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SasoDei - An Unordinary Day

Sequel to an Ordinary Day

A Collaboration between Keono and Woolfy



"P-please, Dear, calm down."




Deidara's father glared at his son as he stomped upstairs to destroy their furniture, once more. "What has gotten into him? He gets angrier every day!"

"I-I'm sure it's just a phase, Dear," Deidara's rattled mother reassured as she held her shaking teacup.

"Then this is the longest phase ever. I just asked him how school was and he burst! I don't know what I'm going to do with him, Hanako."

"Oh, he'll get over it," She replied sipping her tea. "M-maybe he's t-trying to mature?"

"Well, if he were mature enough he'd stop throwing so many fits. We have had to replace our bed three times this week, Hanako! Three times! He has got to change and he has to change now!"

"Oh, you worry too much."

"Do you think Sasori could help?" The man asked his wife who just nodded.

"He's so kind and I don't know why Deidara doesn't like him," She said with a sigh.

An hour later it seemed everything in the large house had stilled. There were no more sounds of breaking glass, or wood snapping; just silence.

"Did he calm down?" Deidara's father asked as he stood up. "Usually he lasts more than an hour."

"Maybe he got tired and went to bed. See we just need to let him do things on his own and not pester him. If he asks for something just give it to him so he doesn't get angry." Deidara's mother seemed to like that solution very much.

"No, he needs to grow up and now. We can't just spoil him to his hearts desire!"

"B-but he seems so much better when we do," Hanako complained.

"Even if we talk to him, he freaks out. We have to try something else...Therapy?"

"Oh no, Dear. We already tried that, remember? That poor, poor man was in the hospital for a month," She exclaimed.

"My head's starting to hurt just thinking about it. I'm going to bed... If we still have one…"

Yes, for some reason, it didn't take much for Deidara to snap anymore. And that reason was Sasori. Everyday at school he would get "pestered" by the older teen, or bothered, or almost "raped". But Deidara was very dramatic and it seemed that Sasori knew just how to push his buttons.


"For the last fucking time, Tobi. Go away!" Deidara yelled, using every ounce of his will not to punch the swirly mask that mocked him every day.

"Tobi's just being nice because Tobi thinks Deidara-sempai is pretty and-"


Sasori yawned and shoved the teen he just punched out of his seat. He made an attempt to wrap his arm around the blond, who just grabbed it and shoved it away from him, this being the attempted 'rape'.

"Come on, Dei, don't be that way." Sasori smirked and pulled the blonde into his lap, quickly pinning both of Deidara's arms to his sides using his own limbs, letting the younger male give a futile struggle for at least a minute.

"LET GO OF ME!!" The blonde fought valiantly against the older male, but Sasori was far stronger than he was. Eventually he wore himself out and stopped struggling, settling to glare at the red head with murderous intent.

"Come on, don't be so negative, Brat." Sasori began to kiss Deidara's neck, smirking once more when he felt a shudder run up the blonde's body, "You know you love it."

"FUCK OFF, UN!!" Deidara stifled a moan and once again tried to fight against Sasori, but abruptly stopped when he felt the red head sink his teeth in the blonde's neck. The younger male gave a gasp and unconsciously stopped struggling, leaning partly into the bite without knowing it. Sasori pulled his teeth away and began to suck on the wound, pleased to hear the blonde moan in pleasure, encouraging him to suck harder until a hickey formed around the injury. The blonde suddenly realised the current situation and pulled away from Sasori, cursing beneath his breath in frustration as he tried to break free from the red head's grip. "LEAVE ME ALONE!!"

"YEAH!! LEAVE DEIDARA SEMPAI ALONE!!" Tobi's head poked up out of nowhere, appearing unaffected by getting punched by the red head less than a minute ago. "DEIDARA SEMPAI DOESN'T LIKE YOU!!"

The blonde stopped struggling, blanching as he looked between both Sasori and Tobi, giving a groan of misery. "I don't even know who is worse, un!! SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM THIS IDIOT AND THIS LECHEROUS MANIAC!!"

Sasori frowned and sighed in faux distress. "I'm hurt, Deidara. To think that I only want you for your body," he exclaimed and held the younger teen closer to his chest. "Don't worry! I will protect you against this thing and then we can show our true feelings for each other in private."

Deidara rolled his eyes and tried his best to glare at the acting redhead. "I swear to god, Sasori, that if you don't let go right now I will-"

"Blow me up, chop off my dick and feed it to me, pay someone to rape me, call the police and more, right?" Sasori said switching back to his normal voice. "Silly, Dei-Chan."

"I WILL SAVE YOU DEIDARA-SEMPAI!" Deidara wished that he had a pair of earplugs in his book bag, but sadly he didn't.

"I don't think he needs saving. His 'knight in shining armour' is already here, so fuck off, Tobi." Sasori smirked as he gave the blonde's ear a little nip.



As cliché as it was, Deidara was saved by the bell. Sasori just sighed and let go of the younger male, who just slapped him across the face... Or at least tried to, if Sasori hadn't caught his hand. He smirked and leaned in on the blonde. "Feisty," He purred as he bit Deidara's ear once more. Out of instinct, Deidara swung his leg up but, of course, Sasori already knew that trick and backed away before anything could happen. "Nice try, Brat."

Deidara glared daggers at the redhead. "Let. Go, un."

Sasori sighed and wrapped an arm around the blonde's shoulder. "I still have to walk you to class," he protested. "It's the least I can do since we are going out."

Deidara's eyebrow twitched. "We are not in item!" he yelled as he shoved the older teen away from him.

Sasori smirked. "Of course not. We're two things put together and meant to stay that way." Deidara groaned and quickly walked away, sending death glares at anyone who dared to look at him. "Come on, Dei-Chan, don't be in a tizzy." Deidara just ignored the redhead and walked faster, finally getting to his class. He turned around to yell swears at Sasori but was met with a pair of lips. "See you later, babe," Sasori said with a wink, before walking away.

Deidara stared at the red head as the older male walked off, childishly wiping his lips of all residues from the kiss. He turned with an annoyed groan, storming inside of the classroom without another glance back at the other figure. FUCK!! He rubbed his neck, sneering when he felt the slight ache of a hickey, pulling his collar up melodramatically to try and hide it from the eyes that followed him. He heard the other students whisper about him, irking him off further by the idea of the filth speaking as if he were lower than they were. He abruptly slammed his fists on one desk that belonged to one such piece of perpetrating trash, giving them a dark glare that immediately shut the submissive stranger up. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, UN?!"

"MR IWA," he turned to face the front of the room as the teacher addressed him in a high pitched voice, "TAKE YOUR SEAT!!" He sneered at the woman, making a mocking gesture before storming to his desk, slumping down in is chair with an angry growl. HE FUCKING HATED IT HERE!!


Deidara was walking home, after having waited impatiently for five whole minutes without the limo arriving. He was far too angry to bother waiting any longer for it to arrive, that he didn't even care about the long trip as he had started to walk home. He stormed down the pathway, but suddenly Deidara became aware that he was not alone anymore, the fact made obvious when he was suddenly pushed onto the pavement, his left cheek scraping against the ground.

The blonde groaned but was immediately pulled roughly to his feet, coming face to face with the figure of Tobi (…Well, sort of faced to face if you ignored the mask). Deidara sneered at the male, ripping his hand away from the idiot with enough force to make Tobi wobble on his feet. "DAMMIT, TOBI, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!"

"BUT DEIDARA-SEMPAI," the boy flailed his arms childishly, "TOBI CAN'T ALLOW SEMPAI TO WALK HOME UNESCORTED!! THERE ARE BAD PEOPLE OUT THERE!! AND BANDITS, AND RAPISTS, AND FAN FICTION WRITERS!! YOU MIGHT GET RAPE-" Tobi abruptly went flying through the air, landing several metres away, giving a whimper of pain as he struggled to get back up.

"Quick," Deidara felt a hand grab onto his own and begin to drag him away from the boy on the floor, "before he recovers." The blonde became aware that they had disappeared off of the main street, and he was currently being dragged down an alleyway, passing dank puddles of god-knows-what, several pairs of kissing teenagers, and a group of three prostitutes, lacking clients and smoking cigarettes. Deidara finally realised who it was that was guiding him, immediately resisting the bastard, refusing to go any further, afraid of where he was being taken by the fucking red head, Sasori. The older male stopped and turned, blinking at the blonde before giving him a reassuring smirk. "Don't worry, Babe, this is just a short cut to your house."

Deidara tried desperately to pull his hand from Sasori's iron grip, but to no avail, "LET GO OF ME!! I DON'T FUCKING TRUST YOU, UN!!" He once again tried to free himself from the red head's grasp, but the act was still futile.

"Hey, would you rather I take you home, or would you rather Tobi take you home?" The blonde stopped struggling and blinked at the red head, the latter still wearing his usual smirk. "You know what they say, choose the greater of two evils."

Deidara gave the red head a blank, irritated, look, "It is the 'LESSER' of two evils you poor idiot!!"

Sasori gave a smirk before pulling the blonde close, wrapping his arms around him tightly. "I know Babe; I just thought that it was more suitable the other way…Now…Trust me."

"I already said I don't trust you, un! Now let me go before I shove my foot up your ass!"

Sasori chuckled. "I'm still taking you home, Babe." He began leading the blonde away again and Deidara still continued to struggle. In reality it took even longer for them to get to the blonde's house.

"What the hell?! A short cut is supposed to be shorter, you idiot!"

"Who says?"

Deidara felt like his head would explode. "THE FUCKING NAME, UN! GOD YOU'RE DENSE!"

Sasori raised a red brow. "If I'm so dense, why haven't you noticed people carrying your shit out of your house?"

Deidara blinked and turned his head to see people in uniforms taking his belongings out of the house and into different moving trucks. He scoffed, "My parents are probably just threatening me again, un," He groaned out. He walked quickly to the front door of his house and saw his parents ordering people around and telling them where to put stuff. "What are you doing?" He asked, already pissed just seeing his parents.

Hanako looked at her blond son and it looked as if she were about to have a panic attack. She burst into tears and ran out of the room, making her husband sigh. "Deidara... Your mother and I have talked it out and we decided that you should... Move out."

Deidara's eyes widened and he felt himself getting ready for a fight. His fists were clenched tightly, teeth bared and he took a deep breath ready to yell at his father. "Hey, Brat, what's going on?"


"Like you say everyday?"

Deidara began panting and he turned back to his father. "Why the hell are you kicking me out, un?! I did fucking nothing!"

His father rubbed his eyes. "It was our fault that you behave like this but you don't show any signs of growing up. And your mother and I can't handle you anymore. You almost burned the house down again!"

Deidara glared daggers at the older male. "And where am I supposed to live?" He whispered as he tried to contain his anger, which was very unlike him. "I will call the police and tell them that you're neglecting me, un!"

"You're no longer a minor. You're an adult now so the police can do nothing about it." Deidara's father crossed his arms.

"I'm not leaving." Deidara sat on the floor and held his breath.

"That won't work anymore, Deidara." The blonde just continued to sit there, his face turning red.

"Who's the idiot, brat?"

Again, the blonde just ignored everything and soon passed out, blue in the face.


When Deidara came to, he was lying on a cosy bed, though he could tell that it wasn't his own considering that his was far more comfortable. The blonde blinked up at the plain ceiling, noticing that it was faintly familiar, but he could not remember where from…Until a certain voice broke him away from his thoughts, "My, so you've finally come to, Brat?"

Deidara's eyes snapped wide and he shot up into a sitting position, the blanket falling down to his waist, though he was still wearing his school shirt, so he barely noticed anyway. He stared at Sasori, wide eyed, before giving a scowl as he realised with sickening horror just where he was. "WHY THE FUCK AM I IN YOU'RE APARTMENT?! No, better question…WHY THE FUCK AM I IN YOUR FUCKING BED?! YOU ARE NOT RAPING ME AGAIN, UN!!"

Sasori was currently sitting on the edge of the mattress, completely unfazed by the outburst, instead giving a slight smirk and leaning back casually so that he was somewhat closer to Deidara. "Don't worry; I'm not going to rape you again…Though if you want to have sex…" He seemed to decide it was better to move on before the blonde had time to scream at him and lose the topic, "Anyway…I asked your parents that since you were no longer living with them, and you had no place to go…" His smirk grew wider, "Whether it would be okay for you to move in with me instead."

In response to the red head's words, Deidara almost died. "…" The blonde closed his eyes for a few seconds, taking a deep breath as he did so, a few suspense filled moments passing between them, until…Deidara's eyes snapped open and he yelled at the top of his lungs, "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

Sasori gave a smirk and leaned closer to the blonde, the latter in turn making a move to punch the red head in the face, though Sasori successfully grabbed hold of the fist before it connected. The older male pulled on Deidara's arm, linking their lips in a galling kiss that lasted for several seconds before pulling away, smirking widey at him. "They were ecstatic about the idea, knowing that you couldn't possibly survive on your own, and that I would take good care of you."

Deidara ripped his hand away from the red head's grip, sneering at him with utter disgust. "Take care of me? YOU JUST WANT TO FUCKING RAPE ME, UN!!"

Sasori blinked at him before rolling his eyes, smirk falling and he gave a sigh, "Look, why don't we make a deal?" The red head was silent for a few seconds before continuing, "If you follow my rules, then I won't rape you."

Deidara's eyes narrowed in suspicion, "What rules? I don't like rules…"

Sasori shrugged slightly before giving a few moments of thought, "…The rules are …No leaving the apartment without me…I have no servants, so if you make a mess, you have to clean it up yourself…I will sleep on the couch, so you can sleep in the bed as long as you make it each morning…Don't open the door to strangers…Oh!!" The red head gave him a look that was quite serious, and Deidara thought he saw a flare of bitterness burn in the older male's muddy eyes, "And I will under no circumstances tolerate you being an absolute Spoilt Brat…Get it?"

Deidara continued to scowl and he zoomed in on the redheads face. "Fuck. No." He threw the blankets off of his legs and began walking out of the room only to be stopped by a pair of arms.

"Or, I can just keep you handcuffed to my bed and ravage your body all night long~" Sasori suggested as he gave Deidara's ear a long lick, making the blonde shiver.

"N-neither, you bastard," Deidara struggled to say, as the older teen's hand roamed up Deidara's shirt and teased his nipple.

"You sure?" Sasori whispered a smirk creeping to his lips. He leaned down and bit the blond's neck, hard, just for extra measures. Deidara yelped and bit his lip, not giving anything to the sadist. He began moving around which just made Sasori bite harder. After a few seconds he pulled away, licking the mark clean of any blood. "Change your mind?"

Deidara glared back at the redhead and threw his head back, causing his cranium to meet Sasori's forehead. "Yeah, get out and let me sleep, un," He growled out, mostly in pain. Sasori groaned and rubbed his forehead as Deidara shoved him out of his own room.

"You're welcome," Sasori said from the other side of the door. As soon as Deidara felt the handle, he noticed there wasn't even a lock and kicked the door, like it was its fault. He turned around and studied the small room. Four white walls, a cheap nightstand, with a cheap clock and lamp. It was fairly clean, including the bed. He glared daggers at the bed, already feeling the need to stab it. It was like an accomplice to Sasori. The bed he had been raped in.

Seeing as it was close to midnight and Sasori would probably drag Deidara to school in the morning, the blond walked to the bed, intending on stealing the blankets and sleeping on the floor. He stopped mid-thought. What if the redhead never washed the sheets? What if they still smelled of rape? Deidara's nose cringed at the thought and he cautiously pocked at the sheets as if it were a tiger.

Seeing as it was no threat and there was no stink in the sheets, besides the dustiness, he sat down. He cringed at the springy bed and lied down, thinking his back would break. The lights were already off so he just decided to close his eyes and try to sleep.

His bastard parents kicked him out just because they couldn't make him happy... Or something like that. They thought that he was the problem but it was the other way around. They couldn't raise him right so it was time for everything to backfire.

Deidara didn't think he would be sleeping anytime soon. Not with car alarms going off, music in the apartment below and people doing the nasty in the room right next to the one he was in.

Already getting pissed off he got up and stomped on the floor and banged on the wall. "SHUT THE FUCK UP! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP, UN!"

The people beside him didn't say anything, just moaned even louder. But the people below began yelling things at him back, which made an even bigger argument. Sasori stepped into the room and stopped the yelling. "I'm letting you stay here, Blondie. Now, don't be a brat. I don't want to get kicked out again."

Deidara scoffed. "They shouldn't even let you live here. Now get out, so I can sleep, un." Sasori sneered at the blonde and stormed over to him after slamming the door shut, causing Deidara to jump due to the poor lighting. Outside the moon was covered by clouds, so little light made its way into the dark room, making it hard to distinguish figures.

The blonde suddenly felt himself get pushed down on the bed by his shoulders, and he began to struggle against the red head, "Look, Brat, I can stand you constantly saying the hackneyed line that you are going to kill me over and over, and I could stand you trying to boss me around before your parents kicked you out, but now that you are living in my apartment I will not tolerate such behaviour." Deidara felt the red head shuffle around until Sasori was underneath the covers with the blonde, making Deidara try to pull away from him without success. "I was trying to be benevolent and let you have the bed all to yourself, but you have proved that you are ungrateful and rowdy. So I'm going to sleep in the bed as well to make sure that you do not get raucous and get me evicted. Once you prove that you are no longer a Spoiled Brat then you can have the bed all to yourself."

Sasori put his arms around the blonde, and before the latter could begin his appeal, the red head shoved Deidara's face into the crook of his neck, pulling the covers over the both of them. The blonde made several muffled attempts to argue, but gave up as soon as he realised that the red head was already asleep. Deidara gave a groan in the back of his throat, listening to the sound of the couple in the neighbouring apartment begin to reach their climax, and the car alarms seemed to grow louder on the street. He tried to block it out by listening intently on the only two noises which were not completely annoying, that being Sasori's soft breathing and slow heartbeat. Deidara's eyes soon closed as he unknowingly managed to fall asleep.


Deidara was awoken by the loud roar of an alarm clock, giving a yelp, almost falling off the side of the bed, but his downfall was stopped by a pair of strong arms. "Careful now," the red head sat up, and the blonde found himself in Sasori's lap with the older male smirking down at him, "the floor might bruise your little delicate physique~"

Deidara sneered and struggled against the red head, successfully freeing himself from his grip, giving a cry when he abruptly fell off the bed, hitting the floor with a pained groan and a curse. "Fuck…"

Sasori peeked at him from over the side of the mattress, giving a smirk down at the blonde, "I warned you to be careful…Now, you can have the first shower, but if you take too long then we're going to end up sharing."

Deidara sent a silent glare and got up, heading to the bathroom. Once he saw the shower he would have rather taken a bath in a sewer. It wasn't tile and floors weren't heated like he was used to. One toilet, a sink and a bath/shower tub. The shower looked old and grimy and he began to wonder if anyone could bathe in there.

Seeing as complaining would probably get him sexually assaulted, Deidara kept his mouth shut for once. "Towels are under the sink. You have ten minutes," Sasori yawned as he walked past to the bathroom to go to the kitchen.

Deidara shut the door loudly and opened the cabinet under the sink to indeed find some towels and ugly looking ones at that. Didn't Sasori own something at least a little clean? Picking up the biggest towel he placed it on the toilet seat and turned on the water for the shower. Stripping himself of yesterday's clothes, he stepped in the shower and yelped in surprise before jumping out.

"Your shower's broken, un!" Deidara yelled as he wrapped his towel around his waist and walked out into the hall.

Sasori's head popped around the corner and he sighed in frustration. "Did you wait for it to heat up?"

Deidara raised an eyebrow and looked at the redhead in disbelief. "You actually have to do that?"

Sasori almost groaned. "Do you want to me take a shower with you since it's so complicated?"

Deidara narrowed his eyes and turned around, heading to the bathroom; the door almost slamming this time as it was closed. Glaring at the shower, Deidara waited for it to heat up before he stepped in again. The liquid had a weird smell, almost rusty and he now realized why Sasori's hair was red... Because of the iron! (A/N: Dei's being an idiot by the way.) Deidara began freaking out and he grabbed his hair. He didn't want to be a ginger!

Gulping, he looked around for some shampoo, and opened the bottle. It was the cheap kind that didn't even smell good which made him not even want to use it. He had no idea when his parents would let him come back home so he made do with what he had. He poured the pink soap onto his hand and began running it through his hair.

-Fifteen minutes later-

"Brat, we're going to be late!" Sasori yelled as he opened the bathroom door... Which also didn't have a lock…Steam poured onto his face and Sasori quickly fanned it out of his way.

"Get out!" There was a loud thud and once the steam cleared, Sasori could see Deidara on the floor, quickly trying to cover up his body with his towel. "PERVERT!"

Sasori smirked. "I told you ten minutes. This is officially my shower time, so you either get out or take another shower since you seem to have gotten dirty again."

Deidara gave the red head a look like a deer in headlights, before giving an absolutely appalled expression, getting quickly to his feet with a growl. "LIKE FUCK I'D-" He abruptly slipped on a puddle of water, giving a sharp gasp as he fell back onto the floor.

"I'm going to guess that you were trying to say 'Like fuck, I'd love to have you in the shower with me, my sexy Sasori Danna, you must have read my mind!!' Fine then, Babe, if you insist~" The blonde was about to argue but lost all words once the red head began to remove his clothes, revealing his finely crafted chest first of all. Deidara stared at the soft skin with hints of muscles beneath and the odd scars representing old fights that Sasori had been mixed up in, though the blonde really began to blush once the red head removed his pants. And yet he couldn't look away, or even say a single word of rejection. He almost gave a sharp gasp once he saw the red head's package, and for a fleeting second he wondered how the fuck had that thing managed to fit inside of him. Sasori smirked down at the blonde and moved forward, roughly picking the boy up bridal style, which caused Deidara to recall the situation. He struggled but the red head managed to bear his attempt at escape, "It's alright, Babe, I already said that I wouldn't rape you unless you broke any of my rules."

Deidara stopped struggling, realizing just how far off the ground he was and that if he fell there was a good chance that he would end up cracking his head open on the tiles. He didn't want the fucking bastard to rape his corpse!! Sasori stepped into the shower, placing the blonde onto his feet, helping Deidara to gain his balance. Instead of thanking him, the boy simply gave him a cold glare, snapping his head away from his direction. Sasori rolled his eyes, before giving a sly smirk, abruptly shoving the blonde against the wall, resulting in Deidara giving a yelp of fear. "WHAT THE FUCK, UN?!"

"My, you look so tempting~" The red head moved his lips to the boy's neck, beginning to suck at the sensitive flesh, bringing his hands to run up and down Deidara's sides. The blonde moaned and leaned into the pleasure, yelping once he felt the red head brush against his length, resulting in Deidara's commonsense surfacing, and the blonde began to struggle against the older male. Sasori chuckled lightly, pulling the boy against him underneath the spray of water, smirking down at him fiercely, bringing his mouth to the boy's ear, whispering huskily, "My, you look so rape-able~."

Deidara gasped slightly at the feeling of their bodies pressed together, giving a slight far-too-pathetic whimper of utter frustration. It seemed to be acceptably submissive for the red head, as the next second he had let go of the blonde and was already busying him self with washing his bloody red hair.

"I think you're clean enough, Babe," Sasori shot his a sneering smirk, "I left out the cereal for your breakfast…Oh yeah…To make cereal," he spoke to blonde as if he were a young child, "you need to place the flakes into a bowl- Oh, I'm going far too fast for you…A bowl is a round-"

"I KNOW WHAT THE FUCK A BOWL IS AND I KNOW HOW TO FUCKING MAKE CEREAL!!" Deidara glared deeply at the red head, stepping out of the shower, fuming with utter rage as he hastily wrapped himself in one of the crap-tastic towels, flipping Sasori the bird as he did so, "I'M FUCKING RICH, NOT USELESS!!"

A sharp look formed in the red head's eyes and he gave a smirk with not-so-pleasant intent lurking beyond it, "You're going to be raped soon if you continue to yell at me, Brat~"

Once Deidara saw the look, he stormed out of the bathroom, shutting the door on his way out. He almost ran to the bedroom and closed the door, listening softly to see if Sasori had actually followed him and if he was about to rape him. Nothing was heard, except for the car alarms and a party starting downstairs.

Sighing, the blond looked around and realized his clothes were in the bathroom. "Shit..." He muttered to himself. He was about to go through Sasori's clothes to find some spares when he felt an odd, but familiar, sensation between his legs. He slightly moved his towel and blushed before putting the towel back. Maybe if he ignored it, it would go away?

Walking to the older teen's closet he began looking at his clothes. Sasori never said he couldn't wear his clothes. As quickly as he could, he grabbed the first shirt he saw and pulled it on, some pants following; he really didn't give a damn about boxers. He looked around for a brush or anything to help him make his hair and found none. And this was why Sasori's hair was always a mess.

Groaning, he left the room to find something for his hair, but froze when he saw Sasori in the hallway, a towel wrapped around his waist. "And who said you could wear my clothes, Brat?"

Deidara gulped, wondering if the redhead was really going to rape him this time. "You didn't say I couldn't wear them, un."

Sasori smirked and walked up to the blond, pulling him into his chest, shocking Deidara. "No, I didn't, but that doesn't mean that you can steal someone's clothes," He chuckled and rubbed the slight bulge in the blonde's pants. Deidara gasped and he tried to break away from the nineteen year old. Sasori chuckled again. "You can't go to school like that, Brat." The younger teen's eyes widened as he felt a hand being shoved into his stolen pants. "Let this be a lesson for taking what's not yours... Or just a treat. Either way."

Deidara gasped loudly and he clenched his hands into fists as Sasori shoved him into the nearest wall. "S-stop, un~" He couldn't help but moan when the redhead bit his neck making yet another hickey.

"What's the magic word?" Sasori pulled away, smirking as Deidara looked up at him with a pathetic glare. The brat didn't know how to be angry when he was being pleasured, did he? Deidara bit his lip and turned away. He had too much dignity to even mutter the word to this bastard. "I'll take that as 'continue'." The blonde took a deep breath to scream bloody murder but stopped short, a moan taking away all of his air. Sasori was stroking him slowly, far too slowly for his liking. He bucked his hips into Sasori's hand, wanting more movement. "Magic word?"

Deidara just wanted to be over with this so he could think normally. While he was like this, he had no idea if he wanted to kill Sasori, or if he wanted more pleasure. Swallowing his pride he opened his mouth trying not to moan. "Please...stop."

He heard a sigh above him and the hand was removed from his pants, making Deidara almost groan. Why did he do that?! Now he was left with a flaming hard-on and no one to fix it but him self! "There, now eat some breakfast, then we're leaving." Sasori walked into his room and began changing.

Deidara felt his face turn red and he glared at Sasori before stomping to the kitchen, finding a box of cereal and carton of milk on the table. The blonde barely had an appetite due to his erection and he finally groaned. He knew that this wouldn't go away on its own.

Groaning loudly, he walked to the bathroom and began to strip. Not even bothering to wait for the water to warm up in the shower, he jumped in and swore on the top of his lungs as the frigid water hit his skin.

Deidara sighed with relief, however, once he felt his hard on begin to fade, the cold water doing its job. By the time the water grew warm his erection was completely gone, but just as he was revelling in the preferred temperature, the door opened to reveal Sasori. "Brat, get out of the shower, we have to go now."

Deidara sneered at the red head, baring his teeth slightly, "Five more minutes, un, the water just got warm." Sasori's eyes narrowed and he stormed forward, taking hold of the blonde's wrist, pulling him out of the shower.

"No, right now, or else we are going to be late." Sasori pulled the struggling blonde against him and began to dress Deidara without even drying him off. Once he was dressed Sasori pulled the still belligerent blonde out of the bathroom, grabbing his book bag, and another which Deidara's parents had given to him after they had agreed to let the boy move in with the red head. He shoved it into the blonde's hands and pulled him out the doorway, shutting and locking the door behind them…Well, at least that door had a lock on it!!

"OKAY!!" Deidara ripped his hand from Sasori's grip, "I GET IT!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO HOLD MY HAND, UN!! I'M FUCKING EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD, NOT A FUCKING BABY!!" The blonde stormed forward, but then he suddenly remembered where he was. The northern part of the city…A place where it would be impossible to survive without the red head…Deidara abruptly stopped walking altogether, flushing once he realised the reason why Sasori had set the rule about not leaving the apartment without him.

As much as Deidara would like to think so, the red head was not the worst thing out there. For a moment he found himself thinking that at least he had enjoyed the sex with Sasori and that others probably would not be so kind; before he mentally scolded himself. HE HAD NOT ENJOYED IT!! AND IT HAD BEEN RAPE, NOT SEX!!

"Had a change of heart, Brat?" Deidara blinked and looked over at the red head, giving a sneer before he continued to stomp down the staircase, Sasori following not far behind.

They exited the building, the blonde stopping to grimace at the scenery around him. Homeless bums were lying on the cracked pavement, most of them snoring loudly despite the noise of car alarms, some of them holding leaking bottles of alcohol in their grubby hands. Deidara sneered, shuddering when the cold wind brushed through his wet hair, and he turned in the direction of the school, but paled once his eyes landed on a familiar group of males. It was the teenagers that had been going to gang-rape him…

The group caught sight of the blonde, and several of them gave smirks, straightening up with the leader taking a step towards Deidara. "Well, well, well, isn't it our little toy? You come crawling back to us so that we could-" He suddenly stopped talking, his eye's widening in fear, and Deidara felt a hand drape over his shoulders, gazing up to see Sasori giving the group of teenagers a look of utter boredom.

"Do you know these people, Brat?" Deidara scowled about to make a comment that he could talk to whoever he wanted, but stopped when he realized he didn't want to talk to the group of teens at all. He just looked away and shook his head. "Then there's no reason to stop," Sasori said as he pushed them forward. Once they were far away enough from the group, Sasori let a smirk pass through his lips. "See why you need me, Brat? You walk away for a second and people already want your fine body," He chuckled.

Deidara continued to scowl and considered to push Sasori's arm off of him but stopped when he realized he was actually keeping him warm since he was still practically soaking, just in clothes. "I don't need you. I could have out-run them, un," He said as he threw his nose up into the air, causing Sasori to laugh again.

"We'll see, Brat, we'll see." Sasori pulled the blonde slightly closer, smirking down at the boy, "My, you're shivering, Babe~" The red head rubbed Deidara's arm affectionately, as if in effort to warm him up.

The blonde sneered at the red head, pulling away from the older male before giving a hiss as he realised just how cold it was without Sasori's warmth. "You're the one who dragged me out of an ice cold shower without letting me dry off, un." He shuddered from the cold, and the red head, noticing this, slung his arm back over his shoulders. Deidara gave a sigh of relief and leaned into the warmth, actually hating the cold slightly more than he did the red head.

"It's your fault," Sasori smirked widely, "if you hadn't made me stop punishing you then you wouldn't have needed to take a cold shower. You could always just have let me finish, and then you wouldn't be suffering from the cold right now." He sighed, but was still wearing the smirk upon his face, "Oh well, I guess you will know for next time~"

Deidara blanched at the red head's words, flushing with anger and embarrassment, pulling away from Sasori as he concluded that he did in fact hate the older bastard more than the cold, "THERE WON'T BE A NEXT TIME, UN!! I AM NOT MOVING IN WITH YOU!! I'D RATHER LIVE WITH TOBI, UN!!"

