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Last Update: 7.20.2013
Updated Visual reference, as well as some random info, and general layout.

|| General Information ||

Name meaning
Was given the name "Berry" for the bright red markings spattering her pelt.

None yet

42 moons



|Body Type|
Berry has a stocky build, being slightly shorter than the average she-cat. She has a longer body, but shorter overall.

Turkish Van x Austrailian Mist mix

She had medium-short fur. Her pelt is white with gray and red spots, with darker stripes running through the color.

Her eyes are a pale yellow.



- Birds
- Water
- Running

- Beetles
- Ants
- Mean cats
- Mud
- Climbing Trees

- She has a nervous tick that makes her wash her fur if a cat she doesn't know stares at her for a long time.
- If she doesn't know a cat well, she stutters. A lot.


Doesn't know.

Berry doesn't judge cats by their looks, she just wants a cat who understands her and respects her.

Berry is still a virgin.

|| Personality ||

|Shy| |Self-conscious| |Hyper| |Compassionate| |Strong|

This loner is exceedingly shy. She has a hard time making friends because she is so shy, and many cats think she is too stuck up to talk to them. Many times a she-cat has attacked her because they thought she thought that she was better than them, and chased her away. Because of the attacks, it has just made her even more hesitant to meet cats. She doesn't know how to fight at all, so when a cat does attack her, she runs.

Y-You don't think my fur is ugly, d-do you?
Because she doesn't have many friends, she has a low self esteem. She is constantly worrying about how her fur looks, whether cats think she is too fat, and her height. She has a nervous tick now, to start washing her fur if a cat looks at her for a long time. She is afraid they are looking at a dirty patch of fur. She will start to shrink into herself if the cat inspects her for too long.

Come on! I feel like I can run for hours here!
Once Berry has come out of her shell, she is quite the hyper little ball of fur. She can run and run and run for hours on end, and it can be quite a funny sight to see. She will run full out, bouncing lightly as she runs making her look almost like a squirrel, and as she runs she holds her tail straight up. Berry will make tight turns as she runs, coming barely a whisker away from a tree before she turns. She also enjoys swimming, though that's a little harder for her because she is scared to go to a water source in case another cat finds her and chases her away.



|| History ||

Berry was born to Jewel, a kittypet who's twolegs lived near the clans. Jewel was white with silver leopard markings, and blue eyes. Jewel was perfectly content to lounge about all day, preferring to lay on her fluffy bed on the window sill than go outside and explore. She disliked the thought of any dirt getting lodged between her paws, or worse, in her fur. She proudly wore her collar, bragging to the few cats she did come across about how special her collar was. One day, after scratching a pillow, her twolegs got upset with her, and kicked her out of the house for the whole night. It was nearing leaf-bare, and that night was especially cold. Jewel huddled up under bush- filthy as it was- and tried to keep herself warm. Soon, she heard paw steps approaching, and thought it was one of her other kittypet friends. The cat who approached, however, was a large tom-cat she had never seen before. Immediately she pinned her ears back and fluffed up, spitting at the tom, terrified. She had never been in a fight, her twolegs normally put caps on her nails. The tom started laughing, saying how funny it was that the itty bitty kittypet thought she could scare him by fluffing up. After promising he wouldn't hurt her, he sat down and cocked his head to the side looking at her. Slowly, she forced her fur to lay flat, though her ears were still pinned. "What's a cute and defenseless kittypet like you doing out on this cold night?" he mewed to her, thoroughly amused. She glared at him and looked away, muttering that she had clawed a pillow and her twolegs had thrown her out. The two cats talked through the night, eventually ending with the pair pressed tightly together. After that, Jewel [hesitantly at first] ventured outside to meet up with the loner.

Jewel found out that she was with kits near a month after she met Jasper [the loner]. At first she was excited and happy that she was going to have a litter, but when her twolegs found out, they made plans on taking her to the cutter. She was going to lose her kits. She was able to flee the house, a place she once believed was her haven. She chewed through her collar and left the mangled bits of it on the porch of the twolegs house. She ventured out to find Jasper, and when she told him she was with his kits, he immediately told her she was welcome to stay with him. It wasn't too long before she delivered, having one healthy, if not small, she-kit. The small kit had her white fur and the markings she herself held, though the markings were the color of Jasper's fiery pelt. Jewel and Jasper doted on their daughter, naming her Berry, for the bright red markings on her fur. Jasper would always play with Berry, making sure his daughter was happy. They taught Berry how to hunt, though when it came to birds, Berry found that she would rather watch the fascinating creatures flit through the air rather than pin them to the earth and kill them. Berry had inherited Jasper's long body and fast gait.

|Young adult|
When Berry hit one full cycle, she decided that she wanted go off on her own. When she told Jewel and Jasper, at first they refused, but after awhile, they conceded and let her go. She promised that she would visit them often. She padded along for a couple days, not quite sure where to go. She came upon some territory that was full of fir trees, smelt strongly of cats. Soon enough she happened upon a group of cats that immediately attacked her and chased her away. She found other areas like the first, one area full of leafy trees, but held a different smell, and one a moorland, holding yet another smell. In each area she was chased away, so she hung around the outskirts of the territories. She made her nest a small ways away from the moorland, under a trees roots that was pressed firmly against a cliff wall. She found it on accident, almost falling inside of it while running one day. It was big enough for 3 or 4 cats to fit comfortably inside. When she crawled inside, she found it was full of dead leaves, though she had the good fortune of finding a rather plump mice hiding out in the leaves. After eating the mice, she cleared most of the leaves out and gathered some moss and any feathers she could find to line the den. She used the rest of the dead leaves to conceal the hole while she is away. Soon, she settled into her new life, each day waking with the sun, going out and catching prey and roaming around for the rest of the day before heading back to her den at sundown. During warm days, she usually can be found near a river, either laying on the bank or swimming around in the water. In the winter, she will go out only to catch a few pieces of prey before retreating back to her den to try and keep warm.





|| Relationships ||

:bulletorange: = Apprentice
:bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletblack: = Dead

:bulletwhite: = Uncertainty/Neutral
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance :bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good friend :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: = Respect
:heart: = Mate
:bulletpink: = Crush/attraction :bulletpink::bulletpink: Lust
:bulletred: = Discomfort :bulletred::bulletred: Despise

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:/:bulletpink: | Rarity | Loner
"She's my best friend. We met while hunting the same bird, and after a couple, err.. tense moments, I offered to share it with her. I hadn't really met any other non-clan cats, and she was really the first nice cat I met. She stayed the night with me in my den. I liked it a lot. I hope we can hang out some more!"

:bulletwhite:/:bulletpink: | Kore | Loner
"This tom made me kinda nervous at first, but he kept complimenting me. He also made me feel a little less bad about crashing into him. He.. He kissed me, but I don't really know how I felt about it. I mean, I liked it, but I hardly knew him! I was too far from my den that day, and we curled up together that night. He kept me safe through the night. Though I haven't seen him since than.. I wonder where he is."

:bulletwhite:/:bulletblue: | Magma | Loner
"He t-tried to teach me how to climb a tree after a tree branch fell on top of me, b-but I didn't really like being u-up that high. He wa-was nice though."

:bulletwhite:/:bulletblue: | Breeze | Kittypet
"She was really nice, though I only really saw her for a very short time. She was really pretty too."

:bulletred:/:bulletwhite: | Swiftfoot | Windclan warrior
"H-he caught m-me just o-outside W-Windclan's territory. I only wanted to find some prey, but h-he was just s-so mean!"

||Roleplay Info||

Note RP: I am always open to note roleplays. I find it easiest to rp through notes as they're neater and easier to keep organized.
Chat RP: I am willing to do chat roleplays, as long as I have access to the internet consistently, which is 99% of the time. If you want to Chat RP with me, just send me a comment and I'll pop on.
Skype RP: I rarely will do Skype roleplays, as I am never on my skype. However, if you really want to skype, just let me know, and I will give you my skype name.

Roleplay example: [Taken from a note RP with Viperstar]

A pair of ears twitched as the sound of bird song lazily drifted into her den. Blinking slowly, Viperstar awoke and fluffed her fur against the chill that hung in the den, clinging to the earth around her nest. A small stretch, accompanied by a content sigh, had her up and out of her warm nest. Pricking her ears, she could hear the last dying song of a cricket that transformed into the chipper melody of the morning birds.

She knew that many, if not all, of her clanmates would still be asleep. The she-cat remembered back when she was an apprentice, even as a warrior, she loved to sleep in, being wrapped up in a dream where anything could happen. Now, she rarely had time to sleep in, but the one perk of waking early was seeing the sun rising over the horizon.

Padding out of her den briskly, she took a deep breath in, inhaling the scents of the morning. Her eyes were closed as she let her senses float away in the light breeze of the morning. Slowly opening her eyes, Viperstar looked out towards where the sun was rising, not noticing her silent deputy sitting not far from where she was.


Berry (c): me
[ the wonderful =Le-Potato created the original design]
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Please note that this reference sheet will always be a work in progress as I roleplay Silent. As your cats interact with him, it does affect him, so this will be updated as events unfold. Check back in later :3

|| General Information ||

Name(s): Silentkit | Silentpaw | Silentscreech
Name meaning:
-Prefix: When Silentscreech was born, his mother, Silvertongue had initially though Silent was dead because he did not move or make a sound.
-Suffix: During apprenticehood, Silentpaw was attacked by a screech owl, giving him the face scars, though he manged to kill the owl in the process.
Nicknames: None yet.
Age: 96 moons
Gender: tom
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Elder
Body Type:
-Build: Silentscreech's body used to be muscular and bulky when he was younger, now however, has lost a lot of muscle, and is just bulky. Age has caused his spine to bend downwards in the middle, while the hind end juts up.
-Breed: american longhair mix
-Fur: His fur is medium length, and is very rough, and brittle. His chest and belly fur hang limpy, making him look larger than he is.
-Eyes: Silentscreech's eyes are a dark vivid forest green.
-Other: Silentscreech is missing his front right leg, and has scars on his left hind flank, his upper back, and on his face. He also has a torn ear.


- Water [He likes to go to the lake and let the water sooth his stump during summer]
- Kits [Silentscreech doesn't let on he does, but he has quite a soft spot for kits]

- Owls
- Insolent cats
- Thorns
- two-legs
- Cats staring at his missing leg

- He lost leg in a two-leg bear trap, and almost died from it.
- Silentscreech was shunned by his family, a connection that only ever rekindled by 3 of his 4 littermates, Galeheart, Snowbelly, and Cherrydash. He never reconciled with his mother or Gorsepelt.

|| Personality ||

|Grumpy| |Persnickety| |Easily offended| |Hopeless romantic|

Kits these days have no manners! As a matter of fact, neither do many of the warriors!...
Silentscreech has a short temper, and almost always grumpy. He tends to snap at any and everyone who talks to him, whether or not they have done anything to him. He believes that no one has proper manners, and it is very hard to get on his good side.

I told you before! It was misting, not raining!...
Attention to detail is a very important thing to Silentscreech. It could be anything from something as important as orders given to him to something as insignificant as how large a moss ball was. He is easily irritated when cats exaggerate, finding it necessary to berate them on their inattention to detail. Silentscreech has been known to lecture a cat unlucky enough to get caught, explaining to them how even a minor detail could mean life or death. Needless to say, this tom takes his details very seriously.

|Easily offended|
You think I'm mean now, wait til I get my claws in you!...
This tom is quite easily offended. Anything can set him off, and he will give the offender a verbal lashing, even if it was something as simple as not hearing him talk to them. Most times this cat is all bark and no bite, however, there have been a few times when someone has rubbed his fur the wrong way figuratively and been unlucky at the time. He is usually not ill tempered enough to physically fight a cat, but when it does happen, he fights with a ferocity most don't expect from a crippled elder.

|Hopless romantic|
Those two are meant for each other, even if they are too mouse-brained to see it...
Once you get past this grumpy toms' harsh and daunting stronger personality traits, you will see that he is something of a hopeless romantic. As he spends most of his time in the camp, he usually sits and observes the cats of his clan. When something is going on between two cats, he can usually tell, though there have been times he has missed it. Silentscreech will often talk to his denmates, or just out loud to himself about how the cats just need to stop dallying and wasting precious time and see that they are supposed to be together.

|| History ||

|| Kitten ||
Silentkit was born to Silvertongue and Aldertail in a litter of five. He was the first, and oldest, one of the litter. Silvertongue believed Silentkit to be a stillborn when he came out as he didn't move, and never made a single sound. Busy pushing Silentkit's other siblings out, Silvertongue left him where he lay. Once the fifth and final kit was born, Silvertongue turned to the unmoving kit, and saw a slight rise and fall of the kits' breathing. She nudged the bundle of fur to her belly to feed, though she didn't hold much hope that her eldest kit would survive the night. When she saw that he had, indeed survived, she named him Silentkit. Once the kits eyes opened, and they started moving around on their own, Silvertongue believed Silentkit would start talking. However, for the first 6 moons of his life, Silentkit never spoke. Members of Shadowclan often joked around, some saying that Silvertongue had broken her son, others saying how lucky she was to not have a kit who talked incessantly. His brothers and sister often teased him, asking if he was stupid, and never let him play with them. Shunned, Silentkit would pad over to the elders' den day after day, and sit and listen silently to the elders stories of their lives. It was there in the elders' den where Silentkit felt safest, most familiar. He never minded when the elder's would repeat stories, he was content just to listen.

|| Apprentice ||
The day of Silentkit's apprentice ceremony, his mother halfheartedly washed him, before attacking his siblings with wash attempts. After 6 moons, his family had seemed to desert him. Being the oldest, the leader called him forward first, giving him Larksong as a mentor. He padded forward hesitantly to touch noses with her, and that day they set off on his first trip out of the camp. Larksong talked for quite awhile telling Silentpaw all about the territory and what he would face on his path to becoming a warrior. He listened to her diligently, absorbing all the information he could. For the first half moon, Silentpaw would listen to her silently, learning all he could, all the while thinking of what a beautiful respectable cat she was. She had the heart of angel, and he fervently wished that she would have been his mother rather than Silvertongue. He admired her courage and fearlessness, and hoped that he could be like her. It was nearing a full moon that he had been an apprentice when he finally spoke. Larksong had taken Silentpaw out on a border patrol, along with Galepaw and her mentor. About halfway through the patrol, Galepaw and her mentor split from the other pair, and left them alone. As Larksong and Silentpaw walked, a feeling was bubbling inside of Silentpaw. He stopped, and closed his eyes. After a moment, Larksong realized her apprentice wasn't walking with her, and she padded back to him, and asked with great concern if he was okay. Snapping his eyes open upon hearing the genuine concern in her voice, he rushed forward and buried his nose in her neck fur. Pulling back, he looked up at her, and with a rusty and unused voice mewed to her "Thank you." Larksong's eyes widened and she rubbed her nose against his cheek letting a loud purr blossom in her chest. She knew all about Silentpaw living up to his name, everyone is Shadowclan knew he had never spoken. She also knew how much those two words meant. After that day, Larksong was eventually able to coax Silentpaw into talking to her, and he placed his trust fully in her. For most of his apprentice moons, it was mostly uneventful. There were a few border squabbles that he had been in, had been to several gatherings. The day came for Silentpaw's final assessment. Larksong sent him out to go and hunt early in the morning, there still being a hint of stars in the slowly brightening sky. Silentpaw padded briskly through the territory, confidently padding after the scent of a squirrel. Upon seeing the squirrel enter his vision, he crouch low to the ground, beginning to stalk it. After a couple moments, the squirrel jumped quickly and dove for a bush, and Silentpaw had a couple seconds to wonder why the squirrel ran before it could hear or even smell him when he saw a shadow and felt a stab of pain on his face. A terrified shriek rose out of his mouth when he saw the owl come swooping back for him, its talons poised and deadly, aiming straight for him. He tried to dodge and end up getting the owls claws scoring his pelt from leg to spine. With blood pouring into his eyes, he watched as the owl swooped once more for him assuming it would be able to take him down now that it had injured him, and he jumped, colliding with the owl mid-air,attacked it with his own claws and teeth. The owl tore his ear in half with its cruel beak, and he was quickly able to find the owls neck, and bit down crushing its windpipe, and together they crashed to the ground. Once he realized the owl was dead, the adrenaline seemed to evaporate from him, and he slumped over, feeling pain lance through his body. Seconds later, Larksong came running with the medicine cat, and they hauled him and the owl back to camp. The medicine cat said starclan must be on Silentaw's side for him to not have lost his vision. The owl's talons had come dangerously close to his eye. He had to stay in camp for a week to heal properly, and after the week was up, he was given his warrior ceremony, much to Larksong's and his pleasure.

|| Warrior ||
Silentpaw became Silentscreech in honor of the owl that had attacked him, that he had taken down. He was made warrior the day before the full moon, and was proudly picked to go to the gathering. The gathering was uneventful, but Silentscreech sat proudly as the assembled cats yowled his name in congratulations. It was more than his 'family' had done. His mother and littermates sat stone still during his ceremony, his littermates giving him bitter and angry glares of contempt. Near a moon later, the rest of his siblings were made warriors as well. After their vigil, they sauntered up to Silentscreech while they were outside of the camp and said that he was only made a warrior before them because the leader pitied him from getting attacked by the owl. Gorsepelt, the worst of the pack, said that he heard Silvertongue saying that she wished the owl would've finished him off. Silentscreech flattened his ears and backed away from the group. He knew his mother shunned him, but he didn't know she wished him dead. Suddenly Larksong appeared and them to back off. His littermates rolled their eyes saying it was pathetic that he needed his mentor to save him and left. As Larksong turned back to Silentscreech, she saw the tom running away, as fast as he could. Silentscreech ran, running to the edge of their border. There was a tree there, where a hole had been carved away by the weather under the roots, and he crawled in and curled up, turning into a sobbing mess. Later that day, Larksong found him, and laid beside him. "They aren't worth this Silentscreech. You know they were only saying things they thought would hurt you." Eventually his crying subsided, though they end up spending the night under the tree.

Moons passed by for Silentscreech, his siblings still trying to tear him down, his mother blatantly ignoring him, and the abuse his littermates dished out. Gorsepelt seemed to become more and more public and violent with Silentscreech. What started out as harsh and hateful words slowly transformed into wicked and cruel attacks. Silentscreech would come back into camp each day with new scratches and cuts running over his pelt. Larksong would try to go out with Silentscreech, but they were often separated with different duties. Each night when they went to bed, Larksong would lick the cuts clean, and pressed moss against the deeper wounds. Silentscreech rarely went to the medicine cat, as he didn't want to say that it was his own brother who inflicted the wounds. Whenever his clanmates would see the cuts, he would say he fell into a thorn bush. This continued on for quite awhile. Soon, a small change started to happen. Galeheart, Cherrydash, and Snowbelly stopped physically attacking Silentscreech, and their verbal attacks seemed less intense, more halfhearted. One day, Galeheart hesitantly approached Silentscreech, and awkwardly tried to talk to him. After a couple moments, Galeheart burst out with an apology saying that she didn't expect him to forgive her but she wanted to let him know how sorry she was. Silentscreech accepted her apology, and they started to build up a relationship. It was not long after that Cherrydash and Snowbelly followed Galeheart's actions, and apologized to Silentscreech. He found out that Gorsepelt had been abusing them as well. They told him that he had fractured one of Snowbelly's ribs, and clawed Cherrydash and Galeheart several times.

When Gorsepelt found out that Snowbelly, Cherrydash, and Galeheart had reconciled with Silentscreech, he was furious. He became more and more unstable, and one day while Silentscreech, Larksong, Snowbelly, Cherrydash, and Galeheart were out on a hunting patrol he attacked them. Slinking downwind of them, he made to attack Silentscreech, but Snowbelly blocked his path, and he end up slicing Snowbelly's neck clean open. Cherrydash and Galeheart chased Gorsepelt out of the territory, while Larksong ran back to get the medicine cat. Silentscreech tried to press moss against Snowbelly's neck, but the blood kept flowing around the moss. Snowbelly died before the medicine cat was able to get to them. When the leader found out what had happened, he called a meeting, and told the clan that if anyone saw Gorsepelt, they were to chase him out immediately. Silentscreech mourned for his brother, sad that he only had such a little time to actually get to know Snowbelly.



Mother: Silvertongue
Father: Aldertail
- Gorsepelt [deceased]
- Snowbelly [deceased]
- Cherrydash [OPEN FOR RP]
- Galeheart [OPEN FOR RP]

|| Relationships ||

:bulletorange: = Apprentice
:bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletblack: = Dead

:bulletwhite: = Uncertainty/Neutral
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance :bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good friend :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: = Respect
:heart: = Mate
:bulletpink: = Crush/attraction :bulletpink::bulletpink: Lust
:bulletred: = Discomfort :bulletred::bulletred: Despise

:bulletblack:/:bulletyellow:/:bulletgreen: | Larksong
She was my mentor back when I was an apprentice. She believed in me, and helped me better myself when my own family shunned me. I hope I made her proud, for she was like the mother I never had. The day she died broke my heart, and honestly, a little bit of my spirit.

||Roleplay Info||

Note RP: I am always open to note roleplays. I find it easiest to rp through notes as they're neater and easier to keep organized.
Chat RP: I am willing to do chat roleplays, as long as I have access to the internet consistently, which is 99% of the time. If you want to Chat RP with me, just send me a comment and I'll pop on.
Skype RP: I rarely will do Skype roleplays, as I am never on my skype. However, if you really want to skype, just let me know, and I will give you my skype name.

Roleplay example: [Taken from a note RP with Viperstar]

A pair of ears twitched as the sound of bird song lazily drifted into her den. Blinking slowly, Viperstar awoke and fluffed her fur against the chill that hung in the den, clinging to the earth around her nest. A small stretch, accompanied by a content sigh, had her up and out of her warm nest. Pricking her ears, she could hear the last dying song of a cricket that transformed into the chipper melody of the morning birds.

She knew that many, if not all, of her clanmates would still be asleep. The she-cat remembered back when she was an apprentice, even as a warrior, she loved to sleep in, being wrapped up in a dream where anything could happen. Now, she rarely had time to sleep in, but the one perk of waking early was seeing the sun rising over the horizon.

Padding out of her den briskly, she took a deep breath in, inhaling the scents of the morning. Her eyes were closed as she let her senses float away in the light breeze of the morning. Slowly opening her eyes, Viperstar looked out towards where the sun was rising, not noticing her silent deputy sitting not far from where she was.

For :iconthe-blue-tides:
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//EDIT: Added "Life count" section

Please note that this reference sheet will always be a work in progress as I roleplay Viper. As your cats interact with her, it does affect her, so this will be updated as events unfold. Check back in later :3

|| General Information ||

Viper | Viperpaw | Viperstrike | Viperstar

|Name meaning|
Viper's mother, Adder was named after a snake, and wanted to repeat the tradition when she saw her daughter had pale yellow snake-like eyes.

Viper was pronounced Viperstrike during her warrior ceremony because of her swift and accurate attacks during battles.

None yet.

126 moons




|Body Type|
Viperstar has a small body and thin body build, being smaller than the average male, and slightly smaller than the average she-cat.

Somali mix

Her fur is short and silky, and she has a bottlebrush tail. She also has ear tufts, the color of her underbelly.

Viperstar's eyes are a pale yellow with a thin bright orange strip lining the pupil.


- She loves to climb trees and often will travel through the dense areas of the forest via branch hopping.
- Rain
- Fog/mist

- Bees
- the Dark Forest
- Cats who belittle her heritage

- She has a certain fascination with butterflies, moths, and ladybugs, she could sit and watch them flutter all day.
- Viperstar sometimes still has nightmares revolving around the battle where her mother died.
- Viperstar has slight insomnia, caused by the constant moving as a kit.
- Viperstar is sensitive to the light, so her eyes are always slitted in the day time.

|| Personality ||

|Devious| |Persuasive| || |Responsible| |Caring| |Stern| |Playful| |Amicable| |Confident|



I gave my word; This will be done... Because Viper's mother was deaf and was always so skittish and terrified, Viper had to mentally grow up quickly, and it end up making her feel the need to be responsible. She was the one who usually made sure there was no one and nothing around where her and her mother made camp. As Viperpaw became an apprentice of Thunderclan, she strived to complete her training with diligence. She worked long and hard wanting to prove that she was just as good as any other clan cat. Hearing whispers from her clanmates as well as other clan cats only furthered her desire to prove herself.

You're not hurt, are you? Do you need someone to talk to?... Viperstar has a great deal of care and compassion in her heart, and she believes that no cat should ever be without someone to care for them. She will take up any role a cat needs in their life, from a friend, to a confidant, to even a mother figure. If you want someone to talk to, to be friends with, Viperstar is your cat.

If I've told you once, I've told you countless times!... Though sometimes Viperstar may sound a little harsh at times, she really is looking out for the welfare of her clan-mates. She will make time to devote herself to kits and apprentices, sometimes playing with them, sometimes training them. No matter what she has in store for the young cats, she always makes sure to teach them about the dangers that can be found in the forest. Better to teach a kit early on to stay away from thorns and deathberries, rather than suffer the consequences later.


Hello there, My name is Viperstar, its' a pleasure to meet you!... Viperstar is something of a social butterfly. She loves to get to know cats, and flourishes having her friends around her. She is easy to make friends with, few cats ever get on her bad side. She is quite friendly, and always tries to make sure everyone is included.


||Life Count||

Life's lost: 

Life's Remaining: 

1st Life:
Badger attack
2nd Life:
Green cough
3rd Life:
4th Life:
Windclan attack
5th Life:
6th Life:
Car hit and run
7th Life: 
On 7th Life currently
8th Life:
Still remains
9th Life:
Still remains



Viperstar doesn't care about physical aspects so much as she wants a cat who cat take care of himself and understand that the clan comes before everything with her.

Viperstar is not a virgin.

|| History ||

|| Kitten ||

Viper was born to a deaf loner by the name of Adder. She was an only kit. Her mother struggled to keep both herself and her daughter fed and alive. Once Viper was strong enough to be moved, Adder constantly kept both of them on the move, terrified to be caught unaware. Because of her deafness, she had a rather difficult time catching prey, usually preferring to catch fish, as it easier to catch the fish without sound. Adder normally let them stay in a single area for a week, before moving on, though she never strayed too far from the river. Because Adder could not hear, Viper never really talked, feeling it was pointless. She never found out why Adder was so terrified of everything, why she was always on the run.

When she was nearing 4 months old, while moving once again, Viper started to explore the area, moving farther and farther away from her mother. She heard alot of screeching and yowling in the distance, and ran terrified back to where she had left Adder. She wasn't there. Picking up Adder's scent, she ran after her, realizing that she was quickly approaching the sounds of battle. Dread filled the young kit's belly like a rotten piece of meat and picked up her pace, almost flying over the ground. Viper stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a writhing mass of cats, some of the cats even seemed to shimmer! Blood was everywhere, and shrieks of pain, snarls of fury, and yowls of victory cascaded over her ears causing her to shy away. She couldn't find her mother in this! All she could smell now was blood! Her eyes flew frantically over the scene, trying to find her mothers familiar pelt. There! She saw Adder, and relief flooded her, before being replaced with terror and anguish. One of the dark pelted shimmering cats had Adder by the throat, and dark liquid was bubbling out of the dark cats mouth, and down Adder's neck. Viper ran to her mother as the cat threw her down and took off, and saw with dismay that her neck was torn open. Her mother's eyes were starting to dull, and she mewed weakly, her voice cracking from lack of use "I love you". It was the first and last words that Viper ever heard from her mother. Viper curled up beside her mother, and pressed her nose into her mother's still warm fur. The noises of the battle turned to white static as she lay beside Adder.

