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touch my face
with both your hands
hold me to your breast

wrap your arms around me
and tell me i'll be fine

i'm just a babe
my fruitless tears announce it

i'm just a child
my tantrums can't deny it

hold me in your arms
and carry me to bed

press your lips
to both my temples
sing me softly, sleep
i was thinking to myself "after a while, i feel discouraged from writing, because it just begins to sound like the same crying noise, like that of a child's." then i thought "but if that's what it needs to be, then i shouldn't be discouraged to write it." and finally, "i wonder what weakness is? perhaps i am weak because i so rarely show weakness."

so, with my philosophy of "Whenever you feel like hitting delete, hit submit instead," 
here is a poem about my desire for as much human contact as possible. yay! :la:
i don't know if this form has a name, but it's definitely fixed to some sort of pattern. Spoken Word, maybe.
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the grass is verd ant wet
it krills through my toes
and slags under my feet

the sky is as you, blue
dotted with cloud sand sculptures
of heroic beasts
and villainous hands tandem
like a wilting glance

shifting from dawn to dusk

the tree czar, happy with birds
lush rich reaching deep, deep
within thearth and hearth

cradling bed s'oft children
falling as tigers shake the branches (Sanchez)
making real the nursery crimes

times with her wither
with him within the reaches and depths
of coiled coins and granular sky diving dances

gift given hand sanities are pressed like
kneaded brows needing comfort
come for the wine,
stave, or the kisses

but leave for the trees, happy with birds
songs long lasting deep, deep
into the sleepless night


bah, tin - my eyes
the grass is grey and jággedy
an djinns dænce to the dim din

but in my eyes
the sky is grey and operas sieve
through screaming curtains of clarity
blurred with clouds and sculptures
shifting from grey to grey to grey to grey too grey

the trees are grey with grey birds
preying on the maggots that feast on their fallen children
when the bough breaks the cradle will
be rebuilt on the same frail tree
grey'll be the end of me
the end of me
the end of me

come for the wine
stay for the kisses
leave for the trees in season
treason in grey
tree song ingré

the silence holds
the silence

shall we 
shell we
fill we
fell we.

This poem is best read out loud. so i changed the category to spoken word. The lines may be interpreted differently to someone who strictly hears the poem without knowing the written words.
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pitch is darkness
pitch is tone
pitch is why I can't be alone

my thoughts are crowded
my thoughts are drowned
my thoughts are squelched by this awful sound

my heart is angry
my heart is bled
my heart's the only constant while I lie in bed

and if I think I can slide by
boy am I sorely mistaken
this noise between my ears
makes even my poetry start fakin'!
three poems about this dumb noise so far...

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Who will survive?
:+fav: and read zee next RA comic to find out!
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:iconalexius: CLICK HERE TO READ THE NEXT EPISODE! :iconalexius:

little portrait of snippy by :iconluna133:
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:iconracaptain::iconsaysplz:ZEE CAPTAIN COMMANDS IT.


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Mark of Eon
episode. 12

The Queen bee
Previously: Phantom informed victoria that aaron and his crew were heading towards them. The queen then captured them and the crew is at her will.

“How rude of me I haven't introduced myself. I am vicotria the queen of the city of savages. I've heard of you, you're the boy who is of black and red society desent. How does that feel?” said victoria. “ No different.” said aaron. “I see, we'll aren't you a special boy.” said victoria. “Why are we here!?” yelled aaron. “Well that animated arm  you have there, you need eon to get you're original arm back, right?” Asked victoria. “How do you know about that?” asked aaron. “simple my Father told me. He knows everything.......maybe i'll let you meet him.” said victoria with an evil grin. “While your at it you need to teach your men some manners, are they sexist or something!” exclaimed melissa. “oh my men, haha this is what my city is composed of: MEN. The only woman they need is me. Women are weak, men are strong all around. When I was a young girl........about your age, I was picked on by the boys a lot, they said I was a puny pathetic little girl. I wanted to be like one of the boys, strong.....powerful. One day a man by the name of phantom came to me and told me of that if I wanted power he would grant it to me........................ I got the greatest power of all. The power to take control of people. It came with a price, I had to There are no women in this city, I control all of the men and only men.” explained victoria. “thats why your men were only prejudice to melissa.” said titus. “good job! Now I need aaron rage, my father would love to kill him personally, and to ensure that I need to make sure I have him cuffed. The guards grabbed aaron and dragged him towards the queen. “Let him go!!” yelled melissa as she and titus tried to break out of the cuffs. The queen grabbed aarons face and kissed him. Melissa had an angry look on her face. When victoria was done kissing him, she uncuffed aaron. “You know work for me aaron rage” said victoria in his ear. “yes my queen.” said aaron as bowed down in front of her. Melissa's eyes swelled up with tears. At that moment aaron turned into what kito described as a shadiku (look at episode 8). “I let his shadiku out, I would explain what it is but no use if your gonna die soon.” said victoria. “what is he!? He looks like he got stronger!” exclaimed titus. “i've seen him turn into this before.” said melisssa “Titus if you want to join him, you're more then welcome, or you can be killed with the girl, your choice.” said victoria. “i'll never join you!” said titus as he broke out of his cuffs. “very well then, Aaron attack them!!”yelled victoria. “Yes my queen!” Titus broke melissa out of her cuff's and took melissa's staff from one of the guards. “im gonna kill her!” yelled melissa as she sprinted towards victoria with her staff and as she was about to hit victoria with it aaron came and caught the pole just in time. He then pulled her towards him and head butted her and threw her into titus. “soilders stay out of this, this is between aaron and his former friends.” ordered victoria. Aaron rushed towards titus and kicked him straight in the face and flipped him over on his back. “Aaron snap out of it!” yelled titus. Aaron eyed melissa and turned his animated arm into a cannon and shot a cannonball. Melissa had no idea what to do, she just stood there stairing at the ball being hurdled towards her. Titus ran and caught it in the nick of time. “Melissa get your head in the game!” yelled titus. Aaron turned his animated arm into a boxing glove and tried to hit titus, but he dodged the multipule swings, until one landed right into titus's face. Titus then spun around and superman punched aaron in the face. It felt like everything paused. Titus looked at aaron. Then while he least expected it aaron punched titus into a support beam. “Melissa we have to fight back, for aarons sake!” said titus. Melissa gripped her staff and ran and hit aaron across the face multipule times. Tears would flow out of her eyes as she hit him. Melissa then stopped. “Im so sorry  aaron.” said melissa as she sobbed. Aaron then hit her across the face and shhe fell to the ground. “Aaron snapout of it! We're your friends!” yelled titus. Aaron ran up to him and grabbed him by his throat and started to crush his neck. “Aar---on...snap out of it!!” yelled titus. All hope seemed to have been lost until a the wall behind aaron exploded and a person with a scarf covering there face came in and kicked aaron across the cheek. He then dropped titus. “Hurry, we have to go!” said the person. Titus help up melissa and the three escaped. “Guards get them!” yelled the queen. The soilders chased after them. “Quick this way!” said the person as they jumped out of the castle into a stack of hay. They got back up ran away. The soilders were gaining on them. “Were almost there, we need a distraction!” said the person. “I got it!” said titus. Titus punched the ground with his fist dividing the road behind them leaving the soilders falling to the ground. “quick in here.” said the person as she lifted up a man hole cover and they all stepped in. “Thank you sir, so much for helping us.” said titus. The person took off there scarf and showed there face. It was actually a girl. “i---i mean mam!” titus corrected himself. The girl smiled and said: “no problem im akiho and I am these are my people.” she shown a light over a gigantic group of women.
The end.
Here is episode 12!
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Mark of Eon
episod 9

The city in the sky

previously: Aaron Titus and Melissa met a ninja named kito and his siblings. They six defeated a titan by the name of sway. After saying there farewells Aaron and his friend set out to look for another man with an animated arm.

“can we stop somewhere I need to eat something!” said Aaron as he fell to the ground dramaticly. “get up you big baby there was a sign that said sky city one mile away. So we should be coming across it pretty soon.” said Melissa. “But we're literally in the middle of nowhere!” said Aaron. “maybe you read the sign wrong, Melissa?”insisted Titus. “No I did not read it wrong! I read the sign it clearly said one mile!” yelled Melissa. “you probably still got smoke in your eyes.” said Aaron. Melissa hit him in the back of the head with her pole “I KNOW WHAT I READ!!!” Melissa hollered. “um you two, it says that sky city is In this pod.....i think?” said titus as they approached a phone booth looking contraption. “well melissa, this proves your and idiot.” said aaron, but she hit him over the head again. “let's go inside maybe?” said melissa. The three piled inside. “this is uncomfortable.” said titus. “this is stupid” said aaron. The doors suddenly shut and the pod lifted up from off the ground in rocket speed. The crew screamed for there lives as it was being launched in the air at maximum speed. Above the clouds they spotted a gigantic city floating. The pod slowed down and landed in a little port. The door opened and the gang walked into the city. “wow! This is.....umm....different.” said titus. “It's just an ordinary city, in the sky.” said aaron. As they walked there were people there greeting them. “this is nice plac----.” before aaron could finish his sentence he rushed to an old fashion diner he spotted in the distance. He bolted to the cashier. “ok I want 5 cheeseburgers, 11 large fries a whole pizza, and 20 pies!! STAT!” ordered aaron. “haha we'll you got quite an appetite don't ya?” said the cashier. Melissa and titus walked in. “we're sorry sir, he tends to overreact to the smallest thing.”said melissa with a smile. Aaron gave her an evil look.  “it's alright mam we haven't had visitors in quite a while, nice to have a few tourist.” said the cashier. “why hasn't there been any visitors here?” asked titus. For the past 10 years we've been attacked by giant flying creatures, we call them screetchers, ever since then no one has ever wanted to come back.” said the cashier. Aaron was eating massive amounts of food while they were talking. “do you guys have someone to protect you?” said aaron with his mouth full. “as a matter of fact...” said the cashier as he jumped on the table in front of them. “....They call me the sky commander! Me and my fleet help fend off the screetchers!!” said the sky commander. “wait then why do you, work here?”asked aaron. “my father built this place by himself. Im just keeping this thing alive, while im not fighting off sceetchers.” said sky commander. “Do you think it would be possible if we could check out your planes?” asked melissa. “oh no dear we don't fly planes, we use flyer pods! Come on with me I'll show you.” said sky commander. Titus's eyes got humongous. “OH NO NO NO WE ARE IN TO MUCH OF A HURRY!” said titus with fear In his voice. “oh come on titus don't be such a stick in the mud, we got time.” said aaron. Aaron and melissa dragged him out. They got to the port were  the flyer pods were, it was on the edge of the city, so if you fell of you'd die. Titus looked down and nearly fainted. “now these are our flyer pods, there so easy to fly a 10 year old could do it.” said sky commander. (imagine the green goblins glider. Except you lay on it.) “whoa it looks fun! Can I try?” asked aaron. “of course! Heres how you get in: first lay on the top and stick your hands through the holes, the left hand operates the up and down movement, the right operates left and right movements and the button on the side of it shoots. You're right foot gets your pod flying.” explained sky commander. “Alright! Here I goooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!” right when aaron said that he took off in a great burst of speed. He was screaming and maneuvering franticly, until he finally gained controle of his pod and flew like a pro. “That's how you fly!” yelled sky commander. “this is amazing!!” said aaron in joy. “it looks fun titus, lets do it!” said melissa. But titus just fainted. “so how come you guys live up here and how do you live here??” asked melissa.
“well our city just like any other, we just wanted to be left alone by monsters. So we constructed massive propellers to keep this city in the air, little did we know there were creatures of the air as well.” explained sky commander. Suddenly sirens went off. “Oh NO! Men get to your stations!”yelled sky commander. “what's going on?!” asked titus. “screetchers are coming! Get to safety!” yelled sky commander as he and his fleet flew to the sky. At the city sceetchers were starting to attack the citizens. Titus's plan was simple he kept throwing cars at them while melissa got others to safety. “There's too many of them! Where could they possibly be coming from?!” said titus. In the air aaron was terrified seeing the sceetchers attack the pilots. “kid shoot!!” yelled sky commander. Aaron then started shooting screetchers down with his flyer pod. “this is pretty easy!” said aaron. But in the distance there was a gigantic sceetcher making its way towards the city. “there's always a moma!” said aaron franticly. “kid get to the ground and go! This thing is impossible to beat!” yelled sky commander. Aaron flew in the direction of the giant screetcher. “UGHH!” yelled sky commander. Aaron hopped of his flyer pod and onto the giant creature's back. He formed his animated arm into a hammer and was striking the the back of the giant creature.  As it screamed all the other screetchers stopped what they were doing went to attack aaron . “Oh great!” said aaron as he saw a sworm of them go after him. Right in the knick of time sky commander started shooting them down. “Thats one heck of an arm you got there kid!”yelled sky commander. Aaron got his animated sword out and enlarged by ten times and cut the flying beast head clean off. As the beast made a crash landing sky commander scooped up aaron and they flew to the ground. The citizens cheered as the two heros made it safely to the ground.

“thank you again, soilders for helping us end this once and for all. When ever you need anything just give me a call.” said sky commander. “no problem it's our job.” said aaron. “so I learned something interesting today, guys.” said aaron. “what is it?” the two asked. “TITUS IS A BIG CHICKEN WHOSE SCARED OF HIEGHTS!!” said aaron. Titus hit him in the back of the head. “shut up” said titus calmly.

At black society base alex rage walked into his office and noticed a letter. “why hello what is this?”said alex to himself. “he opened the letter and it said:
“can't wait to see you agin, I always keep my promises. “


The end
next time: who is this tiro person? The answers of this mysterious man are answered in the next episode of mark of eon.
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The assassin

Previously: titus and aaron traveled to the city of numblee and met a girl named melissa, after a dangerous battle with he a monster the two departed along with with an univited guess.

“How did you stow away! We literally just said bye over 30 minutes ago!!”yelled aaron. “im sorry but at the next stop we're going to have to take you home.” said titus. “AND GOOD RIDDENS” Yelled aaron. “please I want to come! I want to explore the world and help people like you do!” said melissa. “what we do is far more dangerous.” said aaron. “i bet your parents are worried sick.” said titus. “no they aren't I promise I left them a note saying i'd be back in no time..........please let me come i've never been outside of numblee.
” begged melissa. There was a minute of silence “oh what the heck! But once we get back to red society base were getting you home!” said titus with a smile. “WHATT!!!!!!!!”yelled aaron. “thank you thank yo thank you so much!!!” said melissa. Aaroon had a look of dissapproval, after that he just passed out. Back at black society base It was lunch time and eveyone was eating. “Good lord this is some good food!” yelled warthog. “Let me get some that chicken,soilder!” exclaimed warthog as he tried to take food from a soilder. “General warthog, this is my food!” said soilder as he was trying to get his plate back. Alex was eating by himself  until nightlace came and sat next to him. “evenin general.” said nightlace as he sat down next to alex. “tell me something, do you believe in ghost sir?” asked nightlace. “Only the ones I can see.” replied alex. “well sir {nightlace looked around and whispered} have you heard the story of tiro's ressurection?” asked nightlace. “impossible he was executed years and years ago.” said alex. “well guess again sir, people say they have seen him, in a white suit. Here's a picture a soilder was able to take, while he was.” nightlace said as he gave him the picture and was a silhouette of a man passing through an alley he had a white suit and his hand had a glare in it. “Honestly, nightlace this could be anyone,don't believe everything you see!” said alex.  As alex walked out, he looked down at the picture of tyro. “We'll see if you can actually keep your promise,tiro.” said alex to himself.
Aaron and his group were at a place called marble city alex and titus where carrying massive loads of shopping bags as melissa was going crazy in the mall buying everything she saw. “OK GUYS THERES ANOTHER MALL RIGHT DOWN THE STREET.” exclaimed melissa. She dragged them by there collars and they were out of the mall. “She can come with us, it's no big deal, That has the stupidest thing I have ever heard!”mocked aaron. “ I had no idea it would be this much trouble!”admitted titus. Right in front of them came a man running out of the alley. He was panting and in an instant a man jumped down with a ninja outfit on and stabbed him through the back. (have a picture of him in my favorites gallery.) The ninja with his wooden dragon mask on turned around and ran away. “WHAT THE???-----STOP!!” yelled aaron. They all dropped there stuff and ran after the ninja. They dodged cars and people. The ninja jumped on top of a building. “ you guys follow him on the ground I'll follow him on top!” aaron jumped to the top of the building and chased after him. Aaron soon got closer and he tackled the ninja to another building and the two collasped into an air conditioner. They scurried back up and they both got there swords out. They looked each other in the eyes. The ninja slung its blade at aarons head but aaron blocked it with his sword and tried to punch the ninja but he front flipped over aaron and kicked his back. After that aaron grabbed his leg and punched his face and threw him to the ground. “he's really quick.”said aaron to himself. The ninja quickly got back up. “i havent met someone that could match me before, lets go a few rounds!” said the ninja. Aaron smiled and the two ran towards each other.
The end!
Next time on mark of eon: the mysterious ninja and aaron clash in an epic battle. The ninja tells of his true agenda.
I had to repost it. Tell your friends about MARK OF EON
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Chapter 3

The mist gradually grew thicker, moving in on all sides until their surroundings were reduced to menacing shapes, moving strangely in the oddly windless air. The fisherman had dropped them off this afternoon, promising to return to pick them up in three days for the promise of more coins. Since then they had walked, following Isabela's crude map, and the path that snaked inland. Here, the country was broken and torn apart; the sea seemed to be eroding the land, giving rise to the wasted plains the locals called the Saltmarsh. At high tide, the waters would flood the entire area, and even now the ground was filled with muddy hollows smelling of rot and brine. Everything that grew, grew stunted, and everything that moved was covered by the mist.

