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Inspired from the house flags of HBO's series Game of Thrones.
The result of a lazy afternoon. It was just for fun.
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Inspired from the house flags of HBO's series Game of Thrones.
The result of a lazy afternoon. It was just for fun.
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Thanks to suggestions I received, some changes in house mottoes.

Graças a sugestões que recebi, algumas mudanças nos lemas das casas.
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Happy Birthday to @ChrisEvans!

This is my first proper digital painting
- it took me about 16hrs to draw.
I actually started doing this on a Samsung Galaxy Note first but then I kinda gave up drawing on the phone because I couldn’t zoom in to do details,
sooo I continued doing it on Photoshop instead. :}

Check out the process images for this artwork on my tumblr -[link]

Some people might wonder, “What’s the point if it’s gonna look like the original picture in the end?”
- well that’s exactly the point, to be able to recreate the image and see whether you can make it look as realistic using your own bare hands.
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This comes from [link] try this guy he is awsome
enjoy :D
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these are courtusy of wicked_visions [link] he is totaly amazing and these are some of my faves.
enjoy :D
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This comes from [link] try this guy he is awsome
enjoy :D
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"Every Bottle You Buy is a Bullet in the Barrel of Your Best Guy's Gun!"

Super Soldier Stout, Ale, Porter: American Ale with Serum and Natural Flavors

New York, NY
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Venom fans out there? This one's for you :) "VENOM LIKES BRAINS" finally sees the light of day in all its B-movie glory! It's available now at!
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I know what you’re thinking. “Did he sell six shirts or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is Photoshop CS5, the most powerful graphics program in the world, and would blow your mind clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel Bucky?

Well, do ya, punk?

Shirt on sale at REDBUBBLE! Click here: [link]
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Tony Stark's risqué monthly publication is more popular than ever (though not with Captain America).

My T-shirts and posters are available from Qstoms: [link]

and Red Bubble: [link]

Follow mjcTees on Facebook: [link]
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Following on from the Superhero Mathematics: [link] this is how to make a Batman villain.
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It's strange how the same element can have such different effects... what the hell is a cosmic ray anyway?
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Steve would let Tony hold onto Bucky bear when he can't sleep or has nightmares.

I really needed to draw some A-babies vs X-babies stuff. :dance:
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-no superpowers AU-

Peggy and Maria decided they wanted a girl's day and poor Tony ended up being cared by Steve, Bucky and Howard.

He is supposedly pouting at them because he wants them to play with him and feed him, but they just keep watching TV and the few times they look at him is to argue about how much Howard's son needs a haircut.
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Never thought I'd draw this guy one day. But he's so much fun when he throws his shield ^^

Anyway, less than a month to see THE AVENGERS :lol: Yay
Please Joss, please make it goooood !!

Facebook: [link]
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It's about time that I do something with this character :lol:

I tried 2 years ago but never succeed. Robot and Machine and whatever... are not my stuff at all.

As my wallpaper is a screenshot of the Avengers trailer and I was listening to [link] I've thought I could try something... again.

Do you like it ?

Are you IRON MAN or WAR MACHINE [link]

Exclusive sketch, B sides and nakedwomen on :facebook: [link]
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Author's Note: Takes place before Bucky gets drafted and before Steve becomes Captain America. Also, I can't write dancing.

“Bucky, why do I even have to go?” Steve asked as he straightened out the collar of his shirt.

“Because you’re my best friend and best friends go on double dates together?” Bucky offered, flashing Steve a smile as he opened the door to their apartment.

“You know that they’re both going to be fawning over you, right?”

“I promise you, your gal’s different.”

Steve sighed but ducked under Bucky’s arm, exiting their apartment.

Bucky just grinned; he had high hopes for this date.


“Hi.” You said, smiling softly at Steve as Bucky whisked his date off to the dance floor.

“Hi.” Steve said back, groaning at the wink Bucky threw to him as he twirled your friend, Shirley, around.

“So Steve,” You started, resting your chin on your hands. “Tell me about yourself.”

Steve blinked in surprise; most of the girls he went on dates with just wanted to talk about themselves, or stared longingly at Bucky.

“Well, my father died when I was a kid. And my mom, she-she passed away a couple years back.” Steve said quietly, voice cracking near the end.