She didn't know how much time had passed, but she came back to herself when she felt a nose prodded her neck fur, hearing a cat exclaim 'she's alive!'. A mouthful of teeth grabbed her by the scruff removing her from her mothers now cold fur. Blackness overtook her once more as she let her numbness take hold. Once she woke up again, she was in a den with a cat smelling of plants and herbs, who told her she was in Thunderclan. She asked her name, but she just shook her head and buried her nose under her tail. A large brown tabby, similar to the one who had killed her mother, though he had warm amber eyes instead of the frosted blue ones of the murderer, came in and told her she could stay if she wanted, so, upon having no where else to go, and no way to survive on her own, she nodded silently to the tom and curled up once more.

|| Apprentice ||
It wasn't long after the Battle was over that Bramblestar officially welcomed Viper to Thunderclan. For the most part, Viper kept to herself, thinking that none of the cats would truly accept her, an orphan. It wasn't long before she slowly was broken out of her shell, and she blossomed into quite a social cat. She made as many friends as she could, even making friends from other clans when she attended gatherings. Viperpaw had a natural air around her that made others feel welcome and comfortable enough to talk to her. It was Bramblestar who was her mentor, and she developed quite a bond with the large tom. She considered him to be a father figure of sorts, and she was truly grateful that he had accepted her into the clan. Bramblestar taught her everything, from learning to fight, to the ways of the clans, and all about starclan. He also taught her about the Dark Forest when she inquired about the dark pelted ghost cats that she had seen. She told Bramblestar of how she came to be in the clans territory, of how her mother was deaf, and how she had seen her mother die at the hands of a tom that looked nearly identical to him, only that the tom had piercing blue eyes. Bramblestar sadly told her that it was his brother, the cat that had killed her mother, and that he was so very sorry for what had happened. He told her that if a cat like Hawkfrost ever entered her dreams, that they would try to recruit her, or kill her. He showed her the scars that he himself had attained from the dreams, letting her know that whatever happened in those dreams happened in real life. Viperpaw devoted herself to making sure that something like that would never happen again. That no kit would suffer the same fate she had, that no cat would lose a family member to the evil of the Dark Forest.

She trained hard, striving to be the best hunter, the greatest fighter. Though the previous leader, Firestar [whom she had heard about, but had apparently died in the battle before she awoke], had been a kitty-pet, many of the clan members still disbelieved that a previous loner would ever amount to anything. Viperpaw wanted to prove them wrong, that she could be something. So she made her goal to be the leader of Thunderclan. Other apprentices scoffed at her, saying that a loner would never be the leader of the great clan. Many of her friends often joked with her, saying that when they were made leader, they would let her be the deputy.

One day, nearing the end of her apprenticeship, she was sent out to hunt, for observation. As she was tracking down a squirrel, a young fox had appeared down wind of her, and attacked. Viperpaw, ever the one to prove herself, instead of running away, she ran headfirst for the russet colored beast. She dodged and pranced out of the way of the wicked gleaming teeth of the fox, aiming well placed attacks on the fox. It wasn't long before Bramblestar showed up, and together they chased the fox well out of Thunderclans territory. Bramblestar decided that Viperpaw had proved herself, so later that day, Bramblestar called the clan together, and Viperpaw was named Viperstrike, for her fast and accurate attacks.

|| Warrior ||

|| Leader ||


Adder [deceased]



|| Relationships ||

:bulletorange: = Apprentice
:bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletblack: = Dead

:bulletwhite: = Uncertainty/Neutral
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance :bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good friend :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: = Crush/Attraction
:heart: = Mate
:bulletpink: = Lust
:bulletred: = Discomfort :bulletred: Despise

:bulletwhite:/:bulletblue: | Foxsnarl | Deputy

:bulletwhite:/:bulletblue: | Chestnutblaze | Medicine cat

:bulletorange:/:bulletblack: | Stormpaw | Apprentice

:bulletblue:/:bulletblue: | Cricketleap | Warrior
"During one of the gatherings, I accidently ran into this spirited young apprentice. At first she seemed a little annoyed, though when she heard I was Thunderclan's leader, she stumbled over an apology. I have to admit I was a little put off that she seemed afraid of me, though after talking for a little bit, she warmed up to me. She's definitely a spunky little thing. She'll grow up to be quite a fine warrior one day."

:bulletwhite:/:bulletblue: | Flarerain | Warrior
"I ran into him once while I was out hunting. He was very polite, if a little bit withdrawn. He seemed nice enough, though he barely spoke. Seemed like he thought I was going to attack him."

||Roleplay Info||

Note RP: I am always open to note roleplays. I find it easiest to rp through notes as they're neater and easier to keep organized.
Chat RP: I am willing to do chat roleplays, as long as I have access to the internet consistently, which is 99% of the time. If you want to Chat RP with me, just send me a comment and I'll pop on.
Skype RP: I am always open for Skype Roleplays, just send me your skype name, if I don't already have it.

Roleplay example: [Taken from a note RP with Viperstar]

A pair of ears twitched as the sound of bird song lazily drifted into her den. Blinking slowly, Viperstar awoke and fluffed her fur against the chill that hung in the den, clinging to the earth around her nest. A small stretch, accompanied by a content sigh, had her up and out of her warm nest. Pricking her ears, she could hear the last dying song of a cricket that transformed into the chipper melody of the morning birds.

She knew that many, if not all, of her clanmates would still be asleep. The she-cat remembered back when she was an apprentice, even as a warrior, she loved to sleep in, being wrapped up in a dream where anything could happen. Now, she rarely had time to sleep in, but the one perk of waking early was seeing the sun rising over the horizon.

Padding out of her den briskly, she took a deep breath in, inhaling the scents of the morning. Her eyes were closed as she let her senses float away in the light breeze of the morning. Slowly opening her eyes, Viperstar looked out towards where the sun was rising, not noticing her silent deputy sitting not far from where she was.


By me:

By others:


For :iconthe-blue-tides:
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Name: Echopaw

Age: 17 moons

Gender: Female

Breed: Russian Blue + Manx

Clan: Riverclan

Rank: Apprentice


{Gentle} {Neat Freak} {Over-Cautious} {Friendly}

{Gentle} Echopaw is very gentle and is very afraid of doing anything irradical. She is very petite with her movements and will freak out at loud noises, her slipping, or making a mistake. She is very gentle around kits, and likes playing with them, just not rough housing.

{Neat Freak} Echopaw is very neat and dislikes getting her fur dirty. She will do a lot to avoid a mud puddle, or a especially boggy spot of the territory. She always keeps her fur nice and groomed. If she sees another cats fur that had a tuft sticking out she has a strong impulse to fix it, and will often ask someone if she can fix it. She doesn't like blood or guts, it just grosses her out for some reason. She doesn't mind it on prey, but others cats, it just makes her skin crawl.

{Over-Cautious} She is very cautious, especially near the river, due to her past. She will often back out of an activity with other apprentices if it seems to dangerous to her. She's very careful when walking across treacherous territory, for she also doesn't want to get dirty.

{Friendly} Even though she can be shy at times, she is very friendly and loves making new friends. If Echopaw sees someone who seems lonely she'll always go and introduce herself, and try to be friends with them.

Hidden Traits

{Imaginative} Echopaw doesn't like to show this side of her, but she has a big imagination. Inanimte objects talking or having feelings? Yep. She likes to daydream, which she is never seen doing, for she hates to be caught for her imaginative side, for she thinks everyone will make fun of her for talking to a butterfly.

Temporary Traits
{Depressed} {Shy} {Sullen} {Clumsy} {Friendly}

After most of her friends died, she became depressed and doesn't really see the light of things anymore. The once somewhat upbeat she-cat is now just sad and gloomy

Even though her loss, she is still very shy and timid, and is afraid to approach cats she doesn't know. This may play a part to her depression, for she's afraid to meet new cats that could maybe help her.

Echopaw doesn't see the same things funny or humorous anymore, for it just seems to remind her of her friends. Jokes don't seem to help her, and if pushed, she'll snap at you and get away from you.

Echopaw doesn't seem on top of things anymore, and she has been getting clumsier. She has also stopped caring for her pelt, and it is forming clumps, and sticking out at different angles

Though she's sad, she is still friendly and won't scare a cat away if they approach her. Though she may seem less approachable, she still enjoys company everyonce and a while.

Brief Backstory:

{Kit} As a kit, Echopaw was abandoned at the border of Riverclan. Her father and mother were left unknown, actually, nothing was known about her. She was brought in and raised by another queen in the nursery, Swanflight, who had recently lost her kits to greencough. The Swanflight raised her like her own, and cared for Echokit greatly.

{Apprenticeship} When Echopaw was made an apprentice, she was overjoyed. Some of the other kits had ben staying away from her when she was younger, but she didn't really mind. She was finally happy to be an apprentice to start having duties to serve her clan. A moon after her apprentice ship, she was out one sunny day with Swanflight, just talking a walk near a river. Echopaw, still pretty young then, strayed to far into the water of the river and was swept down in the swift currents that were in the middle of the river. Her mother came to rescue her, and was able to help Echopaw up onto shore, but the strong current was too much for her and she was pulled under, and swept away. Echopaw never saw Swanflight again. When she returned to camp, she had broke down in the middle of the clearing when she told everyone. Swanflight was later assumed dead. Echopaw mourned for Swanflight for at least, three sunrises and sunsets. She was the only cat that she had, and now she had lost her, and for her own stupid mistake. Echopaw will forever, blame her self for what happened, but she will always know that Swanflight is either watching over her.....or still out there.

{Recent Events}
Echopaw recently lost three of her friends, and only has one or two left, though she never talks to them anymore. She is quite depressed and sad and doesn't seem to see the light in life anymore.

- Sunny days
- Clean/groomed fur
- Swimming
- Fishing
- Watching the Sunset

- Rain
- Fast flowing rivers
- Dirty/ ungroomed fur
- Mud
- Blood/ Guts

Family Bio

-Mother- Unknown
-Father- Unknown
-Foster Mother- Swanflight
-Siblings- Unknown


:bulletorange: Apprentice/Mentor
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletwhite: Dead

:bulletblack: Hate|Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Fear
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: Crush/Attraction
:bulletpink: Mate
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Lust
:bulletred: Discomfort
:bulletred::bulletred: Despise


:bulletblue::bulletorange: Badgerstar - I-I never imagined that Duststar would die so suddenly like that. I-I was heartbroken, but you took me under your wing and you're mentoring me now.

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblue: Cyclonepaw - H-He's really nice, and we both imagine that things talk. He's kinda funny and I-I want to get to know more about him. I think it's cool that you and your brother are so close. I-I-I c-can't believe y-you're g-gone, I-I...

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblue: Typhoonpaw - *giggles* I remember when you tried to drop mud on my head and you ended up falling out of the tree yourself. I think someday you'll be as good as pranking as your brother. W-Why did S-Starclan d-do this t-to you? I-I m-miss y-you so much!

:bulletwhite::bulletblue: Barkpaw - I-I remember when we first met, you had given me your fresh kill, even though you didn't even know me. I hope we can get to know more about each other. I-I h-hope y-you're happy in the s-stars with Cyclonepaw and Typhoonpaw, I-I miss you guys so much.

:bulletblue::bulletwhite: Duststar - I-I can't believe you're dead. I-I never really got to know you, and I now regret that. I hope you're happy up in Starclan.

Roleplay Sample:

A dark-spotted she cat opened her green eyes and glanced around. Sunlight was streaming into the apprentices den, from the look of it, early morning. Echopaw yawned and sat up. She shook her fur and quickly groomed down some tufts sticking out. She finished up and trotted out of the den. She saw everyone was gathered in front of the deputy who was sending everyone off on patrols. The she-cat looked around the clearing for her mentor and shrugged. ' He must be doing something' she thought and sat down at the edge of the crowd and waited for her mentor. Her stomach growled softly, and she realized she was pretty hungry. But the clan comes first, so I'll wait until we're done training today she thought and listened to the deputy.

3/9 edited a spelling error

4/14 - Added thoughts about cats in relationships

4/30 - Edited her family Bio

7/22 - Edited Personality, History and Relationships

8/23 - Updated her visual ref, added a few markings ouo

9/13 - Edited Age

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For the comparing the size of him, I used the original adopt pic for it, so the art belongs to *Whitelinxanimator500 and the design was made by ~good-within-u

Edit1: Added relationships ^^

Name: Lynxshade

Age: 41 moons

Gender: Male

Breed: Japanese Bobtail

Clan: Thunderclan

Rank: Warrior


{Skeptical} {Quiet} {Unforgiving} {Observant} {Meticulous}

{Skeptical} Lynxshade is usually not easily convinced to do something, especially if he sees the idea as not a good one. He is also very skeptical of Starclan, for he blames him losing his leg on them, for, they're up there to protect the clan and it's members right? Due to his misfirtune, his faith in Starclan is as thin as a thread.

{Quiet} When you first meet Lynxshade, good luck in trying to get a few words out of him. Only when he starts to trust you or like you, he'll speak, but not often. At clan meetings, however, if something is said that offends or is disrespectful to a friend or a cat he respects, he'll speak out and stand up for them. He only does this from experience, for when he was little, no one stuck up for him.

{Unforgiving} This tom can be very unforgiving if you say or do something that hurts him or a cat close to him. He will avoid you and shun you for many moons, or depending on what you did.

{Observant}Lynxshade is more of an observant type of cat, rather than being in the middle of a conversation. He likes to sit up on high perches and watch from above, which is said to come from a thin trace of Skyclan blood in his family.

{Meticulous} Lynxshade is very meticulous and can notice a hair out of line on a cat. He isn't very gullible, and never falls for tricks. He has basically memorized all of Thunderclan's territory, all the places he's been, at least.


Lynxshade, Lynxkit then, was born to Sorreltail and Brackenfur, in a later litter. He had 2 littermates, Locuskit and Lavenderkit. He and his siblings were like 3 peas in a pod, they couldn't be seperated, until the Great Battle. When Brokenstar attacked the nursery, before Ferncloud got there, he had killed Locuskit and Lavenderkit. Lynxkit was only saved because he had hid in the back of the nursery under a low branch. He had witnessed his own siblings' death, and Ferncloud's too. After the battle was done, he went into a depression and suffered from flashbacks. His parents tried to do everything they could, as well as the medicine cat. He eventually recovered, but could never forgive the evil, Dark Forest cats.

When Lynxpaw was made an apprentice, he was given a trusted and wise warrior as a mentor. Lynxpaw looked up to his mentor and did everything he said. During his training, he began to let go of his siblings' deaths and began to live a normal life of an apprentice. He became more social, and made some friends.

Then it all changed. One day, he was out on patrol with his mentor and some other cats, including Dovewing. She had stopped suddenly and said that she could hear the Dark forest cats. Lynxpaw had become overcome with rage and grief that he had run off into the undergrowth in the direction that Dovewing had said. Lynxpaw ran into a clearing where he saw Dark Forest cats appearing, they were there to get revenge. The rest of the patrol had caught up and they went into battle. They managed to drive them back into the Dark forest, but at a cost. Lynxpaw's mentor had been injured greatly and had lost a lot of blood. He had only made it back to camp before dieing of blood loss.

Lynxpaw mourned greatly for his mentor and continued to get horrible flashbacks of the incident, and of his siblings' deaths. He went another moon training with other apprentices' mentors before he was made a warrior.

Early Warriorship
In his early warrior days, he had managed to get over his mentor's death with the help of his parents and other cats. He continued to get horrible flashbacks, but not as often. He went on hunting and protecting and serving his clan for a few moons.

Then one day, he was out hunting alone one sunny, newleaf day when he took a wrong step into a sink hole and fell into an underground river, which carried him out from the territories into a land outside of the valley. He had washed up on a river bank near a community of Twoleg dens.

Lynxshade, now taking on the name, Lynx, had wandered around the community and made himself a home in an abandoned twoleg den. He had established his own territory and fended off against other rouges and loners living there.

One day, Lynx wasn't being careful while walking up on a fence and had stumbled down into an alley. Two dogs attacked him, both of them were big rotweilers. Lynx ran for his life, only to end up being cornered in a dead end. Not wanting to make a last stand in the alley, Lynx tried to fight his way out between the two giagantic dogs. That was a big mistake.

One of the dogs had bitten his leg and crunched down on it so hard, the bones inside it had shattered. Lynx had been knocked out cold from the pain, and would've died if not a kind twoleg had chased off the dogs and rescued Lynx. They ended up taking him to a vet and had to get his leg amputated, for his leg would never heal correctly and would most likely get infected. After the procedure, the twoleg had taken Lynx home. She was a kind middle aged woman who lived alone, so there weren't any dangers of other animals.

When Lynx finally came too, he found himself laying on a soft stone in the twoleg den. He went to stand up, but he just fell forward. A sharp jab of pain shocked up the remaining part of his leg. He managed to roll over and sit up, then unsteadily stand up. The twoleg entered the room and saw Lynx, and went to help him when he panicked and lashed out. Or he at least tried to. His right arm was gone, and it was his dominate paw too. So all he did was hiss and fall over. The twoleg helped him up and he just let her pick him up and carry him back to the soft stone.

He continued to live with the twoleg until the wrappings were taken off and he finally got to look at his leg. The fur had grown back around it, but it was scarred and ugly. By then, Lynx had gotten used to walking with three legs, and even developed ways of fighting (when the twoleg wasn't home). He had also grown to like the twoleg, not the way of a kittypet, with all the gushy, and tasteless food, but he liked the twoleg.

One day, the twoleg brought Lynx outside into the back area of the den. She carried him out of a swinging panel and out into a forest area. She then gently put him down and nudged him off, for she understood he didn't like the life of a housecat. Lynx, at first, was reluctlant to leave, but ended up padding into the undergrowth and finding the river where he originally washed up. He traveled along it, until he found his way back into the valley, back to the clans by the lake.

Rejoining the Clan
When Lynxshade finally reached Thunderclan camp, he was nervous. He thought no one would recognize him, for he had changed a lot. When he first entered camp, everyone's gazes turned to him. Gasps and murmuring was what first met his ears. Then out of the elders den, came his mother, and his father slowly following. She embraced him, and was looking him over when she came across his missing leg. She had stared at him in horror, a gaze that would forever haunt him forever. His father, though, had come to his rescue and said how greatful he was that Lynxshade had returned. The rest of the clan had uneasily agreed and dispersed. Lynxshade was shocked to see they had a new leader and deputy. He was later told they had passed away.

It took Lynxshade to get used to clan life again, and the stares and gossip about his leg. It eventually died down, for cats were getting bored. He by then, had learned to tune it out and to stay away from other cats. He never grew close to anyone and started to get flashbacks again.
His parents eventually died of old age, and Lynxshade now lives an average life of a warrior, no matter his disability.

-High perches, like trees
-Quiet areas
-The smell of lavender and roses
-cats who overlook his disability

-Loud noises or discussions
-abnoxious apprentices
-underground places
-being wet
-being judged for his missing leg

Family Bio

-Mother- Sorreltail
-Father- Brackenfur
-Grandma- Willowpelt (Mother's side) Frostfur (Father's Side)
-Grandpa- Whitestorm (mother's side)
-Great Grandma- Swiftbreeze (Mother's Side) Robinwing (Father's Side)
-Great Grandpa- Adderfang (Mother's Side) Fuzzypelt (Father's Side)
-Uncles- Sootfur, Rainwhisker (mother's Side) Thornclaw (father's side)
-Aunts- Brightheart, Cinderpelt (father's side)


Lynxshade will everyonce and a while, get 'ghost feelings', like where his leg used to be, he'll suddenly get the urge to scratch at it, and is sometimes seens scratching at empty air.

He will often have flashbacks of past memories and will often freeze up, and talk to no one in particular.


:bulletorange: Apprentice
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletwhite: Dead

:bulletblack: Hate|Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Fear
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: Crush/Attraction
:bulletpink: Mate
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Lust
:bulletred: Discomfort
:bulletred::bulletred: Despise

None yet

None Yet (that I know of)


:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletred: Swiftfoot - I hate this tom. He thinks he can just stide on to my clan's territory? I think not. And why did he have to go and laugh at my missing leg? Well, he learned his lesson


:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletred: Stoutclaw - This tom. Oh him. He only taunted me for my leg because he had the safety of being on the other side of the river. I hope to never run across him again.


:bulletblue::bulletblue: Rarity - She's an...interesting young cat. She's been through a lot for a cat her age..I just hope she can find a way to hunt, for I don't want her dying from starvation

:bulletred: Magma - I came across this tom looking for moss for his mate. Apparently he's never heard of boarders. At least he had the right mind to not pick a fight with me.

(If I am missing anyone please tell me ^^)

Roleplay Sample:


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Name: Echocreek

Age: 21 moons

Gender: Female

Breed: Russian Blue + Manx

Clan: Riverclan

Rank: Warrior


{Depressed} {Shy} {Sullen} {Clumsy} {Friendly} {Timid} {Skittish}

After most of her friends died, she became depressed and doesn't really see the light of things anymore. The once somewhat upbeat she-cat is now just sad and gloomy. She still is saddened, and doesn't seem to be getting much better.

Even though her loss, she is still very shy and timid, and is afraid to approach cats she doesn't know. This may play a part to her depression, for she's afraid to meet new cats that could maybe help her.

Echocreek doesn't see the same things funny or humorous anymore, for it just seems to remind her of her friends. Jokes don't seem to help her, and if pushed, she'll snap at you and get away from you.

Echocreek doesn't seem on top of things anymore, and she has been getting clumsier. She has also stopped caring for her pelt, and it is forming clumps, and sticking out at different angles

Though she's sad, she is still friendly and won't scare a cat away if they approach her. Though she may seem less approachable, she still enjoys company every once and a while. She is starting to become more open, since her ceremony, and is looking for some kind of companionship.

Through and incident, she has become timid, adding onto her already shy disposition. She is clearly an easy pushover, though sometimes through her immense fear, she'll find stubbornness.

After getting the ugly scars that are now etched across her face, she has become more easily to be surprised/scared. If you happen to sneak up on her, and freak her out, she'll be trying to get up the nearest tree in a heartbeat.

Brief Backstory:

{Kit} As a kit, Echopaw was abandoned at the border of Riverclan. Her father and mother were left unknown, actually, nothing was known about her. She was brought in and raised by another queen in the nursery, Swanflight, who had recently lost her kits to greencough. The Swanflight raised her like her own, and cared for Echokit greatly.

{Apprenticeship} When Echopaw was made an apprentice, she was overjoyed. Some of the other kits had ben staying away from her when she was younger, but she didn't really mind. She was finally happy to be an apprentice to start having duties to serve her clan. A moon after her apprentice ship, she was out one sunny day with Swanflight, just talking a walk near a river. Echopaw, still pretty young then, strayed to far into the water of the river and was swept down in the swift currents that were in the middle of the river. Her mother came to rescue her, and was able to help Echopaw up onto shore, but the strong current was too much for her and she was pulled under, and swept away. Echopaw never saw Swanflight again. When she returned to camp, she had broke down in the middle of the clearing when she told everyone. Swanflight was later assumed dead. Echopaw mourned for Swanflight for at least, three sunrises and sunsets. She was the only cat that she had, and now she had lost her, and for her own stupid mistake. Echopaw will forever, blame her self for what happened, but she will always know that Swanflight is either watching over her.....or still out there.

During the middle of her apprenticeship, her first mentor Duststar, died from what seemed like Starclan's wrath. Stricken by the loss, she fell behind in her training, but was soon brought back up by the new leader, Badgerstar. He was a more stricter mentor, but he eventually showed a kind heart. He taught her well, and she soon started to catch up. However, her short lived happiness would be cut off.
During that time, she had become friends with a few other apprentices, and when all of a sudden, almost all her good friends died. Four out of 5 or 6 of them. The young she-cat fell into depression, for she hadn't really experienced that much loss, in such a short life time.
She again, fell behind in training, and went way past the due time for assessments. but her mentor let her be and recover. Though she never did. She just pushed it aside and barely completed her assessment. (Will add more later)


- Sunny days
- Clean/groomed fur
- Swimming
- Fishing
- Watching the Sunset

- Rain
- Fast flowing rivers
- Dirty/ ungroomed fur
- Mud
- Blood/ Guts

Family Bio

-Mother- Unknown
-Father- Unknown
-Foster Mother- Swanflight
-Siblings- Unknown


:bulletorange: Apprentice/Mentor
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletwhite: Dead

:bulletblack: Hate|Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Fear
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best friend
:bulletyellow: Crush/Attraction
:bulletpink: Mate
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Lust
:bulletred: Discomfort
:bulletred::bulletred: Despise


:bulletblue::bulletorange: Badgerstar - I-I never imagined that Duststar would die so suddenly like that. I-I was heartbroken, but you took me under your wing and you're mentoring me now. You've taught me so much, I just hope you'll still be there to talk.

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblue: Cyclonepaw - H-He's really nice, and we both imagine that things talk. He's kinda funny and I-I want to get to know more about him. I think it's cool that you and your brother are so close. I-I-I c-can't believe y-you're g-gone, I-I...

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblue: Typhoonpaw - *giggles* I remember when you tried to drop mud on my head and you ended up falling out of the tree yourself. I think someday you'll be as good as pranking as your brother. W-Why did S-Starclan d-do this t-to you? I-I m-miss y-you so much!

:bulletwhite::bulletblue: Barkpaw - I-I remember when we first met, you had given me your fresh kill, even though you didn't even know me. I hope we can get to know more about each other. I-I h-hope y-you're happy in the s-stars with Cyclonepaw and Typhoonpaw, I-I miss you guys so much.

:bulletblue::bulletwhite: Duststar - I-I can't believe you're dead. I-I never really got to know you, and I now regret that. I hope you're happy up in Starclan.

Roleplay Sample:

A dark-spotted she cat opened her green eyes and glanced around. Sunlight was streaming into the apprentices den, from the look of it, early morning. Echopaw yawned and sat up. She shook her fur and quickly groomed down some tufts sticking out. She finished up and trotted out of the den. She saw everyone was gathered in front of the deputy who was sending everyone off on patrols. The she-cat looked around the clearing for her mentor and shrugged. ' He must be doing something' she thought and sat down at the edge of the crowd and waited for her mentor. Her stomach growled softly, and she realized she was pretty hungry. But the clan comes first, so I'll wait until we're done training today she thought and listened to the deputy.

So yes, finally got her warrior ref up
Little echo isn't so um...little anymore xD

Echocreek and Art (c) ME
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Ok I fibbed, her grandparents are Longtail and Mousefur.
I decided that this was the perfect group to bring back my baby, Earthfang.
She was my first warriors oc ever, the center of my attention for a long time.

Name: Earthfang
Mate: Coalgaze
Personality: Earthfang is kind at heart, soft and quiet. Though beware, when angered or in battle she is one of the fiercest fighters in the clans. A blessing, battle is in her blood. The she-cat is young and soft normally, making mistakes as much as any other cat her age would. Earthfang is very motherly and protective, she likes to take care of other's kits. Often she will train with other warriors and try to make herself stronger, to show her parents that she would never give up.

