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Free to Touch
Fem!America X Fem!Reader: Chapter Two

(Amelia’s P.O.V)

That chic’s really 19? She’s my age! This is so much fun! I can’t wait for the party!

I walked through the halls of the office building nonchalant and asked random staff members if they needed help or anything. I am the boss of this place so naturally I do have to take some kind of control. Though I’m not really the true United States of America, I’m kind of like a vice president in a way… Yeah that’s exactly how it is. Soon enough though, it was getting towards the end of work and I hovered over ______’s desk in longing.

“______, are you done yet?!”

“I’m sorry. I’ll try to hurry up.”

I gave a chuckle on how cute she was trying to speed along her work for me. But still, she didn’t have to apologize. If she wasn’t a little mean, she’d be no fun.  So I think I’ll force it onto her.

I gave a smug grin. “I’ll make you work overtime.”

“W-Wha—?!... Miss Jones please don’t joke with me like that. I am quite aware that it’s against work policy.” She gave a look on concern with a slight bit of annoyance. So I guess she doesn’t like jokes either.

“You’re awful _____! No fun at all! I guess once you know me long enough I’ll be easier to understand.”

“HA-HA-HA—no you’re still hard to understand….” She continued her work seriously and turned her face completely out of my view.

“Oh don’t be like that. All the guys on the fifth floor were all excited over you. They were all like ______’s such a hottie! I wanna make her my girl and whatever”, I laughed. “It must be nice to grow up…”

She raised her head to me. “How long have you been 19?”

I was a bit taken off guard by her question. “H-Heh… um… Since the 1900’s I guess?”

“You don’t know, do you…”


Later that night, we all went to my lounge and celebrated ______’s first day here. It wasn’t much of a grand surprise party since it was on such short notice. However it was just me a few co-workers and ______. We brought a bunch of beer, chips, and ordered take out from McDonalds. And damn I was loving it! Who knew they delivered!?

“Another great day of work everyone!”


One of the managers, Mrs.Petterson tried asking ______ if she wanted anything to eat. However she only sighed and plainly said whatever she was given she’d take. This girl was simply too strange. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a girl like her before.

“Hey ______, want a beer?”

“No thank you”, she smiled. “I don’t drink.”

=-= This *itch is trippin’ …..

“NO WAY! B-But do you want some Cola? I have tons of those!” I tried
to at least look for something that was normal for her to have in her system.

“Amelia you smell like Cola so no….”

“Seriously?!” I gave a slight grunt. “What?! So do you want water or something?!”

“Um… okay?”

TOO!” This girl was way more serious than she looked.

Mrs.Fellen laughed. “Hey Amelia, maybe you could learn something from her.”

I gave a laugh back as I poured some water. “No way! I can’t do THAT. Who the hell do I look like doing work. That’s what you guys are for!”

“Stupid! You may be our boss but your so… cruel”, Mrs.Petterson replied with a chuckle. “I think you need a husband! You’re hot enough for one.”

I passed ______ her water and sat next to her. “Speaking of which, Sarah got knocked up and married. Sad for us… and don’t even get me started on the only boy in our office that decided to do it with her. Just girls here is so lame!!! Speaking of which, she said that when the kid was born she’d stop here and bring it by.”

“She’d be a great mom though…”


Me and the others were having a pretty good time but I couldn’t help but notice how excluded ______ looked to me. She looked like a damn statue just standing there with a cup of water and a some-what in tuned face. Well I have to do something right?

“So ______, you used to the work yet”, I chuckled.


“Really? That’s good to hear. The other manager that employed you said you remember quickly and that you’re no idiot so I guess I’m not surprised.”

“…. … Thanks”, she smiled another fake one. It was so easy to tell what she was thinking. “I used to work in another large company called SHOTS… however… Well I shouldn’t really say such things.”

I held her by the shoulders and shook her “______!! Tell me!! You can’t cut a story like that! What’s wrong with you!? What happened? Did you get fired or something dude?!”

“No… Not that but…”

Mrs. Petterson leaned in “But?—“

“Shut up! She’s talking!” I placed my bare feet on her face and laughed hysterically.
“E-EWW!! Was that your feet on my face?! That’s so dirty”, she groaned.

“Well I just wiped it off because it WAS dirty—HA HA HA!!”

As me and Mrs.Petterson playfully argued, I forgot all about ______ who was supposed to be speaking. As soon as I heard her mournful voice I stopped.

“It was—“

“Oh hey Amelia! You got your nails
done? It’s just like you to get Red, White, and Blue.”

I smirked. “You know it gurl~!”

“Ugh it’s getting late anyways. We out?”

I got up and packed up my food to bring home. “Yeah sure why not.” I put on my bomber jacket and sunglasses. “______, you coming too honey?”

She gave an awkward smile and tossed the plastic cup in the
garbage. “Go on without me. I’ll be out soon.”

“Ugh, ______ you’re such a fickle!” I grabbed her hands and rushed her and her
belongings out the door. “I’m gonna walk you to whatever transportation
thingy you take!”

“Um.. S-Sure, thank you.”

After words, it was just me and ______ alone under the starry night sky of Washington D.C. I walked just a bit ahead of her as we talked about our likes and dislikes and whatever. Turns out we don’t have much in common but I kind of expected that. The one thing we do have though is that we both like to solve problems quickly and easily. Plus, we’re both adorable so that’s another thing.

“Um… Miss Jones…?”


“I apologize for before…”

“Huh? For what? You didn’t do anything
wrong. Wait… you don’t owe me money do you?” I teased.

“Not that I believe but thank you very much for the welcome
party. This is my car so I’ll be heading home soon.”

I smiled and gave her a hug. “______, take it easy
okay. You’re more important than you think you are.”


“And by that I mean important for getting my work done so yeah! Goodnight ______!”

“Ugh! You’re such a tease, Amelia!!”
PART TWO~!! :iconamericawantsplz:

Part 1: [link]

Part 2: u are here

Part 3: [link]
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Free to Touch
Fem!America X Fem!Reader

Lighting my first cigarette I looked out the window of my partner’s bedroom and puffed a smoke, seminude with only a lacy pair of red underwear and a blue and white t-shirt—her favorite colors. Honestly, how could I let things get like this? How could I be so foolish.

Foolish enough to let this stranger take advantage of me

Taking my first taste of tobacco was harder than how my friends made it look. But for one thing, it did take my mind off of the stress I was currently in. My partner laid beside me peacefully; also seminude. I coughed to the thick and bitter air of black smoke. The only things illuminating light was the moon and the lighted cigar.

Just how did it get to this anyways? I guess I could tell you that, right?
Otherwise what’s the point in writing this story?

It was my first day as my job as an employee under the American Government for Citizen Service or A.G.C.S for short. I was hired because of my knowledge with computers and knowing how to make sales go up quite easily if you ask me. Anyways, this wasn’t any regular job though. Our so called boss was Alfred F. Jones; the big guy; the brains and the brawn of this country… and also the country itself.

If I wasn’t clear enough, Mr.Jones is the United States of America. I am just a person. Not only that but there are people who are actually the human personification of every country, city, and state known to earth. These people can live forever as long as there are people living in that area and the faith of the particular country/state/city or whatever is still alive… or so I’m told. Even more, Alfred F. Jones has a sister who also shares her title as U.S.A. But she’s not the “true country representative” I’ve been told.

I really don’t give two shits what that means…

As I was saying, it was my first day at my new job. I came exactly on time and made my way to the elevator to get up to the sixth floor. The elevator was descending from the fifth at the time so I was briefly able to appreciate the cleanliness of the building. White marble filled the floors and walls, with silver and gold accents. When the elevator opened I made myself inside and pressed the number 6 casually.  However, before it could actually close I saw a fairly busty woman running my way.

“Hey wait! Hold up! WAIT!!”

I held the door, a little surprised on how fast this girl could run. As she made her way in past me, I smelt a rather foul scent. I held my breath and tried to breathe in through my mouth. Thing is, I’m a nose breather so every now and then I caught of whiff of that odor. It smelled like sweat.

“Th-Thanks….”, she huffed trying to catch her breath. She bent down and rested her hands on her knees firmly. Sweat rolled down her bosom into her open cut V-Neck t-shirt, down her fairly large thighs which her shorts obviously failed at hiding; her face was red which brought out her crystal blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Don’t get me wrong. She wasn’t fat so to speak… but she was… curvy…. Or rather, she still is…

“No problem. What floor”, I asked still trying to hold my breath.

“Uh? Oh! The sixth please!” For a bimbo like her, she sure looked happy. It was a nice expression for her now that I think about it.

“That’s the floor I’m going on”, I told her trying to force on a smile.

“Oh really!? So are you working here ? I haven’t seen you around. Wait! Are you the new guy!?... … … Hello?! What’s with the look on your face? Gotta go to the bathroom or something? ” She could go on and on about stupid questioning even though it was quite obvious. Why did stupid people have to be so cheerful?

I would’ve answered but the smell of her… it was too much…

She rested her head on the side and sighed. “Oh, right. I stink, don’t I? The thing is, I was up all night drinking Coca-Cola and chilling with some of my friends and I tried to get in the bath and….Well let’s not talk about that! So what’s your name?”

Soon the light had clicked with the announcer stating “Sixth Floor.”

“Oh damn it! I gotta run!” As soon as the door opened she was out of there like a race track horse. I couldn’t even get her name. It didn’t really matter to me though. I was sure we would meet again anyways saying that we are on the same floor and everything.

During lunch break me and my co-worker did eventually see her again and properly talked to her. “I’m sorry, but you stink”, she had said to her. “Did you stay up again, Amelia?”

That’s when I finally figured out who this girl was. She wasn’t just anyone, she was Amelia F. Jones—the sister of Alfred—or in other words, our boss. I really started to regret my behavior this morning. “So you’re Amelia”, I nervously chuckled. “I had no idea!”

“Oh yeah! I know you”, she announced as she stared into my eyes with intense hyperactivity. It was a bit overwhelming. “You’re the chic from the elevator!
I’m Amelia, nice to meet you!”

I already know your name idiot….

“Nice to meet you to. I’m ______”, I began. “I’m the new employee here. I’m Sarah’s replacement.”

“Oh…. Now I know who you are!! You’ll be working in the systems section today.”
Didn’t she say she already knew who I was? But I pulled a forced smile and thanked her. “Okay thank you.”

Amelia pulled a Coca-Cola off one of the computer desks. I don’t even think it was hers but she took it anyways. She pulled a delighted smile and  laughed. “______, you shouldn’t be so shy. We’re all friends here and of course I’m the boss so you’ll have to listen to me! HA HA HA!!!”

Ugh how annoying….

Suddenly one of the staff workers had yelled at Amelia. “Mrs.Jones! No drinking in the computer area!”

“Yeah, Yeah I know!”

“If I see you drinking again, I’ll fine you.”

“Seriously?” Amelia pouted and began walking away towards a more suitable area.
Later on during the day, it turned out I would be spending time with this girl more than I would like.

“Mrs.Jones, could you please check this out for me?”

“Mrs.Jones…? I guess that makes me sound important and all but yuck that makes me sound old”, she laughed. “Just call me Amelia! Or the heroine—like hero, not the drug”, she winked.

“Um… okay. Amelia, could you please—“

“How old are you ______?”


“Jeez, you got hearing problems or something. I said HOW OLD ARE YOU!!!?” She literally yelled in my ear. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought she was scolding me.



“Countries have… ages?”

“Well yes and no….”

“Yes…. And … no?” I questioned. I fuzzed my eyebrows and asked for an explanation.

“Honestly, I don’t really know myself but… I always thought it was like dog years to human years—you know that sort of thing!”

“Oh… yeah…” I pulled another forced smile.

“What was your name again”, Amelia asked casually. I don’t know
why but I found her as a kind of slacker somehow.

I held up my name card to her in silence. She should’ve just looked at my name instead of asking me. That way, she could look less of an idiot… Besides, didn’t she say my name just fine not too long ago?!

She looked down at my name tag squinting her eyes while
I looked away to avoid smelling her.

“….. _____? You can’t speak or something?” She chuckled again.

“And you don’t have eyes?”

“Maybe I’ll need glasses like my brother”, she laughed. “Anyways, since you’re here I guess you managed to get through the interview. Your qualifications must be good to work for my brother himself, huh?”

“… I guess so since I’m here”, I smiled. “Thanks for the recognition.”

“HA HA HA! I was just making sure. I thought they let someone through on LOOKS again. But hey, don’t take me too seriously. Wait just a sec and I’ll introduce you to everyone you need to know.”

What a jerk…

As I got back to my post on the computer I was told for now to organize all the citizenship I.D’s in New York City alone with the only fact that I had ‘the most respectable capability’. I might have been done by four days’ time but there was always this certain individual bothering me.

“Hey ______!”

“…. …. Yes…”

“Yeah dude! I’ve been calling your forever, but you didn’t notice”, Amelia said with a sigh. “So yeah I’m throwing a welcoming party for you so you gotta be there okay!?”

“B-But I really need to—“

“Oh relax honey!” She gave a short pause. “I like calling you ‘honey’. It suites you. From now on, everyone in this floor is gonna call you that.”

“That’s not nesscary—“

“HEY EVERYONE!! ______ NEW NAME IS HONEY!! BOSSES ORDERS!” she yelled through the whole floor. “Oh and ______, don’t forget. Okay?”

I wasn’t sure if I was seeing right after all the yelling and shit but… I could’ve swore she was showing weakness right there…

One of the other co-workers smiled at me after Amelia left. “Mrs.Jones likes to poke fun at people. It just means she’s taken a liking to you. She doesn’t joke with me as much though…”

I gave a sarcastic chuckle. “HA HA HA—no, it’s still not funny…”

“That’s so like you… But if you haven’t noticed, this whole floor is only made up of female workers. The last guy here left because he got Sarah preggy which is why you’re here! YEAH~!!”

“What? Seriously?!”

“Yeah honey—“

“Don’t call me that…”

"Sorry, boss's orders", she chuckled.
I thought this would be a change of pase. I don't know why but I always wanted to do a Female America fan-fic. I want to continue it of course but I wanted to see how this would start off on it's own. Most people only really like the Male countries and when it is a female country it's usally heteralsexaul. This one is homosexual (N-NO not in that way!! >-< )

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed~!

Part 2: [link]
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US X Twin!Reader X Fra: How to Tell The Difference

((Note: You will need 2 names for yourself *name one* & *name two*))

How to tell the twins apart? Well it’s simple. The one with the more serious
and calm expression is the older twin, (Name One) while the bubbly one with
the cute smile is (Name Two).

(Name One) isn’t all that much of a talker and is honestly a bit shy around
others. She’s calmer and likes peaceful moments. On top of which she’s more of
a dog person unlike her twin. The other one is her complete opposite. (Name Two)
loves to talk and socialize but is also very carefree and clumsy. Her main
feature is that she has a little hair flip on the side of her head. When you
pull it, she starts to whine.


Alfred and (Name Two)

“Hey Japan! Stop making (Name Two) blush”, Alfred scolded like a
protective boyfriend bringing his girlfriend closer to him.

“T-That was not my intention at all Alfred-San”, Kiku
apologized trying not to cause any harm.

“You too”, Alfred yelled as his blue eyes met hers. “Are you bored or
something? You know we can always do something together! You don’t
have to hang out with Honda all the time…”

“But Alfred it was only a—“

“I don’t wanna hear your excuses”, he pouted as he leaned in from behind you
with his big strong arms trapping you in his grasp. You let out a gasp and a
heavy blush before being wrapped in his embrace.

Alfred licked and nibbled on (Name Two)’s ear furiously with his cheeks
a slight shade of pink as well. “As your punishment, I’m going to tease
you more than Honda did”, he scoffed and he continued touching your body.

“H-Hey! Don’t t-touch there! I-It’s sensitive Alfred!”

“L-Looks like that one really is (Name Two)”, Japan sighed….


Francis and (Name One)

“Seems like you’re all hot and sweaty from training, am I right?”

“Shut up France-Face, you’ll get me even more sweaty”, (Name One)
ignored as she pushed her boyfriend Francis away from her.

“How about we have some adult love to make it up, huh?”

“No way…A-And get away from me! You’re so heavy!”

“Well it seems that big brother France will just have to find some
other person who will keep me company tonight. What a shame
how two lovers can’t express deep sexual inten—“

“Fine I’ll stay with you”, she groaned almost unhappy
at the thought but her deep blush showed different feelings.

“Your face is already so flustered even
though I didn’t do anything to you”, he grinned.

Instantly a little vain bulged out of your head as your fist tightened. You
tried holding back your anger but you guys hated this… this pervert! As sounds
of things breaking and items being thrown were heard, Ludwig, Kiku (Honda),
and Feli were listening from outside.

“So zhat one is (Name One)? Ze older twin”, Germany asked.

“Hai. So many ideas for manga…”

“Ve~ Pasta!”


Following this the Four had Sex Together
((Do not read more if you do not like…. 0-0 ))

“M-More beer A-Alfr—“, (Name Two) groaned barely holding yourself up
clutching the empty beer container tightly. “Nooooow Alfred! I want more noooooow!”

“You sure are pesky when you drink”, he laughed.

“Oh shut up!”

Meanwhile with Francis (Name One) they were in a quite similar situation.

“Go get me another pint”, she smirked. “I know you
got some you cheesy stingy bastard…”

“Only if you beg for it”, Francis smirked back. (Name One) quickly got
on top of him stroking his goatee with a lustful gaze.
“T-This isn’t begging”, he panicked.

“You can’t have any more (Name Two)”, Alfred tried to tell you
firmly but you kept on whining like a toddler who didn’t get
any candy from the store.

“Let go of me Al! Let go!”

“Now hold on their Alfred”, Francis chuckled.
“They really do want it, don’t they? How about we give them what they want.”

“What are you trying to say France? They don’t need anymore”, Alfred whispered.

“Big brother France has a good idea. Just go along with it…”

Francis cleared his throat and continued aloud, “Now little ones, if alcohol
is what you want then that’s up to you. However, you must beg us cutely in a
way I’m about to teach you.” His face turned into a seductive grin as he
gazed down on the twins. The both of you (the twins) began opening up your
button down blouse and striped your pants only leaving a colorful and yet
matching pair of pink and blue underwear.

“This is tremendous America! I never thought
they would actually do it”, Francis excitedly whispered.

“Y-Yeah but watch your ass get beat up by your
girlfriend when she’s sober”, he sighed with a light blush.

“But it turned you on didn’t it?”

“Oh s-shut up…”

(Name Two) plopped on her side as she lay on the floor calling for her
boyfriend Alfred. Noticing her command, Alfred looked to her and instantly
his manliness went up the roof. “A…..Al…. Hey….we did like you asked….so…
It’s enough now…right? Please can I have….some?”

Alfred must’ve twitched maybe about twice before he finally got control
of the situation. He took the bottle of beer and inhaled its contents as
he made his way to her rather seriously. You panicked and tried
grabbing a hold of the smooth hardwood flooring which was impossible.
“A-Al! What’re you doing?!”

He smiled causing (Name Two) to blush massively. He pinned her arms to
the floor and kissed her as he forced her to drink the alcohol from his
mouth. You groaned into the kiss as your body twitched to his movements.
“There, you wanted it so much so there it is.”

He pulled away from you and chuckled. “So… how is it? Do you still want more?”

“D-Don’t need it… I want what Alfred has…”

“Okay then the hero will fill you up until you can’t take anymore.”

Francis glomped (Name One) quickly and forced her onto his lap.
“Got you! Now let’s see your soft points… I believe here was pretty
sensitive”, he grinned as his hands motioned around her bud. It was
already hard from just him touching you. “You really want alcohol that
bad, (Name One)? What would you do in order to get more?”


“You should know how persistent I am mon amour”,
he smirked as his tongue trailed down your neck.

“France…. Then J-Just do me already…”

“How but I don’t want to spoil such an innocent prize~”

“Do it! But.. If you don’t do it right t-then I’ll beat you up.”

“What?! Oh my what a feisty one! Big brother is sorry”, he teased.

(The End)

I hope you all enjoyed this... Geez I thought it would never finish... =-=

You belong to ---> :iconsexyfrance3plz: :iconhawtamericaplz: ---> Belong to Hetalia....


The story line belongs to some doujinshi... I think you if type FR X UK X US it'll pop up somewhere... ^^;

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“Come on, please?! Just one time, I promise it’ll be totally awesome and sweet and fun and worth it and OH MY GOD, (NAME) JUST SAY YES!!!”

You flinched. The American girl always seemed to get louder with every word she spoke and it often caught you by surprise. You sighed, Amelia knowing full and well she was just going to get rejected once more.

“Amelia, I’m sorry, it’s just that…I don’t really like hamburgers.” You spoke.

“HOW?! IT’S PARADISE BETWEEN TWO BUNS! HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE HAMBURGERS?” Amelia asked/yelled, gaining the attention of everyone in the fast-food restaurant.

You sighed again and turned towards the cashier. “I’ll just have a salad, thanks.” He nodded and after Amelia paid, you took a seat at the nearest table.

She sighed loudly. “Honestly, dude, you can’t go your whole life without eating a hamburger. One day you’ll say yes! I’ll make damn sure of it!” She exclaimed confidently, giving you a thumbs up.

You swallowed the forkful of lettuce and shrugged. “They just don’t seem too appetizing to me. I mean, I’m not a vegetarian but, natural food seems much better than the processed junk they put in those things.” You pointed towards the four cheeseburgers Amelia had on her plate, ready to devour them in a second.

“Whatever, dude. All you’re doing is withholding orgasms for your taste buds!” She laughed out loud, before chomping down on her meal. You blushed out of her choice of words, but slightly giggled as well.


“Pleeeeease, (Name)?! If you would just say yes, both our lives would be soooo much easier!” Amelia begged.

You sighed again. “No thanks, Amelia, I don’t like soda. I’ll just have some water.”

Amelia grunted loudly, obviously not liking how she just got rejected once more. Nevertheless, she still bought you your beverage of choice from the vending machine.

As you opened your water bottle, you accidently spilled some of the liquid onto your shirt. “Damn it…” you muttered.

Amelia smiled. “You dork. You don’t even know how to drink your pussy-ass water.” She proceeded to chug her soda, but as she gulped, you heard her cough and gurgle. She removed her drink from her lips and continued to cough and choke.

“And you say that I can’t drink? Look who just drank so fast they couldn’t handle it!” You retorted while also laughing at your friend.

She panted and gasped. “I just…couldn’t…handle the….awesomeness of it!”

You shook your head before taking a swig of your drink.


“You’re not saying no to this…oh no. You’ve said no to me too many times before. If you don’t say yes to this, then we can no longer be friends!” Amelia shouted at you.

“But, this is stupid! I don’t want to play some dumb video game, especially some first-person shooter game. There’s no point and all your teammates are annoying as fuck when you play it online.” You vented, before sitting on the couch next to her.

She threw her controller down on the floor, before turning to you. “I’m getting pretty tired of this, (Name).  Just what will you say yes to?” She pouted and asked.

You thought for a moment before answering. “If…you asked me to…kiss you. I’d say yes to that.” You gulped, realizing you just carelessly confessed.

