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Rejected. Thrown out. It all felt the same these days. It's been rough

since graduation for nineteen year old Liam Kenzie. No matter what, any

band he tried to join, he was thrown out of or they just didn't want him.

The idea of cleaning dishes at McDonalds or sitting in an office all day

was just unacceptable. Unfortunatly for Liam, the type of band that were

even slightly interested in his voice didn't want to do the music he

wanted to sing to. He could play an instrument, but that would get him

no-where considering no modern band wants a kid with a keytar. Hell,

he wasn't even from the 80's, but that keytar was the only object he'd ever

actually loved. He wasn't going to change his instruments or voice no

matter what they were paying. Of course, that meant he was in a bit of a

financial issue, being an unemployed teenager who didn't want a 'real'

job. He's already been kicked out of three apartments now, either for

unpaid rent or unpaid rent and noise complaints. This current

apartment seemed to be going well, though.

Honestly, Liam was quite surprised to see an apartment with such

cheap rent. He even got it instantly after putting in the aplication, but

when asking what the catch was, it was simply shrugged off and

forgotten. He was pretty sure he knew why it was shrugged off when he

actually moved in and discovered an overpowering smell. There were

dead rodents by one of the windows, but they hadn't died of natural

causes it seemed, as there were chunks ripped and missing from them.

The blood was everywhere and he nearly threw up whilst cleaning it.

The neighbours were all boring old people, and they told some fake

stories about the apartment being haunted. Quite frankly, he wasn't

going to go anywhere, this has been the best (but at the same time

worst) apartment yet. He didn't even have to worry about the  rent this

time. After the last eviction his ever-so-religious mother started putting a

few hundred dollars in his bank every month to help with the rent.

Where she gets the money as a stay-at-home mom he will never

understand, but it's just enough to cover the rent here and get some

food...well...noodle-cups and instant soups, Liam couldn't cook to save

his life.

If the apartment actually turns out to be haunted, Liam will just have to

suffer in silence now that he lived on his own. He was easily frightened,

even of the dark. His parents never really helped him anyway, they even

claimed his fear of the dark was just 'god punishing him', but it always

felt better knowing you weren't alone in the house if something were to

crawl through your window and attack. He loved horror films, but he

could never watch them alone. He'd invite friends over just so he could

watch them. People thought his intense fear was fake, an act, but then

again no one really believed him about anything and that had gotten

him into quite some trouble. A year before graduation everyone thought

he was carrying a hit list. There was no evidence whatsoever, but that

didn't stop people from believing it. There were countless other

incidents, but he'd dare not to speak of them again. Not since he

decided to forget his life up to the present day. Therapists upon

therapists had tried to convince him that it was all in his head, but he

knows he was right. The past was indeed behind him, but there are

some things you just can't forget.


It's been a few weeks with no noise complaints and that was good. Rent

was paid on time for once, there were boxes everywhere still, but Liam

couldn't complain. Well, maybe he could complain about that lingering

smell of rodents and lack of bands looking to hire, but it was

bearable...for now, atleast. He wanted to be able to get take away once in

a while, not live on noodle-cups, and in order to do that he'd need a

better income. He'd also have to buy some more Noodle-Cups, actually.  

Standing up from sitting on the lounge, he glared at the mirror in the

corner of the room. It wasn't his, it was just there when he moved in. A

mirror, of all things. It looked well used and had stains over it, but it still

did it's job. It told him how messy he really was. His blonde hair was

everywhere and his ears were fuzzed up, the clothes he wore were

baggy and probably smelled, too. His tail though, that was the worst. He

had tried to calm it down, but the fur simply stood up proudly in every

direction possible. He shook his head with a smirk. "I can admire my

gorgeous reflection later"

With that, he made his way over to the kitchen counter and literally

crawled over it, then jumping off and standing in the kitchen. It wasn't

big, but it wasn't small, either. Right next to the fridge there was a

cupboard, opening it something seemed off. Liam pouted, moving some

of the soups out of the way. "...I've only got three noodle-cups left?" He

was pretty sure he had atleast five just yesterday, and he sure as hell

hasn't eaten two in that time. He continued looking through the almost

empty cupboard but the missing noodle-cups didn't appear.
"...It's almost all gone...I swear I had enough..."

Lately he had felt as if his stuff was just vanishing just to annoy him. First

it was his socks and now it was his food. He convinced himself he just

misplaced the socks, but there was no way he could just 'misplace' the

food. The idea of the apartment actually being haunted crossed his

mind, but ghosts don't eat. No, ghosts can't eat. They're

dead. He came to the obvious conclusion, that his stuff is just

vanishing for no reason what-so-ever. He had to admit though, it was

kind of freaky.

The ringing of his mobile phone sent Liam out of his train of thought. He

took the device from his pocket and checked the caller ID. His mother.

Liam had made the mistake of bringing up the fact that the house is

rumoured to be haunted in a conversation with her and now she won't

stop checking up on him. She kept telling him to come home because it

was 'safe' but she didn't listen to him. He didn't want to go home. End of

story. His mother just can't understand that. Debating with himself on

what to do, he decided to just leave it. He sat it on the counter, closed the

cupboard and walked off down the hall into his room, dodging boxes

along the way.

Liam grabbed a pen and a piece of paper, writing a sloppy mess of a

shopping list. Grabbing a black hoodie and slipping it on, he ignored

the loud bang from the loungeroom, it wasn't the first time this has

happened. It turned out last time that it was just next door, despite how

clear the noise was. He took his wallet and was about to walk up the

hallway once more until he only just heard a voice from the loungeroom.


Liam's mind started racing as did his heartbeat. There was someone

else in his apartment, he was sure of it. The voice was too clear to be next

door. Instinctively he reached into his pocket for his No, his

phone wasn't in his pocket. It was still out on the counter ringing. He

can't phone the police. He ran his hand through his hair in stress. There

were so many possibilities. Could it be a thief or a mass murderer? It

could be both! It could be some psychopath dressed up as a clown!

Anything can happen in these scenarios. What did they want was a good

question, but a much more important one would be what will they do if

they find him?

"oh god" Liam mumbled. "Oh jesus christ no" Looking around, he truely

was defenceless. He wasn't going to smash his keytar against the

intruder and he didn't really have anything else. Maybe he would be

homophobic, though. Maybe Liam could get his gay porn collection and

throw it at him. Maybe it would scare him off.

"No." Liam sighed. "That's a stupid idea." He only had one idea left; get

the phone and get the police. Easier said than done, that's for sure. He

had no idea as to who was out there and that was terrifying. His body

moved up the hallway despite his mind's protests. Peeping around the

corner, he could see into the kitchen. He could see the intruder. He was

a brown...hedgehog? Yeah, that looked about right. Maybe he was some

type of sub-species though, his features looked a little different. Much

shorter quills on the sides of the head...He had blood all over his face,

jesus christ, or...or no, it's not blood. Just red marks. Ok, Alright...And he

was dressed in some sort of red and black jumper and skinny jeans.

Even apartment intruders could dress better than Liam.

Taking the chance, Liam crawled over and hid on the opposite side of

the counter. His phone was on the counter on the other side of the room

though. He'd have to race over and threaten to call the police quickly, he

didn't want to be caught defenceless. Although, the intruder may have

already realised as Liam's tail was just showing from behind the

counter. Before Liam could hide his tail, he made a leap over the

counter and made a dash for the phone, but the intruder knew what he

was trying to do. He reached out and grabbed Liam by the tail, pulling

him back. Of course it hurt for Liam, who screamed and tried to free


The hedgehog wasn't having any of it though. He grabbed Liam by his

collar and pushed him against the fridge, not daring to let go. He just

kind of watched him squirm for a moment, before Liam started

screaming. He started freaking out then. He grabbed a tea-towel and

covered Liam's mouth with it, holding his hand over it. "N-No...Don't.

Don't scream. Okay? Just...C-Calm down...I...I, uh..." This guy was

nervous. He had no idea what to do, but he definatly looked like he

didn't want to hurt anyone.

Liam noticed that he was grabbing the noodle-cups from his cupboard

before he attacked and snarled at him from under the towel. This guy

seemed almost as scared as Liam was, so maybe if he acted as if he

wasn't he could get this guy to leave.

"just...uh...oh, geez...l-let me explain, okay? Like...I know this is weird and

stuff...but, cannot call the police." He frowned. "...I'm

going to let go. If you scream Liam, I swear to god..." Tom released his

grip and stood back, giving Liam his space.

Liam glared at Tom. "....You know my name."

"y-yeah...yeah, I do...You were one of my sister's friends...she wouldn't

shut up about you..."

"...what are you doing entering my apartment and stealing my food? I

mean--who even are you?!"

"oh, you're the new owner...The deaf old lady passed away. Huh. I never

really had to explain myself before..." he paused, grabbing Liam's phone

as he noticed him eyeing it off. "....Tom." He rolled his eyes. "...My name is

Tom. And I'm surviving, not stealing. Or you could call it permanant

borrowing without permission."

"you're stealing."

"I need to eat."

"This is creepy. You're creepy."

"Oh, thank you. It's nice to meet you, too. Do you treat everyone like this?"

Tom laid back against the wall with his arms crossed and Liam's phone

in hand. "I'm the one holding your phone, you might want to watch what

you say."

"Well, you don't just casually break in and take food from people! It's


"Well" Tom mocked Liam. "I haven't every time. I was nice enough to

help you with your rodent problem and get a bite out of it."

Liam was disgusted. This guy couldn't be for real, right? It would explain

the dead rodents with bites missing though..."Get out."

"what?" Tom's face dropped.

"Get out. Go home! Don't ever set foot in this apartment ever again you

freak! Oh my god...that's're


Tom stared at the ground for a moment. "...uh..." He looked up. His

expression was tired and depressed. "...This is my home, you


A look of disbelief washed over Liam's face as a sarcastic "oh really now"

left his lips. This was his home, not Tom's.

Tom narrowed his gaze at Liam. "Yes, actually." He coughed. "I've been

living here for three years." He pointed to the open window just before

the entrance to the kitchen. "...look out at that balcony. That's my stuff."

Liam edged over to the window slowly. It was true, unfortunatly. There

were blankets and other personal items. What really stood out was the

bloody knife.

"...Find a different home, then. I don't see you paying rent."

"If you want to get technical I do help. People think this place is haunted

because of me. That's atleast half off of the original rent price. So, I

should be staying inside now that you know." Tom looked around, taking

in the order of the few bits of furniture. "I suppose I'll be sleeping on the

lounge" He smiled wide, leaving Liam at the window and going to sit

down. "...unless you've got a spare mattress, of course."

"Are you even listening to me?!" Liam walked over infront of Tom. "Get


"I can't" Tom turned to face away. "People don't like me."


"I'm not going anywhere Liam."

"You're a complete stranger!"

"Fine then. Let's become not-strangers"

"You can't just--"

"--I'm not moving!!"

"Tom, I'm giving you until--"

"--yeah, whatever" Tom gave Liam his phone back and he placed his feet

on the coffee table infront of him. "Not moving."

"I'm serious."

"Save your breath." Tom sighed. "...If you're worried about me killing you,

don't be. If I wanted you dead you'd be dead. I just can't leave this place,

and you need to understand that. The outside world doesn't want

anything to do with me. For weeks I made the front of newspapers for

one accident that everyone wants me in jail for. I kind of then faked my

death. I can't leave."

" killed someone?"


Folding his arms, Liam let out a sigh. " get one chance."


" get one chance to live here. If you screw it up, theres no

forgiveness...I'll get the police all over you." He bit his lip. He already

knew this was a bad idea.

"I was living here anyway" Tom smirked. "...I'll move my stuff into the

spare room later..."

"yeah, whatever. But even if you lie to me about any small thing, I'll get

the police."

"I've been truthful so far, you have nothing to worry about. Geez, kid."

"Hey. I'm not a kid. I'm nineteen."

"Teenager. Kid. They're the same, Liam."

"And how old are you?"

"Twenty two."


"what?" Tom looked up. "...Do I look older or something?"

"oh...n-no, no, look my age, that's all."

Tom laughed an awkward and obviously fake laugh. "...right."

"...Look, I need to go to the shops...I'll be back soon. Lock me out or touch

my stuff and I'll get the police."

Tom nodded. "Alright."

Liam let out a deep sigh as he left. No good could come of this.


It's been two days since Tom moved in and no one's dead yet. Tom didn't

have a mattress, or a bed for that matter, but he was grateful for being

able to use the lounge as long as he moved his legs so Liam could sit.

Liam had to start buying more food now that it was the two of them, but

Tom promised he would repay him back one day. Liam seriously

doubted that, but Tom was certain he would find a way. Liam had

actually forgotten about Tom twice he was that unnoticable, but he

remembered when he heard the toilet flush or the shower start.

Tom had been extra quiet today though. Or...atleast, Liam thought Tom

had been. He had his headphones on all day listening to all sorts of

music, singing along and playing his keytar. Hell, he didn't even change

out of his stupid Batman pyjamas, but he didn't care. Right now, he only

cared about this headache he was suffering from. Taking his

headphones off and sitting his instrument down,he then leant his back

against the wall and held his head. This was the second time he's

suffered a really bad headache like this, and they only seem to get


"I'm going to have to get some medication for this..."

A knock at his door caught his attention from the mind-melting ache.

" Liam?" It was Tom.

"uh...come in." Liam's hands dropped to his sides, but he remained

against the wall so he wouldn't have to put his effort into standing

properly just yet.

The door opened cautiously as Tom stepped inside, observing the room.

It was so full compared to his, despite Liam not actually having that

much stuff. He then diverted his attention to Liam, smirking at his

current state. "I didn't wake you, did I?"

"Hey. Shut up. No."

"..Anyway...I was going to just do a noodle-cup for dinner, I wanted to

know if you'd like one done up."

"Dinner? What time is it?"

"It's just past ten."

Liam pouted. "Bloody hell...could you?"

"yeah, why do you think I'm asking? To just say no if you wanted one?"

Liam shrugged. "Eh, forget I asked then. But yeah, I'll have one, thanks."

"uh..." Tom paused. "...No problem." He turned and walked back down

the hall, back through the loungeroom and back into the kitchen.

Liam looked around the room quickly, grabbing his comb and fixing his

hair. He was going to fall asleep soon so there really was no point in

getting changed, so he placed the comb down and walked out into the

kitchen where Tom was waiting for the kettle to boil.

"I didn't know you could sing." Tom tossed the noodle-cup rubbish to the

bin, but missed altogether. "...Or played the keyboard...You're good,


It took Liam a moment to realise that Tom was infact talking to him, and

he immediatly felt his face heat up ever-so-slightly. "...Thanks, I

guess...I'm not good, though, and I don't play the keyboard..."

Tom turned to face Liam, slightly in disbelief. "If you don't play a

keyboard, what were all the bloop-y sounds? I'm pretty sure that was a


"That was a keytar"

"What's the difference?"

"You hold it like a guitar" Liam said, matter-of-factly.

"Alright, well, you're good at singing and keytar then. Is that


Liam smirked and rolled his eyes. "...I'm glad you think that, but I'm not

good at singing. I have the worst voice for it..."

Tom pouted. "You were freakin' killing it in there. All day. If that's not

what singing is, then I don't know what is." Liam could have also swore

he heard Tom mumble 'I like your voice', but he knew he must have

imagined it. It was Tom afterall.

"That's not real singing, Tom. No band wants someone who sings and

screams at the same time"

"Obviously the bands who wrote those songs did" Tom smiled, grabbing

the kettle and filling the noodle-cups with water.

"But the bands I'm trying out for don't"

"Then make your own band. Don't conform to society and all that. You're

good at what you do, dude,  you just have to find others that want to do it

with you."

"'re right you know." Liam smiled. "...I could do ads for guitarists

and stuff...or...actually, I think two of my friends can fill the spots for

guitar and bass. I just need a drummer then..."

Tom grinned, passing Liam his chicken flavoured noodles, wrapped in a

tea-towel so he wouldn't burn himself. "...I uh...Noticed you have a box of

horror movies, do you mind if I put one on?"

"Huh? Oh. Yeah, sure. Horror movies are the best. Go pick one and I'll set

up the DVD player."

"Okay" Tom placed his food on the small coffee table. "I'll be right back."


It's been a week since Tom moved in and both of the apartment's

residents have been getting along well. Liam's friends said they would

think about starting a band with him and he's never been better. He

hasn't suffered any more headaches and Tom somehow managed to get

an air mattress, which he thought was much cooler than any bed.

Together, both the boys managed to unpack most of the boxes and

watch a few of the movies. They seemed to have a lot more in common

than they thought and Liam realised Tom wasn't the mass murder he

had made him out to be.

"You know." Tom started, swallowing a mouthful of popcorn. "'re

going to need to get more movies soon..." Tom was sitting next to Liam

on the lounge as some guy cut his foot off on the television.

Liam nodded. "I know. At the rate we're going we're going to run out


"Maybe we should save some money each week for movies?"

"Or I could just download them off YouTube." Liam sighed. "Movies cost

too much these days"

Tom nodded in silent agreeance, stopping their little conversation.

Some people nearly died again in the movie and things were getting

really intense, but Liam spoke up again.


"Yeah?" Tom turned to face Liam this time.

"Could you please get a blanket? It's starting to get cold in here."

Tom grabbed the remote and rolled his eyes, pausing the movie. "Do I

have to?"

"yes" Liam smiled. "Please?"

Tom stood up and walked off down the hall, returning moments later

with the blanket from Liam's bed, spreading it over the lounge so it

would cover both of them.

"Be careful with the popcorn on the lounge, dumbass " Liam laughed,

grabbing the bowl after it got knocked over and scooping as many of the

butter-flavoured snacks back into the bowl as he could.

Tom jumped under the blanket, avoiding as much of the popcorn as

possible. "It's your fault for wanting it."

"Don't act like you weren't eating it, too." Liam grinned, playing the

movie once more.

It was only in the movie credits when Tom realised that the pressure

he'd been feeling on his side for the last ten minutes was an almost-

unconscious Liam. He had been informed on Liam's fear of the dark, so

it kind of made sense that as he'd be drifting off he wouldn't want to feel

alone. Especially after watching a movie like Saw. He wasn't sure when

it happened, but he was surprised to find his own arm around him and

pulling the fox closer. Neither boy protested, so it was like that they

remained that night. It was a cold morning, that was for sure, so it only

gave Tom more of an excuse to subconsciously move towards the fluffy

source of warmth right next to him. Liam was already awake at this point

of time, just lying there. As creepy as it sounded, yes, he was watching

Tom sleep. It was...interesting, in a way. Or, atleast it was, until Tom

practically slapped Liam in the face while trying to get closer. Liam

rolled his eyes and pushed Tom back only to have him move closer once

more. It was like he was some kind of magnet.


It's been two months since Tom moved in he's started to realise just how

annoying Liam can be. Although the company is nice, he won't shut up

during the action scenes in movies. He could be such a child, when he

didn't get his own way he'd scrunch his face up and hold his breath

until he goes purple. Tom usually gave in before that though, he didn't

really enjoy watching Liam deprive himself from oxygen. He wasn't sure

as to how far Liam would take the act in the future, and quite frankly, he

did not want to know. The kid was insane!

"Hey Tom." Liam looked over at Tom, sitting on the lounge and busy

doing nothing. As both boys usually did. "You know what I noticed?"

Tom didn't seem phased at all. "What have you noticed now?"

"You." Liam walked over from the kitchen bench over to Tom. "You're so

pale...It's almost gross..."

"So I am. Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Dude, there's a difference between beautifully pale and...whatever the

hell you are..."

"You're just jealous you don't look half as stunning as me."

"...No." Liam kicked Tom's leg with his foot, then smiled. "Come on, we're

going to go outside. We can get some ice cream or something."

"What?" Tom's voice was croaky, he did not like the idea of going outside.

He remembered telling Liam about him not being accepted in society.

"...You know I can't go outside..."

"It's been three years Tom, No one's going to recognise you!"

Liam grabbed Tom by the wrists and somehow managed to bring him to

his feet. "Come on Tom, it'll be fun!"

"I don't care" He took his hands from Liam. "Don't touch me. Leave me


"You haven't left the house in years though! That can't be good for your

mental health!"

"I don't care!" Tom threw his hands in the air to add extra emphasis. He  

walked over by the wall and shook his head. "You go if you want ice

cream or whatever. I'm not leaving."

Liam rolled his eyes and drew a large breath, then holding it.

"Don't do that, Liam. I'm not giving in this time."

Liam made his way over to Tom, still holding his breath. His face was

starting to go red already.

"I don't care how purple you go."

Liam made a step for the wall as he started to feel light-headed,

grabbing onto it. His face was purple now, and it just got an even more

intense shade of purple.

"Liam, take a breath now."

Liam shook his head slowly as he fell against the wall and his eyes

fluttered shut.


Tom got no reply as the fox fell onto the floor, now unconscious.

"Liam, you idiot!" Tom yelled, picking up the unconscious Liam with

some hassle. "...You need to go on a diet or something..." Tom dropped

Liam onto the lounge, shaking him back into his senses and reality.

"...jesus christ...I'm going to keep doing that until you go outside, Tom..."

"You're a dick Liam, I hope you realise that."

Liam had somehow managed to convince Tom to go to one of the local

parks. This one happened to be full of little children. Tom couldn't help

but overhear some of the parents warning their children about strangers

as they approached. His first day back in the world and people assume

he's a pedophile. Great. Tom was too old for the whole park thing

anyway, and so was Liam, but he didn't seem to care. Liam was acting as

if he was a little kid again. How embarrassing. Tom could feel the

judgemental glares as Liam made him swing on one of the swings

designed for eight year olds.

"Isn't this fun?" Liam grinned, whooshing into the air then back again on

the swing. He was having the time of his life.

"People are staring." His voice came out gravelly and gruff. "I don't like it.

These swings are boring.We're not little kids and we shouldn't be here."

"Chill dude. We don't have to stick around the park if you don't want. We

can go get some ice cream. Yeah, that stuff's the shit."

"Watch your mouth, you're in a park full of kids. Remember?"

"Hey, whatever!" Liam jumped off his swing and landed on his feet,

spinning around to see Tom. "We can go get those little ice creams from

McDonalds so we can get some fries, too."

"Ew." Tom stood from his swing, looking genuinly disgusted. "You dip

your fries in your ice cream?"

"Of course, it's delish."

"You sicko." Tom started walking off, glancing around to see if anyone

was watching. What he didn't see was Liam bolt after him and slap his


"Tag!!" Liam grinned, then running off ahead of him.

The corners of Tom's mouth twitched into a smile as he chased after

him, Liam being quite shocked that he caught up so fast. The little game

continued to the edge of the park where Liam accidentally tackled Tom

to the ground, but he didn't seem to mind all that much. Being the

cheeky one he was though, Liam took the oppurtunity to sit on Tom's

back and demand a ride to the shop. Of course this would have looked

rather awkward to anyone else, but Liam was just having fun. Tom might

not want to admit it, but he ended up having fun over the course of the

day. That was the problem though. He liked being outside, but he could

never be outside with guarenteed safety. That's what made him so



It's been five months and everything's been going downhill. For Liam,

atleast. He's the only one in his little band who wants to take it seriously

and their new drummer is way too stubborn for his liking. He's getting

headaches almost regularly and the medication he's taking doesn't

really help. He thought he had met the girl of his dreams at a party, but

it turned out she was a con-artist. She took anything she could get her

hands on of his and split. His life sucked at the moment, that was no lie.

It was quiet in the apartment for once, and it was the type of silence Tom

didn't like. The 'hey who died' silence. Tom wasn't stupid and

he was well-aware of Liam feeling down and him taking medicine. He's

seen this happen too many times before and if he could, he'd like to

prevent an addiction and Liam didn't need one.

Tom made his way down the familure hallway, knocking on the door of

his roommate's. "...Liam?" He knocked a few more times and recieved no

reply. Opening the door, the sight was hideous. Liam was kneeling over

a bucket throwing up pills, it seemed, and the stench of alcohol was


"Oh my god Liam, what happened?!" It was pretty clear what had

happened here despite him asking.

Liam managed to speak during a break from retching. "...I...I took all the

pills...I thought...I thought it would make me better faster...I--" He started

retching again, it was disgusting. Then the real vomiting came after and

a few more pills came up along with the puke.

"oh god." Tom walked over to the pile of empty pill boxes next to Liam.

"You took all of these!?"

Liam nodded and made a strangled sound before entering a coughing

fit, coughing up some half-digested pills into the bucket. He almost

looked as if he were about to cry.
"It hurts, Tom..."

"The pills?"

He nodded.

"That's because you took so damn many."

"...can you get me my glasses? I don't...I don't have my contacts in..."

"I didn't know you needed glasses" Tom said, quickly finding them in

one of the bedside drawers. He walked over and passed them to Liam,

who put them on.

"well, yeah... Glasses look stupid on me though."

Tom opened his mouth to protest, but decided against it. Now wasn't

really the time to compliment him as he was just throwing pills up.

"...Look, dude, what's up? I know you're sick but like...there's something

else going on...I can tell."

"...That girl."

"Oh." Tom mumbled. "'re still into her?"

Liam shook his head quickly. Perhaps too quickly, as it gave him that

sickening feeling in his guts again. "...No...She, uh...She took my

keytar...She was a con. She took anything she could get her hands on...I

loved that keytar.." He sniffed, trying his best to hold back tears being

the emotional little boy he was.  "I don't care about the phone or

playstation, I just want that keytar back. They're so difficult to find and

expensive and...I-I'll never get another one.."

Tom frowned. He sat down next to Liam with his legs crossed, so he was

now at eye level. "It'll get better, alright?"

Liam shook his head. "...No it won't."

Tom painted on the most comforting smile he could create on his

sympathetic face. "...You promise me you won't go near any drugs or

alcohol and I promise you I'll make it better."

Liam straightened himself up while keeping his head down, nodding

hesitantly, not really believing Tom. "....yeah..."

Tom rolled his eyes. He placed his hand underneath Liam's chin and

guided Liam's head up to face his own. "No, honestly. I promise, okay?

Trust me."

Liam felt his face heat up and could only imagine how red he was.

"I...Y-Yeah, I...I know." He gave in. He gave in to Tom. He couldn't possibly

make things better but he gave in because Tom was convincing. Liam

just tried his best to avoid eye contact, so the wall became interesting to

him all of a sudden.

"Good." Tom's lips pulled into a grin as he released his hold on Liam's

chin. He stood up and stretched. "okay, do you want to watch a movie or

something? I'll bring your bucket out if you want."

Liam stood up and smiled at the floor, despite how sick he was feeling.

"...yeah, sounds fun."


It's been seven months since Tom moved in and things were getting

better. While Tom still could not go outside safely, he borrowed Liam's

black hoodie and took a few chances, hoping no one would notice.

Liam's state seemed to differ from good to bad to worse at times, but he

was finding drug-free ways to treat himself, for Tom's sake. He also

bought a cheap new phone, which he lost the next day.

Only recently Liam had started to notice how concerned Tom really was

and how wrong he was about Tom when he first met him. He figured he

had the right to assume the worst though, as at the time he was nothing

but an intruder. The past few months had really changed his opinion on

Tom, and tonight he even offered to go get the take away food.

Considering how cold it's getting, that was a big deal. So while Tom was

wandering the streets, Liam was on the lounge all wrapped up in a

blanket trying to decide what movie they should watch...again.

Liam realised by the time that he chose a movie, Tom was taking forever.

He also realised it was raining hard outside. Then he realised

Tom didn't have an umbrella, and he would have to walk back with the

food in this weather. Just as the thought that Tom may not have even

found the shop crossed his mind, he heard a knock at the door. It

opened and Tom peeped his head through.

"Liam! You'll never guess what happened!"

"Oh? What happened?"

"Close your eyes"  Tom grinned, hiding behind the door once more.

Liam questioned whether this was really necessary, but he did as he was

told. "Alright, don't keep me from my dinner though, I'm starving..." His

eyes were firmly shut and he heard Tom come inside. He then heard the

footsteps approach and he felt the lounge get pushed down next to him

where Tom was now sitting.

"About that..." Tom paused. "..I, uh...I kind of got lost on the way and

found this...other shop..I know I should have told you, but,

well...surprises are good."

Liam pouted and sounded quite dissapointed. "You didn't get the take


"No...but, just...put your hands out"

"...Oh. Alright..." Liam did as he was told once more, putting his hands

out. "...I swear to god Tom if this is some sick joke I will..." He trailed off

as something was placed in his hands. It was cold, hard and had keys all

over one of the surfaces.

"Open them"

As Liam opened his eyes, he gasped in shock. In his hands he was

holding it. His keytar. It even had his name engraved on the back. It was

the exact one that girl had taken. Letting his hands trail all over the

familure surface, he failed to speak.

"...I-I...No, but...You...How did you...?" Liam managed to choke out those

few brittle words, taking his gaze from the instrument in hand to Tom,

who was almost as happy as he was. "...she...she took it..."

"I got lost and seen it in a pawn shop window. It was a bit more than I

had, but I bargained with the guy. I managed to find the apartment

again, and I just...I promised to make it better, I-Is this a start?"

"oh my god, Tom." Liam grinned and pulled in, hugging him, the only

thing preventing them from colliding being that keytar. "This is like a

start and a million finishes! Oh, Jesus Christ, thank you so much!" Liam

pulled away from the hug, his smile almost as wide as his face. "I can't

believe you got this and would go without asian food for me."

"uh...well, yeah, no problem. I prefer you not being so depressed..."

Liam could have sworn he felt his heart miss a beat there. Asian food is

the best, and this guy would rather see him smiling then chow down on


"...well thanks again. This is just...This is amazing." He hugged Tom once

more when he sat the keytar to the side, not really wanting to let go. He

went through all that for him and he didn't even get anything out of it,

the least Liam could do is warm him up with body heat. But no, that

would be weird, and he zoned back into reality. He backed off, grabbing

the movie he had chose.  "Do you want to watch this?"

Tom nodded. "Sure"


Eight months.

"Your dad did what!?"

Tom's been living with Liam for eight months and had just made the

biggest mistake of answering Liam's phone when his father was calling.

He quickly gave it to Liam and he hung it up, then proceeded to have a

mental breakdown.

"...He said looking at men the way a man is supposed to look at a woman

is a sin. The sickfuck tried 'fix' me. He said...He said that he'd 'show me'

how wrong it was until I finally understood." Liam was on the verge of

tears as he paced around the loungeroom. "...You picked up the phone.

He knows I'm living with another guy and now he's going to assume the


"No...No, no, no...I'm sorry...R-Really, I mean it. If I had known I would

have left the phone!" Tom bit his lip. "...I'm so sorry, Liam, honestly."

"...I-I know, you didn't know...It's just...He chose the wrong time to

call...N-Now I don't know what's going to happen when I see him next..."

"He doesn't know where you live, right?"

"...Oh god. I don't even know..." Liam stopped his pacing near Tom.

Tom placed a hand on Liam's shoulder and pet him sympathetically, but

trying to cheer him up aswell. "..Listen, I don't care how many times he'll

try to find you, but I won't let him, okay? No one deserves to go through

that and I'm not going to let it happen to you again." Tom frowned. "...Has

he been to jail before...?"

Liam shook his head, "...N-No..."

"Why not?" Tom asked. "I'm sure if he did the inmates would teach him a

thing or two."

"...No one believes me...My mum knew but p-played innocent...she

thought...she thought it would help me..."

Tom couldn't believe this. No parents should ever make their child go

through this, ever. This perfect, talented young man was cursed with

these horrible memories because of his stupid father.

"" Tom shook his head. "...I believe you." He gave the shaking figure  

a hug. "...I won't let anything happen. Promise."

Liam nodded, burying his face in the crook of Tom's neck, silently

sobbing. "...I know."

Tom let out a sigh. No one deserved that.


It's been ten months since Tom moved in, and things have been all over

the place. Liam lost his phone while his condition has just gotten worse,

but he's remained drug-free. Tom bought Liam some new movies since

he wasn't feeling well, so they had some new films to choose from

tonight. Also after countless trial-and-errors, Tom figured out how to

cook some stuff on the stove, so the days of noodle-cups were almost

over. It's not that he didn't like noodle-cups, but after eating the same

thing night after night it got annoying and dull.

Tom was in the kitchen, plating up...whatever it is he'd cooked. He

couldn't even tell anymore, but he remembered that it was supposed to

be some sort of spaghetti bolognaise. Setting the two plates down on the

coffee table, he walked down to Liam's room, knocking before entering.

"Dinner's done, Lia--" Tom stopped when he realised Liam wasn't in

there. "...oh." He shut the door and walked up to the bathroom door,

knocking. "Liam, dinner's done!"

No reply. He did not like this. Shielding his eyes incase he might walk in

on anything he shouldn't, he opened the door and stepped inside. When

nothing was thrown at him and no one screamed, he removed his hand

from his face. Liam was hunched over the sink making some strangled


"Liam, are you alright?" Tom asked, stepping up to him he saw it. There

was blood everywhere.

Liam shook his head and turned to face Tom. "I...I don't...There that chocolate bar I had...I just...." He made a face and

spat up more blood into the sink. "...It hurts so much Tom, oh my god..."

"Jesus christ." Tom mumbled, taking out one of Liam's hoodies from the

dirty laundry pile. "Put this on."

"Why?" Liam asked, but still following the order.

"Why?" Tom repeated, looking at Liam, confused. "...Why? It's cold

outside and I'm taking you to the fucking hospital, that's why!"

Liam shook his head vigorously. "No! No, Tom...There's no need. I'll be

fine. I don't like hospitals, anyway..."

"Well, I'd rather you be uncomfortable than bleeding from the

, Liam. You've probably still got glass in it and it's only going

to get infected or something. You're going to the hospital."

"I don't want to go." He coughed up some more blood, and it stained all

under his mouth. "I can just throw the glass up, I guess."

"How would going to the hospital be so bad that you'd rather sit here and

bleed? Liam, if that glass gets into your stomach who knows what else

it's going to do."

"...I...No, Tom...I have...perfectly valid reasons..."

"I'm sorry, Liam, I don't believe you. Your life could be in danger here

and you'd rather just sit here and bleed, you're just afraid of the


"...I'm not afraid of the hospital..." Liam choked, entering a short

coughing fit.

"...Look, Liam...I'll stay with you the whole time if I have to." Then came

those familure words. "I promise"

Liam frowned and shook his head, it was starting to hurt to speak now.

"You have to go, Liam." Tom's voice sounded different. It sounded fragile,

like it could just dissapear forever at any sudden moment. "you are not

okay and that's an understatement."

"I don't want to. I can't."

"Can you atleast tell me why?"

"...Tom, my father works there..."

"W-Well...Can't we keep him away? What if...What if he had an

accident and died?"

"You can't kill him!"

"...Well maybe he won't hurt you. Maybe he's over it and is sorry?"

"I know he's not."

"Liam, please...You need to go! I just...I don't want to put you in a

dangerous position, but like..." Tom frowned at Liam, grabbing his wrists

then sliding his hands into Liam's own. "...I-I know it's selfish, but I don't

want you to die...o-or suffer...I just don't want to be left alone...I

have no one at all...and you're're too special and amazing and

just...I-I promise he won't get to you..."
 Tom's voice was now coming out

strained. " need to get to the hospital."

"I--uh." Liam bit his lip, trying to hold back from coughing in Tom's face.

That failed though, so he turned his head to the side as he coughed.

"...Fine...I'll go...Just don't expect me to be so calm about it..."

"Good. Now come on, we have to get a taxi." Tom slipped on the black

hoodie in the dirty laundry, disregarding the stains on the back of it.

"If you're so concerned, why not phone an ambulance?"

"With what? The phone you lost?"



The two boys fled from the taxi and into the hospital, claiming that they'd

pay later. That was likely not to happen, though.Just before entering the

door, Liam seemed to be having second thoughts as he stopped and was

just glaring at the hospital doors.

"Come on, you'll be fine." Tom urged Liam, trying to move him past the

doors by gently shoving him. Well, as gently as he could manage.

"My head's hurting again..." Liam mumbled, following Tom's pushing.

"I'm sure they can give you something for that. You're probably going to

be unconscious, anyway."


"'ve got glass in your body. It's likely they'll xray you and then do a

surgery on you."

"...I thought people weren't allowed in the room while they're doing

surgeries, though..."

"...They're not, Liam." Tom sighed. "...I'm pretty sure I can watch though,

can we worry about this later?"

Liam nodded and followed Tom up to the front desk, noting how fast his

expression changed from worried to one that screamed 'I am not

amused/you better get this man into the ER now'.

"My friend here is suffering from severe migranes and has swallowed

glass, which is somewhere in his system. The back of his throat is all cut

up and we need a doctor immediatly" Tom really got straight to

the point, but the lady infront of them seemed so un-phased, almost as if

Liam wasn't bleeding right infront of her.

"I'll take it that's the reason you're here. What's your name?" The

monotonous voice of hers was rather hideous to listen to, but they had

no choice.

"Liam." Liam coughed. "Liam Kenzie."

"Oh?" She seemed to perk up a little bit now. "I believe your father works

here. I'll see to it that you get the best treatment we can offer." She

smiled an obviously fake smile as she typed away into the computer,

then signed a piece of paper. "Take this and head down to the xray


Tom took the piece of paper from her and waited to hear for anything


"Put in a good word for me when you see Dr.Kenzie"

Of course. Tom turned and Liam was already making his way down the

hall, so he quickly ran after him. "...That chick must be desperate for a


Liam gave a small nod. "That's Cathy. She's been trying to sweet talk my

dad into a raise for weeks."

"weeks, you say?"

"mmhmm" Liam nodded once more. "My mom's told me about it. This is

the first time I've seen her, though."

"That makes sense." Tom stopped, arriving outside the room. "...Do you

want a safeword for if you feel too uncomfortable?"

"...Kittens. Kittens are good."

"Kittens is a fucking stupid safeword, Liam."

"Oh." He frowned. "...Would you prefer me screaming rape or is that too


"I--Are you..." Tom facepalmed. "...Don't get like that with me. Kittens will

do, smartass!"

"Hey!" A voice came from inside as the door opened, revealing a fox. He

didn't have very similar features to Liam, but the colour of his fur was

almost exact, as well as the markings. "Watch your language, It's


Tom would have retaliated with a few more swears, but this was Liam's

dad. He did not want to get on this guy's bad side. "...Sorry."

"So you should be. Now." He grabbed Tom's arm, lifting it up and

inspecting it. "What seems to be the problem with you?"

"Hey!" Tom shook his arm loose of the man's grip, glaring at him. "...I'm

not the patient. Your son is."

"My son?" He mumbled, looking behind Tom. There Liam was. "What

have you done this time, Liam?"

That wasn't exactly the reaction Liam or Tom was expecting, but they

took it as a 'hello'. "...Hi dad." Liam frowned. "...I didn't do anything. There

was glass in something I ate and it cut up my throat... and I need it out."

"Well it's glass, so that's obvious, you dimwitt. You wouldn't want it in


"Look, he doesn't have time for this. Can you just get him x rayed and do

whatever you have to do?" Tom asked, gaining the full attention of the


"...You sound awfully familure..." He squinted his eyes. Shit. Tom had

actually forgotten all about the telephone incident.

"...I work on the radio" That was a lie. That was a big lie. Oh god.

"The radio, you say? You know...that might just explain it...but then what

are you doing here with my son?"


"Dad, he's just here because he was there when I was choking on blood.

He was just like 'oh yes here lets get you to the hospital', because like,

he's cool."

He rolled his eyes. "...Ok, so you have glass in your system then, and you

need to figure out where it is, yes?"

Liam nodded.

"Alright." He pointed into the room. "You know how the process goes. Go

strip and change, I'll set up the machine..."

Liam made his way into the room and into the corner, taking the cloak-

thing he needed to get changed into. Tom tried to get into the room,

Liam's father at first not physically letting him, but Tom pushed his way

through, going and sitting in the small room safe from the radiation. He

could see Liam from here, and that was good.

"Hurry up and get changed boy, we haven't got all night."

"...Uh...Turn around, then."

He chuckled. "...Oh, it's nothing I haven't seen before, don't worry..." That

would normally be a perfectly innocent excuse not to turn around, but

coming from him it was twisted and sick.

"Um, Doctor..." Tom started to speak up. "I believe your son is a fully-

developed man, he obviously wants privacy so you should give him


It then clicked in the doctor's brain, this was the man that answered

Liam's telephone when he called. "...Oh...And of course you

would know he's fully developed, you little faggot."

Tom looked over at the Doctor, snarling. "Excuse me? What did you just

call me?"

Liam took this distraction as the time to get changed quickly, which he

managed to do. Folding up his clothes, he noticed something. In the

pocket of his jumper was his lost phone. "Thank-fucking-Christ" He

mumbled, grabbing onto it. His father reciting versus of the bible to

Tom brought him back into reality.

"Dad!" Liam wailed. "Leave him alone, he didn't do anything!"

"Yet." Dr.Kenzie grit his teeth. "...I'll be back, I need to just make a quick

phone call. If you two are doing anything when I get back I swear..." He

rolled his eyes and left the room.

"Your father's a dick." Tom growled.

"Tom..." Liam came into the small room with the phone, giving it to him.

"...Keep this on you. If he starts calling you names again record it. We

can get his ass busted from this place."

Tom looked down at the phone. "You found it, huh?"

Liam nodded. "Yeah. It was in my jumper."

"Thank god it was." Tom took it and put it in his own. "...I'll make sure to

put voice record on."

"Cool. Maybe we can end up getting him in jail, too."

"Geez. I feel like some cop on television, now. Going undercover to get

the evidence and all that jazz."

"You definatly don't look too undercover. That doesn't matter though."

Tom nodded. "Yeah."

Liam seen his dad return, so he walked over and prepared himself for

the x rays.

Tom was just sitting in the room happily until Liam's dad came back in.

"You're a sinner."

Tom laughed, knowing the joke was on Liam's dad. "Do tell."

"You're wrong. You shouldn't choose to be gay. You need to be fixed."

"That's some real creepy shit, dude, I wouldn't talk like that. Besides, how

do you know I'm gay? Have I told you this?"

He seemed at loss for words until he managed to sew togther a

sentence. "I can just tell. You're that type of guy like my son. Even your

hair gives it away."

Tom was pissed off now, and that was a fact. "I think that if either one of

us is wrong in any way, it's you."

"How so?"

"Raping your own son." Tom glared at the man from his seat. "Trying to

turn him straight by raping him is just wrong!"

"I--W-What?!" He nearly choked on nothing. "...Where did you hear that?!"

"Your son is not a liar, Dr.Kenzie, but you made everyone think he was."

Tom paid close attention to his movements. He was reaching for

something in a drawer next to him and he didn't like how careful he was

trying to be. "...Do anything to me and I'll have the police all over you,

Just give it up."

No, Liam's dad knew what was going to happen. He was not going to

'give it up' because some punk told him to. He took a full syringe from a

case of them next to him and threw one like a dart. Tom luckily jumped

out of the way, but gulped when he seen how easily it stuck into the wall.

Dr.Kenzie flicked the x ray device off and grabbed as many of the

syringes as he could, and made his way over to Tom.

"Fuck." He mumbled. "Fuck Fuck Fuck!!" He got onto his feet,

phone luckily still recording in his pocket. He ran into the x ray room

where Liam was about to put his pants back on.

"Tom what are yo--" He was interrupted as Tom grabbed his arm and

started running out the hall. Liam got the message and started to run

too, but still he asked. "What about my pants?!"

"Cover yourself with your hand or something, we have to go!"

Many shocked noises came from patients making their way through the

halls, but they made their way into the waiting room once more, where

Cathy was at the desk still.

"Cathy!" Tom yelled, running up to the desk and pushing an elderly

couple out of the way. He grabbed the phone from his pocket and

slammed it down on the desk. "Get Dr.Kenzie in jail now! Get him fired

atleast! He's trying to kill us!!"

While Tom was busy screaming, Liam was just glad he managed to put

his boxers on before Tom dragged him off, there were so many people in

here now. "Sorry, this is a serious emergency" He apologized to the

angry elderly people next to them.

Dr.Kenzie came walking out of the hall, although you could tell he'd

been running. "Ah, Cathy. I believe you've met my latest...patients..."

Cathy ignored him for once. She'd been trying to get his attention for

weeks, and he's not going to have it now. Instead, she grabbed the

phone and played the audio.

Tom grabbed the intercom and started speaking. "Security to the front

desk, please!"

"Oh my god, Dr.Kenzie!" Cathy was shocked, this audio was horrendous.

Dr.Kenzie froze in place. He wasn't going to jail, not now. He was about

to make a run for it until he was tackled from behind by security.

"Young man, call the police, please?" Cathy handed the phone to Tom,

who did as he was told. The police arrived soon and Liam said his final

goodbyes to his father. He was going to go to jail for life. The

reporters soon arrived, wanting news on the boy nobody believed, but

Liam wanted nothing to do with them. They were prepping the surgery

room for him to get the glass out, so he was nervously waiting with Tom

on the floor of some room. Liam had lost a lot of blood too, so they had

him hooked up to something to give him some more. Tom didn't really

know anything about it, but it was helping.

"You scared?" Tom asked, trying not to make a big deal out of it.

"...Of what?"

"The surgery"

Liam nodded. "Of course I am. They're going to cut me open and stuff."

"Well, I'll make sure they put you back together. I promise"

Liam smirked. "Yeah, I know. Sorry my dad called you a faggot and stuff"

"That wasn't your fault." Tom sighed. "Hey, uh...Liam?"


"You've got a little blood there, on your lips... It's been driving me crazy...

and..." He trailed off, seeing this as a chance and taking it. Without

warning he closed the gap inbetween, licking the blood off, but not

daring to poke around his mouth. An innocent kiss was enough for Tom

at this point of time. Pulling away he couldn't control the rate of which

his face grew red. "...Sorry."

Liam was speechless, but in a good way, with a grin across his face.

When he finally did manage to speak again, he seemed to make the

moment a million times awkwarder for Tom. "Did you do that because

you wanted to kiss me or because you wanted to taste the blood? You're

like a vampire or something!"

Tom sat there awkwardly as Liam laughed his happy little ass off.

"Yes, you got me. I am a vampire here to drink your blood."

"well then..." Liam managed to calm his shit down. "I know where I'll be

cutting next." Tom awkwardly laughed along with Liam until he actually

realised what he meant by that.

"Holy shit."


It's been a year since Tom moved in and things couldn't get any better.

The girl Liam had seen once was caught out as a con and Liam got his

stuff back. Tom had made the decision to move out of the spare room

and into Liam's.
Of course, they also decided that they were officially a couple now, and

Liam was all better from the cut. They decided to complain, so Tom kept

recording the night's events, even parts of the surgery. They ended up

getting a lifetime supply of the companies chocolate bars, which they

couldn't complain about. If they found any more glass though, they were

going to try and get a million dollars. They decided to rent the spare

room out to Liam's guitarist and bass player, who were actually pretty

cool dudes who joined in on the movie nights.

The non-pornographic movie nights.

