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Another drawing of my oc Buffalo (Jeachim) and man this took me some times to think while doing college work.@w@ Any ways it's a picture Jeachim and Guider Road out under the red sky night being watched by the monstrous creature of sin in cannibalism known as the Wendigo. What will happen when they face one of the other mythical Native American creature that was once human who been corrupted be eating her only kind and hungers more? So hope you like it and if you came across a camp sit full of junk, clothing that are hanging on the tree and a smell of rotten meat or flesh, best to run away, never know if the Wendigo is living there.:fear:
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{Old Characters, A threat, New and 3rd Top Villian, Updated}

Name: X
New Name: Jack Harryhausen
Nickname: Smiling Jack
Age: X
Birth date: Unknown
Birth place: Unknown
Species: Immortal or something?
Sex: Male
Race: Egyption, disguise and poses to be Engilsh  
Class: Doctor, Biologist, Philanthropist, Grave Robber, Sadistic Psycho, and Cannibal? What else?
Affiliated: People come and go and used for experiments, Also his most trusted, even though he stayed for a week, friend reporter Ipkiss Cain
Voice:… (I love the voice of deformed and almost dyeing "Doctor Rex Lewis", even though Jack don't have any tubes and life support, but damn, scary and awesome vocals. X3)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dead White or Gray
height: Unknown
Body Damage: Damaged or pulled out left eye and years of cuts, organ damage and broken bones?
Skin: Could whit and blue?
Translation: Might be all?
{Home world: Unknown}

Jack "A ghost no! immortality and live long and never regret of the sins I did."

About him self: Jack Harryhausen, mysterious man of science and superstitions with unknown origins. He have a long history of odd and unusual adventure through out time. He claims to Immortal and seen everything when time moves on and such. Don't be fool of his looks, but he is much older then your expected. From what he done in his life is unknown, but claims that before he became immortal, he was living his life as a doctor and priest way back in the time of rulers and gods...?

Personality: Unknown and never known what personalty he's going for? Maybe he might be bipolar disorder, but in most who encounter, he's claim and lay back, but still watch out and take cation when he's around.

Time changes on what he's interest unless you're close to him.






Equipment: Time changes on what he is equipt.

Outfits: ...

Jack Harryhausen (2011-2012):


Whelp another mad science, with a bit of philanthropy and years of learning. The looks of Jack is and was base off looks of Doctor Rex Lewis as soon to be Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Anyways I know I should get back on the list, but Jack been stuck in my mind lately and thought maybe he needs an update to be a little more frighting. So Rex Lewis is an great example and inspiration of a real mad man with can of crazies. Also as from what my friend :iconkitsunecharade: told me last week I posted a drawing base of a bad dream I had said, "Jack to me seems to represent fear and he is using your insecurities to make you doubt yourself." So maybe and the 3rd time, Jack is the new main villain in my list, just in cross overs and not part of my two certain Oc's stories either. So hope you like it and friends of the headless community, watch out, he needs a new headless servant now.:fear:
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{Old Characters, almost forgotten}

Age: 19
Birth date: July 7th
Birth place: Unknown
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Race: Native American
Tribe: Hopi…
Native Symbol: Kokopelli
Native Nation: 2nd Nation
Class: Traveler, Guitar player, Gaming freak, Hiker.
Affiliated: Just herself and the haunted guitar of an hotshot ego idiot who is now trapped in his own guitar.
Voice:… (Back then and forgive me, but sometimes I though some chick with guitars sound like that do to the fact that I once knew a student in guitar class who sound like Raven.^^;)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'3
Skin: Why are you asking me that?
Translation: Native American and English,
{What home world?: Earth}

About herself: This self reliance girl is Elizabeth Raisin how is not welled known in the media, but only on the road of "Route 66." Though she feel only go back and forth of California to new Mexico and back as she plays her guitar for entertainment for others on the road or road side attraction. Many who encounters or spent time with her thinks she'd a bit coco when talking or argues to her guitar. She been asked and her answers always is and will be "because my guitar is haunted by a hotshot self center ego musician idiot." Nobody believes her, but so many only met her once or twice, some times more if she visit the same place on her travels. There's a lot of mystery behind her as she only travels by herself, sleeps and eat on the road, but have no home to go to. No home, no friends, no family, just her and her guitar she travels with every day.

Personalty: They say she's coco, but over looking the fact that she's nice and very out going even though she sounds a little depressed. She loves the out doors and hiking, she loves to play video games, but never have a consul, but spend money on arcades games and sometimes see her name in 1st play or not. And finally she's very superstitious every seance she got that guitar and when walking on the road, she hums or sings ghost related songs.

No one, or body meet her or live to tell about it.

Any kind of rock band she heard on her travels.
Mostly both Rock and Country
Outside related activity like hiking
Arcade games
Road side attractions
Both audio novels and DVDs of books and movies you can only find on the road or gas station

Stupidity and idiots
The ghost in her guitar.
Broken down arcade games.

