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a romantic walk on the Citadel. Kaidan and John in secret from each other worried about the inevitable mission.
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may be this title may seem to some too banal, but not for me. I really think that it was so. in any case, everyone is happy (of course if don't count the Joker and EDI).

So, ending Destroy, Shep alive, galaxy in security...
Seems to be all.
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For ~hokutenknight27
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Shepard by Goha
Kaidan by Goha
Mass Effect and all it's assets belong to BioWare and Electronic Arts.
No copyright infringement intended.
Characters extracted from the game.
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He found John in his cabin, sunken against the wall in front of the aquarium. The calm blue light was the only source of lighting while the rest of the room layed in dark, deep shadows.
'Fits the current mood', he thought sarcastically, making his way over to his CO. John didn't even look up. Kaidan couldn't even tell if his eyes were closed or open, but it doesn't matter anyway. There he was, Commander Shepard, savior of the Citadel and vanquisher of the Collectors, beaten by Cerberus. Beaten by the Reaper. And blaming himself for something no one could've stopped.
Kaidan sat down next to him.
'It wasn't your fault.' - He wouldn't believe it.
'We'll make Cerberus pay.' - He wouldn't care about it right now.
'You've done everything you could.' - He would say he didn't.
All he could do was sitting next to him, looking at him, worrying about him. And after a while, John moved back a little, firmly leaning against Kaidan's chest, not saying anything at all. The biotic shifts a little, putting his hand in John's neck, gently holding him while John turns his head. He pressed his forehead against Kaidan's, eyes closed, brows furrowed, teeth gritted, thinking about what should've been, could've been and will never be at all.
John clenched his fits, fighting down all anger and despair for now, trying to focus on the task at hand. It took him a while, but finally he opened his eyes, a blue pair meeting a brown one, telling Kaidan all the things his commander doesn't want to say right now.
Kaidan didn't need a 'Thank you' or anything like this. He only needed to know that John would be alright, getting up again even though he was laying on the ground right now.
"We'll make them pay", John finally said. And the only thing Kaidan could do at this rate was to nod and to tell him that none of them would ever get tired of kicking some Cerberus' or Reaper's butts.


Nah, I'm sorry for any mistake in the ficlet...

Shepard by nach77
Kaidan by Goha
Shepard's cabin by AnnaShepard
Mass Effect and all it's assets belong to BioWare and Electronic Arts.
No copyright infringement intended.
Characters extracted from the game.
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"What are we going to eat, Shepard?"

"Burned stuff with… burned garlic?"

"…Shall we order pizza instead?" 



Mass Effect and all it's assets belong to BioWare and Electronic Arts.
No copyright infringement intended.
Characters extracted from the game.
Shepard by !PrincessFelia
Kaidan by ~NuclearKielbasa

Background by *AlienFodder

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This is my first scene built without XPS usage,
all skeletal meshes were imported via 3DSMax FBX into modo701.

Thus no credits except BIOWARE and for shamelessly used scene concept :)
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post-ME3-high-EMS-red-ending scene
Closeup shot of Obstinate
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post-ME3-high-EMS-red-ending scene
Conceptually related to Andrew Ryan's "Old soldiers"
The idea itself was mine, inspired by Andrew's painting of course.
He gave me numerous advises regarding this scene and I'm very grateful for it.

I made special cropped version, which Andrew posted on his tumblr page

Assets used:

Render time: 5 hours, 6.7 billion rays traced!
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And since I was on a roll, I also finished a drawing of Shepard and Kaidan, actually enjoying a good morning in between all the mess and fighting.
Even Spectres needs some love.
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Mass Effect 1-3

Pairing: Male Shepard/Kaidan Alenko

Rating: T (will change to M as the story goes)

Kaidan's life has not always been easy. BAaT nearly drove him to madness, life after was a struggle, but now… Now he is ready. For whatever life tosses at him. Or so he thinks.


Kaidan looked down at the com-pad again, just reading over the requirements needed for him to even consider joining theAlliance.

He had thought about it a lot, or at least from when he was able to think straight again. BAaT did that to its… he hesitated to call them students, but that was the title officially. Bullshit of course, but he was among a handful of survivors who actually knew the truth.

Bottom line, BAaT downright fucked with a person's brain.

He focused at the com-pad again.

Physical test. Passed, with an above average result, which made him proud.

IQ test. Passed with top results, though he had no idea why. He didn't get the reasoning, only the results.

Biotical test. Passed with flying colours, his biotics spiking off the charts. He wasn't surprised when they asked for one. TheAlliancehad his files. All of them.

Drug tests. Cleared. He had been clean for over a year now.

Criminal records. To be discussed.

There were other tests too, small ones. Exams in history, maths, culture, racial tests; all passed. Thank the heavens that his time at rehab had left him with a lot of spare time on his hands to actually study up on this.

Thank the heavens for a father who dropped him a hint that reading this actually would help when Kaidan had said that he was considering joining theAlliance. The work, however, Kaidan had done on his own.

The tapping of a firm finger against the metal counter told Kaidan that the owner of said finger was getting impatient with him just staring at the com-pad. He had to make up his mind now.

With a fluid motion, Kaidan signed his name at the orange-glowing line before pushing it back to the officer behind the counter. Said officer picked it up and read it, muttering under his breath before looking at Kaidan.

"You'll have to talk to the lieutenant about some of your… points here, Alenko."

"I expected as much, sir."

"Ready to defend yourself?"

"I got nothing to hide, sir."

The man grunted again before he checked off the com-pad and dropped it into a small basket on the desk, letting it rest along with others. "It's just a formality," he said, jerking his head towards Kaidan, motioning for the young man to follow him. "To clarify a few things."

