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He watched you as you slept peacefully. He walked over and sat quietly on the bed near your head. Reaching with his good hand, he gently caressed your cheek, ran it down your cheek, tracing your jawline, and down your neck. The pattern repeated for some time before you turned over, facing him, and scooted closer to him.

A smile ghosted across his face as he lay down, careful not to jostle the bed around too much and wake you.

He lay on his side, facing you, and smiled. He loved you very much, but would never say it to you or anyone else. Ever since you had come into his life, he'd promised that he wouldn't let anyone go near you or hurt you. He would always protect you, no matter what.

He would never stop loving you. It was like a disease that didn't have a cure. He didn't want a cure because the sickness he had was curing him of his past regrets.

You stirred and snuggled closer to him, nuzzling him where his shoulder met his neck. He smiled and stroked your face gently, lovingly. He leaned in, sweetly kissing your forehead and head.

Funny, even when you were fast asleep you still blushed like a tomato. He liked it when you did because it made you seem innocent and sweet.

He held you to him and rested his chin on your head, closing his eyes and drifting into his thoughts.
A sweet moment Vincent has with the reader.

*disclaimer* I own nothing but the plot! And this is on my Lunaescence account. So...yeah. BUT I do own Vincent *grabs Vincent and runs as a riot breaks out of fangirls* I don't own the photo either!
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“Cloud, where are you taking me?” You yelled over the motorcycle engine and the wind.

“Someplace special!” He called back.

“Like what?”

“You’ll see soon enough!”

You smiled curiously at him. You laughed and rested your head in between his shoulder blades as the wind whipped right on by. You closed your eyes as you felt the rush of the wind and going over seventy miles an hour.

After what seemed like hours, the motorcycle slowed down  and Cloud hollered back, “Close your eyes!”

You looked at him with curiosity but you complied.

“They’re closed!”

“Good, don’t open them till I tell you to. Got it?”


‘Where could he possibly taking me?’ You wondered.

Finally, the motorcycle came to a halt. You sat up. A gentle breeze caressed your face. Then, you felt Cloud dismount.

He spoke gently, “Okay, now open.”

You opened them and smiled.

“To think this is where we first met,” you giggled as you dismounted.

Cloud smiled a little, a blush painting his cheeks.

“Seems just like yesterday,” he commented.

You laughed and sat down.

The yellow flowers blew gently in the breeze.

This was where, Zack, Cloud’s friend, had sacrificed his life to fight for freedom. He returned to the planet. It was hard for Cloud though. Him and Zack were the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for.

The memory of how you two met flashed in your mind as you overlooked the city.

You were sitting outside of the city on the exact some cliff where the huge sword was. It was a rough day and you just needed to get away for a bit. Suddenly, the sound of a motorcycle could be heard. You turned to see behind you and saw a blonde boy riding a motorcycle towards you.

He stopped right beside you. He was really...handsome! Not a single flaw that you could see! His eyes were a blue too. He had blonde spiky hair that resembled a Chocobo. He wore a high collar black sleeveless shirt, black pants, and black boots. There was a long black cloth on his right side that covered his whole arm. His hands were adorned in black leather gloves.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?”  He asked.

“Oh, I’m ____. And I just needed to get away. Is...something wrong with me being here?”

“This is where my closest friend had died. The sword...marks his place. I’m Cloud Strife by the way. Call me Cloud.”

You stood up. “Nice to meet you, Cloud. And I’m really sorry! I didn’t know. I’ll go someplace else then.”

You proceeded to leave when he stopped you.

“I didn’t say you had to leave. I just said that’s where he died,” he quielty said.

You halted and looked at him. He wasn’t looking at you. In fact, his eyes were fixed ahead, and his cheeks were red.

This made you smile a little and blush a bit yourself. You walked up to him, causing him to blush a little darker.

“So, you don’t mind me being here then?”

He shook his head, the blush still evident on his cheeks.

“No, just don’t…vandalize anything. I don’t think...he’d like that very much.”

You smiled. “I promise I wouldn’t do that.”

He gave a small nod but didn’t speak anymore.

You sat down and sighed, looking out over the city again.

And things went from there. You two grew closer, and closer together. He introduced you to his other friends and you were instantly accepted into the group. And now, you had more friends than ever.

Your thoughts were suddenly interrupted when you heard him speak.

“I...I’m glad I met you.”

You hardly heard what he said. It came out more like a whisper. You smiled at him. He was blushing like crazy and he looked away shyly. He was so CUTE when he did that.

You grinned and hugged him and kissed him on the lips, making him blush dark red. A giggle escaped from you.

“I am too, Spiky!”

He gave a smile chuckle, and smiled with the blush still dusting his cheeks and hugged you back. No words were needed to be spoken between the two of you.

You both overlooked the cliff side to Midgar as the sun began to set, painting the sky with vibrant colors. Only time would tell what was in store of for the two of you.

Damn, I struggled with a title for this. But anyways, this was a request from :iconspirtsage:


I hope you like it! I'm sorry if Cloud's OOC >.< I'm not used to writing about him ^^; anyways sorry this took awhile. I would come up with one idea, then get another, and so on. But nonentheless, here it is! Enjoy!


I don't own anything! Nor the preview pic! Spirtsage owns Cloud! *runs away from rioting fangirls and boys*

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The moment you walked into Seventh Heaven, his eyes fell on you and it was all over! You looked so...tempting. For him, it was hard to look away.

He watched your every move very closely. You moved with grace, elegance, and beauty.

You were hypnotizing him. One look, and he couldn't take his eyes off of you. You ruined him for being so...tantalizing!

He had come to the decision that he was going to have you. It wasn't so much as a want, but more of a need. The need would only grow more and more till he had you within his grasp and only then, would his need be satisfied.

And since he needed you as so, he had to act soon, before anyone else got you before he did.

He wanted to be the one who would sweep you off your feet, the one you kissed, and the one you loved most. His heart craved for your love, he needed it, and more.

He was going to put you in his trap and when the time was right, he would strike out and you would be his own forever.
Here it is! Yay! First chappy! Let me know what you think so far! And like I said before...there is a rating of 17+ on this story...for safety of future chapters though. But for the time's safe. Oh, and certain chapters will probably be blocked so...yeah. *Ahem* Enough chit chat! Enjoy!
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Vincent Valentine x Reader: Nightmares

  Your sleeping form tossed and turned on the bed. Your brain recently decided that it hated you and was now giving you terrifying nightmares. This one had to be the worst one yet. You had been captured by Hojo and subjected to experiments. Just as you thought that he had gotten bored of you and wanted to kill you, Vincent appeared and tried to save you. You were forced to watch in horror as your love was viciously beaten by Hojo and his monsters.
  The worst part was when Vincent lost his grip on Cerberus and was left wide open to attacks. Hojo took the opportunity to finish him off. His eyes flashed to you for one last moment as his final breath slipped from his lungs. You cried out to him as his lifeless body made harsh contact with the floor. You were too caught up with sobbing to notice Hojo advancing menacingly towards you. You felt a prick in your neck and got a brief glimpse of a needle containing some unidentifiable liquid.
  You shot up out of bed in a cold sweat. You grabbed at your neck in search of the syringe. You were relieved to find nothing, but still scared out of your mind. You threw your legs over the side of the bed and rushed out of your room, not caring that you were only wearing one of Vincent's shirts for pajamas. You ran down a few doors and slammed open the door, effectively startling the previously sleeping occupant.
  You dove into the bed and clung to Vincent, who was horribly confused now. He attempted to pry you off of him so he could see you, but gave up and settled on just rubbing your back soothingly, "(Y/N)? What's wrong? What are you doing in here?" He averted his gaze from your less than well dressed body, blushing slightly. He froze when he realized that you were crying. His protective side kicked in and he pulled you against his chest, "What happened? Who hurt you? I swear I will-"
  "I-I had a r-really b-bad n-nightmare!" You choked out. He relaxed noticeably and held a sympathetic look in his eyes. He laid back down and waited for your crying to calm before asking, "What could have happened that has you so scared?" His voice had an almost caring tone to it. You sniffled and cuddled against his chest after slipping beneath the sheets. It was clear that you were still very shaken. He remained patient and soothingly stroked your hair and held you close.
  You took a few deep breaths and began explaining the horrid nightmare, "W-Well, it started off normally. I was just taking a walk, b-but then Hojo was there and he kidnapped me!" You clung tighter to him, "After he dragged me back to his lab, he began using me a-as a human test subject!" Vincent's grip tightened and it felt as if he was shaking slightly.
  "Eventually, you broke in and tried to save me, but Hojo and his monsters overpowered a-and killed you! I woke up j-just before he killed me," you finished. Fresh tears were now spilling over your eyelids and caused you to start sobbing again. He cradled you in an attempt to calm you down again. It worked, the sound of his heart beating was very soothing to you. It was solid proof that nothing in that horrid nightmare was true. Vincent was alive and well.
  "You never have to worry about anything like that ever happening. I would never let him get anywhere near you, much less abduct you. And don't worry about me, I can hold my ground," you looked up at him, still teary eyed, and nodded. He smiled ever so slightly. You were still clinging onto him, and it didn't look like you'd be letting go any time soon, "C-Can I sleep in here?" You asked, summoning the best kicked-puppy-that-still-loves-you look you could manage, the tears from earlier really helped add to it.
  "I guess, you're already here anyway," he answered. You smiled and made yourself more comfortable and used Vincent's arm as your personal pillow. "I'm glad that I talked you out of sleeping in that coffin in the basement. I'm not sure that I would've been brave enough to go down there," you mumbled, already feeling very sleepy. You felt him nod, "You didn't give me much choice. Every time that I would go down there, you would follow me and even try to join me in the coffin. That, and you would always be telling me all the reasons why you didn't think I should be down there."
  "You say that like it's a bad thing," you say teasingly. He grumbled something about you being strange, causing you to giggle. Eventually you did fall asleep. Vincent observed how calm you looked in comparison to earlier. He was relieved that he had gotten you to calm down after your nightmare had scared you so badly. It did bother him that that horrible abomination had made his way into your dreams like that, but he tried not to let it get to him too much. He shut his eyes and welcomed sleep, knowing that you would be safe.
~Time skip~
  You tried to burrow deeper into the bed and hummed contently at how warm it was. Your eyebrows furrowed slightly when you noticed that the bed seemed to be breathing. Your hands felt around and instead of sheets, you could swear that you felt skin. You raised your head and found yourself face to face with Vincent. He was awake and was almost smirking at you, "Good morning, did you sleep well?"
  You looked away, 'I was only using his arm as a pillow when I fell asleep. How did I get on top of him?!' The blood rushed to your face. You attempted to roll off of him, but his arms held you in place. You directed your attention back to him and smiled sheepishly. He had gone back to his poker face, which made you feel a bit uncomfortable for once.
  "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to use you as a bed," you couldn't deny that you were feeling pretty embarrassed right now. Typically you were embarrassing him, it was weird for it to be the other way around. One of his hands reached up and tangled itself in your hair. He rolled over until both of you were on your sides.
  "It's okay," he mumbled, "I didn't mind." He yawned and buried his face in your hair. A few minutes passed and his breathing evened out, revealing that he was asleep again. You smiled, he really was the cutest thing in the world to you. Your eyes wandered to the window, 'There isn't too much light outside yet, I think we can sleep for a little while longer.' You nuzzled against his chest and welcomed sleep once again.
  He's probably never getting this bed to himself again.
Two stories in two days, aren't I ambitious?! So, I think that this may have accidentally become a series. I plan on doing two or three more parts and being done. 
Vincent: Aren't there other series that you are supposed to be working on?
Me: But you keep inspiring me! What am I supposed to do?!
Vincent: Remain committed to what you have already started.
Me: ... Shut up. 
I do not own Vincent, Hojo, or Final Fantasy.
I do own this story.
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Vincent Valentine x Reader: Please Come out...
  You sighed as you sat in the cold and gloomy basement of a mansion. You zipped-up your coat further and tried not to let the cold get to you. Your gaze settled on the nearby coffin. Although the lid was shut, you knew that Vincent was in there. You and Vincent had been friends for a long time, but he had been acting different lately. He seemed to be more distant than usual as of late and would hardly spend any time with you. 
  You scooted closer to the coffin and rested your arms on it. Sitting in this basement had become almost like a habit for you. This was the only way that you could really spend time with him any more. It wasn't very effective though, given that he would never leave the coffin. Every now and then he would crack it open, but that was only to tell you to go home. Most would see that as him being cold and unwelcoming, but you could tell that he was really just trying to look out for you. He didn't want you to spend your time here and risk getting sick from the cold temperature. 
  You began to absent-mindedly drumming your fingers as you delved deeper into your thoughts. A lot of people had been questioning why you were doing this, Yuffie especially. You would hardly spend time with them anymore due to the large amounts of time dedicated to sitting in this basement. You weren't trying to ignore them, but you just couldn't bring yourself to leave Vincent to be all alone. He has been alone more than enough. 
You were a mix of startled and relieved when the lid to the coffin was slid open, even if it was by just a crack. Thanks to the dim lighting in the room, you couldn't see in, but you could definitely feel his eyes on you. His raspy voice greeted your ears, "Would you please stop doing that." You gasped as you realized just how annoying you finger-drumming must have been to him. You pulled your hands away and placed them in your lap, "Oops, sorry Vincent. I didn't mean to wake you from your nap."
  "I'm not napping, I'm atoning for my sins," he said plainly. You sighed again, wondering when he was going to be done with that. You could never quite understand why he felt that he was the one who needed to be doing all of the atoning. You personally didn't think that he needed to do any, he never did anything wrong. You almost growled when Hojo popped into your mind. He was the one who should be atoning, not Vincent. 
  Your attention was drawn back to reality by the lid sliding shut again. You glared at the coffin with a hint of annoyance. How could Vincent stand being in there? Didn't it get boring after a while? A mischievous grin spread across your face. You tapped on the lid again, "Hey, Vincent?" You asked in the sweetest tone you could muster. He shifted but remained silent. You shrugged and continued anyway, "Is it warm in there? Well, at least warmer than it is out here?" 
  He was silent but eventually responded with an almost soundless and somewhat hesitant, 'Mmhm'. You grinned as you carried out your plan, "And you don't want me getting sick, right?" You almost giggled at how unsure his voice sounded when he said 'Correct'. You placed both of your hands on the lid, "Good, then you shouldn't mind me doing this."
  You hastily shoved the lid open enough for you to be able to slip in and closed it as much as you could once you were inside. There wasn't much room, but you were able to make yourself pretty comfy on top of Vincent. You hugged him close and buried your face in his chest. His body had tensed up completely from your actions and now he seemed frozen. You reached up and poked his nose to try and regain his attention. This seemed to work, since it at least got him to talk, "Wh-What are you doing, (y/n)?" He tried to keep his voice calm and composed, but it was clear that he was flustered about this. You nuzzled your face against his chest and simply said, "I'm staying warm."
  After a few moments had passed, he let out an irritable sigh and relaxed slightly, "You shouldn't be in here. I'm atoning for my sins, not relaxing." You ignored his words and just hugged him tighter, "I know, I'll atone with you." 
  He gave you a strange look, "What are you talking about, you don't have any sins." He seemed to be truly baffled by your words. You shrugged, "Neither do you, but that doesn't stop you." Now he was extremely confused. He began to say that he did, but you cut him off, "Shh! I want you to listen to me! You haven't committed any sins, you have only had others do sinful things to you. You haven't done anything sin-worthy, and you need to stop thinking that you have. Sins are something that someone can only bring upon themselves, and you haven't done anything! If anyone should be locking themselves in a coffin in a horrid basement and living miserably and alone, it should be Hojo! Not you!" 
  Everything went silent after your little rant ended. You looked away from his face and used a part of his cloak to hide your now teary eyes. Why couldn't he understand that?! You didn't want to see him live his life like this, you loved him! You froze. That's it, that's why you were spending all of this time with him. You are in love with him. A blush made its way across your face at the sudden realization. 
  You were pleasantly surprised when you felt Vincent's hand begin stroking your hair, "I'm not alone and miserable, you need to get that idea out of your head." You were about to protest, but he continued speaking, "I can't remember the last time I felt truly alone recently. You're always down here and lurking around this room. No matter what I say , you continue to stay and refuse to leave," he paused, "and that makes me happy, not miserable." His words were kind and came with an uncharacteristically sweet voice. You weren't quite sure what to think. He wasn't wrong, you were probably here more often than your own home. 
  "I think I may have fallen for you," he said as he played with a few strands of your hair. You finally turned your head to face him, "Y-You have?" You asked in disbelief. He nodded, "If you don't feel the same way, I will understand." He tried to sound neutral about it, but you could still hear a sad tone in his voice. Your eyes widened and you grabbed onto his cloak, "I feel the same way!" You blushed at how loud that had came out. 
  Vincent hummed contently and lifted you to be closer to his face. What he did next surprised you (and maybe even himself). He rested his right hand against your cheek and kissed you. You kissed him back almost immediately, you had never been so happy! After you two separated, you buried your face in his neck to hide the blush. He smiled slightly and played with your hair. He may not be the most romantic guy you've ever met, but he was perfect in your eyes. 
I spent most of today on these horrifying death-traps called airplanes, and this happened. I was actually in the middle of typing a Yazoo x Reader when the idea for this popped into my head, and I just went with it. I hope you all like it~!
I do not own Vincent or Final Fantasy.
I do own this story.
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Vincent Valentine x Reader: Give it back

  You held your breath as you snuck into the room and strained your ears. Yep, you could definitely hear the shower running. You grinned and took advantage of the situation. You tip-toed into the room of your boyfriend and eyed the red cloak laying on the bed. Your grin widened, "This is just too easy!" You whisper yelled. 
  You picked up the crimson garment and walked over to the nearby mirror. The cloak didn't fit very well, seeing that it was made to loosely fit a much larger male. Your brows furrowed as you attempted to fasten the straps on the front of the cloak. Just as you had finished the last one, the sound of running water ceased. You turned around and frantically rushed out of the room, no longer caring about being heard. 
  You made it around the first turn and paused to listen. Sure enough, you heard the bathroom door in his room creak open. This was followed by the sound of footsteps, but they stopped rather suddenly. You held your hand over your mouth to keep back the giggles that threatened to give away your location. It was mostly silent for a few minutes, you guessed that it was probably because he was getting dressed. 
  The noise from his metallic boots resonated down the hall, urging you to go elsewhere. You decided to reside in the library. You picked up a random book and lounged comfortably on one of the chairs. The doors creaked open and revealed Vincent. He was only wearing his black, ninja-like attire. 'He looks odd without his cloak,' you noted. You flashed him a cheery smile and casually greeted him, "Hello, Vincent. How are you?"
  He only stared at first, but he eventually spoke up, "Give me back my cloak." He extended his arm toward you for emphasis. You feigned innocence, "Hmm? What are you talking about?" You grabbed a corner of the cloak, "You mean this thing?" His stare intensified and he nodded. You smiled and stood up, "This isn't your cloak, it's mine. It just looks a lot like yours."
  His stare reached soul-searing levels as he gave you an 'Oh really?' look. You simply nodded and made your way to the door. The hand with the gauntlet secured itself around your arm, successfully halting your actions. You looked up at him innocently, as if you truly had no idea why why he was doing this. "Give it back," he stated coldly. You knew that he wasn't really trying to be cold, it was just in his nature. You sighed in defeat and said, "Fine, fine. I'll give it back."
  He nodded again and released your arm so you could undo the straps. You smirked and immediately sped out of the room, laughing as you ran away. Your victory was short lived though, you could hear his loud footsteps chasing after yours. This motivated you to pick up your pace and take as many twists and turns as possible. This mansion was huge, so you hoped that you may be able to lose him. However, it would appear that luck wasn't on your side. You found yourself at a dead end, and you knew that he was too close for you to try and run. You scurried behind the potted plant and crouched down. 
  Vincent's footsteps slowed and eventually halted as he entered the hallway. He sighed and spoke up, "(Y/N), I can see you." You childishly responded with a 'Nuh-uh' and stayed put. He advanced towards you until he was standing only a foot away. He bent over slightly and said, "Yes I can." You pulled the cloak over your head and mumbled, "No you can't..."
  He exhaled and sat down next to you, "What is it going to take to make you give back my cloak?" You peaked out of the coat and smiled mischievously at him. You placed your hand on your chin as you thought. Your eyes lit up as an idea popped into your head, "You're going to have to do three things. Don't worry though, they're just simple little tasks." He stared at you expectantly, waiting to see what you had in mind. 
  "First, you have to hug me," you held open your arms for emphasis. He remained still for a moment before awkwardly opening his arms as an invitation for a hug. You took the opportunity and crawled into his lap. He blushed ever so slightly when you wrapped your arms around him, but did return the gesture. You had always loved how cutely he acted in any semi-romantic situation, it was absolutely adorable!
  After a few minutes, you put an end to the mini cuddle session. You sat back up, but decided to remain in his lap. He refocused his attention on you and waited patiently for the next task. "Second, I want a kiss," you declared as you tapped on your cheek. You had to hold back a giggle when you saw the very clear blush on his face. No matter what, he was always so shy about these things. He hesitantly bowed his head down and placed a quick kiss on your cheek. You grinned triumphantly and turned your head to do the same. His blush seemed to be growing stronger, yet he somehow maintained that perfect poker face of his. 
  "Lastly," you paused for dramatic effect, "You have to tell me that I look cute in this cloak." You smiled and looked up at him expectantly. He silently observed how you did actually look while wearing his cloak. It was actually somewhat humorous to him. It didn't fit you at all, it may even be bigger than you. In a sense though, he deemed that cute could be a word used to describe you in his cloak. 
  "You look cute wearing my cloak," he said in his monotone voice. You smiled and hugged him again, "Aww, thank you, Vinny!"
  "Don't call me that."
  You giggled, "Okay, fine. But, since you think I look cute in this, I think that I will just keep it." You tried to get up and run away, but Vincent's reflexes were better than yours. In less than a second, he had pulled you back into his lap. He used his left arm to hold you in place and used his right hand to undo the straps. You pouted, "No fair, you could've at least given me a head start..."
  "I gave you a head start last time," he explained, "Now you're out of luck." You tilted your head back and stuck your tongue out at him. He rolled his eyes at your childish antics. He undid the last strap and draped it around his own shoulders. You turned around and helped him fasten them. He rested his hand on your head and ruffled your hair. "Vincent!" You whined playfully and tried to push his hand away. Before you could, he placed a light kiss on your forehead. Now it was your turn to blush. Usually when you wanted a kiss, you had to pull some stunt like this. He very rarely acted this affectionately on his own. You smiled, 'I guess that he really is starting to come out of his shell.'
  One of his rare sincere smiles spread across his face. This smile always succeeded in making your heart melt. You stretched up and kissed him right on the lips. He tensed, but quickly relaxed into it. You two broke apart shortly after. 
  "I love you."
  "I love you, too."
This is just a little something that I thought up during lunch today, I hope you guys like it!
I don't own Vincent or Final Fantasy.
I do own this story.
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        Just after sunrise, the sound of busy little birds chirping outside of your window caused you to stir. “I swear those birds are the best alarm clock in the world. And they're free.” Expecting to find Sephiroth sleeping next to you, you rolled over and prepared to hug him. When you rolled over, however, all you found was a small piece of paper. Figuring he'd gone out again, you promptly opened the note and read it.

“I made my goal to surprise you daily. Since I said that, I don't believe I've surprised you once. As you know, I don't particularly enjoy failure, which brings up the reason for this letter. I have prepared a little adventure for you. You will need to find my location using only the clues I give you. If you succeed, there will be another surprise awaiting you. So, get dressed, get yourself something to eat, and let your journey begin. Signed, Sephiroth.”

You looked down at the letter and shook your head. “Well, this is definitely a surprise.” The idea was so unlike Sephiroth, you had to wonder if it was actually him that left this note. If the note was indeed from him, you didn't want to keep him waiting. Sephiroth wasn't patient and he angered easily. After getting dressed, you scurried down the rickety old stairs and into the kitchen. On the handle of the refrigerator was another note. “Oh, what do we have here?”

“I hope you're coming down here for breakfast and not a midnight snack. You know I don't like to be kept waiting as it annoys me terribly. Luckily to hide that annoyance from you, I have a serene place where I can calm my nerves. Signed, Sephiroth.”

“Hmm, where does Sephiroth go when I upset him.” Thinking silently, you quickly munched on your breakfast. “Serene? Oh, I know this one.” Leaving your food unfinished, you rushed out of the house and hustled towards a small, crystal clear lake. The soft trickling sound of the water always calmed you down, so you knew this had to be the spot. “Come on, I know it's got to be here somewhere.” Stuffed between two rocks, was your next clue. “I knew it. This is actually pretty fun.”

“If you found this clue, then you know me better than I deserve. I'm sure you're eager to find the next location though, so I won't dally any longer. Wait, do you hear that? I wonder what it could be. Signed, Sephiroth.”

“That wasn't much of a clue.” Figuring there was a sound or a signal that you needed to hear, you stilled your breathing and listened. You heard the wind, the sound of the lake, and finally the loud croaking of frogs. “Please don't let the next clue be on a frog. I'll never catch it.” Following the sound, you came across a rather swampy area. On a tree, past the muddy, croaking landscape, was your next note. “Even when he's trying to do something nice, he's got to be evil.” Even being as careful as you could, you still ended up a bit muddy. “This had better be the last one.”

“My, you crossed that swamp to get to this? You must be pretty interested. Next time though, I suggest you use the natural bridge on the other side of the lake to keep clean. But, I digress, this is your last clue, as I'm sure you're glad to hear. Bringing you way out here gave me time to prepare your final surprise. Since there is not better place to give you your surprise than your favorite room in our old mansion, you will find me there. Signed, Sephiroth.”

“That little trickster. He was at home this whole time.” Following his advice, you walked around the lake and used the bridge on the other side to keep from dirtying yourself further. Growing more excited with each step you took, you found yourself almost running back home. When you got there however, there was another note on the door. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

“I have just one final test for you. When you enter, you will find that the curtains have been drawn and all the lights have been shut off. Find me using only your memory. If you turn on so much as a single light, you forfeit your prize. Signed, Sephiroth.”

“I should have known he wouldn't make this that easy.” Sighing happily, you entered the mansion and waited for your eyes to focus. The dark wood that filled the large front entry made everything run together. This made what you saw look two dimensional. The silence made everything worse. Each time the wood popped or creaked, it would echo and disorient you completely. After a few minutes of trying, you realized there was no way you'd be able to do this. “Hey Sephiroth, any chance that you could make a sound or something? I'm having a really tough time here.”

To your surprise, he answered back. “Now why would I do that? If I'm going to make things that easy, I might as well just come get you.”

“I just thought it might make things go a little faster. I can totally do this on my own though.” His voice was close, meaning you were actually much closer than you'd originally thought. Trying hard to pinpoint where his voice came from was rather difficult however. “Are you still in here?” There was no answer. “Well, fine then.” The next step you took, you ran directly into something. That something, was Sephiroth.

He gently placed his hands on your shoulders, letting you know that it was indeed him. “Not bad. It took you just under two hours to find me. I must admit, I thought it would take you twice that long. I guess you know me better than I thought.”

