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Commission for :iconpricechi: of her OC Aster *u* :heart:

Thank you very much for commissioning me! And for giving me freedom of choice with the colouring ^^ ♥♥♥

Drawn and coloured in Sai // Color adjustments in Photoshop
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Commission for :icondark-bliss: :heart: This is her adorable little girl, Shara *v* ♥
Thank you very much for commissioning me, Bliss! :iconbrohugplz: ♥♥♥ I hope you like it ;u;

Now I want some ice cream..

*EDIT* Skin tone and right eye corrected

Sai + Photoshop
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Uploading for sample purposes only!
This character was kindly adopted by :iconhayden-desu: and belongs to her now :heart: (thank you again!)
Comments disabled by owner.
my OC Champa again =w=
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commission form :iconlunachi139:
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i like yukari
why i usually draw reimu.... orz
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For :iconnocturnalmiyu:~!
I love the themes she suggested on this one <3

...I was gonna go to sleep but I couldn't, so.
just decided to finish this... my sleeping schedule is very messed up atm... :iconlazyraveplz:

*goes to draw more till I get sleepy*
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You're not alone anymore

I'll stay by your side


Something I've been wanting to work on since August but never got the time to. I finally finished it ahhh -happy-

I guess I can describe this scene as when Will gets rejected by some of Rosa's people and yeah, stuff happens. Then he runs away from home and Rosa chases him. This is the first time he truely accepts her and falls in love with her.

Thanks to *janirotluvx for the helppp!!!

Okay I'll go check my notes now. u.u;
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For :iconruretto::heart::heart:
It's her and :icondarksouls:'s characters~~!

It was pretty hard trying to hide this from her while I was working on it haha;;; Regardless, it was a very fun commission! Thank you so much JL <33 :love::heart:
Hope I didn't butcher them too much;;
Those aren't cherry blossoms btw.

I'mma try to upload one more pic before Christmasss;;;

Okay, gonna go reply to comments nao!
Thank you for all the birthday wishes, luv you gais mwah <3
can't believe some people remembered my birthday lol *feels important*
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1/2 chibi commission for my blockmate Annette !

I've been inspired by traditional artworks lately because I've been painting on canvas twice a week for the past month. '''Orz
Also, I found such wonderful watercolor artists, one of which is Valerie Chua.
This coloring style has taken heavy inspiration from her and no one else.
I also like to revert back to this coloring style I did before -

commissions - [link]

246,810 kiriban is almost there! CATCH IT AND GET A FREE SKETCH COMMISSION like this -
kiriban info and other prizes here - [link]
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art trade with :iconmiiyukichan: * V *) <3

Her frilly pretty character, Yuki.
I had so much fun drawing her, even though the ruffles killed me but it was a nice practice. Her character is really cute and has gorgeous outfits. :iconloveloveplz:

Thank you very much for having an art trade with me ; 3 ;

tumblr versioin: [link]

art by =rosuuri
character by *MiiyukiChan
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old art
guest art for :iconblizz-mii:'s artbook

preview version:

tumblr | [new username] twitter | anipan
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I know it's not 2013 yet XD
But I wanted to post this before~
First I really want to thank you all for this great year! I could meet so many nice People on Da, making new friends. I am really thankful for all your comments, faves & watches you have given me this year you don't know how happy I was about them! :iconyuiheavenplz:
Well this year is nearly going to end, I enjoyed watching other artists art, it's still impressive what people can do! :iconwooowplz:
Anyway, I hope you all will have a great start in year 2013! Hey we're still alive

I'm still on a little Hiatus, but I couldn't resist to draw this, trying out a bit different coloring~
Koeda, Yumi & Izumi are on the new years festival Kyori got killed by Izumi
Hehe I like the way Yumi (green haired girl) came out the best~

Hope you like it too :iconplzhug:

Art & character Kyoukaraa (me)

Used: Paint tool Sai
Need: 7 Hours

Do not use/reuplod/trace my artwork, thanks!
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Haww it's been a while guys! :iconcraiplz:
I was & am really busy with school and my work... :iconaackplz:
So I decidet to take 2 weeks off of drawing..Thought I wanna experiment a bit with coloring like in this one.
Haha nope it's not Sailor meaning as sailor moon (a normal sailor), it's just a sailor outfit I wanted to draw Koeda in~

