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Dina had a very eventful day , first just minutes after she teleported to the  Justice league satellite , to take her place at the monitor duty , she had to mount a defence against some alien pirates who attacked the satellite to blunder it , not knowing who was in it

Then she had to answer a call to fight the legion of doom , cheeta was going for her as always
finally she was able to return to her apartment

she needed to shower and rest

entering her apartment , she put some soup to cook , then went to shower

she exited and poured some soup in a cup , and sat in front of the TV
watching the news , she saw  report on the Justice league fight with legion of doom
taking another sip of her cup , she feel a breeze , she place the cup down and stand and turn to the window , strange its open , she didn't open it ,before she walk to close it someone stand in it

"CATWOMAN"  shouts Diana while taking a fighting stance

Catwoman climbed down from the window  , she wagged her finger in the direction of wonder woman
"tsk tsk tsk , is that a way to treat a guest in your apartment , by the way, nice soup you made , but i had to add something small to it"

Wonder Woman had a feeling the soup was changed a bit, she felt dizzy and fell over unconscious

Catwoman walked over to Diana body and carried her
"I was told it would make them taste better , knock you out good "

and laughs while moving Wonder woman to her car hidden in the alley , and drive her to her hideout

Wonder Woman woke up later , she opened her eye , her vision was hazy , she felt naked but also felt something on her body
Latex ! she was covered in only latex
she start to feel her body with her hand , it felt strange , she raise her hand , and its paws !
what has happened to her

she then hear heels clicking , she look up and see Catwoman
she tries to shout at her
but all came out of her mouth was cat screech

Diana was shocked of what just happened
Catwoman laughs and pat wonder woman head
"Oh is my kitty angry , be good and i'll even give you a treat"

Wonder woman tries to jump Catwoman but feel a shock and drop on the group

Catwoman pulled a chair and sat on it , then looked at Diana
"I see you feeling the effect of the Collar i gave you , it will give you a shock each time you display aggressive action against me , and it also stop you from talking"

Wonder Woman tried to speak again , but all her talk came out as cat meows

she stop and look at Catwoman

Catwoman smile at her , bringing up a small device from a bag next to her
clicking it , Wonder Woman put her paws on her head

" don't worry kitty , at first it's a bit painful , then its all joy "

Wonder Woman mind was assaulted , many images invading it
Her mind was getting destroyed and rebuilt

Catwoman left the room , and sat on a couch watching television

after sometime , Catwoman felt latex rubbing at her feet
she look down at her leg , and it was Wonder Woman or as she call her now kitty
rubbing at her legs

Catwoman smiles , and start to stroke Kitty back , and kitty reply with a Purr
" Nice kitty , you will get your today from your mistress"

and she get another Purr from Kitty

Catwoman stroke under the chin of Kitty
"Who is my best Kitty , who is my best kitty , you are "

Kitty purr

Catwoman stand and pour some milk in a bowl , Kitty walk on four to it
and start drinking from it

Catwoman putting the milk carton aside
"This could be use in the next ad for that card , 5 million for the override collar
doing two hard jobs for the programming earrings , getting Wonder Woman to be your kitty ,Priceless "  

and rub kitty back to hear her purr more
my contest entry for
:iconjimryu: Contest

it is a bit rushed job , the time was short , but i hope others enjoy

and yes i plan to revisit this story later
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Ben and with the help of Gwen , Kevin , Julie and ship were able to foil the latest plan from Charmcaster  , and sent her packing
Ben and Kevin high fived each other
when suddenly Grandfather Max RV appeared
Ben looked Max rolling down the windows

“Uncle Max?”

Maxwell Tennyson pointed at Ben and Kevin
“you two , jump in , we have a mission now”

Gwen moved closer to the RV
“What about me Uncle Max?”

Julie had ship show her face
“I could come with ship and help also”

Max shook his head
“Nah thanks girl , but i need Ben and Kevin only , now lets go”

Kevin entered the RV , followed by Ben who waved goodbye to the girl
“Be safe ! we shall be back !”

and the Rv disappeared just as it appeared

Gwen and Julie looked at each other

Gwen broke the silence
“What to go grab a bite ?”

Julie shook her head
“Nah , i need to return home before anyone call to check on me”

Gwen replied to her
“Okay , see you later”

Gwen was walking down the street , thinking , she couldn’t get what Charmcaster told her when she ambushed her doing her chores

“ Hah , you doing your own chores  ,where is your servants !”

“Where is your servants”
“Where is your servants”
damn it , thought Gwen , Charmcaster put that idea in her head
Why doesn’t her friends help her , should she try and find servant ?
Where would she afford servant ? she doesn’t have an alien that can shapeshift into armor like ship

Wait a minute she thought to herself , why not use Ship ? , she turn and goes to Julie house

She reach Julie house , and knocks on the door , Julie Opened the door
“Gwen ? i thought you were going home , come in , come “

after they sat on the couch Julie asked her

“So what bring you here Gwen?“

“ Is ship here ?”  came the question from Gwen

Julie replied to her “ he is in the basement resting ,why you ask ?”

Gwen smiled at her
“Well Julie you know i have a lot of chores around the house , and would like to take him to help me with them ”

Julie raised an eyebrow in amazement at the bald request of Gwen and replied to her

“I’m sorry , what again ?”

Gwen moved her hand and before Julie could say anything started casting

“Well if you aren’t going to give it to me , i’m going to take it myself”

the spell hit Julie , who froze in her seat

“ Now i have you frozen , you will need more work to mold you further ”

Gwen cast a confusion spell on Julie , making her open to suggestion

Then cast a spell to make her partly unfreeze her

Gwen point to her
“Now you can move your head but not talk , nod if you understand “

Julie nods

Gwen then start a conjuring spell
“Am i a friend of your?”

Julie nods again

Gwen still casting smiles and ask Juile
“And Friends trust friends right ?”

Julie nods yet again

Gwen finished her conjuring and a Collar appear in her hands

She place on the table

“ If we are friends and you trust me , you wouldn’t mind placing the collar around your neck wouldn’t you ?”

And casts another  spell to unfreeze her hand

Julie with her mind clouded , didn’t find the fault of what Gwen said or see any problem with taking the collar with the strange pink Glow , she picked it up and placed it around her neck

a sphere of pink energy surrounded Julie for a second , now her eyes were the same glow as the Collar

Gwen remove the last of the freeze spell on Julie

“So dear Julie who do you serve ?”

“I serve Gwen”

Gwen smiles again
“That is mistress Gwen to you”

Julie bow her head
“Yes Mistress”

“ Now i need you to try this trick , i don’t want the other to notice what i did with you “

She cast a spell to hide the collar

with the collar hidden , Julie eyes returned to normal

“ Now you can hide and bring it whenever i command you , bring it back Julie”

“As you wish Mistress”  Julie concentrate , and the the collar appear and her eyes glow pink

Gwen clap her hand
“ Fantastic , now you need proper attire to serve me , bring Ship and lets see what you can do “

Julie called Ship , who came into the room and saw Gwen , he knew her as a friend , and noticed
the collar , and felt some magic coming from it  , but Julie wasn’t scared or under duress else he would have felt it , once he merged with Julie , her thoughts indicated its important to her , so he ignored it

Julie started to imagine her new armor , ship followed her thoughts , starting with a high heel boots , higher than he ever created for Julie , but that what she had in her thoughts , he followed then by a skirt , and an Elbow length Gloves  and ended with headband

Julie took a twirl to show her Mistress

“Does the Mistress Approve ? “

Gwen smiling replied to her

“Yes , you look very lovely , now lets go to my house , you need to take care of some business”

Julie bow down
“As You wish Mistress”

and they both exited Julie house
a Small story based on Rosvo great picture here [link]


expanding of the idea
Me :)
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Wade was in his room reading on latest scientific finding when he hear Kim calling, he answer her
“Yes Kim “
“Wade, I broke the suit, when can you repair it?”
She know Wade weakness and she give him the Face
“Come on Kim, not the sad poppy eyes… okay, okay, I’ll make a new one, and this one would be the last one”
Kim smiled to him
“Thank you Wade”, and closed the communicator
Wade brought up the design screen, and checked the lasted suit he made, and wondered what he can do to improve it and made it stop breaking down, and then an idea flashed into his mind
The suit was good, the problem is the User!! , and he start working on some modification for the suit
A day later, Kim enter Wade room, she see a suit with some wire connected to it
“So Wade is it finished yet? “
Wade reply without turning from his computer
“Yeah, put it on, don’t remove the wires, I need them connected for final adjustment “
She nod and pick up the suit , ugh purple , well at least Wade isn’t watching , she can change easily when she is at his room he barley remove his face form the computer , she remove her cloth , and start to put it on  , after she wear it she ask Wade
“Okay, I don’t like the hood much do I have to wear it? “
Wade turn and reply
“Please try it first” and Kim complies and put it on
“Now what Wade?”
Wade smile and turn to his computer
“Now just a press of a button and this suit would be guaranteed not to break anymore”
Kim Smile
“Yeah good luck with that, Shego is going to ….”
She fall on the ground, a power charge just went into her head, she tried to shout but she couldn’t, she tried to remove the wires but her hands didn’t obey her
Obey Wade, was all she could think off, she then hear Wade say
“Kim Bot Report “
And Kim Answer
“Reflexes Set to 200%
Perception Set to 150%
Strength Set To 200%
Obedience Set to 100%
Kim Bot is Online Master Wade”
Wade rubs his hand
“Fantastic! Now to make sure the suit doesn’t break, Kim Bot, we are going to destroy Drakken”
Kim Bot nod and Answer
“Yes Master”
Wade didn’t waste any time, he quickly sent Kim Bot to Drakken Lair
Drakken was surprised with Kim breaking a wall to enter his base, he stood up and looked at Kim and then shouted at her
“So Kim, you finally found my new secret lair, but this is the last time you find my lair because this Robot…”
And he was interrupted by sound of metal crushing, he turn to his side and see Kim smacking his new Robot around
He is shocked and starts shouting at Kim
“What gives? You should wait for my speech to finish then attack, you have no manners”
Then his shock turns into scariness   when Kim Throw the junked body of the robot and started to walk toward him
He trembled and tried to run but he fell down and started to peg
“No stop please, please stops”
He bring out a gun but Kim grab it with one hand and his hand with the other, and crush both
“Ahhh, please stop, Shego I need some help here now, Kim has gone crazy”
Kim answer him
“I have not gone mad, but Master Wade has ordered me to destroy you”
Dr.Drakken looks at her
“What? Wade? That idiot is now your master, what gives, Shego come here and ….”
Kim has interrupted his talks by crushing his neck, she checks around, and then opens her communicator
“Master Wade, Dr.Drakken has been disposed off, Shego is not to be found anywhere “
Wade replied to her
“No problem, make sure everything is destroyed in Dr.Drakken base and then report back”
“As you command Master Wade”
Shego all this time was  watching, she felt that Kim was different than before, and decided to keep watch ,now she knew that Wade is somehow responsible for this, and she is going to check it
Shego followed Kim from Afar, and she led her to Wade place
Shego waited till the light closed then sneaked in, she looked around and saw Kim standing motionless and figured out that Wade somehow was controlling her, and then something got her attention
A Suit similar to Kim but Green , she wonder if would it give her similar powers to Kim , she strips and slip it on , suddenly the  room light up , and she hear clamps , two on her foots and two holding her hand
Wade enter, and looks at Shego
“So Shego I calculated that you would follow Kim and not interfere with her taking care of Dr.Drakken , and you couldn’t resist trying on the suit , now you going to become Kim Partner , isn’t it right Kim Bot?”
Kim opens her eyes
“Yes Master Wade, very brilliant of you master”
Shego shout at him
“Stop this Wade, this is just crazy and I will…”
Then a surge goes into her mind
She will
She will
She will obey Wade order she then hear Wade say
“Shego Bot Report “
And Shego Answer
“Reflexes Set to 180%
Perception Set to 170%
Strength Set To 180%
Obedience Set to 100%
Shego Bot is Online Master Wade”
And Wade smile
“Fantastic, now who shall we add to this group, what you think Kim, Shego?”
Kim & Shego reply in unison
“Whatever you think of Master Wade, we are not as smart as you Master Wade”
Wade sat laid back on his chair, his newsiest invention was working perfectly, the pair Kim and Shego were every synchronized and able to destroy any criminal organization very effectible and ruthlessly
Suddenly he hear a knock on his door, and Yori enter
“Are you Wade-San?”
Wade takes a deep breath
“Yes, what can I help you with ms?”
“My Name is Yori, Ron told me that you designed Armor suits for Kim, I need you to make me one”
Wade couldn’t believe himself, she is just here, and he had a plan for her
“Okay, but did you tell anyone about this? I don’t wish others to know of this “
Yori bowed down
“No one know of this, even Ron has no idea that I would come to you”
Wade smiles, and goes to his computer and start inputting
After 20 minutes, he had Yori a Blue suit, she check it and ask him
“What with the wires and what is this strange hood?”
Wade smile at her
“Oh this, it’s for maximum optimization, try it on”
Yori put on the suit, and then Wade goes to his computer and presses the button
Yori was feeling her suit around, it had a wonderful feeling
Then she felt a surge goes into her mind
Wonderful feeling
It is a wonderful feeling to serve her master Wade
And Wade tell her
“Yori Bot report”
“Reflexes Set to 300%
Perception Set to 170%
Strength Set To 110%
Obedience Set to 100%
Yori Bot is Online Master Wade”
Wade claps his hand
“I’m Brilliant, what do you think Yori?”
Yori respond
“You are the smartest man on earth Master Wade”
And wade smiled and pressed the button to recall his other bots for a new mission
Wade was inspecting and checking fight log and data from Kim, Shego and Yori, he was very pleased with the result, he talk to them
“Very good girls, you are doing fantastic work, the suit are working perfectly”
Then they all answer him
“A Brilliant design from you master Wade”
And he replies with a big grin
“Yes I know “
He then ponder , he need to rest his bots , but he also has needs , but he doesn’t want to use these fantastic fighting machines for that and overwrite their perfect programming , so he think for a while , then look at Kim
“Kim bot go with Yori bot and get a hot girl for me, a very hot girl”
Kim and Yori answer him
“As you Command Master Wade”
And they exit his room, they go to the high school, and there they spot Bonnie talking with some of the Cheerleader squad, and hear her say
“I’m like the hottest Girl in town, and everyone know that”
Kim look at Yori
“Target sighted, move to capture for master”
The other cheerleaders left when they Kim and Yori approaching, Bonnie looked at both and asked them
“What’s up with the funky costume Kim? Too early for Halloween you know”
Kim holds Bonnie hand and drags her
“You need to see Master Wade”
Bonnie responded by saying
“What! Wade? That loser! No way...”
Yori pinched her and made her loss Consciousness, and they carry her to Wade House
At Wade House Bonnie wake up and notice she is wearing a similar suit to the one Kim and the other girl were wearing , she look around and see wires connected to her suit , and notice someone at the computer , he turn his seat and she see wade
“Wade! What have you done to me, and what is this horrible Pink suit! You will see, I will tell the principal, you will get it Wade”
Wade press the button on his computer and Bonnie feel the surge going into her head and she start to feel it
Wade will get it
Wade will get full obedience from her
Before Wade was able to talk, he hear a beep from his computer
What now, Error 666? Damn it she is hot but her smart is in An Inverse relationship with her intelligence, he direct his computer to try and correct that, they he tell her
“Bonnie Bot report”
“Total Adoration for Wade set for 100%
Compliment archive set for 100%
Wade Favorite animals set for 100%
Bonnie Bot is Online and ready to serve Master Wade, What might I do to relax you oh brilliant master”
Wade grin, she is prefect, now he have a trio of crime fighters and a house bot
a Story Based on
four great works

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Since Aang's "fight" against the Fire Lord have already passed some years. The world had changed. After the Fire Lord was defeated Aang took his rightful place as avatar in a world marked by suffering and oppression. It had been a tough time, but together with his friends Sokka, Katara and Toph, Aang was able to restore peace and rebuild the cities and villages. Even Prince Zuko helped wherever he could. He gave money and support, and even put himself in hand. All in all it was a really productive time. But the reconstruction was over and everything was once again its regular course.
There was no more fighting, if you take lose sight of the now all 3-yearly games, Aang had set up in order to bring the nations a little closer each other. In addition, Aang had become engaged to Katara and Sokka was still the same fool as ever.

Finally, it was Toph a little too much from the whole trouble. She had to get her head a little bit free from all that stuff and also become clearer about her future. After all, her only purpose in life had been fighting. At least before she had met Aang and his friends. She needed a change of scenery.
For this reason she had decided to spend a few days at the beach.

She loved the feel of the yielding sand under her bare feet. The feeling of sand between her toes. The warmth of the sun on her body and even the smell of the sea. It calmed her, and she felt very well after a few moments. She ran along the beach and tried to feel the perfect Location with her feet.
And in that time she also had enough space to think about something.
She was now aware that she was missing something. Something very essential. Aang had Katara and even Sokka had found a woman for life after some back and forth. Toph was still alone, at least in this perspective. She longed for someone who loved her, whom she could trust "blind".
She wanted an intimate relationship.

After a while she found a nice spot. It just felt perfect, and she spread out a large beach towel.
"This is the right place and the perfect time. I'm go swimming, which will cool me down," she said to herself, smiling slightly. She had not felt so carefree for a long time.
The cold water felt good and she swam around a bit before she slightly stretched out on her towel be exhausted. "It felt good," she murmured, closing her eyes slightly.
Just as she was about to doze, she felt a slight movement in her direction. In addition, the sun was obscured soon after by a shadow.
"Who's there? Give to recognize!"
There was heard a faint rustle just before a strange woman's voice rang out.
"Hello my name is not important," said the voice, and Toph had trouble feeling the shape really, because she was light-footed and barely noticeable by shocks. "But I have something I should give you Toph Bei Fong".
Toph was taken by surprise that this stranger knew her name, but then she was again aware that she was a celebrity now.
"And what is that?" she asked gently, trying to see what the stranger there held in her hands.
"It's a small gift from an admirer of your art." Gave the voice to answer, and Toph now recognized that this was a sort of ball or sphere.
The stranger held actually a ball in her hand. A strange-looking sphere in the same colors that Toph so much loves to wear. A mixture of yellow and green.
"A gift?" Toph asked, skeptical and felt that the sphere emanated some slight vibrations.
"I should give it to you only," the voice began again. "Please take it on you ... this .... bright ... sunlight ... is not very good for me".
Toph took uncertain, the "gift" in her hand.
"And what is that good for?" Toph asked and with a slight breeze she was again alone on the beach.

"Strange woman," she murmured, looking at the ball further. The vibration became stronger.
"What is this?" Toph wondered aloud. And at that momentthe sphere began to open. Toph could even react before the sphere slipped from her hand and it ended up with a strange noise in the sand.
Once again, a shadow covered the sun, but this time it was the shadow of the sphere. The sphere began to stretch and to be thinner. If Toph would have to be able to see normally, she would have seen that the sphere started to turn into a kind of latex material extending and just put itself tightly around her body.
"What's that?" She asked, surprised and tried to get rid of this strange substance.
After a while she could barely move and her vision was limited, because her feet do not touch the ground.
"What's that stuff, I can hardly move?" She tried to continue to liberate.
However, she was lightly exhausted from swimming and almost falling asleep. She also felt more and more a strange tingling sensation that seemed to emanate from the latex. With every minute she spent so her thinking was more difficult.
The Sun described her way across the horizon and Toph was there in the sand. Immobile, blind and confused.
As it was late afternoon, she felt her mobility as slow as increased again. However, as she tried, she could not remember what she had actually done here.
She could still not move properly. But the latex substance itself had changed.
She wore a green one-piece swimsuit on the chest began yellow letters to appear.
"Who am I and what am I doing here ..?" Said Toph asking herself again and again, and felt while continuing the strange tingling sensation that radiated from her new latex bathing suit and had emptied her mind slowly but surely.
Who was she? What was she doing in this place? Had she had had a goal? Everything was gone. All she had ever been. She was a woman on the beach with no memory.

After another 4 hours she kept repeating the same mantra, which she had remembered from somewhere.
"I am a nothing, I love to serve. I'm waiting for my master. He will get me soon. I must be a good girl. I love the gift what he has made to me. It makes me happy and obedient".
Again and again she repeated the phrases. It has become natural to herself. She was waiting. She had to wait for her new master.
She did not know who that would be. Still she hadn't ever seen him, but thanks to the new swimsuit, she had a clear image in her mind's eye.

Slowly began the sunset and Toph still lay motionless in the sand. Kept repeating her mantra like a good girl.
Out of nowhere, now appeared two figures clad in long coats.
"Is she ready master?" Asked the same female voice that Toph had previously made the gift.
Then came a dark male voice. "I think she is ... but first make sure that she can move again."
He touched on the poor and Toph suddenly she could move freely in her new swimsuit.
She stood up and looked in the direction of the two hooded figures. The female voice had called him Master.
"Are... you my new master?"
"I see she is really ready. Very nice," said the man and pulled his hood back.
"Yes my little I am, but let me give you just a little more what suits your swimsuit."
At the motion, she now saw the man's face and she began to smile. He was it. He was her Master. The master, she had seen all the time in her mind.
He was tall and blond and under the cloak he wore a suit of armor.
He looked sexy, which even the befuddled Toph had to admit. He was worthy of to be her master.
On the swimsuit was also now easy to read "Earth Girl" in yellow letters.
She felt like the Master hitched something around the neck.
It was a kind of necklace also in yellow and green with a square green stone in the middle of a yellow circle which seemed to glow.
"Let's see, if we can redirect your obedience little bit my sweet."
When the lock click shut the collar began to glow briefly and went over to her chest.
Toph could feel her heart beat faster and began to fell in Love with the man, who had given her this gift, more and more.
"Well what do you feel my little one?"
She looked up at him, and despite her blindness could be seen that she was madly in love with him.
Her cheeks were flushed and she looked at him smiling.
"I love you, Master, above all else. How can I do something good for my Master?"
"You'll be my sweet little girl and do everything I ask of you."
He took Toph in his arm and kissed her. "I love you and my little slave"
She returned the kiss and smiled. "All you want my beloved master."
Toph began to rub him sexy and through the swimsuit she felt the touch very well. One could even see her nipples, which slowly began to be hard.
The man smiled and made a movement. All that was left behind was the yellow-green beach towel that Toph brought to the beach.

The End
Another commision for :iconsephy90:

A small story about an older picture from :iconrosvo:
thanks for the permission to use the links ^^
Picture : [link]
And it is an Sequel to my other commisioned Story [link]

I don't own the characters Toph Bei Fang or Seras Voctoria
Robert ( The Master) is OC from :iconsephy90:
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Bulma had spent the last years trying to finish her latest masterpiece. A machine to simplify people's lives and take on difficult tasks.
She had sealed off from her family and Vegeta nearly to be finished on time with her work. And today it should be ready. Today, she should present her findings and show that the Capsule Corp. was still offering pioneering inventions. She was under quite a pressure. And the worst part of the whole was that her invention not yet worked. Not even close.
She wanted to build a new robot, based on the construction of C-18, which was to take over all household chores and heavy loads of people. A robot designed to facilitate people's lives.
But what she had so far was only a complete metal skin for her latest invention.
She sighed / / What do I do now? I can not admit that I'm not one step further. That would make me and my company ridiculous. / /
When she was just wondering how she could best cope with this defeat, the doorbell rang.
/ / Who can it be? / /, she asked herself, and hurried to the door.

In front of the door stood Videl who was obviously looking for Son Gohan. She let Videl enter and while she reflected whether she had seen Gohan the last hours, already a different idea formed in her head.
Maybe the presentation still could be saved with the help of Videl. She just looked at Videl and wondered if it could really work.
"I do not know if I can help you find Gohan my love, but I'm sure he is doing well and he will be soon reappear. Sit down just some time to me and drink a coffee with me." She said and led Videl to a small table thereon stood a pot of coffee and 2 cups.
"Calm down first and when you're just here Videl, I would ask you for a favor. I know it might be a bit much to ask for but can you give me help on my current project, so it could still be a success."
Videl heard this question and was curious, because she was a scientist herself, and always open to new projects. Bulma knew that she so maybe could wrap Videl.
"What exactly do you mean with the assistance and what is it with this project?" Said Videl and took a sip of the coffee which was offered to her.
Bulma smiled easily and was pleased that Videl was jumped on it. "I am glad that you asked for it and I am sure that only you can help me with my problem"

Videl smiled and nodded and followed Bulma finally in her lab. "Sure, as long as I can help you, I do it gladly," said Videl and was still wondering about what was probably Bulmas new invention.
Bulma smiled contentedlyand led her in the rear area of the laboratory, where her half-finished invention was waiting.
She had built a complete prototype, but this simply could not be made to work.
It was a robot that looked exactly like C-18 and Videl looked at him in amazement. "Wow, that looks really impressive, so you're trying to build a cyborg?" She asked innocently, looking at Bulma who just shook her head.
"Not a cyborg, a robot that does chores and tasks, which were ordered to him. It will be a robot that supports people with all kinds of jobs and helps in any situation." Bulma said proud that Videl seemed to be so enthusiastic about the idea.
"That sounds great. Does the prototype work already?" She asked Bulma curious, because what she saw was really exciting for her.
She looked how Bulma shook her head and sighed resignedly.
"No, that is indeed the problem," said Bulma sad and looked hopefully at Videl. Videl slightly hesitated. "And I will now help you to find the problem?"
Bulma again shook her head slowly and Videl got doubts.
"There is no time for this. The presentation is in an hour. But I need more time to fix the error, if I can."
"So what should I do for you, Bulma?" Videl asked now skeptical and wondered if it was a good idea to offer her help.
"It's very simple," Bulma said reassuringly. "Since the prototype does not work, I need a substitute for the prototype. I can quickly conjure up an outer shell that looks like Model 18."
Videl looked at her and wondered what Bulma just was trying to say to her.
"I'm afraid I can't quite follow you Bulma," she said, looking confused in the eyes of Bulma.
"Quite simply, I need someone who plays the robot for me and since you're a little smaller than C-18 so you would fit in a robot suit well," said Bulma and looked at Videl again to make sure she will fit in.