“Apparently I do.” Glad to finally be interacting with him and not just notes, you wrapped your arms around him and squeezed. “Can I get my surprise now?”

“I suppose you've earned it. Even if you did need my help at the end.” Releasing the hug, Sephiroth took your hand in his and slowly pushed open the door to your favorite room, the dinning room. The bright light made it impossible to see for several seconds, but when your vision did come back, you were stunned. Sephiroth let out a low chuckle. “You're speechless.”

“H-how did you do this? I was only gone two hours and, it's amazing.” The old, dusty, run down room had been completely restored. All of the old sun bleached curtains and furniture had been replaced with new lush versions. The long regal looking table had been re-stained and the entire room had been cleaned. It looked exactly how you imagined it would have when new. “There's no way you did this alone. You must have little elves helping you or something.”

Sephiroth chuckled again. “I'll concede that it wasn't easy. Especially since you moved so quickly. That's why I gave you that final challenge, I needed more time.” He loosely wrapped his arms around you and smirked down at your beaming face. “I take it you like this surprise then?”

“I do. I love it actually. I don't even know how to express how much I love it.” You nodded, quickly strengthening your grip on him. “You know I've been wanting to fix this place up since you brought me here, so this is just amazing.”

“Good. I was slightly afraid that you'd be disappointed with the lack of flowers and chocolates.” His smirk grew as he leaned in to kiss you. As always, his kiss took your breath away. Even if you had been disappointed, which you weren't, this would have made everything perfect. Sephiroth pulled his lips from yours far too soon, leaving you feeling a little cold. “In the future, perhaps we could restore these rooms together. Even for me, this project was quite the feat.”

“I'd like that a lot actually.” You nodded with flushed cheeks, then slowly slid your arms around his neck, lacing them behind him. “But for now, would you mind terribly kissing me again?”

Quite happy with your question, he closed every bit of space between the two of you and shook his head. “I swear, you surprise me constantly and you don't even try. I really must try harder or you'll leave me in the dust.” He pressed his palm against your cheek and stared down at you with those mesmerizing eyes you'd grown to love so much. “I suppose that will have to wait though. You seem much more interested in something else right now, correct?”

“Please don't tease me Sephiroth.” You sighed, looking completely pathetic. “It really isn't nice you know.”

“No, but it is ridiculously fun.” Gently rubbing his thumb over your bottom lip, he slowly inched closer to you. “But I suppose I've already had my fun for the day.” Unable to take his teasing any longer, you stretched yourself up to reach him and began the kiss. Both shocked, and pleased, Sephiroth held you against him and refused to let you go. You didn't know it yet, but he had no intention of letting you go. Not until you'd finished what you started.
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       Spring had finally arrived, bringing with it dozens of beautiful blooms and vocal birds. What it didn't bring, was the warmth that you missed so terribly. Still, you were glad that the wildlife was back. Seeing an occasional fox, rabbit or cat did wonders to help your deep, growing loneliness. Though Sephiroth had become much better at keeping you company, he would often disappear for days on end. Those days reminded you how alone you truly were. Today was one of those days. Despite this, you still somehow managed to push yourself out of bed. Your feet hit the cold wooden floor, sending a shiver all the way from your soles to the top of your head. “We really need to get that furnace fixed. I'm going to freeze to death before summer's here.” You reached the small fireplace, tossed a couple of logs inside and started a fire. “That should do it.” As you turned around to scurry back into your warm bed, something caught your attention. You heard the sound of footsteps coming from the basement.

The footsteps were slow and heavy, they barely sounded human. You knew inhuman things lived in that basement, which is why Sephiroth often kept the door shut and locked. Against your better judgment, you unlocked the heavy door and forced it open. Standing at the bottom of the stairs was Sephiroth, looking weak and ready to collapse. He looked up at you with dull eyes and frowned. “I told you to keep that door shut.”

“What happened to you? You look awful.” Ignoring every warning he'd ever given you about crossing that threshold, you rushed down to him and lifted his limp arm over your shoulders. “Come on, we need to get you to bed before you collapse.”

“You listen like a rock.” He snorted. “I can assure you, that attitude of yours will get you into trouble one day.” Sephiroth was annoyed at your disobedience, but knew he needed your help. For this reason he didn't fight you off or try to push you away.

“Be quiet all ready. You and I both know you're glad I opened that door.” Supporting his weight the best you could, you began the slow climb up the stairs. “This is what happens when you just disappear on me. If you just told me where you were going, or checked in every once and a while, you wouldn't be in this position.”

Sephiroth let out a low groan as you lowered him to your bed. “You know, you're really turning into a nag.” The moment his head hit the pillow he closed his eyes and relaxed.

“Someone has to nag you, and if I don't who will? If you just learned to take care of yourself...” His condition was so poor it was causing hot tears to dill your eyes. “J-just rest here, I'll be right back.” Not wanting him to see just how worried you really were, you rushed out of your room and made your way to the kitchen. After grabbing a few things that you hoped would improve his condition, you ran back up the stairs and to his bedside. “How long has it been since you ate?”

“More nagging? How lovely.” He was reluctant to answer your question, letting you know the answer was something you wouldn't like.

“Fine, no answer is answer enough for me.” With a sigh, you grabbed a cold bowl of rice pudding and prepared to give it to him. “Can you sit up at all, or do you need me to feed you?”

Your worry was getting to him, and he had no problem letting you know. “I'm not a child, nor am I an invalid. I don't need your pity. I brought this on myself, now stop your incessant worrying.” Sephiroth managed to sit up and snatch the bowl from your hands. Even when he attempted to be angry with you, he couldn't do it, not anymore anyway. After a few silent moments, Sephiroth lowered his head and sighed. “Thank you.”

A warm smile lit up your face at his words. “You don't need to thank me.”

He averted his eyes from yours and stared straight down at his now empty bowl. “Yes, I do. You've had so many chances to leave me, but you stay. I know you must be terribly lonely, and my absence doesn't help that.”

“I already told you I wasn't going to leave, we don't need to have this conversation again. Now why don't you try to get some rest?” As you stood to your feet, Sephiroth quickly grabbed your wrist and tugged at you.  “What is it?”

“Sit, I'm not through.” He looked up at you, his eyes still dull, but full of a strange emotion. “As I stated, you've stayed with me when no one else would. The world has turned their back on me, and I to the world. Yet you, someone I took as a prisoner, simply out of spite, refuse to leave. You've endured so much, and with no reward. You've forgiven me, more times than I care to count, even when I didn't deserve your forgiveness. I'm a monster, inhuman, cold, and cruel, yet, you see past all of that. I don't understand your reasoning, but I thank you for it.”

His words caused a warmth deep within you, one that couldn't be matched by even the largest fire. “Sephiroth, you're not a monster, you're not cruel, and you're not cold. You might be a bit difficult at times, but anything worth having is worth fighting for.”

As he lay back down, Sephiroth once again turned silent. Your words had caused him to become deeply confused. “Do you know why I'm in this pathetic state? I was conducting more experiments on myself, trying to find out what I am. For so long that question has weighed heavily on my heart.” He gently released your wrist, and instead held onto your fingers. “Finding that answer has driven me to the point of madness, so many times. Yet each time I see your welcoming smile, finding the truth seems, less important. Had you left, I would have lost myself, long ago.”

His voice was so mellow, and his words so uncharacteristically kind, you knew the fatigue must be taking its toll. “Sephiroth, you need to rest now. If you don't, you're going to say something you'll regret later.”

Sephiroth shook his head. “No, I should have said every word of this to you long before now.” His grip on your fingers tightened slightly. “Now, come closer. There's something else I need to do.”

You were thoroughly convinced that words were nothing more than rambling now, still you obeyed and knelt beside him. “Okay, what is it?”

Mustering up every last ounce of his strength, Sephiroth propped himself up on his elbow and quickly grabbed your shoulder with his other hand. His stare was intense, almost mesmerizing. Your chest became tight as he suddenly leaned you down, closer to him. “What's the matter? Has your sharp tongue suddenly become dull?” He chuckled quietly as he pulled you into his arms and roughly seized control of your mouth. His unexpected actions caused your face to burn like never before. Your lack of breath caused you to become so dizzy, you could barely even focus on what was going on. When his lips finally left yours, you were lying next to him in your bed. You had no idea how you'd gotten there, but you really didn't care anymore.

As embarrassed and red as you already were, his grin made it a hundred times worse. “Well, I've got to say Sephiroth, I didn't see that coming.”

“I would think not, but again, it truly was long overdue.” He wrapped his arms tightly around you and smirked. “I think I shall make it my personal goal to surprise you on a daily basis. After all, I do need a new hobby, as I doubt I shall ever darken the basement door again.”

“I'm going to take that as a promise, because I know you wouldn't dare break a promise to me, since doing so might hurt me.” You rested your head on his chest and smiled up at him. “You do remember what you told me to do if you ever hurt me again, don't you?”

Sephiroth nodded solemnly as he ran his fingers through your messy hair. “Indeed, how could I forget making my own death wish?”
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Part one…

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         “I think I've been sent on another wild goose chase. There's nothing here but rocks, dirt, and a ton of monsters. Hmm, maybe she wants me dead.” You nodded, agreeing with yourself. “I bet that's it. She wants to keep all the treasure to herself, that little trickster.” With a loud sigh you gave up the idea that there might be any kind of valuable items in this cave. You would have left a long time ago, if you could find your way out. Instead of an exit or treasures, you'd found horde after horde of monsters. Most of these creatures you could take care of with relative ease, but after hours of fighting, you were tired and in no mood to fight. “I seem to have a problem with getting myself lost. Maybe if I just wait here for a while, I'll get lucky and someone will show up.” Not even a moment passed before you heard the quiet, metallic sound of footsteps. “That worked better than expected.”

Just the footsteps, were enough to let you know who it was. After all, this wasn't the first time you had to be rescued from doing something stupid. “There you are.” Your rescuer let out an annoyed sigh. “I've been looking for you for almost an hour.”

“Come to rescue me again have you? Whatever would I do without you?” You smiled wide, honestly very happy to see him. “I'm glad you're here, but how did you find me exactly?”

Vincent gave a short, blunt answer. “I followed the sound of you talking to yourself.”

“Oh, yeah, I do that a lot I guess.”  A little embarrassed, you rubbed the back of your head and tried to change the subject. “Still, I didn't leave a note or anything telling anyone where I was going. So, how did you know I was here? In the caves I mean.”

“Yuffie told me.” Turning around quickly in a way that made his heavily tattered cape whip through the air, Vincent began leading you out of the cave.

“So, I guess that means she doesn't want me dead, huh? Maybe I'm just really bad at reading her maps.” Vincent didn't respond. “You're a really quiet guy you know. That makes it really difficult to have a conversation with you.” Still he remained silent. “Do you just not like me or what? And if you don't like me, why do you keep saving me?” You grabbed his sleeve, tugging at it like a child begging for attention. “Come on, talk to me, I'm bored.”

Your tugging and whining didn't seem to phase him all that much. But then again, most of his face was covered, making reading his emotions almost completely impossible. “You're fully capable of carrying on conversations with yourself. I've heard you do it and you seem to enjoy it. There should be no reason you need me to talk to you.”

Staring up at him with squinted eyes, you tried to figure out what he'd meant by that. “I'm not sure if that was a joke, or a jab.”

“Take it however you like.” His words were cold, even for him.

You couldn't stand the thought of someone being angry with you, especially when you had no idea what you'd done to make them that way. Though you doubted you'd get an answer, you couldn't keep yourself from asking. “Hey Vincent, is everything okay? You're acting a little weird, like I've done something to upset you. I didn't mean to if I did.”

Already approaching the mouth of the cave, Vincent stopped and looked at you. “I don't enjoy coming to your aid every other day.”

Once again, you had no idea how to interpret his words. “I'm sorry, I guess. You don't have to come save me. Not that I don't appreciate the fact that you do.”

Vincent slowly shook his head. “That's not what I mean. I shouldn't have to save you. You're too careless, and one day I won't be there. I know you're able to protect yourself to a point, but you don't think before you act and you have a habit of getting lost. It doesn't matter how strong you are, if you don't think things through, you're going to get hurt.”

His words made you smirk. “Oh, I completely understand.”

Pleased that he hadn't had to explain himself, Vincent let out a very quiet sigh. “Good.” Once again, he turned away from you and resumed walking.

As he attempted to walk away, you grasped his cape and gently pulled him back to you. “The real reason you're all upset with me, is because you really care about me. Don't try to deny it either, I can see right through your tough guy disguise.” Vincent looked down at you and blinked, obviously confused. “Don't act stupid, I know you care. You wouldn't keep saving me if you didn't.”

Much to your surprise, he agreed with you without even the slightest hint of hesitation. “Yes, that's correct. I do care for you. Should I not?”

In complete and utter disbelief, you words got stuck in your throat and refused to come out properly. You couldn't even think straight. “W-wait, You do? You weren't supposed to answer me that way. You were supposed to deny caring for me. I should have to convince you or something. That's just the way these things work. W-why did you admit it so easily?”

“What would denying anything have accomplished?” There was a slight glimmer in his eyes. If you didn't know better, you would swear he was actually enjoying this. “Besides, you told me not to deny anything.”

“I know I did, but I didn't actually think you'd listen to me.” Your voice was getting louder and louder each time you spoke. “Man Vincent, now everything's all weird and awkward. Don't you ever read or watch romantic stuff? If you do, you should have known better.”

Vincent raised a questioning brow as he tried to get you to resume walking. “Romantic stuff?”

Your face turned a deep shade of pink after what you'd said registered. “Okay, so that was a dumb question, but still.” You took in a deep breath of the cold, damp cave air and tried to clear your head. “I might be overreacting a little. You just surprised me. How are you so calm?”

Growing a little impatient, Vincent’s sentences were again becoming short and blunt. “There's no reason for me to be, un-calm.”

“What does that even mean?” Confused, embarrassed and tired, you grabbed on to his shirt and roughly shook him back and forth. “There's every reason in the world for you not to be calm. “It's like you don't even have any emotions at all.”

As you continued rambling, Vincent lifted you from the ground a placed you over his shoulder. “You talk, far too much.” Despite your wiggling, whining and squirming, he managed to get you out of the cave and to safety. “If I put you down, what are you going to do?”

You snorted. “I'm going to punch you for confusing me.”

Your threat meant absolutely nothing to him. He placed you back down on your feet without worry. “Please, try to stay out of trouble.” For the last time, he turned away from you and began to walk back towards town.

He was almost out of sight before you even tried to stop him from leaving. “H-hey, wait a minute, where are you going? I haven't punched you yet and I'm still confused. Get back here!”

Without turning around, Vincent answered your question in a very quiet, almost spacey tone. “So am I." He paused for a moment before finishing. "I'm going to read something, romantic.”
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Part four Lesson Number One. Vincent x Reader
Link to Part five First Kiss. Vincent x Reader

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Vincent Valentine x Reader
Love Story
Chapter I

    “Are you ready, _______?”
    “Ready!” You tightened the grip around your Katana's hilt and charged toward Zack, while he started blocking your attacks using his Buster sword. You wouldn't save any effort in order to defeat this 1st class SOLDIER. “Take this!” You whipped your sword and threw some more strong blows at him; a smile crossed your lips upon seeing Zack retreating few steps backwards, but still, his large Buster sword was always in the way, giving him a greater possibility in winning this duel.

    “Aren’t ya gonna give up yet?!” He asked.
You answered with a smirk: “In your dreams, Zack!” You kept hitting his sword with all your force, but now with a higher speed. “_______!” He exclaimed, while his eyes were widening with surprise, trying harder to avoid your attacks.
    “Come on, Zack! Show me what you’ve got!” You said.
    “You don’t wish to see the best of me! I’m telling ya!”
    “I thought a SOLDIER is much stronger than this.” You said, sarcastically.
    “I’m just… playing it easy with you. I don’t wanna hurt you or anything… you know, with my outstandingly unbeatable strength.” He answered with a wide grin traced on his face.
    You arched an eyebrow in denial, doubting his overdone self-confidence, while you resumed your attack.
    “Alright, alright! Easy!” He said, but with no response from your part. “Really, _______! Stop!”

    You brought your attack to a halt. “What?! You’re givin’ up?!” You said, placing a hand over your hip, and shifting your body to one side. “Let… me… first… take… a… breath. Ah! Girl, you’re good!” He said, waving with his hand a sign for you to hold on. You lowered your sword and allowed yourself a resting mode, while waiting for that spiky-haired man to catch his breath.

    Suddenly, a mischievous smirk arose over his lips, and before you were able to notice his fast movements, he brandished his sword and struck yours so robustly, and so quickly, that your Katana slipped from your hold, flipped twice in the air and fell to the floor; The next thing you knew was that you were standing there in awe, unarmed, in front of a 1st class SOLDIER!

    “Gotcha!” He said, smirking devilishly.
    “Not fair! You’re cheating, Zack!” You protested, pouting disapprovingly.
    “Na-ah. Not really.” He continued, still grinning. “Fair is my last name… literally. So yeah, this is so fair. Besides, in fighting, anything can happen.”
    “Yeah?! Well, this isn’t called fighting. We’re just practicing.”
    “You call this ‘Practicing’?! You almost killed me there!” He said.
    “That’s because I had a very good teacher.” You crossed your arms in front of your chest and arched an eyebrow.
    “Aww! I’m blushing!” He said, scratching the back of his spiky head. “So, you think I’m a good teacher, huh?”
    “Emm… yeah… but not the best.”
    “Hey! That’s mean!” He exclaimed, and you couldn't keep yourself from chuckling. “But, seriously now… thank you Zack for teaching me.” You said, almost blushing.
    “No problem at all.”


    It was almost midnight, but the sleep had fled out from your eyes. You were sitting over the bed, taking the pillow in your arms and clasping it tightly, while you were looking somewhere in the dark ambiance of your room. You were recalling every single moment you have spent with Zack; you sure enjoyed being with him, that's exactly why you've asked him to be your instructor. You still remembered the first time you asked him to teach you the art of fighting. And why was that? Was it because you always wanted to become stronger, and you found those fighting lessons capable of enabling you to assure your own safety? Yes, that's one of the reasons. But then, why Zack in particular? Is it because you've always been stunned by his incredible ability in fighting and inspired by his merit to enter the top SOLDIER rows, a level that was impossible to be reached by someone of his age? That can be true as well.

    However, the main reason never faded from your mind; you actually liked spending time with this special friend of yours, so you offered this "need of a tutor" as a pretext in order to remain close to him. Why, the thing you liked the most about him was… him. Yes, you liked him. How could you not like someone like Zack? He's a good looking young man, with his black spiky hair and dreamy blue eyes... he's funny, playful, brave and strong. But most of all, for you, he was one of a kind. He has absolutely everything a girl like you would wish for. Yet, despite of the mutual friendship that grew between the two of you, you never had the guts to tell him about the way you feel. 'Why is it so hard? Why can't I simply tell him? Why do I get so nervous and lost for words whenever I happen to be with him?'

    It's so frustrating; it was true that your fighting techniques and your ability to use the Katana have improved since first you've started working with Zack, but that same fear and lack of self-confidence never quit engrossing your mind. How come something so simple, like confessing your feelings to Zack, has proven itself more than enough to leave you so confounded?! 'Hey Zack... I like you.' How hard could it be?! You shouldn't simply surrender to the oppression of your cowardice-inspiring emotions. You had to get over this and collect everything you've got of courage in order to admit your love to him, or else Zack will never be yours!

    'I cannot do this on my own!' Again, the same old fears. However, Zack must know. You cannot keep quiet about all these raging feelings within you, so somebody has to know about this, anybody! 'How about Aerith?! She's my best friend and she's a very good listener as well; she'd be of a great help to me; I know she would. She sure knows what to do.'

    ‘_______, I’ll always be by your side, and I will never ever leave you alone. I promise.’ These words that Aerith kept saying to you have always been encouraging and uplifting. They were always like sweet music to the ear. ‘Whatever problem you might have, I’ll be more than willing to help you get through it. This is my word for you, _______.’ Not forgetting to mention her beautiful serene smile that no one can display but her; it was more than capable of making the two of you become best friends, more, sisters so to say.


    After finishing your part-time job in a quite late hour of that afternoon, you got on your motorcycle and strolled around the crowded streets of the city. Meanwhile, you were trying to put your thoughts together and think of the best way in which you’d tell Aerith about your crush. This can't wait much longer. After driving for few minutes across the jammed city, you arrived to the old archaic church where Aerith was found most of the time.

    You parked your motorcycle somewhere around the block and started walking until reaching the large gate of the church. However, before being able to proceed further through the entrance, you heard a familiar voice - not Aerith's though - coming from inside the great building; a man’s voice, to be exact. Well, due to the vastness of the church’s structure and the altitude of its ceiling, that voice was able to echo against the elevated walls, so it became quite easy for you to hear it. You decided to take a sneaky look to see who's that talking with Aerith, so you hid yourself behind the great door of the entrance and you carefully craned your head to examine what was happening in there; it would have been better though, even the best, if you hadn't done so.

    You recognized that tall stature with the typical black spiky hair; it was Zack! 'What is he doing here? He said he's going to be too busy, so practicing will be postponed for today. Why would he be here then, with Aerith?!'

    Then, you heard the young woman’s voice speaking: “Zack… I’m so tired. I feel so… lonely. I can’t bear this feeling any longer.”

    “Aerith… you know I’m always with you. Look, there’s no need for you to be afraid. I will never give up on you. You’ll forever be here, in my heart.” He responded, placing his right hand over his chest. You watched as Aerith took slow steps toward Zack and folded her arms around his waist. She clanged to him, while he, in return, held her close to his chest. “Oh, Zack… thank you.” She said softly.

    You started feeling the blazing fire burning in your veins. You long knew that Zack and Aerith have always been very good friends, but you never had the slightest idea that they could be this close to each other; well, for someone who doesn't know them very well, and upon watching them hugging and all, he/she'd say that those two form a nice couple. But you were pretty much certain that they were just friends; unfortunately, the opposite fact was about to be manifested right before your eyes. The actions you were witnessing at that moment were sufficient to prove you wrong about that 'special' relationship that joined your two best and only friends.

    She looked upwards into his eyes and, with her silky fingers, she started caressing his cheeks that were turning torridly red. He pulled her closer until her body was firmly pinned to his; she stood on her toes trying to reach his height and she let her lips interlock with his. 'Wha-?! What is happening?!' To your surprise, Zack never backed off. Instead, he gave himself into Aerith's hold and replied to her kiss with another. 'How did they-...?! Since when have they-...?!' You were completely shocked; you couldn't believe what you'd just seen, although it was impossible to disprove the witness of your own eyes. The man you love with your very best friend! How much worse could it turn to be?!

    Without you noticing, hot tears started falling down your cheeks, blurring the scene that you've wished you never saw. 'Why?!'

    You walked backwards slowly with unsure steps, and eyes drowned in shock, blinded, not by the burning tears you were shedding, but by the bitter reality that has stabbed you in your very heart and left you thunderstruck; if only I was blinded before I could see them together.

    You turned away and started running to where you've parked your motorcycle, while the light drops of tears are thinly dispersing in the air. You rode your bike and drove away from the old structure of the church, hoping that the farther you broke away, the less it'd hurt. You aimlessly drove across the city, though no clear destination in mind, for you were still unable to divert your focus from the thrusting pain that was stiffly ripping your heart apart.

    You unconsciously took the coast road and you drove alongside the rocky shore. Was it because of that place being your sanctuary for whenever you felt the need of crying your heart out? The yellow disc of the sun was not far from becoming moistened by the cold and wet horizon, yet the beautiful warm colors that usually embellish the sky at that hour of the day have turned to become dark and gloomy after the thick black clouds had spread their wings across the angry sky.

    You parked your motorcycle, dismounted it and walked with slow steps closer to the cold water. You stood over the rocks that were continuously throbbed by the vigorous waves, and you felt the fresh ocean spray being blown at your face, exerting some cooling effects over your warm skin that has kept so many burning tears inside; Oh, how much you needed a friend right now but, alas, there was no one there but the blowing wind, the surging ocean and the almost crying sky. You reached for your eyes with your hands and you wiped your tears that have never stopped falling. 'Why did this happen to me?! Why Zack?! Why… her?'

    You never could imagine that the strong friendship that had joined Zack and Aerith together could develop into a bond of mutual love. But, Aerith?! Your most trusted friend?! Okay, she's lovely, beautiful and has an attractive friendly spirit... well, true. So, is this why? Did Zack find in her something that was not found in you? Something you lacked in particular?

    You were sure though that you had one special thing that no one else had, not even the pretty and beautiful Aerith - one single thing that no one could possess, no one but you: 'I love Zack. Aerith doesn't love him as much as I do... she can't! I... I love him the most!' You burst out crying and sobbing so bitterly. You embedded your face into your hands and gave free rein to your silent sobs.

    O, you have never felt such a pressing need for a true friend who would, at least, listen to your cries, someone who would catch your tears before being shed; someone who cared.

    "Are you alright?" a dim voice spoke to you from behind, causing you to be startled. You turned round and found a man standing there, dressed in clothes made of black leather with a red cloak around his neck and shoulders, and he was fixing his deep crimson eyes on you. His appearance and his sharp looks could scare anybody, anywhere... nevertheless, his looks were not of something new to you; you've met these distinct features before, many times as well. But still, his presence there made you freeze in shock, not expecting to see him there. It took you a while before you were able to utter: "Vincent Valentine?!"

    "Did I frighten you? I apologize then." He said.
    "No... I'm fine, I guess." You answered.
    "Is there something going wrong?" He asked again. He could tell that something was absolutely bothering you upon noticing the tears that were falling from your eyes. You quickly turned your face away from him, not wishing him to see your misty eyes, but it was a little bit too late. "I'm... I'm fine." you sniffled. "What are you doing here anyways?"
    "I was walking by when I happened to see you standing here… alone." He said. "So I wanted to make sure you're..."
    "I said I'm fine! I'm totally okay. You can go now." You said in a fairly bold tone that was supposed to make you look strong, but it failed at neglecting the obvious tremor that has overwhelmed your throat.
    "I just... I wish I can do anything to help you." He said in his usual monotone voice.
    "There's nothing you can do to help me. Just, leave me alone." You said, still looking away, refusing to meet his eyes.
    "Let me try to-..."
    "No! I don't need your help!" You yelled, now looking at him with eyes filled with heavy tears. "Why do you care anyways?!"
    "Because, we're friends; and I can't watch my friend suffer while I'm standing arms crossed."
    "Friends?!" You exclaimed, releasing a nervous chuckle, a belligerent chuckle so to say, one that was not meant to come out of joy. "You think we're friends?! We barely know each other, Valentine! Do you think that the few times we've met at Tifa's, are enough to make ‘friends’ out of us?!"
    "They were not few..."

