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Inspired from the house flags of HBO's series Game of Thrones.
The result of a lazy afternoon. It was just for fun.
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Inspired from the house flags of HBO's series Game of Thrones.
The result of a lazy afternoon. It was just for fun.
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Inspired from the house flags of HBO's series Game of Thrones.
The result of a lazy afternoon. It was just for fun.
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these all come from [link] this guy is amazing so check him out if you like this.
enjoy :D
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these are courtusy of wicked_visions [link] he is totaly amazing and these are some of my faves.
enjoy :D
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these are courtusy of wicked_visions [link] he is totaly amazing and these are some of my faves.
enjoy :D
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Stationary project I had to do for corporate class. We had to choose a famous dead person so I decided to do Bruce Lee, going back to my roots!

Anywho enjoy!!
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FULL VIEW, citizens!

Companion piece.
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FULL VIEW, citizens!

What if a fictional character was your client?

That was the idea behind this. The Joker needs promotional materials that will raise awareness about the grand gala he's hosting. He'll be unmasking Batman in front of the whole world. Gotham city would be littered with these posters.

The Joker also wants personalized VIP invitations for the rest of Batman's nemeses. I'll upload those later.
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A pic of a former guildy, her Character's name is Sorscha... too bad she left, deleted her warrior and left no contact method before i could finish this present for her : /

She was always proud of her Wrath set... so i decided to draw her toon in a modified version of it... I miss her : /
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A quick colored version of Saliph in Might gear.

It's crude - but it's nice to see her in color.
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This is the first pic in a while that i've done, with all my computer crashes, malfuntions, etc and lots of college assignments and exams - it's a miracle i can spare any time to draw >_>

Anyways, this is my World of Wardraft character, Saliph - lvl 60 protection warrior (the name and looks i stole from another guy's warrior on another server - i was lvling his saliph while I developed and test new character skins - this was when WoW skinning was still in its infancy and i was one of the leading skinners of the time O.o - his girlfriend however deleted the character while I was play testing...)

Eventaully I got my own account and recreated Saliph as my main, my original warrior Visala - was on another person's account - he wasnt playing and let me use his account to skin til it ran out >.>

Oh, well...
In the pic she's in tier 1 warrior gear - Might - however in game she doesnt have have might chest or helm yet.
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Longclaw by Fable Blades with Bronze by Jeffrey J Robinson
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The morning broke as it always did in this part of the world, slowly at first as the sun fought to rise above the low rolling hills and then poured down upon the sheltered depressions between them. Caleb's eyes opened slowly as he yawned mightily, stretching out his stiff joints. He lifted himself from Bracken who crooned softly as he lifted his head out from under his wing, clicking his beak and warbling a good morning.
"Good morinng to ye as well." Caleb said gruffly as he turned to stroke Bracken's mane.
The griffin clicked his beak and began to preen himself, cleaning away the morning dew clinging to his feathers as Caleb brought out his feed. Bracken set about eating eagerly as Caleb checked over their gear. He didn't expect any of their companions to have taken anything but old habits died hard.
"Good morning."
Caleb turned at Nil's voice to find the girl standing behind him smiling with her hands clasped behind her back.
"Good morning." he replied.
"Are you going to be flying this morning?" she asked eagerly.
Caleb smiled. "Nah, not yet. He needs to eat first and then let his stomach settle."
Nil seemed somewhat disappointed but recovered quickly.
"Won't you come join us? We're having breakfast."
Seeing that Bracken was still happily gorging himself, Caleb accepted the offer. He may not abide the notion of getting any closer to Sheera but the rest of their party certainly was worthy of his attention. Especially if, as he suspected, his life may depend upon it. Given what Sheera was, he imagined that she had no small number of enemies including but not limited to the Church itself. Since he was forced to associate with her for Bracken's sake, her enemies were now his and for whatever reason the rest of their party was along for the ride. He looked at Nil as they joined the others and wondered why the girl was here. That she held no love for the Church was obvious, but it just seemed strange for a simple entertainer to join in with someone as dangerous as Sheera.
