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:iconsparklezplz::iconcursedbunny:'s :iconsparklezplz:commishie <3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I kinda tried a different coloring I think...//Idon'tseemuchchangeshot

I hope I didn't butcher her or anything :iconpapcryplz:
The fingers were hard to draw. . .:iconlazydieplz:
Yes I know it's too PURPLE! :iconlazycryplz:
I don't know what happened but it ended up very purpuly :iconlazepoolplz:

- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -

Candice [c] :iconcursedbunny:
Background [c] Pixiv
Art [c] Meh
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Commish for :iconkigami99:

Sorry it take so long sob

- - - - - - - - - - - >

I think I did a lot of anatomy mistakes here :iconlazepoolplz:
Sorry. . . :iconcryforeverplz:

- - - - - - - - - - - >

Bg/textures [c]Pixiv
Hanaiko [c]:iconkigami99:
Art [c]Meh
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Oh! I already have an Anipan account ~ :iconsparklezplz:[link] :iconsparklezplz: tadaaa~

An oc that I found in my doodle notebook that I did when I was still 13 years young = v =

Her original name was actually Carrot o v o

I actually posted Carrot before at my friend's account (that I took lol)


None of us are using it anymore though = v =


- - - - - - - - - -

Art and OC [c] meh
Background [c] Pixiv
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My little spoiled brat hunterrrrr


Name: Aerimme Gretchen

Handle: Alicis

Age: 16 years old

Species: Immortal Human

Job: Bounty Hunter

Aerimme is a composed yet rude individual. She has an unhealthy obsession with money but is not thrifty. She is a spoiled brat that would demand anyone to do everything for her, usually coupled with a threat, sarcasm, or plain trashtalking. She is silent most of the time, responds only with very straightforward answers, and is actually polite if you don't do anything offending. She is frank and inconsiderate if you choose to go against her.

However, even if she's very rude, she can be very kind to her friends and would sacrifice anything to help them. She worries too much yet she doesn't show it. She can be very gentle and gullible, and sometimes, very clingy to one person she likes. She never gives up, would never give up her "possessions".

Other info:
-Engaged in forever diet program
-Likes to steal demon horns
-Loves to collect different clothing
-Has 9209092093023 pieces of the same choker
-Has a rival, Syringe, even though it's one sided love rivalry


finally finished this//rolls

p.s she lives in a full of wolves and such;; a fairytale world with a dark twist I guess
also black eyes
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H-Happy birthday Shubro! I wanted to be on time for your birthday since it's been a long time since I gave an advanced/on time present. Sorry if this is only what I could manage, but still, I hope you like it!


Once again, Happy happy birthday broski! Thank you for always being there for us bros. I greatly appreciate all the advices,opinions and things that you voice out to us whether it is for humour or in all seriousness. You helped us improve, I'm sure of it since everytime broparties are held you point out what's good and what' not. You're a really nice person, and you always look out to everyone! I wish you the best health, since now you're working. Please don't push yourself too hard. Always keep safe! You're like a big bro to us *u* Thank you again and I hope you'll have a wonderful day!I still won't stop the N tympole spam though

P.S. SORRY BOUT THE COUPLE FIGHT I APOLOGIZE OKAY :iconlenisblushingplz: aka im sorry for butcher

Tools: Paint Tool Sai 1.0.1, Photoshop Elements 8, Wacom Bamboo Tablet
Time: 4 hours /no breaks working break
Texture used (for the wings) [c] :iconpanna-acida:
Julie [c] :iconshusical:
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this style is fun lol

[c] *Lurideon , Aya
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Name: Diandre Renforth

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 5"4'

Weight: 53 kg

- Cheery but shy
- caring
- he will get cranky and pout when someone's tease him
- can't socializing really well
- he's kinda... air-headed LOL


Name: Diondre Renforth

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 5"4'

Weight: 53 kg

- eventhough he likes to fight, he's kindhearted
- rude
- blunt
- caring towards diandre but he's just too tsundere


Diandre and Diondre are twins. They have identical faces but their eyes' colors are different. Diandre is the younger one has blue eyes while Diondre is the older one has red eyes. Both of them grow in an orphanage without knowing who their parents are. It's not like they didn't care to know their parents, but they're still young to know what is 'parent' means.
when they reached 13 years old, they picked by an old man as his foster childs. The old man lived with his 13 years old picky grandson and the grandson's parents. The grandson's parents didn't know about it at all mad at the old man. The old man just said that he wants more grandchildren.

They both lived in the old man's house. Diandre and Diondre tried to be friends with the grandson but the answer they got was "i don't want to be friends with children that their parents are unknown!". After hearing that, they both cried. Diondre who couldn't control his emotion hit the grandson and they began to fight. The grandson's parents who saw that, slapped Diondre.They only care to their own child.
Diondre keep his sadness and anger in his own heart. Since then, Diondre became a naughty brat who likes to fight over the other children. The only people that diondre trusted are only Diandre and the old man.

The incident keeps continue till they both hit 16 years old. Now Diondre was known as 'cursed red brat' because the blood which always appeared after he win/lost a fight matched his eyes color. At a night, Diandre accidently heared the conversation between the grandson's parents. "That cursed child always make us troubles.."
The next day, Diandre told send a package to someone that pretty far away, leaving Diondre at home. But in the middle of the road, he sensed a bad feeling. Then he turned around and rushed back home.

Diandre was too late. The grandson and his parents are not to be founded neither the old man. He only saw Diondre who is in pain lying on the floor with his chest being stabbed.

"who did this?!" Diandre's eyes covered in tears with him touching his own chest. he feel diondre's pain too since they're twins. Diondre didn't have any energy to answered. "No don't go... JUST LET US BECOME ONE!". Since then, Diondre's soul lived inside Diandre's body. That incident made diandre became heterochromia which tell that inside his body, there're 2 souls.
To know the truth of this world that they didn't know yet, they decided to go to PHQ which is known can heal the grief.

