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I may be a day late but that's better than a week right? :dummy:

MY GOD MY HAND HURTS. DX Srlsy I've been working on this for some time now so if you wondering where I been, here's yer answer =w=;;
Ugh sorry but icky shading is ICKY! XP
But this is my group xmas pic <3 I inculded as many ppl I knew well enough into it but if you arent in there, don't take it personally OK? At best I dont really know you that well or never really chatted with you or I simply forgot; I tend to do that too I'm only human^^;

Now let's play Who's Who! :dummy: From the tree top:

:iconblackcatwhitestar: putting the star while :iconpiratenikki: realizing just how big the tree actually is, :icont-m-n-t: freaking out over dropping her ornament while :iconkiananuva12: and :iconkokooro: wondering why she freaking, :iconvanessahedgecat: trying not to fall outta the tree after barely dodging the ornament while :iconautogirl: freaks about to save her and :iconartoni: and :iconlepahybrid: wonder why she is freaking, :iconusa-wolfdog: pulling on :iconflareblade2000: three tails I pretty sure she gained three unless I lost it OwO;; to stop her from falling as she saves the angel ornament, :icontigerchicktigriss: happily putting up her end of the streamer, :iconaruluvr3: happily putting up her ornament, :iconwolvesandavatar: either wondering why she put here or if the streamer is in the right spot, :iconpitchblackrose:Jackie laughing at :iconpitchblackrose:Mikayla who got hit in the head by Mittie's ornament, which then hit :iconimperialknight:'s helmet until :icondnlnamek01: catches it, :iconneochimeria: wondering why she laughing while :iconrin-chan93: is giggling b/c she saw what happened to Mikayla, :iconmaya-chan: telling :iconpeppykitty: where to put the ornament while :iconduetmaxwell: notices Flare n Usa, :iconkianton: and :icontempests-aria:J-squared happilly putting up their ornaments, :iconprefight-donut: putting up her end of the streamer happily as :iconnichan: and :iconmorosaki: are chating about their end of it, :icond-nightrain: on the ladder giving an ornament to :iconjinosan:, :iconinferno044: handing another ornament to :iconscreammachinexx:, :iconsanityoutthewindow: waiting for :iconlady-warrior: to toss up her ornament, :iconty-chou: telling :iconbloodychaser: where to place the end of the streamer, :iconmsd-dutch: hanging upside-down over :iconsw124: and :icongingagirl86: who're moving a box of decorations with :iconnortstar: who's next to them in the hat, :iconflashhedgehog: in the box holding a little TMNT ornament, :iconfangirl-of-doom2: and :icongaby264: wondering what :iconconstraticron:'s comment about too much decorations, :iconsparklesofdoom: and :icontokyo333: plugging the xmas lights in, and finally :iconkage-angel02: at the bottom of the ladder looking out to the side to :iconlegaspplz: What's this? Santa Shades and her right-handed elf Migi?! :dummy:

lol yeah that's it XD;; Erm...sorry if I messed you up OK? Again, I'm only human^^; besides I just took the same ppl from the group pic I did last year and added more :meow:

Aaaaaaaand now am sleepy so g'night ppl! :blowkiss::faint:

Everyone (C) themselves
Artowrk (C) ME. :fuzzydemon:

PS - lol yeah, download for better-looking picture kay? =w=;; please and thank you~:heart:
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Metalblade: Leaders have been coming n going alot at the base now-a days, so for the present Leader to stick around long time, a simple gun that packs a punch is what I have to give. I ain't much of a gun femme anyway so might as well give it to somebot :shrug:

Me: I DIDN'T AGREE TO THIS! DX< even if he's pretty darn handsome >`//3//>;;;

Metalblade: And a small side gift wouldn't hurt to give away either.... >`w>;;

D-Club got new leader, had three days to draw a gift, but cant talk now will so talk laterz so see you guys laterz! 8D;;