As he sat down at the campfire and accepted a bowl of the thick meal stew that Nil handed him. He looked around at the others. Sheera sat quietly with Grimmel curled around her shoulders, the drake's eyes were lidded and Caleb could swear the little beast was purring. His gaze turned to Ikras, the big centaur nodded and continued eating. The minotaur made no move to acknowledge Caleb's presence as he ate and Ra'ma's attention was for her meal alone. Duulingknopf however was leering at Caleb in a manner that was all too disturbing to be comfortable so Caleb quickly looked elsewhere. So much for getting to know them.
He turned his attention to the meaty gruel in his bowl and began to eat. It wasn't the best fair he'd ever had but nor was it the worst. It was certainly filling if somewhat bland. Besides him, Nil produced a small vial from a pouch at her hip and poured some of its contents into her own meal. She looked up at him and offered up the vial.
He nodded his thanks as he took the vial and let several drops of the sweet fluid fall into his meal. Ikras held out his hand.
"May I?"
Caleb looked to Nil who nodded with a smile. "Of course."
And so the vial of honey made the rounds around their stew pot, all but Ra'ma took some of the liquid until it reached Duulingknopf who sat and considered the vial for a long moment before his eyes widened and he puffed up like an irate bird.
"BEES!" he declared thunderously.
And with that, a swarm of the buzzing insects billowed forth from his ears and swarmed around his head angrily.
Caleb shouted in alarm and jumped back as Ra'ma hissed and leapt away from the gnome angrily. The minotaur and Ikras both bellowed their distress and backed away from the scene snorting in terror. Only Sheera and Nil seemed unaffected by the gnome's lunacy, remaining seated by the stew pot as if nothing was amiss. Grimmel rested atop Sheera's shoulder, snapping at the buzzing insects in annoyance but showing no real signs of alarm.
"Come on." Nil chided. "It's too early for that Master Duulingknopf."
Duulingknopf puffed up his beard which turned a vibrant shade of blue and then the bees all burst into rose petals which fluttered down to the ground lightly around where he sat. Caleb looked at his upended bowl and scowled. So much for finishing breakfast.
"I'll be taking Bracken ahead." he said in annoyance.
"Grimmel will accompany you." Sheera said as she continued to eat.
"As will I." Ikras said. "Anything to get away from the gnome."
Caleb couldn't hide his smile as he turned to go with the centaur in tow. It was nice to know he wasn't the only one who found the little midget annoying.
"You weren't going to leave without me, where you?" Nil chided as she joined them.
Caleb blinked. Truth be told he'd completely forgotten about her.
"No, never lass." he said quickly. "Come along."
She smiled at him coyly before looking up at Ikras.
"Are you going to fly too?"
The centaur snorted and tossed his head. "Centaurs do not fly."
He said this with such finality that Caleb couldn't help the memories as they flooded back to him from his childhood. They'd said a half-dwarf had no right to fly either. And yet he'd done so. He chuckled to himself as he remembered the shock that his rearing of Bracken had brought to his family. A tanner's son now a rider. Who'd have thought it?
Bracken had eaten his fill of his feed bag and was resting quietly, with his head between his taloned forepaws. His ears perked up and his blue gaze fixed upon Caleb expectantly as they rejoined him. Caleb checked the feed bag and nodded approvingly. Bracken hadn't eaten a full half of the bag yet. If Sheera was to be believed then their destination was only a handful of days distance by foot...though they'd need to leave the High Way soon to get there. The Miithra hadn't extended the road to the north, it only joined their four major cities, Narsum to the south of Iskander, Adiea to the northeast and beyond that The Compass and further Argolys. Their destination was in the joiner of the Brumrach Ranges and The Seven Gates.
What could possibly be in the Oskillian forest of interest to a thrice damned wood elf was beyond him. He'd grown up to the east of the forest, in the Free Holds where his parents yet lived. Perhaps once all this was over he'd return to them. It had been quite a time since he'd last been at home. He wondered if they'd still feel that he'd abandoned the family to become the rider he was now. Bah, it was a concern for another time. At the moment he had the immediate matter of deciding how best to deposit Nil so that she could ride with him.