“I’m sorry. I know the feeling; my mom died when I was a baby practically. And my dad, he raised me, he got himself killed in the war, not too long ago.” You said. “You idiot.” You muttered fondly, raising your eyes to the ceiling.

Steve smiled at you, reaching a hand across the table and squeezing your hand gently.

“Hey, do you want to dance?” You asked, sliding your eyes away from the ceiling and back to Steve’s face.

“I’m not much of a dancer…” Steve admitted, bringing a hand up and scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Nonsense! Everyone can be a dancer. Luckily for you, you’ve got a good partner.” You said, winking at him as you stood up, moving to his side of the table and offering him your hand. “Now, may I have this dance?”

Steve groaned good-naturedly, taking your hand as he stood up. You grinned at him, leading him out onto the dance floor.

“Okay, so put this foot here, and this foot here.” You instructed, moving your feet to show him what to do with his. “Now, move them like this.” You moved your feet in a flurry of motion, chuckling as Steve made a strangled sort of noise.

“Could you slow it down, just a bit?” Steve asked hopefully.

You did as requested, showing him the steps slower. Steve mirrored them back to you, smiling as you praised him.

“There you go! I knew you’d be a fast learner.” You cheered. “Basically you just repeat that, and throw in a lot of spins, kicks, and hand movements. Ready to try?”

Steve was fearful of the gleam in your eyes, but nodded his head yes.

You and Steve were surprisingly in sync; never kicking each other by mistake and Steve only stepped on your feet twice. Steve twirled you, and you released his hand, doing a little jump before spinning back into his arms.

You beamed up at him, leaning in a pressing a brief kiss to his cheek before making your way back over to the booth where Bucky and Shirley were sharing a chocolate shake.

Bucky smiled knowingly at Steve as he slid into the seat beside you, face flushed bright pink from both your kiss and the intense dancing.

Steve waved a waitress over, ordering a vanilla shake and two straws.

You smiled to yourself at that, smiling wider as Steve’s hand found yours under the table. You linked your fingers together, giving his hand a small squeeze.


The milkshake arrived a few minutes later, and Steve nudged it to you, offering you the first sip.

You used your free hand to direct one of the straws to your mouth, sucking up a small amount of the sweet, creamy drink. You nudged it back to Steve and he took a quick drink, before setting it back down and straightening up in his seat.

Bucky and Shirley stood up simultaneously, Shirley waving at you and Bucky giving Steve a wink and a pat on the shoulder before they exited the diner.

You and Steve spent the next hour sipping on the milkshake and just discussing your lives, your hopes, and your dreams.

“When you do join the army, just don’t get yourself killed, okay?” You requested with a smile. “If you die, then we can’t go on another date. And I think that that would be an absolute tragedy, because this is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”

“I’ll try my best to not get killed.” Steve agreed, smiling back.

You glanced over at a clock on the wall, eyes widening when you saw it was nearly eleven.

“Sorry Steve,” You said, hurriedly standing up and shrugging your coat on. “I have to work early tomorrow.”

“Can I walk you home?” Steve asked shyly, peering up at you through his hair.

“I’d love that.”


“This is my apartment building.” You said, tugging on Steve’s hand and bringing him to a stop. “Thanks for tonight. I had a lot of fun.”

“Me too. Though I’m still not much of a dancer.”

“Don’t worry, Rogers, I’ll end up turning you into one. Next time, I’ll teach you the Big Apple. It’s easier.”



Steve shot you a halfhearted glare, which melted into a smile as you laughed. God, you had a beautiful laugh.

“I’ll see you around, Steve.” You said, smiling and pecking his lips before dashing into your apartment.

“See you around, __y/n__.” Steve said dazedly, bringing a hand to his lips as he started the trek back to his and Bucky’s apartment.


“What did I tell you?” Bucky asked as Steve swung open the door to their apartment. “Is __y/n__ something or what?”

“Yeah, she’s definitely something.” Steve answered, his brain still buzzing from your kiss.

Bucky studied Steve curiously, eyes lighting up mischievously.

“Little Stevie got kissed, didn’t he?” Steve said nothing, and Bucky took his silence as a yes. “Is Stevie in love?” Bucky teased.

“I’m going to bed, night, punk.” Steve said, brushing past Bucky and groaning in annoyance as Bucky ruffled his hair.

“Good night, lover boy.”