I really hope you like it~

For those who like vocaloid

& Thank you so so so so so much for 4000 watcher! :iconmoeblushplz: I don't deserve them all T^T
I started to make vocaloid romaji karaoke videos, you can see them here, please feel free to request a song~ [link]
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Aloha Minna~
As this title say I really really want to say thank you :iconcraiplz:
So many of you congrats me on my birthday yesterday, I never expect so many people sharing this day with me, you don't know how happy I was & am :iconslowhugplz:
♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)(。・ω・。)ノ♡

(hehe the girl on this pic should be me T^T)

I get so many pretty gifts from artists I really admire, to be honest I don't know what I could say, still I'm speechless until now having so kind & nice friends & watchers, I don't deserve them T^T
Thank you so so so much for everything I hope we'll see us for many years :iconplzhug:

Used: Paint tool Sai
Need: 2 hours *still it's a sketch*
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Ignore the blurry blobs! It took too long to open the PSD so I just censored names on the flat image ;//v//;
This was drawn for my sunshine, my only sunshine, who makes me happy when skies are grey :3
Q//v//Q Seeing mistakes in this make me want to cry because sunshine deserves so much better, aiyaahhhhhh

I made the flowers blue to resemble "forget me not" flowers [link] hgfkjda;sdk
They are not the prettiest flower - if anything they look more like a weed than a flower x'D What a pathetic excuse for a flower LOLLLL don't get these for your girlfriend!
Eee, I am not good with words, I'm really not.
Aiya, it's a flower that's nothing on its own.
But but sunshine gives light to this loser flower too..
Sunshine will like it even though there are more beautiful flowers like roses and such~
Sunshine sees that this loser plant is actually a flower too.
Even though this flower can't do half as much for the sun as sunshine does for this flower..
Sunshine is still there for it asdfghjkl;
Sunshine brings out the best in this flower hgfdasldkj
And this flower loves sunshine soo much! It will always grow towards the sun! Even when days are cloudy!

*Sorry for lack of activity around here! I can only manage to respond to things regarding commissions ATM. Thanks for your continuous support!
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; . ; Third time trying to upload this hgjfdks such slow connection right now TT
Secret Santa gift for *Joosme!
>//A//< Sorry for butchering your OC!
It's still Christmas where I am but I forgot to take into consideration time zone differences! >.<
Hopefully it's still Christmas when you get this!
Merry Christmas, *Joosme!

Thank you to :iconkawaiihaven: for inviting me to my first ever dA Secret Santa event!

I received this lovely drawing from *carrot-milk
Cute cute cute! >//w//<

I'm finally on break now~
Will be completing commissions at lightning speed now *0*

Merry Christmas, everyone!
Even though deviantart hasn't been my favourite place lately,
there are a lot of you that I really do appreciate!
Thank you so much for your support throughout the year and through my ups and downs!
Thank you for putting up with my sloppy lines, fail anatomy, and sassy journals! <3

My connection is really terrible right now, and there's a lot of sweet notes and comments I want to reply to, but I'll try to do so when I can.
My priority right now is to finish commissions.
Thanks for your patience everyone, and happy holidays!
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happyyyyy birthday *AoiMiru!!!
You're one of the loveliest people on dA and I-I'M SO HAPPY TO BE YOUR BRO ASDFJA;SDF //ugly sobs

Haha, this is so belated you probably thought I'd forgotten :iconrazycryplz: I don't blame you /// ;;;

And you need to have more freaking confidence!! YOUR ART IS SO AMAZING SEXY ASDFAS;DFK /touches
I love how you do traditional. No, I love how you do traditional. I LOVE IT
give me all your drawings.

Ilu bby and I hope you're doing okay. Take care! Don't let school or society get you down. C: ♥

Uemi (c)*AoiMiru
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Happy birthday *Kk-Chi!

