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Winter is Cold

Pairing: sidedcoinshipping (Guren x Gen) (also boy x boy don't like don't read)
Warnings: none

Winter had come and Christmas was on its way. This made Guren happy, except for the fact that it was super cold outside. Guren had just had another talk with Gen, but it took place outside, so he was freezing, and it didn't talk long for Gen to notice. "You look cold Guren." Gen stated. "Y-yeah I'm a l-little chilly..." Guren stuttered, teeth chattering from the cold, he was regretting not wearing a jacket. Gen thought for a moment, then saw Guren hug himself and shiver violently. He started to feel bad for him, but then he got an idea. Gen took off his jacket and placed it around the cold knight beside him. Guren's eyes widened in surprise, then he smiled, "thank you Gen, but...won't you get cold without your jacket?" Gen cracked a small smile, "I'd rather be cold than see you be cold." Guren couldn't hide the blush now present on his face, but the cold weather could, thank goodness. He then proceeded to suddenly hug Gen and bury his face in Gen's shoulder, much to Gen's surprise. "Thank you, you're so nice." Guren mumbled. Gen blushed when Guren hugged him and said that, not knowing how to respond. He slowly wrapped his arms around Guren's waist and rested his chin on Guren's head, not sure what he was doing. After a small while they separated, then Gen realized he still had his arms around Guren. For some reason, he couldn't find the strength to let go of him, all he could do was look away, flustered. After a brief moment, Gen suddenly felt warm lips against his, and realized that Guren was kissing him. The kiss ended as quickly as it had started, "really, thank you!" Guren said cheerfully. Gen was completely frozen, his face burning as red as his eyes, he couldn't think of anything else except how soft Guren's lips were and how cute he was wearing his jacket. Guren giggled a bit, then the device on his wrist started beeping. Guren checked it then turned back to Gen, "well I have to get back to my house, it's an emergency apparently, thank you for lending me your jacket, I think I can make the run home." Guren took off the jacket that warmed him up and returned it too Gen, who could barely move. "See ya later Gen!" Guren said, then ran in the direction of his house. Gen could only nod, his heart fluttering fast and his entire body now warm.
Maybe he would have to chat with Guren more often.
I ship it like burning
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So once upon a time I learned how to use Photoshop and then got it for my Birthday...
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I told you I would complete it. Also sorry about being gone for so long, I've been dealing with things..
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A little bit sad,
Not tired of being mad,
Far from happily insane,
Too depressed to feel the pain.
No body cares if you are good,
Nor does it matter if you lose your childhood,
Pleasure is all they need,
Even if your heart if filled with greed.

"Just keep going" they say,
They don't mind even if its not your way,
Walk an unknown path even if you have to crawl,
What ever happens; they say don't fall.
Live a life which you don't want,
The world will race you to the finishing point,
But your dreams are long lost,
And all you did is listen to them at your own cost.

But our lives only end up in our hands,
We shall only play our own bands,
Just trust it in yourself,
Forget every other trickster elf,
Take it just as far as you can,
Be proud, on your own legs you ran.
" Grasping, Breathing In False Pretense"
"Just To Dream, How My Life Turned Out To Be; Hence"

Another one of my tributes :typerhappy: Wish I could propose a toast!
I wrote this poem 2 years ago when I felt as expressed in this piece, It just came out naturally, I didn't know if I wanted Respire or Inspire :pat: Now I just want to spread the word, to children who have felt the same way know that they are not alone. My main message is:
Have you ever felt neglected of thoughts? Despised for being a dreamer? Torn from your desires? Maybe by some one close to you........ :raincloud:
Maybe they meant it for your own good maybe not, If you are indecisive of choosing two paths - One path that leads to your own will and destiny, Its a rough one but its the road you want to take - The other is the path that might give you Fame and fortune but is not really your goal. Being forced to take the wrong ride and live a life which you never wanted is horrendously sad. By heart It takes you no where but to the moment of your last breath to think "If only I had taken the other turn!"
We need to learn to stand up to the offenders, make them understand what being ourself is about and do as we believe. Your path might be full of difficulties but the content that it is your way is what matters the most, which gives you the strength to over throw these obstacles.
Obviously this poem comes with experience of mine which I do not want to share :forgiveme:
But I hope this work may bring a little hope into others :manhug:
But if you don't mind please take a few seconds to post it on the Facebook or Tumblr or Your Blog or Anywhere you want to :onfire: you have my full permission to do so as long as you credit the author or put my name in the description :hug:
Remember this is only to spread hope and help :salute:
Thank you a million for your support :bow:
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And Avast! The door closes in ease,
With the last spark of lantern left undone
The question of whose story shall unravel and whose will be guarded.
The one who faints to the rhythm of my restless words
One who bows down to the crevices in my white lies?
One who swallows the key to my freedom?
One who carves the cage apart with bare bleeding fingers?
One who exaggerates tales of vile demons before my eyes lock away the midnight?
One who defends my pity, pride and body as I lay unawakened?
One who leashes me to the plunder of bed as the house burns to bits?
One who summons the sun to feed me?
One who tells the moon to lay flowers on my unattended grave?
One who whips me out of guilt as I'm crowned the destroyer?
One who is traumatized as my reflection stares back through the false looking glass?
One who stabs the light with a butcher knife and raises a new elegant bulb?
One who serves me weapons of occult as I escape the horizon?
One who intentionally drops my coin in the wishing well?
One who laughs as my head shatters into infinite pieces scatters through floor?
One who chains me to the sacred point of desperation?
One who tells me "It's ok"?
One who imprisons me on invisible expectations?
And at the same time sings while breaking me free with merciless tears of joy?
The only one who decides whose story divine is to be.
And avast, Then there's me
Just me.