Eventually it was decided that she'd ride atop Bracken in Caleb's saddle until Bracken was ready for flight. Then Caleb would have to strap her in just in front of the saddle. It wouldn't be comfortable but it was either that or have her sit atop Bracken's saddlebags and such would never do. The three of them walked for a time, Ikras playing on his pipes as Nil sang. Much to Caleb's surprise, Bracken actually joined in the tune, whistling along in as close a semblance of music as a griffin could manage. It was rather touching Caleb had to admit and despite the lack of conversation he felt closer to both of his companions. In fact if not for the annoying presence of Grimmel high overhead it might have made for a pleasant morning.
As it was, every time the shadow of the drake passed overhead Bracken would jerk his head around nervously despite the soothing music. Nil did her best to calm him but it was Caleb's gruff and gentle voice at his side which made him rest easy each time. Caleb wished he could take his sling and knock the vile little beast from the air but knew better than to risk provoking Sheera in such a manner. After a time Bracken began to grow restless, shaking his shoulders and haunches as he flexed his wings.
Caleb patted Bracken's flank as he looked up at Nil. "It's about that time lass."
Nil's face lit up brightly and she scooted forwards over the saddle's forward boarding as Caleb climbed into the saddle. He lengthened the straps and fixed him around her legs as he fitted his own feet into the stirrups. He'd ridden Bracken bareback on numerous occasions, especially when they were both younger, and had no fear of falling out. However Nil was another matter entirely. He'd never ridden with someone else, at least not anyone conscious. However he wasn't going to deny her the flight, he wasn't sure why, but he felt compelled to do was a strange sensation and if he'd been more concerned about it he might have wondered at it.
Caleb looked to Ikras. "Will ye be well on yer own?"
Ikras nodded. "I have traveled the lands by myself before rider. I will wait here for the others and rejoin their company."
"Right then." Caleb said. "Bracken!"
The griffin let out a delighted cry and bounded forwards, his powerful muscles making Nil's added weight seemingly as naught as he leapt into the air and his wings beat furiously to gain altitude.
Nil shrieked as Bracken suddenly dropped like a stone, clinging to Caleb's armor as the griffin fell and then rose again before circling in an ever widening ascending circle. When they'd finally gained an altitude that Caleb was pleased with he gave Bracken his reins and let the griffin do as he pleased.
Nil for her part let go of Caleb with a sheepish smile. "Sorry, I didn't mean to panic."
Caleb shook his head. "Is naught to be fearful of. Bracken and I won't let ye fall lass."
She nodded and looked around, her eyes widening in wonderment. "This is amazing."
"Aye, that it is."
"It's like I'" Nil whispered quietly, looking out over the vast rolling hills and the scattered woods. "Like the entire world is at my fingertips."
"Aye." Caleb said heavily, she was saying almost exactly what he'd felt all those years ago when he'd first taken flight atop Bracken. The release from the ground was wondrous, though you had to conquer the fear at first and being a half-dwarf...well that fear was greater than most. Still he'd conquered it and the world had indeed become his. That was until he learned the grim realities of war. The wonder had gone out of the world to an extent then...but seeing Nil's excitement at the marvels of flight certainly served to warm his heart a good deal.
Grimmel swooped past Bracken then and the griffin hissed in annoyance, his beak clicking out a warning to the pseudo-drake. Caleb twitched, again wishing to take his sling and knock the annoying little lizard from the air.
"I don't think they like each other very much." Nil said with a slight smile.
"And with good reason." Caleb snapped. "Little bastard keeps provoking Bracken like that I won't be responsible for the results."
"Sheera said that he's poisonous though." Nil reminded him.
Caleb sighed in annoyance. "So she did. Oh well, it's a pleasant thought."
They stayed aloft for what must have been close to an hour before Nil tugged on his leg and pointed down towards the High Way, at the point where it peeled off to the east.
"What is that?"
Caleb focused his vision, squinting against the glare of the sun. Were those tents? He frowned and leaned back, rummaging in the small satchel attached to the backboard of the saddle. He produced a spyglass and popped it open, looking down at what appeared to be a campsite.
"We'd better be getting back to the others." he said quietly.
"Why? What's wrong?"
Caleb's eyes narrowed as he handed Nil the spyglass and took up Bracken's reins once more. He  wheeled the griffin around and headed back down the High Way.
