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I’ll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

- “Your Guardian Angel” The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

haha, I love that song xD Haven't listened to it in such a long time though! I just randomly doodled this in orchestra and it reminded me of that song :D

art (c) me
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I apparently suck at keeping one consistent style...and getting used to SAI xD

Anyways, contrary to what he believes, I know my boyfriend has a big heart :D (for me at least xDD)

Good luck on ACTs tomorrow, Puppy! <3

art (c) me
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lol I forgot to upload this when I made it xD

art (c) me
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My OC Emotionette in Movie Style!
(I know I haven't red shoes but I can't make it)
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For the contest of :iconshansmurf12: or now :iconpuppy-slush: , It's Emotionette in party dress. As a former human, a princess, she loves the colors! When she has to dress for a party, she doesn't hesitate to wear. Here, she wears a yellow dress and purple with a pink flower and her traditional red shoes.

(I use a picture of the Smurfette in the movie for do it!^^)
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Poor Spelling



Emotionette advance in the village with Blanco. She told him she had kissed Brainy and he loved ... and she was afraid of losing the friendship of Spelling.

Blanco: Awww don't worry, Emotionette! I'm sure Spelling is good!

Emotionette: *worry* I would be so sure ... she seemed so bad last night ... I smurfed worried for her ... We will see later Brainy! I'll see Spelling.

Blanco: I go with you!

Clumsy: Hello, friends! Brainy is better?

Blanco: Yes! And the good news is that Brainy has kiss Emotionette!

Emotionette: *blushes* Blanco!

Clumsy: Oh gosh! And...?

Emotionette: Later, Clumsy. I'm afraid about Spelling...

Clumsy: Spelling? Why?

Emotionette: She loved Brainy too...

Clumsy: Oh gosh... Can I come?

Emotionette: *smile* Sure! Come on, guys!


They go to the house of Spelling and Emotionette knocks.

Emotionette: Spelling? Are you there?

When the door opened, the smurfs where left horrified

Spelling no longer looked beautiful and radiant as always, but her hair was disheveled, her eyes red and expression of weariness.

Spelling: Uh, hi, Emotionette, Blanco and... Is that you Clumsy? Wait *She puts her glasses on* Oh, right. What… what happened?

Emotionette: *scared* OH DEAR! Spelling! What's happened to you!

Clumsy: If you were white, we can think you're a ghost!

Blanco: *look Clumsy* I'm white and I don't look like a ghost.

Emotionette: Spelling! Are you like that due to happened last night?

Spelling: Oh Emotionette, to be honest, yesterday was the hardest night I've had. Why are you looking me so weird? *Looks in the mirror and screams of surprise* Oh my smurf! *Tries to comb her hair with the hands* Oh, at all, what are you doing here?

Emotionette: We came to see if you were alright.

Spelling: And you see, I think the answer is no. After all ... Where is Brainy?

Emotionette: *blushed* Well ... In fact...

Brainy: Right here.

All turn and observe Brainy, which is blushing near the threshold of Spelling.

Spelling: *Ashamed* Oh, Brainy, did you just heard everything that we said? But what are you doing here?

Brainy: Like the other.

Emotionette: *murmur to Brainy* Brainy, we must do something... she isn't happy... we must help her... I hate when she is like that...

Blanco and Clumsy: Hi Brainy!

Brainy: Hi Clumsy and... *anger* Blanco...

Emotionette: Brainy! About Spelling...

Brainy: Oh yeah... sure! We must... but how?

Spelling: Umm... Guys, I'm still here. I'm listening everything that you are saying.

Emotionette and Brainy: *blushed*

Clumsy: It's not a secret! You're sad and we must help you!

Blanco: And we will do it!

Emotionette: *murmur to Blanco* How?

Brainy: *anger and murmur to Blanco* Yes! How, Mister-I-Know-All?

Blanco: *murmur to Emotionette* We will smurfed something!

Spelling: Well, while you think of it, I am going to brush my hair, if you do not mind... It's a total mess.

Brainy: Spelling!

Spelling: Yes?

Brainy: ...

Emotionette: What is it, Brainy?

Brainy: I wanted to... apologize. You know, for the...

Spelling: Oh, Brainy. That's not something you should apologize for. We talk about it later... *enters in her mushroom*

Emotionette: Well, now, back to the topic...

Blanco: Maybe we can smurf her some muffins.

Emotionette: Good idea... but it's little... we must do something more...

Brainy: Hey! I have an idea! Come here!

*They form a circle and Brainy says quietly his plan.*

Emotionette: Good idea! You're a genius, Brainy!

Clumsy: It's wonderful! I'm sure she will love it!

Blanco: I know now why you're called "Brainy", Brainy!

Brainy: Come on! We must to talk with Papa Smurf about it!

*they stray in the village with a smile.*
What is Brainy's plan? How can they make Spelling happy again? See it soon!^^
First English Fiction
by posting my fiction "A Smurf like no other," one of my contacts deviantArt (:iconthebluberry:) starting to leave comments creating a little story.
Here's an alternate version of "A Smurf like no other"

Spelling belongs to :iconthebluberry:
Emotionette is mine
Blanco belongs to :iconinvader-jyca:
The Smurfs belongs to Peyo

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2:[link]
Chapter 3: here
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7: soon
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colored version of my yuki sketch

*the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya/nagato yuki is a property of
nagaru tanigawa/gaku tsugano®
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sketch of misaki yata from k

k/k-project is a property of GoRA®
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Yes, this is a little unrealistic in terms of her character, but Nala is my fav. animated character of all time. Here she is resting on a rug with a fire warming her in a fireplace a safe distance away.
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All the other animals in the jungle heard a loud roar. They knew who it was, but this one was a painful roar. The source was Nala, and she was definitely was in pain. She had been bitten by Tigress in the neck. At this point, the other animals had figured out what was happening, and all of them went silent as the two females began a fight of all fights. Who will win the Rumble in the Jungle and be deemed Queen of the Jungle?
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Nala and Tigress butt heads during their fight over who gets to be Queen of the Jungle.
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A personal favourite of mine~ (Who am I kidding, I love them all...)

Amber represents the colour Orange. She is the little sister of Maizy (Yellow), who is the only person she will speak to. She is very shy and often not noticed when hiding behind Maizy. She likes to copy her and follow her around, often asking for piggybacks.

