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{Old Characters, Updated and Rebooted}

Name: Kathica (Kat) Yuki
Native Name: Can't Remember...
Age: 18
Birth date: June 25, 1892
Birth place: Unknown
Species: Human/Feline (almost full trait)
Type: Cougar
Sex: Female
Race: Native American
Tribe: Unknown
Native Symbol: Deer
Native Nation: 2nd Nation
Class: Civilian, Farmer, Traveler
Affiliated: Her friend and once step brother Buffalo (Jeachim) and now crush, The Ceyack's family is her only home now along with the Peaches
Voice:… (Her voice is like Anne Hathaway, but with a bit of Native american accent)
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8
Foot Size: 13 1/2 or 14 (Not meant for show, but as a human/feline her kind are meant to walk on all 4's and increase speed evade or avoid.)
Skin: Red Wood Brown
Translation: English, Native American, Coding? (Kat, Jechim and Peaches made their own language for private conversations)
{What home world?: Eden}

About her self: A kind woman always believe there is good people in the world, but not all are what they seem to be. She admits that sometime she can be foolish to believe others, but can always forgive them. Kat is a kind of person who don't plan or think about fighting and she don't like killing one and another. She always say "Ye shall not KILL others" as know that life is to fragile too loose. Before then, she was found in the river during a stormed day back in 1905 by Jeachim S. Ceyack. She lived with the Ceyack for a long time and recovering. Although she can't remember where she came from or her past even her family, but her name, date of her birth, and fragments of her childhood. When at the age o 18 Both her and Jeachim started finding their own home to live in until an odd encounter. Later now travailing threw the west, after told or what triggers her memories a little that she thinks who she really is and can find her past or maybe can finally go back to meet her real family...

Personalty: Kathica is happy, care giving, always love being around people and help others. Although she haves a limits, she can be a tad strict about bad tongue talk language, and the fact that Jeachim carries a iron and led. Also Kat can fight, only when cornered or gives a warning of not to harm any one further but at same time never wanted to harm others. She tries her best, but ends up giving a hit or scratch. Also when in conversations, she can be really chatty about anything and and a little annoying, but still someone like Jeachim needs some guidance to think before doing something reckless or killed.

Note: She have the ability of controlling water, but believe this power is not meant for her but only for a god or goddess.

Peaches (As step sister)
Having her feet tickled or played (To those she trust)
People who are nice
People she trust
Fairy Tales
Jeachim's drawing
Having fun
(Trying to remember more)

People who believe violence is the answer
(Trying to remember more)

Help others
Writing stories of what happens today or in the past and makes it in a fairy tale short.
Collect strange and usual stuff that soon or someday be useful?

Per when alone with Jeachim
Always swing her tail wile walking
Playing with her tail
Fallow Jeachim and stick with him
Always burned food when cooking. (Not very hand of meat related food)
Talks a lot
Curls up, trying to keep warm when cold

Losing some one she loves.
Seeing what will be corrupted
Discovering that her past was nothing
Undead things
Loud gun sounds

Equipment: Not much, but a belt with 1 or 2 bags with one for cash and impotent stuff and the other is strange and unusual items.


Kathica (2008-12):

Kat has been redrawn, a little redesign, and parts of her bio changed. After looking back at the previous Kathica's designs, I thought maybe I can fix her up a bit and update her. Also wanted to add little details on her bio seeing I did the last a little poorly and needs to be told more. So hope you like the new and some what old info, design and update of Kathica Yuki.^^

Note: Jeachim, Peaches, Mrs, and the others, even new one of the west will have more info like Kathica.^w^
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Another redraw of the first an art for :iconkitsunecharade:. Back then I was first afraid to talk to him when I notice that some or most main Ocs that are Foxes are welled known or popular which I was afraid if I said something wrong just what happen to the last welled know person I know before DA and man this happen on my junior year in high school.>_> Until I've chatted with him when he ask me some questions a bit and now know he's really nice. after months or last year, I am very glad to meet a very nice Fox who too cheer my day up and understandable as I do the same back as another brother. So hope you like this redraw and thank you for being another a friend and brother too. :tighthug:X3

The original from 2012:

Kit belongs to himself :iconkitsunecharade:
Kathica belongs to :icongear25:
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Another teased feature adorable Ye-ye and both are too cute! X3 So hope you like it.^^


Ye-ye belongs to :iconlatinnewyorker:
Kathica belongs to :icongear25:
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Gh...trying :worry:

A little something I wanted to finish ages ago but never got the chance. It's been hard honestly, for one, I seem to have misplaced my mouse....I'll find it at some point I'm sure. << Besides that, my shoulder's still in agony. But I'll be going to the medical centre in a couple of weeks. 

Anyway! Just a little something I designed and put Hom Nom in. Oh how I love her and her bovine cuteness. X3 

Hom Nom © HomunculusLover
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I got bored Friday night and sketched this up. =3 

I've been needing to draw T for a while. X3 I love him to bits! 

Also, for anyone who'd like to colour for themselves. Here.~ Tickledarmpitsoutline by HomunculusLover

T, art © HomunculusLover
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Gaaaah, the last prize from my winter competition last year...finally done. And I'd like to apologise several times over to :iconlycanthropash: for taking ages to finally have this done. >__<; 

A while back we saw some adorable Totoro macaroons on Facebook. They looked delicious, though me and Ash couldn't help feel we'd torment them. I said I'd probably watch one drown in my hot chocolate whilst she replied she'd simply bite their heads off.

I suppose the subject is someone fitting since the talk of Ghibli studios. Though it's not confirmed they are closing their doors, changes will be made from the sounds. I do hope good things and they keep going with their work. 

Anyway.~ I really enjoyed doing this. X//3 I had to involve a kotatsu because to be honest, I've always wanted one. They look like the perfect thing I'd use in the cold season. =) Maybe one day.~ X3 