"Why a marsh is all I ask myself," Anders lamented loudly. "You'd think that once in a while mysterious old mages would feel like settling someplace nice, like a cottage by the ocean, or a nice townhouse."

"At least we're on the right track," Hawke said, halting as the path was blocked. Well, blocked might be a bit of an understatement, the pole that had been planted in the middle of it would not be that hard to move around. It was the painted skulls and bones that adorned it that gave him pause. "I'd take a wild guess and say this is our barrier."

Anders took a look around; they could just about make out other similar poles in the mist, marking what appeared to be a rough circle. "I think you're right," he said quietly, reaching out to brush his fingers through the air. The mist lit up where he touched it, revealing a slightly greenish sheen that was the barrier's true form.

"Let's hope that Isabela's amulet will do the trick then," Hawke said, pulling it out of his pocket. The coins jingled hollowly, they had taken on a different sheen here in the marsh, less gold and more green. "What am I supposed to do with it you think?"

"Just give it a bit of a wave and shove it through the barrier, that usually works." Anders tried to sound cheerful, but he had his staff in hand. Just in case.

"Is that how they teach you magic in the circle? Just do a bit of a wave and throw some fireballs?" Hawke said, reaching out towards the greenish barrier. The coins started to move, almost of their own accord, and he could feel the amulet getting pulled forward.

"They spend more time teaching us how not to do stuff," Anders replied, stepping close to Hawke as the barrier faded into a roundish gate, big enough for the pair. "You don't need to teach young mages to set things on fire, that comes naturally, like pimples and your voice breaking. It's not setting fire to your bed when you've had a nightmare that's the challenge."

Hawke didn't reply to that, instead he stepped through the opening, followed closely by the mage. Not for the first time he wondered if their family had simply been lucky that Bethany never had many 'accidents', or whether it was because their father had done a good job of teaching her. What if he hadn't been around? What if he had died earlier? Would they have woken up one morning with their house on fire? Maybe in some cases the Templars had a point. Mages needed training; the circles were just not the way to go about it. At least not like in Kirkwall. Not that he ever would discuss this with Anders, not anymore. He'd grown increasingly worried about rousing Justice.

The path continued onwards, but the ground turned drier as they moved uphill, and the stunted bushes turned to twisted trees. Hawke didn't feel any different than he had before they crossed the barrier, but Anders was on edge. Though the mists had thinned as they moved for higher ground, the shapes out there remained. More than once he had turned around, thinking that somebody was following them, all the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. Nothing. There was always nothing there.

"Maker, the Veil is thin here," Anders whispered, pace slowing as the path widened into an expanse of flat ground atop the hill, surrounded by standing stones.

"Well, at least we have the amulet to protect us," Hawke started, interrupted when the ground around them begun to crack and burst as skeletal hands clawed through. "Oh great, I knew I shouldn't have said that." He shoved the amulet back in his pocket, pulling out his daggers instead.

"If you knew it, why did you say it then?" Anders asked, touching the tip of his staff to the ground, faint blue shields erupting around the pair of them. "Did you wake up today thinking, 'oh grand, I haven't had a fight in weeks, I think I need to go find some darkspawn to annoy.'"

"Undead, not darkspawn," Hawke corrected, kicking the head off one of the skeletal warriors before it had emerged fully from the ground. "And I wasn't spoiling for a fight."

"Same difference," Anders said, frowning in concentration. His staff and hand moved smoothly as he collected will and magic in preparation. "And you were. What about the bar yesterday? You broke a bottle over that poor man's head."

"He was insulting... well, something. Someone." Hawke honestly couldn't remember anymore, he had been drunk, the man had been annoying, and Maker's breath Anders was right. He had been spoiling for a fight. And from the look of things, he would get one.

"Now these I wouldn't mind you fighting," Anders said, raising his staff to the skies as fire erupted around the hilltop, swathing the reanimated corpses in flames. There were no screams of pain or confusion; the skeletons continued marching as they burned. "Any time now, Hawke."

"Patience love," Hawke said, scanning the battlefield. It was just the two of them now, no Aveline, no Varric, no infuriating Fenris taking his anger out on magical constructs. Just the two of them. "These are just distractions."

Fighting back to back with the mage still gave him the shivers. To be that close to those powerful energies and not be consumed by them, well, he wouldn't lie. It was a thrill. Both in the good and the bad ways. By the time the corpses reached them, they were on the verge of falling apart from the magical onslaught, making them easy enough to crumble with a well placed kick, or severing their spine with a stab. But he hadn't spent the last ten years idle, he knew how these creatures worked by now. First the horde, depleting their energy, drawing them out of position, testing their strength. And then, just as they were ready to celebrate an easy victory, the next wave would come. The dangerous ones.

There was a whooshing sound, and the air filled with arrows. Hawke dropped and rolled, the shafts thumping into the ground around him, while the ones aimed for Anders burned before they hit the mage. "The archers!" he shouted. "Deal with them!"

"I'm more worried about those massive hammers," Anders shouted back, his staff crackling with energy that hardly seemed to touch the two armored warriors that lumbered towards them.

"I'm on it," Hawke said, smiling despite himself. Normally it would have been simple, Aveline would have been there, drawing their attention, leaving them open for him. Now it would be more of a match. Not that he minded.

Dodging another volley of arrows, he raced across a battlefield now lit by flickering fires. Every fallen skeleton was burning in their own miniature pyre, illuminating the dusk. The first warrior slowed, joints creaking, armor freezing over. Hawke sent a grateful thought to Anders, but didn't dare to look back at the mage. He was on his own for now. The hammer moved with agonizing slowness, and it was child's play to drop, roll past the lumbering creature, and bury both daggers in its back. There was little satisfaction fighting bones rather than flesh, but no bad conscience either. These creatures were dead, and he was just giving them their last rights. The enchantments melded with the blades were disruptive, downright corrosive when it came to constructs like these, and a few more quick stabs had torn apart whatever enchantments that made it rise and sent it tumbling to the ground, a collection of semi-frozen parts. He hardly managed to dodge the next blow.

"Maker's breath this one is fast," he cursed, leaping back, his arm still tingling from the near miss. "Got any help to spare Anders?"

"Little busy here," the mage replied. He was surrounded by a wall of semi-frozen corpses, all advancing very slowly at him as he retreated, blasting them every step of the way. The archers were gone, but more skeletons were rising out of the ground around them. It was only a matter of time before they would be overrun. "Find the center, there must be a focal point here, this is no random infestation."

"Stay safe," Hawke said, not sure if the mage would hear him over the din of battle. Not that it mattered. He was right; this was not just some tomb-curse reaching out for victims. There was something malicious here, someone...

There! He spotted a darkly armored figure striding out behind the stones, moving straight for Anders. The mage was a magnet for all things dark and dangerous, Hawke supposed it came with the territory, had he been an enemy he would have gone straight for the mage as well. Too dangerous to leave alone. Lucky for him, he had friends to watch his back. Pulling out a smoke bomb to conceal his escape, he made a run for the new threat. He would have to trust Anders to deal with the rest.

"See something you like?" Hawke shouted, causing the creature to turn its head a moment before Hawke buried his dagger in its armpit, where no armor could protect it. Cold. Freezing. Blast it, a Revenant. Cold as ice and hard as stone, and filled with malicious intelligence. This was all they needed. Pulling his dagger free he rolled to the side, the wicked sword gracing his armor as he did so. Fast. Or maybe he was getting slower. Older. Don't think about that now, he chided himself as he moved in again, keeping one step ahead of the sword, so close to the armored figure that his skin ached from the unearthly cold.

That's how you fought something with reach and strength; you stayed close, too close for efficient swings, and moved too fast for it to grab you. Dagger reach. It was like dancing, but where a failure meant death instead of bruised toes. He had to admit Anders was right. He loved this. Most of his blows glanced off the armor, but enough found their ways through chinks and cracks that the Revenant was growing increasingly agitated. It was a dangerous game, pissing off the powerful, but the angrier it got, the greater the chance it would leave him an opening to dig his daggers in and sever its neck, puncture a spine or disrupt the magical energies that held it enough to dissipate the spirit. The spirit. Hawke didn't want to think about it, but if things were left unchecked, was this what Anders might become? A dark creature stalking Thedas, seeking the death of Templars and the faithful?

The blow hit Hawke hard; Anders' shield the only thing that kept the sword from cleaving straight through his armor instead of just stealing his breath away as he was knocked to the ground. He fell, hard, tasted blood in his mouth as he struggled for air. A shadow shifted above him and he rolled, more from instinct than anything else. The sword buried itself deeply in the ground next to his head, glowing acrid green. That gave him enough time to get to his feet, spitting blood. Maker's breath, his back hurt. Maybe he'd cracked a rib, maybe he was bleeding. No time to think. He pushed forward, through the pain, sending a smoke bomb in the face of the creature, distracting it enough so he had a clear shot at its back. The daggers went in, twisting, but to no avail. The thing kept coming.

It felt like fighting the Arishok again, Hawke hated to admit it, but he tended to rely on his friends a bit too much. He worked best from the shadows, and out here in the open like this... he was not at his best. Or maybe his best had been three years ago. Maybe he was over the hill, and it would just get tougher from here on, until finally he would meet something that wouldn't go down and...

...the world exploded in flames, flames that somehow didn't touch him.

"I would appreciate you finishing this fast," Anders shouted, fending off skeletons with his staff. The mage was in as bad position as he was, but had found the time to help the rogue out anyway.

Hawke could feel a stream of vigor running through his veins; the world was all of a sudden sharper, clearer. He could literally see the enchantments holding the Revenant together, the spirit clinging to its corpse. Suddenly the sword moved slow enough to sidestep, the world speeding up as he leapt on the armored warrior, burying both daggers in the eye slit of its helmet. There was a roar and an explosion, only halfway in the physical world, but still powerful enough to knock Hawke back. He landed in a roll, on his feet in an instant, sending a knife into the head of one of the last skeletons that had been menacing Anders.

"Thank you," Hawke said, hands shaking as the borrowed vigor left them. He'd be bruised, but thanks to Anders it wouldn't be worse.

"Anytime," the mage said, voice shaky and hollow. "Maker, I..." there were faint bluish cracks appearing on his form, making Hawke take a step back.

"You're glowing again," he warned, cursing his own stupidity. If he had been faster, Anders wouldn't have had to exert himself to this extent, to pull on the spirit for healing. To risk waking Justice. Vengeance.

"I know, I..." Anders said, voice shifting into the unearthly echo that heralded Justin, but the mage clenched his fists and shouted to the heavens "No, you stay out of this, there is nothing for you here!" The last words, cracked though they were, were fully human once more. The glow stopped, leaving the mage to sink to his knees in the blackened circle of once human remains that surrounded them.

"Anders?" Hawke asked cautiously, hunching down in front of the mage.

"It's me," came the admission, shakily. "He... Maker, he almost..."

"He almost what?" Hawke asked, reaching out to brush a hand over Anders stubbled cheek.

The mage flinched away. "Never mind," he snapped, but tiredly. "He's gone now. But you are right. It's not Justice anymore. Just Vengeance." His eyes avoided Hawke's as he climbed back to his feet, leaning on his staff as if the fight had aged him decades.

"So this was a whole bunch of nonsense," Hawke said, looking around the hilltop. "Seems like someone had a laugh at Isabela's expense."

"Or on yours," said a strange voice, old and accented. "Or no laugh at all, just a test." The old elf woman appeared to have been sitting on a nearby stone all along, wizened and grey like the tormented trees.

"So, did we pass?" Hawke asked, daggers ready just in case. "Don't keep us in suspense."

"You are alive, are you not?" came the reply, and the old elf rose from her resting place.

"Funny friends you have," Anders joked, trying to get his bearings again. "Sorry we had to take them apart."

"No friends of mine, shemlen" the elf smiled, leaning on her staff. "I was hired to rid this place of them, and you performed admirably."

"You... had us do your dirty work?" Hawke sheathed his daggers, rolling his eyes. "Maker's breath, I thought Isabela was unique. Apparently, there must be something in the water."

"I was told of your predicament," the old woman continued with a look at Anders, ignoring Hawke. "I wanted to see how you dealt with your possession, and I needed payment for the service I am about to provide. This provided an opportunity for both."

"Service?" Anders said eying the old woman suspiciously. "As long as I get to keep my robes on, I suppose it is alright."

"Oh aren't you a cheeky one," she said, walking up to the mage. "Still holding on to what you are."

"What are you going to do?" Hawke asked, stepping closer. "We're here for answers, not..."

"Shush," the old woman said, gesturing slightly and the ground shone green beneath Hawke's feet. "You are inconsequential, human, wait here for your lover."

Hawke wanted to protest, but he couldn't get a single word out. He couldn't move. He was frozen in place as securely as if he'd been encased in ice instead of in gentle greenish energy. He could see Anders face contort in rage, he could see him raising a hand to dispel the glyph that held him, and then he couldn't see anything. The mists had swept in, taking both of the mages along, leaving him behind.


Chapter 5
Well, this chapter was growing so long it had to be split in two, aren't you all grateful for a cliffhanger? *grins*
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Chapter 19

[The Siren's Call II]

The horizon was a brilliant blue on blue where the lighter sky met the darker ocean, no trace of land or ship. The ship raced steadily across the waves in the brisk wind, strong enough to give them speed, but not strong enough for the rolling waves to truly be a nuisance. Still, Fenris clung to the mast, unused to the odd swaying of the crow's nest, wary of being taken off guard. Isabela showed no such compulsions where she stood; leaning over the edge, face in the wind and a smile that went from here to the horizon.

"This is what freedom is, Fenris, this is what I was talking about."

The elf did not lose his frown, but he let go of the mast, echoing her stance, trying to understand what she was talking about.

"Look," she laughed, placing an arm around his shoulders, ignoring the slight stiffening it caused. "There is nothing out there but us, and the ship, and up here I can feel it all. This is me. My body. This ship. These sails. The creaking of her hull. I can feel how she leans into the wind, the shifting waves, and the smell of the ocean. No chains. No walls. No boundaries. On land I am a whore, a drunkard and a duelist, here I am a queen. Always a captain though," she added with a smirk.

They had spent the night talking, reluctantly, haltingly, the pair of them unused to sharing. They hoarded their feelings like beggars hoarded coppers, but now in the daylight it all seemed like a dream. Looking at her, Fenris could not imagine her as a young girl, sold off to be a wife before she was ready. He could not imagine her being trapped by anything or anybody; she had broken her chains so thoroughly he could not even see the marks.

Except sometimes. At night. When the smile faded.

She knew he would not tell anybody.

"I see water and the sky, but no freedom," he rasped, more puzzled than annoyed. "I've been on a ship before; it has nothing to do with being free for me." Cramped holds. Unwashed bodies. Denarius escaping, leaving him behind. Not free. Thrown away.

"That is because you've just been a passenger silly," Isabela laughed, the wind tearing at her hair, the sunlight casting reflections in her jewelry. "You've been dragged through life by one boat or the other, but you've never really sailed. Other people have held your rudder, but..." Her eyes flashed teasingly, the joke dirty but her intentions pure. "...I intend to teach you how to sail."