Backstory: The young she-cat was born to a relatively normal family, living a normal life. She was different though, not really hoping to be leader, just to be needed. Being leader was a little intimidating to her. This didn't mean that she wouldn't strive for greatness, to be a wonderful warrior. She trained aggressively everyday to prove herself. Being the only granddaughter of Mousefur and Longtail was a blessing yet put a lot of pressure on her. Longtail was Firestar's rival at first, he used to tell her how they fought. As her grandfather aged he got along with the leader, becoming one of the most loyal Thunderclan cats ever. Mousefur was also a wonderful warrior. Earthfang's birth was really an accident, her parents were old. Longtail not blinded yet but would soon would, then becoming an elder. With both parents being old she felt out of place, always visiting the elder's den to see her own parents. They raised her to be strong and loyal, dying for the clan was not out of the question. Longtail taught her strength and harshness while Mousefur taught her kindness and love. Not many cats were so lucky as to have such balanced parents. Unfortunately her parents died a few moons ago, causing her world to instantly shrink. Everything was scary now, no longer did she have the protection of her parents. No direct family either.
Strangely the she-cat fell for a rogue named Crowley, he was charming and witty to the core. Over time Thunderclan began to treat her worse and worse, causing her to become closer with Crowley. After many moons of being with him she one day couldn't find him, waiting a while she sadly assumed he was dead. Only to find out that she was with child, he had gotten her pregnant and died. Terror for the kit filled her heart, he wouldn't have a good life in Thunderclan.
One day, running from Thunderclan, she ran into a dark tom along the way. Crying and afraid she stayed and talked with him for the entire night. A spark had lit between them and the tradition of meeting up continued between Coalgaze and Earthfang. Once her child, Crowkit, was born the Windclan tom continued to support and help raise him. Things began to get worse and worse in Thunderclan which caused them to move to Windclan. Feeling safe they raised their little dysfunctional family together.
All was peaceful until Tigersun of Riverclan attacked Crowkit and Earthfang, causing a new tear between the clans.

:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate
:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletwhite: Unsure
:bulletyellow: Acquaintance
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Bestfriend
:bulletorange: Respect
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Love
:bulletpurple: Family


Coalgaze :bulletgreen::bulletred:
"I..I love Coalgaze. It took me a long time to recover from Crowley but I can truly say I love this tom. He will be the last tom I ever love, I will be alone for the rest of my days if anything were ever to happen to my love. I think about him constantly and adore the way he treats Crowpaw like his own. That little boy sure does love him just like I do. I look forward to spending the rest of my days with him."
Coalgaze :bulletblue::bulletorange:
"This tom has helped me so much...he is kind to me and makes me think of Crowley but in a good way. I really respect him and hope he will still be friends with me. I want to get to know him better, knowing things about others is comforting. It makes me think, hey if something thinks the same way I do then maybe I'm not so alone in this world afterall."


Ferretwhisker :bulletred::bulletpurple:(considers)
"I love Ferretwhisker, she is like the sister I never had. She is so considerate and I don't know if I would still be alive without her. In my darkest times she was there to pick me up and dust me off. I have made her the Godmother of my kits, she is the only cat I trust with them."



Crowley :bulletred::bulletgreen:
"Starclan WHY?! Why would you take the only one to love me away? Haven't you punished me enough? And not only are you hurting me but our kits! I am expecting Crowley's children and he's dead! I loved him with all my heart! He was so fun and loving...I waited alone for so long to find him and then you rip him from my paws. The only reason I'm still here is to carry on his legacy through his kits. They will live on for him, he will survive through them. God how I miss you darling.."

Crowley :bulletgreen::bulletorange::bulletpink:
"I..I know it's probably wrong but...I am feeling strange things for this tom. He is wonderful and sweet...I can be myself around him and he drives me crazy. He's so kind and funny, it's no wonder that I feel like this. Not to mention that when he took me into his twolegs house there was a thing called a...uh oh that's right a television. He turned it on and these twolegs were kissing...then Crowley looked at me and kissed me! It was amazing! I've never felt anything like it...I will always be there for Crowley whether he loves me or not. I will always have these feelings for him.
Crowley :bulletgreen::bulletorange::bulletred:
"I can't believe it...he told me he loves me. We've only just met but I..I love him too! He is wonderful, I can't believe he likes me! I blush everytime I think about him. I don't feel close to Thunderclan anymore. He is my only escape, and what a good one he is. The only reason i'm staying in the clan is because of my father. He worked so hard for the clan that it would be stupid of me to leave. So I spend the night with Crowley and then hunt for the clan...not like anybody notices me anyway. Oh well, I have my little Crow now. He calls me Fang *blushes* and kitten. I can't believe this is how love feels."

Rp Example:
Earthfang stalked out of Thunderclan camp, too much talk and too little action. Slowly she lifted her head and smelled the soft wind, wonderful scents of prey lingered on it. A smile crossed her maw and her claws flexed in anticipation. There! A rabbit was around a nearby tree and she knew she could catch it. Lifting her rump into the air she recited all of her rules for hunting. Then in a flash she was on the rabbit and snapped it's neck, blood trickling onto her tongue. The younshe-cat had a hard time not devouring the rabbit right there. So before she did the brown and caramel she-cat trotted back to camp and layed it on the fresh-kill pile.
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Name: Crowpaw

Age: 10 moons

Clan: Windclan (has Thunderclan blood in him)


:bulletyellow: Laidback

This apprentice would sit back and watch the clouds all day if he could, though there are responsibilities. He takes after his biological father, Crowley, he would rather be out watching the scenery. He enjoys sitting around with friends and talking, which can be good and bad. In some parts it's bad because he can have no motivation to do something but it can be good because it makes him more relaxed.

:bulletgreen: Friendly

Crowpaw loves to try and make friends even though he has a hard time with it. He will strike up a conversation with anyone and hope for the best, he enjoys listening to others and hearing about their stories. Back in Thunderclan he didn't have any friends and it seemed like everyone hated him but now that he is in Windclan he loves it. Everyone is so kind and accepting, not once did he feel put down for being halfclan.

:bulletred: Gullible

This tom falls for a lot of things, he tends to get in trouble for doing things that others tell him. If someone told him that hedgehogs tasted like peaches he would try his hardest to try and catch one to find out. Luckily nobody has figured out this trait in him and taken advantage of him. He will eventually partially grow out of this personality trait.

:bulletgreen: Affectionate

Crowpaw loves cuddly things, like kits, and will spend hours loving on them and taking care of them. He thinks of love as being the ultimate force in the world, Coalgaze and Earthfang are his role models, their love is pure and real. He hopes to find someone as perfect for him, though he doubts that someone will love him like that.

:bulletred: Over-protective

Most of the time Crowpaw will get really possessive of those that he loves, especially his siblings. Once they were born he spent all his time sitting outside the nursery to protect them from anything. He can get really angry if someone bad mouths his mother for being from Thunderclan, sometimes he fight them and try to win.



Before he was born Earthfang was a shy little Thunderclan warrior that wasn't liked by very many cats. Seeking relief from the ever-present hate that presided over her the brown she-cat spent most of her time in the woods which was where she ran into a loner, Crowley. He was a ray of light in her dark world. They fell for each other in a heartbeat, causing a young love that ended up in Crowpaw and a broken heart. As soon as she found out that she was pregnant with his kits she went to tell him to find out that the owners were not in the house anymore. She waited for him to come back for what seemed like years. So many nights were spent in tears and uncontrollable sobs, until she found a tom named Coalgaze. He quickly became her best friend and helped her through the pain and her pregnancy.


As a kit Crowkit was not liked very much by the Thunderclan cats, they knew he wasn't full blooded but didn't know that he was the son of a rogue, which he didn't either. Though soon after turning two moons old he was moved to Windclan and got used to the new cats. He loved it and thought of Coalgaze as his father and doesn't know he isn't his biological father. He played with Earthfang in the nursery every day and learned hunting skills from her and Coalgaze. Pain was unknown to the tiny kit until one day when Tigersun caught him and hurt not only himself but Earthfang too. Leaving with a knick in his ear and some mental trauma he was lucky to get out alive. Then once he was almost ready to be made an apprentice his cousin attacked Earthfang and told her what an awful mother she was. It infuriated him so much but he couldn't take her on, she was attacking his mother and he couldn't do anything. That was the day he swore to grow up to be an amazing warrior that would never let anything happen to his mother or anyone he loved ever again.


Once he became an apprentice Crowpaw took his promise even more seriously, constantly asking others to spar with him and teach him new things so that he could be the best ever. Almost everyone helped him and taught him things, he had many mentors. It was just him, Earthfang and Coalgaze until Earthfang announced that she was expecting another litter. So many feelings ran through Crowpaw, first it was excitement. Finally he would have little siblings to care for and to love. Then fear came over him, what if he couldn't protect them? What if they didn't like him? He wouldn't know what to do if they didn't like him. This fear was pushed down as time passed, more important things were pressing down on him. Suddenly one day when running he fell into a snake hole and was bit by an adder, though the real concern was the Scale Plague floating through the clans. Everyone feared for the worst, Crowpaw would die. Luckily the medicine cat, Spiderbite, saved his life many times in this short period of time. He hadn't been infected by the deadly plague and was able to move on from this awful stage in his life. Just in time to meet his siblings, they were perfect and he instantly took up the role of sitting outside the nursery and protecting them. Once he found out that Inkkit didn't like him his heart was broken...but he would never show it.


:bulletwhite: Unsure

:bulletyellow: Acquaintance

:bulletblue: Friends

:bulletgreen: Best Friends

:bulletpink: Crush

:bulletred: Love

:bulletpurple: Family

:bulletblack: Dislike

:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate



:bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred: Earthfang

"My mom...she has been there for me through everything. I love her more than anything, when Tigersun attacked us I thought...she was going to die. I shouldn't have doubted her though, she is the strongest she-cat I have ever met. I'm so happy that she gave me siblings."

:bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred: Coalgaze

"I love my father so much, he's my Pa. I want to make him proud, I mean he's deputy! He layed with me in the medicine cat den the whole time I was healing from the adder bite. He thought I was dying...well everyone did. Coalgaze finds time to hang out with me on matter what he is doing."

:bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletred: Puddlekit

"I love my little sister, she is so determined and smart. She will grow up to be one heck of a she-cat, I hope that I can help protect her from anything that might happen. I hope she can come to trust me and tell me anything, I'm her big brother for heck sake."

:bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletwhite: Inkkit

I found out that he doesn't like hurts. All I've ever done is protect and love him and he doesn't like me. I have never done anything to him that would give him the right to not like me. It makes me upset...I don't wanna talk about Ink."

:bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletgreen: Berrykit

"This little girl is spunky! She is my sister and I adore her, I feel like she can be my partner in crime. I love her to death, I showed her the apprentice den and Berry was so excited. I can't wait for her to grow up and be able to play more with me but I can wait for the toms to start swarming her. Nobody better hurt my little sisters."

:bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletblue: Petalkit

"My other sister, she is beautiful and I hope toms don't hurt her...because I'll have to hurt them back. I won't let anyone mess with Petal, she is one of the sweetest things I have ever layed my eyes on. I love her and hope she feels the same way about me."

:bulletgreen::bulletpink: Sugarpaw

"I..I really like this she-cat. She is so kind to me and I really hope she thinks of me the way I think of her. Sugarpaw is my best friend, I feel like I can tell her anything. I can talk to her about anything, she has helped me through a lot. If only I had the guts to tell her how I feel."




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Name: Crowkit
Age: 0-6 moons
Rank: Kit
Weight: 3 pounds
Father: Crowley
Mother: Earthfang

Crowkit always has a smile on his face and is playing despite if others judge him or not. He can scare others with his openess and honesty. This kit is very chipper for having only one parent. He can get goofy when he's too happy or excited.

The little tom can get into trouble for not understanding and trusting others too much. This bad quality is something that causes his mother to be highly concerned. Crowkit could walk straight into the mouth of a fox if it told him there was food in there.

Crowley gave him this trait along with his looks. He can sit back and watch others for hours on end. He never frets, unlike his mother who is a worrywart. Crowkit sleeps a lot when he is enjoying the scenery.

Earthfang had been in love with a loner named Crowley. Their love was something to be envied, so sweet and heartbreaking. Only after coompletely falling for him did he disappear. Earthfang searched for moons but to no avail, a horrible situation. Especially considering she was pregnant with Crowley's son. She had her son in silence and raised him alone. The brown she-cat couldn't believe she was pregnant when she had been. Crowley had said his owners took him to the Cutter but it was all a fluke, his neighbor cats had told him that was the only reason cats went to the Cutter. In this case he was just going in for surgery on something else. So the miracle Crowkit was born.


:bulletwhite: Unsure
:bulletyellow: Acquaintence
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Best Friend
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Mate
:bulletorange: Love
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletblack: Hate

Earthfang :bulletorange::bulletpurple:
"Momma I love you so much! I only wish you were happy, you act happy when with me but I can tell you miss dad. You are great, you play with me and bathe me. I'm glad that i'm an only child because then I get to spend time with you!"

RP Example:
From OMtG

Swiftjay watched in horror as cats dropped dead like flies, her blue eyes sealed shut and prayers constantly being spewed from her mouth. A part of her mind told herself it was useless, Starclan had made a mistake with them and there was no hope but she pushed that deeper and deeper down. Her fur was course and dry from not having any nutrition, along with her bones being visible. Everyday anger built in her stomach, these cats didn't deserve this. Why did they have to suffer? Why couldn't it be the twolegs? They were always destroying things that didn't belong to them. The cats didn't do a thing to deserve such pain and misery. Swiftjay had seen not only her friends die but her mother and father. A sight that left her shaking and crying in the night. In the end they had curled up together and starved to death. The small blue warrior couldn't do a thing to stop it.
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[ General Information ]

Name(s): Tigerkit || Tigerpaw ||Tigerstep
Age: 16 moons
Gender: Female
Breed: American Longhair X Maine Coon
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Warrior
Name breakdown:

Tiger: The fierce look she gives you is commonly connected to the gaze of the Clan’s ancestors, the tiger. Despite the fact that she also has a tabby-like pelt, her personality also resembles one of the large-striped creatures who use to roam the forest.
Step: Although this she-cat may seem strong like the rest of her clan; tranquility and peace do play a major role within her mind. Therefore, ‘step’ was placed at the end of her name; giving an indication that this she-cat isn’t all bad.


-She has soft fur that is very fluffed around her cheeks, chest, rump, and tail. Cunning and sly, her eyes are also a very prominent feature. She has larger eyes then most RiverClan females, but they give her a mysterious vibe; for not only are they copper, but they have thick eyelashes that are visible at any distance.
-The coloring of her fur is a faded ginger wash which is marked by light brown tabby markings. She has a light, mocha-like coloring around her paws, hind quarters, chest, face, and undertail as well as underbelly. Her bangs always sway in front of her face, although you might see her twine a flower or reed into them for special occasions. Her muzzle is dull, but brighter than the other light-mocha markings. She has black ear tips.
-Two long jagged scars mark the side of her face. No hair has grown back, and she was almost going to be re-named “Tigerscar”.

[ Personality ]

”Nooo, you don’t say.” || Sarcastic & Comedic || Since Tigerstep was raised by…not the best family…she overcame her terrible circumstances with the one thing she knew best. Laughs and heart-raising happiness. But months after, she soon realized- she was only digging her grave deeper. No one liked her one-lined jokes, or her little “adorable” accidents. Like “accidentally” knocking the whole fresh kill pile into the river, or pushing the other apprentices down a large hill in which she knew gave way to a large mud-pit. So, when her warrior ceremony came, along with her life-threatening and life-changing accident; she changed. For good. She wanted others to see that she was still strong, is still strong, therefore she replaced her kind jokes and somewhat innocent pranks with mean sarcasm and harsh comedic remarks. At first, she understood that others were only allowing these new traits because they felt sorry for her. But after she thought more about it, no longer did she want pity. She lives off of anger and sadness that are displayed in the emotions of others, so she went ahead and stepped it up a notch to the point where she could send a grown tom crying. If you talk to her, and you don’t know her very well, the moral is- don’t take it personally. If you’ve known her forever though, she’s only teasing. In all truths, she loves to laugh. She loves to make others laugh. Just, you know, she changed. If she has to display an ugly scar across her throat, she’ll make you display tears across your cheeks.

”I’m not helping you. I don’t have too.” || Stubborn || Tartly stubborn. As an apprentice, many disliked her because of this quality. She wouldn’t do anything that consisted of the following: walking, carrying, digging, or de-ticking. Despite hunting, she let the other apprentices do her duties for her. And now that she’s a warrior, it’s the same thing. She’ll get the apprentices to do her tasks, besides hunting. Now, if you argue with her about this; she’ll just defiantly ignore you. She absolutely hates fights within her own clan, hence the “step” in her name [ go to name breakdown for more information], although, ironically- she does cause most disputes let alone fights within her clan and others. If someone of a higher ranking asks her to do something though, she will make an exception. But if a mere apprentice asks her to get off her lazy rump and clean out the moss in the dens, all I have to say is- be prepared for some rude and harsh sarcastic remarks, kid.

”Your fur is a mess. Sometimes the truth hurts, doesn’t it?” || Rude & Honest || This is a first for many cats in RiverClan. Tigerstep is so honest to the point where it’s considered rude. Either that, or she’s just being flat out rude. However, Tigerstep is known for having a blunt tone when talking to others. If there’s something she doesn’t find funny, pretty, or nice- she’ll just say it. Never thinking twice about what she’s going to say, of course she has many, many enemies. But, you know, every kitten, every cat, was taught to tell the truth. So, being told that, she does. And although the consequences can sometimes be severe, she shrugs. She doesn’t care. She’ll speak her mind, and the truth. And if it sounds rude, harsh, or mean, you’ll often hear her say these 3 words: ”I don’t care!” The truth is the truth.

”What? Who told you that?” || Sparky || Tigerstep is easily aroused by any type of excitement. As sparky is another word for outgoing, or loud, Tigerstep certainly is. She loves to hear gossip, although she will not gossip herself. As close friends will get to know Tigerstep, they’ll understand that she certainly loves to be in the center of attention at all times. Around others that she does not know well though, she usually remains cautious; her guard always up so she won’t become vulnerable to fake friends. However, on patrols, Tigerstep is usually the first one to talk and the one to keep the conversation going. If she doesn’t like you, she will make it clear. But, otherwise, if she’s in a good mood- she won’t mind talking to you. That is, if you can handle her sarcasm. Anyways, she is very outgoing and bubbly. It really all comes down to who she’s around at the time.

”I-I never said I ‘loved’ you…I meant, I…I…” || Soft sided || Now, once you get to know Tigerstep, she may confide within you her true thoughts; for she does, in fact, have the tattered remains of a caring heart. She oftentimes doesn't know what she's saying when she gets emotional with someone close due to the fact that she never really had a family. Therefore, her soft-side is usually wired with deep emotions that no one can barely understand. Though, when in public, she usually hides her soft-side very well. Her sarcasm and rude temper usually drives others away, but when one is willing to challenge her temper; she keeps an eye on them, and sometimes becomes close with them- willing to call them "brother" or "sister". She does have a heart, you just need to find it.

”I sometimes look at my reflection in the river and think ‘wow, I wonder if anyone think’s I’m pretty’. Then I remember…I remember what I look like…” || Insecure || Last but not least, the devil's curse. Insecurity. Tigerstep never thinks of herself as pretty. Instead, she tends to look at her reflection whenever she gets the chance- only to point out the flaws of her overall pathetic appearance. 'My fur's too mangled, by forearms are too big, my ears are too small...' and so on. As an apprentice, she was often picked on. And like many, she never forgot or forgave what many of her fellow apprentinces called her. Therefore, when she got the scars from the badger attack, her anxiety of her appearance only raised higher.

:new:"Don't test me, boy..." || Easily Angered ||

:new:"I can do it myself, back off!" || Independent ||

:new:"I find it hard to believe you're anything planned tonight?" || Unpredictable ||

[ History ]

”My name was Tigerkit.” || Kitten [1-6 moons ] ||

Tigerkit was originally thought to be a still born, when given birth to by Feathertail upon the journey to the mountains. As the other felines weren’t originally certain that Crowfeather known as Crowpaw at the time were officially lovers, they ignored the two. Yet, Stormfur, brother of Feathertail, suspected what he had feared the most; that Feathertail was pregnant with the smoky gray tom’s kit. As there was no clear recollection of this story before now, all Tigerkit could remember was being left behind, watching her mother and father stroll away into the night.
As Tigerkit laid sprawled out upon the ground, a passing feline from RiverClan who was slowly tracking the patrol; noticed the lump of tabby-brown fur. At first, just as Feathertail and Crowpaw thought, this feline presumed without taking any head of notice that it was just a young kitten who had died cause of the harsh climate. But as she slowly trotted away, Tigerkit began to mewl for milk; thereby indicating that she was certainly alive, but very malnourished.
So the RiverClan feline took the kitten through the mountains, and into the newly settled territory. Since Feathertail died by sacrificing herself for Tigerkit’s father, she had no lineage of family within her clan; besides Stormfur, who refused to take care of the cross-clan feline. Therefore, Tigerkit was sent to the nursery; where the queens would often times take care of her, and let her suckle as if she was one of their own.
At the time, however, Tigerkit did not have a name. The queens would often call her “tabby” or “runt”, because when the mother or father stepped forward; they thought it was only right of them to name her instead. Yet, as Stormfur was the only one who knew what had happened to Tigerkit’s family, and who they were; he stepped forward, claiming to be the father, thereby giving him the rights to name the small brown she-kit.
Feathertail often told her brother that she had always dreamed of having a kitten named “Leopardkit” or “Ashkit”. But as he cocked his head back and forth, studying the cat; he could only see what resembled a tiger. Her piercing copper eyes…her cream and brown markings….mewing without hesitation, he simply said, ”Name her Tigerkit.” And that was the last thing Tigerkit could recall of her kithood.

”I never understood why the others didn’t like me...” || Apprentice [ 6-15 moons ] ||

As Tigerkit aged, she became known as Tigerpaw. And with this aging, came a different lifestyle. No longer was she the popular kitten in the nursery who was loved by one and all. No, because for now- she became the outsider, a feline on the outside looking in. Her cute kitten-like charms couldn’t get her out of anything, anymore. And her rebellious arguments only got her mentor upset.
Since Stormfur was still known by everyone as the brown kitten’s father, oftentimes he would avoid Tigerpaw all together; not trying to make a fool out of himself, for his reputation was more important than his beloved dead sister’s daughter. And now that Brook came down from the mountains with her kittens, it just seemed more and more that Tigerpaw was, in fact, his daughter.
However, Tigerpaw barely noticed the storm-gray tom’s absence as he left back to the mountains with Brook, his mate. She honestly thought everyone still loved her, so she continued being childish and immature; getting a few giggles here and there, but little did she know: they weren’t laughing with her, they were laughing at her.
And with this, Tigerpaw always seemed like the odd one. Out of the whole apprentice’s den, she had no friends, and often ate alone; or joined the elders. Her mentor, Swallowtail, even complained about being chosen as Tigerpaw’s mentor, growling, ”But she’s my first apprentice, and she’s so weird!”

”Then…t-the accident…the badger…I see it all in flashes of black and white…” || Teen Warrior [ 15-Current age ] ||

As the last major event to happen within Tigerstep's life was the night of her warrior ceremony's vigil, all she could recall was standing within the front of her camp; only to feel a massive weight crash on the side of her face.
Like all warriors, from every clan, the warrior ceremony calls for a one-nighter- where you stand, awake, all night at the camp's entrance. And as Tigerstep, at the time called Tigerpaw, waited patiently for the day break of dawn; her eyes closed every now and then, heavy with the anticipation of some much needed sleep. However, little did the naive female know- there was a hungering badger, lingering within the darkness of the well concealed forest.
Tigerpaw, catching herself from slipping into slumber, sniffed the air; but mistakened it for a vole, thereby leaving her guard down, and laying instead of standing at RiverClan camp's entrance. Mumbling, she let her eyes shift, and decided to just relax. Catch her breath. '1 mouse...2 mouse...3...3...moose...' And just like a candle, the apprentice fell into a deep sleep.
The badger, watching the tabby, crawled into the moonlit clearing; making sure the apprentice was asleep. Crawling closer...and closer...the badger, now hovering above Tigerpaw, opened it's mouth. The breath of the beast was foul. Like day old decomposing crow food wrapped in a leaf full of rotting egg yolks. Tigerpaw immediately opened her eyes, glaring at the figure. But as druel sloped down from the badger's mouth, she shivered; horrified.
'Stay calm...stay calm...don't move...' she told herself, repeatedly. Yet, the badge advanced; hunching it's back as it gave a gruesome growl.
And just like that...the animal lunged at the apprentice.
However, Tigerpaw, pulled away; running into crevice within the river's boulders. Although, the badger was hungry, and wasn't giving up so easily.
Tigerpaw managed to squeeze herself deep within the boulders; afraid to cry out for help. Afraid to die before getting her warrior name. The badger dug his claws into the cave-like crevice- yowling as he then felt long fangs dig into his flesh.
With a large force of power, the badger pulled his paw out, watching the dangling cat as her fangs were still inch-deep within his skin. Flicking the cat against the boulder, he then went in for the kill. And as things started to fade due to the trauma of the head-smash against the boulder; Tigerpaw let out one final yell, screaming at the top of her lungs as claws came crashing down
on the side of her head.

In the morning, Tigerpaw awoke within the medicine cat's den, unable to move as half of her head was bandaged in cobwebs. Duststar and Feathertail discussed about what had taken place, yet Tigerpaw could barely hear. Instead, she laid within the moss-like bed, an anger growing over her heart and soul. 'How could this happen to me?' She asked herself this question repeatedly, yet all could come up with...was that it was her fault. And, ironically, she was right.
Duststar was angered. Feathertail was sympathetic. Tigerpaw...Tigerpaw felt a new sensation. A sensation of rage...of disbelief. Not only was her face was damaged that night...but her being as well. She felt no happiness. No joy. There was no such thing as a "bright" side to this situation...for not only was she already bullied by others, but now she was also attacked by a dimwitted animal. And she had a scar on the side of her face. 'I've never done anything wrong...I've always been the outcast...' starting to whimper as she felt a tear roll down her bandages, she mewed alloud, "How could StarClan do such a terrible thing to me?"
"StarClan?!" Feathertail's sympathy disappeared the moment he heard Tigerpaw whimper those frail words. "It was all you, StarClan is responsible for nothing." He immediately flipped his head to Duststar, waiting for a nod of agreement.
" had one job. One task." Duststar murmured, shaking his head back and forth to Feathertail; silencing the medicine cat. "I..I was looking foward to giving you your warrior name, but if you can't even identify the odor of a badger...that scares me." Pacing the den; he then mewed, "I need strong warriors...warriors who know what they're doing. You let a badger almost kill you. What happens if he got into the nursery?" Stopping, he dipped his head; letting his solemn gaze land on the young apprentice. "The only fitting name that can see for you as of right now is Tigerscar."
Tigerpaw sat within the moss nest; her heart frozen with ice. Tigerscar. The name was flung at her like a perfectly pointed spear. Yet, strangely...Tigerpaw enjoyed it. Enjoyed the pain. "I'm fine with that."
Feathertail, abruptly getting up, fluffed his tail in an almost surprised manner. He glanced at Duststar, blinking.
Duststar glanced back at Feathertail, almost shocked. "A...are you sure? I mean, Tigerscar...that's a pretty hurtful name."
"More hurtful then the injuries on my face?"
There was an eerie silence.
Duststar, clearing his throat, advanced towards the entrance, mewing in a hasty tone before leaving, "Okay. You shall now be known as Tigerstep." And left.
Feathertail, swaying back and forth on the balls of his paws, awkwardly glanced at Tigerstep every few seconds. Tigerstep, irritated, growled, "Can I help you?"
But all Feathertail murmured was, "You should be greatful. He's too kind to name you Tigerscar."

--- || Adult Warrior [xxx] || ---

--- || Aging Warrior [xxx] || ---

--- || Elder [xxx] || ---

[ Relationships ]

:bulletorange: || Mentor
:bulletpurple: || Family
--- || Dead

:bulletwhite: || Unsure - Acquaintance
:bulletblue: || Friend
:bulletgreen: || Best Friend
:bulletyellow: || Crush - Attraction
:bulletpink: || Love
:bulletred: || Discomfort - Fear

[ ThunderClan ]

[ :bulletblue: - :bulletgreen: - :bulletpink: || Tigersun ] What a tom...the first cat I've actually happened to get along with, and yet, he's in ThunderClan! Although the distance seperates us...his humor; it makes me laugh. And his rudeness- oh dear StarClan, why make a cat perfect? I know we just met, but he's hands down one of my best friends. <3

That...that ignorant bastard! He swiped at me. Without even thinking twice! My ear, slashed, and all he does is walk off...well...perhaps...perhaps I'm at fault as well...I said he was like his father, and...dear StarClan, what have I done...why am I going soft? I guess...I...I...