End.  <3

I do not own Marvel, Captain America, or any of the characters mentioned, all rights go to their rightful owners. I also do not own the pictures, again all rights go to their rightful owners. I apologize for any spelling and/or grammatical errors.

(He and Bucky are probably out of character, I'm sorry  ;w; )

There is now a sequel! Link:… 

Oh, I heard this song today:… and I just felt like it sorta fit with this story so I wanted to share  :3 

Also, I'm pretty sure that this idea has been done before, I'M SORRY  ;-;

Link to the dance that reader-chan and Steve were doing (though without all the flips and things because no offense to Steve but I don't think he could lift reader-chan up) :… 

Idk man I don't think this makes a lot of sense but I'm still super proud of it.  :shrug:

Welp, I need to head to bed, night my lovelies!  :iconamazingheartplz:
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Author’s Note: Semi AU, more so just following a slightly different plot, pretending Steve got the Super Soldier Serum and like came back briefly to visit reader-chan. Also, this is a sequel to… , you should probably read it first.  c:

“Just don’t forget that I liked you first, okay?” You said, peering up at the ‘new and improved' Steve Rogers.

“How could I forget about you?”

“For starters, there’s going to be plenty of girls that will want to go dancing with you now that you’re Captain America.”

“Again, how could I forget about you? You’re the only girl that’s ever wanted to dance with me when I was just weak, pathetic Steve Rogers.”

“You were never weak or pathetic.” You chimed in, and Steve smiled at you, picking you up easily and kissing you.

“Okay,” You panted out when Steve broke the kiss. “That is a plus of being Captain America.”

Steve grinned at you, leaning in and pecking your lips again before one of Steve’s commanders hollered over at Steve.

“Rogers, finish it up. It’s almost time to go.”

Steve just groaned, resting his forehead against yours.

You tightened your hold slightly on Steve’s neck, nuzzling your nose into his neck.

“I’m going to miss you so much.” You whispered, pulling away to look at his face, unable to hold back your tears. This man, this adorable, perfect man, was leaving.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t cry.” Steve said quietly, using his thumb to wipe away your tears. “I’m going to miss you too, but I’ll be back before you know it.”



 “Rogers!” The voice called again.

Steve gently set you down on the ground before kneeling down in front of you.

“__y/n__ __l/n__, when I get back, will you marry me?” Steve asked, holding out an antique-looking silver band.

You tried to speak, but your voice just wouldn’t work so you just nodded your head enthusiastically.

Steve smiled, standing up and slipping the ring onto your finger. He pulled another, slightly larger, one out of his pocket, sliding it onto his own ring finger.

“I love you.” Steve spoke quietly, and you couldn’t help it, your tears just started falling faster.

“I love you too.” You said shakily, wrapping your arms around his middle and crying into his torso. Steve gazed sadly down at you, stroking your hair and pressing a gentle kiss to your head.

“ROGERS!” The man shouted again. “It’s time to go!”

Steve leaned down and kissed you one more time, mumbling another “I love you” against your lips before jogging over to the man and hopping into the truck.

“Say hi to Bucky for me!” You called out, waving at Steve as the truck started to move.

“Will do!”

And as Steve drove out of sight, you already felt as if a big part of you was missing.


“Nonono, please no.” You whimpered as you read the letter. You couldn’t even read the whole thing, you just saw the words ‘Steven Rogers’, ‘missing’, and ‘presumed dead’ before you dissolved into tears.  

You put the letter on the table, walking into your bedroom and grabbing an old jacket of Steve’s from your closet. You slid it on before collapsing onto your bed, sobs wracking your body.

What were you supposed to do now?

You breathed in the small amount of Steve’s scent still on the jacket, idly twisting the ring on your left hand.

Maybe…maybe you could join the army too? 

All Steve had ever really wanted was to help get rid of the Nazis, and it’d be the perfect way to honor Steve’s memory.

Maybe you could start off as a nurse, do what you know, after all, and maybe later you could actually enlist?

You smiled through your tears, clutching the jacket a little closer to your body.

Maybe you’d be alright after all. 


I do not own Captain America, Marvel, or any of the characters mentioned in this story, all rights go to their rightful owners. I also do not own the picture, again all rights go to their rightful owners. I apologize for any spelling and/or grammatical errors.