The next thing the blonde knew he was being shoved against the wall, with the red head towering over him. He gave a moan as the red head began to nip and suck at the side of his neck, grasping onto the front of Sasori's shirt, moving his head to the side to allow better access. The older male was so warm against his cold body, and he gave a moan once he felt Sasori's hand slip up into his shirt, rubbing against his icy skin. The red head moved his lips to the blonde's ear, slowly running his tongue over the outer shell, "I thought that you would have learnt by now…I always get what I want."

Deidara shuddered at the words, tightening his grip on the red head's shirt, but he suddenly snapped once he heard the sound of their school bell in the near distance. He struggled against the red head and shoved him away, sneering at the older male, "Fuck. Off."

Sasori smirked at the blonde before grabbing onto his hand, "Whatever, we're both now late for school. But this gives us a good opportunity to get you warm…" Deidara gave the red head a confused expression, and the older male simply smirked wider. "…We run." Before the blonde could argue, the red head was already dragging him along the street at top speed towards the building of Ichiraku High.


"You're late, Deidara."

Said blond just grumbled something and sat down in his seat, glad that he and the redhead only shared one class together and that was at the end of the day, though Sasori also liked to stalk him at lunch; so that was unavoidable.

"Pst! Hey, Dei; why's your hair wet?" Konan asked as she leaned towards the fuming blond.

The teacher, too deep into his lecture, didn't even bother to pay attention to the students, so most of the time everyone did what they wanted. It wasn't like this class was important... Most people usually forgot what it was. Something about money...? Yeah, Deidara didn't pay attention due to him already having money…but not anymore!

Deidara almost growled. "Sasori didn't give me enough time to get ready and took me out of the shower still soaking, un! I swear, I'm going to kill him!"

The bluenette looked confused. "Wait, what? Sasori was at your house?" She whispered.

"No! My parents kicked me out and Sasori kidnapped me!"

Konan slowly smiled. "Do you know what this means...? You guys have to get along now! Or else you'll kill each other- Wait, Saso can be kinda strict. Did he set rules? Were they like, give me a striptease every night?"

"FUCK NO, UN!" Deidara glared at the younger teen, feeling the need to beat her up.

"Hey, I just wanna know! Oooh~! This is so exciting! Wait, have you two had sex yet?"

Deidara turned red and the next thing everyone knew Konan was running around the room giggling, while Deidara tried to stab her with a pencil. "NO! NOTHING LIKE THAT WOULD EVER HAPPEN! IF HE STEPS A FOOT IN MY DIRECTION I WILL KILL HIM! I WILL NEVER HAVE SEX WITH HIM!"

"Deidara, Konan, in your seat," The teacher said as he wrote something on the board.

"Calm down, Dei, it was only a question," Konan laughed out as she sat back down and the blond just panted. Who knew this girl would be such a runner. "Besides, I know that you two wouldn't do something like that; even though I see you guys make out all the time."


"Deidara, office," The teacher said in a monotone.

The said teen growled and grabbed his things, before heading to the office. He almost died when he saw Sasori waiting for him there. "I wondered how long it would take for you to be kicked out. I was just sent to the office myself. Would you like to walk with me?" Sasori asked as he outstretched his hand for the blond to take.

Deidara sneered and slapped the male's hand away, "FUCK OFF!! IT'S YOUR FAULT, UN!!" The boy continued to storm onwards, though was suddenly pulled back by the red head, being pressed against his chest.

"It isn't my fault that you have a bad temper; people could probably hear you screaming all around the school…Not to mention that I was eavesdropping through the door~" Sasori leaned down and ran his tongue along the blonde's ear, which caused Deidara to give a slight whine of both irritation and pleasure. "My, why do you bother to lie to Konan? Like when you said that we had never had sex, why didn't you tell her the truth~ About how I handcuffed you to the bed, and about how you were moaning out my name in utter euphoric pleasure~ You should have mentioned just how much you loved it~"

Deidara gave a gasp of pleasure at the older male's words, shuddering slightly before he regained his composure, trying to pull away. "THAT WASN'T SEX; THAT WAS RAPE!! I DIDN'T ENJOY A FUCKING SECOND OF IT, UN!!"

"Sure, Brat, whatever you have to tell yourself~ You were just moaning out in pleasure because you wanted to~" Sasori gave a slight sigh and pulled away, wrapping his arm around the blonde's shoulder, "Now let's go see Kuzu; you will probably want me in the room with you to bail you out."

Deidara scoffed and stormed forward, but the red head remained at his side with arm still draped over his shoulder. They reached the office, noticing that the receptionist wasn't there, instead replaced with a sign that said 'Off for Lunch' despite the fact it was still morning. They didn't really care though and walked to the principal's door, opening it and immediately regretting what they had done.

Hidan was naked on the large desk with Kakuzu positioned over him, and judging by the moans it wasn't difficult to realise what they were doing, though Sasori covered the blonde's eyes anyway. The principal stopped once he realised that they were no longer alone, looking up to see who had interrupted them. "…Oh, it is just you two, for a moment I thought I would have to deal with a lawsuit there…"

Sasori raised an eyebrow at the duo, "…Well, I could have lived without seeing you two going at it…" He coughed into his fist, still covering the blonde's eyes with his other hand, though it was still quite awkward.

Hidan gave a groan, "Just fucking go already, I was like five fucking seconds from cumming!!"

Deidara gave a gagging noise, and Sasori rolled his eyes, still remaining awkward, and Kakuzu gave a sigh. "Whatever, you two can go…Back to class, home, anyplace that isn't here…Okay?"

They both nodded and shut the door, shuddering slightly as the red head removed his hand from over Deidara's eyes, "Okay then, I apologize for you having to see that…" The blonde simply glared at him and stormed back off, though Sasori was not far behind, "Hey, where are you going?"

"TO CLASS!! LIKE FUCK I WANT THE DAY OFF IF I HAVE TO SPEND IT WITH YOU, UN!!" Deidara stormed off, and Sasori was left, wondering whether he should remain at school or go home…

At lunch Deidara was on high-alert. He glanced over his shoulder waiting for Sasori to come up from behind him and start molesting his body, but nothing came.

"Why do you look so sad, sempai?" Tobi asked as he sat down next to Deidara, with two brown bags in his hands.

"I'm not sad, Tobi, now get the fuck away," He grumbled before placing his head down on the table.

"But Tobi got you lunch, sempai! I made it with love and sprinkles!"


The masked boy remained seating anyway, and Deidara swore he was smiling. He handed the blond a lunch and Deidara just took it, literally starving due to having no dinner or breakfast. He dumped all the contents out and his eyebrow twitched.

Yes, it was made of love and sprinkles, not to mention glitter. "You can eat the glitter, sempai!" In the lunch there was a sandwich in the shape of a heart with edible rainbow glitter. A pink cupcake with sprinkles and glitter. Three cookies in the shape of hearts, glitter, sprinkles, love, you know the drill; and a banana.

Deidara didn't even thank Tobi for the lunch and dug in. He carved, or picked anything that said "I love you" and managed to get most of the sprinkles off but the sparkly stuffed stayed on like glue.

The food tasted fine but it seemed every time the younger teen took a bite Tobi took that as a sign to keep on scooting closer... And closer... And-

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME, UN!" Deidara shoved any remaining food away from him and stood up. As soon as he began walking away, Tobi clung to him and began sobbing.

"Don't go, sempai! Sasori will get you!"

Deidara growled and shoved the taller male off of him. "Sasori's not here, dumb ass, now leave me alone, un."

Tobi sniffled but still followed the blonde. "Sasori's not here?" The boy gasped a second later. "So Tobi can spend time with you, sempai?! OMG I WANNA GO TO CANDY LAND! LET'S GO!" The energetic teen grabbed Deidara's hand and easily pulled him around the school, saying what kind of candy was what.

He pointed a trashcan. "That's a tootsie roll!" To a waded up paper. "A gum ball!" Then he went to the fire-alarm. "Ooh, and this is hot candy!"

"LET GO OF ME, TOBI!" Deidara pulled with all of his strength and it felt like his arm was about to come out of it's socket! He had been yelling at the freak the whole time now and he hadn't even noticed!

"I want some hot candy!" The blonde sneered, and actually wished that the red head was there to protect him from the idiot. He enjoyed getting molested less than licking a cactus, but definitely more than being dragged around by this idiot. The bell initiating the last two periods sounded and Deidara took the distraction to get away from Tobi, practically running for the safety of class.


It was art now; last period of the day and the only period that the blonde had with the red head, and yet he didn't turn up. "Hey Dei," Konan sat next to the boy, raising an eyebrow at him, "do you know where Saso is?"

Deidara sneered and crossed his arms, "Why the fuck are you asking me? I don't have a fucking tracking device on him you know, un!!"

The class quietened once the teacher Kurenai walked into the room, no longer pregnant, though she was currently breastfeeding her baby. These poor people couldn't even afford fucking day-care!! Deidara sighed and rolled his eyes, making no voiced objections to the bitch breastfeeding her baby in the middle of class.


School was finally over, and Deidara instinctively went to the usual spot to wait for his family's limo to pick him up and take him home. He almost facepalmed once he realised that the limo would never arrive. Oh fuck, the only place he had left to go was Sasori's crap-tastic apartment!! But how the fuck was he going to get there, HE COULDN'T TRAVEL THROUGH THE FUCKING NORTH PART OF THE CITY ALONE!! "There you are, Babe."

Deidara blinked and turned to see none other than Sasori traipsing down the footpath towards the blonde, giving a slight smirk. The younger male blanched at the sight of the red head, feeling somewhat relieved that he would not have to go through the dreaded north section all alone. "WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN, UN?! I'VE HAD TO DEAL WITH TOBI ALL FUCKING DAY!!"

Sasori simply smirked wider and pulled the boy close, wrapping his arms around Deidara, "Awww, you missed me? I feel so flattered~ But if you must know I went home and cleaned up the place for you, and I even went over to your house as well. Your parents gave me a bag of toiletries and some clothes for you, so you can stop wearing mine."

Deidara's eyes narrowed suspiciously, wondering as to why the older male would do something so benevolent. HE HAD TO HAVE SOME ULTERIOR MOTIVE!! "I'M NOT GOING TO FUCKING SLEEP WITH YOU JUST BECAUSE MY PARENTS GAVE YOU SOME OF MY CLOTHES, UN!!" The blonde pushed himself away from the red head, crossing his arms and giving a sneer.

Sasori rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his hair, "And here I am just trying to make you happy for once, and you get my intentions all wrong." He sighed and shook his head before turning around, "Whatever, come along." Sasori began to walk off and Deidara had absolutely no other choice but to follow behind him, traipsing at his side towards the red head's home.

As they neared the building, Deidara couldn't help but notice that they once again passed the group of males who had been going to gang rape him, though once they saw that he was with Sasori they pretended to ignore the blonde, though Deidara could still feel their eyes on him. Once they entered the apartment, Sasori gave an unexpected chuckle, "I think that group is just waiting for the opportunity of you leaving the building without me so that they can kidnap you. Perhaps they'll just gang-rape you, maybe kill you, maybe keep you as their sex toy; keeping you barely alive, until you at last drop dead~"

Deidara flushed and sneered, storming over to the couch. There sat a bag, and once he opened it up, he could see that it was full of his clothes. There was also a small pouch of toiletries, containing a toothbrush, shampoo, his best hairbrush, and a few other loose goods which Deidara was relieved to find. "I can fucking out run those bastards, un…"

"If you say so, Babe," Sasori rolled his eyes, but he hadn't bothered to even close the front door, "so, have fun without me tonight, you have the place to yourself. Don't make a mess, don't stay up late waiting for me and dinner is in the fridge."


Sasori smirked at the blonde's reaction, giving a slight shrug, "I have a job, you idiot, how else do you reckon I can afford to pay the rent for this apartment and buy food? My grandma sure as shit doesn't care about whether I live or die, and not all of us have rich-ass parents to mooch off of. I have a job sorting books in the Public Library, if you must know. The pay isn't glamorous, but it is enough to pay the bills, food, and a little left over. Now I must go, I'll be home around midnight." His smirk widened slightly and he pointed to his cheek, "Do I get a kiss goodbye?"

The blonde glared up at the redhead who just continued to smirk. He walked up to Sasori, who was shocked he was even coming near him and leaned up. Deidara smirked and spat on the redhead's cheek, causing the older teen to chuckle. "That's for leaving me here alone, when someone can break in and rape me, un." Deidara walked away and began looking through the fridge. He pulled out a pizza box and opened it. "What the hell is this?"

Sasori sighed and grabbed his jacket, getting ready to leave. "It's called pepperoni. Now, since I don't have a personal chef to make pizza I had to buy some from the store. It was cheap and on sale. Enjoy." He leaned in to kiss the blonde's cheek only to have him turn his head and their lips met instead. It was almost automatic for Deidara to feel like this and he began to move his lips before he noticed that this was wrong. He shoved Sasori away who was grinning. "Now that's more like it~" He purred, cornering the blond into the fridge.

Deidara growled and shoved the pizza box between them. "Go to work and leave me alone, un. I have homework." He had no intention of doing it, but now he actually wanted the redhead gone.

Sasori chuckled. "Fine, you're right. See you later, babe." To Deidara's surprise, the older teen made no move to touch him and left. Strange. Giving an irritated sigh, Deidara opened the box and took out a slice of pizza, before finally finding a plate and the microwave.

He stared at the machine and began to wonder how to even turn it on. He pushed a random button and it turned on. He jumped in surprise and opened the door, stopping the device. That's when he realized he pushed the popcorn button... Where was the pizza button?

Groaning he began to read all over and found nothing. "Wait, how long does it take to make pizza? Um, ten minutes, un?" He stuck the pepperoni inside the little space and pushed ten. Ten seconds went by and Deidara raised a brow. "That was not ten minutes," He muttered. Ignoring the microwave he ate the pizza cold. If he broke that thing Sasori would probably sell him to get a new one, or just punish him with rape.


Deidara gave a sigh as he finished the cold pizza, deciding that though it wasn't even close to what he usually ate, under the circumstances it was actually alright. He stood up from the tacky couch that he had been perched on, looking down at the plate with an irritated look. "…Okay, what the fuck am I supposed to do with this now…Usually the servants would put it in the dishwasher…" The blonde moved back into the kitchen and began looking for said dishwasher, but couldn't find one. "…What the fuck?! How the hell do poor people do the dishes, un?!"

He then noticed the sink, and Deidara recalled a faint memory of the servants once washing a dish in the basin when the dishwasher had been full. Oh…So that was how poor people managed!! He had always thought that sinks were made purely for washing hands!! Deidara placed the dish inside, poured some hot water on it, and then placed it back inside of the cupboard where he had gotten it from, making no move to wash it better or even dry it.

"Well…That was exciting, un…" The blonde sighed and walked to the front door, making sure that it really was locked, which it was, before he moved over to the bag of clothing. He pulled out his favourite pair of silk pyjamas, before moving to the bathroom to get changed, not realising he opened the wrong door. He blinked at the room he entered, having never entered it before.

The place consisted of a work bench covered with tools, and upon the shelves were wooden puppets of varying sizes. Deidara blinked at them, awestruck, looking around at the many different designs, before making his way to the table. There was a soft toy dog which sat on the top of the desk that appeared to be quite old and worn, but soft…Deidara picked it up and placed it on his head, taking one last look of the workroom before leaving with the intent of changing into his pyjamas.


Deidara stood in the bedroom, looking out at the view from the single window, finding it was dramatically different to the view he was used to. In his own bedroom, the window looked out at the large garden that surrounded the house, green lawn, variously coloured flowers, two of their three pools also in sight. This window view, however, looked down at the monochromatic city, consisting of dirty street lights, drunken homeless bums, and the other practically identical buildings. It was almost midnight, and when Deidara looked down, he saw none other than Sasori walking alone towards the entrance of the apartment building. He walked without fear, despite the fact that it was the northern part of the city, and the several groups of seedy looking men that lurked around the area took no notice of the what-appeared-to-be easy prey, everyone in the district being perfectly aware of the red head's reputation. It must have been cold outside, because the blonde could see the older male's icy breath, and his hands were buried deep within his coat pockets.

Deidara, not wanting to seem awake by the time Sasori came home, quickly turned off the light and crawled into the bed, back facing the door, with the soft toy dog he had found earlier pressed against his chest. He pretended to be asleep; eyes closed though ears listening intently. The couple next door were not at it tonight, and the people below were not currently throwing a raucous party. Even the car alarms seemed quiet compared to yesterday.

Deidara gave a sigh, but stifled the content noise once he heard the front door being unlocked, opened and then shut once more. He stayed absolutely still, levelling his breathing, and giving no reaction when he heard the bedroom door open. Sasori gave a slight hum and he couldn't help but smile slightly at the sight of the sleeping blonde, before he stripped down to just his boxers, his usual choice to sleep in considering he only had one pair of pyjamas that were reserved for severely cold nights. On any other occasion, however, he probably would have worn the pyjamas, considering how icy it was tonight, but now he had the blonde as a source of warmth.

Deidara felt the bed sink slightly and the covers shift as Sasori crawled under the sheets, moving close to the blonde before giving a slight confused noise as he noticed the plush dog. "…Maybe he got lonely…" Sasori gave a small sigh before he wrapped an arm around Deidara's waist, pulling his back to press warmly against his chest, snuggling close to the blonde. He drew the covers up over their shoulders, laying a few affectionate butterfly kisses on the top of Deidara's head, before nuzzling his blonde hair gently.

Deidara, realising just how cold Sasori's skin was, made no objection, happy as long as the red head didn't make an attempt to rape him. Just for tonight, at least, he would let Sasori cuddle him.
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Sequel to Ordinary Day! Sorry if I told people that we weren't going to do one but we ended up doing it anyway XD
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"If you don't eat your breakfast, Deidara, it's going to get cold."

Deidara looked up from the smoothie his mother made him and he eyed the woman. She was looking through some papers and Deidara assumed it was for the new class that she was going to be teaching at Konoha University soon. She was by the counter where she had left her papers to look through later when she had the time.

"It's a smoothie, Mom, it can't get any colder, un," He muttered wishing that it wasn't Saturday so he could see Sasori normally.

"Well drink it before it goes bad," She corrected as she looked over at her eldest. "Look, Akira is already done with his so drink yours before he gets to it." She looked down at her papers once more and sighed.

Deidara looked across the table to see his little brother staring at him with those big hazel eyes. He rolled his own blue ones before sliding the drink over to him and standing up. "I'm going to my room, don't bug me, un."

"Eat your breakfast, Deidara." Aya turned to her son once more but he was gone and she gave a tsk before looking at her youngest son who was happily drinking the smoothie before crying about a headache.

Deidara nearly slammed his door shut the moment he entered his room, but he didn't want his parents to question him over his angry behavior. What could he say? "Someone found out about my secret relationship that you aren't supposed to know about." They would totally understand.

He fell onto his bed and buried his face into his pillow. After a few seconds of holding his breath, he finally let it go, his back falling from the action. He wrapped his arm around the pillow as he grabbed his phone with his other hand and brought it to his face.

He flipped the obsolete device open before searching through some previous messages. He clicked on one that didn't have a contact created, the phone number being displayed there instead. He tapped a quick question to the number and closed his phone when he saw it had sent.

Deidara rested his head against his pillow as he waited for a reply even though he didn't expect one. He didn't want to do what Sasori told him to do. Wait. He wasn't going to wait for someone to blackmail him, he wanted to find them and make them wish that they hadn't stalked him and his lover in the first place.

After a minute his phone buzzed and he flipped it open to see he had received a message.

'Don't contact me.'

Deidara almost raised a brow and scoffed before texting back that they shouldn't have to act like someone was watching them the whole time.

He didn't receive any more messages after that and he frowned to himself before sitting up. He heard his parents calling him and he sighed before leaving his room and going up some stairs to get to the where his parents were. "Yeah, un?" He saw both of his parents sitting in the living room and he arched a thin brow in question.

"Can you sit down for a moment, Deidara?" His mother asked as she gestured to the seat across from her. Takao was sitting next to his wife, looking stern and the blond slowly went over to his chair, wanting to know why his parents looked so serious.

His sat down and his eyes widened. They couldn't have known. They would have done something right away not talk to him about it, that's how his parents were. He stared at them and his mother took a small breath.

"We've been noticing some things, Deidara," She started slowly before shaking her head, deciding to get to the point. "Where did you get those bruises?"

The blond almost sighed in relief once he realized his parents still didn't know but he wasn't off the hook yet. He had to make up a story for the hickeys on his neck even though they were barely visible by now. He had chided Sasori before to not mark him where people could see and the redhead said that was the point. Yeah, now he wouldn't even talk to him because of paranoia.


The blond snapped out of his daze and he looked at his parents. "Oh those, un? Well you know I'm a T.A. and when Mr. Akasuna is lazy he makes me teach the other students how to do things and this week he made me show them how to throw on the wheel. Some kid didn't have his clay stuck on and he turned it on full blast and I got hit in random spots, un." He shrugged and stood up. (A/N: This is practically impossible btw.)

"But we've been seeing these bruises for three weeks now," Takao said, looking skeptical.

Deidara rolled his eyes. "We don't have enough wheels for everyone to throw in just one day. We just started three weeks ago and all of the beginners suck at it so Mr. Akasuna and I usually get beat up. Even other kids throwing next to them get pelted with flying clay. If that's all then I'm just going back to my room, un." He stood up and Aya nodded.

"We're relieved to hear that it's not bullying but make sure that Mr. Akasuna goes easy on you all right?" Her eyebrows knitted in concern and Deidara almost laughed at the statement. "If he works you too hard just go to the office, okay? Or us for that matter."

Deidara waved his hand and he walked back to his room. "Yeah yeah, un."

When he walked back down the stairs where his bedroom was he was stopped by his little brother who was leaving his room. "Can you make me another coloring book, onii-san?" He stayed by his door almost fearing the blond due to the events the day before.

Deidara sighed and ran a hand through his fringe. "I suppose, but when I have the time," He answered before going to his room. Really it was all of his fault that his and Sasori's collaboration got destroyed. He would usually sketch out things for Akira to draw on and when he saw the project he probably saw his work on it. Why not draw on it?

He fell back onto his bed and began considering doing any homework and decided it would be a good idea so he didn't get behind in school again.

He grabbed his backpack and got off his bed before going over to his desk. He set his books and his binder down on the desktop and sat down in his chair before turning on his lamp to get to work. He opened up his math book and stared down at the page before closing it and turning off his light. It seemed he couldn't get work done unless he was either pushed by a deadline or he wanted to do it himself.

He stood up and went back to his phone that was lying on his bed. He picked it up and texted his art teacher once more and began waiting for a reply. He knew that one wasn't going to come but just wanted to bug Sasori until he did reply back.

For the rest of the morning he tried working on homework while waiting for Sasori to reply. He never did and Deidara was getting pissed off because of his stand off behavior. It wasn't like this person was tapped into their phones.

He gave an irritated scoff and began texting friends, wanting to hang out. After a half hour of waiting he left his house, telling his parents goodbye briefly.

It wasn't out of the ordinary for him to call a random meeting and they usually got together at a restaurant to talk and hang out before going somewhere else like the mall. Though when he met up with his friends he didn't feel any better from being ignored.

All six of them were in a large booth and Deidara was getting annoyed rather quickly as Tobi, an immature freak, kept on blowing his milkshake up with his straw. "Why does Senpai look so mad? Did Senpai want some of Tobi's milkshake?" He held the large cup in front of the blond's face and Deidara sneered at seeing the chocolate and whipped cream roll down the sides. He shoved the younger teen's hand away before the chocolate landed in his lap and he shook his head.

"No, Tobi, I don't want your damn food, un. Just leave me alone."

Pein, his friend who had graduated two years before raised a brow. "You're the one who called us here, Deidara. If you're going to be upset the whole time, don't take offense if we want to leave."

Deidara scowled lightly but then frowned. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I'm just bored, un."

"And pissed too. I haven't seen you this fucking mad since Tobi ate your homework."

The blond ignored his friend who had the mouth dirtier than a porta potty. "Yes, I'm also pissed because I am being ignored." He turned to smile sarcastically at the older teen who just ate a curly fry slowly.

"What do you want us to do about it, it's Saturday," Kisame muttered as he messed with a strand of his boyfriend's hair. Deidara looked over at them, seeing Itachi, the teen's boyfriend, glaring at him and Deidara returned the look mockingly before sticking his tongue out at him.

"You can go beat up my boyfriend for being a freaking prick," He answered once his little fit was done.

"Why are you dragging us into your personal life, Deidara? Before you wanted us out of it." Itachi swatted at Kisame's hand and narrowed his eyes at him dangerously.

Deidara scoffed. "I'm not telling you to actually do it, Uchiha."

"So when do we actually get to meat your BF?" Kisame asked now looking at the blond who just scoffed and crossed his arms. He was trying to avoid eye contact which was a given considering the answer.

"Never, un."

"What's so bad about knowing, Senpai? Is he really ugly?" Tobi had his chin in his hands and was kicking his legs under the table petulantly which was really getting on Deidara's nerves.

"No, he's not ugly, Tobi."

"Then why is he so secret?"

"Because Deidara's not supposed to be with him." The blond turned and glared at the other Uchiha, his showing eye narrowed in anger. "Leave it up to him to not follow the rules."

Deidara rolled his eyes and uncrossed his arms. "Butt out, Uchiha, no one asked you."

Hidan groaned loudly and banged his head on the table. "Gee, this sure is fucking entertaining. Why don't I slit my wrists and see if I bleed out before you bitches stop…bitching."

Pein who had been flipping through one of the papers on the table raised a brow. "How many calories does it take to bang your head against a wall? Hidan, I'm sure you know the answer?"

"Fuck off, pincushion, I'm never in the freaking mood for you and your bullshit."

The older male rolled his eyes and turned towards the two teens fighting in front of him. "If you just called us here to complain then you're wasting our times, Deidara. What do you want?"

The blond turned to the graduate and calmed down enough to at least give a proper answer. "I just have nothing to do now. I can't go buy clay or art supplies because I got a speeding ticket and I had to buy other stuff which pissed my parents off. So they cut me off and now I barely have enough money for gas, un." He suddenly scowled. "And my freaking boyfriend is ignoring me now," He growled, his countenance turning to one of anger and frustration.

Kisame nodded and put his arms around the large booth so he almost touched Itachi's shoulders and the Uchiha gave him a warning look. "So why is that? Did you piss him off?"

Deidara scoffed and looked over at the strangely colored male. "No, I do that every day, un." He stopped and bit his lip for a moment. Should he tell them the problem? He shook his head at even questioning it. Who would they tell in the first place? They were witnesses to him burning trees and littering explosive clay on his enemies lawn. If they didn't tell anyone about that, why would they care about his situation. "Someone found out about our relationship so now he's taking all precautions and he's not even texting me back, the bastard, un." He looked at his phone and realized he still didn't have any messages. Growling, he slammed it on the table making Tobi jump, almost dropping his milkshake on the blond in the process.

"So I'm guessing he's really old if this relationship is so secret," Itachi said with knowing eyes and Deidara narrowed his own blue ones.

"No, he's twenty-four, that's not old. Though he acts like a fucking forty-year-old so that's probably why he's ignoring me."

"Or he may have gotten tired of your relationship."

Deidara's eyes widened in surprise and anger and he grabbed Tobi's milkshake, the plastic (he refused to get an adult cup and requested a child's instead) slick with chocolate and whipped cream, before throwing it at the weasels shirt. The drink splattered onto Kisame as well and he swore loudly before grabbing some napkins to clean up the mess as the cup bounced to the floor.

Hidan stopped banging his head on the table to burst out into laughter while pointing at the red-eyed teen. "Ha! Looks like you got shit on, Uchiha!" The teen just glared darkly and he leaped over Tobi, nails clawing for the blond who yowled in pain before returning the gesture. "Oh fuck yeah! Cat fight!"

"Senpai!" Topi cried as he got stuck between the two males.

Pein's eyebrow twitched and he looked out at the restaurant to see the other customers staring at them. He looked back to see the two males baring teeth while pulling each others' long hair and his brow gave another twitch. He leaned across the table and pulled both of the ponytails upwards, causing both of them to yowl in pain but shut up afterwards.

"You two are behaving sniveling children," He accused and Deidara pouted lightly while rubbing his aching scalp while Itachi smoothed down his ebony locks which looked like it had been devoured by a lawnmower and spat back out. Pein glared at the blond with cold metallic eyes. "You should not be offended so easily when you know Itachi is only stating the possibilities of your relationship that you seem to hate." The blond sneered lightly but crossed his arms as he looked away. Pein then turned his attention to the Uchiha who was being comforted by his boyfriend. "And you should not be surprised if you get attacked when you insult people like that."

Hidan stared at the man confused. "But you just fucking said to Blondie that it was okay for him to do that."

Pein narrowed his eyes at the albino who shut his mouth after that. "No, I did not I said he could state an opinion but told him not to be shocked when attacked. Listen, Hidan." The teen rolled his magenta eyes and began messing with a knife.

"Whatever, I don't care about Uchiha's opinions. They're full of shit anyway, un," He grumbled before standing up and kicking Hidan in the leg. "Let me out I'm going home," He ordered, his voice deep in authority. Sasori would talk to him like that when he was either pissed with him or when Deidara pushed him too far.

Hidan grumbled something but scooted out of the booth to let Deidara out. The blond didn't even say goodbye as he left the restaurant and he just headed to his car in a huff. He wanted to see Sasori and not be ignored. Even if they weren't going to do anything he just wanted to talk. Actually talk and try to figure out what they were going to do about their current situation. His friends were of no use so he really had no idea what to do.

But instead of leaving he sat in his car with his hands gripping the steering wheel, his head resting on the edge of it. But he didn't want to bother Sasori and be ignored even more. Maybe he would realize that their relationship was too dangerous and even though Deidara loved him it wasn't going to change a thing. Maybe he would get tired of it and end it saying that he wasn't going to deal with it anymore.

This wasn't the first time Deidara was having these thoughts and what Itachi said made his fear more real. The next to worst thing besides people finding out about his relationship was actually ending it. Even though this was Deidara's first boyfriend he didn't want another.

Taking a deep breath, he started his car and backed out of his parking space before driving out of the parking lot. Making a snap decision he began heading towards the city of Suna, not caring if it pissed Sasori off, he wanted to see him.

It was only a ten minute drive from where he was already at so he wasn't wasting too much gas to get there. When he arrived in his small neighborhood he parked a block away like usual and walked to his house but when he got there he saw that he wasn't home and swore under his breath. Though he may have just parked in the garage, he didn't know.

Ignoring the possible sign of wanting to be left alone, Deidara still walked up to the door and knocked on the wooden surface, trying to see through the square design of the window. After a minute he saw a redheaded figure walk up to the door and he stepped back incase the teacher had something to throw at him.

When Sasori saw him standing there he narrowed his eyes and he looked more angry than Deidara had seen him in a while. "Uh, hi, un." Deidara said grinning happily and took a step forward. "I-" The door was slammed in his face and he took a step back to prevent from getting hit. Blinking in shock he sighed and raked a hand back through his long locks. "Come on, Sasori, I just want to talk. Please, un?"

"Go away, Deidara," Sasori ordered before locking the door and leaving to go back from where he came from.

