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You are hiding behind the pill bottle as the door swings open across the room. You hear something like a bag being dropped and a female voice yawning lightly. You try not to breathe hard as footsteps start coming towards you. The person leans over towards the dollhouse and looks into the window on the top floor. She lets out a disappointed sigh and looks to see the front door open. "Oh you got away did you... I doubt you made it..." she said, running her hands towards the pill bottle. "far." She said as she knocks the pill bottle to the floor. "Hello there toy." She said, poking you in the chest with her finger, causing you to fall down. "I see you're a little wet already... maybe I should do something about that..." She said as she moves her hand towards you.
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Let's speed this comic up..

Our hero decided to instead check out a door instead of looking through the window. Upon opening the door he realized it opened up to the outside. Looking down at the lower level he noticed stickers and a lot of pink plastic. He used his genius college education to come to the conclusion... he was in a giant dollhouse.
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    She then began to plaster me with makeup she got from her little girly makeup kit. I had no idea what she was doing, but it probably made me look more like a clown. She then pulled my somewhat-long hair into two ponytails out the sides of my head.
    It hurt quite a bit with my hair being forced into pigtails with it not being very long, and I began to scream, not because of the pain, but because I wanted out of there. She frowned at me, and did something I didn't expect. She took out the ball gag. I was about to scream again, when she shoved a diaper in my mouth, and retied the ballgag around my head. When I tried to scream again, nothing came out at all.
    "Dolls don't talk." She said simply. She unlocked the clasps around my feet, releasing me from the wall. Before I was about to kick her, she held up the remote, and I immediately decided to obey. She motioned me to the bed, and I laid down in it. She then clamped my legs to clamps on the sides of the bed, and clamped a metal thing around my neck to the top of the bed.
    She then took out a vial of nail polish, and began to paint my toenails pink. "I'm so glad I have a brand new doll to play with instead of a nasty brother." She said giggling, "Because now I have a new pretty baby girl doll to play with instead." She giggled again.
    She unlocked the locks around my neck and my legs, then walked out of the cell, locking the door behind her. She then opened up the curtains, revealing the rest of her room. It must have looked odd with a giant pink jail cell looking thing taking up a lot of her room, but I wouldn't know.
    Realizing that I could move around freely now, I got up and began to walk aimlessly in the cage thing. I figured that the cell actually took up around half of her room. There was a spot in the cell that went narrow against the far wall and then opened up to a small opening on the other side of it. There was some weird stuff over there, which I couldn't quite make out what they were, since they were all in a big pile.
    Deciding not to explore over there, I went over to the cell door. Hallie was actually still in the room, messing with her dolls in the middle of the room. I tried to scream at her, but of course nothing came out. In turn, she didn't even take a second to glance at me. How did I get myself into this? In a matter of who-knows-how-long, I had ended up dressed like some baby girl and forced into a cell in my little sister's bedroom!
    I tried desperately to try and take off the dress, but of course I couldn't do anything to get it off. I then tried to get the diapers off me, but with my hands clamped to my sides, the best I could do was wriggle around.
    I sat back down on the bed again, and that's when I realized that I needed to go to the bathroom. I casually looked around, and that's when realization struck. There was no toilet in here. I looked down at the several diapers I was wearing. This was not going to end good. After sitting on the bed, trying not to concentrate on my need to use the bathroom, it began to get worse and worse.
    Soon, the best I could do was wiggle and shake around to hold having the use the bathroom. After another hour or so of me struggling around while Hallie played with her dolls, I relieved myself into the diaper. I began to sob, not wanting to acknowledge the fact that I had just wet myself. Hallie then looked over, and saw the yellow stain in the diaper.
To be continued.
Part 2! Once again, it might seem like some of my previous works, but I'll try my best to spice it up a bit.
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    "Now what are we going to do with all these wet diapers." The youngest girl said. "I don't know, but they stink." The second oldest said, coming down off the bed. The older girl sat there thinking. "Let's decide that later, we need to put the doll in its box." The girls wheeled the high chair into the closet, opened up the box, and wheeled me, still inside the high chair, into the box. My head hit the ceiling of the box as well. "That saves us a lot of work." One of the girls said, and began to shut the doll door, but left the closet open.
    "Now it is really starting to stink." The girls complained. "I know how to get rid of them, we have that giant garbage can outside our window, remember?" The decided it was a good idea. I heard them open the window, and open up the garbage can, and poured all the soaked diapers into the garbage can, which they then shut. "Problem solved."
    My arms were really starting to hurt from being stuck in the high chair by them, but I couldn't do anything to get out of it. I looked in the mirror that was now further below me, and all I saw was my chest and the necklace the girls had put on me.
    Without warning I felt the diaper become heavy again, except this time it wasn't urine. The laxatives must have still been in affect, because like before I had no warning. Luckily, the girls were peeking in the closet ever so often, and one noticed a brown hue in the diaper. "It went poo-poo!" She shrieked, and all the girls filed into the closet. "I just remembered that we are out of diapers..." The oldest one said, "I'll get some money from mom's purse to spend on more." The oldest one ran upstairs, and came back with a wad of cash. The girls then left.
    Almost an hour later, a package of diapers flew in through the window, and another, and another, until at least ten packages of diapers were in the room. Then the girls climbed in the window, and began to stack the diapers in the closet. They then took one out and changed it out for the soiled one on me.
    "We have plenty of diapers for our next Dolly-Go-Potty session!" The girls giggled. "Time for bed." The oldest one said, and two of the girls ran off, while the older one shut the closet door.

    The next morning, I was woken up by the closet and the box door being opened, and one of the girls was spoon feeding me more baby food, but being so hungry, I ate it anyways. "We are going to invite friends over to show off the peeing machine!" The girl said, and ran off. That didn't sound good.
    A few minutes later, the three girls, along with two other girls about their same ages was at the closet. They opened up the box front and wheeled the high chair into the middle of the room again.
    "This is the Dolly-Go-Potty doll we made." The oldest girl said. "We are going to use it some more today, want to see?" the two stranger girls screamed in excitement. The stupid hose was hooked back up to the pacifier, and another piece of duct tape was taped to my nose.
    "HMMMMPHHHHHH!" I screamed, but no use. The same girl who did it before stood on the bed. She dropped another few pills down the hose, which was definitely more laxatives. "Start handing me water." She ordered. She began to dump water down the hose again, forcing me to drink it.
    About ten minutes later, I wet the diaper. "Now here is the fun part." The oldest one said, tossing the soaked one aside and putting another one on me, which quickly filled up also. "Last time we did this for three hours, but we are going to do this all day today."
    "HMMMM!" I screamed into the water coming into my mouth. After the third one was drenched as well, the girl put on four diapers on me. It took a bit longer, but in a few seconds the four diapers were all drenched as well and actually fell off my legs and hit the floor. The girls giggled, and replaced it with four more.
    "You were right! It's like a machine." One of the stranger girls said. "Make it go faster." The girl on top began to dump the water down faster now, leaving me less time to breath, not like I can that much time before.
    The girls on bottom were busy replacing the diapers. "How many more diapers do you have?" One of the strangers asked. "We aren't even halfway through the first package yet!"

