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"It's not your fault love, you didn't know"

"You didn't know..."

Clocky was getting all sad about what happened to her way back, and she felt like it was her fault. then toby makes her feel betta <:

and happy birthday ashy!!!! <333 hope you love it!

Toby - :icondeathly--shadows:

Clockwork - :icontomorrow-yesterday:

song inspiration: [link]
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dis was fun to do.
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"Sometimes when i'm hurting after daddy comes in, I hug giraffe. He makes me feel better."

depressing art is depressing.

it's little clocky (aka Natalie) hugging her giraffe after a tough evening. :<
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We sit here and wonder why others judge us, but at often times we end up judging ourselves before we even walk out into the snowy plains of life. We wonder and ponder the life that may come to us by the judgmental people that stand in front of the gate called happiness and we can’t seem to think of why they do such a thing. We begin to judge ourselves before anything then when we see them agreeing with what we saw before us; we believe that they are right.

You’re Too Fat.
You’re Too Skinny.
You’re Covered In Pimples.
You’re Voice Is Too High.
You’re Voice Is Too Deep.
You’re Clingy.
You’re Dumb.
A Spazz.
A Loser.
A Idiot.
A Nerd.

Then we stand and lower our heads letting out a breath of, “I know.” When really if they are right, then why have we kept striving on to be who we are. The judge that they are, call out a case that has no verdict and has no one that is guilty. We may seem not as pretty or as beautiful to you but what does it matter. Why must we subjugate ourselves to being someone that you must accept, when really it’s ourselves that we want to. We want your acceptance because in all we judges ourselves because we don’t know what is right or wrong before you, the beautiful people, speak.

We hear you talking about us, as our ears twitch to your whispers. No we will not fall, we will be that wall that can stand strong no matter what, that brick wall with the words “I Am Beautiful” spray painted and left as a permanent mark on it because we know that we are right. We judge ourselves yet we must stand tall so that when we hear the whispers from others, or the names that that become bullets, we are able to stand with a bullet proof vest even though yes we know it’s hard. We gain cracks in our wall along the way because we are unsure of what is right about us or not. But even when that comes we still must learn to seal those cracks because no matter what they say or what they do they are wrong! We are a being that is us, like a caterpillar making it’s crawl across a busy highway, we will soon get into our cocoon then bloom as the beauty that we all know that we are.

But the first thing we must know is not to stop ourselves before we go across the highway, that when we yell at ourselves in our mind, those are the bullets we can not protect from. Yes we all know that it is hard not to listen to our own words, because there is no where to escape them unless you let your mind become at ease of who you are. That before you see those people in front of the gates of happiness, you must not have holes in yourself from your own words plastered along you. Because no matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone does, no matter how many times that they try to bring you down or make you feel like a discarded paper along the halls of your school. You must know that, this.

You Are Beauty.
You Are Strong.
You Are Great.
You Are You.
And That Is A Person No Matter What Will Be Amazing.
I had posted this on Tumblr earlier this evening and I deiced to post it here also if any of you are interested.
Hope you enjoyed it.

Here's the original
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So to make this clear, I'm not only going to talk about "The Killer"s and "Slender"s. I'm going to cover the Creepy Pasta characters in general. I'm talking about also taking look back at our old buddy Jeff and actually see how much we actually have to support him to make him the character that he is and the he isn't today. 

So let's cut right to the chase to what the main topic is and the one thing everyone wants me to cover and look at. Okay now we all know what "The Killer" and "Slender" characters are, we've all seen them and we've all (more or less) let out a sigh and groan because we're getting fed up with them. Really it's lazy, to me it's just pretty damn lazy. I don't know if you're making it for the fun, or you're trying to create a lover for Jeff or even Slender but if you are trying to make a lover, seriously kids you should know by now that when you try to force something to happen it ain't going to happen. Okay so now that I got my opinion out of the way I should look at some of the things that must of the time make up these "original" characters. One: They're always either linked back to Jeff or Slender. Look at Jane, literally if none of what Jeff did ever happened we wouldn't have our little lesbian princess. Which yes everyone SHE IS A LESBIAN, which for anything even if it is a "The Killer" character I respect. Two: Their resemblancethe original character is always pretty damn close. I'm not kidding, for most of the "Slender" characters that's a given, I mean you look at Grinner and it's just a Slender Man with a new pair of shades and Smile; seems also pretty close to Splendor, and if you don't know who Splendor is well he's like Slender's retarded cousin who looks like the Joker and Care Bears had a kid.

Okay I'm getting off topic, the thing is really here's the thing when you make a Creepy Pasta character, you are going to be or at least striving to be extremely and utterly original. Something to grab readers so that they're sitting starring at their computer thinking "Holy shit, what did I just read." When you make one of these characters I look at as laziness. I look at it as if you were not able to put together a good story, create a good concept, so all you do is try to work off someone's work and call it "Original". I mean jeez at least when people make a Shark OC from Damien they at least credit him with the original idea of it! And really sometimes the art for the characters is good, and sometimes it's really bad. I'm serious the artist who created Grinner is amazing, and I like his art. And if you come here and go well what about the "BEN" characters and the o-or the "Smile" characters . Well yeah they're around but you don't see as many of them running around, to be serious I've only seen maybe one you could call "Smile" character and that was just Grinny and he's not even the same species!

But to be perfectly honest, "The Killer" characters are some of the most boring, mary/gary sue-ish, half-assed, annoying characters around. I don't care, they are, if you were doing it for fun go at it but seriously. I mean at least the "Slender" ones look cool sometimes, but this goddamn bitch Stephanie looks like a first grader who was spreading jam with a butter-knife and dropped the whole damn thing on her. I mean then there's characters like Skyla, oh my god. Can we call a twin over here, seriously people thought Jane was the gender-bent version of Jeff this girl along with Nina look more like Jeff then most other "The Killer" characters, and if you got a few put them in the comments let me see them. But Jesus Christ do not get me started on Nina. I can make a rant completely about this character, okay this isn't toward the creator at all but she is the one that thought up her up. Okay everything that Jeff has, the eyes, the mouth, the hoodie, and in the ref she's holding a Jeff doll that's a red flag people! Okay I should stop but, really these characters their like making another monkey for the Super Robot Team Hyperforce Go! It's not needed and it's unnecessary you're just creating something that will and will always be a fan character you can't get something out of this but that's what I have to cover next is the characters that may not be "Slender"s or "The Killer"s but they're still there.

Okay now those aside I should address this so no one goes Troll McDinnglepiss about me not talking about the other characters that lurk about. What I see is something Prince showed me, there's two sides of the Creepy Pasta characters; there's the Fan Characters then the Characters. It's a really basic concept when you get it down. One is a character which even though he/she has an original back-story at some point or another it leads to them needing one of the main CP's help. And main CP's are generally what made up this fandom for what it is, not just like you and your friend make characters and they work side by side. You wanna do that cool units of people work best, I mean look at A Clockwork Orange or even The Strangers, hell even that new movie The Purge is a unit of people that work solely to hurt and maim people just for the reason of that they want to do it. At the same time if, I should also cover "Proxy" characters because they're growing at a fast rate also but they're not as annoying or unoriginal as the "The Killer"s or even "Slender"s that people can deal with them and also find them pretty cool. That's just to show one thing, not all Fan Characters are a bad thing but they're not really characters unless they're given a good back story where they don't really have to rely on anyone unless it's like a friend so they can work in a unit. I have no problem with seeing refs of relations from your characters point of view with others I would find that awesome just because you get to question "Why do they hate each other?" or "What made them become friends?" that gives the reader and even just fan of the design something to look forward to in the near future.