"They're armed." he said in reply. "Heavily."
"Do you think they're a war party?" Nil asked, looking down behind them at the receding camp.
"Not here." Caleb replied. "Riders are among the first to be sought out for a war. They're bandits most like, probably soldiers like me without work."
"And so they camp by the High Way to extort travelers." Nil said quietly, her voice growing dark. "I hate that."
Caleb considered for a moment before nodding in agreement. He hated it too. Men like that gave the honest soldier a bad name. Still, he couldn't fault them for trying to make a living in these times. Peace was hard on everyone.
Finally another chapter for those who have been waiting for it. Will try to get the next one out as well relatively quickly but no promises.

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Their party made good progress that first day. Caleb had never worked closely with either of the taurian races, however he'd heard stories of their amazing stamina and much to his shame they exceeded even Bracken's steady and inexhaustible pace. The others of course rode with the wagon...except for the gnome who sometimes floated alongside it and at other times vanished all together only to reappear somewhere up ahead waiting for the group to arrive. The centaur in particular seemed to take great offense to Duulingknopf which seemed only to encourage the gnome to further acts of depravity. He even buzzed past Bracken once during the journey yelling: "DUUUUU!" as he flashed by. The poor griffin had jerked and hissed in agitation and it was all Caleb could do not to take a try with his sling at knocking the gnome from the air.
Thankfully the rest of the party was more tolerable. Ikras proved to have a musical side to him, producing a set of the pipes that his people were famous for and playing a soothing tune to ease the nerves brought about by the gnome. Duulingknopf seemed to enjoy the music because once the centaur started playing the obnoxious gnome finally stopped buzzing around and settled down on top of the wagon where he rocked in time to the tune merrily. Then Nil had surprised Caleb further when she'd asked Ikras to play a certain song and had begun to sing. It had made for a very pleasant passage of time. The nidracaal, Ra'ma, remained within the wagon, apparently asleep while the minotaur walked ahead of the group wordlessly. If the great beast had a name, he gave no mention of it and nor did any of the others. Caleb left it well alone, after all he was not one to pry into the affairs of others where such was not needed.
He kept a wary eye on Sheera who rode at the wagon's front with Nil besides her. The pseudo-drake Grimmel circled high overhead and from time to time Sheera would look up at it and nod as if in conversation with it though no words passed between them. Caleb would not put it past the elf to be using some sort of foul magic that enabled her to speak with the little beast as easily as if it were besides her. Magic wasn't new to Caleb, however it was normally restrained and contained within mage's guilds which were guarded by paladins or templars with warded weapons and armor so that they could keep the mages in check. However to have an elf, and a wood elf no less, wielding magic and commanding beasts triggered so many cultural alarms that it was all he could do not to call upon the Holy Trinity to smite the bitch.
The only thing that kept him from doing so was the knowledge that Bracken's life hung in the balance. He didn't know what the woman had done to his precious mount, only that she'd made it very clear that Bracken's life would end if she were to come to harm. He didn't doubt her. Seeing the other members of their party he had to wonder how she'd managed to coerce each of them to follow her. He couldn't imagine how she'd managed to draw such a diverse party together. Perhaps the most baffling members of their small cadre were Duulingknopf and Nil. Ikras and the Minotaur had obvious abilities, as did Caleb himself. Even Ra'ma's purpose was obvious, the Nidracaal were famed for their stealth, and Caleb did not doubt that she made her living as a thief if not an assassin. However the girl and gnome seemed to serve no purpose, unless Nil intended to entertain Caleb and the others while the gnome...did whatever it was he did.
Such thoughts occupied his thoughts for a good portion of that morning and it wasn't until well past midday that he realized just how far they'd come. Or that Bracken was pining to spread his wings and fly. Griffins could travel overland but unlike their cousins, hippogriffs, they preferred flying to walking and needed to fly at least once a day otherwise they became cagey. Something that Caleb had learned the hard way. He still bore the scars from Bracken's tantrums when they were both younger and before Caleb knew better.
"I'm taking Bracken up." he called to no one in particular.
"Grimmel will keep an eye on you. Do not stray far." Sheera said in response.
