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ENTRIES FOR CAPTAIN FACE CONTEST! Zee Captain by PiratetrekieRA Zee Captain's Scooter by SpudaFettcancer bag by SpudaFettFirst day of me as a Captain - Contest Entry by perelka-lZEE CAPTAIN by BunnyNuggetzR.A. tea fairy by jroy101Reindeers all zee way by LinkskiERROR ... Captain Zoidberg by Tyliss:thumb275322994::thumb275330525:Zee Captian's face by TsunamiRaineZee Captain by radioactivechildeZee Captain by DoodlingDragonHe already rules the world by DoodlingDragonLe Contest Entry by ADDICT-Se:thumb275190434:SPEED PAINT CAPTAIN by LainaBearHow can you resist zee captains eyes? by FalseSecurityA christmas miracle by CrimsonSunCAPTAIN of Tape by TheLizardLordRobocap by phantomuzumakiZee glorious Captain by phantomuzumakiWasteland Legend by LiveMyndCapitalist Boob by jtoblerZee Captain Portrait Entry by GraphicSamuraiZee Christmas is coming by cilbeeZEE CAPTAIN contest entry by Kitten-MiesterContest by TheMilwaukeeProtocolZee captain by ChessasWorldZee Corgi and Mr. Kitty by nscmseiyaryuZee Captain in the Stained Glass by AllerleiArtRA: What a Cute Puppy by EszitrilZee Captain. by clipNETZee Captain by RitualistOrigin by SilverWingsSatSuRomantically Apocalyptic: Captain by superoxideCaptain on a Unicorn by KiptayZee True Face by 3K-moreZee Captain by TilskKarishmazee captain by fifi-poodleGreat Pony Mustache by Ikariuga:thumb272591263:Captain Shimeji Desktop Buddy by BlueSmudge:thumb272549023:Romancing the Public by SamannaGene-ocideZee Captain's Army by batcat1RA: The Show Must Go On by EszitrilCaptain by LeonSpiresZee Catty by DaraykaZee Captain - Merry Christmas by WonderlandCavemanim on a horse by NerezaFireZee Droid by Ra100x:thumENTRIES FOR CAPTAIN FACE CONTEST! in Personal More Like This
Arrrrr RA by Eszitril:thumb336786459:Snippy Stuck by CreativeDarkPeaceWWI Snippy by LilnannySnippy Entry by Geli-KEgyptian Snippy by Dino-blankeySnippy as a Rock God xD by PurplePeople1995Coelacanth (RA entry) by MayakaEdCaveman by azeeliaSnippy in Greece by DarwinsMishapAnother life of Charles Snippy by Echoes-OrchestraSnippy surreal Jack the Ripper by TheaFlyrhhippie snippy by NarcoVampiranew Snippy habiles by jenssosaurusSnippy WWII Soldier by ItsMeMelodySnippy beleives by Kuuriketto-chansnippy the plague doctor by Earthsoul22Zee Snippy as the plague doctor by annethylSnippy's Ancestor, the musketeer by SwiftstartVictorian Snippy [500x500] by FURCIFERpardalisRA Background Entry. 17th Lancer,Past Snippy. by FlekkrSir Snippy fighting CancerDragon by Isreali-Freak-DeviDay 33b Snippy the Cell by Asmodeus317Snippy's new job by ValkyrieLightDragon:thumb336626489:Snippy in the future by keren-or50's snippy by Mr-Joseph-No-One
My apologies if in the final version some submissions got cut up by text bubbles.
If I missed you for some reason, poke me in this journal.
Also, following fanarts were featured in the episode!
Zee Captain and Mr. Snippy by Kamikazuh Mr. Snippy: Daily Stroll by NaviiraOn the Lookout by dondaRomantically Apocalyptic by Sol4rpleXusDehydration 2 by Sol4rpleXus:
EPISODE 112 FEATURES! in Personal More Like This