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Happy Birthday Ichigo! I miss Rukia so much and I'm sure Ichigo does as well :love: Orihime sensing this comes and gets Rukia telling her that is a hollow problem and needs to come back right away. Because let's face it Rukia doesn't come in until something REALLY REALLY BAD's just the way things work
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"Daddy, Daddy! Where are you going?" cried Yuzu as her Father walked out of her bedroom.

"Well lets see, Oto-san is the world's most powerful King so what is it he doesn't have to do?" Asked Karin sitting next to her sister Yuzu.

"Don't worry my girls, I'll be back before you know it," said Isshin with a wink. And before any of them could reply he was out the grand door.

"Hmmmmmmm, and you are sure that this girl is the right one?" Asked Isshin, the ruler of Karakuta.

"Yes Sir, she has been leaving here in the villa for quite some time now," said Aizen quietly the Royal assistant.

"Good I'll will buy her then," declared the King.

"Sir! I don't think it's quite logical to buy a person," sputtered the man.

"Nonsense Aizen! It will be fine I am sure that my son will adore this girl!" Spoke Isshin with goo nature clapping Aizen on the back.

"I-I am sure he will but I don't the girl would like to uprooted like and told that she was just bought by who else but none other than the King for his son heir to the throne and when people find out we did this who knows what will-"

"Aizen, I am the King my word is law it is not the first time someone with great power has done this it is the way that the world works. We cannot change that," said King Isshin Kurosaki.

"But sir!"

"That's enough Aizen," spoke Isshin his tone deadly.

"....Yes sir," said Aizen sullenly.

"Good, my son's birthday is tomorrow beforehand I want two guards to come and get that girl."

"What do I do if they won't let us take her?" Asked Aizen.

"Here," said Isshin as he pulled out a bag and tossed it to Aizen."Pay them in their weight in gold."

Isshin started walking away, "Oh and Aizen."

"Yes sir?"

"Don't let the girl know what is going on don't even wake her up," said Isshin smirking, "I want to have both Ichigo and Rukia to be surprised."


Summary: Rukia is a girl who has spent her whole life fending for herself she has never had to worry about anyone else but herself. So what happens when Rukia is bought by none other then the King and is told that she is supposed to be a present to none other then the son of the King, Prince Ichigo Kurosaki!

Ichigo has been brought up with the best of everything. He has always gotten everything he has ever wanted, girl throw themselves down at his feet. So what is his reaction when his father surprises him with a very attractive girl who wants nothing to do with him?

'I will win that girl over no matter what it takes'
Hahahahaha just came up with this a little while ago! Hope you like it, I think I am going to be making this a long story. Don't worry I am still going to be continuing Taken as well :D
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       "Damn it where is he," said a exasperated Rukia as she plopped down on a park bench.

The annoyed little girl had been sitting here for about an hour. Waiting for Ichigo Kurosaki, the stupid idoit that had told her to come to the park this instant.

      "Why do I even listen to that giant orange haired fool," muttered Rukia, now plotting ways on how to get back at the demon.

The sun beat down on Rukia, boy it's hot out, she thought.

Suddenly small cry was heard and a beeping sound started coming out from Rukia's soul pager. Rukia sighed and jumped gracefully out of her seat, Ichigo would have to wait.

Sorry Ichigo, thought Rukia, maybe next time. Little did she know the safe heaven of Karakuta was about to be breached.


When Ichigo came running down the stairs he only had one thing on his mind, where the heck that little midget was! He had checked all of here usual spots; his closet, Urahara's, the tree at school everwhere!

        "I need to put a tracking device on her or something, Goooddd," moaned sounding a lot like an annoyed teenage girl Ichigo.

         "What are you talking about Ichigo?" Asked Yuzu who just happened to be in the kitchen when Ichigo had come crashing in.

         "Um, nothing," said Ichigo turning red, "just wondering do you happen to know where Rukia is," he asked.

         "What are you talking about? Are you stupid or something? Shouldn't you know where she is. I mean, you are the one that sent a message to Rukia to come and meet up with you at the park, just a hour ago," said Karin looking at her brother.

       "Wait- what do you mean?" Said Ichigo looking at the two girls, "I lost my phone yesterday, and why would I want to go to the park? It's about 100 degrees outside."

Ichigo looked at the two girls who were clearly confused, "Damn it," he cursed and bolted out the door.

"Whats up with him," asked Yuzu.

"Hormones," replied Karin.

"What?!" Asked Yuzu clearly terrified now.

"Nothing," said Karin


Rukia ran towards the hollow and sliced it down, "What the heck! Where do they keep coming from?" Yelled Rukia in frustration.

A TINY, little dead girl had somehow gotten mixed up in the situation was sitting there weeping silently. Poor thing, by the looks of her soul chain it seemed like the girl had just died.

Rukia finally cut through the last hollow, and walked to the girl, who had raised her head and was staring at Rukia trying to figure whether or not if she should run.

"Who are you?" Asked the girl in a scared, quiet voice, thick with worry.

Rukia looked down at the girl and smiled, "My name is Rukia, I'm a soul reaper, I'm here to help send you to a place where there are no monsters."

"Oh that's too bad," said the girl head bent.

"Huh," said Rukia now puzzled, "What do you mean?"

"I mean that is too bad for you, we have been searching for you for a long time, Rukia Kuchiki," the girl said looking up smiling.

"What the heck are you talking about-"

But Rukia didn't get the chance to say anything else, strong hands covered in something sickly sweet grabbed Rukia and  covered her mouth. Struggling and fighting to break free, panic set in and her body soon became weak, and she crumpled to the ground.

"Pack it up," spoke the girl smirking, "We got what we came for."


Ichigo ran down to the park, his legs burned from running, but he didn't care he only had one thought in his mind find Rukia. Ichigo stopped, he reached his destination, the park. He looked around, there was nothing here, not a single soul living or dead.

He chuckled darkly, "I get it now, a joke, this was all a joke probably one of Rukia's dumb pranks. She's probably at home with Yuzu and Karin laughing at how gullible I am."

Ichigo turned around and started walking back when he noticed something caught on a tree nearby.

"Man the things people will do just so they don't have to waist one minute of their life throwing away a little piece of garbage," said Ichigo running to the tree.

"Wait a minute what's this?" Ichigo pulled on the object, suddenly it fell out of the tree. Ichigo stood there in shocked horror as he recognized what the object was, and it was covered in blood. It was Rukia's Zanpakuto, now stained a dark red Ichigo gasped, "Rukia!"
Yipes! Took me forever to get this done! It's so cold where I am right now so I wanted to make it hot in the story. I think it turned out okay but tell me what you.

Think remember comments are love :)
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This was a request for a fic called 'Simplest Mistake'

Here's the fic if you're interested :) [link]

I drew chains showing that Rukia can't escape Ichigo no matter how much she tries. It was real fun drawing this for :icondeathslittlebirdie: Hope you like it :)!

Characters belong to Tite Kubo
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I really liked this :meow: I love drawing Ichigo and Rukia as their colors XD lol Blacksun and whitemoon :meow: Rukia's a bit blurry so I'm sorry about that :( I still hope you guys will like it! :heart:

Comments are :heart:

Characters belong to Tite Kubo
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Picture I drew for my little cousin who wanted to see more of Mamoru-chan XDDDD I was like 'ok >Bl' lol XDDD

Rukia dressed up Mamoru obviously in a bunny suit and she couldn't control herself XDDDD lol! Ichigo and Mamoru are waiting for Rukia to get their after the shower so Ichigo's frowning from the long wait and so is mamoru since he's trying to copy what his father is doing XDD (so cute!)

And in the bottom picture Rukia and Ichigo are both holding Mamoru's little feet if no one was able to notice XD I LOVE baby feet Dx they're so chubby and small DX Don't hate! *get's shot*

Comments are :heart:

Characters belong to Tite Kubo

Mamoru belongs to me
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In my dreams I can be with you

Lying in my bed again
And I cry cuz you're not here
Crying in my head again
And I know that it's not clear
Put your hands, put your hands
Inside my face and see that it's just you
But it's bad and it's mad
and it's making me sad
Because I can't be with you

I can't go any further than this
I want you so badly, it's my biggest wish
I spent my time just thinking about you
Every single day, yes, I'm really missing you

I was bored but now I'm back hehe.
Comments are appreciated. Enjoy irfans!

BLEACH (c) Tite Kubo
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一護 ただいま。
ルキア おかえり!!!