To give you a few examples of good fan characters that are really popular and really well put together, well most of the part. Ticci Toby, yes little Ashy's cracker, hehe see what I did there. Toby is extremely popular, and we've all seen the fanart for him hell we even have a little fan-club for him along with Clocky and Lou. He is one of the best and number one fan characters because his story is creative and it works. He's a kid with a bunch of mental diseases that without spoiling anything too much, isn't going to make him last that long. He became a cannibal, yeah a fucking CANNIBAL really I don't see that much in CP, that's original right off that bat. Toby is one of the best because everything he has works, he's not exactly invincible. Ash did do his research and he knows when Toby's clock is gonna run out, god I am killing it in this rant. That's what makes him so good, also his design and weapons are pretty kickass and his relationship with Zalgo just make us want to cheer him on and watch to see his final fight goes because he's an underdog. A big one, yeah he's weird, and stupid, and basically his best friend would probably be BOB but even with every character that's come out of Creepy Pasta Toby has been the one that people can somewhat relate to because of how he deals with things. Toby is like the nerd who gets the prom queen at the end of the prom, well accept that the prom queen has a clock in her eye and the prom is probably something close to a slasher film. But that's beside the point, the real thing is that we see part of ourselves in Toby and we connect deeply with him, because I mean at the end of the day we are a little bit of a Ticci aren't we?

Now the next example of a good fan character is actually a character I mentioned before, and it's a good example because it dips into some old classic ideas that can actually be found in some of cartoons we use to watch in the 90s if you grew up then. Grinny, the otherwise cat version of Smile Dog. There are a lot of keen differences between these two, one of them being well Grinny is a cat and his creator is Comic KITTY...go figure. Kit you know I love you big sis. So from what we have gathered from Pastamonsters and even the stories, adding to the fact that the only basic back-story we have on Grinny is Pastamonsters in general we have put pieces to gather from places within the comic it's self. Which at the same time we have to compare this character to Smile Dog, so we can see how it is a fan character but also original in its own right. First off we have to say this Grinny's back-story is slightly confusing, I'm saying this because we don't exactly know what would have happened if Jeff never found him in the first place. Which leads us to think that yes it's basically a “Smile” character but he could have been a what I would call a “Stand Alone” fan character, which is simply a fan character that can deal with all of it's own problems without the aid of any other character that would be normally associated with a Fan Character, you could say Clockwork is a Stand Alone because of what she does with Jeff, but this is also something that can be in Characters which I'll cover later. So not to ruin it, if you haven't read Pastamonsters but basically Jeff thinks up the bright idea that bringing the little demon of a cat home because he thinks the little furball looks cute covered in the blood of his old handler. Now you wonder Jeff why Ben says you can't handle drugs, is because you'll do even stupider shit then that. Well the little demon gets into a fight with Smile while Jeff and Richard (you know I mean Slender, but I had to use it once or Ash would kick me through the computer screen) start to bicker at each other because Jeff doesn't have the stuff, knowing Richard it's probably the souls of lost little children but knowing Kit, it's probably eight kilos of marijuana. Love you big sis. Well then Jeff notices the two animals fighting like the would in the wild kingdom, and without lack of good focus Jeff blames Smile. This will continue on till the point where Smile is thrown out (because of Grinny) and he escapes the backyard to get lost in the human world and our “heros”, and I use that term loosely, to go find Smile. So now that I ruined a good part of the comic for you, let us go and talk about Grinny. Well one: He's french, I don't care what you say but after hearing Steve make him french, it was just oh too perfect. So maybe that's too his character, I wouldn't really say because he's actually really determined in a goal. He sets his mind on it and he will do it, of course the whole Jeff killing thing has been stopped a few times but all the times it was mostly went to that it can help him eliminate him at last. Of course he has this attraction to Ms.P who's another character created by Kit but I want to focus on Grinny. When I mentioned the old cartoons, I was primaryly talking about the small slapstick that Grinny ends up in and this attraction to Pencil. Okay we all know that in those old cartoons Daffy or Bugs would find an interest in a young lady and even though they were animals they had the human mind set in their heads which is probably the reason why. That is a great reason why Grinny is a good fan character because he brings back childhood memories. Like I said before he's determined and other then Smile who seems to want you to do yourself in, he wants the honor of slicing your throat when you sleep. That makes him different and not exactly set on target like “The Killer” characters. Grinny is also intelligent and manipulative, basically he's an asshole! Really he is but that's what makes him so good, we needed an asshole to not only laugh at and cheer when he gets hurt but also to see that you're cheering this all because he so much of well put together asshole that you can see truly why he's such a good character.

Now to cover the last part, we're going to talk about the Characters. These are the ones that are strictly on their own but often end up in the whole fun fandom spotlight when it can be fun and creative. The thing is they don't need it, they have their own world away from all the others to be with themselves and only themselves, maybe with a unit like I said before but that's about it. These are just the characters that would found with well Jeff, and Jack, and Ben. Characters that don't need other CP's but are always fun to see how they would react to them. Now here's the thing about this, there's really not a lot of good ones. Because these are characters you really have to develop to be given their own world so they don't have to be associated with any others and proven that any problem that is in front of them they can deal with on their own. Now we can sit here and argue what makes a good character or not, but really it would be better just to point out a lot of flaws that run into this. Just just plain too much exaggeration of something, too big of claws, teeth, something it's just not need so it's not frightening just silly. The back-story doesn't add up, if it doesn't make sense I'm going to have a hard time believing that you really did this to make a good character or just to half ass something and try to call it scary. Certain things need to be there. One of the main reasons is, why are they doing this. What exactly pushed them to be this way, why do they kill, why are they insane, what brought them here? It seems like a very easy topic but at the end of it all it really isn't. That at the same time is something that needs to be found in all CP's but most of the time with “The Killer” characters there is not explanation just something stupid like “Oh they killed their family” blah blah blah. Now by that also, that doesn't mean that Jeff and whoever are perfect for each other. Seriously this isn't a dating website, this isn't Eharmony Creepy Pasta Edition! This is a bunch of killers doing whatever the fuck they want, only a good some probably would have the sanity to stop and say “We should bang sometime” when others are so dumb and under development that people think that they can manipulate them. Which from what a “great” back story they have, they can! Really why do you think it's so easy to make Jeff seem like he has a personality because we have to give him one every damn time we write a fan fiction or a whatever! Really could that kid be anymore emotionless in that story, seriously it's like they hired Emma Stone to write that kids parts. Knowing how it so deeply describes his mind was mashed and mangled into become this maniac killer with this “weird” feeling, it probably was Emma Stone that wrote this. At least we know she isn't the one in the picture, that bitch can't crack a smile even at her wedding! Really this shows something, you have to give your character emotion and give them reasons. You have to give them so much or Plank from Ed, Edd, And Eddy will seem like they have a greater back-story. Really Jeff maybe be really popular but there is a reason I started laughing at the part in the hospital because it was just a sudden burst of emotion that you weren't prepared it was like “HAHAHAHAHA OH LOOK I'M CRAZY” Oh yeah, okay buddy calm down. Really Jeff is one of them that sets a bar, his bar is the lowest and guess who's bar is the highest? Ben. Ben's bar is the highest out of all of them. He has the greatest back story, his character his develop, he has reason, and he even has a resolution at the end, he technically has a “second” death when he finally passes on. Ben is one of those characters that is really underrated and if anything you don't want to have him at the bar, then let him share it with Laughing Jack.