But everyone under the house was happy now, and in the end that's all

that really matters,
even if it takes a year.
[I'm uploading this on $5 of internet this will be quick]

Some OC stuff

Note: I have no idea why it does the weird spaced out thing it does I wrote it all in notepad tho because I have no Microsoft<img style="background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent ! important; border: medium none ! important; display: inline-block ! important; text-indent: 0px ! important; float: none ! important; font-weight: bold ! important; height: 10px ! important; margin: 0px 0px 0px 3px ! important; min-height: 0px ! important; min-width: 0px ! important; padding: 0px ! important; vertical-align: super ! important; width: 10px ! important; text-transform: uppercase ! important;" src="…"> and thats probs why

[but yes the ending is rushed and stupid and ignore this unless you are felix [:iconfee-chemical-sharky:] who like helped me write stuff and I WON THE BET<img style="background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent ! important; border: medium none ! important; display: inline-block ! important; text-indent: 0px ! important; float: none ! important; font-weight: bold ! important; height: 10px ! important; margin: 0px 0px 0px 3px ! important; min-height: 0px ! important; min-width: 0px ! important; padding: 0px ! important; vertical-align: super ! important; width: 10px ! important; text-transform: uppercase ! important;" src="…"> we had that this would be finished in 2014 yes uvu   you owe me like 5 art pieces dud]

so yes with that I will cringe and click upload uvu

[I will do some non OC stuff soon promise duds]
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Phoebes pov...



Beep...Beep...Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

My eyes open to a pounding bright light, I look off to the side to see a machine...making beeping noises. I look around again, becoming more and more confused. I can see people at a doorway, talking....but I can't focus on what they're saying.... The only thing I can hear is the frantic beeping. I look over to my side to see a figure pointing at me, yelling at someone behind him....

...I....I'm in a hospital.....I can be certain of that. Someone comes up to me and places an....oxygen mask? Someing like that, over my face. The beeping seems to calm down.... I just shut my eyes, tightly. Not opening them until I hear another's voice.

"I-Is she alright?" The voice speaks up.

A man in a white coat nods to the boy in the corridor. "...she'll be fine, for now. She's just in shock...." the voice stops, then starts back up again. "...keep an eye on her though. I'm going to be in the next room, if she starts hyperventilating, get me." He says, walking out.

I lifted my head up slowly as he left, looking at the boys voice I heard. It was Liam....but, he was different than earlier. His hair was messed up and his clothes, wrinkled. Like he had been sleeping in them. He also had tired and concerned eyes. That's when the tidal wave of guilt washed over me as I sat back in the hospital-bed I was assigned. I must have been here, what? Four days at the least? ...propably...


Although, I can't even Remember what the date was when I was sent in here....

"..Phoebe...?" He spoke up.


I looked up to him, wanting to smile, but just not being able to. "...what date is it....?" The first thing I say.


"...It's the eighth..." He sighed, sitting on a seat next to my bed. "...Three days..." He said, holding his face. "...Look, now....I-Im sorry..."


...wait...what? Sorry? "...sorry? Liam...sorry for what?"


He seemed to squint his eyes slightly. "...This." He said, picking up an empty needle. "...Can I have your arm? They asked me if I could get a blood sample......"


Poor Liam. They asked him to do it, and he can't even stand blood. I can't even imagine what he must have done when I had my incident the other day. "....uhm...." I mutter. "....just...pass it here..." He just stares at me, before smiling slightly and passing it to me.


"are you sure...?"


"...yeah." I nod. No. I hate needles, and he hates blood. Perfect. I may as well do it, anyway. I sigh, and he turns his head. I then jab it into my arm, trying not to flinch. I then pull the plunger and I see the red liquid gush into the barrel of the needle. I then pull out, sit it on the table and hold my arm in pain. " can look now...just get a tissue, first..."


He grabs some tissues from a box and passes them to me before turning back around to face me.


"Thanks..." I say, taking them and holding them over the tiny hole.


He picked the needle up carefully. "...I'll be back in a second...I have to give this to them..." He sighed. I nod, and let him walk out.




I walk out and look around. "It must be this door..." I sigh, opening the door that was next to her room. "..Hey, Doctor?" I look around, and see him starring at a computer screen. "...Hey, I have the blood sample......and...." I stop. He's not listening. "...What the hell are you looking at over there?!"

He seeed to jump slightly, he then turned and looked at me. "....oh. S-Sorry...Come over here..."

"uhhh...." I walk over slowly. I don't entirely trust this guy...but, I guess I have to. He takes the needle out of my hand and sits it aside.

"..Im looking at this. It's an X-ray we took while she was sleeping..." He pointed to an area around her head. "...It seemd like a vital blood vessel was blocked and it sent the blood gushing the other way, so it came pouring out her mouth and nose..." He sighed. "...Were just lucky we could mend it before it got serious..."

Crap. Im shaking so much. I grab my sides, awkwardly. " mean...that WASN'T serious?! What the hell IS serious then!?"

"...well...serious is when she can't breath at all...and from that point, we only have seven minutes after her entire system shuts down to fix it and start her breathing lucky..." He stopped. "...This hasn't happened before, has it?"

I shake my head.

"...ah..." He said nodding. "...Right...I just need to check the blood, then do a scan or two...alright? You can go back now, if you want..."

"...right...ok...but, I swear, if theres anything wrong, you tell ME immediatly..." I hiss at him.

"yes, alright. Now go, please."

"....whatever..." I wak out and back into the room she was in.



Liam walked over to the bed Phoebe was laying in. "...hey..."

"...what did he say...?"

"...oh..." He starred at her, then sighed. "...He said a vital blood vessel or something was sent the blood the other way, messing up your system...apparently your lucky to be alive..." He told her, then paused. "..." He scratched his head. " the first time this has happened to you...right?"

She nodded quickly. "of course! I think I would have told you if it wasn't!! Why? What else did he say?!" She started freaking out, sitting up.

"He said that wasn't a serious case, and that a serious case can lead to death." He frowned. "...He asked me if this has happened before, and I told him no. I was just double checking...Apparently he needs to do a scan later, though..."

"...oh...alright..." She sighed, sitting back into the bed. "...hey...don't you have school today...?" She looked up to Liam.

"...oh...well, you see...." Liam trailed off. "...I told myself I wouldn't go until you woke up..." He smiled awkwardly.

"...ok..." She yawned.

"...I'll let you get some rest..." Liam said standing up, and walking out the door. Phoebe rolled onto her side, and soon fell into a calm sleep.

oh my jelly its crap. lol.

//hides in the corner//
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'5/4 2013

So, I've been having more and more strange feelings when being by myself. Like a constant feeling that I'm...being watched? ...yeah, I think at describes it. I've only told a few people though, only the ones I can trust....because my already high-level or Paranoia doesn't help.

I remember telling my brother, for certain. He's in year eleven, just one year above me. Tom... eh...well, besides him, I told my friends Chester, Liam, Holly, Brady and Light-speed. They would have to be my best friends in this place, and they're all in year ten, just like me.

Beside the fact that I have, possibly, the best friends in the world, this place is still full of dickheads. Like one guy the other day. I was drawing in my new sketchbook, then he came and literally melted it! He had some sort of controlled fire in himself or something. Oscuro, I think his name is.

I don't like him for a few reasons, but one of the main ones being that he's such a big homophobe towards Light-speed. I mean, that's what he Gets for comming out openly?
Pffft. A new reason why I hate society. All the jerks out there.
....oh well...'

"Phoebe!?" A loud voice came from outside my door, causing me to jump. I look over towards the door, checking to see if I'm hallucinating again. Nope. Straight there is Liam walking in. Quickly I stash the pen and hello-kitty diary I had received for a present a while back, and I quickly open up minimised tab on my laptop, and clicked play on the video, acting as if I was doing this the whole time. I don't think he noticed.

After a moment I feel a hand being placed on my shoulder, and I look up to Liam's electric blue eyes starring down at me, as he removes my headphones. "Hey, Pheebs." He smirked at me. 

"Oh! Hey....." I say, smiling up to him then turning my chair around and I stand up. 

He leans in and kisses me on the cheek before motioning towards his pocket and grabbing out a small case. "Check it out, apparently I need to wear these now" he said, pulling out a pair of black-thick-framed glasses, and putting them on.

I couldn't help but laugh at the sight, never in my life had I imagined Liam, of all people, to need to wear glasses.  But, then again, he looked amazing in them....well, he was amazing any other day anyway, so I guess it didn't really matter much.

"" Liam said passing me a key. "im done with the apartment key."

".....thanks..." I said, putting it in my pocket. Basically, I shared an apartment with Liam, Chester and Lightspeed, although most of the time it just felt like me Liam and Chester, due to light-speed usually hanging out with someone else. Liam just happened to have lost is key.

Liam took a moment to look at me strangely. '.....phoebe...?"

I looked up at him. "...yeah?"


"...are you alright...? You....look un-naturaly pale...." I say, quietly. She just sort of stands there, looking at, looking past me...through me....
She continued aimlessly glaring at nothing until I grabbed her arm.n"...Phoebe...?" After that there was silence, until she dropped to the floor, half-screaming and holding her face. WTF!? I drop down to see her choking on...her own blood? ...OH SHIT.
"C-CHESTER!! I scream, starting to panic. I let go of her arm, stepping back. I grab my phone and immediately call 911. As soon as Chester came in the room, I pointed to Phoebe, terrified. I remember her telling me that if something like this ever happened, get Chester. He ran up to her and picked her up, bridal style. He then told me to follow outside and stay on the line with 911.


"liam....who's that...behind you...? " I mumble, he obviously didn't hear me.
I just keep starring past him, seeing the outline of a figure. It seems to be stepping closer, slowly. Its....a familure face...why does it...scare me to look at it? I try speaking up, but I can't say anything. I feel the urge to scream, but everything starts going dark....when I try to speak, nothing comes out...but....blood? ....oh, no.......

It's all gone dark. Why do I only hear voices and.....and...sirens......?
Well! GHH returns from my old account with new characters and plot! :D ...I'll provide pics or descriptions later. OTL LLLAAAAAAZEEEH.... but...yeah. Phoebe has new weaknesses....
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SasoDei - An Unordinary Day

Sequel to an Ordinary Day

A Collaboration between Keono and Woolfy



"P-please, Dear, calm down."




Deidara's father glared at his son as he stomped upstairs to destroy their furniture, once more. "What has gotten into him? He gets angrier every day!"

"I-I'm sure it's just a phase, Dear," Deidara's rattled mother reassured as she held her shaking teacup.

"Then this is the longest phase ever. I just asked him how school was and he burst! I don't know what I'm going to do with him, Hanako."

"Oh, he'll get over it," She replied sipping her tea. "M-maybe he's t-trying to mature?"

"Well, if he were mature enough he'd stop throwing so many fits. We have had to replace our bed three times this week, Hanako! Three times! He has got to change and he has to change now!"

"Oh, you worry too much."

"Do you think Sasori could help?" The man asked his wife who just nodded.

"He's so kind and I don't know why Deidara doesn't like him," She said with a sigh.

An hour later it seemed everything in the large house had stilled. There were no more sounds of breaking glass, or wood snapping; just silence.

"Did he calm down?" Deidara's father asked as he stood up. "Usually he lasts more than an hour."

"Maybe he got tired and went to bed. See we just need to let him do things on his own and not pester him. If he asks for something just give it to him so he doesn't get angry." Deidara's mother seemed to like that solution very much.

"No, he needs to grow up and now. We can't just spoil him to his hearts desire!"

"B-but he seems so much better when we do," Hanako complained.

"Even if we talk to him, he freaks out. We have to try something else...Therapy?"

"Oh no, Dear. We already tried that, remember? That poor, poor man was in the hospital for a month," She exclaimed.

"My head's starting to hurt just thinking about it. I'm going to bed... If we still have one…"

Yes, for some reason, it didn't take much for Deidara to snap anymore. And that reason was Sasori. Everyday at school he would get "pestered" by the older teen, or bothered, or almost "raped". But Deidara was very dramatic and it seemed that Sasori knew just how to push his buttons.


"For the last fucking time, Tobi. Go away!" Deidara yelled, using every ounce of his will not to punch the swirly mask that mocked him every day.

"Tobi's just being nice because Tobi thinks Deidara-sempai is pretty and-"


Sasori yawned and shoved the teen he just punched out of his seat. He made an attempt to wrap his arm around the blond, who just grabbed it and shoved it away from him, this being the attempted 'rape'.

"Come on, Dei, don't be that way." Sasori smirked and pulled the blonde into his lap, quickly pinning both of Deidara's arms to his sides using his own limbs, letting the younger male give a futile struggle for at least a minute.

"LET GO OF ME!!" The blonde fought valiantly against the older male, but Sasori was far stronger than he was. Eventually he wore himself out and stopped struggling, settling to glare at the red head with murderous intent.

"Come on, don't be so negative, Brat." Sasori began to kiss Deidara's neck, smirking once more when he felt a shudder run up the blonde's body, "You know you love it."

"FUCK OFF, UN!!" Deidara stifled a moan and once again tried to fight against Sasori, but abruptly stopped when he felt the red head sink his teeth in the blonde's neck. The younger male gave a gasp and unconsciously stopped struggling, leaning partly into the bite without knowing it. Sasori pulled his teeth away and began to suck on the wound, pleased to hear the blonde moan in pleasure, encouraging him to suck harder until a hickey formed around the injury. The blonde suddenly realised the current situation and pulled away from Sasori, cursing beneath his breath in frustration as he tried to break free from the red head's grip. "LEAVE ME ALONE!!"

"YEAH!! LEAVE DEIDARA SEMPAI ALONE!!" Tobi's head poked up out of nowhere, appearing unaffected by getting punched by the red head less than a minute ago. "DEIDARA SEMPAI DOESN'T LIKE YOU!!"

The blonde stopped struggling, blanching as he looked between both Sasori and Tobi, giving a groan of misery. "I don't even know who is worse, un!! SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM THIS IDIOT AND THIS LECHEROUS MANIAC!!"

Sasori frowned and sighed in faux distress. "I'm hurt, Deidara. To think that I only want you for your body," he exclaimed and held the younger teen closer to his chest. "Don't worry! I will protect you against this thing and then we can show our true feelings for each other in private."

Deidara rolled his eyes and tried his best to glare at the acting redhead. "I swear to god, Sasori, that if you don't let go right now I will-"

"Blow me up, chop off my dick and feed it to me, pay someone to rape me, call the police and more, right?" Sasori said switching back to his normal voice. "Silly, Dei-Chan."

"I WILL SAVE YOU DEIDARA-SEMPAI!" Deidara wished that he had a pair of earplugs in his book bag, but sadly he didn't.

"I don't think he needs saving. His 'knight in shining armour' is already here, so fuck off, Tobi." Sasori smirked as he gave the blonde's ear a little nip.



As cliché as it was, Deidara was saved by the bell. Sasori just sighed and let go of the younger male, who just slapped him across the face... Or at least tried to, if Sasori hadn't caught his hand. He smirked and leaned in on the blonde. "Feisty," He purred as he bit Deidara's ear once more. Out of instinct, Deidara swung his leg up but, of course, Sasori already knew that trick and backed away before anything could happen. "Nice try, Brat."

Deidara glared daggers at the redhead. "Let. Go, un."

Sasori sighed and wrapped an arm around the blonde's shoulder. "I still have to walk you to class," he protested. "It's the least I can do since we are going out."

Deidara's eyebrow twitched. "We are not in item!" he yelled as he shoved the older teen away from him.

Sasori smirked. "Of course not. We're two things put together and meant to stay that way." Deidara groaned and quickly walked away, sending death glares at anyone who dared to look at him. "Come on, Dei-Chan, don't be in a tizzy." Deidara just ignored the redhead and walked faster, finally getting to his class. He turned around to yell swears at Sasori but was met with a pair of lips. "See you later, babe," Sasori said with a wink, before walking away.

Deidara stared at the red head as the older male walked off, childishly wiping his lips of all residues from the kiss. He turned with an annoyed groan, storming inside of the classroom without another glance back at the other figure. FUCK!! He rubbed his neck, sneering when he felt the slight ache of a hickey, pulling his collar up melodramatically to try and hide it from the eyes that followed him. He heard the other students whisper about him, irking him off further by the idea of the filth speaking as if he were lower than they were. He abruptly slammed his fists on one desk that belonged to one such piece of perpetrating trash, giving them a dark glare that immediately shut the submissive stranger up. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, UN?!"

"MR IWA," he turned to face the front of the room as the teacher addressed him in a high pitched voice, "TAKE YOUR SEAT!!" He sneered at the woman, making a mocking gesture before storming to his desk, slumping down in is chair with an angry growl. HE FUCKING HATED IT HERE!!


Deidara was walking home, after having waited impatiently for five whole minutes without the limo arriving. He was far too angry to bother waiting any longer for it to arrive, that he didn't even care about the long trip as he had started to walk home. He stormed down the pathway, but suddenly Deidara became aware that he was not alone anymore, the fact made obvious when he was suddenly pushed onto the pavement, his left cheek scraping against the ground.

The blonde groaned but was immediately pulled roughly to his feet, coming face to face with the figure of Tobi (…Well, sort of faced to face if you ignored the mask). Deidara sneered at the male, ripping his hand away from the idiot with enough force to make Tobi wobble on his feet. "DAMMIT, TOBI, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!"

"BUT DEIDARA-SEMPAI," the boy flailed his arms childishly, "TOBI CAN'T ALLOW SEMPAI TO WALK HOME UNESCORTED!! THERE ARE BAD PEOPLE OUT THERE!! AND BANDITS, AND RAPISTS, AND FAN FICTION WRITERS!! YOU MIGHT GET RAPE-" Tobi abruptly went flying through the air, landing several metres away, giving a whimper of pain as he struggled to get back up.

"Quick," Deidara felt a hand grab onto his own and begin to drag him away from the boy on the floor, "before he recovers." The blonde became aware that they had disappeared off of the main street, and he was currently being dragged down an alleyway, passing dank puddles of god-knows-what, several pairs of kissing teenagers, and a group of three prostitutes, lacking clients and smoking cigarettes. Deidara finally realised who it was that was guiding him, immediately resisting the bastard, refusing to go any further, afraid of where he was being taken by the fucking red head, Sasori. The older male stopped and turned, blinking at the blonde before giving him a reassuring smirk. "Don't worry, Babe, this is just a short cut to your house."

Deidara tried desperately to pull his hand from Sasori's iron grip, but to no avail, "LET GO OF ME!! I DON'T FUCKING TRUST YOU, UN!!" He once again tried to free himself from the red head's grasp, but the act was still futile.

"Hey, would you rather I take you home, or would you rather Tobi take you home?" The blonde stopped struggling and blinked at the red head, the latter still wearing his usual smirk. "You know what they say, choose the greater of two evils."

Deidara gave the red head a blank, irritated, look, "It is the 'LESSER' of two evils you poor idiot!!"

Sasori gave a smirk before pulling the blonde close, wrapping his arms around him tightly. "I know Babe; I just thought that it was more suitable the other way…Now…Trust me."

"I already said I don't trust you, un! Now let me go before I shove my foot up your ass!"

Sasori chuckled. "I'm still taking you home, Babe." He began leading the blonde away again and Deidara still continued to struggle. In reality it took even longer for them to get to the blonde's house.

"What the hell?! A short cut is supposed to be shorter, you idiot!"

"Who says?"

Deidara felt like his head would explode. "THE FUCKING NAME, UN! GOD YOU'RE DENSE!"

Sasori raised a red brow. "If I'm so dense, why haven't you noticed people carrying your shit out of your house?"

Deidara blinked and turned his head to see people in uniforms taking his belongings out of the house and into different moving trucks. He scoffed, "My parents are probably just threatening me again, un," He groaned out. He walked quickly to the front door of his house and saw his parents ordering people around and telling them where to put stuff. "What are you doing?" He asked, already pissed just seeing his parents.

Hanako looked at her blond son and it looked as if she were about to have a panic attack. She burst into tears and ran out of the room, making her husband sigh. "Deidara... Your mother and I have talked it out and we decided that you should... Move out."

Deidara's eyes widened and he felt himself getting ready for a fight. His fists were clenched tightly, teeth bared and he took a deep breath ready to yell at his father. "Hey, Brat, what's going on?"


"Like you say everyday?"

Deidara began panting and he turned back to his father. "Why the hell are you kicking me out, un?! I did fucking nothing!"

His father rubbed his eyes. "It was our fault that you behave like this but you don't show any signs of growing up. And your mother and I can't handle you anymore. You almost burned the house down again!"

Deidara glared daggers at the older male. "And where am I supposed to live?" He whispered as he tried to contain his anger, which was very unlike him. "I will call the police and tell them that you're neglecting me, un!"

"You're no longer a minor. You're an adult now so the police can do nothing about it." Deidara's father crossed his arms.

"I'm not leaving." Deidara sat on the floor and held his breath.

"That won't work anymore, Deidara." The blonde just continued to sit there, his face turning red.

"Who's the idiot, brat?"

Again, the blonde just ignored everything and soon passed out, blue in the face.


When Deidara came to, he was lying on a cosy bed, though he could tell that it wasn't his own considering that his was far more comfortable. The blonde blinked up at the plain ceiling, noticing that it was faintly familiar, but he could not remember where from…Until a certain voice broke him away from his thoughts, "My, so you've finally come to, Brat?"

Deidara's eyes snapped wide and he shot up into a sitting position, the blanket falling down to his waist, though he was still wearing his school shirt, so he barely noticed anyway. He stared at Sasori, wide eyed, before giving a scowl as he realised with sickening horror just where he was. "WHY THE FUCK AM I IN YOU'RE APARTMENT?! No, better question…WHY THE FUCK AM I IN YOUR FUCKING BED?! YOU ARE NOT RAPING ME AGAIN, UN!!"

Sasori was currently sitting on the edge of the mattress, completely unfazed by the outburst, instead giving a slight smirk and leaning back casually so that he was somewhat closer to Deidara. "Don't worry; I'm not going to rape you again…Though if you want to have sex…" He seemed to decide it was better to move on before the blonde had time to scream at him and lose the topic, "Anyway…I asked your parents that since you were no longer living with them, and you had no place to go…" His smirk grew wider, "Whether it would be okay for you to move in with me instead."

In response to the red head's words, Deidara almost died. "…" The blonde closed his eyes for a few seconds, taking a deep breath as he did so, a few suspense filled moments passing between them, until…Deidara's eyes snapped open and he yelled at the top of his lungs, "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

Sasori gave a smirk and leaned closer to the blonde, the latter in turn making a move to punch the red head in the face, though Sasori successfully grabbed hold of the fist before it connected. The older male pulled on Deidara's arm, linking their lips in a galling kiss that lasted for several seconds before pulling away, smirking widey at him. "They were ecstatic about the idea, knowing that you couldn't possibly survive on your own, and that I would take good care of you."

Deidara ripped his hand away from the red head's grip, sneering at him with utter disgust. "Take care of me? YOU JUST WANT TO FUCKING RAPE ME, UN!!"

Sasori blinked at him before rolling his eyes, smirk falling and he gave a sigh, "Look, why don't we make a deal?" The red head was silent for a few seconds before continuing, "If you follow my rules, then I won't rape you."

Deidara's eyes narrowed in suspicion, "What rules? I don't like rules…"

Sasori shrugged slightly before giving a few moments of thought, "…The rules are …No leaving the apartment without me…I have no servants, so if you make a mess, you have to clean it up yourself…I will sleep on the couch, so you can sleep in the bed as long as you make it each morning…Don't open the door to strangers…Oh!!" The red head gave him a look that was quite serious, and Deidara thought he saw a flare of bitterness burn in the older male's muddy eyes, "And I will under no circumstances tolerate you being an absolute Spoilt Brat…Get it?"

Deidara continued to scowl and he zoomed in on the redheads face. "Fuck. No." He threw the blankets off of his legs and began walking out of the room only to be stopped by a pair of arms.

"Or, I can just keep you handcuffed to my bed and ravage your body all night long~" Sasori suggested as he gave Deidara's ear a long lick, making the blonde shiver.

"N-neither, you bastard," Deidara struggled to say, as the older teen's hand roamed up Deidara's shirt and teased his nipple.

"You sure?" Sasori whispered a smirk creeping to his lips. He leaned down and bit the blond's neck, hard, just for extra measures. Deidara yelped and bit his lip, not giving anything to the sadist. He began moving around which just made Sasori bite harder. After a few seconds he pulled away, licking the mark clean of any blood. "Change your mind?"

Deidara glared back at the redhead and threw his head back, causing his cranium to meet Sasori's forehead. "Yeah, get out and let me sleep, un," He growled out, mostly in pain. Sasori groaned and rubbed his forehead as Deidara shoved him out of his own room.

"You're welcome," Sasori said from the other side of the door. As soon as Deidara felt the handle, he noticed there wasn't even a lock and kicked the door, like it was its fault. He turned around and studied the small room. Four white walls, a cheap nightstand, with a cheap clock and lamp. It was fairly clean, including the bed. He glared daggers at the bed, already feeling the need to stab it. It was like an accomplice to Sasori. The bed he had been raped in.

Seeing as it was close to midnight and Sasori would probably drag Deidara to school in the morning, the blond walked to the bed, intending on stealing the blankets and sleeping on the floor. He stopped mid-thought. What if the redhead never washed the sheets? What if they still smelled of rape? Deidara's nose cringed at the thought and he cautiously pocked at the sheets as if it were a tiger.

Seeing as it was no threat and there was no stink in the sheets, besides the dustiness, he sat down. He cringed at the springy bed and lied down, thinking his back would break. The lights were already off so he just decided to close his eyes and try to sleep.

His bastard parents kicked him out just because they couldn't make him happy... Or something like that. They thought that he was the problem but it was the other way around. They couldn't raise him right so it was time for everything to backfire.

Deidara didn't think he would be sleeping anytime soon. Not with car alarms going off, music in the apartment below and people doing the nasty in the room right next to the one he was in.

Already getting pissed off he got up and stomped on the floor and banged on the wall. "SHUT THE FUCK UP! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP, UN!"

The people beside him didn't say anything, just moaned even louder. But the people below began yelling things at him back, which made an even bigger argument. Sasori stepped into the room and stopped the yelling. "I'm letting you stay here, Blondie. Now, don't be a brat. I don't want to get kicked out again."

Deidara scoffed. "They shouldn't even let you live here. Now get out, so I can sleep, un." Sasori sneered at the blonde and stormed over to him after slamming the door shut, causing Deidara to jump due to the poor lighting. Outside the moon was covered by clouds, so little light made its way into the dark room, making it hard to distinguish figures.

The blonde suddenly felt himself get pushed down on the bed by his shoulders, and he began to struggle against the red head, "Look, Brat, I can stand you constantly saying the hackneyed line that you are going to kill me over and over, and I could stand you trying to boss me around before your parents kicked you out, but now that you are living in my apartment I will not tolerate such behaviour." Deidara felt the red head shuffle around until Sasori was underneath the covers with the blonde, making Deidara try to pull away from him without success. "I was trying to be benevolent and let you have the bed all to yourself, but you have proved that you are ungrateful and rowdy. So I'm going to sleep in the bed as well to make sure that you do not get raucous and get me evicted. Once you prove that you are no longer a Spoiled Brat then you can have the bed all to yourself."

Sasori put his arms around the blonde, and before the latter could begin his appeal, the red head shoved Deidara's face into the crook of his neck, pulling the covers over the both of them. The blonde made several muffled attempts to argue, but gave up as soon as he realised that the red head was already asleep. Deidara gave a groan in the back of his throat, listening to the sound of the couple in the neighbouring apartment begin to reach their climax, and the car alarms seemed to grow louder on the street. He tried to block it out by listening intently on the only two noises which were not completely annoying, that being Sasori's soft breathing and slow heartbeat. Deidara's eyes soon closed as he unknowingly managed to fall asleep.


Deidara was awoken by the loud roar of an alarm clock, giving a yelp, almost falling off the side of the bed, but his downfall was stopped by a pair of strong arms. "Careful now," the red head sat up, and the blonde found himself in Sasori's lap with the older male smirking down at him, "the floor might bruise your little delicate physique~"

Deidara sneered and struggled against the red head, successfully freeing himself from his grip, giving a cry when he abruptly fell off the bed, hitting the floor with a pained groan and a curse. "Fuck…"

Sasori peeked at him from over the side of the mattress, giving a smirk down at the blonde, "I warned you to be careful…Now, you can have the first shower, but if you take too long then we're going to end up sharing."

Deidara sent a silent glare and got up, heading to the bathroom. Once he saw the shower he would have rather taken a bath in a sewer. It wasn't tile and floors weren't heated like he was used to. One toilet, a sink and a bath/shower tub. The shower looked old and grimy and he began to wonder if anyone could bathe in there.

Seeing as complaining would probably get him sexually assaulted, Deidara kept his mouth shut for once. "Towels are under the sink. You have ten minutes," Sasori yawned as he walked past to the bathroom to go to the kitchen.

Deidara shut the door loudly and opened the cabinet under the sink to indeed find some towels and ugly looking ones at that. Didn't Sasori own something at least a little clean? Picking up the biggest towel he placed it on the toilet seat and turned on the water for the shower. Stripping himself of yesterday's clothes, he stepped in the shower and yelped in surprise before jumping out.

"Your shower's broken, un!" Deidara yelled as he wrapped his towel around his waist and walked out into the hall.

Sasori's head popped around the corner and he sighed in frustration. "Did you wait for it to heat up?"

Deidara raised an eyebrow and looked at the redhead in disbelief. "You actually have to do that?"

Sasori almost groaned. "Do you want to me take a shower with you since it's so complicated?"

Deidara narrowed his eyes and turned around, heading to the bathroom; the door almost slamming this time as it was closed. Glaring at the shower, Deidara waited for it to heat up before he stepped in again. The liquid had a weird smell, almost rusty and he now realized why Sasori's hair was red... Because of the iron! (A/N: Dei's being an idiot by the way.) Deidara began freaking out and he grabbed his hair. He didn't want to be a ginger!

Gulping, he looked around for some shampoo, and opened the bottle. It was the cheap kind that didn't even smell good which made him not even want to use it. He had no idea when his parents would let him come back home so he made do with what he had. He poured the pink soap onto his hand and began running it through his hair.

-Fifteen minutes later-

"Brat, we're going to be late!" Sasori yelled as he opened the bathroom door... Which also didn't have a lock…Steam poured onto his face and Sasori quickly fanned it out of his way.

"Get out!" There was a loud thud and once the steam cleared, Sasori could see Deidara on the floor, quickly trying to cover up his body with his towel. "PERVERT!"

Sasori smirked. "I told you ten minutes. This is officially my shower time, so you either get out or take another shower since you seem to have gotten dirty again."

Deidara gave the red head a look like a deer in headlights, before giving an absolutely appalled expression, getting quickly to his feet with a growl. "LIKE FUCK I'D-" He abruptly slipped on a puddle of water, giving a sharp gasp as he fell back onto the floor.

"I'm going to guess that you were trying to say 'Like fuck, I'd love to have you in the shower with me, my sexy Sasori Danna, you must have read my mind!!' Fine then, Babe, if you insist~" The blonde was about to argue but lost all words once the red head began to remove his clothes, revealing his finely crafted chest first of all. Deidara stared at the soft skin with hints of muscles beneath and the odd scars representing old fights that Sasori had been mixed up in, though the blonde really began to blush once the red head removed his pants. And yet he couldn't look away, or even say a single word of rejection. He almost gave a sharp gasp once he saw the red head's package, and for a fleeting second he wondered how the fuck had that thing managed to fit inside of him. Sasori smirked down at the blonde and moved forward, roughly picking the boy up bridal style, which caused Deidara to recall the situation. He struggled but the red head managed to bear his attempt at escape, "It's alright, Babe, I already said that I wouldn't rape you unless you broke any of my rules."

Deidara stopped struggling, realizing just how far off the ground he was and that if he fell there was a good chance that he would end up cracking his head open on the tiles. He didn't want the fucking bastard to rape his corpse!! Sasori stepped into the shower, placing the blonde onto his feet, helping Deidara to gain his balance. Instead of thanking him, the boy simply gave him a cold glare, snapping his head away from his direction. Sasori rolled his eyes, before giving a sly smirk, abruptly shoving the blonde against the wall, resulting in Deidara giving a yelp of fear. "WHAT THE FUCK, UN?!"

"My, you look so tempting~" The red head moved his lips to the boy's neck, beginning to suck at the sensitive flesh, bringing his hands to run up and down Deidara's sides. The blonde moaned and leaned into the pleasure, yelping once he felt the red head brush against his length, resulting in Deidara's commonsense surfacing, and the blonde began to struggle against the older male. Sasori chuckled lightly, pulling the boy against him underneath the spray of water, smirking down at him fiercely, bringing his mouth to the boy's ear, whispering huskily, "My, you look so rape-able~."

Deidara gasped slightly at the feeling of their bodies pressed together, giving a slight far-too-pathetic whimper of utter frustration. It seemed to be acceptably submissive for the red head, as the next second he had let go of the blonde and was already busying him self with washing his bloody red hair.

"I think you're clean enough, Babe," Sasori shot his a sneering smirk, "I left out the cereal for your breakfast…Oh yeah…To make cereal," he spoke to blonde as if he were a young child, "you need to place the flakes into a bowl- Oh, I'm going far too fast for you…A bowl is a round-"

"I KNOW WHAT THE FUCK A BOWL IS AND I KNOW HOW TO FUCKING MAKE CEREAL!!" Deidara glared deeply at the red head, stepping out of the shower, fuming with utter rage as he hastily wrapped himself in one of the crap-tastic towels, flipping Sasori the bird as he did so, "I'M FUCKING RICH, NOT USELESS!!"

A sharp look formed in the red head's eyes and he gave a smirk with not-so-pleasant intent lurking beyond it, "You're going to be raped soon if you continue to yell at me, Brat~"

Once Deidara saw the look, he stormed out of the bathroom, shutting the door on his way out. He almost ran to the bedroom and closed the door, listening softly to see if Sasori had actually followed him and if he was about to rape him. Nothing was heard, except for the car alarms and a party starting downstairs.

Sighing, the blond looked around and realized his clothes were in the bathroom. "Shit..." He muttered to himself. He was about to go through Sasori's clothes to find some spares when he felt an odd, but familiar, sensation between his legs. He slightly moved his towel and blushed before putting the towel back. Maybe if he ignored it, it would go away?

Walking to the older teen's closet he began looking at his clothes. Sasori never said he couldn't wear his clothes. As quickly as he could, he grabbed the first shirt he saw and pulled it on, some pants following; he really didn't give a damn about boxers. He looked around for a brush or anything to help him make his hair and found none. And this was why Sasori's hair was always a mess.

Groaning, he left the room to find something for his hair, but froze when he saw Sasori in the hallway, a towel wrapped around his waist. "And who said you could wear my clothes, Brat?"

Deidara gulped, wondering if the redhead was really going to rape him this time. "You didn't say I couldn't wear them, un."

Sasori smirked and walked up to the blond, pulling him into his chest, shocking Deidara. "No, I didn't, but that doesn't mean that you can steal someone's clothes," He chuckled and rubbed the slight bulge in the blonde's pants. Deidara gasped and he tried to break away from the nineteen year old. Sasori chuckled again. "You can't go to school like that, Brat." The younger teen's eyes widened as he felt a hand being shoved into his stolen pants. "Let this be a lesson for taking what's not yours... Or just a treat. Either way."

Deidara gasped loudly and he clenched his hands into fists as Sasori shoved him into the nearest wall. "S-stop, un~" He couldn't help but moan when the redhead bit his neck making yet another hickey.

"What's the magic word?" Sasori pulled away, smirking as Deidara looked up at him with a pathetic glare. The brat didn't know how to be angry when he was being pleasured, did he? Deidara bit his lip and turned away. He had too much dignity to even mutter the word to this bastard. "I'll take that as 'continue'." The blonde took a deep breath to scream bloody murder but stopped short, a moan taking away all of his air. Sasori was stroking him slowly, far too slowly for his liking. He bucked his hips into Sasori's hand, wanting more movement. "Magic word?"

Deidara just wanted to be over with this so he could think normally. While he was like this, he had no idea if he wanted to kill Sasori, or if he wanted more pleasure. Swallowing his pride he opened his mouth trying not to moan. "Please...stop."

He heard a sigh above him and the hand was removed from his pants, making Deidara almost groan. Why did he do that?! Now he was left with a flaming hard-on and no one to fix it but him self! "There, now eat some breakfast, then we're leaving." Sasori walked into his room and began changing.

Deidara felt his face turn red and he glared at Sasori before stomping to the kitchen, finding a box of cereal and carton of milk on the table. The blonde barely had an appetite due to his erection and he finally groaned. He knew that this wouldn't go away on its own.

Groaning loudly, he walked to the bathroom and began to strip. Not even bothering to wait for the water to warm up in the shower, he jumped in and swore on the top of his lungs as the frigid water hit his skin.

Deidara sighed with relief, however, once he felt his hard on begin to fade, the cold water doing its job. By the time the water grew warm his erection was completely gone, but just as he was revelling in the preferred temperature, the door opened to reveal Sasori. "Brat, get out of the shower, we have to go now."

Deidara sneered at the red head, baring his teeth slightly, "Five more minutes, un, the water just got warm." Sasori's eyes narrowed and he stormed forward, taking hold of the blonde's wrist, pulling him out of the shower.

"No, right now, or else we are going to be late." Sasori pulled the struggling blonde against him and began to dress Deidara without even drying him off. Once he was dressed Sasori pulled the still belligerent blonde out of the bathroom, grabbing his book bag, and another which Deidara's parents had given to him after they had agreed to let the boy move in with the red head. He shoved it into the blonde's hands and pulled him out the doorway, shutting and locking the door behind them…Well, at least that door had a lock on it!!

"OKAY!!" Deidara ripped his hand from Sasori's grip, "I GET IT!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO HOLD MY HAND, UN!! I'M FUCKING EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD, NOT A FUCKING BABY!!" The blonde stormed forward, but then he suddenly remembered where he was. The northern part of the city…A place where it would be impossible to survive without the red head…Deidara abruptly stopped walking altogether, flushing once he realised the reason why Sasori had set the rule about not leaving the apartment without him.

As much as Deidara would like to think so, the red head was not the worst thing out there. For a moment he found himself thinking that at least he had enjoyed the sex with Sasori and that others probably would not be so kind; before he mentally scolded himself. HE HAD NOT ENJOYED IT!! AND IT HAD BEEN RAPE, NOT SEX!!

"Had a change of heart, Brat?" Deidara blinked and looked over at the red head, giving a sneer before he continued to stomp down the staircase, Sasori following not far behind.

They exited the building, the blonde stopping to grimace at the scenery around him. Homeless bums were lying on the cracked pavement, most of them snoring loudly despite the noise of car alarms, some of them holding leaking bottles of alcohol in their grubby hands. Deidara sneered, shuddering when the cold wind brushed through his wet hair, and he turned in the direction of the school, but paled once his eyes landed on a familiar group of males. It was the teenagers that had been going to gang-rape him…

The group caught sight of the blonde, and several of them gave smirks, straightening up with the leader taking a step towards Deidara. "Well, well, well, isn't it our little toy? You come crawling back to us so that we could-" He suddenly stopped talking, his eye's widening in fear, and Deidara felt a hand drape over his shoulders, gazing up to see Sasori giving the group of teenagers a look of utter boredom.

"Do you know these people, Brat?" Deidara scowled about to make a comment that he could talk to whoever he wanted, but stopped when he realized he didn't want to talk to the group of teens at all. He just looked away and shook his head. "Then there's no reason to stop," Sasori said as he pushed them forward. Once they were far away enough from the group, Sasori let a smirk pass through his lips. "See why you need me, Brat? You walk away for a second and people already want your fine body," He chuckled.

Deidara continued to scowl and considered to push Sasori's arm off of him but stopped when he realized he was actually keeping him warm since he was still practically soaking, just in clothes. "I don't need you. I could have out-run them, un," He said as he threw his nose up into the air, causing Sasori to laugh again.

"We'll see, Brat, we'll see." Sasori pulled the blonde slightly closer, smirking down at the boy, "My, you're shivering, Babe~" The red head rubbed Deidara's arm affectionately, as if in effort to warm him up.

The blonde sneered at the red head, pulling away from the older male before giving a hiss as he realised just how cold it was without Sasori's warmth. "You're the one who dragged me out of an ice cold shower without letting me dry off, un." He shuddered from the cold, and the red head, noticing this, slung his arm back over his shoulders. Deidara gave a sigh of relief and leaned into the warmth, actually hating the cold slightly more than he did the red head.

"It's your fault," Sasori smirked widely, "if you hadn't made me stop punishing you then you wouldn't have needed to take a cold shower. You could always just have let me finish, and then you wouldn't be suffering from the cold right now." He sighed, but was still wearing the smirk upon his face, "Oh well, I guess you will know for next time~"

Deidara blanched at the red head's words, flushing with anger and embarrassment, pulling away from Sasori as he concluded that he did in fact hate the older bastard more than the cold, "THERE WON'T BE A NEXT TIME, UN!! I AM NOT MOVING IN WITH YOU!! I'D RATHER LIVE WITH TOBI, UN!!"

The next thing the blonde knew he was being shoved against the wall, with the red head towering over him. He gave a moan as the red head began to nip and suck at the side of his neck, grasping onto the front of Sasori's shirt, moving his head to the side to allow better access. The older male was so warm against his cold body, and he gave a moan once he felt Sasori's hand slip up into his shirt, rubbing against his icy skin. The red head moved his lips to the blonde's ear, slowly running his tongue over the outer shell, "I thought that you would have learnt by now…I always get what I want."

Deidara shuddered at the words, tightening his grip on the red head's shirt, but he suddenly snapped once he heard the sound of their school bell in the near distance. He struggled against the red head and shoved him away, sneering at the older male, "Fuck. Off."

Sasori smirked at the blonde before grabbing onto his hand, "Whatever, we're both now late for school. But this gives us a good opportunity to get you warm…" Deidara gave the red head a confused expression, and the older male simply smirked wider. "…We run." Before the blonde could argue, the red head was already dragging him along the street at top speed towards the building of Ichiraku High.


"You're late, Deidara."

Said blond just grumbled something and sat down in his seat, glad that he and the redhead only shared one class together and that was at the end of the day, though Sasori also liked to stalk him at lunch; so that was unavoidable.

"Pst! Hey, Dei; why's your hair wet?" Konan asked as she leaned towards the fuming blond.

The teacher, too deep into his lecture, didn't even bother to pay attention to the students, so most of the time everyone did what they wanted. It wasn't like this class was important... Most people usually forgot what it was. Something about money...? Yeah, Deidara didn't pay attention due to him already having money…but not anymore!

Deidara almost growled. "Sasori didn't give me enough time to get ready and took me out of the shower still soaking, un! I swear, I'm going to kill him!"

The bluenette looked confused. "Wait, what? Sasori was at your house?" She whispered.

"No! My parents kicked me out and Sasori kidnapped me!"

Konan slowly smiled. "Do you know what this means...? You guys have to get along now! Or else you'll kill each other- Wait, Saso can be kinda strict. Did he set rules? Were they like, give me a striptease every night?"

"FUCK NO, UN!" Deidara glared at the younger teen, feeling the need to beat her up.

"Hey, I just wanna know! Oooh~! This is so exciting! Wait, have you two had sex yet?"

Deidara turned red and the next thing everyone knew Konan was running around the room giggling, while Deidara tried to stab her with a pencil. "NO! NOTHING LIKE THAT WOULD EVER HAPPEN! IF HE STEPS A FOOT IN MY DIRECTION I WILL KILL HIM! I WILL NEVER HAVE SEX WITH HIM!"

"Deidara, Konan, in your seat," The teacher said as he wrote something on the board.

"Calm down, Dei, it was only a question," Konan laughed out as she sat back down and the blond just panted. Who knew this girl would be such a runner. "Besides, I know that you two wouldn't do something like that; even though I see you guys make out all the time."


"Deidara, office," The teacher said in a monotone.

The said teen growled and grabbed his things, before heading to the office. He almost died when he saw Sasori waiting for him there. "I wondered how long it would take for you to be kicked out. I was just sent to the office myself. Would you like to walk with me?" Sasori asked as he outstretched his hand for the blond to take.

Deidara sneered and slapped the male's hand away, "FUCK OFF!! IT'S YOUR FAULT, UN!!" The boy continued to storm onwards, though was suddenly pulled back by the red head, being pressed against his chest.

"It isn't my fault that you have a bad temper; people could probably hear you screaming all around the school…Not to mention that I was eavesdropping through the door~" Sasori leaned down and ran his tongue along the blonde's ear, which caused Deidara to give a slight whine of both irritation and pleasure. "My, why do you bother to lie to Konan? Like when you said that we had never had sex, why didn't you tell her the truth~ About how I handcuffed you to the bed, and about how you were moaning out my name in utter euphoric pleasure~ You should have mentioned just how much you loved it~"

Deidara gave a gasp of pleasure at the older male's words, shuddering slightly before he regained his composure, trying to pull away. "THAT WASN'T SEX; THAT WAS RAPE!! I DIDN'T ENJOY A FUCKING SECOND OF IT, UN!!"

"Sure, Brat, whatever you have to tell yourself~ You were just moaning out in pleasure because you wanted to~" Sasori gave a slight sigh and pulled away, wrapping his arm around the blonde's shoulder, "Now let's go see Kuzu; you will probably want me in the room with you to bail you out."

Deidara scoffed and stormed forward, but the red head remained at his side with arm still draped over his shoulder. They reached the office, noticing that the receptionist wasn't there, instead replaced with a sign that said 'Off for Lunch' despite the fact it was still morning. They didn't really care though and walked to the principal's door, opening it and immediately regretting what they had done.

Hidan was naked on the large desk with Kakuzu positioned over him, and judging by the moans it wasn't difficult to realise what they were doing, though Sasori covered the blonde's eyes anyway. The principal stopped once he realised that they were no longer alone, looking up to see who had interrupted them. "…Oh, it is just you two, for a moment I thought I would have to deal with a lawsuit there…"

Sasori raised an eyebrow at the duo, "…Well, I could have lived without seeing you two going at it…" He coughed into his fist, still covering the blonde's eyes with his other hand, though it was still quite awkward.

Hidan gave a groan, "Just fucking go already, I was like five fucking seconds from cumming!!"

Deidara gave a gagging noise, and Sasori rolled his eyes, still remaining awkward, and Kakuzu gave a sigh. "Whatever, you two can go…Back to class, home, anyplace that isn't here…Okay?"

They both nodded and shut the door, shuddering slightly as the red head removed his hand from over Deidara's eyes, "Okay then, I apologize for you having to see that…" The blonde simply glared at him and stormed back off, though Sasori was not far behind, "Hey, where are you going?"

"TO CLASS!! LIKE FUCK I WANT THE DAY OFF IF I HAVE TO SPEND IT WITH YOU, UN!!" Deidara stormed off, and Sasori was left, wondering whether he should remain at school or go home…

At lunch Deidara was on high-alert. He glanced over his shoulder waiting for Sasori to come up from behind him and start molesting his body, but nothing came.

"Why do you look so sad, sempai?" Tobi asked as he sat down next to Deidara, with two brown bags in his hands.

"I'm not sad, Tobi, now get the fuck away," He grumbled before placing his head down on the table.

"But Tobi got you lunch, sempai! I made it with love and sprinkles!"


The masked boy remained seating anyway, and Deidara swore he was smiling. He handed the blond a lunch and Deidara just took it, literally starving due to having no dinner or breakfast. He dumped all the contents out and his eyebrow twitched.

