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Slender Mane~ This was fun to make. And I must admit, Slender Mane is pretty adorable.

People who have my permission to use/alter this:
~ MehPikachuz: [link]
~ Jalden: [link]
~ Fred321123: [link]

Otherwise ask first :3
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Slender Mane is back, and he wants to battle. UH OH.
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Yup. This looks so much better than the old version. It has been almost six months to date since I made the old one. I think I've improved at least a little bit, wouldn't you say?

Outline done in SAI, coloring and shading done in GIMP.

MLP (c) Lauren Faust/Hasbro
Art (c) Me
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E n j Ⓧ y _ i t
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This was supposed to be another Happy Friday the 13th but this will probably remain unfinished if my hand doesn't stop hurting :'I ))
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Or it takes you..

About an hour and a half on my photoshop using my Genius-PenF610 Tablet.
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Been a while since I've done anything pertaining to Slenderman himself, so here we are.
30 minutes on photoshop CS4, my Genius Tablet Pen-F610 was used to draw this after I got it working again.

Slenderman belongs to :iconvictor-surge:
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Slendermane has a freaking song <3: [link]
IT IS AMAZING <3 <3 <3
Thanks :iconxxbbeyondxx: for showing it to me 8D
Slenderman as a pony.
So awesome.
Speaking of Slendy, I FOUND THIS 8D: [link]
Yes your eyes do not lie. That is Jeff the Killer and Slenderman dancing Oppa Gangnam Style. F-YES <3
I am so happy right now afhgl;jl;hsgk;aslds RAINBOWS.

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Pfft, I don't know. Masky is on top of a dresser and staring at you...
Better give him his cheesecake.

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Hoodie: That ass, if he does it again, I'll raid the cabnets like the last time.
Masky: ... It will not happen again, I swear.

I had this thing.
About Hoodie.
Eating pudding cups.
Just like Masky and his cheesecake.
And stuff.

Oh yeah, and the brick thing. Because of what happened in Marble Hornets when Masky got hit with a brick or something :3/shot xD
Bricks = Worst enemy.
It's true man.

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When I was drawing this:

Me: "Hmmm, am I making his fingers too long? I think I'm making his fingers too long. I should change that." -pause- "Nah it's alright, Slenderman is Slenderman, he's supposed to have long things." -pause- . . . -realizes- . . . :iconicameplz:

Really proud of this one. I thought I'd do something for Halloween, so here you go. I'm trying a new technique for Slenderman's tendrils, I think they came out very well.
Also I love how mirror slendy turned out, the shading and foggy effect that old mirrors get came out well. And the blood too.
Also I'd like to say, this was NOT inspired by Silent Hill origins, I just drew Slendy by a mirror, then added a face to the mirror, and thought it looked cool so added blood.

I was watching the movie 'Pet Sematary' when i drew this, really amazing movie I highly recommend it, although it is kind of gorey

SPEEDPAINT WITH MUSIC (Room of Angel - SH4 OST) = [link]
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Zehndy you meanie, stop being a bully.

You know what's weird? You know how I like to pick on Jeff a lot,like with tinyman and fangirls and Rake and such. Well, I also like to pick on Zalgo; how everyone thinks he's not scary, and Zehnder likes to pick on him because he can, and because Zehnder likes to pick on anyone who's 'high and mighty' if you know what I mean. I also like to pick on Xavier with Slenderman. I'm weird in who I like to pick on.

Also I had to do this completely on Sai because this was drawn during a livestream, and Photoshop was being a dick. Couldn't do Zalgo's glowy things the way I wanted to.

But yeah. Zehndy can be kind of a douche sometimes. The way to get to him (don't tell him I told you this): Start hinting about his feelings for Esther, and make Smexy continue to try and give him a rose.

Zehnder (C) :icongingaakam:
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Yeah. I said something about Esther and Zehnder. Zehnder must have seen me, 'cause he got pissed. And then he threw Ben at me. True story. . . well, kinda.