"This can't be serious Bulma ... I'm surely not play the robot maid. Forget it!" Exclaimed Videl and turned to go.
"You have to help me Videl," said Bulma and gently held her firmly by the shoulder.
"I like to help but I do not let me put into a robotic suit to play the maid."
But when Videl just turned around, she felt something hit her head and she fainted.

When Videl again awoke, she found herself tied on chair. She could barely move and she saw that strange mechanical arms hovered over her.
"Bulma what is this, let me go. This is no longer funny." She struggled and tried to free himself, but it did not work.
"Bulma ... let me go ... I ... HELP!" Yelled Videl, but in Bulmas laboratory no one could hear her and her aura also can't be felt.
"Do not worry dear, it will not hurt you and soon you will be done. It will be not for long."
Videl was still struggling. "You can't force me to do it," she said, looking pleadingly at Bulma.
"Oh I can and I will my love" Bulma said and turned the machine on.
"And you'll love it once we're done here."
The mechanical arms began to move and solved gradually Videls clothing from her skin. Then they began to cover the exposed bare places with the parts of the robot suit. Videl got goose bumps and looked angrily at Bulma.
"Oh you're so finished Bulma ... If I get out you will experience pain."
Bulma laughed and activated another mechanical arm. At this arm a transparent round screen was attached, which descended in front of Videl's face now.
"What ... What's that?" She asked, and when the screen lit up, she was wriggling gradually lower.
"It ... shines ... so beautiful," murmured Videl as she slowly sank into a deep trance.
"Yes, my little one. And you will be a wonderful obedient robot maid, won't you?"
Videl nodded slowly, without saying anything.
For her on the screen appeared now information that was of utmost importance for her.
It was her new program. It was the obedience programming.
The longer she stared at the screen, the more she believed that she was just a robot that was made to serve the people, especially serving Bulma.
She was provided with programs that ensured that she would do whatever her mistress wanted from her.

She relaxed more and more and now the robot suit covered her entire body except the head.
But she felt good, because that she was finally created for, wasn't it?
"Well just relax little one you are the perfect demonstration model 18"
Bulma was stroking Videl's cheeks, and for a brief moment, a smile appeared on Videl's face. "Thank you Mistress," muttered Videl before she got put on the helmet that looked like C-18's head.
When the robot suit was sealed, Bulma let Videl get up and looked at her masterpiece.
"Model 18", Bulma asked carefully, waiting, how Videl responded to the call.
"Yes mistress? Model 18 awaits your commands."
Videl stood at attention, waiting actually that Bulma was giving her a command.
"Wonderful, you're a real showpiece model 18," Bulma said casually, wondering what she should instruct Videl now.
"Bring me a coffee model 18 then you will give me a little massage."
Model 18 responded immediately and confirmed the statement. "Yes mistress the coffee comes immediately. Should the massage take place immediately afterwards", Videl asked obediently.
"Yes, of course," said Bulma and smiled. "I'm really tense of the whole work. And right then I'll take you to the presentation."

The presentation was a complete success. Model 18 has beaten all expectations of colleagues and Bulma got more time to correct deficiencies and to make other models.
Bulma was taken off a lot of pressure from her shoulders.
Actually she was now able to free Videl and clarify the whole matter in peace with her.
But Bulma had too much accustomed to that Videl now followed all of her personal commands and become such a good robot maid. It could not hurt if Bulma would keep Videl for a while in this state.
"We go home now and there you will take care of my special needs model 18"
"Whatever you wish my mistress," said Videl obedient and followed Bulma into her home, where she made sure that Bulma finally once again received sexual gratification.
A small story about the Picture [link]

i dont own Videl (Dragonball Z/ GT)
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Naruto thought for a long time about how he could finally bring Sakura to fall in love with him. But it did not help. She just was more attracted by Sasuke. So he decided to change this one for all. For days he hid in his apartment, and even with an A-rank mission Tsunade could not lure him out.
After almost 30 days Hinata decided to see on things. She was worried about Naruto and feared that maybe he was sick or worse. The neighbors claimed that they had heard strange noises coming from Naruto's apartment. This made Hinata even more nervous and anxious.

As she entered the apartment, she met almost a stroke. It looked as if a bomb had struck. The whole room was littered with dirty clothes and food scraps. She hardly dared to enter, and called his name softly and hesitantly.
"Na…Naruto?" There was no answer.
Carefully, she went further and called again and again Naruto's name. What she had not noticed was that a flash had appeared shortly after she set her foot across the threshold.
"Na…Naruto? Are you alright?" Again, no answer, only a low hum and a short beep broke the silence.
It was dark in the room, so she did not recognize much. But when she ventured further, she noticed something big that was in the middle of the room.
"Wha…What is that?" she asked herself.
The buzzing and beeping coming from the object under the tarp and now she also recognized the flashing light, which had been dampened by the tarp.
She wondered now what Naruto hidden underneath. Actually, she was usually too afraid to be curious, but today it was different. It was, after all, her beloved Naruto.

She pulled back the curtain and looked at the machine, which presented her now in the dim room light. It was a more than uncomfortable overbearing chair that seemed to be associated with multiple arms, but whose function Hinata only could guess.
"What is this thing for?" She asked softly. She shuddered slightly as the beeping and buzzing grew louder.
"Target located. Beginning with procedure of reprogramming and adaptation."
The machine suddenly woke to life. Before Hinata could turn away, she was grabbed by two mechanical arms and pulled down on the chair. He was really uncomfortable.
"Target object Sakura Haruna fixed." The machine reported emotionless.
Hinata tried to fight back and listened to what the machine said.
"N... No," she cried in surprise. "I'm not Sakura" She struggled and tried to free himself, but it did not work.
"Let me go, you tin can," she cried in despair, but nothing helped.
The other mechanical arms came to life and began their work. Hinata felt her clothing was torn from her and finally something cold touched her skin. She squealed and got goose bumps.
"Start with the installation of the new uniform.", the machine was commenting the procedure. Hinata felt like her more and more of her clothing was removed and replaced with the cold hard skin, was docked to her, and linked together.
"Please let me go ... I'm Hinata, not Sakura"
But the machine did not care about her statements. Another arm fell in front of her eyes, and she felt almost immediately dizzy. "What ... what are you doing with me?" She asked, dazed.
This time the engine answered immediately.
"Target object is reprogrammed to an obedient robot."
Hinata had to swallow. What Naruto had to do with this thing?
She felt more and more of the cold plates on her skin, her complete lower body and legs were completely covered.
"Why?" She asked, dazed more.
"To please the Master"

Hinata felt herself slipping away more and more and she had given up the weirs previously.
She could feel the metal plates made their way to her upper body and finally covered her breasts. She felt for a while already uncomfortable pressure on her hips, which seemed to be now extended to a very unpleasant manner to her chest.
"Can't breathe .. ... pressure ... too much ..." she brought forth, panting.
"Examine target object ... irregularities in the body discovered. Hip and chest circumference are above the expected level. Adjust armor to new body measurements."
Hinata had almost lost consciousness when she felt the pressure slowly subsided and she could breathe again.
"Scanning the brain functions of the target object to adapt and re-programming new directives."
Hinata had wondered for a while, as long as she had been able to.
She had come to the conclusion to let machine do its work in peace, because somehow felt the new armor very good on her, and she felt her nipples were hardened.
"Brain functions normally ... Resistance Level: Low ... obedience: 85%"
The machine paused "Go on with reprogramming, adjust the level of adjustments to values found"
Hinata is more relaxed and let it all happening. This way she could at least be near her beloved Naruto ... no near her beloved master. Hina ... No Sakura would be a good robot and do everything that would require her master of her.
With these thoughts, which were slowly adapted and perfected a helmet lowered down on Hinatas head. With a soft hiss the helmet was attached to the rest of the suit and sealed.
"Settings and reprogramming successful.
Brain functions: normal
obedience: 100%
New directives: Obey and serve Master Naruto.
New Name: Sakurabot 01
Dismiss target object of the holders."

Hinata stood up without hesitation and stood at attention in front of of the machine
"Sakurabot 01 ready to serve the master, and obey."
Now she was waiting for Naruto, her master, came back and gave Sakurabot her first command.
She was looking forward to be at his service.

Another liuttle story for [link] from

It has got a sequel [link]

Hope u enjoy it ^^

Hinata and Naruto don't belong to me
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On a warm Spring time day at the Cerulean City Gym, the Gym Leader Misty was having a reunion with some of her friends. She invited Ash and all his companions, some she met before, others she was meeting for the first time. She also invited Brock and Tracey, but Brock was far away in medical school, no doubt chatting up all the Nurse Joys there that were teaching him to become a Pokemon Doctor, while Tracey had to look after Oak's lab while he was off on an expedition. Ash was busy in the kitchen preparing drinks for the girls, while Misty was in her room chatting to May and Iris, sat in a circle on the carpet. They were expecting one more who was on her way to the Gym.

"It's great to finally meet you." Misty spoke to Iris. "Interesting to speak to a Unova Gym Leader."

"Thanks, its a pleasure to meet a Kanto Gym Leader as well." Iris replied. "I'm looking forward to seeing more Pokemon here that cannot be found in my home land."

"Ah that's right." May spoke. "You rarely ever see Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or even Sinnoh Pokemon over there do you?"

"That's right, and Unova Pokemon are just as rare in those other lands." Iris pointed out.

"So tell me Iris, does Ash still act clueless when he starts an adventure and in love situations?" asked Misty.

"Oh all the time, and I ever tell him he's such a child himself."

The three girls giggled, smiling as they all recalled their adventures with Ash and realized they all had something in common with each other. Just then, the door opened.

"Ah Dawn!" said May. "You're arrived!"

"Oh, so this is the Dawn I've heard so much about, welcome." Misty smiled.

"Hey guys." Dawn sighed, clutching her Buneary in her arms.

"Who's this cutie?" Iris asked, never seeing a Buneary before.

"It's my Buneary, but I don't think she's feeling too good."

The other three girls aww'ed in unison.

"Do you know what's wrong?" Misty asked.

"I went to the Nurse Joy here, she seems to think she's not used to the Kanto climate."

"Aww, I guess that makes sense, it being from Sinnoh." Iris spoke.

"Oh, you must be Iris." said Dawn. "And you must be Misty."

"Yup." said Iris.

"Right on the money." said Misty, as Dawn sat down to join the circle.

"You know, I'm good with making medicine with berries, maybe I could make something for your Buneary?" Iris suggested.

"Thanks Iris, she's got quite a temperature so that might help her."  

"Bun..." Buneary spoke quietly.

"You okay Buneary?" Dawn asked her Pokemon, holding it up in front of her.

"Bun.....eary....." the Pokemon whispered. Just then, she sneezed gently into Dawn's face. Dawn wiped her face a bit from the sneeze, putting down her Pokemon. All of sudden, she found herself scratching cheek more then wiped it.

"You okay Dawn?" a curious Misty asked.

"I think so." Dawn responded. "For some reason, my cheek is inching from that sneeze..."

To Be Continued
Commish for :iconlloyd-c:

To read the rest, go to the blog (Search for The Angelic One's Void). I'll probably add it to furaffinity later too (Search for laprasking)

Pokemon is (C) Nintendo
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It had been another long day for Princess Peach. Among her meetings with other world leaders, opening landmarks by cutting a silly red ribbon, meeting with her people and other Princess duties, she hardly got time for herself, and when she did, Bowser would again kidnap her. She had made it to she castle bedroom where she could take a nap for about an hour or two before her next engagement. Or at least she would have had it not been for the package that laid on her bed.
“Hmm?” she wondered.
She looked at the box, no label.
“Huh, must be another present from my people.”
Now anyone of big importance would get someone to suspect an mysterious package, but considering Peach had been kidnapped so many times and fallen for Bowser's traps, she never learned. Throwing cation to the wind, she opened the box and was presented by a blue latex suit.
“Oh my, this looks cute.” gazing upon the hood. She took the suit out of the box to look at the rest of it. It resembled a fox with a human body. Peach remembered that the Mario Brothers liked playing the Starfox games on their Nintendo system and that this was based on one of the characters, Krystal.
“Say, I bet Mario would like to see me wear this.”
Deep down, Peach always had a playful side to herself. As a child, she'd go places she wasn't allowed to go and such. She was curious as to what the suit would feel like, and nothing was going to stop her. She had plenty of time, so why not?

After undressing out of her infamous dress, gloves, shoes and bra and panties, she was completely naked apart from one item, her crown. She had to keep this item on at all times, part from showers and sleep. Otherwise, during that time she had it off, she would be completely powerless. All control over the Mushroom Kingdom, all commands of her loyal subjects, everything would be gone until she put the crown back on, for this was the tradition and code of the Mushroom Kingdom Royal Family. Peach was brought up on this rule, but she really did not realize the true seriousness of it.     
“Ah, it will only be for an hour!”
The Princess took her crown off and placed it ontop of her clothes that laid on the bed. No longer was she a Princess, but just Peach, a normal woman with no royal control or power. Anyone could do whatever they want with her and get away with it, but so few knew the code and she was, to her knowledge, alone in the room.

The suit had a zipper on the back to get into the suit, so she unzipped it and placed her legs inside the leg slots. As they slid in, they made a rubbery sound and the coolness felt so good on her legs. She then proceeded to putting the suit up so her legs were fully slotted in, and the suit was around her torso and ass. The suit had really had her ass stand out, which was normally hidden most of the time inside her pink dress. The huge tail stood up on its own, she assumed it was a material inside the tail. Next came the arms, which were a struggle, but with enough wiggles and moving about, she managed to get them in. She could not reach the zipper, but it didnt matter to her as she would be in and out in short time. Moving her hands about, she managed to get her breasts to slot in properly. Strangely, there were see through bits for her nipples to be exposed and visible. The final piece to put on was the attached hood. Using her hands, now paws, she pulled the hood ontop of her head. Once it was fitted on properly, she was done. Some of her hair didnt go inside the hood, but it would be difficult to do by herself anyway. The eye holes were big enough to see out of and the snout allowed her breathing, so she was set to go. She looked into her huge mirror to look and her now shiny, rubber body. Apart from the dangling hair, you would not recognize it was Peach. She started posing in sexy positions, laying on the bed, being down on all fours, begging like a dog, anything she could think of that looked sexy.

An hour had passed, and Peach was about to take the suit off. Just before she could however, the suit began to tighten all over her body. She stood in front of the mirror as she struggled to move. She watched as her hair mysteriously started to move up, into the hood before it was completely inside! Now, she was unrecognizable. In between her legs, her pussy was now visible, no longer hidden inside the suit. Peach managed to turn around and to her horror, the zip was zipping itself up all by itself! Once zipped, it completely vanished, leaving nothing but suit! As she tried to move her ass in panic, shoe noticed her tail was moving as well, like it was now a part of her body!  Just what kind of suit was it anyway?!?

Continuing the struggle, she eventually fell onto the bed on all fours with her ass in the air unable to move at all. She tried to scream out, but her speech had now been replaced with howls.
“Howl? Hooowl? Hoooooooooooowl!” she panicked.
She heard the door open. Oh god she thought, this is so embarrassing.
“Nice ass, the suit really suits you. By the way, HI I'M DAISY!” said a familiar voice.
It was Peach's best friend, Princess Daisy. She sat next to Peach on the bed.
“Oh yeah, you fell for the suit hook, line and sinker.” she said rubbing her hand across Peach's back, making rubber sounds. Daisy then stood up..
“You know something? I'm tired of you being the ruler of the Kingdom, I should be ruler, no, Queen! I would have been next in line had it not been for you! I was only friends with you so I could get you out of the picture! Still, that's about to change.”
She made her way to Peach's pile of clothes. She got completely undressed, opened her handbag and took out some pills, and a can of hair spray.
“Just enough time to see my “transformation”!”.
Daisy took one pill and put it in her mouth. Her body began to change. Her skin became lighter, the same tone as Peach's. She took another and her body began to change again. This time, her figure altered as her boobs and ass became bigger, and her arms became smaller, to the same scale as Peach.
“I must say, you always had a great figure.” she giggled.
Daisy then took the hair spray and sprayed it all other her hair. Her dark short brown colour was slowly changing into a familiar long blonde colour, and I think you can guess to who's hair. She took one last pill.
“Hi, I'm Princess Peach.” said Daisy, who now sounded and looked exactly like Peach! She then proceeded to dress herself in Peach's clothes, a perfect fit from underwear to dress!
“Nice crown, don't mind if I do!”
Peach squealed as Daisy put the royal crown. Not only had she stole her identity, she had now total control over the mushroom kingdom.
“What'cha think? With you out of the picture, I can now take my rightful place as ruler of this land! Okay, I have to change my identity, but its a willing sacrifice for a perfect plan! The changes are permanent, as long as I keep taking the pills and use the hair spray for a couple of months.”
Peach began to cry, she could not believe her best friend could be so mean to her. She had stolen everything from her, and now Peach was helpless and terrified of what would happen to her.
“Should be time now.” Daisy looked at her watch. “3, 2, 1...”
Suddenly, Peach began to feel really strange. The suit tightened and she could feel something moving into her real ears and into her head, like her brain was now trapped in a suit of its own! Her eyes became blank as memories and royal teachings started to disappear from her mind, and and new information was written in its place. Her royal duties and thoughts were now being replaced with sexual desires and obedience. Now, she was programed to obey her mistress “Peach”.  Her transformation was almost complete, all it needs was some words from Daisy. Daisy walked over to her and pronounced;
“You are nothing more then my pet. You are and were nothing before you became my pet.  You obey me and anyone I say you obey. You worship me and anyone I say you worship. You have sexual fantasies of me and anyone I say you do. You will eat and sleep how  I, and anyone I say so, say so. From this day forth, you are not a human. You do not know what you are, but do not question yourself or your purpose. Your name from now on shall be Krystal, Krystal the Royal Pet. Your daily routine will involving being by my side. When you go to sleep at night and awake in the morning, this routine shall be repeated. When I click my fingers,  the rest of your life shall be set.”
Daisy clicked her fingers and Peach came. She was no longer Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, she was now transformed into Krystal, the Royal  Pet.
Just then the door knocked.
“Princess Peach, we're ready for your public address.” said a voice.
“Be right there!” replied Daisy.
She looked over to Krystal.
“Come my pet, let's get you cleaned up and you can come with me to my royal address.”
Krystal petted as she made her way to her mistress.

At least now, Krystal no longer had to worry about royal appointments anymore. She could now “play” to her heart's content...

The End
Well bugger me, its another fanfic! D=

Basically, I ve started writing stories for some of Rosvo's :iconrosvo: pics, as others have done so. This one is based on the Krystal suit pic he did


There's a much hotter and longer uncut version of this, which I'll upload to my blog (Type The Angelic One's Void into Google) a little later. ;)


Uncut version now up on my blog. You know where to go. ;P

Super Mario and Starfox are (C) Nintendo
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On a hot summer's day, in a forest within the Sinnoh region, the wild Bidoof played cheerfully and the wild Starly flew around in unison. It was a peaceful day, but the peace was about to broken. Falling out the sky from another one of their failed attempts to capture Pikachu and screaming for their lives,  the trio of Team Rocket crashed to the ground below, scaring the wild Pokemon away. The trio were used to blasting off, but the pain was always sore.
"Owe, why do none of our plans ever work?" moaned Jessie as she got up from the ground .
"Yeah, I've lost count of how much debt we our in, creasing giant mecha robots to capture that Pikachu." signed Meowth.
"Say, where did James land?" asked Jessie.
"I dunno, when we crashed down, I only remember hearing a loud splash sound..." replied Meowth.
A short silence followed before they realized the problem fully.
"A LOUD SPLASH SOUND?!?" They both screamed, looking over the large lake that laid before them.
"D-Did he land in the lake do you think?" asked a worried Jessie.
"Must of done, hope he didn't sink to the bottom..."  
Just then, a figure splashed out of the water. It was James, carrying a chest.
"James, you're alive!" said a delighted Jessie, happy to see her team mate of many years was okay.
"Only just." puffed out James as he fell on all fours to the ground. "When I splashed into the water, I sank to the bottom. I thought I was a goner, but I only just made it to the surface in time!"
"So what's with the chest James?" asked Meowth.
"Oh that, I saw it at the bottom of the lake, I figured something might be inside so I carried it to the surface."
"TREASURE!" Shouted Jessie and Meowth.
Meowth used one of his claws to pick-lock the lock on the chest. After successfully breaking it open, the lid opened to reveal a flute within the chest.
"A flute?" said Jessie angerly. "What good is that?"
"Maybe it's a special flute?" pondered Meowth.
"It sort of resembles a Poke Flute, but the design is all different." pondered James.
James picked the flute up.
"Say, maybe it's like the PokePiper of old?" wondered James.
"Oh yeah, that old story." said Jessie.
"Poke what?" asked Meowth.
"Its a fairytale about a town pledged with Rattata and Raticate that caused trouble for the townsfolk. One day, a guy calling himself the PokePiper used his flute to put the Rattata and Raticate into a hypnotic trance and they followed the Pokepiper and his tune right out of Town!" told James. "However, when the mayor did not reward the PokePiper for his kind deed, the PokePiper got made and played his tune to take away all the townsfolk's Pokemon. Under the spell of the tune, all the Pokemon followed him, and they were never seen from again!"
"Yes, I remember being told that tale in Kindergarten." smiled Jessie.
"Interesting, why don't we give this flute to da boss?" said Meowth. "Imagine da boss one day..."
"This isnt the time for one of your dumb boss fantasies Meowth." yelled Jessie. "We KNOW what we're going to do with the flute already!"
"Yes." said James. "Let's proceed with the story plot shall we?

Later that night, in a further part of the forest, Ash, Brock and Dawn had set up camp for the night. The 3 were already asleep in their tents after a busy day defending their Pokemon from Team Rocket again. Hiding in a bush nearby, Team Rocket looked to see if the close was clear.
"Hehheh." whispered Jessie. "When I play this flute, all the twerp's Pokemon will walk out here to be ours finally, including Pikachu!"
"You sure you know how to play that thing?" asked James.
"Oh, how hard can it be?" said Jessie, as she placed the flute in her mouth, blew into the flute, and started playing.
"I sure hope you washed that old thing before you use it." signed Meowth.
And so, the tune played. Nobody n the campsite heard the tune, not even the Pokemon, expect for one person.

Dawn slept silently in her sleeping bag. Suddenly, she heard a tune. It was a smoothing sound that was beautiful and entrancing.
"That sound." whispered Dawn. "It'"
Dawn entered into a trance and got out of her sleeping bag. She then walked out of her tent and followed the source of the tune.
"Oh no, it's one of the twerps!" panicked Meowth.
"Wait, something's not right." said James.
Dawn walked up to Team Rocket with her arms held out forward. She stopped in front of the bush they were hiding in. Jessie stopped playing the flute.
"What. Is. Your. Wish? My Masters?" said Dawn, still stuck in a trance.
"Woah." said a surprised James. "Instead of hypnotizing Pokemon, we hypnotized the girl twerp!"
"Oh really?" wondered Jessie. "Stand on one leg."
Dawn did as instructed and stood on one leg.
"So this thing is special after all!" smiled Jessie.
"Da Boss would love this!" said Meowth
"Oh, why?" asked James.
"Watch, hey twerp, go back into your tent and put this on!" Meowth threw an outfit at Dawn. Dawn picked it up and walked back into her tent. Shortly after, she returned to Team Rocket now sporting a Maid outfit.
"Any more requests, my masters?" asked Dawn.
"See?" said Meowth.
"Where did you get a maid outfit from?" asked Jessie.
"Oh, from around." replied Meowth.
"But yeah, imagine the recruits we can get using the flute!" said James. "Perfect obeying sexy servants of Team Rocket that'll do whatever we say!"
"Hang on." said Jessie. "If this thing hypnotizes beautiful girls, why didn't I get hypnotized?"
"Erm..." said James.
"Well..." signed Meowth.
A short silence followed.
"Shhh." said James, not wanting the other twerps to wake up.
"Well, the one playing the flute must not get effected." said Meowth.
"Yeah..." said Jessie. "That must be it!"

The next day, in yet another part of the forest, Team Rocket were discussing what to do next with their magic hypno flute. Dawn, now sporting a classic black Team Rocket outfit, stood to attention awaiting further orders.
"So, what's the plan Meowth?" asked James.
"I know how we can get a huge number of recruits at once, but first, we need a few more girls..."

A few days later in the Johto region, the Pokemon coordinator May was in a local Pokemon Centre. She stood at the reception desk as Nurse Joy healed her Pokemon.
"There you go, your Pokemon are fully restored!" said Nurse Joy kindly.
"Thank you!" said May.
Suddenly, a strange tune started playing nearby.
"Say, that's that sound?" asked May.
"I don't know." said Nurse Joy. "But it
"Relaxing." said May, as both girls entered a trance, held out their arms and followed the tune to the source. Outside, Team Rocket and Dawn were waiting for them.
"Excellent!" said Jessie. "Please strip out of your clothes and into these Team Rocket uniforms!"
"Yes our masters!" said Nurse Joy and May in sq-inc with each other, as they stripped to their underwear on the spot and put on the uniforms.

A few more days later at the Cerulean City Gym, the local Gym Leader Misty was taking a break by swimming in the pool. Soon after, she got out and dried herself with a towel.
"That was a great swim." Misty said to herself.
Once again, a familiar tune was played.
"That sound, it"
Like the other girls, Misty entered a trance and held her arms out as she walked towards the source. Entering the pool area were Misty's sisters.
"Hey Misty, you wanna go out to grab a bite to eat for lunch?" asked Daisy.
Misty did not respond, just continuing walking and exiting the gym.
"What's wrong Misty?" asked Daisy. "You're not going your...swimming...costume...are you...
Misty's sisters all entered into a trance and followed Misty outside to where Team Rocket were standing with Dawn, May and a Joy in Team Rocket uniforms.
"That should be more then enough "helpers" for our plan!" smiled Meowth.