I hope you like, I'm gonna have me a rest for today x3

Maizy, Violet and Jade~
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Name: Amber
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair Colour/Style: Ginger pigtails
Eye Colour: Hazel
Height: 5”
Favourite Clothing: Dungarees and socks
Family: Maizy (Older Sister)
Friends: Cocoa, Sunny, Violet, Jade
Hobbies: Dinosaurs, soft toy collecting, partaking in Maizy’s dangerous ideas
Personality: Shy, childish, stubborn, playful
Career aspirations: Dinosaur Hunter

Teehee, personally I think my Aurora High cosplays are getting better and better x3 ...You just like getting all your plushies out, don't you? >.> No! Those aren't even mine... I um... found them?

Aaanywho, I hope you're enjoying Aurora High, because that seems to have teken over my DeviantArt x3 I will be doing other cosplay and portraits still, so don't worry ^^

Pls read my story if you have time c: Amber is in it~ :heart:

I love you, my watchers! :meow:

Aurora High - Chapter 6Jade
Maizy still seemed a bit down about Maroon for a few days, but she was the sort of person who would smile and tell jokes no matter how miserable she felt inside. Me and Violet were doing our best to keep her mind off it. Violet was going for the ‘lots of hugs’ approach, whereas I was going for the more practical route of reminding her that her education was important.
Whilst on break one day we had an unusual visitor at the table we usually sit at
“Hey girls!” It was Noire. She sat down next to me, with Maizy and Violet opposite me.
“Hey Noire… How’s it going?” Maizy said uncertainly. In

And then Lottie never replied to her comments again. The End.

In all srsness, my laziness has gotten out of hand and now I don't have a hope in hell of replying to all my comments. I am genuinely really sorry. I promise you I do read them all though, even if I don't reply :heart:

I say laziness, but I'm pretty busy too, so it's not aaaall my fault ^^; ... :iconruncryplz:
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Yo dawg, I herd u liek purple?

So much purple! :iconhappyblueplz:

But yeah, Violet has long been awaiting a new picture and today is the day~ I wanted to post some kind of April Fools joke picture, but I couldn't be bothered, so here... Have this one I actually tried on~
Amg, guess what? I bought those tights from Poundland. True story~
I'm gonna post this link to Violet's big chapter, because it's relevant bro~  Aurora High - Chapter 19Violet
The long-awaited Christmas Concert had finally arrived. The posters on the outside of the gymnasium doors seemed to have been vandalised; Where it used to give a line-up of the night’s acts, it now had a black marker pen scrawled in a bold font that read: ‘Indigo’.
“Sunny mentioned something about Indigo. I think they’re a band or something.” Maizy said vaguely, noticing me gazing at the poster. Maizy looked amazing tonight. She was wearing a long, cream coloured dress with long bell sleeves that she was fiddling with. Maizy was so funny with her sleeves. She had also straightened her messy blonde hair so that it now fell almost to her waist.
“They must think a lot of themselves to have scribbled over the other acts.” Jade huffed, trying to wipe a bit of the marker off. Jade had chosen to wear a plain, green dress that I had seen her in a thousand times. When I had asked why she had made so little effort, she simply relied :

So my next photo will be a Cocoa cosplay that I am no way Asian enough to pull off, but gosh darn did I try~

I hope you're enjoying my new wave of photos, I love you my watchers! :D :heart:

Noire - Rotten Girl by AmphyRainbows Iris - Ice Queen by AmphyRainbows Scarlett - The Talent by AmphyRainbows
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-Name Of Chapter: The Story Begins
-Rating: T (teen)
-Genre: Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Friendship, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense and Tragedy
-Main Characters: Maka, Tara (OC), Sphix (fox OC), Soul, Death The Kid and Black Star
-Pairings: ???? R&R and the next chapter will come out so you can see
-Writers: Me! And my pal Madey-chan! Also Kuro-kun a wee bit, he contributed to the future chapters with ideas


Maka Albarn; 14 year old, 1 star scythe meister. She never knew how great she was, or the fact that she possessed a great grigori soul. Now, she and her friends casually plunge into another unexpected, action-packed, humorous and perverted adventure to find out about a girl called Tara who matches Black Star's assassin skills, an obsessive talking fox and men in black. What is going on? Have the team finally gone crazy? Is there a little romance developing? Will Maka ever discover the true power of her soul? Find out in the epic and humorous battle they face.


14 years ago…

Many people died and many people were born. Souls were always in constant motion, leaving their bodies to be left for others and new ones entering the bodies of newborns around the entire world. Like shooting stars sent from the heavens, many souls were shot down gracefully with a pure and beautiful shade of blue. It was a dark night but the stars and the peacefully grinning moon lit up the earth below where many events took place.

The thousands of souls falling from the sky came and gave new life. Baby boys and girls being born that night, it brought screaming through the night – of course, labor is painful! What no one expected that night in the city of death was something rare and rather special...

Only those with great perception abilities could see; a grigori (angelic) soul had fallen, given to a pretty baby girl with soft, pink skin. Her mother lay in the hospital bed with a deep smile and warm glow showing on her wet face. The woman's hard work was well worth it and she now had a beautiful daughter with a beautiful soul to match. The father stood next to them with the same expression as his wife. He put his arm around the 17 year old woman and she leaned her head against the 18 year old man.

Kami Albarn; wife of a death scythe and the mother of a grigori. A beautiful young woman with light brown hair and pretty green eyes.

Spirit Albarn; husband of a great scythe meister and the father of a grigori. A handsome young man with red hair and light blue eyes.

Everything was peaceful and perfect.

14 years later...

The baby girl had grown – although not fully developed yet. She was one of the top students at her school; Shibusen/Death Weapon-Meister Academy. She had many friends and lived in an apartment with her 16 year old partner Soul Eater Evans and magic cat Blair.

Many things had happened over those 14 years. Her parents had got divorced; due to Spirit's constant cheating. Her mother – who the young girl took sides with – had begun traveling the world alone; so her daughter could stay in Death City and finish her school years. The girl had also found many new friends, best of which a boy called Soul. Soul and Maka had met a year previous and had become attached as partners of weapon and meister (wielder).

She was a young teenager with no breasts.

Her name was Maka Albarn; 1 star scythe meister.

Maka still to the present date isn't aware of her rare soul and only her elders know, such as Lord Death and her professor; Franken Stein.

