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Chapter Nine

After several minutes of just staring at the computer in complete terror, Dib turned to the platform and headed towards it. He shut off the lights on his way out, the computer’s bright monitor illuminating the room now. His head turned to look back at it, nodding once as if to thank it before stepping onto the plate in front of him. The platform rose again for him to take him back upstairs into the wreckage. Now he had an answer as to what happened and why Zim was behaving like he was. The better question was, would he regret seeing that though; seeing the complete self-destruction of his now former worst enemy and now current worst nightmare?

The thing that made seeing that video so traumatizing was that he had actually grown to some what care about Zim. Yes, they were enemies both out to stop each other at every turn, but before Zim, he didn’t have a reason to get up every day and go to school. Zim was everything he had always wanted; an alien that had found its way from the depths of space to his own planet, proving that everything he had ever believed wasn’t a lie. The Irken had always been so lively and quite the animated character, even if he was an egotistical little bastard at times. Now, he was just a hollow shell of insanity out for the boy’s blood.

And in the process of trying to destroy Dib, he, intentionally or not so, was destroying himself. Everyday he seemed to be more and more injured and screaming and choking more often. Eventually, he was destined to lose his Irken all together.

The thought of losing Zim had actually sparked a bit of sadness in Dib, even if he was causing him unbearable amounts of mental and physical distress

Zim would always be there... He just had to be...

How much longer would the Irken last in the state he was in? That was the toughest question to find an answer for. He had been deteriorating for days now, and still continued on with a slight limp in his step. Eventually, he would be practically dragging himself down the sidewalk trying to get to Dib just to weakly bat at him.

The desperate wish to save Zim rose him him now; to keep him from meeting his demise and help him recover from this deranged state. He had to look out for himself now as the attacks from surely wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

At this point, all he needed to do now was outlast his enemy. If he could outlive him, he could survive and perhaps scrape up the pieces of his sanity.

Of course, this wasn’t plausible in Dib’s head. Even with himself safe after the Irken’s death, he would still feel mental torment of being constantly isolated and alone. No matter where he went, people would still look upon him as an outcast; just the ‘insane Membrane kid.’

The only other implausible idea would be to try and fix him. Try and get that sanity to come out of him; to find that lost and alone Irken that was trapped in the insane shell that he could no longer control. But, would they ever be the same after such trauma, even with Zim’s sanity restored? The likely answer was very obvious; no, they would both never be the same. Zim would still have been abandoned here and in denial, and Dib would always be scarred by the Zim he had dealt with in that state.

Dib’s mind was  at a conflict now. One part of him wanted to save him and the other just wanted him gone. It wasn’t an easy thing to have on one’s mind, but in all of his confusion he knew he didn’t want the other dead.

There was suddenly a loud screech behind him, sounding terrified and enraged. It was apparent that Zim had awoken and managed to limp his way home, only to find his target present there.

Dib’s body tensed at the inhuman tone as he knew exactly who its source was. He looked slowly behind him to see the other standing in front of the door in the living room, his blank eyes staring directly at him.

Zim slowly began to grin wildly. "IB..." He forced gruffly. "Kills...." He spoke lowly, as he outstretched one arm for him.

Dib looked forward ahead again as he considered his options now. He almost wanted to try and talk to the Irken even though he knew it would get him nowhere. He went against his better judgement and turned to face the other full on, approaching him slowly with his hands up in submission. “Zim..” He stared as he went forward. Once he had gotten close to the other, he grabbed him firmly. “I know what happened.”

Zim screamed as he drowned out his words with his terror filled voice. He was very startled from Dib's firm grip on him. He struggled with a wild screech, wanting to get away from the other.

Dib winced at the ear piercing wail but kept his grip. "I can help you!" He squeaked desperately, practically losing himself again with the deranged Irken in his grasp.

Zim continued to thrash and scream though, not seeming to hear him at all. He was just more deranged and panicked with him clutching him.

The screams shook the boy, eventually causing him to part himself from the Irken so the screams weren’t so close to his ears. He looked up after a moment as he expected Zim to lose his balance and fall flat on his face.

Zim did stumble a bit, but caught himself on his torn couch and a hiss. He turned back to Dib with an enraged wild look, panting heavily as if he had run a mile. "IB... IB..."

Dib backed up to the wall and wrapped his arms over his chest as he examined the other, then his eyes met the small amount of light coming from the cracked door being Zim. He could run, but for some reason he didn’t want to now. If anything, he seemed to be shutting down as remorse still filled his mind.

Dib’s body jolted with a violent shiver, then he spoke quietly. “Zim?”

Zim's limp lekku quirked forward as that menacing grin returned to his face. "IB." He replied to his name, sounding almost excited at Dib's state and remembrance of his name.

“I’m sorry...” He continued, looking back up at the Irken’s twisted expression.

Zim parted those jagged teeth with a low hissing sound of the air rushing from his lungs. Saliva and blood dripped from those sharp razors, looking ready to devour his IB alive.

Dib whined at the sight of the terrifying teeth, raising his hands over his face slowly in defence. “N-no..” he pleaded.

Zim just stared at him with those wild and frightening eyes as he kept his claws flexed and curved a bit like a cartoonish dinosaur would have. He kept approaching him like one as well, seeming very determined to show no mercy.

Dib took a shallow breath as he examined the Irken's stance. The boy his lip and curled himself into a fetal position as he prepared for the pain he was expecting to endure.

Zim growled as he got onto all fours after a moment and narrowed his eyes. He approached Dib a bit slower, as if noticing his strange behavior. He hissed and clawed at his shoulder, recoiling back to see what would happen.

Dib looked up slowly at the other’s touch, raising a brow almost in confusion since he had been expecting something more painful that that. He didn’t say anything in fear of provoking him. He just simply stared at the other.

Zim still continued to growl and bare his teeth to him viciously, but seemed put off by Dib's terrified demeanor compared to how he had been either fight or flight recently. He continued to sway unsteadily on all fours, staring wildly at Dib.

Dib’s eyes narrowed a bit at as the other glared at him as if doing so would make the terrifying expression disappear. He remained very still as he didn’t know what to expect from Zim now.

Zim cringed away from him as he looked up at him, screeching in outrage as if Dib had somehow offended him. He pounced forward and slammed him back by the shoulders as he practically screamed in his face.

Dib screamed at the sudden attack though he fell silent as he made contact with the wall behind him. He turned his head to the side and ducked a little to avoid the sharp teeth that were dangerously close now..

Zim brought his hand up in a readied clawing position, swiping it down and crashing it on the side of his face. His glasses were knocked off and skidded across the smooth floor out of reach to Dib.

Dib’s mouth gaped at the stinging pain almost as if he were trying to cry out, but he just couldn’t. Crimson blood seeped from the deep cuts and ran down to his chin ever so slowly, creating long thin streaks down his face. He squinted through his blurry vision now as he searched desperately for his glasses now. That, however,  wasn’t too important to him now.

Zim screamed as well, startled by the others unexpected shriek of pain. He grabbed him by the front of his shirt and began to shake him violently again as he simultaneously ripped the already tattered fabric. "IB!!"

Dib stiffened his body to try and prevent his head from beating against the wall once again, though it had about once or twice. He only let out small whimpers, but he remained relatively quiet as he waited out the attack despite the pain.

Zim was not about to let him go again, and he made that very clear by the depths of his claws in Dib's arms. He just screeched and thrashed Dib around in a jerky, uneven and unsteady way in pure temperamental insanity.

A loud squeal finally escaped Dib’s throat as the claws struck him as it only added to the discomfort from being thrashed around so violently.

Zim continued to thrash him around for a while as he screeched, frustrated his hands wouldn't tear him apart. "IB!!" He screamed, choking as flecks of blood splattered onto the human's face. The Irken had paused his thrashing now, panting shallowly as the blood dripped from his bottom lip.

Dib breathed unevenly now as Zim stopped, his left eye opening slowly to see the Irken with translucent-pink liquid dribbling from his lips. This would have been a perfect time to run since it seemed he was losing his strength.He still remained, completely still in the other’s grip and  watching him through widened eyes.

Zim made that gurgling sound again as he coughed up more blood. It became apparent that the gurgling sound all along had been him choking on his own blood, even at school when he had started losing his mind about a month previously.

Realizing this made the boy shudder as more blood continued to stream almost endlessly from Zim’s lips, creating quite the horrifying sight. He made the decision to part himself from Zim’s grip and push him off of him, which sent the Irken flying back onto the floor. He lept up and rushed towards the door, reaching out for it and opening it halfway before pausing to look back at the gurgling Irken behind him almost in pity.

Zim had collapsed onto his side where Dib had carelessly tossed him. He clawed at the floor as blood still trickled in a thin stream from the corner of his mouth to the scarred floor, eyes staring blank and dead at the overturned TV as he gasped like a fish out of water. One hand inched forward, just above his head, as if he were trying to reach out to Dib; physically and subconsciously trying to reach him.

Dib groaned and closed his eyes in a brief pause to collect himself, drawing in a deep breath. He turned and closed the door to a small crack again before approaching the other slowly, standing over him a moment before allowing himself to sink to the Irken’s level. He outstretched a shaking hand towards Zim’s body and pulled hiim into his arms, lifting his head a bit it a bit to try and rid him from the choking. “Z-Zim..?”

Zim convulsed a bit in his arms, but for once it was due to the massive stress he had been putting on his body to keep moving at the condition he was in. When his head was tilted up enough, he gagged a bit and choked up a mouthful of blood. He did not possess the strength or mentality to spit it out though, letting it pour from parted jaws and drip onto both his shirt and Dib's arms.

Dib whined as he came to terms with the fact that the blood had to come out. Zim being unable to spit it out could result in him suffocating and ultimately his demise, which he already decided couldn’t happen. He looked up now and scanned the dark room through narrowed eyes for something he could use to remove the liquid from his throat. His eyes ended up landing on a filthy straw not too far from his reach. A chilling idea filled his mind now as he stared at the straw through strained eyes. Within a moment, he had reached over and grasped it in his hand, his body progressively shivering more severely as he started from the straw and back to Zim. Then, without hesitation, he stuck the straw into Zim’s parted mouth and began to suck the other’s blood from his throat. When his mouth was full, he would empty it on the floor with a scream of pure terror and agony before repeating the process about three more times. By that time, he threw the straw down and squealed in trepidation. Some of the other’s blood had began to trickle down his throat, leaving a scaring taste in his mouth.

Zim tensed his body as he felt him shove the straw down his throat. He convulsed weakly as Dib sucked out the blood. By the time he pulled away completely, Zim was gasping heavily for the air he had been deprived of for a while.

Dib only stared blankly down at the other as small beads of blood continued to trickle both out of his mouth and down his throat. He was barely phased by the fact that Zim could breathe now as the horror and shock of what he had just done seemed to keep him frozen there for several moments.

Zim was resting weakly now, though he was far from thankful or even responsive. Those blank eyes still stared off without focusing even for a second. He still gave small sounds like his vocal chords couldn't stop the shrilling high pitched sound that made them smack against each other rapidly.

Dib hardly flinched at the sounds as he continued to stare blankly himself, his jaw still hanging open as he panted very shallowly.

Zim didn't have the energy to try and maim the human again, though his claws did weakly flail at him. They did nothing more than leave annoying prickles on his skin. He soon just went completely limp in his arms, head lolled back as he weakly gasped. "I..b.."

Dib’s only response to this was to look down at Zim almost with a faint expression of annoyance towards the other’s claws on his skin. He simply sat there with the other held loosely in his arms, waiting for the other to pass out which he was sure would happen soon. A small, disturbed smile creased his lips now as he watched Zim.

The blood was dried on his green cheek and jaw, the same blood that Dib had been sucking out from the back of his throat. Any other person would have gotten violently sick and at the very least vomited, but the boy appeared just as intermittent as Zim, but in a separate way.

After about five minutes or so, Dib was finally able to bring himself to move his limbs again. He worked the Irken out of his arms and back down on to the littered floor beneath them as he figured Zim would be alright for now. With that, he unsteadily pulled himself from the floor and walked mindlessly towards the door again. He almost seemed unaware of what his body was doing though.

As he approached the door, he opened it halfway and turned his head stiffly to look back at the Irken on the floor before finally heading out of the eerie base and towards his own house which held its own set of horrors now.

Zim did not follow him this time, or even make any hissing sounds on his way out. For now, it looked like the disturbed human was safe from the alien. That, however, did not mean he was safe from the attempts to destroy him.
Ohhhh isn't this just the most joyous thing you've ever read?? :iconimhappyplz:

This one took longer for Katt and I to edit because we were on a skype call and we got distracted... A lot. XD BUT IT WAS FUN. ;-; But, I didn't proof read the rest of this before uploading so sorry for badly written parts or grammar errors. XD

Now I am off to bed. I think I will be uploading these only a couple times a week because it seems that is what time will allow for now. Sorry ya'll. D:

Image is mine.