But here's the main thing, I don't want you guys shooting to be the greatest CP no that's stupid this isn't a competition this is Creepy Pasta. This is a fandom that takes time and patience to develop everything, and maybe destroy some fandoms along the way. Oh yeah we're good at that! Really if you're in this fandom, you want to be a horror writer or you want to be in someway associated with the idea of it. This is a great fandom with a batch of everything in it, and we really want to keep this as mature as possible and stick to the program of what it was. That's something, we're the different fandom, we're the strange one, we're the one that looks at Doctor Who and says “Yeah you better go hide in your little phone box you pussy.” We're the ones that leaves Sherlock pondering, we're the ones that made Cupcakes, we made bronies scared of their own show that's a win in my book. Because we're the fandom in the shadows we don't come out and try to shove shit down people's throats, yeah we have a few of those people but most of us are mature. We're the Creepy Pasta fandom, and I'm not letting some people change this into some lovestruck, cute little kawaii bullshit, and if you're really in this fandom for the fandom you know when to be funny, you know when to be serious, and you know when to be goddamn scary. Cause this is Creepy Pasta, and we aren't going anywhere,we're staying here to strike fear in your hearts, and paranoia in your minds!
Okay yeah I cover a lot more then just those two little things but I think it's good don't you? Maybe, maybe not?

And the last part wasn't really necessary but I kinda got fueled by the moment or something don't question me! But anyway just have fun with this and enjoy guys!
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What is it that makes us who we are?

He picked up the picture of his friends that lay with each other,
arm over each shoulder, all close in a tight embrace.

What is it that makes us close? Was it our interest? No it had
to be something more.

He starred at the picture for a minute
before setting it down again and turning his attention to the
individual pictures of each of them that laid now in front of him. A
paper laying each with a small curve on each slice. He pulled his
knees up to his chest and started to ponder his relationship with
each of them that laid in front. He cared for them all, and as soon
as one was hurt he was hurt. He was the tape and he was going to fix
their problem no matter what. He didn't judge them for who they were
or how they acted, he wanted them to be happy no matter what it would
take. They were his family.

I always wanted sisters or brothers, someone to hang out with
and laugh with. I might scare a few of them and I might seem weird at
times but I know that they'll always love me and always be there for
me. Now that she's hurt I must do everything in my power to help her.
I won't let you stay hurt.

He slowly reached out towards the
picture of the bleach blonde hair girl then picked it up slowly. He
nodded to himself then held the picture tightly against his chest.
Even though he wasn't able to give her warm where he lay he was going
to do everything in his power to show her that he was there, that he
was going to protect her. Damn the ones who think other wise, damn
the ones who want to hurt her, no she's family, she's his sister, she
must be kept safe. No tears, no frowns, none of that, it must be
happiness. He knows this can't be one-hundred percent of the time,
but at least most has to be possible. No it will be possible, he'll
make it possible no matter what. She was special to him, she needed
to be happy.

I'll help you, I wasn't there to help you before, I'll always
be there now. I want you to be happy, you have to be happy, it's
unnatural for you to frown. That's why you're smile was created to
bless the world with it's presence, to echo your joyful laugh when
something funny happened, you have to be happy. No matter what you
say, you're not a loser, you're not weird, you're not anything bad,
you're great! I won't let anything hurt you, I want to be there for
you! I need to, it's my job! I may not really be you're brother but I
love you like one, I need to make you happy! I don't care what you
want to do, I support you a hundred percent, I understand how you
feel, how you feel to be different, how you feel that you weren't
exactly from the same tree as the rest! I know you're special and I
know that anything and everything you do will be special just like
you! You don't have to change, but if you want to you can, I love you
no matter what, remember I'm always here and I'll never leave!

He didn't realize it till he
looked down at the picture of her that tears were coming from his
eyes, and now staining his cheeks. He didn't care, he only wanted her
to be happy. He wasn't hurt because she wasn't happy, but he only
felt bad because he wasn't able to be there for her. He didn't know
why he felt like he had to protect her, or why he just wanted her to
be happy. It's as if his big brother instincts had token him over as
their relationship and bond grew tighter. That's what he was, she's
said it before, if I could replace you with my brother I would, she
said it he would never forget that. Even though he knew he wanted to
help everyone else and help make everyone else happy, she was on the
front lines right now, he needed to do this no matter what. Through
rain, sleet, snow, through any weather or any disaster that would
stand in his path, he would run to her and hug her tightly. Tell her
everything is gonna be alright, there's nothing wrong, and everybody
in their family still loves her no matter what. She was still small,
she still
she went through hell and back the year before and she needed
she needed protection. He was going to be that for her, he knew she
was strong on her own, but he wanted to be that extra
through the battle known as life. Through the enemies and hell that
may come at her to hurt her and bring her down, he was going to stand
and protect her to show her everything is alright and not to worry.
Big brother is here, no one can hurt you! He would shout it till the
year's end as he held her in a tight embrace to show her everything
was okay. The family she had made is all still there, they all still
love her. He would say it all, everything that would make her feel

Don’t you ever forget that we love and care for
you Ash! We will always be her for you, we will never judge you by
your actions, or think you're weird, or try to change you for who you
are because that's why we love you! We wont you to be yourself and be
who you want to be, but we'll always be there two steps behind and
we'll never leave! We love you Ash never forget that!

He toke in a breath as he laid the
picture back down then took the papers from under each picture of his
loved ones. Setting them nicely and cleaning into the shape that they
were suppose to build. A shape that would show the world that no
matter what, they would stay strong as a family. He smiled through
the tears as he placed and set the final piece of paper. Then he
began to rearrange all of the pictures he held on the shape, fondling
a bit as he caught his breath. He finally placed the last picture of
his family on the very top of the shape. He smiled at what now laid
before him. A large heart, with an arrow in the center pointing
towards the picture of his family. It was this to represent
everything that he cared about, everyone that he loved and wanted to
be happy.

“Lone you okay?” A voice
came from the door of his room.

He quickly turned then smiled at the
figure, “I'm fine Rainbow, don't worry.” He answered as
he pulled himself from the floor walking over to Rainbow.

“Your eyes are red, have you been
crying?” Rainbow asked as he moved some of the hair from Lone's

“I'm fine okay, don't worry.”
He said with a giggle as he smiled up at Rainbow.

Rainbow nodded then put his arm around
Lone holding him close, “Remember you can talk to me about
anything.” Lone nodded in response then nuzzled himself closer
to Rainbow. The two made their way out of the small room. Slowly
closing the door and the darkness engulfing it.

