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  Ludwig woke up the next morning, dragging his feet behind him. His brother wasn't in his room so he went into yours only to see you snuggled comfortably up to his brother.

  Smiling, he climbed up beside you both and snuggled in between you, shutting his blue eyes again. Your arms wrapped around him and you breathed out slightly. When he entered, you had arisen from your sleep.

  "What's wrong Ludwig...?"

  "I was looking for mein bruder..." He said stubbornly, crossing his arms in the meanwhile. You laughed slightly and hugged him,"Why are you hugging me...!?"

  "Because you're so cute and cuddly~!" You said in a happy voice, sleepy tone dripping from it. "Why won't you let me hug you?"

  "I'm guessing you slept good frau...?" Gilbert said softly as he awoke as well. His arm was around you in a second. "You seem really happy this morning..."

  "Thank you Gilbert...for last's been so long..." You snuggled up closer, unaware that Ludwig was hearing everything and processing it much differently.

  "Gilbert, did you have sex with __________ last night?" He asked plainly and watched both your faces get beyond brick red.

  "Nein! She was having problems sleeping so I stayed with her until she could...!" He spoke, embarrassment weaved in. "Who even told you was sex was?"

  "I heard it at the lab." He said simply before breaking from your loosened grip. "Can we have breakfast now?"

  "Go down. We'll be out of bed in a minute..." Gilbert said, sighing as his brother walked out of the room. He was going to tell you today that even though they've known you for a few days that he's gotten really close to you.

  Okay, maybe it isn't exactly along line. No, it was more along the line of him imprinting* on you.

*Imprint (on)-come to recognize as an object of habitual trust. Usually characteristics gained from a parent or suitable mate.

  You snuggled closer, trying to settle back into a nice rest once more. "I didn't have a nightmare after you came in last you mind coming in again tonight...?"

  "Nein..." He said sweetly with a smile. As he went in to kiss you, your body shifted and caused his lips to kiss your cheek. "How about we go downstairs before Luddy think's we're messing around again."

  Both of you smiled towards each other before getting up. Mentally kicking himself for not making his move, Gilbert went downstairs to greet Ludwig eating at the table.

  The two of you sat down and started eating as well. Gilbert kept looking towards you, his tail swishing and his ears twitching. Ludwig easily noticed but decided not to get involved.

  "Hey, Gilbert-?"

  "I haven't been staring at you!" He said loudly, quickly covering his loudmouth.

  Ludwig sighed and pushed his chair away,"Smooth one...I'm gunna go outside and play with the strays."

You blankly looked at Gilbert, no even acknowledging that Ludwig had left you both alone. "Gilb, are you feeling okay today? You've been acting kind of off since you woke up."

  "I'm fine. Fine." He said with a grin. "The awesome me is feeling as awesome as ever, why do you ask?"

  "Well for one," You said softly,"You just yelled that you weren't staring at me. You know you can tell me anything if you need to've been really sweet since you've gotten here you know."

  "I...I...can't tell you..." He stuttered, causing his mental self kicking him in the rear once more.

  On the other hand, you looked rather confused and hurt. You leaned forward to grab his hand only to have his lips smash passionately into yours. Your body froze in place as he pulled away, a shocked look on his face as well.

  Both of you looked at one another for the longest time before Gilbert bolted out of the room. You got out of your seat but stopped, not really trying to stop as he left.

  Your heart was racing in your chest. A hand rested to your pounding chest and a weak cry escaped your lips as your knees buckled. Blush took up most of your cheeks and your fingers traced your warm lips.



  "Bruder, you're an idiot." Ludwig said stupidly, watching as his brother cowered in a tree within the grounds. "Obviously she's gunna be expecting you to stay with her tonight."

  "I'm leaving Luddy! No turning back! No regrets!" He yelled, preparing the scale the wall. "Be good for __________!"

  "Bruder stop this!" He yelled, now gaining his attention. Using alligator tears, he managed to get his brother down and beside him in an instance. "I don't want you to leave bruder...I need you..."

  Gilbert lifted the child up, not able to see the glint in his eyes. "I won't leave about we go back inside before __________ starts to worry about us."

  "Danke bruder..." He said in his best whimpering voice he could muster. "I don't think I could go on without you."

  Now, it's not to say that Ludwig doesn't feel this way (mainly because without his brother, he would've starved to death), but Ludwig knew his brother wasn't the brightest apple in the bunch. And since Ludwig seemed to have a higher IQ, he was easily able to figure out how to toy with his brother to do anything or to keep him from leaving. Ludwig was a sweet kid, very smart but embarrasses easily, especially around girls.

  As Gilbert carried him back to his room, he made sure to inspect every hall to assure you weren't coming. Ludwig was becoming less tolerant at every stop. "You know, it won't kill you if you run into her bruder..."

  "Ja! But I don't want to...! I really like her und I messed up badly...!"

  "Well, she expecting you to sleep with her tonight." He gently reminded his brother, noticing him freeze in place. "So you're gunna have to deal with it one way or another."

  Gilbert got pale, even more pale then he already was. His little brother was right, he wouldn't let you have another terrible nightmare again, he wanted to make sure of that. But now things would probably be awkward between you both.

  "I'm such a dumbkopft..." He muttered, hanging his head.

  "Yes you are." Ludwig said softly, giving his brother a questionable look,"Just talk with her. What's the worst that could happen?"

  "I die."

  The room fell silent, Ludwig was questioning his brother's sanity (...again). "It'll be fine bruder." He said silently, resting his head against his brother's. "Just try not to be an idiot, okay?"

  The rest of the day, Gilbert made sure to avoid you, even coming late to eat when you had left. By the time he was assured you went to lay down, he slithered in the room. Hearing the door open, you looked over towards him.

  You watched as he quietly followed the wall until he climbed into your bed and turned the other way. "Gilbert-"

  He shouldered your hand away as you went to touch it. "Gilbert...about this morning..."

  "Nein, I wasn't in the right mindset..." He muttered, pulling the blanket over himself. "Just forget it happened..."

  "But I don't want to forget that it happened..." His head turned over, looking towards you. His ears flickered as though they misheard you. "I really like you Gilbert..."

  Now, he completely turned to face you. It took a moment for the information to process in his mind and once it did, he was hugging you tightly. Your arms slowly made their way around you and you felt warm and safe once more.

  "Ich liebe dich liebling..." He said, hugging you close to his body and resting his chin on your head. Tucking your head in, you blushed and smiled.

  His arms wrapped protectively around your body,"I love you too lovable cat..." You reached up, stroking his hair as though he were a cat. A purr sounded from him which he quickly stifled as you laughed. "You're too cute..."

  "I'll wait for you..." He said, changing from the previous conversation. "I don't care how long I have to wait, I'll wait until the end of time for us to be together. I really like you..."

  You smiled, cuddling close to him. "Are you sure you can wait that long Gilbert...?"

  "For you," he said softly, kissing your forehead,"Yea, I think I can."

  Cozying yourself with him and now falling asleep, you breathed out happily. "Good..." A smile stuck on your face that entire night.
Don't ask.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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  Gilbert awoke hours later with a start, something made him feel uneasy. His eyes immediately darted to where his brother once lay asleep. Fear filled him as he realized that neither his brother or you were anywhere to be found.

  Shooting up out of bed, he quickly escaped his bedroom and sought you out. In no time at all, terrible thoughts began to fill his head over what you might be doing.

  There was a loud explosion, sending pain into his fragile eardrums and then Ludwig's screams. Gilbert suddenly filled with adrenaline and rushed to where he heard Ludwig's cries.

  Bursting into the room, he instinctively readied himself to attack, almost missing the scene of you holding his crying baby brother and trying to calm him down. The second the door burst open, you quickly spun and quickly went back to calming Ludwig.

  "What...? Did you do mein bruder...?"

  You shook your head and went towards him, handing him Ludwig. "The storm woke him up, I can't get him to stop crying-" An explosion of thunder shocked both brothers and caused the white-haired one to cringe. "Gil...?"

  "It hurts...! My ears...!" He cried out, and you suddenly realized the problem with both of them. "G-Get the noise away...!"

  Getting Gilbert up, you managed to jostle him into a calmer and quieted room that refused to let any noise penetrate it. Ludwig looked towards you with teary blue eyes and Gilbert was frozen in fear and shock.

  Taking Ludwig into your arms, you began humming softly to lull him into a peaceful sleep, sitting on the ground. Gilbert, now overcoming his paralyzing feelings and came closer. He snuggled up against you like a cat and started drifting off himself too.

  Seeing Gilbert nodding off, you laid them both down on the ground within each other's embrace and laid a blanket over them. The two didn't seem to notice much as you slipped out of the room to let them sleep together.


  Gilbert awoke first the next morning, noticing the blanket over him and smiling. Pulling his brother in his arms, he escaped the room he was in and started shuffling down the halls to his bedroom to lay down.

  When he entered his room, he noticed a woman trying to make his bed. "Oh please, you don't have to. I was about to lay down again..."

  "Sure then hon. Thanks a lot for being there for our young madam. She's had it hard since her family died."

  This caught Gilbert's attention. "Died? Was...? She told me...she moved away."

  "No," The maid said in a soft voice. "Her family was killed in an accident. She was the only to survive. Her uncle took over her father's company and now sends her a majority of the money."

  Gilbert stood for a moment, trying to process the information before dismissing the young woman. He curled up in bed blankly and numb, trying to think of your sweet face, innocence, purity, not one of someone who has lost anything precious in this world.

  But how very wrong. Everyone she loved, her little brother, her father, her mother, gone. Tears surfaced at the man's eyes as he fell asleep, thinking about your precious smile. He wanted to make sure you kept that forever. He didn't want you to bare pain anymore.


  "Gilbert...!" Ludwig pestered as he shook his brother's sleeping form. "Gilbert...! I'm hungry...!"

  Gilbert, in turn, groaned and turned the other cheek. Although, Ludwig didn't want him to ignore so he once more began to pester his older brother. "Gilbert. I think I heard ___________ say that you're awesome...!"

  Once the albino had a second to process, he shot up in a second. "She thinks I'm awesome!?"

  "Bruder, you're so stupid..." Ludwig growled under his breath. "Now can we go and eat breakfast?"

  Gilbert shot a look at his 'innocent' little brother before agreeing. He helped the small boy onto the ground and led him to your room. When they opened the door, they found you still completely asleep. Both of them exchanged a worried glance, knowing they would need to speak with the chef who was obviously not happy with there presence not too long ago.

  Ludwig seemed even more upset. Gilbert didn't blame him. He's had a rough young life thus far. Lifting the child up into his arms, he began walking towards the dinning room. Ludwig was shaking in his arms.

  "Bruder, don't worry...everything is going to be fine..." He whispered into his brother, gripping his hand softly. "Your awesome big bruder is gunna make sure nothing can even touch you."

  The last part had a hint of threat in it, convincing Ludwig that he was nearly safe. His brother was always dangerous when it came to protecting his brother. That's how he lost half his sight, fighting with a scientist who was trying to take his brother away. Unfortunately, the man had a knife and no remorse when he slashed his eye.

  When they went to greet the male chef, they found a female one in his place. She offered no threat, although she went to touch Ludwig's black ears only to have her hand smacked away by Gilbert.

  In the end it was decided that they'd have a simplistic breakfast buffet before they went to sit at the table and wait. In the meanwhile, you had awoken and come to join them.

  Gilbert's eyes softened at your appearance. Ludwig didn't seem to notice that your eyes were slightly red, as if you had been crying. Gilbert, however, spotted it miles away . Quickly, he hopped out of his chair and embraced you, his warm and strong arms wrapped around you.

  You could feel something was off with him when he did that but you returned it likewise with a warm laugh. "You're awfully affectionate today, aren't you Gil? What did you both want for breakfast?"

  "A buffet." Ludwig said plainly as Gilbert broke away. "Sorry about mein bruder, he's just delirious today."

  You giggled and kissed Gilbert's cheek, making his face turn extremely red. It took Ludwig a spilt second to realize before he started laughing. Gilbert shot a look towards his brother, quickly silencing him before sitting back down and waiting for food like the rest of you.

  The meal progressed slowly and silently. No one dared to speak. You were very aware of Gilbert's tense actions. Gilbert held your secret to his rapidly-pounding heart. Ludwig could feel the thick tension and didn't want to say anything to make it thicken or explode.

  Eventually, you smiled softly and spoke up. "How about we do something today? It might be really nice to go out for some fresh air right now, won't it guys?"

  "Ja," Ludwig agreed, continuing to eat his breakfast in peace.

  Looking over towards Gilbert, you noticed he was grinning and breathed out in relief. "Ja, I really like that idea."

  When all of you had finished, you changed and quickly were out the door. Gilbert took your hand once more and nervously squeezed it. Not knowing the source of his nerves, you just gripped his reassuringly and smiled towards him.

  It seemed to work, his tenseness seemingly vanishing. As you walked along, talk commenced. You asked the boys how you slept, which they responded,'better than in any alley we've ever slept in.'

  "How'd you sleep ___________?" Ludwig asked softly, acting on innocence once more.

  Your grip tightened and you forced out a happy,"Good." Gilbert, who was still holding your hand, easily noticed and looked towards his little brother. His brother smirked and waved his hand forward.

  'Make your move.' His body language seemed to pester. Gilbert rolled his eyes and moved beside you, gripping onto your hand. "You know," He started,"If you want to talk about anything, the awesome me is open to listen."

  You nodded and moved forward, not really wanting to talk right now. Both of them were bound to find out eventually, about when you fall asleep. The only reason they hadn't worried last night was because Ludwig's cries droned put your own.


  Later that night, Gilbert tossed and turned in bed, thinking about why you wouldn't speak with him. Ludwig had fallen asleep on their walk home later and was sleeping peacefully in his own room.

  At around midnight, he was nearing sleep when he heard a cry in the dark. It wasn't Ludwig's though, it was yours. Quickly springing up, he dashed towards your room and noticed how pained you looked in sleep.

  Rushing to your side, he shook your shoulders and continually cried your name until you awoke in a shocked daze. Gilbert held such hurt and confusion before hugging you closely to him. Your face was forced into his shoulder and tears were suddenly spilling from your eyes.

  He gently hushed you, comforting you as your tears began to turn into sobs. "I d-didn't mean to wake you up G-Gil..."

  "Don't worry about me..." He said simply, now stroking your (h/c) hair. "I can take a cat nap if I want..." His tail brushed your arm softly, causing a giggle to sound from you.

  "Someone told me...what happened to your your family..." Your body shuddered once more. "You have nightmares, don't you...?"

  "They're so terrible Gil..." You breathed, holding him closer. "They've told me...the maids who work at night...that I scream in my sleep... "

  "Don't worry..." Gilbert whispered, laying you back down in bed and cooing you into calmness. "I'll stay with you tonight...I'll make sure that you sleep okay tonight..."

  You nodded, relaxing as he laid down in bed with you. He began stroking your hair, purring gently as if he really were a cat. Putting your head against his chest, you realized it was bare and began blushing.

  He felt so warm and comforting, brushing your arms softly. Snuggling closer, you curled up and sighed, shutting your (e/c) eyes. "I'm sorry for making you do this..."

  "Don't worry," He said in a warm tone, hugging you close. "I'm not mad. I'm just worried that you're not getting enough sleep. If you get scared, just wake me up."

  "Are you sure?"

  He kissed your nose softly and nodded,"Ja...gut nacht..."

  "Night..." You breathed, resting your ear against his chest, listening to his heart beating in his chest. "Thank you..."

  "Don't mention it..."

  With that, you both fell asleep in one another's arms.

Gilbert's your mommy now.

Making you feel better when you're scared.

But then you're Gilbert's mommy too.

Because you comforted him from the storm.

You're each other's mommies.

I'm so tired.
I'm sorry.


No, I'm not.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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  "Big brother...I'm so hungry..." Ludwig complained, trying not to sound like he's unappreciative of what his older brother goes through to keep them going. "I can feel my stomach eating itself..."

  The albino laughed hollowly, trying to keep his baby brother's spirits up. "Don't worry...your stomach can't eat itself so it won't eat itself..."

  Both brothers were genetically altered male specimens at a secret lab in the countryside. They managed to escape and hide out in a town many ways over where the laboratory couldn't touch them.

  Ludwig was the youngest, only about 9 years old with blond hair that fell in his face and the most gorgeous blue eyes. His older brother Gilbert (about 18) was an albino with white hair and two red eyes, although his left one was scratched and blinded. Ludwig and Gilbert wore cat tails and ears, the latter of which matched his hair color-white. Ludwig had black rather than the expected blond.

  Since they had escaped, they had been scrounging around for food at any chance they could. Humans shunned them, throwing stones and yelling fowl names towards them.

  Currently, both wore nothing but dirt and the clothes on their backs. Ludwig was huddled close as possible to his brother, trying to keep warm in the cold winter's wrath.

  "I'm glad we left Gilbert..." Ludwig said softly, shutting his eyes,"I didn't like it in there..."

  "Just go to sleep..." Gilbert cooed, kissing his brother's temple as a mother would've done. "I'll wake you up if something happens..."

  His little brother nodded, laying his ears down flat and letting his tail twitch as he fell into a peaceful sleep. Gilbert brushed his little brother's hair gently to soothe him into a comfortable sleep.

  He wasn't far gone when Gilbert's ears pricked up, a human was approaching. "Luddy...West wake up..." The child groaned in complaint as he opened his eyes, only to hear footsteps nearby.

  The sun was setting and there weren't many people around to begin with. But one human could make all the difference. As both got ready to bolt, they noticed it was a young girl, (h/l)(h/c) hair and around Gilbert's age. Her (e/c) eyes were gentle and her pink lips pursed slightly.

  Both brothers sat in an alley, hoping that the female human would not notice them. Only her (e/c) orbs darted over at the two shaking figures. Rather than causing noise, she came slightly closer in curiosity.

  Gilbert noticed that Ludwig was completely frightened so he took the boy and held him close, hissing towards the girl. Only around now had she even noticed that they were mutations. Her eyes darted to Gilbert's tail and ears.

  "Don't worry..." She said in a calmed voice,"I don't want to hurt you-"

  "But you will anyway!" Gilbert snapped back. "You don't have to hurt us every time one of your kind wants you to!"

  "Brother..." Ludwig nearly choked out, his voice was full of fright.

  Still, the girl inched closer, stopping at a cool distance and sitting down in front of them. "My name is you two have any...?"

  "Gilbert."  He spoke, his one working eye refusing to leave your form.

  Ludwig didn't answer, still nervous.

  She came slightly closer, both of them seemed on edge. This conversation went back and forth, every time they said something, she would move towards them.

  Eventually, she was sitting in front of them, both of their nerves calmed. She reached out on Gilbert's blind side, although he was about to cut her off from touching him, he relaxed as her soft hand cupped his cheek, her thumb pad caressing it.

  "You two can come stay with me if you want." She whispered, looking towards the now calmed but still frightened boy in his lap. "My parents are rich but I was sent off here. They wire me a lot of money I don't know what to do with. A big home, plenty of food, clothes."

  Gilbert looked towards his little brother as she backed away, awaiting their decision. Seeing his brother in such bad shape, he knew he'd have to put his trust in this stranger. She seemed too nice and sweet to be with anyone who would try to capture them and she showed concern for his little brother as well.

  Lifting up Ludwig into his arms, he nodded. She stood up herself, leading them out into the open. Her hand grabbed onto Gilbert's trying to steer him away from any objects on his blind side. People who passed gave a look of shock for the one person who showed the two kindness.

  Ludwig was very aware of this and hid his face into his brother's shirt. "It's okay West...we'll be okay..."

  "What do you two want to eat for dinner?"

  Both boys looked towards each other before Gilbert looked back towards the female. "You're not making us eat cat food?"

  She paused, looking back towards them,"Heavens no! You're humans , aren't you? I'm not forcing you to eat cat food like some kind of pet."

  Liking this idea, both of the invited guests decided on a big meal-chicken, fish, pretty much anything that had to deal with meat and fish. The woman laughed cheerily and agreed that they needed to eat something.

  By the time they had made it to the stranger's home, Ludwig was sleeping peacefully in his brother's arms. Gilbert, however, could now see the full extent of the teen's (or rather, parent's) wealth.

  Although in a home by her lonesome, she had a 2-story house-if not, 3-to herself. The home wasn't anywhere near bad shape either. In fact, it looked too new to be taken care of by one individual. It was guarded by a large fence made of stone, minus the front gates which opened with a special code.

  She openly showed Gilbert the number system and told him that if he forgot to not worry and ask. That she was willing to trust two strangers she pulled off the road, Gilbert felt safer.

  He watched as the doors opened and allowed them all to enter. Cautiously, he slipped in and shuddered when the gates screeched behind him, trapping him inside the confines of her home. Sure, he was warming up to the girl, but he couldn't exactly stop feeling paranoia over what may happen.

  Jouncing his brother, he tried to make him awaken once more. It worked for about three seconds before he fell back into sleep. There were housekeepers, groundskeepers and probably chefs working in and outside the house, looking towards the mutated brothers as they entered. Odds are that they have seen them in town before. This made Gilbert even more uneasy than before.

  Noticing Gilbert's hand tightening in fear around her own, she smiled. "Don't worry about it. If anyone asks, questions or insults you, I'm going to kick them out."

  Feeling slightly more reassured, he loosened his grip and followed you in. Even though it was a bigger home, the staff was small. Maybe a maid running around here or there but not like in a mansion where there are attendants at every door.

  "I don't need much help," ___________ said in a soft tone,"It's only me so I don't need thirty butlers and maids. Even with guests over, I don't need any more than I have here."

  Gilbert nodded and followed as she toured the home. Noticing that he was tiring out as well, she smiled. "How about you wake up Ludwig and clean off? I'll get the chef to cook for us while you do."

  "Where are we staying?" He asked in confusion.

  She smiled again and ushered both brothers to their rooms. The one Ludwig was left in was originally her little brother's room when he visited. His clothes still lay in the drawers for Ludwig to wear.

  Gilbert's room was the same, only her parents stayed in it. She instructed where her father's old clothes were and told him it was free to use. Gilbert, now alone with their new friend, hugged the girl and smiled brightly,"Thank you so much for all of this..."

  "It's no problem." She whispered back, hugging him for a moment before pointing out where her bedroom is in case they needed her at night. "I'll meet you both downstairs in a little while, okay?"

  He nodded and watched as she went off, his heart doing summersaults in his chest. But her sweet smile, her kind heart. He couldn't have been falling in love with someone who could easily shun her back to them, could he?