Haha, OK well now I gots a bit of time so I'll explain this :nod:

Backdraft was the leader but apparently Darkhorse pretty much destroyed him [link] and is now the new Decepticon leader Well...until some other bot decides to challenge him :shrug:
And well, his first order was that every Con was to 'satisfy' him with gifts aka draw him something and ya only had 3 days and initially I didn't know what to do but then this idea hit me and wouldn't really leave me alone until I did it :nod:

And yes I suck at comics n drawing n stuff :meow:

And YES I find dudes covered in blood/energon HAWT. O///w///O;;;

Metalblade artwork Myself (C) ME :fuzzydemon:
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Alex: Maya you're not tired already?
Maya: I can't....:yawn:...can't help it though!
Lepa: It's not that late yet...
Rox: Yeah, it's only 1:27am :roll:


LOL and this is what I get for taking a trip down memory lane =w=;;

Anyhoo, found this and rememebred how I was pixeling this before my trip and decided to finish and post it :shrug:

Plus dA thinks I'm spamming when really I'm just commenting =`w=

Anyhoo, left to right: Alex, Lepa, Maya and Roxanne :la: IDK who's room they in btw, but I rather like the BG, though it be a bit plainish :XD:

I hope I got Lepa and Alex and Roxanne alright you three :giggle: I completely made up each one's sleepwear, except Maya's, her pink dress is based off mine >w>

Ah well :shrug: Enjoy~:blowkiss:

Also anyone heard from ~automatic-disaster ?? Did she leave?! I miss her QAQ

Artwork (C) ME ~ShadowDemon101
Base [link] (C) :iconyuminnie:
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Yush!! I did it! With Smurfs!! And it was lots of fun! xDDD
I put the names over the numbers, so it's easier to read x//D

Ok, here are some own comments x//DD

1) Doesn't Clumsy look just smurfy in this dress? 8DD xDDDD And Crazy's hat was so fitting, lolol :iconteheplz:
Well, excOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOse me, Clumsy! :iconcrazysmurfplz:

2) It seems that Gutsy doesn't like the idea because he knows what will happen when he goes with Farmer D: xDDD

3) I invited Handy because of his awesome dance moves, oh yeah! :iconhandydanceplz: Seems like Gutsy and Hefty doesn't like it very much, that I invited just him D: xD

4) Blanco X Greedy..? NO xDDDD Good for Greedy that Crazy didn't came in o___o But ahwww, I love how it came out x//DDD

5) And why the fuck Hefty and Clumsy?? xDDDDDD Brainy isn't amused >//3//<

6) Yes!! Crazy attacked me!! xDDD He's licking my faaaaaace DDD///: xDDD And of course no one else than Blanco can rescue me xDDD Baaaad Crazy, very baaaad u///

7) Handy... can't cook... and it seems that he also can't build anymore, since the table looks like crap xDDDDDD


9) o__o idk why, but it seems that Gutsy loves to play bagpipe in front of Blanco's house...??? xDDDD And why did Blanco had to kidnap Greedy because of that?? xDDDD

10) Why Clumsy, whyyyyyyy???? T///3///T

11) Oh god xDD I just HAD to write that much xDD And yeah... I would be glad too. I mean, who wants to see the marriage between Greedy and Vanity???? xDDDD
Funny thing is: They were a "couple" in one of my previous memes already: [link]

12) Just HAD to change the pancaces into fruitcake xDDD Love Blanco's expression. And I gave Hefty his awesome face and pose like in the christmas special: [link]

13) For this one I allowed myself to use ~kiananuva12's design of Vanity's wedding dress [link] :iconteheplz: Greedy's clothes are based off the ones of this Smurf figure: [link] Annnnd last but not least, I used the same clothes for Handy again like I did in my "get married" meme <3 [link]

14) Yep... I told you, Gutsy already knew that something like this would happen... xDDD
Oh Farmer... xDDDDDDD [link] again this video, I know... <//w//< x///DDD

15) Farmer killed Gargamel. However he was able to do this LOL. He shouldn't be pissed. I'm sure all the other Smurfs will thank him too, since Gargamel wasn't only Greedy's enemy xDDDD

16) afasdafsfasdsafsfsdaf no comment :heart:

17) Oh, these two... :iconpervybrainyplz::iconpervyclumsyplz:

18) srsly, who CARES about what FARMER does when my GUTSY is sick?!?! O___o xDDDDDD

19) ffffffff and that's how it happened.