- Barrett M82A1 Sniper Rifle
- Desert Eagle

- Camping with his sniper
- Aiming

- hearing music
- guitar and drum

other info:
- he dislikes close range battle
- he doesn't remember anything when Diondre takes his consciousness
- Diondre can switched consciousness whenever he like

Fran said she imagines diandre and diondre's voice like this [link]


okay finish i can't even sob orz
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THIS IS FOR :iconsparklesplz::iconasako-rin::iconasako-rin::iconasako-rin::iconsparklesplz://///

HERE'S A SUPER LATE :iconcryforeverplz: GIFT FOR YOUUUU//////


HAPPY BIRTHDAY///////////////////

lovely oc laurel (c) :iconasako-rin:
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uwahh long time no update no one will miss me though sob

first time it was just a doodle but i ended up colouring it \o/ //hithit and yes i'm addicting with kagepro now---
uwawah and kagepro is getting the anime! i don't know when;; but i hope it will become success;; and they got their full name now! i'm so happy ^//q//^

my otp pairing after mary x seto hehe

hibiya and konoha (c) Jin
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afj;lsdf I'm sorry for such a plain app, m-maybe I'll add a chibi or something later. ;;;

Oh and I suddenly feel like joining a billion rp groups //lurks around waiting for openings

Anyways, behold my awkward charra :iconpapcryplz:

WARNING: Walls of text
please don't read it all. i have bad grammer


Name: Lidiya Romanov
(Romanov is not her real surname – she took a new name)

Alias: Vice


Age: 20 (usually claims she’s 25 since she feels people don’t take her seriously if she’s younger)

Bloodtype: O

Nationality: Russian


Her sunglasses are optional. She usually doesn't wear them. |D

Height: 5’5’’ (165 cm)

Weight: 120 lbs (54.4 kg)

Hair colour: Cadmium purple (purplish red color) [link]

Eye colour: spring green



- Likes – loves – adores guns: She greets people with a gun to their forehead or chest and a wide smile. Although it’s only a BB gun, unsuspecting people tend to freak out or be shocked. She always does this, even to superiors. After all, a first impression is very important.
On the other hand, a gun has become a crutch for her because she sucks at just about every other form of fighting.

- Lazy and unmotivated: Doesn’t really have any goals, like going on a huge heist or something. She takes life as it comes, and would rather go take another nap than plan something to outwit the cops or whatever. Bo-ring. Therefore, she’s not easily pressured and doesn’t care about other’s expectations of her. (not that anyone has any)

- Good teacher: Most people don’t know this because she usually scares everyone away so no one will want help from her anyways, but she’s actually very good at explaining and putting things into a context that anyone can understand. She is oddly patient, but it’s more like she doesn’t care if the other person succeeds or fails.

- Blunt: She doesn’t like many people and won’t hesitate to let you know it. In fact, it amuses her to see your reaction when she flat out says “I hope your head gets blown off sometime in the very near future”.

+ small guns
+ her little brother
+ stalking her little brother (without him knowing)
+ killing beating up those who hurt her brother
+ shocking/scaring people – especially by saying “want to visit my grave?”
+ sleeping
+ being lazy
+ procrastinating
+ summer because it’s easier to sleep when it’s warm

- attention
- people daring to be mean to her brother
- Ms. Tyannikov, her brother’s adoptive mother. She calls her Tyrant
- optimistic people, naïve people (although the latter if fun to tease and scare)
- being woken from a nap / sleeping

+ making quick and difficult decisions on the spot
+ improvising to accomplish a goal, even if it means straying from orders
+ efficient at stealth – like climbing down fireplaces and all that jazz
+ observant. Can memorize small details at first glance (this specifically relates to her speciality)
+ very good at history (her surname is taken from the murdered Romanov royal family of Russia)

- reckless and sometimes overconfident
- apathetic and without clear loyalties – her loyalty is to her brother’s life only
- lazy and uncooperative if the mission is not “exciting” enough for her
- not good at hand-to-hand combat
- bad at not scaring people away from her

Lidiya had lived with her younger brother by 4 years and their adoptive mother Ms. Tyannikov ever since she was 11 and he was 6. She kept a low profile in school, keeping her grades average and generally being an introvert albeit with a sharp tongue.
Her brother, however, was a different story. By age 11, he was declared a borderline genius with technology, and began to be targeted by jealous classmates as well as rich adults who wanted to sponsor him for their own schemes.

Lidiya knew from past experience that attention did not come without consequences and her worst fears were made reality when the siblings were attacked one day. Her brother’s sponsor, a wealthy middle-aged man was killed instantly and the siblings attained enough injuries that they were immediately rushed to the hospital.
While she was staring at the white hospital ceiling after gaining consciousness, she realized that she was the only one who could keep her brother alive and happy.

She was frustrated and hateful towards the cops who never managed to “get there on time” and decided that being a robber was more likely to guarantee her brother’s safety. Remembering an incident back at the orphanage where three adults died during an attack because of the police’s incompetence only strengthened her resolve.
And so, despite never being able to speak to her brother again she, with the help of Ms. Tyannikov, who wanted her gone, forged her own death. As far as all records were concerned, Lidiya Tyannikov passed away at age 16 due to extensive internal injuries and third degree burns.

After recovering, she took a new name – Romanov – and searched for a place to learn how to fight…and steal. Turns out, she was had quite the accurate aim. Four years later, a man had asked her to steal a painting from his boss’s house because it had been taken by force from his great-grandmother. She agreed (he had pictures and a list of facts to prove it) and snuck into the house at midnight. It was a hard job; there were many security measures that she’d never even seen before and she’d very nearly been caught two times. However, in the end, the job had gone without a hitch and in the morning she’d knocked on her client’s door triumphantly, painting in a paper bag.

Shocked didn’t even cover it when the man whose house she’d just robbed a few hours ago opened the door with a smile. After they’d managed to get her to calm down, her client and her target revealed themselves to be part of the Family. The job had been a test, a test which she’d passed very well. They had heard of her from some “friends”, and had wanted to see her skills for themselves. They were very pleased with what they learned.

She accepted the invitation to be part of them in a heartbeat.

( orz;; IDK if this is like too dramatic or cliché or something. B-but this is the third rewrite and I’m done with it;; :iconmingplz: )


Rank: F

Weapon: small BB gun with plastic red balls for ammo

Specialty: Sleeping Seeing through disguises. She can recognize the smallest things, like the shape of someone’s earlobe or the specific pattern of lines in someone’s palm. These things are hard to disguise and most people don’t even think about disguising them anyways. However, this doesn’t make her good at disguising herself. She’s only mediocre in that.

+ the only person who can actually fool her would probably be Acetate Lox (the cop leader)/someone of her level of disguise. basically, although she's lazy and uncooperative, her specialty makes her indispensable.