She had grown to have a thin, slender body. She had straight, ash blonde hair and pretty, emerald eyes like her mother. She was your regular bookworm and straight A student, only much cuter and with an easily angered nature.

In Soul, Maka and Blair's Apartment:-

Maka came out of her room wearing a small, white and red tank top and a pair of white shorts with a black belt. Her feet were protected by white socks and a pair of black and white converse. She left her hair down in a natural state with her bangs covering her forehead. She walked out to see Soul watching TV – something about car racing that Maka didn't pay interest to. "Hey Soul, you ready?" her sweet voice asked casually as she walked over to him. Maka was met with crimson eyes and a deep voiced reply through sharp teeth "yeah, you?" "Yep."

"Blair, we're going now! Have a nice day and don't break anything!" Maka called into the bathroom where a woman lay in the bathtub. This was the magic cat Blair in her human form; she had long, straight and curled, purple hair, gold eyes. She also had a tall, sexy body. Her massive breasts and curved, hot body were slightly hidden under the bubbles, for which Maka didn't open the door – incase Soul got a nose bleed once again. "Have a nice day too, Maka! And say goodbye to Soul for me!" Blair sang back.

Maka and Soul left the apartment and went down to the park to meet up with Black Star and Death The Kid.

Soul was wearing a casual pair of dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt with black patterns on it. He also had a pair of black and white converse on like Maka – except his had black stripes on the rims. His longish, white hair was let loose and spiked as usual, leaving his normal black hair band at home for another day.

The duo walked down to the park, having small talk most of the way.

Normally the Thomson Sisters; Liz and Patty, and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa would have hung out with them as well with their partners Kid and Black Star but today they had a 'full day – girls' only - shopping trip' – which Maka didn't feel like doing. So Maka decided to tag along with the guys and whatever they do outside school.

Soul and Maka finally arrived at the park to see a few people their age running around. In the middle of the park, they could see Kid and Black Star. The two boys looked quite pissed at one another, standing in opposite directions with their arms folded – Black Star looked like a pouting child and Kid looked more serious and nonchalant as per usual. Black Star was wearing his black and white, short sleeved hoodie with a white shirt underneath. He also wore black three-quarter lengths and fake converse with stars on the sides. Kid was wearing a symmetrical, striped, black and green t-shirt with blue jeans and plain, black shoes. Both of the young teens' hair was like it usually was; Black Star's teal hair was left spiked and messy, and Kid's black emo cut hair with three white stripes on the left side was brushed neatly.

"Yo, Kid, Black Star!" Soul shouted as he and Maka walked closer to them across the grass. "Good day" Kid replied politely – he's rich and son of the grim reaper. Black Star greeted Soul with a fist pound "hey man, what's up?" Black Star's gaze turned to Maka who stood casually, minding her own business. He took notice to the fact that she was showing a lot of bare flesh "hey Maka, if you had boobs then I'd actually call you hot in that outfit" he simply looked her up and down without arousal, just astonishment. Kid nodded and said "you do look lovely today, Maka. Is what Black Star was probably trying to say." Maka smiled and accepted Kid's compliment but scowled at Black Star for insulting her small cleavage. She growled and folded her arms "you're lucky I left my book at home today, or else your head would be getting smashed with a Maka-Chop!" Soul rolled his eyes and punched Black Star's arm so he would get the hint to leave her alone.

"What brings you here, Maka? I would have thought that you'd be going shopping with the girls" Kid asked curiously, trying to make things more civil. He tucked his hands into his jean pockets and waited for Maka to answer. She came out of her annoyance and placed her hands behind her back "I'm not really into girly shopping trips, so I thought I'd just hang out with you guys." "That's a pleasant surprise" Kid commented.

The 4 young teen began chatting and catching up. Black Star bragged about himself as usual, Soul began talking about his new IPhone – which Kid already had. And then Kid and Maka began to talk about a book they were both reading. Things were pretty normal for a while; banter, laughing and friendly chatter. The sun beamed down across the city in the middle of the Nevada desert, luckily everyone was wearing responsible clothing for hot weather. Black Star even took his hoodie and shirt off to reveal his strong muscles and well in-shape torso, also revealing the birth mark on his shoulder which was in the shape of a star, holding his dark past. He showed off his 'godly' muscles to his friends – mostly Maka – and any strangers who walked past them.

Meanwhile, somewhere on the streets of Death City:-

I have to get away from here! The girl thought to herself as she ran. As she ran, she snatched someone's gray hoodie, pulling the hood over her head to cover her long ebony hair and short bangs. She now wore dark jeans which were torn, a white, low cut top and a gray hoodie. The person she took the hoodie from cursed and ran after her for a little while, but gave up quickly. She looked back and saw the ones who were still chasing her, the people who she was running away from in the first place.

They wore black and they just didn't give up! She tried to run faster, but her legs wouldn't carry her that much faster, and after a mile of running, she could feel them start to give out. The girl looked around franticly. That was when she figured out they were herding her into a dead end, the bad part was that she was already there, and by the time she got there, she didn't have a chance to turn in the other direction.

Green eyes frantic and scared, she didn't know what she was going to do, or how she was going to get out of here. Anger then got her, but she couldn't do anything with it, there were too many. She looked around and saw a large dumpster with the lid on parked against the wall. She studied it and went for it. The girl jumped on it and climbed a nearby window and broke it so they would think she jumped in the house, but instead she jumped on the other side. Landing right behind the group of people who were showing off. One of the guys had his shirt off and had a hot body, but she couldn't be there for long. As she passed them she ran around the corner and sat down, her breathing wheezing, if anything it sounded like she was hyperventilating. The girl tried to lower her breathing, but she couldn't since she over did it. Her legs hurt and there was nothing she could do about it.

Maka and Kid turned in the direction of the girl, they couldn't see or her but their soul perception could. Their eyes didn't cross paths but they both knew instinctively what was going on. Soul looked to his two friends and then in the direction they were glaring at. "What's going on?" he asked casually but didn't get an answer. Black Star looked at them all dumbfoundedly and looked around angrily "is there someone trying to steal my spotlight?" he asked aggressively. Soul held his best friend down before he began to attack randomers in the streets.

"Something's happening... Someone's being chased" Maka said slowly, blinking after a few seconds. Kid nodded and looked in her direction with amazement; her perception abilities were far superior to his own, despite him having the heritage of it from his father.