    After hours and hours of this cycle non stop, there was only one package of diapers left. By then, the stranger girls had gotten bored and left, but were back to see how it was going to end. "Well... That is over three hundred and fifty diapers in five hours, it definitely went quicker." I realized then after they stopped that they had been continuously throwing the diapers out into the garbage can.
    I felt like I wanted to die, I was so exhausted, and my throat wasn't the only thing that hurt now. I wondered how big that stupid garbage can was, it must have been a huge industrial one. "My friend has a Dolly-Go-Potty doll, but it isn't as good as this one! This one is like a waterfall." One of the stranger girls said, and then left.
    "The garbage can is full." The youngest girl said. "I know, but we still don't know what to do with them all..." The second oldest said. "I have an idea." The oldest said.

To be continued.
Part 5! For this, I decided to take the last chapter a bit further, if you will.
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  When I woke up, I immediately saw that I had metal bracelet-like things around my wrists, with another ring connected to each one. I looked down and saw that I had the bracelet things on my legs also, each with an extra smaller ring attached to them as well.
    The pink curtain was pulled around the bars, so I couldn't tell what was going on outside my little cell. I realized I wasn't attached to the bed anymore, so I got up. I put my ear against the bars, and I could hear people leaving. Probably my mom, dad, and older sister going to work for the day... Leaving me home alone with Hallie.
    I heard Hallie come into the room, and pull aside the curtains. She came into the cell with a leash-like thing, and hooked it to the metal choker thing around my neck, which matched the ones around my legs and wrists. She then held up her remote. She stuck her hand up my dress, and fumbled around until she unhooked the contraption that was keeping my arms at my sides, and took it off. She then hooked a straightjacket onto me. It was the kind of straightjacket that bounds your arms to your back, not your front. She made sure it was tight, then put the dress down.
    She then tugged on the leash, and I was forced to follow. She made sure she had the remote in her hand as she lead me out of the cell. At one point, I tried to tug away from her grip, but with the metal choker so tight, it would suffocate me to try and escape. "Come on now!" She said, slapping my diapered butt from behind me.
    The doorbell then rang, and Hallie dragged me over to answer it. There was who I assumed to be one of Hallie's friends, as she looked to be about the same age as her. She came in, and immediately began to stare at me. "This is my new doll I was talking to you about, Jenny!" Hallie said, excitingly.
    Jenny then giggled, and walked up to me, lifting up the pink dress, and examining the diaper underneath, "A baby doll too!" She said, giggling more. "Let's play house!" Hallie soon suggested, "I can be the mommy, you can be the daddy, and we have our baby right here!" She said, slapping my butt again.
    Jenny loved the idea. Soon I was stuck in an old highchair. Hallie popped a bottle of milk into the hole in the pacifier gag, and casually put a piece of duct tape over my nose and walked away. Unable to breath, I drank the bottle of milk as fast as humanly possible before being able to take a breath of air.
    She came back, and refilled the bottle, and I was forced to drink it again. She refilled the bottle another three or four times, my stomach completely full of milk, before she closed the cap on the pacifier gag, and left me alone.
    Jenny came through the front door, "I'm home from work honey!" She said, pretending to be the dad. She walked into where we were in the kitchen. "Hi honey, I'm just finishing up feeding our baby girl." She said, giggling as she brought over a jar of baby food, and began to spoon feed me into the pacifier gag against my will. With the duct tape still over my nose, I was forced to eat the disgusting stuff.
    We sat there for a LONG time, until I had eaten the entire jar of baby food, I was completely stuffed. Hallie and Jenny then lifted me out of the high chair, and clamped me up right against a wall in the living room by the things around my arms and legs.
    They then completely left the room, leaving me alone. After a few hours of being chained to the wall, I needed to use the bathroom.

To be continued.
Part 4!
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Commissioned by :iconseiryuyamato: featuring his OC Carella and Mephy (Not his) the size of toddlers being dressed and cared for.
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Sorry this page is a week late folks, this lady named Sandy came by my house last week and took my power with her.

That's it for chapter 4 ladies and gents and babies. Thank you for sticking with me so far through the long pauses and such. There will be a brief break while I finish drafting chapter 5 and then we'll be back on course. Will Reina finally calm down? Will the girls figure out how to escape? Who's going to need a diaper change first? All of these questions and more will be coming up in the next installment.

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A knock at the door made the four girls in the playpen jump a tiny bit, which made Christine blush immensely, as she had already been frightened like the infant she was dressed like. Jack opened the door and smiled, allowing Mrs. Charity Brookes, who seemed to be in her mid-twenties, and Miss Jackie Robbins, who was 17 years old. Both of the women smiled at the near-adults, and obvious adults in the playpen, and began talking to Jack.

"We'll I'm positive you've met all of the girls", Jack said, waving his arms towards the girls.

Both girls nodded at the statement, "Yes sir! We have, and we're extremely happy to be able to take care of the girls! We do have one question though...", said Miss Jackie.

"Yes?", Jack responded.

"Well, we were wondering why Christine would be coming along with this... as.. well, she's the boss. I mean, we've already had one boss start this whole babying thing... the same won't happen to Christine, will it?", the teenage said, tilting her head in confusion, speaking for both caretakers.

Jack laughed a small bit, "Not at all. Christine will be back in charge after three days, as she is my girlfriend, I wanted to try a few things, and I encouraged her to try this whole babying thing because she's decided to take Diane-- err.. Dee-Dee into this whole babying thing."

Charity giggled a bit, "You won't be joining them, will you?"

Jack shook his head, and flailed his arms in front of him lightly to express his opinion as well as saying it, "Nonononono. That won't happen any time soon."

"Just checking!", she said with a smile.

"So, shall we get going?", Jackie asked.

Jack nodded, giving the women what they needed while lifting the four girls from the large playpen. Patting each on their diapered bottoms as he placed them on the ground in a crawling position. Jack explained that they will follow the caretakers to the room, and what they say goes. He also tells Christine that if she is not comfortable with one of the caretakers changing her or something of the sorts to tell them and that they are to bring her back to Jack for him to continue the activities needed.

Christine nods at the commands, and begins following the caretakers along with the other girls as everyone files out in an orderly manner. Upon entering the room down the long hallway, Jackie closes the door and smiles, clapping her hands, "Alright! Let's get you babies ready for playtime!", she says as she lifts Louise first up into the air, Charity then lifting Jasmine, carrying the two girls to changing tables. The two teenage twins began playfully kicking their legs, gently. The two caretakers changed the two teenagers into more suitable diapers for playing in within no-time at all, and sat them down on the ground in the large playpen filled with toys.