Smurfs (c) Peyo
Shini and Blanco (c) Me
Blank meme: [link]
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Found this song yesterday [link] x3 it's so cute >w<
And then I felt like drawing Vanity x//DDD
I like him, he's so... so... gay~:iconteheplz:

Smurfs (c) Peyo
Art (c) me x3
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Second pic of my sketches here -> [link] (4th row, song #2)
"I'm a ballet-girl"
Now you ask me: "Why Vanity?? O___O" Because in this song... they sing "Hey hey Beauty, you're a ballet-girl" and well.... Vanitys German name IS Beauty! xDDDDD I had to laugh my ass off when I listened to this song the first time! xDD
I know that they actually mean Smurfette, but noone says her name in the song o_o they always call her "Beauty" xDD And that's why I always have to think of Vanity instead of Smurfette, when I listen to it! xDDDDDD

Here's the song [link]
I had to upload it by myself because I couldn't find it on YouTube o_O

Oh and Hefty...? I dunno, maybe he's drunk xDDD
Or maybe he found his next victim...? o-o' -> [link]

Smurfs (c) Peyo
Art (c) me
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Hee hee, this be for :iconkiananuva12:. She wanted to have it where Yin gets startled somehow by Raphael. Well, to me the best form of startled is when a lover comes up at random and gives you a present without you realizing it first ^^

:giggle: I had fun with this one. I hope you like it! ^^

Yin (c) :iconkiananuva12:
Raphael/TMNT (c) Mirage Studios
Pic (c) :iconnichan:
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Lol, I wanted to do a kids pic for a while, but :iconnumberofthebeatz: asked if I could work on one and since I had time since I finished some homework, I made a pic!

The boys blush a lot concept I actually got the idea from looking at : [link]

And it all went downhill from there XD

Anyways first there's Koujiro (Leonardo and NiNi's son), Sookie (Mikey and Domino's daughter), Dean (Mikey and Domino's son), and Leance (Dark Leo and Mei's daughter).

Ain't it cute how girls terrorize boys? XD

Koujiro (c) :iconnichan:
Sookie and Dean (c) :iconnumberofthebeatz:
Leance (c) :iconmsd-dutch:
Pic (c) :iconnichan:
TMNT (c) Mirage Studios
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80's toon reference!

I'll explain:

Leo in one episode where the turtles thought about being human and he said that he would like to be in a western XD Donnie explains a lot if you know the theme song.

I would kill to see Mikey in the series do some sort of joke like this - he'd think the buckles were still cool XDDD

TMNT (C) Mirage Studios
Comic (c) :iconnichan:
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Just showin' my support for HANDEFTY!!!


And if none of you don't like the idea, shut up!! >DD


:heart:HEFTY X HANDY FOREVER!!!:heart:

Hefty & Handy Smurfs/ Peyo
Base *byaburry[link]

:star: Please, do not claim as your own, use it for profit (money wise), or use outside of dA without my permission. Do not edit or alter my work.
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Everyone knows of this icon from this Smurf, right? :iconhandydanceplz:

Well now here's Handy's new dance! The Handy Shake!!! :dummy: I customized the size into an icon from Shini's gif on her page. You'll thank me later. :iconteheplz:
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And yet another drawing Shini and I did together with Handefty!! :heart::iconhandeftyplz::heart:

I really love how this came out and I sure miss drawing these guys together. That's why I love them so much!! My little Handy... :iconpervyheftyplz:

BTW, I drew Hefty and Shini did Handy, of course. And I did the grass and she did the tree and sky. ^^

Drawings done by me and *Shini-Smurf
Hefty & Handy Smurf Smurfs/Peyo

:star: Please, do not claim as your own, use it for profit (money wise), or use outside of dA. Do not edit or alter my work.
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Some T.O doodles that I did in school today instead of my 7 English essays ^^; OH WELLY These are more fun XDD

1/ A bit of a scene from an upcoming chapter of 'New Beginnings':nod: It's where Nessa finds out that Tamara has decided to adopt her X3

2/ A quick doodle of Stephany, Tap-Lan's girlfriend;P :iconshadowdemon101: asked for more of her and hopefully a full design with colour ONE DAY

3/ Jay before he went to America and became a T.O XDDD; I love his mini-afro B3

4/ The moment it'll probably be covered in my fanfic as well... when the AllSpark fragment Jay was protecting from the Decepticons got absorbed into his chest, saving his life from a deadly explosion:nod:

5/ A little plot bunny that I've had for a while, but I can't say it'll be used in the actual story^^; I don't have much say in what's to come, that's :icont-m-n-t: and :iconkiananuva12:'s department =w=;;

Basically, Watchet, Raiceptor, Ratchet and eventually Timbre start researching on just why the AllSpark fragments are turning humans into techno-organics, especially those born human:nod:

Here, they're announcing to the others that they've come up with a possible theory, but it's not official just yet;P

Anyways, I'm off to not do work. Enjoy~

Transformers belongs to Hasbro
TFA: T.O belongs to ~T-M-N-T and *kiananuva12
Watchet belongs to ~wachey
Raiceptor belongs to :devgetthepoint:
BlurrNessa belongs to *VanessaHedgecat
Cybajumper belongs to ~cybaman and me
Timbre and doodles belong to ME
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My entry to :iconkiananuva12: 's contest. I had so much fun coloring this~ :XD:

I know her skin color is lighter, but I only brought a few colored pencils to color her, so forgive me that her skin color's wrong... :shakefist:

So yeah... :shrug:

Yin (c) :iconkiananuva12:
Art (c) Me
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Drawn in iScribble~ XDDD
He looks deformed in soooo many ways... Forgive me, Leo-senpai... >A<

Leonardo (c) Mirage

Mikey-chaaan: [link]
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GOSH DARNIT. Coloring was rushed and Tumble looks too friggin purple. D: He was PERFECT on my Cintiq! >_< Gah... Oh well... Just refer to the G1 Rumble colors in this link ---> [link]

ANYWAYS. FINALLY. Guys, meet Tumble (Rumble) and Raptor (Ravage). Storytelling time~

Name: Tumble aka Grant Levitt.

Age: 11

EDIT!::Weapon: Dual Berserker Tonfas. Parkour-styled fighting. Depending from the height he jumped off from, if Tumble slams his clenched fists into the earth... EARTHQUAKE. The higher he jumps from, the stronger the impact.

Personality: Curious, respects superiors, has a short attention span, nosy but keeps quiet... most of the time.

Likes: Books, dance, parkour (Wilson doesn't like the idea of his little bro doing daredevil stunts though...), baking with his brother.

Dislikes: Being underestimated, long lectures, breaking his bones from failed Parkour runs around the city.

