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{Old Characters, Updated and Rebooted}

Name: Kathica (Kat) Yuki
Native Name: Can't Remember...
Age: 18
Birth date: June 25, 1892
Birth place: Unknown
Species: Human/Feline (almost full trait)
Type: Cougar
Sex: Female
Race: Native American
Tribe: Unknown
Native Symbol: Deer
Native Nation: 2nd Nation
Class: Civilian, Farmer, Traveler
Affiliated: Her friend and once step brother Buffalo (Jeachim) and now crush, The Ceyack's family is her only home now along with the Peaches
Voice:… (Her voice is like Anne Hathaway, but with a bit of Native american accent)
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8
Foot Size: 13 1/2 or 14 (Not meant for show, but as a human/feline her kind are meant to walk on all 4's and increase speed evade or avoid.)
Skin: Red Wood Brown
Translation: English, Native American, Coding? (Kat, Jechim and Peaches made their own language for private conversations)
{What home world?: Eden}

About her self: A kind woman always believe there is good people in the world, but not all are what they seem to be. She admits that sometime she can be foolish to believe others, but can always forgive them. Kat is a kind of person who don't plan or think about fighting and she don't like killing one and another. She always say "Ye shall not KILL others" as know that life is to fragile too loose. Before then, she was found in the river during a stormed day back in 1905 by Jeachim S. Ceyack. She lived with the Ceyack for a long time and recovering. Although she can't remember where she came from or her past even her family, but her name, date of her birth, and fragments of her childhood. When at the age o 18 Both her and Jeachim started finding their own home to live in until an odd encounter. Later now travailing threw the west, after told or what triggers her memories a little that she thinks who she really is and can find her past or maybe can finally go back to meet her real family...

Personalty: Kathica is happy, care giving, always love being around people and help others. Although she haves a limits, she can be a tad strict about bad tongue talk language, and the fact that Jeachim carries a iron and led. Also Kat can fight, only when cornered or gives a warning of not to harm any one further but at same time never wanted to harm others. She tries her best, but ends up giving a hit or scratch. Also when in conversations, she can be really chatty about anything and and a little annoying, but still someone like Jeachim needs some guidance to think before doing something reckless or killed.

Note: She have the ability of controlling water, but believe this power is not meant for her but only for a god or goddess.

Peaches (As step sister)
Having her feet tickled or played (To those she trust)
People who are nice
People she trust
Fairy Tales
Jeachim's drawing
Having fun
(Trying to remember more)

People who believe violence is the answer
(Trying to remember more)

Help others
Writing stories of what happens today or in the past and makes it in a fairy tale short.
Collect strange and usual stuff that soon or someday be useful?

Per when alone with Jeachim
Always swing her tail wile walking
Playing with her tail
Fallow Jeachim and stick with him
Always burned food when cooking. (Not very hand of meat related food)
Talks a lot
Curls up, trying to keep warm when cold

Losing some one she loves.
Seeing what will be corrupted
Discovering that her past was nothing
Undead things
Loud gun sounds

Equipment: Not much, but a belt with 1 or 2 bags with one for cash and impotent stuff and the other is strange and unusual items.


Kathica (2008-12):

Kat has been redrawn, a little redesign, and parts of her bio changed. After looking back at the previous Kathica's designs, I thought maybe I can fix her up a bit and update her. Also wanted to add little details on her bio seeing I did the last a little poorly and needs to be told more. So hope you like the new and some what old info, design and update of Kathica Yuki.^^

Note: Jeachim, Peaches, Mrs, and the others, even new one of the west will have more info like Kathica.^w^
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Another teased feature adorable Ye-ye and both are too cute! X3 So hope you like it.^^


Ye-ye belongs to :iconlatinnewyorker:
Kathica belongs to :icongear25:
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Whelp I did it, the first time having Kathica and Peaches together in a a picture of them teasing with there feet.:blush: Almost took me a day and also I was inspire by :icondarkspeed7: tease pics he made back then and I hope he's doing okay somewhere in his life and wish him luck. So now this was a little hard to draw out the pose and stuff and the coloring too. also wanted to add two pictures made by my friends. The on on Peaches side is "Those fine beauties are quite a tease :3" by :icondarksora501:'s and the one on Kat side is "iconKitty Feet Makes Him Purr" by :iconlatinnewyorker: and man I thoght I got the size right, but as it turned out I didn't.^^; Any way I think I did good or fair, so tell me what do you think and who I did? So hop you like it.:meow:

P.S. I also forgot there's no color picture in the west.@w@

Kat: Meow, hope you like the view, but we wont be here posing that long.:meow

Peaches: So sorry boys, we don't feel like playing.^^;

Inspired by and honoring :icondarkspeed7: and his teased art and others.
:icondarksora501: and :iconlatinnewyorker:

Kat and Peaches both belongs to :icongear25:
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Gh...trying :worry:

A little something I wanted to finish ages ago but never got the chance. It's been hard honestly, for one, I seem to have misplaced my mouse....I'll find it at some point I'm sure. << Besides that, my shoulder's still in agony. But I'll be going to the medical centre in a couple of weeks. 