Story belongs to :iconinvader-neo: and I. :heart:

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Chapter Eight

Dib’s hurried pace soon slowed to a steady walk as he got closer to Zim’s base. He delayed getting there as he was both afraid and nervous of what he may find here. He actually started to second guess if this was the best thing to do, but he arrived before he knew it. Once it were visible across the road from him, Dib stopped and stared at it for a short time. He drew in a deep breath, whispering unsure words of encouragement before starting closer towards it.

Zim's base looked pretty similar on the outside, except for where his gnomes keeping his house protected had been destroyed. Though, it did seem to have an eerie aura around it which was something that hadn’t been present in the past.

Dib had made it to the front door now, staring upon it as if there were something fairly interesting about it. In reality, he was just preparing himself for what he was sure would be a quite shocking sight. Finally, he pushed the door open and flicked on the lights with the switch on the left wall.

The house was, no surprise, a total wreck. The scary monkey picture had been yanked down and broken on the floor, the TV itself had even been overturned and the screen shattered. And, lying there on the couch, was Gir's body. His left eye was cracked and his normal light blue glow had dulled grey with no life, not to mention his metal abdomen had been split open violently.

Of course, the sight shook the boy and made him feel quite uneasy. A place that used to be so full of life and energy was now a complete disaster, torn apart by the hands of its owner. Dib closed the door behind him, walking deeper into the living room and even tripping over some of the debris that lay scattered on the floor.

The first thing he walked towards was Gir. As he stared down upon him, he couldn’t help but feel remorse for the little robot who had always been so loyal to his master, even if he never did to anything right. The little SIR unit had also been so cheery and carefree too. He knew how to take in the pleasures of Earth and make lemons into tacos when times were stressful, whether it turned out to be helpful to the situation or not. He'd even willingly help Dib and his sister before, almost like an annoying little brother of Zim's.

Dib gave a small smile in his memory, almost wishing that little robot was here now to help lighten up this darkness he was in now. After a minute or so, he moved on steadily towards the kitchen.

The living room looked no where near as horrible as his kitchen, where there were more heavy objects to be messed with. The refrigerator was flipped on its side, the door on the oven and been yanked off and thrown to the other side of the kitchen, even the table had been broken down into splinters with the wooden chairs as well.

The elevator, disguised as a toilet, had been smashed in and looked like it was non-operational. Upon further inspection, the little panel that had carried the sane Irken up and down before this incident was present and seemed sturdy.

After spotting the panel, Dib carefully worked his way across the littered kitchen, tripping clumsily a few times across the foliage.  Once he had made it to his destination, he looked behind him quickly as his paranoia had sprung on him again. There was no one now. No demented shouts or gurgles. He was alone, for now. With that, he proceeded on to the panel which took him down to the depths of the Irken’s lab below.

The computer seemed to be active, but was silent now as if in fear as well, though it was unfeeling like the maniac Irken. The lab below... there was no telling how much of that still stood.

The panel gradually came to a stop as it came to the lab entrance. The first thing Dib did was search for a light switch since it was pitch black. After much difficulty and bumping into several things, he located it and switched it on to illuminate the expansive room.

And once it was on, he could see an oddly normal lab. There seemed to be not a thing out of place in the expansive room there was present. Nothing out of the ordinary, and that alone was enough to make it the most suspicious room in the house.

Dib blinked a few times as if he believed his eyes were playing tricks on him. After so much destruction on the floors upstairs, how could Zim have just left this one alone? Dib walked deeper into the lab, glancing at the large monitor before him. He paused, simply staring at it through narrowed eyes as he could feel a sort of awareness coming from it. Finally, he proceeded down the hallways, taking quick glances into each room as he passed.
Things were as they were, nothing out of the ordinary. That was, until he got to the last of his transmission rooms.

It was still pretty neat, but the wall opposite of the large monitor was painted with words. ‘LIES. LIES. LIES. LIES.’ It was painted continuously in a chilling familiar translucent pink. There was a small gap of no color before it started again. ‘DIB'S FAULT. DIB DID THIS. DIB. DIB.’ About halfway through though, he seemed to have gotten more disturbed as the painted letters were very shaky and jagged, and the word had been altered slightly. ‘IB. IB. IB.’ Over and over and over again.

Dib’s body shivered violently at the sight, that terrifying name echoing in his mind now as if the Irken were here with him now, screaming at him in his demented ways. He approached the wall stiffly to get a closer look as if to convince himself that this was Zim’s blood painted on it. He began to inhale sharply now, trembling where he stood as his mind tried to figure out what exactly he had done to Zim.

Whatever had happened had been so monumental, so horrifyingly scarring that it had quite literally driven the Irken to the point of insanity. Just the idea of him sitting there for hours on end, painting the walls with blood in a shaky sanity until all of that sanity had finally snapped away and left nothing but what he was now... It had to be a nightmare.

Stiffly, Dib sat on the floor in front of the wall as he examined every inch with the horrifying image of Zim painting with his own blood. He wasn’t sure whether he felt remorse for the Irken, seeing as how he had gone through such scaring events, or angry with him that he targeted him for something that didn’t seem to be his fault.

Zim blamed him for whatever happened to himself, and he had driven himself to the point of insanity believing it. Now, he was out for closure and revenge. He was out for his IB.

Dib nodded grimly to himself, silently accepting his fate. Zim wouldn’t stop his attacks until either he fell dead or the boy was murdered for whatever he had done. He wouldn’t attempt to leave since in a way, Zim almost seemed to fill an empty void inside of him. No one would even stand near him now. The only one who would approach him was Zim, even if he only truly wanted him dead.

Dib remained frozen as he stared at the wall for several more minutes. Finally, he stood, turning slowly and walking out of the room, giving the chilling scene one more glance over his shoulder.

The terrible room was left alone, though the little blinking box on the corner of the transmission screen had been left unnoticed. The lab still seemed to be strangely normal, which made it even eerier compared to that one room.

After a slow walk, he had made it back to the main room. He approached the main computer and stared up at the bare screen once more, squinting his eyes at it slightly.

The expansive screen was still as grey and blank as ever. Whatever information it may hold on the subject, it was not releasing to the human.

Dib frowned and walked towards the control board which lay below it. He studied it a moment, but since everything was written in Irken it was quite difficult to decipher what button did which command. After a pause, he reached for a few red buttons, staring up at the monitor as he did so.

Slowly, it hissed to life and displayed a black monitor. The computer was still not speaking up though to make a comment, just letting him try and figure it out.

Dib acked in annoyance and went back to erratically press on the buttons in front of him. Knowing Zim, he would usually make a video ‘journal’ after a failure or just when something wasn’t going to plan. This computer had to be hiding something now, which only heightened the boy’s eager need to access the computer’s files.

“Could you at least tell me how to access the files on here?” He growled impatiently.

The computer still didn't respond to his words though, which made Dib sigh heavily.

Finally, the cursor on the screen began to move on its own to obey Dib's wants. It clicked through a few files before hovering over one, waiting for Dib to do the final click, as if not wanting to access those horrors.

Dib peered at the screen for a moment, his eyes fixated on the file titled with Irken letters. He seemed to be almost dreading this as much as the computer now, his hand hovering over the yellow button that he knew would access the file. Finally, he gave it an unsure push.

Immediately, it opened to a log that seemed to last for quite a while by the amount of time on the video.

“September 2, my Tallest seem to be most unhappy with Zim's progress." The sane Zim spoke, looking annoyed. "I would have destroyed this stupid mud ball sooner if the stupid Dib-stink would stop getting in my way! I will destroy him! Logging off, Invader Zim."

There was a short static before the image reappeared with a more distressed and nervous looking Zim.

"September 14... My Tallest seem to be.. playing tricks with Zim. They're trying to tell him his mission is just a fake... b-but he knows better... they're just trying to motivate him to work faster.. heh... m-my calls don't seem to be going through either..." He bit his lip a moment before trembling a little. "Logging off... Invader Zim.."

There was another static break before he reappeared, huddled in his chair and hugging onto his knees. It was dated September 29th.

"W-Why... Why are they not answering Zim? They could not have been serious... they are ignoring me... I don't want to be ignored... I can take over this planet... I really can..." He trembled as he spoke, rocking a bit in terror. Their was another static break before it came back dated November 4th.

Zim was on his knees on the floor, gripping onto his lekku. "WHY?? WHY WON'T THEY LISTEN TO ME?! I CAN BE AN INVADER!! I CAN TAKE OVER PLANETS!! I CAN TAKE OVER THIS PLANET!!" He screamed to no one in general. Their was another break before it came back to November 18th. Zim looked pretty hollow and weak at this point, and the room had changed. He exhaled weakly as he leaned against the wall.

"I..lies... they're just.... unhappy with Zim... so they lie to him... they wanted the planet quicker...." He spoke, sounding very deranged and trying to convince himself. His hands were bleeding as he smeared that word into the wall. "The Dib....he... he is the one stopping me...

Once the videos had stopped playing, Dib stood with his mouth parted slightly in shock. Seeing the Irken go through months of mental torment in only a few minutes hadn’t been the most pleasant thing to see. His head looked downward now, whispering to himself that this wasn’t his fault... The fact that Zim’s mission was a lie surprised him as well at the very least.

Zim’s emotionally and mentally hurt body had found a way to throw blame onto him though. And now he had decided that eliminating Dib would make things suddenly okay once more.
GUYS. Yes. I am aware that there is a game out there called "Ib". Please stop telling me that. DX I love you guys but oh my gosh. XDD

So yes, here is chapter eight. It was going to be longer, but I like torturing you guys with cliffhangers. :heart:

Vague preview image is vague. I dunno, just kinda started drawing. This one really doesn't relate to the chapter.. But I guess it does. XD You decide.


Uh.. That's all I have to say.. XD

Image is mine.
Story belongs to :iconinvader-neo: and I.

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Chapter Four

Soon all of Zim's tremors just seemed to halt. He pulled himself back up onto all fours, extending his head up with his neck still cocked at an awkward angle so he could see Dib's face. He parted his lips into the grin again, beginning to screech out in a single laughter with that eerie 'e' sound again.

The sight of that haunting grin seemed to paralyze the boy as he slowly let himself down to the floor, wrapping himself in a fetal position as he rocked himself very stiffly as if to comfort himself. Violent shivers also shook him as the cackle rung in his ears as they only intensified the dread he was already feeling.

Zim slowly began to drag himself over to him, seeing him as wounded prey now. His limbs still had trouble taking turns, looking even more like a creature in dire need of an exorcism.

Dib's eyes expanded as the other drew closer to him. He didn't blink now since in his mind, blinking only made him made him more vulnerable than he already was, even though he would only lose sight for just a millisecond.

Zim watched him, a crazed smile that if it were a little less insane, could have looked like he was thrilled to see him. "IB.." He spoke slower, as if admiring the way it came out of his mouth. Somehow, the Irken had only recovered a portion of his long time enemy's name. He had up to this point only referred to him as 'IB' now.

Despite the previous fear of taking his eyes off the other, Dib buried his head in his knees as a sort of escape from the blood-curdling simper on Zim's face. The name, IB, rung through his head endlessly, almost accepting it as his real name now since that was the only one he had heard all day.

Zim finally stopped right beside him, dropping right against his side and actually losing consciousness. Those hollow eyes finally slipped closed and his mouth still remained parted. By how he slept, it almost looked like he were just normal Zim taking a snooze. But what lie beyond that sleeping refuge was a nightmare world he had created to live through in the waking world.

It was quiet again, which confused the boy since the last he had seen, Zim was coming at him with intentions to attack once again. He lifted his head very slightly and looked around, seeing no sign of the Irken. That was until he looked down at the floor to see him passed out beside him.

The sight of him sleeping now seemed to all but settle him. The fact that he looked so normal in his sleep, despite the blood that stained his skin and clothing, only added to his distress. He found himself forcing himself to believe that Zim was in fact sane now and that he would wake up as his normal self. It just seemed so real now, even though his breathing was rather uneven and obviously not normal.

Dib couldn't help but smile very weakly at this as he was slowly starting to believe his own fantasy was real. He outstretched a hand and hovered it very closely over Zim's shoulder, though he never let it touch. Instead, he took a moment to run his eyes over the other's body, taking in every detail, mostly his peaceful expression.

Zim's body hadn't changed any except maybe it had become even more lithe than before. And of course, he was covered in blood up his arms and his head. Down his cheeks and from his eyes there was a long straight line of puffed up skin, like a burn from the tears.

Finally, Dib had built up the courage to rest his hand upon Zim's shoulder, rubbing it very softly with his thumb. It wasn't a romantic act, more of just one that resulted from deep concern and longing.

"What happened, Zim?" Dib whispered, expecting the other to respond within several seconds.

Zim only gave a low 'screeee...' sound before remaining quiet and motionless again. Whatever had happened had obviously been enough to send the Irken deep into an irreversible psychosis. This was leading him to harm not only himself, but target Dib as well.