"I really just want to talk about this whole thing. Come on, Sasori." He began knocking again but Sasori wasn't responding at all. Even when Deidara had went around to his windows he found all of the blinds closed and his french doors in the back with shutters drawn and handles locked.

After Deidara sat outside for twenty minutes he realized Sasori really wasn't going to let him in and he headed back to his car to go home. "You're just giving up?"

He stiffened up and turned around to see an old woman on the sidewalk a few feet behind him. She was wearing a purple hat with a white flower and a purple sweater but her dress was yellow, making her short silver hair almost shine as he curled at the end making it reflect off the dress. "Yeah…" He said cautiously. "My friend doesn't want to see me now so I'm leaving, un."

The old woman smiled and walked up to him before patting his arm. "He hasn't left his home since yesterday which is a shock. He usually does errands and on his way out I talk to him. Such a nice man," She sighed but then frowned. "He seems upset about something but I when I saw you coming I thought his mood would lighten because he would have company but he must be fairly upset." Shaking her head she looked up at the blond with crystal-like green eyes. "I think I've seen you around but he hasn't talked about you. He must have many friends with the way he is."

Deidara wanted to know if the woman got confused by the houses and he scratched the back of his head. "You're talking about Sasori, right? Mister grumpy, un?"

The woman giggled happily. "Well he's grumpy now but when he talks to me he is usually happy and polite. I think it's because he's lonely." Deidara must have looked confused because the woman sighed, her smile falling once more. "The boy has no family, did you know?"

The blond nodded. "But he has his grandmother and her brother. Even some cousins."

"Yes well he can't visit them often because of work. He took up a teaching job in Konoha for his grandmother's and granduncle's stay in nursing home and has no more time to really see them. That's how I met him, when I was sick but I got better and came back home." She beamed in happiness. "He really is a nice man but he seems to be in fix at the moment. Why don't you try again? He may open up; let you in this time."

Deidara looked over at the house to see nothing had changed. Sighing he nodded. "I have nothing else to do today anyway, un." He walked up to the house, the old woman giving him a small smile of encouragement.

He knocked on the door again and rang the doorbell. Not a moment later it was flung open and papers were thrown at his face. "You see, brat? You see this?!" Sasori pointed to the papers on the ground and his eyes widened as he realized they were more pictures. "Because of you this freak won't leave me alone, so just go away…" Sasori's voice faded as his eyes traveled to the woman who stood on the sidewalk, glaring at him. "Do you know her?"

Deidara sighed and ran a hand through his hair again before kneeling and picking up the papers, trying to hide his disgust as they were more intimate than the ones from yesterday. "Sorry, un," He muttered before handing the papers over to Sasori roughly with a glare and walking off his porch to go to his car. The old woman was still glaring at the redhead but she followed Deidara in attempt to talk to him but he didn't stop or pause.

He got into his car, ignoring the old woman's protests for him to stop and started the engine before driving away from the curb.

When Deidara had parked in the driveway of his house, he looked at his phone and saw he hadn't received any new messages or calls. He sighed harshly, his hair moving away from his face when doing so. As soon as he got out of his car, he was confronted by his crying brother running out of the house.

Giving a groan, Deidara rubbed his face and closed the door only to have the six-year-old run up to him sobbing. "Onii-san! There's a spider in my room!" He buried his face in his brother's leg and Deidara's eyebrow twitched until he began walking the boy finally letting go. They moved inside the house, but the boy was persistent on following him.

"Go ask mom to kill it, un," He grunted before moving down to his own room but the little boy wouldn't stop pestering him so he ended up looking for the spider and he nearly face-palmed with a frying pan when he saw what it was. "That's a clay spider, Akira. What are you doing with my clay spiders?" He turned around and put his hands on his hips while his little brother stared up at him with teary but blinking eyes.

"I didn't take it," He said softly. "Mommy was cleaning and saw it in the living room so she put it in here."

Deidara glared at him lightly. "Then why are you freaking out if it's not even real?"

The boys eyes up welled with tears and he began to wail again. "Because it's ugly and scary!"

Deidara pursed his lips and he pinched the bridge of his nose to think about what to say next. His whole day wasn't going very well and his idiot little brother wasn't going to make it even worse just because he was being a brat. He walked into the room and grabbed the spider that covered his whole palm. It was one of his smaller ones but it was still something.

Akira was now only sniffling at the door but once his brother was out of his room he ran in, glad that the ugly thing was out. Deidara just rolled his eyes, put the spider in his room, before heading back upstairs in hopes of finding his mother and asking her why she put the spider away when it was still drying out.

He found the blond at the kitchen table writing on some papers but when she heard him enter she looked up with mild surprise. "You're back early. Did you have fun?"

Deidara shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, I guess. Hey, did you put my clay spider in Akira's room?"

The woman puffed out her cheeks and blew the air out as she looked into a corner absently. "Maybe, I mean I've told you before that I told want those things in the living room, Deidara and I just so happened to be cleaning up so put it in a room downstairs."

The blond bit his lip and sighed before running his hands over his face. "I've told you before that it's harder for clay to dry downstairs because it's too humid. We have shelves in the living room that are good enough to let clay dry on them. I even put newspaper on the so nothing actually gets on the shelves, un."

The woman sighed and set down her pen. "Yes, you've told me that you can keep the house clean but I've told you that I don't want clay all over the house. When you buy your own house than you can leave clay wherever you want but not while you live here." Deidara scowled and shook his head before leaving the kitchen. "Don't leave anymore greenware out, Deidara," His mother called from the kitchen but he ignored her and went back to his room to actually do his homework.


Deidara tapped his foot against the floor impatiently as he waited for his first period class to be over. He had tried going to Sasori's art room but it was locked from all three doors and Deidara tried going through his office but the other art teacher said that he wasn't allowed to go in. The office was mostly Sasori's because the woman was only a part-time teacher and only taught three classes in the morning, never the afternoon.

Once he heard the bell ring he was out of his seat, knowing that he would only have half a minute at most to talk to Sasori before students actually began coming to class. But once he got to the classroom he saw his teacher at his desk per usual and just the look he sent Deidara made the blond's skin crawl.

"What?" He asked harshly and the teen nearly flinched if he wasn't so angry.

Deidara went over to the teacher's assistant desk which was completely on the other side of the room and he stood by the chair before glaring at Sasori. "Why move the desk?"

Sasori smiled bitterly, his glasses perched low on his nose. "I wanted a change of scenery."

The blond was being pushed over the edge and he slammed his book bag down on the desk loudly just as a student walked in. "You are being so fucking insufferable, un! When I did absolutely nothing to you, Sasori!"

The teacher was standing by now, yelling as well. "I'm insufferable? You're the one who started this whole damn thing!"

More students began filing in no one going to their desk at all as they watched the student and teacher hash it out, not understanding what they were fighting about one bit. Though once the bell rang four minutes later the shouting stopped with some students from other classes peaking in, wanting to know what the noise was about. But one look from Sasori sent them running back to their teacher.

"Sit down and get to work. Now," Sasori ordered as he went into his shared office, slamming the door behind him.

The students sent Deidara a look and the blond gave them a glare that would even make the redheaded bastard proud. For nearly the whole class period, the teen sat at his desk on the other side of the room, smoldering as he stared at the wall. None of the students tried to walk up to him because once they did ask for help he would criticize nearly everything they did until they felt like garbage.

But afterwards he realized he was behaving just as badly as Sasori and that he needed to calm down. They hadn't had an argument this bad in… Well they never really argued over something like this so it was a first for Sasori to be pissed about this.

After half the class period was done Deidara was helping his peers once more and the art teacher waked out of his office, now composed though every student knew he was pissed beyond belief. The students who were throwing on the wheel had already started so he went to help them, not even bothering to tell Deidara to watch the class, instead completely ignoring him.

Though once the class period was done Deidara was packing up when he heard his art teacher calling for him to stay after for a moment. The blond scowled lightly but stayed after and once all the students were out Sasori sighed and ran a hand through his hair which resembled a bird's nest. For someone so organized you would think that he would at least make his hair.

As soon as the bell rang Deidara walked over to his teacher who was leaning against his desk with his arms crossed. "This is getting us nowhere," The older male admitted and Deidara snorted with an eye roll.

"No, really?" Sarcasm laced his voice and Sasori glared at him to knock it off. "Okay fine, what do you want to do about it then since you care so much now, un?"

The redhead didn't reply at first but he took another breath. "I've been trying to find out where these papers are coming from but even when I found them in my mailbox they were just shoved in with no envelope. Whoever this person is, they don't really care if someone else finds these papers."

Deidara's eyes widened and he swore. "What if my parents get something, un?"

"I doubt that our culprit would go to extremes and just tell someone outright." He sighed and ran a hand over his face before looking at the teen in front of him. "One thing I've noticed is that all of the papers were printed from school because of the code at the bottom. More specifically the printer in the classroom next door."

Deidara raised a brow. "What? The photography class? So Ms. Bem, un?"

Sasori swore under his breath and looked towards the ceiling almost asking God why he was stuck with the blond. "Christ, no, brat. A student of hers, at least I'm guessing that's it but it can be someone else just using her laptops and printer."

The blond nodded once he realized it but became enraged a second later once he realized he may actually know who was spying on him and his teacher. "Well why don't you go and look at her class list and see there is a student who hates-" Sasori glared darkly, "dislikes you enough to try and get blackmail on you."

"What about you, brat? I'm sure there are people who dislike you as well."

Deidara scoffed and rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms. "No one hates me, Danna, un."

"Then don't come crying to me when you get made fun of for looking girly."

"I wasn't crying, I was pissed. Freaking clerk at the store was blind and thought that just because I have long hair automatically means that I don't have a dick, un," He exclaimed and before Sasori could reply a student for his next class walked in.

"Go to class, Deidara. We'll talk at lunch."

The blond frowned very lightly but just walked out before another argument started.


Before the blond could leave his literature class he was automatically dragged away by Hidan who said he wanted to eat lunch in the cafeteria that day.

"Hidan, I have to go and work for Mr. Akasuna or else he is going to drop my grade, un," He growled. He was a teacher assistant yes but they still had grades in the classes they worked in based on participation and he wouldn't be surprised if Sasori actually lowered his grade.

"Bitch, this isn't your pansy art class, he can't do shit."

Deidara groaned and got away from the albino long enough to get outside and the teen just swore at him before walking away.

The blond was walking towards the art center quickly, wanting to know what Sasori was going to do about their little freak.

When he got to the art room it was deserted like usual and he didn't blame the students who left as soon as they had the chance. It seemed that it would be a while until Sasori would calm down and if they resolved this whole issue maybe even sooner.

Deidara looked around and saw the redhead talking to the other art teacher in their shared office, the redhead giving a small laugh and the woman beaming up at him. The blond couldn't understand a word of what they said and he didn't care who his boyfriend talked to, it wasn't his life.

He sat down at his desk and thought about what they were going to do once they fixed this whole mess. Would their relationship go back to normal or would Sasori take the extreme caution and completely break it off with him?

Itachi's words came to his mind. But Sasori wouldn't end the relationship from boredom, he would have to have a better reason to get the blond off his tail.

Deidara's thoughts were interrupted when Sasori opened the door for the other art teacher to walk out. She was an average height for a twenty-three-year-old woman but she seemed much younger with her cheery aura around her. She had olive-tanned skin and chocolate curls that hung around her shoulders, and framed her heart-shaped face nicely.

"Oh, hello, Deidara," She greeted with a grin, her cheeks slightly flushed. She, like many other teachers addressed her students by their first names, but Sasori was very old fashioned. She looked up at her coworker and shrugged on her large bag. "Well I hope you have a good day, Sasori."

The man smiled back kindly and Deidara wanted to know the secret behind his weird mood changes. "You too, Mana."

She nodded and left the classroom to the hall and Deidara sighed before giving a stretch and sauntering up to the redhead who was now rubbing his temples beneath his glasses. Deidara plucked them off his face and the older male glared as the blond held them up to his face, his brows furrowed and eyes squinted. "It's fuzzy."

"No duh, brat, these," He said snatching the black-framed glasses back from the teen, "are for people who need them, but as you know I only need them to read." He crossed his arms and stared down at Deidara who was smirking. "Ready for some snooping?"

"Hell yeah, un."

Sasori nodded and moved to his desk. "I've already talked to Mana about us looking at some nature picture for our pictures and she gave us permission to look through her class-"

"Leave it up to you to make a spy mission boring, un." Deidara sighed and shook his head, moving over the redhead while giving a small grin. "At least you aren't pissed at me anymore."

"As much, brat." Sasori grabbed some keys and walked to his office the blond following. "Now we are just looking around at the laptops and recent prints on the printer as well as some cameras. We only have half an hour so don't waste time."

Deidara snorted. "Me waste time? Have you met me, un?

"Unfortunately," Sasori answered as they both entered the office and Deidara pursed his lips.

"Wouldn't it have been better to have sex in here," He mused quietly and Sasori shot him a glare.

"No, this is place is completely off limits to you in those times. I like this desk far better than the other one and this is also someone else's work space." They exited the small office only to enter the photography class. The teacher also taught a book arts and a graphic design class but those were the only three classes she wanted to teach.

Deidara nearly pouted. "Meanie, un. The desk hurts my back."

Sasori moved to the cabinets by the teacher's desk and got the keys out to unlock them. "Only a few students should have them checked out for a project that she mentioned so we can only look through a few cameras."

The blond nodded and grimaced. "I'm just wondering what sick kid wants to watch two guys fucking?"

Sasori glared wide-eyed and sighed harshly. "Don't say those things lightly, brat, someone could be listening," He scolded.

Deidara shrugged. "We don't even know if it's a student in the first place. What if it's Ms. Bem?" He flipped through a few papers on her desk and set them down before going over to some computer carts.

"Funny because she's trying to hook me up with her friend so maybe she does know." Sasori's monotonous voice broke seemed sharp and Deidara looked over at him with narrowed eyes.

"And what did you say, un?"

Sasori scoffed and turned to face the blond, a black camera bag in his hands. "I told her that I wasn't interested."

"And what of your sexual preference?" Deidara crossed his arms and Sasori rolled his eyes before setting the bag down and opening it up to get the camera out and look at it's memory.

Sasori didn't answer as he scrolled through the pictures. "... She was trying to set me up with her gay friend."

"Hmm," Deidara said while nodding. "And did you accept?"

Sasori looked up from the camera with a raised eyebrow. "Really? You're going to get all jealous now? Look, brat, we really don't have time for this. Like I said before, I told her I wasn't interested." He put down the camera and walked over to the blond with another camera bag. "Get to work while I see who has cameras checked out."

Deidara scowled and took the bag roughly before unzipping it and taking the camera out.

In the end they found nothing. Sasori had even cut the end of one of the photos he received to see that the code on the bottom showed the time, date and printer but it couldn't show what camera.

"Well we know that it was at least someone who stayed after school without my knowing. This classroom is locked off after lunch and only the art teachers are allowed in."

Deidara sighed as he lounged in a nearby desk a camera still in his hand. "Well I can assume that this person used the printer here to mess with us or they really are stupid." He shrugged. "Maybe that's how they found out in the first place... Am I really that loud?"

Sasori rolled his eyes and looked at the clock on the wall. "Lunch is about to end. Let's pack up and try something else later."

The blond nodded and handed the camera in it's bag back to his lover. "And what do you plan to do once you find out who's doing this? It's like they made it this obvious so we would find them and it's easier for them to get what they want, un." He shrugged once more but stretched afterwards. "Why make a note when you can just send pictures which send the people coming after you and then you get what you want."

Sasori was glaring darkly and he ran a hand through his hair. "That would make sense but it almost makes too much sense. Did you hire this person?"

Deidara looked truly offended and he groaned in disgust. "I asked you that and you got pissed, how do you think I feel, un?"

The redhead ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "This just seems too easy. I'm pretty damn sure we're walking into something bad."

Deidara's expression turned amused and he stood in front of the art teacher, his fingers itching for a touch. "I'm sure we can handle it, un." He put his hands on the redhead's hips and had them slide around his waist, Sasori staring down at him stoically.

"I'm surprised you haven't blurted it out already." He gripped the blond's chin with his thumb and forefinger and Deidara smirked lightly, allowing him to do so. "Once this whole thing is settled I'm not sure what I want to do with you."

And that was the blond's fear but Deidara didn't let it show, instead he let his dangerous smirk grow. He pulled the redhead close and leaned up to kiss him, the teacher pulling him up for their lips to meet. They hadn't been intimate since the blowjob, that was considered a lesson, the blond had given him and Deidara was about to burst from sexual tension.

Their lips met roughly and they were hungry, only seeking each other's company making the blond moan and grip the redhead's shirt. He shoved his tongue into his mouth and Sasori practically shoved the blond onto his coworkers desk.

But Deidara was the one who pulled away, his arrogant smirk still painting his lips. "Let's burn that bridge when it comes," He whispered against his teacher's lips before giving another peck and pulling away.

Sasori gave a small hum of discomfort, knowing that they both needed each other. "Come after school, we need to work on the project as well as look around some more."

Deidara nodded and moved back to his teacher's classroom to get his bag, the man following him. The bell rang and Deidara gave him another peck before someone came in. "You are a lot nicer when you actually think about things instead of blaming me," He said, implying the conversation from Saturday and that morning.

Sasori rolled his eyes and put his hand on the teen's lower back, urging him out of the room. "Yes, I needed some time alone to think. Now go before someone comes in."

Giving a nod, Deidara left with a small grin. They may be able to do something afterall.


"So I heard what happened."

Deidara looked over to see Kisame standing by his desk with a small smirk. "What, un?" He asked annoyed. He had been in the middle of doing his homework when the teen interrupted him and he wondered what could be so important to have him start bugging him.

The shark just laughed and sat down in the empty seat next to the blond. "You and Akasuna got into a huge fight!" He exclaimed and made a gesture with his hands to show just how "huge" the argument was.

Deidara stuck out his lips and exhaled, his fringe moving away from his face. "So what," He muttered, now looking away.

Kisame rolled his eyes. "I heard some teachers thinking about calling the police. And I heard that Ms. Bem was freaking out in her classroom when she heard that much yelling. What were you even arguing about? It couldn't have been the usual art spat was it?" He put his head in his hand and Deidara narrowed his eyes before turning back to his textbook.

"None of your business, he was just being an asshole, un." He turned away lightly but the older male kept on prodding.

"Come on, Deidara, this isn't like you. Usually you insult Akasuna whenever you can." He looked up at the ceiling momentarily before looking back at his friend. "You've been in a bad mood for a while now. Is it still your boyfriend?"

The blond tensed up lightly and decided that saying yes would automatically point to Sasori somehow as he had been arguing with him this morning. "No, it's my parents, un," He lied smoothly before brushing his fringe back and tucking it behind his ear. "They're saying I should go to Konoha University and I don't want to go there." He looked at his friend who rose a brow.

"Really? Why not?"

Deidara didn't show any sign of relief, instead just giving a shrug. "My mom's the head of the art department and even though she'll treat me like everyone else she's my mom and not someone I want for a teacher, un."

Kisame sighed. "Well where do you plan on going?"

The blond shrugged once more and turning his attention back to his schoolwork. "Maybe somewhere in Europe or America? Don't know yet."

"But can't you get a better deal if your mom works at a college so you don't have to pay as much?"

"Yes, my parents are very thrifty so of course they want me to go there, un. Are we done?" Deidara began writing down another problem when Kisame began tapping his finger against the desk in thought.

"Are you doing anything after school?"

"Yes, I have my art project to work on."

The teen nodded and waited for a few more seconds before asking another question. "So what were you and Akasuna fighting about?" Deidara gave a harsh sigh and put down his pencil to glare at Kisame who just held up his hands in a small defence, a smirk still painting his features. "Hey just asking a small question here. It has to be good if the cops were going to get called."

The blond just looked at a clock on the wall at the front of the class to see that he still had ten minutes left before school got out. Groaning he let his head fall on to the tabletop and banged it for a few seconds.

"Wow, self destruction, that's new," Kisame muttered and the blond looked up with a dark glare before sitting up and smoothing back his hair.

"How about I hate him because he is an asshole. He was going to mark my grade down because I wasn't making enough progress on my project when it's not even due in two weeks, un."

"Can teachers even do that?"

"He said it falls under class participation but this project shouldn't even be apart of my grade. I am only there to make runs for art supplies but he also makes me help the other kids because he's a lazy ass. Good enough reason, un?" Deidara chirped with a sarcastic smile. None of it was really true except for the fact that he did have a project, it just wasn't bothering him at all, besides the fact that it wasn't getting done.

Kisame sighed and shook his head. "That guy is the Devil. How is he even a teacher?"

"I don't know, un," Deidara huffed. "Went to college, he's good at art even though he's a narrow-minded prick. I think any school would want him for a teacher because of his infinite knowledge and wisdom," He said while wiggling his fingers to add affect.

"If you hate him so much why did you become his T.A.?" Kisame cast the blond a small look and the blond narrowed his eyes.

"I can't re-take anymore art classes and the other teachers already had T.A.'s. Plus he's teaching ceramics, which is my favorite form of art but I guess sculpting is also another favorite," He mused before shaking his head and getting back on topic. "Anyway, I didn't want that class to be major hell for the other students so I decided it would be fun to be in the class again but actually on top, un."

"Wow, power crazy much?"

"Shut up, it's not even how I thought it would turn out. Akasuna even makes me get him coffee, saying that my freaking town pass won't get my into trouble, un." Deidara crossed his arms and looked at the clock, his eye twitched when he saw he only had a few more minutes left.

"Well didn't you have the choice of switching out?"

"Nope, they practically forced me into his care so hopefully more students would take his class and not be so intimidated, un."

"Well it didn't work. People say that he has a slave now," Kisame chuckled.

Deidara rolled his eyes and he closed his textbook and he began to put all of things back into his backpack. "How do you even pass this class if you never do any work, un?"

"I do work," The teen huffed before standing. "I guess I'll see you later since you're so busy with taking care of your stupid master."

Deidara glared and Kisame quickly walked back to his seat before the blond did something. Once the teen was gone, Deidara ran a hand through his hair, pushing it back but it came forward once he was done.

The bell rang a minute later and the blond set out to go to the art classroom before someone else tried bothering him.

When he got there he was confronted by his angry lover who sat at his desk nearly smoldering. "What happened?" Deidara set his bag down on his desk and Sasori pinched the bridge of his nose to prevent himself from doing something darastic.

"Here," He said, handing several sheets of paper to his student, the blond taking them cautiously. He swore when he saw that they were more photos of him and his lover. The first few were of him and Sasori looking through cameras and a few laptops but the last one was of them kissing. By the view of the photo it was taken from outside. "I got a letter from the office. The return address isn't there, but my name sure is."

"God, this freak is really trying to piss us off, un." Deidara dropped the papers on the desk and Sasori took them into his hand before going over to the paper shredder and sticking them in there. Deidara raised a brow. "You aren't going to burn it?"

"I need some shredded paper for a fuel for a future clay project," Sasori explained before going over to the desk, now standing behind it. "Now it seems like this person is just teasing us. We're only getting pictures if we interact with each other so what do you think that means?"

Deidara pursed his lips and scowled. "No, you're not going to leave me just because we're getting harassed-"

"What else is there?" The teacher hissed harshly, cutting the blond off. "They may just be teasing now but if they get fed up they might actually start to send it to someone else." His countenance looked pained just barely but it was covered up with indifference. "I think… it would be best if we just left each other alone for a while."

Deidara balled his hands into fists and tried to calm down. This wasn't going to be like last year where he had to leave Sasori because he was losing his job. They could still be together if he wasn't teaching, he knew that. But if someone knew, like now, what would they do? Sasori wanted to be separated and the teen didn't want to deal with that emotional break like before. But if it meant that the redhead was going to go to jail that was another thing.

Sighing, Deidara looked up his one eye showing conflicting. "Then can we spend a little time together just once more, un?"

Sasori seemed a little surprised by the blond's request, honestly expecting him to yell at him what a stupid idea that was. He tapped his finger against his desk in thought and the blond sighed once more, not being patient enough to wait. "Fine, that's fine. What did you want to do?"

The answer was obvious, wasn't it? Deidara almost immediately walked around the desk and grabbed the redhead by the back of his neck before pulling him down for a rough kiss. The teacher wrapped his arms around the teen's waist before his hands went up his shirt to touch his lower back gently.

Deidara sighed into the kiss and opened his mouth to play. The redhead kissed back hungrily, growling softly and Deidara backed off to let him do what he wanted. After a moment of kissing, the blond's hands moved down to the redhead's chest to push him back into his chair, their kiss breaking for a moment. Sasori looked confused but Deidara straddled his lap and began kissing him again, unbuttoning his shirt while doing so.

"Brat," Sasori muttered in between kisses. Deidara hummed in response as he began sucking at the teacher's neck and Sasori exhaled sharply. "What are you really planning on doing?"

"What do you think, un?" Deidara looked up from his work and narrowed his eyes at the redhead. "Since you really are dumping me," He muttered, while trailing his fingers down his lover's chest, "I should at the least get one more session with you. For remembrance if not, un." He shrugged and kissed his lips once more but more softly than all the others. "At least this."

Sasori frowned. "So all you wanted from the relationship anyway was sex?"

Deidara rolled his eyes. "No, but not every amazing part of our relationship can be done in this amount of time," He explained. "Sex was just an bonus, un." He smiled fondly. "But I liked being with you the best. Even our fights were fun, un."

Sasori sighed and shook his head. "Fine, let's just get this over with."

Deidara chuckled. "Glad to see that you don't care about this ending. Guess I was the only one thinking that this was real, un."

"Don't you get all pissed off, brat. I am just as upset as you are."

The blond shrugged and moved his hands up to his shoulders. "Sure, I am your first boyfriend after all."

Sasori scowled. "Nice try, brat, you aren't."

Deidara snickered, "Oh yeah, it's the other way around, un. And you wonder as to why I am so upset." He kissed the redhead once more so he couldn't respond. "Too much talking, more action," He muttered. He gripped the teacher's shirt and it seemed that Sasori was fed up with conversing as well, as he began to undo the button on the blond's pants.

He shoved his hand through the opening and rubbed the blond through the thin material of his boxers, Deidara gasping, before bucking his hips lightly into the touch. Sasori pulled away to hear the noises escaping his lips even though he knew someone could walk in at any moment. Deidara hissed and rested his head on the redhead's shoulder so he was facing toward the window.

"Danna~" He moved his hands under Sasori's shirt and began rubbing his slightly toned chest before raking his nails down his ribs. The teacher hissed and rubbed slightly harder, making the blond whine in need.

As soon as his mouth opened he moaned and Sasori was about to claim his lips again but Deidara jumped out of his lap. "There, un!"

He left the classroom, knowing that he saw a flash from the window. Whoever was taking pictures of him and Sasori was there watching and he had to catch them now before they got away even if his zipper was undone and he looked like a mess. He ran outside and went around the building, ignoring Sasori's questioning calls.

He saw a hooded figure running away quickly a black camera in their hands and Deidara swore before running faster to catch up to them. There were still people out waiting for rides but he didn't care about witnesses, he needed to catch this freak.

They only got into the back parking lot behind the art building when Deidara caught up to them. He grabbed their arm, the person yelling for him to let go. Ignoring their plea he turned the shorter person around and pulled the hood off their head, his eyes widening in shock. "You!"
Lol, yay cliffhanger =w=

I'm very sorry for not updating for over 2 months but I felt that this story sucked a lot and I couldn't get it going at all so I only started working on it two weeks ago so please don't hate it =_=

This was supposed to be done yesterday ago but I went to a cat show… I love cats.

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-One month later-

Sasori looked at himself in the mirror and frowned. He was shirtless and looking at his now scarred chest. There were various cuts all over and even one from his past surgery done on his lung; but the ones that stuck out the most were the bullet wounds. He turned his head slightly and looked at his left cheek. It wasn't too noticeable but there was still a scar. The scars weren't all the way healed yet, so they were a light pink color.

A pair of arms wrapped around his waist and he felt a kiss being place on the small scar. "I think it's sexy, un."

Sasori rolled his eyes and looked behind him to see his lover smiling up at him. "Of course you do."

Deidara chuckled and looked up at the puppet master seductively. "What can I say? I like bad boys, un." He nuzzled his fiancé's shoulder and Sasori raised a bro.

"Then I have no idea how you ended up with me."

"Silly, Danna, you're better than a bad boy."

"So I'm a good boy?"

"Gah! You ruined the mood!" Deidara threw his arms up in the air and they landed on Sasori's shoulders, and he took the chance to wrap his arms around the taller male.

"What? You said I was better," Sasori chuckled.

"Yeah, but you sounded like Tobi, un."

Sasori rolled his eyes and turned around, smirking down at the blond. "Are you sure you still want to, Dei? I mean all that we've been through and you still think that this is necessary?"

Deidara pouted but then smiled. "Why not? It just makes it official. Till death do us part, un."

Sasori chuckled and covered the bomber's lips with his own in a chaste kiss. "I'm not dying any time soon, brat."

Deidara smiled and brought the redhead closer. "Good." He rested his head against the taller male's scarred chest and gave a content sigh. It was hard on everyone when they left Iwagakure just like that. Deidara knew that he would confront his family again sooner of later but right now was a bad time. He did feel bad that they had left with things unfinished. They didn't get married but they were still engaged but they were tying the knot soon. After many scares involving Sasori's life Deidara realized he didn't want to be without his lover any time soon.

Though one thing that bothered him greatly was Itachi. Just thinking his name made him shiver. "Something wrong?" Sasori asked as he smirked down at the blond. "Its Autumn but it's not that cold."

Deidara gave a little cough and pulled away with a small smile. "Everything's fine. I'm going to make dinner real quick, un." He walked to the kitchen of their small house and began pulling out a few things from the fridge before stopping. Biting his lip he glanced at the home phone. He wanted to call his father and see if there was any news on Itachi, but he was also afraid his father was still on the weasel's side, even when he promised he didn't know where he was or what he was doing, it was nagging at the younger blond.

Shaking his head, he continued to pull out a few more things and setting them on the counter. He grabbed a cutting board and a knife and began chopping up some iceberg lettuce for a salad. As he began to cut tomatoes a pair of arms wrapped around his waist smoothly and he did what his instincts told him. He turned around quickly, lifting his large knife up, threatening the intruder.

"Whoa, Dei!" Sasori grabbed Deidara's wrist and took the knife away from him. "What's wrong with you?"

Deidara let out a shaky breath and turned back around. "Sorry, I thought you were someone else."

"Who else would I be, brat?" Sasori asked as he set down the knife and grabbed Deidara's chin so he would look at him.

"I-I don't know, un. I guess I'm just tired," Deidara quickly lied before turning around again.

"Do you want me to finish dinner then?"

Deidara rubbed the back of his neck. "Could you, un? I just want to lie down for a little bit."

Sasori nodded and smiled before giving Deidara a small kiss on the lips. "I'll wake you up when it's done." Deidara gave a small nod and Sasori move so he could go to their bedroom. As soon as Deidara got their, he picked up the spare home phone in there and dialed his families number. After a few rings someone picked up.


"Um, hi, Kiba, I was wondering if Mom was home. Is she?"

There was a slight pause then a deep sigh. "Sorry, Dei, but she isn't home right now. Neither is Dad. They had to check some stuff out and said they wouldn't be home for a while. Sorry."