Suddenly they all turned in the same direction; they heard the sound of smashing glass and clattering footstep which were in a hurry. Suddenly the group saw a young girl running past them with great speed. She was panting and looked tired, as shown from the sweat dripping down her face. All four friends gazed at her, not letting their eyes leave the running girl. They watched her bolt around a corner before they heard the running stop, although her panting could still be heard. Maka and Kid could still feel her soul nearby and it was trembling with exhaustion.

The group of people were still where they were when she passed them and she could hear them talking, she knew they knew she was around the corner but it wasn't them she was hiding from; it was the people in black.

The people in black climbed the wall like the girl had looked in the window and scattered, when they found nothing they cursed then looked down at the group.

Everyone turned their heads around once again at the sound of more running, shouting and cussing. Kid didn't like the sounds of their voices nor their bad mannered tones. All of them - even Black Star - knew what was going on. The girl that just ran passed them was being chased.

"Hey, have you seen a girl run by here? She is wearing a gray hoodie..." The way the man in black spoke, it was easily detected that their intentions when they found the girl wasn't good. And the sound of their voice made her cringe.

Appearing before them were a group of men in black who seemed tired and angry. As they asked if any of them had seen the girl, no one spoke until...

"Yeah, she went that way." Black Star answered pointing in the direction of the girl. Everyone widened their eyes and jumped with dumbfoundment to Black Star's stupidity. They had to think fast, then another spoke "or was it that way?" Maka was quick enough to make the groups bad memory look real enough. "I believe it was that way, towards those houses over there" Kid added, pointing in the opposite direction of the girl. Everyone nodded as they looked towards the young reaper and his good thinking "she seemed to be in a rush so if your trying to catch her, I'd hurry if I were you or you'll lose her" Kid finished, looking up at them with his fixed, gold orbs. It was scary how believable they sounded, Black Star shouted as he wasn't ever capable of keeping quiet "yeah! I knew it; she did go towards the houses! YAHOO!" Everyone face-palmed at Black Star's stupidity once again. They hoped that they put on a good enough show to make their act look believable, for the girl's sake.

The reached into her jean pocket and pulled out a small whistle and blew in it, but no one could hear it but one animal. It ran to her no being seen by the others. She smiled at it as it had her handgun and in its mouth. She patted it the small fox and kissed it gently on the head. She gave it a hand motion, and it was against a wall in a second, The smiled at her friend then turned her attention to the people in black.

The men in black all disappeared in the direction of which the group told them. All except one, who seemed determined to find out where the girl was. She shot.

The group seemed satisfied as the men in black walked in the direction they had told them to go. They were more than a bit shocked by the remaining one man who seemed to be unsatisfied with what they had said. This wasn't good, what could they do? How could they get him to go away? What would convince him now?


The girl's bullet swung around the building dodged all of the people in the group and hit the man in black right in the head.

The man's eyes widened and his body collided with the ground and blood began to gather around him. Maka jumped at the sudden loud noise, it was far from expected and although they wouldn't admit it out loud, she knew the boys were shocked as well.

The girl took a relieved breath at the sound of his drop The fox lifted her shirt before her cleavage, where she had been cut by a knife. She looked at it, it was pretty deep and she had lost a lot of blood. She ripped off the lower half of her shirt to tie it around her ribs, which felt like one was either fractured, broke, or dislocated. She gasped at the sharp pains. She was then glad she was skinny and looked hot, like many had said.

The fox curled up beside her as she took a breath. Still gasping and cringing in pain when any pressure was applied, or even when she moved. She couldn't react to it before because her adrenaline got the best of her. She was then curious if the group was still there or not, She didn't know, if they were she wondered if they were going to try and kill her as well - since shot the man - or if they would help her, she didn't know. But if they did try to kill her, she was ready. She grabbed the gun and took a staggered breath. Her breath was getting harder and harder...If the group wanted her dead, all they have to do is wait, if she stayed there, she would die. She looked at the wound which was still bleeding then to her fox.

Within minutes her head started to spin and she laid down, her breath still ragged. The girl's foot could be seen by the group. She didn't care.

Maka looked down in slight horror at the dead man, she saw his body fade away to reveal a red tainted soul. "This man, he was a kishin egg" Kid commented, looking down at him. They all looked in the direction from which the shot was fired and saw more blood pooling around the ground; they saw the girl's foot and what looked like the white tips of a tail, some kind of animal?

"Hey guys, come here!" Black Star called. He wasn't standing by his friends any longer, he was leaned down next to the girl who was near death. Taking a peak at her wound, he knew this was bad, injuries were his specialty since his training got intense, missions got bad and sometimes he 'let' the enemy take a shot at him. "Hey man, this doesn't look good" Black Star said to himself as he reached down to her wound. He ignored the fox which lay next to her, if it attacked him then so what? He's had worse things happen to him and hell; everybody could back him up of that one.

She didn't hear any attempts to help her, she thought they did, but she didn't know, and for a moment it felt like it didn't matter anyway. Her blood was visible. The fox looked at her face and cuddled against her almost cold body.

As the fox lay next to her, she petted it. The fox was her only family; the men in black killed them all. Her dad taught her how to fight, to kill, to shoot anything, and to use a knife and sword. Her mom taught her how to cook, and how to care for people and of course respect. Her father brought her the fox when it was just a little kit. It was like her sister. When she looked up from her fox she saw a guy hovering over her, She didn't know what to do, because she didn't know if he was a threat or not. So as he stood over her, she tried to reach for the knife that was in her boot, her eyes scrunched in pain and despair. Then her fingers held the knife. She tried to rise but fell back down. Before she knew the figure was trying to help me, she threw the knife at him. She didn't know if it hit him or not, all she knew was the right after that everything was black.

"We should safe guard this soul, if his group come back to see this, they'll know something wrong and we'd be involved, which would make things rather bad if we were alone at some point" Kid spoke as he performed a konso on the soul, keeping it safely locked away within him for later use. His reaper body could easily cope with an extra soul.

The remaining three teens ran towards Black Star and the girl, only to have more shock cover their faces. "This is bad, she needs help" Soul said leaning down to the girl. "Yeah, maybe Stein or someone at the academy could help" Maka added. "Come on, we need to pick her up and get her to the academy then" Soul said to them urgently. "Kid, you've got that skateboard thing, right? Do you think you could carry one extra on that thing?" Soul asked and Kid nodded, summoning Beelzebub; his supernatural, flying skateboard. "Help me pick her up, you get her arms and I'll get her legs, Black Star" Soul finished and himself and Black Star lifted her up onto the skateboard with Kid who carried her on his back - there's not exactly a place to place her on a freaking skateboard!