First of all I shall explain about Ben, kind of have a little running thing that whenever there's something wrong with an electronic device, it's Ben's fault. Ben or Slendy, they've attacked us on Skype like four times now XD

SOOOOO here's what happened! I was writing the description for [link], and a few seconds after I wrote the line "If you don't know, Zehnder's girlfriend, I mean, Esther;" my computer went crazy.
As in, the internet went out; and I don't mean just out, all the connections just disappeared, and the little white bars were black with a little red X over it. I checked and my computer was the ONLY computer that suffered this. On top of that, the music I was listening to went distorted, as in skips, repeats, and weird noises kind of like static. And then when the internet returned, I managed to submit the image. BUT the description was lost for some reason, and the description was not what I wrote, but just a simple '1'.
Then the internet and computer problems FINALLY went away. And all was normal.

My conclusion: Zehnder saw what I wrote. He teleported somewhere and found Ben, brought Ben back, and then threw him at my computer.

Poor Ben. Look at his face. He's so confused.

ALSO, as I've mentioned, my persona will switch outfits depending on my mood. Right now I'm feeling kind of Hollywood Undeady. When I'm feeling Daft Punky then I'll probably have my Daft punk outfit on.

Zehnder (C) *GingaAkam
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When My Life Changed Ch. 16: How much do you really care?


Jeff took a moment to think. "Well, I honestly don't know why it happe-" "Your lying!!" BEN interrupted him. Fresh tears rushing down his face as he stood up in front of Jeff. " d-dare you-..." he said yet again falling to his knees. He truly couldn't handle it all, he felt broken.

Then young killer sat there, both hands on his best friends shoulders as he cried agonizing tears that sounded like they hurt. "BEN...." Jeff said softly, trying to get his attention. "J-Jeffy.....why would y-you..." BEN mumbled. "BEN..." He said again.

It wasn't any help at all. He was pretty much falling apart from the inside out, completely ignoring Jeff, continuing to cry loudly into his hands. "BEN!!" Jeff shouted, standing up. The cyber ghost stumbled back, hitting his head on the coffee table behind him.

Despite this, he laid on the floor with his arms to his sides. His face completely red, and eyes shut tight. Jeff started to panic a little. "BEN! Are you ok?!" he asked frantically. He didn't respond, instead, he continued to cry on the floor.

Jeff frantically got down on his knees, pulling BEN out from under the table and holding him close in his arms. "BEN....are you ok?" he asked, tears lightly falling from his eyes as well. "...J-Jeffy...?" BEN said quietly. Jeff tightened his hold on the cyber ghost. "w-what?" he replied. BEN's arms hung heavy by his sides and Jeff held onto him.

"W-were you the one....who was s-sending real? A-are you S.K?" he asked quietly. Jeff only nodded, more tears falling from his eyes. "...why?" BEN whispered softly.

Jeff broke down crying. "I wanted to see if you cared enough to find me!". Tears soaked their faces as they sat there on the floor. BEN, laying limp, completely motionless in Jeff's arms. " idiot...." BEN cried. "Of course I cared enough! The fact that I couldn't find you drove me crazy! I cried more tears in the past few days then I can remember! You gave me panic attack! I lost it! I was broken! Unable to take the frustration, the sadness. I felt lonely!!" BEN cried out loud. "I FELT LONELY JEFFY!!" He wailed. "I thought I lost my best friend! I thought you were gone! You fuckin' idiot!".

BEN wrapped his arms around Jeff as tight at he possibly could at the moment. The quiet house now filled with the agonizing cries of the two boys.

Jeff couldn't find words. Instead, he held his broken friend so close, no one could tear them apart. "BEN....I-I'm so sorry....I didn't..." he hesitated, unable to continue. To know he had caused the cyber ghost so much sadness.

BEN shuddered. "...I......I-I....." he shook violently in the young killer's arms. " I l-love...." he stopped. He couldn't say it. He just couldn't.