Comments are appreciated :meow:
BLEACH (c) Tite Kubo
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moar ichiruki for u guys :)
comments are appreciated, always ♥

BLEACH (c) Tite Kubo
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It's A Kurosaki Thing
"Hey Rukia, what are you eating?" Ichigo asked as he walked into the kitchen and took a soda from the refirdgerator, "Chocolate and oranges," she replied as she put an orange slice in her mouth, followed by a chocolate square, "Does that even KIND OF taste good together? I'd think it's a terrible combination," he replied, cracking open the can and taking a long swig, "It tastes amazing, the sweet and sour blend makes for a really perfect blend, not too rich and not too puckering either," she replied as she licked her lips, "Huh... let me try," he said, setting down the soda can and holding his hand out, she first handed him a chocolate sqaure, broken off from the bar she was eating, then an orange slice, "Both at once?" "No, chocolate then orange, or the other way around," he chewed on the chocolate for a moment before popping the orange in his mouth, his face crinkled at the initially strange taste and texture but after less than a moment he became rather fond of the strange sweet/sour blend, "Can I have another one?" he asked, sitting next to her at the counter, she smiled, picking up an unpeeled orange beside her and handing him a small chocolate bar as she unpeeled the orange, "Now how did I know that you'd want one too?" she asked rhetorically, he put more of the mixture into his mouth and shrugged, only then noticing the stack of things on the counter, "What's all this?" he asked, looking through the stack, "Oh I brought in the mail earlier," she replied, "Hm, that was nice," he muttered under his breath, sifting through the envelopes and magazenes, bills and junk mail.... and then he came to a packege, "Alright! I forgot what time of year it was!" he said happily, holding up a large, manilla envelope and starting towards the stairs, "Hm? Let me see!"

Rukia tilted her head and looked over Ichigo's shoulder as he dumped the contents of the envelope onto the bed, there were pictures and smaller, individual enveloopes inside and he quickly started to sort through them, "Ichigo what is all this?" she asked curiously, "Hm? Oh, well it's from some of my more distant relatives," "But what IS it?" she replied, he sighed, picking up the photos and letters and moving them to his desk, then gesturing for her to sit in front of him, "See, in my family it's tradition, atleast on my mom's side, to keep in touch with eachother, but that's hard to do because so much of my family is spread out all over Japan and even some other countries, long distance phone calls are taxing and some of my family in other countries don't speak Japanese, so once a year everyone sends eachother these envelopes with letters and pictures from everyone in each household of the family," "Alright... I kind of understand..." she mused, "Look at it this way; for my family, me, Yuzu, Karin, and now you will each write a letter about what we've been doing throughout the year and send a photo or two, then my dad, along with his own letter, will make coppies and send those to everyone else in my family," she blinked and stared at the pile on the desk, "But that seems like alot more than just four or five envelopes," "It is; this is from my aunt Yoko in Osaka, her family is really big; she has a sister, three kids, and six grandchildren, and they all live mostly in the same neighborhood," "Oh wow..." he nodded, "I haven't gotten to look at one of these in three years..." "...Soul Reaper stuff huh?" "Yeah, and come to think of it I haven't sent one in just as long... I bet they're worried but I guess Dad made up some excusse like that I was away at some boarding school or have carpal tunnel or something," "That's a really bad excuse...." "Yeah but it's exactly the kind Dad would give..." he mused

The fact that Rukia was nonchalantly wandering around the room, "occasionally" stopping by his desk and looking over his shoulder to see the stuff he was going over hadn't escaped Ichigo's attention in the least, he just wondered how long she intended to keep that up, "Rukia if you want to see just come over here and see, I won't mind," he muttered finally, without another moment Rukia had zoomed over and was sitting beside him looking at the photos, by this point he had found three other envelopes in the stack of mail, "Awww, who's baby is this?" she asked as she pointed to the photo of a young child, "Oh, she's my cousin Sakura's daughter," "Really?" "Mm-hm, and my older cousin Ayko has four kids, want to see?" Rukia nodded eagerly and he showed her a small stack of photos, "Wow... your cousin doesn't look that much older than you..." "She isn't, she's only two years older," "Really? And she already has four kids?" "Yeah, and none of them are multiples," "So she must have gotten pregnant when she was around fifteen..." "Exactly," he replied with a small nod, she blinked, she couldn't have imagined Ichigo having kids with someone at fifteen... he was so .... diffrent... then, over the last three years he had changed alot, and even though she could easily picture him starting a family now at eighteen, three years ago she wouldn't have been able to imagine it... "Wow...." she muttered, "How old are people in Soul Society when they have kids? On averge I mean," he asked, noticing that she was quite amazed by this, she shrugged, "Well aging in Soul Society is so much diffrent.... we don't really have an issue with being on short time... but people do start having kids early, in their teens or so," she mused quietly, "Ah," he muttered back, "Wow..." "What is it?" "My neice Rin is five now... I remember when she was only a baby," he chuckled, showing her a photo of a little girl hugging some stuffed animals, "Her mom is my aunt, she's in her thirties now... but I remember when Rin was born and they came to Karakura.. I got along with her really well," he mused, he continued on showing her pictures of aunts, neices, uncles, nephews, and more cousins, going on with information on births, marriges, and school graduations, one of his cousins was even going away to an American college on a scholarship, it made her feel bad that he wasn't getting the expereinces that the rest of his family his age was getting, he wasn't dating or going to proms or getting his first car or graduating... he was fighting in wars and saving the world... it seemed, to her atleast, that Ichigo had gotten jipped out of quite alot, "You have a big family Ichigo," she mused, he chuckled, "Yeah, and just think, these are only the people living in Hayato City, I have TONS of other relatives," "Really?" "Yeah, mostly on my mom's side though since, ya' know, my dad was a Soul Reaper? Anyway her side of the family is sort of knowen for having babies like rabbits," he chuckled, "Maybe that's why your dad is always pushing you," she mused, "Yeah... or because he's just THAT annoying..... I think I believe the latter..."

Rukia licked her lips lightly as she started to peel the orange she had just taken out of the refridgerator, when she started to feel eyes on her... she turned around and sure enough, there was Ichigo, aiming a digital camera at her, "Smile~!" he chuckled, she made a blank face at him and continued to peel the orange in her hand, "Come on Rukia! Smile!" "Why?" "Because I want a good picture of you," he chuckled in response, "You have plenty of pictures of me, why do you need another one?" "Because I need to send a picture of you to my family and don't want to part with any of the ones I already have, besides it's been a wile since I took an updated photo of you," "So? It isn't like I've changed in the last few months," "Still, I like having current pictures," he replied with a shrug, she sighed lightly and looked down, "Why do you want to send pictures of me to your family anyway? Why should they care about me?" she huffed, "You're part of my family Rukia, like it or not," he chuckled, "Dad and my sisters have already adopted you, and I'm not exactly planning to let go of you either, besides, you seem to be forgetting that we're getting married in a few months, you're a step away from being an official member of the family, there's no hope for you now," he chuckled, scruffing her hair up, she sighed lightly, "How about I bug you for pictures later, ok?" she nodded slowly and he walked out of the kitchen to leave her with her thoughts

"Rukia, what's the matter?" Rukia raised her eyebrows at him and tilted her head, "I'm sorry?" "Ever since I showed you that stuff about my family earlier, you've gotten depressed," "I'm not depressed," she snorted back as she walked into Ichigo's room, "Then you tell me why you're acting like this," he replied with narrowed eyes and crossed arms, she sighed, sitting down on his bed and looking down at the floor, "I'm not in a bad mood, first of all," she corrected, he nodded once as a signal that he was listening, "I just feel kind of bad for you," "Bad.. for ME?" she nodded slowly, "Well yes... wile your relatives are off graduating college and going to prom and getting pregnant and having boyfreinds.... you're out fighting hollows and saving the world.... I feel bad for starting that change," he chuckled, "Still? I would MUCH rather save the world than go to a prom, for one thing, I can't dance," "I'm not kidding Ichigo," she muttered, "I know that Rukia, I'm serious, you have no need to feel bad, honestly," he said, getting up from his desk chair and walking over to Rukia, he sat down next to her on the bed and put one hand on the side of her leg, "Well what are you going to put in your letter? 'Sorry we forgot our letter last year, I was kind of busy fighting a war'?" "No, how about... I fell in love... and proposed to her... and she said yes...... and I made some new freinds and have my career on track?" "Well.... that may beat graduating med school.... but I think your neice having that baby still has you topped," he laughed quietly and kissed the side of her head lightly, "Uh-huh," he chuckled, standing and grabbing the camera, "You ready for the picture yet?" she thought about that for a moment, "Actually.... I have a better idea,"