The heart still stood in it's place,
unmoving the pictures holding it to it's position. In the center lays
the picture of the bleach blonde haired girl known as Ash, who he
knew that he would love her as his baby sister to the end of time.

This is something I felt like writing for my good friend Ash,she's going through a lot and I wanted to show her that our little "Virtual Family" will always love her. This is also for everyone that I truly care about, I love you all. Ash I want you to be better so much sweetie, I just wanted to let you know that we all love you and always care about you. We'll never judge you I promise, we want you to do what makes you happy, and what you feel like should be right to do in your life. We'll always be there 100% of the time. :heart: Love you dear.

And for my watchers. Please go to her dA and give her all the love and support you can, watch her if you're not already. She's an amazing artist and she deserves everything she gets.
That's her dA, please she deserves it.
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   "Ummm.. So vere vill I be staying?" You ask
   "You can stay with me Mon ami" France said grabbing your hand
   "No, no chica stay with me!" Antonio begged grabbing your other hand 
   "Guys! I'm not a rag doll!" you yelled
   Ludwig stayed silent. He seems more serious than the others. 
   "She is staying with me" Gilbert growled grabbing you and carrying you to his room.
   "I can walk im not a rag doll!" you shouted
   "Jou're meine Stoffpuppe, die Liebe. (My rag doll, love)" He said as he got to his room and placed you on his bed. "Have ju had previous masters?" he asked
   "Saddly jeah" You responded 
   "Did zey give ju these bruises?"
   "Ja" You softly spoke remembering what you previous master Austria did to you.
   He softly kissed a bruise on your cheek making you twitch "Ju vill not be treated like that here" 
   You blushed hugging your new master for he was the first to show you kindness. Your body shook nervously as he caressed your cheeks with his hands. Your heart pounded so hard you could have sworn that he heard it he leaned in close and smiled "Jou're safe now mein Liebe" 
   ~Time skip of four months brought to you by Prussia's crotch cloth~
   You were really starting to get used to everyone here. Francis made you wear his maid outfits (which you don't know why he even had them) while cleaning. Antonio became your best friend. You would usually go out drinking with him. Ludwig began to talk to you and it turned out you both had a love for wurst (sorry if you don't JUST PRETEND CAUSE YOUR GERMAN!!) and drinking with him was fun. For Gilbert you seemed to fall in love with him... no you DID fall in love with him. You want to tell him but you dont want what happened with Austria to happen with him. You fell for Austria and he got mad that you did and beat you for it. So you avoided telling him. Currently you are out shopping with Ludwig and of course the worst thing possible could happen.
   As you were getting the last bits of food you needed you accidentally ran into someone knocking them over. "I...I'm sorry!" you appoligized picking up what you knocked out of there hands
   "Well its good to see my little angel is doing good" A familiar voice said
   "A....Austria!" you gasped as he grabbed your hair pulling you up. 
   "Where has my angel gone to?" He asked
   "I'm not your angel anymore!" you yelled
   "Really than who do you supposedly belong to" 
   "AUSTRIA!" Germany growled "PUT ____ DOWN NOW!"
   He dropped you and glared at the german man "So this little slut is serving you now!" 
   "How dare you call her that!" He hissed 
   "well thats what she is just a common whore!" 
   Ludwig grew angry and knocked out Austria. He picked you up and held you close "Are you ok?" he asked
   "Ja I'm fine" you sighed "I am used to him hurting me"
   "Vhy vould anyone vant to hurt ju?"  
   "long line of abusive masters"
   "Vell lets go"
  ~time skip~
   When you got home Ludwig told them what happened and they all hugged you.
   "To tight! to tight!" you yelled laughing
   "Ve hug because Ve love chica~!" Antonio smiled
   "Don't love me to death!" you yelled
   "___, can I talk to ju in private?" Ludwig asked
   "Sure" you said as the other three released you.
   You followed him to his room and sat down on his bed as he shut the door. He sat down next to you and gave you a little smile "Jour a very brave girl ju know. Most girls vould never want to be near anyone after so much abuse through the years but you are so openly happy it seems like you had the perfect life" 
   "Vell I'm used to it" You replied blushing slightly
   "Vhich someone like ju shouldn't be" He replied placing a hand on your cheek. "Ju really are more than a pretty face" He leaned in and gave you a light kiss on the lips which made your face turn a crimson red
   Suddenly the door was kicked open by Gilbert who had been spying on you "VHAT ZE HELL JU BASTARD!" He yelled picking you up "DON'T EVER TOUCH MEIN ENGEL AGAIN!"