Guitar playing
walking and hiking

Talking back at her guitar.
finding money on the ground
Crew gum and jerky
Copy and record DVDs to her laptop?

Nobody knows

Equipment: A backpack with a laptop inside, along with food, medic kit, papers, and stuff for travel.


Elizabeth (2009):

I finally redrew her once and reason i did so is because that i never add any musician in the list.^^; So where did I came up with her? Many travels of road side attraction and seeing guitar players on the road and along side weird stuff happens at night.@w@ So hope you like it and sorry i'm typing too fast and too short as i'm gonna draw another opic and take a sort break and resume.^^;

Note: The others bonus or what, even new ones will have more info like this one.^w^
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Picking up where I left off (with Michelle, Sophia and Mandy going their own ways), Aly and Kat stuck together, keeping the band name and traveling around playing gigs where ever they could.  One day, after a performance, they ran into a duet that had a very good sound, despite just using a drum machine.;  They were Celeste, a great singer and rhythm guitarist, and her best friend, Olivia, a bassist.  So they practiced together, and instantly hit it off...thus the Atomic Butterflies were back :)
On another note, my long-time cutie, Taylor, has also rejoined on occasion, still adding to the band's sound with her keyboard 8-)

A briefing on their updated personalities:
:bulletpink:Taylor (26): Still the beautiful bookworm she always was, she is caring, intelligent, and keeps her friends close.  However, she is still a little slow to some humor.  And yes, she still is the most ticklish of all my girls.

:bulletblue:Aly (23): She's really gone through a change since her debut, from a quiet, shy teenager to a fun, outgoing young lady.  She has lightened up quite a bit, making her the 'silly' one of the group.  But unlike Michelle, she knows when to draw the line...well, MOST of the time.

:bulletred:Kat (25): The main gal of this group and long-time drummer of the band, she is has matured with time, as she is not quite as evil as she used to be (although she is still tougher than all the previous Butterflies).  She has also picked up on gaming recently, along with Aly, and enjoys spending some hard-earned cash on some good games;  but she dislikes losing.

:bulletorange:Celeste (25):  New to the band, she's also currently the strongest and intimidating of the group.  Despite her prowess, she is very laid back and loves to joke around.  She is also rather kinky, and has a variety of interests.  She also has a habit of being protective of Aly.

:bulletblack:Olivia (24):  The pretty girl with an attitude, simply put.  She's the roughest of the girls, however, she still enjoys pedicures and kittens.  Her bass notes often go well with Celeste's rhythm guitar or with Kat's drumming, making her very valuable to the band.  She is also bisexual, so she sometimes has a little crush on Kat.
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Seeing how this is (or was all over the internet), I figure I'd try my take on it.  Taylor was going to do it, and was all hyped up and brave, but once the ice-water bucket was above her head, she was thinking of changing her mind.  However, Kat won't let that happen :XD:

:bulletred: Kat:  Oh come on, I just barely touched you...hurry up, we're recording already ;D
:bulletblue: Aly: You should've put feathers in the bucket instead...
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A pic I had drawn for ~BluishFeather awhile back, but I decided to color it now as practice for my 'tablet efficiency' if i would call it, lol.

