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Edit3: I will never make something similar to this, nor draw KH chibis anymore, so please don't ask me, sorry ^^;

I know you want to 8D click on his tummy to poke him :XD:

I wanted to do something silly yesterday, so I come up with this lol
This is really simple and messy, but was fun to made =p
It's also for attempt to remember some about flash basic I learned several month ago @@ I almost forgot everything I think, duh ><

Oh yes, and if you do nothing to him for a while, he'll yawning, which I think looks kinda cute xDD;;;

Blah, the sound effect irritates me :frustrated: I've been trying to search the 'right' (free) sound effect for several hours, but all I can find are only weird sound effects @@ This is the only not really weird sound effect I can find, so if you know better sound effect, please let me know? :please:

Drawn and colored straight on flash, that's why it looks sloppy, I'm not used to draw on it >A< Besides, it's kinda rushed @@

Next will be dress up Roxas..I hope xD;; I've been attempting to finish it even since November, but I'm too lazy and slow to finish it ><

Hope you like it :heart:

Edit: It seems that some people can't see it.. @@; Please check my journal [link] if you can't see it :D

Edit2: Omg :iconsharpanimationinc: made a lovely fanart of this! [link] check it outtt ;__;
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Full view please >3<

Axel and Roxas accidentally dropped the heart when they were playing. Now the heart is broken and they feel guilty about that..

Fear the random quote and title of doom >xD

This picture sums my mood lately :raincloud: What's with this week, actually? O_o; A lot of people I know are depressed too :cries: Cursed week..? Lol xDDDD *hits self*
I'm very gloomy and grumpy actually, and I love to annoy peple with my grumpyness >3 and I do bite every random innocent people who walks towards me ;_;

and bleh my internet still died >_<;;

Umm..actually no special reason for making this pic.. O__o it's just because I want to try to draw crying Roxas and Axel *3*;; *runs before killed by Roxas and Axel's fans*

Hope you like it :heart:

Critique discouraged because although I'm aware of the flaws, I don't want to change the picture anymore >_>; I have changed it a lot of time and I'll kill myself if I have to work on it again xD;;

Edit: Hmm looks like DA has errors again =A= this pic didn't show up on my gallery >_>'
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EDIT: Hay guys. I hate repeating this over and over, so no, I don't draw chibis anymore. So that also means the chibi series will never be finished forever. I don't even care about KH now. I do hope the franchise will die soon; I hate seeing Squeenix milking the title shamelessly.

Yet another of my Organization XIII doodles colored :XD:;; It's Zexion this time :3

I know I have drawed them too much, but I can't help it, drawing Organization uniform is fun '3' and please ignore his weird pose xD;;; *hides inside a tiny hole* I don't really like this one though, probably will scrap it later? ._.;

and by the way, what's wrong with my internet actually? >_<; It becomes slower and slower xD;; this is the 3rd attemp to upload this piccu, I hope it works this time :cries:
Sorry if I gave late comments and replies on everything! ;_; I'll go to net cafe tommorrow xD;

hmm what again to say...I dunno @@; *ish braindead*

Hope you like it :heart:

Axel Chibi
Roxas Chibi
Demyx Chibi
Marluxia Chibi
Vexen Chibi
Saix Chibi
Xemnas Chibi
Hayner Chibi
Pence Chibi

EDIT: I'm sorry for the huge, annoying watermark in these Organization chibis. But due to TONS of theft cases, I feel a need to watermark them :>
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And finally, it is done.

Yet another entry for ~nillia's "Character Is..." project, found here: [link]

I believe/hope mine is the only entry for Sora, but I may be wrong. We'll see.

Anyway, this behemoth took for-EVAR to finish up. Honestly, it's almost embarassing how much my style is all over the place in the top three panels. That being said, I'm rather fond of those three pictures and was contemplating making wallpapers. Anyone interested, gimme a comment or two.

If you can understand the little comments in Japanese, mucho kudos to you as well. For those non-Japanese speakers... well, comment if you're curious.

Whew! I'm done with this!