~To be continued~
:iconsweatdropplz: oh my god this took a while but i like it. Hurray for brothers fighting over you. I DO NOT OWN HETALIA..... but i want mein prussia!
You belong to :iconsexyprussiaplz: und maybe even :iconsexygermanyplz:
CH.! [link]
CH. 2 Your here bro!
ch.3 [link]
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   "Im starving!" a young prussian moaned. His lust for blood grew stronger and the sent of a fresh cut filled his body with excitement. He licked his sharp fangs as he saw a limp body on the ground. He rushed over and saw your face. Your unconscious eyes were covered by (h/l) (h/c) hair your face was covered in deep cuts and bruises either way you looked beautiful to him. He gently licked your cuts and smiled as you opened your eyes slightly revealing your (e/c) eyes. "Danke." you whispered. He nodded and picked you up taking you to his home. 
~time skip~
   He placed you on his couch "Ich schulde dir eine Menge wissen Sie (i owe you a lot you know)"
   "Don't vorry about it Frau" he smiled "Ze awesome me would never let a hübsches Gesicht (pretty face) go to waste"
   "Vell I dont know about jour morals but because you helped me I am to serve ju as jour persönlichen Engel (personal angel)" You smiled 
   "persönlichen Engel?" he asked 
   "Ja, see" you said as you spread your wings. He watched you and smiled touching your feathers lightly which made you blush "Z...Zey are sensitive..." 
   "Vell you shall be serving me, Gilbert und mein room mates Francis, Antonio und mein stupid bruder Ludwig"
   "Since i vill be here ju may as vell know my name." you smiled "I'm ____"
   He smiled and you noticed his fangs
   "You're very kind for a vampire"
   "How can you tell?" 
   "Honey try to hide them better" you said as you kissed his cheek
   He blushed which made you giggle.
   Suddenly you hear the door burst open "We're home!" a very cheerful voice yelled which made you jump. You quickly hid your wings and three men walked in.
   The first was a relatively young looking man that had brown hair and cute green eyes. His skin was lightly tanned. The second one was taller with long blood hair. In fact you could have said he was a girl the purple outfit didn't help his case. His pretty blue eyes just seem to sparkle brightly in the light. The last on was pretty tall his blond hair was slicked back and his blue eyes pierced yours like a knife that sent chills up your spine.
   "oh quelle est cette Prusse? (whats this Prussia)" The french man smirked grabbing your chin "you brought home souper (supper)"
   "Oh this chica es muy lindo" the shorter one said licking your neck lightly accidentally hitting a bruise which caused your wings to spread they both back away in shock and Gilbert stepped in front of you.
   "None of you are to touch mein Engel!" he hissed "she is to serve us from now on" 
   "si elle va nous servir sexuellement? (so she will be serving us sexually? )" the french asked
   "comme si vous allez me toucher (as if you're going to touch me)" you respond. He staired in stock. "Vhat? I'm bi-langual"
   "esta chica es tan lindo~ (this girl is so cute~)" The spanish man said hugging you tightly
   "Vell since I'll be living here let me try to guess whos who" you smiled looking at the brown haired one "Ju must be Antonio" he nodded. "Und ju my french friend must be Francis" he smiled as you said his name. You got up and walked towards the last one "Und finally ju must ve Ludwig"
   They all nodded and Antonio continued to cuddle you tightly.
   "Holen Sie sich weg von ihr, du Idiot (get off of her, you idiot)" Gilbert hissed
   "Nunca! (never)" Antonio smiled as gilbert tried to pull him off.
   'I zink I am going to like it here' you think to yourself
 i was up all night on this so please dont complain about my spelling and stuff  
OMG this was fun to make and i did enjoy what i did
You now belong to :iconsexyprussiaplz: and maybe even the rest of the BTT ;)
I DO NOT OWN HETALIA...... but i wish i did
CH.! Herro you are here
CH.2 [link] <---- click it sweet heart you know you want to~
ch 3 [link]
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 You sighed walking to your new school. You may appear normal but you are in fact a devil. You look completely human because you can hide your horns and tail. You just moved into town to avoid suspicion in the other places you lived. Your job was to take souls to your father Ivan. (yes Ivan is Satan XD) You take the sluttiest and the most wicked minded of people, as soon as you walked into the school you could tell it was full of impure souls that need some reaping. Three souls caught your attention as they walked towards you. You watched the three dark souls stare at you with impure intentions. The first one had red hair with an odd cowlick and piercing red eyes. He wore glasses and and brown jacket. The second one had pink hair and blue eyes with pink swirls. The third one had curly blond hair that reached his shoulders and violet eyes. The one in the front walked towards you and wrapped his arm around you.
 "Hey doll face, I've never seen you here before" He smirked
 "And you better pray not to see me again" You smirked back as you started to walk away. He quickly grabbed your arm turning you around towards him.
 "Don't talk to me like that doll." He growled grabbing your other arm to hold you still. You looked up at him your (e/c) eyes turning red and your pupils becoming cat like as you hissed and made him lose his grip on you and quickly kicking him away and returning to your human form. 
 "Never touch me like that again!" You yelled walking away
 He just stared at you wide eyed until the pink haired boy walked to him "Alfie what happened?" He asked 
 "There is something strange about her" he replied
~time skip to lunch~
 You sat at an empty table slowly eating your lunch, and on your iPad going through the list of souls your father wants you to bring him. You sighed, the list was much longer than usual. You knew how to lure them in, you have a pretty good body. The best was to attract bad souls was to look hot you know ;3.
 "ello" A cheerful voice says behind you. You shut of your iPad and turn towards him smiling.
 "Hi" you replied as he sat down
 "I'm sorry about my brothers behavior this morning, love, he's kind of an ass" 
 "It's fine, I could kinda tell the second he opened his mouth" You giggled 
 He chuckled as well and looked at your eyes "You're a very pretty girl you know" 
 You blushed "T..thanks" 
 "It's such a shame that you reap souls for a living"
 You turned to him wide eyed "H...How did you-"
 "I saw your face when you attacked Al" He smirked "But don't worry you're secret is safe with me, however I want to help you with reaping" 
 "You're serious?" you asked 
 "Then meet me behind the school at 6:00 pm., ok."
 "Alright" He smiled "I'll see you there"
~Time skip Al's POV~
 I saw Oliver walking behind the school with that new girl so I quickly followed them along with Matt trying not to be detected. We could hear them talking. 
 "So you really want to be a reaper too?" She asked 
 "Of course, love" He smiled
 "Well you know your on my fathers list of those to kill right?"
 "I saw that coming"
 "well then follow me"
 We looked at them and saw a portal open in the wall that lead to a place that seemed on fire. As they walked in we quickly followed.
 ~normal POV~
 You walked to your fathers room and knocked on the door "Enter, da" You heard him say from the other side
 "Father I've brought someone for you to see" You said as he turned around from the desk he was sitting at.  His height towered yours and pretty much everyones. 
 "Dis boy isn't trying to take you avay from me, da?" He asked 
 "No father" You giggled "He want to be a reaper"
 "How did he find out about you?"
 "Long story" you sighed
 "Wait, your Oliver, da?" he asked 
 "Yes" Oliver nodded
 "It's a shame that I actually am going to allow this" Ivan sighed "I would have loved to torture your soul"
 "Dad" You sighed
 "You know I'm teasing _____" He smiled "But I am going to allow him to reap with you and the two boys hiding out the door" 
 "They followed you here" Ivan stood and walked towards the door and opened it revealing the two boys "Isn't that right Matt and Al"
 They nodded
 "From now on you will be working with my daughter ____, I want you to protect my little sunflower and if anything happens to her. I don't knwo what i'd do" A purple aura surrounded him which caused the three to quake in fear. You smiled and hugged your father. 
 "Don't worry Papa I know how to twist their arms off if they fall out of line, just like you taught me" You smiled.
  The boys thought to themselves 'What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?!'
~Time skip 5 months later~
 You moved in with the three boys and they learned the hard way not to mess with you. You liked Al the most out of the three and today was the day you wanted to tell him. You walked into the living room to see Al and Matt fighting... again.
 "HEY I TOLD YOU NOT TO FIGHT IN THE HOUSE!" You heard Ollie yell. 
You grabbed them both and glared at Matt "I need to borrow him for a moment" 
You grabbed Al's hand and took him out to the local park.
 "_____? Whats wrong?" He asked blushing slightly
 "I....I just wanted to t..tell you.." 
 "What?" He asked growing a bit impatient
 "I just can't say it!" You said blushing madly. He noticed and smirked 
 "I think I know what you want" He softly placed his hand on your cheek and leaned in close to you "Just so you know I feel the same way" He said as he closed the gap between your lips.
 A rumbling noise was suddenly heard and Ivan rose from the ground "ALFRED JONES!" You're angered father growled "HOW DARE YOU!"
 "You should run now" You whispered. He nodded and ran from the angered devil.   
the thought occurred to me in marching band practice for no reason at all XD
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u___u for some reason whenever I listen to "You Are The Moon" by The Hush Sound I think of Eyeless Jack.
here's a link to the song [link]

Also I'd like to draw him more.
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Although this creepypasta story didn't quite match my expectations it was pretty good nonetheless.
Also I like the character idea and wanted to draw him. u3u

[Trying to become more active hello friends i am here]
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Just some regulations; because dammit you guys; I've posted again and again certain things not to do or things to do (such as read the description if you have questions) but I keep getting the same problems. So please, if you're going to ask questions, understand this.

Also I've been wanting to update the 'Ask these guys' picture; you know with the characters like Splendorman and Kagekao and stuff.
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This is my workplace. It is my cube of happiness; If I was Sheldon from 'The big bang theory' this would be 'my spot'.

It's an organized mess and I love it :D

Btw this is long overdue, but hell I decided to do it because today I cleaned up everything and reorganized.