She stared at you bewildered, before her eyes sparkled joyously. “SERIOUSLY?! YOU REALLY MEAN IT, (NAME)?!?!”

You nodded looking away from her. You squeaked after being pulled closer to her by your shoulders, lips meeting yours. You pulled away hesitantly but quickly.

“You didn’t even ask if I wanted to kiss you!” You hollered.

“Sugar, I already knew you answer….but I do have a question for you now. “(Name), are you prepared to be my new girlfriend?”

You sighed, even though you were secretly screaming with joy on the inside. “…Yeah, sure, why not?”
Just something quick for you guys. Comments are appreciated! 

Now, I must clean out my inbox. Jeez, this is why I shouldn't leave the site for more than a few weeks. 


Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz: 

Story: :icongamermel7:

You: :iconfemamericaplz: 
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(Name) was finishing packing up after her first world-conference meeting. She sighed, hoping to herself that not every meeting would be like the one she just experienced.  She was a little late for the meeting and by the time she walked in, all hell had already broken loose. Arthur and Francis were arguing loudly, which made everybody else take sides in the dispute and cause mini-arguments between them until Ludwig had yelled at everybody to shut up (which they did immediately). They then noticed that she had walked in and stared at her. She blushed out of embarrassment slightly and quietly took the only seat left, which was unfortunately in-between the two biggest perverts in the group, Gilbert and Francis. They wouldn't stop hitting on her, which aggravated her very much. Luckily, Elizaveta hit them both with a frying pan before they got into anything too graphic about what they wanted to do with (Name). "Perverts! I just can't stand them! You alright?" she asked (Name) with a friendly smile and tone. "Yes, thank you." (Name) replied with a weak smile. At least she had one friend now, amongst these strange newcomers. Soon after, the meeting ended with absolutely nothing accomplished. (Name) was still one of the few left in the conference hall along with Kiku, Alfred, Ivan and Feliciano. (Name) was finished packing and was walking out the door when suddenly a loud, obnoxious voice called after her. "HEY WAIT UP NEW GIRL!!!" Alfred ran up to her and stood in front of her. "You're the new country aren't you? While all of us were wondering what your name was, since you missed roll-call and everything." the loud American asked. Soon after, the remaining few in the conference hall gathered around, also curious to know this quiet country's name. "Oh, well my name's (Name) and sorry I was late. It won't happen again, I assure you." Alfred laughed and so did the others. "Don't worry about it dudett! This job's pretty kickback so you don't have to be all professional-like like Ludwig!" "I HEARD THAT!!!" Ludwig yelled at Alfred from the other room. Everyone but Ivan shivered at the sound of his voice. But then another voice was heard that made even Ivan shiver. "BIIIIIG BROOOOOOTHER!" yelled a female voice. "N-Natasha?" Ivan stammered out obviously frightened. (Name) had already heard of the Belarusian girl and looked in her direction. When Natasha got to the door she saw Ivan hiding behind (Name) while the rest of the group had already fled from the scene. Natasha immediately got out one of her knives, pushed (Name) against a wall and held the knife against (Name)'s throat. "What are you doing here with big brother?!?!" (Name) was unfazed. "Well? Aren't you going to say anything?" Natasha demanded.  She replied with one swift movement that ended up with Natasha being pinned against the wall and (Name) holding the knife against the Belarusian's throat. Now at first glance, (Name) didn't seem like the type who was able to defend herself, but she actually did have much fighting experience, even if she was still a young country. How do you think she gained her independence? "I wasn't doing anything with your brother, now please let me be on my way. I don't want any trouble." (Name) said calmly, her face showing no emotion. She let Natasha go and gave her back the knife. (Name) then quietly left the room while Natasha's eyes were intensely focused on the girl leaving.
This is my first Hetalia Fan-Fiction so please go easy on me!
Hope everyone enjoys!
This is a girl x girl story so don't like don't read.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
Story belongs to :icongamermel7:
You belong to :iconsexybelarusplz:

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~Oh darling, oh darling, you’re a million ways
Oh darling, oh darling, you’re a million ways
Oh darling, oh darling, you’re a million ways to be,
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh~

There was one place that the dirty-blond was always rumored to hang out after school.  It wasn’t too hard to find her at the night-club that only allowed the students from the neighboring college in. The crowd of both boys and girls that was surrounding the dance floor was thick. After making your way to the front, you saw what they were all gawking at. Francine, dancing in the middle of the dance floor by herself. Her moves were like that of a seductress, which she was. Truth be told, the sight got you blushing, but you would never admit that.

She looked right at you at one point, her dark-blue eyes shining at the sight of your blushing. She put her hands above her head and swiveled her hips to the rhythm of the music, a move that caused the boys to whistle and the girls to squeal. The only one silent was you, still mesmerized by the irresistible temptress in front of you.

~You’re a million ways to be cruel. ~

Before you knew it, the song was over and Francine was walking over to you, taking your hand and leading you off somewhere, despite your protests.

“H-Hey, you frog! Where the hell do you think you’re taking me?!” you argued.

She did nothing but turn her head around and smirk deviously at you, which just made your cheeks burn more fiercely than before.

You figured out soon enough that her destination was the ladies restroom, which surprisingly was empty.

“Hey, what do you plan on doing to me in here, you creep?!” you growled.

“Aww, don’t be so harsh to me, Mon amie. All I want is to have a little fun, oui?”

~You’re a million ways to be cruel,
You’re a million ways to be cruel. ~

Immediately after she sat you on a toilet and locked the stall door, she was straddling your hips and brushed her lips softly against yours. She still hadn’t fully pressed her lips to yours, and after a full two minutes of her hot breath dancing across your lips, you couldn’t take it anymore. Obviously she was pleased that she made you perform the first move, for it was her plan all along. While your tongues and lips tangoed with each other, your hands found their way to her silky, blond locks, while hers were feeling up and down your curves.

~You’re a million ways to be cruel,
You’re a million ways to be cruel,
You’re a million ways to be… ~

“I hate you even more now, you know. I have half a mind to call Alice or Amelia to come and help me kill you for taking advantage of me.” You hissed after the kiss was broken.

Francine giggled and pressed her forehead against yours, never breaking eye contact. “Go ahead and kill me, (Name). Because now…”

Once more, Francine pushed her tongue into your mouth, savoring each and every moan she could get out of you.

“…I could die happy, knowing you love me.”

~Oh darling, you’re a million ways to be cruel. ~
Glad I finally got this up! Other endings should be up soon....hopefully...

Anyways, enjoy!


Story: :icongamermel7:

You: :iconfemfranceplz:

Song: Ok Go [link]

Previous: [link]
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Fem!Canada x Fem!Reader

It felt as if you were looking right into a mirror. The girl standing in front of you looked oddly familiar, wearing a formal pink dress, her long blond hair, soft amethyst colored eyes hidden behind clear glass lenses.

Holding a small polar bear in her arms, the girl continued to stare at you, a soft smile on her face, her amethyst colored eyes filling to the brim with energy, that  small smile showing off her beautiful and well taken care of teeth.

"Ah, I'm happy to see you again  (y_n)~ it's been a while." the girl mumbled, holding out her hand for you to take, staring at her hand you slowly took her hand into your own. Shaking it some what hesitant but still you shook her hand, pulling her hand away from her's she continued.

"Ah, I guess I should introduce name is Maddie Williams...and I will be your senior while you are attending collage here..." Maddie trailed off, looking at the polar bear, and then to you she continued. "Oh! And this is Mr. Kumijiro! He's been with me ever since I was a little girl~"

Smiling, you petted the polar bears head, earning a soft content sound from the bear. Maddie smile as she took your hand into hers, pulling you along behind her she mumbled. "W-well then. Let's go to the lunch room then shall we?"

Nodding your head yes, you decided that it would be a good idea to follow Maddie, since she seems to have a good idea of where your supposed to go, and possibly what you'll have to do while you are here. But one thought just wouldn't leave you alone...

Where have you seen Maddie before?

The sound of soft tears hitting the piano key's reached your ears. Turning into the music room, your eyes landed on the petite figure of a girl with long hair, a polar bear sitting next to her. Trying to comfort  her, feeling your heart clench you walked towards her. Startling the girl, whom just sat there, holding her polar bear close, her amethyst colored eyes watching your every move from behind her clear glasses lens.

Looking at the musical sheet, you couldn't help but whistle. "Whoa~ your learning a hard piece here aren't you Princess?" the girl blinked, looking at you she mumbled. "Princess?" smiling you nodded your head as you replied.

"Yeah~ I mean just look at how your dressed! You look like a Princess, a beautiful Princess!"

The girl blushed, hiding her face she turned back to the keyboard, moving her nimble fingers over the keys, weaving a story with those notes. You couldn't help but join in, creating a nice mixture of music with the girl whom you soon started to call Princess. The girl never telling you her actual name, she would just sit there staring at the piano until you appeared.

Life seemed to appear in her eyes when you walked into the room. Though having no prior knowladge about how to play the piano you managed to do pretty well. Princess seemed to enjoy your addition to her music.

Smiling and laughing with you, the two of you soon started to become close friends. That is until she suddenly disappeared...

Excited to let Princess know that you were able to learn a small part of a song, only to find the music room empty. Returning to that music room every day, waiting for Princess to appear you soon learned that Princess had moved. Something about her family returning to live with the family in France for a while, then later on you heard rumors that she's now living in Canada with her family.

Slowly, opening your eyes rubbing the sleep out of them you looked at the watch on your wrist. 10:30 pm, that's the time that your watch is reading, standing up to stretched your stiff muscles you packed up your things. Yawning, you said good bye to the student whom watches over the library, walking out into hallway a familiar sound caught your attention.

Following the sound, running through the hallways like a bat out of hell you were soon standing in front of the music room.

Trying to catch your breath, reaching for the door knob with some hesitant you stood there, staring at the door. Reaching for the door knob, with a shaky hand to open it only for Arthur's yelling to reach your ears, the British man chasing you all the way back to your dorm.

Sitting there, staring at the ceiling you rolled onto your left side to go to sleep. Only to hear a soft knock on your door, guessing that Maddie was finally returning from visiting her family, you laid there acting as if you were asleep. The sound of your bed making a creaking noise, warm breath tickling your ear, and the familiar sound of Maddie's voice in your ear while she said.

"I thought that playing that would come and play with me again but..Arthur caught you. So...I'll keep on playing the song we made together...until you decide to join me." soft lips touched your neck, sending shivers down your spine, the soft lips slowly moving away.

A small laugh was heard, along with the creaking of your bed once more, Maddie's arms wrapping around your waist. Holding you close to her small form she mumbled.

"I want to sleep with you this for a little while longer." with that Maddie slowly drifted off into a deep slumber, once you were sure that she was completely asleep, you looked at her sleeping from, a smile on your face.

Kissing her forehead and moving her long blond hair out of her face. Laying her down to sleep on her own bed, petting Mr. Kumijiro on top of his head. Another soft noise was earned from the bear, smiling you whispered.

"It's finally see you again Princess."


"What is it (y_n)?"

"Love you lots~ no matter where you are or how far apart we are...I will always love you."
YES!!! Finally got around to posting Fem!Canda x Fem!Reader insert~ I'm so happy!!! I love Fem!Canada so much, but alas, I must leave Canada be for now and post the second part to the Fem!Romano x Fem!Reader soon along with the Fem!Denmark and Fem!France inserts. c:

Also, feel free to look at my most recent journal for I am doing one-shots for a few points. c:
^ Here's a link to the journal~ feel free to make a request if you would like.

Other Female!Country x Female!Reader:

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Fem!Romano: [link]
Fem!America: [link]
Ukraine: [link]
Fem!Prussia: [link]
Fem!Germany: [link]
Liechtenstein : [link]

Hetalia/ Canada (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself or Fem!Canada ~
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Idiot! Pt. 1
Female!Romano x Female!Reader  

'From this day forward... you're life has no meaning. You are just a faceless soldier, you will be charged with protecting the girl know as Lovina Vargas. A girl whom is a bit rough around the edges, and about as loving as a cactus you will be charged with the safety of her life...'

Slightly nodding your head, you turned your back on the Boss with a small wave you replied. 'I accept the terms of this agreement... I will not fail you Boss.' the brunet haired man smiled, chuckling and giving you his best wishes about being able to keep his granddaughter safe.

"HEYYY! Idiota! Are you listening to me?" the familiar voice of Lovina reached your ears, pulling you out of your light slumber, and away from your memories. A small crooked smile formed on your lips, scratching the back of your head you chuckled while saying.

"Hahah~ yeah, that was a little over six years ago, eh?" Lovina stared at you in confusion, "What the hell are you talking about (y/n)?" Lovina questioned, a dark aura appearing around her, raising your hands up chuckling you replied.

"Nothing, nothing... just remembering the past." your oh so famous crooked smile reappeared on your face, causing Lovina to break eye contact with you thinking of a good come back only to ask the usual question. "(Y/n)... why haven't you ever told me anything about your life before you joined my grandfathers gang?"

Scratching the back of your head you sighed, "Ah... Lovina we've been over this. I'm a faceless foot soldier, meaning that I do not have a past. The only past I have now is the six years I've been with you..." you noticed that Lovina's famous pout/angered expression claimed her face.

"Who cares!!! To be here you had to have left something behind! I want to know more about you but all you keep giving me are useless little hints and details about who and what you used to be before I met you!" taking a step closer to you causing you to back up, never have you seen her this determined to get an answer out of you.

"Hrm... the less you know about me the less you'll be attached to me. Lovina, who cares about who I used to be or what I left behind after becoming your body guard. The only thing that matters is person I am now and the mission given to me six years ago."

"So... you do not care about your family?" Lovina asked, trying to hide the small trembling tone in her voice, groaning you sighed, shaking your head you replied. "Lovina... I love my family. But... the less people know about them the safer they are... I-I don't want my family to be dragged into anything that I might cause or be apart of while protecting you."

That's when you realized that you'd said the wrong thing, you made Lovina out to be the bad guy. Laying all of the blame on her. A lonely, and friendless girl... you helped to fill her days full of smiles and what limited joy one could give to another.

Lovina's face turned a bright red. "Th-then leave! I do not need you to protect me! I don't need anyone!" with that Lovina dashed off, standing there momentarily stunned you grinned your teeth together before giving chase. "Ahhh! Lovina you idiot!!!" you screamed when the Italian girl slipped around a wall into the alleyway, a scream echoed through the area.

Grabbing your gun from it's holster you turned into the same alley way as well. Seeing Lovina being held against her will by two thugs, chuckling you tapped the gun against your head before mumbling. "Let her go... before something bad happens to you..."

Lovina bit the mans hand that was covering her mouth, her emerald green eyes wide with worry while she screamed. "(Y/N)!!!! BEHIND YOU WATCH OUT!!"

Turning around momentarily forgetting the threat at hand, a third thug appeared behind you brandishing an iron pole. You tried to block the oncoming blow only to lose the grip on your gun, while your body crumpled onto the ground.

Your head screaming in pain, Lovina screaming your name. Screaming for you to answer her, for you to get up, your vision going in and out of focus you closed your eyes biting your lip you forced yourself to stand on shaky legs. Looking at the men holding Lovina you charged forward, punching one man in the face while kicking the other.

Pushing Lovina out of the alley way you screamed. "RUN GOD DAMN IT! GO HOME! GO BACK TO YOUR UNCLE!"

Lovina looked at you for a few seconds before running back towards you, your world turning completely black this time. The last thing you remember was hearing Lovina's voice calling out to you, the one thing that your more than sure if right now is... that your going to need stitches after you wake up.

That is... once you beat the living shit out of the men whom have more than likely cracked your head open. Oh well, best hope that none of your brain starts leaking out till you can receive medical attention.
Okay, so this was a request for my Female!Country x Female!Reader over on my Quotev account. I do hope that all of you like pt. 1. I loved this idea for Romano... so I couldn't find it in my heart to deny the request.

Took me a while but I managed to post it~ this is my second Female!Country x Female!Reader on my dA account! Yeah~ I might post more but... who knows. O n O Feel free to leave a request if you would like to see a specific Fem!Reader x Fem!Country one-shot. :)

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Fem!Germany: [link]

Hetalia/ Romano (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself or Female!Romano~
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Midnight Movie Horror!
Female!America x Female!Reader

Fluff again~ because I have a weakness towards fluff. x3

"Aaaaah! (Y_n)!!! Why did you have to pick this movie?!" Amelia yelled, her hand cutting off the circulation in your fingers, chuckling you pulled the brunet closer towards you. Placing a kiss on her forehead, Amelia slowly hid her face in your shoulder, looking through the small slits created by  her fingers.

With what little she could see she was still frightened. Jumping and screaming at the same scenes that startled you. Though, your reactions were not as violent as Amelia's, you couldn't help but turn and face the other way, or hide your face in Amelia's hair when the zombies were killing the survivors. Their blood curling screams piercing your ears while you covered Amelia's.

Throwing the bowl that popcorn used to be in, Amelia turned the TV off with that throw. Staring at the blank screen, with a slight glow to it you looked at Amelia's teary eyes. Standing there she mumbled, "(Y_n)....l-lets not watch this movie again please? Besides...if it scared you that bad...then this movie is way too scary..."

Smiling, you stood up off the couch, picking up the bowl and setting it back on the couch. Taking Amelia's hand into yours, placing a small kiss on her forehead you mumbled. "Well, then...let's go to bed then shall we? The guest room is free for you to use." Amelia nodded her head, more than happy to hide underneath the warm soft blankets. Following you down the hallway, you left Amelia alone in her room.

Staying up a little bit later than your new lover, you decided to finish signing some documents from your place of work. Stretching your stiff muscles, you took a quick shower. A quick one just to wash your hair and the sweat off of your body. After pulling on your pajama pants, and a tank-top you curled up underneath your blankets.

Snuggling into the warmth of the blankets, and the comfort of your soft pillows. You slowly started to fall asleep, only to hear your door open. Raising your body up into a sitting position, rubbing the small bit of sleep out of your eyes. Your (e_c) orbs falling on the slightly trembling form of Amelia. A blanket and pillow in her hand as she stood there, hesitant to enter your room.

"U-um...(y_n)...c-can I sleep with you? Please? I-I the shadows are scaring me in there..." Amelia's words soon turned into small whispers, that you could not hear. Smiling, you waved your hand to Amelia, whom slowly walked into your room, standing next to your bed, wrapping your arms around her. Pulling her onto your bed, holding her close to your semi-sleeping form you mumbled.

"Eh~ you can sleep here need to beat around the bush..." you trailed off when you felt Amelia wrap her arms around your waist, hiding her face in your neck, a smile on her face as she mumbled. "Thank you (y_n) you..." placing a small kiss on the crown of Amelia's soft curly brown hair, you replied.

"Love you to Amelia...sweet dreams."
Well... this was another request that I typed up a long time ago. I enjoyed it, then again... I have a weakness for cute/fluffy things. xDD Me and my fluffy loving brain~ besides, I like Female!America she's adorable!!

Why are all of the Nyotalia Hetalia characters so cute?! Q^Q

Other Female!Country x Female!Reader:

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Hetalia/ America (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself or Female!America~
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*Fem!Germany X Fem!Reader*

Warning: This is a Yuri aka girl X girl.Don't like it,don't read please!Thank you!

"Einz,zwei,drei!" the blonde's yell cut through air.
"Uno,due,tre!" the whimpered voice of the brown haired followed from behind - far behind.
"Ichi,Ni,San!" the brunette seconded,her chocolate brown eyes close shut.
"One,two,three..." the (h/c)'s voice came,her breath rasped and dried.
"Germany!!!!Can we stop for a second please?" (Name) pleaded,throwing her body onto the ground.
"Nein!It's too soon!Ve still have like about an hour of training!So move your arsch!" the blue eyed barked at the whimpering female,causing her to pout.
"But I just can't run anymore!The cramps are killing me!Please?" she gave her best puppy eyes which only did to rush warmth to the German's girl pale face.
"Verdammt!Ve're done for today!" Monica declared at which Feliciana jumped up in joy and Sakura smiled sweetly.
"Come on!I vill carry you back!" the blonde faced the female with the back,waiting for her to jump.
"Piggyride?But aren't I ... A little bit too heavy?" (Name) asked in amazement,pondering if it was right to do as requested - either way,who could contradict the stubborn German girl?
"Ja!I'm fine vith it!And you're not heavy at all!" the blonde responded,feeling once again how warmth rushed to her pale features - but it only got worse when (Name) snaked her fragile arms around her neck,planting her chin onto the German's broad shoulder.
Monica took hold of the (h/c)'s legs,careful not to drop her as she stood on her feet,feeling the female's soft skin against her warm palms.
The blonde loved when it was only she and (Name),because the atmosphere seemed a lot more calm and inviting,laughs were shared,as stupid jocks left the (h/c)'s lips - Monica didn't laugh at the so called humour,but rather at how (Name) narrated on a serious tone,laughing here and there,stopping in order to gasp for air and continuing soon after - she laughed because she did too and because of how precious she looked when she did so.
But now,feeling the shorter female's tender flesh pressing onto her back,only the thin cloth separing their bodies from a more material touch,her legs framing her torso and the warm breath tickling her neck she felt her heart race in her chest,ready to shot though it and jump off in any second,thing which didn't happen - not even when she was running at full speed.
"Thank you,Moni!~" (Name) broke the awkward silence,gingerly placing her lips onto the exposed curve of the blonde's shoulder.
"You have nothing to thank me for!" the German female protested,getting on one knee so that the (h/c) would be able to land safely onto the ground - which she did.
Both pairs of eyes - the glimmering (e/c) ones and the baby blue were focused onto the sight in front of them.
The lake's water was a soft tone of turquoise,like it was a magical eye or a transparent dress train broded from the sea's blue material.Green was everywhere - a different palette of the said colour,from the raw green of the grass to the forest one of the leaves or the emerald green of the shore.
The only sight besides that was the never ending material of the sky - a clear blue stained here and there by cotton clouds,passing by and engaging into a game - the sun shining brightly into the middle of all,patroning over them as it sent his golden yellow rays to caress the earth.
A playfull ray made its way towards the two,passing through the trees crowns,kissing their skins and brightening their features.
(Name) giggled at the contact,the golden thread reaching the depts of her (e/c) pools,making them look as if they were endless and her (h/c) hair's colour lighter than it actually was.
Monica smiled at the sight - as the female's dimples were carved into her skin,continuing her genuine smile - her own baby blue eyes seemed silvery and a portal to her soul and her golden blond hair,a platinum one.
Placing her large hand onto (Name)'s smaller one reluctantly,the female responded by taking her down into an embrace with her - Monica on the top.
They just foolishly stood there,smiling to eachother,before the German cupped the girl's face with her own hands,their bodies pressed one to another - sharing a small,needy kiss which requested another more passionate and daring.
"Ich liebe dich,(Name)! Immer!" Monica said after she broke the kiss,placing her lips onto the tip of the girl's nose.
"Ich liebe dich auch,Monica! Und ewig!" (Name) responded,pecking the blonde's lips.
The German female planted her face in the crook of the (h/c)'s neck,planting butterfly kisses from down her jaw,causing her to both blush and giggle.
The Italian and the Japanese girl awwed at the scene in front of their eyes,but silent so that they wouldn't be caught in the act.
"(Name) was-a right!The plan worked-a,didn't it?" Feliciana tried to contain her excitement,her ponytail bouncing up and down as she did so.
"Hai!I'm rearry grad they are together now!" Sakura agreed,her raven black hair caressing her frame.
"Maybe we shourd write a manga about it!" the Japanese proposed,watching the pondering face of the brown haired girl.
"Agreed!I'm-a going to draw it though, ?" the Italian caught Sakura's hand,at which the Japanese female stiffened and muttered something in the lines of 'taking responsability'.
The two females didn't let go of eachother,enjoying the embrace a little more as the spring breeze bit at their exposed skin.But they were long lost in their own world,Monica listening to (Name)'s heartbeat which lulled her to sleep,while the (h/c) combed the short blonde hair of the German girl with her slender fingers.