Jeff looked down at him. "w-what? BEN, say it" He said softly. BEN only shook his head. "...I...I can't..." He whispered.

"BEN please! You can tell me!" He said a little louder then a whisper.

"No...Jeffy, I cant." He said, looking up into Jeff's eyes. His white face now visibly red, and soaking wet with tears. "please.....t-tell me..."

Finally, chapter 16. I'm so so so so so very sorry it took me forever to write this chapter, even though it's really short but I have reasons.

1. I didn't want to give away to much in this chapter

2. I have been having bad writers block. I couldn't think

But I have it, it's finished. I'll have chapter 17 out soon, very soon. I promise you that.


Characters used:
:icongotosleepplz: Jeff the Killer (c) Creepypasta
:iconbendrownedplz: BEN DROWNED (c) Jedusable/Creepypasta

Chapter 15 sonamyfangirl6637.deviantart.c…

Chapter 17 sonamyfangirl6637.deviantart.c…

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When My Life Changed Ch. 9: In Photo Memory.



Rain walked out of the hospital. Taking the killers hoody out of BEN's arms, she wrapped it around him to keep him warm in the cold winter night. As she walked home, she looked down at BEN, who had been sleeping peacefully, despite having the snow fall on his face, he was tired enough to sleep through it.

She sighed. ".......please don't be upset.......when you awaken....." She said in a quiet voice, trying her best not to wake him up.

When she finally got to the house, she walked in and set BEN on the couch still wrapped up in Jeff's hoody. "Sleep well..." She said, curling up like a dog on the other side of the couch, and fell asleep.

When she awoke the next morning, BEN wasn't there. Only Jeff's hoody was left laid open on the couch. Worried, she ran up the stairs and stopped at the door to Jeff and BEN's room. The door was wide open. Looking slightly around the edge of the door, she looked around the room until her eyes caught sight of the cyber ghost, who was looking at the stack of old photos on the bed that was once Jeff's.

He sat there, motionless as tears fell from his eyes.........but he was smiling. Rain watch silently, making sure BEN didn't see her.

"Oh Jeff, you were always the funny one, everyday, finding new ways to making us laugh. Despite you being a psychotic serial killer, you always had a way of making us happy." He said, smiling as he looked at the pictures. "I'm so sorry........for chasing you. And I hope you know, I'll miss you so much....."

He set down the photos and started to cry again.

Rain couldn't find words, it was all to hard to watch. ".......w-why do your words.......h-have to be so sad!! Why is it when you cry........I feel l-like it's the saddest thing I ever s-seen!!" She said, falling to her knees, crying so hard, you would think that she had just watch someone die right in front of her.

BEN helped Rain up and hugged her. "Having lost the one thing I held so close. Thats what makes my words so sad." He said as they both sat up on his bed. "I just miss him so much......"

"I know, I miss him too. He was like family to me. Ever since I died, you guys were all I had. Now you, are all I have left." She said still crying. BEN put his hand on her shoulder and gave a sad smile. Then he looked up at the sky from the window.

The room was dead quiet, until BEN broke the silence.


"I always needed time on my own."

"I never thought I'd, need you there when I cry."

"And the days feel like years when I'm alone, and the bed where you lie, is made up on your side."

"When you walk away, I count the steps that you take."

"Do you see how much I need you right now!?"

"When your gone, the pieces of my heart are missing you."

"When your gone, the face I came to know is missing too."

"When your gone, the words I need to hear, to always get me through the day, and make it OK."

"I miss yoooooooooou..."



Rain almost broke down in tears again. Not once, had she ever heard BEN sing before, but to hear it for the first time at the right moment, made her take it to heart.

BEN got up and walked back down the stairs leaving Rain up in the room. He turned to walk into the kitchen and.............blood.........everywhere...........was the first thing he saw. It was such a hard thing to look at, so he didn't clean it up, he just left it all there. "God......" he said, walking over to the couch. Picking up Jeff's hoody and sitting down, he watched Rain slowly make her way down the stairs.

