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Ludwig just stared at the little white stick that had changed his life forever. His beloved [Name] was pregnant ... and he wasn't sure if he was even ready to become a father. He had no idea who to turn to for advice. He couldn't ask Feliciano, because he would just squeal and tell everyone about the baby ... Ludwig couldn't ask Kiku, because he didn't like being touched ... and Ludwig couldn't ask his older brother Gilbert because he was a douche and ran away from marriage at every given opportunity. So what was Ludwig supposed to do?
"West? ... Hey, West!"
Gilbert managed to snap Ludwig out of his thoughts, which on this occasion was a good thing
"I'm going out for a drink, want to come?" Gilbert asked
"Ja, sure. I need to clear my head" Ludwig sighed
"What's bugging you? Did you and [Name] have a fight?"
"Nein, nein ... nothing like that. It's just ... she's pregnant"
"What, really?! You love machine, why didn't you tell me?"
"I o-only found out yesterday ..."
"That's great, bro! I've always wanted to be an Uncle!"
"I know, so you kept saying while we were dating"
"If [Name] is pregnant, you shouldn't go out drinking"
"What?! B-but I need the time to clear my head ..."
"Why do you need to clear your head? What's up?"
"I ... I don't think I'm ready to become a father"
An uncomfortable silence fell when Ludwig uttered those words. He began to feel tense ... and he wished that his brother would say something to break the silence. Anything ... anything at all would suffice but Gilbert remained silent. It wasn't until several minutes later when Ludwig cleared his throat, just to break the silence, that Gilbert spoke
"Look, West. I know you think you're not ready, but that doesn't mean you definitely aren't" He said
He had meant every word he said, which was rare to see from "the Great and Awesome" Gilbert Beilschmidt. Usually he would joke around or make some inappropriate comment ... but this time, there wasn't a hint of sarcasm or joking in what he said
"You really think I'm ready?" Ludwig asked
"Hey, I may cause the furniture to have an orgasm just by sitting on it ... but that doesn't mean I don't know a thing or two about looking after a kid. I mean, I took care of you right?" Gilbert said with a smile
Ludwig hated to admit it, but his older brother was right. Gilbert had taken care of him since he was very young, when their grandfather died and their parents went missing
"And now, I look after you" Ludwig said with a chuckle
"Touché, but I'm only here until I can afford my own place" Gilbert said, with that infamous cocky grin of his
It certainly was weird that Gilbert was telling Ludwig to be responsible ... when it was always the other way around. It was kind of surreal, to say the least
"I know you're nervous ... but come on, you'll do fine. Trust me" Gilbert said with a smile
"What makes you say that?" Ludwig asked
"Hey, if you could put up with people like me and Feliciano, then you can take care of a kid" Gilbert chuckled
The brothers laughed
"You'll be ok, West" Gilbert said with a smile
"Thank you, Gilbert" Ludwig said
Gilbert gave him a thumbs up as he left the house, leaving Ludwig alone with his thoughts. He gave a small sigh and smiled. It wasn't going to be easy being a parent, but he remembered that nothing worth doing was ever easy ... and that this could be the last chance to be a father. He took a deep breath and stood up
"I'll go see how she's doing" He said with a smile

-Several Months Later-

Ludwig stared at the tiny baby in the crib. The little boy was like a mini version of himself. [Name] walked up to him and smiled
"Oh, he's so small" She sighed
"Ja, but he'll get bigger" Ludwig said
"I know, I know" She said, looking at him
She noticed the look on his face and became concerned
"What's wrong?" She asked
"[Name] ... several months ago, I didn't think I was ready to be a father" He said, feeling a little better for being honest
"And now?" She asked, with a hurt expression
"Now ... seeing our little boy has made me determined to be the best father I possibly can" He said, full of confidence
[Name] gave a big smile and kissed him on the cheek
"There's the man I married" She said, hugging him
The baby began to fuss and Ludwig picked him up. [Name] watched with a smile as he tried to calm the baby down. And, to his surprise, succeeded
"Looks like he just wanted his Daddy" [Name] giggled
Ludwig let out a small squeak as the baby tried to feed from him and [Name] laughed
"Or he's hungry" He said
[Name] took the baby, with a smile on her face
"I'll go feed him" She said, leaving the room
Ludwig sat on the bed, giving a long sigh. Gilbert peered in and smirked
"You doing ok, West?" He asked
"Ja, I'm ok. Being a father is tough" Ludwig sighed
"I know, I know ... but come on, it's worth it right? I mean the kid's adorable and you have a hot wife!" Gilbert said
"Hey, get your own" Ludwig growled
"I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" Gilbert laughed, coming into the room and patting his younger brother on the back "You're doing great, bud"
"Ja, you're doing better than I would"
"If you put the effort in and the found the right girl, you would"
"Nein, I'm not looking for that mushy stuff right now. I'm not ready for that kind of commitment"
"Man whore"
"Hey, that's not cool!"
The brothers continued to chat as [Name] came into the room with the baby, who had fallen asleep in her arms. The brothers looked at her as she put the baby in the crib
"You guys having a nice chat?" She asked with a smile
"Ja, we were just talking about how, if Gilbert put his mind to it, he could find a girl and have a child too" Ludwig said
"Hey, quit pressuring me to settle down!" Gilbert whined
[Name] giggled
"I'm sure he'll find someone in his own time, Luddie. Give him a break" She said
"Ja, get off my back. Unless there are hot chicks involved, I'm not interested" Gilbert grumbled
"Gilbert ..." Ludwig sighed
"Hey, I can dream can't I?!" Gilbert said in a shrill tone
"Shh! You'll wake the baby!" [Name] said in a quiet tone
"Sorry ..." The brothers said in unison
Ludwig stood up and took one last glance at the baby before leaving the room with Gilbert so they could continue their conversation without waking the poor child up. The conversation ended up going on for a long time, but Ludwig did agree to keep off Gilbert's back about settling down for a while
"They say it's tough being a parent ... try being Gilbert's brother for a day" Ludwig thought to himself as Gilbert left the room
He sat there alone for a while and a smile crept onto his face. He was actually looking forward to the things he would get to do with his son when he was older. Fatherhood was starting to look like a wonderful adventure well worth having

The End
A commission for :iconiberiancitrus:

This has been a long time coming, but I finally managed to get my brain in gear and finally write something. I hope you guys enjoy!

This is a One-Shot

Germany & Prussia (c) Hetalia
Story (c) :iconswiftninja91: & :iconiberiancitrus:
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Alfred walked down the street toward his home, where his beloved [Name] and son Connor were waiting for him. He had been away for almost a year, fighting for the country he held so dear to his heart, America and he had only just returned. He was excited to see his family again after so long, so he wanted to surprise them. He took a deep breath as he stood on the porch. He was a little worried about how [Name] was going to react. He didn't know if she was going to go crazy and yell at him for not calling first, or if she was going to become a sobbing mess in his arms. Then there was his son, Connor ... how was he going to react?
"Well ... here goes nothing" He said, ringing the doorbell
He waited patiently as he heard Connor becoming excited about someone being at the door ... when he heard Connor keep saying "Is it the Postman?", he couldn't help but smile. The door opened and, to Alfred's surprise, Arthur was standing there. Arthur was stunned by Alfred's surprise visit
"Wh-what the bloody hell are you doing here?" Arthur asked, his voice almost a whisper
"I came home early, bro. I wanted to surprise you all" Alfred chuckled
Arthur started to tear up and he hugged Alfred tightly, as if he had no intention of letting go again
"B-Bastard ... Bastard ..."
"Does that mean you missed me?" Alfred chuckled
"Sh-shut up!"
Arthur was too proud to admit it, but it was obvious he had missed the American idiot. Alfred hugged the now blubbering Brit and let out a chuckle
"Hey, don't cry. You'll get me going, man" Alfred said
Alfred looked up and saw his little boy, no older than six, at the other end of the hall
"Hey, champ!" Alfred said, letting go of Arthur
Arthur backed away so Connor could run up to his father. Alfred knelt down, caught him and hugged him tightly
"Daddy, you're home!" Connor said, full of joy
"Yeah, I'm home ..." Alfred said, holding back the tears
It had almost been a year since he held his son in his arms ... and it was a wonderful feeling to be reunited with him after so long
"How are you doing, champ?" Alfred asked
"I'm ok, Daddy" Connor said, grinning like a Cheshire Cat
"Where's your mother?" Alfred asked
"She's out shopping, Daddy. She got Uncle Arthur to look after me" Connor said
"Well then, Mommy's going to have a wonderful surprise when she gets home, huh?" Alfred chuckled

-Later, that afternoon-

Alfred remained in his hiding spot as [Name] came home. He resisted the urge to run to her and hold her in his arms again
"[Name] looks just as beautiful as the day I left" He thought to himself with a smile
"Hello, Connor! Were you good for Arthur?" He heard [Name] ask
"Yes, Mummy" Connor replied
Alfred knew that Connor was going to find it difficult to keep Alfred's return a surprise. Arthur was pretty good at keeping his excitement under control, but Alfred knew that he wanted to tell [Name] that Alfred was home just as much as Connor did
"What's the big grins about?" [Name] laughed
Alfred ventured out of his hiding place and stood behind her with his trademark goofball grin as his son and Arthur looked at him
"Look behind you and see for yourself" Arthur said
[Name] turned around, with a puzzled look on her face which quickly turned to surprised and within seconds she was squealing and trying tears of joy
"I'm home, baby!" Alfred said, laughing
[Name] hugged him, crying into his chest. Connor hugged Alfred's leg and Arthur just gave him a slight nod, obviously embarrassed about his earlier behaviour
"I can't believe it ..." [Name] sobbed
Alfred chuckled, patting his beloved wife's back
"Hey, what are you crying about?" He asked
"I'm ... I'm just so happy!" She wailed, clinging to him tighter
Alfred smiled, knowing that tonight ... for the first time in almost a year, he would sleep beside [Name]. And he wouldn't trade that for anything in the world ...

The End
This is a One-Shot

Caution : May be very sappy/fluffy

America ("Alfred") & England ("Arthur") (c) Hetalia
Story (c) Me, SwiftNinja91
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The phone rang and Gilbert rushed over as if his butt was on fire. He picked up the phone and jumped on the sofa, almost sending Ludwig flying as he was sitting on the other end. He just rolled his eyes and went back to reading as Gilbert answered the phone in his usual obnoxious and arrogant manor
"Ja, this is the Awesome Me speaking, how may I direct your call?" He said, smiling and admiring the wedding ring on his finger
"We have your wife" a certain American said
He froze and almost dropped the phone in shock. He went pale, paler than usual if that were possible. Then, once what America said had sunken in, his blood began to boil ... almost literally. Saying he was furious was an understatement. He loved his beloved wife [Name] more than anything else. She was the one that he decided he wanted to spend the rest of his days with
"You'd better not have hurt her, or-"
His heart skipped a beat
"Gil ... help me!"
"[Name]! Are you alright? Are you hurt?" He asked
"No, I'm not hurt. I-OH!"
"What's wrong?" He asked, sitting up straight
"I-it's nothing I-AH!"
"G-Gil ... I think the baby's coming"
He froze and his heart lept
"Cross your legs, I'll be right there!" He said
The phone went dead and he threw it on the floor angrily, breaking it
"What the hell?!" Ludwig shouted
"They've got [Name]! And she's gone into labour!" Gilbert growled
Ludwig's eyes widened
"Scheiße ..." He breathed
"We have to get to her, or those savages could kill my baby!" Gilbert said, angry and worried


[Name] screamed in agony
"What do we do?!" America cried
"It's too late to get her to hospital. She's going to have the baby here" England said, sighing
"Gilbert, hurry!" She wailed
"Who's going to deliver the child?" England asked
"I'll do it, aru" China said
"N-no! Don't touch me!" [Name] squeaked
"We have to do something, ma chere" France said
"Da, or the baby will die" Russia said
[Name] squealed when she heard this and began to cry heavily
"Everyone leave the room. I'll deal with this ... and call an ambulance, aru" China said
The others obeyed and [Name] whimpered
"Gil ..." She breathed
Just then, the sound of the front door breaking down filled the building
"[Name]! Where are you?"
"Gil!" She breathed
She screamed as the baby began to make it's way out. The door burst open. An angry looking albino was standing there
"G-Gilbert! Th-the baby ..." She breathed
He suddenly became calm and hurried to her side
"The baby ... it's ..."
"Ok, she needs to start pushing. Hold her hand, aru" China said


[Name] looked at her baby proudly as she was helped into the ambulance. Gilbert looked at the Allies with a look of pure anger
"Why did you take her?" He asked
"It was his idea, aru" China said, pointing at America
America looked down
"I thought she was just fat" He said
Gilbert hit him
"You touch her again, and I will make sure you wish you had never been born" He growled, getting into the ambulance with [Name]
She smiled
"Are you ok?" He asked
"I'm alright ..." She mumbled, holding the baby close
"Sehr Gut" He sighed
"I'm so glad you came" She said, smiling
"I'm glad I made it in time" He said
He took her hand and sighed
"I will never let anyone take you again ... you have my word" He said
"It's ok, it's not your fault" She said
"I was unawesome today. Can you forgive me?" He asked
She nodded, smiling and they looked at their newborn daughter with pride
"Looks just like her daddy" She said, smiling
"Impossible! No one could be as handsome as I!" He declared
Unfortunately, this outburst made the baby cry and [Name] laughed
"Not so loud" She whispered
"Sorry ... but it's true" He grumbled
"Maybe, but next time ... don't wake the baby" She said
"I won't make any promises" He said, pouting

A request from :iconreddeathhots:

Prussia's "Awesome Woman" is captured by the Allies, but can he get there before she has his first born child?

It was SUPER late, so I was tired when I wrote this. The quality may be crap!
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Germany x Pregnant! Reader
Our Bouncing Baby Boy
Chapter 1: Crap

       You stared down at the dreaded contraption, willing the two lines to dissolve into only one. Not being able to look at it anymore, you sat the terrible indicator of pregnancy on the counter and left the restroom. Pregnant? No way, not now! You and Ludwig were in your first few months of marriage. Sure, you two were well off financially, Germany and (c/n) are two of the most powerful countries in Europe. You were both world powers. But, were you and your husband ready to create and raise a country? What if you two couldn't control it and it got into wars with the other nations? You thought to yourself, realizing that you and Ludwig would be the first couple with children. Elizaveta and Roderich were sure to follow, but still. You said a silent prayer to The Lord above that you'd be able to take care of this child. Maybe Luddy will work late so I won't have to tell him so soon... Luddy....What would he say? The two of you had never discussed starting a family. You paced around your kitchen island.

"I need to sit down." you said to yourself, trying to calm your nerves. You sat on the black leather couch in your living room and placed your head in your hands. Come on, __________! This can be good, quit moping! Your pep talk didn't do a thing. In the midst of your sulking, you heard the phone ring. You debated on ignoring it, but it might've been important. With a sigh, you stood and answered the phone. "Hello?" you asked stoically.

"Hello, liebe!" Your face fell at the heavy German accent. Think of the devil, the devil shall appear. Ugh... It was none other than your German husband. Crap. The person that you didn't want to have to speak to until late at night after he had a few beers and was ready for bed. If sober, he would immediately pick up on anything out of place. You tried to pretend you were your normal, chipper self.

"Hey, baby? How's your day going?" That should lower suspicion.

"Vhat are you up to?"

"Ah," you sweat dropped. "!"

"I vas zhinking that maybe ve should do somezing tonight, ja?" He seemed excited, this would be your first time out together in awhile. He'd been so focused on work and training that you hadn't spent much time as a couple. But as a new wife, you just basked in the glory of calling him your hubby.

"Okay, babe! That sounds good, we can decide on what to do when you get home." You smiled, even with the confession looming over your head, you couldn't help but appreciate his fidelity and love. The smile soon disappeared when you heard him begin to speak again.

"Meetings are over for today, _________, so I'll be home in a few minutes. I vill see you in a bit. I love you!" A few minutes!? Shit!

"I love you, too! Bye!" You heard him hang up and you instantaneously  ran into the bathroom and retrieved the positive pregnancy test. You dashed up the stairs and hid the test in your nightstand drawer. A few more minutes, a few more minutes until Ludwig would be home and would realize something was off about you. "Crap." You fell back onto the bed behind you and stared at the white ceiling, wide-eyed. A few more minutes.
Chapter one! This is a germanyxreader chapter story I will be writing, I've already written chapter two but it won't be up for a little bit, but sometime this week.
Part one: You are here~
Part two:[link]
Part three:[link]

I'm taking requests right now, please post your requests here: [link]
That's also the rules
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Our Bouncing Baby Boy
Chapter 3: World Meeting

    After your date with Ludwig, he didn't stop smiling. This was rare for the German, As of right now, only you, Ludwig, the Italy brothers, and your parents in (c/n) knew of your pregnancy. You and Ludwig planned to tell all the countries tomorrow at the next world meeting. It was currently a little after six in the evening and you and Ludwig were relaxing on your leather couch watching children's movies. You felt so relieved now that Ludwig knew about the baby, all that worrying for absolutely nothing.

"I still don't understand vhy you vanted to vatch Beauty and zhe Beast, ___________. Your twenty-three human years old."

"Hey! I don't complain when we watch your movies!" The German chuckled and snaked his arms around your middle, carefully as if your stomach was porcelein. He pulled you onto his lap and stroke your (h/c) locks. He rubbed your still thin belly gently.

"Vhat should ve name him, schatzi*?"

"Well, I haven't really--wait, 'him'? Who said it was a boy?!" You turned yourself so you were facing your husband.

"I just...know, _________. I don't know how or vhy. I just know."

"He'll be a new Germanic coutry so we ought to name his something...German. Something pretty--"

"Men are not pretty! They are strong." The German's eyes bored into yours with great determination. There goes all my ideas.

"Fine, Luddy. But, it has to be cute, like your name!" Ludwig blushed and pouted with saddened blue eyes.

"_____, I am not cute." You looked at his expression and smiled at your proof.

"Yes you are! All pouty and blushy and all! This is a Kodak moment!" He glared at you, regaining his composure. "We should name him Steffen."

"No." He frowned again.

"Vhy not?" You said mocking him in a condescending manner. Heglared again.

"Just, no. All vight?"

"All vight, Luddy! Klaus?"


"I just can't when today." He chuckled at your hurt expression. "Hmm," the German looked at you patiently. "Lukas." HE thought for a while before smiling and nodding. "Lukas Beilschmidt." Ludwig rubbed your belly again before smiling and leaning in to kiss you. "If it's a girl, we're screwed." He looked down at you.

"Ja, we sure are."

~El Timeskip to tomorrow brought to you by GILBIRD~

    You felt an annoying, constant pressure on you shoulder. You finally opened your eyes to see it was five o'clock in the morning. You groaned and turned to find your freshly showered German husband in a towel.

"Stop poking me, Luddy." You sighed and nearly fell asleep when you felt him poke you again. "Luddy, stawwp!" You whined. He chuckled and let you sleep for the duration of time he took getting dressed. Once he was in a nice grey suit, he shuffled into you closet and pulled out a black pencil skirt with a white dress blouse and black strappy heels. He laid them on the bed and went to your side and picked you up. He stood you on your feet and grabbed your wrist, leading you to the bathroom to clean up. "Ludwig Beilschmidt!" You glared daggers up at him and he only smiled back.

"Did you forget, liebe*?" You instantly remembered and dressed as fast as possible. Ludwig chuckled when he heard you thundering down the stairs.

"I'm ready, honey." He grabbed your hand and pulled you out to his silver Mercedes. When you arrived at the UN building, you nearly crumbled from seeing all the countries again. Amazing waht a few months away does... Ludwig held your hand a gave you a reassuring squeeze when he felt you were getting nervous. You looked to the right of you to see a familiar brown-haired Hungarian pulling a black-haired Austrian.

"(c/n), I haven't seen you in forever, we need to get out some time. I enjoy your company more than you phone conversations." You smiled and dropped Ludwig's hand, signaling that he could talk to Roderich.

"Hey, Elizaveta! It's so good to see you again, I've miss you." You hug your longtime friend. The bell that started the meeting sounded and the two of you pulled away and returned to your husbands.

"Oh, vhere are my manners? Nice to see you again as vell, Frau* _____." You smiled and gave the muscial Austrian a small hug.

"You, too, Roderich." The four of you shuffled in and Ludwig grasped your hand again. He led you to the head of the table where he sat to lead the meetings. You sat in the chair on the right of him. While all the countries were chatting, a good bunch came up to you and greeted you. After a few minutes, Germany stood up to signal that the meeting has begun. He pulled you up with him.

"Before ve start vith any of our current vorldly issues, I have a very important annoucement to make. It involves every country. As most of you have seen, mein* vife, (c/n), has returned to her first meeting after our marriage. Unfrotunately, she vill not be staying for more than a few months due to her current condition." Before Germany could finish, worried murmurs erupted from the room.

"Is she sick?" "What happened?" "Will she be okay?" Many accents filled the room. Germany lifted his hand to silence the concerned countries.

"She is fine, but their vill soon be a new country in zhe vorld." The murmurs were soon replaced with happy shouts. America, who was sitting directly across from you, stood up and patted the German on the back.

"I knew you had it in you , bro, congratulations!" The American soon came over and hugged you. Many other countries came and said something along the lines a congratulations. When nearly all the countries were back in their seats, you moved a little closer to your German and hugged him. He blushed and you planted a kiss on one of his fiery red cheeks before leaning in his ear.

"I love you, Ludwig." You whispered in his ear, he leaned down and placed his lips at your ear.

"I love you too, ______."
Okay here's the promised chapter three! Thanks for all you guys' support with this story. LUKAS BEILSCHMIDT is the winner! It was an almost tie with Steffen. Oh well.
Part one:[link]
Part two:[link]
Part three: you are here~
I'm taking requests right now, please post your requests here: [link]
That's also the rules
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Germanyxpregnant!reader Our Bouncing Baby Boy
Chapter 2: Date Night

       After you had disposed of the test, you went and sat in front of the television to relax. Maybe some TV will relax me. You grabbed the remote and flicked on the device and saw the opening theme for Spongebob playing. You chuckled to yourself before easing back into the couch. You sighed, thoughts and mental images of babies plagued your mind despite the silly show. Do I want this? You didn't consider giving up your child, but would Ludwig want the child? The two of you had never discussed starting a family beforehand. Perhaps everything will work out. Best not to worry. You turned around to face the foyer when you heard the click of the front door unlocking.

"_______, I'm home! Vhere do you vant to go today?" You heard your husband call.   All right, no worrying the German. You peeped your head into the foyer to find your blonde husband smiling with his eyes hidden behind his lids. Crap, he's extremely happy! Well, why not enjoy another date night? It might be the lat one for a while... You plastered a cheerful simper on your face.