'If someone asks me what are your qualities I will answer them that none!'
'The best thing about me is you,liebling!'
Monica – fem!Germany
Feliciana – fem!Italy
Sakura – fem!Japan
You – You


‘Einz,zwei,drei’ (German) = ‘One,two,three’
‘Uno,due,tre’ (Italian) = ‘One,two,three’
‘Ichi,Ni,San’ (Japanese) = ‘One,two,three’
‘nein’ (German) = ‘no’
‘arsch’ (German) = ‘ass’
‘verdammt’ (German) = ‘damn it’
‘ja’ (German) = ‘yes’
‘Ich liebe dich’ (German) = ‘I love you’
‘Immer’ (German) = ‘Forever’
‘Ich liebe dich auch’ (German) = ‘I love you too’
‘Und ewig’ (German) = ‘and ever’
‘hai’ (Japanese) = ‘yes’
‘sì’ (Italian) = ‘yes’
‘liebling’ (German) = ‘sweety’

Norway :
Denmark :
Scotland :
Sweden :
England :
Finland :
Iceland :
Spain :
Romano :
Germany : :heart:
Japan :
Estonia :
Prussia :
Prussia sequel :
Iceland X Reader X Norway :


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Country X Reader ->
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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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~All the things she said~

*Fem!Norway X Fem!Reader X Fem!Nordics*

(Name) rested her head onto the desk,a big pressure upon the upside of it,her eyelids feeling heavy.She had tried several times to pay attention at what the teacher was saying,but everything turned in slow motion,as the female now focused onto his pale lips,his words not reaching her ears as they were supposed to.
She skillfully plugged her earphones in,hiding the wire with some locks,giving in her tiredness.
Her (e/c) gaze caught glimpse of the emotionless` Norwegian girl platinum blonde hair,the pale white hand taking down notes she haven`t – she had to ask Nora later for the notes,as she was more organized than Tina and paying more attention than Marlene – and because she didn`t want to fail Mr.Beilschmidt`s course.
A few pokes were planted into the soft flesh of the (h/c) haired female,causing her to murmur something incomprehensible in her sleep and stretch her fragile arms,only to place them as a support for her head right after.
Large hands were placed upon the bony shoulders,traveling down to (Name)`s torso,caressing all the way down,thing which brought warmth to the female`s body,as well as a soft mewl parting her lips.
When the blonde girl snaked her arms enough so that she could reach the front of the sleeping teenager`s body,her hands settled upon the freshly bloomed breasts,digging with the fingers in the delicate flesh,at which (Name)’s eyes snapped open,revealing the confused (e/c) orbs,as the high pitched squeak invaded the small class room.
“God damn it,Marlene!” the female slapped the two pale large hands off of her,her cheeks flushed red as she started gathering her stuff.
“You know you like it babe!You`re just too…ACK!!!” the Danish female stopped,as breath was took out of her lungs.
The Norwegian drew a little bit more of the red neck tie before releasing the quite strong grip upon it,causing Marlene to fall on her bum and laugh foolishly before leaving.
“Do you like it?” Nora asked in her monotonous voice,her navy blue eyes boring into the small frame of the female.
“Like what?” (Name) questioned,bringing her head up so that their gazes could met.
“What that Dane is doing to you.” The Norwegian sighed,swaying back and forth into the wooden chair.
“I came to the conclusion you do,as you never protest.” as the last words escaped her glossy lips,something snapped inside of the (h/c) teenager,who tried to digerate what the female she admired was trying to say.
When she actually realised it,she clapped one hand over her mouth,warm tears escaping her glass like eyes,feeling her knees turning into jelly.
(Name) threw her backpack onto her shoulder,ready to leave,but her own feet seemed to betray her,as they seemingly turned heavy as lead.
She rested her aching head onto the door frame,her legs shaking incontrollably,the pulsation which came from the temples pinching her as sharp needles,spreading across her pretty features.
The female gave in,falling onto her knees,scratching the soft skin in the process.She couldn`t feel the droplets of blood dripping one by one.All that she could feel was her aching heart.
“I`m sorry (Name)!” Nora`s voice came,as she let her body down next to (Name)`s one,catching her into a warm,loving embrace.
The Norwegian female wasn`t the one of many words,neither was she able to express her feelings,but she wanted to try.She wanted to try,to show the (h/c) haired teenager how much she loved her.
Nora couldn`t stand how Marlene was able to get to her,to chat with her for hours,how she laughed with her,while she wasn`t even able to crack a small smile when (Name) gave her the prettiest of smiles,which seemed so angelic,so out of the world onto her perfect face.She wanted to,but her facial muscles were against her,stopping to do as wanted.
The blonde female loved when she came to her,sharing a bed when (Name) stayed more than planned at them.How her chest rised and fell gracefully,how some of her (h/c) locks caressed her rosy cheeks,how her breath was inaudible,causing panic to rush through Nora`s heart – though she knew very well that was the way (Name)’s breath came,fresh and a delicate aroma lingering onto her skin.
Jeg er virkelig lei meg! Jeg elsker deg,(Name)!” the Norwegian spoke up in her native language,accents rolling off beautifully her tongue.
A small period of silence interposed between the two,the blonde`s heart beat slowing down,her voice dying somewhere in her seemingly dried throat while she waited for her teenage`s friend refusal.
J-Jeg elsker deg også,Nora!” (Name) responded,breaking the silence.
The sobs were more estomped now,the (e/c) eyes of the female puffy and red from crying,her whole porcelain face stained with tears.
As soon as the Norwegian saw the once rosy cheeks pale,she run her index finger onto the edge of the down lid where a warm tear remained,wiping it away.(Name) bit down on her lower lip at the gentle contact,shiver going down her spine.
Both calloused hands keeping the (h/c) haired female`s face in place,the blonde closed the space between them,their faces dangerously close to eachother,Nora`s breath tickling the delicate skin of (Name)`s face.
Shoting a longing gaze towards the confused (e/c) one,the Norwegian girl reached for her lips,at first only pressing them a little with her own.Soon though that wasn`t enough,as both (Name)`s and Nora`s lips engaged into a feverish kiss,the blonde`s teeth grazing the (h/c) girl lower lip,a soft mewl escaping the shorter female`s lips,giving the Norwegian a boost of adrenaline,causing her to smirk in the kiss.
Reluctantly parting – not because they wanted to,but because oxygen was needed – a small smile was playing upon the blonde`s face,brightening her features considerably,while the (h/c) girl bowed her head in shame,her face visible flushed.
“So,I assume you were jealous?” (Name) asked,biting down her kiss bruised lip.
“Yes!I don`t want that Dane near you.Because you are mine, kjæreste!” Nora chuckled,bring the (h/c) haired female into a hug,planting her face into her neck.
The aroma of (favourite aroma) lingered onto the delicate skin of (Name)’s neck,embracing the Norwegian and projecting her into a peaceful dimension,never wanting to leave the serenity of it.
“Auch!Nora!~” (Name) pouted,feeling her neck burn where the blonde abused on her skin.
“Don`t whine,sweet (Name)!This is a mark to show everyone that you are mine!” Nora whispered sexily in the female`s ear,blowing a wave of hot breath.
“H-Hmm…!” the (e/c) eyed girl agreed,letting the Norwegian to tangle her slender finger into her (h/l) (h/c) hair.
It was because only Nora`s word got to her heart.She didn`t care what Tina or Kristine were to think about her – (Name) was certain that the two were already in a relationship for a time - ,neither what Marlene or Frida thought  - she cared only about Nora.She was her all.
The Icelandic girl bore her liliach gaze in the room,the two frames engulfed by rays,the smaller one of (Name)`s and the taller one of her sister,the beginning of a smile blooming onto her features,replacing her eternal frown.Frida hit through air with her silvery white hair,arms crossed over her chest as she made her way out of the school,leaving the two alone,as Nora braided the (h/c) locks of (Name).

‘Jeg er virkelig lei meg’ (Norwegian) = ‘I’m sorry’
‘Jeg elsker deg’ (Norwegian) = ‘I love you’
‘Jeg elsker deg også’ (Norwegian) = ‘I love you too’
‘kjæreste’ (Norwegian) = ‘sweetheart’

Nora – fem!Norway
Marlene – fem!Denmark
Frida – fem!Iceland
Tina – fem!Finland
Kristine – fem!Sweden
Gilbert Beilschmidt – Prussia
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

I`ve received a note from someone requesting me a ‘Fem!Norway X Reader’.So that`s what my brain processed after a lot of t.A.T.u. songs and videos and a small grudge against boys,because of my ex`s request.But know what,I`m all better now!~
Aww,little warning! This is a yuri aka girl X girl.So if you don`t like,don`t read!I don`t want it to offend someone.

Norway : :heart:
Denmark :
Scotland :
Sweden :
England :
Finland :
Iceland :
Spain :
Romano :
Germany :
Japan :
Estonia :
Prussia :
Prussia sequel :
Iceland X Reader X Norway :


All I want for Christmas – Hetalia X Reader ->
Love spell – Magic!Trio X Witch!Reader ->
Never forget – Iceland X Reader ->
Labyrinth – Romania X Reader ->
L`amore e femmina – Mafia!Boss!Romano X Hacker!Reader X Secret!Agent!England ->
Fem!Hetalia X Fem!Reader ->

Country X Reader ->
Crack ->
Other fics ->
One or two part ->

Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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*Fem!England X Fem!Reader*

Warning: This is a Yuri,aka girl X girl!If you don't like this,please don't read!

The female watched with curious (e/c) eyes how the British girl gently picked up the cup and also the porcelain plate,her emerald green eyes glimmering in happiness,hidden though by the square glasses which made her look stern.

Imitating the blonde's actions,(Name) brought the small cup to her lips,enjoying the mixture of camomille and mint tea with a cube of sugar and a little bit of milk - she loved it because Alice prepared it so and not because she was very fond of etiquette and how royal families act - though,on the other hand,she wanted to keep her composure and act like one of those bounded to marry princes in order to bring more land to their inheritance so that the English girl could love her even more.

Alice was strange in her own way,playing a charade with everyone,keeping that black veil between her true feelings and the world's mean eyes,in order for no one to hurt her.The pretty golden blonde locks she kept in two ponytails with baby blue bows,the similar coloured bangs with two pins in a 'x' form,the permanent scowl onto her pretty face - everything seemed perfect in (Name)'s eyes - even her cooking which she thought was horrible,but not in a manner that couldn't be improved and the love for books they both shared.

"So... Do you think you could help me somehow?" Alice asked,breaking that mute and awkward silence which interposed between the two,delicately placing her cup onto the table.

"Yes,it's not really a bother for me.I enjoy doing this!" (Name) responded,doing the same as the British girl,a butterfly kissed smile painted upon her glossy lips.

"Could we start now then?" the blonde questioned,obviously flustred as she tried to hide her face behind the long bangs.

"Okay,let's go upstairs!" the (h/c) proposed,gesturing with her right hand towards the wooden stairs which leaded to the next floor.

Alice nodded in approval,standing from her seat,guiding her female friend through the long corridors,skipping more chambers,until she reached a certain one.

Pressing her pale hand onto the doorknob,the sight of the room made (Name)'s beautiful (e/c) orbs turn wide,as well as her petite mouth agape,making her look absolutely adorable - as the blonde herself noted.

Though the room was simple,the walls painted a delicate mint green,the white rimmed windows letting light caress the wooden floor,curtains kissed by the humid Londonese wind,a big bed placed in the corner of a room,the sheets satin blue,a small veil surrounding the pillars of the bed and keeping the mass of pillows away from visitors eyes - which were rare - ending with the delicate table on which roses were carved.

A medium sized mirror was placed against the wall,reflecting the surroundings - and now the beautiful face of the English female and in the second plan her female friend.

Taking all the utensils she got onto the small,clean table - such as a curling iron,a hair spray,a palette of enticing coloured make up,pale lipsticks and different brushes - (Name) pondered how her walking piece of art should look and what would fit her better.

Unfastening the two baby blue bows with care,the (h/c) took hold of Alice's hair,a brush in her hand,untangling the blonde locks with small,delicate movements so that she wouldn't cause pain to her female friend.

Satisfied with how the tamed hair looked,the (e/c) eyed girl took hold of the iron curler,capturing small pieces of locks into the said utensil,letting it free after mere seconds of holding it under the hot wave,creating circles with her slender fingers and applying the hair spray upon them so that they would resist.

Clipping a turquoise butterfly shaped pin into the female's hair,giving the illusion of more volume,(Name) requested Alice to turn - which she obediently did,waiting for the next action.

Getting on one knee in front of the British female body,the (h/c) picked a soft jade green powder and a creamy white one,applying the first at the edge of her upper lid,brightening the already pale skin with the second one.Shortly after she lined her lower lid with a pale khol for more expresivity,ending by curling up the blonde lashes with carbon black mascara and applying delicately the peachy smooth lipstick,which she wiped a little with the edge of her slender ring finger.

Alice shivered a little at the gentle touch,(Name)'s own skin against her lips - but she had to admit it was rather plesant being that intimate one with the other - though she craved for more.

"Well,this should do!Now let's get you dressed up!" the (h/c) smiled a sincere smile,leaving the British female without words.

Watching in ore how the short female went through the differently coloured and patterned dresses,she couldn't help but feel blessed to have her as a friend - and a very close one,to add.

The pretty (e/c) pools seemed so deep into the dim light of the room,the (h/c) locks framing perfectly the delicate face on which was placed a little make up - though,profesionally done,the black curve onto the upper eyelid and the curled up lashes combined with the ruby lipstick fitting perfect the female's friendly and sensual nature.

"What about this one?" (Name) proposed,looking herself at the dress choice.

"I think it's fine!" Alice responded,quickly taking it from the female's hands and urging her to wait outside.

The (h/c) nodded,getting the message and waited outside,nervously playing with the edges of her (f/c) frilly dress.

When light flooded into the small corridor,(Name) brought her head up,her whole attention onto the British female and a soft smile tucked at the corner of her lips.

"You look absolutely adorable,Alice!" the (e/c) beamed at her,though felt somehow hurt.

Afterall,she was going to meet someone,wasn't she?That only meant their bound was to break and that she wouldn't be able anymore to see her.

"Who are you meeting with?Amelia?Oh,or Francine maybe?" she continued,curiosity taking over her.

"Of course I wouldn't go on a date with those two!" Alice protested,crossing her arms over her chest.

"Then Sakura?" (Name) tried to guess,knowing she wasn't leaving her any choice but answer.

"What the bloody hell is wrong with you,(Name)?" the blonde female snapped at her,upset by the constant bickering.

"I'm sorry..." were the words which flew off the (h/c)'s lips and cut through thin air,reaching the Brit's ears.

"I wouldn't have asked you who were you dating if I didn't care.But I do...silly me!" she ended with a bitter sweet laugh,trying to brighten somehow the atmosphere.

"(Name)..." Alice sighed,realizing her mistake.

The last thing she wanted to do was hurting the female she loved - though,here she was,facing the cruel reality.

"It's okay Ali!Have fun!" (Name) waved in sign of goodbye and rushed her steps,leaving the British girl dumbfounded.

The blonde cried the female's name,but it was in vain as she was out of earshot.Throwing her black high heels and replacing them with something more comfortable,Alice made a run for it,as if her whole life depended on that action.

The humid air bit nonchallantly into the pale flesh,burning the female's lungs as she took lefts and rights,not knowing where she was heading - but when she reached the foggy main street,the bridge painted blurry onto the gray canvas,she felt lost.

She was ready to give up and resume to go back in the comfort of her house - but one last glance was her saviour,because in that blueish smoke which settled upon London,a delicate form could be seen.

Forgetting her manners,Alice threw her arms around the small waist,capturing the body closer to hers.

"I'm sorry (Name)!I am a horrible friend,I know!But...bloody hell...I really really love you!" the British female spoke up,not giving signs of letting go.

"It's okay!I really really love you too!" (Name) responded in the same manner,placing her hand above the cold skin of the female's.

The permanent scowl left the blonde's face as she heard those sweet words envelop her into bliss.She always dreamt of this moment,when she would be able to confess her feelings and to be mutual.

The tight embrace loosened,giving the (h/c) the opportunity to face her female friend,placing a cold,still soft hand against her jaw.

"Um...could I kiss you?" Alice asked,hoping deep down that she was allowed to do as requested - and soon,the nod of (Name)'s head came as an answer.

Shyly leaning in,the blonde pressed her lips against the (e/c) eyed female's,beginning at a slow pace at which she responded and played in sync.Parting ways with one final ginger pressure,both pairs of eyes fluttered open,making both of them dizzy - though genuinely happy.

Interwinding fingers with (Name),the two started walking back,the veil between them skattered by the wind - it was going to be just fine,even if rain was about to start anytime.

Alice – fem!England
Amelia – fem!America
Francine – fem!France
Sakura – fem!Japan © Hetalia,Hidekaz Himaruya
You – You

Story: © VanillaSuu,2013
Warnings: Yuri

So,yes!I will continue writing these,bear with me. xD I really find all the fem!Hetalia characters adorable!~
And fem!England is so cute with her tsun tsun moments. Enjoy!~ :3

Norway :
Denmark :
Scotland :
Sweden :
England : :heart:
Finland :
Iceland :
Spain :
Romano :
Germany :
Japan :
Estonia :
Prussia :
Prussia sequel :
Iceland X Reader X Norway :


All I want for Christmas – Hetalia X Reader ->
Love spell – Magic!Trio X Witch!Reader ->
Never forget – Iceland X Reader ->
Labyrinth – Romania X Reader ->
L`amore e femmina – Mafia!Boss!Romano X Hacker!Reader X Secret!Agent!England ->
Fem!Hetalia X Fem!Reader ->

Country X Reader ->
Crack ->
Other fics ->
One or two part ->

Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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~Fem!France x Fem!Reader~

.::Not Now::.

(Name) sat at her desk, grading her students tests. She was freshly out of college with a masters degree in English. It was her first year as a 11th grade English teacher and so far, it has been nothing but delightful. She quickly made friends with a few teachers and not to mention her best friend, Felicia, was the art teacher. Her students loved her and she loved them back. Though the only thing that bothered her is when the Social Studies teacher, Mr. Jones, would always try to get a date with her. She always made excuses, such as;

"I'm busy that night."

"I just want to focus on my job."

"I can't."

"I'm too busy for a relationship."

But he would never give up. She would never date him, mainly because her heart belong to someone else. A women. The French teacher, Françoise Bonnefoy. Oh, how in love she was with Ms. Bonnefoy. Their relationship started within the first week of school when Françoise came up to the (Hair Color)'s classroom and started flirting. It's been 5 months since that day. (Name) did get a bit jealous whenever the blonde would flirt with the geometry teacher, Ms. Kirkland, but she knew it was just in the french teacher's nature.

"Ms. (Last Name)? May I have a word with you outside?"

The English teacher looked up to see the blonde standing in the doorway of her class room.

"Um, sure. Give me a second."

The (Hair Color) put all her papers on the desk and walked to the door. She gently pushed the door open, looking around for the french woman.

"Françoise?" She said gently, not seeing the blonde.

She suddenly felt arms snake around her waist and lips attach themselves onto her neck. The (Hair Color) let out a small gasp and unwrapped the hands around her, whipping around quickly.

"Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas, mon amour? Pourquoi êtes-vous si sur le bord?" Françoise smirked.

"Françoise, please. You know that I can't understand what you say in french." (Name) stated.

The blonde pushed the (Nationality) against the wall behind her and slowly wrapped her arms around the (Hair Color)'s waist again.

"Sorry. I just wanted to know why you're zo on edge right now? Are you zcared zomeone will zee me showing you affection? Hm? Are you zcared zomeone will zee me do thiz?" The blonde lightly placed her lips on (Name)'s neck.


"Or thiz?"

Françoise placed her lips on the edge of the (Hair Color)'s mouth.


"Or thiz?"

The blonde pushed her lips onto (Name)'s forcefully, gliding her hands up and down the (Hair Color)'s pants. The (Hair Color) pushed the french teacher away slightly.

"You know I am. We might get caught like this someday and then we'll both be jobless." (Name) said, removing Françoise's arms from her waist once again.

"Rabat-joie." The blonde muttered.

"Excuse me?" (Name) raised her eyebrow slightly.

"Nothing. You know, you're too uptight about this situation."

"I'm just being safe. I don't want us to lose our jobs, okay? And, just to let you know, I'm not uptight! I'm fine with it when we're at home, but at school? I don't think so."

"And why not?" Françoise pouted.

"Again, we'll lose our jobs. Plus we're around students." (Name) said, crossing her arms.

"The students are old enough to know all this. Hell! They might be intimate too."

"Françoise, just... Please. Just not here. Okay?"

"Très bien." The blonde huffed.

"Good. Now I need to get back and make sure my students aren't cheating." The (Hair Color) said.

"Okay. Je t'aime." Françoise said, lightly kissing (Name) on the lips.

"I love you too. See you after school." She bit her lip lightly and walked into her classroom.

Unknown to the English Teacher that her students were listening to her conversation through a slit in the door.
I hope you all enjoy this!

I used Google translate for the french parts (/_)

*Disclaimer: I own nothing but the text!*

Part 2|Continuation:  [Link]
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~Fem!Teacher!France x Fem!Teacher!Reader~

|Not Now|
・Continuation|Part 2・

"Remember to reader chapter 5 of the book! Have a great weekend! I'll see you all on Tuesday!"

The last period of the day had finished and all the teens had left in a hurry, the loud noise of talking filling the atmosphere. The English teacher sighed, walking over to her desk and sitting in her chair. She decided to stay after hours to finish grading tests, knowing that if she did them at home, she wouldn't get them done do to Françoise.

She gripped her pencil, tapping it against the wooden desk. She flipped through a student's test. She furrowed her eyebrows as she flipped quickly quickly through it.

'It's blank.'

"But everyone was in 8th period today." She mumbled to herself.

She grabbed the attendants sheet and marked off which students test she had.

She realized she had everyone's, except,


She dropped her head on the table and sighed once more.

"I swear that boy is driving me insane."


She lifted her head slightly to see Françoise leaning against the door frame. The (Hair Color) cracked a smile as she sat up straight.

"This boy in my class. He always turns in blank work back. Sometimes, I wonder why he even attends school if all he does is sleep."

The blonde struts over to (Name), hips swaying side to side as the door closes with a loud slam. The (Nationality) bites her lip, letting her eyes wonder over the French women's body.