"Hurry up Kid, we'll try and find those guys from bef-" Maka looked down to see the fox. Kid zoomed of into the sky with the girl on his back, heading towards the academy which his father had founded.

The fox watched them take care of the girl, her brown orbs focused on them, when she noticed that they were trying to help she got up and moved out of their way, rubbing her head against their legs, as if she was begging for help. When they picked her up and was gone. She felt alone, she looked around not knowing where they were taking her. She looked mortified, and right when they took off she looked around and started to run as fast as she can after it. Leaping from everything and anything she could find. Then that was it, she leapt on a building ledge, then leapt on the hover skateboard thing.

The remaining trio watched as the fox raced after Kid who was carrying the girl. They were quite impressed that the fox actually made it onto the skateboard. "Some pet she's got there, kind of reminds me of Blair a little bit, except without the hot human body or obsession with taking my virginity" Soul commented. Maka glared at him but for once not at disgust at his comment, just an annoyed expression. "We should be going, we need to know where those guys went to" Maka commented herself and looked at Soul and Black Star, the only two guys she completely knew.

Black Star's dark green eyes closed as he grasped his arm and groaned.

"Black Star? What's wrong?" Soul and Maka rang, moving closer to examine what was wrong. He looked up at them and shrugged whilst still grasping his arm, blood began to drip down it. "I'm fine, that girls got good skills, just not good enough to really injure me" he groaned again. "She did just lose a lot of blood and fell unconscious you know, I'm surprised she was able to hit you at all" Soul replied. Maka look Black Star's top and wrapped it around his wound, making sure it would reduce the bleeding "thanks Maka, but really, it's fine" Black Star complained but in a quiet way for once, letting her help him out without a fight. "We can look for those guys tomorrow, we should call this a day. If we're going to find these guys, you need to have Tsubaki around to make sure you don't get hurt" Maka teased but was serious at the start. They began to walk along, Black Star carried the knife the girl stuck into his arm and played about with it "Tsubaki's a way better weapon" he shrugged. Soul and Maka smiled and nodded as the three walked towards the academy.

Meanwhile on Kid's skateboard:-

The girl then woke up. Movement was everywhere; She looked down and found herself on a guy's shoulder. She glared at him as best as she could. "What… Where… What the FUCK!" She started to say once she realized she was in the sky. "Where are you taking me?" She said angrily, she still didn't know they were helping her, how could she? They could have told those black people where she was. Or they could be the people in black, taking her where she got away from. She clenched my teeth in pain, as her ribs made a weird sound. Yep, definitely broken she thought to herself, but it didn't stop her. She punched the guys back, and then saw her fox glare at her, and then she was out again.

Kid looked back as the girl began to shout at him, he nearly lost balance as she moved and complained. "Stop moving! You're ruining our symmetry and we'll fall!" he said in a worried tone, leaning down so the balance could be regained, but then she punched him - it hurt! What happened next didn't help in the slightest either. As the girl fell unconscious again, a fox jumped onto the back of the skateboard. Kid sighed and let the small canine tag along.

They finally arrived at the academy and Kid hovered back down to the ground at the front entrance. "Get off now" he said to the fox as he released Beelzebub so the skateboard disappeared.

Kid's voice was heard by the girl, but it sounded fuzzy and she didn't have any contact with her body, it felt all lifeless, and she felt really cold. She probably already looked dead, but she wouldn't know. The next thing she heard annoyed her. When he yelled at her fox, she knew he was yelling at her. Too weak to move, she mumbled. "" She tried to say 'No!' But, that was all that came out. Then she was out again.

The fox seemed to flare its teeth and growl when Kid yelled at her. Her ears pinned to her skull.

Kid ran into the academy and through the halls until he reached a door which had a sign above that said 'Infirmary'. He opened the door and charged in to see Stein reading a book of some sort. "Professor Stein! This girl's got a serious stab injury and she may have some broken bones" Kid exclaimed. Stein examined the girl on Kid's back and saw blood dripping onto the white floor. "Get her over to the other room, this looks bad" Stein answered and Kid agreed, both of them dashing into a secondary room which was used for surgery. "I can handle this Kid, we can discuss what happened after" Stein continued and urged Kid out of the room.

When he took off towards the house the fox followed immediately. When he opened the door she slipped in, but he shut the door to the infirmary. She growled to herself and ran to the other kids and rubbed her head against them. She was growling not in violence, but as if it was trying to talk to them, pleading, it sounded more like. It twirls in circles, its tales circling them as it ran to them then ran out to the infirmary door then back to them. When no one moved, it then growled angrily and tried to push one of them towards the door of the infirmary.

The pleading of the unconscious girl's fox was left ignored by Kid and Stein. The seriously wounded girl on Kid's back was far more important right now and so that was what had to be dealt with first.

As Kid left the surgery room, he noticed the fox once again, this time though he gave it full notice. "Why hello there, you must belong to that girl... She'll be fine, Professor Stein is an excellent doctor as well as teacher at this academy" Kid addressed the fox patiently. He knew that talking to this animal would make him seem weird but it did look worried so it was in titled to have a bit of ease for it's friend like any human. He leaned down to look at the fix further, not making any other movements; he simply looked at it with his golden eyes. Kid came back up and sat onto a chair that was nearby, waiting for the girls surgery to end and for Stein to come out.

The fox felt a little better when Kid paid attention to her, she seemed to smile, and do foxes smile? This one did. Her ears pricked to his words and she watched him with glassy eyes. "That girls name is Tara Blanchette, and she better be fine." Her lyrics rolled quick off her tongue. Tara had told her not to talk in front of people because they would freak out, and to them it wasn't natural like it was to her and her family. I eyed the boy carefully, to see his reaction, a reaction I wouldn't see on Tara.

The surprised expression which crossed Kid's face as the fox started to talk to him. He glared at the splendor of this weird and unusual creature. It had a voice, but that was not all that he noticed. The little fox before him had something far more amazing in his point of view... I wonder what it is.