A week later, a big Pokemon Tournament for Girls was advertised in Kanto. Female trainers all over the world came along to complete for pride, glory, and the prize of a Legendary Pokemon, Arceus! The girls were packed into a large hall, waiting for the tournament to begin.
"Something's not right." said the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia.
"You're right." said Zoey. "Where the battle field for this thing?"
"Maybe it's somewhere else we'll be taken too?" wondered Marina.
"Could be." said Anabel.
Just then, a loud tune placed from the speakers on the walls.
"What's that sound?" asked Greta.
"I dunno." said Anabel.
The tune continued on, the girl's were starting to get drowsy.
"Can't...focus." struggled Jasmine.
"Tune...too...beautiful..." struggled Angie.
Every girl in the hall soon entered into a trance, standing to attention. Team Rocket entered the hall with Dawn, May, Misty and her sisters, and Nurse Joy, delighted with their work.
"Brilliant!" said Meowth. "I know if we got enough slaves, we could organize a big event to get a large number of girls!"
"With all these girls, we could even run our own Team Rocket!" joked James.
"Okay girls!" commanded Jessie. "Please strip to your underwear, and follow me!"
The large crowd of girls began stripped out of their clothes and down to their underwear. Once all stripped, Jessie played the flute and the crowd followed her and Team Rocket out the building.

The girls marched with their arms faced forward down the street. It was like a big parade or an army marching down the street, only with girls just in their underwear. As they walked on with Jessie continuing to play the flute, girls passing by got hypnotized into a trance and joined the crowd, while stripping out of their clothes to just their underwear. Anyone from housewives to Officer Jenny got caught by the spell. Once out of town, the march continued to the next town, and then the next town, and the next town, and the next town, all until they would reach Team Rocket base where Team Rocket uniforms and a life of crime and for some, entertaining the male Team Rocket members, was waiting for them.

Soon enough, the world was conquered by a now much sexier Team Rocket.

The End   
My entry for jimryu's :iconjimryu: contest! Enjoy!

Pokemon is (C) Nintendo
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One year since May’s “hiring”

“I’m promoting you to assistant senior nurse” The Nurse leaned back in her chair as Misty sat there, shocked. She’d never dreamed she’d get a promotion!!
“OH THANKYOU MISTRESS!!! YOU WON’T REGRET IT, I ASSURE YOU!!!” misty was practically screaming the words and The Nurse Smiled
“I’m sure I won’t. You’ve been working very hard for a while now, and even with Sub Nurse helping out in the lower areas, I’ve noticed that you have barely been getting any sleep, which you know full well is essential” Because, The nurse thought to her self, if your awake when your nightly “spray” initiates, you will lose all control of any thoughts, and will become lifeless for almost a week, being able only to eat and sleep when I command. The drug is only supposed to be administered while the person is unconscious. Twice now I’ve had to command you to go to sleep, and it’s getting tiresome.
“I’m sorry Mistress, but these days more and more people are having pokemon battles at night, and even with May helping, were the only two working at that time” Misty looked at The Nurse apologetically, and The Nurse knew she was only doing what she’d been commanded to do: Be the perfect nurse.
“Yes, but now with this job, you won’t have to do those silly things. You will be spending al your time ‘helping’ me with things I want you to do” Misty was ecstatic at this. To do what Mistress wants at all time? It was her dream. But then Misty realized something.
“Mistress, what are we going to do about my old jobs? May be able to do my jobs and her ones at the same time” The Nurse smiled. This was her favorite part of the plan.
“I think it’s time we got you and I a few more ‘assistants’, don’t you think?” Misty smiled.
“Good thinking, Mistress”

Urghh, this place is too big! Dawn slumped into a park bench, utterly exhausted. How hard could it possibly be to find a pokecentre here? Dawn sighed, looked around and then suddenly did a double-take. Was that red glint in the distance? Dawn stood up and began to walk down the crowded street, her hopes rising each time she got nearer to the red and white smudge that was looking very much like the pokeball insignia of a pokecentre. She walked on until, when she turned a corner, there it stood. It was huge, much taller than any other pokecentre Dawn had seen before And the Red and white smudges Dawn had been watching for the last few minutes suddenly turned into heaps of Pokeball symbols dotting the building, apparently at random. Dawn would have been awed by this, if she’d been in any mood to be awed. Instead, Dawn dejectedly slumped through the doors, and moved towards the main counter (there were three). The nurse there was a very senior, not by age, but by Nursing rank, judging by the uniform she wore. She looked up, and seemed to study Dawn closely looking at her critically. Dawn didn’t even notice, she was so tired. Finally, the woman seemed to make a personal decision, and smiled at the young lady
“Hello there. You look very tired, why don’t you take a seat? I’ll be with you in a moment”  Dawn trudged over to a small bench near the desk, and rested her head in her hands.  The Nurse smiled. This girl was perfect!  

Yellow walked out of her apartment, locking it behind her. She walked down the stair and into the bright and busy street that her apartment looked out on. On the streets, the bustling crowds pushed against each other in an effort to get to there destination a few seconds earlier.  On the sides, buskers performed in any way they could, in a vain attempt to gain a few bucks. Yellow sighed. This city was making her feel depressed. Still, in a couple of days, she was going to be doing a tour of the country, battling lots of other trainers. Freedom at last! She’d been living in this city for three long years, and after the initial euphoria at finding a city which seemed to go on and on, She’d become bored very quickly. But no matter what she tried, she could never get away from the city for more than week, until now. Still, she had to sort some things out first. Like getting a check up on her pokemon. She was sure they were fit and healthy, but it never hurt to check.

Which is why she was now standing in front of the receptionist’s desk at the worlds largest pokecentre. The first time she’d seen it, she had gawped at its colossal size. Now, repeated viewings had made it seem uninteresting and bland. Then nurse at the desk looked up, and seemed to study her critically. Yellow was bemused. Why was she looking at me like that? Was there something wrong with me? Suddenly, the weird nurse stopped, and smiled
“Hello there. Ill be with you in a moment, please take a seat” Still confused, Yellow went and sat down next to a dejected looking lady with blue hair. The Nurse smiled. She’d only been looking for a day and she’d already found two perfect girls!

Dawn heard someone sit next to her, and looked up. A lady around Dawn’s age was sitting next to her. She was wearing a simple yellow dress, and had her blond hair in a long pony tail at the back. Noticing Dawn, the lady help out a hand.
“Hello, My names Yellow, what’s yours?” Dawn gave a half hearted smiled, and shook the hand
“Hi, my names Dawn” then Dawn realized what she’d just heard. Yellow? Dawn looked pointedly at Yellow’s clothing and the girl laughed.
“Yes, I suppose it’s a pretty big coincidence that I like yellow!” both girls laughed, and began chatting away, telling each other about themselves, and by the time The Nurse came over to them, they had struck up a friendship. The Nurse smiled. They were already getting friendly! This was going way better than expected.
“Now, I’m guessing you girls just want to get your pokemon healed up, am I right?” both girls nodded simultaneously and handed over their pokemon.
“Good. Since it’s getting late, I think you too should stay here tonight, while we give your pokemon the full treatment. And since you seem to have become friends, how about you share a room?” both girls looked at each other in silent agreement. The Nurse understood.
“Perfect. Follow me” The nurse led them along a corridor while the girls giggled together silently.

Wow! Look at this place! Dawn gaped at the room while Yellow made herself comfortable. She looked at Dawn’s expression and laughed.
“You must be new here. They really go out of their way to make you comfortable at this place. I stayed here a couple of times when my pokemon became sick, so I’m used to it.” Dawn stopped gawping, embarrassed. Then, she stopped.  She was feeling tired beyond belief, so tired she could barley think. She flopped on the bed and was asleep in seconds. Yellow followed sit soon after, not even getting time to react. One moment she was standing, looking confused at the collapsed Dawn, then hr eyes clouded and she simply fell onto the bed. Slowly, the gas that had been pumped into the room eased off, and when it had completely gone, two nurses came into the room and dragged the drugged girls away.

Dawn woke up to a terrible headache. Her head was almost physically thumping. She looked around dazedly, and saw there were tubes attached to her. Dawn wasn’t too alarmed. She must be at the hospital, after collapsing like that. Yes, that was it. Dawn relaxed, and her mind started to go numb.

Dawn awoke from the stupor to see yellow standing over her in what could be called, from the right point of view, a nurse outfit. It consisted of a bright pink dress with short sleeves that puffed out but only just covered the shoulder. The dress was skintight, including the small part of the thighs it covered, and was short enough for Dawn to see Yellows panties. Over this was a white top that was also skintight. It covered Yellow’s stomach chests. It ended just below the top of her breasts, which it helped to support. The top’s bottom half ended in a v-shape that just reached her hips. The top was connected to the back via two bands that went over the shoulders, and were connected to the front of the top by two Pink medical crosses that gleamed on Yellows chest.

At the back of the top was huge ornate ribbon, which sat neatly behind her, with the ribbon’s ends holding just above her knee. One her hands were two pink gloves with oversized cuffs, and on her legs were pink and white stockings, help up by white garters, which connected to the stockings with two more grey medical crosses. On her cheek was a pink medical cross tattoo, and on her head she wore a white nurses hat. On her hat and in the corner of her top were medical crosses with the words “S 03”. On her chest above her breasts was the inscription “Sub Nurse 03” and on one of her stockings, Dawn could just make out the words “Sub 03 reporting to nurse 23”.

Dawn gaped as Yellow stood there, extremely angry. Suddenly, Yellow began pulling out the cords that were attached to Dawn’s body, furiously tearing at them
“Get UP Dawn!”
Dawn finally fully woke up and, with rising horror, realized she was wearing the exact same thing as Yellow, with a bit of wording changes. Red anger started to cloud her vision and she shot off the table, pulling out the tubes Yellow hadn’t got to. Yellow was trying desperately to take of the uniforms.
“I think someone drugged us in our room! How ever they are, there sick! They’ve dressed us up as skimpy little nurses, then pumped full of some strange toxins! And they’ve made it so we can’t get out of our uniforms!” Dawn struggled desperately, but it was against hope. She desperately looked for an exit to the dark cellar they were in, but she could see one anywhere. She screamed out for help, but she could see it was useless. This cellar was obviously underground. She could hear cars passing over it.
“Well done! You managed to work it out! And so quickly too. None of the other girls got nearly that far!” from the shadows, a figure stepped out, revealing the nurse from earlier.  “It was you!” Dawn and Yellow yelled at the same time, and charged forward. The nurse sighed.
“Stop and kneel. Oh dear, I thought we cold be civil about this” the girls immediately lost control of their legs, and flopped to the floor. They looked down, confused. Why had they done that? As If reading there minds, the nurse stepped forward and smiled cruelly
“It’s because of the toxins I’ve been pumping into you for the last hour. What is with girls like you waking up early? By the time the drugs had stopped you were supposed to of had no control of your mind, but that never seems to work now does it?  Still, you’ve got enough in you so that it will win eventually, so no matter. Nurse 23, Sub nurse 01, and please hold these girls down. I don’t trust the drug to stop them” Out of the shadows, two new figures emerged. One of them, girl with medium length brown hair, was wearing an outfit identical to Yellow’s and Dawn’s. The other, a girl with Short orange hair, was wearing a similar outfit, but with key differences. Yellow heard Dawn gasp beside her
“MISTY?!? MAY!?! Is this what happened to you? This woman brainwashed you? Oh god, no, please. Misty! May? Help me and Yellow, please!” The two women ignored her, and held the struggling Dawn and Yellow down. The Nurse smirked.
“Nice try, but I specifically told them to listen to no one but me. Now, I think that drug should be taking affect by now” It was. Dawn was struggling to think, as her mid became disorientated. Yellow had already stopped struggling, and kneeled lower. Dawn kept fighting, but gently, she lost control and stopped struggling altogether. The Nurse nodded with satisfaction

“Good. Nice and easy. Now, to get this done with. Sub nurse 01, Nurse 23, kneel” May and Misty immediately stopped holding the unresisting girls down and kneeled next to them. The Nurse reached over and pressed a small button the headphones of Misty and May. A small rod snaked out of the headphones and began spraying the drug into Misty and Mays mouths and noses. Their eyes dulled, and they stopped all unnecessary movement. The Nurse leaned back, turning of the spray as she did so.
“Now, It’s come to my attention that you too also need a change in attitude, so I thought I would do it with these girls now, lets begin” The Nurse leaned down, and looked into their blank faces.
“You love me. You adore me. You will always adore me. You think of me as a god. You do everything for me. Understand?” The girls faces changed too look adoring at The Nurse, and they chorused as one.

“Good. You also love your Job. You are dutiful to your job. You have no social life. You just have your job, each other and me. You don’t need a social life. You do your job to the best of your ability. You also do whatever I tell you is a job. You understand?
He girls nodded
“Yes…Mistress…” The Nurse leaned back, and started to grin. She’d missed doing this. There hadn’t been a chance in months.
“Perfect. Now to do individuals. Misty, now that you’re an Assistant Senior Nurse, you spend all your time with me, doing personal Jobs for me. You occasionally check in on Sub Nurses one, two and three, to make sure there doing okay. You will make sure that they feel okay, and that they know what they’re doing. Also, you will never stay up longer than 10, unless I say otherwise. Also, you are free to call upon the Sub Nurses to “assist” you any time you like. Got it?” Misty nodded.
“Yes Mistress”

“Perfect. Now, May, you no longer answer to Misty at all times. Only disturb her when you have problem or need help with something, or I she wants you. You are also good at multi-tasking, and enjoy the challenge. You also think of the other Sub Nurses as sisters. Understand? May looked up and smiled.
“Yes mistress”
“Now, you two. You love Misty just as much as me. You also go directly to misty if she wants you. You follow the same rules as May does, however, including the multi-tasking. You know what I mean?” The two girls nodded simultaneously, and spoke at the exact same time.
“Of course we do mistress” The Nurse lent back and admired her handiwork.

“Now, Misty, May lie down and sleep. Do not awake until I say. Forget this night ever happened, but remember your commands from tonight” The two girls immediately lay out straight and fell asleep. The Nurse leaned over and pressed the headphone buttons again, setting off the spray. She needed to make sure they obeyed without question. She turned to the two still kneeling girls.

“Now to move onto the headphones and necklace. Usually, I’d go on a rant about what these things do, and you girls would sit there and nod and smile and say ‘yes mistress’ brainlessly. But today, I felt like having some fun. But ill explain a bit anyway. The headphones will give you a spray every night, of the drug that is currently pumping through your body. Just like you saw with Misty and May, and will now forget instantly. This will make you mine for as long as I like. They will also send unending messages to your brain, reminding you of who you are know, while at the same time slowly destroying your old memories.  Finally, they make sure that you only hear what I want you to hear, so that you will work without distractions. Understand that part?” Both girls nodded.

“Now the necklace. It has a camera, to make sure that you only see what I want you to see. It also has the effect of reworking a new personality for you two of my choosing. Now that we’ve got the explaining done, I get my entertainment for the night.” With that, The Nurse slipped the headphones and necklaces onto the two girls. They immediately stiffened, and shivered slightly as necklace got to work. The Nurse smiled.
“Now, I want you tell me how much you love me, Dawn. Right now.” Dawn looked up, and opened her mouth slowly.

“I…….you…with…with…with my…..with my….with all my….. With all my heart and…..and……” each time Dawn stumbled, The Nurse cracked up.
“Oh yes, did I forget to say? While your personalities are remodeled, you will find it almost impossible to speak. Now you try, Yellow” Yellow looked up, and appeared to ponder something. Then she sat up straight and opened her mouth.
“I love you, I adore you, I want to be you, I love you more than….anything in the world!” The words came out expressionless and dull. The Nurse applauded.

“Well done! Now one has managed to speak so clearly before. I knew you would be smart! Very well done. Now, both of you keep telling me how much you love me. I’ve set the change to go slowly, so we’ve got lots of time!” As The Nurse watched he two struggle, she could barley contain her self. They looked like such idiots! I should’ve filmed this! The Nurse sat up, stifling her laughter and watched on. Gradually, they got better and better, until they were speaking fluently.

“Oh well, my entertainment is done for tonight. Still, it’s been a fun night. Now, to do some checks. Dawn, you are now a naïve girl with innocence to the core. You are extremely good with people, but are also inferior in every way. You make people around you feel more important, but in a good way. You don’t care though. If it makes people happy, then it’s fine. Am I correct? Dawn looked up and gave small smile.
“Completely right, Mistress! It amazes me how you do that!”

The Nurse smiled.
“Everything there seems in order. Now, yellow, you are a quiet but brilliant girl who can understand what people want and need just by looking at them. You like everybody, but you prefer not to talk to people you don’t know. You’re not shy, you’re just reserved. This never gets in the way of your job, of course.  Am I right?” Yellow looked up with a knowing smile and a studied look in her eyes.
“Very much right Mistress. Exactly right. It seems the personality change went off without a hitch.”

The Nurse nodded.
“Yes, it certainly seems so. Now, to finish up.” The Nurse reached around and pressed the headphone buttons, and as the spray came out, the two girls sat dead still.
“Okay, final things. You two seemed to be friendly before, so now you are extremely close. You think each other is perfect. You prefer not to be separated, unless it’s by your Jobs or Misty or me. Now, remember that. I want you to forget this night ever happened. The only things you need to remember are your instructions. From now on, you will think you’ve always been here. Now, sleep.”

The two girls slumped onto each other, each one holding the other to keep them warm. The Nurse smiled fondly and patted all the girls’ heads. Then, she carried each girl to their beds, and finally returned to her own. I’ve become soft, she realized. I didn’t make one jibe about being trainers. And what’s with all of this “getting it over with”? These are the nights I live for!
Story for Rosvo's new nurse pic. here's the [link]
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Let go of me! May shouted as the team rocket grunts threw her ungraciously into the cell. The key clicked in the lock, and as she sat up, a female grunt walked through the door.
“Don’t even think about trying to escape. We’ve had hundreds of prisoners in here, and tons were way smarter than you” with that, the grunt laughed nastily and, with a flourish, theatrically threw the key onto the other side of the corridor, and left the room. May collapsed on the floor, sobbing. They’d jumped her after she’d left Dawn’s 20’th birthday party, and she was still wearing her evening dress from the night. May lay onto her bunk, and tried to get warm in the freezing cell

Three days ago

Misty slumped to the ground, unconscious. A grunt behind her sniggered, and laid her out on the floor. She then lent against the wall, still smiling at Misty’s unconscious form. It wouldn’t be long now. In fact, as the grunt watched, Misty sat up slowly, and the grunt grinned. Her life was about to become a whole lot more interesting.

May was freezing, and struggling to find any way to get warmer. Her breath condensed in front of her, and she tried to crawl into a ball, in a vain attempt to get to sleep. The horrible conditions were taking their toll, and May was running out of energy fast. Suddenly, she heard footsteps, and the grunt before leaned casually against her bars.
“Feeling a bit chilly, are we? Well, I’ve got a present for you. Enjoy” The grunt flung a package into the dark cell, and May struggled to get up and take a look. She was having enough trouble standing up, and gave a disorientated “Thank you” before unraveling the package to reveal a thin, scratchy blanket. May immediately slipped it on, and felt instant relief. However, that was not all the package had. There was also a pair of clothes, which, on closer inspection, turned out to be an extremely skimpy female team rocket uniform. May, with her energy returning quickly, looked up in rage.
“WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!?!” The grunt turned around, and faked a confused expression.
“What, the blanket? I thought you looked cold, so I went and got you one from the storeroom. I could take it back, if you want.” Now the grunt was toying with her, and smiled as she lit up a smoke. May sat in almost uncontrollable rage.
“Not the blanket, you bitch! This…this…..rocket uniform!” The Grunt leaned back and took a puff.
“Oh, that? Just your new uniform. Nothing to worry about. Gotta have a uniform if you want to join team rocket.” May was baffled and angry at The Grunt’s offhand words.
“What gives you the impression that I have any feelings towards joining team rocket, something I’ve been fighting for years, and wearing a skimpy little uniform like this?”
The grunt stood up, and crushed the remains of her cigarette under her feet.
“Maybe not now, but in a few hours, I’ve got a feeling you’ll see it differently.” With that, The Grunt, still grinning, strode out of the room. May didn’t know what was going on. What would happen in a few hours that might possibly change my mind?


Misty stirred, and opened one eye. The grunt, who had been quietly sitting in a chair on the other side of the room, looked over and smiled. Misty sat up drowsily, and stumbled to her feet. The grunt went to her side and helped her up.
“And how are we feeling now, Miss Misty?” Misty grinned absently.
“Much better, Miss, much better indeed.” The grunt grinned.
“Good to see you’re feeling well. Your assigned recruitment duty in cell 7. I’m glad we’ll be able to work closely together in the future” Misty grinned, and pulled the grunt in close, so that she could whisper in her ear.
“So do I”

May curled up with her blanket, and shivered. The blanket had warmed her immensely before, but now that the initial relief had worn off; she was starting to feel very cold again. May curled into a ball under the blanket, and tried to sleep, but it was useless. May cursed that Grunt’s sadistic ways. She heard footsteps, and angrily rose to confront The Grunt and ask why he had said she would change her mind. But it wasn’t the grunt. May stopped, shocked. Misty stood there, wearing the same skimpy costume the grunt had giving May three hours ago. Misty was also wearing a Rocket hair band, and for some reason, a small disk on her forehead. May gawped as Misty picked up the key, and unlocked the door, swinging it shut behind her. May finally got a hold her self as Misty stood there, smirking.

“Misty! Why the hell are you wearing that uniform? And why are you standing there, smirking like that! Help me up and we can get out of here!” Misty smiled and leaned down to the surprised may.
“Why would I want to leave? I’ve got everything I want right here. A chance to serve team rocket!” May was dumbfounded. Why would Misty want to join team rocket? She’d been campaigning against it for years! Misty laughed at May’s confused expression.
“Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Misty always hated team rocket, didn’t she? But that was the old Misty, and this is the new one. And it’s all thanks to this” Misty pointed to the small circular piece of metal on her head, marked by the R symbol of team rocket. As May watched, it gave a small flash of red light, and Misty stiffened, then relaxed.

May was so confused, she barley reacted when Misty slammed into May, pushing her onto the floor, with her hands held down. Misty pulled May onto her stomach and held her down.
“Sorry about this, but you weren’t looking like you were going to surrender like a good girl, and orders came through to hurry this up, so I’m going to have to do this the hard way” with that, Misty grabbed from May’s rocket uniform an exact same type disk that was on Misty’s head. May groaned as Misty held her down tight against the ground, and wriggled feverishly, uselessly trying to break the hold.
“Misty, please stop! Misty please don’t! Misty I’m your friend, stop!” Misty grinned and leaned down, whispering in May’s ear.

“There’s no point trying to appeal for my sympathy. The new me as no sympathy for people who don’t support the rocket cause. Now stop wriggling and give up” with that, Misty pulled May’s head up roughly and jabbed the Rocket disk into May’s forehead. The thing immediately hooked under May’s skin, and she screamed in pain. The small disk slowly started releasing an anesthetic, which made May’s head feel numb. The disorientated May rolled her head around, having trouble focusing on anything. Gradually, May stopped struggling, drugged by the anesthetic. Misty reached down and pressed the R button the disk on May’s forehead. It began to flash, and small noise cold be heard as the flashing began to flicker faster until the light turned on fully.

May suddenly started jerking across the floor as the disk sent electrical current straight to May’s brain. She tried to scream out, but the currents cut of her ability to talk, and she gaped silently as the currents flowed to their target. May writhed on the floor in agony as Misty watched with glee. The currents finally found their target, and May gave one last jolt before collapsing on the ground, unconscious. Slowly, she stopped moving altogether, except for slow rhythmic breaths, as the currents shut down all parts of the brain that weren’t needed for vital functioning. Slowly, the pulse changed, evident from the now slowly beating red light on the disk, as the currents slowly reworked her thoughts and ideas, her beliefs and values, and her memories and interests.

Misty watched in satisfaction as The Grunt walked in and, seeing May lying there, smiled.
“I see our newest recruit is going through basic training” Misty smiled.
“Yep. Barely put up a fight, this one. She looked like she needed a rethink of her life anyway. It seems we’ve done her a favor” they both laughed, and sat back and watched as May’s old mind began to disappear and her new one filling in the gaps.

May woke up, and sat there in a daze, a strong but gentle hand lifted her up, and she gazed into the face of her commanding grunt. She wobbled for a sec, and finally managed to stand up straight. The Grunt nodded appreciatively as Misty walked over. May looked down saw that she was wearing her regulation uniform. It was the normal uniform, but it had the words “Petal burg city division’ on one side, and the skirt was snug on her thighs, with her panties straps resting suggestively above it. She choked back a giggle. It felt very good. On her chest was the regulation under shirt, which reached just below her breasts. It clung onto her skin, and made May feel exited. Over that was the usual rocket white top, with the red “R” in the centre, and the triangle shape out of the bottom cut to match the R’s “legs”. On her legs were long white boots, which covered nearly all of her legs and a bit of her thighs, and her arms were completely covered by the Rocket black gloves. On her head was an “R” bandana, just as she liked. She didn’t remember changing, but it didn’t matter. Misty stood by May and stood to attention.
“Misty of the cerulean city division, ready and waiting orders” May stood up straight, and tried not to blush has she looked at The Grunt.
“M-may of-err-“May blushed and looked at her skirt, where her division was clearly stated.
“May of Petalburg city division, ready and awaiting orders.” The grunt smiled fondly at May.
“Well, we’ve got a museum heist you girls will be working at, but not for a while. Misty, go join your commanding grunt in the control centre.” Misty obediently left the room, and May looked down, wondering what The Grunt would do with her.
“And you, May, will be helping me with some…personal work. Follow me” May obediently followed, blushing uncontrollably. The Grunt noticed, and smiled.
“Dear May, you’re way too shy for your own good. Can’t be helped, I guess. Or can it?” The grunt pressed a button on his belt and May stiffened as the Rocket disk on her forehead glowed once, and stopped. She relaxed, and smiled. She latched onto The Grunt’s arm, and walked diligently with her, smiling happily.