"Society Is A Prison"
"Submit To Your Self"
"Set Free"

Hey there! :headbang:

It took me awhile to realise How? and Why? I wrote this but then You know those times when you have a feeling but you don't know what kind of feeling it is or how to express it. :eyepopping: haha!
Then a series of unfortunate events :ninja: or adventures :ninjaeat: led me to believe why this poem came up :please:
Ever wondered why some people live jolly good days throughout :lmao: while others experience constant hindrance :nirvana:
There no one but your self to blame :shh: 10% of your life is what happens :) the other 90% is how you react to it :juggle:
No matters how aggravated your desire reach or how lonesome your glories tend or the spec of joy in simplest of moments. It's all in YOU :hungry:
You control your altered world :altermind: don't let it be ruined because of someone who is just a handshake away from you :handshake:
Its you who makes the good and the bad, the crocked and carefull, the tender and tired tendency happen :petting: so deed it well :XD:


:worker: Poetic Album "Sophesticated" :sherlock:
1.… (She and Her Wolf)
2. You are here (Surrendered Self)
6.… (She Falls for Beasts)
10.… ( She The Ulitimate Weapon)

You have all the weapons you need :stupidme: Now fight :chainsaw:
And Watch the movie Sucker Punch! It helps :shocked:
And please see my other poem with related message and theme -…
Spread the word and love :D

Good luck, Thank you and toodles :lick:

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An electrifying threat of plunder
Just to merely wonder
Strolling down the pathetic lax of street
Their heart stumbles over a quaint beat
A world against them; how will they resist?
If you didn't exist
:fork: There ya go! :stab: giving it to you straight and unsophisticated!

Dear Suicidal Teens :cries:

Before you can give up on life :heartbreaker: Just take a moment to think about how the lives of people you touched will be affected :faint: Just because the world turned its back on you :( you think your lives are over? :crash: I'm sure there will always be at least one person who won't make it through without you! :sadangel:  It could be your mother :hug:  a friend :glomp:  even your pet :tighthug: or maybe even a cause :highfive: You think your lives don't matter? Think again! Imagine how much :pissed: your lives mean to the person who needs you the most! :raincloud: The least you can do is try living to see your :plotting: loved ones smile! :)

Here! :chainsaw: some thing that might help you… A little advise from Shane Dawson :ambulance:

.....Yeah, I punched a bully in school today.......... :devilish:....Awkward...

:worker: Poetic Album "Sophesticated" :sherlock:
1.… (She and Her Wolf)
2.… (Surrendered Self)
6.… (She Falls for Beasts)
10. You are here ( She The Ulitimate Weapon)

Spread the Message and Love
Wolfram out......

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      toxsa's p.o.v
all day long girls had been surrounding chooki. i was beginning to get mad. actualy...mad's not the word....jelous. lately i had been feeling funny when i was around chooki. actualy it all started when i helped him get out of a funk that had gotten started when he lost all his good luck. it was becuase of a jynx cannon from this odd planet we warp to called coraton. when we're there we are the tenkai knights. its a long story and i wont go into it. it was actualy supossed to be me that should have gotten hit but chooki had saved me. it had been only fair that i helped him. but yeah ever since then i've been feeling funny around him. like when he smiles at me my cheeks feel hot,and my heart beats fast.....
"WAAH!" i snapped to attention and looked in front of me. "oh..sorry ceylan."
"did you even hear me at all?" he asked.
" sorry man."
ceylan looked over at chooki then he looked at me.
"is there something going on between you and chooki?"
i turned bright red.
"N-NO! of course not!" i cried.
ceylan raised an eyebrow.
"oookie dokie." he said.
"you dont belive me."
"mmmmmm not really."
i growled and was about to jump up when chooki came over and sat down. "man this dance is some big deal. all these girls are asking me to go with them."
i ignored him and looked out a window. guren laughed, "yeah i've had some ask me too. what about you ceylan?"
"im going with melody" ceylan said happily. "but i did have a few ask me."
chooki then turned to me."what about you toxsa?"
"no one. stinking no one. i couldnt care less anyway..." i grumbled,hoping he'd leave it at that. but of course he didnt.
"are you ok?" he asked, looking concerned. i felt my cheeks turn hot again.
"im fine." i snapped.
"are you sure? you dont usualy act like this." thats when something inside me snapped. pent up feelings and anger just....everything melded toghter.
"why dont you just worry about all your little girlfreinds huh? you seem to care more about them anyway!" i yelled. thats when i jumped up and ran....i ran outside and jumped on my bike and went home....
when i got home my older sister wakamei was sitting on the couch,painting her toenails.
"toxsa? what are you doing home so early? lemme guess, you ticked off the teacher." she said getting up and comeing to me. it was then i just burst out crying all my anger and my frustartion just melted off as i sank to the ground crying.
"t-toxsa!" my sister wrapped her arms around me and hugged me close."shhhh....its's ok.....i hope to god dad doesnt come home right now...."
soon my crying stopped. i sniffled and then noticed i had gotten her shirt wet. "oh! sorry..."
"its ok. now tell me what happend."
i explained everything. including how i had been feeling about chooki lately
"its just so weird...and when i see another girl ask him out....ooooo it makes me so mad...." i grouched.
"thats called jelously little bro."
"i think your in love."she said gently.
"w-w-with a guy? is-is that even--?
wakamei chuckled. "actually a guy being in love with a guy IS normal. for some guys....they find that they only fall for boys.thats called being gay. some boys they can fall for both a guy or a girl. thats called being bi." she explained all teacher like.
wakamei looked at me sadly.
"how about i fix you some tea? ok?"
i smiled abit. "that sounds great sis..."