"Symmetry!" Kid called as he raised his arms in joy, a cheery sound to his normally low voice. "You are amazing! So red and symmetrical. It's these kinds of things that make the world so perfect" he grasped his hands together with more glee and his cheeks turned pink as he looked down at the speaking fox.

"Huh? You also speak, you are a rare and wondering thing" he smilled, that smile was only put on when he was deeply in his heart pleased with something.

Death The Kid snapped out of his symmetry cheer when he heard the shouting from the other room. "That doesn't sound good... So her name is Tara Blanchette? What might your name be, little symmetrical one?" he asked still staring at the door.

She watched his expression calmly, though was quite surprised that Tara was right. She was usually right, but this time she had to bet against her. All animals talk, but Tara said that only animals could understand them, that was when she came up with the thought that aren't humans animals too? That stumped her, but she just said, she didn't know and that humans couldn't understand animals, and she turned out special. His language was different, she didn't understand his words, and those were words that Paul Blanchette would say. "Sorry, I didn't catch that." she said, meaning the words he had simply just said. When he finally heard the noises of Tara she laughed again. "No, it doesn't. She is terrified of doctors, and she probably doesn't even know where she is. And my calling is Sphix."I said with a smile, my lyrics were soft and cheery, though ancient at the same time.

Meanwhile in the surgery room:-

Meanwhile, the girl smelt medicine; she didn't know where she was. She rose up too quickly. She groaned in pain, from the pinch of her broken rib, then the fuzziness of her head. She looked around when her site came back to normal. She didn't know where she was, but if the people in black took her here, she'd be taking herself out. She started to take out the needles in her arm that helped me regain her lost blood.

Stein was preparing many metallic objects and antibiotics for the girl silently, speaking quietly every now and then to confirm what he was reaching for. As he turned he could see the girl wakening slowly, pulling the needles from the veins in her arms. "Hold on! Your body still needs more blood!" Stein exclaimed with a worried tone in his usually husky voice.

Tara looked up at the person who seemed to be frantic with her pulling needles out. She looked at him for a little bit, and then looked around."Tell me where the hell I am."she demanded sharply, her green eyes narrowed."And cut the bull shit, I had a long day."She added, she didn't care if she sounded rude, she really wasn't that mean, but she didn't know where she was, her fox was gone, the people who she saw in the alley weren't here, so what is she going to expect? That the men in black found her, YES THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE EXPECTED! She wrapped my hands around the needle the helped her produce more blood. Still glaring at him, it seems that they needed her alive for something, and she'd rather be dead then help them. "Tell me, or I will pull this cord." She said stubbornly, but by the tone of her voice, she wasn't kidding.

In the infirmary:-

Kid had remained patient for the past 10 minutes. But eventually he cracked. Everything in that room was placed differently from it's opposite side.

It was driving him crazy!

He began with the medicine cabinet, rearranging the many different glasses and bottles so that if the cabinet was cut exactly in half, both sides looked precisely the same. "Beautiful! That's much better" he spoke with majesty as he looked upon his amazing and very much, symmetrical work.

At that instant, the door flung open to the infirmary and in from the halls came Black Star, Maka and Soul. "Hey Kid" Soul and Maka said in a synced tone. Black Star was being held by the two and looked pretty much out of it. He had a weird, drooling look on his face and stars were flying around his head and at the top of his cranium there was a large, red bump. "Hello Soul, Maka. What's happened to Black Star?" Kid greeted then asked curiously, looking down at the blue haired monkey as he tried to call out a Yahoo!, but it sounded more like a painful whisper rather than his usual outburst. Maka blushed and her face became a mix of anger and embarrassment. Soul had a light blush to at the memory.

What happened...? (Memory flash!)

"Are you sure you're alright Black Star?" Maka asked in a sweet and caring tone. Black Star nodded and moved injured arm around "it'll take a lot more than that to hurt me! I'm the great and powerful Black Star! The one who will surpass the gods! Yahoo!" he called out with an arrogant and smug smile on his face. Soul and Maka rolled there eyes and sighed, then Soul spoke "sure you will, man. But I'm telling you, if you wave your arm around like that any more it's gonna dislocate or somethin'." Black Star growled and snorted "you just don't get how great I am do you?" he then went into a childish huff but it was quickly replaced with a look of smugness once again.

Maka stopped and turned her head, a short and chilly breeze made her hair wave and flesh tingle. "Yo, Maka, what's wrong?" Soul asked, both him and Black Star stopped and turned to look at her with both worry and confusion. "Yeah Maka, you scared of dark alleys or somethin'?" Black Star teased. Maka ignored them both and walked into the alley cautiously I can feel soul wavelengths, and not good ones... she thought.

Before anything else could be said or done, a black coated man leapt down from the rooftops above. He landed in front of Maka and before she could run and fight back, he grabbed her arms and tied her wrists behind her back. He held a knife to her throat and she cringed, trying to pull away put couldn't. As the cold blade of the knife kissed her throat she gasped, slight droplets of water gathering in her eyes. "Where's the girl?" he asked harshly, holding her arms behind her while she struggled. She didn't reply and from the shadows came a few others in black, their stances and forms seeming very malicious. The man holding Maka prisoner scowled and let his hand which held the knife fall to side side but openly ready for attack. "You! If you don't want to see anything bad happen to your little girlfriend here then tell me where that girl ran off to! The truth this time you little Sh*t!" as Soul prepared for an attack, making his arm transform into the black and red blade of his scythe form, the man pinned Maka down to the ground and slipped a hand under her tank top. His hand began to grope her breasts harshly; she let out a loud groan from surprise. Soul's eyes widened at the sight of his partner being molested but it quickly turned to mere anger as the man's other hand began to move lower down her body. "Get off!" Maka yelled desperately as she began to moan and pant, kicking out at the man but it didn't seem to help. "Then tell me where she is!" he man yelled.

"Wait, where'd the other one go?" one of the other men in black called - referring to Black Star. Suddenly above the man and Maka was Black Star, getting ready to attack "look out!" one of the other men called and quick enough for the man to look up and notice the blue haired child nearing his attack. He moved out of the way, revealing Maka with her tank top pulled up to see her plain white bra. Black Star couldn't stop his decent, he could only stop his attack stance and fall downward. The two teens screamed in a low tone as they smashed into one another. The impact left them both groaning and gasping for breath - since Black Star landed directly onto Maka.