Update: Part four is complete! Link:…

Anywho, I feel like reader-chan gets over Steve's death too quickly but 1) I didn't want to write too much angst because I seriously get teary eyed writing it and 2) I feel like she would obviously still be heartbroken, but reader-chan knows that Steve would want her to not be sad and cry over him so she tries to channel her sadness into something else (ie: joining the army).

I hope you guys like this!   ^-^  (I sure don't because it's sad, but I felt like it was necessary for the plotline I had in mind).

Oh, also, in my mind this take place quite a bit after Nurse. Reader-chan and Steve have been dating for, I'd say, probably about a year or so.   c:

Welp, I'm gonna go eat food, and then I'm gonna try and finish up part four, which I think is the final part, but I honestly might make another part because once again, I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS SERIES. Love you guys!  :iconamazingheartplz:
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Author’s Note: Sequel to… probably should read it first. Takes place after reader-chan decided to join the army in the last part, I imagine she got captured by Zola when she was serving in the army. So this sort of uses things from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but it follows a completely different plot.  c:

You struggled against the thick ropes binding you, growling as the short man came into view.  

“So this is Captain America’s fiancée? Oh, pardon me, was Captain America’s fiancée.”

“You son of a bitch.” You hissed, and Zola tsked at you.

“Now, now, that’s not very lady like is it?” Zola said, stepping closer to you. “Is Captain America’s former fiancée tough enough to handle my experiments? We’ll see.”


“Bucky?” You asked in astonishment, dread curdling in the pit of your stomach.

“He is no longer ‘Bucky’, he is the Winter Soldier now.” Zola’s voice crackled out through a speaker. “And now it is time for you to fight. Captain America’s lover, and Captain America’s best friend, who will win?”

Zola had injected you with the same serum he had injected the Winter Soldier with, but you were just now finding out that the Winter Soldier was Bucky, Steve’s best friend, and your own good friend.

‘Bucky’ circled you, trying to figure out where your weak spots were. You circled back, fists raised and prepared to fight. The serum hadn’t made you particularly larger, but you were a lot stronger and faster now, so when Bucky threw his first punch, you dodged it easily.

Bucky growled, stepping forward and swinging his metal arm.

You were unable to dodge this time, wincing as it landed on your face. You lowered your arms slightly, giving Bucky the opportunity he needed. Bucky tackled you, pinning you to the ground and raising his fists.

“Bucky, this isn’t you.” You tried, moving your arms up to block your face. “Your name is James Buchanan Barnes, you’re Steve Rogers’ best friend, you like dancing and chocolate milkshakes and you’re the biggest flirt I’ve ever met and you’re one of my best friends.”  

Bucky paused, fists lowering a fraction.

“__y-y/n__?” Bucky said slowly.

“What are you doing?” Zola shrieked out over the speaker once again. “Finish her!”

And then the Winter Soldier snapped back into place, and before you had time to blink, Bucky’s fists neared your face and your vision went black.


“Kill Captain America.”

“Yes, sir.” You and the Winter Soldier said in unison, exiting the lab, intent on finding this ‘Captain America’.  


Steve froze when he saw the two figures that were following him, dressed only in black. He ducked behind a car just as the first bullet hit the windshield.

The Winter Soldier cursed under his breath in Russian, stalking closer to the target.

You followed behind him, finger on the trigger of your gun, prepared to shoot as soon as Captain America came into view.

Your partner was knocked off his feet with a grunt, and you growled as the man popped up from behind the car. You fired, barely grazing his shoulder before you moved forward once again, leveling the gun with his forehead.

“Spokoynoy nochi .1" You said quietly, waggling your fingers at him before you pulled the trigger. Captain America somehow managed to avoid your bullet, and you groaned, wincing in surprise as he tackled you to the ground.

The Winter Soldier got off the ground and moved to help you, only to freeze as your target put a knife to your neck.

“Who are you working for?” The man asked, lightly pressing the blade down.

You shook your head at your partner, urging him to stay quiet. Your life was not worth revealing Hydra’s secret.

Even though the Winter Soldier knew he would get tortured for revealing Hydra’s secret, he had to do it. Regardless of how emotionless Zola tried to make him, you were still his partner, his comrade, and he couldn’t let you just die.

“Hydra.” He barked out, and Steve barely understood him through the thick, Russian accent.

Steve blinked in surprise; he had not been expecting that, when suddenly he was flipped over, his own knife pressed to his neck.