    "Whatever! But we're not friends!" You snapped back. That was, so far, the truth. It was true that whenever you happened to hang out with the friends, particularly at Tifa's bar, he was always present. As time passed by, you were able to get to know each one of the group, but for you, Vincent was always a red line that you wouldn't cross. You never wished to even converse with him, not even for a concise moment. Why? Perhaps, it was the way he looked that has fed this sort of “aversion” in you. Truth must be told; he always kept himself distant from others – for unknown personal reasons, you thought – and he barely even spoke to anyone, occasionally that is, only when Yuffie nagged him with her unending whines. He clearly was not the kind of people that you could feel relatively comfortable with. It was not hatred of course, but that didn't mean that you liked him. The general idea of him being around made you feel so nervous - rather scared - knowing though that he had never gotten closer to you; he never bothered you either, never even tried to. Unlike Zack, who had always appealed to you, thanks to his charismatic nature, Vincent's quiet and taciturn character has moved you to build invulnerable walls between the two of you in order to keep him away, that’s in case he ever tried to get closer to you. You never meant to make that gap grow wider, but you were afraid -that is, still afraid - that someone could break into your life and somehow hurt you in a way or another. It was not about Vincent though; in general, you found it hard to trust the people around you. You've trusted in some, mainly Zack and Aerith... but look! This what trusting others can do; it makes you doubt everybody, even yourself. Now, Vincent was no difference: you shall not trust him. "Not even my closest friends could understand what I've been through." You hissed.

    "I may not know everything about you," he said, but instead of becoming agitated as you were when you were speaking, he managed to keep his voice monotonous, "but I know you better than anyone else."
    "Yeah, right!" You said, cynically, and you turned your face away from him, clearly annoyed. "Alright! Start bragging! What do you know?"
    "You like Zack Fair." He finally spoke. The blood in your veins suddenly froze upon hearing his words and you looked back at him with an extreme shock in your eyes, for you haven't expected him - or anyone - to be aware of this very matter. "Wh- who... who told you?!" You asked.
    "I'm not sure whether you have told anyone about this or not... but I assure you, I have heard it from no one; I just know it." He answered.
    "Right.” You paused for few seconds, not diverting your eyes from looking at his pale figure. “Then... how did you know about this?"
    "I figured it out." He replied.
    "What do you mean?" You asked, irritation apparent in your motions.
    "It was clear." He resumed. "The way you look at him...” his ruby-colored eyes trailed off from you to stare at the ground, blinked once, but slowly, and then turned to settle back on you. “It's clear, from the look of your eyes, that you like him."
    "Was it always that obvious?!" Your cheeks started growing warm.
    "For me to notice, maybe, yes. If others were able to notice, especially Yuffie, or even Tifa, they'd be jumping all around you like fools." He replied. "Basically, it seems like I'm the only one who really knows." You couldn't simply imagine that this guy, whom you thought never cared about others or anything else in this worldly life, could somehow be considerate of the many feelings that had dwelt within you for a fair long time. Call it Irony, call it Disbelief; this very person could be the one to offer you the help and solace you needed; but again, this was not the right time to share out your trust with whoever you bump into along the way. You could not trust him and you could not accept his help; no, not him! In your eyes, Vincent was nothing but a stone-hearted person, while you were desperately looking for someone who's at least sympathetic.

    "So, you’re saying, you are mister ‘I know everything’. Is that what you are trying to prove?” You could see now his eyes narrowing after your saying the previous words, but that didn’t stop you from bringing your thought to the light: “How annoying! Can you leave me alone now?" You said.
    "I can't leave you alone in such a state." He declined, while worry was starting to prevail in his tone. "I know it hurts now, but… you cannot overcome this pain if you isolate yourself like this, with no one by your side. You need help to get over this..."
    "I don't need your help!" You finally yelled at him, feeling the strong will of biting this guy’s head off. "You can't help me! I don't want to find you near me… I don’t even want to see your face! You know why? Because you think you know everything; you know so much and you want to brag about it, like it's a big deal! Well, you know what? You know nothing! Nothing, at all! How can you give me a hand while you simply know nothing about love?!"
    "But I..."
    "No!" You cut his words as you proceeded, while pure and unstoppable tears were flowing down from your eyes. "You don't even know how it feels to love someone so much, that you'd give the whole world up just to be with that person! You have no idea how much it hurts to watch your loved one leave, and to know that he will never come back to you! You don't know the bitter taste of losing someone you love! Tell me now:…” you halted for a short moment, took a breath in and vaguely shook your head: “Tell me: what do you know, Vincent?! What do you know?!"

    Although your eyes were heavily weighed by the genuine tears you were still shedding, you could take notice of the slight change in Vincent's face. The words you've spoken have broken the intangible figure of his face, revealing a rare expression that you have never seen him showing. He was completely shocked by your words, to the point that he had no further words to add. You noticed the hurt and grief faintly drowning his eyes, and you discerned the despondency that was circling with the blood in his clenched fists. He was looking downwards at the rocky ground, clearly hiding a wound that he didn't wish you to see, a wound that – the factor of time was not enough to turn it into a fading scar – but you were able to, unknowingly, put a finger on. You have never intended to let your own pain and suffering become a weapon, a sharp one, which could easily strike others’ raw nerve – but, after all, you have done just so.

    You then realized that you have been a bit harsh when you had rained all this torrent of anger over Vincent, but you still pitied your awful condition. "Just... stay out of this." You said with a low breaking voice, then you walked past him toward your motorcycle. You mounted it and, before you have started the engine, you looked back at Vincent who was still facing the clouded dark horizon, while his crimson cloak was gliding with the storm-forewarning wind. You bit your lower lip upon feeling a slight hint of regret being awakened deep inside your chest. 'I shouldn't have spoken to him that way.' You forced yourself to look straight in front of you, ignoring the man that you have left speechless, then you started you motorcycle and drove to God knows where.

    *To Be Continued*
Vincent Valentine x Reader
For all those who love Vincent Valentine out there, this is a love story, just for you! ^-^

I've been planning on writing this story for a relatively long time, but I wasn't able to post it until now. Sorry about that! :icontinoplz:
Well, working on a story that involves someone like Vincent Valentine is quite a challenge... anyways, I hope you enjoy reading this chapter (:

I know... this chapter was a bit different than my other stories, where the reader is already in love with the main character. But here, I meant to make things go differently... the reader doesn't view Vincent as a lover, not even as a friend! So you'll notice that hurt and misunderstanding are mostly dominant in this chapter :/ However, things will hopefully turn to be better, OR NOT! XD I know that you haven't expected it to be this way, but I mean, come on, some Love stories -if not All- can be really dramatic and painful at some point. Don't you agree?

You might have found this chapter toooooooo long, although I truly didn't intend to make it so... thus, I apologize for that as well :D

Forgive, please, any grammatical or typo mistakes, for I am not a native English speaker, which is too bad :/

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this story.. they strictly belong to Square Enix. So it's purely and ONLY out of my love for these characters that I have allowed myself to use them in my fiction :iconsmoochmeplz:

I appreciate your support and love... all of you, thank you so so so so so much! :heart:
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For Vincent Valentine's Lovers

Chapter V

   The Guard Hound was only some numbered feet away from you, when it jumped quickly using its strong hind legs while it stretched its forelegs toward you, revealing their long and unnerving claws. The beast opened its mouth wide, readying its pointy teeth to feed on your tender flesh while shooting a baleful roar. You screamed and shut your eyes closed, holding your head with both your arms, as if they, by any means possible were going to protect you from that hateful fate. Is this it?! Is this the end?!

   Suddenly, a heavy weight fell over your body, which made you shudder insanely. You felt the touch of sharp claws grabbing your shoulder, but not as violently as you thought it would be. Then you heard loud and ear-splitting sounds: BLAM! BLAM! There went a series of deafening gunshots, some eight or nine of them consecutively piercing into the air, followed by the roaring barks of the Hound – loud barks they sounded, yet pained.

   You had no idea what had just happened, but the scary howling of the monster was finally silenced, and the pain that was expected to follow the Hound’s assault did not take place. You opened your eyes, hesitantly but curiously, seeing everything through a blurry curtain, and you turned to look at your shoulder where the sharp claws were settled, when you came to recognize the shine of the metallic talons of a refulgent gauntlet. Then you heard the voice of a certain person that made the blood rush back in your veins: “Are you alright, _______?!”

   His worried tone had you feel as if you were sent to Heaven. You shifted your eyes a little bit higher to look at the man who was taking you into his arms. The vision was blurred, but you were able to tell right away who that was: “V- Vincent?” you stuttered. How did he get there and how was he present at the right moment, you did not know; but you were happy – terrified, scared and frightened, but happy – happy to see him again.

   However, your face was showing none other than the expressions of fear and shock. With his right hand, Vincent brushed the few strands of hair that had fallen on your face and he caressed your head so tenderly, in attempt to wipe away that terror that had caused your body to tremble uncontrollably. Even after feeling his soothing touch, you still couldn’t comprehend all that has happened. Was Vincent really there or were you simply imagining things? No… he sounded so real… he felt so real! “_______?” That voice of his… you thought you were never to hear it again.

   The curtain that had blurred your vision finally melted at the corners of your eyes and slid down your cheeks like transparent pearls. Your glittering orbs were still locked on Vincent’s though, never bothering with hiding the tears away. He reached for your cheeks and with his thumb he wiped the wet drops, carefully avoiding the scrapes imprinted on your face. “Don’t cry, _______. You’re safe now.” He said. Despite his sincere attempt to calm your troubled soul, you couldn’t control the increasing flow of your tears, so you clasped his torso in a quick movement and you crashed your face into his chest while weeping soulfully.

   You seized the leather raiment that covered his muscly back while you burst out crying, releasing your bitter sobs onto his shoulder. He moved his left arm to caringly grip your waist and he pulled you closer to his body, while his other hand traveled to the back of your head and stroked your hair with the utmost tenderness. “Easy… easy now, _______. I’ve got you.” He reassured you gently, but your cries were not to be eased. Your quivering hands moved to his neck and enclosed it tight, pinning your bodies even firmer to each other. Empathizing with you, Vincent bent ever closer toward you after realizing that you were not going to stop crying any time soon – not that he was annoyed by your sobs, but it appeared that something deep inside him hated so much to see your tears of pain.

“Calm down, _______. Everything is alright now.” He said reassuringly.

“I… I was so scared!” you whimpered, but your voice has come out somewhat muffled as your words sank into the creases of Vincent’s shirt. He let out a heavy sigh, tightening his hold around your waist with one hand and patting your head with the other, following a light and slow rhythm. You rested the temple of your head over his shoulder, while your ear was locked against the wall of his chest and your soul was submitting to the soothing music of his heartbeats.

   His hand which once was caressing your hair traveled down across your face that has been soaked by all the tears you had shed, and he lifted himself up so he could have a better look of you. That was when you realized how close your face was to his, while the short distance between the two of you was laden with your hot breaths. For a moment there, you could almost forget the point of crying, as you stared at his pale face and those sincere eyes of his; you weren’t sure whether what you were seeing was real or that your confused thoughts were making you see things differently, but his cheeks seemed slightly different in color, turning into a very light shade of red. You held your breath – or was it that your breath has been taken away without a fair warning – and you let your misty eyes examine the distinctive features of his visage. The mysteriously wonderful rubies of his orbs were fixed on yours, sparkling beautifully with a phenomenal gleam that was new to your eyes.

   A sudden blush rushed to your cheeks, causing an unbearable heat to escape your skin. How have you got to this situation, you weren’t sure; but it felt… awkward? Not really; but you couldn’t deny the presence of a weird and unusual feeling within you. The increasing beats of your heart weren’t to help you think more thoroughly; rather, they were knocking against your ears with loud thuds, deafening your aural senses from hearing the screaming sounds of reason.

   Spontaneously, a solitary fluid gem left your eye and trickled slowly across your reddened cheek, when Vincent moved his hand to your face to wipe that tear away. “_______.” He whispered. His voice was unexpectedly warm, slightly less hoarse than it would usually sound like. In his eyes, you could discern the reflection of an inexplicable feeling, but nevertheless sincere one. “Don’t cry.” He continued with the same cordial tone. His voice though made you finally become aware of the position which the two of you were in. Realizing the fact that he was lying on top of your body caused you to blush more ardently, so you slowly looked away with the signs of timidity manifest all over your face, sniffling: “I’m… I’m fine.”

   He sure was aware of the awkwardness of that moment as well, yet it took him some time to finally become able to do something about this discomfiture. He rose up from his position and away from you, stirring back into a kneeling posture while taking your hands into his and helping you sit straight on the ground, right across of him. “I-I’m… I’m so sorry!” he apologized, avoiding eye-contact. “I… I didn’t… mean to…” He was about to draw his hands away from yours when you grabbed his wrists, causing him to look back at you. You halted there for few moments, not knowing why exactly you didn’t wish him to back away, then you leaned closer to him and rested your head on his chest: “Can… can I… just… stay like this… a little longer?”

   “_______?” he said, a bit concerned.

   “Please… don’t let go.”

   He was utterly caught off-guard by your simple request, but he didn’t hesitate to go along with your will. He gently pulled his hands out of your grip only so that they may enfold your frail body in a caring manner. Automatically, a sudden blush sallied forth to your cheeks, causing an unexplained heat to escape your skin, albeit it was in fact your request, staying close to him. Why were you blushing though? Why so agitated? It didn’t take long before you finally relaxed – very slightly – and you allowed your arms to return his hold with another. You closed your eyes and embedded your face into his chest and breathed the scarce heat radiating from his body. The two of you remained still for some time, quietly lingering into each other’s hold and sinking into a silence which the continuous whistles of the chilly blowing wind alone were able to disrupt.

   You then realized that you have wetted his front garment with your tears that were so hard to control, so you raised your head from his chest and rested your chin on his broad shoulder, while feeling his silky ebony hair tangling around your fingers. You opened your eyes, then behold! The once-ravenous Guard Hound that had been coming after your life was then completely lifeless - dead as a doornail – lying on the ground behind Vincent; the beast’s heavy skull was thoroughly deformed by the many burning bullets that had pierced its solid skin, while the thick blood was slowly flowing from the deep wounds down across the dark flesh of the hideous animal, smearing the ground with a puddle of dark crimson. The scene was extremely atrocious; it was worth noting how passionate you were when it came to martial arts and swordplay, but apparently you weren’t much in readiness for the cruelty of this world! After all you have done, you felt as if you haven’t accomplished a thing… you felt that you were still your old self, the person you hated the most: the weak and diffident you.

   You grimaced at the sight and you immediately hid your face into the man’s shoulder, wishing for that gory image to be somehow washed from your mind. It wasn’t to be done miraculously of course, but amazing how strong was the effect Vincent’s presence could instill! You weren’t sure what to feel; you were still frightened, your soul was whimpering and your body was shivering intractably. Yet, what was that inexplicable feeling of tranquility that has somehow found its way to your heart? Vincent… this man… how much do I owe him so far? Even when I was at the edge of breaking, even when I thought myself so distant, so helpless… he was right here… right beside me. Vincent… how will I ever be able to repay you?

   Minutes passed by, and peace has been able to slowly flow in a steady current back to your heart and to finally settle down in your core.  “_______?” He finally let his voice echo into the silence. You hoisted your head from his shoulder and hummed a signal for him to proceed. So he continued with a low voice: “I… I wanted you to know that…” he exhaled before resuming: “… that I’m… I’m sorry.”

   You waited for a short period before replying: “Sorry… for what?”

   “For the way I reacted back then… I… I guess I was too blinded by my memories from the past, that I didn’t even give deeper thought to my present actions. I didn’t mean to yell at you and force you to leave my place.”

   You chuckled, although you didn’t really feel like doing so, and you asked: “You call that yelling?”

   “I suppose… yes. Don’t you?” was his answer.

   You rose up from your position and carefully moved back and knelt in front of Vincent, looking down at your hands that were entwined over your lap. “I still don’t understand what you’re apologizing for.” You said.

   He looked at you with query in his crimson eyes: “_______...”

   “Vincent…” you cut him off right away, saying: “You shouldn’t be apologizing. You…” You turned your head to look at the man across of you, with eyes filled with a beautiful glitter of appreciation: “You saved my life, Vincent.” At your saying that, his eyes that were lingering on you trailed to look away, but you continued, leaning forward so you could retrieve his gaze again: “You saved me… not only once, Vincent…” You reached for his band-wrapped forehead and with your fingers you pushed his head to a higher position, making him meet your eyes with his ruby ones. “No matter what I do, I will never be able to thank you enough.”

   He looked downward again and shook his head with rebuttal: “It can’t be denied that I was at fault… treating you like that… and throwing you into… unnecessary danger… I take the full blame for that. I’m sorry.”

   Your hand that once was gently touching Vincent’s forehead quickly curled into a fist and you punched him lightly right on the head. He frowned and shot his eyes back at you, in his orbs inquiry as to why you have bumped him for no reason. Not that he felt pain or anything, but he purely did not see that coming. You smiled gracefully and answered his unasked question: “Stop apologizing already. You can’t be the cause for everything!” You lowered your arm and let it rest on its previous place, over your lap. “A wise man once told me: ‘Stop blaming yourself for every single thing.’” You quoted.

   You could discern the slight change of the look in his features from one of worry to a somewhat more relieved expression, and you kept your eyes fixed on him as he turned his head, causing the large collar of his cape to bend a little, uncovering his lower face and consequently revealing a ghost of a smile that was drawn over his lips. He nodded and opened his mouth to utter: “Whatever you say, ma’am.”

   Your smile grew wider at his brief moment of humor – which was, in his opinion, a very desperate attempt to use some rarely displayed wit – and your heart began to warm up at the sight of his sparsely seen smile. You allowed your eyes to settle on him for a long while in order to study the exceptional features of his face, but then he interrupted you by asking: “What is it?” Your sight sure was too fixed on him, or else he wouldn’t have asked. You shook your head slightly, while the smile was never failing to appear: “Nothing.” You answered. “It’s just…” You lowered your head and looked to the ground: “Thank you… for rescuing me… and for everything else. I’m truly grateful.”

   “It was nothing.” He said. “Had something happened to you… I… I wouldn’t forgive myself… I wouldn’t be able to…” his voice trailed off as a shadow of a somber look descended onto his eyes, and he couldn’t complete his words as if they were choking him. “Vincent…” you crooned. He breathed deeply, clearing his throat at first and then he turned to you saying: “I’m glad you’re safe.” His voice, which he was thoroughly trying to muster, was more than capable of making your eyes water, but you promised yourself you wouldn’t cry. So you smiled gracefully instead and gave him a brief nod in response. You simply didn’t know what to say to that.

   Vincent stood up and stretched his right arm to you: “Can you stand up?” You accepted his hand and took it into your own, then he pulled you up carefully until you were raised to your feet. “We better leave this place.” He added. You held onto his arms, forcing your body to somehow hinge on the wobbly feet of yours. “Where are we going?” You asked.

   “I’m taking you home” was his simple answer. You gazed at him, lost for words. He was serious. “But it’s a long way home! You don’t have to accompany me… I mean… you’re not obliged.”

   “I don’t think that you can walk the whole way back to Midgar by yourself, can you now?”

   You looked at the said city which stood far in the distance then back at your hands that were firmly depending on Vincent’s arms for balance. “No.” You admitted in a submissive sigh. He regarded you thoughtfully and in silence before he uttered in his usual husky voice: “I see… so… you don’t trust me.” You swiftly raised your eyes to look at him upon hearing his conclusive answer, and you answered keenly: “No! No, that’s not what I meant!” Your voice then sank into a lower tone of uncertainty. “I just… I feel so ashamed. You’ve done so much for me, and I… I still can’t thank you properly. I do appreciate your offer, very much… but taking me back home is just…” While you were still talking, Vincent released your arms from his, turned around and knelt on a single knee to the ground, interrupting your words that were still on your lips: “Get on my back.” He said.


   “Get on my back.” He repeated his request.

   “What for?”

   “You can’t walk, right? So I will carry you on my back.”

   “No, I can’t do that!”

   “You want your ‘debt’ thing to be paid off, don’t you? Then do as I ask. Get on my back.” He demanded for the third time. You stepped forward to him and placed your hand on his shoulder: “I’m not sure how this is going to help with repaying my debt of gratitude.” You uttered. He didn’t reply to that; he simply remained at that position, waiting for you to do what he has told you to. But you felt embarrassed; you didn’t feel easy in your mind by letting him carry you all the way to where your home was. You trusted him, yes, and that was not the problem at all… you were ill at ease, with yourself. Yet after all, he has offered you his help, willingly, although he didn’t really have to.

   You contemplated him with a weak smile gracing your weary face: “Is it really okay?” You asked shyly. He didn’t say anything to that either; he only nodded in the affirmative. Hesitantly but gently, your hands encircled his neck and came to rest upon his chest, then you fastened yourself over his back, entrusting him with the friable weight of yours. He held your back knees and lifted you up on his back until your feet were no longer touching the ground but hanging on each side of his waist. “Hold on tight.” He besought.  

   “Okay.” You answered him, grabbing the cloth of his garment tightly as he started walking. “You… you really wanna do this?” You asked, still not sure about the whole idea of him walking back the long way to Midgar, carrying you on his back. “Yes.” He answered so simply.


   Half of an hour had passed since Vincent started walking toward the city that lied far in the distance, with you upon his back – half of an hour with dead silence as your only companion. The quiet ambiance was growing heavy on you; it has given rein to many painful thoughts and regrettable memories to circle into your head. You tried to shrug them off, but the few misunderstandings that neither of you had wished them to take place had to be cleared somehow. So you decided to take the initiative, although you didn’t like to be the first to go.

   “Vincent?” Your strangled voice uttered, shyly flowing in a gentle wave through the heart of the silence. “Hn?” he hummed, so you proceeded to say: “About what happened earlier…” you halted, as the feelings of shame regained their place within you. “Um, I know that you don’t want to talk about it… but…” you lifted your head that was gracefully leaning against his shoulder and you looked at the profile of his face, saying: “I’m truly sorry. I have behaved inappropriately. I really didn’t mean to make you upset. I truly want to apologize.”

   “If I were to become upset because of you,” he began with the hoarse tone of his, “it would be my problem… my fault, not yours. But again, I wasn’t upset.”

   “Yes, you were. You had all right to be angry with me, because… the thing I did was not… the proper thing to do. I didn’t mean to search into your stuff and read that… that letter… but I… I don’t know what has gotten into me. I’m sorry.”

   “You still don’t get it.” He said.


   “First, I must apologize myself because I have reacted thoughtlessly. Maybe you saw me on edge at that moment, but… that doesn’t mean that you’re the cause. I wasn’t upset because of you, _______. I just… I didn’t want you to know ab-… I mean… I wanted it to remain a secret. That letter… it brings back unpleasant memories.”


   “I should have disposed of it… but I couldn’t. So I tried to keep it hidden, away from every soul’s reach, away from my own reach; I thought, maybe that way I could forget.”

   “Then I came and blew it.” You stated frankly. He shook his head and replied through a barely heard chuckle: “No.” A short sigh escaped his mouth, and the unintended chuckle that had hardly brushed his lips soon had gone. “No. I… I was never able to forget.” You could discern in his gravelly voice the screaming pangs from an old wound, a traumatic pain which you were oblivious of the reasons behind its existence.

   “Vincent… I… I do not know what happened that made you want to forget…” you paused, taking the time to choose your words carefully. “But perhaps… forgetting may not be the cure.” He did not say a word in reply, but you knew that he was listening. You continued: “Keeping quiet about the things that hurt you won’t help either… I’m aware that you don’t like to speak your heart to others… I know it’s hard. But when I talked to you, although my problem was not actually solved… I felt… relieved, more at ease, because I found someone who’d listen. I found you here, ready to help.” You rested your chin on his shoulder after receiving no comment from him, and went on speaking: “What I’m trying to say is… I’m not asking you to tell me anything… but… if you ever felt like talking about it to someone, I’ll be more than glad to listen. And if it’s possible, I’ll do whatever I can to help. I mean it Vincent, whenever you needed help… I’ll be there for you… I promise.”

   He sighed after of moment of silence and asked: “Why would you bother yourself with a problem that you’re not even part of?”

   “Vincent, I know that it is none of my business, but I…”

   “That wasn’t my question… what I meant is… why are you offering me your help? You don’t have to.”

   “Yes, I do! Because… you’re my friend.” You answered.

   Upon hearing your words, he slowed down and his steps eventually came to a stop. “Friends?” he repeated your saying, tonelessly.

   “Yes.” You tilted your head to the side so you could take a better look of his face. “Is something wrong?”

   He turned his head to your direction, although not looking directly at you and said: “I thought you said that we are not friends.”

   So you’re going to remind me of everything I said before? You pretended to be offended, displeased by what he has just mentioned: “And I thought that you were aware of how stupid I was when I said that… and that you were actually going to forgive me!”

   He chortled quietly and tried to tease you a little bit more as he resumed walking: “I fear that you are now asking me to be your friend only so that I may entrust all of my secrets to you.”

   “What?!” You exclaimed, hitching your head away from his shoulder as you looked at him with disbelief and you punched him over his upper arm: “Vincent! Seriously?!”

   “Just saying.”

   “Unbelievable!” You tried to fake the most annoyed look you could muster, but you couldn’t help the honest smile that has deliberately found its way to your face. “So…” you ensconce yourself back against his strong back, as his broad shoulder pillowed your rosy cheek: “Friends?” you asked.

   He let his eyelids veil the marvelous ruby of his orbs, and through the slightest of smirks he replied: “Friends.”


Vincent’s POV:

   I was walking on one of the narrow streets of Sector Seven in Midgar, heading toward _______’s house which was not too far away, while holding the said girl on my back. It was a tiresome journey to Midgar – for her that is, not me. I didn’t mind carrying her throughout the sally back to her home, for I knew that she couldn’t have done it herself. She was exhausted; the whole time, she kept silent until she fell asleep with her head gently leaning on my shoulder. She had attempted to force herself to stay conscious, but eventually she had to surrender to her weariness. Sleep had left her eyes the past night, I was aware… so I tried to keep the steadiness of my steps so that no sudden movement would awaken her.

   As I walked past the humble houses that stood on both sides of the path, people started gazing at us, and I could discern the question in their eyes: ‘What is he doing, carrying that girl like that?!’ Good thing there weren’t many people passing by, but I truthfully hated drawing their attention. I did not return their gazes though; I had to take _______ back to her place, ignoring the awkwardness that I felt when their eyes were settled on us.

   Soon, I arrived to the front of her apartment and I ascended the few steps that led to the front door. I had to put her down, gently waking her up so she could open the door to her house. She yawned tiredly, opening her eyes ever so slightly and she stood on her feet while still leaning on me for balance. She raised her eyes and gazed at the wooden door of her apartment. “We’re here.” I informed her, but I knew that she was still half-asleep. Wordlessly, she searched into her pockets and then drew a set of keys, slowly slouching with stumbling feet toward the door. She rested her forehead against its wooden surface, trying to insert the key into the door’s lock but failing to, even after several attempts.

   I knew she could keep standing on her feet no more, so I stepped closer to her and supported her body from the back, making her relax into my arms and pillow her head on my chest. My chin was touching the right temple of her head, and the clavicle of her silky neck became the anchorage of my breath. I simply did not know what has got into me that very moment; her innocent aura was sufficient to leave me paralyzed. She was breathing so softly, causing her slender form to move gracefully against my chest, following a very languid rhythm. I never happened to be this close to any woman before the way I was to this very girl; why did I allow her to be an exception?