Black Star leaned up and felt something good on his lower half then he opened his eyes to realize the situation. He lay on top of Maka who was panting and groaning. His eyes widened and so did hers as she also realized what what going on. "Get off me, Black Star!" Maka yelled as the blood rushed to her cheeks and they became a deep rose colour. Black Star couldn't move, he was still at shock from what was going on and so Maka pushed him backward and kicked his head fiercely. She quickly stood up in anger and then looked down to see Black Star knocked out with a throbbing head. She looked over to the men who were still standing there; some had grins plastered on their faces "we'll find out eventually... Until then young ones..." with that the men leapt of and disappeared. Maka sighed and looked over to Soul whose mouth was gaping and she could have sworn a slight trickle of blood fell from his left nostril. She looked down at her feet with a blush then realized something else that made her turn an even deeper shade of red.

"Soul... Could you pull my top down, please...? My hands are still tied up" Maka spoke quietly but loud enough for him to hear. He was once again shocked but he had to obey, she couldn't exactly walk around the city with her flat chest showing - she was female non the less and they do have boobs. He walked over to her and closed his eyes, reaching out for the fabric but reached something else... uh oh.

"Soul!" Maka yelped as she felt his hands going somewhere else. Soul opened his eyes a gazed with shock and embarrassment. "Sorry Maka! Sorry!" he yelled back desperately and reached for her top, immediately pulling it down to cover as much of her chest as he possibly could. He walked behind her and untied her wrists and then waited for Maka to begin beating the crap out of him.

Nothing happened.

He looked up at Maka who was still blushing but didn't show any sign of maliciousness toward him. What a relief.

(End of memory flash)

"Nothing, Kid" Soul replied, saving the long story to save himself and Maka from any more shame.

"So how's that girl?" Soul asked as he looked around but saw no one else but a... fox? "And did that thing follow you all the way here? Is it even aloud in here?" he question.

"She's in surgery with Professor Stein" Kid replied then looked back down to the fox "I'm sure she can stay, she's just worried about her master". Kid finished then looked back up to his friends, calm and still curious as to what happened. Black Star was sure to say something or at least act differently when he woke up.

The fox's ears flickered to the surgery door, Tara's yelling echoed loudly in her ears. The fox seemed to laugh at the noise, Tara always hated doctors and being in places involving doctors. Shaking her dome she looked back up at the new party who. She was curious if they could hear Tara yelling stubbornly and franticly at the doctor. Though when one of the humans asked the guy that carried Tara if I was allowed here, my ears pinned. "Even if I wasn't I'd stay here, Tara is here. And I am NOT leaving her again, especially with strangers, who seemed to have been attacked by the men in black, also called the Gleina Clan." The fox informed them, feeling pretty smart.

In the surgery room:-

Stein wasn't amused at all, mostly because he had no idea at all on what the hell was going on. He sighed and began to collect the equipment he still needed. "I don't know much, I was sitting in the infirmary on duty because some student had a strange fever. I was looking over my review of the student when Kid came in and said you were badly injured with a stab wound and so here we are. Also, this is Shibusen or Death Weapon-Meister Academy and your currently ready for surgery. Is there anything else you would like to know?" he asked. Placing series of scalpels and stitching apparatus next to where she lay.

Tara looked at the doctor carefully listening to every single word that came from his lips. She didn't know what to think, and she knew she was weak and did need surgery, but she didn't know this person, and last time she had gotten surgery it didn't turn out so well. When he seemed done talking and asked her if that was all she shook her head. "One more thing, so this isn't where the people in black work?" She asked, her voice curious and serious at the same time, what he didn't know was that she had another knife in her back pocket, and a shank in her boot.

Outside surgery:-

"Whoa what the hell? That thing can talk?" Soul began to gape and so become dumbfounded. Maka looked the same but had to get Black Star over to one of the beds, he weighed a tone...

"Yes, she is quite the pleasant and symmetrical fox isn't she?" Kid smiled sheepishly.

"Again with the symmetry, Kid?" Soul spoke with a brow raised. Maka walked over to them both and looked down at the fox and nodded "you have to admit she does look pretty symmetrical, no wonder Kid's amazed." Kid grabbed Maka into a cheerful embrace "you see it too, don't you Maka? The beauty of symmetry, the brilliant balance of both left and right sides. It's simply wonderful!" Maka stood dumbfounded at Kid's joyful rant, Soul face palmed at the sight.

Sphix smiled at kid, and chuckled at the other kids' reactions. "Yes I talk. Tara told me not to speak with humans, unless she gives the OK."she informed them, then realized she said something she wasn't supposed to, but it didn't feel wrong, so she knew she wasn't in the wrong. When Kid spoke she nodded. "Thank you." Sphix said pleasantly, then added, "The surgery will take a while, Tara hates doctors, and for good reasons. But she also doesn't know where she is."I informed the other kids, who saved Tara's life.

Sphix looked at the group and tilted her dome to the side."Symmetry?" she asked, not knowing the meaning or hearing anyone speak of that word.

"Oh yeah, you don't know do you? Kid here's got obsessive personality disorder with symmetry." Soul explained, gesturing to the happy go lucky Kid who was cuddling Maka with a big bear hug. "Symmetry is the key to everything in the universe, it is the most beautiful thing ever. Both sides, so similar and so...BEAUTIFUL! Maka! Your so symmetrical!" Kid continued to chirp and blab his nonsense. "If it helps, we don't get what he's talking about either..." Soul finished.

As she studied the three, her eyes went to the one who was bleeding at the shoulder. "What happened to his shoulder?"I asked curious and faintly concerned.

"Oh, you mean Black Star? That girl did that to him I think, he said something about her having a good aim" Soul explained. Suddenly - speak of the devil - "Yahoo! That girl may have a good aim but not as good as the almighty Black Star!" the young assassin bragged loudly. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over to him, including Maka. Black Star and Maka shared glances for a moment and they both turned away with slight blushes at the events previous.

Sphix's ears pricked when the talked about Tara being a good aim. She nodded, they had no idea. "Well...She is quite educated in many things such as guns, bow and arrows, knives, stealth, survival, and then science- Sorry..that might have been too much." She said with an embarrassed look, no wonder Tara told her to be quiet, now that Sphix had started she couldn't seem to stop herself, oh...Tare will in infuriated with her. Her ears dropped at the thought, she deserved it though. She looked back up and sighed, "Your lucky she wasn't aiming to kill you...Or she wouldn't have missed." She said slowly. They wouldn't understand, Tara was a lethal weapon, her father did too much. He paid more attention on his work than he did with her, she always had nothing...and she knew it. Except for Sphix, that was why she was created...For her sake.