Enjoy people! Sorry again Ash for being so horrible late on this. DX 

Ash © LycanthropAsh 

Totoro © Ghibli Studios

Me, art © HomunculusLover    
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The Raccoons: Bert Raccoon,Lisa Raccoon,Ralph Raccoon,Melissa Raccoon,Scaheffer,Broo,Cedric Sneer,Sophia Tutu,Bentley Raccoon
The Get-Along Gang: Montgomery "Good News" Moose,Dotty Dog,Woolma Lamb,Zipper Cat,Portia Porcupine,Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver,Braker Turtle,Rocco Rabbit,Rudyard Lion,Flora "Forget-Me-Not" Fox,Bernice Bear,and Lolly Squirrel
Buttons and Rusty
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Chipmunks and The Chipettes
Basketball Fever: Hopper and The Dynamics
Rock a Doodle: Chanticleer, Emound, Patou, Snipes, and Peepers
All Dogs go to Heaven: Charlie B. Barkin and Itchy Itchiford
Alf the animated series
The Land before Time: Little Foot, Cera, Ducky, Peetree, and Spike Garfield,
Denver the last dinosaur
Teddy Ruxpin
The Bluffers:Zock,Zipper,Blossom,Honey Boy,Sharpy,Regal Eagle,Ginseng,Prickly Pine,Psycho,and Zang and Dens,
Adventures of the star Kids: Scorpio,Flip,Libby,Torro,Virgy,Sagi,Bubbles,Cap,Leo,Moon,Ari,and Gemo and Gemi,
Street frogs: Big Max,Spider,Moose The Loose,"Honey Love" Loretta,and Dr. Slick,
We’re Back: A dinosaur story: Rex, Elsa, Woog, and Dweeb
Care Bears and Care Bears Cousins,
Mirthworm: Bert Worm and Crystal Crawler,
Lollipop Dragon: Lollipop Dragon,Cuddles,Gliter,Blue Eye
Ted E. Bear and Patty Bear
Chuck E. Cheese,Helen Henny,Jaspter T. Jowls,Mr.Munch
Kiki and Koko
Daniel Mouse and Jan Mouse
Pound Puppies Movie: Cooler,Nose Maire,Howler,Whooper,Brighteyes,Beamer,Reflax,Hairball,and Charlamange
Cats Don’t Dance: Danny,Sawyer,Tillie Hippo,Woolie Mammoth,and Peabo "Pudge" Pudgemyer
The Pebble and the penguin: Hubie, Marina,and Rocko,
Ovide: Ovide,Saphron,Polo,Groaner,and Matilda,
Bucky O'Hare,Jenny,Deadeye,Bruiser,Blinky,and Willy DuWitt,
Digimon:Tai,Sora,Matt,Izzy,Mimi,TK,Joe,Kari,Davis,Yolei,Cody,Ken,Agumon,Biyomon,Gabumon,Tentomon,Palmon,Patamon,Gomamon,Gatomon,Veemon,Hawkmon,Armadillomon,and Wormmon
Kidd Video: Kidd Video,Carla,Whiz,and Ash
TMNT: Leo,Mikey,Donny,and Raph
The American Rabbit
Captain Planet,Kwame,Wheeler,Linka,Gi,and Ma-ti,
Stone Protectors: Cornelius,Max,Angus,Chester,and Cliff Bernie
Adventure of T-Rex: Bruno,Bubba,Buck,and Bugsy,
Toxie Crusaders: Toxie,Nozone,Major Disaster,Headbanger,and Junkyard
C.O.P.S Animated series: Bulletproof,Longarm,Bowser and Blitz,Sundown,Mace,Highway,Barricade,Hardtop,Bullseye,Mainframe,and Mirage
The Bots Master: Ziv "ZZ" Zulander,Blitzy "Blitz" Zulander,Jammerzz,Toolzz,All Ball,Batzz,Bogey,Ace,Genesix,D'Nerd,Watzon,Cook,Ninjzz,and Kiddie
Super Ted and Spotty
Banana Man: Banana Man Crow
Danger Mouse and Penfold
Ghostbusters: Peter,Ray,Egon,Winston Jake,Eddie,Tracy,and Futura
Defenders of Dynatroncity: Jet Headstrong,Miss Megawatt,Buzzsaw Girl,Toolbox,Radium Dog,and Monkey Kid
Police Academy: Carey Mahoney, Larvell Jones, Carl Sweetchuck, Zed McGlnk, Moses Hightower, Laverne Hooks, Thomas “House” Conclin, Eugene Tackleberry, Debbie Callahan
Fairy Tale Police Dept.: Christine Anderson and Johnny Ledgend
Inspector Gadget
Mario and Luigi
Defenders of the Earth: Flash Gordon,The Phantom,Mandrake,Lothar,Rick Gordon,Jedda Walker,Kshin,and LJ
James Bond Jr.: James Bond Jr.,
Sebastian Star Bear: Sebastian and Souci
Dungeons and Dragons: Hank the Ranger,Eric the Cavalier,Diana the Acrobat,Presto the Magician,Sheila the Thief,Bobby the Barbarian,and Uni the Unicorn
Captain Simian and the Space monkeys: Captain Charles "Chuck" Simian,Gor-illa/Gor,Spydor,Dr. Splitz/Splitzy,Shao Lin
Garfield and Friends: Garfield
Skinnamarink TV: Ella Acappella
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This is Part 14 of All Star Cross. Featuring:
Team CN HB WB:Atomic Betty, Matt’s Monsters, Class of 3000, Problem Solvers, Scarddy Squirrel, Redakai, Duel Masters, Scooby Doo, MAD, Secret Fort of Awesomeness, Looney Tunes, Duck Dodgers, Captain Planet, Swat Kats, Josie and the Pussycats, Jabberjaw, Captain Caveman & the Teen Angels, Generator Rex, The Impossibles, Genie and Appo, The Iron Giant, Hong Kong Phooey, Blue Falcon & Dynomutt.
Team Disney: Recess, Filmore, The Replacements, Proud Family, The Muppets, Princess and the frog, Teamo Supremo, The Wuzzles, Talespin, Darkwing Duck.
Team Nostalgia: Land Before Time, Danger Mouse, Freddie the Frog, TMNT.
Team Videogames: Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Crash bandicoot, Spyro, Super Mario Bros, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Banjo & Kazooie, Croc, Ratchet & Clank, Shantae, Parappa the Rapper, Metal Slug, Sly Cooper, Gex the Gecko, Conker, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, The World ends with you, Dark Stalkers, Halo, Space Channel 5.
Team Nicktoons Dreamworks:Rocko’s Modern Life, All Grown Up, Zevo-3, How to train your Dragon, Puss in Boots
Story: As the battle continues, heroes from different dimensions unite to fight against the forces of evil.
Heroes 1:[link]
Allies 1:[link]
Heroes 2:[link]
Justice Alliance:[link]
Allies 2:[link]
Support 1:[link]
Allies 3:[link]
Allies 4 and Summonings 1:[link]
Allies 5 and Summonings 2:[link]
Allies 6 and Summonings 3:[link]
Allies 7 and Summonings 4:[link]
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Story: As the battle continues, more villains enter the fray and join the fight for the Yin Alliance or The Dark Force. You decide.

Featuring: Darkwing Duck, Earthworm Jim, New Animal Life(ThieviousRaccoonus), Spyro the Dragon, Gex, Kirby, Digimon series, Ratchet and Clank, Avatar the last airbender, Sly Cooper, Ape Escape, Legend of Zelda series, Star Fox, .Hack//G.U., Donkey Kong, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Catdog, Scooby Doo, Felix the Cat, The Incredibles, Care Bears series, Space Jam, Perils of Penelope Pitstop, Tiny toons, Justice League, Kingdom hearts 3(Tigerbreath13), TMNT, The Bluffers, KND, Ben 10, Generator Rex, Johnny Test, Powerpuff Girls, Secret Saturdays, Symbionic Titan, Code Lyoko, Captain Planet, Chop Socky Chooks, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Fairlyodd Parents, El Tigre, Chalkzone, Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthbound, Ducktales, Super Mario Bros., Toriko, Trigun, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, Bomberman Jetterz, Skylanders, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Samurai Pizza Cats, Emperor's new Groove, Great Mouse Detective, Princess and the frog, American Dragon Jake Long, Yin Yang Yo, Dave the Barbarian, Lion King, Peter Pan, Nightmare before Christmas, Hunchback of Notredame, Lilo and stitch, Little Mermaid, Mulan, Hercules, 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin, Hero 108, Home on the Range, Kim Possible, Atomic Betty, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Adventure Time.

Heroes:[link] [link] [link]
Justice Alliance:[link]
Allies:[link] [link]
Villains and enemies:[link] [link] [link]
Allies and Summonings:[link] [link] [link] [link]
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Picking up where I left off (with Michelle, Sophia and Mandy going their own ways), Aly and Kat stuck together, keeping the band name and traveling around playing gigs where ever they could.  One day, after a performance, they ran into a duet that had a very good sound, despite just using a drum machine.;  They were Celeste, a great singer and rhythm guitarist, and her best friend, Olivia, a bassist.  So they practiced together, and instantly hit it off...thus the Atomic Butterflies were back :)
On another note, my long-time cutie, Taylor, has also rejoined on occasion, still adding to the band's sound with her keyboard 8-)

A briefing on their updated personalities:
:bulletpink:Taylor (26): Still the beautiful bookworm she always was, she is caring, intelligent, and keeps her friends close.  However, she is still a little slow to some humor.  And yes, she still is the most ticklish of all my girls.

:bulletblue:Aly (23): She's really gone through a change since her debut, from a quiet, shy teenager to a fun, outgoing young lady.  She has lightened up quite a bit, making her the 'silly' one of the group.  But unlike Michelle, she knows when to draw the line...well, MOST of the time.

:bulletred:Kat (25): The main gal of this group and long-time drummer of the band, she is has matured with time, as she is not quite as evil as she used to be (although she is still tougher than all the previous Butterflies).  She has also picked up on gaming recently, along with Aly, and enjoys spending some hard-earned cash on some good games;  but she dislikes losing.

:bulletorange:Celeste (25):  New to the band, she's also currently the strongest and intimidating of the group.  Despite her prowess, she is very laid back and loves to joke around.  She is also rather kinky, and has a variety of interests.  She also has a habit of being protective of Aly.

:bulletblack:Olivia (24):  The pretty girl with an attitude, simply put.  She's the roughest of the girls, however, she still enjoys pedicures and kittens.  Her bass notes often go well with Celeste's rhythm guitar or with Kat's drumming, making her very valuable to the band.  She is also bisexual, so she sometimes has a little crush on Kat.
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Meet the new rivals of the Atomic Butterflies, Zombiecat Deathscratch;  as the name suggests, their style is that of metal/goth/hard rock, as compared to the Butterflies' pop/punk/indie style.  These girls overpower all of my previous girls, even Kat (with an exception of Ash), thus making them feared and hated.  They are all bisexual, so they do enjoy the 'company' of the Butterflies.  When it comes to raw skill and sound, the Zombiecats reign superior, but lack the complexity and elegance of the Butterflies (especially with Taylor on keys). 