That champagne class is there for reference, sadly I don't own any wineglasses. I'd love to have one for reference for Kage's wine but at least I have a wine bottle. And the mannequin hand is holding a rubber kunai, which is like a ninja weapon thingy. The little whiteboard is my to-do list, interesting thing about that; that picture of Slenderman on there I drew when I first bought it, about 6 months ago. The rest have been erased and redrawn several times, but Slendy has stayed the same.
And my epic posters that I've gotten for christmas. And I have three transformers around there, Ravage, sea attack ravage, and Laserbeak. And deer antlers that I bought in the US, I've never been hunting before though. They're hung with wire because I did not want to put a nail through Deadmau5's head.
Magnets, some souvenirs from places and my homemade magnets: Hollywood undead, my fanmade HU mask, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Meowingtons, and Videomau5.
Then my mice, they're so cute XD They live in a koolaid container.
About that manga there, Cry (the youtuber) played a game which that manga is based from, I was so happy when I found it at the manga store XD good way to practice kanji too. And you might notice I still have my HU Danny themed nails on; 'cause they're awesome and durable.
Back there, I have an old Mira figure I made a while ago but never painted. Hammock Deer is adorable. Lookit the tiny man. Godzilla is there, and a PH figure that my brother gave to me for my birthday about two years ago :D
And most of my video game collection; I have every main silent hill game besides Downpour (Silent hill 1 is on my PS3)
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Scene from my next story; although truthfully, in the story itself the broken wine glass's cup part isn't that intact, the in the story is more just the stand thing.

I'll probably get this story uploaded tomorrow, or at least the first part (This one is a two+ parter). I really like how this one is going, it has Kai in it, which will be his first appearance in a story. And in this one the guy in the story sees Kage as a friend, which is different from the other two.

Anyway I love how this came out; especially the bloody broken wineglass. And you can see a bit of his skin tone on his neck, although the skin on his neck is darker than the skin on the rest of his body (excluding his arms, which are the same color as his neck). If you know Valtiel from Silent hill 3, his skin design is a little like that. Dammit I wineglass to use for reference, all I have is a champagne glass.

Art & Kagekao (c) :icongingaakam:
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Unfortunately, you had to return to work the next day. As much as you didn't want to see France again, you couldn't skip a day of work. You just prayed that he wouldn't talk to you.

Boy were you wrong.

"______? ______?!" France was constantly hovering over you while you swept, cooked and sewed.

You tried your best to ignore him but it was really hard. The desperation in his voice made your heart jump for some reason.  

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!" You finally screamed at him. You couldn't take him shouting your name anymore.

France flinched and his eyes flickered.

You sighed and loosened your tense muscles, calming down. "I mean... What do you want?"

"Another chance." He murmured, avoiding eye contact.

You had never seen France look so distraught. You wondered how much he fussed over the incident the night before. The thought of him caring about you so much made you smile just a bit. "Why should I give you one?"

"You can't pass up these gorgeous looks, Mademoiselle~" France chuckled and flipped his hair with a cocky smile.

That tiny glimmer of hope that he would change for you in your heart was crushed in an instant. Your small smile turned into an annoyed glare. "I never knew you could be so arrogant! Just because your're rich doesn't mean you have to act like you're a snob all the time!"


"I'm pretty much broke and I don't really have a place to live, but I still had some pride. You pretty much took all of it away. Why on earth would I want to date you?"

"I can change...." France looked at you with sincerity. It's like his personality changed in an instant.

You blinked. "I'm pretty sure you can't."

"I... Don't like these riches, to be honest." He murmured. "The attention is marvelous, but just... I don't like how people view me. The money has almost changed me. I wasn't always like this."

"Francis..." You felt sympathy. As much as you didn't want to, you did.

"I promise I can change for you. I've never felt so strongly for someone as you, ______. And we just met, to prove that it's amour at first sight."

He took your hand and gently kissed it.

Pink spread across your cheeks. "... Francis, I don't know."

"Please give me another chance, I'll do anything." France whispered. His hand was shaking.

You thought about it for a moment before rushing into him in a hug. "Okay. But, don't screw this up."

"I promise I won't." France lightly kissed your forehead and let out a sigh of relief.

You highly doubted that he could keep those promises. You would just have to wait and see.
Here's part three of the winner of my poll! Thanks to everyone for voting and I hope you enjoy it!


Part 1 - [link]
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - You Are Here
Finale - [link]


Story belongs to me.

Hetalia and the Characters belong to Himaruya.

You belong to yourself... Hopefully. O.o

I don't own the picture. Found here: [link]



"Mademoiselle!" - Miss

"S'il vous plaît?" - Please

"Amour~" - Love
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"Here we are, mademoiselle~" France, with a wink and a smile, opened the doors to the indoor garden for you.

It was the day after you had met with France after the party, and you were excited for your afternoon with him.

The two of you had settled in a famous indoor garden in Paris. The argument about where you would be going had really given you another impression of him: Arrogant and self-centered, but controlled at the same time.

You hoped that this didn't show during your date.

"Merci." You glanced at him for a second before hurrying inside. As you recalled the events of the night before, your argument, your excitement drained and turned to disappointment.

"You're very welcome." He stepped inside. He was dressed especially nice for just a casual stroll. You felt a little inferior in your sundress; the only nice piece of clothing you have.

You looked around with a big grin on your face. Then your look dropped. No one was there except for a few employees, and most of the flowers were gone.

"Um...?" You looked at France, who looked equally confused.

"One second, s'il vous plaît." He looked a little irritated as he approached one of the workers. "Excusez-moi, but what is going on?"

"We're closed today, monsieur. We're giving the flowers some pesticide, and the public isn't allowed in at the moment."

You flinched a little as you noticed France clenching and unclenching his fists. "Do you know who I am?"


"I am Francis Bonnefoy, or as most of you know, representative of France." He straightened his collar to make himself look important. "I should be able to take a pretty girl out to a garden without any problems whenever I want. Besides, just look at this face. How can you say no?"

"There is nothing I can do..." The worker looked a little intimidated at this point.

"There is always something you can do."

You were shocked. You had no idea he was this conceited. "Francis, it's okay, we can go somewhere else." You murmured, somewhat coldly.

"Non, ______, it's okay. I can take care of this." France waved his hand passively, not even looking at you.

"No, forget it. I don't want to spend the rest of my day with you. It'd be a waste of my time." You turned on your heels.


You didn't look back as you left.

You and France's first date was a disaster, and you weren't looking forward to seeing him again.
Here's part two of the winner of my poll! Thanks to everyone for voting and I hope you enjoy it!


Part 1 - [link]
Part 2 - You Are Here
Part 3 - [link]
Finale - [link]


Story belongs to me.

Hetalia and the Characters belong to Himaruya.

You belong to yourself... Hopefully. O.o

I don't own the picture. Found here: [link]



"Mademoiselle!" - Miss

"S'il vous plaît?" - Please

"Monsieur..." - Sir

"Merci!" - Thank You
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You clutched the empty wine glass in your hand as once again the obnoxious laughter of rich snobs rang through the enormous room.

As you were pretty much broke, you had to crawl to France for a job as a servant, no matter how hard you didn't want to. Your pride was pretty much the only thing you had.

You walked over to the table where the trays and appetizers were for the servers to, well, serve, the people. France's infamous perverted laugh echoed through the room and you let out a sigh as you loaded more food onto the silver platter.