A smirk played on Françoise lips as she watched (Name) blush a light pink. She leaned over the English teacher's desk, making sure to expose as much cleavage to the (Hair Color)'s eyes possible without showing off too much.

"Zo, how long do you think thiz will take?"

Trying to not look at the blonde's chest, (Name) replied;

"M-maybe an hour and a half."

The French women straightened herself up and walked behind the (Hair Color), wrapping her arms around her neck. She placed her lips on (Name)'s jawline and kissed along it. (Name) let out a small gasp, gripping the pencil tightly against her hand.


The blonde brought her lips to (Name)'s ear.

"I have zo much planned out for our weekend alone. I waz zinking that we go to ze moviez tonight and watch a romance movie. Tomorrow, we go to a fancy reztraunt and have a zmall walk along ze park. Sunday, we go to ze beach at zunzet and have a picnic, in which I will bring ze wine..."

Her slim fingers tangle themselves in (Hair Color) locks.

"And on Monday night, we can have a little fun in private." She continues in a seductive voice.

(Name) let out a content sigh.

"So, all this romantic stuff is leading up to us-"

"Making love? Exactly."

(Name) abruptly stood up. She pushed Françoise against the wall and slammed her lips onto the blonde's, kissing her roughly. Françoise wrapped her arms around the (Hair Color)'s waist. pulling her closer. (Name) pulled away, leaning her forehead against the blonde's.

"Come on."

"What about your grading?"

"I can do it first thing Tuesday morning. We have a movie to catch."
Part two of one!

Sorry I haven't uploaded this yet!


*Disclaimer: I own nothing but the text!*

Part One: [Link]
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-Fem! Italy x Fem! Reader One Shot-

.:: Oblivious ::.

(Name) sat across from Felicia, watching as the girl doodled in her notebook, not paying attention to class. On the other side, (Name)'s best friends watched her, along with Felicia's best friends.

"Is she always this... Oblivious?"  Alice asked, examining the two in front of her.

"Alvays." Monica responded.

"Even if someone told her, she still wouldn't understand." Amelia said, pointing towards the brunette.

"We're going to have to try." Sakura said, staring at the (Hair Color) drooling over her friend.

"I agree, let's go tell Felicia!" Amelia started standing up, but Alice stopped her before she could go any farther.

"I think we should do in a more subtle way, where we DON'T embarrass (Name)." She gave Amelia a stern look.

"She's right. But can ve do it fast? I'm sick and tired of seeing poor (Name) not getting any." Julchen said.

Monica rolled her eyes at her sister.

Meanwhile, (Name) still sat her desk in a daze.

'She's just so perfect.'

"I want her." She breathed out.

"What was-a that, (Name)?" Felicia tilted her head slightly, giving the (Hair Color) a confused look.

The (Nationality) realized what had come out of her mouth and was blush furiously.

"N-nothing!" She stated quickly.

The brunette look at her a look, smiling afterwards.

"Tell-a me! Who-a do you want-a?" Felicia asked, turning her body to face (Name).

The said (Nationality) gave her look of fear, not wanting to reveal who she liked.

"U-um. It's uh..."

"It's a girl right? Is-a it Françoise?Anya?"

(Name) shook her head.

"Then who? Oh! Is it Amelia?"

Before you could answer, the group of friends who were looking at them from afar, came over to where the two girls where and took seats nearby. There wasn't enough seats, so Amelia decided to sit one the (Hair Color), causing (Name) to blush more than before. Felicia gave a smile towards (Name), a slight jealously hidden in it that the (Hair Color) didn't notice. She got up and walked to the teacher, whispering something to him and left with a pass to the bathroom.

"What was that all about?" Amelia asked.

"I don't know, but can you get your fat ass off of me?!" (Name) screeched, pushing the blonde off her lap.

"Okay! Okay! No need for the name calling!" Amelia said, placing her hands up in defense.

(Name) rolled her eyes.

"What do you guys want anyways."

"We were planning for a way to get you and Felicia together!" Amelia clapped excitedly.

The (Hair Color)'s eyes widen in terror,

"NO! NOT AGAIN!" She yelled.

"Ms. (Last Name), is there a reason your yelling?" The teacher asked.

At that moment, Felicia came back, seeing the whole class staring at the (Nationality).

"N-no. I'm sorry, it won't happen again, Mr. Bondevik."

"Good. Now get back to work."

Felicia watched as (Name) sat back down, arguing with Amelia about something. She slowly walked back to her seat, jealous that Amelia had gotten with (Name) before she had the time to confess. When Felicia was asking who (Name) liked, she thought that the (Hair Color) was going to confess her affection to the brunette.

'How can she be so oblivious.'

That thought remained in Felicia's head.

Both girls were oblivious to each others affections for one another, but neither would confess out of fear of rejection.

"Just shut your mouth. You cause enough problems already!" (Name) whispered harshly at the American.

"Well, sorry for trying to help." Amelia rolled her eyes and went back to her seat, over the fact that (Name) wouldn't be grateful and take her help offering.

The (Hair Color) sighed, glancing up to see Felicia glaring at Amelia. The (Nationality) leaned over, speaking to Alice.

"Don't you notice how Felicia isn't being herself?"

"How so?"

They both watched as Monica and Sakura headed over to the brunette, starting up a conversation.

"She just doesn't seem to as happy as she was a couple minutes ago and she has a sort of forced smile."

Alice looked up and saw that (Name) was right.

"Maybe she's jealous of Amelia."

"Why wou-"

(Name) realized that Alice was right. When Amelia came over and sat on (Name)'s lap, she had a bit of jealousy showing in her eyes.

'She probably left because she couldn't handle Amelia on top of me.'

The (Nationality)looked over at Felicia was was staring at her.

'That means she likes me!'

A grin carved itself into the (Hair Color)'s face as she stood up and walked over to Felicia.

All the while, the brunette stared confused as (Name) walked over to her with a smile. With a swift movement, (Name) grabbed Felicia's hand and dragged her towards the door.

"And where do you two think your going?!" Mr Bondevik raised from his seat, walking over to the young girls.

"I uh, I just got my period and I need to go to the nurse. She's going with me so I won't get lost." (Name) said quickly, rushing out the door and leaving her teacher standing there, blood rushing towards his checks.

"Why-a didn't you-a bring Amelia?" Felicia asked, her voice giving away the jealousy.

"Because we're not dating."

Felicia gave her a look of hope as her face brightened up.


(Name) chuckled at the brunette's excitement. Once Felicia realized what she had said, she blushed madly.

"So-a, who were you-a talking about when you-a said you 'wanted-a her'?"

The (Nationality) blushed, taking the Italian's face by the chin and bringing it close enough that a soft kiss was placed onto her lips. Once they parted, both were red in the face.

Who knew Felicia was the jealous type!:iconfemitalyplz:

Hope you enjoy this!

*Disclaimer: I own nothing but the text*

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IF YOU DON’T LIKE YURI. Well don’t read this story.
I warned you. *evil laugh*


"Ah, le monde est cruel.*"

Francoise said, leaning back on the velvet chair. You pour some more wine into her crystal cup, which she had chugged down in one minute time.

"Madam Bonnefoy, you should-"

"Si tu veux parler avec moi, tu dois le faire en francais, Sebastian!**"

"Madam, my name is not Sebastian. And I am a woman too…" you respond, sighing. This is the fourth time she mistook you for Sebastian, from Black Butler…. ((How ironic..))

" Oohhh....Quebec, je m'excuse...***" she muttered in her deep purple shawl,crying.

"Madam Bonnefoy, I do think you should stop drinking." you express, seeing that she could almost barf on herself.

She could drink like a sailor, but she did have her limits.

"Je m'en fous, Sebastian!!"****

"Mon nom n'est pas Sebastian, Madame Bonnefoy, c'est (y_n)."

She looked up, her blue eyes misted by her tears. Her blond hair was falling from her chignon, her dress a mess.

"(y_n), est-ce que tu peux me verser plus de vin?"

"Non, madame, vous avez trop bu pour cette soirée." You say, sighing "Allez dans votre chambre, pour l'amour de Dieu...."

"Je ne veux pas dormir!" she pouted, odd on her beautiful face.

"Vous devez; demain, c'est votre réunion..."

"Je m'en fous to-ta-le-ment de cette réunion de mer-" she sputtered unladylikely (and drunkenly.)

"Madame!" you say forcefully, encircling her hips with your arm and pulling her upwards,
making her stand up.

She shivered under your touch, as your hand touched hers. You could feel her breath on your cheek, warm and wine ridden. As you hoisted her forward, she suddenly tipped you over as you collapsed onto her.

"Now I go' you." she smiled, making you realize that she wasn't drunk after all.
This is going to be a two-part thingy. :D

This is me deciding the title: :iconfliptableplz:


BEWARE MAH FRENCH SPEAKING LANGUAGE (Well, if you can read it, well damn it xD)



* : "Oh, is the world cruel."

**: "If you want to talk to me, you have to do it in french, Sebastian!"

***: "Oooh...Quebec, I'm sorry...."

****: "I don't care, Sebastian!!"

"My name is not Sebastian, madam, it is (y_n)."

"(y_n), can you pour me some more wine?"

"No, madam, you drinked too much for one night../ "Go in your room, for the love of God.."

"I don't want to go to sleep!"

"You have to; You have a meeting tomorrow.."

"I to-ta-lly don't care about that meeting of shi-"


And you probably understand the rest xD


((I may be too into icons these days *sighs*))

HETALIA BELONGS TO: :iconhimaruyaplz:

((Sorry if it sucks by the way :iconsadkeanuplz1:))

And the preview pic doesn't belong to me ^^.
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You smile happily, sliding your finger on the porcelain plate, a bit of red tomato sauce sticking to your finger. You never knew that Lovina cared about you, especially to make a pasta bowl for you, which is especially rare since you never, never saw her give something as important as pasta.

While licking your reddened finger, the sauce tasting seriously good, you smiled to yourself. You noticed that the plate was a little bit too large, enough for two servings.
You jogged towards the table, putting the plate on it, along with the fork.

“Lovina,” You lean on the sofa, “Wanna eat the pasta with me?”

Lovina turned around, dropping her earphones. Even if she was pouting, something in her eyes sparkled.

“Why?” She asked, with a smug look, her weird twirl on her head looking even more twirled (How is that possible?) on top of her head.

“Because I fear I couldn’t finis-”

“Not finish pasta?!” She yelled out, surprising you. She approached her beautiful but not attractive at all face towards yours. “Listen here, you little shit, pasta is fucking life. EAT LIFE OR DIE.”

Well, you weren’t sure how to react when you got the small whiff of the perfume you picked for yourself last weekend, probably because it was your favourite and Lovina mentioned that it smelled incredibly bad, though it wouldn’t make sense because you just smelled it on her now. You decided not to mention it, since you were hungry as hell now, and needed to eat life.

You threw your hands before you defensively, Lovina cute- I mean- twirl brushing your hand. As soon as your skin touched the strange looking hair, Lovina’s cheeks went red as-well- red as tomatoes. Her frown dropped replaced by a confused stare. Considering that she seemed to notice that face and decided to become a bear in hibernation in the sofa, covering herself with pillows and sheets and screaming and muttering to herself in Italian, you looked quite baffled too.

With a large sigh, you get up and went to the table, taking up the fork and stabbed a noodle, mixing the noodles with the deliciously smelling tomato sauce. You mixed it for some time before you stopped and ate a noodle. It was delicious... You began eating.

Something must’ve poked Lovina out of her stupor because you heard “Gimme’ that.” and a hand groping for the fork from behind you. A warm body pressed up against yours, not making you blush at all. You looked behind you, and indeed, was Lovina, her hair a bit disheveled. She sat next to you, giving you a defiant gaze of glory, though there was nothing to be defiant about, and took a big chomp of it.

“I thought you didn’t want to eat with me..?” You say, with a bit of question in your voice.

“I never said that!”

“Well, can I eat too?” You pointed at the now half gone plate of food, since she ate one third of it in the 5 short seconds that she had sat there.

She grumbled under her voice, poking the tomatoes, like if not wanting to share.

“Open your mouth.”


She had rolled a few strings of noodles around the fork and hovered it before your face.

“Are you…trying to feed me?” You gasped.

She death glared you. You ate it in one mouthful.

It was still delicious, though your heart was audible to your ears.

“….Is it good?” She muttered.

You nodded and gulped it down. You smiled afterwards.

She just clicked her tongue, though her seemingly annoyance seemed a bit contrary to the smile she was trying to hold back.


“Oy, potato bastard.” She said, after putting the empty plate down and wiping the left over tomato sauce on her chin, with a kinda satisfied grin. “Now you owe me something.”


“Did you really think I gave you a pasta bowl without something in compensation?”

You sighed and smiled. Well, of course, she was going to do that. You should've have seen it coming, stupid reader.

“What do I have to do?”

“Well, there's a new bra shop downto-.”



ONE. ;_______;


((Not sure if I was sleepy when I wrote this fanfic. OH WELL))

Update: I fixed it. ;_;

THIS BELONGS TO: :iconhimaruyaplz:

Preview image is not mine :D
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IF YOU DON’T LIKE YURI. Well don’t read this story.
I warned you. *evil laugh*

Twelve potatoes,

You place a potato on a basket of potatoes.

Thirteen potatoes,

The potato is tangling slightly but you don’t mind.


It feels as if a large weight just has been thrown at you and rammed you across the couch with light speed into the wall.  You winced.

Wait, if it felt like a huge weight has been thrown at you at light speed (And that probably damaged the wall) that means it was..

“Julchen, can you not try your new moves on me?” You glared at her, your (e_c) eyes sharpening.

The albino woman, dressed in a simple black tanktop and green cargo pants smiles profusely "Kesesesese- I have to keep the Awesome Me fit and awesome!"

Her yellow bird comes fluttering on the armchair and squawks in agreement. They were always as synchronized as ever.

You wondered how your body suffered the abuse so well, considering the large amount of bruises you obtained since you took the job.

A job of counting perfect potatoes.

It did sound ridiculous, and it sounded easy when you took the job.

Until you knew whom the person was when they hired you.

Julchen and Monika; The two notorious German sisters. Both were combat monsters, both liked potatoes (and wurst), but Monika was military-like and straightforward, unlike Julchen, who likes to do the German suplex on you every opportunity you give her.  

The task of sorting potatoes was quite simple. You had to find 50 potatoes, perfectly round ones, each day and get paid more than you could think of. You thought that this job was an opportunity to pay your future college debts, so you jumped in right away.

But with Julchen strutting in the rather large house, you knew that this job would be more difficult than ever.

But it was better than getting yelled by your parents.

You look over at the basket and see that she knocked it down while she broke the wall.

Julchen doesn’t seem to notice, and still grins maniacally, her pink eyes glowing. You realize that you could be in the prey of a nasty wrestling attack and you slip out of her grip too fast for her to see.

Good thing you have fast reflexes. You pin her arm on her back and put her in the same situation you were before.

And before you know it, a large battle scale attack takes place.

Julchen swings her powerful fist to your face, which you duck and kick her shins. You didn’t take martial art classes, but you watched enough movies to know what to do and been in too many fights...probably. She grins and swings down her feet on you. You bring your two arms together, stopping her leg to crush your head to the ground. You get up and put a blow on her jaw, which she replies with a kick to the stomach. You skid onto the carpet and you groan. Then you see Julchen expression.

She looks so amused and happy to be fighting that you grin too.

You charge at each other again.

In the blur of the battle, you can feel the every move she’s trying to pull and she can see them too. Although you are badly damaged, the adrenaline is shooting through you like a rocket and you just can’t stop.

What seemed like minutes passed like hours.

And finally something unlocking the door breaks your concentration and Julchen punches you in the face.

Your body slams into the wall violently and slides it down as you breathe heavily. As the adrenaline is draining down, you realize that your (h_c) hair is plastered with sweat and your ribs are aching.  Bruises cover your legs and your head hurts from exertion. Your mouth tastes like blood and you see a string of blood falling on your (f_c) shirt. But you look up and are satisfied to see Julchen in the same situation.

Her tank top sticking on her skin with her white hair skimming her wet body and the bruises all over her arms and sweat sliding down on her ch-

Wait, you were a girl; you can’t think things like that. Not to another girl, no. You learned that the hard way.

You hear the door unlocking, someone shouting and see Julchen walk (A bit crookedly) over you.

You grin for a second before the darkness overtook you.
Do not blame me if it's irremediably bad. :iconcryforeverplz:

AND HETALIA BELONGS TO :iconhimaruyaplz:

Part 2: [link]

And yes, the preview pic isn't mine...I am not near awesome to draw such awesomeness... :iconsadkeanuplz1:
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"S-sorry. It just slipped out", Peter shrugged awkwardly.

"S-she's...S-she...S-she can't be!", you refused to believe the truth. "No! No!"

"Well she is. Now that Peter's big mouth told you, I could tell you about her"

"What's she like now?", Al questioned.

"She's adorable! Her fashion sense is so on point, I'm proud to call her my niece! Anyway, she's really smart and listens well, so Luci tells me. She's a lot like Luciano. I can tell she's gonna grow up to have his smart mouth too"

You sat on the floor, rubbing your fist against one another, still trying to understand it all. You didn't think anyone could possibly be truly happy with that deceitful man. "Aye (name)", Peter pulled you out of your thoughts.


"You know she knows your name and stuff, right?"

You nod, "Uh-huh. I told her"

"Yeah. I mentioned your name one time and she got all...antsy"

"She did?"


"Hm...I really wanna see her..."

"Fine! Fine!...I'll help you but you guys have to be like secret friends. I'm sure my brother wouldn't like it very much knowing you two were friends...I can bring her over when I take her shopping"

"R-really?!", your eyes sparkled at the idea and your cheeks hurt from such hard smiling. "Oh, thank you goddaddy!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" You take his hand and cuddle it to your face. "I would hug you but I don't want to ruin your clothes with all my excitement!"

"Aww!!! You care so much! How can deny such a cute kid like you?! Plus I'm sure you two would be great friends despite everything"

The next weekend, on a Saturday, Flavio told you over the phone that he would be by later with (ragazza). You couldn't wait. You were so excited it was hard to contain. There was so much you wanted to ask her and talk to her about. You prepared some snacks for her and made them extra cute since you knew she was younger that you and you changed into a really nice dress since Flavio told you her style was so amazing.

You were setting up tea and cookies on a platter when you noticed your dad come into the kitchen. "Look dad. I'm preparing everything nicely"

"I see! It looks as if you two would have so much fun together"

"I hope so...Even though her dad is awful and terrible as a person, I hope we can be friends" 

"I'm sure you will be", he pats your head before leaving. You went back to fixing things up, then there was a knock at the door that made your heart stop. You ran to the door. Your hands were shaking but you slowly opened it. There stood your goddad and (ragazza) but she wasn't paying attention when you opened the door. She was looking behind her.

"Uncle Flavio. Where are w-", her eyes met yours and they got wider. 

You smiled, "H-hi"

"W-why are we h-here?"

"So you two can be friends!", Flavio bubbled then took her wrist and brought her in the house. "Now you two make friends~!", he waved before going off down the hall.

"I-it's really nice to a-actually meet you now" She stayed silent. "Uhm...How old are you?"


"Oh! Our ages aren't that far away! I'm twelve!"

"Ok", she mumbled.

You thought of ways you could make her more relaxed. "Hm...Oh! I know! Would you like some tea, dear? Are you hungry? I'm great at baking and made cookies and cupcakes for us!"

"Y-you knew I was coming?"

"Yes! I was so excited when my goddaddy told me!"


You nod energetically. "Yes! He's my goddaddy!" She took off her small bookbag and got out the teddy bear who's head was poking out of it. "...That's a very cute bear you have"

"T-thank you", she whispered and hugged the bear.

"Al told me about it. Your mom gave it to you, right?"

Her head shot up. "A-Al told you about me? T-that's how you knew who I was?"

"Uh-huh...I'm sure he'd like to see you again...He thought you were dead this whole time...He was very worried"

She looked to the side. "...C-can I sit?"

"Oh! Of course! You can sit at the table and I'll get the snacks for us!" She slowly walked over to the table. She carefully placed her bear on the table then pulled out a chair with her head down. She sat quietly. You watched her then went to the kitchen where you got the food you prepared. When you came back, she was staring at her bear and nodding a little. "...What are you doing?"

She jumped then turned towards you. "N-nothing...T-those look very good"

Your face lights up at her comment. "Thank you! I tried so hard on them to make sure you'd like them! I really hope you do!" You placed a small plate in front of her and sat one of the cupcakes on it along with a fresh baked cookie. As she picked up the cookie, you started pouring her some tea. "D-do you like it?"

"W-wow. You're really good at baking"

"I'm so happy!! Eat as much as you want!"

"A-are you sure?"

"Of course! I made them for you! I want you to enjoy them!"

She took another bite then peeked her eyes over to her bear. "Uhm...(poppet)?..."


"You...Y-you know who I am right?"

"Uh-huh! You're (ragazza)!"

"N-no I know where I stay...W-who my dad is..."

You nod, "Yes. I heard"

"Then why are you so content on trying to be friends with me?"

"Hm...I don't really know...I guess when Al told me about you, I felt really sorry for you. No one knew who you were. Not even my uncle Francis and he knows everybody! So I didn't believe you could've just died. It seemed so sad. So I tried to find you the best I could, especially after I saw you the second time...B
ut now, I feel as if we have this bond. Do you feel it too? It's like we're meant to be best friends. It's like a voice in our ears telling us that our friendship should be a strong one. Do you hear it?...Oh! That reminds me!", you whistle. "Fruitloop! Come here boy!" After your words, your pet soon came running. "Yay! You remember Fruitloop?"

"Fruitloop?...You named it after cereal? Why?"

"Cereal has cool names" You pet the top of his head. "I've had him since I was five. He's a very loyal wolf. You know the day you came running to him? He usually doesn't like people but he accepted you very quickly. He usually only likes family"

"Hm...", she reaches out and pets him as well. A subtle smile could be seen on her face. 

"I have a question"


"How did you meet your dad after...what happened to your mother?"

She paused for a second but then looked over to you. "...One night...My mama told me to do my regular routine since she had someone coming over...Whenever someone came over the house, if it wasn't Al, I was suppose to hide in my room with my earplugs in...Luciano was the one who was coming over that day...I heard my mama say my name before I put my earplugs in so...I decided to listen at my door...I heard her say that...that he was my dad. At that time I never met him before and I really wanted to know who my dad was", she chuckled lowly.

"I'm sure you would have"

"...I don't really remember much of what happened or what was said besides my name and 'she's your daughter' but somehow I ended up under my bed and Luciano found me. I don't know why but I was scared of him at first but that night he took me to his house and took care of me, then on"

"Really? How...sweet"

"He accepted that he was my dad pretty fast and after my mom had her heart attack..."

"Heart attack?"

"Uh-huh. That's how she died"

You placed your hand over your heart. She didn't know how her mom really died. Luciano must not have told her. How nice of him to keep something so heartbreaking and horrifying from her. "That's so sad..."

"It's alright. I always have this bear that she gave me" She brought the bear close to her chest and kissed it.