  The boys took their time before going downstairs, ____________ was already eating at this point but didn't seem upset over them taking so long. Rather, she felt embarrassed that she didn't wait for her guests and apologized. That threw both of them for a loop.

  Although tired, the two came with an appetite, wiping mainly everything off the table without a regret. Sure, the chef was confused when _____________ had told them how much food they'd be needing for the night but she quickly explained there would be guests.

  When the male chef came out to ask how the food was, he was shocked that, a) the food was knocked clean out, and b), that there were only two guests eating a meal fit for 10.

  Gilbert stood up, taking the nearly-asleep Ludwig into his arms and carrying him back up the stairs. The woman followed behind, making sure that Ludwig felt snug in his new bed and hung back as his older brother tucked him in.

  After a few minutes, she realized that he was having a hard time bringing himself away from his brother's side. Those two were close, their life alone on the road must've made them bond.

  "You know," She spoke up gently, causing the white ears to prick up and his eyes to move towards you,"He can stay with might be more comfortable for him to stay with you..."

  Gilbert smiled and nodded, picking his little brother up and cradling him into his arms. "I don't have many rules you know. Just don't try to piss off the workers by making a mess and follow whatever rules you have been following otherwise."

  He grinned, coming over to her and resting his chin on your shoulder. "'ve been such a help..."

  "You're welcome..." She said, hugging them close to her and smiling. "Why don't you two go off to bed and rest safely tonight."

  "Come sleep with us..." He murmured into her shirt. "I feel...really safe when I'm around you..."

  She giggled and helped both into bed before bringing herself beside them and resting her head on his chest. "You're such a good big brother...taking care of your younger sibling like that..."

  "He's all I have left..." Gilbert said softly, shifting his arms to bring his brother closer. "Sure he can be a pain and usually a stick in the mud, but he's my little brother and I love him..."

  Again, she smiled and snuggled closer. "You know, I feel safe around you too Gil..." He seemed to freeze in his spot, his heartbeat rapidly pounding in his chest. "Good night..."

  It took him until after you had fallen asleep to retaliate. He brought your head closer to his and started nodding off himself. "Gut nacht, leibling..."
That whole 'heads tails' journal entry...

I wrote this and then got conflicted.
Would I write another chapter and continue or make the series like 'Live, Laugh, Love' where the characters of the axis were all different animal hybrids.

I couldn't decide and every time I flipped the coin...
I kept deciding I wanted to do the other. ^^;

So I asked you guys.
Since you were clueless as to what this was.

Heads won.

3 chapters.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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"(NAME)!!! YO! (NAME)!!"

(name) lifted her head groggily. He best friend, Prussia, leanded over her. "What... is it?"

Prussia flicked his tail irritably. "DU-UH! You and the awesome me were supposed to go to the park and prank some humans!"

(name) blinked lazily. "I-I'm sorry... I forgot..." She sat up and gave her paws a few quick licks. "Let's go."

Prussia smiled widely and lept out the open window. "C'mon, (name)! Let's go freak out some humans!"

Sighing, (name) followed after the excited nation.



Prussia rolled around, laughing hysterically as the man got a fake hairball to the face. "That's why you don't push a button that reads, DON'T PUSH!!"

" that idea from the time Germouser told you not to puss the obvious Allied trap button and you did, didn't you?" (name) smirked.

"Wha-?!?! N-No! The awesome me came up with the idea! I invented it!"

"You sound like Korea..." (name) stretched, flicking her tail in his face. He frowned.

"Don't compare me to_"


A loud back interrupted him. A dog came racing towards them, yapping excitedly. (name) rolled her eyes. "Oh, great... Race you to the Great Oak?"

Prussia nodded, eyes wide, staring at the on comming menace. "One, Two, Three... GO!"

The two cats took off, fleeing the canine. Prussia reached the tree first. Jumping onto the trunk, he scrambled up the tree and settled on the lowest branch. "I...Beat you...(name)!" He looked down, but (name) wasn't there. He sat up franticly. "(name)?!? (NAME)!?!?"


(name) laid on the pavement, breathing in comming in short, ragged breaths. The dog had caught up to her. It tackled her and tore at her body, leaving deep cuts that bled heavily. The dog's owner stopped it and took her collar to call her housefolk.

"(name)!" Prussia ran up to where his friend laid, barely alive. "(n-name)..."

He sat down beside her, his eyes wide. "N-No... (name)! I'm so sorry! T-This is my fault, (name)! I should have waited for you!"

(name) smiled weakly. "N-No... it..isn't your fault... I issued the race, dummy.."

"Still1 I should've waited!"

The man who owned the dog came over with a towel and picked (name) up. Prussia followed him to his car. "(name)! Don't you die! That would be totally unawesome!"


Two days later, (name) was back at home, stitched up and bruised, but very much alive. She was resting on the couch, when soft footsteps woke her up.


Prussia slipped through the window. Padding forward, he sat down beside her. "how are you feeling?"

She smiled. "I've been better, but I'm just glad to be alive!"


She looked at him, eyes wide in shock. "Okay... one, it isn't you fault and two... I... like you too, Prussia... I've liked you for a while now..."

"R-realyy, (name)!?!? That's awesome! 'Course, not as awesome as me, but still, I love you (name)!"

Prussia jumped onto the couch and curled up beside her. (name) smiled as he quickly fell asleep. "I love you, too, Prussia."

sorry if it's short!
also.. due to school pressure i'm under... no part two..
I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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(name) ran to her tsundere friend. It had been a good two months since (name) had met the italian cat, and she had grown quite fond of him.... and his little brother, too.

"(n-name)?!" Romano, who had been talking to his little brother Itabby and, although unwillingly, Spaincat.

"Roma!!!!!" (name) tackled him and sent them both barrel-rolling down the hill. They landed with a loud 'thud' in a children's sand box.

"(name)? What is wrong?" Spaincat pranced casually down the slope with Itabby 've-ing' after him.

(name) bolted upright, her fur fluffed out in fear. Her (color) eyes were wide and fear danced throughout them. Romano got up after her and nudged her side.

"(name) you idiota! What was-a that for?"

"A-Animal Control!!!!!" (name) shook like a leaf. "T-they came a-and took everone away!"

Spaincat gasped. "You don't mean all you stray pals, do you?"

(name) nodded. "i saw them! I-It was horrible! A-And now t-they're after me!"

Itabby mad a confused 've'. Romano just stared. "I don't-a think they will-"

"There's the cat!" A deep human voice echoed around the playground. He wore a green suit and had a shaggy beard. In his hand was a large net, perfect for catching a stray cat.

(name) yelped and took off, disreguarding her friend's protests.

"(n-name)?!" Romano called after her fleeing form. He suddenly let out a yelp as he was hoisted into the air by the Animal Control officer.

"Tsk. You've got a collar." The officer set Romano down and glared at the three cats. "Get back home you mangy bunch!" With that, he set off in the direction where (name) had fled.

Without a second thought, Romano took off after him.

"Ve? Fratello? Where are you-a going?!" itabby called after him.

"What does it-a look like, you idiota!? I'm going to-a help (name)!!!


(name) hid in the shadows, watching the Officer as he examined the alley. He glanced back and forth, looking for any sign of her. She held her breath as he passed by the place where she was hiding. He glanced at the small hole in the wall, then continued walking.

(name) sat there until she heard his footsteps stop. 'Is he gone?' (name) inched out of her spot, only to be grasped firmly by her scruff. She let out a startled yelp as the Animal Control officer stuffed her into the net.

"(name)!!!" Romano came bounding into the alleyway, only to stop dead in his tracks as he watched the horror scene unfold.

(name) was caught in every animal's worsy nightmare, a net. romano watched helplessly as she tossed and turned, trying to get free.

"Quit struggling you stupid cat!" The officer yelled at his captive.

(name) sniffed and her eyes wandered to meet Romano's. "Roma....."

Romano had enough. he let out a fierce hiss and croutched down, ready to attack this horrible man. Everyone said he was just like his brother, always running away, but not this time. Not with (name) in danger.

"Excuse me."

An italian voice spoke up from down the alleyway. Both the cats and the officer turned around. There stood a tall man with dark brown hair, a curl matching Romano's, and a (color) collar in his hand. (name) let out a surprised mewl. It was her Roma's owner.

"What do you want?" The officer spat.

"i believe that you have my cat, sir." Romano's owner stalked over and held out the collar. "She is 9name). Sorry, but she lost her old collar and I went to buy a new one. May I have her back please?"

The officer narrowed his eyes and looked him up and down. Romano came and stood by his master, giving (name) a happy look. He had known his owner was going to adopt her, since she practically lived with them anyway.

"How do i know you're telling the truth..?" The officer removed a frazzled (name) from the net, but did not give it to the man.

"I saw the way you treated those cats, sir. You don't want to loose your job, now would you?" Another, spanish voice echoed through the alley. A spaniard, who looked like Spaincat, stood behind romano's master.

"Y-You wouldn't!!" The officer threw (name) down and took off down the alley. "If you tell I'll have your heads!!!!"


"(name), are-a you okay?" Romano sat down beside her, the (color) collar now around her neck. She was staring at it intensly, admiring the sparkly bell that hung from it.

"Hm? Yeah, I'm fine! Wow, Roma! you were so brave back there! You would've attacked him for me!" (name) purred in gatitude.

"I would not let you-a get hurt (name). b-because I-i uh.... i....."

"Yes Roma?" (name) tilted her head to the side.

"I-I um... I-a..."

"I love you?" (name) finished the sentence for him. Romano blushed and looked away. "I love you too, Roma!"

(name) lept up and tackled her Italian friend.



-le end~-

i'm sorry this was such a short ending...... but i still think it was sweet none the less!
i hope u like it despite it's shortness!!!!
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Stretching, (name) yawned and sat up. The warm sunlight hit her fur, and she shivered in delight. 'Today is so pretty!'

Glancing around, (name) observed her surroundings. She was at her all-time favorite spot, the downtown Plaza. It was the typical summer Saturday afternoon in Madrid. The merchants were selling things at their wooden stands. The tourists hustled around, yearning to see the sights. (name) smiled. 'Gotta love home!' She slinked out from behind the bush, careful not to get trampled underfoot. 'Now.... which food cart to raid today?'

(name) sniffed. A meat stand to the left, and a candy stand to the left. Suddenly, a disticnt smell wafted in front of her. CHURROS.

'Perfect' (name) walked in the direction the smell came from. In front of her was a man. "Churros! Get your fresh Churros HERE!" He yelled with a thick Spanish accent. 'I'll get one... for free!' (name) crouched and aimed her body to pounce.

"What are you doing, senorita?"

(name) jumped into the air, startled. "NYAA!?!?" Looking behind her, she saw another cat. He smiled.

"Senorita, you wouldn't be trying to steal from my master's stand, would you?" He smirked, his green eyes laughing playfully.

"N-No.... I-I was....."

"Haha! It is alright, bella. I wont tell. It's not like he'd understand me anyway." He came and sat down beside (name). "I am called Spain, but you, bella, can call me Antonio. Now, what is your name?"

"I-It's (n-name)...." Her face grew warm. 'W-Why am I blushing!? I-I just met him!' (name) tried to reason with herself.

"(name), huh? That is a beautiful name, bella!"

"I-It is..?"

"Yes! And.... you are beautiful aswell, bella.." Antonio looked away from her rather sheepishly.

"I-I-I.... T-Thank... you, Antonio. I really, apriciate that..."

Antonio looked at (name). "So... why were you trying to steal some of my master's churros?"

'W-what? Back to that?! S-so fast!' (name) was startled. "W-Well.... I dont have an owner... so I dont get to eat that often, and I saw them and I was hungry and they looked so good and..." (name) rambled on in embaressment.

"Ahh... I see. You are a stray then." Antonio stood up. "I have an idea." Walking up to his owner, he pawed at his leg. (name) cocked her head in confusion. 'What is he doing?'

Antonio's owner looked down. "Ah! Hello there, my friend! Is there something you need?" Antonio loooked up at him with big, round eyes, and then looked back at (name). His master followed his gaze. "Ahh... now I see.. alright. Two churros coming up! One for you... and the other for your lady friend!" He picked up two churros and set them on the ground. Antonio picked them up and carried them over.

"Here you are, bella!"

"T-Thank you, Antonio!"

"You are welcome, (name)! Anytime you need food, come and find us, alright? I dont want a beautiful girl like you to starve!"

"R-Really?!? T-Thank you very much! I-I'll do that!" (name) started eating to avoid Antonio from seeing her blush.

'I'll be coming around often... not just for the food..'

Part one done1 this is the first of my Nekotalia!XReader series! more soon! please be patient!
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"My cat is awesomer than yours!" shouted Beer-Breath to your master
"Is not!" she shouted back.
"This is stupid," you muttered settling in for another nap. Gilcat, your mate, was off trying to fish. That idiot did not get that there were no fish in the bathtub. Groaning you felt a slight kick. Your master and Beer-Breath didn't seem to understand that you were pregnant with kittens.
Gilcat walked back in with Gilbird on his head. It was a wonder that he didn't eat the tiny chick; he was a cat after all. "There were no fish." You turned your head and let out a snort of laughter. He was soaked; his white fur was dripping with water and suds.
"Gil, come here," you said, "they're kicking again."
Ecstatic he ran over and nuzzled your stomach. "Our kittens are going to be awesome!"
"Yep, just like their daddy," you purred.
"So had Beer-Breath and (creative name for your master) found out that you're pregnant yet?"
"No," you giggled, "I bet it'll be a big surprise when they….do." you let out a screech.
"______________, what's wrong?"
"What about them?"
"They're coming!"
Gilcat jumped, "W-What?" he shouted.
You whined and moaned.
"__________, what's wrong?" asked (creative name for master). "Eww, did you pee on the floor?"
You hissed at your master, "NO!" Of course she didn't understand you. "GIL!"
"Gil, Luddy; something's wrong with _____________," said your master.
Bear-Breath and Doitsu ran in, "Gilcat did you do something to ___________?" Asked Beer-Breath.
"You idiots, she's having kittens!" shouted Doitsu.
"WHAT?" shouted (creative name for master).
"Go Gilcat!" shouted Beer-Breath, "You got some!" (Creative name for master) hit Beer-Breath upside the head.

A few hours later…

You smiled happily down at your kittens. Fritz, Dirk, and Elsie. "They are so cute!" shouted Pasta.  Itabby and his master Pasta were visiting, "I want one, Germany can I-?"
"No," shouted Beer-Breath. "They are Gilcat and __________'s. It would be so unawesome if we gave them away."
"I love you Gil," you purred into the neck of Gilcat.
"Ich liebe dich, _________," said Gilcat.
Request from :iconnennetjejen:

Hope you all like. I just love kittys!!!!

I'm still taking requests until the 7th so feel free to make on at [link]
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It was a day just like any other. Americat was, although not meaning to, beating you up. His games were way to rough for a delicate kitty like you. And when he told you to stop he didn't, he just didn't seem to understand that you weren't a strong cat like him.
The 'games' were getting worse and worse as the cold war went on. Americat told you you had to be ready in case you were attacked and his 'games' got tougher and tougher until you couldn't take it anymore.
You ran away.
Ran away from Loudmouth and Americat. It was freezing outside, before you were never allowed outside and were bred for an indoor cat's life. But desperate times called for desperate measures.
You mewed pitifully as you bumped into something hard. It was a large brown cat with lots of fur. "Please don't hurt me."
"I won't hurt you," he said smiling. Your natural instincts told you otherwise.
"P-please, I don't have any food I swear. I haven't eaten in days," you whimpered.
The large cat licked your forehead kindly and then picked you up by the skin behind your neck. He carried you in his teeth to a large house. "Stay here, da?"
You nodded, still scared. The large cat went inside and returned with a huge human in wearing a long scarf. "Is this her?" the large cat nodded. "Oh, hello there little one." The man spoke with a Russian accent. "Good thing you found her Russicat, she needs food. Don't you?" He picked you up and held you like a baby. Mewing happily at the warmth you snuggled closer to his chest trying to get warmer. The man brought you inside. "I'll bring some catfood."
"Are you feeling better?" asked Russicat.
Nodding slowly you focused your (e/c) eyes on him, "Thank you."
"__________, do you want to stay?"
You nodded vigorously, "Please." He walked over and licked your cheek.
"I know you used to belong to Loudmouth." You tensed. "Don't worry; I won't hurt you like Americat did." He purred happily while burying his face in your shoulder. "I like you ___________, you are very special to me."
"Da," he smiled and licked your nose. You giggled and licked his nose back.
"You're really sweet."
"I'll protect you ____________," said Russicat settling himself next to you, "I promise."

Loudmouth = Cat's name for America (says it all doesn't it?)
Request from :iconyuelover69:

Even when Russia is cat he is so cute! Although I hated portraying Americat as the villain. WHY, WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE THE HERO *cries*.
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"Germouser, Germouser," shouted Itabby, "I want you to meet ______________."
"Ja, Ja," said Germouser following the hyperactive Italian cat. He had no idea why Itabby wanted to introduce him to his new friend.
"_________!" shouted Itabby finaly finding his friend.
"Itabby," it was a pretty she-cat with large (e/c) eyes and a thick (f/c) coat. Carefully she walked over as the Italian cat ran to her tackling her in a strange catish hug.
"Veee~ ____________!" Itabby jumped, "___________, greet me like I taught you!"
___________ turned slightly red, "O-ok." Quickly she gave the Italian a peck on both cheeks.
"Ve~I got kissed by a pretty kitty. Now its your tern Germouser," said Itabby, "_____________ give Germouser a kiss to!"
________________ and Germouser both turned very red. "Umm, Itabby. I don't think that _________ would want-."
"Oh, no I'm fine," said ___________, "that is if you're-."
Germouser interrupted her, "I'm fine."
___________ walked over to the cat and gave him a quick peck on both cheeks.
"Ve~. Now Germouser got a kiss from a pretty kitty!"
__________ blushed. "So, Germouser. Do you, umm, want to go for a walk?"
Germouser nodded and the two of them left a confused Itabby who was veee-ing


Karl and Josef ran from their uncle Gilcat. "The awesome me is gonna get you!"
"Gilcat, stop chasing mein kids!" shouted Germouser.
"Germouser, let them play," __________ purred into her mate's ear.
Germouser grumbled, "It's almost time for bed."
"Why don't you and I play instead?" __________ purred again into Germouser's ear.
"We just had them; do you want them to have more siblings?"
____________, giggled, "You're loss." __________ got up and started to walk away.
"No, wait!"
Request from :iconakatsuki-wolfz:

I'm still takeing request up till tomarrow (aka 7th of July) after that I won't take any more requests.

Go to [link] to make a request.
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You walked through the throng of milling cats ans Elizabeta explained the purpose of the shelter.

"All of these cats need a home and someone who can care for them."
You nodded, nearly tripping over a large dark grey cat. It looked up at you, it's purple eyes glaring. You shivered and stepped around it.

"Elizabeta!!" You both looked towards the voice.
A guy wearing a pink dress flipped a piece of his shoulder length hair. Elizabeta rolled her eyes.

"What Felix?"

The guy struck a pose and pouted, "You, like totally putting her asleep vid dat speech. Just let her pick a cat!!!"

Elizabeta opened her mouth to speak, but stopped when you shrieked.

A rather big white cat was climbing up your leg. He had red eyes and a few scars on his face. A tattered ribbon was tied around his neck.

"GILBERT!!" Elizabeta stomped over, grabbing the cat and holding him up to her eye level.

"What have I said about doing that?"

The cat stuck out it's tongue. You laughed as Elizabeta cursed at it. It glanced at you a made a strange sound in the back of it's throat. Almost like a laughing snake.

"Is he up for adoption?"

Elizabeta looked at you and raised an eyebrow.  "You want Gilbert?"

You nodded, feeling slightly uneasy as the cat stared at you with it's red eyes.
"Alright, it's your funeral."

-----Time skip------

"Please stop staring at me." You stared at the white cat out of the corner of your eye. He made that weird Kesesesese sound again. You made a sharp right turn, Gilbert swayed with the motion of the car, still staring.

You decided to ignore the cat, mentally kicking yourself for picking a weird one.

After letting the cat inside, you watched as he explored the house.
At least he seemed happy.

As he walked into the living room, you froze. You had forgotten something very, very important. You had forgotten about your pet bird.

Running into the living room you felt your heart skip a beat.

Gilbert was up on his hind legs looking into the makeshift nest you had assembled. Oh no, not good. The little yellow bird inside was only a chick, nothing but a snack to this big cat.

To your utter surprise, the cat climbed into the nest and curled up around the baby bird. You watched slack jawed as Gilbert gently licked the top of the birds head. Gilbert purred gently while you looked on in shock.

You soon found out that there were other strange things about the cat.

You were sitting in the living room a week later, when he walked in, the tiny yellow chick perched on his head. The bird seemed to follow him everywhere after that.

----Time skip----

"GILBERT!!!" You scowled down at the cat. He blinked lazily up at you from his oh-so comfortable spot in your underwear drawer.

"Bad Kitty." You picked him up and set him on your bed. He mewed in annoyance, ears flicking back.

"Don't be so.....So unAwesome!" You giggled at the made up word. Gilbert's head shot up and he stared at you. You flinched slightly under the intensity of his gaze.

"So UnAwesome?"

Gilbert meowed loudly, reaching out and batting at your leg with a paw. You stared, what was he trying to get you to say?


A loud bang resonated around the house and your room filled with smoke. You coughed, waving a hand in front of your face frantically.

The smoke cleared and you felt your jaw dropped.

A naked Albino man was sitting where Gilbert had been a second ago. He grinned at you cockily, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Like vat you see Frau?"
You blushed and threw a pillow at him. He caught it grinning, and placed it over his lap.

"Who are you?"


"You're my cat?"

He nodded, grinning.

"Yup, you broke ze curse!"

You stared dumbfounded as he explained. Apparently all the cats in the shelter had been under a curse, waiting for a human to adopt them and find the correct means to free them.
Gilbert finished up with a long speech on how awesome he was. While he was speaking The little yellow chick flew in the room and landed on his head.

"Hallo little guy, you still don't have a name." He stared at the bird and you stared at him. Gilbert smiled and gently patted the bird,  "I'll call you Gilbird!!"


"You're really obsessed with yourself, aren't you?"

"Matter of opinion Frau."
OMFG!!! It's been so long since I last updated my Nekotalia series >_> So here it is guys.