"Of course, sir," Kaidan replied, following the officer, duffle bag slung casually over his shoulder. He was prepared; it was nothing he hadn't faced before, except now he was older, smarter and had a clear mind.

The officer opened the door to a well-lit office and showed Kaidan inside, snapping a salute at a brusque-looking man sitting behind a desk. The man just nodded back at the two of them, not once looking up from the com-pads he was holding. "Have a seat, Alenko. Sergeant Robinson, you are dismissed."

Kaidan could see the officer's hand fly up again as he once again saluted before stepping out, leaving Kaidan alone with the lieutenant. He quietly walked over to the chair in front of the lieutenant's desk and sat down, looking straight ahead.

Don't talk unless spoken to.

Answer every question truthfully.

Do not deny anything.

His parents' advice buzzed around in his skull as he quietly waited for the man to finish whatever he was doing. He rested his hands on his thights, clenched them into fists. They were already moist from sweat.

"Kaidan Alenko. Born in twenty-one fifty-one. You will turn twenty-one later this year, no?"

Kaidan nodded. "In September, sir."

"Only child. You have a father who is in theAlliance, stay-home mom inVancouver."

"Yes, sir."

The lieutenant rubbed his chin, looking down at what Kaidan assumed was his dossier. He swallowed heavily, feeling his heart thump in his chest.

"You are a biotic, according to your dossier. And you were a part of the Biotic Acclimation and Temperance Training at Jump Zero."

Here it came.

"Yes, sir."

The lieutenant finally looked up from the com-pad and looked directly at Kaidan, grey eyes trying their very best to burn a hole right through his head. "Alenko… I have read through your file a couple of times now. I know that you were in a rather… delicate situation at that particular camp. That you were part of a tragic accident that happened there and later suffered the consequences of what went on."

"That is correct, sir."

"Is there anything you wish to add?"

"I believe everything of importance is in my dossier, sir," Kaidan replied, looking back at the lieutenant, trying to look confident. "Everything from what happened at camp, my life after that time and my time at rehab. There is nothing else to add that I feel is needed, sir."

"I see." The lieutenant looked at Kaidan's dossier again, which in turn made Kaidan nervous. Exactly what was written there? Was there something he should have known about?

"Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions?"

Oh boy…

"No, sir."

"For one, you have not applied to join the biotic training here at camp. Why is that?"

Kaidan shifted a little on his seat. "I do not wish to be viewed as 'a biotic', sir. I want to show that I can do more than just lift things with my mind." Also, he didn't want to be looked upon as a freak, he'd had enough of that in his lifetime, but he couldn't say that out loud.

"And it is nothing you wish to consider either?"

"In time, sir. I have thought about it and I may pick up on it after basic training."

The man grunted and nodded. "Mm… Normally, any applicants that show or are registered biotics are required to join basic biotic training, but seeing your… past at BAaT, I am willing to overlook that."

"Thank you, sir."

"Question two. You were given a full physical and during your scans, it showed that you still use the L2 implants and declined the offer to have them replaced with a better upgrade. Why?"

Kaidan took a deep breath of air, weighing his words carefully. "It is partly linked with the answer to your first question, sir. I did not want to join basic biotic training so I felt an upgrade would be a waste, especially if I end up not joining further biotic training in the future.

"Also, I am accustomed to the L2 implants, sir. My doctor says that I will most likely suffer periodic migraines despite replacing them and that replacing them may cause me brain damage." He didn't feel like telling the lieutenant that so far he was spiking higher than a normal L3 when it came to his biotic abilities. Then he would probably be forced to join the program.

"Fair enough, Alenko. Then I have only one more question for you." The man fixed his grey eyes directly on him, his face serious. "It says here you were in rehabilitation to get rid of your problems with Red Sand after BAaT and that you have been clean for a year. How is your stance on Red Sand, Alenko?"

"I won't touch the stuff again for as long as I live, sir," Kaidan replied truthfully. "My life while on it was a living hell, if you can pardon my language, sir. If I can help it, I won't go within ten feet of it unless I have to. And I will never use it again."

The lieutenant nodded before standing up from his chair, eyes never leaving Kaidan. He placed his hands behind his back as he took a relaxed, military stance, jerking his head up to gesture for Kaidan to stand up.

Kaidan took the same stance, looking up at the man. He was much taller than he looked.

"Based on your files, your results and the answers you have given me here, I will happily welcome you into the Alliance Navy's military training, Alenko. And for the record, your results and files alone were enough to get you in, but I just wanted to see what kind of man I was dealing with. Not many enlist out of their own free will at twenty-one, let alone people who have gone through the stuff you've been through."

Kaidan tried not to look too proud of himself. "I want to serve, sir. This time on my terms."

"Good man, Alenko. That's the kind of man we want here." He snapped Kaidan a salute, who returned it automatically, before reaching out his hand to shake the young biotic's.

"Your father would be proud of you, Alenko. Your training starts at oh-six-hundred hours tomorrow. Grab your gear, get ready and prepare. You're in for a hard ride."

Kaidan returned the firm handshake.

"I won't let you down, sir."
Yeah, plotbunnies keeps on popping into my head. At this range, I will never finish anything. ._.

Anyway, this is my take on Kaidan and his past. Most of the information is provided at his dossier at the Mass Effect wiki, but some are mere speculations from my side that I think make sense based on what Kaidan himself tells you during all three games.

This fanfic will rise in maturity as it goes, but nothing bad (yet).

Next: [link]
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Even when he entered the age of twenty-six, Kaidan had never been one for dates.

Sure, the companionship of a nice girl or even a nice bloke was welcome, but he knew that he wasn't ready for anything serious. He had too many unresolved issues for that.
That and he were focusing on his career, wanting to make something good for himself before he could think in those directions. It had been a while since he'd thought about the books he'd read as a kid, where the hero travelled to space, fought the bad guys and got the girl.