Yes, it was made of love and sprinkles, not to mention glitter. "You can eat the glitter, sempai!" In the lunch there was a sandwich in the shape of a heart with edible rainbow glitter. A pink cupcake with sprinkles and glitter. Three cookies in the shape of hearts, glitter, sprinkles, love, you know the drill; and a banana.

Deidara didn't even thank Tobi for the lunch and dug in. He carved, or picked anything that said "I love you" and managed to get most of the sprinkles off but the sparkly stuffed stayed on like glue.

The food tasted fine but it seemed every time the younger teen took a bite Tobi took that as a sign to keep on scooting closer... And closer... And-

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME, UN!" Deidara shoved any remaining food away from him and stood up. As soon as he began walking away, Tobi clung to him and began sobbing.

"Don't go, sempai! Sasori will get you!"

Deidara growled and shoved the taller male off of him. "Sasori's not here, dumb ass, now leave me alone, un."

Tobi sniffled but still followed the blonde. "Sasori's not here?" The boy gasped a second later. "So Tobi can spend time with you, sempai?! OMG I WANNA GO TO CANDY LAND! LET'S GO!" The energetic teen grabbed Deidara's hand and easily pulled him around the school, saying what kind of candy was what.

He pointed a trashcan. "That's a tootsie roll!" To a waded up paper. "A gum ball!" Then he went to the fire-alarm. "Ooh, and this is hot candy!"

"LET GO OF ME, TOBI!" Deidara pulled with all of his strength and it felt like his arm was about to come out of it's socket! He had been yelling at the freak the whole time now and he hadn't even noticed!

"I want some hot candy!" The blonde sneered, and actually wished that the red head was there to protect him from the idiot. He enjoyed getting molested less than licking a cactus, but definitely more than being dragged around by this idiot. The bell initiating the last two periods sounded and Deidara took the distraction to get away from Tobi, practically running for the safety of class.


It was art now; last period of the day and the only period that the blonde had with the red head, and yet he didn't turn up. "Hey Dei," Konan sat next to the boy, raising an eyebrow at him, "do you know where Saso is?"

Deidara sneered and crossed his arms, "Why the fuck are you asking me? I don't have a fucking tracking device on him you know, un!!"

The class quietened once the teacher Kurenai walked into the room, no longer pregnant, though she was currently breastfeeding her baby. These poor people couldn't even afford fucking day-care!! Deidara sighed and rolled his eyes, making no voiced objections to the bitch breastfeeding her baby in the middle of class.


School was finally over, and Deidara instinctively went to the usual spot to wait for his family's limo to pick him up and take him home. He almost facepalmed once he realised that the limo would never arrive. Oh fuck, the only place he had left to go was Sasori's crap-tastic apartment!! But how the fuck was he going to get there, HE COULDN'T TRAVEL THROUGH THE FUCKING NORTH PART OF THE CITY ALONE!! "There you are, Babe."

Deidara blinked and turned to see none other than Sasori traipsing down the footpath towards the blonde, giving a slight smirk. The younger male blanched at the sight of the red head, feeling somewhat relieved that he would not have to go through the dreaded north section all alone. "WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN, UN?! I'VE HAD TO DEAL WITH TOBI ALL FUCKING DAY!!"

Sasori simply smirked wider and pulled the boy close, wrapping his arms around Deidara, "Awww, you missed me? I feel so flattered~ But if you must know I went home and cleaned up the place for you, and I even went over to your house as well. Your parents gave me a bag of toiletries and some clothes for you, so you can stop wearing mine."

Deidara's eyes narrowed suspiciously, wondering as to why the older male would do something so benevolent. HE HAD TO HAVE SOME ULTERIOR MOTIVE!! "I'M NOT GOING TO FUCKING SLEEP WITH YOU JUST BECAUSE MY PARENTS GAVE YOU SOME OF MY CLOTHES, UN!!" The blonde pushed himself away from the red head, crossing his arms and giving a sneer.

Sasori rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his hair, "And here I am just trying to make you happy for once, and you get my intentions all wrong." He sighed and shook his head before turning around, "Whatever, come along." Sasori began to walk off and Deidara had absolutely no other choice but to follow behind him, traipsing at his side towards the red head's home.

As they neared the building, Deidara couldn't help but notice that they once again passed the group of males who had been going to gang rape him, though once they saw that he was with Sasori they pretended to ignore the blonde, though Deidara could still feel their eyes on him. Once they entered the apartment, Sasori gave an unexpected chuckle, "I think that group is just waiting for the opportunity of you leaving the building without me so that they can kidnap you. Perhaps they'll just gang-rape you, maybe kill you, maybe keep you as their sex toy; keeping you barely alive, until you at last drop dead~"

Deidara flushed and sneered, storming over to the couch. There sat a bag, and once he opened it up, he could see that it was full of his clothes. There was also a small pouch of toiletries, containing a toothbrush, shampoo, his best hairbrush, and a few other loose goods which Deidara was relieved to find. "I can fucking out run those bastards, un…"

"If you say so, Babe," Sasori rolled his eyes, but he hadn't bothered to even close the front door, "so, have fun without me tonight, you have the place to yourself. Don't make a mess, don't stay up late waiting for me and dinner is in the fridge."


Sasori smirked at the blonde's reaction, giving a slight shrug, "I have a job, you idiot, how else do you reckon I can afford to pay the rent for this apartment and buy food? My grandma sure as shit doesn't care about whether I live or die, and not all of us have rich-ass parents to mooch off of. I have a job sorting books in the Public Library, if you must know. The pay isn't glamorous, but it is enough to pay the bills, food, and a little left over. Now I must go, I'll be home around midnight." His smirk widened slightly and he pointed to his cheek, "Do I get a kiss goodbye?"

The blonde glared up at the redhead who just continued to smirk. He walked up to Sasori, who was shocked he was even coming near him and leaned up. Deidara smirked and spat on the redhead's cheek, causing the older teen to chuckle. "That's for leaving me here alone, when someone can break in and rape me, un." Deidara walked away and began looking through the fridge. He pulled out a pizza box and opened it. "What the hell is this?"

Sasori sighed and grabbed his jacket, getting ready to leave. "It's called pepperoni. Now, since I don't have a personal chef to make pizza I had to buy some from the store. It was cheap and on sale. Enjoy." He leaned in to kiss the blonde's cheek only to have him turn his head and their lips met instead. It was almost automatic for Deidara to feel like this and he began to move his lips before he noticed that this was wrong. He shoved Sasori away who was grinning. "Now that's more like it~" He purred, cornering the blond into the fridge.

Deidara growled and shoved the pizza box between them. "Go to work and leave me alone, un. I have homework." He had no intention of doing it, but now he actually wanted the redhead gone.

Sasori chuckled. "Fine, you're right. See you later, babe." To Deidara's surprise, the older teen made no move to touch him and left. Strange. Giving an irritated sigh, Deidara opened the box and took out a slice of pizza, before finally finding a plate and the microwave.

He stared at the machine and began to wonder how to even turn it on. He pushed a random button and it turned on. He jumped in surprise and opened the door, stopping the device. That's when he realized he pushed the popcorn button... Where was the pizza button?

Groaning he began to read all over and found nothing. "Wait, how long does it take to make pizza? Um, ten minutes, un?" He stuck the pepperoni inside the little space and pushed ten. Ten seconds went by and Deidara raised a brow. "That was not ten minutes," He muttered. Ignoring the microwave he ate the pizza cold. If he broke that thing Sasori would probably sell him to get a new one, or just punish him with rape.


Deidara gave a sigh as he finished the cold pizza, deciding that though it wasn't even close to what he usually ate, under the circumstances it was actually alright. He stood up from the tacky couch that he had been perched on, looking down at the plate with an irritated look. "…Okay, what the fuck am I supposed to do with this now…Usually the servants would put it in the dishwasher…" The blonde moved back into the kitchen and began looking for said dishwasher, but couldn't find one. "…What the fuck?! How the hell do poor people do the dishes, un?!"

He then noticed the sink, and Deidara recalled a faint memory of the servants once washing a dish in the basin when the dishwasher had been full. Oh…So that was how poor people managed!! He had always thought that sinks were made purely for washing hands!! Deidara placed the dish inside, poured some hot water on it, and then placed it back inside of the cupboard where he had gotten it from, making no move to wash it better or even dry it.

"Well…That was exciting, un…" The blonde sighed and walked to the front door, making sure that it really was locked, which it was, before he moved over to the bag of clothing. He pulled out his favourite pair of silk pyjamas, before moving to the bathroom to get changed, not realising he opened the wrong door. He blinked at the room he entered, having never entered it before.

The place consisted of a work bench covered with tools, and upon the shelves were wooden puppets of varying sizes. Deidara blinked at them, awestruck, looking around at the many different designs, before making his way to the table. There was a soft toy dog which sat on the top of the desk that appeared to be quite old and worn, but soft…Deidara picked it up and placed it on his head, taking one last look of the workroom before leaving with the intent of changing into his pyjamas.


Deidara stood in the bedroom, looking out at the view from the single window, finding it was dramatically different to the view he was used to. In his own bedroom, the window looked out at the large garden that surrounded the house, green lawn, variously coloured flowers, two of their three pools also in sight. This window view, however, looked down at the monochromatic city, consisting of dirty street lights, drunken homeless bums, and the other practically identical buildings. It was almost midnight, and when Deidara looked down, he saw none other than Sasori walking alone towards the entrance of the apartment building. He walked without fear, despite the fact that it was the northern part of the city, and the several groups of seedy looking men that lurked around the area took no notice of the what-appeared-to-be easy prey, everyone in the district being perfectly aware of the red head's reputation. It must have been cold outside, because the blonde could see the older male's icy breath, and his hands were buried deep within his coat pockets.

Deidara, not wanting to seem awake by the time Sasori came home, quickly turned off the light and crawled into the bed, back facing the door, with the soft toy dog he had found earlier pressed against his chest. He pretended to be asleep; eyes closed though ears listening intently. The couple next door were not at it tonight, and the people below were not currently throwing a raucous party. Even the car alarms seemed quiet compared to yesterday.

Deidara gave a sigh, but stifled the content noise once he heard the front door being unlocked, opened and then shut once more. He stayed absolutely still, levelling his breathing, and giving no reaction when he heard the bedroom door open. Sasori gave a slight hum and he couldn't help but smile slightly at the sight of the sleeping blonde, before he stripped down to just his boxers, his usual choice to sleep in considering he only had one pair of pyjamas that were reserved for severely cold nights. On any other occasion, however, he probably would have worn the pyjamas, considering how icy it was tonight, but now he had the blonde as a source of warmth.

Deidara felt the bed sink slightly and the covers shift as Sasori crawled under the sheets, moving close to the blonde before giving a slight confused noise as he noticed the plush dog. "…Maybe he got lonely…" Sasori gave a small sigh before he wrapped an arm around Deidara's waist, pulling his back to press warmly against his chest, snuggling close to the blonde. He drew the covers up over their shoulders, laying a few affectionate butterfly kisses on the top of Deidara's head, before nuzzling his blonde hair gently.

Deidara, realising just how cold Sasori's skin was, made no objection, happy as long as the red head didn't make an attempt to rape him. Just for tonight, at least, he would let Sasori cuddle him.
Collab between me and :iconakatsukimemberwoolfy:

Sequel to Ordinary Day! Sorry if I told people that we weren't going to do one but we ended up doing it anyway XD
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"If you don't eat your breakfast, Deidara, it's going to get cold."

Deidara looked up from the smoothie his mother made him and he eyed the woman. She was looking through some papers and Deidara assumed it was for the new class that she was going to be teaching at Konoha University soon. She was by the counter where she had left her papers to look through later when she had the time.

"It's a smoothie, Mom, it can't get any colder, un," He muttered wishing that it wasn't Saturday so he could see Sasori normally.

"Well drink it before it goes bad," She corrected as she looked over at her eldest. "Look, Akira is already done with his so drink yours before he gets to it." She looked down at her papers once more and sighed.

Deidara looked across the table to see his little brother staring at him with those big hazel eyes. He rolled his own blue ones before sliding the drink over to him and standing up. "I'm going to my room, don't bug me, un."

"Eat your breakfast, Deidara." Aya turned to her son once more but he was gone and she gave a tsk before looking at her youngest son who was happily drinking the smoothie before crying about a headache.

Deidara nearly slammed his door shut the moment he entered his room, but he didn't want his parents to question him over his angry behavior. What could he say? "Someone found out about my secret relationship that you aren't supposed to know about." They would totally understand.

He fell onto his bed and buried his face into his pillow. After a few seconds of holding his breath, he finally let it go, his back falling from the action. He wrapped his arm around the pillow as he grabbed his phone with his other hand and brought it to his face.

He flipped the obsolete device open before searching through some previous messages. He clicked on one that didn't have a contact created, the phone number being displayed there instead. He tapped a quick question to the number and closed his phone when he saw it had sent.

Deidara rested his head against his pillow as he waited for a reply even though he didn't expect one. He didn't want to do what Sasori told him to do. Wait. He wasn't going to wait for someone to blackmail him, he wanted to find them and make them wish that they hadn't stalked him and his lover in the first place.

After a minute his phone buzzed and he flipped it open to see he had received a message.

'Don't contact me.'

Deidara almost raised a brow and scoffed before texting back that they shouldn't have to act like someone was watching them the whole time.

He didn't receive any more messages after that and he frowned to himself before sitting up. He heard his parents calling him and he sighed before leaving his room and going up some stairs to get to the where his parents were. "Yeah, un?" He saw both of his parents sitting in the living room and he arched a thin brow in question.

"Can you sit down for a moment, Deidara?" His mother asked as she gestured to the seat across from her. Takao was sitting next to his wife, looking stern and the blond slowly went over to his chair, wanting to know why his parents looked so serious.

His sat down and his eyes widened. They couldn't have known. They would have done something right away not talk to him about it, that's how his parents were. He stared at them and his mother took a small breath.

"We've been noticing some things, Deidara," She started slowly before shaking her head, deciding to get to the point. "Where did you get those bruises?"

The blond almost sighed in relief once he realized his parents still didn't know but he wasn't off the hook yet. He had to make up a story for the hickeys on his neck even though they were barely visible by now. He had chided Sasori before to not mark him where people could see and the redhead said that was the point. Yeah, now he wouldn't even talk to him because of paranoia.


The blond snapped out of his daze and he looked at his parents. "Oh those, un? Well you know I'm a T.A. and when Mr. Akasuna is lazy he makes me teach the other students how to do things and this week he made me show them how to throw on the wheel. Some kid didn't have his clay stuck on and he turned it on full blast and I got hit in random spots, un." He shrugged and stood up. (A/N: This is practically impossible btw.)

"But we've been seeing these bruises for three weeks now," Takao said, looking skeptical.

Deidara rolled his eyes. "We don't have enough wheels for everyone to throw in just one day. We just started three weeks ago and all of the beginners suck at it so Mr. Akasuna and I usually get beat up. Even other kids throwing next to them get pelted with flying clay. If that's all then I'm just going back to my room, un." He stood up and Aya nodded.

"We're relieved to hear that it's not bullying but make sure that Mr. Akasuna goes easy on you all right?" Her eyebrows knitted in concern and Deidara almost laughed at the statement. "If he works you too hard just go to the office, okay? Or us for that matter."

Deidara waved his hand and he walked back to his room. "Yeah yeah, un."

When he walked back down the stairs where his bedroom was he was stopped by his little brother who was leaving his room. "Can you make me another coloring book, onii-san?" He stayed by his door almost fearing the blond due to the events the day before.

Deidara sighed and ran a hand through his fringe. "I suppose, but when I have the time," He answered before going to his room. Really it was all of his fault that his and Sasori's collaboration got destroyed. He would usually sketch out things for Akira to draw on and when he saw the project he probably saw his work on it. Why not draw on it?

He fell back onto his bed and began considering doing any homework and decided it would be a good idea so he didn't get behind in school again.

He grabbed his backpack and got off his bed before going over to his desk. He set his books and his binder down on the desktop and sat down in his chair before turning on his lamp to get to work. He opened up his math book and stared down at the page before closing it and turning off his light. It seemed he couldn't get work done unless he was either pushed by a deadline or he wanted to do it himself.

He stood up and went back to his phone that was lying on his bed. He picked it up and texted his art teacher once more and began waiting for a reply. He knew that one wasn't going to come but just wanted to bug Sasori until he did reply back.

For the rest of the morning he tried working on homework while waiting for Sasori to reply. He never did and Deidara was getting pissed off because of his stand off behavior. It wasn't like this person was tapped into their phones.

He gave an irritated scoff and began texting friends, wanting to hang out. After a half hour of waiting he left his house, telling his parents goodbye briefly.

It wasn't out of the ordinary for him to call a random meeting and they usually got together at a restaurant to talk and hang out before going somewhere else like the mall. Though when he met up with his friends he didn't feel any better from being ignored.

All six of them were in a large booth and Deidara was getting annoyed rather quickly as Tobi, an immature freak, kept on blowing his milkshake up with his straw. "Why does Senpai look so mad? Did Senpai want some of Tobi's milkshake?" He held the large cup in front of the blond's face and Deidara sneered at seeing the chocolate and whipped cream roll down the sides. He shoved the younger teen's hand away before the chocolate landed in his lap and he shook his head.

"No, Tobi, I don't want your damn food, un. Just leave me alone."

Pein, his friend who had graduated two years before raised a brow. "You're the one who called us here, Deidara. If you're going to be upset the whole time, don't take offense if we want to leave."

Deidara scowled lightly but then frowned. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I'm just bored, un."

"And pissed too. I haven't seen you this fucking mad since Tobi ate your homework."

The blond ignored his friend who had the mouth dirtier than a porta potty. "Yes, I'm also pissed because I am being ignored." He turned to smile sarcastically at the older teen who just ate a curly fry slowly.

"What do you want us to do about it, it's Saturday," Kisame muttered as he messed with a strand of his boyfriend's hair. Deidara looked over at them, seeing Itachi, the teen's boyfriend, glaring at him and Deidara returned the look mockingly before sticking his tongue out at him.

"You can go beat up my boyfriend for being a freaking prick," He answered once his little fit was done.

"Why are you dragging us into your personal life, Deidara? Before you wanted us out of it." Itachi swatted at Kisame's hand and narrowed his eyes at him dangerously.

Deidara scoffed. "I'm not telling you to actually do it, Uchiha."

"So when do we actually get to meat your BF?" Kisame asked now looking at the blond who just scoffed and crossed his arms. He was trying to avoid eye contact which was a given considering the answer.

"Never, un."

"What's so bad about knowing, Senpai? Is he really ugly?" Tobi had his chin in his hands and was kicking his legs under the table petulantly which was really getting on Deidara's nerves.

"No, he's not ugly, Tobi."

"Then why is he so secret?"

"Because Deidara's not supposed to be with him." The blond turned and glared at the other Uchiha, his showing eye narrowed in anger. "Leave it up to him to not follow the rules."

Deidara rolled his eyes and uncrossed his arms. "Butt out, Uchiha, no one asked you."

Hidan groaned loudly and banged his head on the table. "Gee, this sure is fucking entertaining. Why don't I slit my wrists and see if I bleed out before you bitches stop…bitching."

Pein who had been flipping through one of the papers on the table raised a brow. "How many calories does it take to bang your head against a wall? Hidan, I'm sure you know the answer?"

"Fuck off, pincushion, I'm never in the freaking mood for you and your bullshit."

The older male rolled his eyes and turned towards the two teens fighting in front of him. "If you just called us here to complain then you're wasting our times, Deidara. What do you want?"

The blond turned to the graduate and calmed down enough to at least give a proper answer. "I just have nothing to do now. I can't go buy clay or art supplies because I got a speeding ticket and I had to buy other stuff which pissed my parents off. So they cut me off and now I barely have enough money for gas, un." He suddenly scowled. "And my freaking boyfriend is ignoring me now," He growled, his countenance turning to one of anger and frustration.

Kisame nodded and put his arms around the large booth so he almost touched Itachi's shoulders and the Uchiha gave him a warning look. "So why is that? Did you piss him off?"

Deidara scoffed and looked over at the strangely colored male. "No, I do that every day, un." He stopped and bit his lip for a moment. Should he tell them the problem? He shook his head at even questioning it. Who would they tell in the first place? They were witnesses to him burning trees and littering explosive clay on his enemies lawn. If they didn't tell anyone about that, why would they care about his situation. "Someone found out about our relationship so now he's taking all precautions and he's not even texting me back, the bastard, un." He looked at his phone and realized he still didn't have any messages. Growling, he slammed it on the table making Tobi jump, almost dropping his milkshake on the blond in the process.

"So I'm guessing he's really old if this relationship is so secret," Itachi said with knowing eyes and Deidara narrowed his own blue ones.

"No, he's twenty-four, that's not old. Though he acts like a fucking forty-year-old so that's probably why he's ignoring me."

"Or he may have gotten tired of your relationship."

Deidara's eyes widened in surprise and anger and he grabbed Tobi's milkshake, the plastic (he refused to get an adult cup and requested a child's instead) slick with chocolate and whipped cream, before throwing it at the weasels shirt. The drink splattered onto Kisame as well and he swore loudly before grabbing some napkins to clean up the mess as the cup bounced to the floor.

Hidan stopped banging his head on the table to burst out into laughter while pointing at the red-eyed teen. "Ha! Looks like you got shit on, Uchiha!" The teen just glared darkly and he leaped over Tobi, nails clawing for the blond who yowled in pain before returning the gesture. "Oh fuck yeah! Cat fight!"

"Senpai!" Topi cried as he got stuck between the two males.

Pein's eyebrow twitched and he looked out at the restaurant to see the other customers staring at them. He looked back to see the two males baring teeth while pulling each others' long hair and his brow gave another twitch. He leaned across the table and pulled both of the ponytails upwards, causing both of them to yowl in pain but shut up afterwards.

"You two are behaving sniveling children," He accused and Deidara pouted lightly while rubbing his aching scalp while Itachi smoothed down his ebony locks which looked like it had been devoured by a lawnmower and spat back out. Pein glared at the blond with cold metallic eyes. "You should not be offended so easily when you know Itachi is only stating the possibilities of your relationship that you seem to hate." The blond sneered lightly but crossed his arms as he looked away. Pein then turned his attention to the Uchiha who was being comforted by his boyfriend. "And you should not be surprised if you get attacked when you insult people like that."

Hidan stared at the man confused. "But you just fucking said to Blondie that it was okay for him to do that."

Pein narrowed his eyes at the albino who shut his mouth after that. "No, I did not I said he could state an opinion but told him not to be shocked when attacked. Listen, Hidan." The teen rolled his magenta eyes and began messing with a knife.

"Whatever, I don't care about Uchiha's opinions. They're full of shit anyway, un," He grumbled before standing up and kicking Hidan in the leg. "Let me out I'm going home," He ordered, his voice deep in authority. Sasori would talk to him like that when he was either pissed with him or when Deidara pushed him too far.

Hidan grumbled something but scooted out of the booth to let Deidara out. The blond didn't even say goodbye as he left the restaurant and he just headed to his car in a huff. He wanted to see Sasori and not be ignored. Even if they weren't going to do anything he just wanted to talk. Actually talk and try to figure out what they were going to do about their current situation. His friends were of no use so he really had no idea what to do.

But instead of leaving he sat in his car with his hands gripping the steering wheel, his head resting on the edge of it. But he didn't want to bother Sasori and be ignored even more. Maybe he would realize that their relationship was too dangerous and even though Deidara loved him it wasn't going to change a thing. Maybe he would get tired of it and end it saying that he wasn't going to deal with it anymore.

This wasn't the first time Deidara was having these thoughts and what Itachi said made his fear more real. The next to worst thing besides people finding out about his relationship was actually ending it. Even though this was Deidara's first boyfriend he didn't want another.

Taking a deep breath, he started his car and backed out of his parking space before driving out of the parking lot. Making a snap decision he began heading towards the city of Suna, not caring if it pissed Sasori off, he wanted to see him.

It was only a ten minute drive from where he was already at so he wasn't wasting too much gas to get there. When he arrived in his small neighborhood he parked a block away like usual and walked to his house but when he got there he saw that he wasn't home and swore under his breath. Though he may have just parked in the garage, he didn't know.

Ignoring the possible sign of wanting to be left alone, Deidara still walked up to the door and knocked on the wooden surface, trying to see through the square design of the window. After a minute he saw a redheaded figure walk up to the door and he stepped back incase the teacher had something to throw at him.

When Sasori saw him standing there he narrowed his eyes and he looked more angry than Deidara had seen him in a while. "Uh, hi, un." Deidara said grinning happily and took a step forward. "I-" The door was slammed in his face and he took a step back to prevent from getting hit. Blinking in shock he sighed and raked a hand back through his long locks. "Come on, Sasori, I just want to talk. Please, un?"

"Go away, Deidara," Sasori ordered before locking the door and leaving to go back from where he came from.

"I really just want to talk about this whole thing. Come on, Sasori." He began knocking again but Sasori wasn't responding at all. Even when Deidara had went around to his windows he found all of the blinds closed and his french doors in the back with shutters drawn and handles locked.

After Deidara sat outside for twenty minutes he realized Sasori really wasn't going to let him in and he headed back to his car to go home. "You're just giving up?"

He stiffened up and turned around to see an old woman on the sidewalk a few feet behind him. She was wearing a purple hat with a white flower and a purple sweater but her dress was yellow, making her short silver hair almost shine as he curled at the end making it reflect off the dress. "Yeah…" He said cautiously. "My friend doesn't want to see me now so I'm leaving, un."

The old woman smiled and walked up to him before patting his arm. "He hasn't left his home since yesterday which is a shock. He usually does errands and on his way out I talk to him. Such a nice man," She sighed but then frowned. "He seems upset about something but I when I saw you coming I thought his mood would lighten because he would have company but he must be fairly upset." Shaking her head she looked up at the blond with crystal-like green eyes. "I think I've seen you around but he hasn't talked about you. He must have many friends with the way he is."

Deidara wanted to know if the woman got confused by the houses and he scratched the back of his head. "You're talking about Sasori, right? Mister grumpy, un?"

The woman giggled happily. "Well he's grumpy now but when he talks to me he is usually happy and polite. I think it's because he's lonely." Deidara must have looked confused because the woman sighed, her smile falling once more. "The boy has no family, did you know?"

The blond nodded. "But he has his grandmother and her brother. Even some cousins."

"Yes well he can't visit them often because of work. He took up a teaching job in Konoha for his grandmother's and granduncle's stay in nursing home and has no more time to really see them. That's how I met him, when I was sick but I got better and came back home." She beamed in happiness. "He really is a nice man but he seems to be in fix at the moment. Why don't you try again? He may open up; let you in this time."

Deidara looked over at the house to see nothing had changed. Sighing he nodded. "I have nothing else to do today anyway, un." He walked up to the house, the old woman giving him a small smile of encouragement.

He knocked on the door again and rang the doorbell. Not a moment later it was flung open and papers were thrown at his face. "You see, brat? You see this?!" Sasori pointed to the papers on the ground and his eyes widened as he realized they were more pictures. "Because of you this freak won't leave me alone, so just go away…" Sasori's voice faded as his eyes traveled to the woman who stood on the sidewalk, glaring at him. "Do you know her?"

Deidara sighed and ran a hand through his hair again before kneeling and picking up the papers, trying to hide his disgust as they were more intimate than the ones from yesterday. "Sorry, un," He muttered before handing the papers over to Sasori roughly with a glare and walking off his porch to go to his car. The old woman was still glaring at the redhead but she followed Deidara in attempt to talk to him but he didn't stop or pause.

He got into his car, ignoring the old woman's protests for him to stop and started the engine before driving away from the curb.

When Deidara had parked in the driveway of his house, he looked at his phone and saw he hadn't received any new messages or calls. He sighed harshly, his hair moving away from his face when doing so. As soon as he got out of his car, he was confronted by his crying brother running out of the house.

Giving a groan, Deidara rubbed his face and closed the door only to have the six-year-old run up to him sobbing. "Onii-san! There's a spider in my room!" He buried his face in his brother's leg and Deidara's eyebrow twitched until he began walking the boy finally letting go. They moved inside the house, but the boy was persistent on following him.

"Go ask mom to kill it, un," He grunted before moving down to his own room but the little boy wouldn't stop pestering him so he ended up looking for the spider and he nearly face-palmed with a frying pan when he saw what it was. "That's a clay spider, Akira. What are you doing with my clay spiders?" He turned around and put his hands on his hips while his little brother stared up at him with teary but blinking eyes.

"I didn't take it," He said softly. "Mommy was cleaning and saw it in the living room so she put it in here."

Deidara glared at him lightly. "Then why are you freaking out if it's not even real?"

The boys eyes up welled with tears and he began to wail again. "Because it's ugly and scary!"

Deidara pursed his lips and he pinched the bridge of his nose to think about what to say next. His whole day wasn't going very well and his idiot little brother wasn't going to make it even worse just because he was being a brat. He walked into the room and grabbed the spider that covered his whole palm. It was one of his smaller ones but it was still something.

Akira was now only sniffling at the door but once his brother was out of his room he ran in, glad that the ugly thing was out. Deidara just rolled his eyes, put the spider in his room, before heading back upstairs in hopes of finding his mother and asking her why she put the spider away when it was still drying out.

He found the blond at the kitchen table writing on some papers but when she heard him enter she looked up with mild surprise. "You're back early. Did you have fun?"

Deidara shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, I guess. Hey, did you put my clay spider in Akira's room?"

The woman puffed out her cheeks and blew the air out as she looked into a corner absently. "Maybe, I mean I've told you before that I told want those things in the living room, Deidara and I just so happened to be cleaning up so put it in a room downstairs."

The blond bit his lip and sighed before running his hands over his face. "I've told you before that it's harder for clay to dry downstairs because it's too humid. We have shelves in the living room that are good enough to let clay dry on them. I even put newspaper on the so nothing actually gets on the shelves, un."

The woman sighed and set down her pen. "Yes, you've told me that you can keep the house clean but I've told you that I don't want clay all over the house. When you buy your own house than you can leave clay wherever you want but not while you live here." Deidara scowled and shook his head before leaving the kitchen. "Don't leave anymore greenware out, Deidara," His mother called from the kitchen but he ignored her and went back to his room to actually do his homework.


Deidara tapped his foot against the floor impatiently as he waited for his first period class to be over. He had tried going to Sasori's art room but it was locked from all three doors and Deidara tried going through his office but the other art teacher said that he wasn't allowed to go in. The office was mostly Sasori's because the woman was only a part-time teacher and only taught three classes in the morning, never the afternoon.

Once he heard the bell ring he was out of his seat, knowing that he would only have half a minute at most to talk to Sasori before students actually began coming to class. But once he got to the classroom he saw his teacher at his desk per usual and just the look he sent Deidara made the blond's skin crawl.

"What?" He asked harshly and the teen nearly flinched if he wasn't so angry.

Deidara went over to the teacher's assistant desk which was completely on the other side of the room and he stood by the chair before glaring at Sasori. "Why move the desk?"

Sasori smiled bitterly, his glasses perched low on his nose. "I wanted a change of scenery."

The blond was being pushed over the edge and he slammed his book bag down on the desk loudly just as a student walked in. "You are being so fucking insufferable, un! When I did absolutely nothing to you, Sasori!"

The teacher was standing by now, yelling as well. "I'm insufferable? You're the one who started this whole damn thing!"

More students began filing in no one going to their desk at all as they watched the student and teacher hash it out, not understanding what they were fighting about one bit. Though once the bell rang four minutes later the shouting stopped with some students from other classes peaking in, wanting to know what the noise was about. But one look from Sasori sent them running back to their teacher.

"Sit down and get to work. Now," Sasori ordered as he went into his shared office, slamming the door behind him.

The students sent Deidara a look and the blond gave them a glare that would even make the redheaded bastard proud. For nearly the whole class period, the teen sat at his desk on the other side of the room, smoldering as he stared at the wall. None of the students tried to walk up to him because once they did ask for help he would criticize nearly everything they did until they felt like garbage.

But afterwards he realized he was behaving just as badly as Sasori and that he needed to calm down. They hadn't had an argument this bad in… Well they never really argued over something like this so it was a first for Sasori to be pissed about this.

After half the class period was done Deidara was helping his peers once more and the art teacher waked out of his office, now composed though every student knew he was pissed beyond belief. The students who were throwing on the wheel had already started so he went to help them, not even bothering to tell Deidara to watch the class, instead completely ignoring him.

Though once the class period was done Deidara was packing up when he heard his art teacher calling for him to stay after for a moment. The blond scowled lightly but stayed after and once all the students were out Sasori sighed and ran a hand through his hair which resembled a bird's nest. For someone so organized you would think that he would at least make his hair.

As soon as the bell rang Deidara walked over to his teacher who was leaning against his desk with his arms crossed. "This is getting us nowhere," The older male admitted and Deidara snorted with an eye roll.

"No, really?" Sarcasm laced his voice and Sasori glared at him to knock it off. "Okay fine, what do you want to do about it then since you care so much now, un?"

The redhead didn't reply at first but he took another breath. "I've been trying to find out where these papers are coming from but even when I found them in my mailbox they were just shoved in with no envelope. Whoever this person is, they don't really care if someone else finds these papers."

Deidara's eyes widened and he swore. "What if my parents get something, un?"

"I doubt that our culprit would go to extremes and just tell someone outright." He sighed and ran a hand over his face before looking at the teen in front of him. "One thing I've noticed is that all of the papers were printed from school because of the code at the bottom. More specifically the printer in the classroom next door."

Deidara raised a brow. "What? The photography class? So Ms. Bem, un?"

Sasori swore under his breath and looked towards the ceiling almost asking God why he was stuck with the blond. "Christ, no, brat. A student of hers, at least I'm guessing that's it but it can be someone else just using her laptops and printer."

The blond nodded once he realized it but became enraged a second later once he realized he may actually know who was spying on him and his teacher. "Well why don't you go and look at her class list and see there is a student who hates-" Sasori glared darkly, "dislikes you enough to try and get blackmail on you."

"What about you, brat? I'm sure there are people who dislike you as well."

Deidara scoffed and rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms. "No one hates me, Danna, un."

"Then don't come crying to me when you get made fun of for looking girly."

"I wasn't crying, I was pissed. Freaking clerk at the store was blind and thought that just because I have long hair automatically means that I don't have a dick, un," He exclaimed and before Sasori could reply a student for his next class walked in.

"Go to class, Deidara. We'll talk at lunch."

The blond frowned very lightly but just walked out before another argument started.


Before the blond could leave his literature class he was automatically dragged away by Hidan who said he wanted to eat lunch in the cafeteria that day.

"Hidan, I have to go and work for Mr. Akasuna or else he is going to drop my grade, un," He growled. He was a teacher assistant yes but they still had grades in the classes they worked in based on participation and he wouldn't be surprised if Sasori actually lowered his grade.

"Bitch, this isn't your pansy art class, he can't do shit."

Deidara groaned and got away from the albino long enough to get outside and the teen just swore at him before walking away.

The blond was walking towards the art center quickly, wanting to know what Sasori was going to do about their little freak.

When he got to the art room it was deserted like usual and he didn't blame the students who left as soon as they had the chance. It seemed that it would be a while until Sasori would calm down and if they resolved this whole issue maybe even sooner.

Deidara looked around and saw the redhead talking to the other art teacher in their shared office, the redhead giving a small laugh and the woman beaming up at him. The blond couldn't understand a word of what they said and he didn't care who his boyfriend talked to, it wasn't his life.

He sat down at his desk and thought about what they were going to do once they fixed this whole mess. Would their relationship go back to normal or would Sasori take the extreme caution and completely break it off with him?

Itachi's words came to his mind. But Sasori wouldn't end the relationship from boredom, he would have to have a better reason to get the blond off his tail.

Deidara's thoughts were interrupted when Sasori opened the door for the other art teacher to walk out. She was an average height for a twenty-three-year-old woman but she seemed much younger with her cheery aura around her. She had olive-tanned skin and chocolate curls that hung around her shoulders, and framed her heart-shaped face nicely.

"Oh, hello, Deidara," She greeted with a grin, her cheeks slightly flushed. She, like many other teachers addressed her students by their first names, but Sasori was very old fashioned. She looked up at her coworker and shrugged on her large bag. "Well I hope you have a good day, Sasori."

The man smiled back kindly and Deidara wanted to know the secret behind his weird mood changes. "You too, Mana."

She nodded and left the classroom to the hall and Deidara sighed before giving a stretch and sauntering up to the redhead who was now rubbing his temples beneath his glasses. Deidara plucked them off his face and the older male glared as the blond held them up to his face, his brows furrowed and eyes squinted. "It's fuzzy."

"No duh, brat, these," He said snatching the black-framed glasses back from the teen, "are for people who need them, but as you know I only need them to read." He crossed his arms and stared down at Deidara who was smirking. "Ready for some snooping?"

"Hell yeah, un."

Sasori nodded and moved to his desk. "I've already talked to Mana about us looking at some nature picture for our pictures and she gave us permission to look through her class-"

"Leave it up to you to make a spy mission boring, un." Deidara sighed and shook his head, moving over the redhead while giving a small grin. "At least you aren't pissed at me anymore."

"As much, brat." Sasori grabbed some keys and walked to his office the blond following. "Now we are just looking around at the laptops and recent prints on the printer as well as some cameras. We only have half an hour so don't waste time."

Deidara snorted. "Me waste time? Have you met me, un?

"Unfortunately," Sasori answered as they both entered the office and Deidara pursed his lips.

"Wouldn't it have been better to have sex in here," He mused quietly and Sasori shot him a glare.

"No, this is place is completely off limits to you in those times. I like this desk far better than the other one and this is also someone else's work space." They exited the small office only to enter the photography class. The teacher also taught a book arts and a graphic design class but those were the only three classes she wanted to teach.

Deidara nearly pouted. "Meanie, un. The desk hurts my back."

Sasori moved to the cabinets by the teacher's desk and got the keys out to unlock them. "Only a few students should have them checked out for a project that she mentioned so we can only look through a few cameras."

The blond nodded and grimaced. "I'm just wondering what sick kid wants to watch two guys fucking?"

Sasori glared wide-eyed and sighed harshly. "Don't say those things lightly, brat, someone could be listening," He scolded.

Deidara shrugged. "We don't even know if it's a student in the first place. What if it's Ms. Bem?" He flipped through a few papers on her desk and set them down before going over to some computer carts.

"Funny because she's trying to hook me up with her friend so maybe she does know." Sasori's monotonous voice broke seemed sharp and Deidara looked over at him with narrowed eyes.

"And what did you say, un?"

Sasori scoffed and turned to face the blond, a black camera bag in his hands. "I told her that I wasn't interested."

"And what of your sexual preference?" Deidara crossed his arms and Sasori rolled his eyes before setting the bag down and opening it up to get the camera out and look at it's memory.

Sasori didn't answer as he scrolled through the pictures. "... She was trying to set me up with her gay friend."

"Hmm," Deidara said while nodding. "And did you accept?"

Sasori looked up from the camera with a raised eyebrow. "Really? You're going to get all jealous now? Look, brat, we really don't have time for this. Like I said before, I told her I wasn't interested." He put down the camera and walked over to the blond with another camera bag. "Get to work while I see who has cameras checked out."

Deidara scowled and took the bag roughly before unzipping it and taking the camera out.

In the end they found nothing. Sasori had even cut the end of one of the photos he received to see that the code on the bottom showed the time, date and printer but it couldn't show what camera.

"Well we know that it was at least someone who stayed after school without my knowing. This classroom is locked off after lunch and only the art teachers are allowed in."

Deidara sighed as he lounged in a nearby desk a camera still in his hand. "Well I can assume that this person used the printer here to mess with us or they really are stupid." He shrugged. "Maybe that's how they found out in the first place... Am I really that loud?"

Sasori rolled his eyes and looked at the clock on the wall. "Lunch is about to end. Let's pack up and try something else later."

The blond nodded and handed the camera in it's bag back to his lover. "And what do you plan to do once you find out who's doing this? It's like they made it this obvious so we would find them and it's easier for them to get what they want, un." He shrugged once more but stretched afterwards. "Why make a note when you can just send pictures which send the people coming after you and then you get what you want."

Sasori was glaring darkly and he ran a hand through his hair. "That would make sense but it almost makes too much sense. Did you hire this person?"

Deidara looked truly offended and he groaned in disgust. "I asked you that and you got pissed, how do you think I feel, un?"

The redhead ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "This just seems too easy. I'm pretty damn sure we're walking into something bad."

Deidara's expression turned amused and he stood in front of the art teacher, his fingers itching for a touch. "I'm sure we can handle it, un." He put his hands on the redhead's hips and had them slide around his waist, Sasori staring down at him stoically.

"I'm surprised you haven't blurted it out already." He gripped the blond's chin with his thumb and forefinger and Deidara smirked lightly, allowing him to do so. "Once this whole thing is settled I'm not sure what I want to do with you."

And that was the blond's fear but Deidara didn't let it show, instead he let his dangerous smirk grow. He pulled the redhead close and leaned up to kiss him, the teacher pulling him up for their lips to meet. They hadn't been intimate since the blowjob, that was considered a lesson, the blond had given him and Deidara was about to burst from sexual tension.

Their lips met roughly and they were hungry, only seeking each other's company making the blond moan and grip the redhead's shirt. He shoved his tongue into his mouth and Sasori practically shoved the blond onto his coworkers desk.

But Deidara was the one who pulled away, his arrogant smirk still painting his lips. "Let's burn that bridge when it comes," He whispered against his teacher's lips before giving another peck and pulling away.

Sasori gave a small hum of discomfort, knowing that they both needed each other. "Come after school, we need to work on the project as well as look around some more."

Deidara nodded and moved back to his teacher's classroom to get his bag, the man following him. The bell rang and Deidara gave him another peck before someone came in. "You are a lot nicer when you actually think about things instead of blaming me," He said, implying the conversation from Saturday and that morning.

Sasori rolled his eyes and put his hand on the teen's lower back, urging him out of the room. "Yes, I needed some time alone to think. Now go before someone comes in."

Giving a nod, Deidara left with a small grin. They may be able to do something afterall.


"So I heard what happened."

Deidara looked over to see Kisame standing by his desk with a small smirk. "What, un?" He asked annoyed. He had been in the middle of doing his homework when the teen interrupted him and he wondered what could be so important to have him start bugging him.

The shark just laughed and sat down in the empty seat next to the blond. "You and Akasuna got into a huge fight!" He exclaimed and made a gesture with his hands to show just how "huge" the argument was.

Deidara stuck out his lips and exhaled, his fringe moving away from his face. "So what," He muttered, now looking away.

Kisame rolled his eyes. "I heard some teachers thinking about calling the police. And I heard that Ms. Bem was freaking out in her classroom when she heard that much yelling. What were you even arguing about? It couldn't have been the usual art spat was it?" He put his head in his hand and Deidara narrowed his eyes before turning back to his textbook.

"None of your business, he was just being an asshole, un." He turned away lightly but the older male kept on prodding.

"Come on, Deidara, this isn't like you. Usually you insult Akasuna whenever you can." He looked up at the ceiling momentarily before looking back at his friend. "You've been in a bad mood for a while now. Is it still your boyfriend?"

The blond tensed up lightly and decided that saying yes would automatically point to Sasori somehow as he had been arguing with him this morning. "No, it's my parents, un," He lied smoothly before brushing his fringe back and tucking it behind his ear. "They're saying I should go to Konoha University and I don't want to go there." He looked at his friend who rose a brow.

"Really? Why not?"

Deidara didn't show any sign of relief, instead just giving a shrug. "My mom's the head of the art department and even though she'll treat me like everyone else she's my mom and not someone I want for a teacher, un."

Kisame sighed. "Well where do you plan on going?"

The blond shrugged once more and turning his attention back to his schoolwork. "Maybe somewhere in Europe or America? Don't know yet."

"But can't you get a better deal if your mom works at a college so you don't have to pay as much?"

"Yes, my parents are very thrifty so of course they want me to go there, un. Are we done?" Deidara began writing down another problem when Kisame began tapping his finger against the desk in thought.

"Are you doing anything after school?"

"Yes, I have my art project to work on."

The teen nodded and waited for a few more seconds before asking another question. "So what were you and Akasuna fighting about?" Deidara gave a harsh sigh and put down his pencil to glare at Kisame who just held up his hands in a small defence, a smirk still painting his features. "Hey just asking a small question here. It has to be good if the cops were going to get called."

The blond just looked at a clock on the wall at the front of the class to see that he still had ten minutes left before school got out. Groaning he let his head fall on to the tabletop and banged it for a few seconds.

"Wow, self destruction, that's new," Kisame muttered and the blond looked up with a dark glare before sitting up and smoothing back his hair.

"How about I hate him because he is an asshole. He was going to mark my grade down because I wasn't making enough progress on my project when it's not even due in two weeks, un."

"Can teachers even do that?"

"He said it falls under class participation but this project shouldn't even be apart of my grade. I am only there to make runs for art supplies but he also makes me help the other kids because he's a lazy ass. Good enough reason, un?" Deidara chirped with a sarcastic smile. None of it was really true except for the fact that he did have a project, it just wasn't bothering him at all, besides the fact that it wasn't getting done.

Kisame sighed and shook his head. "That guy is the Devil. How is he even a teacher?"

"I don't know, un," Deidara huffed. "Went to college, he's good at art even though he's a narrow-minded prick. I think any school would want him for a teacher because of his infinite knowledge and wisdom," He said while wiggling his fingers to add affect.

"If you hate him so much why did you become his T.A.?" Kisame cast the blond a small look and the blond narrowed his eyes.

"I can't re-take anymore art classes and the other teachers already had T.A.'s. Plus he's teaching ceramics, which is my favorite form of art but I guess sculpting is also another favorite," He mused before shaking his head and getting back on topic. "Anyway, I didn't want that class to be major hell for the other students so I decided it would be fun to be in the class again but actually on top, un."

"Wow, power crazy much?"

"Shut up, it's not even how I thought it would turn out. Akasuna even makes me get him coffee, saying that my freaking town pass won't get my into trouble, un." Deidara crossed his arms and looked at the clock, his eye twitched when he saw he only had a few more minutes left.

"Well didn't you have the choice of switching out?"

"Nope, they practically forced me into his care so hopefully more students would take his class and not be so intimidated, un."

"Well it didn't work. People say that he has a slave now," Kisame chuckled.

Deidara rolled his eyes and he closed his textbook and he began to put all of things back into his backpack. "How do you even pass this class if you never do any work, un?"

"I do work," The teen huffed before standing. "I guess I'll see you later since you're so busy with taking care of your stupid master."

Deidara glared and Kisame quickly walked back to his seat before the blond did something. Once the teen was gone, Deidara ran a hand through his hair, pushing it back but it came forward once he was done.

The bell rang a minute later and the blond set out to go to the art classroom before someone else tried bothering him.

When he got there he was confronted by his angry lover who sat at his desk nearly smoldering. "What happened?" Deidara set his bag down on his desk and Sasori pinched the bridge of his nose to prevent himself from doing something darastic.

"Here," He said, handing several sheets of paper to his student, the blond taking them cautiously. He swore when he saw that they were more photos of him and his lover. The first few were of him and Sasori looking through cameras and a few laptops but the last one was of them kissing. By the view of the photo it was taken from outside. "I got a letter from the office. The return address isn't there, but my name sure is."