Caleb grimaced and scowled at her. "It ain't my fault if Bracken eats the little bastard."
"I would hope he wouldn't." Sheera replied with a cruel smile. "Grimmel is poisonous."
Caleb said nothing, turning his attention to Bracken, stroking the griffin's feathered neck gently.
"Alright, ye can go now."
Bracken gave a delighted chirp and bounded forwards with a great leap before his powerful hind legs kicked off the ground. His wings snapped open and beat wildly as he fought for height. Caleb leaned forwards against Bracken's back, his body surging with adrenaline as he relaxed his muscles and rode the rippling of Bracken's sinuous muscles beneath his body. Once Bracken had gained some height his wings again snapped back against his flanks and dove before his wings unfurled once more, catching and carrying him higher. Now that they were truly airborne, Caleb leaned back as Bracken glided about above the others. He looked down and smiled at the small figures of his companions. He looked up and around at the scenery. To the north the High Way stretched out to the horizon. To the south the High Way again stretched out back to Iskander which was beyond view. To the East and West stretched grasslands with scattered groves of trees broken with small waterways.
This was why Caleb loved to fly, the feeling that the world was at his fingertips. True that flying and fighting was what earned him a wage with which to pay his dues, but it was the escape from the earthbound fate of the other races. There was a freedom that few could experience. The realm of flight was held by few among the sentient species. The riders were of course those that rode griffins, hippogriffs, wyverns, and even pegasi and drakes though the last two were rare as few could tame either. Among that singular group there was a certain camaraderie that transcended politics. There had been several occasions when he'd refused to finish off an opponent, understanding the bond shared between rider and mount and refusing to inflict that pain upon another. Of course he'd still fought them to a standstill and forced them to give the sky over to himself and his fellows but that didn't mean he wanted them dead. It was all a matter of making a living.
He remained aloft for the remainder of the day as the wagon continued to trundle along below. The little pseudo-drake did indeed follow them about while they wheeled in the air although it kept a good distance from Bracken who snapped at it warningly whenever it drew too near. The little creature seemed to be intent on watching them only, though Caleb did not doubt that it was capable of more than merely observing them if the wood elf required it. Granted he'd never seen a pseudo-drake but he'd heard that they were sometimes used as focuses for mages and the like. Seeing what Sheera had already proven she could do, Caleb did not doubt that Grimmel served a similar purpose for the wood elf. As the sun began to dip towards the horizon, the wagon pulled off the High Way and Caleb nudged Bracken in a slowly descending spiral.
"Alright, back down with ye." he said with a glance at Grimmel who stayed above them. The little creature was either stupid or trying to provoke Bracken. Aerial creatures didn't like having something above them. It was a blind spot and signified dominance and vulnerability. If not for the trust and training shared between Bracken and Caleb, he had no doubt the griffin would have torn the pseudo-drake to pieces in a heartbeat. As it was, the griffin kept twisting its head around to keep the little creature in view.
"Shhh." soothed Caleb as he stroked the griffin's neck. "It's alright, just a little bastard over yer head. He won't hurt ye."
Bracken chirped in irritation and they descended with the sun, circling the campsite that the others had set up below. They alighted on the ground with a trot, Caleb dismounted from Bracken and stroked the griffin's head fondly. For his part, Bracken pressed his head against Caleb's chest, nuzzling him with great affection and crooning softly in response to Caleb's gentle strokes.
"There, that wasn't so bad now was it."
Bracken chirped happily and placed Caleb's hand in his beak, tugging on it with a series of low whines as Caleb laughed and rubbed the griffin's head affectionately.
"There now, ye great ball of fluff, all better now ain't ye?"
"Excuse me."
Caleb turned to find Nil watching him intently, her hands clasped behind her back as she leaned forwards with a hesitant smile.
"Can I be helping ye?" he asked gruffly.
She ducked her head slightly. "I'm sorry to bother you, I just wanted to ask if I could touch him...he's very beautiful."
Caleb looked at Bracken who had released his arm by now and was studying Nil curiously. "Would ye like to feed him?"
Nil's eyes lit up and she nodded emphatically. "Yes, yes I would!"
Caleb smiled at the young woman's elation and nodded back towards the wagon. "Go see if the wood elf has a bucket then."