When he was made Staff Sergeant at twenty-five, he was thinking about taking a more serious direction with his work. While the work he did as an intel-officer was enjoyable, rewarding and presented him with a lot of interesting challenges to his mind, it was the computer-screen itself that finally was the deciding factor. With age, he found, his eyes got more sensitive. While still young, the many hours in front of the computer every damn day were killer on his eyes and in turn, killer on his head. After a check-up with his doctor to adjust the amount of pain-meds he needed, he was recommended to finally switch his profession.

Kaidan, in truth, didn't mind a whole lot. He did want to do something else, something more physical, getting his hands dirty so to speak, and after a lot of consideration, he had decided to opt for more field-work. He wanted to become a Marine.
With the decision came more hard work and while he still flat out refused to have his implants replaced, he had started to use his biotics a little more. Not much, usually only to protect his squad mates. He still wanted to show that he was more than just a biotic; he doubted that desire would ever change.

All in all, his focus on work left him with little to no interest in actually dating someone.

Still, when colleagues asked him out for lunch or dinner every once in a while, Kaidan usually said yes if he had the time to spare. Half the time he didn't know he was being asked out for a date, having about the same romantic radars as a desert rock.

That, according to one of his dates, had been half the charm.

The times he did realise that it was a date, it was usually a little awkward.
Nice, but awkward.

One the very rare occasions when he and his date ended up drunk and ended up sleeping together it was even more awkward, but so far he had managed to not hurt anyone with his denseness when it came to relationships. That and he usually had enough sense not to get so hammered that he started thinking with the wrong head.

At least most of the time.

Soldier or not, he was a man and he did have needs.

He just usually suppressed them.

More importantly, one-night stands were not to his tastes, finding little to no satisfaction in it. His wild years after BAaT had left him with a serious distaste for it when thinking back on all the stupid mistakes that he had done.

He was no longer that messed up kid.
As he had grown older, he had been able to wrap a tight fist of control around himself, priding himself in being able to be in control most of the time. Maybe as he continued to grow older, become more experienced, his control would become better.
Both on the field and in his private life.

Despite all his flaws when it came to dealing with people and relationships on a more intimate level, Kaidan still found himself dating a rather pretty young woman named Lisbeth from the security office at his work-base for a period of time.

Blond, blue-eyed, taller than he was and with a wit as sharp as her combat-reflexes. Beautiful too, but not in a model-sense beautiful. It was a more natural beauty to her that Kaidan found that he liked, the same beauty that Rahna had been blessed with.
She was funny too, more raunchy than most of the men at the base, and while well-spoken and patient, she had the mouth of a drunken old space-pirate at times.

Despite all of those things, Kaidan still felt completely at a loss every time they went out together, not feeling the vibe with her. At least not the right kind. She was attractive, but he just wasn't attracted to her.

He thought he was, at the very start, but he slowly found out that there was a difference between being attracted to someone and just wanting to have fun with someone without thinking about work.
Somehow, and he wasn't sure when or how it happened, he had started viewing her more as a good friend rather than his girlfriend.

Three months into their relationship, and at least a dozen mental arguments with himself, Kaidan decided to come clean with her before their relationship really took a more serious turn. They were both busy with work and only saw each other once or twice a week. Spending the night together had not been brought up and Kaidan was actually a bit glad for that.

Problem was he wasn't sure how to best end it without hurting her feelings. He had tried to make up a list in his head to make sure that she understood that it was all him, not her. Hell, he had even practiced in front of a mirror for one hour once he had decided on what to say. At one point he had even considered just writing her an e-mail before he decided that no, he was not that big of a wimp. He was an alliance soldier, damn it; Staff Sergeant and training to become a Marine. If he couldn't be up front with a woman, then how could he expect to handle the enemy?

When he was sure of himself, he called Lisbeth up and asked her out, making sure to let her know that he needed to talk to her about something important. If she figured out that he was about to end their relationship, Kaidan couldn't hear it in her voice as she accepted his invitation.
In a way, that made him even more nervous.

They agreed to meet at a small restaurant outside the Alliance Navy base area; a place Kaidan knew served great Thai-food.
Lisbeth was already waiting outside when Kaidan came, smiling brightly at him. Her long hair was tied up into a messy bun and Kaidan had to admire just how well she made the blue navy-security slacks look. Even when coming straight from work she looked lovely and yet he couldn't summon up any sort of desire for her.
If anything, it made him even more certain that ever that he was doing the right thing.

"Kaidan, just in time, as always. Not a minute too soon or a minute too late," she said cheerfully, hugging Kaidan close before kissing his cheek. "Come on, I skipped lunch today and I am ready to just order everything on the menu!"

He smiled softly as she walked into the restaurant, already talking about some idiot she'd been forced to put in cuffs because he was trying to get "cute with her".
"He really thought that he being some sort of hot-shot in the electronics business was going to make me beg him to go out with him, but he wasn't so hot when he was bend over my desk and cuffed," she grinned while sitting down by a free table at the back of the restaurant.

"I don't know, he could have found it totally hot that he'd met a woman that could dominate him," Kaidan smirked while handing her a menu.

"He wouldn't have found me very hot when I made good of my threat to shove a gun-clip up his ass," Lisbeth replied with a smirk, making Kaidan laugh.
"There are a lot of weird fetishes out there," he mused back, smirking at Lisbeth who just attempted to swat Kaidan with her menu.

After deciding on their meals, Kaidan going with a noodle-dish and Lisbeth choosing a beef dish with fried rice and shrimps with French fry on the side for them to share, they just started talking about their day. That was how it usually went, Kaidan realised. They never really talked about them, they just talked. About everything and nothing, and while it was nice and he felt comfortable, it was hardly groundbreaking when it came to developing their relationship.