Briefing on their personalities:
:bulletblue:Ash (21):  The outspoken vocalist of the group, thought to be almost insane sometimes for her wild, dark sense of humor and thinking.  She is basically a cheeky tomboy with the personality of an evil-Michelle, but way more ticklish, thus she is the 'easy' target for the other girls.

:bulletpink:Zoe (22):  The guitarist of the group, but with a rather cruel personality.  She, as well as Amber, LOVE to torture and pick on the Butterflies (especially Aly, who is jealous of her skills).  The only weakness of this girl is that she is super ticklish all over, making her equally vulnerable.  She is equivalent to Kat's attack capabilities.

:bulletyellow:Amber (24):  She's the bassist of the band with a heart of ice.  She is a sadist who would love to get her hands on any of the Butterflies.  Together with Zoe, they are very hard to beat, not only musically, but because she is barely ticklish.  Dominating and humiliating other girls makes her smile.

:bulletpurple:Deb (23):  Kat's rival drummer, although she is considered the most level-headed of the band.  She is also the strongest girl of all the girls from this profile, but she chooses to only use that strength when the other girls' tell her to.  A tomboy with a fun personality, she is almost always barefoot, even known to play drums like that as well.
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That time has come...Kat finally managed to pass a class she had to retake, which delayed her graduation for an extra semester, but she did it. And she's never been so relieved in her life; i mean, no more school, although the reality of her getting a job and starting a life on her own now hasn't hit her yet.

Now the girls can play more gigs and not have to worry about Kat slowing them down with her homework. Although she does play rhythm guitar, Kat wants to fight Rachel for the drum throne...perhaps soon we'll see who takes over completely.

With an exception of Aly and Sophia, the rest of the girls have all graduated college already. However, since Kat is my main character, this is kinda significant in my profile's timeline. I'm not gonna count Aly and Sophia, so Kat was really my last to see what happens here next...
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Blimey! I wanted to work and finish this right before I got home, but although I drew and inked right after lunch, I just colored it past midnight down here. Some unexpected events these day was reserving to me... :roll:

Anyways, here's a birthday gift pic for :icongear25:. We have here Jeachim enjoying the feet of his gal Kat and my OC Ye-ye.

Just for the record, my ocelot girl accepted having her feet worshipped like this even knowing about the "overticklish consequences". =D

Yeah, I could have done this digitally, but I opted for pencil colors to try it as a sort of reference to Julian's pics themselves, which I always get amazed with. However... the limitation of my color availability made me not too sure about Kat and Jeachim skin colors here. Had to use two different colors to try to reach something similar to their actual skins, but even so, not sure if I managed to make it look like.

Well... only one last thing to say. :giggle:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUD!!! :hug: ;) :aww:
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Commish time! Now for *Dru-Zod, here we have Daphne Blake driving the Mystery Machine to the wrong exit... fortunally the Scooby-Doo franchise survived 'til the modern days. Imagine having to call for help in an isolated mud road in the 70s. :XD:

Scooby-Doo (c) Hanna-Barbera
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Well, so many western characters get anime/manga-stylized, so why not the opposite? ;p

Had this idea before doing that vestibular exam which I've been talking about. The English section had a Calvin And Hobbes strip, pretty funny by the way, and I thought on making an allusion of some kind. This is what came out, Shosaru and Tatsui stylized in Bill-Watterson-alike doodles. :giggle:
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I decided to update my character Ashelya, give her some new clothing and add some more personality to her. I'll probably be doing this with a few other characters, like Eliza, Rika and Lil'Ash. Possibly even some new characters I've been working on as well between commissions

Name: Ashelya Rosalia

Age: 25
Birthday: 22nd August

Height: 5'5"

Sexualitly: Bisexual

PERSONALITY:  Ashelya is known to be loud and proud by many people, not caring about other people think about her and shrugs most off. Ashelya is confident and out-going, attending parties and hanging around with friends. Due to her selfish and quick to anger attutide, she doesn't make friends easily but the one she does have, deeply cares for. Espeically for younger sister, Rika and their adopted little sister, Lil'Ash. She is very protective of Lil'Ash which has lead to some fights with people who would bully her younger sibling.

During her space time she prefers to sit around watching tv, or read, she prefers to read graphic novels and will usually avoids watching the anime counter parts. She also enjoys listening to music, she doesn’t seem to mind anything but will mostly stick to metal and hard-rock bands she’s grew up as a child. Ashelya loves to play pranks on people, something she and Lil'Ash share in common with one another. Although when Ashelya plays pranks on people, its difficult for some to tell if she’s being serious or just joking. Ashelya loves to sing, inspired by one of her favourite bands, Nightwish and finding she had a bit of a knack for it in High School but needed work. After attending Vocal Lessons, she honed her voice well, and got numerous roles in school plays for her voice alone.

PAST: Ashelya grew up in an orphanage along with her younger sister, Rika. When she was old enough to understand, one of the carers told her the reason they were in care was due to her parents couldn't afford to care for their children, also because their parents relationship was quite violent at times, they believed placing their children in care would give them a better chance. Ashelya was bullied a lot in school, unlike other children is didn't have the best of clothes or anything really new. Some children were cruel enough to even mock her for having no parents. For a long time, Ashelya ignored it for the most part but once they started bullying her younger sister, she started to become violent and lash out against the bullies. Due to her becoming increasing more violent, she was thrown out of a number of schools and her anger isses only got worse because of it.

At age 9, Ashelya and her sister where adopted by Karin and Nicholas Reid. They also had a son, named Alran. At first, Ashelya was quite caution and even quite afaird of her so-called parents and son and spent most of her time alone or with her sister in her room. Ashelya's anger was still quite bad and she continued to lash out at anyone. Karin didn’t stand for it, while she was strict with Ashelya she was fair and did her very best to help Ashelya with her anger. Slowly but surely her attutide started to improve.

As she got older and joined high school, her anger was near non-existence. Of course she had a few problem now and then but after making more friends and becoming more comfortable with her family. She started to take part in more school projects and learnt she had a talent for singing but still needed work. Karin and Nicholas were happy she was fitting in more and decided to help her singing, signing her up with singing and music lessons. This is where she met Eliza who played guitar and helped out in singing class. The 2 became very close with one another, even though Eliza wasn't around much in school due to her own personal reasons.

Leaving high school and headed straight to college, her main focus was her singing. Ashelya was joined by Eliza, who barely managed to past the introduction to get into college and the class, playing music together, going out to town and spending most of their time together. During this time, the 2 of them were insepartable. Eliza started to devlope feelings for Ashelya, and after a lot of arkward moments between the too, Ashelya started to share those same feelings and after some more clumsy moments on Eliza's behalf, the 2 began dating. Between college work and dating, everything was going quite well for Ashelya.

After leaving college, Ashelya got a few small parts in plays and singing in bars to help her dream of being a singer, along with Eliza's help. Although their relationship was quite rocky, Eliza was becoming very protective of Ashelya and Eliza was quite wrapped up in her own problems with her family which only strained there relationship more. After some time, it became too much for Ashelya and after long teary talk with Eliza, the 2 went their separte ways. During one of her gigs at a bar, Ashelya meet Grave, a young man that helped with sound checks at the bar. She was hired by the bar to sing for them on a daily bais, which worked out well as she was able to spent more time with Grave and get to know him better. She started to have strong feelings for Grave, and after Grave invited her out for a drink, she and him kissed. Since then, they began dating and have been together since.

Ashelya now has a job at the bar, part-time cleaning and the rest of the time singer. She still dreams of making it big but at the moment is quite happy with how her life is going. Her and Grave are hoping to move intogether soon after they save up some money.

Phew, that took a little while. I'm sorry for any mistakes I have made. I can't proof read too well XD; but if you read all that, I hoped you enjoyed it! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Ashelya (c) :iconlycanthropash:

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As mentioned before, I'm updating my characters a bit. Mainly since it’s been awhile sometime and I was a dumb...very dumb child when I first made them, so I'm hoping that I'm making them a little more relatable in some cases. Anyways~

Name: Eliza Sorin

Age: 26
Birthday: 9th October

Height: 5'9"

Sexuality: Lesbian

Personality While Eliza may look intimidating due to her size and scars she is actually rather nice once you get to know her. Eliza isn't known for being very chatty and will usually just keep to herself but if anyone needs her help, she is happy to give them it. She is a hard worker and always sets out to do her best at tasks that confront her which isn't always good as she can and will get competitive, not in the good way. Eliza is prone to bad moods, whether it is due to stress from working or simply waking up on the wrong side of the bed. She can also be very protective, especially when it comes to her family and her girlfriends which make it difficult for her to hold onto a steady relationship.