chooki's p.o.v
 i was still taken aback by what toxsa had said. actually it kind of hurt my feelings abit too..if only i could tell him the truth.... that all those girls didnt mean a thing to me....but the next few days toxsa didnt show up to school.
"maybe he got sick?" ceylan said as we entered mr white's place. mr white is the guy who gaurds the portal to coraton,the other world my freinds and i protect.
guren shurugged. "mmmm he doesnt get sick often so i dont think so."
"i tried asking his sister something and just said, " 'wait and see' "i grumbled.
"well maybe perhaps you need to go to his house and get to the root of the problem." mr white suggested.
"yeah that sounds good. im gonna go right now." i said, jumping up.
"right now??" ceylan asked.
"yeah im worried about him ok?" i cried. guren and ceylan shrugged and followed my lead. we left mr white's and we cycled to toxsa's house.
i got off my bike and knocked. the door opened to reveal toxsa's mom. "ooohh toxsa's freinds." just then she looked to her left and i heard whispering. "im sorry but you cant see him right now."
"why not??" i cried.
"becuase..... he's sick. mmhm. sorry goodbye!" and the door closed.
"dangit...."i mururmed.
guren put a hand on my shoulder. "look he'll be ok chooki. lets just wait ok?"
and we waited. it was the day before the dance that he finaly came to school.
"toxsa! there you are!!" i cried.
"we're glad youre okay."
toxsa blushed abit and scrtached his head. "yeah im fine.."
"so...are you coming to the dance?" i blurted out.
toxsa blushed. (wait was he seriously blushing??) "ye-yeah i'll be there..."
the whole day after that he was silent. it worried me but also confused me as well......did he maybe....

 toxsa's p.o.v
the dance~~~
i squirmed as wakamei messed with my bowtie on my suit. "hold still toxsa ok? im trying to help. there. looks good."
"have fun toxsa." said my dad, "and...i wish you good luck with that boy ya like."
my mom gave me a hug. "go get em hunny"
i then turned back to wakamei. "good luck lil bro."
when i got to the dance i saw ceylan,melody and guren all in a corner. i sighed and just went over to sit on the bleachers. who am i kidding.....chooki has all those girls....and im just aome doofball who plays videogames too much.....the music played around me.
i looked up to see chooki smiling at me. i swallowed nervously.
"so...where's your date?" i asked.
"dont have one." he said looking at me with that sideways smile. i felt myself blush."what about you? where's your date?"
i was still blushing as i looked away from him. "d-dont have one...."
chooki got up and offered his hand to me.
"then care to dance?"
i must be dreaming....oh god someone pinch me...
chooki chuckled, "hey dont keep me waiting all night." he winked.
i nervously took his hand as christina perry's a thousand years began to play. he put his face close to mine and said "i requested this you know."
"you-you did?"
"wh-why?" i asked hoping this wasnt a dream OR a creul joke.
"becuase.....well....i love you. i have for quite awhile...i..was just afraid that you'd think i was a freak or something for--"
i cut him off. "for loving a guy?" i smiled. chooki smiled back at me,softly.
"i-i love you too chooki." i then with all my courage, stood on my tiptoes and kissed him. chooki wrapped his arms around me, kissing me back. around us "awwsss" echoed. the rest of the song i spent with my head on chooki's chest and his arms around me. when the song finished a few girls came up to us.
"sorry we didnt reliaze it sooner. you guys are so cute togehter!"
"uhhhh thanks??" i said, looking at chooki.
then guren,ceylan and melody came up to us.
"about time." melody said.
ceylan looked at her, "dont tell me you saw this coming."
"mmhm. totaly"
guren laughed. "i kinda did too. im glad you guys are happy."
i blushed. "thanks..eheh"
chooki kissed me again. "chill out would ya,ya goofball? you dont have to hide it anymore." i smiled. he was right. i didnt. i huddled into his side,smiling like a cat that had just ate a mouse.
"mine. he is mine."
everyone laughed.even chooki.
"yes. yes i am." he said wrapping me in his arms. "i've waited a long time for this day."
just a little thing i thought of when listening to a thousand years by christina perry. hope you all like. i just love how it turned out XD note thou in this one and many stories coming up for tenkai knights they are going to be 16 and in highschool instead of their actual age
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lol so this is a screenie i took from the new episode. i thought it looked funny so i captioned it. cats man.. cats
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"I'm moving." Ceylan stead at his friend, who was sitting across from him at the table.