When the food came, they started digging in while talking about the new developments in council space, Lisbeth expressing her desire to go there while Kaidan stated that he just wanted to go into space and serve.
"Well," Lisbeth said, pointing her fork at him while smirking. "You've been working hard lately, Alenko, so you might get that dream come true sooner than you think. You just need to gain a little more weight on you, marine."

"Hey, I'm big enough," Kaidan protested.

Lisbeth just grinned at him, sticking a French fry into her mouth. "And yet I can still take you on when we arm-wrestle."

Kaidan snorted some before he realised that he'd been playing with his noodles for the last five minutes. He didn't want to put it off anymore; it was gnawing too badly on his brain.
He inhaled deeply before looking up at Lisbeth. "Lisbeth… I hate to bring this up while we eat and put a killer on the mood, but…"

Lisbeth looked at him for a moment before reaching out and gently touching his hand. The happy glow in her eyes was replaced with worry now. "Kaidan… Is everything alright?" She tried to offer him a smile. "You did say you wanted to talk so…"

"I am sorry," Kaidan said, swallowing some. "I just… This…" He let out a small sigh before looking down. "… This isn't working out for me."

"You were the one that wanted Thai, Kaidan."

"No, no, I mean us. Our relationship," Kaidan replied, removing his hand from Lisbeth's, using it to rub his face before he held it over his mouth, breathing out hard. "I just… I am sorry, but I just… I don't have the right feelings for you. You are great, Lisbeth, you are, but I am just not feeling it. And it's…" He let out a bitter laugh.
"This is like the oldest excuse in the world, heck in the galaxy, but… It really is not you. It is me." He placed the hand over his forehead, shaking his head some as he tried to get his thoughts straight. "I mean, I am here on a date with a lovely woman and I just… I am enjoying myself, but I am enjoying myself in the wrong way, if that makes any sense. Clearly it is me that is lacking -something- here."

He gave her an apologetic look and he honestly felt like a douche bag for not being able to like her in a way she deserved, especially since she was taking the time to date him. "I mean… I am not the most open person and I figured I was just being careful. Slow even. So I just wanted to see if I would get better, if my feelings would change, but I just…" He sighed softly. "I… I want to like you. I do like you, but… I think that we should stay as friends, Lisbeth."

"Oh, thank god."

Kaidan looked up, staring at Lisbeth as she just grinned back at him. "Eh?"

She just reached out and gently placed her hand over Kaidan's again, squeezing it. "I feel the same way, Kaidan. I like you, you are great. Amazing. Kind and supportive. Adorable in your own dorky way."
When Kaidan raised an eyebrow at her, she just grinned even more. "A good, dorky way. And while I like you, I really do, there is something… lacking between us. The right kind of chemistry. I feel like I am going out with my best friend, not my boyfriend."

"So… You're not mad?"

"Why would I be mad, Kaidan? You are being honest with me and that is something I appreciate. And even though you just did make the oldest excuse in the galaxy, I believe you since its coming from you. But I will also add that it's not you. I think it's both of us. We… just don't have those feelings. Shit happens. And hey, you were not the only one who was being slow, I haven't exactly said anything about it myself, now, have I."
She smiled and released Kaidan's hand with a shrug of her shoulders before looking at him. "But… I would really like for us to remain friends. If you are okay with that. I mean, I understand it if it'll be awkward for you and-"
"No, no," Kaidan interrupted, shaking his head some as he gave her a wide smile. "No, I… I would love to remain as your friend, Lisbeth. I have a great time with you when we're together."

Lisbeth gave Kaidan a wide, beautiful smile in return, making him smile even wider back at her. "Really?"

"Really," he confirmed before letting the wide, happy smile turn more impish. "I need to have someone to carry my bags for me since I apparently am not big enough to be a marine."

Lisbeth just grinned at Kaidan and flicked a piece of French fry in his direction. "You wish, Alenko. You can carry your own damn bags."
Kaidan just chuckled before returning to his food with a new-found appetite, finally able to enjoy his food again as the casual conversation started up again. He found that he enjoyed the conversation between them a heck of a lot more now that he was able to relax and not think about being a good boyfriend. Now he could focus on being a friend instead.

"So, did you hear about that soldier who single-handedly managed to defend his entire squad on Elysium?" she said instead, the straw from her soda halfway inside her mouth and a bit of French fry at the corner of her mouth. "John… John Shu-something."

"Shepard," Kaidan said, offering his napkin to her while indicating with his finger where the fry was. "John Shepard. And yeah, I heard. Guy must be a real piece of work, managing to battle Batarians singlehandedly. Those guys aren't exactly cuddly puppies."

Lisbeth just laughed. "I am sure that he had some help, but still! I heard he's real young and really climbing the ladder towards officer. A combat genius, a natural on the battleground. Able to make snap decisions and taking the tough choices. Heard that his work on Elysium earned him an offer to join the N7's."

"Sounds like you're in love already."

"Well, you don't want me so I have to set my sights on someone else. Maybe I'll try someone my own height this time."


Lisbeth just gave Kaidan a downright wicked grin as she continued to eat, rambling on about her work and her day as well as the week-end she was planning with her sister while Kaidan himself just nodded and listened, stealing French-fries from the small bowl and getting his hand swatted for it.

He absolutely loved it.
In which Kaidan thinks about dating.

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Next: [link]
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Sorce Filmmaker
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Garry's Mod
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Title: Under Better Circumstances - Chapter 1: Coincidence
Author: xRebel666x
Game: Mass Effect
Characters/Pairing: Commander Nevada Shepard (femShep) and James Vega

Chapter 1 – Coincidence

  "You're coming with me to Earth. Now," Admiral Anderson commanded, walking proudly in his Alliance blues. With his entourage following closely behind him, he stood out amongst the crowd of degenerates in Omega. A tall and brawny soldier with blood dripping from his Mohawk also accompanied him on his way to the docking bay.