"Hey, Luddy! How was work?" you asked. Ludwig opened his blue orbs to see your face. God, how your smile brightened his day.

"Hallo! Today was actually pretty good, Italy only took one 'siesta', America kept his hero-crap-talk to a minimum, and Britain and France only brawled four times! Hell, we even got some work done!" The ecstatic German returned your simper with one of his own rare smiles. He walked over to you and wrapped an arm around your small waist. You looked up at the German towering over you. After meeting the chips of blue that stared into your soul, you tipped your head back down. "Schatzi*, vhat's wrong?" You felt two of his slender fingers tuck under your chin and pull your head up, forcing you to look into his eyes. Come on, think! You pulled away from Ludwig and saw a flash of hurt graze his features. Guilty at causing your hubby pain, you grasped his shoulders and squeezed.

"It's nothing important, honey-bunny. It can wait 'till later! Let's just enjoy tonight." You lied. Fact is, it was extremely important.

"Vhy von't you meet my eyes zen? If vhat worries you isn't important, vhy are you so anxious?" Of course he was able to see right through your defense.

" may be important, but it can wait."

"Liebe...all right, zen." His blue orbs reflected worry. Guilt tugged at your heart. Focus on tonight, Luddy. Fun night... You put a hand on his cheek and met his eyes. He looked up at you.

"I'll tell you later, don't worry." You smiled at him, "Now what did you have in mind, Luddy?" He brightened up at that.

"Vell, I zhink zhat we should go out to dinner. Nozhing super fancy, but like our dates vhen ve" His smile widened, "Perhaps go out for ice cream later." You smiled. How sweet, Luddy. You pecked his cheek.

"You're adorable," he blushed. "Same old routine? I pick dinner, you pick ice cream?" He nodded and smiled nearly resembling...Italy. Wow, it must have been a really good day. "Olive garden, I want breadsticks!" You ginned at the German, already knowing his choice of ice cream. It hadn't changed throughout the years that you dated, it wouldn't change now.

"Hagen-Das! German chocolate ice cream." You chuckled and wrapped an arm around his waist, bringing the two of you hip-to-hip in the foyer.

"Let's get dressed, babe. Let's go have fun!" You pulled his wrist up the stairs to your bedroom. He raised an eyebrow at your eagerness. What could have been so important? He was worried about the beauty that was his wife. What was she hiding in that head of her's? Perhaps homesickness? She hadn't seen any of her friends or family in (c/n) since their wedding a few months ago. Ludwig dropped the topic in his head and focused on which necktie to wear. He turned his head to find you rummaging through your closet for shoes to match your blue jeans and white halter top. He finally settled on a navy tie, a white button down, and black slacks. You glanced at the attire he was about to don and chuckled inwardly. Refusing to be casual to Olive Garden, only you, Luddy.
       He unbuttoned his work shirt and pulled off his tank top. Ohh, those abs. You nearly squealed wit delight. You turned back to your closet to finish the strapping on you black gladiator sandal heels. The German stole another glance at you and smiled deviously. He tiptoed over to your hunched figure, strapping the heel, and picked you up by your middle.

"Aah! Ludwig Beilschmidt! You demon, put me down!" You glared at the laughing blonde. What a jackhole! He set you down and walked over to his loser and finished getting dressed.

"Ready, ______?"

"Yes-sir-ee!" You smiled, your earlier nerves were nearly gone. You turned to grab your black purse and felt a firm arm snake around your waist. You blushed, even after a good five or six years of being romantically involved with him, you still blushed. You heard a deep chuckle and the jingle of keys before Ludwig tucked his index finger in one of your belt loops and pulled you out to the car by it. He released you and kissed your cheek before opening the passenger door of his silver Mercedes. You slid inside the car and he shut the door behind you and hopped into the driver's seat.
~timeskip brought to you by FRANCY PANTS!~
       Ludwig pulled into the Olive Garden parking space. You hopped out of the car before he could come to your assistance. You scanned the semi busy restaurant and your eyes landed on two skinny men with identical curls. You smirked.

"Hey, Feli! Lovi!" Their heads both immediately snapped at the sound of their familiar nicknames. Italy spotted the silver Mercedes and grabbed his brother's wrist and dragged him over to you and Ludwig.

"(C/N), Germany! It's so nice to see you two!" Feliciano smiled while Lovino scowled and glared at innocent bystanders. "Let's dine-a together! The four of us!" The Italian smiles and laughs. Ludwig scowled at his peppy Italian friend.

"Fratello, Germany and (C/N) are, obviously, on a date! They don't-a want to-a eat with you!" Romano glared at Italy and stormed back towards the restaurant, knocking people over that stood in his way. Italy looked down, ashamed.

"I'm sorry, Mister Germany. I was just so-a excited to see (C/N)! She hasn't been to world meetings since you two were-a married!" The Italian sighed in sadness.

"She's under my protection, Italy. I take care of her paperwork now," the German grunted at Feli. "Italy, please let (C/N) and I eat alone." Italy nodded and waved goodbye.

"Bye, bella! Bye big-fat-meany-pants!" He walked off into the restaurant. Ludwig grabbed your hand and laced your fingers together. He pulled you into the restaurant and the smell of breadsticks and pasta drifted into your nostrils. A waitress seated the two of you in a booth by the back. She asked for your drinks.

"May ve have a bottle of Chardonnay and two waters, please?" He answered and the waitress wrote it down. He wants to drink something else besides beer today. Hmm, oh my Lord. This is the apocalypse. A few minutes later, the waitress returned with the drinks and took your dinner orders. You sipped on the wine a little and just when you were feeling a bit buzzed, you heard the deep voice of the German. "Vhat vas so important, ________?" You looked to his wine glass to find it completely full. Shit! He wants to get me while I'm buzzed! That sneaky jackhole! You looked everywhere but his eyes. You felt something warms grasp your hand under the table and immediately jumped and looked down to find Ludwig interlocking his fingers with yours. "Sagen sie mir bitte, liebe*." You met his pleading crystal eyes with your (E/C) ones. He's speaking German! Shit, he's not messing around.

"Luddy, I--can't it wait-"

"Liebe, bitte* must be of major importance." He looked so serious. You looked down, debating on whether or not to tell hi . The wine was really making it hard to think, but one thought was prominent. I'm hurting him. I'm hurting him by not telling him. You opened your mouth to speak, but you said nothing when you felt the warmth of his hand leave. You looked up to see him striding over to your side of the booth. He wrapped his arms as tightly as he could around you.


"Yes, Schatzi?"

"Today I...I found out..." You trailed off, leaving a very anxious German uninformed.

"Vhat?! Vhat happened?!" The waitress walked by with your food and quickly set it down when she saw the scene. The food went untouched. No going back, _______.

"I'm pregnant, Luddy." You looked down when he didn't respond. He laughed. "What's funny?" You looked at him confused.

"That's fantastic, _______! The vay you made it seen, I thought somezhing terrible happened."

"So you're not...mad?" He heard your timid voice and gripped your shoulders. His blue eyes pierced your soul again.

"Liebe, vhy vould I be mad at somezhing so vunderbar*?" He hugged you again. "I love you and our baby! You've made me zhe happiest man alive!" He kissed your lips then all over your face. "I'm going to be a vati*!" He yelled. This caught the attention of two Italian brothers that happened to be walking by.

"What!? Ve! Congratulations (C/N) and Germany!" Feli came over and tackled both of you.

"Feli, you're crushing us." You squeaked out. He stood up and Romano approached the two of you.

"Congratu-a-lations, (C/N) and dumb-potato-eater." Romano grumbled. Ludwig rolled his eyes but said nothing as the brothers walked away.

"Hey, Luddy?"

"Ves, ______?"

"Can we still get ice cream?"
Okay! This is chapter two!! Now, in the comments, choose which name you want for your baby boy! A) Lukas B) Klaus C) Steffen
Country baby name
A) Wertvolleland (precious land)
B) Geschenkland (gift land)
Please answer in the comments! Thanks for all the comments and love! Mwaahhh!!!!
Schatzi: sweetheart
Sagan sie mir bitte, liebe: please tell me, love
Liebe, bitte: love, please
Liebe: love
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Part two: You are here~
Part three:[link]

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        I opened my door quietly, hoping not to notify anyone in the house that I was home. I’d just come back from the doctor’s and my stomach was in knots. I stepped inside and set my purse down on an in table. I sighed and brought a hand to rest on my forehead. I was happy, thrilled even, but I didn’t know how Ludwig would take it.
        I’d been sick for the past few days and decided to go make sure everything was alright. They told me that I was fine and perfectly healthy... and so was my baby. I was excited about a having a baby. I’d been thinking about talking to Ludwig about it, but I just wasn’t sure yet. I’d wanted to make sure he was ready, but I guess it was a little late for that.
        “_______?” I froze and my eyes widened. He’d heard me come in. Thoughts rushed through my head about what he might say or how he might act. None of them were very good. What if he didn’t want the child? What if... what if... “_______, are you home?” the German asked, sticking his head out of the kitchen. He saw me and smiled. It disappeared, however, when he saw my terror stricken appearance. “_______, liebeling! Vhat’s vrong?” He hurried to me and lifted my face so I was looking at him.
        “L-Ludwig,” I stammered, tears bubbling in my eyes. I was so frightened about what he would say. I was probably just getting myself worked up for nothing, but I just couldn’t help it. Stupid hormones! I rested my head on his broad chest and cried softly. I completely missed the looked of utter shock and distress on the blondes face.
        “Liebe,” he said quietly, stroking my back. He was at a loss for words. I wasn’t one to act very emotional and to start crying out of the blue was probably starting to freak him out. I felt his arms go around me and lift me up. I squeaked lightly, but didn’t protest. He walked down the hall and into out bedroom. “_______,” he said, sitting down on the large bed, “vhat is it zat’s got you so upset, hm?” He sat me down and placed me in his lap. I sniffled a little, finally starting to calm down.
        “L-Luddy, c-can I tell you s-something?” I asked, my eyes darting between his bright blue orbs and my fingers.
        “Of course liebeling, anyzing,” he replied, running his large, calloused fingers through my hair. I swallowed, trying to calm my racing heart and get up the courage to spill. “I... I’m pregnant, Ludwig,” I said, just loud enough for him to hear. I waited, holding my breath as I listened to the deafening silence. I looked up eventually and saw his eyes frozen, staring ahead but not really seeing anything.
        “Ludwig?” I pulled away from him and snapped my fingers in front of his face. He didn’t move a muscle. Oh no. I crawled out of his lap and over to my bedside table. I’d never seen the man act like this before, but I’d heard stories of past instances when the personification of Germany went into terrible states of shock and it had been almost impossible to bring him back. I grabbed my cell phone and punched a few numbers. I looked over my shoulder at my husband. I guess maybe he wasn’t going to say anything at all.

        “Ve!! _______ How-a are you?” Feliciano asked as he bounced into my house. I blinked and shook my head.
        “I’m fine Feli, but I’m not too sure Ludwig,” I replied, looking worriedly down the hall at my bedroom. He was still sitting on our bed, as unmoving as a statue.
        “Doitsu? What’s-a wrong with him?” the energetic Italian asked, deflating just a little. I explained to him had happened, he congratulated me on the baby, and that I couldn’t get a response from him. Feliciano quirked an eyebrow, but started for my bedroom and motioned for me to follow. I leaned against the door frame and watched as Italy approached Ludwig.
        “Doitsu. Doitsu what’s-s wrong?” he asked softly. Ludwig blinked and actually looked up at the auburn haired Italian. He murmured something under his breath and went back to being a statue. Feliciano turned back and gently tugged me out of the room.
        “What’s wrong with him?” I asked as the tall man pulled out his phone. He shrugged and dialed a number.
        “I’m-a not sure, but there’s-a someone who will,” he mumbled as his phone rang. He listened as someone answered the phone. “Si! Would you-a mind coming to _______’s house?” he asked. I scrunched my eyebrows together. “Ve! Thank you Prussia!”
“Gil?” I asked, watching as he shut his phone and put it up.
        “Si. He’ll-a know what to do,” the Italian replied. I sighed as started for the kitchen.
        “I sure hope so.”

        “Yo! Ze awesome me is here!” I looked up from my book towards the door as the Prussian strutted in. I stood up and greeted my brother-in-law. Feliciano had left a little while ago because he stuff to attend to, apparently. He was never very specific when it came to anything.
        “Hey Gil,” I said tiredly. He gave me a look and I smiled weakly at him. I explained what had happened and ended up crying into his shoulder.\
        “Don’t vorry _______. I’ll get to ze bottom of it,” Gilbert said, kissing the top of my head. I nodded, sniffling slightly and watched him walked down the hall to my bedroom. I thought a moment before getting up and following him.
        “Vest!” Gilbert said, smacking his brother in the back of the head. “Was zum Teufel ist los mit dir?!” (What the heck is wrong with you?!) I sighed, leaning against the door frame and peering in. I wasn’t going to be able to understand a word. “Was machst du gerade hier sitzin, dummkopf!?” (What are you doing just sitting here, dummkopf?!)
        “Gil… sie… sie ist schwanger,” (Gil… she… she’s pregnant.) Ludwig mumbled. I was relieved to hear him say something, even if it was in another language.
        “Ich weiß das! Sie erzählte mir, und sie ist krank vor Sorge, weil du hier sitzt anstatt mit ihr. Warum sind Sie gerade hier sitzin?!” (I know that! She told me and she's worried sick because you're sitting here instead of being with her. Why are you just sitting here?) the Prussian yelled. Ludwig blinked a few times and looked up at his older brother.
        “Bruder… was, wenn ich nicht ein gutar Vater? Nach allem, was ich getan habe… was, wenn…” (Brother… what if I’m not a good father? After all that I’ve done… what if…) The German couldn’t continue. He sounded so distressed. Gilbert’s ruby eyes glittered with understanding. I watched as he sighed heavily and sat in front of his younger brother.
        “Vest. Ihre Vergangenheit nicht definieren Sie oder was Sie kid werde an Sie denken. _______ Sicher nichtm ich kann Ihnen sagen, dass, aber sie ist ausgeflippt Jetzt, weil sie Sie nicht wollen, das Kind denkt,” (Your past doesn't define you or what you kid will think of you. _______ sure doesn't, I can tell you that, but she is freaking out right now because she thinks you don't want the child) the albino chastised. “Sie braucht dich jetzt. Beweg deinen Arsch raus und rede mit ihr.” (She needs you right now. Get your ass out there and talk to her.) Ludwig blinked and let a small smile cross his face.
        “Danke Gilbert,” he said, standing up from the bed. The Prussian smirked.
        “Ja, ja, oh and Vest,” the German turned his head, “you make a great vati.” They both chuckled and Ludwig walked out. He nearly ran into me and I stumbled back a little.
        “_-______,” he stammered. I looked down, trying to wipe tears from my eyes. I felt strong arms wrap around me and pull me into a large, warm chest. I fell into the embrace crying and hiccupping in relief. “I’m sorry liebe. I am so so sorry. I just had so many zoughts running zrough my head und-” I cut him off, knowing that he would start rambling if I didn’t.
        I pressed my lips to his, gently cupping his face in my hands. I stood on my tip toes, trying to stay up as long as possible. I pulled away just as he was wrapping his arms around my waist.
        “It’s okay Ludwig. You just… you really scared me…” I whispered, placing a hand lightly on my stomach. The German looked down at my hand and smiled.
        “So zat’s vhat all ze sickness vas about?” he asked, laying a hand on top of mine. I looked up in surprise but nodded.
        “You’re not… you’re not upset?” I asked timidly. His blue eyes widened with surprise.
        “Upset? Vhy vould I be upset?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, not meeting his gaze. “_______.” I sighed and looked up at him. “I could never be upset viz you, especially over somezing like zis. Besides, zis is wunderbar!” I swallowed, feeling tears prick at my eyes and a weight lifting off my shoulders.
        “Really?” I asked carefully, wiping at my eyes. He wrapped an arm around my waist and spun me around.
        “Ja! Ve’re having a baby!” he said happily. I grinned and wrapped my arms around his neck. He was excited and happy. I let a relieved giggle escape my lips.
        “Yea, we are!” I said, leaning up and kissing his cheek. “I love you Ludwig.”
        “Ice liebe dich auch _______.”
        “Dudes!! I’m going to make ze most awesome Onkel ever!!”
One of the many one shot ideas I've running through my head! I hope you enjoy!!
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        “Liebe! I’m home,” Ludwig called as he shut the front door behind him. I walked out of the kitchen, wiping my hands on my apron. He grinned and walked over to me. He wrapped him around my waist and kissed me deeply. I giggled against his mouth and wrapped my arms around his neck.
        “Hi,” I breathed, trailing my fingers along his neck. He shivered lightly and his arms tightened around my waist. As he did so, his eyebrows scrunched together slightly and his blue eyes looked at me, confused. “I made wurst,” I said quickly, noticing his expression and pulling away.
        “Schatz (Sweetheart),” the large German mumbled, following me into the kitchen. I looked over my shoulder and saw him looking me up and down. I knew he wasn’t checking me out; he was noticing how skinny I was.
        “Yes dear?” I asked as I set the table. He sighed heavily and came up behind me.
        “Aren’t you going to eat?” inquired, eyeing the single place setting. I shook my head and racked my brain for a quick answer.
        “N-no. Feli came over earlier and insisted he make pasta,” I made up hurriedly. I knew Ludwig could tell something was up, but he let it go.
        “Alvight liebe,” he replied, sitting down at the table. I fixed his plate and walked back to him. I kissed his cheek and set the food down. We talked as he ate. He told me about work, all the paperwork his boss was making him do. I told him about my day; cleaning and cooking supper mostly.
        “So vhat did Feliciano vant?” the tall blonde asked as he set his dished in the sink. My eyes widened and my heart sped up. I hadn’t expected him to ask that.
        “H-he um... he came looking for you but I told him you were at work, like usual. I don’t know why he didn’t go there first,” I stammered quickly. I sounded too nervous. Drat! He grunted quietly and I came up behind him. “I’m gonna go change, m’kay?” I murmured, kissing the back of his neck lightly. I had to stand on my tip toes to reach. He shivered and nodded.
        “Alvight, he said quietly, turning to kiss my forehead. I smiled and hurried to our room. I shut the door and leaned against it heavily. That was close, I thought. I walked to my chest of drawers and pulled out a long sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts. I sighed tiredly as I slipped tiredly out of my jeans and T-shirt.
        I was so ugly. That all there was to say. I didn’t know why Ludwig chose to stay with me. I was overweight and fat and I was trying to lose weight, but I just couldn’t. I glimpsed my reflection in the mirror and felt tears in my eyes. Why couldn’t I be pretty. I wasn’t overweight at all. I was thin and pale. I’d stopped eating about a week ago and it was starting to take its toll.
        I was much thinner than I was supposed to be and I kept having near blackout. It was a good thing Ludwig was at work most of the time. I was just unable to see how sick I really was. I changed into the more comfortable clothes and grabbed a blanket from our bed and trudged back to the living room. Ludwig was sitting on the sofa reading a thick book his older brother had lent him. I sat down on the other end, covered everything but my feet with the blankets and carefully slid the cold appendages into the German’s lap.
        “Liebling?” Ludwig asked looking up from his book. I shrugged, closed my eyes and snuggled into the couch cushions. I heard him shut the heavy book and then I giggled as he ran a finger along the bottom of my foot.
        “Luuud~” I giggled, curling up slightly. He laughed softly, a sound I absolutely adored, and pulled my feet back into his lap. He rubbed the soft skin, making the small ache in the instep of my foot fade. “Mmm, that feels good,” I mumbled, wiggling my toes. He slowly worked his way up along my heels and ankle, he massaged my calves, his large fingers kneading into my skin. I sighed contented and was just about to fall asleep while he started rubbing my knees.
        “I called Feliciano.” I opened my eyes and saw Ludwig watching my feet. “He said he never came over. _______, vhy did you tell me he came over if he didn’t?” I started shaking ever so slightly as he rubbed up around my thigh. I bit my bottom lip as his fingers stopped there ministrations abruptly. I tried opening my mouth, but I caught myself as he ran his hands over my legs. I realized what he was doing and tried pulling my legs away. He held them in place and yanked my blanket off my body. I cringed into the sofa as his baby blue eyes widened ever so slightly. “_______...” he whispered, looking at me. I swallowed and turned my head into a pillow. “_______, vhy are you so skinny?” My mouth quivered slightly, tears stinging my eyes and I tried to sit up.
        “‘Cause,” I muttered, throwing a leg off the couch. He held my shoulder and grabbed my chin and made me look at him.
        “Because vhy liebling?” he questioned, holding my gaze firmly. His blue eyes were hard and determined. I’d seen that look a few times before, but not many. I gulped again and felt the hot tears fall one by one.
        “I… I haven’t…” I choked, knowing he would get the message. He sighed heavily and cupped the side of my face with his large, calloused hand. “I-I… I didn’t… I’m… I’m s-sorry…” I managed, reaching up to wipe my eyes. He pulled me into his lap and rocked me gently.
        “Liebe, vhy do you zink it’s okay to stop eating? You’re obviously not healzy. Vill you tell me, bitte?” he asked, pressing his lips into my hair. I took a shaky breath and clutched at his arm.
        “I’m not p-pretty and I-I’m overweight and ugly,” I told him, burying my face in his chest. He rubbed my trembling back before wrapping his large arms around my malnourish waist; grimacing slightly.
        “Shatz, do you truly believe zat? You are perfection _______. Sie sind reizend und schön, und ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, eine weitere erstaunliche Mädchen in meinem Leben.(You are lovely and beautiful and i can't imagine a more amazing girl in my life) Bitte liebe, tell me next time. Ich liebe dich. You know I do und I love you ze vay you are.” I cried silently into his shirt front, letting his words sink in. as I settled down a little, Ludwig pulled back and looked at me. “I know somezing zat might help,” he said, smiling gently.
        “Hm?” I looked up at him, my eyebrows scrunched together slightly. He hauled me to my feet and walked me to our bedroom. I sat down on our bed as he dug through his bedside table.
        “Gil sent me zis. He said it’s some of ze best German chocolate he’s ever found. It’s somezing sweet and chocolate can cure almost anyzing,” he said, pulling out a prettily wrapped chocolate bar and unwrapping it. “Here,” he said, breaking off a piece and handing it to me. I took it and nibbled on it. I was about to take a bite out of it when a thought struck me.
        “Open up,” I instructed, crawling in front of him and sitting back on my heels, holding the piece of chocolate in front of his mouth. He looked at me with wide, confused eyes for a moment before opening his mouth slightly. I stuck the chocolate in between his teeth and told him to bite down gently. He held the sweet in between his teeth and I grinned. “Much better.” I leaned forward so our noses were touching and I saw his face go red. I chuckled and kissed him, taking the other half of the chocolate into my mouth.
        We sat there for a moment, neither of us moving at the chocolate slowly melted against our lips. Ludwig started moving his lips carefully against my mouth. I grinned and kissed back deeply. We fought over the chocolate a few minutes before Ludwig pushed it into my mouth with his tongue and let it coat the inside of my mouth.
        “You’re vight,” he gasped softly, “much better.” I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Promise you von’t do it again liebling,” he pleaded softly, kissing my cheek tenderly. I nodded, resting my forehead against his.
        “I promise.” I looked into his blue eyes and smiled at the warmth and love reflected in them. “I love you.”
        “Ich liebe dich auch.”