Anyway! Just a little something I designed and put Hom Nom in. Oh how I love her and her bovine cuteness. X3 

Hom Nom © HomunculusLover
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I got bored Friday night and sketched this up. =3 

I've been needing to draw T for a while. X3 I love him to bits! 

Also, for anyone who'd like to colour for themselves. Here.~ Tickledarmpitsoutline by HomunculusLover

T, art © HomunculusLover
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Gaaaah, the last prize from my winter competition last year...finally done. And I'd like to apologise several times over to :iconlycanthropash: for taking ages to finally have this done. >__<; 

A while back we saw some adorable Totoro macaroons on Facebook. They looked delicious, though me and Ash couldn't help feel we'd torment them. I said I'd probably watch one drown in my hot chocolate whilst she replied she'd simply bite their heads off.

I suppose the subject is someone fitting since the talk of Ghibli studios. Though it's not confirmed they are closing their doors, changes will be made from the sounds. I do hope good things and they keep going with their work. 

Anyway.~ I really enjoyed doing this. X//3 I had to involve a kotatsu because to be honest, I've always wanted one. They look like the perfect thing I'd use in the cold season. =) Maybe one day.~ X3 

Enjoy people! Sorry again Ash for being so horrible late on this. DX 

Ash © LycanthropAsh 

Totoro © Ghibli Studios

Me, art © HomunculusLover    
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Picking up where I left off (with Michelle, Sophia and Mandy going their own ways), Aly and Kat stuck together, keeping the band name and traveling around playing gigs where ever they could.  One day, after a performance, they ran into a duet that had a very good sound, despite just using a drum machine.;  They were Celeste, a great singer and rhythm guitarist, and her best friend, Olivia, a bassist.  So they practiced together, and instantly hit it off...thus the Atomic Butterflies were back :)
On another note, my long-time cutie, Taylor, has also rejoined on occasion, still adding to the band's sound with her keyboard 8-)

A briefing on their updated personalities:
:bulletpink:Taylor (26): Still the beautiful bookworm she always was, she is caring, intelligent, and keeps her friends close.  However, she is still a little slow to some humor.  And yes, she still is the most ticklish of all my girls.

:bulletblue:Aly (23): She's really gone through a change since her debut, from a quiet, shy teenager to a fun, outgoing young lady.  She has lightened up quite a bit, making her the 'silly' one of the group.  But unlike Michelle, she knows when to draw the line...well, MOST of the time.

:bulletred:Kat (25): The main gal of this group and long-time drummer of the band, she is has matured with time, as she is not quite as evil as she used to be (although she is still tougher than all the previous Butterflies).  She has also picked up on gaming recently, along with Aly, and enjoys spending some hard-earned cash on some good games;  but she dislikes losing.

:bulletorange:Celeste (25):  New to the band, she's also currently the strongest and intimidating of the group.  Despite her prowess, she is very laid back and loves to joke around.  She is also rather kinky, and has a variety of interests.  She also has a habit of being protective of Aly.

:bulletblack:Olivia (24):  The pretty girl with an attitude, simply put.  She's the roughest of the girls, however, she still enjoys pedicures and kittens.  Her bass notes often go well with Celeste's rhythm guitar or with Kat's drumming, making her very valuable to the band.  She is also bisexual, so she sometimes has a little crush on Kat.
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Finally got around to making a good pic of the girls playing at a show :meow:

I kinda messed up on Kat's strings alil bit :iconhomerdohplz:
but overall, I am pleased on how this turned out :)
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Meet the new rivals of the Atomic Butterflies, Zombiecat Deathscratch;  as the name suggests, their style is that of metal/goth/hard rock, as compared to the Butterflies' pop/punk/indie style.  These girls overpower all of my previous girls, even Kat (with an exception of Ash), thus making them feared and hated.  They are all bisexual, so they do enjoy the 'company' of the Butterflies.  When it comes to raw skill and sound, the Zombiecats reign superior, but lack the complexity and elegance of the Butterflies (especially with Taylor on keys). 

Briefing on their personalities:
:bulletblue:Ash (21):  The outspoken vocalist of the group, thought to be almost insane sometimes for her wild, dark sense of humor and thinking.  She is basically a cheeky tomboy with the personality of an evil-Michelle, but way more ticklish, thus she is the 'easy' target for the other girls.

:bulletpink:Zoe (22):  The guitarist of the group, but with a rather cruel personality.  She, as well as Amber, LOVE to torture and pick on the Butterflies (especially Aly, who is jealous of her skills).  The only weakness of this girl is that she is super ticklish all over, making her equally vulnerable.  She is equivalent to Kat's attack capabilities.

:bulletyellow:Amber (24):  She's the bassist of the band with a heart of ice.  She is a sadist who would love to get her hands on any of the Butterflies.  Together with Zoe, they are very hard to beat, not only musically, but because she is barely ticklish.  Dominating and humiliating other girls makes her smile.