"This is a false alarm," Guren laughed in disbelief, "Right?" His laughter faded away as the blue haired boy sighed.

"No," he repeated slowly, "I mean it." He looked down at his ordered food and silence washed over the two. Right now, Guren head pounded as he tried to think positive thoughts. Although, his soft, lavender eyes were on the verge of tears because he remembered the last time Ceylan nearly left him. Ceylan was his FIRST friend and now he's going to leave him. For real this time. When he first found out he raced to his house to cry to let all his emotions out, so he wouldn't be a total wreck in school. What really confused Guren was that he wanted Ceylan to stay with him so badly. He was his best friend, right? However, the smallest emotions inside sparked up towards Ceylan. But he had a young mind and could not understand it properly, until now. He and Ceylan were stronger than best friends or BFFs. Though, he still couldn't put his finger on it .

On other hand, Ceylan thought in a different manner. Anger boiled within him. Unlike himself, he wanted to beat the life out if anything. Except his true friend, Guren. His mother and father were divorced when he just started school. They fought over him and it had been his dad who had to raise him. Due to his father's background, Ceylan found himself with a luxury house with no one and often moving. Until finally, his father understood his son's feelings and finally let him settle down in one place. The boy with green googles was perfectly fine with this, but it took him longer than he expected to make friends at the new school. As you could see, he was the class clown, the troublemaker, a total goofball no one wanted to be around because most of the students there focused on school work and stayed on task. Then and there, Ceylan grew lonely for the first year. In the next year year, his mother had died, but he decided not to tell the whole school. That was, until a certain red head came as an exchange student next year. "He's just like me." Ceylan thought silently to himself. Being his goofball self, he had taken an interest in the newbie and threw an paper airplane at his crazy styled hair. Then the rest was complete. The blue haired boy had found the perfect friend. Known as Guren Nash.

Sooner or later an exact situation, like this came up. He had to move because of his father. Ceylan's father promised he wouldn't move again. But this world he lived in was based on reality and business. Therefore, he had no choice, but to accept his family's fate. When his mother died, Ceylan had received a letter from her, saying this;

Dear Ceylan,

I hope for you to not to be crying over my death. Instead I want to see you smile and keep yourself in the future. I also wish you good luck on making our family and yourself proud. But please make the right decisions in the future, so you will live a happy life full of joy.


Your mom

This meant something to Ceylan that was important. He HAD to make his family proud. Therefore, he wasn't allowed to talk back about it. But there was one problem: How will he tell his friends? Can they take it? However, a more significant thought popped up: How can he tell Guren? The whole entire time, Ceylan kept this to himself. Until, the truth came out after he confessed the whole situation to his friends after gaining the Dragon Cube on one of their missions. Right then and there, he had to say in front of Guren's face. Ceylan couldn't tell what his true friend thought, except he could tell that "Braven Wolf" was really upset. That night, he came home with mixed emotions and ran to his empty room to settle them. Going into his jacket's pockets, he found the miniature robot that started this whole friendship. Without thinking, he ran straight towards the window and threw the rectangular prism out the night. The small object appeared in his pocket again, which made him repeat the process for a period of time. After a final glimpse at the small rectangle in the palm of his hand, his thoughts moved to Guren. The blue haired had said that he was moving. Right in front of the red head's face. From this memory, he felt a pain of guilt. No, not guilt, but the feeling gave him stress and pain. Ceylan wanted to say he was sorry and repeat again and again, until he would see Guren differently. Upon hearing steps from the stairs, Ceylan managed to pull himself together and seem normal. His dad entered, giving him the best news as Christmas itself. The business had shut down and they weren't moving. Hearing this, his pale blue eyes lit up as he ripped all the boxes open. Although, being a prankster as he was, he decided not to tell Guren, until the next day at school.

That had been the past. Now, this was real. Ceylan's father was final on the decision and the Jones family were going to move. This will be the two boys' last goodbye. Guren stared at his drink, while Ceylan's head still faced down the table. "Do Toxsa and Chooki already know about this?" The red head asked his friend.

"No, they don't." Ceylan looked away from his friend. "I decided to tell you first..." He mumbled.

"Oh." Guren replied back. Suddenly, he seemed surprised in shock and nearly choked on his drink. "Why did you tell me first?"