"God, this freak is really trying to piss us off, un." Deidara dropped the papers on the desk and Sasori took them into his hand before going over to the paper shredder and sticking them in there. Deidara raised a brow. "You aren't going to burn it?"

"I need some shredded paper for a fuel for a future clay project," Sasori explained before going over to the desk, now standing behind it. "Now it seems like this person is just teasing us. We're only getting pictures if we interact with each other so what do you think that means?"

Deidara pursed his lips and scowled. "No, you're not going to leave me just because we're getting harassed-"

"What else is there?" The teacher hissed harshly, cutting the blond off. "They may just be teasing now but if they get fed up they might actually start to send it to someone else." His countenance looked pained just barely but it was covered up with indifference. "I think… it would be best if we just left each other alone for a while."

Deidara balled his hands into fists and tried to calm down. This wasn't going to be like last year where he had to leave Sasori because he was losing his job. They could still be together if he wasn't teaching, he knew that. But if someone knew, like now, what would they do? Sasori wanted to be separated and the teen didn't want to deal with that emotional break like before. But if it meant that the redhead was going to go to jail that was another thing.

Sighing, Deidara looked up his one eye showing conflicting. "Then can we spend a little time together just once more, un?"

Sasori seemed a little surprised by the blond's request, honestly expecting him to yell at him what a stupid idea that was. He tapped his finger against his desk in thought and the blond sighed once more, not being patient enough to wait. "Fine, that's fine. What did you want to do?"

The answer was obvious, wasn't it? Deidara almost immediately walked around the desk and grabbed the redhead by the back of his neck before pulling him down for a rough kiss. The teacher wrapped his arms around the teen's waist before his hands went up his shirt to touch his lower back gently.

Deidara sighed into the kiss and opened his mouth to play. The redhead kissed back hungrily, growling softly and Deidara backed off to let him do what he wanted. After a moment of kissing, the blond's hands moved down to the redhead's chest to push him back into his chair, their kiss breaking for a moment. Sasori looked confused but Deidara straddled his lap and began kissing him again, unbuttoning his shirt while doing so.

"Brat," Sasori muttered in between kisses. Deidara hummed in response as he began sucking at the teacher's neck and Sasori exhaled sharply. "What are you really planning on doing?"

"What do you think, un?" Deidara looked up from his work and narrowed his eyes at the redhead. "Since you really are dumping me," He muttered, while trailing his fingers down his lover's chest, "I should at the least get one more session with you. For remembrance if not, un." He shrugged and kissed his lips once more but more softly than all the others. "At least this."

Sasori frowned. "So all you wanted from the relationship anyway was sex?"

Deidara rolled his eyes. "No, but not every amazing part of our relationship can be done in this amount of time," He explained. "Sex was just an bonus, un." He smiled fondly. "But I liked being with you the best. Even our fights were fun, un."

Sasori sighed and shook his head. "Fine, let's just get this over with."

Deidara chuckled. "Glad to see that you don't care about this ending. Guess I was the only one thinking that this was real, un."

"Don't you get all pissed off, brat. I am just as upset as you are."

The blond shrugged and moved his hands up to his shoulders. "Sure, I am your first boyfriend after all."

Sasori scowled. "Nice try, brat, you aren't."

Deidara snickered, "Oh yeah, it's the other way around, un. And you wonder as to why I am so upset." He kissed the redhead once more so he couldn't respond. "Too much talking, more action," He muttered. He gripped the teacher's shirt and it seemed that Sasori was fed up with conversing as well, as he began to undo the button on the blond's pants.

He shoved his hand through the opening and rubbed the blond through the thin material of his boxers, Deidara gasping, before bucking his hips lightly into the touch. Sasori pulled away to hear the noises escaping his lips even though he knew someone could walk in at any moment. Deidara hissed and rested his head on the redhead's shoulder so he was facing toward the window.

"Danna~" He moved his hands under Sasori's shirt and began rubbing his slightly toned chest before raking his nails down his ribs. The teacher hissed and rubbed slightly harder, making the blond whine in need.

As soon as his mouth opened he moaned and Sasori was about to claim his lips again but Deidara jumped out of his lap. "There, un!"

He left the classroom, knowing that he saw a flash from the window. Whoever was taking pictures of him and Sasori was there watching and he had to catch them now before they got away even if his zipper was undone and he looked like a mess. He ran outside and went around the building, ignoring Sasori's questioning calls.

He saw a hooded figure running away quickly a black camera in their hands and Deidara swore before running faster to catch up to them. There were still people out waiting for rides but he didn't care about witnesses, he needed to catch this freak.

They only got into the back parking lot behind the art building when Deidara caught up to them. He grabbed their arm, the person yelling for him to let go. Ignoring their plea he turned the shorter person around and pulled the hood off their head, his eyes widening in shock. "You!"
Lol, yay cliffhanger =w=

I'm very sorry for not updating for over 2 months but I felt that this story sucked a lot and I couldn't get it going at all so I only started working on it two weeks ago so please don't hate it =_=

This was supposed to be done yesterday ago but I went to a cat show… I love cats.

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"Deidara, get back here!"

A little boy around the age of three just giggled as he ran away from his adoptive mother. He darted past the employes who's hands held large trays containing food of the customer's choice; almost making them trip. Many of the customers just giggled as they saw the mother's frustration in trying to catch her child. "Just look at her! Trying to run a restaurant while she can't even catch a baby!"

Though soon the mother caught her son who just continued to giggle in joy. "Honestly, Deidara! I let you out of my sight for one moment," She exclaimed. Carrying her son back to the kitchen she set him in a play pen. "I told you to watch him, Hidan!"

A man stood at the stove in the small kitchen; his white clothes was smeared in food but as he turned around you could see that his silver hair was still as perfect as ever in it's slicked back style. He glared at the woman with bright magenta eyes. "I told you it's fucking hard cooking everything here by myself! I ain't gonna babysit some brat on top of that too, bitch!"

The woman just glared back. "I am working on getting you some help, alright?! And don't call me a bitch in front of Dei, you ass!"

The man just rolled his eyes, "Whatever, Konan." He went back to the stove as the toddler known as Deidara began sucking on his stuffed animal. Konan sighed and smoothed down her blue hair. She leaned over the railings of the playpen and spoke softly to her son, "Now, Dei, mommy's gonna work now; so I need you to be very good and stay in here for a little while, all right?" She pat her son's head of golden hair before walking away.

The little boy gave a whimper as he dropped his stuffed animal. Standing up he held onto the rails, his azure eyes watering. "Mama, un~!" He began to cry and Konan rubbed her forehead as she placed another one of her hip.

"For the love of Jashin!" Hidan took a french fry off of a random plate about to go out and handed it to the blond. Deidara blinked his teary eyes and took the fried potato before taking a bite. He paused and smiled before eating some more.

Konan sighed in relief. "Thank you, just don't give him too much." The bluenette quickly left the kitchen.

"Yeah, yeah."

Konan began taking another group of people to an empty table before giving them their menus. "Your server today will be Sasori and he will be with you shortly." She quickly dashed to the cash register so people could pay for their meal. "Thank you for coming to Akatsuki, come back soon!" She plastered a grin to her face as the customers left.

For the whole two years she had been running her restaurant it wasn't easy. Also adopting a kid didn't help, though she had had him before the restaurant. Giving an exhausted sig, she felt a hand on her hip. "Don't look so down, Angel."

She groaned as she looked up at her husband. He had founded Akatsuki when their son was barely one and they were both surprised it was still going. "You don't understand, Pein. We are short of workers in every area! We need another cook, we need a cashier, at least three more waiters and a babysitter! We cannot keep bringing Deidara to work! Hidan almost dropped a knife on him yesterday."

The man nodded and rubbed a hand through his spiky orange hair. "I agree with everything there but more waiters?"

Konan scowled. "We only have Tobi and Sasori. Tobi tripped over Deidara last week and caused a huge scene!"

Pein frowned. "How was that a 'huge scene'?"

"They were both crying on the floor! And then there was a mess with food! Sasori almost quit that day!"

Pein just sighed and pat his wife's head. "Don't worry too much, Konan. I'm sure that everything will be fine-"

"Lil' bitch!" The couple turned around to see Hidan chasing a giggling Deidara with a cleaver and the bluenette felt her anger boiling up.

"Hidan!" The man stopped. "Get back in the kitchen!" She picked up her son who was trying to get away from her. "Pein, man the register." A waiter with black spiky hair walked by and she quickly grabbed him. "Tobi you are in charge hosting and serving tables one through ten-"

"Yay! Tobi gets all the even numbers!" The sixteen year old quickly ran off to help the customers. A teen with bright red hair walked by and she grabbed him as well.

"Sasori, you get eleven through twenty!" Deidara whimpered as his adoptive mother continued to yell. "And take Deidara with you."

The teen frowned as the child was plopped into his arms. "Konan I have to-"

"Miss Konan!"

"I have to go home soon-"

"No! It's closing time in two hours!" Konan just walked away, ready to instruct everyone some more.

The redhead looked down at the toddler in his arms and sighed. He hated kids and he thought that this job wouldn't have any! He was only nineteen and just starting college and he needed the money. He put the blond boy down who just whined and stretched his arms up higher, wanting to be held.


Sasori's eye twitched. Did this brat just call him mama? "No, I am Sasori. Now stay out of my way, brat."

Deidara whimpered but followed anyway. When the customers saw the little boy trailing the waiter they 'awwed' and cooed at the blond who just smiled back. "Hi, un!" He waved his small hand and people began interacting with the small boy. But once Sasori moved to the next table Deidara followed like a little duckling. People thought it was adorable but Sasori thought it was the most annoying thing ever.

As soon as he stepped into the kitchen to pick up some orders, Deidara followed. "Hey! Get that fucker outta here; I'm workin'!" Growling, Sasori picked up the current order and went out, the blond following him again. And at every table, Deidara would greet everyone cheerily.

That's when Konan saw what her son could be good for. She quickly scooped the blond up and brought him in front of the cash register. Deidara whimpered at being taken away from Sasori. "No, Dei, you'll be saying hi. Okay?"

The three year old whimpered and rubbed his eyes as he shook his head. "Noooo~" After of five minutes of trying to make the boy say hi, Konan gave up.

"Okay, go to Sasori." Knowing that he was being let go, Deidara ran around trying to find the redhead. Konan began ordering Pein around again but once she heard a squeal of delight she knew that her son had found Sasori.

-Sixteen years later-

It had taken many years, but the small restaurant that could barely keep its head above the water managed to grow and soon became one of the best places to eat... Though people just mostly there to watch the manager yell at people while eating. It might have been a comedy club.

But it wasn't going to stay like that forever...

"What do you mean you're going to retire, un?! You're only forty-four!" A tall teen around the age of nineteen was following a middle-aged woman around. His long golden hair flew behind him as he followed while his azure eyes screamed confusion.

"Deidara, I have put almost half my life into this restaurant and I think I should decide when I'm going to retire." Konan replied as she began to clean up the closed restaurant.

"But who will run this place, un? It'll be fucking chaos without you!" Deidara just followed the bluenette as she worked, not even bothering to lift a finger.

"I knew I shouldn't have left you with Hidan when you were younger," Konan muttered. She looked up at her son. "Besides, your father and I have decided that you will have Akatsuki."

The blond's blue eyes widened. "Me?! You have to be kidding me; I can't run this fucking place, un!"

Konan narrowed her eyes. "Yes, you will. Your father and I have worked our asses off for this place and I am not giving it to anyone besides family."

Deidara began to stammer, trying to come up with an excuse. "I have to go to college soon, un."

Konan shrugged. "So, Sasori went to college and he still works here. He even got a degree in english... Which is funny because he's a waiter," Konan chuckled to herself. (A/N: The joke is that people get their english degrees and can't really do anything with it so they become a waiter/waitress.)

"But I don't know the first thing on how to work here!"

Konan sighed and crossed her arms. "I am willing to give you a month. Learn everything you can by working with people here."

"B-but, Mom-!"

"I swear! You used to love coming here!" Konan went into the kitchen, Deidara following relentlessly. "You were always excited when you saw everyone and then you would follow Sasori around-"

"I fucking hate him," Deidara muttered as he looked away.

Konan scowled. "Oh, don't deny it; you were like his puppy when you were younger."

Deidara blushed and glared at his adoptive mother. "Like hell, un! I was three-"

"You followed him around till you were seven, Dei. He was even nice one day and decided to give you all of his tips for the day if you didn't talk to him."

Deidara crossed his arms. "He fucking lied. He only gave me five dollars and I knew he had more! He served almost half the restaurant that day and all of those tables like five times!"

Konan sighed as she began putting away dry dishes. "That's not the point; someone needs to be in charge. I can't run Akatsuki anymore and your father wouldn't want this place to be gone once I retire." She frowned at the mention of her deceased husband. He had died in a car accident when Deidara was only ten and the blond did not like to talk about him at all. Konan realized it was very hard on him when he died, not knowing his real father but his adoptive one died and that might as well have been the real thing.

Deidara scowled wanting to change the subject. "Yeah all you do is yell at the employes to work." He looked over at his mother. "All you do is scream, why not fire...?" Deidara's eyes widened. If he was in charge then he could say who could stay and who had to go.

"We can't fire everyone, Dei; and besides, it's good entertainment for those who need it." Konan looked over at her son who was smirking.

"I'll do it."

Now people wondered why the blond and redhead hated each other so much and it started when the blond was seven...


"If you call me that one more time, brat-" The twenty-three year old couldn't even finish his sentence due to his boss glaring at him. He had already been scolded for threatening the blond before. "Don't call me that, brat."

The blond pouted. "But you're Danna-"

"I am not your master! I told you to take some dishes off the table!" Sasori went to the kitchen to pick up an order and Deidara just followed.

"Why're you so grumpy today, Danna, un?"

The redhead scowled at the seven year old. "I am always grumpy because you are a little brat who won't leave me alone!" Sasori picked up some orders and left the kitchen, Deidara still following.

"But, Danna-"

Sasori got in front of some customers but suddenly turned around to yell at the blond. He froze when he realized something fell off of his tray... and onto the blond.

The boy looked up at the redhead, his eyes tearing up. A strawberry smoothie had been dumped on his head, the glass still on his head like a little cap. The sweet treat ran down his long hair and a line of it ran down his face, curving when it came to his nose before dripping off of his jaw.

Everything was quiet and Sasori opened his mouth but was stopped by laughing... The customers were laughing at the blond. He turned his head slowly to see people trying to hold back their laughter but none of it worked. He turned back to the blond who was doing his best to hold back tears. His bottom lip quivered as he turned around, knocking the glass off of his head, and ran to the kitchen.

Deidara hated Sasori after that. He had humiliated him in front of everyone and he never liked going to Akatsuki after that. But this was his chance to get rid of him, while he can also get his revenge in other ways. Deidara was going to humiliate the redhead as he had done to him.

-Next day-

Konan had called all of her employes before Akatsuki opened to announce the news. "Deidara is going to take over Akatsuki soon, but to do that he has to learn the ropes of the place."

Konan scanned the faces of her workers. She had gotten another chef, Kisame; he dealt mostly with fish but could cook just as well as Hidan who liked to mostly deal with fire and knives. Her new waiter was a man by the name of Itachi. He was only two years older than Deidara at twenty-one. And to man the register and take care of all the financial burden of Akatsuki was Kakuzu. They also had Zetsu but he was only in charge of taking care of all the plants in the restaurant.

"He'll start off with cooking, so Hidan and Kisame get to work." Deidara would be working with cooking for a week, then cashiering, and waitering after that; he would also have learn how to host. "Get to work."

"Okay, blondie I ain't gonna teach you everything so just watch 'kay? And don't get in my fuckin' way like when you were a kid." Deidara nodded and leaned against the wall so he could observe.

At that moment a tall man with blue tinted skin walked in. His shark-like eyes found Deidara and he gave a toothy grin, showing off his razor sharp teeth. "Don't just stay by the wall, kid," He chuckled. "If you want to take over this place then you have to understand how to do some things."

Deidara rolled his eyes and sighed before standing up off the wall. "Okay what do you want me to do, un?" Kisame chuckled.

"You've seen how we present the food; that's your job." Deidara nodded and began getting things like plates and bowls. In no time people began coming in for breakfast and the two chefs went to work.

Over the years they were able to expand the restaurant due to having the money to do so and so did the kitchen. Akatsuki was almost three times its original size.

Soon orders came in from the waiters and Deidara began telling Hidan and Kisame what to cook; but he was waiting for Sasori's orders to come in which they soon did. The redhead hadn't change much in the sixteen years. He didn't look exactly like he was still nineteen but very close to it. Many people had mistaken that Sasori was Deidara's classmate but the redhead just smiled bashfully and said he was just a little older than the blond. Deidara wanted to bash his head against one of the counters when he saw the older male pull off a sweet façade. Bull shit.

"Order up, un!" Deidara yelled through large window that spanned from counter to counter on one side of the kitchen; it was a new installment to Akatsuki so the waiters didn't have to go into the kitchen to get their orders. Deidara took the liberty to put the orders on a tray so it would be easier to take but also so there wouldn't be a mess up with his plan.

Soon Sasori came to the counter and took the tray, not even saying anything before turning away to get to his table. Deidara glared at the redhead but it came to a cessation as he saw the older male's ass.

"Hey, blondie! Stop checkin' out Red and get these fucking orders!" Deidara blinked rapidly and turned to glare at Hidan.

"I was not, asshole! And don't act like you don't check out Kakuzu, un." Deidara began finishing up some orders so he could see his plan go down.

"Bitch, he's my fucking boyfriend, I can do what I want!"

Deidara rolled his eyes. "I'll be right back, un."

"Be back soon, 'kay?" Kisame asked as he began skinning a fish.

The blond nodded and left the kitchen. He quickly walked to a table which Sasori was currently serving. Deidara hid behind a plant and watched, smirking. Sasori verified one of the meals before handing it to the customer. She looked at it excitingly but their countenance slowly fell as they saw the redhead wasn't letting go.

"Um, it's okay, I got it," The woman said with a light giggle.

Deidara could see Sasori give a short chuckle and he tried to put down the plate. "I'm sorry, but I can't seem to let go."

The woman frowned. "Uh, just let go? Come on, I haven't eaten since yesterday at lunch, I'm starving."

"Ma'am, I assure you, I am trying to let go of your order."

"Well try harder!"

Deidara had to cover his mouth so he wouldn't be heard laughing. Sasori reached for another plate so he could hand it to the woman's daughter who seemed very confused. Again, Sasori tried handing the customer their orders but came to no avail. "You've got to be kidding me..."

"Um, sir? Our food?"

"One moment, ladies, I need to go to the kitchen." Sasori turned around, his countenance a glare as he stalked toward the kitchen. Deidara quickly got ahead of him as a customer asked the redhead about getting more water.

"'Bout time you got back, blondie," Hidan muttered. "Get to work on these orders and I may teach you how to cook some shit." Deidara nodded and tried to make it look like he had been working the whole time Sasori was going through his dispute.

The kitchen door opened and Sasori stepped in with two plates of food glued to his hands. "Who did this?" His narrowed eyes scanned the three males and they quickly fell on the blond. "You think this is funny, don't you?"

Deidara glared at the redhead. "Why do you assume it was me right away, un? It could have been Hidan for all you know-"

"But who is preparing the food today?" Sasori asked as he stuck his hands out. "What the hell did you use?"

Deidara bit his lip, trying to hold back his laughter. "Ultra super glue, un." He gave a small chortle as he covered his mouth.

The redhead just stared at him before taking a few steps forward. Deidara expected to get yelled at but stopped when he saw one of the plates crashing towards his face. The food also splattered off the blond but most of it stayed on. Hidan burst into laughter and Kisame sweat-dropped.

"Hey, I got a complaint about getting some food and..." Konan had just walked in to see Sasori trying to slam his plate of food into the blond's face.

"The hell! It was just a joke, un!" Deidara struggled against the redhead's arms as he tried to hold him off while Sasori was contemplating on head butting him.

"How the hell am I supposed to get this stuff off?!"

"Hey!" The duo stopped fighting to look at the bluenette. "What's going on?!"

Kisame quickly answered wanting his normal routine.

Konan sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Sasori go to the doctors and get those removed, I'll pay. Deidara..." The blond gulped. "If anything like this ever happens again you will be banned from Akatsuki, which means you won't take over." Deidara nodded, not really caring if he didn't get the job. He'd rather mess with the redhead a little more then get kicked out.

-One week later-

"How are your hands, Sasori-Sempai?"

"They still have glue on them but the doctor said it should come off soon."

"Deidara-Sempai was funny for doing that," The younger male said as he began to clean off a random table.

Sasori gave a short chuckle, "Yes, hilarious."

Deidara glared at the redhead as he pretended to listen to Kakuzu giving a lesson. "If a single penny is missing from the cash register I will rip off your arm. It has to match up to the receipt and I'll know if you take some... I can smell it." Kakuzu was a tall man who was well built like Kisame but he was tan instead of blue. Though he wore a mask that covered his lower face and long sleeved shirts all the time which Deidara was used to.

The blond just nodded, not even caring. "Okay okay, un."

Kakuzu then began explaining how to do transactions and Deidara yawned.

-Two hours later-

"One moment, Ma'am!"

"I just asked to get my change; what's so hard about that?"

"I told you to pay attention."

"Shut up, Kakuzu, I'm learning, un!"

After a few more minutes the grumpy woman got her change and the next customer came up to pay. Deidara soon got the hang of it but it was still a pain in the ass since the cash register was so old, you had to open it a certain way; plus you had to do the math in your head because "Calculators are for dumb idiots who spend money."

"Brat, tables are having to wait because you can't get receipts fast enough," Sasori commented as he walked away with a tray of food in one hand.

Deidara almost growled at the redhead as he quickened his pace. In ten minutes, everyone who had wanted to paid had, and everything was going more slowly and the blond was able to handle that.

"Okay, kid, go on your break; I don't want to keep on paying you if you're not doing anything."

Deidara raised a brow. "You're not paying me, un."

"Just go!" Kakuzu barked as he began looking through some random receipts. Deidara rolled his eyes and went to the counter where some people were being served; it was right by the window where the waiters got food.

Deidara was used to getting water or coffee for people there ever since he was able to reach over the counter. "You're doing good, Deidara." The said teen turned around to see his mother sipping a cup of tea.

"Thanks," He said, not really meaning it. He wasn't going to take the job in the first place so what was the point of accepting a compliment.

"It just means a lot to me that you're doing this, since you know most kids wouldn't want this to be their job in the first place." Konan smiled. "Thank you."

And guilt. Deidara couldn't look the woman in the eye anymore. "Y-yeah, un..." He just wanted Sasori fired! Not this! What would his mother think when she actually bans him and he doesn't get the job? And what if she finds out he did it intentionally?

After about two minutes, Deidara went back to the cash register to work only to find the redheaded devil there, leaning on the counter with a little check book in his hand. "You got this bill wrong."

Deidara glared and snatched the leather and got the receipt out. "What's wrong with it, un?" He looked at Sasori's order slip and found it all even.

"Somebody ordered another drink."

Deidara sneered. "You're supposed to add that, idiot."

"I did," Sasori sighed. He got up off the counter and pointed to his clean hand writing. It read, "+ kddk."

Deidara scowled at the paper. "What the hell is that?"

Sasori almost groaned. "Plus kid drink. Are the only one who can't understand that?"

The younger male just set his lips in a thin line and grit his teeth. "I will work on trying to decipher your fucking code, un." He quickly fixed the bill and shoved it to Sasori chest. The redhead just scoffed and rolled his eyes.

Deidara sneered at the redhead as he walked away, noticing the subtle way his hips swayed as he walked. "Hidan's right, you stare at Sasori way to much." He jumped at hearing the voice behind him, only to see it was Kakuzu. He quickly composed himself and glared at the tan man.

"I was not staring at him, I was imagining what his body would look like with a kitchen knife in it."

Kakuzu shrugged. "Whatever makes you happy... Just don't ruin the kitchen knives beyond repair; those things are expensive."

-One week later-

"I'm not taking him on as an apprentice. You've seen how clumsy he is," Itachi said as he sat down behind Akatsuki, a cigarette between his fingers. He was currently talking to the two other waiters as they were on their break. Akatsuki went on closing break in the afternoon for an hour and it gave the waiters a time to rest. There were only three of them after all.

Sasori rolled his eyes. "Yeah well I'm not going to teach him, he fucking hates me." Sasori pat his pants, almost giving a groan. "I don't have any cigarettes. Do you have a smoke, Tobi?" He honestly hated the shit Itachi smoked. It was something fancy and not at all what he liked.

"Nope! Tobi quit two years ago, Senpai!" Tobi put his hands behind his head and smiled happily. His red eyes were always innocent and Sasori almost forgot that he was three years younger than him. But what he really wanted was a cigarette; he always forgot that Tobi quit.

Sasori pulled at his messy red hair and. He couldn't wait another six hours for a smoke! He slowly looked over at Itachi, almost pleadingly. "Itachi?"

"Last one, Sasori. Honestly, you need to cut back some."

"It's that brat! He's the bane of my existence and he's stressing me out!" Sasori stood up off the restaurant. He still had enough time to go to a convenience store and get a pack. He quickly walked back inside to drop off his apron and he headed out to a local store. It was only three blocks away but he sped walk, wanting to just get it over with.

Once he got inside the convenience store he went to the counter to get his favorite brand of cigarettes. It was four dollars a pack and it almost irked him but he paid for his addiction once more.

As he left, he pulled open the pack and reached for his matches. He put a death stick to his lips and lit a match before slowly lighting the tobacco he so desperately craved. Though once he was aware of his surroundings he noticed something rather interesting. Deidara was walking down the street... Also smoking.

Sasori quickly got over his initial shock and went over to the blond. "So... your mom know?"

Deidara practically jumped and he turned around before pulling out his head phones. "Ah fuck, un..."

The redhead smirked. "Yep."

Deidara looked at his lit stick quickly before throwing it to the ground and stomping on it. "I am begging you, for the love of God, don't tell my mom." He bit his lip and ran a hand through his hair.

"Why not?"

The blond almost glared. "Because I asked you not to, un. Listen, if she finds out I am going to be abandoned-"

"You're already nineteen," Sasori retorted with a scoff. He put his hands in his pockets and leaned on one leg, wondering what the younger male would say next.

"But where will I fucking go, un?!" Deidara took a deep breath. "Just don't tell her... please. My dad smoked and she hated it."

"So why are you doing it?" Sasori smirked as he took a long drag from his own death stick.

Deidara sneered. "Hypocrite. I should ask you the same thing."

"Ah, but no one is holding smoking against me and is possibly going to tell my dead mother." Sasori shrugged and took his hands out of his pockets before walking back to Akatsuki.

Deidara began looking around desperately. "Fuck... I won't bother you anymore!"

"Your attitude bothers me," Sasori answered as he continued to walk.

The blond groaned and caught up to the redhead. "I mean intentionally bother you, un."

Sasori stopped and looked at the shorter male. "... Fine, but one small slip and I'll tell. You shouldn't be smoking at this age."

"When did you start?" Deidara asked cautiously.

Sasori smirked. "Twenty."

Deidara scowled but didn't say anything. He had started at eighteen and his mother would probably have a heart attack if she found out; he didn't need to lose another parent.

Sasori enjoyed the silence as he finished his cigarette. He really needed that. He saw Deidara wasn't having another one and he realized that the guilt was probably gnawing at him.


"Sasori, you'll have to teach Deidara, all right." It wasn't a question and Sasori just nodded, not speaking.

Deidara went over to the redhead once Konan left. "Get a spare apron from the back and we'll get started." The blond nodded and went to the kitchen so he could get an apron. As he left the kitchen, Sasori was leading a family of five to one of the large booths. "I am Sasori and I will be your server for today," He said smiling. "What will you have to drink today?" They all answered water. He handed them their menus and left to get their drinks. Sasori walked over to the blond who looked like he was bored as hell. "You've followed me around for four years, so serving people shouldn't be a problem. If they have big orders try to deal with it. Have fun."

Deidara gave a half-hearted glare as the redhead walked off but stood by the cash register, waiting for someone to walk in. A few minutes later a group of kids who went to his high school walked in and he tried not to blush as he was "working" there. The group consisted of four teens his age, two girls, two boys. One of the boys had spiky blond hair, and bright blue eyes. He was holding hands with a girl with long violet hair and milk white eyes; Deidara always assumed she was blind. The other couple was a girl with short pink hair and a teen with a bowl cut that was black; his bushy eyebrows made Deidara want to get a lawnmower.

He couldn't remember any names but it wasn't like he should know them. Once they saw him, they all smiled kindly. "Table for four, un?" Deidara asked in his nicest voice. He had no idea how Sasori did the "kiss ass" work.

"Yes, please," The blond boy said. Deidara nodded, picked up some menus, and led them to a booth; the blond helping his girlfriend get there.

As everyone got seated the pink haired girl spoke up. "Actually we were wondering if we could have Sasori as our waiter." She gave him a vapid look and the blond nodded, not caring that he would get with another table.

"All right, what will you have to drink?" He took out his little book, ready to order.

All three of them ordered water, whilst the pink one was looking over her menu. "What's the strawberry smoothy have in it."

Deidara blinked and gave a kind smile and a chuckle. "Strawberry, milk... That's pretty much it."

"Oh well does it have carbs? I'm allergic to carbs." Deidara gave the teen a questioning look.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure it has carbs, un..." He was pretty sure you could not be allergic to carbs. (A/N: No joke, someone actually said this to me.)

Pink sighed. "Oh well, I'll have spring water." Deidara nodded and went to get their drinks. He got a tray and poured some water.

"How is it so far, brat?"

Deidara didn't bother to look up. "Table five wants you as their waiter, un." He looked over at Sasori who was dumping some plates in the sink.

"No can do. I have almost half the restaurant today because Itachi left sick. Seems you'll be working a little harder today." He smirked and left. Deidara sighed and went back to the table.

"I'm sorry, but Sasori is very busy, so I will be your waiter for this evening, un."

Violet smiled. "That's good, thank you."

"Have you looked over the menu, or do you need more time?"

"Is that a sick joke?" Deidara looked over at Pink.

"Excuse me, un?"

Blond almost groaned. "You don't need to do this every time Sakura."

Sakura glared at Deidara, ignoring her friend. "Hinata is blind and you said look over the menu." She flipped her hair. "How can you be so inconsiderate when she's sitting right here?"

Violet, or Hinata, just turned bright red. "I-i-it's fine, Sa-Sakura-chan..."

"No, it's not. First we can't get our waiter and now this guy is insulting you! I would like to speak with your manager, please."

Deidara bit his lip in anger and nodded. "Of course. I will give you some more time to... chose what you want then, un." Sakura nodded and flipped her menu up, officially done talking with the blond. The other three gave him apologetic looks but he just walked away, going to find his mother.

She was filling up someone's water at the counter and he walked up to her. "Okay, I did nothing but this chick insists that you come over to her table."

Konan sighed and put down her pitcher. "Let's see then." Deidara led her to the table and Sakura looked rather pleased with herself. "What seems to be the problem here?"

"Well your waiter gave me sass about a smoothie then he insulted my friend about being blind."

"I did not-"

"Deidara." Konan held up her hand and gave her son a small look before turning back to the customers. "I am very sorry and I would have you switch waiters but we're short today."

Sakura instantly looked disgruntled. "Oh well, I guess this'll do but I don't want any mishap."

"Neither do I, ma'am. Deidara," She said looking at her son. "Come with me as these customers look over their menus." Deidara nodded, noticing his mother got no shit as she said "look." They went to the kitchen and Konan sighed. "There are people out there who just act like that. When you become manager you will have to deal with plenty but the number one rule is the customer is always right." Deidara nodded begrudgingly. "Okay, now get back out there while I serve some tables for you, okay?" Another nod.

When Deidara got back to table five Sakura snapped her fingers. Oh hell no. "I change my mind, I want a strawberry smoothie." The blond nodded and wrote that down in his little book.

"And have you decided what you will order this evening, un?"

Everyone ordered and Deidara took the order back to the kitchen.
Woot for another fic! I've been dead lately so here ya go!

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Kakuzu feels the dark and damp floor beneath him. He feels the stockades around his wrist.

The cell he's in is also dark and he could barely see what's in front of him. All he could hear was the jeers of those who were his friends and comrades. He hears the metal door of his cell open. Suddenly, someone grabbed him roughly and made him sit up. Then, he removed the stockades and made his arms go forward.

The next thing Kakuzu felt was burning pain in his wrists as they branded them. He screams at the pain and his comrades just laugh at him.

All Kakuzu felt was pain, grief, and rage.

He wants to kill them all.

Kakuzu suddenly jolted up in his bed, breathing heavily and in cold sweat. He then sighed as he unconsciously rubbed his wrists.

He had that nightmare again.

That nightmare when he was in jail in Takigakure. It's been decades since he got out. He should be over it by now. Why cant he get over it?


Kakuzu look at Hidan, who was next to him. He smiles lightly as he looks at his sleepy lover, his hair mused up and his eyes blinking sleepily as he sat up.

"Its nothing, Hidan." Kakuzu said as he laid down, his back to the Jashinist.

"Kuzu, what's wrong?" Hidan said, as he laid a hand on Kakuzu's arm.  The older nin growled and said "Its nothing, Hidan."

He then heard Hidan growl.

"Don't you fuckin dare leave me out! Now what the fuck is wrong?"

Kakuzu was silent and he sighed. He knows that he couldn't hide anything from the zealot, no matter how much he wants to.

"I had a nightmare."

Hidan stared at the stitched man's back, which he noticed was very stiff.

"What about?"

"When I was in jail…in Takigakure."

Hidan shifted as he lay down and hugged Kakuzu from behind. His hands clasped his stitched lovers, feeling Kakuzu grip tightened around his.


"I don't want to talk about it, Hidan."



"Don't Hidan me! Tell me what's wring."

There was a deafening silence between the two mercenaries for awhile until Kakuzu spoke up.

"Let me help you, Kakuzu."

Kakuzu could hear the sincerity and concern in Hidans voice. He sighs, not wanting to continue, but at the same time wants to.

"I remember how dark it was. I remember those bastards laughing at me. They kept saying that I was a failure and a disgrace and trash. It was so cold. I waned to kill them all. I wanted all of them to be dead."

Kakuzu stops, feeling the raise in his voice. He feels arms tighten around him and feels content with the gesture. Suddenly, Hidan turned Kakuzu around and brought his head to his chest, embracing him. Kakuzu at first was too shocked to say anything.


"Let me hold you, Kakuzu."

Kakuzu blinked and then smiled at the gesture. True, they are mercenaries and have had many kills, but there are times for tenderness. For love.

"You know…" Kakuzu said, "What really got me…was alone I was. I felt so alone."

Hidan's grip on him tightened.

"You're not alone anymore, Kakuzu." Hidan said quietly "Not alone anymore."

Kakuzu smiled as he leans into Hidan's warm embrace.

It's a beautiful thing to be in loved ones arm. It's a beautiful thing not to be alone.

I wanted to do an emotional Kakuzu x Hidan fanfic. I think Kakuzu will always be haunted by his imprisonment and i wanted to write one that Hidan comforts him. This story also shows a theory of how Kakuzu got those lines on his wrists. Beware of the fluff!

I dont own naruto!

Comments are loved!
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Setsuna and Deidara ran through the halls of the Akatsuki base and went to the infirmary. They slammed the doors open and gasped.

Hidan was sitting up on the bed, panting. He looked at them, looking just as surprised as they are. He then smiles at them.


The duo ran to the jashinist and hugged him, tears flowing from their eyes. They were crying from relief, relief to see their friend back to life.

Later, Kakuzu is in front of the infirmary door. It has been two hours since Hidan came back to life.

Setsuna explained to all of them what she did; speaking to Jashin and whatnot, and everyone went to see the albino. Everyone, but Kakuzu. He was too shocked and ashamed to see Hidan; for he was the reason Hidan lost his immortality and the last words that he said to him. The only reason he's here now is because Kisame convinced him too. He breathes out and enters the room. Hidan was still sitting in the bed; Setsuna and Deidara were by the bed. The three young members stare at the banker, then Setsuna motioned to Deidara and they both left the room, leaving the two men alone.

" are you?" Kakuzu said quietly.

Hidan shrugged and patted a space next to him.

"Sit with me, Kakuzu."

Kakuzu went and sat next Hidan; not daring to look at his face, for there were so many emotions raging inside of him. When he finally did, he looked at the albino with grief and sadness.

"Hidan, I…what I said before you…"

"Kakuzu, we were pissed at each other…"

Suddenly, Kakuzu cupped Hidan's face and made him look at him. Hidan was a little afraid of the depth of emotions in the green eyes.

"Hidan, I truly care about you. I love you. I didn't want the last thing I said on this earth was that I didn't care. When you…died…I felt my whole world crashing down. You were everything to me and…I. Just. Lost. You."

Kakuzu releases Hidan and looks down. Hidan stares at the bounty hunter, surprised by the emotional speech.

"Why did you tell me this now?"

Kakuzu looks up in confusion. Hidan continues.

"Kakuzu, you never tell me this kind of shit. You never told me I matter, much less this much. Why did I had to die so you could tell me all this?"

Kakuzu looks down sighing. He knew Hidan was right. He was always took his lover for granted, always thinking Hidan will always be with him no matter what. He never really treated him well, always thinking he knew what Hidan wanted. He apparently never asked Hidan, always assuming he knew what he thought. He never did. Kakuzu is surprised Hidan hasn't already dumped him.

"If you don't want to-"

"I'm not saying I want to be apart." Hidan said, cutting him off, "I just want to know I matter to you."

Kakuzu stared at Hidan, then lunged and kissed him furiously. Tears slid down as he released the albinos' lips.

"Hidan, I'm so sorry. I'm so…"

"Shhh, don't say anything else. Nothing else. Just love me."

The pair kissed again, with violet and blue eyes watching them through a crack in the door, smiling.

Time has passed and the zombie team's relationship is better. They still argue, but they never go beyond that as they use to. They both make sure that both know what they meant to each other.
Hidan became closer to Setsuna and Deidara, for they went to such great lengths to bring their friend back.

All was well.

Augh, finally, the last chapter! I, of course, i brought Hidan back. We can't live without our favorite crazy zealot. Yeah, i had to make Kakuzu emotional. Alot things had to be said. I dont know about the ending sentence, it seems very...ominous. Ah,well.

And what is the lesson here? Don't take anyone for granted, because the nex thing u know, they could be taken away from u.

Comments are loved!

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Setsuna was sharpening her knives in her room when she hears arguing for next door. She sighs.
Hidan and Kakuzu were arguing again.

She knows what it's about. The zombie duo cam back from a mission and they were arguing about tactics. Hidan set off an alarm with his reckless killing and they barely escaped. So, now, Kakuzu was mad at hell at Hidan and was yelling at him loudly. She looked through a crack on the wall

"Dammit, Hidan! It would have been fine if you didn't kill that guy!" he yelled.

"Hey, I fuckin killed the target, didn't I?" retorted Hidan.

"Yeah, while hundreds of other ninjas were after us! We barely fulfilled the mission!"

"Well, if you weren't so slow, we would have been finished with this mission days ago!"

"Well, I'm not a fuckin reckless idiot like you!"

"Fuck you, Kakuzu!"

Setsuna could see the two men were fuming and almost expected blows to be exchanged.

"Shit, I should have killed you when I had the chance." Kakuzu said vehemently.

"Well, guess what, fucktard? I can't die!" Hidan yelled, "So, get used to it."

"Yeah, well you know what? I wish you will do me a favor and just die."

"Funny, I thought you actually cared about me."

"I don't give a shit about you! I don't give a fuck if you ever die!"

Setsuna saw Hidan's face changed for a moment and she knew that Kakuzu went too far. Hidan then sneered at Kakuzu.

"Go fuck yourself." Hidan said softly and then stormed out of the room, slamming the door. Setsuna turns and slides down the wall to the floor. This wasn't going to end well.

A week has passed since the fight and the whole organization could fell the tension between them. It was suffocating.

The two men hadn't spoken to each other and hadn't even look at each other in the face since then.
Setsuna is in her room reading a book, waiting for Hidan to return from his solo mission. She wanted to talk to him about trying to talk to Kakuzu.

Suddenly, Setsuna felt a jolt through her. She runs to her closet, opening it and pusing all her clothes to the side. When she first came to the akatsuki, she told Pein of her shamanic abilities and grabbed a part of chakra of each of the members. She put them in candles, which the flames will constantly burn, showing that each member was alive. So, when Setsuna saw the candles, she gasped.

Hidan's flame was out.

Augh, finally, my chapter fic is up. Here is my story Lament, with definite Kakuhdian. I,m also trying for my OC ,Setsuna, to have more air time. I also wanted to show what Setsuna's ability is. She's a shaman, so she does a lot of spiritual stuff. Hence, that's what the candles mean.

Next Chapter =>[link]

I don't own naruto!Setsuna is mine!

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Lightning knows she´s asleep, in between her dream she´s perfectly aware it´s exactly that, a dream… but the drenching smell of burned flesh is far too real, far too perceptible, and so intense it nauseates her, almost making her vomit. The pain, and the dizziness, are also just too real to be a mere dream. Her ears are ringing, and she feels disoriented, her body aching everywhere. Though her eyes are open, the scene is blurred, enveloped in a faint darkness that sometimes is replaced by what she thinks should be daylight. The earth around her feels like shaking, or is she the one moving? There are shadows, and lights, and figures moving fast, and in between her confusion, she realizes that sometimes she´s able to see the ground, while the next moment she´s facing the sky. She can´t make out anything correctly, the only recognizable feature is a dim light in front of her and someone´s faraway yells of help… and then, as if her mind would´ve been expecting it, but without really being prepared, the blackness consumes her whole.

After what seems a moment, through her closed eyelids she notices a faraway light that, in an instant, occupies her whole field of vision, and the sensations change. That´s the moment she realizes the previous images hadn´t been a dream, but something that had been happening to her, a memory, and now, as she tries to open her eyes, the blurry scene in front of her is filled with a white, warm light that envelops her whole, hurting her sight, and she shuts her eyes again.

Slowly, Lightning becomes aware of the rest of her body, and hears whispers beside her, male voices she cannot place. She tries to move, to ask for help, but her body doesn't respond to her orders, it feels as if her limbs don´t belong to her anymore, and instead, as in payback for her unwanted commands, her whole body yells back at her in the form of a shockwave, as she´s enveloped in sheer, insurmountable pain, which seems to be born from her womb and expand towards each part of her flesh. The pain is so intense it seems to illuminate her closed eyelids with a yellow hue, and travels with an electrifying hunger, consuming her body whole.

She tries to scream for help, as it seems as if an eternity of torture has passed by, but the moment she feels she can´t sustain it anymore, the pain soothes away by itself, the only remnant a pulsing soreness on her head, torso and right leg.

She keeps her muscles tensed, ready in case the pain would comeback. When a moment passes by and it doesn´t reappear, she lets go the breath she´s holding, and is about to relax, but then the pain returns with a vengeance, as if mocking her, born from her lower abdomen and burning through her lower back, only to spread once again towards the rest of her body, consuming her blood like fire destroying a forest.

She wants to move away from it, but her muscles wouldn´t respond her, even her voice is shut. As she feels completely helpless and vulnerable, desperation tears her mind, consumes her, swallows her being. Lightning isn´t aware anymore which one is worst, the pain on her body or the fear on her soul. The intensity of her agony is such, she wants to throw up, to double over herself, to scream for help, anything that would keep the pain away. But once again, as fast as it comes, right before she´s about to give up and plead, humiliating herself, the aching leaves her involved in a faint soreness, and she feels exhausted, consumed, scared like never before.

Lightning exhales, feeling her whole body trembling out of fatigue, but feeling also her strength and senses coming back to her. It´s as if the pain takes over her mind, and when it recedes, she´s allowed to reign over her body once more.

She tries to open her eyes, as at that moment she notices a warm hand placed gently over her forearm, but the light is still too intense to bare, so she shuts them tightly, and turns her head to the side. The attempt makes a moan escape from her lips.

"It´s ok, Lieutenant" a male voice speaks to her soothingly, and in between her fear and confusion, she´s happy she can hear correctly again. "I´m here to help you. You´ll be alright now."

But the words are not enough to soothe her fear, so Lightning tries to reply, but only a moan escapes from her once more, the vulnerability behind the sound frustrating her. What´s the matter with her?? When had she become this weakened being?

She makes a second attempt to move her arm again, and regrets it immediately, as the pain comes back to torture her. This time her body obeys and she does bend over, clutching her stomach tightly, trying to suppress the source of her suffering, to rip it off of her flesh. In between the gasps and grunting, she´s nonetheless happy her body is hers once more.

"Wait, Farron! Don´t move!" A deep voice startles her, and she turns her head, opens her eyes ignoring the aching. She blinks as her sight adjust to the intense light, and a caring face comes into her line of vision. Captain Amodar smiles worryingly at her, and she notices he´s bent over her, his hands tightly enveloping her forearms, struggling to restrain her movements. "Just wait a little longer, Farron, don´t move, he´s just about to finish."

The pain fades and she´s able to think more coherently, finally noticing a gentle pressure on her belly.

"W-wha…? Where…?" her voice, already husky, sounds like a whisper, and she feels her throat burn for the effort, but being able to talk somehow releases a pressure off of her shoulders, the sensation of entrapment, and the sense of despair fading away if only a tad.

"It´s ok, Farron, you´re home." Amodar answers, releasing her for a moment so that he can take a stray strawberry lock off of her face. "Just don´t move and let the technician do his job."

"What´s… what´s happening to me, Sir?"

She asks him almost in a plea, and hates herself for the fear that can be heard underneath her voice. But Amodar understands, and smiles at her once more.

"That´s what we´re trying to find out, child. Now please be a good soldier and behave. Don´t move."

She´s still weary but complies, and sighs as she tries to relax, but before a second passes by, Lightning tenses again, as her memory catches up to her mind.

"Captain! The others! We have many wounded, Sir…!!" she struggles once more to free herself, to go and pay aid to her men, but Amodar reacts before she can move any further and tightens his grip on her.

"Please, Farron. Just hold still."

She notices the distressed tone, and stops struggling, looking intently at him. At that moment Lightning notices his slump shoulders, the bags under his eyes, his lips down and his burrow in a frown. She knows that look all too well: Amodar suffers whenever his men are in distress. That can only mean one thing.

"Please Sir, tell me…" Lightning sighs, trying to collect her wits, "what happened to the others? Where are Ray and Sarge?"

He gives her a faint smile, thankful she started her questioning with those specific soldiers.

"Don´t worry about those two, Farron. They´re sick worried about you, and got some scratches on them, but they´re otherwise fine."

"What about Torreno?" she pushes on. "He tried to protect me, Sir, I know he did…"

"He got hit quite badly," it´s Falcon the one to respond, without taking his gaze from a screen. "But he´s out of danger now, and he´s resting on the other barracks. Mind you, making some fuss for not letting him in to check on you." He winks at her as she meets his eyes.

"Falcon!!" She screams in delight at seeing her favorite doctor. "You´re here! I´m so glad you´re alright!"

His smile grows wide while a faint flush reaches his face, and chuckles a bit as his hand goes immediately to his neck, obviously embarrassed at the sudden display of care and interest from his usually cold superior.

"Well, hehehe, thank you Lieutenant. I´m glad you´re feeling better too."