Christine slowly began growing nervous as Diane, Christine's once boss, but now her own personal adult baby, lifted her arms into the air, wanting the caretaker to lift her and change her into something more enjoyable. Charity lifted Diane, and carried her to the changing table that Jasmine was once on, began changing her and carried her over to the girls, placing her once boss into the playpen, patting her on her diapered bottom, then pinching her cheek, more so as payback for all the things that she was forced to do because of her job.

Christine's heart was pounding at a million miles an hour, she was excited about the whole babying thing at first, but now she was extremely nervous. Within seconds, Christine was hoisted into the air, legs no longer touching the ground, being carried to the open changing table. Jackie patted her boss's padded bottom and smiled, "I never thought I'd be changing my boss", the teenager said with a giggle of glee. This giggle calmed Christine somehow, and made her giggle slightly. Within seconds Christine's diaper was off of her, and she was being put into a much thinner diaper for playtime. As Christine's bottom was placed down on the diaper, she sighed a bit, actually missing the lot of padding that she had down there, less than 20 seconds ago. Jackie lifted the front of the diaper, taping it into place, and smiled at her creation. "Done!", she exclaimed, rewarding the adult, Christine, with a pat on the back as she lifted the girl into the air, Christine's head over her shoulder. "Jack told me that you hadn't been fed yet, and the other girls have, so I'll take care of you, little one.", Jackie said with much happiness.

Christine found herself being carried to a counter in the room, watching a bottle being pulled from a mini-refrigerator, and then watching the very full bottle being stuck inside a microwave to be heated. Christine made a face, knowing that the very substance inside the bottle was formula, but she sighed, admitting to herself without words that she did make Diane drink it, and is still making Diane drink it. She stuck her tongue out, behind the seventeen year old's head, and then put her tongue back inside her mouth, accepting the fact that she'd have to drink it anyways.

"*Ding!*", the microwave alerted the teenager that the bottle was finished heating and she removed it from the microwave, carrying it, and Christine to a rocking chair. Jackie sat down and patted the obviously nervous Christine's diaper. "No reason to be afraid, babygirl.", Jackie said with a smile, "Your heart is beating at a million miles an hour!", she said as she placed the bottle into Christine's mouth.

Christine began drinking the bottle, immediately releasing the nipple from her mouth as soon as the substance hit her tastebuds. She gulped, knowing she'd have to drink the entire bottle, and much, much more of the stuff over the next three days, so she'd have to get over it. She opened her mouth, allowing Jackie to stick the bottle back inside.

After accepting the nipple of the bottle, Christine began sucking down the bottle, wanting to get over the disgusting taste as fast as she could.

Jackie smiled at Christine in her arms, to which Christine didn't notice. Within a few seconds, Christine had chugged down the entire bottle. Jackie then lifted Christine over her shoulder and placed a rag on her shoulder, as she was told to do when she was hired.

Jackie began patting away at her boss's back. Christine rolled her eyes, thinking to herself, "This is pointless, I'll never bu-", a burp was forced out of her mouth, to which Christine blushed immediately and began recollecting her thoughts, "Okay... scratch that. This isn't pointless, I will burp."

Jackie smiled, lifting Christine into the air, her legs dangling once again over the floor below her, "Good girl!", Jackie said to Christine, carrying her towards the playpen with the other girls. "If you keep it up, you'll get a gold star!", Christine blushed at the thought, the gold star ordeal was her idea, a reward to the daycare children for being good. She was speechless, not sure what to say or do, other than hug the woman carrying her. Jackie giggled a bit, "I'm guessing that means you want a gold star! I think we can make some arrangements as long as you keep acting the way you're acting!", she said as she placed the adult woman into the playpen along with the three other diapered women.

Louise, Jasmine, and Diane were playing with their toys, in their own little utopia. Christine crawled over to a stuffed bear that resembled one that she had when she was a child. Torn ear, brown fur, a bow tie, and button eyes. She hugged the bear, confused, not sure what to do. She was enjoying herself, but she just didn't know how to act like a baby.
Confused Christine might feel like she may have made a mistake! Hopefully she'll find her inner-baby and have some fun over the next three days, because knowing Christine, she won't stop this whole baby charade until she understands it.

Comments are always appreciated! Tell me what you think!

Part Five: [link]
Part Seven: [link]
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"No! Stop! Please! I'll shut down the daycare!"


All three of the girls, including Christine, gulped hard after being asked if they were ready or not. They had done all of this planning, of course they had to be ready, there was no doubt about it. After a few moments of silence, all girls nodded their heads 'yes'.

Jack smiled and lifted the two diapered girls from the recliner and placed them on the ground. He went over to the dresser drawer filled with loads of clothes for the children being watched over at the daycare, supplied by their parents. When Jack came back, he pulled out matching outfits for the two twins, that they both despised, but because Jack and Christine were so kind to help they were to not whine about the clothes chosen for them. Jack hoisted Jasmine into the air as Christine pulled Louise into the air too. One leg at a time, the twins were put in their matching pink overalls, white t-shirts, and their frilly socks with the light up sneakers over them.

Christine and Jack smiled at their creation and patted the girls' foreheads for being cooperative. Both girls blushed brightly, but gave the two caretakers hugs.

"Are you sure you want to do this?", asked Louise.

"Yeah.... we don't want you guys to get... fired..." Jasmine said, shyly and sadly.

Christine and Jack lifted the two girls and gave the girls kisses on their respective foreheads, and hugged, or huggled as Christine liked to call it, them as lovingly as they could.

"We're fine.", Christine chimed in happily. "I've already told you, I've got a plan."

Jack simply nodded and smiled at the two girls. Christine and Jack placed the two girls on their bottoms and got down to their current height.

"Alright girls, we're going to split up for a little while, I need both of you to crawl on down to the play room. Alright?", Jack said.

"Uh... alright...", both the diapered teenagers said to the adults, not sure of what to think at the current point in time.

"Don't worry you both.. we'll be down there in just a few minutes. Christine will be outside the playroom anyways, she can walk with you.", Jack said.

Both of the teenagers smiled at this comment, they had been around this daycare hundreds and hundreds of times, enough to know how every single room was set-up, but for some odd reason, it just didn't feel right without one of them.

Jack and the girls seperated. Jack walking towards Miss Diane's office, and Christine walking with Louise and Jasmine, who were both crawling because of the thickness of their diapers.

Once the girls had made it to the door of the play room, Christine told the girls to go inside, and told them that she would be hiding right outside the door down the hallway behind a few boxes so she could lock the door once everyone entered.

The girls crawled inside the large, dimly-lit playroom. The girls crawled to their little, secret, hiding spot from when Christine and Jack caught them talking about their little plan.

"What do we do?", Jasmine asked nervously as she got situated.