I love him. I just...I love him. I've learned to forget what he has done to my ear...for not even a grudge like that could ever keep me away from a tom like him. At first I thought...I don't know what I thought! I was afraid to admit the fact that I liked him, nevermind love him, but once I got realized he loves me and I love him...I just knew it was time to tell him. And then...he kissed me. I could not be any happier than I am right now.
It's just...the borderline seperates us.

[ RiverClan ]

[ :bulletwhite: - :bulletred: || Sweetbrook ] She...she disgusts me. Daughter of a kittypet, but with the happiness of a child. No one should be proud about being related to kittypets! No one! It's absurd, really. I'd just wish she'd realize that she'll never have the heart of a true warrior.

[ WindClan ]

[ ShadowClan ]

[ :bullet: || Raggedstorm ]

[ SkyClan ]

[ Rogues || Kittypets || Loners ]

[ :bullet: || Kore ]

[ :bullet: || Rarity ]

[ Other Stuff ]


Raindrops ||

Battle training ||

Being right ||


[ Artwork ]

[ Family Ties ]

[ Mother’s side ]

Feathertail || Deceased || RiverClan

Siblings || Stormfur || Deceased || RiverClan
Father || Graystripe || Deceased || ThunderClan - RiverClan
Mother || Silverstream || Deceased|| RiverClan
Grandpa || Crookedstar || Deceased || RiverClan
Grandma || Willowbreeze || Deceased || RiverClan

[ Father’s side ]

Crowfeather || Deceased || WindClan

Siblings || Eaglekit || Deceased || WindClan
Father || xxx || --- || WindClan
Mother || Ashfoot || Deceased||WindClan

[ Plots ]

Please feel free to send me a note or ask me if I'd like to RP with you c: I'm currently available on-

[ Notes ]

[ Comments ]

[ Chats ]

[ Skype ]

[ ]”Hey, short stuff, you’re too young for me. Try again in a few moons, mkay?” || An obviously younger tom gains a crush on Tigerstep which makes her uncomfortable, and frustrated.

0/1 || Male || PG – PG-13

[x]”W-who put this dead rat in my nest?!” || Someone in the warrior’s den places a decomposing rat on Tigerstep’s nest, thereby making Tigerstep flip out.

1/1 || Male or Female || PG-13
Cyclonepaw || Male - RiverClan || Notes

[x]”Yes. The patches of missing fur on my face are S-C-A-R-S. Are you deaf, or just stupid?” || A younger feline continuously annoys Tigerstep by asking her about the scars on her face, and if it’s just a bald spot.

1/3 || Male or Female || PG – PG-13
Finnwhisker || Male - RiverClan || Note

[x]”Please go back to your own god damn nest. Thank you.” || A fellow warrior keeps coming on to Tigerstep and doesn’t understand the meaning of “FRIEND-ZONED”.
Finnwhisker || Male - RiverClan || Notes

1/1 || Male or Female ||PG-13 - M+

[ ]”Holy shit, where’d my mouse g- YOU TOOK IT.” || Accuses a fellow clan mate of stealing her half-eaten mouse.

0/2 || Male or Female || PG-13

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[ General Information ]

Name(s): Koral || Lilacpaw ||Lilacbreeze
Age: 8 moons
Gender: Female
Breed: Lilac point Siamese X Maine Coon
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Soft furred lilac-point Siamese with a long tail of a Maine Coon. She has darkly hazed blue eyes and light purple hues to her markings. Although she's smooth-furred around her legs, she has tufts of fur around her face, neck, tail base, and head. Lilacpaw has what you may call "bangs" but she can always see out both eyes.

[ Personality ]

”W-well, if it’s okay with your leader…” || Naive & Gullible || Lilacpaw is a very keep-to-herself kind of cat. No one would describe her as independent, but at the same time, no one would describe her as sociable. She usually only associates herself with felines that will help her improve in life, and keep her on the right track of becoming a well-known warrior, but oftentimes; her naïve nature takes a swerve for the worse. Gullible, naïve, and shy- she’s easily tricked into helping the enemy. Although she may not be able to tell if your intentions or good or bad, her heart is always in the right place. She honestly just wants to help, and if she does wrong, the worst thing you could do is yell at her. She’s a very sincere she-cat, and if yelled at; it scars her. All she wants to do is help others, but as many cats know; niceness can sometimes lead to your clan’s demise, as well as your own.

”I can help!” || Helpful || As said in the description above, Lilacpaw is also very helpful and willing to offer any help she can. She’s always there when needed, and tries to do the best she can for the sake of her Clan. Of course this helpfulness consists of a lot of devotion, because no matter what time of day she’s always ready to help. Whether it’s apprentice duties that no one else wants to do, or staying with the elders to lend them a listening ear, or even helping kitting queens- she’s always there for a friend in need. But as far as her naïve trait goes…that also means she’s ready to help other clan-cats as well.

”S-scared? I’m not s-scared…” || Easily frightened & Cowardly || It’s sad to say, but this apprentice, dreaming of being the most powerful warrior in all the lands, is deathly afraid of the tiniest things. Spiders, monsters, water, blind eyes, big cats, dogs, two-legs…the list goes on and on! And the most pathetic thing on her list, is her own shadow. Yeah. Her own shadow. She knows for a fact that she’s jumpy, and quite bluntly, she hates it dearly. Oftentimes, she’ll hang around the camp rather than going out with the other apprentices, for she knows she’ll only make a fool of herself and they’ll all laugh.

”You know…how um…the Leader…s-stinks? Ha..ha…ha….ha…” || Awkward || If Lilacpaw doesn’t know you well, yeah, she’ll be a bit awkward at first. It’s natural for her. If she doesn’t like you, or take interest in you, she won’t dislike you or hate you, she’ll just make…small talk. Which gets really…well…awkward after a while.

”Oh, oh, you know what? Let’s play hide and go seek! I’ll count!” || Playful & Loud || Behind her barrier, which is her shy and awkward front, lies a truly young spirit who despite loving to help; also loves to play. She usually won't participate in games among the older, more mature apprentices, therefore- she often spends her time in the nursery; playing with the kits in there. On occasion, to avoid having to do chores alone, she may make a game out of the apprentice chores- inviting fellow apprentices to help. And sometimes, if a group of apprentices including herself are on a hunt, to spark excitement; she may start a relay race, or even hide-and-go-seek! But of course, until you allow to get yourself to understand Lilacpaw and become her friend, she'll just remain quiet and respectful. And, obviously, awkward as well.

”I can’t believe…y-you would just betray me like that…” || Sensitive || One of Lilacpaw's flaws is her sensitivity. "Don't take it personally" means nothing to the young feline. If she does something wrong, she holds herself responsible at all costs and rarely forgives herself. This trait, however, comes from her kithood. Yet, her sensitivity also holds this apprentice back from her full potential. She'll never attack her mentor if commanded. Of course she'll kill prey, but once her fellow clan-mates are at a far enough distance; she'll pray to StarClan for the spirit of the mouse, bird, whatever it is, to be in peace. And far as that goes; she'll never face her crush, if she has one. She'll just admire the him from afar, afraid that her sensitive feelings will be broken if she admits a small little crush; therefore making herself even more sensitive then she already is.

”They make such a cute couple…I wish to have a love like theirs someday.” || Hopelessly romantic || Due to the fact that she spends most of her free time in the nursery, surrounded by kits and couples, as well as the elder's den, surrounded by old, ancient couples- love is almost everywhere in her life. She often day-dreams and fantasizes herself in the arms of someone who cares for her and loves her just for the way she is; although reality usually ruins it. Yet, despite fantasizing, she also loves pairing her friends up with other felines, and predicting who will become mates with who. It's almost a game for her, for her predictions are usually right.

[ History ]

”I…I was a kittypet once…my name was Koral.” || Kitten [1-6 moons ]

At a young age, Lilacpaw lived upon a hill; bordering the river that led into RiverClan territory. Although she barely remembers this part of her young kithood, she does faintly remember her mother, father, and grandfather. Her grandfather was a feline by the name of Purdy. Her mother, a pure breed Lilac-point Siamese, was named Poppy, and her father; son of Purdy, was named Thor by the two legs for his massive electric-yellow eyes.
As Poppy became pregnant with her first litter of kittens, she spent most of her time in the attic of Thor's and Purdy's owner's house. Poppy's owner's lived across the wide thunder path, and since she couldn't make the travel to and from her house each day; she decided to just stay within the attic till her litter was born.
Poppy and Thor loved each other dearly, but honestly; Purdy was quite irritated by both of them. Throughout Poppy's pregnancy, as each day progressed, she got bigger, and bigger- which meant she also got hungrier, and hungrier. And since Thor was giving Poppy his food, Purdy started donating little portions of his food to her as well, which, the grumpy old cat hated.
As the arrival of the due date came, Poppy gave birth to 4 young kittens. Heather, Flora, Robin, and the runt of the litter- a small, fluffy lilac-point named Koral.
Thor immediately fell in love with the runt, while Poppy admired and loved all of them equally. As time slowly passed, Heather became rambunctious, Flora was charming- the little flirt of the family, Robin distanced himself from his family as a rebellious nature grabbed hold of him, and Koral was daddy's little girl. A sweet, shy, and loving kitten; always doing as told.
Since Poppy's milk was all gone, and she was done nursing the kittens, she was able to cross the thunder path once again.

One day, Thor offered to take the kittens down to the road to show them how to pass it safely without getting hit. But, Poppy, more experienced and agile, flatly told him ,"no," and that she, instead, would take the kittens to the thunder path and demonstrate the correct way.
Thor was hesitant, but he agreed.
As the mother and 4 kittens were getting ready to leave however, Thor glanced among the 5 felines. Out of care, he looked upon Koral; and said with earnest fatherly love to Poppy, "Are you sure Koral can do this? She's the only kitten we haven't let outside. After all, she is the runt."
And Poppy, taking a second glance at the precious lilac-point, debated within her head for quite a while until she said, "You're right. Keep her here, and...teach her how to track mice. Or something." Smiling, she then added to Thor, "I love you."
Then, the mother and 3 kittens left the attic; pawing there way through the window and down the roof.
As Thor watched them leap to the grassy floor of the flower beds, he smiled, whispering through the transparent attic window, "I love you too."
And just like that, they were gone.
And as a feeling of dread overcame Thor for no clear reason, he ignored it, and went to his daughter; watching her giggle as she chased a ball of yarn.
"Whoa, where'd ol' Miss. Poppy go? And the kits?" Purdy mewed from the corner of the attic, waking up from his mid-afternoon nap with a hoarse voice.
As Thor picked Koral up by the scruff and placed her next to Purdy, he replied, "They went to the thunder path. She's teaching them how to cross." Then covering Koral's gray ears with his long fluffy tail, he added on in a whisper, "She and I didn't want Koral to go though. You know, cause she's a runt and all...," unwrapping Koral's ears with his tail, Koral simply giggled, reaching out with an extended paw to his long rusty red tail, murmuring "fluffy".
Purdy blinked as he suddenly rised; letting Koral fall backwards onto the floor. "Today?! Are ya'll mad?!"
Thor, stunned, narrowed his eyes in confusion. "Why, is today a bad day?"
Purdy, growing silent, stared at his son in remorse. "Thor...the bike's startin' in a few mins'."
And then...Thor understood. His heart stopped pounding, his eyes grew wide, his face grew pale...he had to get to the thunder path.
So he ran, yelling to Purdy as he pounced out of the window, "Watch Koral for me! Keep her safe!"
Yet Koral, oblivious to what all this talk meant, continued giggling; pawing Purdy's long, matted tail as if it where a piece of prey.
Purdy stared down at the feline, tears coming to his eyes. He knew that the chances of Poppy and the kits being alive were slim...for bikes are much more silent then cars...but what if they were alive? What if everything was going to be okay? He could check. But he couldn't risk it.
Then, an idea came to mind. Moons ago he helped some felines in the forest. And, in his eyes, they still owed him a debt.
So without further thinking, he picked Koral up by the scruff, and abandoned the attic; searching for the stale scent of Clan cats.

His joints hurt. And as days passed, he slowly made his way into the forest. came to a stop.
As he dropped Koral on her bum along side a paved pathway, he shuddered.
"Mommy?" Koral innocently murmured as he picked up her mother's stale scent. "Daddy?" She mewed again.
Purdy, covering Koral's eyes from the horrible scene, let out a whimper.
There, laying side by side, was Poppy and Thor- covered in dry scarlet blood. The kittens were demolished beyond recognition. A tail here...and ear there...even a dismembered leg that must've been from Flora.
It looked as if Purdy's son tried to save his mate from her destined fate, but died in doing so.

As Purdy was terrified with the scene, he could no longer move, let alone lead little Koral to ThunderClan territory.
So, alone, the matted maine coon let tears fall to the ground as he abandoned his last known kin in the wilderness; next to the scene of her mother's, father's, and sibling's death's.
And as a hunting patrol of ThunderClan's cats was sent out to check on the recent crash scene to see if it was any of there own felines, they found poor little Koral; huddled between Poppy's and Thor's corpses- crying, and begging them to awaken from their slumber.

”They accepted me like one of their own.” || Apprentice [ 6-Current age ]

--- || Teen Warrior [ xxx] || ---

--- || Adult Warrior [xxx] || ---

--- || Aging Warrior [xxx] || ---

--- || Elder [xxx] || ---

[ Relationships ]

:bulletorange: || Mentor
:bulletpurple: || Family
--- || Dead

:bulletwhite: || Unsure - Acquaintance
:bulletblue: || Friend
:bulletgreen: || Best Friend
:bulletyellow: || Crush - Attraction
:bulletpink: || Love
:bulletred: || Discomfort - Fear

[ ThunderClan ]

[ RiverClan ]

[ WindClan ]

[ ShadowClan ]

[ SkyClan ]

[ Rogues || Kittypets || Loners ]

:bulletpurple: || Purdy || Kittypet - Loner
You...I, I barley remember you...all I remember is that you left me on the road...on the road with my deceased family. could you do that? I was barely even 6 moons old and, and you left me! Left me...a-all alone...I needed someone. I needed a home, shelter, family...sure, I was a late bloomer. Sure, I was a runt. But the second you see your dead son, you just leave me for dead as if you were to forget that I, I am the daughter of your son! Your kin! Y...your...last kin...I'll never forgive you, Purdy. I...I just can't...

[ Other Stuff ]

-The meadow
-White daisies
-Love stories

-Thunder paths
-Her shadow
-Her fears
-Night time

[ Artwork ]

5/6 pictures to being a ThunderClan warrior

[ Family Ties ]

Father || Thor - Tigerstar [Affair] || Deceased
Mother || Poppy || Deceased
Siblings || [Female] Heather, Flora, [Male] Robin || Deceased

Aunt || Sasha || Unknown
Uncle || Tigerstar || Deceased
Cousins || Mothwing, Hawkfrost || Deceased

Grandpa || Purdy || Uknown
Grandma || --- || ---

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[ General Information ]
Name(s): Fadedkit || Fadedpaw || Smiles [Miles] || Fadedsmile
Age: 24 moons
Gender: Male
Breed: Russian Blue X American short hair
Clan: ShadowClan || Loner
Rank: Loner

Appearance: Not the biggest tom out there, but trust me, he makes up for it with his psychotic mind. Thin and nimble, he has no problem jumping from certain heights let alone tree branches. Often recognized for his piercing amber eyes, many find it unusual that he has a blue striped pelt as well. For often times, you only see amber eyes and blue pelts in pure bred Russian Blues. The most distinct feature on this tom, is the 3 scars marking either side of his face. When he flashes you his trade mark smile, the scars are always visible, althought Miles tries his best to hide them. He hates them.
His coat has a soft, yet dry texture and his white whiskers are always showing. Though he may look brave and courageous, it's just his appearance. Lastly, he has a long flowing tail; always long furred compared to the rest of his body. His ears are slightly small and a nick in the right ear is always seen.

[ Personality ]

"Don't test my temper, kid." || Short tempered ||

"I've grown to learn, that in time, you alone are the only person who matters." || Independent ||

"I'm crazy. Not insane. There's a difference." || Blunt - Crazy ||

"Me? Think? Never. Sweetie, I don't think. I do." || Unstable ||

"Why, hello there beautiful. Come here often? || Flirt ||

"There's a lot more to someone then meets the eye." || Secretly hurt ||

"HA! They must call you Scarface, huh sweetie?" || Ill humored ||

"Kill you?! He..hehe...that makes me giggle. Of course I'm not going to kill you. If I do, your pesky clan-mates will hunt me down and attack me." || Intelligent ||

[ History ]

”I was born into the devilish Clan of ShadowClan.” || Kitten [1-6 moons ] ||

”As time progressed, I became a powerful apprentice; showing much potential for perhaps becoming a deputy someday.” || Apprentice [ 6-14 moons ] ||

"Yet...these...these scars that mark the edges of my mouth. I haven't always had them."|| Teen Warrior [ 14 moons - 20 moons ] ||

"The second I was exiled, I started calling myself Smiles. Miles, for short." || Adult Warrior [ 20 moons - Current Age ] ||

--- || Aging Warrior [xxx] || ---

--- || Elder [xxx] || ---

[ Relationships ]

:bulletorange: || Mentor
:bulletpurple: || Family
--- || Dead

:bulletwhite: || Unsure - Acquaintance
:bulletblue: || Friend
:bulletgreen: || Best Friend
:bulletyellow: || Crush - Attraction
:bulletpink: || Love
:bulletred: || Discomfort - Fear

[ ThunderClan ]

[ RiverClan ]

[ WindClan ]

[ ShadowClan ]

[ SkyClan ]

[ Rogues || Kittypets || Loners ]

[ Other Stuff ]

-Dark alleys

-Loved ones

[ Artwork ]

[He will be re-joining ShadowClan later on to get his warrior name and reclaim his rank ]

[ Family Ties ]

Father || Atticus || Deceased
Mother || Kate || Deceased
Siblings || Natanya, Charlemagne, Pippin || Deceased

Aunt || --- || Unknown
Uncle || --- || Unknown
Cousins || --- || Unknown

Grandpa || --- || Unknown
Grandma || --- || Unknown

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Alrighty! Finally done C:
Sorry I didn't fill in the pelt at the bottom, I couldn't since PSE was being dumb. D:

my application for :iconthe-blue-tides:

|General Information|

Name: Turtlepaw
Past Names: Turtlekit
Nickname: N/A
Age: 12 moons
Gender: Female|She-cat
Size: Small
Body Type|Build: Slim|Graceful
Breed: American Shorthair/Oriental
Fur Type: Longhaired

|Clan Information|

Clan: SkyClan
Rank: Apprentice
Mentor: Cloudchaser
Origin: SkyClan
Blood Status: Loner/Rouge|Kittypet|SkyClan

|Sexuality Information|

Orientation: Straight
Preference: Toms with sweet voices (the voice of the tom does affect how she acts around them) and a slender build.
Activity: Turtlepaw flirts with everyone despite her age but doesn't like the idea of kits.


[Stubborn] Turtlepaw is quite stubborn. She doesn't like others telling her what to do, and when they do, she doesn't like doing them. She often sits around camp all day, snapping at the kits. On other warmer days she'll climb trees and stay up there all day, gazing at the sky or the stars. If someone tells her to do something, she'll do it, but has the "only doing it because I want to, not because you told me" attitude.

[Kit-Like] Whether it's batting at butterflies or pawing at snow, Turtlepaw acts like a kit. She squeaks when she's startled and rolls onto her back, drawing up her paws to her chest when she meets cats older than her. She also absolutely loves snow, and rolls around in it, throwing it to other cats with her hindpaws. She loves to play, tossing fresh bodies of mice back and forth to the apprentices and moss balls with the kits.

[Snarky] Turtlepaw loves to make fun of others. She'll leave a snide comment to anyone and is very critical.

|Brief History|


Turtlekit was born in SkyClan to Sharpclaw and Cherrytail in leafbare along with her brother, Cloudykit, and sister, Mossykit. The hunting wasn't too good then, and they often went without eating for a day. Turtlekit and all of her siblings opened their eyes a moon after they were born. Soon after, the other kits started bullying Turtlekit about her small size and her tendency to fall over for no reason. Hurt by this, the cat ran away often, out of the territory. She had little contact with her fellow Clanmates and in the night, she would run back to her mother, knowing that she was the only one who wouldn't make fun of her. Turtlekit had a hard time listening when the Clan leader called them for meetings and often didn't understand what was going on or what was said, even though she was just peering at them from the nursery. Over the next few moons Turtlekit had trouble batting at butterflies or playing with the other kits. She would often turn her head when the mewed to her and she would tell them to stop whispering. Her mother, Cherrytail, grew concerned and took her to the medicine cat. After examining her the medicine cat confirmed that she was deaf in one ear and half-deaf in the other. Distraught, Turtlekit's mother realized she would never survive in the wild. One night she picked up her kit by the scruff and carried her to Twolegplace, to become a kittypet. Cherrytail knew she already had kittypet blood and she could make her home there. Turtlekit obliged, not understanding what was really happening but calling it 'an adventure to the unknown'. She was left in a Twoleg's garden overnight. The next morning Turtlekit woke up in the garden and was shocked to find her siblings and mother weren't there. She worked her way to get out, scrabbling with tiny feeble paws at the base of the fence. The owners of the Twoleg nest never found her; days passed but eventually Turtlekit dug a hole large enough for her to get through. She escaped from the Twoleg nests and made it back to the SkyClan border before collapsing of hunger and weakness. A warrior found her and brought her to the medicine cat's den. Turtlekit woke up there unharmed, but she was scarred forever. She concluded that her mother abandoned her because she didn't want her. Turtlekit then hated her mother and never asked her for help, instead turning to her father Sharpclaw or hiding with the elders while they told her stories in high voices.


The day came for Turtlekit's apprenticeship ceremony, but it wasn't a happy one. It had been raining for days and everyone was irritable and impatient. Her siblings were already apprenticed with the new names Cloudypaw and Mossypaw. The medicine cat had told the young brown kit sorrowfully that because of her deafness she would probably never become a warrior. She was held back two moons before the Clan leader decided to make her an apprentice. On the day of her ceremony, Cherrytail tried to lick her daughter's fur down; with a hiss Turtlekit jerked away from her and huffed, sitting down beside her father. He glared down at her but said nothing. Turtlekit was apprenticed with the new name Turtlepaw and wished 'luck and good hunting'.


[coming soon]

|Family Information|

Immediate Family:

Mother: Cherrytail
Father: Sharpclaw
Brother: Cloudypaw (nose)
Sister: Mossypaw (fur)

External Family:

Grandmother: Jessamy
Aunt: Flower
Uncle: Sparrowpelt

|Relationship Information|

see Turtlepaw's heart chart here

Roleplay Information:

Chat RP - Only if we're the only ones in the chat, otherwise I'll get confused.
Note RP - Anytime! Just send it in note.
Comment RP - Not ever, sorry.
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time|USA
Role Play Example:
Turtlepaw yawned and stretched. It was dawn and no cats stirred. The small cat rose from her nest in the apprentice's den and crept out silently. She dipped her head to the cat on watch and shook out her fur once on the territory. She wasn't hungry now, and wandered around on SkyClan grounds, observing the birds and mice even if she couldn't hear them well. Turtlepaw wasn't aware of how far she strayed and in a couple heartbeats she was out of the territory. She looked back and her hindpaws were resting on the invisible line of everything that belonged to SkyClan. She'd never been out this far but shrugged and kept going, curious to see what lay beyond the border. "Anyone there"? she called out loudly, half because of her near-deafness and half because she wanted to make sure anyone in the area could hear her.
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The cutest roleplay between Fishpaw and Turtlepaw wowww
she tried to be cute
see what I did thar
Fishpaw nodded and smiled. "Sure." He murmured, already concentrating on the water. He adjusted his positioning, several times, until his shadow didn't cast over the, clear, cold, water. He watched. He waited. His ears shot up when a small trout came, unknowingly, into his reach. His two front paws shot out into the water, claws extended. His claw awkwardly latched into the fish's flesh, and he jerked it out onto dry land. It flopped about in a panic, and he pressed down on it with his claws and leaned his neck down, biting into it until it stopped moving. For good.

Turtlepaw took her gaze off the water and stared up at him as she heard a splash. "Oh, you caught one!" Her eyes beamed as she stared at the plump fish. She crouched down and studied the water, judging the distance. The brown apprentice took a leap and landed just short of the other side, hitting the water with a splash. She grumbled a bit and came up beside him, watching the fish intently. "Well go ahead."

Fishpaw bit his tongue, trying hard not to laugh. He chuckled and snorted ad bit, and nudged the fish towards her. "Here, why don't you have some too." He said, laughing a bit. "We may as well share it, because I probably won't finish it and it shouldn't go to waste!" He said with a smile. Though, in all honesty, he could finish it on his own if he wanted to. But he wanted to make sure she got something to eat as well.

Turtlepaw sniffed at the fish and took a mouthful, swallowing it. "I wish we could have fish in SkyClan," she mumbled through full jaws. "It's really delicious." Having an idea, she took the half-eaten fish in her mouth and scooted towards him a bit. She motioned to it with her eyes. "Well, go ahead. The rest's yours."

Turtlepaw --> *wafflepawed
Fishpaw --> ~Ave-ry
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Beetlepaw headshot for *TurkFish 8DD
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:iconthe-blue-tides: :new: Woo! I got accepted! I simply changed her eye color and thats it <3
Slight mature content warning

[ General Information ]

Name(s): Sparkkit | Sparkpaw | Sparkchaser
Age:10 moons
Gender: Female
Breed: Chausie 25% | American Curl 50 % | Forest cat 25%
Clan: Windclan
Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Sandy colored fur, slender she-cat with sharp pinkish-orange eyes. Unusually soft and silky fur and a few 'bangs' that cover one of her eyes. Curled ears, and long legs: perfect for running.

[ Personality ]

Passionate || Anything she argues about, when she tries to prove her point or even telling a story, there will be passion in her voice and body language. Her eyes begin to twinkle and she stands straighter; One paw behind the other, tail high in the air, chin raised with pride: the usual sign of a beginning of a strange tale out of the depths of this she-cat's imagination. Sparkpaw is also an unusually good Story Teller, as she spends lots of time day-dreaming.

Flirty || Flirting ( as well as Story-telling ) is one of the only things that come naturally to this kitty. She will flirt to do anything, or to get anything, with anyone, anywhere. Both of her parents always scold her and tell her that she's too young, so Sparkpaw makes sure to not have any of her relatives in sight. The only moment when she'll keep her gob shut is if she has a crush on a tom, thus not daring to flirt with him.

Feminine || Sparkpaw cares a lot about her looks: the state of her bangs, if her coat is shiny enough, that she has no circles under her eyes for lack of sleep. If she has a bad hair day, she'll be grumpy for most likely the rest of the day. She hates getting embarrassed, and loves creating random couples with her friends. Sparkpaw's body language speaks louder then her mouth too! ( example: a paw raised in the air, a shoulder higher then the other and half closed eyes: meaning she's a flirtatious mood. )

Sophisticated || Being sophisticated and well taught, this little she-cat will never be rude, pick fights or anything of that sort. She always remembers her manners and be the politest ' little thing ' .

Brave || Sparkpaw loves taking risks, trying new things, and going to new places. She's almost afraid of nothing, even though her secret fear are butterflies.

