enjoy it its my first story i wiritten two hours on it :) so please not to hard but critic is good :)
ähmm sorry for the many mistakes but i dont no if there are so many mistakes^^
so that was it enjoy^^
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Its Monday and Sakura goes to Ramen with Ino. Ohh thanks for go with me  , she says. No problem Sakura, Ino answers. And how many Noodel soup bowls you will eat? Ähmm one or two, she answers. What, Ino shuts, you must eat 10 -20. No Way thats too much for me, she says. They are in the Ramenshop now Sakura eats two bowles but at a look atI no who got 5 bowls. She orders 10 bowls. Wow Sakura you want to bet me? Ino says, no way. We wil see says Sakura.Ino orders 20 Noodle soup bowls. So see Sakura, you cant bet me^^. Now that Sakura is feady with the ten bowles she orders 30 bowls. And it still goes on until one has win the battle. Now we are by 100 bowls for everyone. Sakura put on 50 pounds. Ino on 45 pounds. Then Temari and Tenten comes into the Shop. Can we eat with us? Tenten says. Okay, Ino says. Temari orders 100 bowls and Tenten 125 bowls. Sakura and Ino put a little to wait on the other two. Now the ranking:
1st place: Tenten with 145 pounds
2nd place: Temari with 155 pounds
3rd place: Sakura with 150 pounds:
4th place ino with 148 pounds
Now each one orders how much they can eating.
Sakura orders 200 bowls
Ino orders 250 bowls
Temari 225 bowls
Tenten 150 bowls

Brrggh, Ino shouted i eat too much but i must keep on.
Hmm yummy it tastes good Sakura says.
Nice Nice, Temari says.
I am the first, Tenten laugh.

Now the new ranking:
1st place: Ino with 275 pounds
2nd place: Temari with 270 pounds
3rd place: Sakura with 250 pounds
4th place: Tenten with 200 pounds

Now each one orders how much they can eating
Sakura orders 400 bolws
Ino orders 400 bolws
Temari orders 350 bolws
Tenten orders 250 bowls

Arrggghh, i cant eat anything now i give up, Tenten screams
Hmm its so good, Sakura says.
Nice, but meanwhile iam huge, Temari says.
*Mampf*, Ino says.

Tenten lays on her bag because she gave up and we can see she weight over 225 pounds. We can see just a little belly and her legs are quiet normal but she is totally full.
Now the ranking:
1st place Ino with 400 pounds
2nd place Sakura with 375 pounds
3rd place Temari with 350 pounds

Now every one orders.
Sakura orders 800 bowls
WTF, Ino shuts, so much food you cant eat them all. We will see, Ino, Sakura answers.
Ino orders 600 bowls
Teamri orders 400 bowls

Urggh Temari says, I cant move any more i give up.
Temaris belly is like a footbal and her legs a little bit wider than before.

Now Sakura keeps on eating. She must weight over 500 pounds her belly looks like a medicineball and her legs and arms are gigantic.

Ino isnt as huge as Sakura but still huge. Her belly looks like a baksetball. Her arms and legs are fatter than before.

After the last bowl for Sakura. She orders 1000 bowls. But Ino orders more than 2000 bowls.

Now Sakura after that 600 bowls weight more than 600 pounds but the belly and the arms and legs are quite the same size.

Ino weight 550 pounds after 600 bowls.
Now after that last bowl for of the 1000 Sakura weight over 900 pounds here dress wript of her gigantic body and she cant move.
Ino died after that 2000 bowls then she weight over 1500 pounds but she cant win the battle because she is dead^^
Also the winner is SAKURA!!!
I hope you like it
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Its Monday and Sakura goes to Ramen. She eats 10 bowls of Noodle Soup. And goes after she pays the money. She goes every day to Ramen because Tsunade said, she must be stronger. Now its Thursday Sakura goes to Ramen and eats 15 bowls of Noodle Soup. It seems i put on a little weight. But iam fell stronger then before. Sakura goes home and goes to the Libra. Ohhh 120 pounds i put 20 pounds on my weight really nice, she says. Now its Wednesday and Sakura goes to Ramen she eats 30 bowls of Noodle Soup after she pays. She goes home and go to the Libra now she weights 140 pounds. Ohh nice i must eat more, she says, what is in the kitchen? Yeah so much to eat and its all for me, she sasy. After eat the whole fridge she goes to the Libra and sees she weight no 230 pounds. Yeah man i fell the power she shouts. On the next day she goes in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening to Ramen and eat over the whole day more than 200 bolws of soup. And she buys all food of the   shop in the town. Now after all that eating she felt strange and goes to the Libra. OMG, she screams, i gain too much weight. Sakura weight now over 500 pounds. Her dress is too tight for her and her belly is rounder than a ball. Her face is fatten up by all the food. What i can do she asks herself. Hmm you must eat more food, a voice in her head answers. Okay i will do it.

Three days later.
Sakura continues to eat more and more now she weight 1000 pounds. She cant move anymore. Her belly is too huge to go away. Her belly looks like two medicineballs her dress its fast wript off the closeth.
Sorry for the many mistakes and so but i hope you like it^^
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Thanksgiving Belly stuffing: Konoha.

It was a cold November 25 as the female Ninja's of Konoha were meeting in The Mission's
room for a big Thanksgiving feast. The current Hokage, Tsunade was setting up meals and
tables with Shizune, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, and Anko. "This is going to be such a
nice Thanksgiving. Where are the guys?" Tenten asked. "Kakashi was taking them out for
there Thanksgiving. By the way we have a guest joining us today. Come on in Temari."
Tsunade said. Temari from the Sand village walked in carring a plate of mashed potatoes.
"Temari? How come your not in the sand Village?" Sakura asked. "It's just part of our new
alliance with you Konoha Shinobi. I mean you sent someone over from your village to have
Thanksgiving with us right?" Temari asked. "Yes we sent over Kiba." Tsunade said. "Hope he
doesn't have to eat with Gaara. Last year it was dreadful." Temari said and put her plate
on a nearby table. "Well I think the table's are all set. Shizune set up the chairs."
Tsunade said. Shizune got up and set many chairs around the table for the girls. Now with
everything set up the female Shinobi's all sat down together. "Back in the old days when
I was a genin..." Tsunade said. "In the stone ages." Shizune thought to herself. "...We
use to do this all the time. I have decided to bring back this trend for Thanksgiving."
Tsunade said. "Yes I have herd about this. It ended when I became a Genin myself." Anko
said. "The Food smell's so good, so when do we eat?" Ino asked. The door opened and a man
with a grey mask walked in. "Lady Fifth, everything is set up." He said. "Excellent. Now
about your food. This feast here we have set up, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Hinata. You four
will not be eating it. Instead we have set up numerous Thanksgiving feast all over the
village, they are hidden and have traps set around them. You must find and eat all those
Thanksgiving feast we have hidden in the village. There are a total of 4 Thanksgiving
feast hidden and there will be a sign on the table saying what number it is. If you don't
see a number then it's not part of the challenge." Tsunade said.

Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Tenten looked at each other horrified. "If you succeed. You'll
all be named Chunin." Tsunade said. "Really?" Tenten asked. Sakura giggled. "If I become
a Chunin while Naruto's away he'll be so jealous." She thought to herself. "Anyone who
does not succeed loses all Ninja titles and will be eaten by me!" Tsunade said. "What kind
of Thanksgiving is this?!" Ino said. "Um, if we are not eating, then why did we set up this
table in the mission's room?" Hinata asked. "Oh that was for me, Anko, Shizune, and our
guest Temari here. Thank you for the help. We shall enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner. Now off
you go. You have three hours." Tsunade said. "Only three hours?" Tenten said. "Hey your
wasting time! Go on." Shizune urged them. "And don't try anything funny like going to the
ramen shop and cheating your way in. The 4 feast all have a stomach engorging jutsu on
them making your stomach's swell out further then normal, so I'll know." Tsunade said.
Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Hinata all looked worried and leaped out the window. "Wow, I never
knew your village could be so barbaric. Even we in Sand have our limit's as brutal as we
are." Temari said starting to get some slices of turkey to eat. The 4 Kunoichi hit the
streets of Konoha which were kind of empty. "I'm starting to wish Kiba was here. We could
use him to sniff out the meals." Ino said. "Yeah. B..but I could use my Byakugan to search
the village for the meals." Hinata said. "Do it, quickly." Tenten said. Hinata used her
Byakugan to search the villaga, and she couldn't find any Thanksgiving feast. "Tsunade
might have made sure they were in location's that even the Byakugan would have trouble
locating." Sakura said. "Or those Traps she mentioned blocks it." Tenten said. "Oh I found
one. It's behind the Hospital, and there are so weapons set around them. I see the
number on the table." Hinata said.

"Let's go. I'll disarm the weapons." Tenten said. The 4 Kunoichi dashed over behind the
hospital where a big table with lot's of food was sitting waiting to be eaten. "How
could we not smell that?" Ino said. "Must be some kind of smell reducement jutsu." Tenten
guessed as she disarmed the weapons around the feast. Once it was safe to eat the girl's
dug in and devoured the meal. *CHOMP* *SCARF* *GULP* *CHEW* Sakura was eating a piece of
steak, while Ino loudly chugged a root beer. Tenten put gravy on some mashed potatoes and
began to swallow them while Hinata ate slowly. All four of there bellies were swelling up
from the stomach engorge jutsu placed on the food. "So good." Sakura said with her mouth
full of chewed up food. *GUUULP* Tenten just swallowed a large portion of stuffing as it
moved down her throat as a big bulge and made her belly much bigger. Ino undid the bandage
wrapping's around her belly as it contiuned to swell. *BLOAT* *BULGE* Ino's belly was
currently the roundest and biggest, with Sakura and Tenten close behind. Hinata wasn't as
big but she ate just as much, she just shoved a turkey leg into her mouth stripping it of
all it's meat. Tenten adjusted her pants and her round gorged belly fell out groaning.
*BURBLE* *GLUNK* *CREAK* *JIGGLE* Tenten gave her fat stomach a good smack as Sakura began
to lean back rubbing her own ballooned out belly. Hinata's belly had gotten more swollen
a loud belch and covered her mouth blushing. "Excuse me." Sakura said embrassed.
louder and longer as her belly had expanded rounder and larger. "Your excused." Ino said.
Sakura frowned at Ino. "Always trying to show me up." Sakura said. Ino shrugged as Tenten
three burping and now started drinking her own root beer. Now all the food was gone and
the girls were bloated round and very full. "One down." Sakura said holding down a very
big burp. "Three to go." Hinata said cradling her round and stuffed belly.

The four Kunoichi walked out from behind the hospital with there giant bellies sloshing.
*SPLOOSH* *GROAN* *BLORP* *BLOOSH* *GLUNK* *GLORPLE* *GLOOOSH* as they walked together,
there round and massive bellies would often sway back and forth hitting each other. Ino's
and Sakura's often smacked and rubbed against each other. "Watch where you swing your fat
gut, Sakura!" Ino said. "Sorry Ino! Your's is so round and bulbous I forgot how much room
it takes up." Sakura said. Angry Ino forcefully swung her giant belly to hit Sakura's, both
sloshing like mad with the food they ate. *BLOOSH* *SPLOOSH* *GLOOSH* Sakura swung her's
back at Ino's and the two had a belly fight. *BLOOOSH* *GLUNK* *SPLORF* *GURGLE* Ino's
belly was still rounder then Sakura's so her's had more force and she smacked her belly
into Sakura's with such strength it made Sakura's belly hit Tenten's balloon belly.
"Hey watch it you two!" Tenten scolded and turned to Hinata who was rubbing her giant gut.
"Where's the next one, Hinata?" She asked. Hinata used her Byakugan again. "I found the
next one! It's on the Hokage mountain's. On the Second Hokage's head. And this one has
fewer traps." Hinata said. "Now how do we get up there with bellies as swollen as ours?"
Sakura asked. "We climb." Ino said. *BLOOORP* Ino's big belly went. With much effort the
4 Kunoichi climbed up the Hokage Mountain's with the faces of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
Hokage's on them. There were also starting to make a 5th one with Tsunade up there. "We
have to get up here. Hurry, or Lady Tsunade will eat us for failure." Tenten said. Ino,
Hinata, and Sakura all pictured Tsunade swallowing them alive and whole and laughing as
she had a giant belly filled with them. It was all the motivation they needed to climb up
the mountain's faster and sure enough another Thanksgiving feast was up there.

"Now for the traps." Tenten said. *GUUURGLE* Hinata's big belly gurgled and she then
burp blew away all the traps around the food. "....." Sakura, Ino, and Tenten looked at
Hinata in disbelief as she covered her mouth. "Please don't tell anyone I did that."
Hinata squeeked. The Kunoichi's looked at the big feast before them and dove in. This time
there was ramen in the group. Sakura and Hinata went to town on the ramen. *SLLUURP*
*GULP* Ino was eating a big plate of Macaroni and cheese. *GULP* *SCARF* Tenten was grabbed
a big jug of coke and chugged it. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* There bellies began to expand even
further getting taut and very shiny now. *POP* Ino and Tenten's belly buttons popped into
twice after finishing her drink and her shiny belly stuck out farther then ever. Sakura
tilted her head back and ingested all her ramen and her shiny round belly sloshed loudly
as her food was mixing with her stomach acids making loud burbling gas bubbles. Sakura
covered her mouth as her cheeks inflated to the size of balloons with the gas and burped
Sakura's cheeks ballooned out rounder and further as her deep and gassy closed mouth burp
increased in volume and they deflated when it had ended. Ino had started eating her own
bowel or ramen now, loudly gulping as her titanic belly increased bigger and fuller. The
more they ate the rounder and shinier there bellies became. Hinata finished one bowl of
ramen and rubbed her big stomach to settle the gas bubbling inside it. *GROAN* *GURGLE*

Sakura saw the number 3 on the table as they finished up. "Two more to go." Tenten said
rubbing her engorged shiny belly. The kunoichi's got up with there heavy bellies bobbing
up and down and sloshing. *SPLOOOSH* *GLUNK* *DIGEST* *CHURN* "I can't go on. So full."
Hinata said holding her giant belly. "We're shinobi! We have to endure anything! Come on
only two spot's left. You can use your Byakugan from here to get a better view." Ino said.
Hinata tried to respond but only a big gassy burp came out of her mouth when she opened it.
*BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Hinata was having to much gas pain to excuse
herself and just activated the Byakugan to find the last two feast. "There's one by the
Ninja Academy." Hinata said. The 4 bloated kunoichi's lifted up there giant bellies and
got off the Hokage mountains and headed for there old ninja school. Sakura and Tenten
disarmed the trap's which included smoke bombs and poison kunai's. The feast was ready to
be eaten as they approached. Ino grabbed a plate of corn and started eating. Sakura began
to slowly eat a big plate of broccoli. Hinata started eating the chicken and Tenten saw
a giant roasted boar with her name on it, and the number 4. Ino finished her corn and
went over to help Tenten eat the giant boar. *GULP* *SCARF* *SWALLOW* Sakura and Hinata's
belly button's finally popped out like Ino and Tenten's and then proceeded to aide Ino
and Tenten devour the giant roasted boar. *GULP* *sCARF* *GULP* the more they ate the
rounder and more bloated there bellies got, getting even more shiny. Soon there was nothing
of the Boar but it's bones. Hinata, Sakura, Tenten, and Ino were now on the floor rubbing
there groaning, bloated and gassy bellies as they sloshed with there big and heavy meals.
*BLUB* *DIGEST* *GRUMBLE* *SPLOOSH* *BLOOSH* *SPLOORF* "Hey I think I herd something over
here." The Kunoichi herd two male voices and quickly hid around the corner of the academy
as two male Chunin approached.

"Wasn't there a table of food here Lady Hokage wanted us to watch?" One of them said. "No,
she said for us to set it up and then leave. Why you insisted on staying is beyond me. It's
Thanksgiving man!" One of them said. The girls hid well despite there bloated bellies.
"I just wanted to see who it was for. I mean sheesh, we step out for a few minutes come
back and the feast is gone." The other Chunin said. while hiding Ino covered her mouth as
she felt a big amount of pressure heading up her throat. "Hold it in Ino." Tenten
whispered as Ino's cheeks started ballooning up with gas. *Bulge* *Bloat* *stretch*
Staying hidden, Sakura, Hinata and Tenten helped cover Ino's mouth as her cheeks got
rounder and more bloated from her gas, getting equally as shiny as her belly. "Wow Ino,
your really going to burp the big one, huh?" Sakura whispered with a sneer. Ino's cheeks
round with gas contiuned to bulge and bloat outward the longer she surpressed her burp and
she was starting to lose her grip. *GURGLE* *GLORP* Ino's belly gurgled painfully. "Ino
if you can't even hold in a burp how can anyone expect anything out of you when your a
Chunin?" Sakura whispered. Ino's cheeks were now as swollen as there bellies and even
more shiny then them as her gas continued to increase. "There leaving." Hinata said using
her Byakugan. "Tell us when it's safe." Tenten said as her own big belly was starting to
rumble. *GURGLE* *GRUMBLE* *DIGEST* *BUBBLE* "....okay there gone." Hinata said. Once it
was clear they let got of Ino's mouth and let her finally burp.