:bulletpurple:Deb (23):  Kat's rival drummer, although she is considered the most level-headed of the band.  She is also the strongest girl of all the girls from this profile, but she chooses to only use that strength when the other girls' tell her to.  A tomboy with a fun personality, she is almost always barefoot, even known to play drums like that as well.
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Here is :icondying-hopes:'s Dumai-Oggiena. She's beautiful and graceful and curious, just like her creator! :love:

I'm very happy with this piece. x)

She has to be one of the best people I have EVER met on this site, and I really hope that when she sees this, her heart soars. :heart: I rushed the background, but I am beginning to hurt. :XD: At least all the scales are there and it doesn't DIMINISH the piece- I feel like they accent it again, which was a personal goal for me. :aww:

If you've any critique for the pose, I will gladly take it- it was something VERY new for me, and I redrew her pose about 7 times before I was satisfied, and even then I had to auto transform the back half of the dragon like 3 times after that. :XD: Still, this was a total blast too. More fun water effects, and my first reflection practice! I could have done better, but... for now, it will be as is. :aww:

I also rushed the background, so if you're looking for flaws, you WILL find them there. >XD So uhm, yeah. The focus of this piece should be her eye, I think! :D Since it has a flaming storm inside of it, check it out!

Thank you for letting me draw your amazing character, dear! :heart:

Time taken ~15 hours
Photoshop CS3

Dumai-Oggiena (c) :icondying-hopes:
Art (c) :iconreithya:

Enjoy~! :heart:
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Mirrored Death, Come to my Aid!

This is Mirrored Death, in action. Ohhhh, I love it so much. :heart:
Mirrored Death is my OC, who has two separate dragon skulls creating the face; the top head is the female, and the lower is the males'; they were lovers in life, but when she died to save him, he sacrificed his body so her soul could join him and in doing so, their flesh became one. At least, whatever flesh is left. >XD

Mirrored Death is an undead dragon, if you couldn't tell. And that awesome orby glow fire thing, totally happy I could draw that you have nooo idea :heart:

And shhhh I didn't do personal art nooooo... >.>

Comments welcome!
~10 hours CS3, Wacom Bamboo Fun

Mirrored Death (c) :iconreithya:
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Bleh. >.< Drew this last night over the course of two hours with the worst migraine you can imagine, as well as drawing it on my bed. >XD Honestly, I'm glad I was able to do most of it without passing out.

:iconfearmeplz: Is ACTUALLY what inspired my "I want to draw OCs with angry grins" poll. >XD Did I do a good job? I hope so. :XD:

It's what I am considering a speedpaint. I know it's not the greatest thing you've ever seen, but I did do threeeeeeeee! characters in it this time and it was fun being able to do random art for people I haven't had a chance to yet! minus potato but that's okay. SOOOO YEAH let's get to the characters! :D

First up, in that crouching corner of DOOOM, we have Cruoris, (c) :iconnobiliskrypton:. A lovely little fellow that has a great, classic, dragon grin of awesome. And I got my ref here frooooom the collab between aforementioned awesome and *ArtificiumDraco located hereeeee ---> Please note this is on both their accounts- if you go fav one, FAV THE OTHER ONE OR I SHALL :iconfearmeplz: do terrible things in the dark to you >:3

Mmm, sidenote, when your room is pitch black and you have a migraine and you're exhausted and you're staring at DA, you want to punch your eyes out. It's freaking miserable. That's why this is on a black screen, because, well, it's much easier to work on a black screen than a white one with my circumstances. >XD

Second, we have our classic Cerberus in a single form (with three minds in the one head, mind you), (c) of :icongnarledcontradiction:- god that picture was awesome. It looks like Alucard from Hellsing grin, and that's EXACTLY what I was looking for. I couldn't really pull it off, gods I have to work on my anatomy, but for the most part, I love what I did. Even if it isn't much of a hellhound. Let's just let that slide, shall we?

And I started with white, because I wanted to work with creepy factors. Just BTW.

AND last but not least, I have a wonderful guest named Lialda (c) :iconfelis-draconis: - I'm really sorry I couldn't fit in her rider, but I did have a good time reading their stats! You should see the detail work she put into this character. Check it out! :D Lialda here is in the back, much like her reference picture, but with more teeth and a bigger, happier/angrier eyeball? I love the way I shaded the front of her snout. And her scales. And spikes. And I'm really terribly sorry for not finishing the scales on her jawline, I just got so tired that I really couldn't do anymore.

There is a chance that I will pick up on this piece again in the future and color it/critique it/work on it, but please don't worry me about it, I already feel kinda bad posting it so yeah let's be nice to me yesyes? :XD:
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I decided to update my character Ashelya, give her some new clothing and add some more personality to her. I'll probably be doing this with a few other characters, like Eliza, Rika and Lil'Ash. Possibly even some new characters I've been working on as well between commissions

Name: Ashelya Rosalia

Age: 25
Birthday: 22nd August

Height: 5'5"

Sexualitly: Bisexual

PERSONALITY:  Ashelya is known to be loud and proud by many people, not caring about other people think about her and shrugs most off. Ashelya is confident and out-going, attending parties and hanging around with friends. Due to her selfish and quick to anger attutide, she doesn't make friends easily but the one she does have, deeply cares for. Espeically for younger sister, Rika and their adopted little sister, Lil'Ash. She is very protective of Lil'Ash which has lead to some fights with people who would bully her younger sibling.