***Extended Ending***

        I walked out of the kitchen, popping another marshmallow into my mouth. I sat down on the sofa, fidgeting for a moment before standing back up again. I made my way down the hall to Ludwig’s study. I peeked in and saw him leaning back in his chair, rubbing his eyes from underneath his glasses. I snuck in quietly and walked behind him. I gently began massaging his shoulders, making him jump slightly.
        “Oh, liebe. Don’t sneak up on me like zat,” he muttered, setting his glasses on his desk and leaning back farther in his chair. I smiled and kissed his temple.
        “You’re tense honey,” I murmured, kneading my fingers into his broad shoulders. He sighed and rolled his shoulders back, silently asking me to rub under his shoulder blades. I complied, trailing my fingers down his back. “They’re working you too hard. I oughta go down there and talk to them.” The German snorted softly and leaned his head back slightly and I roved back up to his neck and shoulders.
        “Vould you mind? Zat, or maybe you could just come viz me und rub mein shoulders like zis all day,” he mumbled. I chuckled softly as I continued massaging his back. I could feel all the tight, knotted muscles in my boyfriend’s shoulders loosening under my touch. “Liebling,” he whispered, “you have no idea how good zis feels.” I smiled and paused slightly, making a small whining sound leave his throat.
        “You know,” I breathed, blowing ever so slightly on his ear, “I can do a lot more than just rub your shoulders.” I felt him stiffen and I had to stifle a giggle. He turned his chair to face me with an almost challenging look.
        “Is zat vight?” he asked, standing up so he could tower over me. I nodded confidently and jumped up onto his desk, careful not to disturb his papers. I crossed my ankles and swung them innocently.
        “Mhm!” I hummed, watching him stalk closer and then place his large hands on either side of me. “I can relax you entirely, Mr. Beilschmidt.” He laughed and kissed me roughly on the mouth. I followed suit, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. I slid my knee slowly up his leg, making him groan above me. He wrapped a muscled arm around my back and pressed me flush against his broad chest.
        “I don’t know how velaxing zis is going to be, liebling,” he said breathily. I smirked and running my hand down the front his chest to the waistband of his work pants.
        “It’s only as relaxing as you let it be,” I replied, moving fluidly so I was standing on his desk. I jumped so my legs wrapped around his waist. “C’mon you, you need a break from all that hard work you do.” I could feel his heart pounding as he hurried as fast as he could to our room.
        “You’ve got zat vight,” he muttered, shutting our bedroom door and tossing me onto the bed. I giggled, thinking about what I could do to relax my strong, stoic German.
I'm sorry the ending sucks!! *hides* Alright! I hope ya'll like this, I think I did okay on everything expect for the very end! I hope it's alright!! Enjoy
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        I groaned loudly, clutching my stomach and stumbling out of my bedroom in my shorts, T-shirts, and sock clad feet. I made my way down the hall and into the kitchen. I searched through our cabinets frantically as tears pricked at my eyes. I needed painkillers. Now! I doubled over, groaning in pain and failing to find the painkillers.
        “Ludwig!” I called desperately, “where’s the Advil?” I heard heavy footsteps as I whimpered in pain. Why now of all times, did my period have to start? I hated it when the cramps got to me before I could get to the painkillers.
        “Zey should be in ze cabinet liebe. Vhy do you...” he trailed off as he walked in and saw me holding my stomach. “_______, liebeling. Vhat’s vrong?” he asked, hurrying towards me. I shook my head.
        “Just get me the Advil, please. And a bottle of water,” I said, wincing as I tried standing up straight. He gave me a worried once over before doing as I asked. I downed the pills and leaned against the tall, muscular German.
        “Liebe, vat’s vrong?” Ludwig repeated, wrapping a careful arm around me.
        “It’s just cramps,” I muttered. I bit my lip as the pain increased. “Mmm, can you... can you help me back to the bedroom?” I asked quietly. He nodded and I knew he was hated seeing me when I was in pain like this. “I just want to sleep.”
        “Do you vant me to carry you?” he asked. I nodded tiredly and cringed again at the pain radiating through my abdomen. He wrapped one arm around my back, and then knelt down to wrap one behind my knees. I moaned slightly at all the movement, but I knew he was doing his best not to jostle me around too much.
        “Mmm _______. My poor liebeling. Is zere anyzing I can do to help you?” he asked, as I wrapped an arm around his neck. I shook my head, curling in on myself even more. I buried my face into his neck as he walked into our bedroom.
        “The cramps will just have to subside by themselves,” I sighed, trying to will the unbearable pain away. I absolutely hated when the cramps got to me before I could get to the painkillers. I woke up this morning with an ache in my abdomen and knew I’d started. I sighed and brought a hand up to my torso, rubbing carefully at my waist.
        “Mein armer Schatz. Ich wünschte wirklich, es war etwas, was ich tun könnte, um die Schmerzen weg,” he whispered in my ear as he laid me on our bed. I have no clue what he said, but it sounded so sexy.
        “L-Luddy,” I whimpered, curling in on myself, “i-it hurts.” The painkillers were going to take forever to kick in. Ludwig leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.
        “I know liebe, I know,” he murmured. He gently pried my arms away from my middle and tried to lay me on my back.
        “Lud?” I asked, curious as to what he was doing.
        “Just relax liebeling,” he said soothingly and gently pushed me back down. I did as I was told and tried to keep from groaning from the cramps. He cupped my cheek with one of his calloused hands and then lifted my shirt and laid the other on my stomach. I nuzzled into his touch and he leaned down to place feather kisses along my belly. I felt his fingers gliding along the waistband of my sweats. His fingers gently started to knead into my lower stomach. I stifled a gasp and squeezed my eyes shut.
        “L-Ludwig,” I stammered, trying not to whine at the pressure on my stomach. He pressed his thumb to my lips, quieting me. He continued to gently massage my waist.
        “I know it hurts, but it von’t in a minute. Just hang on a minute,” he said, rubbing circles on my cheek with his thumb as he kissed and rubbed at my abdomen. Slowly, the pain started to fade, either from the Advil or Ludwig’s skilled fingers, and left an almost numb feeling.
        “I’m tired Luddy,” I said, yawning and sighing at the relief of having no sharp pains in my stomach. He smiled and crawled up so he was lying next to me. He pulled me close and held me in his large muscular and I used on of them as a pillow.
        “Sleep liebe. I’ll be here vhen you vake up,” he mumbled into my hair, sounding on the verge of sleep himself. I smiled and looked up at him.
        “Danke Ludwig. Ich liebe dich,” I told him in his native tongue as I reached up and kissed him softly. He returned it before pulling back and kissing my nose.
        “Sleep.” I nodded and cuddled up to him. I listened to his breathing and his heart beat and finally fell asleep.

        “_______. _______ liebeling.” I sighed, opening my eyes and turning over. I was met with bright, ice blue eyes.
        “Mm. Ludwig?” I asked, rubbing sleep out of my _______ eyes.
        “I made lunch. Are you hungry?” he asked, pushing hair away from my face. I grinned sleepily up at him and nodded. “Are you feeling okay? Do you feel better?” he questioned, running his eyes worriedly over my face.
        “I’m a lot better now. My stomach doesn’t hurt,” I told him. “You were a very good doctor.” I giggled at the pink that dusted his cheeks. I leaned up and kissed him quickly. “Come on you. Let’s go get some food.”
I've this idea running through my head and had to get it out. Short, sweet and sooo much fluff!! I hope ya'll like it!!

Translation: Mein armer Schatz. Ich wünschte wirklich, es war etwas, was ich tun könnte, um die Schmerzen weg - My poor sweetheart. I truly wish there was something I could do to make the pain go away
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~Fröhliche Weihnachten~

*Daddy!Germany X Mommy!Reader*

'Drabble #15 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'

It was those of once upon a December days.The capital city of Germany was enveloped in a thick layer of white,fluffy snowflakes still making their way to the ground into a dizzy,still mesmerizing waltz.
The sky was painted in soft greys,smokey blacks and here and there could be seen delicate navy blues.
The skeletical branches seemed to almost snap under the weight of white powder,but somehow they managed to support it.Some just got rid of it with the help of crispy wind which blew cold above the shiny stars,skattering them onto the ground and swirling them into a passionate danced circle,followed one by another.
The baby blue eyed infant tapped with a slender pale finger the glass of the window on which frozen shaped snowflakes were plastered by the previous night's blizzard.
He was entranced by the outside world,but on the other side he knew very well that the cold pinching at his exposed skin wouldn't be a plesant feeling.
A shiver went down his spine,so he resumed watching the snowflakes adding to the white mass,making it even more dense and plopped down onto the couch,swaying his small legs back and forth to keep himself busy.
His papi was usually the first one to wake up,but every time when Christmas was awaiting on the corner,he would just take his time and stay more with the blonde boy's mami.
Two pairs of feet could be heard descending the wooden stairs,causing the blue gaze to move in the said direction and to be welcomed by his mother's gentle smile and his father's failed attempts to slick back his messy hair.
(Name) chuckled at Ludwig's visible frustration,as his honey blonde locks seemed to be against the large German male.The adult's frown was soon replaced by a small smile,as well as his lips were gently pressed upon the female's delicate ones.
"Guten Morgen,(Boy's Name)!Why are you up so early?" (Name) asked somewhat surprised,sitting near her little boy on the couch.
"Guten Morgen mami!" he sort of saluted,which caused the female to giggle at her son's seriousness - he ressembled in so many ways his father that (Name) couldn't help but feel all warm on the inside and a child once again.
"Your mama is right.Was has happened?Is it something vrong?" the German male questioned,bringing the small boy into his lap,ruffling his hair.
"I was waiting for you to get up.So you can tell me a story,as you do each year!" (Boy's Name) looked up into his similar tone of his father's eyes,who only did to scratch his neck awkwardly deciding if it was the best to tell him now or later.
"It's ok liebes!I think (Boy's Name) is big enough to know everything!" (Name) sweetly reassured the German male,soothingly massaging his stiffend shoulder which loosened as his mucles relaxed at the delicate touch.
"Vell...I have met your mami vhen ve vere your age!" Ludwig started,pointing his index finger to his son's chubby cheek,tickling him.
"Uncle Gilbert vas babysitting her one day,so he decided it vas the best to bring her to our home.And he did it!I have instantly took a liking into your mami,as she clinged onto bruder's sleeve,her eyes big and watery." the German stopped for a second,reminiscing every single detail which preserved,untouched by the cruelty of time.
"Ve became best friends soon,as she vas always the one to help the others and not to misjudge by the initial reaction.But as ve have grown,I have realized your mami meant a lot more to me.She didn't seem to notice how protective I vas of her,neither did she understand the notes I used to sent to her.And my heart ached when I thought of the fact she might love bruder and not me.She seemed happy with him." Ludwig breathed,interrupted by (Son's Name) gasp for air.
"I hanged around uncle Gil only to get to spend more time with your papi.I was really longing to see him even for a couple of minutes.I was too shy to confess my love for him.We were hurting eachother without even knowing.Each time we delayed speaking our minds out we got even more caught into becoming far one from another and even if we were so close,we couldn't see eye to eye.As in a spider web!" (Name) explained to the boy who only did to nod his head in approval,anouncing he had understood his mother's message.
"Ve kept lying to ourselves that ve are better off like zhat.And one day,when I have finished highschool,I've enroled into army.Thanks to your uncle Feliciano,I vas able to confess before leaving.I still remember your mutti's tear stained face,hiccuping and telling me that I better come back home alive or else she would have married uncle Lovino!" a deep bass chuckle escaped the male's throat.
"But vhat vas even more precious vas the Christmas Eve vhen I came back home,as promissed.Because your mama has vaited for me and even if outside vas cold as it never vas,she came to velcome me.Zhat's vhy ve stay more together when Christmas is almost here." the German ended,tightening his grip onto the delicate hand of the female.
"And then you got married and I was born.Good thing you came back home, papi!I wouldn't have liked uncle Lovino to be mein papi!" the blonde boy sighed in relief causing the two adults to glance at eachother and burst into laughter.
"I'm going to ask Santa to be nice to uncle Feliciano and to give him my present for the next year!" (Boy's Name) said as he hopped off his father's lap and dashed towards the kitchen - where always a plate of home made cookies and apple juice waited for him.
"Ich liebe dich, Süße!" Ludwig sighed contently,wrapping his fierce arms around the fragile form of his lover.
"Ich liebe dich auch, Schatz! " (Name) responded,pecking her husband's lips.
"We better get ready!The boys will come for lunch!" the female sugested,at which the German male protested through a grunt.
"I don't like vhen Lovino comes.He swears way too much,for Gott's sake!" Ludwig practically growled,getting all protective over his family - and for his 5 year old son's education.
It was enough that the blue eyed boy inherited the 'taken vital regions' from his ruby red eyed uncle,the German thought.
A kiss was shared between the two before they made their way to the kitchen in order to join their son.

'Fröhliche Weihnachten!' ~
‘Fröhliche Weihnachten’ (German) = ‘Merry Christmas’
‘vatti’* (German) = ‘daddy’ -> 'papi'
‘mutti’* (German) = ‘mommy’ -> 'mami'
‘Guten Morgen’ (German) = ‘Good morning’
‘liebe’* (German) = ‘love’ -> 'liebes'
‘bruder’ (German) = ‘brother’
‘mein’ (German) = ‘my’
‘Ich liebe dich’ (German) = ‘I love you’
‘Süße’ (German) = ‘sweety’
‘Ich liebe dich auch’ (German) = ‘I love you too’
‘Schatz’ (German) = ‘treasure’
‘Gott’ (German) = ‘God’

Ludwig – Germany
Gilbert – Prussia
Feliciano – Italy Veneciano
Lovino – Italy Romano
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

Just a little drabble which came to my mind for today.My grandmother told me the story of someone who was close to her and had a similar story,but I`ve edited it a little,because it was quite depressing.And I thought since it was about wars and stuff,it would fit Germany.
Either way,enjoy!~ Love,Suu!~

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All I want for Christmas – Hetalia X Reader ->
Love spell – Magic!Trio X Witch!Reader ->
Never forget – Iceland X Reader ->
Labyrinth – Romania X Reader ->
L`amore e femmina – Mafia!Boss!Romano X Hacker!Reader X Secret!Agent!England ->
Fem!Hetalia X Fem!Reader ->

Country X Reader ->
Crack ->
Other fics ->
One or two part ->

Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:

Edit 1 : Special thanks to :iconleichenpuppe: for pointing that instead of ‘vatti’ I could use ‘papi’ and instead of ‘mutti’,’mami’,because no one uses them anymore.Also,instead of ‘liebe’,which is the form of love as a noun and it expresses the feeling,I should have used ‘liebes’ when addressing as a endearment form.
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~Up she goes~

'Sequel to 'White Christmas' - Husband!England X Wife!Reader from 'All I want for Christmas' series'

'Up she goes,up,up,/I want to reach her,but it's hard/She's being like the best of me/She's reaching for eternity/I guess that's why I can't reach her/Because she's growing and I can't soar.'.

The female brushed her (h/c) hair with small movements,the action itself soothening her.Of course it was quite hard to hide such a thing - in a way,she felt egoistical to keep it just for herself and Arthur - but her major fear was how his family was to react.
Sighing inwardly,the female placed the hairbrush onto the small wooden table in front of the mirror,glacing once more at her reflection - she had grown unnecessarly tired and her belly proeminent,anouncing she had to speak up already.
Seeing his wife lost into her thoughts,the Brit enveloped her into a warm hug,placing his hand against her baby bump - small,but still there.
"I don't know how am I supposed to go on lying!I feel so bad for doing it!" the (h/c) spoke,feeling the male's breath delicately caress her skin.
"You are getting overworked love and this is not good for the baby!Just relax!"  Arthur whispered,his tone warm,as his hands went to the female's shoulders,massaging them lightly.
A satisfied sigh escaped the (h/c)'s glossy lips,her stiffened shoulders dropping as the blonde's hands continued working on the aching spot,seemingly draining all the worries she previously had and replacing them with security.
"What about we go and eat something?" Arthur's lips stretched into a smile as he proposed that.
The female nodded in approval,putting on the red and blue sweater over the black leggings which was way too large for her - but at least it hid her swollen belly and it was comfortable enough to walk around.
Snaking her arm around the Brit's,they went down the stairs and straight into the living room where Mrs.Kirkland prepared everything so that all the family could gather for breakfast.
"Good morning sweety!" the elder female greeted,urging both of them to take a seat.
"Good morning Mrs.Kirkland!" (Name) responded in a sweet manner,taking her seat next to her husband - which he provided by pulling the chair for her.
"Seamus,Allistor,Peter,Alfred,Dylan,Liam!Breakfast!" Elizabeth called after them,hearing several pairs of feet catching speed.
"What about Mr.Kirkland?" the (h/c) asked,not hearing the elder's male name being called.
"Joseph had some business to do!He'll be home by lunch honey,don't fret about it!" the English female answered,gaining a small nod.
Well,she might as well delay a little bit the discussion - until lunch time - or dinner.Pr maybe tomorrow.Next year maybe,when the baby was already born?
(Name) felt her confidence growing weak,as well as her will to speak about it.The warmth of the Brit's male hand above hers brought a little bit of reassurance to the female's soul.
"Dylan,will ye' give me the bread?" the red haired requested,receiving a cocky look from his younger sibling.
"Will ye' give me the bread?" the called boy mocked,gaining a row of laughs from the others.
"Stop that in this instant boy!Your brother has asked you nicely and you act like that!Give him the bread!" the blonde female interrupted the bickering,her eyebrows furrowed together.
"Yes ma'am!" Dylan gave in,obediently following his mother's order.
Allistor's face morphed into a satisfied smirk,as the younger teenager handed him the bread,the other siblings laughing now at the younger's humiliated manner of listening to his mother's word.
"(Name) sweety,you look quite pale!Is everything allright?" Elizabeth asked the (h/c),all the eyes placed upon her small form now.
"Uum... You see ma'am.." she started,feeling her throat getting dried,her palms grow sweaty and that vomit feeling reach its peak.
"Mama,stop bothering (Name)!Arthur has already told us she wasn't feeling very well!" the youngest spoke,playing with the vegetables in his plate,only to put them at the edge in disgust.
"Peter Kirkland,when you'll grow enough and you'll have your own family,I shall ask you about your spouse!Now shut up and let the adults speak!" the English female impatiently drum her fingers onto the table,gaining a small squeak from the called one and a frenetical nod.
"Though ma' is right!Something seems off with ye álainn!" Seamus's jade eyes were once again pointed to the female's form as he spoke.
"God damn it!" (Name) said under her breath.
"Your mother is right!I am not fine.I am feeling sick and in this moment I don't feel like eating.I wished Mr.Kirkland was here too,so I can tell it once for everyone!I am pregnant,deal with it!" the (h/c) breathed all once,the whispers and bickering dying down.
Peter's fork slipped out of his hand,falling with a prelonged thud onto the table,Elizabeth's frown dropped,while the others just stood there,mouth agape.
"Arther got laid!" Allistor broke the unnerving silence,his bass laugh echoing through the large Victorian mansion.
"Bloody hell!That's all you can tell,you alcohoolic brat?!" Arthur protested at his brother's outburst,planting his fists onto the table.
"Well,seems like big brother..." Liam started.
"... took (Name) to a tour around London and ... " Seamus completed his twin's sentence.
"... visited Big Ben!" the two of them ended,bursted into contagious laugh,causing Arthur to facepalm.
"Why are you all being so rude,you gits?" the Brit sighed,rubbing his temples in a soothing manner.
"Man,that's awesome!You'll have a little dude!" Alfred pumped his fist into the air,his cyan blue eyes sparkling in excitement.
"No Alfred,no!Dude is not a neutral noun.The baby might as well be a girl!" the green eyed male explained.
"Oh,yeah!Or the little dudette!" the American boy laughed,posing heroically.
"You know?I'm quite happy I'm part of the family.Because you guys are hillarious!" (Name) laughed,wiping a tear which threatened to fall from the edge of her eye.
"Do you feel better love?" Arthur asked,a small smile placed upon his lips as he looked down at her.
"Positive!I feel more at ease now to see the guys are happy about it!" the (h/c) tucked a strand of locks behind her ear,sunking deeper into the chair.
"Arthur Kirkland boy!How could you keep that away from your ma'?" Elizabeth interrupted,crossing her arms over her chest.
"I'm sorry about that!It's actually my fault!I wanted to be sure we really were going to be parents then I started to worry that you won't like the notice!" (Name) explained,seeing how the elder female's features morphed,slowly turning soft and warm.
"Now... You need to eat sweety!The baby surely is hungry.And you boys,stop mocking your brother!" the English female requested,at which everyone nodded their heads in approval.
"Still,I can believe Arthur ... " Dylan started laughing,making suggestive signs with his hands.
"Don't mind them honey!It will pass some time before they will grow up and act mature." the (h/c) reassured the blonde,sweetly smiling at him.
"I guess you are right love!" Arthur responded,taking the female's small hand into his and kissing gingerly the back of her palm.
Bending to her height,the Brit stole a kiss,hearing the cheering and wolf whistle sounds in the background - but he didn't care as long as (Name) was there for him,because he seemingly was lost into her beautiful (e/c) eyes.
'I love you!~'.
'I love you too,(Name)!'.