Android: N/A

- Every year on her birthday and Christmas, her younger brother leaves a letter and a bouquet of flowers, (different flowers every year) on her grave. The letters are kept in a secret place that only she knows about.
- has a habit of adding on a few years to her age. When she was 16, she claimed to be 2 0 and now at 20, she claims to be 25.
- is possibly a compulsive liar.
- her brother’s name is Leonid Tyannikov (he took his adoptive mother’s name)
- to protect her brother as well as keep up her charade, she lies about his existence. She always says her entire family is dead.
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S-so hi guys! ; v ;

Don't kill me yet, I have to finish high school /flees

I'm so so so soooo sorry for being dead and everything, but I'm alive now and...yeah.

I wasn't depressed or anything don't worry! Everyone's comments on my profile were so nice ♥♥♥ ahhhhhh :iconcryforeverplz:


:iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz:/smothers everyone

So, I hope everyone's been doing ok? I-if not, come into Lulu's manry armsssssss <33

Ah, this is Mizumi and Kuro (not shown) is my real-life friend and mine OCs and they are a coupleeee Q////v////Q

And sorry for the terrible colors, I FORGOT HOW TO COLOR AND EVERYTHING. This took way to long anyways/sob
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Full view please!

Lately, I've been getting a lot of watchers and I'm really happy about that! Thank you everyone! ;////7////; ♥♥♥

But I get scared of uploading some of my pictures for fear of disappointing my watchers. Lately, a lot of pictures haven't been "good enough" for dA. I've just been dumping them at tumblr instead;;;

I'll try my best to get over this irrational way of thinking, but it might take a while /sob

Anyways, this is a really small dump, but oh well.... ;;;

1. Azumi's being creepy as always. She loves teasing/teasing/teasing/dressing up Mayumi. u v u

2. Random girl. The lineart is done in pen in my sketchbook. Basically a coloring exercise. My mom saw this and said she liked her clothes. xD

3. Fake screenshot thing of Momo Hinamori and Mayumi in their academy days. Momo's book says "Kido" and Mayumi is holding a practice wooden sword, not a broomstick /sob

4. Azumi's hand is definitely the most important part of this picture. 8D
....and I really liked painting Mayumi's hair~ /////

Momo Hinamori (c) Tite Kubo
Mayumi Takahashi (c) ~TearsOfRubies
Azumi Kiyoshi (c) me

just randomly put their last names down so I can remember them LOL;;;
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Hi everyone! Welcome to PHQ! Or, well, I can't say that yet. > u O )b

Welcome to PHQ's first event!

I recommend you follow the Flash animation above, though all the necessary information is detailed below. You can advance the screen by pressing your spacebar (make sure your window focus is in the animation!) or clicking on the glowing arrow in the bottom right. (Sometimes the spacebar might glitch for some unknown reason or another; the arrow will always work, however.)

♦ ♦ ♦ . M I S S I O N . 1 . ♦ ♦ ♦
. . . . . . . . P A R T . 1 . . . . . . .

. O B J E C T I V E .

Reach the center door in a timely manner; the evaluation test is awaiting you.
♦ Failure to reach the given destination will result in dire consequences.

♦ ♦ ♦ Detail your character reaching the center door, and the events leading up to it. ♦ ♦ ♦

The center door is engraved with the figure of an intricately-designed butterfly with its wings spread across the solid double doors. The outlines of the engraving are tinted with an unusually rustic black, giving the butterfly a slightly faded, tarnished appearance. It is an unmistakable design.

If you reach this destination, please wait in the first room beyond the door. There are biscuits and tea waiting for you.

. M E C H A N I C S .

♦ The hallways of the HQ are, in short, convoluted and can be quite cumbersome to cross. Rooms may not be as unoccupied as what they seem. Do not let these facts or any triggerable traps deter you, but keep in mind this may not be as simple as a stroll.
♦ Bosses are forbidden to directly aid the members. They may or may not be an obstacle to you.

♦ You may find Cordalyss in convenient spots around the HQ. She can hand you Fresh Water, or give helpful tips such as "Press B to run." Be sure to take caution and heed her timeless advice for a healthy and quick route through the HQ.

Dietrich may be a culprit of stapling tiles or locking doors once members have crossed them. Apparently, it's near impossible to pick a lock that has been stapled by her. Stapled tiles are quite difficult to detect, as well. You'll have absolutely no fears of other members stalking you, or attempting to do devious deeds behind your back. Good luck!

Astii is another possible helpful resource as well, even while she is reading manga. She might even dismantle a trap in your favour. Remember, literature imitates life... and life imitates literature. Also, a warning: be careful not to disrupt her reading; a disastrous end may be in store for you.

♦ Crossing various hallways or in the kitchens, Frey is running a mysterious errand of delivering several pound cakes and other sweets. Try not to obstruct his way or cause him to drop a cake. You will regret it.

. S U B M I S S I O N .

♦ You may submit this mission in any form you wish (we recommend comic for flow, but feel free to follow your preference).
Points awarded will be 2x the regular value. Collaboration submissions will result in 1.5x the regular value for both contributors.
♦ There is no limit to the number of submissions, but try to keep the stories behind them in parallel.
♦ As this is an event mission, only official PHQ characters may participate. Alternate-universe/genderbent/other versions of characters are not allowed, and will be promptly turned back at the door.

♦ ♦ ♦ Deadline: December 21st. ♦ ♦ ♦
Please view the countdown on the front page of #PsychedeliqueHQ for a more accurate deadline.

. G U I D E L I N E S .

♦ Here is a very handy and direct map. Be sure to refer to it often if you feel the need to search for the clearest, most distinct route, since no one could ever become lost with this incredibly useful tool.
♦ Dietrich would like to warn you about rather sharp stapled floor tiles. In addition, please take care not to slip on any loosened tiles. You may flip them, however, and take anything there if you wish. Who knows, you may need that extra bag of flour.
Watch your step when entering doors; it may not lead to a room. (Good luck climbing out of any pits you fall into.) They may not operate as regular doors, either; some of them seem to have an ejection function written in their programs.
♦ Members may collaborate to reach the destination if desired, but keep in mind that the evaluation test may or may not favour it.
♦ Numerous "cleaning robots" that suspiciously resemble Ib mannequins are lying around the HQ. Take care not to disrupt them; they may wish to "clean" you as they did in Ib.
♦ Many hallways lead to nowhere. Please refrain from breaking down walls. There really is nothing there; feel free to take an alternate path, preferably one that is not a dead-end.
♦ Thought you reached the target destination? Please check if that is indeed a real door; possible suspicions that lead you to a negative is if the handles crumble, the door is a hologram, or the door simply opens to a wall. Maybe it's one of Astii's printed doors.
♦ Take care in regards to any other unmentioned occurances... the first requirement of the evaluation test is to enter it alive.