Ino's burp was loud, gassy, deep, and reeked of all the food's digesting in Ino's round
belly. Sakura, Hinata, and Tenten plugged there noses as Ino's burp was nearly toxic with
stink. "I feel so much better now." Ino sighed with her cheeks back to normal size. "Great.
Now let's find this last meal. Time's almost up." Tenten said. Hinata kept her Byakugan
active to search for it. "Sakura." Ino and Sakura had faced each other. "T..thank you."
Ino said. "Sure." Sakura said. "You two have the weirdest relationship." Tenten said
rubbing her giant belly. "I found it. It's near the entrance of the village." Hinata said.
The bloated Kunoichi began to move out to Konoha's entrance where the final Feast table
was filled with sweets like cake, pie, ice cream, and candy. "Dessert." Sakura said.
"I don't see any traps around them." Hinata said using her Byakugan. They carefully
approached the table and no traps activated. So now they dug in and ate the sweets of the
final meal. The number 1 was on the table. There were glasses of ginger ale around which
the kunoichi's quickly guzzled down. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Tenten finished first and she
now had the roundest and biggest belly. *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLCH*
Tenten belched loudly after finishing her ginger ale and started eating a slice of pie.
Ino was devouring half a cake and getting a bigger belly in the process of eating.
*SPLORPLE* *GLUNK* *BUBBLE* *BLOAT* Sakura was chewing on some candy bars while Hinata
stuffed two full ice cream cones into her mouth. *GUULP* they briefly bulged out her
cheeks as Hinata gulped it down and the size of her round belly increased. Sakura ate the
other half of the cake and gulped down her ginger ale loudly feeling gassy afterwords.
finally finished the kunoichi's collapse with there round bloated bellies sticking up in
the air, shiny, full, sloshy, and looking ready to explode. When they got up there bellies
sounded like ocean waves with there food sloshing back and forth inside them. *SPLORP*

They then returned to the mission's room where Tsunade, Shizune, Anko, and Temari had
finished a nice dinner. "Oh you four made it back. In record timing. Well congratulations
you are all now Chunin's." Tsunade said. They couldn't see Sakura, Ino, Tenten, or
Hinata because there bellies were bigger then there bodies thanks to the stomach engorge
jutsu on the food, but there bellies were very noisy and sloshy even when standing still.
"Thank you lady Tsunade." The kunoichi's said weakly. "I hope you all had a happy
Thanksgiving. We'll have to do this again next Thanksgiving for your Jonin exams."
Tsunade said. Sakura, Tenten, Hinata and Ino groan and lean on there water bed like
bellies. "Oh and don't worry. The Stomach engorge jutsu on the food should wear off in
about 24 hours." Shizune said. In perfect unisen Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Hinata all
burp out loud at once expressing how full and bloated they really were.

"Hmph, glad that's not what we do on Thanksgiving. Speaking of which I wonder how it's
going over there with Kiba in the Sand Village?" Temari said. At the Sand Village,
Gaara, Kankuro, and Kiba were having a quiet Thnaksgiving dinner. "Man this is boring."
Kiba muttered. "Be Thankful for it. Last year the chef made Gaara's food wrong, so he
killed him with his Sand Coffin's. The chef's body parts flew into our food. Temari and I
couldn't eat for a Month." Kankuro whispered. Kiba looked horrified. "Sound's like some

The end. Happy Thanksgiving.
Hello. This is one of my early Thanksgiving stories I will be uploading. Reason why I'm uploading my Thanksgiving stories so early is because on the actual Thanksgiving I most likely will not be here and will be off with my family. So anyway here's Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Tenten from the Naruto universe trying to become Chunin on Thanksgiving through the most difficult way, stuffing there bellies full of giant Thanksgiving feast. This isn't my only Thanksgiving story, I will upload different ones from different series and they'll all be on before Thanksgiving hopefully. So enjoy and happy early Thanksgiving.

I do not own these character's. They are all owned by Masashi Kishimoto.
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Sakura vs Ino. The Stomach Engorge Jutsu

In Konoha,  Sakura and Ino are having a arguement in the middle of the streets. "Ino I'm telling you right now, There is a difference between a Kekkei Genkai and a Clan related Jutsu." Sakura yelled. "Your so stupid Sakura! They are the same thing. Ask anyone!" Ino shouted. "Ino your so stupid...." Sakura shouted until she was cut off. "Hey you two." Choji was walking toward's them with a bag of chips in hand. "What's all the noise about?" Choji asked. "Choji, let's ask you. Is a Kekkei Genkai and a Clan exclusive Justu the same thing or is there a difference?" Ino asked. Choji looked confused. "I don't know." He said.  Ino groaned. "You should have known better then to ask Choji such a question." Sakura said. "Hey I know some stuff." Choji defended himself. "Choji you let me down just now. You were suppose to know the answer then agree with me." Ino said. "I might not know the answer but I know of a way you guys can solve your argument." Choji said eating more of his chips. "Does it involve eating?" Sakura joked. "As a matter of fact it does." Choji nodded his head. Sakura and Ino both looked at him. "In my clan, we have a special way of solving conflicts. Those in argument eat lots of food." Choji said. "How surprising." Ino said smartly. "Whoever eats the most and is bigger  after 10 rounds wins and they win the argument no question." Choji said.  "And this actually works?" Sakura asked. "Do you ever see my clan member's arguing with each other? That's why my clan was voted as Konoha's most peaceful and pleasent clan in the whole village." Choji said. "It also explains a few things." Ino said. "Like what?" Choji demanded crumbling his bag of chips.

"Nothing. Anyway we should try this out, huh Sakura." Ino asked. "You serious?" Sakura asked. "This will solve are argument no problem, Sakura. Unless your afraid." Ino said. "I'm not afraid. Let's do this!" Sakura said. "Whoa! You can't just do it here, it has to be on holy grounds. My family's temple." Choji said. "Your family temple's holy?" Ino ask. "Your family has a temple? I didn't know that." Sakura said. "Follow me ladies." Choji said. Choji lead the girls to his family's hidden temple which had red and gold walls on each side and a enourmous table.  "Wow Choji! I never knew your family had such a impressive temple." Sakura said. Choji blushed. "Yeah it's cool isn't it?" Choji said. "How often do you come here?" Ino asked. "Only when A challenge has been made. See those scrolls on the walls? They are used to summon food. Sit down so we can get started." Choji said. Sakura and Ino sit down at a large table. Choji touched a scroll on the wall and two giant bowls of ramen appeared in front of the girls. "Remember once you start eating the challenge has begun. There is no backing out. Not until the other's quit." Choji said. "I will never quit or surrender to Sakura." "Neither will I! Your going to lose Ino!" Sakura said.

"Alright Ladies! Begin!" Choji yelled. Sakura dove into her ramen bowl slurping up the noodless eagerly. Ino however did a hand sign for a jutsu. "Stomach Engorge Jutsu!" Ino said. "What?" Sakura never herd of this Jutsu before. Nothing seemed to happen and Ino looked just the same. "Ha. It worked." Ino lifted up her bowl of ramen and her mouth stretched wide open dumping all the ramen in her mouth. Ino held it in her mouth bulging out her cheeks like great balloons of flesh. Sakura could hear the ramen sloshing in her bloated cheeks and finally she swallowed. *GULP* A big bulge dropped down Ino's throat as she ate her Ramen all in one gulp. "Tasty. Not done Sakura?" Ino asked. "How did you do that?" Sakura asked. "The Stomach Engorge Jutsu. A little Jutsu I picked up while being in Team 10." Ino said. "You could have shared that Jutsu with me you know." Choji said. Sakura frantically began to swallow more of her Ramen as fast as she could. Ino sneered at her. "Hurry Sakura. We don't want you falling behind." Ino said. Sakura finished her bowl of ramen and felt sick. *GURGLE* Her belly already to full to continue. "Okay time for round two!" Choji touched another scroll and the bowl's of ramen disappeared and in there place stood 2 big Thanksgiving Turkeys.

"No way." Sakura moaned. "Alright continue!" Choji yelled. Sakura grabbed a piece of turkey and chomped on it and swallowed the meat as fast as she could. "I can't lose to Ino." Sakura thought to herself. Ino picked up her entire turkey over her mouth and dropped it in and without chewing *GULP* Sakura watched a massive fat bulge which was a full turkey travel down Ino's throat. Ino's belly was now bloating out and she unwrapped some of the bandages around her belly so it could expand. Sakura looked worried. Ino rubbed her potbelly as it digested her meals loudly. *GLORP* *CHURN* *BLURP* Sakura struggled to finish her turkey until Ino grabbed her arm. "Here Sakura, I'll help you out." Ino lifted up Sakura's turkey and dropped it in her mouth again. *GULP* Sakura watched her Turkey travel down Ino's throat and expand her gut even more. "Your welcome." Ino said to Sakura. "Ino your pig!" Sakura yelled knowing Ino only ate her turkey to mock and intimdate her. "Okay here comes round three." Choji yelled using the summoning scrolls. Two giant roasted boars appeared on the table. "Speak of the devil." Sakura moaned. "This'll be easy." Ino said. Sakura was now thinking this was hopeless since Ino's Stomach Engorge Jutsu let's her digest even bones. Ino inhaled her roasted boar and held it in her mouth and faced Sakura. "Ignore her, Sakura. She's just trying to distract you." Sakura told herself as she began to eat pieces of her own roasted boar. Ino moved closer to Sakura and the two were sitting so close they could feel the heat of one another.

Sakura couldn't help it and glanced at Ino. Ino's cheeks were as fat as ever with a full roasted boar in them. Now with Sakura looking, Ino swallowed her boar. *GULP* the fat bulge going down Ino's throat was enourmous. *SPLOSH* Ino's belly expanded further out and Ino unwrapped more of it from her bandages. *GRUMBLE* *CHURN* *DIGEST* Ino's big belly was so noisy Sakura could barily hear herself think. "I can't lose this...I won't lose!" Suddenly something in Sakura snapped. She began to gobble up her roasted boar in seconds. *CHOMP* *GULP* *CHOMP* *GULP*  "What the?" Ino and Choji were shocked when Sakura ate all the meat on her boar leaving only the bones. "I'm done." Sakura said. *RUMBLE* Sakura's belly had expanded alot and was peaking out from under her shirt. "How did you eat all that?" Ino said. "Just like you I have some hidden talents, Ino." Sakura said even if she had no idea how she did it. Ino looked angry. "Wow, and here I thought Ino was going to win for sure. Let's move forward eh? Round four!" Choji summoned two giant watermeleons. Sakura and Ino both put on there Konoha headbands over there forheads as this was serious now. Ino swallowed hers whole and Sakura ate her's in rapid speed like she was in a trans. Both there bellies bloated out. *GROAN* *GURGLE* *GRUMBLE* Sakura craddled her massive belly. *BLORP* *BURBLE* *BLOSH* Ino rubbed her round belly. Round five brought them a giant steak each which both girls ate, round six was a large batch of seafood, round seven was fried rice, round eight is where the girls finally began to struggle on heavily frosted cakes.

"Oooooh." Sakura rubbed her swollen belly. *GLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOORP* It was full and demanded she stop eating. "I have to keep going." Sakura told herself. Ino slowly lifted up her cake and swallowed it sluggishly. Sakura ate hers as well. Choji looked from Ino to Sakura. Both girls had bellies the size of beach balls. "You know you could just end this and..." Choji started. "No!" Both girls yelled. "I won't lose to Ino!" Sakura said. "And I'll never lose to you Sakura." Ino said. "Pig! "Board Brow!" "Okay okay! These last two rounds will end it." Choji said. Round nine he summoned two bottle's of ginger ale. "Ginger ale? Thank goodness!" Ino said. "Something to drink." Sakura said. "Yeah about that hurry up and finish so I can explain round ten." Choji said. Ino and Sakura guzzled down there ginger ale's and there bellies swelled out even more. *GLUNK* *SPLOSH* *PLOOSH* *SPLORF* Sakura and Ino's bellies were rounder and sloshier then ever. "Round ten has nothing to eat or drink. It's the trickiest part to determine the winner. The first one who burps between the two of you....Loses." Choji said. Hearing that made both girl's sick as they both needed to burp after the ginger ale.

Sakura and Ino looked at each other. "Well good luck." Choji said. Sakura and Ino stared at each other for awhile with there big bellies practically rubbing against one another. "Well?" Ino asked. "Well what?" Sakura asked annoyed. "Aren't you going to burp already?" Ino asked. "Why? Your the pig. Why don't you burp?" Sakura asked. Ino turned her head. "Choji you said whoever had the biggest belly would win." Sakura asked. "I lied. Otherwise you'd know aboud round ten." Choji said getting another bag of chips to eat. *RUUUUUUMBLE* Sakura's round belly was mixing her digesting food together and was created really large gas bubbles inside her. Ino's was doing the same. "Come on Ino, why don't you burp? I know you want to. Burp like the pig you are." Sakura said and began poking Ino's bloated belly. "Not going to happen. I can hold it in alot better then you can." Ino began poking Sakura in the gut as well. *GLUB* *BLORP* *SPLOSH* After many belly poking Sakura's belly grumbled loudly with big time gas. *GRUUUUUMMMBLE* *BLLLLOOORRRP* Ino stopped poking and took both hands and shook Sakura's big belly up and down. Sakura tried to counter her by shaking Ino's bloated belly as well. *SPLOSH* SPLOOOSH* *BLOSH* *GLORP* *BUBBLE* Suddenly Sakura stopped and felt a big amount of gas swelling up in her throat. Sakura covered her mouth as her cheeks bloated out. *PUFF* *BLOAT* Ino smirked.

"That's it. Burp a big one Sakura." Ino said until she felt a equally big burp coming up her throat.  Ino covered her mouth as her cheeks got as fat and bloated as Sakura's. *PUFF* *BULGE* Ino and Sakura stood face to face, hand's over there mouths, cheeks as fat as balloons, round bloated bellies rubbing against each other it was anyones game it all depended on who had bigger gas. *BLORP* *SPLGLORP* Both Kunoichi's bellies were gurgling as there cheeks kept ballooning out with gas. Sakura and Ino could both taste the steak's, ramen, and roasted boar's they ate in there throat's and in there mouth's as the gas from there stomach's showed zero mercy to them. Now the size of blimps, Sakura and Ino's cheeks surpassed there bellies as they kept getting rounder to hold in there burps. "I can endure this...I can." Sakura thought as her bloated belly groaned trying to persuade Sakura to get her gas out by burping. Ino was facing the same problem. The Kunoichi's cheeks looked ready to burst and finally Sakura couldn't hold it any longer. *BUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Sakura burped loudly for 5 full minutes and it echoed in the temple. Sakura released all the gas in her bloated round belly. After she was done Sakura fainted and her big belly sloshed noisly. *GLOOSH* *PLORF* Choiji was in shock but before he could speak Ino released her giant burp as well. *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLCCCCCCH* Ino's belch was bigger, louder, smellier, and longer then Sakura's. "Man! You guys are freaks!" Choji said.

Ino turned to Sakura. "Look's like I win, Sakura. Which mean's A Kekkai Genkai and a Clan exclusive Jutsu are the same thing...Sakura? Sakura!" Ino quickly went to Sakura's side as the pink haired Kunoichi was still out cold. "Sakura wake up. I can't gloat in your face if your not awake." Ino shook Sakura's fat belly trying to wake her which only made it slosh noisly. Ino leaned over Sakura's face and let out a stink belch to wake her. "Ugh. Huh? Ino...what happend did I win?" Sakura asked. "It...was a draw." Ino lied. Choji watched as Ino and Sakura helped each other up as there weight was hard for them to stand up. "I don't get it...Ino was so happy to have beaten Sakura, then when she thought she was in a food coma she like get's all soft and spares Sakura the truth that she lost?" Choji thought to himself. "Come on, we can hang out at my parents flower shop until we digest our food." Ino said. "Alright." Sakura said. As the two walk out of the temple Naruto bumped right into there big bellies. *BLOMP* "Oww! Naruto watch were you are going." Sakura said. "Yeah you little jerk. Slow down." Ino said. "Sorry I was on my way to...Hey why are you guys so big?" Naruto asked. Sakura and Ino looked at each other and turned there backs on Naruto, whispering to each other. "What's going on?" Naruto asked. Sakura and Ino turned back around there bellies swinging around noisly. *GURGLE* *SLOSH* "Hey Naruto, check out this new Jutsu Ino and I invented." Sakura smiled. "A new Jutsu? What is it? Is it better then Master Kakashi and Sasuke's?" Naruto asked.