Four hours later

The two rocket grunts lay on the floor unconscious, a victim of Jenny’s baton.  Swiftly, Jenny whipped out two pairs of magnetic cuffs, and clipped one of the two girl’s hands together. She then did the same to the other one, and finished off by clipping one leg from each girl with a magnetic cuff attached through a wire to the other one. There was no way they were getting away now. Jenny roughly threw them both onto their backs, and took a good look at their faces. She was surprised. They were the two girls that had gone missing. One a few days ago after leaving her home, and the other after leaving a party. She wondered what had driven the to the bad, especially since they always seemed to be campaigning against Team Rocket. Still, Jenny reasoned, anyone could fall down a bad path no matter who you were. For some weird reason, in pouches on the two girls legs, were dozens of little disks marked with a red “R”, the exact same as the ones on the girls heads. As the two girls woke up, Jenny roughly pushed them into the back of the police van, and locked it behind her. As she drove off, two figures watched from the tree line. The Grunt nodded to her companion.
“I wonder how many they’ll convert before they’re discovered?” The Other Grunt reached down and pressed a button on her belt.
“As many as they can” the two grunts smiled. Far away, on the two girl’s heads, a small red light flashed, and both girls woke up, with a happy expression on their faces.
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This place is massive! It’s like a miniature nation all by itself! May leaned against the wall and took a breather. It was hard no to get squashed by the crowds here. May turned and gawped. That’s a pokecentre?! The building that had caught her attention gleamed in the sunlight. The big Pokeballs covering its surface gleamed like buttons on a bright jacket. In fact, the building shone so much that the buildings around it became drab and dull. May smiled. If this is was where Misty had been for the past three years, then May could almost see a reason why. She could tell, just from the look of the building, that this place would go all the way to make sure your pokemon-and you- were completely catered for. May gave a small laugh. She loved this place already.

Someone watched May from above. The Nurse smiled as May strode into the doors of the Center. So, one of Misty’s old friends? This could get very interesting. Misty has been working for me for three years, doing every task dutifully and properly, as well as other “tasks”. It’s high time she got an …”Assistant”. The Nurse smiled at the word. Oh well, I’d better get down there and sought this out. This could get ugly otherwise.

If May’s mouth had gone wider, it would’ve cracked her jaw. She wasn’t gawping at the waiting room, which was almost a spa and massage centre. She wasn’t gawping at the care centre, where a giant contraption, made almost entirely out of tubes built for pokeballs, rose into the ceiling and sent thousands of people’s pokemon to the various “Healing” facilities over the building, either. No, she was staring at Misty, wearing a skimpy nurse outfit and currently running a small facility for people wishing to heal pokemon on the go. The outfit was made almost completely out of white and pink. On her head was a pair of weird white headphones with a pink medical cross on each piece. On her neck was a small metal necklace that was almost a choker. In its centerpiece was another Pink medical cross with something metal in the middle of it, which seemed to move in and out constantly, from what May could see. Every essence of her clothes also reeked helpfulness, and….something else.

Misty looked up, and her face became a mask of surprise. Every detail of her face was so shocked that even May reeled back a bit. Then, in unison, her headphone and necklace made small whirring noise, and Misty shot up in a straight. Then, she turned slowly back around and sat down. Then, as both the headphones and the neckpieces Crosses flashed, Misty relaxed and returned to her work, completely ignoring May. May had no idea what was going on, but she was determined to get to the bottom of it. She strode over to Misty and banged her hand on the counter.

“Misty! Where have you been? Do you’ve know what trouble you’ve caused you’ve been missing for 3 years! The police gave up on you! And what was with that little performance just then?” May shouted out, but luckily for her, the crowded hall drowned out her words for all but her and Misty, who looked extremely puzzled, but still happy.
“I’m so sorry, I think you might have got the wrong person, madam!! I sure am called Misty, but I’m extremely sure I don’t know you, sorry to say! Maybe your confusing me with the ex gym leader Misty? Everyone does, and I do believe she went missing a couple of years back! Everyone does say we look exactly the same, but I can’t see a similarity! Maybe you want to take a room? You sure look tired. I could heal up your pokemon no sweat, and you could take a nice breather!!” Misty’s voice was so happy, so carefree that May almost took her up on the offer, until she caught herself. This was so unlike Misty. She was always determined, always ready to go, not…not….Ditsy!
“Whats wrong with you Misty? Why are you acting like this? So helpful, it’s not like you!” May was very confused and angry now. What the hell had happened to misty? Why was she like this?

“Im very, very sorry madam, but you do have me confused with someone else! Im sure this will all make sense in the morning, and you really look like you need a big rest!!!!” Misty was still happy, even though she had just been yelled at by what seemed to be a complete stranger. May breathed in for another bout of yelling, when a hand was put on her shoulder.
“Yes, you look like you need a rest. Good deduction, Misty. And you, madam, come with me, I’ll get you a place to rest. And also explain to you about why Misty is a nurse” that last sentence was a whisper, and May was so surprised she just allowed herself to be walked away by two other nurses. The one who had spoken kept behind them, smiling a delicate smile. Misty giggled
“Well, that was exiting! But back to work!!! Thank you so much for the help Mistress, I’ll be sure to pay you back for it the best way I can!!!
The nurse’s smile widened. That sounded very good. Overall, this was a win-win situation.

May was lead into a luxurious room that gave a brilliant view of the city. The door said It was a rest room, but May could hardly believe they’d let people stay here for free. As the door closed behind the two other two nurses, the senior nurse sat beside May and comforted her as May, filled with shock and exhaustion, began to cry.
“I found Misty around three years ago, in an alleyway way near the building. She had been mugged, her pokemon stolen as well as her valuables, and when she woke, to my horror, she seemed to have completely forgotten her past life. All she could remember was the basics, like English, manners, and things that are hardwired into our brain as a child, and the place she was born, Kanto. As such, she also thought almost like child. It was very saddening. I had no way of getting her anywhere near Kanto. So I decided to train her as a nurse. It’s worked very well, as you see, as she is kind, caring, carefree, devoted to her job and always happy, no matter what, which are all perfect traits for her nurse. Though it seems, from your reaction today, that her old behavior was different?” May gave a small nod. This was all too hard to comprehend. Poor Misty! Mugged and left to die, forgetting everything! With that, May burst into a fresh round of tears.
“Im very sorry. Please, take a rest. We will talk at length later” there was something about the way the nurse said it, but May was too tired to notice.

The nurse left the sobbing Misty alone, smiling to her self.  The girl has swallowed it hook, line and sinker! And it had been such a horrible explanation. The nurse scolded herself. She had to work on her alibis. The girl was so stressed she probably wouldn’t have noticed if I’d told her she had been turned into a monkey! So stupid. Why are all trainers like this? Still, she’s about to get a proper job now. The Nurse smiled. This was going to be a fun night.

May woke up to an urgent knocking at her door. Slowly, she got out of bed and opened the door wide.
“MIST-hhmmp” The figure held their hand over Mays mouth as they moved quickly into the room. May was pushed back onto her bed and swiftly bound. She tried to struggle, but her assailant had surprised her. May, in defiance of her captor, screamed into the gag and twisted around, ready to lash out. She stopped dead, however, as she saw Misty’s bright beaming face holding her down, and didn’t even flinch as Misty, still smiling, plunged a needle into May’s neck. May tried to shout, but that was suddenly too hard. Keeping awake was too hard. And May slumped, completely unconscious, too shocked to even react as she went down.

May woke up, with her head feeling fuzzy and muted. She tried to move, and found that something very skintight was covering her body. Se looked down, and saw that she was wearing a similar outfit to what Misty had been wearing. The dress was almost the same, with the difference being her dress had a pink turtle neck, while Misty’s had a white V coming from the middle of her breast up to her white turtleneck. There was also the added difference of the odd words “Sub nurse 01” on Mays dress and the considerably shorter and tighter end for the dress The white top that covered the dress, however, was exactly the same as Misty, save different wording on the pink cross. May was also wearing short Pink gloves that ended at the wrist, while Misty had long white ones that ended at the shoulder. Mays pokeball band was also higher up and on a different leg, while her stockings had small differences in colour and length. Other than that, it was fairly well shown it was designed to be similar, but not the same, to Misty’s. It felt good. It felt really good, so good in fact that she loved it to-wait what’s going on?! She shot off the table she’d been resting on, and as she did, numerous cords popped of her skin. May was infuriated. First they drug her, then they dress her in skimpy clothes, and now they were pumping chemicals into her body! And what the hell had Misty done? As if answering her question, two figures moved out of the shadows and came towards May. It was Misty, Smiling contentedly, while the nurse from earlier stood behind her, Smiling patronizingly.
“Well, looks like someone woke up early, didn’t we?!!!” Misty laughed happily, as the nurse behind her, how didn’t look quite as nice as before, smirked. May was confused, and whatever had been going into her through those cords were making her woozy,
“Misty! Whats happening? Why did you do that to me?  And why are you acting like this?” May tried to concentrate, but a nagging thought in her mind was being persistent. Misty smiled again.
“Don’t worry about those little details!!! In fact, don’t worry about anything!!!”   May was so confused, she didn’t know what to think! What was going on? Why was Misty acting like this?

“It’s because I made that whole story up about the mugging. Stupid of you to believe it really, but not too surprising, you are a trainer, after all”
The Nurse had finally spoken. She stepped forward and pushed an unresisting May back down onto the table. May was burning up with rage, but right now her body would not obey her. The nurse seemed very amused about this.
“You see, girl, I caught Misty three years ago. An annoying girl, she needed an important change in direction. So, I simply drugged her with a special concoction that creates complete and utter obedience that fill all of the minds thinking space. Then, I simply gave her my special headphones and Necklace.” With this, The Nurse gestured lazily at the weird headphones and necklace May had noticed Misty wearing before. “Those little beauties not only send direct instructions to the wearer’s brain, but also control what she sees and hears. Nice huh? The headphones also slowly destroy the wearer’s old memories and replace them with new ones, and also even spray a does of my special drug into the wearers have each night, to make sure they never leave me. Really, I should sell the patent, don’t you think?’

May jumped to her feet and roared towards The Nurse. She was so angry, not just at The Nurse, but at what had happened to misty and what was being done to her. She never got anywhere near her though.
“Kneel now, servant” May slipped instantly into a kneeling position, skidding on the floor with her sudden momentum. Why the hell was she kneeling? It was becoming hard to think, except for one thought that wouldn’t stop. Obey. Obey. Obey. NO…stop….please….I… Mays mind gave a last hurrah in the form of a quietly spoken “Please don’t” before it lost the battle. The Nurse smiled as May went quiet.
May murmured in a dull, dead voice.
The Nurse turned to May.
“Now, did I hear you say ‘please don’t’? Because I was under the impression that you loved anything I did. Anything at all. I was under the distinct impression that you would do anything for me or mistress. That you want to be like me. That you loved me blindly and faithfully. Was I correct?”
“Yes Mistress.” May looked up as she spoke, and stared lovingly at her mistress. The Nurse looked down at the May, who was holding onto The Nurse’s leg.
“Now, Sub Nurse May, you’ll do anything you’re told, is that correct?” The nurse started to grin.
“Yes, Mistress!”
“Anything at all?”
“YES mistress!” May was absent mindedly stroking The Nurse’s leg now. The Nurse lent down and patted her fondly on the head.
“Good. You now officially belong to Misty. You are all hers. You will treat her as you would treat me, understand?
“Yes Mistress” With that, May moved over to Misty and kneeled at Misty’s feet. Misty was delighted.
“Really Mistress!?!! For me!!?!” The Nurse went over and gave Misty a pat.
“Of course, you ditz. Why else would it say “Sub Nurse 01 reporting to Number 23? Why else would I have made you do all of this?” Misty squealed and hugged May vigorously.
“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! ILL LOOK AFTER HER ALL THE TIME, I PROMISE!!!!” The Nurse was content. She turned to the adoring face of May.
“Now, sub nurse, were going to give you your headphones and necklace, which will also give you your new personality, as well as completely destroy your old memories. Isn’t that nice?”
“Yay!! Good work mistress!” May nearly danced with excitement.
“Good to see you like it.  Now, we also have to take care of the matter of your personality. Your old one was stupid, arrogant and self centered, not good for the nursing life at all.”
“No it isn’t Mistress! Get rid of it now! I want to make sure I’m a good Sub Nurse for Misty and you!” May’s voice was pleading. She so wanted to make her Mistress content.
“As you wish.” With that, The Nurse grabbed May’s new necklace and placed it firmly around her neck. It immediately began the reworking of the personality. May let go of Misty’s leg, which she had been hugging tenderly and stood up in a stiff strong pose. Her eyes almost flashed as they started to see the world differently.
“Now, I took some time tonight thinking up your personality, and decided I quite liked the idea of seeing you as a Shy, revered young woman who was good at her work, diligent and did everything to the bet of her ability. An exact opposite of your old personality. Good idea, no?”
May tried to speak, but her mind was too busy. The Nurse looked amused by this.
“Ah yes, I forgot, the personality change process makes it somewhat hard to talk. Misty least got out a sentence, but you can’t even manage that. How fitting. I thought I’d also do you a favor there. I’ve given you a thoughtful inner self that learns and studies, but doesn’t shine through.”
“…Yes mistress…” the process was complete. May looked down at her feet so as not to show her reddening face. The Nurse laughed
“Good heavens, you silly girl, you don’t have to be shy with ME. Im your beautiful and righteous Mistress, and Misty deserved equal attention” May stopped blushing almost instantly.
“Of course Mistress!” May smiled at her mistress. Misty nearly squealed.
“Oh, you’re SOOO cute as a nurse!!! Thank you so much for this mistress!!!!” Misty looked adoringly at The Nurse, who smiled.
“No problem my dear. It’s your reward for three years good service. Now, one last thing to do.” The Nurse turned to the attentive May.
Now May, you love your Job. You will always love your Job. You will never want another Job as long as you live. You will make sure you do your job to the best of your ability and skill, and you will never tire of your Job. You will love your Job no matter what happens. And you will love taking “overtime”. Remember that now. Your getting very privileged, living with Misty and I.” The Nurse leaned back on a post as May processed these words and made sure she lived by them. The Nurse then turned around.
“Misty, May stand to attention” Both girls shot up, standing straight next to each other, May trying not to blush.
“Sleep” The Nurse smiled as both girls collapsed. Cute how they fell on each other like that. The Nurse looked down again, and smiled. She loved this job.
Story for Rosvo's pic. see it here [link] . This is a sequel to this [link] so please read that first.
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Dancing Digidestined

The sun was shining overhead as Ken Ichijouji, aka The Digimon Emperor, arrived outside the apartment belonging to the Kamiya family, backpack over his shoulder. He had been waiting for this day for a long time, but it was finally time for him to put his plan into action. Laughing to himself he knocked and a few moments later, Kari opened the door wearing her usual shirt and shorts.

"Hi there, Ken. Thanks for giving me a hand. Come on in" she said cheerily, a bright smile on her face as she turned away from the doorway and headed into the living room.
A sinister grin flashed briefly on Ken's face. "Just you wait, Kari. You won't be smiling for long. Soon I can begin my plan and you'll all be mine. Almost makes playing a goody goody worth it. Won't be long now…" he thought to himself. Stepping into the flat, he closed the door behind him and looked at Kari with a keen look. "No problem, Kari. You know I'll do anything to make it up to you guys for the terrible things I did."

"To be honest, I'm glad you offered to come over today. Gatomon had to head back to the digital world this morning. Apparently some strange digimon has turned up and is causing a little trouble. Tai went with Agumon as well and Mom's at work so I appreciate the company."
Ken felt a shiver run down his spine as Kari confirmed that they were indeed all alone. The plan had gone better than expected. The only ones who had a chance to stop him were in the digital world and there was no chance of the mother interrupted. Trying his hardest not to burst out laughing, he removed his backpack and reached inside, removing and small square package from inside.
"Actually Kari, I have something for you. Think of it as a late birthday present." With that, he opened the case, revealing a small golden collar.
Kari gasped as she saw it. "Ken, I don't know what to say…It's beautiful but it looks like it was really expensive. I can't accept this, it's just too much."
Ken simply smiled as she said that. "Don't worry about money. It's partly to apologise for all the trouble that I've caused for you and your friends while I was the digimon emperor. If it weren't for you guys, I probably never would have been saved."
Kari felt tears beginning to well, genuinely touched at the sentiment. "Thank you, Ken. You're so thoughtful and kind" she said with a smile. With that, she picked up the collar and placed it around her neck. As soon as it clicked shut, Ken began to chuckle.

As Kari wondered what was so funny, she began to feel dizzy. All of a sudden it was like she couldn't see straight and her thoughts were becoming jumbled. "K-Ken…What's happening to me?" she asked with difficulty as speaking became more difficult.
"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this day. It almost makes acting nice for so long worth it. All of you girls will soon be nothing more than dolls for me to play with" he said, before laughing out loud.
"What are you talking about? You're our friend, Ken. You wouldn't do something like that." Kari tried to stand, but as soon as she got to her feet her legs started to crumble beneath her.
Ken sighed loudly as Kari continued to struggle. "You still don't get it? That collar I gave you was variation of my old dark rings, except that these are designed to work on humans rather than digimon. Look at you. You're already falling under its powers"
"No! That's a lie…you're one of us. How could you, Master?!" Kari said with all the energy she could muster. As she saw Ken smiling, she realised with despair what she had just called him. "It can't be true…" she muttered to herself as her thoughts grew ever dimmer.

"I can't believe that you people actually managed to beat me. You couldn't even figure out that I was behind the attack in the digital world. I set all of this up just so that we could spend some quality time together. Isn't that nice, Kari?"
Kari looked up with a smile and spoke. "Yes Master, it's lovely". A look of defeat crossed her face as she said that sentence, but this faded quickly. "So is this the best you can do? You having trouble making me speak and you think you can control us all? This is why you lost, Ken" she said, her thoughts growing weaker with every word.

Ken simply laughed at her efforts. "Sorry, I suppose I should have mentioned. Right now, the collar is only working at a fraction of its power. I just wanted you to get a taste of what you were in for before I completely sealed away your mind." With that, he took his digivice out of his pocket and held it up so that Kari could see the screen.
FUNCTION: Mind Control
SUBJECT: Hikari Kamiya
As she saw the words on the screen, Kari began to cry in despair as she realised that Ken was telling the truth. "Now then Kari, say goodbye to your mind."
With that, he pressed a button on the front of his digivice and Kari completely froze as the mind control device reached full power.
"Ken Ichijouji is your master"
"Ken is…my master? No, that can't be right…"
"You love Ken Ichijouji"
"I…No, I love TK…Ken's my friend…"
"You will obey every word Ken says"
"No…I won't…I won't be controlled…"
"Dolls don't need to think"
"Dolls? Am I a doll? No, that can't be right"
"You are nothing but a doll"
"That's right…I am my master's doll…No, I'm don't belong to anyone"
"You belong to Ken Ichijouji"
"I…I do?"
"Ken Ichijouji is your master"
"Of course…"
"You love your master"
"Yes…I love Master"
"You are nothing but a doll"
"Right…I am my master's doll"
"Doll's don't need to think"
"Of course, we don't. My master will do the thinking for me"
"You will obey"
"Ken is my master. I will obey…No…That's wrong…NOOOOO!"
With a final desperate cry, Kari slumped to her knees, her arms resting at her sides. Ken smiled and pocketed his digivice.

"Kari, come here and kneel before your master."
Kari looked up at Ken with blank eyes and a smile appeared on her face. "Of course. Anything for you, Master". With that she stood and walked towards Ken, bowing on the ground in front of her new master.
Ken let out a dark laugh. "Finally, Kari belongs to me. And soon, the rest of the girls will follow her." Looking down at the girl bowing at his feet, he issued his next order. "Now Kari, I have an important task for you to do."
"Anything for you, Master" she said with a smile plastered on her face, as a single tear rolled down her cheek at her lost freedom.

Half an hour later, Mimi arrived at Kari's apartment. She had received a called from Kari earlier on telling her to come to her flat as Kari had something important that she wanted to give to Mimi. As she knocked on the door, she thought back to the conversation that they had had, thinking that Kari had sounded strange somehow. Almost robotic.
Those thoughts were forgotten as Kari opened the door smiling. "Mimi! I'm glad you could make it. I have something that I wanted to show you. Come on in" she said, opening the door wide so that Mimi could enter.
"Thanks Kari. Wow! That's a beautiful necklace! Where did you get it?" she asked as she stepped inside.

"Actually, that's what I wanted to show you." With that, she showed Mimi a small box that she held in her hands. Opening it, she revealed a small gold collar inside, identical to the one that Kari was wearing around her neck. "I got this for you when I got mine."
"You mean you got this for me? Thank you so much Kari! It's beautiful. How can I ever repay you?" Mimi exclaimed as she took the collar from the box and held it in her hands.
"Well for starters, how about you try it on? Make sure it fits properly. I'll sure it'll look great on you."
Smiling, Mimi placed the collar around her neck and it glistened in the sunlight. "Oh Kari, thank you so much. It's so lovely I could kiss you" she said, as her eyes slowly began to close, the collar working its powers over the girl.
"Now now, there'll be plenty of time for kissing later" laughed Ken as he appeared from around the corner. "Right now, we should make sure you're comfortable. We still have another visitor to come."
With that, Ken held his digivice to Mimi's face and pressed the button. With a small murmur of "Why…", she was completely under Ken's control.
"Well, that makes two down, one to go and our final guest should be arriving shortly. Unfortunately, I doubt that these kinds of tricks will be enough for her, so we'll just have to be a little more abrupt about it, won't we my pets?"
"Yes, my master!" both Mimi and Kari called in unison, kneeling before Ken.
"Now then Kari. Would you be so kind as to call your little friend Sora? And do try to send distressed, even if you are in heaven" he said with a chuckle, patting Kari's head as head spoke.

Sora was completely out of breath as she arrived at Kari's apartment a short time later. She had received a phone call from Kari that Ken had reverted to his digimon emperor persona once again and had captured both Kari and Mimi, but before she could give any details, the phone had been cut off. Of course, Sora had sprinted straight there to help her friends.

Bursting through the door, Sora found herself face to face with the digimon emperor. "Ah, Sora. So glad that you could join us" he said with a patronising grin.
"Cut the crap, Ken. What have you done with Kari?"
"Why, nothing at all. Why don't you ask her for yourself? Come here, Kari darling" Ken said, calling into the bedroom beside him.
"Yes, my master" came the reply and Kari emerged from the room, carrying a small golden collar in her hand, with a goofy smile plastered on her face.
Sora looked at Kari in shock. "Kari…Is everything alright?" she asked with concern in her voice.
Kari looked puzzled at the question. "Of course, Sora. What could be wrong? Master makes everything so simple for me. A doll like me doesn't need to think". With this, she began walking towards Sora.

Sora took a step backwards wondering just what was going on. She looked into Kari's eyes and noticed that they looked empty, as if her head was completely empty. "What did that guy do to you Kari?"
Kari didn't falter as she advanced. "Master has simply set me free. Why won't you let us help you too, Sora? Master wants to give you such a lovely gift and you're trying to turn it down" she said to Sora, while Ken stood behind her trying not to burst out laughing.

When Kari mentioned a gift, Sora's eyes flickered down to the golden collar in Kari's hand. Noticing that Kari was wearing a similar collar, she realised that it must have been the collar that did this to Kari. "So that's how you did it, you monster. Well you're not doing the same to me!" Sora shouted as she turned and ran to the door. She regretted not helping Kari, but right now she just had to escape.
She flung open the door and ran…straight into Mimi's open arms. Sora looked relieve until she realised that Mimi was also wearing one of the collars. She began to struggle, but Mimi already had hold of her and Sora was dragged back inside the apartment. She looked at Kari steadily advancing closer, with no way of escape left for Sora.

6 feet.
3 feet.
1 foot.
"NOOOOO!" Sora screamed and Kari reached out her hands.

"There now, that wasn't so bad was it?" Ken asked the newest addition to his collection who was now bowing at his feet along with the others. The three of them looked up with large smiles plastered on their faces. "No, Master! We live only to please you!" they called out in unison.
Pleased with his day's work, Ken reached into the backpack at his side and pulled out a laptop. "Now then, who wants to come with me back to the digital world so you can serve me without any annoying interruptions like family or thoughts?" he asked the girls sarcastically. Of course, they all told him yes and he used his digivice to open a gateway to the digital world and soon all four of them were in his old hideout.

Once they were there, he turned and smiled at his collection. "Now then, what shall I do first with my new harem?" He considered his option, then decided. "Well, if you girls are going to be my harem, you may as well look the part" he said with a sinister smile.

Moments later, the girls were lined up in front of him smiling, each one wearing a belly dancer's outfit. "Yes, I believe that this arrangement will work out quite nicely. Now then, how about you girls give me a little show?" he ordered with a grin.
"Yes, master. We live only to please you" the three of them said in perfect harmony, and began to dance seductively in front of him, rubbing their thinly covered bodies against one another, smiling happily.

Ken watched all of this with a perverse look on his face.

"It's good to be the master"
My last minute entry into Jimryu's competition.
Based on [link]
Hope you enjoy :)

Edit: HOLY CRAP! IT WON?! Did not see that coming. :P
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Nina was asleep. She had been for some time now. She had been captured while trying to assassinate Kazuya Mishima. He'd decided to have her be used in Doctor Boskonovitch's Cold Sleep experiment. But that was nineteen years ago. Not that Nina knew that. She was unaware that any time had passes. Unaware that she now had a son. Unaware of anything...until she heard the voice. She didn't physically heard the voice; it was inside her head. It said "Hear me, assassin."