As he speaks, ironically, Lightning tenses, the pain coming back to burn her body, to torture her once more. But she´s prepared now, willing to obey her superior, and besides, she knows that every single movement or gesture would bring distress and worry to her fellow comrades, especially to her captain. So she closes her eyes and clenches her teeth, stretching her neck as much as she can, as she grips the bed sheets with a knuckle-white grip. She holds her breath as her throat vibrates, and not even a sound escapes her lips: she can´t allow them to hear how badly it hurts.

But the men know her all too well to be deceived.

"Falcon?" Amodar asks, filled with concern, as he sees Lightning´s face becoming paler, a stray sweatdrop falling from her forehead.

"Please be patient, Sir. We just need more time." The medic turns to the screen and, despite the words he has spoken, he clenches the technician´s shoulder, a gesture that clearly indicates he should hurry. The technician doesn´t give any sign of acknowledgment, but after a second he gives a faint nod of the head.

Amodar approaches closer to Lightning´s ear, feels her muscles tight, holding back the pain. He knows her holding back is for him and for Falcon, to prevent them from feeling worried.

"Please, Farron," he whispers on her ear, hoping it would somehow sooth her, "resist a little longer."

After a minute, the pain recedes and she settles, though pale and drenched in cold sweat, but with her mind sharper than before. Exhausted and panting, she turns back to address Amodar once more, as his eyes fall astray from hers, refusing to meet azure, questioning orbs.

"And what about the others, Sir?"

Amodar sighs. "Please Farron, let´s concentrate in you at this moment. I promise I´ll tell you everything you want to know. Later. You come first right now."

Lightning sighs in acceptance and turns around in defeat, knowing that pushing it any further would lead to nothing but her superior getting mad at her. She turns her head to the other end, trying to acknowledge her surroundings.

She notices she´s on a small, rather uncomfortable bed, and notices the white walls that surround them. Then she finds the source of the bright light, a lamp right above her bed that´s blinding on its intensity. As she sees it, she sees too a bag of transparent liquid hanging close to her bedside, its line connected on her left arm. She realizes then, that she´s being taken care of in the small infirmary they had conditioned close to the hangar, in New Bodhum.

'So I AM home.'

There´s a small window on the wall closest to her, which allows her to see it´s still daytime, and as she turns her head around, she feels bad for the fact that there´s not much furniture to speak of, but a few beds similar to hers, though in worse conditions, something she would really like to change. She then sees a big window in the other end of the room, far away from her, which connects to another, smaller room.

At the last inspection, she finally notices a third man with black hair and military uniform, a man she has never met before (a technician, Amodar had said), sitting beside her bed and in front of a machine almost as tall as him, but definitely shorter than Amodar. She then proceeds to inspect the strange machine, its most outstanding feature being a large screen at the top of it, and from the middle part and through a long wire, the machine seems to be connected to some weird device the size of a palm, which the technician is using to massage her upper abdomen. Somehow, this device feels warm, and the massaging feels soothing too.

She sighs and continues her inspection. She finds Falcon standing besides the technician, with a deep frown on his face; Lightning notices how the medic is leaning close to the man, both watching the screen quite intently.

Lightning opens her mouth to speak to him, but only a grunt escapes her lips and she tenses her body, as the pain attacks her once more, although this time impossibly stronger than the last ones. She can´t hold much, not like she did before, so she struggles to roll over her side, but this time Amodar contains the soldier, although with some difficulty.

"Farron… please… you promised…" He grunts, his muscles tensing against her attempts to gain freedom.

But she doesn´t acknowledge his words. Her concentration broken, her mind is invaded by suffering, ridden of all coherent thoughts, and Lightning pushes against her restrains, fighting for her right to clutch at her abdomen, to roll on her side, to try anything to escape from the torture.

"Please do hurry" she hears the huge man say, as he fights to contain her movements, "she might look thin, but she´s quite strong."

"I know, Captain," the man speaks, "I´m almost done." He then turns to acknowledge the medic standing behind him and points a finger at the screen. "Her upper abdomen is ok, I haven´t seen anything out of the ordinary, especially not free fluid."

"Good." Falcon says, though he doesn´t feel the reassurance he would like to feel. "But the pain is just too much to be out of nothing. Please, take a look at her pelvis."

"Yes sir." The man turns his attention at Lightning, as she and her captain fight over reign on her position. Aided by Falcon, both men are capable of keeping her in a somewhat supine position, long enough for the technician to perform the study without any risk to his integrity, since Lightning´s feet are tossing and turning as much as they can, looking for release.

The struggle lasts another eternity, but finally the pain fades again, and, though shaking, Lightning´s body starts to relax, her mind slowly recovering her edge, when a new sound envelops the air.

A thumping, drumming, rhythmic sound that freezes everybody over.

Dum-dum dum-dum dum-dum.

She opens her eyes and sees the men´s faces of disbelief, Amodar´s body looking as if frozen over, his eyes open wide in surprise, his mouth agape, as his grip on her relaxes a tad.

"What is… that sound?" she finds her strength to ask, exhausted but worried about their countenances.

Falcon feels the responsibility to explain and turns to address his superior, but finds himself speechless, eyes wide open and mouth completely dry. He gulps and stares into azure orbs, the question and anguish behind them take him out of his stupor, and after a second he´s finally able to articulate, though stuttering.

"Lieutenant… that´s… that´s a…"

"A baby..." she hears a voice like a whisper and turns her head towards its owner: It´s Amodar the one to answer her question, as his eyes stare at the screen and then fix on his protégé. "It´s a baby, Lightning." His voice recovers it´s strength, as a small smile draws itself on his tanned features. "You´re pregnant, Lieutenant."

Completely speechless, Lightning opens her eyes wide in surprise, and in disbelief and fear, she turns to watch the screen, as the sound still fills the air. She feels her chest tight and her throat close, as she sees a small, white, bean-like figure swimming in a pool of black. As if the little thing had felt her stare, it starts jumping up and down, turning around nonstop, and her eyes prickle at the action, her mind overwhelmed with words that repeat themselves over and over again.

'A baby. A baby! It´s a baby…!'

'MY baby.'

Unstoppable tears finally roll down her cheeks, while a small smile draws itself on her lips.

'HIS baby too…'

She´s about to speak when a sudden jolt of pain takes her by surprise and makes her clutch the fabrics, and she finally screams, arching her body.

The medic jumps at the liquids hanging close to her, connected to her, and he injects a substance down her bloodstream, while Lightning tenses her body and bits her lip with all her might, in order to prevent herself from screaming even more, unintentionally drawing blood from them.

"Falcon!" Amodar yells, desperate, his hands once again on a tight grip on hers. "Do something!"

"I´m on it, Sir!" The medic yells back, as another syringe is injected on the liquids that are connected to her lifestream.

Sweating profusely, she clutches the fabric tighter, and tosses and turns, writhing, struggling to get rid of the pain, as another scream escapes her mouth.

"Falcon!! That´s not enough!"

"I can´t give her anything else, Sir! It´ll hurt the baby!!"

"I don´t care!" she hears Amodar yell, "Save her!!"

'No!' Through the pain, Lightning yells inside her head. 'Don´t harm him!'

Taking advantage of a moment Amodar let her got to reach out for the medic, Lightning grasps tightly her captain´s arm, and pulls hard, forcing him to look directly at her, azure orbs ablaze with determination and ignited with a plea.

"Captain… don´t… I´m okay…" she says between clenched teeth, "the baby…"

"Oh, Farron…" Amodar´s chest feels tight. He would do anything to save her, even give his own life. But this… how could he ever decide between any of them…? The beautiful blue eyes dig holes into his soul, as he understand how it would destroy her if he were to issue an order that would compromise the little being growing inside of her. But… even if it meant her life?

Noticing his hesitation, she´s about to say something else, but as the pain fades, so does her consciousness, and her sight is enveloped in black once more.
Chapter 2 is done!!

Link to the first chapter: [link]

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Lightning´s men are not OC, or at least not their names. I took them from Blitz Squad, the Squad that faces Twilight Odin in one of the side quests in FFXIII-2. These men claimed they´ve always been faithful to Lightning, taking the Squad´s name and their password (thunder) in behalf of their former Sergeant. I kinda liked that, that´s the reason why I gave them a Cameo in this fic.

Hope you liked it!

As usual, the characters don´t belong to me, but to Square Enix.

Thank you all for your awesome comments! I hope you like this chapter and the next to come!
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It´s been almost a month since they found out about Lightning´s pregnancy, and three weeks since Fang got the small key of the Farron "residence" (the nickname bothers Lightning to no end, but Fang likes to call it that way because, even though it´s actually a small house, it houses the NORA group too, so it´s still the biggest house in New Bodhum), and in spite of the time and the complete trust they all have showed her, the tall Pulsian still can´t feel comfortable with entering uninvited.

Still thoughtful, Fang feels relieved to see the door is already wide open, as it always is during daytime, and steps in, admiring the simple but pretty arrangements of the house: there are two small wood tables immediately past the door, each one with its own fan on the ceiling, which gives a small respite from the hot and humid temperature of the beach; there are three large and pretty indoor plants that lie in each corner, adding a sense of freshness and life to the house; the colorful books and paintings on the walls are arranged in a very good taste, close to a soft and comfy couch that rests on its corner, a silent invitation to the exhausted guest… little details that make the house feel warm and comforting. It´s like the place is not housing a bunch of young, energized people, but instead it´s the house of a true family. Fang smiles at the thought.

'Well, that´s what we are, after all, right?'

As soon as she steps in, a strong but delicious smell hits her senses, and her eyes seek the source in a rush, finding it to her left and across the kitchen, where the Pulsian immediately spots Serah, busy with something that is already cooking: a sweet and tasty soup, Serah´s specialty, plus hot chocolate and… something else she cannot place.


"Oh! Hey Fang!" the young pinkette smiles, barely taking her eyes from her task, but obviously happy for the visit. "I´m glad you´re early to accompany us to breakfast! Where is Vanille?"

Fang shrugs. "You know her, early mornings are just not her thing. She´ll probably will be here by noon."

Serah pouts a bit and the warrior smiles. She knows lately, as days go by, the youngest Farron has been getting closer to the youngest Oerban, just as much as Lightning is growing closer to her.

"Too bad. Well I´m almost done here, so if you want to go fetch Lightning, I´ll make sure everything is ready."

"Sure thing."

Too happy to oblige, Fang steps inside Lightning´s small room. The place is filled with a soft morning light that pours through the window shades, illuminating Serah´s nightstand and bed, the one she has not used for months now and which houses a small, green plush toy, most surely Serah´s; Fang smiles faintly, completely understanding the eldest Farron´s feelings: Lightning seems reluctant to take the bed out of the room, even when the youngest Farron currently shares a room with her fiancé, and thus the bed is not being used. Fang shakes her head in amused disapproval, and looks for the soldier´s bed, noticing it´s already empty, but the sheets are still tousled, which means that maybe she just got out of bed.

'Getting up late? well that´s odd... Lightning never sleeps past sunrise...'

The warrior gives two steps inside the room, when she hears odd sounds that come from the bathroom, next to the entrance door. The tall Oerban rushes towards it, concerned, and once she enters, she sees Lightning sitting on the floor, almost embracing the white toilet with both arms, her head bent over it, as retching sounds come from her seemingly abused throat, and Fang knows there´s no need for more explanations.

'Morning sickness… damn that sucks!' She curses, sympathizing with her friend, but somewhat weary to give the step forward, knowing how sensitive the soldier´s pride can be.

"Hey, Lightbug, you alright there?"

Lightning is panting, and after hearing the question she glares at the warrior for a second, before she throws up once again. Fang rushes towards her, holding her shoulder and helping her keep the strawberry locks out of the way. Once the retching is apparently subdued, Fang starts rubbing Lightning´s back, in an effort to soothe her, a gesture that surprisingly doesn´t elicit a rejection.

Being up close, Fang notices Lightning isn´t vomiting anything but for a few drops of saliva. Seems she´s run out of any contents to expulse.

Lightning spits a bit more, her stomach feeling still tender and in turmoil. She inhales deeply, and answers without turning to see her friend, as she wipes her mouth with a small towel.

"If I look… half the way I feel… then I must look terrible…"

"You do look terrible." Fang answers her, the grin obvious in her voice.

Lightning glares once more, and Fang finally is able to see up close the pale skin, the deep dark circles around the azure eyes, the almost white lips. Her heart clenches at the sight of her friend, consumed and exhausted, but still feels amused to see she hasn´t lost her spark.

"I would really like to take a picture of you like that," she jokes, hoping to lighten up the mood, "so that your baby knows the precarious state he or she has her mommy in at the moment."

"You know Fang? You´re such a great friend, always making me feel better." Despite her current condition, Lightning mocks, as she tries to stand up against the lightness of her head, although surprisingly she doesn´t slap the helping hand her friend is offering.

Instead of feeling relieved though, the action only makes the tall Pulsian even more concerned. Accepting help from someone so easily is definitely not a usual behavior from the stubborn officer, even if it´s Fang herself the one offering it. Ignoring the concerned look, Lightning rinses her mouth and then brushes her teeth, feeling still nauseated.

"Thought real friends always told the truth." Fang retorts.

"Speaking of truth, I really need to talk to you." Still brushing her teeth, Lightning gets in a serious tone, and Fang´s ears prickle with anxiety at it.

"You said that when we were at the infirmary, or at least that´s what I understood."

"Yes, but ever since Serah and Hope found out about the baby, neither of them have left my side for a second."

"And Snow still doesn´t suspect?"

Lightning rinses her mouth, feeling how slowly her strength is coming back to her. "According to Serah, she explained him they´re being overprotective of me, because she felt they had lost me."

Fang chuckles at the way the youngest Farron can control her man, and she ponders how it´s really not that surprising, now that she knows the sisters better. "That´s actually true, at some point, you know? You would be in overprotective mode if it were Serah, just like she is now with you. Baby or no baby."

Lightning sighs. "Yes, I know, but all this concern gives me no space to breathe, which means I can´t talk to you about things I would rather she doesn´t know."

"Like what? The identity of the father?"

She glares again at the Pulsian, though this time her eyes are ablaze with murder intent, but Fang just chuckles, unfazed.

"No, Fang. About the day of the accident."

Emerald eyes grow serious at her words. "You mean to tell me the explosion and the cave in weren´t an accident?"

Lightning sighs, suddenly feeling tired and stressed out. "I don´t have proof of it but I… I felt something, Fang. A feeling that chilled me to the bone, and that I´m almost certain I´ve felt before, during my time as a Warrior Goddess of Etro."

Emerald eyes open wide in surprise and a certain amount of fear. "You mean to tell me…?"

"Lightning! Fang! Breakfast is ready! And you better hurry up, because Snow is here already!" Serah´s yelling startles them both. Azure eyes meet emerald ones, sending her a pointed look.

"That´s what I´m talking about, I don´t get any privacy in here." Lightning feels angry for the interruption, but her expression is immediately replaced by one of utter concern, as she faces her warrior friend. "But it´s urgent we both talk. Alone."

"Any suggestions?"

"You may accompany me to my doctor appointment today."

Fang´s gut drop to her feet, and she pales somewhat. "Again?? Why me??"

Lightning takes her eyes away from the other woman, wishing she cannot see the smirk behind her azure irises. "Because that´s the one place Serah won´t go with me. The only place we both will be left alone."

"I wonder why…" Fang moans.

"Hey! This is important, Fang." Though she scolds the tall warrior, Lightning chuckles behind her teeth at the resilience her friend is showing. Not that she couldn´t relate, but it feels good to be on the side of the torturer, for once.

"If you don´t consider Falcon." Fang defends herself.

"We can talk on our way there, or even ask him to allow us some private time. But believe me, it´s urgent that we talk, now."

"You had almost a month to tell me. Why now?!" The Pulsian still plays her last cards, completely against the idea of having to witness such an awkward medical exploration.

"Lightning!! Fang!! Hurry! I´m not calling you again!"

Serah´s yelling seems to be just behind the door, so the soldier shushes the warrior, and takes her by the hand, forcibly pulling her out of the bathroom and out of the room as well, as she exhales in exasperation.

"I´ll tell you all later." And with that, she lets go of her hand and heads towards the kitchen, followed closely by a very concerned Pulsian.


After a heavy breakfast, (though Lightning didn´t eat but a couple of bites), the soldier proves how right she is about her sister, since Serah suddenly remembered something important she had to do after knowing her sister´s appointment, something that couldn´t be done without her aid. So both the soldier and the warrior walk towards the Infirmary, though in a slow pace. Even though Lightning´s leg has already healed, there´s still a faint pain that lingers wherever she strains her step too much.

Fang understands and complies, but impatiently waits in silence a few steps, counting them so that she makes sure they´ve made enough distance from the house. But after what feels like a long time, the soldier remains silent, still reluctant to speak. Fang grows restless by the minute. She´s never been the patient type, so after the fourth house they pass by, she finally explodes.

"So, Lightbug. Are you telling me or not?"

Lightning sighs, gathering her strength. She still has her doubts, but if not Fang, whom else could she trust?

"You well know the last mission held place in the Mahabara subterra, in order to give protection to the Engineer Squad that´s researching new ways of acquiring natural resources." Fang nods silently, and Lightning goes on. "The camp was set on the northest side of the caves, almost two or three miles from the Sunleth Waterscape. For many days, nothing especial happened, or at least nothing important enough to report. But after the second week we were stationed there, I started to feel uneasy with no reason at all. We did encounter some fauna there, and even Pulsian machinery, but nothing out of the ordinary. Still, I checked and personally supervised every single safety measure, finding nothing out of place. But no matter how tight where our security measures, nor how much each of my men proved me over and over again we were in the safest spot and in the safest of circumstances, I still felt anxious, a feeling that grew stronger as time passed by. Starting the third week, though, the feeling grew tenfold."

"You never told Amodar about it?" Fang interrupts.

Lightning looks at their feet, the rhythmic walking steading her beating heart for a moment, as she considers Fang´s question.

"No. I didn´t want him to worry. After all, it was just a feeling, I had nothing to work with to prove we weren´t safe."

"But your instincts…"

"My instincts have failed me once. I couldn´t risk to create a paranoia among the civilians without a valid proof. We do need those resources, New Bodhum is running out of time as it is." She sighs, and Fang can practically see how a heavy weight seems to fall over her friend´s shoulders. "Anyways, I reported the Captain we were almost done, in spite of the storm, and that we all were ready and eager to get out of there as soon as possible. The rain hadn´t touch us inside the caves, and Ray said the helicopter was strong enough to carry us back home, so I asked Amodar permission to return to base. The day he gave us his permission, everything went down…"


Lightning walks up and down the camp, eyeing the engineers working in a fast rate, already finishing the last of the details, and makes sure the engineers further inside the Mahabara are almost done too. They are nearly close to their departing hour, but the anxiety wouldn´t release her. She looks at her squad members, preparing their own gear to depart, six men sitting on the floor or rocks, each one lost in each of their tasks; she´s supervising their activity when, with no reason whatsoever, Lightning´s stomach boils and does a flip, as if she were about to get sick. Besides the exhaustion and distress she´s been in lately, today she adds a horrible nausea that takes her concentration away.

"This is the last time I eat something you cook, Ray. I promise."

The said man laughs. "You´re the only one who´s feeling like that, Lieutenant. You sure you´re not getting soft on me? Hey!"

A small rain of dirt falls upon him, as the addressed woman kicks earth to her fellow comrade, in retaliation for the insult.

"It´s not my fault your wife hasn´t shown you how to cook."

The rest of the men laugh at her words, even Ray himself is already doubling over out of laughter. "Hey Lieutenant! I´ll sue you for assault!"

"Not before I sue you for trying to assassinate your superior officer with that food of yours."

The men laugh even more, and Torreno, laughing as well, stands up from the dirt. "But that´s impossible, Lieutenant Farron, Ray would never try something like that against you!"

"Thanks pal!"

"Oh really?" a delicate eyebrow rises. "Care to tell me why can you affirm something like that?"

"The answer is simple, ma'am. Ray could never, ever hurt you because..." The man mockingly bows at her and locks eyes with his comrade, as Ray´s orbs open wide in terror. "The little rat there is madly in love with you!" The laughter reaches its highest point, some men even falling from their made up chairs, as the addressed man blushes furiously, hurling himself at his comrade, who doesn´t move fast enough to avoid the attack, his laughter still getting the better of him.

Lightning can barely contain her laughter at their exchange, feeling her tension subduing a little, when suddenly her stomach does another flip flop and her head lightens up. She inhales deeply to steady herself, thankful nobody noticed her slip, when suddenly a feeling she cannot place clenches her heart, and she turns her head around, looking straight into the deepest part of the cave, as if she could place the origin of the assaulting sensation. The stomach distress is new to her, but the feeling over her chest is another matter. She has felt it before, though thousands of times stronger. She felt it the first time she looked at Crystalized Cocoon.

She felt it hundreds of years on her past.

As the memory comes back to her, her throat tightens, feeling true fear running up and down the skin on her back.

"Are you ok, Lieutenant?" Torreno comes right behind her and takes her arm, but instead of calming her nerves, the touch startles her, but at least awakes her from the nightmare of memories she was getting into. It takes her a minute to tear her eyes away from the darkest part of the cave, addressing her teammate.

"Yes, Torreno, yes I´m fine. Please, walk with me. We need to find Sarge, and meanwhile, I want you to update me on your latest patrol."

The man hesitates a moment. "B-but I´ve already told you all the details, Lieutenant."

"I know, but I need you to tell me once more, and try to include the slightest detail you might have suppressed, or had dismissed as irrelevant."

Torreno looks at her wearily, but complies. "Yes ma'am."

He starts retelling his patrol, step by step, but as he goes by, Lightning can´t find anything that could give her a lead to her uneasiness. They walk further inside the cave, towards the engineers' camp, where her second in command is patrolling at the moment. As Lightning finds him in the distance, she waves at him, prompting him to approach; Sarge nods his agreement, but as the man obeys, running towards them, she notices he´s alone.

"Where´s Falcon?"

"Sarge told me earlier he gave him permission to patrol out of the cave, though he ordered him to take two of the new recruits with him, for his own safety." Torreno answers, not leaving her side for a moment. "Falcon needed to search for medicinal herbs; the youngster spotted a few useful ones on our way in."

"Youngster? He´s gonna kick your ass for that, you know?" She smirks. Though as a superior officer, she knows she shouldn´t allow the discipline to be relaxed among ranks, and even less encourage it, but she enjoys way too much the obvious camaraderie that reigns on her squad. It makes her feel like home even when they are miles away from their families.

"Like he could do it." He retorts, as he waves at his superior, now a dozen of steps away from them.

Lightning is about to imitate her subordinate when, seemingly out of nowhere, her chest tightens and she feels she cannot breathe, as a deep male voice resonates inside her head, unintelligible at first, accompanied by the worst headache she has ever felt in her life. She hesitantly gives a step forward, as her surroundings are dampened in a black hue, and without a warning, she loses the feeling of her body, as if it weren´t hers anymore, as if she´s forcefully kicked out of it. Somehow, she manages to look down, and sees her palm extended in front of her, the skin almost white, but looks at it as if it doesn´t belong to her. She hears people talking beside her, but cannot place the sound, cannot respond to their calling, when suddenly she hears bells resonate with a deafening sound, hurting her ears and forcing her to close her eyes tight shut, but then she can hear, above all the sounds, the male voice screaming at her, though this time she can understand the words.

'Warrior Goddess…!!'

She opens her eyes wide in terror, raising them to look straight at her, as a blinding light surrounds her whole, and she sees and hears no more.


"When I woke up, I was in the middle of an abortion threat, here at New Bodhum, so I didn´t know much about what happened after I passed out. But Sarge told me there had been three explosions in total, the last two created by the first, which they still don´t know the cause of it. After that, it came the cave in, apparently where most of us got injured. They said I somewhat saved their lives, because Sarge ran faster towards me when he saw I was passing out, distancing himself from the machinery that started the explosion, and Torreno was already close to me. Ray had followed us because he got concerned of the look I had." Lightning´s voice drops. "But none of the engineers survived, and most of my squad got lost too. Honestly Fang, it was a miracle we were on the crossroads. Though we were trapped, it happened to be the strongest part of the construction, the only one that resisted the implotion."

Fang stands silent for a minute, pondering Lightning´s story. After a moment, she dares to ask the question that lingers in both their minds. "You think it's… him?"

"You mean Caius Ballad?" the Pulsian nods. "I´ve been pondering over it myself, Fang, but the truth is, I can´t be sure, I couldn´t recognize his voice. But he´s the only one who ever called me like that. And, it definitely felt like a sense of… Chaos. It´s the only thing that makes my chest hurt so badly…"

"So what does it mean? That Caius is not dead and somewhat came back to destroy our world?"

Azure eyes meet emerald ones, and Fang can see the deep concern drawn in them. "I honestly don´t know, Fang."

The Pulsian hates whenever the light blue hue of her friend´s eyes darken out of worry, so she steps in front of her, halting her walk, somewhat angered at her fear.


"So what if he has come back?" The warrior scolds the young officer. "We´ll defeat him again, right? We´ve made the impossible possible before. We can do it again."

"Fang…" Lightning warns her, but the stubborn warrior interrupts her.

"Don´t worry, Ligthbug. As long as we all are together, there´s nothing that can stop us. Not even a god.  So lighten up, yeah? Do it for your baby."

The encouraging speech makes the soldier smile, her confidence returning somewhat, and at the last words, she instinctively places her palms over her belly. "You´re right, Fang. We´ll do this together."

Fang smiles at her friend and turns around to keep their walk, Lightning immediately following suit, and they both fall in a comfortable silence, each lost in their own thoughts, until it´s Fang the one to break it again.

"Say Light, is the baby his?"

The blunt questioning takes the soldier by surprise, and she opens her eyes wide, taking her thoughts off track, but then settles immediately.

'Whatever awkward situation, you can always count on Fang to make it worse.' Lightning ponders with a wry smile.

"You know whose it is, Fang, there´s only one possibility and you know very well, no need to ask." She answers her Pulsian friend, a bit amused and a bit challenging, eyes boring into hers. "Why are you asking me now?"

The taller woman smiles, somewhat relieved, somewhat amused too. "Well, with people like you, one can never be sure."

"What´s that supposed to mean?" without knowing why, Lightning takes the comment as an insult, and her temperature rises a degree.

Fang is taken aback by the sudden outburst, but tries not to give it too much importance.

'It´s Lightning, after all, you can always expect explosions like that from her, and adding the plus of the hormones...'

"It means that you´re always so secretive with your personal stuff, that it could´ve been another´s baby, one that you hadn´t told me about, or that you don't want to accept in front of me."

Lightning feels her face burn and her chest tightening in anger, as her eyes prickle. She cannot understand her body´s response, but fortunately is able to contain the explosion. Nonetheless, the strawberry blonde stops and faces the warrior, her eyes become like her namesake that try to pierce and strike dead the woman in front of her.

Fang stops too, but instead of retaliating, she holds her ground, unflinching, her unaffected attitude bothers the soldier even more, who grinds her teeth.

A second passes by, and Lightning is finally able to articulate her answer, but not without a seething tone in her voice, danger and pain embedded in it.

"You are the only one who knows of his influence in my life, no one else aside from you; you´ve always been the only one I´ve entrusted my life to, and my sister´s, almost blindly; you´re the only one that knows the most about me, things that not even Serah would know or even imagine. Isn´t that ENOUGH for you to trust me?"

Fang feels as if the words have hit her harder than any blow, and lowers her eyes to contain the emotion, a brilliant smile forming on her lips.

"Yes, it is enough, Sunshine. But, you know?" she raises her eyes again, to meet azure orbs defiantly. "We normal people sometimes need to hear those words, especially from someone like you."

Lightning flushes at the statement, of anger or guilt, she cannot place. Her only reaction is to turn her face away from the woman, refusing to answer.

Fang chuckles at her reaction, thinking she probably hit the right spot. "Guess that means you want a change of subject, right?"

Lightning´s only response is to turn her eyes to her for a split second, only to turn them away from her again.

"Well then," Fang sighs, "are you still in love with him?"

Without a warning, Lightning sends a strike directly to Fang´s jaw, who moves fast enough to avoid the full hit, but the soldier´s fist still scratches her skin. The strawberry blonde passes beside her, colliding with the woman´s shoulder, and walking faster so that Fang won´t catch up.


"Don´t come any closer Fang! It was a bad idea to ask you to accompany me."

Fang chuckles and hurries, though it takes her only a few steps to catch up to her. "Ok, ok, I just had to ask."

"You always have to." Lightning answers with a furious tone, as she pushes her stride longer, ignoring the dumb aching that starts to build in her leg.

Fang falls back some steps, weary of her friend´s anger but her smile growing wider.

"You know, Lightbug? You just answered my question."

Lightning remains silent, seething of anger, refusing to acknowledge the barrel of memories that Fang´s question has elicited. Fortunately for her, in a matter of minutes they both arrive at the military camp, and they are now a few steps from the infirmary, when she notices some commotion behind them, seemingly heading towards Amodar´s office. She stops, and sees a group of people getting closer to them. As Fang arrives at her side, Lightning counts at least ten people, apparently soldiers, and the two women stand motionless, bearing witness of the group of men approaching them.

The group gets nearer in less than a minute, and Lightning can recognize a couple of soldiers, all of them members of another squad, dragging an almost unconscious man by the armpits, apparently a prisoner, by the way the squad shifts around him; his torn and battered uniform hangs tightly at his bloodied and bruised body, and, in a closer look, the color of the material still calls up the attention of the officer: the yellow and black proportion is easy to place for a former Guardian Corps member: it´s unmistakably a PSICOM elite uniform. Lightning´s eyes widen in surprise and turns to see her friend, whose emerald orbs mimic her expression.

"Is that…?"

"A PSICOM soldier, yeah." Lightning answers before Fang can finish her question. They both remain rooted to their place as the group approaches. When they walk closer to both women, the soldiers salute their superior, Lightning responding on her own, and as they pass them by, the prisoner raises his head, and dark dull eyes look upon Lightning. As if recognizing her, the prisoner opens his eyes wide in surprise, and in spite of his blood-stained face, the man gives her a smile, leering at her but somehow making fun of her too.

"Aaahhh… the infamous Lieutenant Lightning Farron, am I right?"

Lightning freezes on her spot, a tremor running up her spine at the intensity of the man´s stare. "How do you know my name?"

The man answers with a nightmarish laughter that makes her heart miss a beat, as if the sound of his voice had marked the day of her doom.
I don´t own Final Fantasy, nor any of its awesome characters.

First of all, I´m sorry!! I´m sorry! I´m sooo sorry!! I swear to you I wanted to write a scene where you can see Snow, I´m sure many of you miss him, but I swear I just couldn´t! It´s not that I hate him, I do not, but… it´s just too much to bear! (I still can´t stand him much...) I promise you, though, we´ll see the scene where he finds out about Lightning´s pregnancy, but it just won´t be today. Please be patient! Also sorry for not updating sooner, but I was struggling with that scene, and it just didn´t get good enough. So I decided to post the chapter, and wait for the scene to give me a bit of inspiration.

I hope you like the idea of getting some drama, and even some blood, as scarce as it is, in our little story (I kinda missed it, to be honest). Plus the name of another possible father comes up! Yay! XD

On a side note, I used the “Lightbug” name on Lightning because I kinda liked the way it sounds, and I think it fits Fang´s treatment of Light. It wasn´t my idea, but I don´t remember who wrote it first, so whoever did, it´s their credit.

Thank you all for your comments!!

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Lightning watches as her sister falls from her chair, her bottom hitting the cold, rocky floor of the infirmary with a loud thud, and though the stubborn sibling is currently sitting on said floor, grunting and complaining for her abused rear, but seemingly with nothing more than a sore cheek, the eldest Farron still struggles to raise and make sure there´s, indeed, nothing to worry about.

"Serah! Are you ok?"

Lightning pushes her body upwards, paying no attention to the intense pain in her leg and her ribs that her mind is registering. The soldier blocks away the information and focuses on one single thing: get closer to Serah. Grunting and cursing louder than her sister is, the soldier´s feet touch the ground, and she exhales a final curse while pushing forward the hardest, her body finally out of bed. Lightning´s last improper word makes Serah´s mind register her surroundings, and the moment she witnesses the effort her older sibling is making, the youngest Farron immediately rises from her spot, still caressing the offended area, but ready to stop the older pinkette, and to chastise her if needed.

"Claire stop it! You´re hurting yourself!"

"Serah… are you… ok?" Lightning, now fully out of bed, gives two steps forward, but this time she´s unable to ignore the pain, and the soldier hisses, her frown deepening, and she closes her eyes under the torment.

Serah can see Lightning´s face has become paler than ever, marked by some drops of cold sweat running down her forehead, as a slight tremor shakes her body. The soldier definitely looks like she´s about to pass out, and stumbles the moment her broken leg sustains her whole weight, without having the relief of even a minor painkiller.

The sight of her struggling sister about to collapse makes Serah gasp in horror, witnessing the tremendous pain the effort is causing her, and, her previous anger forgotten (but only for a moment), she rushes towards the eldest Farron, hugging her dearly as she pushes the stubborn soldier back into bed, using a bit of her own weight to counteract Lightning´s attempts.

"Yes, Claire, I´m ok. You just took me by surprise, but that´s all. Please now get back to bed."

The door bursts open as the raven-haired woman finds them in the embrace-fight they are having at the moment.

"Serah! Lightning! Are you hurt? Is everything alright? What happened?"

The soldier is about to respond to Fang´s concerned questioning, but her younger sibling beats her to it, anger born anew, without relenting a single inch the tight hold she has on her sister.

"Nothing out of the ordinary, Fang, only Lightning here that has the nerve to forbid me from telling Snow, my fiancé and soon-to-be-HUSBAND, about her pregnancy." Serah remarks the part about Snow, protesting for the mistreatment of her boyfriend.

Lightning allows herself to glare at her sister, while the said strawberry pushes her gently to sit on the bed, blatantly ignoring the threat in the azure eyes.

"Her WHAT?!"

The high pitched male voice takes the three women by surprise, as the silver haired teenager enters right behind Fang, and they see the scrawny form drawn on the entrance door: Hope had followed Fang after she ran towards the door, hot on her heels, and stepped in right at the moment Serah had angrily answered the Pulsian´s concerned question with her furious retort.

"Oh, oh…" As her azure eyes open wide in horror at the sight of the teen, Serah refuses to look up, feeling the piercing stare from her sister.

And indeed, Lightning looks as if she would gladly kill her own sister, while, at the same time, refuses to address the teenager.

A few steps away from them, Fang is unsure of what to do, watching the scene unfolding in front of her: the two Farrons completely flabbergasted, and a quite horrified teen facing them. The tall Pulsian is torn between the laughter and the shock, especially since the horrified expression of the Farron sisters amuses her to levels that make her feel a pang of guilt, so she chooses to just stand tight and watch.

Hope, on the other hand, is glued to the ground, his emerald eyes fixed on the pale face of the eldest Farron, searching for the evasive azure eyes. The poor teen is struggling with words, his mind trying hard to process the information, as he stands unmoving, speechless, confused and somewhat offended at finding out something so significant in such an awkward way. As his mind tries to unravel, he can only repeat what he has just heard, his eyes pleading to his mentor, desperate for a confirmation.

"Lightning?" Hope gives a step towards the Farron sisters, both of them recoiling at his voice, though for different reasons. "Is it true? Are you… are you… pregnant?"

The addressed woman clinches at the last word, but still avoids his eyes, while she leans on her mountain of pillows, helped by a very concerned and very apologetic-looking sister.

Fang looks at Lightning, expecting her answer, while a moment passes by and the soldier sighs, finally deciding to meet Hope´s eyes. She knows it´s not fair to keep the truth from him, no matter the way he found out something she had decided not to reveal. After all, Hope has always been there for her, in the past and in the future. He surely has earned her trust.

"Yes Hope, I´m… going to have a child."

In spite of her plight, Serah still rolls her eyes at Lightning´s refusal to utter the 'word'.

A moment of silence, and then…

"Why didn´t you tell me?! Don´t you trust me? Why does Fang know of this before I did?" Hope finally snaps at his mentor, wounded on his pride and on his heart, since he had believed he had finally earned Lightning´s trust, especially after Serah and Lightning herself told him how valuable his help had been during both of their fights on the future.

Lightning is about to answer, but then Serah stubbornly steps in front of her, siding with Hope, her hands at the side of her hips.

"Yeah, Lightning, why don´t you want to let everybody else know of this? You should be happy and eager to let the world know!! This is such a fantastic turn of events! The fact that it´s going to be a new life blooming here on Gran Pulse will give everybody a sense of hope!"

"Well, she´s got a point, Light." Fang finally intercedes, a smirk playing on her lips.

Lightning sends a killing glare at the woman, but then ignores her Pulsian friend and addresses the youngsters in front of her.

"If you two must know…"

But such voice doesn´t belong to the soldier: before Lightning utters a single word, a high-pitched, female voice kicks in, breaking the tension, and everybody turns to see two people entering the door right behind Hope.

One of them is Falcon, who stands besides a bush of bright orange hair at the level of his chest, a bright hair that belongs to a certain chirpy lady and who walks close to Hope, brandishing a huge smile, green eyes tingling in delight, as she addresses the teen and the youngest Farron.

"The reason why Lightning really doesn´t want anyone else to know just yet, is because, according to Falcon, she´s in the 8th week of pregnancy," Vanille turns to meet the man´s eyes in confirmation, who just nods his agreement, and the orange haired woman continues, "he says Lightning just had an abortion threat, so it´s completely understandable that she really doesn´t want anyone else to know, because she´s scared she can lose the baby, right?"

Though Lightning has never liked people who speak her thoughts, she meets the jade eyes with something similar to thankfulness. One thing is to play with the fearful thought. Other, more different and tougher one, is to voice it out loud. She´s indeed thankful for not having to be her the one to speak of such dire possibilities.

Vanille smiles at the soldier, as if sensing her thoughts, and Lightning finally smiles back. She truly has to acknowledge it now: the young pest always has a way to release some of the family´s burden.

At Vanille´s statement, both Hope and Serah´s eyes open wide in surprise and shame, and in unison, they both turn towards Lightning, the youngest Farron having the decency to blush, although faintly, while Hope has a deep red stain all over his face and ears.

"I´m sorry, Light. I didn´t thought you could feel like that." It´s Serah the first one to speak, as she approaches her sister and takes her by the hand, intertwining fingers, while the soldier just smiles and nods, accepting the apology.

But Hope seems reluctant to move, too ashamed to do anything, so Lightning directs a hand towards him, prompting him to approach.

"It´s ok, Hope. I´m sorry I didn´t tell you, but what Vanille says it´s true. Though you should know something: of all the men that I would´ve chosen to know of these news beforehand, you would´ve been my first choice."

"Hey!" Falcon protests, though playfully, and Lightning just rolls her eyes.

"The medic doesn´t count, dude." Fang answers, as she slaps the man´s back while he passes by her, on his trip towards Lightning´s bed.

Lightning smiles a bit at their exchange as she takes Hope´s hand, the teen finally getting the courage to give a few steps towards her. Lightning looks up at the still wounded eyes of her protégé, and gives his hand a soft squeeze of reassurance.

"I had the honor to work with the man you will become, Hope, and I´m absolutely grateful to be able to witness the fantastic young man you are becoming now. I´m so proud of you, so please, excuse me for not telling you first."

Hope blushes and nods at her. "It´s ok, Light. No matter what happens, you know I´ll be there for you both." The last statement is an echo of the words Amodar had taken from him, and somehow, Lightning understands their importance.

At that moment, Falcon reaches her bed too and sits on it, right beside the wounded soldier, a movement that makes Serah and Hope lose the hold they had on each of Lightning´s hands, in order to allow the man for some room to work. Falcon nods his thanks at the youngsters and then focuses all his attention on his patient, though with eyes ablaze with something deeper than just professional concern.

"Please, Lieutenant, allow me." The man asks her permission, speaking so gently that Fang´s ears prickle as a single thought crosses her mind, and she pays closer attention to the scene.

Lightning nods a bit at his request, and fixes her azure eyes on the cerulean ones of the kind doctor. But while her eyes are a mixture of thankfulness and trust, his are shining in concentration and… something else… something the tall Oerban has seen before, ironically in a pair of eyes that Lightning would´ve found rather annoying. Not a second passes by when Fang remembers exactly where she has seen such look: It´s the look Snow gave Serah during the first weeks after they all met up in New Bodhum, after the timeline got fixed, and it´s a look he sometimes still wears whenever his eyes meet his fiancé´s.

Fang´s eyes open wide in surprise as a thought runs through her mind, while watching the tenderness the man takes the pinkette´s hand, as an excuse of searching for her pulse. The Pulsian notices his seemingly soft and gentle touch, as if the tough lieutenant were some doll that would break with the slightest touch. As if she were someone he had sworn to protect.

'Is it possible that…? Could Falcon be… the father?'

The thought strains Fang´s mind, and her eyes find Vanille´s, the young woman´s countenance mirroring her own, until a broad smile finds its way on the youngest Pulsian´s face. But although it might seem pretty obvious for Vanille, for Fang, instead, it´s just an absurdity.

'No way! Not Lightning!'

At a discreet signal from the man, Lightning exposes her creamy belly to the doctor, who tenderly touches and explores the ivory skin, as his blue eyes move intermittently from the tender flesh to the lighter shaded orbs.

"Does it hurt anywhere, Lieutenant?"

"Only over the broken bone. My stomach has stopped torturing me, thanks to you."

He smiles at the compliment, but keeps his exploration without interruption. "Any bleeding?"

"Not that I´m aware of."

He flashes a pleased smile at her and this time she smiles back, though with less intensity, and probably with a different intention than Falcon´s beaming. Or at least that´s what Fang likes to think.

"I need to explore you now." The man stops his work for a moment, awaiting her approval, which comes without a second thought.

"It´s ok, Falcon. Do whatever you need to do."

The young doctor nods thankfully at her, and turns towards the quite eager audience they have, their intent stares making him blush, but only faintly. He is, after all, a professional, therefore, with the authority he´s now accustomed to apply to all of his patients (no matter their rank), he addresses the two women and the young teen.

"I´m sorry, but I´m afraid I´ll have to ask you to leave. All of you." He glares at Fang as the woman is about to protest, and gets a frightening glare back, but before anyone can say any further, Vanille takes her and Hope by the arm, pulling them towards the exit.

"I´m sure Lightning needs a bit of space, right? Don´t worry, Falcon, I´m taking these troublemakers outside with me."

"What??" Both Fang and Hope scream at her.

"Who are the troublemakers??"

"Hush, Fang! This is no place for us!"

"But I want to stay!" Hope´s last words linger on the door.

As the young woman practically drags them out of the door, Falcon looks at Serah, as she gives a step backwards, reluctant to leave but even more reluctant to stay.

"Wait, Serah." Falcon stops her from moving, as he steps out of the bed, in order to give Lightning more room to prepare. "I´ll actually need you here with me."


He eyes the young pinkette with determination. "Yes, of course, Serah. I really can´t explore your sister all by myself. At least not an intimate exploration; it´s the rules, you know?"

Serah´s eyes widen as a mental image crosses her mind. She refrains the urge to wince, chastising herself for picturing such dire things, and prays she won´t be dreaming of something so traumatic, but the mere idea freezes her on her spot.

Lightning senses her sister´s hesitation, and comes to her rescue, as she is used to. "Wait, Falcon. As a matter of fact, I think you did wrong by taking Fang out of here. I think Serah and I would be a lot more comfortable if it were my best friend, and not my innocent sister, the one to accompany me at the exploration."

Serah shows Lightning her tongue in disapproval for calling her innocent, but nonetheless she runs outside to fetch Fang, grateful for having to avoid such a horrific and traumatic procedure.

Lightning just chuckles a bit. She knows her sister so well…

"Are you sure about this, Lieutenant? It´s really not that a big deal, and maybe it would help her to relax if she witnesses how easy the exploration actually is." Falcon says, though he´s smiling at Serah´s terrified look too.

"Yes, well, you´re a man, so I can see why you´re not that sensitive to Serah´s affliction. But anyways, Fang would be a lot more help than Serah." Getting ready for his work, the kind doctor still looks doubtful at Lightning´s words, so the woman sighs, trying to explain further. "My sister and I love each other dearly, Falcon, and trust each other to levels I would´ve never imagined. But still, there are things that a sister should never know of the other."

"That I can relate." Fang agrees with her as she walks inside the small room.

Lightning smiles thankfully at her best friend, though this time it´s a full smile, one that comes from deep inside, and Fang´s stomach flutter as she realizes she´s one of the few that can tell the difference.

"I´m glad you´re here, Fang."

"I´m glad I can be of help, Lightbug." She winks and smiles at her friend. She, too, flashes her best smile, trying to convey her unconditional support.

Falcon smiles too, witnessing the exchange. Both fighters had certainly become quite close, he notices. "Well then, if you allow me…" he gives a step towards them, and the two friends nod at him.

Oooooo00000oooo …XIII…

Outside, the three youngsters sit on the closest, hollow trunk that lies lonely on the mud, a few meters from the door of the infirmary, it´s empty carcass a result of the recently finished construction. There seems to be nobody around, all the soldiers gone to their respective houses, the on call soldiers must probably doing paperwork. But instead of feeling weary of the exposed surroundings, the trio of ex-l´Cie happily welcome the solitary landscape. The sun is dying now, very close to take a dive in the magnificent New Bodhum´s sea, its reflection forming golden crystals over the surface of the waves.

The evening breeze reaches the three young friends, rustling the light shaded hair of the trio, whose bodies are already bathed in an orange hue. They sit in silence, Hope in between the two beautiful girls, though this time he isn´t able to realize of his lucky spot, since he is lost in his own thoughts, just like the two young women.

Sitting close to the teen and also lost in thought, Serah still feels overwhelmed by the information, and, although happy to no end, she´s also very concerned for her sister.

Lightning can´t but love dearly the baby, right? Serah knows the stubborn soldier would do anything for the baby, even give up her life, but what about the father? He should be with them. Both her sister and the baby will always count on her and Snow, but there´s nothing that could replace a father, and Lightning and her can bare witness to that. But why isn´t the father with them? Does he know? Has Lightning told him? Who could it be? Who would´ve been weird enough to gain her sister´s affection? Serah sighs in frustration. Of the many questions, she is certain of at least one thing: the father definitely cannot be any normal guy. Knowing her sister, must probably the man is someone Serah could not imagine even in her wildest dreams.

'But who…?'

Serah tries to process all the information, mentally going through a list of men Lightning had mention so far, trying her hardest to come to a reasonable possibility. At that moment, Hope calls up her attention, his somewhat concerned face startling her, but she recovers quickly and beams at him.

"Hey Serah, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, sure Hope, you can ask anything, you know it."

Vanille, who had been grinning all the time at the turn of events, now pays complete attention to their exchange, her staring making Hope blush faintly and feeling unease. Serah notices this, so she takes Hope´s hand, trying to reassure him.

"You know you can trust us, right?"

He looks at his side, and Vanille´s huge smile meets him, trying to reassure the teen too, but making him even wearier. He smiles back, though somewhat unsure, but decides to give the step forward.

"Please Serah, tell me again, how was I at 25 years old? How was I when I met Lightning, in the future?"