Background: After running away from home with his older brother Wilson, Grant stays with his brother at a popular internet cafe they call their own. During one of Wilson's band gigs, the band leader presented Grant with a Soundwave toy. An ACTUAL Soundwave! It was because of this toy that Grant became interested in dance and music... But mostly dance. One Saturday morning, with his Soundwave toy and library books stuffed in his bag, Grant decided to look for a new route to run and practice his freelance running. He was so excited to explore the city that he forgot to lock up the internet cafe on his way out. Making his way into a narrow alley, Grant warmed up, stretched his legs, and amazingly zigzagged upwards in between the two buildings that surround him until he reached the roof. From then on, Grant leaped from building to building and finally made his way to the library. Unfortunately, while Grant was on his way home, a few jealous gang members jumped Grant while he was leaping across their territorial buildings. Outnumbered, the gang kicked and spat at the young freckled boy. With Grant's legs fractured, the gang leader held him by the neck over the side of the building. Grant panicked knowing he might permanently ruin his dance and parkour legs if he was dropped at that height. He could barely move ANY of his limbs. With tears filling his eyes, the gangleader let go and gave out a laugh. Falling. Falling. It seemed like forever 'til suddenly, young Grant gave out a deathly scream as he hit the floor, back first. Young Grant sobbed, his legs broken, arms dislocated, and his back? He didn't want to know if his back was broken. All he knew was that he heard a CRUNCH. From the trauma and pain, Grant's world turned black and out he went. Several hours later, Grant jolted and sat up as if he experienced a nightmare. What happened? Why am I here? he wondered. The oblivious boy carefully stood up as if nothing happened and looked to where he laid. His backpack was flattened. The floor below him cratered in. Peeking through the contents of his bag, Grant slipped out his destroyed Soundwave toy... "Soundwave... How did this happen?" The small blue robot in Grant's hands shook around, glitching here and there, until a blue shimmer fled the shattered robotic body. The cyan dust encircled Grant and merged into his own body. As the dust entered his body, Grant remembered what happened and what had helped him and possibly saved his life. Setting the broken Soundwave into the crater, Grant slowly stepped back and dashed off home to tell his brother what happened.

Description: Grant is not very tall and only stands to where the "speaker" pattern on Wilson's jacket is. Grant has light freckles on his face and he always tends to be rosy cheeked after runs through the city. He is also more tan than Wilson for always being outdoors.

Name: Raptor

Age: -unknown-

Weapon: Her claws and fangs.

Personality: Mother-like towards Wilson and Grant since she wasn't able to bear pups for herself. Protective. Cautious. Loyal to Wilson and Grant. Obeys Nekotron IF it benefits Soundson and Tumble.

Likes: Knowing that her 'boys' are safe.

Dislikes: fighting with Nekotron over food, seeing her 'boys' hurt.

Background: Raptor has lived with the two brothers way before they ran away from home. She always looked after them since she couldn't give birth to her own puppies. And ever since Wilson's and Grant's mother died, Raptor felt the need to take their mother's place. The two brothers realize this and decide to be like sons to Raptor. Of course, Raptor DOES know she's a canine and that the two brothers are her masters. But during emotional times, the three are a real family. When the two decided to run away from home, she followed. Raptor now lives at the internet cafe; roaming freely among the customers. One Saturday morning, she watched Grant leave to go to the library and forgot to lock the door. Raptor shook her head, and laid there just keeping guard. A few moments later, 2 girls giggled by. Raptor snarled, but the girl in red gave an intimidating grin as the girl in purple gave out a sneaky snicker. Raptor didn't attack, but approached them. Cautiously approaching the girl in red, with a sudden flash that girl shoved and implanted something in Raptor's head. Raptor gave out a whimper and cry but soon learned her new self.

Description: Raptor still has her fur in her robot form... But instead of actual fur, it's micro-strands of the strong steel out there in Cybertron. Her collar helps her transform into her different forms. She has a normal form, her robot form, and her **Havoc form**. She'll only take on Havoc Form when she's protecting Soundson and Tumble from possible death. Still hard for her to control that form. It is said that THAT form comes from the two brothers' deceased mother. :iconwooooplz:

Characters belong to me!