Intro- [link]

I own nothing but the plot.
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Neko-FrancexReaderxScotland (kinda)


"We have a really big selection of cats as you can see." Elizabeta laughed.

She was right. You didn't think you had ever seen as many cats as there were in this place. A small tabby rubbed up against your leg. He had a funny curl on his head.

"Thats Itabby." she pointed to a dark gray cat, "Thats his friend Germouser."

Nodding you crouched, patting the cat's head. A rather large white cat sauntered up to you. He had a friendly air about him.

"Whats this guys name?" You rubbed a hand across his fluffy head.
Elizabeta raised an eyebrow, "Thats Francis. He likes to cause trouble." You stared at the cat. He winked up at you.

Kinda weird for a cat.......

"He really doesn't look like he causes that much trouble." You mused aloud.
Elizabeta snorted. "Between him and his friends....." She motioned towards two cats sitting across the room. They were also white, although one had beige patches of fur.

The fluffy cat looked up at you. So cute.

"You know what? I'll take him!" You grinned down at the cat.

Elizabeta shrugged, "It'll be good to get him off my hands."

Picking up the cat, you followed her back into the main office. You passed a blonde man in a dress. Deciding not to stare, you carried on.

-------Time skip-------

You hummed along with the radio as you drove back home. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Francis looking at you.

"Francis is French for Frenchman, right?" You grinned down at the cat. He meowed, winking again.

You had seen cats wink before, but this was way too human like. As if he knew what you were thinking the white cat winked again.

-------Time skip-------

You soon found out why Elizabeta had called him a trouble maker.

The cat had an underwear obsession.

You couldn't leave laundry out nor drawers open. If you did any undergarment would be whisked away by the white menace.

Good thing cats couldn't open drawers.

You walked into your bedroom, a basket full of clean laundry balanced on your hip. Something felt off about it. Looking around you noticed instantly what was wrong.

A drawer was open on your dresser.
To be more specific. Your Undergarment drawer was open.

"What the...." You muttered, setting the laundry basket down.
You hadn't left it open. And there was no way Francis could have opened it. Right? A few strands of longish white fur lay across the top of the dresser.

You marched out of your room and down the stairs. In the living room, Francis lay inside his kitty basket.

"Francis......." You stood above him, tapping your foot. "Did you open my dresser drawer?"

He looked away, almost as if you had caught him in the act.

Reaching down you lifted him up. The basket was empty underneath. Huh.
When you set him back down he gave you a smug look. You glared.

"I know you took a pair buddy. No point in trying to hide it."

You crossed your arms. Maybe he shouldn't be an indoor cat. Maybe Francis just needed to be able to roam about.

-------Time skip-------

Maybe letting him go outside wasn't a good idea. You barely ever saw the cat anymore. He'd wake you up in the morning and rush out side immediately after eating. Then he'd wake you up in the middle of the night to be let back in.

It was kind of depressing that a CAT didn't want to spend time with you.

A scratching at the front door alerted you to his presence. Strange. it was the middle of the afternoon.

Opening the door you watched as he scampered in and bolted up the stairs. It was almost as if something was chasing him.

Actually something was. Or rather someone was.

A man with a shock of deep red hair and rather thick eyebrows marched up your front path. A fat cat in his arms.

"Are ye' the owner of tha' cat?!" He growled, pointing inside. You frowned

"Francis? "Yeah he's my cat."

The strangers brilliant emerald eyes flashed. "That Faking menace got me Iggy pregnant!" He held out the fat cat, which you realized was not fat, but pregnant.

"Um geez." You glanced up the stairs, where Francis was trying to hide behind a potted plant.

"I don't know what to say." Your expression of extreme confusion seemed to calm the man slightly.

"I don't know either." He sighed, seeming to deflate slightly. The cat wriggled out of his arms and raced inside your house.

You both attempted to catch it, getting stuck in the doorway.

"Ach sorry lassie." He grimaced slightly, placing his hands on your hips and helping you maneuver out of the way.

Blushing you ran up the stairs after the cats. The red headed stranger not far behind.
Both cats were curled up on your bed, purring like maniacs.

"Come on Iggy!" The man grumbled at the cat. Of course both cats ignored the plea.

"Maybe Iggy and each other?" You shrugged

He raised one enormous eyebrow. "Aye, tha's logical." you couldn't tell if he was making fun of you or being serious.

"Maybe they should stay together. Just until the kittens are born." You add thoughtfully.

"Ah guess." His tone was skeptical.

"I'm Allistor Kirkland." He stuck out his hand "And Tha' is Arthur."

"I'm ____   _____." You shook his hand confused. "I thought her name was Iggy."
He shrugged, "I though She was a lad until your cat got her pregnant."

Okay Then.......

An awkward silence filled the house.

"Sorry about that." You figured that it was the right thing to say. Kinda. "I guess I shouldn't have let him outside."

Allistor nodded, "I dunno  know how Iggy got out. It's both our faults......Ah guess."

You both stared at the curled up cats.

"Why is ther'e ah pair of panties on the ceiling fan?" Allistor's question confused you.
"What???" Looking up you blushed. The missing panties were indeed hanging of the ceiling fan.

You glared down at Francis.

The cat gave you a cheeky wink.
:iconffffukplz: <------- That guys is going to come after me for this. I just know it xD


its a bit shorter than i'd like it to be....
I found the image on Google.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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BTTxReader Lost children?

Part 2


"I drew dis for you." You looked down at the dark-haired five year old who was holding up a crayon drawing.

Crouching down to his level, you gently took it from him.

The picture was a portrait of you.  

"Thank you Kiku!"  

The little boy nodded, then ran off towards his siblings.

It had been three months since you had meet Lovino, Matthew and Ludwig, yet those three little boys were still on your mind.

You hoped they were doing okay. They were actually the reason you had started this Day care/ Babysitting job.

After spending over three hours taking care of them, when you had gone home, your house  had felt really empty. Going to work was depressing and felt pointless. So Two weeks later you had made your home into a Kid friendly Daycare.

A high pitched wail brought you out of your thoughts.

Natalia, a four year old sat on the floor crying. Rushing over you scooped her into your arms

"Awww whats the matter honey?" She rubbed her eyes and pouted. "Beeg Brother stole my ribbon!"

You looked at the  russian boy. "Give it back Ivan.'

He grinned, "Sdelayte mne."  The pink ribbon was clutched tightly in his hand. His violet eyes dared you to take it from him.

As cute as he could be sometimes, Ivan was one creepy-ass kid.

Sighing you sat Natalia down on a bean-bag chair. "Pick a color." You held up a several different ribbons. She picked a navy blue one.

"Now Ivan, No more tormenting your sister. Ok?" He scowled and nodded.

"______-chan!" Kiku sang out. Three of his siblings stood next to him.

Smiling you walked over

Thanks to the cultural differences of your wards, you had managed to pick up the basics of Japanese and Russian.

--------Two hours later--------

"Thank you so much for taking care of them again on such a short notice, aru. I hope they weren't any trouble."

You smiled at the asian man infront of you. "Anytime Yao. You know how much I love their company. They're no trouble at all."

He gave you a tired smile.

You stood in the door way as Yao strapped his seven siblings into his van. Poor guy. Yao was    the same age as you and he had support his siblings after his parents had died.

"Beeg sister?" Natalia looked around your leg. Scanning the street, you saw that she was right.

Yekaterina was hurrying across the street. Only in middle school, her parents had left the responsiabily of the Four and Eight year old on her shoulders.
I'm sorry I'm late Miss _______!" Yekaterina looked worried, "The school had an assembly."

"Don't worry" Smiling you waved as she picked  up Natalia and began walking back down the street, Ivan in tow.


You had just sat down to eat dinner when the phone rang.

"Hello? This is ____ speaking."

"Yeeeeeeeeeeah, um do you like, do last minute babysitting?" An annoying, female voice asked.

"Yes I do." You frowned, every once in a while you got calls like these. Damn and you were just about to have dinner.

"Okay so like, come to 1716 Cherrywood Ave as soon as possible." She hung up before you could answer.

Grabbing your purse, you sprinted out to your car. It was going to be a long night.

-----Ten minutes later----

You had arrived infront of the biggest house you had ever seen.
It was a three story brick mansion. "Geez" You mummbled, "Who the hell lives here?"

Before you could knock, the front door swung open.

"Like, Thank God!!!!" A rather short girl with blonde highlights, stood in the door way, chewing on a wad off gum.

How annoying.

She walked past you, "I was hired to babysit, but I like HAAAATE kids so, like I'll be back an hour before their parents get back." She hopped into a pink minivan and sped off.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? You stared after her, shocked. What a Jackass!

Sighing you stepped inside the impossibly large house.

First order of buisness, where are the kids.

Looking around, you quickly reliaized that it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy to get lost in this house.

Clearing your throat, you called out, "Guys? Hello?" A little muffled noise, came from the right. Ok, that was a start. "I'm uh your new babysitter." You walked into the large living room to the right.

Three children sat on a couch.

Three very familiar children.

"Lovino? Ludwig? Matthew?" You stood flabbergasted, staring at the three little figures.

"Hey! _______! What are you-a doing here?" The little Italian boy jumped off the couch and hugged you.

Grinning you patted his head, "I was hired by that girl to babysit you."

Lovino rolled his eyes, "Matthew's-a father hired-a her. Shes-a bitch." The kids use of curse words never failed to amaze you.

"She can't be that bad." You looked at the other two.

Matthew shrugged, Ludwig slapped the couch with his palms,"Lovino ist richtig." His face was rather serious for a two year old.

"So why did your gaurdians need a babysitter? Couldn't one of them stay home?"

Matthew frowned, "No, Papa, Uncle Gilbert and Uncle Toni went out drinking."

Several of your favorite choice words ran through your head.

Lovino nodded as if he knew what you were thinking.

"So" you clapped your hands "What do you guys want to do?"

It went quiet as the trio though about your question. "Well what time is it?" Matthew whispered. you looked down at your watch,

"Um, 7:23. Why?"

Matthew looked at the ground, "That means Papa will be home in about four hours." You eye twitched, "How long have they been gone?"

Ludwig held up two fingers, "Zwei Stunden." The kid was smart for only two years old.

Sitting down, You stared at them. "What usually happens when they come home?"

Lovino puffed out his cheeks," Well, First-a that tomato bastard and his-a friends laugh and go apeshit crazy. Then they-a throwup all over the place."

Matthew nodded,"We usually clean up after them, and then the next morning take care of them."

How horrible. You felt bad for your little friends. "Well it won't happen tonight!" You stood up, "No child should have to take care of their drunken parent."
Ludwig pursed his lips,"Bruder." You nodded, "Or brother."

"So!" You put your hands on your hips "Lets go have some fun!"

The four of you decided to go to an Ice Cream Palor. After that you all went back to their house and watched Ludwigs favorite movie, "My Neighbor Totoro"

"I'm-a glad you-a came ______!" Lovino smiled at you, "It's-a lotta fun with-a you around."

You grinned "Thanks Lovi!"

Matthew smiled," Yeah, It's a good thing you came."

Ludwig was fast asleep on your lap, "Maybe its time for bed guys?" you looked at Lovino.

He shrugged. "We usually stay up untill-a they come home."

Shaking your head, you sighed, "I'll deal with them. You guys are young, you need your rest."

Matthew nodded slowly, "Okay."

You tucked the trio into bed, then made your way downstairs. According to Matthew they would be back around 11:00. Your watch read 9:12. Great. It was going to be a while.

A loud bang woke you up. SHIT! You had fallen asleep.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEY KIDS VE'RE HOOOOOOOOOOOME!!" A loud German accent trilled. Ludwig's brother. What was his name? Gilbert.


You sat up and crossed your arms.

You sat on a couch half hidden in shadow. With your black jeans and dark purple shirt, all that was really visible at first glance were your (Iris color) Eyes. Which glittered dangerously in the moonlight.

You were going to teach these men a lesson.

The first to enter was indeed Gilbert.

He stummbled in, his crimson eyes glazed over by the effects of the alchol. He spun in a lazy circle, glancing around the room for the children. His eyes landed on you.

He froze.

"HEILIGE SCHEIßE!" He screamed like a little girl and fell backwards.
Francis lept in, brandishing a silver Candelabra. "What is wrong?"

Gilbert had gone as white as his hair as he pointed and sputtered. "D-D-DEMON!!!"


Francis squintted, "Whaaaaaaaaa?"

You could see he wasn't as drunk as Gilbert, but still.

You stood up as regally as possible. "YOU!" you hissed pointing at the two. They both backed up. Both were visibly shaking.

Antonio walked in, "Who are you? Where are the kids?"

Crossing your arms you frowned at him. "I'm here babysittting your children. WHO I might add were left alone with an irresponsible twit."

Antonio frowned, "Yeah bu-" You cut him off,

"What kind of gaurdians leave their children to go out drinking?" Your disgust showed on your face.

"Who do you zink you are? You can't tell us what to do." Gilbert sneered
You scowled, "No I can't. But I can hope you'll listen." tapping your foot on the ground,

you glared at the men.

Francis's shirt was unbuttoned, a lipstick stain on his collar.

Gilbert had a brusies around his neck, almost as iff someone had been choking him.

Antonio was the least drunk of them but he was still a mess. His hair was wet and He had dirt down the front of his shirt.

"Look at you! What kind of example are you trying to set for those little boys?!" you swung your arms up in resegnation. "I mean COME ON! WHAT THE HELL GUYS?!" Your voice slowly rose untill you were shouting.

Antonio flinched, "Well when you put it that way....." His green eyes studdied the floor.
Francis scowled, "I am not setting zat bad of an example."

"Yes you are!" You couldn't belive these guys.

"Aren't you zat girl from ze mall?" Gilbert was staring at you. In a very creepy way.

He walked towards you slowly. The little voice in the back of your mind, dryly commented how it was almost like a lion stalking prey.

You backed up untill you hit the wall.

Placing his hands on either side of your head he leaned in. "Vhy do you care about zem?"

His breath made you cringe. Uck. The guy needed a mint.

His nose was nearly touching yours.

Squirming away you straightened your shirt, and stood up to your full height.

"They're good kids."

He frowned "Zhats it?"

A loud thud startled you. Francis had passed out. Antonio was swaying next to him. Five seconds later, he hit the floor.

Gilbert stared, then he too passed out.

Weirdos. You thought.

NOW I'm going to have to drag them upstairs. You wondered how the kids usually managed with them.

---------The next morning------

You flipped a pancake onto the last plate. It was 9:05 in the morning. You had woken up a half an hour earlier when Matthew had told you he was hungry.

So there you were, making pancakes for the kids. They all sat around the kitchen table wolfing down your cooking.

"Well guy." You sighed, "I'm going to wake up the three idiots."

You hurried up the stairs and entered the first room. Francis's room.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE UP!" You made sure to be as loud as possible, as you stommped over to a window and opened the drapes.

"nooooooooon......." You could see that he had his head under his pillow.
taking a dep breath you placed your lips next to his ear,


He shot out of bed cursing in french. Glaring at you with bloodshot eyes he growled, "Why are you still 'ere?"

You made a face, "Someone had to feed the kids while you were hung over."

Rubbing his face he flopped back onto the pillows. His blonde hair a tangled mess. "Zank you." His voice was nothing more than a soft whisper.

Shrugging you turned to leave "No one else would do it, so...."

Waking Antonio was easy. He probably had heard your attempts to wake Francis.

Gilbert was a pain in the ass.

Walking into his room you stared at the tangle of blankets on the bed. Who the hell uses SEVEN blankets.

"Gilbert........Gil." You stared down at the large pile. "GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILBERT!" a tiny muffled squeak.

Hopeing he wasn't naked, you began throwing the blankets off, one by one.

The albino was curled into a tiny ball, his face scrunched up against the light. He almost looked cute.

But then he had to open that big mouth of his.

"VHERE YOU SENT FROM HELL?" His red eyes glared up at you.

You noticed he was wincing. Poor guy must have a headache.


His eyes widened, sitting up he glared "Zhat's MY line!"

Rolling your eyes, you turned around, "Get your ass to the table, breakfast is ready."

Walking back towards the stairs you were meet with a most unexpected sight. Francis, dripping wet, in a towel.

Blushing deep red, you squeaked.

A faint dusting of pink crossed his cheeks, "Oh! Sorry. I zought you 'ad gone down

"U-u-um" You scurried past him "I'm going to check on the kids."


Your blush had vanished.

Which was good.

Damn he was hot for a single dad.


You DID NOT just think that.

"Why are you-a blushing?" Lovino stared up at you, a knowing expression on his face. You felt your face heat up even more,

"Um its kinda hot in here?"

It came out as a question. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw baby Ludwig roll his eyes.

"Vhy don't you take somezing off if its so hot?" You felt more than saw the Albino behind you.

"Non!" Francis walked in the kitchen(Fully clothed), ruffling Matthews hair as he passed. "She is going to ze new babysitter."

You blinked "Um......What?"

An arm snaked its way around your shoulder. "The kids like you, so we figured you could babysit them!"

You looked up at the grinning spainiard. His emerald eyes twinkled.

And that, was how you got your job as the little trio's personal Nanny.
:D Part two of this [link]

German Translation- Lovino ist richtig- Lovino is right


Russian- Sdelayte mne- Make me

I used google translate sooooooooo yeah.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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Your free period. Finally it came. You gathered some studying material together, whilst slacking a sigh of relief. Just this last hour and then you’d be free to go home at last! Though as your exams were just around the corner, you didn’t really have as much freedom as you’ve preferred.

But it was better than having loads of assignments and stuff dumped on you so you guessed you could swing with it. Your shoulder bag swinging against the back of your knees with every step you took you made your way to one of the empty lunch halls.

Your school being as big as it was, didn’t usually use vacated classrooms for free periods, instead opting for a huge room in which two teachers at most struggled to keep the peace and quiet.

Following the orders from the teacher on duty, you told her your name and class number before she allowed you to choose a seat. Rubbing your neck tiredly, you walked over to it and plonked yourself down, resting your head against the cool table for a moment. You set your bag on the chair next to you, so that when your friend turned up late as always, she’d have a place to sit at the very least.

After getting the kinks out of your back, you settled down for some studying and plugged yourself into your earphones, making sure that the volume wasn’t too loud in case someone asked you for something.

You got into your studying mindset, your brows furrowed as you analysed your texts and scribbles in the margins, doing your best to rewrite it neatly. You heard a scrape next to you, disrupting your trail of thought so you angrily snapped your gaze up.

The guy sat down in the seat next to you, not looking at you at all as he dropped your bag onto the floor carelessly . You saw some movement out of the corner of your eye, turning your head to see your friend waving animatedly at you. She was about to make her way towards you, but stopped when she saw the chair was already claimed.

Shrugging at you apologetically she found another seat on the other side of the room. Glaring at the thief, he obviously felt your gaze burning a hole in the side of his head. Glancing at you, he smirked cockily.

“That seat was actually kind of reserved for someone.” You snapped. One arm on the back of his seat, he laughed. “Well of course it was. It was reserved for my awesomeness right?” He said, not expecting an answer.

You sighed, there was no arguing with an idiot like him. Turning your attention to your books again, you kept shooting him little glares whenever you could. He didn’t get out any books, let alone a pen and just listened to music continually.

His head resting on his arms he just watched you the entire time, the obnoxiously loud music blaring through the black and yellow spotted headset. Ignoring him, you carried on writing until you finished your analysis.

“I can see you looking at me, what do you want?” you asked irritably.

He chuckled and smiled at you from where he was lying. “Who me? I wasn’t looking at you at all. You must be delusional liebe.”

You were about to growl at him and smack him over the head when what he said next, accompanied by his cocky grin made your heart skip a beat. “See, I’m positive I was staring at you.”
Pffff idk!

Just some weird idea that came in my head

Anyways please enjoy this weird attempt at fluff from me and tell me what you think, feedback is always greatly appreciated~
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Your eyes widened. The puff of smoke around you slowly dispersed and you simply stared, wondering why the hell everyone was suddenly much taller than you. "Eh?" You squeaked, jumping at a high-pitched sound coming from your throat. The men's gazes were fixated on you and they twitched when large tears sprung into your eyes."Wh-what's going on?" You asked, your small hands trembling as you frantically looked around you for help. 

Gilbert stooped down next to you, his eyes wide as he reached out to touch your face. You flinched when you felt his palm envelop most of your face easily. Hiccupping, you grasped his hand with your both of your own and started crying, being able to guess why your clothes bunched around you loosely.Gilbert picked you up gently, cradling you in his arms as he took a shaky breath. "l'll kill him!!" He screeched, growling as the culprit had already disappeared. "Vhere is he?!! I'll skin him alive!!" He cried, only stopping because both Antonio and Francis were holding him back.

Arthur had long since turned tail and ran the moment he'd seen the mix-up. He'd been aiming for either Francis or Antonio, since the two of them bore most of his grudge. Seemed like his aim was just as bad as his scones, as for some reason the spell he'd cast had been directed towards you instead of towards those two.

Gilbert was beside himself with rage, a fact you could tell due to the fact that his face was turning as red as his crimson eyes. "Vhat did he do to her!! Vhat did he do to mein (Y/n)!?!" You leaned up in his arms to touch his cheeks and try to calm him."I'm okay." You chirped, smiling slightly as his attention turned to you. "Nein, you're not Liebling. Can't you see?" He muttered, a pained expression on his face. "Other than turning me into...a kid, he didn't hurt me." You explained, kissing his cheek sweetly and giggling when his face turned red for a different reason."Ve're going to need to get you some different clothes...." he pondered, glancing up at his friends. "Can you guys go track down eyebrows? Vherever he's hiding...."

 The two of them nodded curtly and turned to leave, but then paused in the doorway.Francis stared at you intently whilst Antonio looked as though he was holding himself back. After shooting each other a quick glance they darted forward. Despite Gilbert's protests, the Spaniard managed to get you out of his arms and then he proceeded to twirl you around in the air.You couldn't help it; the sensation of being lifted and spinned in the air made you feel light-headed and giggly so you laughed loudly and spread your arms out. "Faster!" You chanted, shrieking in delight when the brunette complied to your wishes. When he started feeling dizzy, he twirled you down to a halt, giving you a warm hug. "Chica! You're so cuteeee!!" He rubbed your cheek with his and kissed your forehead.