"Rukia are you sure you'd rather do this?" Ichigo asked, Rukia nodded happily, dragging Ichigo outside towards his father and sisters, "Absolutely," she replied, standing next to Yuzu and Karin, "Is the camera set up Old Man?" Ichigo asked, "Ohh uh... no..." he muttered, running over to where the digital camera was set and pressing the button, "Everyone get in position~!" he shouted, tripping over his own foot and sliding over to them on his stomach, "Daddy!" Yuzu shouted, bending down and trying to help him up, "Stupid old man..." Karin muttered as she covered her eyes with her hand and shook her head, "Smile for the camera Rukia!" Ichigo said, trying to ignore the rest of his family, "Only if you smile for once," "I'm not a smiling kind of person," he muttered back, "Do it or I'll step on your foot," "You can't threaten me," "Oh it's about to take right?!" she said, stepping onto the tips of her toes and putting two fingers behind Ichigo's head so he looked like he had bunny ears, "Hey!" he shouted turning to her with a frown and running his fingers over her neck, making her burst out into a fit of laughs and giggles, wich made him, in turn, laugh as well, the picture ended up taking with Isshin head-first on the ground, Yuzu leaning over him, Karin shaking her head and covering her face in shame, Ichigo bent slightly over tickling Rukia, who was laughing and still had her fingers positioned behind his head, all in all it fit their crazy, mixed up family pretty well
Theme "Everyone" :D I love oranges and chocolate :love: If you haven't tried it, you ought to, it tastes really weird at first but don't spit it out! It'll get good once you adjust your taste to it :XD: I don't remember how I came up with this idea, I think it was getting a picture of my baby cousin in the mail one day I started wondering if Ichigo's family kept in touch or not and what his extended family does or doesn't no about his Soul Reaper life, could've been something else that spurred that on though, and then I started thinking Rukia would get upset because Ichigo wasn't acting like a normal teenager and was instead saving the world (normal as in taking tests, going to prom, graduating high school, going to parties etc)
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Bet Of Torture
Rukia sighed lightly and stared up at the ceiling, "You're addicted to me," she stated simply, Ichigo stared over at her from where he was standing and raised his eyebrows, "Oh am I?" he chuckled as he pulled on a shirt, "Yes, you are, it's quite sad actually but you can't keep your hands off of me," "Well I don't see you making any struggle to escape," he replied, she slowly sat up and smirked at him, "I never said I didn't like it, I just mean that, think about it, you would die if you had to go a day without me," she said smugly, "Oh you wish, if you spent a day without ME you would probbably cry," he boasted, her eyebrows raised, "Wanna bet?" "Oh I SO want to bet," "Great, until tommorrow morning there will be no kissing, no touching, no licking, no physical contact at ALL, first one to cave looses," "And what do I get when I win?" he asked with a smirk, "Well, after I win, I'll get to decide what we do for our anniversery," he raised his eyebrows, "Our first anniversery isn't for nine months...." "I meant the anniversery of the day we met," he smirked, "Oh, I get it, so winner gets to decide what we do for our OTHER anniversery?" "You're right," "It's on,"

At first Ichigo thought it was going to be a relativly easy bet to win (or atleast not loose) because Rukia was the one to initiate affection half the time (well, from his point of veiw she was) he figured that despite how much he was attracted to her before they got married, since he never acted on his desieres, he'd be perfectly fine, he figured that the increased sex drive was just because they COULD do it, not neciciairly because they HAD to like it was some primal need, but alas, he was so wrong, before he married her he had urges yes, but they were never strong enough to make him want to kill himself like he did now, he hadn't thought that being with her could so thoroughly ruin his self discipline.... but he assumed it was like the first time you give a dog table food, they'll never go back to dog food and they'd rather starve than not have table food again.... Rukia was his table food.... deprivation was his dog food... and this? What she was doing now? Well this was just pure torture..... she was outside watering some flowers, on it's own? Not a bad thing..... when she was wearing a tank top and Daisy Duke shorts and had her hair in pig tails? A method to kill him, so in she walked, her legs and bare feet drenched in hose water and the rest of her damp with sweat from being out in the sun for an hour, she ignored him completly and walked to the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water and uncapping it before taking a long drink from it, purpously letting a little water run down her parched lips, and walking out of the room.... he hoped she didn't do that again until tommorrow.....

"So Ichigo, want some lunch?" Rukia asked with a hum as she entered the kitchen in nothing but a thin, black, day dress, "S-Sure," he muttered, she smiled at him and started getting out some sandwitch supplies, he sighed lightly, he could SURELY make it until tommorrow, he had more self-control than this, he was going to win and then he was going to take her to the beach on their anniversery, the very one where they had their first kiss, and he was going to book a hotel for the entire week.... and then he was going to do everything in his power to make her glad that he won the bet- "OW!" he jerked up from his thoughts and saw Rukia walking away from the cutting board, holding her hand, "Ouch.... I cut my palm...." she muttered, he glanced at the tomatos on the board and the knife next to them and noticed the tiniest hint of blood, "Let me see," he said, gesturing for her to hold out her hand, her palm was indeed bleeding, but only as much as say, a pappercut, would bleed, "I'll go get you a band aid," she frowned as he started to walk off and she sighed loudly and dramatically, "It's too bad you and I have this bet going, I always LOVE it when you kiss my wounds," she said as she batted her eyes, "You're cheating!" he accused, "Excuse me?" "You can't flirt with me OR seduce me! That's CHEATING!" "It is not! If you wanted a no flirting rule YOU should have said so!" she growled back, he narrowed his eyes, "Ok then... TWO can play at that game..." he growled out

She wasn't expecting it... no she COULDN'T be expecting it, because if she was expecting what he was about to do then she was the All Powerfull Ruler Of The Universe and should never be doubted in the first place, so he said goodbye to the last ounce of his pride and walked downstairs where Rukia was, he cleared his throat, thus distracting her from doing the dishes, she turned around and the plate she had been holding fell to the floor with a clatter, her mouth falling open and her legs starting to shake, she gulped audiably as he walked forward, "I do believe you dropped this Love," he said, bending down and picking it up, it took every OUNCE of her Kuchiki-taught self-control not to pounce on him right then.... all he was wearing was the gag Halloween costume she bought him last Halloween when they were engaged, it was a pair of bleached white, fuzzy boxer shorts with a little bob tail on the back, a headband with very soft rabbit ears was on his head and a light blue collar hung around his neck, and that was all he was wearing, she hesitantly took the plate from him and put it back in the soapy dish water, her throat suddenly dry, he leaned against the counter and tilted his head, making his bunny ears flop, "Aren't you going to feed your bunny Rukia?" "N-No! I already made you lunch twenty minutes ago! What, do you have a bottumless pit for a stomach or something!?" she shouted in a high, shrill voice, her face slightly red, the things he did in that costume ... just the thought made her want to pass out.... he cocked his head to the other side and stared at her with his beautifull coffee-colored eyes, innocence and sweet, old-fashioned, gentlemanly care shining through like it ALWAYS did when he wanted it to, "I wasn't talking about ME Silly, I mean did you feed Snowball yet or not?" then it hit her like a bullet in the chest and she breathed a sigh of releif, "N-No, in fact, I'm going to go feed Snowball RIGHT now!" she screamed, dashing away from him and out of the kitchen to go feed her rabbit, he smirked, walking to the refridgerator and opening it, "Yep, she's gonna cave," he chuckled, taking out a carrot and taking a bite of it

Rukia REFUSED to let him win, she REFUSED, just the THOUGHT of her loosing a self-control contest to that.. that.... case of testostorone and libido made her both angry and dissapointed in herself, just the fact that she was female should automatically give her the upper hand, she was going to fix this little issue right NOW, and OH how she LOVED cleaning her house.... with a smirk, she pranced out of the bedroom in the outfit she had stashed away to show Ichigo at a time that she wanted to mess with his head, she had no idea why but for some reason maids always made a man drool and FRENCH maids..... well.... she might as well just go on and book a cabin for that trip to the mountains she was planning to take Ichigo on for their anniversery, nice, fresh, winter snow and air surrounding them with ice skating, snow ball fights, natural hot springs, and hot chocolate? The perfect way to say goodbye to winter, hello to spring, and "I love you" to her partner.... but that fool hated cold weather... and SHE hated hot weather.... thus why the bet occured to begin with, "Ichigo can you get my step stool please? I need to reach the top shelf!" she called from the living room, smirking devilishly as his footsteps trailed into the room and a loud gasp exited his throat, "R-R-R-Rukia," he sqweaked out, she turned around, her little, puffy, black and white dress just BARELY covering her thighs and her chest, she tilted her head, "Is something wrong?" "Why are you wearing that!?" "Because I feel like it," she replied, bending over to pick up the wooden block and take it over to the fire place, she picked up a duster, stood on the step stool, and started to dust the top of the mantel, she smirked, purpously nocking over a little candel holder onto the carpet, "Oops," she said, bending over to get it, when she looked up again Ichigo was gone without a trace, she smirked, "I give him an hour before he looses it," she said smugly as she went back to cleaning

Ichigo could. not. LOOSE! He REFUSED to spend ANOTHER vacation in the mountains, he just didn't LIKE it, watching her skate all day? Please.... he'd rather swim with her in the ocean and take her scuba diving than watch her ice skate and freeze his butt off at a log cabin with limited electricity.... if it weren't for the hot springs there he would HATE the mountains instead of just DISLIKING them, he HAD to win, he HAD to win! And he would do it at ALL costs.... even sacrificing his manhood for it.... he stepped closer to the bottles on the counter and stared at the ceiling, breathing in a deep sigh to calm his nerves, oh how he HATED having to do this..... how he WISHED Rukia was a NORMAL female who LOVED the smell of sweat and testostorone and MAN with a hint of mint, like most females did, but no, her nose was so sensitive that she HATED it, she ALWAYS complained that he smelled too strongly to her, "Get rid of that soap you use" she says, "Use MY deoderant" she says, "If you put on cologne one more time I'll strangle you" she says, she wants him smelling like a woman as sad as that is... no... not even a woman wore the perfume and deoderant she uses.... this stuff was for little girls... it was made by DISNEY for crying out loud! "Well here I go," he muttered as he picked up the scented lotion, "Princess Berry Blossum indeed......"