"We wait and watch I guess.", she said to her twin sister, while holding her sister's obviously shaking hand.

With what seemed like a millisecond within saying it, the playroom door opened. "See, Miss Diane? This changing table is completely messed up. The straps don't work on it at all.", Jack said with almost no problem as he led the owner of the facility to the changing table.

"Well, that won't d-", Miss Diane said as she was cut off by a door closing, and the click of a lock.

Christine stepped into the room, putting the key to the door deep into the pocket of her pants.

"What's going on here?", Miss Diane said, completely confused and worried as the two caretakers neared their boss.

Jasmine and Louise stared, looking at the possibility of what was about to unfold in front of them. Jack lifted the struggling daycare owner up as Christine held her legs to stop her from kicking. "You're getting what you deserve!", Christine said to Miss Diane in a harsh tone as they layed the squirming body onto the large changing table.

"I didn't do anything! What did I do?!", Miss Diane screamed. Jack grabbed a pacifier and plucked it into the screaming Diane's mouth. The silence was immediate and tears began pouring out of the daycare owner's eyes and down her cheeks. "But, I didnf't do anyfing", she said behind tears and a pacifier placed into her mouth, to petrified to take it out, she left it in.

The two daycare workers strapped the struggling adult onto the changing table in what seemed to be 20 seconds flat. The daycare worker stared at the struggling adult. "Rule number one of the daycare, Miss Diane?"

"Respect... your... caretakers..", she said, tears welling up in her eyes, as the pacifier fell from her mouth. Finally stopping her struggling.

Christine patted the adult's head and smiled, "Such a big girl!"

The caretakers stripped the daycare owner of her clothes and left her at the changing table for a few minutes. They came back with a select set of items, two diapers, for as Jack said, "Ultimate Thickness", a t-shirt, and a bottle.

"No! No! No! Anything but that, please! Please! PLEASE!", Miss Diane screamed. The two adults ignored her pleas and lifted the once-again-struggling adult's bottom. Placing the diaper underneath the adult, and pulling it up to the crotch. "No! Stop! Please! I'll shut down the daycare!"

The line Christine had been waiting to hear. Christine put her hand on the diaper, stopping Jack from finishing diapering the petrified woman. "Anything?", Christine said.

"ANYTHING!", Miss Diane said, sobbing uncontrollably.

"I want control of the daycare. I want control of it all. It will be under my name, not your name. I will own this place. Not you. I will give this daycare a reason to be able to deserve the name 'Teens and Toddlers Daycare'.", Christine said.

"DEAL!", Miss Diane agreed, freaking out, not thinking what could come next.

"-but", continued Christine, smiling down at the reason all of these teenagers suffered. "you will be living with me, and will be attending this daycare, as well as being babied at my home as well."

Miss Diane had already agreed. She began sobbing uncontrollably, and soon to a complete bawl, which was stopped as soon as Christine had placed a pacifier into her once-owner, and now her 'baby'. She would make sure that this was in the contract when the daycare was being signed over.

Christine pushed Jack aside and finished diapering her new 'baby-waby' as Christine called her as she taped the sides of the crying adult's diaper.

Both, Louise and Jasmine, sat, stunned at what they had just witnessed. Very nervous, but happy that it had happened.

Jack undid the restraints on Miss Diane, and pulled her into a sitting position, now putting her in the very babyish My Little Pony, Pinkie Pie t-shirt.

Jack lifted Miss Diane and held her, head over he shoulder, having the new adult baby's legs wrapped around him. He smiled, and pat her diapered bottom, teasing the ex-owner.

Christine patted her legs as she came near the girls' hiding place. "My other little babies can come out, now.", the caretaker said blushing beat red.

The girls crawled out from behind their hiding spot and came to Christine, who lifted the two teenage twins up. She carried them over a recliner and snuggled with the girls, knowing this would be the last time she snuggled with them, because they wanted out of this lifestyle oh-so-bad. All of the girls had tiny streams, not very noticeable, but definitly there, of tears rolling down the sides of their faces.

"I've only really known you both for such a small amount of time, but I love you both so much.", Christine said to the girls, smiling. The girls lay there silent, snuggled into the caretaker. "Let's get you changed into some adult clothes, now.", said Christine in a very loving tone.

"No!", both girls said immediately, looking at Christine, then looking to eachother's twin in complete shock.

Jack looked to the three girls as he held Diane. "Wh-what?", Christine said.

"I-I don't want to quit this. I want you two to be our caretakers.", said Louise, the obvious stronger one of the bunch, and less emotional of the two.

"Same! I love you both so much, so fast. You both are amazing.", Jasmine said, hugging the very smushed Christine.

Christine's eyes began to fill with liquid pride. "A-are you sure..?", she said with a smile, but nervousness in her voice.

"We're positive!", both girls said at the same time.

Christine wrapped her arms around the girls and smiled greatly, she was finally happy working at the hell of a daycare. Diane lay quitely in Jack's arms. Christine then pat her leg to signal for Jack to put the ex-owner on the ground. "Come to mommy", said Christine, to her boss, for the time being anyways.

Miss Diane looked to the locked-from-the-inside door, and back to Christine who was waiting for her. She lowered her head, and very hesitantly crawled towards her new 'mommy'. Once she had crawled to her, Christine lifted her new 'baby' into her lap along with the other two girls. She kissed Miss Diane's forehead, smiling. "I promise you, I will not be mean, or anything. I think you'll actually enjoy yourself...", said Christine, pulling her new 'baby' into her chest for her to snuggle.

All three girls lay with Christine in the chair as Jack went over to the counter, and pulled out three bottles. As he returned, he lifted both Louise and Jasmine from Christine's lap. Carrying them over to a chair on the other side of the room, he said to them, "You've really made her happy..."

Both the girls smiled at this comment. He sat down in the recliner and gave both the girls a bottle as they were held by Jack, sitting in his lap.

Across the room, Christine sat with her new adult baby, and began feeding Miss Diane a bottle of formula, to which Miss Diane frowned upon swollowing, "Am I really doing this to teenagers?", she thought to herself.

Christine smiled at her new baby. This was the beginning of a great adventure.
Yay! Finally finished :D I would have uploaded it last night... but... my internet company thought it would be funny to turn it off for the night.. T.T As always, I would LOVE comments, telling me what you thought of my little story. If you guys like this enough, and if I find a way to continue this, I will! Tell me in the comment section below if you want me to. :)

Part Two: [link]
Part Three: YOU ARE HERE.
Part Four: [link]
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"No! Stop! Please! I'll shut down the daycare!"


After the teen girls were placed into their respective cribs, they took a nap, as ordered by Christine and Jack. Christine and Jack had made it clear to them that for the time being, they were to still be babied even if that was the thing that they were trying to stop. The two girls laid in their cribs motionless, asleep as Jack and Christine began talking about what they were to do about the plan that was oh-so-quickly unfolding in front of them.