I love large ticklish soles...and I believe Lina's are size 15 <3

yes, slowly getting back the speed in dark =p Buuuut I hope you like it :thumbsup:
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The Raccoons: Bert Raccoon,Lisa Raccoon,Ralph Raccoon,Melissa Raccoon,Scaheffer,Broo,Cedric Sneer,Sophia Tutu,Bentley Raccoon
The Get-Along Gang: Montgomery "Good News" Moose,Dotty Dog,Woolma Lamb,Zipper Cat,Portia Porcupine,Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver,Braker Turtle,Rocco Rabbit,Rudyard Lion,Flora "Forget-Me-Not" Fox,Bernice Bear,and Lolly Squirrel
Buttons and Rusty
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Chipmunks and The Chipettes
Basketball Fever: Hopper and The Dynamics
Rock a Doodle: Chanticleer, Emound, Patou, Snipes, and Peepers
All Dogs go to Heaven: Charlie B. Barkin and Itchy Itchiford
Alf the animated series
The Land before Time: Little Foot, Cera, Ducky, Peetree, and Spike Garfield,
Denver the last dinosaur
Teddy Ruxpin
The Bluffers:Zock,Zipper,Blossom,Honey Boy,Sharpy,Regal Eagle,Ginseng,Prickly Pine,Psycho,and Zang and Dens,
Adventures of the star Kids: Scorpio,Flip,Libby,Torro,Virgy,Sagi,Bubbles,Cap,Leo,Moon,Ari,and Gemo and Gemi,
Street frogs: Big Max,Spider,Moose The Loose,"Honey Love" Loretta,and Dr. Slick,
We’re Back: A dinosaur story: Rex, Elsa, Woog, and Dweeb
Care Bears and Care Bears Cousins,
Mirthworm: Bert Worm and Crystal Crawler,
Lollipop Dragon: Lollipop Dragon,Cuddles,Gliter,Blue Eye
Ted E. Bear and Patty Bear
Chuck E. Cheese,Helen Henny,Jaspter T. Jowls,Mr.Munch
Kiki and Koko
Daniel Mouse and Jan Mouse
Pound Puppies Movie: Cooler,Nose Maire,Howler,Whooper,Brighteyes,Beamer,Reflax,Hairball,and Charlamange
Cats Don’t Dance: Danny,Sawyer,Tillie Hippo,Woolie Mammoth,and Peabo "Pudge" Pudgemyer
The Pebble and the penguin: Hubie, Marina,and Rocko,
Ovide: Ovide,Saphron,Polo,Groaner,and Matilda,
Bucky O'Hare,Jenny,Deadeye,Bruiser,Blinky,and Willy DuWitt,
Digimon:Tai,Sora,Matt,Izzy,Mimi,TK,Joe,Kari,Davis,Yolei,Cody,Ken,Agumon,Biyomon,Gabumon,Tentomon,Palmon,Patamon,Gomamon,Gatomon,Veemon,Hawkmon,Armadillomon,and Wormmon
Kidd Video: Kidd Video,Carla,Whiz,and Ash
TMNT: Leo,Mikey,Donny,and Raph
The American Rabbit
Captain Planet,Kwame,Wheeler,Linka,Gi,and Ma-ti,
Stone Protectors: Cornelius,Max,Angus,Chester,and Cliff Bernie
Adventure of T-Rex: Bruno,Bubba,Buck,and Bugsy,
Toxie Crusaders: Toxie,Nozone,Major Disaster,Headbanger,and Junkyard
C.O.P.S Animated series: Bulletproof,Longarm,Bowser and Blitz,Sundown,Mace,Highway,Barricade,Hardtop,Bullseye,Mainframe,and Mirage
The Bots Master: Ziv "ZZ" Zulander,Blitzy "Blitz" Zulander,Jammerzz,Toolzz,All Ball,Batzz,Bogey,Ace,Genesix,D'Nerd,Watzon,Cook,Ninjzz,and Kiddie
Super Ted and Spotty
Banana Man: Banana Man Crow
Danger Mouse and Penfold
Ghostbusters: Peter,Ray,Egon,Winston Jake,Eddie,Tracy,and Futura
Defenders of Dynatroncity: Jet Headstrong,Miss Megawatt,Buzzsaw Girl,Toolbox,Radium Dog,and Monkey Kid
Police Academy: Carey Mahoney, Larvell Jones, Carl Sweetchuck, Zed McGlnk, Moses Hightower, Laverne Hooks, Thomas “House” Conclin, Eugene Tackleberry, Debbie Callahan
Fairy Tale Police Dept.: Christine Anderson and Johnny Ledgend
Inspector Gadget
Mario and Luigi
Defenders of the Earth: Flash Gordon,The Phantom,Mandrake,Lothar,Rick Gordon,Jedda Walker,Kshin,and LJ
James Bond Jr.: James Bond Jr.,
Sebastian Star Bear: Sebastian and Souci
Dungeons and Dragons: Hank the Ranger,Eric the Cavalier,Diana the Acrobat,Presto the Magician,Sheila the Thief,Bobby the Barbarian,and Uni the Unicorn
Captain Simian and the Space monkeys: Captain Charles "Chuck" Simian,Gor-illa/Gor,Spydor,Dr. Splitz/Splitzy,Shao Lin
Garfield and Friends: Garfield
Skinnamarink TV: Ella Acappella
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Story: As the battle continues, more villains enter the fray and join the fight for the Yin Alliance or The Dark Force. You decide.

Featuring: Darkwing Duck, Earthworm Jim, New Animal Life(ThieviousRaccoonus), Spyro the Dragon, Gex, Kirby, Digimon series, Ratchet and Clank, Avatar the last airbender, Sly Cooper, Ape Escape, Legend of Zelda series, Star Fox, .Hack//G.U., Donkey Kong, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Catdog, Scooby Doo, Felix the Cat, The Incredibles, Care Bears series, Space Jam, Perils of Penelope Pitstop, Tiny toons, Justice League, Kingdom hearts 3(Tigerbreath13), TMNT, The Bluffers, KND, Ben 10, Generator Rex, Johnny Test, Powerpuff Girls, Secret Saturdays, Symbionic Titan, Code Lyoko, Captain Planet, Chop Socky Chooks, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Fairlyodd Parents, El Tigre, Chalkzone, Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthbound, Ducktales, Super Mario Bros., Toriko, Trigun, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, Bomberman Jetterz, Skylanders, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Samurai Pizza Cats, Emperor's new Groove, Great Mouse Detective, Princess and the frog, American Dragon Jake Long, Yin Yang Yo, Dave the Barbarian, Lion King, Peter Pan, Nightmare before Christmas, Hunchback of Notredame, Lilo and stitch, Little Mermaid, Mulan, Hercules, 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin, Hero 108, Home on the Range, Kim Possible, Atomic Betty, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Adventure Time.