"Can we please take this somewhere else?" The boy with blue hair asked in a low, whispering voice. The boy with lavender eyes nodded. The restaurant had jumped into tense air and felt suddenly crowded. Walking out, the two gripped each other's hands and held them. Which let warm, crimson blood rush to their cheeks in the chilly, November afternoon. Every minute that passed, Ceylan would always grip onto his friend's hand harder and harder. This had been hurting Guren 's hand, but he managed to not say a word because his friend didn't want to let go. Neither did himself. Once they stopped , they saw that they were behind the school where they had attended in the fifth and sixth grade. That moment, Ceylan broke down. "I-I want to tell you- No! That's not what I mean! I meant that you're my best friend- Gah! That's not it!" He wailed "Y-you're my best friend, so-so that means I should be the one who tells you first- Wait! You're the one who needs to know first! Right?" His eyes had gone puffy and turned a bit pink over his bawling. Hands wrapped around Ceylan's waist as the two boys were pulled down into a quiet, sitting position.

"I guess I should be the one whose sorry," Guren apologized "I didn't want this to happen." His voice shook and the comforting hands trembled. "I thought-" he paused "Nevermind..." He sighed heavily.

"What?" Ceylan asked, but his friend didn't respond. He then grew worried. Guren was never like this, he had always been the positive and mature one in their friendship. He was just the fun, laid back friend. Glaring at the red head, Ceylan jerked his hands to his friend and shoved his face up. Unlike the Guren, he knew, the boy had purple, spacy eyes that were filled with the brim of tears and other feelings. Ceylan's feelings had an emotional break down. He never wanted to see his friend like this.

Guren had a rare shade of violet eyes that were now filled with innocence and pure tear shed. Never had he wanted to do this, but seeing Ceylan in a breakdown suddenly snapped his thoughts in half. In a split second, he had realized that he shouldn't have let his feeling out. The boy wanted his friend to happy , but he only made everything go into deep depression. Without giving the whole world a single thought, he shoved his lips onto his best friend's. The lips clashed, that led to deeper feelings and even more questions. Finally, the meltdowns have been resolved. However, that never helped the moving situation at all.

"You're more than my best friend," Guren breathed into Ceylan's hot mouth. "I think I love you." He turned away with flushed cheeks. The boy with googles was speechless, until he found the same feeling too.

"The same here." He whispered back. "But now, I guess this is goodbye..." Right then and there, he crashed his lips back into Guren's again.

4 Years Later...

Guren sat on his bed late in the evening doing nothing, since he finished his homework before dinner. He was doing nothing, except listening to the radio softly as it ended "Those Nights" by Skillet and started "Say Goodbye" from the same exact artist. His hands went into his deep, mahogany hair as he laid down on the pillows and the sheets that were messed up. The early summer had been hot and he now regretted that school was almost over, which meant the heat. the eyes of a violet shade closed, until something hit him.


"What the-" he stared at the thing that hit him in disbelief. "Huh?" He looked closely at the paper airplane that struck his thoughts. Ceylan Jones. Opening the paper airplane by carefully unfolding it , he read the message aloud. "I'm... going... to... sneak... through... your... window...?" He repeated those exact words.

"Hello?" Ceylan sat on the window in the summer sunset. Both the sky and night eyes widen at each other. "Did you miss me?" He grinned at his old friend. Without warning, Guren ran and hugged him so tightly, so he wouldn't escape from his grasp. Even though Guren had too many questions in his mind, he decided not to even bother asking anything at that time. Instead he threw his best friend with cerulean hair on his bed and they both laughed from the little roughhousing. After the laughter stopped, Ceylan laid back on the bed. With Guren above his face. That moment, they both kissed.

As we ALL know this is a yaoi shipping guys! Yaoi Tard - Scratch-the-hedgie So TheY F*8QeD#SLAP :slap: revamp :slap: revamp :bitchslap: :dontpoke: :slap: revamp :slap: I slap tards revamp :happyslap: :tard: Go Away :slapfight: :slap: revamp 

Hehe!! :love: 3Dshipping again guys! Even though I have to do HomEwOrK#SLAP :overwhelmed:

Pfftttt...........!!!!!! I thimk I started writing this at 4 in the morning... Computer addict. Then I was done around the afternoon, since I have to DO the choReS!!!! Insomnia  I think I might start doing a Nephriteshipping one too. If I have the tIME!!!! Spam-in-a-Box: NOOO
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"Noooooo…" A groan was heard from up the stairs. "I don’t wanna go shopping with you."

"Ceylan," Chooki was dragging the bluenette out the door. "We’re just getting coffee. We are NOT going to the mall or anything. Plus it’s just a couple of blocks away."

"Where’s Toxsa then?" Ceylan huffed at the thought of his rivalry friend. "And why do you drink coffee? That stuff’s pretty nasty."

"First, Toxsa’s busy helping his sister." Chooki listed out his answers to Ceylan’s questions. "And two, I have the right to drink coffee. Now stop that attitude, you’re starting to act like R from that old Warm Bodies movie. And I compared him more to Gen!" Chooki was right, Ceylan tried to avoid them from getting to walk, by having a zombie-like stride and pace.

"Then why do I have to go?" Ceylan asked.

"Remember what happened last time I went alone without Toxsa?" The blonde responded back.