You tried to swipe the blade across his neck, just kill him quickly, but your hand would not move. You growled in frustration, studying the man’s face, trying to figure out what made him different than the hundreds of others you had killed.

Somehow, Captain America managed to get his hands up by your neck and, you weren’t entirely sure why, untie the knot that was keeping the mask on the lower half of your face in place.

You snarled in annoyance, ripping the fabric away from your face and eying the man. Why couldn’t you kill him?

Steve sucked in a breath when the piece of cloth was entirely removed; this attack had just taken another unexpected turn.

“__y/n__?” He said quietly. “I thought you were dead. All the files I read said that you joined the army and ended up missing in action, everyone thought you were dead.”

“Who is this __y/n__ you speak of? I am the Fiancée.”

Steve laughed bitterly.

“How clever, Zola. Using my fiancée to kill me. And let me guess, Zola somehow managed to get Bucky after he fell off the train and that’s him.” Steve said, gesturing with his head to your partner who was confused as to why you hadn’t just killed the man yet.

Before you or ‘Bucky’ could do anything, Captain America had knocked the knife out of your hand and surged forward, pressing his lips to yours.

You were stunned for a moment before, for some unfathomable reason, you kissed back.

Steve’s hands found their way to your hair, tangling in the unwashed __h/c__ strands.

Bucky just watched the scene unfold, not entirely sure what he was supposed to do. They had used your effect on men to kill targets in the past, and the knife was within his reach, but he couldn’t find it in him to stab the man.

You pulled away with a start, breath coming in short, harsh pants as you felt a sharp pain in your head. You winced, clutching your head between your hands as Steve and Bucky watched, neither sure what to do.

“__y/n__?” Steve asked quietly, but you didn’t hear him.

“Fiancée?” Bucky tried, but you didn’t respond to him either.

And then you were remembering; you remembered teaching a smaller Steve how to dance, you remembered working at the hospital, you remembered Bucky and his winks and his many dates, you remembered Bucky getting drafted, and Steve getting stronger and leaving shortly after. You remembered finding out that Bucky had died, you remembered finding out that Steve had died, you remembered enlisting so you could honor Steve’s memory, you remembered getting captured by Zola, you remembered everything about yourself.

And then there were tears streaming down your face and you were kissing Steve again, hands flying to his face, feeling that he was real and here and alive and-wait, how was he alive?

“How are you alive?” You asked breathlessly.

“You remember me?” Steve asked hopefully instead of answering. You nodded your head enthusiastically, pressing your forehead against his. “Crashed a plane into some ice, serum kept my body preserved.” He answered shortly, leaning upward and kissing you again.

“Bucky!” You called out as soon as you broke the kiss, hopping off of Steve and moving to the darkly clothed man who was now eying you suspiciously.

“On promyvat' mozgi vam2?”

“Net, I mne nuzhno , chtoby vy doveryayete mne na sekundu , ladno3?”

“... Ladno4.” He said reluctantly, eyebrows lifting in surprise as you threw your arms around his torso.

“C’mon, Buck, it’s me, __y/n__. Your friend.” You whispered into his ear. “You know, last time I saw her, Shirley was still mad at you for never calling her back.” You teased, frowning as Bucky made no response. He was silent for a few minutes before he tugged off his own mask, looking at Steve who was still lying on the ground, watching you and Bucky interact.

“Are you just gonna sit there while your gal has her hands all over me, or are you gonna come say hi to your best friend?”

Steve grinned at Bucky, jumping to his feet while you moved out of the way so they could hug.

“I hate to cut the reunion short, but we should really get out of here. Zola has eyes everywhere, not to mention we shot three bullets in a public neighborhood.”


You and Bucky had to go through rehabilitation before S.H.I.E.L.D would let you anywhere near the public, but even after rehabilitation you were both different. You had killed people, innocent people, and both you and Bucky often had nightmares about it.

 Slowly, you began to deal with it. You didn’t get over it, never would, but you dealt with it. It wasn’t you doing it, and it wasn’t Bucky doing it, it was two monsters created by Zola.


You took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as you paced in your dressing room.

You heard a knock at the door, opening it and smiling shakily when you saw Bucky, looking dapper in a replica of his old army uniform.

“Hey, kiddo. Why do you look so nervous?” Bucky asked, studying your face curiously.

