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An experimentation on light and gray tones. Or I just wanted to draw a bored Dib, and Zim just appeared on the pic, munching on his hair-lekku. Yeah, I totally see Zim as a personal space invader. He'd be all "I'm bored, entertain me, Dib-beast!"

Lineart with pen-and-paper, colors with Photoshop.

All Invader Zim related wonderful goodness are belong to Jhonen Vasquez, who'd kill me personally if he saw what I do with his characters. Heh, take a number.
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Pff, I wanted to do something cute with Dib's (incredibly large) head on Zim's lap, but I think I've been reading too much angsty fanfiction lately, for here's the result. Well, a large part of ZADR fics contain either murder, suicide, self-mutilation, a good lot of whining, rape, deadly diseases, depression or are songfics with anything by Evanescence. Yay, happiness.

Anyway, I kinda like the dramatic coloring, I wanted to use as little as possible. Pen, paper, Photoshop, do I really need to say it?

...and before you ask, I have no idea if Dib is dead. That's for you to decide.
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Holy Irk this took me FOREVER to do. The lineart is rather old, from my "early days" drawing ZADR, that's why Zim and Dib are slightly changed. Lookit! I managed to draw Dib's frontal view! Do you know how HARD it is?!? Damn you, Dib's hair!

You have no idea how insanely proud I am. I won't hide it, there are some mistakes that make me cringe, but I noticed them too late in the coloring process to be able to correct them easily. Shading was very fun to do, as well as the clothing. I hate drawing the trench coat, though.

Hey, sis! Here's your Armada! ^_-

When I was doodling this on paper, I had Dib and Zim drawn, and you know how much I hate doing backgrounds. So on the blank paper I just scribbled ARMADA where the background should have been. :iconthepinkterror: warned me I was going to hate myself afterwards, and had no shame in laughing at me when came the time of drawing said Armada. For those who wonder, I used a screen shot of the big battle in the episode "Dib's wonderful life of doom", taken from Badbadrubberpiggy, and redrew the lines and everything.

As for the storyline behind this... I wrote nothing because I didn't want to hide the image and because I never decided what exactly was happening. My favorite guess is this:

2nd panel, Zim: The game is over, Dib. What are you going to do now?
3rd panel, Dib: ...Take me with you...

But I don't like it enough to put it. If you have better ideas, feel free to suggest! And if it inspires you to write a fic, go ahead! I'd be glad to read it!

This was done the traditional way, scanned, the lineart was redrawn on Photoshop, coloring too, all this with a lot of cursing and procrastinating.

Invader Zim is property of Jhonen Vasquez, but the picture is mine. I mean it, I spent too much time on this to see it stolen without my permission. You want to make a wallpaper, a avatar or something along those lines? Ask before, please.
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my first time drawing zadr ever. or IZ in general, for that matter. totally new style to me as well.


omg XD. I might just stick to this from now on. extremely long and thin limbs = epic drawing fun tiemz. I thought this was going to be so hard for me, (especially their heads) but it wasn't hard at all :O

oh but yeah, I'm on a completely random zadr kick. I highly expect this to be my last fanart of them, but maybe not since I had soooooooosososo much fun with it lol.

AND YES THEY'RE FLOATING DDDDDD: I was so excited to color this that I scanned it in before drawing the freaking couch, and zim's house as the background. soooo yeah :<
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okay, sooooo I've been up for... *counts*... eighteen hours D8 my apologies if this description is like ldfmgslkdjglf

BUT. my BFF :iconheartagramreyire: wrote a zadr story as a favor to me a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago. but in exchange for a piece of fanart from my favorite part. and it's taken me months XD, BUT IT'S FINALLY DONE 8DDDD

for my first comic kinda thing, I'm pretty happy with it :3

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okay, so I started this about a week ago when we had our first snow of the season. I was SO excited that I wanted to draw something winter themed with zim and dib, since i'm so into them right now X333

plus, I thought it would be an EPIC adorable idea for Zim's first winter on earth with Dib making sure he's bundled up properly before going outside :heart:

it took so long because I redid it a whole bunch of times. first I decided I wanted to color it traditionally, so I spent all day doing lineart, and coloring them, but one I started coloring the background, it looked like CRAAAAP. so, I decide to start over with new lineart, make it really bold, and color it digitally.