KH/KH2 (c)Squeenix, as usual
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Or why Xemnas now shops alone. Part one of two. The bunny reference, if you don't get it, is from this: [link]

The panel with the crazy floor, where they're talking about penalties and such? Made me dizzy working on it. Sketched, inked, and colored with me head tilted at a 45-degree angle. The entire time. Owee.

The second part may be a bit in coming. My shoulder's really getting gnarly now, and I want to try to take a day or two off... only the last time I tried, I ended up back in Photoshop in about two hours. I also have a job interview tomorrow, so we'll see.

...Speaking of which, why am I awake? Bueno. (I don't speak Spanish.)

KH (c)Squeenix

EDIT: Part two is now available here: [link]
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The problem, Sora realized, with being asleep for a year (an explanation was still lacking there as well) was that he had missed out on a year critical to the expansion of his adolescent vocabulary. This meant that unfortunately, the Magical Talking French Candlestick knew more ways to say "have sex" than he did.

EDIT: to clarify, people, I am perfectly aware of what happened to Sora during Chain of Memories. Presumably, though, since Namine erased all his memories of her, Sora probably is not. :XD:

Come on. When Sora just pops in the second time through Beast's Castle, you all were thinking it.

I've never drawn Beast or Belle before, hopefully they come out right.

This might be the last comic with Sora in it from me for a little while, as I have come to loathe and despise his outfit with the burning hatred of a thousand galaxies of supernova-ing suns. WAAAAY too many little buckles and zippers. I didn't even try for the zippers this time around. Can you blame me?

Until I find it in myself to draw those damn buckles again... back to fun with the Organization. :evillaugh:

...Or, you know, Nakie!Sora.

Sora, KH (c) Squeenix, Beauty and the Beast (c) Disney

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Okay. This was done for a few reasons: 1) I wanted to see if it was possible to fit every character from every KH game on one page. As such, the details are not that great 'cause I had to draw really tiny. 2) A bit of a subtle nod that, hey, there's more than just Sora, Riku, Roxas and Axel to this game. 3) I'm completely insane. 8D

So! Here's every single KH character from all three games, on one page. Yes, every one. If I'm forgetting anyone, I'll probably cry, as I already had to squeeze in three that I forget when pencilling. For a few I used doubles of particular characters if I felt the need to; but I didn't, say, include all of Sora's different forms. Just their latest selves.

Don't ask how long it took, because I really don't know at this point. XD;


- I did not include any of the Heartless bosses, because then there was no way I could have included them all. The Shadow and Dusk are meant to stand in for all Heartless and Nobodies. So, no Darkside or any such. In that vein, I did not include bosses that weren't exactly real characters, like the Experiment.
- I debated whether or not to include Monstro, and finally decided not to because of space/counting as character issues.
- No, I did not include the three armored knights; this was drawn before Final Mix came out, and just seeing a vague reference to them in the secret movie of KH2, I did not think it was necessary to include them. Hadn't seen them in action as they were in Final Mix when I drew it, so please stop asking about the armored knights. Thank you!
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What the title says: this is the intro to a complete map and guide to Hollow Bastion. (So if you're not a KH fanatic, stop now or be scarred for life. No, seriously.) Not sure what category this belonged in, either...

Just as a heads-up, this was completed several months ago, but just hasn't been posted until now. This is not, I repeat, NOT the complete map! I originally tried to post this as one file, but DA wouldn't take it. I didn't even know what a megapixel was until I tried to post it! I left this alone for several months, but peoples requested I post it, so here it is. Here we have just a sample of the complete map. If you would like to see the entire map and read the complete guide (warning: it's long), then it's available as this post on LiveJournal: [link]

I was able to divide the original file up into floors and post it as such. So...enjoy, I guess! Also, let me know if there's a problem with the links, and I'll try to fix them. XD
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(I love speculative fanart. So sue me!)

Don't remember exactly where it was mentioned, but there were rumors for KH2: Final Mix about their being a new drive form. And of course this gets me thinking, "What would the new drive form possibly be?" Maybe something like Antiform...except with Nobody powers instead of Heartless. Unform!