"Oh Hope! Again?" Vanille protests, but Serah hushes her. For some odd reason she cannot place, the strawberry blonde actually likes to tell this story, to reassure the young, insecure teen about the fantastic man she knows he is going to become. After all, the adult Hope she got to meet really impressed her and made her feel utterly proud, even more so after Lightning told her about how supportive he had been during her sister´s quest for saving the world.

"Well Hope, I´ve already told you many times: you were amazing in the future, you helped us, Noel and I, through it all; you were so fantastic you made possible the construction of Academia, and the New Cocoon; and let me tell you this: the you in the future was very cute too, he had a lot of beautiful suitors chasing after him!" she giggles at that, even more so as she sees Hope´s blush becoming darker. "But Hope Estheim, the youngest director of the Academy, was too busy saving Cocoon to pay attention to such things. You were awesome, Hope!"

"What… what did Lightning tell you about me?" Hope still blushes at the many compliments, but he´s just too eager to hear more to stop now.

"Well," Serah gets pensive now, trying her hardest to recall Lightning´s every word, "she told me that she had missed you during her times as a Warrior Goddess, and that she felt utterly happy to have you tag along once again. She said that working alongside with you made her feel very proud, that you had become such a fantastic man, always supporting her, no matter what. She said that you and her became quite close during your time in Novus Partus, and that she had felt she could really count on you. She truly cares about you and loves you, Hope, did you know that?"

The teen blushes harder, but an enigmatic smile forms on his lips. "You think so?"

"Of course I do! Hope, she told me herself!"

As the teen´s smile broadens, Serah notices Vanille sending her a warning look, and a sign with her finger coming across her neck, begging her to stop. But Serah shakes her head, not understanding the reason of the red-haired girl´s concern, and instead, happy to see her friend´s countenance of utter happiness and pride, the pinkette keeps on.

"Lightning really cared about you, Hope, she still does. I would even go as far as to think she would give her own life to protect you."

Hope´s eyes are ablaze with some emotion that Serah can´t place, but that sends warning bells to Vanille.

"Don´t you think it´s too much of a guess, Serah?"

"No Vanille, you don´t know my sister. She´s not the kind of girl that allows any type of men to be around her that easily." The addressed pinkette is taken by surprise for the question, but recovers immediately and glares at the other young woman, who recoils instinctively, but at the same time feels amused at realizing how much such look resembles the eldest sibling.

"I just think you should be less generous of what you MIGHT think your sister thinks, you know?" Vanille still pushes on, though weary of the shorter woman. Not because she might be afraid of her, not at all, but she really wouldn´t like to have problems with the youngest Farron. She cares too much for her. But, on the other hand, Hope…

Serah is about to make a retort, but Hope intervenes, trying to stop the discussion. He has never seen the two close friends acting so unfriendly towards each other. "Well, the question I wanted to ask you, actually, is if you know exactly how close she got to my future self?"

Vanille shakes her head in disapproval as Serah just stares at the teen, a little too lost on his words, a little too weary to address the question.

"Meaning…?" She finally adventures.

"Well…" Hope fidgets a moment, though he´s already too deep in the mud to step back now, besides, what else could he lose? "Do you think we were close enough to have a… a relationship?"

A pause. "Hope… you´re not actually suggesting… what I think you´re suggesting… right?"

The silver haired teen looks back at the infirmary as if looking for reassurance, his eyes ablaze with his namesake, and he sighs as he turns back towards the pinkette, intense jade orbs meeting azure ones.

"I just thought… wouldn´t it be great if Lightning´s baby were mine?"

Serah blinks once. Twice. She still refuses to acknowledge the words. "Hope…"

The teen pushes forward, as Vanille sends an 'I told you so' glare towards the strawberry blonde.

"Think about it, Serah! Lightning must´ve gotten pregnant around the time we settled on Cocoon, but on this timeline she didn´t meet any man, we all were around together, all the time, she didn´t have room for that. But before the timeline got fixed, by both you and her, Lightning did meet some men, one of those men being ME."

"Hope…" The young Farron wants to deny it, but the teen´s eyes are so filled with emotion, she can sense her stomach clenching. She doesn´t know if she wants to cry… or vomit.

'Lightning WILL kill me…'

Watching Serah hesitate, Vanille finally decides to intervene, hoping she can still save the situation. "Yes Hope, but you´ve just made a point. She met MANY men. Not only in Valhalla and Novus Partus, but also during her time as a warrior of Cosmos, as she called it. It could´ve been anyone!"

Serah snaps at them, annoyed at what she feels like an aggression to her sister´s honor. "Not anyone!"

Vanille glares again. "You know what I mean…"

"Yes! Yes, I know!" Hope steps in between the two girls again, still pushing his point and getting annoyed by the path the conversation is taking, "but of all those men, it was I the one closest to her! Serah! You´ve said it yourself!"

"Yes… yes I did, but… but...."

"Well…" Vanille starts to mull over it, finally seeing Hope´s point, even though she knows it´s against her best judgment. "We really don´t know how close she got to the other men, so you gotta admit it, Serah: Hope´s got a point, you know?"


"Yeah! I do have a point!" Hope intervenes again, alight now that the young woman seems to agree with him. Boosted as such, the teen attempts to rise from his spot. "Now if you excuse me, I´ll go ask her."


Both young women jump at the teen before he even has the opportunity to move any further, and using their respective weights, they both push him down, struggling to hold him in place, Vanille lying on top of his lower body, while his face is pressed against Serah´s lap, as the young woman holds his upper body in a tight embrace. The feeling of both girl´s bodies pressing against his makes Hope´s blush return with a vengeance, even though he feels utterly aggravated by their actions.

"What the…?!"

"Wait Hope! Please wait a moment! You can´t just go there and ask her!!" Serah is desperate to stop him from going to her sister. She can picture how disastrous that can be. But the teen is just too stubborn, and he pushes against them hard, the girls barely keeping him on hold.

'Damn!! When did he got so strong??'

"Why can´t I go ask her??"

"Because… because…" Serah struggles with the words, but Vanille comes to her rescue.

"Because it must be such a trauma to her!" the young woman puts her most dramatic face and voice as she stretches as much as she can, just enough to allow the teen to take a look at her from his compromised spot. "Just imagine! She can´t be with the man she loves, and instead, she´s stuck up with a younger version of him!! It must be tearing her apart"

Serah glares at Vanille, but the young woman just shakes her head, asking for some support, as she senses Hope´s struggles diminishing, most probably processing the idea, until finally the teen relaxes after a heavy sigh.

"Yeah… I guess you´re right. It´s a question that can´t be delivered without a hint of delicacy, right?"

"Exactly." Both girls speak in unison.

After a long pause where Hope doesn´t move against his restrains, both girls look at each other and decide he´s already contained, so they slowly release him.

Once free, Hope straightens and sighs again. "Guess I´ll have to wait ´till she´s ready to tell me. But man! The waiting is gonna kill me!!"

Vanille sighs in relief, but instead of following suit, Serah´s heart clenches. What would Lightning think under such turn of events? Will she blame it on her? The young woman feels the shadow of a tremendous headache starting to form, and she moans.
I don´t own Final Fantasy nor any of its amazing characters.

Previous chapter: [link]
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I know this chapter might´ve been a bit too calm for my taste, but don´t worry, action and some blood is awaiting for our favorite soldier! So don´t get impatient!

On another note, I used the “Lightbug” name on Lightning instead of the usual “Sunshine”, because I kinda liked the way it sounds, and I think it still fits Fang´s treatment of Lightning. It wasn´t my idea, but I don´t remember who wrote it first, so whoever did, it´s their credit.

So the first two names of possible fathers have come out! Yay! Wonder who would it be… XD

And Hey! If you push me enough, I might even make a bit of a harem story for Lightning! Mind you, it´s not the story´s intention, but it can still fit on the plot without really affecting the true direction. After all, she HAS met many handsome men during her adventures! (Picture this: Hope as an adult, Cid Raines, Snow, Rygdea, Amodar, Noel, Caius… and without mentioning the soooo handsome Dissidia men! I even fell for Gabranth!!) And I bet some of them would be DYING to claim fatherhood of Lightning´s child, don´t you think?

I really hope you´re liking the story, and I´m sorry for not being able to post as often as I would like to, just please be patient with me. I rather make it a good story though scarce, instead of writing you many chapters with a fast update but with a very poor quality. Thank you so much for all the comments and supports!! You´re sooo amazing!
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Chapter 10: Truth or Lies?

Raph looked at his older brother. “Is there anything we can do to help?”

“Donnie said not much, except let it run its course,” Leo sighed. Raph looked from Leo to Mikey with a worried expression on his face. “Raph, your nightmare won’t come true, Mikey is going to be okay.” He gave a half smile to his brother, “and if he is not you can personally beat me.”

“Now that is one beating I hope I don’t have to give,” Raph said with a small laugh.
Raph fell asleep with Mikey sleeping on his lap. Donnie brought over a stuffed bear Mikey loved when he was younger, he denied still sleeping with it, but after all that happened to him recently, Donnie knew he was sleeping with old bear again.

The next morning, Mikey woke up in a panic. Raph tried to calm him down, but when he went to touch him it caused him to freak out even more. Mikey’s eyes were wide and full of fear.

“Don’t hurt me!” Mikey shouted.

“Mikey, I won’t hurt you” Raph said.

“Lies!” Mikey shouted. “Ever since you bought me here, you have hurt me! I will never tell you where Master Splinter is! I would rather die than tell you!”

“Mikey! It’s me Raph!” his voice was starting to rise.

“You can’t lie to me like that! I can see you and you are not my brother!”

“Raphael, be careful,” Splinter said. “Michelangelo thinks he still captured by Shredder.”

Now that Raph’s attention was off him, Mikey seemed slightly calmer. He was trying to figure out Master Splinter.

“I am not here to harm you,” Splinter said calmly. “I am here to help you.”

Mikey dropped to the ground. He held his injured left side. “Liar!” he called. He now was in a tight ball. Splinter tried to place a paw gently on his son’s shoulder, but Mikey recoiled as if Splinter’s paw was on fire.

“Let me take you to your room,” Splinter said, knowing that he would be safer in his bedroom. “Can you stand up and walk?” Splinter asked gently.

“Y-yes,” Mikey said shaking as he rose to his feet, his right hand still over the wound on his left side. He was eyeing Splinter trying to figure him out.

“This way,” Splinter said, leading Mikey to his room. Splinter kept the light on and the door opened.

Mikey looked around the room. It was somehow different. He remembered the room dark, this room was bright and had a soft bed. He sat on the bed. “What is going on?” he asked himself. Mikey climbed onto the bed, he laid on his right side, and held his left hand to his wound. “Why was this rat trying to help him?”

“What should we do?” Leo asked Splinter when he got back. “I know we should try and keep on going as normal as possible, but Mikey thinks that Raph is Shredder; that is not normal.”

“When Michelangelo wakes up he could no longer think of Raphael as Shredder. We must be cautious when he does wake up, he could think any one of us is Shredder, Raphael was the first one he saw when he awoke.”

“But, he trusted you,” Donnie said.

“He was very reluctant to trust me. I could see the doubt in his eyes. He did not know who I was or if he should trust me,” Splinter looked to Mikey’s room.

Mikey was lying motionless on his bed staring blankly ahead.  
Raph was angrily stomping around the lair. “How can he think I am Shredder? Do I took like a giant metal freak?”

“Raph, we told you the poison effects his memory,” Leo said calmly, “He did not even know who Splinter was,”

“Yeah but he did not call any of you Shredder!” Raph sent a kitchen chair flying across the lair, “he DID call ME SHREDDER!”

“Raphael! Control your temper!” Splinter said sternly. “You know just as well as the rest of us Michelangelo has been a great deal as of late. His mind has been uneasy, he still has nightmares. Now his nightmares are becoming a reality for him. It could have been any of us he called Shredder, you were the first one he saw.”

“He’s still having nightmares from that?” Raph asked, “I thought they stopped.”

“He still has them, just not as often,” Donnie said.

“Oh,” Raph said rubbing his head.

“But Shredder really!?”

“Raphael, you must let it go; your brother is not thinking clearly. He does not even recognize me, and we do not know how he will react to Leonardo and Donatello,” Splinter said, “When he wakes next, no matter who is that room, he could call them Shredder.”

Raph just groaned. He went to flip another chair

“And if you break another chair you will find yourself with a week of extra ninja practice.” Splinter said with the back to Raphael. “Now go fix the chair you have broken. Donatello, can show you where he keeps the supplies you will need.” He turned to Donatello. “You are not help him fix it.”

“Whatever,” Raph groaned, pushing the chair over instead, as he followed Donnie to the lab.

“Leonardo, do we have any pizza left? I am sure Michelangelo is hungry.” Splinter asked.

“Yeah we have some, let me warm it up for him,” Leo said.

“Here you go my son,” Splinter said giving Michelangelo the pizza.

Mikey’s eyes focused on Splinter. “Sensei, they captured you? I did not tell them where you were I promise!”

“Michelangelo, you are not captured, you are home,” his voice was calm, but it was hard for him to see his son like this, but he was glad his son recognized him once again.

“I saw Shredder…” his voice trailed off.

“That was your brother, Raphael.”

Mikey breathing became uneasy. “I-I saw him, it was Shredder not Raphie,”

“Do not worry. You are safe.”

“C-can you stay with me? In-in case he comes back?”

“Yes, I can my son.”

“Good,” Mikey said, “I don’t like being alone.”

It hurt Splinter to hear him say that. Not only did it bring back the memories of what was on the tape, but he knew Michelangelo was not alone, his brothers were with him.

Raph was sitting outside the door; hidden. He heard everything. He got up and went to his room and slammed the door shut. He slid down against the door, he buried his face in his hands.
Leo and Donnie were at the kitchen table wondering what they should do. Mikey genuinely though Raph was Shredder, he even questioned Splinter’s motive, but the fact that Splinter was still in Mikey room proved he must have gotten to trust him.

“I don’t know if this will help or make it worse,” Donnie said. “Mikey told me that when he was with Shredder he thought he heard me. He really did only he did not know it at the time. What if I try and talk to him? Do you think that memory will come out?”

Leo sighed. “It’s worth a shot,” he said, “I would want to ask Splinter first.” Leo paused. “It got quiet, too quiet. I thought Raph was fixing that chair? He was cursing it for so long and now, nothing.”

“Let me go check on him,” Donnie said standing up and heading to his lab. “Well I know why it’s quiet. Raph’s not in here.”

“Must be in his room? He will come out when he is ready,” Leo said not wanting cross his brother when he was in a bad mood.
Mikey’s eyes grew heavy. He leaned against Splinter.

“Do you remember your brothers, correct?” Splinter asked, trying to see how is memory was effected.

“Yes,” Mikey said.

“You called Raphael ‘Shredder’.”

Mikey gave a weak, hallow laugh, “Raphie? Shredder? I-I know he can be mean, but he is that bad,” Mikey spoke slowly. “How could that have happened?” he said as his eyes closed.

“The poison,” Splinter said softly, but Mikey did not hear him. Splinter held a paw to Mikey’s head; he still had a slight fever. “Sleep well, my son.” He kissed him on the top of the head.
Raph had fallen asleep with his carapace against the door.

Raph held Mikey’s limp body in his arms, he cried. “I know you are not dead, come on Mikey wake up.”

“How will we tell Master Splinter?” Donnie said starting to shake from grief.

“He’s not dead!”

“Come on,” Leo said, “let’s get him home,” Leo carried Mikey home. As soon as Splinter saw them he knew something was wrong.

“My son!” he cried as Leo laid Mikey on the couch. “What happened?”

“It’s all Raphael’s fault!” Donnie said, using his brother’s full name.

“He’s not dead!” Raph shouted flipping over the kitchen table. Raph’s breathing was heavy.

“Raph, you can’t live in denial!” Leo said.

“Raph?” It was Mikey talking, but it was not the Mikey that lay on the couch, it was a voice only Raph could hear. “Raph? Or should I say Shredder!?"

Raph’s body suddenly felt cold; his heat was racing. The words pierced him like an arrow to his heart.

Mikey rolled over in his sleep, freeing Splinter who stood up and stretched. He had been with Michelangelo for a few hours now. Splinter pulled the blanket over his son and tucked him in. Seeing the old stuffed bear, he placed it under Mikey’s arm.

Quietly, he left the room. He knew he would have to go back soon since he promised his youngest son that he would not leave him alone. Splinter had a few things to before he could return to his sick son.
“MIKEY IS NOT DEAD AND I’M NOT SHREDDER!”  Raph’s voice rang through the lair as he flung open his door and ran to Mikey’s room.

Splinter tried to beat Raph to the room, but Raph was closer. “Raphael!” he called out, but that did not stop his hot tempered son.

Mikey stirred in his sleep. Raph pulled Mikey into a hug. “I’m sorry….and I don’t even know why…I just am…” he took a deep breath, “just…when you wake up…don’t call me…Shredder…”

Mikey woke up and looked at his brother.
chapter 10

After none of his brothers want to work with him, Mikey runs off and finds himself in a dangerous position; Shredder's captive. Will Leo, Raph and Donnie ever learn their lesson?

I have this posted over on [link], but I decided to post it here.

Rated T over on FF but I know if it should really get the "mature" warning over here so for right now I will keep it off.

NEXT [link]
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Chapter 2: We Need to Find Him
Mikey struggled. He was tied to a chair and his head was hurting. Shredder was standing over him. Their eyes met. Mikey looked into his captor's eyes. One eye was scarred. It creeped Mikey out just looking at him. There was an annoying blinking red light behind him.

"You know what this is?" Shredder asked pulling an object from behind his back.

"My…nunchaku," Mikey said. His blue eyes dulled as he saw his weapon in the hands of his enemy.

"That's right," Shredder said with a twisted smile. He stretched his arm out and quickly brought it back smacking Mikey with his own weapon. He gave Mikey a few more blows to the head with the weapon before using his clawed weapon on his hand to break the nunchaku in two.

Mikey's breathing was uneven, his head was sore. "S-stop," he said helplessly. Shredder gave a low laugh.

"Splinter must pay for what he has done!" With his claw-like blade he made a gash on Mikey's arm, causing him to whimper. After several more attacks Mikey fell unconscious.

"One last thing," Shredder said he pulled Mikey's orange mask off his face.
The brothers spent all day searching the sewers, starting with the area they last saw Mikey, just  inc ase he showed up. They were very doubtful, but they looked anyway.
Standing on the spot they last saw their brother was hard. It was also the only clue they had. With no real way of knowing what way to go they just took random turns that Donnie documented.
All night while out on patrol they kept and eye out for the Shredder, but they had not seen him since the day he took Mikey. They had not even seen Dogpound around for that matter either. If they saw Purple Dragons they were just normal Dragon slime.

Raph was becoming unbearable to be around. He had been breaking things in the lair and Donnie has been going around trying to repair what was broken. Leo who had an answer for everything was questioning his leadership abilities and would second guess himself when making a decision.

Jumping from rooftop to rooftop they searched the city for Mikey and anybody in need. They stopped when they saw commotion in the alleyway. Jumping down into the shadows they watched.

There was a tall dark figure. "You April O'Neil?" the voice asked.

Donnie and Leo exchanged glances. Raph had his eyes set on dark figure.

"Yes," she said nervously "Who wants to know?" The figured said nothing all he did was hand her a tape with a broken nunchaku tied to it with an orange mask and a note 'To: Hamato Yoshi.' Her eyes widened. "Where did you get this?" she demanded.

"Some guy in an ugly dog costume paid me to bring to an April O'Neil,"

April looked at him.

"He said it was from a-a Splicer?" he was not sure of the name

"Shredder?" April said.

"Yeah that sounds about right," and with that he left. Raph took off after him before Leo could stop him. Leo and Donnie stepped out from the shadows.

"He did not hurt my-" he paused "-our! April did he?" Donnie asked giving the girl a small sympathetic smile.

"No," she said looking at him slightly confused, "but he gave me this," her voice was very quiet, almost sad.

"What is it?" Leo asked while she handed it to him

"It's a Video Home System. It is an analog recording videotape," Donnie said.

"A what?" Leo said

Donnie sighed. "A VHS? Remember them?"

"Oh yeah, well how can we watch it? I though Mikey--" he paused for a moment "broke ours?"

"I have a VCR in the lair," Donnie said with smile.

"Of course you do."

"Where is Raph?" April said

"Chasing that tall guy," Leo said rolling his eyes. "We better go help him before he kills someone."

"Thanks April! See you later!" Donnie said flashing her his missing-tooth smile once again. April just looked at him and then walked back off.  

They soon caught up with Raph. "He really knows nothing," Raph said angrily.

"Let's get back to the lair. Shredder gave us this." Leo showed Raph the bundle.
"Master Splinter," Leonardo called. He handed him the bundle. Splinter looked at the items. He let out a sigh. Handing Donatello the nunchaku and the tape Splinter held the orange mask and note in his paws. Before he opened the note he solemnly held the orange mask to his cheek.  

He lowered his hand, still keeping the mask in his hand he opened the note it simply read 'watch' he cleared his throat. "Donatello, can you play this tape?"

Donatello nodded. He crossed the room and put the tape in the VCR. At first the screen was black and hard to make out, but then it came into focus. They could make out that Mikey was tied to a chair.

They saw Shredder assault Mikey with his own weapon. Then the scene stopped, a new one came. Mikey was still in the chair but this time he was not wearing his orange mask, instead he wore a black one with the Foot Clan symbol on it.

Mikey was mumbling words but they would not make him out. Shredder just kept laughing at him and sunk one of his razor claws into Mikey's shoulder. He then cut up Mikey's arm and then scratched his plastron in several places. Mikey's screams were ear splitting a first and then died down. Using the back of his hand he slapped Mikey across the face causing the chair to fall. He was laying sideways in his own blood.

"S-s-sto-op," Mikey complained. His voice was flat, it did not sound the Michelangelo they knew.

Shredder picked him up by the mask and set him up right. Shredder went to attack again. He raised his fist, he connect with the left side of his face. Mikey's chin dropped to his plastron and fell to one side. He appeared to have knocked unconscious.

"This has to stop!" Raph yelled throwing his sai into the T.V. He was breathing heavy "How can you watch this...this...and do nothing? Leo you're the leader, Donnie you're a genius, Master Splinter you. . ." He stopped himself.

"Raph, I can't watch it either! I have enough control not throw my katana at the TV! That does nothing!"

"That does nothing? You have done nothing! We need to find him!"

"We have been looking, Raph." Leo said trying to keep calm.

"Not good enough! Look what he is going through! It's all YOUR FAULT!"

"My fault? You were the first to say--" Leo's breathing was becoming as heavy as Raph's "You said…" he could not finish the words. "we said," Leo was shaking. "we said. Mikey left and is now getting tortured for what we said." He was numb and cold.

Leo walked over to the TV. He ejected the tape, tossed it in the air, and sliced it with his katana.

"There," he said to Raph "is that something now?"

"And you Donnie!" Raph snapped. "With all them brains you got there is nothing you can do?" His green eyes were blazing.

"It's all our fault, including yours," Donnie said eyeing Raph. He wished he could have done more but there was only so much he could do, with no way of tracking him.

"We need to find him!" Raph repeated.

"It's not like there is going to be a big sign 'Shredder is here'," snapped Leo.

"We need to look better!"

"Then you come up with a plan," Donnie said.

"Donnie," Leo said, "can you run a trace to see where April got that message from? Dogpound might not have gone far to find someone. We would at least know the area."

"I could," Donnie said, "I would just need April's phone." He pulled out his T-Phone and called her. After talking for a few moments Donnie told them that she was on her way.

Splinter remained in the arm chair. The sounds of his sons fighting seamed so far away. He stared at the now broken TV. He brought the orange mask to cheek again. He lost the love of his life and a daughter when he was human. Now as a rat he was not going to lose a son. He picked up the broken nunchaku, and the note and headed to his room. When he got there he placed the broken weapon next to the whole one and laid the mask down, the candle he had lit was now burning very low. He picked up a new candle, lit it from the old one, and replaced it. Once the new flame was burning he brought the note to it, allowing to catch on fire. Once the note turned to ashes he knelt down in front of his small shrine.
When April entered the lair it was eerily quiet, this was her first time down in the lair since Mikey's kidnapping. Raph was staring at the TV with the sai still lodged in the screen and Leo was just staring at the ceiling. She did not know what to say and by what she saw whatever was on the tape was not good. Not that she was expecting it to be. She greeted Leo and Raph but neither one even noticed she was there. She clutched her phone in her hand and walked into Donnie's lab.

Donnie, who always so cheerful, shared the same blank look as his brothers. His eyes were bloodshot and puffy it looked as if he had been crying.

"Donnie," She said gently placing her hand on his shell.

"Oh, hi April," his words had nothing to them they just hung in the air.

"I brought my phone," she said showing it to him.

"Thanks," he hooked it up to his computer with no other words. Any other time Donnie would be thrilled to be alone with April in his lab. His flow chart was hid away, not that it mattered any more.

"Mikey is going to be all right, I just know it!" April said giving him a small smile.

"We're supposed to be team. It's always me and Mikey," Donnie started to tell her. "When Raph said...when Raph said," he was starting to break down "said that he did not want to work with Mikey I should I have said I would."

He was crying now. April was caught off guard. She hugged him. No matter what she told him it would not help. Right now he just needed a shoulder to cry on.

"I'm sure Mikey does not blame you. That is not who he is."

Donnie just looked at her. "Mikey does not have to blame me. I blame myself."

"Donnie," April said softly "the scan is back." He looked at her blankly "it was sent from the Bronx."

"The Bronx," Donnie repeated. "Guess that is where Shredder keeps his evil empire," Donnie stood up. "Guys!" he called it finally hit him---they had a lead!

"Yeah Donnie," Leo said.

"We have a lead!" A smile crossed his face. "The Bronx."

"Let's go get our brother back!"

"April, can you wait here just in case?" Donnie asked, the missing tooth smile that she liked now crossed his face.

"Yes, whatever I can do to help," she smiled. "Be safe!"

In their haste they did not tell Splinter. April went down the hall to tell him. "Master Splinter," she called. There was no response. Nervously she slid open the shoji screen to his room, but she did not enter. Splinter was sitting cradling the nunchaku and orange mask. Silent tears slipped down his face. She wiped a tear from her own eyes. Splinter looked up at the young girl he was training. He walked to the door keeping Mikey's possessions in his paws.

"What is it my student?" he asked.

"We think he's in the Bronx," she said, "the guys just left."

Splinter just nodded. "I will be here if you need anything."

April stepped back and slid the door shut. She waited in Donnie's lab reading a random book that she found, waiting to see if she was needed.
Using the subway tunnels and the sewers they finally made their way to the Bronx. The jumped topside.

After some searching the trio found an abandoned apartment complex.

"Good as place as any to start. Be ready" Leo said as Raph pried open the door with his sai. Leo has his kanatas drawn. Donnie walked with his bo staff sticking out in front of him. Raph held his twin sai ready to throw.

It was dark and they kept bumping into each other until their eyes adjusted. Every creek in the floorboards make them look around extra cautiously. A police car went flying by with the sirens blasting, causing them to jump slightly. When they got to a door, Raph would turn the knob, Donnie would push the door open with his bō, and Leo watched their backs.

They made their way to the fourth floor. Down at the end of the hall there was beam of light that could be seen under the door. Swiftly they made their way to the door.
Chapter 2

After none of his brothers want to work with him, Mikey runs off and finds himself in a dangerous position; Shredder's captive. Will Leo, Raph and Donnie ever learn their lesson?

I have this posted over on [link], but I decided to post it here.

Rated T over on FF but I know if it should really get the "mature" warning over here so for right now I will keep it off.

Next Chapter:[link]
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Part III: Mikey’s Secret
Chapter 12: A Bad Night
Mikey did not need to go far to find his brothers. Leo was having a difficult time standing and Donnie was doing his best to keep the enemies away from his brother. Raph was in front of both of them; they were surrounded by legion of Foot Ninjas

Mikey jumped to a near by roof, fit an arrow into his bow and pulled back striking down some Foot.

“Arrows from the roof!” Leo called from his position against the wall.

“Great just what we need, Leo is useless and Mikey well, he’s not here.” Raph grumbled.

“Hey!” Leo shouted

“You’re the one who pulled a Mikey and fell!”

“Raph! Stop it!” Leo said coming to his absent brother’s defense

“Will you two stop it!” Donnie shouted to his older brother’s while swinging his bō staff knocking over some Foot.

“Donnie’s right,” Leo muttered. “Raph watch---”

“I got it!” Raph called out deflecting an attack from a Foot.  

“Wait,” Donnie said, looking up. “The arrows are hitting the Foot, they are avoiding us. What is going on?” Donnie asked as the Foot started to suddenly retreated.

“And you think I would know?” Raph snapped.
His brothers were safe, he had to get back before Splinter knew he was missing.
“Leo you okay?” Donnie asked as he help his brother to his feet. As they stood up Leo swung his arm around his taller brother.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just twisted it wrong. Are you guys okay?”

“Yeah, were good,” Raph said.

“Does anyone know where the arrows came from?” Leo asked.

“No, it’s like they came from no where” Raph said. “I thought they were Foot arrows”

“Yeah, me too. Guess we have a protector,” Donnie said.

“Yeah, but who? No one knows who we are.”  Leo looked his brothers.

“Beats me, your the lead you should know all this stuff.”

“Let’s get back to the lair, we need to get your ankle wrapped up,” Donnie said, breaking up his bickering older brothers.
Mikey slipped back into the lair and placed the bow back in it’s spot.  

“Getting some practice in Michelangelo?” Splinter asked. Mikey picked his bow back up.

“Hai sensei,” Mikey said, now looking for the practice arrows.

“It is a good idea not to allow your skills become rusty.”

“If that is true then why can’t I go out with my brothers?”

“You still are recovering.”

“I am fine!” Mikey shouted causing Splinter to be take aback form his youngest son’s out burst.

Splinter sighed. “Be honest with me, do you still see your brother as Shredder in your dreams?” Just hearing Shredder’s name made him uneasy.

Mikey lowered his head and talked to his feet, “sometimes,” his voice was defeated.

“What if you were to be in combat with Shredder and mistaken the real Raphael for the Shredder?”

“I could hurt him,” Mikey sighed, “I guess I am just so tired of being stuck in the lair.”

“Come with me Michelangelo,” Splinter said leading him across the dojo, they knelt down. “Now close your eyes.”

Taking a deep breath Mikey complied. He still did not like closing his eyes, he saw too much of what happened, or what did not happen. Whatever it was he never liked it.

“Good my son, now in your mind I want you to separate Raphael and Shredder.”

Mikey tried to focus. In his mind he had Raph one side and a barrier, and Shredder on the other side. The longer he held the image, the closer the two got to each other until they became one. “I can’t!” Mikey panicked as the two blurred into one. “He’s coming…”

“They are not the same Michelangelo, you can separate them.” Splinter listed to his son’s uneasy breathing. He had to get him to focus.

“Raphael is your brother and would not hurt you, Shredder is your enemy…” he did not want to continue on so Splinter just let his sentence trail off.

Mikey closed his eyes tighter, this time he found himself in the dark room in the Bronx.

The door opened. Donnie walked in “Mikey you can do it,” he said helping Mikey to his feet, “we can help you,” he gave his younger brother a warm smile he continued to walk with Mikey out of the room to an empty apartment, no one was around except for Raph and Leo.

“Hey Mikey you ready to go home?” Raph asked taking Mikey’s arm and swinging over his own shoulders.

Mikey’s breathing grew calmer. He opened his eyes.

Splinter could already see that Mikey was calmer now. “Were you able to separate them?”

Mikey nodded, “I never saw Shredder…but Raph was like himself again…only a little nicer...” Mikey’s words trailed.

“If you keep meditating on it you will get better in time,” Splinter placed a paw on his son’s shoulder.

“Mikey, Master Splinter, we are back,” Leo called out as his brothers helped him down the stairs.

“Hey--Leo! What happened?” Mikey asked.

“I landed wrong,” Leo said slightly annoyed.

“Yeah he landed like you, flat on his shell,” Raph laughed. Causing Mikey to stop smiling.

“I’m not that bad….” Mikey mumbled.

“Raph just stop it okay? Donnie what do you think about my ankle?” Leo asked.

“If you stay off for one day you should be fine,” Donnie said

“That means you can hang out with Mikey over there,” Raph said point to his younger brother.

Leo knew he could not say no. If he said he was okay to go out Mikey would be angry with them for not allowing him out.

Leo sat down on the couch, Donnie brought over the med kit and wrapped is older brother’s ankle. “There all set. Now stay off for at least one day, but before you can go I out I have to check to make sure you one-hundred percent. So that means you get to hang out with Mikey!” Donnie smiled.

“How was patrol?” Mikey asked once Leo got settled.

“We got into a tight spot with the Foot and then something crazy happened. These arrows came flying out of no where.” Leo explained

“Really?” Mikey said trying to keep his voice calm, despite is racing heart.

“Yeah, we have watcher or guardian or something I guess,” Leo said.

“Do you think you will see them again?” Mikey asked.

Leo shrugged. “I dunno,” he looked at Mikey and smiled, “You want to name him don’t you?”

Mikey smiled. “How about the Nightwatcher!”

“Pick something else, I don’t think he is cool enough for a name like that,” Raph grumbled.

“You never met him how do you know!” Mikey said starting to get defensive.

“How about the Protector?” Donnie said.

“I like that one,” Leo said. Raph nodded in agreement.
“Hey! I thought I named--well everything!” Mikey complained.

“Not this time!” Donnie laughed as Mikey pouted.

“Fine, use your lame name,” Mikey whined.
Mikey had been going stir crazy and he was driving his brothers crazy with pranks. He was also worrying his brothers since he was still having nightmares, they knew he was having more than he was admitting, but it is hard to deny a nightmare when you wake up screaming. They wished that they could help him, but they could not think of away. Going out on patrol was the only time they left their younger brother.
Mikey flopped upside down next to Leo, who was watching Space Heroes before bed. “Just think me an’ you all day tomorrow!” Mikey exclaimed. He hated it when his brothers went out on patrol, he just got so lonely. In the beginning one would stay behind to keep him company, but he felt more like a burden and told them they did not have to do it any more.  

“I have to stay off my ankle, so there will not be much I can do.”

Mikey shrugged, “That’s okay, it’s never just me an’ you so it will be fun no matter what!”

Mikey’s optimism never ceased to amaze him. While Leo was angry he would not be out with Raph and Donnie he was glad to be with Mikey, maybe he could help him out.  Maybe he could get the truth out of him. Donnie got some of it, but they knew there was more.  
The next day Leo was miserable all day because he had to stay off his ankle. Leo was sitting in front of the T.V. watchingSpace Heroes. Mikey came over from his room and sat down next to his brother, they had just eaten breakfast, and Raph, Donnie, and Mikey had morning ninja practice. Mikey yawned.

“Bad night?” Leo asked.

Mikey looked at his brother, “no,” he lied, “just tired I am still getting used a full work out.” Mikey rested his head on his brother’s shoulder.

“You sure you don’t want to talk about anything?” Leo asked.

“Nope, I’m fine,” Mikey said yawning.

“You know if you ever want to talk, you can talk to me.” Leo slipped a hand around his half sleeping brother.

“I know...I just don’t need to,” Mikey yawned again.

“Alright Mikey,” Leo said with a sigh.

Space Heroes again!?” Raph said

“Quiet!” Leo hissed pointing to the sleeping Mikey. “He just fell asleep. I think he hardly slept last night.”

“Nightmares?” Raph said.

Leo shrugged. “He said no, but we can’t believe that.” Leo looked to Donnie, “has he said anything to you about his nightmare?”

“Not much, the other night he had a pretty bad one, he made me promise not tell you guys about it.” Donnie looking down at Mikey sleeping on Leo’s shoulder.

“No...not...Raph….” Mikey muttered in his sleep, he began twisting in his sleep. He began to whimper. “Don’t...hurt….him.”

“Mikey it’s okay, you are at home, Raph is safe,” Leo soothed his brother.

“Shredder...can’t…have...him,” Mikey began to gasp for air.

Raph held his breath. His green eyes were wide.

“Mikey wake up!” Raph said, shaking is brother.

Mikey just whimpered as a response.

“Mikey come on,” Donnie begged, “snap out of it!”

Mikey opened his eyes, he saw Raph, “Raphie you’re okay!”  Mikey leaped to his feet and hugged Raph.

“Okay, Mikey I get it,” Raph said trying to pull away from his brother, “no need to squeeze me.”

“Sorry,” Mikey said looking down at his feet, “it’s just…never mind.” Mikey turned around and went off to his room.

“Raph! What are you thinking! You were so worried the Mikey is going wake up and call you Shredder again, that when he wakes up concerned for you, you brush it off! We are trying to help him not make it worse.” Leo looked Raph in the eyes, “can’t you be nice to him for a little while longer?”

“Yeah whatever,” Raph grumbled. “I thought Splinter said not treat him any different.”

“Yes, he did but, that still not mean you can mean to him,” Leo was getting angry, but he sighed calming himself. “You still having---”

“Don’t say it! I am not having nightmares!” With that Raph stomped off to the dojo and began so wail on the punching bag.

“Yeah I don’t think Mikey is the only one still having nightmares,” Leo said

“With that comment? I think so.” Donnie said.

“Well at least he is not taking his frustrations out on Mikey,” Leo said.

“Yeah, and getting Mikey to admit to his nightmares is hard enough, but Raph? He will never admit it.” Donnie said
“Donnie ya ready?” Raph shouted across the lair as he prepared to leave for that night’s patrol.

“Coming!” Donnie called.

“You sure you going to okay with Mikey?” Raph said.

Leo sighed, “you really need to stop putting him down. Have you leant nothing?”

Raph rolled his eyes. “Yeah I learnt something I would rather fight Shredder than be stuck alone with a bored Mikey.”

Leo chuckled. “He’s not that bad.”

“Let’s bet on it,” Raph said with a smile, “After spending the night with Mikey you pick, fight Shredder or another night with him.”

“Raph that’s not fair.”

“What said it had to be fair?”

“Fine,” Leo said I will take it, “but I think I can handle a night alone with Mikey.”

“Whatever you say. Have fun you two!”

“Just come home alive,” Leo called out.

Mikey dropped the books in his hands. His brothers still did not fully respect him. He promised himself he would cry over this anymore. Instead he slipped into the dojo and grabbed his bow and arrows and slipped out while Leo was watching Space Heroes
chapter 12

After none of his brothers want to work with him, Mikey runs off and finds himself in a dangerous position; Shredder's captive. Will Leo, Raph and Donnie ever learn their lesson?

I have this posted over on [link], but I decided to post it here.

Rated T over on FF but I know if it should really get the "mature" warning over here so for right now I will keep it off.

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Chapter 5: Three Roads

"Starscream, is it?  Her Highness would like to see you."

Starscream looked from the windows and saw the green femme, Emera, standing in the doorway.  He turned around and cleared his vocal processor.

"Oh…is something wrong?"

"No…you just have a message for you sent from Iacon."

Starscream came out of his room and went to the throne room to see Scarletta Prime.  He wondered who would send him and message and from Iacon, of all places.  The mech made it to the throne room and greeted the Empress.

"Good day, Starscream.  I have a message for you from Zeta Prime."

Starscream's optics widened.  "…What could Zeta Prime want from me?"

"Well, I've told him about your skills in stealth and your intelligence…and he requested that you lead a squadron of Energon Seekers for a while.  He asked that you report to Iacon tomorrow."

Starscream looked to the side.  "…What will Mimicus think?  How long is a while?"

Scarletta cast her optics down.  "Well…for a few months, actually.  Mimicus will be fine.  Bladecharge is actually going to be sent out to the Crystal City for the same amount of time to train soldiers for combat.  The riots are starting to increase…"

"Will there be a substitute Guardian for her?"

"She will be taken care of by my student, Amberstreak.  However…I suggest you send messages to her as much as you can…and make sure to say goodbye to her tomorrow."

"…She'll be devastated."

"Mimicus is strong; she'll wait for you to come back.  If there's one thing she has an abundance of, it's patience."

The morning came and Starscream had his bags packed to head out for Iacon.  Scarletta was there with Mimicus to see him and Bladecharge off.  Bladecharge transformed and went on ahead.  As Starscream got ready to transform, he felt something grab his leg.  He looked down and saw Mimicus softly crying and hugging his leg.

"Mimicus, I'm sorry, but I have to go.  I'll be coming back…"

Mimicus looked up and sniffled.  "…Do you promise…?"

Starscream knelt down and patted her on the head.  "I promise.  I'll send you messages every day."

Mimicus went back to her mother and watched as Starscream transformed and flew to Iacon.  A femme beside the Empress walked up to her and knelt down to look at her at optic-level.

"Now…let's start on your training."

Starscream arrived at Iacon and headed for a place called the Decagon.  He wondered if Zeta Prime really wanted to see the skills he possessed like Scarletta said.  He got up to a command post and saw the mech seated and waiting for him.

"Ah, I see Scarletta delivered my message.  You must be Starscream.  Welcome to Iacon."

"…Thank you, Sir."

"I need your help, Starscream."  Zeta Prime began as he shook his hand.  "You know that besides Arcadia, all of the cities, in fact all of Cybertron, run on Energon.  Lately…the supply in some of the cites has begun to run low due to these riots by these Destrons.  We have a group of Seekers ready to search nearby planets for Energon planted by the Ancients…but they're immature and without a good leader.  So…that's where you come in."

"You want me to lead this group off-world in search of Energon?"

"Precisely.  The group is small, but they have demonstrated required skills.  All they need is a leader to put them into shape."

Starscream was led by Zeta Prime into the training room used by the Seekers.  He saw about six total.  Three had cone-shaped helms and looked almost exactly alike.  Two had a little more bulk to them and one was larger than he was but had a mellow attitude.  The troops quieted down when they saw Zeta Prime enter.

"Troops, this is your new Air Commander for a while.  Introduce yourselves."

The red cone head saluted him first.  "Thrust is my name, Sir."

The blue cone head was next.  "My name is Dirge."

The white cone head grunted.  "…I'm Ramjet."

The two bulky Seekers saluted Starscream.  "We're Air Raid and Silverbolt!"

The larger Seeker bowed his head.  "Hello, I am Jetfire."

Starscream regained his composure and put on the commanding face needed right then.  "…Right.  I am your Air Commander, Starscream.  Simply put, I will be in charge of leading you off-planet to search for desperately-needed Energon sources.  I demand that you show respect towards me and I will give you respect in return.  Now…it is my duty as a Cybertronian that each of you come back from the excursions without harm.  In turn, I want all of you to show efforts towards teamwork.  Do I make myself clear?"

The other Seekers saluted him.  "Yes sir!"

Back in Arcadia, Mimicus was staring out the window of her room towards the direction of Iacon.  She looked down at her wrist at the bangle Starscream gave her and back at the setting sun.  Would Starscream come back like he promised?  No…he wouldn't break his promise, and she shouldn't doubt him.  But still…she missed him.  She ended up burying her faceplate into her berth and sobbing.
In the Crystal City, Bladecharge stared at the troops before her and took interest in two.  She walked up to them and asked, "Are you two friends?"

The larger green one answered, "Yeah, we're two of the Wreckers.  I'm Bulkhead."

"I'm Wheeljack.  Are you really from Arcadia?"  The smaller one asked.

"Yes, I am.  I'm the best sword wielder in all of Arcadia.  As I said before, I'm your temporary commander, Bladecharge."

A month went by and the three friends were getting used to their temporary arrangements.  Starscream was currently leading his squadron of Seekers to the Vok system to find any planted Energon.  Since they couldn't make long-distance travel on their own, they had to use a ship to go through the dangerous territory.  Jetfire noticed Starscream staring at a few objects in his taloned hand.  Upon closer examination, they were preserved metallic flowers.

"Where did you get those, Commander?"  Jetfire asked.

Starscream took his eyes off the flowers and locked them onto Jetfire.  "Oh…these are from a friend."

"They look like flowers that grow around the Arcadian palace.  Have you been there?"

"Actually…I reside there.  I'm the Guardian of the Princess."

"Oh, you're friends with Mimicus Prime.  I've heard that she's such a sweet little femme.  Hard to believe that the former gladiator Megatron is her father.  Harder on how he managed to woo Scarletta Prime."

"What are you talking about?"

Jetfire stared into the vast galaxy in front of them.  "Megatron met Scarletta when she was still a Princess herself.  You see, I think he and a data keeper named Orion Pax were vying for her attention.  I think she ended up choosing Megatron…because they interfaced without being romantically-linked and she found herself sparked with Mimicus.  So…on her father's deathbed, he made her Empress and later on, she gave birth to her daughter.  Scarletta offered him the chance to become Emperor, but he refused.  That's why he's not around so much, because he's caught up in this small-but-growing revolution."

"I had no idea…"

"No one has managed to figure out how you get Mimicus from Megatron.  Nevertheless, you're fortunate to have a friend like her…and I've heard about that Bladecharge, too."
"…Right.  We're getting close to the Vok planet.  Let's find whatever Energon we can and then get out.  You know how hostile the Vok tend to be."

Back in the Crystal City, the group of soldiers were practicing with their weapons, Bladecharge watching them carefully.  Wheeljack was practicing with his katana but wasn't really getting the hang of it.  Bladecharge stepped forward and stopped him.
"…Hold them like this."  She stated as she positioned the blades into the correct positions in his hands.  "Now, visualize your target.  Look for their weak spot…and strike with full force.  Bulkhead, do the same with your wrecking ball.  Learn to be one with your weapons."

Bulkhead and Wheeljack nodded and tried again.  This time, Wheeljack pulled off fluid swipes of his swords and Bulkhead demonstrated his true strength by punishing a piece of punching metal into nothing.  Bladecharge nodded and gave them a round of applause.
"Much better, guys!  That's what I'm looking for in warriors.  You two could set a good example for guys like that Breakdown and Sideswipe."

In Arcadia, Mimicus was panting and feeling coolant run down her frame.  Amberstreak was giving her a workout in terms of teaching her combat, just as Scarletta had done for the soldier.  Scarletta kept watch to make sure the two didn't go overboard and would step in a few times to offer some pointers.  She was finishing a small cup of Ether when two familiar faces greeted her.
"Oh, Orion Pax!  Jazz!  It's so good to see you again!"

The datakeeper, one of her childhood friends, and his companion bowed in respect and she gave a tight hug to Orion.  She could tell he still had feelings for her even though she was married to Megatron.  Nevertheless, they still had a tight friendship.

"It's been quite a while, Scarlee.  I'm glad you remember Jazz.  I came to see how you were doing.  Some of the riots have hit near Iacon lately…"

"Oh…that's where Starscream is stationed.  I hope he's okay.  Mimicus misses him so much, and Bladecharge too."

Mimicus stopped her training and went over to greet Orion and Jazz.  She ran to Orion and hugged him.  "Hello, Uncle Orion!"

Despite not being related, Mimicus felt a great affection towards Orion Pax and called him her uncle.  He smiled and patted her on the helm.  "You've gotten bigger since the last time I saw you, Mimicus."  He looked up and asked, "…Is Megatronus gone again?"

Scarletta looked away for a klik.  "…He's trying his best to control the revolution.  I guess many have had disgust towards the caste system that makes up xenrosn society…including him.  We function through a monarchy, as you know, so a caste system does not apply to us.  Do you have any animosity towards the caste system?"

Jazz decided to answer.  "I can't say I do; I just want to know that what I do will benefit the future."