Eliza cares a great deal for her family and friends, leading to this need to protect them and usually puts others first before herself. She knows how to fight but will avoid it if she can though it does come in handy at her mother's bar where she acts as bouncer and most nights there. Eliza works 2 jobs, a part-time bouncer as mentioned before and also a gym instructor full time while the job doesn't pay all too well, she finds that it’s worth it as she can work out more often.

Past Eliza was the first of 3 children to her mother, Shizuka and her father Aiden. They didn't have much money but life was simple. Eliza was close with both her father and mother; Aiden would take Eliza to work in his garage, letting her help with fixing cars and began her fascination with motorcycles. When Eliza was 6, her parents had another child, a little boy who they named Lucas. As years went by, family life was starting to become difficult, their father was finding it hard to support his family as a repairman at a garage he part owned with a friend. Shizuka managed to find work at her father's bar as part-time work, so they could get by. Eliza and Lucas were mainly left in the care of their grandmother who lived above the bar, which made it easier for Shizuka to keep an eye on her children. Things between their parents had soured during this time, both Eliza and Lucas noticed their parents arguing more and in some rare times, it would become violent, at that point they were sent to their grandparent’s house to avoid the fighting. Eliza helped whenever she could throughout the years, whether it was helping to clean the bar or learning and helping her father working on cars and motorbikes.

When Eliza turned 13, it was then her mother discovered that she was pregnant once more, things slowly started to go downhill after the months went on. Aiden's father was struck by an illness and passed away, leaving him devastated and angry, during all this Aiden started drinking more, hoping to sooth his pain and avoid the stress of family life. Shizuka was finding it hard to work at the bar and had to stay at home. Their parent's arguments became more frequent and the violence was getting out of hand. Eliza found herself taking care of her little brother, making sure he had something to eat and taking him to school while her father was too hung-over to work and her mother couldn't even move out of bed, too afraid to face her husband. Eliza would then pick up Lucas from school and take him to their grandparents, making sure everything was 'okay' before bring him back into the house. It was then Eliza would clean up, and make sure her parents were alright. It was this time when her father was starting to become more violent towards her, another reason Eliza would leave her brother at their grandparents to make her Lucas wouldn’t get hurt by their father.

Shizuka was now 8 months heavily pregnant and depressed. She and her children were afraid of Aiden and his drunken rages. It was one day when Aiden came back from bar late at night and another argument sparked between him and Shizuka, waking Eliza and Lucas up. Both of them heard a lot of banging coming from downstairs, Lucas began to cry due to the noise. Aiden shouted up the stairs, demanding his young son to stop crying. Eliza tried her best to calm her little brother down but to no avail, Aiden was getting more annoyed and eventually stormed up the stairs and smashed through the door to the children’s room, ranting and raving, punching the door and smashing the bottom of a bottle against the wall, Eliza hid her younger brother behind her, to protect him from getting hit. Shizuka quickly followed him up the stairs after hearing the glass smashing, she tried her best to push him out of the room but Aiden shoved her away, knocking her over and hitting her head on the bed. Lucas cried more, and jumped down to his mother. Shizuka was fine but had a nasty bruise on her head, but Aiden had enough. Picking Lucas up by his shirt, and shouting in his face to shut up, before he could hurt Lucas, Eliza jump from the bed and slammed into her father, causing him to let go of Lucas. Eliza let out her anger on Aiden, punching and kicking him, not letting up for a second, Aiden not remembering the smashed bottle in his hand  and filled with rage, slashed her across the face with it. Eliza was knocked out and her face spilling with blood. Eliza was told that her mother smashed Aiden over the head with a chair, knocking him out as well then quickly rang the police and an ambulance; during that time Shizuka did her best to stop the bleeding.

Eliza was hospital for a week, receiving 28 stitches across her face causing the scar she still has to this day. Aiden was arrested and charged with assault and causing bodily harm to his wife and children. During Eliza’s time in hospital, her mother and brother were forced to live in a safe house due to Aiden getting bail and he was to live in the family home under strict conditions until his court hearing in a few months. During this, Shizuka gave birth to a baby girl that she named Eris. It was hard, raising 3 children on her own but Eliza being the oldest did her best to help. She would handle night feedings for Eris, while she would take Lucas to school. Eliza took up little jobs around the neighbourhood from Newspaper delivery, dog walking and the odd job she was asked to help fixing cars remembering things her father had taught her before his drunken rages. Eliza did try and still attend school when she could but had trouble during a lot of the lessons, mainly because she had to take so many days off that she would miss important parts and have to play catch up. Eliza’s little jobs, didn’t give out much money but most of the money she earned from them would go straight to her mother, while Shizuka felt ashamed that Eliza had to do this to help, she had no choice but to accept her daughters help, even when Shizuka started to work back in the bar, they still struggled with money. Eliza would usually keep a little money aside, mainly saving up for something she had always wanted, a guitar. Inspired by bands she had listened to and watched on TV, she wished to play her favourite songs, she took up guitar lessons at school. Due to her mother’s financial problems, Eliza’s music teacher gave Eliza free lessons, only if she helped the school band and singing classes, mainly helping to set up chairs, instruments and doing the heavy lifting for the most part. Eliza happily accepted. It was a good chance for Eliza to finally sit and talk with people and have some much needed rest from the stresses of home. It was here that Eliza met Ashelya; both became good friends despite Eliza not being around in school much.

During the years, when Eliza was 14, her father was convicted and imprisoned for 8 years and would be giving help for his alcohol and anger problems. Shizuka did visit him from time to time and even took Eris, who had only seen in photos. Sometimes Lucas would go, at first he was too afraid to speak to her father but has gotten more comfortable. Eliza flat out refuses to see him, and completely disowns him as her father. During this time Eliza was bulking herself up, mainly to help with her mechanic work and to feel better about herself. Building her strength and her muscles seemed to make her feel protected. She did start of slow but it soon between like an addiction, any time she could, she was work out and exhaust herself.

At 17, Eliza headed into college with her friend Ashelya. It was difficult to past the introduction to get into college due to her grades and attendance to school, but after some explaining and proving she would give it her all to attend this; she just managed to join, taking classes in music and mechanics. Since Lucas was now 14 and doing well on his own in school, Shizuka was less stressed at home and caring for little Eris now only 4, Eliza had a lot more free time to spend with friends while still doing some part time jobs, even fixing fellow students cars. Most of her time was spend with Ashelya, who she began to have feelings for, after many awkward moments between the 2, Ashelya started to share those same feelings and after some more clumsy moments on Eliza’s behalf, the 2 began dating Between college, helping her family and dating, things started to get better for Eliza.

After leaving college, Eliza found herself a job at the gym she worked out at and again still worked as a part time handyman. Things were simple, her relationship with Ashelya was running smoothing, even though Eliza could be a little overbearing, they both deeply cared for one another. Eliza family life was fine as well, finding she had enough money to move into her own place, close by the bar so she wasn’t too far away. It was only when Eliza turned 21 that she became more anxious, as her father had be released from jail. There was a guideline set up for Aiden to see his children, mainly Eris being the youngest, something Eliza was too happy about. Aiden took back his job at the garage again and started fresh but Eliza caught up with him there, while her father was apologetic to his oldest daughter, seeing her for the first time in 8 years and seeing the marks he left, she completely ignored him and threatened him. Telling him that if he laid a finger on Shizuka, Lucas or Eris that she would beat him to death with her own hands. She left it at that, hoping it is the last of it but her father spoke with Shizuka about the threat. While Shizuka understood her daughters tempter she didn’t want her threaten him. Eliza didn’t apologise to Aiden but she did to her mother.

Eliza relationship with Ashelya had become strained with all the problems Eliza was having with her tempter. She became protective over Ashelya; Eliza didn’t want her sitting in bars alone without her, or walking home without her. Always fearing the worse would happen to Ashelya. After some time it was too much for Ashelya. After it became too much for Ashelya, she and Eliza had a long talk. Eliza tried her best to explain herself and even promising things would change, it didn’t change Ashelya’s mind. So, after long teary break up, Eliza and Ashelya went their separate ways. The breakup left Eliza quite devastated but she had to keep going, and continued working to help her family. Eliza had a few on and off relationships but then she meets Violet, a timid young woman wanting to build her strength up at the gym. Eliza was left speechless when first meeting Violet, falling for her instantly.

Eliza still works at the gym, and is slowly winning Violet over with her clumsy nature and awkward chats. She managed to buy herself a bike and learnt to drive, becoming a real motor head in the process. Eliza always makes time for her family and especially Eris, who has Eliza, wrapped round her little finger.