   Uncontrollably, I let my left arm snake around her waist and hold her side as gently as I could manage, then I took her right hand which was holding the key and I guided her fingers to find the key slot, turning it open. I shifted my eyes to look down at her face only to find her fast asleep right between my arms. I marveled a little bit longer at her sleeping figure; the sight of her was a genuine delight. Even in her sleep, she kept her innocent features intact, which gave out the belief that her face was somehow carved by the hands of an angel – something I’ve always…

   I’ve always…


   Regardless of the many scratches that the claws of misfortune have caused to her delicate skin, her peerless grace always shone through. I had lost all sense of time as I held her close to myself, as if she had captured my whole sensation. I did not know how much time had passed before I finally realized the awkwardness behind my silent – and prolonged – examination of her.

   I moved my arm that was gently holding hers and let it snake behind the back of her knees. Then I lifted her into my arms, and with my foot I slid the door open and stepped inside, carrying _______ under the roof of her own residence. I was first greeted by the cold yet appealing ambiance of her humbly decorated living room. I took a brief look around the place then my steps began proceeding into the chamber, approaching the single couch placed across from an old fire place. With slow and careful movements, I leaned toward the couch and laid _______’s body over the soft furniture, letting her head rest gently on the cushions.

   As I placed her over the sofa, my raven-black hair flowed down while its ends fell on each side of her face, creating silken curtains of ebony around her visage so as to veil a forbidden beauty, a sacred charm. Some of my hair locks were caressing the silky skin of her face, as black butterflies seeking the sweet nectar of the red roses growing on her cheeks. I couldn’t comprehend when, why or how I came to be so close to her, that even my nose was filled with the meritorious scent of hers; she smelled like flowers, like the autumn rain… like… like the heaven’s clouds. It was addictive; I could feast on it as long as _______ was fast asleep.

   But I didn’t want to…

   In a matter of few seconds, I came back to my senses and I pulled back from her. What am I doing?! Seriously?! What was I thinking?! However, as much as I needed to keep the distance between us, I couldn’t tear myself away from her. You might ask why… well, it wasn’t because my heart was too weak to let go of her, because that’s absolutely not… n-not true. The thing is… I came to realize that her arms were still fastened around my neck. I had to force myself out of her hold, but I couldn’t; I feared that I might startle or awaken her by any sudden move coming from my part. She was clearly still asleep, but she kept her grip somehow tight nonetheless, clenching her hands harder whenever I attempted to break loose. So I spoke to her, hoping she’d be able to hear me: “_______... you’re home now, safe. You may let go.” I whispered.

   She winced – a sign that she has heard my words – then her arms broke the ring that they had formed around my neck, only so to slide down to my chest and take my buckled red cloak into her frailly clenched fingers. “Don’t…” she breathed. I looked at her troubled face; it was unexplained. What was she holding fast unto? Could it be...?

   “Don’t leave me…” she mumbled so softly, with a croaking voice which was barely audible if it wasn’t for the short distance that separated us. But I understood what she said, and I knew what and whom she was thinking of. She must have been dreaming about… him – I thought – about the man she loves. She must be craving for him, even in her dream. In time of distress, one would only call for the person they love, none else…

   I took hold of her hands that were hopelessly grabbing my garment and I guided them away from my chest. I wished I could do something to help her, to reassure her that she was not left alone… that she was still cared for, even if not by her beloved one. If only she could see… if only she would know…

   I placed both her hands over her stomach, yet I wasn’t able to pull my own hands out of the touch. I had to leave her side, but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I had heard random stories about a certain ‘Sleeping Beauty’ – mere fairy tales in which I have never found the slightest interest. I could have never believed though that tales knit by mere figment of dreamer’s imagination could come into reality, or that such a Beauty was sleeping so peacefully right before my own eyes, under my touch, her silky hands seeking the warmth of my own palms. Yet again, it wasn’t my warmth, nor my protection that she was in need of. It was his, all along.

   Why was I so uneasy about it?!

   I closed my eyes and pulled my hands away from hers, turning my face to the opposite side and readying myself to take the leave. “Vincent…” I heard my name being called in a form of a whisper. I turned to look back at her, assuming that she was awakened, but no… she wasn’t. Her eyelids were still covering the wondrous color of her orbs, and the peace of slumber hasn’t left her features. Did I mishear her, uttering… my name? I wasn’t sure, but I kept my gaze settled on her, when I noticed her lips moving apart again: “Vincent…” she said under her breath, “stay…”. Her voice sounded like a sighing flute, like the melodies of spring’s breeze.

   Suddenly, loud thuds began pounding against my chest, making my heart seem too heavy for my ribcage to contain. I did not know what was happening within me. I have never felt this way before. Even if I had, then it would have been since a long time ago… since… since Lucrecia was still around.

   I was completely caught by surprise. I wasn’t certain anymore whether she was conscious or not, but it didn’t matter all too much; she knew! She somehow knew that I was there, by her side. I wasn’t sure either if she was speaking in her dreams, but she sounded as if she was beseeching me to stay and not leave her. How could I ever ignore or give a deaf ear to her calling voice?!

   I couldn’t. I took her hands once again into mine and I squeezed them tenderly, reassuringly. The feeling that overtook me that very moment was a whole new thing to me; I didn’t know how to define or describe it, for I sure was not acquainted with it. I felt…


   A feeling which I had lost the taste of for years. I didn’t even know how it tasted or sounded like anymore. How come that she had become the one to make me experience this feeling again?

   I leaned forward and pressed my lips gently against her forehead, allowing them to settle there for some few moments and closing my eyes in order to meditate on the feeling of her satiny skin in contact with my lips. I pulled away and gazed at her peaceful and pristine face, while my right hand couldn’t fight the yearning to brush her beautiful hair and feel its graceful texture flowing between my fingers. I could sense the corners of my lips slightly curving upwards. Yes. I smiled. “Staying a little longer… won’t hurt.”

To Be Continued…
Vincent Valentine x Reader

Chapter 5

Hey, Vincent Fans! I hope you have enjoyed this chapter. I know, this story is taking forever! >:/

So, as you can see... there's some kind of a "monologue" kinda thing, of Vincent of course. It's pretty hard, you know, putting myself in Vincent's place and speaking "on his behalf". 

And, yes, as many (most) of you have already predicted, Vincent did come to the reader's rescue. VERY TYPICAL. But hey, it's all about Vincent here, right?! xD

Okay, blah, blah, blah.... bye-bye.... see you "soon" :D (Don't say "YEAH, RIGHT!". I can hear you, you know!)
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For Vincent Valentine’s Lovers
Vincent Valentine x Reader
Love/Hurt/Comfort Story

Chapter II

   The rain drops were heavily falling over your face, your hair was completely sodden and spread out across the wet ground, and the sky was crying bitterly over your body that was lying silently on the asphalt ground. The setting sun had already hidden its faint light behind the horizon, so the sky was then black and dark, not forgetting to mention the thick clouds that were invading the limitless firmament. It’s cold and clammy, you could feel it. You really needed a place in which you could seek warmth, but still, you just couldn’t move. You couldn’t even open your eyes, no matter how many times you have forced them to. You could not tell whether you were dead or alive. No, this couldn’t be Death! The chill of the heavenly tears that were soaking your body, the violent whistles of the icy blowing wind, and the killing pain that has struck every single muscle in your delicate body… they all felt so real. Your body was sensing and fully aware of all these feelings of anguish, but your brain on the other hand was somehow paralyzed. It failed at stimulating your now weak body to seek a shelter. You were still lying there, on the uncomfortable hard ground, under the pouring rain that kept on falling nonstop.

   “_______!” you heard your name being called somewhere in your background. To you, it sounded like a deep fading whisper. “_______! Are you okay?!” You then felt two arms taking hold of you; one was lifting you gently off of the ground, while the other hand started caressing your cheeks so carefully. “_______, can you hear me?!” He asked again. Although his voice was somewhat familiar, but you just couldn’t tell to whom it belonged, nor could you open your eyes to look at his face. However, the name of the person that you needed the most instinctively came first to your mind: “Zack?” you whispered.

   You didn’t hear any response from his part. He kept quiet; he didn’t respond with a word… or is it that your ears were entirely deaf now?
Oh dear! Your body hurt like hell! It felt like your muscles have been ripped brutally.

   You wanted to cry, to scream, to shout that pain out! But your throat was not helping… you moaned quietly instead, a low hushed moan that wouldn’t silence the screaming pain in your body. A single tear escaped your left eye, mixing with the raindrops. However, the person that has taken you into his arms was able to discern that single warm tear from the torrent of cold raindrops. He reached it with his thumb and wiped it off your cheek. His touch was so caring, so gentle. “You’ll be fine, _______.” He said. His voice was so dim and deep… yet familiar. “Thank y-…” you wanted to say these two simple words, but a silent slumber climbed up to your brain, and before you knew it, you fell asleep between the man’s arms, finally turning a deaf ear to this dreadful agony of your body… only for a short while though.


   A strident thunderclap erupted into the darkness, sending its raging roars across the night sky and disturbing your silent and deep slumber. Suddenly, you opened your eyes and gasped in panic, startled by the fierce noise that was coming from outside. You were short of breath, somehow struggling for every simple amount of air, and every breath you were taking in was a painful one. Your chest was aching badly, as if you were having some broken ribs. You groaned quietly and tried to calm yourself down, for even breathing was enough to rip your chest mercilessly.

   You blinked your eyes few times before they were finally adjusted to the light of the room that you were resting in, even though it was in fact a dim light. You then came to realize that you were lying on a not so comfortable sofa, in a room that you were not familiar with, where a very dark and murky ambiance was most dominant. You lifted your head up slightly in order to get yourself out of your lying position, but, oh dear God, it hurt! Great! You reached for your forehead with your hand, as your fingers met with the feel of a bandage wrapped neatly around your head. ‘What happened?!’ Oh, how much you wanted to just squeeze your head in order to kill that pain! You groaned under your breath, wishing for these feelings of discomfort to be washed away.

   Although you thought that you were the only one who could hear your own silent moans, they were actually audible to a certain someone whom you didn’t expect to be around. “Have you awoken?” you heard his deep voice asking. You turned your head to the side and your eyes fell on the silhouette of a man who was standing in the tenebrous corner. His voice was low and husky, sending shivers down your spine. It sounded somewhat familiar though. He walked with slow steps toward you, while the lamp’s dim light fell over his tall stature, gradually illuminating his emotionless frame. “V-… Valentine?!”

   “How are you feeling now?” He asked. You didn’t know how to reply; you just stared at him with eyes wide opened, surprised upon seeing him there. In fact, what were you doing here, with him?! You tried to pull yourself out of the sofa and to sit up straight, but the pain that crawled throughout your body was so excruciating, causing you to reluctantly escape a moan. You bit your lower lip just to keep yourself from screaming, imprisoning your bitter screams deep into the fathomless depths of your soul. You never wanted to look weak, not even in the horrible state that you were in, and absolutely not in front of this man!

   In the midst of that insane whirl of suffering, you felt his right hand taking hold of your back and he slowly and carefully pushed you upwards, helping you to finally sit up straight over the sofa. His touch against your back made your whole body tense – this was the very first time you feel his touch, the first time you sense him so close to you. You have never even shaken hands with him before, and now he was holding your back, tenderly, closely. You raised your eyes and looked at him, to find his face right in front of yours, enabling you to hear even the low and slow breaths of his. You didn’t know how it happened, but your face turned beet red instantly, burning intensely. He could feel your tenseness, so he quickly backed away and diverted his crimson eyes from you, looking abashed himself.

   You looked around, in attempt to study the small room’s details with your tired eyes. You turned your attention to the glass window near you. It was raining; the countless water drops were thoroughly landing on the cool glass and sliding down across it, leaving the very thin transparent trails behind them. You could hear the continuous whistles of the wind. It was so dark outside; inside was not much brighter, but thanks to the wan light of the lamp you were able to notice, with the corners of your eyes, the mysterious features of the man that was still standing next to you. His long and silky ebony hair would put Erebus, the Lord of Darkness himself to shame. His pitch black leather attire was partially covered by the long bloody cloak which hung over his shoulders and hid the lower part of his face, the same cloak where many deep and shadowy secrets were kept hidden in every single crease of its scarlet cloth. His gauntlet was reflecting the low light, defining its sharp pointy claws. Okay... this is creepy! What the heck am I doing here?!

   “Wh-… what… what happened?” You asked, almost whispering. You watched him as he drew a wooden chair next to the sofa and sat on it. “You really don’t remember?” He asked.
   “I’m not sure… the last thing I remember… I was driving my motorcycle and… then…” you looked away for a moment, trying to recall what had followed but you failed, so you turned your sight back at Vincent. He looked silently at you before he started talking: “I found you lying on the side of the road, unconscious.”

    “Your motorcycle has crashed into a light pole… nothing left of it but a metal pile of junk.”

    You stared at him with shocked eyes, jaw dropped to the floor. He continued: “Fortunately, you were able to fall off your motorcycle before the accident had occurred. Which is… good… I think.”

   “An accident?” You still couldn’t take in the whole fact. No wonder why your body hurt so much! A long and heavy sigh escaped your throat: “Oh, great!” You held your forehead with the palm of your right hand: “My motorcycle is… ugh!” That was a downer. You have worked so hard just to be able to buy that motorcycle. You can’t afford a new one right now, not with the low salary that you were receiving at your stupid job. You needed one anyways. You’d have to work double the time and effort just to buy a damn new motorcycle – that is if you could go back to work with your miserable state. This is bad!

   “Material things can be replaced.” You heard his deep voice uttering again. “But if a human loses himself into death, there’s no way he’d come back again.” You looked at him with surprise in your eyes. You didn’t expect such a comment to come out from his mouth.

   “I know you’re in pain now… the accident must have been really grave. But I’m… I’m glad you didn’t…” He halted for a moment, “I’m happy that nothing… worse has happened…” He looked confounded; he didn’t find the appropriate words that would conclude his sentence. You kept looking at him while he, on the other hand, turned his sight away from you, staring somewhere at the floor. “What I meant is… you’ve got few bruises here and there… not too severe… but you’ll survive them. Other than that, nothing serious.”

   Your face suddenly became painted in red, and you clasped yourself with both your arms. You gulped nervously: “Wh- What do you mean by ‘here and there’?! Did you… do a… total check-up or something?!”

   “Uh…” He looked befuddled; he didn’t know how to answer that… he didn’t even expect such a question. He shifted in his seat nervously and crossed his arms in front of his chest, still looking away and saying: “Th- th-… there’s no way I would do such a thing! Not without your permission…” You lowered your arms and rested them over your lap, realizing that you had just offended him – unintentionally that is – exactly the same way… you did… before… Oh man! Why do I keep on doing this?! He has offered you help, he has taken care of you, and he has taken you in when you had no shelter from the stormy night… he’s been trying to be somewhat nice to you. Why couldn’t you show him a small bit of trust, just a bit?! Why would he even make a “total Check-up” on your body, while you were more than certain that he would never look at a woman in an improper way?! He is not that sort of men! You didn’t mean of course to treat him badly, but sometimes your words and actions come out uncontrollably, simply impromptu. But this can’t last… you couldn’t simply throw daggers at him every time your lips parted. I’ve got to fix this!

   You lifted your right hand and touched the bandage that was wrapped around your forehead. You lowered your head in embarrassment and your eyelids flickered nervously: “Y-… you… you’re the one who… who has fastened this around my head? No?” What a stupid question! – you thought – of course it’s him, who else could it be?

   He looked back to face you, his figure has turned back to its emotionless nature, and he nodded briefly to you: “Um… well… you have a cut on your right temple… it was bleeding… so I had to bandage it up.” You nodded, still looking downwards. “Em… Vincent?” you uttered.


   You turned to him, with eyes glittering innocently: “Th-… thank you… Vincent.” You added. “I do not know how to… how to thank you properly… for everything you’ve done for me.” He heard your words, but he kept quiet for a while before replying. “You don’t have to thank me. It was nothing.”

   After that, a heavy silence fell over the two of you. The only thing that was loud enough to interrupt that dead quiescence was the long howls of the tempestuous wind and the dripping of the rain outside. You silently looked downward at your hands that were linked together over your lap. The silence was maddening you… you didn’t know what to speak, and he just sat there and didn’t bother killing the silence. He actually enjoyed. You would have done the same as he did and enjoy the stillness, but you knew that within you dwelt endless whirls of anguish, uncertainty, hurt and most of all, regret. “Why?” you asked, finally deciding to break the silence, but you hesitated to meet his eyes. “Why did you do this?”

   “Do what?” he asked.

   “Why did you help me?” he kept looking studiously at you, before he asked again: “Why wouldn’t I?”

   “You brought me here… you took care of me… still, taking care of me. You are trying hard… I can see that. You are trying so hard to be nice to me, even after I… I…” you halted for a second, turning your sight back to him: “I was so mean to you!” He diverted his eyes from you, looking toward the dark floor, not wanting to respond. “Tell me why?” You continued: “Why didn’t you just leave me there, lying on the side of the road?!”

   “Do you think it would have been wise, leaving you there?” He muttered.

   You inhaled a short amount of air, giving you the time to think about his question: “Not wise… but fair.”

   “How so?”

   “My accident was a perfect chance for you.”

   “Chance… of what?”

   “A chance for you… to pay back.”

   “Pay back?! For what?”

   “For all the words that I have said to you.”

   “Hm… I don’t know what you are talking about.”

   “Don’t play dumb with me, Vincent! You know what happened earlier today!”

   “I do…” He said, “I do know. However, the question is… do you? Do you know what happened?”

   You stared at him with perplexity in your eyes: “What do you mean?”

   “I guess I shouldn’t have interfered in a business that isn’t my own…”

   “No, it’s… it’s not tha-…”

   “And I believe I haven’t chosen the right time as well.” He continued, interrupting your words as he resumed. “As I recall, you were not at ease; you were in pain, you felt insecure. All the words that you have spoken were not intentional, I’m certain; they were coming out of distress and hurt. I may be oblivious of the reason of your sadness, but I’m sure that these feelings of insecurity were burning badly within you. The longer they dwelt in your heart, the more they hurt. Thus, I believe it was rather wise of you to let them all out.”

   “Vincent…” you breathed his name, totally awed by the way he was speaking. You kept staring at him as he went on saying: “I know that you would not think of hurting anyone… therefore, I believe that you would never feel satisfied by talking to someone in a ‘mean’ way, if that’s how you want to put it… not even to me.”

   ‘Could it be?! He doesn’t even hold a grudge against me! Who IS this guy?!’ Although his words have shown that he bore no anger in his heart toward you, but they still couldn’t wipe that image that was carved deep in your mind, the way his face had changed after hearing your heavy words; he looked sad, hurt, broken. Your talk was like a two-edged sword thrusting through his chest. “You… you were hurt though… because of me. Weren’t you?” You asked.


   “Yes! You were! I have hurt you!”

   He then stood up from the chair, getting himself ready to leave your side and saying: “Let’s forget about this.” You quickly grabbed his wrist with your left hand, gaining his attention once again: “No! I don’t want you to forget! You can’t forget the hurt anyways!” You slowly loosened your grip, finally feeling the muscles of your arm almost ripping because of the pain. “You can’t forget… although I… I really need you to forgive… to forgive me. Can you? Please?”

   He stared deep into your eyes, breathed in and then closed his carmine eyes: “_______. There is nothing that you have done to wrong me and that I should forgive.”

   “But, Vincent…”

   “But if you insist…” he opened his eyes again, then raised his right hand and rested it over your head, saying: “I will forgive you.” Although his voice was husky like always, you could sense at that moment some unusual warmth softening its roughness. Yet, his touch over your head was another story; it felt weird, it felt like something new… it aroused a strange feeling within you, yet a comforting one. You were lost in the stirring effect of his touch until you caught his deep voice speaking again: “But there’s a question that remains… When will you ever learn to forgive yourself?” His hand left your head only in order for him to take his crimson cloak off of his back, and he slowly bent down and hung it around your shoulders, saying: “You should really stop worrying too much.”

   Uncontrollably, the corners of your lips slowly curved upwards, drawing a so-rare-nowadays smile over your face, a serene one. You could swear that your eyes were moist and burning with hot tears, but you didn’t cry – you wouldn’t cry – because someone, a specific someone, was caring enough to be by your side during this awful night. You nodded, the same gracious smile still embellishing your face, and you said softly: “Thank you… Vincent.”

   He nodded in reply. “I’m sure you’re exhausted. You better go back to sleep.” He said, turning around and heading toward the door. “Vincent?” You called his name. He turned back to you: “Yes?” You stared at him, wanting to speak to him but unable to, as the words that you needed to say were still running messily in your head. “Um… earlier today, I have refused to talk to you about… you know… the matter… although you were more than willing to help me there. Well, I was wondering… um… are you...”

   As you were still talking, you watched him as he walked slowly back toward you and sat on the wooden chair again: “You know I’m always listening.” His statement was not intended to be funny, but it made you chuckle nonetheless. “I know you are.” was your simple reply. “I hope I’m not being a nuisance though.” He only shook his head in response. “About today… perhaps I was too embarrassed of myself… I was crying like a baby, and I didn’t wish anybody to see me like that… maybe that’s why I was… somewhat, angry. Yet, I was amazed that you were actually aware of… of my feelings toward… him. You knew it all along… and I… I have a feeling that you already are aware of the reason why I was so upset.”

   “I’m not so sure. I could only guess.” He said, still keeping his deep monotonous voice. “Was it because of him too?” You lowered your head, while poignancy was making its way up to your face once more. “You sure know everything.” A silence dwelt between the two of you for quite some time before you resumed bringing your emotions to light: “I have had some growing feelings toward him for quite some time now… I didn’t tell him about it, because I had feared that… somehow he would not understand, and maybe even dislike me. So I chose to keep quiet, and turn a deaf ear to the feelings that I liked the most.”

   “How could you tell, while you didn’t even try?”

   “I don’t know. I was too scared, too stubborn to even give it a try. Do you know this feeling when you become too afraid, to the point that you can’t even breathe?” You asked.
He was still listening, but he diverted his eyes from you, somehow unable to answer your last question. You continued: “Well, that’s how I feel every time I try to tell Zack about my feelings toward him.”

   “Have you considered talking to a friend about it?” He asked. You forced a chuckle and answered: “I wish I haven’t.” His eyes narrowed slightly, confused by your last words. You sighed and added: “I just want to move on… I want to forget about everything… about him.”

   “Do you think it’s the right thing to do?”

   “It’s the only option I have.”

   “You can’t simply forget.” He said.

   “I have to.”


   “Because…” you halted, in attempt to restrain the tears that have coated your eyes, “because he… he likes someone else.” He looked at you in silence, listening to the mute cries in your tone, before he asked: “Are you… sure about that?”

   “I saw them… I saw him with her. No matter how much I wanted to doubt it, it was real. The love between the two of them is real.”

   “Even so… why wouldn’t you try to let him know about your love for him? Maybe he’d listen and…”

   “No… I wouldn’t do that.”

   “Why not?”

   “Because the girl he loves… isn’t just anyone. She’s…” you then faced him with eyes filled of transparent crystals: “she’s my best friend.” You could see his facial expression changing slightly, while the tears that you were trying so hard to leash started flowing freely down your face: “Yes Vincent… Zack is in love with my best friend!”

   You cried and cried, and the salty tears that wet your visage were burning the few scratches that the accident had imprinted over your skin. You cried bitterly and you didn’t really mind showing your tears, for this man that you always thought apathetic will by no means consider your cries a weakness. You didn’t know why or how he managed to do that, but he was the only one who stood by you.

   You embedded your face into your palms and you gave full rein to your melancholic tears. You sobbed and wept bitterly. After a while, you felt a weight shifting to the side of the same sofa you were lying on. You lowered your arms slightly just to find Vincent sitting there beside your legs, and fixing his ruby eyes on you, but this time they were obviously showing a hint of empathy. He slowly lifted his left clawed hand and rested it carefully on your shoulder. He took all care not to scratch your delicate skin with it, and to give you at the same time the reassurance you needed the most. Although his touch against your shoulder was none other than that of a cold metal, but it incorporated a strong feeling that even Zack himself couldn’t give. “He will regret not choosing you, _______.” He said so quietly. You held your breath, unwilling to burst out crying once more after hearing his words of kindness. With your right hand, you removed his gauntlet off of your shoulder, giving him the feeling that you didn’t appreciate his gesture, so he decided to pull it away and make an apology; yet, you refused to let go of his hand, instead, you took both his hands into yours and you squeezed them gently. He was surprised by your action, for he didn’t really expect it from you; he didn’t know though that your following movements were going to be even more shocking… you released the hold of his hands only to wrap your arms around his torso, clasping him tightly. You could feel his body jumping slightly after feeling your firm hold, for he was pretty much shocked. Your body ached though due to all the awful bruises that were imprinted all over, but you didn’t care. You buried your face into his chest, listening to the increasing pace of his heartbeats, and then you breathed: “Thank you.”

   It took him few seconds to realize that your hug was real; was this the first time for him to be hugged like this? You didn’t know, but you truthfully wanted him to sense your genuine gratitude. He slowly lifted his arms and replied to your hug with another, resting his right hand over your head while his other was tenderly touching your back. You couldn’t help but cry a little bit more, letting your tears land over his chest. “Humph… here you are crying again.” He said.

   “I promise… Vincent… I promise you… I won’t hurt you again.” You whimpered.

   “Quit it now… Don’t cry, please.”

   You smiled slightly and allowed yourself to enjoy the unexpected warmth of his hold. This was so comforting and warm. You didn’t want to let go, you didn’t want to feel cold again, you didn’t want to feel alone anymore… you let your weight rest on his chest, ‘Thank you… Vincent’, and before you knew it you began to drift slowly into a deep slumber.

   *To Be Continued…*
   If you have some time, please read the description below... Thank you!
For all those who Love the One and Only Vincent Valentine...
Vincent Valentine x Reader.
Love/Hurt/Comfort Story

Chapter 2

"The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing... not healing, not curing... that is a friend who cares." _Henry Nouwen.

Oooookay... hello you folks! Missed you all so much!
I know, I know... you all hate me, and you want to kill me as well... but I'm really sorry! *no! no! Please, not the face!* :iconihurtplz:
I truly want to apologize, for it took me tooooo looooong to finish this one heck of a chapter! XD
You have no idea how busy I was this last month, and it was quite frustrating that I didn't have the time to sit down and finish this chapter. 
I had to change so many things about this story. I knew that writing a fiction about Vincent would be extremely hard, but I didn't expect it to be THIS hard! XD
Stating the truth, I wrote it once, didn't like it... wrote it twice... NAAAH!!!... wrote it a third time.... :icondizzyblushplz:

Anyhow... I'm fully aware that some of you do not really prefer reading such an inordinately long chapter (please, don't kill me for that too!) but I really hope you have enjoyed the read (:

Since English isn't my native language, I hope you excuse any grammatical or typo mistakes that you might have found in this chapter.

Please, do not forget to add your so appreciated feedback <3

Link to chapter 1:
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The sun shines down on you from way up above, causing your hair to shine, and your skin to glow slightly under the warm rays. A light breeze flutters by, gently flicking some loose strands of hair to fall in front of your face. To say that today was a beautiful day would be an understatement.