  "Forget it. There's nothing for me there," Lieutenant James Vega barked.

  "I've got something for you. Something you haven't had before."

  "Just throw me in the goddamned brig and be done with it!"

  "You're not far off, Lieutenant," the Admiral shot back from the airlock of the SR-2, "Only you'll be guarding the brig."

  Vega followed Anderson aboard and was immediately mesmerized by the Normandy's interior. He heard rumors of the legendary starship but never expected to find himself walking amongst its hallways. Yet there was an unusual settling in his gut. The Alliance emblems coated the walls of the vessel provided an overpowering feeling as if it was recently commandeered from another organization.

  Anderson stopped in front of a doorway and suggested the Lieutenant enter, adding, "One prisoner in particular."

  Upon walking into the room, he encountered a woman donned in pitch black armor.  There was a distinctive red stripe down her right arm and the N7 logo on her chest. "Commander… Shepard?"

  Shepard was hunched over her knees, her hands cuffed together. Her wavy brown hair was brought back into a ponytail and curled over the side of her neck. She vacantly stared at her metal restraints, memorizing the tension each dangling chain link demonstrated when she pulled it apart.

  She brought her piercing light brown eyes to greet her guest. Raising an eyebrow, she asked, "So you're the one Anderson wanted to guard me?"

  "I guess so, ma'am."

  "Please don't call me ma'am," she quickly looked away, "makes me feel old."

  "Fine, Commander."

  "Probably shouldn't call me that either… I don't know how much longer I'll have that title."

  "Alright, Shepard."

  "Now that sounds more familiar," she chuckled under her breath, "With how many people address me as Shepard, I wonder if anyone even knows my first name."

  "It's Nevada."

  She immediately brought her attention back to him. With a glow in her wide eyes, she smiled, "Well, this is a rare treat. I didn't expect someone I just met to know anything about me, especially my name."

  "I know more than you think."

  "Probably from the media…"

  "No, I have a great deal of respect for you. You're a goddamned hero in my books so I took the liberty of doing some research."

  "Hmph, some hero I am," she raised her cuffed hands and shook the chains at him. "Do I get the pleasure of knowing your name?"

  "Lt Vega. You can call me James."

  "Well, James, I know why I'm here but did Anderson tell you why he's pulling you away from the heart of Omega?"

  "Apparently I need more training," he crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe, his broad shoulders nearly covering the width of the opening.

  "So it had nothing to do with that trail of blood dripping down your face?"

  "That's," Vega wiped away a portion of the red fluid from his forehead, "it's nothing."

  "Surely doesn't look like it."

  "I had a disagreement with some batarians."

  "Must have been quite the disagreement… granted, it must not have taken much. They have been waiting to pin something on us humans since the beginning."

  "Like three hundred thousand deaths?"  

  "What a coincidence. That's what I'm in here for," Shepard replied with despair vibrant in her tone.

  "What exactly happened?"

   "I don't want to talk about it," she forcefully addressed, returning her gaze to her confined hands. She attempted to tug apart the cuffs but failed, letting out a desperate sigh in its wake. She closed her eyes and whispered, "Damn… It's just me against the world…"

  A deafening silence filled the small room, changing the atmosphere and causing the air to thicken. Vega stood completely still, unsure on how to respond. From everything he read about her, he never expected to witness the great Commander Shepard showing signs of desperation. The way she was described transformed her into an immortal hero… but she was only human… a mortal who received more than she could bargain for.

  "James," Nev Shepard brought her eyes to meet his again, "Anderson didn't say much about you but he did mention something about an incident on Fehl. Can you tell me about it?"

  "With no disrespect, I would rather not," he turned his head away.

  "I'll share my past if you share yours."

  "I would rather not."

  "Suit yourself," she grumbled, returning her elbows to her knees and leaning forward.

  Refusing the Commander gave him an uncomfortable feeling. There was something about her that he felt he could confide in. He uncrossed his arms and friendly suggested, "Maybe next time I'll tell you."

  "Hopefully it'll be under better circumstances," she scoffed, "I know its protocol to have me detained but I think the handcuffs are a bit much. I am doing this willingly…"

  The Lieutenant took a seat on the opposing bench. Taking her hands into his, he examined the restraints. They were the highest military grade cuffs available, forged from the toughest metal. The extra precautions must have been a way to appease the batarians.

  Nevada leaned back confused, darting her gaze between the large hands encompassing hers and their owner's eyes. She couldn't distinguish if he was merely taking a closer look at the steel clasped on her wrists or if he was doing a random act of kindness. She gently wrapped her fingers around his, anticipating an abrupt retraction. But he didn't pull away… he continued holding on.

  She closed her eyes and muttered, "It's a long story."

  "What is?" Vega asked completely puzzled.

  "Why I destroyed the mass relay…"

  "We have a few hours until we get to Earth."

  "That's more than enough," Shepard smiled.
Welcome to the story of Commander Nevada Shepard. She's my forth Shepard, a Spacer/War Hero/Soldier. She immediately popped into my head after I read Mass Effect: Conviction about James Vega. Her story will unfortunately have to wait until Mass Effect 3 comes out or until I learn more about what happens before her trial.