Dib's exhausted smile lingered on his face as his thumb continued to move lightly along Zim's shoulder. He attempted to reassure himself that everything would be fine now as he slipped deeper into his fantasy that the Irken would wake to be normal again, even though he was anything but normal before. He took in a deep sigh and rest his chin on his knees as he continued to watch the other.

But by the way Zim gripped his wrist now in his slumber seemed anything but reassuring. He'd always been maniacal before, and now he was maniacally insane. Now his new mission seemed to shift to destroying Dib, or IB as he claimed him to be.

This action snapped the fantasy from Dib's mind now as he could sense this as a dangerous grip rather than one of comfort. At this, the boy seemed to accept his fate as Zim's target. It was almost funny to think about actually... He had been pursuing the Irken for many years, waiting for the day he had finally cornered him. Now, the roles seemed to switched as it was Zim who was waiting for the day to finally catch 'IB' as he called him.

The boy whimpered as he pulled at his arm, trying desperately to escape the grip without waking Zim.

Zim's eyes shot open and he tightened his hold on Dib's arm significantly. "IB..." He screeched again, yanking to try and pull his arm out of socket a second time today.

Dib squealed in pain as his arm was pulled about, actually hearing a few small cracks which brought short shots of pain along with them. "STOP!" He pleaded in a cracked voice.

Zim bared his teeth to him, tugging on his arm. "IB!! ANSWER!!" He screeched at him, still seeming to be wanting an answer to the garbled sentence he had spoken at school that was still to this point, unable to be identified.

Dib cried out at the grimacing expression on Zim's face as it added more stress to the already unbearable situation. He tensed his body up, hoping this would keep the other from completely tearing his arm apart. "Y-you want me dead?!" He cried out with hopes that this is what Zim was looking for.

Zim gave that psychotic grin now as he stopped pulling. He reached forward and slid his bloodied hands across Dib's cheeks as if lovingly. "Answer.." He forced out again, staring straight into his eyes with that psychotic expression frozen on his face.

Dib closed his eyes and shivered at the touch for a moment, opening his eyes once the had slid half way down his cheeks. He stared, frozen as he came to terms with this truth now as well. The Irken really did want him dead...

Zim's face soon darkened into one that looked like impatient anger. "IB!!" He screeched again, his claws cutting into his cheeks. "KILLS!!" He screamed, his hands trembling against his cheeks.

Dib squealed and ripped his head up, though this only drug the embedded claws through his skin which created deep cuts that seeped crimson blood. He ended up losing his balance as well, falling backward on the floor and looking up wildly to see the door very close to him now. He rolled himself around so he was on his belly now, pulling himself to his knees and reaching out for the knob.

Zim reached a hand out from his sprawled position on the floor, holding his hand out weakly for him. "C..Come...back..." He rasped weakly as he stared at him hollowly as he tried to reach the door to escape him.

The tone of Zim's voice was almost needy and sorrowful and that in itself had quite an impact on the boy. He looked over his shoulder slightly to see the outstretched hand and he let out a whimper as this only intensified the effects of this. Dib struggled to escape this trap as he made it to the door, placing a hand on the knob and turning it slightly but hesitating to go any furthur.

Zim looked furious now as that mouth parted with a rage filled cry as he continued to stare him down with wild eyes that had every intention of attacking him. He weakly began to claw his way toward him, leaving more smears of blood in his path toward him.

This was enough to convince the boy of of his spell and open the door completely now, slamming it shut behind him as he rushed down the hallway and towards the stairs. He had miscalculated a few steps along the top though and ended up tumbling violently down. He smashed into the wall below, creating a large dent in it. He groaned and took a moment before working his way to his feet since this pain mixed with the rest seemed to stun him quite a bit.

Once to his feet, Dib rushed towards the kitchen and threw himself towards the drawers, opening and closing several in an attempt to find something. Seconds later, he pulled out what he was looking for; a large clever with a rather reflective blade as it hadn't been used much before. His reflection caught his attention for a moment and he examined himself.

His hair was rather messy and his face was so deeply cut from the claws, which were sure to leave scars once they healed. Dib's eyes looked weary, desperate and just plain scared. Though his hands shook violently so he wasn't able to get a clear vision of himself, but what he did see seemed to give him some discomfort.

At a particular jerk, there was a slight flash of green that could be seen from the mouth of the kitchen now, but only just a glance as the jerk had soon brought it away from that particular area. Dib's eyes strained more at this as he snapped around to see the crazed Irken before him, staring just as blankly as he had before. He stared for a moment before slowly, and shakily, raising the clever over his head as he tried to threaten the other.

"D-don't make me do something I'll regret.."

Zim didn't seem to understand what he was saying though as he began to almost limp toward him. "IB.." He forced out again, keeping his hand out for him while his other arm hung limply down in front of him.

Then, Dib jumped at Zim and grabbed a hold of the outstretched arm, pulling him over to the kitchen table and pinning it against the surface. He continued to hold the clever over his head as he intended on taking the limb off. All it took was one forceful swing...

Zim screeched as he thrashed against the restraining hold on the table. "IB!! IB!!" He continued to scream, as if almost trying to plead with him with the little rash thought he had. He slammed his forehead repeatedly against the table, continuing to scream.

Dib winced at the other's headed banging against the table as if it were his own. After this reaction, he couldn't bring himself to cut off the other's limb, even if it were a threat. Instead, he lowered the blade to Zim's forearm and pressed it against the limb, digging it down deep so it ripped the uniform and the skin beneath it as he dragged it up very slowly. This action drew a good amount of blood and was mostly intended to make a point that the boy was going to fight back against his attacks.

Zim continued to screech as he thrashed around and twitched. He turned his head to an awkward position and began biting his own forearm, as if feeling the only escape was to gnaw off his arm now.

Dib continued to move the blade so agonizingly slow that it almost took him a full minute to run the blade completely up his forearm. Once he felt that he had made his point, Dib released the arm and stepped backward a little, panting heavily as he comprehended what he had just done.

Zim stumbled back and hit the wall after a moment, eyes still staring hollowly at the human standing a ways away from him. "IB!! KILLS!!" He screeched as he kept his wounded arm dangling now and began to limp toward him again with a hiss of rage.

Dib dropped the clever where he stood and dashed towards the Irken, out of the kitchen and towards the front door. He unlocked it and ripped it open, rushing to the end of his yard and searching desperately for anyone. No one in particular, just someone who may help him.

He spotted a woman who seemed busy on the phone, but that didn't seem to matter to him as he dashed towards her and grabbed her arm in a distressed grip, staring up at her with a distraught expression. The woman jumped a bit in his grip, pulling the phone away from her ear and staring at him, though she seemed disillusioned just from the look on his face.

"P-please help me.." Dib started of in a shaking tone. "T-there's a psycho alien in my house trying to kill me!"

"Uh.." She started before she was interrupted.

Dib pointed up to his cheek with his free hand, looking more strained as he did so. "He did this to me!! He did all of this to me! Please help me!" He screeched as he motioned to the seeping wounds that scarred his flesh.

The woman seemed eager to get out of his grip now as she tugged against him, eventually working her way free. "It's... Just in your head..." She suggested as she practically jogged away from him.

Dib wiped the blood from his cheeks now and held out his hands shakily to no one in particular but to anyone who would bother looking. "He did this to me! Please help me!!" He screamed in agony.

Wherever anyone looked though, there was no alien out trying to get the boy. To them, it was just the neighbourhood's disturbed kid who's rich and famous father probably sighed disappointingly over everyday. And, of course, no one ever believed a word out of his mouth.

Dib had managed to scout out two boys walking home from skool and he made his way clumsily towards them, holding his hands out to them to reveal the blood that stained them. "P-please help me... Zim's going to kill me.." His tone was rather needy now, but of course the boys paid it no mind as they just ran past him to avoid anymore interaction with him.

People down the street were now paused to stare at him oddly and a bit frighteningly. A kid nearby frowned more and shuddered at the deranged Membrane. "Dude... you need some serious help..." He commented before walking briskly away to try and get away from the craziness.  

"N-no.. I'm not crazy! He's in there!" Dib shouted as he motioned towards his house, looking again for anyone who would pay him any mind.

Soon enough, everyone just went about their own business again and left the poor boy alone. There again, no one had believed him and a good percentage had just called him insane once more.

Dib had soon lost hope and stood with his eyes closed for a moment before opening them to slowly return to his house. He stood at the edge of the yard, staring at the house which seemed to haunt him now just from the sight of it. A place where he used to feel so safe had turned into a living hell for the boy in just a matter of hours. He hated the idea of going back in there from the fear that he would endure more attacks, but where else was he to go?

The Irken could be lying just beyond that door, waiting for his IB. He could even be back in his room, just waiting for him to fall asleep and become vulnerable to him. He was going to get his IB eventually.
Woo I am just knocking these out! For now. XD I will probably take a bit of a break after this one just because I really need to be working on school work. But this is just too much fun! You have no idea how cool it is to go back and edit this. c: I love it.

So here is chapter four! I think it's kinda long.. 6 pages? I don't know.

I hope you guys like it. c: I re-wrote all of my parts so I'm sorry if they sound odd. XD I didn't really proof read.

Thumbnail is mine.
Story belongs to :iconinvader-neo: and I. :heart:

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Chapter two

When Zim came to it was completely dark. He could vaguely remember waking up a few other times but had quickly been drugged again before he could get his bearings. Now he had absolutely no idea where he was.
Slowly his eyes began to adjust to the dark and he could only just make out the wooden crate he was trapped inside. Trapped! He was trapped and couldn't get out! His heart began to pound as panic rose up inside of him, forcing away all sense and reason. He scrabbled; twisting around in the tiny space as he desperately looked for any way out. He was an Invader, and Invaders could not be contained!
All of a sudden the crate bumped joltingly and light flooded in from a sliding opening. Zim didn't think twice before he shot out of the crate like a bullet, blinded by the sudden bright light he ran until he careened head first against a tree, abruptly stopping his panicked flight.
He blinked dizzily and looked up stupidly at the tree he had smashed into at top speed. Turing his head from side to side  he could see that he was in a wide field of some sort with tall golden grass and the occasional tree or rock standing out like an island. Behind him was a truck with several humans milling about beside two empty wooden crates. For a split second he didn't know why there was a second crate, and then he remembered; the Dib!
Where is that miserable human? Zim thought, looking around until his gaze fell upon the pale fur of Dib in his lion form. He blended in so well with the tall grass that Zim had a hard time spotting him while he with his shockingly green fur stood out like a sore thumb.
Before either of them had a chance to speak the humans suddenly got back in their truck and sped away, leaving a trail of dust in their wake. "No! No wait!" Dib cried, bounding a few paces after them, but it was no use as the truck quickly drove out of sight, leaving them completely alone.
"Where are we?" Zim asked Dib who stood panting in the dust left from the truck. He didn't reply. "Hey, Dib-filth. I asked you a question. Do not ignore Zim!" Zim said indignantly. All too suddenly Dib whirled around, lashing one large paw with claws extended at Zim, catching him on the side of the face. "You idiot!" Dib snarled as bright green blood splattered the grass. "We're in Africa! Because of you we're stuck here now!"
Zim rubbed at the stinging slashes on his face, already beginning to heal. "I'm not the one who got us turned into these smelly hair monsters." He growled. "That was your fault."
"If you had never come to Earth in the first place then this would never have happened!" Dib persisted, looking furious. Zim glared at him, his own claws sliding out of their sheaths. He tried to think of some nasty come back. "Your head is big!" He finally spat. Dib let out a yowl and leaped on Zim, scoring his claws down his shoulder. Zim batted back at him, but his claws only slid harmlessly through Dib's fur as he slipped to one side. Seeing his chance Zim gave Dib's tail a hard bite, feeling satisfied as Dib let out a squeal of pain, but before Zim knew it Dib had twisted around and slammed him down in the dirt, pinning him so that he could only thrash weakly. Zim was surprised. It seemed like Dib was adjusting to his new body much faster than Zim was, adapting to the new animal instincts.
They would have continued fighting until one of them was very badly hurt, when a voice from somewhere up the tree Zim had first run into made them freeze. "Dat's not going to fix your problem." It said with a laugh. Zim and Dib stopped mid battle and looked up into the wide-set branches of the tree, startled that anyone would address them. "Who said that?" Dib demanded. An animal Zim couldn't quite recognize swung out of the highest branches and came to rest on the ground just beside them. "Monkey!" Zim growled.  Zim hated monkeys. Ever since GIR had started watching that awful Angry Monkey Show Zim couldn't stand them.
The "monkey" all of a sudden swung a long stick and struck Zim forcefully on the head. "Ow! Quit it!" Zim cried out in pain. "Correction; I am a baboon." The animal said. Dib snickered and Zim growled, the fur rising on the back of his neck and shoulders. The baboon warningly raised the stick again and Zim begrudgingly backed down, not wanting another blow to head at this point.
"Who are you?" Dib asked the baboon while Zim angrily murmured under his breath, cursing in Irken. The baboon smiled. "You're a long way from home." He replied, his gaze sweeping over Dib and remaining on Zim for a long moment. Dib gave the baboon a hard look through his glasses. "How do you know that?" He asked. The baboon gave him a shrewd look. "If you want old Rafiki's help, I can tell you how to change yourselves back." He said. "Yes!" Zim and Dib said eagerly. "Wait, how did you know we're not lions?" Dib asked, hoping that Rafiki would at least answer one of his questions. "I've been around enough lions to know the difference." Rafiki answered. Zim looked at him wide eyed. "There's more lions?" He asked. Rafiki laughed. "Oh yes." He gestured in a northward direction. "Plenty more that way." He said. Zim swallowed. He wasn't really sure he wanted to meet more animals, at least not predatory ones and not in the current predicament they were in.
"Then tell us how to change ourselves back!" Zim said, wasting no time in getting to the point. Rafiki put an arm around each of them, pulling them closer and looking hard in their eyes. "The curse on you is a tough one. It can only be broken once you have learned how to set aside your differences and work together." Rafiki said, speaking softly and earnestly. Then with a speed belying his appearance the old baboon leaped back up into the tree and disappeared with a hair raising laugh.
Zim and Dib stared up after him, stunned into silence. Neither of them had any idea how exactly they were supposed to set aside their differences, or even what that meant. All they knew was that they were alone again, still without a clue of how they were supposed to get out of this mess.
"He was absolutely no help at all! Stupid, pathetic Earth creature!" Zim grumbled. Dib cocked is head to once side. "It just doesn't make any sense. And how'd he even know we're not lion cubs is what I don't understand." Dib said. Zim shrugged his skinny shoulders. They both sat there then, still unsure of what to do. "Hey, Zim." Dib broke the awkward silence. Zim glared at him. "What?" He growled. "Can't you just call that robot of yours and have him come and get us?"
Zim's tail twitched ill temperedly. Did the human even know how stupid he sounded? "Do you see my PAK?" Zim asked hotly. Dib rolled his eyes. "Well, no. But you're obviously not dying." He replied with exasperation. Honestly he was a little confused, but he wasn't about to let Zim know that. "It's sill there." Zim said, twisting his head around to try and look at his back. "It must have been fused down into me when I transformed." He concluded. Dib only blinked at him. "Then if it's still there use it to get us out of here." Dib said in response. Zim shot him a dirty look; he didn't need Dib to tell him what to do.
Without another word Zim closed his eyes and tried to access his PAK, he could feel that it was still there and working, but he wasn't entirely sure if he could use it. He grit his teeth, focusing hard. It was not supposed to be this difficult.
Dib watched with revulsion as Zim's back bulged. He let out a shriek of pain as his skin tore, a stream of blood turning his fur hot and sticky. "I can't!" Zim gasped, giving up when the haze of pain nearly made him pass out. He shuddered. Being unable to use his PAK scared him badly, but he supposed he should feel grateful that it was still giving him the vital life support. It only made him angrier at Dib for doing this to him.
"Alright." Dib said swallowing. "So we can't use your PAK. Okay. We'll just, uh…" Dib looked around for anything that might possibly be able to help them.
The sound of a snapping twig made them both jump and they found themselves pressed against each other in sudden fear. "Maybe we should get somewhere safer." Zim suggested, hoping it wasn't already too late for that. The grasses behind them rustled and Zim gasped as he barely caught sight of something moving, circling them, closing them in. Some sort of predator, waiting to pounce so it could feast on his squeedily spooch.
Zim and Dib held their breath, every muscle tensed like a coiled spring, ready to fight or make a run for it, which ever came first. Whatever was hunting them moved closer, but all they could make out was a dark shape before whatever it was crashed out of the grasses, making them both scream. "Hey, Nala, Come check it out!" A brownish-gold lion cub with sparkling, happy eyes said excitedly. "There are two cubs I've never seen before."
A second lion, this one lighter in color and clearly female stepped out of the grass and stood next to the first. "Hi!" She said. Zim and Dib shot each other alarmed looks. "I'm Simba, and this is Nala." The first cub spoke when neither Dib nor Zim replied. "Where are you from?" Nala prompted when still they didn't speak. "Er… not from here." Dib said awkwardly, not knowing how to explain to these two lions that they were actually a human and an alien from halfway across the planet. "Welcome to the Pridelands then!" Simba said with a grin. Zim looked confused. "The what?" He asked. "The Pridelands." Simba repeated, sweeping his tail to gesture about them. "It's our kingdom. My dad is the king and we live at Pride Rock. I'm the future king!" Simba said, puffing out his chest proudly.
So, that was what they were calling this place then. The "Pridelands." Zim probably would have called it "stinky-hot-grassy-place."
"I'm Dib." Dib introduced his self, interrupting Zim's train of thought. "And this is-"
"I AM ZIM! The greatest Invader to ever live!!!" Zim crowed triumphantly. Simba and Nala gave him confused looks. "Eh. I mean I'm hu- I mean… I'm normal!" Zim said with what he hoped was an innocent grin. "He's an alien." Dib said. Simba and Nala still looked confused. They didn't know what an alien was, but Zim and Dib seemed nice enough. "Nice to meet you!" Nala said. Simba circled them, sniffing at their fur. "Do you have a Pride?" He asked.  "Well, uh… we…" Dib mumbled, made a little nervous as Simba scrutinized him. "You don't have a Pride!?" Nala said, looking both alarmed and sad. "Then you need to come back with us." Simba said assertively, nudging both Zim and Dib to fallow Nala. "Okay, sure." Dib said, figuring something would be better than nothing and they would certainly be safer wherever they were going than out in the open. Wouldn't they?
Chapter 2 of possibly the most stupid thing you will ever read in your entire life. This chapter is possibly stupider than the first and I swear to you that I can write better then this.

None the less, at the requests of my watchers here is the continuation of my Invader Zim/Lion King crossover.

Chapter One
Chapter Three

And yes I am perfectly aware that Jhonen stated that Irken blood is pink, but episodes such as Planet Jackers and Lice make me believe otherwise. The whole thing really confuses me.

Invader Zim (c) to Jhonen Vasquez and Nickelodeon
The Lion King (c) to Disney
Story (c) to me
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Chapter one