The monitoring equipment next to her pod in the lab began to show more brain activity than it had since the project began. The scientists that had replaced Boskonovitch after his rescue were beginning to panic. Nina's brain activity should have remained consistent until they awoke her. The lead scientist contacted the current head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Heihachi Mishima.

Nina was starting to become aware of her situation. Before any of it could really sink in though, she heard the voice again. "Obey me. Obey my will."

"Obey?" she thought in response.

"Yes, obey. Obey my commands. You cannot resist."

"Cannot...resist...obey...commands..." Nina's mind barely functioned during her cryosleep, leaving her too little willpower to resist the voice.

Heihachi ordered the scientists to bring Nina out of cryosleep but had the guards enter the room just in case anything went wrong. The scientists proceeded to bring Nina out, the final step being to drain the water from the tank. As the water drained down past Nina's face, the voice commanded, "Awaken," and her eyes shot open. Once the tank was open, Nina pulled herself out of it and stood, stark naked in the lab. One of the scientists came over with a flashlight and began to check her eyes. As she stood there, she received her next command: "Kill Jin Kazama."

Though she didn't know who this person was, her mind was filled with images of her target. It seemed he wished to bring harm to her master. She couldn't allow that. "Kill Jin Kazama," she replied in a monotone. "Must kill Jin Kazama." The scientist looked at her, confused, until she grabbed him by the throat and began choking him. The guard were ready with their assault rifles but Nina turned the scientist around and used him as a human shield. She backed up into a corner and found a pistol. She discreetly picked it up and quickly shot each of the three guards in the head, killing them all. She then snapped the scientist's neck and left the room. She snuck her way out of the facility and ran off into the night.

One of the remaining scientists composed herself and contacted Heihachi. "Raise the security and release the other Williams," he ordered. "I want an update within the hour." He cut the connection. Heihachi recalled Nina entering the first King of Iron Fist Tournament as cover when she tried to assassinate him. She failed of course and the reports he'd been given upon retaking the Zaibatsu had revealed that she had attempted to assassinate Kazuya the same way during his tenure as the CEO but was captured by her sister, Anna, who was in Kazuya's employ specifically to spite Nina. Kazuya had given Nina to Doctor Geppetto Boskonovitch for use in his cold sleep research and Anna had volunteered for the project as well, asking to be awakened along with her sister. Though not as well known or widely regarded, Anna was still a top assassin that could rival her sister and Heihachi planned to take advantage of that. But first, he couldn't allow Nina to interfere with his plans. He sent out Tekken Force units to search for her and raised the security of his home and the school Jin was attending.

* * *

Nina made her way to a nearby town and was fortunate enough to have escaped during the night as it prevented anyone seeing her running down the street naked. "Find some clothes before you continue," the voice commanded.

"Find some clothes before I continue," she repeated in monotone. The darkness that helped conceal her nakedness also made it easier for her to break into a nearby clothing store. She took some black underwear, a sleeveless maroon crop top and some tight, black, leather pants. After picking out some black stiletto heels and putting them on her feet, the voice commanded, "Now, continue your mission: Kill Jin Kazama."

"Continue my mission...Kill Jin Kazama." She left the store and continued on her mission.

* * *

Anna was brought up to date on the current situation. She hadn't attacked the guards upon being woken up as Nina had. The scientists assumed that Nina's brain activity and subsequent actions were caused by outward stimuli. Heihachi Mishima himself had arrived to make her and offer. "I wish to hire you to stop your sister from assassinating my grandson, Jin Kazama," Heihachi explained. "It is likely she will use the third King of Iron Fist Tournament as cover for the assassination attempt."

Anna couldn't help but notice that this made Jin the third Mishima in a row that Nina had attempted to kill. But there was one other thing that occurred to her. "So, you're willing to hire me even after I worked for Kazuya?"

"Of course. If anything, your time as Kazuya's bodyguard proves that you're the best choice for the job. I'm actually grateful that you kept Kazuya alive long enough for me to kill him."

Somehow, his admittance of murdering his own son made Heihachi seen all the more genuine in his request. "I'll do it. But I want the Mishima Zaibatsu's resources."

"And you'll have it. I'll place a squadron of the Tekken Force under your command." Anna was surprised at how quickly Heihachi had agreed to the terms and immediately given her a squadron of this 'Tekken Force' which, from what she could tell, was a private army he'd established at some point during the nineteen years she and her sister had been frozen. One of the scientists brought in Anna's old clothes: A high backed, strapless, red satin dress whose skirt portion bore an oriental design depicting an exotic and colourful bird standing atop a cherry blossom branch and reached to her ankles with a slit running down one side of the dress from the hip, exposing her left leg. The outfit was completed with brown tights, red stilettos, long red satin opera gloves and a red ribbon choker with an emerald pendant around her neck. With her old clothes and a few easily concealed weapons, Anna set out to find her sister.

* * *

Nina waited on her newly stolen motorcycle outside Mishima Polytechnic School as the students began to head home. She had been given a mental image of her target by her master: he bore a striking resemblance to Kazuya Mishima but with a fringe. She saw her target leaving the building, followed by a girl with pigtails who he didn't even acknowledge. She was about to move in on him when she noticed a number of men in suits scattered around the area who seemed to be observing him. Then one of them noticed her. That was when the voice spoke to her again: "Those men know of your mission. You must leave for now."

"I must leave for now," she repeated. She put her helmet back on and drove off.

* * *

Upon receiving word that Nina had been spotted, Heihachi began to plan his next move. He doubted the fact that her mind had become active even while frozen and she'd randomly decided to kill Jin around the same time Ogre had attacked Jin and his mother was a coincidence. He wondered if Ogre's power allowed him to control the wills of others. It would explain a lot and it made him covet the creature's power even more. But before he could move against Ogre, he had to ensure Jin's safety or his whole plan would fall apart. He needed a way to lure Nina out. Then it occurred to him: nothing brought people to him faster than a King of Iron Fist Tournament. It had brought Kazuya to him and vice versa in the past. All he had to do was convince Jin to take part and announce him as part of the initial roster. He'd get Anna to participate as well. If Nina was still in Japan, and he didn't doubt that she was, there was no way she wouldn't hear about it.

* * *

Just as Heihachi had planned, Nina noticed the announcement for the third King of Iron Fist tournament playing on a monitor as she was walking through the city. It gave details of its prize and where it would take place then- "Jin Kazama," she said absentmindedly as she saw his name and picture displayed with the other contestants. The voice commanded her to enter the tournament as cover. "I must enter the tournament as cover. I must kill Jin Kazama."

* * *

Anna searched for days but was unable to find any trace of Nina. She eventually decided to wait until the tournament because she knew Nina would show. And she was right. It wasn't long after the announcement that Nina's name showed up on the participants list (or rather an alias she sometimes used) and Anna decided to focus on getting caught up on current events before the sixteen participants were to gather for the tournament.

Anna finally caught a glimpse of Nina at the gathering; she was standing by herself in the corner, stealing glances at Jin every chance she got. Anna approached her and said in the mocking tone she often used when speaking to her sister, "Hello, dear sister." Nina turned to her and stared at her with a creepy, lifeless expression on her face without saying a word. She stood motionless, staring at Anna until Anna said, "Hello? It's me, Anna. Don't say you've forgotten me after all those years in the freezer."

"Anna," she repeated still showing no emotion whatsoever.

"Yes, Anna." Anna was getting really annoyed now. "Your sister. Your hated rival. Come on, stop playing dumb!"

"Sister. Rival." Anna had had enough. She slapped Nina across the face. The slap was loud and echoed throughout the grand hall. All eyes were on Anna as she stormed off. Nina didn't even feel the pain from the slap; she was too focused on her target across the room with his grandfather.

She heard the voice again. "Your sister may prove troublesome. You are to bring her to our side. Failing that, she must be eliminated."

"Bring to our side. Eliminate."

* * *

The tournament got underway. Watching Jin fight, Anna concluded Nina would have a hard time killing him if the two were to fight. But Anna would have her shot against her first. Both sisters emerged victorious in their fights in Round 1 and were set to face off in Round 2.

Anna returned to her hotel room after the conclusion of Round 1. She took off her shoes and sat on the bed, rubbing her tired feet. She was starting to feel better when she noticed something in the mirror. As soon as she turned, Nina pounced on her and pinned her to the bed. "N-Nina? What the hell are you doing? Get off me!"

"You must join me, sister," Nina said in the same monotone as before. This time, however, the monotone didn't annoy Anna; this time it scared her.

"What are you talking about?"

"You too must hear the voice. You must serve the voice."

"Oh, then I have to if you say I must," Anna replied sarcastically. Nina stared directly into Anna's eye and a strange feeling overcame her. She didn't know what this feeling was but she knew it was something bad. She tucked in her legs and kicked Nina in the gut as hard as she could. She almost regretted taking her shoes off now as she couldn't do as much damage with just her stockings. Regardless, Nina flew off her sister and into the wall. Anna jumped to her feet and got ready to fight again. Nina recovered but showed no sign on pain. She simply ran out onto the balcony and jumped across to the next one and then the next. Anna ran out and watched as Nina fled. She decided it was best to inform Heihachi about this to see if his scientists could figure out what Nina had tried to do to her.

* * *

As it turned out, the scientists had already reached a conclusion that they felt was only backed up more by Anna's report. She listened as they explained their theory: Nina's sudden, unexpected spike in mental activity indicated that some external force had awakened her prematurely and, as indicated by her emotionless state and her actions and words thus far, was quite possibly controlling her actions. Anna had mixed feelings about hearing this; while she absolutely detested her sister, she couldn't help but pity her.

It seemed that this being was using Nina to kill Jin Kazama and wanted Nina to get Anna on its side too, likely by having Nina act as a proxy to allow her master to control Anna too. This explained the strange feeling Anna had when she looked into her sister's eyes. The only questions that remained now were what being was capable of controlling another person's actions and why did it want to kill Jin? Anna decided it didn't matter; that was Heihachi's problem. All she had to worry about was stopping Nina and freeing her from this things influence because, as much as she hated to admit it, her life wouldn't be the same without her big sister.

Heihachi on the other hand had a pretty good idea of whom or what was behind this. His forces had recently uncovered some ruins in Mexico and unwittingly unleashed an ancient creature dubbed 'Ogre' that subsequently wiped them all out. This same creature had gone on to attack a number of fighters from around the world including Jin's mother, Jun Kazama. It was likely this creature could sense Jin's thirst for revenge and/or knew firsthand just what those of the Kazama bloodline were capable of and wanted to be rid of such a threat. Regardless of its reasons, Heihachi was confident that Jin would fight through any obstacle put before him and eventually defeat Ogre. He was confident that the boy would prove himself a true Mishima.

* * *

Now was the time. Anna stood in the courtyard of the laboratory, awaiting Nina's arrival. Anna had requested the fight take place here in the hopes that it might trigger something in Nina's memory. Nina finally showed up, wearing a purple stealth suit, purple high-heeled boots that went up to above her knees and purple sleeves on her forearms. Anna felt a little sad since victory wouldn't feel as sweet if Nina wasn't fully aware of her loss but she didn't mind too much.

"You ready to lose, sis?" Anna asked, mockingly. Nina just stared at her with those dead eyes and Anna gave up on trying to get a rise out of her sister. "Fine. Let's just get on with this."

The match began and Nina immediately went for a high kick. Anna blocked and swept Nina's other leg. Nina fell but recovered quickly, rolling back away from Anna's low kick. Nina ran up and went for a jump kick. Anna sidestepped and Nina missed. Anna tried to punch Nina in the back of her head but she quickly turned, grabbed Anna's wrist and pulled her into a full nelson. Nina leaned in and said into her sister's ear, "You will not resist this time." Anna brought her arms down with enough force to break her sister's hold and elbowed her in the face. Nina reeled backwards and Anna immediately seized the opportunity to pull Nina's legs from under her and let her hit the ground. Nina was quick and kicked Anna so hard in the leg that she fell down too. Nina immediately pounced on Anna and pinned her down. "Just look into my eyes and feel your will slipping away." Anna could feel it. Nina was channelling her master's will into her and she could feel control slipping from her grasp. She had to do something before it was too late. But her legs were pinned this time. She tried to close her eyes or look away but her eyes were locked on her sister's. She began to feel that maybe it was best to just give in become a mindless pawn like her sister. Then it hit her.

Anna's face slackened and her eyes lost focus. Nina observed this change and loosened her grip on Anna a little. Anna didn't react so Nina released her hold completely and received a swift punch to the gut. It knocked the wind right out of Nina and she fell back off of her sister. Anna smiled and kicked Nina with both feet as hard as she could. Nina fell back and hit her head on the steel ground and fell unconscious. Anna sat up; proud of her little plan to fake losing control and hope she'd have a chance to strike before she really did lose control. Nina was incapacitated and Anna won the match. Anna escorted the Tekken force as they transported the unconscious Nina back to the labs.

* * *

Anna dropped out of the tournament and it had continued on as normal. Nina remained unconscious since being defeated by Anna and the scientists couldn't do anything for her, which was worrying. The tournament seemed to end with Paul Phoenix's defeat of Ogre but after he left, victorious, the creature revived in a new, monstrous form. Heihachi and a squadron of Tekken Force troops escorted Jin down to the ruins to fight the creature. Anna heard it killed Jin's mother or something. What mattered more was that this transformation caused Nina to suddenly and violently awaken. She struggled against her restraints and even the strongest sedatives they had on hand did nothing more than slow her down a little. Anna rushed into the lab as soon as she heard and tried to calm her sister down.

"I must kill him," Nina said desperately. "I must kill Jin Kazama." Anna approached Nina and put her arms around Nina's back, embracing her. Nina continued to struggle but her struggles grew weaker over time. Anna wasn't sure if it was Nina fighting for control or just the monster's grip weakening from its fight with Jin but eventually Nina fell unconscious again as word reached Anna that Ogre had been killed. Nina awoke later with no signs of the creature's influence but no memories either. She didn't even recognise Anna. The scientist theorised that this was either due to her premature awakening or a side-effect of being under the creature's thrall.

They tried everything from showing her pictures of her family to hypnotherapy but nothing worked. As Nina lay in the MRI machine, Anna watched from the next room, unsure of what to do. The scan showed no sign that anything was wrong with Nina. As Anna thought on the matter, she had a sudden stroke of inspiration. She entered the lab as Nina was getting out of the machine. "Come along, Nina. We're going now."

"Going where?" Nina asked.

"To see our father, of course."

* * *

It had been snowing, just as it had the day Richard Williams had died. He'd always preferred Nina over Anna. This had been the cause of their rivalry. It had only gotten worse after he'd died and both blamed the other for his death. Despite this, there was an unspoken agreement between the two that they wouldn't fight in front of their father's grave.

The two made their way through the cemetery, Anna carrying a bouquet of flowers. She hoped seeing their father's grave would provoke an emotional response in Nina. She placed the flowers in front of the headstone and turned as she heard Nina groaning. She was clutching her head and as Anna went to see what was wrong, Nina slapped her. She slapped her so hard, she lost her footing and fell onto her side in the snow. Nina shouted something at her but she was too shocked to make out any of the words though she as pretty sure she heard the word 'bitch' in there somewhere. Nina stormed off as Anna sat there smiling, knowing that Nina was starting to return to her normal self and would eventually come back to her. And two years later, she did just that.
I've been working on this since before my last four stories but kept putting it off. I had some free time today and decided to finish it. Instead of making up a mind control event, I decided to take a canonical one and expand on it. In Tekken 3, Nina Williams was controloed by Ogre and ordered to assassinate Jin Kazama. The story focuses more on Anna trying to save her sister.
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Miku Hatsune stood in the recording studio, ready to begin recording her new song. She put on her headphones and the music began to play. Little did she know, the music had been altered by her manager to include a number of subliminal messages that made her want to obey him. She stood, still as a statue, as the messages worked their way into her subconscious. As this happened, her pupils shrank into tiny dots and began to expand in a line that went round and round, much like the sensation she felt in her head, forming spirals. The music finished and her first commands were given to her: "Raise your arms like a sleepwalker."

"Yes, Master," the singer replied in a monotone as her arms rose up.

"Very good, my dear. I have a task for you now..."

Miku walked into the control room and stood at attention before her master as he opened a portal for her. He gave her a list and told her to memorize the five names on the list. He then handed her the portal device with instructions to use it to travel between universes to help him complete his collection. She bowed obediently before turning and robotically walking through the portal, arms outstretched.

* * *

Princess Peach left her bedroom to go out for a stroll in the gardens when she noticed some kind of portal just outside the room and a girl a few years her junior stood just in front of it. As Peach approached the green-blue-haired girl, she noticed that the girl's arms were outstretched and she had spinning spirals in her eyes. As soon as she noticed her, the girl put her hands on Peach's shoulders and stared directly into her eyes. Peach's eyes were drawn to the girls, her gaze becoming lost in the spirals. She tried to look away, tried to call for help, but all she could do, all the wanted to do was look deeply into the spirals. The rest of the world disappeared around her as she fell deeper and deeper into the spirals, deeper and deeper into hypnosis.

As the princess' head dropped, Miku began to reprogram Peach's mind. "You are now a servant of the master. You must obey."

"I am a servant of the master," Peach repeated lifelessly. "I must obey." Peach's own eyes changed to reflect those of Miku as she surrendered.

"Follow me," Miku commanded.

Peach raised her arms and repeated, "Follow." She mindlessly walked through the portal behind Miku.

* * *

Samus Aran had just wiped out a space pirate camp and was sitting in her zero suit, catching her breath. She heard an unfamiliar sound behind her and turned to see Princess Peach walking through a portal with a teenage girl, both with arms raised like zombies. Both turned as they noticed her and began to walk toward her. Samus immediately thought back to the incident with Amy a while back and she felt it best to fall back and plan her next course of action out.

She retreated into the cargo area of the space pirate base and rested against a wall in the back. As she began to formulate her plan, another portal opened up on the wall where she was resting and she fell through it into Peach's waiting arms. She was surprised at how strong Peach's grip was as she tried in vain to break free. The other girl came into view and put her hands on Samus' shoulder. "Look into my eyes," she said and Samus found herself drawn to the girl's eyes, which she now noticed were spinning black and white spirals. She tried and tried until she was finally able to pry her eyes away...only to find them locked on Peach's. Then the other girl's eyes came into view again and she found herself staring at four spirals simultaneously, causing only more confusion in her mind. She was unable to move her eyes away and they closed as she fell into a trance.

When she opened her eyes again, they too reflected the spirals. Seeing this, Miku said, "You are now a servant of the master. You must obey."

"Servant of the master, must obey," she repeated.

"Follow me," Miku commanded.

"Follow," Samus and Peach replied in unison. Samus' arms rose up and she followed her compatriots through the portal to the next world.

* * *

The trio emerged from the portal in a museum, which was currently in the process of being robbed by the Black Cat. She was holding her latest catch of a large ruby when something strange happened. She could see two women and a teenage girl reflected in the ruby's many sides. The strangest thing was that she could have sworn these three has spirals in their eyes. As she thought this, the many reflected spiral bombarded her mind and captivated her as they slowly brought her down into sleep with soothing chants of "Sleep, give in, obey," from the other three. She soon succumbed to the spirals and her eyes proved that.

As with the other two, Miku told her, "You are now a servant of the master. You must obey."

And just like the other two, Felicia repeated, "I am now a servant of the master. I must obey."

Miku opened another pair of portals. She pointed to one and said, "Samus. Black Cat."

"Understood," the pair replied and zombie walked through the portal.

"Follow me," Miku said to Peach.

"Follow," she repeated again and the pair walked through their portal.

* * *

Winry Rockbell was repairing Edward's automail. Again. She was so sick of him doing who-knows-what, breaking it and coming back to her to get it fixed again. Maybe hitting him over the head with a wrench just wasn't enough to get it through his thick skull. She'd built up a lot of stress over the situation but she'd soon be relieved of that as a portal opened up behind her. She whirled around to see a girl with unnatural blue-green hair and a blonde woman dressed in a pink princess dress walk through with their arms raised like sleepwalkers.

Winry had never seen anything like this before and was too shocked to react as the two approached her and she saw the spirals in their eyes. The spirals were more captivating than the sight of these two girls walking like zombies through a portal to who-knows-where. She couldn't look away from the spirals, not that she wanted too. She quickly fell into a deep trance and her own eyes began to reflect those captivating spirals. "You are now a servant of the master," Miku said again. "You must obey."

"I am now a servant of the master," Winry replied. "I must obey."

"Follow me," Miku said.

"Follow," Winry and Peach replied together. The three girls walked through the portal back to the museum, where they met up with Samus and Black Cat as they returned though the portal with a hypnotized Yoko Littner.

"Follow me," Miku commanded for the final time.

"Follow," the other five repeated and followed behind through a new portal back to the recording studio.

* * *

The Manager looked up as he saw that a new portal had opened and Miku walked through with the five girls on the list. The stood in a line, lowered their arms and said in a united monotone, "We are servants of the master. We must obey."

"Excellent. You have done well, Miku."

"Done well," she repeated, smiling slightly.

Satisfied with the results so far, he had another idea he wanted to try. "I want you girls to imagine your hair growing longer and longer." The girls all closed their eyes when he said this. "Feel your hair growing longer and longer. Feel it becoming silky and smooth and shiny and beautiful." To his utter amazement, it was working. Their hair grew longer and longer, shinier and smoother. He stood, amazed at the site before his eyes. He watched and only told them to stop when their hair began to touch the floor. "Now, I want you all to turn to the person next to you and fall madly in love with her." The girls did as asked and Miku began making out with Winry, Samus and Peach began fondling each other, and Black Cat and Yoko began dancing together. Their master sat, watching the girls as they did this and finally couldn't hold back anymore. "Strip to your underwear and make out as a group!" he commanded quickly.

"Strip. Make out." They were soon stood together in their underwear; Miku in Green-blue, Peach in pink, Samus in blue, Black Cat in black, Winry in white and Yoko in red. They then began making out, switching partners every few seconds. The Manager watched them excitedly, completely oblivious to the fact that he'd left the portals open, allowing others to come through and foil his plans...
This was part of an art trade with :iconmegatronman:. He wanted this:

Maybe have a story about Miku hypnotizing Peach, Winry, Black Cat, Samus and Yoko to dance together. Be sure to enhance their hair and add Yuri themes.
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Tira had been given a task. Her master had sent her to find new servants to help protect Soul Edge after being weakened in his latest battle with his former host. There were a lot of potential servants, from those that sought to wield the cursed sword to those that sought to destroy it. She had observed so many warriors from so many different countries and backgrounds, of different levels of skill and conviction, and she knew that some of them could be easily used for her purposes, given the right... motivation.

She took out the shard of Soul Edge she'd been given to complete her mission and recalled how she'd found it on some traveller whose soul she had offered up to her master. To her surprise, he hadn't immediately reintegrated the shard into the sword, but had instead imbued it with some of his power and given it to her to use in her mission.

She had travelled from Ostrheinsburg Castle to a nearby town, where she observed the busy streets from a rooftop. She could feel the shard's power resonating as she held it in her hand. A smile crept onto her lips as she anticipated the chance to test such power on an unsuspecting victim. That was when she caught sight of someone that she immediately knew was the perfect target: long blonde hair tied into a thick braid and wearing all white, a wreathe on her head, a silver breast plate and brown knee-high sandals: Sophitia Alexandra.

Sophitia walked at a brisk pace through the crowded streets. Her boat home was going to set sail soon and she needed to get home to Athens to make sure her children were safe. After her run-in with that Tira girl, that was all she could think about. She'd implied that Sophitia's children were to be the next hosts of Soul Edge, a horrifying thought for any mother to be sure. She hurried along, oblivious to the girl stalking her from the rooftops, and took a quick shortcut down a back alley, sure that no one would try to attack her after seeing her weapons and armour. A grave mistake. She heard a sound like something hitting the ground behind her and gripped the hilt of her sword. She whirled around, sword and shield at the ready, to see a girl crouched in the alleyway behind her. She didn't recognise the girl at first; her dark brown hair was in a pair of lopsided pigtails and she wore a red one-piece outfit that went down to her knees and exposed her cleavage and midriff, and brown boots and talon-like gauntlets.

But the second she saw the bladed hoop she carried around herself, Sophitia knew exactly who it was. "Tira?"

"Hello, Sophitia. Like the new look?" she taunted. Tira had had much shorter teal coloured hair and a green and blue harlequinesque outfit when the two had had their run-in at Ostreinsburg Castle not two weeks ago. Perhaps the hair change was a result of Soul Edge's power. The sight of her alleviated some of Sophitia's fear somewhat as there was no way Tira could have travelled from Germany to Greece and back again in such a short period of time. Regardless, this girl was a servant of Soul Edge and worse, had threatened her family. Sophitia entered her combat stance but, to her surprise, Tira did not. In fact, she put her weapon down on the ground before reaching into her pocket to pull something out in her clenched fist.

"What are you doing?" Sophitia asked cautiously.

"Oh, nothing," Tira replied, sounding playful yet somehow a little sinister as well. "I just wanted to show you this gift my master gave me." She held out her hand and unclenched her fist to reveal a shard of the cursed sword. Sophitia could literally see the evil energy seeping from it. She couldn't hold back, even against an unarmed opponent, if a piece of the evil sword was right here in front of her.

She lunged forward, aiming for the shard but Tira sidestepped her attack and countered with a roundhouse kick to the side, knocking her completely off her feet and causing her to drop her sword. She'd been kicked by Tira before but she'd been nowhere near this strong. "Now now, that's not very nice," Tira taunted. "You don't want to see my darker side, do you?"

"H-how...?" Sophitia struggled, trying to catch her breath.

"My master gave me this power. You can have it too if you serve him."

"I'll... never serve... Soul Edge," Sophitia replied, her breath steadily returning.

"Aw, that's too bad because he really wants you to serve him and my master has ways of getting what he wants."