overally, I'm reeeeaaaaally happy with how this ended up, especially since this is my first time drawing them in their original style (since I was like, ten years old at least XD), AND A BACKGROUND, OH M'GOD. lol yes, I actually LIKE this background. I know there could be more shading maybe, but I wanted to keep it simple. the only thing I DON'T like about this, is how much zim and dib look like a cardboard standup DDD: I messed with the shading quite a bit, but I still think the bold lineart was the death of it lol. ohhh well. oh, and Dib's arms are waaaaaay too long D:

oh, and I randomly wanted Zim's hat to have crazy patterns? I copied them from a hat I found a picture of on photobucket. I thought it would be annoying to do, but it ended up turning out really cute :D

so yeah! whoo snow! I luff snow X3
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Okay okay.. I'm sorry, but i HAD to put it up. I'm submitting this to the :iconz-a-d-r: Club.

Darn right...

it was disagreeable, I tried to fix it, so his mouth doesn't match his expression.
I'm proud of uke zim. AND his antennae.
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Somehow it seems as though it wasn't dibs fault.

I LOVE this picture.
not necessarily the background....but Zim, Dib, the tubey things and the bubbles in the tank.

I Spent alot of time on this.

Yes, zim is missing an arm, and he doesn't have his pak, but he's sustained on those tubeys in his back. the tubey's ienjoyed DRAWING OH SO MUCH!!!!
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WAH! i Really like the title for this picture. taken from a ZADwiR

i LOVE this. I Think it might catch the emotion Dib has twords zim. he's obssesed with him! isn't he? COMEON! AWSOME!

this is a collabeation between :iconhagehidoku: and :iconalevos-kazhui:

this picture isn't done. i can't wait when it is.
I drew dib and the picture squares and a small picture of the tallest.

:iconalevos-kazhui: drew all of the zims (and gir)
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Inspired by an rp with teh Kitteh. Long of the short Zim put Dib through argumentative hell, Dib angsted about it only to find out Zim wasn't as tuff as he said he was. The poor Irk had his grief but wasn't one to go about whinning and bitching but kept it quiet so he wouldn't have to think about it. All hooked up to the wirings Zim, unbeknown to the boy that they're necesary for him to live, lets Dib have a cling, and the scythe lock gets a nibble. (The scythe lock always gets love X3)

Otherwise read into the pic as you like it.

I tried a more Zimeh style and had more grief with the colouring than I'd like. But I love the lineart, if only for Dib and his coat.
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Drew this while talking to Kitteh about the ending of Rilzit. When and if they do conquor (big when and if >D ) I could see Zim being incredibly bored.. Irken have short enough attention spans and like to keep busy and entertained. So, what does he do? He pokes his Dib slave. And Dib on the other hand, whose in eternal bliss now that things are all good, just wants to snuggle on Zim's lap for the rest of his natural life.

*laugh* Of course Zim just won't have that >D He likes conflict too much.

Zim: Pokepoke
Dib: Whine
Zim: Pokepokepoke
Dib: Whiiiiiiiine
Zim: Poookepokepokepoke
Dib: Whiiiiiiiiiiinnne
Zim: Pooookepokepokepokepokepoke-ity-pokepoke
Dib: Really pathetic whiine
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This is an oldie, actually. A year old oldie.
I made this back when I was doing random comic pages of Rilzit and brb suicide.

It wasn't till around now, the death of my scanner, I finally finished toning it to throw it here for you all. My apologies.