Deidara inwardly sighed. "It's fine. I'll call back later. Bye, Kiba."

"Bye." The line went dead and Deidara fell back on his shared bed. He was still worried about Itachi and he was afraid Sasori was going to find out. The redhead had almost ignored everything. He had seen himself what Itachi had done to Deidara emotionally so talking about him wouldn't be the best thing.

In the kitchen Sasori started boiling some pasta and once that was done he headed to his and Deidara's bedroom. There he found the blond staring at the ceiling. "Something wrong?"

Deidara frowned at his fiancé and gave a loud sigh. "You aren't worried at all, un?"

Sasori shrugged and leaned against the doorway. "About what? If you're referring to Itachi, then nope." Sasori smirked and Deidara blushed and sat up.

"You act like he didn't almost kill you, un."

Sasori walked over to the bed and sat down, this time giving a sweet smile. "Well he didn't. So there's no reason to worry."

"No one's heard from him for a while though."

Sasori just shrugged again and nuzzled his lover's cheek. "Maybe he got over you? It doesn't really matter. Now if he said that he was still going to try and get you back, I may be worried. Did he say that?"

Deidara frowned and looked away. "No. But still-" He was stopped with Sasori pressing his lips against his.

"Don't worry about it, Dei. Call your parents if it makes you feel better." Sasori let his lips brush against the blond's as he spoke.

"I did, but they weren't home," Deidara grumbled as his blush just deepened.

Sasori smirked and he gave another kiss before getting up. "Come on, dinners almost done." He held out his hand and Deidara took is before getting up.

It was just a small dinner, nothing fancy; salad and pasta with some sauce. It wasn't like they were going to celebrate and party the night before they finally tied the knot. Once the couple had finished with dinner and cleaning up, they headed to bed . Deidara sighed, not really wanting to bring up the topic but it seemed that it was now or never since he really didn't have the courage to do it later. "So... about children, un."

Sasori stepped out of their bathroom, taking his shirt off. "Yes?" He asked as he climbed into bed, letting his lover snuggle up to him.

"There's really no chance for them, huh?" Deidara didn't want to see Sasori's expression so he just hid his face in the crook of redhead's neck. He felt an arm loop around his waist and he just cuddled closer.

"I guess I haven't been very honest with you," Sasori sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. Deidara looked up confused and Sasori smiled. "Children don't really bother me at all, unless they're snot nosed brats that annoy the living hell outta me."

"Then why did you keep saying no, un?" Deidara asked as he looked to his side, avoiding Sasori's gaze. He felt a hand grab his chin and make him look at the redhead.

"Because I was afraid," He whispered. Deidara looked confused.

"What? That you were going to get drool on you?"

Sasori chuckled and shook his head. "No, that if something were to happen to one of us that the baby would have to be alone. You already know that my parents died when I was young and that's what bothers me. I know what it's like to be alone all the time and I would hate to have it happen to some kid. But it seems that many near-death experiences seem to drive the fears away."

Deidara blinked and pounced on his fiancé. "Aw~! You're so cute, un! Why didn't you say before?" He pouted and snuggled up to his Danna even more.

"Well, I kind of didn't want to say, but now I'm just throwing it out there."

Deidara giggled and Sasori readjusted them so they were now lying comfortably in bed.

-Next day-

"This is so romantic~" Deidara swooned. Sasori just rolled his eyes and smiled. It wasn't even a ceremony just signing papers so they would be legally married.

"Hush, Dei." It was now their turn in line and they stepped up, signing their names on a piece of paper.

At that moment the door busted open and all eyes turned on the intruder. "You!"

Deidara tensed and stepped closer to his lover. "Itachi, un?"

"You~" Itachi seethed as he glared at Sasori. "You have to ruin fucking everything!"

"Where did he go- There!" Out of no where a large figure grabbed the weasels arm. "You were only supposed to be here to apologize." Deidara blinked at the man. He was literally blue with spiky blue hair and it seemed he had gills on his cheeks. The man looked up and gave a toothy grin. "Hello I am Kisame, Itachi's parole officer and he seemed to get away from me. Well... He came here to say he was sorry but that didn't happen so bye!" Kisame pulled Itachi away who was pouting but just sent another glare to the couple.

"... Strange, un," Deidara said as he looked up at Sasori who was smirking.

"Yeah, I already knew about Itachi which was why I didn't worry about him."

Deidara glared at his now spouse. "You're a dick for not telling me," He pouted but Sasori just slipped a ring onto his finger, still smirking even when he kissed the blonde.

"Doesn't matter anymore. We're married."

Deidara giggled and wrapped his arms around the redhead's neck before kissing him full on. So far, marriage was pretty good.

The End!
Okay it's done say yes! I never really planned on doing this story and I didn't really know how to finish it so it's terrible =.=" I hope y'all have enjoyed and there will be no, I repeat, NO SEQUEL! I have a thing for doing sequels but this story would lead to an unneeded mpreg which would lead to pissed off people who are tired of it. Imagine what you want!

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Just a question that came to mind the other day in the form of a rhyme. ;P

Take it as whatever you need. :hug::heart:


Wow it's been a while since anything in the way of rhyming writing made an appearance on my dA! :wow: I just got my leaving cert results back and I am super pleased! Got what I needed and that's what matters :)


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Basically all these less-than-happy poems are being spawned from feelings related to the same person. Oh I'm one of those poets now, haha. :lmao:

So yeah, did you ever help out a friend when they were down about something, or had a problem - but when you needed help they either ignored it/didn't ask or brushed it off as it were no big deal (basically, your problems don't matter)?

Yepp. I'm not impressed with that behavior and I think it's ridiculously self-centered and just rude really! >:[


Hope you like it! :hug::heart:

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Just before:

"(Y/n)-chan!" Deidara smiled.
"Hi, Deidara-kun!" You smiled back at him. "Was there something you wanted to ask me? You know, before Sasori-sensei stopped you." Deidara shifted, as though he was unsure whether he should ask the question.
"Swear you'll be honest." I frowned.

"Do you, or do you not, love Sasori no danna?"

Your P.O.V

This question took you completely off guard. You spluttered, flailing your arms. You started spewing some form of nonsense. When you finally calmed down, you took a deep breath.
"I don't know," You admitted, shaking your head, "I don't know,"
"Do you have a crush on him, yeah?"
"... Why are you asking these questions?" You said, trying to avoid the subject,
"You should know by now that romantic relationships are not allowed in the Akatsuki, un." He said.
"Well, it's not like I'm going to act on it!" You said, almost hysterical that someone found out about your secret. Deidara looked unhappy that you had seriously confessed to having (what you believed was) a crush. "Deidara-kun, please don't tell anyone? Please?" You pleaded, desperate, as Deidara seemed doubtful, "It's probably just a crush, and I'll get over it soon."
"When did this 'crush' of yours start, un?" You nervously cleared your throat.
"About 5 months..." You mumbled, embarrassed.
"5 MONTHS?!" Deidara shrieked (like a girl).
"Crushes can take a long time to get over..." You murmured, unsure.

Deidara's P.O.V

I was torn. (Y/n) had a crush on Sasori. Sasori really likes has a crush on (y/n). What was I going to do? I knew I had to tell Leader-sama, but... Sasori was my friend and it was (y/n)... I scowled, angry,
"It's just not fair," I said, looking at (y/n). God, she had beautiful eyes.
"What is?" She said, tilting her head. I took a deep breath, thinking, okay, now's your chance to be manlier than Sasori.
"It's just... you came here about 6 months ago. Right, un?" She nodded her head. "Well... I like you. Like, like like you that way, un." I mumbled. I looked down, consciously having to keep the blush off my face. I heard (y/n) sharply inhale.
"O-oh... Uh... That was... unexpected..." She said, "But Deidara-kun, I think you know what my answer's going to be," She said gently. My heart shattered into a million pieces, but I still hung on a little bit. She hadn't said it yet. Not yet. "Deidara, I'm sorry, but... I don't return your feelings." And my heart plunged. I felt as though someone had taken taken a hammer, poinded my heart until it was utterly destroyed into a million pieces, and dropped into an abyss.
Wow... I didn't know rejection hurt that much... I scratched my head and managed a smile, which hurt. It actually hurt. I didn't think it would, because it only happened in cheesy books, but it did.
"Ah, never mind, un." I managed.
"Are you sure that-" 
"I said I'll be fine." I said, nodding. "Yeah, I'll be fine."
"Is there anything I can do...?"
"I just need to think for a while, un."

Your P.O.V

You watched Deidara slowly walk away. You couldn't stand it. What if you told Sasori, and it ended like that? What if... Oh god! This was impossible! You might ruin your relationship and no longer be able to be his apprentice... You shouldn't do it.


You had to find out. It was already taking a toll on your health- sleeping was harder for you. You had no appetite, and your concentration would wane. Perhaps telling him, and getting over it would make it easier. And then you could start to get over him. With that thought, you decided. You would tell Sasori. Even if he rejects you, you weren't going to live under the illusion of the hope. You were going to be brave. You were going to be brave, like Deidara.

Okay, I uploaded it. I'M SORRY FOR TAKING AGES.... D:

Poor Deidara. He was kinda jealous of Sasori, but he could manage his feelings.

Deidara, Sasori (c) Masashi Kishimoto
You (c) ... Somebody.

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UPDATE: Please read description!

[Y/n] quietly knocked on the wooden door, causing a slightly irritated
"Come in." She opened the door, revealing her sensei, Sasori, working on a desk and tinkering with little puppets. His room was relatively small and simple. Behind the work desk, there was a wardrobe, a bookshelf and a couch. Sasori's voice immediately got her attention again, "[Y/n]-Gakusei. Why are you here?" The said person cleared her throat. [Y/n] approached his desk, his hawkish eyes staring at every step she took.
"Get it out, I don't want to waste my time," he said. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves and heartbeat.
"W-well, I, ah... Sasori-Sensei, do you like me? Like," [Y/n] said quickly, before he could interrupt, "as in, you don't regard me as an annoyance?"

Your P.O.V

"... You are better than Tobi and Deidara, if that's what you mean." Deidara.
"How much better?" You pressed. He grunted, and said,
"Why are you asking these questions?" Again, taking a deep breath, you said,
"Ah, well... I just need to know this. And please be honest, okay, Sasori-Sensei?" He nodded warily, and you could see doubt and suspicion in his eyes.
"If you're going to ask me if I go commando, you can go and shove that question up your ar-"
"No, no, it's not that!" You said quickly, "It's just that, lately, I've been having... this... crushonyou." Sasori looked confused.
"Repeat that? And don't mumble this time."
"I've been having this crush on you." You said, your tongue feeling dry and leaden. Sasori froze. "I know this is like, really weird, but I need to know if you do or don't because I need an answer." Sasori seemed to consider his response carefully.
"What if I say no?"
"Then I can start getting over the crush," that didn't sound normal, "And hopefully we can forget this ever happened."
"What if I say yes?" You paused for a moment. What happens if he ever did say yes? After all, it's not like you can scream out the results - you'd immediately be killed.
"Um... I haven't really thought that far." You admitted sheepishly, blushing. He seemed to be deep in thought. Then he looked directly at you. You fidgeted.
"[Y/n]-Gakusei," He began, "I find your presence enjoyable, and you're less of a pest than most of the people I meet. I consider you to be competent, smart and if I turned you into a puppet, you would indeed be quite beautiful," You blushed here, but he continued, "However, whether I have a crush on you or not is a rather difficult question to ask. As you already know, I'm a puppet. Puppets don't necessarily have emotions." You pointed at the core that fit snugly where his heart would be.
"If that is part of your human body, couldn't you still feel?" Sasori stopped for a sec. Hm... indeed... that is an interesting theory.
"...Perhaps..." He said, looking down at it, and ever-so-lightly prodding it. When he looked back up, your faces were 10 cm apart. Surprised, Sasori tried to keep his composure, "[Y/n]-gakusei, w-what are you doing? Stop it this instant! I have no feelings for you and-"
"I'm sorry, Sasori-sensei," You murmured, looking into his chocolate brown eyes, and Sasori couldn't help but be entranced by your vivid [e/c] ones "But for once, I'm not going to listen to you. Tell me that you don't feel anything... in this,"

And your lips met his.


Of course, Sasori will become more dominating later, but... in this chapter, Reader-chan has to make the first move. After all, sometimes the girl has to do it, ya?

Sasori and Deidara (c) Masashi Kishimoto
You (c) You~!

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Sasori tinkered with one of his puppets, but he wasn't really worrying or caring about the actual puppet. He was actually a little bit bothered by something.
In your point of view, you believed that Deidara was 'hot'. What about him was 'hot'? He was just an annoying, long-haired brat who had the IQ of an insect. Stupid brat even had a scope over his left eye, yet you still thought he was hot? And Itachi was some silent, anti-social grump. He was physically 'hot', Sasori supposed, but his personality was barely desirable. Right?

But why is this bothering him?

Sasori hated this feeling. It was so annoying, so irritating. It was distracting. But admittedly, it was there. Usually he was apathetic to most things. Even the brat's crazy view of art didn't bother him this much. 

"Sasori-Sensei, if you're, uh... made of wood, does it mean you can't feel emotions?"

All of a sudden, Sasori realised something. Emotions... included irritation. Mental irritation, right? Did this mean that... he could feel other things? Like, happiness? Love? Suddenly, he felt something that made him feel... excited? Suddenly, he felt a small thump where his core was. It hurtSasori groaned, and covered his face with his cold hands.

How and why were you triggering these... feelings?


A waste of time, you thought bitterly. That's what love is to him. In anger and frustration, you literally stabbed a scrap piece of paper with your pencil, effectively breaking it. You threw the pencil against the wall and took out another one and started messily scribbling on your pierced piece of paper.
Stupid, stupid love. It's stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
You hated how weak you felt - it was so... so... Well, there were no words.

No words to convey how you felt.

No words to convey your feelings to him.

Was this a simple crush, or... love?


Sasori, Itachi, Deidara (c) Masashi Kishimoto

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Title: Picking up the Pieces
Pairing(s): Megatron/Starscream
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: slash, TFP, violence
Notes: I don't know actually when this takes place... It's just obviously after Episode 20: Partners ^^;


Starscream pressed himself against the far rock wall as the larger mech approached him, shaking his helm frantically. "M-Master…" he stuttered, shaking in fear at the dark look the other gave him. "H-How di-did you find me?"

The great warlord merely stalked over to him, glaring at him like a murderer. He trembled harder and could only press into the wall, even though his wings were screaming in protest as the sharp edges were denting the sensitive metal.

At that moment though, his fear drowned out everything else.

Megatron sneered at his former SIC. "Easily, my dear seeker… Soundwave had gotten a fix on your location quite some tight ago." He stepped in front of him, glaring mercilessly at him. "So, you ran away… Like the coward you are."

"Master, please, I–"

"Silence!" he shouted, smacking him hard across the face with a clenched fist and sending him to the floor, causing him to cry out in pain as he hit the floor. "You dare run away from me, Starscream?! I am your master! You are to never run from me!"

Starscream squealed in fear as he was grabbed by the neck cables and yanked off the floor so that he was optic-level with the tyrant. The grip was tight, but not so much that he couldn't regulate his intakes. Though of course, he was too afraid to regulate them as he was looking at death straight in the face.

"You abandoned the Decepticons… You abandoned your soldiers…" The grip suddenly became tighter and caused Starscream to choke out for his intakes.

"M-My Lord…!" he choked out. "I-I can't…!" He gasped as he found himself unable to breathe correctly.

Megatron slammed him up against the hard surface behind him, dent and damaging his wings, causing the seeker to squealing out in pain. "M-Master…! Please…!"

"Enough!" he shouted. "You pathetic fool! You thought you could run away and abandon me?! You belong to me and only me! I will be damned as Unicron's servant before I let you run away from me!" He released his neck, but then grabbed his thin, weak wrists, pinning them up against the wall and snarling at him, "Tell me! What pathetic excuse do you have this time?!"

"Lord Megatron, please!" he begged, shaking harder than ever before. "You-you don't need me anymore! You already have Airachnid! I've already been replaced! I'm useless to you now!"

Suddenly, everything became silent as Megatron just stared at him, a genuinely confused expression forming across his faceplates. Starscream stared back, waiting for an answer, a violent reaction that would result in him losing a limb or a wing.

Yet, he didn't get one.

Instead, the larger mech just looked at the soldier and growled, "Replaced? Who has replaced you, Starscream?"

"Airachnid…" he said carefully. "She… told me I was basically useless and… a bother."

"So that's why you abandoned me?" he snarled. "All because of what that femme said to you?"

"But My Lord! You didn't even bother with me after all my failures! You were friendly to her and to me…! You just…! Ignored and hated…!"

The seeker found that he was beginning to break down, anguish and jealousy swarming through his spark as he remembered. He left because he knew he was no longer needed, even though he wanted Megatron to praise him again. He just wanted to be important, but after so many failures, he had been replaced with that femme. He was no important, no longer someone who could even stand by his master's side.

He was nothing and the thought destroyed him.

Megatron released his wrists and watched as Starscream looked away from him, trying his best not to look weak, though it was a pathetic attempt. The smaller mech shook and inhaled heavy and shaky intakes, doing his best to calm down, but it didn't work.

Finally, the warlord spoke.

"Starscream–" his gentle tone made the flier flinch, as he was unused to such treatment "–I do not hate you." He trailed his servo up and down his neck cables, which made Starscream flinch again and tremble. "You are my Second-In-Command and you will always be. True. You are incompetent and just completely useless at time, but…" He stroked the cheek which he had struck earlier. "I cannot replace you. Ever."

He blinked. "Lo-Lord Megatron– Mmf?!"

Starscream found himself being cut off as the tyrant has titled his chin up, pinned both of his servos against the rock wall, and kissed him hard. He moaned and his legs shook. Yet, he didn't reject it, even when the tyrant's glossa snuck its way into his mouth, the rough appendage probing inside and intertwining with his.

When Megatron's lips moved to his neck cable, nipping at them with his sharp dentals, he whimpered out, "Me-Megatr-tron… Pl-please…"

The tyrant pulled back and smirked at his SIC, holding out his servo to him. "Come back to the base, Starscream. Come back to my side."

Starscream looked at the outstretched servo and then back at his master. In a sense, they were going to start over again. He wasn't sure what the Decepticon would think of his return, but at the moment, he honestly didn't care. He just wanted to go back to Megatron side, as that was where he needed to be.

He took the servo and nodded. "Yes, Megatron."
86. Picking up the Pieces - Now complete.

This is for :iconyukioni:, who just left everything up to me! I hope this is good because... well, I'm a huge fan of her works and would hate to disappoint! That would be so embarrassing... :noes:

Anyway, I know it's a bit earlier, but Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy your gift!

Megatron, Starscream @ Hasbro
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Title: Nature of a Possessive Lover
Pairing(s): Megatron/Optimus
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Geishaformers, innuendo, slash, TFA
Notes: If you don't not know much about geishas and stuff, go here -


If there was one thing Optimus didn't like about being the shogun's precious mate, it was the constant feeling of being watched and studied over by every bot in Kaon. Every Orn, and without fail, he could always feel optics on him, whether he was with Megatron or simply by himself. He didn't know what the people thought of him and while his caretakers and the shogun told him not to care about what others thought, he couldn't help it.

He knew he wasn't suitable for the silver mech, but he always tried to behave as proper as possible, never making a mistake, not in public or in private. Optimus always performed to the highest expectation.

Of course, Megatron didn't like it too much because it was wearing out and stressing the younger mech. He made that dislike apparent too.

Just like he was now.

He had the geisha pinned up against the wall by the arms, roughly kissing him with one of his knees in between his thighs, kneading up against his covered groin plating. Optimus moaned and mewled against the harm kiss, the tyrant's glossa thrusting deep into his mouth, practically suffocating him.

Finally, Megatron pulled back from the intense lip lock and stared down at the panting, red-cheeked mech. Optimus trembled as Megatron licked over his plump lips, licking away the oral fluid that had leaked out from their kiss.

He shivered. "Me-Megatron, what–"

"Silence," he growled, though not threateningly. Still, his geisha remained silent and trembled harder as the silver mech's lips latched onto his neck. "How many times have I told you before, Optimus? Do not pay attention to how others view you. I am the only one that should matter."

"But I–"

"I don't remember giving you permission to speak." His servos moved from his arms to his back, stroking up and down the covered frame, making the geisha shiver even harder. "Don't think I've been unaware of what you've been doing… You've been exhausting yourself, trying to please my people's expectations of you. Do you think I enjoy watching you do that?"

Optimus just kept silent as Megatron nipped at his neck cables.

"You… Have you any idea how much I abhor it?" he snarled, his servos pressing more firmly on his back. "You aren't met for their amusement or display… You're not just some geisha who performs for everyone. You're my mate… How many times must I tell you that?!"  

"Me-Megatron, I–"

"What more do I have to do in order to convince you that you are perfect the way you are?!" he snarled. "What must I do, Optimus?!"

He hated it when Optimus would do such things. It made him think that the little geisha didn't understand the depth of his love for him. Not to mention that those around him stared at him like some trophy, a prize they could claim. The fools had no idea how badly he wished to ripped their sparks out and shove them down their worthless throats. They dare thought they could judge and touch the little geisha. The fools they were.

But Optimus was even more of a fool for making them think that way.

"Tell me – why are you always doing this to yourself?!"

"I don't want people thinking bad of you!" he cried, pushing against his broad chassis. "Your people…! They respect you! They admire you and look up to you! I-I-I don't want to destroy your image! I know I'm not suitable, but I try to make up for it! I-I'm doing this for you!"

Megatron blinked and stared down at the mech, his grip loosing significantly. For once in a long time, the shogun was stunned by something the geisha said. He had expected the reason to be more self-centered. He knew Optimus wasn't a selfish mech, but this answer was much different than he had expected. He had nothing to say.

Optimus gently stretched up a servo and stroked his mate's cheek. "People might and will judge you through me. I don't want that… I don't want people thinking wrongly about you just because I may not be the 'perfect mate' for you. I… I wanted to show people that I am good for you… That I'm not some cheap geisha…"

Megatron shook his helm, laughing once. He kissed the servo on his cheek, wrapping his arms tightly around him. "Such a reason… Foolish, but well intentioned."


He laughed once, titling his chin up and pecking his sweet lips. "I appreciate the concern you have, but it is unnecessary. If people are to judge me by my choice in mate, then they have no idea what kind of mech I am…  Worthless bastards. You need not to worry about what they think of me or you. They understand nothing."

"But Megatron, I–"

But the tyrant shushed him, shaking his helm. "I do admire you for doing it, little one. Do not misunderstand me there. I am merely stating it isn't required… Also, I want you to stop doing it. I don't like it. Understand?"

He nodded. "I'm sorry… I only wanted to help."

"I know." Megatron picked him up, holding him up so that they were optic level with each other. "Again… I appreciate it. I just don't like it… It's like your flaunting your body at them."

Optimus laughed once, wrapping his arms around him thick neck. "I've come to notice that you're a possessive lover, my Lord."

"Because I am your mate," he growled, carrying him over to the berth. "I should be the only one to touch you and look at you that way… If I could, I'd lock you up away forever. Just so no one could look at you except for me." He licked up his cheek. "How about that, little geisha? Forever trapped in this room? Only being with me? Touched and admired by me? Being brought to overload after overload by only me?"

Optimus blushed brightly, his frame becoming tense and warm, shaking his helm. The shogun chuckled, setting the much smaller mech onto the berth, climbing on top of him and pinning him down. "I see… But perhaps I could make that last part true."

The blushed deepened but the geisha rolled his optics, pulling down the mech into a kiss, which the tyrant easily dominated. This geisha was his and only his. Call it possessiveness, but Megatron could care less.

He loved Optimus and the geisha was his – now and forever.
5 out of 10 requests done.

This one was for :iconthepheonixqueen:, who wanted some traditional MOP loving. God, I love writing these two... Yumminess always unsues with me when writing them.


Geishaformers @ :iconxlosersruletheworldx:
Transformers @ :iconhasbroplz:
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Title: A Geisha's Wish Part 1
Pairing(s): Megatron/Optimus
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst, Geishaformers, mild violence, shogun, slash, TFA,
Notes: If you don't not know much about geishas and stuff, go here -


Optimus had met him only once when he was still very young and barely starting as a maiko, still in the minarai stage. It happened after his geisha mentor – Tracks – had scolded him for failing during one of his training sessions because he had spoken when he should've been silent. He had been whipped and punished severely, his back covered in scars under his kimono. He had then run out in the garden to weep and not just about the whipping, but his entire life situation together.

He had been sold off to the geisha house to pay off family debts a long time ago. While the bots at the okiya were kind to him, he wasn't allowed to behave like a sparkling or else he would be punished. He couldn't remember the faces of his family anymore and if he were to ever meet them again, he'd never know it. Though he knew he was probably better off here than dying away at home with his starving family – if they were even still alive at this point – he still wanted to feel love. He felt as though his creators had abandoned him and now, he had no one to turn to for love and he couldn't very well ask for it.

That was a sparkling's wish and he wasn't allowed to behave as such.

Optimus rubbed his optics with his servos, trying to stop the tears from flowing but they just kept coming. He shook his helm as he stared down at the pond underneath the little bridge that connected the okiya, which laid to the left of him, to the ochaya, which was at the right. He let his tears fall into the water below him as they continued to flow and would only stop until he could cry no more.

He gasped as he heard voices off to the right. He looked up and he saw the proprietress walking and speaking with the great shogun of Kaon named Megatron. He was just like the rumors had described him – taller, powerful, and handsome with an intimating aura and fierce red optics that could pierce into one's very spark. He had heard that he was a tyrannical ruler over the land he reigned, but nonetheless, always did was he promised, so for the most part, his region was content of his ruling. He had two companions with him – a purple mech and a gray and yellow mech – which Optimus had guessed that they were his advisors.

He realized they were walking his way and his optics widened. Unless given permission, maiko weren't allowed to be in the garden. He stood up frantically and wiped away his tears, but just as he turned to run, the proprietress spotted him, her optics widening in anger.  

"You!" she hissed.

Optimus gasped and whipped around, his body freezing up as the femme stormed over to him, roughly grabbing his arm and making him cry out in pain.

"What're you doing here?! You know you aren't allowed to be here! Are you skipping on your lessons?! How dare you!"

"N-no!" he cried, desperately trying to yank him arm free from the adult's tight grip. "Y-you're wrong!"

She slapped him hard across the cheek, making him cry out in pain. "Stupid sparkling! How dare you disrespect me!"

"I'm sorry!" he cried. "Don't hit me! Please!"

"Be quiet!" she hissed, grabbing him and smacking him again.

As Optimus cried out in pain as she hit him again, he could see out of the corner of his optics the shogun and his two companions watching him suffer. He cried even more as his beating was witness, especially when he saw the gray and yellow mech laugh and the dark purple one merely shake his helm. The shogun, however, just stared at him with an unreadable expression on his faceplates, his optics locked on him. Was the great mech inwardly mocking him? Did he think he deserved it? Maybe that was it, which made him cry out even more, tears running down his cheek plating as the femme slapped him again before shoving him onto the ground.

"No wonder your parents sold you! You are a worthless sparkling who cannot learn anything!"

The words stabbed at him and he just stared at her, his optics swelling with tears at the insult. He looked down at him and bit his bottom lip. He didn't want to think that was why his parents sold him, but sometimes, he wondered why it was him. When things like that were said to him, he had no rebuttal. He was just a sparkling without a family. What could he say? He began to cry again, burying his face into his servos again.

Just when she was about to grab for him again, the shogun came up behind her and caught her wrist, holding her back. "Cometstar, that is enough. Leave the sparkling be."

She turned to the great leader and laughed once. "This is my geisha house, my Lord. I am entitled to treat disrespectful and disgraceful workers as I see fit."

"He's merely a sparkling," he said, looking down at the sobbing youngling for few moments, feeling pity for the rather adorable creature. He huffed and turned to her. "Let him serve me."

Her optics widened. "W-what?! He's barely a minarai! He doesn't even know how!"

"I will pay for him. Now let him serve me."

His two companions looked at their lord suspiciously before exchanging glances with each other. "What on Cybertron is he thinking?"

The gray mech shrugged and laughed once. "I can only deduce that our Lord has… taken an interest in the little mech."

The other's optic widened in both shock and horror. "He's a sparkling! Lord Megatron would never–"

"Shockwave, I'm not suggesting Megatron thinks of him in that manner, but rather… feels pity toward the little one. He is quite adorable. I'm surprise someone hasn't snatched him up already."

Shockwave nearly gagged at the thought. "Bombrush, you truly sicken me sometimes with your humor."

"As if you are the first," he laughed once, turning his attention back his Lord.

Cometstar had walked away and was storming pass the two of them until Bombrush caught her arm, which she promptly yanked away. "Unhand me."

"Is that any way to treat an old customer?" he said, humorously. Then he huffed, turning serious. "Now, where are you going?"

She rolled her optics. "To find the shogun a room for that little brat to serve him. I also have to find him a kimono. Tell me, is your master a fool or is he simply mad?"

Shockwave glared while Bombrush laughed. "Possibly the latter, my dear, but even I'm not entirely sure. Now, have we been invited to join him and the little one?"

She shook her helm. "He told me to escort you to another room so you two may enjoy yourselves while you are here."

Shockwave's optic widened. "What? No, we don't–"

"Oh, don't be such a prude now, Shockwave!" Bombrush said cheerfully, taking him by the wrist and dragging him to follow him and Cometstar. "Come on – you could really learn how to relax."

"I know how to," he growled. "And it's not in this form."

"Well then, let's learn." Then he dragged Shockwave to follow with as they followed Cometstar toward the ochaya.

Optimus looked up at the great leader, who had knelt in front of him and peered down at his small frame. He threw his tattered kimono over himself, trying to hide his bruised and beaten body from the shogun's rather terrifying optics. He trembled a bit, but was thankful that he had gotten the beating to stop. Still, he couldn't help but to flinch when he stretched a servo out towards him, fearful that he may turn violent.

People didn't call him a tyrant for no reason.

Megatron very gently cupped his cheek and titled his helm up to look at him. Optimus was surprised to see the gentle expression on his face and his trembling stopped as they stared at each other for a moment before the tyrant whispered, "Are you all right, young one?"

He nodded once.

"Why did the Madam hit you?" He then looked over his body, frowning. "From what I can observe… You are often punished."

Optimus looked down at his pedes. "I… I am. I'm a maiko, so… I'm not supposed to be out in the garden without given permission… And I'm very clumsy." Then, he whispered softly, "Please… I am not very good and I mess up plenty, so… If I fail at anything, please… Don't hurt me."

The sparkling then let out a gasp as he was suddenly lifted off the ground and was being carried by the great leader, his face flushing as he was carried to the ochaya. "My Lord! Please! I – I'm filthy! I don't want to dirty your armor!"

The tyrant shook his helm and laughed once. "You're not dirty and much worse has stained my chassis. I can certainly handle any dust that may come from you." He then looked down at him. "What is your name, young one?"


"A beautiful name," he said, smirking as he saw the sparkling blush even brighter the comment. "It definitely suits someone as pretty as you."

Optimus could say nothing and merely tried to hide his face. Never had he received a compliment before from anyone since his arrival, especially about him being pretty. He wasn't sure if Megatron was just saying it out of pity or if he really meant it, but either way, it made his spark pound against his chassis. Someone had something kind to him. Someone didn't think of him as worthless.