After walking at least 3-4 blocks, the two young adults reached the Plaza. They walked around, avoiding the crowds and forms of entertainment, while taking quick lefts and rights to get to their destination. Soon, they spotted the small coffee shop that Chooki went to. They entered the shop, with the small bell ringing and away from the the cold, cloudy day. Inside, was the scent of dried coffee beans or fresh baked scones, which Ceylan scrunched his nose at because the scent of coffee, no matter what kind, would always be something this world he just simply didn’t like. It was warm and peaceful inside, then you can hear the small, whispering conversations around you.

"Can we leave?" Ceylan whispered to Chooki, who elbowed him from that childish question.

"Just wait." The teen with grassy eyes mouthed the words. "You’re a grown teen and you can’t even wait?!" By now, they were having a light catfight.

"Not my fault I hate coffee!"

"Don’t use such a strong word!"

"At least I didn’t cuss!"

"Still! Hate is a very strong word!" The two were having an oral fight with whispering voices and they either elbowed each other or did that poking game as the line started to get shorter, without their notice.

"Well-" Ceylan tried to back up from Chooki, but instead his spine hit a solid rock. As in, the counter, in which he accidentally laid down on. Only to see a nervous face hovered above his. "Oh, my bad-"

"Ack! I’m so sorry!" The person there was a redhead with deep, brunt umber hair in the back and he was wearing a uniform that represented the coffee shop. His eyes were a fragile lavender and his skin was in a healthy tone that told you he had a good amount of sunlight. Ceylan got embarrassed because he didn’t know why that person had to apologize. Shouldn’t the person who was laying halfway on counter say sorry?

"Nah, it’s cool man." Ceylan was a bit affectionate to the person. Because he looked like it was his first day on the job, so it was just nice to avoid getting fired. "I’m the one who did should apologize."

"Oh." The lavender eyed teen sighed. "Okay then, what will you have?" He beamed a smile that really was attractive. "Also, my name’s Guren just to let you know." Ceylan was literally stunned by such a smile because it wasn’t a normal one. It was an sweet and honest smile he saw, which really had himself in a daze without any reasoning.

"Uhhhh…" Ceylan tried to say something, but the "uhhhh…" Kept continuing and were the only words that trailed off.

"Er… Are you okay?" Guren hesitantly asked.

"He’s not the one ordering coffee, I am." Chooki broke the ice between the two of them.

"Oh, then what’ll you have? I was wondering where you’ve been. I never saw his face around before." Guren was talking to Chooki as Ceylan tried to snap himself back into reality. "Hey, where’s Toxsa?"

"Toxsa’s busy. So that’s why Ceylan’s here with me today." Chooki was casually talking with Guren at this point.

"So your name’s Ceylan?" The redhead turned to the teen with the pair of green-tinted goggles.


"That reminds me of a tea." Ceylan then fell over anime style, while Guren started taking Chooki’s order. After getting coffee, Chooki and Ceylan walked out to the chilly, November air.

"You know Guren?" Ceylan questioned, which Chooki nodded back as a response.

"Yeah, he’s been working here for awhile. He’s not the type to be rude and sometimes he can be over-polite, but that’s just him. He has to work because he has some feeling to do something. At school, he was really great at leadership and took the classes. And I also remembered his birthday in the Aries Zodiac Sign. Which really fits him." Chooki took a sip from his coffee. And looked back at Ceylan, who had a pink face. "Hey are you okay?"

"Fine." Ceylan answered as they walked back to the highschool apartment complex. Ceylan simply covered his face and wondered why Guren was this way. The redhead was cute to be honest. Really cute. But it’s really awkward for a guy to be called cute or a guy calling the other dude cute.


"Hey Toxsa! Can you come to the coffee shop with me?" The blonde called up to the stairs.

"Yeah, yeah! Sure." Toxsa yelled back. "Just let me beat this level!"

"Okay then, but hurry up!" Chooki replied back. Ceylan was laying on the couch and playing on his phone, until he heard Chooki say a keyword, "coffee shop." His face perked up and he abruptly sat up on the couch, but stumbled and fell off. "TAKE ME WITH YOU."

"Smooth one there." Toxsa was coming down the steps. While Veylan glared at the person who’s eyes were a gold harvest and his jade colored hair was up. Literally.

"Just take me with you."

"Ummm… I thought you hated coffee-"


After the walk, all three of them reached the coffee shop and Ceylan saw Guren again. In his mind he cheered a bit, knowing he hadn’t come to get coffee for nothing. As soon as they all got to the counter, Ceylan was the first to greet Guren.

By slipping on the wet floor.

And there was even one of those bright, neon yellow Wet Floor signs there too.

"ARE YOU OKAY?!" Guren said in a frantic manner, getting out from his station and trying to help out the bluenette.

"I’m fine…" Ceylan smiled, but had a grunt in his voice too. Guren helped him up and Chooki put Ceylan’s elbow over his shoulder.

"I’m so sorry about that!" Guren apologized as he went back to the other side of the counter.

"Don’t worry, Guren." Toxsa shrugged. "This is Ceylan we’re talking about-" Ceylan had enough strength left to flick the younger teen’s forehead.


"I’m coming too!" Ceylan yelled out loud as he ran down the street with Chooki and Toxsa. He woke up late and barely gave himself enough time to put on his coat and buckle his belt, so he was trying to pull over his white hoodie instead.