You looked down into your cup of tea. "Sounds like you really like living w-with...L-Luci"

"Luciano feeds me and clothes me so I'm fine with it"

"...Hey? Why don't you call him dad?"

"Huh?...Oh. He said he preferred for me to call him by his name so I do"

"What is he like with you?"

She shook her head. "I'm sorry but I can not give you too much information on him. I appreciate your kindness but I won't talk anymore on my dad and his relationship with me"

"Oh...Well that's ok. I wanted to get to know you anyway. We don't have to talk about him"

"...W-what did you want to know? I-I'm not that interesting and I don't do much"

"Nonsense! You're really cool!"


"Oh. Would it be ok if you told me about you and Al? What was he like with you?"

"Uhm...My memories from then aren't too great but...from what I remember, he was very nice to me. When there wasn't any food in the house, he would take me out to eat. Oh. Is he still a vegetarian?"

"Uh-huh! I am too!"

"Oh...He didn't mind that I wasn't. He'd even take me out to get fast food and things"

You smiled, "Sounds like he really cared about you"

"R-really? I just thought he liked my mom...B-but my mom always told me that she and him never had any kind of relationship of any sorts! She never liked him!"

"Oh really?...I wonder if Al ever liked her...W-would you mind if I asked him to come here?"

She started shaking and gripping her bear tighter. She looked her bear in its eyes with panic and fear apparently there. "U-uhm..."

"I'm sure he'd love to see you"

"I-I uhm...o-ok"

"Really?! Yay! Wait here!" You stood to your feet then gently touched her shoulders. When she looked up at you, you giggled before leaving off. You went straight to Al's door and knocked lightly. When he answered it, you grabbed his wrist. "Come on!"

"For what?"

"It's a surprise! Lets go!" You marched off with Al lazily following you. "Say (ragazza)!", you pointed over to her when you got back to the dinning room. She didn't look up though. You looked at Al and his eyes were big.

"Uhm...Hey (ragazza)"

"...H-hi", she squeaked and clinched the bear.

"You still carry around that bear?"

"Yes...You still carry around that bat?"

He chuckled lightly, "Yeah. You remember that?"

"Uh-huh...I wasn't allow to touch it though"

"Wow. It really is you" She nods but still never looks up to see him. "You're like nine now, right?"


"You still sound scary"

"I-I'm not scared of anything!"

"You were scared of everything"

"I-I was four!! Scary shit would happen often where we lived! I-I don't exactly remember what but I remember it wasn't the safest place ever"

You gasped lowly, "(r-ragazza). Y-you used a-a...b-bad word"

"Are you cussing now? Wow! Look at you! Luci must let you do whatever the hell you want, huh?"

"I can not talk about Luciano"

"He got you all well trained to not snitch on him"

She let out a soft breath. "...N-no one was suppose to know who I was"

"Well no one does, besides me anyway. Probably why I didn't see you for five years" He leans his elbows on your shoulder. "You know how hard it is to try and find a girl who's pretty much nonexistent?" You heard her mumble something but you couldn't make out the words. "Huh?"

"N-nothing" She finally looked up at him. She blankly looked straight at him for awhile. "I-I really would like to go"

"What?! Why?! You just got here!", you whined. "Stay just a little longer? Please?"

She stood up and shakes her head. "L-Luciano is waiting for me at home. I-I really should go a-and it would be best if this meeting went unknown to him"

"Wow. You talk all proper and shit. You go to school? Which one?"

"I'm home schooled and can't say anymore on it. W-where's my uncle?"

"Uhm. I think he might be talking to daddy", you guessed. "Dad!!! Is Flavio with you?!!", you yelled.

"Well ok. Yelling was necessary, obviously. My eardrums are fine", she rubbed her ear with one hand. You heard a door open then looked down the hall to see if it was who you wanted it to be.

"How many times have I told you, yelling isn't necessary in the house, young lady", your dad nagged you.

"Sorry daddy...but (ragazza) was looking for Flavio"

He looked over and saw her. She nodded lightly to say hello. His eyes got watery before he ran up and hugged her. "A-ahh! T-this is uncomfortable! This is uncomfortable! This is very uncomfortable for me!"

"Oh, I'm sorry dear b-but I felt so sad when (poppet) told me about you!" He lets her go as tears of joy spill from his eyes. "I-I never knew Al loved a young child like you!"

"W-what?! A-Al just knew my mom!"

"Yeah!", you added. "He was in love with (ragazza's) mom!"

"W-what?!", her and Al chorused.

"I-I never said anything like that! Her mom was just..." Al stopped himself, seeing that (ragazza) was in the room and most likely still had no idea what her mom did for a living. "She was just a friend"

"U-uncle Flavio. C-can we go now? I really want to go home"

"Wait! You have to promise to come back and visit me soon!"

She lowered her head a bit. "Promise"

You felt overjoyed by her answer and as if you've gotten much closer as friends. "Yay!"

"Let's go (ragazza)", your goddad walked with her to the door. Once she was out, he turned to you guys. He moved his finger to his lips. "Make sure Francis hears nothing about this, kay?"

"Got it!", you give him a thumbs up.

"That's my little goddaughter~!", he left with that.

"I had so much fun hanging out with her, even if she wasn't here for that long!", you cheered.

"...It was cool getting to talk to her. I seriously thought she died. I didn't think Luci would've found her and took her in"

"Luci's her real dad!", you corrected. "She told me, on the night she met him, he came over to their house and she heard her mom say, 'she's your daughter' so she must be his actual child"

"Maybe that's why her mom hated Luci so much...", Al scratched his head. "I'm starting to get it...but how did she get killed? Did Luci do it?"

"He couldn't have. He's been protecting her from even knowing how her mom died. He told her she just had a heart attack...That was very sweet of him...He's...He's not as bad as I thought", you looked down in thought. Maybe she was fine where she was. Maybe she really did move onto a better life and didn't need saving after all. It seemed Luciano was doing a very good job with protecting her but she didn't seem as though she really liked him. She seemed neutral about him. You found that weird.
Well you get to meet (ragazza) now ;u; Sorry these taking so long. I have like a few written but I always have to read over them and make sure they still make sense and will make sense with what I have planned next. It's so difficult for me you guys ;A; I'm use to just random shit. Now I got this drama of a series

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You sat on your husband's leg's, hovering over his sleeping body. You placed a huge smile on your face as you saw him beginning to stir. "Good morning, Al~!", you sang.

His eyes opened slightly to peek up at you. He closed them back and grunted, "What?"

You swing your right hand in the air. "Lookie. It's a mistletoe" You poke your lips out and lean down a little. He smirked before making contact with your lips. As he held onto your hips, you deepened the kiss a little before letting up and kissing him repeatedly. "How's my sweet, amazing husband? Guess what? I've been cleaning all morning and the house looks perfect! I made your favorite vegan breakfast and I went out to buy you some beer and a bunch of your other favorite alcoholic beverages" You kissed his cheek and leaned in closely to his ear as you whispered, "But I could go and get your breakfast for you later...just encase, we're doing...other things"

He touched your shoulders and moved you back up so he could look you in your eyes. You tilted your head in a bit of confusion. "...What did you do?"

"W-what? I haven't done anything! I'm just being a thoughtful. considerate wife!" You looked down as you fiddled your fingers. "...But...I would like you to do something for me..."

"What is it?"

"Well....You love me right?"



"I'm just playing with you, doll" He pulled you down into a hug.

You cuddled into his chest. "I knew you were...Since you do, you wouldn't mind coming with me to spend Christmas with my family, right?" You were suddenly pushed off of him before he turned over and buried his face into his pillow. "Al!!"

"Not happening. Your family is fucking weird!"

"H-how so?!"

He turned his head and looked at you lazily. "Your auntie wants to marry your uncle...Who is her brother!"

"T-that's one person in my family! Give another example!"

"Your cousin Hercules has more cats than a fucking ninety-four year old widow!"

"H-he...He really likes cats! Is that a crime?!"

"Your aunt's boobs are so got damn huge! Do you know how hard it is to NOT say shit about those?!"

"W-well...I-it's winter! H-her sweater'll cov-"

"A censor bar couldn't cover those!"

You looked around for something to say to retort to that. "....You have to go!! I can't go there without you! We've only been married of six months! If I go there without my husband, my cousin's won't let me hear the end of it!" You grab onto his arm. "They'll all think we're having problems!! I want them to see just how happy we are!! We're fucking happy, damn it and they're gonna see it and all it's lovey dovey bullshit!!"

"(n-name)! Calm the hell down!"

"You're going or I'm tying you up in the living room and making you watch me as I burn...your bat"

"You wouldn't"

"Please do try me. I'll go get it now!"

"Ok! Ok!...No need for such drastic measures"

"So you'll go?!", you bubbled.


"Yay!!", you clapped before hopping out of the bed. 

"Hey! Pass me my breakfast!"

"You got two legs. Get the fuck up and get it yourself", you replied before leaving the room.


Two days later you were sitting in the living room, wrapping gifts up for some of the cousins that you liked. You didn't even spend that much money but you got quite a few things to give. There was then knocking at the door. Al was coming down the stairs when it happened. You waved to him before saying, "I'll get it!"

When you opened the door, a plate of cupcakes were being held out in front of you. "Merry almost Christmas~!", you brother-in-law, Oliver greeted you as his two other brothers, Matt and Francis, just nodded once to show they saw you there.

You took the plate from him. "Thanks Oliver! You too! Come on in!", you invited them inside and placed the cupcakes on the living room table.

"Good afternoon, Al!", Oliver called to Al as the three of them sat on the couch..

Al flipped him off. "Bite me"

"Don't mind him, Ollie. He's just a little grumpy", you shot a glare to him before sitting in the chair across from them.

"Oh? Why is that?"

"He's just mad that we're going to spend Christmas with my family"

"Your family?"

"She forced me to do it!", Al added.

You rolled your eyes. "Yeah. Some of them were at the wedding, Al's met others, but they'll ALL be at my uncle Ivan's house for this Christmas. He has the biggest house"

"Oh! Would Kat happen to be there?!"

You looked at him a bit awkwardly. "You mean my aunt Katyusha?"

"Yes! I like to call her kitty kat. She was so cute when she blushed at it"

"You two must have hit it off pretty well" He blushed a bit and looked down smiling. "Would you like to come too?!"

"Oh, can we?!"

"Like hell I'm going there!", Matt objected.

"I'm sure you'll like it, Matt!", you tried to convince him.

"Come on, Matt! It'll be fun!"

"Fuck. That. I'm not going"

You got up and sat on the arm of the couch, next to Matt. "Why not? I bet my cousin Dyah would like to see you. Remember her? Short chick, big tits. Pot smoker", you cleared your throat. "She's deep throated too", you quietly mentioned as you scratched behind your head.

"Alright, I'm in"

"And Francis!", you scurried off next to him.


"You'll love it! Do you know how many single, desperate cousins and aunts I have? I can see them now, practically begging for you"

"Well I did fuck three of your cousins during your wedding day"


"You already convinced me"

You try to quickly shake the thought of any of your cousins having sex with Francis, out of your head. "W-well ok then! This'll be a good Christmas!"

"Since they're going, does that I don't have to go anymore?!", Al asked hopefully.

"You're going", you bluntly crushed his hopes.

On Christmas day, you were making sure everything was good. You looked over all the presents you bought and made sure you had them in a good order. You knew you wouldn't be able to give them all away at one time. You had too much family for everyone to be at one room at one time, unless it was time to eat, that was a maybe too. You even had some cookies in the oven, baking as you waited for everyone to be ready to go. You felt Christmas cookies would be nice to bring.

"No wonder the house smelt burnt", you heard behind you.

You narrowed your eyes at him before hitting the back of his head. "You lucky...You lucky you met me. Any other sane woman wouldn't have nerve to marry you for all your little jokes, mister"

"What are you doing, anyway?"

You turn back to the oven and check on the cookies. "Baking cookies to bring! Everybody loves cookies~! Now go get dressed. Why do you always choose to sleep so late? Oliver and the other's will be over soon and only I can see you walk around the house in just your boxers" He hugged you from behind before kissing down your neck. You giggled a bit. "Al, stop. I don't have time for this. T-the cookies might burn for real!"

"So? Plus you owe me" There was sudden knocking at the door. "Shit. Why can't I ever win?"

"Go upstairs!", you yelled quietly. "Go! Go! Now!"

The knocking continued. "Aye! You two put on some damn clothes! We're here!", you heard Matt through the door.

You pushed Al to the stairs before fixing yourself up a bit and answering the door. "Aye....Shut up. I been dressed thank you...Hey Ollie!"

"Hello dear!"

As they came into the house, you noticed Oliver was carrying a present with him. "What's that?"

"Oh! I got it for Kat!"

"Aww~! That's so sweet!"

"I do hope she likes it"

"You should've just gave her money", Al remarked as he was coming from up the stairs, putting on a shirt on his way down. "She's broke as fuck"

"A-Al!...It's just difficult for her to keep a job..."

"I feel like one of us should've made a joke about her breast, right now", Francis hinted at.

"...True", you agreed. "That's a sad thing"

Oliver sat the gift on the couch and his container of cupcakes on the table before he peeked over to the kitchen. "Did you bake something, dear?"

"...My cookies!!!", you ran off to the kitchen. "Don't burn! Don't burn! Don't burn!...D-damn it"

"Christmas cupcakes are better anyway darling~! Don't fret!"

When it was time to leave, everyone rode with you and Al. You made Al drive though. Since you brought a few gifts, you kept them all in a big bag. It was red and decorated with snowflakes. "Here it is!", you pointed out as he pulled up in front of the house.

"Damn", Al, Matt, and Francis chorused.

"Yeah...My uncle Ivan has a REALLY big house. That's why Christmas is at his house! Got a big family!", you explained before exiting the car, being followed by everyone else. You rung the door bell then waited. One of your younger cousins answered the door.

"O-oh! H-hey (name)"

"Hey Ravis! Haven't seen you in awhile. What you been up too?"

"N-not much. I-Ivan put me over here to open the door for people"

"Uncle still bullying you?"


You ruffle his hair. "It'll get better Ravis. Don't worry"

"T-thanks (name)"

"Oh! I got you something too!"

"R-really?" You dug through the bag before handing him a tape measure that had green ribbon tied around it. He lowered his head as he accepted it. "W-wow. Thanks (name)"

You nodded to him before you all fully entered the house. "I knew he'd totally love that awesome present" In the distance, you saw your aunt Katyusha. You looked over to Oliver to tell him but you saw he already caught sight of her. His eyes were sparkling as he watched her. When she saw him, you saw the same look in her eyes. "Well damn", you mumbled before her and her daughter, Dyah came over.

"H-hello Oliver", she greeted him shyly.

"Oh dear. I do like it better for you to call me Ollie"

Her cheeks tinted with blush. "O-ok...O-Ollie"

"It sounds so much cuter when you say it!"

She giggled. "Well I'm totally not here anymore", Dyah shrugged a bit.

"O-oh! This is my daughter! Dyah"

"Nice to meet you, darling!" He held his hand out for her.

"You too sir", she politely shook his hand and smiled.

"She's my only child. She's very polite and sweet though. Do you want to go talk over there? Can I help you carry one of the things your holding?" Oliver nods before following her and giving her the gift.

"I actually got this for you and these are cupcakes I made. I would love for you to try them"

"O-ok~!" They walked off.

"Is that gonna be my new step-dad?"

"...Maybe", you hinted.

"That'll make you my sister-in-law then", Al mentioned.

"I'm fine with that. You're cool by me" She hit his hand before bringing him in for a short hug. 

"Anyway! Dyah, you remember Matt?"

"Oh yeah! I remember him from the wedding! He's the one I remember smelled like pot the whole time" She moved one of her hands over her mouth kind of casually. "Uhm...Not like I know...what marijuana smells like uhm...You just smelt weird was a strong sent so like...I just assumed that was what it was..."

Matt leaned over and sniffed twice. "You know, you smell like weed"

"Do you smoke?"

"Yes. Do you?"

"Yes. Do you wanna go get high with me?"

"Fuck yeah"

"Well guess what kind of awesome cousin I am and got you for Christmas?!" You shuffled over other presents in your big bag before pulling out a tin container. "I even baked it for you!"

"You...are the best cousin ever!! W-where'd you get it? What kind is it?"

"Don't worry about where I got it just know it had no sticks, no stems, and you could smell it from up the stairs in my house right after opening the bag"

And just like that, Matt and Dyah left you and Al after she took her present happily. "...Well that was fast. Hey Francis?" You looked around yourself and didn't find your brother-in-law. You sighed and assumed he was with at least one of your female cousins. "Come on Al. Lets see if we can find my mom"

"I like your mom. She's cool"

"Of course she is. She's my mom" You looked around until you found your mom talking with your uncle Ivan. "Hey ma"

"(name)!" She hugged you tightly. "Oh! Do you know how long it's been since you came to visit me?! Oh I missed you! You don't call me enough! I know you're married now but I'm your mom! I birthed you! That's reason enough for you to come and visit me more"

"Ma!" Al was laughing so hard he had to try and support himself with the wall. "E-encase you forgot, I got a totally cool husband who's probably gonna make fun of me the whole car ride back home!"

She lets you go. "Sorry honey" She grabbed Al by his ear. "And you! I know you didn't have the nerve to not say hi to me!"

"O-ow! I'm sorry. Hey Ms.(l-"

"Don't you dare call me Ms. (last name)!" She pulls him into a hug. "I'm your mom too!"

"H-hey ma"

"There we go! You get use to that! I know you're all cool and stuff but you're not too cool to say hi to your mother-in-law!" She cuddled him a bit. "And you tell Ollie that I still want those baby pictures of you! I bet you were such a cute little baby too!"

"I-I need to take a picture!", you got out in between laughs.

She unhands him then smiles to you. "Even?"

You give her a thumbs up. "Yeah!" Al was blushing from all the love he just received. You poke his cheek. "We even"

"Has he been picking on you (name)?", your mom sarcastically questioned you.

"Yes he has!"

"She's been bullying me, mom!", Al pointed to you and told on you.


"Well the next time she bullies you, call me and when you come over, I'll show you some home videos of when she was little. Give you some good material on her"


"I love our mom!", Al hugged her arm.

"La! La! La! I don't care!" You turned to your uncle to try and ignore them. "Ma was adopted, wasn't she uncle Ivan?"

"I hope not. She's my favorite sister and it's nice to think one of us could be a little normal"

"Have I ever told you, I'm glad (name) could find a boy as fun as you and I was hoping you'd come with her" Your mother slyly handed Al a gift. When he had it in his hand, he realized it was a disk inside it. "Don't tell (name) and watch it by yourself first. After that, you can blackmail her with her 'Christmas dance' from when she was six"

"You are the best"

"I know I am. Also, while you're teasing, tell her that's for calling me adopted and if you EVER need a self-esteem booster...Tell you what, on Valentine's day, you and (name) come over, show you all her little elementary school crushes and we'll play 'where are they now' This one's for that last time she came over and started bullying Ravis"

"No wonder (name) is so evil and unforgiving"

"What? Life's more fun that way"

"I like your way of thinking"

"What are you two talking about?!", you quickly see that they weren't talking loudly for awhile.

"Nothing sweetie. Just telling your husband how happy I am that he's a part of the family now", you could tell her smile was fake as she patted Al on the back.

You grab his arm. "We're going to go say hi to other people"

"Have fun!", she waved to you both as you walked away. "Merry Christmas, Santa's little helper!"

"Ma!!" She waves some more after you look back to her."You're not watching any of my home videos. I promise that"

"Sure", he looked at you with an evil smile.

"I'm ser-"

"Hey (name)!", your white haired cousin, Gilbert came up to you.

"Hey Gil"

"How are ya? Looking pretty. Nice kind of awesome husband you got. Did you change your hairstyle? It looks nice"

"What do you want?", you blankly try to get to his point.

"Have you seen Dyah?"

"Yeah. She's with her boyfriend"

"Nu-uh. I'm right here"

You roll your eyes. "She has a real boyfriend now"

"No way! She's mine! We were married at one point, you know"

"We were five and playing house and didn't understand what incest was"

"Five, twenty-five. What's the difference? She's still my girlfriend"

"No. She's still your cousin"

"Distant cousin! We're not that close!"

"You sick. You real sick, Gil. We all grew up together"

"Whatever. Plus Dyah can't keep a man anyway"

You grind against the air. "Well she's learning how to keep one now"

Gilbert looked at you as if you just defiled a child. "You dirty (name)! That's your cousin!"

"Oh! I got you a gift!" You fiddled through your bag again before finding a bottle of lotion with a small ribbon tied around it's neck. You held it out to him.

"You're a bad person...You a real bad person"

You flipped him off. He huffed before he left. You dropped the present back in your bag. "Your whole family. Incest"

"Two people! Two! And Gil doesn't like Dyah, he likes her boobs so that doesn't count!", you debated before something soft rubbed against your leg. 

You looked down and you both noticed a cat. "Fuck. He's close"

"Quiet Al!"

The cat was soon picked up by your brown haired, Greek cousin. "Oh, you're a little trouble maker, aren't you? Why are you always running off?"

"Hey Hercles", you greeted him.

"Oh. Hey (name). Hey Al. Sorry. This one just keeps walking around all by himself"

"Maybe he's trying to get away from your crazy ass", Al muttered.

You elbowed him then showed a smile to your cousin. "He's probably just curious. You know cats"

"Yes. I do"

You blinked a few times as a silence slowly started to develop. "...Well ok then. Uhm. I got you a little present"


"Uh-huh. Let me just see if...I can find it in my bag real quick...Ah ha! Here we go!" You pulled out a large plastic ring that had about thirty different collars on it like keys on a keychain.

Al put his arm over your shoulder. "We both thought this would be great for you"


He looked at it for a little while. "...Collars?"

"For your...many pets, cous"

His hand reached out then took them. "Oh. How thoughtful"

"Have you seen your cousin Dyah lately?", Al mentioned to him.

"Uhm...", he thought for awhile.

"...You kinda acting like you had some of her present"

"...I don't think I get it"

"I-it's nothing! Don't worry about that!" You turned him back in the direction he came. "Go a long. I think I saw one of your cats over there!"

"Oh..." He started on his way.

"Don't bring up Dyah's stuff in front of family...Don't anybody know but us"

"All your rules"

"Aww! I missed kitty!...But I found (name)!" You were hugged from behind. "Hello bella~! I haven't seen you in forever!"

"Feli!!", you joyously remembered his voice as you enjoyed the hug til he let you go. You turned to face him then gave him your own hug. "I know!" You punch his arm.


"That's for not showing to my wedding!"

"I'm sorry bella. I wasn't in town that day. I'm sad I have to live so far away from you"

Feliciano suddenly got his strange curl tugged at by your other cousin, Ludwig, causing him to stand still while his face slowly went red. The blonde and Feli were good friends, as well as cousins. Ludwig was also Gilbert's younger brother. "What have I told you about running off like that?!"

"Y-yes but Lu-", Feli's light words were cut off by you.