"It's a new one." Ino said smiling evilly. Sakura and Ino placed a hand on each others round bellies. *GRUMBLE* "We call it..."  *BUUUUUUURRRRRRRP* *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLCH* Sakura and Ino burp and belch right in Naruto's face and it knocks him out cold. "..The stink burp." "Or stink belch. These gas bombs will replace smoke bombs." Sakura and Ino giggle and walk past Naruto. "When you wake up, tell us how you like it." Sakura called to the sleeping Naruto. The giggles of the two Kunoichi's was drowned out only by there belly sloshing. Choji walked out and saw Naruto asleep on the floor. "Shikamaru's right. Girls are weird. That's why my only love is this bag of chips." Choji said to himself eating his bag of chips.

To be continued.
Hey everyone. I actually made a mistake in uploading this story at first but hopefully I got it right this time. This is a belly stuffing story me and a friend came up with and I decided to upload it. Many more stories to come. Also Sakura's jutsu she uses to eat rapidly is just a jutsu I made up along with Ino's Stomach Engorge Jutsu. I kind of think of it as Sakura's unofficial Kekkei Genkai. There's not vore in this one, just Sakura and Ino stuffing there bellies and burping.

I do not own these characters. They are owned by Masashi Kishimoto.
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Shizune's Belly Lockdown No Jutsu.

It was late in the hidden leaf village Konoha when Shizune was summoned to see the fifth
Hokage. Shizune was asleep in her bed, wrapped up in blankets when a female Anbu black ops
appeared on her apartments window. She knocked on the window twice and Shizune got up.
"The fifth Hokage would like to see you." The black ops ninja said. "It's my day off and
it's to late at..." Shizune started. "She said this is a emergency and for you to stop
whining about your day off and get your lazy butt over to her office. Her words not mine."
"That old slave driver." Shizune muttered and got out of her warm comfy bed, got dressed
and started to make her way to Tsunade's office in Konoha. Shizune entered Tsunade's
office and to her disappointment it was far less warm then her apartment. "Shizune. Glad
to see you got up." Tsunade said while working on some papers. "Lady Tsunade it's nearly
3:00 in the morning. You should get some sleep. We all should." Shizune yawned. "Believe
me when I say I wanted to but this is important." Tsunade said. Shizune groaned. "We can
do without the attitude Shizune. Some time tonight a few shinobi infiltrated the village."
Tsunade said. "Is this legit? Or another age cover up?" Shizune asked. "It's legit and
so was that case. Don't take it lightly. Anyway we believe they are trying to obtain the
Nine-tailed Fox. They could be in league with the Akatsuki so we can't take any chances.
We must hide Naruto." Tsunade said. "Right! We should get lord Jiraiya and some black ops
to take him to a safe location until we have caught the invaders." Shizune said.

"Actually Shizune, I was thinking of keeping him in a more safe location. One that's both
mobile and camouflaged very well." Tsunade said looking at Shizune. The two ladies looked
at each other in silence for a few seconds before Shizune got the message. "LADY TSUNADE!
YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!" Shizune yelled. "I am very. They'll expect heavy guards and such
but they have no idea of our secret weapon, you." Tsunade said. "B..but it's my day off."
Shizune said looking at her flat stomach and was hoping to keep it that way. "Shizune
always thinking about yourself. It's always about you Shizune. 'Oh look at me! I'm Shizune
the Hokage's assistant but I never want to assist her!' Sheesh do it for your village."
Tsunade said after mocking Shizune. "Okay fine I'll do it." Shizune groaned. "Good. You
know where Naruto is, so go do it." Tsunade said. Shizune left the office while muttering
"Old fossil." "I herd that Shizune. We'll see who's a old fossil when I reduce your months
salary." Tsunade said. Shizune made her way to Naruto's apartment and knocked on his door.
There was no answer. "Naruto! This is Shizune. Open up!" Shizune said still knocking on
the door. She herd the sounds of movement in the apartment and soon Naruto opened the door
in his pajamas. "Shizune? What are you doing here?" Naruto asked. "There's no time for
that Naruto. Your in danger and have been ordered to go into hiding until we have caught
the rogue shinobi that have infiltrated the village." Shizune said.

"Go into hiding? Are you kidding me?" Naruto yelled. "Keep your voice down." Shizune said.
"I'll find these guys and beat them up! Just show me where they are and I'll take them
out!" Naruto said. Shizune sighed. "Sorry Naruto. You have no say in the matter." Shizune
said grabbing him by the shoulders and slowly started to open her mouth wide. "Hey what
are you doing?" Naruto asked. Shizune shoved Naruto's head into her wide open mouth.
Naruto's voice was muffled while inside her mouth. "Of course, he just had to taste good.
Now I'm going to enjoy this." Shizune thought annoyed. She always hated giving into her
vore instincts." Shizune started swallowing Naruto down quickly so nobody would catch her.
*GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Her throat swelled and bulged with Naruto going down it. Naruto was
covered in drool as he was pushed down Shizune's throat which seemed much bigger on the
inside. "Hey! Stop this!" Naruto yelled. *GULP* *GULP* Shizune's throat was bulging as
Naruto slowly slithered down it. She used her hands to push Naruto's legs and feet into
her mouth. *GUUULLOOOP* With a large echoing gulp Naruto landed in Shizune's stomach
which immediately expanded out round and big and stuck out from her kimono outfit, fully
exposed to the outside world. "Ahhhh. That was so much as I hate to admit it."
Shizune said as her throat return to normal size while her belly had doubled in size like
a water balloon.

Inside Naruto landed in the damp, wet, smelly, and hot prison of Shizune's belly. "Gross.
What's that smell?" Naruto covered his nose as a green mist covered the entire belly and
made it foggy. On the outside Shizune rubbed her giant belly feeling the weight of her
meal bare down on her. "Shizune let me out!" Naruto yelled. *GURGLE* *GLORP* *BLORP*
She clucthed her round and shiny belly as it gurgled. Gastric juices started to pour in
the belly. "Sorry again. Lady Tsunade's orders. I'm to keep you in here until it's safe."
Shizune said rubbing her massive potbelly. Naruto was up to his waist in gastric juices and
the smelly clouds of gas fogging up her stomach. "Shizune, let me out before you leave me
no choice but to burst out of you." Naruto said. Shizune snorted trying not to laugh.
"Oh you won't be getting out. I'm a Jounin belly specialist. Second to none. Even shinobi
as skilled as the Sanin couldn't escape from this big ole gut of mine." Shizune said
patting her bulbous belly. *BLOP* *GLORP* *BURBLE* *SPLORF* "Fine. I didn't want to have
to do this but you leave me no choice." Naruto tried to create his shadow clones, hoping
to overbloat Shizune's belly until she barfed him out. Nothing happened. "What's going on?
My shadow clones won't come." Naruto asked as the prison around him started to shake
around madly with the gastric juices sloshing and splashing against the stomach walls.
*SPLOSH* *GLOSH* *BLOSH* *CHURN* *BLORP* *BURBLE* *GLUB* He soon realized Shizune was
laughing hence the wild belly sloshing. He could also feel she was moving as well. Where
she was going, he had no idea. "Your Jutsu won't work in there." Shizune finally answered.
He could tell she stopped laughing but she was still moving around. She was most likely
walking. "My stomach gas eats up chakra. You asked what that smell was? It was my gas
eating your chakra the moment you entered my belly. The more it smells the more chakra
it's taken from you." Shizune said as she had returned to her apartment.

As she squeezed through her door, Naruto struggled inside her belly creating various
outline bulges and imprints on her balloon bloated belly. *SPLORF* *GLUNK* *JIGGLE*
"Struggle until you run out of energy. That won't help you either." Shizune said stroking
her bloated belly almost teasing Naruto. Shizune went to her fridge. "Your currently in
my 'Belly Lockdown No Jutsu' It's more like a belly babysitting jutsu but Tsunade thought
it wasn't serious enough so we changed the name." Shizune said opening her fridge door.
"Belly lockdown?" Naruto repeated while swimming in her gastric juices. "That's right. I
can make this a pleasant or not so pleasant experience for you." Shizune grabbed a large
carton of milk and started to chug it down. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Shizune's gulps were
very loud as she ingested the milk and her round shiny bulbous belly expanded rounder,
shinier, and more bulbous. *POP* Shizune's belly button popped out to a fat outie as her
belly grew larger, and some of the milk leaked from the sides of her lips. Naruto was now
swimming in milk and gastric juices. *GURGLE* *SPLOSH* *BLOAT* *BURBLE* *CHURN* *GROAN*
Shizune's belly was stretching bigger and bigger until she finished the milk carton.
With a rounder, fatter, sloshier, shinier belly, Shizune giggled rubbing her gut. "Still
think you can get out?" Shizune asked her overbloated shiny belly. *BURBLE* *GLUNK* *BLUB*
Naruto tried again to use his chakra but Shizune's stomach gas clouds just ate it up.
*STRETCH* *PUFF* *BULGE* Shizune's cheeks bloated up as gas filled them up, getting them
Shizune let out a deep rumbling burp. "That felt great." Shizune said as her big burp
filled her apartment with her stink gas. "Shizune just burped. Maybe her gas was reduced
enough for me to summon up some chakra!" Naruto thought as he tried again to summon
shadow clones.

Shizune felt Naruto trying to use shadow clones again and the attempts amused her. She
stuck out her fat, bulbous belly, purposely making it look rounder. Inside her belly
Naruto was summoning chakra from the Nine-tailed fox spirit which started to make Shizune's
shiny bulbous belly ache a little, but it was not enough to overcome her powerful stink
clouds of stomach gas fogging up her belly. Soon Naruto ran out of chakra in Shizune's
big belly. Shizune's cheeks puffed up round with gas again and was fueled with chakra as
her mouth and her cheeks swelled up rounder and rounder with gas from a chakra packed
closed mouth burp. "Yum. Fox chakra is tasty." Shizune thought as her cheeks slowly
started to deflate. *GUUUURRRRRRGLE* Shizune's round belly let out a loud gassy gurgle.
Naruto was out of breath and had no choice but to breathe in the foul air of stomach gas.
"Giving up Naruto? I was starting to have fun too." Shizune said poking her balloon belly
taunting Naruto. "Cut it out Shizune!" Naruto complained. "Come on. I want to see how
the Nine-tailed Fox's chakra does against my belly. Just think if you can get out you'll
be a legend. Nobodies ever gotten out of my stomach unless I release them." Shizune said.
"Really? Then I'll do it and be the first! It'll make me much closer to becoming Hokage."
Naruto shouted. Shizune giggled as her gargantuan potbelly started to wobble and bounce
with Naruto struggling. *PLORSH* *BLUB* *WOBBLE* *BLORP* *BUBBLE* *BOUNCE* *JIGGLE*

Shizune let out another deep gassy belch of chakra as Naruto tried to use the Nine-tailed
Fox's chakra to escape Shizune's belly lockdown. It didn't work. Shizune's belly did
expand a little rounder from the chakra her gasses had been absorbing. Shizune held her
round bloated belly on it's sides. "I have to admit, even my large stomach is getting
indigestion from his chakra." She said before She felt gas working up her throat
starting to stink more and more as her stomach gas had increased in her belly to keep
Naruto's chakra level down. "Nice... *OOOAARP* try. B..but my stomach's still to strong."
Shizune said rubbing her aching shiny belly. "No way your keeping me in here. I'm getting
out." Naruto said working up more chakra. Shizune opened her fridge and pulled out another
milk carton. "That's what you think!" Shizune put the milk carton to her lips and started
gulping it down. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Shizune's belly which was already bloated beyond
reason started to stretch even more. *STRETCH* *BULGE* Shizune could hear the skin of her
round belly stretching wider and rounder. *BLORP* *BLOSH* *GURGLE* *BOUNCE* *SPLORSH*
A visible vein of stress was on Shizune's titanic belly. She finished the milk carton in
seconds and felt Naruto's chakra drowned out in milk and her gas clouds before it rumbled.
A bulge traveled up Shizune's throat and puffed up her cheeks once again. *SWELL* *BLOAT*
As Shizune's cheeks swelled up round with gas her belly increased in size once again.
It was the loudiest, smelliest, most gassiest burp Shizune had unleashed yet. Her bloated
belly wobbled from the impact of it. *WOBBLE* *BOUNCE* *JIGGLE* *SLOSH* Shizune covered
her mouth and couldn't help but giggle. Despite it stinking up her apartment even more it
felt great. "Wow! I didn't know I could burp that loud. Must be all the gas your giving
me, Naruto. Excuse me." Shizune giggled, one hand lightly over her mouth the other on her
gassy round potbelly.

To her annoyance her fat outie belly button started to itch and her belly was to wide and
round for her hands to reach it. Shizune had to rub her fat belly button against the sides
of a wall to scratch it. Her belly sounded like a big water cooler sloshing like mad with
even the slightest movements. *BLOOOSH* *GLOORP* *SPLORF* *BOUNCE* *WOBBLE* *BLORP*
more stink gas into her apartment. Naruto was leaning against Shizune's stomach walls. He
was out of chakra and energy. "No way. I'm exhausted." Naruto gasped while breathing.
"Sorry Naruto, but I told you there was no escape." Shizune yawned and stretched herself
however her bloated balloon belly couldn't stick out any further as it was at it's roundest
looking ready to burst and sloshing loudly. "I'm going back to bed. This has been fun and
all but it's also been very tiring. Goodnight." Shizune plopped herself on her bed and it
sank under the weight of her giant stomach. *GLORP* *BLUB* Shizune's belly rose and fell
as she was on her bed. "Hey what about me? When do I get out?" Naruto asked. Shizune was
already asleep and did not answer. "Shizune! Come on!" Naruto yelled trying to get himself
free of her belly prison. It was pointless and Shizune just snored away without a care in
the world. While she hates using her belly as a weapon, a large part of her will always
enjoy it.

To be continued.
Here's a Naruto vore story featuring good ole Shizune again. I do like her don't I? Anyway this was actually a older story that I was suppose to upload awhile ago but forgot about. I just now found it. Shizune is such a fun name to say. I wonder how many times I used it in this vore story featuring her keeping Naruto safe in her Belly Lockdown Jutsu. Enjoy.

I do not own these characters. Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto.
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Haruno Sakura gave a out a sigh as she trudged up the Hokage Tower. Naruto and Kakashi were away off training god know where, leaving the pinkette to her lonesome.

Thankfully Tsunade, the Hokage of Leaf Village, had requested her presence. Hopefully it would be mission of some kind.

As Sakura walked past the secretary and into the Hokage's office, she noticed she wasn't alone.

"Oh! Hey Hinata-san!" Hyuga Hinata, who was on the coach, turned towards her and gave a smile.

"Sakura-san! Good morning!" Sakura took a seat next to the brunette.

"I'm glad you two have made it," said Tsunade, sitting in her desk. "I have a mission for the two of you. It's an investigation of an odd abandoned factory in western Fire Country."

"An abandoned factory?" Asked Sakura. "Shouldn't these type of missions be for genins though?"

"The mission is labeled as a C-Rank, due to the possibility of combatants. We had reports that a factory that was abandoned two years ago has started up recently, but the weirdest thing is…" Tsunade paused, having her eyes close. Then she reopened them. "The factory has no occupants manning it. The machines are working on their own."

"Who reported this?" Asked the pinkette.

"A caravan of merchants traveling from Water Country. Sakura, Hinata," The two girls stood at attention. "Your mission is to investigate why this factory is operating on it's own, and the factory is about twenty kilometers east from the village near the town of Gendai. If it is the work of Missing Nin the mission rank will be raised by C-Rank to B-Rank. Because of this, you two will be given B-Rank pay. Here are the directions." Tsunade got out a scroll and placed it on her desk. The Hyuga stood up and walked over to the desk and picked up the rolled up parchment.

"You two will leave tonight so if I were you, I'd get in a heavy nap to make sure you're awake for the trek. That is all."

"Yes Hokage-sama!" The two girls bowed and about faced, leaving the office.

"Hey Hinata, what do you think is powering the factory?" The Hyuga shrugged at the pinkette's question.

"Beats me. Wanna get something for lunch?"

"Sure!" The two girls then left the tower and jumped over the rooftops across the Leaf Village, and eventually they reached a BBQ diner. As the two landed and walked inside, they also noticed the members of Team 10: Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Akimichi Choji talking over a dinner.