Heroes:[link] [link] [link]
Justice Alliance:[link]
Allies:[link] [link]
Villains and enemies:[link] [link] [link]
Allies and Summonings:[link] [link] [link] [link]
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This is a art request for *masonicon called 2012 Task Force
Main Characters: Robin, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy(Teen Titans) Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Mimi, Koushiro, Joe, Takeru, Hikari(Digimon season 2) Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy(Spongebob Squarepants) Sora, Kairi, Riku, Donald, Goofy(Kingdom Hearts 2) Ash, Misty, Tracey, Melody(PoKeMoN series and movie 2000)

Support: Marco, Eri, Tarma, and Fio(Metal Slug series)
Neku, Shiki, Beat, and Rhythm(The World Ends with You)
Bart Simpson(The Simpsons) Tommy Vercetti(Grand Theft Auto Vice City) Nomad(Crysis)Iji Kataiser( From a fanmade computer games) Chuck Norris(TV show and guest star in Dodgeball True underdog story)

Villains: Grox(Spore), Doomguy, Cyberdemon, and Spider Mastermind(Doom series), Cho Seung Hui( A psycho gunman in NBC News),
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Gh...trying :worry:

A little something I wanted to finish ages ago but never got the chance. It's been hard honestly, for one, I seem to have misplaced my mouse....I'll find it at some point I'm sure. << Besides that, my shoulder's still in agony. But I'll be going to the medical centre in a couple of weeks. 

Anyway! Just a little something I designed and put Hom Nom in. Oh how I love her and her bovine cuteness. X3 

Hom Nom © HomunculusLover
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Gaaaah, the last prize from my winter competition last year...finally done. And I'd like to apologise several times over to :iconlycanthropash: for taking ages to finally have this done. >__<; 

A while back we saw some adorable Totoro macaroons on Facebook. They looked delicious, though me and Ash couldn't help feel we'd torment them. I said I'd probably watch one drown in my hot chocolate whilst she replied she'd simply bite their heads off.

I suppose the subject is someone fitting since the talk of Ghibli studios. Though it's not confirmed they are closing their doors, changes will be made from the sounds. I do hope good things and they keep going with their work. 

Anyway.~ I really enjoyed doing this. X//3 I had to involve a kotatsu because to be honest, I've always wanted one. They look like the perfect thing I'd use in the cold season. =) Maybe one day.~ X3 

Enjoy people! Sorry again Ash for being so horrible late on this. DX 

Ash © LycanthropAsh 

Totoro © Ghibli Studios

Me, art © HomunculusLover    
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A commission for :icongalabad: who I have to say I liked the idea of the slippers with holes in them. I don't see it often where holes are cut into socks and such to poke and torment the ticklish soles and toes.~ This was a lot of fun! 

Poor me...I always seem to find myself snatched up by someone and then have to endure some horrible tickly doom. What did I ever do to deserve this? Wait, no, don't close the door! Don't leave me in here!! O//o

Art, Me © HomunculusLover
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An OC I've been trying to make for months. Her name is Paige, and here is some drawings I've compiled. Hopefully you can see that I tried to make her more tomboyish and a little spunky. Other than that, I really don't have a detailed bio/backstory/exposition.
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Sweet heavens, I drew something normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I do very often but don't share it, but since I introduced my OC's here I figured to kind of let you all in on some experiments. As you may or may not know, they are from left, Cindy, Maria, and Paige.
Basically the main idea revolves around doing a deconstruction of Magical Girl trope, which features the scruffy tomboy Paige who has to defend humanity by looking pretty XD

I'm considering making several visual styles to also poke fun of how every franchise ever gets rebooted into infinite universes. Each style might be different thematically...this one being a little cute and silly, while others might be more serious. I'd even invite artists to make their own Magical Paige universe in their own likeness and style, and kind of create a universe of universes and would encourage such artists to use them for their own profit.

But...let's just start with this. ;)
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I randomly made some blonde girl a while ago and :iconrosusonikku: convinced me that she should be more than some random character.

So, this is Cindy Sweet. I think she's more of a country girl, and a little more outgoing than Maria and more cheery than Paige. My apologies for the rough looking references, but more of her is to come.
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Bleh. >.< Drew this last night over the course of two hours with the worst migraine you can imagine, as well as drawing it on my bed. >XD Honestly, I'm glad I was able to do most of it without passing out.