"So, what's first?", Christine asked.

"Well, my idea is to call her into the playroom to have her look at some 'damage', then, you lock the doors, and we go from there. The room is designed for anyone from the inside not being able to get out without a key, so therefore, she'd be locked in there with us.", responded Jack.

"Hmm... you know... this.. could work."

Jack smiled at the response she had given him. "It's simple, and it'll work."

"Yeah! It really coul-", Christine said before being cut off by the Zimmerman girl's nursery door opening.

Miss Diane entered the room, closing the door softly behind her. "May I have a word with both of you?", she asked politely and quietly, noticing the two girls were asleep.

Christine and Jack nodded their heads.

"Sure.", Christine said, pulling a chair for Miss Diane to sit in next to the two adults conversing. After Christine had sat back down, she began tapping her finger nervously on her knee. She hadn't expected to be confronted by her boss.

Miss Diane sat down in front of the two workers, and smiled. "So, I'm just a little curious, why did you both want to change to being the Zimmerman girls' caretakers?", she said with much confusion in her voice.

"Well.... you see....", Christine began, but then was quickly interrupted by Jack.

"Me and Miss Christine here fell in love with the two girls, they're both oh so nice, and just sweet in general. The girls.. well.. they fell in love with us too apparently. In the playroom earlier, they just wouldn't let go of me and Christine's legs.", he said with a chuckle. Christine was amazed at how well he could pull a lie out of thin air. Jack patted Christine's leg and smiled as he put her arm around her, "And on top of that, me and Miss Christine have gladly started dating, so we figured instead of taking care of separate children and being away from each other, we might as well be together, and take care of two lovely little girls." Christine blushed heavily, considering this wasn't the case.

"Oh! Is that so? How adorable!", Miss Diane chimed in, "Well, I am very happy for both of you! Keep doing the great work, both of you.", she said with a smile before leaving.

Christine sighed heavily as the large door was shut. She stood and locked the door, put her back against it, and slid all the way to the bottom of the door, sitting on the floor, staring at Jack. "How did you do that?"

Jack chuckled a bit, picked the other babysitter up, and smiled as he let her stand again, "Elementary, my dear Watson."

Christine smiled and laughed a bit, "That doesn't work there.", she said as she rolled her eyes and gently hit his chest.

The two co-workers and now apparently, boyfriend and girlfriend sat down in their chairs and continued talking about the plan.

An hour and a half into the nap time, Christine noticed that Louise began squirming a bit in her crib. Christine stood, and went to Louise, lifted the sleeping teenager from the crib and carried her over to the chairs where her and Jack had just recently been conversing. Christine checked the diaper of Louise and noticed that she had wet. As Christine moved the teenager's diaper, Louise woke up slowly. Christine kissed the teenager's forehead and smiled, "Wakey, wakey babygirl.", she said with a slight laugh, teasing Louise.

Louise brightly blushed and smiled as she was being held by the caretaker in the recliner. Christine stood and carried the young girl to the large changing table in the corner of the room. Christine strapped Louise to the table, as it was mandatory procedure and began changing the teenager's diaper. Louise again, blushed very brightly at being changed by Christine. She had barely known her and was already liking her so much as a caretaker. "Wait.", she thought to herself, "Am I... really enjoying being babied by these two?". She smiled at the thought, drifting away in her mind until Christine snapped her out of it by saying her name a few times, to which Louise was not aware her name was said the first four times.

"You okay, babygirl?" Christine said as she taped the diaper shut and sat the teenager up after taking off the straps.

"Uhm.. yeah...", she said, feeling like her face was radiating enough heat to be felt in the next room over.

Christine smiled and lifted the teenager from the changing table and carried her to the recliner, and began rocking it back and forth slowly. Louise had never felt more content in her entire life, she was in what felt like heaven. She snuggled into the arms of her caretaker and smiled.

What seemed like forever, but was merely less than two minutes, Jasmine awoke, sitting up, rubbing her eyes, then looking over at Louise snuggling into the arms of Christine. Jack was immediately aware of Jasmine's lively presence and lifted her from the crib, upon lifting her, he checked her diaper to see she was clean. He sat down in the chair next to the Christine and Louise and propped Jasmine into a comfortable position in his lap. Jasmine snuggled into the arms of Jack, like Louise did to Christine. Both teenagers, were facing each other, smiling, knowing on the inside, but were afraid to admit it on the outside, that they didn't want this to end. Not quite yet.

The silence was broken by the alarm on Jack's phone. He pulled his phone off of the table nearest to him and checked the time. He stood, smiled, and sat Jasmine in the chair alone. He lifted the very comfortable Louise from Christine's lap and placed her in the chair next to her twin.

He smiled at the two and held his hand out to Christine, pulling her up from the chair that she was sitting in previously.

He silenced the alarm on the phone and patted both of the girl's foreheads.

"Are you all ready?", Jack said.

AAAH! PART TWO IS HERE. I really like how this is coming out! That's not conceited, is it? ANYWHO -- Hope you enjoy Part Two of Teens and Toddlers Daycare. :D

Comments are always appreciated!

Part One: [link]
Part Three: COMING SOON. :D
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A Christmas gift I did for my darling little one. :iconchibiblossom:

I wanted her to upload, but she was being a little pouty butt.
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Just a little bitta practice tryin' to put a bit more cutness into it
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Part of the series of drawings that I'll be doing with :iconkonatatan: basicly it's the 2 different characters 1 male 1 female regressed at different milestones in their life importantly adult milestones in this one the male character regressed and both meeting the parents for the first time "...and this is my boyfreind!"
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Just like it says, Miss Nino and myself haha videogames have been one of my top pastimes for years now so why stop now?
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Superman Regressed
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Superman regressed
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Superman Regressed
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Think Before You Wish
Chapter 1
By dsguyX

In the small town or Maple Creek resides a teenage girl with blond hair and wears a blue sleeveless shirt and brown jeans.  At the age of 18, Jennifer Taylor was driving in her red Corvette through the small Virginia town.  She was done with her last class for today and was excited because next week was Spring Break.  Since she was finished with her midterms, Jennifer can finally relax throughout the week knowing that she doesn't have to do anything for the next week.

After driving down Main Street, she turned left on Meadow Lane, where her house resides.  After driving down a couple of blocks, she parked her Corvette next to a two-story blue house.  She looked at the driveway and saw a black Jeep parked in the open garage.

"Great, mom's here," she said to herself bitterly.  Normally she does not have a problem with her mother, but this month is the right time to make such a fuss.  For her mother, March means spring cleaning and Jennifer hated it.  Her mother always makes her clean up the house whenever she was done studying.  It barely leaves her with enough time for herself.  She just sighed and said to herself, "Maybe if a sneak in quietly, she won't know that I'm home."