"Yo! Lud! I-I don't really think y-you should be pulling on that"

"It's fine. I figured out that if you pull on this curl, he stays quiet and still. I don't know why. It's like magic though"

Al leaned over and whispered to you, "So is how fast your cousin just got hard"

"Huh?" You were confused by his comment then looked around before your eyes just so happened to catch glimpse of Feli's pants. "O-oh! D-didn't need that! U-uhm!"

"You pervert!", you heard a different Italian accent besides Feli's. You looked over Ludwig's shoulder and saw Lovino, Feli's brother. He looked mad, like always.

Ludwig turned to him after letting go of Feli's hair. Feliciano ran off quickly. "Oh. Hello Lovino", he casually greeted him.

"I let you touch his curl one time when we got our hair caught and now you just want to abuse it!"

"...What are you talking about?"

You and Al looked to each other and mumbled. "That curl gets his dick hard"

"Anyway!", you cleared your throat. "Hey Lovino!"

"Oh. Ragazza"

"I have a name. It's not ragazza. We've known each other for the longest and you always do this"

"Then you should probably stop trying to correct me, damn it. You can see I'm going to say it every time"

"This is my totally awesome, cool ass, epic husband. He's like so cool", you introduced Al then moved him in front of you.

"...Eh", Lovi shrugged.

"You just mad cause my potty mouth got me married and yours keeps girls as one night stands"

"Screw you! This is why I don't like when I have to see you again!"

"I got you something though~! Check this awesome present I got you!" You pulled out two things. One was a book and the title read, 'Manners for dummies' and the next was a bar of soap. "See? Keep ya mouth all clean for me and big cousin got you a nice book to read too!" He glared at you before walking off. "You forgot your present though!...Come on! You know you love it!...Anyway. I got you something too Ludwig"

"You did?"

"Yep! Lets see here"

"Oh! This was my favorite gift!", Al added and helped you look. "It's this one babe"

"Yes! Yours was a pack!" You handed the gift wrapped box to him. "Now a little birdie, Gilbird, told me a little something something about your love life. We raided those exotic shops for you cousin. The things in this box...Your girlfriend won't move for a few days" 
His face got hot before he took the gift from you. "You welcome"

"Yours was the most fun to buy"

As you and Al were laughing together you heard a loud bell then your uncle Ivan. "All of the food is ready now, da"

Most of your family scurried to the large dinning room. You saw Matt and Dyah make it to the table too so you decided to go sit with them. You sat on Dyah's side and Matt sat on her other. They were both snickering while they were sitting together. "You two ok?", you asked. They nodded.

"Aye...I forgot we were here and...the room we were in was darker than this one...and we came here and like...whoa...You know?", Matt went on.

"Uhm...No, really", you admitted. They both laughed again.

"I got it though", Dyah stated.

"You two got high as fuck", Al reported.

"We both had a whole brownie"

"And are so ready for this food", Dyah finished for Matt.

"Oh! Hey Dyah!", her mom came and stood in front of her. She stiffened up. "I didn't see you for awhile"

"I was around...I didn't see you either ma"

"Well her and I were talking for quite a bit", Oliver remarked as he held your aunt's hand.

"Do you think it's just something about your family and mine that just makes them like each other?", you guessed to Al.

"I really wanna say no cause it sounds weird" You both looked to see Oliver and your aunt Kitty but they were gone by the time you lifted your head. You looked at Matt and Dyah and they were both staring at each other blankly, then laughing every other minute. "...I still wanna say no"

"Dyah!", Gilbert came and sat a cross from her. "I was looking for you"


He looked to Matt. "...Because, you were suppose to be here with me"

"I was?"


"Oh sor- No wait!....No I wasn't!"

"I'm like, your awesome boyfriend!! Yeah you were!"

"You're like, my totally unawesome cousin! No I wasn't!"

"Does that really matter as long as you love someone for their awesome boobs I-I mean personality!! I-I totally meant personality!"

She covered her chest with her arms then turned facing you as she put her head on your shoulder. 

"Big brother!! Big brother, you have too!!"

"Ahhh!! Go away! Go away! Go away!" Your uncle was running from your aunt Natalia as she chased him around the dinning room, holding a mistletoe.

"You have to big brother! You were there with me!! You have to marry me!!"

"T-those aren't even the rules!!"

"All that running is like gonna totally make you sweat out your pretty dress Nattie!", your older cousin Feliks called to Natalia as he stood from the table. He wore a pink mini skirt that had prints of mistletoe to decorate it and a hot pink turtleneck with green and pink striped tights. "BTW, you could do so much better with your hair"

"F-Feliks. Y-you should really sit down now", you could barely hear your cousin Toris try to settle him down.

"Oh Tori, relax. You know I look fabulous. Let me flaunt it"

"Your whole family is fucking weird, like I said before"

"Huh?", you turned from your food that you were already eating to look at Al. "...You can deal with it. Like yours is any better"

"At least my family doesn't try to rape each other" You pointed to Matt.

"Oh my god. I have never had any kind of cake better than this fucking cake"

"Oh my god. Thank you. I made that" Dyah got the big spoon out of the greens and put some on Matt's plate. "Taste those. I made them too.

"...Oh my god. I have never had any kind of food better than this fucking food"

"Oh my god. Thank you. I made that"

"He's high and that's your cousin's fault he's like that. Give another example"

You looked around til you found Oliver at the table. You pointed to him and you both focused on his conversation with Dyah's mom. "Oh Kitty Kat, you're sweeter than cupcake frosting when you smile at me like that"

"Oh Ollie!" She hugged him tightly for awhile. "O-oh no!" She lets go. "I-I'm so sorry! I-I forgot!"

"No! No! Don't worry! I can hold my breath for a long time! Hugs are always welcomed sweetheart~!"

"...So Oliver might be a little weird but that's your family's fault again!"

"Where is Francis even at?", you brought up.

"....That's freaky, not weird"

"You don't have to see my family all the time. I have to see yours everyday. I admit, mine is a tad weirder but you can give one day"


"Yo! Yo! Yo! No need to fear cause your hero is finally here!!", the loud voice breaks everyone from what they were doing and focus to it.

"Who the hell is that?"

"O-oh god. It's my cousin Alfred" You dropped your fork onto your plate then looked to Dyah.

"I-is Ma-"

"They're all here"

"Who?", Al tugged on your sleeve.

"It was bad enough when it was just Gil but now!", Dyah complained.

"I know!", you finished.

"You know what?!"

"This is awful!", you continued.

"I'mma try to book it while all three don't know where I am!", Dyah suggested.

"Us too!", you agreed and grabbed Al's arm as you stood from your chair.

"You still didn't tell me what the hell you're talking ab-"

"Hey you guys~!", you heard a chorus of voices. You and Dyah cringed at the sound but slowly turned to face the trio who referred to themselves as 'the awesome trio'. It was made up of your three cousins; Alfred, Gilbert, and Mathias. They all insisted that they were 'awesome'.

"I haven't seen you in years, (name)! You know you're really hard to find, even when we're all together like this. How's it going cous?! You heard my totally epic intro?!", Alfred heavy handedly patted your back as he did whenever he saw you.

"Yup...Everybody heard it, Alfred"

"Oh yeah! Did you guys know (name) was married now?!", Gilbert informed his friends.

"S-she is?!", the two seemed as if they didn't know of it.

"I know right?! (name) of all people! Remember when we were little and (na-"

"Nah!! Nah!! Nah!! No memories!!", you ordered.

"Wait...I might just be high but I think your cousin and Al look kind of alike", Matt pointed out.

The two looked at each other. Alfred squinted his eyes at him then lifted his glasses. "....I don't see it", they both concluded.

"I don't either", you added. Dyah and Mathias laughed over to the side. "W-what?!"

, they both assured and rocked back and forth.

Dyah turned to him. "Hey Mathias?"

"Yes my cousin Dyah?"

"Quiet you two!!", you fussed but Al held you back, seeming interested. You knew what they were getting to.

"Do you remember and I quote 'Alfred said when he's like superman that I can be like his Mary-Jane! He's gonna practice flying and he said I practice being pretty...but then he said I practiced enough and let me fly on his back! He's gonna protect me from everything!" She swayed side to side. "Alfred is so cool~!"

"S-shut up!! I-I was four!!"

"Oh memories!", Mathias reminisced with her. "I was out getting REAL girls while my friends were chasing cousins...weirdo's....which also makes me the most awesome!"

"Congratulations!" Him and Dyah hug.

"Ha!", Alfred laughed. "That was like so long ago! (name) was just the first girl I actually talked to. I don't like her at all now though...Oh sorry (name)"

You twitched a bit. "It's fine, Alfred"

"No. no. I know it must hurt to not be able to be with a hero like me"

"I think I'll live"

"Are you sure?"

You sighed then held your hand up in front of you along with Al's. "I'm married, if you missed that"

"Oh yeah...He'"


"Nothing against you dude, it's're....alright"

"I really don't like your family, (name)", Al bluntly told you.

"I know...I'm sorry"

"Whoa! I'm excluded from that, right?!", Dyah yelled.

"Yeah! You're cool"

"Good...I didn't want to have to find Elizabeta and have to squad up on you...Cause I can not find her. I have not seen her since you guys got here..." Dyah looks all around her.

"Me either!", Gil responded. "Which is weird...but she hasn't hit me all day so I'm good!"

"I wonder where she is? She's usually my protection from family I don't like. I had to talk to Gil like five times cause she wasn't there to smack him with a skillet that I have no idea where she keeps" Gilbert rubs his face as if he just got hit by her.

"...I really hope she's not with who I'm thinking. I really wanna hope she's not", you shook your head, hoping.


"....M-my brother-in-law"

"You mean Oliver? He's with my mom"


"Oh god! She wouldn't!", Dyah freaked. "I heard he got both Laura and the same damn time! On your wedding day too!"

"I-I know. I heard. I really wish I didn't know which cousins"

You saw your mom stand on top of the dining table, being cautious of the food of course, then clapped four times. "You hear me yell 'Chrismas here!'" Everyone in the house chorused waht your mom said. "Cool! Now! I love all you guys. I really do but lets make this visit a non-incest one. Not saying any names. Cough. Cough. Both my sisters Natalia and Katyusha"

Your aunt Natalia hissed at her. "You stay away from big brother! He's mine! Don't touch!"

"Wasn't planning on it, sis. Gross. I really wish you'd go to the therapist like I begged you when I was twelve and caught you trying to kiss Ivan in his sleep"

"O-oh god! Did she do that to me often?!"

"Yes, but this is all besides the point! Yes my younger sister may be bipolar and yeah my oldest sister has boobs the size of Russia and there is nothing we can do to help either one of them, but what we can laugh at it all as a family! This is Christmas you guys! The time for joy, smiles, and jokes about each other's past. Like (name), my rude daughter who doesn't call me enough, when she was little and thought that toothpaste was peppermint and ate almost a half a tube of it on Christmas when she was six"


"Stomach ache the next day saying 'Mama!! I don't wanna brush my teeth anymore!'"

"Oh! I get it! Or like when we were younger, and you tried to grind up a rock because you thought all rocks made salt", Ivan chuckled along with a lot of your cousins. "Remember sis?"

"Hey!...You forgot the part where I mixed it with snow cause I thought that was how it turned white"

"I remember! You used a hammer to break the rocks which I thought was very dangerous!", your aunt Kitty added.

"You helped too so don't be judging, Kitty!", your mom reminded her.

Dyah pats you on the back. "Look at that. Our parents had weirder childhoods than us" You smiled and nodded with her.

"What was that Dyah?!", your mom leaned forward a bit. "You can't talk about anything! You lucky I let you talk during these family visits"

"What I do though?!"

"Your whole childhood defines weird, miss. scared of grass!"

"I was two!! Grass is creepy!! Stop bringing that up auntie!"

"S-sis! Don't tease my daughter...or I'll have to tease (name)", Katyusha threatened slyly.

"Oh~! Such threats! Go at it!"

"How about (name's) Christmas dance?"

Mostly everyone in the whole began laughing and your face heated up. That was one of your most embarrassing memories that pretty much every one in your family saw. "T-that was to never be brought up again!!"

"Cheers!!", your mm raised a glass in the air. "To family! Welcome to it Al! All this crazy is now half your problem to deal with every Christmas, Thanksgiving, and possibly this New year's too!!"

"Cheers!", shouted everyone.

"Now lets get drunk!"

Two days after Christmas, you felt like resting but new year's was gonna be here soon and you wanted to spend it with a few of your cousins. A few. While you were talking to Dyah on the house phone, explaining your plans for the next holiday, you saw Al walking towards you, grinning weirdly. "...Hold on, Dyah. Al what is with you?"

"Oh nothing...Just watched a little video"

"I told you, I'm not a porn star and I'm not doing any of those"

"But you were a little dance star though"

You froze up. "...You know nothing"

"I don't?"


He snickered then you heard Dyah say, "Did your mom let him watch that?!"

"She wouldn't!"

"You, Dyah, Elizabeta, and your friend Nancy were gonna start a dance group when you were eight"

"M-my mom is so cruel"

"You were just determined to be the leader weren't you?"

"S-shut up!!"

"Til you tripped up during a dance you guys were doing for Christmas"

"Ha!! Nancy tried to tell you!!", Dyah was adding unhelpful comments in your ear. "We told you to roll up your pants leg but you said you looked famous with long pants. Karma, cous!! Karma!!"

Al purposely fell to the floor. ""I-I meant to do that, mama! I-I meant it!'", he quoted you from the video.

You hit your face as Dyah laughed through the phone. "I-I'm so getting mom back for this one"

"Good luck!", the two chorused.
Loooooooooong!!! Nothing bad in it right.....I don't really remember XD Anyway. This is kind of like a part two to this one shot :… and I also didn't want this to be the request for ~mem3334 cause she won't like it ;A; I-I'm writing another one right now too girly so don't worry!! It'll be cute and have 2p!America too...but the reader'll be magic. Sorry TT TT
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~Next day~

You were walking with Nancy to your locker like always just now with the biggest smile on your face.

"This is so great Nans!"

"I'm glad I was here and your friend to see it, (name)"

"Yeah", you sigh. "This is a very beneficial friendship huh? You're a good friend and give good advice when you want to...and I give you yaoi"

"Yes! I love you!"

"Well I love him more", you hear someone claim as you get hugged from behind.

"Hey Gilbert"

"Hey (name)", he kissed your neck. "I missed you all night. I even thought about you", he whispered and he blew into your ear.

"A-ah. Gilbert. We're still in school ya know", you whimpered as he licked your neck.

"You're so shy. I love it!", he laughed as he pushed you against your locker.

"This is even better than the books!", Nancy exclaims and almost faints but is determined to stay up and watch.

"Gilbert! Y-you can't do things like this at school"

"Oh come on. I just want a little kiss", he leaned in and lightly touched your lips.

"Aww. Cute", Nancy smiled a little as her blush started to lighten up. But then she saw that you two weren't letting up yet. She saw your face getting more and more red and got a glimpse of Gilbert's tongue entering your mouth. She squealed along with three other girls who happened to stop and see. Your moaning could be heard from where they were standing and they could see you clinching Gilbert's shirt.

You gently push Gilbert away and pant heavily, "Y-you caused a crowd and probably Nana's death"

"I-I'm not dead yet but I'm close to it along with these girls who have just joined your fanclub", she stated while holding her nose and some girls hand.

"I thought you just wanted a little kiss", you remind him and wipe the corners of your mouth.

"I did but later I wanted to explore the rest of your mouth", Gilbert smirked at you.

The group of girls squealed along with Nancy.

"D-don't just do that out of nowhere please"

"Alright. Alright"

~Two months later(Oh fudge! That is time skip!)~

You shuffled through your locker, slightly dancing to the song playing in your head and humming.

"So (name). We still going shopping after school today?", Nancy asked.

"Sure, girlie", you sang and closed your locker. Out of nowhere, you receive a series of sweet kisses onto your cheek.

"(name). Guess what?", Gilbert told you and moved to your neck.

"What is it?"

"I want you to come over today, after school"

"But I have somewhere else to go"

"Nooo!!", he pouted and cuddled you. "I want you to come over so we a little. If you're going somewhere with Nancy I'm sure she'll let you off"

"I'm sure she won't. She's really looking forward to going shopping"

He let out a deep breath and turned you around to a sad Nancy. She was getting patted on the back by members of the fanclub she started for you and Gilbert's relationship.

"Nancy, won't you let him come with me? He'd tell you all about how I touched him here and there", he started feeling up your shirt. "Can't you just imagine his cute little face covered in blush...and something else"

"Gilbert!", you stopped him. Nancy was panting at her dirty thoughts. "...Nancy? Why not imagine something more along the lines of me...I don't know" You grabbed Gilbert's face and forcefully smashed you lips to his which surprised everyone. You guided him towards the lockers and backed him up hard enough for it to make an audible thud.

"Reverse!!", Nancy screamed and passed out. Two members of her group caught her.

"President!", the two proclaimed and the rest squeaked while a few followed in her footsteps.

"Yeah I think she's fine with letting me go"

"(n-name), you got me excited", he told you, blushing.

You held a poker face. "...Then you should calm down!", you smiled and skipped over to Nancy. "I got it from here, girlies", you grab her wrist and drag her happy, unconscious body down the hall.

"Bye Ms. President!", the girls waved.

~Lunch time!~

"Since we aren't going shopping I want explicit details (name). Explicit! Seriously I wanna know how you felt!"

"Damn, Nancy. Calm down. You're kinda creeping me out", you backed away from her a bit and gave her a weird look.

"Sorry. I'm getting too excited. This is you losing your virginity here"

"Wait!! Who the hell said I was...l-losing that", you duck down a little and your face gets a little pink.

"Well duh! What else? Ya scared, (name)?", she teased you in a baby voice. "Aww! Poor wittle (name)! Don't know how to get it freaky in the beddy room. Aww. So sad"

"Hey! Shut up! I know what I'm doing!"

"With what?"

You tense up, recognizing the voice. Nancy puts her hand over her mouth and snickers. It suddenly got way too hot. "Yeah (name). What is it that you know oh so well? Wouldn't you care to tell Gilbert?", Nancy puts you on the spot when you could of easily gotten out of the predicament.

"I-I I um...I...I can like...i-iron my clothes like so fucking well, it's ridiculous!! Like really!", you make up, still unwilling to turn around.

"Aww. That sounds like a lie (name). I don't remember us talking about ironing. What was it that we were talking about?"

"Me punching your teeth out Nans. Sound familiar enough for ya?"

"Ohhh. Somebodies all hot and frisky today", she implied and poked your cheek.

"You two are weird", he tells you both and sits next to you along with his three friends who sit at the table with him.

"Yeah...So um, me and (name) were actually talking about you two having sex and taking his virginity. So yeah...let's take it from here"

"I'mma murder a girl today!", you yell at her.

This time, it was Gilbert who was tense and blushing while you threatened Nancy.

"Gilbert doesn't know what he doing, huh Francis?", Antonio asked his blonde friend out loud. Everyone at your table stopped and looked at those two.

"Sadly, No. He has no idea how to make love to a man. I doubt he even thought about it before he met (name)", Francis explained to him.

"Damn it! You all are fucking insane! Senseless bastards! This is the worst conversation I ever heard! Why would you dirty my mind with your perverted shit! And your gay perverted shit at that! You all are assholes who can ride my dick and I hope I didn't get too damn stupid with the time I've spent with you. Suck my cock and I'm leaving", Lovi flips you all off and starts to walk away.

"That was close to hurting my feelings that time", Francis claimed.

"Ow...That actually hurt my feelings", you raise your hand and inform everyone. You put your hand over the left side of your chest. "Right there, Lovino...Right there"

"Aww! He didn't mean it! He loves us!", Antonio assured everyone and made Lovino sit in his lap as he rubbed his cheek against the boys.

"Yeah you're right!", everyone agreed and crowded around to poke Lovi.

"Damn it! Let me go! Stop touching me, you damn perverts!! I don't know where your hands been! Stop it! I like girls you damn pedophiles!"

"That has nothing to do with nothing", Nancy tells him. "Plus how we suppose to know you like girls?"

"How do we know you're one?", Lovi retaliates.

"What? You wanna check my pants?"

"I do!", Francis and Antonio chorused.

"I asked Lovi", Nancy folded her arms and looked at him. "Well do you or not? Unless you're gay too"

Lovi was probably the reddest shade that the human body could come up with. "A-ah I-I...Ch-ch"

"Nancy, you sure are putting people on the spot today", you shake your head and claim your spot in Gilbert's lap.

"Hmm", she continued to stare at Lovi's embarrassed face.

"W-what?! What d-do you want?!!"

"...It's decided! You are now my boyfriend, Lovi!"


"You heard her", you shrug your shoulders. "You better not hurt her cause I punch like really hard", you pouted like a child and poked your lips out.

"He's perfect!", Nancy said and brought his face into her chest. "He's so warm. My boobs never been so warm" She moved side to side.

"What a lucky little brother I have"

"Aye are you breathing?", Nancy questioned and brought him up for air. 

He panted and pushed Nancy's hands off of him. "I-insane ragazza! What is wrong with you!! D-don't do that!!"

"Look at that. He gave you a nickname Nana. Ra...gazza...that's pretty", you clap for her new relationship.

"W-wait! I never agreed to b-"

"Oh the bell's gonna ring soon. We should get going", you interrupt.

"Hey, wait! I ne-", the bell rung.

"Told you"
Sorry. Lemon in next chapter. I feel like I led you on like the pretty chick at the bar who wants your money and not you for you. but I'm taking like a little break. No worries. The longest I'd be gone is til two months but like if I finish early I can come back then so like...yeah...this is the last thing I'm posting till then. Well bia guys! See ya March.(Hopefully sooner)

previous: [link]
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Warning: THIS WILL BE YURI. Yes, all my lovely yuri fangirls, this will be a yuri story. To put it simply,
All chicks, no dicks~
Don't like, don't read, and don't yell at me. Please and thank you~

Today was an average, boring day. You had nothing to do. There was nothing on T.V, nobody was online, and all of your friends seemed to be gone.

You'd always had slow days like this, when you weren't at work or school, and there was no one to talk to. But, today seemed to be extra boring, if only because of what had happened a few days ago...

You'd confessed to your crush that you liked them.

Well, the problem was that "they" were a girl. You'd had a crush on her since the third grade, but always brushed it off, knowing that you'd never get the chance to be with her. You were both girls after all! There was no way!

...was there?

Well, it didn't matter anymore. She had run off after you'd said it, leaving you standing there. You'd pretty much locked yourself in your room ever since then.

As stated before, it was just a normal, boring day.

Little did you know of what was to come...
So, this has been bugging me for a while, and I finally decided to start it! You know how you always see Seven Minutes In Heaven and Pocky Game fics for all the male countries? There's even one where it's Male!Country x Male!Reader, BUT NO YURI!!

I will not stand for this. So, here you go, my lovely little yuri fangirls~

I will take requests on this series, but not all of them will be done, or they won't be done for a while, because I can't write all the characters yet.... Fems and Fem!2Ps are allowed~

I MIGHT do lemony part two's, if I think I can pull them off...