Smelling good was barely half of his plan to seduce his pretty little wife, most of the time Rukia would be turned off when he exercised because the smell of sweat and exerted hormones bothered her, but if he was smelling like daisies then the exercising would be a turn on for her .... he hoped.... so he went outside and ran a few laps around the house to work up a good sweat and when he came around the backyard noticed Rukia standing in front of the window, facing him. cleaning the table there, he smirked and dropped immediatly to start doing crunches, after three of them he looked up and saw her watching him like a hawk, he smirked (inwardly ofcourse) and came to the conclusion that this was working, he slowly got up and started walking towards the door but didn't go inside, instead he picked up the hose and turned it on, letting the cold water spew from the spout into his mouth and splash over his hot face, he ran the hose all over him in an attempt to cool down (because he was only wearing a pair of shorts thankfully) and when he glanced back to the window, hair dripping wet, he noticed Rukia was gone, he smirked, "She's close to breaking~" he said to himself, walking into the house and into the living room where Rukia stood, pretending to fool around with the coffee table trinkets, she suddenly turned around and gulped, "You smell good..... surprisingly..." she chirped, he smiled, "Thanks," he replied, chuckling and walking up the stairs

Rukia popped the muscels in her neck, if she was going to do this she was going to have to bring out the big guns, the big guns being Renji, "Ichigo! I'm gonna go play tennis!" she shouted over her shoulder as she walked towards the backdoor, Ichigo, who was just coming out of a shower, raised his eyebrows at her, "Tennis? With who?" "Renji's coming over, he's bringing a net too," she replied, he frowned slightly but didn't expect much of it, after all he had pulled the exercise card an hour ago, that COULDN'T be what she was aiming for....

...And then he understood it, as she worked out vigorously in the back yard, hitting the ball back and forth and back and forth, he became mezmerized by her, her movements, her heavy breathing, her sweaty skin.... he gulped, her purple tank top clung to her like it was part of her skin and her yellow basketball shorts shaped against her legs, finally the game ended and she went up and hugged Renji.... a long..... agonizing hug..... then she came walking back inside and he looked towards her as she entered, smirking at him, "W-What are those?" he sqweaked, pointing to two blue tennis balls in her hand, "What? The blue balls?" she joked, ignoring his question and walking away with a hum, 'I am going to win....' she thought happily

Ichigo huffed softly as he walked into the bedroom, he needed to find something else to tilt the odds in his favour.... and then the door to the bathroom opened and he turned around...... and out walked Rukia....... wearing only a towel..... he gulped as she walked towards the closet, ignoring him, and grabbed a dress, then she turned to the dresser and opened the drawers, she grabbed a bra and a pair of panties and then...... she dropped her towel to dress in front of him...... great....

Rukia smiled as she walked around the corner, Ichigo was nearly there, just about to cave, and she knew it, oh she knew it well... she just needed ONE more thing, and likely taking her bra off through her sleeve would do it, she walked into the living room and paused, Ichigo was on the couch sleeping, one leg draped over the arm of the couch and the other on the floor, his head on the other arm of the couch and Snowball, her bunny, on Ichigo's chest, also sleeping, she felt like she was going to melt, Ichigo was so much more than just primal desiere and masculinity, he was also sweet and compassionate and in that way he was more of a MAN than anyone else.... she didn't understand it herself, but truthfully the longer he stared at his peacefull face and the way he carefully held onto Snowball even as he slept, unwilling to let the rabbit fall to the floor and get hurt, it rang her "mother" bell to the point where the ringing was about to defean her and the instinctive need to have children started to churn in her mind, she understood that humans still had those more primal instincts and actually feeling them sort of weirded her out... but the more she looked on the more she wanted babies of her own..... and Ichigo would make such a good father..... she sighed lightly and decided to leave him in peace with Snowball for a wile, there was something she had to do anyway.....

Ichigo sighed, he wanted to win.... he so badly wanted to win.... and yet he was sure he wouldn't.... Rukia walked down the stairs happily and swung around the corner, Ichigo gulped, bracing himself for her next tactic.... but even though he expected something to drive him nuts... he didn't expect what she said, "Ichigo, I'm pregnant," she said with a large smile, being as calm about it as she possibly could be, his mouth fell open and he gaped like a fish, "W-Wa..." "I just took a test, I'm pregnant," she replied with a shrug, in moments he had scooped her up in his arms and was smoothering her in kisses, "Rukia that's fantastic!!" he screamed, she smiled, "AND you just lost the bet too! EXTRA fantastic!" she laughed, he stared up at her, giving her the puppy eyes, she sighed, pulling the pregnancy card was hard to do and regardless it was underhanded to win that bet anyway.. she felt a little sorry for him... "We'll compromise... a little..." "Good enough," he said, picking her up and walking upstairs with her, "Hmmm.... I guess we can get rid of those blue tennis balls now..." she said with a smirk, "Stop that, you shouldn't be so dirty..." he muttered with a blush as he walked into the bedroom and shut the door with his foot
Final entry for the IchiRuki FC's Wite Day Giveaway on BleachAsylum [link] ^^ It's more naughty than most of my work but with "Blue Balls" as a theme it's hard not to be XD Does this need a mature content tag? ^^;
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Baby Gold
"I should kill you," "Soooooooooooooon you're so MEAN to me!!!!!" Isshin cried, Ichigo rolled his eyes, "I should kill you for making me come all the way out here Dad, I mean did you HAVE to decide to put all this stuff in the attict a few days before Rukia's due date?" Ichigo huffed as he handed his father a box to put in the attict, "It isn't my fault you didn't bring little Rukia with you! I just wanted to see my daughter-in-law one more time before she became a mommy!!!" he cried as he walked up the ladder with the box in hand, "Dad you know I don't want her traveling between dimensions when she's pregnant, especially a few days before she's scheduled to deliver," he huffed as his father stumbeled into the attict, "I forgot!" he cried, Ichigo rolled his eyes, "Yeah you're just lucky I came out here to help you Old Man, I don't like letting Renji babysit, it scares me, I mean.... what if he convinces her to just have the baby in the living room or something?" he muttered, hearing a loud crash in the upper floor as he sealed another box with tape, "If the floor caves in I'm not staying to help you repair it!" he threatened as Isshin stumbled down the ladder, "Son don't be so cruel! Do you really want your first child to grow up without a grandfather?!" "I pray for it every night Old Man.... not exposing that child to you is the best thing I can do for it," he muttered, handing his father the next box, "You know Ichigo you really should learn what sex the baby is before Little Rukia gives birth," "We tried, they couldn't get an accurate read because the baby kept kicking.... and kicking... and kicking... and kicking...." "Every time?" "Yes, apparently the baby doesn't like people being so close to Rukia..... I think that makes it a boy," he muttered as he took out a new role of duct tape, "I'm serious Son have you even THOUGHT of names?" "Yes, we have a name picked out for a girl AND for a boy," "You better figure out what you're going to name it SOON Boy!" "Why? Can't we just wait and see when the baby is born? I mean what if we decide to change the name anyway?" "The nurse might ask you to pre-name the baby, see, that's what happened to you, I SWORE you were a girl no matter what your mother and the doctor said and that's how you ended up as 'Ichigo'..... don't make the same mistake I did Son," he said with a straight face, Ichigo huffed and threw the duct tape at his father's head, what he HADN'T told Isshin was that he very well knew what the baby's sex was.... or should he say... "babies"...... he and Rukia found out about the twins after five months but hadn't told anyone, even Renji, because they wanted it to be a surprise, they left everyone in the dark and painted the nursery themselves, made sure that during the construction of things like the crib and the changing table Renji and Byakuya didn't get a hint at the "twins" news.... Ichigo was up all that night trying to paint it lilac..... "half pink and half blue, it's perfect" Rukia had said, but oh well, the looks on the faces of their freinds would be well worth it when the twins finally DID make their first appearence..... much, much sooner than Ichigo would have thought.....

"Thanks for the help Son, I have a little something for you," Isshin said as he closed the attict door, "You can keep the fifty yen Dad...." Ichigo muttered back, just wanting to leave so that he could get back to Rukia, "No no not that Son! Something valuable!" he replied, walking into his room and opening the drawer to his nightstand, "You know what a push present is don't you Boy?" "Ofcourse, I'm going to give one to Rukia once she has the baby, why?" Isshin pulled out a beautifull, white gold charm bracelet and handed it to Ichigo, "Give her this, it's what I gave to your mother when she had you," he said, Ichigo blinked as he stared at it, "Dad I don't mean to sound rude but it only has one charm on it..." "Yeah well your mother never DID want any others on that thing, said it would ruin it or something like that, but listen, go get some charms for Little Rukia ok?" he nodded and smiled, staring at the one charm; two doves in a heart; "Thanks Pops," he said

"Are you SURE we shouldn't call Ichigo?" Renji asked as he stared at Rukia, "No Renji, don't call him... you'll worry him for no reason," she muttered back as she turned over in bed, "Yeah, tch, no reason being that your water broke?" "I still have a few days before I go into labor I think, and you shouldn't go to the hospital until you start having contractions because you could get too easily contaminated after your water breaks," she replied with a small groan, he sighed and shook his head, "Whatever but I'm telling him when he gets home..." "As you wish...."