He watched as she ran off, her anklets clinking together as she left. Looking back to Bracken he found the griffin's ears twitching back and forth at the sound of the jingling. His eyes were wide as he watched Nil go and Caleb had to laugh.
"What? Fallen in love have ye?"
Bracken clicked his beak together with a thudding sound and let out a low whine as he butted against Caleb's chest.
Caleb laughed. "Oh I know, I love ye too ye big git."
Nil returned then with the required bucket, it looked like it was used to feed livestock. It would certainly do for Bracken though. He walked around to Bracken's flank and the saddle bags there. He produced the feed, ground meat, seed, and honey all mashed into a thick viscous mixture. The bad was lined with wax to keep the stuff from sticking to the inside. He unstrapped this particular bag and walked back to Nil.
"Here, take a handful of this and hold it out for him."
"Like this?" she asked as she reached into the bag. "Ych, it's sticky."
"He loves it." Caleb said with a smirk, holding Bracken's reins lest he leap at the girl. The griffin was getting very excited and Caleb didn't want Nil to come to harm because Bracken was acting like a cub. "Use both hands." he chided.
Nil did so, lifting out a great glob of the feed which she held out for Bracken. Caleb let go of the reins, placing a steadying hand on the beast's flank as he dove his beak into the wet mass in Nil's hands.
"Mind ye don't lose a finger." he said. "Keep yer hands flat."
Nil nodded, her gaze never leaving Bracken as he continued to feed from her avidly, picking away at the mass of meal she held up for him. When he'd finally finished he moved forwards and his tongue lashed out, lapping at Nil's arms which brought on a rash of giggling from her.
"It tickles!" she shrieked in delight as Bracken licked at the residue covering her skin.
"Here, don't eat her ye oaf." Caleb chided, kicking the feed bag. "That's yer food."
Bracken nuzzled against Nil, letting out a low rumble of pleasure as she wrapped her arms around his head and stroked the plumage on the back of his head.
"He's really quite beautiful." she murmured as she stepped back and let the griffin eat which Bracken did with gusto. "Will you have enough feed for him?"
"I have another bag of this, he'll only eat about a third of each bag when he gets hungry. When we run out I'll let him hunt." Caleb said with a shrug. "Does the elf have meat in her wagon?"
Nil nodded. "Some."
Caleb smirked darkly. "Then perhaps I'll take some of my pay out of her stores as well."
Nil frowned. "You really don't like Sheera."
"I have little reason to." Caleb replied dubiously. "She's a damned wood elf for starters, and she threatened to kill Bracken if I didn't come with ye on this mad quest of hers."
"I'm sure she has her reasons." Nil said quietly after a moment as she stroked Bracken's side gently. "She means well...and she is a little odd I admit."
Caleb snorted at Nil's understatement. "If we're caught in her presence we could all be burned as heretics."
Nil stood up on her tip toes and leaned across Bracken which caused the griffin to pause for a moment and look back at her inquisitively before going back to his meal.
"They'd do that to me anyways." she said with a wicked grin. "I'm beyond saving...that or they'd put me in a monastery as a nun." she made a face. "I'd rather be burned."
Caleb looked at her in disbelief. "Ye'd rather be burned than be a holy sister?"
Nil stuck her tongue out. "I love my freedom very I'm not a virgin anymore." she added playfully. "And in any case, the church is just a bunch of nobles trying to scare people away from magic."
"They exist for a reason, they protect us from those that would abuse their curse." Caleb said darkly.
Nil's demeanor became less merry as she shrugged. "I guess, I don't think Sheera is that bad and Duulingknopf is great fun."
Caleb looked over towards the campsite, atop the wagon the gnome was puffing on an overly large pipe, where he'd produced it from was beyond Caleb's imagining, and he was blowing multicolored smoke rings into the air where they'd proceed to fly about chasing one another before vanishing. As Caleb watched, the gnome had a trio of rings settle down around one of the minotaurs horns.
Nil saw it as well because she giggled. "See?"
Caleb said nothing as his eyes settled on Sheera who sat by the fire stroking her pseudo-drake which sat in her lap like some pampered cat.
"I suppose." he murmured absently.