During her space time she prefers to sit around watching tv, or read, she prefers to read graphic novels and will usually avoids watching the anime counter parts. She also enjoys listening to music, she doesn’t seem to mind anything but will mostly stick to metal and hard-rock bands she’s grew up as a child. Ashelya loves to play pranks on people, something she and Lil'Ash share in common with one another. Although when Ashelya plays pranks on people, its difficult for some to tell if she’s being serious or just joking. Ashelya loves to sing, inspired by one of her favourite bands, Nightwish and finding she had a bit of a knack for it in High School but needed work. After attending Vocal Lessons, she honed her voice well, and got numerous roles in school plays for her voice alone.

PAST: Ashelya grew up in an orphanage along with her younger sister, Rika. When she was old enough to understand, one of the carers told her the reason they were in care was due to her parents couldn't afford to care for their children, also because their parents relationship was quite violent at times, they believed placing their children in care would give them a better chance. Ashelya was bullied a lot in school, unlike other children is didn't have the best of clothes or anything really new. Some children were cruel enough to even mock her for having no parents. For a long time, Ashelya ignored it for the most part but once they started bullying her younger sister, she started to become violent and lash out against the bullies. Due to her becoming increasing more violent, she was thrown out of a number of schools and her anger isses only got worse because of it.

At age 13, Ashelya and her sister where adopted by Karin and Nicholas Reid. They also had a son, named Alran. At first, Ashelya was quite caution and even quite afaird of her so-called parents and son and spent most of her time alone or with her sister in her room. Ashelya's anger was still quite bad and she continued to lash out at anyone. Karin didn’t stand for it, while she was strict with Ashelya she was fair and did her very best to help Ashelya with her anger. Slowly but surely her attutide started to improve.

As she got older and joined high school, her anger was near non-existence. Of course she had a few problem now and then but after making more friends and becoming more comfortable with her family. She started to take part in more school projects and learnt she had a talent for singing but still needed work. Karin and Nicholas were happy she was fitting in more and decided to help her singing, signing her up with singing and music lessons. This is where she met Eliza who played guitar and helped out in singing class. The 2 became very close with one another, even though Eliza wasn't around much in school due to her own personal reasons.

Leaving high school and headed straight to college, her main focus was her singing. Ashelya was joined by Eliza, who barely managed to past the introduction to get into college and the class, playing music together, going out to town and spending most of their time together. During this time, the 2 of them were insepartable. Eliza started to devlope feelings for Ashelya, and after a lot of arkward moments between the too, Ashelya started to share those same feelings and after some more clumsy moments on Eliza's behalf, the 2 began dating. Between college work and dating, everything was going quite well for Ashelya.

After leaving college, Ashelya got a few small parts in plays and singing in bars to help her dream of being a singer, along with Eliza's help. Although their relationship was quite rocky, Eliza was becoming very protective of Ashelya and Eliza was quite wrapped up in her own problems with her family which only strained there relationship more. After some time, it became too much for Ashelya and after long teary talk with Eliza, the 2 went their separte ways. During one of her gigs at a bar, Ashelya meet Grave, a young man that helped with sound checks at the bar. She was hired by the bar to sing for them on a daily bais, which worked out well as she was able to spent more time with Grave and get to know him better. She started to have strong feelings for Grave, and after Grave invited her out for a drink, she and him kissed. Since then, they began dating and have been together since.

Ashelya now has a job at the bar, part-time cleaning and the rest of the time singer. She still dreams of making it big but at the moment is quite happy with how her life is going. Her and Grave are hoping to move intogether soon after they save up some money.

Phew, that took a little while. I'm sorry for any mistakes I have made. I can't proof read too well XD; but if you read all that, I hoped you enjoyed it! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Ashelya (c) :iconlycanthropash:

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Finally!! Finished another bloody character ref and profile! I've been needing to sort out a profile for my most used OC and surprisly the most faved character of mine Lil'Ash XD Eitherway, I got her profile sorted and as for the character's look itself, I didn't really want to change anything. I just decided to sort out her backstory, her personality and even her real name! XD Yes, she has an actual name!