Someone had actually showed him a form of compassion and love.


As predicted, Optimus had messed up multiple times, spilling energon on himself, the tyrant, the table, and the floor. He tripped a few times in the kimono Cometstar had gotten for him and the ornaments on his helm had fallen off. He was completely humiliated, but the silver mech merely laughed at his behavior, telling him that it was to be expected as he was so young.

For the most part, Optimus was very surprised at Megatron's patience. He had spilled energon on him so many times and yet, he didn't even get angry. He just laughed, especially when Optimus would panic and try to clean up the mess. He didn't yell or hit him, which is something normally customers would do if a geisha or a maiko were to mess up.

Finally, Optimus poured him energon again, but this time he didn't spill and was actually able to fill up his cube. His optics widened as he realized he had done it correctly, looking up at the tyrant who took a drink from the cube before looking down at him, smirking. "You should know that not everyone does correctly right away. It takes much practice." He set down his cube and gentle patted the sparkling's helm. "Very well done, little one."

Optimus smiled a bit at the praise since he never had been before. It made his spark swell with joy and he couldn't help but to beam up at the large mech. "Thank you…" he said, bowing his helm, suddenly feeling tears swell up in optics as he was overwhelmed with delight at the first praise he had gotten. "Thank you very much…"

Megatron gently titled up his chin, optics widened as he saw the sparkling cry. "If you're so thankful, why do you cry?"

The sparkling tried to wipe his tears away. "I'm sorry… I… I've never been praised since I've been here… I'm just… really happy right now."

He huffed and pulled the little one onto his lap, who cried out as he was grabbed so suddenly. His tears stopped as the silver mech's strong arms wrapped tightly around him and as he whispered, "You… are a pitiful one."

It took him a cycle, but Optimus then understood. He nodded and looked down at his servos. "I know… But that is my life. I can't change it and I try to make it better… Sometimes, it's just very hard."

The shogun looked down at the youngling. "You will find happiness one day, Optimus–" the blue and red mech's spark skipped a beat when Megatron said his name "– a pretty little bot such as yourself surely will."

He blushed at the compliment, not use to having anyone calling him pretty, especially a shogun such as Megatron. He was so nervous around this great mech, yet he did enjoy it his company. Was this was his fellow maiko called a "crush?" He blushed an even deeper shade of red at the thought.

Megatron laughed before pulling Optimus off of his lap and setting him onto the floor. The sparkling blinked, but the shogun merely stroked his cheek. "It's time for me to go, Optimus."

His optics widened. "W-wait!" he cried as the tyrant turned to leave, catching his wrist. The silver mech stopped and turned to look at the sparkling, shocked that he attempted to stop him. Still, it was a rather cute attempt, so he turned to him, looking down at the little mech as he said softly, "Will… you come again?"

He nodded. "Whenever I have free time, I shall be back to visit."

"Will you… come visit… me?"

"I do not know if I can, little one," he said, patting the sparkling's helm. "You still have much to learn and you are merely a maiko."

Optimus bit his bottom lip and nodded sheepishly. Was the tyrant merely telling this instead of just saying no? At least he was being kind about it, but still.

Megatron noticed how the sparkling seemed to be upset and he huffed. "Optimus, tell me… when was the last time you received a wish?"

He blinked, confused. When Megatron merely waited for an answer, he said, "I… haven't ever received one."

The shogun then dropped to his knee joints so that he wasn't so much towering over Optimus as he gently seized his servos and whispered, "Allow me to grant you your first then, Optimus. Think very carefully about this… What do you wish for the most?"

Optimus bit his bottom lip and thought hard. What did he want most? To become a good geisha? To have his freedom? To receive love from another?

Truthfully, he wanted all of these things, especially the latter. However, that was a childish wish and he had learned long ago to never wish for such things. He knew very well his freedom couldn't be given to him as only geisha could be bought, not maiko. Also, becoming a good geisha was something he had to work for on his own, not something that could be given. He had to learn that.

But, there was something Megatron could give him, though it was highly unlikely. Still, Megatron had asked him to let him be his wish granter, so it couldn't hurt.

He inhaled deeply. "Lord Megatron… when I have my mizuage… will you be my patron?"

The tyrant's optics widened at the request and stared at the young mech, taken aback in the wish. For one thing, he wasn't sure why such a sparkling would know of such things, but then again, this was a geisha house; all maiko knew what was to come after they finished their training. Also, this wasn't the request he was expecting. Why would he ask him for that out of all the things in the world? Did he not know of his reputation of being a merciless tyrant? Then again, he had been especially kind to him so Optimus may not have really known what he was like.

Yet, as he stared at those big, pleading azure optics, he could only nod his helm, which made Optimus both smile and blush. "Thank you…"

Optimus wasn't sure if it was an empty promise or not, but he was nonetheless thankful for positive response of the negative. He bowed to him. "Please… have a safe journey back home."

Megatron said nothing and merely seized the sides of his face, making him look up at him. Optimus blinked and was about to say something, but the tyrant silenced him as he pressed his lips on his, gently kissing the sparkling.

He froze and his face turned bright red and before he could even react, the shogun pulled away and looked down at him, smirking. "Thank you for your services. You performed well."

Then he got up and left, leaving Optimus's legs to give out and have him fall to the floor, his servos brushing against his lips where the tyrant's had been only a moment ago. He wasn't sure what the kiss meant, but he somehow felt content with that being his first kiss. Even if Megatron didn't grant him his wish at being his patron, at least he was able to be the first bot he ever kissed.


"You're so cruel, Megatron," Bombrush chuckled as Megatron finished telling him and Shockwave about what happened during his time with the maiko as they were taken back to the shogun's home. "Leading on a young spark like that… So cruel!"

Shockwave shook his helm. "That sparkling is very pitiful… even enough to make Soundwave feel sorry for him. Normally, I do not question you on this, but how could you be so cruel?"

Bombrush laughed. "Now, those are words I never thought would come out of your mouth."

"Mute it, Bombrush."

Megatron merely looked out the window of where he sat, leaning against his seat and looking outside at the surroundings he passed. Then he murmured out, "I don't believe I was joking…"

Both of his advisors looked up at him, surprised by what he said. "My Lord?" Shockwave questioned. "Are you… actually interesting in… a sparkling?"

He shook his helm. "Sorry to disappoint you, Shockwave, but sparklings do nothing for me." He looked at the two and said, "He is pitiful… but he is also very lovely. When he becomes older, I'm sure he will be very beautiful."

Bombrush arched an optic ridge and smirked. "So… you want to be the first to taste the sweet virgin fruit then?"

He laughed. "It was the little maiko's wish. I must grant it."

"And then what?" he asked. "Will you merely toss him aside like nothing? That will surely break him… Are you really that cruel?"

Megatron closed his optics for a moment, remember the innocent and confused look at the sparkling's face after he had kissed him. It was just too adorable to forget; the image was forever engraved into his CPU. His lips were also so soft and so sweet.

He would definitely be quite the beauty when he grew older.

He opened his optics and looked at the two mechs, smirking. "The maiko is very adorable and he will grow to be very beautiful. I can see it… Young Optimus might just make the prefect mate, wouldn't you two agree?"

Shockwave nodded once. "He is fetching."

Bombrush laughed. "Will he even consent to such a desire of yours, my Lord?"

"Of course he will, because I will grant his wish."
Part 2: [link]


Okay, so... Because I'm bored and slowly running out of ideas due to school and such, I'm opening my Theme Challenge to others for suggestion. If you have a suggestion and think I should use it, please go here: [link]

Also, I am thinking of starting a TF Folk/Fairytale Challenge. Lend me a servo and go here for details please! [link]


Transformers @ Hasbro
Geishaformers @ :iconxlosersruletheworldx:
Bombrush, Cometstar @ :iconxlosersruletheworldx:

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“Oh sweetheart” Hidan cooed beckoning you closer as Sasori stormed out the closet away from Tobi

“Never make me do that again” Sasori growled and glared at Hidan as he walked out the room away from the boy with the lolly pop mask. “Sasori, wait!” Tobi called “We haven’t kissed yet!” he started sprinting after the puppet man.
“Well...” you coughed before turning back to the bag and putting your hand in. You fished around for something when something clammy brushed against your fingers, not bothering to think you pulled it into the air. You sighed as you saw the item “Deidara...” you turned to see the bomber standing behind you as he put his arms around you gently taking the clay model from you.

“You don’t need this to make me explode, un” he quietly hissed into your ear so no-one else could hear him. A scarlet blush quickly started to scatter across your face as you glared at him.

“Alright” Hidan smirked nudging the pair of you towards the dark closet. “Try keep it clean...or don’t. I don’t F**cking care” and with that the door slammed and locked into place. You sighed running your hand though your hair as you felt hot breath skim down your neck. You jumped back slightly realizing that Deidara was right behind you as he grabbed your wrist and forced you to face him.
“Art may be a bang, but I’d bang you” he hissed seductively into your ear. You couldn’t help but snigger. “What?” he growled defensively clearly offended that his seduction attempts didn’t have you swooning.

“Deidara, you’re trying too hard” you chuckle “We’re only meant to be making out not starting a love story”
Deidara face seemed to drop as he let on a weak smile “Aha right yeah. My bad, un”
You frowned “Whats wrong Deidara? Times wasting”

“I...nothing. Let’s just get on with this” he grabbed you roughly and slammed his lips onto yours as you stood there with your eyes wide open before slowly returning the kiss tangling your hand in his long blonde hair as he wrapped his hands around your waist tightly. His tongue licked across your bottom lip as you denied him, smirking into the kiss as he bit down on your lip causing you to gasp as he forced his tongue into your mouth swiftly defeating your own leaving no area of your mouth unexplored. You suddenly yelped as a wet substance touched your back.

“What the hell?” you gasped as Deidara chuckled holding up his hand innocently, the tongue on his palm swishing greedily.
“Sorry about that, un” he chuckled darkly before slamming you back against the wall and planting soft kisses down your jaw line, down to your neck before digging his teeth sharply into your neck causing you to moan loudly.
“OW” you growled at him as he licked away the blood. “Quit killing the mood”
Deidara laughed gruffly “Sorry, I’m not trying to. I just...” a depressed look sweeping across his face

You frowned “You just what, Deidara?” you had never seen him this way before. Sure Deidara was a lot of things, angry, slightly stuck up, confident, smug, talented, and clever but not...what he was being right now, depressed and even nervous.
He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck “I... really like you (y/n) and I don’t want this to be a one off make out session”

You blinked at him no words able to escape your lips. You really liked Deidara but you were in the Akatsuki and didn’t have time for a relationship, you just wanted to have a little fun

“God damn it (y/n) I think I love you, un” he continued starting to glow a bright red and shaking a little bit. Your own heart was pounding and your head was spinning but you tried to remain strong.
“Deidara it would never work. We’re part of the Akatsuki, a group of S rank criminals we don’t have time for relationships you should know this.” You state sadly feeling your own heart crack in two.
Deidara frowned “I see” he sighed before looking into your eyes suddenly a grin erupted on his face.

“What?” you snap scared by his sudden mood swing as he stands there smiling like Hidan before sacrificing someone
“Then I’ll prove to you I’m worth your time, yeah! Thats what I’ll do!” He smiles as you sweatdrop. ‘I was wondering when his ego would come back’ you thought to yourself as the door opened.
Deidara swiftly kissed you on the cheek before casually walking out the closet leaving you sighing to yourself “What has this game got me into” you say aloud.
Ahaha look at you playing hard to get Evil Onion 

Sorry about grammer ect ect

Intro- the-banshee-queen.deviantart.c…
Part one -  you are here
Part two - the-banshee-queen.deviantart.c…

The akatsuki dont belong to me
You belong to Deidara deidara loves pansu XD 

Deidara (Evil Smile) [V1] : Oh Reader-chan. I'm gunnu bang for you

Sasori noes emote xD : The Hell Brat?

Hidan Sex Face Emote : Everyone knows you don't waste time on pick-up lines, Deidara-Chan. Do rape, b**ches love rape

Orochimaru :This is the real reason why I left you people

Tobi Icon: Don't you steal little boys bodies for your own, Mr Orochimaru?

Orochimaru : Not the same thing 
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You chuckled as Hidan started to walk over to you before tripping and landing in your arm. “I guess you could say you fell for me” you smile as Hidan stood to his feet and brushed himself of “Shush b**ch and pick an item”

Laughing at his flustered state you put your hand in the bag and pull out the first item that touches your fingers “A piece of thread” you chuckle “Konan this isn’t yours right?”
“No its mine” a deep voice grunted next to you, you turned to see Kakuzu standing next to you. He was maskless and the stitches on his face were visible. His long brown hair was pulled up into a loose pony tail so you could see his green and pink eyes with ease; he wore no cloak so you could also see his strong arms which were also covered in the dark stitches. It was strange how attractive you found it all.

Hidan frowned “Oh...poor you. You got the old f**cker, I could tell you wanted me but we could always catch up later in my room if you wanted” he gave you a wink before leading you to the closet and slamming the door behind you.
Kakuzu went and leaned against the back wall “I can’t believe I was bribed into this” you laughed “No offence Kakuzu, but you’re not exactly hard to bribe you”
“I won’t deny it I suppose” he grunted before you fell back into silence.
“So...” you smile weakly “we gunnu’ make out or what?” Kakuzu’s eyes widened slightly “You’re joking right? We are in an S rank criminal organisation. We don’t ‘make out’ with people”

“Come on, it won’t hurt to smooch for 7 minutes” you giggle at the glare you were receiving from the man. “Please?”
He thought about it “Okay I’ll make you a deal. For every 30 seconds we ‘smooch’ you have to pay me 10 yen. Deal?”
“What? So I pay you like you’re a prostitute?”
“Wh-? No that’s not it at all”
You laugh “Oh god Kakuzu. Is this some kind of side job to make extra cash? Do you do this often?”
You were pretty sure Kakuzu was blushing slight “I swear (y/n) if you don’t shut it I’ll kill you!”

You couldn’t breathe you were laughing so hard; you held a hand to your side. “Okay okay I’m sorry” you panted as Kakuzu crossed his arms over his chest “You better be, brat”
“So mean” you hold a hand to your heart and sigh dramatically “I still wanna’ make out with you though” you blurt out before you could rephrase yourself.
He raises an eyebrow “Why? You could easily let Hidan bang your brains out later for free.” He growled harshly
“Jealous Kakuzu?” you giggle laying your head on his chest
“In your dreams”

You chuckle “Come one though we have like 2 minutes left and I don’t think a kiss will kill you” Defeated he sighed “Fine, but only this once” grinning evilly, you launched yourself at him wrapping your arms around his neck and gently kissing him on the lips. Slowly he started to return it however it remained innocent and simple until eventually Kakuzu got more comfortable and began to relax allowing his hands to slide down to your backside and rest there. You smirk into the kiss as Kakuzu starts to deepen it just as the door swings open which neither of you notice until you hear a pained scream.
“AH! MY EYES BURN!” Hidan screamed and covered his eyes “EW SHE IS KISSING A 90 YEAR OLD EW EW EW EW. MAKE IT GO AWAY” Hidan ran out the room yelling in pain as you and Kakuzu broke apart.

“Oops” you chirp with a grin on your face  
“Good job guys” Pein growled “You broke Hidan”
Kakuzu smirked slightly “Like killing two birds with one stone”
There are so many mistakes it hurts but I'm still quite tired so I'm hoping it is still understandable :grammar: 

The akatsuki is not mine
You are Kakuzu's 
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“huh” you mutter a frown forming on your face “This is new” you look at the door that once led to your room which was now covered in clay birds, flowers and hearts. Sighing you take the door handle and step in just as the clay decorations explode in your face knocking you back into the door opposite breaking though it.
“Ow...” you wince rubbing the debris of your face. You sit up to see Kakuzu staring at you with an eyebrow raised, money in his hand “Great job (y/n)” he growled “You made me lose count”

“Sorry” you groan rubbing your sore head, the room around you spinning.  
You felt strong hands lift you to your feet and put you down roughly on a chair “so what happened to you?” Kakuzu chuckled as he went back to counting his money with a mildly amused expression
“Deidara happened” you sigh still rubbing the bomb remains of yourself “He set up decorations outside my room which exploded”
“Oh so Romeo is still trying is he?”

Kakuzu smirked “He is pathetic. Money is more important than love yet he is costing us more money the harder he tries to get you” he looks up at the door which you came crashing though “You’re paying for the door by the way”
You glare at him “Deidara is not pathetic and money is not more important than love”
Kakuzu sighed “Then go find Deidara, get married, run off into the sunset and have as many bomber babies as you please. It will be bloody cheaper for me”
“Just because I said love is more important, doesn’t mean I want it and no I am not running off with Deidara. I love my job and only my job”
Putting the money down into a neat pile the old man looks at you before sighing “I agree with Sasori, girls are confusing”
“Well if Sasori isn’t into girls we could always suggest a few guys for him. I bet Sasori and Deidara would make a great couple” you chuckle earning an awkward cough from Kakuzu
“Okay moving on from Sasori and Deidara dating-“
“Excuse me?” a smooth voice asked as you turned to the broken door. The chocolate eyed red-head was standing in the door way.  “What is all this about me and the brat?”
You smile “Oh me and Kakuzu were talking about your sexual preferences. Since you find girls annoying and confusing we thought it would be smart to set you up with Deidara instead”

“Deidara. Girl. Same thing” Sasori scoffed earning him a glare from you “Your mean, Deidara is clearly not a girl”
“Complains like one”
“Not all girls complain!”
“Of course not” he replied sarcasm tainting his voice as he rolled his eyes “If you’re so set on sticking up for Deidara why don’t you just go ahead and date him? You’re all he has talked about for the past week”
You could feel a blush creeping upon your face which you attempted to hide with your hand “All week?” you asked as casually as you could manage.
Noticing your blush Sasori rolled his eyes again “Tch, honestly you’re blushing? I don’t get humans. Anyway Deidara asked me to send you to the training area outside, he wants to show you something”
“Oh, thanks.” You stand up as Sasori stops you
“Hang on” he mutters and pulls something out of your hair “The brats clay was in your hair”
“Ah okay, thanks!” you call as you skip of to the training area.
Kakuzu chuckled turning to Sasori “100 yen says she loses a limb”
“Oh you’re on”

“Deidara!” you call as you get to the training ground. No reply. “Deidara, are you here?” suddenly a bright light flew across the sky and exploded into hundred different colours causing a glow of pink to scatter across your cheeks. ‘Fireworks’ you think happily as more fly across the sky. Deciding to take advantage of this sceptical, you lean against a tree and watch the colour burst in the sky.  
Relaxing completely and forgetting about earliers troubles you zone out and focus your mind on the colour display in the sky causing you to miss the loud curse that came from the side of you.
“(y/n)! Move,un!” a voice screams in distress. Swiftly breaking from your trance you look up to see a clay bird zooming towards you.
“Crap” you yell holding your arm up in defence as the bird explodes knocking you to the ground sending everything into darkness.

~Rip Reader-chan, Never forget...nah just kidding you ain't dead~

“Is she dead?” A worried voice muttered. Everything was still dark but you could hear voices faintly talking near you.
“I think so. Do you think she’ll mind if I cut her up and sell her body parts for money?” another voice asked casually. ‘I can’t move!’ you thought as you tried to sit up letting the people around you know you were still alive.
“NO! You can’t sell her body parts for money, un!”
“I agree with the brat. One of her beauty should be made into a puppet to be preserved forever” a smooth third voice came
“No, no and no. I refuse to believe she is dead, un”
“Well if you hadn’t had tried to woo her with that disgrace you call ‘art’ you wouldn’t be in this mess” that smooth voice argued
“Well maybe she needs mouth to mouth, yeah?”
“Wow brat, you’re so desperate you use the fact that she is dead to make -out with her? Even Hidan wouldn’t do that”
“She is not dead, watch!”
You felt warm lips press against yours and blow air into your mouth; he was generally trying to save you.
“It’s not working brat”
“Shame, she owed me money for that door she broke”
The lips were still pressed against yours, you felt warmth flood back into your body. “Deidara...”you muttered weakly
“HA! Told you she wasn’t dead, un”
Your eyes fluttered open to face Deidara, Sasori and Kakuzu all sitting around you staring at you intensely. “Hey guys” you smile faintly “What happened?”
Sasori gave you a small smile “The idiot was trying to impress you with his ‘art’ but hit you by accident. Stupid idea”
You chuckle sitting up on one arm “well I’m alive now with all my limbs attached right?”  
Kakuzu smirked “Actually your other arm is missing...”
“WHAT?!” you look down at the bloody mess where your arm should be “Well great”
“Yep” Kakuzu laughed holding out his hand to Sasori who handed him a small bag of money. “Anyway” he said putting his prize money away “I can reattach it...”
“Oh thanks Kakuzu” you grin
“...For the right price” he finished
“I hate you” you mutter handing him all the money in your pocket.
“Perfect, let’s get to work”

After your arm was attached to your body again you thanked Kakuzu as he and Sasori went inside leaving you and a blushing Deidara outside alone.
“Look, un” he sighed “I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused. You must think I’m an idiot now, huh?”

“Deidara, I always thought you were an idiot” you sigh as you cup his cheeks and place your lips on his kissing him roughly. Breaking away slowly you notice going bright red before a smug grin returns to his face.
“Ha! Told you I could win you over, un!” he smirked giving a satisfied nod as he wrapped his arms around your waist.
“WOO! KNEW YOU COULD DO IT, SENPAI!” A voice squeal as an orange mask popped up from some bushes.

“Tobi!” he growled as you turned back to you “I would just like to state the fact that is was Tobi that caused me to throw the bomb at you by accident, un”
You chuckle “Well accidents happen”
“Aww I’m glad you understand (y/n)-chan” Tobi giggled
“So” you continue “I’m sure Tobi can understand if I slip and beat him to dead by accident... with your assistance Deidara”
“Wait what” Tobi yelped jumping up as you crack your knuckles
You turn to Deidara “Shall we?”
He grins “I do love it when you go all violent”
Sorry for Grammer ect ect :grammar: 

Intro - the-banshee-queen.deviantart.c…
Part one - the-banshee-queen.deviantart.c…
Part two - you are here

The akatsuki are not mine
You are Deidara's deidara loves pansu XD  
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Tori was making her way through the woods and heard an explosion. She jumped at the sound and looked in confusion at the plume of smoke that appeared above the trees. She frowned slightly and went over to investigate. She came to a clearing where someone in a black cloak, emblazoned with red clouds. She gasped. He was a member of the Akatsuki ... he had blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and a part of his fringe covered one of his green eyes. He was pouting and looking at a little smoking crater in the floor
"That really was pathetic ... I need to work on that new explosive ..." He grumbled, kicking a lump of dirt into the crater
He looked up and saw her. She froze
Uh-oh ... She thought, a small blush forming on her cheeks
She recognised him ... it was Deidara, the one who had captured her at least five times before ... somehow though, she always managed to get out and run away. Strangely, she had developed feelings for him ... but she thought she could be developing some kind of "Stockholm Syndrome" or at least had the symptoms because whenever she got away, she felt guilty ... and missed him terribly. Then again, she hated being alone ...
"Hey, long time no see, Tori! I thought I might see you again" He said, smiling
She just stayed stuck to the spot ... anxious about what he might do
"H-hello ... uh ... D-Deidara" She mumbled, fiddling with her long black hair
"You just can't keep away from me, can you?" He said, smiling and putting his hands on his hips
"H-hey! It's you who won't leave me alone!" She said, blushing madly
"Then why do you swoon every time I hold your hand, hmm?" He asked, approaching her
She began to shake a little as he took her hand in his. She had to suppress the urge to swoon ... and failed
"Told ya" He said
She pulled her hand away and slapped him
"Ow ... that hurt" He said, rubbing his sore cheek "You're feisty"
He grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her closer, making her squeal
"I like that in a woman" He said, smiling in a sinister fashion
She tried to slap him again but he caught her hand and kissed it. She glared at him
"Get off me you fruit!" She shouted, trying to get away
It was no use. His grip was as strong as titanium ... he wasn't going to let go
"Fruit? I'm sorry, I think you have me confused with someone else. I don't swing that way" He said
Could have fooled me ... She thought, frowning
"Anyway ... It's a good thing you're here" He said, smiling
"Why's that?"  She asked flatly
"I wanted to tell you ... that I'm taking you with me" He said
"No way! Not again" She said, trying to get away
He hoisted her over his shoulder
"Put me down!" She shouted, kicking him repeatedly
"Let me think about it ... hmm ... no" He said
She let out an annoyed grunt
"Put me down this instant! Or shall I tell your boyfriend that you're doing this?" She growled
"I told you, I don't swing that way. Now, be quiet before I blow you up with my clay" He said, starting to walk away
"Explode me all you want, I don't care, just let me go!" She shouted, blushing wildly
"I would but ... I guess I've taken a shine to you, Tori" He said
"What do you mean by that? And stop touching my butt, pervert!" She shouted
"You ... are true art" He said
"Am not. Now put me down before I end you!" She growled
"Let me think about it ... hmm ... nah!" He said
"Oh I hate you!" She squealed, her face going red

The End
Please Read

Disclaimer: No flamboyant men were harmed in the making of this fic

A request from :iconmonkchoo24:. It features her OC "Tori Snipe"

I like explosions too, but this guy is just ... fruity. I mean ... look at him!

Note: Any one who steals "Tori", is going to get murdered ... by me. monokochoo24 has been a fan of mine for a while ... and I have made her many requests ... and I'd hate to see her character get stolen. I know far too well how that feels ... and I don't want to see it happen ... or there'll be trouble
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I turned over so I was facing [Name] and stroked her cheek. My skin looked so ghostly compared to hers. I almost suffered a heart attack when her [e/c] eyes opened
"G-Gil?" she mumbled
She smiled and ... to my surprise, she kissed me. Part of me wanted to pull away, and tell her it was way too soon to do this sort of thing, but of course, because my Awesomeness reigns supreme, I shared my first kiss with her. I never imagined it would feel so ... good. It felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and there were butterflies in my stomach. I decided to take it a little further and my tongue invaded her mouth ... I heard her laugh as our tongues fought. Soon though, we called it a draw and separated for air
"Oh Gilbert ... I love you" She said, burying her head in my chest
I looked down at her, surprised. Of course, I didn't know her very well ... but for some reason, I felt that this was right
"Ich liebe dich ..." I said, returning her hug tightly
We laid there in each others arms for a while ... I don't know how long. I just wanted to hold her all day. She was so warm ... and comforting. I guess ... this situation was kind of awesome after all! Just as I was about to recite one of my pick up lines, I heard Ludwig knock on my door loudly
"Come on, Mini-Brain! You've been in there long enough! It's 12 o'clock!" He shouted
"Oh! For a moment there I thought I'd overslept!" I said, loud enough for him to hear
"Just get your sorry rear end out here before I kick it!"
"But West~!" I complained
"No buts!"
"But you just said-"
"Fine ..." I grumbled
[Name] laughed
"If I let you" She said, her grip tightening
She bit her bottom lip and gave me a suggestive look
I kissed her and she giggled
A few weeks later, Ludwig and I were heading home from the jewellery shop (but I'm not going to tell you why yet, because I want to leave it as a surprise!)
"Are you sure you should have spent that much?" Ludwig asked, raising his eyebrows
"Heck yeah, she deserves it! She's the only one who ... who ..."
"Who ... what?" He growled
My cheeks gained some colour
"She's the only one who is more awesome than me ..." I said, smiling like a fool
He rolled his eyes as I pulled my coat hood up. After all, it was raining quite badly and I wanted to look my best. Overall, at that time, my life was awesome! I came to the edge of the path, next to a road, where the traffic was going painfully slow. I mean come on! It's Berlin! Freaking speed up, this isn't the United Kingdom!
"Wait, Gilbert. I think you should use a crossing!" Ludwig said
"Nah, I'll be fine. I just have to time it right!" I said, laughing
I watched the traffic carefully. But because of the rain and the hood of my coat blocking a lot of my senses ... I ran out into the road


The next thing I knew, I was getting up off the road and I looked around. There was a queue of cars next to me, all of the drivers looking at me with horrified faces. I noticed my right shoe was missing. Then I saw it on the floor. I had just been hit by a car! The driver of the car got out
"Are you ok?" She asked
"J-ja ... I'm fine ..." I said, slightly shaken
I couldn't believe that I could have died just then ... I got my shoe back on and looked at Ludwig. His face was frozen in a look of horror and he had gone whiter than me
"Do you need me to get you to a doctor?" the driver asked
I noticed she had children in the car. Early lesson for those kids, I'm sure ...
"N-nein ... I'll be ..."
I suddenly became emotional ... I think it was from the shock ...
"I insist! I have to make sure you're alright" the driver said
"F-fine, alright" I said
Ludwig and the driver led me to the nearest clinic and I sat down. The moment I came into the warm, the pain came. It wasn't bad ... it was like a small pinch
"Will you be alright?" She asked
He nodded and held onto me as the driver left, shaken
"Are you alright, brudder?" Ludwig asked
I nodded and the doctor called us in to see her. We went into the room and I just stood there, shaking
"Hello there, Mr Beilschmidt! Does anywhere hurt?" She asked
"My leg ... here" I said, rubbing my right thigh
"Let's take a look at it" She said
I rolled my trouser leg up and she poked my pale thigh. I winced in pain a little
"It doesn't appear to be serious. Can you walk?" She asked
"I think the worst case scenario would be bruising. You're very lucky, Mr Beilschmidt" She said
And with that, Ludwig and I began to walk ... or in my case, limp home. Ludwig never made a sound ...

To be Continued
Read Before You Comment

The car incident here actually happened. 3 or 4 years ago ... to me. A car hit me, literally 5 minutes away from where I live, and just across the road from a doctor's practice ... my youngest sister saw the whole thing. She was 10 at the time ... and I was taking her to school. It was my fault, I should have listened to Rebekah (my sister) and cross at the lights or a crossing, like she said. If you have any questions, feel free to ask

Part 1 - [link]
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - [link]
Part 4 - [link]
Part 5 - [link]
Part 6 - :star:
Part 7 - [link]
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I-am-Awesome45 : Lol, You're funny!

[Username] : Really?

I-am-Awesome45 : Yeah!

[Username] : :)

I-am-Awesome45 : Hey! Let's meet in real life!

[Username] : What?!

I-am-Awesome45 : I really want to meet you ... you just ... sound so interesting!

[Username] : B-but ...

I-am-Awesome45 : Come on! It'll be fun. You can bring someone with you if you feel more comfortable. I mean, I'm going to be bringing my brother!

[Username] : Ok, I can't wait to meet you!

I-am-Awesome45 : Wunderbar!

[Username] : ^_^ I'll meet you in the Airport cafe

I-am-Awesome45 : Ja, that would be Awesome. Wanna Roleplay?

[Username] : Sure, who do you want to do?

I-am-Awesome45 : Lol! You said "do"!