At that point you were taken away by Francis, who lifted you high above his head and hugged you as well. "Oui, just too adorable." He agreed, kissing your cheeks three times consecutively. "Simply adorable!"
"Get out of here, you idiots." With that your albino shoved them out of the door and slammed it behind them. You winced at the noise and pouted as you looked up at him. "But they were being nice to me." You complained, chewing on your bottom lip when he picked you up and held you at eyelevel.

"I don't like it vhen zhey act like zhat around you." He muttered, starting to walk out of the room through the other door. "It makes me feel-"

"Jealous?" You asked eagerly, feeling excitement and a kind of accomplished feeling. He blushed and pushed his own bottom lip out. "And if I said yes to zhat, vould zhat be alright?"

"Yush!" You told him, wrapping your small arms around him and snuggling into his neck, which was surprisingly easy for you now. Gilbert chuckled and stroked your back. "Let's get you home, Liebling."

You giggled loudly, throwing clouds of bubbles up in the air and watching as they descended on your small body. Squinting at a puff of the snowy white bubbles that had landed on your nose, you blew air at it and laughed again when it became airborne once more.

"Y'okay in there?" Gilbert asked as he stuck his head around the door. Grinning widely you nodded. "Can you wash my hair though? I don't want it to get in my eyes." With a blush he closed the bathroom door behind him, sitting down next to the steaming tub as he rolled his sleeves up.The towels that lay on the tiled floor creased up as he moved to get the bottle of shampoo that stood on the opposite side. 

"You ready?" He squirted some of the sweet-smelling stuff onto his palms and rubbed them together slightly. "Uhu." You said, shivering when your back made contact with the cold side of the bathtub. Slowly and gently, he started lathering the shampoo into your hair and your eyes closed out of instinct, loving the feeling of his hands massaging your scalp. You leaned back and breathed out peacefully, smiling when you heard him starting to hum under his breath.

"Hey don't fall asleep now." He joked, kissing your cheek when he reached past you for the shower nozzle to rinse your hair. Smiling drowsily, you squeezed your eyes shut as he proceeded to wash the suds from your hair. One hand on your forehead to keep it from going into your eyes, he inspected you when he thought he'd finished, just to make sure.

"Done." He beamed at you with an air of accomplishment and you grinned innocently. Then you jumped out of the water, over the side and gave him a tight, but wet hug. "Thank you!" You called, giggling maliciously as he shrieked and tried to get you off him. Eventually he pried you off by using a towel, which he'd swaddled around your body.

You puffed out your cheeks to keep yourself occupied as you held your arms out, him drying you albeit begrudgingly. After that he pulled a T-shirt over your head and chuckled when he saw it came down past your knees. Stretching it out to see what the print said, you chortled. You recognised it as the shirt he always let you borrow from him if you stayed over for a night. The fabric was soft , softer than most of his articles of clothing, not that that was a coincidence. 

It was dark red and the words; "Warning, contains traces of awesome" were printed in bold black and white on it. Gilbert's own shirt was sopping wet due to your little prank and he removed it quickly, not wanting to catch a cold. Once he'd gotten a hoodie on, he passed you a small pair of shorts that he'd found at the back of the closet, stuffed in a box which was filled to the brink with things from Ludwig's younger days. "Vant a drink?"

With a large smile on your face, you scurried behind him into the kitchen and clambered onto the highchair that was next to the counter with quite some difficulty. Watching him expectantly, you swung your legs as you waited for him to finish making the drink.<"You almost done?" You complained, pouting when he ruffled your hair."Ja ja, almost." He smirked as he drew out the wait as long as possible. After what seemed like painstaking hours, he eventually presented you with a steaming mug.

Curious, you took a sip and cocked your head to the side as you thought. "Hot chocolate?.... I haven't had that for ages." You muttered, taking another sip. "I sought you vould enjoy it... Am I wrong?" You shook your head and downed the mug full of chocolaty goodness in small sips so that you wouldn't burn your tongue.

Gilbert watched you happily, taking small gulps of his own mug as he chuckled at your expressions. The warmth and calmness you were surrounded in served as a lullaby for you and your exhausted body. Children really did crash after the daylight hours, you realised as you couldn't keep your eyelids open anymore.

The albino saved you just before you feel to the floor, quickly picking you up and cradling you in the safety of his arms. "Zhat vas close." He muttered after letting out a sigh of relief. For a moment he just stood on the spot, gazing at you. After snorting and scrunching up your nose in your slumber, you yawned and snuggled into the warmth of his neck.

Holding you protectively, he jumped when he felt his phone go off. "Motherfucker, I'm awesome!" The machine screeched and he fumbled to get it before his theme song disrupted you. "Ja, you almost voke (y/n) up!" He whispered loudly, trying to keep you against his chest whilst he clamped his phone between his ear and shoulder.

"Sorry mon ami, but we just 'ad to call you know. We found eyebrows." Francis told him matter-of-factly, wincing as he heard Arthur curse loudly until Antonio knocked him out before he could protest anymore."And? How do I undo zhis spell zhing?" Gilbert asked, sitting down and stroking your hair as you slid down to his lap."Arzher 'asn't really said anysing concrete yet, but 'e did say zhat per'aps zhe spell would just wear off in zhe morning...."

"Anyzhing else?" Francis shook his head out of instinct, correcting his habit a moment later. "Not really. But we'll continue our little interrogation when 'e wakes up." Gilbert shuddered at the thought, not even wanting to know what his friends had been doing to Arthur. "Zhanks, talk to you later Francis."

"Au revoir~" The Frenchman sang a second before he hung up. Gilbert stuffed his phone back in his pocket."Seems like ve'll just have to wait until morning zhen." He whispered, holding you tightly as he stood up and walked to his room. Trying to be as quiet as possible, he tiptoed along the hallway to and pushed his door open, wincing when the hinges squeaked.

Need to oil those, he thought to himself as he mentally updated his to-do list. Lying you down gently, he tried to pry your fingers from behind his neck. After fumbling around like an idiot, he sighed and got up again. When you still didn't let go, he turned off the light and lay down with you on top of him. Your fingers still tightly laced in each other, you mewled as you pulled yourself closer to him, your mind still enraptured by the forest of dreams. After having pulled the covers up over you both, Gilbert kissed your cheek and rubbed your back, the simple action reassuring and soothing his mind. Not a moment later, he held your hand as you ran around the world of dreams.

Groaning groggily, you shifted uncomfortably. Blinking your eyes open, you turned red when you saw how you were sleeping. Gilbert had his nose buried in your neck, his arms tight around your waist as he continued to sleep. The shirt you were wearing was the right size for you, but the shorts were unbearably tight, so you tried to kick them off without waking him up.

Unfortunately for you he did. After moaning sleepily, he rubbed his cheek against yours and kissed you with a mumbled "Good morning." Then he froze and sat up quickly. With a drowsy cry of surprise, you fell backwards and he landed on you. Keeping himself propped up with his hands, he stared at you with disbelief. "Y-you're normal!" He said, a wide grin spreading across his face as he stroked your cheek. His hand wasn't huge compared to yours anymore and you grinned back at him, pulling him down for a tight hug."

Humming with happiness, he then started to kiss every inch of your face."You're back! You're back." He chanted in between the kisses, nuzzling his lips to yours with an ecstatic smile. "I never left." You commented, happily receiving his affection with a blush.

"So how are you feeling?" He asked you, resting his forehead against yours. "l'm good, except...."

"Except what?" He frowned, his worried expression leaving you breathless with laughter, after all your complaint was nothing compared to what had happened yesterday. "My fingers ache." You told him, flexing your digits where they still were, interlaced behind his neck. Laughing loudly, he kissed each one and then your lips, leaving you breathless once more.

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And now I realise that this fic wasn't that good.....

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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A high-pitched squeal rent the air and you gasped, finally feeling freed of your burden you sagged back against the white cushions and tried to catch your breath. Gilbert was staring at the bundle of child that the doctor was weighing and checking, his hand tightly frozen around yours. “Congratulations, it’s a girl.”

The albino stood up as if in a daze, reaching out for his new-born daughter. Cradling her in his arms, he gazed at her, his red eyes wide with wonder. He glanced at you as though he was seeking reassurance that this moment was real and not just a figment of his over-active imagination. Smiling tiredly at him, you held out your hand.

After gently giving your child to you, he sat down and just stared at the two of you. It was unlike him to be so quiet, so you rubbed your thumb over his hand. “Y’okay?” You croaked, your sore throat aching when you spoke instead of groaning for a change.

“J-ja.” He murmured back, his eyes still on her. Shifting so that he was sitting on his knees beside you, he stroked the wrinkled, warm skin of her cheek. “Hübsch.” He muttered and you recognised the word meaning ‘beautiful’, how could you not? After all he’d called you that so many times before. You chuckled slightly and ruffled his dishevelled hair.

His native tongue always appeared when he couldn’t find the English words to describe what he was seeing. The plastic bracelet around your wrist twisted uncomfortably, and he smoothed it out. Lifting your hand up, he kissed your palm over and over again. “She’s- she’s so beautiful.” He breathed, trembling as he tickled your daughter’s cheek.

Your baby yawned, her small hands reaching out and grasping Gilbert’s thumb. His face exploded into redness and he laughed loudly, picking her up and nuzzling her face with his own. “She’s so cute!!”

Unfortunately, she didn’t like the sudden, endearing outburst coming your German husband and she whimpered, breaking out into shrieks of distress. Gilbert froze and started looking around for something he could do, panicking as his little girl continued shrieking.

“Give her to me.” You instructed, not failing to giggle at the relieved expression he wore when she stopped crying the second she was nestled in your warm embrace. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t me-“ You silenced him with a kiss, one he happily returned. “Don’t worry, see? She stopped.” You whispered, butting your forehead against his.

He hummed in response, smiling adoringly at both you and your daughter. “I love you two.” He told you quietly, kissing first your nose and then hers. She gurgled in reply, her little fists clenching and unclenching. Gilbert shot you a conspiratorial look, before he pulled a face at her. She let out a curious laugh, which sounded an awful lot like his own strange laugh. You couldn’t help yourself, you hugged them both closely and laughed along with them.

“C’mon! C’mon! I want-a to see them!”
“You okay, Rudwig?” The blond nodded, a blank look on his face. He was still trying to get over the fact that is big brother was a father now. Ludwig silently swore he’d do everything to stop his brother from messing things up like usual. Kiku smiled softly, seeing Ludwig sitting down for a moment to get his bearings, the bubbly Italian racing around the corridor.

Kiku stopped in front of the door to your room and knocked quietly once. When no reply came, he peeked inside. The sight that greeted him made him pull out his camera and snap a picture. Gilbert had you wrapped in his arms, as you had your child and the three of you were snoring away together.

“So, can-a we go in?” Feliciano peered inside over the top of Kiku’s head, smiling widely when he saw you. “We shouldn’t disturb should we?” He asked. “No, we shourd reave them be.”
They smiled at each other and then went to find Ludwig some much-needed coffee.
Sooo I suppose this is kind of a sequel.... I just needed some fluff ^^ This isn't the 'Change her back (PrussiaXTransformed!Reader)' just so you know, that'll be coming soon!
... Prussia is taking over all my writings @.@
.... I'll get back to working on my art-project now...

Part one:[link]

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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You arrived the next day to the pretty bakery in hopes to see your new friend Ollie, you ran through the cat door and spotted him quickly on the other side of the bakery playing with his tail in boredom. Ollie looked up from his tail and beamed with happiness as he saw ____ standing there, he quickly jumped up and greeted her properly (like a gentlecat)."Oh hello there poppet! How are you doing on this fine day?" Ollie inquired, you grinned and meowed "I'm doing very well thank you,by the way, the cupcake was absolutely delicious yesterday" and you rubbed up against him showing your appreciation causing Ollie to become bashful and play with his tail. You giggled at him and asked "What do you want to do today?" he pondered for a few moments and then jumped up happily saying "I could let you meet my master, he's a very chipper master if I do say so~" You smiled and agreed, wanting to meet the person who made such a marvelous cupcake.

Ollie walked into the back kitchen of the bakery with you where you both saw Ollie's master skipping around in a pink apron making more cupcakes.Ollie meowed and his master turned around to look at you two before squealing and running over,scooping you up into his arms and hugging you. "Ohhhhhhhh, such a pretty little girl kitty! She's absolutely adorable!" Ollie's master said with much glee as he set you down before turning to Ollie, "You better be a gentleman with her, and keep her away from those mean old stray cats, ok?" Ollie nodded and his master shooed you two out of the kitchen as he pulled a batch of pink cupcakes out of the oven.

Ollie and you trotted around the block just chatting happily about this and that, and you began to realize you really like Ollie, you grew embarrassed at the thought as you looked at the attractive male cat go on and on about how good tuna cupcakes were. "Hey Ollie?" you said as you both sat down under a random tree resting from the trotting you two were doing, he looked up and smiled flicking his tail happily "Yes,____?" You smiled nervously back and shakily said "Y-You know, I-I'm really glad I met you, you make me happy" you quickly turned away from his intense neon blue stare, feeling weird for admitting something so sudden.

You felt Ollie stand up and walk closer to you scooting up right next to you to were you could feel his whiskers tickle your ears, "______" Ollie meowed quietly next to your ear, and you shivered slightly as you turned up to look at his face. "I really like you _____, you make me happy too" he said quietly as he bopped his nose on yours, you melted instantly and smiled up at your Ollie as he smiled down at his ______. You two just stared into each others eyes savoring the moment till Ollie stiffened and puffed up, abruptly getting up and standing in front of you. "Ollie?" you asked, frightened by his sudden change in demeanor, then you heard other voices "Yo Pinky! Who ya' got hiding behind you,aru~?" Ollie hissed and growled "Get away 2P!Chinacat, she is mine"  You peeked over to see a evil looking cat sneering at you, "Ohhhhhh,she's pretty Ollie~ Mind if I try her, aru~" Ollie growled and got puffier as the evil cat started to get closer. You started to get up when there was a dark brown and blonde blur in front of Ollie. "What do you think your doing, eh?" the blonde one said, and 2P!Chinacat started to back up outnumbered. The brown one growled at him till he backed up and ran down the street, then the two huge male cats turned to Ollie and _____, you got up and stood next to Ollie frightened by the two huge cats. "Don't worry poppet, these are my friends" Ollie explained "2P!Canacat, and 2P!Americat" they both nodded to you and you calmed down a bit.

"2P!AMERICATTTTTTT!!!!!!!" you heard a female cat screech, and the brown one looked frightened then said his goodbyes before running off to a very pissed female cat."Honey? I'm hungry" you saw a very pregnant female come up to 2P!Canacat and he sighed "Let's go get some tuna then" before leaving you and Ollie alone. Ollie came up and nuzzled you, you nuzzled back happily, "_____, will you come and see me tomorrow?" Ollie asked nervously as you two sat curled up on each other, you laughed and said "Will there be cupcakes?" he nodded eagerly and you answered "Then yes I will" He sighed "Are you only coming for the cupcakes?" You pretended to think about it for a moment before saying "You know, there is a really cute guy cat who I like, he usually hangs around the bakery so I simply must be there more often" you looked over to the bashful Ollie before nuzzling into is furry neck and falling asleep. Ollie looked down at ______ truly happy that you'd become his friend, or more, he'd have to ask his master to make him tuna cupcakes more often.
PICTURE: :iconuhoh-beek:
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You giggled as you ran around a corner, hiding from your husband 2P!Japancat, he trotted after you with a small smile not finding you (purposely) in your hiding spot.You two had been together for four years and you had never been more joyous,after getting over the initial evil look you realized that he was a sweet loving soul who wanted someone to love back and you did just that.As he passed you jumped out and swatted his tail, before running in the other direction,he let you play this game because it made you happy and whatever made you happy made him happy.You ran away and out into the garden hiding in the beautiful flower bushes thinking about how pretty it was outside, but your thoughts were interrupted by a low meow behind you "Ah,the fair _____ out all alone, now why would my brother leave such a pretty female unattended aru~" you turned to see 2P!Chinacat staring at you maliciously, pacing closer to you until he had you cornered."Now that I have you alone maybe we can get to know each other better aru~" he growled low as he stared at your frightened form quivering in the corner.

"______!" 2P!Japancat meowed as he looked for his wife,you had run off again, and to 2P!Japancat's misfortune you liked playing hide and go seek with him. The big black cat huffed as he rounded the corner of his house not finding you anywhere,"Where is ____-chan..." he sighed as he looked through the front window, but as he looked out the window what he saw made his blood run cold.

"Come on _____~ Leave my stupid little brother and join me aru~" 2P!Chinacat purred at a very scared _____. You puffed up as he cornered you and hissed "Never! Your brother is ten times the male cat you'll ever be,now get out of here or he'll kick your ass!" 2P!Chinacat growled and stalked closer,not liking your defiance, and you became more frightened. 2P!Chinacat sprung at you and pinned your tiny form beneath him, "Lets see how much my brother wants you when you're carrying my kittens~" 2P!Chinacat growled in your ear and you started to thrash furiously."GET OFF!! HELP HELP!!!" you yelped as 2P!Chinacat held you down harder, keeping you from breaking free, you thought this would be the end for you until you heard a low predatory growl.

"Get off my wife, now" 2P!Japancat growled at his brother as he took in your squirming pinned form, he walked closer and you could feel the cat on top of you freeze.In a heartbeat your husband had thrown 2P!Chinacat off of you,and tackled him into a wall. You gasped as you saw fur fly and heard growls and hisses released but in a second the fight was over and 2P!Chinacat stood looking thoroughly beat. "I'll be back for ____,aru" 2P!Chinacat growled as he limped away in defeat, you husband trotted over to you and started to lick your face, comforting you. "Hey honey?I wanted to tell you this before we started playing today but I got scared" you said  nervous about what you were about to tell your husband, he looked concerned and meowed "Yes? Is something wrong?" You shook your head and licked his nose, purring gently "We're expecting kittens" before running off giggling at his shocked face. 2P!Japancat did a double take before sprinting after you excited about the new arrivals to come, finally he had his precious _______.
YAY SEQUEL :iconkikuplz:


PICTURE: :iconcatsmoothie:
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You wandered down the allies of some ratty neighborhood trying to scrounge up food for the night. Your owner had abandoned you for some unknown reason, so you were forced to make it on your own, constantly getting harassed by the stray female cats who disliked your very existence. You trotted up to a trashcan fishing about, just looking for any scrap when you hit the mother load in the form of a full open can of tuna.

You quickly grabbed it making a sprint for your little "home" if you could even call the cardboard box that. You were in the final stretch to your box when you heard a familiar growl behind you, "Ohhhhh _______, now I know I told you to stay out of our territory, your scaring off all the male cats with your ugliness" you turned around to see the flock of female cat floozies stalking toward you with haughty looks on their kitty faces.

You cringed and tried to hide the can, knowing they'd probably almost kill you and take your food, but to no avail."_____! You have tuna? Hand it over,and we'll let you walk away with only minor injuries" the pack leader sneered as she rounded closer "Besides it's not like it would matter if you starved to death, your own owner didn't want you, you're pathetic ____" That was the last straw, you puffed  up and started to growl at the jabs, the leader looked shocked and growled "How dare you growl at me, you pathetic waste of fur, NOW you're gonna pay!" with that the enraged female pounced at you.

Knowing she was aiming at your neck you quickly dodged and swatted her directly in the face leaving a bleeding scratch going down her face, the pack gasped and stood frozen in their spots as they watched their leader get up."Your gonna regret that" the pack leader said and sprung at you for a second time, you closed your eyes to tired from starvation to dodge again. You waited for the blows but they never came, you opened one eye to see a burgundy cat with a strange curl in from of you."Ehhhh, it is you who is pathetic, now scram before I shred your worthless hind!"

You saw the pack scatter and then the male cat turned to you with a dark smile "Bella, you do not look to well, how about you come home with me?" Too scared and weak to refuse the strange cat you nodded,he put your small frame onto his back and started walking toward some unknown location.You sighed too tired to even care just thankful that you were being taken away."I'm 2P!Itacat, by the way, what's your name bella?~" You looked down into his red eyes and said "Um, my name is ____,and thank you for saving me back there" You could feel him chuckle as you thanked him, he trotted onto a porch and took you inside a very rustic looking cottage. "Well this is home, stay right here, I'll get something" he said before running off into some unknown portion of the house, you laid down on a
soft carpet and closed your eyes in comfort.

"Well hello there little one" your eyes sprung open at the unknown voice, you saw a giant pale blonde male cat in front of you smirking "Hmmmm, you look fun, mind if we play?" the blonde cat started to advance toward you and you panicked. But the blonde cat was hit with a flying object before he could even get close, "Hey 2P!Germouser, stay the hell away from my little principessa, or I'll kill you bastardo" you sighed and rushed over to 2P!Itacat, who was indeed your savior. "Here you go ____, eat" he said as he laid a can down in front of you, you quickly devoured all of it leaving nothing left. You looked up to see 2P!Itacat eyeing you curiously, "What?" you asked as he continued to stare but he smiled over at you and didn't say a word, instead he went over and curled up into a cat bed.

You took it as he didn't want to talk so you went to resume your spot on the rug, when his purr stopped you. "What are you waiting for? It's been a long day, come curl up with me principessa~" you shyly trotted over to the bed where you curled up facing away from your strange knight in furry armor, and he curled around you purring, lulling you into slumber.
NEW ONE :iconrainbowsheep2:
SEQUEL: [link]
PIC: :iconcatsmoothie:
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Neko!Prussia x Reader

Request for : NaruSasu24

A white fluffy cat sat on the top of a large bookshelf,his fuzzy head almost touching the top,with a German flag collar around his neck.His red eyes scanned over his owner's large living room,who was still down in the basement and this kitty was hungry.

He hopped down and went to the dark,cracked basement door.He pawed open the door as the sunlight lit the dark hallway,as his stomach growled for food.

Slowly he started his decent down the starts and through the moldy smelling basement,there were many antiques and other old items scattered about the musky old room.He heard the sounds of chanting no doubt his master and his magic again.

"Vhy is he alvays down there?The awesome me never gets any attention!"He thought angerily yet curiously,he slowly pushed open the door,there was a faint glowing green light.

His curiousty pressed him to walk farther down the steps cautiously,the wood creaked under his paws.His master Artur turned around expecting to see a person not his cat Gilbert,who was looking at him with great curiousty.

"Well,well I wasn't expecting you down here Gilbert"Arthur smiled as Gilbert mewed and walked over to him.'How much butt kissing does the awesome me have to do to get some food?'he thought rubbing against Arthur's legs,who sighed.