The List:
Fem!Prussia : Part One - [link]
Liechtenstein : [link]
Belarus : Coming Soon
Hungary : Coming Soon
Fem!France : Coming Soon
Ukraine : Coming Soon
Fem!America : Coming Soon
Vietnam : Coming Soon
Fem!Canada : Coming Soon
Fem!2P!America : Coming Soon
Fem!England : Coming Soon
Fem!Japan : Coming Soon
Fem!2P!Canada : Coming Soon
Fem!Russia : Coming Soon
Monaco : Coming Soon
Seychelles : Coming Soon
Taiwan : Coming Soon
Fem!Norway : Coming Soon
Fem!Iceland : Coming Soon
Fem!Hong Kong : Coming Soon
Fem!Romano : Coming Soon

I don't own Hetalia!
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Warning! Yuri!
All chicks, no dicks! Also, a pretty heated make-out scene...

Don't like, don't read.

You fell back onto the couch, staring at the ceiling fan as it spun, watching the dust fall from it. You really should get around to cleaning that... You probably could've done it right then, you had nothing else to do. But...the duster was on the other side of the room, and the chair was at your computer desk. It was too far away, and required too much effort on your part.

Your eyes began to drift shut, the comforting promise of sleep just in your grasp. Just as your heavy eyelids began to shut, a loud slam came from the door, causing your eyes to spring open. You tried sitting up rapidly, but you ended up falling out of your bed, your face deciding to say "hello" to the floor.

"Kesesese~ Finally got it open!" the familiar voice of your friend, and crush, Julchen exclaimed. You immediately scrambled up and back onto the couch, grabbing the blanket from behind it and wrapping it around yourself. Now that you knew she was in the house, you were quite aware that all you were wearing was a pair of shorts and a sports bra.'d never been one to like wearing pajamas.

She grinned at you, her eyes trailing over the blanket and chuckling even more. Apparently, she'd noticed that your state of undress.

Just great.

She walked over, plopping down on the couch next to you. After a moment or two of awkward silence, she let out an over-dramatic sigh.

"It's so boring! Is this what you do when the Awesome Me isn't around to entertain you?" she asked, looking over at you on the couch.

"Uh...yeah, pretty much..." you mumbled, heat rising to your face. There was still a lot of tension between you two. The few days spent apart had only seemed to increase this.

Suddenly, Julchen snapped her fingers. "Hey! I got an idea!" She suddenly sprung up, running off toward your kitchen. You raised an eyebrow as you heard banging coming from the room, as well as the slamming of cabinets and drawers. It was quite unnerving, especially since she was muttering, what you thought were, random nothings in German, chuckling every now and then. She eventually came back, a light pink dusting her cheeks, and something hidden behind her back.

"What is it, Julchen?" you asked, curious as to what she'd fished out of the kitchen. For all you knew, it could've been a knife but, judging by the look on her face, that was not the case. She sat down on the couch, pulling out the box.

"Sakura told me about this thing called the pocky game," she said, shrugging. "I figured, since we're bored, we could give it a try."

You thought for a moment, figuring it couldn't be all that bad. Then, with a light lift of your shoulders you said, "What the hell, we have time to kill."

Julchen smiled, opening the package and taking out one piece. She fidgeted nervously for a moment before sighing and shaking her head, looking up to lock eyes with you.

"So, the game goes like this. Each of us take one of the ends and started biting until we reach the middle. It's kinda like playing Chicken...well, without the possibility of injury." She chuckled softly, remembering all the times you and her used to play Chicken by running straight at each other...It'd ended in more than one hospital visits. "We keep chewing, until we reach the middle, or one of us bails out and snaps off. Simple, right?"

You nodded, a light tint of red covering your cheeks. "O...kay..." you muttered. Well, this would be interesting.

Julchen placed one end of the pocky in her mouth, letting you put the other end in yours.

Then, bite by bite, you two worked your way to the middle. Multiple times, you'd thought about pulling away, but you didn't have the guts to be such a coward. Here you were, with your crush, literally centimeters away from kissing you.

It was too good an opportunity to pass up.

When you two did reach the middle, you expected Julchen to pull away immediately. Instead, to your surprise, she wrapped her arms around your neck and blushed a deep crimson, applying more pressure to your lips in hopes of getting a response on your part. One second passed, then two, and Julchen felt her own unawesome insecurity begin to eat away at her.

Did she do anything wrong? Did you really not like her? Was all that you said those few days ago just a lie? Was she just making a fool of herself?

These thoughts were shattered, however, the moment you wrapped your arms around her waist.

She grinned into the kiss, feeling a new surge of confidence wash over her. Her tongue darted out of her mouth, licking your lower lip in a request for entrance. The moment you opened your mouth to allow her access was the moment all hell broke loose.

Her tongue slipped into your wet cavern, fighting with yours for dominance of the kiss. It was a good ten seconds before the winner was decided; she relished in her victory by exploring her new territory, eliciting soft moans from you when she prodded at some of the sensitive spots in your mouth. Her hands, which had been behind your neck, had now begun to travel. One moved up into your hair, tangling itself in your [h/c] locks, while the other moved from the side of your neck to down your chest, almost rubbing your breasts through the fabric.

You were not just going to sit back and let her do all the work, now were you? Your hands danced along the skin underneath the edge of her shirt, drawing moans from her. It took you a moment, but you eventually gained the confidence to let your hands travel a bit higher, running your hands over her toned stomach and abs.

Wait, abs? Well...she did train every morning.

Continuing to run your hands across her silky, pale skin, your mouth kept swallowing up every noise she made, whether it be just a light, airy moan or a throaty groan of pleasure. Somehow, the two of you ended up laying down, her on top of you.

After a long while of heated kissing, you had to pull away, otherwise you would've passed out from lack of oxygen. You stared at each other for a long moment, cheeks flushed a bright red and panting heavily.

"So," you started, gulping. "is that a yes?"

She nodded rapidly, pressing her forehead to yours. "Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes."

You felt your heart almost leap out of your chest with joy at this. You couldn't believe this...she did like you back, and she was willing to be your girlfriend! You would've thought deeper about this, but her tongue running up the shell of your ear brought you back to reality.

"Why don't we continue this in the bedroom, mein liebe?"

All you could do was not at this.

Maybe today wasn't going to be so boring after all...
Fem!Prussia's part for the "Pocky Game?" series. There will, most likely, be a lemony sequel for this one~

Intro: [link]
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You laid on the couch, a book covering your face. You had, at first, tried to read said book, but you found it too boring to continue...this could possibly be linked to the fact that the book lying across your face was a dictionary.

Well, you'd run out of options. Normally, you would've called up your sweet friend, Lilli, who, despite her appearance, actually understood a lot more than the others gave her credit for. Many of the people at your school saw her as Vash's little sister, and many of them didn't know that she was actually just a year younger than him. She just seemed to look very young.

A soft knock came at your door, and you groaned out slowly, "Coming..."

Then, you slid off the couch, letting your body flop onto the floor lifelessly before peeling yourself from the hardwood.

Shuffling toward the door, you yawned, stretching. Then, you focused your eyes on your fuzzy blue bunny slippers the entire way there. When you answered the door, you were surprised to find a blushing, and very nervous looking, Lilli at your door.

"Quickly, let me in...Big Brother doesn't know I left the house," she whispered desperately.

Knowing her brother's violent tendencies, and the fact that he had a CCW permit, you ushered her into the house, glancing down the road before shutting and locking the door.

Lilli glanced around a moment, wringing her hands nervously and sighing often. You figured it was just fear that her brother would come and find her. As far as you'd seen, Lilli had never left her brother's side...not like he let her, anyway. The only time she'd been separated from him, if only for a moment, was when you'd admitted your crush on her. Since then, you hadn't seen nor heard from her. But, here she was.

Walking over and plopping down on the couch, she followed your suit, and an awkward silence settled between you two.

"Is this how you've spent the entire day?" Lilli asked suddenly, her voice so quiet you barely heard it.

To this, you chuckled and shook your head. "Nope. I'd been reading a dictionary for fifteen minutes, got bored, and almost fell asleep. It's been really interesting up until now."

Lilli let out a laugh, shaking her head at your silliness and the amount of sarcasm you'd put into your words. The suffocating awkwardness of the situation gradually began to lighten.

"So, is there anything we can do?" she asked, looking over at you with her twinkling eyes, wide with blissful innocence.

"Well, there is one thing I have in mind..." you muttered, trailing off. Your heart beat rapidly in your chest and you were surprised she hadn't heard it with how quiet the house was. Were you really thinking of this? You already had a nervous, and probably enraged, Swiss man hunting for his little sister, and you were well aware of how he would use any force required to get her back and make sure she was safe. But did you actually want to give him a reason to kill you? Was it worth the risk?

Hell yes.

Standing up, you told Lilli to wait a minute, and then went into the kitchen. You placed your arms on the counter to brace yourself, just for a second, and tried to gather your thoughts. This was your crush. Your sweet, innocent, precious little flower of a crush. Would you really be the one to do this? She'd probably never kissed anyone. Knowing how protective Vash was of her, it was surprising he had allowed you into her life. Not only that, did she even like you? This thought had plagued you for the past few days, and i was now eating away at your insides.

But, there was only so much thinking you could do. There was only one way to find out, right?

Lilli's soft voice called from the living room, asking what was taking you so long. You quickly went into the cabinet, grabbed the box you were looking for, and shuffled back out, holding the box behind your back.

"What took you so long?" she asked, her head cocked to the side and her eyebrows slightly furrowed in confusion and her little ribbon drooping to the side, looking as if it were about to fall out.

"Nothing...Got a little distracted, I guess," you replied, laughed nervously and walking over, sitting on the couch, your knees tucked up underneath you. Then, you brought the box around, and you saw a light blush dust her cheeks.

"U-um...(y/n)? Are we playing that game Kiku and his sister told me about...?" she muttered, her eyes fixed solidly on the floor.

"Yeah." You shrugged. "I figured it wouldn't be a problem. Besides, we have nothing better to do, right?" you could see she was close to cracking. She'd hid her emotions quite well around others, behind an innocent smile, but you'd learned how to break through that smile, to see what was really going on in her head...or at least get an idea. "You don't have to if - "

She shook her head rapidly, looking up immediately. "No!" she shouted, startling you. "I, this is fine," she said, her voice softer than before.

"O...kay then, if you're sure..." You let out a soft sigh, opening the box and grabbing a piece. "You know the rules, right?"

Slowly, she nodded.

"Alright." You placed one end between your lips, and she took the other end between hers. The moment you saw her delicate lips wrap around the treat, you knew that there was no turning back. Butterflies bounced around in your stomach, and you felt your hands shaking. But, you saw something that looked...oddly determined Lilli's expression. It was quite adorable, actually. The pink tint across her cheeks, bringing color to her normally somewhat pale complexion, the way her almost aqua eyes sparkled, wide open with both surprise and embarrassment, the way her hands were clenching tightly to the folds of her dress...It was quite adorable.

When your lips met in the middle, Lilli held there for a long moment, then applied delicate pressure to your lips. You felt your stomach do a back-flip as the butterflies bounced wildly around inside. In a moment, however, you had your arms around her waist, and your eyes slid shut. You felt her arms wrap slowly around your nech, pulling you closer to her. You took a deep breath of her scent and smiled into the kiss. She smelled faintly of lavender and tea, though not the same tea that your British friend, Arthur, always drank, but a lighter one, just as you would expect of Lilli.

After a moment, you gained a burst of confidence and your tongue darted out, licking her lower lip. Lilli, not expecting this, squeaked and jumped back in surprise, her eyes wide. You hastily tried to recover, stuttering out incoherent apologies and removing your hands from her waist, wringing them harshly in your lap.

"I-I'm s-s-sorry Lilli! I didn't mean - "

She shook her head, her arms winding back around your neck. "It's fine. I just wasn't...expecting that."

Smiling softly, your arms returned to their previous spot, and you drew her in for a kiss once more. This time, you gave her just enough warning to part her lips before your tongue darted in. It took a bit of coaxing, but Lilli eventually eased into the kiss, even getting a little vocal when your muscle rubbed against the sensitive parts of her wet cavern.Your hands rubbed her waist, a little frustrated with how the dress she always covered every bit of her skin.

After a while, you had to pull away for air. In that same moment, you attacked what little area of her neck that you could. Nipping and kissing the pale skin, your heard her moan and gasp, writhing in front of you. Her slender fingers managed to tangle themselves in your hair, unconsciously tugging at it, raking her nails across your scalp and eliciting soft groans from you. Feeling her tremble, hearing her moan and gasp your made you crave more. But, you knew that you couldn't keep going. Her brother could show up any minute and you certainly didn't want him to find you in this position.

Slowly, you pulled back from her, causing her to whine in discontent.

"Wh-why did you stop?" she said quietly, panting.

"Your brother could show up soon. Do you know what he'd do if he found us?"

A disappointed look came onto her face, her bottom lip almost sticking out in a pout. Smiling softly and leaning forward, you ran a hand through her hair, whispering, "Besides, if we're going to go that far, I want to do it right..."

You noticed her shudder at your tone, and she nodded in acceptance.

"Al-alright..." she mumbled. Placing a finger under her chin, you leaned forward and just barely ghosted your lips over hers. When you pulled back, you noticed that her ribbon had come out and was now lying just on the edge of the couch. Chuckling, you picked it up and, with shaky hands, you put it back into her hair.

Then, as you'd been expecting, there was a banging at the door. You slowly stoop up, shuffling over. She gave you a wide-eyed, terrified look, but didn't move from her spot on the couch. Instead, she tried to pull up the collar of her dress to cover the multiple hickies that were developing on her neck. You pulled the door open, looking bored and uninterested, even though you were panicking on the inside.

Vash stood there, his arms crossed and his foot tapping anxiously. You knew from what Lilli told you that he kept one gun in his boot, one in his chest pocket, one strapped to the inside of his jacket and one in easy reach, whatever pocket was the most convenient and closest to his hand.

"Is Lilli here?" he asked gruffly, giving you one of his intensely hard stares, the kind of stare that seemed he was staring into your soul.

"Yeah," you said, glancing back at Lilli, who was slowly standing up. "She didn't tell me you didn't know where she was," you said, lying rather effectively. His brows furrowed, as if he sensed something was off about what you'd said. But, he brushed it off and shrugged.

He almost completely forgot you once Lilli showed up, speaking to her in rapid German. He sounded angry, but his eyes showed that he had been worried sick. After a minute, Lilli turned to you and curtsied.

"Thank you for having me over," she mumbled, her brother grabbing her arm and leading her off a minute later. As they walked down the street, you watched her turn back and wink at you, and a devious smile spread across your lips.

What he doesn't know won't kill him, right?

- Extended Ending -

Upon arriving home, Lilli was scolded for wandering off without telling him, but she heard none of it. As she curtsied to him, she though she was finally in the clear.

"Lilli, what's that on your neck?"