Sorry for the story XD;; Yeah, a bit of a dramatic past but a small amount of this is based on actual events, not a lot of it but some. Anyways, enjoy~
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Whoa =.= This...this took me some time but I must say it doesn't look too bad. Could be better I say, some things I did wrong but its ok I guess.
Anyways, reason behind the drawing, a reminder of my lovely doggie Cara who was resently put down, I drew this on the day is was put down, I only started colouring it today. 2, shockingly this is my 3rd year on dA XD Can you believe it? X3 So, thank you everyone for faves, comments, kind words and so much more ^^
So hope you guys like this, fave and comments too please ^^ x
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Mirrored Death, Come to my Aid!

This is Mirrored Death, in action. Ohhhh, I love it so much. :heart:
Mirrored Death is my OC, who has two separate dragon skulls creating the face; the top head is the female, and the lower is the males'; they were lovers in life, but when she died to save him, he sacrificed his body so her soul could join him and in doing so, their flesh became one. At least, whatever flesh is left. >XD

Mirrored Death is an undead dragon, if you couldn't tell. And that awesome orby glow fire thing, totally happy I could draw that you have nooo idea :heart:

And shhhh I didn't do personal art nooooo... >.>

Comments welcome!
~10 hours CS3, Wacom Bamboo Fun

Mirrored Death (c) :iconreithya:
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Here is :icondying-hopes:'s Dumai-Oggiena. She's beautiful and graceful and curious, just like her creator! :love:

I'm very happy with this piece. x)

She has to be one of the best people I have EVER met on this site, and I really hope that when she sees this, her heart soars. :heart: I rushed the background, but I am beginning to hurt. :XD: At least all the scales are there and it doesn't DIMINISH the piece- I feel like they accent it again, which was a personal goal for me. :aww:

If you've any critique for the pose, I will gladly take it- it was something VERY new for me, and I redrew her pose about 7 times before I was satisfied, and even then I had to auto transform the back half of the dragon like 3 times after that. :XD: Still, this was a total blast too. More fun water effects, and my first reflection practice! I could have done better, but... for now, it will be as is. :aww:

I also rushed the background, so if you're looking for flaws, you WILL find them there. >XD So uhm, yeah. The focus of this piece should be her eye, I think! :D Since it has a flaming storm inside of it, check it out!

Thank you for letting me draw your amazing character, dear! :heart:

Time taken ~15 hours
Photoshop CS3

Dumai-Oggiena (c) :icondying-hopes:
Art (c) :iconreithya:

Enjoy~! :heart:
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Bleh. >.< Drew this last night over the course of two hours with the worst migraine you can imagine, as well as drawing it on my bed. >XD Honestly, I'm glad I was able to do most of it without passing out.

:iconfearmeplz: Is ACTUALLY what inspired my "I want to draw OCs with angry grins" poll. >XD Did I do a good job? I hope so. :XD:

It's what I am considering a speedpaint. I know it's not the greatest thing you've ever seen, but I did do threeeeeeeee! characters in it this time and it was fun being able to do random art for people I haven't had a chance to yet! minus potato but that's okay. SOOOO YEAH let's get to the characters! :D

First up, in that crouching corner of DOOOM, we have Cruoris, (c) :iconnobiliskrypton:. A lovely little fellow that has a great, classic, dragon grin of awesome. And I got my ref here frooooom the collab between aforementioned awesome and *ArtificiumDraco located hereeeee ---> Please note this is on both their accounts- if you go fav one, FAV THE OTHER ONE OR I SHALL :iconfearmeplz: do terrible things in the dark to you >:3

Mmm, sidenote, when your room is pitch black and you have a migraine and you're exhausted and you're staring at DA, you want to punch your eyes out. It's freaking miserable. That's why this is on a black screen, because, well, it's much easier to work on a black screen than a white one with my circumstances. >XD

Second, we have our classic Cerberus in a single form (with three minds in the one head, mind you), (c) of :icongnarledcontradiction:- god that picture was awesome. It looks like Alucard from Hellsing grin, and that's EXACTLY what I was looking for. I couldn't really pull it off, gods I have to work on my anatomy, but for the most part, I love what I did. Even if it isn't much of a hellhound. Let's just let that slide, shall we?

And I started with white, because I wanted to work with creepy factors. Just BTW.

AND last but not least, I have a wonderful guest named Lialda (c) :iconfelis-draconis: - I'm really sorry I couldn't fit in her rider, but I did have a good time reading their stats! You should see the detail work she put into this character. Check it out! :D Lialda here is in the back, much like her reference picture, but with more teeth and a bigger, happier/angrier eyeball? I love the way I shaded the front of her snout. And her scales. And spikes. And I'm really terribly sorry for not finishing the scales on her jawline, I just got so tired that I really couldn't do anymore.

There is a chance that I will pick up on this piece again in the future and color it/critique it/work on it, but please don't worry me about it, I already feel kinda bad posting it so yeah let's be nice to me yesyes? :XD:
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I know this is a bit late, but I did this surprisingly fast so I figured as much...
~GreenJack21's OC, Feather!

Name: Feather Schovenski
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 142 lbs
Eyes: Right eye purple, Left eye green
Hair: Light orange
Affinity: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Shoe Size: Size 4
Abilities: Master wizardry, including Featherbending abilities and her magical feather used as a "wand."
Feather Schovenski, being Saphira's "little" sister, was born in the same town of Twiddlestick as Saphira. After a couple years of schooling and such, she was soon diagnosed with a rare case of Dwarfism, in that she grew much shorter in height than opposed to her peers, therefore Saphira would always call Feather her "little" sister because of it. She had moved out before the events of Saphy's leave, and was uninformed of the destruction that had happened. During her "vacation time", she had mastered the art of wizardry by an expert wizard hermit...who she refuses to tell the name of for some reason. Nevertheless, Feather always carries around a soft feather, mainly because it's the only item she was able to use to control her magic. Normal staffs wouldn't work for some reason.
After a couple of years worth of training in the arts of wizardry, Feather soon returned to her hometown, only to find it in complete ruins. Desperate for answers, she tried to contact Saphira via cell phone.
....except for this time. There was no answer. She rushed to her home, only to find the same cell phone ringing in the rubble. She had thought Saphy, her only sister, was gone.
After the events, she had left to comfort herself for a bit before moving on. She soon rented her own place and is currently living at peace in a small town simply called "Pleasant Valley". She still practices her magic skills to this very day, but only in secret.
Feather loves foot tickling, but almost always the playful kind. You'd have to really piss her off to get her to do bondage on you. That said, she dislikes DID and anything more hardcore than acarophilia - tickling is her only true passion. She also has a foot fetish to some extent, although she does not worship feet so much as tickle them; she prefers female feet, since they are smaller and often easier to play with.

I went for a mixture of old and new artwork for her outfit. I would have put her in Stash's FB suit, but I just felt like keeping it simple this time. :XD:

(c) :icongreenjack21:
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"Be grateful that we're on the same side. I could make you disappear, just like that. It wouldn't be too hard."