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Darko:hello gorgouse **kisses Vanity's cheek**
Darko::tighthug: love ya V~:heart:
Vanity:I love you honey :iconlovekissplz:
Darko: I love you more ~ :smooooch!:
Vanity: I love you much more :iconaawplz:
Darko:**chuckles** love you so much more~:heart:
Vanity::giggle: **snuggle**
Vanity:**started to fall asleep**
Darko:**smiles;gently rocking Vanity and singing to him**:heart:
Vanity:**snuggle to Darko**zzzzzzzzzzzz =w=
Darko:**slowly falls asleep with Vanity; holding him close**...=w=
Vanity:**smiled in his sleep**zzzzzzzzz =w=
Darko:**yawns and cuddles to Vanity; holding him as he sleeps**

( oooohhhhh soooo CUTE :iconpervysamoanplz:, this is actually base of a role me and :iconkiananuva12: did.. I really love how it really looks and means..which is soooo ADORABLE! :iconpervydarkoplz::iconblueheartplz::iconpervyvanityplz:....hope ya like it Buddy...and now I will work on the next on :la:...til Next time smurf Fans :iconthumbupplz:)
Darko (c) kiananuva12
Vanity (c) Peyo
Art (c) ME!
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Blanco:*smiles until he thought of something* ...I wonder what the others will think about us..... I mean.... we always were a bit different, but.... I guess now we're more different from them than ever before...

Crazy:** thought of that too**....If Hefty and Handy can survive all that they been can we....

Blanco: ....You're right... *cuddles up to him*

Crazy:**did the same** I just wish they'll understand us , like they understand them.....**carressed his head tenderly**

Blanco: Mhmm... I hope they will.... <3 *closes his eyes* .... ....Crazy..?

Crazy: yeah?....

Blanco: ..... May I stay here for tonight...?

Crazy:**smiled warmly down at him** as you

Blanco: *feels his heart beating softly and lets out a deep, long sigh, feeling tired*

Crazy:**notice how tired he was****kissed him once more****pulled the blankets over them as he snuggled him in his arms**

Blanco: *yawns a little* Good night..... <3

Crazy: night Blanco...I love you...**snuggles to him as he closed his eyes**

Blanco: *speaks one last time before he fell asleep* I love you too....


YAY! another BlanCrazy Pic...:iconpervyblancoplz::iconblueheartplz::iconpervycrazyplz:
this scene is actually part of a RP (roleplay) Me and :iconshini-smurf: did, it is soooo ADORABLE, especially at the end...but to be honest, there are some......"inapropiate stuff" in this RP....
but despite that...Pretty CUTE ^///w///^

Crazy Smurf/Smurfs (c) Peyo
Blanco Smurf (c) Shini-Smurf
Art (c) ME!
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Hehe...Hefty ^-^...this is a pic of Hefty, giving his Buddy Handy a BIG BEAR/BRO hug...... or a bone-crushing was Hug-A-Smurf Day :D
to be honest, even though some people say they make a yaoi couple, I only see them as Brothers; Hefty being the older brother with a BIG heart :iconblueheartplz: and Handy being the little brother with AWSOME moves :iconhandydanceplz:...

hope ya guys like it, and Happy Hug-A-Smurf Day everyone :hug::iconaawplz:

:iconpervyheftyplz::iconpervyhandyplz: (c) Peyo
Art (c) ME!
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Here's A Clumsy Smurf Icon For My Lil Sis That I love :iconpitufotontin: !! Hope you like Sis!! :iconpervyclumsyplz:

This Icon is not free to use it belongs to me and :iconpitufotontin: if you wish to use it ask are permition

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Here my Commission for My Bro :iconheftysmurf:
Here's Hefty kicking Brainy Lol!! Hope you like !!!
Thanks For Commissining!!!
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Fanny Icon For My Best Friend And Tripet sis!!! :tighthug: :iconbluehecate: :iconpervyfannyplz:

Hope you like XD

This Icon is not free and belongs to :iconbluehecate: you can not use it without her permition!

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