[ History ]

Before Birth

Her much too young parents fell in love as apprentices. They stuck together through thick and thin, often having arguments but cuddling after. And the second night after they were made warriors, they sneaked away. Being their young and naive selves they hadn't exactly understood that 'mating' results in kits. And thus, at 18 moons Sandyheart was expecting a litter of kits. The clan was confused, how could she be pregnant at such a young age? Who was the father? The latter was asked because the young she-cat didn't want to reveal it to her mate, she was too scared. And she was planning on telling him when her Best friend became a little too dominant. Obviously she slashed him across the face and ran away to camp as quickly as she could. There a surprise was waiting for her: Curlear had seen her and the other tom padding off together and he had planted the idea into his head that the best friend was the father of the kits.


Sparkkit was their only kit. A little blessing, she was born with her fathers looks, and her mothers eyes and build. She stayed in the nursery with her mother, trying to cheer up the older she-cat's gloomy face. Every time Sparkkit asked who her father was, she was always told nothing but a sigh. Deep down she was utterly confused, but she hid it behind her playful self. Strangely, the day she was made an apprentice Curlear padded up to her and rested his chin on her fore head. Surprised she ran to tell her mother.


As soon as she had made the announcement to Sandyheart, the 24 moon old she-cat ran outside and jumped at Curlear. They had gone tumbling down to the ground in a flurry of fur and purrs. Sparkpaw hadn't heard what they had said to each other, but she was very very happy to have found her mystery father. In the following moons, her parents cuddled and flirted a lot to make up for all the time they had lost. That is were her Flirtatious character trait came from, though all the rest she was born with. After the happy moons though tragedy struck. Sandyheart had been captured by two legs. Obviously Sparkpaw's father went in search of her, and she hasn't seen him since. Though she keeps saying to everyone that they'll return

Young Warrior

Senior Warrior


[ Relationships ]

:bulletpurple: | Mentor
:bulletpink: | Family

:bulletwhite:| Unsure - Acquaintance
:bulletgreen:| Friend
:bulletblue: | Best Friend
:bulletyellow: | Crush - Attraction
:bulletred: | Love
:bulletblack: | Discomfort - Fear

[ ThunderClan ]

[ RiverClan ]

[ WindClan ]

[ ShadowClan ]

[ SkyClan ]

[ Rogues / Kittypets / Loners ]

[ Family ]

Mother - Sandyheart [ unknown ]
Father - Curlear [ deceased ]

Grandmothers - Heathertail [ deceased ] ( Windclan ) Leafpool [ deceased ] (Thunderclan )
Grandfathers - Softears [ unknown ] ( Windclan ) Crowfeather [ deceased ] ( Windclan )

Great Grandmothers - Sandstorm [ deceased ] (Thunderclan ) Ashfoot [ deceased ] ( Windclan )
Great Grandfathers - Firestar [ deceased ] (Thunderclan )

Aunts - Hollyleaf [ deceased ] ( Thunderclan )
Uncles - Jayfeather [ deceased ] ( Thunderclan ) Lionblaze [ deceased ] ( Thunderclan )

Cousins - Skunkpaw [ living ] ( Thunderclan )

Mate - none
Kits - none

[ Other ]

-Open spaces

-anything two-leg
-butterflies ( shes afraid of them )
-Hot weather

Does not have claws on her left paw
She is left-'handed'
She has a 'British' accent
She's a descendant of Wind, since her great grandmother is Ashfoot
She has Thunderclan blood
Resembles her Grandmothers Leafpool and Heathertail , as well as her great grandmother Sandstorm
She has kitty pet blood because her great grandfather ( Firestar ) was a kitty-pet

Art and Spark(C)Me
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ouo yey

(C) to me
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Yup I tweaked her design ;w; And she's an apprentice now asfhkjshbkj I'm so proud. she's definitely her father's daughter omfg


| Name | Eveningpaw
| Past Names | Eveningkit | Eveningpaw |</s> Evening???</s>
| Nickname | QueenBee
| Rank | Apprentice
| Past Ranks | Kit | Apprentice | [...]
Clan | Willowclan


| Breed | Maine coon 25% | Somali 25% | Unknown 50%
| Gender | Female
| Age | 6-11 moons old
| Body Type | Eveningpaw has long limbs and a body which is well taken care off. She inherited her mother's lean figure and her father's size and build. She's taller then most apprentices and shows promise of growing up to be almost as big as her father. She's trains almost everyday, running and trying to create new battle techniques.


| Personality |
►Snarky- Eveningpaw has a sharp tongue and will not censor her thoughts. She may also be called arrogant, hot tempered. She's never wrong and will continue to argue until her opponent admits their defeat.
►Flirt: This trait probably runs in the family and this apprentice hasn't failed to attain it. She will flirt with anyone, anywhere and whenever she likes. She may not he the best looking she-cat around, but Eveningpaw doesn't let that stop her!
►Gullible: This little apprentice will believe almost everything she's told. She's bent on keeping her friends and making new ones, and says the key is to trust them. Right.
►Sarcastic: Fifty percent of her vocabulary consists of sarcasm. A scowl on her face and with a roll of her eyes, Eveningkit shall say what she has to say. Which is something sarcastic. Another trait that runs in the family, it seems.
►Optimistic- Eveningpaw will look on the bright side and search for a rainbow in the sky in the most dark of situations, and tries to cheer everyone up. Oh no! A berry bush fell! No matter, we'll find another one. Oh no! The camp got destroyed by a tornado! No matter, it'll be fun rebuilding it.
►Born Leader- She's brave and a born leader. She can appear to be patient in the strangest of situations. She strives to be just like Emberstar, and wants to meet her as soon as possible.

| Backstory | Born to two respected warriors of Willowclan into a litter of five, Eveningkit always tended to her siblings and tried to make them smile with her bubbly personality and kind smile, and she was always very protective of them feeling a strong bond attaching her to her family. When she was five moons old, she caught her brother sneaking out of camp and they both ran into a dog. Her father arrived as soon as he caught their scent, but Pridekit had had his eye strongly damaged and lost it. Eveningpaw still blamed herself for the incident and after that her humor developed a darker side.
When the floods came when Eveningkit was nearing her apprentice ceremony, and luckily she survived. She can be found to be quiet now, except when it comes down to certain situations...(Will add more later)


►Mother: Autumnbreeze
►Father: Freezingjaw
►Siblings: Delicatekit; Otterkit; Shadowkit; Pridekit

►Mate: N/A
►Kits: N/A

| Other |
-She has/had ADHD.
-Loves hunting more then anything in the world.
-Spends a lot of her time dreaming about the Perfect Tom.
-Wants to have a crush on someone.
-Is very protective and possessive of her family and close friends.
-Has insomania.

| Relationships |
:bulletwhite: Neutral
:bulletpurple: Acquaintance
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Best friend / Good friend
:bulletyellow: Crush
:bulletblack: Respect
:bulletpink: Loathe
:bulletorange: Family
:bulletred: Love
:star: Mate

[ Willowclan ]

Autumnbreeze: :bulletorange:/ :bulletred: / :bulletblack:
Autumnbreeze is a wonderful mother! She and dad get along well, but sometiumes i can't tell if they're being sarcastic or serious in their conversations...

Freezingjaw :bulletorange:/ :bulletred: / :bulletblue:
My dad. I'm proud to have him as a father, plus he's a good laugh! And even though we often has arguments about my freedom, I still love him. I guess. Oh starclan! Dad can you pleaaaase allow me to come back to the Apprentices den after dark? I'm not a kit anymore!

[ Iceclan ]

[ Heatherclan ]

[ Tribe of Nobodies ]

| Roleplays |
Skype rps- OPEN
(Group) Comment rps- MAYBE
Chatroom rps- OPEN

| Roleplay example |
( taken from tEC Rain )
Rain balanced on the top of a small building, Ok, i can do this, no big deal. Just a flight and a climb away, the crazy cat will most probably be asleep, that old bat. I can handle this... wooo she thought glancing over the edge of the small, crumbling ruin of a house. here we go she thought, and jumped, spreading out her wings before she hit the cracked concrete. She flapped her wings as hard as she could, trying to make her wing tips touch ever so slightly, just like Ria had taught her. rain could practically hear her foster mother's voice right now.
She flapped her wings a few more time, and reaching a broken window, she stopped to rest for a few seconds. She was still young and not a very experienced flier so it tired her out quickly. She flexed her muscles, and stretched her wings. Before she took off, she looked at the ground below her: she was at least 10 stories high, another 20 to go. And with a leap out of the broken window, she began flapping frantically to the next hole in one of the floors. No such luck.
She quickly unsheathed her curling long claws and leaped at the wall, burying them deep inside the worn out building. There was a long climb ahead of her and she was already tired, though very confident. She opened her wings for balance, and started climbing up the towering skyscraper.
It was already dusk as she climbed onto the roof, her mouth was as dry as sandpaper and her paw pads were bleeding slightly. She collapsed on the building roof, panting. Then a shadow passed over her... The crazy cat! She jumped, though there was no one there. She quickly put some gravel into her sack, and then a dark tabby tom came bounding towards her. "Sorry gotta go!" she yelled, and leaped off of the skyscraper, diving towards the ground, proud of herself, beaming. She was now a true Ben-Hannon cat, and no one could deny it.

| Assignments |
Kit to Apprentice…………

(C) to me
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[ 4/12/14 -- edited the layout & information ] 

Pallid bby <3
Leave a comment if you'd like to RP! c:

♔ general information ♔

name: pallidstar
clan: shadowclan
rank: leader
gender: male
age: 42 ☾
apprentice: squirrelpaw  craypaw  inkpaw
breed: domestic shorthair 

♔ appearance ♔

lengthy description: a small-boned tomcat with a thin, graceful frame, and sharp features. bright blue eyes, small, long-clawed paws, and an overall pale pelt. dark orange markings across cheeks, sloping down from eyes, as well as curling markings above his eyes, overlaying a pale orange 'crown'. patches of orange fur on back, near base of tail, spreading down to mask a thin, slightly tufted tail. thick orange stripes and a single spot on tail. small, pale orange spot with darker tabby markings on left foreleg.
book description: a small golden and white tomcat with pale blue eyes

♔ religious beliefs ♔

➟ pallidstar certainly believes in starclan, as he has no reason to doubt their existence.  he doesn't hold the starry cats very highly, though, and believes them to be rather ruthless.  his lack of faith is a sore spot for the tom, as it is inspired by the death of his brother, ivorypaw.  he has a difficult time going along with the idea that all cats fade away, finding it unbearable to think that one day he will less than dust, and his brother disappeared.  
nine lives  [life-giver, quality]
[butter, courage], [cloudpelt, loyalty], [raggedstar, desire], [raggedrose, forgiveness], [butterpaw, perseverance], [deerleap, wisdom], [ivorypaw, love], [littlecloud, hospitality], [tawnypelt, acceptance]
the majority of the above-named cats are distant relations, giving them personal significance beyond their ranks

♔ birth ♔ 

season: new-leaf; late march
sign: aries
parentage: foxhue x crescentclaw
littermates: ivorypaw, flintfervor, maplesnap
heritage: pallidstar comes from an old, noble line of shadowclanners, with an touch of riverclan he would rather you forget
closest relations (pictured):

♔ personality ♔ 

[ ambitious ]  [ charming ]  [ soft-spoken ]  [ brusquely tender ]  [ hot tempered ]  [ selfish ]  [ sly ]  [ graceful ]

"you are my tiger, and I your dove; one day we shall rule this clan together," | [ ambitious ] pallidstar has, since his apprenticeship, been an incredibly ambitious tomcat. in his kithood, he was slightly lazy, silly, though always intelligent. the combined pressures of his brother, ivorypaw, and his mentor, lucidlark, weighed heavily on the young tomcat, and still do today, though both cats have joined the hazy ranks of starclan. he thought briefly of climbing to the rank of medicine cat, though would never have murmured that secret to anyone, least of all ivorypaw. the yellow-eyed tom liked medicine cats only because of their catmint supplies, and otherwise mocked them as airheads. to a young pallid, though, the rank seemed more like a path to the leader's ear than any quest to prevent brawls. eventually, his daydream was extinguished, and pallid found himself touching noses with his black-tailed mentor. pallidstar is not a cat known for meandering, but sprinting, not for cuffing ears, but for shredding. his ambitions are tall, and the pale-furred tomcat looks to gain a status in shadowclan rivaled only by shadow, the one that ivorypaw had once spoken of with such reverence.

"what a pleasant hue your eyes are, sweetling" | [ charming ] one of the few traits remaining from his more innocent days, pallidstar has the gift of being charming with those he deems suitable allies. he will come across as charming, eloquent, even witty on an exceptionally good day, until he finds it is no longer in his best interest to remain "friends".

"now, I couldn't possibly tell you such things," the tomcat murmured | [ soft-spoken ] a soft voice is much kinder on the ear than a loud, hurried one, and for that pallidstar is quite grateful. though by no means shy, the tomcat is not one to blurt out every word that crosses his mind, and finds that babbling is one of his greatest pet peeves. a hushed, trailing voice is the kind befitted to pallidstar, one that almost beckons for you to lean in closer, not to miss a single syllable. 

"what a cheer it is to see you," he said softly, brushing his tail against the tomcat's flank as he passed, a smile spreading across his maw | [ brusque tenderness ] pallidstar is not the sort to show affection regularly, which is perhaps an unfortunate result of being born to parents that had a mainly verbal relationship. it's not that romance makes him uncomfortable, far from it, pallid simply finds it a bit too mushy for his tastes. you're much more likely to get a brief touch from him than a lick, and quiet praise rather than an assertive, "I love you." if you can even raise him to the level of showing some minimal affection, pallidstar is smitten.
pallidprancer has no trouble, however, showing false affection towards cats he cares little for. although a romantic pallidprancer may be more enjoyable than a calloused one, it is generally not a good sign if he's taking things at a quick pace. pallid finds these "flings" to be easy distractions, and while briefly enjoyable, he cares little for the cats he's partnered with.  if he starts up with quiet encounters and shy looks, you may know for certain that you've stolen his heart.
"you're a meaningless crumpet, and that is no exaggeration," the tomcat snapped, nose wrinkling with distaste | [ hot-tempered ] his rage is not something that escapes control often, but when pallidstar does become angry, it is not a pretty sight. a venomous smile blossoms, claws unsheathe, and blood pools. although his claws are precise, his words are more acidic, and have yet to miss their mark.

"there is nothing remarkable about you lot, I don't see why you should be treated as if there is," | [ selfish ] after losing his tiger, ivorypaw, pallidstar became noticeably selfish. he no longer saves the fattest piece of prey for another, gifts clumps of feathers, or gives away the driest swatches of moss. in his mind, the only cat worthy of them is dead. while he did address Fogstar as the Tiger, he was not convinced that his leader is more powerful than his young tiger was. 

"I know your secret, darling, it's hardly worth pretending around me,"| [ sly ] pallidprancer was an intelligent cat from his kithood, though it was ivorypaw whose behavior he mimicked when it came to cunning. his brother taught him the ways of deception, and from lucidlark did he learn the benefits of keeping a calm exterior, and speaking only when words are worth more than looks. pallidprancer is not a cat to be trusted, but one to be regarded with wary kindness. 

[ graceful ] pallidprancer has a certain grace about him that is pretty to watch. he has many times been ridiculed for "walking like a she-cat", but it has been so many moons since his last berating, that pallid has allowed the anger to leave him, and pride to set in. at least he doesn't walk with such thunking pawsteps as some warriors! 

♔ history ♔ 

flintkit, ivorykit, maplekit, and pallidkit were born to crescentclaw and foxhue of shadowclan on a mild newleaf evening, the scent of damp, new life greeting the younglings eagerly as they squirmed around their tired-eyed mother and stiff father, whose smiling eyes made up for a lackluster grin. kit-like squeals and excited murmurs filled the camp that night, with the gentlest of warriors and boldest of apprentices peeking inside the nursery to catch a glimpse of their new clanmates. naturally, the kits were all fast asleep, blind, and deaf, and so did not make for much of a show. soon enough, their mother dropped off, and once he was sure his mate was soundly asleep, crescentclaw slipped off to his thickly padded nest in the warriors den. 

while foxhue and crescentclaw did not have the tenderest relationship of the clans, there was no denying that there was a fierce love between the two, something worth more than the soppy romances of the young and reckless. both cats came from a long line of fabled shadowclanners, though crescentclaw would be quick to point out that it was his line that included blackstar and littlecloud, his mate had only an ancient deputy with a plain name, as simple as his purely white pelt. also, she had a bit of riverclan in her! excusable, though, by the fact that foxhue's first link to shadowclan was through a petite she-cat named Butter, a kittypet-turned-warrior who had the good fortune of meeting shadow, the one and only. they came from a line of fearless ancients, cats who fought loyally under their leaders and dared to defy unfairness, within moderation. they were true shadowclanners, their families nearly one, just barely separate enough for a romantic relationship to be acceptable. not quite cousins, but related somewhere back down the line. they loved in a way that went without saying, a kind of thing that required no reassuring touches, as all could be confirmed with a wordless encounter. they were there for each other, through fire and sleet, and would remain standing strong until bitter joints forced them into the dirt. and so, although crescentclaw was stiff and demanding, and foxhue passionate and wild, the two hot-headed cats provided a pleasant environment for their kits, and tried to bring them up to be respectful young things. 

during his first six moons, pallidkit became quiet fond of his white-furred, yellow-eyed brother, ivorykit. They were almost inseparable, curled around each other in sleep, padding lazily around camp as they got used to their growing frames, and then becoming more daring, poking puddles and eavesdropping on warriors with thrilled grins and innocent laughter. the two were much alike, though during that first period, and later on as well, there was always more of an edge to ivory's personality. He was more abrasive, more eager to fight, got more thrill out of tricking and teasing, seemed to have less empathy than little pallid. slowly, the "evil twin" won over his milder brother. the brothers mingled from time to time with their other siblings, stubborn flintkit and messy maplekit, but ivorykit was more inclined to roll his eyes the nearer he got to his darker-furred littermates, and after several moons of ivory insisting that they were quite more boring than the blushing pallid, the siblings became more visibly divided. 

by the time of their apprentice ceremony, ivorykit had completely won over pallidkit. foxhue didn't seem to mind that her kits were so split, she could remember her own kithood, after all, and gave it no thought. age would bring a litter closer together, she reflected, glad that each kit had at least one sibling to lean on. crescentclaw made a point to visit his sons and baby daughter whenever he had a moment free of clan duties, though that was not as often as he would have liked. and so, the kits aged into apprentices with supportive yet distant parents, and a feeling that they each had just one true littermate. 

during their apprentice ceremony, there was a near palpable tension between the siblings, something eased by maplepaw's silly japes at flintpaw, and the soothing presence of ivorypaw, never far from pallid's flank. They stood together, a line of varying heights and builds, eagerly awaiting the names of their mentors. foxhue and crescentclaw gazed on proudly as monarchstar called out the names, and their half-grown kits touched noses with their new instructors. For flintpaw, the pebbly-eyed beetlescud, a tomcat with a dark pelt and large paws. a good match, beetlescud was a senior warrior, who might help straighten out the brazen side of flint. maplepaw touched noses with softlight, a russet-furred she-cat with friendly eyes and a dusting of freckle-like markings across her nose. pallidpaw was greeted by a thin-eyed, black-tailed lucidlark, who offered just the faintest flicker of a smile, though it was aimed more at ivorypaw than the orange-tailed apprentice. ivorypaw let out a thin breath of dissatisfaction then, the tomcat had been eyeing lucidlark since he could walk. pallidpaw barely had the time to register his brother's disappointment before another name rang out, "fawnleap." fawnleap, the she-cat who would be better named after the cunning fox, fawnleap with her youth and vicious fighting tactics, fawnleap who was a she-cat. pallidpaw caught the brief look of surprise on ivorypaw's face, lasting only a moment before pride set in. afterwards, the two talked in hushed voices in their new nests, excited faces leaned in so close that their pale noses nearly touched. "you're lucky, to have gotten lucidlark. He's trained many a talented warrior, little dove," As ivorypaw spoke, a thin smile curled across his lips, and pallidpaw couldn't help but beam back at him. 

"fawnleap is just as capable, perhaps even more. younger bones, newer techniques. she'll give you all the knowledge necessary to become the next great leader of shadowclan . . . you'll be the next tiger, ivorypaw, I just know it!" the young apprentice waved his tail happily, giving a brief glance towards his other two siblings, maplepaw and flintpaw, who lay evenly spaced in their nests, eyes closed against the moonlight. ivorypaw laughed softly, a young laugh, and leaned forward to give his brother a small lick on the cheek. "I shall name you my deputy, dove, but only if you are the best warrior of shadowclan beneath me." pallidpaw blushed wildly beneath the soft cloak of fur, and pawed gently at the damp fur where he had been licked. what a strange thing to do . . . the orange-tailed apprentice thought to himself as he dozed off, ivorypaw's frame resting gently against his own. 

the littermates progressed with speed and enthusiasm through their training, with flintpaw proving stronger than most, maplepaw had a talent for clawing underbellies and catching birds, and pallidpaw was just as good a fighter as any, until lucidlark became impatient with his average apprentice, and began to hound him with insults. young pallid's talent with claws began to show itself, ever so slowly. ivorypaw was the clear standout of the siblings. he was an excellent fighter, nimble on his paws and striking with quick, needle-like blows. he was a capable tracker, but didn't have much patience with hunting. they fell into a pattern that became easier as the days flickered past. wake early, stretch, groom. eat hurriedly, patrol, train, hunt. a bit of free time for an evening meal and chatter, then sleep again. there was something that changed, though, in the relationship between pallidpaw and ivorypaw. ivory grew harsher, more wound-up, and pallid excused it because of the long training hours. but there was something else, something tender about the way that ivorypaw looked at his brother, the way that his feathered tail so comfortably draped over orange and white fur. as the brothers became rougher creatures, their affections increased to something that crossed an unspoken boundary, some distant law created in the recesses of the mind. and pallidpaw knew it was wrong, the way that his brother gazed at him, those moments in the forest surrounded by furtive glances. they shoved their nests together, and slept with limbs lazily overlapping. the two pale apprentices rarely spoke with their other siblings, though observed quietly from afar, and guilt was quelled by the smiles and laughter of maplepaw and flintpaw. after much training, lucidlark began to praise his apprentice instead of scold him, though the glances towards ivorypaw did not end along with pallidpaw's successes. 

it was near the end of their apprenticeship, around the time pallidpaw mastered a particularly tricky fighting move, that the worst day played out. 

a blur, blood, scattered moss. shrieks, mingling together on the gusty wind. it was dark, the storm clouds clashing above. there was panic throughout the camp. and somehow, in the mix of it all, ivorypaw was pinned beneath a fallen tree, ribs crushed and blood pooling. a horrible, ragged scream escaped pallidpaw's throat, as he cradled his brother's limp head. when they found the two of them, ivorypaw was cold as the miserable raindrops, and pallidpaw's fur was matted with his brother's blood. they said he kept on murmuring the word, "tiger", and that the rest of his family was safe. ivorypaw and two elders, some ragged and blind creatures, died that day. what a horrible injustice, pallidpaw had thought, to have him enter starclan with such week, unworthy cats by his side. he was the tiger, meant to lead us all . . . why did such a strong cat die? such a weak dove as I, I should have been the one to fade. sis remaining littermates tried to involve him, though the pity playing clear across their faces only made pallidpaw's nose wrinkle with disgust. "my brother is dead!" he roared in a burst of rage one day, when flintpaw's courtesies came out a little too forced. pallidpaw had darted off before a sob could break out of his throat. he could never be relieved of the full weight of his grief. there was a part that lingered, caused angry outbursts, coaxed out long-hidden tears. and that was the part that no other cat could know of, the damned and unjust area of the relationship he had shared with ivorypaw. 

the warrior ceremony was a solemn thing. cats did not cheer out the new names, but quietly congratulated the divided littermates. flintfervor, maplesnap, pallidprancer. the vigil was something of greater silence than usual, with no stolen sentences or bright smiles. pallidprancer's innards were slowly rotting away, and his heart was first to go. he became a warrior of steel, not the copper of his sister or iron of his brother, but unflinching, cutting steel. 

pallidprancer managed to progress rather quietly through his first moons of warriorhood, though his loneliness eventually won out over sensibility, and he wound up with a string of meaningless affairs. he slipped across borders in attempts to fill the whole that had consumed his heart, and became entranced by the starry skies of windclan.  the sight made him feel closer to his brother, in a way, and he crossed the border as often as possible, thoroughly covering his scent with that of heather.  while his loyalties slipped during this period, pallid's pride in his clan was not diminished, and when he wasn't seeking out comfort, the tomcat was viciously training, working himself to the bone.  after many moons of a rather quiet existence, he threw himself back into the lives of his clanmates, picking up on subtleties that most overlooked, and collecting a wealth of knowledge that he could use if ever he needed to.  

when monarchstar kicked the bucket, pallidprancer felt hardly a tinge of melancholy, as it was announced by the ever-dashing fogstar that the small tomcat was to be his successor.  the prospect thrilled him, though pallidprancer felt strangely empty making the ascent without his brother by his side.  he had grown up waiting for the day when his brother would call him forth to serve, and could only take slight consolation in the resemblance between fogstar and ivorypaw.  he had never doubted that the role would one day be his, though, and took to it naturally.  a few moons into his appointment, he began to doubt in his brother for the first time.  the tiger and the dove, could it be that the kithood dream had been fulfilled, in a slightly twisted manner?  fogstar was white-furred, and had the same glowering yellow eyes as ivorypaw.  heart surging with emotion, pallid found himself growing attached to his leader in a way that he had not thought possible since the loss of his brother.  he became jealous of the affections that fogstar bestowed upon lesser, unworthy cats, who were not himself.  he began to take extra care in his presentation when the leader was near, and focused all of his energy on completing tasks in a handsome and charming manner. 

the relationship between the two leading cats never exceeded friendship, and pallidprancer began to invest in a relationships with cats of various affiliations.  fogstar died as he had lived, shrouded in mystery, bringing pallidprancer's romantic fantasies to an abrupt halt.  suddenly, leading was less of a game and more of a reality.  

-updates to come-

♔ sexual information ♔
orientation: bisexual
mate: -- 

♔ additional information ♔

[ random facts ]
➟ he suffers from a recurring dream, in which his brother is called ivorystar, and appoints him his deputy.  as pallid touches noses with his brother, a shudder passes through him, and withdrawing from the warm, sticky touch, he finds his brother gaping, impaled by a ragged branch, and painted crimson with blood.  he has never been able to save his brother, but each time begs for him to breathe. 
➟ his favorite plant is lily of the valley
➟ pallid is quite fond of decorating his den with pretty plants, adding fragrant flowers to his nest (he likes the smell of larkspur), and sticking beetle wings on the walls of his den
➟ since the death of his brother, he has an irrational fear of thunderstorms, and isolates himself during them, not wishing to be seen so weak
➟ raggedstorm's death has given him great fear of being forgotten, thought of only as a poor leader
pallidstar has a strong liking of symbolism, and often chooses flowers for his nest based on their meanings

[ playlist ]
01.  oblivion -- bastille
02.  we must be killers -- mikky ekko
03.  bleeding out -- imagine dragons
04.  family friend -- the vaccines
05.  michicant -- bon iver
06.  dark paradise -- lana del rey
07.  youth -- daughter
08.  winter -- daughter
listen here

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where: notes & skype -- just ask! c: 
example: [ with CowElk in CotN ] Blackhaze carefully looked over Minkheart as she reassured him, and though he smiled back at her, the grey tomcat couldn't help but doubt for a moment that this was where he belonged. Yes, it was home for now, but was it the right one? He unsheathed his claws and raked them through the resistant earth, letting out a curling breath before sheathing them and tossing the black cat a relieved smile, "I'm sure that I could find a dwarfed cat like you to the south, but not one with such an over-sized heart as yours, little Mink," he said, resting his tail gently on her back for a moment, before drawing back into himself, aware now that he hadn't flinched from her earlier touch, as he was usually tempted to when another cat attempted closeness. "To Pineclan, then?" he asked, the chill breeze banishing the blush from his cloaked skin. As they began their walk, the tomcat fell silent once again, his pale eyes glazing with deep thought. Minkheart. Minkheart. Am I truly that selfish? To take her, to inflict such misery? No, her sweetness is only that of a friend. She'll rot as anything more; I'll devour her as anything more.