:iconfearmeplz: Is ACTUALLY what inspired my "I want to draw OCs with angry grins" poll. >XD Did I do a good job? I hope so. :XD:

It's what I am considering a speedpaint. I know it's not the greatest thing you've ever seen, but I did do threeeeeeeee! characters in it this time and it was fun being able to do random art for people I haven't had a chance to yet! minus potato but that's okay. SOOOO YEAH let's get to the characters! :D

First up, in that crouching corner of DOOOM, we have Cruoris, (c) :iconnobiliskrypton:. A lovely little fellow that has a great, classic, dragon grin of awesome. And I got my ref here frooooom the collab between aforementioned awesome and *ArtificiumDraco located hereeeee ---> Please note this is on both their accounts- if you go fav one, FAV THE OTHER ONE OR I SHALL :iconfearmeplz: do terrible things in the dark to you >:3

Mmm, sidenote, when your room is pitch black and you have a migraine and you're exhausted and you're staring at DA, you want to punch your eyes out. It's freaking miserable. That's why this is on a black screen, because, well, it's much easier to work on a black screen than a white one with my circumstances. >XD

Second, we have our classic Cerberus in a single form (with three minds in the one head, mind you), (c) of :icongnarledcontradiction:- god that picture was awesome. It looks like Alucard from Hellsing grin, and that's EXACTLY what I was looking for. I couldn't really pull it off, gods I have to work on my anatomy, but for the most part, I love what I did. Even if it isn't much of a hellhound. Let's just let that slide, shall we?

And I started with white, because I wanted to work with creepy factors. Just BTW.

AND last but not least, I have a wonderful guest named Lialda (c) :iconfelis-draconis: - I'm really sorry I couldn't fit in her rider, but I did have a good time reading their stats! You should see the detail work she put into this character. Check it out! :D Lialda here is in the back, much like her reference picture, but with more teeth and a bigger, happier/angrier eyeball? I love the way I shaded the front of her snout. And her scales. And spikes. And I'm really terribly sorry for not finishing the scales on her jawline, I just got so tired that I really couldn't do anymore.

There is a chance that I will pick up on this piece again in the future and color it/critique it/work on it, but please don't worry me about it, I already feel kinda bad posting it so yeah let's be nice to me yesyes? :XD:
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Great title, I know, right?
You want to see my TRADITIONAL scale work?
Download this puppy.
This is only about, oh, 5 inches wide or so.
A normal bust work for me, though the time it took was nearly 10 hours or so, I'd say. That's enough time for almost a full colored background and dragon digitally...
I know that some people agree with me that my traditional work is better. And like I said, I agree with them. However, my traditional sketches rarely ever turn out well enough... About 1 of 7 sketches gets this good and because of the amount of time it takes me to finalize it to a good drawing, it actually equates to about 2 weeks worth of thinking and planning and sketching and fussing, instead of say, 5 hours for a digital paint.
If that makes sense, anyway...
I've only been doing digital art for 3 months. Am I doing a good enough job? What could I push myself for?
I'm hoping to go further into making my dragons look more realistic in their settings- the same detail from the character placed in their surroundings. At least, for now. We will see how that goes, right?
Anyways, enjoy a few of these rare sketches of mine I am planning to take much further in painting digitally. ^^

P.S. To all my viewers under mature content viewing age! LET ME KNOW WHO YOU ARE VIA NOTE OR SOMETHING;
This one will be painted with BLOOOOOOOD :evillaugh:
BUT! Fear not! If many people would rather I didn't have all blood work to soothe my raging personality, I will do it in a sloobery-type style IN ADDITION to my blood file. Will that work? :3
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Here is :icondying-hopes:'s Dumai-Oggiena. She's beautiful and graceful and curious, just like her creator! :love:

I'm very happy with this piece. x)

She has to be one of the best people I have EVER met on this site, and I really hope that when she sees this, her heart soars. :heart: I rushed the background, but I am beginning to hurt. :XD: At least all the scales are there and it doesn't DIMINISH the piece- I feel like they accent it again, which was a personal goal for me. :aww:

If you've any critique for the pose, I will gladly take it- it was something VERY new for me, and I redrew her pose about 7 times before I was satisfied, and even then I had to auto transform the back half of the dragon like 3 times after that. :XD: Still, this was a total blast too. More fun water effects, and my first reflection practice! I could have done better, but... for now, it will be as is. :aww:

I also rushed the background, so if you're looking for flaws, you WILL find them there. >XD So uhm, yeah. The focus of this piece should be her eye, I think! :D Since it has a flaming storm inside of it, check it out!

Thank you for letting me draw your amazing character, dear! :heart:

Time taken ~15 hours
Photoshop CS3

Dumai-Oggiena (c) :icondying-hopes:
Art (c) :iconreithya:

Enjoy~! :heart:
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Full version of this

Sketches and pencils here
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Would be correct to call this a "fanart", even being about my own characters?

Anyway, this is just a sketch I plan to finish soon, showing the main staff of HERO PARTY — a fantasy manga-style comic I'm working with the amazing ~PepperComics

To know more about these people (and see some really decent artwork), look here: [link]

And, to be a backer in our Kickstarter campaign (thanks!), come here: [link]
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No, I'm not a total digital artist yet. First steps still on paper.