Ichigo looked around the jewlry shop in amusement at all the beautifull charms and trinkets around, he was just getting two new charms put on the bracelet he was going to give Rukia, "Ah here you are," Ichigo turned around and smiled at the woman behind the jewlry counter as she handed him back the bracelet, he opened the velvet case just long enough to inspect the two charms and smiled, "Thank you," he said with the bow of his head, turning to the door as his phone started to ring, "Yo," he answered, putting the cell phone between his ear and his shoulder as he walked out with the bracelet in his pocket, "Woah wait a minute Renji! What?! ..Rukia's in labor!?"

"Why haven't we heard anything?" Renji muttered as he paced around the waiting room, "Renji sit down," Byakuya demanded, watching his leiutenit walk around the tiled floor, "Captain Kuchiki how can you be so calm!? Your sister's having a baby!" he snapped, Byakuya resisted the urge to roll his eyes, labor and babies never bothered him...... unless he was watching it, in which case, he would promptly pass out..... "Ano.... Captain Kuchiki is right Renji.... you shouldn't pace so much, you'll wear yourself out," Orihime said meekly, after Ichigo called her, she and Uryuu raced to Soul Society via a Senkimon, Urahara and Yoruichi tried to follow them but Uryuu, having been afraid his freind's newborn child would be used in an experiment, shot an arrow at Urahara's butt to keep them away.... but that arrow will only last so long..... "Ichigo's father is probbably going insane right now," he noted, "WHERE'S MY GRANDBABY?!!" "Oh Heavens he followed us here," Uryuu muttered with a chill, Byakuya slowly shook his head, he had hoped once upon a time that he'd never have to see that man again..... but that became nothing more than a pipe dream when his sister married it's son.... "Quiet Goat Beard if Rukia had the baby yet these four wouldn't be sitting here," Karin huffed, "Ooooh I can't wait to see my neice or nephew!! I really hope it's a girl so I can dress her up since Bostov left!!!!" Yuzu cried, "You probbably shouldn't be dressing up the baby Yuzu...." Yoruichi muttered, "I want to see my God Child!!!" Urahara cried, "YOUR God Child?" Byakuya asked with a slightly raised eyebrow, "I think not," he replied, "Captain Kuchiki is right, that baby is MY God Child," Renji snorted, Byakuya frowned, "Do not kid yourself Abarai," "Well I hope you're not referring to yourself Captain Kuchiki, you're the uncle, you can't be an uncle AND a God Parent," he said, "Says who?" Uryuu asked, a bit peeved that they all were ignoring him, "Ahem," Hanatarou said quietly as the large group fought, "T-The ba-baby is here-" before he got the words out of his mouth they all rushed up and ran towards Rukia's room, "GRANDBABY!!!!!!" Isshin howled as he slammed into the room, "HUSH you baboon!" Ichigo snapped, racing to the door and slamming it shut just before anyone could get in, "All of you be QUIET or you'll upset them!" he hissed, and by "them" everyone just assumed that Ichigo meant Rukia and the baby...... Ichigo put a finger to his lips and slowly opened the door to let the insane group in, "Awww," they all cooed as they stared at the baby in Rukia's arms, "Hey wait a minute... you've got two!" Renji exclaimed, jerking everyone's attention to Rukia's other arm, "Alright who did you rob?" Yoruichi asked seriously, Rukia tried to frown but she just... couldn't.... "They're both mine you guys," she said, "But Rukia if you were having twins why didn't it show up in the ultra sound?" Orihime asked, "It did, we just didn't tell you," Ichigo replied with a smirk, having ten pairs of eyes glaring at him, "It was my idea, we decided after figuring out that we were having one of each it'd be fun to surprise you guys," Rukia giggled, "That's cruel Little Rukia!" Isshin screamed, "So that's why you didn't let us in the nursery, we would have seen that it was set up for two babies instead of one," Renji mused, Rukia nodded, "Yep," "What are their names?" Yuzu finally asked, "Well, this one here is Tsuki," Rukia said, tilting her head to the first baby they had seen, "And to my other side is Taiyou," she replied, looking over to the boy in her other arm, "Awwwwwwww," everyone cooed, it was Isshin that finally broke the calm silence, "Dibs on a baby!" he called, "Dibs on the other one!" Renji called, making everyone else glare at them both, Isshin reached down and picked up Tsuki wile Renji reached for Taiyou, "Ah good, you people entertain them for an hour or two I'm tired," Rukia laughed, stretching her arms after having to hold the twins in the same position for nearly twenty minutes after Hanatarou left, "Ahem," Byakuya said, glaring at Renji, who sighed and reluctantly handed his baby to his captain, "I think they'll wear eachother out, what do you think?" Ichigo asked as verbal brawls started to ensue over who got which baby next, Isshin had already called dibs on Taiyou when Byakuya was done to which Renji said that wasn't fair.... Byakuya then "dibbed" Tsuki and Yoruichi started to tease him, "I think they've forgotten we're here," Rukia laughed, "And yet I'm ok with that," Ichigo replied as he sat on the edge of her hospital bed and opened the box that her new bracelet was in, she tilted her head, "Remember I told you that I was going to give you something each time you had a baby?" "Yeah, some weird human custom," "Right, well, here's the first one," he said, giving her the bracelet, "Ichigo.... this is amazing," she wispered, he shrugged slightly, "It was my mom's, she got this from Goat Beard over there when she had me," she stared at the beautifull white gold charm bracelet before allowing him to snap it onto her wrist, "The dove charm is one that my dad put on there," he said, pointing to the charm of two doves kissing, "And I put these two on today," he said, pointing to two new charms, one was a rabbit holding a baby rabbit; the other was a sea horse with a baby sea horse entwining tails, "Wow....." she muttered, both charms were symbolic of their new parenthood, "I was thinking that this could be your baby bracelet, instead of you having tons of diffrent jewlry, I'll just get you a new charm with each kid, something symbolic," she smiled, "I love that idea, I hardly wear jewlry except for my wedding ring so that seems to be the PERFECT decision," she replied with a smile, leaning over to kiss her husband, "I just hope that one bracelet will hold all the charms we're going to have to put on it..... if not I'll have to get you a second one," he chuckled, she rolled her eyes, "As long as it's as beautifull as this one," he stared at the white gold chain again and smirked, "It will be," he promised
One part of my gift for the IchiRuki FC at Bleach Aslyum's Wite Day Giveaway [link] ^^ Theme one is "Wite Gold" :) Oh and 50 yen is roughly $0.50 :XD: (well closer to 40...)
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this is the prize for :iconartemis-day: for winning the 1st place of fanfiction in :iconichiruki-club: 's contest -Ichigo B'day.

I was wondering if I could get a picture for my fic, Sunburned where Rukia is applying aloe vera to Ichigo's sunburn?The only specifics are that Ichigo should have a full sunburn on his face and torso and both he and Rukia should have annoyed expressions (particularly Rukia). Thanks again!


I hope i did this right :P anyway enjoy!
kubo Tite(c)Bleach
Artwork(c)all mine - Noodlemie
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At first, I was thinking to start new doujinshi for Ichiruki with continuation in the next pages, but in the end I made it as another stand-alone page. I miss Rukia, and I have no idea for the perfect doujinshi story, I just want to see her in original chapter soon coz Im tired of waiting. :(

*Ichigo's blushing, remembering the chapter's part where he remembered rukia before he can pull out his fullbring from the badge,but rukia just didnt pay attention to it ;P

working on this when I have little time between school times.

more meme click this[link]

Kubo Tite (c)Bleach
Artwork,idea(c)all mine-Noodlemie
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this idea just snap into my head today afternoon and I'm so eager to finish it today :love: enjoy!


Kubo Tite(c)Bleach

previous part [link]
more of ichiruki doujin is in my doujinshi folder,you can check it in my profile.
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Just a random idea.
Hope you like it

Ichigo, Rukia (c) Kubo
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This is an illustration for my IchiRuki fanfic in Russian "Я знаю" (I know)
Ссылка на фик [link]

Ichigo, Rukia (c) Tite Kubo
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Ichigo and Rukia got soaked to the skin and had to stay at Urahara's.

Ichigo: Pour me another cup... Are you cold?
Rukia: Not really...
Kon: I'll warm you, nee-san!
Ichigo: You wish!

Yoruichi: Guess I need to keep an eye on those two, something really interesting is going to happen.

Characters (c) Kubo
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:XD: This takes place in some unspecified time after Ichigo saves Rukia in Soul Society.

Ichigo called Rukia in Soul Society somehow and told her to come to the living world--fast. Alarmed, Rukia complied, only to come across Ichigo, perfectly fine and doing after school clean-up duties. And then this scene happened. What follows? You guess.