Today was Valentine's Day, and as usual, you were single. You didn't mind too much though...okay, so maybe you did mind, but you were perfectly happy to just pretend you didn't care.

Right now you were sitting on the edge of a cliff which overlooked a long, empty beach. It was very relaxing in your opinion, and the sound of the waves gently cascading down the sand relaxed you even more. It was almost perfect, but there was one thing that could have made it better.

Vincent Valentine. Super hot guy/ your long time crush.

Recently he'd been showing a few signs that he was interested in you, and you'd been hoping that maybe he'd spend Valentine's Day with you. However, much to your disappointment you hadn't seen him all day. Instead you had been stuck inside Tifa's bar listening to her gush about how Cloud had given her a bouquet of flowers, which is why you had decided to come here, to the cliff. Because you didn't really want to hear Tifa go on and on about how cute Cloud looked when blushing. You didn't think he looked cute when blushing, you though he resembled a tomato wearing a blonde wig. However, you'd managed to resist pointing this out to Tifa, as it probably would have resulted in her becoming rather huffy, or even her pointing out that it was you who looked like a tomato whenever you were around Vincent. Which was true. Your face did become beet red whenever he so much as glanced at you.

You sighed lightly and tucked a few loose strands of hair behind your ear, before you leaned back slightly onto your elbows, while your legs dangled off the edge of the cliff.
As you sat there, thinking about how relaxed you were, your thoughts were suddenly interrupted, "Hello,"

You squeaked with fright and sat up quickly, your eyes open wide as you glanced over your shoulder. Your face became bright red as your eyes landed on Vincent Valentine. You may have looked calm on the outside (other than the red face) but on the inside, you were having a nervous breakdown. In fact, you were pretty sure your brain was not working.
"How are you?" He asked quietly, as his red eyes locked onto yours.

"I-I'm fine," You squeaked, your voice sounding very high pitched and slightly hysterical. Vincent just glanced down at the beach below, though you could have sworn you he was smiling, as the corners of his mouth (which was covered mostly by his red cape) were turned upwards slightly.

You coughed lightly, hoping that maybe it would make your voice sound slightly more normal, "So, what brings you here...Vincent?" It failed. Your voice sounded even weirder before, but apparently Vincent didn't notice. Either that or he just decided he didn't want to embarrass you further by asking you why you currently sounded like Jar-Jar Binks from Star Wars. Not that he knew who Jar-Jar Binks was, or what Star Wars was for that matter.

"Just thought I'd come talk to you," He said, glancing at you again. He was very quiet as usual. You didn't mind too much though, you found his presence rather calming.

You nodded, and decided to just try to keep your mouth shut. He was bound to notice how weird your voice sounded soon, and you weren't sure you would be able to come up with an excuse on why your voice sounded weird. You couldn't exactly tell him that you had a huge crush on you and that he made your stomach erupt with butterflies.


You gulped inaudibly as Vincent said your name, and as you glanced at him, you found that his face was a few centimetres away from yours, which caused your cheeks to burn brightly. Oh Gosh.

His crimson eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips as he slowly closed the gap between the two of you. You were too frightened to move, and just sat frozen on the spot, your eyes wide as his face came closer and closer until his lips gently brushed against yours.

His hands slowly started to weave through your hair as he kissed you. He was being very gentle, as though he expected you to break any minute, which of course, was not the case. Sure, you were close to having a mental breakdown right now, but you were not fragile.
Timidly you kissed him back, your hands resting on his shoulders. Your body was very tense, and you felt as though it had turned to jelly.

Eventually Vincent pulled away, though one of his hands was still stroking the back of your hair, and his eyes were locked onto yours.

Your eyes flickered down to the beach as your cheeks burned even brighter. You cleared your throat, "Erm...nice view, huh?" You squeaked, staring determinedly down at the beach below.

Vincent stopped stroking your hair, and instead caressed your cheeks gently. You swore you heard him chuckle, "Why are you so shy, _________?"

"Me?" You gabbled, your blush becoming darker, "Me? I-I'm not shy! I mean, why would you even suggest that? N-no way am I shy!"

Vincent raised his eyebrows.

"Okay," You admitted, a look of defeat on your face, "Maybe I am shy,"

Vincent smiled faintly and planted a kiss on your forehead, "That's why I love you, ___________. Happy Valentine's Day,"

You blushed, and just about managed to stop yourself from squealing. The bloke had just told you he loved you, you didn't want to ruin it by screaming like a rabid fan girl and dancing round like a loony.

So, instead, you took a deep breath, trying to make sure that your voice wasn't going to go all squeaky, and said, "You love me?"

Vincent nodded, "Yes, I love you,"

You smiled, "Well , then I guess I love you too,"

Vincent smiled faintly before he pressed his lips against yours once more.
Okay, so I know there is hardly any dialogue in this and that is because..........I dunno xD Erm...Vincent Valentine is a man of not many words? xD Sorry, just trying to figure out an excuse xD

So, yeah, sorry if this is kinda bad...Oh and this was meant to be for Valentine's Day...but it late xD What can I say? I like to keep people waiting xD Just kidding! xD

Hope you like it, and if not then my bad xD
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You smile to yourself as you quickly walk down an empty hallway in the Shin –Ra building, and you can't help but feel extremely hopeful.
You see, a few moments ago your best friend, Zack Fair, came and told you that Vincent Valentine was looking for you, and that he needed to talk to you about something important.
See, you'd had a crush on Vincent ever since the two of you had first met, and sometimes you got the feeling he liked you too, and he hardly ever talked to you about anything super important so right now you were hoping that maybe he was about to ask you out.

You blush slightly as you spot Vincent, who is standing by himself leaning against the wall, and you walk over to him giving him a friendly smile.
"Hey, Vincent, Zack said you needed to talk to me about something," You say, looking up at him, hopefully. He stays silent for a while, before giving you a very faint smile.
"I just needed to ask you something that's all," He said quietly, looking up the empty corridor as a door slammed in the distance.
"Oh, well what did you want to ask me?" You ask, the hope inside of you fading away slightly.
"Where can I buy a phone?" He asks, and the hope that was left inside of you goes, and instead leaves you feeling disappointed and upset. Vincent seems to notice, because as he stares down at you, he starts to look slightly confused.
"______ are you okay?" He asks, and you look away, and that  feeling that you sometimes got that  made you think that Vincent actually liked you in the same way you liked him vanished, which made you even more upset.
"I'm fine, sorry I don't know where you can buy a phone," You say quickly, before turning round and hurrying off, holding back your tears, you had gotten so hopeful, thinking that maybe he did like you, that it made you feel like an idiot, which makes you feel even more upset.

As you continue to walk to the empty hallway you bump into Zack, who grins down at you.
"________, there you are! I've been looking for you," Zack exclaims, and you look up at him, still feeling extremely tearful but just managing to keep your tears back.
"Why?" You ask miserably, and Zack stops grinning, noticing that you're upset, and he pulls you into a comforting hug.
"Aw ________ what's wrong?" He asks, as you start to cry quietly, tears gently rolling down your cheeks.
"The guy I like doesn't like me back," You whisper, just loud enough for him to hear.
"How do you know he doesn't?" Zack questioned you, and you pull away and shakily wipe away your tears.
"I can just tell," You say, looking down at the floor, and Zack pulls you into another hug as more tears fall from your eyes.
"Well he's a idiot not to like you back then, isn't he," He says, grinning down at you as he tries to cheer you up, but it doesn't work, because just then Vincent walks up to you and Zack, who is still hugging you.
"Hello," He says, and you and Zack pull away from each other, and you quickly wipe away your tears again as Vincent glances at you.
"Oh, hey Vincent, I'm just cheering _______ up," Zack says, and you groan quietly and look away, you had been hoping that Vincent wouldn't notice that you were upset.
"Why are you upset?" Vincent asks you quietly, and you look away, blushing slightly, hoping that Zack wouldn't open his big mouth, but unfortunately, he did.
"She's upset because the guy she likes doesn't like her back," Zack said, and you feel your cheek's burning as your blush becomes brighter. You glance at Vincent, whose face is expressionless as usual. You glare at Zack, who looks at you confused. Zack and his big mouth! You seriously felt like killing him now.
"I've got to go, bye," You say and quickly walk off, feeling embarrassed and slightly annoyed at Zack for opening his mouth. Why did Zack have to open his mouth, now Vincent would think you were a total loser.  


A few hours later you were sitting on the edge of a cliff, your legs dangling off the edge, a cool breeze playing across your face, calming you down. You had cheered up a bit, but you still felt a bit low.

Just then you heard footsteps behind you, and turning round you saw Vincent walking over to you, and turning back around you blushed heavily, as you saw out of the corner of your eye Vincent sit down on the edge of the cliff next to you, and he turned to face you.
"__________ are you okay?" He asks gently, and you quickly glance at him and nod, giving him a faint smile.
"Yeah I'm fine." You reply, looking back out at the horizon.
"Who's the guy you like who doesn't like you back?" Vincent asks suddenly, staring at you, and you turn to face him, looking into his eyes.
"I can't tell you, you'll laugh," You say softly, looking away again, a red tint appearing on your cheeks as you feel yourself heat up again.
"About what I asked you today," Vincent started.
"I hadn't wanted to ask you that, I was going to ask you something else, but you might have gotten embarrassed if i had asked you." Vincent continued, looking out at the horizon.
"What were you going to ask me?" You ask, interested, Vincent wasn't usually this up front, usually he never shared his feelings with anyone. He hesitated, before he turned back to face you.
"Can I try something?" He asked quietly, and you nodded, widening your eyes as Vincent's face came closer to yours, and looking into his eyes you saw your reflection, and you looked terrified.
Gently he presses his lips against yours, as he starts to kiss you softly, one of his hands on the back of your head whilst the other one is resting on your waits, as he continues to kiss you extremely gently, and you can feel your cheeks heating up yet again as you place your hands on his shoulders, and you can feel him smiling slightly as you relax and start to kiss him back. Carefully he pulls away, a faint smile on his face.
"So who was the guy that didn't like you back?" He mutters quietly, and he hugs you close as you snuggle into his chest, smiling and closing your eyes as he strokes your hair lovingly.
"Turns out I was wrong, he did like me after all," You say, opening your eyes back up and grinning at him, and he gives you another faint smile, and kisses the top of your head gently.
"I love you Vincent," You murmur, snuggling back into his chest and closing your eyes again, blushing. Vincent falls silent, but just as you go to pull away from him you hear him whisper,
"I love you too __________"
I love this guy!!!! *fangirl scream* EEEP! Sorry I just love Vincent - I mean who doesnt!?

Anyways yeah I had to write one of these, he isnt getting enough love - okay so maybe he does get enough love :D

yeah, so I hope everyone likes this :D
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A wide, mischievous grin appears on you're face as you sprint down one of the empty hallways of the Shin-Ra building, letting out a small giggle as you hear Genesis running after you, yelling at the top of his voice. You'd, yet again, stolen his copy of Loveless, and to annoy him even more, told him that you were going to flush it down the toilet, which resulted in him angrily chasing you around the whole building.
"__________, give me my book back, for God's sake!" Genesis shouted furiously, and as you looked over your shoulder you saw that he looked absolutely livid, in fact, you were surprised there wasn't steam coming out of his ears.
You giggled, looking ahead again as you sped around a corner, heading towards the elevators that were just at the end of the corridor. You could here Genesis' footsteps getting quieter, and glancing over your shoulder you saw that he was slowing down now, his face bright red from exhaustion.
As you skidded inside the lift, you pressed all the buttons on the wall, grinning as you saw Genesis leaning against the floor, panting for breath, before the elevator doors shut with a small thud.
You sighed, as you waited for the elevator to stop, opening Loveless, and scanning a few of the pages. You never figured out why Genesis thought this book was so special, to you it just looked like an ordinary book, but Genesis seemed obsessed with it, whenever you hung out with him, he was always reading it. You never knew how he could read one book over and over again; surely it would get boring after a while, reading the same book all the time.
You closed it as the elevator stopped, and as the door slid open, you stepped out of the elevator, running down the corridor, knowing that soon Genesis would have caught his breath and would come looking for you.
As you bolt down the corridor, you spot Sephiroth and Angeal at the end of it, talking about who knows what.
"Sephy, Sephy, SEPHY!" You yell, as you run towards him, a broad grin on your face as you jump on his back, placing your chin on his shoulder.
"Hello, _________" He says, an amused smirk on his face, as he turns his head slightly so he can look at you from the corner of his eye.
"Hey Angeal!" You saw, waving at Angeal as you hop off Sephiroth's back, before giving Angeal a quick hug.
"What? Don't I get a hug too?" Sephiroth smirks, holding his arms out expectantly. You grin before hugging him too, blushing slightly as his arms wrap around you tightly.
You've had a crush on Sephiroth for a while now, in fact, it was more than a crush, you loved him. You'd told Angeal, Zack and Genesis about your 'crush' on Sephiroth, and they'd all urged you to tell him, but you were scared in case he didn't like you back.
You pull away from Sephiroth before looking down the corridor to make sure Genesis isn't coming.
"What are you looking at?" Angeal asks, raising his eyebrows as your eyes search the corridor carefully. It's almost empty apart from you, Angeal, Sephiroth and three other guys who are at the other end.
"I'm making sure that Genesis isn't coming," You answer, your grip tightening on his copy of Loveless which is now hid behind your back.
"What did you do this time?" Sephiroth asks, rolling his eyes slightly.
"I stole his copy of Loveless……and I told him I was gonna flush it down the toilet…" You say sheepishly, a small grin on your face.
"Again? _________, you know Genesis hates it when you do that!" Angeal says, looking down at you, with a stern look on his face.
"Sorry Angeal," You mumble, looking up at him innocently, shifting your feet about guilty before smiling as he ruffles you hair and grins at you.
"Anyways, I've got to go train the puppy, see you guys later," Angeal says, before heading off down the corridor.
"So, how mad was Genesis?" Sephiroth asks, smirking down at you.
"Very mad, I was surprised there wasn't steam shooting out of his ears," You giggle, glancing down the corridor.
"You know, I was talking to Zack the other day," Sephiroth stated, his smirk growing wider.
"Yeah?" You say, looking up into his pale green eyes, blushing as you do so.
"We were talking about you actually," He continues, stepping closer to you, his eyes boring into yours.
"O-oh," You say, a red tint appearing in your cheeks as Sephiroth inches closer to you.
"Yes, he actually told me something very interesting." He said, his smirk growing wider as he inched even closer to you, which made you blush even more.
"He told me that you had a crush on me," Sephiroth said, standing right in front of you now. You blushed furiously, making a mental note in your head to kill Zack later.
"O-oh," You say, looking down at your feet, feeling extremely embarrassed.
Your eyes widened as you felt Sephiroth's gloved-hand slip under your chin, gentle forcing you to look up at him.
"So, is it true?" He asked, leaning forward so his face was inches away from yours. You looked away from his eyes, fixing your gaze on the wall to the right of you, as you nodded, your cheeks heating up even more.
You dared a quick glance at Sephiroth, who was looking deeply into your eyes.
"Good," He stated, giving you a small smile as he gazed into your eyes, stroking your cheek with the hand that wasn't holding onto your chin.
"Wha-"You started to say, but were cut off by Sephiroth presses his lips to yours, his hands cupping your face gently, as if he was afraid he was going to hurt you if he wasn't careful. You placed your hands on the front of his chest, as you kissed him back, smiling as you felt him smirk into the kiss.
You pulled away, looking up at him, smiling shyly as you do so. Sephiroth smirks down at you, kissing the tip of your nose.
"Can I tell you something, ________?" Sephiroth asks, gazing into your eyes lovingly.
"Yeah," You answer, grinning broadly.
"I love you," He says, planting a kiss on your forehead, his hands still cupped around your face.
"I love you too," You reply, blushing furiously.
Sephiroth brushes his lips against yours, before pressing his lips against them, wrapping his arms around you protectively, before he starts planting kisses on your neck, trailing all the way down to your collarbone and then back up to your jaw line again.
As the two of you continue to kiss, you hear loud footsteps coming down the corridor towards the two of you, and pulling away, you peer around Sephiroth, your eyes widening as you see Genesis storming towards you, a livid look on his face.
Okay, so this was a request for *RyuTsunami and I wanna say I'm so so so sorry I took so long on finishing it, I'm really sorry :D
Anyways, I had a lot of fun writing this one, even though it's sorta hard to write one about Sephiroth. :D It was fun though, I dont know why, it just was :D
So, I hope you like it :D Enjoy :D
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You stared as your feet took turns hitting the ground of the Shinra Building on the way to the top of one of the Sectors. It always had the most beautiful view of the sky. The place never seized to amaze you with its beauty. You stopped to step into an open elevator and pressed a button leading to the top floor. You finally reached the Sector and sighed as the sight took your breath away. You leaned yourself onto one of the higher terrains to sit and stare at the mesmerising view of the setting sun. You were supposed to be sparring with Sephiroth today but who could ignore the fact that there was such a place that you could come relax. After all, Sephiroth WAS the one to introduce you to this place...

'I'm sure Sephiroth will be fine with it. He's probably busy anyway,' you carelessly thought.

You stared at the sunset a little bit more longer until you felt your eyes being covered (you assumed by a hand) and felt something long, cold and thin sliding slowly against your neck. You assumed it was a sword.

"Where have you been?" said a husky voice.

You could only blurt out, "U-um, wh-who is this?" Immediately, the hand uncovered your eyes to show Sephiroth towering over you. He asked,

"Did you forget about our training, _______?" Asked Sephiroth. "Since you're a 1st Class SOLDIER, I expect you to take things a lot more seriously, " he stated.

You replied, "Ahh...I'm sorry, Sephiroth. Just give me a few minutes and then we'll start."

"Hmm, Alright," Sephiroth said and sat next to you.

"Would you just look at this view... It really is beautiful isn't it, Sephiroth?" Spoke your easily-amused self.

"Yes it is, ________"

You took a glance at him and marveled as the light from the sky seemed to illuminate Sephiroth's mako eyes even more. You stared deeper into his eyes and you saw... Longing. 'For what?' You wonder. Sephiroth must have noticed you staring at him because he looked back. You averted your eyes from his and looked back up.

"... Hey. Do you wanna battle?" He suddenly says.

You thought about it for a minute and nodded enthusiastically. The both of you stood in the middle of the wide space, with your swords, in your stances, prepared to fight. You thought of an idea and just to make things more interesting, you said,

"You know, we could make a deal. Whoever loses has to do whatever the winner tells the loser to do." Sephiroth smirked at the idea and you started to think that it was a bad move. Sephiroth agreed to the offer.

"As you wish, " he said.

With that, you two leaped up and swung your blades towards each other. Your sword rang with his as it collide with full force. You grunted and panted with every hit while Sephiroth maintained his cool expression as he fought you. You gave your all into this fight just beat him at least once. Every move he made, you could block with your sword. Unfortunately, his attacks were too quick that you couldn't even land a single blow. Suddenly, your weapon flew out of your grasp. You felt two arms snake around your waist from behind. Not long after, you were thrown hard onto the metal ground which resulted to a large broken dent on the floor. Sephiroth gently landed back down and looked at you. You groaned as you sat up and rubbed the back of your aching head.

"Urgh... You win again, Sephiroth," you moaned, exasperated from the loss.

Sephiroth, on the other hand, smirked,"So, it seems."

You were starting to get nervous about what he might do to you so you quickly tried to run but failed horribly as Sephiroth grabbed you from behind once more.

"Did you forget about our little deal, ________?" Sephiroth whispered sweetly so close next to your ear. You felt his gloved fingers slide upwards against your thigh. You were taken aback and you yelled out,

"Gagh! Sephiroth, where are you touching??"

All of a sudden, Sephiroth spun you around and landed a deep blissful kiss on your parted lips. You were completely dumbstruck at what he did. You attempted to push the man away but he was being unbelievably stubborn. There was really nothing you could do so you thought, '... Might as well just give in.' You slowly closed your eyes and melted away into the pleasure his lips are giving you. There was an indescribable feeling when his tongue slithered into your mouth. Every inch didn't remain untouched by him. Your knees went even weaker and you held yourself up as you placed your hands on the terrain behind you with  Sephiroth's hands on either side, kissing with all his might. You broke apart from him gasping and panting for air but Sephiroth doesn't seem to be finished since he was still attempting to lean closer to you.

"S-Sephiroth, why are you doing this?" You managed to breath out. You struggled to push him away but he only leaned his face closer towards your neck and kissed it. You gasped at the sudden contact and gripped onto his back as you clenched your eyes shut. Spehiroth chuckled and whispered against your neck,

"I won, remember? And all that I want you to do is to be mine."

Thoughts were rapidly running through your head. He likes you? Is this for real? Since when? Just as he was leaning in for another kiss. Angeal's voice broke into your ears with Genesis standing next to him. Both were gawking at what they were witnessing.

"What are the both of you doing?" Questioned Angeal.

A smug Genesis said, "My, my. It seems our 'Hero' is having an intimate time with our 'Heroine'."

You merely blushed and hid your burning red cheeks. Sephiroth ignored them and turned back to you. He whispered, "So, what do you say, ______?"

You quietly thought about it while looking down. Sephiroth and the other two patiently and curiously waited for your answer. You grinned happily to yourself and you brought your head up to kiss his cheek. Sephiroth's eyes widened slightly at the sudden kiss but after that, he smiled and embraced you into a warm hug. You turned to face Genesis as he clapped sarcastically. With that, all of you headed inside.

All four of you were walking down a corridor when suddenly Angeal says, "wait, I thought SOLDIERs weren't supposed to be involved with each other."

"Who said anyone has to know?" You smirked. Sephiroth smiled down at you and held you by your waist, bringing you closer to him while Angeal was having trouble trying not to make anyone notice.

Life sure was going to get a lot more interesting.
I apologise for not posting in so long. I guess I was just... lazy... But anyway, it's here! i hope you enjoy this submission! comments are highly appreciated and of course favorites can only be earned.
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For Vincent Lovers

Alone in The Forgotten City you sat in front of a beautiful lake surrounded by dozens of glowing leafless trees. It was absolutely a relaxing place to be in. It's just like swimming into a sea of tranquility. In the middle of your rest, you heard rustling noises coming from behind you. You didn't even bother to turn around. You already knew who it was.

"Hello, Vincent."

"Hey. What are you doing here?" He said as he sat down next to you.

You answered, "I just wanted to sit around and relax. What about you?"

"I always take walks around here."

"I see."

It went quite for a little while until Vincent started, "Hey,______...?"

"Hm?" You replied.

"Have you ever been in Love?"

You were surprised when you were asked this but answered, "No," You stared at him as you answered this.


You ask back after a few more quiet moments, "How about you? Have you ever been in Love?" And stared back towards the water.

"Hmph, what is Love? You'll eventually get hurt anyway..."

"Vincent, is this about Lucrecia?"

"It doesn't matter..."

You nod and stand up, "I've had enough resting. I guess I'll see you later." You walk away with a forced smile and hopped onto your motorcycle and headed towards home. You swear you felt hurt knowing that Vincent still loves Lucrecia. That night, you went straight to your bed and cried yourself to sleep.

The following night, you went to the lake again by foot. It was indeed a long walk but you were quite depressed from yesterday and needed the time. When you reached there, you  sat in front of the lake. Just thinking about you and Vincent together makes you happy.  You finally realised that the feelings you get when you think about him or stand close to him is Love. But then you remember that Vincent does not love you back. This makes you so sad and frustrated. Tears start to form from your eyes and fall down. You wept bitter tears and cried,

"Vincent, why am I happy when I dream about us? Why do I cry when I remind myself that it will never happen? The feelings I get around you are indescribable. Vincent, I-I think... I think I Love You..."

Just as soon as you said that a set of arms wraps itself around your neck from behind. Hands that you recognize. They're Vincent's hands. You tensed up and are embarrassed. All this time, has Vincent been listening to you?

"Vincent, how long were you there?" You said while quickly wiping away your tears with your sleeve.

"Long enough. You don't have to cry. It's okay."

"No, Vincent. It's not okay..." You stand up with Vincent standing up with you with both your hands clenched. "You don't understand, Vincent. I Love You! But you don't return those feelings! Tell me how this can be okay!" Vincent embraces you once more and whispers,

"______... It's you don't understand. I may still love Lucrecia but you're the one standing with me right now and I Love you. Have you ever noticed that I don't smile at the others the way I smile at you? The way I look at you? Even the way I act around you?"

You weep into your hands. "Stop. Don't cry anymore of those bitter tears , ________."

He was taken back when he heard you say, "No, Vincent. They're tears of Joy," and you looked up with a happy grin stuck to your face. You happily wrapped your arms around his neck. After a long warm embrace, you let go of him and stared into his crimson eyes as he stared back into yours. Next thing you know, your faces are inches away from each other.

Your lips finally touch and make up into a long passionate kiss. Your lips separate and the both of you blush as you stare back into each other's eyes. He holds both of your hands as he rests his head on your shoulder. You just want to stay like this forever. Never letting him ago. The sweet feeling of having that one person that you love. It's like your the luckiest girl in the world.

Right after, he stands up straight and smiles at you. "It's getting late. I'll take you home, okay?" You smiled and nodded. The two of you walk away and with your fingers intertwined and your head on his shoulder and you disappear into the night.

From that day on, Love has never left you as Vincent has always been by your side.
For Vincent Lovers. I don't think I did good on this one. Even though I absolutely adore Vincent. Excuse me if you see any spelling or grammar mistakes.

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For Cloud Strife Lovers

A terrifying vision appears through your eyes. You see the big meteor that murdered thousands of innocent people from the view of space heading towards the Earth. You begin to panic, trying to find a way to warn your family and friends about the incoming meteor. No way was found and you had to bear the pain of seeing the meteor react Earth once more. As it was about to reach the limit. Your eyes open and you jump up as you realized that your dream had lead you to a vision of the past. suddenly an arm wraps around your waist while another held you by your shoulder, a hand patting your head, the owner of the hand whispering words of comfort into your ears telling you that it's okay and that everything will be alright. You hug back and slightly cried into the stranger's chest and clutched onto the person's clothing.

You hug for a while until you finally looked up to see who the nice person was. You see that it is your savior, Cloud Strife. He was the one that offered for you to live with Tifa Lockhart in the bedrooms in her bar, the 7th Heaven when he saw that you were one of the Geostigma(Seikon-Syoukougun)-infected people during the meteor incident. It has been years since that has happened and you have been getting horrid dreams about the accident. And Cloud Strife was always there for you. While stroking your head he asks,

"Are you okay now?"

You reply sadly, "Yes, I'm fine... You don't have to worry," and then you burst into tears again.

"It hurts to see you like this," said Cloud. He hugs tighter not wanting to let you go but he has to start delivering some things soon. Cloud tells you that he has to go and he'll come back for you. You nod and look at him as he walks out of the bedroom. You walk over to the window with a blanket wrapped around you and you see him walking towards his motorcycle. He turns around, looks up at your window and gives you a small wave. You wave back and smile, looking at him as he drives off to finish his errands. You decide it's time to take a shower as it was already noon so you walk to the bathroom to wash up.