This place never made you feel at home, but tonight, with all the people in here, you felt a hundred times worse.

Glancing over to where your 'master' was, you saw crowds of women surrounding him. You gaze grew angry as you noticed half of them were wearing skimpy dresses and push-ups, obviously trying to get the Frenchman's attention.

You couldn't believe that those woman would just throw themselves at France like that. You know you never would.

With a huff you continued walking to anyone who wanted some apricot chambord brie or wine from your platter, but you couldn't help but glance back at France.

You were curious about that man. He had treated you pretty well for being a servant, and he payed relatively well, but you hadn't gotten to really know him all that well. You were almost too shy too, he was the richest man in France and well, you were nobody.

He craned his neck slightly around the women and smiled, tipping his wine glass to his lips with a wink.

Your cheeks flushed with color and you quickened your pace, your heart pounding. Why is a simple look like that making me feel so tingly?!

As dazed as you were, you didn't notice a man sidestep in front of you unknowingly.

With a gasp you tripped over his feet, crashing to the floor. Shattered glass flew across the floor. The room went quiet as everyone stared at you, wide-eyed.

To your horror you heard the man curse very loudly with a thick French accent.

Looking up from the mess you made you saw a large purple wine-stain all over the front of his... Brand-new white suit.

"Comment osez-vous!" Much to your surprise, he raised his hand to strike you in the face.

With a whimper you covered your cheek with your hand and turned away, then froze.

"Non, monsieur."

You looked up and saw that France clutched the man's wrist in his hand. It was loose, but obviously he didn't want the man to harm you. "I will pay for the suit. Now go clean up."

With a slight growl, the man snatched his arm away and walked swiftly to the restroom with a few men and women trailing behind, whispering among themselves while glancing back.

"Are you okay, ma chère?" He took your hand and helped you up.

You groaned a little but nodded, then gasped once again when you felt his smooth hand quickly reach up your shirt. He slipped something underneath the wire of your bra, smiled at you then walked back to the crowd.

With a quivering lip you stood up, wiped your eyes and ran out of the room. You didn't even think about cleaning up the mess.

Glad that nobody else was in the ladies' room, you quickly ran into the small sitting area and looked at yourself in the mirror. There was no way you could go back into that crowded room after that display! Especially since he had meaningfully bad-touched you in front of everyone in there.

You bit your lip and reached underneath you shirt, pulling out the note that France had so 'generously' left you. It read:

"Meet me in the back after the party. I will be waiting for you~

- Francis. ♥"

You raised an eyebrow, but you couldn't help but feel a little excited. Why does he want to see me...?


After the party was over and you had changed into something a little nicer, you walked out behind the rich Frenchman's mansion.

Just as the note said, France was standing there, facing away from you. His hands were behind his back and he had a rose in one of them. He was still wearing the suit from the party.

Your heart raced as he turned around to look at you. With a sexy smile he approached you. "Ah, ma chère. I'm glad you came, I knew you would~" He looked down at you happily and lightly kissed your left cheek.

"U-um..." You blushed, all your doubt about this man melting away.

"I have been watching you very closely ever since I hired you." He stroked his stubble thoughtfully.

You couldn't help but find that a little creepy.

"And... I like what I see." He chuckled a little bit as he looked you over.

You instinctively covered your chest, feeling a little shy. "Thanks...?"

"I would like to get to know you, ______." France's gaze turned slightly serious, but he still had a twinkle in his eye.

"I... Want to get to know you too." You smiled, and by his cocky grin back you could tell he liked that.

"Good. So, shall we meet later? Maybe tomorrow? Or tomorrow... Night?" He winked again and lightly curled his fingers around yours, making you blush like crazy.

"Afternoon." You said quickly. You also knew that France had a reputation for being especially... Lusty.

"Hm. It's a date." France smiled and gripped your hand slightly as he led you back inside.

You wondered what he had in store for you.
Here's the winner of my poll! Thanks to everyone for voting and I hope you enjoy!


Part 1 - You Are Here
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - [link]
Finale - [link]


Story belongs to me.

Hetalia and the Characters belong to Himaruya.

You belong to yourself... Hopefully. O.o

I don't own the picture. Found here: [link]



"Ma chère~" - My Dear

"Comment osez-vous!" - How dare you!

"Monsieur..." - Sir
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something i drew in class.
I've employed 3 hours...yea...I was pretty bored...hope you like ^u^

tools: bick pen,ink pen 0.4,coloured pens.

characters: slenderman,eyeless jack,jeff the killer,hoodie,masky,observer,BEN (c)creepypastas

art by me
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The Butcher And His Wife Image Cover by Abundant-Chaos

It was a bright and sunny day in a small town in Vancouver. The birds were singing and children were running to get some ice-cream from the ice-cream truck. People were stopping to chat with others or smell the flowers lingering outside the floral shop. Out of all the many shops in this small town, the most well-known one was the Hemlock butcher shop. The family who owned the shop was really pleasant with their customers and rarely had any problems with anybody. After 46 years, the family retired and passed down the shop to their son Seth and his wife Rita. 

Business was going as usual that day and Seth handed over the package of meat to his latest customer. "Here ya go Miss. Melville." Seth smiled placing the package on the counter. "Thank you Seth. Such a sweet boy," the middle aged woman replied with a smile. "So where is your wife? Hope she's getting her daily rest. Must be impossible for her,being a restless one and all." she giggled. "I'm here. And, don't worry Miss. Melville, I just gotten up from my nap." Rita said coming down the stairs holding her six month old pregnant belly. "Nice to see you again Rita." Miss. Melville smiled.

The conversation was then pulled literally into a screeching halt when a black and green sports car zoomed down the street and started doing doughnuts in the cul-de-sac. All this was happening while the car's driver was cheering at the top of his lungs with his girlfriend giggling in the passenger seat as they drove off. Miss Melville frowned looking out the window and scrunched up her nose in disgust. "Oh it's those obnoxious new couple that just moved in, Trip and his girlfriend Paula!". Seth sighed as he leaned onto the counter a bit. "Well, I guess now we have to look at least four times across the street instead of two whenever we hear that engine coming near." He said trying to break the tension. Miss Melville smiled at the little joke uttered by the young man. "A-any who, did you two find out if the little one is going to be a boy or a girl?" Miss Melville asked changing the subject immediately. The couple looked at each other and smiled as they looked over to her. "We decided to keep the baby's gender a secret until he or she is born. We even have names whether it's a boy or girl or even multiples for that reason." Seth smiled rubbing Rita's belly. Miss Melville smiled at the happy couple. "Oh how lovely! A surprise is much more fun than knowing!". Little did they know their little surprise would last forever.  

Later on that night when everyone had packed up their shop goods inside and the towns people had headed asleep. Seth and Rita had already fallen into dreamland and it was about 3:27 in the morning. Rita made faces in her sleep and tossed and turned as the baby moved and kicked uncontrollably. She yawned as she woke up and rubbed her belly. But that didn't help. She sighed and a small smile plastered her face as she got up and went down to the sink located by the front counter to get a glass of water. She froze in place as she heard the familiar sound of the revving sports car and sounds of Trip and Paula's drunk laughing. She sighed and rolled her eyes as she drank her water and put the cup into the sink. It was then she heard a scream and saw a light flashing towards the window. She walked up toward the font of the counter and tried to peak out the window from a distance until she went wide-eyed when the lights got brighter and brighter.