"You hungry aren't you?"he looked down at his Prussian cat that he found in Germany a few years ago."Well just let me close my book"Arthur continued and walked over to an old table that had melted candles,chalk,powders and various other things for magic.

When he closed the large book,Gilbert just jumped up and onto the table knocking over a red potion.It splattered all over the ground and had a delicious smell,Gilbert quickly hopped to the ground and started lapping the liquid off the ground.

"Gilbert don't drink that!"as soon as the words left Arthur's mouth,Gilbert felt woozy and started to wobble his mind a daze.Arthur quickly picked up Gilbert,cradling him in his arms.

"You probably just need some food,water and rest.You'll be fine that potion was a failure anyway"Arthur said brushing it off,he walked back up the old steps as the green light faded.

He set Gilbert down onto his small bed.With his paw Gilbert brought a small yellow toy bird,he sniffed it,it smelled like _________.She was always so nice when she visited sometimes he wished he could be human like her.

he last thing he saw before he pasted out was his master laying a plate of food down in front of him.


Gilbert awoke feeling cold all over,he stretched but felt the wooden floor not his bed.His eyes shot awake,had he grown during the night?

He looked down at he self seeing his body was completely different,he was human but he still had a cat tail and could feel his ears.And he was in the nude.

The footsteps coming onto the porch signaled that someone had come over,Arthur walking through the living room before stopping dead in his tracks.He looked over at Gilbert his face full of confusion,but both of their attention turned back to the door bell as it rang again.

Arthur for the most part was surprised to potion worked after all,but he had to get Gilbert upstairs and dressed.

"Come on"he gestured for Gilbert to follow him and after some major stumbling he managed to get upstairs and started to get dressed.

He put on a white t-shirt and jeans that were a bit tight,he thought his human body was more muscular than Arthur's.Arthur had a pool in the back yard and Gilbert always watched from the window.

Then again the doorbell rang out through the house again,and Arthur rushed downstairs without a word.

~~~Your POV~~~~

You stood outside of Arthur's home,the moon directly behind you.'Where is he?!"you thought annoyed that he still hadn't answered the door,Arthur had said Gilbert was feeling under the weather.

So you went out and got him a catnip toy,he was the sweetest cat ever.Always purring and licking you,you couldn't help but love him.

There were sounds of someone stumbling on the other side and you grimaced thinking that maybe he drank.But you were relived when he opened the door sober,with a strangely nervous smile on him face.

"Hello ________ please come in"he gestured for you to come in which you did,he closed the door behind you.As you looked around for Gilbert but found he was nowhere to be seen,you turned to Arthur who still looked nervous.

"Hey Arthur where is Gilbert?"

~~~Gilbert Pov~~~~

Gilbert lifted his head up at hearing his name called he listened and it finally hit him,_________ had come to visit.His tail swayed behind him happily,he wanted to run downstairs but the thought of Arthur yelling at him kept him back.

But he continued to listen to their conversation,mostly stuff about work since they worked together that is how he met ______.He sniffed the air smelling the all to familiar scent of catnip,his eyes dilated as he ran down the stairs.

__________ had poured the catnip into the toy and jumped when she heard the sound of somebody running down the stairs.Looking over she saw a man with snow-white hair and red eyes,the strangest thing a pair of white car ears on his head and a fluffy white tail behind him.

Gilbert stared at the toy in _______'s hands before quickly running towards them.

"Gilbert calm down!"Arthur yelled as he continued to run into the kitchen.

"Gilbert!?"_______ yelled shocked as Gilbert pounced on top of her,chewing on the small mouse toy.Luckily there was a plush carpet under them,Arthur sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Why happened to him!?"

"He drank some potion I made to turn animals into humans"his attention was on Gilbert,he was still laying on top of you.

"Gilbert please go into the living room"Arthur rubbed his eyes,as the neko got off and ran into the living room.He jumped onto the couch and curled up with his toy,you looked at Arthur his facial expression told you that he was unhappy.

"What am I going to do with him ________?"he questioned in a depressing tone,Arthur traveled a lot being the boss of your office.You thought about what you could couldn't take him to a shelter,and he couldn't live on his own then an idea hit you.

"Hey what if he lives with me?"you suggested since you had watched Gilbert many times before when Arthur left.

"Yes love that could work!"Arthur smiled at your idea and you both walked into the living room.You plopped down next to Gilbert,you reached over and rubbed his ear.It was very silky and soft as his hair was,he purred and laid his head on your lap.

"Gilbert"Arthur said loud enough to get the neko to look up at him questioningly,Arthur cleared his throat.

"You are going to live with ______ from now on"he crossed his arms as Gilbert looked up and you and back to Arthur.There was a long pause until it was loudly broken.

"Yay zhe avesome me gets ________!"he cheered hugging you,he licked the side of your neck.Your face turned red like a cherry and you nervously smiled,he licked you neck a few more times before you broke free.

"We should get going its getting late"you looked out the window and the sun was starting to set,but there were a few dark clouds but they would probably pass over.Arthur had vanished into the kitchen to retrieve sausages,you knew Gilbert would eat nothing but sausage.

"Mein sausages!"Gilbert smiled extremely wide,thank goodness Arthur had a lot of them(about 15 pounds).He handed the large bag to you and it took pretty much both of your arms to keep a good grip,you walked to the door with Gilbert following you like a puppy;ranting happily in German.

Arthur opened the door for you and Gilbert,you took the bag into one arm and shoved you hand in your pocket.Taking out a paper with a friend's number on it you handed it to him eager to release the extra weight on you right arm.

"Whats this for?"he asked his eyes trained on the paper.

"A friend of mine had kittens,one even had a cow like and one had a long curl coming out of it head"you thought it would be nice for him to get a new companion after Gilbert was gone.

"Yes Thank you love,goodbye"he said kindly as you walked out and to your car,Gilbert was already in the front seat eagerly waiting.

"Hurry up mein frau!"He said loudly his voice full of anticipation and adventurous spirit.You put the sausages in the back of your car and walked up and got into the car.

Gilbert couldn't sit still in his seat as he wiggled and squirmed making the leather squeak under him,you put on your seat belt and Gilbert copied you.

"Vhy do ve have to vear these?"he asked running his slightly sharp nail over the fabric.

"So in we get in an accident,these will keep us in place"you explained to him.

"Really?Awesome but not near anywhere as Awesome as me!"he laughed it was a kesesesese sound,that made you giggle starting the car.You started the car and Gilbert laid his head against the dash board hearing the purr of the motor.You sighed he didn't block your view so you didn't awake him.

As you drove one time or another your eyes lingered over to Gilbert but not for to long,the sunset to the left of you making the shadows stretch in the car.

In no time you were at your home which was kinda small with 3 bedrooms,1 bathroom and of course a living room and kitchen.You pulled into the small driveway,as soon as you shut off the car Gilbert woke up and his stomach growled.

He sleepily got out of the car and walked onto your porch as you retrieved the sausages,the once small clouds in the distance had grown thick.

But you didn't worry the rain soothed you in a way when other ran and hid under a lot of blankets and covered their ears.

"Come on mein frau the awesome me is hungry!"his said his voice growing impatient,you speed walked up to the porch and unlocked the door.Gilbert ran into the house and laid down on the carpet right in front of the gas fireplace,that was his favorite spot nice and warm.

Flicking on the lights you walked into your small kitchen and turned on the stove preparing the sausages just the way Gilbert always liked them.As you left the meat to simmer you walked up stairs and into the plain spare bedroom down the hall from your door,you laid out a soft blanket on the bed.

He was a full grown Neko so you figured he could sleep in here with out being disturbed.You had some clothes that your older boyfriend had left and you figured them were about his size.

"Mein frau the sausages are done!"you heard Gilbert yell from down stairs pulling you from your thoughts.You walked down into the kitchen and shut off the stove as Gilbert sat on the floor his tail swished excitedly behind him,you dabbed the extra grease off and sat it down on the dining room table.

"Hope you like it"

He smiled and jumped up and into the seat you handed him a fork and to your surprise he took in and started to eats,you had already eaten so you weren't hungry.

"Frau aren't you hungery?"he glanced up at you from his plate"No I already ate"he simply went back to eating as you went into the living room to watch some tv.

"These are almost as awesome as me mein frau!"he praised you shoving another sausage into his mouth,you smiled.


Gilbert finished eating and was now laying down on your stomach as you watched The Walking Dead that you recorded last week.His soft tail brushed over your bare feet making you giggle.He started to drift off but you poked his head and he turned to you tiredly.

"I'll show you your room"He gt off you you and followed you up the stairs,you felt you legs walking up as you climbed the stairs.Opening the door Gilbert walked in and looked around the plain room.

"Vith some awesome stuff this place would fit the awesome me!"he belly flopped onto the bed his face in the pillow.`
"Goodnight Gilbert"

"Guten nuchet mein frau"he moaned into the pillow,you turned and went into your room.Preparing for bed.You climbed into bed your body felt stiff from the long day of a day of work,you were lucky it was a Friday.

You had gotten about 2 hours of rest be fore a loud lightning strike awoke you,those small dark clouds turned into a major thunder storm.

Loud footsteps echoed down the hall of Gilbert flung himself into your room,he scampered under the covers.He was shaking all over,his tail fluffed and ears back and he clung to you as another lightning struck lighting up the room.

"F-frau"he whined you sleepily started to rub his ears and his puffed up tail as you flattened it back down.Pulling him into an embrace he relaxed,his cheeks were red from Embarressment.

When he calmed down he licked your neck and cheek making you blush heavley,and this time he wrapped his arms around you.In the dark you couldn't see him lean in until you felt a pair of  warm lips press roughly into your,he broke the kiss and gave you a few cat kisses on your cheek and neck.His body was as warm as your face which was very warm,and you couldn't resist but falling asleep in your neko's arms.

~ Le End~
Requested by NaruSasu24 who asked for this a goober long time ago,sorry it took so long but I never forgot~! Hope you like it.
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            2p!Neko!England X Kitten!Reader

"Papa?" you mewed softly looking around the whole house for him, with your small size you hated to be seperated from him.

You stayed close to the walls and under tables, you didn't want to get stepped on.  Your worst fear was running into Americat he always bullied you and destroyed your things but you were to small to fight him yourself.

"Papa?" you mewed again checking the Tan guy's room, you stood in the doorway not wanting to move. Americat was on the bed stretching, with his reddish-brown fur he clended in with the dark covers.

"Oh well lookie here" he smirked hopping off the bed, you dashed down the hall and into the living room. You looked around  quickly for a place to hide, you chose to hid under the couch. Just as the last bit of your tail was under the couch he casually trotted in.

"Lil one where are you?" he said in a sing song voice, without your Papa he would probably beat you sensless or kill you. Huddling under the couch you took small breathes, you fur was fuzzed up like the puff ball you were.

'Papa were are you?' you asked yourself over and over in your head, you felt a sharp pain in your tail and you were dragged ut from under the couch.

"Ouch let me go" you cryed, Americat  just laughed and bit your tail. He never liked you, he hated you if anything. You yowled  and scratched him in the face, he hissed and let you go. The door had opened and shut but you were to busy runnning, you tail was bleeding slightly. You ran into your father's room to hide, you found the perfect place to hide.

"(Name)~!" you head Swirly eyes yell from downstairs, Americat stalked around the room still. As he passed you, you bolted out of the colorful room and down the stairs. Your dad was walking into the kitchen, you ran after him.

"Papa!" you cryed making him turn his head, he gave a smile until he saw your tail.

"Oh my poor dear who did this to your tail?" he looked down at your tail and licked your head.

"Americat Papa!" you whimpered, he said nothing but just walked away. You sniffled, feeling 2 hands pick you up, you mewed softly.

"My gracious you poor thing" Swirly eyes said laying you down on the table, he searched the drawers for the first aid kit. You raised your hearing 2 loud yowls and hissing, Swirly eyes quickly bandaged your tail and ran up stairs. You sat up looking at your tail.

"What the bloody heck!?"Swirly eyes screamed from upstairs carrying Papa and Americat down holding them by the nape of their necks. Americat had multiple wounds and was bleeding heavily, Papa had no wound but blood on him. Swirly eyes spent at least an hour patching America up, he was covered with white bandages and limping slightly.

You were laying on the couch, staring blankly at the Tv your tail throbbed painfully. Papa leaped up on the couch and laid down next to you, he softly licked your head making you purr.

"Don't worry poppet I'll protect you from that meanie face" he licked your cheek and you nuzzled up against him.

"Thanks Papa"
Random sweet idea that is incredably short, I can hear you all now memow write more lemons thats the only reason I watched chu.
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Dad!2p!Cat!America X Kitten!Reader

You stared intently at the ball infront of you, it was mostly white with red stitching. You gave it a swat and it simply moving in that direction, walking around it you swatted it again. You were a very curious kitten and you always saw the tan guy hit these with that spikey stick of his. The tan man walked over and picked up the ball, he threw it up an caught it in his hand.

"Mew" you mewed at his feet, purring and rubbing your head against his legs. He was a giant to you, he picked you up carefully and stroked your head.

"Hello lil squirt" He said, your Daddy told you to be nice to him, you couldn't help but knock things over sometimes running around. You were purring loudly when he set you down, shaking your head you ran off. He grabbed his stick and left, your Daddy came down the stairs and sat by the water bowl.

"Daddy! Daddy!" you meowed scampering over to him, sliding slightly on the floor.

"Yes lil squirt" he called you thesame nickname as the tan guy he knew your name was (Name) but he still call you lil squirt, You were called lil squirt since you were the runt of the litter your brothers and sisters were given away but you were so cute tan guy decided to keep you.

"What was that ball that tan guy took?" you rubbed your head aginst his side.

"It called a baseball squirt" He said stretching, you walked under him being alot smaller and all.

"Whats a baseball?" you looked up at him with your darling little eyes, he paused to think for a moment.

"I'll show you how about that?" you smiled up at him, you padded towards the back door pawing at it.

"Not that door squirt, the front door" he jumped up hitting the knob a few times making it turn he opened the door, the tan man never locked it everyone was afraid of your home. You began to tremble you never went out the front door before, you were only allowed in the back yard. Your Dad just walked out like it was nothing, seeing him disapear you paniced and went out after him.

"Daddy!" you cryed running under him, he licked your head tenderly giving you slight reassurance. It was really loud out here you didn't like it, you walked under him all the way to the park. There were a few stray cats, they terrified you but you had your Daddy. A sudden sound made you tense up and hide your face in your paws. It was a alley cat, a female one.

"Hey babe" Daddy just looked at her and kept walking you stayed under him, lady cats were always 'hitting' as the tan man would put it on your Daddy. Your Mama just up and left as soon as you could walk, with your brothers and sisters being given away Daddy started to panic and kept you safe.

"Ok squirt  this is baseball" you stopped infront of a big orangish feild, people were scattered around in places on the feild and in the grass. The tan man was holding his stick while another threw that ball thing at him, he hit the ball with his stick and it went flying out of the feild.

"That is called a bat, thats a pitcher, a hitter, short stop, out feild, umpire" he raised his paw pointing at various things such as the bases positions and all kinds of things. You watched the people play this game for about 2 hours and being the kitten you are you started to doze off every now and again. By the time the game was over you were out, your Daddy picked you up by the nap of your neck. Tan man noticed his two cats watching him abut half-way through the game.

"What are your furry asses doing here?" he asked knowing he would get no answer, Daddy carried you back home keeping pace with his owner. You stirred slightly feeling the air get colder.

"Daddy?" you groaned being laid down on your cat bed, he laid behind you putting his fluffy tail around you.

"Shh lil squirt go back to sleep" he yawned, you nuzzled him slipping back in to a sweet sleep.
cute lil series I'm starting, it'll be slow cause I'm lazy and alot of stuff needs updated
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You were a lonesome feline that was wondering down the streets of a German city, you had once clean (fur color) fur that was never messy with dirt. Though now, even with the dirt on your fur, you were still beautiful with your shining and calm (eye color) eyes. You were a stray cat who had traveled through the woods in search of a temporary home. Even if you were a stray for only a year you managed to survive easily, learning quickly, and adapting to new surroundings in short amounts of time.

You sniffed the air, trying to find any marking scents. You didn’t want to bump into any dangerous cats, you may know how to live on your own but your fighting skills weren’t the best.

You couldn’t smell any marking scents in that particular area, an area that was filled with trees and bushes. You thought this could be a good place to stay for a little while, but that was when you heard childish yelling close by. You curiously yet cautiously walked over to a nearby bush and poked your head through it. That was when you notice a park which was in the center of the German city and it looked quite large.

From a distance you could see adult humans walking around and enjoying themselves while the smaller humans ran around. You also saw dogs being walked and a cat. Just one cat though, with vibrant white fur but you were too far away to know what the cat’s eyes looked like.

The white cat seemed alone and was trying its best to stay close to the trees as possible. You slowly walked through the bush and across the streets, after looking both ways for cars of course, before reaching the park. The dogs were barking and it sounded quite intimidating but luckily no dogs were focused on you. As you walked closer to the white cat you noticed the brilliant red eyes and the scar that was across his right eye. He would have looked intimidating if you didn’t notice that in his eyes you say loneliness and sadness.

You weren’t really one to talk much, but you were an observer and a listener and you easily observed that this white tom was lonely, sad, and hungry. You concluded quickly by how hungry he seemed and how messy his white fur looked that he was a stray, probably a newbie at that too.

You padded your way over to him with strides of curiosity and confidence. As you neared him he finally noticed you and your (fur color) pelt. He instantly stood up and just stood as if he didn’t know if you were an enemy or friend.

When you were just two feet away from him you noticed a sort of panic in his eyes, he must have concluded that you were an enemy. So, to make sure he would run off in fear, you sat down and gave a few licks on your forepaw. You tried to look as less menacing as possible, which wasn’t that hard, and hoped that he’d grow comfortable with you around and consider you a friend over an enemy.

“Wer bist du?” The tom asked in a confused and curious voice as he figured you meant no harm. When you heard the German words come out of his mouth, even though you understood what he asked your German wasn’t the best so you asked, “Sprechen Sie Englisch?”

The tom blinked a few times before switching to English so he could communicate with you and you easily heard the German accent that laced his voice, “Vho are you?”

“I’m just a simple stray like yourself…though more experience, apparently.” You spoke in a matter-of-fact and even tone.

The white tom narrowed his eyes at you, getting suspicious and somewhat offended, “How do you, an unawesome cat, know is I’m a stray or not?”

You gave the tom a somewhat confused look, “What’s unawesome?”

The white tom literally gasped and looked at you with eyes full of unbelief, “You don’t know vhat unawesome means? Tell me zhat you at least know vhat awesome means!”

You shook your head showing you didn’t know. The white tom instantly closed the distance between you as he placed a paw on your shoulder, “You poor deprived cat, not even knowing vhat awesome means. Und don’t you vorry, I’ll tell you vhat awesome means und zhen maybe you’ll be a tiny bit more awesome.” All you did was look at him with a blank look before taking a step back so his paw wasn’t touching your shoulder.

“Okay, so awesome is anything, und I mean anything, zhat is absolutely amazing, outstanding, grand, breathtaking, und tremendous. But to sum it all up, zhe definition of awesome is me, zhe great and extremely awesome Gilbert!”

For such a lonesome looking cat he could sure talk greatly of himself.

You gave a short nod, understanding what awesome meant now, “I see, so why am I unawesome?” your voice still calm.

Gilbert’s mouth suddenly clamped shut as he tried to think of a reason, no luck, so he said after a minute pause, “You’re unawesome just because you’re unawesome.”

You tilted your head slightly and looked at him with observant eyes and said in a sophisticated and confident voice, “That isn’t much of a satisfactory answer. It has no reason nor does it have any proof of me being considered unawesome. With that kind of reasoning it would be considered a false accusation. And because you are unable to bring reason to your words than that just shows you…that you aren’t as awesome as you think you are. Maybe even unawesome.” If you were a human, you’d make an awesome lawyer. But yeah, true you didn’t talk much, but when you did, you were in complete control.
Yeah, the story idea came from this dream I had last night. I don't remember much but I remembered enough to make a story. So yesh, here is a new series! This one will be less than 10 chapters, for sure. Maybe 8 at most. So I might end up finishing this one before I finish 2p!America x Reader: I Don't Fear Death. 'Cause, let's face it, that on is gonna be long <w<

Well, I hope you enjoy reader-chan's personality so far! And yes you're an american cat. You're history will be revealed soon enough. Maybe in the next chapter. And oooooohhh snap, reader-chan just pwned Prussia, awesome~~~. And reader-chan didn't know what awesome meant! *gasp* Luckily there are cats like Prussia to tell us >w<

Comment please~! (P.S. I hope my attempt on the german/prussian accent was good ^^)

If you want to read more chapter of this story click on this:
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Gilbert looked at you with wide eyes; you did not just call him unawesome, did you? Wait, you did. He narrowed his eyes and growled before pouncing on you. Your (eye color) eyes grew wide as he jumped you that was when you gave a small snarl before swiping him with your paw, careful not to use claws since you really didn’t want to fight for blood. But Gilbert was still furious that you made him look like a dumbass and called him, maybe, unawesome. After a few more clashes Gilbert had manage to pin you to the ground, you mentally cursed because you never were the best fighter and Gilbert’s rage didn’t help you any.

He hissed at you, “Vho’s zhe unawesome one now?” All you did was sigh and roll your eyes, you were going to pull out your trick card. You shot your paws up and brought Gilbert’s head right in front of yours, literally paper-thin space between your faces. His red eyes went wide as you just watched before licking his nose. When the moisture from your tongue touched his nose he jumped off you and sat up while holding his nose with his paws as he stared at you with wider eyes. You’ve always used that move whenever you got yourself in situations where a tom pins you onto the ground, you already know you didn’t have the strength to win so you had to curve around the rules. Licking the tom’s nose would cause such a surprise that they’d jump off, even if they are flirtatious cats, because you would have been fighting with them just seconds before. Once they were off you’d run like hell but since this was Gilbert, a newbie stray who was just mad, you figured you didn’t need to run.

“Zhat vas unfair! You cheated!” Gilbert was now rubbing his face on the ground like a kitten who was scared of getting cooties from a she-kitten. You gave a small smile at the scene before your smile disappeared as you said to him, “Life’s unfair, you have to get used to it and deal with it.”

Gilbert stopped and looked at you while you just stared calmly. You quickly got bored of staring so you just started cleaning your fur. Gilbert on the other hand continued looked at you, he figured you could be a good companion…besides, he hated being alone.