I'm not sure what chapter this is. XD But I know its WAY far chapter wise from Rilzit/

The other random Rilzit comic pages:

The other random brb suicide comics:
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To Dev: Merry Christmas, Chika. x3 I hope you like your preasent. X3 It was very awesome meeting you, you know. What, with just hanging around on Gaia and everybody talking about you and how much of an awesome writer you are... and then I got to roleplay with you, I felt honoured. Then we had an awesome first RP together, and I think I confused you some with the insanity.. lol! XD And you asked me my opinion on a fic about Dib forcing Zim to marry him.. and said you wanted to roleplay it out and then write it as a fic, but we got carry away and it BECAME a fic-- Oh yeah. That was awesome. xD

We've had lots of fun together, or atleast I have. Not only have I made a great RP partner, I've made a great friend. :> Damn, that sounded a LOT less corny in my head. Well then, here's this pic. xD Why? Because I think it's your favorite scene from More or Less and I wanted to draw it anyway, and let's face it- WE KICKED ASS WHEN WE WROTE THAT SCENE! HECK YES! Did you cry? I'm not sure if I did- but we ROCKED!!! Heck yes. Heck yes, heck yes, heck yes.

Anyway, thank you for putting up with me. :> I know I can be pretty annoying at times, and we've spent no telling HOW many hours roleplaying... but it was all awesome and all worth it, so Merry Christmas, Dev. :>

To everybody else: This is from a scene from More or Less, and it hasnt been posted yet.. but just so you know, it's coming up. The background sucks, I know, and I'm sorry for that. >_O I cant do bgs, it seems. ... Uhhh, yeah. Neo helped me with this with her awesome cretiquing skills, but I still think I wonked up parts of it.. xD;; Oi... Anyway! LONG OVERDO ZADR PIC!

...(c) to me.
More or Less (c) to Dev and me.
Invader Zim (c) to Nickelodeon.
For :iconmostxevilxandxchibi:
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Well, would you look at that! I've still got a ZADR or two up my sleeve.

Any mistakes in this picture, well, they're all Dib's fault. Ask Zim.

Everything is Dib's fault, huh?

The end of the world,
The end of man kind,
The intergalactic war,
Everything. Huh, Dib?

Oh, such deliciousness.
But Dib's use to it by now. I think.
I don't know. How use could you get to being a pet?
A VALUBAL pet, however.
Maybe I could get use to that, hm?

All your fault, Dib.
All your fault.

It's all IZ crap.
Art is mine, though.
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This was a request from :iconelfwithvampitude:!
Requested: "a sweet scene with zim and dib. with dib crying and zim trying to comfort him as they must part for some odd reason (though not permenantly)"

XDD I had colours come out cooooool.
And see!? SEE?! I can spit something out withen a reasonable ammount of time. YAY! XDDDDD

...(c) to me,
For ~elfwithvampitude,
IZ (c) to Nickelodeon.
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A cropping of the full porn pic, which will go up on my y!gallery soon... Jenn's hotass semedib has killed me and now Im all drawing zimuke. OH THE SEX. and I'm usually hardcore Zimseme.

The lyrics are from Shame - Stabbing Westward and again, I'm concerned with giving away spoilers again. oh well, if anything the porns should make you wanna read it, which you should want to do anyway.


G*R and these versions are [c] while Zim/Dib/IZ are [c] Vasquez.

I only own the art XD Even if I've snagged Zim away.
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and I did a collab. She always jokes about how much she hates how I draw ZADR and how I'm wasting my talent. I think she's a tool.

But in the end, it's just another joke to us.

Basically inspired by random attacks lately on and a few of my friends. All by one person of course, and as little as I am annoyed, I was inspired.

Seriously, if me and MJ can function under one roof, we can all chill on one internet ^^

kinda inspired this too ^^ Can't we all just get along?

zim/dib [c] Vasquez/Viacom.

I was just glad to have another reason to draw zadr.
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THE ZADR IS 2 HOT 4 ME. Dont know if Im going to delete the WIP for this in the gallery, will probably put it in my scraps. Cept I dont know how to just put it there without uploading.

Oh well.

Older dib/zim designs are [c] and they are kinda spoilerish for future chapters in her fic...maybe...

[link] Read. .... GO GO, FOR THE GOOD OF THE CITY.

Art is [c] Me, and Dib and Zim originally are [c] Vasquez and Niko and shiz...
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He is pulling up Dib's shirt. Dib*tummy is delicious.