And yes, that chair is deformed.
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(AN: As this is a song fic, lyrics are inside the [] square brackets)

The ballroom was huge, ridiculously so, ostentatiously so, with a ceiling so high you had to tip your head back to see the top, with pillars and spiralling patterns, marbled floors, and a wide staircase leading down to the ballroom floor, carpeted with thick, luscious red. Kurosaki Ichigo could see Kuchiki Byakuya's hand in everything and, not for the first time, he found himself wondering what the hell he was doing here.

The Annual Shinigami Ball. Of course it would be held at the Kuchiki Manor, and of course everyone of any importance would be there. He was standing at the side, holding a wine glass that looked like it would snap any second. Of course, it was filled with juice. Matsumoto had laughed her head off when she had given it to him.

"Here's to the only underage shinigami ever!" she had crowed. "We have a bowl of juice just for you right here!"

He would have punched her if it weren't for the fact that she had turned to her captain and started trying to feed him juice as well, claiming that although he was technically older than Ichigo, he looked like he was underage. Ichigo had decided it would be best to leave before Hitsugaya decided to prove his maturity and age by going Bankai on her.

So here he was, feeling awkward as hell, at the first dance of his life.

He wouldn't even be here, except...

On his invitation, written in formal, elegant script and delivered to him by hell butterfly, there had been a horrible drawing in the corner of him with rabbit ears and a few scrawled words:

"I hope to see you there!"

And he was here, because she had asked.

The music changed, and he tipped his head trying to figure out what it was. A waltz, that was it. His mother used to listen to classical music all the time, so he remembered it.

[A waltz when she walks in the room]

It was at that moment that he saw her.

She had appeared at the top of the staircase, unseen by all save him. She was wearing a white dress that flowed down her form and swished around her legs, her pitch black hair swept up, that one distinctive bang still falling in front of her face. It was simple, but she looked elegant, ethereal, even as she skipped lightly down the steps, skirting close to the railing and trying to be seen as little as possible.

Ichigo felt his hand drift down, setting the glass on the table next to him. She had descended into the crowd, and he found himself moving to keep her in his sight, glimpses through the throngs of other people across the dance floor. He couldn't take his eyes away.

[She pulls back the hair from her face
She turns to the window to sway in the moonlight
Even her shadow has grace]

Unnoticed by all, she was dancing, spinning lightly, her hands tracing the air. And she was smiling too, softly, her eyes closed. She was beautiful, Ichigo thought numbly. And she was so untouchable.

[A waltz for the girl out of reach
She lifts her hands up to the sky
She moves with the music
The song is her lover]

His eyes traced over her like hands, lightly and reverently, watching the white fabric cling and then swirl around her with unmistakable grace. She was alone, and yet she didn't seem to need anyone else with her. The music was carrying her, and he had never seen anyone dance like that, as if she was moved by the sound itself.

[The melody's making her cry]

He had never seen Rukia like this before.

[So she dances
In and out of the crowd like a glance
This romance is
From afar calling me silently]

He kept walking, watching her at a distance, uncertain how to approach her, or even if he should. Somehow he just wanted to stay as he was, his eyes on her and his head filled with things he'd never thought about until this moment.

Ichigo didn't know it then, but his gaze, burning across the floor, didn't go unnoticed.

Renji had spotted Rukia come down the staircase, and he had been about to go over to her when he had seen Ichigo, out of the corner of his eye, setting down his glass and stepping forward slightly, his eyes filled with amazement. Renji had stopped then, feeling that somehow he couldn't cross the floor and break the connection of Ichigo's eyes on Rukia. Somehow, he felt that even trying would be doing something wrong. Ichigo's face had humbled him, and surprised him. He had never seen Ichigo look at anyone that way.

Matsumoto, unsurprised, had loosened her suffocating hug on Hitsugaya (allowing him to peel his face gratefully away from her cleavage), to nod her chin at Ichigo, grinning smugly.

"I saw that coming," she had said.

Anyone who'd ever seen Rukia and Ichigo together at all, even for just one conversation, noticed. Ichigo didn't hear the slight murmurs or see the sly looks: his eyes were filled with just one girl.

Byakuya,  taking note of the ripple of talk through the crowd, had turned, ready to rip his sword out and cherry blossom that insolent boy to death, when he caught sight of Ichigo's expression. He was on the other side of the ballroom, but he still recognized a face like that, and he felt a stab in his side, where his wife should have been.

He had turned back to the group he had been talking to, resolving silently to give the boy a chance. If he could look at Rukia with that kind of awe in his eyes, maybe, just maybe, he deserved her.

Ichigo was as oblivious as always, but at least this time, he had an excuse, in the form of a girl who danced like she was music itself. He pushed through a few people, halving the distance between them, but as he drew nearer to her, he stopped, unsure how to proceed.

[A waltz for the chance I should take
But how will I know where to start?
She's spinning between constellations and dreams
Her rhythm is my beating heart]

How could he do this? He almost turned away, headed back, but he didn't want to lose sight of her even for a minute. Maybe it was better if he didn't talk to her, didn't try to touch her at all. Right now, she was too beautiful for him. He wasn't sure how to take this new Rukia, who was everything he'd always known, but at the same time different. Would she even want to dance with him?

[So she dances
In and out of the crowd like a glance
This romance is
From afar calling me silently]

But what if someone else asked her? What if someone else had also seen what he saw, and wanted to dance with her as well?

Ichigo clutched his head, his thoughts spinning. He'd faced so much with her and for her. He could do this.

[I can't keep on watching forever
I'd give up this view just to tell her]

He could see it in his mind now.

[When I close my eyes I can see
The spotlights are bright on you and me
We've got the floor
And you're in my arms
How could I ask for more?]

He opened his eyes, decided. He was going to ask her.

Ichigo started to move across the floor in determination, but just as he was getting closer, she turned, drifting pensively over to the wall. He dodged around a group of shinigami who had obviously had too much to drink, and spotted her ducking out through a small archway. He hesitated only briefly, then followed.

The archway led outside, where the warm night air was sweeping off of trees and brushing against his skin like the touch of fingers. Rukia was leaning on the railing of the balcony, just a few feet from him, her dress swirling down around her ankles. A few tendrils of hair had escaped from her updo and were dancing by themselves in the wind.

[So she dances
In and out of the crowd like a glance
This romance is
From afar calling me silently]

She was a black outline against the moon, glowing brightly in the sky and bleaching everything a pearly white. She raised one hand, maybe to tuck her hair back behind her ear, and suddenly he had moved without realizing it, taking her hand in his own.

She glanced behind her up at him, her eyes wide and bottomless.

"Want to dance, Rukia?"

[I can't keep on watching forever
And I'm givin' up this view just to tell her]

"What?" she said quietly, surprise flashing across her face.

Ichigo knew he should've felt awkward, should've felt embarrassed, and nervous, and stupid, but out here, under the moon, he didn't feel any of that at all. He pulled her slowly to him, his free hand curving around her waist, his fingers entwining with hers.

"Don't you know how to dance?" he asked. The waltz was still playing, and he could almost hear his mother's voice in his mind, showing him the steps.

"Of course I do," she responded, already dancing with him, like silk.

They should've been bantering like normal. She should've called him an idiot by now. He should've said she was stupid. But neither of them seemed to be able to do anything but stare at each other,  moving together as though it was the most natural thing in the world.


"Ichigo?" Rukia said softly, her fingers spreading across his shoulder until one slid against the bare skin of his neck.

The music was fading, and they slowed, until they were just swaying in place, arms around each other. Ichigo leaned down and slid his face next to hers until he could whisper in her ear.

"You're beautiful, you know."

She pushed away, her cheeks flushing red.

"You're lying."

"Am not," he laughed.

"Yes, you are!"

"I'm really not!"

"Yeah, well, prove it!"

He kissed her.

People might've said that he was too tall and she was too short, but had anyone passed by the archway at that moment and chanced to look out, they would've had to stop and marvel at the two silhouettes, there against the moon. Beautiful, they would've said it was.

He kissed her, and discovered that her mouth was as soft as it looked. She made a small noise that almost undid him, but then her hands were at his face and her lips were moving against his. Dancing.

[I'm givin' up this view just to tell her.]
:iconchibichigoplz: :iconinloveplz: :iconchibirukiaplz:

Yup. It's time for an IchiRuki song fic! Yays!


I've been waiting for an opportunity to use that one icon. Anyways! The song for this story is "So She Dances", sung by Josh Groban. Listen to it while reading. I dare you to.

Also, I couldn't figure out how to bold things, so I just stuck the lyrics in square brackets.....I hope it's not too weird.
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I've been wanting to try to draw something for this volume poem for so long, and I'm really happy with it now that it's done. I'm not certain if I got the words for the poem spot on, but I don't care: it still gets across the message.

Oh Ichigo...we know how depressed you are without her.

Also, while listening to the song from Rent, "Without You", I came to the conclusion that the lyrics totally fit IchiRuki. The song pretty much talks about how everything in the world is the same when that special person is gone, but the singer of the song is dead inside.