Name: Violet Helen "Midnight" Parr
Franchise of Origin: The Incredibles
Trope: The Cape
Virtue: Chastity
Symbol: Incredibles logo
Clan: Light
Weapon: Balisong
Affiliation: Protagonist, The Incredibles (member), Hero Tech (Junior), Yonder Secret Services (first-class agent)
Age: 14
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 90 lbs
- Can turn invisible at will. With either of her suits on, she is totally transparent. (Both forms)
- Intelligent, cunning, and genere-savvy. Can anticipate actions and counteract them accordingly. (Both forms)
- Can project impenetrable force fields for defense and sometimes offense. (Heroine form)
- Extremely agile and limber, and a master of stealth. Can move in total silence when stalking a target. (Spy form)
- Not very strong physically; can be batted around relatively easily.
- Naturally shy, sometimes traumatized by flashbacks. Prefers to work by herself, and has difficulty trusting others because of it.
Bestia: Gabriel - Named after the messenger archangel of the Biblical God, this Gabriel is a seraphim, an androgynous, angelic statue, made of light instead of stone, with a cape that flows into six feathery wings that appear to be made of golden flames, like a phoenix. The lower pair of wings forms a cloak around the waist, with no legs to speak of; the upper pair forms a hood around a beautiful face with golden locks and permanently closed eyes.
At the start of her timeline as a canonical character in Yonder, the daughter of Robert and Helen Parr seemed like an ordinary teenage superhero with an ordinary teenage personality. She was naturally shy, insecure, sarcastic, gloomy, uncertain, socially withdrawn, and had multiple issues with her self-esteem. There are many rumors that this was not always the case, however, and that there were actually three phases to her character development. In the first phase, as a younger girl, she did do a lot of hiding because her frail physique made her ill-suited for combat, but she did make a number of friends at school, most notably Kimberly Possible and Ron Stoppable from Disney Island. Vi's introverted personality contrasted with Kim's extroverted behavior, but this contrast allowed each personality to build upon the other, despite the fact that one had superpowers and the other did not. After their first year at high school, Kim suggested to Violet that since she was so good at hiding, it was only natural that Vi, like herself, should enter a career of espionage. An inspired Violet signed up for secret-agent summer coursework at the Yonder Secret Services, and eventually became one of the few students who got an A+ on at least one of her final exams, above the normal A-grade high-score. As such, she was made a first-class agent, and given a part-time job doing missions to aid in funding her family, often with her prized butterfly knife, given to her by the YSS, as her only weapon.
It seemed as though "Agent Midnight" would have a smooth, happy transition into adulthood, but this was not the case. With the winter after her graduation came a very special mission, listed in the YSS records as Operation Vendetta. Little is known publicly about this mission, but what Violet has revealed so far is that she and the other agents assigned to Vendetta were given the task of infiltrating the Legion of the Nine Circles, a global terrorist organization, and that the mission ended in disaster with Violet as the only survivor. Even then, it was another six months before any new records of her activity were detected by the YSS, when a rescue mission gave her the escape route she needed but led to the presumed death of a fellow agent. Vi refuses to disclose any information about what happened, as she blames herself for Charlie Brown's disappearance and does not want to repeat the incident with anyone else. What is known is that in this continuity, it was certainly the events she was involved in during her time in the Legion that changed her into the bitter, normalcy-seeking character she was in the second phase of her character growth.
The second change to her personality came some three months after Vendetta, not long after she reconciled with her family and requested to be honorably discharged from the YSS, sealing the deal by returning her knife to the agency. The horror of that disastrous mission left her with a desire to be a truly normal person, thereby escaping the nightmares and PSTD. The problem was that her parents and brothers, like her, were superheroes and could not fit in with other people. Most importantly, her father wanted to experience the glory days when superheroes were loved by the public, which led him to trouble with Dr. Buddy Pine, the scientist-turned-supervillain who was once Mr. Incredible's fanboy. Violet and her brother Dash stowed away on the plane her mother took to Nomanisan in the ensuing rescue mission, but Vi's doubt in her abilities led to the family being stranded upon the island after she failed to protect the plane from a missile attack. Once the family reached Nomanisan, Helen reassured Vi by saying that she had more power than she herself realized, but also warned that doubt was a luxury they could no longer afford. Remembering her passion as a secret agent, Vi decided to practice her powers throughout the course of the rescue mission, and eventually helped her family in the boss battle against Syndrome's Omnidroid. Her confidence bolstered and her faith in herself restored, Violet embraced her abilities, tied her hair back with a headband, and gained the courage to ask her long-time crush out. Eventually, to her family's immense pride and joy, Agent Midnight was reinstated as a YSS agent, and got her precious knife back. Not surprisingly, though, she now had her hands full with the task of clearing up the huge pile of missions that had been left unfinished while she was away, the most important of these being a recovery mission involving a certain rainbow-haired boy named Adam Johnson...

Special Actions:
Standard: Force Pound - Violet charges up a medium-sized force field, and then hurls it in the chosen direction, Hadoken style, to pound an opponent. The force field travels farther and hits with more power the more it is charged, before snapping back to her with equal strength; when energy crackles around it, the action is fully charged. This action is especially useful because although it has relatively moderate power, it can stun an opponent briefly and, if timed and aimed correctly, it can actually strike the attacker twice.
Horizontal: Force Pummel - Similar to Force Pound, this action focuses on rapid-fire hitting than brute power. Violet snaps a small force field forward; each time she does, it will snap back to her and if the attack button is pressed as it returns, she will smack it forward again with her palm. This can be repeated multiple times in quick succession, hitting any opponent within range each time.
Upward: Shield Bubble - This move provides excellent general recovery, as she levitates in her force field and drifts freely for up to 10 seconds. Direction can be changed via the control stick, and if used correctly she can move surprisingly fast and even roll over platforms with this move. Like the Barrier, projectiles will be reflected. This move can only attack by ramming, and does mediocre damage - but when aimed right, it can flatten careless opponents or knock them off ledges.
Downward: Transform - Transforms into her Spy form.
Standard: Vanish - Turns invisible when the Special button is pressed once, allowing her to dodge any physical attacks; reappears when the button is pressed again. The marker and reticle will still blink every few seconds for tracking purposes.
Horizontal: Shield Cutter - Slashes forward with her knife, creating a lightsaber-like effect that breaks her foe's protection.
Upward: Flash Booster - Charges, then shoots straight up (or at an angle towards the desired direction if the control stick is tilted) at high speed, leaving a trail of light and spiking foes in her way. Distance and knockback depend on charge time; otherwise, it's essentially a vertical combination of Fox Illusion and Fox Fire from SSBB.
Downward: Transform - Transforms into her Herione form.

Last starter character for now. I'm really happy with this one overall, though the pose of the left leg was a real pain to figure out. This is the concept of her Spy form, the way I personally imagine it; she also has a Heroine uniform that's her standard Supersuit. Special thanks to The-Great-Stash for helping me design her Spy outfit, originally as part of our art trade series last summer. Though the butterfly knife was my idea - and yes, it is indeed a nice little nod to Team Fortress 2! ;P

Violet, The Incredibles (c) Pixar, Brad Bird
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Chain Chomp
Wanwan kujikusoshaku ("Barking one with a Crushing Bite", Japanese wanwan [Onomatopoeia for a dog's bark] + kujiku [to crush] + soshaku [to bite])
Clan: Stone/Darkness
Height: 4.5 ft at shoulder
Length: 7 ft, with 2.5-ft tail
Weight: 1.4 metric tons
Lifespan: 85 years
Diet: Carnivorous
Range: Kanto Plain, Japan (Earth); Kaibutsu Outlands (Yonder)
Offense/Defense: Armor plates, razor-sharp teeth, extreme physical strength, devestating charge
Status: Threatened
Danger Level: Very High - Beware!

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Division: Eutheria
Superorder: Xenarthra
Order: Cingulata
Suborder: Cingulata
Superfamily: Dasypodidae
Family: Kamitsukuidae
Subfamily: Kamitsukuidae
Tribe: Kamitsukuida
Genus: Wanwan
Species: W. kujikusoshaku

It is known by many names - the Chain Hound, the Bow Wow, the Wanwan, or simply the Chomp - but whatever it is called, the Chain Chomp plays an important role as the Kaibutsu Outlands' strongest medium-sized predator. It may look ponderous, almost comical, but it is anything but, and it has gained a nasty reputation for dining on talking dinosaurs and Italian plumbers. Generally, it is depicted as being chained to a pole, barking and whining, ready to lunge at anyone who gets too close, but many years of misinformation, courtesy of the Koopa Kingdom, have bred in the image of a solitary, razor-toothed beast, fettered and ferocious. Reality isn't so comforting either, however, for even without the chain, the Chain Chomp is a fearsome gang killer that few other predators dare to cross.

Despite its armored, almost reptilian appearance, this creature is, rather surprisingly, a mammalian predator. Granted, its osteoderms, the bony deposits on its skin, are unusual in terms of mammal physiology, but not unique - the Chomp is part of the Dasypodidae family, known collectively as the armadillos. In contrast to most modern armadillos' mainly insectivorous diet, however, the Chomp's family, the Kamitsukuidae (Japanese for "to snap at" - which is exactly what this family does), are active carnivores that have evolved for a predatory lifestyle that hunt for meat in packs. The Chain Chomp is the most well-known of these, due to its iconic appearance and temprament, and also because it is the only one of the three known species from this family, alongside the Togezo and the Toothberry, that has been successfully domesticated. It is well known for its former use as a guard animal by the Koopa empire, and is still used occasionally as a watch-creature or even a loyal pet. Its size and sheer physical power also make it a worthy pretender for the battling ring, although this practice is now generally illegal due to its threatened status.