"Dear lord, are we ever gonna move on? Rain asked. "Honestly, Rain........I don't know if I can.......ever move on......"

YAY!!! ^^ Ch. 9 :)

Will they ever move on? :(
Let me tell you something, they MIGHT not have to......
Ps. ((you are totaly AWESOME if you can tell me what song, BEN, is singing!!)) ready.......set.........GO!!!!

Characters used:
:iconbendrownedplz: BEN DROWNED (c) Jedusable/Creepypasta
Rain (c) :iconsonamyfangirl6637:
Chapter 8 [link]
Chapter 10 [link]
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When My Life Changed Ch. 11: The Nurse.


BEN pixelated through one of the computers at the hospital. "Hey! Nurse!" He shouted. One of the nurses turned around to face him. "May I help y-" "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ABOUT?!?" BEN shouted, bringing Jeff's phone out and showing her the pictures.

The nurse was puzzled. She stood up from her chair, took off her high heels, and started running to the room they had kept Jeff in. BEN fallowed closely behind her. As they made it up to the room, she swung open the door to be greeted by..........nothing. Absolutely.........nothing. "B-but.......that can't be! He was in here just this morning!" She shouted, searching everywhere in the room.

BEN just stood there looking down at the bed that once held his best friend. Spots of blood were left behind........and so was the note. He picked it up and looked closely at the hand writing but it was no use, he couldn't recognize it. The nurse stumbled and slipped down the halls as she tried to run. Seeing how she was in such panic and actually worried about the patient at hand, she must have been one of the only smart people working at the hospital.

"This doesn't make any sense! He was here!" She screamed. Jeff's phone rang again. Without hesitation, he opened it. The picture this time was of a paper at the front of the hospital that said....

"Out here"


BEN took the nurse by the arm and rushed outside. No one was there, just the note. The nurse picked it up and handed it to BEN. Again, he couldn't tell who's hand writing it was. "Who the hell is S.K.?!" He shouted. The nurse took off her glasses and looked around. "I'm not sure, but whoever it is, they definitely know you, and they are doing this for a reason." She said. "Uhh.....hey, I never got your name." BEN said. The nurse giggled. "It's Bridgette" she said.

"Bridgette huh? Tell me, why are you so much more worried about this then any other doctor or nurse in that hospital?" He asked. "Because, when I was little, I had this friend. He and I were so close, but he had these heart problems and around the age of 17...........he passed away. So I wanted to became a nurse and I take my job VERY seriously." She said. "Oh......I'm so sorry, what was your friends name?"

"Toby" the nurse said. "I know what you are going through right now" "Huh?" BEN said. "You lost your friend too......right?"

"Uhh, yeah, I did." "Jeffrey........isn't it?" Bridgette said. "How did you know it was him?!" BEN asked, confused. "He would come here often for his chest issues. Apparently they started just a few days after you left."

"How do you know about that?!?" The cyber ghost shouted. "He told me. You were very important to him, you know. He would always talk about you, and I would listen. Out of all the patients I had, he was my favorite. Hell, I was even the nurse he and his brother would go to when they were sick." Bridgette said smiling. "You knew him that long?!" BEN asked. She nodded. "Indeed I have. And to see what he had become, made me cry so hard, but I was so thankful he didn't die that day."

BEN looked up and froze. "Y-you know........about the...........the party?". She nodded sadly. "Yeah, I do" " know about-......." "The bullies? Yeah, I know about them too." She said. "Prove it! What are their names!" The cyber ghost shouted. "Randy, Keith, and Troy." She said. BEN was in shock. " any chance, you don't happen to have a list of deaths that happened in the hospital and around the neighborhood do you?" BEN asked. "Why yes I do." She said, handing BEN the list.