"Hey." Nil said suddenly, poking him in the arm.
He turned to look at her.
"Will you take me up with you tomorrow?"
Caleb blinked in surprise. "Ye want to ride with me?"
Nil nodded emphatically. "Yep, may I? Please?"
He considered her for a moment, and then looked to Bracken who had apparently finished eating as he shook himself and flopped down, very nearly sitting on Caleb's foot in the process. What would it hurt? He'd be up there with her after all.
"It's done. Ye can come up with us."
Nil's face brightened. "Thank you, I'll think of some way to pay you back, promise."
Caleb must have looked scandalized because Nil laughed merrily, covering her face with her hands as she giggled.
"No silly, not like that, I mean a dance or song or something like that...unless you want that of course."
Now Caleb knew he was scandalized and Nil seemed to know it too as she hopped back to the campfire, still giggling in her mirth at his expense.
He looked to Bracken who was regarding him quietly. "Just what have we gotten ourselves into?"
Bracken chirped and settled down, closing his eyes without another sound. Caleb snorted and shook his head, settling down against the Griffin's flank and looking up at the night sky. What indeed.
And thus we have the next part of the story, thank Eagles-Cry-Designs for this one, she pestered me into it. Hope she likes it as do I hope that everyone else does as well.
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“You are sure of this?” Sheera asked with a scowl as she sat atop the wagon.
“I'm standing here telling ye such aren't I?” Caleb replied gruffly.
Sheera frowned and pursed her lip in annoyance as she glanced at Nil. “I assume you saw them as well?”
Nil shifted uncomfortably under the wood elf's  scrutiny. Caleb felt bad putting the girl on the spot but there was nothing for it.
“I'm not sure, I've never seen a bandit camp before, but they were heavily armed and hidden within a dell so they couldn't be seen from the High Way.”
Ikras looked towards Sheera dubiously. “It is possible, reports of banditry upon the High Way are not uncommon.”
Sheera sighed and turned, pulling up the flap for the wagon. “Ra'ma. Come.”
The nidracaal flowed out of the wagon, dropping to the ground and looking up at Sheera curiously with her shimmering yellow eyes.
“Yes lady-elf?”
Sheera glanced at Caleb. “How far down the road are they?”
Caleb closed his eyes, retracing the flight path in his mind's eye for a moment before coming to his conclusion.
“Three leagues.”
“Very well.” Sheera looked to Ra'ma. “Three leagues distant and to the west of the High Way is a dell with a camp in it. Seek it out and discern the nature of its occupants.”
Ra'ma nodded her assent and wordlessly started down the road, running as only a nidracaal could. It was not long before her lithe form vanished from view entirely. Caleb had seen nidracaal run before and knew that they could cover the distance of three leagues far faster than anything save perhaps a centaur or other hoofed creature. He never wanted to have one in pursuit of him, not without Bracken beneath him at any rate. The cats couldn't fly at least.
“Now what?” Ikras inquired.
The Minotaur snorted and sat down, crossing his massive arms over his chest and closing his eyes.
“He is right.” Sheera said simply. “We must wait.”
“Waiting waiting for bandit baiting.” hummed Duulingknopf to himself.
For once Caleb didn't think the gnome was completely stark raving mad, there was nothing else to be done for it. They stepped off the High Way and set up a small campsite and enjoyed a small lunch.
“Can't we eat anymore?” inquired Nil, brushing her hand through her hair as she looked down at the simple biscuits in her
Caleb shook his head. “Not before a fight.”
Ikras nodded in agreement. “You do not want to cramp up during battle.”
Nil snorted as she reached for more food. “As if I would ever fight, that's why all of you are here after all.”
Caleb watched as the girl gorged herself. “How can a dancer eat so much?”
She shrugged indifferently. “I don't know, guess I'm still growing because I've never had a problem staying thin.” her eyes flickered mischievously. “It's why I've been able to keep the men coming back, I never get sick, and I never get overweight.”
Caleb felt his face heat slightly and he looked away, coughing to cover his embarassment at the girl's candor. Ikras merely chuckled to himself and shook his head.