"I wonder what they are talking about…." Pondered Sakura. The Hyuga shrugged as the two walked past, the two of them saying their hellos to Team 10 and finding their own table and looked at their menus.

"I don't see why your panties are in a knot Choji," muttered Shikamaru, as he picked at his meatballs.

"I lost them you guys! I lost my special food pills!" Said the worried Akimichi.

"Special food pills? What makes them special?" Asked Ino.

"They have a unique-" Sakura and Hinata's attention was turned to the waiter who arrived before them.

"Can I get a chicken Cesaer Saland?" Asked Sakura.

"Um…can I get the pasta?" Asked the Hyuga. The waiter nodded and took the girl's menus.

"So they look like that huh? And where did you last set them down?" Asked Ino.

"Around the bathroom…" Sulked Choji. Soon enough, the food was here for the girls.

"Oh hey, there's a meatball on my pasta," said Hinata happily.

"And a pretty nice spherical chicken as well," commented Sakura. And both girls placed their forks into the spheres of meat.

"And what did they look like again?" Asked Ino.

"Well…" Choji paused. Sakura and Hinata took the balls of meat into their mouths and chewed.

'Oh my, this meat is so good…' thought Hinata.

'Wow…what a chicken piece…they sure know how to make them…'

Before long, the two girls finished their meal rather quickly and paid the bill, walking out of the diner.

"You know…I feel very energized, don't you Hinata-san?" Asked Sakura.

"Yes I do and…I also feel hungry…"

"Well I say we get a head start and head to the factory and see what's going on near Gendai. I think we could head there without some nap. Besides, it's only twenty clicks, we can make it there and back in time for dinner!"

"Well…if you insist Sakura-san…" And Sakura leapt upwards towards the rooftops, the Hyuga following close behind her.

Several hours later, the girls landed on the ground, after a long trek of tree-hopping. Both girls had looks of hunger on their faces.

"I knew we should have ate something…" Groaned Sakura, her hand on her slim stomach. She heard a growl emenate from her insides.

"Me too…And we snacked on the rations on our way here…" Murmured Hinata, both of her hands on her stomach. She heard it cry for food.


"Hang in there Hinata-san. I'm sure there's-what's that?" Said Sakura as she pointed forward. Hinata looked in her direction.

True enough, ahead of them was what appears to be a building, or a warehouse to be in fact. They could even hear…

"Machinery?" Pondered Hinata.

"Hey…this could be the factory! Look!" Sakura pointed up, and there was white streams of smoke over above the two story building.

"Well…we are here…" Said the Hyuga. The two ninjas ran forward towards the building, and easily hopping the fence in between, and running up to the door. They both got on opposing sides, and Sakura got out a smoke bomb.


Hinata activated her Byakugan and inspected the building.

"Wait Sakura-san…it looks like no one is there…" True enough, Hinata saw that the machinery inside the warehouse was working, but there was no people present at all.

But she did see on the machinery what looked like seal tags.

"Hey Sakura-san, I think I can what's causing the factory to go haywire," said the Hyuga.

"What is it?"

"It looks like seal tags…and I can see chakra flowing into the machinery and giving it power…What a unique sealing jutsu," toned the brunette.

"Well, we made it this far. Let's go inside to look around some more." Hinata nodded at Sakura's suggestion and the two hopped over the fence and ran towards the door. Hinata casually opened the door, her Byakugan allowing her to see no foes. As the two walked inside, they got a better view of the interior of the factory.

The smell of flour was in the air, and the floor was matted with the white food ingredient, and up head Sakura could see some sort of giant pan and an odd motor swirling in and out. Sakura and Hinata lept up to get a better look and stood on the rim and looked down, and saw what seemed like…

"A mix of some kind?" Pondered Hinata. Sakura knelt down and dabbed her finger, getting a bit of the yellow mix onto her finger and took a lick. Then licked her finger clean, smacking her lips several times.

"Cake mix…" Sakura said. Hinata took a pinky dip and tasted the cake mix.

"Oh my! It's yellow cake! And it's…" She took another dab, this time with two fingers to get more of the bater. "Pretty tasty…"

The pinkette shared her friend's sentiments, if her taking more finger dips and more cake batter into her lips was of any indication.

"You can say that again!" Said Sakura. Soon, the girls wanted to eat more of this cake mix, and even so far as to take handfuls to their mouths, some mix splattering onto their shirts. Sakura's eyes wandered the factory, the fact that its running without manpower but soley on seal power? It made the chunin-

"Yummy~" Moaned Sakura, smacking her lips as she took in more batter, and she felt her stomach getting tighter as well, but ignored it.

Soon the girls have snacked through a foot deep of the wide vat of batter, and both felt discomfort around their waists. This caused them to stop their feeding and they lept down to the ground.

"Ooh…I think I have a tummy ache…" Moaned Hinata as she took a seat on a nearby chair. She undid her jacket and a taught and stuffed tummy poked thorugh her blue pants. Sakura took a seat close to her and also rubbed her stomach.

"You and me both sister," groaned Sakura. Her hands glowed green as she attempted to relieve some of her stomach pain. Suddenly, the two shinobi heard loud machinery activate and the duo turned towards the source of the sound.

The lare vat they were snacking from was being lifted up by a giant pair of tongs and is being carried off somewhere over the other machinery.

"Stop that pot!" Yelled Sakura as she got up and started to run towards the suspended pot, her green glowing hand still in the works of settling down her upset tummy. Hinata was truding behind her.

"Wait for me! Ohh…"

Sakura weaved through the machines, her one arm puming as she ran. And she suddenly seethed at her breath.

"Side-pain, side-pain!" Groaned Sakura, now using her other arm to heal the side-ache plaguing her. She slowed down to a trot, and Hinata was trotting behind her.

As they reached the other end of the factory, they finally found the location of where the suspended pot of cake mix was going into.

A giant pan, about 30 feet long and 14 feet wide, already filled with cake mix. The giant tongs then turned the pot, and the vat of yellow cake batter oozed below, adding into the thick slop that would become a common pastry at high temperatures.

"Wow…a giant cake!" Said Sakura. Hinata finally caught up and took stock of the giant pan. Behind the pan it looked like a giant oven, as the heat distorting the air near the giant black ovean was of any indication.

Soon enough, another pair of giant tongs whirred down from the ceiling and grabbed the giant pre-cake and placed it in the oven and shut the door. A timer of 30 minutes appeared.

"Great! In half hour we may see a world record cake!" Said Sakura with enthusiasm. Hinata gave a smile.

"If the factory can bake the cake. Think they could decorate it too?"

"Only one way to find out, and that's through waiting I guess." Sakura eyed Hinata, the latter having her hand massage her taut tummy.

"Here Hinata-san," Sakura placed her hand on the Hyuga's midsection, causing the brunette to blush and give a "meep!"

"S-S-Sakura-san! What are-" The pinkette's hand glowed green and Hinata felt soothed and relaxed.

"Relax Hinata-san, my medical jutsu can help relieve your stomach ache," said the pinkette with a smile. "Besides, after we see the largest cake get made, we'll head back to the village, make our report and work away those calories huh!"

"U-U-uh sure! Sure thing Sakura-san!" Meepishly said the Hyuga. Sakura gave a nod and continued to help relieve her and Hinata's stomach aches over the 30 minutes. The pink-haired chunin would occasionally rub Hinata's slightly taut stomach, and Hinata's eyes would travel the lengths of Sakura's legs.

"S-Sakura-san…it feels so good when you r-r-rub my tummy like that," murmured Hinata nervously.

"Do you feel any better at all? Your stomach seems to have stopped gurgling, so hopefully you won't get a bad case of indigestion," smiled the pinkette. Hinata blushed a little.


Then all of a sudden, both girls jumped at the song of a ding. They turned right and saw what looked like some sort of clock, both hands were at the 12.

"Is that the timer?" Asked the pinkette.

"I think so," replied the bluenette.

Then the oven door opened, and a scent entered the nostrils of the two girls.

"Cake…" said both girls at once, as if in a trance. Then all of a sudden, a giant yellow cake, easily the size of a house flew out and landed on top of the mesmerized girls.



And the two girls were trapped by a warm and fluffy giant pastry that was a yellow cake. They heard machinery and something squirting out, and it appeared to be adding on weight to the desert.

"Sakura-san! It's getting heavy!"

"Quick! Use Kaiten to shed away the cake!"

"I-I used up all of my chakra on the ride here and my Byakugan!"

"Cripes and I used up a lot to heal your sore-" As Sakura was talking, her lips made contact with the cake.

"Wow…this cake is good…" She said. Suddenly, a light bulb popped up in her head.

"Hey Hinata!" Yelled out Sakura.


"Eat through the cake! That's our only chance!" And Sakura's mouth went to work, eating away at the cake citting on top of her.

"A-Are you sure?" Asked Hinata. Sakura swallowed the tasty yellow pastry.

"Yes! Eat it now our we'll be crushed by whatever the thing is adding onto the cake!"


And so, the two girls, for over two hours, ate away at the giant fluffy yellow cake, which had grown up to over a meter and a half in height, in addition to the addition of a white frosting and fruits that were placed on top by the machine.

While the girls were originally content with eating their way out alone, they were addicted by the taste in the cake and everything on it, and they ate and they ate and they ate…

And after eating for over three hours, the girls sat back to back, large and fat, with all the food being digested right away for some odd reason

First, Sakura's breasts had enlarged greatly, now three times the size of her head and rested great large belly. It cut into her red shirt, which generated a great amount of cleavage. Her breast fat spilled over her shirt her shirt looked to be at the end of it's poor life, as it has shrunk to the point of being her bra.

Her belly was the largest part of her, it supporting her large mammaries and having an outie of a belly button. It seemed as if she ate two whole people, yet was full of cake and frosting and fruit, converted to fat thanks to accidentally eating an Akimichi food pill. It rolled over onto her thick and fat thighs, which her skirt burst open and revealed her pink laced panties, now more like a thong due to her wide and flesh filled rump. Her arms were flabby and full of jiggly flesh. Basically, Sakura was an apple-shaped kunoichi, with a set of breasts that would make her sensei envious along with soft fat face and a light double chin. Her weight would be at about 400 pounds or so.

For the Hyuga, Hinata's pants and jacket remained in tact surprisingly, as the calories of the cake were transformed into fat thanks to the Akimichi food pill she, like Sakura, accidentally ate. Her jacket rose quite a bit over her belly, which wasn't as big as Sakura's but rather large and round, resting nicely on her legs, and revealed a good amount of fleshy breast fat for cleavage, although it wasn't as big as her pink haired friend. But rather, her largest asset of her is her lower body. Her fat ass is aboout the size of a two tree trunks stuffed together, and her thighs were always rubbing against her. Her fat legs gave her some height as she was sitting down, back to back with her large fellow chunin. With all of the fat Hinata has, she must have weighed around 380 pounds, a good bit lighter than Sakura, but still rather massive.

"Oh in the world...did we end up so big..." moaned Sakura. She placed her hand on her knee and aimed to sit right up right. She managed to stand up, but had her arms stick out to mantain balance.

"I-I dunno...could the factory have some sort of jutsu?" Pondered the Hyuga. Sakura held out her hand and the bluenette accepted, and she rose to her feet and wobbled a little.

"Oh my...I'm quite heavy. IT's hard to keep balance!" Commented Hinata.

Then Sakura got an idea.

"Quite heavy indeed. And in addition," she wrapped her arm around Hinata's shoulders, taking the girl by surprise. "And quite hot as well~."

And with a loud smoosh and a fwump, her belly collided with Hinata's own gut.

"Wha! S-S-Sakura-san!" Sakura brought her large breasts into Hinata's own, their fat fleshy cleavage spilling out of their shirt and jacket. Sakura had a hand on her large tummy as Hinata had her hands up in surprise and was blushing.

"Well, we're both fat already, and it may take decades to work off so," She smiled. "Why not enjoy it?"

And the pinkette clashed her lips in with the bluenette taking her by surprise. Hinata tried to resist, but she could fall onto her large fat ass and Sakura fell onto of her, bread crumbs and frosting all around them.

And Hinata felt good, really good, as Sakura's hands ran all over her body and under her jacket. Soon, Hinata was returning to what Sakura was giving unto her. Gripping, grabbing, molesting, pinching, massaging. All of her fat flesh, and the two fat chunin made love and more love.

And the factory STILL hasn't been shut down...

My Art Trade with [link] For his work on the Sakura+Hinata picture showed above.

The coloring is thanks to [link]

(I dunno how to profiles, if anyone can show me I would be grateful).

I suppose this is my second serious WG one shot, the first being the botched Art trade of LordAltros(the bastard) of Sabrina and Ethan. And best of all, I may finally get some traffic because hey, it's Naruto WG. Popular as hell.

I do not OWN Naruto or anything. I ain't making a profit off of this. It's for fun.

Now to get back to my more serious Fanfic works on Leave some comments if you wanna critique it. I always accept it.
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If there was one thing Lucy Heartphilia loved it was books. She loved to read about stories and take notes to hone her craft in writing her own novel.

And the Fairy Tail Archives are loaded with books.

After winning the Magic Games against Sabertooth and thwarting the Eclipse Plan by the corrupt Council Knight Arcadias, Fairy Tail got their winning purse and bought back their old Guild hall, which was foreclosed on earlier due to debt. It took a while, but thanks to everyone's help, the Guild managed to bring the old Guild hall back to normal.

Lucy chuckled when Erza used the idea of competition for Gray and Natsu to help with cleaning, dusting, and arranging furniture. Those two can do great things when they put their minds to it...and when it's against each other.

"Those two will never change," she smiled. As she dragged the wheely ladder across the racks of books in the library, she began to climb the long wooden ladder at the "G" Section.

"I remember there was a new novel here called the 'Great Galen' around here somewhere," pondered the blonde to herself. "It was released sometime while we were trapped at Tenroujima. Oh…" She pouted. "Don't tell me Makarov didn't buy the –" Her train thought stopped. Why would Makarov buy a novel. The only literary item he would buy would be swimsuit magazines.

"I wouldn't put it past the old geezer," muttered Lucy to herself as she began to climb back down, past the 'Gr' to the 'Gl' and her leg accidentally slipped on the ladder peg.

"eep!" Her hand instinctively reached out to grab something, in this case a book, but it fell down with her. "Kyaaaah! H-H-Help!!"

Unknown to her, the book that she reached out was wrapped tightly inside her arms, as she was curled up in a fetal position as she fell. She did not notice the book glowing a mysterious light onto her midsection.

In the midst of falling, Lucy had shut her eyes in fear. She felt herself practically cry out. But the expected impact never came. She'd expected it to be hard and painful, but it felt as if the floor had suddenly softened beneath her, letting her sink and slow down gently before she was lifted back up.

Hesitantly, the blonde Stellar Spirit Mage opened her eyes to see the ceiling above her. Still clutching the book under one arm against her stomach, she lifted herself up. At first, getting up felt a little unsteady. Using her spare hand however she pressed against whatever was beneath her and pushed herself up into a seated position. Beneath her, Lucy saw a group of letters. Actual letters, like you'd see in a book, that seemed so soft and comfy to touch, like a pillow. All of the letters, of course, were packed together to spell a word - "Soft".

"Phew... That was close..." a voice quietly sighed. Looking up, the blonde smiled a little at the sight of a blue-haired Mage. A wordsmith who'd read as many books in her lifetime as Lucy had, Lucy wasn't surprised that it had been Levy who'd saved her from hitting the floor. Most of the other girls weren't exactly interested in reading - not that it bored them, but this was Fairy Tail. Most, even the women, looked forward to drinking and fighting.

"Thanks, Levy. I was worried for a second there..." Lucy remarked as she stood up from the soft, bed-like "Word".

"Say, Lucy, what's that book under your arm?" Levy asked. Raising a brow, Lucy looked down and at last began to notice the book in her grasp. Feeling a little sheepish, she looked back to Levy with a small smile.

"Oh, I guess I must have accidentally taken this book down with me when I fell..." Lucy remarked, looking back down at the book. Inspecting the book's title, the blonde couldn't help but raise a brow. "The Glutton Grimoire? I don't think I've heard of this book before...".

"Hm?" Levy responded as she walked closer. Standing by Lucy's side, she looked down in unison with Lucy at the book. She certainly never remembered seeing that book before, and she was pretty sure she'd read at least most of the books in Fairy Tail's library. "I don't remember it. Think we should take a look?".

"Yeah sure," replied Lucy as she took a seat on a nearby table, Levy sitting down next to her.

"You think this might jog a memory?" Asked the blonde as the bluenette opened the book at a random spot. Within the book's contents was a written red dialect.