Fenris was quiet for a moment, watching her face, willing himself to find faults and causes for anger. To rile against the world and stalk off, finding refuge in a dark corner somewhere. But there were no corners or cobwebs up here in the sky, just the swaying mast and a dark-skinned, curvy woman with a smile like the sun. He looked up, into the glaring heavens, shadowing his eyes.

"I think I would like that very much."


The Royal Office. The last refuge of sanity in a castle filled with pomp and circumstance. Outside the doors, King Alistair had to live up to what his advisors said he was, had to act the King, be the Leader, the Uniter, the Rebuilder. And a lot of other words with capital letters in them, something which he had to admit he wasn't very fond of. But inside his office he could relax, let his shoulders slump a little, surrounded by mementoes of past adventures and friends. If someone was invited for an audience in the Royal Office (capitalized, always capitalized), it was a sign that the King trusted them with who he really was.

Just a man trying to do the right thing for the right reasons, never quite sure if he was managing to pull it off.

"I can't tell you how pleased I am that you accepted my offer to return to the Fereldan army," the King started, rising from his messy desk to approach the woman standing at attention in front of it. Tall. As tall as him. At least. Oooh boy.

"I am only surprised that the offer was made after the events in Kirkwall, your Majesty. I would have thought that decision was taken from me when Knight-Commander Meredith was killed," Aveline said, keeping a carefully neutral tone.

"Alistair. Not your Majesty. In here that's the rule, and I am the King so I get to make the rules." Oh if only that was true. Follow rules more like it. He had quickly found out that the more powerful you were, the more things you were supposed to do. And change was not one of them.

"Does that actually work, your Majesty?" The redhead raised one eyebrow, giving the King a skeptical look.

"Nooo," the King admitted, scratching the back of his head. "But I keep trying. I like Alistair. It's a good name. I'm afraid one day I'll wake up and think I was named your Majesty or something. Try it out. Please?"

"As you wish... Alistair."

"You said it; I can't believe you actually said it. No wonder you had the reputation you had in Kirkwall." The King refrained from pumping his fist in victory, because you had to keep some dignity. Well, a little.

"I am almost afraid to ask," the redhead replied, relaxing slightly.

"You did your duty regardless whether it would annoy the nobles. You were the protector of the common people, the scrupulously honest Captain of the Guard, the one force for order in Kirkwall."

"I dislike entitled men born with privilege thinking they are above the law."

"I am the son of a star-struck maid and an indiscreet man who just happened to be king, I can sympathize." The King shrugged a little.

"I served under your brother. He was a good man, for a king," the redhead admitted, with the smallest of smiles.

"And I am glad to have you serve under me. Or, well," the blush came unbidden, "I mean with me, as an officer, and I understand you're married?"

"That I am. Very happily I might add."  Aveline showed no signs of having noticed the King's blush.

"Ah, well, good to know," Alistair said with a sigh, "that is good to know."


[Outskirts of Orlais]

As stories went, Varric didn't like stories with tragic endings that involved him. Honestly, he didn't enjoy stories with him in any major role, period. He'd rather be the teller of tall tales than the hero coming to the rescue. Not to mention the fact that heroes tended to do a lot of running, something he avoided when he could. Planning was the key to any successful venture. Know where to go, whom to speak to, whom to bribe and whom could be threatened. And above all, where the nearest bolthole was located in case things would go sour. As they did once in a while. If all else failed, Bianca was always there to back him up.

But, befriending the wrong man never paid off in the long run, and picking a side was woefully bad for business. Now he was on the run and as out of his element as he had felt in the Deep Roads. Sod it all, he should have taken Sunshine up on her offer to stay in Denerim. But at that point in time he had wanted to get as far away from the Hawke family as possible, because if there was one thing he was betting on, it was that in the end Hawke would come back for his sister. There would be war, and possibly Blondie would resurface and that would be bad for business. Not that Denerim had much of the sort, still recovering from the blight as it was. No, going to Orlais seemed like a much better option. Start over.

In retrospect, not his best plan. With a gentle squeeze on Bianca's trigger he sent a bolt hissing through the air, nailing a Templar to the wall. They were coming after him in force, and he'd been so used to having someone backing him up, that he was getting sloppy. Picking a fight when he should have run.

"I assure you I would still be open to talking about this," he shouted, legging it for another corner. "Whatever you think I did, I'm just an innocent businessman." Ooh that had been a big enough lie to almost burn his tongue. Not that anybody was listening. "Oh people never learn, do they Bianca?" he sighed and petted the crossbow, bringing it up for another shot.

Unfortunately for him, they really did learn. Or perhaps they bred smarter Templars in Orlais, because before he had a chance to squeeze the trigger, a slim, red-headed shadow stepped up behind him, knocking him cold.

The last he heard as he was dragged away, was a softly accented female voice, speaking to his captors. "Bring him to the Seeker, she would want a word abou..." and then the blackness took him.

[Brecilian Forest]

"Come back here Feathers!" Merrill waved her arms about, which only seemed to encourage the mabari cub's mad chase around the camp. The hare had a head start and could turn on the drop of a hat, but the mabari had enthusiasm on his side.

"Oh no, not the tent," Bethany exclaimed in horror as the mabari zigged where the hare zagged, tumbling like a projectile into their half erected tent, tangling itself hopelessly.

"Bad Feathers," Merrill chided as she ran over there, trying to untangled the frightened puppy. "We do not eat bunnies, they are cute and have floppy ears and most important of all, they run really, really fast."

"I can't believe you named him Feathers," Bethany groaned, leaning down to help her friend. "He's as heavy on his feet as a nug."

"I like Feathers. I always wanted a griffon."

"He's not a griffon."

"How likely am I to find a griffon here? Don't we need to go to the mountains then? I don't like mountains. Or caves. I really don't like caves anymore." The puppy finally freed itself, proceeding to rampage straight into Merrill's lap, licking her face.

"And you," Bethany scowled at the old mabari that had remained panting in the shadow of a tree. "Aren't you supposed to know better? Be an example? I swear, brother taught you the worst habits."

"I think that was Varric," Merrill offered, ears twitching slightly. "And Feathers is a much nicer name than Captain Woffles. Was he in the army too?"

"No, he wasn't." Bethany hunched down and scratched the old dog. He had grayed around the muzzle, but his bite was still worse than his bark. "But Carver wanted to be in the army when he named him."

"I think he misses Aveline," Merrill suggested. "I know I do. The world is so much less safe now when she is not around. She was comforting. Like a great big tree you could sleep beneath."

"I miss her too," Bethany sighed, petting Captain Woffles. "But we couldn't stay in Denerim. It's just too dangerous to be a mage there right now; we didn't want to bring down the chantry's wrath on King Alistair. It is better this way."

She really hoped that was true, because the deeper they got into the forest, the worse her dreams were becoming. Oh Maker, she hoped her brother was safe. She hoped they all were.


The prince of Starkhaven was pacing, anxiously awaiting news he suspected would amount to nothing. Again. Like last time. Andraste preached patience but his was running short. After taking back the throne that rightfully belonged to him, the fates had conspired to make his life difficult. The Starkhaven circle had erupted in open warfare and revolt, the surviving mages disappearing in the bowels of the city or the surrounding mountains. The Templars lacked leadership, and people distrusted them after news of what happened in Kirkwall had started seeping out.

Even he was suspect in the eyes of some; his failure to slay that abomination that called itself Anders on the spot had been noted. There were whispers of his involvement in the explosion, and though he rooted out said rumors with vicious force, every single one of them was another nail in his heart.

Elthina. The sisters. Countless others since then. Anders had a lot to answer for, but the renegade seemed to have disappeared from Thedas entirely. As had Hawke. So, he had decided on other plans.

"They have been located." The voice came from the shadows, nearly causing Sebastian to jump.

"Are you certain it's them?" He could hardly keep his voice steady, but the Prince of Starkhaven could not afford to show weakness. That was between him and the Maker.

"They are matching the descriptions."

"Good," Sebastian smiled. "Bring them in."

This was turning out to be not such a bad day after all.

[Par Vollen]

"The ship in question has passed through the Northern Straits unaccosted," Ashaad reported, still covered with dust from his journey.

"Good. You have fulfilled your duty. Go with the Qun." The hornless Ben-Hassrath leaned back behind his desk, waiting until the scout had departed.

Only when he was alone once more, did he lean forward, moving one of the pieces on the game board in front of him. Something akin to a smile graced his dour face.

"Asit-tal-eb, Basalit-an," he mused quietly to himself as he viewed the pawns in front of him. "Asit-tal-eb."

[The Uncharted Territories]

The mist wrapped the trees in mystery, and turned the standing stones into immobile husks just waiting for a hapless passer-by to pounce on. This was not a place one lingered; it was a place of threat and spirits, a graveyard filled with too many dead to count. But some remained alive.

"'Tis pointless, I tell you," the woman's voice rung out, annoyed and to the point. She was thin and pale, with hair the color of ripe blackberries and a temper as sharp as their thorns.

"You can feel it, same as I," the man replied patiently, running his fingers through the air. Tall, dark and lanky, with a solemn seriousness in the face of her prickliness. The ghosts played around his hand, reaching out, almost touching before they faded back into nothingness. The dead playing tag with the living.

"I can feel it, yes, but that was not my objection.' Tis pointless and obviously a trap." The woman clenched her staff and the ghosts fled, fearing her wrath.

"Your mother has been alive for a decade, why choose now to set a trap for us?" The man reached out to caress her cheek, but she turned away, stomping through the stones.

"Oh she is wily and patient, and no doubt she wants him." The words were spat over her shoulder, but then she halted and turned around again, marching back to the man so she could point a finger hard in his chest. "And you are a fool playing right into her hands."

"He will be safe here," the man said, gently placing his hands on her bare shoulders. This time she let him touch her.

"Of course he will," she scoffed, looking up at him. "As would you if you did not insist on your foolish little expeditions."

"I left my responsibilities to Amaranthine behind; not my vows as a Grey Warden."

"Oh now, did you not?" The laugh was sharp, but almost fond. "Then why the secrecy? Why not simply go back to your fool friends and run fool errands for the king of all fools?"

"You know why," he sighed. "Because my place is here."

"Obviously not since you keep leaving."

"And coming back. Come with me this time Morrigan, let's hunt some darkspawn, save some innocents and find out what your mother is planning that has the spirits in such an uproar. Like in the old days."

"You are such a fool Amell." But a smile had crept unbidden to her lips. "I suppose 'tis time that he learned how to look after himself."

"The spirits will take care of him, and we will not be gone for long."

"You always say that," she said with a roll of her eyes.

"This time you will be along to remind me."

The kiss was no less sweet for being expected.

[On the Amaranthine Ocean]

They were heading back home. Home. Hawke had lost too many of them already, maybe he should just stop thinking of any place as home. Would probably be better for both him and the hapless places he had brought ruin to. And yet... this felt like something close to it. Not the ship, even though he was almost getting used to the feeling of nausea and disorientation, but the people. Friends.

He was standing near the stern, just watching life pass him by. Isabela, larger than life on land and doubly so on the ocean. In command. Ordering Fenris around, and Maker's breath was that a smile on the dour elf's face? It almost seemed like it.  There had even been a stalemate of sort between Fenris and Anders, the jabs and insults were there, but they were dull, softened by something Hawke didn't pretend to understand. He was just glad it was there.

War. That was they were heading back into. He'd told Anders many things that had been unsaid before, but he had told nobody what really happened on Par Vollen. What he had been told. Knowledge given came with a price. Was it a leash or a noose? He was reminded of a song he had heard one evening in the Hanged Man: 'I am in need of nothing else, but rope enough to hang myself. Laughing through the gates of death I go.'

He felt like that. He'd been given rope enough, but he could feel it chafing around his throat.

War. Was Anders equal to the task he had set himself? Were any of them? Would his lover turn out like Orsino in the end, a voice of reason turning to madness and unreason when he thought everything was lost? This time he had the means. This time he could stop him. Quickly. Simply. Cleanly. No blood on his hands.

The Qunari wand burned against his skin, he didn't dare to leave it lying around so he had taken to carry it under his clothes. Like a hidden dagger. Aimed at Anders' heart. Could he do this? Could he keep a cool head for the sake of Thedas? Was the Qunari right about him? Was their path the only sane one in an insane world? Was he truly Basvaarad as he had told them he was? Did he trust Anders that little?

That was the question, wasn't it. Trust. Love was one thing, but trust was harder. It wouldn't hurt to keep it, would it? Just in case. Safely hidden. A dark little secret. It could save Anders' life. In case things turned bad. It could get him out of there even if he refused to flee. No martyr. Just gone. And it would be on Hawke's shoulders, but the mage would be alive. And alive was always good, right? Better than dead. Even if it was a death the mage might have chosen for himself.

Trust. So blasted hard to give.

But sometimes the hardest things were the only things worth doing.

Looking around to see that nobody was paying attention to him, he pulled out the hidden wand, and then, after a moment's hesitation, he lobbed it as far out to sea as he could. It hit the surface with a splash, just another fish seeking the sunshine. Then it sank.

Hawke let all his doubts sink with it.
So, this is it. Me wrapping up Act IV and setting the stage for Act V.

I will probably need a little break now, nearly 60 000 words in a little over 3 weeks is exhausting. But, we'll see what happens.

I want to thank everybody that has been reading and commenting this, it has been an enormous source of energy and joy that has enabled me to keep the momentum needed to bring it to a close. You guys are really the greatest.

Also, if people have any closing comments or reflections I would love to hear them. What did you like the most? The least? Any things that surprised you? What did you think would happen? Anything you disagree with or thought I handled poorly? I love hearing things like that, live and learn is all I say.

And once again: THANK YOU FOR READING.
And thank you Bioware for making such an awesome game.
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Title: Act I: The Hanged Man
Author: Rattsu
Game: Dragon Age 2
characters/pairing: Hawke x Anders.
Disclaimer: Copyright by Bioware, MxM romance, nothing beyond kissing. Yet.


This was stupid. No, scratch that, this was really stupid, possibly verging on the stupidest thing he'd ever done. Possibly. Hawke had to admit he had managed to pull some rather stupid moves so far in his life, but so far he had always managed to come out ahead in the end. But this… this was worse. This was not a fight, not about money or reputation or even friendship. This was about love. Or so he thought.

Or so he hoped.

He should go back. Darktown was not a place to stand around being indecisive at the best of times, especially not these days. Since returning from the Deep Roads with a small fortune he dressed better, groomed himself better, and had that faint smell of Hightown around him. It was only a matter of time before someone's need of money overrode their fear of his daggers. Ah well, who was he kidding? He would welcome that fight. A distraction. Then he could go home, clean off the blood, and put this thing off for another day. Except that he'd done it once already and one more time would really mean that he was just as chicken as Fenris had been.

Had living in Hightown made him soft?

Maybe. Or maybe just lonely. When he'd been a refugee squatting in Lowtown, it seemed like a dream come true, a place where you never had to worry about getting shanked in a dark corner or where your next meal was coming from, a place of opulence and plenty where his bath hadn't been used by at least three others before him. But, now that he was a man of wealth and his mother had regained both her name and her estate, he was finding out that shadows lurked even behind the fanciest curtains. Their house was large and far too empty. His mother had, in one of her usual fits of generosity, invited the dwarven merchant and his adopted son to stay. Bodahn had accepted with a wink, since he had already sworn to repay Hawke for saving his son's life during their expedition to the Deep Roads. But, their addition to the Hawke household couldn't disguise the fact that Bethany was gone. Taken.

Hawke was now what amounted to a single child, and by the Maker, he didn't like that feeling at all.

Even now, standing here, trying to work up the nerve to turn the corner and walk down the stairs to what felt like certain doom and heartbreak, he felt like kicking something. Luckily, Darktown lacked for many things, but objects to kick was not one of them. He sent a rock flying into the dark shadows of a corner, hearing rats skitter as it fell. Bethany. He should never have let that happen. Never. They had managed to keep her hidden for so long.