That, and I realized I hadn't drawn Antiform before, which shocked me because I totally fangirl it. *hearts on Antiform*

Edit, because people keep commenting so: Yes, I DO KNOW that his new drive form is actually Limit Form, and it's his clothes from KH1. This was drawn before any of that info was released. Please make sure and read descriptions!
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I know it's pretty short ^^; But I was bored :shrug:
Though it was fun to make =3But Axel lurves his sammiches!

Axel & Roxas (c) SQUAREENIX

EDIT I had to edit it...forgot to add the hair behind Axel when he lifted his head from the sammich

EDIT: NOW WITH SOUND....don't kill me ^^; it's my very first time adding sound to a flash of mine

EDIT: Comments have been disabled due to the fact I don't come here anymore. Please give my new gallery a visit ^^ :iconjexyss:
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You know what this is, don't chya? FLASH!!! I GOT'S FLASH AGAIN!!! That's what I've been so heppeh about!!

Anyhoo, I worked on this shorty all day! And had fun making it =3 though I did come across problems here and there :shakefist: I really hope you like it ^^; it's my longest one yet...and hope it works right ><

Oh, Roxas belongs to Squareenix, yadda yadda know the drill ;p
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This was based on a comment my friend, :icontehanu3: made on my picture : [link] So I did this for ya. There, Chibi now you have his shirt XD

I guess this is a comic mostly for the fangirls out there XD

But it took me a while to finish, due to Flash tech errors, and FFXI distractions.

I made my new Jexyss icon out of the picture in the 3rd frame XD Because I love how that came out! :nod:

Axel (c) Square Enix
Axel's clothes, Me, Chibi (c) Me and Chibi.
Art (c) Me
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Aw, man...

It's back to Driver's Ed for Sora.

Always wear your safety belt! :!:

I've been in a happy-colors mood lately. I just wanted an excuse to draw poofy clouds (but not a poofy Cloud). The clouds make me think of rainbow sherbert, and makes me hungry. *o* (I wonder what world he landed on this time.) As for the odd style, I was going for something that reminded me of children's book pictures, but that's not quite what happened.

By the way, it's wallpaper-sized. (I think.)
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Series: Kingdom Hearts II
Characters: Riku, Sora, Kairi

Is it a love-triangle? A love-chevron? Is the apex Kairi, as the first game suggested, or has it become...? ;)

Well, whatever. :D Sora's important to both Riku and Kairi, and they're both important to Sora. They have a happy friendship.

The clothing isn't colored because I liked the color scheme of this by itself. Lots of pale oranges and purples.
((EDIT!!! I added some shading to their clothes.))
Time taken: urgh... like 7 hours. x.x Give or take 2 hours for random procrastination.
Done on Photoshop CS, and Wacom tablet.
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Character: Riku
Series: Kingdom Hearts II

For Sora's sake, and to remake forgotten promises, he'll face the darkness once again.

May 25: I edited it a bit on the back. ^^;

Done in Photoshop!
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I saw the Kingdom Hearts Ultimania cover, and I thought "Hey, this would look awsome in CG-style!", so I decided I had to try. XD Well, I tried to make this almost EXACTLY near the original but with CG on it..but in the end I think it ended up looking almost the way it had without it. Especially the guys on the right..they ended up looking too cartoony like the original picture.

Also, since this picture of it is pretty big and I wanted it to be a wallpaper anyways, I uploaded a wall version size:
1204x768 - [link]

Characters (c) Tetsuya Nomura, Disney
Kingdom Hearts II (c) Square Enix
Reference: [link]
*Note: I've gotten a few questions about this being "art theft"'s not! I am not passing off as this being an "original idea" I came up with all on my own. I simply re-drew the original artwork in my own style and sharing it with other dA artists. For example: what I've done is no different than people who recreate pictures in a photograph of a favorite celebrity.