Have fun. Good luck! >U<
Yes, there will be a part 2. I can't wait to see you there :)

#PsychedeliqueHQ & Characters (Astii/[At85] --> Aya, Cordalyss/[Ir77] --> *Lurideon, Dietrich/[Fr87] --> ~franciumme, Frey/[C6] --> *shusical)
Audio files (Nyancat, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Yume Nikki, [link], みょん/MyonMyon)
Graphics/Stock (~franciumme, ~arkayaStock, [link], *shusical, Ib, [link], [link])
Inspiration (Android OS 4.0.4, Google Voice App, [link])
Fonts (소야벗9)


*shusical: HEHEE, HI GUYSSSSSS! >U< <3333 I'm super excited! I hope you enjoy this event! I'm so sorry for the delay! It was a lot more work than we imagined, but really fun to plan for you guys. n.n I hope you guys have as much fun as we have been having, and that we can all have fun together >U< !
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Or you can ask our characters hehe! They are always happy to help. > u O)b

~franciumme: Hehe, what Shu said is right! We had tons of fun planning this--- and we hope you guys will have fun too! Symbolisms are all over the place! Find them and I assure you, everything will make sense! Maybe it will, well it will! Thank you for staying with us to be able to participate on the first event (insert haha).
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(edit: SORRY I CUT IT OUT shhhhhh <33)

oh hi guys
IUmm I'm gonna


Oh um.
flashback picture!
As in, no, my chara is not this young. ;w;

Frey (PHQ) + Eunice (*shusical)

sorry for submitting such a spammy picture T_T
I updated it now though. HOPEFULLY IT'S LESS... UNREFINED AHH;;;
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HBD JUUUUU <333333


Happy birthday ♥ I'm sorry I'm late ; v ; I... am proud I finished a picture at all with the well, the rate I've been going at lately HAHHAA TT____TT //buried under wips. I'm sorry it's kind of a boring picture! I'll have to draw you mountains of (proper) bunnies one day LOL. I posted this to your FB with a kind of cheesy message (eep sorry h-hhuu ;O; BUT I CAN'T HELP BEING CHEESY? AHAHHA) but um umm -- I uh... I though I'd upload the picture here for you too! ;v;♥

I love you Juuuu * U * <3333 Have a super happy birthday and I hope we can continue to have happy Shuju times >U< <3333 Or even not-so-happy ones, when you are here for me and I will try my best to be there for you! ;U; I always look forward to our chats even if I never know what to say but you always make it feel right! Eehehe ; U ;♥ Uuahh I wish we could know each other irl so we can go and do cute things *o* <33 I always see things and think of you AHAHA ; v ; Not to mention you really are one of the sweetest I've met, I'm super happy I met you! >U< Thank you for always being you, and staying strong, and being such an inspiration to me ;v;<3 I always wonder if I can do enough for you that you do for me but I know you wouldn't want me to think that way ahah ;v;... Uuwahh Juju♥ Thank you thank you so much ; U ;!♥♥♥♥♥
Anyway, I also wanted to say (to everyone/my watchers/etc.) thank you so much for 3k+ watchers! I'm... really honoured, AHAHHAA when I checked it recently I just... LOL I just stared for a bit AHAHAHAHA wwahhh ; A ;! I never would have imagined having so many, honestly... TT u TT Thank you so much! <3 I'm so sorry for the inactivity recently, though ;ooo;; I'm still here and I don't have any plans to quit or leave and still am working on... everything lol so don't worry! Thank you so much for always being patient ;; <333333333

Textures from <run> and <marina>.
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= Name:
Rumiel Xianthe

( prefers 'Rumi' )

= Age:

= Gender:

= Height:

= Weight:

= Personality:
○ sometimes rude
○ gets cranky easily
not a tsundere, okay :iconimadplz:
○ doesn't like to make friends, unless it's necessary and it's a cute girl that like bunnies :iconloveloveplz:

= Backstory: This doesn't make any sense at all, I'm so sorry sobs
His family is semi-rich. Above average and below 'I-don't-have-to-work-because-my-family-is-rich'. So he was spoiled when he was just a child. He had the usual parents who would give their child anything they wanted to shut them up. Rumi thought that was how it was supposed to be.

He liked getting material things, such as little keychains, toys and anything that you can buy out of a store. But he didn't really felt any compassion or care coming from his parents at all. Not until they bought him pet rabbits home when he was 13.

It was on the television on the Animal Planet channel, and that's how his parents thought about getting him a whole pet room full of them, to distract him for a long time, they told him that they'll be leaving for a 'business trip' to some faraway land and that the floppy eared things would be his companions until they came back home. His parents knew nothing about breeds and bought him dwarf rabbits too.

It was like love at first sight for Rumi, bunnies are just too cute. So his obsession started there. In the next 3-4 years, they all started dying. All of them.

So he was alone, his parents didn't really want a 'pest', so he ran away, and eventually stumbled across PHQ. He wishes to store all his anger and grudge towards his parents.

= Weapon/Abilities:
He uses switchblades that he hides inside his jacket.

He prefers to use the term 'hit and run', as his blades can only hurt fatally, but not enough to kill the target.

= Hobbies
○ He collects bunny trinkets
○ Sewing little stuffed toys (ssh, it's his secret hobby)

= Other Info:

○He doesn't have a fashion statement, and just wears anything that has floppy ears on it
○Not really trustworthy of people, but hey MAY warm up to you
○RABBITS, BUNNIES :iconbunnyhumpplz: .. he loves them all :iconbunnyloveplz:
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adding bunny ears wont make her a bunny, Rumi :icontearplz:



Bliss (c) :iconridiculous-rabbit:
Rumi (c) :iconairipie:
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UPDATE!! Added a few things and updated art...

There was an opening so ~xEddietan and ~syusaki and I wanted to try out and make our chars related ;v;
I just love Starry Sky so much :icontearplz:

Name: Mika Miyano 宮野身化
Age: 17
Gender: ♀ Female
Date of Birth: March 21st
Star Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Height: 5'2" / 157cm
Subject: Divination
Homeroom: 2-D
Club: Tea Ceremony Club
Sport: Track

+ Reading short novels
+ Tea
+ Not a big fan of sweets, but they are fine once in a while. She prefers healthier things.
+ Rainy cold mornings
+ Nights where it isn't cloudy and the moon is dim. The stars are very visible at that time.