Wahh, there are sooo many gorgeous pictures of Phoebe already, but HAVE THIS ONE TOO //throws it at your head

Happy birthday kuchi nine days late !!! :iconbrohugplz:
I'm so happy I met you! * A * Your birthday was an excellent excuse to draw something for you ohohoho <3

I just LOVE Phoebe! I love using purple is nobody's business. There's so much freedom drawing her because her design can always be a little different. And I have no idea what her eye color it. So I mixed a lot of colors together to try and hide that fact. ;;;;;

Again, sorry for the lateness! BUT I HOPE YOU STILL ENJOY IT.
LOVE YOU like a mountain

Now, two more belated gifts left /sob

Phoebe (c) the birthday girl <3*Kk-Chi
Art (c) me
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Well...since your birthday passed three months ago, I guess you could call this a "good luck on exams" gift? ; o ;
Hang in there Shu! YOU CAN MAKE IT. <3333333

Anyways, sorry for my totally lacking little gift, I was planning on drawing a huge picture but --
life got in the way :iconimboboplz: SO YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO CONTEND WITH THIS SKETCHY THING OTL;;;

To :iconshusical:

Shu - I'm so happy I met you and that you joined dA! Your heart is gold and adfjalkfd your art is so pro ; v ;
I hope we remain friends for a long time! * q *

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Name: Lilja laulante
Age: 16
Zodiac : Fish

Personality: blitheful,open-minded,caring and inquiring

Hobbys: reading,painting,walking,play violin,she is interested in objects from far lands


She lives in the big estate from her father and grew up whit her house maid.
Her father if often not at home because he is a rich merchant who really cares of her education.
She has strict music,school and conduct lessons.
she cant really go often outside because of all this strict lessons.
It isn't allowed for her to go outside of the estate garden without permission and escort.
She dreams really often and hopes that she can explore distand worlds somedays


this ismy new oc Lilja i made for shiranovas story<3333
I really love her i need more days to design her whit the help of shiranova<33
she needet to look over all because it should fix her story *A*<3333
i tryed a new "mini chibi" style and i think this is better than my olds *A*<333

Lines also colored by shiranova

Tools paint tool sai/photoshop
Time 5 hours
charackter Lilja(c) *MiiyukiChan Sol (c)*Shiranova
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Because of many print request i updatet it as print >////7////<

Thank you all so much for the interest&favs and all the comments ;U;!

Also postet on Anipan!art/cntp

Art challenge

✿ leafs
✿ ice crystals
✿ water(again XD)

Second art challenge i did in time ..
again whit water.. because water kills me everytime =A=...

Its autumn/winter relatet.. its like she wish for winter XD
I tryed to do autumn and wnter elements in ther ebut i guess it kinda failed=A=...

any way i ref this picture from tinkle/tinkerbell(she is my most fav artist on the world *A*)… she gives me ever inspiration C:

anyway im proud on this picture and i really hope all will like it >///7///<:heart:

Tools Paint tool sai/Photoshop
brushes leaf brushes (by me)
time around 10 hours

special thanks for all who come to my little livestreams *A*
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you cna view the work in process here
( i think i will post it on da toofor a bigger size)

fixing the thing next to the stairs xD

Oh yeah i did it ...
this took meso long but i wantet todo tohou fanart ;u;
i love the bg but i dont love how reimu came out ;////;

but i hope to dot next time a better touhou picture<3
and yes i think i will do more because i love touhou<33333

after i watch touhou i freaking outsomuchim a big fan now ilovedthe music before but now ;u; i love theanime hngg<333

i dont have much to say this time only that the water and the cherry blossoms kill me i hope i get better in it ;U;!!!

i hope really all like it <3 and sorry for the shiny alert<3333

Tools Paint tool sai / Photoshop
time ... idk ;u;...
art (c )me
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Sorry for the double post, had to delete cause I noticed something that needed fixing;;

I know a lot of people are going to say "but it's night", the reason why it's a "beautiful day" is because it's the title of the Supercell album I was listening too while drawing this.