"W-what? What do you mean by that?"

"Oh, you'll see soon enough," Tira replied as she cupped Sophitia's chin with her left hand and held the shard with her right. "You should just sit back and relax. Let the power of Soul Edge flow through you. You could have so much power if you served my master. Enough even to protect those children of yours..."

At the mention of her children, the fire returned to Sophitia's eyes and she smashed Tira in the side of the head with her shield. Tira stumbled backwards and, as she regained her composure, Sophitia noticed a change in Tira's body language: she was hunched over and had a more serious look on her face. Sophitia recalled Tira being somewhat bipolar in the past and it seemed she'd 'flipped the switch', so to speak.

"I tried to be nice," Tira spoke in a deeper, angrier voice than before, sounding like a completely different person. "But now, you're going to serve Soul Edge whether you like it or not." Sophitia scrambled for her weapon but Tira was too fast for her and kicked the sword away from her before kicking Sophitia herself in the gut. Winded, she collapsed on the floor, gasping for breath. Tira sat on Sophitia's stomach and held out the shard again.

It was only now, lying on her back and struggling to breathe, that she really took in the sight of the shard. She didn't feel threatened by it. On the contrary, what she felt from this shard was more akin to... calmness. The pain and windedness in her stomach were slowly fading, being replaced by a warm, soothing feeling; a feeling that was spreading outwards. "You can feel it, can't you?" Tira asked with a smirk. "You can feel the shard's power flowing through you. You see? It isn't so bad. It feels quite nice, doesn't it?"

Sophitia couldn't deny that the energy flowing through her felt really good and that scared her. She knew that the full sword could fully possess the mind and body of the one that wielded it so this shard clearly had a similar ability to control its victims, which meant she was beginning to succumb to its power. She had to resist. She'd spent years pursuing the evil sword with the goal of destroying it; she couldn't allow herself to become its servant. She had to resist.

"I'll never serve Soul Edge," Sophitia repeated. And she could feel the influence of the shard becoming weaker as she said this.

"Are you sure about that?" Tira asked, having reverted to her more cheerful, child-like persona. "I can already tell that you're enjoying the feeling of warmth and calmness from the shard. I know I am. If you just submit to my master's will, you can enjoy this feeling all the time."

That sounded tempting to Sophitia. She did enjoy the feeling and she couldn't deny that the idea of feeling like this permanently sounded too good to resist. She shook her head free of such thoughts and shouted a defiant "No!" The corrupting thoughts again began to subside as she showed Tira her defiance. "I'll never submit!" She began desperately trying to get Tira off but her arms were pinned.

"Oh, I think you will," replied Tira's darker persona. "Because your blood was infected when you fought the dread pirate years ago and that blood passed on to your children." At the mention of her children, Sophitia's blood ran cold and her struggles lessened. "Which means..." Tira continued with a sinister giggle, "...that if Soul Edge goes..." Sophitia knew what was coming and silently begged the gods that it wouldn't, "...your children go too." With these words, all of Sophitia's resistance, physical and mental, ceased. She could feel the power of the shard flow through her but she didn't care. She knew that the only way to protect her children was to submit, mind, body and soul, to Soul Edge. To become its servant and defend it from those that would bring harm to it. Those that would bring harm to her children.

Sophitia's eyes glazed over and turned a deep shade of maroon, a colour befitting a servant of the cursed sword. As she watched this change, Tira's anticipation grew and she unconsciously began to lick her lips. Once Sophitia's face slackened lifelessly, Tira leaned in and kissed Sophitia. She wasn't sure if these feelings were her own or if they came from the shard but it didn't matter very much. Tira smiled wider than she had in quite some time. She stood up and Sophitia didn't react at all. "Stand up," she commanded. Sophitia did as she was told, standing at attention with her arms by her sides. Tira walked around Sophitia, taking in the sight of the formerly strong-willed enemy of her master, now completely under her power. "Stand on one leg." She did so and Tira couldn't resist abusing her newfound power over this woman. "Okay, foot down. Take off that wreathe and that breast plate. Oh, and call me 'mistress' while you're at it."

"Yes, Mistress Tira," she replied and did as asked. The wreathe hit the floor quietly and was soon followed by the loud thunk of the breastplate landing on top of it. With the breastplate removed, the only thing covering Sophitia's sizeable breasts was the rather thin fabric of her clothes. Somehow, this made Tira very happy. She placed a hand on one of them but received  no response. Because of this, Tira lost all interest in continuing and released her. Sure, she could always command her to react but that would be no fun. She decided to just move on. "Sophitia, you are now a servant of Soul Edge. You would gladly give your life to keep it safe and you would gladly give your soul to it if told to. Is that clear?"

"Ye... no... No!" Sophitia struggled to regain control. Her struggle could be seen in her face as she had the expression a person would have trying to lift something heavy and her eyes were beginning to regain their natural blue. "I'll... I'll never serve... Soul... Edge..."

"Still fighting, eh?" Tira replied. "You won't surrender even if your children will die otherwise?" After hearing these words, Sophitia's will was again broken and her eyes became glassy maroon again. Tira waved a hand in front of Sophitia's face but she didn't so much as blink. "There we go. I'm glad you see it my way. So, you are now a servant of Soul Edge, correct?"

"Yes, I am a servant of Soul Edge."

"You would gladly give your life to protect it."

"I would gladly give me life to protect it."

"You would gladly give your soul to Soul Edge if told to."

"I would gladly give my soul to Soul Edge if told to."

"Very good." Tira was positively beaming as Sophitia repeated her commands back to her. "Okay then, follow me. We're going home."

"Yes, Mistress Tira," Sophitia replied and followed behind as a single tear ran down her cheek.

Although she was unaware of it, her time as a servant of Soul Edge would be cut short by the intervention of Soul Edge's previous host, Siegfried, leaving the evil sword in a dormant state for seventeen years, whereupon it would be destroyed by the very children she was willing to sacrifice so much for.
I wrote this story for the Deepest Fall contest being held by :iconda-entranced: ([link]).
I've been planning a Soul Calibur story for quite a while but I was waiting for a Sophitia model to be available for Gmod. Sadly, there isn't one but now I have an excuse to write the story.
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A month passed since the DigiDestined victory over MaloMyotismon and life has finally returned to normal in both the real and digital world. The real world continued with it's usual routine almost forgetting of the events that occurred worldwide a month previously and in the Digital world peace has finally returned since the arrival of the Digimon emperor.

Because of this the Digidestanded where taking a break from their fighting and protecting of the digital world and living a regular normal life together in the real world. Each one had their own following and hobby in life that they pursued outside their school life. Tai picked up the soccer ball again joining the high school league team after over a year leaving to focus on school. Matt continued his playing with his band after their disastrous gig the month before. Izzy focused his spare time creating programs that would alert him of any danger that might occur in the future. Sora moved down to Kyoto for a while to life and spend time with her father which she bearly had before. Joe continued his studies to become a doctor constantly hitting hurdles across his work but not giving up. Mimi spent her free time wanting to pursue a career as a fashion designer using Palmon as her model much to her despair. Davis was Davis never letting anything even change his mood or regular life patterns. Yolei constantly had to run her parents store while having to deal with her annoying brothers and sisters. Cody continued his training with his grampa each other having better understanding of each other after the events of the previous month. Ken losing the abilities given to him by the dark spores wanted to prove his abilities without them studying and practising long and hard to reclaim his spot as the countries top best student.

As for the last two Digidestanded Kari and TK, there lives where no currently involving each other as the two young teens begun going out after the events of MaloMyotismon's destruction much to Davis's displease meant. The couple now boyfriend and girlfriend spent all their free time together, going out on dates, walks and picnics, both being extremely happy being with the other loving each other dearly.

Kari walked through the town enjoying the rare spot of sunshine in February. The first real day of Spring has arrived and she was hoping she could do something special with TK with it. Valentines day was approaching soon and the couple were planning to spend theirs together with Kari trying to think of the best thing to get him and what to do together.  Kari walked over to TK's apartment wearing a nice pink dress , jacket and boots as she knocked on the door to his apartment. TK answered wearing his usual clothes with a pair of  trousers with the temperature mild.

"Hey TK" she smiled as the two reached out and shared a kiss.

"Hey come in, my mom's out for the day and I sent Patamon out so we'll be alone" TK told her as they walked inside.

"Oh great, I did the same with Gatomon I hate it when those two are always nearby watching us it's so creepy" she laughed as she sat down.

"Yeah not as bad as when Davis or the others do it" he joined her "Well only Davis the rest can just be a little annoying".

"I know, they never give us some time alone. We need to make sure it's just you and me for valentines day" Kari told him.

"Believe me I'm going to make sure were alone, at least we can always hide away in the digital world if worst comes" TK reassured her.

"Good, it's our own private love spot" she smiled as she kissed TK again deeply again.  Kari took off her jacket leaving it on the coffee table in front of them as her digivice slipped out of the pocket landing on the table next to TK's. The couple couldn't care less as they shared each others embrace and begun to kissing each other deeply. TK lowered Kari on to her back lying across the sofa with TK on top of her lowering his head to continue kissing as the two made out passionately.

As the couple were occupied too themselves, their digivices on the table begun acting weird. The screens begun to shine and beep as a digital bat appeared on the screens as the white backlight turned black as a black substance shoot up into the air. Kari and TK both had their eyes clothes to occupied with each other as the substance shot down striking the two beginning to engulf their bodies.

"AHHHHH, TK help!!!" Kari screamed soon cut off as the substance creped it's way up covering her mouth and face with the rest of her body engulfed in the black.

"Kari hold on!" TK shouted trying to move but the substance restraining him as it covered his face too. The mysterious black substance engulfed the couple unable for the two of them move or  breath feeling like their were mummified in latex like substance. The two cocooned youths bodies begun to glow purple pulsing rapidly. TK and Kari felt their bodies feeling like they were being shrink, compress and become warped. Dark digital energy begun to flow into the two's cocoon taking over them as their human bodies changed. Their both shrank down till they were about two and a half feet tall, a long tail sprouted from both of them and there fingers fused together forming a paws being covered with a pair of sharped clawed purple gloves. The same thing occurred to their feet becoming paws, long round ears sprouted from their heads, their clothes were removed and all their human features became feline.
The cocoon's compacted and faded revealing the two no long human's but identically black and purple cat Digimon, BlackGatomon. Unknown to the DigiDestanded when they destroyed MaloMyotismon in the past, he released a virus upon his destruction to corrupt and hack their Digivices. With the two off guard together, the hacked Digivices released MaloMyotismon's virus onto them turning them into his evil loyal Digimon slaves modelled after his most loyal servant Gatomon, but with no chance of betrayal or becoming good.

"Good, Master MaloMyotismon's plan has worked" The BlackGatomon that was once TK said.

"Indeed, now as his dark servants we must carryout his will and corrupt all the other Digidestanded and transform them into Digimon servants too" The BlackGatomon that use to be Kari said smiling devilishly.

"And once we have all of them, we can use these hacked Digivices to revive our master, and then this world will be he's for the taking" The first BlackGatomon said picking up the corrupted green digivice from the table as the two laughed looking forward to doing their master's will.

Outside Patamon and Gatomon having meeting up and being kicked out by their partners decided to go to TK's apartment to spy on the couple.

"Gatomon don't you think we should give TK and Kari some time alone, they are going out and all" Patamon argued as the two Digimon made their way from the neighbourhood roof tops.

"I know that, but Tai wants me to keep an eye on Kari, you know how protective he gets with her" Gatomon replied to him.

"Same for me with Matt, I hope that the others trust more they are growing up" Patamon moaned flying with his ear wings.

"Yeah, besides its fun to spy and sneak around on them to get back on always sneaking and abandoning us all the time lately" Gatomon pointed out.

"Yeah, besides it's not like we're disturbing anything where just sitting back and watching" Patamon finished as they reached the balcony of TK's apartment and peeked in to see what TK and Kari were up to, but instead saw strange sight. Inside the apartment was two BlackGatomon Digimon instead.

"What are they doing in there? And you see TK or Kari?" Patamon asked Gatomon.

"No, but look Kari's jacket is on the table so they must be in there" Gatomon said looking closer.

"Hey look, they got their Digivice's? they could be trying to steal them" Patamon pointed out as they could see each of them holding their partners Digivices. They looked at each other and nodded both having the same idea as they barged inside confronting the BlackGatomon's.

"What do you want?" Gatomon shouted at the two.

"Yeah and where's TK and Kari?" Patamon asked them.

"Well it looks like they were late to see the show" one of the BlackGatomon sniggered.

"No matter, it was good of them to come to us now we can get them" The other one said as they dived the two trying to attack. Patamon flew up into the air to avoid as he used Boom Bubble to counterattack, but it simply dodged it. Gatomon and the other BlackGatomon were in a catfight exchanging scratches and swipes at each other with the two felines not giving into the other one. Patamon dived down trying to tackle it as the BlackGatomon dodged and jumped on top of Patamon pinning him onto the ground, until Patamon used his Boom Bubble to sent it flying in the air. The two felines broke from their fight with Gatomon rolling over to Patamon and the two BlackGatomon landing on their feet opposite to them.

"Enough, let's finish this" they said as the BlackGatomon stood side by side. "Cat's Eye!" they say in union as their eyes begun to swirl with multiple colours in front of the two.

"No! Patamon look…….a…way……….." Gatomon said drifting off as her eyes soon swirled the same at the two dark Digimon with Patamon soon following as the two Digimon became hypnotised from their power. Leaving them in a state of hypnotic trance which they wouldn't break from, the two dark Digimon took up the two hacked Digivices from the floor. "Now you two will join and serve master MaloMyotismon" they said as they held up the Digivices at them as dark energy shined out of it and corrupted the minds of the two Digimon. As they broke from their trance, the two Digimon smiled evily now under MaloMyotismon's dark power.

"We were fools to challenge" Patamon smiled wickedly.

"He's right, we must serve our lord and master and crush the DigiDestined once and for all" Gatomon agreed returning to her dark self she was previously in two years ago when she still served Myotismon.

"Good, now lets find them and make them into servants so our great master can walk the earth again" BlackGatomon said as they smiled and laughed wickedly looking for new Digimon and Digidestanded to use MaloMyotismon's curse on, and change into his servant bent on reviving his and enslaving the real world.
Here is the Request made by :iconzohaku: He wanted a TF/Corruption story with TK and Kari. Because of the shortness it became we desided to add Gatomon and Patamon being corrupted at the end to extend it a bit.

Anyway hope it's too his liking and hope you all enjoy it.
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NOTE: *There are some minor changes done to this chapter which contradicts what I wrote in the first story. The reason for this is I didn’t plan ahead when writing the first story and just considered there would never be a sequel closing it off a cliff-hanger making people think would Mai and Serenity be stuck like this forever or be rescued and changed back like I did with all my other Halloween stories at the time. But seeing how I was commissioned to make this, I changed it to suit this chapter to make it easier to write and piece*

Téa Gardner was making her way through Domino City on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. The day was flawless with the sky clear, warm weather and a cool breeze across the city. She smiled pleasantly to herself, admiring the rows of dualists playing card games on the square with their hologram monsters in the open. She’d never imagined she’d see anything as crazy at that before, then again she’d never imagined any of this would happen in her life.

Since meeting Yugi, Joey and Tristan along with their large verity of friends and tagging along on their adventures, things have been a rollercoaster of emotions from fear to joy. But she never regretted any of it, she would stay by her friends side and cheer them on helping anyway she could through thick and thin. She now had the most wondrous friends and a great life being with them all never having a dull moment, regret or sorrow.

Every day was a special day when she was with them and today was an even more special day, one of her good friends Mai Valentine has returned to Domino City for a few weeks and she wanted to meet up with her. She was talking to Serenity the previous night when she learned she was going to be in town. Serenity was going to visit her first this morning so she decided to let them have some time together, they’ve grown together so much over the previous years. It was so nice to see the change in the two because of each other; especially how stuck up Mai was when she first met her and how shy and quite Serenity was when she first met her. Now the two have changed for the better and she was pleased how much like sisters they never had.

She didn’t want to intrude on the two, but she really wanted to meet Mai again so she begun to make her way outside the city to where Mai loft was. She took the bus across town remembering the boys, Yugi didn’t know Mai was back yet she should tell him. She took out her phone and dialed Yugi, and after a short wait he picked up.

“Hello?” Yugi’s house answered on the other end.

“Hey there Yugi, it’s Téa” she replied.

“Oh hi Téa, what’s up?” he asked.

“Did you hear Mai’s in town? She’s across town at her loft, Serenity is already down there with her, and you should come over” Téa suggested.

“Yeah that sounds great, what about the others?” he asked.  

“Well knowing Tristan he’s probably going to try to find or get in contact with Serenity getting in contact with Joey in the process who’ll tell him she’s at Mai’s. And knowing how Joey and Mai are together, he’s probably already on his way to Mai with him” she laughed with Yugi joining in knowing their two friends well enough to know their behavior patterns.

“Sounds about right, I’ll be a couple of minutes getting ready but I’ll be straight on my way to meet up with everyone there” he told her.

“Great, I’ll see you then Bye” she said.

“Okay bye” Yugi said before hanging up and getting ready.
Téa hung up her cell phone and put it back into her purse as the Bus was pulling into the stop she was getting off at. She walked off the bus and only had a short walk to Mai’s loft as she turned the corner and could see it. She walked outside the building pressing intercom to Mai’s loft.

“Hello Mai, it’s me Téa” said into the intercom, but to her surprise there was no reply “Hello? Mai? Serenity? Are you there?” she asked with no answer again as she begun to feel worried. Inside the lobby she could see the male manager behind the desk as she thought he might know where she could be. “Hi, do you know where Mai Valentine went?” she asked him.

“Miss Valentine? I don’t think she’s gone anywhere. A young redhead went up to her loft a while back and the two haven’t come down. Have you tried the intercom?” he asked.

“I did but didn’t get an answer. I’m sure they just can’t hear the buzzer I’ll just go up and knock at the door then thanks for the help” Téa said to him as she went into the elevator and pressed the button for the floor she lived on. The elevator brought her up and the door opened and she walked through. “Hey Mai…..Ahhh what the?” Téa screamed

When she walked in the room she found what appeared to be two three duel monsters standing in the room. They all appeared to be women with clawed bird feet’s with black leather covering the lower parts of their legs and purple nylon stretching up their legs to their waists. Purple nylon covered their bodies with leather straps hooked across it. Each of them had a beautiful pair of wings on their arms with their hands as claws. Each of them had facial features that made them look like sharp striking bird like creatures with one having long straight purple hair, another having spiked up blue hair and the other shoulder length orange hair with a long fringe.

“Oh its Mai’s harpies, is there duel happening?” Téa reassured herself smiling and calming down after screaming thinking she’d see Mai and Serenity with their duel disks playing a game but they weren’t there.

“We have an intruder in our nest” the blue haired Harpy Lady said.

“Well it’s ahead of schedule but she’ll do well” the purple haired Harpy Lady smiled as she walked to Téa’s left side.

“Indeed, a day ahead for a new arrival to join us sisters” the orange haired Lady said walking on Téa’s right.

“What are you all talking about? Where’s Mai and Serenity? “Téa asked feeling creped out by these monsters being alone and surrounding her as she stepped forward with Purple haired Harpie shutting the door on her.

“She’s so slow, I don’t think she’s ready enough to become our sister” The orange haired Harpy told them.

“Your right, but she’s young we can train her into being our perfect sister like us” the purple one suggested pleasantly.

“What are you all talking about? Your nothing but holograms you’re not real” Téa told them as she stepped backwards further into the loft.

“Not real huh? Is this not real then?” the blue one smiled as she wrapped her wings around Téa’s body. Téa could feel the feathers brush across her body and face and the Harpy Lady’s sharp claws poking into her body.

“Owww, this is impossible” Téa flinched from the mild pain as she begun to get really scared.

“You’re even worse than the two other girls who were here. But they soon learned and enjoyed becoming sisters, and after some discipline and training you will to” The purple one moaned as she walked closer to the trapped Téa.

“Other two girls? So these monsters are Mai and Serenity? You turned my friends into these monsters!” Téa screamed at the Harpy Lady.

“Oh you are quite spirited aren’t you?” the three Harpies laughed in amusement hearing this. “But you’ll be like us within seconds” she smiled as she raised her arm up and Téa’s body was engulfed in light.

As the light surrounded and bathed her body, she felt its warm glow calm her mind and body as her worries and fear soon left her. She fell into such a calm state of mind she didn’t even notice her body beginning to change. Her sandals were torn apart as her feet changed into the same bird feet as the three Harpie ladies with leather covering bother her ankles. Pink Nylon leggings replaced at the dark stockings she wore on her legs while the rest of her body was covered in a light blue nylon catsuit.  A revealing leather suspenders body wrap was connected over the catsuit up from her neck down to her pink leggings. Her hands morphed into sharp golden claws with pink gloves stretching up to her shoulders with beautiful pink wings sprouting from them both. Téa’s head and mind both went under changes. Her ears grew long and pointed, a pink tiara formed over her forehead and her short brunette hair grew vastly in length turning to deep blonde. With her body and appearance changed, Téa’s mind begun to fade away and fill with the mind of a Harpie girl. Being young, beautiful, and inexperienced wanting nothing more but to grow up and become a Harpie Lady, looking up to her big sisters, wanting to become like them.

As the light faded, the three Harpie Sisters were pleased to see the Harpie girl who would be their little sister.

“Hamm there now, isn’t you much happier like this little sister?” The purple Harpie Lady asked the newly transformed Téa who was released by the Blue haired Harpie who was once Serenity.

“Yes Big sister, I’m much happier being with my three big sisters. I want to stay with you all forever so that I could grow up one day to being as great, beautiful and powerful as all three of you” she looked up and smiled.

“Good your time will soon come once more intrude on our nest” she said.

“It’ll be join sis, some boys will soon be arriving here” Harpie Girl told them wanting to help them anyway she could with them all smiling excited on hearing the new news.

“Leave them to us, I want to personally take care of them, I’m sure you’d like to as well sister” The orange haired Harpie Lady said to the Blue one.

“Your right, I’ll be waiting anxiously for them to arrive. They must be punished for coming here” the blue one smiled taking out her toned whip they each had.

“Your right, we’ll make them serve us like the beasts they are. Doesn’t that sound nice” The purpled haired smiled as they all joined in giggling and smiling excited for their new arrivals to come so they could play and have fun with them.

Back in Domino City, Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor were walking together making their way to Mai’s loft. This morning Joey was planning on visiting Mai first and woke up to find Serenity already gone and gone to Mai’s. As he was finally about to leave he ran into Tristan who learned Serenity was in town staying with Joey and wanted to visit her. And now to Joey’s disgust he now had to have Tristan’s company at Mai’s while he was hoping he could be alone with her.

“You know Joey I’m surprised you weren’t already at Mai’s knowing you” Tristan laughed wrapping his head around his head.

“Get off you fool” Joey shouted knocking him off “and I overslept this morning alright” he explained.

“Still though, I thought you’d put more effort for your special Lady” Tristan smiled.

“Yeah well me and Mai are for each other and we both know it unlike you and Serenity you goof” Joey told him.

“What are you talking about? Serenity’s mad about me”

“Oh really, I see you always going mad for her but she doesn’t seem interested one bit” Joey said under his breath as Tristan got angry and begun choking him.

“Well what do you know? I’m sure Serenity keeps her private life to herself so that you don’t be making fun or insulting her decisions” Tristan shouted.

“What decisions? She see you in the same way as everyone else just friends so if that’s what you mean go ahead with me as her brother and Mai as her sister you aren’t special or more popular” Joey shouted back at him. Tristan  was about to reply when the two of them realized they’ve been fighting on the sidewalk for all to hear as all the pedestrians were staring at them not knowing what was wrong with them as they all blushed with embarrassment as they calmed down and continued to walk casually.

“Alright we can settle this when we get to Mai’s, then I’ll prove to you Serenity isn’t interested” Joey said to him as they continued to walk forward casually.

“No I’ll prove we’re as good together as yourself and Mai” Tristan replied to him. The two continued to walk out of the city to the outskirts till they finally reached Mai’s loft.

“So you want to be the one to ring your sweetie?” Tristan taunted making kissing faces at Joey.

“Alright then I will, seeing how you don’t think you need to ring for your so called sweetie” Joey grinned at him annoying Tristan.

“That..That’s not what I meant, I and Serenity don’t need to do that, and our love is so strong we know where we are at all times. That’s how connected and destined we are” He said annoyed and confused as he then stood up tall feeling proud of his recovery.

“If you so connected how come you didn’t know she was at Mai’s and had to call over at my house then?” he asked his Tristan head fell down low feeling foolish for walking into that. Joey let out a little chuckle as he pressed the intercom button. “Hey yo Mai it’s Joey!” he called into the intercom as Tristan pulled him back.

“And me Tristan, are you there Serenity?” he asked into it.

“If she was she’s now probably creped out and running from you” Joey told his as Tristan eyed him. “What’s taking so long? Hey Mai what’s up? If Tristan is creeping you out we can keep him outside” Joey said into it as Tristan again begun strangling him.

“Alright that’s it!” Tristan said getting angry.

“Hey bonehead there’s a camera, Serenity can see you strangling me” Joey told him as Tristan instantly let go and apologized into the intercom.

“Damn thing must be busted come on” Joey said to him as the two walked into the lobby and got into the elevator.  

“You know you keep joking about Serenity trying to avoid me when it’s possible Mai is trying to avoid you by not answering” Tristan told him as they were going up.

“Oh yeah how much you beat that Mai is there but not Serenity?” he asked him.

“And I bet Serenity’s there but not Mai” he replied as the elevator opened and they walked in to a strange sight. Neither Mai nor Serenity was there, just three Harpie Ladies and a Harpie Chick.

“Huh? Looks like were both right and wrong” Joey said out loud looking at the strange sight.

“So you two boys have come to our nest uninvited?” The purple Haired Harpie Lady asked moving towards them.