P.S. Vega's Nevada... get it. XD

Chapter 1: VIEWING
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: [link]
Chapter 7: [link]
Chapter 8: [link]
Chapter 9: [link]
Chapter 10: [link]
Chapter 11: [link]
Chapter 12: [link]
Chapter 13: [link]

Nev comes to life!
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It's not everyday that you are able to recreate a scene from a video game. I may have met some other Garrus cosplayers in the past but no one was in the correct outfit to pull off the correct Paramour shot... everyone knows that Garrus was not in his armor but in his casual attire for the beloved headbump scene. Then at DragonCon I finally met ~ammnra, who not only is someone I adore on dA but had the correct outfit. Without any hesitation I asked for the headbump. Being the amazing guy that he is, he fixed the photo and added the background. I feel like I'm reliving my favorite moment in the game all over again... <3

*xREBEL666x as ME2 femShep
~ammnra as Garrus Vakarian and editor of the picture
Photo taken at Dragon*Con 2012 by ~Krinkels-R909
Here is the original photograph
Reddit and Tumblr this to your hearts content!
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Because nobody died on Virmire.

After Udina's stunt, with the Normandy grounded Shepard is frustrated and tired, and Kaidan and Ash are trying to reassure him.

Might redo this one later, my sense of space has never been particularly good and I feel like it's getting worse. Ugh.

Still wish I had an actual ME1 Shepard model.

Ashley by Goha
Kaidan by SumireHaikuXNA
Shepard by Nach77
Characters belong to Bioware and EA
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I just couldn't get over how beautiful some of the places on Rannoch were and took a lot of screenshots. And then decided to do something with it. So here's the guys enjoying the view.

Ashley by (Divalola) princessfelia
Shepard and Kaidan by Goha
They all belong to Bioware and EA.
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Can't believe I spent about an hour decorating a picture of a tree.

Ashley, Kaidan, Shepard by Goha
characters belong to Bioware and EA.

gingerbread house and cookie set by carbint

x-mas tree branches, christmas balls and bells (on the tree), santa hats (I only edited them to look fluffier), from ola's Christmas set

Bells decoration (left upper corner) - by carbint

Christmas tree decorations (snowman, Santa Claus figurines, reindeer, nutcracker, mistletoe, candy cane, ice climbers) by carbint

picture of the tree found elsewhere

I hope I haven't forgotten anything...
Merry Christmas!
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COD! - Comment Or Die!

Once again a work of boredom
This is just how I felt all the time about Feron... :iconmingplz:
Pretty much all I have to say for this... :D

Made with XNALara
Models from:
here (Shepard,Liara): [link]
here (Feron): [link]
and here (environment): [link]

Mass Effect belongs to BioWare
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Enjoy the second page, primitives. :heart:


1) 2) 3) comming soon


- Jak to Joker cię nazwał? Proteanin Prot, słuchaj, jestem tutaj z Shepard żeby w końcu spędzić trochę czasu razem. Wypić kilka szklanek Turiańskiej brandy, obejść Cytadele, stłuc kilku mięśniaków, wkurzyć znów Arię i może nawet na rundkę Tanga. Wiec zrób mi przysługę i idź porozmawiać z Liarą - Protheanie to jej życie.

- Pilot-Joker to prymityw. Jestem tutaj żeby przedyskutować taktyki używane przeciwko Żniwiarzom w moim cyklu. Proszę powiedz mi jeszcze raz jak twoje rytuały godowe są ważniejsze, niż tryliony zabitych którzy walczyli żeby zdobyć tą wiedzę.


Shep, Garrus, Javik (c) : BioWare
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With You till the end.
Ok, this drawing was created when I listened "I was lost without you" from ME3 soundtrack over and over ( -> [link] ). Damn, all my emotions and feelings. I'm still heartbroken because of this song and...the ending of ME3.
Ught, I want that DLC right now.

Shep and Garrus (c) : BioWare
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Shepard had lame nightmares... I fixed them...
Shepard stalks Star Child and Slender Man stalks Shepard. Run before he gets you!
Now it's a good nightmare. No doubt.

Ok the drawing is a parody of Shepard's nightmares and the pc game Slender.

Mini FAQ:
- What is Slender man? - [link]
- What's a Slender PC game? - [link]

Shepard (c) : BioWare

...she doesn't know yet...
:star: Twitter - [link]
:star: Tumblr - [link]
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"We cannot allow the likes of the Coalition of Sovereign Nations to grow and spiral out of our hands, we must not allow these border skirmishes to keep taking the toll they are on our security and wellbeing as a nation, we as Americans must pull together to protect our land, divided or not we are still one country in mind and spirit." – Michael Addams, representative from Arizona speaking in front of the American Union council about the increasing number of attacks on the border of the Republic of Arizona.  

A kid no more than fifteen laid against a wall, eyes closed, holding a cigarette with his lips, and letting out smoke as he breathed out. "I guess it's all just flawed that way." Rain fell over the sleeping city. It was cold and somewhat foggy, and much quieter than it had been for the past months, but he didn't care, he just got up and walked away from the scene, looking focus and lost all together, the rain putting out his cigarette, as it poured down. Sirens began to wail in the background; the kind that he, and every citizen of Arizona had grown to know and mourn during the course of the last three months, transforming from a shaky morning surprise, into the norm of a once quiet city. With the introduction of the sirens, after being almost a day absent, he let out a hazy sigh; "great" he'd then drop and kick the cigarette away to a puddle as the sirens the city he had grown used to offered no comfort for his grief; only more.

"This world is some high degree of fucked up." The same teen, Adrian, would say opening the door of his house. A statement that was quite true for the facts that where happening and had unfolded in the two years following the 2012 elections in over a dozen countries; much changes had happened that year to many, and the now gone United States wasn't exempted from this. "No cursing in the house Adrian. You know your father never liked that." His mother would yell to him from another room. "He isn't here anymore, what does it matter." Indifference radiated from his voice as the words stung his mother. "Adrian Morris, don't speak like that!" The mother would say, eyes set on the cup in her hands filled with coffee, next to it some prescription pills.