She was an apostate. A mage. The Templars had come for her at last, and Hawke had to wonder if they had known of her all along and had simply bided their time until he was not around to protect her. Or was that just his ego talking? It had been pure chance that he had arrived back home from the Deep Roads with the good news just as they were getting ready to drag her away to the Gallows. Maker… he had almost gotten them all killed right then and there. It was a hanging offense, hiding apostates. Only some very fast talking from his sister and mother had kept them out of trouble, and he had nearly ruined it all by pulling a blade on the Templars. If Aveline hadn't been there to hold him back, he had no idea what would have happened. He'd be dead. Possibly. Or a fugitive as sure as any apostate. Instead he was now a noble, living in Hightown. Money wiped away all stains it seemed, the donation to the Chantry had been generous enough to make them see through their fingers at his behavior. He and Isabela had stolen it back the very same night and left it for Lirene in her donation box to help other Fereldan refugees.

A secret just between the two of them.

Isabela. Hawke signed and walked a few steps down the stairs, then retreated again. He wished she was here; she would just have given him a push and told him to either shit or get off the pot. The two of them had gotten close after his sudden windfall of money, even to the point of ending up in bed together. It had been fun, and something that continued to be fun now and then in the back rooms of the Hanged Man, but fun was all it was. Friends with benefits, and when the benefits dried up, Isabela didn't ask why. He suspected she had known for a lot longer than he had. He was falling in love.

It wasn't like it was something he had planned for, he was not the flowers and romance type, and pining after someone just sounded painful, like an itch you couldn't scratch. Love was something romantic poets made up to make sex sound pretty, like putting on makeup to disguise what lay beneath. Flirting was something you did for fun, to see if you could talk someone into bedding you. Sometimes you succeeded, like with Isabela, and sometimes you struck out, like with Fenris. But it was different with Anders.

Anders. Such an infuriatingly secretive, passionate, funny, bitter man. Hawke couldn't work him out, one moment he was all sweetness and jokes, the next he was all frustration and scowls. His moods changed faster than Fereldan spring weather.

The renegade healer still tended his clinic, that much at least hadn't changed in the last three years. It was still not much more than a hole in the wall, but he was a lot better stocked thanks to secret donations from Hawke, and, he suspected, Varric. So far he'd stayed ahead of the Templar hunters. Hawke wasn't sure whether it was because of Varric's timely warnings, the dubious loyalty of his fellow Darktown refugees, or simply because the Chantry didn't want to put to the test what authority they really had over a lapsed Grey Warden mage. He supposed it didn't matter, as long as Anders stayed one step ahead. He wouldn't lose another one to the Gallows, and if Bethany hadn't assured him that it wasn't too bad there, and that she liked teaching children, he'd have broken her out already. Somehow. There were ways in, he knew that now.

Even if he hated how he had come by that knowledge.

It turned out that Anders was a lot more than just a healer; he was also quite heavily involved in the mage underground, smuggling mages and their kin out of Kirkwall. The healer had never told him openly, it was just one of those things that went unspoken between them, like so many others. Anders asked Hawke for help with certain matters, and the rogue was only too willing to assist. So he hadn't thought twice about agreeing to help his friend find evidence that the Templars weren't just sadistic bastards, but sadistic bastards that were out for mage genocide. Even if it meant infiltrating the hidden tunnels underneath the Gallows. Of course it went badly, they had confronted a group of Templars threatening a young mage, and Anders had lost it. Completely lost it. Hawke hadn't seen the mage possessed since that first time in the Chantry, when Karl had been killed, but even then there had been some manner of control. This time…

Maker. Hawke shook his head as he finally made up his mind and stomped down the stairs into the depths. He had never seen Anders like that before. Or Justice he supposed. Not only had the mage torn through the Templars like their armor had been paper and not tempered steel, he had done it with a viciousness that would have made Fenris proud. And then, once everything had stopped twitching, he had turned on the mage girl. And for what? For being afraid of him? For fearing the abomination? For being influenced by the Templars? Hawke had been so shocked it had taken him a moment to react, and by that time it had almost been too late. But not quite. His words had managed to reach the mage inside the abomination, and the blue glow of possession had faded, leaving Anders to collapse into a shocked pile. He couldn't blame the mage for fleeing the scene.

He really couldn't.

They'd talked afterwards. Or rather, he had managed to talk the mage down from fleeing Kirkwall. He'd never seen the man that shocked before, but he recognized the look in his eyes. Hawke knew he had it himself the first time he killed a man. Blood on his hands. Human blood. That last horrible gurgling breath. Men were different than darkspawn or beasts. Athenril had spent that evening with him at the Hanged Man, trying to talk her best smuggler out of quitting the business for good. He'd gotten used to it eventually, both the blood and the fact that sometimes people ended up dead at his hands. He'd gotten used to it, but he prayed that Anders never would. The mage had been right in warning him to stay away. He had no idea what Anders truly was, but whatever it was, it was dangerous. Sometimes even to friends. He knew this should have made him back off, but instead… it drew him closer.

Moth to a flame he supposed. Maker he really was an idiot, but he'd been one all his life so why stop now?

Maybe because this was the point of no return, standing outside Anders' clinic, staring at the closed door. The lamp wasn't lit, so maybe the mage wasn't home, or maybe he just didn't want to take patients right now. He shouldn't do this, but somehow the realization that the mage hadn't been playing coy and hard to get for all these years without reason had changed something for him. Something vital. The mage hadn't been a player and a tease (well, the latter was probably still true, but…), he had actually meant every word he said. He hadn't wanted Hawke involved in this, had tried to keep away for as long as he could, until finally he needed the rogue's help so much that he had no choice. Anders had been trying to keep him safe. From this. From him.

Too bad for the healer that Hawke didn't do safe. Never had.

So with a deep breath he pushed the door open, finding Anders crouched down on the floor, his back to him. Blasted coat kept him from having a good view of the mage's ass, but at least there was no flinching or startling. The healer seemed to have calmed down considerably since their last meeting.

"What are you doing?" Hawke asked, walking up to peek over the shoulder of the hunched mage.

"Putting out milk," Anders replied, voice lighter than Hawke had heard it in months. The mage rose, turning to face Hawke. Was that a smile on his lips? "I miss having a cat around. But I think the refugees have scared them all off," now his eyebrows shot up in the familiar look of worry. "Or maybe eaten them."

"I think the preferred Darktown cuisine is rat," Hawke grinned. The mage's moods fluctuated wildly, and right now depression seemed to have given way to enthusiasm. But there was still something so cautious about the way the healer spoke, as if he kept expecting things to break into painful shards at any moment. Words spoken by someone so used to hurting he couldn't quite believed that it had stopped.

"You know," Anders started, pacing a little. "I've been meaning to thank you. It's just that other things keep coming up. Like bandits. Or spiders. Or Isabela." There was the faintest of grimaces there before he got back on track. "You don't need to stick your neck out for the mages here but you have." He stopped in front of the rogue, speaking with the utmost sincerity. "One day we will make a world where your sister can be free again."

Hawke swallowed hard, when the mage was this close, this intense, he really did feel a bit weak in the knees. Passion was infectious, and Anders was by far the most passionate man he had ever met. He believed in things that Isabela would laugh off as foolish idealism, and which Varric would term glorified suicide, and yet Hawke found it impossible not to be affected. Going up against the Chantry and the Templars was insane, and fighting to free all mages was… well, something more insane than insane. He'd have to ask Varric if there was a word for that. And then he realized that Anders had said 'we'. Maker preserve him.

"Well, you know me, I always had a thing for scrappy underdogs," Hawke teased in return, it was so easy to fall into his usual flirting banter, even if it had never got him anywhere before. He should try to be serious. Should tell the other man how he felt. It was just that every time he opened his mouth, something snarky came out. Sometimes he wanted to kick himself.

"I've tried to hold back," the healer continued, not deflected by the comment. He was serious now, more serious than Hawke had ever seen him before. "You were there. You saw what I almost did to that girl."

Hawke had seen that. He really had. He wouldn't lie, he didn't understand it, and he was more than a little freaked out by it. But the look on Anders face made him hold his tongue, just giving the mage the smallest of nods. He hoped it was an understanding one, and didn't reveal what really went through his mind. Which was pretty much that he couldn't remember wanting to tear off the other man's pants more.

"You have seen what I am now," Anders continued, stepping closer, voice dropping as if he had read Hawke's mind. "But I'm still a man. You can't tease me like this and expect me to resist forever."

"Sooo, how long will it take before I drive you mad?" the rogue asked jokingly, on the verge of pointing out that three years was a pretty impressive amount of time to keep deflecting his advances. But he never got the chance.

Bridging the gap between them with a quick step, Anders grabbed hold of Hawke, pulling him in for a deep kiss. For a brief moment, the rogue had no idea what to do with his flailing hands, his protests turning into moans, muffled by Anders' possessive kiss. The mage had grabbed his head with both hands, rough yet gentle. No chance of escape, so Hawke dove straight into it, wrapping his arms around the healer, burying his fingers into the familiar feathers. Maker's breath, he had no idea the mage could kiss like this, he'd always thought that he'd have to be the one to take charge to get anything done. Turns out he was dead wrong. He was dealing with years of pent up frustration here, and having it explode in his face was all the more satisfactory. His hands slid lower, went for a grope, inflamed enough to just dump the mage on one of his cots and have his way with him right then and there. But of course Anders still had to be the tease, and broke the kiss and stepped away, leaving them both breathless and wanting.

"If we could die tomorrow," the mage said, straightening his coat with a flush. "I wouldn't want it to be without doing that."

"Is that all you had in mind?" Hawke asked, because he suddenly had a list of things a mile long that he wanted to do before he died, just with the mage. Most of them without clothes.

Anders laughed, but it was a soft, almost sad sound. "With Justice, I thought that part of me was over." He turned serious once more, giving Hawke one of his all too familiar warnings. "If you're with me we'll be hunted. Hated. The whole world will be against us. If your door is open tonight, I will come to you. If not, I'll know you took my warning at last." From the look on his face the mage didn't want Hawke to take his advice, and yet was terrified that he would.

"I take it that's my cue to leave," Hawke said, wishing his pants weren't this tight.

"I have patients coming," the mage nodded.

"I see," the rogue said, turning to leave. "Tonight then?"

"Think about what you're doing," the mage cautioned as Hawke exited the clinic.

Oh how little Anders knew him. Since when had he ever thought things through?

This was ridiculous. And Hawke usually dealt with things that were ridiculous by taking a trip down to the Hanged Man and get drunk. Or possibly fight someone. Something. He hated being nervous, he hated waiting for things, and Maker's breath, when was Anders going to show up anyway? Had he decided to back out? The man was nothing if not fickle at times, or had something happened? An emergency at the clinic? Templars? The thought made his hand go for his dagger, but of course it was not there. He was at home. In his house. In Hightown.

It still didn't feel like his house, this was his mother's estate. Sometimes he felt like Fenris, just squatting somewhere, except with less cobwebs and better food. It had been three years, but it still did not feel comfortable. He was not a Hightowner, he was not a nobleman, despite what his mother said, and he was most certainly not an Amell. He was a Hawke, the son of a mercenary apostate mage, who had grown up on a farm in Ferelden and made a name for himself in Lowtown. The way his mother kept inviting him to Hightown dinners and tried to set him up with suitable daughters of important names just made his palms itch for a good blade and a brawl.

But this was Leandra's dream, and he wouldn't ruin it. He'd settle for his small rebellions, like the Hanged Man and his friends and… well, he supposed, Anders.

Maker where was he? Had Bodahn locked the door after all? He'd made sure the dwarf would leave it unlocked, though he hadn't told him the reason. In case nothing happened. Hawke rubbed his lips a little, the memory of that kiss still felt unreal. Anders was nothing like Isabela, where everything had been simple with her, it was so very complicated with him. He couldn't just jump his bones, could he? Were there rules about these things? When you were serious? He'd never been serious before in his entire life, and now he rather regretted that. He could have used the practice.

Nervousness got the better of him, and he stalked down to check if the door was unlocked. It was. The street outside was dark and cold, no sign of anybody but a solitary city guard, walking his route. He closed it gently, walking back through the overly large foyer. The scale here still dwarfed him, they could have put their entire farmstead into one room, and here it was just used to impress visitors. Hawke supposed it worked, it certainly worked on him. But what would Anders think? He still felt like an ass for living up here, while the mage was stuck amongst the rats and lice in Darktown. He never even visited much, like the others did, and when he did there was always this faint… Hawke didn't even know. He was probably imagining things. Getting paranoid.

Since when did he care if anybody approved of his choices? Maker he really was falling hard this time, he'd end up getting crushed if he wasn't careful.

He walked back up the stairs, to his side of the house. His room. Or rooms. He had one end of the house, his mother had the other, and blast it but he was glad that she was an early sleeper. How late was it anyway? He hunched down and put another log in the fireplace. The room was hot enough already, but he needed something to do with his hands. The fire crackled, but there was a feeling of… something behind him, and he rose and turned in one swift motion, going for his daggers. Which weren't there. Of course.

"Andraste's ass, Hawke," Anders said, hands raised, one of them glowing faintly in case Hawke would have actually thrown a punch or something. They were both far too used to violence and sudden attacks. "I knew I should have knocked." The mage looked even more tired and scruffy than before. It had obviously been a long day.

"You're here," Hawke sighed in relief, trying to look like he hadn't spent the last hours being worried out of his skull. "I wasn't sure you would come." Maybe not the smartest thing in the world to admit, but it just slipped out. Lots of things just slipped out around Anders.

"Justice does not approve of my obsession with you" the mage admitted, looking a bit sheepish as he scratched his neck. "He believes you're a distraction." It took a moment for him to overcome whatever inner tension he was feeling, but in the end he won out, stepping forwards towards Hawke. "It is one of the few things on which he and I disagree."

"If you hadn't come," Hawke confessed, "I would be out looking for you."

"When I was in the circle, love was only a game." Anders had gone all intense again, closing the distance to Hawke where he stood in front of the fireplace. "It gave the Templars too much power if there was something you couldn't stand to lose." He swallowed hard before admitting. "It would kill me to lose you." The mage reached out, gently touching Hawke's face as if he was afraid that he would somehow break it on accident.

"You aren't going to lose me," Hawke protested. He wasn't used to feeling fragile, but there was something in the way the healer touched him that made him wonder if he hadn't been standing all those hours just waiting outside. Waiting for courage.

"No mage I know have ever dared to fall in love," Anders smiled, reaching out to pull Hawke close. "This is the rule I will most cherish breaking." The kiss was less filled with desperation this time, and more with a quiet wonder that this was really happening. There was nothing to interrupt them here; for once they actually had time. Time and privacy.

"You do love breaking rules, don't you?" Hawke mumbled the words softly into the Mage's ear as he pulled him towards the bed. His heart was beating hard enough to hurt.

"I've been told that," Anders replied, the smile filled with wonder and desire in equal measures.

The last, Hawke thought to himself as he pulled down the mage on top of him, could really be said for both of them.

Part 2 in which there will be very NSFW smut.
Set in the same universe as my other Dragon Age 2 stories.

Okay. yeah, I am feeling all sappy and romantic, so sue me. *grins*

Will probably be a part two of this eventually, because for some reason I really want to write out their first night together.

I am also frustrated because I have been spending all day trying to make covers for these things, I had this idea to have them with tarot like imagery, but in the visual style of the loadscreens of the game. Could I pull it off? NO WAY.
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So coldly amusing
The casual risk looming ominously
Why am I so out of touch
A thousand tiny pinpricks tormenting my psyche

To take that chance
A halfhearted leap of faith
My doubts weighing heavily upon me
Making progress so ponderously slow

The image within that polished surface
My face, my knowledge, my soul
Only the outermost layer of the armor I'd built up
A harsh carapace coated with sharp filaments of frost

I know I'm cold
A lazy defense against a passionate heat
The violent kind
What they'd see is only the clearest reflection

Out of my control
My own distorted image
A gentle visage reflected in a cracked mirror
But not even tangible

©A. DeMario 2012
A little piece inspired by the idea of taking risks, but accepting oneself before acting upon them.
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Tales of the forest spoken from lips velvet soft
Lightly sensuous as they curve into a smile
A lady of expression, a bridge of hardship she'd crossed
If only to stay and talk awhile

Red hair a reflection of ideas burning within
A magnetic sickness that joyfully infects
Once again allowing an alluring madness to begin
Sharing secrets of which I fiercely protect

I feel like I've been tamed by the Muse
My fear and uncertainty stealing my energy
Because of her, my inspiration is new
A force that can't be restrained by gravity

©A. DeMario 2012
Another tribute poem to yet another friend of mine.
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Silently falling past shining pools of quicksilver
A sardonic sickness infects me
Indulging pleasant delusions of potential
Memories of fevered stories, keep me company late in the night

Immersing yourself in the rains of long-term dreams
Finding that comforting place to ease a restless soul
I love it here
Without obligation or a care in the world, they have my pity

When my tired eyes flicker and open, cringing from the light
I quietly lament my personal transitory heaven
Reality sucks, but things are more valued, and ideas aren't as fragile
Greeting the day with a practiced zeal, I will accept what makes me stronger

©A. DeMario 2012
Something written as reply to one of my friend's works.
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"Hey.. Mae? Is that you?" called out the nicely dressed Roy Blackwell.  