“Ummm Joey? Is that Duel Monster talking to us?” Tristan asked being creped out.

“Relax Tristan, must be the new deck master system Kaiba brought out. You know when we were trapped in Noah’s freaky virtual world” Joey explained to him as Tristan remembered being a robot monkey.

“That was quite the show you two put on for us outside, your nothing but ravage beasts. Which is a good thing seeing how were looking for a pair of pets to play with” The Harpie Lady smiled as the other two also approached them.

“What? Look if you want a duel just ask it properly, now where’s Mai and Serenity ya dumb featherbrained computer image” Joey said as the Harpie Ladies got angry as the Orange haired Harpie Lady took out the torn whip she had and lashed it at Joey as it wrapped around his body and stuck into body.

“Owwwww what the hell. This actually hurts….It’s real. Tristan run!” Joey shouted at him as Tristan tried running for the elevator.

“Oh no you don’t” The blue haired Harpie Lady swung her whip at Tristan as it wrapped around his legs and tripped him on the ground as the Harpie pulled him back over.

“So what was that about being dumb featherbrained computer images? Were very much real and alive, and soon you’ll be mindless beasts” The Harpie Lady leader laughed as she raised both her arms into the arm as light bathed both Joey and Tristan.

Both of the bounded boys were engulfed in this unknown light as their bodies became weak and calm as their bodies laid on the flow barely moving, until they both begun to transform,. They skin turned from its regular cream colour and grew deep darkened red and became thick scaled leathery skin. Their bodies and limbs grew massively in size become four times bigger Tearing up the clothes they wore. Their toes morphed together into three long sharp bladed claws with their legs bending becoming arched and hind. A large red tail begun to sprout from their behinds going a meter in length and long red bat wings sprouted from their backs. Their fingers fused together into three identical claws. They hair faded as their necks grew in length and faces grew outwards giving them beastie features. Their minds turned to muss and de-evolved becoming nothing more than feral beasts.

The light faded away at the Harpie women were in joy of their newly created Pet Baby Dragon’s to play and look after as they walked over to them petting them.

“Well isn’t that a much more better use of your bodies and minds” the Purple haired Harpie Lady said as the others giggled in agreement as the dragon simply rubbed it’s head into her body only listening and obeying other Harpie creators and being hostile to any others.

“They were so looking forward to being with us, well now they will be forever” The orange haired Harpie Lady smiled rubbing the head of her dragon.

“Your right, now we have just had one other boy coming to intrude us, and when he does we’ll add new member to our family now won’t we Ladies?” The purple one asked them as they all smiled and snickered excited for when their next arrival would come. But in the mean time they would enjoy the company of their new pet baby dragons.
Hey guys, sorry its been so long since I submitted something but things aren't showing signs of calming anytime soon so writing is nearly non exsistant at this point -_- However I remembered that it's been a year since I've done a few commissions so I can post them on here for your too see :D

This one was commissioned by :iconzohaku: who wanted a sequal of my Halloween story from a few years back.

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Murlocmon ran at full pace calling all of his army and whatever Digimon he could find. He rallied the troops and descended into battle finding the perimeter of the castle was full of Digimon fighting his and Daemon’s troops. He ordered to guard the entrances of the castle and for all available Digimon to destroy all that lived. He went deep into the battle hacking down Digimon left, right, and centre. It was so easy to him, too easy. Every Digimon he struck with either his tentacle or crab claw was destroyed instantly and dissolved into data.

Within minutes the treat was eliminated with Murlocmon’s army victorious. He stood out in the battlefield taking that time to reflex on the disappointment. For one last stand off it sure was short and there was no challenge at all. Where did all these weak Digimon even come from? MaloMyotismon enslaved this whole world the second he was brought back and he just took over the Human world so there shouldn’t be any refugees left unless they jumped her last second.

“Sir! The threat has been contained, from what we can gather, the attack was composed of nothing but weak rookie and champion level dark Digimon” One of his mega level troops informed him. “Do you think this could be a diversion for the real attack? The Digidestanded could be inside while we’re all out here”.

“No they don’t have the guts to sacrifice such low level runts for their gain, they’re way too soft. Wait dark Digimon? That can’t be right all the dark Digimon are either destroyed or here in battle. The only other dark Digimon left are…….”Murlocmon pondered before he finally understood their plan. “Fall-back! Fall-back into the castle we’ve been drawn out for an ambush!” he shouted at the top of his voice to warn the troops but it was too late.

Above them digital gates opened from above as Mega level and Ultimate level Digimon descended from above shooting their terrible and destructive attacks on the army below destroying many off guard instantly. Murlocmon along with his strongest ranked Digimon begun to dodge and return fire but they were caught off guard so much they couldn’t dodge them all as Murlocmon was blasted across the ground.

“Damn them, they just wiped a chunk of my army…” Murlocmon shouted slamming his claw into the ground before beginning to laugh “So they finally have an army to rival my own huh, this is great I’ve been waiting for challenge like this. Kill them! Show them our strength” Murlocmon shouted with joy and excitement before jumping into the fight.

From above the Digidestanded descended below with their partners willing to stick with their friends and partners to the end. They knew the plan and its dangers and risks; it’s possible they could die trying to safe Kari and the others, along with their world and the others taken over by MaloMyotismon. If they failed all existence would be lost and enslaved to him and they rather die than to be his slave forever. But if Ifritmon’s risky plan worked, then they could prevent all of this from happening and repair all the damage he caused, they weren’t holding back.

“You ready for this Matt?” Tai shouted across to his on the left side of Omnimon.

“I’m always ready Tai, let’s go!” Matt replied on Omnimon’s right.

“Here we go your guys” Omnimon shouted as he landed into the battle.

“We’re right behind you, let’s go safe the others!” Davis called out on Imperialdramon.

“And our families!” Ken shouted standing across from Davis.

“That’s right, positron laser!” Imperialdramon fired into the army below.

“We can’t let MaloMyotismon win, let’s give him all we got!” TK screamed riding on Seraphimon.

“We beat him all the other times we can do it again!” Seraphimon said to them flying down below.

“We’re stronger as a team, let’s fight as one!” Cody said riding down on Titanmon.

“Yeah we’re going to take care of these lackeys and then kick MaloMyotismon’s butt!” Yolei screamed being heard by them all.

“Sounds good, let’s take them all out!” Ornismon said joining the fight.

“If we follow Ifritmon’s plan, there’s no way they can defeat us” Izzy shouted flying down on HerculesKabuterimon.

“Indeed, now let’s follow that plan now!” HerculesKabuterimon replied flying below attacking their foes.

“It’s now or never, we have to fight on or all is lost” Joe said keeping up moral.

“Well let’s charge then!” Vikemon descended down launching their attack.

“We can’t let MaloMyotismon’s crimes go unpunished!” Christina said with her injured partner and sticking with Hououmon.

“They’ll pay for what they did too us, let’s get him” Hououmon screamed flying fast below into the battle.

All the other Digidestanded who gathered together in the real world followed suit with their mega level partners and friends, joining the battle below and giving it all their strength and might. The Digimon attacked all of Murlocmon’s and Daemon’s troops destroying all that they could. With the dark Digimon they freed from the Digital Underworld they had a never ending army. Because all dark Digimon reform in the Digital Underworld, they’d just keep jumping through the gate to re-join the fight, partially believing Hadesmon when he told them he’d return them to the digital world. But with Murlocmon’s troops, because the world of darkness is vanished their digital particles have nowhere to reform being lost forever.
In the chaos Daemon observed from one of the battlements of the tower looking down with no expression. Tentacles latched onto the side of it as Murlocmon hoisted himself up too meet him.

“Enjoying the view? Why don’t you get in there you coward!” Murlocmon insulted him.

“Why should I bother, they may think they have an advantage but they’ve left the human world vulnerable.  They will soon be overrelmed, you and your grunts can handle it” Daemon plainly said as Murlocmon snapped as he lunged his craw and cramped it on Daemon’s neck.

“Don’t you dare get snobby with me! If it wasn’t for my kindness you’ll still be stuck in the world of darkness with the rest of us or destroyed piece by piece like we were planning” he shouted clamping harder.

“And if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have your true forms restored and would be trapped there” Daemon said calmly still.

“By you bowing down too your enemy for forgiveness and your powers back” Murlocmon mocked and laughed as this snapped Daemon as he raised his hand and Murlocmon’s claw and arm were forced back.

“Now I’ll say this once and only once. I never bowed or admitted defeat too Myotismon. He may have sealed my powers away in the past, he may have beat me too the dark spores but he’s still my enemy. I’m not working for him, I’m using him. Just like he is too you” Daemon said with anger as his power could be seen pulsing from his body.

“What? You better start explaining!” He shouted enraged.

“Get this through your fish brain. The time will soon come were I’ll strike him down and take my place above him and Hadesmon. And when that time comes you better take my side as my ally and not fall as his servant”

“You think a weakling like you can take him down? Your too afraid too even fight Digimon below you. Why should I follow you over Myotismon?”

“Because he just wants to enslave all with him as master, he thinks darkness is infinite. But it needs light too survive and vice versa. He’s burning away this power, wasting it for his own ego. I’ll cut down life and rebuild it as my slave, these humans will suffer forever as their lives are taken from them and the light corrupted too make me stronger. He’s only doing it for those three Digidestanded he captured and when they die he thinks his powers will be infinite…”

“Get on with it!” Murlocmon interrupted.

“….As I said before darkness is the counterpart too light. If there’s no light, darkness can’t spread, and it decays and dies. All existence will become just like your world, if he gets his way. Son before that happens we cut him down” Daemon finished annoyed as Murlocmon looked around the once colourful lively Digital World and saw its grey and dullness reminding him of home.

“So you take control, you have me kill everyone who can stop him and then we make the worlds our milking farm and enjoy infinite power” Murlocmon thought liking Daemon’s plan.

“Indeed, and I’ll need you and your army too cut any stem that grows too long and threatens us”

“But you confident you can take him? I know only light can destroy us but dark versus dark makes us vulnerable. You really that strong in your true form?” Murlocmon asked as Daemon smirked as he raised his hand as massive ball of energy shot out from his palm into the battlefield as massive explosion followed by multiple others followed causing massive damage and destroying many.

“Myotismon’s not the only one who’s been gathering dark power. I’ve been feeding off the three girls and all that fell in the other world” Daemon bragged as Murlocmon chuckled.
When the explosion struck it drew all of the Digidestanded’s attention as they searched for where it came from.

“Whoa that was huge!” Davis exclaimed as the smoke rose up.

“I don’t know what could have done that but we need to stop them fast” Ken told them.

“There! On that tower, it’s Daemon!” Imperialdramon told them.

“I see it, and Murlocmon is with them. Guys back us up. Only Light Digimon can hurt him” TK shouted to the others.

“We got you covered bro, be careful” Matt shouted as Omnimon charged through the masses too the battlement.

“Positron Laser!” Imperialdramon shot at the tower as the two talking Digimon jumped into the air avoiding it as the battlement was blown into pieces.

‘They can do most of the work, we can finish him off. Let them through, don’t waste your energy’ Daemon’s voices voice could be heard in Murlocmon’s head.

“Hmph, yeah right!” Murlocmon shouted as he swung his tentacles at Imperialdramon only to be blocked by Hououmon. Imperialdramon charged forward at him in mid-air, as Murlocmon screamed out using his strength to swing Hououmon at Imperialdramon to block him. However this left him wide open from behind; as he was falling to the earth, HerculesKabuterimon took his shot.

“Mega Electro Shocker” he shouted as an eruption of electricity shoot out and struck Murlocmon, sending millions of volts through its body before an explosion launched him down to the ground, breaking into the earth.

His body could recover from it fast, he thought now would be a good time to counter attack, but as he looked up to get ready to lunge, Hououmon dropped down from above, stomping Murlocmon’s body deeper into the ground. When the bird finally released the pressure on its body and flew up, all Murlocmon could see was the Digimon in the air or standing on the castle wall with their attacks ready.

“Give him hell!” Tai ordered as all the Digimon who bombarded Murlocmon with attacks and explosions. The ground became a blazing inferno with the earth cracking, smoke rising and a large fireball getting bigger with Murlocmon in the centre of it. They ended their attack with a large smokescreen covering the ground below them.

“Let’s see him pick himself back up after that hit” Davis cheered.

“Everything has a breaking point, I don’t see how any Digimon could survive a bombardment like that” Ken commented.

“Now we just need to take care of Daemon and that’ll just leave us MaloMyotismon” TK told them.

“And we got to do it fast. If what Baalmon told us is true, then he’ll be putting his plan into motion soon” Matt warned them.

“We got to wait for the others to return before we breach the castle, that was the plan” Joe reminded them.

“He’s right; we should fight the army while we’re waiting. It’ll be easier if the more Digimon we get into the castle” Cody suggested.

“We should attack now! He’s still drawing power. If we wait he’ll just get stronger” Matt argued.

“It’s too risky; we made it to the castle walls. He should breach it so it’ll be easier to attack”

They argued what would be the best idea for them to do while they wait for Hadesmon, his sons and Shinobimon to return. Yolei was too busy wanting to slap them all for wasting time when something caught her eye. She looked down on the ground were the smoke has finally cleared, and the unearthed ground was shifting from the crater left.

“Guys down there!” Yolei screamed getting their attention as they looked down. They could see the ground being cracked and pulled apart until with an explosion and a scream of rage, the loose earth was thrown into the air with Murlocmon standing and roaring.

“HAHAHA, you gave me all you got and I still stand! You should be proud you got me on my knees! But only a Hayabusamon can fully kill me! Now I’ll show you my full strength!” Murlocmon screamed at them as the shell armour around his body begun to crack.

“How is he still standing? Shinobimon said that he’s the only one who would be able to defeat him but he still took damage from us!” Izzy proclaimed as something was happening to Murlocmon.

“What’s happening?” Ifritmon could be heard as he jumped onto the castle wall along with Shinobimon.

“It can’t be. You managed to break his armoured form?” Shinobimon said gentle watching him.

“That was an armoured form? So those that mean he’s going to get stronger or weaker?” Joe asked not liking the sound of it.

“Unfortunately stronger. He’s nothing but muscle now and is faster” Shinobimon told them as they were all shocked to hear.

“You mean……that was his weaker form?” They shouted in union.

“His shell must have taken all the attacks you gave him. I would have thought if you hit his flesh you could incapacitate him”

“If that’s the case we have to take him out, he could ruin the plan. You think in this form you might be able to finish him for good, even not as Hayabusamon?” Ifritmon asked him.

“Possibly, he would be more vulnerable to attack and damage now. If we could hold out till Azulongmon arrived, I can finish him”

“Everyone wait on the wall, this’ll be rough” Ifritmon ordered as the Digidestanded begun to depart from their Digimon onto the safety of the castle wall.
With a loud roar of anger, Murlocmon completely shed from his shell and with great speed lunged into the air, swinging his body and extending his tentacles whipping into half of the Digimon and launching them hard into the castle wall and castle.

“What strength!” Ornismon moaned.

“We got to stick into the air and stay apart” Hououmon told the flying Digimon as they took to the air and surrounded   Murlocmon.

Down on the ground, Omnimon charged at the unstoppable Digimon and struck its lance at him. Murlocmon simply stepped aside and wrapped his tentacles around Omnimon’s weapon and with great strength swung them over his shoulders and slam into the ground. Titanmon leaped into the air to for a high attack, but was uppercutted into the gut and knocked into the ground. However this left Murlocmon open for Vikemon’s attack which hit directly digging them into the ground. While Vikemon was about to pummel him, Murlocmon’s Tentacles shoot out striking him and launching the Aqua Digimon towards the castle wall.

“Kids move!” Vikemon cried out before colliding through the wall. The Digidestanded quickly begun to run across the wall as it crumbled, luckily none of them falling with it. Vikemon groaned till they De-Digivoled into Gomamon.

“Gomamon! You alright?” Joe asked running to his fallen partner.

“Tai this is too dangerous. We have to move it’s too dangerous here” Matt said to him.

“There’s nowhere to go, were in a middle of a battle!” Tai screamed at them.

“There’s no choice we have to enter the castle!” Yolei argued to them.

“Without our partners? We wouldn’t last” Christina argued to them.

“We got to risk it, otherwise we’ll be crushed out here” Davis told them.

Suddenly there was an explosion as the flying Digimon showered attacks below as Murlocmon jumped into the moat, taking cover in the water.  HerculesKabuterimon saw an opportunity as he used his electrical attack to hit the moat as the electricity surged through before a reactive explosion. From the mist Murlocmon leaped into the air and begun whipping them with his tentacles before catching onto his horn and dropped him to the ground.

HerculesKabuterimon tried to recover and fly up, but he was falling too fast as they broke through the ceiling of the castle into the entrance hall, knocking the large doors down with it. From such a hard drop the mega level returned back to Tentomon.

“Tentomon! He’s picking them off. At this stage no one will be left to fight MaloMyotismon!” Izzy argued to them.

Imperialdramon and Seraphimon both launched their attacks at the falling Murlocmon and managed to strike him. Their beamed attacks piloted his body into the courtyard of the castle were the blast of their attack erupted causing major damage. Murlocmon stood up beginning to pant as he roared out in pain his anger only growing. He was about to attack when a boulder smashed into his body. He turned to see Titanmon who begun to throw large chunks of the crumbled wall at him.  Murlocmon pitched his arms as his tentacles extended and drilled through the hurling boulders and pierced into the defenceless Digimon. Titanmon collapsed to the ground as it reverted into Armadillomon.

“No! What are we going to do?” Cody cried out in fear of his Partner dying.

“You weaklings are pathetic. It’s time I kill these brats, so then there’s nothing to hold you back!” Murlocmon screamed as he lunged towards the Digidestanded with the intent to kill.  All the remaining Digimon dived to stop him as they launched their attacks as struck him and created a wall of explosions blocking his path to the kids. Murlocmon rolled across the ground as he slammed his claw in ground in anger, trying to block out the pain. He wasn’t going to let them stop him as he extended his tentacles blindly through the smoke at them, only to feel a sharp blade cut through them.

“ARGHHHHHHH!” Murlocmon screamed out retracting what was left as they repaired. He saw the smoke clear away with Shinobimon standing firmly with his sword out. “I’m getting sick of you!” he told him as his attention was soon turned off with the arrival of Hadesmon, his son and Azulongmon.

“So, you called for the Digilord of Darkness and Light in order to take me down? Ha! It won’t do you any good” Murlocmon spat.

“I’m the only one that’s needed to take you down. Your shell is broken; let’s see how much abuse your body can really take” Shinobimon told his readying his blade.

“Shinobimon, take another of my Digicores. You’ll need to be Hayabusamon to destroy him” Azulongmon offered.

“Don’t waste it; we’ll need all that you have left for our plan to work! Besides I don’t need to destroy him, once I get him out of the way he’ll return to where he belongs. For good!” Shinobimon shouted clenching his blade.

“Ahh that’s cute, you have a plan you think will work. I’ll put you out of your misery to spare you the disappointment of defeat”

“You will not harm anyone else. I’ve caused enough loss because of you. Go! All of you! Storm the castle before it’s too late”  

“You really think you can stop him?” Tai asked him not wanting to leave him.

“Of course he can, he may be strong but no way he’s faster than Shinobimon!” Davis cheered.

“Hehe, exactly” Shinobimon chuckled as he charged at high speed at Murlocmon swinging is sword. Murlocmon’s enhanced speed allowed him dodge the blade, but left him open to Shinobimon’s kicks as the ninja planted his bony foot into their gut and summersaulted into the air, launching Murlocmon across the courtyard. “Hurry move!” he shouted back.

“He’s right, now no complaints and get moving!” Hadesmon ordered them all as they hesitated and the quickly made their way through the destroyed castle doors. Ifritmon helped them through and into the castle itself, as he paused to look back at Shinobimon.

“Take care. My friend” He said gently as he then ran after them into the castle.
Murlocmon picked himself back up wanting to chase after them, but Shinobimon blocked his path and swung his sword, forcing him back. Shinobimon charged at him and began to slash his blade repeatedly at him, being blocked by his tentacles and claw. Shinobimon tried kicking him again but Murlocmon saw it coming as his claw clamped on to the sword. The ninja Digimon tried hitting him to let go, but he was tossed across and crashed into the castle wall.

Shinobimon jumped back up as Murlocmon’s tentacles stuck him, piercing through his skeleton frame and into the wall. They retracted and were about stab him again as he rolled out of the way. Shinobimon picked up his sword and drove it though one the tentacles, dragging it along as he ran at his foe. Murlocmon leaped into the air to avoid him and landed on the castle wall.

Shinobimon back flipped high up getting ready to strike, when he was struck by Murlocmon’s tentacles and slammed hard into stone ground. Before he could act, the tentacles whipped back and slammed down again, and again, each time causing massive damage to Shinobimon and cracking the wall. Finally Shinobimon’s arm healed itself as he slashed his tentacles, stopping his attack.

“Bakuhatsu Kunai!” Shinobimon said swinging his arm and throwing three Kunais that struck into Murlocmon’s body. All three exploded at once launching the Digimon off his feet, this gave Shinobimon’s body enough time to fully heal and attack. They were face to face as Shinobimon continuously slashed and sliced into Murlocmon’s body which was repeatedly healing, but at a slower rate.  Murlocmon was in pain and swinging blindly in anger as his tentacle arm smashed his foes left arm into pieces, but he ignored it as with his right arm sliced his blade through Murlocmon’s. Murlocmon screamed out in anger and pain as his arm dropped to the ground and digitized into pieces, fading away.

“ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! My arm. My arrrrm, why won’t it heal!” Murlocmon spat, screaming out and dropping to one knee.

“Your body has reached its limits, it’s over for you!” Shinobimon told him as he swung his blade one last time which cut down across Murlocmon’s torso.  Murlocmon became silent as his body began to get unstable, blurring as his body struggled to not digitize. He backed away slowly as he tripped over the wall and fell silently into the moat below.

Shinobimon dropped his sword as he dropped to the knees. He over did it, Murlocmon’s attacks took a massive toll on his body as he couldn’t heal himself either. But he took comfort knowing Murlocmon was out of the picture as his body dropped and he lost consciousness, letting his body rest.

Inside the castle, the others were reaching their destination. Most of the forces were outside in the main fight against the Digimon flowing down from the gate. However some of the tougher Digimon from Murlocmon’s army were encountering them, each one stronger than before. Sticking with their plan, Azulongmon, Hadesmon, Ifritmon, Imperialdramon, Omnimon and Seraphimon were staying back to conserve their power, the remaining Digimon fought them instead. Till they reached the grand double door leading into MaloMyotismon’s throne room.

“This is it then” Tai said lowly.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting scared” Matt teased him trying to keep them calm.

“Ha, never!” Tai told him.

“We have to get in there and safe the others!” Davis told them.

“Not to mention our world” Ken added.

“Along with the all other worlds” Izzy continued.

“The most dangerous part is coming up, you should stay here till its time” Ifritmon told the Digidestanded.

“We may be out, but we aren’t leaving you to do alone” Joe smiled with Gomamon on his soldiers.

“It won’t be dangerous or scary as long as we stick together” TK reassured them.

“Now come on, let’s safe existence!” Cody cheered them as Ifritmon had to honour their courage and teamwork.

“Good because I’ve had enough of hearing this tripe, stand back!” Diablomon grunted shoving them aside and walking to the door. He pulled both his arms back charging his attack as both his fists punched the doors, snapping them from their hinges and launching into the throne room.  They stepped inside to meet their foe.

MaloMyotismon was in his proper form and was hovering in the air above the alter were the throne would be. Standing on right was Daemon who was staying behind him and on the left was Lilithmon. DarkAngewomon and Blackrosemon stood at MaloMyotismon’s feet ready to obey him. MaloMyotismon was absorbing the flowing energy shaded violet, crimson and mantis. They looked and could see these were coming from three crystals with Kari, Sora and Mimi encased inside, back to their human form with Sora and Mimi now wearing identical punk outfits like Kari’s when she joined them.

“So have you come to surrender? You’ve already given me the real world freely” MaloMyotismon mocked them.

“This has gone on long enough you fiend!” Azulongmon roared at him.

“My my, the Digilord of Light has finally come out of hiding. Too bad the Digital world has long fallen by my hands” He grinned.

“This is our final battle. And it’ll end with our victory!” Ifritmon shouted.

“Victory? How many are dead because of my forces? Both Digimon and Humans? Even now these three Digidestanded” MaloMyotismon said pointing to the three trapped girls. “Their corrupted crests and life force are nearly drained, and they will die. How can you get a victory from this?”

“Just watch us!” Tai shouted as they charged into the room.

MaloMyotismon just grinned calmly as Mandragoramon dropped down from the ceiling above just like before. However Ifritmon was ready for them as he stepped up into the front and unleashed his hellfire attack. Fire erupted from the ground and blazed into the air creating a wall of fire which destroyed their Chesnutt shot attack from hitting them.

The Mandragoramon got scared and retreated back up the room as the ground begun to rumble and rise up. Large stone slabs which acted as armour made shape of a giant stone golem like creature. They lined up together, just the slabs as a stone wall protecting the Mandragoramon and blocking Ifritmon’s fire. The plant Digimon giggled as they prepared to shoot at them between the gaps protecting them.

Suddenly the glass windows lining across the chamber shattered into piece from both sides, as two Digimon flew in. Ornismon and Hououmon with Yolei and Christina riding them released their attacks destroying the Mandragoramon and broke up the wall between MaloMyotismon and the others.

“Thought you could start without us!” Yolei shouted at them Hououmon attacked the Digimon below.

Diablomon charged and with his brute strength smashed the stone Digimon to pieces destroying them. Baalmon shot his attacks that blew up the Digimon blocking them while the others took out the remaining foes. MaloMyotismon clenched his fists as he dropped to the ground and roared.