[Username] : XD


That was how it all started. Passing messages over a wonderful invention called the Internet. I was due to meet the girl I had never seen tomorrow, in a cafe at Berlin Airport. I was so nervous ... wait ... the Awesome Me? Nervous?! HA! Hardly! I am never nervous! Anyway, I logged off the site as usual and told my brother, Ludwig (or West, as I called him) about the conversation that just happened
"Why are you so reckless, Brudder?" He sighed
"What?! You're just jealous ..." I said, pouting and folding my arms
"No, I'm being sensible. You've left every single woman you've ever been with. What's going to be so different about this one?" He asked
"Firstly, were only friends on a website. I doubt that this relationship could get serious, West" I said, with my signature grin
He just rolled his eyes and went back to reading as usual. Pfft ... bookworm ...
"Besides, I think you're over reacting, West" I said, rolling my eyes
"I think you're under reacting. Let's face it ... she's going through a lot to come and see you. I mean, she's coming all the way from [Country Name] to Germany just to meet you!" He said
He had a valid point. What would I do if she never even turned up? I shook my head. Ludwig was just jealous because he wasn't getting any and I could possibly meet a girl I could finally settle down with and ... raise a family, like I always wanted ...
"Are you still coming with, or what?" I asked
He sighed
"Fine, but don't come crying to me if she rejects you ..." He said, rolling his eyes
"She won't! She will be bowled over by my Awesome!" I said
He just sighed again and decided to ignore me for the rest of the day, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get a reaction. It sucked ... so I went to my room, got dressed for bed, and climbed into bed. I had to go and live with my brother after my country was no more ... to be honest, if he hadn't taken me in ... I would have disappeared. I doubt the name "Prussia" will ever be spoken again ... and my name will vanish into history. My best hope ... was the one I was going to meet tomorrow. Maybe if I befriended her, things would change ... those were my thoughts then as Gilbird jumped onto my forehead and fell asleep there. I sighed
"A big day for us tomorrow, Gilbird ..." I said, turning out the light

To Be Continued
Prussia finds a friend online, and they arrange to meet in a cafe. Will all go well?

Part 1 - :star:
Part 2 - [link]
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Kakuzu feels the dark and damp floor beneath him. He feels the stockades around his wrist.

The cell he's in is also dark and he could barely see what's in front of him. All he could hear was the jeers of those who were his friends and comrades. He hears the metal door of his cell open. Suddenly, someone grabbed him roughly and made him sit up. Then, he removed the stockades and made his arms go forward.

The next thing Kakuzu felt was burning pain in his wrists as they branded them. He screams at the pain and his comrades just laugh at him.

All Kakuzu felt was pain, grief, and rage.

He wants to kill them all.

Kakuzu suddenly jolted up in his bed, breathing heavily and in cold sweat. He then sighed as he unconsciously rubbed his wrists.

He had that nightmare again.

That nightmare when he was in jail in Takigakure. It's been decades since he got out. He should be over it by now. Why cant he get over it?


Kakuzu look at Hidan, who was next to him. He smiles lightly as he looks at his sleepy lover, his hair mused up and his eyes blinking sleepily as he sat up.

"Its nothing, Hidan." Kakuzu said as he laid down, his back to the Jashinist.

"Kuzu, what's wrong?" Hidan said, as he laid a hand on Kakuzu's arm.  The older nin growled and said "Its nothing, Hidan."

He then heard Hidan growl.

"Don't you fuckin dare leave me out! Now what the fuck is wrong?"

Kakuzu was silent and he sighed. He knows that he couldn't hide anything from the zealot, no matter how much he wants to.

"I had a nightmare."

Hidan stared at the stitched man's back, which he noticed was very stiff.

"What about?"

"When I was in jail…in Takigakure."

Hidan shifted as he lay down and hugged Kakuzu from behind. His hands clasped his stitched lovers, feeling Kakuzu grip tightened around his.


"I don't want to talk about it, Hidan."



"Don't Hidan me! Tell me what's wring."

There was a deafening silence between the two mercenaries for awhile until Kakuzu spoke up.

"Let me help you, Kakuzu."

Kakuzu could hear the sincerity and concern in Hidans voice. He sighs, not wanting to continue, but at the same time wants to.

"I remember how dark it was. I remember those bastards laughing at me. They kept saying that I was a failure and a disgrace and trash. It was so cold. I waned to kill them all. I wanted all of them to be dead."

Kakuzu stops, feeling the raise in his voice. He feels arms tighten around him and feels content with the gesture. Suddenly, Hidan turned Kakuzu around and brought his head to his chest, embracing him. Kakuzu at first was too shocked to say anything.


"Let me hold you, Kakuzu."

Kakuzu blinked and then smiled at the gesture. True, they are mercenaries and have had many kills, but there are times for tenderness. For love.

"You know…" Kakuzu said, "What really got me…was alone I was. I felt so alone."

Hidan's grip on him tightened.

"You're not alone anymore, Kakuzu." Hidan said quietly "Not alone anymore."

Kakuzu smiled as he leans into Hidan's warm embrace.

It's a beautiful thing to be in loved ones arm. It's a beautiful thing not to be alone.

I wanted to do an emotional Kakuzu x Hidan fanfic. I think Kakuzu will always be haunted by his imprisonment and i wanted to write one that Hidan comforts him. This story also shows a theory of how Kakuzu got those lines on his wrists. Beware of the fluff!

I dont own naruto!

Comments are loved!
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Setsuna was sharpening her knives in her room when she hears arguing for next door. She sighs.
Hidan and Kakuzu were arguing again.

She knows what it's about. The zombie duo cam back from a mission and they were arguing about tactics. Hidan set off an alarm with his reckless killing and they barely escaped. So, now, Kakuzu was mad at hell at Hidan and was yelling at him loudly. She looked through a crack on the wall

"Dammit, Hidan! It would have been fine if you didn't kill that guy!" he yelled.

"Hey, I fuckin killed the target, didn't I?" retorted Hidan.

"Yeah, while hundreds of other ninjas were after us! We barely fulfilled the mission!"

"Well, if you weren't so slow, we would have been finished with this mission days ago!"

"Well, I'm not a fuckin reckless idiot like you!"

"Fuck you, Kakuzu!"

Setsuna could see the two men were fuming and almost expected blows to be exchanged.

"Shit, I should have killed you when I had the chance." Kakuzu said vehemently.

"Well, guess what, fucktard? I can't die!" Hidan yelled, "So, get used to it."

"Yeah, well you know what? I wish you will do me a favor and just die."

"Funny, I thought you actually cared about me."

"I don't give a shit about you! I don't give a fuck if you ever die!"

Setsuna saw Hidan's face changed for a moment and she knew that Kakuzu went too far. Hidan then sneered at Kakuzu.

"Go fuck yourself." Hidan said softly and then stormed out of the room, slamming the door. Setsuna turns and slides down the wall to the floor. This wasn't going to end well.

A week has passed since the fight and the whole organization could fell the tension between them. It was suffocating.

The two men hadn't spoken to each other and hadn't even look at each other in the face since then.
Setsuna is in her room reading a book, waiting for Hidan to return from his solo mission. She wanted to talk to him about trying to talk to Kakuzu.

Suddenly, Setsuna felt a jolt through her. She runs to her closet, opening it and pusing all her clothes to the side. When she first came to the akatsuki, she told Pein of her shamanic abilities and grabbed a part of chakra of each of the members. She put them in candles, which the flames will constantly burn, showing that each member was alive. So, when Setsuna saw the candles, she gasped.

Hidan's flame was out.

Augh, finally, my chapter fic is up. Here is my story Lament, with definite Kakuhdian. I,m also trying for my OC ,Setsuna, to have more air time. I also wanted to show what Setsuna's ability is. She's a shaman, so she does a lot of spiritual stuff. Hence, that's what the candles mean.

Next Chapter =>[link]

I don't own naruto!Setsuna is mine!

Comments are loved!
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Setsuna and Deidara ran through the halls of the Akatsuki base and went to the infirmary. They slammed the doors open and gasped.

Hidan was sitting up on the bed, panting. He looked at them, looking just as surprised as they are. He then smiles at them.


The duo ran to the jashinist and hugged him, tears flowing from their eyes. They were crying from relief, relief to see their friend back to life.

Later, Kakuzu is in front of the infirmary door. It has been two hours since Hidan came back to life.

Setsuna explained to all of them what she did; speaking to Jashin and whatnot, and everyone went to see the albino. Everyone, but Kakuzu. He was too shocked and ashamed to see Hidan; for he was the reason Hidan lost his immortality and the last words that he said to him. The only reason he's here now is because Kisame convinced him too. He breathes out and enters the room. Hidan was still sitting in the bed; Setsuna and Deidara were by the bed. The three young members stare at the banker, then Setsuna motioned to Deidara and they both left the room, leaving the two men alone.

" are you?" Kakuzu said quietly.

Hidan shrugged and patted a space next to him.

"Sit with me, Kakuzu."

Kakuzu went and sat next Hidan; not daring to look at his face, for there were so many emotions raging inside of him. When he finally did, he looked at the albino with grief and sadness.

"Hidan, I…what I said before you…"

"Kakuzu, we were pissed at each other…"

Suddenly, Kakuzu cupped Hidan's face and made him look at him. Hidan was a little afraid of the depth of emotions in the green eyes.

"Hidan, I truly care about you. I love you. I didn't want the last thing I said on this earth was that I didn't care. When you…died…I felt my whole world crashing down. You were everything to me and…I. Just. Lost. You."

Kakuzu releases Hidan and looks down. Hidan stares at the bounty hunter, surprised by the emotional speech.

"Why did you tell me this now?"

Kakuzu looks up in confusion. Hidan continues.

"Kakuzu, you never tell me this kind of shit. You never told me I matter, much less this much. Why did I had to die so you could tell me all this?"

Kakuzu looks down sighing. He knew Hidan was right. He was always took his lover for granted, always thinking Hidan will always be with him no matter what. He never really treated him well, always thinking he knew what Hidan wanted. He apparently never asked Hidan, always assuming he knew what he thought. He never did. Kakuzu is surprised Hidan hasn't already dumped him.

"If you don't want to-"

"I'm not saying I want to be apart." Hidan said, cutting him off, "I just want to know I matter to you."

Kakuzu stared at Hidan, then lunged and kissed him furiously. Tears slid down as he released the albinos' lips.

"Hidan, I'm so sorry. I'm so…"

"Shhh, don't say anything else. Nothing else. Just love me."

The pair kissed again, with violet and blue eyes watching them through a crack in the door, smiling.

Time has passed and the zombie team's relationship is better. They still argue, but they never go beyond that as they use to. They both make sure that both know what they meant to each other.
Hidan became closer to Setsuna and Deidara, for they went to such great lengths to bring their friend back.

All was well.

Augh, finally, the last chapter! I, of course, i brought Hidan back. We can't live without our favorite crazy zealot. Yeah, i had to make Kakuzu emotional. Alot things had to be said. I dont know about the ending sentence, it seems very...ominous. Ah,well.

And what is the lesson here? Don't take anyone for granted, because the nex thing u know, they could be taken away from u.

Comments are loved!

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Welcome to my graveyard.
I am not dead yet.
But you make my life so hard.
With every word you've ever said.

You look at me with those eyes.
And I break down.
I choke and I cry.
But you don't make a sound.

You couldn't give a shit.
Even if I am just a little kid.
You're all selfish gits.
And I'm the only one that hid.

I hide in the shadows of the night.
And pray for your forgiveness in the day.
I never know when I'm wrong or right.
I only know I still have to pay.

Pay for the monster you've locked inside my head.
Pay for the things it's destroyed.
Pay for the demon you have bred.
Pay for the human lives you've toyed.

You're the one that did it.
But I still have to pay.
And still you throw a fit.
With every word I say.

Even if I say I'm sorry.
Sorry's never enough.
I'll always be your quarry.
And life'll always be tough.

I am your six-year-old monster.
ah, the joys of portraying a redheaded anime boy :)
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Disclaimer: Naruto is property of Masashi Kishimoto. This is a fanfic. Thanks for your attention.

The school was dark these days, except for a couple of classrooms which were still in use of other students who had to stay here during the winter. Most of the students were human and therefore not friends of Naruto's.

A little girl with pale lavender eyes and straight, medium-length brown hair, walked by Naruto, accompanied by another girl, with bright ginger hair in two high pigtails and common black eyes. Naruto could tell the second girl wasn't a vampire, but the first one was.

It was proof that this school really served its purpose with the younger students. Humans and vampires lived together, went to class together, ate their meals together, studied together, laughed together, cried together... it was almost like all this was done for the vampires, so they could get a new chance at life, so they could be with the humans as though they were one of them. But in reality, it was all for the humans, because even though they didn't know who was a vampire and who wasn't, they too, could tell it was safe here. And once they trusted the vamps, those vampires wanted to please the humans and prove them that their trust was right and perfectly sane by not harming them.

Naruto didn't like this idea, though, since he knew very well that the vampires were stronger than the humans and that they could easily rule over them.

"Dirty beasts, they call us," he muttered to himself, "well, they're worse, since they're trying to play the role of 'innocent, fragile, harmless beings', while labeling us and setting us apart, like we're the evil ones."


The blonde turned his head around to face a teen with reddish cocoa hair and spruce green eyes. He'd never seen this boy around before and hadn't a clue who he was.

"That's your name, right?" the boy asked.

His teeth weren't so sharp and he didn't have any fangs. Naruto couldn't detect any other signs of vampirism. If he had any hunger at all, the other teen sure did a heck of a good job consealing it.

"Yeah." Naruto looked the boy up and down. He was also wearing the school uniform, only with the tie. Naruto had tossed the tie out the window at the beginning of the school-year, well aware of the fact that he would just screw it up and make a huge fool of himself.

"I'm supposed to be your student or something."

"Huh?! No, I think you made a mistake. I think you're looking for Naruko. She's a Math teacher, I think."

"No, they specifically told me "NaruTo". You're kind of young to be a teacher, aren't you?"

"Who's this 'they' you were talking about?" Naruto easily changed subjects.

"The head of the school; Tsunade-sama."

"Ah, yes. She made a mistake. No worries, she does that often enough."

Suddenly, the boy burst out into hysterical laughter. Naruto pulled his eyebrows together questionably. "What's so funny?"

"I'm sorry," the boy whiped away a tear of joy, "my joke went a little too far. I knew you were a vampire and I couldn't resist."

Naruto just stared at the boy for a while, before clearing his throat and trying to get the picture straight.

"Dude, who are you?" he asked.

"Ah-sorry! My name's Korugo Mitaku, but you can just call me Miku. You're Uzumaki, right?"

"Yeah. So, if you know I'm a vampire, why are you hanging out with me?"

"Well, I wouldn't call it 'hanging out', more standing around with the first friendly face I see here."

"Wait-you're new?"

"Huh? No, no, I mean, you don't look as sour and depressed as everyone else; just a little ticked off."

"Right... so you aren't afraid of vampires?"

"No. Why should I be? If I were, I wouldn't have come to this school."

"Well, the school's got a prestiguous name for the department of medical care. I figure loads of people come here for that."

"Well, yeah, that too. I'm studying to become a surgeon."


"Something the matter?"

"Hm? No, nothing. Anyway, we should get going. Dutch first, right?"

"Oh, that's right... we've all got the same schedule."

"We do, cos we're the same age. The younger or older ones have a different schedule."

"So... okay, I don't wanna be all up in your face about it, but the chicks dig it and they say that's how they see who's a vampire and who isn't, so... is it true vampires are... you know, better looking?"

Naruto turned his head to face Mitaku and answered with a simple, "yes".

Miku smiled.

"Hmm?" Naruto hummed, interested and kind of afraid that this person would ask him to turn him into a vampire just to look better. Cos this boy definitely didn't need it.

"Well, the girls keep asking me if I'm a vampire." Miku's grin broadened.

"Maybe cos you always look hungry?"

"Hungry? Do I? I suppose I am."

"Well, lunch is in two more periods, can you still you hunger 'till then?"

"Hm... Don't cry before you try, I guess."

"What's that?"

"A saying, I made it up myself."

"I hate it."

Instead of stopping and leaving the blonde alone, he laughed and headed to Dutch class with him. "Great," he muttered, "Dutch. Urgh! The only thing I know how to say is, 'hello, my name's Miku'."

"It's a start," Naruto sighed, stretching as they entered the too-big classroom for just eight people.

"Get to your seat, you're late!" Ebisu-sensei demanded.


After Dutch, they headed straight for Geography. Naruto took a seat in the back somewhere, afraid that Yamato might see him and burst out into jovial hyperactivity.

But when the lesson started, the brownhaired teacher just gave the course exactly according to the book, never once looking at him.

Naruto followed the movement of his Mentor's hand on the black-board with his eyes and was surprised by how neat and clear Yamato's handwriting was. It was nice and straight, in opposition to the lazy slant handwriting of most of the other teachers, who had already given up on such details. Then again, Yamato was new. Naruto was sure the man would give this up in just two months.

It was in the last five minutes of class that he had gotten tired of being ignored. He listened well to what his Mentor asked the class and made sure his hand was the first to shoot upwards in the air and waved it a little to catch Yamato's attention. The man only went ahead and allowed Satori to answer, though.

When Satori answered wrong, he furiously shook his hand to grab his teacher's attention. What was wrong with Yamato, anyway? He wasn't bouncy or pouty or overly happy at all! Instead he was a serious kind of content.

"Yamato-taichou," he said, grabbing the attention of his Mentor's dark brown eyes, "it's in Cuba."

When Yamato was silent and gazed at him with strict politeness and a bit of irritation and frustration, Naruto sunk back in his chair and mumbled, "Matanzas, I mean... It's in Cuba.."

"I know, Naruto-kun. Raise your hand and wait for my permission before you answer next time." Yamato's voice was so calm and warm that it actually made the blonde feel out of place.

Naruto's heart clenched at what he'd said and he felt like a kicked puppy. Fuck him, he thought, angry over his emotions. If any other teacher would've said it, he would've just shrugged it off or quickly apologized before resuming his previous occupation. But now, for some reason, he felt like crap. He didn't even feel this way when Kakashi scolded or lectured him. He felt like he disappointed himself, like he was unable to just be like everyone else and that that was the worst thing in the world.

The lunchbell sounded like a madman through the halls and while Yamato was still standing at Ari's desk, helping her out with something as he smiled, Naruto's grief switched to anger and, since he was the last one to leave the class (besides Ari), he smacked the door shut behind himself just gently enough for the glass in its window and the creaks in the side of it not to shatter.

"Woa, let's control our vampire strength, yeah?" Miku asked, chuckling.

"Shut up."

"So, lunch, right?"

"You go ahead. I've got something to take care of."

Surprisingly, Mitaku didn't say anything and just shrugged, saying, "See you later, then!" before leaving, not asking a single thing.

Naruto headed straight for the vampire lounge, searching for the crowd of vamps that usually packed up the whole room, making it hard as hell to squeeze yourself in. Now, though, all he saw was an empty room. He went to sit on one of the sofas that formed a square together with three other sofa's; the spot where he and the gang always used to sit. Now he was alone, though. Nobody to keep him company, or tease him about his liking for female blood, before Sakura hands him her wrist. He could see them all clearly before his eyes, but when he blinked, it was just him, the leather sofa's, the pale red walls, the elegant windows and..-

"Yamato-tacihou?!" Naruto's stomach flipped and he felt his earlier anger bottling up again. Why he felt sad or angry in the first place again, he'd already forgotten, but it was certain he was furious over what his Mentor had made him feel.

"Hey, Naruto-kun." Yamato leisurely sunk down in the leater sofa beside him. Like he was totally unaware of the blonde's radiating anger. No... that was disgust.

He placed a hand on Naruto's head and smiled lightly as he asked, "So... would you tell me what's upsetting you so badly?" as he looked deeply in the blonde's sapphire eyes with his deep brown pools of orbs and Naruto remembered what his second Mentor's gift was before shoving his hand off his head, pissed as hell.

"Nothing's bothering me, sir."

"Don't lie... it hurts when you're hurt. So please don't lie."

Naruto felt like he was the one kicking the puppy and tried to remember what he had been so upset about. When he looked at the older vampire's slightly furrowed eyebrows and conerned-looking eyes, he reawakened a previous emotion and the anger bubbled up again.

"Don't pretend like it hurts or it bothers you at all! I don't believe your phony crap. You're nothing but a fake, Yamato-sama."

He was sure that the -sama hit the spot, but Yamato merely smiled and said, "Do you want me to prove to you I'm not a fake?"

Naruto didn't say anything, but Yamato used the old, "silence means yes"-rule and crossed his arms before studying the blonde's face and concentrating for a while.

"You're upset."

Naruto wanted to say, "Wow, not shit Sherlock," but his Mentor continued before he could get a word out.

"You're angry cos I let that other kid answer instead of you. But that's only cos I wanted them to know I didn't favor you. You're upset because I lectured you, and you thought I was the only one who would never do that, because I wasn't as serious as all of them. You're let-down because you were proven wrong and at times, I can be serious. Like right now, when I'm busy with something very important to me. I know more about you than you think, Naruto. I don't have to use my gift, even; I can see it on your face. But that's just the bond, I guess. For instance; I can tell that, despite the way you always laugh and act unbothered, you're constantly lonely, even when you're surrounded by all your friends. And when they leave, you really feel terrible. I also know that you've seen more of the bad things in this world than any of your friends have seen combined. You feel isolated and different, because you're not the same as them, nor are you human. You're a very rare type of vampire and you haven't even got Pureblood parents to go to for blood or reassurance. And I can tell that despite all this, you're still extremely grateful and happy to have people like Sasuke-kun and Kakashi-senpai and Sakura-san. And I am happy for you that you found them in your life. Because I'm your Mentor, You're my charge, and your happiness is my happiness, whether we want it to be or not."

Naruto was silent as he gazed at his brunette Mentor and dropped his gaze to the ground again. It was annoying, to actually have to listen to what was going on in your head. Worse than just feeling it.

Yamato grinned and put his hand back on his charge's head before pulling the blonde toward him and running the back of his index finger over the tiny holes in Naruto's neck.

"It isn't fair..." he sighed nonchallantly, pulling back a little to look Naruto in the eye, "sharing you with Kakashi-senpai."

The younger vampire pushed himself away from his Mentor. "I'm not a carton of juice," he said, "you guys can't keep poking your own straws into me and drink from me whenever it suits you."

"Isn't that precisely what you're doing with those human girls?"

"It was one screw-up!"

"Not according to your files."

"You read my files?!"

"I'm your Mentor, Naruto, I'm supposed to."

"ACK! You, Kakashi-sama, Tsunade-sama, Shizune-sama! It's like my life is described on a sheet of paper!"

"Basically? Yeah."


"Aw, c'mon, Naruto-kun, cheer up. I hear you're trying your hardest again."

"Hardest? At what?"

"Pleasing those people and making a life for yourself."

"Pshaw,"  Naruto scoffed, getting up again.

"I saw you're getting along well with that Mitaku boy."

"I tolerate him."

"He's a human, you do know that?"

"Of course I do. But I'll get along with him until my friends are back."

"Friends? So you don't consider him a friend?"

"An ally, for now. Vampires and humans can't be friends."

"Then why are you in this school?"

"Because..." Naruto walked to the door, thinking of the right way to tell Yamato that he didn't have another option, or another way out, and that if it weren't for this creaking, old building, he'd be on the streets right now. He was thinking of a way to get through to Yamato in a sober way that, he didn't know what home was and that the bonds he'd made here are his first and he doesn't want to let go of them. That, despite his shining mentality and high hopes&dreams-talk, he couldn't do shit without a degree and this was the only proper school that existed for vampires.

"This is the only place I've got."
No, peeps, I don't draw the pictures myself (; I find them on sites like photobucket and yahoo and all that.

Edit: 08 - 12 - 2011: I have re-read this chapter and found like a million mistakes and an awkward mushy scene between Yamato & Naruto, but I'm not going to change anything xD
I mean, like 'not shit Sherlock' -> everyone knows it was supposed to be 'no shit Sherlock'. I'm not going to correct anything, because I like to see these stupid little mistakes when I look back at my previous work. I like knowing how far I've come and how much I improved. Thank you for reading! :D
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Disclaimer: Naruto is property of Masashi Kishimoto. This is merely a fanfic. I repeat; I do not own Naruto or its characters.
Okay! Please enjoy!

From afar, I watched you. With big blue eyes, I critisized your every movement. I cursed you and performed mental raindances on you. I hoped the sky would piss on you just as it had on me. Because I just couldn't understand, within this minimized imagination of mine, why you were so different from me.

We were both alone. You lost your family, and so did I. At least, I think I lost them. I never knew them. But it came down to the same thing; we were alone.

We were both 7-year-old boys, only you had raven black hair and charcoal black eyes. Your skin was just a little paler than mine and your face just a tad more mature.

Your dark eyes were smaller than my bright blue ones and your jetblack hair framed your face unlike my wild blonde locks. You were taller than I was, but I doubted that was the cause for our difference in the eye of judgement.

If you ignored our difference in appearance, brushing aside the whiskers on my cheeks, shut your eyes to our bodies, men might say we were the same. Your eyes held no more pain than mine, I could assure you of that. There wasn't a chance in hell you'd been through more than I had. I didn't care what had happened to you in your life, your pain would never be greater than mine. But mine would never be greater than yours either. Do you know why I know that? Because we're the same. Mine and your pain would always be alike. It would combine and cast our similar shadows upon the bloody concrete we slept on.

And yet, as little we differed from eachother, you were always better.

Always. Always. Always. Always so much fucking better than I was. I didn't know why. I didn't understand. I just couldn't comprehend the reason as to why you were the genius and I the failure. What had I done wrong?!

It sure wasn't your attitude! 'Cos you always insisted upon being the best, being the unsurpassable master. You wouldn't even allow anyone to dare IMAGINE they were better than you. Oh no, who could be better than the best? Right?

You were loved. You were so, so loved. Everybody chased you, begging for your attention. And yet, you turned it down. Almost as though you could hear me thinking, "I wish I had that" and denied it because you knew it'd only make me feel worse. Apparently all that I longed for was still too little for you.

I was hated. By everyone. Mostly people I hadn't seen before in my entire life. Sometimes people I saw at school. Parents of children I thought were my friends turned their kids against me and they started bullying me. Of course, you'd never been one of them; your parents weren't there to turn you against me.

So me, oh foolish me, actually thought you were going to be bullied, too. I mean, we were both alone, right? So why did nobody hate you? Why didn't anybody hurt you or insult you? Why was everyone so mean to me? Why was everybody so kind to you? Why wasn't anyone angry at you for being who you were, just like they were all angry at me for being what I was?

But I guessed it was okay, because since you were alone too, I was sure you would come begging me to be your friend. Because you were all alone and needed the company, right? You were lonely, just like I was. You needed a friend to cheer you up, to keep you happy enough to stay alive. Just as I did.
So then why didn't you? Why were you fine, being on your own like that? Why didn't you want to turn those fangirls into friends? Or those guys that tried to make you laugh about these random jokes they'd heard. Why didn't you try to befriend any of them?

Maybe you saw me peeking from behind my arms, glaring at you as a group of people stuck to you like magnets. Perhaps you heard me muttering to myself that you didn't deserve it. Who knows you heard me thinking how lonely I was. So you decided to grunt and walk away, hands in pockets like usual. Almost as though you were afraid anybody could cling to you otherwise.

I hated you. I hated the air around you, the manner you talked in, even just the way you drank from the fountain. I hated your amazing grades and your given talent. I hated the way you could do things without having to practice them first. I hated your spectacular aim and knowledge of stupid things like history. I hated you for being born with a gift. Something you didn't deserve. Because you didn't cherish it the way I would. If I were you, I'd use your natural talent to help people. I'd become Hokage and help people if I were you.

But I couldn't switch places with you. I was just me. I was the monster, remember? So I decided I would hate you for the rest of my life. That would be the goal, forcing me to strive for better days, pushing me onwards. It would be the only shimmer of happiness all day long. To just know that no matter how great you were, not everybody loved you. Cos I didn't. I might've been the only one, but there was still one person that couldn't bring himself to like you. Me.

So when we were placed in the same team, you could imagine how furious I was. Just the thought of fulfilling missions with you made my stomach churn. Of course that was the moment I decided I would show you that you weren't as awesome as you thought you were, and I was better than you. I would fulfill missions without you, make you look like you were incapable of being a proper ninja. I knew I would fail, but another goal to fight for was just another purpose in life. And as long as life had purpose, I could stay, right?

Thank God jounin teachers aren't like all the rest. They didn't know you, like all the kids in the academy, or the parents of those children. They were too busy with their missions to turn around for a lowly Genin like you. And they don't have any prejudgements either. So whomever our new sensei would be, he couldn't think stuff of me like what a monster I was. And he couldn't think stuff of you like what a genius you were. And Sakura? Well... Sakura was a nice girl, I guess.

I was wrong. So, so, horribly wrong. How could I have lead myself to believe our sensei wasn't going to think you were brilliant? How could I even make myself think, for just a moment, he wouldn't look down at me like a failure? I wanted to cry after that first day of practice. But I wouldn't allow you to see it. So I smiled and laughed all the way through. I kept myself happy with the only goal I had left.

"I'm gonna' become Hokage!"

Of course you guys thought nothing of it. You just thought it was a stupid dream that kept me happy. No, it didn't keep me happy. It kept my standing. It kept me striving. It kept me alive. Because as long as you weren't amazing, loved by everybody, or the most powerful ninja of the village, I had a purpose in life.

It was just a silly game, when I think back at it. A new toy to keep me entertained. A new level to keep me interested. And as long as my mind was prickled, how could I help staying alive? How could I help wanting to breathe and walk and talk? Of course the villagers loved to put a stop to that, but I guess that was just their way of finding new games to play.

Oh and guess what. Sakura wasn't as nice as I thought she was. I mean, it wasn't like I doubted she'd be one of your fangirls, but I figured she might listen to what I had to say just once in a while. I mean, I was her teammate, right? Just once, one time in the week, I wanted her to listen to me. If it was just a "good-morning" or a "Wow, Sakura! That was amazing!" I just wanted her to hear it. So she could turn around and smile. Acknowledge my existence. But she didn't.

So I thought maybe sensei might listen to me. Naturally I couldn't tell him what a great job he did at something, or talk to him about ordinary stuff. He was a jounin, for Lilly's sake! So I went up to him and asked what every other Genin asks their Jounin instructor. "Hey, sensei! I was wondering; could you give me some extra training, please?"

At first I was too afraid to ask. I figured he'd have some sly reply like, "Sorry, Naruto, I have to train Sasuke." So I turned away. But when he asked me what the matter was, I packed up enough courage, telling myself I was worth it, worth asking the question and worth getting a Yes. I went out and asked him.

Stupid, stupid, stupid me. I could've known. I should've known. I DID know.

"Sorry, Naruto, I have to train Sasuke."

I just smiled. "It's alright, sensei! Some other time!"

"Right.. Sure."

I knew the next time I'd ask him the question, I'd just get the same answer. It was normal that he had to train you more and give you more personal one-on-one time to practice the Sharingan your family's bloodline passed down. It was only natural that he thought you were just too amazing, too talented, too great, too whatever you were to ignore and treat like some normal Genin.

And then you had the Sakura-issue, too. Sakura had superb chakra control and a natural knack at Genjutsu. Sensei liked that. So whatever time he didn't spend on you, went to Sakura.

"I hope you don't mind, Naruto," he'd say then.

I'd just crack up the brightest smile I had in storage and say, "Me? Why would I mind? Of course I don't mind!"