'Though sometimes she looks down at me/And I can see her smile broadly/Then I remember how lucky I am to have her/Because up she goes,up she goes,up she goes...'.
Arthur Kirkland – England
Dylan Kirkland – Wales
Liam Kirkland - South Ireland
Seamus Kirkland - North Ireland
Peter Kirkland - Sealand
Allistor Kirkland – Scotland
Alfred F.Jones – America © Hetalia,Hidekaz Himaruya
Elizabeth and Joseph Kirkland – OCs
You – You


‘álainn’ (Irish) = ‘beautiful’

Story: © VanillaSuu,2013
Lyrics: © VanillaSuu

Well,I know I`ve promised doing this a long time ago. But finally,I remembered and did. Sorry for the long wait. -.-
Still,I hope you enjoy it!~ Love,Suu!~

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Sequels :

England : here
Norway :


All I want for Christmas – Hetalia X Reader ->
Love spell – Magic!Trio X Witch!Reader ->
Never forget – Iceland X Reader ->
Labyrinth – Romania X Reader ->
L`amore e femmina – Mafia!Boss!Romano X Hacker!Reader X Secret!Agent!England ->
Fem!Hetalia X Fem!Reader ->

Country X Reader ->
Crack ->
Other fics ->
One or two part ->

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~Merry Chrismas~

*Husband!Scotland X Wife!Reader X Child!England*

'Drabble #9 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'

The female braided the pretty fiery red locks of her 5 year old daughter while the little one swayed back and forth her tiny feet to keep herself busy.(Daughter's Name) stiffled a yawn,but failed miserably as her mother's touch was more than gentle and the adult's humming was serene as a lullaby.Both (Name) and Arthur laughed at the same time,hers feminine and subtle,his a little bit more manly and loud.
(Daughter's Name) was a precious little girl and she was the princess of the family.She resembled so much her daddy,as if the girl was the sculpted form,both in appearence and sometimes in acting,of Allistor.The pretty vivid red hair,her big emerald green eyes which glimmered with happiness and innocence,her white complexion - everything made her look as a porcelain doll - though (Name) was happy she inherited her father's traits and not hers,as the adult female was fragile above average.
"Mommy,how have you met pa?" the girl asked in a cute,high pitched voice,gaining a pretty smile from (Name) and a pat on the head.
"Well,that's simple!" the female answered,capturing both (Daughter's Name) and Arthur's attention who came closer to her.
(Name)'s voice was so enchanting,a sweet symphony in which every note was put in the perfect place,her narrating style along with some gestures - which were simple,but added the spice to the chain of events - mesmerizing the two children whom had their whole attention on her.In fact,they were all so into the story that they haven't even  heard when the front door was open and closed,the red headed male tip toeing in order not to disturb the tale - but his younger's brother gaze was set upon his similarly coloured one,the British boy gasping in surprise as he stretched a little his small form - Allistor chuckled inaudible and guided his index finger to his lips in sign of silence,at which the blonde headed nodded,listening intently to (Name)'s history as if nothing has happened.
"It happened when uncle Arthur was little!" the (h/c) haired female said,causing the British boy to flush red.
"He was a baby in fact!A cute little baby!" she continued,gaining a dramatic gasp from her daughter which started shuffling in her lap.
"Uncle Arthur was little?!" (Daughter's Name) asked seriously,as if all her childhood theories were tumbling down on the moment.
"Of course,honey!Even I and daddy were little!" she explained,pointing to a framed picture above the fireplace,where a younger (Name) clinged onto the arm of a teenager Allistor,a little boy with a flock of blond hair caught lovingly in the interwinded arms of the two.
"Daddy's and my parents were getting along quite well.Grandma Elizabeth and grandma (Mother's Name) were bestfriends,so we got to that point where daddy and I followed the tradition and became bestfriends too." (Name) started,but her daughter beamed at her.
"That means uncle Artie and I will be bestfriends as you and papa were?" the young girl questioned,her deep green eyes sparkling in excitement.
"Only if your uncle wants to baby!" she answered,chuckling.
(Daughter's Name) placed her green gaze upon the blonde headed boy,her expression pleading for a response.The Brit shuffled a little,embarassedly bowing his head,hugging his knees close to his chest.
"I already am your friend,aren't I?" he flusteredly asked,his cheeks flushed red.
The girl squeaked in happiness,tackling the young boy into a hug,at which he stiffened,but soon enough his mucles relaxed and his arms brought the petite girl protectively into his lap.
"But as time passed by,I've got to realize your daddy was more than a friend for me!" a short silence enveloped the room,in which the female brought her slender fingers to her heart.
"And my heart started to ache whenever All gave more attention to the pretty girls who were his age and not to me.Of course,I was younger and silly,but no matter how hard I've tried,I couldn't get your papa out of my heart.I hoped that one day he would see how much I love him,so I started giving him hints.But he was oblivious to them!" a small sigh escaped the female's lips,but she continued.
"One day though,I couldn't take it anymore.I told him to break our friendship - I was in love with my best friend and I felt as if I was commiting a sin.I've just cried my eyes out that day." (Name) stopped once again,now a gentle smile plastered onto her delicate features showing that the story would have a turn of events.
"But your daddy came to me that night and confessed to me.We started dating and soon enough we got to know there is nothing that can break us apart.And know why?" she questioned her confused daughter,at which the girl shook her head.
"Because you were to come into our life,my sweet baby!" the female said in a honeyed tone that made the Scots heart skip beats and his cheeks powder a cute pink.
"Daddy!!!" (Daughter's Name) yelled excitedly,clinging onto her father's leg,begging with her cute puppy eyes to be embraced.
The Scottish man laughed and scooped up his sweet little daughter into his arms,loving how she used all her weapons to get what she wanted - as she always did.
"Ye lassie,aren't ye supposed to be in bed?" the bass soothing voice of the red headed male came,the girl pouting cutely.
"That won't work on me and ye know!And won't work on Santa either!" he explained,(Daughter's Name)'s eyes growing wide in horror,trying to escape her father's grasp.
The young Brit crossed his arms over his chest,scolding the adult with his emerald gaze for scaring the girl,a grunt of disapproval leaving his lips.
The red headed descended at Arthur's height,gingerly placing his daughter onto her own feet.She kissed her father good night,waving towards her mommy,before taking the Brit boy's hand and leaving off to sleep.
"They are cute,aren't they?" (Name) asked,happily sighing.
The Scots nodded his head in approval,getting onto his own feet,capturing his wife into a warm embrace - even if his clothes still held something of the outside's frost.
His hair smelt as the crispy wind,as Edinburgh was enveloped in a sea of white,the humid lingering into the blueish white fog,along with the lost scattered snowflakes.
"I love ye,(Name)!" Allistor said in a sweet whispered tone,one arm placed on the female's hip,the other supporting her arm as they waltzed in the warm atmosphere of their small living room.
"I love you too,Allistor!" (Name) responded,letting her mouth captured into a feverish,still loving kiss,their lips melding one with another,completing eachother perfectly.
The male snaked an arm under his wife's legs,carrying her to their shared bedroom,as the female giggled softly at the red headed way of showing how much he loved her - she already knew,but (Name) adored how attentif her husband was with her,showing her that nothing has changed over years and that he still felt as at the beginning - if not,even more.

'Merry Christmas!~'.
Allistor – Scotland
Arthur – England
You – You
I own nothing but the plot line!~

It just came to me when I was talking with my sis yesterday!But I was quite sleepy at that time and also I was out of the town!So myeah,I`ve just written it today! xD
It`s short,but another fluffeh Christmas special!~ This time for the sexy Scott! :3

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Bulgaria :
Male!Ukraine :
Romania :
Switzerland :
Australia :

Sequels :

England :
Norway :


All I want for Christmas – Hetalia X Reader ->
Love spell – Magic!Trio X Witch!Reader ->
Never forget – Iceland X Reader ->
Labyrinth – Romania X Reader ->
L`amore e femmina – Mafia!Boss!Romano X Hacker!Reader X Secret!Agent!England ->
Fem!Hetalia X Fem!Reader ->

Country X Reader ->
Crack ->
Other fics ->
One or two part ->

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"Can I please have; five shortbread biscuits, two caramel tarts, a piece of chocolate cake, and three pieces of caramel slice," You thought about the order, "wait!  An orange juice as well pleases Pam."

Your boss looked at you in disbelief, "How can you eat that much food! You know your husband going to be shocked." Before going on a lengthy leave you work in a small cafe in the middle of your towns' shopping centre. Pam, you're boss, always treated you well.
"Well it's a reason not to eat my brother's food" You both shared a laugh, your older brother; Arthur, was well known for his horrible cooking skills or British delicacies as he called them. At least for Arthur your brother Alfred still lives with him and he has no sense of taste either.

"Do you need a lift home, (Name)" Pam asks.

"No I'm fine; I'm actually here with Gilbert believe it or not. We were actually doing the shopping and he forced me to come here to sit down." Your hands travel down to your swollen abdomen, your hands graze gently over your pregnant belly. "He has become very protective lately. You do now we've chosen him as godfather. But we're keeping it a surprise." Pam gives a little smirk she know Gil quite well, knows what he like. "OH! That's right I came here to get Gilbert a milkshake! Do you think you could and a strawberry milkshake to the order please?"

"Of course anything for you (Name)." Pam walks off to complete your long order. Today you had to go to the doctors for a check-up on the 'baby', you found out that you were actually having triplets, all three perfectly healthy but the news shocked you. Everyone would think that the first person you would tell would be your husband. But it was Gilbert (he was at the appointment with you waiting outside) thats who you went to first; you went to Gilbert and just hugged him for a solid 20 minutes.

"The Awesome I am back! Und the shopping is done!" Gilbert smirks with pride this is possibly the only time he has ever done any type of work without being told to do it.  Gilbert takes a seat across from you "have you told mein bruder yet?"

You push your (H/L) (H/C) hair out of your face "No not yet Gil, when we get back home." Pam comes across to you and Gilbert.
"Here you are (Name), and a strawberry milkshake for Gilbert." She hands over your plastic bag full of treats – mostly caramel – and hands Gilbert his strawberry milkshake.

"Wow (Name) are you going share some of those with me?" You turn a give Gilbert an evil death stare, one that mimics Russia's dark aura, and he backs off instantaneously.

"Thanks Pam, see you in a couple of days" Pam gets back to work in the cafe, as Gilbert gently helps you to your feet making sure that you don't fall. You and Gilbert head to the car and set off towards home.


"Ludvig, ve're home!" Gilbert screamed as he walked through the door. Instead of Ludwig coming down the hall you were greeted by, or more like tackled by Feliciano.

"Ve (Name) I don't want to run anymore laps!" The Italian tightly hugs your stomach. Fearing one of Feliciano's bone breaking hug you started to panic, though Gilbert was already grappling to get him off you, as you said he had become very protective of you. Feli's arms are no wrapped around Gilbert's torso, still begging to stop training as he drags his feet not bothering to walk with Gilbert down the hall. Ludwig's walking towards you now passing Gilbert on the way thanking him for looking after Feliciano.

"Ja, vhatever" Gilbert response.

"Hallo, honey" Ludwig Beilschmidt, your husband of a now two years. He wraps his strong arms around you gently so that it doesn't hurt his 'baby' sharing his warmth with you, you melt into the hug. He kisses you on the cheek. "Und sorry again for missing the doctor's appointment today."

"It's alright Ludwig; I know how busy you can get."

"Gilbert's helping me at the moment und its strange, he's been getting up to train in the mornings with me and cleaning und I don't think it's going to last, but its gut, it takes some of the stress off looking after Germany. I think he misses his job after he lost Prussia." A saddened smile grows on Ludwig's face. "I'll get the shopping from the car." Ludwig lightly kisses you on the cheek and heads towards the front door. You 'waddle' to the kitchen and sit down at the large wood table.

Gilbert comes in with two bags of shopping and starts chucking things into the cupboards. Ludwig is sure to have a break-down over that one.

"Have you told him yet (Name)?" The silence you gave him was the only answer he needed."You need to tell him tonight."

"I will Gilbert, just not strait away."


Dinner was awkward. You sat on one of the ends of the table – Gilbert opposite you, all afternoon he was trying to get you to tell Ludwig but you were saving it for when you were alone. Kiku sat to your right quite as always, Ludwig was to your left constantly inquiring about why you're not eating much wurst, and finally was Feliciano sitting in-between Ludwig and Gilbert whining about how you wouldn't eat his pasta.
You put your knife and fork neatly on your plate.
"Sorry guys, but I need to get to bed early tonight. Goodnight." Everyone gave you a cheery goodnight, "see you in bed honey." You leant over to Ludwig and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"You sure you're all right? You haven't eaten much tonight and you need to keep the nutrient levels up." His face shows an expression of worry.

"I'm fine; I'll see you in a while." You stood up and headed to yours and Ludwig's room.
'When he comes to bed then I'll tell him' you thought to yourself.

You get changed into some warm and comfy pyjamas, brushed your teeth and hopped into the large king size bed. You lie in bed waiting for Ludwig. In your head you think of all the reactions he might have: Very Happy is what you hoped for but it could easily be shocked or anger for not telling him sooner. You dismissed the last one; the doctor's appointment was only today. The door opens silently and Ludwig soundlessly steps in he closes the door with you to his back.

"Ludwig darling" You say.

He spins around and smiles brightly at you "sorry I thought you vere asleep".

"No I waited, I have something to tell you" you swing your legs over the side of the bed to stand up but Ludwig is already there in front of you.

"No need to get up liebste" his words are full of kindness; he gently retches out and places a hand just under your shirt so that he could rub your stomach. "Now what were you going to say?"

"Well at the doctor's today..." Bump, one of the babies kicked right where Ludwig's hand was in the middle of your stomach.

"Honey! It's kicking!" His face was in pure shock and happiness at that moment. You were over the moon with joy but you had to tell him about the triplets, now.

"Just hear me out" Bump. This time it was just to the right, nothing making it suspicious.
Ludwig's hand starts moving around your stomach. You had only seen him smile this much before on a few occasions. His hand moves over to the far left of your stomach.

"Ludwig. We're having triplets!" You say out loud not letting another thing stop you. His face turns to confusion not quite understanding what you had just said that is until another small kick it the far left of your stomach where his hand rests. He rises from the ground and takes a step back. The connection and warmth disappearing with his hand. You face down not wanting to look at his face; was he happy or upset? But why would he be upset? All these idea and thoughts raced through your head rapidly. But was broken by your husband's words.

"(Name) that's... that's." You raise your head just to see the shock and happiness in his face before he drops to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Fainted.

He lay there motionless on the wooden floor. You didn't know what to do; there was someone who could help though. "GILBERT!" GIL I NEED YOUR HELP!" Within seconds you could hear feet running down the hall towards your room. The feet get louder until the door swings open to reveal Gilbert-the mighty personification of the 'awesome' Prussia – in a pair of Austrian flag boxes on. You giggle in your head. Your eyes moved across the room the Ludwig. "Ludwig...well".

Gilbert follows your gaze and when he retches Ludwig and realises what happen he starts laughing
"KESESESE~ (Name) I wasn't expecting that! For a man who has been in heaps of wars he sure is weak!"

"Gil! Can you just get him on the bed - we can leave him on the floor!"

"JA, okay (Name)." After great difficult Gilbert was finally able to half carry, half drag Ludwig to the bed.  You look to your husband obvious to the world around him, a sad smile appears on your face his warmth so distant from you. Gilbert noticed this "(Name) would you like me to sleep with you tonight?" The offer was strange 'what is he saying!' you thought to yourself, your head spun up to look at Gilbert's ruby eyes. All you could see in face was care and worry, his ever-present smirk nowhere to be seen. He obviously understood what you were feeling. Small tears formed in the corner of your eyes.

"Yes Gil that would be great." You relied with a small smile. Gilbert moved over to the side Ludwig was on and gently tugged him over more to the side, and then came back to where you sat on the edge. He lent down and gave you a hug.

"You're an awesome Frau (Name) und I know Ludvig will very happy vhen he vakes up so don't vorry." He let go and climbed into the middle of the bed, as it was King size there was no problem of space but Gilbert still went closer to Ludwig to give you more. He was always this kind to you when you two were alone – always dropping his over-the-top 'awesome' personality.

"Did you know (Name) one of my siblings was albino as well, Germania had a very strong gene und maybe he passed it to Ludwig! Kesesese that would be awesome!" now the smirk comes back
"Gute Nacht (Name)".
"Good night Gilbert" you reach over a lightly hold his hand. You see his face set into a small smile before you turn the light off. 'Everything will be fine in the morning' you thought to yourself before you drifted off to sleep.
My first Reader X Hetalia.

I would like to do a couple more chapters only if people actually read it.

I know Gilbert is really out of character but he's my favourite character and I don't like to write him in a negative way. Any way he is a really caring uncle
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You sat comfortably on the couch, reading a book that you had started a few days ago. As you read, you ran a hand along the curve of your belly, letting the life inside of you know you cared. There was a light push against your hand from a foot. You giggled while placing the book down on the couch. "Hello to you, too, little one," you spoke to the baby softly.

Since Ludwig found out you were pregnant this past Christmas, he made sure that you and the baby were taken care of. If he saw you tire throughout the day, he'd coax you to the couch so you could rest. He'd talk to the baby while the two of you relaxed in the evenings, lightly stroking your belly. The way he lit up and chuckled as the baby kicked his hand made you giggle. You could tell already Ludwig was going to be a great father.

At the beginning of May, you and Ludwig went to your last doctor's appointment. You were told the baby was healthy and to expect to deliver on your due date in two weeks. You steadily grew nervous about it the closer it came. The anticipation of finding out if it was a boy or a girl only added to your nerves. At Ludwig's insistence, you were doing this the old fashioned way.

You heard the front door open. A set of keys clinked as they were hung on their hook. "(y/n)?" Ludwig called from the hallway. "Are you home?"

"I'm over here!" you replied from the living room. You marked your place in your book and set it on the coffee table. Ludwig walked in the room with a tired smile. He sat next to you on the couch, placing his briefcase next to your book. "How was your day?" you asked him.

"It vas gut, yet I vanted to be home vizh you two," your husband said while he draped an arm behind your shoulders. "You vere in my zhoughts all day." He placed a hand on your round belly.

You chuckled at his comment. "I am glad you're home. Oh! I think I finally decided on names for the baby."

Ludwig's smile gained a warm glow. "Vunderbar! Vhich vones do you like?" He drew you closer to him.

"Well," you said as you shifted to accommodate his desire, "I like Liesel for a girl. And for a boy, I chose Dieter."

"Liesel is a pretty name," Ludwig agreed. "Dieter is a good, strong name, too. I like bozh of zhem." He pecked your temple. "All zhat's left is to vait for zhe baby to come."

You looked up at Ludwig. "Do you still think it will be a boy?"

Ludwig's smile turned into a smirk. "I don't zhink it, (y/n). I know it." He stroked your belly, getting a kick in return. "Ve're having a boy."

Before you knew it, the two weeks flew by. On the day before your due date, you started feeling some contractions. They weren't that painful, and were a significant distance apart. The doctor told you that would happen, and to not worry. It meant that labor wouldn't be too far behind. When you told Ludwig, he called in work and told him he wouldn't be coming in tomorrow, just in case you went into labor. It was a good thing, too. Your water broke early the following morning.

Ludwig held your hand while he drove you to the hospital. Every time you had a contraction and winced in pain, he wished he could do more to ease it. He drove fast, yet didn't break any laws to get you there safely.

When you checked in the hospital, the doctor and nurses gave Ludwig the option of staying with you or waiting in the lobby. He chose to be with you. He'd seen far worse things in his lifetime, and the delivery of his first child wasn't something he wanted to miss. Ludwig held your hand and comforted you the best he could throughout the delivery. Three hours later, you gave birth to a baby boy.

The next afternoon, you and Ludwig brought Dieter home. The feeling you and Ludwig shared as you took turns holding your son was indescribable. When night fell, Ludwig held Dieter in his strong, protecting arms. He gently stroked his thick blond hair, saying sweet things in German to the baby. The sounds Dieter made in response to him warmed your heart.

Ludwig kissed Dieter's cheek before placing him in the crib beside your bed. "Sleep vell, son," he said softly. You walked up behind him, stroking his back as he ran a finger along the side of Dieter's face. Ludwig sniffed and cleared his throat, a sign you knew well.

"Are you alright?" you asked concerned.

"Ja, Lieb. I'm fine," Ludwig assured you. He turned to face you, placing one hand on your waist and the other on your cheek. "It's just . . . I realized how lucky I am to have you und Dieter. You have no idea how happy I am."

You gave Ludwig a smile. "I do know, just from a different point of view."

The kiss you and Ludwig shared was the most tender and heartfelt one you've ever had. You drew him to bed and settled in for the night. Ludwig snuggled you from behind, wrapping an arm around you. "Good night, Vatti," you teased lightly.

Ludwig chuckled and nipped at your ear in response. "Guten nacht, Mutti," he replied.

The two of you got a few hours of sleep before a little cry woke you up.
Here is the sequel to "A Christmas Surprise". I know I sound like a broken record here, but I did my best to remember the words I used before and how the original story flowed. Do take note again: I got a request for a story after this one last year, too. I'll be putting it up next week. Nobility is needing my attention. XD

Here's the link for the last story in this series:

Germany belongs to Hetalia.

You are yourself.

Comments are awesome. Your feedback lets me know if my stories are good or not. Suggestions are welcome, too. :)
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It was Christmas Eve. You and your husband of eight months were on your way over to Alfred's house for a party that night. The backseat of Ludwig's BMW had the presents and your duffle bag for the overnight stay. Both of you were looking forward to seeing your friends all together since your marriage.

You and Ludwig Beilschmidt were classmates in college. Both of you had crushes on the other. One day during fall semester, you ran into class late and the only seat left was next to him. There was an awkward moment between you two before Ludwig mustered up the courage to talk to you. Ever since that day, the two of you were joined at the hip. You married him at the end of May, not long after you graduated.

The drive to Alfred's house was a long one. You got slightly carsick and decided to close your eyes. Before you realized it, you were fast asleep. Ludwig glanced over at you periodically as he drove the two hour distance. Your frequent waves of tiredness worried him. "Ve're almost zhere, Liebling," he said to your sleeping form. He carefully took a hand from the steering wheel to hold yours.

You were roused from sleep when Ludwig parked the car in front of Alfred's house. "Oh, gut. You're avake." You looked over to see Ludwig smiling.

"I slept the entire time?" you asked with a yawn. You rubbed at your (e/c) eyes to rid them of sleep.

Ludwig nodded. "I zhought you slept gut last night," he recalled as he unbuckled his seat belt.

"I did, but I guess I needed a nap." You turned your head to give Ludwig an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry the drive was so quiet."

"It's alright, (y/n)," he assured you. "I'm glad zhat you vere able to rest." Ludwig placed a hand on your cheek and gave you a loving kiss. You hummed and smiled against his lips, which made him chuckle deeply.

A loud slap on the outside of the door made Ludwig shoot up, cursing in German. He turned around to glare at the grinning and laughing albino waving at him. Feliciano was next to him, waving enthusiastically as well. With a roll of the eyes, Ludwig unlocked his door and opened it. Feliciano glomped him once he had room to. The sight made you laugh.

"I'm not even out of zhe car!" Ludwig complained. "Get off of me!"

"No! I haven't-a seen you in months!" Feliciano said cheerfully. Gilbert hefted both of them out of the car, to your surprise.

"Ve've missed you, Vest!" Gilbert added as he squeezed him tightly.

"Ja, I've missed you too," Ludwig gasped. He patted their backs awkwardly. "Now--let me go."