The male was wearing a black pin striped tuxedo that was nicely pressed. It was complimented with a white collared dress shirt and a satin red tie. His dark hair was styled and tousled with gel for the special occasion.

He had spent the entire night searching the crowd for Mae. He saw her silhouette from where he stood and was certain it was Mae.

"There you are. I haven't seen you all night. What are you doing out here?"

The scent of cinnamon candles drifted in the air and pleasant holiday tunes could be heard coming from the packed mansion. The Blackwell family was known to host some of the greatest parties. However, this did not perk even a bit of interest in the young girl that leaned against one of the mansion's pillars.

As he approached the girl, his grey eyes widened.

Mae turned her body in the direction of the familiar voice. Her soft face was paired with nude glossy lips and a slight hint of blush. Dark eye shadow was swept near her eyelashes giving her a foxy appearance. She wore a stunning red evening dress embellished with expensive silver gems.  Her long detailed earrings and silver bangles sparkled brighter than the stars above them.  The straps were thin, the dress' neckline was low, and it revealed the legs of the bashful girl. Her hair was nicely twisted into an up do with loose curls. He was stunned. His mouth gaped in astonishment.

"You er-you- lo-look buh-buh beautiful," he managed to say.

Mae twiddled her fingers through her hair.

"Roy, you're stuttering again," she teased.

Roy had some speech issues when he was young, at one point it was getting in the way of his normal every day talking that his parents had to get him professional help.  After almost a year of working on his speech, the stuttering seemed to disappear.  It seemed to have been his only flaw- but only those close to him knew of it. He tried his hardest to hide his past issue, especially from Mae, although sometimes he truly couldn't help it. She was the only one that truly got him nervous at times. He flushed as red as her dress. In embarrassment, he scratched the back of his neck and quickly looked away into the night sky.

"You-you- just look really nice-that's all."

Roy was able to get a hold of him-self but his eyes started to follow the curve of her collarbone. He felt shameful when they drifted down towards her breast area. Mae could see his eyes wandering about and shook her head while she laughed.

She slowly walked up to him and smiled sweetly. Her heels could be heard tapping the cold ground over the tunes with every step. Although his tie was already positioned perfectly, she adjusted it. She patted his chest lightly after she was done.

"You look really nice too, Mr. Blackwell."

In attempt to forget about how pathetic he was a second ago, Roy changed the subject.

"Aren't you supposed to spend time with your guests Ms. Mae Reed, the best connoisseur of the Hoenn region?"

He tapped her nose and jokingly scolded her. She waved his hand out of her face.

"I get bored of formal talk. I wanted some fresh air- that's all."

"-Don't lie to me Mae."

Her eyes darted trying to find something to concentrate on. Roy knew Mae since he was a child and could easily tell when she was trying to keep something from him.

"Why do you still think of Nero when he doesn't even care anymore?"

His question really hurt Mae inside, but she knew he made a good point. It was only a couple of months from the girl's birthday and she still hadn't even heard a word from him after their break up.

Roy knew he shouldn't have been so harsh. He took a few steps and placed himself against the railing of the mansion. Below was a beautifully lit garden with a running fountain. White rose pedals could be seen swimming in the chilly water.

"It's weird. Normally it's still warm in winter-but I think it's going to get cold soon. Come here for a second.."

He reached out for her hand and placed it in his hand. He guided the other and placed it on his shoulder. He led her in a dance to humming music. It was nice-and romantic.  Their closeness warmed her up a bit. A few minutes passed by and Mae decided to speak.

"Roy… do.. do you think Nero… has really forgotten about me?"

He sensed she started to become very unhappy. She broke apart from him.
Roy shrugged and dragged himself away from the uncomfortable scene.

"I don't know Mae. I don't think he could, I mean, you're you… No one could forget you," he said as he wandered away.

He found a place of rest a few feet away. He gestured for her to come close to him as he leaned over the mansion's second story floor railing. She walked over and peered over into the garden below. The holiday lights helped to light up her pretty face. She was standing on the bottom of the railing with her heels and her behind helped to balance the torso that was over the railing. Her dress tightened near her bum because she was stretching out her body too far.

He couldn't help it. Roy's eyes trailed down her back and onto her lower bottom. They skimmed along her round curves a few times- until suddenly, he felt Mae's knuckles smack his chin with much force.

"HEY!!!" Roy flailed his arms in the air, "YOU'RE SO VIOLENT. I was just— "

"Staring at my ass?!" Mae finished off his sentence. She held her fist up to his face.

"Er--- no.. I was.. there's a bug behind you.. on the ground. I think it was starting to crawl up your dress..."

"What bug?!!!!" Mae shrieked. She jumped off from the railing and started stomping around stabbing the ground with her heels.

Roy grabbed his stomach as he let out a roar of laughter.

"STOP IT!" Mae was just going to give him a blow to his chest when he grabbed her hand just in the nick of time.

"Oh no- not this time. It was a joke, take it easy woman." Roy grinned and unraveled her fist. "Come on, let's take a walk."

Mae couldn't help but lightly smile. She realized she had a great time whenever she was around Roy. She always brimmed with happiness when he was around.. now that Nero was gone.

"Pervert," she nudged her body into his. It almost caused him to trip down the staircase.

"WHOA!" Mae felt her body get thrown into the air. She almost choked the boy as she squeezed tightly around his neck. Roy caught her and hopped down the staircase with her in his arms with ease.

"Alright, I'll let you down now." Mae let go of her death grip and Roy rubbed his neck.

"Ya know Mae.. You're going to accidentally kill someone one day." He grinned.

"Yeah- and it will probably be you first." She said as she walked into the garden.

"Hey.. wait!"

Roy took Mae's hand and had it cross under his. He escorted her formally through the Blackwell holiday themed garden one step at a time.

They were silent as they walked through appreciating the garden for a few minutes.
Confusion settled in on Mae when she neared the garden's fountain. It was the place where Nero and Roy last had a fight over her. They were teenagers then and it was the only fight where Roy got the last word in.

"DON'T YOU DARE TRY TO DO THAT EVER AGAIN BLACKWELL." Nero pushed Roy further away from her.

"One day, you won't be there for her! And- you know what?!" Roy raised his voice loudly. Mae started to backed away from the two boys.

"What?!" spat Nero. He had a fierce face on and was very angry at Roy for trying to surprise Mae with a kiss.

Roy sped towards Nero and tackled him to the hard dirt ground. They wrestled for a few seconds until Roy was on top of Nero's back and had him pinned.

"I'll be the one there for her when you hurt her. You're not perfect Heartly. You make mistakes, and that's when it's over for you two. Just you watch."

Roy's hands waved in Mae's face.

"Earth to Mae! You're off day dreaming or something."

Mae hadn't realized she was staring off into space thinking of her past.

"Oh. Sorry about that."

For a moment they sat awkwardly together on the fountain's edge. Roy reached into one the pockets of his dress pants and took something out.

"Here. I think this is yours."

Roy handed over a familiar item. It was the loveball Nero had given to her. She thought she had lost it when she moved into the large mansion.

"Where-where was it?!"

"I guess one of the maids had it stashed away safely. They thought it was mine and came across it this morning. I laughed, why would they think I would have a pink girly ball?"

Mae glared at the ball in her hands. She recalled the time when Nero gave it to her and their last moments together. She felt her heart break all over again.

Roy sighed and pointed at the ball.

"There's something in it..It's Nero's writing."

She quickly opened the ball to find a folded piece of paper. She unfolded it. She was excited and could feel her heart beat quickly.  

It was indeed Nero's writing. She wish she had seen it on letters that he wrote back to her, but all she had was that small piece of paper.

The pace of her heart slowed down. Her hands started to shake and she felt her eyes water.

From the depths of my heart, I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm so sorry.
I will always be there for you. You're my best friend.
Please remember to move on and stay sweet. I know you're leaving, so good luck.
Just don't forget our memories.
Happy birthday, Mae Reed.
I love you.

She read it over and over again.
I will always be there for you.

She wanted to let out a cry but was speechless.

Nero… where are you now? Where have you been? Have you forgotten me? What about our memories? What about.. our love? I miss you.. why.. don' t you care anymore?


She had nearly forgotten Roy sat nearby. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She wanted to calm her nerves. After months of not hearing a peep out of Nero, she was doing really well. She didn't let memories get in her way, not until now.

"I'm just confused," she confessed.

Roy scooted closer to her.

"I know. I shouldn't have given that to-"

"Thank you," she laid a soft kiss on his cheek. It was the first time she had ever done so- but he didn't smile.  

"Just- thank you for doing that. I know.. you two don't get along too nicely.. and you could've thrown this away instead of giving it to me, but you were man enough to do so. So.. thank you Roy."

He frowned.

"I knew you would be sad though.. I don't want to make you sad."
She poked a finger onto where she kissed him.

"You- didn't make me sad, okay?"

She crumbled up the paper and placed it in the ball. She left it sitting next to her and just rested her head against Roy's shoulder.

"The lights are very beautiful," she commented.

Roy's eyes met Mae's. So many things were racing in his mind. There he was- finally sitting next to the girl he always chased after since he was a child. He was the winner now. He had beat Nero. She had just kissed him on the cheek..

Maybe, I can.. return the favor but onto her lips now… Maybe this is that perfect moment..

He was mesmerized by her eyes. Her tears had vanished. They smiled at him.

"Yuh-Yeah.. they are.."

Roy had envisioned this moment in his head. He planned to walk her into the garden and be there for her, but he never knew, their relationship had grown this close…
He noticed Mae had leaned in closer to him.

Roy nervously leaned towards her. He had kissed plenty of girls before, but he had truly wanted to lock lips with Mae from the start. She was different than all the other girls he had spent time with.

It was the perfect moment.

Mae blinked and grinned. Her pearly whites appeared and the ends of her lips curled. She was genuinely happy.

She closed her eyes and Roy looked at the girl he's always wanted. She was perfect to him in every way possible.

He laid his hands on her smooth shoulders and he leaned in closer and closer to her lips. They looked soft and tender. She was lovely.

He was only inches from her lips…

Then only centimeters…

He was so close----

but decided to lay his cheek against hers instead.

"Hey.." he whispered.

Mae was surprised he didn't take his chance.


"You wanted to me to kiss you… HAHAHAHA!!" He was practically snorting in her ear.


She got up and started to storm off.  He followed her and laughed the entire time until they were at the bottom of the staircase again. She turned around to let out her anger but found Roy standing up right against her instead. She was taken aback.

"Merry Christmas."

He leaned in and kissed her softly. She was shocked to find she felt butterflies in her stomach. He held her for a few seconds and then their lips parted. He grinned handsomely and looked cross eyed for a second.

She blushed and then felt a need to hit him.

"Why are you giving me that look?"

"What look?- OH. One landed on my nose, didn't you see?" He pointed in the air. She hadn't noticed how cold it was out.  Snowflakes were appearing out of thin air. She felt goosebumps run up her spine and she rubbed her arms to warm herself up. It wasn't that cold- it actually didn't snow often where they lived. She had gotten the goosebumps from the prior peck on the lips.

So.. It's going to be a white Christmas after all.

"Anyway, so… that kiss…bet you weren't expecting that," he boasted. He plucked a rose off a bush and placed it in her hair. It looked nice amongst her fancy up do.

"Roy, why are you—why do you.. want me to be yours?"

I have to ask. Nero obviously doesn't want to bother with me anymore with his busy schedule.. and Roy is busy- but why does Roy still want me?

"Because since I was a kid- I had many friends, but none of them pushed me to follow my goals as hard as you pushed me, and no one was there for me when I needed someone to talk to, you were there for me even though Nero didn't like it.. and.."

Roy noticed he was talking too much about his feelings and didn't want to tell Mae to notice he has wished for his for a very long time.

"I have to go back in now my lady."

He bowed and she respectfully curtsied back.

He started to prance off happily, but paused at the top of the stair case.

"Mae Reed. Remember, I'm here for you now," he said in a serious tone without looking back.

Seconds later he disappeared from view.

Mae felt the rose in her hair and looked at the bush where Roy had picked them from. There were red roses right next to the one he chose. She understood why he picked the one he did for her.

"My mother always taught me about roses Mae! I know you like flowers so I will teach something to you!" said the young Roy.

"Hmm?" the little boy had raised her curiosity.

"You should know that bright red roses are for love, dark reds are for beauty, white for purity, pink for thank yous, orange toned ones represent enthu-enthusi-enthu.."

"En-thu-zee-as-em. Enthusiasm," Mae's grandmother helped him pronounce the word. She always had a strong liking for Roy- as well as Nero.

"Right, enthusiasm! Erm… I think I'm forgetting one, can you help me Grandma Reed?"

"Don't forget that kind." She pointed at one of the roses in her vase.

"Oh yea, and the yellow ones with red tips mean friendship or falling in love!" He said proudly.

"OoOoO, cool!" Mae repeated the colors and their meanings back to her grandmother.

"You got it, now run off and play."

The memory warmed her heart. She walked over to the bush where Roy was and sniffed the roses. She loved how they differed greatly from the other ones nearby.

She couldn't help but glance at the fountain in the distance where the love ball rested. She took one last look then started her way back into the mansion. She grinned and played with the rose in her hair while she walked back to the party. She wore it with pride.

Yellow and red tipped… how sweet. This…. is a nice Christmas. Thank you, Roy.

She wanted to join the party and hummed to the music as she approached it's source. She looked up to appreciate the starry winter night. As she appreciated the scenery, she noticed a shooting star fly across the dark blue endless sky. It was time to make a wish.

I won't forget our memories.. I can't... Merry Christmas… Nero. I wish… I wish you the best.



Top preview image is from :iconntdevont:

pfft... the title.. more like RoyxMae LOL



BAHHHHHHHHHH I like both Roy and Nero.... hehehe.

A love story about our Pokemon OCs.
No pokemon in this story though - I wanted to concentrate on the characters :3


*goes to die in a corner*

Mae belongs to ^MzzAzn
Nero belongs to *NTDevont
Roy belongs to both of us (we're designing him together)
Snow flakes belong to mother earth.

Other parts:
MaexNero: Forgotten The smell of apple pie drifted in the air.

"It's almost done! Can't wait- I'm starving here!" exclaimed the young male. His black hair strands blew across this silver gray eyes. He wore a a nice red shirt and stunning black tie under his jacket. He had just returned from an important business meeting. He was quite a handsome young gentleman. He took a few steps closer to Mae who sat with her nose buried in a book. "I really think you need to take a break."
She looked up to see the kind eyes of Roy Blackwell, a close family friend of hers. He was quite the treat for a woman's eye and he was also ambitious an
The Final Goodbye. “It's going to be so awesome once your a gym leader man!” Carter said happily. He swung his right hand onto Nero's back.  
“Easy Carter! You'll break my back one day.” Nero grinned and readjusted his hat which started to slide off his head from the heavy pat.  
“I can't wait to beat you. You managed to see Lugia, your goal was accomplished! I seriously need a goal too. I bet you'll be a gym leader in less than a year! You've got everything.”
Mae smiled in the distance at Carter. Although she was far away, he noticed her eyes were different. They looked sad and empty-and he knew it wasn't due to his de
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“It's going to be so awesome once your a gym leader man!” Carter said happily. He swung his right hand onto Nero's back.

“Easy Carter! You'll break my back one day.” Nero grinned and readjusted his hat which started to slide off his head from the heavy pat.

“I can't wait to beat you. You managed to see Lugia, your goal was accomplished! I seriously need a goal too. I bet you'll be a gym leader in less than a year! You've got everything.”

Mae smiled in the distance at Carter. Although she was far away, he noticed her eyes were different. They looked sad and empty-and he knew it wasn't due to his departure. He attempted to push her buttons like he usually does to make her agitated.

“You've even got a cute cry baby by your side!” Carter said out loud. He wanted Mae to hear him from where she was. Carter elbowed his light haired friend. Nero looked over at Mae and tried to smile.