“Um…Vhat’s your name?”

You stopped grooming yourself and answered nicely, “______.” Then you continued grooming.

Gilbert really didn’t know what to say next so he figured he’d might as well have some fun, “Um, do you play football?”

“Football? …You must be talking about the human sport where a group of them would kick a white and black ball across a field and shot it in order to score a point for their team. From where I’m from, we call it soccer. And yes, I can play soccer.” Your voice sounded very professional-like as if you were making some kind of contract when all you were talking about was if you could play soccer.

Gilbert was trying to comprehend what you said but when you said it was called soccer from where you were from and that you said you could play he jumped with joy. He run into a nearby bush and came out seconds later pushing a soccer ball with his head while on his face was a excited smile.

“Since zhere are only two of us ve’ll have to play one on one.”

“But we have no goal nets. Why not we just push the ball around or just try and take it away from each other.”

“You’re so boring. I vant to play a real game!”

“Stop being a child, to play a real game there must be more players. So do you want me to play or not?”

“Fine, ve’ll do it your vay.”

Then he pushed the soccer ball towards you and you placed a paw on it, “A soccer ball, I say it’s much more convenient to say than football ball.” Gilbert looked at you and then at the ball, “A…soccer ball. Sounds funny but it is easier to say, I guess. So are ve going to play or not?”

You looked at the ball and then at Gilbert, “Sure, but you got to get from me first.” Then you sprinted off towards the left side of the park pushing the soccer ball with your muzzle as Gilbert tried to chase after you. From the corner of your eye you noticed a grin on Gilbert’s face; he didn’t think you could be much of a challenge. Let’s convince him otherwise.

You sped up, thanks to all the running you’ve done in the past year you were a champ, and shocked the white tom behind you. You got so far ahead that you literally stopped the ball and sat down waiting for him to catch up with a smirk on your face “Come on, Gilbert, you have to be faster than that.” And when he did speed up all you did was use your tail and send it flying over Gilbert and you jumped over him and continued to roll the ball around as he continued to chase you, he seemed to be having fun but also seemed kind of annoyed with the fact that your continuing to make a fool out of him with your stray cat skills. You figured you’d be nice and slowed down a bit; he took this chance to pounce on you and steal the ball. You coughed a bit when you landed on you and that made him slightly worried but he just laughed it off with this interesting laugh, “Kesesesese, I am zhe awesome Gilbert! And I have von!”

You looked at him with a ‘are you kidding me’ look because just second before he was struggling to keep up with you. You sighed before stretching, the sun was still high in the air but you’d still have to find a good resting place and food. You turned to leave when you fell to the ground because of extra weight that suddenly landed on your back, “Vhere are you going, frau?” You narrowed your eyes and looked at him, “Don’t call me ‘frau’, I have a name, use it.” You coughed at the weight since it become harder to breathe but Gilbert didn’t get the clue, “And get off, you’re weight is compressing my lungs and I can’t breathe properly now.” You coughed again but this time Gilbert got off you.

“Thank you, Gilbert.”

“So, vhere are you going, _____?” Gilbert closes the distance again and looks at you straight in the eyes.

“I have to find shelter and food before nightfall, since I don’t know this area very well I’d rather be safe then sorry so I’m heading to see if I can track some food.” Your voice had the sound of matter-of-fact and reasoning and when you said ‘food’ Gilbert’s eyes gleamed brightly.

“Can I come vith you? I haven’t eaten in days!” Gilbert sound somewhat desperate to get some food but you easily detected that he was sucking up a lot of his pride to ask you, what were you to say no?

“It is quite normal for a newbie stray to have trouble adjusting to this life, might I ask how long you’ve been a stray? But if I observed you correctly, based on how skinny you look I’d say you haven’t had a good meal in a little less than two weeks of so. And sure, you can come.” You sounded so smart and not to mention calm. Your observation skills have always helped you in the past and you’ll continue using it until the day you die. But this skill seems to surprise Gilbert.

“Yeah, about 11, almost 12 days now, it’s around the time I got lost from my owner.”
Yeah~ Got number two down, the growing friendship reader-chan and Gilbert have no, hehe, it soon grow into a love flower, can't wait. Well, it seems that reader-chan isn't the best fighter but knows how to get by fairly well, now it's her time to teach the newbie at how to live without dieing. And yes~, I have the soccer ball! I hope my german/prussian accent is readable and correct!

Thank you for reading and thank you more for commenting! Hope you enjoyed it!~
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Ever had moments where life went against what you planned? Yeah, you had and hear was another one. As you opened your eyes from impact you heard behind you a laugh that could only come from Francis as you stared into red eyes. Red eyes that shined brighter than any time before with joy, glee, and affection. Realizing that you were laying on top of Gilbert you sprang away, but before you could run off you felt someone bite at your scruff, holding you still as you hissed. A scent of tomatoes filled your senses and you knew it was Antonio who had grabbed you.

Your (eye color) eyes narrowed as you became frustrated at the fact that you were caught when you had tried desperately to keep away so you wouldn’t influence Gilbert anymore than you already had. As Antonio dragged you back towards Gilbert you heard Francis mumble to himself, “Ohonhonhon~ She really is a beauté, I bet she’d be even more beautiful if ‘er fur was groomed. Oh, I’d be more zhan ‘appy to~” Apparently you weren’t the only to hear Francis because Gilbert growled at him furiously as you sent a glare.

Francis backed off a little but you could still see the interest in his eyes, so as Antonio placed you in front of Gilbert you gave a stern look at the French cat, warning him. Gilbert, ignoring the fact that your attention was at Francis, pounced on you right when Antonio released you, “____! You don’t know how much I’ve missed you! Vhy’d you leave? Vait, I don’t care, I’m just happy you’re here!” He nuzzled into your (fur color) fur as you laid underneath him, uncomfortable with the position, especially when Francis was looking like he wanted to ‘join in’.

“Alright, Gilbert, if you please get off, I don’t like this position.” Your voice firm and not the least bit embarrassed as you spoke, when Gilbert looked at you with confusion he understood what you meant by ‘position’ and a heat came to his muzzle as he stumbled backwards. Antonio laughed and patted Gilbert on the shoulder with his tail as Francis circled around you, admiring your features as you sent another glare. Gilbert was at the moment too embarrassed to actually notice what Francis was doing.

“Ah, zhe petit chéri’s voice is so ‘arsh but it still sounds beautiful. You should speak in a more graceful way; speak as zhough your voice is sweet bells. Why are you so stiff and cruel, chéri? Did someone not ‘ave zheir beauty sleep? Zhat could explain why your fur is so dirty.” He was making fun of you, yet at the same time admiring you, and you didn’t really like it. If he’s going to continue acting like this around you, you were going to treat him as a threat. Besides, he was turning your calm exterior into a weapon of anger.

You instantly stood up and jerk forward, as if to intimidate him, and it worked as he moved back as you snarled, “You should keep quiet, you don’t understand the life of a stray, do you? You shouldn’t make fun of me, you weakling, you wouldn’t even be able to survive in the wild for a day. The other strays out there would rip you to shreds, out there you can’t find any mercy, it’s just live or die. And I could rip you to shreds because in all out honesty your annoying me with your perverted nature and idiotic comments.” You lowered yourself into a hunter position, a crouch, and you moved forward as you threatened him causing him to panic and run behind Antonio.

You hissed another warning, “I’m a stray, understand that you pampered kit, as a stray I don’t have time to ‘look my best’ because I’m too busy trying not to die. I have to be harsh at times, I have to be firm, I can’t let my guard down because anything could happen to you as a stray. You won’t even understand being you live as a house cat, you have all you need, you don’t have to fight to get what you need to live.” After you had finished Gilbert had finally seem to realize the situation and hissed at Francis, too.

“Yeah, Francis, you don’t understand vhat ____ vent zhough out zhere! I can only imagine, I’ve only been zhere for two weeks, she’s probably been out zhere most of her life if not all! So don’t make fun of her!” Francis whimpered and backed down as Antonio looked at you curiously as Gilbert padded over to you a placed his muzzle to your shoulder as if to calm you. Even though Gilbert never seen you angered he figured the subject of underestimating the life of a stray bugged you, not to mention his friend wasn’t at all being polite and considerate, and somehow he knew what to do to calm you.

Smelling the familiar smell of Gilbert you understood he wanted you calm, knowing that you couldn’t just run off now you did as what he wanted and calmed down. When you calmed down Gilbert sat next to you, motioning with his tail that it was alright for Antonio to come. Antonio instantly grinned a kitty grin and pounced over to where you were, smelling you and observing you like Francis had except he had no perverted thoughts. “Chica, you’re really good at staying hidden! I have to say, I’ve never met a chica like you! You’re so fast and smart and clever! I tried to track you down for Gilbert but sometimes your scent would vanish! But, why’d you run away when we tried to get you?”

You looked at him quietly, you knew Gilbert was watching you now, as well as Francis, all wondering the question that Antonio had asked. With a calm voice you answered with honesty, “I don’t belong here, I’m a stray, and being a stray means that I have to keep moving. I would have left the day after I got here to find a more rural area but I had met Gilbert, so I stayed in order to make sure he returned home, knowing full well he wasn’t meant to live out here like I do. The process of adapting to a strays life takes months, and during those months you get hurt and starve, I didn’t want that for Gilbert because he still had a chance. So, when I found you guys I took Gilbert to you and left so I could prepare to leave. But when I saw you guys search for me I figured you were looking for the soccer ball, I understand I was wrong about that but I still wanted to return it. Now that I have I should be taking my leave and move to some place more rural where it’d be easier to catch my own food and lower the chance of finding competition or danger.” Antonio and Francis were quite surprised at how professional you sounded, they had expected you to snarl it out like you had snarled at Francis, wasn’t that what strays did? Though Gilbert looked at you with sadness.

“But, you didn’t even say auf wiedersehen…” You shook your head and looked at him with gentle eyes, “I did, you just didn’t hear it.”

Gilbert placed his muzzle on your shoulder once more until he backed up with his eyes wide with an idea, “Hey, vhy not you live here vith me? I’m sure my owner vouldn’t mind having you!” You looked at him with shocked eyes and moved back a bit, with uncertainty, “I…I don’t think that’d be a good idea, I’m a stray; not a house cat. I’ve gotten acquainted with the wild, that’s my home now.”

Gilbert gave you a glare, and the two other cats there stayed quiet seeing that this was  conversation just for the two of you, “____, I know you don’t vant to live as a stray, sure it’d take a while to adapt but at least you’d be safe und you vouldn’t have to vorry anymore. Und I’m sure Prussia vould understand if you act like a stray at first, but vith time I’m sure you’d be fine as a house cat. Zhe house vill keep you varm on vinter nights und protect you from danger, I could fight off any danger, but you’d have to be here.” You were touched by the words, because they were caring and they did hold truth but before you could answer another cat’s voice was heard, an unfamiliar voice that placed you on guard, making you lower yourself to a crouch to attack if needed.

“Vhat’s vith all zhe noise out here? I can hear you guys from inside…vho is she?” The cat that had enter the yard was gray fur tinted in a bluish touch had the same accent as Gilbert had, though even if this cat looked nothing like Gilbert the smell this cat had was nearly identical with the white cat beside you. And as you realized this must be a relative to Gilbert’s that tom had went into a crouch, one that should skill and technique that only a stray or fighter would know how to use, this tom thought you were a threat with warning and planning forming in his sharp blue eyes.

Quickly, before anyone could react, you straightened up and curled around Gilbert as you looked at the other tom, “This must be a relative of yours, I can smell the nearly identical scents the two of you have even if you don’t look the least bit similar. Brother, I would guess, seeing that he is about the same age as you, younger even. A younger brother, am I right, Gilbert?” There was a silence in the air, ones of confusion and surprise and one of pride. Gilbert was looking at you with pride, not surprised that you had figured that out and gave a nod while the other three looked at you with surprise and confusion on how you were so observant to figure it out.

“Yep, zhat’s my kleinen bruder, Ludwig. He und his owner lives here, too.” You gave a nod and walked over to the other tom with a walk that showed no threat but also showed that you were going to observe him and that he should be prepared. As he sat up straight you brushed around him, your fur barely touching his, as you learned his scent and say the differences between him and his brothers to extended detail. You looked at his strange cover, it looked nearly as identical as Gilbert’s though unlike Gilbert’s it wasn’t ripped or shredded but instead very neat and whole. Blue eyes, stern to the look and the frown on the muzzles as this tom held himself up high, to show he held strength, that he held power, that he would fight. You could tell, that behind his neat short fur that he had muscle, strength not common found in house cats.

After a few circles around him you halted and sat right next to him to look at the BTT Cats and said bluntly, “I like him.” Gilbert instantly crouched down, as if he was going to attack his own brother, “Vhat? You just met him!” You rolled your eyes at the childish jealousy Gilbert was holding and noticed Francis and Antonio whispering to themselves and taking glances at you.

“Your brother, Ludwig, is obviously an amazing cat. Just look at him, he holds himself like warrior getting ready for battle, that there is something hard to find in a house cat, very admirable. And I can tell his has the strength to fight and win a battle victoriously with any cat, I’m sure. His eyes, bright blue, beautiful if not rare color to find on a cat, and the way they are so sharp and stern, if I weren’t a stray I’d be intimated and fear him. He is not an ordinary house cat, that is for sure, and that there is something worth wild. You’ve got some little brother, Gilbert.” You could tell Ludwig was feeling heat on his cheek by your ‘flattering’ but Gilbert didn’t at all seem pleased with your claim.

“Hey! I’m just as good as him! I’m strong, too, you saw me fight zhat dog vith you! I’m zhe one vho taught Ludwig how to fight to begin vith! Und I have pure vhite snow fur und red eyes, zhat’s even rarer zhan plain old blue eyes und normal gray fur! Und I’ve known you longer!” Gilbert continued to rant on how he was better than Ludwig as he just sighed at how childish the white tom was acting.

You simply tilted your head to the side and said in a sweet, calm voice, “You’re not just as good as Ludwig. You’re better, Gilbert, at least to me.” That made everyone to pause as Gilbert blushed darkly at your comment. Antonio thought that your comment was absolutely adorable and Francis thought your words were romantic, a fairy tale, and Ludwig didn’t even want to think but felt happy for Gilbert either way.

Then another scent filled your sense, human scents. You instantly turned around and backed up towards Gilbert as four humans came out speaking the words human speak, though a normal full born stray would’ve not understood them but you weren’t that and understood easily.

“What is going on out ‘ere? All these meowings are getting a bit annoying. Oh~! C'est un chat! Look ‘ere, Prussia, seems like there’s a new kitty at your door step!” You hissed out at the French man, he had bright blue eyes and wavy blonde hair that was shoulder length, and he smelled exactly like Francis—pampered and rosy.

One of the men behind him had green eyes, vibrant and full of life as his hair curled in wild ways of brown, “Oh, seems like a feisty one! Is it a gato or a gata?” You understood that question all too well and was about to dash away when the French man picked you up to see your…parts, “Oui, C'est une fille! And might I say a beautiful fille if ‘er fur wasn’t so dirty.” You just had about enough of this.

You hissed viciously, like you had at Francis earlier, and clawed at him and attempted to bite into his hands, “Ah! She’s attacking! ‘elp! Prussia, you take ‘er!” The French man practically threw you to Prussia’s arms and as he caught you he yelled at ‘France’ that he caused all the trouble. You, acting on instinct of not understanding the situation, lifted you claws to sink into his flesh, but you stopped.

You sniffed the air, it was Gilbert’s scent, identical in every way except for the fact it was on a human body. You lowered you paws and retracted your claws as you stared at Prussia, this must be Gilbert’s owner, and you weren’t surprised to see silvery-white hair on top of the man’s head and sharp red eyes that were bright. And all you did was stare, not really sure how to react to Gilbert’s owner.

Prussia, well, he didn’t know why you turned from a murderous kitty to a calm cat. He figured it was his awesomeness doing it’s magic when he heard a meow come from you, it sound so soft and adorable that he could help but pull you into a hug where you meowed again, though in complaint since the hug was blocking your oxygen. “Look, she like zhe awesome me! You guys just aren’t awesome enough!” Yep, this was defiantly Gilbert’s owner. Though, as the amount of oxygen intact lowered you honest thought of clawing Prussia, Gilbert noticed that and pawed at his owners pants and meowed a warning.

Prussia gave Gilbert a confused look and realized he was holding you too tightly and realized his tight grip and turned it into a gentle hold. You gave a sigh of relief and meow a thank you as Prussia scratched the back of your ear. Gilbert was worried for you, thinking that you’d be uncomfortable with the human contact, but instead became quite surprised when you started to purr and encourage the petting.

“Quoi?! Why does zhe petit chat like you? I’m irresistible!” Upon understanding France’s words you became annoyed at him and you twisted around slightly and hissed at the Frenchman, causing the Spaniard and the Prussian to laugh while the other cats watched with awe at your performance.

“Seems like the gata likes Prussia only! Don’t take it to heart, France, it’s not like you don’t get turned down every day!” Once again the Spanish and Prussian man laughed as France pouted, looking hurt.

“Bruder, do you know vere zhis cat came from? She looks like a stray; ve should take her to an animal shelter vhere she could get adopted.” Another man with a German accent spoke, with his hair golden blonde and eyes blue with a sharp look as he spoke to his brother. That must be Ludwig’s owner, no doubt about it.

Prussia gave a whine before he lifted you up to his face and cuddled with you, “But Vest! She’s so niedlich und she likes me! Can’t ve keep her?” ‘Vest’ rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, as if to show there isn’t going to be an argument, “Bruder, ve already have two cats to take care of, vhy vould ve need anozher one?”

You could see fake tears come to Prussia’s eyes before he held you up towards ‘Vest’ as you had a stare down with the German, “Please, Vest? Bitte, bitte, bitte! See, even Gilbert vants her to stay! I bet Ludwig vould, too!” You stopped your staring contest with ‘Vest’ and looked downward to see Gilbert pawing at ‘Vest’ and meowing begs like Prussia was, it really is owner like pet.

Though, you could tell ‘Vest’ wouldn’t falter at their begs but before he could say another ‘no’ you brought up a charm, if Gilbert wanted you to stay, saying that you still had a chance, then you could at least try, right?

You brought up your paws and slightly pawed the air, as if you wanted to paw ‘Vest’ because he was still too far away from your reach, and gave cute meows that sounded a tad bit of a beg as you let your (eye color) eyes sparkle wide and glaze over to make them shine. You, as well as everyone else, saw the way ‘Vest’ was faltering in composer at your begs though the shocked looks from the BTT Cats showed that they didn’t at all expect you to know how to use your cute kitty charm to get your way.

“Oh, look Vest, she likes you, too! Go on, carry her!” Prussia then handed you over to ‘Vest’ and you could feel that ‘Vest’ was awkward in holding you, not really sure as to what he was doing. So you shifted yourself and started to stand on his hands and placed your forepaws on his shoulder before placed your head under his chin, as if to hide yourself. You heard a squeal from nearby, you were pretty sure it was from France, but your focus was to try and convince ‘Vest’ into letting you stay.

You gave a meow and moved your head to your paws as you tried to climb onto his shoulder, that caused ‘Vest’ to pick you up and hold you correctly and comfortable in his arms, like you were a baby. He then gently started to scratch under your chin and you purred nearly instantly, showing that you were enjoying the attention that he was giving.

“Pas juste! Why does zhe petit chat like Germany? Oh, poo, why doesn’t anyone like moi?” You knew France was complaining once more but you were actually too busy enjoying the way Germany was petting you to pay attention.

“So, Vest, can ve keep her? Pleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee?” Once again you could hear begging from the Prussia and Gilbert, you felt Germany stop petting you and you meow in complaint as you pawed at his hands as if to say you wanted him to pet you more. Germany once again started petting you and said with a sigh, “Alright, I guess ve can keep her. But you’re responsible of her, vait, I don’t zhink zhat’s a good idea, you’re not very responsible. I guess I’ll be taking care of her zhen, she does seem to like me more anyways.”

Prussia gave a hurt look, “Vhat? I can, too, take care of her! I’m very responsible, and she liked zhe awesome me first!”

Germany just rolled his eyes and walked inside where you were welcomed with nice warmth as you took in the new surroundings of a home as the other three men and four cats walked in. Germany then set you down onto the flat floor where you padded a bit before you walked over to Gilbert and brushed pelts with him before staying at his side and looked at those around you as Gilbert flushed.

“Oh! Look, Vest! She likes Gilbert! Not zhat I’m surprised, my cat is awesome after all, I wonder if zhey’re going to have kittens togezher.” You didn’t seem at all phased by what Prussia had said and just liked your paw a bit as Gilbert laid down on the floor and place his paws over his eyes in embarrassment; you didn’t really mind the thought of becoming Gilbert’s mate, maybe one day.

“Bruder, stop talking about stuff like zhat, ve need to get her cleaned up first.”

“Ohonhonhon~ Zhat’s not going to be easy, Germany, ‘er fur is very dirty and cats don’t like water. But I’ll ‘elp eizher way.”

“Si! Si! I’ll help, too! I want to get to know the gata better! Maybe we can think of a nombre for her!”

Spain then grabbed you up suddenly and raced inside deeper into the home as the other followed behind towards the bathroom to get you cleaned up.

Prussia laughed as he used a towel to dry your wet fur as you meowed in annoyance and when he lifted the towel away from you and placed the towel in the laundry bin you shook yourself to make your fur comfortable. The other three men surrounded you as Germany picked you up as France spoke once more, “So what do we name zhe petit chat?” After that Prussia and Spain started saying out names, none in which were your name.

You pounced out of Germany’s hand and ran out of the bathroom and into the living room and looked around. Gilbert came right behind you asking what you were looking for. Though you didn’t answer and pounced on top of a chair and onto a desk as the other cats and men came in, curious as to what you were doing. You walked over to what you remember was a computer, thankfully it was on and already had Microsoft Word open, it seemed to have a document already written though that just made it easier even if there were other words on it.

“____, vhat are you doing? Zhat’s a computer, humans type of it and it forms vords.” Gilbert explained, though you already knew so, and pounced onto the chair near you.

“Yeah, I know, I remember.” You carefully used your paws with intense focus in order to spell one word just right.

Then you heard Prussia laugh, “Oh, looks like our little katze is interested in the computer.” He then lifted you away from the computer but stopped short at what you wrote on the computer and stared with wide eyes.

“Hey, amigo, what’s wrong?”