"Hey why does Ceylan want to suddenly go to the coffee shop now? Chooki asked. "I took him there once and now he’s going there everyday, buying coffee, which he throws away when we get home."

"Maybe because of Guren." Toxsa folded his arms, while Ceylan was falling behind. "He always likes that redhead for some odd reason."

"Toxsa, don’t say that-" Chooki was trying to think of a logical comeback, but that didn’t happen. "You may be on to something though…" After a walk from their school’s housing complex, they reached the coffee shop. Ceylan was the first to see Guren as usual, while Chooki and Toxsa got quick orders, that left Guren and Ceylan alone.

"So how’re you doing?" Guren smiled at Ceylan. The smile that Ceylan still wasn’t used to.

"Umm… Fine!" The bluenette was playing with the strings on the hoodie. Something he’d always do whenever he was anxious or nervous.

"Oh… Okay then…" The awkward silence was breaking their conversation apart. From afar, Chooki and Toxsa were watching Guren and Ceylan react.

"See?" Toxsa kicked Chooki from under the table. "Ceylan acts weird around Guren."

"Toxsa, that’s still no reason to-" Chooki started to explain more, until Toxsa said the keyword.

"Yup." Toxsa stared at the redhead and bluenette. "Ceylan is gay for Guren." In results, Chooki stepped on Toxsa’s foot lightly.

"Why are you messing with others’ love lives?"

"Why are you so oblivious to these kinds of things?"

"Maybe it’s because I’m gay too-"

Back to Guren and Ceylan, the awkward silence haunted over them.

"Er… I would like to have-" Ceylan wanted to break the ice by telling Guren what he wanted to get, but Guren interrupted him with a piece of paper.

"Here’s my number, of you want to talk to me or text me." Guren looked away from Ceylan. In all of this, Ceylan’s heart pounded with joy, but he was forced to keep it in him. Resulting his face becoming red entirely.

"Can you take a break?" Ceylan bit his lip because he was embarrassed from how he like, liked Guren on a huge level. "Maybe have some hot chocolate together?"

i asked for AUs on Tumblr and this anon told me do the an ADORABLE COFFEE SHOP AU!!!!!!!!! Coffee Drinker Glomp 

it was to cute and i wrote this at 5 in the morning then finished it at around 6 something in the morning also :sun: revision 

i had to be awake by 6 am :stayawake: 
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This quote came from tumblr tagged johndave. I'm so NOT ashamed of this. :awesomerainbow: 

Sniped <--- Me in this current situation.

Fuck The Haters
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For: :iconspyrothedragon6:

Durrrrr hope you like it xD
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For :iconcrystal200: :3 Hope you like it x3
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For my Bestie Charizard64 :iconcharizard64:

Hope you love it buddy :'D
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Title: Mamihlapinatapei
Characters/Pairings: 3D shipping (CeylanxGuren)
Fandom: Tenkai Knights
Warnings: None
Summary: They both could feel something when they looked at each other. But nothing could be said

Mamihlapinatapei - The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move.

From the first time Ceylan and Guren looked at each other in class, something like that of a spark hit both of them in the heart. Ever since that day more of a romantic feeling began to  grown more between them.

Toxsa was the first to pick up the feeling that was growing. It wasn’t that hard to see that Ceylan was head over heels in love with Guren and vise versa. So he when along and decided to tell Chooki about, I mean they could do something to get them as a couple. But Chooki used some weird logic metaphor that sounded like it was plucked out of Mr. White’s book. Later just suggested that leave up to them to say it for themselves.

Both of them were just terrified to speak up, not knowing the other really felt the same. Not able to pick up the subtle hints that were being tossing back and forth, some that were more dramatic than others  But maybe, one day soon. One of them will speak up and they see that the wait was worth it.
Another fic upload from my tumblr 

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Title: It is Not A Date
Characters/Pairings: Chooki x Toxsa
Fandom: Tenkai Knights
Summary: Chooki and Toxsa hang out on a “not date”

“Come on Toxsa, don’t you think that it’s be better than just staying home and playing video games?”
“Alright, i’ll hang out with you.”
“Thanks, see you tonight.” With that Chooki hung up the phone. He smiled softly, happy that he was able to convince Toxsa to meet up with him tonight.

They agreed to meet in the heart of the town. Bright and beautiful lights shine on over head. With the stars dancing in the night sky, the whole look was breath taking.

Chooki waited by one of the many cafe’s that littered around in this area. He looked down at his watch only to find that it was 9:31 pm. Huffing a sigh he places his hands into his pockets. “Maybe he wont show.” The Knight mumbled. Then a pressure was felt upon his left shoulder. Turning to look, it just so happened to be Toxas.

“Here I am, sorry that I had to make you wait.” He apologize, taking his hand away from Chooki’s and placed it back into his hoodie pocket. Chooki gave him a soft smile. He leaned in and gave Toxsa’s a peck on the cheek. Making him blush badly both from surprise and embarrassment.

“I thought we talked about the whole public display of affection.” Toxsa said knitting his eyebrows together.