Full Name:  Ashlyn Walker
Nickname: Lil’Ash. Given to her by Ashelya

Age: 18

Birthday:  7th July

Height:  5ft

Sexuality:  Bi-curious

PERSONALITY:  Lil’Ash is quite the handful for new people to take in, not for being nasty but for being incredibly friendly. She’s bouncy and hyper mainly due to her being diagnosed with ADHD when she was about 10 years old and also had, as Lil’Ash puts it ‘backward ears’ basically due to a birth defect her wolf ears didn’t develop much muscles and nerves which causes her ears to lie flat by the side of her head, unlike Ashelya’s that are alert and pointed but this has never effect her and finds it useful as she can wear a hat much easier, and suits her more...her words. While Lil’Ash tends to just go with the flow she does have a short attention span and quite forgetful which not only frustrates those around her but also herself as it becomes difficult to make friends and to focus on her school work, she does try her best, mainly getting help from her foster parents, step-sisters and step brother. While she always has a low opinion about herself, she’ll always have something good to say to friends and just to people. She is always willing to help at a moment’s notice though again she can get easily side-tracked and sometimes turn to day dreaming. Although the one thing that does seem to help Lil’Ash’s focus is sports, mainly football and sometimes ruby, she is able to keep most focus during her sports and activities around it, while not the best player she does have some knack for sports.


PAST: Lil’Ash was left at the same orphanage as Ashelya and Rika, she was aged 5. Her parents were finding it difficult to raise her as they were having issues themselves and didn’t have enough money to support their daughter. While they did feel terrible having to leave their daughter they knew it would be better this way as she wouldn’t be involved in the sometimes violent fights her parents allegedly had, some she had already been witnessed too. Lil’Ash was deeply depressed by the separation from her parents, throwing her emotions out of balanced even more than they already were, she slowly becoming more violent , not towards people but to herself, kicking, punching and even head-butting walls, doors, fences ect. Ashelya was usually the one to help calm her down, mainly by pinning her down until her anger subsided. Ashelya would try to help Lil’Ash with self harm and hyper activeness, while she couldn’t do much apart from keep her occupied with something, whether it was taking her and her younger sister Rika to the park, playing a board game or helping her with school work. Lil’Ash started to latch onto Ashelya, looking up to her like a sister, something Ashelya didn’t mind considering she had a younger sister and got along well with her even giving her the nickname Lil’Ash to save confusion with her own name.

School was the most difficult time for Lil’Ash, she was finding it hard to work, she wasn’t able to really concentrate on her work, finding herself easily difficult to focus on a given subject or task and usually trying to do too much at once especially when working in a group of people which didn’t help her make friends, she didn’t act mean to people, she just confused and annoyed  fellow classmates which did lead to some bullying, something Ashelya didn’t take sitting down and defended Lil’Ash on a daily basis while also dealing with her own bullies. It was then Ashelya started teaching her how to fight, something the care workers at the orphanage didn’t take too well when they were called to the school about Lil’Ash putting another child in a headlock and kicking another in the ‘unmentionables’. While Lil’Ash was given detention, Ashelya was grounded and not allowed access to the TV for 5 days. Which didn’t help Lil’Ash’s moods since she couldn’t see Ashelya as much anymore since she and Rika were adopted and due to Ashelya being grounded, she couldn’t visit, it was during this time that Lil’Ash’s behaviour got worse and began to become more noticeable to some.


It was only when one teacher took her to the side and asked her a few questions as to why she found it difficult to stay focused on her work. After speaking to her in detail about it, he mentioned that she may have a learning difficultly that no one has been bothered to look into, he noticed as he had a child with learning problems and his child’s symptoms were similar to that of Lil’Ash. He then wrote a letter and told her to make sure it goes to your care workers, they’ll make an appointment and hopefully things will be a little clearer. While Lil’Ash didn’t understand much of the conversation with her teacher, she was thankful that someone wanted to help and see if they could figure out why these she was having these problems. Although in the time it took Lil’Ash to meet with Ashelya and walk home, she forgot about giving the letter to her care workers right away, thankfully one of the carers emptied out her bag and found the letter addressed to them. After reading through the letter, they sat down with Lil’Ash and had a chat with her about what she and her teacher spoke out, unfortunately she didn’t remember much of the conversation she had with him, still a little confused themselves they decided to take the advice of the teacher and take Lil’Ash to the GP. After listing off some of the symptoms to the doctor, he wasn’t able to tell anything was wrong straight away but did look into Lil’Ash’s medical history from other times she had be brought in and ask that the carers keep an eye on her behaviour and take notes over the next few days while he dug up her medical history.

While did take longer than a couple of days, more or less than a month the doctor rang back and asked to bring Lil’Ash back, so he could review the notes and compare with it her medical history and other’s medical history who had some of the same issues. After some time the doctor came to the conclusion that Lil’Ash was ADHD, not a very serve case of it but still it was there and causing her problems. Another few weeks past and Lil’Ash was given medication to help cope, a drug called
Methylphenidate to start off with at a low dose and if no improvement then maybe consider raising the dose. She was also taken to see a therapist every so often to keep an eye on her mental health and started to receive more help with her school work and extra time for her end of school exams. Lil’Ash’s mood started to improve and she was able work much better in school and her behaviour toward other students was better.