You still giggled as you got out of the car. Elizaveta greeted you with a hug while Roderich walked up. Alfred came up behind him at a jog. With their help, you and Ludwig had the car emptied and entered Alfred's house.

After adding your gifts to the already huge pile under the Christmas tree, Alfred showed you and Ludwig to the room you'd be staying in. He told you that dinner would be ready in about an hour and to make yourselves at home. He closed the door behind him before hurrying back down to the kitchen. He didn't want Arthur to touch any of the food.

Your stomach did a small flip-flop. The beginnings of a headache weren't a good sign either. On impulse you placed a hand to your stomach. The fingers of your other hand made circles on your temple in an attempt to ease the headache and nausea. Ludwig walked over to you and sat you down on the bed. He dropped the duffle bag at the foot of it

"Are you alright, Lieb?" he asked with a hint of worry. His blue eyes reflected what he felt. "Are you ill?" He pressed the back of his hand to your forehead to check your temperature.

You gently removed his hand. "No, I'm not sick, Lud," you assured him. "I'm just light headed. A little food with chase it away."

Ludwig knew better. "No, it von't," he said, trying to keep his irritation down. "(y/n), you've been zhis vay for a vhile now. At least a monzh. Have you been to zhe doctor yet?"

You tried to keep the panic off your face. Ludwig was very good at reading your body language. You had no idea that he paid that much attention to you. This was going to be hard. "Yes, dear," you told him. "He said it's because of an allergy. Once I figure out what I'm allergic to and remove it from my diet, I should be fine."

"Und have you found it yet?" Ludwig raised an eyebrow at you.

"No, not yet." You felt your face betray you. The corner of Ludwig's mouth curled up in a smirk.

"So, it's somezhing else zhen?" he questioned as he pulled you closer to him. The playfulness in his eyes made your heart race. Ludwig had you right where he wanted you. He placed his mouth beside your ear. "I vonder vhat it could be?" he breathed in your ear.

You bit your bottom lip to keep from making a sound. "It just might be a stomach bug," you suggested quietly.

"Nein. You're not sick, remember?" Ludwig slowly breathed his way down your neck, wanting a reaction from you. This was one time you wished he didn't know your weak spots. His hands traveled down your sides to rest on your hips. The tips of his fingers danced across your lower abdomen. It took all of your control to keep from flinching away.

"I've noticed zhis too," your husband said as he made lazy circles around the slight bulge there. "Are you gaining veight, (y/n)?" He gave you a smirk.

"N-no I'm not!" you said as you pulled his hands away. You stood up in an attempt to leave, only to be pulled back down by Ludwig. He chuckled at your reaction.

"Zhen vhy are you so sensitive about it? You're not--" Ludwig stopped mid sentence. His mind quickly pieced together your emotions and reactions all at once. He added his observations over the past few months. You started feeling nauseous and lightheaded last month. The month before that you grew more tired. And that was when you last had your period.

You watched your husband's face display one emotion after another: shock, disbelief, acceptance and awe. Ludwig took your hand in his. "Are you really . . .?"

You stroked the back of his hand with your thumb. "I wanted to tell you tomorrow, kind of like a Christmas present."

"Und I ruined it," Ludwig said with a heavy sigh.

You laughed as you shook your head. "Honey, it's okay, really. I probably did a poor job of keeping it from you."

Your warm smile lifted Ludwig's spirits. "Actually, you did very vell," he chuckled. His smile mirrored your own as he placed a hand on your growing belly. "Zhis is real. I'm going to be a vatti."

"Yes you are." You covered his hand with one of yours.

"Ich liebe dich, (y/n)."

"Ich liebe dich auch, Ludwig," you echoed tenderly. Your husband placed his lips to yours, gingerly coaxing you down onto the bed as it became a passionate one.

There was a soft knock on the door. Ludwig stopped mid kiss with a groan, which made you chuckle. He hated interruptions. "Ja?" he called out. You quickly sat up.

The door to the bedroom opened to reveal Matthew. He smiled shyly. "Alfred sent me up to tell you dinner's ready."

"Thanks, Mattie," you said as you stood, drawing Ludwig with you. "Why don't we go together?"

After fixing the collar of Ludwig's white turtleneck sweater and your own on your sweater dress, the three of you went downstairs for dinner.

Once you had some food, you perked right up. It was exactly what you needed. When everyone finished, you made your way into the living room. As you sat down on the couch with Ludwig, you took in the decorations. There were some stockings hanging on the fireplace mantle. A welcoming fire warmed up the room. The Christmas tree reminded you of a candy cane with its red and white lights. Silver snowflakes of various sizes and designs hung on the branches, glittering in the soft glow.

Light conversation started among the guests. You looked around the room to see Ivan, Yao, Francis, Antonio, Kiku, and Arthur, as well as the people you greeted on your way inside. With a huge grin on his face, Alfred pulled out a game from behind his back. "Who's up for Catchphrase!"

There was an outburst from Lovino at the mention of the game. Ludwig wasn't looking forward to it either. Alfred ignored them and had everyone gather in a circle and split up into two teams. He made sure that couples didn't sit next to each other, to Ludwig's disappointment. You ended up on separate teams anyway. Elizaveta, Francis, Mattie, Alfred, Feliciano and Yao were your teammates. Ludwig had Arthur, Gil, Toni, Ivan, Lovino, Roderich, and Kiku on his team.

Since the electronic version of Catchphrase had the winning total of ten points, you played best two out of three. Each team won one round. The last one was a nail biter. The scores were tied. Your team had just scored your ninth point. Ludwig's team started the round, getting their word quickly and then passing it to yours. Your team got the next word thanks to Yao's hilarious explanation. Ludwig was still laughing when Alfred passed him the game. When his eyes fell on the word, his face went blank. His hand went to push the pass button when Gilbert stopped him.

"Nein, bruder! No passing!" he reminded him. "You have to describe it." The increased speed of the timer was getting to his teammates.

"I-I can't!" Ludwig shouted. "It's an awkvard one!"

"Do it anyway!" Lovino yelled back.

Ludwig stared at the word as his cheeks gained a dust of pink.

"It shouldn't be that bad," Ivan piped up.

"Just try!" added Arthur.

"Fine." Ludwig started to explain the word just as the timer stopped. There were groans of frustration and disappointment from his team as they lost the round.

You and your teammates whooped and cheered in victory.

"Vhat vas zhe vord, anyvay?" Gilbert muttered as he snatched the game from Ludwig. He read the word and gave his brother a baffled expression. "Seriously, Vest? You couldn't describe zhis vone?"

"Do it for him," Roderich suggested with a smile.

"Alright." Gilbert sat straight and cleared his throat. "Vhen a man und a voman have sex vizhout protection, zhe voman could get--"

"Pregnant!" Feliciano declared with gusto, even though he was on the other team. Everyone laughed, save one person in particular.

Ludwig groaned and ran his hands through his blond hair. Gilbert found his brother's reaction quite interesting. He bent over to look at him. "You're taking zhis razher seriously, bruder. Do you have somezhing to say?" Gilbert smirked.

"Nein," Ludwig muttered. "If I did, I vould have told you already." He locked eyes with you. His glare gradually stopped your laughter, but your smile stayed on your face.

'Sorry,' you mouthed to him. Ludwig's eyes softened and his lips turned up at the corners.

Gilbert watched the silent exchange. His suspicions grew. He looked to you with narrowed, cheeky eyes. "(y/n), could you stand up for a second?" Gilbert asked you, motioning with his hand.

You raised an eyebrow skeptically at your brother-in-law. Your glanced to Ludwig, whose facial expression warned you to stay put. "I have no reason to, Gilbert," you told him. "I am quite comfortable on the couch."

"Zhe dress you're vearing is quite nice. I'd like a better look at it." Gilbert quickly looked to Francis for help.

Francis glanced over at you. "It is very flattering, (y/n)," he added. "Please stand so we can see it."

Ludwig growled. "I don't see zhe point of zhis. You saw it earlier!"

"Oh, just stand up and do a little turn, (y/n)," Elizaveta said with a nod of her head.

With a blush you complied. You stood, walked towards the center of the room and did a small turn. Gilbert stood and watched you. His eyes took in every inch. "Alright, you can stop, but stay standing." He motioned for Francis and Toni to join him as they walked around you. Your blush deepened as you watched their eyes examine your body. The threesome huddled together, speaking in hushed tones. This angered Ludwig even more.

"I've had enough of zhis," Ludwig muttered as he got to his feet. "You are being ridiculous, Gilbert."

"I am not! Zhere is a purpose to zhis!" Gil defended with a pout. His little huddle broke as Toni and Francis stood on either side of him. "Und zhanks to Toni and Francis, I now know vhy you are so up tight." He grinned at Francis. "Vill you do zhe honors?"

"Of course.~" Francis said with a smile. He smirked at Ludwig as he walked up to you. Your husband remained tense and still, keeping an eye on Francis. Toni and Gil stood alert in case he lashed out.

"So, what's up?" Alfred asked, clearly confused. He wasn't the only one, either.

"I don't know if anyone else besides Gil noticed, but since zhat last round, Ludwig 'as been out of sorts. And it's because of zhe word 'e 'ad to describe." Francis circled behind you. "Look closely right 'ere." Francis' hands framed your lower abdomen. You felt your face heat up at the touch. "Zhere is a difference. I can assure you zhat zhis isn't added weight. It's somezhing else." He gave you a warm smile, which darkened the hue of your blush. "Somezhing precious."

It took less than five seconds before everyone realized what Francis meant. The room erupted in shouts of surprise. All who were sitting stood and went to you and Ludwig, giving their congratulations. Ludwig had slaps on the back and boyish nudges from the men around him, which made him flush in embarrassment. Feliciano happily hugged each of you in turn. You and Ludwig shared a relieved gaze. It was probably better for everyone to find out now instead of later.

Once all the excitement simmered, Roderich sat at the piano and played Christmas carols. Those who wanted to gathered around him and sang along. You and Ludwig stood by the fire. He had an arm around you, holding you protectively to him. Alfred stood on your other side.

"I swear, that was an unexpected--yet pleasant--surprise," Alfred said aloud.

"Don't you usually surprise each of us vizh somezhing every year?" Ludwig reminded Alfred.

Alfred shrugged. "Yeah, but I won't this year. Your surprise was much better than mine."
I wrote this last year. I know it's early, but I thought I should post it anyway. Again, because I don't have the original file, I wrote this from memory, which changed the story a bit. Perhaps more than a bit. . . 

PLEASE TAKE NOTE!: Last year I got requests for a sequel. I remember how I wrote it, and will post it soon.

Here's the link for the sequel:

Germany and all of the other characters belong to Hetalia.

The story belongs to me. :)

And for those who are wanting part 3 of Nobility, I hope this will tie you over until I get it done. XD

And please leave comments! Your feedback is appreciated.

11/28/13: I made some minor changes towards the end of the story. I feel they keep Germany in character, and make it not so ridiculous. 
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A cool, inviting spring breeze whispered its way through the open kitchen window. On the table sat a wicker picnic basket, along with sandwiches, a bag of potato chips, and a few other side dishes for the afternoon outing. You were gathering paper plates and utensils while Ludwig washed the dishes.

From the living room, you heard adorable baby giggles and a familiar laugh. You looked over your shoulder, sneaking a peek at Gilbert playing with your eleven month old son. The Prussian grinned while he attacked his nephew with a small, soft plushy version of Berlitz. Dieter squirmed away and reached for a flying yellow bird that stole his attention, calling out to it in his sweet way. The sight made you smile. With a soft chuckle you started packing the basket.

"Gilbert's going to spoil him," Ludwig brought to your attention as he rinsed off the last dish. "Every time he visits he brings Dieter a new toy."

You giggled. "I see nothing wrong with that. As long as it's stopped by the time Dieter's two, it won't be a problem." You continued stacking the items so all of them will fit.

"Good luck vizh zhat, (y/n)," Ludwig grunted. He turned off the water and placed the bowl on the drying rack. "Gil's a stubborn vone."

"So is someone else I know," you replied cheekily, smirking to yourself. "You were reluctant to say yes to the picnic."

A pair of arms wrapped around you from behind. "I really vas vorried about Dieter. I don't vant him catching a cold."

You turned around and gave your husband a smile. "Like I said earlier, as long as he wears his jacket, he'll be fine."

Ludwig returned your smile. "Alright." He leaned forward to give you a kiss. You wrapped your arms around Ludwig as he tightened his hold on you. Your soft hums were heard in the living room.

"Hey, lovebirds! Are ve going on zhis picnic or not?" Gilbert's voice asked.

Ludwig groaned as he ended the kiss. "Ja, Gilbert. I'm helping (y/n) pack zhe basket."

"It sounded like somezhing else to me!"

You giggled as Ludwig rolled his eyes and packed the rest of the items. "Hey, Gil, could you put Dieter's jacket and shoes on?"

"Sure!" came the cheerful reply.

"And make sure that the drinks are packed in a cooler."

"I took care of zhat already. Zhe cooler's in Vest's trunk."

You and Ludwig exited the kitchen with the basket. While Ludwig packed it in his BMW, you helped Gilbert with Dieter's shoes and diaper bag. "I sure hope you only packed two bottles of beer," you reminded your brother in law.

"I did, (y/n). Trust me." Gilbert's genuine smile eased that worry.

You ruffled Gilbert's white hair affectionately. "Thank you."

He grinned and chuckled. "You're velcome." Gilbert placed Dieter in his car seat while you carried the diaper bag and the blanket.

The three of you walked outside to see Ludwig coming around the corner with Berlitz and Aster. The dogs' tails were wagging and they barked excitedly at the idea of an outing. Blackie had to stay home because of the lack of room in the car. You made a mental note to buy a mini SUV so you could bring all the dogs.

The drive to the park was amusing. Berlitz and Aster sat by the windows, sticking their heads out. Gilbert sat squished next to Dieter, who rattled one of his plastic toys and put it in his mouth. You couldn't help but chuckle at the sight.

Ludwig and the dogs lead the way as you walked towards a tree that provided a lot of shade. Gilbert laid out the blanket while Ludwig tied up Berlitz and Aster to the tree. You took Dieter out of his car seat and placed him on the blanket next to you. Gilbert planted himself against the tree and sighed, leaning back with a smile. Ludwig was about to sit down when Berlitz yipped sadly at him. The Hovawart was on his fore paws, staring expectantly at Ludwig. With a moan Ludwig reached for the Frisbee and let Berlitz loose. After walking a bit, he started throwing it for him to catch.

Aster felt left out and started barking and tugging at his leash. Gilbert chuckled and got to his feet. "Alright, I'll play vizh you," he said as he grabbed the tennis ball and headed towards his brother, chucking the ball. Aster took off after it. You and Dieter watched from the blanket with Gilbird.

When they came back fifteen minutes later, the dogs were tired and curled up for a nap in the shade. The three of you ate lunch and talked, catching up on what's been happening with your friends. Before long, Dieter was taking a nap. You, Ludwig and Gilbert made plans for his one year birthday next month.

Once Dieter woke up, you took him on a walk, letting him play in the grass. Ludwig watched you and the miniature version of himself with a loving smile.

"You really need to do zhis vizh (y/n) and Dieter more often," Gilbert suggested. "He's not going to be little forever." You now knelt beside a standing Dieter, who held on to your fingers. You took his tiny hand and waved at Ludwig and Gilbert. They waved back.

"You're right, bruder. He's growing up so fast," Ludwig said sadly. "I don't vant him to." He continued to watch you and his son while Gilbert closed his eyes for a nap.

You helped Dieter walk back and forth for a bit. He had been wanting to stand and walk for a while now, taking two steps before falling. Now he just wanted to go. You turned Dieter towards the blanket. Ludwig's smile was all it took. With a happy squeal, Dieter let go of your hands and began walking on his own towards his dad. You and Ludwig stared at him, stunned. He elbowed his brother. "Gil."

"Vhat?" came the grunt of a reply.

"Look," Ludwig whispered. The groggy Prussian opened his eyes with a squint. They widened as he took in the sight.

"No vay!" he whispered back.

Ludwig got to his knees and held out his arms. With a grin he wiggled his fingers to beacon his son towards him. "Come on, Dieter. Come to Vatti."

Gilbird wanted to fly around Dieter and encourage him, but Gilbert kept him planted on his shoulder. He quickly reached for his phone to record Dieter's first steps.

Dieter walked quite a ways before his feet got tangled up with the edge of the blanket, causing him to fall. Ludwig caught him in his arms with bright laughter. He held him close and planted a kiss on his forehead.

"He did it, Ludwig!" you cheered as you hurried over to your family. You knelt beside Ludwig and hugged him.

Gilbert ended the video so he could tousle Dieter's blond locks, grinning at his nephew. "Vay to go, Dieter!" he cheered.

All of the attention scared Dieter a bit. He whimpered and buried his face in Ludwig's shirt. "Aw!" the three of you harmonized.

You rested your head on Ludwig's shoulder as you peeked in at Dieter. His bright blue eyes smiled as he snuggled his daddy. Your heart saddened at the thought of your baby growing up so fast; but at the same time, it was full of joy with what Dieter accomplished. Now you and Ludwig would have to keep up with him. That was going to be fun.
Here is the last continuation for "A Christmas Surprise". This story came easier than Nobility, so I decided to finish it before attacking Nobility again.


Germany and Prussia belong to Hetalia.

You belong to yourself.

I own the story.

As always, comments are appreciated. ^_^
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It wasn’t that Lutz didn’t like kids it was just that he didn’t feel comfortable around them. In fact, the mere idea of being around a kid for more than a couple of minutes made him uneasy. He had two and even that was too much. He was proud to have two sons. One was four and the other was six. Six year old Franz looked like him. Scruffy blonde hair, strong stout features, but he had his mother’s (e/c) eyes and sharp wit. Tom was four and looked just like his mother with (h/c) hair, his violet eyes, and so far just quiet. In fact, sometimes it was hard to know where he was because he was quiet. He made him nervous, very nervous so much he didn’t want to be in the same room with him for too long alone. _________ and Franz went out shopping.

“Lutz, watch Tom, he’s upstairs playing,”

“Vhere are you going?”

“Grocery shopping. Want anything special?”

“Wurst, beer, and cigarettes,”

“That’s every week,” she said kissing his cheek. He smirked, grabbed her ass, and pulled her into a proper kiss, “You pig!”

“You know you love it,” he said.

“Franz, come on,” they heard footsteps from upstairs. A little blond blur raced and jumped from the tenth step to the floor in front of his parents.

“Ready Mutti!”

“Franz! How many times do I have to tell you, no running in the house!”

“Sorry Mutti…but did I stick the landing?”

“Ja,” said Lutz ruffling him.

“Don’t encourage him!” she said, “But you need to work on your balance sweetheart, OUTSIDE,”

“Okay, okay Mutti,” he grinned. Lutz couldn’t help but grin. He was a bundle of energy.

“It shouldn’t take long but just be sure he’s okay and please don’t do anything to frighten him, you know he’s easily skittish,”

“Ja, ja, I know,” she kissed him again before going off to the market.

Tom was in an oversized sweater and walking about the house. He couldn’t smell his mother or hear her anywhere. He trotted downstairs. He looked around.

“Mutti? Muuuuutti?” he looked around and tripped. He whimpered a bit and got up with tears in his eyes. Then he was hoisted up but the nape of his sweater. The young boy froze. He was now face to face with his Vati. He flailed trying his hardest to get out of his grip. Lutz stared at the tiny thing flailing about.

“Your Mutti isn’t here; she’s at the store with your Bruder. So it’s just you and me and no one else,” this didn’t seem to ease the boy as he flailed some more, “Stop that! I’m not going to hurt you!” he barked. That did it. His little purple eyes had tears and he sniffled, “Hey…calm down will ya kid? I’m not going to hurt you,”

“T-Then wh-why did you yell?” Lutz had no idea where they got this skittish kid from. He rubbed the back of his head.

“I didn’t mean to. Look I’m going to put you down, okay? Don’t run because I don’t want to chase you, got it?” Tom nodded as he was placed down. He didn’t say a word but looked at his Vati expectantly. Lutz sighed and took him into the garage. He needed to work on his motorcycle today. The little boy curiously looked around the area. Unlike Franz, he didn’t explore certain places of the house if Mutti wasn’t about. The garage was one of those places. Vati’s bike was in there. It was a huge, shiny thing that he was terrified to go near, mainly because Vati loved it and it made A LOT of noise. It woke him up a few times and Mutti often yelled at him for that. Lutz looked at the boy who stood at the door.

“Come on, it’s not gonna hurt you,” Tom slowly walked into the garage. He looked at his motorcycle and touched the cold steel, “You’re going to help me change the oil and wash her. Ready?” he nodded. Lutz starts up the cycle to help the oil get nice and warm. Tom held his ears until he turned it off, “Okay, pass me that pan,” Tom trotted to the shelf and gave him the pan. Lutz held it over the oil tank and tilts his cycle. Tom looks over, “Okay, now put that over there for me,” he nodded. However, the weight proved too much for the little one as he tried to balance. Soon he toppled over and fell. Lutz shot up and went to him. The floor was a mess and the little boy was covered in oil. He looked liked an ink blot. He  picked the boy up to take a bath. Tom stood by the door and watched his Vati make bathwater. Usually Mutti did all of this. Soon the water stopped running. Lutz took his clothes off and placed him in the tub gently.

“You can handle it from here, right?” Tom shook his head. He would have left the boy in there until he was through but he anything happened to him, he’d knew ________ would skin him alive and disembowel him. Lutz took off his shirt to keep it from getting wet. Tom stared at his father and looked down at his own little chest then back to his father’s.  Lutz got on his knees and started gently washing the boy, being as careful as he could. He didn’t know his strength at times and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt his son. After it was over, he dried the boy out and wrapped him into a towel. While Lutz goes to find him another one of those blasted sweaters he wore. Tom in the meantime, hopped off the table and peeked around the corner. Okay, no Vati in sight. He scuttled into a room in the house, a room that was said to be off limits to the boys to find his hidden treasure, a security hat. Every time he needed to feel brave and secure, he wore the security hat. He searched through the drawer and couldn’t find it. His little heart sank. He needed his security blanket. It would keep him safe.

“Fuck! Where did he go?!” Lutz looked in every room in the house. Tom was like a little shadow. There one moment and gone the next. He didn’t understand the kid. He was young but why was he so fucking scared of him. He was never that scared when he was a kid, then again, he was pretty badass for a kid too. He caught glimpse of a little towel in the corner of his eye. He quickly grabbed and scooped it up. Tom flailed as Lutz slipped a black sweater over him. He passed him pants and underwear, “You take care of that yourself,” he nodded and once again looked at his father expectantly. Lutz was about to go back to his cycle when he heard a little growl. Tom blushed and held his tummy, “Hungry? Let’s go,” he went to the kitchen and grabbed the cookie jar. He took out a few.  

