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Something Worth Waiting For
Rina hopped from foot to foot behind the curtain as she waited for Madison Rayne to make finish her entrance. As a birthday present, management had booked her in a Knockouts title match and she was pumped. Her new friend Nicoli waited by her side as she warmed up. She let out a breath as her fellow Fortune teammate Kaz approached her, and she smoothed her black and white corset top.
"Ready birthday girl?" He asked as he adjusted his X Title on his shoulder.
"Think so," Rina said blankly, concentrating as she closed her eyes and said a quick prayer before 'Dirty Little Thing' blared through the arena speakers and she darted through the curtain. She struck a pose at the top of the ramp, feet shoulder width apart and her arms bent behind her head casually, fingers locked. The crowd popped and she threw up the Fortune sign and made her way down to the ring, slapping hands with people. Kaz followed along behind her loyally, but they both knew AJ would be with her, if he were here. She hoppe
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Make Your Own Presley
Texture & Color: 1/9, color selection third over from left
Hair: 13/20, Color: brown, shade 44, Length: -65
Eyes: 1/11 – green
Eyelashes 1/5, current color
Eyebrows 31/33, current color
Teeth ¼
Eye makeup: 19/21, purple
Lipstick: 1/17, color: red, shade 112 (x = 0, y = 92)
Height 5'7
Size: 1/4
Upper body:
Tops: 23/37, black version
Hands: both – 25/32, current color
Lower Body:
Trunks, Superstars: 1/16, black
Kneepads, both legs: 4/15
Footwear: boots 13/37
Signs: 1: Future Shock
2: Best in the World
3. Really? Really?
4. You Mad?
Menu screen pose: 5/9
Abilities: Resiliency, Leverage pin, Outside Dive
Strike power: 65
Grapple power: 65
Submissions: 70
Strike defense: 68
Grapple defense: 67
Speed: 81
Agility: 80
Adrenaline: 72
Recovery: 72
Durability: 71
Charisma: 78
Tag Team: 72
Name: Presley
Entrance name: Presley
Abbreviated name: Presley
Ring Announcer name: Dark Angel
Commentary Name: The Angel
Hometown: Long Beach
:iconryantaylorgirl:RyanTaylorGirl 9 13 More Like This
Welcome to Hell
That old familiar feeling of being eaten alive by butterflies gripped Presley as she sat in the back area of the FCW arena. She'd been all smiles when Shaun had dropped her off, promising her beau to do him proud. But now, on her own and alone with all her worries, she had to hold onto her chair to keep her from bolting all the way home to Long Beach.
"Excuse me, you're Presley right?" Presley looked up to see the owner of the voice who spoke to her with a Southern drawl. Presley nodded, still being hogtied by nerves. "I'm Ashley, or your opponent, Audrey Marie." The light brunette about the same height as her smiled. Presley found the smile to return.
"Nice to meet you, I'm sure we'll work well together."
"Now if both of us give it our all, we can't go wrong now can we?" Audrey's smile got bigger. "See you out there," And off she went. Presley felt herself breath once again as she slumped back into her chair. She heard an unfamiliar laugh.
"Nervous, eh?" The voice said. Presley looked
:iconryantaylorgirl:RyanTaylorGirl 13 31 More Like This
Triple Threat :iconryantaylorgirl:RyanTaylorGirl 13 49 More Like This
Best. Date. Ever.
Bodies by Drowning Pool played as fans continued to pack into American Legion post number 308 in Reseda, California. Rina snatched her baby daughter into her arms as she attempted to make the short dash for the ring. "This isn't one we can play in yet baby, maybe later, if Uncle Joey says it's okay,"
"Joey?" The toddler with dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes repeated in question.
"You'll be meeting Uncle Joey later," Rina nodded, taking her seat in the front row, setting the girl in her lap.
"You'll like Joey, baby," Remy said, leaning over Carlos and an empty chair as both girls reached for each other. "He's hairy, just like Bear," Remy smirked at her tongue in cheek sly jab.