At 13 years old, things were starting to go quite smoothly for Lil’Ash, after that, of course she still had her issues, even more so during her time at high school but she was still receiving help from teachers, care workers and Ashelya. After much encouragement from PE teachers, Lil’Ash started to take part in more sports related activities to help get let out some frustrations and to help her get along with getting rid of that excess energy she had. She soon started taking part in the school football club and started making more friends. It was during her time in high school that Ashelya and Rika’s foster parents decided to adopt once more as their son and oldest of their children Alran was moving into his own apartment. Something Ashelya got fully involved in helping them in deciding on whether they should or not. After much debating and careful coaxing in Ashelya’s part, Karin and Nicholas Reid decided on adopting another child and they had an idea on who they wanted. After a few months of paperwork and such, Lil’Ash was adopted into the Reid’s family and Ashelya managed to keep this a surprise for her. She helped Lil’Ash to pack, after some teary goodbyes to the care workers and some of the other children; she was off to her new home with Ashelya leading the way. Lil’Ash didn’t have any idea until Ashelya took her upstairs and showed her what would be her new room. A little welcome sign held by Rika and they told her she’d be living with them. At first, she was shocked that they managed to keep this secret, angry for the fact they kept it a secret but she was thrilled that she would be living with her now step-sisters.

Things are still going well for Lil’Ash, she has had to change her medication and therapy but she’s taking it in her stride. She’s now in college, retaking some of her exams that she didn’t do well in and hoping to take a course that involves more sports.

If you read all that, I hope you enjoyed and sorry for any spelling or grammer errors on my half.

Lil'Ash (c) :iconlycanthropash:

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Whoa =.= This...this took me some time but I must say it doesn't look too bad. Could be better I say, some things I did wrong but its ok I guess.
Anyways, reason behind the drawing, a reminder of my lovely doggie Cara who was resently put down, I drew this on the day is was put down, I only started colouring it today. 2, shockingly this is my 3rd year on dA XD Can you believe it? X3 So, thank you everyone for faves, comments, kind words and so much more ^^
So hope you guys like this, fave and comments too please ^^ x
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The Raccoons: Bert Raccoon,Lisa Raccoon,Ralph Raccoon,Melissa Raccoon,Scaheffer,Broo,Cedric Sneer,Sophia Tutu,Bentley Raccoon
The Get-Along Gang: Montgomery "Good News" Moose,Dotty Dog,Woolma Lamb,Zipper Cat,Portia Porcupine,Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver,Braker Turtle,Rocco Rabbit,Rudyard Lion,Flora "Forget-Me-Not" Fox,Bernice Bear,and Lolly Squirrel
Buttons and Rusty
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Chipmunks and The Chipettes
Basketball Fever: Hopper and The Dynamics
Rock a Doodle: Chanticleer, Emound, Patou, Snipes, and Peepers
All Dogs go to Heaven: Charlie B. Barkin and Itchy Itchiford
Alf the animated series
The Land before Time: Little Foot, Cera, Ducky, Peetree, and Spike Garfield,
Denver the last dinosaur
Teddy Ruxpin
The Bluffers:Zock,Zipper,Blossom,Honey Boy,Sharpy,Regal Eagle,Ginseng,Prickly Pine,Psycho,and Zang and Dens,
Adventures of the star Kids: Scorpio,Flip,Libby,Torro,Virgy,Sagi,Bubbles,Cap,Leo,Moon,Ari,and Gemo and Gemi,
Street frogs: Big Max,Spider,Moose The Loose,"Honey Love" Loretta,and Dr. Slick,
We’re Back: A dinosaur story: Rex, Elsa, Woog, and Dweeb
Care Bears and Care Bears Cousins,
Mirthworm: Bert Worm and Crystal Crawler,
Lollipop Dragon: Lollipop Dragon,Cuddles,Gliter,Blue Eye
Ted E. Bear and Patty Bear
Chuck E. Cheese,Helen Henny,Jaspter T. Jowls,Mr.Munch
Kiki and Koko
Daniel Mouse and Jan Mouse
Pound Puppies Movie: Cooler,Nose Maire,Howler,Whooper,Brighteyes,Beamer,Reflax,Hairball,and Charlamange
Cats Don’t Dance: Danny,Sawyer,Tillie Hippo,Woolie Mammoth,and Peabo "Pudge" Pudgemyer
The Pebble and the penguin: Hubie, Marina,and Rocko,
Ovide: Ovide,Saphron,Polo,Groaner,and Matilda,
Bucky O'Hare,Jenny,Deadeye,Bruiser,Blinky,and Willy DuWitt,
Digimon:Tai,Sora,Matt,Izzy,Mimi,TK,Joe,Kari,Davis,Yolei,Cody,Ken,Agumon,Biyomon,Gabumon,Tentomon,Palmon,Patamon,Gomamon,Gatomon,Veemon,Hawkmon,Armadillomon,and Wormmon
Kidd Video: Kidd Video,Carla,Whiz,and Ash
TMNT: Leo,Mikey,Donny,and Raph
The American Rabbit
Captain Planet,Kwame,Wheeler,Linka,Gi,and Ma-ti,
Stone Protectors: Cornelius,Max,Angus,Chester,and Cliff Bernie
Adventure of T-Rex: Bruno,Bubba,Buck,and Bugsy,
Toxie Crusaders: Toxie,Nozone,Major Disaster,Headbanger,and Junkyard
C.O.P.S Animated series: Bulletproof,Longarm,Bowser and Blitz,Sundown,Mace,Highway,Barricade,Hardtop,Bullseye,Mainframe,and Mirage
The Bots Master: Ziv "ZZ" Zulander,Blitzy "Blitz" Zulander,Jammerzz,Toolzz,All Ball,Batzz,Bogey,Ace,Genesix,D'Nerd,Watzon,Cook,Ninjzz,and Kiddie
Super Ted and Spotty
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Danger Mouse and Penfold
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Defenders of Dynatroncity: Jet Headstrong,Miss Megawatt,Buzzsaw Girl,Toolbox,Radium Dog,and Monkey Kid
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Fairy Tale Police Dept.: Christine Anderson and Johnny Ledgend
Inspector Gadget
Mario and Luigi
Defenders of the Earth: Flash Gordon,The Phantom,Mandrake,Lothar,Rick Gordon,Jedda Walker,Kshin,and LJ
James Bond Jr.: James Bond Jr.,
Sebastian Star Bear: Sebastian and Souci
Dungeons and Dragons: Hank the Ranger,Eric the Cavalier,Diana the Acrobat,Presto the Magician,Sheila the Thief,Bobby the Barbarian,and Uni the Unicorn
Captain Simian and the Space monkeys: Captain Charles "Chuck" Simian,Gor-illa/Gor,Spydor,Dr. Splitz/Splitzy,Shao Lin
Garfield and Friends: Garfield
Skinnamarink TV: Ella Acappella
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These are the villains in KH3. Featuring:
Master Xenahort, Vantinas, Xenmas, Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen, Larxene, Demyx, Marluxia, Zexion, Lexaeus, Saix, Luxord, Dr. Nightmare, Nefarious snaptrap, Kameleon, Prof. Birdbrain,Sozuke Aizen, Gin Ichimaru, Tosen Kaname, Espadas, Ruber, Naraku, Byakuya of Dreams, Phantom Blob, Mad Doctor, Karnage, Shere Khan, Dencil Croker, Francis, Vicky, Nega-chin, Endie, King Goobot, Prof. Calamatis, Beautiful Gorgeous, Junk Man, Eddie Neutron, Granny Tatters, Toxis, Eutice Strich, Dr. Moist, Santana of the dead, El Lolso, The flock of fury, Plankton, Dr. Doofesmirtz, Dib, Taz, Vlad Plasmus, Skrulker, Techness, Ember, Tailong, Lord Shen, Devimon, Myotismon, The Dark Masters, D-Reaper, Grumblemon, Ranamon, Mercurymon, Arbormon, Duskmon, Cherubimon, Lucemon, Maleficient, Pete, Fat Cat, Cat R. Waul, Dr. Eggman, Nega Eggman, Metal Sonic, Slade, The Brotherhood of Evil, Trigon, Ripto, Grip, Crush, Jack Spicer, Wuya, Chase Yong, Hannibal Roy Bean, Dragon, Baboon, Ninja Monkeys, El Malefico, Morrigan, Queen Beryl, Mistress Nine, Team Rocket, Dr. Blowhole, Drake, Orochimaru, Kabuto, Sasuke, Shredder, Baster Stockman, Hung, Dr. Neo Cortex, N. Gin, Nina Cortex, Uka Uka, Montana Max, Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Judge Doom and the weasels, The Hooded Claw, Scrappy Doo, Madame Revolta, Professor Pericles, Aku, Mojo Jojo, Fuzzylongken, Him, Princess Morbucks, Gang Green Gang, Rowdyruff Boys, Mandark, Rasputon, Captain Pollution, Megatron, Starscream, Syndrome, Garland, The Emperor, Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, Exdeath, Kefka, Sephiroth, Ultimesia, Kuja, Jecht, Gabraith, Baguramon, Darknightmon, Emperor Zurg, Stinky Pete, Huggable Losso, Grand duke of Owls

Note: This is part 1 of 2 of the sheet.
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This is Part 14 of All Star Cross. Featuring:
Team CN HB WB:Atomic Betty, Matt’s Monsters, Class of 3000, Problem Solvers, Scarddy Squirrel, Redakai, Duel Masters, Scooby Doo, MAD, Secret Fort of Awesomeness, Looney Tunes, Duck Dodgers, Captain Planet, Swat Kats, Josie and the Pussycats, Jabberjaw, Captain Caveman & the Teen Angels, Generator Rex, The Impossibles, Genie and Appo, The Iron Giant, Hong Kong Phooey, Blue Falcon & Dynomutt.
Team Disney: Recess, Filmore, The Replacements, Proud Family, The Muppets, Princess and the frog, Teamo Supremo, The Wuzzles, Talespin, Darkwing Duck.
Team Nostalgia: Land Before Time, Danger Mouse, Freddie the Frog, TMNT.
Team Videogames: Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Crash bandicoot, Spyro, Super Mario Bros, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Banjo & Kazooie, Croc, Ratchet & Clank, Shantae, Parappa the Rapper, Metal Slug, Sly Cooper, Gex the Gecko, Conker, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, The World ends with you, Dark Stalkers, Halo, Space Channel 5.
Team Nicktoons Dreamworks:Rocko’s Modern Life, All Grown Up, Zevo-3, How to train your Dragon, Puss in Boots
Story: As the battle continues, heroes from different dimensions unite to fight against the forces of evil.
Heroes 1:[link]
Allies 1:[link]
Heroes 2:[link]
Justice Alliance:[link]
Allies 2:[link]
Support 1:[link]
Allies 3:[link]
Allies 4 and Summonings 1:[link]
Allies 5 and Summonings 2:[link]
Allies 6 and Summonings 3:[link]
Allies 7 and Summonings 4:[link]
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Well that one question I asked? Well two of them I mean, well....
Let's just say I had this one coming. :P
Worth it!