It was dark by now, the stars just beginning to peep out in the sky while the sickle-moon shone faintly through the smog of the city. Zim walked down the sidewalk with his fists clenched angrily at his sides. Hours of walking looking for GIR and the little SIR Unit had been back at the base the entire time! That horrible robot! Next time Zim would make sure GIR would tell him when he was going out and exactly where he was going.
Suddenly Zim stopped mid-stride, looking back over his shoulder. For the past block and a half a suspicious looking bush had been shadowing him and sure enough it was still there, only five feet from him now. Zim narrowed his eyes. "Dib, this is your most pitiful spying attempt yet." He said. The bush rustled and the unmistakably big head of Dib popped out of the top. "Took you long enough to notice." Dib sneered. "Did you only just now realize I was here?"
"Of course I new you were here! Yes! It was… uh… all part of my plan. Yes! You have walked right into my trap!" Zim immediately thought of a reason for why he had done nothing about the bush stalking him for all this time. He was so clever.
Dib, however, did not look convinced. "Oh really? Exactly what trap have I walked into then?" He asked. Zim glanced from side to side, wracking his brain to think of some sort of horrible "trap" for Dib to have walked into. He could not afford to let Dib get away so easily. "My trap…well… I've got you all alone now, so there'll be no one to hear you scream!" Zim said, meaning to sound intimidating. "Uh-huh." Dib mumbled, climbing out of the bush and brushing stray leaves off his coat before facing Zim. He was in no way, shape, or form intimidated by Zim. In fact, he had something planned of his own that would surely give this Irken Invader a run for his money.
"You won't get away this time, Zim! This time I've got something that will stop you!" Dib said, beginning to get excited as he stood facing the alien. Zim rolled his eyes and folded his arms across his chest, leaning to one side in a pose that clearly spoke that he in turn wasn't afraid of anything this dirt-child could come up with. "What is it then? Another of your "para-normey" failures?" Zim said with a condescending chuckle. Dib smiled nastily, an expression he had noticed his self making more often since Zim came to Earth, some of the Invader's quirks subtly rubbing off on him.
Dib then reached into his pocket and took something small out, holding it so that Zim could see it clearly. "Ooh! Neat! What is it?" Zim asked, looking eagerly at whatever "it" was. It was small and appeared be made of polished wood, ornately carved with odd looking designs that spread out from the center, which appeared to be in the shape of some sort of large cat.
"This is ancient African talisman. I got it at the mall!" Dib pronounced proudly, holding aloft the talisman in the light of one of the street lamps they were standing under. "What's it supposed to do? I bet it probably doesn't work at all." Zim replied with a confirming nod. Dib shot him a dirty look. "It does so work! And it… does something!" Dib said, beginning to advance slowly with the talisman held out in front of him. "And we're going to find out what it does right now!" Dib continued.
Zim feigned a yawn and looked bored. This was going to end as it usually did; with Dib looking like an idiot and Zim being proven as the superior being he so was. "Get it over with, then." Zim waved his hand dismissively.
All of a sudden Dib began to chant in some odd language, words that to Zim sounded garbled and nonsensical, Dib his self didn't even know exactly what they meant but had looked up the right incantation on When the spell reached its utmost point the talisman began to glow a faint orange color and just as the incantation came to an end Dib abruptly threw the talisman at Zim who flinched a little out of pure reaction at the unexpected motion.
The talisman bounced harmlessly off of Zim's head and fell to the ground with a tiny thunk sound, no longer glowing. There was a moment of silence, unbroken as the two foes stared down at the talisman. "Eh… that was anticlimactic." Zim said with a snort of laughter. Dib only looked sorrowfully at the talisman. "That was supposed to work. The guy at the mall told me it would work." He said with a loud disappointed sigh. Zim laughed at him. "Foolish, Dib! Your powers of corn are no match for a mighty Irken Elite! Ha! I AM ZIM! And I-"
Zim was forced to cut his little victory speech short as a sudden sharp pain made him double over and gasp. "Dib! What did you- ahhg!" Zim cried, falling to his knees. His squeedily spooch felt as if it was tying itself in knots and his head was spinning so much that he had to close his eyes before he became sick. All the while he felt as if he was on fire as the pain began to consume his entire body and he writhed against it. He let out a scream, but his voice didn't sound right, it sounded raspy and growly, not at all how he was supposed to sound.
All the while Dib stood back and watched wide eyed as Zim began to transform; green fur taking the place of skin while bones crunched and bent into a new quadrepedal shape. Whatever was going on, Dib's talisman had worked and he couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction at that.
Finally the pain ebbed and Zim shook his head dizzily, still reeling so that he could only see faint blurry shapes. Something was definitely wrong. Zim looked up at Dib once his vision cleared; since when had Dib gotten so tall? "What is this? What have you done to me?" Zim demanded, but the only sound that came out of his mouth was a yowl fallowed by a few grunt-like growls. That stopped Zim talking immediately. That was not normal in the least!
"A lion cub? Why a lion?" Dib said, leaning down to get a better look at Zim. Indeed he had been turned into a lion cub. Green fur covered his entire body while his legs and paws were black, indicating where his gloves and boots had been. His wig had become a black mane.
Dib snorted a laugh. "You know, you actually look better this way, Zim!" He said, rocking back on his heels as he shook with laughter.
Zim raised one black paw, looking at down at it with an expression of pure horror (or at least what can be considered horror from a feline's face). His large rounded ears flattened against his head and his eyes grew wide as he turned in a circle trying to get a better view of his self. The fact that he now had a tail particularly unnerved him. He looked so comical that Dib nearly choked laughing.
"Dib!" Zim snarled, rounding on Dib with sharp retractable claws sliding out and scoring the sidewalk. Dib suddenly stopped laughing and realized that perhaps a lion wasn't such a good thing after all, as now Zim was more than capable of really causing him some physical harm. He backed away as the fur on Zim's neck rose and his tail lashed angrily. "Change me back!" He yowled, leaping for Dib.
However, Zim was not yet used to his new body and only ended up tripping over his own paws and landing face forward on the hard concrete, giving Dib the chance to snatch up the talisman by the twine that held it bound, and turn and head home at a fairly quick enough pace so that Zim wouldn't be able to chase after him.
"Good luck, Zim!" He laughed as he got away. "Hope you don't cough up any fur balls!"
Zim got up off the sidewalk growling irritably. "That filthy human! He will pay for this!"  Zim vowed, awkwardly testing the movement in his paws and the balance of his tail. He looked ruefully at his torn clothes lying on the ground. That really irritated him. No worries. I'll just get back to the base and fix this little problem. Then I'll exact my revenge on the Dib! Zim thought, starting to amble back the way towards his base once he was certain he wouldn't trip.
It took him a little longer than it normally would, but he finally made it back to his own house, stopping at the door when he realized that there really wasn't a way for him to turn the doorknob. He scratched at the door like a dog (a dog with abnormally sharp nails that left deep slashes). "GIR! GIR, let me in!!" He said as loudly as he could (which was pretty loud).
Before too long the door was opened by GIR who looked down at him with unbridled joy. "Awww! It's a kitty!" He said with an excited little giggle. Zim pushed ignominiously past him and into the house. "We don't have time for this, GIR. I need to get back to my amazing self." He said, unaware that all GIR could hear was grunts and little rrr-owls. "I gonna call you Fluffy! And we gonna be beeeessst friends!" GIR said, wrapping his arms around Zim in a breath crushing hug. "Hehe! Don't tell Master! He don't like kitties."
"GIR! I am your master! I AM ZIM!!!" Zim snarled, struggling out of GIR's grip with astounding flexibility he would never have been able to accomplish before. "You're hopeless." He grumbled, beginning to pad into the kitchen where he would then head down to his labs and get this mess straitened out.
A flashing red light and an alarm made him jump. "Security alert! Foreign organism detected!" The computer's voice said loudly. "Foreign organism?! I am Zim!" Zim protested. Mechanical arms and claws suddenly appeared from everywhere all at once, electricity crackling at the ends of some. Zim took a few wary steps back, and then whirled and ran as the arms advanced, chasing him out of his own base. "See you next time, Fluffy!" GIR called as Zim shot past him and darted out the door which closed with a slam. But Zim was not out of harm's way yet, now the gnomes came to life, their eyes glowing dangerously. Zim was only able to barely dodge a laser fired by the gnomes, the heat of the blast singing the fur on his back as he skittered wildly away, stopping as soon as the gnomes succeeded in chasing him off of his property.
Of course the security system would work this time. This time when he needed the base more than ever. Of course.
Well now there was no choice, the only other option was Dib. He had to know some way to take the spell off. Reluctantly Zim turned his paws in the direction of Dib's house, although not without a growl and angry lash of his tail.
He didn't get far when a box-shaped truck drove up close to him. The human text on the side reading "Animal Control." A man got out of the truck carrying a long metal stick with a loop at the end. He looked very bored and didn't seem too thrilled to have to be working this late anyway; but they had recently received a call about a predatory animal in the area. He looked at Zim with apparent disgust. "Keeping wild animals as pets. What is wrong with these people?" He muttered, advancing towards Zim with the stick. "Now don't worry, little guy. This will only hurt if you struggle." He said.
Zim let out a yell and leaped as the man lunged forward with the stick. Now his only choice was to run as the man persued him. Turned into some horrible fur-monster, kicked out of my base, and now chased by this pathetic, smelly human! Can tonight get any worse? Zim thought darkly as reached Dib's house, crashed through a hedge, and flung his self at a tree, digging his claws into the rough bark and hauling his body up until he balanced on a branched obscured by dark green leaves.
The stick-human seemed confused at Zim's sudden disappearance and doubled back, looking under cars and shrubs to find his quarry. "Pitiful human!" Zim spat.
He then spotted Dib's window and made his way across the branch, his heart hammering with fear when the branch swayed and creaked beneath him. He had to jump onto the window sill, which gave him quite a start as he jumped short and dangled momentarily with his back legs churning the empty air until he could pull his self up and squeeze through the partially open window.
Dib was just below him. Sleeping with a smile on his stupid human face. Zim's tail twitched and he crouched low on the window sill. "Change me back, stink beast!" He yowled, leaping with claws unsheathed down on Dib. Dib woke with a start and a cry as the Irken-lion cub crashed into him, throwing them both onto the floor. As Dib fell his hand flailed wildly for something, anything for him to hold onto, knocking against his desk where the talisman now went sailing into the air, landing on the back of his neck as they landed in a thrashing heap on the floor.
Zim got off hurriedly, scrambling backwards and tripping over his tail as he felt Dib writhe and twist under him, his muscles sliding and rearranging. Now it was Zim's turn to watch as the hideous transformation took over Dib, joints popping and grinding until a pale tan lion cub lay on the floor where Dib the human once had been.
Dib blinked and reached for his glasses with a paw, not realizing what had happened until he could see well enough to see the grey paw instead of a hand that had pushed his glasses back onto his face. "Zim! Look what you did now! You always mess everything up!" He exclaimed, looking up at Zim who was pressed to the floor with his ears flat and his eyes wide. He wore an expression of a mix between horror and fury. And perhaps revulsion. "Just change us back already! This little prank has gone on far enough!" Zim demanded, relieved that they could at least understand what the other was saying now.
The talisman slid off of Dib's neck onto the floor. Dib hooked it with one claw and looked at it, his expression unreadable.
"Well?" Zim asked impatiently as Dib said nothing. Dib swallowed "I don't know how to change us back." He said slowly and seriously. Zim dug his claws into the carpeted floor. "Are you saying we're stuck like this?!" He exclaimed.  Dib let the talisman fall to the floor and shuffled his paws. "There's got to be some way to change us back. What about your labs?" He asked, looking hopefully at Zim. Zim only glared at him from narrowed violet eyes. "My base doesn't recognize me in this filthy form. There might be a way to disarm the base's defenses from outside, but I'm not sure I want to help you." Zim replied. Dib bared his sharp teeth in a snarl. "You rotten space monster!" He growled, ready to spring at Zim.
But before either of them could make any move the door was flung open, revealing Gaz in her pajamas. She did not look pleased to be woken up in the middle of the night. "Stupid cats." She grumbled, picking up one of Dib's shoes from the floor and preparing to throw it at the two of them. "You'd better get out of here or you're gonna pay." She warned. Dib looked scared but Zim wasn't afraid of a pathetic shoe. "You don't scare me, little Gaz. Just go back to bed or else-"
Gaz didn't allow Zim to finish his growlings and threw the shoe forcefully at him, striking him painfully in the head and forcing him backwards with the impact. She grabbed the other shoe and threw it at Dib; then began reaching for more objects to throw. Zim and Dib knew they were outmatched and promptly fled out of Dib's room, down the stairs, and out the door, all the while letting out yowls of fear.
"And stay out!" Gaz yelled, slamming the front door behind her. Zim and Dib panted out on the porch. They had escaped Gaz's wrath, but they were still no closer to returning to normal.
"We'll try your base then." Dib said to Zim, getting up and beginning to head down the sidewalk. He didn't get very far when there was a very loud popping sort of noise and Dib jumped with a squeak of pain. A brightly colored dart sticking out of his shoulder. Zim turned to see that the shooter of the dart was the man in the Animal Control truck who had a long-barreled gun pointing at the two of them.
Dib swayed and then collapsed unconscious in a pitiful heap. The man aimed the gun at Zim before he could gather his wits and run away. Another loud pop and Zim yowled as a second dart buried itself into his side. He staggered, fighting the effects of the drug. "Zim cannot be conquered by pathetic human tranquilizing devices!" He snarled defiantly. His legs suddenly shook and collapsed under him, his head felt very heavy. "It… won't… work…" He mumbled, his eyes beginning to close despite his best efforts to stay awake. "I…am…Zim…"
Then his head fell forward on his paws and he remembered no more.
And here is the beginning of possibly one of the stupidest things I have ever written. A crossover fanfic of Invader Zim and the Lion King. This is just for fun and isn't meant to be very long or very detailed. If you don't like it don't read it.

Oh noes! Zim and Dib have been turned into lion cubs! What will happen next?!? o.0

Chapter Two

Invader Zim (c) to Jhonen Vasquez and Nickelodeon
The Lion King (c) to Disney
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Speedpaint! [link]

He's gonna get choo!

So, I saw the original image of this on the InvaderZimWiki and I was like "I so wanna draw that!" So I did! Just some draw-what-you-see practice stuff. Nothin too fancy.
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I was bored. Soooo veryyy bored.
I felt like drawing something in the official style, and I felt like drawing something "IB" related, so this happened.

i tried :iconderpyzimplz:

I cannot stress this enough, but still...READ "IB" IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY… DO IT
I'm done here.
and I'm starting high school tomorrow >.>

ok now I'm really done
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Zim drawn in a real-life setting has been done many times before, and I felt like drawing it too.
I just wanted to try something without linework for once, and I felt like having fun with shading. :la:
If only I had used a higher quality picture for the background...stupid grainy iPod camera >.>

Invader ZIM is created by that one guy with the wacky name. *is murdered with a spork*
We dare not speak of the owners of IZ.
But this is my room. And I drew the little Zim in my chair. Hehehe...

*runs away*
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Zim gripped onto his collar again, panting harshly. He looked up at him, a faint spark of his old self appearing for no more than a mere second as he shouted at him. "HELP ME!!!"
'IB',Chapter 16
That part made me sink down in my chair in shock. Then I had flailed around on my bed for a few minutes like :iconspazattackplz: . Then I was like:
I never really get this insane over fanfics....'IB' is an exception

So... here it is :iconlaplz:
This is how I imagined it. With Zimmeh being all sad like. :iconwhutplz:
I'm not very experienced with drawing blood/gore. Meh.

I had to re-sketch it 3 times. :dead:
Well, the posing WAS very difficult for me to get it right.

Overall, I started at 2:00pm or something,and I didn't finish until midnight....ugh.
Drawn entirely in :iconpainttoolsaiplz:!
Invader ZIM is created by :iconjhonenvasquezplz:
'IB' is written by :iconinvader--zim: and :iconinvader-neo:! (READ THE AMAZINGNESS OF 'IB' BITCHACHOS)
This was drawn by :iconthetogekiss:
Just stating the facts :dummy:
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Based from this- [link]
Cause as soon as i saw it i laughed so fucking hard.
This is for my friend James because he showed me that pic and i know he will love it. xD
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Zim's walking home from skool "RGHHH HUMANS I HATE THEM!" He starts yelling and throwing his arms about to himself. Dib came running around the corner out of breath and quickly grabbed zim's shoulders and hid behind him still trying to catch his breath.
Zim squinted his eye's "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS DIB!?" Dib looked up at the alien, a loud voice yelled out "HEY! BIG HEAD YOU CANT HIDE FROM US!" Dib closed his eye's and hung onto the back of zim's Jacket.
Zim swung his head around to a tall dumb looking guy and what must of been his 'Gang' He was the Skools bully.
He stormed up to zim "Hey! Nerd don't even try to hide behind your faggy friend!" the bully pointed a finger in zim's face.
"What did you call ZIM!?" Zim screamed back hitting the guy's finger away. The Bully tried to push zim over to get to dib. Dib screamed grabbing zim's shoulder's again and shook them "PROTECT ME!!! ARGHH!" Zim scratched his head "Ehh...Grrr.." The bully laughed "What's green boy gunna do to me?" then he pushed zim again and that was it. Zim's eye twitched and he clenched his fist's. The bully and his gang kept laughing That was stopped when zim's spider legs flew up from his PAK hanging over him like razor sharp spike's. The bully and his gang stood speechless and they all let out girlie screams and took off.
Zim Put them back annoyed and walked off back home mumbling to himself. "YEAH! YOU BETTER RUN!" Dib yelled out "Oh my god zim that was-" Dib watched as zim was half way down the street. "hey...HEY! COME BACK HERE!!"

haha lol, im sorry that was horrible and that's why i don't write fanfic's duurr.
just had this little idea, i like story's when dib get's bullied and Zim just fuck's their shit up.

I wish i was good at doing background's this would look so much better.. AHHWELL
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"I see you lying next to me
With words I thought I'd never speak
Awake and unafraid
Asleep or dead?"

:/ I guess this could be vent art lol My life has seriously been shit on. I feel like everyone is counting on me but i just cant do it.


For the picture ..Idunno lol
I'll let you guy's decide cause i love you.
Plus this weekend i'm planing on doing a huge Stream of after midnight...i might talk because i have no friends :iconforeveraloneplz:
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i don't know ok. i felt like drawing some type of angst tonight, and i've imagined scenarios with this crossover. none of them were happy mind you. you know some things just kinda draw them selves, despite canon and whatever.

Chem!Zim is an actual human, so i think that deep down he's just lonely. (i may or may not use it in Chemicals but.) and i guess ToD!Zim is fairly nice to him cause... they're both Zim? i mean he obviously has a fondness for himself right?

wow i drew out that /entire/ conversation i am so done.

ToD, Chemicals (c) :icon10yrsy:
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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well look who it is.

pt 1:
pt 3:

Chemicals (c) :icon10yrsy:
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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so the firmness didn't last very long. go easy on him, he's had a rough day :aww:

obviously it's not the end of the story, but it's still the end of the mini comic. i have other little parts, that i'll be doodling at some point. and next on the agenda is finishing ToD. i'm sure y'all will be only too happy to get back to canon characters :XD:

pt 1: [link]
pt 8: [link]

story, characters (c) :icon10yrsy:
IZ (c) JV
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Fan art based on based on chapter 35 of Love, Loss and Doublecross, by ~darkdemondog244 - one of my top favourite Invader Zim ZaDf (not ZaDr) fanfics.