"Bear?!" AJ perked up. "Where?!" She twisted to look for her Bear, also known as Austin Blake.
"He'll be back soon sweetie," Rina soothed, pulling her camera out of her purse. She'd been looking forward to this show ever since Aus had asked her if she wanted to go. Tonight, she could just be a fan, a rare occas
:iconryantaylorgirl:RyanTaylorGirl 12 14 More Like This
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Remy Martin Autograph :iconratedvickie:RatedVickie 8 20 More Like This Missing Piece :iconratedvickie:RatedVickie 7 2 More Like This
The sounds of moans were drowned out by the roar the ocean; a couple lay on a blanket with the moonlight shining on them. With the gentleness of a kiss, the woman cuddles into the arms of her lover who would return the favor holding on giving her that sense of being secure. She could not help but smile as her light blue eyes locked with his green ones that she found herself always getting lost in countless times. The woman moved her long locks out of her face resting her head on the man's hairy bare chest as she used his jacket as a blanket. She wore a Wade Barrett t-shirt, Capri pants and her converse beside her in the sand. "You have to leave soon?" She asked looking up at him as he checked the time on his phone.
"No, we still have some time babe. I really missed you." He said in his slightly soft raspy voice sending chills up her spine with each word.
"I missed you too Aus. You need to shave though sweetie. You can pass for a bear ready for hibernation." The woman said teasingly mak
:iconratedvickie:RatedVickie 8 34 More Like This
Teenage Dream
"What are your plans for Christmas?" Chris asked as he and Remy walked down to the pier. The 5'10 man smiled down at Remy as he put his jacket on her. Chris wore a blue dress shirt, a pair of jeans and black dress shoes. Giving her thanks Remy shrugged her shoulders looking up at him.
"Honestly, I really didn't have any." Remy said with slight embarrassment in her voice as the man raised a brow as the two walked close together after an evening dinner.  The Canadian wore a slim black dress and a pair of heels with her hair loosely curled with a bang swooping to the right.
"How come, you're not going to visit your parents or anything like that? You're not going to make me sound like a jerk and tell me their dead are you?" Chris questioned nervously as Remy laughed and shook her head with a sigh putting the man at ease. "Well that's a relief." He said putting an arm around Remy who didn't seem to mind. Chris wasn't too tall compared Nick who completely towered the woman standing
:iconratedvickie:RatedVickie 7 16 More Like This
Hayden Chandler bio
Ring Name(s)
Hayden Chandler
Chandler Chase
Billed Height 6 ft 0 (1.83 m)
Billed Weight 205 lbs (93 kg)
Born  May 23, 1979 (age 34)
Pierre, South Dakota
Pierre, South Dakota
Billed From
Pierre, South Dakota
Trained By
OVW Training Staff
Debut November 2000
Retired 2006 (from wrestling)
Hayden Chase Chandler (born May 23, 1979) is an American creative writer, and former wrestler. He is notable for his tenure with Florida Championship Wrestling and his work in OVW working under the name of Chandler Chase  Chandler also works for  Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as a manager for the Scorpio Sky Experience
Early Life
Chandler grew up in Pierre, South Dakota and graduated from the University of Louisville in 2004 with a degree in journalism. Chandler worked for the school's newspaper in charge of the sports section.
Chandler got his start in the w
:iconratedvickie:RatedVickie 9 25 More Like This
Passion is my Thing
TNA 11/27/11
Her hair blew with the wind, as she pulled her bags out of her black rental car. Remy had finally arrived to the Impact Zone, after taking a week off from Bound for Glory. The petite brunette woman was still sore, but she would not let that faze her. Things would look better for her; she put on the best match of her abilities, and was through with Immortal as far as she was concerned at least. The hazel-eyed knockout wore a white and red trimmed TNEH t-shirt, red skinny jeans and black converse. Fans popped spotting the shirt as Remy made her way inside of lot 21.