“But…Mutti said not to eat sweets until after dinner because it’ll spoil our appetites,” he said matter-of-factly. Lutz dragged his hand over his face. The little boy was dead serious. He took the cookie jar from off the counter and took a few from it.

“Vell, how about I just leave the jar right here,” he puts the jar next to the boy, “And let’s just have a few cookies just disappear and a little boy will be satisfied until supper? Now, let me turn my back,” Lutz turned his back. Tom looked at his Vati and grinned. He grabbed a couple and munched on them. He wondered where _________ was. She should have been here by now. He groaned wondering if she was okay. Well he may as well make dinner. He looked in the fridge for something and decided to make burgers.

Lutz was beyond exhausted. How the fuck is taking care of ONE child so exhausting? He plopped on the couch, full, watered, and with a healthy, clean, well fed child. He wanted to get some sleep. He kicked off his boots and closed his eyes. He felt a tiny little hand and touch his stomach. He opened his eye. Tom was on his stomach. He pulled up his shirt and was curiously looking at his Vati.

“Vati…what are these bumps on your tummy?”

“Abs, son,”

“Why are they hard?”

“I train…er workout a lot,”

“Why doesn’t Mutti have abs?”

“Well…Mutti is a woman and they’re built differently than men are,”  

“Oh…” Lutz had no idea where this kid came from. He didn’t act like ________ at all and he sure as hell didn’t act like him. He wasn’t a smart aleck and for the most part he was quiet. Tom crawled up to his chest. Lutz stared at him, “Thank you, Vati,” Lutz looked at him, “For being Mutti while she was gone,” He was smiling at him shyly. He ruffled the boy’s head fondly. Tom smiled and noticed his father’s hat and puts it on his head grinning.

“I was wondering why there were (h/c) hairs in there. You like Vati’s hat, don’t you?”

“Ja! It’s my security cap! It gives me strength!” Lutz picks the boy up and sets him down on the couch. He went into a drawer and moved some things aside and pulled out a young boy’s cadet hat. He took his off and replaced it with the smaller one.

“That’s better. I used to wear that one when I was younger. It’s yours now,” he looked up at his father with large purple eyes and smiled brightly. Lutz grinned. He was a dead ringer for his Mutti.

“Lutz, I’m home! I’m sorry it took too long but I ran into Dad and Franz insisted that he stay and hear his Grandpa’s old war stories and he’s spending the night. I hope Tom wasn’t too much of a—,” _________ stared at the sight. Tom was fast asleep on Lutz’s chest. Lutz was snoring with his arm draped over the little (h/c) headed boy protectively. She smiled at this. She went into the linen closet, took out a blanket and draped it over the pair.

My Hero

“My Vati is the greatest person ever!” said Franz smirking, “He was a soldier in WWII! He was kicking Nazi ass left and right and still had time to marry Mutti! That’s how badass he is!”

“How is that badass?”

“Have you met my Mutti? She’s tough! Even Vati backs down from her!” Franz was telling his classmates about the wonderful adventures of his greatest hero. Today’s story was about Vati being trapped in a POW camp in Germany and how his not only slaughtered like ten Nazis, he saved children from a burning building, was able to run faster than Superman, and of course punched Hitler in the face. Mrs. Wolfe, his teacher, was impressed by the boy’s stories, the ones that were believable of course and wanted to talk to his mother about everything.

“Mrs. Beilschmidt!” said Mrs. Wolfe, “We need to talk about your son,”

“Please don’t tell me he’s cutting up in class, again,”

“No, no! Actually I wanted to talk to you about your husband and the stories Franz has been telling us about him,”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh dear, you know, how he served during WWII! According to Franz, his father was high ranking soldier in the army. After hearing so many stories about him, we want to meet him,”

“Oh, no my husband is a bit…busy,”

“Please Mrs. Beilschmidt, I’ve been thinking of recommending your husband to the VA for a medal of honor and I need to know what your husband did exactly. It would be a treat and I’ve started on the paperwork,”

“Please, it isn’t necessary for you to do that. It’s just that he’s very private about this sort of thing,”

“He doesn’t need to know, until the time comes of course,” ______ sighs. This woman won’t give up.

“Okay please don’t send anything in until he has a presentation for the class. Please,”

“Of course and splendid! I can’t wait to meet him!”  

Lutz was working on his bike. Because of his knack for fixing things, he had steady work; however, he loved to go back to his baby, his first and favorite project, his bike, after work. Because of the kids, they both had flexible work hours to have them come home early in an alternation so they could pick up and tend to the boys. Today was _______’s turn. While he waited for dinner, she came into the garage.

“Lutz…we have to talk,” he looked up. She looked very grave.

“What’s the matter?”

“Franz’s been talking about his favorite hero again at school,” he couldn’t help but puff with pride. Of course he was the boy’s hero. All dads were their son’s heroes. ______ knew this and loved it but she didn’t know what the boy had told his friends until the teacher called her in this afternoon. Lutz stared at her. She didn’t look happy, “He’s been talking about your war years,” as a rule, they pair decided to not tell the boys that their father wasn’t fighting for America but the other side during the war. This was not only to protect them from the truth, until they could understand, but to make sure no one wanted to take any vigilante matters into their hands and attack him or his family, “Now Miss Wolfe wants to meet you and have you talk to the kids and recommend you for the VA over here,”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,”

“I wish. What have you been telling him?!”

“Nothing! I told him about my time in the military, I’m guessing he thought I was fighting for the Americans, not the other side. It doesn’t help that he’s been hanging around Gilbert,”

“Or Dad. Franz loves those old war stories,”

“It was probably that damned Bruder of mine. He loves to tell the boys stories and of course make it as awesome as he can, not that I’m complaining,”

“We can’t tell the truth on this one,” she said rubbed her temples, “Then again, we can’t just have them think that Franz is a liar either and we can’t have you looking like some sort of war dodger either,” Lutz saw the worried look on her face. He pulled her into a hug.

“Don’t worry Kätzchen, I’ll think of something,”

Lutz stared at his uniform. At one time, it was a representation of pride, honor, and love of his country. Now it was a sign of hate, violence, fear, and even in Germany, it was illegal to be seen with it. He looked at all the markings, the battle tears and of course his medals. He loved this thing, not because he still believe in what he used to but because it just had so many battle scars and he was wearing it when he met the love of his life.

“I think your uniform looks cool, Vati,” Tom peeked through the door. He smiled at him.

“Ja, but I can’t wear this one out in public, Liebling,”

“I know but I still think it cool. I wish people didn’t think it wasn’t cool. Just because you wear it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person,” he looked at his son with a smile. He beckoned him over. Although he had his eyes, he looked just like his mother and just as smart. Tom climbs in his lap.

“Have you been spying on me, Liebling,”

“No Vati, I see you wear it when you and Mutti go to bed,” Lutz reddens. He and ______ had to be more careful…

“You’ve seen me wearing it?”

“Ja! It used to scare me but when I see you in it, you look so strong and you make me feel safe. Like it suppose to make you feel strong so that you can protect us and Mutti. It makes you able to beat up the Krampus like Mutti can beat up the Boogeyman,”

“So that’s why you don’t get scared anymore,”

“Ja! Krampus doesn’t scare me because I know if you fight him, you'll win!” Lutz ruffles the boy’s head fondly.

“It’s late you should be in bed but first Vati wants cookies and milk with his little cadet,”

_______ was sweating bullets. She loved the man dearly but sometimes Lutz was really unpredictable. She and Tom were in class waiting and Franz was literately bouncing in his seat. He couldn’t wait to hear his father’s stories.

“Students, today we have a guest speaking coming to tell us about his time in the war. Please, give a warm welcome to Franz’s father, Lutz Beilschmidt,” the class waited in anticipation. Lutz walked into the classroom. _____’s eyes widened, Mrs. Wolfe was speechless, and the children stared in horror. He was wearing a SS uniform with all of his medals. He stopped in front of the children. Mrs. Wolfe wanted to utter something but something made her stop. He finally spoke.

“My name is Lutz. I was not born in America but my job was a very dangerous one. I was a spy for the American army. I was posing as a SS general in Hitler’s army,” The class gasped. Franz looked up at his Vati with complete awe. _______ grinned. He always knew a way out of things, “I was in constant danger. If I was caught, I would have immediately tortured and put to death. In fact, was in the camp, not only as a soldier but a warden and that was where I met a man whom I helped escaped the camp. This man had a daughter. She was the bravest woman I knew who smuggled soldiers out of Germany, risking her neck like I was. Later this woman became my wife. I am not here to tell you the glories of war but the risks that many of us took to make sure you little brats have freedom and a safe home,” Lutz told them about him getting shot in a ghetto, how______ saved his life but almost getting killed by SS soldiers (omitting the attempted rape of course), the horrors of the camps, how he freed his wife from the camp, and of course how he made sure they escaped, “And that is why I would like no one to recommend me for anything with the VA. My wife and family is all I need. Their safety is my first priority and I don’t want any of my old enemies attacking them,” The class erupted in applause and questions. _______ wiped a few tears from her eyes.  

“Vati you’re so awesome!” Franz said at dinner than evening. To celebrate her family dodging another bullet, _____ made potatoes and five different wurst. She giggled to herself.

“Have you been around Uncle Gil again?”

“Maybe…but still you’re the best! And Mutti! You’re brave too! You took on three SS soldiers! Did you kick their butts? I have the most awesome parents ever! So that makes me and Tom awesome by association!” Later that night, after the boys were put to bed, she flung her arms around Lutz and kissed him all over his face.

“I don’t know how you do it but you pulled it off!”

“Kätzchen, you have to remember, I’m not going to let anything happen to us, besides, it felt kind of good to wear the uniform again outside of the bedroom,” her face went red, “Don’t tell me you don’t enjoy it,”

“I-I’m didn’t say that. Besides, You don’t have that much power over—,” before she knew it, her ass was smacked with a riding crop. She turned. Lutz smirked at her.

“Last infraction, doubting your commanding officer, now you’re going to be punished, lieutenant,”

“If you can,” she said smirking and went to their room. He went after her but he stopped at his sons’ room first. He checked on them both, pulled the blankets close to their bodies, kissed their foreheads, and closed the door.
Here's a sequel to Priorities centered around Lutz as a father and the family living in the 1960s America ^^; Also, it's TWO mini fics in one. Enjoy and forgive the mistakes!

I don't own you or Hetalia, just the plot n,n

Here are the Prequel links to avoid any confusion

silver-kitsuneneko.deviantart.… (part 1)
silver-kitsuneneko.deviantart.… (Part 2)

EDIT: Here's the picture that goes with one of the scenes draw by the super special AWESOME :iconaltaira7vn:…
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“MUTTI!” Tom ran downstairs and ran to his mother. Franz was laughing and holding up a pee soaked bed sheet. Tom looked miserable and was sobbing. ________ stared.

“Oh Tom, don’t tell me you had another one!”

“I-I’m sorry Mutti!” the little boy sniffled and wiped his nose on his sleeve. ________ bent down and wiped her little cheeks.

“It’s okay dear. I know you didn’t mean to,”

“Kesesesese you’re going to have to wear a diaper again!” Franz laughed.

“Stop teasing your brother Franz!”

“But Mutti! Only babies wet the bed!”

“And suck their thumbs,” Franz stared.

“That’s different!”

“No, stop teasing your brother, he’ll grow out of it but until you’ve stop sucking your thumb, you have no right to tease him when he wets the bed. Now go play while I get Tom cleaned up,”

“Ja Mutti,” ________ sighs. Tom looked at her with violet ashamed eyes. She smiled and took him upstairs to get changed. She knew it was probably because he was nervous at night about something and Franz’s teasing was nothing making it any better. It was summertime and she knew because he’s was quiet and small, he was often overlooked by other kids.

“Are you okay dear?”

“Yes Mutti. Are you mad at me?”

“Of course not. Here, clean up while I make your bed,” Tom disappeared into the bathroom and emerged looking and feeling better only to be face to face with his Vati helping his Mutti with his bed.

“Not another accident Sohn,” Tom shrank when he saw his father. He’s always intimidated him in some way. He ruffled the boy’s head affectionately. Tom smiled.

“Yes but it getting better, at least it not every night,” said _________

“Ja, ja I know,”

“You’re really calm about this,”

“Gilbert has the same problem when we were kids. It’s common, so I’m not going to give him grief about it,”

“How did he stop bedwetting?”

“He peed on me and I beat the shit out of him,” he said laughing. Tom’s eyes widened. _________ hits Lutz, “Kidding, kidding. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to him,” she nodded and went off. Tom looked at him. Lutz rubbed his back, “So…have you been wearing your cadet hat to bed?”

“No, why?” Lutz smirked.

“That’s your problem! You need to wear your hat night so you can stop wetting the bed,”


“Ja! I practically lived in my hat when I was a Kinder and look at me now. So wear it tonight and I promise you, you’ll stop wetting the bed,” Tom nodded smiling.

“Okay Vati!”

“Gut, now let’s go get some chow,”

“How’s my AWESOME nephew!” Gilbert grabbed and noogied Franz. Gilbert only lived a few houses away and was a frequent visitor of his brother and his family. Franz loved and idolized his uncle a lot.

“Even more awesome than his Uncle Gil!”

“Kesesese! No one is more awesome than I am!” they two proceeded to wrestle in the backyard. Franz loved hanging out with his favorite and only uncle. _______ watched from the window and went back to cleaning her gun. Then Gilbert bursts into the kitchen, “How’s my awesome sister-in-law?”

“I’m good,” he pecks her cheek and headed to the fridge for a beer.

“Mutti! Can I have a taste of beer?”

“No, you’re too young to drink beer,”

“Come on!”

“I said no!”

“Ey! Listen to your Mutti!”

“Okay, okay!” The boy goes outside. _______ sighed. Gilbert looked at her.

“Aww, what’s the matter, Liebling?”

“That little boy has been so rebellious lately. Nothing seems to work when it comes to him now,”

“Maybe the awesome me can be of some service,”


“Ja leave everything to me and Lutz,”

“The last time I heard that phrase I had to drive through seven counties to pick you and Lutz up from the Sheriff’s office through a hostage situation,”

“Hey! We survived! And Tom learned how to pick a lock that night!”

“Fine, I just have one request; please don’t scar them from for life,”

“VATI HELP!” Tom came running out of the bedroom. Franz was already in front holding the boy’s cadet hat. Lutz looked up and in one swift motion, grabbed the blonde boy, swatted him, and took the hat. Franz rubbed his bum and Lutz puts Tom’s hat back on his (h/c) head.

“Franz knock it off,” he growled.

“I was just playing with him!”

“No he wasn’t! He knows my hat would stop me from bedwetting! He just wants me to wet the bed so I can get in trouble again!”

“You weren’t in trouble in the first place,”

“I don’t want you and Mutti worried about me and him calling me a baby,” tears started to form in his violet eyes. Lutz pulled him into a hug.

“Calm down, calm down,”

“See, you’re so totally unawesome!” Franz teased.

“Oy! The only one in this house that can tell who or what is awesome is me!” said Gilbert, “And if you keep up this shit you’re going have an unawesome end,”

“What are you talking about?” Gilbert looked worried.

“Shit, said too much,”

“What are you talking about?”

“Damn it Gilbert! You’ve already begun!”

“I’m sure he’s not that bad, I mean, he’s a brat but he’s not that bratty is he?” they looked at each other for a moment.

“Well he’s been a little butt lately, disobeying his Mutti, bothering his Bruder, and sucking his thumb,”

“Oh ja, he’s doom. He’ll be just like Conrad,”

“W-Who’s Conrad?” said Franz looking at them.

“Ja…who’s Conrad?” said Tom

“Oh, you two really don’t know about him do you?” said Gilbert, “I guess I can tell you. Once upon a time where was little boy named Conrad…”

One day Mamma said "Conrad dear,
I must go out and leave you here.
But mind now, Conrad, what I say,
Don't suck your thumb while I'm away.
The great tall tailor always comes
To little boys who suck their thumbs;
And ere they dream what he's about,
He takes his great sharp scissors out,
And cuts their thumbs clean off—and then,
You know, they never grow again."

Mamma had scarcely turned her back,
The thumb was in, Alack! Alack!

“T-Then w-what happened?!” said Tom looking at the two men.

“I’m getting to that, Liebling,” said Gilbert grinning.  

The door flew open, in he ran,
The great, long, red-legged scissor-man.
Oh! children, see! the tailor's come
And caught out little Suck-a-Thumb.
Snip! Snap! Snip! the scissors go;
And Conrad cries out "Oh! Oh! Oh!"
Snip! Snap! Snip! They go so fast,
That both his thumbs are off at last.

Mamma comes home: there Conrad stands,
And looks quite sad, and shows his hands;
"Ah!" said Mamma, "I knew he'd come
To naughty little Suck-a-Thumb."

Tom looked frightened. Franz on the other hand scoffed.

“That’s fake and you know it!” said Franz looking at his father and uncle, “There’s no such thing as a Mad Tailor! Just like there’s no Krampus,”

“Hey! Krampus is real!” said Gilbert, “Came after you Vati and me when we were kids,”

“What happened?!” said Tom.

“Gilbert screamed like a bitch and I kicked him in the balls,” said Lutz laughing, “But that’s beside the point. Since Tom is a good boy, he’ll be spared from the Tailor and as for you Franz, it was good knowing you. I guess your Mutti and I will be making a new son soon,”

“Ja, nice knowing you, nephew. Tom, you’re going to be my new wrestling buddy,” Franz glared.

“Thumb sucking is no big deal! And what about wetting the bed!”

“That’s not his fault. He’s not doing it on purpose. You on the other hand, it’s because you’re just a stubborn little butt,” Franz glared and went upstairs to go to bed. Tailor, yeah right!

___________ headed off to the market early the next afternoon. Before she left, she looked at Franz and Tom.

“Okay boys, I’m off. Mind your Vati and Uncle and I’ll be back in a bit,”

“Ja, ja okay Mutti,”

“Franz while I’m gone, NO picking on Tom, finish your chores, and keep your thumb out of your mouth. Tom, finish that folding for me, okay?”

“Yes Mutti,” she gave them a kiss goodbye and went off. As soon as she left, Franz decided to have some fun and play. Tom, on the other hand, went to the laundry room to fold. Franz was upstairs playing with his toy soldiers. He had his thumb in his mouth as he lined them up and started commanding them.

“Okay men, this will be the toughest day of your lives! Some of you will die but it will be in a blaze of glory, glory that you can later tell your ancestors in spirit that—,”


Franz stopped. That sounded like scissors. He immediately laughed it off. It was just the wind, right the wind. We went back to his game when he heard it again…


He froze. He caught something at the corner of his eye. A tall man dressed like a deranged joker/ tailor was standing at the door. He was dressed in red tights,  with red hair, red eyes, and sickly white face. Franz jumped up and ran to the window. The tailor grinned evilly and took out a large pair of scissors.

“I heard there was a naughty boy who’s thumbs are mine!” he went at him. Franz ducked, ran under his legs and headed to his Vati’s study.

“VATI! VATI! HELP!” he opened the door only to be faced with a black hairy monster with large horns and a tail. It stood upright on cloven looking legs. He turned slowly to him. Franz was now literately frozen in fear. He was face to face with the Krampus.

“Picking on your Bruder, not listening to your Mutti, neglecting your chores, and sucking your thumb. You’ve been a very naughty boy Franz Beilschmidt!”

“Y-You can’t take me! It’s summertime! It’s not Kr-Krampus Night! A-And where’s my Vati?!”

“I can make special exceptions to little boys who deserve it and your Vati can’t save you now!” Krampus lunged at him. Franz jumped out of the halls, right into the Tailor, who held out a bag of bloody, severed thumbs.

“Time for you to add yours to my collection, Franz!”

“And after that, I’m doing to beat you, then cook you for my supper!” they laughed. Franz screamed and ran downstairs. They ran after him. Tom, in the meantime, came out of the laundry room to see what was the screaming about. He was greeted to his brother running from two monsters. Thinking fast, he pulled Franz into basement and locked the door. The monsters banged and pounded. Franz was visibly shaken by the sight and sobbing a bit. He immediately hugged Tom.

“Thank you,”

“You’re welcome,”

“W-Why did you help me?”

“You’re my brother,”

“But I always tease you,”

“I know but I don’t want to see you die! Mutti would never stop crying and Vati won’t have someone wrestle with!” Tom backed awat from the door, “At least we’ll die together,”

“Don’t say that!”

“Then where’s Vati?! He’s the only who can save us!”

“That Arschloch Krampus probably killed him!” Franz looked around for something and spotted a 2x4 heavy wooden stick, “If we’re going to die, we’ll die on our own terms! Vati would not have died in vain!” Tom grabbed an umbrella and puts a bowl on his head as an helmet, “Ready Bruder?”

“Ready!”  Tom nodded and unlatched the door. Franz ran out first and attacked the Krampus first, “NUT CRACKER ARSCHLOCH!”

_________ just pulled into the garage with her groceries when she heard screaming out of her house. She immediately ran to the door and opened it. Then she heard her two boys screaming in the kitchen. She grabbed her pistol out of the coat closet, cocked it, and ran into the kitchen where she saw two creatures on the floor, holding their sacks, Franz and Tom hitting them with everything they could get. She shot a warning shot in the ground at her feet and then pointed at the group of bodies. They immediately screamed at her.  




“IT’S US! IT’S US!” she recognized the voices immediately. Franz and Tom ran to their mother and hid behind her screaming and crying about the monsters.


“Don’t worry Mrs. Beilschmidt,” said the doctor, “Other than some swelling and bruising they’re going to be okay,”

“Thank you so much,”

“Just keep it iced and please get them to wear cups while roughhousing,” he left. For the next few days, Lutz and Gilbert were on the couch, in shorts, legs spread with ice on their crotches. It took ___________ forever and a day to finally calm the boys down. She glared at Lutz.

“What do you have to say for yourself?”

“It looked a lot better in my head, Katzchen,”

“You do know Franz and Tom refuses to sleep alone in their own beds at night, Tom has been bedwetting every night since and Franz have been having nightmares,”

“Is he still sucking thumb?”


“Worth it,” she glared.

“Oh yes, no sex for about a month and probably a month afterwards, having two traumatized boys, and a probably a dislocated crotch,” Lutz stared for a few moments. Gilbert smirked and started laughing, “This couch will be your lover and friend for a very long time,”

“I really need to think this shit through,” _________ walked out. Franz and Tom trotted downstairs. When they saw their father, they hurried to the door, “Ey! Get back here you two!” they went to him, “Franz, that was a real sissy move,”

“You were the one who taught him how to fight dirty,” said Gilbert.

“I didn’t think he was going to knock me in the balls!”