Remind you of Ichigo's thoughts at school after Rukia gets kidnapped and taken to Soul Society? Yeah.
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Tender Love

Rukia yawned, stretching her thin, pale arms over her head as she made her way down the dimly lit hallway. Her hair was clipped back in a butterfly clip the nurse at the hospital had given her to hold back her sweat drenched locks and her four month pregnant belly was brushed lightly by the end of the loose, grey off-the-shoulder short sleeved shirt. It was early on a Sunday morning and do to the lack of noise but absence of Ichigo in bed when she woke up, Rukia guessed she was the only one in the house awake and Ichigo was out for his daily run.

It was only a matter of time now before her sons woke up. Two sons to shut Ichigo up and Rukia only prayed for the good fortune of a girl this time. She yawned again as she slipped into the kitchen flipping the lights on without a second thought, to her knowledge it was 6:27 in the morning and everyone was either asleep or out.

"Happy Mother's Day," three voice screamed, two of them children one of them a man who really had no business yelling that early in the morning.

A wide smile stretched across Rukia's face as her five year old son ran to her leg, "Thank you," she said in the voice she used when talking to her sons, bending down to hug the little boy clinging to her leg.

"Mommy I made you this in school," the little boy beamed handing her a piece of blue—the little boys favorite color—construction paper with "I love you mommy," spelt incorrectly on it with macaroni pasted on it in random patches.

Rukia's mouth dropped in admiration, "It's beautiful, Takurou," she smiled wider kissing the boy on his cheek and hugging him tighter to her side. "Thank you so much." She looked up as her younger, one and a half year old son ran to her this time.

"Mama," the boy called flinging himself into her arms kissing her cheek.

Rukia stood with Hiromichi, her youngest son, in her arms taking Takurou by the hand and walking to the kitchen table where Ichigo sat, a smug look on his face. "Didn't know, did ya'?" he smirked standing up, kissing her chastely only because she would curse him out when they were in front of the children and he slipped her tongue.

"No, I did not," Rukia responded in her baby talk voice, looking at Hiromichi who grinned widely when she straightened his night shirt. "I was completely surprised," she rubbed her nose on her son's smaller, softer one.

"Well that's good," Ichigo scratched the back of his head, picking up Takurou and placing him in the empty chair in his wake. "Because the boys and I have a whole day planned out for you.

"Awe," Rukia cooed setting Hiromichi down, "Look at all my men, planning an entire day just for me." She began to make her way towards the stove before Ichigo's long arms caught her. "I'm just going to make breakfast, Ichigo, you can let me go."

Ichigo pulled her in, "It's Mother's Day, the least I can do—though its not," he grinned, "Is make you and the boys breakfast. I was even thinking I could get out the waffle iron that we got you for Christmas." He winked, releasing her and moving away.

Rukia watched as Ichigo opened the cabinet, the words she wanted to ask teetering of the tip of her tongue contemplating whether to just swallow them or release them. She knew he would turn off for the day, and it was just so early, but she needed to ask.

Whether it be the pregnancy hormones or just the Rukia will power Ichigo fell in love with Rukia spoke. "Mommy and Daddy will come get you when breakfast is ready," she turned to Takurou, "Baby can you take your brother with you?"

"Yes mommy," Takurou nodded happily released from his seat, taking Hiromichi's hand out of the trash can and pulling the slightly giggling toddler behind him.

Rukia smiled as she watched her sons bound out of the room, "Ichigo," she turned to him as he set a bowl down on the counter top.

"I know what you're going to say," Ichigo replied before she could even speak. "I just…" he paused, "Don't want to go this year. The boys aren't old enough and I don't want you to get sick because it always rains."

Rukia came up behind her husband, wrapping her arms around him, molding her body to his back. "Well that could be an issue," she sighed lightly. "Its mother's day and your not going to go see your own mother. I'm sure Isshin won't be pleased with you at all, plus I already called ahead yesterday for a couple bunches of flowers for her grave."

Ichigo turned around, hugging her tightly to his chest. "You always know how to push me," he chuckled.

"Yes I do," Rukia smiled pulling herself back from him and placing a hand on her pregnant belly, "Now, mama's hungry. Chop, chop papa. She's eating for two thanks to your 'oopsy'."

Ichigo laughed and watched her as she walked to the pantry to get the flour. "Oh come on, I thought it was on."

"Should have thought harder," she laughed, setting the flour down next to him. "And for your sake, hope it's a girl." Ichigo just shook his head, cracking some eggs in a bowl.
happy mother's day everyone! i wasnt sure if you capt mother's day so i capted some of them hahaha. ugh, Takurou is still the oldest even though i have hiromichi thier son when they only have one hahaha. and i know i said two boys but i was feeling an oppsy pregancy :meow: and Rukia wants a girl but its going to be another boy because i want all boys. ughhhhhh thats all i got :D
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What I promised

I promised the moment I told you my name the first night we met that I would protect you. I promised that no matter what happens I would be there when I saved you from Soul Society. I promised you the world when I told you I loved you and meant it.

This is me making good on all my promises.

"Hiromichi," Ichigo sighed, wiping the baby food up off his sons chin with a small baby-sized plastic spoon. "Are you hungry or not?" he questioned as Hiromichi seemed to understand and smile his big toothless grin up to his father.

Ichigo put the spoon into the small jar in his hand, mixing it a few times. It had only been a few weeks now that Hiromichi had been switched to baby food and the little boy didn't seem to be happy about it. The six month old baby just seemed to push the blended food back out of his mouth rather then eat it. Ichigo sighed in frustration as he brought the spoon back to his son's mouth.

It hadn't been more then fifteen minutes past Ichigo walked threw the front door of his house in the suburbs of Tokyo after a long day of staring at the computer screen that Rukia had handed their son to him, she seemed strung out more then usual. She said that Hiromichi had been fussy all day and refused to go down for any of his naps, Rukia wasn't too pleased either. During the baby's naps she got the laundry done, started dinner, picked up the toys and tried to do some of her work.

Since Rukia had gotten pregnant she gave up being a part time soul reaper, part time only because she had begged Urahara to make her human—which he had done—and no longer could separate from her body as easily. As a result of one lost career, Rukia decided that she would find herself a new one. At the moment she was studying to be an architect, only because she chose not to listen to Ichigo when he told her she couldn't draw.

Ichigo looked over to the clock on the microwave, 6:45 about an hour after he got home from work. It was his decision to give up being a soul reaper, unless he was really needed. He just didn't feel like it was right to continue running around putting his life in danger when Rukia was home with their child.

So the fact that they became like anyone else in the suburb they currently lived in was a decision made separately for different reasons but made both of them happy. And like magic after unpacking the last box from Karakura, Ichigo could not have his child in the same city as his father—and after fighting with Rukia for a good week—they moved to Tokyo, Rukia's water broke.

And now here they were six months later, Ichigo trying—and failing miserably—to feed his son and Rukia doing the laundry she hadnt been able to do earlier.

Ichigo hurt a scream from upstairs causing his shoulders to tense and look over his shoulder in confusion. He looked back over at his son, a triumphant smirk on his face, as the pitter patter of quick foot steps started coming his way.

"Looks like mommy found it, huh," Ichigo chuckled, spooning more baby food to he wasted into Hiromichi's mouth.

"Ichigo," Rukia shouted, somewhat out of breath.

Ichigo tried to keep the baby food off his son's clothes, calling over his shoulder, "We're in the kitchen."

Rukia walked in with rigid steps, placing a small red box on the table next to Hiromichi's high chair. "What is that?" she questioned pointing to the box and placing a hand on the back of said high chair.

"What do you think it is?" Ichigo answered cryptically even thought he knew Rukia hated it when he answered her questions with his own, looking up from Hiromichi at the woman before on the other side of the chair.

"Well I think that it's something that I shouldn't have found yet," she answered raising an eyebrow, hinting that she had already looked inside the red box.

Ichigo frowned slightly, tilting his head to the side as if to say he didn't understand, "You we're suppose to find it. I just didn't think you would find it so soon, I only bought it yesterday."

Rukia looked down at him, playing with the sandy blond hair on the top of Hiromichi's head gently. "We don't have to get married, Ichigo, I'm happy the way we are. We don't have to show anyone anything." She bit the inside of her lip, searching his eyes for something she didn't seem to find.

Ichigo reached over slowly, picking up the red box. He sighed, looking down at the diamond ring that the silk pillow held, slowly taking it out of the box.

"Rukia Kuchiki," he started, taking the hand that had been in their son's blond strands of hair, placing the ring on the correct finger. "I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone. I genuinely want us to get married or else I wouldn't have bought this ring. You know me better then that," he said, kissing each individual finger. "When we had Hiromichi I decided that I wanted us to be a family."

Rukia came out from behind the high chair, taking a seat on Ichigo lap. "We are a family; I don't need a ring to prove that." Rukia brushed some orange locks from Ichigo's eyes. "We've been a family for the last six months without a ring, what makes now so special?"

"I decided that I want to get married," He answered.