The Blue Tides
Art by the talented Eesiree
Design by the lovely SpottedCrows/SpottedAdopts
Pallidprancer (C) Toxic-Innocence
Characters (C) Respective Owners
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Pallidprancer finding a rather unappetizing frog. His reaction would be a mixture of disgust and fear, the latter quickly overpowering any revulsion. He saw how easily Starclan could take lives when his brother died, and by no means will take this warning lightly.

edit: changed a few things with Pallid's lines :shrug:

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{{ Identification }}

Name }}

Name(s) }}
Black-kit | Blackpaw | Blackhaze

Age }}
42 moons

Gender }}

Clan }}

Appearance }}
medium-furred smokey grey tomcat with long legs, lean build and dark blue eyes

Sexuality }}

{{ Family }}

Parents }}
Father(s) ||
Biological Father | Tornheart
Adoptive Father | N/A

Mother(s) ||
Biological Mother | Inkshade
Adoptive Mother | N/A

Siblings }}
Brother(s) ||
Loftyplume (half brother), Tartpaw (half brother), Shadepaw (half brother)

Sister(s) ||
Whiteflurry, Brazenbolt (half sister), Glorydove (half sister), Vixenpaw (half sister)

Blacksmoke, even now, doesn't know the full truth of his parents relationship. Inkshade became pregnant with her apprentice's kits, and only through the elaborate planning of Thistleroot, her brother and Cloudclan's medicine cat, was she able to birth the kits without arousing suspicion. Inkshade's sister, Nimblelily, posed as the mother of the kits, though they would die in a fire that ravaged Cloudclan just moons after Inkshade left. Both Tartpaw and Shadepaw died in the flames, but Vixenpaw survived for several weeks, horribly scarred, until the infection became untreatable and she was given a deathberry in an act of mercy.

Tornheart's kits were born while he was Inkshade's mate, to another she-cat by the name of Whisperingbreeze. Chosen as carefully as Inkshade had been, Whisperingbreeze was a sweet cat with a rebellious streak and an unpleasant family history. Both of his relationships were strictly arranged by the tabby himself, and he was very proud of his matchmaking abilities. When the kits were born, no one knew of their true parentage. As with Inkshade's kits, there was a certain amount of lying about their birth, and Whisperingbreeze beguiled one of her closest friends, a dark-furred tomcat like Tornheart, into becoming her mate when she learned of the pregnancy. He believed that the kits were his, just as the rest of her clan did. Tornheart was delighted by news that there were three kits, seeing it as an omen that they would lead the three clans. To add to his pleasure, the kits had appearances that aptly fit the clan names. Whisperingbreeze named the kits proudly when she heard of Tornheart's reaction. She named the snowy-pelted tom Loftykit, the sleek red she-kit Brazenkit, and the smallest, a dilute tortoiseshell with crack-like markings Glorykit. While her clanmates scoffed at the high-and-mighty names, she awaited the day that their roles in the future of the clans would be revealed. The cats skipped past their apprentice names almost completely, with their parentage being revealed at just eight moons. Not to have his kin be thought of as flimsy and green, Tornheart quickly changed their names to Loftyplume, Brazenbolt, and Glorydove, and forced them into place as the leaders of the three clans. Loftyplume, high-strung and vain, took Cloudclan. Brazenbolt, vicious and tarty, became leader of Blazeclan. Glorydove, warm and secretly sly, was made leader of Shatteredclan.

{{ Personals }}

History }}

The son of Tornheart and Inkshade, this scrappy tom was born into Blazeclan, located far south of the mountains. One of three surrounding Watercress lake, Blazeclan was prosperous until a young tom named Achan arrived, and asked in his drawling voice to join their ranks. Crowned Darkheart for his wily ways, the tom quickly gained the approval of his superiors, and had caught the eye of many a she-cat. Choosing Inkshade to father his kits, the tom began to ascend the long, trecherous path to mutiny. He gathered his followers carefully and patiently, molding each young mind into one of steely blood lust. He had made his way around the warrior code many times with his wits, and by the time his kits were born, the leader position was all lined up for this deceiving tom. Inkshade was a sweet enough cat, and named her two kits without knowing how they would destroy everything that she had so dreamily built for she and Darkheart. Just two moons after Whitekit and Black-kit were born, Darkheart went into battle one misty dawn, and by the time the sun was high in the sky, the tabby was barely holding on to his life. He slipped into a coma from serious blood loss, and woke several days later, a new tom. With a dangerous fire in his eyes, he was renamed Tornheart for the ghastly scars that criss-crossed his chest. He was vengeful, and decided to waste no time in claiming the "throne", as he saw it. He first set out to kill the cat that had nearly taken his life, a rough creature named Hawkswoop. He set up the body to make it look like a rogue attack, and was able to evade capture, but not suspicion. His name could be heard in every dark corner of camp, and the tom was enraged with himself, but his anger was never enough to unhinge his plans. At the time of Tornheart's mistake, Blackpaw was a mere six moons old, just a week into his apprenticeship. He had watched his father's mutinous path, and seen Whitepaw, his pretty baby sister, fall into her father's footsteps.  Now, this is where his story parts into two very different versions.
1. Stricken with grief and rage towards his parents, he fled the clan, pausing briefly in the neighboring Shatteredclan before leaving the lake altogether, sick of hearing his father's name paired with his.  Blackpaw had left with no plans and hardly more experience than was needed to forage for carrion. Shockingly thin for most of his trek, and violently ill once, the tom managed to pull through, and collapsed just inside the territory of Rockyclan. Bony and ashen-faced, the apprentice spent a week in the medicine cat den before becoming a full member of the clan. Since departing his birthclan, he has tried to forget his family, though the image of a mocking Whitepaw still haunts him, the cruel glint in her eyes matching that of the tom he despises more than any other.

The alternate (and true) version of his story is more exciting, though sadder, and the one you are far less likely to hear.
2.  Blackpaw, when he lived in the clans around the lake, had a friend who hardly left his side, a small tomcat named Ruddypaw.  They were the most genuine of friends, but his sister, Whitepaw, often teased the two, calling Ruddypaw weak and Blackpaw a fool for associating with him.  Blackpaw was able to confide in Ruddypaw, and to this day he knows that the red-furred tomcat is the only reason he stayed sane as his family fell into disgrace.  Ruddypaw was a brilliant tomcat, wiser than his moons, but shy, and so few ever knew his true strengths.  Seeing his friend's scruples, Ruddypaw suggested that they flee to Shatteredclan, where Blackpaw's uncle, Suntalon, resided with a mate and kits.  Feeling daft for not thinking of it sooner, Blackpaw left under the cloak of night with his best friend, who left his mother and brothers without much of a second thought. The two were welcomed into Shatteredclan after much persuading from Suntalon, and Blackpaw's cousins helped him become acclimated to the rough landscape, so different from the mossy forest he had left on the other side of the lake.  These cats lived near the base of a small mountain range, a smaller part, far to the south, of the crags where Rockyclan makes their home.  Blackpaw felt at home in Shatteredclan, with Suntalon and his mate, Whinstreak, acting nearly as parents to the young tomcat, even showing affection for Ruddypaw.  Even though his extended family adored him so, the rest of Shatteredclan did not welcome the son of an alleged murderer so kindly, nor his friend who smelled so odd.  The final straw broke with the death of Swiftfox, the deputy of Blazeclan.  Tornheart was made deputy, and it was a well-known fact that Timberstar was nearing the last of his lives.  All of the clans were beginning to fear the tabby tom, but he had enough followers and enough who were too afraid to stop him.  Suntalon spent much time talking with Whinstreak, and the two gathered their kits, as well as Blackpaw and Ruddypaw, in the Shatteredclan territories late one night.  Suntalon knew his brother well enough to be able to say that many deaths were to come, and as defiant family, they would be high on his list of targets.  They had not said a word to anyone else in their clan, even Whinstreak restrained herself from warning her brother to leave, even a word could threaten the safety of her kits.  Suntalon had devised a simple plan, and spoke it to the gathered cats on that night of howling wind.  As a group of seven, they were to travel across the mountains, through a thin pass that Suntalon and his brother had followed when they went by different names.  The large tomcat knew of a group of rogues, a make shift clan, that his father had left he and his brother at when his motherrefused to care for them.  He had distant relatives there, and if things went smoothly enough, he and Whinstreak could return to the lake for more cats.  This idea eased them all, though it was nothing more than a glimmer of hope.  They left a few days later after a meal, though Whinstreak could hardly stomach a bite at the thought of abandoning her brother.  They were all a little tired from a restless night.  Suntalon urged them on throughout the day, though the apprentices became bitter as he led them up the wrong slope for the third time.  Suntalon, usually calm, was becoming annoyed by how difficult it was to locate the pass, though he refused to fall asleep on the wrong side of the mountains.  Well into the  night, he found the correct path, and the cats slept under a shallow overhang, too tired to care about finding fluff to rest on.  The rest of the trip went surprisingly well.  They hunted in the dawn, traveled by sunlight, and slept after eating another catch.  Their moods began to inflate, though Whinstreak still thought often of her brother.  The cats reached the place where the rouges lived without much trouble, which, looking back, was a sign that something was not quite right.  They should have been stopped by the groups guards, and had to explain who they were and worm their way in.  When they reached the camp, with Suntalon in the lead, it was barren of life.  Shredded tabby furs and heaps of bones decorated the rough dens and open areas.  Disease had taken the cats.  Whinstreak was devastated, determined to turn back for her brother.  Although Blackpaw never mentioned it, Ruddypaw whined for his family in his sleep.  Suntalon grew doubtful that he had made the correct decision on that night, when the wind howled around them.  They were held together only by their will to survive, which persisted peevishly through their longing for familiar faces.  During the trek, and their time spent in Shatteredclan, Blackpaw and Ruddypaw had grown inseparable.  They slept curled around each other like littermates, and walked side by side during the day.  Suntalon spent several days digging a pit, which he filled with the remainders of pelts and crumbling bones, and then carefully covered.  The others hunted restlessly, and Blackpaw spent much of his time sitting out of the way with Ruddypaw.  None of his cousins teased them for it.  Going from this phase to the one where he was alone with Ruddypaw is a bit hazy for him even now, after many moons of mulling it over.  Suntalon left with Whinstreak and their kits, heading towards the abandoned barn just beyond Shatteredclan territory, which was decidedly less safe than the rogue camp would have been, but would allow for them to rescue family members.  Whinstreak promised to try and reach Ruddypaw's family and get them to the old barn.  The cousins made light talk of starting their own clan, and bade Blackpaw and Ruddypaw farewell.  If there was one thing that Suntalon had set his mind on, it was that Blackpaw could not come with them.  He would be in grave danger nearer to the clans, as the son who fled from a tyrant.  Revenge would have grown strong in Tornheart, and with any luck Whitepaw would be after him as well.  Ruddypaw would not leave his friend, and stayed firmly by his side even when Blackpaw coaxed him to leave.  Suntalon gave them thin directions to old friends, but they were too obscure for even the older tomcat to trust.  In a matter of days, the two were all alone.  They were giddy when they first began travelling again, just the two of them, able to do whatever they desired.  They could take time off to practice fishing, freely vent their worries, and grow even closer.  The tomcats traveled farther through the small valley where the rogue camp had been situated, and then moved alongside the row of rough mountains, always continuing north.  Now, Blackpaw would never admit it, but during those days of travel, he began to truly love that tomcat, and by the way Ruddypaw gazed back at him, he knew that the quiet tomcat adored him all the same.  For the first time in his short life, he was effortlessly happy.  Soon he had no worries to share, and their daytime treks became shorter.  They no longer felt the need to run from the dark cloud of their home.  Blackpaw indulged himself in memories of spending his kithoodwith Ruddypaw and the red-furred cat's brothers.  He remembered Ruddypaw complaining about the way his brothers teased him as he grew older, and the way that he himself had vented the fury he felt towards his own family as Whitepaw became more distant and started to pick on him.  And it was nice to have them as memories and nothing more.  Blackpaw soon came to realize that happiness was a fickle friend, when he began to feel ill.  He hid the sickness from his friend for as long as possible, until he could no longer muffle his coughs with laughter nor hide the glazed look in his eyes with smiles.  Ruddypaw insisted that they stop traveling, even though they were moving at a snail's pace to begin with.  The fiery-furred tom eked all the knowledge that he could from the days spent hiding away in the medicine cat's den, and managed to find a herb or two with a tangy taste that brought back Blackpaw's appetite.  He ate well and began to recover, and so the two plodded slowly along the mountainside.  He was feeling moderately well, up until the worst night.  It had been raining all day, and Ruddypaw had led his weakened friend to a small cave, barely big enough for the two of them.  Blackpaw collapsed too soon to notice that Ruddypaw was only partially sheltered from the rain, which pounded on throughout the night as the grey tomcat's sickness returned with great vigor.  He woke only for short minutes at a time to have a sodden Ruddypaw force rain-beaten herbs down his throat, or dunk his muzzle in a pool of icy water and coax him to drink.  It rained the following day, less violently, but roughly enough to keep prey tucked in their nests.  When Blackpaw woke again, the sun was shining weakly, his stomach was grumbling, and Ruddypaw was no where to be found.  After a hurried meal, Blackpaw realized that the rain had washed away all traces of his friends scent.  He was gone, and Blackpaw had no idea what had happened to him, or why he had even left at all.  He lingered by the cave for days, but there was no sign of the fire-furred tomcat.  He told himself that he couldn't possibly leave, and became so obsessed by the thought of missing him, that he scarcely left the meager shelter, the lack of food and recent sickness giving him a starved appearance. Finally, exhaustion and hunger gave way, and he collapsed.  When he woke, and Ruddypaw was still not there, Blackpaw forced himself to hunt and move on.  Quivering from lack of nourishment, he was hardly able to catch anything, and proceeded glumly north, where he soon stumbled beyond the borders of Rockyclan, faintly aware of the scent of cat.  He was found by the next border patrol, and taken into the medicine cat's den, where he recovered slowly from a mix of depression and starvation.  

Blackpaw had a considerably difficult time adjusting to life in Rockyclan, and became reclusive, rude words and rash decisions becoming an outlet for the anger and frustration he felt.  He had been completely abandoned, first by his parents and sister, then by his uncle, aunt, and cousins, and finally by his best friend, and the one cat who he had invested love in.  Even though Shatteredclan had not been so different from Rockyclan, it felt like an entirely foreign place, and the most he could do was eat, sleep, and train when he felt that he had enough energy.  It took him moons to sort out his emotions, and when a friend finally did come along, she left him more confused than before.  She loved him for no reason other than that he was himself.  But he wasn't really acting like himself.  

Blackpaw met a young she-cat named Whisperpaw, who he would like to say that he fell madly in love with, but he simply adored her as a friend, and couldn't convince his heart that more compassion was needed.  After charming her with his rarely seen romantic side, Blackpaw began to feel doubtful.  His heart wouldn't flutter when he willed it to, and he didn't look upon her in that way.  To save her from further heartbreak, Blackpaw regretfully continued with the relationship, but it became too taxing, even though Whisperpaw was ever friendly.

After the clans' migration was announced, Blackhaze tried to act cheerful, but only felt that time was running out. He still wasn't comfortable in his own skin, and being surrounded by other happy, excited cats didn't make him feel any better. The tomcat came to the rash conclusion that he would be better off on his own, that he was meant to survive in loneliness, and slipped away to the edges of Rockyclan territory. There, he found a small split in the cliff's surface, and made it his temporary home. Leaving the clans did nothing to help his sorrows, and only made Blackhaze feel more isolated and worthless by reminding him of Ruddypaw, and those days spent waiting. With a great amount of bitter muttering, he returned to the outskirts of Rockyclan's camp, where he was greeted with many smiles and friendly licks. After the uneasiness of being surrounded by so many she-cats passed, Blackhaze was able to settle back into life in Rockyclan.

Now back in Rockyclan, still moons from the journey, Blackhaze has begun to develop his first real relationships since his friend Ruddypaw slipped away.  He has grown close to Poppylight, and Minkheart as well, the two cats that he regards as true friends without hesitation, though he is always reluctant to reveal more of his true personality to anyone.  He thought for a brief moment that he could be falling in love with Minkheart, because the feelings he felt for her were reminiscent of those he once had for Ruddypaw, the feelings that still persist in the far corners of his heart.  He would not dare pull her deeper into his troubled life, though, and would prefer loneliness over knowing that he had ruined a perfectly good cat.  

-updates will come with rps-

Personality }}

[ Guarded | Stubborn | Daring | Charming | Curt ]

Blackhaze has been a deeply guarded cat for most of his life in Rockyclan, and is just beginning to shed that worn-out skin for the one that fits him perfectly. Stubborn, charming, sarcastic, and daring are words that can describe this maturing tom. Although he is becoming considerably more happy with his life, Blackhaze still has his struggles, and is finding it difficult to be true to himself as he discovers that his true passions aren't those of the average warrior.

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:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletyellow: Acquaintance
:bulletgreen: Friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Best friend
:bulletorange: Respect
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Love
:star: Mate
:bulletred: Dislike
:bulletblack: Enemy
:bulletwhite: Unsure
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Dead
~ Unknown
~~ Past Feelings

Blazeclan (birth clan)

:bulletpurple:/:bulletblack:/ Tornheart- My father must be dead now.  If he isn't, I hope he dies soon, painfully.

:bulletpurple:/:bulletred:/ Inkshade- My mother was a good enough cat on her own, but when paired with my father she became a poor mother and a spiritless warrior. I can't love her for that.

:bulletpurple:/:bulletred:/ Whitepaw (Whiteflurry)- She loved my father for the same reasons I despised him, and still do.  She tormented me, abandoned me in spirit...but she's still my sister, and I will always be guilty, always think that there is something that I could have done to have saved her, taken her away with me and maybe given her a better life.

~~/:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:/:bulletpink::bulletpink:/ Ruddypaw- Ruddypaw was the only cat kind enough to talk to me after Hawkswoop's murder.  He was the one that I could confide my fears in, and the only reason I was able to stay sane.  Whitepaw liked to mock me for enjoying the company of such a different breed of cat, not like our family at all.  He escaped with me to Shatteredclan, and followed me on the first half of the journey north. Then he was gone.  I searched for days, nearly went insane, but there was rain everywhere, and not a trace of him was left.  After that, I never breathed a word of him to anyone.  I had traveled completely on my own, that became the story.

Shatteredclan (refuge after fleeing Blazeclan)

:bulletpurple:/:bulletpink::bulletpink:/:bulletorange:/ Suntalon- Suntalon was the father that I always wish that I could have, and for a short time he was my father.  He introduced me to a more normal life, though I'm sure living with you best friend and cousins in a strange clan would hardly be called normal by most cats.  He's the reason that I look up to Lionstar; they're similar personalities.  

:bulletpurple:/:bulletpink::bulletpink:/ Whinstreak- Whinstreak is my aunt, and she acted as the mother that I wish I could have had.  She adored me, and I adored her.  We had a simple relationship, we got along easily.

:bulletpurple:/:bulletpink::bulletpink:/ Lionpaw (Lionroar)- My cousin, who I can remember for his startlingly large size and equally oversized heart. He was gentle, despite his fearsome size, not much taller than me, but far thicker.

:bulletpurple:/:bulletpink::bulletpink:/ Pheasantpaw (Pheasantfledge)- She was a strong cat, the sister of Lionpaw, who left Ruddypaw and I to our own. She was the least welcoming, but I know that she only thought nice things of us.

:bulletpurple:/:bulletpink::bulletpink:/:bulletorange:/ Mousepaw (Mousegrace)- What a cat! My dearest cousin, who was like another sister to me. Other than Ruddypaw, she was my most beloved. She understood me, was supportive when I told her how I cared for Ruddypaw....only now, after everything, can I fully appreciate her. I wish that I could have treated her better when I had the chance.


:bulletpurple:/:bulletyellow:/:bulletorange:/ Nimblelily- I've only ever met my aunt during gatherings, and that must have been fourteen or so moons ago. She was sweet, and just as pretty as my mother, though she didn't carry such a...constricting air. It seems that I was just the unlucky one, born into the wrong branch of the family.

:bulletpurple:/~/ Fernfrond- My uncle, though I've never met him to say whether he's good or bad. He must be interesting, to be the father of Ivypaw, and kind, to be the mate of Nimblelily.

:bulletpurple:/:bulletyellow:/ Ivypaw (Ivytangle)- What a strange cat! My cousin, yes, but I've never met one more different from me. Airy, delicate, and with the widest eyes. She was beautiful just as all of my mother's family seems to be, and pleasant to talk with.


High Ranks

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:/:bulletorange:/ Cragstar- I didn't know the tomcat on a personal level, and I never felt the need to after the death stare he gave me during my apprentice ceremony.  I heard that he had lost his family, though, and I understand what that's like.  I can't say that I agreed with how he handled things, but he was my leader for most of my life, and the first one that I can associate with a happier life.

:bulletyellow:/:bulletorange:/:bulletred:/:bulletwhite:/ Lionstar- The only thing about this tomcat that deserves even a shred of respect is the way he fathered his kits. A generous, good cat to his brood . . . though it would do him some good to loose his temper. The infamous temper of the Lion Leader, the golden-furred cat with a roar loud enough to shake the sun and stars . . . I suppose it's only fortunate that he's not so loony as Oakstar of Pineclan. He did insult me, though, gravely, and unluckily for him, I am a bit of a vengeful cat.

:bulletorange:/:bulletyellow:/ Dandeliontuft- Ahh, the one Rockyclanner with a sense of humor. I'm not sure how much of that comedy I can take, but for now I like the tom, even if his life is one to envy.

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:/:bulletorange:/ Cobraback- The medicine cat before him, Snowfall, saved my life.  I have to respect a tomcat who has those same skills.

:bulletyellow:/ Beefang- What a worrywart. He doesn't seem like the type who will be easy to pinch catnip from, but I suppose a handwringer like him will be out collecting herbs most of the time, so there's always that.


:bulletorange:/ Firefox- My mentor.  I spent hours training with him, but we never became close.  I think he found me a bit boring, to be honest.  I don't blame him, though, I barely said a word to the tom when I actually showed up for the practices he scheduled. Thinking back, I wasn't a very good apprentice.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:/:bulletpink:/ Poppylight- Poppylight is the flower of these rocky lands, a dash of color against grey stone and hard-packed earth...she is lovely, beautiful, funny...and yet delicate. Strong with youth and the recklessness that it so often carries, though weak with innocence. She is supportive, incredibly so . . . and she makes me feel as if I am as sweet and fresh as her, with her vivid spark of wildness . . . I care for her deeply, truly, though I am always hesitant to pursue a romantic relationship.

:bulletyellow:/ Sandflower- Sandflower is just plain nice, but Poppylight was correct in calling her...tentative. I would still like to become better friends with her, but a serious companion is limiting.  

:bulletyellow:/ Rowanblaze- I've barely met the tom, all I know about him is that he doesn't bother to groom his pelt regularly, and that he's close with his family. Ah, and he seems to have a sense of humor, but I might be misinterpreting his chiding.

:bulletyellow:/ Raywhisker- He's mute and has a stump for a leg.  That's the obvious about this tom, and I don't know much else.  His grooming habits are the same as his brother's, a bit lacking.  I went on a patrol with him as apprentices, and he fell into a muddy puddle and tangled himself in a bunch of thorns.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:/:bulletpink:/ Minkheart-  Minkheart...where to even begin with pretty little Mink? Charming, funny, incredibly loyal . . . not such an obvious beauty as Poppylight, though she is equally lovely.

:bulletwhite:/:bulletyellow:/ Brookshine-  Brookshine has a nice personality. I don't know much about her, but even a recluse like me knows that she has earned her reputation as a flirt. If I didn't know how much she cared for Pandapelt, I might say that she wants me for more than friendship. Even if it were true, I don't feel the same way. Now, how am I to act?

:bulletyellow:/:bulletorange:/:bulletred:/:bulletwhite:/ Redfawn- My first impression of Redfawn was that she is a capable mother. The best, most matronly in all of Rockyclan. A care for kits has always impressed me . . . and she is also the mother of Poppylight, Sandflower, Rowanblaze, and Raywhisker; the mate of our dear leader. But then when she insulted me, called me no better than a kit! That dark mark will not be forgotten anytime soon.

:bulletwhite:/ Whisperwind- I never truly loved Whisperwind, though I did admire her in an odd way that made our relationship special.  At first.  I didn't like hurting her feelings, but I'm glad that she ended our strange relationship.  We haven't really talked since she ran away from me in tears, and I'm not sure what to think of her anymore.

:bulletyellow:/ Saltstreak- Saltstreak is quiet, and I haven't managed to learn much about him. From observation, he seems to have a personality similar to mine. I would certainly like to get to know him better.


:bulletyellow:/ Sparkpaw- I don't know Sparkpaw well, but it doesn't take much time to see that this she-cat has plenty of spunk.


:bulletyellow:/:bulletwhite:/ Tarpit- The old tomcat's dark as a shadow and equally mysterious! I've only heard scraps of this tomcat's past, even Poppylight, his own kin, knows very little of him. He and Lionstar seem to have a rough relationship, a fiery one that strangely hasn't cooled with time.


:bulletyellow:/ Coldkit- She's inquisitive. I met her at the warrior ceremony, but haven't talked to her yet.  Not worth my time, really, until she's an apprentice.

:bulletblack:/ Cragkit- Ahh, the dark-furred tomcat, with a heart as scarred as his pelt, back in the form of a kit! My, my, what could he have missed out on in his previous life that earned him a second chance? Or, as I would rather believe, he's been sent back to us by the ever generous Starclan to right all of the wrongs of his past life. He's an incredibly troublesome kit, who believes that he's worthy of being named Cragstar when he's less than six moons old. To make matters worse, he called me a rogue. He'll not get away with that, the little scrap can be sure.


Clans of the North (c) =SeekingLucidity

Blackhaze (c) ~Toxic-Innocence

art (c) ~Anachronis

characters (c) respective owners
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General Information

Name: Galaxykit Galaxypaw GalaxyMist
Age: 27 moons
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Warrior
Orientation: Straight


[ Just -- Intelligent -- Blunt -- Persistent -- Worrier -- Wounded ]

"We can't hunt on their territory! It's against the Warrior Code... It's not okay to steal prey. It's not ours to take."
Born within the clan ranks, it's easy to say that Galaxymist grew up with the Warrior Code pressed firmly into his mind, imprinted to where he can pretty much recite if by heart. He's got a strong sense of right and wrong, though he isn't one of those cats to constantly badger others for their decisions. He's still not exactly sure where he stands, unlike most characters that are overly just in their opinions. He'll take a stand against something and do what's right when it's called upon him, but he's still learning, and because of that, he sometimes questions his own regards to the Warrior Code and life as a warrior. After all, it's the only way to life he's known and he isn't sure if it's the best path for him or not.

"Rabbits may be fast, but you can always outsmart them instead of outrun them."
Galaxymist has a rather good memory for hunting and fighting in comparison to that of most felines, the issue he has is that, despite knowing the movies and what to do, his muscle memory tends to take over in battles, leaving him little to no room to actually tactically think out what he's going to do next. Instead, he uses his intelligence to help others and teach others, showing that some day he might actually be a good mentor. Now if only he knew how to actually sounds smart/funny/happy around felines he likes. He might actually be a good tom to befriend if he wasn't distant.