“I look so nervous because I am nervous. I’m terrified, Bucky. I’m freaking out because Steve is the nicest human being on the planet and I killed hundreds of innocent people and what if he decides that he can’t be with someone like that and-fuck I’m going to cry and ruin my makeup when Natasha spent so long getting it perfect and-“

“Hey,” Bucky interrupted. “None of that matters. What matters is that you love Steve, and he loves you and you’re finally going to make it official. You’ve been engaged for, what? Seventy years, give or take. Go out there and marry him. You’ve both waited long enough.”

“Thanks, Bucky.” You said, wrapping your arms around Bucky’s middle. Bucky smiled down at you, hugging you back and pressing a kiss to your temple.

“Now come on, gorgeous. It’s your wedding day.” Bucky held out his arm and you looped your arm through his, grabbing your bouquet on the way out.


Steve’s smile was blinding as you and Bucky walked down the aisle.

Bucky released your arm when you reached the end of the aisle, moving to stand behind Steve. Natasha was on your side as your maid of honor, and only bridesmaid since you hadn’t made any other friends yet. The only ones in the pews of the small church were Tony, Bruce, Clint, and Thor, as they were really the only friends you had made since you escaped Zola.  

Steve took your shaking hands in his, still smiling at you as the preacher started to talk.

You were barely listening, still trying to process that yes, this was finally happening, when Steve said the two words that made you smile wider than you ever had before.

“I do.”

“And do you, _y/n_ _m/n_ _l/n_, take Steven Grant Rogers to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do you part?”

“I do.”

“By the power vested in me by the state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

Steve carefully lifted your veil over your face, cupping your cheek with one hand while he leaned in and kissed you softly. You kissed back, wrapping the arm that wasn’t holding your bouquet around the small of his back and tugging him slightly closer.

Tony whistled and you broke apart, both of your cheeks flushed bright red.

You and Steve walked down the aisle and out of the church, climbing into Tony’s limo and waiting for your friends to follow. Tony had generously offered to have the reception at Stark Tower, and as you waited for your friends to exit the chapel, you crawled into Steve’s lap, kissing him again.

“I love you so much.” You whispered against his lips, and Steve smiled at you as his arms wound around your waist.

“I love you too.”

A cough could be heard and you and Steve turned to look, blushing again when you saw Bucky and the Avengers waiting outside the limo.

“If you two want to consummate the marriage right now, I can have another limo come pick us up.” Tony offered, smirking at the two of you.

You just groaned, burying your head into Steve’s chest as your friends piled into the limo.


“This is the song that was playing when we danced for the first time.” Steve said softly, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind.

“You remember the first song we danced to?” You asked in surprise.

“Of course.”

“God, I love you.” You said, turning around and pressing your lips to his.

“I love you too. Now, I think I owe you a proper dance.”

“How so?” You asked, quirking an eyebrow.

“The first time we danced, you took it easy on me. When people swing dance, the man is supposed to flip the girl and spin the girl and all these things that I couldn’t do before. I can do them now, and I want to.”

“Okay then, show me what you got, jitterbug.”

End.  <3

I do not own Marvel, Captain America, the Avengers, or any the characters in this story, all rights go to their rightful owners. I also do not own the picture, again all rights go to their rightful owners. I apologize for any spelling and/or grammatical errors. I also apologize for out of characterness, I'm still rubbish at personalities. And endings, sorry for the crap ending.  >.<


Russian translations (I just used Google Translate so if things aren't correct I apologize) :
1. Say goodnight.
2. Did he brainwash you?
3. No, and I need you to trust me for a second, okay?
4. …Okay.

And okay I apologize because most of the stuff in this story probably isn't accurate to the Captain America movies, I don't remember them all that well and I tried to look things up but yeah I mostly bullshitted  my way through some stuff. 

Also, still not sure how Bucky stayed the same age for the 70 or so years while Steve was frozen but that was a thing that happened so reader-chan is also the same age.

Anyways I dunno I'm pretty proud of myself because I found a way to give this story a happy ending  :shrug: 

Wedding dress:… 
Wedding/first dance song:… 

Welp, I'm gonna head to bed, I hope you guys like this part!  :iconamazingheartplz:
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Steve x Bucky
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Steve x Bucky
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Steve x Bucky
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