~Recorded deaths in hospital and in nearby neighborhood: First names only.












































The list went on forever! "Wait......Rain? She is on the list?!" BEN said, shocked. "Oh yeah, her. Poor girl was found in such a horrific condition, it makes me sick just thinking about it." the nurse said. "And Sadie...." "Yeah, she died too, but we couldn't find her body." The nurse looked down. "I understand that both of the girls were here the day we brought Jeffrey in right?" "Yeah, they were". "Hey, what's up with those other two girls on the list." BEN asked. "What other two girls?"

"Annabell and Elizabeth" The cyber ghost said. "Just the way Annabell is spelled, and I remember hearing about what happened to a girl named Elizabeth in the neighborhood. I remember hearing about both of them."

The nurse gave a sad smile. "Them huh? Those girls were such sweet hearts, as I was told. Sometimes you can see Elizabeth around here, and Annabell isn't a shy one, so she is around here all the time. She keeps me company on my long tired days at work, and often I would come close to seeing Elizabeth on my night shifts." Bridgette said.

This info hit BEN like a rock in the head. "R-........really?"

Yayayayayayayayayay!!!! Ch. 11!!! ^^

If you guys can tell me what story Bridgette and Toby are from, then you guys are awesome!!! XD
I dare you :3

Characters used:
:icongotosleepplz: Jeff the Killer (c) Creepypasta
:iconbendrownedplz: BEN DROWNED (c) Jedusable/Creepypasta
Rain, Annabell, Toby, and Bridgette (c) :iconsonamyfangirl6637:
S.K. (c) ???
Sadie (c) :iconcorgi-moon-pies:
Elizabeth (c) :iconashambbelle2:
Liu, Margaret, Peter, Randy, Keith, and Troy (c) Writer(s) of Jeff the Killer (Go To Sleep)
Chapter 10 [link]
Chapter 12 [link]
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this draw was a PAIN!! TwT but well
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the original draw was made by my geme.sistah (but it's for me) ;w; she let me digitalize the draw TwT
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I woke up to the sound of glass breaking.

I rolled over, got up, and rubbed my eyes. I instantly noticed that my mother's stained-glass lamp was no longer on my dresser.

I looked down, and sure enough, it was in pieces all over the floor. I put on my shoes, and got the broom and dustpan out of the closet to clean it up. Just as I finished sweeping up the last of the shards, I heard a noise from behind me that sounded kind of like a squirrel chittering its teeth. I looked behind me, and there was nothing. It appeared that I hadn't completely finished the job after all; there were still some smaller shards left. But looking closer at them, they didn't really match the colors of the lamp. These ones were milky jade-green and ruby red, not the amber tones of the lamp that I had grown up with. Curious.

I continued to think about this as I went into the bathroom to take my shower. As I entered the stall, I thought I heard pinging and scraping noises behind me. Once again, there was nothing there. Seeing the thing that had reminded me the most of my mother destroyed had upset me, sure, but was it enough to make me hallucinate?! I decided to actually take my shower to clear my head.

When I exited, the pink glass soap dish on the sink had been smashed on the ground. OK, now this was getting creepy. After I went back to my room and got dressed, I got out the broom and dustpan again, and headed back to the bathroom to clean it up. Again, I noticed that not all the shards were the same color. Was I going nuts, or was someone stalking me?

I cautiously went downstairs, and checked all the doors and windows. They were still locked. So how did they get in?

I went to the kitchen to fix myself a breakfast of 12-grain toast, orange juice, and two fried eggs. I looked around to make sure that whoever was stalking me wasn't there, and listened for the strange sounds I heard before. Nothing. Nervously, I ate my breakfast.

I damn near jumped a mile in the air and choked on my toast when I heard the phone ring in the kitchen. My hand hit the glass of orange juice, which toppled, fell on the ground, and broke. Okay, this one was my fault.

I went to the kitchen and answered the phone, honestly expecting the person on the other end to say "You will die in seven days." To my relief, it was my Aunt Ginny. As usual, she just couldn't shut up about how I never came to see her, and I was a lazy bum, wasting the inheritance I had gotten from Mom, and yada yada yada. About five minutes in, I heard the sound of glass breaking about ten feet from me. I told Aunt Ginny that I would call her back, and quickly hung up the phone.