- Over the edge people who forget their personal space
- Crowds

- Quiet and a slight case of an introvert.
- Prefers to listen rather than talk.
- Rarely makes eye contact
- Curious and sometimes ask questions a lot ( when she eventually speaks.. )

A sheltered girl who has been treated as fragile and weak even though she knows that she is not.
A world outside her home is a foreign place to her. The chance she has gotten to leave the house was whenever her younger brother and cousin came to play when they were still young. In other words, not that much. She is also home-schooled.
She does not know what is happening at the rest of the world and her parents want her to stay that way. Although one night, at the age of 13, she snuck out with her younger sibling to a carnival. There, she saw a tent that was decorated with stars. A divination booth.

“ .. Am I going to stay this way..? “ The woman placed the girl’s hand palm up and traced the creases.

“No, dear child. “ The woman explained a whole lot more, but nobody needs to know that.

“ .. You can find out these things from just my hand...? “

In the sooner months to come, she was able to convince her parents to let her study at Hoshizora High; To find out more about what can be predicted, what fate can bring and what might be able to happen.

Additional Notes
- She kept her hair long, as her younger brother loved to style it.
- To prove she was not as weak as her parents thought she would be, she joined Track.

:damphyr: Akinari (younger brother) - She is very caring of her little brother. She sometimes have stupid big sis moments whenever she's with her tsun little brother that has siscon........
:damphyr: Enishi-san - Probably the first ever friend she made. He is her 'official' senpai and she's very comfortable around him.
:damphyr: Kazu-san - .. a prince-like character whom Mika has a hard time speaking to.. his senpai waves are too strong--
:damphyr: Sensei.. - She is very curious about sensei, since she has not seen him smile at least once. It became her life goal to have him smile, even just a little bit.

.. mika chan .. isn't very sociable................. :iconocryplz:
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AT with :icontariah23:
Both her OC Imayou and Shira
such a cute couple~ lol
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Commission for Puppy @ TinierMe~!

LOL i like to do the commission for her XD

Pixiv link:
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Merry X-Mas Everyone~!! :iconhappyblueplz:
This year i decided to draw Hibari X Mukuro~!! >w<
Fanservice on Christmas :iconhurrhurrplz:

Enjoy~!! :iconhappyblueplz:
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Character Application For :iconbjbb: God this took forever. SO MUCH INFORMATION. Orz. If anything is wrong please tell me so I can edit it!

Name: Nova Stellarium

Profession: Hacker

Card Type and Number: 3 Of Hearts ( Symbol can be found on the right of her jacket. She also has it tattooed to her right cheek. )

Weapons/items of choice:
Messenger Bag - Nova carries most of her things in here, including her laptop. It's quite big.
Laptop- Her precious computer on the go, It's very high tech.
Pistol & Bullets- Being a hacker she needs to carry one of these for protection.
Explosives- She carries these just in case she needs to blow something up. They are used sometimes for protection, other times to wipe something out, or to destroy computer systems after shes drained/copied out the valuable data.
Band-aids- Nova likes to collect new band-aids as well as use them. When there is something she likes alot she marks it with a band-aid and claims it to herself.She also carries these just in case for minor scratches or cuts.There ranges from normal colors to cute designs like bunnies and hearts.
Ipod- Nova can't live without her music.She doesn't wear headphones around her head for no reason.
Lollypops and Sugar Stars- Her addiction, She likes mostly any type of sweets but these are her ultra favorite.

Age: 17

Height : 5'2

Personality: -Emotionless and dull, She is rather quiet with a low monotone voice.She is usually serious, does not express much emotions like anger and sadness.

-She can get touchy or pouty if you take away her laptop or sweets.Rather lazy and doesn't like to care much about anything.

-She has a ' easy breezy, Go with the flow ' type of character.

-She is kind of slow minded and really blunt with her thoughts and feelings even if it means hurting someone she usually is too naive to notice that she has. She uses logic more then the emotional state of the mind. She is very smart with technology but not so smart with the emotions.

-Is kind of clumsy.

-Has a fear of being left alone so she likes to stick around places with company even if she does not know anyone around.

-Whenever she expresses an emotion like anger or sadness its very easy to be seen on her face because she does not exactly know how to hide them when she truly feels them.

-Nova is very clingy when she becomes close to bunnies that she likes, VERY Clingy.

-Besides being emotionless most of the time she is quite possessive of things she really really likes, even sometimes might treat people like property!

Likes: Stars, Stargazing, Bright colors, Compliments, Sweets, Patting on the head, Music, Computer games, Hacking, Bunnies, Explosives, Stories about love, Observing people, The warmth of the bodies of others.. ( OHOHO -shot- ), Sleeping, Other Bunnies ears.

Dislikes: The feeling of being all alone, Cold, Being called ' Plain or dull ', People who steal her sweets, Humans, Does not like seeing blood though deals with it.

History:Nova's past is a very solitude and lonesome past that revolves around living a prisoner lifestyle, never allowed to go outside or even step out of the computer room.Nova never knew her parents, she is only aware that they sold her away to some organization.She was treated very poorly here but she struggled to live a life.

Eventually these humans discovered her ' In human ' potential with the decoding things, Nova's mind was technically like a living computer. She was trained harshly mentally, and thankfully her mind could take in all the information quickly and thoroughly. It wasn't too soon before they placed her at the main source of most of there hacking, she was prison in a large dark room with many computers and the mother computer.

For many years Nova worked with the computers doing as the humans wanted. It wasn't soon till her mind burned away with all the numbers and letters, and she became completely emotionless and lacked to think for herself. Everything that involved her mind taking care of herself was done for her, she was fed, she was clothed, she was bathed, even when it came down to disposing of bodily fluids, Everything. Her mind was kind of lost in a labyrinth of numbers and letters, the only time she felt like herself was when she was in front of the mother computer.

For the longest time this was her life, from day to night, night to dawn, she only slept sometimes and ate sometimes though her body was kept nice her mind was nothing.Eventually around the age of 13 there came a great crisis in the organization.

A rival organization in which for many years have battled over control merged with another organization and overpowered the organization that Nova was forced to work for. They then began to murder the members and workers as well as kidnap the most valuable workers. In fear they would also steal away Nova and her amazing ability they released her and commanded her to go as far as she could from there. Nova only knew how to follow commands so she did and thankfully was able to escape.