Orion cued in.  "I agree with Jazz.  I will do anything to preserve the future of Cybertron…which is why I came to deliver some news.  Due to the riots…Cybertronians are choosing sides."

"Choosing sides?  Is there a war about to erupt?"

"There is a possibility.  I don't know my side yet…  From this day forth, I am no longer the Orion Pax you knew.  I am…Optimus."

Scarletta's optics widened.  "…Optimus.  You now sound like a descendent of one of the Original Primes…just like I am.  Just make sure the side you fight on…still stays on objective and holds morals in high regard."

"I know, Scarlee…and I will."

Three more months passed and Mimicus found herself sitting alone in the gardens looking at one of the patches of metallic flowers.  Her usual smile wasn't there.  It wasn't as fun in the gardens without Starscream there to play with her.  She missed him dearly and saved all of the messages he sent, along with any souvenirs he picked up in various galaxies.  Her aquamarine optics stared into the sky and she wondered when he and Bladecharge would come back.  Her optics went back down to the flowers she was playing with.  All of a sudden, she felt a shadow overlap her and she carefully turned around, not knowing who or what it was.  The next thing she knew her smile came back.

"…Starscream!!"  Mimicus cried out.

Starscream knelt down and hugged the Princess.   The two of them felt like they didn't want to let go.  Bladecharge came as well and she couldn't help but smile at how much the two missed each other.  Starscream and Mimicus let go and the mech pulled out his bag.

"I have quite a lot of stories to share with you once we get settled in.  I lost track of how many galaxies I traveled."  He looked over at Bladecharge.  "How was it being a combat instructor?"

Bladecharge scratched the back of her neck.  "It has its ups and downs.  I got to see some troops with real potential…and others who shouldn't set a foot into the field.  Did you find any Energon?"

Starscream frowned.  "…Some, but not much.  The planets we were able to reach didn't have enough Energon planted by the Ancients.  Zeta Prime is thinking of finding alternate energy sources.  If these riots consume more Energon…the planet itself could die."

"Well…Arcadia could survive, couldn't it?  I mean, we run on Ether and don't use much of it, anyway.  We barely ever use Energon."

"True…but we should still take caution."  Starscream turned back to Mimicus.  "So, why don't we head inside for some refueling and I'll tell you everything I saw off of Cybertron?"

Mimicus cheered.  "Okay!  I'll also have to tell you about my lessons with Amberstreak!  She's teaching me how to defend myself and everything!"

"Is that right?  I didn't think you'd be learning about combat this soon…"
Some of the continuity expressed in Chapter 5 may be off from the cartoon, but, like I said, this is an AU. Anyway, this tells of when Starscream became Commander of the Energon Seekers and we see a bit of the relationship between Scarletta and Orion Pax, along with some special guests.
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Chapter 4: Father

"Starscream, wake up!  You can't be in recharge forever!"

Starscream blinked out of recharge and saw Bladecharge standing over him, her hands on her hips.  He grunted and sat up from his berth.  After straightening his joints, he got up and glared at his friend.

"…You're one to talk, Bladecharge."  He looked around and noticed something different.  "Where's Mimicus?"

"That's what I was going to tell you about.  Her mother took her to meet with her father near Kaon.  They'll be back in just a few kliks.  However…you're going to have to meet Mimic's father."

Starscream felt his Ether run cold.  "…What's he like?"

"I've never met him personally, but I've heard he's a bit of a gladiator.  He had been working the mines of Kaon, but he somehow managed to bust out and lead a coup.  Apparently, the mine bosses were real slave drivers and would have stayed that way…if he hadn't stood up to them."

"Well…that's a good thing, isn't it?"

"Yeah, unless the mine bosses are mad enough about it that they're willing to wage war with the first thing they see.  They call themselves Destrons…but now they're thinking of calling themselves…Decepticons."

"Will Mimicus be safe!?"

Bladecharge chuckled.  "Don't worry!  Her dad is strong and you've seen only a fraction of Scarletta's power.  Mimicus will be safe and sound."  She paused and looked at him in the optics.  "Wow…I've never heard you so concerned about a youngling."

"…She's my friend, just like you are.  Friends have to worry about each other…"
Bladecharge smiled.  "…And here I probably would've ended our friendship because of your arrogance…but you don't have that anymore.  Not since you met Mimicus…"

"…I actually thought when you told me you became a Guardian, you just did it to show off your sword skills.  You really hold the safety of Arcadia in high regard, though…"

"Anything to keep Arcadia safe.  It's been my childhood dream to be a Guardian, because I wanted to do more for our people.  I know Cybertron is peaceful at the moment, but who knows what could happen."

"That's true, especially after that Quintesson attack eons ago."  Starscream looked out his window and saw two flying vehicles coming to the palace gates.  One transformed and it was Scarletta Prime, young Mimicus with her.  The other transformed and revealed to be a large mech with a stature and facial plating that could frighten even Zeta Prime himself.  However, Scarletta and Mimicus were not afraid of him.
"Who is that mech?"  Starscream asked his friend.

Bladecharge looked down at what he was seeing.  "Oh, that's Megatron.  He's Mimic's father."

Starscream sputtered and made a double-take between Megatron and Mimicus.  "THAT'S her FATHER!?  She doesn't look anything like him!!  He looks too much like a masalo to be her father!!"

"I couldn't believe it either, at first.  If you look closely, you can see a little resemblance.  He's still a little rough around the edges, but Scarletta obviously sees the good in him.  Of course…Megatron wasn't his original name."

"What do you mean?"

"He was originally called D-16, and then he named himself after one of the 13 original Primes of legend.  He shortened Megatronus down to Megatron."

Starscream was about to continue when he heard footsteps downstairs.  He and Bladecharge went to the throne room and saw Megatron letting Mimicus ride on his shoulder.  Starscream felt intimidated by the mech and that grew when the titan looked in his direction and right through his very spark.  Bladecharge rolled her optics and dragged her friend into the throne room to meet Megatron.

"Pardon us, Your Highness.  You must be Megatron."  Bladecharge smiled and held out her hand.  "I'm the Guardian Bladecharge, and this is Mimic's Guardian, Starscream."

Megatron stayed silent as he shook the femme's hand.  He looked at Starscream and grunted.  "…Mimicus has told me about you.  Scarlee said you were once a thief and tried to rob her but you've become a Guardian to keep from going to prison.  Let us hope you can keep your word…"

Mimicus pouted.  "Daddy…he's really nice.  He played with me in the gardens and everything.  He's not a thief anymore…"

Megatron lifted his daughter off of his shoulder and sat her down on the ground.  He chuckled and patted her on the head.  "You know I just want to look after you, my dear."  He looked at his wife.  "I'm glad that the riots haven't reached Arcadia."

"They shouldn't, not with the amount of guards we have.  I'm going to go to Iacon again in a few days to meet with the records keeper named Orion Pax.  I want to see if I can look into the history files and find any underlying cause for them."

"Just be careful.  I don't want anything to happen to you…"

"What kind of femme do you take me for?  I'm stronger than I look."

Megatron looked back at Starscream and Bladecharge.  His optics fixated on the femme first.  "I've heard of your sword skills.  You can hold a blade any way and still use it masterfully…just like the warriors of ancient times.  Admirable…"  He locked his optics onto the mech.  "You…you're an expert on stealth, highly intelligent, and thoroughly cunning.  You look like a Seeker…  Who is in your family?"

Starscream struggled to find the right words.  "…Well…all of my family is dead.  In your cities, my brothers would be called 'Skywarp' and 'Thundercracker', and I have a cousin who would be called 'Slipstream'.  We shared this body type…but I never thought I was like a Seeker.  Um…does Mimicus happen to have an exclusive ability?"

Megatron growled softly.  "…She's much too young to find out what it is.  Wait until she's older to find out.  Right now…we just know she was able to speak her first words at just a few days old, she has the maturity of an adult, and she knows many Arcadian incantations.  She even already knows the full history of Cybertron starting with Primus and Unicron."

"Smart youngling."  Bladecharge stated with amazement.

"She's also one of a few that are completely pure of spark…she has no evil in her whatsoever.  No ill feelings towards anyone…"

Starscream looked at the princess, who only smiled at him.  He could fully understand that she was in fact pure.  She was completely innocent, just as a youngling should be, but her innocence was different…as if she could warm the sparks of even the hardest of Cybertronians.  Maybe it was because of her he no longer had the desire to be a criminal again…

Later in the night, Starscream was in his quarters getting ready for recharge.  He lay down on his berth and was about to close his optics when he heard small footsteps.  He rose up and saw it was Mimicus.  She was holding her abdominal paneling and was grimacing.

"What's wrong, Mimicus?"  Starscream asked.

"…I had a nightmare…and now my fuel tank hurts.  I can't go back to sleep…"

"Why not?"

"I'm too scared to…  I'm afraid I'll have the nightmare again…"

Starscream prepared himself to get up.  "Do you need me to take you to your parents?"

Mimicus shook her helm.  "No…but can I sleep with you tonight?"

"…Do you think your mother and father would be okay with that?"

"They know you won't hurt me…it's just that Daddy is very protective of me, because I'm his and Momma's only youngling."  She got up onto the berth and snuggled close to the mech.  "…And I know you'll protect me from the nightmares…"

"…They won't get you as long as I'm around."  Starscream reassured.

Sometime later Megatron went to check on Mimicus and found her berth empty.  He became frantic and searched desperately for his daughter.  He got to Starscream's room and felt his panic disappear and felt confusion set in.  He saw Mimicus snuggled up to Starscream and he had his arms wrapped around her.  Megatron figured that Mimicus couldn't sleep and went to the Guardian for comfort.  He remembered how Mimicus would always to go sleep with him when she was scared…but that was back when he was around more.  He felt disgusted with himself and thought he wasn't being the father he needed to be.
He studied Starscream's face and looked at his Arcadian mark.  No two Arcadians, unless they were destined to be sparkmates, had the same color mark.  Upon closer examination…he saw that his Arcadian mark was the same shade of light violet that Mimicus' was.  Could they be destined to be sparkmates?  The thought soon left him when he heard Scarletta calling his name and he returned to their room to get back into recharge.
Chapter 4 comes with surprises! Mimicus Prime's father is none-other than...MEGATRON!! DUN DUN DUN!! Anyway, this takes place some time before the war, as he has not gone mad yet. We also see the sweeter side of Starscream and how he and Bladecharge remain friends.

New word, class! Masalo is an Arcadian word for 'monster'. So yeah, Starscream thinks Megatron's too much of a monster to be Mimic's father.
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Chapter 9: First Kill

Starscream walked down one of the many halls of the Decepticon ship, named the Nemesis.  The war had raged on for going on a million years.  Thanks to the scientific discoveries he made and used to help his Decepticon brethren, Megatron found favor in the Seeker.  He just recently found himself as the new second-in-command, much to the silent disdain of Soundwave, a strange spy that had joined in Megatron's revolution at its very beginnings.

However, enjoying his new status was the last thing on his mind.  His concerns always went out to Mimicus.  She was never the same as she was before her mother was killed.  Even though he lost his family as well…he never witnessed one of them dying like Mimicus did.  His spark ached because he felt like if he had acted, it could've been prevented.  If he stayed behind…Bladecharge would still be alive.

"Commander Starscream!  Lord Megatron would like to see you!"  A mech named Breakdown called.

"Oh…what for?"  Starscream asked as he turned around.

"He didn't say."

Starscream felt a sense of dread envelop his spark.  The grief over Scarletta seemed to change something in Megatron.  Or more bluntly…he simply snapped.  The Decepticon leader had a mind-set that the Autobots were responsible for the death of his beloved wife.  He thought that Optimus decided that if he couldn't have Scarletta, then no one could.  Starscream would've liked to believe that too…but something just wasn't right.  Optimus wasn't the jealous type, and Scarletta would've simply voiced concern if she felt something was wrong.  Everything always seemed to point to Snowshriek and her sisters.

"Are you coming or not?"  Breakdown asked with lost patience.

"Oh…yes, I'm on my way."

Starscream made his way down the hall and found himself at the doors to the command room.  He typed a few keys on the panel next to it and the doors slid open.  He stepped inside and found Megatron discussing something with Mimicus until the Decepticon leader sensed his presence and turned around.

"Ah, Starscream.  I've been expecting you."  Megatron greeted.

Starscream cleared his vocal processor and placed his arms behind his back.  "Oh…yes, you wished to see me, Lord Megatron?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact.  I would like you to go to Dark Mount Pass.  We need you to deal with an Autobot assassin named Roulette.  She's caused quite a bit of trouble for us…and a careless shot almost hurt Mimicus when she was on the field with me."

"Isn't she an assassin like Shadow Striker and Nightbird?"

"Yes, they are special assassins that came to our ranks.  The Autobots have Roulette and another named Hawkeye in their ranks.  But focus on terminating Roulette; she will not get away with hurting my child."

Mimicus stepped forward.  "I want to come, too!"

Megatron narrowed his optics.  "Absolutely not.  I can't risk you getting hurt.  Besides, you don't even know how to transform to vehicle mode yet!"

"I can't stay cooped up on the ship forever, Daddy!  I know how to use my bow and arrow very well!  I need fighting experience, and I almost have transforming down!  Please, I won't mess up again!"  Mimicus begged.

Starscream cleared his vocal processor and looked at Mimicus.  "Master, if I may speak, I agree with Mimicus.  If you allow her to go to Dark Mount Pass with me, I promise to keep an optic on her…and allow her to get the first shot at Roulette.  Mimicus needs to learn how to defend herself, and what better way than some exposure on the battlefield?"

Megatron gritted his sharp dental plating before sighing and turning his back to them.  They didn't see his lips trembling and his optics downcast.  "…All right.  Just promise me she'll come back alive."

Starscream bowed as Mimicus softly cheered.  "I shall, Lord Megatron."

A few joors later Starscream and Mimicus were trekking through Dark Mount Pass to find the Autobot Roulette.  Mimicus grimaced and whimpered at the shroud of darkness, the billows of smoke, and erupting liquid from the smelting pools that formed on the planet as a result of war.  Starscream ushered her close and helped her get across narrow crevasses.  He looked around and felt that something wasn't right.  Everything…was just too quiet, even for Dark Mount Pass.  He looked to see no soldiers of either side there.

"Mimicus…there's something strange going on.  Can you feel it?"

Mimicus looked around and began to realize what he was talking about.  "You're right.  I kind of feel like someone's watching us…"

Starscream took that in as quick as he could as he pushed Mimicus out of the way when a projectile came rushing towards the Princess.  He looked at it and saw it was an Energon bullet.  His optics shot up to where the projectile originated and he saw a purple and yellow Autobot perched on one of the metallic mountains lining the path.

"So, you're Roulette, I take it?"  Starscream asked.

"Yeah, and you're the second-in-command of the 'Cons, eh?"  She spoke with a mountaineer accent.  She looked over at Mimicus and her optics widened.  "I remember you.  You're the femme that hangs around Megatron.  I know you're just a kid…but a 'Con's a 'Con, and all 'Cons have to go."

Starscream growled and stood in front of the Princess.  "Don't you dare lay a digit on her!"

"Sorry, but I have to do my job for the 'Bots."  Roulette lamented as she drew her weapon.
Starscream readied his missiles and he still had his sword from Arcadia.  As for Mimicus, she pulled out a bow from behind her back and a blue visor formed over her optics.  She touched the string and a long Energon arrow appeared at her fingertips.  The youngling yelped as she let go of it and it flew towards Roulette.  However, the projectile missed its target, but just by a few millimeters.  Roulette looked at the arrow and whistled.

"It's not very often we see Cybertronian Archers.  You're still green, but you've got some skill for your age."

"Are you here to judge my skill or are you here to fight?"  Mimicus griped.

Roulette answered by firing at Starscream this time.  The Seeker effortlessly dodged and leapt up to confront the Autobot head-on.  He swung his sword and Roulette blocked it with her arm.  However, there was a deep gash on her appendage, Energon slowly leaking out.  She merely looked at the cut and smirked.

"I'm gonna enjoy this."

Roulette drew her rifle and managed to shoot Starscream in the wing.  He cried out in pain and knelt to the ground.  He looked at his wing and saw the Energon trickling out of it.  In anger, he readied his arm and shot a heat-seeking missile at Roulette.  This was one thing Roulette could not dodge.  She took the missile head-on, but despite being a smoking mess, she was still standing.  She spat Energon and picked Starscream up by the wing.

"…It's a shame I never got to let Hawkeye see you.  You're a good fighter; almost comparable to Megatrash and Optimus Prime himself.  But…this is goodbye."

Starscream was frozen as Roulette aimed her rifle directly at his neck.  However, the Autobot soon found herself the one frozen as she suddenly dropped Starscream.  She looked down and saw…an Energon arrow sticking out of her spark chamber.  She glanced behind her and saw Mimicus Prime, a fierce gaze in her optics, as her bow shook with her hands.
"How is my skill now…?"  Mimicus asked with gritted dental plating.

"…"  Roulette answered as she slumped to the ground and her body turned gunmetal gray.  Starscream picked himself up and looked at the fallen Autobot before looking at the Princess.

"…Not bad for your first Autobot."  He complimented before groaning.  "…I'm not sure we can go back through the air.  My wing took some damage."

Mimicus pondered on this before answering.  "I'll try transforming to vehicle mode, and you can just ride on me this time."

"You haven't even discovered your vehicle mode yet.  I'll just call Soundwave to pick us up."

Mimicus stomped her foot.  "No, Starscream!  I want to show you and Daddy that I can fend for myself and I'm helpful to others!  Now just let me concentrate!"

Starscream watched as Mimicus calmed down and tried to find her center.  He could swear that her Arcadian Mark started to glow as she concentrated.  Kliks later, she compacted into what looked like a small hover vehicle.  A small tow line came out of the back and she spoke through her radio, "Transform into your vehicle and try to hover off the ground.  I'll tow you!"

Starscream sighed as he transformed and barely got himself off the ground.  "You've thought of everything, haven't you?"

"I suppose I have."  Mimicus laughed.
Here is Chapter 9, and you get introduced to TFP Roulette. If you want to imagine how she talks, she has a bit of Canadian dialect, so she adds "eh" to the end of a lot of sentences. Anyway, Starscream takes Mimicus out onto the field and lets her experience combat first-hand.
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      Cole leaned against the window frame of his office watching the Sikorsky drone heavily away from the hospital carrying his patient.  The smaller framed Life Flight Dauphin watches his father until just a speck in the distance.   Maybe he’s being a wimp, but he just doesn’t know what to do any more.
      Shockwave’s outburst at Puncture seared his spark as well.   Now he understood even more why Shockwave was so crushed that first night.  He didn’t just lose Megatron, he lost a new planned hope.  Worse, Puncture had spit on the only thing Shockwave ever wanted in his life:   Megatron’s sparkling.   Not his own; Megatron’s.   That last fight with Puncture had been like watching a patient rip open a carefully welded wound hoping to bleed to death.
        Two things hurt:   One, whatever he and Shockwave had shared was nothing but a placebo by Shockwave.   Two, everything he and Shockwave had shared was cast away by Cole‘s own fears of a new relationship. Either way, whatever they had was wounded if not destroyed.
         A third thought crashed into him:  (a white fist bashes against the wall), yes, he is jealous of a ghost.  Shockwave at least was bonded, while he never had been.   NO!   That’s not fair to Karmashock.  Once more Cole kicks himself and scrubs his haggard face filled with a cauldron of boiling emotions.  “This is stupid!   I have no time for this!”
        His own healing wound over Karmashock’s death has been torn open and acid poured into it as Shockwave wished to die.

        Parts of younger mech are numb.   Parts of him are screaming in pain.   Parts of him are lusting for Shockwave’s arms.   Parts of him are crying for Karmashock’s.  Parts of him are angry with Megatron, parts of him are angry with himself for being angry at the dead hero tank.   It’s like someone has taken the whole thesaurus of emotions, dumped them in a shredder and then shoved them into his chest.   He can’t define them, separate them or even think clearly at times.   He wants Shockwave but he doesn’t.   He wants himself back, but then can’t stand … to feel.   It hurts being numb.  It’s killing him to be in love with a ghost and one who still love his dead mate.

       With a kick to the wall, shoves away from the window and heads back to the Intensive Care Ward of his rein.  At least now when he makes his rounds he doesn’t have to avoid Shockwave’s room.   That golden optic following him from his med-berth as the red one strode by the glassed window and tried not to turn while his spark beat the shit out of him for ignoring the aching lonely one.  
        Cole knew it would be all too easy to go to him and slip in where he doesn’t belong.  Maybe he didn’t belong within Shockwave’s life.  Maybe he doesn’t want Shockwave in his.   It hurts too much to think of falling in love again.  
        Maybe that first night with Shockwave had been a huge mistake.

         With Shockwave out of the hospital, he can take himself off the extended on-call flight lists.  For he knows the exhaustion is not helping his tumbling emotions.  With Shockwave out of the hospital and recuperating at in his parent’s home, he can take refuge here.          
       So he thought.   By the end of the week, a knock comes to his office door.  “I’m busy.”   He tries to shove his father away again.
     The door is overridden and pushed open.   The red medic who enters is not whom he expected,  “Busy, good.”   Cole looks up to the weathered older veteran medic as he boldly steps in, closing and locking the door behind himself.
     There is a mug and a small sealed vial he sets onto the top of Cole’s files before heading over to the couch.   Ratchet stalls taking note of the five worn white coats tossed into the corner of the room and then the pillow and hospital blanket on the couch.
      While Ratchet folds up the blanket, Cole picks up the vial.   He knows it is sealed never to be opened.   Much like when a sparkling has something removed that a parent wants to keep as a memento.   This one is black on top and bottom, not to be looked at either.   He is curious but sets it aside picking up the mineral-boosted Energon.  Ratchet’s special blend for doctors on his naughty over-worked list.  Cole knows better than to ignore it and takes a large swallow.  The stuff is hideous for the palate but good for the body.
       The desk jiggles as the battered and weathered pedes of the old Praxian kick up to the lip of the desk.  “Been home yet?”
       Cole looks down to his desk, “I have stuff to do.”
        “Cut the bullshit, Cole.   I’m three times older than you and served in a war and battle politicians before you were even sparked so if you think you can pull the fleece over my optics, try again.”
        To counter that, Cole picks up the black container, “What’s this?”
        Ratchet takes a swallow from his own mug, “Not how it works, Flyboy, now answer the question:  When were you last home?”
        Cole’s no idiot, Ratchet wants to know if he has seen Shockwave.  “I called, he was sleeping.”
       The older helm cants, “And?”
       Cole shrugs and turns back to his work, “I got busy.”
       “I can have your license pulled.   I have ways put you on suspension.  I can clip your tail feathers.”
       Cole glares at him peeved that he would dare interfere, “Do it.  I’ll just go off world.”   Ratchet holds his green glare in a staring contest.   The older one has played this game with many verses the younger one is pretty serious in his resolve.  
       Finally Ratchet pushes, “Explain that to your parents.”
       Cole purses his lips and clenches down on his spark, “I’m a grown mech, I can do as I please.”
        Ratchet drops the pedes to lean forward, “Really, because you certainly are acting like a coward.”
         Cole turns away from the one who has served, saved and lost so many already.  He picks up the vial again trying to imagine what the respected doctor brought him while swallowing down the still jumbling emotions.  “Maybe I am.”
          “Cole, he needs you.  I don’t know what is going on between you two, but from what I heard, he was looking better and moving forward with life when you two started spending time together.  I know I’m not Karmashock, but I could find someone else if you want--”
          “Please just leave me alone,” he hands the vial back to the doctor not wanting anything he is offering.
          Ratchet takes the white palm and slaps the vial back into it, “Put that with Megatron’s remains.”
         Cole stares at the vial and sinks.   Oh Primus not again.   “no….”  His chest pain is for Shockwave.  Just as his worry had been for Karmashock when Violex was injured.
   Ratchet leans forward and grips his own chevron.   “He doesn’t know.   He doesn’t need to know.  Hell, he probably already knew!  It doesn’t matter, what’s done is done.”
     Cole stares at the vial.   “Still after a couple of lunar cycles there was…remains?”
      “Megatron was a tenacious jealous bastard, you don’t seriously think that his DNA-spawn will let go of anything he cared for so easily?  No.   It’s probably part of what caused Shockwave’s spark-attack along with the emotional backwash.  Whoever the butcher was that handled the first D & C really did a number on Shockwave‘s gestational receptors.  He’s lucky he got any kind of a connection a second time and yes, it was just the beginning, but still, it was enough to …”  Ratchet is pretty torn up himself.   “Shit they didn’t deserve this.”    He looks back up to Cole, “Nor did you two.”
       Cole is starting to put some of it together and yet grateful that Ratchet is acknowledging his own loss.   He shakes the container lightly.  It rattles.   Rattles?
       Ratchet lifts his head full of sorrow.   “The receptors were just so damaged with corrosion that they were actually … killing him.  It was causing his spark to misfire and the pulses weren‘t doing their job properly.”
       He did notice at certain times of Shockwave’s excitement he would cringe but he never said anything.  Cole swallows hard looking into the vial.  Shockwave will never be able to carry a sparkling again with all the receptors removed.  “D-does he know?”
        Ratchet nods, “Of course.”   Now the real reason for the visit comes out, “Cole, he really needs a friend right now.   You’re the closest thing he’s got.”
        The younger medic sets the vial aside and then turns back to his notes, “I’m not good company right now.”
         “Like he is?   He’s alone, again.”   Ratchet leans up and into Cole’s face, “You have no idea what the solitude of holding Cybertron safe for Megatron did to him.   The mech nearly went insane.  It‘s probably what started the damage to his spark chamber.”
          Cole’s chest begins to cringe, “Please Ratchet, don’t ask me to do this.”
          Ratchet grabs the little one’s chin and jerks it, “Now you listen to ME.   That mech has done more for this planet and that single mech than two Armies EVER could!  I wish I could order you to take care of him, but I can’t.  I -I…can‘t...”
        The old mech’s chin wobbles and tries once more, “I can’t watch him slowly wither away after everything he has done good for this place.  He may be just a half-droid who will out live all of us but damn-it, shouldn’t they be good vorns?”
         Cole’s spark sinks watching those weathered old optics plead with him.   Clearly there is something deeper going on with Ratchet.  The hand loosens and the younger medic pulls back silently asking for more information.  “As much as I can take credit for Megatron’s physical surgery, it was Shockwave and Karmashock that really healed that mech.  As much as I hated the war, in a way Megatron had a point to it.”   He bonks a fist to the couch arm rest, “I know Shockwave isn’t Megatron, but I really do have a great respect for him.  He did a lot of good for Cybertron and it would be a great loss to Her and unfair to both of them for him to give up now.”
          Cole takes a deep breath getting a better understanding for the medic who actually repaired his own soldiers from Shockwave and Megatron‘s ordered strikes.  Already Cole had a respect for Ratchet, considering their field of practice, but for the old mech to see past war-titles (where many still can‘t) it makes him even more humble.  So he chooses his words carefully and softly,  “Ratchet, I’m afraid I might do more damage than good right now.”
          “What do you mean by that?”  Ratchet is no old fool, there is a huge reason Cole is refusing to see Shockwave.

          The white exasperated hand slaps to the desktop and turns a shaking look back, “If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little messed up myself and the last thing he needs right now is another messed up mech in his life.   One was enough, he deserves better.”
          Ratchet blinks and more or less orders him to go on.  
          “You tell me how I should react when someone I was really starting to care quite deeply about just up and says they would rather die and be with their past love than….”
          That does make the more experienced mech sink back to the couch and Cole looks away only to have his optics fall on the vial.   He picks it up and soothes it.   “I know he has only ever been in love with Megatron and what they shared was pretty deep and intensely passionate.   I can not compete with that.”
        “Cole, what you had with Karmashock was pretty special too, don’t forget that.”
       The green optics turn to the blue ones. “Puncture told Shockwave they should have taken it as a sign from Primus to never propagate.  How many broken relationships do I need to have to hear Primus telling me I should always be alone?”  His hand closes around the vial as he stands. “Excuse me, I have rounds to make.”
       Ratchet’s hand snags out and catches the wrist, “Have you even talked?”
       “We talked and drank ourselves right into a berth together,” he shamefully admits.  “You and I both know that doesn’t make a solid relationship.”
        The hand doesn’t let go although he is surprised, “That’s not what I asked.   I asked, have you talked.   More specifically about IT.”
        “What do you want me to say to him?!   ‘Your bondmate was a real hero!  He killed the love of my life trying to save him and I’m pissed at him for that!’   How do you think Shockwave is going to feel about that?”
         “Damn-it Cole, he KNOWS.   How do you think he feels?”
         “Ratchet, I don’t even know how I feel right now.  I can’t decided if I’m still in love with Karma and using Shockwave or if I really have deep feelings for him.    I really don’t have time to figure out his own emotions let alone how angry he is with Puncture’s arrogance and now this!” he shakes the vial.
           “Cole, he can still seed a sparkling.  His transmitting rods are fine, just the receptors were fried and removed,” he pushes out hope.
          Cole brings both fist to his temple and growls, “Stop it Ratchet, just stop it!   Don’t throw that at me, too.”   Before Ratchet can say another word, Cole is out the door and pacing his halls.
            It finally hits that he needs to take a real break when a nurse double checks his order where he marked 28 rather than 2.8 for the phosphorus drip… for the second time today.  He hands her the pen, and turns aside.   Dropping by the nurse’s station, he moves his magnet to the out box for the first time in over a week.   A mixture of smiles and sighs of relief watch him take the roof top exit.   From there he flips to his alt-mode and flies back home.
           Inside the stale smelling building, he tears off his armor leaving it a messy trail before sliding into his hot water shower.  At that point he sinks to the floor bowed over.   He lets the water beat into a rotor that once had lilac tips digging into it to make him moan out the sweetest elite mech’s name in all of Cybertron.   Before that, it had been touched by the most endearing white tips of a devoted and delightfully-fun loving mech.   The best mech he ever had in his life…. And will never see again.  He‘s too tired and tired of crying.  Instead he just lays there and pounds his fist into the puddles hoping the pain in his fist will over ride the one in his spark and head.    
             He knows he needs to see Shockwave and figure out what they will do, because he can’t live in this unknowing turbulence of emotions any more.  Time to face the music, but just not tonight.  
        When the water runs cold, even though he used no soap, he reaches up and slaps it off.    Grabbing his robe, wraps it around himself and drags himself into his berth top.   Too tired to even pull the coverings aside, he just lays there.   From there, slips into a stasis so deep, it could almost be considered a coma.  

    All this time Cole has been sequestering himself behind other patients, medical journals, and reasons to fly anywhere but near his parent’s estate; a healing blue spark found itself treasured away.  A guilded cage.
    Wolfgang brought him softly back to his own loving home and with aid of his ground’s keeper, up to a second story guest room.   Unfortunately for Shockwave, the primary view from his room was towards another house on the property.  A home he had been in just recently.   A home that he knows is empty right now.
      Carefully Shockwave rolls to his side so that he is looking at a blank wall rather than Cole’s home.  This is a beautiful manor to which he has been brought into to recuperate, it’s just sad that Cole won’t speak to him.  
     The genius doesn’t have much to do right now while following Dr. Ratchet and Dr. Wolfgang’s orders to take it easy while his spark learns to recalibrate it’s firings.   It won’t be long and he can get the monitor off, but until then, he can’t get upset and trigger their response.
      Both Vicky and the staff give the private mech his peace but also make sure he is eating his meals and try to bring him stimulating conversation and news, but they all know:
      Shockwave and Cole need each other.   Shockwave’s just too much of a gentlemech to ask for him and Cole is busy at work.  
       With a huffing sigh, Shockwave knows that isn’t really the case.   Cole is hiding behind his work.   It doesn’t take a genius to know that (having done himself a time or two) but still it bugs Shockwave to no end as to why Cole won’t even call him on the phone after he‘s been here for nearly a week.   What has happened to them?

       Olga comes to the kitchen with the nearly untouched tray and  sighs sadly.   Vicky is starting her preparations for dinner when the sad house keeper arrive.
        “Lady Vicky, he just won’t touch his meals anymore.  I’m getting worried about him.  He won’t speak any more either.   He just sits there on the balcony and stares off to the south.   He doesn’t look anywhere else.  I think we’re losing him again.  What are we going to do?”
        Pondering, she hears a familiar thumping sound in the air up above.   Her son is finally coming home after nearly week in his self made seclusion.  The Lady of the Manor smiles boldly, “Time to call out the big guns.   Go get your mate, Olga.”
       Cole’s not sure how long he slept, but a light knock at the back door brings him around.   “Dr. Cole?”
      Maxwell, the grounds keeper, is softly calling.  Cole slides out of the berth and groggily heads to the door tightening his robe.   It’s not like Maxwell hasn’t seen him in less, after all, the mech was here before he was born.  He used to run around the back yard through the sprinklers with Maxwell’s own sparklings.
      With a flick, the door is opened with a yawn, “Hello, Maxwell.”
       The dark mech flushes, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but Lady Vicky ordered me to.”
      Cole rests his groggy head against the door frame and sighs just as heavily.   Maxwell and his mate Olga (main house keeper) call her Lady Vicky out of respect not out of force.   When the last war started, Wolfgang and Victrola --owners of a much large piece of property than what they currently have-- gathered as many sparklings as they could.  Like a Lord and Lady Knights of the past, they felt it their duty to protect the residents of this area of land.   Yes they still worked at the hospital as neutrals, but they relinquished much property as payment in order to hold this as a sanctuary.  Therefore, both armies tried their best to leave this place off limits in their scuffles and battles.
      Thus after the war ended, the new counsel let them retain their family plot, albeit much smaller.   Still the couple is quiet wealthy but don’t over flaunt it nor do they hide it.   They are highly respected members of both the social and the religious community and their own staff.

        “What does she want this time?” Cole’s optics sink closed.   It’s not a true gruff to his mother just that he wants to curl back up into his berth and decompose.
        “It’s almost sun down and you know how Lady Vicky is about the Sabbath.”
         Cole grimaces, shit is it really that day of the cyber week already?  “Yes, I know.”   His mother forbids any of the staff to work after sundown to sunrise of the allotted Holy Day of Rest.  She even fired one maid for working over time!   She will not have Primus on her conscience for that!
        Maxwell takes a deep sigh, “She asks that you come help with Mr. Shockwave at the main house.   He’s in the hot tub right now and …”
       Cole raises his hand cutting him off.   Yeah, the son can feel his mother’s sly set up to getting the two mechs talking to each other again.   “I knew I shouldn’t have left the hospital.”
        Maxwell’s shoulders fall. “Dr. Cole, it’s not just your parents that worry about you.   Olga and I are concerned as well.   You haven’t even touched Olga’s baklava she made just for you.”   He flicks a finger to kitchen island and the beautiful sweets artfully hand made just for him.
         Pressing his forehelm to the frame, the helm curls and looks.  Damn, those are delicious.   Olga’s baklava are to die for.   “Please give her my apologies.”
         Maxwell is careful with his words, but states, “Maybe you can tell her yourself when you relieve her from Mr. Shockwave’s side so I can take her home.”
          Cole slumps again, “Of course.   I’ll be there in a moment.”  As much as he does not want to see Shockwave, he owes it to this couple to have a day off and his sneaky devious mother KNOWS it.   Damn, that femme could have been a first class Decepticon sly operator.   Hell, she probably was!!
        “One more thing, Lady Vicky said to wear your trunks.”
        Medic’s cross still pressed to the door frame, Cole turns his narrowing optics to the grounds keeper.  Innocently the mech raises his hands, “Don’t kill the messenger.”
      “Does the Hippocratic oath apply to parents?”   He grouses.   No he would never actually hurt his mother but she does just knows how to get under his armor.   Telling him to wear his swim wear so he can relax with Shockwave in the hot tub is going just a bit too far.
      “Cole, she is already hurting,”   Maxwell does lay a hand on the young mech’s shoulder.   After all he was the one to bandage Cole’s knee when he scrapped it all up trying to climb a wall when he was six.
       The pristine hand lays over the worn hard one.   “Go take your mate home, I’m on my way.”

        Armored up, minus the blades, plus the baklava in hand, Cole makes his way across the path to the main house.  One doesn’t want to sit in a pool of revitalizing liquid minerals in their main armor yet wants to remain decent, therefore a Cybertronians would cover themselves in something different thus leaving the true armor dry for afterwards.  Still, it’s hard enough that he needs to face the honorable purple mech let alone with both of them nearly naked?
      Healing or not, that violet snowy mech has a gorgeous form.   The younger one looks down at himself; he unfortunately has a bit of his father’s pudg and not so taught-toned body.  Short like his mother doesn’t help much either.  He’s not really ready to expose himself again to Shockwave physically or his frazzled emotions.
      Still, defying his mother’s request is a stupid idea any day of the week, twice over on this night.   With a deep sigh, he looks to iron gate near the kitchen entry.  He can hear the soft hum of the motor making bubbles in the hot tub even though he can’t see the mech in it.  

      “Cole-dear, is that you?”
      Yes she know it is, calling just loud enough for the soaking mech to know as well.  Cole purses his lips and pushes the door open.   He does not hate her, he never could, so he leans over gives her a kiss on the cheek as she cuts the crust off the last two sandwiches on a tray.  He pulls back and she plunks the craft of juice down between the crystal and china.
      “Nurse’s orders, both of you WILL eat this all, do you hear me?”  The tray has enough food on it to feed a division of medics.
     “Yes, Ma’am,” is all he answers adding Olga’s gift and pick up the tray.  
    Before he can pull away though, she grabs both of his cheeks and looks deep into his dark optics.  “I worry about you.”
    “I know, Mom, I’m sorry.”
    She stokes the dark circles under his optics, “I want you happy again.”   To that he can only nod and head to the pool side.
    It takes him a moment to get the gate open, but he manages and then closes it, setting the tray to the table beside a chair holding a fluffy purple robe.   Olga has already left, making sure to have and extra towel ready for Cole.
     Cole pours two crystal tumblers with mineral filled Energon and steps out to the hot tub edge.  Shockwave is taken back seeing Cole extending a tumbler.
     “Mothers…,” Cole whispers shaking his head as Shockwave takes the tumbler.
     Shockwave tips his tumbler back clinking to Cole’s, “To mothers and their worries.”  
     Cole can’t drink though.  Right before him is a surgically bruised chest of a damaged spark chamber that lost it’s carrying ability and more.  Shockwave lost his chance at motherhood.  Once more a reminder…
      “Shit, I shouldn’t be here,” he slams his tumbler down on the bench and turns only to be caught by a fierce wet grip.   It’s a lot stronger than he thought possible, still with a twist of his wrist, he’s out of the slick palm.
      “Cole!”   Shockwave calls, the dry one stops but doesn’t turn.  “Talk to me, please?”
       “What are we doing?”  Cole mutters.
       “Will you at least look at me?”  the question comes out like a half order-half plea.   Slowly Cole does turns and looks at the beaten one.   As much turmoil and grief Shockwave has been through, its Cole’s face that seems to bear it.
       “I think I’m in love with you but I can’t tell and it hurts…a lot.”
       Instead of being shocked, embarrassed or even angry, Shockwave extends his hand again.  “Please, sit with me.   I really think we need to talk.”
         Cole steps back and sits on the bench out of his reach, Shockwave’s antenna frown.  “I can see your trunks hanging out of your armor, won’t you join me?”
         The younger mech takes a deep breath and figures it’s time to be honest, “Shockwave, you are very attractive, you know that?”  
       The cheeks turn darker, “You’re not half bad yourself, Cole.”   Now it’s the other cheeks that darken.  Shockwave inches his finger out again asking Cole to join him.  “I don’t do spoiled lavishness alone, alright?  I‘ll get out if I have to, but it‘s really comfortable in here.”
       Cole nods into the soft request and begins to pull away his armor, “You know I could just shove you under and that could solve all my problems.”
      Shockwave chuckles, “Oh?  And how would you explain that to your mother whilst you were on night watch?”
      Cole throws the last piece down and scowls at the house guest, “Do you have an answer for everything, genius?”
       “No.”  Shockwave waits until the checkered fabric is sunk in the hot liquid before responding, “Like why are you avoiding me?”
        Cole sits down and folds his knees up to his chest.  Where to start?  Where to end?   The hot water is so soothing that even though he is tucked up, he feels his muscles unwinding to the point that it just slips out, “I’m really mad at Megatron.”
          Shockwave slumps back against the rim of the tub with a thump.   His head clunks back against the rim so his face is looking at the sky and his arms fully extend along two sides of the stone tub.   “Thank Primus!”
         “Excuse me?”  The shocked green optics stare at the reclined widower.
         Shockwave rolls his head languidly from side to side, “I’m so pissed at him, too.”   Cole says nothing just to agape to move.   After that passionate speech he gave Puncture, he just can not believe Shockwave is mad at Megatron.
      The purple helm rises a bit, “Oh please, like you aren’t just a little bit ticked at Karmashock’s honor and self sacrificing personality leaving you in this agony?”
      A small smile starts to come out, “Well… I hadn’t quite thought about it that way, but now that you mention it, yeah maybe….a little.”
      A lilac hand slips under the water and reaches over to grasp the white one to lend his support this time.  “I think it’s time we had it out.”
Enter Ratchet.... Keep in mind, Ratchet helped Shockwave and Megatron during the early days of recovering and was trying to therapy Megatron before Karmashock came into the picture. He has a lot of respect for both and how far they have come. I'm going to pretend that he also worked with Wolfgang here and there occasionally.

Disclaimer: NOT cannon to =NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 ‘s AU. Karmashock, Cole, Puncture his OC’s. Wolfgang, Victrola I named for Cole’s parents. Shockwave & Megatron Hasbro’s.
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   Cole squeezes Shockwave’s hand right back.  When the larger one starts to pull back, Cole doesn’t.  That brings the golden orb to look at the one biting his lip.
     “I need to ask you something….” but he doesn’t continue.
     “Cole, I trust you, you can ask.  I don’t trust my feelings let alone chose my, erm, companions frivolously,” scratches at an antenna.
     “Or do you trust me just because they died together?” Cole lets go and looks down to his lap bringing his hands together.
      Carefully Shockwave leans closer to the soaking medic but Cole turns his head to reach over and get his tumbler from the bench.  Before he can bring it to his lips, Shockwave is on his knees of the tub, wrapping his hand around the other’s so he looks into his optic and not hide away again.   He is so close his torso is touching Cole’s fabric covered hip.  Cole can feel Shockwave’s spark beat and as much as he is grateful that it is strong and at a regular beat, its just a reminder of his unasked question.
      “Cole, stop.  What is it?”
       Shockwave lets go of the hand to give Cole a little bit of space, but does not back down on his gaze.   If anything, his cheeks are darkening looking at Cole nearly undressed and within kissing distance.  It would be all too easy to kiss him into oblivion after hearing what he confessed earlier and burn away all questions of his feelings, but curiosity is over riding his desires.
       That soft English lit to his name makes his throat slowly swallow.  He notices Shockwave watching it work too.  Oh Primus Shockwave is such a gentlemech.  ‘He’s literally fucking gorgeous,’ Cole flushes as his tumbler clunks to the edge. The now empty white hand comes up and softly touches the bruised chest.   Luckily dealing with patients is his advantage this time.   The bruising is nearly gone, and soon enough the patient will be able to get his body fully toned the way he likes.  Shockwave watches as two of Cole’s soft finger tips touch the ugly coloring to his chest and then a bit closer to the circle that holds his spark.  At the center, Cole stops and both mechs are looking at the tips.
        “Did it really hurt so much that you truly wanted to die after everything we…,” his fingers begin to tremble ever so slightly on the violet chest.   For a medic, he always has a steady hand, but for a lover (or not) he’s a nervous wreck.
        Shockwave slowly brings his hand over Cole’s and keeps it pressed there.    His other hand cups the back of his savior’s helm and presses it to his actual healing spark.  Not a metaphor this time:  His spark really was damaged and Cole really did get him help.   On top of that, he stood by as his spark literally tore it’s self apart and he died.  Technically, he was dead for a few moments as he flat lined.
          “Oh Primus Cole, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to lose you too.  How careless of me after everything…. I‘m so so sorry.  I didn‘t…think.”
            Cole just lets Shockwave console him by letting those creative fingers pull his helm to the sore chest.  As the fingers massage in to his proud neck, Shockwave presses his face into Cole’s noble helm.  “Cole…” he breathes the name as if afraid he will never get to say it again and the soft mech will slide right out of his slippery grasp.
      The younger mech’s arms slide around the snowy waist and snuggles in.   “If this constant fear is what it means to be in love, I don’t blame you for wanting to leave.”
      “Shhh, we’ll figure this out.”  
      Among the bubbling warm water, the hands run up and down the spines soothing and holding on the present.  This is what they started with that night.  This is what really draws them together.  Losing this connection is not something either of them wants to face.
       “I begged you not to lead me on.  I begged you not to toy with me.  I never expected to be honestly jealous of him taking you away from me.”  With that he draws his hands from Shockwave’s back and to his sides.  With ever so gentle pressure, pushes himself out of Shockwave’s arms.  “Look, I’m pretty messed up right now.  I told Ratchet I should not be here.   Easily I can fall for you, if it’s not already too late,” he gives a soft laugh that Shockwave does not find funny.  “I’m so screwed up that I’m in love with two mechs at the same time and jealous of a third.”
      “Cole-” he tries once more, but Cole shakes his head and rises to sit on the edge of the tub.
      “I’m not trying to go bi-polar on you.  You need someone stable and sure footed in your life I just don’t know if that person is me anymore.”
      He turns to lift his leg out of the tub but finds the way blocked by a hand on either side of his checkered hips and a hot breath making it’s way to face him, “You teased me about being a Commander, then fine, listen to me Medic.  I do Command my own life now.   My Lord and Master are gone, that makes me master of my own destiny, correct?”
       Once more Cole nods encouraging Shockwave to continue. “You have no idea how much I was afraid for Megatron.  He was a Warlord for Primus sake with a backstabbing bastard for a Second in Command, if that doesn‘t put enough of a target on his helm.  Then we bond and I watched him drink himself into oblivion while I stood by forgotten in the shadows.  I WATCHED him try to kill himself while taking his mother’s life, Cole!!   I understand exactly what you meant a moment ago, you experienced EXACTLY what I had.  I’m kicking myself that I was so hell bent on my wrath and grief that I forgot all you and I have been building.”   With a heavy breath, moves his hand to cup Cole’s cheek, “For a genius, I’m pretty stupid.   Please forgive me, Cole.”
         Cole finds himself unable to speak just listening to this wonderfully empathic mech before him.  Then Shockwave has to go and caress his cheek?
         “I apologize, I was a fool.  It will not happen again, I promise you.”  The golden optic is pleading for the lovely form before him not to slip right out of his life.
          Cole’s spark and is hammering in his chest screaming at him not to let go.  The brain is scattered all over the map trying to decide if it’s fight or flight time.  Both hands lay flat to the snowy belly that is softer than the last time he lay with it.   Sliding his hands up again they hold to either side of the bruise.