Jennifer quietly tiptoed around the garage leading to the gate that led to the backyard.  She placed herself onto the wall of the house and idled across it, diving under each window to avoid being spotted.  Arriving at the backdoor, she slid the door open and walked inside ever so quietly.  She looked around the kitchen and peered into the living room, no sign of mom.  Keeping her eyes peeled Jennifer entered the living room, walked pass the TV, and arrived at the stairs.  She looked up and saw nobody.  After climbing up to the upper level of the house, she looked to the right and saw her mother's room with the door wide opened.  She turned her head towards the left and saw the door to her room.  She was in the clear.  Seeing opportunity, Jennifer quickly dashed through the hallway so that she could make it to her room.  On her way, however, a ladder came down from the ceiling.

"Gah!" Jennifer said, startled at the surprise ladder.

She looked up into the ladder and saw that someone was coming down.  Wearing a purple dress and had blonde hair like Jennifer, she turned around and saw the girl, still shocked from the ladder coming down.

"Oh, Jennifer, you're here," she said.

"Hey, mom," Jennifer said to her mother, not very pleased that she didn't make it to her room in time.

"I'm glad that you're now here," her mother said, "Since you're finished with the exams and won't be having class for the next week, I want you to go into the attic and bring down a couple of boxes for Goodwill."

Jennifer let out a loud groan, not wanting to do any chores.  Unfortunately, her mother didn't seem to care.

"And when you're done, I want you to come downstairs and dust the furniture while I clean out the garage," she added, "Just look for the boxes that says 'Goodwill' on it and bring them down for me, okay?"

As her mother went downstairs, Jennifer said to herself, "Great."  She wanted to chat with her friends online, but now it will have to wait.  Mumbling to herself, Jennifer climbed up the ladder and went into the attic.

The attic has boxes, shelves, lamps, vases, picture frames, and a really old globe.  What's not in there were dust and cobwebs.  Jennifer figured that her mother must have finished dusting the place.  On the floor was a feather duster covered with dust and cobwebs.  "Must be for me," she said to herself.  She looked ahead and saw three boxes stacked together, each of them saying "Goodwill" on it.  When she picked them up, something fell out from a hole underneath the bottom box.

"What's this?" she asked herself, putting down the boxes.

It looked a purple gemstone with pink streaks on it.  Jennifer picked it up off the floor and took a closer look on it.  After gazing at it for a few seconds, she thought that is looked pretty so she decided to keep it.  She placed it into her pocket, picked the boxes back up, and carefully walked down the ladder, not forgetting the feather duster that was on the floor.


After placing the boxes on the driveway and dusting the furniture in the living room, it was time for dinner.  Jennifer sat in the dining room with her mother sitting across her.  Tonight they were having ravioli, Jennifer's favorite.  She happily munched down her meal while her mother brushing off the table.  Jennifer looked at her and gave out a small chuckle.

"Mom," she said, "We're having dinner now, so you can stop brushing the table with your hand."

"Sorry, sweetie," her mother said, "I was cleaning all day since you left for school this morning.  Force of habit I guess."

Jennifer smiled a bit and continued with her meal.

"Oh, before I forget," her mother stated, "Tomorrow I'm having a day off, so I want you to help me clean the windows for me."

"What?" her daughter said in a furious tone, "Mom, I wanted to go to the mall tomorrow and hang out with my friends."

"Jennifer, we don't raise our voices at the table," her mother scolded her, "And besides, you can always go the next day."

"But what if you're not going to work that day?" Jennifer asked, still in a raised voice, "Every March you always make me clean this house.  You never let me have any fun at all.  It's Spring Break; I should be relaxing, not playing maid service with you!"

"Jennifer Miranda Taylor," her mother said sternly, "Quiet down this instant.  You know that a tidy house is of top priority.  Besides you're 18, it's time you learn that you should be an adult."

Jennifer was now mad inside.  So mad, that she said the words that shocked her mother, "Well sorry, mothef…"

Her mother let out a huge gasp at what her daughter just said.  Jennifer instantly realized what she said and covered her mouth.

"That's it, young lady," she said to her daughter in an angry tone, "You are grounded!  You'll be spending Spring Break in your room.  Now go upstairs immediately."

Jennifer got up and stomped her way up to her room.  Before she left the room, she turned to her mother and said, "I hate being an adult."  She continued to her room, leaving her mother looking at her dinner with guilt.


Jennifer was in her bed later that night, the TV on and the whole room dark.  She was watching a documentary about legendary rocks.  It was the only thing that made her forget the fight she had with her mother, but it was still lingering on her mind.  She was about to turn it off when the documentary started to show something that interested her.

"…This gemstone is a particularly rare gemstone, believed to be only found in the eastern part of Virginia.  The desire stone was named because of the Native American legends that stated that it was able to grant the wishes of anyone who possesses it."

The TV showed the gemstone, showing it to be purple with pink streaks.  Jennifer than realized that it was the same type of stone she found in the attic.  She climbed out of her bed, revealing her pink pajamas, and picked up her pants on the floor.  She poked through the pockets until she found the stone and pulled it out.  She held in front of the TV and saw that it was indeed the same kind of gemstone.

"Amazing," she said in awe, "I can have anything I want."  She thought for a moment to decide what she really wanted.  Jennifer remembered that fight she had with her mother and told her that she hated being treated like an adult.  She smirked and said, "That's it."  She climbed back into bed, squeezed the stone and said, "I wish my mother would treat me like a younger person."  Jennifer placed the stone onto the counter and drifted off into sleep.
Here it is, my first diaper story. :la:

The first chapter won't have any diapers, of course, but it will the next chapter. Jennifer wishes that she would be treated like a younger girl again. Let's hope that she won't regret it.

Jennifer and her mother belongs to me.
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Think Before You Wish
Chapter 4
By dsguyX

Jennifer awoke from her nap and saw that she was still in her onesie and diaper.  'So much for it being a dream,' she thought.  She remembered what had happened before she fell asleep, her mother has the gemstone.  Without it, Jennifer would be doomed to poop herself for the rest of her life.  And speaking of that, she felt her bowels rumble once again.  Her lunch must be ready to come out.

"Not again," she complained, trying to hold it in.

She knew that she didn't want to mess herself, but seeing the position she was in she had to other option.  Jennifer pushed and felt her diaper getting full.  This time it felt mushy like the food she ate for lunch earlier.  The smell instantly hit her nose and she gagged.  'I hope my mom comes soon,' she thought.  After sitting in her mess for nearly ten minutes, her mother came in.

"Smells like another poopy has been made," Melissa said, "Don't worry, I'll change you and we can go downstairs."


After being changed and carried downstairs, Jennifer was placed into her playpen.  Her mother had to mow the lawn so she left Jennifer alone, figuring that she won't cause much trouble.  Jennifer looked pouted in her crib, feeling helpless.  She can't stand or walk, her mother can't understand her, and the only thing to get her out of this mess is now out of her reach.  She was about to give up and accept her fate, but then she remembered something.