For for about a year Nova lived in the streets, unwanted abandon young teen who could hardly do a thing for herself. It was due to the pity of others that kept her alive. It took about half a year to come out of the digital trance of the computer and she finally realized that she was free and that she wasn't a computer.

Nova got the little money she could get by solving math problems as well as computer problems. She would prove to others that she was quite capable of solving them. Most people however hardly paid attention, why would anyone need a human computer anyway. Kids from school who wanted there stupid math homework done were one of Nova's best customers. She would memorize there writing style and do there math homework in there style. Because she always did everything correctly they came to her alot and never once did Nova refuse there requests even though the kids bullied her sometimes.

When winter came Nova could not ignore her living needs anymore and decided to give up with living for it was the most logical solution to the hunger, the pain, the cold, and the loneliness. And back then she could only think logically. So she waited for her own death. Between the time of waiting a stranger with ears like her own approached her and took her away somewhere. Nova was too weak to see just who it was she only remembers the feeling of fluffy rabbit like ears as she was carried on their back.

That rabbit brought Nova to BJBB, the place of her salvation.Though the strangest thing of all was Nova never was able to thank this rabbit.

Other:Nova wears a pair of headphones with a microphone all the time. She usually uses it for when she works. Nova is great with working with computers as well as personal navigator for Spies or other rabbits on missions. Because everyone needs navigation on their missions sometimes! After all if Nova can scan a building and generate a map of it, Spies don't have to wish they could see threw walls.

" Nova likes Star Fruit <3 " ( Sorry about forgetting this @A@ Making the long history totally made me forget about the most important thing XD )

Theme song: [link]
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[revamped]Application for :iconpsychedeliquehq:

= Name: Claude Grosvenor (surname pronounced as “ˈgrōv-nər”)

= Age: 21

= Height: 6'1"

= Weight: 65 kg i dunno how to weigh LOL

= Personality:
--------mysterious, unpredictable
--------quite playful and witty in a fight
--------mostly speaks in a sarcastic tone (though he rarely starts a conversation)
--------enigmatic; rarely makes contact with anyone
--------has the habit of erasing all records of him.
--------seme can be uke sometimes when at his limit
--------lady killier
--------can be a bit caring as well? //depends whoever he is with

= Backstory: //edited

Claude, even though bearing the name of the famous Grosvenor's family name(the family of well-known hunters)is actually an orphan from the streets. when he was still a child, he used to work for the syndicate as a thief. although he was loyal and innocent towards them, he never passed a day without being abused. every night he'd be locked up in a cell restrained by chains, crying for death, there were even times he would cry tears of blood. the syndicate knew him as "Grosvenor's Heir", thinking that if they were to sell him, they'd get lots of money. Claude knew nothing of the world, he used to be carefree and mischievous back then, until that fateful day he was sold to "The Lab", a hidden organization that does experiments on children.

He was then given the label, 00CL0817, which is his experiment code. Claude faced more abuses there and once lost is sanity and ability to speak. every hour there would be blood tests and drugs injected in his body, several tests would be held in one day, most likely, not every child brought their would survive the traumatic tests. then, he met one of the professors, Professor Gilles Rosseau, who treated him like a younger brother. although Prof. Gilles was one of the staff in charge to experiment on Claude, he minimized the pain given to Claude. every time Claude spent his time with Prof. Gilles opened his eyes again. eventually educated him, taught him how to fight and gave him a better future.

a few months after meeting Prof. Gilles, Claude at the age of 12, later meets Julia, a young girl described to have long, silky lilac hair. Julia was also one of the children sold to the Lab. the first time Claude laid his eyes on her, he was infatuated by her goddess-like beauty. he eventually makes friends with her and spends more time with her. to the extent they didn't know, someone was watching them from afar. Julia, although she was blessed with beauty, was born with crippled legs, unable to move her lower body. everyday, Claude would bring her to the garden, the only place she dreamed to go. after meeting each other, they both lost their care to the world around them.

Julia: I've always wondered, how it would feel have someone special. You and I are almost they same..being born without a real family...i mean..
Claude: i guess so...*he fakes a smile *
Julia: you know, i just came to realize who that special someone is..*she smiles at Claude*
Claude: hmm? who could that be, Julia?
Julia: *she tries to get off from her wheelchair and fall towards Claude*
Claude: *widens his eyes, catches her* that was close! are you stupid Julia? you know very well that your le---
Julia: *places her index finger to his lips* people say that...when you love someone, you'd be able to do the impossible...*she smiles* but it seems like...i failed to show you my feelings...the person i you Claude..*she smiles again*

Claude was surprised to hear what Julia has just said to him, but he understood her words very well. he hugged her tight, unable to express what he was feeling inside. he never had a real home, nor a real family to run to..but he knew from the start, he had Julia by his side, who has always been watching him. Julia taught Claude how to smile sincerely.

by the time Claude was 15, he was able to gain freedom from the Lab. but it didn't stopped there, things were going smoothly for him, until he was ambushed by assassins and thugs. he knew this situation didn't concern about his name anymore for the Grosvenor's lineage has already been dead and buried. after beating those thugs, he heads to the Lab to know why after so many years his head is still wanted, and to know if Julia and the Prof. are alright and unharmed. by the time he reached that place, everyone was killed, the lab was set ablaze and everything looked as if it was at the gates of hell. everyone, the scientists, and the other people, are out cold, drenched in blood. he makes his way into the burning building and tries to find whoever was still left alive. he then enters the main laboratory, and finds a man standing there, with a gun locked to a maiden's head.


Claude: J-Julia..!! what's going on here..? why is this place on fire...?!


Gilles: why you ask..?
Claude: p-profe...ssor....?? *eyes widen, looks at the gun he's holding, pointing to Julia's head* why...why do this?! and why and you pointing that gun at her..!!
Gilles: some things are better left unspoken...but i'll let you hear a little of my reason...this lab was erase the existence of the likes of your being.. *points the gun to Claude's head*


a gunshot echoed through the corridors of the Lab, the silence engulfed the sound of the burning building. Claude widened his eyes as his vision is drenched in red dye, his arms were carrying the cold body of the lilac-haired maiden, whose blood was pouring to the floor.