“I'm not a cry baby!” Mae yelled out. Her face flushed red and her cheeks puffed outwards. She stuck her tongue out and Carter, turned around and waved good bye as she walked away.

Carter smiled and turned to Nero. “You're a lucky guy to have her. She's gonna stick by you no matter what, you know that right?”

“Who?” asked Nero with a blank face.

“You idiot, Mae!”

“Oh yeah,” Nero's voice trailed off. “She's been weird lately. Eh, girls. I have a new goal now and that's what I've got to focus on!” A cheesy grin appeared on his face and he gave his buddy the thumbs up.

“Whatever dude. 'Til next time right?” Sid, Carter's Tododile, jumped off Carter's head and started running off- with a pair of his underwear.

“Better go grab your boxers-- again,” said Nero. “Thanks for being a pain in my ass Carter. I'll see you at my gym when I have it, and I'll pulverize you!”

“That's what you think!” Carter grabbed his bag off the ground near Nero and ran off after his garment.  "See ya Nero! Don't make an ass out of yourself while I'm gone! I wanna be there for those times! Ha!”

Nero shook his head and laughed. As he started down the road to catch up to Mae he looked up at the cloudless orange sky.

“It'll be different now,” he whispered. “Much different.”


Ellest's arms wrapped tight around the weeping girl.

“Mae-just don't let anyone drag you down. I won't be here by your side anymore...”

Hiccups from heavy cries could be heard from the small girl as Ellest pulled her away from her chest.

“Hey, look at me.”

Mae looked up at her close friend. Ellest was Mae's go to girl. She was more of a sister than a friend. Their friendship was incredibly strong and it pained Mae to have to see Ellest leave.

Mae's cheeks and nose were close to the color of a budding rose.

“Look at you, you're a mess,” Ellest chuckled. “I have to go now. I loved my adventure with you and the gang. I'll see you around again. Remember you can always visit me.”

The tan girl bobbed her head up and down showing she understood. She stopped crying and inhaled deeply.

“Elly, I'm sorry-”

“No, don't apologize Mae. You have nothing to apologize about.”

“But, I'm always depending on you-”

“Stop it. Please, stop.” Ellest sweet smile appeared across her face. Although she smiled, Mae knew Ellest had a feeling something wasn't going to work out between herself and Nero.

Mae tried not to start a river of tears again.

“Things will be okay Mae. Please, just stay strong for all us girls out there, okay? I've got to run now. Thank you for everything! See ya around!” cried out Ellest as she whipped around and ran off to return to her hometown.

She watched her brown haired friend disappear out of view. A gentle cool breeze picked up and chills crawled up her spine.

“I guess, it's just us now. Nero and I.” Mae sighed turned back to meet Nero who stood far away in the distance.


The young couple stopped to rest. They had been traveling for several days and they were very close to home now.

Nero pressed his back upon a tree and let his mudkip climb one of the thick tree branches. His stare into space was cold and his face was empty without expression.

“Are you even listening to me, Nero?” Mae asked. She sat down on a tree stump. Rena, her Ninetales nudged her muzzle under one of her arms. She was trying to comfort her trainer. After realizing there wasn't much she could do, Rena growled at Nero and laid down next to Mae's feet.

“What's your problem now?” He spat. Nero looked over at Mae and quickly glanced away. She noticed he didn't look at her like he used to before the gang split apart.

Rena's ears perked up and she sat up as she watched Mae quickly get up and storm towards Nero. Mudkip grew uneasy and covered his ears innocently as the tension rose.

“You know what's my problem?” She said in angrily. “You're my problem Nero! You've ignored me soon after we met Lugia. You and Carter couldn't get your mind off your future. That's fine with me, but there's no reason for you to ignore others because of it. You've been so heartless lately.”

Nero rolled his eyes as Mae's eyes started to water.

“Carter's right, you are a cry baby.”

Mae was surprised by how rude Nero was. She opened her mouth to try and say something back, but she was too hurt.

“What? Cat got your tongue?” Nero snorted and turned his head to grab mudkip out of the tree when all of a sudden he grew a little dizzy and felt his right cheek start to burn. He rubbed it and realized Mae had slapped him right across the face.

“What the hell Mae?!” He screamed. “What was that for?!”

“For being a jerk, Nero Heartly!- And for not even caring how it makes me feel. I've always been here for you. I'll always want to be here for you, but if you're going to treat me like this-- well, I can't keep waiting around for you...”

Mae's shirt was becoming wrinkled from how warm her hands were and from how hard she was squeezing in order to prevent herself from knocking some sense into Nero once more.

Nero stopped rubbing his cheek and stared at Mae. They were only a few feet apart now. Months ago, this distance would get the both of them giddy and they would be flirting enough to embarrass their own Pokemon. However, it was no longer the same. There was a high level of anger and confusion radiating from both the young adults.

“Look, do we have to talk about this now? Let's just get going, we're only a short distance away from Littleroot town. I can see it in the horizon.”

“As a matter of fact, yes, we do have to talk about this now. I don't want others to see us together like this back home Nero.” Mae stood strong. She wasn't going to let Nero set any foot closer to home without doing something about their specific situation.

It felt as if a few minutes passed by before either of them dared to speak again.

Rena jumped up on the tree stump and looked up at mudkip. He still had his ears covered and Rena decided to do the same. The two Pokemon didn't want to hear their trainers who were best friends for years argue like this.

“Well, you know what I think?” Nero fixed his composure to look more confident. Inside he was a bit hesitant of what he was going to say, but he had enough of the arguments.

“Yes, I do want to know what you think.” Mae crossed her arms and waited impatiently for a response.

“I don't think those people at home have to see us together anymore.” Nero felt his heart skip a beat after he quickly muttered the sentence from under neath his breath.

Mae's eyes widened. Her hands covered her gaping mouth. She knew something hurtful was going to come out of Nero's mouth, but she didn't expect what she had heard. It was so much of a shock that she couldn't even cry. A few seconds later, she gathered the strength to speak again.

“So- that's it then. I mean, it's over. We're done?” She closed her eyes as she tried to slow down her breathing. She was starting to panic, but didn't want to show Nero.

Rena uncovered her ears. She sensed Mae's quick change in emotion, but knew it wasn't the appropriate time to approach her. Rena yelped loudly to get the attention of mudkip. He jumped from the yelp and leapt from the tree onto Nero's hat.

After mudkip landed, Nero used a leg to push himself off a tree and walked right past Mae.

“I'm sorry,” he whispered as he passed her.


Minutes flew by.

Mae stood facing the tree where Nero was moments ago. She walked up to it and put her forehead against the rough tree bark. Why? Rena got up and walked over to Mae. She brushed her light yellow fur against her legs as she  tried to get Mae's attention.

Mae pounded a fist against the tree and fell to her knees. Dust and dirt flew into the air and Rena jumped away in surprise. All the tears she held back from the months of unhappiness were unleashed. Mae furiously tried wiping away the tears, but they kept flowing. She couldn't see the sky through the puddles of water that obscured her view. She cried loudly. This can't be.

“What did I do Rena? WHAT DID I DO? WHY DID I PUSH HIM THAT FAR?” Mae screamed.

Rena surrounded Mae with her tails and glared at Nero who was almost a half a mile away at this point. “That wasn't supposed to happen. He was just supposed to agree to try to change back!”

I guess I can't lie to myself. I saw something like this coming...

Mae hugged Rena close and cried into her friend's fur. She rubbed her face in it. Now you're the only one by my side, Rena. Thank you. It took a few minutes for Mae to pick herself back up. As she sniffled and dusted off her clothes, a wave of confidence flowed through her. Her eyes glistened and she looked up. This time, she could see the clouds drift slowly across the sky.

“I'll show him. I don't need him. Not when he's like that.”

Rena yipped. Mae looked down and gave her a pat on the head.

“I want to stop crying all the time Rena. I want to do something great with my life. Maybe he'll notice me again then. Maybe.”

Mae's eyes were hidden as she covered her face once more to stop herself from tearing up again.

“Let's go home Rena- then we'll leave again soon after. It's my own journey I have to go on now.” Mae gathered her courage and started to follow the young boy who had just brought her down. Rena ran ahead of her.

I'll be okay. I have to be.


Nero grinded his teeth together. Mudkip sprang onto Nero's shoulder as his trainer took off his hat in frustration. He stopped in his path and kicked the dirt road underneath his soles.


“I don't even understand what just happened mudkip. Did I really ignore her all this time?”

Memories of a few weeks ago flashed before him. All he could see was Mae in the background hurting as he became overly cocky about his future. He couldn't recall a moment in the past few months where he was sweet or romantic to Mae as he was before. He could only remember telling her off or pretending to listen to her.

“UGH. Why'd I treat her like that?”

Mudkip blinked.

“Damn it!” Nero threw his hat aggressively down on the earth and stomped on it. “How can something that is developed over years end in a matter of minutes?”

“Kip, kip.” Mudkip tried in his own way to reason with Nero.

“You're right. I guess it wasn't a few minutes. More like a few months ago. I can't believe I didn't see us tumbling downhill.” She's my best friend... I love her. Why didn't I fix this when I could?

Nero pictured Mae just minutes ago covering her face to hide the pain he inflicted on her with his words. He resented how he acted. I'm so pathetic. Grandfather would be so disappointed in me. Nero turned to mudkip.

“I can't just apologize and have it start again. I mean, she's right, I have so much on my mind. I have to work hard to attain my goal. I want to make her proud, but I don't want to make her cry.” Nero hands curled into fists. Shadows covered half of his face as the stared into the cold ground. Droplets heavy with sadness fell to the ground and they seemed to pierced through the dirt by Nero's shoes. “I can't be the one to keep her crying like this. I can't stand it. I'm so disappointed in myself.”

Something caught Nero's attention-he felt something watching him. He turned his back and far in the distance he could see Rena's tails.

“Shit-” he grabbed his hat which he threw on the ground only seconds ago and used his sleeve to wipe away the streams of tears. I can't have her see me like this. I'm supposed to be the strong one.

Nero picked up the pace and started to run towards his grandfather's house. Only a few more miles from home.

“I guess- it's for the best.” Nero panted. “I need to concentrate. I can't have anything distract me...”

Nero felt a lump in his throat. He tried to swallow, but couldn't.  Tears dropped on the ground as he ran farther away from the girl he cared for deeply.

I'm sorry Mae, but it has to be like this. It won't work out for us. Our goals are too different. I'm so sorry that I've hurt you. I love you.


*cried when she listened to sad songs and wrote this* ToT

Nero Heartly belongs to :iconntdevont:
Mae Reed belongs to :iconmzzazn:

Second part of the break up:

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The cool breeze made Mae realize she was still alone on the grassy field. Roy was supposed to home back to his house the next day. Rena licked Mae's small tanned hands to remind her she still has her Pokemon by her side. She let her body rest against mother nature's green blanket and started to contemplate what her next course of action was.

Roy, how could you do this for me. Are you that desperate?

Mae took a blade of grass and tickled Rena's nose with it. Rena's snorted and Mae cheered up. She quickly sat up and grabbed a notebook out of her book bag. Her finger crossed over several pages and Mae's face lit up.

"Well- looks like all my appointments are over and I think I should take a break. Maybe I should go visit Nero like he suggested in his letter, what do you think Rena?"

Her Ninetales Rena nudged up against her face in agreement. She missed Mae's childhood friend too.

"Well, let's see, I still want to speak to Roy to figure out what the hell he was thinking... Let's still wait for him to come home."

Rena yipped in agreement and started a display of fire to cheer Mae up.

She grinned.

I guess, I'm not alone after all.


Roy struggled to walk up the staircase to his own mansion. His hands were full of gifts for Mae and treats for her grandfather. He fumbled about and dropped a few packages here and there.

"Ack!!" he cried out as he fell over. Luckily, he caught his balance before hitting the side railing.

Too bad the driver has already left..I wonder where all the maids and butlers went.

He heard the entry door swing open and Mae appeared before Roy with her arms crossed.

"It's about time you came home!" she exclaimed.

"So you missed me that much?" Roy let out a laugh. "Could you help me with these please? They're for you and your grandfather."

As much as Mae wanted to kick Roy in the groin area, she still helped him bring the gifts safely into the heart of the mansion.

"It's nice to be back," Roy said as he hugged Mae-- only to be greeted with a punch in the stomach.


"YOU .. YOU have truly disappointed me.. YOU, Roy Blackwell should feel ashamed. You are a horrible person," shouted Mae.

Roy gasped for air. His eyes caught a peek of a pile of letters on the living room table. He sighed and took a seat on a nearby day couch and sat sulking in his shame.

"You found them."

Mae's eyes filled up with tears and as she blinked they rolled down her gentle face.

"How could you?" she spat. She was incredibly angry.

"Come sit next to me," he gestered her over to empty area the couch.


"Mae- come sit next to me or I won't speak."

She glared at him and decided to do as he requested. She pouted through all the tears.

"What caused you to do that---Why would you hurt me like this?" she cried. Her head found it's way onto a pillow and she held it close.

"Mae, I know this makes me seem like a jerk, but, you have to understand-"

"What's there to understand? You kept those letters to gain an advantage over Nero! You knew how on edge I felt about him! You did this to try to win me over--and-- and I can't believe it started to work," she wepted for minutes but it felt like hours. She slowly started to get a hold of herself after several moments of silence. "I almost-almost said I love you back..."

"Wha-what?" Roy stammered.

"I almost said it back, just to make you feel better and to push myself to care for someone else instead of Nero - but I held my tongue because I knew it would be an empty saying. 'I love you' is a very deep phrase, it's supposed to be said with all your heart, and as much as I care for you, I don't feel that way," she explained.

"I see."

Roy sat quietly and didn't say much at all. The silence angered the hot tempered girl even more.

"Don't you have anything to say for yourself, Roy Blackwell?!" She stopped her tears; she wanted to hear what he was thinking.

"Look," he said as he grabbed her hand. She winced, but allowed him to hold it out of confusion. "I care about you so much Mae. I know what I did was wrong, but.."

Mae poked her head underneath his hair after he looked towards the carpet. She saw a puddle of tears starting to appear on his pants.
"Roy?" Mae was concerned. She knew she shouldn't have approached him the way she did and so suddenly but she was filled with rage and couldn't control herself.

He used his sleeve to wipe away the flecks of water on his face.  

"He's the only one I ever lose to."

"You mean, Nero?"

"Yeah," he answered. He held Mae close and closed his eyes. She did the same.

"I wanted to be the one there for you after he hurt you so much. I've seen you cry your heart out in your bedroom. I've seen you sketch out past memories when you sat relaxing on the patio. I've seen your face when you day dream of him. You love him so much and you've never cared for me that way after all these years I've dedicated to you. I've worked hard to reach where I stand in the world to gain your approval, but he's always who you think about. It's never me. When I saw you one day sending a letter to him, hate came over me. I knew it was despicable of me to take the letters, but I had to- to stand a chance. I at least wanted you to open your eyes to see how good of a man I can be. I felt guilty a few days after the first letter, but I had already started what I did so I continued. Then after a while, you started to see me. The real me. Not the one around Nero. You started to app-appreciate m-me and I fel-felt like you started to ca-care. I'm so-so sor-sorry"

Roy started to stutter out of frustration and disappointment in himself. Mae patted his back. She had to admit he was right. She had never given him a chance to show himself as an individual - not until Nero was out of the picture. She felt kind of bad for shutting him out of her life in that way.

"Roy. I care a lot about you. I really do. You've been so good to me. Especially when I felt like I had no one else to turn to- you were there to make me smile and laugh. Thank you, but I just, can't ever replace Nero. He's perfect for me."

"He hurt you."

"-And you hurt me. It doesn't make you any better."

Roy looked over at her and took deep breaths through his nose.

"I'm going to see him."

"When are you going?" Roy didn't want Mae to leave so soon.

"Well, I hope in a week or so."


"I can't wait to go!" She said happily, totally ignoring Roy.


"I have to arrange a flight into Sootopolis!"

"MAE!" Roy raised his voice to get her attention.

"What now, Roy?" she said coldly.

"Your parents come here to see you in a month. You haven't seen them in a long time. It's disrespectful to leave when you know they're coming."

Mae bit her lip. Her relationship with her parents wasn't the greatest. They would be proud of where she was at in life now, but they had never truly supported her like her grandfather did when she was young. Another problem was they loved the Blackwell family and always pushed Mae into liking Roy more than a friend. They liked Nero just as much, but for them, they wanted the Reed name to withstand the test of time and having a business line would enable that- not just being a gym leader.