He's actually quite the thinker, a feline that is wiser than he lets on. Giving words of wisdom that shouldn't come from a feline as young as he. He's experienced a lot despite being so young. Sometimes it might just be wise to listen to him.

"That plan isn't going to work. You should probably have more cats in the patrol."
Despite being polite and gentlemanly in his responses most of the time, there are times when Galaxymist can become quite blunt in his responses. Now, this doesn't mean that he is rude when he's pointing out what needs to be fixed, no I don't think Galaxymist could ever be rude. A bit snappish? Yes, but rude, no. He's the kind of cat that will try to help by suggesting something better, but sometimes that can backfire on him. It's not his fault, not all cats like to be told what to do.... even when it's a suggestion.

"I'm not stopping! Not until I prove my worth!
Maybe it's because when he was younger, he was seen as the runt of the litter, and maybe it's just because his father always expected him to do better than he normally did, Galaxymist has always been persistent in his endeavors, especially when it comes to his loyalty and value in his clan. He's always working harder to ensure that he can become one of the greatest cats in the clan, always trying to make sure that he proves himself to his clan, even though he's probably done more than his fair share of work over the two years he's been alive. Though he doesn't often snap back or tell others why he's always working so hard, if somebody ever catches him practicing on his own, they can hear him constantly reminding himself that he needs to be better... To not be so weak.

"W-What if this doesn't turn out the way I want it to? I could get into a lot of trouble..."
Another trait picked up from when his father was around, constantly telling him that everything he did was not going to sum up to anything. Pathetic, quiet, and alone, Galaxymist has picked up the trait of constantly worrying about situations, even when he's talking to his own leader! He has little to no reason for most of his problems when it comes to qualms he may have though, but that doesn't keep him from having them. Maybe someday he'll realize that he's got a good enough sense of will and morals that he won't cause himself to get into trouble. That day though, is not today.

"I always push others away from me... I'm good at it."
To keep it simple, Galaxymist is a very distant feline. He's not a loner and he'll respond to others, but he just keeps to himself unless another cat interacts with him first. He just prefers to be alone most of the time, though he's not a hermit or even one of those cats that everybody is afraid to speak to. He's kind and sweet when spoken too... He's just a feline that's been hurt by circumstance, and because of that, he keeps to himself. It's safer that way.


[[ Birth and Kit-hood ]]
"He's small, way too small to ever amount to anything. I'm sorry Whitefrost, you'll be lucky to see this kitten live through leaf-bare... and with green cough affecting the camp, too. The others should be fine, but this one...

Born on the eve of a terrible winter storm along with four other siblings, life wasn't exactly kind to Galaxymist from the get go. No, he was not only the last born, and thus made the official "youngest" of his siblings, he was also born the runt, and because of this, it was often thought that Galaxymist wouldn't survive the first few moons of life, let along over two years. His brothers and sisters were always larger than him, always picking on him, and always looking for ways to get him to cry. There were plenty of times the young tom can recall fluffing out his soft kitten pelt and running into the nursery, crying out for his mother to protect him, and while the first two moons he got away with doing that, by the time he was three moons old, Whitefrost started to force her son to deal with the problems on his own, crushing any love that he may have kindled for her in his first weeks of life. He's grateful that she cared for him, but love is almost out of the question.

Galaxymist actually was pretty void of love during his kithood, though he would only later admit that to his mentor and good friend when the time came. For the time being, Galaxymist just kept to himself, a lonely kit that had no friends his age because of his siblings, but that wasn't the worst part. What tore Galaxymist to the core was hearing from his own leader that he wasn't going to be promoted with his siblings because of his small size. The leader at the time was afraid the other clans would think of the small kit as a liability and thus give them reason to target him instead of others. This feat alone caused the young tom to lose hope in himself for awhile, he wouldn't play, wouldn't socialize, wouldn't do much of anything.

That was when his father, Blacktail, took him under his paw and began to personally train him, declaring that "No son of his would be kept from their destiny."

The words still echo in Galaxymist's mind now, moons after his father's death. They give no comfort to the tom, only painful memories of mindless tasks and hard work from his seven moon mark to his nine moon mark. His father taxed him, forcing him to work day in and day out until finally, the leader of ThunderClan agreed to promote him up as an apprentice with the next litter of kits that had been born.

[[ Apprenticeship ]]
The day Galaxymist became an apprentice was the day things began to look up for him. He got a good mentor, a feline that was steadfast in his teachings and knew how to keep Galaxymist's father from breathing down his back too much (Though at night the whispers from his family members was enough for him to know his father was still judging him) Dragonthunder replaced most, if not all of Galaxymist's family and also taught him about the ways of life that he hadn't been taught around his father, who had spent his time drilling attack moves and the warrior code into his son's head. Instead, Galaxymist learned to appreciate the little things and began to come to terms with himself as a cat, even though it was a long and hard journey to becoming a full warrior.

Galaxymist made a few extra friends here and there, some were even in different clans, but he still remained loyal and distant member of Thunderclan, giving out responses and smiles whenever they were needed. He still acts like this now as a full warrior. Dragonthunder and Galaxymist spent seven moons together training and learning more about each other and by the end of his training, the young black and white tom knew he had finally found the one cat that he could rely on. Most of Galaxymists's redeeming traits were given to him during these moons, showing that not all traits are genetic.

Sometimes you just have to grow into who you want to become.

Galaxymist became a full warrior and received his warrior name after helping his clan fight off invading rogues in a border skirmish. Shortly after, his mother died of greencough.

[[ Adult Life as a Warrior ]]
Besides a few attacks here and there, and losing his father and best friend, Galaxymist hasn't lived much or really done much as a warrior despite being one for almost a year now. He's working hard and getting used to seeing felines as old as he is be the leader of his clan, but he's getting used to it and growing into his own little niche, though he's still keeping himself distant. Gentlemanly and noble, the tom's always up for talking to others and going out on hunts with his fellow warriors, but other than that, everything is still up for debate with this tom.

More to be added as time goes on


:bulletorange: :bulletwhite: Whitefrost
"My mother by only birth, there's a part of me that misses her now that she's gone, but I honestly don't feel any regret or remorse for her. I just wish she had loved me more..."

:bulletorange: :bulletred: Blacktail
"I have no respect or anything for that cat. He isn't even fit to be known as my father. I'm glad he died, I just wish Dragonthunder hadn't tried to save him."


:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: = Uncertain
:bulletwhite: = Neutral
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Close Friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best Friend
:bulletyellow: = Platonic Love
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Crush
:bulletpink: = Romantic Love
:bulletred: = Slight Dislike
:bulletred::bulletred: Hatred
:bulletorange: = Family
:bulletorange::bulletorange: = Adopted family
:bulletblack: = Slightly Jealous
:bulletblack: = Envious
:bulletpurple: = Respect
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: = Admiration

ThunderClan Cats
:bulletpurple::bulletyellow: Dragonthunder
"Though he died in the same fight as my father, I can't help but feel as if this tom meant more to me than anybody else in my family ever could. He was the father I never had, and although it's been moons since his death, I feel his absence like a thorn in my side every time I turn around. He was a great friend, and I learned so much from him. Starclan be with his spirit... Maybe someday we'll meet again. I'd like that.

RiverClan Cats

WindClan Cats

ShadowClan Cats

SkyClan Cats

Roleplay Sample

Taken from an rp in a different group

"Quietsoul!" Galaxypaw called, jumping in front of him and the she cat. "AshClan isn't the same as they once were. You saw it with your own eyes. Tanglefire became Tanglestar upon Tumblestar's request. Grasslight had been compromised.... h-he..." The young tom slowly backed up, tears threatening to over take him. His father was now dead and his mother was falling in love with another cat. She barely talked to him anymore. He and his sister hadn't spoken in moons, and now his mentor, the only cat he felt he could trust, was causing all these painful memories to resurface. He shook himself, forcing himself to calm down. "He wasn't the same tom that you and I once knew. We can't blame AshClan for his actions." What was going on with his mentor? He didn't normally act like this did he? Was he always so ready to jump in and fight a cat that wasn't even prepared to fight? The questions bounded and multiplied through his brain, causing pain to spike through his heart as he thought about all the things that had gone wrong.

Was it his fault? Just like it was his fault his youngest sibling had died? Fear and pain shot through the cat, causing his entire body to freeze up as he awaited his mentor to finally respond. The questions... they were almost too much for the nearly fully grown cat.

It was all almost too much.


:bulletyellow: Strengths and Likes
> Galaxymist loves to be spontaneous a times
> Wishes to live life to the fullest
> Likes going outside on autumn days by himself
> Is a good fighter when it comes to instinct
> Is a good listener, doesn't give too much feedback if it's not wanted
> Loyalty is a priority for him
> Sociable when needed

:bulletyellow: Weaknesses and Dislikes
> But can't fight with tactics to save his life, despite his knowledge on it.
> Can be "too blunt" at times
> Doesn't like to attract attention to himself
> Hates being crowded by cats
> Can sometimes become stubborn
> Isn't afraid to stand up for authority (sometimes needs to be but eh)
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Activity Check drawing, DappledRain had to basically deal with a drove of frogs suddenly appearing on the ground below her perch.

I'd add some interesting dialog here, but I honestly don't think my brain is able to function properly.
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Last Updated: 1/3/2015

Completely updated reference that has links to his Relationships tracker, his Roleplay tracker, and his Empire Points Tracker... which are all journals in until further notice.

:bulletwhite::iconebc-air: General Information :iconebc-air: :bulletwhite:

What Can Be found Here

Name, Gender, Rank, Species

Pronounced Vul-kin or Vul-can

--  Is occasionally refered to as Vul or Vulc
-- After an incident where the lynx was hit in the head by Vulcan's hammer, Tempestas now occasionally refers to the feline as "Stronghammer"
-- Named after one of the Human Gods, Vulcan was given the name because of his strong build and determined personality
-- Much like Vulcan the God, Vulcan was always drawn to the forge, even as a cub

Air Empire Blacksmith Apprentice

-- Currently is in Lightning Empire helping to train Rhodes in the ways of smithing before returning home
-- Has always been drawn to the forge and armor design, especially when a cub

Birthday: April 21, 49 BC
Starting Age: Newborn baby
Current Age: 2 Years, 9 Months
Season Born In: Spring

Serval -- Darker Coloration
Vulcan took after his parents in many ways, growing to be the same height as his own father. His lithe build is a sign of his parentage, being as both Valon and Avita are strong and quick servals of Air Empire, but his bulky shoulder muscles come from his work. After nearly two years of working in a forge, the young serval's build has bulked up nicely.

Dominant Traits: Serval spots, Serval stripes, Large ears, Two-tone nose, Dark hair tuft
Recessive Traits: Blue eyes, white underside, darker pelt color, white ear dots, two-toned pelt colors, light colored paws, chest V, white tipped fur tufts
Carrier Traits: Shorter legs, lighter colored fur tuft, solid nose color

[[Note: Carrier Traits cannot be seen. They are combinations that could have been, but weren't. ]]

:bulletwhite::iconebc-air: Training, Mentors, Apprentices, and Armor :iconebc-air::bulletwhite:

  :bulletwhite: Past Training Experience :bulletwhite:

  • Advanced Knowledge of Armor Design
    It's taken most of his training to complete, but Vulcan has gotten pretty good at designing armor for other felines, both within Air Empire and Lightning Empire. He has always taken the time to look at every angle of his creations, fixing them so that they fit their wearer perfectly. Apprenticing under Nike helped him understand how to put everything together into one cohesive piece, though he had always looked up to and enjoyed watching Spurius do it as a cub. Armor design is his favorite part of being a blacksmith, even though tending the fire's is a task he always enjoys, especially on cold nights.

  • Intermediate Forging Ability: Being worked on*
    Although Vulcan is great at designing armor, he still needs some work at the actual forging of the pieces. He still needs help tending to the fires and will probably always need others to keep him on track with the design he's intending to make. It's not that he's easily distracted, but at times he likes to start some projects before finishing the ones he is currently working on. When he returns home from his trip to Lightning Empire, this is what he wants to focus on alongside his true mentor and father figure, Spurius.

  • Basic Hunting Skill
    One thing Vulcan knows he needs to work on more than anything else is his hunting skill. Because the animals he brings down are normally skinned carefully before being taken to camp, the serval knows that he needs to work on his ability in order to complete a clean kill. The more damage done to the skin, the harder it will be to use it to it's full effect... especially on a fully grown lion or tiger. He knows enough about hunting to help him track and find animals to kill, but the actual killing part sometimes comes hard for him... at least when it comes to cleanly killing the animal. He can get others something to eat without issue though.

  • Slightly Average Fighting Ability 
    If you spent more of your time in the blacksmith den or out in the territory tanning leather where nobody would smell it, you'd be pretty bad at fighting too. It's not that Vulcan doesn't want to learn to fight; it's just he hasn't had the time to set aside some basic fighting training. He'll probably take this up with his mother when he or she returns to Air Empire... whichever happens first.

    EDIT: Upon Tempestas finding out about Vulcan's lack of knowledge on fighting, the lynx brought it upon himself to train the feline in the ways of gladiatorial fights. The two felines get along rather well and Vulcan's natural ability to fight seems to kick in rather well when he feels threatened. He still has some ways to go, though. 

  :bulletwhite: Mentors & Accomplices :bulletwhite: 


Spurius has, and always will be, Vulcan's biggest inspiration when it comes to blacksmithing. The snow leopard, although quiet and reserved, has always been happy with Vulcan's interests in becoming a blacksmith and was more than happy to take him in when he asked to be taught. He has a lot of respect for the guy.

Being mute, Vulcan had to learn quickly on how to pick up on the quirks and habits Nike has in order to speak to him. The serval will always appreciate the time he spent working with her as an apprentice in Lightning Empire due to her quirk, and will definitely take it to heart that a feline can do whatever they want to, as long as they are willing to push themselves to do so. Although it sometimes got too quiet for him, he will always remember the time spent with her as an important life lesson in his training.

If Nike was a life lesson, Rhodes was more of an uncomfortable afterthought to an important reminder. Rhodes was a different kind of feline to get used to compared to Nike, and not just because of his reason for becoming a blacksmith. Crippled after a battle with Shadow, Lightning, and Hunter felines, the large lion stepped up to help the empire when they were short of paw. It was at this time that Vulcan realized that the hunters were truly a threat, considering right before the battle, he had learned of his mother's capture, and directly after he learned he was no longer working with Nike. This was also when Vulcan realized that Lightning Empire needed more than just a stand in apprentice, and mentioned to Tempestas that it would be wise to start looking for more felines to work in the profession that were a part of his own empire.

Tempestas is more of a close friend / brother over that of a mentor to Vulcan, considering they are only about a year and four months apart in age, but the lynx felt the need to keep his "younger" charge safe... Since, if he didn't, he'd have to face the wrath of the serval's mother. The lynx has taken it upon himself to train the feline in the ways of fighting, and although Vulcan can be hard to convince that his work can wait, he's gotten used to the leader dragging him out to see the sun every afternoon. If Vulcan doesn't comply to this, normally Tempestas will wait for the perfect time to strike and take the serval off guard, though, this plan has backfired at least once on the lynx; leaving him with a very bad head injury.

:bulletwhite: Current Apprentice :bulletwhite:


Vulcan is not currently a fully trained blacksmith, and even when he does become one, he'll probably work as a co-mentor alongside the feline who mentored him... at least, that's what he wants to hope.

  :bulletwhite: Past Apprentices 


Vulcan hasn't been promoted to full Blacksmith yet!

  :bulletwhite: Armor :bulletwhite:

Vulcan rarely wear anything more than his green scarf when he's traveling out in the territory. He has two nickle earrings that are also never removed from his left ear. When smithing, Vulcan wears protective gloves, a smock similar to Spurius's, and other protective items to keep him from getting burned. This does not, however, keep the boy from getting ash in his fur. He bathes regularly to keep himself clean and well kept after working in the forge, but while working on a project, he may not clean up until it is completed.

  :bulletwhite::iconebc-air: Personality, Biography, and Role Play History  :iconebc-air::bulletwhite:

What Can Be Found Here
Personality Traits, Background Information, Role play History, and Character Quirks

:bulletwhite: Personality :bulletwhite:

[ Stubborn ] - [ Rash / Quick Thinking ] - [ Cunning ] - [ Vocal ] - [ Confident ] - [ Proud ] - [ Accepting ]

  • Stubborn // Strong Willed
    "This piece of armor will yield to me sooner or later. I will not stop until it does."
    When Vulcan was younger, his father greatly influenced his thought process and work ethic. Originally too set in his ways to realize or admit he was wrong, the young cub would often times find himself in trouble for not listening to those that offered advice. Now, the serval takes this attitude and pushes it into his work, refusing to relent in anything, from training to armor marking, because of personal exhaustion. He will push himself to his limit and continue until he can no longer do so before giving up.
  • Rash // Quick Thinking
    "There's an attack! Quick, get your armor on and follow me!"
    Always the first to react to a situation when the pressure is on, Vulcan will often times say the first decent plan he has on mind before trying to figure out if it's actually going to work or not. There are times when this is a blessing and times when this is a curse.
  • Cunning
    "I wanted to go for a walk, so I did. You didn't tell me where I couldn't go."
    Because Vulcan was quite the troublemaker as a cub, the serval learned quickly how to find loopholes to situations so that they play in his favor. Sometimes this works out and sometimes his own loopholes have loopholes. Generally, he's learned that if you're going to rush into things, you better have a good way to get out of them if you're caught by the wrong sort of cat. He learned this from Griffin.
  • Vocal
    "Tempestas, you might need to start looking at what you have in this empire... and ask yourself, do you have enough felines to build what they need to be protected?"
    Vulcan will be the first feline to approach a leader and tell them about what they might have missed or forgotten about. He is no longer the young cub that didn't understand when he needed to be quiet and when he needed to speak up, and now understands the importance of letting others know what is going on. Communication is key in an empire, and as a future blacksmith, he understands that not one cat can create armor for an entire empire.
  • Confident
    "I'll get this helm fixed before the next gathering, Mom."
    Vulcan is very confident in his abilities as a blacksmith and carries that with him when he talks and in the way that he walks. He is not overconfident but instead carries the kind of confidence that fills others as well. He is by no means humble of his works, and owns up to what he has done for his empire. It's his duty, after all.
  • Proud
    "I am the son of two leaders of Air Empire, of course I'm proud."
    Vulcan is proud of many things and is not afraid to show it. Granted, there are times when his father's pride problem appears in his demeanor, he does not try to act as if he is capable of anything. He has a lot of things he has pride in, including an extreme pride in Air Empire and what it has done for him, but he knows that pride can also lead to other problems, if you let it.

  • Accepting (Of Other's Cultures & Beliefs)
    "I have lived with Lightning Empire for six months now, and it's broadened my view on how different each Empire is."
    Due to his time with Lightning Empire, Vulcan has come to accept that different empires are brought up on different beliefs and different ideals. At first, he was not okay with this ideology, considering it to be wrong and that his empire was the only ones to be correct... but as time has passed, he has come to see the error of his ways and has come to accept that every feline is different and that not everything has a right or a wrong way.

:bulletwhite: Background Information :bulletwhite:

[[ Through the Flames ]]

The pain was unbearable, and although Ash and Sky had both assured the mother that her cubs would be okay, Avita couldn't help but worry about their safety. The gash had been deeper than expected and was bleeding quite profusely even though hours had passed since the initial battle. She kept reminding herself over and over, they were going to be okay. Though, it was hard to be certain. The expecting mother quietly curled into her mate's side, not wanting to think about what may happen if she lost their first litter. What was a leader without children? Who would pass down their history besides the empire? Who would rise in the future as descendants of the great Valon if no cubs were born? Nobody.

Much to Avita's relief, just like Sky and Ash said... they survived.

The mother gave birth two two strong and healthy boys on an early spring morning, after the snows had melted and the flowers were in bloom. The two parents named them Nero and Vulcan, and raised them in Air Empire to the best of their ability. These cubs were Valon and Avita's first litter, and much like any new mother, Avita kept an eye on the boys like a hawk. She kept them both out of their father's fur as he tried to lead his empire as best he could, while still teaching them the importance of growing up in the wild.

Nero was the one son who wanted to become just like his father, while Vulcan was... different. Even as a cub, he found himself drawn to the fire's of Spurius's forge, and while both sons were often welcomed by the snow leopard whenever they went exploring, the one that would linger was the darker colored serval. He marveled at the works the snow leopard created, and as time continued on, he began to ask questions. How did the fires change the metal? How did the snow leopard do what he did to make armor so beautiful for his empire? As the questions continued to grow in complexity, Spurius began to show the young son of Valon what it meant to be a blacksmith.

Vulcan loved every minute of it. His father was always so busy leading the empire that it sometimes felt as if he wasn't ever going to have time for his sons, but Spurius filled that gap. Valon was by no means a bad father, but the connection Vulcan had with Spurius always felt as if it was more than just a bond. It was special, in it's own way.

As Vulcan grew, he met other felines and began to develop a more mischievous side to him. He would try to sneak out into the territory with Alexandros, Thrantos, Nero, and Rhea. Sometimes they would get caught, and other times they would all come squealing back into the camp after only setting a few feet outside. Though, there was one frightful occasion where Vulcan was picked up by a passing hawk.

He hates hawks to this day because of it.

Time quickly passed, and before Vulcan know it, he and his brother were nearly ready to become apprenticed.

[ With Fire and Brimstone ]

Yet, Vulcan would quickly outpace his brother. Just before their apprentice ceremony, no more than half a moon, floods struck Air Empire, and two things changed Vulcan's view on his family. Nero nearly died in the floods and in an attempt to save him, Valon broke his hip. The hierarchy of Air Empire fell, if only briefly, to have Avita emerge as the new leader alongside the silver gladiator, Vayea. Vulcan will forever admire and respect his mother's courage... and be grateful to her for saving Alexandros' life.

Nero's rise to the rank of apprentice was held off until he recovered from the incident, while Vulcan was chosen to work as the blacksmith apprentice under Spurius. Ever since that day, Vulcan has vowed to do what he can to help protect his empire by building them armor and keeping their forge lit.

His time spent with Spurius was no longer just a hobby he did while waiting to become an apprentice then. He started to learn the ways of the forge seriously. Spurius taught him everything he could, but Vulcan was learning too quickly, and not because Spurius was taking it easy on him. No, the young apprentice had nearly mastered the basics when Spurius realized it was because he had spent so much time with the snow leopard during his cubhood. So, a plan with Avita was devised.

Vulcan would go to learn with Lightning Empire until he was ready to come back and learn the more advanced aspects of Smithing from his mentor.

Before leaving, Vulacn was given a parting gift by his friend, Thrantos; his very own hammer build to fit his mouth and a bag used to collect items used for smithing. There hasn't been a day that goes by where Vulcan hasn't used his gifts since.

[[ The Armors of our Gladiators will be Forged ]]

:bulletwhite: Character Development :bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite: After joining Lightning Empire to work under Nike, the apprentice realized that his new teacher was completely mute. 

:bulletwhite: During the months he has spent in Lightning, the apprentice has made a few friends and is actually become close with Tempestas, whom takes him out to train in the ways of fighting against his will.

:bulletwhite: Shortly after Nike was captured, Vulcan found out his mother was captured as well. During this time, the apprentice starts to practically bury himself in his work, only coming out of the blacksmith den with he's being dragged out for social interaction with Tempestas

:bulletwhite: Sometime between when Tempestas first take interest in his defensive training and the loss of his mother, Vulcan accidentally gets surprised by Tempestas, which results in the leader getting hit pretty hard in the head by a hammer. Seeing how much damage it did to the feline, Vulcan keeps his hammer with him at all times now for protection. 

:bulletwhite: After Nikes capture, Vulcan starts to work under Rhodes... though there are times when Vulcan feels as if it's the opposite. This is when the blacksmith apprentice decides to help find Tempestas another blacksmith apprentice to work for his empire, so that when he leaves, the empire won't lose the only well trained blacksmith they have.

:bulletwhite: Quirks :bulletwhite:

-- Vulcan hate hawks and will do everything in his ability to avoid them, even though he is obviously larger than they are now

-- Vulcan will puff his chest out before exhaling when he's really angry or upset, it helps him calm down

-- Nothing will pull this serval away from the forge when he's working on a project if he can help it

-- Always carries his hammer on him when he's in the territory; too be drawn on reference

  :bulletwhite::iconebc-air: Relationships and Roleplay Example :iconebc-air::bulletwhite:

What Can Be Found Here

Family Lineage, Character Relationships, Roleplay Example

:bulletwhite: Family Relations :bulletwhite:

None; No Current Crushes (May change)


Family Lineage
Father: Serval ; Past Air Empire Leader, Air Empire Gladiator ; Alive

Mother: Serval ; Current Air Empire Leader ; Captured

Brother : Serval ; Air Empire Apprentice ; Alive

  :bulletwhite: Role Play Relationships :bulletwhite:

Vulcan's Relationships

:bulletwhite: Roleplay Example :bulletwhite:

The serval took note of the cub's posture momentarily before the cub spoke up once more. So, she wanted to get to know some of the gladiators because she wanted to get ahead in her training? Smart cub. He would have never thought of that when he was her age... but then again, her interaction with another gladiator wouldn't be too much different than his own connections to Spurius at her age. He smiled.

"Don't worry about it. When you find a gladiator you trust or you get along with, you'll start learning in no time. That's how it was with Spurius and I. Granted, I'm a blacksmith apprentice."

"Ahh, that's not long at all! I've been here... well..." Vulcan had to stop and think about that one. How long had he been here? A month? Maybe less than that? Maybe more? He wasn't sure nor was he exactly positive how long he was supposed to stay here, but that wasn't a matter he needed to worry over in front of a cub. Instead, he figured it'd be easier to just shrug it off. "I've been here for maybe a month or so, though I couldn't tell you how long I'm going to be staying. I'm from Air Empire and am training under Nike to help her learn how to teach an apprentice before she takes one on. I think?"

He knew he was in lightning to learn from Nike, though if he was there to help her, or the other way around, he wasn't quite sure. Both seemed to be the case at times.

:bulletwhite::iconebc-air: Roleplay Tracker, Wanted Status, and Empire Point Tracker :iconebc-air::bulletwhite:

  :bulletwhite: Role Play Tracker :bulletwhite:

Vulcan's Roleplay Tracker

  :bulletwhite: Empire Point Tracker :bulletwhite:

Vulcan's Empire Points

:bulletwhite: Wanted Status :bulletwhite: 

Vulcan is not wanted as of right this moment, but as soon as he is found out to be the son of a leader, this may change. 

Vulcan © DappledSun 2011 - 2014
for :iconempiresbeforeclans:
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{ - gєηєяαℓ ιηƒσямαtιση - }

Name(s): Nightkit | Nightpaw | Nightraven
Nickname: Cripple
Name breakdown;
Night Dark, near black pelt like the sky when night falls on to the clan. Bright green eyes look like the stars, fits in with night.
Raven Named after his grand-father; Ravenpaw. Also for his semi-long black fur, looks like feathers.

Age: Thirty-four moons
Gender: Tom
Breed: Mix

Clan: Windclan
Blood status:
Grand-father; Thunderclan
Grand-mother; Loner
Father; Windclan.
50% Windclan, 25% Thunderclan, 25% Loner.