"Remy is here, after a week absence following an amazing match at Bound for Glory with Sabina McMahon, Remy Martin is back here at the Impact Zone!" Mike Tenay said with some enthusiasm in his voice as the camera panned back towards the arena, the capacity crowd starts to boo as Karen Jarrett's song played sound around the Impact Zone.
"Boy is it good to see Rem, but holy tomata, look at Karen Jarrett and Madison
:iconratedvickie:RatedVickie 6 17 More Like This
Aleena Jannetty Bio
Ring Names
Aleena Grenier
Aleena Jannetty
Billed Height 5 ft 7 in (1.65 m)
Born  December 24 1986 (26)
Columbus, Georgia.
Tampa, Florida
Trained by
Marty Jannetty
Austin Blake
Florida Championship Wrestling
Debut September, 2003
Aleena Jannetty (born December 24th 1986) Is an American professional wrestling announcer, wrestler and commentator. Jannetty worked for World Wrestling Entertainment in their developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling. She is now an announcer for WWE's NXT
From a young age Aleena always had a love for wrestling and being on the microphone. Aleena would first be introduced into wrestling by wrestler and father Marty Jannetty who would teach her a few things between being on and off the road. Every week she would watch Monday Night Raw and try to mimic announcer and Hall of Famer Howard Finkel who she would consider an idol as well as Lilian Garcia whom she me
:iconratedvickie:RatedVickie 9 38 More Like This
Final Countdown
With an hour on the countdown clock, the streets of New York were packed as everyone was making their way through the snow towards Times Square to see the ball drop. Remy fixed her glasses on her face as she tried to maneuver through the rude crowd pushing and shoving. Rem knew New Yorkers had a reputation of being well downright mean as well as being one of the most passionate of sports fans. Fortunately for Remy she was small, as well as unfortunately she was small meaning everything would be just about a tight squeeze.
She knew she wanted to leave earlier for a reason but just like life things would turn up. As long as she would be able to see the ball drop to close out the year she would be just fine, having a special someone with her as well isn't too bad either. Chris had been spending a lot of time with her since the last Impact House Show and kindly agreed to close out the year with her and start off the new one with a bang.
"You okay?" Chris asked holding Remy by her waist as
:iconratedvickie:RatedVickie 7 10 More Like This
Wishful Thinking
"This place is amazing, so much history here. People would die to have the opportunity to wrestle here. The Garden, my favorite moment was the MSG incident. One day, someone is going to say their favorite moment was watching me wrestle." Austin says standing on the Survivor Series stage looking around the empty arena as the workers set the ring up. "That'll be the day though." The blonde said hiding his blonde hair behind a blue and purple Sexy Charisma beanie. Austin wore a matching shirt reading "Sexy Charisma" going down the front and "Sexy with a side of Charisma" on the back, a pair of black skinny jeans and blue and white checkered slip on vans. Making his way down the ramp, Austin hops over that barricade sitting in a seat with a loud sigh.  His eyes light green eyes glistened as he turned to the big Survivor Series sign. Austin quickly dug in his pocket as his Iphone went off playing "Jizz In My Pants" by Lonely Island. "Yes Jordyn?" Austin said with a soft voice answ
:iconratedvickie:RatedVickie 7 36 More Like This
How Do I Look?
SmackDown 10/28/11
"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Austin questioned Karlos as the Sexy Charisma members headed down the long hallway. Karlos nodded his head with a slight smirk, this almost scared Austin who gulped with fear. Karlos had told him, he was going to turn him into a star and he meant it. There would be no room for goofing off.  They continued down the halls for a while longer before coming to a complete stop in front of a door.
"I am positive that this is a good idea, if you want to be a star, you have to act the part and most importantly, you have to look the part. Having talent is just half of the job." Karlos said as he took off his beanie showing his medium curly black hair. Karlos wore a red t-shirt, blue jeans and black converse. Austin simply nodded his head as he looked at Karlos then at the door.
"Shall we knock?" Austin questioned going towards the door. Holding his arm out, Karlos stopped his young rookie. "Or not, we don't have to knock." He said
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