"This ring a bell? I don't think I've seen a language like that," Pondered Lucy to herself. Levy squinted her eyes and moved the book clockwise and side to side.

"Not really. Lucy I think I'm looking at an alien language here or something," said Levy as she placed her index finger on the red letters. Lucy followed her finger to the red letters.

"Wow, should we tell Master about this?"

"Maybe for lets-" the two were interrupted as a red light shined from the letters.

"What in the-" Then all of sudden the letters came out of the tome and as if all the letters and characters were taken from the book and began to hover in mid-air!

Before the girls could cry out in surprise, the letters then attached themselves to their hands and began to climb up their skin!

"Eeeeeh! What's happening!" Cried out Lucy as she tried to shake off the letters from crawling on her person. She suddenly shivered as the letters, while she couldn't feel them physically, were crawling up her arm and down past her breasts.

"I don't know!" Yelled Levy in tandem as she tried to use a spell to dispel the increasing red letters, but they kept coming and attaching themselves to the girls. The letters began to glow brighter and both girls screamed.

And when the light faded both girls were waving their arms around and when Levy opened her eyes, she noticed the letters were gone from their bodies. She inspected her legs, inside her shirt and tapped the flailing Lucy's shoulder.

"Lucy," she said, and the blonde stopped her hysterical screaming and blinked. She blinked at the now letter-less Levy and then down at her own form.

"Hey…the letters are gone!" Said Lucy as she looked around her legs, her arms, and around her midriff. Levy looked a bit sour.

"This must have been a prank," she said with puffed cheeks. "Should we tell the Master?"

"Knowing Master HE might have been the one behind it," deadpanned Lucy.

"Good point."

Suddenly both girls placed their hands on their growling stomachs, having just noticed their growls and pangs.

"I haven't ate breakfast yet. You?" Asked the blonde.

"Not me," replied the bluenette. "Wanna get some?"

"Sure! We can find our prankster later."

Deciding to sate their hunger before they searched for the prankster, the two young women stepped out from the library. Although normally they might have considered eating breakfast at the Guild, Natsu, Gajeel and Gray seemed to have already started a brawl of sorts. Eating breakfast in this kind of atmosphere would be too difficult, they noted as one of Gray's shoes zipped past their head and hit the wall behind them.

"Maybe we should eat out, in a Café or something," Lucy remarked, letting out a little sigh at the sight. Watching Natsu begin breathing fire encouraged Levy to nod in agreement.

"Yeah, let's," Levy agreed as the two began to slip out of the Guild Hall, dodging the thrown chairs and occasional heaps of Gray's clothing. In spite of the loud crashing and mayhem ongoing around them, the two young women managed to just escape before they could be caught up in the chaos. It almost came naturally with Fairy Tail - when you spent this long with a group of brawlers, you learned how to escape the chaos.

"Come on, I remember seeing a nice Café up the road the other day," Levy commented, smiling as she took the lead. With Lucy quickly following, the two strode down the street by themselves under the morning sun.

As they walked, Lucy began to hear her stomach growl again and frowned a little, rubbing it with her hand. It felt as if she hadn't eaten anything in her life. Didn't she have anything to eat last night before going to bed? Could she really get this hungry? Hearing another growl, but realizing it wasn't from her, Lucy looked over to Levy, who blushed crimson red.

"I guess both of us must be starving. I could swear I didn't feel this hungry earlier though..." Levy muttered, somewhat surprised by her own hunger.

"Both of our stomachs sound like dragons..." Lucy joked lightly. What she didn't predict was that someone else would overhear her comment.

"What's this about dragons?"

The two girls suddenly turned around, nearly dying of shock as they saw a tall and strong figure practically looming over them. A heavy coat was draped over his shoulders, his blond hair spiked up a bit, but what made him most recognizable was the lightning-bolt-shaped scar running through one eye. This person, of course, could be none other than the Master's son.

"L-Laxus! I didn't expect to see you here. I... I was just making a joke. Our stomachs have been growling since we're so hungry. We haven't had breakfast yet..." Lucy tried to explain coherently. Raising a brow, Laxus didn't seem to be particularly amused by the joke. But then, both had gotten the feeling long ago that Laxus wasn't the joke type.

"I see. So, I'm guessing there's a fight at the guild? Figures. It's always so damn loud..." Laxus remarked, looking off to one side for a moment. He didn't seem to be particularly interested in going to the guild while there was a fight on. Lucy began to wonder....

"Say, Laxus, do you want to come and have breakfast with us?" Lucy asked, much to the surprise of Levy. Laxus observed her with a raised brow, likewise thrown a little off by the question. But nevertheless, he had an answer.

"Eh, why not. Sure," shrugged Laxus with his hands in his pockets. "Got a place in mind?"

"Well me and Levy were going to have breakfast at the Groove Café, and thanks for joining us!" Smiled Lucy.

"Don't mention it," said the male blonde as he followed Lucy and Levy down the street hands in pockets. Levy tapped Lucy on the shoulder.

"Lucy, why did you ask him out for breakfast?" whispered Levy in her ear.


"I mean, it's just so sudden and-"

"He's staring you know," pointed out the female blonde and Levy turned her head and saw Laxus staring at the two as he followed them. Levy decided to back off and in the back of her mind she'll ask Lucy later.

"So…" Lucy slowed down to walk on Laxus' left side. Levy is walking on Lucy's right. "How have you been doing?" Asked Lucy awkwardly.

"Aside from finding my apartment taken by somebody else over the last seven years and trying to find a new place to crash as well as trying to find a job, peachy," replied the Thunder Dragon Slayer mage, still keeping his trademark scowl.

"I know that feel," said Lucy. "Well…not really since my Landlady held down my place while we were gone, and my dad in his will had enough money to cover the rent so…" She rubbed the back of head nervously while both Laxus and Levy rolled their eyes.

Then both girls held their stomachs with a disgruntled expression on their faces, the growling making Laxus quirk an eyebrow.

"So is this café close by or something?" He asked. "Judging by your stomachs, you girls must be famished."

"No kidding…" Groaned Lucy.

"There it is!" Said Levy pointing down the road and across a bridge was the café.

The three mages strolled down the street and across the bridge without pause. The way their stomachs were growling, Lucy and Levy could hardly even wait to start eating. As they entered the Café, they were immediately met with the fragrance of Oolong Tea. Lucy and Levy barely even noticed with their stomachs practically commanding them at this point, but it was more than powerful for Laxus and his Dragonslayer nose.

"At least it's not shi-" Laxus paused mid-sentence as he saw Lucy and Levy quickly rush to the nearest available table. He raised a brow. Hunger didn't even begin to describe it - these two must be desperate for food, given their eagerness. Nevertheless, he shrugged his shoulders and walked over, sitting himself down in a chair with Lucy and Levy to his left and right.

"Ah, good morning good sir! I suppose these girls must be, ahem, with you?" a waiter spoke, addressing Laxus directly as he stood by their table.

"W-With Laxus?" Lucy exclaimed, a little surprised by the waiter's comment. Laxus gave the man a stare only a delinquent could pull off. It seemed to have the desired effect, because the man's face began to sweat bullets as he shook his head.

"My apologies, young man. Never mind me, never mind... I suppose you three are looking to order? Perhaps you'd like our breakfast special? It consists of-".

"I'll take two!" Levy interrupted.

"Same!" Lucy chimed in as well. The waiter stared, a little caught off guard for a moment. However, he recovered himself and began to speak once more.

"I... Ah, didn't even tell you what it was...".

"I'm not too concerned. I mean, we're both very hungry... Anything would do, really..." Lucy answered for herself and Levy. Deciding it best not to question the two obviously eccentric girls, the waiter turned to Laxus, ready to ask if he had anything to order, only for Laxus to cut him off.

"Coffee will do. I already ate," he told him. Deciding it best not to speak again, the waiter quickly wrote the orders down and scurried off, ready to get their orders. In the meantime, Laxus looked back to the two girls.

"I didn't take either of you to be big eaters..." he remarked dryly, a little bit surprised. But he didn't seem to really push the topic further. Patiently, the three waited for their orders, making some brief small talk. Eventually the waiter came back, setting down their orders for them to begin eating while Laxus had his coffee.
I don't own Fairy Tail, it belongs to Hiro Mashima.


So yeah, me and :iconkyotaro-oro: (heres back up link) [link] have been co-writing on a Fairy Tail WG story together over the past week or two, and I am glad how the first chapter turned out.

Now if only we get more Fairy Tail WG pictures around here :V

Written by me and Kyotaro-Oro. Give the guy a shout-out. He's a bro.
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It was simpler then.

Teenagers going about their business, going to class, girls eyeing guys and giggling, guys eyeing girls and drooling. The teachers would be stern or lenient. The exams are the most talked about subject aside from the so-called advancement to cure Parkinson's Disease at Kyoto U.

To think that the cure prevent Parkinson's sure, but created something akin to turning someone into a lifeless flesh-craving fiend? And a single bite upon anyone by the infected would turn said infected into one of them?

Not what Fujimi High Schooler Yuta Hayami had in mind as he rushed through the halls, hearing the screams of his fellow classmates behind and in front of him.

It was so much simpler then...

He was simply 18 years of age, a senior who was ready to graduate with decent grades. Not enough to warrant a walk-on onto Tokyo U, but rather something like Fukuoka, Kyushu, or even Hokkaido up north. Hell, maybe even study abroad in America or even Europe or South Korea. He had modest dark hair, practically obsidian if any of his friends said so. His eyes were also a sky blue, and he looked "above-average" in looks, and he was average on his baseball club team, being an exemplary hitter, but bad with catching. Such was the purpose for a Designated Hitter.

But his mayhem, this chaos, this upheaval of everyday life changed all of that. It ended, permanently. As he ran with the baying and hollering crowd he noticed a door and the shadow of a person in the window's reflection. And that person wanted out. Now.

"Save me! Someone help me!"

Hayami noticed that the voice was female and he stopped. Staring at the door.

"What are you waiting for! Leave her! It's everyman for himself!" said a student as he bolted past him. Hayami trudged through the crowd and opened the door, and a heap crumbled onto him. And his eyes rose.

The most popular and attractive girl in school, Miku Yuuki. She slowly recovered and stared back into Hayami's eye's in surprise, before turning her head.

"Close the door! They're climbing up the stairs!" She barked. Hayami shoved Yuuki off of her and went to close the door. True to her word, he could see the monster's slowly climbing up the stairs, their groans haunting and skinned darkened and rotting, as well as their eyes rolled over. He shut the door and grabbed the light-orange haired girl's hand.

"Let's go!" As much as he wanted to oggle her and her profound assets, survival is much more important than hormones, and Yuuki agreed as they darted down the hallway. They could hear the groan behind them and glass shatter.

"Let's head upstairs! Maybe we can find a way out from there!" The buxom high schooler looked incredulous.

"Are you crazy! How can we get out if we go up!"

"The stairs lead to the 1st floor, so even if we go down, we will do nothing but encounter more of those things! And I know a secret escape route!"

Agreeing, the girl followed the dark haired boy's lead, as they ran up the stairs away from the flock of students trying to burst the door down to get to the parking lot.

As the two ran up the stairs with as much speed as they can muster they exited the stair well and into the hallway.

Hayami took stock, it was vacant of life...

But three of the unlife were wavering towards them, a teacher and two male students, now one of "them". His blood ran cold, fearing that he may have just left himself and this girl he had saved down. He saw what appeared to be a broom to his left in a janitorial bin...The escape was just at the end...

"Stay by me at all costs!" He turned towards the orange haired girl. She nodded, although she was incredibly frightened by the incoming fiends. He didn't blame her. He grabbed the broom and readied, imagining if the undead teacher's head was a baseball...The fiend lunged and he swung.

Two cracks, one the skull being split open as it smashed into the wall, dead for sure, the other the broom. And there was two more. He grabbed a mop and readied...And this time he swung as he heard the scream of Yuuki and the groan of the male undead.

He didn't hit as hard as he did the teacher for fear of breaking it, but he swung against the neck, sending it paralyzed to the wall as he repositioned for a left hand swing as the final beast lunged.

He swung.

His hand ached as he tossed aside the shattered mop, but the dead undead was satisfactory. The paralyzed was still trying to get up. He could hear the breathing of himself and of Yuuki, standing behind him clasping his shoulders.

"Come on. Maybe there's still time. Let's go." And the two students darted down the hall, ignoring the slowly getting up undead they paralyzed. As they rounded a corner, they heard someone, someone alive.

"Oh my!" Hayami knew that voice. He turned, and to his luck was the nurses office. He opened the door and there she was.

She was tall, at 176 centimeters, and she possessed blonde hair and yellow eyes much akin to Yuuki standing beside him. She was wearing a white dress shirt and brown skirt, and she turned and gasped.

"Oh my, it's live students! What are you doing up here!" As she recoiled a little, the two students could have sworn that they heard a 'boing sound from her great big breasts, which surpassed even Yuuki's!

"S-Sensei! We need get out of here! And what are you doing up here!" Asked the orange haired girl. The nurse put a finger to her lips in thought.

"Well~ I was doing my duties tending Haruka-chan, that soccer player, when all the screaming and yelling happened. She seemed to blush every time I helped check her up though, and she swore that she would protect me or something. Then she darted out the door and I've stayed here, but outside alot of people are eating and biting each other! It's as if the world has gone mad!" Hayami knew of Matsumoto Haruka, her being a lesbian, and she must have fell to "them" while trying to protect her somehow. "In truth, all of this reminds me of that one Romero movie I watched last week. Did our school sign up for a zombie film perhaps?"

Yet how come they didn't come through here? Was it because that...

"Look, we need to get out of here Shizuka-sensei! There's no time and I know an escape route. Please come with me!" The incredibly buxom nurse, Marikawa Shizuka, nodded.

"Well okay...anything is better than I suppose." As she ran towards him she tripped and fell onto Hayami.

And his face got a full on tackle of her great fun bags as he served as her cushion for landing. Miku had her eyes raised.

"Oh I'm sorry! This skirt is causing me some problems! Not a good running clothing piece." Shizuka rubbed the back of her head bashfully.

"Then take it off so you can move easier!" Shizuka could gasp at Yuuki's suggestion. Hayami seemed to be enjoying the fluffiness of his reverse pillows.

"But that would be indecent and-why are you changing?" Hayami's shuffled his head and got a view of Miku, and oddly enough, she took off hr skirt and handed it too Shizuka.

"I'll be fine in my undies, just use my skirt if you're gonna have a problem." Hayami couldn't blink as he noticed that she was wearing white panties with red stripes, and he began to show red and-

"What's that? Something's rising?" Asked the nurse. Hayami immediately shoved her off of him.

"Hurry up and get changed. My car is nearby the escape route." He turned away as he could hear the clipping of Shizuka's skirt coming off and her putting on the green skirt of the Fujimi school uniform.

"Umph...a bit too tight around my butt..." Hayami gave a deep breath, trying to control his hormones...

"Hey we're done. Where is this route? Oh, and I never got your name." Pointed out Yuuki.

"Yeah that's right what is your name?" Asked the nurse, now donning the flimsy green skirt.

"Hayami. Yuta Hayami."

"Well Hayami-kun, we better jet out of here." As the nurse and two students exited the nurse's office, they saw two unded at the stairwell where Hayami and Yuuki came from.

"Let's go." And they trio ran, hitting the fire escape and rushing their way down. Thankfully, there was no undead at the bottom, nor out in the nearby alleyway.

"Follow me." Hayami felt a surge of responsibilty upon him. He was dedicated to one thing and one thing only. Survival. Not for himself, but rather towards his group.

He has Miku Yuuki, who was trapped in some stairwell where "them" almost took her. And as he looked back at her, he saw eyes of gratitude, and maybe, just maybe, the tinniest hint of lust.

And in addition, the female definition of a man-child, and a repeat offender of the "boing" noise coming from her great bust, Marikawa Shizuka.

And they were the hottest women Hayami have ever encountered, like if Odysseus of Greek myth was entrusted by the gods to protect the beautiful Aphrodite and Demeter, he felt that responsibility fall upon to him.

They reached the car, and he could see the fleeing people heading towards the city center, and some of the "them" chasing them down, and he could see a highway entry in sight.

"Let's head that way!" The girls agreed and got into his Hyundai 2005 Elantra, and Hayami put the peddle to the metal and drove, past people and and past "them", and onto the freeway.

-12 Hours later-

After driving for what seems like hours heading west, the Elantra drove off and into a gas station parking lot located in some town in the mountains, out of gas. The bloodspatters on the white car proved Hayami drove through the undead. Their occupants took deep breaths to recover.