And when you guys turned away, heading to your special training spot, I'd cry out, "You just watch me! I don't need your training to become Hokage!"

The three of you would turn back around and smile, already casting away my voice in your heads, forgetting what I'd just said. Just tossing me aside like trash. It was fine, though. I'd gotten used to that kind of treatment over the years...

And then you left. One day, you just turned around and walked away. Just like that. You wanted more power. I couldn't believe you just turned your back on all you had. I actually started to wonder whether you came over my house at night, listening to me as I talked to myself in my sleep. Perhaps you saw me crying in a corner one sorrowful night, explaining to myself that it was all just one big game. One big set-up. Everybody hated me because that was the rule of the game. You were the king and I had to climb my way up to the top to beat you. I actually believed I could turn a black pawn white.

Sakura was heartbroken, of course. Sensei appeared to have lost all essence in life. I mean, whatever essence was left in his. I went after you, trying to retrieve whatever goals I had left. After all, how could I surpass what was no longer there?

But you'd turned your back on Konoha long ago. I tried to bring you back, telling you that everyone was waiting for you and you were being an idiot. You told me it was none of my business and used typical words like "idiot" and "dobe". So I told you to fuck off of course. No, I didn't. I told you not to be so selfish. You replied with angry words like "how would you know, fool?!" or "you don't know anything!"

But the words that ended my patience were the following.

"You have no idea what it's like to lose those precious to you! You've been alone all along!"

What did you mean by that, anyway? That your pain was graver than mine because you LOST people? Well how 'bout not even knowing that you're human, because apparently you're a monster, and the fact that you don't have any parents just proves the point? Have you ever felt the pain of not knowing where you belong? You knew who your parents were, you know where your home is. You know where to go to when you're sad. I don't even have a home that's mine, I don't have a bloodline to use, or a name to call myself. I don't have a picture or a note. I have nothing. You have everything.

Cos when you say you lost everybody, I don't know if you were just too naieve or just too snobby to realise... you had everyone. You could build up a new family... everybody loved you.

I had nobody. Everybody hated me.


It breaks me down to bits and pieces to just know that you got every chance I fought for day in day out and you just threw them away like dirt. I was dirt in your eyes. How could I surpass those I couldn't convince? How could I be better than you if I couldn't make you believe I was? I could only know I was better than you if you said I was. And now you were leaving.

No, not leaving. Gone.

That day was the first day sensei held me in his arms. Granted, I was unconscious and broken-down. Alright, I might have been full of wounds and incapable of walking back to the village myself. Okay, it was his duty to bring the two of us back. But still, it was the first time he did. You were gone. How else could he fill the gap?

So throughout the years, I chased you around. Don't think I didn't, because I did, often, consider taking my life. Admitted, Iruka-sensei swarmed through my head, pressing a feeling of guilt against my chest. But the lump of pressure in my throat was one of anger. Bitter, bubbly, anger. I wanted to kill everyone for treating me like trash.

So I had a new goal. A new reason to stay alive.

And throughout those years of so-called 'determination', I held up a constant smile, convincing the world I was that person. After all, I was just a dobe, right? Just that random idiot.

But there was an older tale that travelled along the villagers' lips.

Because after all that and more... I was a monster.

Just your nine-tailed demon monster.

And monsters enjoy performing the act they know best... Murder.
Yeah... another Naruto fanfic.. xD hehehehe ;'D I admit: I'm obsessed ^^;

I just can't stand the way people are like "Oh poor Sasuke! Sasuke been through so much worse than Naruto."

While in fact, I'm just trying to prove that there is NO BETTER or WORSE pain. Everybody deals with it differently. I mean, I don't get all angry at my friends whenever I deal with the loss of my uncle and they tell me they've been through the same when their dog died.

Everybody has different emotions and deals with pain, sorrow, anger, hate, etc differently. It's always the big & strong emotions that get us confused. And it's always the confusion of our minds that jibe up our souls and knead us to what we are.

So yeah... that's all ^-^ xD hahaha ;'D

Hope you enjoyed! :D
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Chapter 3
Walking the Dangerous Road

All of the kittens snapped their heads back.  Tobi squealed and jumped onto Deidara, which caused them to tumble down the stairs.  The other Akatsuki couldn't tell how far they fell because they couldn't see anything but darkness and a few streaks of sunlight.  After a few seconds, their eyes adjusted to the darkness and they saw both Deidara and Tobi at the bottom of the stairs, both appeared still.  The kittens jumped down the rest of the steps and checked to see that Tobi and Deidara were alive.
"Good, they're only unconscious," Pein mewed.  He prodded at them with his paw until they awoke.  "Are you alright?" Pein asked.
"Uh, yeah," Deidara mewed groggily.  He blinked his sky blue eyes a few times before getting up and giving himself a shake.
"Tobi's scared," Tobi whimpered.  He looked around frightfully.  Then when he saw a dark shape in the shadows he shrieked.
"What do you see, Tobi?" Pein asked.  He looked in the direction that Tobi was and saw a dark shape.  Then he heard laughing as Hidan walked out of the shadows.
"Hahahaha!  That was f***ing good!  S***, I can't believe you f***ing fell for that," Hidan laughed.  But Tobi was still looking scared and so were all of the Akatsuki.  A few of them arched their backs while others crouched trying to look invisible.
"What?  What the f*** are you all f***ing looking at?" Hidan mewed.  He felt something brush his tail and he felt his fur along his spine prickle.  He turned around and saw a giant, hairy spider looking at him with its many beady little eyes.
"Oh my f***ing Jashin.  What the f*** is that?!" Hidan yowled.  The spider lunged toward the dark gray and light gray.  In panic, he rapidly scratched the spider with his tiny kitten claws then retreated with the rest of the Akatsuki.
"That's what shocked Nekki," Sasori mewed calmly but inside he was scared out of his mind.
"What do we do Pein-sama?" Konan asked.  She looked into Pein's gray eyes with fright.
"We have to do something about it.  We can't have it running around the house," Pein meowed.  He turned his orange head towards Zetsu.  "What do you know about this spider?  Why is it so large?" Pein asked.
"That is a goliath bird-eating spider.  By it's name you can obviously tell what it eats," Zetsu mewed.  The spider began to crawl towards the kittens.  It raised its legs in an attacking position (you know like on National Geographic or something when the people poke it with a stick?).  The sunset light from the window shone eerily like blood on the legs of the spider.  The Akatsuki hissed and arched their backs at the spider.
"Stay back you f***ing b****ing b******!" Hidan.  He snarled and hissed at the spider and bared his teeth.
"Hidan, calm down.  We don't want to provoke it," Pein commanded.  He placed his tail on Hidan's tense shoulders.  Hidan backed away and relaxed.
"Zetsu, what should we do?" Pein asked.  He turned to the black, white, and green kitten.
"I suggest we kill it.  But I want to eat it after it's dead," Zetsu mewed.
"Okay then.  But how do we kill it?" Pein pressed.  He looked at Zetsu with his gray eyes and kept them fixed in an intense stare.  Zetsu turned away, obviously pressured by Pein's gaze.
"We need to disable its fangs so it can't inject venom in us.  Then we need to get its legs, Pein-sama," Zetsu explained.  "Each of us will attack either a leg or a fang," Zetsu instructed.
"Alright, that will work out because there are ten of us," Pein mewed.  "Be careful everyone.  Konan, go after a leg.  I don't want you getting hurt by the spider's fangs."
"I'll handle the other f***ing fang," Hidan growled.
"Akatsuki, attack!" Pein yowled.  The Akatsuki yowled in unison and charged towards the goliath bird-eating spider.  Pein and Hidan attacked it head on aiming for its fangs.  The spider reared up in an attacking position and leapt towards them.  They dodged and used their claws to slice the fangs.  But their claws weren't strong enough to cut it.  The rest of the Akatsuki were attempting to scratch the legs off the spider with no luck.  When the spider realized it's legs were being attacked, it whirled around and tried to bite the Akatsuki kittens.  They all dodged but Tobi froze in fright and got bitten by the spider.
"Ooooww!" Tobi cried in agony.  The spider's fang sank into Tobi's shoulder and he started to wail in pain.  "Help me! Help!" Tobi screeched.  He fell and his legs were flailing about and his eyes were wide with fear.
"Someone help Tobi!" Pein commanded.  He sidestepped one of the spider's attacks.  "Hurry!"  Deidara sighed as he stepped away from the spider and grabbed Tobi by the scruff of his neck.
"He's a pain in the a** and I don't want him crying to me afterward, un," Deidara mewed through a mouthful of fur.  He dragged him away from the battle that was still brewing.
"Attack the joints!  Idiots!" Zetsu yowled.  He launched himself at one of the spider's leg joints.  The leg gave way and snapped and the spider shook its broken limb.  Bug blood oozed out of the opening and splattered across the kittens' fur.
"Attack!" Pein yowled.  He sprang on top of the spider's abdomen and sank his teeth into it.  The spider started to wave its legs around and ran in circles.  The rest of the Akatsuki scratched and bit the joints of the spider's legs.  A couple of them snapped off.  Hidan managed to cut off one of the fangs and was now attacking the remaining fang.  The spider hobbled around on its remaining legs, fell, then curled up and died.
"Akatsuki, the battle is over," Pein panted.  All of the Akatsuki weren't really wounded but they were tired and covered in the spider's blood.
"Where's Tobi?" Konan asked.  Deidara pointed his tail towards the stairs where Tobi was lying down, moaning.
"What do we do, un?" Deidara asked.
"Someone should get the kid," Itachi mewed.
"Good idea," Pein concluded.  "Let's all go up, but someone should stay with Tobi."
"I'll stay," Zetsu's white half offered.  "I wanted to eat it." Zetsu's black half grumbled.
"Fine.  Do whatever you want.  But the rest of us are going upstairs for the boy" Pein mewed.  He clambered up the stairs followed by the other Akatsuki.  When he tried to open the closed door, it wouldn't budge.  When the rest of the Akatsuki came up, they all tried to open the door.
"F*** this s***," Hidan grumbled.  "HEY B*******! OPEN THE F***ING DOOR!" Hidan yowled at the top of his tiny kitten lungs.  The Akatsuki kittens waited for Nekki to come open the door but he didn't come.
"That's a good idea.  Everyone, make as much noise as possible.  That should get his attention," Pein commanded.  Immediately all of the other Akatsuki yowled, hissed, and screeched to get Nekki to come to the door.  After a few seconds, the Akatsuki stopped to catch their breath.
"I don't think it's working Pein-sama," Kakuzu hissed.  "Great idea s***head!" Kakuzu mewed sarcastically to Hidan.
"F*** you, Kakuzu," Hidan panted.  He launched himself towards Kakuzu and they both tumbled down the stairs.  All of the kittens sighed.
"Do they have to fight here?" Sasori asked.  He arched his back and stretched.  Hidan and Kakuzu were still fighting even when Itachi and Kisame ran down to break it up.
"Will you two stop already?" Itachi hissed.  He glared at Hidan and Kakuzu with his red eyes.  "If I had my sharingan…" Itachi threatened.  He gave them both a cold stare before turning and climbing back up the stairs.
"I don't give a s*** about your sharingan," Hidan mewed.
"But Itachi's right.  You guys shouldn't fight here.  We should continue to make noise so that we can be rescued," Pein ordered.  He let out a loud yowl and then wailed a bit.
"D*** Pein-sama.  I didn't know you could scream like that," Konan meowed.
"Well I sort of have to, to get the boy's attention," Pein murmured.  The rest of the Akatsuki started to make loud noises until the door opened and Nekki was in the doorway.
"W-what were you guys doing in there?" Nekki stammered.  The Akatsuki kittens mewed at him and turned their heads to the bottom of the stairs.
"Y-you were down there?  Wait," Nekki paused.  He stood a while to count the number of kittens.  He gasped, "Where are the other two?!"
The Akatsuki mewed and jumped down the steps.
"D-do we h-have t-to go d-down t-there?" Nekki stuttered.  He gulped.  I don't want to go down there, the spiderr is there!  The kittens mewed at him and waved their tails at the bottom of the stairs.  Nekki grabbed the mallet on the ground and turned on the lights and gasped.  He saw all of the kittens surrounding the black kitten with an orange spot.  The kitten was flailing about on the floor moaning and howling.
"Don't worry kitten, I'm coming," Nekki said.  He walked down the stairs and when he reached the bottom, Nekki almost fainted.  He saw the black, white, and green kitten devouring the monster spider.  That's just nasty, Nekki thought.  The other kittens started meowing and pawed at his feet.  They ran back over to the black and orange kitten that was now twitching and shaking violently.  The young adult scooped up the kitten and noticed a bite wound on his shoulder.
"I need to get you an anti-venom," Nekki said softly but urgently.  He cradled him in his arms and rushed back upstairs from the basement.  The other kittens followed him.  The black, white, and green kitten started to haul the half eaten carcass up the stairs.  Nekki shuddered.
"Do you have to bring that?" Nekki asked the kitten.  The black half nodded and the white half sort of shook his head.  Cre-e-e-epy, the Asian American thought.  He sighed.
"Alright, you can bring it," Nekki sighed.  He carried the black and orange kitten into the bathroom and opened up the medicine cabinet.  He took out a vial with a clear liquid in it.  The young adult poured it into a syringe and stuck the needle into Tobi's skin.  He squealed for a second then relaxed.
"It's okay kitten," Nekki cooed.  He stroked Tobi a while to get him to calm down a bit before placing him on a pillow that he had brought in.  Nekki got a towel and put some soap on it and washed Tobi's wound.  He saw that the other kittens were watching him.
"Don't worry, your brother will be safe," Nekki assured.  He petted the kittens' heads.  "He'll be fine by tomorrow.  Oh, and I almost forgot, it's also Christmas tomorrow.  I've got to get ready."  Nekki left to go to his room while he saw the kittens gather around the black and orange kitten.
"Are you okay Tobi?" Pein asked.
"Tobi feels numb," Tobi murmured.
"Okay.  At least his injury isn't too serious.  Everyone, I need a word with him," Pein mewed.  All of the Akatsuki had a puzzled look on their faces but they didn't want to defy orders so they padded away.  Once they were out of earshot and out of sight, Tobi's eyes turned red.
"Pein, we can't stay here.  We have to get back," Tobi said in a deeper voice than his usual happy voice.
"Yes Madara-sama," Pein mewed.  He bowed his head.
"I let my guard down but don't be too concerned.  That antidote the boy gave me is working.  I'll be fine," Madara meowed.
"Good to hear, Madara-sama."
"You can go.  But we need to leave when we're bigger."
"Yes Madara-sama."
Madara's eyes faded to a black and he mewed, "Tobi's a good boy!"  Nekki came back downstairs and saw that the kittens had moved into the living room and were playing with the sparkly streamer/rope.
"Well, I see you all like that," Nekki said.  He picked up the streamer/rope and twirled it around in front of the kittens' faces.  A few of them batted at it while the gray kitten grabbed on.  The kittens that were previously playing with the streamer/rope were now batting at the gray kitten.
"Hey! F*** off b******s!" Hidan hissed.  He grabbed the streamer/rope with his mouth and scratched any of the other kittens if they attempted to swat him.
"You're the one on the string, un.  You're blocking it from us," Deidara mewed innocently.  He swatted Hidan when he swung around.
"I think this is more fun than before," Kakuzu teased.
"F*** you," Hidan growled.  He scratched Kakuzu when he came around and let go of the streamer/rope and fell on top of Kakuzu.  The two of them began to fight.
"Careful you two," Konan warned.  It was too late, however, they tumbled into a box of decorations.
"Bah, those fools," Zetsu's white half mumbled.  He was still eating the spider that he had dragged up from the basement.
"Ew," Konan mewed in disgust.
"Geez, you guys.  You're always fighting," Nekki said.  He picked them up by the scruffs of their necks and they instantly went limp.  The other kittens' eye's widened.
"How did he do that, un?" Deidara asked.
"Look how he's holding them," Sasori mewed.  The Akatsuki kittens all looked at Nekki.
"He's holding them by the scruff of their necks," Kisame noticed.
"So next time they fight all we need to do is grab them by their scruffs," Pein mewed.  He walked out of the bathroom and had heard the conversation.
"Pein-sama!" the kittens mewed in unison.  They turned their heads to face their leader.  "Keep that in mind next time thy start to fight."
"Listen up kittens," Nekki started.  He placed Hidan and Kakuzu on the floor in front of his feet.  "We're going to decorate the house with, well, decorations!" Nekki said excitedly.  A couple of the kittens' heads tilted in curiosity.
"The decorations are in these boxes," Nekki said pointing towards a tower of cardboard boxes.  "You guys are gonna tell me where to put them.  If you see a spot that's good for the decoration that I have, get to where the place is so I know where to put it," Nekki explained.  The kittens' heads nodded.
When they were done decorating, the house was covered in garlands, snowmen, Santas, mini Christmas trees, reindeer, and a bunch of other decorations.  Nekki and the kittens were in awe of their work.
"Well, I think we did a pretty bang-up job!" Nekki exclaimed.  The kittens meowed in unison.  Nekki smiled and picked up all of the kittens and walked over to the kitchen and placed them all on the counter.
"Who agrees with me that it's time for dinner?" Nekki asked the kittens.  All of the kittens mewed.  Nekki laughed and went up to the refrigerator and opened the door.  He took out a freshly caught fish wrapped in plastic.  The Akatsuki kittens turned their heads in curiosity.
"Instead of chicken, I'm giving you some fish instead 'cause I figured you were tired of chicken," Nekki explained.  He took the fish out of the plastic and took out a cutting board and a very sharp knife.  He then prepared the fish.  When the fish was scaled and separated from the skin and bones, Nekki got out a pan and some garlic oil and turned the stove on.  He placed the pan on the burner and poured some oil on it.  After a few minutes, the oil was crackling and Nekki placed the fish on the pan.  The fish crackled like fireworks and smelled delicious.  The kittens licked their lips in anticipation.  He sprinkled some spices on the fish and let it sizzle.
"I think you're going to like this," Nekki said.  When the fish was fully cooked, Nekki used a spatula to pick up some of the fish and placed it on a large plate.  He then sprinkled some herbs onto the plate of fish.
"Voila!  Dinner is served!" Nekki announced.  Once he placed the plate on the floor, the kittens swarmed the plate like a school of piranhas.  Nekki laughed and put a bowl of water down for the kittens.
"Your eating dinner, and now it's time for me to eat dinner," Nekki said as he picked up the rest of the fish in the pan and put it on a plate.  He got himself a fork and dug into his dinner.
"This is some f***ing good fish!" Hidan mewed with his mouth full.
"Must you talk right now?  I was enjoying this until you spoke," Kakuzu sighed.  Hidan growled at him and continued eating.
"Tobi likes fish!" Tobi meowed.  He waved his tail while he ate and bounced in place.
"Just shut up and eat," Deidara mumbled.  When the Akatsuki kittens were done eating, they walked away from the plate that still had some fish on it.
"I see that you're done.  But you didn't finish," Nekki observed.  "That's okay.  I can save that for breakfast."  He got up and picked up the plate and scraped the leftover fish into a container then put the container into the refrigerator.  Nekki cleaned up the kitchen and stove while the kittens gathered around the Christmas tree.
"My little gifts," Nekki whispered to himself when he saw the kittens under the tree.  "I'm going upstairs.  You're welcome to come up," Nekki told the kittens.  He walked up the stairs and noticed all ten kittens following him.  When he got to his bedroom, he picked up his pajamas and walked to the bathroom.
"I'm going to change in the bathroom but you guys can go in my room.  You don't have to wait for me," Nekki said. The kittens then padded into Nekki's room and got comfortable.
Nekki has a smallish room with a plain bed with blue and green sheets and blankets, desk, bookshelf, and dresser.  On the desk was a lamp, little cat figurines, one of those solar powered money cats, and a rack of pens and pencils.  On the dresser was a wooden analog clock and a creepy looking lamp.
Sasori, Pein, and Konan had jumped up on the dresser and were looking at the photos.
"These look like his parents, Pein-sama," Sasori mewed indicating the couple in one of the photographs.  The woman was wearing a cotton shirt and a checkered apron and the man was wearing denim overalls and a plaid shirt.
"They look like country folk judging by the clothes they're wearing," Konan observed.
"Who's this?" Sasori asked pointing his tail towards the photo of a tall, elegant girl standing next to a young boy.  She had a mature look on her face and looked like she was ruffling the boy's hair.
"She looks like she could be Nekki-san's sister and he," Konan mewed.
"I do not think that the little boy is Nekki.  His hair and eye colors are different," Sasori mewed.  His yellow/brown eyes showed a serious look but his face was still his usual bored expression.
"Maybe we can ask him when he gets out of the bathroom?" Konan suggested.
"Good idea," Pein meowed.  He sat down and curled his tail around his paws.  Sasori washed himself and Konan sat next to Pein.  Hidan and Kakuzu were arguing on the desk examining the cat figurines.  Itachi was looking at the titles of books from the bookshelf and Kisame was watching Hidan and Kakuzu bicker.  Deidara was examining a cat figurine made of clay.  Tobi was playing with Zetsu's tail and Zetsu was pawing at a dust bunny.
"I see you guys are comfortable," Nekki said.  His nightshirt was a baggy shirt with two dragons on it with flame designs and a Ying-yang symbol behind the dragons.  His boxers were neon yellow.  "So, how's it goin' kittens?"  The orange and cream kitten was meowing at him as well as the blue and light blue kitten.
"Waddaya want?" Nekki asked.  He saw that they were on his dresser and sitting in front of the photos.  "Do ya want to know who the people are in the photos?  Alright, I tell you guys."  Nekki walked over to his dresser and sat on the bed, which is next to the dresser.  He slid all of the framed photos onto his lap.  Nekki held up the picture on his parents.  Kakuzu, Hidan, Itachi, Tobi, Zetsu, Kisame, and Deidara all padded over the Nekki and gathered around his feet.
"You guys probably figured out that these are my parents," Nekki said holding up the photo for the kittens to see.  "We lived on a farm before I went to collage and moved.  It was great there."  Nekki picked up another photograph that was of the tall, elegant girl ruffling the hair of the young boy.  He sighed.  "That is my big sister.  I looked up to her more than anyone.  But…" He sobbed and wiped away a tear.  "She died."
*EDIT* Lame title is lame :B
Yay Chapter 3! I have not put up the mature content warning due to the request of a non-deviantART member. I hope you like it guys :)

Chapter 1 [link]
Chapter 2 [link]
Chapter 3 [here]
Chapter 4 [link]
Chapter 5 [link]
Chapter 6 [link]
Chapter 7 [link]
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Chapter 6

"Jeez, what took you so long?" Yumi hollered.  She dried her hands on a towel and stomped over to her boyfriend with a glare plastered onto her face.  Nekki flinched at her gaze and nearly leapt out of his skin when his girlfriend tackled him into an embrace.
"W-whoa Yumi!  Um, why the hug?" the Asian American asked, obviously obfuscated.
"You are amazing for being able to take care of all of these cats and I love you for that!" the strawberry blond cried and smashed her lips into his.  Nekki's face flushed into a deep shade of red in a matter of seconds.  The Akatsuki observed this scene from the bathroom doorway, Hidan snickering as Itachi, Deidara, and Tobi had looks of disbelief on their furry faces.
"Well, all of this romantic business is the best situation for your gift!" Nekki exclaimed after the kiss.  He gave her the bag that held the gift.  Suddenly, a plastic covered spring gag sprung out of the bag when Yumi opened it, the strawberry blond giving a steely glare.  Nekki burst into an uncontrollable laughter, which ended abruptly because Yumi promptly slapped his left cheek with a satisfying smack.
"I figured you would pull a prank like this," Yumi said.  Nekki rubbed gingerly at his red cheek, his left eye tearing up.
"Man, you've got at good swing!  Just makin' sure you're awake.  Open your present," the young man said happily despite being hit.  His girlfriend opened the bag warily and pulled out a beautifully wrapped box.  She opened the box and revealed a glistening new cell phone.
"I figured your boss called so much that you other phone might explode, so I bought you a new phone.  Infinite texting and calls for $10 a month!" the Asian American chirped.  Yumi turned to face him and raised an eyebrow.
"Are you the one to be paying this?" the strawberry blond inquired.
"Well, I was thinking I can pay $5 and you can pay $5 per month," Nekki suggested.  Yumi shrugged and nodded her head.
"If you ask me, she's f***ing using the b******!" Hidan mewed.
"I think it's sweet of him," Konan retorted.
"Of course you'd think that way.  You're a chick," Hidan mumbled.
"I am a different kind of female, you know," Konan hissed, her spine prickling.  Pein gave her gaze and her fur flattened.
"Think what you want to think, he's still losing money," Kakuzu mewed unhappily.
"Why are you so upset, un?" Deidara inquired.
"That means he'll spend less money on us!" Kakuzu replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
"Well, I'm going back to work.  I'm going to have to memorize this new number so I can send it to my friends," Yumi said.
"Good idea!  Make sure not to give it to the Boss man, otherwise this shiny new phone will explode!" Nekki added cheerfully.  He stood mesmerized at the glistening phone.
"I'm leaving now," the strawberry blond murmured, waving her hand in front of her boyfriend's face.  He shook his head and blinked a couple times before stuttering a 'good-bye'.  Yumi smirked, then walked out of the house.  Waiting for the sound of heels clicking pavement, Nekki raced to the freezer and took out an ice pack.  He sighed with relief as the pain eased in his left cheek.
"Wimp," Sasori mewed.  He began to groom himself by licking his front paws then wiping them behind his ears.
"Tobi's a good boy!  Tobi thinks that the slap might have hurt!" Tobi exclaimed loudly.
"Stop talking in third person, un.  It's really annoying," Deidara grumbled.
"You stop saying 'un' all the time, brat," Sasori murmured under his breath.  The blond kitten whirled to face the red tabby and launched himself into the air with a yowl, knocking the striped kitten onto his back.  In self-defense, Sasori pushed Deidara with his hind legs.  The two felines clawed and bit each other until Pein gave a sigh.
"Will someone please separate those two?" he mewed.  As if he knew what the orange kitten said, Nekki gently pulled the wrestling balls of fur apart.
"Why don't you cats ever stop attacking each other?  This is a house of peace," the Asian American said raising his hands and waved his wrists in the air.  He places one cat on his right shoulder and the other on the left.  Nekki carefully picks up Tobi and plops him onto his head.
"I have to go to work tomorrow, 'kay guys?  Yeah, I know.  You didn't think I had a job, but I do.  Do you guys want to come with me?  It'll be an after Christmas day sale and I bet you guys could attract business; of course, that means you'll be wearing adorable costumes!" Nekki explained as the kittens stared at him with horrified expressions.  Dumbfounded, Tobi squealed as he fell down the back of the young man's head.  In a desperate attempt stay on his owner's head, the black and orange kitten dug his claws into Nekki's head.
"OH SWEET MOTHER OF ZEUS!  GET OFF!" the Asian American wailed.  He frantically pried Tobi off of his cranium and in the process knocked Deidara and Sasori off of his shoulders.  With a swift movement, he caught both cats.  Ungracefully on his part, he came crashing down to the linoleum floor.
"Damn it Tobi, why did you have to fall?!" Deidara hissed as he shook his spinning head.
"Great job, you annoying brat.  Now he's unconscious!" Sasori mewed sarcastically.  He prodded his owner's face with his small, fuzzy paw and received not response.
"Now how are we going to be fed, b******?" Hidan cussed.  He swiped an unsheathed paw at the black and orange kitten's head.  Tobi squeaked in surprise then ran to hide behind Zetsu.
"Enough with that.  We need to find a way to wake him up," Pein ordered sternly.
"Who cares?  We have control of the f***in' house now!" Hidan puffed.
"Yeah, but he makes money tomorrow so if he doesn't go to work, he won't be able to get food for us," Kakuzu pointed out.
"You and your f***in' money," Hidan growled.  "Let's have some fun, then figure out how to wake him up."
"Uuh, how about those that want to have fun, have fun and the rest think of ways to wake up Nekki?" Kisame suggested nervously.  He shuffled his front paws and cast anxious glances to the other kittens.  The rest of the Akatsuki members stood shocked at blue kitten's recommendation.
"That sounds like a perfect plan," Pein agreed.  They all nodded their heads in agreement.
"I'll be in the group that is having f***ing fun!" Hidan yowled.  He bounced around and dashed over to the couch.
"Who else will join Hidan?" the orange kitten asked.
"No f***ing way," Kakuzu hissed.
"Guys, I want tot have fun!  Hey Hidan, let's see if he has any explosives?" Deidara mewed.  In excitement, both kittens dashed off out of the kitchen.
"Please don't burn the house down," Sasori murmured.  "I'll go with them to make sure they play within reason."
"Alright.  Hidan, Deidara, and Sasori are going to play.  Who else is going and who is staying?" Pein asked.
"Tobi wants to go with Senpai!" Tobi mewed.  He bounced, skipped, and ran to catch up to his 'friend'.
"I'll go with the fool, he'll probably get himself hurt," Zetsu murmured.  The black, white, and green kitten started to pad over to the frivolous cats when Pein intersected him.
"No, I'll need you here to help find ways to wake the boy up," the orange kitten ordered.  The tricolor feline glowered at his superior and stalked back to where he was sitting.  Pein kept his gaze on Zetsu for a few seconds to assure his dominance.
"Pein-sama, may I go play?  I couldn't think of any ideas to wake him up," Kisame mewed sheepishly.
"Sure, go have fun," Pein nodded.  The blue kitten darted off in search of the other energetic cats.
"Okay, I am assuming that the rest of you want to formulate a plan to wake up our owner?" he asked the remaining kittens.  They all nodded.  "Any ideas?"
"Wait until he wakes up?" Kakuzu huffed.  Itachi rolled his crimson eyes and snorted.
"You want to pick a fight?!" the brown tabby hissed, his hackles raising.
"No, I just want you to think of a better idea," Uchiha mewed bluntly.  
"Well, do share your opinion," Kakuzu said mockingly.
"How about we pour water onto his face?" Itachi offered.
"No, we cannot reach the faucet," Zetsu grumbled.  The lime-eyed kitten sneered at the black, white, and red cat.  The red-eyed cat was oblivious to the negative gaze and flicked his ear to prove his point.
"How about we jump on him?" Konan asked.  Zetsu shook his head in disagreement.
"We are too light," he mewed under his breath.
"What should we do then if what we are suggesting is incorrect?" Pein inquired.
"We should try something that can be done easily for our size and ability," the plant cat mewed.  "We should first try to use gentle matters, then move into more violent ones.  Try mewing in his ears.  The sound might wake him up."  Konan turned her head, shrugged, and walked over to Nekki's fallen body.
"I cannot tell if he is breathing or not," the violet kitten mewed.
"Oh great.  That is just great.  Go check then," Zetsu growled.  She walked next to the Asian American's face and bent down next his nose.  His breathing was a bit faint, but steady as if he was asleep.
"He is still alive!" she yowled.  Pein nodded and jerked his head towards the human as his eyelids fluttered.
"Wait, keep yelling like that!  He appears to be coming to!" Pein ordered.  Konan nodded and began to caterwaul and cry right next to Nekki's head.  He groaned, mumbled something, but did not wake.
"You sounded very whiny.  Does she do this sort of thing with you, Pein-sama?" Itachi commented.  The orange and cream kitten juts gave him a stern look to show that he has said enough.
"Well, that didn't work.  Try swatting his face, claws sheathed please," Zetsu sighed.
"Thank you for your help.  If you want, you can go keep an eye on the others now.  We understand what we can do here," Pein mewed.  The plant cat stared surprised at his leader, but decided not to argue and walked toward the sound of thumps and crashes.  The orange and cream cat watched him go, and then he turned his head back to the remaining kittens.  Just as Zetsu was leaving, Deidara trotted into the room.
"Hey everybody.  Do you know how to reach the drawers and open them?" the spotted kitten asked.
"You pull at them.  Why?" Zetsu replied.
"No reason," the blue-eyed kitten shrugged.  The black, white, and green cat gave a suspicious glance at the other feline before heading into the hallway.  Deidara in the meantime was clambering onto the shelf doors trying to reach a high drawer.  He managed to pull it open by hooking his claws into the wood and pushing back with his hind legs.  With a meow of triumph, he climbed into the cupboard.  The spotted kitten's head reappeared a few seconds later with a rubber band in his mouth.  Deidara was pulling a box out of the shelf with the band and got a footing on the edge of the drawer door.  Unfortunately, he lost his footing and fell onto the linoleum with the box.  The blond and spotted kitten then proceeded to pull his prize down the hall.  Pein, Konan, Itachi, and Kakuzu watched him go with strange expressions, and then turned their heads back to each other.
"We have a good idea of what we are doing now.  First we give him a couple swats.  If that doesn't work, should we use harsher methods?" Pein suggested as if Deidara never came into the room and made such a ruckus.
"I don't think we'll have much of a choice with our size and ability," Itachi replied.  "We'll have to scratch and bite sometime.  It's not like we have choice."
"HEY!  WAKE UP AND SPEND MONEY ON US!" Kakuzu hissed.  In his rage, he charged Nekki's face and smacked his nose.  The tan tabby then scratched their owner's eye.
"KEEEEYAAAAAH!!!!!" Nekki screamed as his eyes flew open.
"Well, that worked," Konan mewed.
"Hey, you guys.  How long was I out?" the Asian American groaned.  He raised his hand to his face and saw blood on his fingers.  Everything suddenly appeared scarlet and smelled of cold steel.
"Did you scratch me to wake me up?  Brilliant plan if I do say so myself!" Nekki chirped.  "But, where are the others?"  As if to respond to the question a loud crash was heard and a few meows of alarm.
"What are those idiots doing?' Itachi sighed.  A cloud of smoke began billowing from down the hallway.  Everyone's eyes widened in alarm as flames began to lick at the walls and carpet.  In sheer terror, five somewhat scorched kittens streaked out of the heart of the fire and hid behind Nekki.
"You guys are crazy!  How did you manage to set my house on fire?!" their owner shrieked.  He quickly scooped up the disheveled felines and dashed out of the house.
"Stay here and don't follow me!" he commanded.  After setting the kittens down, he ran back into the burning house and was immediately swallowed into the inferno.
"What is you problem?!  What the heck were you f***ing doing in there?" Kakuzu spat.
"Just lighting some candles and stuff, un," Deidara replied.
"Until a certain annoying ball of s*** decided to f***ing bother us," Hidan hissed jerking his head towards Tobi who seemed to have an interest in the grass.
"Tobi said he was sorry," the black and orange kitten mewled.  He forlornly looked at his paws.
"It doesn't matter now.  We just need to think of something that could help Nekki," Pein ordered.
"But what can we do?  He did say not to follow him," Sasori replied.
"We could get help," Kisame offered.
"You are just full of good ideas today," Konan remarked.  The shark-like cat blushed.
"I think we should make as much noise as possible to get people's attention," he added.
"Okay, we need to split up to cover more ground and tell more people.  Go in your usual team of two," Pein mewed sharply.  The Akatsuki nodded their heads and slipped through the fence with ease, and then took off in different directions each yowling as loud as they could.  People on the sidewalks took notice to the strange cats and allowed themselves to be led to the crackling house.  The onlookers whipped out their cell-phones and called 911, and asked for them to send a fire truck and an ambulance.  The Akatsuki rejoined each other and waited anxiously for the authorities to arrive as the fire hungrily devoured their home.
Finally finished. I left it for about two months or more, so please forgive me for such a late submission! I finally have a roll on it now so I can write more ^^ Yah, and sorry for the shortness, I found this a good place to end the chapter so...yeah.