Then we go to this:
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Interplanetary Tickle-War

Far away from the notice of humanity, as they continued their everyday repetitive behaviors, lies a hidden world within the Eagle Nebula - Protected by magic and the homeworld of a species whose empire stretches across numerous planets.
The native species of this planet call themselves 'The Witches of the Eagle Nebula'. Armed and dangerous with advanced scientific technology but also with magic, they had formed an empire that stretched across many worlds. Like the Amazons, the women were the dominant gender and were ruled over by a woman known by as Teryn the Blood-Bringer; High Priestess of the Nebula Witches and Empress of the witches' ever-expanding empire.
Teryn's nickname comes as no surprise to her personality; Believing in ritual sacrifice, she is shown to be very violent in combat or when dealing with prisoners, often torturing them before and during their imprisonment to break their spirits. After a prisoner's time has been decided and passed, they are either made into slaves for the women or executed publicly.
Despite her callous and sadistic views, Teryn does have a liking for giving her foes a fighting chance. Often, she will send a message to a planet the witches plan to make part of their empire, explaining their intentions and what will happen if there intentions are refused or ignored. Their custom allows for the world they plan to control to nominate a number of 'Champions' (often males only) to fight the witches' Veteran warriors. Unfortunately for all these civilizations, Teryn's veteran warriors very rarely loose, which is complimented by Teryn's refusal to accept defeat by ultimately cheating in the battles. Once this battle is over, the witches' forces begin their attack.

Most recently, Teryn and her daughter Seryn have set their sights on Earth. Readying their fleet, the Witches have set forth into the solar system with the plan to make Earth the next world to join their Empire.
On Earth, however, Jasmine O'Connor - a friendly extraterrestrial who runs Earth-United - has detected the incoming fleet and received their transmission about their plans for taking over and offering Earth to select a group of 'Champions' to fight for the planet.
Using Earth-United's technology, Jasmine and the other founders of the institute have isolated the message to prevent it from been broadcasted to the world and causing a mass panic.
Having witnessed the witches' ways herself, Jasmine was in no way going to allow them to take over. As Earth-United's council debated on appropriate action, the witches' ships continued to draw closer - a potential prize in their sights...


A tickle story I will start writing soon.

Hope you like it.
Space background made in Particle Illusion.
Empress Teryn, Princess Seryn, Warriors and background made in Heromachine 3.
Put together and edited in Photoshop.
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A new OC of mine.
Lieutenant Katie Rodriguez, better known as Kate to her friends and family, was a young American soldier fighting in Afghanistan. Sadly, she lost her life after been mortally wounded in a sniper attack.

Her spirit has wondered aimlessly but has found its way to BlackDragonScars home, where she now 'exists'. Thanks to Ashley's magic, she can temporarily gain a physical form again.


Hope you like it
Made in Heromachine 3
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Shadow Voarex is a clone of a human/dragon hybrid from the future. When Majestic invades and Dragonia falls, Shadow is enhanced into a super-soldier and made to try and stop Majestic - by any means necessary...


I remember the days so well - a pain I forever have to endure.

It all began with a series of seemingly unlinked kidnappings and assassinations on beings of great power and/or non-human origin. Earth-United and Drakil's investigation into these events drew a blank as to who or what was behind it.
The few that did escape these events spoke in fear of strange creatures dressed in black, with glowing red eyes, metal claws instead of fingers and a scorpion-like mechanical tail. The worst part of these creatures was their capability to project images you couldn't tell were real or not.
But while Earth-United and Drakil both continued to try and figure out what was going on, humanity remained unaware of any disturbance while the numerous other species in their many realms continued life as usual.
If only they could have seen what was coming.

The tyrannical institute known as Majestic was responsible for what was going on - trying and mostly succeeding to 'remove' those who posed a threat to their greatest plan. For years unknown to all, Majestic had been developing technology that would allow them to essentially rip open the boundaries between worlds - allowing entry to the numerous realms that lay beyond that of humanity. But these worlds were not the only targets in Majestic's sights; for years, the governments that created them had no concept of the scale of achievement this tyrannical group possessed. Now, Majestic saw themselves as beyond the control of Earth's governments and plotted to overthrow them.
Their preparations were now complete - having created many 'storage realms' that each housed 20 million cloned Majestic units held in stasis - ready for war.
Quietly using their technology to open up a pass into the Armageddon Zone - an area that acted as a 'portal station' for numerous species such as Dragons - Majestic sent hundreds of thousands of their invisible 'sabotagers' into the area. Each converged into numerous groups that infiltrated each of the realms; evading all forms of detection as they settled inside all areas of military force and tactical advantage. The peoples of each world had no idea of the chaos that was about to unfold.