“Are we in trouble Vati?” said Tom.

“Nein, I’m actually proud of both of you. Franz for getting the drop on me and both of you for defending each other,”  

“Well I had to!” said Franz glaring, “Someone has to be the responsible male of the house besides Mutti,”

“What’s that suppose to mean?!”

“We both know Mutti’s the Vati,” said Tom and gently pats his father’s hand, “It’s okay Vati, you had a good run of being a daddy but Mutti’s just better at it,”

“I present you with your apron Vati,” said Franz giving his father a pink apron, “So we’ll just be outside until your balls are okay Mutti,”


“It’s just easier to call you that now since Mutti’s Vati,” they two boys scampered away. Gilbert and Lutz looked dumbfounded at the pair of them.

“What the fuck just happened?”

“Well I guess now since you’ve been…incapacitated they see you more as a mom. Guess you’re going to have to reclaim your throne when you’re better,”

“How Vater survived us is nothing short of a miracle,”  

“How WE survived HIM was a miracle,”
Okay, I wanted to do another Daddy!Lutz fic. So here's the result. I remembered reading this story back when I was learning German and was like "The hell kind of story is this for a kid! No wonder German kids behave!" But this is only the tip of the iceberg but the book where this story is found is called Der Struwwelpeter and there's other gruesome stories in it lol Seriously, check it out n,n Enjoy and Forgive the mistakes

For those who hadn't read the first one: [link]

I don't own you or Hetalia or Der Struwwelpeter
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_______________ woke up that morning. She looked to the right and saw that Lutz wasn’t there. She looked puzzled as she freshened up and went downstairs. The whole house was still. Too still…she sighed and went into the kitchen. There she was greeted to the most chaotic sight she’s seen this year…her whole kitchen was covered in smoke and flour. Tom was on the ground with a bowl of batter on his head. Franz and Gilbert were fighting something that oozing from the oven.

“It’s still growing!” cried Franz pounding it with a rolling pin.

“Keep beating it!” Gilbert was hitting it with a frying pan.  Lutz was juggling eggs while trying to put them in the pan while and trying to avoid Tom, who managed to get up, grabbed some oven mitts and brought the pan to his Vati. Germania was in the corner looking on and then placed his head in his hands and sighed.

“What’s going on in here?!” they stopped and looked up.

“MUTTI!” the boys ran to her. Gilbert and Lutz followed.

“We tried making breakfast!” said Franz, “We were trying to make cinnamon buns!”

“And I added in too much yeast!” said Gilbert crying, “Now it’s trying to eat us!”

“Vati said he knew how to make French toast!” said Tom

“I assumed you made it with scrambled eggs!” said Lutz, “It’s fuckin’ complicated!”

“Then the actual eggs burned!” said Franz, “I added ketchup but nothing works!”

“Then the bacon fried too quickly!” said Gilbert, “I didn’t know it could do that! I added more oil but it just went VOOSH!”

“And the potatoes were still raw on the inside!” said Tom, “Then I chopped them up!”  

“And Kätzchen the coffee is too thick!” said Lutz, “And the pancake batter is too lumpy!”

“HELP!” they started whining. ____________ sighs and looked at the mess before her. She grabbed an apron.

“Okay, Lutz, you’re on sink duty, Gilbert, turn off the oven and trash the mess in the oven. Tom, Franz get a bowl, flour, eggs, sugar, and milk,” the boys nodded and did what they were told. It took them about two hours but soon breakfast was cooked, the kitchen was spotless. While Lutz washed, Gilbert cleaned the messed up food as she made pancakes, bacon, eggs, and with Germania’s help Berliner.

“So why were you four trying to make breakfast? I mean you can all do it but to tackle something that big was too much for you to handle, why?” Tom and Franz looked down.

“We wanted to make you breakfast in bed,” said Franz, “You’re an awesome Mutti and you should have an awesome breakfast!”

“So we called Uncle Gilbert so he could help,” said Tom smiling, “Then Vati woke up to help. Opa was going to help but when he saw Vati and Uncle in the kitchen he said,” Tom cleared his throat and gave his best Germania impression, “‘I’ll watch just to make sure my grandsons don’t die from you two idiots!’”

“And he made sure we didn’t Mutti! We’re sorry you had to get up for breakfast. It’s your birthday!” She smiled. She then had an idea.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Tom and Franz hugged their mother in bed. In a split decision, __________ went back into bed and had her boys wait about half an hour. She pretended to sleep when the boys barged in with their father, uncle, and grandpa. She laughed.

“Oh what a surprise! Aww you made me breakfast! How sweet!” Lutz grinned and Gilbert sat on the bed. The boys presented their gifts.

“Open mine first Mutti, it’s the most awesome!” Franz said thrusting something in her lap. She opens it. Inside was a weird chiseled (favorite animal).

“Franz this is cute!”

“Opa taught me how to do this!” he said grinning. She hugged and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you sweetheart,”

“Mine next, mine next!” said Tom grinning at her. She smiled and opened it. Inside little small box decorated with seashells on it.

“Vati took me to the beach so I can get seashells for your box!” she hugged and kissed him too.

“Thank you dear!”

“See boys, told you your mother would like them,” said Germania, “Come along, breakfast is getting cold,” the boys gave their mother another kiss and ran downstairs. Gilbert grinned.

“Before I go, this is for my awesome sister!” he gives her a box containing a pair of earrings. She hugged him tightly.

“Thanks Gil!"

"Now the awesome me is going to get Berliner before my greedy nephews eat them all!” he ran downstairs, leaving __________ and Lutz alone. He smirked and pulled her into a hard kiss. She blushed as he closed the door. A familiar smirk etched on his face, “Oh no you don’t! Your father, sons, and Gilbert can barge in at anytime! I don’t like this odds Mister!”

“Kätzchen I am shocked and appalled that you would THINK I would do something perverted like that on your birthday! That’s for tonight along with your birthday spanking,”

“You pervert!”

“You love it! Vati’s taking them out for the weekend and they’ll be back Sunday night. You deserve a break,” she smiled. He then went into the closet and takes out a case of (favorite perfume).

“Wow…umm…thanks Lutz,”

“They’re discontinuing it. I know it’s your favorite so when I found out I traveled a to the next county and got some more for you,” she got up and hugged him tightly. He hugged back. She couldn’t help but feel so lucky. She had the perfect, dysfunctional family and she loved—

“That better be a rolling pin Lutz,” he pulled her closer, “Put it away perv…”

“Can’t help it Kätzchen,”

“You can start by not fondling my ass,”

“It’s just gets firmer and firmer every year. I’m the luckiest man in the world,”

“One day I’m going to break it off,”
This is a birthday fic for :iconaltaira7vn: Happy Birthday sweetie!! :cake: Something to thank her for all of the awesome drawings she does for me and as I've always said before: everyone should get SOMETHING on their birthdays even if it's a "Happy Birthday". It's something cute, short, and chaotic, it is Lutzm the boys, and Gilbert after all >< Any who enjoy and forgive the mistakes! 

I don't own you or Hetalia
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"Liebling. Wake up, Liebling." You heard Ludwig mutter and you groaned, your head feeling like it was split in two. "Are you okay?" He mumbled, stroking some hair from your forehead. Whimpering slightly, you felt him pull you up into his arms, cradling you against his chest. "I think I'll be okay." You rasped, needing to get to work.

You had an important presentation that day and you couldn't miss it. You felt terrible though. Ludwig grimaced, knowing about your predicament. “Give me a shout if you need me.” He told you and after kissing your forehead he went to make breakfast for you both.

You swung your legs over the side of your bed, stumbling to your feet. You really didn’t feel good, but being the good employee you were you dressed yourself.

The moment you walked down the stairs however you quickly realised you were getting hot. Way too hot.

Ludwig watched as you managed to get into your chair before you fell and bit his lip. “I can always call them.” But you shook your head avidly. “N-no, I ne-need to go. It’s important.”

He sighed and set a plate of steaming food in front of you. “Lud, as wonderful as it looks, I don’t think eating some like this is going to help me. I’m sorry.” You said, glancing up at him. Without a word, he took your plate, leaving it on the side to cool.

“If you’re feeling that bad then-“ Placing a finger on his lips, you shook your head. He kissed your finger gently, holding your hand in his own.

“What do you want?” He asked, his blue eyes earnestly gazing into yours. “Just some fruit I think. I’ll be fine after I take some medicine.” Before you could get up however, he stood up and collected your much-needed items. “You know, I am here for a reason.” He muttered, setting the things down on the table next to him.

“I want you to rely on me in situations like this.” Smiling, you nodded thankfully at him. “Open up.” He instructed, getting a spoonful of the medicine. “There we go.” He grumbled as you swallowed, your nose wrinkling in distaste.

“Hey, if it’s bitter it works.”

“I know.” You replied, taking off your shirt. Your legs were getting shivery and as you stood up to go to the back door, they shook violently. Ludwig walked with you, one of his arms around your waist. “I can do this much.” You complained, secretly adoring his caring side.

The crisp morning wind blowing onto your skin, gave you goose bumps, but you weren’t cold. On the contrary in fact, it felt good and the fresh air cleared your head. “Better?” You nodded weakly, closing your eyes.

“I just hope the medicine’ll kick in soon.” You said under your breath. When you didn’t move from your spot in the open door, he started getting worried though. “Aren’t you cold?” Shivers racked your body and as he took hold of your arm he noticed you were really hot.

“That’s it. I’m not letting you go to work.”

Despite your protests, he got you back into bed. “I’m telling you, I’ll be fine!”
“And I’m telling you that when the person I love most is suffering, I can’t stand by and do nothing! Now lie down!” Under his stern gaze, you slacked a sigh and relaxed.

“Fine but only this once.” He chuckled at your remaining defiance, softly pressing a cold cloth to your neck and forehead.

Soothed by his actions, you felt your eyelids drop down, drifting off into sleep.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.”
Nothing really special, just wanted to convey how I felt this morning. Except I didn't have a handsome German by my side, putting me to bed.

..... I still had to go to school and take an exam.

Anyhow, please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Wow, this was on the homepage? Thanks so much!

.... Also please don't leave any mean comments, they make me so sad TT.TT
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The two of you lay there in bed, breathless in rapture and simply gazing quite warmly at each other. Cotton sheets lay over you both, folds clinging to your every form and curve. Sharing a wide, white pillow both of you just stared at each other in a comfortable silence. His usually so slicked back hair had become ruffled, hanging over his forehead, which he wrinkled too often for your liking, like curtains of corn coloured gold. The lips which generally were twisted in a frown, or held stiffly like he was in the process of sucking a lemon, were now relaxed. The corners of his mouth were even twitched up in that rare smile he only used to flash at you when he thought you weren’t looking.

The coarse skin of his palm shimmied down your bare back, resting on your side momentarily before skimming back up to your shoulders. “Ludwig?” You were almost saddened to break the quiet that had descended over the two of you, but you broke it as easily like you’d merely touched a rainbow soap bubble and burst it. An almost silent chuckle left him, his nose rubbing against yours gently whilst his soft laugh still rumbled through his chest. “Ja, Liebling?” He answered, pulling back so his blue eyes were trained on your own (e/c) ones. Your next statement was an embarrassing one, you knew that much, but still you couldn’t prevent yourself from voicing it.

“Could you… speak in German for a bit?” You hesitated as you spoke, not knowing what kind of reaction he’d show you. A summery blush broke over his cheeks and he snorted, though a brighter smile displayed itself on his face. “What should I say?” He murmured back and honest to god, the slightly flustered yet happy expression on his face was the most adorable you’d ever seen. “Anything, just…. Anything.” You replied, feeling a blush lacquer your own cheeks.

Your German thought for a short moment, before cocking his head and sitting up. The sheets fell off his shoulders, choosing instead to pool around his waist. Because of his arms around your waist, you too had to sit up. “Well let’s see…. What have we got here….?” He muttered under his breath, one of his hands lifting to cradle your jaw. “Zwei schöne Augen.” His lips were lowered down to kiss both your eyelids, his own eyes closed. You noticed that his voice changed subtly when he started speaking in his mother tongue, making his voice lower and somehow even more alluring to you.

“Und eine niedliche Nase,” he whispered with a soft peck of your nose, “und auch ein himmlischer Mund.” A sudden smirk revealed itself, his teeth tugging in a composed manner on your bottom lip. A subdued squeak sounded, a darker shade of crimson settling on your blush. His eyes twinkled in mirth and he captured your chin in his hand, tilting your head to the side to give you a slow kiss. His other arm circled you and pulled you closer to him. Losing yourself in the kiss, you couldn’t do anything to stop him from falling backwards with you on top of him.

Your lips still sealed together, you fidgeted a little – not wanting to lie on him in such a way. You sat up and broke the kiss, your legs on either side of his body. He pouted, but yanked you back so your chest was touching his. His mouth had found yours once more, making you blush deeply at what his hand was doing – trailing up and down your waist and the back of your thighs.

“Was für eine anzügliche Position,” he purred when your lips were parted, his stare causing your face to flame even brighter. “Und hier haben wir einen Hals,” he pressed his lips ceremoniously to your throat, suckling on your jugular until a faint mark was visible. “Ein verlockendes Schlüsselbein und eine fragile Schulter.” Murmuring his words against your skin caused a tickling sort of sensation, urging a suppressed giggle from you. His lips stretched in a smile, you could feel it against the top of your shoulder.

“Ein weicher Arm,” he commented, sketching out a wiggling path down to the crease of your elbow, past it and down to the inside of your wrist. Tentatively he bit on the fold of skin just before your palm. “Eine zarte Hand.” Grasping your hand firmly with both of his own, he kissed it in the centre. “Die sanften Finger.” By now his voice had become a whisper, a mere breath. He traced down to your ring finger and back up to the knuckle. His last words were full of exaltation, and if you weren’t mistaken you could detect some sort of pride or triumph in his blazing eyes.

“Und ein Ring des Versprechens.”
Going through a German(l)y phase at the moment.... and trying to get over a slight writer's block.
Some of you might recognise the title from one of the polls (god those were useful!).
I think the time I thought this up was during my exams when I was trying to learn all the body parts in German.

Translations (and please feel free to correct me!)

Ja, Liebling = yes, love
Zwei schöne Augen = two beautiful eyes
Und eine niedliche Nase = and a cute nose
Und auch ein himmlischer Mund = and also a heavenly mouth
Was für eine anzügliche Position = what a lewd position
Und hier haben wir einen Hals = and here we have a throat
Ein verlockendes Schlüsselbein und eine fragile Schulter. = A tempting collarbone and a delicate shoulder
Ein weicher Arm = a soft arm
Eine zarte Hand = a tender hand
Die sanften Finger = gentle fingers
Und ein Ring des Versprechens = and a ring of promise

Thank you very much to :iconhyper-otaku: and :icontwoeye: for the correction of the German!

Please enjoy and comment with what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
Should I put a warning on this? I don't think there's anything 'bad' in it, but someone might read a little too much into the situation in the beginning.... But please, feel free to imagine anything you want ^^
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“You ready?”

“I was born ready.” You told your albino friend with a smirk which he mirrored deviously. “So be it zhen!” With that comment the match started and you both begun to pummel each other’s character.

The button mashing that commenced would have made even Alfred stare at in admiration and shock. Unfortunately though at the last moment Gilbert’s man kicked at ‘your’ legs, making you fall to the ground and as such you lost.

“The usual stakes?” You muttered with a grimace. Snickering like a happy dog, he grinned and nodded. “Great...”

The stakes you always played with were these: if you lost, you had to take an item of clothing off. Kind of like strip poker, but then without the card game and a videogame in its place. So without further ado, you unzipped your hoodie and dropped it to the side.

Goosebumps spread across your skin like wildfire on the forest floor. The room the two of you were sitting in was at the top of the house, the room that Gilbert had transformed into his lair of awesomeness, as he called it.

An old mattress sat on the floor, slouched against an old sofa he’d managed to drag up the stairs. A TV sat on a broken chest of drawers, the Playstation he had whirring in the corner. “Y’okay Frau?” He asked, his arrogant smile right where it belonged; plastered across his face.
“F-fine! Now let me get you back for that!”

Several matches and discarded items of clothing later, Gilbert’s stomach growled loudly, protesting its current unfilled state. You started laughing but were silenced by your own stomach trying to have a conversation with his. Subject of said conversation; ‘Why haven’t we got any nourishment?’

“I’ll go get some, stay right here!” You rolled your eyes, like you were planning on moving anyway. Gilbert sped off, his pants being the only thing he had on. Literally. His underwear was lying on the floor underneath his own jumper, t-shirt and socks.

Your stack of clothes was significantly smaller, though you too had to take off your socks, but instead of taking your t-shirt off, you merely unhooked your bra, sneaking the straps over your arms and off, without granting Gilbert the slightest peak of your bare skin.

Yeah, you were way more awesome than him, no matter what he claimed. The score was 4-3, but you’d had a lot of draws as well.

Gilbert whistled to himself as he walked down to the kitchen, returning with arms filled with all manner of treats. Just as he was about to step onto the stairs, his brother’s cat scooted in front of him, in hot pursuit of Gilbird.

“Nein! Don’t you dare!!” He dropped the food to the ground, chasing the cat away and holding him up to stare into his feline eyes. “Touch Gilbird again and I’ll-“

“You’ll what Bruder?” Ludwig asked, sticking his blond head around the corner. “Uh nozhing!” he handed the cat to his brother who was looking him over sceptically. “....Vhy vhere are your clothes?”

Gilbert chuckled sheepishly. “(y/n) beat me at Tekken.” He explained, a plan sparking in his head when Ludwig blushed at hearing your name. He was so easy to read.

“She’s here?” He asked, shrinking back into his room a bit. Light bulb!

“Ja ja, she is. Now can you help me vith zhis stuff?” He ordered, gesturing at the haphazard pile of junk food. Ludwig wrinkled his nose in distaste, but complied when his brother advanced on him. “Fine...” he sighed, his cheeks pinkening when the both of them got up the stairs and entered Gilbert’s lair.

“You took your time.” You commented flatly, stretching your back as you gave the albino a bored look of indignation.  “O-oh, hi Ludwig! Didn’t see you there.”

You waved at him, your face heating up. Geez he was just too handsome for words. “R-right. I’ll just leave these here.” He muttered, setting the foodstuffs on the floor gently. “Vait vhat zhe hell?”

Both you and Ludwig looked up at Gilbert in alarm. “Vhat?” He was staring intently at his phone, frowning as he scanned the message. “Shit! Got to go! Lud stay vith her vhilst I go bail Francis out!” The albino shouted over his shoulder as he bounded down the stairs, returning to grab his shirt and then he continued.

You jumped when you heard the front door slam, a blank look on your face. “What just happened...?”

Ludwig’s wide eyes closed and he rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Zhe frenchie probably got drunk and zhen vent for a drive.”

You rolled on your back, which was the moment that Ludwig noticed the pile of your clothes, the (f/c) bra sitting on top proudly. He turned bright red and averted his eyes. Right, you must’ve lost as well to his brother.

He turned, the banister under his hand as he started to descend. “Wait! Don’t leave me! It’s a matter  of life and death!” You lunged for him, grabbing hold of his foot. “Life und death?” He asked in confusion, looking down at you as you wrapped your arms around his leg.

“Yeah! I mean I might actually bore myself to death! Do you have any idea how painfully slow that is?!”

With a sigh he stooped down and pried your clinging fingers from his ankle. “Fine.” His heart beat loudly when you grinned toothily at him, rolling to your feet and jumping back on the couch. “ ‘kaaaaay! Let’s start!”  

Ludwig came to sit next to you somewhat awkwardly, running a finger along his collar to get some cool air onto his inflamed skin. “So how does zhis vork?” You gaped at him. “You mean you haven’t played this game before?”

He shifted uncomfortably under your stare. “Vell nein. Actually I haven’t played any video-games.”

“Ever?” You asked, your mouth agape. He smiled sheepishly. “Then you’re in for a laugh.” Throwing him his controller, you leaned on his arm and talked him through the controls, not even noticing the large blush on his face.
“Get it now?”

“I zhink so.” He muttered, quite unsure of himself and his capability to ‘kick ass’ as you said. “Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you.” You told him, a smirk on your face which made his breath hitch in his throat.

You stared in horror. What. The. Hell.

Ludwig cracked his fingers, rubbing his red thumbs. “Zhey kind of hurt.” He muttered, gently sucking on them to soothe the ache.

He’d beaten you. Every single time. “I thought you said you didn’t play video-games!” He laughed freely. It was nice, you found, usually he’s so straight-laced he wouldn’t even dream of letting loose like this. Seeing this other side of him was quite cute actually, what were you thinking?

Sure he was as handsome as Mount Everest was tall and his blue eyes felt as though they pierced your heart every time you caught them, his smile was charming although it was rare but that just added to the mysterious charm he possessed.

Honestly! Listen to yourself! You slapped your cheeks whilst you shook your head vigorously. “Up for anozher round?” He questioned, not having seen your strange actions. “I’ll beat you this time for sure!”

Patting your head cockily, he smirked. “Just keep telling yourself zhat.” You glared half-heartedly at him, climbing into his lap. “A handicap! Let’s see if you can keep on winning!” After having settled yourself on him, you leant your head back so it rested on his shoulder.

He tensed up even more, a wild blush painting his cheeks and ears a deep red. You felt so soft, he could barely contain his happiness that you were actually touching him. It felt so intimate, almost as if you trusted him not to do anything which was something he couldn’t promise now that your scent was sending his mind haywire.

Because of that his reactions slowed down, yet he still managed to beat you. With a growl you turned in his lap and stared him straight in the eye. No matter how handsome he was, him beating you at games was pissing you off.

“Why are you so good at it?” You said almost as if to yourself, leaning closer to him to examine him more closely. He looked at you in alarm, cringing when you poked his hot cheek. “And why are you overheating? You don’t have a fever do you?”

Before Ludwig could say anything, you pressed your forehead against his. “You feel very hot.” You muttered, squeaking when he grabbed hold of your hips. “Hey what’s the big ide-“

Another squeak was omitted as he pressed his lips against yours roughly, his eyes closed in bliss. After a second of freezing and not responding, you relaxed. Leaning onto him, you stroked down his neck with your own aching thumbs, kissing back softly. With a breathless pant, his lips quirked up in one of his heart-stopping smiles.

He nuzzled into your neck, happily nipping and kissing your skin again. With a sigh you took hold of his head and pushed him away, gently though. “I’m not kissing you anymore. Not until I’ve beaten you.”

He was about to open his mouth when you stopped him with a finger in front of his parted lips. “And don’t even think of going easy on me. That would defeat the point.”

Despite his grumbling, he nodded and allowed you to twist back to face the TV. However you didn’t manage to beat him, not even close; which meant you were still sleepily trying to mash buttons. That didn’t work so well, especially seeing as you were snoring away gently on Ludwig’s chest.