"So..." Asked Hayami as he stared back at the beautiful girls in the back seat. The front seat was filled with Shizuka's pack of medical provisions. "The end of the world is upon us. We are in a canyon town that seems to be evacuated, and none of 'them' so far. And I..." He looked past the deserted gas station. "See either a mall or a shopping mart. A hotel is nearby but it may have undead. Where do you want to stay for the night? I'm exhausted."

The two pondered on Hayami's question, the options presented proving to have equal oppurtunities...and dangers. One one hand, the Mall had dozens upon dozens of supplies AND would be an excellent place to establish a base of sorts. Given how things were, many a people would want in on the mall and if they managed to take root there first, it could easily be a ticket to being head honcho of a much larger group. Every teenager's dream...sorta. However, depending on how far the chaos has spread, the mall would also be crawling with "Them" and wouldn't exactly be the safest of areas to lay down for the night. The market proved to be an equal in this respect as it too had loads of supplies (mostly in the form of food stuffs and other consumables), but was more likely to have a higher concentration of the undead given how it was an area where many people congregated.

This left the Hotel.

"I say we go to the hotel." Miku spoke up, rising out of the defunct Elantra and fixating her gaze on the sturcture of interest. "It's a good place for the night, and maybe something else~" At that moment, Hayami turned to Miku, noticing a change in her tone and saw her sharp eyes gazing at him in a lustful manner. Miku was known to be quite the minx among the students at school, a promiscuous personality to compliment her volumptous figure. To say the least, it's earned her some rather "odd rumors" among the student body, but to Miku they mattered little to her. Desire and pleasure were what she liked most, and if it felt good to her, then why fight it?

"Uhm, r-right. Sleep is good, yeah." Hayami stuttered, already catching wind of what Miku was getting at with her comment. He wouldn't be opposed to the idea indulging on that lust she was giving off, but he'd rather figure out where they would go in the morning once all of this passed and maybe come up with a battle/escape plan in case "They" decided to ruin the little moment of rest and relaxation they were about to partake in. "That alright with you, Shizuka-sensei?"

"Mm, I'm okay with it~" The chesty nurse nodded with a smile, having gotten out of the car and trotted to the front to take her medical supplies in hand. After adjusting the pelted skirt that was wrapped snuggly around her wide hips, she peered toward the destination of interest wondering on one thing that may prove to be a huge problem. "But...what do we do if those zombies are there? Do we go someplace else or...?"

Hayami's expression dropped, having forgotten that the zombie chaos could have very well spread to this area, even if it was fairly remote and removed from the area where they experienced it. For all they knew, this area where the entire thing started from looked deserted for now, at least at first glance. Even so, what Shizuka pointed out was a question the lot of them would have to ask themselves when ever they came across a new area and, depending on it's importance, they might have to force their way in. With this in mind, Hayami made his way to the trunk of his car, opening it up to reveal a pile of junk that accumulated within the small space thanks to Hayami's laziness pretaining to cleaning it out. Now, however, it would prove to be the ideal freebie for getting some starting weapons for his group. "We'll have to hang out in the other places then...we're not really equipped to fight alot of those things," He answered, taking a metal bat in hand and squeezing it in his palms. "But, if there's a few of'em, like say maybe two or three, we might be able to take'em."

Miku turned her glance to Hayami just in time to see hear him call out to her and see him toss her something. Flinching a bit to bring her attention to the object, she stumbled a bit, but managed to get a hold of the object and saw that it was a blue tennis racket. "What do you expect me to do with this?"

"Well...fight with it, I guess. But only if you're cornered and I can't get to you. You're gonna need at least something to defend yourself in case things go south." Hayami really didn't want it to come to that. For one, Miku didn't look like she had any physical capabilities that allowed her to fight off an attack from one of Them that, and, he had already grown a little...attached to both Shizuka and Miku. It would kill him to see one of these lovely women fall victim to what many others had to suffer to in this slowly changing world. "Sorry, Shizuka-sensei, I don't have anything for you to use..."

"It's okay, Hayami-kun. I don't think I'd be very good in a fight." Shizuka said, already having to convince herself that the many people they were running over to get here weren't...people anymore. As a doctor and someone who harbored an almost child-like disposition, Shizuka couldn't really bring herself to kill another. However, if she were to survive alongside Hayami and Miku, she had to keep reminding herself that the zombies were to be killed. Nothing more.

"Okay then, if everythin's all sorted out, let's head to that hotel and get some sleep." Hayami announced as his body rejoiced for a chance to finally relax, especially given the fact that he might not get this same chance if thngs got worse. The high schooler and his two beautiful companions made their way to the hotel, Hayami quickly being reminded that Miku was in her underwear as he tried not to stare at the rounded peach of her plump bottom as they walked forth, awaiting to see if their chance to get some rest had to be earned by defeating some of Them first...
I don't own Highschool of the Dead and neither does PDP. The Satou brothers do.


So yeah, another collab between myself and :iconpimpdaddypichu:([link]) this time with Highschool of the Dead. This is another AU, having Hayami Yuta, an OC rescue Shizuka Marikawa and Miku Yuuki from the zombie hordes. Who else is going to join them? Only time will tell.

There will be WG and prego in this, but as you can tell, this IS a zombie survival show so they are going to have to survive and undergo some dark things here and there. So expect some character development and maybe DRAMA as well.
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" Hey Naruto, long time no see." said a familiar female voice from behind Naruto. Naruto recognized it as Ino's voice.

" Ino-chan, great to see ya! How ya..." Naruto said turning around, but his smiling face turned to shock when he saw the "new" Ino.

He wondered if actually that was Ino or maybe she was brhind the girl in front of him. The crystaline eyes and blonde hair confirmed that this was the real Ino Yamanaka. The once diet obsessed girly girl now had a much thicker frame. Her waist which was hardly noticeable before had now expanded to twice it's original form. Her once skin and bone arms legs had now tripled in diameter. What's more her midsection had also expanded a good deal. Naruto was stunned, he couldn't believe that this was the same woman who a few years ago, lectured him about how men liked skinny girls. She wore her (post timeskip outfit) with the exception that her thighs and upper arms were wrapped with bandages.

" I-Ino-chan, hi..." Naruto said trying not to appear rude. " look really good. How have you been?"

Ino placed her hand on her hip and cocked an eyebrow at Naruto.

" Go on say it Naruto, I look nowhere near how I did whe you left." she said with a smirk.

" N-Nani? What do you mean? He said trying to play it off as if he didn't notice her weight gain.

" I know you're thinking it even if you don't say it. But it's cool. As you can tell I'm not that obsessive over diet anymore." She said smiling.

" Ino-chan, what do you mean? I haven't noticed anything different." Naruto said professing his innoccence.

" It's ok Naruto, I'm cool with it." Ino said.

Suddenly Chouji snuck up from behind Ino and picked her up.

" So am I!" Chouji said lifting up his girlfriend causing her to laugh.

Chouji had changed as well, though he was still on the chunky side, His shoulders had become brauder, his arms more muscular. His once short hair had now become like a lion's mane. He had definitely taken on the appearance much similar to his father. Ino reached behind her and slid her hand softly down the face of her boyfriend of over a year.

" You're too sweet babe." Ino said t Chouji.

Now even Naruto could put 2 and 2 together from here.

" You mean you two are..." Naruto said.

Ino and Chouji gladly nodded.
This go with my other littel fic here [link] I say befor I did not do this! I find ween I read Naruto & Hinata: The Angel & The Demon by PeacefulWarrior82 at FanFiction.It is good you really should go and read it.
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Another drawing I color done by The-FAme. [link]
With both agree that she does not get that muck love.

Here's the real one [link]
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A some time a go a friend of my by the name of Benji-Blacksky [link] write a great fic [link] for me. In return I was so post to do get him a drawing bast off the fic.Well it turn into five.:)

This is the first one and it was done by one of my fav person to ask commission from the Elek-tronikz [link] .

As you will be seeing. The girl change weight in ever drawing. This is do to me letting the people I ask to draw them how they see them.
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By Ned Fox

Sally heard a knock at her door.  She was expecting her best friend, Janie to stop by on her way home from a stay with her mother, sister and brother inlaw.

Sally opened the door and was startled by Janie's appearance!  Her friend was now fat!

"Janie, ah, what's going on, you look, ah like you have, ah." Muttered Sally.  Janie giggled and patted her now bulging pot belly.  "Gotten fat!"

"Ah I would not have put it that way, but yes, you seem to have gained some weight, Janie. What happened?  Oh sorry come on in, please."  Replied Sally.

They hugged, Sally could not get over how soft Janie now was, she must have gained a ton.  Sally led Janie into her living room, Janie slipped off her jacket, which Sally noticed, Janie could not button up.  When Janie sat down, Sally was shocked to see that Janie's jeans were undone and her belly was bulging through the opening and resting on her much rounder thighs.

"Would you like something to drink? Sally asked.  "Do you have any beer?" asked Janie.

"I do have some, would you like one, Janie?"  "I would love a beer, Sally thank you." Replied Janie as she opened up her pants a little more to get comfortable.  Sally grabbed a beer for her guest and a glass of wine for herself.  She did not remember Janie liking beer before.

She served her friend, noticing that Janie's shirt rode up on her belly.  "So Janie, tell me, what's going on?"

Janie started her tale, " Sally, remember my older sister, Amanda?  Well when I went to stay with Mom, I was supposed to help out, since Amanda was nearly eight months pregnant and having trouble carrying the baby.  She was not on bed rest, but on very limited movement."

"I arrived pretty late, so mom just showed me to my room.  I got undressed and went to bed.  Amanda came into my room around eight o'clock the next morning to wake me.  She was eating a donut, and my god Sally she was huge!  She only had on a bikini panty and a t-shirt, which only covered about a third of her belly, which was ginormous!  She waddled in and almost laid her belly right in my face."

She said, "Hey little sister, time to get up and have some breakfast, come on, I'm starving!"  I got up used the bathroom and was about to get on my robe when Amanda said, "Janie, it is so warm don't bother, panties and a t-shirt is all you need."  I asked, "Isn't Ned here with you, I can't walk around nearly naked with your husband here."

"Oh Ned won't even notice.  He has been really busy, and he's just wearing a "Speedo" and t-shirt, so don't feel embarrassed or anything Janie!" replied Amanda.  I thought that was really weird, but I was a little hungry myself and curious as to how big Amanda was.

"Well I thought that was a little weird, but I knew that Ned only had eyes for Amanda, he was really dedicated to her.  So I shrugged it off and followed my now waddling sister downstairs."

I followed her downstairs, amazed the way her butt jiggled up and down.  Her cheeks were barely contained in her panties!  I noticed her once slim, sculpted thighs were rubbing together.

When we got in the kitchen, I was shocked.  My mom had gained a ton of weight, she was wearing a short nightie and panty, her belly was bulging out in front of her and her butt or bottom was huge, too!   I glanced over a Ned who had a massive plate piled high with pancakes, smothered with butter and drenched in syrup.  I soon found out what must have been keeping Ned so busy, he must have been eating!  He was almost a big as Amanda!  His belly was huge, all he had on was a t-shirt and an obscenely small, black Speedo, nylon bikini brief.  The t-shirt did not cover his belly and his butt was sagging out of the tight, black nylon brief and over the edge of the chair!

Mom greeted me, "Janie dear it is so good to see you dearest, my you are so skinny, sit down dear and have some breakfast with us!"  Ned pulled out a chair for me with one hand while his other was shoveling another bite of pancakes into his mouth.  

Mom set down a plate covered with pancakes and butter, then she poured syrup all over it.  She gave me some tea to drink too, it was really, really sweet, but so good, I drank down a full cup and Mom promptly re-filled it saying, "That's a good girl."

I started to nibble and pick at my pile of pancakes, when my appetite kicked into over-drive, suddenly I was starving!  I made such a wicked pig of myself, I stuffed the pancakes into my mouth as fast as I could.  I got syrup all over my t-shirt, even on my boobs!

I got so stuffed, I thought I was going to be sick.  Ned and Mom helped me back to my room and helped me into bed.  Mom patted my bloated belly and said, "Janie dear, you need to sleep off your breakfast, you are not used to eating so much, yet."  I just smiled, I thought, "yet!"

Mom and Ned left my room and closed the door.   I couple of hours later I woke, I felt hungry again, but my belly was still bloated.  I took a shower and got dressed.  I still felt too bloated to pull on any jeans, so a just put on my bikini bathing suit.

I went downstairs, feeling really bloated.  When I got in the kitchen, everyone was eating again!  Amanda was sitting back in a chair, her hands resting on her belly, there were several empty plates in front of her.  Ned looked like he would explode, his belly was bulging up against the table, but he was still shoveling food into his mouth.  My mom was dressed in a t-shirt and sweat pants, her belly was showing between the t-shirt and waist band of the sweats.  She kissed me on my cheek and poked my tummy and said, "sit down dearest, sorry we could not wait for you, we were so hungry!"

I plopped my butt into a chair and my mom set a plate of five cheese burgers in front of me.  I just thought, "Oh my god, how fat am I going to get, I can't believe what is going on, they are all gorging themselves!"

I started to eat the cheeseburgers, I finished four of them and was starting on the fifth.  I felt something warm on my thighs, at first I though I had spilled something, but then I realized in was my belly bulging onto my thighs!  Mom then filled my plate with cheese fries, smothered with mayo and ketchup and I just kept eating!

By one o'clock, I felt like I was going to explode, I was so stuffed!  My belly was bulging out right under my boobs and I could feel the warmth on my thighs.

Amanda was the only one still in the kitchen.  Mom had waddled up to take a nap and Ned was passed out from over eating on the couch.

"Manda" I said, "What is going on why are you, we eating so much we are going to get wicked fat!"  Amanda patted her belly.  "Burp, excuse me sis, I have a confession to make.  When Ned and I got pregnant, I tried to stay in shape, eating right and exercising.  I had some serious cramps in the middle of my second trimester my doctor scolded me for working out to hard, and put me on bed rest for nearly a month.  Well, Ned, bless his heart waited on me hand and foot, bringing me anything I wanted or needed.  Well he got a little carried away on my meals and snacks.  He brought food virtually hourly and I ate every morsel put in front of me and I gained twenty pounds!   I am embarrassed to say, I LOVED It, I loved the feeling of my belly bulging out in front of me.  I loved how fat my bottom got too.  I had to struggle to get my maternity panties on!  My thighs rubbed together and Ned loves me all fat, round and pregnant!

I teased him that what was good for the goose was good for the gander.  He started to put on weight too!  I think he felt guilty about ruining my figure feeding me so much when I was on bed rest."

Janie said, "Did your doctor get upset with you for gaining so much weight so fast?"  Amanda giggled patting her enormous belly, "That's the other thing, he was delighted that I was not working out, he even thought I should gain even more weight!

He even told Ned to gain more weight and get a belly to show his empathy toward my condition.  I loved that fact that Ned was getting a fat belly and big bubble butt, so we would not look like the odd couple.  He all slim and in shape and me looking like a beached whale!"

Janie asked another question, "Well that explains why you and Ned are gaining so much weight, and you really are getting fat!  But why is Mom putting on so much weight.  She must have gained thirty or forty pounds since I saw her last."

Amanda giggled, "Well that is my fault that Mom has gained so much weight too.  When Mom heard that my doctor put me on limited physical activity, Mom did not want me having to go up and down stairs at our house so she insisted the Ned and I come here.  Well by the time we came down I had already gained twenty pounds.  She was, at first, mad at me for "letting myself go" but I told her my doctor was insisting that I continue to gain weight and that he wanted Ned to gain to show his support. She caved and said she would support me too and gain weight!"

Janie leaned back in her chair, her belly was bulging out, round and full.  Amanda giggled, "You look cute with a round tummy, get a nice fat belly while you stay here!"  Janie rubbed her belly, burping, "Burp, excuse me, god I am such a pig!  I don't want to get fat, what will Matt say, he will freak when he sees how much I have gained already in two days!"

Amanda looked Janie in the eyes.  "Janie! Did you ever think that Matt might like you nice and plump, maybe even fat?"  Janie thought for a minute.  "Matt and I have not really made love regularly for ages.  The last time we did, he seemed to have trouble getting aroused."

"Amanda, you could be right!  I don't think my body turns Matt on."

Just then the girls mom waddled into the kitchen.  She was only wearying a huge pair of "granny panties" stretched to the max by her belly and bottom, with a t-shirt riding up exposing a soft roll of belly fat.

"Janie dearest, you are so skinny, you really need to eat more!  Look how full and round your older sister is!"  "Mom, she's pregnant!" answered Janie.

"Janie, look how fat I am now, I love having this huge belly and eating all I want!  Amanda and Ned showed me what a wonderful lifestyle overeating is, you really should join us and just let yourself go, dearest!"