          “What did you do when he tried to die?”
          Shockwave actually chuckles.  That surprises and confuses Cole even more, so the larger hand slips from the soft cheek to the sweet chin lifting it until the hurt green optics face the single warm one.   “I ran.  I hid.  I trembled.  I thought I had lost everything.”
       Cole flushes, for that is exactly what he was feeling too and Shockwave knows it.  
       With another nervous swallow, Cole asks the next question, “And what did he do?”
         Shockwave presses himself closer causing Cole’s thighs to part around his purple and golden-spotted trunks. The larger arm encompasses the thick waist bringing them belly to belly.  With a whisper, Shockwave shows his feelings, “He pursued me and refused to let me go.  I was the best part of his life… a  reason for him to live.”
        Cole knows he is trapped not just by Shockwave’s arms but his deep feelings.   “Greedy bastard.”  The last two words anyone would ever use to describe this mech but definitely fits his dead mate.  “Takes whatever he wants.”
          Shockwave knows that was meant for the ghost.  “Um-hum, well you know Decepticons,”  after all Cole had saved Autobots, Neutrals, and Decepticons alike.   “Tenacious bastards.”
           Cole likes this teasing deep warmth Shockwave is showing him.  Karmashock always loved to laugh and tease.   Shockwave’s sense of humor might be different that the lighter mech’s, but for Cole to be the one to bring light warm to both lives certainly is one of his strengths.
           The soft emerald optics fall to where his fingers play with the sensitive area around the blue medically-sealed spark chamber.  There will be no bonding for him any time soon, even if he was ready to.  Still, Shockwave is warming and humming into the soft tingling amorous touches.
          “Crazy ‘Cons think they own the whole damn planet or something,” Cole nervously teases back even though there is an honor and a touch of sorrow to his tone.
           As if holding a piece of hand blown glass, Shockwave lifts that chin again, “I would do it again if you asked me.”
            Cole feels himself leaning into Shockwave’s dipping face, “And I would never ask you to.”  A clear sign of the difference between himself and Megatron’s devotion to this same mech.
            Whatever Cole was going to think next was swallowed by Shockwave’s crushing kiss.  “I don’t deserve a noble mech like you,” before he plunges in again to keep Cole from countering his admission.
           Cole’s delicate fingers are crushed between their swelling sparks.  As deep and needy as this kiss is, it is not erotic.  This is a need to cling to the living hope and not let another opportunity slip away.  The fear is not ignored, it’s just comforted for a moment. Shockwave wraps his arms around Cole so tightly, his own chest begins to hurt but he doesn’t care one bit for he knows the pain is external muscles not internal damage.
           As hungry as their souls are to cling to each other and using these kisses to feed them, their bodies have other needs.  Cole’s stomach rumbles, Shockwave’s kiss stalls but doesn’t pull back.  Before either can say anything, Shockwave’s stomach answers.
         “Now you’re speaking my family’s language,” Cole lets a hand slips down to Shockwave’s not as taught belly.  “Mom says the universe’s problems could be better solved at a dinner table.”
          A deep laugh rumbles from the mech who was ‘right hand bot’ to a faction leader.  “She just might be right.”  With a second grumble from both, they separate.  Shockwave can smell something good and thumbs to the kitchen.  “I thought she wasn’t supposed to work on the Sabbath?”
         Cole rises and swings his legs out of the tub, “Cooking is not work to her.   It’s a solace thus, we NEVER go hungry on the Holy Days.  If anything, we explode.”  For that he pats his slight pudgy belly and reaches for the robes.
         Shockwave,  reaches out to snake his arm around Cole’s waist throwing him off balance so he almost falls back into the water.   With a squeak, he finds Shockwave’s face buried in his slightly round belly and kissing it.   “Don’t you dare change for me.  I like you just the way you are.”
            It’s Cole’s turn to tip the other’s chin up blushing, “And you call me the noble one.”
        Shockwave slips his hand down and cups the slightly fabric covered soft aft, “Cole, you are a helo-bot, not a hard tank nor a tiny motor bike.  You are perfect the way you are.”
         “Oh hell!  That’s it!  I know I’m in love now,” Cole throws his hands up in mock disgusted surrender.
          “Not until you have tried my lasagna you aren’t,” he smirks his antenna back glad that Cole is laughing again.
          The red and white one steps closer and pans his hands over both antenna pivots, “Is that a promise?”
         “Yes, it is, and then some.”   The violet helm leans into the warm touch.  Cole accepts the promise of a relationship with the older mech and steps back holding Shockwave’s robe up for him so they can get to their dinner.

        After their meal of the perishables while swathed in fluffy warm robes, they take the rest up to Shockwave’s room for the morning. For there is no way that even two starving mechs could eat all that and certainly don’t want to disappoint the Lady of the Manor’s hospitality (or endure her scowls).
        They settle down to the berth and snuggle up together for a movie.  Half way through:
      “Oh please!”   The soft white hand lifts from the helm antenna he was soothing to flop down upon the naked violet shoulder in a huff.  “That mech would be dead if you put that much copper into his system that fast.”
      A soft chuckle from his lap lift’s the flyer’s spark before he huffs again to the actor-medic slicing into an accident victim that would actually cause more harm than good in the real world.  “Sorry.”
      Shockwave rotates his helm and reaches for Cole’s hand again so he can rub the trained tips, “No need to apologize to me.   That shuttle engine never really would have exploded like that”
      A smile spreads wide over his face, “Really?”
       The tired violet helm shuffles in it’s lap-pillow and rolls fully to his back while bending at the knees, planting his pede flats to the berth, “Um-hum.  Well then again, the pretty piece of crap never would have made it through Venus’ stratosphere.”
       Cole’s optics light up like a geek with a new book, “Tell me more.   I find this fascinating.”
       Now it’s Shockwave’s optic that goes wide, “Honestly?   I don’t want to destroy the story line for you.”
      “It was blown the second they released the viral toxin.   It never would have spread that fast or done anything near like THAT.”
       Pulling the white hand closer to his face, Shockwave’s optic gives a smirk, “That’s it, I’m in love.”
      Cole chuckles this time to the teasing reply.   “Why, because I nit pick a movie?”
      Still relaxed with his helm in Cole’s lap pressed against his softer form he confesses, “Megatron hated when I would get all analytical about a movie.   He said I destroyed the fun of it.”
       Cole sniggers, “Karma said something much the same.   I tried to tell him that if the consultant doesn’t at least have a DDS before his name, I would be severely disappointed in wasting my time.”
         Chuckling warmly yet feeling no pain in his chest from the movement, Shockwave is finally feeling that safe comfort coming back.  Finally he is getting his Cole back.   That’s right, HIS Cole.   Not the one Karmashock shared a life with, the one Shockwave was drawing close to and looking forward to seeing over and over again.
      Too relaxed to move more, Shockwave soothes that hand again, “Looks like we were meant to be, hum?”
      Cole’s smile slips to a warm grateful one and gives that hand a squeeze, “I like that, Shockwave…. I like us.”
       “I like us, too.”   What isn’t said is anything about their past lovers and friends, just focusing on them alone as close companions.  They curl a little close together.

        Within a few minutes, they become like young nerd-mechlings at a slumber party snacking and giggling over detailed science talk.  Outside the door Wolfgang is pulling his tearing up mate into his arms.   He can’t help but feel a little misty himself hear the sound of his son’s laughter.   For quite a while now, he thought he was losing his Cole, but this twin-laughter is making his old spark sparkle again.
         “I don’t think those boys will be going with us tomorrow,”   Wolfgang tugs his mate on to their own room.
         She leans into him and sighs happily, “Darling, Primus won’t care.   He hears a song right now.”

       Sure enough the next morning, and against Wolfgang’s scowl, “They aren’t ten vorn olds!”  Victrola slowly squeaks the door open just so she can check on ’the boys’.  Wolfgang can’t help but peek over the shoulder and daw himself at the sight, though.
       There is Shockwave front down sound asleep with his helm still in Cole’s blanket covered lap.   Some time during the night, Cole’s leg has pulled halfway out and Shockwave’s hand cup to the calf like a sparkling might hold onto a stuffed toy.
       Cole on the other hand, has slumped over on his side with his head on Shockwave’ shoulders, one loose hand still around an antenna.   Both of them are sound-sound asleep, someone is even slightly snoring.
        With a tug to her arm, Wolfgang releases ’the boys’ from her watchful gaze.  Cole comes out of his sleep hearing the door squeak shut.   He nuzzles into the sleep-warmed form beneath him who returns the attention with a soft hum of his own.
       “Megatron?” is hummed.
       Cole’s spark sinks for a moment until the form rolls his helm over and slowly brings his optic online.   From there, the antenna lean back and ‘smiles’ nuzzling into Cole‘s belly, “Mmm, morning Cole.”
         Cole has to lift himself to look over the shoulder and down to the mech still somewhat snuggled and yet tangled in the berth with him.  “Sleep well?”
         “First time I have slept on my front in …I don’t know how long.”  Cole’s mouth opens to ask the question, but Shockwave cuts him off, “Shh, I’m fine.”   Raising his lovely violet helm, he slides his hand up from the leg to the waist and pulls.
       Even a bit groggy, not quite up to full strength, and in an awkward position; he tugs.   Cole squeaks and finds himself on his right side, face to face with Shockwave laying on his left.  “Mmm, much better.”
       Cole just smiles and helps shove the pillows around and adjust the blankets so both are truly comfortable.  A white hand reaches out and strokes the violet cheek.   “I don’t think it will bother me anymore when you wake up saying his name.”
       Shockwave nods, “It won’t bother me if you say his and cling to me in the night.”
       The younger one nods but makes his hands a little slower in caressing his cheek.   “Will you tell me how you found out?   I know I told you mine but then again you weren’t ready to tell me your side at the time and now I understand why.”
       Shockwave’s throat tightens a couple of times before he says, “Cole, I have a request of you.”
       “Of course, Shockwave.   What ever it is, I will do my best to honor it.”
       Shockwave covers that hand on his cheek and slips his fingers between them.  “Don’t ever leave me a handwritten note on paper and leave on my pillow while you head off.”
       “Oooooo….Shockwave….”… {Reverence to height and interaction in cannon AU}

Musical muse: Heart Ache with you every moment: HIM
Disclaimer: NOT cannon to =NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 ‘s AU. Karmashock, Cole, Puncture his OC’s. Wolfgang, Victrola I named for Cole’s parents. Shockwave & Megatron Hasbro’s.
Zweite Liebe Chapter List
1)… (Last Goodbye :Dead by April)
4)… (Killing Lonlieness: H.I.M.)
5)… (Hold On: The Devin Townsends)
6)… (Within My Heart: Dead by April)
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S & C

      With the meal prepared, the younger two bring it to the outside patio table where the parents await.  To their surprise, a bottle has already been poured into the pristine crystal goblets beside perfectly set china.   Shockwave can’t help but think of his mother.
     Part of her had no choice but to be a servant to the duties of keeping up a clean house and making it perfect for his father.   Yet part of her enjoyed the elite life.   First of all, she had a bondmate who…. Well at one time cared for her.   Cared enough to upgrade her so she didn’t look like a droid to fit in with the others and she did birth two sparklings.  One sparkling she loved more than anything.
     “Shockwave?”   Cole softly asks as he pulls the chair out for him to take at his side.
     “Sorry, my mind wandered for a moment.”  
     Victrola pouts but both Wolfgang and Cole give her a soft head shake to say nothing.   Instead, they begin passing the dishes around.   Cole starts the intellectual conversation to keep the questions off Shockwave.
       “So, how was the conference?”
        Wolfgang robustly chuckles, “Well Cole you know how it is.”
        Victrola shakes her head taking the next dish, “It wasn’t that bad.”
        Shockwave enjoys hearing about some of the new advances to medicine being introduced.   He does notice at one point, Wolfgang sets his fork down, tines upside down to the rim of the plate.   A sign that he is not done, but also keeps him from shoving more food in his mouth as they talk.  
       Sure Megatron had manners, but these are upper class manners that he has to admit, he has been well out of practice with.   Watching the others though, he finds himself slipping back into it pretty quickly… like a human would an old pair of comfortable shoes.

      “There were three new piece of equipment they were showcasing.   Two looked promising but Cole I’m begging you, if the board agrees to the third, DON’T let anyone use it!   Sabotage it if you have to.”
      The commander in Shockwave blinks to the order of a civilian.   Oh right, Cole’s parents are on the hospital board along with being movers and shakers in the community.  He feels daft for forgetting for a moment.
       “What’s wrong with it, Dad?”   The fellow doctor asks.
       Wolfgang looks to his mate and then to his guest, “Ah, well…”
        Victrola asks Shockwave, “I understand that you design equipment, but we are talking about medical equipment if you know what I mean.”  
       The genius knows she means something a bit graphic could come out next and she was warning him.   It warms him to hear the warm motherly tingle to her tone.  
       When Shockwave doesn’t respond with more than just a nod of understanding, she turns a warning glare to her mate, “Sometimes these two mechs of mine forget their table manners when at home   Mechs, there is a guest.”     She tries to end the subject by turning to a better subject and daintily stabs a piece of her meal, “This is delicious, by the way.”
       Shockwave looks between the two remaining mechs who share matching rebuked expressions then down to his own meal to keep from laughing.
      “So Mr. Shockwave, tell me what you do.”
     “Mom…,” Cole tries to pull the attention off his guest.
     She plunks her hands into her lap a bit exasperated at his manners,
“Cole!   It is polite conversation to engage your guest and make them feel welcomed rather than disgust them with talk about the workings of the new amputation tools and subsequent prosthetics.”
     Now Shockwave does feel his meal catch in his throat and his gaze falling to his left hand.
      “Mom,” once more he tries to warn.
      “It’s alright, Cole, I’m fine.”   He raises his left hand and scrolls the fingers down elegantly, “I’m an amputee myself.”
     Now Wolfgang finds his meal sticking.  “Forgive me, Son, I should have noticed.”
     The purple shoulders give a light shrug towards the bright red mech, “Then it is a credit to my doctor for performing the ….replacement.”
     Cole and Wolfgang hear something vast missing in the lag.   Shockwave didn’t say surgery, just replacement.   Odd, but Cole is the one to speak first, “I’m sorry Shockwave, I forgot.”
     Shockwave picks up his fork and twirls a bit through the rue sauce, “That’s alright, I forget myself many a time.”
      To everyone’s startlement, a light fist bonks the table making all the dishes rattle, “This may not be my home but it is my property and I put a ka-bosh on any more medical talk at this table from any of you.”   Picking up the butter knife she holds it like a scalpel and waves it at her two red mechs in warning,  “Do you hear me?!”
        “Yes Ma’am,” they both drop their chins muttering.
        With that, Victrola turns her charming face to the guest.  Yes she knows good and well he is a widower fresh out of mourning so she is gentle in her choice of conversation, “So Dearie, what do you design over there?”
         Shockwave pulls his shoulders up proud and states quiet confidently, “Medical equipment.”
        Wolfgang’s fork falls clattering to the table.  Cole smacks his face down into his hand shaking and then shoots him a sneaky grin.   Shockwave only flicks his antenna back to his host.   Victrola catches on and lets off a deliriously happy laugh before threatening him too with her butter knife.

      Shockwave has to admit, it has been one of the best dinners he’s had in a long time.   Complicated for the palate, intricate and highly detailed science talk and people who really care about each other’s thoughts and feelings.  There’s no false or manipulating words.  There’s no hidden meanings to anything, no it’s just straight out conversation in the true definition to the word.  
      He is no fool either.  He knows that they know his bondmate died protecting their son’s love.   Yet, that is not who they engage.  They engage who he would be without Megatron or even Chaos’s elite heritage.   He could spend all night here with these two--
   He watches as Wolfgang gives his son a bit of advice.   It flares the blue spark for one he cares deeply for to be treated admirably by his parents.   The only parents he had truly interacted with cut both him and Megatron deeply.    
     His spine chills thinking of Puncture for just a moment.  
      He can feel Victrola is watching him, but doesn’t turn, thus Vicky (as she asked Shockwave to call her) joins her mate in advising their son.   She doesn’t talk to him like a toddler nor does she demand that he follower her advice.  No, she enjoys his company and respects his own values and concerns.  Cole’s parents respect him as a grown adult.
    Shockwave’s mind continues to wander until Vicky rises thus the other three do as well.  She turns to her mate, “Wolfy, I’d like to talk to you about something.”
     He’s not an open rouge with his signs of open affection, but he does slip his hand tenderly into hers as if they were high school sweethearts on a first smitten date, “Yes, M’lady.”  
      Cole comes over to give his mother a kiss on the cheek.   This is not one of those stupid air kisses that many snobs would give.  No, this is one of pure familial affection.   To his father, he leans into him for a one armed hug receiving a firm clamp-pat to his shoulder.  “Enjoy the night, Cole.  You have good company to share it with.”   He makes sure to give Shockwave a slow inclination of his helm in a respectful bow to the other.   Shockwave returns it like wise and then to Vicky as well.
      For him, she gives this parting request, “Mr. Shockwave, please come again.   I very much enjoyed your company.”
     Once more his helm dips, “I did as well, Mrs. Victrola.”  
     With that, the older couple walk away.   Wolfgang swipes a strawberry off the top of the cake in passing earning him a nudge from the shorter black and white femme.   Shockwave watches them stroll down the path back to the larger house.
      “They really love each other, don’t they?”
       Cole nods, “Yes they do.   I’ve only seen one other couple just as, if not more, in love than them.”
        It takes Shockwave a moment before he turns his head to Cole.  The expression says it all and he turns his optic aside.  
        Cole takes a deep breath, “Would you walk with me?”
        Shockwave nods and Cole motions to another path that will go around the estate.  The place is larger than where he was raised and quite impressive, but that is not what holds his attention, it’s Cole focused on his hands.

         “What I am going to tell you, you won’t like to hear.”
          “How can you say that?”  Shockwave sends back.   “Maybe I like everything you say.”
          That makes the hands wring again.  “Look Shockwave, we haven’t exactly spoken about what happened that night.  It wasn’t why I came over.”
          “Do you regret it?”
          “Do you?”   He really wants the other’s feelings.
           Shockwave steps in front of Cole halting the walk giving a slight bend at the waist to bring them both face to face.  “Absolutely not.”
       Cole nods but doesn’t look at him any more.   Cupping the chin, Shockwave makes him.  The desire is there and he leans in but Cole grasps the purple chin and pushes it back.  That does make the taller one stop.  Since when has he been the one to initiate affection?
        “Shockwave, you’re like a first year college student with a freedom but doesn’t know what to do with it.   Like a mech on his own for the first time with a full account.”
        That does make the older one take a step back and flinch.  “I’m not a child!   I’m nearly fifty!’
         Cole walks around Shockwave forcing him to follow.   “You were a child under strict rules and order”   Shockwave can nod to that.   “From there you went straight into an Army with more strict rules and orders to follow.  In both cases, you were told what to do and what to think and how to behave.”
         Shockwave does not like the path Cole is taking him down, but he has no choice but to follow it.  He does counter though, “I was on a secluded post left to myself for eons.”
       Cole waggles a finger knowing about the Guardian of Cybertron.  “No, you were still a soldier with a mission and protocol to follow.”
        Fueled with indignity, Shockwave defends, “I was a Commander for Primus-sake!”
        Cole jerks his head up to the former commander, “That only makes it worse!  Not only did you serve a leader, but you had to keep up a façade for the subordinate soldiers.”
        Once more Shockwave scoffs, this time really pulling his back up taught and even bringing his face up a bit higher in dignity.   “I was always honest.  I did not lie, it’s not in my programming.”
         “Define a lie.   For you certainly know how to twist or bend the truth.  I saw you do it with my mother about that little ‘medical equipment’ thing.  Wave Industries products are in the hospital but not the way you let it lay.  A ruse, a distraction, I don’t care what it is, but it’s not the full truth.”
          Shockwave has nothing to say to that just continuing on beside Cole along the path.  Cole is the one to press on with a soft voice, “Look Shockwave, I’ve dated before, you have not.”   That does bring the golden optic to see what is really going on here.   Cole continues.
        “I’ve had my spark broken before.   I’ve been lied to before and used.   I’ve had relationships fall apart.  You have not.   I’m still tender and raw right now.  I can’t handle another break up, most certainly not with you.”
       “I won’t.
       Cole bores his gaze in, “Maybe not on purpose, but maybe now that you are a free mech for the first time with a whole buffet choice of suitors, you find someone better than I.   I can’t handle being your rebound berth buddy.  I can’t handle the only thing we have in common is… them.   It’s not fair to either of us.”
        Shockwave stalls, “Are you saying you don’t even want to try?”
        Cole shakes his head, “No, what I’m saying is, you don’t have to put on ire’s for me.  I know who you were before.   I’m not blind, you are a damn sexy thing.  Any mech would want you at their side and waking up next to your --Primus!-- naked body!”  
        He has to clear his throat to the image of their morning after.  Shockwave is flushing just as badly.   Sure he’d overheard some whispers about his form but the only one he ever really listened to was Megatron.   Those were to only compliments that made it past the audios into the spark.
        The younger medic continues,  “You and I have had conversations before while Megatron and Karma talked privately, and I find you stimulating company, but I also know me.”   This time he steps in front of Shockwave, “I work in a hospital.  I work long hard hours that killed a relationship for me and left me devastated when he found someone who ’actually has time for him’.”    Then he looks down to his pedes, “I’m not built like a soldier you are used to either.”

         Shockwave is humbled by what he has just heard.  Cole actually thinks he’s this carefree and could have anyone he wants? Part of that is a thrilling compliment, but the other side is a lie.  He doesn’t want anyone.   Then he hears the punch line.
          “I can never live up to your Megatron and you can never replace my Karmashock. I’m afraid of either of us hurting the other and losing the friendship we have.”

           Now it’s Shockwave’s turn to reply.   “I was Megatron’s friend long before he accepted my love.   Karmashock clearly was a dear friend to you by the way he talked about you to us.”
          Touching the face would be a lover’s move, so he lays a hand to the checkered shoulder, “I value our friendship very much and you and I have a firm foundation there.   I would not mind making it deeper but respect if you need to hold back.”
         Cole nods, “Thank you, Shockwave.   I too value what we have.”
         Now the hand does graze the side of the nightly chin, “Do you want to explore more?”
          The green optics go dark, “You have no idea how much I want to.”
          “Show me,” is whispered so closer to the other’s lips.
Dinner with the parents and then they need to talk on where this is going. Shockwave you gentlemech you. Cole, sometimes we forget that you are more experienced that the older mech.

For those of you familiar with the original storyline, you will see and interesting shift of terms here. How you used to see who was always the younger is now the elder, for instance. Makes for a nice change of pace with familiar terms and characters.

Killing Loneliness… Is it a fear or a hope of theirs? You decide. Thank you Sabath for introducing this piece to me.

Disclaimer: NOT cannon to =NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 ‘s AU. Karmashock, Cole, Puncture his OC’s. Wolfgang, Victrola I named for Cole’s parents. Shockwave & Megatron Hasbro’s.
Zweite Liebe Chapter List

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Just a question that came to mind the other day in the form of a rhyme. ;P

Take it as whatever you need. :hug::heart:


Wow it's been a while since anything in the way of rhyming writing made an appearance on my dA! :wow: I just got my leaving cert results back and I am super pleased! Got what I needed and that's what matters :)


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Basically all these less-than-happy poems are being spawned from feelings related to the same person. Oh I'm one of those poets now, haha. :lmao:

So yeah, did you ever help out a friend when they were down about something, or had a problem - but when you needed help they either ignored it/didn't ask or brushed it off as it were no big deal (basically, your problems don't matter)?

Yepp. I'm not impressed with that behavior and I think it's ridiculously self-centered and just rude really! >:[


Hope you like it! :hug::heart:

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Tori was making her way through the woods and heard an explosion. She jumped at the sound and looked in confusion at the plume of smoke that appeared above the trees. She frowned slightly and went over to investigate. She came to a clearing where someone in a black cloak, emblazoned with red clouds. She gasped. He was a member of the Akatsuki ... he had blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and a part of his fringe covered one of his green eyes. He was pouting and looking at a little smoking crater in the floor
"That really was pathetic ... I need to work on that new explosive ..." He grumbled, kicking a lump of dirt into the crater
He looked up and saw her. She froze
Uh-oh ... She thought, a small blush forming on her cheeks
She recognised him ... it was Deidara, the one who had captured her at least five times before ... somehow though, she always managed to get out and run away. Strangely, she had developed feelings for him ... but she thought she could be developing some kind of "Stockholm Syndrome" or at least had the symptoms because whenever she got away, she felt guilty ... and missed him terribly. Then again, she hated being alone ...
"Hey, long time no see, Tori! I thought I might see you again" He said, smiling
She just stayed stuck to the spot ... anxious about what he might do
"H-hello ... uh ... D-Deidara" She mumbled, fiddling with her long black hair
"You just can't keep away from me, can you?" He said, smiling and putting his hands on his hips
"H-hey! It's you who won't leave me alone!" She said, blushing madly
"Then why do you swoon every time I hold your hand, hmm?" He asked, approaching her
She began to shake a little as he took her hand in his. She had to suppress the urge to swoon ... and failed
"Told ya" He said
She pulled her hand away and slapped him
"Ow ... that hurt" He said, rubbing his sore cheek "You're feisty"
He grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her closer, making her squeal
"I like that in a woman" He said, smiling in a sinister fashion
She tried to slap him again but he caught her hand and kissed it. She glared at him
"Get off me you fruit!" She shouted, trying to get away
It was no use. His grip was as strong as titanium ... he wasn't going to let go
"Fruit? I'm sorry, I think you have me confused with someone else. I don't swing that way" He said
Could have fooled me ... She thought, frowning
"Anyway ... It's a good thing you're here" He said, smiling
"Why's that?"  She asked flatly
"I wanted to tell you ... that I'm taking you with me" He said
"No way! Not again" She said, trying to get away
He hoisted her over his shoulder
"Put me down!" She shouted, kicking him repeatedly
"Let me think about it ... hmm ... no" He said
She let out an annoyed grunt
"Put me down this instant! Or shall I tell your boyfriend that you're doing this?" She growled
"I told you, I don't swing that way. Now, be quiet before I blow you up with my clay" He said, starting to walk away
"Explode me all you want, I don't care, just let me go!" She shouted, blushing wildly
"I would but ... I guess I've taken a shine to you, Tori" He said
"What do you mean by that? And stop touching my butt, pervert!" She shouted
"You ... are true art" He said
"Am not. Now put me down before I end you!" She growled
"Let me think about it ... hmm ... nah!" He said
"Oh I hate you!" She squealed, her face going red

The End
Please Read

Disclaimer: No flamboyant men were harmed in the making of this fic

A request from :iconmonkchoo24:. It features her OC "Tori Snipe"

I like explosions too, but this guy is just ... fruity. I mean ... look at him!

Note: Any one who steals "Tori", is going to get murdered ... by me. monokochoo24 has been a fan of mine for a while ... and I have made her many requests ... and I'd hate to see her character get stolen. I know far too well how that feels ... and I don't want to see it happen ... or there'll be trouble
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I turned over so I was facing [Name] and stroked her cheek. My skin looked so ghostly compared to hers. I almost suffered a heart attack when her [e/c] eyes opened
"G-Gil?" she mumbled
She smiled and ... to my surprise, she kissed me. Part of me wanted to pull away, and tell her it was way too soon to do this sort of thing, but of course, because my Awesomeness reigns supreme, I shared my first kiss with her. I never imagined it would feel so ... good. It felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and there were butterflies in my stomach. I decided to take it a little further and my tongue invaded her mouth ... I heard her laugh as our tongues fought. Soon though, we called it a draw and separated for air
"Oh Gilbert ... I love you" She said, burying her head in my chest
I looked down at her, surprised. Of course, I didn't know her very well ... but for some reason, I felt that this was right
"Ich liebe dich ..." I said, returning her hug tightly
We laid there in each others arms for a while ... I don't know how long. I just wanted to hold her all day. She was so warm ... and comforting. I guess ... this situation was kind of awesome after all! Just as I was about to recite one of my pick up lines, I heard Ludwig knock on my door loudly
"Come on, Mini-Brain! You've been in there long enough! It's 12 o'clock!" He shouted
"Oh! For a moment there I thought I'd overslept!" I said, loud enough for him to hear
"Just get your sorry rear end out here before I kick it!"
"But West~!" I complained
"No buts!"
"But you just said-"
"Fine ..." I grumbled
[Name] laughed
"If I let you" She said, her grip tightening
She bit her bottom lip and gave me a suggestive look
I kissed her and she giggled
A few weeks later, Ludwig and I were heading home from the jewellery shop (but I'm not going to tell you why yet, because I want to leave it as a surprise!)
"Are you sure you should have spent that much?" Ludwig asked, raising his eyebrows
"Heck yeah, she deserves it! She's the only one who ... who ..."
"Who ... what?" He growled
My cheeks gained some colour
"She's the only one who is more awesome than me ..." I said, smiling like a fool
He rolled his eyes as I pulled my coat hood up. After all, it was raining quite badly and I wanted to look my best. Overall, at that time, my life was awesome! I came to the edge of the path, next to a road, where the traffic was going painfully slow. I mean come on! It's Berlin! Freaking speed up, this isn't the United Kingdom!
"Wait, Gilbert. I think you should use a crossing!" Ludwig said
"Nah, I'll be fine. I just have to time it right!" I said, laughing
I watched the traffic carefully. But because of the rain and the hood of my coat blocking a lot of my senses ... I ran out into the road


The next thing I knew, I was getting up off the road and I looked around. There was a queue of cars next to me, all of the drivers looking at me with horrified faces. I noticed my right shoe was missing. Then I saw it on the floor. I had just been hit by a car! The driver of the car got out
"Are you ok?" She asked
"J-ja ... I'm fine ..." I said, slightly shaken
I couldn't believe that I could have died just then ... I got my shoe back on and looked at Ludwig. His face was frozen in a look of horror and he had gone whiter than me
"Do you need me to get you to a doctor?" the driver asked
I noticed she had children in the car. Early lesson for those kids, I'm sure ...
"N-nein ... I'll be ..."
I suddenly became emotional ... I think it was from the shock ...
"I insist! I have to make sure you're alright" the driver said
"F-fine, alright" I said
Ludwig and the driver led me to the nearest clinic and I sat down. The moment I came into the warm, the pain came. It wasn't bad ... it was like a small pinch
"Will you be alright?" She asked
He nodded and held onto me as the driver left, shaken
"Are you alright, brudder?" Ludwig asked
I nodded and the doctor called us in to see her. We went into the room and I just stood there, shaking
"Hello there, Mr Beilschmidt! Does anywhere hurt?" She asked
"My leg ... here" I said, rubbing my right thigh
"Let's take a look at it" She said
I rolled my trouser leg up and she poked my pale thigh. I winced in pain a little
"It doesn't appear to be serious. Can you walk?" She asked
"I think the worst case scenario would be bruising. You're very lucky, Mr Beilschmidt" She said
And with that, Ludwig and I began to walk ... or in my case, limp home. Ludwig never made a sound ...

To be Continued
Read Before You Comment

The car incident here actually happened. 3 or 4 years ago ... to me. A car hit me, literally 5 minutes away from where I live, and just across the road from a doctor's practice ... my youngest sister saw the whole thing. She was 10 at the time ... and I was taking her to school. It was my fault, I should have listened to Rebekah (my sister) and cross at the lights or a crossing, like she said. If you have any questions, feel free to ask

Part 1 - [link]
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - [link]
Part 4 - [link]
Part 5 - [link]
Part 6 - :star:
Part 7 - [link]
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I-am-Awesome45 : Lol, You're funny!

[Username] : Really?

I-am-Awesome45 : Yeah!

[Username] : :)

I-am-Awesome45 : Hey! Let's meet in real life!

[Username] : What?!

I-am-Awesome45 : I really want to meet you ... you just ... sound so interesting!

[Username] : B-but ...

I-am-Awesome45 : Come on! It'll be fun. You can bring someone with you if you feel more comfortable. I mean, I'm going to be bringing my brother!

[Username] : Ok, I can't wait to meet you!

I-am-Awesome45 : Wunderbar!

[Username] : ^_^ I'll meet you in the Airport cafe

I-am-Awesome45 : Ja, that would be Awesome. Wanna Roleplay?

[Username] : Sure, who do you want to do?

I-am-Awesome45 : Lol! You said "do"!

[Username] : XD


That was how it all started. Passing messages over a wonderful invention called the Internet. I was due to meet the girl I had never seen tomorrow, in a cafe at Berlin Airport. I was so nervous ... wait ... the Awesome Me? Nervous?! HA! Hardly! I am never nervous! Anyway, I logged off the site as usual and told my brother, Ludwig (or West, as I called him) about the conversation that just happened
"Why are you so reckless, Brudder?" He sighed
"What?! You're just jealous ..." I said, pouting and folding my arms
"No, I'm being sensible. You've left every single woman you've ever been with. What's going to be so different about this one?" He asked
"Firstly, were only friends on a website. I doubt that this relationship could get serious, West" I said, with my signature grin
He just rolled his eyes and went back to reading as usual. Pfft ... bookworm ...
"Besides, I think you're over reacting, West" I said, rolling my eyes
"I think you're under reacting. Let's face it ... she's going through a lot to come and see you. I mean, she's coming all the way from [Country Name] to Germany just to meet you!" He said
He had a valid point. What would I do if she never even turned up? I shook my head. Ludwig was just jealous because he wasn't getting any and I could possibly meet a girl I could finally settle down with and ... raise a family, like I always wanted ...
"Are you still coming with, or what?" I asked
He sighed
"Fine, but don't come crying to me if she rejects you ..." He said, rolling his eyes
"She won't! She will be bowled over by my Awesome!" I said
He just sighed again and decided to ignore me for the rest of the day, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get a reaction. It sucked ... so I went to my room, got dressed for bed, and climbed into bed. I had to go and live with my brother after my country was no more ... to be honest, if he hadn't taken me in ... I would have disappeared. I doubt the name "Prussia" will ever be spoken again ... and my name will vanish into history. My best hope ... was the one I was going to meet tomorrow. Maybe if I befriended her, things would change ... those were my thoughts then as Gilbird jumped onto my forehead and fell asleep there. I sighed
"A big day for us tomorrow, Gilbird ..." I said, turning out the light

To Be Continued
Prussia finds a friend online, and they arrange to meet in a cafe. Will all go well?

Part 1 - :star:
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - [link]
Part 4 - [link]
Part 5 - [link]
Part 6 - [link]
Part 7 - [link]
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okay,this is going to be boyxgirl(SasorixDeidara),past yaio,rape(meaning Deidara will or might get raped in the story) and more.
Dei: why am I a gril,un!
becuse it's my story!
dei: fine,un!
Deidara gets abvusin in this story!

Deidara's pov~
"Shut the hell up,un!" that was me, my names Deidara Deiato Uchicha,it use to be Deidara Deiato Midori,but that was the past.'Danm Sasuke,why do you always do this to me.' "Mom! Sasuke set my alarm clock again for.....6:05!" yes,Sasuek was my big bother(yes Itachi and Sasuke are twins in this stroy) he was always doing something to me,but not Itachi. They're both one year older then me,un. We all in the same grad 9th grad. So I got up,went to the bathroom,got in the shorw. I hit my haed on the wall.'Do not remember the past,do not remember the past.' my step mom(i 4got the name of Itachis and Sasukes mom) told me that.But for the frist five years I've been here,sence i was ten...i had nightmaras about my past,dad,and mom. "Hey,Deidra! Are you almost done?" Sasuke yell at me,and i told him i was getting out."Umm.....Deidei,mom wants you donw stairs." he said to me and shut the door or reather slamed it in my face. I went donw stairs and found mom in the kitchen."Good morring dear." she aid to me,"Good morring mom and dad,un. So you want me to hepl make breakfest?" i asked her and she nodded. 'Okay,we are making sunny side up eggs,tost,and more' i thought to mysef as i got the eggs and all the shit we need."Look it's the devil,un." i sneerd as Itachi entder the room,me and him hated eacher other, me and Sasuke where not the prodiey of this house,only Itachi,Itachi this,and Itachi that! Thats all he ever takes."You guys are going to be late for the your first day of high school. Itachi,you derving,so take them with you!" mom said to us,we got in Itachi car and dover off.

Sasori's pov~
"Oh my god is he hot or what?"
"Of curose he's hot,sexy,and sooo more."
I love hearing those comments. There like music to me ears. I herd Itachi and Sasuke had someone that was going to be in our group,the Akatsuki. I think his name was thats not was Deidara! Yea,that was his name."Hey,fucker!" that was Hidan,one of my freinds. Me and Hidan new eacher sence kindergradner,"Hey,Hidan. Have you seen Nagato,Konan,or anyone?" i asked him,he told me he seen Konan,Nagato,and Yahiko..but no one else. Yahiko was there best freind and ours,but i think Deidara new them. "Hidan! There you are."he ran from Kakuzu his boyfriend,the guy that loves money and him.

In class~(just to let you know that is high school is contented to a milde school and all the katsukiwent to that)
"Okay class! Welcome back to the new year. Now I know that all of you are or not happy to see all of us teachers..again. Anywho, we have a new stundent,so please welcome Deidara Deiato Uchicha." Mrs.Ella said,we call her by Mrs.Ella becuse we can not say her last name. She open the door and this blonde boy came in,with long blonde hair,bluess-pupol eyes,and he had gloves that went up to his elbow."hi,un. My names Deidara Deiato Uchicha. But you already now that. I am a gril." "Wait...are you that girl that was said to have killed her partents?" everyone started laughing,not me or the rest of the akatsuki.'So you are a girl,hmm.' i thoguht to myself as Deidara took a seat next to me."Hi. My names Sasori." "Hi,un." she said to me and kept straring at me at me,'God was she hot,sexy,and- what the hell am I saying!'i thought to myelf again and listan to Mrs.Ella.
this took me a long time to make! so comment and fav! dont fav or comment if you dont like.

deidara,sasori and everyone(c)kishimoto
my ooc(that will be in the story later)(c)me
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here is part 2!!!  
dei: and a few flashbacks of wah happen to me,sasori's past isn't inproting in this story,so deal with it.un.
Dei's pov~
This had to be my wrost day of my life,un! Everyone in the inter school was laughing at me.
"Why is she even here?"
"Maybe she jsut lives with the Uchicha's for know and still lives with her step dad." they where laugh at me not with me,I saw Sasori with Itaci over there in the coner not hepling me.
"Why does she waer those elow gloves,priceings,and everything esle." when that girl sai that,I started t cry,this time Itachi and Sasori saw it."'Tachi,we got to see whats wrong ith her." "Okay." i ran out of the school and into a granden. I saw  a oerfect spot to cut my myself,and yes I'm emo,un. So i ran to their,sat donw,and started."This is for asshole Itachi,"cut,"for the death of my mom and dad,"cut,"for having two step dads,"cut," for hav-" i was cut off be Itachi,"Don't you fucking dare,Deidara! You already have a noff healt problums,you donot need more." i hate when her says that and he said it in front of Sasori,my chrush,un."Meet at home in two hours,i'll tell mom that you had to go to Sasori's house." he said and left."Deidara do you need hepl?" he was so kind,like both my step mom and real mom,so i nodded,hepled me up,and we went to his car."This is your car?!" i asked him,"Yep! Why do you look velmire." I new what he was saying,he new me from the hospitol when i strated having my health problums."Are you the boy that came to me when i was having health problums and other shit,un." "Yep,I'm that guy. You look soo skinny. Why wheren't you in milde school here?" i just looked at him,and i did not want to tell Sasori what happen,"I do nt want to talk about it,un. Can i use you cell phone i dont have one yet,"so he gave me his phone and i called my mom,"Mom,hey,can i spend the night at my new freind Sasori-Danna'shouse? Thanks! She said yes,ooowwwwwww!" he laugh with me,he picked me up and put me in the front seat.

Sasori's pov~

We where at my house,i was still fixing Deidara's arms. She was realy skinny with out a shrit on,i then relized that she had a mouth on her chest,Dei was only 5.5 my hight."So Dei-Kan,why are you arms so wrone out." "Well,i started cuting myself at the age of 4,one year after my partents died,was in a mentl hospitol,went almost blind in bot hof my eyes,and you where the one that was by my side everytime you where at the hospitoln,not the mentl one,un." she told me,she kept goign on about her."Hey,Danna," i looked at her,"Do you want to wacht a movie?",she asked me,so i said yes an we wacht The Men who stare at goats,Ninja Assinan,Lion king 1,2,and 3 in RussianGerman,Japanese,Eghlish,and many more langugaese that i can not say."You have to be that most funniest person i have ever meet." she looked at me with a slime on her face,"You my frist friend i ever had,un. A your ucte." Dei said to me with 'A' instead of 'and'."Deidara what does 'A' mean?" "It means and in Russian,un" Deidara said that with an Russian axsten,"Danna,i have to tell you something. I have mouths on my hands,you already now where my other one is,and my eyes....eye transtplant. You now your freind Nagato i kinda got the same eyes as him,un" i looked at Dei and huged her We feel asleep like this.

Next morring,normal pov~
"That was the best might ever right Deiara? Deidara?" Sasori could like someone thorwign up or something.So he got up and went to the kitchen to find Deidara coughing up blood in the snik."Oh my god! Deidara are you okay!? Do you want me to call your-" he was cut off by Deidara falling donw,hitting her head on the conter."Deidara,Deidara?!" he called 911 and the amblunse came there so fast."Hey,Itachi." 'Hi,Sasori! Is everythign alright?' "Well no. Deidara...was coughing up blood,she feel donw and hit her head agenst the conter and i called 911,and we're alsmot to the hospitol." 'Okay,we all be there in a sec!' Itachi hung up,'Deidara don't die on me or anyone.'Sasori thought to himslef.
(spiking a of shit i dont want to put)

Sasori's and Itachi's pov~
"Five fucking hours! How long does it take to replce to arms!" "Itachi! Its sergury,they can take as long as they want!" Sasori andItachi have been talking for about,almost ten hours. Itachi hadn't splet at all last night and Sasori was hitting he head with his hand.

2 hours later~
"Scarlet! What are you doing here?" Sasori asked her,she had a smile on her face seeing them,but then none."i wroke here,anyway. Deidara's in the recover room,she'll wake up in abotu 1 hour and you can go see here." scarlet was always nice,unless you mess with the twins Konan and Scarlet.She lead them to room 519(crazy,Deidara's borth month and age,and Nagato's birth day). What they saw was the sracest thing of their life.
part 2!!! so comment and fav! dotn fav or comment if you dont like

part of this was this spuposied to be in chap 3
oocs(r) me
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part 4!!!!!

Five years later in High school,Sasori's pov~
It has been five years sence Deidara left,we all got alone good,Nagato went more emo then he was,Scarlet and Konan got relay quite,Yahiko went goth,Itahci and Sasuek paternts died one year ago,but the didn't care. As for the rest of us,I live with 'Tachi and Sasuke,as for Hidan and Kakuzu they got back together and live together,still go to us. I got out of my new car, it was a red mustangwith a white strep donw the midle.
"God he is even hotter!"
"You never got a date with him! But he is sexyer!"
"Sasori can we go out?"
"Date me Sasori!"
"Sorry,grils! I haev a gril that i have not seen in five years and if she is here this year i'm going out with her." they alled 'awwww'ed at what i said,'Deidara i hoped you're here this year.' i thought to myself and sat donw with the Akatsuki."Hey, Sasori." that was Nagato he realy did chang..alot! His hair was a little longer,he had peircings on his ears and face. Konan and Scalret had a lip on and a bellybutton one."I'm doing good." "Hey mother fuckers have you seen the new gril?" yu can gess who that was Hidan with Kakuzu,he said something about a new girl. They where still the same Kakuzu and Hidan. I saw Itachi and Sasuke sitting with us."So..Hidna who is this 'new' girl?" Itachi asked him,the basterd Itachi we fool around time to time with 'Tachi."Well," Hidan started,"she has blodne-rediess-blackiess-hair,she is skinny,kidna has Nagato's eyes,pluse her arms look like the have been swon back on,and she is realy,realy,I mean realy pale." he said to us and then Yahiko spock up or tried to,"What do-" he was cut off by the sound of people saying something
"This that the new girl?"
"Yeah that's her.She looks like Deidara."
"She does. Hey,new girl! Whats your name?!" one kid sai to her,she truned around and looked at him,and said,"My names Deidara Deiato Midori,un. And I would it if you did not say anything about me or you will be in trouple with me intery,un." she aid to them and they all got out of Deidara's way.We all looked at her and she did look like Nagato more like him,"D-Deidara is that you?" i said to her,she stop,truned around,and faced us."Hello Sasori,Itachi and Sasuke-nii-san,Nagato,Konan,Scarlet,everyone,un. And yes it is me." seh walked away from us,wrispiered something in Sasuke's ear,and then went over to Orochimaru's team. We never thought that would happen,thme being with him."Okay meet me with Madara sensei at in his class room at 3:00 got it!" Yahiko said to us,he's are fourth or fiveth  co-leader,we all herd the belll ring and we went to classs.

Deidara's pov~

I saw them leave,all o us didn't leave until the 3 bell, Sasori stillliked me,but i kinda liked him. Me and ORrochimaru where going out, even if it was raped after wrods. Me and Sasuke were the team leaders there was Seigust,Karin,and Jugo,un. "Deidara are you sure you want to do this?" Seigust asked me and i nodded at him,when the thried bell rang we went to class.

in class~

"Good morring class.It's nice to see you again,now we have a new stundent,so please welcome Deidara Deiato Midori." i got up and went to the front of the class."Hello,un.You might not remember me from milde school,but i'm the same girl that killed her patrents,i have a intery,so say anything and we sew you,un." they did not want to say anything to me,so that was good,un."Okay we are learning on the this place called Russian,does anyone now about it?" she asked so i resided my hand."Yes Deidara?" "Well Russian is almost the bigest country,one part of it has sonw and part of it does not,un. Da in Russian means yes, nyht in Russian means no,spi means sleep,and moy means son,un. I know alot more but i'mnot going to say them. I was bron in Russia,it's verey perty place,un. I have been to Germany,I know you learnd about it already,but im fully Russian,part Japanese and German,un." "Yes or should i say,da Deidara that was very useful for us,can you breing something in that you have from there?" i nodded and Sasori just started wided eye me that houl class,un.

Narmal pov~

Sasori saw Deidara go into Orochimaru's class room,he knew something was going on but he hda to Madara's sensei's room.
"Good Sasori your here! Now i canget started.Okay we all know that Deidara has been brianwashed,she doesn't know or remember hardly anything only her real parents. We need to save her and Sasuke from him. Yes Itachi" "Uncul Madara we get save them becuse Sasuek will do anthing to save Deidara they are the team learders." "Welsuol does have a piont,I seen them at a playground once and this boy was hitting one Deidara and Sasuke broke the kids arm" Hidan said to us,he was right that happen five times already.

With Orochimaru~
"Now lets start. Deidara come here." he said to Deidara and she got up and went to him."Tell us what your team got about the Akatsuki." "They want me and Sasuke back with them,but that won't happen to us,un. Right now Madara is trying to get me back,un." after Deidara said that she sat back donw.'If i can not kill oen of them,Orochimaru will be pissed,and use me as a lab rat...again,un." Deidara tohught to herself as she looked out the window.

Back with Madara~

"We would have to kill Orochiaru to get them both back,and I would have do everything to get Deidara merrory back." Scarlet said to him they all now she would have to do that."That is the best plan ever."
looks like their will some fighting with both teams. so comment and fav! dont fav or comment if u didnt like it. i do love how this story is coming out,it get better verey time i write it.

chaters(c) kishimoto
scarlet and oocs(r) me
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