When the numerous Christmas celebrations and other winter festivities were well underway, Majestic initiated their invasion. Awakening the millions upon millions of dormant soldiers while fleets of their various machines of doom activated, Majestic tore open an entry into the Armageddon Zone as their armed forces launched their assault upon the unsuspecting peoples of each realm. The Sabotagers completed their jobs as they completely removed any military offensive - completely crippling the numerous counter-attacks as 20 million Majestic soldiers of various ranks and abilities descended upon the terrified masses. Until now, Majestic had been a background threat and something of a joke among the various civilizations who knew about them - how quickly that faded now.
Men, women or children - soldiers or civilians - it didn't matter. All were targets in the emotionless eyes of Majestic's soulless warriors. The various villages, towns and cities were torn apart while mountains were shattered, forests set ablaze and lush countryside reduced to charred wasteland.
Back in the human realm, their governments and military suffered the same fate. This time, however, the soldiers focused on rounding up the numerous people who ran or hid; preparing to lead them away for conversion in more troops for Majestic. Earth-United and Drakil were among the first targets in the human realm, completely overwhelmed with almost all of their staff and pupils wiped out. Jasmine sacrificed her life to ensure as many escaped as was possible - like her parents before her, she exhaled her last breath with hope they would find safety.

Within the week that followed, Majestic had taken complete control of Earth - with the few survivors forming into resistance movements or merely hiding away and trying desperately to survive. To the portals in the Armageddon Zone that lay beyond Earth -  such as Eternalus, Mintaka and Xelziek among others, Majestic was winning the war. Soon, Majestic would have the foundations for an empire that would expand across the stars.
In the ruins of Dragonia, where Majestic had set their main base, a secret group created by the United Councils years bacl set about a plan to hopefully bring Majestic down. I was part of that plan.
My name is Shadow Voarex, or should I say that was the name of my predecessor. I'm a clone of him and was part of this secret group - their 'lab rat', so to speak. The original Shadow Voarex was a young warrior been trained by Master Takeda; a powerful dragon and master of combat, who had trained hundreds of pupils over the years. Shadow had escaped the initial attack but was killed later that week when trying to get to Takeda, who had been ambushed and fatally injured by the same creatures responsible for the earlier kidnappings and assassinations. Although Takeda's body was taken away, Shadow's body and Takeda's weapons were recovered.
In this group, they set about using Science and Magic to enhance me to peak physical and mental condition - aiding me further by blending the DNA of some of the finest warriors of all species, including Master Takeda and Jake Wolfe amonst others, while implanting numerous fighting techniques and styles in my mind among the shared memories I had of the young warrior I was cloned from. Once those two forces had enhanced me to supernatural limits, it was time for the third force to better me even more - Divine Intervention.

One of Tritania's cults had shown that the fire of Pacem - used in Dragonia only for the cremation of the deceased - could be used to create a liquid called the 'Trinity Essence'. This substance could be telepathically altered to physically affect whoever drunk it, causing a 'controlled evolution' to those who did drink it.
Dragonia had tried and failed in the past to regain the knowledge of how to make it, with it only been when Tritania was saved from the 'prison universe' it was trapped in that the secret was once again revealed. Now, I was to drink it.
The telepathic alteration meant I would heal instantly, never tire, never feel physical pain and never die. It was a hard thing to contemplate, but with so many species on the brink of extinction it was a price that needed to be paid. Drinking it, my body became engulfed in the golden flames before I was surrounded by an aura of light - shaking as my DNA was altered further.
When the light and fire died away, the final part of the divine intervention was implemented as the process to make me a vessel of invincibility was now omnilocked by Pacem's fire - a transcendent ability that made me immune to everything; even temporal paradox and reality warping, which also meant if the worse came to be and I was captured, Majestic would never be able to duplicate what had been done to me.
I was given a makeshift armour - including the scarred armour of the Xelziak bounty hunter Xor'ra Dragonis, who had fallen trying to aid his fellow elite members with protecting the remaining students who were able to escape Earth-United before its destruction. As well as that, I was given the katanas that once belonged to Master Takeda as well as Jake Wolfe's remaining eclipse blade - the other destroyed in combat when Jake was killed. The rest of the plan included cloning me into an army that would rival Majestic's own, but we were ratted out.
Panther, a dragon banished from Dragonia years back, betrayed us when he revealed the secret place of this gathering. Outnumbered by the enemy, I didn't even have time to pull out my blades before one of the group teleported me out before the group united their powers and destroyed the hidden area - ensuring Majestic would never learn the secrets of Pacem's fire.
I found myself on the surface and been surrounded by Majestic's Demonblade Sorcerors - led by their Red Reaper commander. I quickly showed them how dangerous I was as I drew my blades and entered combat - defeating and killing every one of them.
It was at that point that Panther appeared - gloating over the fall of Dragonia, the death of Master Takeda and how he would become a 'living god'. How I enjoyed wiping that smug look off his face when we battled one another, before seeing him begging me for forgiveness while crawling across the floor. I merely pinned him down before following the samurai teaching Takeda had taught me - slicing off the head of Panther; my defeated foe and Dragonkind's betrayer. Alone but with a mission, I set out to try and make things right again.