They waited for a time as the sun climbed higher in the sky. Caleb wondered if Ra'ma was safe, not that he had any particular attachment to the nidracaal but she was a member of this company and much as he might hate the circumstances of his admission into it, he did have a job to complete. He glanced at Sheera as the wood elf sat on the wagon stroking her blasted pet's wings. If he ever had the chance after Bracken's spell was lifted, he'd wring her neck.
“Such thoughts do not suit your heart.” whispered a soothing voice from behind.
Caleb shouted in alarm and leapt to his feet, drawing his sword in the process as Ikras and the Minotaur looked on indifferently.
Ra'ma stared at him for a moment as she uncoiled herself and strode past him seemingly without any intention of apologizing or elaborating on her statement as Caleb sheathed his blade haughtily.
“Damned cat.” he grumbled to himself as Nil giggled.
“Well?” Sheera prompted from atop her bench.
Ra'ma inclined her head. “It is as he says, bandits stalk the road ahead.”
“We should rid the world of their filth.” Ikras snarled.
“How many?” Sheera pressed.
“A no more than a score.” Ra'ma stated simply with a sinuous shrug of her shoulders. “They will pose some nuisance.”
Sheera grew quiet as she considered. “If we try to go around them we will have to go many leagues to ensure we are not spotted and we are few enough in number that they may think us a target worth attacking.” she smiled slightly, glancing at Caleb. “I think you may earn your keep today rider.”
Caleb's eyes narrowed. What did the bitch have in mind now?
“If you were to attack from the air,” Sheera said simply, nodding towards Ikras and the Minotaur. “Then perhaps Ikras and—“
“Ghastly ghosts!” exclaimed Duulingknopf suddenly. “Honking hooters!”
They all stopped and looked at the gnome in bewilderment as he began giggling uncontrolably.
Sheera sighed and looked to Nil. “Perhaps you could get some sense out of him?”
Nil shrugged. “I think he wants to play a trick on them.”
Duulingknopf cackled madly and spun in a circle, seeming to blur for a moment before elongating and growing in height until he stood well over Ikras. He stopped spinning and Caleb was takenaback to see a massive ogre standing in the gnome's place. As if that wasn't enough, the ogre began to multiply until there were seven of them standing before the party.
A slow, cruel smile spread across Sheera's face. “Oh? Now this is entertaining.”
“Make them quake, make them shake, their flesh and bones for us to bake!” the lead ogre chortled as the rest laughed.
Caleb stared in a mixture of horror and wonder at what the gnome had wrought. Just how powerful was the little bastard? And did the guilds know that there was a gnome who could do something so dangerous?
“Very well, we'll let our gnome play with our bandits while the rest of us proceed along the High Way.” Sheera glanced at the lead ogre. “I presume you can catch up with us?”
The ogre leered. “Sticks and stones and broken bones, we'll make them sing in ugly tones.”
Caleb winced at the awful ryhme and shook his head. Apparently no one else in the group saw anything wrong with unleashing a pack of magic spawned ogres on a band of brigands as a foul deed. He himself would rather have fought them straight then rely on this sorcery.
“Rider.” Sheera said quietly. “I still have a task for you.”
Caleb turned and look at her balefully as she continued.
“I want you to watch over Duulingknopf as he goes about his business. If he requires any help you will give it to him. Do I make myself clear?”
Caleb nodded solemnly. “It will be done.”
“Good.” she replied. “Everyone else, lets ready ourselves to travel once more and leave the bandits behind us.”
As the others readied to move again, the seven ogres plodded off at a loping run in the direction of the bandit's camp. Caleb for his part headed for Bracken, the griffin chirped and warbled questioningly, his feathers ruffling in a rippling progression along his back.
“Aye lad, we're going ta cause some trouble.” Caleb said as he checked his weapons to be assured of their readiness.
So satisfied he climbed up onto the griffin's back and a moment later they were once again in the air, circling high overhead and following the trail of the romping ogres below.
“I pity the poor fool that marks upon that lot.” Caleb grumbled.
Bracken warbled as if in agreement, crooning thoughtfully as Caleb stroked his ruff. It seemed that this journey would be nothing if not interesting. He could only hope that at the end of it all the conclusion would be simple enough.
Another chapter up and running, enjoy.
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