Claude: J-...Julia....
Julia: *breathing heavily* Cl.......aude....
Claude: *falls on the floor and holds her tight* please don't say another word..!! it should be me who should---
Julia: *places her index finger to his lips* didn't..deserve to didn't deserve any...of this pain.....dry......your tears......Claude....*she smiles for the last time*
Claude: *tears where falling down his face as he held Julia's cold body tight*...Ju...Julia....Julia...? answer me...Julia..! JUUUULLIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *he shouts*

he grieved for Julia's death, for the sacrifice she made..

Gilles: what a shit. she was getting in the way...*points the gun at Claude* enough with that, you are about to face dead, any last words of hatred, my pretend little brother? *looks at Claude full of hatred and anger*

driven by his anger, Claude placed Julia's body down and charged directly at Gilles. Gilles was able to evade Claude's first attack and shot him by the shoulder. blood began to drip from Claude's right arm, still, Claude, with only revenge in his thoughts, placed his life on the line, for Julia..and for himself. He gets hold of a sharp mirror fragment and throws it to Gilles' neck, making him drop on the floor and bleed like hell. the building was about to collapse, he carried Julia's body out and left without another word. after he had escaped the lab, it exploded.

daybreak has reached them as Claude placed Julia's dead body in a remote garden, where the flowers there resemble Julia's soft smile and lilac hair. he placed her in a bed of flowers and offered her lilacs to mourn for her. after mourning for her death, Claude left his memories with her and bid farewell.

Claude decided to join PHQ after 2 years at the age of 17. After hearing a rumor that Gilles was still alive, together with his henchmen involved in the lab incident, urged him to join PHQ. his personality has totally switched after hearing that rumor. he will do anything to kill Gilles and pay for his crime.

Claude as of now works as an enigmatic pilot, who specializes in suicidal plane crash missions.(he loves that job). he'd do anything to get rid of the people under Gilles. he even works as an enigmatic butler, waiter, police, gardener, teacher, etc. when he needs to.

= Weapons:

Claude grew up using daggers as his only weapon and learned to love the use of them. He carries the grosvenor’s heirloom, the Obelisk Dagger. Said to be given by his biological father before he gained knowledge of the world.
He also carries a pistol but rarely uses it. He also has a hidden ice pick as well. He can use any weapon he can grab hold of. He also carries a pocket data device that he invented.

= Abilities (i forgot to add >,<)
--------he knows martial arts as well(taekwondo, karate, judo and aikido)//only uses them when he's bored to use his daggers
--------he knows how to stealth; can move quickly.
--------able to handle any kind of sharp object as a weapon.(has good aiming)

= Hobbies:
--------taking various jobs
--------napping under the shade
--------walking around to kill boredom
--------cleaning his daggers
--------being with Dietrich and Diandre //when bored
--------going at high class hotels
--------collecting private data
--------stalking people

= Other Info:
--daggers(even silverwares)
--BIG cats(like leopards, tigers, etc.)
--little children(he's a bit of a pedophile, but not too much, he just loves teasing little kids)
--any type of food, even if it tastes weird -.-
--aircrafts, high class transportations

--questions about him
--burnt food
--the sight of lilacs
--Dietrich //in a sarcastic way…it can still contradict XDD

Extra Stuff to know:

Claude loves to keep his Pilot's hat on. he loves to play around in a fight as well and always shows a quaint smile to everyone. he's quite famous with the ladies as well XD
He also owns tons of things like sports cars, limos, penthouses, etc. he get all the cash from missions. He can accomplish estimated 117 missions a day XDD
He doesn’t even know if he’s really from the Grosvenors…
all he now wants is to erase his past and destroy the remaining puzzle pieces left by "The Lab".

//his label 00CL817 is tattooed on his back, which he tried to burn away once to erase.

**he smokes from time to time btw//shot

*he is french btw.

Birthday: August 17 (a month later i designed him)

smexy voice actor: Hirakawa Daisuke ((sample: [link] --- at 2:28 to 3:36))

asdfghj still rushed and made it ugly cus i dun have a scanner lolololol it's only pencil lineart taken by celly phone camera

Art & Character (c) Aoyama-Hani 2012
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Lianne: look mister, we've got a guest! *smiles pleasantly* [ oh fuck, more nuisance. .. ]

Claude: *chuckles as he grabs his cup of tea* wouldn't it be better if you'd just show them how you truly feel, little lady? although i have to say, the smile that you're wearing right now definitely suits your cute face.*smiles teasingly*

Lianne: oh shut up you wise ass. *rolls her eyes*

Claude: hmm, our guest has come quite too early don't you think? we haven't set the table yet for our afternoon tea. oh well *smiles mellowly as he shrugs*


yup, Hani is :iconmistressmacaroon:'s secret santa XD did you see this coming dear? haha sorry if it doesn't look much of a tea party yet, they're still setting the place up maybe after they stop talk over and over again lol it's rushed btw, sorry dear ; u ; hope you like it! ♥

amg, that christmas tree looks like crap :iconpapmingplz:

omg, you're my secret santa, and im you're secret santa :iconmingplz:

*curtains and wall patterns are from google, i don't remember where i actually got them lol

media: watercolors, gouache paint, white poster paint, PS CS5

Lianne Reeves©*MistressMacaroon
Claude Grosvenor©*Aoyama-Hani
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"....I promise Claude,....we will never be apart.....

we'll always be together....
YOU and I....

even if we're between life and death.....
...nothing...nothing can separate US........

we will always be together....


until the very end......"


how can I.....still believe such lies....? promised me with your heart....

yet now......

there is no more YOU and ME......


....and there will never be again.....



the day when Julia died ; u ;

finally---some watercolor !! :icondatfaceplz:

15 yrs old Claude with Julia, ahaha i know his hair looks a bit different from his style now :3 his hair was shorter before~

idk about the's strange lol

maybe i should do an after scene of this....or maybe even a short manga? idek

ahaha julia looks like dietrich :iconbigheplz:
though her hair should be darker//shot

media: watercolors
**shadows done in PS CS5

Claude & Julia©~Aoyama-Hani
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omg omg I actually got in fdjhgsdfhgbwrhjvbdufhvjd //happydances//

if you want to RP, just note me or something??;; fdgdfhgfdh

Applying with my hasubandooo :iconslashshine: I hope I get accepted... OTL; I'm scaaared @w@ I spent too long on this orz

last application for a while now, I promiiiise! @__@

- - -

| Name: Mariko Tsutomu

| Nickname: Mari-chan / Riko

| Age: 16

| Height: 156 cm

| Year: First

| Likes:

★ Nature
★ Quiet areas
★ Time to think
★ Being happy/content
★ People who are happy
★ Her brother
★ Attending hanami parties (finds them calming and amusing)
★ Tsukimi dango
★ Watching others have fun
★ Clouds
★ Momijigari

| Dislikes:

☆ People who take things for granted
☆ Ignorant people
☆ Rainy days
☆ Cramps/Pains
☆ Loud music
☆ Bitter foods
☆ Spilling/dropping food
☆ (Herself) acting immature
☆ Embarrassing herself

| Personality:

Mariko has always been the loose, relaxed person and still is. She wishes other’s happiness before her own and doesn’t mind people reaching their dreams if that meant losing her. However, when it comes to her brother, she’s very gentle and at peace. If someone were to take her brother in any way, she would highly disapprove as she says, “Without my brother, I am nothing, so please don’t take him.” Or she would say, “I’m sorry, but my brother is mine. Please do not take what is not yours.”