The bottle of Shiraz that had been in my fridge had been broken this time, the wine soaking into the cracks in the tile floor. Once again, there were differently-colored shards than those of the bottle mixed into the mess. And again, I heard the chittering noise behind me, this time much closer. Only it was more like glasses "pinging" together now that I could hear it more clearly. I went on high alert again.

I spun around and there it was, in the dining room. I couldn't believe it, but there it was.

It wasn't a human at all. In fact, it wasn't even organic. It was a roughly lizard-shaped thing - the size of a cat - and made of glass shards of every imaginable color and opacity, with four legs of slightly differing sizes. The shape of its head strongly resembled that of a horny toad, with six violet, orb-like eyes arranged in a circular pattern in the center of its face, around a cobalt-blue glass plate. Two horns, one a twisted clear spiral and the other a straight green shard, jutted from the sides of its head. Its tail was curved upwards, in the shape of a quotation mark, and large shards jutted out from the underside in crazy angles. This creature was impossible. And yet, I was witnessing it.

It appeared to be picking through the remains of the recycled-glass green tumbler that had once held my orange juice. It sorted the large shards from the small ones with its tiny crystalline claws, and sniffed at them. While it was distracted, I tiptoed towards it. When I was almost to it, it suddenly turned to face me, hissed, and zipped off like a lightning bolt.

I didn't see it again for the rest of the day. Even while fishing with my friends, the memory of it haunted me, and my friends noted that I was a nervous wreck. I explained what I had seen, and most of them just laughed at me. Paul didn't, though. He suggested that I may not have been getting enough sleep. Well, I HAD been up late at night lately working on my book. Maybe the creature was just an illusion brought about by a combination of sleep deprivation and my grief over the loss of my mother's most prized possession. Perhaps I'd just been clumsy and blamed my accidents on something that didn't even exist. Yeah, I felt a little better now.

That night, while I was preparing for bed, I suddenly had the ghastly thought: what if the monster WASN'T an illusion? What if it really had been the one who had been breaking my stuff? And what if it was still in the house? I became nervous again, and gave the house a once-over.

I found nothing unusual. No glass shards, no footprints.

I decided to have a bit of bourbon to calm my nerves. My hands shaking, I put the ice cubes in the glass. "Just tell yourself, Mark Redstone," I thought to myself as I gripped the handle of the the cabinet of the mini-bar. "There's nothing to be afraid of. There is no monster. There is no monster. There is no monster."

Oh, there was a monster, all right. The glass beast pounced out of the cabinet the instant I opened the door. Next thing I knew, I was in the hospital.

The doctor explained that I had been unconscious for five hours. It was a good thing my aunt had come by, seen the scene, and called 9-1-1, or I would have died of blood loss from all the lacerations.

For once I was glad Aunt Ginny never left me alone. And now that stupid monster wouldn't get me. But then, in the corner of my eye, I saw a flash. I turned my head, and there was the broken glass beast, peeking at me from behind a trolley in the hallway. It seemed to be smiling at me.


Written by laserpotato/Furbearingbrick.
This is already on Creepypasta Wiki, but I felt I should share the Broken Glass Beast's story on DA as well.

It's actually kinda cute-looking, isn't it? Too bad it's bent on making you step on broken glass and feasting on your blood.

EDIT: Now has a reading!…
The fanmade "extra ending" is actually much creepier than the ambiguous one I wrote; it was originally meant to be left up to the reader wether Mark really imagined the creature or not. I actually kind of prefer it to the original one.

The Broken Glass Beast (c) :iconfurbearingbrick:
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Yeah. The whole "God-Jeff" gag [link] was partially based on a messed-up dream I had a little while ago. (I really think I need to get away from Creepypasta-related stuff a while, it's warping my mind. x.x) Here's how it went. WARNING: contains male muscle growth (as if you couldn't tell by the picture), energy vampirism, and Slenderman...LOSING?!