Chooki couldn’t help but to laugh “Sorry.” he replied. So with that they hang around the town til Toxsa got tired and they retreated back to Chooki’s house where they both passed out. Maybe they should do this more often.
(But It totally is one)

Alright this is sorta an old one. I wrote this for the 30 OTP challange that I never really finished. 
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Title: Milk Jousting
Author: MasterPowerIvy
Characters/Pairings: The whole crew.
Fandom: Tenkai Knights
Warnings: nothing
Summary: Anonymous asked kurl0z—-makara:
Prompt - Wakamei/Ceylan/Toxsa - Imagine Wakamei pushing Ceylan and Toxsa around in a shopping cart.

“Explain to me how why I’m doing this again.” Wakamei groaned as she looked into the shopping cart where her brother and his friend sat. Each of them holding a gallon of milk.

“We’re doing it for the vine!” Ceylan explained, pointing over to Guren and Chooki. “What you need to do is push us, then we’ll smack the others with the milk jugs.”

That had to be the most idiotic thing that Wakamei has ever heard since she started hanging around with her brother’s friends. They didn’t mind it, ever since Ceylan’s sister started to be more sociable with the group of boys.

“You know when you do this you’re going to be in so much trouble.” She stated giving them a kinda pissed off look.

“Don’t worry sis, we know that.” Toxsa looked over to the other two. “You ready?” Toxsa half shouted. “Yeah we are.” Chooki and Guren replied. Of to the side lines stood Aurora holding up a phone. “Ready to record any time now.” She added.

“One the count of three we go.” Ceylan said. “One…Two…THREE!” with that Chooki started to push the cart that hold Guren and Wakamei started to push the other cart.

Just as that past Ceylan and Toxsa smacked the other two the with milk jugs. Causing the floor and themselves to get covered in chocolate milk.

“Got it!” Aurora exclaimed holding up her phone. Bright smile spreeding her lips.

Though that had to be the most childish thing she has participated in, Wakamei couldn't help but too laugh.

Author’s Note:  I’m sorry that this is so ridiculous.  Also sorry if Wakamei seems a bit out of character (First time writing her.)

Asked for prompts over on a my writing blog on tumblr and this was one of them.

1/5 done, but still taking prompts

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OMG is fun to draw with

EDIT: i am going to use this as a reference. Hopefully i can get a new one.
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Monster Zaloski -3- Halloween is coming up so I drew this random picture lol.

Made: Flipnote Studios
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Character belongs to :iconstar-striker96:

Art belongs to me


I use Paint tool Sai like Again xD

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hell yeah im so flippen happy
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tash my female garchomp. i choice a garchomp because they kinda look like a female figure
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yeah doc has returned and with a new look yeah
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here you go mawmy
ily long time

Sketchy of the M-K yes

God I have so much stuff to work on imma cry

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"Lonely Lullaby" - Owl City

I don't even
I'm gonna post cool stuff now because thsingd-
Rain - Shadowofgold 

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*I made a few minor adjustments to some of them*
Eeee the babies. ;w; Such cuties.
They're from here, if you don't know- theofficialblazie.deviantart.c…

Raph and Coriline are from crackships (Jackfire and MoonDori) but the other two are actually going to happen. xD
Because genderswaps, that's why.

Keith is the boy from the Moonblaze1XRoxy1 canon (I think.) He looks like a Mew now, but when he gets older he'll start looking more like and anthro. uvu
By the way the black part on his face over his eye is permanent shadow, like with Moonblaze1 how it covers her eye, except with Keith it's just sorta there.
I think I'm going to make him an unstable bby because he just seems like it. Maybe he'll have anger issues like Moony1. <XD
He's also going to be a game addict.
Yess, I can see that.

I think Jennifer is my favorite ;w; I don't even know why she's just so sgfnskfnas. Adorable. <3
She's from the canon/shipping Moonblaze2XRoxy2 and she's going to be a really really tiny girl. Somewhere around 3-4-5 feet like Clyde. <XD And so shy and quiet too. <3
She doesn't have pupils and just the outside is where color is. She can't see her reflection or Roxy2s. ;w;
Except Jennifer will probably have some cool hidden power like Keith, I dunno.
I'm still thinking. <w>

Oh and Jennifer blushes a light pinkish orange while Keith blushes blue. EEE couldn't help it~

Dori, Roxy1 and 2 belong to iiRoxYSaYa and Jack belongs to SwiftFoot100, this is just the crackship babies I using them.

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(I may have to change this a bit.) Here is Mega Charizard X and all it's glory. For some reason I don't draw him as much as Y. But I still think it's a cool Pokemon.

Mega Charizard X (c) Gamefreak/Pokemon
Artwork by me
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YAY! I finished on time!! :D Sorry, I could'nt think of any other name for my trainer...since I always use this name. xD Hope it is okay. And yeah I am using Hoenn region pokemon. FAVORITE VERSION XD Oh and that's a Wingull Jacket my trainer is wearing. xDD if only Nintendo would let us customize your outfits.
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Mega Charizard Y(c)GameFreak/Pokemon
Artwork by Me
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