Sally stared at her once slim, athletic friend, now seriously close to being considered fat!  "So what did you do Janie?" she asked.  "Sally look how fat I have gotten!  I stuffed myself as much as Ned, Amanda and Mom did, we ate for two weeks straight.  I have gained thirty pounds!"

Janie struggled to her feet swaying a bit from the four beers she had pounded down.  She lifted her shirt up and bushed down her jeans, sticking out her smooth round belly.  She almost shrieked at Sally, "Look how FAT I am!"

Sally stared at Janie's belly.  She felt a tingle in between her legs, which was weird since she was totally into guys.  She poked Janie's belly and watched it jiggle.  "Janie, what is Matt going to say when he sees how fat you are?"

Janie ran her hands over her belly, she giggled, "I think he is going to love it!  I called him last night and told him I was on my way home, and that I had been a naughty girl and gained some weight.  He just chuckled and said that was fine with him, just more of me to love!  Isn't that sweet?"

Sally and Janie went to bed, as it was late, they were up talking so much.  The next morning Sally fixed, for her, a fairly big breakfast and walked her friend out to her car to finish her journey home.

Janie stopped before she got on the highway for a couple bags of greasy fast food breakfast items.

Janie's got to Matt's house before he got home from work.  She changed into a now way too small bikini nightie.  She was a sight!  Her belly bulged out past her now much plumper boobs.  There was a roll of belly fat and love handles all the way around the waist band of the panty, her bottom cheeks were barely contained, and her once lithe, firm thighs now rubbed together and jiggled with any movement.

Janie met Matt at the door and she was right!  He loved her all nice and fattened up!  They raced to the bedroom for the best love making of the relationship.  Matt ordered a large deep dish pizza, which much to his delight, Janie pounded down two thirds of it herself!  Then more love making.  When an engorged, sated and exhausted Janie fell asleep, Matt called Ned.

"Ned, thank you guys she looks fantastic!  Was it hard to get her to gain weight?"  Ned chuckled patting his fifty one inch belly, "No Matt it really was not, as soon as Janie saw how big Amanda was and how fat her Mom is now, she caved and gorged with the rest of us!"

"Matt, did you get the ring?"  asked Ned.  "Yah Ned, I did." Replied Matt. Watching his future wife's round belly rise and fall with her breathing, thinking how much bigger it was going to get.
More weight gain. A young lady's family sets her up to get fat, for her future husband. Enjoy!
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Meg was a petite 5’2” young woman of about 115 lbs.  She was in her early twenties working at a small law firm and a medium size mid-western city. Meg had gone to a small college in Colorado where she fell into the “fit” lifestyle, though she did exercise regularly it was a habit from her college days.  She was single, though a pleasant appearance, she was a bit plain.  She loved to surf the net and go in and out of chat rooms looking for “Mr. Right”.

Dave was about 5’10”, also in his twenties, but Dave was obese.  He weighed nearly 300 lbs. and during the holidays and most of the winter he weighed over 300 lbs.  Dave had graduated high school several years ago.  The only prospect for him then was to work full time at the bakery he had worked at since his sophomore year in high school.

Working at the bakery certainly had contributed to Dave’s girth.  Both of his parents were heavy as were his two siblings.  So it was not a big deal at home that Dave worked somewhere that he would gain weight.  In fact, the family loved the treats that Dave brought home as a fringe benefit.

Dave loved his job though.  He liked the precision that went into baking and he took to the business side of running a bakery too.  When the owner of nearly fifty years decided to retire, he had no heirs , he made Dave a generous offer to purchase the business, Dave with the help of a wealthy aunt, took him up on the deal.  Dave now had his dream job locked up, he was making good money, since he was the best bakery in the local area as well as in the region.

Dave however was lonely.  He had never been very good with girls, he was also quite shy.  Dave started surfing the web and chat rooms looking for conversation mostly, he was to shy to meet anyone in person.  He loved to sit at his computer in just underpants and t-shirt while snacking on cookies and other goodies.

Meg loved to come home after a workout, which she was tiring of, have a light dinner and start surfing.  She usually just wore her robe or a panty and t-shirt.

On evening Meg and Dave started to chat.  They found that they had a lot in common.  They both read a lot, subscribed to many of the same magazines, enjoyed museums and galleries.  The chatting went on for nearly a month.  Meg finally broached the subject of meeting.  Dave was so startled and embarrassed, he logged off.  Meg was stunned and a bit hurt.  She had thought that Dave really like her and was confused that he would react that way to the suggestion of meeting.

Dave was stunned.  He was so embarrassed about his weight and appearance, he didn’t want to ruin his new relationship with Meg, when found out how fat he was.

Dave finally went back into the chat room two days later.  Meg had been checking constantly, even at work , to see when Dave might return.  She immediately emailed Dave; “I’m sorry did I offend you?”  Dave tapped out an answer, “No, I am embarrassed about my appearance, I did not want to scare you off.  I enjoy our chatting so much.”   Meg responded, “I really want to meet you, I can’t wait to chat with you every night, I want you to be part of my life!”  Dave answered, “Meg, I am really, really fat, I weight almost 300 lbs. with a fifty inch waist, I own a bakery so I am sure I will never lose weight, and I really don’t want to lose weight anyway.  We would look like a cartoon, you so small and petite and me so huge and fat.”  

Meg finally convinced Dave to meet her at a restaurant near where she worked, which was not far from Dave’s bakery shop.

Meg at first was a bit intimated by Dave size.  He really was very fat, but as Dave became more and more comfortable with her, he relaxed and ate his big dinner, she even gave him the rest of her entre too.  Meg checked out Dave body, he had a big belly and thick thighs, he also had a big bubble butt too.  She was starting to get a bit turned on checking him out.  They spent several hours together that night and Meg begged to meet again.  Dave agreed, and they planned to meet again to go to their favortite museum in a couple of days.

The next date went as well if not better than the first.  Dave even kissed Meg on the cheek and gave her a hug when he dropped her off at her apartment.  The third date, Meg was now sure the Dave was the one for her, but how to get him out of his shell?

They talked about getting more serious, Meg told Dave that she did not mind his weight at all.  She didn’t share with him that she was getting more and more turned on watching him eat and they way his body jiggled when he moved.  Dave still thought they would be the odd couple, he so big and fat and she so thin and petite.  He was really falling for Meg, but Dave was an FA, he really enjoyed watching some of his female partrons waddle in and out of his shop.

A couple of weeks later, Meg was home alone surfing the net.  Dave was catering a reception so he wasn’t online.  She had seen some web sites on Dave’s computer and now was taking the opportunity to check them out.  She was at first shocked, going into Dimensions magazine, Fattening Up Women, PeterB’s site and AltaFat.  Soon though she became intrigued, the thought of women and men deliberately gaining weight to please their partners was fascinating to her.

Then it hit her like a ton of bricks.  Meg thought, “What if I got fat!  That would eliminate Dave’s biggest objection to our becoming a couple.”  Meg started reading “Dr. Feeder’s” column.  She even got a  pillow and stuffed into her sweats pretended to waddle around her condo.  Meg got so turned on by thinking of getting fat, she fixed herself a huge bowl of ice cream and stuffed herself with it.

The next morning, Meg joined one of the warehouse big boxes.  She spent nearly two hundred dollars on most fattening goodies she could find there.  She blissfully went home and started bingeing.  She did not want to tell Dave about her decision until she had started to gain weight and start to “show”.

The next date, Meg and Dave went to a buffet.  Dave had tried to keep their dates from becoming to food and eating orientated.
He did not want Meg to see him really let loose.  But Meg wanted to totally stuff herself in front of Dave to gauge his reaction to her gaining weight.

Meg had been eating all weekend, though she really had not gained much weight, she was bloated from the overeating.  She wore a tight dress that clung to her figure and showed the lines of her panties and bra.  Meg stuffed herself going back to the line four times to refill her plate.  She could feel her tummy bulging with the rich food and she deliberately stuck her belly out as far as she could.

Dave was stunned.  Up until this date, Meg always had eaten very modestly, giving him the leftovers from her plate.  But tonight Meg seemed like a women possessed to gorge herself.  Dave was getting more than a little turned on watching his “squeeze” stuff herself silly.

When Meg sat back in her chair rubbing her obviously bloated belly, Dave asked, “Meg are you ok.  You seem to be eating a lot more food tonight.”  Meg burped, blushed, answering, “I decided to solve our delema in the difference in our appearances, I am going to get fat for you, burp!”  Dave was floored, he stammered, “Meg you have such a good figure, why would you want to ruin it to be with me?”  Meg answered, “I love you Dave, I want to be with you, I love your body, I love to watch you eat and the way you jiggle when you move, turns me on.  I went to several of your favorite websites, I got so turned on I ate a half gallon of ice cream in one sitting.  The next morning I bought a ton of goodies at the warehouse store by the highway. I don’t care how big I get, Dave, I want to be with you and share your lifestyle!”

Dave was stunned, this was one of his wildest FA dreams coming true.  A slim, pretty girl was going to get fat right in front of his eyes and for Him!  “Meg, I love you too!  You are the best thing that has ever happened to me! Dave blurted out.  Meg started tearing up, “Oh Dave, I love you so much, will you still love me when I am big and Fat?”  Dave blushed, “Meg, you could never get to fat for me, babe.”  Dave smiled, “How about some desert, you little hotty?”  Meg giggled, patting her swollen tummy, replied, “I thought you would never ask big boy!”

Any inhibitions that may have been lingering now were completely gone.  Meg and Dave gorged themselves on desert buffet.  Meg was so stuffed she thought she might get sick.  But she loved the feeling of just eating for Dave and her own gratification.

Dave helped Meg, now waddling for real, out to his car.  Meg was rubbing her distended belly, hiccupping and burping, but smiling and giggling at the feel of her belly.  She looked up, “Let’s go to you place, honey.”  Dave was only to happy to bring his bloated little dream girl to his bed.

That night was the best night in either of their lives!  They made passionate love several times, with snacking and mini binges in between.  Meg loved the feel of Dave’s huge body, how soft he was and how fat he was.  She was stunned how turned on she was be just touching Dave’s belly.  Dave was in awe of Meg.  Her now tight panties defining her bloated tummy and soft little bottom was almost to much for him, he loved the feel of her in his arms and the way she caressed his belly.

Dave got up early to fix Meg a massive breakfast in bed.  Meg got up to use the bathroom, she got so turned on looking in the mirror at her now bloated figure in tight panties and bra.  When Dave came into the bedroom carrying the tray covered with the huge breakfast feast for her, she just started shoveling food into her mouth.  Meg ate for nearly two hours, as Dave fed her a huge, fantastic breakfast with wonderful treats.

After a short nap to digest her huge breakfast, Meg got up with Dave’s help and took a shower.  She managed to squeeze herself into the dress she wore last night, showing wonderful panty lines for Dave’s enjoyment, he drove her to her condo to get changed. After a large late lunch and a couple of ice cream cones, they went to an Italian restaurant that Dave baked bread for.  The owner one of Dave’s friend new exactly what was going on as soon as she saw that Meg’s pants were unbuttoned and her belly bulging out.  They had a fantastic dinner of rich dishes and wonderful wine.  Dave helped a very bloated Meg to her condo, after a long kiss and much fondling of mutual assets, Dave headed home.

Meg woke up, still a bit full and bloated from the best weekend of her whole life.  She showered, getting turned on rubbing her belly and bottom with soapy lather.  She dressed in a now too tight suit outfit, ate several pastries and headed for the office.

She had brought some “provisions” for her desk to nibble on during the day.  She was surprised by how sexy she felt knowing that she was visible bloated from the glutton weekend.  Her boss noticed Meg in the break room bending over to throw something away, her suit skirt obviously straining to contain the “new Meg”.  She asked, “Meg are you Ok?”  “Oh I am great Sally,” replied Meg running her hand over her bottom, “Why?” Sally tactfully said, “Your skirt looks tighter on you and you seem to be eating a lot more lately”.  Meg smiled, now patting her tummy bulge, “I am gaining weight, Sally, in fact I am going to get quite fat!”

Sally, smiled, she was a BBW with a loving husband, she playfully poked Meg’s tummy bulge, “Is this for your new friend Dave the baker?” she asked.  Meg giggled, sticking out her tummy, “Yes this is for my Dave”  Sally smiled, “mine if I help?”  Meg replied, patting her belly and bottom, “Have at it, Sally!”

Sally took Meg to lunch at her favorite downtown buffet.  Meg and Sally totally pigged out on amazing, rich food and plenty of it.  Meg had to sit at her desk with her skirt unzipped her belly was so bloated and she loved it!

Dave came over that night with several boxes of decadent pastries and after a huge fattening dinner, he and Meg binged on the rich treats.

Well between Dave on the weekends and Sally during the day.  Meg was becoming a beautiful, round little plumper.  She gained fifteen pounds that month.  She cancelled her health club membership, she went out to eat for every lunch, snacked all day and then went home to a massive meal and rich deserts with Dave.

She and Dave loved how soft her body was becoming.  She loved to just hang out in her condo in just panites and t-shirt nibbling away evenings she wasn’t with Dave.  Dave introduced her to the wonderful world of rich, fattening pastries which Meg soon become addicted to.

She gained eighteen more pounds the second month.  She now had a very pronounced tummy bulge with a soft, round bubble bottom that jiggled with every move she made.  She now wore a size fifteen dress.

Dave proposed  and Meg rented her condo to a new co-worker and moved into Dave’s house.  The bakery was doing well, Dave with new confidence of having a love in his life, had expanded the inventory and even opened another shop.  Dave had a nice house in one of the better neighborhoods in town.

Meg loved the house.  I had it’s own pool, that was very private.  Meg loved to wear several size too small bikini’s and snack and nibble by the pool.  She bought Dave some bikini cut brief swim suits from a big and tall mail order house.  The two of them loved to lounge around playing with each other’s bodies and generally just getting turned on.

Later that year, Meg and Dave were married.  Meg’s family was at first a bit taken aback by Meg’s weight gain and by the size of her fiancé.  They saw how much they were in love and how great Dave’s pastries were, they came around.  Dave’s parents loved their adorable plump little new daughter in law.

On their first anniversary, Dave weighed over 350 lbs, his adorable wife, Meg now weighed in at nearly two hundred pounds and they both could not be more in love.
A little weight gain tale for your enjoyment!
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Ned Fox

Sara had always been “pleasingly pump” as a child and teenager.  She married her high school sweetheart and after college settled down in a medium size mid-west city.
Sara had a large circle of friends of all body types and she was active in several civic and social organizations.  She also was quite fat.  She loved her weight and so did her FA husband, who as the high school quarterback sought out the plumpest cheer leader on the squad.  Being naturally heavy and after three pregnancies Sara now weighed around 220 lbs, “around” she gained during the holidays and usually lost a little (though never deliberately) and only being 5’3” tall.

Jennifer, was one of Sara’s best friends and a “bingeing buddy” too.  But that was not always the case.  In fact when Jen first moved to town she didn’t want anything to do with those “fat women”.

Jennifer had moved to town a couple of years ago.  She could not have children, and her husband, Bob had always known this and was okay with it.  Jennifer was a stay at home wife.  Bob was the new partner at the oldest law firm in town, so money was not a problem.  Jen worked out every day, she swam and played tennis at the club, only ate fruits and vegetables and watched her weight constantly.

Sara’s husband, Harry, owned a car dealership and he was a big client of Bob’s firm, so Jen and Bob entertained Harry and Sara at least once or twice a year.

Sara first met Jen at garden club.  Jen was polite and did at least try to have a conversation, but having no children and new to town there was not much to talk about.  Sara always felt that Jen was grossed out by how fat Sara was. When ever they were at Jen and Bob’s for dinner, Jen always seemed uncomfortable serving Sara anything during dinner.

Well things changed dramatically.  Bob’s secretary, Sally, who had been another workout freak like Jen, got pregnant.  She had some difficulty carrying the baby so she had to cut way back if not eliminate exercise completely from her routine.  Well needless to say, with her husband’s encouragement Sally, gained nearly 80 lbs. “eating for two”.  When she came back to work she had not lost any weight at all.  Bob could not believe how much he enjoyed looking at her waddle around the office, overflowing her chair and watching her snack away the day.  He gave her a raise and promoted her to office manager.

He would come home and rave about what a great job Sally was doing for him, so much so that Jen became a little envious of her.  

The event that really set things in motion was the office Christmas party.  Jen almost never visited Bob’s office.  She didn’t want to be the nagging wife to his staff.  So when she finally saw Sally again after a year she was shocked by how fat she had become.