Chain Chomps certainly do live up to part of their iconic nickname. They have one of the strongest bites of any mammalian predator, beating out the Spotted Hyena and even the Tasmanian Devil. This immense power is in part due to its immense head, which is wider than in normal mammals and equipped with flanges on the sides of the skull for the powerful jaw muscles. The jaws themselves are equipped with huge, sharp teeth, including more canines than any other mammal. It has three carnissals, three canines, and five incisors on each side of each jaw, giving it a total of 44 teeth in total - and all are heavily reinforced, making them immensely strong. Over two-thirds of each tooth is root. It can bite through steel with a force of over 12,000 Newtons, giving it the second most powerful bite of any animal in existence - second only, of course, to that Cretaceous champion, Tyrannosaurus rex.
The other distinctive feature is the armor. As in all armadillos, the Chain Chomp's armor is made of osteoderms, or bony deposits. In contrast to the round shape shown in most of the pictograms, the Chain Chomp does not roll into a ball; it cannot roll into a ball. Rather, it hunkers down and acts like rocks. The armor plates are jet black and shiny, almost metallic, resembling a volcanic rock, and they also have sharp edges. Even the eyelids are armored, allowing it to close them over its bright white eyes and let its whiskers and sensitive nose explore its environment, while keeping its eyes safe from gouging teeth and claws. The underbelly is not armored, but covered in short, dark gray fur, which is longer in the more temperate species for insulation. If attacked, it hunkers down, leaving only its armor exposed, and if worse comes to worse it lunges forward, using the sharp plates to strafe and maim enemies.
To carry all that heavy equipment, Chomps need powerful, muscular bodies. Beneath all that fur and armor is a massive jacket of powerful muscles, some as thick as a human arm. The Chomp's bones are incredibly thick and strong, and combined with its muscles they not only help keep the beast standing on its feet, but also allow it to charge with devestating effect for brief periods of time. Its short and stocky limbs and heavy armor prevent it from free-range running, but it can charge at 50 mph over a short distance.

In the Kaibutsu Outlands, the Chain Chomp occupies the same niche as the hyena in the Serengeti, or the Cursorex in the Concept Canyon. As a pack-hunting medium-sized predator, it specializes in tackling large, relatively slow-moving prey such as cattle and hadrosaurs. Chomps will hunt in packs of up to a dozen, using a combination of ambush tactics and sheer numbers to overwhelm their victim. They are primarily night hunters, emerging in the cover of darkness to stalk their prey. Stealing through the undergrowth, keeping downwind of their quarry, they move in total silence, each placing a padded front paw carefully so as to not rustle a leaf or snap a twig, and then using absolute muscular control to place the following hind paw over the exact spot proven to be silent. Once in their proper places, they work systematically to launch the attack: the faster individuals rush forward, causing the confused and terrified victims to blunder into the stronger pack members lying in wait. The Chomps will then "dogpile" the victim, delivering a swift but savage end to their hearty meal. Once the carcass is dragged back to home base, it is promptly devoured, bones and all; over 95 percent of the meal is donated to the Chomps' goodwill, including milk and/or meat for the cubs and choice bits to be shared between breeding pairs.
Like hyenas, these predators are intelligent and inquisitive, with intellect on a par with many dogs and other domestic pets. It is no surprise, therefore, that they have a similar pack dynamic. The alpha breeding pair leads the hunt, and is the first to dine, but they are considerate towards the other pack members and will allow them to eat alongside them. Other members include siblings, children, and even grandchildren. Each pack shares a 30-square-mile territory separate from all others. Should two packs meet, they typically stand off and use their unique vocalizations and displays of their shiny armor instead of physical violence. Having learned to put up with a social dynamic, Chomps have evolved a wide range of calls, including a laughing sound akin to hyenas, a wolf-like howl, a booming roar like that of a tiger, and even barking and whining sounds like a domestic dog. Packs from different areas have different "regional accents," variations in pitch and timbre, allowing members to recognize one another.
Chomp packs themselves maintain strict territorial boundaries, but often, individuals will migrate between neighboring packs to maintain diversity and prevent inbreeding. When Chomps of different genders convene, they will judge each other based on their calls and the condition of their armor. If they find each other suitable, they will mate, a relatively short affair that takes only a few minutes (and is done back-to-back style, using raised tails and brief touching of organs, to prevent damage to either member's armor). Cubs are then born six months later, in litters of four or five. They will live off their mother's milk for 15 weeks, then gradually become weaned and dine alongside their parents, and will even hunt small animals in groups. They reach maturity at around 15 years, and can live up to the age of 85 barring accidents and/or fights with rival packs.

Aang says: "Ferocious predators though they are, Chain Chomps actually have been domesticated - the trick is to raise them from a very early age. The chain is bolted to the armor plate between the shoulders, which is the thickest and most resilient of the osteoderms. A fettered Chain Chomp is extremely aggressive, for it becomes desparate due to starvation, but Incoming Chomps, or chainless Chain Chomps, are just as powerful, and the reason they are threatened is that they are being used increasingly as pets and in the battling ring. That said, the trick to taming one, chained or otherwise, is to get it to work to exhaustion. Running, jumping, climbing, and dodging are all helpful, and if you're fast and agile enough to escape its jaws and grab onto the middle of its back - the one safe spot - it will eventually concede defeat. It's important to remember that while it is insanely powerful in terms of physical strength, its one shortcoming is its dismally low stamina, owing to the weight of its armor."

(Inspired by this: [link])
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Hello! Here's a new-ish character I've held onto for a while. One of the reasons I've posted this is to serve as info for a story made by some friends of mine (I'll tell you when the time comes).

Anyway, here's a bunch more info that tells you all about her:

777 Archives > Profiles > Toadstool Family > Ancestors > Selena Mia Hensera

Last Updated: 2 Weeks Ago

The long-running Queen of the Hensera Islands (pronounced Han-Sah-Rah) had made her marks in history even before her exploits as the first 777 had become known; as one of the tallest monarchs of the 16th Century (at around 12 feet!), she literally stood tall over her people. (Selena herself claims it was the extensive use of magic in her family that caused this peculiar trait) She was also known for becoming the first foreign-born Queen of the Mushroom Kingdom, as a result of a marriage to that land’s Prince.

Selena herself (sometimes preferring to call herself by her middle name “Mia”) is a powerful (and sometimes frightening) ruler, looking over the islands which she and her people call home with diligent care - and unbound fury to those who intend to harm any part of them… She was also famed for being ruthless to heinous criminals – A number of them had been killed by her own hands. A part of this is because of the slight insecurity surrounding the Hensera Islands… Comparatively, the nation was smaller than the other lands, and sometimes vulnerable to enemy ambushes (which spurred Mia to take matters into her own hands...).

Despite that, she can also be very generous, often visiting other kingdoms herself to give gifts to their people. Polite to anyone she meets, status rarely mattered in the Hensera Island; she considers herself one of the people, bound by their shared life and home.

She tended to be a bit too grandiose at times, though her people gain great confidence in her boisterous speeches. For instance, when a mischievous trickster endangered a nearby island, she considered killing him first – her people were certainly upset about his pranks (including exploding a dormant volcano) and demanded justice… but then she decided to tame him. She could have easily done this privately… but felt the need to announce it to all of the people in one grand display, with the prisoner bound and shown to the public. That trickster by the way… eventually saved the day and the Queen herself from danger, and was considered a hero and honorary citizen of the Hensera Islands. (It was also rumoured that he became infatuated with Selena during his punishment…)

As previously mentioned, the Hensera Islands was particularly vulnerable, and Selena had enough. She put aside her openly public nature… and secretly made a guardian of her home – and other lands endangered by fierce enemies.

Selena herself was that guardian.

Calling herself “777”, she ventured out to other lands (and of course, guarding her islands), fighting those who seek to harm and oppress, sometimes inspiring the people to fight harder… other times, making some enemies of her own. As 777, she adopted a very different personality to herself, even using her magic to change her voice and appearance. 777 was silent and stoic, and even more fierce than the Queen herself, but just like Selena, the safety of the people was always the top priority. 777 was more physical in her combat, but also used her extensive magic to enhance her moves.

777 was praised… and hated by all kinds of people around the lands, but Selena didn’t care. As before; the safety of others came first.

At the peak of her career, she decided to create a very powerful item – the Platinum Orb. It was infused with all sorts of powers, even those of time itself. The Orb served as a useful compliment to her abilities. Very few know what the Orb actually does, not even her enemies, who were defeated time and time again with its magic. Speaking of her enemies…

They all rallied together and deduced 777’s true identity. They distracted her with an attack from afar. Confident, Selena left her home to fight the enemy there… She returned to an empty and ravaged home. Burning with fury, she found and defeated all of her enemies in one massive battle, but spared their lives and trapped them below the Earth.