Thanks so much for all the kind comments and favorites! : D

2008: Second Project- Shattered Mirror [link]

I do NOT give permission for anyone to sell this!! I've seen it on eBay a few times. First of all..this is a fanart picture...and by copyright law, you can't sell it anyway!!
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UPDATE!! The final version of this can be found here!:[link]

Anyways!! This is one of my "project" peices. It had been sitting around for like a month and a half, so I decided it needed to be finished! And this is the hardest picture I've ever done..thus "project". I can't tell ya how long it took me to do this. But I love CGing. It takes a while, but it looks really nice in the end!

Well, I'm planning to turn this into a wallpaper..and add the other characters in it. Sorry if it's not really upclose! When I upload the wallpaper version, it'll be closer. I just gotta fix those teeeny TIINNYY little details. So, for now it's a WIP! XD

Characters (c) Tetsuya Nomura
Kingdom Hearts II (c) Square Enix
Reference: [link]
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+please fullview+ x3

Ahahaha..well, I was hoping to come up with a better title, but this will do! It's supposed to be how Sora and Roxas are a "mirror" of each other in a way. ^_^

Argh I spent to long on this. >_< But thankfully ~britbratsama helped me out so much! She made the beautiful stained glass bg, and helped me fix everything up!! :hug:

Anyways, this is a "remake" I did of one of the Kingdom Hearts II manga series covers (ref:[link]) lol, and the things coming at the screen is glass, b/c from far away they remind me of bubbles. XDD

..hope you like!! ^_^

Sora, Roxas (c)Tetsuya Nomura, Squenix
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Please Full View!

Wow, I am really distracted right now by this new DA's.....interesting >.> eh well, anyway, back to this picture. I am just not able to focus on anyting right now, so I decided to work on this instead, and I'm really happy with the result to be honest. Anyway, I hope you like it, I know I've been all about the kh2 fanart lately, but I love the game so I can't stop xD Anyway, here's sora in final form clothes, and um...things floating around, clothes ripping up. I had lots of fun with the lighting on this. Enjoy this one, hopefully.

KH2 (c) Square Enix and Disney

EDIT: WOW thank you SO much everyone for all your support on this picture O_O *falls over*
Some people asked to see the original drawing/lineart, so here it is: [link] feel free to color it if you want :)

EDIT2: I fixed a lot of things, hope you like it more :D
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I know I said I wasn't going to post for a while, but I had to get this chibi set done, and I liked how it came out (thanks to =budgie) so I wanted to post XD I've been working on a bunch of bookmarks, but I decided I wanted to try a prototype chibi card set, and here it is :) I'm going to be selling these at ACen as 3 chibi cards (and the destiny island background connects), and if people like them, I'll probably do more sets for future cons :)
Anyway, just a bit of cuteness for you, hope you like :D

KH2 (c) square and disney
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Oh man this picture was so fun to work on, and I sold this as a print at Otakon. I've been wanting to do an antiform sora for a while now (some of you may vaguely remember the silly antiform doodle I put in one of my journal entries way back when), and so I finally did it. I think I might want to make this my new ID since I've had the same one for so long. I was joking with a friend of mine and saying that this is the true opposite of my sora pic as opposed to riku, since it's final form vs. antiform xD Anyway, hope you like it
Final Form Sora: [link]
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Hiya agaaain so much time again, ne? ^^;
And guess whaaaatt? Another fanart!!! Maybe right now you're sick but I dont care x3

But still I couldn't resist to do this one! *-* KH PUPPIES!! gotta adopt them all! Because they're so lonely in that box
First it was supposed to be only Sora, but then became into this x3, I love Axel's perverted face looking to the innocent Roxas (slight shounen ai sorry!) and also Riku looks adorable *-*

I dont know how to make dogs or puppies so dont blame all the mistakes you would encounter!

Part of this draw is a Bday gift to Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy *-*
(only a part?) Yup, Sora is being adopted by her so he's the bday present (but all the whole pic too x3)
and Roxas is being adopted by Thanks for all your support when this drawing was being made!!!