"What great timing" Mae said sarcastically.

"I'll make this up to you Mae. I still care so much about you, and not having you there as my girl-well, it hurts, but I would never want to lose our friendship. I will figure something out. Let's plan it for your birthday. I promise I won't do anything that will piss you off by then. Just around six weeks or so you'll be in Sootopolis city."

"I guess, I'll have to go with the flow," she sighed. She wanted more than anything to be with Nero at that moment. She thought of how happy he would be to see her face.

I love you and only you Nero. Hang on a little longer- I'll see you soon.


It was a matter of minutes now until Mae's parents would walk through the entry doors of the Blackwell mansion.

"Hey- stop twiddling your thumbs, you look like a child," Roy commented. Roy acted much more mature after their discussion a few weeks ago about him taking her letters. He seemed more mature when it came to representing himself well in front of people of stature.

Mae stopped immediately and held her posture high. She wanted to look confident in front her parents.

"Don't look so stiff Mae, relax, they're you're parents." Roy tried to calm Mae down, but seconds afterwards the doors burst open.

"The Reeds have arrived," announced a butler.

"Mr. Reed, Mrs. Reed," Roy politely welcomed them and bowed his head.

"Ah, my boy, how have you been?" Mae's mother pressed his face into her chest. "So good to see you!"

"We told you to call us Ida and Kent, how many times do I have to remind you?" grinned Mae's father.

They presented themselves well by wearing matching business suits.

They must've came from a meeting..

"Mae, look how much you've grown, you look beautiful my child," said Mae's dad.

Strange, they're being so kind.

"Yeah," Mae muttered. "Nice to see you two."

"So Roy dear, did you have a chance to go over the business proposal?" asked Ida, Mae's mother.

I knew it. They're not here to see me, this is about business. How predicable.

Roy saw Mae's dissatisfaction in her facial expression and decided to change the topic.

"Ida, I'd love to talk about it later with you. We've got some nice juicy kobe steaks for tonight and that's been on my mind all day," he chimed.

"Dinner should be ready shortly, Mr. Reed," commented a nearby butler.

"Excellent! How about we start heading over to the dining room now?"

They gathered together and walked through the elegant mansion to the spacious dining room table. It was dimly lit with candles adding to the beauty of the room. The table cloth was ivory colored laced with gold trimming. It gave a nice warm welcome to the hungry group.

Mae took a seat closest to Roy since she didn't feel very comfortable around her parents.

"It should only be a minute or two," said a maid who filled their empty water glasses.

"So what have you been up to, Mae?" asked her mother as she placed her napkin on her lap displaying her perfect manners.

"Not much, just trying to figure out what I want to do with my life."

"Still haven't made a goal yet I see." Mae's dad sounded disappointed.

"Actually - Mae has already become a big name around this area as a Pokemon connoisseur. She always has a busy schedule, but is taking a vacation soon," added Roy.

Ugh, why do you have to butt in Roy?

"Oh! That's wonderful news Mae! We're proud of you! Having a connoisseur in the family will be great for future connections for business," added Mae's father.

"I don't really want to take part of your type of business," she responded back quietly.

"Well, in the future when you are married into the Blackwell household, you may like their business better," Mae's mother stated.

Roy watched Mae closely. He could see her losing her cool quickly. He placed his forehead in the palm of his right hand. He was preparing for Mae to lose self-control. She did it often as a child and teenager and he was certain she'd do the same now.

Seconds later, Mae stood up and pounded her fists with might on the dining room table. Her silverware set could be heard hitting up against the fine china that decorated the table.


Roy interrupted her. He got out of his seat and placed his hand on her soft shoulders to push her back into her seat.

"--getting married until at least three years later. We talked about it last night before you two arrived to visit."

Mae's mouth gaped open and she stared at Roy.

"I have to make sure the business deal I made a few weeks ago will smoothly pull through. After that, I plan on doing a lot of changes within that company and that will take some time. Mae has to start her own company and we need time to plan that all out. Once that's done, we'll consider planning the wedding. Right dear?"

Roy winked at Mae and placed her back in her seat.

Oh I see... Thank you Roy.

Mae's parents were a bit confused by Mae's actions, but believed Roy's lie. A clap was heard from Mae's mother. She grinned widely and let out a cry of joy.

"That makes me so happy you two! Mae, your father and I have been waiting to hear this for a long time."

"Roy, you will make an excellent husband. I can tell you two have a great relationship already," said Mae's father.

Mae tried her hardest not to walk away from the scene. She felt Roy's hand place over hers and pat her to calm her down.

"Dinner is now served," announced the senior butler. Almost instantly, a line of maids and butlers began to run their dinner out in an orderly manner.

Roy leaned over to whisper in Mae's ear.

"We just need to get through dinner without you storming off. That's it and they're gone. It will be fine."

She nodded and patiently watched as food was placed on her empty plate.

Great, now I'm not hungry anymore...


Roy and Mae had spent the last hour trying to relax after her parents departed from the mansion. They sat comfortably on the large living room sofa.

"So now they expect us to make wedding plans later, you think that was smart?" scoffed Mae.

"Well, does it really matter? At least I got them off your back for a bit."

"Are you kidding me? That's all they talked about the rest of the night. Well-I'm so glad they're gone now. I can start planning my trip. I expect you to fix the mess you just made."


Roy's eyes were kind as he addressed her.

"I know.. I basically lost the fight for you with Nero, but I have a favor to ask."

Mae crossed her legs and arms and sunk herself into the corner of the sofa. She looked displeased.

"And what's that?"

"I'd like to fight Nero one more time."

"Like- fist fight? Or what?"

"No," Roy sighed, "There's no need for that anymore. I would like to arrange a one on one battle with him. That gives me one more chance to win. I don't want to come out as a complete loser for this."

"What are you planning, Roy?" Mae was curious. It sounded like Roy was brewing up a plan.

"You'll see, Mae. I want to be here for you as a friend now. I can't force you to change your mind and I am still deeply sorry about before. I have no idea what I was thinking. I'll make it up to you. I'll bring you to Nero myself, but, we're going to have to keep it a secret. Let's plan on leaving in a couple of weeks. You'll be over there for Valentine's day. This is what I'm willing to do for you- to truly make you smile, in an genuine way. I will promise to make things better, but do you think you can promise me you won't spill the beans?" He smiled and held out his pinky finger.

Mae could see the sadness in his silver eyes, but knew he still wanted to appreciate their long friendship. She lit up with happiness, grinned and hooked her own pinky onto his. They shook their pinky fingers while they held each other. Roy placed his forehead on Mae and she did the same to his-- an action they used to do when they were very young and too innocent to know what true love was. Mae felt a load of heavy stress lift off her chest.

"I promise, Roy Blackwell," she whispered. "Thank you."
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The rain boy had sworn that he would never again smile. His eyes always soaked the oceans with tears from his past and his heart was always dark and locked to anyone who could try and help him. His world had become so bleak and dark, that he stood in rooms of people that were a blur past him and a guitar that just no longer played.

So when the sunshine girl met the rain boy, for a second, the world stood still.  In that tiny little balcony, where there was only space for two, the sunshine girl asked the rain boy, "When was the last time you smiled?"

The rain boy was startled for a second at someone talking to him, but he answered anyway, "I think…it was ten years ago."

"Is that because someone broke your heart?"

"It is because more than one person broke my heart."

"Oh." She paused for a moment, but looked up again, her eyes dancing like star like diamonds "Well, just because someone broke your heart, it doesn't mean that they should become the hero of your story."

"I've never been the hero in my story. I barely even have a story."

"We all have stories."

"Well I don't. Maybe I used to. But I don't anymore."

"You do. You've just misplaced it."

He finally looked up at her, a puzzled look on his face. "How can you say that?"

She smiled. "Because somewhere out there, there is someone whose life has been changed, just by meeting you."

He snorted, "You can't possibly know that."

"I do. Because each and every one of us has changed someone's life. Even the smallest, tiniest, most broken ones of us all."


She took his hand, gently. "By being alive. Every single fibre inside of you tingles, breathes and turns over like a child in a cradle in a fitful may not enjoy it every single day... you may hate it...but by the gods, you are alive!"

And do you know, despite his promise…for the first time in ten years, the rain boy actually smiled.
100 Themes: Never Again

To fate and second chances...and for the blessing of being alive. I promise to never let the smile fade from your lips.
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"Do you fear death?"

The question loomed in the air before my body, as if a sword looming over someone almost conquered by their enemy. But I looked down at my hands and then back up, only to say, "Have you ever felt the pain of watching two lovers embrace at the end of a movie? It's supposed to be a happy ending. But your heart tells your lungs to stop breathing for just a minute…because it will never ever be yours."

"Do you fear death?"

A question repeated deserves an answer. But instead, my trembling hands sat clenched on my lap, the blue ink like veins showing through the frail covering that might rip apart any second. "Do you know what it's like to wake up in the middle of the night to hear a song, just to remind yourself, you're going to be all right? Over and over again…until it doesn't work anymore."

"Do you fear death?"

The invisible chain linked through my fingers, and I closed my tired eyes, this time, hearing the impatience in the dark voice that came from the shadows. "They say we hide secrets under our pillows. The only secret my pillow hides are the stains of the tears I turn over every morning... just so no one can see I'm in pain."

"Do you fear death?"

There are two kinds of people who do not fear death. They neither laugh, nor cry, or make even a hint of a sound. They won't move, they won't try to protect themselves. They will meet death head on, maybe even with a hint of a smile on their lips. This time…I smiled. "There are only two kinds of people who do not fear death."

"And who are they?"

"The brave…and the broken."
100 themes: Death
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She speaks to me fondly
of passions and talents,
of guitars and stars,
with such breathless intensity
then stops short and
for speaking at all.

All because somewhere in her life,
someone she loved broke her heart
by ignoring
her beautiful words
and telling her to
shut up,
keep it down,
nobody cares.