Then she looked at them, curiosity got her again. "Are you guy's a couple?" she asked, Kid and Maka.

Are you guy's couples? Her voice made Maka jump, flinching away from Kid who just looked dumbfounded at the fox then to Maka. "Nope, Kid just likes hugs went he goes on one of his rants" Maka explained, trying to keep a casual face but a slight smile arose due to the weirdness of the question. "And Maka is the most naturally symmetrical human I know, that makes her the most beautiful" Kid spoke with pride and happiness but his statement made Maka blush and give a low giggle "aww, thanks Kid" she smiled. Soul looked away with a growl, joining Black Star as they both rolled their eyes.

When they all looked at Sphix weirdly when she asked about them being a couple, she tilted her dome in confusion. There was some crushing going on, she could feel it. She shook her dome, it wasn't any of her business. Though Tara might be interested... She looked at them and smiled at them all and giggled when Maka blushed and Soul seemed to growl. Yep, there was sure there was some secret crushing going on, and they all seemed to be in their teens. Sphix smiled; happy that they seemed around Tara's age, though she was worried on how Tara would react with them...She's never been around anyone her own age...

Meanwhile in the surgery room:-

Stein looked plainly down at her; it was annoying when a patient was so reluctant. He looked down with curiosity and surprise as she asked about some people in black "I'm afraid I don't know who your referring to, if they are people who are considered evil or bad then they aren't here, this school is here to prevent those kinds of people" he explained. "Now, are you ready? I need to give you anesthetic so I can proceed" he asked in a casual tone.

Listening to him speak, it made her feel...sick. It could just have been the memories that started to come back. She's been to the doctors twice, and both experiences were horrible. She looked at him carefully, and then nodded. "I swear, if you are lying I will kill you." she said coldly. My daddy once said to me 'For such a gorgeous and beautiful girl, you sure are stubborn and dangerous.' the thought of his famous words made her want to cry, but that wouldn't help now, when she got stronger she would grab more knives and guns and kill those bastards, they will all pay for killing my family. When he spoke again she took a deep breath. "Keep your hands where they need to be. And yeah, sure, whatever." She said harshly as she laid back down taking deep breaths, her heart accelerating.

Stein was ready with the needle in his hand, waiting for her to say she was ready. It was rather annoying - again - that she was so stubborn and reluctant. It made him a bit frustrated since he was healing her and performing surgery and the patient he had seemed to hate his guts. After a while, she threatened to kill him if he was lying - which was impossible, only a few select individuals could defeat him. He raised a brow at her when she said for him to keep his hands where they need to be, why would he not? He didn't have those kinds of interests if she was meaning that. Non the less, as soon as she lay back and said she was ready, he carefully and quickly placed the needle into a vein in her arm and injected the anesthetic. Then he waited for her eyes to close once again and her to drift off, making sure she was under by the heart rate beeping slowing on the monitor. "Okay, now the rest should be simple" he spoke to himself, thinking out loud. He then picked up the tools he needed and went on with her surgery.

Tara's POV:-

By the look on his face I knew I was annoying him, and I really didn't care, actually I was enjoying this. I didn't really believe him, but I went along with it. As I laid down I closed my eyes to try and calm myself. My heart still going pretty fast, this was crazy, why did my dad have to do all of his studying, he told me about a university, he was researching about souls and soul eaters, and how some souls make you gain power, but too much of it turns your human into something else. And now thinking back to it, the men in black...well, they weren't human, well they used to be, but you could tell they weren't anymore. The way they smelt, and when I shot the guy he disappeared. I dad told me how to kill souls, how to kill someone who has had too many souls, and things that aren't even human anymore, the bullets in my gun can kill anything and anyone. I opened my eyes to study the doctor, he wasn't quiet human either, and I knew my gun could kill him. That was why the men in black were at my house, they wanted the weapons my dad created and his information, when he deleted everything he showed me it and how to do everything without papers, every day instead of going to school like a normal girl, I was stuck at home learning his research by heart and how he made everything, maybe that was why- The shot went into my blood stream and I was out, loosing my train of thought along the way.
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yep I cosplayed this version of her, but haven't uploaded them yet XD might as well watch me if you wan t to see it ;) XD

Art: :iconlawrielle21:
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yuki nagato
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I really love this guy, I think I drew him pretty well there ^-^

Louie (c) Bomberman
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Mini Pink Heart PixelA new anime character for a new anime I made/making! :dummy:

地球の愛のため -Chikyū no ai no tame- (For the Love of Earth)

Her name is Kame Hazuki (Kah•may Hah•zoo•kee) {葉月} I just realized her name sounds like Kamehameha from DBZKai :XD: Well, anyway, she is 18 years old, she loves cool colours, and she's a magical girl. She's a senior in high school, she's tough and beautiful, plus her powers are usually Earth-like powers (That explains her eyes all blue and green). Meaning, she has rock powers, water powers, cloud/fog powers, land powers, air powers (from purple hairband color) etc, etc.

She's a magic soldier along with 4 other girls. (Meaning she's the leader of the team).

She has:

Bullet; Blue Earth Power

There's also:

Bullet; Red Fire Power

Bullet; Green Zodiac Power

Bullet; White Ice Power, and

Light Purple Bullet - F2U! Spirit Power 

It's like a mixture of:

Bullet; Pink Sailor Moon

Bullet; Pink Tokyo Mew Mew

Bullet; Pink Cutie Honey

Bullet; Pink Mermaid Melody

:bulletpink:Pretty Cure

:bulletpink:Ojamajo Doremi

:bulletpink:Magica MadokaMini Pink Heart Pixel
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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I worked extra hard on this, so yea <3.

Heart - Free la in love Good morning, starshine Awwthanksplz Loving That Heart Give it to me Princess La Princess plushie HappyBlush Runaway Heart Spread the love Starzii Valentine Version 2 Starzii Valentine Version Valentine's day emote love Happy Valentine Emote Valentine's Day - 2nd version Kiss Emote Cuddle Love :flirt: kiss for moral up kiss The Many Colors of Personality Kiss 
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