Slenderman opened the tent to find that the group of teenagers whom he had been stalking were now dead. And in the far corner was a skinny teenager in a white hoodie and black pants, tearing chunks of flesh from the severed arm of one of them with sharp teeth. His skin was pure white, there were black rings around his eyes, and his mouth was impossibly wide. There was no mistake about it; this was Jeff The Killer. And he had beaten The Operator to his prize.

Enraged, Slenderman tore the tent to peices with his tendrils. Before Jeff could react, Slenderman knocked him onto the ground with a hyper-extended punch. Jeff fumbled for his knife and tried to fight back, but Slenderman pinned him to a tree.

Slenderman jabbed his tendrils deep into Jeff's back in an attempt to peirce his organs and kill him. But Jeff didn't die. In fact, he wasn't feeling pain at all. He had the odd sensation of energy trickling into his body.

When Slenderman noticed that nothing was happening, he released the boy. He assumed he had merely missed his vital organs and readied his tendrils again.

Jeff noticed that his pants and hoodie now felt tighter. What just happened? He looked down and saw that he was no longer skinny. His muscles had grown significantly and were starting to fill out his once-loose hoodie. And he felt...stronger. How DID this happen? All he could remember is that Slenderman had stuck his tendrils in him and he had felt something flow into him.

That thought was interrupted by a piercing sensation in his back. Jeff felt energy trickling into him again. Then he put it all together. He somehow now had the ability to draw energy from Slenderman's tendrils into himself.

Jeff, taking advantage of his newly-discovered ability, started draining power from The Operator at a rapid pace. Slenderman realized something was wrong as he slowly grew weaker and tried to disengage his tendrils, but the force of Jeff's siphoning was just too strong.

As he drained more energy from Slenderman, Jeff's muscles swelled further. An amazing rush of power surged through his whole body, and his hoodie, which was once comfortably loose, started to rip apart from the strain of his increasing bulk. His pants were doing the same, thanks to his now Herculean leg muscles.

Jeff stopped draining, and looked down at his body again. Slenderman was hacking and wheezing. His suit was now slightly greyer, and his body was shaking. "PLEASE...NO MORE...LET ME GO..." he pleaded. It had come to this; he was bowing down to a mortal. But it was either this or possibly face death. He crawled toward the now-enormous youth and weakly grasped his ankle with his claws. "I'LL LEAVE YOU ALONE...I'LL DO ANYTHING...JUST...STOP..." Jeff ignored his pleas, and kicked him in the head. The Operator released his ankle, and fell to the ground again, twitching.

With that rude interruption taken care of, Jeff went back to admiring his glorious new body. He flexed a bicep, and it strained his sleeve. He could distinctly hear fibers rip. He felt the muscle with his other hand, and even through the thick cotton he could tell it was hard as steel. Ah, marvelous. With his flawless white skin, gorgeous face, and new godlike physique, he was truly a work of art. He was even more beautiful than before.

He could have taken the tendrils out of his back and left then, but then he had a thought. Why stop here? If he were as strong as Slenderman, he would be truly unstoppable. He could destroy entire cities with his might. He wouldn't have to bother with stalking people and killing them one at a time, he could crush them all at once. He liked this idea. Yes...YES! He needed to have more of this power! MORE!

"YES! This's incredible! I...MUST...HAVE...MORE!"

His eyes turned blood-red, and his grin became even more distorted. His teeth became longer, sharper. What few shreds of human emotion were left in his already-disturbed mind vanished, and were replaced by a surging hunger. He no longer even remembered Liu. All that mattered was power. More power.

Jeff was no longer human. He was...a beast.