You sit on your bed while looking at the window waiting for Cloud to come back. While waiting, you see the handle on your door move and you look up to see Tifa. She says, "Cloud is downstairs waiting for you!" with a large toothy grin plastered on her face. You were so excited to see him. You immediately ran down the stairs and walked out of the doors of the bar. You find Cloud standing near his motorcycle, waiting. When he saw you, a small smile appeared on his face. You skipped towards him and hugged him. Cloud was a little bit startled but eventually hugged back. Even though you didn't want to, you release him from your embrace.

"Sorry for hugging you so suddenly," You blushed while looking down at your feet.

He just smiled and nodded at you as he got on his bike and gestured for you to do the same. You hopped on and held onto his waist as he started driving you asked,

"Where are we going, Cloud?" You asked.

He only said, "You'll see."

You nodded and kept on hugging Cloud while waiting for you to reach your destination.

You stopped to see a large abandoned church. Cloud held your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours while heading towards the door. You thought,

'Does Cloud like me? Or is he just doing it because he pities me...?' With that you frowned.

When Cloud opened the door. Your mouth dropped open. The sight was breathtaking. And the feeling you got when you stepped in was indescribable. You got slightly teary and soon a tear rolled down our cheek and you made a gentle smile. Cloud widened his eyes in shock and asked,

"Why are you crying?"

"My family, I can feel as though my whole family is right here with me," you said inspired by the beautiful place. How the sun rays peeked through the holes of the roof and the broken wooden floors that were filled with the ingrowth of bright yellow and white lilies while embracing the holy atmosphere of the church and lied down on the small field. Cloud stared at you as you enjoyed your time and lied down next to you. You both turned around to face each other. You looked into his Mako infused eyes, the eyes of a true SOLDIER. Without knowing it, you brought your hand to his face and grazed his cheek with your thumb. He closed his eyes at the warmth of your touch and gently held on to the back of your hand, loving this moment with you.

You stared into each other's eyes. Cloud then began to slowly pull the back of your neck, bringing your face closer to his. Your heart was racing unsure of what to do. Not long after that, his lips crashed with yours in a long-lasting kiss. You cupped his free hand to your waist. Both of you broke the kiss to catch a breath while resting your foreheads against each other. You sat up for a moment and Cloud shortly sat up with you, wondering what was wrong but only to see you with tears running down your cheeks with a big smile on your face. You looked at him happily and hugged him tightly as he responded and wrapped his arms around you then you started,

"You have just made me the happiest girl alive, Cloud. I Love You!"

"I have been waiting a long time for me to hear you say all those words to me. Ever since I found you, I fell in love. And it's sad to see you in pain. But it makes me happy to know that all of that torment will now end because of me."

And with that he smiled and gave you another but more passionate kiss.
Here You Go! A Cloud Love story just for YOU!

Comments and Favorites are highly appreciated.

Say what you feel.
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On a frigid, windy day, you find yourself in the heart of a forest. The trees give off an eerie glow that does nothing to take an edge off the darkness. Sitting with your back against one of the trees, you sigh.

"I'm so lost..." your voice sounds loud compared to your near-silent surroundings. You lean your head back, closing your eyes in thought. You're tired from walking all day.

The sudden crack of a twig causes you to open your eyes and tense up. You hold your breath and look around, but you can't see anything other than the trees. You're sure it's your imaginaton... until you see him.

Dressed in all black, except for a scarlet cape, is a man perched in a tree close to you. He's watching you in silence, black hair covering one eye.

"Who are you?" you ask, staring wide-eyed at the metal claws on his left hand.

"I am Vincent Valentine." he says after a few moments in a deep voice. He hides his gauntleted hand from view with his cape, "And who are you? What is a girl like you doing here?"

"My name's __________." you reply warily, "I was taking a walk, and, well, I got lost."

Suddenly, he appears before you in a flurry of black and red, moving so fast it's like he teleported...and maybe he did, "I can lead you out, if you'd like." he reaches his hand out to you.

You grab his hand and stand up, "Thank you, Mr. Valentine."

"Call me Vincent. Now follow me." he says before turning around and dashing away.

"Hey, wait up, Vincent!!!" you call, sprinting after him. You're intent on keeping up with him, so you don't see the root sticking out of the ground.

You feel something in your ankle snap as your left foot gets caught under the protruding root. You hit the ground hard, causing your breath to rush out of your lungs.

Vincent spins around when he hears you fall. He comes back to you, crouching beside you, "Are you all right? Can you stand, __________?" a small flicker of worry passes over his crimson eyes, though his voice remains calm.

You point at your ankle with a wince as you try to move. Vincent gently pulls up your left pant leg, and then he pulls off your boot. He looks at your ankle, gently running a hand over the back of it. It causes you to cry out in pain. "Your achilles tendon is torn." Vincent says simply, replacing your shoe to your foot and looking you in the eye, "I'll carry you."

"Okay." is your quiet reply. Your ankle feels as though someone has taken a gun and shot it. Vincent picks you up bridal style, and he says nothing as you rest your head on his chest. The cold metal of his gauntlet keeps you awake for a while, but, eventually, the steady pulse of his heartbeat in your ear causes you to drift into a dreamless sleep.


When you awaken, the first thing you notice is a stabbing pain in your left ankle. The second thing you notice is that you're not in your home. You're in a small, dark room, lit only with a few candles. You're covered in a thin blanket that hardly keeps the freezing winter air off you.

"Vincent?" you look around for the man you met.

As if that was his cue, the door opens and he strides in saying, "Yes?" before approaching you. He watches you silently, a thoughtful look on his pale face. You can't help but be attracted to him, but you realize you're staring so you say, "I just wondered where you were.... I-is this your home?" you glance around once more. The walls are bare.

"I suppose you could call it that." Vincent shrugs, "How are you feeling, __________?" he sits next to you on the bet, his right hand gently brushing your long hair out of your eyes, "That was quite some fall you had."

You feel your face grow hot from his touch and he must feel it, too, because he asks, "Do you have a fever? Are you ill?" quickly you shake your head, "No, I'm okay. I, I feel a lot better now. My ankle doesn't hurt quite as much."

"All right." Vincent nods, "Is there anything you need?"

"Nah, I'm okay, but thank you for asking." in an attempt to sit up, a spark of pain ignites in your lower ribcage and you wince, "I think I bruised my ribs."

Vincent frowns sympathetically at you before helping you sit up, sitting the pillow upright so you can lean your back against it.

"Thanks." you say, smiling at him. When all he does is nod, you add, "You need to smile, Vincent."

He looks down, saying, "I don't have anything to smile about."

And idea pops in your head and you lean your head against his shoulder, "Hey, what about me?"

He jumps just a little at your touch, "What do you mean?" he asks nervously.

"Well, I mean, I'd like to be your friend. You seem like a really nice guy and all, since you brought me into your home and took care of me even though I don't know you." you look up at him, ignoring the pain in your ribs, "You can smile because someone cares about you, too."

" about me? Why would you care for me? A pretty girl like you---" he stops, and you see that his face is growing red.

"You think I'm pretty?" you ask, a smile playing on your lips. When he replies with a "yes..." you say, "Well, gee, thank you. No ones...ever called me pretty before."

Vincent casts you a surprised look, "Really? Then they must have called you beautiful." his eyes show that he's being serious.

"You...think I'm...beautiful?" your cheeks grow hot again, "Thank you but... I don't think I'm--" you're cut off by his lips pressing gently against yours. You let out a shocked gasp and just stare for a few seconds before responding. He holds your face in his hands, the claws on his left hand cooling your skin. You hold him close, deciding you like this. His right hand trails down your back, and his left gently caresses your cheekbone. You know he's being as careful as possible with his claws. You grow used to his gentleness, and you are very surprised when you feel his tongue slide into your mouth. The feeling it creates is absolutely amazing. The two of you kiss passionately before you have to break away to take a breath.

"Vincent." you murmur, "Why, why did you do that?"

He looks away, a look of guilt on his face, "I'm sorry. I have done something to displease you, haven't I?"

You hug him around the neck, "No. Vincent I really think that I've fallen in love with you."

He's shocked, you know he is, but he says with a smile slowly emerging on his face, "I have a reason to smile now...

"... And that reason.... is you..."
Sorry if he's a bit out of character. =P
I wanted to write this so bad XD

I think this story goes by a bit too fast, but I guess it's all right. =P

Please comment and fave!

(Edit - I fixed a few typos and fixed a couple choppy sentences and run on sentences)

Vincent Valentine is (c) Square Enix (as is Final Fantasy)
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Another lonely Valentine's Day. You stand with your back against a tree while gazing out at the clear lake before you. You've never understood why Valentine's Day is so special. Sure couples buy each other flowers and candy and stuff, but can't they do that any other day? You think that people should show this kind of affection to the one they love every day. To you, if people really love each other, they shouldn't need a holiday to express it, even if it seems easier when everyone else is doing the same thing.
Lost in thought, You don't see Vincent standing a little ways away from you, and he doesn't seem to have noticed you either. He just stands there, still as a statue, watching the rippling water with blood red eyes that can melt your heart like butter. To be honest, you've had a crush on Vincent for years, but have never had the courage to tell him. You're terribly worried that doesn't return your feelings, since he always seems to associate love with Lucrecia, so you hide it from everyone except for your best friend, Tifa Lockhart.
Finally you notice him when the wind begins to blow and you see his cape move out of the corner of your eye. Turning your head, you recognize him and wonder, How long has he been there? It seems like he hasn't seen you, and you find yourself staring at him silently, just watching the way his raven black hair blows into his face and his cape billows out over the water in the cool breeze. He looks so deep and thought and almost confused, yet somehow he seems peaceful. Is he thinking about Lucrecia again? you ask yourself, suddenly feeling jealous. Suddenly, though, the calm aura he gives off makes you smile. Something about him just makes you so happy.
He stiffens suddenly. He's noticed you. As soon as he begins turning his head towards you, you avert your eyes from him, pretending you haven't seen him. You can hear his foot steps coming in your direction as he begins striding towards you. You turn, and, putting on a look of surprise, say, "Oh! Hey, Vincent. What are you doing here?"
"I come here often," is his low reply, "I come here to think." he turns his gaze back to the water, and you realize he's beginning to frown. He seems stressed out now. You wonder if you've done something to make him mad, but you don't say anything, ignoring it.
"Oh, I see." you nod your head slowly. An uncomfortable silence surrounds you for what feels like ages. Finally, he sighs and speaks up.
"So, why are you here, ____?" he calls you by your nickname, something he very rarely does.
"Well, Vince," you begin, "I guess I wanted to come here and think as well.  Or maybe it was to avoid all the lovesick couples." He looks down at his feet, shifting uncomfortably, "Oh, have I said something to upset you?"
"No." he says simply, "I, uh, forgot it was Valentine's Day...that's all. Not like it really affects me or anything, but, well, you know."
"You feel silly for forgetting your special day?" you laugh. He looks up at you, brow furrowing as he gives you a quizzical look.
"My...special day?"
"Well, you are Vincent Valentine. So it's your day, Vince." you smile. He just rolls his eyes.
"I haven't had any luck with love in my life, despite my last name. Love only hurts me in the end." you hear him let out a sigh, and again you think, Lucrecia...
"I'm sure you'll find someone who loves you, Vincent. I think there is someone special placed in the world for everyone...even you." you smile softly at him, "You'll meet her one day. And already have."
"What do you mean?" something flickers in his deep crimson eyes. You can't identify what it is, though.
"Oh, um, nevermind, I don't know. Just you know, you may have already met the girl before but you just don't know it and...oh nevermind forget I said anything..." you blather, going red in the face as you look away from him.
"Well...okay. _____, can I tell you something?" he asks you quietly, sounding very unsure of himself, which is unusual for him.
"Of course," you nod, looking back up at him curiously.
"Well...there actually is a girl I like, but I don't think there is any way she would feel the same way about me. You see, I think she thinks we can only be friends, but...I want to be more than that. I want to tell her, but I... I'm afraid of being hurt again. Should I take the risk and tell her, _______?"
"Awww Vince, that's sweet. Of course you should tell her. I'm sure she likes you." I just wish that girl was me.
"Why would she like me?" he asks.
"Well, you're an amazing guy, and I'll admit...You.... you look really good."
His eyes suddenly seem to shine, "Oh you think so?" he steps closer to you.
"Y-yeah..." you suddenly feel breathless. He's never been this close to you before. On impulse, you embrace him and look into his eyes, "Vincent, I'm in love with you." you reach up and pull his face down, planting a kiss on his soft, pale lips. He gasps at your touch, but, much to your surprise, he places his hands on your hips, holding you closer as he responds to your kiss. You pull away, "I-I'm sorry about that." you look down, blushing furiously.
"Don't apologize, ______." he says, tilting up your face so that you're looking up at him. He's smiling hugely, something you've never seen. It makes your heart flutter a mile a minute, "Turns out the girl I love feels the same way." he places a gentle kiss on the tip of your nose, "Thank you for speaking up."
"N-not a problem....Valentine." you stutter, which causes him to smile wider and say,
"Perhaps this is my special day after all...Thanks to you." before he leans in and kisses you again, gently at first, but steadily more passionate. You're surprised he can be so gentle.  You feel Vincent's lips trailing down your neck, very gently kissing your collarbone before coming back up to your ear, whispering softly, "I love you,_______." and pulling away, his eyes shimmering, "And I know my love won't hurt me this time."
"Darn right it won't." you smile and hug him, closing your eyes and resting your head on his chest. You feel him lay his hand on the back of your head, fingers stroking your hair gently, and, In that moment, you realize that Vincent is your Valentine, and you know that nothing will ever separate you. You know you'll be together forever. I suppose Valentine's Day isn't as pointless I thought. you say silently, a smile on your face.
Yeah, he's out of character, but I don't care. XD
I'm really happy with this one.

Vincent (c) Square Enix

Please Comment and Fave!!!!
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Valentine's Day. Your least favorite day of the year. Why? Because you always find yourself alone on that day while everyone else either has a girlfriend or a boyfriend to call their "Valentine". This year, you decide you'll just hang out with Cloud, Zack, and Tifa.
In fact, that's how it was last year, too. The four of you had stayed at Tifa's bar and pretended like it was an ordinary day, but not this year. This time, Zack brings a girl named Aerith, and Cloud is flirting bigtime with Tifa over the counter. You, on the other hand, just sit there, alone, brooding over your loneliness.
"Hey,______, lighten up!" Cloud says as he pokes your arm.
"Lemme alone." you grumble, pushing the spiky-haired blond away.
"Hey, what's wrong with you?" Cloud asks, while Zack is frowning at you, "You don't have to ruin our Valentine's Day just because you can't find a date."
That was IT. Standing up abruptly and walking to the door you mutter, "Fine. I'll just go home then. Have fun." you sound much more bitter than you expected you would.
"No! Come back!" Zack calls after you, "Cloud didn't mean it!" but you've already left.
"This. Isn't. Fair!" you rant to yourself while trudging along, "Everyone else is happy, so what's my problem? Why don't guys like me? If someone like Zack or Cloud can find dates, why can't I!?" you clench your fists in sudden rage and punch the nearest wall, a loud bang resounding in the once quiet alley.
All of a sudden, you hear footsteps coming in your direction. Spinning around you see Tifa and Aerith, "Please come back with us," Aerith pleads, "We're sorry about what happened back there, ______, very sorry."
"Yeah," Tifa nods in agreement, "Come back with us. It's no good to be alone on Valentine's Day.
You're filled with anger again, "Well, I'll be alone whether or not I come back with you!! You two are busy with your 'valentines' and I'll be all by myself!!"
Aerith frowns, "No you won't. Please, please come back with us."
You stand there for a few moments, considering the offer for a little longer. Finally, you shrug and say, "Fine. Why not."

You're back at 7th Heaven, sitting on a stool while twirling your hair around your index finger. You've made it obvious that you don't want to talk to anyone. Looking around you wee Cloud and Tifa holding hands, and Zack leaning in to give a very surprised Aerith a kiss. You turn away in disgust, irritation making your blood boil like mad.
Out of the corner of your eye, you see the door begin to open and a man walk in. He's very tall and muscular, and he has silver hair. His blue eyes immediately make you think SOLDIER. 'Maybe he's one of Cloud's friends.' you think.
"Hey, it's Sephiroth!!" exclaims Zack, going to the man and clapping him on the shoulder, "How've you been?"
Sephiroth blinks at him and pushes his hand off his shoulder, "I am doing well, Zack." he says in a deep, slow, almost frightening tone. You turn away from them, a frown stuck on your face.
"Who is that girl over there?" you hear the man called Sephiroth again, but you pretend you didn't.
"That's ______." is Cloud's reply, "She's a friend of ours. Don't pay her any attention, Seph. She's a bit grumpy today." you roll your eyes at this.
"Stop calling me 'Seph.'" he grumbles, "Why is she upset? I thought all girls liked Valentine's Day."
"Yeah, well I don't!" you suddenly turn in your seat, stand up, and glare at him angrily.
"Why?" he asks you while taking a step closer.
"Because," you mutter, "it's the same thing every year for me. Heartache, heartache, and more heartache."
"So, you're single, I take it?" Sephiroth says, patting your shoulder, "That's no reason to be down. I'm alone, too, but you don't see me moping about, do you?"
"Whatever." you swat away his hand and turn your head from him, folding your arms across your chest.
"I've...only upset you more." he observes, "I apologize."
"No need," you shrug, "It doesn't matter."
"All right," Sephiroth goes silent, as if in thought, before speaking up once more, "We can be alone, together, then."
"Sure, I guess." you sigh, leaning back on the counter and closing your eyes.
"Which means we really don't have to be alone at all." he continues like he didn't hear you speak at all, "Instead of being alone, together, we could just be..." he pauses, "...together."
The chatter of your friends stop as soon as he says that. You look up at him, expecting him to laugh and tell you he was joking, but he doesn't. He watches you silently, awaiting your reply.
"Sephiroth, what exactly do you mean?" you can feel your heart begin to thump violently in your chest, so loud you're sure everyone can hear it. Everyone is watching you, and you know it, you can almost feel their eyes on you. Your face goes hot when Sephiroth stares deeply into your eyes. You begin to wonder if he's going to answer your question at all.
"Seph---" you're cut off as his lips brush against yours, kissing you very tenderly. You jump in shock at the sudden contact. You feel him say against your lips, "Be my Valentine, ______." a shiver runs through your spine as he wraps his strong arms around your waist, pulling you to his chest and breaking the kiss.
"Do you...really mean it Sephiroth?" you whisper, looking up at him.
"I don't joke." he replies.
"Then...Yes. I will be your Valentine, Sephiroth." as soon as the words leave your mouth, he tilts your face up with his hand and stares into your eyes before kissing you again.
Your fingers get tangled in his long hair and you enjoy the feeling of him holding you close and his soft lips on yours. You want it to last forever, but you have to break apart for air. Cheers and whoops sound from Zack and Cloud, but you don't pay any attention to them.

        Maybe Valentine's Day isn't so dumb after all.
Yeah, I know it's a bit early, but I wanted to write it so bad XD

Hope you like!

Please comment and fave!

Cloud, Zack, Aerith, Tifa, Sephiroth, and 7th Heaven is (c) of Square Enix
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You were rushing out of the ShinRa office building because Director Lazzard had a call from Sephiroth about his fangirls going crazy on him again, and that for the first time, he needed backup. You, knowing how bad fanboys can get, and imagined that fangirls were somehow just as bad or worse, went out as soon as possible.

 You had just passed by LOVELESS Avenue when you saw the long haired silverette practically running for his life, his various "admirers" chasing after him. He sees you and you send him a nod while running up to a nearby landing and extending your arm out as far as it can go. Sephiroth runs up and grabs your extended arm, you lifting him up in the process.

His fangirls stay down on the ground, trying to figure out how to get up there to get to Sephiroth and possible kill you. The hero that you've known for awhile, since you came a couple of months before Angeal and Genesis, looked for once out of breath, sweat plastering his hair to his face.

You smirk and say, "Who would've thought that the Great Sephiroth was afraid of fangirls?"

"Not . . . funny . . . ______ . . .," Sephiroth managed to pant out while regaining his breath. He turned to face his fans just to quickly avert his gaze to you. You roll your eyes at him and give him your code for 'distraction' before hopping off and running for your life, the girls chasing after you while Sephiroth managed to sneak back into the ShinRa building.

"Seph, you owe me big time," you thought while finally losing the crazed fangirls and limping back to the ShinRa building, passing by Zack, Angeal, and Genesis. Angeal took one look at you and said, "You look like you've been in a war zone, ______."

"Blame Sephiroth's damn fangirls," you muttered harshly.

"I knew they were bad, but I didn't think they were this bad," Genesis said, looking up from his book, LOVELESS, which he was hardly seen not reading.

"Really? They SEPHIROTH'S fangirls for crying out loud. Of course they would be this bad," you said while trying to walk to your apartment door, but stumbling a little. You felt a pair of strong arms catch you from your fall and you see strands of long silver hair before you black out from the soreness and exhaustion of your body.

You regain consciousness, but you don't open your eyes. It felt like your body didn't even have enough energy to open even one eyelid, and before you know it, you passed out again after hearing four people say somewhat frustrated, "Is she gonna be okay?"

Luckily the next time you woke up, you actually did open your eyes. You saw Zack walking around in circles, Angeal and Genesis leaning against a wall, and Sephiroth sitting in a chair next to your hospital bed.

You manage to hoarsely say, "Next time those fangirls are chasing Sephiroth, I'm not helping him."

Everyone's heads shot up from their drooping stages and Zack practically jumped onto you, saying, "_____, you're awake!"

Zack carefully got off of you after he realized that you were still pretty beat up, saying "Heh, heh. Sorry." You gave him a nod of thanks before Angeal and Genesis came and gently gave you hugs before taking Zack out of the room, leaving you and Sephiroth alone. He gave you a smirk and sarcastically asked, "Should we recruit thsoe girls for SOLDIER?"

"No," you tried to scream out, but it ended up as a hoarse whisper.

Sephiroth chuckled and took one more look at you before leaving, saying, "You need to rest, _____. Otherwise you'll never be out of here."


It's been two weeks and now you're finally out of the infirmiry. All four guys were out on missions, so you went to your apartment. You were thinking about how much Sephiroth had visited you while you were recovering, and how your feelings toward him had only gotten stronger while you looked at an old photo of you, Angeal, Genesis, and Sephiroth. It was taken when Angeal became a 2nd Class SOLDIER. You smiled at the memory and sat on your couch, putting the photo on your coffee table. You heard a knock on your door and when you got up to answer it, you find Genesis looking out of breath.

"Genesis, what happened," you asked as you drag the poor guy in.

"Seph- . . . Sephiroth . . . fangirls . . . surrounded . . ." he managed to say as you set him down on the couch and then made a mad dash outside. What you see are the fangirls practically clawing Angeal and Zack while Sephiroth's on top of a lamp post, trying to keep the girls at bay with his katana. You take out both of your swords and scream at the top of your lungs, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?"

The girls, Sephiroth, Angeal, and Zack all freeze. The guys knew that it took a lot of crap to piss you off this much, and the girls could very well tell that if they didn't stop, you'd slice them. You keep your swords in battle stance as you slowly walk from one end to the other.

"I just get out of medical care that you GIRLS put me into in the first place, and THIS is what I see. A bunch of fancrazed girls attacking SOLDIERs just to get to your hero. You make me sick," you growl out as you keep your eyes on the girls, "SOLDIERs who risk their lives everyday to save your asses, and this is how you thank them? By clawing at them, trying to flat out kill them, just to get to your hero."

You glare at each individual fangirl as Zack, Angeal, and Sephiroth slowly disappear into the ShinRa building. After they're in safety, you slowly back away into the ShinRa building and only sheath your swords when the doors are closed and locked.

"_____--" Zack started to say but you cut him off with a hand gesture. You went back into your apartment, picking up one of Genesis's arms and wrapping it around your neck, Angeal taking his other arm. All five of you head down to the infirmiry, where Zack, Angeal, and Genesis are being treated. Sephiroth didn't even get a scratch on him. You head out of the infirmiry, him right behind you. Sephiroth grabs your arm and says, "Thank you, _____."

You shrug off his grasp and say, "I'm really getting tired of being your bodyguard, Seph. Next time, I might not be there to stop it."

He stood in front of you now, his catlike  eyes on your face as he asks "What do you mean, _____?"

You sigh but before you could answer, your body started acting on its own accord and you realize that you're kissing him, but what really surprised you was that he kissed back, his hands going to your face to make the kiss deeper as your hands tangle themselves in his long silver hair. Sephiroth smirked and brought you even closer, if that was possible. Neither of you noticed Angeal, Zack, and Genesis walk out of the infirmiry, smirk at the two of you, then start clapping. You and Sephiroth break apart, you a bright red and him a slight pink. They three others run off, leaving you two alone, Sephiroth leaning down to your height and whispering in your ear, "I love you."
You peck his pink cheek and say, "I love you, too."

My first request from kingdomhearts378. She wanted me to do a FF version of Sephiroth, and so voila. Sorry if the personality isn't right, but I hope you like it.

You own yourself and everything else is owned by Square Enix.
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You were heading down LOVELESS Avenue when Yuffie and Tifa had walked past you, looking for Cloud. You had simply assumed that he had gone to Aerith's church again, which they had forgotten to check. So being the good friend that you are, you told them that you would go and check there. After you had gotten on your bike and drove off is when they had let their smirks slip out because they knew that you had liked him for some time. When you arrived at the church, you saw Marlene and Denzel playing in front and let yourself smile. You've had to hold smiling back for so long that sometimes you had to force it. Malrene had come skipping towards you and gave you a hug, which you returned.

"It's nice to see you today _______," Marlene cheerfully said to you.

"it's nice to see the two of you, too" You said after ruffling Denzel's hair. You were glad that he was finally cured of that damned Geostigma.

He smiled back and dragged you into the church saying, "Cloud's been talking nonstop about you."

"Are we talking about the same Cloud," you asked while Marlene was gently pushing you threw the door, too. You finally give in and look around for the familar blond spiky haired man. You didn't see him but Denzel continued dragging you to the center, when you finally heard a quiet voice say, "I take offense to that." You turned around to see Cloud standing by the doorway, arms crossed and a fake pout on his face. You just roll your eyes at him while saying, "You know it's true, so stop trying to make me feel bad about it."

He smiles at you and walks to the center, Marlene and Denzel running up to him and giving him a hug. You smirk when you see the two kids tackle him to the ground and Cloud starts laughing, something that you haven't heard in a while. He manages to stand back up and ruffle the two kids' hair before reaching you, the kids going back outside. Cloud tries ruffling your hair too, but you easily dodge out of the way.

"You should know that I'm never gonna make it easy on you, Cloud" you said while dodging again.

"And you should know that I never learn when it comes to you," he says while trying and failing in ruffling your hair again. You start running out of the church, easily having him fall behind.

"Strength won't help you when it comes to my speed," You say while quickly hopping onto your bike and driving off on one wheel just to show off before going back on two wheels and driving off to who knows where in Midgar. You look back to see that he's on Fenrir and catching up fast, so you turn your head back and putting your bike to full speed, easily avoiding collision with anyone or anything. You pass by Reno and Rude, nearly giving Reno a heart attack when you passed right by him, hearing a faint, "_______, what was that for, yo!?"