If you want to know why Dib has a PAK and antennae, and Zim's PAK legs are bloody, go over to her page and read her story. It's really good. :)

Tried a new style, yes. I like the style better in the later episodes.

Invader Zim belongs to Jhonen Vasquez.
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So I finally got around to updating this

I just could not get stuck into it. But I was busy as well over the weekend so I had no time. >.<

*Pat-The-Kitsune =BassoonistfromHell and *DJBrowny watched me work on this. X3

Eh.. I just can't bring myself to get back into Zim. I've tried, but it just won't happen. Lol though at work last Thursday night, a guy commented on my Zim sticker on my locker and told me he had the box set. He looked about in his late 30's. That was cool. X)

Some people are just awesome. Some... not so much... :no: Even though GIR carries on too much like a 13 year old, Zim still loves the metallic robot brat enough to scare Dib off.

I hope you like. And sorry to those of you who think this is another bland, reused, same old -find something new style. *headshake*

Anyway, enjoy. I really don't need to bring myself down thinking of some of the worst people in the fandom.

Art (c) to me. Do not copy/trace or steal please.
Zim,Dib (c) J.V.
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I fell in love with this image the moment I saw it, so I was inspired to do this.

So, this would be my own take of a situation like that. I like the idea of Zim experimenting or scaring the crap out of Dib. So, here, Dib has gone to far and Zim's had enough. I'll leave it up to you to wonder what's in the needle or what it does, or even what will happen.

idea is respective of ~soulofthewater

Go check out her Zim stuff - it's really good! :D

This is my crappy inspirational attempt >.<

Invader Zim belongs to Jhonen Vasquez
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Ive been wanting to make some IZ fan art for a while now, and i just randomly started sketching Dib, so i decided to make it a legit drawing. I kinda see this as Dib trying to capture Zimonce again, notice the alien sleep cuffs. Zim as usual would join in, but in a creepy setting, i think Zim has an advantage.

Art © :iconemegeek:
© Jhonen Vasquez
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Invader Zim fan art.

Characters © Jhonen Vasquez
Art © :iconemegeek:
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More IZ stuff. Let your Imagination wonder.

Speedpaint -…

Characters  © Jhonen Vasquez
Art  © :iconemegeek:
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It has been two weeks since the friendship was made official. And every night Dib would dream off all the good things that would happen to Zim… but never the bad.
He dreamt of the good times they had together, and what Zim eats and all the silent hugs Zim has with Gir. He dreams of the times when Zim goes out to steal those Chaco Tacos for Gir. He dreams of the times when Zim only fells good inside and he feels these good, warm, fuzzy feelings to.
Zim often talks to Gir, about past times and things that have happened before Gir and Zim met and Dib dreamt about these conversations. Almost all of them… He is still oblivious to Zim leaving, or the mission, or the girls in which Zim has to save.
Dib does, in fact, know of Zim's Brother Dax, dead sister Zeema, his Parent-units, family-unit, the Tallest and many other things of his life. But anything to do with the mission or the girls is, for some reason, blocked.
Dib now knew Zim better, he knew of the mistakes he has made, the way others of his own kind treat him and even the things the Tallest have done to him, yet Zim stays loyal. Dib now respects Zim a little more, though now he is a little frightened of him, not that he would ever admit that to anyone.
Dib has also learned of Zim's feeding and sleeping habits; and is now careful not to mess with him when he has had the least amount of sleep, or not a lot of food.
Through everything Dib has experienced through the dreams, he has not experienced the bad. No, only good, so he likes his dreams. He likes this friendship, it has its advantages; no bad dreams.

For Zim it's different. His dreams are plagued with bad dreams. He is more worried than ever now that summer is a mere two weeks away.
He knows that Dib has seen the good of Zim's life, for he has let him. When an Irken makes a friend, or wants to test someone, they can let them see the Irkens life through dreams. Zim was testing Dib to see if he could trust him. He now knows he can trust him pretty well, and has let him over at him house many times, and sometimes even in the lower base part.
He isn't prepared to let Dib know that he is leaving. He is his friend now and he doesn't want to hurt him. He shall ask soon.
"Time for skool," the computer says to Zim.
"Ok," he puts on his uniform and looks down to the sleeping Gir that has invaded his bed for the past two weeks. Zim sits down and just looks at the sleeping robot. Gir had started sleeping on Zim's bed like a dog, curled up into a small ball, snuggling right up to him at night. Zim was fine with it; it gave him comfort to know Gir was right there with him.
He reached out and petted the little form. Gir curled up to Zim's leg at his touch. "I am going to miss you, Gir," he then got up and went to the elevator and on to skool.

Dib was already in his seat, when Zim walked in. He was leaning back in his chair, his feet on the desk and his arms behind his big head.
Zim walked over to him with a small smile. "Hey, what's up?"
"Nothing much, what day is it?"
"Cool. So you want to do something after skool today?" Dib asked casually.
"Sure," The bell rings. "We'll talk about it at lunch."
Dib nodded and Zim went back to his seat. Ms. Bitters slithered in.
"DIB!! Get your feet off that desk, before I chop them off!" she snapped.
"Yes ma'am," Dib snapped back into the normal sitting position.
"Get out your text books and turn to page 3,658 and read until page 3,729, then go to lunch."
Everyone started on their long task. By the time Dib was done, everyone else, including Zim, was finishing up or already done.
Dib hurried to lunch and took his normal seat across from Zim. Gaz had gotten sick of being by herself and had resorted to sitting with Zim and Dib. She now sits by Dib playing her GS2.
"Hey, Zim," Dib said sitting down with his tray.
"Hey, so what should we do today?" Zim asked.
"I don't know. How about we go into the woods and try to find those ghost bee babies again?" Dib suggested.
As becoming friends Zim and Dib would go out searching together to find random paranormal creatures like ghost bee babies, Bigfoot, or ghosts. They often stayed out late and sometimes Gaz would go with them. They also went to Dib's house to play video games and Gaz would also join in and just barely beat Zim. Zim had gotten good at playing video games.
And sometimes they would all stay up late at Dibs house and watch movies; scary, funny, weird, paranormal, it didn't matter. Usually Dib would fall asleep and Zim and Gaz would take the time to talk about stuff. Anything really; just things to talk about, but usually its Gir or relationships, or something deep that Gaz would never tell anyone other than Zim and vice versa. Zim had also told Gaz about how he was giving Dib those good dreams to test his trust, but she never told anyone; like Zim asked. They told secrets and were very good friends.
Zim would tell Gaz about how Irkens don't feel much and would ask her to explain these human emotions and other human things that Zim didn't understand. Gaz didn't mind telling Zim what all these thing were, it actually made them closer. But they never told ANYONE, ESPECIALLY Dib that they were friends or ever talk.
Sometimes, as a nice gesture, Zim would bring Gir over just for Gaz and she would be so happy. The first time he brought Gir over Gaz gave Zim a hug, when no one was looking, of course.
"Nah. We already looked for those babies plenty of times, and they always get away! No we shouldn't look for them again, they'll expect us. Is there anything we haven't already tried to look for before?" Zim asked.
"Hmmm? I dunno. We could look for some werewolves, or vampires in the woods? No we can't they only come out at night… Or… no it's a dumb idea!"
"Tell me!!" Zim screeched.
"Ok, ok. We could have a…" Dib gulped and blushed a little "… sleepover..?"
"What is a sleepover?"
"Were you come to my house and stay the night. Well in this case it would be the woods, but it's still considered a sleepover." He rambled.
"I don't know. I do trust you not to hurt me, but…"
"You know I won't hurt you!"
"Oh alright, but no funny stuff ok?!"
"Is Gaz going to go?" Zim asked, blushing slightly at his own question.
"Gaz?" Dib inquired his sister.
She stopped playing her game and looked at Zim. "Ok, but no funny stuff, ok?" she mocked him playfully; only Zim knew it was playful though.
"Yes miss Gazzems," Zim snickered and Gaz kicked him under the table.  Zim uttered "Ow" and sneered at her.
Gaz just threw some milk on Dib. "Gaz?! What the heck?!"
"Just shut up," she snickered.
"I'll be right back," he grumbled and stormed off to the bathroom.
"Now Gaz looked at Zim and a small blush formed. "Is Gir going to be there?"
"If you want him to be."
"Will you bring him?" Her eyes casted downward and more blush showed.
Zim looked around to make sure Dib wasn't around. In fact all of the kids were gone and only the cafeteria staff was left. Dib wasn't in sight. Zim pushed all the food out of his way and leaned over the table and with his face rashly close, his hand gracefully and gently lifted Gaz's eyes to look into his. "Of course I will."
They were so close and Gaz could only stare at Zim. He hadn't been bold like this until the first time he came over to hang out with Dib. She was so close that she could see right past Zim's contacts right into the maroon depths that never seize hold. Their faces only inches apart, and a blush was planted on her pale white skin as well as a dark green one on Zim.
"Thank you," She uttered, smiling. Zim smiled back and letting his hand fall from her face, but not moving at all. Neither moved for several seconds, maybe even a minute. Then they got back their good graces and Zim sat back. The blushes gradually faded and all was back to normal.
Only seconds after they got back to normal Dib was back and looked sort of suspicious. But soon was normal, then the bell rang.
"I'll see you after skool, Zim," Dib called and walked to class.
"Bye, Zim," Gaz said under her breathe.
"Bye, Gaz." And they walked back to their classes.

Dib had only gone to his locker and retrieved another coat, so it didn't take long for him to return. And he saw everything. He saw Zim touch Gaz's face and she didn't flinch or snap. But they didn't do anything so what's to worry?
Dib didn't know and forgot about it soon after class begun.
He could only think about the sleepover…
Zim too…
And Gaz…
I know, I know, I skipped time. I just don't want to make this Fanfic TOO long. The stuff the did during the time skip isn't as important or as dramatic as later. The fanfic will be moderately long anyway so be happy. this Fanfic will have more books in it. this is only the first.
This is only ZADF! NO ZADR ZAGR GAGR ZAGirR GaGirR or really anything else even if it seems like it!!!!!!!!!

First --> [link]
Fifth -->[link]
Seventh --> [link]

Dib, Gir, Zim, The Tallest, Gaz, Ms. Bitters, Crazy Taco and the cafiteria staff go to Jhonen Vasquez

Dax, Zeema, family units, parent units and the 'girls' go to MEE!! :lol:

Chaco Tacos go to Taco bueno and Klodike
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Everything is on fire. The skool, the buildings, my house…. The world….
I'm standing in the street watching the chaos. A half-dead man crawls towards me. He looks up and reaches to me. "Help me!" he pleads. I would, but he is already dead at my feet. I back away.
I tried, I really did. But I guess it wasn't enough. This is all Zim's fault! He did this! I tried to stop him, I always have, but the world thought I was crazy! They called me insane! Now they believe me and the world is ruled by Zim and the Irken race.
I fall to my knees and cry out in pain. The blood seeps down my back, from the wound Zim created.
"You should have left, Dib. Now you are dead!" Zim cackles. "Mwah hahahahahahahahahaha!"