Rukia smirked, pecking his lips. "Well as long as you want it." She leaned back to look at her son, who's face was covered in baby food, she raised an eye brow but laughed. "Here that Hiromichi? Mommy and daddy are gonna be Mr. and Mrs. Mommy and Daddy."
this is suppose to be the natural bleach universe but it kinda seems AU, i know. and no they werent married when they had a baby. people dont need to be married anymore to have child so i thought what the hell, lets not leave ichigo and rukia out of that statistic. but she did become human on purpose before she got pregnant so she could be with ichigo. i always thought that she would give up being a soul reaper to be with him and they would be in the living world, i dont know why but that just seems more believable to me then them moving to soul society together and becoming both captain. not to rip on anyone else, thats just my opinion. but no , they werent married. and byakuya wasnt to pleased, though i also think he doesnt like Ichigo to begin with but has a deep seeded respect for him, whatever. boy, hiromichi, yes. my children of choice two boys, one named hiromichi for sure but i dont have a solid name for the other...hmm

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A Binding Red Tie

Ichigo had felt her get out of bed. No matter how small and light everyone said she was, at some odd time in the morning when the sun wasn't even up and she got out of bed it was like a sumo wrestler jumping right over him. It baffled him to no end, yet he found it strangely endearing. Rukia was always small, ever since they first met she was like a size triple zero and Renji, her best friend since age three, confirmed that was just the way she was.

After he heard the bed room door close with a faint click Ichigo fell right back into the dream he was jostled from. Depending on the time, Rukia was either getting up to get ready for work or just going to pee. Either way it didn't matter, Ichigo could sleep in whatever the time.

Ichigo worked as a reporter for the local paper and as much as the people of the ninth district of Karakura needed to know about the finding of the lost kitten that belonged to the old lady in Baker St. the press was closed today. It was a Sunday and on Sundays the larger Karakura wide paper was the only paper being sent out for the day. But considering schools were also closed on Sundays, she was probably just going to the bathroom.

Rukia was a kindergarten teacher at the grammar school and at the moment was trying to emotionally detach herself from her current class so she wouldn't have to cry on the last day of school like she had the past three years. For the past few years she had come flying into the news paper office tears streaming down her cheeks into Ichigo's arms and he expected this year to be no different. Since the young couple had no children of their own, Rukia would latch on to these fifteen or so kids as her own so letting them graduate to the first grade was a bit tough on her.

She was such a compassionate person, one of the many reasons why Ichigo loved her so much. He couldn't really see himself married to anyone else so Ichigo was happy where he was now, married to little Rukia who got too attached to kindergarteners and got out of bed like an overweight middle aged man.

"Meow," a cat cooed as he jumped up onto the bed, his knife like feet digging into Ichigo's chest some hours after Rukia had gotten out of bed. "Meow," it begged again, trying to wake Ichigo up. Another set of cat legs jumped up on the other side of the bed, meowing just as loud in Ichigo's ear.

"Zangetsu," Ichigo muttered pushing the black and white speckled cat off his chest. "I'm trying to sleep." He pushed the head of the feline away as he tried to make his way back onto Ichigo. The second pure white cat lightly stepped on to her male master's chest; nuzzling her head on his slightly stubbly chin. "Sode No," he grumbled angrily, his eye still clenched tight trying to grip the last bits of sleep in them.

Why were the cats bugging him? They were Rukia's cats; she was the one that wanted them in the first place, though Zangetsu liked Ichigo better to Rukia's ever lasting dismay. Ichigo guest it was a male to male thing that attached the cat to him. Then Ichigo remember waking up when Rukia got out of bed and hearing the latch of the bedroom door when she walked out. That was why the cats were in his face, they were trapped in the bedroom with him.

Ichigo pushed Sode No away from him, flopping onto his stomach before the cats could get to him again. As he flipped Ichigo was met by some slight resistance. At first he thought it was the damn cats again, and he was ready to make himself some cat-fur slippers.

Giving up all hopes of sleeping any longer, and wondering why his pinky finger was being pulled Ichigo opened his eyes. There tied snuggly around the pinky finger of his right hand was a red piece of yarn. An orange eyebrow lifted in question and irritation. The first thought that when through Ichigo's head was, why?, the second was a more colorful one with, fucking cats, as the cats started rubbing and flopping around all over the large bed.

Ichigo pushed himself up off the mattress and sat up, rubbing all the cat hair from his night shirt. Looking over to the other side of the bed his eyes connected with Sode No's as Zangetsu rolled around on the comforter at her feet. "Do you have anything to do with this?" he asked the white cat who just yawned in response, obviously uninterested in him and just wanting to leave the room.

The orange haired man sighed, giving up on getting any type of answer from a cat and wondering why he had even asked her to begin with, as his honey brown eyes followed the line of red yarn that was tied to the door knob a sign hanging from it as well. Ichigo squinted to read the sign written in Rukia's scribbled excuse of handwriting.

Follow Me

It read with a poorly drawn picture of a rabbit dressed as Sherlock. Ichigo chuckled getting up out of bed, a grin plastered on his face. As much as he denied it to her face, he thought Rukia's little rabbits were kinda cute. He took the sign from the door knob, rereading it with a smirking grin, and opened the door. The cats bolted out before Ichigo could even think.

Ichigo's jaw dropped. There was red yarn hung everywhere, little signs like the one in his hand hanging from the string on clothes pins. He stifled a chuckle with his hand; chances were he would be cleaning this up later.

Despite everything Ichigo stepped forward, following the yarn, with a smile on his face like a little kid on an Easter Egg Hunt. The second note had a chappy the rabbit sun drawn on it.

Good morning sunshine, Was written on this one.
I promise to make breakfast a picture of a chappy holding a frying pan in an apron was scribbled on this card.
Guess what? was the next, followed by,
Its Father's Day! on the next with a chappy brightly smiling on it.
Call your father, a chappy Isshin was decorating that card.
I promised him you would
Don't be mad there was a picture of a mad looking chappy that resembled Ichigo on it.
You know school is ending soon There was a sad looking Rukia chappy
The kids said they would miss you a bunch of crying little chappies next to a sad looking Rukia chappy
So they made you something

The yarn led into the coat closet. Ichigo raised an eyebrow again. He had gone into the school a few times to have lunch with Rukia and ended up playing with the kids and he went to their field day but he hardly called that worth them all making him something. But who was Ichigo if he thought he wasn't going to bring cookies in for all the kids as a Thank you.

Ichigo opened the door and smiled. There stood Rukia, smiling back at him, holding a poster sized note with obvious kindergarten drawing on it. Rukia's grin grew wider.

You're going to be a daddy

Was written on this poster board. His jaw dropped and Ichigo began to smile, looking up to Rukia who had the glistening of tears in her eyes returning his smile. Ichigo came forward, crashing his lips to hers. His hands came to rest lightly on her cheeks, pulling her as close to him as she could be through the poster.
happy fathers dad to everyone's father! unless you are a father then happy fathers day to you personally from me :]
so i did a mothers day story that was like slapped together last minute because i had an idea, this idea, for a fathers day one. and i thought it would be wierd to do a fathers day one but not a mothers day ine but whatever i guess, it just works out wel for everyone who likes my stories. but when i thought of this i waas like "i have to do this for fathers day, its just too cute" secretly i want to get pregnant in perfect timing so i can do this... but i'm not sure if i came up with this all on my own or i saw it somewhere before because usually i dont come up with such cute things so i dont take credit for the idea...if anyone knows where its been done i'd actually like to know :D
Enjoy your fathers day!
Enjoy my story!
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Thanks to MoSSloW for your colouring!))))
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this is original drawing from my first animation
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I think about Ichigo and Rukia' crossovers... and think about Pokemons...oO"""
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Well, I did my best. I planned to draw them lying down on the sand in Hueco Mundo, but I'll be damned if I knew how to draw that well. Another day, maybe.

I'm sure I'm not the first to draw them as Arrancar/Espada. But I assure you I was not influenced by anything at all.

So far, this is my second fan-art for BLEACH. This piece is a far-cry from my first one (BLEACH: fade [link]), but I hope the reaction is the same. I'm still getting lots of love for BLEACH: fade, and I hope that that love also flows into this deviation.

Again. I was debating what the title should be. I was considering 'Stay Beautiful' from the song 'Stay Beautiful' by DIGGY-MO, but that would distract from the fact that they're Arrancar, so I settled with HOLLOWED. (Which, BTW, is also in the OST 3 for BLEACH, from Shiro Sagiru.)

Oh yeah. I just sort of winged it with Rukia's outfit. Since she doesn't have a bankai (yet). And yes, her mask... I do not know what the heck it is. But I gave her Byakuya's scarf thingy, because I felt like it.

Ichigo is in his bankai. And I deviated from his original Hollow mask.

Thanks for all the support. ICHIRUKI FTW! :iconanimefaceplz:

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I was so lazy that I didn't color it anymore. Oh well. Feel free to download and color. It's essentially a lineart.

Sketched on a canson and then photographed. I still don't have a scanner.
Still frustrated that Rukia ain't back yet.





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It's too sad! :iconcrycryplz:

The most beautiful episode of Bleach IMO. It was so wonderfully Ichiruki! And the animation, the faces, the music, OMIGAD. I COULD WATCH IT FOREVERRR!!!

This moment, too, I was like... dead.

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