Initially I began with simply fighting Majestic, killing their soldiers and destroying their engines of destruction. After a while, however, I realized my efforts were in vain: Majestic was creating and cloning new soldiers every day if not less while a few lost machines posed no hindrance.
Changing my tactics, I decided upon a new plan - to find a way to travel back in time and avert this planet-spanning catastrophe before it could occur. Battling my way out of Dragonia and then out of the Armageddon Zone, I headed for the Forest of Floralia to try and find Liam Foster - better known as 'The Handyman' - to construct a way for me to travel back in time.
Upon arrival in the forest, however, I was greeted with a grave sight. The forest had been destroyed, with great swathes sliced away by Majestic and the rotting corpses of numerous creatures piled up outside their bases. Managing to locate Liam's home, I unsurprisingly found it abandoned with Liam nowhere to be found. However, I did find something very useful; a holographic disc addressed to Jasmine from Liam - explaining he was seeking refuge at the floating castle of Jam the Dragon Warrior. Wasting no time, I headed there by following the co-ordinates hidden within the disc.

When I did arrive, the scene wasn't pretty. The castle had taken considerable damage and seemed deserted. To my relief, Liam was there along with a few other survivors - shaken by all that had occurred but alive at least. He explained to me that Jam had taken his family and several of his friends to Tritania, since it didn't have a portal connecting it to the Armageddon Zone and for the time being was safer than Earth. Telling his brother Angel to look after his family until he got back, Jam returned to Earth to find more of his friends. However, he had disappeared and not come back to his castle or returned to Tritania, with Liam fearing the worst. Upon hearing my plan to avert all that had happened, Liam agreed and set to work with the other survivors - building a basic time travel gadget that was integrated into my jetpack. I didn't have time for a test run, however, as a Majestic 'Red Devil' jet appeared on the horizon - speeding towards Jam's castle with a bomb ready to be deployed. I was about to take off and battle it before a hand of a young woman grabbed my shoulder and with a tear in her eye, said something I will never forget.

"No - not here and not now! Go back, stop our future!"

Reluctant but following her instruction, I fled the floating castle and watched as the survivors valiantly fired at the approaching drone. But their efforts were futile, as the Red Devil lived up to its name with the missile it fired completely obliterating Jam's castle and killing everyone within. My heart aching, I activated the time travel gadget and set the co-ordinates before flying through the tunnels of time and space.
I landed hard on the ground a few moments later, with the device that had allowed my escape now shorting out and burning up - now useless but with its purpose served.
I discarded the item and went to get my bearings - convincing a dragon I met that I'd had too much to drink and had forgotten the date. To my relief, I had arrived at the right time; exactly a year before the first assassination and near Christmas time.
I journeyed into Dragonia temporarily, seeing this beautiful realm and all its people living happily together in this true definition of paradise - completely unaware of what the future had in store.
With the heartache still strong within me, I set off on my journey with my mission set; Destroy Majestic before they could destroy the future.
However, I would not be able to do it alone. I would gather allies to aid me in bringing them down, and one way or another, the future would be saved - my 'Movement' would succeed, even though by saving the future, I won't live to see it through.
I went through hell to get here - never again...


Hope you like it.
Made in Heromachine 3.

Jam and Dragonia belong to :iconjamman43:
Jake Wolfe belongs to :iconj-wolfe15:
Raven and the Drakil Institute belong to :iconravendrakil:
The Forest of Floralia belongs to :iconstalker5999:
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A trade with ~BluishFeather featuring 3 of his OC's (Lina, Kitty, and Gina).

Well, the girls wanted to go the Bahamas, so wish granted.;)
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No longer ticklish on his torso, Stash is now 100% 'ler! And as such, he's grown quite fond of his new alias when in session or rp. Ladies, don't worry. He won't hurt you. He's still the sweet, lovable dude you all know and adore. Plus, now you can see his small gray colored eyes. Only this time, things just got much more kinky.:devilish:

Come on in. He's waiting.;)

(please comment. i'd like to hear ur thoughts. plus, im bored and just wanna read something.;P)
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A special gift for my dear friend *gear25 with me and his OC Jeachim (aka Buffalo).

Today is a special day. Jeachim, a human of the Otoe-Missouria tribe and Buffalo clan, meets with Stash, an Archean prince descended from the Ob tribe and Alpha clan. The 10,000 year old alien, after having him go through a series of initiation tests, sticks a rare male Terror dragon feather in his hair after successfully completing each test. This means that this young man is now an honorary member of Stash's tribe, becoming the first human to do so!

Congrats, young Buffalo, and welcome to the Ob tribe, as well as the Archean family!:huggle:
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United Council Legionnaire: Updated version of my Figment Realm Guard drawing awhile back [link]

I'm thinking about doing a refsheat on this guy but idk. :shrug:

Hope you guy's and gal's like it. ^-^
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A Fanart of :icondaninjaman:'s character mentioned here: [link]

The Death Knight is one of the more fearsome and more elite soldiers under the banner of Darkness. They are often the height of the average man but can be taller, Many are built to be huge and unstoppable walls of well, death. they are not only heavy users of melee but also devastating close quarters magic
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A Soldier of the United Council Of Provinces.

Hope you like. ^-^
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