Slenderman doubled over in pain and clutched his chest as the draining started again. "YES! MORE POWER! BIGGER...STRONGER!" roared Jeff as his hoodie and pants ripped off like tissue paper under the strain of his growth, revealing rippling, bulging, rock-hard muscles. He continued to grow, towering over even the suffering Slenderman, and loomed high over the trees of the forest.

Slenderman was barely alive now. His suit was ashen-gray and his limbs had lost all their elasticity, looking and feeling like long, brittle twigs. Jeff ripped his tendrils out of his back, plucked him out by his collar, and held him in front of his face. Slenderman managed to gather the strength to lift his head to look at his tormenter, and quickly wished he hadn't.

Jeff was now a 40-foot-tall, freakishly muscular titan. And there was something...WRONG about his face. It could have been the fact that his carved grin had somehow gotten even wider and more sadistic-looking, but it was probably more due to the fact that his eyes were glowing bright red. "AWWWW, OUT OF JUICE ALREADY?" he said in a voice that sounded like thunder booming. "WELL, I KNOW YOU HAVE BROTHERS. THEY WILL GIVE ME *MORE* POWER! I WILL SOON BE THE STRONGEST BEING IN THE UNIVERSE! I SHALL BE A GOD, EVEN GREATER THAN ZALGO HIMSELF! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Jeff took Slenderman to the tallest, mightiest tree in the forest and tied his tendrils to the top branch. "SORRY TO LEAVE YOU *HANGING*, SLENDY, BUT I HAVE SOME MORE FEEDING TO DO. I THINK I'LL START WITH THAT FRUITY ONE WITH THE TOP HAT. HAHAHAHA!!!" He walked away, his footsteps causing the earth to shake.

Slenderman had to get out of here. He had to alert his Proxies and the other Slendermen. If they couldn't find a way to stop Jeff, the universe was doomed...
written by laserpotato/Furbearingbrick.

Fangirls: :iconovariesplz:
Me: Oh, get a hold of yourselves.

As you can see, God-Jeff is a (literally) power-hungry bully who wants to take over the universe, and is willing to commit GENOCIDE to achieve this goal. But he has a hot body so it all evens out right? Uh, right.

Like I said, this was a freaky dream and felt it had to be shared. However, I hate leaving loose threads hanging, even in dreams, so I made (so far) two sequels continuing the story, "The Titan's Wrath" [link] and "The Rose Withers" [link]

You're welcome to draw fanart of this effed-up dream, but credit me for the idea and story if you do.

Also, yes, I know I fucked up Jeff's right hand badly. Grumble grumble stupid $5 mouse...grumble grumble need an actual table for my latop and not this crappy dinner tray...

EDIT: Here are some more illustrations.
Jeff growin': [link] (Like it states in the story, this is the point at which Jeff's face changes, his eyes turning red and his jaw changing shape into a sort of muzzle.)

God-Jeff holding up a drained Slendy: [link]

Another version of the same scene (GOD-JEFF, WHY UR PECS KEEP CHANGING SIZE) [link]

Slenderman tied to the top of the tree, with God-Jeff taunting him: [link]

EDIT2: Expanded (no pun intended) the story a bit more, adding an "intermission" between the second and final drainings.
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I've decided to come up with a name for the sort of creature that Worm Jeff is, as the thing that BEN became in The Sealed Chest [link] appears to be one of them too. They're called Mind-Crawlers. So far there are only two of them known to exist (Jeff and BEN) but their psychic abilities and power to mess with the minds of people they attach to make them immensely dangerous.

BEN cannot mutate people (as he lacks venom), and his mind-control powers are far inferior to Jeff's. However, his mind-games remain as deadly as ever. As his body was created under different circumstances than Jeff's (and Jeff was given his powers by a god [link]), these differences are understandable.

Obligatory link to the rest of the Worm Jeff mythos: [link]
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I was in art block so I sketch out Slenderman and colored him in.


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Me getting killed.

Slenderman (c) Creepypasta
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happen here [link]

this wasn't easy drawing with a mouse...

Slenderman (c) Creepypasta
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