Prussia placed you back down and waved a hand to say for the other men to come over, and they were also surprised at what you had wrote, “____.” You had typed down your name and as they tried to comprehend how you did it you just licked your paw.

“Vell, it seems like our awesome katze already has a name. ____ it is.” Prussia picked you up, it seemed like they weren’t going to question how you were able to type down the words, and took something out of his pocket. A collar. It was different compared to Gilbert’s and Ludwig’s, it didn’t look like the German flag but instead had two black stripes and a white on in the middle, not to mention an eagle with a crown on its head imprinted in the white background. “Zhis is a collar of zhe awesome Prussian flag, it’s yours, ve’ll put in zhe tag vith zhe address und your name on it later.” And with those words he placed the collar around your neck, signifying you were now a house cat, and a new life awaited you.

“Bruder, I zhink ve should go take her to zhe vet. She needs to get her shots und make sure zhat her tail vill heal properly, zhe wound don’t seem zhat old.” Germany said as he grabbed a jacket and keys while Prussia just nodded.

“France, Spain, take care of the cats while we’re gone. Don’t make a mess of it, Vest would be pissed.” France and Spain nodded as Prussia carried you out and you waved a small goodbye to Gilbert, though he didn’t notice because he was staring at the computer screen in awe.

Hours had passed and you were already back at your new home, in the last few hours you had went to the vet, gotten your shots, went to the pet store and your new owners bought you cat things like a bed and a few cat toys you were interested in. Now you were laying in your new (favorite color) cat bed trying to fall asleep when you smelt a familiar scent, Gilbert.

You opened your eyes and looked up to see Gilbert walking over looking a bit uncertain, you knew he was going to ask you something, “Yes, Gilbert, what do you want?” Your voice wasn’t at all harsh but it still make Gilbert look more hesitant, knowing that you knew that he was going to question you.

“Um, ____, were you ever a house cat? I mean, you’re an awesome stray but when we went into that meat place you allowed that girl to pet you and all. I’m pretty sure a regular stray wouldn’t allow that, let alone get close to a human. And earlier today, you knew exactly what to do to get your way with the humans, knew how to manipulate them with acts, only house cats know how to do that. And you already knew what a computer was; let alone how to form words so humans could understand. Strays can’t do that, right? And strays…don’t understand humans…you used to be a house cat, right?”

You hummed to yourself and closed your eyes before your shifted in your bed, curling up more, “I’m proud of you, Gilbert. You’re right, I wasn’t always a stray, in actuality I was only a stray for a year, I just have a better ability of adapting then most house cats since my old owner didn’t pamper me as much as some.” Gilbert laid down in front of you, letting his paws touch your bed, “So, your owner abandoned you?”

You opened your eyes for a second to look at him before closing them, “No, my owner loved me very much and allowed me a lot of independence. Though, my owner got into a car accident and died on her way to the hospital. My owner had passed me down to her nephew though, he didn’t really liked me and kicked me out, abandoned me, though it isn’t my owner’s fault, she didn’t know nor will she ever. I love my old owner very much, like she did with me, though nothing will let me forget the things I’ve experience out there. The fear, the pain, and the feeling of lost and loneliness. A lot can happen in one year, a lot of terrible and hurtful things; I learned that the hard way and I had to learn to survive like a wild stray. Either fight or be died.”

Gilbert looked at you with a sort of sadness, he may never really understand what horrors you went through but at least he could give you something you have lost, a home, company, and love. “____, I may not be the best cat out there but I promise I’ll be by your side forever, so you won’t have to be lonely anymore, because I know how that feels. Heh, we could be lonely together. Here you’ll be loved, no doubt about it.”

You felt yourself smile before you opened your eyes once more and gave Gilbert a lick on his muzzle while saying a soft, “Thank you, Gilbert, Ich liebe dich.” before you curled back up and tried to sleep once more. Gilbert, well, he took your kiss to heart and flushed before he looked at you with a loving look and he went inside of your cat bed to curl up around you like he had that cold night when you had first met him. He placed a paw around you and gave you a lick behind your ear before he rest his head and fell asleep alongside you. And the last words you heard were, “Ich liebe dich auch.”

So, your life has turned a new page, and a new chapter was made in your life—one of love, one of care, one of joy, and one without the sense of loneliness with Gilbert by your side, now and forever.
So sorry it took a long time, but I got really carried away with this ending chapter since, well, it ended up being 9 pages long when a chapter is usually 4 to 5 pages long. ^^; But I guess the length could make up for the amount of time it took to make this...omg...I FINISHED THE STORY O_____O I just realized...I feel stupid XD I don't really know how to feel about this, ten chapter, the end, I've never finished a fanfiction before, this is the first fanfiction I've ever finished. Even if it's not my first, my first fanfiction is still being written, nearly finished, and I'm not surprised I finished this one first do I feel...I think I feel good, achieved, happy and a bit sad that it's over, at least it had a good ending. Fluffy! Like Kitties!

And I hate Reader-chan's owner's nephew, the cause as to why Reader-chan had to suffer in the wild but if she was still a house cat to her owner she wouldn't have ever met Gilbert, now would she....hmmmmmm....Hahaha, Reader-chan gets a Prussian collar while Gilbert and Ludwig get normal German collars XD It's so beautiful, I love the ending, you know their going to have kittens together eventually//shot XD Oh, and ignore any grammar mistakes, this being so long I didn't really look over it all. Though I'm planning on reading through every chapter and putting up links and correcting grammar real soon. Comment, please. ;)

(Spain/Antonio didn't really talk that much in this ending chapter O.O)
Amigo~ Friend
Chica~ Girl
Gato/Gata~ Boy cat/Girl cat
Nombre~ Name
Si~ Yes (duh~ >w<)
(tip, anything with a ' and then letter is an h, French don't pronounce the h sound, so her would be 'er)
Petit chéri~ Little darling
Beauté~ Beauty
Oui~ Yes
C'est un chat~ It's a cat
C'est un fille~ It's a girl
Quoi?~ What?
Petit chat~ Little cat (duh)
Pas juste~ Not fair
Moi~ Me
(Omg, there's German words this time XD)
Auf wiedersehen~ Goodbye
Kleinen bruder~ Little brother
Bitte~ Please
Katze~ Cat
Ich liebe dich (auch)~ I love you (, too)
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You're not the type, type of girl to remain
With the guy, with the guy too shy, too afraid
To say he'll give his heart to you forever.
I'm not the boy that will fall to his knees
With his hands clasped tight, begging, begging you please
To stay with him for worse or for better.

Sometimes Gilbert had to wonder how the two of you ever got together. A lot of other people wondered too, but he usually ignored them. But there were times he really thought about how the two of you attracted each other. He was loud, arrogant, and obnoxious while you were sweet, quiet, and almost everything he wasn't. You were the kind of girl who liked to hear that she was loved or cared for and he was the kind of guy who didn't go around shouting his feelings for the world to hear. You two were almost opposites, yet you'd been dating for just over six months.

As much as he hated to admit it, Gilbert sometimes worried that his lack of caring would drive you away. That you'd get fed up with his arrogance and refusal to tell you he loved you and just leave him. And that wasn't something he wanted at all.

But I'm staring at you now,
There's no one else around.
I'm thinking you're the girl for me.
I'm just saying it's fine by me, if you never leave.
And we can lay like this forever, it's fine by me.

Gilbert sighed and lightly brushed a strand of hair from your face as you slept. He hated thinking like this, but he couldn't help it. He really did love you, but he had no idea how to tell you. It wasn't like it would be weird or anything. He was dating you after all. But it's not something he'd ever told a girl before and it scared him to think that he was willing to give that much of himself to you.

You stirred in your sleep and he pulled you closer, just gazing at your face.

"Ich liebe dich," he whispered, only having the courage to tell you when you couldn't hear.

In the past I would try, try hard to commit to a girl,
Wouldn't get too far.
It always somehow seemed to fall apart.
But with you, you, you I can see what I need,
I can dream realistically.
I knew that this was different from the start.

As Gilbert held you, he thought back to past relationships he'd had. They'd always been short-lived no matter what he did and because of that he'd had a lot of girlfriends. People always assumed he was a playboy because of it, but he'd just never felt right with all of those other girls. And if you can't be happy with someone, why stay with them?

Part of him had been terrified that you would feel the same as everyone else and refuse to date him, but you'd surprised him and said yes. You'd told him that it didn't matter what his past relationships had been like. This was a new start and besides, people liked turning little things into huge ordeals. You didn't like to gossip much anyway.

He'd almost lost his awesome self-confidence when he'd heard you basically say you believed him and trusted in him. Right then, he knew being with you was going to be completely different.

And it seems that every time we're eye to eye,
I can find another piece of you that I don't wanna lose.
And I'm staring at you now,
There's no one else around.
I'm thinking you're the girl I need.

You murmured his name in your sleep and he had to smile. The more he looked at you, the more he found he never wanted to let you go. Every little thing about you was something he didn't want to lose. From the way you smiled, to the way you cried. The way your nose scrunched up when you were frustrated with him. How when you saw him, it seemed like your whole day got brighter. How that was exactly the way he felt when he saw you as well. Everything about you was something he loved.

He hid his face in your hair as he realized that he really needed you. There was no one else that could make him feel like this, and he didn't want to risk never feeling it again. If you left, he wouldn't be able to handle it.

Gilbert laughed at himself and how unawesome he sounded. Hard to believe that the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt would ever admit to needing someone other than himself. But at the same time, he didn't mind. Because he was happy with you.

I'm just saying it's fine by me, if you never leave.
And we can lay like this forever, it's fine by me.
I'm just saying it's fine by me, if you never leave.
And we can lay like this forever, it's fine by me.

He decided that as soon as you woke up, he was going to tell you how he felt. You needed to know and he needed to tell you. It was something that couldn't be locked away any longer and he knew it. You'd never said so, but he knew you worried about how he felt. That he didn't love you. And he realized that the way you felt was his fault. How could it not be? He had rarely said anything about his feelings since he'd first asked you out.

You shifted and Gilbert nearly had a heart attack. But when your eyes didn't open, he exhaled a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding and slumped back against the couch. He ran a hand down his face, thinking that he should just wake you up to save himself the anxiety attacks. This sort of thing was not awesome for his health.

And it's never easy, Darling, believe me.
I'm as skeptical as you.
When I think of life without "us,"
It seems like "What we supposed to do?"
But I don't wanna come on too strong.

You shifted again and this time, your eyes did open. Gilbert sucked in a breath but quickly plastered a grin on his face when you looked up at him, rubbing your eyes.

"Did I fall asleep on you, Gil?" you mumbled, sitting up. "I'm sorry."

"D-don't worry about it, liebling," he said, already feeling nervous. You glanced over at him and he knew you knew something was up.

"How long was I out?" you asked, letting out a yawn as you stretched. He shrugged carelessly and tried acting normal.

"No clue. I vasn't paying attention to ze clock." You hummed and leaned against his shoulder, content to just sit with him. Gilbert unconsciously wrapped an arm around your shoulders and rested his chin on your head.

He must be pretty good at acting, because there was no tenseness in his body that would give away the panic attack he was having inside. What if you actually weren't ready to hear him say he loved you? What if this was too soon after all? What if you didn't love him back?

He knew that he was being stupid, but he was about to say "I love you" to a girl for the first time. He was allowed some leeway when it came to his emotions.

I'm just saying it's fine by me, if you never leave.
We can lay like this forever, it's fine by me.
I'm just saying it's fine by me, if you never leave.
We can lay like this forever, it's fine by me.

"Hey, (Name)…I need to tell you something," Gilbert started. He felt you cringe lightly and could have smacked himself in the face. There were better ways to start this.

He coughed into his hand and pulled away to look at you.

"It's nothing bad," he assured you when he saw the wary look on your face. You nodded and stayed quiet, a sign for him to continue.

Gilbert took a deep breath, trying not to puke, and looked you straight in the eye.

"I love you."


"I. Love. You. Ich liebe dich. I love you. Te amo. Vant another language? I'll go look it up and say it in vhatever one you vant." He watched as you gaped at him and worried that he'd been right. That this was too soon and you were going to say that you didn't feel the same. But then you started crying and he freaked out.

"Gott, liebling, don't cry!" he cried, pulling you into a hug. "I'm sorry, I didn't think you vould be upset by zis! Don't cry! I—" He stopped trying to make you feel better when he heard you laugh. Puzzled, he looked down at you to see you smiling brightly at him.

"I'm not upset, Gil," you said, wiping tears off of your face. "I'm happy because I've wanted to hear you say that for so long. I love you too." Gilbert grinned and pulled you back to him, burying his face in your neck.

"Ich liebe dich," he whispered, liking how it felt to be able to tell you. "I love you. I love you. I love you." He didn't even care that he was being sappy; he was just glad that he could say those words to you and hear them in return.

"I love you too, Gil. So much." Gilbert grinned wickedly and nipped your skin.

"You should show me exactly how much."

"Way to ruin the moment."

I'm just saying it's fine by me, if you never leave.
We can lay like this forever, it's fine by me.
Prussia's songfic~~~~~~~

So, I don't know if I care for the way I write my songfics, but eh. What can I do?

"Fine By Me" by Andy Grammar. Hope you enjoy!

I don't own Hetalia or Prussia.
You belong to :icongilbosmilesplz:
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Sighing in exhaustion, you left your last class for the day and headed back to your apartment. You didn't know why, but you just couldn't keep your eyes open for very long today. It's not like you didn't get enough sleep last night. Heck, you didn't even get too much sleep. You'd gotten an almost even eight hours, so you should be fine. But for some reason, you weren't. And despite all of your efforts to wake up, your body wasn't having it.

So with eyelids drooping, you trudged your merry way back home.

With a happy groan, you entered your one-floor apartment and flopped down on the floor, not even bothering to close the door just yet. After contemplating the pros and cons of falling asleep in your entry way, you decided it might be a tad bit safer for your health if you slept in your bed. Because having someone get into your house is no biggie.

Wearily standing up, you closed and locked your door, dropped your school stuff in the kitchen and made your way to your bedroom. Your bed had never looked so beautiful. You happily stripped down to the cami you were wearing and your panties and ungracefully plopped down on the bed, deciding that pulling up your blankets was too much work.

You hummed a soft tune to yourself as you slowly slipped into the realm of dreams.

--Timeskip to After a Two Hour Nap—

You felt something poke your cheek and lazily lifted your hand to brush whatever it was away. When nothing happened, you sleepily snuggled into your pillow, prepared to fall asleep again. What you didn't expect, though, was for your pillow to have abs.

Jumping up in shock, you fell off the bed.

"Kesesesesese!" Your face continued making friends with the floor as you pondered over whether that was a laugh or a dying snake.

After deciding that you would only figure out what that noise was if you looked, you slowly sat up and peered over the edge of your bed.

And promptly forgot how to breathe.

There was a man in your bed.

And not just any man. An albino by the name of Gilbert Beilschmidt, aka PRUSSIA, was the man in your bed. But the thing is…HE'S A FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

"Kesesese! Vell, vell, vell. Looks like the frau decided to vake up after all." Oh. So that noise was him. Your brain started functioning again and you inhaled sharply.

"Vat, frau? Did I take your breath away?" You scowled as he laughed at his corny joke. Yeah, you may have thought he was a pretty hot character, but that didn't mean you actually thought you could deal with him in real life. But it looks like you would have to.

"How did you get into my house?" He stopped laughing and looked at you.

"Hell if I know, frau." You sighed and stared at him.

"You expect me to believe you haven't the slightest inkling as to how you got here, Prussia?" He gaped at you for a moment before a cocky smirk stretched across his face.

"So you know ze awesome me, do you? It's no surprise really. My awesomeness knows no bounds." You rolled your eyes. He was exactly the way he was in Hetalia.

"But to answer your question, liebe. No. I really don't know how I got here. One minute I vas sleeping in mein awesome bed, the next, I vake up with a hot frau sleeping on me." You blushed when he called you hot. You really hadn't expected that. You glanced away from him for a second before making eye contact again.

"So do you know where you are?" you asked.

"Nein. Although it's definitely somewhere far away from my home. Because my cell phone is not working at all." You grimaced. Looks like you were going to have to explain to him that he didn't really exist in this world. Forgetting that you were just wearing panties and a cami, you stood up to go grab one of your Hetalia DVDs.

Prussia gave a low wolf whistle when he saw your panties.

"Impressive underwear, fraulein." You turned bright red and ran into your closet. You hastily grabbed a pair of shorts and pulled them on. Prussia whined in disappointment when you stepped out in your new bottoms. You glared at him and went over to your desk, pulling open one of the drawers and searching around for your copy of the third season.

"So vat's your name, frau?" You glanced at him out of the corner of your eye, before turning back to the drawer.

"(Full Name). Call me (Name)."

"Nice name. So you already know I am ze awesome Prussia, but you can call me Gilbert, or Gil. Or just plain Awesome." You snickered at his confidence and shook your head.

"I'll stick with Gilbert, thanks." He shrugged.

"Suit yourself, frau." You rummaged through the drawer a little more and finally found the DVD case.

"A-HA!" you cried out in triumph. Gilbert looked over at you in confusion.

"'A-ha,' vat?" You turned and walked back over to him.

"The reason your phone doesn't work…..," you hesitated, not sure how to exactly go about telling him he was in another world.

"…..Go on," he prompted. You took a deep breath and handed him the DVD, front side facing up.

"Is because you aren't in your world anymore." He stared at the case in his hands and then flipped it over to examine the back. He scoffed and handed it back to you.

"You're real funny, (Name). How ze hell could I end up in another vorld." You shrugged helplessly.

"You really expect me to know? Look, if you want proof, why don't I put the DVD in and I can show you the anime that's about you and all of the other countries." He looked at you skeptically but nodded. You went over to your laptop, brought it out of sleep mode, and popped in the DVD. Once you set everything up to play, you went and sat on the bed. Gilbert quickly scooted over next to you.

--Another Timeskip! This Time to the End of the Disc!—

You had just finished watching the entire third season of Hetalia. Quietly, you went over and took the disc out and put it away, shutting your laptop. Sighing, you turned and looked at Gilbert, who was even whiter than normal. You slowly walked over to him and rested a hand on his arm. Quicker than a flash, he wrapped you in his arms and pulled you right up against him. You stood between his legs, a bit stunned at what he'd just done. He must be pretty shaken up if he's seeking solace in a complete stranger.

You hesitantly wrapped your arms around him and held his head to your chest. Stroking his hair, you softly hummed in an attempt to calm his nerves. It took several minutes, but he eventually managed to relax enough to speak, although he didn't let go of you.

"So I'm in another vorld. Mein Gott, how did that even happen." You continued petting his hair and let him figure things out. He pressed his cheek into your collarbone and sighed heavily. You glanced down at him, but didn't say anything.

"And I suppose you don't have any ideas as to how I could get back?" You shook your head.

"Sorry, Gilbert. But I don't even know how you got here, let alone how to get you back." He nodded in understanding before pulling away, slipping his hands down to rest on your hips, yours resting on his shoulders.

"You've been surprisingly good about all of zis, fraulein. Vhy is zat?" You looked at him for a moment before staring at your window.

"To be honest, I don't know. I mean, there's no way to tell if this is real or not, but I figure I may as well help you if I can. Because I at least know who you are, in a round-about way. So I don't have to worry about you doing something really bad. And it's not like it's an easy thing, dealing with getting sent to another world." He nodded again and leaned his head on your left shoulder.

"Danke, (Name). I really appreciate your help." You smiled and patted his head.

"It's no problem, Gil. You can stay with me until you figure out how you want to deal with this." His hands tightened on your hips for a moment before loosening up.


--Another Timeskip!—

It had been two months since Gil had ended up in your apartment. By this point, you figured that there wasn't much chance of him going back home. But from how he was acting, you got the feeling he didn't mind so much now.

He still lived with you, but he'd gotten a job at a mechanics nearby to help pay rent, and worked there during the day while you were at classes. He pitched in with cooking and cleaning, two things you didn't expect him to ever offer to do. And since he knew his engineering, he could fix most problems with your car or things that popped up around the house.

All in all, you got pretty lucky when Gil came to you. Although you'd recently started developing feelings for him, which might end up badly. Because even though he was still here, you never knew if one day he might just disappear.

It was Saturday and you didn't have classes and hadn't been scheduled to go into work for some reason. So you were lazing about the apartment, keeping occupied until Gil came home from his short shift.

You felt warm when you thought that. It almost sounded like you two were together. You shook your head, even if he ended up staying here, there was no way he'd like you.

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.

You heard the front door open.

"(Naammmmeee)! I'm hoommmee!" You laughed at his greeting. About a month after his arrival, he'd taken to yelling out the weird greeting every time he stepped through the front door. Even if he'd only been gone a minute.

"In the living room, Gil," you called out to him. You pulled your feet up under your legs to make room for him. He came into the room, dropped his coat on a chair and dropped down next to you.

"How was work?" you asked. He almost always had a story to tell about the customers, or his co-workers.

"It vas alright. Nothing special happened."

"Really? Seems like there's always something going on."

"Yeah, well…Lazy day. You know how it is," he said, fiddling with his hands. You tilted your head as you looked at him. Something was off with Gil. He was acting kinda nervous. You rested a hand on his shoulder, making him flinch away. You pulled back, surprised.

"Gil? Is something wrong?" He shook his head furiously.

"Nein. It's just…..I, um…I vanted to tell you….zat I-I…" You stared at him, completely baffled. Gilbert was stuttering. Gilbert never did that. Ever. You'd only known him two months and knew that.

He continued fumbling his words for another moment, before throwing his hands in the air.

"Forget this!" he shouted, before grabbing your face and crashing his lips onto yours. You squeaked and threw out your hands to prevent yourself from falling into his lap. He pulled away and looked you in the eye.

"I know we've only known each other for two months, (Name), but…," he paused and took a deep breath. "Ich liebe dich, (Name). I love you, and if you don't feel the same, and vant me to leave…I understand."

You gaped at him. He loved you?! You grinned broadly and smashed your lips back onto his, causing the both of you to fall off of the couch and onto the floor. The both of you laughed and covered each other's faces in kisses. You pulled away and looked down at him. He stared up at you, twirling a strand of hair around his finger.

"I love you too, silly Prussian," you said, smiling softly. He grinned and tugged lightly on the hair in his hand, demanding another kiss. You obliged, happily leaning down and melding your lips to his.
So here's the first chapter to Countries in Real Life!

If you haven't read the Intro, here is the link.