Seth woke up with a startle when he heard a loud crash coming from downstairs. He immediately got out of bed and ran down to the shop. He froze in place and shuddered as he observed the site. Trip's green and black sports car had crashed in through the front of the giant window placed in the front of the shop. He saw Trip and Paula bailing the scene and then saw Rita, slightly pinned between the car and the counter, blood pouring from her mouth onto the hood of the car. "N-no no... no no no..."Seth muttered as tears filled his eyes and he went over to his injured wife. He held her hand and gasped when he saw she was still breathing and her eyes where still open. "R-Rita...Don't worry! the ambulances are almost here! Y-you and the baby will be just fine..." he said breaking into tears realizing that the baby surely didn't survive the impact. The sound of multiple sirens and lights soon reached closer and closer to the scene. Rita ended up surviving the crash,but in order for her life to be saved, her womb had to be removed along with the unborn child. 

Seth peeked into the hospital room seeing Rita sitting on the bed expressionless but with tears rolling down her cheeks. Seth closed the door and sat her in between his legs as he sat on the bed. "Why did this happen...? for years... we tried to have a child and the one chance we get, our baby is taken away from us..." Rita muttered. "And I can't believe those two just ran off..."Seth mumbled. A sick twisted smile plastered Rita's pail skin as she started giggling. "Humans are truly cruel creatures. So many types of horrible people. Cheaters, con-artists, whores, liars. So many people that need to know the power of what justice can bring." Seth grinned and chuckled wickedly as well kissing her head. "I agree. And, I know our first victim. No! Customer," he said.

The night of Rita's release, they already formed a plan to settle the fate of Trip and Paula. Trip wobbled out of a bar located on the outskirts of town. Paula was back over at their little hideout they found after the accident. Rita walked around the corner of the bar in her black high heels, spiked out hair, and tight black dress. Trip grinned and pulled her close to him when she walked by. "Hey girl. Why don't you and me go back to my place to have some fun~?" the drunk man slurred. Rita flirted back and let out a tiny giggle. "I can see a hickey on your neck. Which means you most likely have a girlfriend."she grinned." Aaw she can handle another little 'guest'~"he purred pulling her closer. A hand holding a cloth then shot out from the corner of the bar nearest to Trip and covered his nose and mouth. Seth emerged from the shadows and put Trip into a headlock and pressed the cloth coaxed in chloroform into Trip's nose and mouth. Trip's struggling soon halted to a stop as his body gave in to the chemicals, passing him out in a matter of seconds.  

Trip groaned as he started gaining consciousness. First thing he notices was Paula next to him with her hands and feet wrapped together in duct tape, as well as her mouth covered as well as she was crying. He then noticed he was tied and gagged as well and that they were both on a conveyor belt leading to a huge meat grinder. He looked over when he heard footsteps approaching into the room and seeing Seth and Rita walk into the room, both wearing their uniforms and goggles and both with creepy grins stitched into their faces. Trip and Paula flinched and whimpered a bit in pain as Rita ripped the tape away from their mouths. Seth stood by the control panel ready to push the button to start the machine until Paula started pleading out to them."Please! I beg of you! Please let me live! I-I'm four months pregnant! I had found out recently! You wouldn't kill an innocent unborn child, would you?!" Rita went up to her and grabbed her chin forcing Paula to look at her. "No. But you have" She smirked as she cut open her stomach. Trip cried out to his girlfriend that was now gasping for air and screaming in pain as Rita reached onto her stomach moving her hand around. "Well look at that. I can't seem to feel a baby in that dried up cavern of your you call a womb. You don't even deserve to have kids let alone live," she said whispering her last sentence as Paula took her final breath. Rita grinned as she licked the blood off her fingers while she walked over to Seth. He grinned as he pressed the button to the machine and the conveyor belt started dragging a cursing Trip and Paula's lifeless body to the giant meat grinders. Soon the room filled with the sounds Trip's screams, crunching bones, and mechanic clacking. Then, it went silent. It was over. 

Cops were still on the search for Trip and Paula unaware of the two's demise. Miss. Melville smiled as Seth handed over her order of burger meat and with a slight psychotic joy in his voice, he smirked. "Here you go Miss. Melville. It was freshly grounded up last night."

My very first creepypasta story that was ACTUALLY finished!! :iconsuperw00tplz:
Hope you guys enjoy my first creepypasta story ^^
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Hey guys! :iconcutehiplz:

This is an art trade pic i did for :iconsabrinanightmaren: and i drew her creepypasta character laughing jill!
Hope you like it :iconsabrinanightmaren:!!!:iconkawaiilazeplz:


laughing jill (c)-:iconsabrinanightmaren:
Art (c)-moi

Hope you enjoy!!
Bye-bye! :iconbaibaiplz:
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Emery Rose was an angel,
But she also was a thief,
And when the sun went down
And the town lost sound,
Emery stole my heart.

Emery, Emery, please don't start,
Come to me and replace my heart,
You are too high to carry my love,
I have no wings to rise up above.

Emery Rose was an angel,
But she also was a sculptor,
And when the moon hung high
And the city all sighed,
Emery built me wings.

Emery, Emery, how do I try,
How do I try to join you and fly,
You are too high to carry my love,
I have no heart to rise up above.

That's when Emery lowered quite near
To lift me up high and rid me of fear.
Her beautiful lips parted to say,
"Today, today, you'll fly on away."

Emery Rose is an angel,
And she also is my Queen,
And no matter the moon
And no matter the sun,
Emery is my dove.
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Ne recherche pas le bonheur. C'est à toi de le créer :)

©Murasaki Orchid - Cette image appartient à Murasaki Orchid! Il ne faut pas copier le travail d'un artiste. Il contient tout sa vie!


The pic says all... Your own happiness begins with you! :)

©Murasaki Orchid - This picture belongs to Murasaki Orchid! Don't copy the work of an artist. It contains all its LIFE!
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Une vérité de la vie.

Il s'agit d'une citation d'Albert Einstein

©Murasaki Orchid - Cette image appartient à Murasaki Orchid! Il ne faut pas copier le travail d'un artiste. Il contient tout sa vie!


A life's truth.

The quote belongs to Albert Einstein

©Murasaki Orchid - This picture belongs to Murasaki Orchid! Don't copy the work of an artist. It contains all its LIFE!

Quote 1 : [link]
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Une nouvelle photo sous le même thème que celle que j'avais postée pour la St-Valentin. Je sais à quel point vous aimez les Lucky Stars! :D Un petit clin d'oeil à tous, j'espère vous offrir au moins un sourire! Car c'est important de sourire dans sa vie!

©Murasaki Orchid - Cette image appartient à Murasaki Orchid! Il ne faut pas copier le travail d'un artiste. Il contient tout sa vie!


A new picture based on the same theme as the one I posted for Valentine's Day. I know how you like Lucky Stars! : D A little nod to all, I hope it will makes you smile! 'Cause it's important to smile!

©Murasaki Orchid - This picture belongs to Murasaki Orchid! Don't copy the work of an artist. It contains all its LIFE!
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