Rank: Medicine cat
Mentor: Gorsepelt
Apprentice(s): Koipaw

{ - ѕєχυαℓιtу ιηƒσямαtιση - }

Orientation: Bisexual
Preference(s): Dominant she-cats who know how to take care of themselves.
Looking for:
✔ Quick Fling
✔ Lasting Relationship
? Doesn't know

:bulletpink: Sexual
:bulletyellow: Non-sexual


None :C

{ - ρєяѕσηαℓιtу - }

{Quiet} - A background cat with a silent personlity. Nightraven likes to be sleak and stay where there is no trouble. He doesn't like to make a fuss and is often calm in many situations. He almost whispers as he speaks, rarely raising his voice above anyones unless it is to make a point. (Which he has to a lot at his apprentice.) He has many things on his mind, planning the next day, moon and season that is coming.

{Any cat in help} - Nightraven will help any cat that needs aid, if that is another clan or even a rouge. He doesn't justify behind boundaries. He would even help a Thunderclanner even though they gave him his limb, he doesn't hold grudges.

{Timid} - Though he may not go past boundaries to help someone, even when collecting herbs this tom won't go near the border lines due to the mishappen while he was a young apprentice. The only time he will go to a border is during a full moon and a half-moon to when he needs to travel but he knows that no other cat will distub him as he travels on these times.

{Smart} - Nightraven is a very smart tom, even when he was younger he would memorise his herbs and would always mumble to keep them in his mind. He is good at seeing what is wrong and even finding what needs to be done to help.

{ - вα¢кgяσυη∂ - }

Ravenpaw, a loner and former member of Thunderclan. A story hero now a days by the cats of the treachery of Tigerstar even though he chose to live the life of a loner in a barn with another loner; Barley. Nightpaw soon fell in love with a rouge of the name 'Lily.' and had a litter of kittens. They had three kittens, two boys; Shade and Flicker and a girl they named Rose.

Ravenpaw often told his kits the tales of the clans, about Tigerstar and Firestar. He spoke about the clans moving and how they found a badger and fought off everything else that came to them with heart and courage. Rose took the stories to heart and grew up wanting to be a clan cat. She asked her father where they had gone, but he just pointed in the direction they had left and gave a soft nod, knowing his daughter's heart to follow.

Rose, followed the clans. They kept heading in the same direction and stopping only to hunt and sleep. She soon found her way to a group of tribe cats and smiled, knowing they also shared stories of clan cats even some with the same names that she had heard. She stayed for a few moons before heading off again and soon finding the lake. She knew with the full moon coming a gathering would be held. She stayed on the territories, hunting what she could and staying in the trees as she watched.

As the full moon came, Rose followed the cats into the island-clearing and spoke up. A few growls and spitting as she felt herself being pushed out but she had to speak her word. "My father sent me...." She had called, silence appeared before one of the leader's jumped down and spoke up.
"And who is your father?" A brown tabby, Bramblestar had spoken.
"Nightpaw." She had spoken quietly but everybody had heard. Gasps and cries where about. One elder appeared, a sandy colored she-cat of the name Sandstorm came up to her and looked around before nodding her head with a rasp voice. "She is right. She is of Nightpaw's blood."
"Is he alright?" Bramblestar had spoken again.
"My father is fine, he is happy with his life of a loner but I am not." She had shouted, "I am born from clan-blood and I am a clan cat." Some cats agreed with her bravery, others spat angrily but she didn't care.
Bramblestar spoke up, "You may join Thunderclan, Ravenpaw's blood is always welcome."
"Thank you. But my life is running free with no trees, I would like to join Windclan." More gasps appeared before Ashstar appeared and nodded her head. "Very well, you shall be named Darkpaw until you recieve your warrior name... I shall be your mentor."

{ - нιѕtσяу - }

Nightkit was born between two parents, Darkrose and Willowpool. Both loyal Windclan warriors. He didn't have any siblings but he didn't mind, he often played with the other kits of listened to his mother's tales. The same ones, her father often told her or he would be exploring the camp, often the medicine cat den where the young medicine cat Gorsepelt often slept. Nightpaw loved to get his berries out and help sort them out. Throwing the squishy ones out and leaving the nice perky ones in. Gorsepelt also enjoyed having him around, even though he was a young medicine cat he liked the idea of having his own apprentice.

Nightpaw soon became Gorsepelt's apprentice and adored doing set tasks for him. He would mumble to himself about everything he needs to do before starting the day and always liked to practice on snoozing cats in the camp's clearing. He liked playing with the other apprentices and even practicing fighting with them. He was once asked to go on a patrol with a group of warriors and apprentices and begged his mentor, saying he would collect herbs along the way.

Gorsepelt allowed him to go but they had been ambushed by a Thunderclan patrol at the borderline. Nightpaw tried to stay out of the fighting but he ended up being dragged through it and deeply injured, not being trained to battle. The leader of the patrol had stopped the fighting, breathing heavily and shouting what the patrol had done. Injuring a medicine cat.

They had taken Nightpaw back to the camp and to Gorsepelt's care. He healed quickly but bares the scars of the event and also a heavy limp. The scars across his back and injured his spine and now he can only walk short distances before sitting to start again. He can't run.


Nightpaw recieved his full medicine cat name of Nightraven, for his mother's father. His back was repairing one day at a time but he still loved to treat others and always beamed a happy face. He doesn't go near borders anymore since the accident and prefers to collect herbs from inside the territory. A few moons after and Gorsepelt died from green-cough and Nightraven was now the medicine cat. He never thought of taking an apprentice until the kit spontaneously asked to be his apprentice. He wasn't sure at first, having seen her behavior until Pinerush had come to speak to him. He hastily accepted her, taking Koipaw as his apprentice.

{ - ƒαмιℓу ιηƒσямαtιση - }

{ - Parents - }
Mother: Darkrose 'Formally Rose.'
Father: Willowpool

{ - Grand parents - }
Mother's side;
Grandfather: Ravenpaw
Grandmother: Lily

Father's side;
Grandfather: Reedcall
Grandmother: Heathertail

{ - яєℓαtισηѕнιρѕ: - }

~ Heart chart will be soon made.

none :C
none :C
none :C
none :C
none :C

{ - σtнєя ιηƒσямαtιση - }

:bulletyellow: Nightraven won't go near borderlines unless there is a full moon gathering or a half moon medicine cat gathering.
:bulletpink: Nightraven sends his apprentice to stock herbs when he doesn't like her actions. It is a good way to keep things in stock and keep her busy.
:bulletyellow: Nightraven has a heavy limp, he can't stand for a long time and must sit. Every time he sits, his back clicks into place.
:bulletpink: Nightraven's favorite meal is a nice plump vole.

{ - яσℓєρℓαу - }

Chat Rp-✔ Most times, just ask.
Note Rp-✔ Anytime! Just shoot me a note.
Skype Rp-✔ Occasionally, ask.
Comment Rp-✔ Occasionally, ask.

'From #Muerte-Lion-Pride ; Paa; Princess'

Paa's tail swished from side to side as she swished away any flies that attempted to bite her skin. The day was warm, humid and she had taken her time to leave her normal sunning spot from an direct order from her brother; the king. She was slightly grumpy, tempted to snarl at her younger brother and tell him quite sincerely that father would of never scent her on a scouting mission but she held her tongue, nodded her head and decided that maybe she was just trustworthy to report back to the king. The king, she rolled her eyes. She always found the idea of Oscuro as king quite funny but new land, new times. A few times she was tempted to leave, she was a Princess and able to find another pride or even find her grandfather and her Aunt's pride in the distance but she couldn't leave her father or her friends or even her little sister.

She paused, having walked a few miles she found herself by the border and pressing her nose against the sun-stained, yellow stands of grass. She took a long smell, something was strange. She lifted her nose, sniffing the air and catching the scent in the breeze. "Rr-Rrouge.." She decided, opening her mouth as she allowed her tongue to fall out to taste the air. Her yellow hues tensed, the yellow turning into a gleam as she spotted the dark figure; a massive lion with a full-grown mane. She pondered of getting reinforcements, taking a few steps back but she stepped on a twig and the male lion stared at her in the distance. She couldn't go back now and so instead took a step forward and looked back at the male. She swayed her tail, the kink sticking up as she flickered her round, furry ears. The male must of been Rasper, the lion she had heard many times before in stories as a cub and she thought that he was just something to scare cubs of not coming to far from the border.
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If you would like to rp with Nettle, shoot me a note and I'll try to respond promptly c:

I | "Bubble... Bubble... POP!"
While fishing, Nettlestar hovers her paw over the water to find a cat bursting up for breath and shrieking in distress as the currents pull them under again. The leader tries to save them.
[ Either gender | Any clan | Any rank | C L O S E D - Applefrost ]

II | "Your eyes are breath-taking."
While talking, she is interupted by a comment of her eyes. She becomes flushed.
Can continue to other relations: Awkward - Possible love interest/developed crush
[ Male | Any clan perf: River | Warrior | O P E N ]

III | "Your the Leader?!"
Confronted at a borderline by an apprentice about crossing the lines, the stubborn she-cat shows the apprentice where the borderline meets. An argument is brought out and ends in a disagreement. When saying goodbye, the two cats learn of the other's names. The apprentice apoligizing after finding out that Nettlestar is the clan's leader. (Possible three way, if mentor joins. Maybe recognizes Nettlestar and tells the apprentice that the the Riverclan leader is right about the borderline.)
[ Any gender | Any clan other than River | Apprentice | O P E N ]

IIII | "Falling skies."
After a busy day and a tired Nettlestar. A cat decides to take the she-cat out of the camp and two the river to have a nice quiet time. Up in the sky, the stars begin to fall (Shooting stars.) A talk about Starclan leaving and being silent arrives (Can continue talk or just glance at the stars in beauty.) Nettle gains a good friend.
[ Any gender | Riverclan | Any rank | C L O S E D - Duststripe ]

V | "Stuck! Help!"
On a patrol, Nettlestar's tail gets caught in a bramble. Many possible endings.
[ Any gender | Riverclan | Any rank |C L O S E D - Milkpaw ]

VI | "Charmed to meet you."
Nettlestar meets a cat on the border who seems nice and not causing trouble. She feels like she is talking to a normal clan mate which makes her think different about the clan (That the cat is from.)
[ Any gender | Any clan but River | Any rank | C L O S E D - Swiftpaw ]
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Some fan-art of =meeshapom's ferretwhisker.
Gosh. I love this cat's design.. Her ears... Gosh, I never really draw orinentals. But I love this cat.
And I love Mees's drawing style, I mean. If you aren't watching, go watch her. I beg of you, she is just fan-bloddy-tastic. And her eyes, so simple but I just want to fall completely over at them. I adore her style... Sooooooo much...
Anyway, enjoy the fan-art C:
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Physical information :

Name: Sandkit - Sandpaw - Sandflight
Age: 10 moons
Gender: Female
Breed: American shorthair
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Apprentice


[Feisty | Brave | Caring | Secretly Insecure]

[ Feisty ] : Everything about this she-cat speaks feisty. Every flick of her tail, the flash in her eye, every step she takes. Sandpaw is known for inheriting her grandmother's and great-grandmother's feistiness. She's proud of this fact. She has quite a temper, one of the reasons why she was named after her great-grandmother, Sandstorm.

[ Brave ] : Sandpaw's the kind of cat that won't go down without a fight. She's usually the one wanting to be at the front line of the battle. She's vicious and usually has no fear when facing an opponent. This little apprentice definitely won't go down without a fight.

[ Caring ] : Before the loss of her best friend, her mother, and half of her face, Sandpaw was an extremely caring cat. She loved everyone in the Clan. But after that fateful accident, her mood changed drastically, turning her into a vicious cat. Deep down, under her heart of stone, she still cares for everyone. Although she hides it beneath her temper. She believes that love only slows you down. After she lost her best friend, whom she loved deeply, she promised herself not to love again.

[ Secretly Insecure ] : Sandpaw hates her image. Some cats may believe that scars are proof that you're brave, but Sandpaw thinks they make her look ugly. She hides this fact, though. If anyone is daring enough to mention her face, she'll lash out on them. She's jealous of her sister, Emberpaw, because she thinks her sibling is more beautiful.

Brief Backstory:

Before birth
Sandpaw's mother was the daughter of Brackenfur and Sorreltail. Her father was the son of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight. Soon after the battle and after Bramblestar recieved his nine lives, Squirrelflight was expecting his kits. A while later, She gave birth to one kit and named him Scorchkit, for when he was born, he had a scorching hot fever. Luckily, he was cured and was a happy kit. He was appenticed soon after Seedkit was. A few moons later, he started to develop a crush on the pale ginger tabby. After the two became warriors, Scorchblaze admitted his feelings to Seedpelt. She was happy to know that she wasn't the only one with feelings and the two became mates. ThunderClan was ecstatic to hear the news that Seedpelt was expecting kits a few moons later.

Welcome to the Clan // Kithood
Seedpelt had a quick and easy birth, bringing forth two females to the Clan. The small pale ginger she-cat was named Sandkit in honor of her great-grandmother, Sandstorm. The second she-cat was named Emberpaw for her dark ginger markings. Both were curious kits from birth. When they both opened their eyes, they found that Sandkit had inherited her father's amber eyes, and Emberkit had her mother's blue eyes. Once they had learned to walk, no one could control them. It seemed like the two acted as one, going to the same places to explore. Sandkit had her grandmother's spunk and always got caught with her nose in the wrong place at the wrong time. She and Emberkit loved to play with each other all the time. But things would change later on..

Love lost | A new image // Apprenticeship
As Sandkit and Emberkit grew to be six moons old, they were excited. Finally, the day arrived, and Viperstar called the two kits from the nursery, along with another kit. His name was Nightkit, a jet-black tom with a few white patches. All three were apprenticed at the same time. As time passed, Sandpaw grew feelings for the black tom. The two began to hang around more often, begging their mentors to let them hunt together. Sandpaw was still close to her sister, but preferred to be with Nightpaw all the time. A moon later, Sandpaw and Nightpaw snuck out of the camp, chasing and playing together. They were playing hide and seek, Sandpaw was counting and Nightpaw was hiding. She counted to ten slowly then padded out, trying to find his scent. She followed the trail but paused when she scented blood. Cat blood. It was mixed with Nightpaw's scent.
"Nightpaw!" She shrieked his name and ran blindly through the forest. "Nightpaw!" The pale ginger she-cat slid to a stop as she saw the black tom hanging limply in the jaws of a badger. "No.. No!" She yowled as someone pulled her back by the scruff. "Let me go! He needs me!" She screeched and looked up, seeing that it was her mentor. He leaped over her and a few other cats joined him, fighting off the badger. Sandpaw couldn't even tell it was Nightpaw anymore, his features had been mauled so badly. She wanted to cry but she couldn't; her body was completely numb with shock. It was only when she made it back to camp when she broke down in the apprentice's den, sobbing loudly. Emberpaw heard her and padded in to comfort her little sister. After a few hours, after the Clan had mourned for the loss of Nightpaw, she vowed to never love another cat again. Well, she stilled loved her sister and her parents, but not in the way she loved Nightpaw.
Another moon passed and Sandpaw had matured alongside her sister. They were both now eight moons old. The memory of Nightpaw still haunted Sandpaw, but she learned not to let it distract her from her duties. Sandpaw and her sister grew closer after the incident, Emberpaw helping her get through flashbacks and nightmares. After a while, the nightmares died down and Sandpaw learned to let Nightpaw go. She felt a sense of freedom after she had done that. One day, her mother requested the two to go on a hunting patrol with her. Happy to oblige, Emberpaw and Sandpaw followed their mother and a few other warriors out into the forest. Sandpaw dared Emberpaw to chase her, and they played tag. Sandpaw had dashed around a bush when she heard a low growl. She looked up and saw a hungry fox staring at her with bright, beady eyes. Seedpelt jumped in front of her daughter, protecting her from the fox's snapping jaws as it attacked. Sandpaw looked around and saw that the other warriors were hurtling to help her mother and Emberpaw was frozen in place. She turned in time to see the fox grab her mother by the throat and throw her to the ground. The apprentice's jaws opened wide in a soundless scream, seeing blood pooling around her mother's body. She forced her frozen paws to move and she was beside Seedpelt in a second, staring at the gaping hole that used to be her mother's throat. Blood was gushing out at an alarming rate, and she could tell by the clouded look in her mother's eyes that the she-cat was already dead. With a snarl, Sandpaw turned towards the fox, intent on revenge. She yowled and dashed towards the fox, climbing onto its back and sinking her teeth into its flesh. She heard the fox screech through the blood roaring in her ears. In a split second, she felt a sharp pain in her tail and the breath was knocked out of her as she hit the ground hard. She looked up at the fox's snarling mouth before excrutiating pain came over her body.
When Sandpaw awoke, she was in the medicine cat's den. She found that half of her vision was black. She tried blinking, and found that she could only blink her right eye. She lifted a paw and gingerly touched the left side of her face. She didn't feel fur anymore. Carefully hauling herself out of the nest she was lying in, Sandpaw padded to a puddle in the medicine cat's den, peering at her face. Shock flooded through her, then anger, then confusion, and anger again. She turned as she heard pawsteps coming in. She saw her sister, her blue eyes dull with grief. "E-Emberpaw.. What happened?" She asked her sister, her voice trembling. She was afraid to know, but was curious. Why was her face damaged so badly. Her eye was missing, half her face was torn off, and half her mouth was twisted in a grimace. "A-A fox attacked y-you.. a-and Seedpelt died." She informed her sister, her tail drooping. "M-Mother..?" Sandpaw experienced the same numb feeling she felt when Nightpaw died. Something inside her snapped and she let out a low growl. "And you didn't do anything to help?! You just stood there and let her die! You didn't help me! And now I'm stuck looking like this!" She broke down crying again until she had cried herself to sleep. Either that or the medicine cat had come in and forced her to eat some poppy seeds. When she awoke, she found that someone had left her a mouse to eat. She gulped it down hungrily and gave herself a quick bath. The pale ginger apprentice decided to go out of the den and see how the Clan would react. She was greeted with whispers, gasps of horror, and disgusted faces from her fellow Clanmates. Her sister padded up to her and gave her a smile, but Sandpaw didn't give her a smile back. Her heart had turned to stone over the past few moons, giving her no love for anything. But deep down, she still loved a few things, but she kept them hidden. Her once cheerful mood turned sour and she snapped at anyone who came to talk to her. She blamed StarClan for the deaths of her mother and best friend. She hated everyone, including her sister, whom she used to love dearly.



- Parents -

- Siblings -

- Grandparents-


- Mate - None
- Kit(s) - None


:bulletorange: = Mentor
:bulletpurple: = Family
--- = Dead

:bulletwhite: = Uncertainty
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance/Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good friend/Best friend
:bulletyellow: = Crush/Attraction
:bulletpink: = Mate
:bulletpink::bulletpink: = Lust
:bulletred: = Discomfort Despise






Roleplay Sample:
Taken from an RP with ~adderclaw229
The sound of flapping wings followed by the larger thuds of a cat sped through the undergrowth. A yowl of frustration rang through the trees as a raven escaped the grasp of a young apprentice. The pale ginger apprentice, named Sandpaw, glared up at the trees while her mentor joined her. "Nice try. Next time be a little more silent." He purred affectionately at the she-cat. "Ugh, next time? I was already silent enough, the stupid bird had a headstart!" Sandpaw growled, her eye narrowed to a slit. She was stuck in an especially bad mood today, even though she was in a nasty mood everyday. "Stupid featherbrain." She shook her head, swiping her tongue over her claws. "Come on Sandpaw, there's plenty more prey around here." Her mentor chuckled then lifted his head, his jaws parted as he caught a scent. Sandpaw caught it too. She sprang up and followed the scent, ignoring the calls of her mentor. "Intruder!" She yowled and leaped out of a bush, colliding head-first into a brown she-cat. The apprentice recovered quickly and backed up, her hackles raised defensively. "Who are you and what are you doing on ThunderClan territory?"
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Physical information :

Name: Sky - Sweetpaw - Sweetbrook
Name breakdown:
Sky: Sweetbrook's first name when she was born. Her mother thought about calling her "Mouse" before she opened her eyes. When her mother saw how blue her eyes were, she named her Sky.

Sweet: Sweetbrook's father requested that her name be changed to Sweetpaw when she joined the Clan. He requested "Sweet" for her affectionate and kind personality.

Brook: After her father passed and she became a warrior, she requested the leader to have her name be Sweetbrook, in memory of her father, Cedarcreek.
Nickname: Sweetheart or Mouse
Age: 26 moons
Gender: Female
Breed: American longhair/Mix
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Warrior


General appearance: Sweetbrook has a light-build, not very strong but fast. Most would think she would have a pudgy appearance, but after moons of hard work, she had a slender body. Despite the long fur on her tail, she's able to swim well without her fur weighing her down. Her ears were born round from birth, something her mother couldn't explain. She was affectionately nicknamed "Mouse" because of them.
Eyes: A beautiful dark blue, the color of the sky at night.
Pelt: She has her mother's colors, a soft dark cream with white patches. She also has her father's faint tabby markings.


[Shy | Gentle | Gullible | Innocent | Calm ]

"Aw, aren't you the cutest little kit!" |Affectionate| Sweetbrook is a huge sweetheart. She finds it hard to hate other cats. Even if she met an enemy cat, she would treat them with kindness. She greets her clanmates with an affectionate lick on the cheek, or a simple tap on the shoulder with her tail. She doesn't mind cuddling up with an apprentice if they are scared or cold, even if they find it a bit creepy.

"Oh it's ok, I won't hurt you." |Gentle| Sweetbrook literally won't hurt a fly. She has this kind of belief that even prey and bugs have anscestors. When she's caught a fish, she gently try to kill it without hurting the fish's soul. If someone makes fun of her for this silly little belief, she gets a bit fussy about it. With kits and apprentices, she's extremely gentle, making sure that nothing hurts them. All in all, she's a very kind soul.

"A butterfly? Where?!" |Gullible| Sweetbrook will believe anything. If someone tells her that there's a fox behind her when there's not, she still look. Some would have thought that by now, she would have learned, but she continues to be as gullible as ever. She can be easily maniuplated into doing things if she thinks that it won't do her any harm. Most of the time, she's tricked into believing harmless little things.

"U-Uh.. M-Mating? I-I don't know what that is." |Innocent| Due to her father nor her mother ever explaining the "Birds and the Bees" to her, Sweetbrook knows nothing of sex. She's very naive of it and won't understand if someone makes a perverted joke. Her father was very protective of her as a child, not letting her go anywhere near another tom. As for the gullible part, she could be tricked into mating with someone and not realizing what was going on.

"Ok.. Don't panic.. Inhale and exhale.." |Calm| Despite anything terrifying going on around her, Sweetbrook's aura remains calm. She taught herself to never let anything shake you, no matter how frightening it is. Being calm on the battlefield is an important thing that must be learned. If a cat went belistic in battle, everything would turn to chaos. When Sweetbrook looks at another cat, they can see the calmness radiating through her beautiful blue eyes. If she concentrates hard enough, her calmness can be felt by others, soothing them.

will be updated as roleplayed..

What I like:
Sunny days
Sleeping to the sound of the rain against the den
Soft fur
Listening to elders' stories

What I don't like:
Nasty things
Mean cats
Being called a kittypet
Teased about my ears


Orientation: Straight
Preference(s): Strong toms who don't care about her history of being born a kittypet. Sweet, loving, kind personality and one who treats her with respect. Someone who would be willing to protect her with his life. Likes toms with interesting fur patterns but also likes simple, dark pelts. Preferably blue or green eyes.
Looking for:
? Quick Fling
? Lasting Relationship
✔ Doesn't know



None atm

Brief Backstory:

Narrated by Sweetbrook herself.

Eyes as blue as the sky

I remember when I was born. Everything was dark and silent. But the air smelled warm and full of milk. I could feel others squirming around me as we all struggled to reach our mother's milk. My mother.. Her name was Blossom. She was a kitty-pet. I was born along two brothers and a sister. For what seemed like forever, we survived on mother's milk. After a while, We finally were able to hear. Oh the joy of hearing everything at once! It was such a rush. I heard my mother purred, the sound of her tongue rasping against my siblings. I heard the constant sounds of the two-legs. Two-legs are these hideous bald creatures with pale skin, my mother told me, but some are very kind. I heard my mother naming us with a proud purr. I was named Mouse, for my round ears. My brothers were named Stone and Acorn, and my sister was named blue. However, after our eyes had opened, my mother changed my name to Sky. I didn't understand why until I had looked at my reflection and saw my beautiful blue eyes. I remember my mother smiling as we stared at our reflections. I was almost identical to her.

The next day, mother took us outside to play and we met our father for the first time. He was a large brown tabby tom, with gentle green eyes. He said his name was Cedarcreek, a warrior of RiverClan. I was very confused, at the time I had no idea what this RiverClan was. I remember he did smell like fish. I enjoyed my time with my father. He called me his little mouse. When he had to go back to his Clan, I felt sad. When he didn't come back for a few days, I would sit on top of the fence, looking out for him until mother told me to come back inside.

The next time I saw my father, something tragic had happened. It was around midnight when this strange tom entered the house. Our two-legs weren't home at the time. Apparently, my mother knew him because she looked panicked as she shooed me and my siblings away to hide. That's when I saw him. He was big and ugly. The size of his claws made me tremble but I forced myself to keep calm. I almost freaked out when he suddenly attacked my mother. My siblings were just as scared as I was, but they didn't have the restraint that I did. Before I knew it, my mother lay on the floor, her throat slit. I turned to look at my siblings, but they had ventured out to check on our mother. I about screamed at them to stop when the big brute saw them. I was frozen in terror as he mutilated their bodies. I felt bile rising in my throat but I forced it to stay down.

After that.. he left. I never knew his name, not that I wanted to know. His face haunts me. Awhile after he left, I finally came out of hiding. I couldn't even bear to look at the mutilated corpses that was once my family. I went outside, trembling from ears to tail. I curled up in the grass and cried myself to sleep. My father found me the next day. He was as horrified as I was when he found his mate and kits dead. He then decided to take me to his Clan. I didn't really want to leave but I had no choice. Cedarcreek was my only family now.

A new name

When we arrived at the RiverClan camp, I found myself staring at other cats. Their expressions ranged from surprise, to anger, to sympathy. My father told the leader that he had found me adandoned in the territory. Luckily, they bought his story. My father told me later that a kitty-pet, me, would be unacceptable in the Clan. Cedarcreek "adopted" me as his own kit, even though I really was his child.


Adjusting to Clanlife


- Parents -

- Siblings -

- Mate - None
- Kit(s) - None


:bulletpurple: = Family

:bulletwhite: = Uncertainty
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance/Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good friend/Best friend
:bulletyellow: = Crush/Attraction
:heart: = Mate
:bulletpink: = Lust
:bulletblack: = Discomfort/Despise






Roleplay Sample:
Taken from an rp with *Aries-Arisen
The pale ginger apprentice paused, glaring up at him. The anger on his face had drained, leaving him looking at her with worry. For a moment, the fury she felt ebbed too but it sparked again when he asked if she was ok. "I'm fine." She cut herself off, hacking up a few pieces of moss. Sandpaw let out a low growl, shaking her head. After a while, she calmed down, the blaze dying down. She sighed and looked back up at him, her amber gaze glowing softly. "I'm sorry too. I started this mess." The female surprised herself as she heard her own apology. Dammit Sandpaw, you're going soft. A little voice in the back of her head spoke, making her tail twitch irritably. I'm not going soft, I just needed to apologize for being stupid. Sandpaw sighed and took a deep breath. "Ok, look, we both got off on a bad start. Why don't we try again?" The corner of her mouth twitched up in an attempt of a smile, hoping he would accept it. "A-And I'll help you clean up this mess." She glanced back at the pieces of shredded moss everywhere, gagging. You can do this Sandpaw. She groaned to herself and turned back to Pollenpaw, waiting for an answer.

Sweetbrook (c) me
Design (c) ~Whitelinxanimator500
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I'm thinking about naming her Sandpaw or Brindlepaw idk
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