Here it is!! This was...a fun one~
Tell me what you think~!
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Dinner had ended on a quiet note after the conversation with Russia. And you'd been packing for the last few hours, it was seven AM and the flight left at eight. Your hair was pulled into a lazy bun and you were sporting sweats that were quite baggy on your frame.Anna walks into your room in her uniform and angles her hair to your bags. "May I get those?" You nod and make your way to the bathroom to brush your teeth. After you're sufficiently cleaned up you take the elevator down. Ready for an hour long ride in a car. Right. Next. To. Belarus.

~~~~Timeskip because I'm kinda lame~~~~~~~

It was hours on that goddamn stuffy plane. Well it only seemed stuffy because you were stuck on a private jet, trapped in a metal behemoth, with HER. And she kept looking at you. Her gorgeous sapphire eyes kept boring into you with this hurt in them. You were glad to be out and now settled into a large gorgeous bedroom smelling of fresh linen. You'd instantly thrown down your bags and were now sprawled out on a gigantic bed wrinkling the gorgeous robin egg blue bedspread. You were NEVER leaving this room again. No way in hell. She was so intense and there was no way you could get caught up in that again.

"So why do you want to?"

You'd gotten used to vocalizing that quiet voice in the back of your head and were seriously regretting it. You pinch the bridge of your noise and decide you have to face her.

"But what if she hates me?"

Okay, there's always that. But if she hated you she'd have sent you back to America before she went home right? Yeah. She doesn't put up with any problems.

"Stop stalling and talk to her."

Okay now you really just want to shut up and stop listening to yourself. But you can't ignore how badly you really want to see her anyways. Her platinum hair that smelled like strawberries from across a room, her astonishing baby blue eyes, the way she always looked so...innocent but devious at the same time. You wanted to see it even if you'd majorly messed up. Before you could stop yourself you were on your feet and wandering down hallways that smelled like pinewood. The floor was bitterly cold against your bare feet and you kept trying to remember which hall led where. It was a labyrinth of dark wood walls and old paintings. Catching sight of movement you rush towards it only to find, with disappointment, that it was simply a maid. A brown haired familiar maid.


"552? Ah, what do you need? You could have rang."

"I was wondering if..."

You cut off, it'd be weird to ask if you could see 'Nata' as her siblings had called her. You'd only just arrived. Luckily the girl's brown eyes soften and she grabs your hand leading through winding corridors and stairs until you're in a large kitchen. She sits you down in a chair and sits across from you.

"I like you so I'll explain this. Miss Belarus, is dangerous. You're in a dangerous place with your words. She's upset. She's moody. And she's locked herself in her room as she often does. You shouldn't interrupt. But,"

She glances around and reaches into her apron pulling out an old looking key.

"I feel she will get along with you better than any other. Just be careful, her emotions are as strong as the wind and as cold as a winter storm."

You feel the heavy metal in your palm, cold where your hand isn't. A promise to take back your words.

"I trust an experiment such as yourself can handle herself."
Wow I sure took my sweet time doing this lame update. I'm really sorry I tried writing it several times and each time hated it. I've finally given up and decided to not re-read it to see if I like it and hopefully it's decent.
I do NOT own Hetalia
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You watched the blonde walk by. These meetings were the only thing that sparked life in your skin. Your master America grins at you and whistles slightly pointing over at the platinum blonde.

"Belarus is quite the looker eh,552?"

You nod quietly handing America his suitcase. You were a genetically altered human who had donated themselves to science. It resulted with you becoming a cyborg. Many of your bones were replaced with metal in a painless procedure. America had seen your value and asked you to accompany him as a personal bodyguard.


You look up at your name being whispered by America. Your gaze falls on the hand trying to pull the handle of the suitcase from your grip. You slowly release it.


He grins lopsidedly and sits down. The meeting starts off with America clearing his throat and setting up the blueprints of yourself.

"Now, we have all been trying and failing to make our citizens stronger and healthier to avoid disease."

His speech means nothing to you. You're busy watching a certain pale country. She chews on a pen cap nodding slightly and taking notes on the meeting. Her blue eyes are sparkling under the bright lights. Strands of platinum hair are blown by the fan making you want to brush them away.

"Isn't that right 552?"

You freeze. What was he asking? Your gaze rakes over the display showing a chart with several terms you couldn't understand.

"Y-yes sir."

The countries all stare in awe at you raking their gazes over you. Your gaze locks with Belarus's and you swiftly look away feeling a blush settle on your face.

"Alfred, there is a flaw in your design though. It's fatal really. You have designed her with a lightweight metal bone structure but the skin is still susceptible to injury isn't it?"

Belarus's gentle tone catches your attention as you look at your skin. 'What's wrong with it? Does she think it's not pretty? She has such pretty skin though!'

"Actually my scientists explained it to me. It turns out the skin is an organ and replacing would actually make it harder for many natural human reactions to occur."

You'd never heard Alfred talk so smart before and it kind of caught you off guard.

"What reactions would we be missing exactly?"

"M-Miss Belarus, it's not only that but...the procedure could have killed me or been painful and as a citi-"

"Reactions to their partner's touch, nerve reactions to danger, hot and cold, you know things we need to know, Natasha."

The rest of the countries all jump into loud arguing over if risks are worth it or not and those reactions being needed or not. You slowly step back into the shadows before being dragged out by China.

"She is still human and it is important for anyone to be able to feel aru!"

"Ja, but if ve vere to develop an ability to render zhe skin insignificant zhen our citizens could avoid skin cancer und also major burns!"

Germany grabs your other arm and tugs you to run a finger over your arm.

"If she got into a fire vouldn't it melt her skin off to zhe bone?!"

The others break back into argument. Austria yells at Germany while Britain and France argue everyone ever getting closer to examine you in detail. Spain grabs you next.

"You would honestly want to deform her pretty skin?! We need our citizens to still have human elements but be less susceptible to injury and illness!"

Left and right they argue tugging at your arms while America tries to calm them down. You see silver fly past your head and hear a gunshot. Everyone grows quiet. Belarus stands on a table with a small pistol smoking in one hand and a knife in the other.


She brushes a lock of long platinum hair behind one ear and steps onto Norway and Denmark's heads before jumping onto the ground.

"You are all having good ideas but leave the poor girl alone. She is just here as an example of what can be succeeded thus far and you are all being rude."

She puts the gun away and pets your head.

"You will all be apologizing to Miss...Miss..Uh..."

"(F/n), my name is F/n)."

She nods and puts the knife away before grabbing your hand. She holds it out in front of her.

"You will all be apologizing to Miss (F/n) right now."

The group mumbles out apologies in languages unrecognizable to yourself. The delicate girl nods satisfaction gleaming in her eyes. She lets go and walks over to America murmuring in Russian swiftly and handing him a few slips of paper.

You sit down by America as the meeting continues. The discussions basically the same argument as before. After several hours under the watchful gazes of America and Belarus the meeting comes to an end. Taking the elevator down America clears his throat and looks at you.

"(F/n) I'm going to have to ask you to do something I really don't feel comfortable with asking. It's just that well, me and Belarus are trying to get along a bit better and she feels that if she got to know our culture she would. To put it plainly she wants you to go live in Belarus for a while to observe your procedures results and to learn about our culture."
F/l is first letter.
So basically you are a genetically altered human.
Isn't that interesting?
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You leaned over your desk writing down the history the teacher was rambling off. None of it made sense. You found yourself glancing to your right every other minute to see your friend Elizaveta's green eyes glowing with excitement. How could she find something as dull as the mummies of Egypt so exciting? Her chestnut locks were pulled back in a tight ponytail as she eagerly wrote notes down ogling every example. You on the other hand were barely able to stand the class and by the time the bell rang all you remembered was when Elizaveta pointed out that the Pharaoh's were gods...

"Can you believe they actually tore them limb from limb?!"

She shivers at the thought of it and you nod not wanting to tell her you didn't care for history.

"And when he showed us that movie of a mummification. That was so creepy!"

You sigh trudging to your locker. Elizaveta's excitement made your heart flutter but history was something you just weren't interested in.

"(F/n), are you still failing history?"

You blush in embarrassment letting your (h/l) (h/c) locks to curtain your face as you shoved your books into the metal box of a locker. She sets a petite hand on your shoulder nails painted that special shade of forest green. You can smell her flowery perfume.


You stutter slamming the locker shut and pulling your backpack over your shoulder. She follows you as you walk down the halls fast.

"Hey! I know, why don't I come over this weekend and tutor you then! You seemed more dead than those mummies back in history. Maybe we just need to find a way for it to interest you!"

You look up and she flashes a blinding smile at you. Grinning back you wrap your arms around her blushing. There's no way she'd know every time she did something like this your heart skipped a beat or your stomach filled with hopeful butterflies.

"Liz! You're the best!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP BROUGHT TO YOU BY RODERICH'S PIANO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You hummed along to your favorite song as you made some lemonade. 'Liz will be here any second' You gathered a plate of snacks you had made and your history books. The books hit your bed with a satisfying thud as you set down the snacks gently. You seemed calm but those butterflies were flitting around inside as you waited for the sound of the doorbell. The moment it did though you dashed for the door and opened it trying to hide how flustered you were. 'Liz has come over before this is no different.'

"Hey (nickname), you ready to travel back in time to ancient Egypt?!"

You nodded secretly hoping she had forgotten but you knew better. Liz grins and walks to your room with you dropping her book bag with a thud.

"Let's start with Amun-Re! Do you remember Amun-Re?"

"Um...yeah, the big buildings they buried people under before Pyramids right?"

Elizaveta sighs and locks the door before looking over creepily.

"We have much work to do for you to be adequate at this subject. Isn't that right Miss (L/n)?"

She pulls out a pair of glasses and takes off her jacket exposing a white blouse. You freeze, Liz was dressed just like a teacher and she then pulled out a ruler and tapped the edge of your book. Flashing a grin she winks at you.

"Amun-Re, sun god of Egypt and god of the gods."

You nod and she slaps your hand with the ruler.

"Write it down Miss (L/n)."

You furiously scribble notes for hours until your hand cramps. Liz never tires and by now her hair is pulled back without a stray strand.

"Now, I'm going to quiz you but let's make it fun! So, for every question you answer right I am going to give you one of these slips of paper, you may ask me any question with a slip and I'll answer!"

You nod looking at the papers in her hand. Liz was an amazing actress, she was always the main character in any play. She made teachers seem like kids.

"Now, Who was the most insignificant of Pharaohs?"

"Um...Uh...was it Cleopatra?"

Liz sighs and slaps your hand with the ruler.

"Incorrect it was Tutankhamen."

You groan and she turns around clasping her hands.

"What god do the Pharaohs become when crowned?"

You grin a Cheshire grin.

"The god Horus in life and Osiris in death."

She turns around and hands you a slip. You hand it back blushing.

"Are you having fun Miss Erzsebet?"

"Very much so, thank you Miss (l/n)."

A few more useless question slips later and you get frustrated with the bruising on your hand.

"Are you only going to hit my hand or what?"

She grins as if she was waiting for that question and tackles you to the bed.

"Hm, it depends on if you behave. Let's change subjects I believe in order to understand the mummification process I need to teach you anatomy. If you behave you might get extra credit points."

That was the day Elizaveta became your private tutor and girlfriend.
My first HungaryxReader and I am proud of this one.
I'm currently studying Egypt in school so I thought "Why the hell not?"
^-^ I hope you enjoy!~
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“Oh he’s so dead now!” Adelheid, my best friend, swore. She was running down the halls of our school, heading directly towards my ex-boyfriend's classroom.
“Please, Adelheid, stop that! You're only getting yourself in trouble!” I pleaded, running after her and trying to catch up. However, this only got my friend to grit her teeth and run even faster.
“I don't care! I told this bastard that I'm going to fucking kill him if he ever hurts you, and I’m a girl worth her words!”

I sighed. Sure, I loved my best friend more than everything, but sometimes she just went too far. Seriously wanting to kill [guy’s name] just because he cheated on me and I broke up with him? Isn’t that a bit too harsh?
I blushed at my thoughts. Honestly said I've had a crush on the trigger-happy Swiss female for quite a while now, although I'd never admit that. But why couldn't I? She had everything you could wish from a partner, minus the arrogant and …a bit violent nature of hers.
Putting that aside, now I had to stop her from hurting my ex, even if he deserved it. I didn't want anyone to get hurt, and even more important: I didn’t want to get my Swiss friend in any kind of trouble.

“But, Adelheid! He didn't hurt me, see, I'm fine!” I told her, but even I heard my words wouldn’t convince anyone. Even though I never was seriously in love with him, it still had hurt to know he’d cheated on me.
Adelheid suddenly stopped on her tracks without warning, which caused me to almost crash onto her. She looked at me sternly.

“[Name], don't lie to me! I already know how you feel, don't you dare forget that I've known you for several years! Geez, I don't even know why you dated that bastard! What does he have that I haven't, besides his stupid dick?!”

I heard Adelheid's Swiss accent get thicker and thicker by every word she spoke. Who knew this always so neutral girl could get enraged like this just because of someone like me?
Wait. Just realizing what she actually said, I felt a bright blush forming on my cheeks.
Obviously noticing it too, Adelheid stared down at her feet awkwardly.
There was an uneasy silence between us two, and just when I was about to speak, Adelheid interrupted me. “Well[Name]I’veactuallylikedyoureallymuchforaverylongtimenowandIalwayswantedtoaskthatifyoucouldbemygirlfriendbutifyoudon'tfeelthesamewayIhopewecanstillbefriendsandI'msorry...” she blurted out, her words an inextricable mess.

I blinked a few times, waiting for my brain to process her confession until I finally understood what she’d said.
I chuckled. “Silly, why haven't you told earlier?! I feel exactly the same!”
Just when Adelheid looked up from her shoes with a surprised expression, I gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, and giggled.
Suddenly the crowd that had formed around us without us knowing it, started to cheer and whisper to each other, and I even heard the sound of a camera snapping pictures. I didn't care about that; I was in mine and my new girlfriend's own world right now, where other’s didn’t exist.
We smiled happily, and I took Adelheid's hand, guiding her to our own classroom again.
Well... Here is a little story I wrote a bit ago :D And yeah, there's swearing in it, so...
Anyway, I really wanted to write something with Fem!Switzerland, because I fucking love her. She's just so awesome! >w< But I guess I'm the first one ever writing for her...?
Yeah, I don't really know what to write now, I'm doing an account for my OC [not on dA] right now, and yeah... But it's finally spring here! I hope it'll stay like this until my birthday in two days!
I guess, that's all... Oh, and do you maybe know anybody who's taking Requests/Cheap Commissions right now? Because I really need some pictures of my OC and I want to maybe get some as a present to myself. :eyes:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) Fem!Switzerland
Plot (c) :iconsaelinlee:
Edit (c) :iconaimichi-chan:
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I sat down on the chair right next to my dear friend Sakura's bed, just like I usually do after school.
“So, how was school today?” I heard Sakura's gentle voice ask me.
I shrugged. “It was okay, like always. Today we got a new biology teacher, and the ‘awesome trio’ just had to prank her! Well, they ended up having detention, not any different than usual. It was actually really funny this time, though!” I started giggling as I recalled what they had done and the priceless face of our new teacher. Sakura soon joined me.
“I can imagine that perfectly well,” she said giggling, but then sighed. “I just wish I could go to school with you, [Name]...”
A year ago, Sakura was diagnosed to have some kind of illness, because of which she wasn't allowed to go to school anymore. Now she’d leave her bed only to go to a stroll in her family’s garden with me.
Even though her family was a very rich Japanese one, no doctor could help Sakura’s condition despite all the money to offer them.
Not long after she’d told people about her illness, all of Sakura's “friends” had stopped visiting her. I was the only one to keep her company when her parents were at work and her older brother Kiku at university.
Her father was really thankful for me being with Sakura when she most needed it, and even was willing to pay me money for it, but I’d kindly refused. I wasn't doing that for the Honda's, or the money they'd sure want to pay me, but for Sakura herself.
I'd always admired Sakura, the kind and gentle but a bit shy girl, from ever since we’d first met.
She always seemed so elegant, so flawless, just like the personification of the perfect woman and wife.
We became friends, and after months I became her best friend, and was able to see the real Sakura, not just the mask she shows to everyone else.
At first I was really happy, but soon started doubting myself. Was this really all what I wanted?
Now I know it was what people call “love”, but when I finally realized it, Sakura was already mortally diseased. I didn't want to destroy our friendship and all the happiness it had induced, especially not because the doctor had told me it was the only thing that kept her going on with life.
Today I just spent time with her, talked about this and that. When it was time for me to leave, I quickly hugged Sakura (I was probably the only person allowed to do that) and went home.
While admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms around me, I suddenly had a very bad sensation-
probably about Sakura, but I decided to ignore it; it was only my imagination, for sure.


When I left school and went to Sakura's home like every day, I sensed that something today seemed...unusual, and definitely not in a good way.
When I accessed to Sakura's room, I was more than surprised to see the doctor there together with Kiku and Mr. and Mrs. Honda.
When they noticed me, they immediately left the room without saying a word. I had no other choice but to ask the only person left in the room.
“Sakura, tell me, what’s happened?”
There was a long silence. When Sakura finally spoke, she didn't look in my eyes like usually, but stared down at her blankets.
“The doctor told I don't have much time left. I won't live longer than the cherry blossoms bloom.”


When the days passed, Sakura got weaker and weaker, and it really looked like what the doctor said would come true.
Today, while the last petals of cherry blossom were falling down, Mr. Honda picked me up from school; Sakura wanted to see me the one last time. When I sat down on my usual chair next to Sakura's bed – we were alone once again - I could feel her putting her hand on mine. I was winced to the sensation of how fragile it felt, like it would shatter from the slightest touch, and how weak her voice was when she spoke.
“[Name].... I'm so glad you came. You're the only one who was always by my side every day, the only one who was always there for me… I just wanted to tell you... Thank you, and... I...” with that she smiled at me gently before closing her eyes.
I felt hot tears streaming down my face.
“You idiot... Why didn't you tell me earlier when we still had time left? WHY?! ”

And the last cherry blossom fell....
Yeah... A fanfic I just wrote two days ago actually~ It's probably the shortest I ever wrote ^^;
So, there's finally a fanfiction, that doesn't end with being all good.
Actually I don't know what to say about this... It's just a quick story I wrote when thinking about death and all once again.
I hope you all enjoyed this fanfiction at least a little bit, and I hope to be able to upload another one today, because if not, I don't know when. I STILL just get my keyboard once or twice the week :I

For the edit I have to thank the wonderful :iconaimichi-chan: this time! Thanks to her the story is actually acceptable now, and sounds way better (:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconjapan5plz:
Story (c) :iconsaelinlee:
Edit (c) :iconaimichi-chan:
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I stretched my arms, yawning. Finally, I finished cleaning up my room.
I looked around satisfied, and couldn't help but notice how much better it looked now.
I hadn’t had time to clean up before, since I’d always been busy either with school or… well, the five young girls I’m sharing this flat with.
Calling Marlene, Nora, Frida, Tiina and Kristina just a little strange would be an understatement… But they’re all a bit weird in their own special ways.
Still, the most significant feature of theirs wasn’t their personalities or the way they behave around each other, no. It was the fact that they all were living personifications of whole nations.

First of all, there was Marlene Køhler, the personification of Denmark. She was a very loud girl with an unbelievably great ego, and called herself the “Queen of Northern Europe”. With the personification of USA, Amelia F. Jones, and the personification of the no longer existing Prussia, Julchen Beilschmidt, she was a part of the so called “Awesome Trio”. She’s had fights with the personification of Sweden in the past, and even nowadays their relationship isn’t what you would call loving and caring. She is also a heavy drinker, and nothing good happens when you give her alcohol. (That actually goes to them all, but especially to Marlene.)

Nora Bondevik, however, was almost the complete opposite of the Danish woman with her emotionless and unreadable attitude, at least. Nora was the personification of Norway, and together with the personification of England, Alice Kirkland, and the personification of Romania, Andra Şerban, she formed the “Magic Trio”. She was obsessed with her younger sister, Frida Steilsson, and always demanded that she called her “big sister”, but never getting what she wanted.

Frida was the personification of Iceland. Even though she seemed to be very cool and composed outside, she could be surprisingly passionate about some things. She loved licorice and hot springs, and owned a talking puffin named Ms. Puffin. Very original, if you ask me…

Then there was Tiina Väinämöinen, the personification of Finland. She liked to talk a lot, especially in Kristina’s presence, and once she starts talking, it'll take a while before she’s done. She liked saunas and odd foods, and doesn’t mind cold at all. Her best friend was the personification of Estonia, Erika von Bock. She owned a puppy with her other good friend, Kristina (with whom she had some kind of rivalry going on all the time).

Lastly, there was Kristina Oxenstierna, the personification of Sweden. She was a tall and slightly intimidating girl, who rarely spoke, and when she did, it was hard to understand her. She liked debating, and although she's not so good at talking, she's really good at making things with her hands. Kristina seemed to really like Tiina and called the Finn her “husband”, only lord knows why.

So, these five are the girls I, [Name] [Last name], am currently sharing an apartment with. As the apparently only normal human.

You may be able to imagine how shocked I was, when I first got to know that my friends, and actually most of the people I knew, were countries, but I got used to it eventually.
Some may think that living with nations would be more exciting, than the ordinary everyday's life, but in fact, it was just... normal. Well, as normal as it could be with those girls.
I smiled to myself, and mentally thanked the specific friend of mine, without whom I wouldn’t have met the so-called “Nordic Five”, once again. It was really nice living with them, definitely better than living with my mother, who just wanted me out of the house.

The smell of hot dogs coming from downstairs reminded me of how hungry I was, so I quickly went down to the kitchen, where I saw Marlene eating the predicted food.
When she noticed me and heard my stomach growl, she grinned.
“Hej, kæreste, want some?”

I nodded. Unlike Marlene, I wasn't that obsessed with hot dogs. But I had to admit she really made good ones, and didn't plan on declining her offer.


After a while we had both finished eating, and I was washing the dishes in return for Marlene cooking.
“By the way, Marlene, where are the others? I haven't seen them since breakfast,” I mentioned.
Marlene laughed one of her laughs, before answering my question. “Well, you've been in your room all day, kæreste! So, you see, Frida went to visit Jin Miu, Nora's meeting with her weird club, and Kristina and Tiina went shopping, so I guess you're stuck with me for the moment.”
“I'm actually more surprised that you aren't with Julchen and Amelia right now”, I admitted while drying the dishes.
That caused Marlene to laugh a bit awkwardly. “Well, Julchen is actually hanging out with Isabel and Marianne right now, and Amelia is busy with... something. And I'm boooooored!” she explained, stretching the last word purposely to emphasize it.

Having finished my work, I sighed and started thinking. What could I, or rather we, do next to escape boredom?
I’d already finished all my homework, my room looked perfect , and my boyfriend... Oh shit.
I realized I’d been thinking aloud, when Marlene looked at me slightly confused.
“Ah, well, you see... My boyfriend's birthday is in a few days, and I still haven't got a present for him, so...” I explained to her.
“...I'm going to help you finding something proper”, Marlene finished my sentence, grinning triumphantly.

I sighed. I knew this probably wouldn't end well, but if Marlene got something into her head, it was impossible stopping her without getting violent or using some kind of trick, so I consented to her offer of aid.


Despite my suspicions at first, Marlene was actually really helpful in the end. Due to her assistance, I bought a T-shirt with a picture of my boyfriend’s favourite football player on it and also a new football for him.

Having gotten back to our apartment, we went through the front door. Already there I was able to hear the usual “Call me ‘big sister’” from Nora and the following “I'm not going to say it!” from Frida.
I can tell that if I was ever to leave this house, I’d never get used to the silence.

As I and Marlene went to the living room, we were greeted by the usual argument between Frida and Nora, and a cheerful “Hei!” from Tiina. Kristina, however, was nowhere in sight.

As if she had read my thoughts, Tiina spoke: “Kristina is down in the basement repairing the coffee table. I was just about to prepare the dinner; does any one of you want something special?”
The Finn smiled at me and Marlene friendly, waiting for a response.

“Thanks, but I'm fine with a slice of bread and cheese. I'm going upstairs for a while, calling my boyfriend. I should be back in 10 minutes!” I told and hurried to my room. I didn't want to end up eating alone.

When I mentioned my boyfriend, I noticed that Tiina’s expression changed slightly from upbeat to almost chagrined, or even a bit hurt.
I mentally scolded myself for having overanalyzed her expression. “Get a grip of yourself, [Name]! You’re not supposed to think things like that, you have a boyfriend!”

As I had finally arrived at my room, I threw myself on my bed after getting my mobile, and quickly dialed my boyfriend's number to ask him where we'd meet up at his birthday.
He went to a different high school than I did, but we’d been a couple since the 8th grade.
I anxiously waited for him to pick up, and I was rather surprised when a youthful female voice answered me.

“Uhm... Hello, I'm [Name] and I'd like to speak with [boyfriend's name], is he home?” I asked, unsure what to say. I never knew he had a sister...
“Yeah, he is. But may I ask what you want from my boyfriend before that? Are you his sister? I never knew he had one”, I heard the female voice tell. The phone almost slipped out of my hand. WHAT?! At first I was too shocked to say anything, but somehow I managed to get the female to get my soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend to the phone.

“So, I'm your sister now, huh? And who is the poor girl anyway?” I asked him, dangerously calm.
Just when he was about to answer, I quickly interrupted him.
“You know what? I don't want to hear your excuses. We're through.”
He sounded angry now, and also a bit panicked. “But we've been a couple since the 8th grade; you can't dump me just like that! Besides, you are the one who's living with five girls, I bet you just used me to cover the fact that you're actually lesbian, and...”

Before he could end his sentence, I hung up. I just didn't want to hear him anymore. My boyfriend, the one I loved and trusted, had cheated on me just like that!
Slowly my anger started to fade away and turn to sorrow. I felt tears forming to my eyes. I had read many stories about a boy cheating on his girlfriend, but I never thought that it'd ever happen to me. Besides, in those stories there was always a childhood friend there to comfort the heartbroken main character...

I heard the door slowly creak open, but I didn't dare to look up; I didn't want anyone to see me crying, and besides, I already knew who it was.
The bed lowered when Kristina sat next to me, putting pressure on it. “What happened? We're waiting for you”, she said, sounding a bit... worried.
“I broke up with my boyfriend because he... cheated on me”, I somehow managed to say. Saying those words out loud really hurt.

It was silent for a while before Kristina pulled me into a tight hug, and I let the tears flow out freely. As I calmed down a little, we stayed like this for a few minutes, before Kristina broke the silence again.
“You should come down and eat something with us. Everybody is really worried about you.”
I lightly nodded, and she took my hand gently as she guided me downstairs.
When we arrived to the kitchen, I was nearly tackled to the ground by Tiina.

“[Name], is everything alright?! What happened?!” She spoke so fast that I had hard time to understand what she’d said.
“Please, calm down! I'm alright! Well... besides the fact that my boyfriend cheated on me and I broke up with him...” I said, noticing that I started to cry again. Right in front of my friends, although I’d done everything to prevent that. Shit.
But as the five girls started to comfort me, I thought that maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought. It actually felt really... soothing.

“Just how could that jerk do that to her?! If I were him, I'd never cheat on such a wonderful girl like her...” I heard Frida say silently. When she obviously realized what she’d just said, she blushed bright red.
I couldn't help but smile. “Thank you all so much...”


I stretched my arms and yawned. Finally, it was lunch time. It most certainly wasn’t easy being in a high school, but at least I had two of my good friends there; Selina, or Lin, as she preferred to be called, and Sebastian, Julchen's older brother and the personification of, in my and Lin's opinion, a really beautiful German (or Prussian, as Lin insisted) city, Erfurt.
I've known them since the first day I went to this high school, although our first encounter was rather... strange.

In fact, I was looking for them, as I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned around, just to meet Nora's dull blue eyes with my own [e/c] ones.
She shoved a lunch box in my hands. “You forgot it home”, she said emotionlessly like always.
I smiled at her. “Thank you very much!”
She nodded and then turned around to leave. I really have to thank her better for going out of her way to come to my high school just to bring me my lunch...

“Hey, [Name]!” I heard someone call behind me. I turned around just to see Lin and Sebastian smiling and waving at me. Like always, I couldn't help but crack a smile, but how couldn’t I? Their affinity was just too cute! If I didn’t know better, I'd say they were twins. Sure, Sebastian's short hair was of a lighter blond than Lin's very long hair and their “steel blue” eyes weren’t perfectly identical, but there were many similarities in their personalities; for example, their love for the colour blue.

From ever since we met, I’ve never witnessed them being separate, except for that one day when Julchen kicked Lin out of their house. It was no wonder that the rumors of them dating won't come to an end; I wasn't sure about their relationship either, to be honest.

“I heard you broke up with your boyfriend? I'm really sorry to hear that, you deserve better than being cheated on!”
I smiled at Sebastian's kind words; he was always so friendly and polite, and in my opinion his German accent was kind of cute; it was also more obvious than Lin's.
“He never deserved her! But... with whom are you going to the prom then?” Lin asked, tilting her head.
Oh shit, the prom! I’d completely forgotten about it!
As I accidentally said this out loud, Lin looked at me worried.

“You really shouldn't go alone, you know how guys are! Have you even got a dress?! And-”, Lin spoke so fast that it was really hard to follow her. Sebastian patted her back and said something in German to her, what made her calm down in an instant.

“I’ve already bought a dress, although I don't think I'll find a partner in such a short time... With whom are you going anyway?” I asked curiously. Sebastian had gone somewhere with Julchen, apparently she needed something from him.

“I'm going together with Sebastian! B-but just as friends, of course!” Lin told, and blushed a little. I was kind of sure that they both liked each other more than just like friends.

I laughed. “You know, you should tell him”, I said, winking at her.
“I-I don't even know what you're talking about!” she exclaimed, flushing crimson while denying it, like the cute little Tsundere she was~ Well, okay, she isn’t that short, but still cute. However, she got serious again.
“You know what I'm thinking, [Name]? Maybe it isn't actually that bad that you broke up with [boyfriend's name]. Now you can go to the prom with the one you really love.”

I stared at her, dumbfounded. “B-but the one I really loved was-”
Lin quickly cut me off. “Don't try to fool me, [Name]. I've known you long enough to tell that you're lying. Don’t lie to yourself. Just admit your feelings to yourself and tell them to the lucky person too, 'kay?” She smiled at me warmly. Sometimes I really had the feeling like she was my big sister, even though that would be impossible.

She hugged me warmly before waving and storming off to probably find Sebastian. I waved back, lost in my thoughts.

The one I really loved...?


I was still thinking about what Lin had said to me today when I got home, but I guess she was right; I was only fooling myself. Living with the Nordics had changed my life in several ways; one being having fallen in love with her.

I actually didn't want to tell her about my feelings, because I was afraid of getting rejected. But if I won't tell by myself, Lin surely will. Or then she’ll make me do it – either way to her.

Sighing, I went through the front door of our house and upstairs to place my things. I sat down on my bed and closed my eyes for a minute.

“[Name], you can do that!” I repeatedly told myself, before getting up again. I should stop being such a coward, and tell her about my true feelings already!
Urgh... This one is definitely the longest fic I'll write for a while x.x
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Ah, I remember.... Most of the names from the countries are taken from my waifu :iconvanillasuu: , Sebastian is Nyo!Erfurt, and Lin is, well... obviously me. As for Fem!Romania, I took a last name I've seen in a fanfiction once, and the first name... :iconprussiaheplz:
That's all~ Until next time, you awesome guys, Lin loves you~

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