Lately I have been putting frames and color overlays and shit on my work. I guess that means I'm trying to be more classy with my gay alien art.

OH I forgot to mention Schloonk from back of hair instead of front. I think I like it like this, I might fuck around with the concept.
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After doing the title image for Fuck Pig I really liked the style, so I started on my little scribble-color kick I've been on recently. I actually started this before the Enerjak image and just chipped away at it for awhile until it started looking the way I wanted it.

I did this sketch almost two years ago, maybe longer. But I still like it and had the original laying around so it became a candidate.

Someone needs to help me get my tablet working so my scribbley mouse coloring phase will end XD;;

More grunge brushes from ~KeReN-R and a tone from [link]
Comments disabled by owner.
I didn't like this one so much at first, but when I started shading it I fell in love :heart: Yes.

I wanted to do a nice, finished image of them but I am so SICK of color right now. I just don't feel like coloring anything XD;; But I really like the greyscale effect here. Still getting used to using tones naturally, so hopefully I didn't go too overboard XD;; I know his hair is kinda "whoo!" but I LOVE that tone for hair. XD;;

This is a slightly different take on Zim and Dib's first encounter in his bedroom, in my fic. I didn't make it exact because 1) I wanted to draw Dib's sexy-ass trenchcoat (he's wearing simple bedclothesish stuff in the fic), and 2) I plan on actually doing real illustrations for each chapter so I can upload them to SheezYart. (God bless, but it's just too unreliable and frustrating ._.)

Tones can be found on the various pages linked from here.

Cheeky comments will be summarily laughed at and ignored. Seriously people, I've heard it all before. If you don't like it, don't look at it. I put up enough fucking warnings.

PS. Today's my brithdae! I'm 22. I know none of you give a shit, but dammit I feel special today :aww:
Comments disabled by owner.
Kidding XD

Well, just to know I'll dissappear for some weeks ("I guess...")...

Have a nice day :3
And have a lots of ZADR to yuuu :D
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Just training half-tone art 8P
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Dib gaped at him. "You're making a booty call?!"

"Cease your talk of boots!"

This is a remake of [link] to celebrate the fact that I've finally, after years, made it to this point in the story. It's still in the drafting stage, but I should have it up by next Tuesday. Until then, enjoy the art!

The fic, as always, is here --> [link]

The walls are grimy-splotchy as an homaaaage to the show. Also, I have been listening to the commentary far too much lately.

And once again I shall post the lyrics that inspired this picture, and partly inspired Tuesday Means UFOs itself.

Another Sunday
I Mother Earth

Always hard to get to sleep when
Weird noises are implying threats
On cold sheets I sweat
On any other day
It's all rest and flowers
And a long night of nothing
In the morning some coffee
'Cause when the sun goes
Down you close your eyes and think
That you might wake in the same place

I'm out of my head
That was what they said
There was no way I would
Ever trust again
There's something that fills you up
And it feels you up and then
It takes control of your better sense
There ain't no control of things
You take for granted
But they came and they
Held me up and they felt me up
And left...I miss them

Take me to your world
I want to know if I belong
There instead of here
Is there religion?
It is unordinary
To want this affection
But I don't have a real friend
And I hate my whole family
But from my bed, my window's
Lit by a red light
I have seen before, while floating away.
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There's holes up in the sky
And no one's seen your son in days
And things just keep getting weirder and weirder

'Cause power's just another one of those things, baby
It's pointless if you ain't gonna use it.

Matthew Good Band - The Future is X-Rated

I'm back! And returning to my roots: good old wholesome Invader Zim slash. This is mostly a doodle to get the hang of them in my latest style. Conclusion: ehn, I can do better.

Hey look, I'm finally going to link to the fanfiction I've been writing. It's called Tuesday Means UFOs and it's a crossover between Invader Zim and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. And it's right here:


Thank you to everyone who's commented. I haven't gotten back to you because I've been neglecting this account all around. I shall rectify that now. Or I shall try, anyway.