People aren’t born sad.
We make them that way.
You are all so beautiful and so gifted and so talented. Please don't listen to the world when they deride you and let you down. I pray that you all speak your minds and are welcomed and loved for it by someone you hold dear. :heart:
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The next morning, we were awoken by the nurses for our morning medicine dose. The main nurse stayed, but the others left. She told us that Colonel Mustang wanted to see us after we had gotten ready. I tried telling her that we didn’t have any clothes, but she just shushed me and walked over to a cupboard. She pulled out 2 little outfits for us to where. I smiled. I had jeans with a black t-shirt that had the creature on it. Finn was given another clean pair of shorts and a little black tank top. I brushed my sister’s hair and braided it like mom had shown me a year ago. It made Finn happy to have her hair braided again. But it put me in a melancholy mood because of the memories that followed the act. I just shrugged it off and brushed my hair, however I left it down. When we were all ready to go, I slipped on a pair of sandals that they provided us as did Finn. The Nurse led us down the hall to the Colonel’s office, but I led the pack for I had mastered the route already. I knocked on the door with such passion and excitement to see the man with with the black hair again, I mean..Colonel Mustang as I needed to learn.
“Come in!”
Finn and I pushed open the door and walked in. Instantly I was rushed, picked up, and thrown in the air by some man I had never seen before. I landed in his arms and he just held me there.
“You two are the cutest things I have ever seen!”
Colonel Mustang walked over to the man, picked me up out of his arms and placed me down on the ground. He gave a slight glare to the man and the man just gave an apologetic smile.
“Avery..Finn..This is Major Hughes”, The colonel said while looking down on me. I hid behind Mustang’s leg.
The man had a short black beard, glasses, and spiky black hair. The man walked over to me, and knelt down.
“I’m sorry Kiddo, I didn’t mean to scare you”, he calmly said to me. I poked out from Mustang’s leg and walked out to meet the man.
“Im Major Maes Hughes. The Colonel has instructed me tp have you stay at my place for as long as you girls need. My wife, Gracia, and I would love to take in a couple cuties like you two, in since we don’t have children of our own. What do ya say Avery? Would that be ok with you?”
“Hmmm...Well...I suppose so. Finn and I don’t really have anywhere else to go. But...What about the Colonel? Will we get to see him again?”
Colonel mustang just smirked and knelt down with Hughes.
He smiled at me and said, “Of course Kiddo. I’ll come visit you whenever I get the chance.”
Hughes added, “And if you really want, I’m sure I can bring you in once in awhile for a visit as well. I do work here ya know. I know it doesn’t look like it right now because its my day off, but I’m a military soldier like the Colonel here. Only I’m in the investigations department.”
“Are you an alchemist like the Colonel?”
The both laughed and Hughes said, “No I’m just a regular old soldier. But I can solve a case no problem.”
I nodded stood up straight and looked at Mr. Hughes.
“Alright Mr. Major Maes Hughes! My sister and I will accompany you to your house.”
“Well aren’t you the little soldier already! All formal and all! Then let’s get going.
The nurses brought in 2 small suitcases with a couple pairs of outfits. Mustang had an under rank take the bags to the car waiting for us outside. Finn and I gave all the nurses hugs and goodbyes. Mustang stood off to the side, watching. I ran over to him and gave him a huge hug.
“Thank you Colonel Mustang! For everything!”
“Your welcome Kid. Now when I see you again, I expect you to be ready to become a State Alchemist! Alright?”
I laughed and nodded. Hughes walked us out to the car and I held his hand while he carried Finn in his other arm, who undoubtedly fell asleep beforehand. We drove to the Hughes’ little house and Hughes brought in our bags. Finn woke up and ran into the house, with full excitement. As we dashed through the door, we ran into someone and fell onto our butts.
“Oh my! I’m so sorry!”
A lady helped us up and gave us a huge smile.
“Hello! I’m Gracia Hughes. My husband told me we were going to having a couple girls staying with us, but I didn’t realize how young you two were. What are your names?”
I stood up straight and Finn stood next to me.
“I’m Avery Kinsle! And this is my little sister Finn!”
“It’s very nice nice to meet the both of you! Come this way, I’ll show you where you’ll be staying.”
We followed Mrs. Hughes into a room off the left hallway. There a giant bunk bed in the room, two desks, one bigger than the other, and a closet filled with a couple outfits.
“WOW!” We both exclaimed.
“Is this all for us?” Asked Finn.
Mrs Hughes nodded as Mr. Hughes brought in the bags. He walked over and picked me up onto his shoulder. I just laughed. He placed my on the top bunk and told me that this one was mine, and the bottom was for Finn. They both had a little railing on the outside of the bed, so we wouldn’t roll off in the middle of night. The beds had light blue sheets, and a dark green comforter with the same creature that was on the watch from last night and on my shirt. I looked down at Mr Hughes and asked him what the creature was, and why it was on everything.
“Well that symbolizes the two headed dragon from an old fable that Amestris was based upon. Its just the symbol of the country, mainly the military. So It’s incorporated into a lot of things.”
I smiled and laughed down on the bed. It was so much more comfy than the hospital beds.
“Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Hughes!” We both yelled. They just smiled.
Mr. Hughes left for awhile, as Mrs. Hughes helped us unpack and settle in. Then she left and ran the tub for us to take a bath, since we hadn’t had one in awhile. She left us together in there and went to make dinner. While we were in the tub, I scrubbed my little sister from head to toe, rinsed her off and pulled her out into a big soft towel. She sat on the toilet while I scrubbed myself And rinsed. I stepped out and grabbed another towel. We went back to our room where Mrs. Hughes pulled out two pairs of Pjs. When we were all dressed, we layed on our beds till dinner was done. Finn fell asleep again, but I layed awake, thinking to myself. I was the oldest now and I was responsible for for what happened to us. I decided that we would stay with the Hughes(es) till we were no longer welcome, or till we were wold enough to sustain ourselves on our own. Finn was all I had left, and I made a vow that night...that I would do anything to protect her, just as Hunter did before he died.
Here is part 3! I hope you enjoy!
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That’s when I woke up. Very slowly, I pried open my eyes to find 3 nurses surrounding me. My body hurt like crazy. I looked down to see my leg was fully bandaged and my head was bandaged too. I reached up and held it to stop the headache.
One of the nurses sat on the edge of my bed. “Morning Sweetie. We’re glad to see you awake finally. How are you feeling?”
In a hoarse voice, I managed to say, “Yes.”
I had meant to say good, but I couldn't think straight. My head was spinning. The nurse smiled for she seemed to understand what I meant. She helped me sit up and sip down some liquid medicine to help my pain. Then it hit me.
“Where’s my sister?! Where’s Finn?!”
“Calm down. You’re sister is fine. She is over here, see?”
The nurse pulled back a curtain to reveal my little sister. She was still asleep. I sighed with relief. She was ok and alive. Her arm was bandaged, but other than that she didn't seem to have any other wounds.
“Thank you. For saving her and myself. I don’t know what I would have done without her. But may I ask you something?”
“Of course Darling. What is it?”
“Can you tell me where we are?”
“Certainly. You’re in Central. The middle region of the country. You rescued and brought here to recover. Now its time to rest. We’ll be back later.”
I nodded, and dozed off again as the medicine began to take effect. I didn’t dream much this time. But I thought to myself. What were we going to do next?
Later that day, Finn and I had woken up. The nurses came around to check on us, and re-bandaged our wounds. The ladies wanted us to get up and try to walk around so that the muscles would heal properly. I had a little pain, but not as much thanks to some medicine. I still needed assistance however thanks to my leg. They gave me a small pair of crutches to help support myself. I wasn’t able to put my leg down quite yet, but as long as I tried, I would be ok.
“I have another question to ask you that I thought about.”
“Yes darling? What is it this time?”
“Well...uhh..I was wondering if the man with the black hair was here?”
“Man with the black hair, hun? There are lots of when with black hair.”
“Well that night we were rescued...a man with black hair saved us with a woman with short yellow hair.”
“Oh! You must mean Colonel Mustang and Lieutenant Hawkeye.”
I just nodded. I never learned their names, so I suppose that’s who it was. Colonel Mustang. I had to meet him, and thank him properly. She said that they were busy currently, but that Finn and I could visit them later. I nodded and we walked back to the room. I was given the smallest pair of blue sweats they could find, and a shirt that ended up being 5 sizes too big. Remember how I mentioned I saw little for my age? Yea...I was mistaken for a 4 year old instead of 6. So all the nurses went crazy for me in my giant shirt. It was humiliating, but I grew used to it. Finn was given a little pair of shorts and a shirt that also made it look like she had a dress on. Though it suited her more than me. I grabbed my crutches and the nurses took us to the cafeteria for a little food. It ended up being one of the most amazing meals we’d had in awhile. Better than the hospital slump they fed us earlier. All the military personnel were there too. We got to sit with them and hung out awhile. They asked us all sorts of questions and we would answer them. I would tell them all the funny jokes I knew and all the adventures my siblings and I went on. Even some of the embarrassing things we did. I even mentioned Finn’s nickname which of course made her all huffy. I just laughed.
When we had finished eating, the nurses told us that we were allowed to visit the Colonel finally! This light up my spirits completely! I was finally going to meet the man with the black hair! They walked us through the halls and up to a giant door. One of the nurses went in and lfr us with the other two outside. I was growing impatient when she came out again. She opened the door and let us in. I lite up and ran into the room only to stop with i guess was stage fright. There were so many people in the room. There a short man with glasses and black hair, but he wasn’t the man who saved me. There a fat guy munching down a meat stuff hogie. He had orange hair, so he wasn't the one. The was a tall man whose eyes were closed. He had grey and black hair, so he wasn't the one. And another guy who was also tall and he had short spiky hair. He had some weird smoking stick in his mouth, so I knew he wasn’t the one for sure. Then I looked towards the back. I saw the blonde woman standing next to a desk. My eyes lite up as the chair turned and there sat the man with the black hair. He smiled at me in particular but at both of us. I walked up to his desk which unfortunately came up to my nose. SO I had a hard time looking over.
“Hello young one. I see you’re up walking now. Come to visit have we?”
I smiled and nodded. Finn was shy, so she stayed near the nurses the whole time. The blonde woman walked over and greeted her with a smile. The colonel, I noticed, was slightly staring at me, studying me. I payed no mind and looked around the room. This must be his office. I smiled and wanted to come back one day. The nurses told us it was time to head back to the room for the night. I nodded, waved goodbye and left. Shortly after I had remembered what I went there for. I stopped the nurses, threw the crutches away and ran back into the room to the Colonel’s desk.
As I bowed and bluntly announced, “Thank you, sir. For saving my sister and I. We most appreciate it!” I smiled at him and ran back out of the room. Just before I left the room, I turned my head to see him in bewilderment, but then he just smiled. I caught up with Finn and the nurses, and we headed back to the room. I now realized I didn't need the crutches. Though my leg was hurting when I laid down in bed. The nurses gave us our medicine, turned off the lights and left. Finn fell asleep shortly, but I couldn't manage to get a wink. Even with the medicine slowly seditizing my body. I kept thinking of that night, the man with the black hair, and what my sister and I were going to do next. Since I couldn’t fall asleep, I might as well look around. So I got out of bed, put on my sweats and left the room. The cold, tiled floor felt good on my bare feet. The hallways were deserted. So I walked down the way the black haired man’s office. I managed to find the door and cracked it open. I peered in. The lights were off, and no one was inside. I sighed. I was hoping he would be there. I walked over to his desk and crawled up into his chair. It was huge! That or I was just really small. I felt like someone of importance in that chair, and I loved the feeling. I began to imagine that I had my own workers, and pretended to give them orders out loud. That’s when something caught my eye. It was shiny and sparkled in the moon light. I picked up the object. It had a chain connected to it that led to a clip. I examined the object thoroughly. It had the shape of some weird creature on the front of it.
“Enjoying my watch?”
I jumped and looked up to see the black haired man staring down at me. I tried to speak, but he just laughed and smiled at me. He placed his hand on my head. it wasn’t as big as my father’s but he reminded me so much of him. I smiled back.
“It’s alright young one. Mind if I sit?”
I nodded and crawled off the chair. He came around the desk and picked me up by my waist. I was in bewilderment. He sat down in the chair, and placed me in his lap. I looked up with him with big eyes and he simply smiled at me. He picked up his watch and held it in front of me.
“This is a State Alchemist watch. They are given to alchemists like me who are in the military.”
“What’s an alchemist?”
“Well, I guess you can call them scientists. They are people that know techniques to manipulate common things and turn them into something else. Or there are alchemists that manipulate the elements, like me. I control fire with my alchemy which gives me the title “The Flame Alchemist”.
“Cool! I want to be an alchemist too!”
The black haired man laughed. The medicine was finally starting to kick in and I began to become very drowsy. I layed my head on his shoulder and dozed off to sleep. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me in a hug and picked me up. He took me down to my room. He saw my sister fast asleep and took me over to my bed. After tucking me in, he visited Finn’s bed and brushed his hand over her hair then left the room. That Night...I dreamt I was a State Alchemist.
Here is part 2! I hope you enjoy! This has my favorite scene from the entire story in it. I wonder if you can guess what part!
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The year was 1994. The night was cold, bitter as snow drifted from the dark, foggy sky. One soul traveled down the lonely streets of Malibu, California. Escaping creepy men hidden in the shadows and avoiding the Town police, Sage Hills made her way to what she hoped and dreamed to being a better future. Her life was not a pleasant one. Born into a high class, stuck up family, she was expected to be a perfect child. That was till the testing began. At the age of 3 years old, she was taken to be tested and made sure she was in fact perfect. If she didn’t pass the ordeal, she’d be casted from her family. The testing went well for a while, then the accident occurred.
One of the scientists hit a button and overloaded the machine. There was an explosion, but miraculously Sage survived. She was taken home. Everything seemed normal, then a month passed. Sage discovered that she could lift objects with her mind. It was great. She kept it a secret till the age of 9. Her mother was the first to discover Sage’s strange power, and thus told her father. Like the Hulk, he exploded in anger and forced Sage to reveal her power. So she did.
This terrified her parents. They couldn’t even look at her in the face. She was casted away to the streets. That’s how she got here......
My Iron Man fanfiction of Sage meeting Tony. And her back story.

I hope you like it.
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The cover image is a stock image from deposit-photos (did not feel like has to deal with art theft assaults). The name is kinda of trivial and cryptic but i wanted to include the two main analogies i made within the poem (originally two but i merged them). Hope everyone likes.
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The awesome cover image was done by ~microbot23. I originally wanted a picture of metal hands to fit with the title but the only good i could find were from full metal alchemist. This poem if you haven't noticed is about a hopeful robot, continually repeating the same process as a robot must, only the process is searching for its own humanity. And every time it fails , it repeats forget past failures in a moment continuing its hope of being human. I was bored so i came up with a complex theme :D. Hope everyone enjoys :D.
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The cover image was done by ~achikun . Poem meant for those who just want to disappear. Also this poem annoys me by how its format bears a striking resemblance to my older piece "A Butterfly Among Angels". Yeah i'm probably going to severely change my poetry's format in my next piece. Hope everyone enjoys.
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Right now could last forever...

       You stared at the (fave color) blanket across the grass. A picnic basket and a certain russet-haired boy were on top on the cloth. Your eccentric and smiling friend patted the spot next to him, expecting you to sit down in the next few seconds.

       "Are you going to sit down?" Momotarou questioned, tilting his head quite adorably. A pink blush spread across your face as soon as your brain processed everything that was going on.

       You slowly sat down next to the crimson haired boy. "You called me over to the park to have a picnic with you?" you asked. He beamed at you and nodded, his own blush covering three quarters of his cheeks.

       "Y-yeah! You said you were feeling stressed about finals coming up, a-and Sei-nii said it would help!" he explained nervously. It was half the truth, anyways.

       "You want to what?" Seijuro frowned, facing to turn his younger brother. Momotarou shrugged and looked away.

       "I don't know," the younger redhead mumbled out. "She said that finals and classes were stressing her out lately. I just want to help her out, that's all!" he stuffed his hands in his pant pockets awkwardly. Seijuro observed the young boy for a few seconds before a knowing grin approached his lips.

       Seijuro snapped his fingers in realization. "Oh! She's the girl you like, and you want to win her heart, right?" he asked, feeling smug about reading his brother's emotions so easily. Eyes wide and blood cold, Momotarou's head snapped back to face his brother.

       "No way! You're wrong!" he protested. He definitely did not need another person to tease him about his secret crush. Rin and Sousuke already gave him enough shit about it, and honestly, it wore him out.

       Seijuro only laughed. "Haha, lil' Momo-chan's growin' up! It's only obvious that you would come to me for advice, after all!" He ruffled his younger brother's hair affectionately. Momotarou scowled and slapped his brother's hand away.

       "Alright well, all you need to do is make her happy! That way, this (Name) chick will fall in love with you
and get rid of her stress!"

       Just make her happy. Make her happy. Momotarou chanted in his head as the two of you started eating the homemade lunch his mother had excitedly cooked up when Seijuro had happily informed her of his younger brother's problems, much to 'her little boy''s dismay and embarrassment.

       "You know," you began, breaking the honey-eyed teenager out of his anxious thoughts. "You, um, really didn't have to do this." You said shyly, eyes focused on your fruit salad.

       Momotarou bit his lip. Make her happy, make her happy. "N-no, it's alright. I just wanted to help you out a little bit!" And spend more time with you, he added mentally.

       "Oh, Momo! You're so sweet! But honestly, if you wanted to spend some more time together, all you needed to do was ask!" you chirped, smiling as you popped a ruby red strawberry in your mouth. Momotarou's eyes widened. Crap! Did he say that out loud?

       Despite the swimmer's mistake, he only smiled and nodded. Wait... did she say that he was sweet? He opened his mouth to speak while blushing madly.

       "But... what about finals and school? Didn't you say you were going to study more this year?" Momotarou asked. You smiled a little, eyes still bright and twinkling even through the stress of staring at textbooks and notes all week.

       "Momo-chan," you began. "As long as you're there, then I don't mind spending time not studying- even if it lasts for hours!"

                                                                                                                              ...Just as long as I'm with you.
sorry this one was crappier than the others!

part of my mikoshiba momotarou drabble set!

lyrics are by All Time Low!

*from my quotev!
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Just watch from a safe place...

       "Oh, so you're dating Nanase-san now?" Momotarou interrupted you a tad bitterly. You glanced at him in slight surprise. He had never snapped at you like that before.

       You looked away. "U-uh, yeah... he should be here soon. Anyways, how have you been lately?" you inquired, glancing around the bar to look for your lost friends and boyfriend. The atmosphere suddenly felt uncomfortable and awkward and you just wanted to get the hell away from here.

       He shrugged. "I guess I've been better." You smiled at him slightly.

       "College?" you guessed and took another sip of your drink. It tasted bitter and perhaps a bit disgusting, but it kept your mind off of things, so there was no need to complain. Momotarou tried smiling back at you, though it came out as more of a cringe.

       "Yeah- something like that." He lied and copied your own actions but with his drink. How could you have gotten over him so easily? It's only been three months since the two of you broke up, but you already managed to move on.

       Momotarou felt bothered. Bothered and sick. Even though it was a mutual break-up, he found himself longing for your gentle touches soon after you had left. He found out through your best friend that you would be at this bar tonight, so he prepared himself to ask you if the two of you could start over.

       He had observed you from a distance, as uncharacteristic anxiety overwhelmed his veins and mind. Uncertainty tainted him but also blessed him, as the emotion prevented him from looking dumb. Just as he was about to walk up to you, he saw Haruka come up to you and gently kiss you before murmuring something to you.

       It shattered Momotarou's heart, but he faked a movie-star worthy smile and started up a strained and difficult conversation with you once Haruka left. At least, this way, he hasn't completely lost your love. Not yet, anyway.

       Honestly, it made no sense to him, seeing as Haruka would probably only ignore you and continue swimming. He could do better, Momotarou had thought. He would treat you like a goddess, and shower you with the attention you deserved.

       His fantasy was only crushed when your current boyfriend came over to walk you home. You gave the scarlet haired boy an apologetic smile and headed towards the entrance without a second glance.

        It was then that he realized that if he could treat you so pleasantly, then he missed his one and only chance.

                                                                                                                                ...So I never have to lose.
i love angsty fanfics tbh, idk why. they're like... my drug, or something...

lyrics are by All Time Low!

*from my quotev acc
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And we're sitting on your kitchen floor on a Tuesday afternoon.

       The only sounds ringing through the kitchen were the sounds of buttons clicking, the battle music from Pokemon X and Y, and the cries of your Pokemon when they were sent out into battle. Well, and of course, curses and insults.

       It was a Tuesday afternoon and you were just about to prepare some lunch for you and your boyfriend to eat before he ambushed you, claiming that "your eyes met and you must battle him." Of course, you were not going to back down from the challenge and quickly retrieved your console to battle him on the kitchen floor.

       "Momo, you jerk!" you exclaimed and proceeded to order your specially-bred Togekiss to preform 'Nasty Plot'. Your boyfriend only laughed and tapped on his 3DS screen. You shot him a glare then cheered when his Chesnaught's 'Hammer Arm' missed. It looked like you would win this battle, after all!

       You cackled evilly. "There's no way you can win, now!" You cried out, tapping on 'Aura Sphere'. You watched in glee as your opponent's health bar started to deteriorate into nothing, causing you to finally win a battle against your perky boyfriend.

       "No way! What the hell?" your boyfriend stared at his screen in disbelief.

       The two of you had recently obtained Pokemon X and Y and you both had a knack for training the best Pokemon you could find or breed. This eventually led to the two of you battling every chance you got, since the winner could have the loser become their personal slave for a day.

       It was the first time you won against Momotarou in what seems to be forever, and you could finally rub it in him face!

       "So," you began smugly. "How does it feel to lose?" you taunted, booping the teenager's nose. He rolled his eyes and scowled at you.

       "That's only because you mega-evolved your Lucario, you cheater!" Momotarou accused, though his amber eyes twinkled in amusement.

       You scoffed playfully. "There's nothing against the rules about mega-evolutions! You're just a sore loser, but don't worry. I'll let you win one day." You teased, quickly pecking your boyfriend's lips for emphasis. He huffed in annoyance.

       "Yeah, yeah, whatever." Momotarou grumbled out. You crawled over to the scarlet haired boy and climbed into his lap.

       "Aw, Mo-chan... don't you that think I deserve a reward?" you cooed out, kissing his neck softly and smirking when you saw his face turn just as red as his fiery hair. He instinctively moved his arms to caress your back and run his fingers through your soft, (color) hair.

        Momotarou's grip on you tightened when you started to gently nibble on his earlobe. Once you began to move your hands up his chest, he decided that he's had enough and pinned you to the ground.

       "Yeah," he whispered huskily. "I guess you do."
eevee dis is 4 u<333

*from my quotev account

lyrics are by All Time Low!
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