Dib wakes up scared and sweat staining the bed. He searches in the dark to find his glasses. When he does he checks the time. 6 o'clock. He should be getting up now anyways, so he goes downstairs to get some cereal.
He shuffles down the stairs and goes into the kitchen. Gaz is already there playing her Game Slave 2. Dib checks the cabinet and finds some CocoFang cereal. He gets his breakfast ready, sits down and starts to eat.
"Do you HAVE to eat near me?" Gaz asks not looking up from her GS2.
"Duh. Where else would I eat?" says Dib.
"I don't know and it's not my problem. I am going to skool now," she nonchalantly walks out of the kitchen and out of the door.
Dib looks at the clock. "Oh no! I'm going to be late if I don't hurry!" he says to no one and rushes out the door.
He catches the bus just on time going to the back of the bus to sit with Gaz. Usually on the way to skool he yaps about Zim and what he is going to do to stop him, but today he keeps quite and thinks about his dream. He has never had a dream like that before. Usually he dreams of catching Zim and watching his autopsy video, but Zim has never won, no not in Dibs dreams.
Gaz wasn't sure what to think about her brother and deep down she cared. But being Gaz she acts like she doesn't, so she asks "What's your problem?!"
"Nothing, just a weird dream I had last night," Dib simply answers.
Gaz knew where this was going and she didn't want a full explanation, so she left it at weird dream.
After dib got to skool he was still quite. He walked to class quietly and sat in his seat right before the bell rang. He only noticed he was in class when he looked over to see Zim wasn't there.
"Hmmm…. Where is the alien?" he asked no one.
"Zim? I heard he dropped out," a random boy said.
"No. I heard he was eaten by that evil green dog of his," said a girl.
"No he wasn't! He was hit by a bus! I saw it this morning! He was walking to skool and a bus hit him!" another girl piped in. Her remark had Ohhs and Ahhs around the room.
Dib for some reason got a little worried. He didn't understand why, but he was worried about the little alien. Would if he really was hit by a bus? The kids always made a big deal when a kid is tardy or absent, but Dib could sense something was wrong, but he didn't know what.
The class kept chatting and debating over Zim's absence, when Ms. Bitters slinked in like a shadow and hissed "Be quite! Or I will call all of your parent and instruct them to do terrible things to you and to love you less!"
All the kids shut up and the class began. About forty-five minutes into reading how to skin a moose, the door opened and Zim walked in.
He looked different and Dib could tell. He looked less enthusiastic and more sad than usual. He didn't come in and announce he is here and why he was late, followed by an "I am normal!" He just walked in and went to his desk.
"Zim! Why are you so late!?" Ms. Bitters demanded.
Zim thought a moment for a good excuse and just whispered something incoherently.
"What!? Speak up Zim so we may all hear of why you are late," Ms. Bitters demanded, once again.
"I…. I…. I was…." He scratches the back of his head, "I don't have an excuse. I am sorry."
That freaked Dib out the most. Mostly the apology, but also because he was speaking right, usually he would say "Zim does not have to answer to YOU!" or "Zim is sorry," but he wasn't the same.
Ms. Bitters seemed to have noticed this to, but quickly had a comeback. "Well that doesn't cut it Zim. Give me a reason why you are late or go to the office!"
"But… But Zim… I mean 'I' don't have a valid human excuse! I can't tell you why! Zim shouldn't have to answer to a stuupid huuman meat puppet like you anyways!" He ranted back.
Ms. Bitters couldn't take this anymore. "To the office NOW, Zim!"
Zim reluctantly left, head hanging, a scowl on his face. He went to the office for punishment.
Ms. Bitters sat back down. "Finish reading this chapter class, then you can go to lunch."
The whole class was gaping; mouths open, eyes wide, but soon went back to reading. Dib was amazed with what he saw, but quickly finished the chapter. When he got done he left along with other students.
He got his lunch and sat with his sister, like normal, but didn't eat. Instead he told Gaz what was going on, and what happened in class
"Sounds like he spazed out," she said bluntly.
"What should I do? Should I go and try to talk to him or laugh in his face?"
"I don't care," she eats her food and continued to play her GS2.
Of course she was no help to Dib, so he went with his gut. He looked around for the alien sitting by himself poking at his food. When he spotted him he smiled and walked over to the table.
"Hey Zim!" He said cheerfully
"What do you want Dib-monkey?" Zim asked.
"Just wanted to see what that whole thing this morning was all about," Dib answered truthfully.
"There was nothing going on this morning. I just came in late and I didn't make up an excuse. Now go away human worm-baby! I am trying to eat and be normal!" he exclaimed and eyed Dib suspiciously when he didn't leave. "What do you want with the mighty ZIM!?"
"Nothing. You just haven't been acting like yourself today. That's all."
Zim eyed him a little more, "Yeah right! You probably want to expose me, or take away my new robot bee like Tak did!"
Dib was puzzled by his comeback and let out a little laugh.
"What is so funny?! Zim demands to know!"
"Your just funny," Zim gave a startled look. So did Dib; he wasn't expecting to say anything nice to the alien. Then they both burst out into laughter at each other's faces.
When the laughter subsided Dib asked "So do you want to come over to my house after skool today, maybe?" Dib got a little embarrassed that he asked, but felt it might help the alien. He still didn't know why he cared.
Zim nearly laughed out loud, but caught himself, though, he didn't know why. "Ummm…. Why should I trust you?! You could be trying to expose me again!"
"I am not! I just thought we could hang out, you know?"
"Well…. Zim doesn't know about that. But…. I COULD get away from Gir for awhile…. I'll come over if I decide to trust you, but if I don't then oh well, OK?"
"Sure, whatever." Then the bell rang for class to start again.
After everyone was back in class they studied the universe and how it was all going to be doomed one day. And, strangely, Zim didn't ask any questions that relate to him being alien. No questions at all, really.
But through the whole day Zim kept giving Dib weird looks. He stared at him endlessly at times, trying to figure out why he asked him to come over. In the end he gave up trying to figure what was going on in that big head of Dib. Dib ignored him, making it look like he didn't notice.
When skool was over they both went out on the front of the skool above the stairs.
"So have you made up your mind about coming over to my house?" Dib asked coming up beside Zim.
"I have considered your offer and I accept. However if you betray me and try anything while I am there I will kill you. Got it?"
"Got it!"
"I have to go home before I come over. Gir gets worried if I am not home after skool. He thinks Pipi has come back to eat me or something stupid."
They both broke out into laughter again. "OK, well, come over when ever. Kay?"
"Alright. See you then," Zim said trotting off in the direction of his home.
"See you!" Dib called going in the direction of his bus.

He felt this way going to be a good day.
OK then. I hope you like It! I don't know if I am any good at writing. My friends and family and teachers say I'm gifted but i dunno. it took me like any hour to write this chapter :P
So I hope you like it and if you do give me feedback and comments of course. I wanna know if I am any good at writing or if I should quit now.
Also if you have saw my Smeet Zim Hug picture and you read my comment thingy then you know I said I wouldn't put any more Invader Zim pics up until i put up at least a chapter of this book I wanna write.... well this isn't the one. this is a smaller book to test and see how well it goes. And what I ment by not posting any more Invader Zim pics, that still stands but what I mean by it is that I wont post any of the Invader Zim pics that have one of my own character creations in it for it would be confusing. But I will post more, better, Invader Zim pics in the future of the real characters or some that relate to this story. so yaeh.

Chapter 2: [link]
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Zim couldn't wait to go to this… sleepover. Exciting! He had told Gir he was coming, and Gir jumped with glee.
Dib had given a note to Zim listing everything that he needed to bring to the sleepover, after skool.
1. Sleeping bag.
2. Radio
3. Night goggles
4. Garlic
5. Stake
6. Silver bullet
7. Small sleeping bag for Gir
Zim had looked up before what a sleeping bag was and he now knew what it is used for. He had called the computer and told it to make two sleeping bags during skool.
Now, at home, he packed what was needed. He put the bullet, goggles, stake, and radio in his PAK. He put the Garlic in a bag and put it in his PAK. Then asked the computer where the sleeping bags were.
The computer dropped the two perfectly made sleeping bags. One was blue like Gir's eyes, with a black Irken symbol on the front and the other, the one for Zim, was red and had the Irken symbol on the front. Zim grabbed the bags and went to the elevator. He went down to his room and hurried and got a pair of his pajamas and stuffed them inside the sleeping bag. He rolled both of the sleeping bags up and latched the shut.
He went up to the living room to see Gir waiting by on the couch. "Hurry Master! We is gunna be late!" It was true. It was 7:55 and getting darker bye the moment. They were to meet Dib and Gaz in the woods at 8. The same place they had shared adventures before. Zim stuffed the sleeping bags in Gir's head and put on his disguise. Gir put on his dog suit and they both rushed out the door.

Dib and Gaz were waiting at the place in the woods were they were to meet Zim. The tent was already put up and Dib and Gaz's sleeping bags were already in there. The tent was massive; way bigger than any other tent.
Dib and Gaz had brought snacks, a portable TV, video games and system, movies, weapons and a big radio thingy that will boost the sound of a small radio. They brought CD's of music, Dib brought his guitar and Gaz brought her violin and viola; why she brought two different instruments, no one knew. Everything was out here and ready to be used.
They were still waiting for Zim and Gir. They should have been there 10 minutes ago. Gaz was nervous but Dib couldn't tell. She was scared that Gir might not come and Zim would mock her. She always has this fear.
A bush rustles nearby and right as Gaz turns to look she is tackled to the ground by a green fluffy Gir. She wants to laugh and hold him but she knows she can't near Dib. She'll have to wait. Gaz pushes Gir lightly off of her and looks around.
Dib and Zim were talking about the task ahead and decided to put everything into the tent. They all went in and started to put the things Zim and Gir brought into place.
"Whoa! This place is HUGE!" Zim admired the overly big tent. Gir nodded in agreement and took the sleeping bags out of his head, and held them out to Zim. Zim took them and asked, "Where do I put these?"
Dib pointed to two empty spots and Zim went to put them out. Dib just looked at Gir. He runs around in a circle rambling something about Chaco Tacos and soon jumped out of his dog suit. Dib nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a leathery, three-clawed hand touch his shoulder.
"Wow, you're jumpy today," Zim commented.
"You just freaked me out, that is all," replied Dib.
Zim rolled his contacted eyes and asked, "So is this ok?" He gestured to the perfectly aligned sleeping bags. Each side by side, the blue one a little bit smaller than the red one.
"Wow! Those are amazing!" He walked with Zim over to them and bent down. He felt the soft, cushiony feel of it and his eyes got big. "How did you make these?"
"The computer did. I gave the computer the design and told it what I wanted it made out of." Zim pulled a sketch pad out of his PAK and proceeded to show Dib the two sleeping bag drawings. They are a lot better than the drawing of the house he made when he first came to Earth.
"Wow, Zim. These are really good! How come you can draw so well?"
"I have lots of time now," Zim was referring to the time he's had recently, waiting for the mission to be planned out.
Dib wasn't quite sure what he meant, but he doesn't ask. "What are they made out of?"
"On Earth, you have a cloth called silk. Well on Irk we have a material that is closely related to silk. It comes from the Opka plant. It is much smoother and it releases a toxin that can ease and sooth any creature and put them in a deep comfortable sleep. It also gives them wonderful dreams… well most of the time. Unless they are really stressed or worried about something."
"Wow. Will you tell me some things about your planet some time, Zim? Please?' Dib pleaded.
"Yes, of course. I trust you now, so I shall give you information soon. But not now."
Dib was a little let down, but not much. "Ok. Oh and by the way, the Irken symbol was a nice touch. It really brings out the awesomeness in it."
"Yes, thanks." Zim just realized he said thank you and was a little stunned.
Dib was kind of spooked from the thanks he got from Zim, but to no more notice in it. "So you know how to draw? May I see more?" he asked looking at the sketch book that was already in Zims hand.
Zim shrugged. It's not like there was anything to hide. He had already given Dib a lot in his dreams, nothing could be a surprise. He handed Dib the book.
Dib started from the beginning and looked at each picture carefully, with great detail. The first few were simple pictures; houses, dogs, cats, humans, buildings, the easy stuff. Most were poorly drawn, well the first ten. After that they got to be really good. There was a perfect replica of Gir both in and out of his costume. Then Gaz playing her game; also perfect. The Tallest, Zim, a bunch of Irken ships, the massive, even one of Dib – all perfect. Dib never knew.
He gaped at them. He looked at more. This time he didn't know who they were. One was a picture of an Irken male with green eyes, a green PAK that matches the eyes, antennae like Zims. He had on a top notch Irken pilot uniform. He was top of the line, but who was he? "Zim who is this?" he asked pointing to the picture.
"That is Dax; my brother."
Dib looked for a minute more. They did look like Zim, but older, more mature. He turned the page and saw a baby Irken looking out at him. She looked just like Dax, but her eyes were blue as well as her PAK, and her antennae were curled at the end. "Who's this?"
"Zeema. She is a Smeet."
He looked on to see a two Irkens, a male and female. They stand side by side, looking out at Dib with soft faces; gentle and kind. Dib pointed.
"My parent units."
"You mean your parents?"
"No, parent units. We are born from tubes, on Irk. They just keep us until we are old enough to go into training."
Dib had question pop into his head, but decided to ask later. He turned the page to see another couple. Male and female, clearly in love. They hold hands, looking out at Dib. The girl had two long bold lashes at the top of her sea blue eyes, the same that Zeema had; they curl up and out. And one bold lash at the bottom of her eyes, slightly up, but it was clear they could go down. She had a slight smile. Her antennae went up and zig-zagged twice and curled slightly in, in a thick moon-like curl. She wore a long light blue dress with lots of lines. Her gloves; long and light blue. He shoes as well.
The boy slightly taller than the two, that were both very tall, and had the same maroon eyes Zim had. His antennae zig-zagged once and ended like Zim and Dax's. He had a long red trench coat that looked somewhat like Dib's and an Invader shirt of the same colour of Zims, under along with pants and boots like Zims.
"Who are they? They look like you, Dax and Zeema!"
"I don't know. I got a flash vision in my head and drew it. And I still don't know who they are."
Dib had more questions but kept them at bay. He looked through the rest. More pictures of perfectly drawn human things, one of Tak, and some clearly Irken animals.
He handed back the sketch book. Zim put it away. "So how did you become such a great artist so fast?" Dib asked.
"Irkens are good at things, and learn more quickly than other species." Dib still looked confused, so Zim tried to explain. "Let me see your guitar."
Dib retrieved it and gave it to Zim. "I didn't know you knew how to play."
"I don't." he snatched off his wig and stretched his antennae. Gir and Gaz, who were playing outside came in to see Zim and Dib. They walked over and watched as Zim began plucking each string and spouted off what the string note they were and fine tuned them; better than Dib ever could. He learned in about two minutes what the note were and adjusted to where he could play with two finger-claws.
In about five minutes he was playing many human songs and Irken without looking at any sheet music.
"Wow." Dib stared in awe.
"Woo! Do it again, Master!" Gir clapped.
"Impressive, let's see what you can do with a violin and viola." Gaz retrieved the instruments as Zim gave Dib the guitar back. She handed Zim the violin and he did the same with it as the guitar. And then the viola.
They were all awestruck. Zim just said, "I told you, Irken are highest race. Everyone is inferior to our skills. No offense to the master gamer, here," Zim gave a sly smile to Gaz and she just looked triumphant. "And just think, if Irken, especially me, are good at learning music and drawings, the easy stuff, then think, how good are we at fighting and piloting ships?"
"You are so cool!" Dib shouted. Zim nodded in agreement.
Zim then realized the time. It was around 9 and was way dark outside. "Are we going to go hunt for werewolves and vampires or not?"
"Yaeh! Let's go!' Dib went a grabbed stuff as well as Zim. When everything was gathered and they were ready to go and started to walk out the door, Zim stopped when he caught sight of Gaz.
She was silently pleading with Zim to stay, but not to be embarrassed at the same time. "Go ahead and stay I'll make sure Dib won't know a thing, but you have to go along, ok?" he whispered and she nodded.
Dib came back through the tent door. "Are you guys coming?"
"I am. But she won't! She is too young to go on such a journey with us! She shall stay! I command it!" Zim commanded.
"But she'll get eaten alive by rabid goat monsters or something! We can't!"
"Then Gir shall stay with her and they shall watch the tent!"
Dib sighed. "OK whatever. Is that ok with you, Gaz?"
"Yaeh, whatever."
And Dib walking out the tent door again. Zim said, "Stay Gir! Stay with Gaz and watch then tent. Let her have a Chaco Taco or something!"
"Okey dokey!" Gir said jumping on Gaz and snuggling into her side. Gaz got a slight pink blush and petted Gir's head.
"Thanks, Zim," she said.
Zim nodded. And looking like a hero, he left, silently and boldly…
THIS TOOK FOREVER!!! XD! It was so uberly hard. Why? I dunno. But because everyone rocks and this is sooooo late, Ima start right now on three more chapters! I'm really sorry it's late! I didn't mean to delay the chapter. I'm trying to post a chapter every three days, but I have finals this week and i was so caught up in studying and junk that I've been delayed. I got a ZAGR moment/chapter coming up. Also one with just Gaz and Gir. and another with just Zim and Dib. I need to write more with Gaz and Gir in it. lolz.
I hope you liek it! Please coment, favorite and all that good stuff!