My OC Pazuru ♥ I like drawing her very much, it very easy to think up ideas for her ; 3 ; The background was partly inspired by some of Anmi's work (pixiv artist). I tried a more 'airbrushed' style of cg with this but I don't know... it looks pretty much the same as usual /fail

Please do no edit, modify or redistribute without permission.
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SS gift for :iconshuryougospel13:

Ooopps, I was tardy finishing this because of bw2, so sorry >v<;;
Drew her wizard character Kamiyu Starwater, pretty neat design! Hope you like it ~♥

:holly:Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!:holly: Last drawing for the year O v O

Please do not edit, modify or redistribute without permission.
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Just wanted to thank everyone again for the birthday wishes! :heart:

Also, happy birthday to my fellow virgos! :blowkiss:

I should've drawn her in blue for Saphire or something, but I was inspired by the Aster flower (Sept. flower) and then... didn't even end up putting drawing any in the picture + moved to more pink tones instead of violet. Was also trying for a waterpaint feel to it but it turned out pretty simple;;; (used all one layer)
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HBD JUUUUU <333333


Happy birthday ♥ I'm sorry I'm late ; v ; I... am proud I finished a picture at all with the well, the rate I've been going at lately HAHHAA TT____TT //buried under wips. I'm sorry it's kind of a boring picture! I'll have to draw you mountains of (proper) bunnies one day LOL. I posted this to your FB with a kind of cheesy message (eep sorry h-hhuu ;O; BUT I CAN'T HELP BEING CHEESY? AHAHHA) but um umm -- I uh... I though I'd upload the picture here for you too! ;v;♥

I love you Juuuu * U * <3333 Have a super happy birthday and I hope we can continue to have happy Shuju times >U< <3333 Or even not-so-happy ones, when you are here for me and I will try my best to be there for you! ;U; I always look forward to our chats even if I never know what to say but you always make it feel right! Eehehe ; U ;♥ Uuahh I wish we could know each other irl so we can go and do cute things *o* <33 I always see things and think of you AHAHA ; v ; Not to mention you really are one of the sweetest I've met, I'm super happy I met you! >U< Thank you for always being you, and staying strong, and being such an inspiration to me ;v;<3 I always wonder if I can do enough for you that you do for me but I know you wouldn't want me to think that way ahah ;v;... Uuwahh Juju♥ Thank you thank you so much ; U ;!♥♥♥♥♥
Anyway, I also wanted to say (to everyone/my watchers/etc.) thank you so much for 3k+ watchers! I'm... really honoured, AHAHHAA when I checked it recently I just... LOL I just stared for a bit AHAHAHAHA wwahhh ; A ;! I never would have imagined having so many, honestly... TT u TT Thank you so much! <3 I'm so sorry for the inactivity recently, though ;ooo;; I'm still here and I don't have any plans to quit or leave and still am working on... everything lol so don't worry! Thank you so much for always being patient ;; <333333333

Textures from <run> and <marina>.
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hihi franpaps ~franciumme! (and everyone else, wahh hello! ♥)
i wanted to try umm.. painting in photoshop, instead of sai (my usual program), since i hardly use photoshop for drawing anymore ;v;; it turned out really fun but kind of took forever LOL. ahhh i'm sorry for anatomy mistakes ;;w;; i hope you like it! ♥♥♥ also thanks for reminding me to go back to this LOOOOLL i can't believe i forgot-- QAQ

thank you for being a paps franpa papapa franpap frannypa. you are very special and kind even when you send me freaky pictures of N or poke at my pikemen =______= LOL UHHH-- AJKLNSG i need to go to sleep go back to phq chat wahh--

thank you so much for viewing! ; U ;; ♥♥
sorry in advance for slow replies ;w;..!

aerimme (belongs to ~franciumme) ♥
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thank you so much for 1000 watchers!
i actually hit 1k a while ago, but i didn't have time to thank you guys properly.. ;.; i still have bunches i need to thank individually, but i'm so surprised and.. flattered. i never expected to get so many ;ooo;;!! i really appreciate it, and all your kindness TTvTT thank you for staying with me so far! i'll keep trying to work hard ;v; ♥


thank you =LoliRingo for convincing me to not scrap this one >.> ;v; ♥ i don't know if it turned out okay but i tried to make it unscrap-worthy XD;
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