All of them were already adopted!!!
Axel was adopted ages ago by sorry for not putting it before!!! ;___;
Riku was adopted by ! (these adoptions were made as the first comments were made sorryyy)
Kairi was adopted by and they were the only ones who chosen her so I double the adoption x3 You lucky!!!
(imaginary adoptions so is just for playing though *.*)

Artwork © Gina Chacón (me!)
Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Axel, and Roxas are © Square Enix
Media: Notebook, Opencanvas, Painter and Photoshop
Time: Thousands of hours! I got excited because I got recently Painter IX and I was doodling around an making experiments on the drawing to know the program X3

If you want a larger version of this drawing for your desktop here's a link ;)
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Kyaaaaaaaahhhhh so much time taken for this pic, the lineart was done about 6 months ago!!!!!!!!! T.T and for the work, I cannot completed it, until now!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee

I dont like the final version, but the coloring was really fun and slow to do, of course, this was done in photoshop, but I wasn't able to remember the technique I use in photoshop XD, so it was kinda learn to color in Photoshop again T.T.

I love Kingdom Heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarts!!!! :heart: :love: :heart: holy shit, if I could get someday a PS2 -_-, but anyway, I love all this, in the most fanart you always see Sora, Riku or Kairi, but never Donald and Goofy!! whhhhhhhhhhyyyyy??? T.T That's why I've put those two in the pic, I loved to draw them *.*

This fanart goes to , because I had promised to him to dedicate my first KHII fanart to him, and to because she's a good friend, artist and she loves KH! XD

Art: Gina 2004 (Lineart OC3, Colors Photoshop7)

Kingdom Hearts is (c) Square Enix nyaaaaaaahhhh
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As I said, now I'm submiting Axel!

Man, he's so frikkin' SMEXY to hell! I wish so much that he's not even gay, but he's almost officially ;_; (based on a script Square-Enix released) , a little dissapointing but I learned to accept his gayness towards Roxas ^^;

EDIT: My... why you doesn't catch the joke!? I personally don't care what you think about if Axel is gay or not, so please refrain commenting about sexual preferences

When I first saw him in Chain of Memories he was so cool and mean, and now he's cool, mean and gay XD wahahah but still love him anyways! By the way it was difficult as hell to do the chakram T_T the result isn't very good wahahah

My third try in watercolor pencils, of course with water XD, and I'm in love with this!!! :heart: (my second try is in hiatus, I'll upload it later)

Axel © Square-Enix
Art © Gina Chacón
Watercolor pencils, watercolor paper, inked with 0.1 staedler whatever-it-calls-ink-pen
6-8 hours? Don't remember
But remember to do not steal drawings! Got it memorized!?
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ahhh...finally done T_T. This took forever... XD

anyways, this is for -chan's Kingdom hearts+Jrock contest <3
I tried to integrate some things from actual Jrock stars onto Riku and Sora, cant say it worked though >.<
I gave Sora a Gackt haircut XDXDXD (well one of Gackt's haircuts...this is the one he used for his Vanilla MV ^^, ahh I love that MV)
The idea for the designs on Riku's clothes came from a Gazette photo, forgot which one =/

If you can't tell, they are on a stage with heartless around them XDXDXD *try to identify the shapes of the heartless, it took me forever to look up all of them and paint their outlines =_=*

Oh and I also had to make Sora and Riku "grow up" a little to fit the more "smexy" roll of Jrockers XD. I didnt include Kairi because, well shes a girl and I have yet to see a girl in a Jrock band >.< (Don't flame me if you know of one, cause I dont know alot of Jrock bands to begin with XDXDXD)

I might add to the picture here and there until the contest is over, but there are so many rerally really good artists in this contest T_T *has no chance*.