First --> [link]
Sixth --> [link]
eighth(lol can't spell!) --> [link]
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The next day, you walked to ‘Skool’ feeling quite happy. Zim was your new best friend, and you actually had a pretty good school...sort of. The morning was pretty boring, since you had a math test. Zim passed all the answers onto you, which was great since he got them all right somehow. The whole day, Dib sat staring at you from across the room with hostility. You started to worry if you had somehow offended him. Impossible! You’ve never even talked to the guy! You decide to shrug it off and keep on studying for your history assignment, with Zim as your partner, of course. At recess, you quietly ate your horrible meal in the cafeteria. Zim didn’t even bother, as he apparently had an ‘allergic reaction’.
“Why, hello there.” You heard someone say from behind you. You turn around to see Dib standing behind you, with his arms crossed.
“Uh...hi?” you say, shyly. Zim turns around as well and glares at Dib. Dib looks at him for a brief moment and then back to you.
“I was wondering if you would like to sit with me and Gaz at lunch today?” Zim immediately jumped out of his seat and growled at Dib.
“You will NOT have the honour of eating your filthy ‘lunch’ with (y/n)!!!” Dib took a few steps backwards and then frowned.
“Well, excuse me, Zim. But last time I checked, it was a free country. Not that you’d know what that is...” Dib sneered. Zim shook his fist.
“Why you disgusting...”
“I’ll go with Dib” You decide. You didn’t like to see anyone fight over something so small.
“Ah! Wise choice, (y/n).” Dib smiled. Zim huffed in defeat.
“Fine, but promise you’ll be back?” he pleaded. You nod, grinning. As you were going to sit with Dib and Gaz, you looked over your shoulder and Zim seemed depressed, which was odd for he was always a spiteful character.
You felt quite sorry for him, and realized you were his only friend, besides his dog GIR, and you also began to get the feeling that Zim and Dib were way more than ordinary rivals.


At the end of the day as you were walking home, Zim managed to catch up to you and ask you one simple question.
“You don’t like Dib, do you?” You were quite surprised at the question and stopped to think for a few seconds.
“Not really. His head’s too big for his own good!” you chuckle. Zim smiles slightly and he offers to walk you home. When you reach your house, Zim looks at you with a serious expression on his face.
“Don’t trust the Dib-monkey. He’s nothing but trouble!” You tilt your head, not understanding what he was trying to tell you.
“Uh...okay Zim?” You say your goodbyes and head inside your house. You slump onto your bed, get your laptop out and check your e-mails to find one from Dib! It reads:
“(y/n)! I need to tell you something! Meet me in the park straight after school!”
“Odd, I didn’t give him my e-mail address!” you murmur to yourself. You remember what Zim said about not trusting Dib, and was now unsure whether to go or not. “Whatever...” you groan. If you didn’t show up, he probably won’t leave your side the next day at school! You quickly shove a sandwich into your mouth and head out the back door so your parents didn’t notice, as you had a strict curfew. Quietly jumping your back fence, you make your way to the park nearest to ‘Skool’.

Zim had taken off his disguise and was pacing in circles inside his base. GIR was busy shoving waffles into his mouth to care about what Zim was murmuring about.
“She is so strange...stranger than the average humans...” He glanced at his radar, that had your exact position on it. He ran towards it, shocked. Dib was there too! “Nooo!!” Zim yelled. “The Dib freak! He’ll tell her I'm not normal!! I need to warn her!!” Zim slapped on his disguise and ran out of his base. “I also have a new mission on my hands...” he thought to himself. “Just what is (y/n)?!” 

To be continued...

Invader Zim © Nickelodeon
You © Zim
Story © Jelena (thesuperpuppy)
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You had arrived at the park more than ten minutes ago and Dib had still not shown up. Was that e-mail just a hacker?
“Psst! (y/n)!” you hear someone whisper. You turn around to see Dib behind a large tree, waving you over. You quickly speed walk over to him.
“Dib!” you say. “How in the name of heck did you get my e-mail address?” Dib shrugged.
“I have my ways.” That made you feel uncomfortable. “Anyway, I need to warn you about something!” You had warnings left, right and centre! Who could you trust?
“What?” You ask, impatient to get home. Dib fiddled his fingers.
“You’re not going to believe this, but...Zim is an alien.” You raise an eyebrow. Wasn’t it clearly obvious?
“I know?” you reply. Dib looked shocked. “You’re not going to tease me for being an overly-obsessed freak?”
“No.” You say, simply. Dib stood there, staring at you.
“Uhh...okay then?” He scratched his head. “Oh! And don’t trust Zim!” Dib grabbed your arms, making you jump slightly. “He’s going to...”
“You filthy HUMAN!!!” you hear a familiar voice shriek. Out of nowhere, Zim appeared and tackled Dib to the ground. You stood back, startled. Dib managed to push Zim off after a few seconds of intense wrestling.
“Okay, Zim!” he huffed. “How about we settle this once and for all...” Zim tensed, ready to attack.
“STOP!!!” You run towards Zim and place a hand on his arm, making him twitch. “Violence isn’t always the answer, you know!” Dib crossed his arms in defeat.
“Fine, but we will finish this someday, Zim! Earth will triumph!” What the heck was this guy talking about? He glanced one last worried look at you and then walked away.


“What was all that about?” you ask, confused. Zim shrugged and hurriedly replied with,
“He’s always saying stuff like that!”
“He was talking about you being an alien...” Zim bared his teeth at the word ‘alien’ and you knew that wasn’t the right thing to say. “...I meant that he was trying to convince me that you were an alien...” He calmed down.
“You didn’t believe him though, did you?” Zim asked, staring into your eyes. You bite your lip. You already knew he was an alien, but you didn’t want to upset or anger him any more.
“No...” You finally conclude. Zim laughed in success.
“Hah! That filthy Dib-human fails again!” Now you were really confused.
“Well, I’d better head home before my parents kill me!” Zim frowned and clenched his fists.
“Metaphorically speaking!” You say quickly. Zim growled.
“Humans should be more precise...” What? After a few more seconds of awkward silence, Zim drags you to your house, obviously telling you he wanted to go home. When he dumps you at the front door step, he stares at you.
“Uh, are you okay, Zim?” He shakes his head, upset and frustrated.
“No! I won’t be until I find out!!!” He then turns around and runs home.
“Find out what?!” you shout out to him. Zim doesn’t answer, he just keeps running. Did you do something wrong? And what was that thing he needed to find out?


Dib quietly snuck into his house, sighing for Zim had won again. He walked upstairs and flopped onto his bed. He had tried and failed to warn you at how dangerous Zim is. Who knows what could happen to you? You could be a lab rat or anything! Dib just had to tell you Zim’s world domination plan before you put too much trust in the alien.

IT IS HERE *goes to type more*

Invader Zim © Nickelodeon
You © Zim
Story © Jelena (ThePuppyCompany)
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As you slowly walk to your new school, you feel a pang of depression. New school, new kids, no friends. That’s how it normally went for you. You sigh. Finally, you can see a giant sign above a building that says ‘Skool’. Maybe the people who started the school couldn't spell properly. You push through the front door and make your way to your new class. The teacher, Mrs. Bitters, glared at you as you entered, making you feel slightly uncomfortable. You stood in front of the class, looking at everyone. The guy that caught your eye the most was a kid with green skin and no ears, who looked as if he was plotting an evil scheme as he stared at you. Talk about weird! There was also another kid with glasses that wasn't paying all that much attention to you. He was staring at the green kid with great concentration.
“Everyone” Mrs. Bitters started to speak. “This is (y/n)(y/s). She is the latest addition to the hurry up and sit next to Zim.” You nodded, not saying anything due to shyness. Pretty strange teacher as well. You took the seat next to the Zim, the green kid. You waved slightly, and he just looked at you confused. Looks like this was going to be one long day.

At recess, you were walking around the playground, hoping someone would bother to talk to you, but no luck. You checked your watch, only to find that it was almost time to go back to class. You sigh, sadly. You never had any friends at school, or anywhere for that matter.
“HUMAN!!” You jump slightly. Turning around, you come face to face with Zim. Startled, you quickly look at the ground, not knowing what to say. “My name is Zim!” he continued, not realizing your shyness. “I just want you to know, that I am a human worm-baby just like you and is no way associated with anything to do with aliens or space for that matter!” You look up, slightly confused. What was this guy saying?
“Why are you saying this? It’s not like you’re an alien or anything.” You manage to say. Well, if he was an alien, it would explain the green skin and the strange things he says. Not that you care either way. Aliens always kind of fascinated you in a way. Zim glared at you.
“I’m just warning you, that one day, you will bow before the almighty Zim!! And I will rule you with an iron fist!!!” You wanted someone to talk to you, but not a psycho that resembled an alien!
“Listen, it’s been nice talking to you and all that, but class starts in a while so...”
“’Class’ can wait!! I would like to give you the pleasure of being my friend...”
You eyes lit up with happiness. No one ever wanted to be your friend! Sure, he was a bit weird and crazy, but it’s better than no friends. Before you knew it, you were tightly squeezing Zim’s waist in a hug. Zim stared at you with a perplexed look on his face. “What are you doing?!” he asked, clearly not knowing what a hug was. You take a step back, slightly blushing, as it would have been strange for Zim.
“It’s a...thing that friends do...” Zim looked at his hands.
“Well then...” He quickly grabbed you and embraced you in a gigantic hug, which knocked the air out of your lungs. Oh well, you now had a friend!


Meanwhile, Dib was watching closely watching your every move, along with Zim.
“Oh no! (y/n) has become friends with the enemy!” he said in horror. Gaz was too busy playing a video game to notice anything.
“Yeah yeah, that’s nice, Dib.” She said while attempting a high score. Dib spun around.
“We need to help her! If we don’t, who knows what will become of her?!”

To Be Continued...

A stupid x Reader one-shot thing. XD I hope all you Zim fans enjoy what I have to offer! c:
Invader Zim © Nickelodeon
You © Zim
Story © Jelena (ThePuppyCompany)
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