She is never shy. Rather, she may be quiet at times, but that is not because she is introverted. She usually never raises her voice nor does she yell or shout. Sometimes depicted as “boring,” Mariko finds that a “lady should never have to raise her voice.” However, at times, she will come across something cute or adorable and will become a child again. She likes to see herself as someone mature, despite being childish here and there.

Around her brother, she tries to be someone established, since she is older than him by five minutes, she believes that she has to be the role model. Though around others, she might come off as someone strange or different. Mariko has a hard time finding topics to talk about because all the things she loves to talk about usually are found dull by others. First impressions are very important; if you were to come off as rude, she might be slightly bitter towards you. If you came off as nice, she'll give back the same. It depends on the person and the time. She can also be quite the pushover. She has the tendency to speak in a soft voice (naturally soft-spoken).

| History:

Coming from a small town, Mariko always kept her head up. She never bothered to try to stand out, but rather, she enjoyed being average. Nothing more, nothing less. Mariko, in her public school, never had many friends but was still content. With her was her twin brother, Makoto. Mariko didn’t spend a single day without him because she loved her brother so much. People often mistook them for the other, which they were used to.

When Mariko was just a child, her mother would tuck her into bed and read her different fairytales and romance stories. Mariko loved the thought of it, and she thought she would be the main character in a romance story one day as she kept her head up.

However years later, inside their home, there were no parents to greet them home, cook them dinner, or help them to sleep.

Years ago, when they were the age of seven, the four of them were on their way home from a dinner out as a family. Mariko and Makoto's father was behind the wheel. Their mother was sitting in the passenger seat and was asleep. The twins, sitting in the back, quietly watched their father carefully. Their father was irritated, which was unusually, and drove in silence.
Eventually, making a sharp turn, he didn’t stop to make sure of other cars or traffic. Another car was turning as well from the intersection, and he swerved around the road until hitting the side of a tall building. The children quickly jumped out of the car, prepared for something like this. Soon, the sound of shattering glass was heard as the kids went to see after the smoke died down.

Of course, their mother and father were lifeless.

Since the accident, Mariko and Makoto moved in with their aunt and uncle, whom they viewed as their second parents. Years passed and the two recovered from the traumatizing incident, and the two slowly moved into their own lives. Mariko had a passion for nature and loved sightseeing, and her brother loved playing sports and was very good at it.

Their aunt and uncle were very polite and kind, but they were stressed people. They acted as if everything was fine, but they had a lot of work to do and were up late at night working. One night, when Mariko was going into her aunt’s room to ask her a question, she witnessed her aunt in her time of strain and realized how Mariko and Makoto were being a burden.

Ever since that night, Mariko searched for somewhere to go. Eventually, she came across Tsunami Gakuen, an appealing school to her. Just thinking about it already made her feel happy because she knew there would be a lot to see, even if that meant going away from the trees and the budding blossoms at home. Her brother soon agreed after Mariko explained the situation with their aunt. Upon mentioning it to their “second parents,” they accepted, knowing the reason behind the suggestion.
A few months later, Mariko and Makoto were on their way to the academy.

| Additional Info:

- If she embarrasses herself in front of you but still talks to you, congratulations, she likes you enough to stay. (She thinks it's disrespectful for herself and that she doesn't deserve to become acquainted with someone who had seen her misbehave.)

- If you show her respect, she'll obviously give back. If you don't, she'll try her best to stay respectful, but she might crack here and there.

- She hates questions like, "What's your favorite color?" or anything with a "favorite" because she feels if she chooses one, the others will feel lonely.

- Mariko wants to become the main character of her own romance story one day.

| Relationships:
Makoto Tsutomu: Twin brother.
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Application version II!

I'm so glad there's new apps... I've been meaning to make a re-do of my older one, anyway. It was so terrible. x'DDD

| name
Nayuka Kanaru

| gender
| age
Sixteen / 16
| grade
First Year / 10th

| dormitory
| club
Because it's the only sport she knows how to play.

| likes
- Flowers, plants.
- Writing /personal stuff, not school-related.
- Daydreaming.
- Quiet conversations.
- Shade. /when it's sunny out/
- People starting the conversation/people talking to her.

| dislikes
- Being left out. /although she's used to it/
- Getting sick. /it happens a lot/
- Sweating. /but in volleyball it's okay/
- Selfish people.
- Getting lectured.
- Physical fights.

| bio
Nayuka spent most of her time inside, tending to the indoor plants in her home. Her father was usually never home, working or out at a bar. Her mother spent her time at home, like any other stay-at-home mom. Nayuka is very distant with her father and is an only child. Her family had always been poor, and still are, with a reduced meal as days go by, she always tries to skip meals to save money for the next days. On the contrary, from never having enough money, she learned to not become obsessed with greed and was always grateful for everything she had.

During the time she spent at school, she was often in her own world. People usually didn't approve of her and tuned her out when she tried to speak up. Even now, she's still quiet, but would like to be more louder one day. Nayuka never was any good at making friends, no matter who it was.

She is quite naïve, yet she's still afraid of stepping into the real world and going first for... basically everything. Thinks of everyone else rather than herself and tries to not be a burden by staying out of everyone's way.

| additional info
- She always views herself at a lower position than others.
- Prefers sweet over sour.

| quotes
"I-I'm sorry for being a failure..."
"Just you being happy is enough for me."

| roleplay options?
Comment, MSN (note me), or note me? ;u; <3

- - -

I keep feeling like I'm missing something in that info... errrgh.
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