Ch.1 [link]
Ch.2 [link]
Ch.3 [link]
Ch.4 [link]
Ch.5 [link]
Ch.6 [here]
Ch.7 [link]
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Chapter 4
This is Christmas

"Eh, no f***ing d*** deal" Hidan mewed.
"Heh, I guess it doesn't seem like such a big deal to you guys.  Let me explain," Nekki began.
"Her name was Naki Giniki and she was two years older than me and she was my idol.  She was an A+ student and a kind, loving person.  She was also an Asian American, like me, and had a bright blue eye and a vibrant green eye.  Her hair was dark navy and gray.  Naki had a love for rescuing abandoned or endangered animals.  One day, she traveled to Australia to help increase the number of numbats, an animal in danger of going extinct.  While she was helping, she got to stay at a hotel with a pool.  Unfortunately, she did not notice a spider slip into the water.  It sank to the bottom of the pool and she put her feet down on the ground and got bitten by the spider.  Naki was then rushed to the hospital, but it was too late to save her.  She died in the hospital before the family could get there to tell her that she's going to be okay.  I never got to say good-bye.  Her death struck a big blow on the entire family.  Ever since then, I have had a terrible fear of spiders and have to take medication for it and have therapy sessions.  As you saw earlier, I have uncontrolled violent breakouts and cannot remember of what I did.  The only way I know of what happened when I am in panic is when people tell me.  Luckily, I do not cause much damage, but I have been sent to an insane asylum.  I found it difficult to fit in with others at school and they constantly bullied me by showing pictures of spiders to me.  The purposely tried to get me into a frenzy just to get me in trouble.  When I started taking medication, they called me a drug addict and reported me to the authority.  To heal my pain, I took in stray cats and cared for them.  I took my sister's appearance to try and be closer to her even though she was dead.  My hair is actually black, but I dyed it.  That is why my hair is striped black and navy.  My eyes are actually just blue.  This eye," Nekki said pointing to his left eye, "is just a contact lens.  No one understood my pain, and continued to bully me.  Only one person comforted me in my time of sorrow.  She is my angel."
The kittens stared at him when he finished talking.
"I think we know more about him Pein-sama," Kakuzu mewed.  Pein nodded his head.
"Well, bedtime kittens!" Nekki announced in mock happiness.  He threw the covers up and crawled into his bed.  The kittens jumped up and lay down next to the Asian American.  He gave them all a forlorn smile and closed his eyes.  Tears trickled down his face and Tobi licked Nekki's eyes.
"Thank you," Nekki whispered as he continued to cry himself to sleep.
"I guess this took a lot of courage for him to tell us," Sasori mewed.
"I would have never guessed that he had such a tragic past!" Kisame meowed.  Itachi nodded in agreement.
"We should get some sleep.  Tomorrow is this so-called Christmas," Pein ordered.  One by one, the kittens fell asleep.
*      *     * *                 *
"It's Christmas!!!" Nekki shouted at the top of his lungs.  He leapt out of bed hitting the ceiling hard with his head in the process since he jumped so high and he cried out in pain.  Nekki fell back down on his bed with such momentum that it caused all of the Akatsuki kittens to fly up in the air.
"OH MY JASHIN!  THE F***ERS ARE HERE!" Hidan screeched as he flew in the air.  He blinked a few times and noticed that it was just a dream and that he was in the air.  "What the f***?!" he yowled as he landed on his stomach.
"Will you shut up?" Kakuzu mewed.
"What just happened, un?" Deidara asked.
"Tobi was flying!" Tobi cried.  He bounced around on the bed with glee.  "Do it again!  Do it again!"
"No!  Don't do it again!" Zetsu cried.  He dug his claws into the covers of the bed.
"Good morning guys!" Nekki said cheerily as he rubbed his head.  "Sorry for that rude awakening," Nekki apologized as he rubbed a welt that was forming on the crown of his head.  He got up and got some clothes out of the dresser and went inside the bathroom.  As he closed the door, the Akatsuki kittens were gathering their wits after being bounced in the air.
"What was that all about?" Kisame asked as he stretched his legs.
"Christmas," Itachi answered bluntly.
"Merry Christmas, everybody!" Nekki shouted to the kittens as he threw the bathroom door open.  He was wearing a green and red striped shirt and brown sweatpants.  They were all staring at him like he was crazy.
"These are the theme colors of Christmas.  I have some colors for you too!" Nekki said cheerily.  He took out some striped ribbons with the same colors as his shirt and tied bows to all of the kittens.  They all sat around in discomfort and looked at each other.
"Hm.  I guess we'll see how long you can tolerate them.  Oh well, Christmas breakfast!" Nekki yelled.  He raced out of his room and down the stairs to the kitchen where he sliced up some green and red bell peppers and poured himself some milk.  The Akatsuki kittens struggled to keep up with Nekki's zealous speed and ended up panting by the time they caught up.  They found it worth the exhaustion when they found a bowl of warm fish next to a bowl of cold water.
"This fish is still f***ing good," Hidan mewed.  He wolfed down a large amount of fish until Nekki noticed how fast he was eating.
"Whoa, slow down," Neko told Hidan.  He picked him up and placed him on the counter next to his plate of peppers with him struggling to get free.  "You wouldn't want to be sick on such a fantastic day, wouldja?"  Nekki asked.  Hidan hissed and tried to jump down from the counter.
"No!" Nekki yelled to Hidan forcefully as he pointed his finger at him.  He had a stern expression on his face, his eyes practically burning holes in Hidan's fur.  Hidan stopped and stared, giving Nekki an equally hard stare.  The young adult suddenly burst out laughing and scooped Hidan up with his hands and placing back with the others.
"He's got character, that one," Nekki said to himself.  When he was sure that they were finished eating, he picked up the bowls and put them in the sink.  He left his glass of milk on the table where he'd been eating and crunched the rest of his pepper slices.  Nekki then walked up the stairs and disappeared.
"That was…interesting," Pein mewed.  He washed his face with his paw, and then proceeded to lick Konan's face clean.
"Why did he suddenly laugh like it was no big deal?" Kisame asked.  Itachi shrugged.  He then attempted to climb onto the kitchen counter by digging his claws into the wooden cupboards.  When he got up onto the counter, he was out of breath.
"What are you doing, un?" Deidara asked.
"I'm tired of water," Itachi replied.  He stood up on his hind legs and placed his front paws on the rim of the glass of milk that was left.  Itachi then tried to get closer to the milk in the cup by sliding his front paws down the inside of glass.  The milk was almost reachable with his tongue when his paws slipped and Itachi fell face first.  Bubbles foamed on the surface of the milk and Itachi's hind legs were flailing, trying to get his head out of the glass.  Kakuzu, Hidan, Konan, Pein, Zetsu, Tobi, and Sasori gathered under the counter to watch Itachi's struggles.
"And he was a f***ing mind rapist when he was a f***ing ninja!" Hidan mused.  He laughed manically with a shine in his eyes.  "Do you think he'll drown?" Hidan asked.
"Nekki will notice at some point," Sasori mewed.  He licked his paw and acted like there wasn't anything interesting going on.
"Help me!" Itachi gurgled from inside the glass of milk.  He was thrashing his hind legs and back harder than before.  Itachi was obviously running out of air.  After a few more jerks, the glass tipped over spilling milk and milk bubbles on the countertop.  His body shivered for a second then became still.
"Is he dead, un?" Deidara asked as if it wasn't any big deal.
"I don't know.  Someone should check or get Nekki," Pein replied.
"Tobi will get Nekki-san!" Tobi mewed.  He bounced out of the kitchen, through the living room, and up the stairs to the young adult's room.  Tobi meowed loudly and clawed at his room.  Nekki opened the door wearing a Santa hat and reindeer antlers and saw the black and brown kitten with the orange patch's urgent, but still happy, expression.
"What's wrong?" Nekki asked.  Tobi bounded away down the stairs, through the living room, and to the kitchen.  Nekki followed him and saw all of the kittens surrounding the counter.  He looked at the counter and saw the black, white, and crimson kitten in a puddle of milk next to the glass that was now on its side.
"Oh I get it now.  Your lucky you did that today rather than yesterday.  Otherwise Santa Claus would have given you coal," Nekki said, crossing his arms over his chest.  He walked over to the counter, the kittens parting as he crossed the floor.  Nekki picked up the sodden kitten and felt that he wasn't breathing.  He massaged his chest to get the milk out from his lungs.  When that didn't work, he firmly patted the kitten's back.  He coughed up the milk and some came out of his nose.  Nekki laughed and ran some warm water on the kitten, rubbing his fur to get the milk off.  He then used the dishtowel to dry the kitten off the best he could and placed him with the other kittens.
"Ha ha ha!  You lucky b******!" Hidan laughed.  Itachi glared at him with his red eyes.  Hidan just laughed.
"Be more careful next time, Itachi," Pein mewed.
"Of course, Pein-sama," Itachi meowed, nodding his head.  He licked his damp fur until it was smooth.
"You bad cat," Nekki scolded, pointing his finger at Itachi.  He took a sponge and cleaned up the countertop and placed the empty glass in the sink.
"Did you drink some milk despite falling in it and almost drowning?" Kisame asked Itachi.
"Enough," Itachi replied.  He shook his pelt, shaking droplets of water everywhere.
"It's time to open presents guys!"  Nekki exclaimed.  He ran to the decorated tree and brought out all of the presents under it.
"Come here kittens," Nekki called.  The Akatsuki kittens all padded into the living room and sat in a horizontal line in front of Nekki.  He placed different colored gifts in front of each kitten.  They all got the same amount of presents but some of them were different sizes.
"Now you open the presents by unwrapping the paper and untying the ribbon," Nekki instructed.  He watched as the kittens ripped the wrapping paper to shreds and pulled the ribbons and unveiled collars of different colors.
"Well, what do you think?" Nekki asked.  He fitted the collars around all of the kittens' necks.  "It's about time I name all of you," Nekki said.
"You're gonna to be Sensei," Nekki said, stroking the orange and cream kitten.  He looked confused for a second, and then relaxed.  The young adult put a gold colored tag on Shidousha/Pein's collar, which was gray.
"You're name is gonna to be Aohana," Nekki said, clipping a tag to Konan's purple collar.  She purred at the sound of her new name.
"You're name is gonna be Akame because of your eyes," Nekki said, ruffling Itachi's head fur.  He clipped a tag to his red collar.
"You're going to be Same," Nekki said.  He looked surprised, and then showed his sharp kitten teeth.  He clipped Same/Kisame's tag to his navy blue collar.
"You, loud one, are gonna be named Obake.  You're lucky I didn't decide to name you 'Urusai'," Nekki said.  He saw the gray kitten scowl and he could have sworn that a few of the other kittens were laughing at him.  Nekki took his necklace with the pendant off of him and he hissed and scratched the young adult's hands as he removed the pendant.
"Chill, I'm just putting it on your collar," Nekki said, wincing at the scratches dealt to his hand.  The scratches were pretty deep and they were bleeding as well.  Obake/Hidan narrowed his eyes at Nekki then watched him closely as he clipped the tag onto his black collar.  When he had clipped his pendant onto his collar, he licked Nekki's hand where he scratched him.  When the blood stopped leaking out of the wound, he walked away.
"Why, thank you Obake," Nekki said.  He scratched him under his chin and he purred while the brown and tan tabby snickered.
"Oh, does the little pussy cat like his pretty little necklace?" Kakuzu mewed in a mocking voice.
"F*** off!" Hidan hissed.
"Why did you lick his blood, by the way?" Kakuzu asked.
"I wanted to give his f***ing blood to Jashin since he f***ing defiled his sacred symbol!" Hidan mewed.
"You're Amime.  Don't worry, I'll pet you next," Nekki said petting Kakuzu.  He looked satisfied with his name and his tag as the Asian American clipped it to his bright green collar.
"You're going to be Deidara," Neko said.  All of the kittens had a shocked look on their faces.  "What's wrong?  His fur looks like it's covered in mud so that's what I naming him."  He clipped his tag to his brown collar.
"Well it makes sense, un," Deidara mewed.
"But it's strange how you look like your name," Pein meowed.
"At least you got your f***ing name!  What the f*** is up with my name?!" Hidan yowled.
"It fits you," Kakuzu mewed.
"F*** you," Hidan hissed.
"If you guys are done with your conversation, I'm naming you Yakedo," Nekki said to Sasori.  He clipped his tag to his orange collar.  Yakedo/Sasori looked dully at his tag and didn't seem to mind his new name.
"You, little ball of energy, are going to be Kietsu," Nekki said.  Tobi bounced around even when Nekki clipped the tag to his rainbow collar.
"And you're going to be Nibaiki," Nekki said.  Zetsu's white half looked pretty happy about his new name while the black half showed no emotion.  The young adult clipped the tag to his forest green collar.
"Well, that was the first of the gifts.  Let's open the next ones," Nekki suggested.  The next gifts were individual bowls for the kittens with their new names on them.  The last gifts were cat toys.  Pretty soon, all of the Akatsuki kittens were playing with their toys.
"Meh heh heh heh!  I'll get you, mouse!" Itachi mewed.  He waggled his hindquarters before pouncing on a toy mouse.
"Itachi, are you okay?" Kisame asked as his partner batted his toy around the floor.  Itachi wasn't listening and just pounced on Kisame's tail.
"Gotcha!" Itachi mewed excitedly.  Every time Kisame's tail moved, Itachi's paw would swiftly pin it.
"What's wrong with him, un?" Deidara asked Kisame.
"I don't know," Kisame admitted.
"Sasori's acting the same way,un," Deidara mewed.  Kisame turned and saw all of the normally calm Akatsuki were now acting strange.
"It's catnip," Zetsu mewed.  "Duh!"
"You guys need to get outside with all of that energy.  And look! It snowed last night," Nekki suggested.  He picked up all of the kittens in his arms then opened the door.  His yard was covered in a white blanket of snow.  An approximately one-acre yard was surrounded the small yard.  In that one-acre are two maple trees and a vegetable garden.  There was also a tool shed in a corner of the yard,
He dumped the ten kittens into the snow then walked back inside the house to put on a jacket and proper snow gear.
"Tobi's cold!" Tobi mewled.  He shivered then tried to cuddle with Deidara.
"Back off, un," Deidara hissed.  Tobi squealed, then ran off in the snow to Zetsu, who was also shivering.
"OH MY GOD, FROSTING!" Sasori yowled.  He jumped into a snowdrift and rolled around in it.
"FROSTING?!  WHERE?!" Itachi mewed excitedly.  He bounded after Sasori into the snow and tunneled through it.
"Let's go get some frosting, dear!" Konan mewed to Pein.  He didn't get in any catnip despite him being one of the calm ones.
"Let's not," Pein mewed sternly.
"This is just weird," Deidara mewed.
"Really?" Kisame meowed sarcastically.
"I see you're liking the snow.  That's good," Nekki said from the doorway.  He saw the normally serious kittens rolling around in the snow and he burst out laughing.  Nekki then began to roll the snow into spheres.
"What the f*** is he doing?" Hidan asked to no one in particular.  The kittens that weren't high on catnip padded through the snow, which was up to their elbows.  They had to lift their paws quite high to walk through the snow.
"Hey kittens, I'm making a snowman," Nekki said.  He rolled the three spheres of snow on to each other and packed them together.  The young adult stared at his handy work then heard a voice calling his name.
"Nekki!  Hey Nekki, what the h*** are you doing?" a female voice said.
" 'Sup Yumi.  Glad you came.  I'm making a snowman," Nekki said.  "Hey, kittens.  This is my angel, Yumi."  He opened the gate in the fence to let Yumi in, but she stayed on the road.  Her strawberry blond shoulder length, straight hair that normally points inward towards her neck blew in the winter air.  Her full bangs fell slightly over her bright green eyes.  Yumi's has olive colored skin blended well with her heavy black eyeliner and a card liege piercing as well as pierced ears.  Her business jacket, a black blazer, and her chained necklace with a ruby stone that reaches her chest greatly contrasted the white winterscape.
"Want to help decorate the snowman?" Nekki asked.
"Sure.  Here's a hint of what to use; a carrot," Yumi said, leaning over the fence.  Nekki looked a little hurt when Yumi said that but quickly recovered by laughing it off.  Yumi rolled her eyes and walked into the yard.
"What a pretty girl!" Tobi mewed.  He jumped in the snow trying to get closer to Yumi.
"You know you're a kitten, un?" Deidara mewed.
"But Tobi thinks she's pretty," Tobi whined.  He mewed at Yumi and she looked down at him.
"You have kittens," Yumi said.
"Yeah.  I rescued their mother but she died giving birth to them," Nekki explained.  Yumi just looked him strangely and slightly alarmed.  "It's true."
"Whatever," Yumi sighed.  "What are their names?"
"This one is Sensei," Nekki said indicating Pein.  "This one is Aohana," the young man continued indicating Konan.  "This one is Obake," Nekki pointing to Hidan.  And he continued through the rest of the names.  When the Asian American was finished introducing the kittens, Yumi looked at Itachi, who was no longer high on catnip.
"Akame, really?" Yumi asked.
"Cheyah.  His name means 'blood-shot eyes'.  Just look at his eyes, they're red!" Nekki explained, lifting Itachi up to Yumi's face.  She stared into his eyes.  He glared at her.
"Is it me or did that cat just glare at me?" Yumi asked backing up as step.
"Probably, these kittens just have human-like personalities," Nekki replied.  He put Itachi back down in the snow.
"Okay then…" Yumi said her voice trailing away.
"Wanna come inside?" Nekki offered.
"Eh, why not," Akane said, shrugging.  Both humans walked into the house chatting about what had been going on with their lives.
"Come on kitties, time to come inside," Nekki called out the door.  The kittens quickly bounded through the snow to the warmth inside the house.
"What's with the paper and ribbons?" Yumi asked.
"Christmas presents," Nekki replied quickly.  He then disappeared into the bathroom and brought out a large towel and placed it on the floor and put all of the kittens on the towel.  Nekki then began rubbing their fur dry with the towel.
"Oh crud! I forgot to get you a Christmas present! I was so busy with the kittens that I forgot!" Nekki said, with a shocked and obviously embarrassed expression on his face.
"Nah, it's okay," Yumi said waving her hand.  But, seriously, thinking of the kittens before his girlfriend?  Nekki is just too spacey, Yumi thought.
"Really?  'Cause if you want, I can go to the store and buy you something," Nekki offered.
"Alright, sure!" Yumi replied.
"Can you watch the kittens while I'm gone?" Nekki asked.
"H*** yeah!" Akane said.  She punched skyward and then brought her elbow down.
"Glad to see that you're so enthusiastic about it," Nekki said, smiling.  He opened the front door, gave them all a warm smile, and left.
Yay Chapter 4! Let me know if the renames for the Akatsuki are wrong.

Pein-->Sensei (teacher)
Konan--> Aohana (blue flower)
Kisame--> Same (shark)
Itachi--> Akame (blood-shot eyes)
Hidan--> Obake (ghost)
Kakuzu--> Amime (stitch)
Deidara--> Deidara (mud)
Sasori--> Yakedo (burn, scald)
Tobi--> Kietsu (joy)
Zetsu--> Nibaiki (two-faced tree)

Chapter 1 [link]
Chapter 2 [link]
Chapter 3 [link]
Chapter 4 [here]
Chapter 5 [link]
Chapter 6 [link]
Chapter 7 [link]
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Da da da da da da da

Da da da da da da

Da da da da da da da

Da da da da da da

Tugging at my bandana
I'm twiddling my fingers
I'm trying to keep my cool
I know it shows
I'm staring at my feet
My cheeks are turning red
I'm searching for the words
Inside my head
Cuz I'm feeling nervous
Trying to be so perfect
Cuz I know you're worth it
You're worth it

If I could say what I wanna say
I say I wanna blow your mind away
Be with you every night
Am I squeezing you too tight?
If I could do what I wanna do
I wanna bring you and go down on one knee, "Marry me today?"
Guess I'm wishing my life away
With these things I'll never say

It don't do me any good
It's just a waste of time
What use is it to you
What's on my mind?
If it ain't coming out,
We're not going anywhere
So why can't I just tell you that I care?
Cuz I'm feeling nervous
Trying to be so perfect
Cuz I know you're worth it
You're worth it

If I could say what I wanna say
I say I wanna blow your mind away
Be with you every night
Am I squeezing you too tight
If I could do what I wanna do
I wanna bring you and go down on one knee, "marry me today?"
Guess I'm wishing my life away
With these things I'll never say

What's wrong with my tongue
These words keep slipping away
I stutter, I stumble
Like I've got nothing to say
Cuz I'm feeling nervous
Trying to be so perfect
Cuz I know you're worth it
You're worth it

Da da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da da da da da

Guess I'm wishing my life away
With these things I'll never say
If I could say what I wanna say
I say I wanna blow your mind away
Be with you every night
Am I squeezing you too tight
If I could do what I wanna do
I wanna bring you and go down on one knee, "Marry me today."
Guess I'm wishing my life away
With these things I'll never say
These things I'll never say

I took Avril Lavigne's song "Things I'll Mever Say" and tweaked it to match Apritello. I hope up like it.

Original lyrics belong to (c) Avril Lavigne
Donnie and April belong to (c) Nickelodeon
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It was just another day in the turtle lair.

Mikey was playing games on his T-phone, Raph was reading his comics while Spike was chewing a leaf, Leo was watching Space Heroes, and Donnie, April, and June Marie hedgehog were in Donnie's lab. Donnie was working on an experiment, April was on her laptop, and June was drawing in her sketchbook while listening to music on her phone.

Now, it had been apparent to June for some time that Donnie loved April. At one point, she even agreed to help Donnie win April over. She wasn't sure how to go about it at first, but then after listening to a few romantic songs she had, she got an idea.

"It's a bit quiet in here." June said. "Would you guys like some music?"

"Sure. Whatcha got?" Asked April.

"Most oldies, Christian music, smooth jazz, and a few pop songs." She replied. "Though there's this really awesome song I recently Shazamed on my phone from my favorite radio station back home called 'the Wave.' It's an old song, but until recently I had never heard it before and when I heard it, I loved it!"

"Alright. Put it on!" Said April.

Perfect! This is gonna be great!
She went through her phone and pulled up the song she wanted, and put it on a speaker dock she had for her phone. When the music started up, she wanted to leave the room to give them some privacy.

"Hey I'm gonna get something to eat. I'll be right back." June said with a smirk.

"Okay." They both said.

Baby you'll find
There's only one love
Yours and mine
I've got so much love

And needing you so
My love for you
I'll never let go
I've got so much love

Donnie's POV: Really, June? You couldn't have picked a better time for this!? Ugh! Not now! I could think of a million more opportunities for this!

Donnie and April looked at each other while listening to the song, but Donnie turned his head with a blush!

I'm gonna talk to June about this! I get that she wants to help but this is just bad timing! There's no way April would go for me. Not now.

All I want is to hold you
Let me show how much I love you baby (Show you)
Who am I kidding? June picked the perfect song at the perfect time!
I don't mind and I don't mind (Loving you)
Girl I love you
I really do, April!
There's no one above you

He looked over to April again, with his heart hammering in his chest and a blush over his face. She looked back at him, seeing the look in his eyes.

You are the sun
You are the rain
That makes my life this foolish game
You need to know
I love you so
And I'd do it all again and again

This is exactly how I feel for April! I have a feeling that if I don't tell her now, I'll regret it. The poor mutant felt so torn. Go with his brain and wait until that perfect time? Or go with his heart and tell her how he feels?

Tell me it's true
I can't believe you do what you do
I've got so much love

They continued to stare into each other's eyes. Many thoughts were racing through Donnie's head.
What am I waiting for? I've gotta make my move!
But I can't! I'm scared she won't love me back.
I can take on the Foot Clan and the freaking Kraang but I can't move in for a kiss? What is that?

He wanted to tell her how he felt so bad. He wanted nothing more than to give her his heart. To hold her and kiss her. He wanted to put this agonizing longing within to and end! He decided what he was gonna do about it instead of going on, not saying anything, wondering what would've happened if he had expressed his feelings.

And my love you'll see
We'll stay together, just you and me
I've got so much love

Only you (know me)
Tell me how to love you baby (show me)
I don't mind and I don't mind (tell me)
Girl, I love you
Always thinking of you

This is it! You're gonna tell her how you feel!! You're spilling the damn beans once and for all. Regardless of what happens! If she loves you back, then great! if she doesn't love you back, it's her loss. Not yours.

You are the sun
You are the rain
That makes my life this foolish game
You need to know
I love you so
And I'd do it all again and again

They began to get closer to where their faces were mere inches apart, as they stared into each other's eyes as they sparkle lovingly.

I know you know the way I feel
And I need your love for always
Cause when I'm with you
I fall in love
Again and again and again, Baby.

The shell with it!
With that, he pulled her in for a kiss! She was shocked at first, but happy. She then closed her eyes, grabbed him as well, and kissed back and wrapped her arms around him, pulling her body closer to his.

She's kissing back!! She's kissing back!! Oh April, I feel like I'm on cloud 9 right now!

They kissed passionately, holding each other rightly and moving their hands around each other's bodies for the rest of the song, only stopping for air when needed.

You are the sun
You are the rain
That makes my life this foolish game
You need to know
I love you so
And I'd do it all again and again

Little did they know, June had been watching for half the song.
Yes!! It worked
She was trying really hard to hold back a squee at how sweet and adorable they were.

The song stopped, along with their kiss. They were breathless, their faces red and both their hearts beating fast!
"You are my sun and rain, April O Neill. I love you!" Said Donnie.
"You're my sun and rain too, Donnie. I love you too!" Said April.

They hugged and out of the corner of his eye, he spotted June. It was like they had telepathy for a moment. His eyes said it all.

Thank you.

You're welcome, Donnie.

With that, she smiled and left the two lovebirds alone.

"Mission accomplished." She said quietly.
Here it is! My first Apritello Fanfic! Well, it's a songfic, but you know what I mean. When I hear the song "You Are" by Lionel Richie, I think of this.

Edit: I wasn't satisfied with how it came out at first, so I went back and made some changes. I asked for the help of the inspirational :iconflashyfashionfraud: on what I can do to make this fanfic better. She suggested keeping it on only one POV, so that's what I did. And I'm glad I did. Thank you, :iconflashyfashionfraud:!!

Donnie and April belong to (c) Nickelodeon
June Marie hedgehog belongs to (c) Me
You Are belongs to (c) Lionel Richie
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My life changed forever since I met you
My father was lost, but I found a friend in you
You're always there for me when I'm down
You always make me smile when I frown
But as time goes by, I see more
You've found the key to my heart's door.
I would never admit this out loud, but I must say the truth.
That gap-toothed smile of yours is incredibly cute!
Your beautiful brown eyes convey truth and kindness
Every time I look into them, my heart races and my face flushes
My Purple-Masked Knight, please be mine.
I'll do my best to make you always feel like you're on cloud nine.
Another apritello poem I wrote, only this time, it's from April's POV.
I hope you like it!
April and Donnie belong to (c) Nickelodeon
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