You just laugh while stopping in front of Tifa's bar and running in, seeing her and Yuffie talking there looking expectant.

"Tifa, if Cloud comes in, tell him I left my bike here and ran off," You said while hiding behind the bar.

"Why are you hiding from him," Tifa asks while looking down at your huddled form.

"He's trying to ruffle my hair again, and you know how competitive he is," you say before closing the cabinet door.

You hear the door open and footsteps toward the bar. You hear Cloud say, "Where's ______?" Tifa tells him what you told her to, but he's learned not to trust her when it comes to stuff like this. He walks into the bar and starts opening cabinets. You're thinking, "Damn, damn, damn."

Then you hear Yuffie say, "Why are you looking for her, anyway? Are you trying to ruffle her hair again?"

Cloud ignores this as he continues opening cabinets, opening the one you were hiding in and smiling as he ruffles your hair. Tifa and Yuffie left after he ignored her questions.
"I win," Cloud says triumphantly.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Could you help me out now," you say after blowing the hair out of your face. He does this and ends up falling backwards, you on top of him.

You roll your eyes as you say, "Aren't you supposed to be balanced?"

"Even an ex-SOLDIER can fall," he says while wrapping his arms around your waist. He's been returing to his old self since the Geostigma cure. You smiled at this and flicked him in the forehead so that he would let you go like normal, but this time he doesn't. Instead, Cloud pulls his face closer to yours and kisses you, softly and passionately. You kiss him back after a second of shock, his hands moving up your back and tangling themselves in your hair. Your hands rest on his shoulders  then moving around his neck. After anout a minute, you broke the kiss for oxygen, leaning your head on his chest. He smiles and pants out, "I love . . . you."

"I love you, too" you said while pulling your head back up. He starts kissing up and down your neck, making you moan slightly. You spent the rest of the day together, as happy as you could be.

A For Cloud Lovers. And for once it has NOTHING to do with Kingdom Hearts, but Final Fantasy all the way.

You own yourself and everything else is owned by Square Enix.
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'Yep, I'm definitely screwed,' you thought as you were surrounded by Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz. You looked over to the unconscious Tifa at the other end of the bar and saw Marlene hiding from them. You turned and tried taking your chances, hoping baeyond hope that Cloud keeps Denzel in a safe place. You drew up your sword and muttered, "C'mon, Cloud. If you don't make sure Denzel's safe than this'll be for nothing."

You blocked the bullets from Loz and dodged Yazoo's attacks before you sent Kadaj a kick to the stomach, but he caught it and threw you against the wall. You stood back up, growling under your breath. Kadaj smirked at this and said, "And I thought you'd actually be a challenge."

You raised your sword and drew out your other one while saying, "You honestly don't know when to quit."

You managed to get past the other two again and this time get a few kicks on him as you thought, 'This son of a bitch is just like Sephiroth. Who would've thought being his protege would actually pay off after his defeat?'

You were blocking, dodging, and attacking all at the same time thanks to Yazoo and Loz trying to get a hit on you, but surely they didn't think you'd be that easy. You WERE Sephiroth's protege after all. You ended up being smashed through the wall this time, and the last thing you saw before darkness was Kadaj's smirking face as he came closer to you.


Kadaj smirked as he bent down to your unconscious body and said, "Now I see what dear Sephiroth had seen in you. Such a fierce fighter, almost could've been the perfect SOLDIER's little wife."

He stood up and nodded to Loz before walking over to his motorbike. Loz lifted you up and placed you behind him after getting on his own bike, Yazoo already impatiently waiting for the two. Kadaj smirked evilly when he said, "Brother would never let you be in harm's way for very long. He'll give us Mother in no time."

All of them drove off with you, Kadaj's face never changing from that evil smirk.


Cloud had rushed into the bar when he saw the state it was in and saw Marlene helping a dizzy Tifa. He made sure that Denzel was sitting in the booth that wasn't destroyed before walking over to them. He looked over to her and then started looking around for you. You were like a sister to Cloud, and if you were dead than he'd never forgive himself. You were the only one left from back when Zack was alive besides himself too, and when he heard Marlene said, "They took her, Cloud. They took ____ like they took Denzel," he rushed out of the bar and hopped onto Fenrir, trying to get to you before they did anything.


You woke up to see that you were in the forest and in a cage. 'How is it that I always end up being the one that needs rescued?' you thought while trying to get out of the cage but to no avail, you were stuck, and the worst part was that your swords were just out of reach. You sat down and sighed while saying, "I hate being the damsel in distress."

You heard a chuckle at that and turned to see Kadaj standing in front of you. You let out a growl before saying, "What the Hell do you want now?"

His eyes narrowed at that and he said, "You and Brother are very close, aren't you?"

You turned your eyes away from the ones that looked so much like Sephiroth's. The eyes of the one who was your teacher, your friend, and the man who had betrayed you. You didn't think you'd see those eyes again but you were wrong. They were staring right at your form, along with two other pairs though not in your view. You looked up when you heard a rattling on the cage and thought, 'How is it that no matter what I do there will always be a reminder of him? I loved him, and he betrayed me. He betrayed me and everybody else, and the three men in front of me were just reminders of that.' You stood up and ran to the bars of the cage saying, "You sure as Hell don't know what I've been through you bastard. Now let me out of this cage and fight me one on one like a real man. After all, Sephiroth would have. Hell, he did more than once."

Kadaj's eyes narrowed even more in anger as he looked up at you and said, "Sephiroth died because of training you. You just had to help Brother defeat the greatest man that ever lived."

"Damn it you idiot, I loved him! That was the hardest thing I ever did in my life!" you screamed at him, and it seemed to make him amused as he said, "Of course you did. What were the last words he even said to you? He begged you to join him? Tried to turn you against your friends? Apologized?"

Your head lowered as the tears were threatening to fall from your eyes The tears you've held back ever since that day. You wanted to strangle Kadaj for bringing all of the pain and suffering back. You wanted him to feel the pain that you'd felt for so long. You went onto your hands and knees as you felt the pain coming back in full force. You could barely breathe, and you just wanted to just die right there as you slowly fell asleep, not letting Kadaj see you so broken.


Cloud had been looking for you for weeks and couldn't find you. He was starting to get frustrated because whenever he felt as if he was close, something would get in the way. He just hoped you were alright.


You woke up to find yourself next to Kadaj, who kept you there securely with his arm around your waist. You couldn't help the feelings that you had grown for him just as the feelings for Sephiroth had grown. Even if you could escape his grip, you wouldn't have been able to go far, but somehow you felt more at peace with this boy than you had ever felt near the others. You knew that Cloud would find you but you didn't know what to do since Kadaj had taken a liking to you as well. You were so frustrated that you couldn't help the silent tears down your face as you thought, 'Sephiroth, you could have stayed with us and none of this would have happened. I'm so confused between my friends that I've known for years and Kadaj. What should I do?'

You were brought out of your thoughts as you heard Kadaj stirring next to you and he asked, "What's wrong?"

"Just confused," you said while wiping away the tears. He put his gloved hand on your cheek and kissed you like he had so manny times over the past few weeks and when you broke apart he said, "Go to sleep." You did as you were told and snuggled into his chest thinking, 'Thank you, Sephiroth,' before falling asleep with him right next to you.
Yes, Kadaj. Thanks ~kingdomhearts378 for the request and sorry that it's not that romantic but I must say that Kadaj is quite a hard character to write about.

You own yourself and everything else is owned by Square Enix.
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  The warm breeze blows over your shoulder and makes your hair flow back with it. You take a breath in and smile up at the sun as you walk up a green hill. Up ahead is your favorite spot to be. There are two trees up there for shade but the sun still warms the ground where you lay. Flower patches are also all around, varying in colors and smells. To you its a sanctuary to get away from all the stress you get put through throughout your day.
    As a scientist at Shinra, you see things happen to people that should never been done. You see creatures that were never meant to be created yet all you could do is just sit there and watch.

  Today you packed yourself a picnic basket and brought along a blanket to sit on. It was a nice day so why not you thought to yourself. As you reach the top of the hill you notice something, rather someone. A man was laying in the shade of the trees sleeping. He had black hair that had some of his bangs hanging in his face and he wore a dark grey suit.
   Is that a Turk..? What's one doing up here? You think to yourself. You've seen Turks around your work before. You know of a few members, so its not like it was strange for you to see one. As you snuck up closer, the man's face was familiar to you. It was Vincent Valentine.

  You back up a bit thinking he'd wake up, but he didn't. You set your basket down with your blanket by one of the trees and silently walked back over. You saw that his eyes were shut as he had this calm look on his face and his arms were up behind his head. He was absolutely still, except for his chest, which rose and fell with his gentle breathing. You softy smile over him. He looked really peaceful.
   He was actually one of the only Turks you talked to. He was assigned to monitor the experiments you were working on with a few other scientist. Although he mainly watched you for some reason. You guessed he was just protective. After all, you did have a few experiments blow up in your face- Literally.

  You get down on your knees as you put your hand on his chest and give him a small shake. "Vincent?" you ask quietly. No response. You try again. "Vincent" Still nothing. You then put your hand to his cheek and tap it softly. "Vincent, you're not dead are you?"
    His eyes groggily open. You pull back in shock, thinking you'd get no response. Vincent jumps as he stares at you with his crimson eyes, now fully awake.
  "Miss._______, what are you doing here?"
You sigh and smile at him. "How many times must I tell you, call me _______. You don't have to be so formal."
   He looks away. "Sorry, ________." You just smile and stand up. You look at the sun that starts to set behind the tree line. "So Vincent, what brings you up here? I thought you were supposed to be at the lab. Not doing your job I see." you giggle. He just looks up at you. "I was only resting my eyes, I never planned on falling asleep."
  "Well I wouldn't blame you for sleeping up here, it is rather comfy. Especially with this nice warm breeze and all the calming sounds. It really makes you forget about all the stressful things you have to deal with."

   Vincent grew silent. You look down to him and smile. "Of course, its also a great place for a picnic as well." you go over to your basket and pick it up. You turn to him "Would you like to join me? Seems that my eyes are bigger then my stomach."
   Vincent turns his face to looks at you and nods. You smile as you bend down to pick up the blanket that you put on the ground. You walk back over to Vincent and put the basket behind him. You toss the blanket into the air as you hold the one end. You wave it out to make sure no dirt is on it. Vincent stands up and grabs the other end. You look to him.
   "Mind if I help you?"
You smile and shake your head. "Thank you Vincent"

   He helps you wave out the blanket again and slowly bring it to the ground, covering the grass. You then sit on your knees and open the picnic basket. You start pulling food and drinks out from it. Vincent just stared at you as you pulled out the food. He started chuckling to himself. You glanced up at him.
  "What?" you ask curiously.
  He looks at you with his crimson eyes. "You weren't kidding when you said you packed a lot of food."
  You look away embarrassed. "Well, I didn't mean to pack so much.. I guess I thought I'd be more hungry then I really am."
  "You packed for about three people." He joked. "Sheesh, this is the thanks I get for sharing my perfectly made picnic lunch with you?" you reply sarcastically. He just chuckles more and shakes his head. "No your right," He looks into your eyes and smiles. "Thank you."
   You feel your cheeks turn red but you just smile "Your welcome"

  Vincent helped lay out the rest of the food on the blanket. You both sit on the blanket and stare at the setting sun. You start eating some of the grapes you packed. You turn to Vincent with a playful smirk across your lips. "Hey Vincent,"
  He turns to you "Yes?"
   You toss a grape at him. "Catch!" Of course, he is caught of guard as the grape flies right past his face. He looks at you with raised eye brows as you just laugh. "That didn't work out too well now did it?" He just gives you a small smile. "Well if you gave me a heads up I would have been more prepared."
  You slyly smirk at him. "Are you ready now?" He just returned with his own smirk as he turned his whole body so he was sitting facing you. "How about we make this interesting?"
    "Oh?" you say surprised "And how do plan on doing that?"
He flashes a smile at you. A kind one, yet it had a hint of playfulness in it. "What about a bet?"
  "A bet huh? Well whats the bet?" you ask. He puts his hand to his chin and ponders for a moment "Hmm..."

   You just slightly tilt your head and watch him waiting for a response. He lowers his hand and looks to your eyes. "Loser rolls down the hill" You start to laugh. "What are we? Little kids again?"
  "What? Are you afraid to do it?" he says challengingly. You raise him a brow "Afraid to roll down a hill covered in flower patches? Yes Vincent I'm mortally terrified." you sarcastically reply. He just chuckles at your response. "So thats a yes then?"
  You smile back at him "Yeah I'm in! So, any rules?"
"Simple, make three then you win. If you don't then you get to take a nice trip down the hill."
    "Psh I got this!" you boast. Vincent just shakes his head "So confident."
"Hey c'mon I've got a bet to win!" you urge as you grab a grape from the bag. Vincent opens his mouth as you aim. You toss your first grape, and to your surprise you got it! "Woohoo! See? Told ya I got this!" Vincent just chuckled to himself as he saw you celebrating. You grab another grape and aim. You close one eye to make your aim even more precise.
  You toss it and you make it again! You smile brightly as you get out the third grape.
  "Some bet Vincent, you just set yourself up to lose!" you tease.
    "I'm sure I did." He slyly smirks.

  You just roll your eyes as you toss him another grape. This time, Vincent moves out of its way purposely and makes you miss.
  "What?! That was so cheap!!" You yell standing up. Vincent just laughs as he stands himself up too. You move closer to him and shove his shoulder. "C'mon Vincent that wasn't even fair!"

   He just grinned at you. "You never said I couldn't do that."
"Are you kidding me? What about the rules?"
  "There never was a rule that I couldn't move. The only rule was if you make three then you win, if not-" His eyes move to look at the hill that sloped down by the right side of each of you.. "Well, I'm sure you'll have fun." he chuckled.
  "I shouldn't be the one rolling down the hill you should, you made me lose on purpose!" You laugh as you push him towards the hill. He laughs back and does the same to you. You both continue to mess with each other but then suddenly you slip. Instinctively you wrap your arms around Vincent's neck to hold you up but instead you take him down with you.

  You both begin rolling quickly down the hill. Every time your back was on the ground you could feel the soft grass graze past your back and a few flowers hit your skin. As you two rolled down, you hid your face into his chest as he hid his face on your shoulder. You felt him hold your body close.
   The two of you started to slow down as the hill started to flatten out. Once you stopped you felt the grass on your back and Vincent land on top of you. He pushes his torso up from yours but still hangs over you. He puts one hand to his head and groans.
  You look up to him and start to laugh. He looks down at you confused. You just keep on laughing. He gives you a clueless stare but soon he starts to laugh along with you.
    "That was awesome!" You shout through your giggles.
  "Yeah even though you pulled me down with you!"
   "I'm sorry! I slipped so I just reached out and grabbed you hoping you'd catch me but guess what you didn't do?" You smirk up at him.

  "Like I knew you were about to fall?"
   "Do you think I knew I was about to?" you giggle. Vincent just shakes his head and smirks. You notice something hanging in his hair. You reach up and pull it out. Its a small yellow flower. You show him and just smile. You put it to your nose and smell it. Vincent then takes it from you and sniffs it.
  "I think this would look better on you then it did on me." He said as he placed the flower behind your ear.
  "Well I mean, I thought you looked good with a flower in your hair." you smile. "Oh really?" he replies. His eyes are now locked with yours. They seem to be sparkling, and his face seemed to be getting closer.
  "Y-yes" you say back as you feel your face getting a bit warm. Just looking into his eyes you can feel yourself blush.
   Vincent just smiles as he slowly moves his face closer to yours. He closes the space between you two as he presses his soft lips to yours. The kiss is tender and passionate. You lose control of your body as your arms wrap around his neck and play with his hair while you kiss back.
   His body is pressed up against yours while you lay on the ground. This moment was just too perfect, you wanted it to last forever.
   But of course, you both had to break apart for a breath. Vincent kissed your forehead then looked into your eyes. "Sorry, I just couldn't help myself... I've wanted to do that ever since I was assigned to watch over the experiments that were being worked on. Ever since I met you.."
   You just gave him a soft smile. "What are you sorry for? I've wanted to do that as well."
He gave you a shocked look, obviously not expecting you'd like him back, but you did. You'd always get this feeling when he was around. It was a tingling warm feeling, you liked it.
   You just smiled and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He returned a smile and then leaned down forward  as he started to kiss you again.
A request for :iconkali90:
She wanted a Turk Vincent Valentine story, which I don't blame here because there aren't any of him while hes a Turk! :noes:

But I fixed that ^^
I mean I know this story was super cheesy but when isn't a romance cheesy? :nod:
Anywho, I hope you like it! :la:
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  "We will be landing in a few minutes you two." The helicopter pilot calls over his shoulder to you and Angeal. Angeal gives a slight groan. You just raise a brow and giggle at him. "Whats the matter? Aren't you excited to be back?"
  "I am. Its just I don't know, I think flying feels pretty good." Angeal shrugs and gives a small smirk at you. "I like it too but I think I would want to see my friends before I will grow some wings and fly off into the sunset." You laugh. "I didn't mean it like- oh never mind!" Angeal replies.
    You and Angeal are getting back from a mission in Gongaga. Since you both were 1st class SOLDIERS Lazard decided sending both of you would be beneficial. You've been gone for a week and you both were missing your two closest friends Sephiroth, the 1st class SOLDIER who is seen as a hero, and Genesis, 1st class SOLDIER who has been your friend since the day you joined.

   The helicopter lands and the pilot gives the okay to hop off. Angeal jumps down first as you follow behind. Once your feet hit the ground you can already see Sephiroth leaning against a wall waiting for you two while Genesis does the same but his nose is stuck in a book- no doubt LOVELESS you guess.
  "Looks like they've been waiting for us." Angeal implies.
  "Guess so. Huh, looks like they haven't noticed us yet.... Lets get the jump on them Angeal!" You smirk.
  "Literally or theoretically?" He ask. You just give a grin. "Literally!!" You run off towards the two. Genesis- not having seen you running towards him- sighs, closes his book and turns his back to walk off.
      "GOTCHYA!!!" You yell jumping onto his back. "GAH! Ugh! ______ get off me!!" He shouts.

  You just laugh as he tries to shake you off but is unable to. Angeal just chuckles to himself as he walks up. "Hey Gen I think there is something on your back."
  "Obviously Angeal!" Genesis replies still trying to maneuver you off. You just laugh and slide down off his back. He turns and glares at you. You just give an innocent look at him. His glare fades as he slightly looks away. A soft smile comes across his lips. "Glad your back." He mumbled. "I am too" You smile at him. Sephiroth pulls himself up from the wall he was leaning on and walks over with a slight smirk on his face.
  "Well, you two took your good old time didn't you?" he calmly stated.
  "Excuse me then, not all first class SOLDIERS are as talented as you." you sarcastically reply. He just laughs. "So how was the mission?" Genesis asks you. "It was okay, wasn't too thrilling but it wasn't exactly boring." you shrug. "At least we didn't bum around like you two." Angeal smirks as he folds his arms across his chest.
   "Funny Angeal." Sephiroth starts as he crosses his arms. He takes a look at you and Angeal. "You two look exhausted. Why don't you go get some rest."
   "I think I'll just try to relax somewhere, see you guys later!" You call out as you give a wave and walk away. They wave as you walk off. Genesis just looks down after your gone. Sephiroth and Angeal both turn at look at him- both with this cat like grin on their face. Genesis looks up to them "W-what?"
   "You like her." Sephiroth states mater-of-factly.
   "What??" Genesis shouts back. "Oh come on Gen, its obvious you like her! Every time your around her you seem to beam. Why don't you just tell her?" Angeal says
    "Because, I-I can't.."
    "Why not?"
    "I just can't Angeal! Look at her, she could have anyone- besides I doubt she even likes me."
    "Are you crazy? All she talked about while we were gone is how she hopes your okay and how she can't wait to see you again."
     "She...said that..?" Genesis ask looking to Angeal. Angeal just nods. "If you don't make your move soon Genesis then someone else will and you know how many of the other first class SOLDIERS have their eye on her." Sephiroth implies. "Sephiroth has a point Genesis. You better catch up to her."
   "Ughh, why am I even trying this?" Genesis sighs as he turned and walked off.

  You sit in the simulation room alone. Your sitting on the Mako Cannon by the ocean. It may not be real but you liked to come here and relax. Everything there just had this calming feeling about it. The simulated air blows through your hair and cools your face. You just smile as you close your eyes and take everything in. "Excuse me,"
   You open your eyes and look over your shoulder. Standing behind you is a man with bright blue eyes, auburn hair, and a copy of LOVELESS in his hand.
   "Oh Genesis, what brings you here?" you ask as he takes a spot next to you.
  "Well I am your friend, is that a crime?" he smirks.
  "Heh, guess not.. Totally not what I meant when I asked but whatever" you smile.
  "I guess I just want to have some time alone with you. You were gone for a while and I....well- I guess, I missed you.." Genesis's checks turn a tint of red as he says this. You look at him, his face is turned away from yours. You just look out to sea and smile "I've missed you too."
  He glances over at you and smiles. You both just sit silently just looking out at the scenery in front of you.  "Hey Genesis," you start
  "Would you mind reading LOVELESS to me?"
Genesis just gives a shocked look. "Y-you want me to read to you..?"
  "Well, yeah.." you say fidgeting a bit in your spot. "I really like the poem, and I dunno.. I guess I just like hearing you read to me." Genesis's shocked face doesn't change. Great! I embarrassed myself in front of him.. Smooth... You look away hiding your now red checks. "I'm sorry, you don't have to. I know that kind of sounds weird, huh?"
  Genesis just lets out a chuckle and looks back out in front of him. "Not at all."
You look back to him and smile. He flashes a small one to you then opens the poem's cover.
  "When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting

Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess
We seek it thus, and take to the sky
Ripples form on the water's surface
The wandering soul knows no rest.

There is no hate, only joy
For you are beloved by the goddess
Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds
Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul
Pride is lost
Wings stripped away, the end is nigh

My friend, do you fly away now?
To a world that abhors you and I?

All that awaits you is a somber morrow
No matter where the winds may blow

My friend, your desire
Is the bringer of life, the gift of the goddess
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return

My friend, the fates are cruel
There are no dreams, no honor remains
The arrow has left the bow of the goddess

My soul, corrupted by vengeance
Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey
In my own salvation
And your eternal slumber

Legend shall speak
Of sacrifice at world's end
The wind sails over the water's surface
Quietly, but surely..."

"Thank you Genesis, that was beautiful" You smile sweetly at him. He just gazes at you but then turns and shuts his book, not all the way though. He has his finger on one page as he shuts the book. "You know.. I've written the fifth act out. I'm most certain I figured it out!" He smiles.
"Thats great! Can I hear it?"
"Only if..." Genesis trails off. "Only if what??" You ask eagerly. He grins at you "Fight me." You tilt your head a bit confused. "Fight you? But why?"
"Don't ask- Just do it. Lets see how badly you want to hear it!" He smirks as he takes out his sword. "Your asking for it!" You grin back as you take out your sword and get up. Genesis waste no time and goes straight towards you for an attack. You swiftly side step him and hold out your leg as he runs past. He stumbles over but doesn't trip. "No cheep shots!" He laughs.
He holds his sword in the air and swings down at you. You block it with your own and push back. He takes a step back and you kick at his chest making him fall. As he does you quickly swing your sword out to his and hit it out of his hand and send it sliding across the Mako cannon's surface. He goes to get up but you jump on him and pin him down. You hold your blade to his chin and victoriously smile. "I win!" "Oh really?" he replies.
  He just laughs, something that is rare for him. He just rolls over and pins you down. Genesis holds his hands on top of yours and uses his legs to keep yours down while he lays his chest upon yours.
  He moves his face close to yours and smiles. You feel your cheeks burning up. He slowly closes the gap between you two.
"G-Gen-" your cut off by Genesis's lips against yours. He kisses you with such passion, you'd never think he'd be so good at it! You kiss back, even though your pin down. He pulls back  and gives a slight smile. He starts kisses your neck while he releases your hands. When you wrap your arms around his neck he gives you a tender kiss on the lips and then rest his fore head to yours.
  "So, does this mean I get to hear act five?" you giggle. Genesis just chuckles. "Of course."
He rolls over to your side and just stares straight into your eyes.

"Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice"

   "Genesis, thats a beautiful ending"
   "Yeah, so is this-" Genesis pulls you close as you two start kissing again.

You two find yourselves lost in each others embrace as the sound of the waves and the warmth from each others bodies drifts you both off to sleep, cuddled up together as the simulated sky lights up with tiny stars and illuminate upon the two of you.
Yay for Genesis!!!:iconlawooplz:
:icongenesisplz:- Yes, praise me.
:love: I had to make him one! I'm a fan girl ^^
Weird thing is, I was inspired to write this when I was listening to Stuck like Glue by Sugar Land. :shrug:

Great song but no clue how it inspired me.
Anywho; I hope you enjoy! :D

I don't own Genesis- Square Enix owns him (luckyyy!!):XD:
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You stroll down the halls of the seemingly empty Shinra building. Huh, wonder what everyone is doing.. Around the corner you hear male voices- they sound familiar to you. You sneak over to the corner and peek out. Leaning against the wall is Sephiroth, with arms crossed and eyes closed, and Angeal who is talking to Genesis.
  "Angeal don't!!" Genesis shouted.
  "I don't see why you can't just tell her!" Angeal shot back. Your ears perk as you hear Angeal say 'her' You wonder who they are talking about, and why Genesis is getting so defensive.
  Genesis just looked away from Angeal. "I don't see what the big deal is. You do seem to have this attraction to her Genesis. Not that I blame you, but whats the problem? You like her- she likes you. Whats the obvious answer here." Sephiroth implies with his eyes still shut. Genesis looks to him. "I'm not even sure if she does- I don't want to make a fool of myself.."
  "Too late- you already have. Multiple times." Chuckles Angeal. "Nobody asked you!!" Genesis yelled.

Whats all this talk about a girl? Genesis has a crush...? Your heart sank. The two of  you have been close since the day you joined. Every time you were around him you could feel a rush through your body, you cheeks turn red, he just made you feel so different- a way you've never felt before. You liked it.
  You leaned more in to hear them better but you lost your footing as your body came stumbling down to the ground with a loud thud! Sephiroth's eyes flashed open as he turned his head and looked down at you, along with Genesis and Angeal. You looked up to see all of their eyes focused on you. Busted..
"Heh...Um, hey guys... Whats up?" you try to casually ask through your embarrassment. "Gen here can't gather up the courage to ask this girl out." Sephiroth states. Genesis shoots him daggers. Sephiroth just smirks at him then goes back to looking at you on the ground.
  "Is that so? Well Genesis- who is she?" You ask as you rest your head in your hands and kick your feet, still laying on the floor. Genesis just shakes his head and offers you his hand. You take it and he picks you up.
   "Someone very special to me." He answers softly.
    "I see. So I'm guessing you aren't going to tell me her name huh?"
    "I figured as much," you smile.
  Genesis looks at  you, his eyes sparkle as your eyes meet. He looks away, cheeks a tint of red. "Sorry, but I have to go."
"Oh.." you say disappointed. "Where are you going?" Angeal asks. "I have to think of a way to show her how much I care- I have to put a lot of thought into it, I want to make it special for her." Genesis replies. He then walks off without another word. You watch him leave.
  "Oh and remember you two- say a word about this and your dead!" Genesis calls over his shoulder as he continues to walk.
You sigh and look down. You hear Angeal and Sephiroth start laughing. "Whats so funny??"
   "Nothing, I just had this thought.." Angeal starts. "And this thought was...?" you ask raising a brow and crossing your arms.
"You wouldn't have a thing for Genesis would you?" He smirks. Your face drops. How did he know??!? Angeal just laughs.