On the way home she said to Bob, “God, I can’t believe what a blimp Sally has become, she used to have such a slim figure, she really must be making a pig of herself.”
Bob was furious, he was so tried of the little pencil waif that Jen had become, he barely ever made love to her anymore, the frustration came to head with Jen’s mean comment about Sally’s weight.

Bob retorted, “That was mean, why to you have to bring her down, I think she looks fantastic and she is so much happier not beating herself up at the health club anymore, maybe you should take a lesson from her and stop being so mean and self righteous!”

Jennifer was shocked, with tears streaming down her face, she and Bob drove home in silence.  Bob slept in the den that night making a comment under his breath about not wanting to get poked all night by Jen’s boney little body.

Bob got up and left early for work. Jen got up and went to the club to work out.  When Bob called earlier to talk to her, he became annoyed when she said she had just returned from working out.  He said, “You just don’t get it do you?”  and hung up.

Jen fretted all day what Bob’s return home would bring. He arrived on time and with flowers and a big box of chocolates.  He gave Jen a kiss, she was so relieved she hugged him back.  Bob said, “Let’s go out to dinner honey, and why don’t you wear that little black cocktail dress that is so tight.”  Jen again was so relieved she would gone out to dinner naked, hurried upstairs to change.

They went to the nicest restaurants in town, Bob said, “I will order for both of us, ok dear.”  Jennifer just nodded.  Bob ordered the huge prime rib dinner for both of them, with mashed potatoes for Jen and Yorkshire pudding too.

When the food arrived Jen just stared at it for a minute, she looked and Bob was watching her.  She started to get a clue and dug into dinner with a resolve to eat as much as she could.  She did ok to.  When the waiter came over to ask if they wanted desert, Bob ordered a cheese cake for Jen before she could say a word.  Bob also made sure that Jen’s wine glass was never empty, that helped her appetite and she didn’t feel as full.
She did eat most of the cheese cake though Jen felt that she would explode from all the food she had eaten.  When they got up to leave, Bob, much to his delight, had to help a now very bloated Jen to her feet and walk her out the car.

Her dress rode up on her distended belly showing tight panties.  Jen rubbed her belly the whole way home.  Bob gently helped her out of the car and into the house.  Up in their room he helped a slightly drunk and very bloated Jen out of her dress.   Jen stared at her image in he mirror, she could not believe how bloated she was.  She was just about to apologize for being such a pig tonight, when Bob came over and started caressing her all over, he lovingly guided her to the bed where they made love several times that night.  It was the best of their marriage.  Bob fed Jen chocolates off and on in between “sessions”.  

When they finally fell asleep, Jennifer had a dream about becoming very fat, with a huge pregnant looking belly, sitting by the pool all day eating chocolates and pastries, dressed in only a tiny bikini.

Jennifer woke up before Bob and went into the bathroom.  She closed the door and surveyed her still bloated belly in tight panties in the mirror.  She started to caress her tummy marveling at how good it felt.  She was surprised that she was getting turned on again. She used the toilet and changed into a tight teddie outfit and climbed back into bed and starting eating the rest of the chocolates.  Jennifer had made a decision!

When Bob woke up a half hour later, Jen was propped up sitting in bed with chocolate smeared on her face, the box of chocolates on her lap, one hand putting more pieces of candy in her mouth, while the other one was caressing her tummy.  She smiled, burped, “Hi honey, did you sleep well, burp, giggle.”  Bob sat up and reached over his wife bloated little tummy and gave her a hard, deep kiss on her chocolate covered lips.
“Yes baby, I slept very well.  I have a surprise, we are going on a three week cruise, starting today!  Just pack, your bikinis, panties and bras, a couple pairs of shorts and several t-shirts.  It is not a formal style cruise at all. In fact it is to help you with your figure,”  he said, poking Jen’s bloated tummy.  She giggled, “I can’t weight, patting her tummy.”

The cruise was for three weeks and Jennifer returned transformed.  She had gained nearly 40 lbs.  She now had a nice pot belly, a round soft, jiggling bottom, love handles, round thighs and bigger boobs, all spilling out of her halter top bikini.  Bob was in FA heaven watching his wife dutifully gain on he cruise.  He had never loved her more, nor had he ever felt more physically attracted to her as he did now.

After Bob and Jennifer had been home awhile, they invited Harry and Sara over for dinner.  Sara was dreading it, because of the way Jennifer had treated her in the past.
Harry said, “It will be great dear, Bob told me that Jennifer is a changed woman, he said it was her idea to have us over.”

When Jennifer answered the door, Sara was stunned, Jennifer had a pot belly bulging out in front of her, her bottom was wide, round and soft.  She was dressed in a dress that had to be four sizes to small which only enhanced the effect of her recent weight gain.

Jennifer gave Sara a big hug.  Sara could not believe how soft Jennifer now was.  Jen had tears in her eyes, “Sara, I am so sorry for treating you so badly when we first moved here, I hope you will forgive me.”   Sara squeezed Jen’s hand, “Of course I do Jen, dear,”  Then poking Jennifer’s pot belly, she asked, “Did you and Bob have a little talk?”
Jennifer giggled, patting her pot, “Yes we did.  Do you like the new me?” she said spinning around in the tight dress.  Sara giggled this time, patting her own ample belly, “you still have some work to do though” Jen laughed, “Well I could use a good coach, shall we get started tonight?”  Sara smirked, “I would love to, Jen.  What’s for dinner?”

Jennifer had had dinner catered in.  The table was covered with rich pastas and sauces.  Italian sausages, garlic bread loaves and many other rich, fattening treats.  Bob and Harry sat back and enjoyed the view as only true FA husbands could.  Their blooming brides were gorging themselves with rich food.  It seemed a contest had ensued.  Jen was matching her heavier guest, plate for plate.  The rich pastas and sauces just seemed to flow into Sara and Jen’s mouths.  Bob and Harry ended up merely serving their respective wives plate after plate.  What seemed to the girls only a few minutes was actually closer to two hours

When eating finally stopped, Harry and Bob were left with a table covered with empty platters and two very stuffed and engorged wives.  Jen’s already tight dress had ripped down the seam, exposing lovely well tanned fat and straining black, lacy panties.
Both Harry and Bob had to help Jen upstairs and Sara out to Harry’s car.  Before the engorged girls were helped from the table, Jen invited Sara over for a “coaching session” the next day.

Sara hefted herself out of her car and waddled up Jennifer’s walk.  Jen met her at the door dressed in a bikini bottom with a way to tight t-shirt attempting to cover her bloated, pot belly.  Jennifer had a donut in her mouth and another in her hand.  Jen swallowed, burped, “Hey coach, good to see you, I am already in training.” She giggled.  Sara poked Jen’s belly, “Well let’s get started girl!”

Sara waddled in to Jen’s kitchen and “checked stock”.  “Is this all you have, Jen?” she asked.  Jen nodded, “I thought this was a lot.”  “No, we need to do a little training” said Sara.  “Where is your computer honey?”   Jen led Sara to the den, they surfed the web for a couple of hours, visiting all the best FA sites and down loading particular pictures to decorate the front of the refrigerator with.  Jen was fascinated by the sites and turned on too.

Sara had Jen squeeze into a tight pair of old sweats and they headed for the local warehouse store.  Jen was starving, and Sara told her, “lesson one, always shop turned on and hungry, lesson two, buy the largest containers you can, you have to eat it all; lesson three always pig out on the samples while you shop,” she giggled.

Fortunately they brought Sara’s van.  The girls spent nearly seven hundred dollars on rich fattening foods and treats. They also bought some “equipment”.  Three mini frigs, one for Jen’s side of the bedroom, another for by the computer and a third for the pool area.  They also got some shelving to set up a large pantry in the laundry room, right off the kitchen.  Sara said never buy “sugar free, diet, low calorie, fat free or low fat” items.  She said to look for items where the “calories from fat” is the highest.

They also went to Wal-Mart, Jen at first was taken aback, but when she saw her fellow patrons she new why Sara had insisted they shop there.  Sara picked out some “big girl” panties for Jen to “eat her way into”.  Sara said, “While you are gaining there is no point in buying expensive lingerie you won’t fit into in a few weeks, buy the cheaper panties and bras until we get your weight stabilized.

When the girls got home Sara called one of her teenage boys to come over and help unload the car for them.  “Time for another lesson, Jen”  Sara said, “No exercise, sedentary is your new lifestyle, also maintain excellent hygiene and grooming, you want to excite your man, not gross him out. With your new “girth” there will be a lot more of you to keep clean, plus as you get fat, you do sweat more.  Buy tight sexy lingerie, stretch pants and tight tops, you’re proud of your new body, show it off.  When you are eating, especially with Bob, do stuff yourself, but don’t be a pig, eat like a lady, use larger spoons and forks to hold larger bites so you can eat more quickly.  Let me think, what else?”  

“Oh I almost forgot”  said Sara.  “Are you a FFA, Jen?”  Jen thought for a moment, “No, I like Bob at his current weight and shape.  I don’t want to fatten him up, that may change, but for now I am attracted to him just the way he is.”  “Okay”.  Replied Sara, “That means you are doing the eating in this family from now on.  You will have to be the “clean plate club” if you want Bob to stay slim.”  “How come?” asked Jen.  “Well your hubby will feel guilty for making you get so fat, if you start to have trouble finishing a huge meal, he may dig in to help you out.  Next thing you know, you have a BHM on your hands who may not have wanted to become one and thinks you set him up to get fat too. It nearly happened to Harry and I.  Fortunately we both noticed he was gaining and I had to belly up to the bar to make sure he didn’t get fat while I was gaining.”  “So I need to be sure that I can finish every bite and get mad at him if he tries to eat any of “my food”.  Said Jennifer.  “Now you’ve got it” replied Sara, poking Jen in her belly.

“Now for a last little class, before I go.”  Said Sara.  “You need to keep the fires burning, not just getting fat, but showing off your progress, making sure he knows how much you are enjoying yourself overeating , being lazy and packing on the pounds.”  “OOH sounds fun, what should I do?” asked a giggling Jen.  “First I noticed how excited Bob got when you popped that dress last night.”  “I loved doing that too.”  Shrieked Jen.

“Well second let’s binge down a nice big lunch”.  Jen called in an order for four large extra cheese and pepperoni pizzas from their usual pizza delivery place.  The driver thought “they must be entertaining, that scrawny woman never eats anything like these.”
He was surprised, he rang the bell expecting the old skinny Jennifer, what he got was to newly fattened up Jen dressed in super tight sweats with her new pot belly sticking out from under her too tight t-shirt.  The poor driver, a FA, nearly lost it, stammering, “Here are your pizzas Miss.”  All the while staring at Jen’s belly.  Jen, giggled, “Thank you” giving him the money plus a big tip.

She and Sara slammed down the pizza, plus bread sticks and a liter of coke each.  Sitting around the pool massaging their distended bellies, the girls discussed what to wear for Jen to burst out of at dinner that night.  All the thinking and discussing made them hungry again and Jen wanted to tease the poor pizza delivery kid again.  So she ordered two more huge pizzas.  When the bell range only minutes later, Jen waddled to the door, now bloated with two huge pizzas, she deliberately stuck out her belly, now only in a bikini bathing suit bottom and the over stretched t-shirt and opened the door.  The poor driver almost fainted with desire.  Jen had him step inside as she tried to bend over to get the money from her purse on the floor.  The driver helped pick it up, not once taking his eyes off of Jen’s distended belly.  She paid him and gave a nice tip and a peck on the cheek for being so admiring of her figure.  He asked, “are you pregnant Ma’am?”  Jen giggled as the poor driver blushed bright crimson, “No dear, I’m just getting fat for my husband”.
“Oh wow,” stammered the driver, “Well good by and thank you, if you need pizza again, just call I will be here in ten minutes”

“You’re terrible,” said Sara as she watched Jen waddle back to the pool area with the rest of the afternoons gorge.  “I know, but it feels so good to turn on a man with my body, especially after getting so fat!” replied Jen.  They stuffed themselves with the pizza and planned the “big turn on” for tonight’s dinner with Bob.

When Bob got home the house smelled of alfredo sauce and pasta and a couple of loaves of garlic bread covered with cheese and butter.

Bob, called, “Honey I home, how was your day with Sara?”  “It was great honey she stayed all day, we went shopping and had a huge lunch together”, answered Jen from the bedroom.  “Dinner is all ready, I am having some trouble getting dressed, but I will be right there, Dear” yelled Jen.

I couple of minutes later Jen waddled into the kitchen in her old tennis outfit.  The dress was riding up on her belly and bottom revealing white frilly panties struggling to contain Jen’s new girth.  Bob almost lost it right there, she was a vision.  She had showered, shaved and powdered herself, she choose the outfit, because even when she was skinny Bob loved it.

Bob kissed her deeply and passionately, running his hands over her bloated assets.  Jen, cooed, “Let’s have some wine before dinner, it helps my appetite.”  Bob sipped his wine while Jen virtually chugged hers and filled another glass.  “Let’s eat shall we dear,” purred Jen.  Bob helped seat Jen and she plopped herself into the chair, he could not help admiring where all the calories and fat had stuck to Jen’s once lithe figure.  Jen served Bob a modest portion and a piece of bread and then shoveled a huge portion onto her plated and several slices of bread.

Jennifer just started to shovel food into her mouth, Bob noticed she was using a large fork and a tablespoon to eat with.  Despite eating so much and fast, Jen was being a lady, none of her pasta spilled, nor did she get anything on her face or her tennis dress.  When the pan was nearly empty, she leaned back in her chair, her belly bulging out in front her, nearly filling her lap, Bob could hear the stitches on the tennis dress straining to retain Jen’s belly.  “Honey, URP, BURP, HIC, could you help me finish this?”  Bob started to serve himself, but Jen said, “No honey this is all for me I’m still hungry, but I am tired, would you feed me the rest, please dear.” Bob was so turned on, he was shaking feeding the last few bites of rich pasta and sauce into Jen’s waiting mouth.

When Bob finished putting the last bite in Jen’s mouth, she leaned forward and the tennis dress split a seam, sending Jen’s belly cascading onto her lap.  Jen giggled, patting her huge orb of a belly, “I will have desert in the bedroom, honey, can you help me up, BURP”.  It was all Bob could do to control himself as he helped is goddess of a wife waddle down to their bedroom, her dress burst open revealing the straining panties and Jen’s tanned fat trying to escape their confines.  Bob lowered his bloated wife onto the bed and helped her take off what was left of her out fit.

They made passionate love that night.  After love making Jen struggled to sit up, reaching into her personal frig, she pulled out a rich cheese cake, which she set on her belly and started to eat it.  Bob could only stare in awe, in his wildest fantasies he never dreamed Jennifer would do this for him.  Jen burped, smiled and reached over, taking Bob’s hand and laying it on her belly, she purred, “I told you I wanted more desert in the bedroom.”
She ran her hand on top of his patting her belly, “Do you really love this tummy I have grown.”  Bob answered, “Oh yes baby, you are so fantastic, I still can’t believe you did this to yourself for me.”  

Jen looked into Bob’s eyes, her own tearing up a bit, “Honey, I love this belly and bottom I have grown, I love being fat and eating as much as I can.  I get so turned on with every bite I take, all I can think of is eating more and more.  Sara is giving me lessons on how to get fat and take care of myself as I get fat.  I have some web sites to show you too.  But I want to ask you.”  Jen started crying, Bob was getting worried, what if this dream he was in might come to an end.  “I have to ask you Bob,” sniffled Jen, “I don’t think I want to stop gaining, would you,  would you mind if I became hugely obese, maybe even immobile?” She started crying again, her belly heaving up and down almost upsetting the cheese cake.  Bob leaned over resting his chest on his wife’s magnificent belly almost getting cheese cake on himself. He kissed her deep and hard, he placed her hand on his groin to let her feel his answer. Jen shrieked, “Oh Bob, I love you so much, are you sure you don’t mind.”  Bob answered, “Mind baby, I insist you get as fat as you want and then even fatter!”  Bob then fed Jen the rest of the cheese cake and they made love again.

The next morning Bob dotted on his beautiful wife, feeding her breakfast in bed, before he left for work.   Jen called Sara, “Hello Sara,”  “Hey Jen”, answered Sara, “How did it go?”  “Great” shrieked Jen, “He wants me FAT, he said I can get huge, he loves PeterB’s art work, he wants me to look like a PeterB girl. We are putting an ad in the paper for a couple of cooks and a maid to take care of me.  Oh Sara I am going to get SO FAT! I can’t weight!”

Sara and Jen became the best of friends with the mutual love of eating and their FA husbands in common they were like sisters.  Jen convinced Sara to get FATTER.  Harry loved the idea and so did Bob.  The couples saw each other several times a week.

Sara and Jennifer also had some gaining adventures.  To be continued
Female Weight gain for a change, eh! Ned
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