"Those things can kill you." The teen walked into the kitchen where his mother was, his eyes set on the pills. "It isn't your fault he tried to play hero when all of this broke out." The mother grabbed the cup tightly and drank the coffee, pumping in some pills just as she took the sip from the liquid. What he was talking about, where the attacks on the boarder of the country, on the border of Arizona, incoming from the south as an apparent retaliation to some deal gone wrong which would only stop when they were made justice. "Those Damn Mexicans…" the boy gritted his teeth as a younger kid walked into the kitchen. "They never dared to do any of this back when the United States was still around... Fucking Idiots and their secession bullshit." The mother looked at her older son, Adrian, with clear displeasure. "What did I tell you about cursing? And much more so when your younger brother is in the room."

Adrian rolled his eyes at the simple sound of his mother's voice, tuning her off to just keep his cool. "Whatever you say, mother." He would shrug her off and walk back out of the house for another round of walking through the empty city. Outside, the sirens where still wailing and a low rumbling could be felt, accompanied by a far and echoed explosion; smokes and fires in the skyline of downtown Sierra Vista, near the shopping center.  As he walked he could see the cars from the National Guard and military that came from the nearby base, Fort Huachuca, all of them with artillery fire and anti-aircraft guns mounted on them, just like in the videogames.

"Shit's about to hit the fan… I better go warn mom, we should leave here Sierra Vista while we still have a chance… But it's not like she'll listen to me." Adrian stared blankly into the air as he saw two trails of smoke coming close to the city. They were rockets that were about to pound two random points in the city, and following the two rockets small moving balls could be seen in the sky disrupting the view, those where the shells, the ones doing the most damage of the two because of how widespread their range could be. The army began to prepare their equipment to bring them down and they opened fire, taking down the rockets; the shells hitting random sites of the city. Setting the areas hit by the fire ablaze, all random points scattered around the city, the destruction left behind by these weapons very clear; in three months of the shelling campaign against this border town alone the death toll was at 8,000 civilian casualties, 2,000 of them from the national guard of Arizona., a steep cost for an army-less, newly formed state, like Arizona.

"Hey kid, it isn't safe to be here, specially not with the shelling that's going on." One of the soldiers approached Adrian. He wore the usual desert camo most soldiers would now and around his chest the usual assault rifle most of them wore, the M-16, nothing special. "This isn't the first time I would be out during a shelling." Adrian gave his back to the soldier, seeing smoke rising from many points scattered around what is, or maybe was, the population center of the city post-shelling. "A lot of Civvies in that area aren't there?" The soldier asked the kid, knowing well that most of the civilians left in Sierra Verde where. "Yeah, my house is close to where the shells hit"

The silence that came after the shells was deafening. Not a single sound came from the city other than the sizzling of the fire and the car alarms going off in the distance; an eerie sight for all who once lived there. "My squad and I are going to do a check for casualties and survivors, we can take you there if you'd like." Adrian's face remained unchanged, his eyes fixed in the smoke rising from multiple points, merging into a single cloud of ivory black smoke bringing him no comfort "Sure, whatever."  Slipped out of his lips and the soldier nodded to the boy. "Scott, Jordan, brings the Humvee we are going to find any survivors." Adrian turned around and saw the soldier radio in what would have been two more soldiers to bring them a vehicle so that they could go find more survivors among the blast zone and presumably take them out.  Pvt. Lewis read the I.D patch on his uniform.  

A brown roofless 4x4 drove to us, two people inside of it, one male, and one female. The male, presumably Scott, had a light brown, almost red hair, the girl wasn't anything special either, and dark skin tone, ebony hair, fairly skinny, and she was the one driving. That left something to say from both of them. Either he was a laid back SOB or she was your stereotypical army strong military brat. The Humvee stopped next to the private. This vehicle was one of the Humvees you'd see in Iraq or Afghan, only two seats up front, and large space in the back to mount heavy caliber weapons, or keep soldiers on it easy movement around rough terrain.

Pvt. Lewis put his hands on the rails of the back of the Humvee and jumped on to its back, laying his back against the rails that he had used to jump. "Who's the kid?" The driver asked the private. " A teenager I found when the shelling started, we're taking him to his place since it's near the zone hit." "Adrian. Adrian Morris." The teen cut on as soon as the private finished speaking, as a sort of introduction, not taken very lightly by the driver. Adrian got on the car and it drove into the suburbs of Sierra Verde, passing next to house after house; exploded buildings, burning homes, devastated streets, it looked just like a war zone, and there was nothing the Arizonan National Guard could do, not without a regular army. Their national guard only counted with 5,000 individuals, of which 2,000 were either KIA or MIA, the other 3,000 where spread so thin around the border with Mexico and in backwater border towns like these trying to keep the civilians alive, there was no way they could strike back efficiently.

The car suddenly stopped next to a recently hit house. The shell had entered through the ceiling, detonating upon impact, bringing the top of the structure down, setting on fire whatever was left standing, sending shrapnel to the neighboring houses, large pieces of concrete, bricks, and metal, to hit and weaken the structure of those homes, subsequently bringing them down as well. The two doors of the Humvee opened both the driver and the passenger walked out. Jordan, the driver, turned around to face Pvt. Lewis and Adrian, PFC Mathews. "Stay here kid, this is grownup business." Said the woman, looking no older than 20 herself "we don't need you getting in our way" she slammed the door of the Humvee after getting a hold of her weapon, not what he was expecting from her though.

