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We're back with a new icon and july's features!Hi everyone,
ThePartyvengers are back! So we will continue with our normal scheduele now of posting a featured post every sunday! We put quite a few photo's into the featured folder that got submitted while we were on vacation. Plus we got a new icon for august! The three photo's we somehow managed to agree on for the icon are...

Now on to the all the other photo's that made it into the submission folder!
Booker Dewitt cosplay - Bioshock Infinite by James--CDragon's Prophet : Ranger by ShappiForest Winds by AmouranthFree! - Makoto,Rin,Haruka - Eternal Summer 2 by AmethystPrinceJames Kidd | Mary Read To Me Mum by Spaniel122Fairy Tail - Erza Scarlet Cosplay I by Hanuro-SakuraDemon's Edge by PinkJusticeCosplayChill of Twilight by Renna-MiraHeavenly Sword by AkinaGasaiI will protect my king. by ChiakiMoriPolice's Bike by DarkTifaStrifeRinga G and Surine - Rei and Asuka Plugsuits by AvrasilBe strong, my King! by VerrettCard Captor Sakura - Woody by Another-RoseAngel Sanctuary - Lucifer by Akitozz6Syaoran: Wilderness by ocwajbaumGamora - Guardians of the Galaxy - Marve Comicss by WhiteLemonSherwood Forest Ashe: All the world on one arrow by Hanuro-SakuraFirefox Ahri Cosplay - Don't you trust me? by Hanuro-SakuraYuffie FF7 cosplay by mayuyu0405Yuna cosplay part7 by mayuyu0405Ultimecia FF8 by TorremitsuBurial At Sea by ringo-donoSergeant Calhoun - Wreck-it Ralph - Cosplay by CynShenziKida by TorremitsuFrozen - Kristoff by Pugoffka-sama:thumb470
We're back with a new icon and july's features! in Personal More Like This