"The jewelry box," she said out loud.

Whenever her mother found a jewel she would always place it in her jewelry box upstairs in her room.  Jennifer knew that this was her chance.  She was going to get that gemstone and wish her out of this mess.  First, she needed to escape her playpen.  Jennifer started to push against the net-like wall as hard as she could.  After giving it one more hard push, the playpen tipped over and Jennifer tumbled onto the floor.

"Now for the gemstone," she said to herself.

She crawled her way to the stairs and looked up.  Jennifer knew that it may be difficult to get up there, but she won't give up.  She placed her hands onto the steps and slowly advanced her way up to the upper floor.  She looked to her right and saw that the door to her mother's door was opened.  She crawled into the room and saw the jewelry box on the dresser.  Since the top of the drawer wasn't that high, she was able to climb up on to it, giving her a taste of standing on two legs.  Jennifer heard the door from downstairs opened and heard, "Jennifer?!  What happened?  Where are you?"

"Mom's back in," Jennifer said in horror, "Got to find it quick."

She searched her way through the box and to her luck she found the purple gemstone.  With this, she can finally be free from her diapers.  She squeezed the gemstone and said to herself, "I wish everything was back to normal."  She waited for a few minutes and looked around a bit.  Everything was still the same and Jennifer was still in diapers.

"What gives!?" she shouted.

"There you are my little weasel," Melissa said, looking at her daughter who turned around in shock, "How did you get in here?  I guess it's time for you to go to bed."

Melissa lifted her daughter and carried her through the hallway.  Jennifer was now super worried.  The stone wouldn't grant her wish.  'Will I still be treated as a baby forever?' she thought to herself.  Melissa arrived into her daughter's room and placed Jennifer into her crib.  The mysterious force once again made Jennifer felt tired.

"Night, night sweetie," her mother said, "I'll see you in the morning."

She turned off the lights and closed the door and Jennifer fell asleep.
Jennifer finally got the stone, but nothing is happening. Is Jennifer doomed to diapers forever? Find out in Chapter 5.
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Think Before You Wish
Chapter 3
By dsguyX

Jennifer was carried into the kitchen by her mother and was placed down in an adult-sized highchair.  Melissa snapped the tray into place so that Jennifer was unable to get out.  Jennifer heard her stomach growling and she immediately grabbed her belly with her hand.

"You are hungry, aren't you?" Melissa asked, "Well don't worry mommy has something that will make the hungry monster in your tummy to go away."

Melissa opened the pantry and pulled out a small jar and walked over the counter and grabbed a baby spoon.  She placed the jar onto the tray and opened it up, revealing a green-colored mush.  She scooped some out with the baby spoon and proceeded to feed Jennifer.

"What are you doing?" Jennifer asked, trying to back away from the mush, "You think I'm going to eat that slop?"

"Come on; open wide for mommy," Melissa said, "Here comes the train.  Choo-choo!  Open up for the train."

Jennifer tried to avoid the baby food as much as she could.  Despite all her efforts, her mother had an idea.  She stroked her finger on Jennifer's bare foot and her daughter started to smirk.  She tried so hard to hold back her giggles, but it was no used.  As soon as she opened her mouth, her mother placed the spoon inside.  She wanted to spit it out, but the same force that kept her from standing forced her to swallow it instead.  The mush tasted like peas.

"Good girl," her mother praised as she scooped up more baby food from the jar.  Knowing that she can't resist, Jennifer had no choice but to keep eating her "lunch."  Eventually the jar was finished and Melissa removed Jennifer out from the highchair and started carrying her upstairs.

"Let's go to your room for awhile, sweetie," Melissa said.  Jennifer now knew that this was her chance to find that gemstone and undo the damage she caused upon herself.

When Melissa got to her daughter's room, she placed Jennifer into her crib.  She grabbed a washcloth and started to clean the windows.  Jennifer looked around for the gemstone and saw that it was still on her nightstand.  She tried to reach for it, but it was too far out of her reach.  Her mother turned around and saw what Jennifer was trying to do.

"What's this doing here?" Melissa asked, picking up the stone, "Don't want this to end up in your throat, now do we?"

Melissa walked out of the room with the stone.  Jennifer now was really worried.  If she can't get the stone, she cannot free herself from this curse.  She then felt her bowels rumbling worse than before, and to make things worse she had to pee again.  She didn't want to use her diaper again but she felt like that she had no other choice.  She started pushing and felt a warm mass filling her backside, which disgusted her to no end.  After messing her diaper, she relaxed her bladder and felt her diaper become wet.  Now she was in a wet and messy diaper and wanted out of it badly.  Melissa walked back into her daughter's room and the smell of her daughter's diaper instantly hit her.

"Pee-eww," her mother said, holding her nose, "Smells like someone make a stinky.  Let mommy fix that for you."

Jennifer was lifted out of her crib and placed onto the changing table.  Undoing her onesie, Melissa removed her diaper.  "My, my you made such a big load," she said to her daughter, making her blush.  She threw the dirty diaper into the pail and started using baby wipes to clean her butt.  After applying baby powder, Melissa placed a new diaper onto her daughter and redid Jennifer's onesie.  'At least I'm out of that dirty diaper,' Jennifer thought.

"Now you are all cleaned up for nap time," Melissa said.

"But I don't feel tired," Jennifer said.  But then, she felt sleepy thanks to the mysterious force of the gemstone's power.  Melissa placed Jennifer into her crib and she dozed off to sleep.
Short chapter today. Jennifer gets fed and messed her diaper for the first time in 16 years. With the stone out of reach, will she ever be free?
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Ally slowly opened her eyes after she somehow got to sleep from her embarrassing predicament. She saw that she was still right where the girls had left her still hanging by her now soiled diaper. Ally's looked around the room and saw that it was day time again and wondered if she was ever going to be released.

Suddenly to her relief she heard the sweet sound of the door unlocking and she didn't even care if it was the three girls from before, just as long as she was let down. To Ally's surprise though it was not the three girls from before, but in fact someone who was now looking even more surprised then herself.

There was then a long awkward silence as the two strangers looked at each other before Ally started to try and speak into her pacifier.

"Mmmmmmmph mmmmmmmmph" Ally cried which seemed to snap the other girl out of her trance.

"Hey wait I know you" said the girl walking over to Ally while getting a slight grin on her face "Didn't I see you walking through town in a baby walker.

Ally's cheeks suddenly got even more red as she looked at the ground in pure embarrassment while the other girl let out a slight giggle.

"I thought so, you're name's Ally right I've seen you around school before" the girl said while taking a good look at Ally. "My name is Claire and I'm the president off the drama club, just in case you didn't know. I take it that the school's three pranksters did this to you" Claire continued as she took a hold of Ally while looking into her eyes "Do you want me to help you get down, it must be pretty uncomfortable hanging around like that"

Ally didn't need to be asked twice and she instantly nodded her head yes as Claire then helped her down freeing her from her torment at last.