If you go to the Intro, the links to the other countries' stories will be there. You can also check to see which countries have already been requested and add a comment with a country you'd like to see, if they haven't already been asked for. Please go to the Intro to make your requests.

Also, I have now decided to make an "offshoot series" for the sequels to these CIRL chapters. There is the Intro chapter. Please make requests for sequels there.

I don't own Hetalia or Prussia.
You belong to :iconprussiasparklesplz:
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"Luddy! I'm hoooommmmeee!" you cried out dramatically as you let yourself in to your boyfriend's house. And instead of hearing him chuckling at your strange behavior or see him making his way towards you, you got silence.

"Maybe he's asleep?" you mused to yourself as you made your way to his bedroom. Although, he knew you were coming over around this time. You peeked into his room only to not see him and then went to his study. Not there either. Thoroughly confused, you went back downstairs and went to the garage. And he wasn't there either.

Feeling a little annoyed, you re-entered the house and sat down on the stairs, wondering where your boyfriend could be.

Cue door slamming open and an obnoxious voice screaming for all of the world to hear.

"Ze Awesome Me has returned! Bow down to ze awesome!" You literally almost fell over from the force behind the shout. Rubbing your ears, you looked up to see a tall man standing in the doorway with gleaming red eyes, and hair that practically glowed, it was so white.
Currently his mouth was hanging open, as if he'd been about to shout again, as he stared at you.

Just then, Ludwig came in behind him and saw you, rubbing a hand down his face. When you noticed him, you jumped up and went to hug him.

"Sorry I vasn't here, liebling," he said, wrapping his arms around you. "I had to pick up mein bruder from ze airport. He only decided to let me know zis morning he was coming back. Gilbert, zis is my girlfriend, (Name). (Name), zis is my older brother, Gilbert." You reached out with your right hand and smiled at Gilbert.

"It's nice to meet you," you said, as he grasped your hand.

"Ja. You too," he said, significantly quieter than he'd been upon entry to the house. You let go of his hand and turned back to Ludwig.

"So I guess this means we have to cancel our plans for today?" you asked.

"I'm sorry, (Name)," he said, looking at you sadly. You shook your head and offered a smile.

"Don't worry about it. These things ha—"

"So how long do you two plan on ignoring ze awesome zat is me?" You and Ludwig looked to Gilbert who had a cocky smirk on his face. Ludwig rolled his eyes and led you upstairs.

"As long as it takes for you to go away," he responded, making you laugh. Gilbert scowled and followed the two of you.

"Vhy do you have to be so mean to your big bruder, Luddy?"

"Don't call me zat."

"Vhy not, Luddy~?" You just giggled as the two continued to banter, wondering if this is why Ludwig had barely ever talked about his brother. Ludwig let you into his room, following right behind, as Gilbert stood in the doorway. That was when you glanced at him and noticed the ball of yellow on top of his head. You were in front of him in a flash, staring adoringly at the little bird that was nestling into his hair.

"Aaawwww, he's so cute!" you cooed, not noticing the flustered look on Gilbert's face from your closeness.

"Kesesese! He's ze awesome Gilbird, so of course he is!" he told you, trying to stay awesome. You lowered your gaze to look at him incredulously.

"…You named him after yourself?"

"He has to have an awesome name to match his awesome self, and mein name is ze most awesome name. It's perfectly awesome, don't ya think?" Your head was reeling from how many times he'd used the word awesome in that short response.

"I…you…stop saying awesome."

"Nein! Zat is impossible, because I am ze very definition of awesome! Kesesese!"

"Bruder, you're being obnoxious," Ludwig interjected.

"Nein. I'm being awesome." You sighed.

"Whatever. Can I hold him?"

"Hmm? Oh, ja, sure," Gilbert said, reaching up to gently lift Gilbird from his head. You cupped your hands and let Gilbert slip the tiny bird into your hands, who peeped up at you and titled his head. You had to bite your lip so you didn't squeal as you ran a finger over Gilbird's head. He peeped again and fluttered up to rest on your head, causing Gilbert and Ludwig to look at you in amazement. When you noticed their staring you looked between the two, confused.

"What? What is it?" you asked, curious as to why they looked so amazed.

"Gilbird's never done zat before," Ludwig explained. "He only sits on Gilbert's head."

"He must really like you or something," Gilbert said, still perplexed. You grinned and reached up to pet Gilbird.

"Well, looks like he's mine now," you said, going over to sit with Ludwig.

"Vat?! No vay!!!" Gilbert screeched, coming over to try and steal back his pet. You laughed as you dodged his attempts.

You got the feeling you were going to like Gilbert.


Unfortunately for you, you didn't realize just how much you would come to like Gilbert. In the past few months, you found yourself growing more and more attached to the albino. And it was killing you.

You'd never felt so guilty than you had when you realized that you felt more than friendship for your boyfriend's brother. At first, you thought it was just a silly little crush and you'd get over it soon enough. But you were wrong. It only got stronger.

You tried ignoring the feelings, focusing more on your feelings for Ludwig, but nothing worked. And the more you tried to make things better with Ludwig, the more you found you didn't love him as much as you did before Gilbert came into the picture. It didn't help that Ludwig seemed to have no idea what was going on, and continued showering you with affection.

Wanting to cry for the millionth time, you trudged up to Ludwig's house and knocked on the door. Part of you wanted to end things with Ludwig, but the other was afraid to because you would hurt him and over feelings you doubted were returned.

The door opened to reveal Gilbert and you wanted to scream in frustration. This was not what you needed.

"Hey, (Name)," Gilbert greeted you, a barely noticeable flush on his face. You sighed and waved lazily.

"Is Ludwig here?" you asked, praying to God that he was.

"Nein. He got called into work last minute," Gilbert said. …Of freaking course.

"Oh. Ok, I'll just come back later," you said, starting to turn. You were stopped by Gil reaching out and grabbing your wrist. Blushing, you looked at him out of the corner of your eye.

"Y-you can still stay, if you vant," he offered, staring at the ground.

"Uh, sure," you said, immediately regretting your answer when he grinned at you and dragged you inside. You stumbled after him and gently pulled your wrist out of his grasp.

"Did you have something you wanted to do?" you asked, going to sit down in the living room.

"Uh, nein. Not really," Gilbert said, rubbing the back of his head and sitting next to you. You fidgeted and tried not to look at him. A few minutes of awkward silence passed before Gilbert sighed and turned to you.

"Actually, (Name), zere vas something I vanted to talk to you about…" You cringed and felt tears pricking at your eyes. He knew didn't he? And he was going to reprimand you about it and probably tell Ludwig and everything was just going downhill from here. You nodded to let him know you heard and waited for him to continue.

"V-vell, I vanted to say zat…I'm, really sorry but…Ich…liebe dich." You whipped your head around to look at him. He loved you? You couldn't get any words out to reply so Gilbert started stuttering out an explanation.

"I know you're dating Ludvig a-and zat you love him. Believe me, I didn't mean for zis to happen. I-it just did. And I know you don't feel ze same, b-but I just vanted to tell you. To get it off my chest, I guess." Gilbert turned to look at you to see you crying. He freaked out and pulled you into a hug, only thinking about comforting you.

"H-hey, frau. Don't…don't cry. I'm really sorry about zis. I mean it. I…" His voice trailed off when you wrapped your own arms around him.

"I love you too, Gil," you whispered, feeling completely torn. He returned your feelings, but what about Ludwig? This was going to destroy him.

Gilbert grinned and squeezed you tighter, not even thinking about his brother.

"Zat's awesome!" he cheered, pressing his cheek to the top of your head. You shook your head and pulled away.

"But I'm with Ludwig, Gil. Can you imagine how this will affect him?" Gilbert visibly deflated at your statement.

"Scheiße," he muttered. "I almost forgot about zat…Vell, it's up to you, liebe. As much as I vant you to be with me, zis is your decision." A few tears trailed down your cheeks again as you thought about this. You'd be hurting one of them either way.

"At the very least…," you started, not wanting to actually saying it. "I think that…I should break up with Ludwig. I can't keep acting like nothing's changed." Gilbert nodded in understanding and gently rubbed your back. He knew that this couldn't be easy for you and definitely didn't envy your position in this.

You two sat around until Ludwig came home, discussing the best way to tell him about this. It hadn't been going very well, because everything sounded forced or too pitying.

You freaked out when you heard the front door open. You weren't prepared for this at all.

"Bruder, I'm back," Ludwig said, walking into the living room. He smiled warmly at you when he noticed your presence and you felt like your heart was going to break. You attempted to smile back, and it must not have worked because Ludwig frowned and looked worriedly at you. Gilbert took this as his cue to leave and went to his room.

As soon as he left, Ludwig took his spot next to you and held your hand.

"Is something wrong, liebling?" He saw your eyes water up and felt nervous. What could it be that it would make you cry?

You took your hand out of his and put them both over your face and took a shuddering breath.

"Ludwig, I……I need to break up with you," you said, tears falling down your face. You knew you should look at him, he deserved that much, but you just couldn't.

You just wanted to die when he didn't say anything. This was so much harder than you ever thought it would be. It wasn't fair to him, but the torment you were feeling was unbearable.

Ludwig placed a hand on your shoulder and you nearly jumped out of your skin.

"Zis is about Gilbert, isn't it," he said, making it more of a statement than a question. You stared at him in shock, before guiltily nodding. He sighed and looked at the floor sadly.

"I understand. I could see the vay you two vould look at each other. I hoped it vouldn't end up like zis, but zere's nothing I can do." You looked back at him to see him smiling at you gently. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

"At least I'm not losing you completely," he said. "Ve vill still be friends, right?"

"Of course, Ludwig," you said, resting your hand on his. He nodded and nudged you to stand up.

"You may as vell go tell Gilbert ze news." You nodded and headed to Gilbert's room, thankful Ludwig took this so well. You knocked on his door and when he opened the door, you offered a hesitant smile that he enthusiastically returned. He pulled you into a hug and buried his face in your hair.

"I feel bad for mein bruder, but I can't say I don't enjoy zis," he muttered. You pulled away to look up at him.

"Can we just stay friends for a little while?" you asked. "I don't want to jump into anything just yet."

"Of course, liebe," he said, cupping your face and kissing you lightly. "I'll wait forever if I have to."
...I'M SO SORRY GERMANY I LOVE YOU!!!!! :iconcryforeverplz:

This was a request for :iconsarah89702: I hope you like it, and I'm sorry I took so long!

I feel really guilty about doing this to Germany. I love him but alsdngasjengakentfa; *feels all over the place*

I don't own Hetalia, Germany, or Prussia.
You belong to :iconsexyprussia2plz:
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"Dammit, Denmark!" You hissed, (h/c) fur bristling. "What did I tell you about climbing on stools!?"

The long haired orange-and-white kitten glanced down at you briefly from atop the wobbly stool. He turned his nose up at you.

"I'm the King! You can't tell me what to do!"

You growled, sitting down and forcing your fur to lie flat.

Your owner had left the house for a couple of days, leaving you to watch over your 5 adopted kits for the time being.

And they were a damn handful.

Denmark, the kit who you were currently busied with, was insanely obnoxious, and claimed to be 'King of the House'. Then there was Sweden, a dark gray kit with a white chest and the most soul piercing stare you had ever seen on a cat so young.  Finland, the baby of the group, was a tan and white kit. He was a sweetheart, but a very fragile one.  Norway, a large, long haired white kitten, didn't really give you any problems, but you had caught him attempting to strangle Denmark with his own collar on more than one occasion. The last of the five was Iceland, a tiny white kit with a black spot over one of his eyes. He and Norway didn't get along as well as you would hope, but they didn't try to kill each other, so you were content.

"Den, please." You began. "You need to come down from there. You might ge-"


You jerked, accidentally bumping the stool with your head, sending Denmark toppling over towards the cold tile of the kitchen floor. Moving as quick as you could, you caught him in your mouth by the scruff of his neck right before he hit the ground, placed him on the floor, and braced yourself for the impact of the other ball of fur that was barrelling in your direction.

Finland slammed into your side with a grunt, before dizzily pulling his face out of your fur and staring up at you with big, frightened eyes.

"M-mama! There's something hiding in the bushes outside!"

You blinked down at him, cocking your head. "Oh?"

The tiny kitten nodded, nuzzling up against you. He was shaking like a leaf! You leaned down and gently licked the top of his head.

"Well, don't worry about it, sweetheart. If it comes out of its hiding place, I'll protect you."

"Really, mama?"

You began to purr heavily in an attempt to soothe the tiny tom.

"Of course, baby."

Denmark snorted. "Baby is right."

You turned to him, ears pushed back, tail swishing. "Denmark..." you hissed dangerously.

His expression faltered for a moment before he regained his composure and stood, stalking away with his tail held high.

You sighed and dropped your head, focusing on Finland once more. You blinked when you caught the scent that way coming up from his fur.

"Finny, why do you smell just like Sweden?"

He looked up at you. "He was resting against me.."

You were about to respond when you felt something bump into your back. You twisted your head around to see what it was.

'Well!' You thought. 'Speak of him, and he shall appear!'

Sweden stood behind you, staring at you with his sharp, crystal blue eyes. You turned around to fully face him, pressing your forehead against his own.

"Hi sweetie~!" You meowed, nuzzling him quickly before leaning back to survey him. You took note of his slightly distraught expression. "Something wrong?"

"Mama..." he began, voice filled with urgency. "There's a dog in the yard!"

You jolted up onto all fours.

"A dog!?"

Sweden nodded.

You turned to Finland, who had resumed his shaking, and nudged him in Sweden's direction with your paw

"You two stay here, I'll go find Norway and Ice."

After making sure that they would follow your directions, you bounded out of the living room and into the kitchen, and out through the cat flap of the back door.

And your heart nearly stopped.

Iceland and Norway were huddled up together, puffed up and shivering, while a large black and tan dog, probably a Doberman, stood about 3 feet away from them, barking madly.

Your instincts went into overdrive at that moment. With a loud yowl, you leapt from where you stood and onto the dog's neck, claws extended. You sunk your teeth deep into the flesh of the large creature, past it's fur and skin. The dog howled in pain, but managed to toss you off. When you hit the ground, you immediately righted yourself and rushed to stand in front of your kits.

The Doberman snarled at you, and you hissed in response, back arched, fur on end. Your (e/c) eyes were wild with fury, and you were ready to protect your young at all costs.

Without waiting for it to make it's move, you lunged at the beast, digging your claws into the top of it's head and tearing at it. The canine reared up onto it's hind legs like a frightened horse before it lost it's balance, tumbling backwards into the grass with one of your hind legs caught in its jaws. You screeched in agony.

"MAMA!!" You heard Norway's frantic mew from somewhere behind you. You twisted around as best as you could, still scratching desperately at the dog's face.

"Go! Get inside!" You called back at them.



They didn't need to be told twice. Norway grabbed Iceland by the scruff of his neck and ran into the house, nearly smashing into the door in his haste.

  --------------------TIME SKIP--------------------

It was a full 10 minutes before you staggered back into the kitchen, scratched up and bloody. All five of your youngsters were huddled around the cat flap anxiously.

"Mama, you're hurt...!" Finland meowed, rushing up to you. You collapsed weakly onto the floor in front of him,

"Its...its okay, baby. You're safe. All of you...are safe. The dog...its...its gone now..."

Sweden slowly padded over to you, laying down at your side. Carefully, he began to lick your wounds, purring softly.

You were grateful for his sudden attention. You were too weak to lift your head, let alone clean the blood from your body.

As if following some unheard command, your other four kittens came as close to you as possible, snuggling into your body.

Iceland wiggled his way under your chin, while Norway rested his head and front paws atop your own. Sweden stayed where he was, while Finland moved to snuggle into your other side, and Denmark, always the overachiever, crawled up to lay on your back.

" could've died.." Iceland mewed. His voice was monotone, as usual, but laced with concern.

"But I didn't, did I? I wouldn't dare die and leave you all."

"But, man, that dog really tore you up!"

"...that's not helping, Denmark." You deadpanned, ears dropping.


Here's your request, :iconthemysteriouspoet:! Sorry it took so long!
And sorry if you think its sucks I tried I really did
Neko!Rea-tan is best mommy!
And...I probably fucked the Nordics's characters up I'm so sorryyyyy
*cries in corner*

APH belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya. This story is owned by me. You owned yourself.
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Summary: In which the Hetalia nations are all cats which the reader happens to own. Enjoy~

Your bedroom was a complete and utter mess.

There were clothes everywhere, strewn haphazardly across the floor. Loose change was littered in various spots on your carpet, along with other miscellaneous items like rubber bands, mechanical pencils, straws, and empty soda bottles.

And, standing there, in the center of it all, was a short haired, dark gray tomcat named Germouser.

And he looked absolutely mortified.

His icy blue eyes were wide, and his entire body was rigid, fur standing on end.

You, who had been idling around in the hallway, playing Fruit Ninja on your (smartphone of choice) looked up from the screen and noticed that your bedroom door was slightly ajar.

Arching a slim brow, you slipped the device into your pocket and slid down the hall.

(As mentioned in the first chapter, the floors in your hallway are polished wood. In this chapter, you happen to be wearing fluffy socks. Do the math, darlings.)

Once you reached your room, you slowly peeked your head in through the doorway and snickered.

Germouser turned around abruptly, catching your mirth-filled (e/c) eyes with his own, and snarled.

You flinched slightly, still smirking, before sauntering into the room, a slight bounce in your step.

"What's the matter, G?" You cooed, sinking down onto your knees next to the distraught animal. "Don't like what you see?"

Germouser growled at you, swiping at your knee with his paw. You scooched away just in time to avoid getting scraped.

"Woah! Easy there, tiger!"


Germouser, oddly enough, was kind of a neat freak. If something was messy, he would pester you relentlessly until you dealt with it.

Remember, ladies and gents, this is a cat we're talking about.

Germouser hissed at you lowly, before hopping onto your bed and yanking something small and sparkly out from under one of your pillows.

You jumped up immediately. "Germouser!"

He picked the small object up in his teeth, before hopping off of the bed and crawling under it.

You groaned, getting on all fours and reaching a hand under the bed, only to yank it back with a yelp to nurse at the fresh set of claw marks set across your palm.

The mysterious sparkly object that Germouser had taken hostage was a special charm that one of your childhood friends had given you as a gift. You hadn't seen that friend in years, so you cherished the charm with with all of your heart as a reminder of an excellent friendship. You rarely let other humans see or touch it, let alone your cats.

However, you had a feeling you knew what Germany was getting at.

"Blackmail is a low blow, G." You muttered, snatching a (f/c) bandana from a spot on the floor and using it to hold your hair away from your face. Germouser could be relentless. You knew that he wouldn't give your charm back until your room was spotless, and if it came to it, he'd hand it off to Prussiacat, who you knew would end up giving it to some random she-cat off the street.

You slowly dragged yourself off the floor, rolling rolling your sweat pant legs up to your knees and taking a deep breath to steady yourself.

Looks like you'd be cleaning today.

...Well, it wasn't such a bad thing. You knew a way to get back at him, after all.

Even the ferocious Germouser was no match for the roar of a Dirt Devil.

Here you go, babies! Some neko!Germany for you!
Its short, I know.
:iconyunoguyplz: :iconsaysplz: Rea-tan! Why u so messy!
Nah, but seriously, my room is just as bad.

Chapter 11 - [link]

APH/Nekotalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya. I own nothing but the plot that this story doesn't even actually have.
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Summary: In which the Hetalia nations are all cats that the reader happens to own. Enjoy~

Sometimes, having as many cats as you did could be a real pain in your ass.

"No! Americat, stop! This isn't for you!"


"Its for Caneko!"


"CA. NE. KO." Y'know? Your younger littermate?!"


You facepalmed. Hard.

Caneko whined softly from his spot under the coffee table.

As earlier mentioned, Caneko was Americat's younger littermate. They did share a sort resemblance, but there were certain, not-so-subtle differences.

Caneko, for one, was much quieter. To the point where it made him difficult to notice, actually. His tail and neck ruff were a light cream color instead of dark brown, like America's. His head shape was slightly different, too, but most importantly, he weighed so much less.

However, Since he was so hard to notice, Caneko had actually been a little neglected.

You, being the loving pet owner that you were, wanted to change that. You went out of your way to prepare the perfect meal for your furry friend. Fresh chicken sausage, chopped, cooked, and marinated in maple syrup.

Of course, you had completely disregarded the one factor which would prevent you from presenting Caneko with such a treat.

That factor was America.

You held the red and white bowl high above your head, sending Caneko an apologetic glance. America was crouched down in front of you, ready to leap up in an attempt to steal it. Or at least knock you off balance so you would drop it.

"No! Stay down! Geez! This isn't for you!" You scolded. "And besides, you've already got too much ass on your ass, fatass. You're lucky I already feed you as much as I do, because lord knows you do not need to gain anymore weight."

Americat made a low noise, something like a cross between a yowl and a groan, before turning and slinking away. Well, as much as a creature with that much stomach could slink, anyways.

Slowly, Caneko crawled out from under the table, moving to rub against your legs. You smiled and knelt down scooping him up with your right arm while using the left one to hold the bowl.

Making your way into the kitchen, you set both him and his meal down on the table, before pulling up a chair and plopping down into it.

Caneko looked up at you, ears low, before turning back to the bowl.

"Go on." You said softly. "Its for you, after all."

Cautiously, Caneko leaned in, taking a small bite and swallowing it

Then his pupils dilated, and his eyes went wide. You watched in confusion, and ever-so-slight amusement as the fur along his spine
rippled and bristled before going flat once more.

Had you done something wrong?

Caneko turned to you, eyes bright and shining, and he made a noise.


Is was so soft, so sweet sounding, you had trouble telling if it was even a meow at all.

It was undoubtedly, the cutest sound you had ever heard.

"Aaaaaaawwwwwww, baby~!" You cooed, scooping him up into your arms once more. You clutched him tightly to your bosom, nuzzling the top of his head with your cheek. He meowed once more, making you squeal and hold him tighter.

He was such a cutie!

The two of you snuggled for a long while before you noticed your home made cat food had gone cold. And after re-heating it, letting Canada taste it again, and watching him have the same reaction, the whole process started all over again.

At least he was getting the attention he deserved~

Neko!Canada! Ahh, I really like this one.
Next up are the two special chapters, and then I'll get started on the Neko!Nordic 5.

Chapter 9: [link]

APH/Nekotalia belong to Hidekaz Himaruya. I own nothing but this story's scattered plot.
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