"Angeal please! You can't tell him! Especially now... he seems infatuated with that mystery girl you all keep talking about."
  "Oh trust us, he is." Sephiroth smirks. You sigh and look away. Who was this girl anyways?? You've never seen Genesis spending time with a girl other then you- not that he doesn't have a life, you just wonder where she comes into picture.
  "Don't look so upset ______, you'd be surprised if you knew." Angeal advised.
  "Does that mean your going to tell me who she is?" You start to smile.
  "No can do. Genesis made his point clear that if I told I'd be in deep trouble!"
    "Notice how he focused on emphasizing that more to you then myself. I know how to keep my mouth shut." Sephiroth boasted.
   "Oh shut up! You make it seem like I can't keep a secret!" Angeal snapped.
  "I never said that, now did I?" Sephiroth explained.
You just roll your eyes at the two.  "A simple 'no' would have worked as an answer." you giggle.
  "Well, at least Genesis has good taste" Angeal said as he gave you a wink. "Better watch it- Genesis doesn't take lightly to competition." Sephiroth said to Angeal. Angeal just smiled "Wouldn't we know." Angeal was thinking to all the times Genesis, Sephiroth, and himself spent in the simulation room training with each other.

  "Whatever, I'm not going to stand here all day and listen to you two ramble on and on. I'll see you two later!" You call out as you walk away. Angeal and Sephiroth both give you a wave as they go back to chatting. I wonder if I catch up with Genesis, maybe I could figure out who it is that he likes.

  You run down the hall that Genesis walked down. You look out past every turn trying to see if you can catch a glimpse of his auburn hair and bright blue eyes. His outfit would be easy to spot as well. You take a turn into a lounge area where a few soldiers are relaxing and talking among each other. You just sigh. Come on, where can he be??

You feel someone gently tap your shoulder. You jump and spin around. Facing you is the man you were just looking for.
  "Did I scare you?" Genesis smirks.
    "Scare me? Psh, yeah right." You laugh and cross your arms. Genesis just grins and shakes his head.
  You notice Genesis has the poem LOVELESS in his hand. It has a red ribbon wrapped around it neatly. Almost like a Christmas present without the wrapping paper. "Loveless?" You ask looking down at the book. "Hm? Oh, yeah." Genesis answers.  
   "I love that poem! Remember when you first read it to me?" You smile brightly as you think back to the time when you and Genesis were sitting in the simulation room. Angeal sent both of you there to practice some training- you did the complete opposite.

  ~You just sat on this big chuck of metal while Genesis leaned against it near your dangling feet.
"Sure is pretty." You say looking out to the simulated sunset over the rolling waves of the ocean. Genesis just nods. He pulls out this book that was a light pinkish color. The writing on the cover was very elegant and neat.
  "Hm? Whats that Gen?" You ask looking down to it. "This is my most favorite poem. It's called LOVELESS."
  "You like poetry?? So do I! Can you read me some?"
Genesis looked to you shocked. "You want to hear me read it?" You smile and nod "Mhm! I would love to hear it, if you don't mind that is." Genesis softly smiles to you. "Of course,"~

   "How could I forget? I think you might be the only other one who loves this poem as much as I do." Genesis says.
  "Well what can I say? I'm a poetic kind of girl. Is that so wrong?" You ask innocently.
"Not at all. I think more girls should be like you. You just have something special- I can't ever exactly figure out what it is." Genesis smiles. You feel your cheeks warming up. "Really..? Thank you"

  You then turn you back to him. "I bet shes great." you softly claim, trying to hide the sadness in your voice. "Huh?"
  "'Her'- the mystery girl. The one that some how got you to fall for her. Shes must be great." You turn and face him. "I'm glad she'll be able to make you happy Gen- Your a really nice guy, you deserve someone like that." Genesis smiles. "Here, come with me. I need to show you something." he says holding his hand out. You nod as you take it within yours and follow him off, away from all the soldiers.

  He leads you to the apartment floor of Shinra. You both enter his room. He lets go of your hand and turns to you. "Wait here, I'll be right back."
  "Okay" You answer. As Genesis walks off you sit on his bed and wait for him to return. As you wait for Genesis to come back you start to think to yourself. Your a bit jealous of this girl- Genesis seems to be working so hard just so he can show her how much he cares for her.
I wish I knew who this girl was. I know most girls in Shinra have crushes on him- but he never pays attention to them. Hes always either with me or off training with Angeal and Sephiroth. Well, whoever it is- She doesn't realize what a great guy Genesis is. Shes lucky.

  Genesis comes back and sets LOVELESS down on the bed as he takes a spot next to you.
  "So... How do I know if she likes me?" Genesis asks timidly.
  "Huh? Oh, her. Umm well what is she like?" you ask.
"Where to begin- Shes beautiful, funny, smart, poetic like me, shes just... I can't explain it. Shes perfect. Shes someone like you.." Genesis says not noticing that he's beaming.
  "Okay Genesis you have to tell me who she is!" you eagerly ask. Genesis looks away. "Don't think of me as weird okay?"
    "Gen your not weird just because you like someone, now tell me!"
Genesis looks to you as you speak. His eyes are sparkling again. "I'll show you-"
   "Wha-" Your cut off by his lips against yours. He puts his hands up to your face and brings you in closer. You can feel your heart racing and you know your face is beat red! You wrap your arms around his neck, making the two of you even closer. You now are laying on your back while he lays his chest on top of yours.

  He pulls away. "You. It's you."
   You smile up at him. "And you were afraid I didn't like you back?"
  "I didn't think you saw me that way." Genesis explains. "Gen, I've always liked you- Every time I was around you, I just got this feeling that I couldn't hide. Apparently it was obvious to Angeal and Sephiroth." Genesis just laughs as he rolls off you. "Yeah, they saw right through me as well." He then picks up Loveless and hands it to you. You take it. "Whats this for?"
    "It's yours. I wanted to show you how much I cared about you."
   "So you decided to give me Loveless? But Genesis- this is your favorite poem."
   "Yeah, it's yours too if I do recall." He smiles at you. You smile back "Thank you, that was really sweet of you."
  "Open it." Genesis says. You look at him puzzled. He just gives a smirk. You slowly open the book. A piece of paper is in there. It had neat hand writing on it and it was titled 'Clouds of Love'.
"A poem? 'Clouds of Love. By Genesis.' You wrote this?"
  "Read it" Genesis insist a bit eager. "Okay okay!" You smile.

  "On the night I met you,
my heart stopped beating
it froze with with desire,
at what I was seeing.
On this night for us
that shouldn't have been,
what lay ahead nobody could see.
You alone started these flames
of wanting desire,
a million seas couldn't quench the fire.
But love isn't always the easy friend,
you have to sail the storm
to receive the love you send.
So till the day comes
that these arms can hold you near,
I'll sail the storms and watch
as the clouds disappear."

  You stare at the paper for a while. Your heart races as you smile brightly.
"You wrote this for me?" You softly ask looking up to Genesis's face. "Yeah, do you like it?"
  You pull him close to you. He's cheeks are a bit red. "I love it!" You say. "Glad to hear" Genesis smiles as you two starts to kiss you again.
A Genesis request for ~XXXXBECCAXXXX :D

Isn't Genesis such a sweet heart? :iconiloveitplz:
The poetic kind of guys always are ^^

I always love request, if anyone wants one just leave me a comment! :boogie:

All characters are a copyright of Square Enix
Clouds of Love is written and owned by its author Weisskamp
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You walk nervously down the halls of the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company headquarters, towards the SOLDIER offices. Sephiroth had told you to come to his office, which, as a lowly 3rd Class SOLDIER, you obeyed the famous SOLDIER 1st Class. You stop outside his office, looking at the plaque on the door. You straighten and dust off your uniform and fix your helmet, making sure everything is in order.  You take in a deep breath.
You reach forward, knocking on the door. You hear footsteps getting closer on the other side. You stiffen when the door opens, saluting to the high ranking officer.

"_____ _______, SOLDIER 3rd Class, reporting, sir!" You say. His mako, cat slit eyes scan you for a moment.

"At ease," He says. You drop your salute.

"Come in," He says, starting to walk back into his office. You follow him, shutting the door behind you. He starts to walk over to his desk as you follow silently behind.

"Take that helmet off," He says, not turning to face you.

"Sir?" You ask.

"Are you questioning the request of a superior officer?" He asks, looking at you over his shoulder.

"No, sir," You say. You quickly take the helmet off as he gets a file from a bookshelf behind his desk. You fix your hair quickly as it falls out of the helmet. He turns and sits at his desk, eyes in the file.

"Take a seat," He says.

"Yes, sir," You say, silently sitting in the chair in front of the desk, stiff as you sink into the soft cushions. You look at the file in his hands. You're name is printed on the front of it.

"Do you know why I called you to my office?" He asks.

"No, sir," You say, "You didn't tell me." He looks at you over the file.

"Relax," He says, "You're not in any trouble." You relax slightly. You and a certain black haired 2nd Class named Zack Fair had set up a prank in the simulation chamber for the 1sts to find. Let's just say that it involved a Tonberry, mild explosives, and shaving cream.

"I've been told I need to take on a prodegy," He says, sitting your file down on his desk. You see your picture attached inside. You look up at the 1st Class, your eyes curious.

"And I've decided, with your skills, to take you as said prodegy," He says, looking you directly in the eye. You sit there, completely stunned for a moment. Then a large smile forms on your face.

"R-Really?" You ask, unable to believe what was just said. He nods simply in reply. If your smile could get any bigger, it just did. You jump out of your chair, saluting.

"Thank you, sir! I feel so honored!" You say happily. He smiles slightly at your perky-ness.

"If you are to be working with me, there are a two things I must ask of you," He says as you drop your salute.

"Anything, sir," You reply. He stands, looking at you seriously over his desk.

"First," He says, "I ask that you stop with the 'sir' business.  I have never been one for formal titles." You nod, jotting that note down in your head.

"Yes, si- I mean, Sephiroth," You say. He walks around to the front of the desk, standing in front of you now. You can take in almost every detail of him now, even his smell. You try to fight back the blush that wants to appear on your cheeks at how close he is.

"Second," He says, looking down at you, "You must do as I say, no matter what I ask."

"On my honor as a SOLDIER, I will!" You say, saluting quickly.

"Then you may leave now," He says, "Report here tomorrow morning at 0600 hours." You nod, running out of the room.

You and Sephiroth have worked together for 5 months now, tag teaming on missions, always being together. You got to know him slightly better also. You would never admit it to any of your friends, or even yourself that you started to develop feelings for the silver haired SOLDIER 1st Class.
You've kept that promise you've made months ago. Sephiroth has never really asked for much, just help here and there, but you're never needed. The title "The Great Sephiroth" that he holds is no exaggeration. But nonetheless, your happy with him. You've improved so much that you've gotten promoted to 2nd Class a month ago.

You walk down the hallway beside Sephiroth, Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewely to his other side. You've gotten to know the 1st Class SOLDIERs better thanks to Sephiroth.
You hear a faint buzzing noise. You look over your shoulder. A little robot that kind of looks like a spider moves across the floor towards the four of you. You stop and look at the little thing. The guys stop when they notice your not walking. The robot stops in front of you, twitching around slightly. You lean over to get a better look at it.

"It's kind of cute," You say with a smile.

"It must be the new security robots the Science Department were working on," Angeal says, examining the robot. You start to reach down, wanting to touch the top of it. Before you can, a large bolt of electricity shoots from it's antenna to your hand. Pain shoots through every nerve in your arm, making you yelp and jerk away from it, clutching your arm. It feels like pins and needles are sticking in it.

"It must have a short in it," You say, glaring at the robot. Suddenly, it lunges at you. You slide out of the way as it hits the floor where you were standing. You glare at it again, punting the stupid thing. It hits the wall with a thud and falls to the floor, the center of it dented and two of it's four legs falling off.

You hear the buzzing noise again. You all look down the hallway to see a flood of the little orange robots scurrying towards you. The guys start to draw their swords, but you step in front of them, yours already in your hand.

"I can take these things," You say with a smirk.

"There are so many," Sephiroth says, "Are you sure you want to do this alone?" You look over your shoulder at the silver haired man, keeping your smirk on your face.

"I got this," You say with a wink, "No need to worry about me. I am a SOLDIER after all. You guys head on, I'll meet up with you."

"But-" Sephiroth begins to protest.

"She says she has it," Genesis says, "Let her be." Sephiroth sighs.

"Be careful," Angeal says, giving you a stern look. You nod to them as they run off. You turn back to the task at hand, readying yourself.

*An Hour Later*

You walk into Sephiroth's office, wearily placing your sword on your back. Every muscle hurts. Who'd think that it'd take that long to get rid of all those things. Turns out, they were attacking others, too, and the Science Department couldn't control them. So  you helped the company out. Can someone say, bonus this month?

"How'd it go?" Sephiroth asks, not turning around from his bookshelf. You smile weakly.

"Took long enough," You say, putting arms behind your back. Your arm muscles tense at this slight motion. You grit your teeth and try your best to keep your expression steady and smiling.

"Are you hurt?" He asks, turning around finally, looking you over.

"N-No, sir," You say, smiling the best smile you can. He narrows his cat like blue-green eyes at you.

"You're lying," He says, tilting his head slightly. You lower your eyes to the floor. He strides over, towering over you. You keep your head down, not to look in his eyes.

"Let me see your arms," He says. You sigh. You're caught. You slowly bring both your arms forward. Lines of slight electrical burns, just enough to turn the skin red and hurt the muscles, cover your bare arms, trailing in odd ways from your shoulders to under your gloves.
Sephiroth gently grabs your arms, trying his best not to hurt you. You grimace at the slight touch, still keeping your head down.

"Electrical burns," He says, "They're not serious, but they seem to have effected your muscles and made your arms extremely sensitive to the slightest touch."

"I didn't want to worry you," You say, looking to the side. He releases your arm and walks over to his desk. You feel awful, lying to him, but you really didn't want him to worry. You need to show that your strong.

"Look at me," He says, having walked over while you were thinking. You slowly lift your head to look at him, expecting him to be angry. But what you see stuns you slightly.
His face remained stern, as usual, but his eyes...they show worry and concern.

"You do not hide an injury from me," He says, taking your arm once more. You wince at the touch. He starts to wrap your arm with some bandages from his desk. He had put cool water on them to dull the pain at least a little. When he finished with both arms, he releases you.

"S-Sorry," You say lowering your head, still regretting lying to him

"Don't move," He says. Keeping to what you promised him, which has become an immediate instinct, you stiffen.

"What is it?" You ask, worried there's another injury you didn't notice.

"Close your eyes," He says. You feel his intense gaze upon you, so you close your eyes.

"Sir?" You ask.

"What I did I tell you?"

"Sorry," You say, "I mean, Sephiroth."

"Do not move or open your eyes until I tell you," He says sternly. Your breathing hitches slightly when your feel his hand under your chin, lifting your head carefully. You don't open your eyes, though, doing as he said.
Something soft presses against your lips. Then you feel something wrap around your waist, pulling your forward. You kiss him back, placing your hands on his chest. He deepens the kiss, running one hand up your spine, making you shiver.
He pulls away, opening his eyes and keeping his hold around you. You open your eyes, meeting his intense gaze.

"Didn't I tell you not to open your eyes?" He asks, smirking slightly.

"You told me not to move either," You say, smirking in return, "You didn't seem to mind that disobedience." He chuckles softly at this. He starts to straighten up, seeing as he had to lean over (he's quite a bit taller than you).

"Do I have to punish you for disobeying?" He asks, tilting his head with a smirk again.

"No, sir," You say with an innocent smile, "I am just a 2nd Class after all."

"But you should know better," He says, hugging you closer to his chest. You wrap your arms around his neck, rolling your eyes.

"Why don't you do as I say and shut up for a moment?" You ask before pulling him down into another kiss.
Finally did one for Sephy~
:iconsephyplz::iconsaysplz: Don't call me that.
lol you even have to write Sephy for that icon

I figured that Sephiroth would be the kind to take this approach. I don't know what I was thinking when I came up with this. :shrug:

Genesis and Angeal got such a small part in this. Makes me kinda sad but OH WELL! Gen's had his story and I'm thinking of one for Angeal.

The prank...what was I on when I came up with that? Sound's like something Zack would come up with though. :XD:

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"Hey Tifa, what's up?" You ask as you see the brown haired woman running toward you. She suddenly grabs you by the wrist.

"Come with me," she says anxiously. She starts to drag you down the street.

"What's wrong?" you ask as you both round the corner, heading for the Seventh Heaven Bar.

"It's Cloud," she says, "I think he needs you right now." You could catch a bit of fear in her voice. It scared you, thinking about what could be wrong with the blonde. After all, you've always had a crush on him. You swallow hard. Tifa continues to drag you as you step through the bar doors. She drags you up the stairs and stops in front of what you know as Cloud's bedroom door. She knocks on the door.

"Cloud, someone's here to see you," she says.

"I don't want to see anyone," you hear him say on the other side of the door. You can tell by his voice there's something bothering him. Tifa sighs.

"He locked himself in there two days ago," she says, "You try to reason with him." She walks back down the stairs. You step closer to the door.

"Cloud, it's me," you say, "Can I come in?" You hear footsteps and then a soft click. You turn the doorknob. You push on it. It opens. It's dark inside, the moonlight from outside coming in the window being the only light. You step in and close the door behind you. You see Cloud sitting on the windowsill, looking out over the street. The moon light gives his pale skin and spiky blonde hair a sort of blue glow.

"Cloud?" you ask. He doesn't look at you, almost like he didn't hear you. You step toward him. You put your hand on his arm.

"Cloud, what's wrong?" you ask curiously and concerned. He looks at you out of the corner of his blue eyes, which seemed to be brighter because of the moonlight. He looks back out the window.

"Cloud, you can tell me," you say, "That's what friends are for." He looks back at you and you give him a caring smile. He sighs and faces you.

"I've…been thinking a lot lately," he says, looking at the floor.

"About what?" you ask. You put your hand on his cheek. He looks up at you. He leans slightly against your hand.

"You," he says simply. You blush. What did he just say? Suddenly he presses his lips softly but passionately against yours. You let out a muffled noise of shock, but you moan deep in your throat and kiss him back. Your eyes flutter closed. You put your arms around his neck. He puts his around your waist. With a gentle pull, he pulls you up into his lap. He breaks the kiss. You open your eyes. For once you see him smiling.

"I been thinking of how to do that and to tell you…I love you," he whispers the last words.

"I-I love you, too, Cloud," you say running your hand through his spiky yet surprisingly soft hair. His smiles turns warmer, his eyes for once not so serious, but loving. He brings you closer and presses his lips back against yours. You kiss him back, happy that this moment is finally happening.

Tifa and Yuffie peek through the door to Cloud's room. Both women smile seeing you and Cloud. They shut the door quietly and walk down to the bar.

"Your plan worked like a charm," Yuffie says, smiling.

"Well, Cloud did his part, and I did mine," Tifa says, smiling.

"I just didn't know Cloud could act," Yuffie says.

"He's had a lot of experience with the brooding, emo blonde role," Tifa says. Both woman laugh.
Yay! Cloudy-Chan! :) I've been meaning to write one for him but I've been lazy :/ So herez it is! I worked hard on this, seriously. Though I do think I'm getting this romantic story thing down, wouldn't you agree?

:iconcloudplz: Cloud approves of this story! :XD:

All the characters and places belong to Square Enix.
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Your POV:

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road

You look back at your hometown of Nibelheim, standing outside the main gate. You're young, about 16, leaving home already to follow a that can't be reached here. Your parents and friends didn't want to see you go, especially your best friend Cloud Strife, but they all knew you wanted this.
You turn with a sigh, looking at the trail in front of you. You don't know where you're going, but you know you need to follow the trail. Maybe you'll find your dream, maybe even love along the way.

"Wait, ______!" A familiar voice calls. You turn again, to see your spiky haired friend running toward you. He stops in front of you, panting for breath.

"Did you run all the way from your house?" You ask. He nods simply in reply.

" really...have to leave?" He asks as his breathing starts to even out, his blue eyes slightly sad. You smile sadly at him and nod. You've always had a bit of a crush on the blonde ever since you were little, considering you're the same age, but you never thought he felt the same.

"Something's out there waiting for me," You say, looking over your shoulder at the path then back to Cloud. You step forward, wrapping your arms around the blonde teen. He grunts in surprise, but relaxes, placing his arms around you. You pull away after a moment, looking up at him with smile.

"See ya around, Spiky," You say, half saluting and starting to walk away.

"Y-Yeah," He says, "See ya around. I'll be here if you come back!" You chuckles softly to yourself, looking forward. He's probably waving like an idiot right now. You pull your backpack higher, looking at the sun in the distance.

But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

You look around the bustling city of Midgar, confused at the surroundings. You've been wandering aimlessly for seven years now, following your dream and your heart from town to town, city to city. You've never found what you where looking for. Now you find yourself here in this strange big city.
You think of your hometown of Nibelheim you left years ago. This city is so much different than the little backwater town you called home. People pass each other, barely acknowledging each other's existence, while back home, everyone knew each other and would stop in chat. sigh. You miss Nibelheim. Your friends. Your family. You especially miss Cloud.
You see something familiar amongst the crowd of people. Light blonde spikes peeking above everyone else slightly.

"Cloud?" You think. You walk faster, following the spikes. You maneuver your way through the crowd, which eventually starts to thin out. You can see him fully now.

"Cloud! Cloud Strife!" You yell.

"Please let it be him," You think. The person turns, facing you now. You see a pair of blue eyes you haven't seen in a while. His eyes widen at you, and you simply smile back.

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms

"_-______?" He asks, astonishment in his voice, "Is it really you?" You nod, running forward and hugging the blonde. He looks down at you shocked for a moment, but hugs you back. You pull away, looking up at him now.

"Wow," You say, looking him over, "You haven't changed much. You got taller though." He crosses his arms.

"Ignoring that," He says, "You haven't changed either." You smile, a light blush stinging at your cheeks. He has grown, getting a bit more muscular (not much, seeing as he was always a bit girly), his face being a bit more serious than you remember, but his eyes are still the same. You never forgot your feelings for him. Even through all your past relationships which never lasted.

"What brings you to Midgar?" He asks. You shrug.

"Still traveling," You say, patting your backpack strap.

"Ever find what you were looking for?" He asks, his eyes showing his curiosity. You shake your head.

"Not yet," You reply.

"Well, do you need somewhere to stay?" He asks, "There's probably enough room at the bar." You smile.

"Thanks, Spiky," You say. He raises a blonde eyebrow at his old nickname. He's still called it, but it sounds different coming from you.

This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

You follow him over to his motorcycle. He gets on the black bike, looking at you.

"Get on," He says, grabbing the handlebars and leaning forward. You look at the space behind him. You shrug, climbing onto the machine with him. You lean slightly against his back, wrapping your arms tight around him, a light blush dusting your cheeks again. He starts the bike, pulling away from the side and revving off.

"Thank you," You think in a silent prayer, "Thanks for helping me find him."

I think about the years I spent just passing through
I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you

Cloud's P.O.V

I brought ______ back to the bar. We had some room for her. Seeing her again brought back memories of home...and my old crush on her. I remember when she left. I didn't want her to go, but she was so determined, I knew I'd never stop her. Now here she is, seven years later, with me in Midgar. She told me about her travels. I told her a bit about what I did in those seven years, but not all of it.
I can't help but to think of how I'd like to give that time to her. Than maybe...maybe I could be a bit more happy. I don't know.

"So, what was it like working for Shin-Ra?" She asks, looking at me with those (e/c) eyes as we sit at the bar. I sigh.

"Well," I start, "It was a bit life-changing, I guess. I met some people who changed my life, and made me how I am today. I was alone for a while." That's all I'm really willing to tell her.

But you just smile and take my hand
You've been there you understand
It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true

She smiles at me, placing her hand on my gloved hand that rests on the counter. I look at her. I hope she can't see the blush I know is on my cheeks.

"I know what you mean," She says, "Traveling, I met some people that changed me. I guess we can't choose who come into our lives, but we can choose the ones we let change us, the ones we leave, and the ones we can't let go of." Wow. That was so, what can I say, poetic? I shake my head at her. She was always like this. Cheerful, full of hope and energy, and willing to help someone when their down. I guess that's why I liked...and like her.

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms

I lie in my bed that night, staring straight at the ceiling, thinking. She brought up memories of my past, pain and heartache I'd rather not remember...but good things I forgot. She hasn't changed at all.
I think of early, when she hugged me. I can still feel her warmth around me. Feelings I forgot came back. What am I going to do? What if she doesn't feel the same? I grunt in frustration, putting my hand over my eyes. I've never been good with girls. Why are they so damn complicated? I can't figure any of them out.

The path I chose to follow after she left was difficult. I faced a lot of troubles, and I still am. But...seeing her...makes me forget about all that, and back to when we were together in Nibelheim.

This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

I look up to the ceiling again, taking my hand away from my eyes. I've never really been one for praying, but close my eyes. I feel a genuine smile, something I haven't felt in a while, tug itself on my lips.

"Thank you," I say softly, "For bringing her back to me." I sit up. I need to tell her how I feel. I get out of bed quietly and walk out of my room, heading for the spare room she's staying in.

Now I'm just rolling home
Into my lover's arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

Your POV:
You hear Cloud's motorcycle stop outside. You hide beside the door, waiting for the blonde to come in. The doorknob starts to turn and you flatten yourself against the wall. The door opens slowly, Cloud walking in.

"I'm back," He says, leaning his sword against the wall beside the door. He walks forward, toward the bar. Now's your chance.
You run forward at the blonde, jumping at him. However, your plan is spoiled. He turns quickly, catching you. He stumbles backwards slightly, holding you against him, and holding you so you're slightly higher than him and he has to look up at you, your legs at his sides.
You look down at the blonde with a smile as you laugh.

"How'd you know it was me?" You ask.

"SOLDIER senses," He says, "And I could see you through the window." You pout slightly for a moment. No fair. But your face breaks into a smile. You lean down, placing your lips softly to his. He kisses you back gently.

The two roads you two chose to follow were so different. For you, the road of a traveler that was looking for something they wanted caught your eye. For him, the path of a fighter to protect the ones he cared for drew him to it. But it seems that the two opposite, yet equally beaten and well traveled paths converged here, leading you two back together after all these years. And both of you thank God for broken roads that led you together.

That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you.
Yeah! Another Cloud one!

I don't know where I come up with this stuff anymore. :shrug: But I like how this one turned out. :D

The song is God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. :D I love this song.

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