EDIT: OH HEY no one saw that wrong version. Nope. Didn't happen. Was right all along.
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finally some zadr again! this's a scene from the current chapter of the IZ/JTHM fic -- yes, I'm still working on it. all sloooow-like.

anyway, zim's dragged dib into the art storage room for some kind of a confrontation. sounds like a porn setup, but really isn't. dib's smooching zim to prevent the END OF THE WORRRRRLD! no really, he is. it's totally all business between these two. yup.

first time drawing zim in his wig and contacts. I prefer alien!zim -- love them antennae -- but the disguise was tragically in the scene, so I had to draw it. oh woe.

also my first time colouring with watercolour pencils. I must say they made a good case for themselves, but they're going to be even MORE conspicious than markers in class. maybe I'll just stick my brush in a waterbottle or something.
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My answer to a friend's question of 'WHY?' is this: I did it for the lulz. :|

(And also for the *Z-A-D-R 'Tallest Dib' contest - maybe THIS time I actually managed to submit it at the last minute, instead of just AFTER the last minute.)

Probably tons of proportion wonkiness, but OH WELL. 8D

This is probably the most suggestive thing I've ever posted EVER. It still doesn't really call for a mature warning or anything, though. I fail at porn. XD (Don't really want to win at porn, though, so it's all good.)

I WAS working on a doodle to knock out both Halloween AND this contest, where Dib was just dressed as a Tallest, and Zim was laughing derisively while mock-saluting, but I never got around to finishing it.

I only barely 'finished' this, and it's painstakingly obvious. Originally I'd planned to do the whole background in flat colors, similar to my Strange Park Visitor piece, 'cept with outlines, but that got overturned when...well, I was exceedingly lazy and only just got around to working on days ago. 8D; I'm amazed I even finished the detailed coloring in that time - really, I am. Especially since I did a lot of experimenting, mmhmm.

I WILL eventually rework the background, though. Just...not now. For the moment, I'm sick of looking at this thing. And also my hand is about to fall off. :]

...Though I must say, I love the way Zim came out, and I'm especially proud of how his butt looks. XD;

*goes to soak hand in ice-water* +_+

Dib n Zim n Irkens = JV
Art = This sad individual

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...Well, technically it's part of something bigger I'm working on (I WON'T SAY WHAT, AHAHA), but I liked it on its own, too. So here we are. Yay for ZADR smoochies or something. I dunno. (I TOLD you all I was working on some kinda ZADR pics - I freakin' TOLD you a million times!)


I like trenchcoat-less Dib for some reason. That blue~ *squee* I forgot to give him his glasses but didn't want to go back and add them in because then I'd have to change around some other parts and that's too much of a hassle for me at this moment and holy crap this is a really long sentence and I can't get out of it cuz I feel the need to make a really impromptu reference to something I bet hardly anyone will get HO HUM and this is where I'm going to end this sentence kay thanks.

I have a Christmas song stuck in my head for some reason. ...It's weird. ...And catchy. [/random comment]

Anyone aside from Tim n' Emi who can guess what this is part of will get fifty points. And maybe a gold star. ...MAYBE.

Zim n' Dib are the property of that one awesome skinny comic-writer guy who would probably stab me in the eyeballs with a brain-freezie if he ever met me. Yeah, that's right. With a brain-freezie. He's that awesome.
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He shifts in his sleep. Itís a cold night and thatís why Iím here; because when itís cold his skin is dry and smooth and nearly a pleasure to touch.

I did fanart for a fanfic. GASP. o_o But seriously, it's a wonderfully written fanfic. I love it so... |3~

[link] (written by *Zanderkatt)

I'ma definitely going to finish this; fixing up mistakes, inking, coloring, and the like. Just a simple, badly-scanned pencil drawing doesn't do the fic any justice. >_o That, and this is probably the most detailed background I've ever done. And I'm proud of it, dammit. O__o;

Dib's room = teh <3 :lmao:

NOTE: No, I will not put a mature content rating on this. Really, it doesn't need it. No reproductive organs are showing. AT ALL. But if you're squeamish and still can't handle it, I advise you to run screaming now. If it's just the ZADR you can't handle...why the CRAP are you looking at this thing in the first place?! O_o
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