"There we go" said Claire who was now walking over to a wardrobe "Now seeing as I'm pretty sure that you don't want to go outside dressed as a baby girl again, we should find you something else to wear"

Ally was now feeling so much better as she was now hopeful that her embarrassment was going to be limited within the drama room. That hope was smashed to pieces though when she saw what costume Claire had come back with. Claire was holding in her hands what looked to be a very embarrassing pink poodle costume.

"I'm sorry this is the only costume we currently have, well besides you're baby one that is" said Claire who was failing at trying to keep her giggles suppressed "But the thing is you're baby costume is a costume we need for an upcoming play and so you're going to have to either go home naked or wearing the poodle costume"

Ally didn't like the sound of that one bit and seeing as she lived 10 blocks away her choice was practically already made for her as her cheeks burned a deep red as she pointed towards the poodle costume.

"Okay great" Claire said as she started to help Ally get undressed all the way down to her diaper. "Hmmmmmmmm seeing as the diaper's been used and we don't have anywhere to throw it out I'm afraid that you'll have to keep it on" Claire continued as she went and grabbed the poodle costume "I'm sorry but at least you can get out of it once you get home"

Ally's cheeks weren't getting any less red thanks to this new development as all of her face now burnt a crimson hue as she embarrassingly nodded her head yes.

"If you're up for it I also have an idea to lessen you're embarrassment" said Claire going over to a storage area "We can make this look like a little prank if we just add a couple of little accessories"

Ally really didn't like the sound of that, but in the end she thought that it would be a lot better going home as part of a prank instead of looking like that she chose her future attire. Ally's train of thought was quickly interrupted though when suddenly Claire shoved another pacifier into her mouth. Ally was surprised to say the least and before she could even react Claire had tied the pacifier very tightly behind her head.

"There we go, it's going to be a lot better for you if you can't talk,. That way it definitely looks more like a prank" said Claire grabbing the nearby poodle costume. "Now step into the costume quickly and we might be able to get you home before too many people are around"

Ally was still in an embarrassment overload but she had to admit that it probably was better that she couldn't talk and with great reluctance Ally stepped into the poodle costume and when her face popped out of the poodle head, Claire then helped to zip up the costume at the back. It was then that Ally noticed that the her hands were just as useless inside of the poodle paws, just like with the baby mittens and she doubted very much that she would be able to get out of the costume on her own. Ally also had the other problem of having a distinct waddle to her walk thanks to the diaper and going by Claire's awful job to suppress her laughter Ally knew that things were going to get very embarrassing indeed.

"Awwwwww you look adorable Ally" said Claire going back over to the storage area "And now to make sure everyone thinks that this is a prank I'm going to do a huge favor and walk you home" Claire continued as she held up a leash for Ally to see "I'm afraid that this is the only way unless you would rather walk home by your self"

Ally's mind was in overdrive, but in the end it was going to better walking home with another person instead of by her self and she once again embarrassingly nodded her head yes.

"Fantastic" Claire said as she clipped on the leash to Ally "Okay then let's go"

Ally found another level of redness as she stepped out of the drama room and into the hall where she was about to start one very very long walk home.

Well here it is, my very first pic with Claire and Ally :) Although it turned out more like a story then a pic but that's pretty cool as well :) :) :) I really like the way the pic came out except I could of tried a little harder to draw Claire a bi better lol :) I"ve never really drawn a poodle costume before, but I am pretty happy with the way that it came out and I hope you do too :) :) :) Anyway thanks for looking and I hope you like it :) :) :) :) :)
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This girl loved nothing more then to dress up as a sweet little baby when she had the house to her self, but what she didn't know was that her Mother new of her little hobby and thought that she made the cutest baby girl ever. So one day her mother only pretended to go out and caught her daughter all dressed up. The girl was taken completely by surprise and instantly turned ten shades of red. Her mother then took a picture of her dressed up self and then her mother told her that the only way that she could get the picture back was if she agreed to Mommy's new rules as her Mother called it.

Rule 1: You will always address me as Mommy

Rule 2: You will always use your diaper and never the toilet.

Rule 3: You will always let Mommy pick out your outfit and dress you.

Rule 4: You will let Mommy pick out all the TV shows that you can watch.

Rule 5: You will always let Mommy feed you.

Rule 6: You will play outside for at least 3 hours a day.

Rule 7: You will be in bed before 6:00pm every day.

Rule 8: You will never speak unless told to do so.

Rule 9: You will always do what Mommy tells you without complaint.

Rule 10: You will follow all the rules or else.

The girl new she had no choice and so she shyly nodded her head yes, as her new life was now about to begin.

Well there you go :) just a little thing I drew in my spare time and I think she came out pretty adorable :) :) :) :) :)
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Ally had never been so happy in all her life. After a whole week of being trapped in that god forsaken nursery she was finally free. Free form all the ridiculous clothing and those horrific fluffy white diapers, free from the terrible mushy baby food and bottle after bottle of disgusting baby formula.

Yes indeed she had never been so happy in her life, just as the machine promised after one week was up, Ally and Claire were let go from the monstrous machine and better still their old clothes were still sitting right by the control panel. Ally and Claire didn't really like the idea of trying to walk home in nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt.

Ally walked over to where her clothes were by the control panel and could already see Claire trying to pull her pink t-shirt over her head. What Ally didn't see however is Claire stumble backwards after she lost her balance and fell right onto the control panel. 

Unfortunately for both of them, one of Claire's hands had hit the dial awkwardly and turned it all the way back up to a week. Ally had managed to turn around just in time to see her friends folly and the nursery's robotic arms coming out of the walls.

In a matter of seconds Ally and Claire were grabbed by the robotic arms and were now powerless to resist getting dragged back into the robotic nursery.

Ally had never felt so miserable in all her life, as it dawned on her that she would have to go though another week of hell :)

A long time ago I did a drawing called "Ooooooops" were Claire had accidentally trapped Ally and herself in a robotic nursery for a week that you can find here.…

I've decided to do a little series of drawings that depict what happened after their one week was up, starting with this one and hopefully following their adventures as they get trapped in the nursery again :) :) :)

So anyway I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more :) :) :) 

Next part:…
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The mind and the heart behind the crinkly art.
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A trade with :icond-phace:, one of the most bootycentric artists I've had the pleasure of witnessing, of his OCs Zandra and Alala.

Hey, protection can mean a lot of things, right?
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And so endeth the Month of Butt. What can I say? It was incredible, and I am absolutely THRILLED that so many people caught on to this!

To commemorate the culmination if a festival's worth of diapered derierres, I present the first butt I ever diapered-Felicia, of Darkstalkers.

Happy July!
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