“Honestly zhat voman.....” The blonde caressed your cheek, holding you steady as he reached for the remote to turn off the glowing TV. He lay you down softly on the mattress, scanning the room for some covers which he eventually found hidden in a dusty corner.

After successfully removing all dust by shaking it quite a few times, he draped it over you. Snuggling into the cover happily, your breathing evened out and you sighed contentedly. He smiled, leaning down to kiss your forehead.

He lay down beside you on the sofa meaning he was up higher than you, his hand capturing yours and entangling them. His feet hung off the side of the sofa not that he really minded as he gazed down at you, a satisfied smile on his face.

“Gott, I need some sleep....” Gilbert muttered, cracking his back. Francis had been quite drunk even though he protested, saying; “You’re not drunk if it’s only wine.” What an excuse that was. He hadn’t been arrested by the cops, that was just something convenient he could use to leave you and his brother alone.

“I hope zhey zank zhe awesome me.” He exclaimed, sneaking up the stairs in case he was interrupting something. When he didn’t hear anything, not even the TV he stood up from his crouch and came to see what you were doing.

He chuckled when he saw you two, ruffling his white hair. “I’m just too awesome as a matchmaker.”
Inspired by my playing Tekken at a friend's house ^^ (It was soo fun!)

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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Now that your suffering was finally over, you were holding your precious newborn son to yourself, with hot tears of happiness on your cheeks. You were the happiest on earth and you gently stroked his tiny back. He was already bathed and now covered in a blue blanket.

Only your husband, Ludwig was missing. He left his workplace as soon as he get to know that your son was on his way but he still got stuck in traffic jam and now he could be somewhere in his car and probably cussing.

You just kept hugging and stroking your little baby as he peacefully rested on your chest. You haven't even given him a name yet so you started thinking about the best choice. You and Ludwig had a few names on your minds but you still couldn't pick the best one.

You sighed loudly, accidentally making your tiny man squirm and whimper. "Awww, no, no, don't worry, was mommy too loud?" You whispered, trying to reassure the poor scared boy. You moved your head closer to his face and planted a soft kiss carefully on his forehead.

When you slowly pulled away, that was when you saw your baby's eyes open for the very first time. You gasped softly and held him a bit tighter, not to scare him again.

They weren't the color you expected. The pale skin and the fair hair wasn't special at all but you never thought that crimson colored eyes would look back at you.

After you came back to earth you smiled and gently caressed his cheek with your thumb. "You really surprised mommy now, my little albino." You spoke to him quietly. You knew that albinism was inherited in interesting ways but you never expected your own child to become like this. Not like you minded it at all.

"Miss, your husband has just arrived, he'd like to see you." You suddenly heard from a nurse and you waited excitedly for Ludwig to enter the room and he did so in the next second.

"Liebe!" He rushed to your bed and squatted down to see you and his son's face from closer. "Hi honey, look what I got for you." You smiled, slightly uncovering the baby.

He looked at him with the most honest smile you've ever seen from anyone. He didn't say anything but the look on his face spoke instead him. You couldn't see properly but meanwhile the little one closed his eyes, not revealing his little secret in front of his daddy. You only noticed the sudden surprised look on your husband's face.

"Red? I'm disappointed, he shouldn't look like his crazy uncle." He sighed. "He might turn out like him." But he was smiling the whole time while he was speaking, of course he didn't care about what his soon looked like. You giggled softly. "It's in your family and so was it in mine it seems. Hey, Luddy..." You whispered with a coy smile on your face. "Yes my dear?" "Can we name him Gilbert?" You giggled.

He grinned and let out a big sigh. "No way, Liebe. One of my brother is more than enough." "But pleaaaaase." You pouted cutely. "Oh no, what about the names we talked about?" "But..." You realised you have to make a compromise. Maybe that would work.

"Can it be his middle name at least? You can choose the first name and everyone will be happy." Ludwig let out another sigh but since he loved you so much... He agreed.

You cheered quietly and stroked your sleeping baby's back gently. And your sweet little son got the name ___________ Gilbert Beilschmidt. But you agreed with your Luddy, you sometimes had the craziest ideas ever.

When Gilbert got to know how his nephew was named after 'the awesome him', you could hear his silly 'kesesese' laugh in the phone. Of course he was happy and he wanted to see the baby as soon as possible, but only after celebrating his birth with Antonio and Francis.
all I have is one thing to tell people... no, reader didn't screw Gilbert
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It was another boring afternoon. You were sitting at the window and staring outside, waiting for Ludwig to return from his daily jog. You didn't want to go with him and you were so bored now. You should have gone with him, at least you wouldn't be alone like that. You sighed and looked up at the sky. Black clouds were gathering, it was going to rain very soon. You hoped that Ludwig will come back before it starts raining but a few seconds later you saw that it was already drizzling. Just a minute later it was already raining heavily. You could guess that Ludwig won't be very happy.
You stayed at the window hoping he would appear soon. It continued raining in the same way for another 15 minutes and he was still nowhere. Of course, he would never skip his training, weather never mattered to him. So you waited and waited. It took a while when you finally noticed him arriving. You smiled, grabbed a towel and went to the door.
"Welcome back." You said in the moment he entered the house and you put the towel on his head.
"Danke." He said shortly and fixed the towel on his head. He seemed a bit annoyed but you expected that.
You kissed his cheek softly and smiled.
"Go and change quickly, I don't want you to catch a cold."
"Ja, I'll go." And with that, he left you there and he went to the bedroom.
You walked back to the living room and sat on the couch and waited there for him. He returned a minute later and sat next to you, still with the towel on his head and he leaned back. You turned towards him and started gently drying his hair.
"So how was the jog?"
"I hate this stupid rain. But that can't be an excuse for skipping training."
"I knew you wouldn't come home earlier just because of it. And then you got all soaked."
He just closed his eyes and pulled the towel off his head and put it next to him. You giggled softly at his messy hair and because it was wet too, it looked even sexier.
"What is it?" He asked.
"Nothing." You said as you stroked his hair with a smile on your face. "I just like your hair like this."
"Thank you."
You didn't like him being so moody so you decided to cheer him up and you opened your arms for a hug towards him. He slowly turned his head to you, let out a loud sigh and leaned against you, laying his head on your chest. You wrapped your arms around him and continued gently stroking his still a bit wet hair. He closed his eyes and soon he slowly put his arms around your waist too. It was still raining and the sounds of the rain and cuddling with Ludwig like that made you so relaxed. You closed your eyes too and lay your head on his and caressed his cheek.
"Are you feeling a little better now?" You asked quietly.
"Mhm." He nodded, nuzzling your chest.
You blushed a little but you were happy about that answer and his voice really seemed calmer.
"I'm glad. Ich liebe dich, Ludwig."
"Ich liebe dich auch."
You lifted your head up and brushed the hair away from his forehead and planted a kiss on it softly. You heard a contented sigh from him in response. He couldn't hide that he was enjoying what you were doing to him. To make sure not to leave him in bad mood you continued kissing him. A few more times on his forehead as you kept stroking his hair, on his nose, his cheeks, your kisses getting slower and longer.
You looked at him and noticed that his breathing got deeper and slower too. You thought he fell asleep and you wanted to make sure of that. You leaned down again and kissed the corner of his lips and waited for his reaction. He lifted his head up a very little, trying to finally kiss you before you pull away. You smiled and placed your hand on his cheek and kissed him softly. He kissed you back and when he parted his lips and tried to slide his tongue into your mouth, you did that to him instead. Surprisingly he didn't refuse and let you do what you wanted. So you continued kissing him slowly and passionately. He didn't do much, just enjoyed the way you pleased him.
Soon you felt him stopping and you pulled away from the kiss and looked at him again.
"Luddy?" You whispered but he stayed quiet.
He was already asleep. You hugged him tightly to yourself and let him lie on you as he slept. You really loved this side of your strong and brave and whatnot lover.
here you have a sleepy cute and snuggly Ludwig <3
just a short thing I made of boredom :3
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Days passed and soon you got used to your new/old home again. Not that you weren't happy at Hungary's house, but returning to your real home was great. You spent peaceful days with your stepfather, Ludwig and thankfully as time passed, you two felt less and less nervous and awkward around each other.

You spent most of your time together and it seemed like nothing could separate you anymore. You didn't do special things but anything you did was a joy. And you talked a lot, both of you had so much to share, sometimes you felt like there won't ever be enough time to tell everything.

You built up a daily routine quite quickly though, and your favourite part was when after shower and dinner you  could just sit at the table and talk to each other.

One evening, since you were somewhat less shy, you wore a loose shirt that left your shoulder exposed with shorts, you found that pretty comfortable and Ludwig didn't seem to mind either. You were standing above the sink, washing a cup quickly when suddenly he was behind you and traced his fingertips slowly over the shoulder the shirt didn't cover.

You shivered a bit and looked at him curiously. "What is it?" You asked. But before he answered and took his hand off you, he frowned a bit and sighed softly. "I thought this scar would one day disappear." "What scar, dad?" "Don't you remember when you tripped over the doorstep and you somehow bruised your shoulder and it bled so hard? I had to bathe you right after that. "Oooh!" You blushed slightly and looked down. "Yes, now I remember. I don't think it will ever heal but it's alright." You smiled.

"If you say so." He answered softly and to your surprise, he planted a soft but long kiss onto the scar, making you shiver again and giggle, since you were a bit ticklish there. "Oh, that tickles, stooooop!" You kept giggling as he kissed longer.

You pulled your shoulder away and turned a bit and pushed him by his shoulder but instead of stopping tickling you, he held your wrists from behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist together with yours and with a playful smile on his face, he next pressed his lips against your neck, making you squeak and struggle more, and you just continued laughing.

"Noooooo, daddy, you're so bad!"  You whined with a grin on your face the whole time. He finally stopped kissing your neck to disagree. "That's not true, I believe I'm a good father. If I was really bad, I wouldn't be tickling you, I remember exactly where you're so ticklish. I never forgot." He smiled and got close to your neck again.

You jumped and squeaked just before he could touch you and you became so strong in that moment, you managed to jump out of his grip and you quickly backed away from him, giving him a playful smile. "You can't get me again, I'm free now.~"

"Oh, we'll see about that." He chuckled and quickly ran towards you, and before you could react, he had his arms wrapped around you again and he held you tightly to himself, he even lifted you up from the ground. You swung your legs, trying to reach the ground again with your feet but you couldn't do that. "Heeey, put me doooown! Let me goooo." You continued whining but you didn't struggle anymore, you knew it would have been useless, he was way too strong for you.

"Fine, fine, anything you want, princess." He giggled softly and set you on the table, his arms still wrapped around you. "I'll put you down but I'm not letting you go, I was away from you for long enough." He leaned you back a bit so he could lay his head comfortably onto your chest as he leaned forward. He still held you tightly so you didn't fall back and you slowly wrapped your arms around his neck and ran your fingers through his hair slowly, with a gentle smile on your face. "Alright then, I can stay with you.

You heard him let out a soft and contented sigh and you continued stroking his hair. You smiled still and looked down at him. He had his eyes closed and he seemed happy that he could rest on you again. He really enjoyed lying on your chest and hugging you tightly, feeling your warmth, and your fingers in his hair was that made him completely relax.

Soon his voice broke the silence again. "Have you ever had a boyfriend? You never told me about that." He slowly lifted his head up to look up at you curiously. "I want to know." You turned your head away again, everytime he asked something slightly embarrassing. "No, I have never had one. I'm pretty shy around boys, you know. It's hard for me to interact with them and everything..." You pouted.

He chuckled softly and stepped back a bit, letting you sit properly on the table now. "That's weird, you have become an attractive lady, don't they ever flirt with you or anything?" "Well, I don't like when they do that, they should just leave me alone. And some of them are scary." "Scary? Why do you find them scary?" "Uuh..." You sighed loud. But then not wanting to explain you just shrugged. "Nevermind daddy." You smiled and hugged him again, which he returned.

"You are such a silly girl." He said smiling before kissing your forehead softly. "But I don't mind, you're still perfect to me." "Thank you." You replied quietly and kissed his cheek quickly.

He closed your eyes and lay his head on his and started slowly stroking your back. Your head was pressed against his chest and you listened to his heartbeat, which seemed rather fast then. You slowly did the same, stroked his back and smiled but after a while you just rested your arms on his back.

But he didn't stop stroking you. His hands slowly slid over your sides and he stroked you slower now, making you slightly arch your back and press yourself more against him. It tickled you again so you thought it was just another silly game he wanted to play and you squirmed a bit and just let him stroke you. But when his hands slid even lower and they touched around your thighs and bottom, you started to feel weird. That was not something he usually did to you and you were confused about it.

"Dad? What are you doing?" You giggled nervously, not knowing what do to about it. "Hmm..." He didn't say anything, just pulled you a little closer by your hips. "You said you've never had a boyfriend. That means you're still a virgin, right?" You blushed deep red in response for that. "Of course I am!" You answered immediately. "B-but why do you ask? Why is it so important?" You tried to hide your face in his shirt. "Well, why do you think I'm asking?" You exhaled nervously as he stroked your hair. "Umm... Because you're worried and you want to know if I was good while you were away? Is that it?" And you really hoped that you guessed right.

"I actually want something more..." Your eyes opened wide when you heard that and you shivered again.
this is part 2. next and final part will be the lemon, I just ended up writing too much stuff before that so I split the rest of the story in 2 >.< have fun with his until I upload the lemon soon
part 1: [link]
part 3: [link]
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Double checking to make sure your husband wasn't in sight you giggled. Taking your pinky finger you swiped off a little bit of frosting off the cake. "Hmm," you moaned.
"Taste good?"
You literally jumped three feet in the air, "AHHHH." Turning around you saw it was your husband, "Oh, Ludwig you scared me…"
Shaking his head sadly, "You just couldn't resist could you?"
"But I need chocolate," you grabbed his shirt and looked him in the eye. "You did this to me. Now you gotta pay the consequences." Ever since you had gotten pregnant you had been craving chocolate in all forums. Dark, unsweetened, semi-sweet, bittersweet, milk, white… "The baby wants chocolate."
"No I think that you want chocolate," he said untangling your fingers from his military uniform. "Now let's go to bed. Gently he guided you back to your room.
"But Luddy I'm-." He cut you off with a kiss and picked you up bridal style.
In between kisses you murmured, "I love you."
After setting you on the bed he leaned down to kiss your neck and rub your budging stomach lovingly.
"Ah, ah, Luddy, stop," you groaned.
He smirked at you, "Ready to go to bed now?"
"Yes!" you shouted.
He then gently kissed your lips, "Good."  Settling so his arms were wrapped around you with your back to his chest.
A little while later you felt a strange pain in your stomach. Thinking you had to go to the bathroom you wriggled out of your husband's tight embrace and went to the bathroom. Once your feet hit the floor you crumpled to your knees in pain. "AHHHHHHHHH!"
Instantly Ludwig shot up. "__________, what's wrong?"
"I don't-ahhhhh!" another stab of pain interrupted you and you screamed. After a few seconds your underwear felt wet. "Oh crap…"
You felt Ludwig put his hands on your shoulders, "_________, ____________, what's wrong?"
"I-I think my water just broke." You looked at your husband with a serious eye. "The bab-ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"
"What about the baby."
You turned to him and screamed, "It's coming!" You started to cry.
"W-w-what do I do?" it was almost funny to see the usually stoic and calm German get flustered. But fight now you were in no mood to laugh.
"G-Get the suitcases and get me to the car," tears were running down your eyes at the pain.
After you finally got to the car you were still in tears. "L-Ludwig, I think I'm gonna die!" You squeezed his hand as he broke the speed limit trying to get to the hospital.
"Ah-ah __________ you're going to break my hand," he shouted.

Hours later…

"Now, Mrs. Beilschmidt, how long have you been in labor," said the doctor purring on rubber glovs.
You snarled at him, "I DON'T KNOW!"
"Doctor it's been about five hours," said Ludwig.
"Ok Mrs. Beilschmidt now I just need you to push."
Ludwig watched as the doctor lifter your gown.
"One more push," coached the doctor.
Peeking around the corner Ludwig saw blood his eyes widened. Within seconds your 'pillar of strength' fell to the floor in a dead faint. "LUDWIG, GET OFF THE FLOOR!"
You gave one more push and then heard a soft cry.
"Congratulations Mrs. Beilschmidt, it's a boy," the nurse said handing you a small blue bundle.
"Ludwig, Ludwig look it's a-." You saw your husband on the floor. Sighing you said, "Can someone help me?"
After your 'big strong man' had been revived the two of you marveled at the tiny life the two of you had created.
"I saw we call him Josef," you whispered. "Josef Beilschmidt."
"I like that," said Ludwig smiling.
You looked at how gentle and kind he looked, "Do you want to hold him."
Ludwig looked taken aback, "M-Me." Inside he was thinking that if he held his son that he would break him.
You nodded and handed him to his father before Ludwig could object.
It was a beautiful picture. The strong, burly German holding such a small and fragile thing. As said before, it was beautiful. Unfortunately it was broke by-
"Hey, west! Cigars for the new vati!"
"Gilbert," you snapped at him, "get out."
"Kensesesese~ come on let the awesome me see mein awesome nephew."
Ludwig, slightly red, snapped at his brother, "Bruder, get out!"
And the two of you lived happily ever after…
And ze winner iz Germany! I'm sorry for all you Russia fans, but it was a close call. One vote away :(
Well don't worry, I'm going to be writing a Russia one for this series soon :)

Part 1: Japan [link]
Part 2: China [link]
Part 3: England [link]
Part 4: America [link]
Part 5: France [link]
Part 6: Italy [link]
Part 8: Russia [link]
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"Germouser, Germouser," shouted Itabby, "I want you to meet ______________."
"Ja, Ja," said Germouser following the hyperactive Italian cat. He had no idea why Itabby wanted to introduce him to his new friend.
"_________!" shouted Itabby finaly finding his friend.
"Itabby," it was a pretty she-cat with large (e/c) eyes and a thick (f/c) coat. Carefully she walked over as the Italian cat ran to her tackling her in a strange catish hug.
"Veee~ ____________!" Itabby jumped, "___________, greet me like I taught you!"
___________ turned slightly red, "O-ok." Quickly she gave the Italian a peck on both cheeks.
"Ve~I got kissed by a pretty kitty. Now its your tern Germouser," said Itabby, "_____________ give Germouser a kiss to!"
________________ and Germouser both turned very red. "Umm, Itabby. I don't think that _________ would want-."
"Oh, no I'm fine," said ___________, "that is if you're-."
Germouser interrupted her, "I'm fine."
___________ walked over to the cat and gave him a quick peck on both cheeks.
"Ve~. Now Germouser got a kiss from a pretty kitty!"
__________ blushed. "So, Germouser. Do you, umm, want to go for a walk?"
Germouser nodded and the two of them left a confused Itabby who was veee-ing


Karl and Josef ran from their uncle Gilcat. "The awesome me is gonna get you!"
"Gilcat, stop chasing mein kids!" shouted Germouser.
"Germouser, let them play," __________ purred into her mate's ear.
Germouser grumbled, "It's almost time for bed."
"Why don't you and I play instead?" __________ purred again into Germouser's ear.
"We just had them; do you want them to have more siblings?"
____________, giggled, "You're loss." __________ got up and started to walk away.
"No, wait!"
Request from :iconakatsuki-wolfz:

I'm still takeing request up till tomarrow (aka 7th of July) after that I won't take any more requests.

Go to [link] to make a request.
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“I don’t wanna,” you groaned as Ludwig stood in the doorway.
“_________, we have to train.”
You moaned and pulled the covers over your head, “It’s Saturday.”
A small, “Si…” came from under the covers.
“Hmm?” you said still half asleep.
“Is that Feliciano?”
You managed to crack open your eyes and saw the Italian man hugging you around the waist, sleeping. “Yeah, why?” you said, peeking out from under the covers, not really caring.
His face was red and he was practically vibrating in anger, “Feliciano!”
The poor man practically jumped out of bed. “Ve!”
“Aw, Ludwig,” you said hugging Feli, “be nice.”
“What are you doing sleeping with mein girlfriend?”
Feli shook in fear, “Sh-she w-was warm! A-and I was s-scared to sleep alone!” He was practically crying by the time his explanation was over.
You pouted and hugged him tighter, “Lighten up Ludwig, it’s not like this is the first time this has happened.”
Finally you stretched, any hope of you ever going back to sleep was gone. “Yeah,” you said lazily and got up. You short shorts and tank top were almost skin tight and quite revealing. Ludwig turned a slight shade of pink as you bent over and rummaged through your drawers for something to wear. “You guys better leave, I got to get dressed.”
“Veeee, I’ll make breakfast!” with that Feliciano jumped up and ran to the kitchen.
And you didn’t hear, but Ludwig quietly slipped out.
--At Training--
You took deep breaths, trying to regulate them. However every so often you would gasp for air.
You jumped and kept running, trying to outrun the almost impossibly fit German who seemed to be angry with you.
As you caught up with Kiku you managed to wheeze out, “What’s wrong with Ludwig?”
“Feliciano! You need to run this fast when you’re not in retreat!”
“I agree, something seems to be bothering Mr. Beilschmidt this morning.”
I you nodded and wheezed out again, “He’s been this way all morning.”
A soft, but gradually getting louder, “Don’t hurt me!” Was heard and you realized that Ludwig had finally managed to motivate Feliciano.
“I’ll ask him tonight at dinner,” you said and started to slow down, “see ya.”
--After dinner--
“Ludwig, is everything ok?” you asked as the two of you washed the dishes from dinner.
Ludwig handed you a wet dish and nodded.
Never looking away from him, you dried it. “Ludwig, are you lying?”
He shook his head and handed you another dish.
“___________,” he finally said, “now is not the time.”
You frowned and accepted the dish. The two of you ended up finishing without another word passing between you two. When you were done you threw the now damp towel on the floor, “Ludwig, tell me now. What’s wrong?”
“Nothi-.” He tried to leave
“Don’t lie to me. Was it something I did?” You said as you blocked the door out of the kitchen.
You frowned, he was blushing. “It was, wasn’t it? You hate me now, don’t you?”
His eyes widened, “What? No!”
“Then what’s wrong?”
It took you a total of five seconds to process what he said and another five to realize what the problem was. “Are you…are you jealous of Feli?”
He blushed, “No.”
You smiled, “You are, aren’t you?”
Hugging him you gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Aww, that’s ok, Ludwig, you know that you’re the only guy for me.” With that you jumped off and walked away.
“Wait, what was he doing in your bed this morning?” he called out.
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I'm still working on Pearl of the Sea on my fanfiction
not so much Lilies and Love on my wattpad...

If any of you want the links they are on my profile on my deviantID.
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