Here's what I mean, though.
Ask My Ocs Meme by gear25

Kathica Yuki belongs to :icongear25:
Artwork done by :icondarksora501:
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Wow...been a while since I last posted an art, but here's a new pic for everyone! There was this idea I had, and it was about "What if Daichi, my super villain OC, manage to gather up all the DNA of every monsters from every Godzilla flicks and have the power to control them all?" The result: Him becoming far more demonic than he once was, growing 14-foot tall with the tail length going 20 feet long, carrying a rather powerful, looking as if he's partly a manifestation of darkness. So many things I can't describe fully yet. From the looks of this, this would appear as the final boss of the last story. Come to think of it...this design might be used for a very different story, though it is still in draft right now. Hmmm...there's something about the design that seem familiar...oh well. Anyways, enjoy!

P.S. I think this music fits him well. --> [link]

Ryuunosuke Daichi (c) :icondarksora501:
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Hey guys, it's me...SORA! :D Well looks like I'm really getting the hang of the whole Paint Tool Sai thing. XD And looks like I'm having so much fun with it. :3 Because of that...I had to try out one thing...blood on Paint Tool. :P Alright, here we have Daichi, my once evil scientist, which I now rebooted him to something else...whose now a vampiric megalomaniac. As a matter of fact, this is him when he first fused the blood of a Keizer Ghidorah. This is merely the first stage of his transformation as he appears to be turning feral...still retaining his human form before the transformation begins. Anyways...not much to say but enjoy...and stay the hell away from him if you want to keep your life force...and your life, of course. >.>;; ...I blame Dio Brando for the influence. :P

Daichi and artwork (c) :icondarksora501:
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A Fanart of :icondaninjaman:'s character mentioned here: [link]

The Death Knight is one of the more fearsome and more elite soldiers under the banner of Darkness. They are often the height of the average man but can be taller, Many are built to be huge and unstoppable walls of well, death. they are not only heavy users of melee but also devastating close quarters magic
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United Council Legionnaire: Updated version of my Figment Realm Guard drawing awhile back [link]

I'm thinking about doing a refsheat on this guy but idk. :shrug:

Hope you guy's and gal's like it. ^-^
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Rune Hounds are ancient beings that guard ruins, tombs and other ancient sites.
Although they resemble canines they are much more intelligent and much stronger despite there partially ethereal form, they are also capable of some minor offencive and defencive magics.

I've had these guys for a while now but I've been to lazy to actually finish them until now. ^^;

Enjoy! :D
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A horror film parody of (Attack of the 50ft Woman)

Cassie unknowingly ate a radioactive chocolate bar then grew into a towering giant of destruction.....well accidental destruction anyway.

Cassie (c) theycallhimcake
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An art gift for :icontheycallhimcake:'s  OC Nadia!

As i see it, i sense Nadia is a character who is somewhat of a playful trickster with a cheeky persona.

 And in this scene, she comes across a mother who wish for big balloons to give to her two kids, just to cheer them up. But instead of helium filled balloons they got big chest balloons! 

Nadia © :icontheycallhimcake:
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Kat seems to be kidnapped against her will, but no need to fear Jeachim is here!

Jeachim and kat (c) gear25
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darn you blueamnesiac and your superior shield making powers :shakefist:
tried to make mine fancy like his :/

EDIT: the first version looked like a cop badge so i made it round.

well this is a design idea for Link's mirror shield in genesis ore.
the center circle there is concave which creates a focused beam of light that can basically do to monsters what a magnifying glass does to ants. it can also absorb and store sunlight to be used later, however it dont hold it forever and will slowly fade. stored sunlight can be released from the shield as a focused beam to attack or ignite certain objects or released in a large flash which acts like a deku nut, stunning/vaporizing enemies.
thanks to LightDemonCodeH for some ideas :)
its the 2nd weakest when it comes to defending and the weakest when it comes to normal shield attacks but it can deflect magical attacks where as normal ones cannot.
mo shields soonish.
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some old work
Drawn on 03/29/09
drawn with pencil, pen and crayola colored pencils
i think it was before i played TP.
colors got dulled a bit from scanning :shrug:
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