Photoshop cs + tablet
26 hours @_@ *dies*

Criticism will be greatly appreciated, to help me improve, thanks XD
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time taken: 13 hours at least.
date completed: 4-6-07
materials: Entirely drawn/colored in Photoshop CS2, using a WACOM 8x6 tablet.
music: Trance: The Vocal Session 2007, DHT: Listen To Your Heart, Kingdom Hearts 2 OST, Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix + OST, and a few other playlists with trance/techno. O_o
references: Obviously the characters are from Kingdom Hearts. XD So, I don't own any of them.

edit: the reason behind this is not as random as it may seem, to those new to this image. X3 I recently was hired for a job working for Dish Network as a technical service rep, and my job will be taking phone calls from customers as technical service. I was so excited I was hired for a very well paying job that I was originally going to draw RikuSora to celebrate, but =Xhanthia suggested I draw them doing my job as a joke and I decided to run with it because I thought it was awesome. XD; So yeah. Not quite RikuSora but they could be flirting. And yes, they do have wedding rings- a little subtle way of suggesting such a bond between them (or you could assume otherwise if it makes you feel better lol). But that's the reason I gave them rings, too. x3 Alright I'll shut up now lol. (end of edit)


And hey! It was actually fun. I didn't enjoy doing the BG but... the characters were fun to color lol. The monitors (that you can see) were painted too, no actual screenshots were pasted here. I redrew screenshots I took of my own monitor though. lol. Sora's monitor has deviantART's main page and Namine's has the home page for the KH2:FM+ official website ([link]).

Anywho, this just so happens to be the right size for a desktop wallpaper so feel free to use it for that. :3 I also have other sizes if you need something smaller.

Archaic (800x600)

And here are detail shots: [link]
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This has taken me well over four hours so far- and I'm not even done detailing the lineart for the background! D:

Stupid me for getting this idea and drawing it and then finding out how annoying backgrounds are all over again. xD Perspective is difficult for me when it comes to BGs... but I guess it's better that I practice them when I can since I'll have to do them for my game art and design career thingy after college. x3


From left to right: Demyx, Axel, Roxas, Sora, and Riku. XD All in my own custom designed outfits. Bah, I know how tiny Sora and Roxas are.. but meh. x3 I'm happy with Axel and Roxas most I think. First time drawing Roxas, second time drawing Axel. :3 I think I did pretty well na?

Demyx wasn't originally going to be there but... I was like... "who would be the ice cream guy???" so I picked Demyx cuz I like him too, just not sure where to place him. XD I like the AkuRoku pairing more than the AxelDemyx one. xD So.. meh? I'm hoping Demyx doesn't look like a pedofile. XD For some reason he looks that way to me. :hmm:

Anywho. Story? Riku and Sora were out shopping and ran into Axel and Roxas on the street when they'd stopped to get some of that there famous SeaSalt Icecream (even though it's autumn! XD). I dunno. XD If I could write I would work something off an Alternate Universe version of KH2.

That's all. Not sure when I'll get to finishing this one either.

Oh, and if you want to color this just ask. I'll see if I can provide a bigger version... I'd rather I knew who was going to color this than not. Also if anyone sees this image stolen please tell me. Only places I'm posting it is on my website, my y!gallery, and here on my deviantART.

(ps: I know the title sucks!!!)

time: 4 hours
completed: September 8th, 2006
music: Final Fantasy Advent Children Original Soundtrack (I love Nobuo Uematsu's music!!! :heart:)
medium: #2 .05mm lead mechanical pencil for sketch. Done on Heavy Cardstock with smooth finish. Lineart, BG and some characters done in Photoshop CS2.

Demyx, Axel, Roxas, Sora, and Riku copyright © Square-Enix//Tetsuya Nomura
Artwork copyright © 2006 Marie Whatley (=Horus-Goddess)
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SEE?! I'm NOT BIASED! Well okay I am... RikuSora still wins my heart. But I can like SoraKairi too. :thumbsup: I really enjoy drawing and coloring Kairi to be honest- I love her colors and her red hair lol.

But alas, she still reminds me of a marysue from some fanfiction. >_>; Nomura-san! Please give her more depth and character! :begs and pleads: I would like her a lot more that way! D: She's already designed really well... just needs the other part to be a "successful" character lol.

So anyway. I really enjoyed doing this one. I drew the lineart in pencil and then colored it in Photoshop CS2. :3 I like pencil lineart- it looks soft and perdy.

oh yeah. sorry Sora looks like a dork. xD; I kinda screwed up his face lol!!!
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