As she finished, she pondered where her people went to… though she knew that some were killed, she learned that they retreated to another land and set up a new home… It was hard for them to forgive her for her mistake, and even asked for her to rule again. She respectfully refused, seeing that they already have become stronger and independent. Leaving her people, she felt they did not need her or 777 anymore. With nowhere to go, she wandered around, overwhelmed by regret; as in her arrogance, she forgot her duty – the safety of the people, whether hers or those in other lands.

That is… until she met a stranger, who immediately took a fancy to her. In spite of her outward confidence and power, when it came to love, Selena was particularly awkward, prone to stammering and blushing whenever the stranger confessed his affections for her, but constantly denied his advances. The man was diligent however and eventually won her heart… after she rescued him in the guise of 777. He already figured it out, but didn’t care of the dangers that would inevitably come their way. She told him why she became 777… and the time she lost her home because of her overconfidence. She eventually overcame her guilt, and the pair got married later.

Turns out, the man was a prince, named Lance, of the Mushroom Kingdom who ran away from home, to get out of an arranged marriage. With her help, they returned to his home, and Selena was Queen once again. With a whole new land to call home – and protect, Selena thought about her role as 777 and what happened on that terrible day. She vowed never to forget her duty again and her husband watched her set out again, to protect the lands and their people.

Being the first foreign-born Queen was a bit of a strange experience for Mia. The people were certainly different in appearance and culture, and they were overwhelmed by her towering height and exotic looks (in some cases, she even had some new admirers because of that). It took some time to adjust, but Mia coped, balancing her job as the Queen with her career as 777. It should be said that not many were happy that Selena was on the throne (yet were afraid to say it directly to her, given her stature), which would lead to some unfortunate events many years later…

As time passed, she began thinking of passing down the 777 title to one of her children, and came up with some conditions of how the next one would be chosen:

- They can be any immediate family member of a newer generation, so it could be Selena’s niece or grand-daughter, for instance. (For some reason, thus far, only girls were chosen. The rules are flexible enough that boys can be chosen. It was likely personal choice)
- They must be chosen soon after one receives the title.
- The chosen child will be told of their secretly assigned title at a certain age. Generally, this is as the child reaches early adulthood.

These conditions change with each generation, but the above points are the common ones.

Years after the 2nd 777 was chosen, Selena suddenly disappeared… Not even this archive has any records of her death. She was only presumed dead after her disappearance, and many theories go on about how or why she disappeared. Some of the wilder theories involve the powerful Platinum Orb that she had kept safe and intended to pass down through future generations of 777... Yet ultimately did not. Recent discoveries actually support these guesses… As chambers discovered on Isle Delfino, a fair distance away from the Hensera Islands (today known as Yoshi’s Island), dated back to the time Selena went missing. It was proposed that they were made as a test for those seeking the Platinum Orb, likely any generations of 777 seeking it. These are yet to be confirmed, but are currently the strongest pieces of evidence.

Of course, Selena’s legacy lived on for nine generations, with each 777 doing their duty as she intended.

Peach’s Notes: I did some genealogical searching through my family tree recently… And I found that I was directly descended from this very first 777! Though my family tree spreads quite far, meaning plenty of relatives and relations, but I can see clearly that Mia’s line leads straight to me… It’s tough to see, but I definitely have her eyes… Now, I wonder why I’m not 12 feet tall?

On another note, I was curious of where Selena got the name 777 from… The occurrence of such a number did not appear in culture until recently, but then I found that the title’s name came from a different source; It was her disguise that she worn as 777. Other Archive entries said that the clothes’ material came from some clothes belonging to a family member of Selena’s – the 7th child (a girl) of the 7th son of the 7th sister. Selena was apparently close to this family member, and named herself 777 in memory of that person.

Also… I encountered something incredible happened recently… This article mentions a trickster potentially endangering the Hensera Islands, and that Selena tamed him… Well, I realised I’ve met him before. This trickster was a fox spirit - a Kitsune named… Kit. That event took place around 500 years ago, and he’s still here today… I did forget to mention that they can live for thousands of years. I asked him as much as I could about Selena… And wouldn’t you know it; he was certainly infatuated with her. Given Kit’s… particular preferences, I wasn’t surprised he would like her so much. But he was as puzzled as I was about what really happened to Selena when she disappeared… The mystery still confounds me…

(Characters and places are (C) their respective owners. Selena (C) MFS. Kit (C) Kitsunecharade)
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A Fetish Spirit for :iconh-reaper:!

Hmm... It's been a while since I've drawn Gabrielle! The second time, now, by my recollection. I would go and describe her myself... But here is much better information from her Fetish Companion:

Gabrielle has insanely powerful magical potential. This means she can practically do ANYTHING with magic if she puts her mind to it. And in her fetish spirit form, this means that she can use her magical abilities to enhance the already great pleasure she gifts her owner with the touch of her feet and hands.

Her favorite magic-type is electricity, because this enables her to maipulate the senses of others. When she touches someone, she continually discharges very small sparks of electricity through her skin (or even her finger- and toenails) that passes through the nerve system, and when it reaches the part of the brain responsible for 'feeling', it can amplify the scale of pleasure one feels through touch.

She can also use her magic to give pleasure without physically touching her owner. She loves to make her "love and pleasure-making sessions" very, very long, so she tends to start off by teasing her owner: she manipulates gravity to levitate him, and by making gentle, slow gestures in the air both with her feet and her hands, she unleashes a magic that induces the same feeling in her owner as if she was really touching him. The only difference being that by one magical gesture, she can "summon" dozens of "invisible feet and hands" that are moving up and down her owner's body.

After this teasing, she gets in physical contact, and uses only her electrical magic to amplify the pleasure she's giving.

After this, comes her (and undoubtedly her owner's) favorite part: Gabrielle can summon any number of magical copies of her own arms and legs. Each of these emerge from a small, swirling white mist at any point she specifies (meaning that they are not attached to her body, but can control them as if they were). These additional limbs have the same abilities as the real ones, but can alter in overall size, and dressing style. For example: she can summon a pair of magical legs that are twice as large as her own, dressed in purple stirrups, with feet that have a darker skin tone than her usual one, and with french pedicured toenails. The number of variations are infinite, so she can fulfill any and all desires of her owner concerning the looks of these magical limbs.

This choice of colors has an etimology to it: Gabrielle (the original one) has the powers of two different goddesses sealed within her: one of Light, and one of Darkness. Her original form resembles the one of Light, while the other is manifested mainly in her unique powers, and sometimes it can surface to alter her appearence for a while. I thought that by adding this ambiguity to Fetish Spirit Gabrielle, the cause why she summons limbs that resemble her Dark alter ego would become clear: it's this other side of her that is manifested during times of strong desire :D

Gabrielle, in her fetish spirit form, always appears first with a pair of additinal magical arms (hovering a few inches beside her own), and two pairs of additional magical legs (hovering in a circle around her).

If her owner still has the strength after all this (or at any chosen time), Gabrielle will always be happy to engage in the traditional form of love making.

Also, Gabrielle loves to make her owner excited by showing off that besides being beautiful and gentle, she's very powerful too. For example one of her favorite activities is to summon a few magical feet to give pleasure to her owner, while she uses her own to give a show by crushing, bending, tearing different kinds of objects ranging from the softest ones to the crystal-hard.

That's all I think Maybe one more piece of info: as strong willed as Gabrielle seems, she never forces her own will and desires on her owner. But if her owner doesn't have any particular wishes, she always uses her own imagination.

Gabrielle (C) H-Reaper
Fetish Spirit Form by MFS
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(Hmm... There's been a sudden influx of Pokemon content this time. Perhaps a good way to kick off the Zone's next contest...)

Also commissioned by :iconphuram:

And now TRAINER offers his (her?)... uh... services to Maylene, whose feet seems to have taken quite a beating - no doubt due to her training!

And as the message says - What will TRAINER do? Suggestions?

Maylene (C) Nintendo
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A Fanart of :icondaninjaman:'s character mentioned here: [link]

The Death Knight is one of the more fearsome and more elite soldiers under the banner of Darkness. They are often the height of the average man but can be taller, Many are built to be huge and unstoppable walls of well, death. they are not only heavy users of melee but also devastating close quarters magic
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United Council Legionnaire: Updated version of my Figment Realm Guard drawing awhile back [link]

I'm thinking about doing a refsheat on this guy but idk. :shrug:

Hope you guy's and gal's like it. ^-^
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A Soldier of the United Council Of Provinces.

Hope you like. ^-^
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