Just like Pvt. Lewis, he was expecting her to be carrying another one of the M series, maybe an M4 or M16, maybe one of the variants, but no, this was an odd weapon. It had the look and feel of an Israeli Galil, but the barrel was too long, defeating the purpose of the Galil, it had the body work of a L1A1, but that wasn't it. Adrian stared at the gun for a few more minutes before it clicked. "FAL." Jordan looked at him puzzled. "The gun, it's an FAL isn't it?" He would articulate the question, but she wouldn't answer. Her silence was all he needed to know that he was correct.    

The other soldier got off the passenger's side of the Humvee with a shotgun strapped on to him; a shotgun I couldn't say what it was other than a Benelli, a very high-end, twelve gauge shotgun. PV2 Harrison said his tag, it was interesting how the woman was the highest ranking of the three, along with the one that owned the most efficient weapon shot-for-shot among the three of them. While they had to get considerably close to their targets for a hit, specially the Private 2nd Class Harrison, she could just stay ways back and take out single targets with her semi-automatic rifle.  It was unfair, and it almost made Adrian comment, but the kid would just shrug it off like everything that bothered him, paying no attention to it.

Pvt. Lewis was the last one to get off the Humvee of the three soldiers. "Don't leave the vehicle and piss off Jordan." He would Adrian, the boy just nodding gently at the soldier's words. His eyes stayed fixed on the Private as he moved with the group getting in formation. Jordan yelled something that just sounded like muffled noises and seconds later Scott kicked the door down, quickly followed by Pvt. Lewis entering the run-down house, moving his gun left and right, scanning the area for any enemies, or survivors, almost as if it was a training exercise. After a few minutes of searching they came back out with nothing in their hands. "…Nothing but two" was all that Adrian could hear the soldiers speaking amongst themselves, most likely about what they found within the home.

Without another word the three GIs mounted themselves on the vehicle and went passing through home by home, repeating the same routine almost to the letter, their lips moving as they did so, almost as If they would be reciting something. Time and time again, the same thing happened, house after house, it was like hitting replay on a scene, almost no difference from one to the other. After the fifth house was when Adrian began to suspect the truth; they were just rookies. All three of them, this was their first mission, operation, or whatever they would call them. These guys were no soldiers. They were casualties. Casualties of a war they had nothing to do with. Of a war none of us where part of. They were no less civilians than he was, only a little older too, twenty years old at most, just five years. It was that moment where he understood why his father did what he did and why he died how he died. His father was no fool. He was a hero.

"I was a fool to doubt you." Adrian whispered under his breath as the Humvee moved away from the houses, his eyes set on the array of body bags left behind by the GIs. The three of them dismounted on the outskirts of Sierra Verde, about to check the final house of the city; and the final house that was in the entire town. "This is the last house kid; then we take you home." Pvt. Lewis said, Adrian, too lost in thought, didn't even flinch.

Suddenly the boy felt the absence of chatter, of presence near him. He knew finally realized the soldiers had left the vehicle. He snapped out of it. Raising line of sight he saw a backdrop that was too familiar. So familiar he hoped it wasn't what he thought it was. His street, his neighbor's homes, all destroyed. "No way…" He shot out of the car, jumping out of the side, setting his gaze on a destroyed house. His house. The poor boy's knees gave out and he kneeled on the ground, looking as the fire on the roof raged on and made it collapse after a few moments. Cursing came from inside the house, probably Pvt. Harrison by the sound of it. No cursing in the house. The poor boy lipped as his world came crumbling down.

Pvt. Lewis walked out of the house with two body bags, dragging them on to the front of the house, moving his eyes to check on Adrian. Seeing the boy with his knees on the ground starting at the house, the soldier ran toward him, worried about what might be wrong, fearing for the worst. The young soldier's fear was well founded. Adrian wasn't responding to movement as the GI shook him. All the soldier could understand in between sobs where the words why and how. "I should have been there. I should be dead with them." He conjured up before breaking apart crying in the road. Lewis wouldn't ask the boy what was wrong; it was obvious what had happened. He had lost someone dear to him; there was no sense in asking. Asking would only bring more hurt. More suffering. Adrian needed closure. Once and for good. He needed to make it go away. He needed to bring the men responsible for the shattering of his family to justice. Blood for Blood, piece per piece. They would all pay in their due time.

"I remember that not long after finding my home destroyed by the Mexican Shells was when the Mexicans pushed onward. Taking what was rightfully theirs in the first place to compensate by what was owed to them by our government. Killing countless of military men with their FX-05 Xiuhcoalt. We were overwhelmed and there was nothing I could do about it. I was just a child back then, and in some aspects, I still am. I stand before you here today in this uniform, because many good men died to bring me here safe to you. My father, Sgt. Neil Morris, Pvt. John Lewis, Pvt. Scott Harrison and PFC Jordan Mathews, without the sacrifice of these men and women, I wouldn't be here before you, we wouldn't be here, to push back the assault and reclaim our land from the Mexicans. I will not let these brave men and women die to keep corrupt men in power. Their Sacrifice must not, shall not, and will not be in vain." -Sargent First Class Adrian Morris, 23, giving a speech before the battle of Sierra Verde and the signing of the USCA non-aggression pact with Mexico.
So after some time off writing I decided to not work on War of Gods and focus on something a little more 'realistic' less magic and fake countries, more explosions and real places so that the readers can have a better time imagining the world they are in.

BulletStorm is an old project I had on the works that I scrapped because i couldn't get it down the way I wanted it too. The new concept behind it is nothing like the original one. The original concept included a character called ' Alexandr Morozov ' a Spetznaz-turned Marine with above human powers. Regardless of how good ( or suckish ) the original concept was, I like the new one more, and i hope you guys do too!

Storyline (c): Me
Characters(c): Me

Edit: 71 views and no comments? Come on guys I could use some feedback.

[link] Listen to this while reading the story it will make it that much awesomer since it is one of the songs I listened to while writting it. Its a great song.
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