“Fools, witness my power!” MaloMyotismon screamed as the power of darkness aura made up his body. He screamed out loud as the darkness shoot out into a pulse that stuck them and knocking them back. The darkness buried itself into the Digimon’s bodies and absorbed their energy as it transferred into MaloMyotismon. Hadesmon and Azulongmon counter attacked; hitting MaloMyotismon but only stopped his attack didn’t hurt him.

The kids and the Digimon groaned with their strength zapped from their body. All the partner Digimon except Omnimon and Imperialdramon returned to their rookie forms, unable to keep their mega state.

“Pathetic, this is all that is left to defend against my wrath?” MaloMyotismon mocked as his foes were on the ground weak wounded.

“Get up and fight now you swine!” Hadesmon ordered them all with only him and Azulongmon still standing as his sons slowly got back up along with the two remaining Digimon.

“I don’t see how I can make this anymore cruel. Oh I know. Lilithmon! Daemon! Enslave their partners, and turn them against them!” MaloMyotismon ordered them. Daemon and Lilithmon moved closer but daemon raised his hand a powerful blast struck MaloMyotismon from behind and knocked him to the ground.  Lilithmon rose her hand at the crystals as they shattered, lowering the bodies of the three girls onto their feet.

“Ladies! Strip the power of darkness he stole from you. Give it too Daemon!” Lilithmon commanded the three female Digidestanded as they as they took hold of their corrupted chests and approached MaloMyotismon.

“How good of you to harness all this power for me. I’ll be taking it now” Daemon boasted as he bombarded MaloMyotismon while he was done as the energy was starting to reverse, following out of him and into the chests.

“You fools!” MaloMyotismon cried as he raised his hand and Daemon’s attack stopped as him and Lilithmon rose into the air.

“What I can’t move!” Lilithmon cried out.

“How are you doing this?” Daemon asked.

“Do you think I would trust you after you tried to ruin my plans?  That I wouldn’t have thought you bringing me back was from the goodness of your heart? No! I had a failsafe, you think I Digivoled you to reward you? As my power grew, so did the energy I transferred into you! Making me do this!” He explained as he clenched his fists and the two begun screaming in pain. “You tried playing me as a fool and now you’ll pay for it” he finish as Daemon and Lilithmon were destroyed and their data absorbed into MaloMyotismon. Kari, Sora and Mimi collapsed to the ground no longer under Lilithmon’s control as they lost consciousness.

“And as for you two, your power will be put into better use!” MaloMyotismon said as he grabbed DarkAngewomon and Blackrosemon. He absorbed their dark energy as the two screamed, before they lost their corrupted hold and returned to Gatomon and Palmon. He then threw the two Digimon to the ground not bothered to kill them.

“Now that they’re out of the way, that just leaves…” MaloMyotismon was interrupted as he turned as immediately punched in the   face by Diablomon. He staggered back but regained his footings as Ifritmon and Baalmon both struck him off his feet.

“We got his attention, now hurry and do it” Ifritmon shouted at them as him and his brothers charged at MaloMyotismon.

“Go my sons! You kids bring those girls and their partners over here now!” Hadesmon shouted at the Digidestanded who were back on their feet.

“Tai, Matt, Davis, Ken, gather together!” Azulongmon told them as they picked themselves up and gathered with Azulongmon and Hadesmon. Behind them MaloMyotismon was knocking the brothers back who wouldn’t let up no matter the damage.

“You must focus your minds, balance is key for this to work. Hold out your Digivices” Azulongmon told the four as they took their Digivices out. Azulongmon glowed as energy shot out from his body and into the Digivices of Tai and Matt, Hadesmon did the same as his energy transferred into Davis’s and Ken’s Digivices.

“With the power of Light and Darkness in balance, bring them together to create a new form” Hadesmon told them as he and Azulongmon backed away to regain their strength.

“I can feel its power inside” Tai exclaimed holding his Digivice.

“So can I, it’s scary” Matt told him having the same feeling.

“It feels weird using the same thing we're fighting” Davis said feeling the darkness in his Digivice.

“Don’t worry, if I can control you can too” Ken reassured him.

They could hear a scream of pain as the three powerful mega level Digimon were thrown off their feet and landed hard on to the ground, unable to fight anymore. The others carried the girl’s bodies to the safety of the two Digilords as they held out the Corrupted Crests

“I’m sorry, I’m done” Ifritmon breathed unable to get up as he dematerialized as Luke way on the floor.

“It’s now or level, your Digimon is all that stands between life and destruction!” Hadesmon shouted at them as MaloMyotismon shouted approached ready to finish them.

“Were ready you guys!” Imperialdramon told them readying themselves.

“Trust in each other and you can achieve this!” Omnimon told them standing next to Imperialdramon to block MaloMyotismon.

The four Digidestanded looked at each other and nodded. They formed a circle around them and all held out their Digivices towards each other. “DNA Digivole!” They shouted in union as streams of Light and Darkness shot out and collided with one another. Their power surged until they merged together and shoot out hitting Omnimon and Imperialdramon. One shining in Light, the other in Darkness.

Everyone’s eyes were glued to the Digimon as even MaloMyotismon stopped dead in his tracks to shield him from the powerful light shining from the two. The two already DNA Digivoled Digimon started to break apart as their data started to form together. Soon the two figures became one creating the ultimate power Digimon with the balance of both Light and Darkness.

The large standing feet of Imperialdramon became covered in platinum thick armour covering it with see through armour showing its black skin. The chest plate of Imperialdramon's dragon mode split into three pieces, one being a smaller version of itself, and the other behind plates of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Its left arm’s hand formed into WarGreymon’s broadsword with armour and shields covering his arm. The cannon attached to his left arm was upgraded and layered with smaller versions of the MetalGarurumon blaster while the rest of the arm was protected in armour and shields as well. Omnimon’s helmet graphed onto Imperialdramon's head as their things turned platinum with its armour tattooed with the four Digidestanded crests. The newly Digimon was at a towering size which rivalled MaloMyotismon’s, it was the perfect balance of white gleaming armour and black dark power dragon, it was.

“Paladinmon!” The newly created Digimon screamed as darkness surrounded its body and light shined out throughout the room.

“What? What is this?” MaloMyotismon breathed shielding himself from the light and confused how he could feel darkness that matched Hadesmon.

“We are the perfect entity and balance, the equal power of light and darkness. We will shield myself from both the darkness and light but can deal as much power from both of them. We will protect my friends; we will save existence and send you back to where you belong!” Paladinmon cried out with the combined voices of Omnimon and Imperialdramon.

“They actually pulled it off huh” Hadesmon breathed.

“Now I have to purge these crests, then the rest is in their hands” Azulongmon said lying on the ground pouring the last of his power into three corrupted crests.

“So the perfect shield and sword against me? Resistant against my attacks, while I’m vulnerable to yours. But I have surpassed both Digilords, I’ll destroy you and take their power, then digital world and reality would be mine to wrap and control. So let’s see how long you last! Screaming Darkness!” He roared launching his twin beans attacks. Paladinmon used his left arm to shield the attack as his feet dug into the ground as he slid back.

“Positron Gatling” Paladinmon cried as he continued to shield himself as a laser shoot out and struck MaloMyotismon while the sub guns shot a multitude of explosive rounds on the foe.

“Crimson Mist!” MaloMyotismon sprayed toxic mist at them as he defended himself. Paladinmon used his massive wings to fan the mist away, but burned his wings. While he was occupied diverting the mist away from the others, MaloMyotismon hit him knocking off his feet. MaloMyotismon charged at them, punching Paladinmon in the face as he got back up, his darkness enforced fist damaging his armour.

Paladinmon begun to swung his sword gracing and scraping his foes body, but the power of darkness repaired it quickly. The two brawled at each other seeming to be at a stalemate. MaloMyotismon’s attacks were only damaging Paladinmon’s armour, while Paladinmon was slashing up his foe but because of all the dark energy they absorbed, MaloMyotismon’s body kept repairing itself and had a large quantity of power to spare. But this wasn’t a battle till one of them dropped, it was battle of time.

Paladinmon back away still 100% strong, but his armour wasn’t going to last for long then after that it would be his body taking the blows, only advantage of that was his dark body would be most resistant and last longer. However he had to make his move before his armour was destroyed and lost.

MaloMyotismon used his Screaming Darkness attack again, but this time Paladinmon used his exposed skin to take the blow so he can counter while they were open. The attack hit hard as Paladinmon cried out, with his enhanced power only stopping half of the damage but still was strong hitting. He saw his changed and dealt with the damage as he struck.

“Sword of Piercing Light!” Paladinmon screamed as his armour faded into his sword as he stabbed MaloMyotismon. The creature of darkness screamed out in a pain as light begun to shine from the blade and into his body. MaloMyotismon could feel it the light burning him insides, reacting violently to the darkness making up his existence. He brought his hands near each other as he charged an attack and detonated it between them, knocking them both away. The others shouted out in alarm and disappointment as Paladinmon collapsed to the ground.

“So…That’s your plan. That attack, it linked into my body, I felt you pour light inside me. And you all the Digidestanded and their crests to use against me, flooding light into my body. Poisoning me! Into a state of weakness, for you to destroy me huh?” MaloMyotismon breathed as he got up onto his feet. He raised his arms into and gathered energy into a massive attack which could destroy all of them. “I’ve had enough of this amusing squabble. Time for you all, too die!” MaloMyotismon screamed as he threw the massive ball of energy at them. They were all grouped together with Digimon too weak to act. Paladinmon was torn between sacrificing him to safe the others, or strike MaloMyotismon and try to free existence from his control.  As he jumped back into feet to try and stop it, a black blur leaped through the smashed window frame.

Paladinmon could just catch the glimpse of Shinobimon in mid-air, before the blast collided with their body. The explosion was massive as the bones of Shinobimon scattered across the chamber, a fireball expand throughout the room and a shockwave rolling the others across the floor. Paladinmon continued to run, straight into the fireball knowing that this was it, now or never. He roared enduring the blazing flames till he reached the other side facing MaloMyotismon who was caught off guard.

“Sword of Piercing Light!” Paladinmon roared putting all the power he had left into his sword as he drove it into MaloMyotismon’s body. It went deeper this time and the release of Light energy greater than before.   The damage was too great for MaloMyotismon to handle as he dropped to his knees, unable to focus his power into stopping them this time.

“He…he did it! Let’s end this, show him out power” Azulongmon told the Digidestanded who all took out their crests and Digivices, including the newly purged ones as they all pointed them at MaloMyotismon.  Paladinmon let go of his sword but continued to send his power of light into it, maintaining the link and stunning MaloMyotismon.

Each of the Digidestanded stood on their feet in their line apart from the three unconscious females and pointed their Digivices and Crests. They then released the power of light stored in each of them and sent their energy into MaloMyotismon’s body. Azulongmon used the remaining Digicores he had left and released their power into MaloMyotismon, but not before using three of them on himself, Hadesmon and Ifritmon. The fiend roared as he dropped to all fours, feeling its strength burning his insides and reducing his power. His whole body couldn’t move as the light grew inside him, growing and reducing the darkness he stored until it reached its limit. This was all they had, and the worst it did was immobilizing him.

“Hahahahaha. That’s it? I was scared you may have actually had a chance to defeat me. But the mighty Digidestanded, with the strength of the last Digilords, an impossible Digimon and Digivolution and finally the combined power of the crests and Digivices all that power of Light is nothing compared to the power I absorbed from all corrupted and enslaved worlds. You’ve failed!” MaloMyotismon spat and mocked to them.

“You’re wrong; this has gone exactly as planned.  We have our friends safe and sound; the crests are no longer in your control. And you’ve enslaved and digitized all! And now you can’t move or attack us!” Paladinmon said walking backwards towards the others.

“Oh? And what part of that was your plan?” MaloMyotismon asked confidently.

“You won’t be able to stop us now!” He finished keeping his link as the others continued to immobile him. Azulongmon took to the air, Hadesmon got onto his feet and Ifritmon split from Luke and reformed again.

“Now for the moment of truth” Ifritmon told them as everyone gathered together.

“As the guardians and holders of the Digital World, we the Digilords in Majority vote. Active program protocol system restore!” The three Digilords said in union as their powers combined and shoot into the ground, connecting with the Digital World data mainframe, while controlled the existence of the Digital world, its inhabitants and everything else that was digital and living.

“You’re bluffing, no power like that could exist! It’s the same as rewriting time!” MaloMyotismon shouted in disbelieve.

“You underestimate the power of the Digilords. And now you can sit tight, as time rewinds around you, all the darkness you absorbed faith away, getting closer to your destruction!” Azulongmon told MaloMyotismon as a circle surrounded the Digidestanded and the Digimon.

“So this circle, we’ll be unaffected by the reversal” Izzy asked them.

“Of course, otherwise it’ll create a paradox, this circle with prevent that from happening” Hadesmon grunted.

“And it’ll safe our world? Return it so nobody died? And nothing was destroyed?” TK asked them worried if the sacrifice was in vain.

“That’s the plan, and will take out MaloMyotismon, his forces and the others in the process. So we won’t just be doing this all over again. And now that we have the girls and the crests they won’t be erased to stop a paradox” Ifritmon replied.

The circle began to form a protective dome around the others as the restore begun to activate. MaloMyotismon screamed as he was trapped unable to stop them. He knew with their plan the sword would remain inside and not reverse, and all the dark energy he absorbed would slowly be pulled out of him and reverted back to normal. All in the meantime, the Digidestanded and Paladinmon was pumping light energy directly into him which would destroy him once he was weak enough. Before the restore could began, something else jumped through the window frame and into the dome.

“When will you fools learn, only a Hayabusamon can kill me!” Murlocmon’s voice echoed as the others saw him jump into dome with them, recovered and in his armoured form. “That fool should have taken that Digicore when he had the chance!”

“No! Push him out or he’ll be unaffected” Ifritmon shouted.

“It’s too late, the process is beginning” Hadesmon said as time begun to reverse as the Digital World begun to reset to a previous system in the past.

“Oh don’t worry, why would I hurt you now? You’re doing me two favours. You’re destroying that fool, and giving me permanent residence in the Digital World” Murlocmon mocked.

“If he doesn’t get pushed out of this dome before it gets reverted to when he came here, he would become unaffected?” Izzy shouted to them as he understood the mechanics of the system restore.

“There’s no one left who can fight, and we can’t break the connection!” Tai shouted as outside of the dome MaloMyotismon was beginning to feel his power draining as they pain of the light energy increased.

“Relax; you all put up an incredible fight. I want to fight you all when you’re at your strongest!” Murlocmon said picking Diablomon back who was crawling to hit him.
The restore was rapidly increasing, they passed by the destruction of Daemon and Lilithmon, the war outside was reverting as the battlefield was now empty. In the real world MaloMyotismon’s power was released and the humans were freed from MaloMyotismon’s control. This was the end of the restores effects on the real world as it acted on the other worlds. Not only this, but the power absorbed from the three girls was released and faded from existence. MaloMyotismon could feel his power returning to normal as his body begun to vade away. He roared out one last time as his body couldn’t handle the power of light anymore as his body was destroyed. This occurred before he was brought back into the Digital World, and because the energy of the World of Darkness was used to revive him, the world vanished from existence to correct the paradox.

“Oh! And that’s my cue to leave, but don’t fret you’ll be seeing me soon!” Murlocmon laughed as jumped out of dome, just as Paladinmon turned their attention on him and missed.

“Don’t! If you follow him you’ll become corrupted data and be erased!” Azulongmon told him as Paladinmon stopped from pursuing his foe.  With the Digital world back to before MaloMyotismon was released and the worlds returned to normal, the restore function ended as the dome vanished and they were now in the altered present.

“Did it work?” Matt asked looking around, seeing that the castle wasn’t repaired.

“Kari!” Tai instantly turned his attention too as he ran too her and the others checked on the other two girls. Tai lifted his sister’s body and shook it to regain consciousness, as the child of light slowly opened her eyes.

“Tai…..” Kari said softly clear she was weakened.

“You’re okay!” Tai cried out hugging her as the others cheered with the awakening of the others, back to their normal selves.

“I just checked our world on my laptop, it’s like none of this happened. But it’s the same date? Shouldn’t it have returned days ago?” Yolei asked them.

“It would appear with the absence of MaloMyotismon, the last few days in the real world were simulated as it would have been without him. Just as well, I feared it could have caused a paradox and erase your world” Azulongmon explained to her as Yolei couldn’t believe what he said.

“Still, Murlocmon escaped. And now Daemon and LadyDevimon are hiding somewhere. Most likely to try and do this again. It’s best he hunt them down soon” Ifritmon told them, but everyone was too busy enjoying the celebrations of their victory.

“Ifritmon?” Christina’s voice could be heard as he turned to her. “We were not able to gather Shinobimon’s remains before everything changed. And he’s not here now”.

“You think he’s been erased!” Luke said concerned as Ifritmon shook his head.

“Nah, probably just off somewhere else, unaware of what happened. Which I think is for the best. Just pretend you don’t know him when he pops up again. Now I deserve a rest, and you two join in the celebrations!” He smiled before vanishing back into Luke.

“About time I left too, home must be in chaos without me!” Hadesmon grunted as he turned to Azulongmon. “Until our paths cross again” he signed off as he and his two sons vanished, returning to their own world.

It didn’t take long for the Digidestanded to leave the castle and go home. Kari, Sora and Mimi were straight away brought home to rest after almost being drained to death. The effects of war was now non-existent, life went on as if nothing had happened. Only that handful of Digidestanded and Digimon knew of the incident that almost enslaved existence. Although they rather forget, they became stronger from it and knew that if they could combat and win against MaloMyotismon and all they’ve been through, there’s nothing they can’t beat in the future.
Well here it is, the story that has bee nfurstrating me for the last 2 years. Finally out and finished. Now for some quick notes.
1. I put so much time in the Murlocmon fight because theres no end teamwork fight so added that in there. 2. That's Paladinmon that I thought up as a kid, only the other day I learned there really is one (Or Paladin form) so in this it's my version. 3. The ending is cut short because the Epilogue will be added in, also this is the real ending of the orignal (Although changed slightly due to events in previous chapters)

So that's it folks. Although it's not. I'm cheering too early. Theres still the matter of the alternative endings, which will be released this summer................hopefully :P Be sure to give feedback to what you think of this and sorry if you think the ending is bullshit and created plot holes because I was like 10 or 11 when I orignally wrote this :P

Anyway enjoy guys going to go celebrate for the next 3 days

Digimon belongs to Akiyoshi Hongo
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A teenaged girl wearing a dark blue one piece outfit with a purple cape and hood to cover her face and eyes rode down the streets of the city on a motorcycle. While she normally could fly and levitate on her own if she wanted to go somewhere, she found it oddly comforting to ride on it. After all, her teammate and friend had stressed that he had spent hours working and customizing a special bike just for her so she had to ride it at least once in order to make him happy.

Raven strolled down the city on it and for a moment almost allowed a smile to appear as she was actually having fun but she quickly shook it off going back to her usual stoic frowny face that adorned her features as she came to a stoplight and waited for the light to turn green so she could go.

“Hey sweetie,” A Punk said as he drove up to her on his own bike. “Nice ride, what do you say we race? If I win you gotta have to ride on my lap.” The Punk said to her as he revved his engine.

“If you insist.” Raven replied in a monotone of voice and when the light turned green hit the special acceleration button to make her go in a flash.

“I win.” She replied not bothering to even look back as she rode down the road and smirked for a moment. But her eyes widened in surprise as she saw a construction sign ahead and saw a ramp dead ahead. With no time to stop or turn the bike she flew up the ramp and lost control of the bike.

She landed on the other side and spun and last her grip and fell off and hitting her back on the concrete as the Bike spun and tilted over with a thud.

“Ow…” She replied as she pulled herself up rubbing her sore back. “That’s it from now on, I’m flying. Motorcycles are for crazy people.” She said with a scowl as she examined the bike. It looked a little beat up but nothing Cyborg couldn’t fix. Focusing her powers she lifted it up and got ready to fly back to the Tower.

A sound of a revving bike was heard and she turned and saw a flashing light and it was coming right at her with no signs of stopping. Ravens’ eyes widened in shock and dove out of the way just in time.

She looked and saw a figure on a red motorcycle driving past her. They sped past her and to the bike and slowed down a bit and hit a button on their ride and a cable shot out and snared around Raven’s bike and pulled it along. “Hey!!” Raven shouted in anger as they were stealing it and drove off.

“Come back with my bike!” She shouted in anger and floated into the air and spotted the thief driving fast. Snarling she flew after them determined to get it back.

She looked on as The Thief drove and went into a warehouse with the gate shutting. Raven floated down and examined the building trying to figure a way to get into it. She looked and saw a window and knew it was her ticket into the place and levitated upwards to it.

She came to the window and peered inside as the place was dark and seemed abandoned but knew the thief was here. She cast an orb of light from her hands to brighten the room and stepped inside looking around.

The more she went in the more she realized that this place wasn’t as abandoned as it seemed as she spotted several signs of high technology here as well as the lights getting brighter so that she dismissed the orb. She heard the sound of machines and looked on and thought she heard what sounded like a voice. No doubt the one who had taken her Bike. Whoever it was they were going to be in a for a rude awakening once she got her hands on them and hauled them off.

She examined the place as she looked around and soon spotted her bike and allowed a faint smile to appear but knew this was most likely a trap and she couldn’t go rush towards it. She stopped hiding behind in between boxes and waited as she meditated to pass the time.

She opened her eyes after a while and saw that it was still there and saw a chance to get it. She emerged from her hiding spot and stealthily made her way towards it, sneaking in and out of places until she was right in front of it. “Let’s get you out of here.” She said and went to touch it.


A large spark of electricity emitted from the Bike surprising her and she was shocked and electrocuted by it causing her to cry out in pain as it coursed through her body. She fainted falling to the ground unconscious. Unknown to her a pair of feet was seen approaching her stopping before her.

The first thing Raven saw when she came to later was a gag coming down onto her mouth before she could say anything or cast a spell it was placed down onto her mouth

The Gag was placed over Raven’s mouth preventing her from using any incantations or spells rendering her magic useless. She struggled but when she tried to take it off it shocked her hands with electricity causing her to cry out in pain. Her hands were then grasped and binded with metal clamps and so were her legs as she found herself on a table.

“MMPHH! MMPHH!!” She shouted in muffled fury and protest at what was happening as she couldn’t move nor use her spells as she was held trapped.

A hand cupped her face and she saw The Thief now helmet less who had long green hair and who was in fact a woman who was wearing a leather biker outfit with her belly shown and a hint of cleavage as well. The woman had red eyes and electricity emitted from her other hand as she looked on at the captive Heroine.

“I knew you was going to be here soon,” The woman told her cupping her face as Raven glared murder at her. “The moment you stepped in I knew you was here.” She said to Raven her struggled trying to get free. “And I know all about what you’re capable of doing so that’s why I had your mouth taped closed.” She told her.

Raven glared at her as she didn’t know who this woman was, looking at her she seemed to have some powers over electricity.

“Allow me to introduce yourself, I am Zabrina.” The woman told her introducing herself. “And you are Raven no doubt about it, I’ve seen plenty of news about you. It’s by odd chance that we met.” She told the bound girl.

Raven studied her trying to get a hint of her she knew her powers seemed to be electric in origin but what else did she have in store?

“In case you haven’t noticed my powers are partly based on electricity but more than that.” She said and focusing her mind controlled several of the machines in the room much to Ravens’ surprise at what she just did. “I can control any machine or mechanical device as well, from cars to computers, to even a plane if I chose to do so.” She told her. “It’s one of my special gifts that I have, enabling me control over them and use them to my bidding making them do whatever I want them to do via mental or physical contact.” She said and focusing her powers made several vehicles many of them very rare and valuable line up in different directions and then made them rush at each other, at the last second before they crashed into one and create a destructive scene another they stopped suddenly as her powers commanded them and they shut down.

Raven looked on as she had never seen a person with powers like that before. Her face was cupped again and forced to look at Zabrina who smiled unpleasantly at her.

“I’ve been keeping a low profile ever since I got my powers, with the way machines work I’ve amassed quite the fortune just by going to an ATM machine, plus I can get free food at vending machines whenever I feel like it. Obtaining vehicles, especially rare ones is my passion though. Call it an adrenaline rush if you will. I saw your bike, it was quite nice and thought it would be a good addition.” Zabrina told Raven who burrowed her brows at her, Zabrina smirked and electricity jolted from her fingers into her chin making Raven jump a bit at the tingling sensation of it against her skin. If she could just use her magic she would give her her idea of an adrenaline rush.

“Since you came here I know you’re going to be a problem, I can’t let you go since you’d immediately bring those other Teen Twits here and nor can I let you stay willingly as if I tried to feed you you’d cast a spell.” She explained to Raven who sweated a bit as Zabrina cupped her face with a dark smile. “So there’s only one solution for me.”

The Floor in the room spread apart and a machine was seen being brought up with a beam laser attached at the end of it. Ravens’ eyes widened and struggled trying to get free as she knew whatever it is was going to end badly.

“WHAAA!!!” Raven shouted through her gag at her.

“You know Electricity can do a numerous amount of things to machines, water, even the brain. An Electromagnetic field can affect the brain and make the person do things they normally wouldn’t do. I discovered a way to harness its great power and use it to take over the minds of people and have them do whatever I want. A sub form of Hypnosis I‘ve created” Zabrina told her as she walked over to her device. “This is the prototype version of it, I’ve experimented on people and it works so far but someone of your power and ability will be quite the test to see if its fully functional.

Raven struggled and grunted as she tried to get loose, trying to call upon her powers and magic so she could break free. Uncaring of her attempts Zabrina positioned herself behind the machine and steadily aimed the crosshairs at her. Checking to make sure everything was alright and the power was at capacity she pulled the trigger. The beam at the end of it sparkled with electricity before concentrating and firing right at the Heroine.

The Electricity hit Raven in the head and she cried out as she felt it course through her body. Something was happening to her brain, as electricity pulsed throughout it. She couldn’t understand what was going on as she felt it go through her.

After several long moments Zabrina turned the beam off stopping and checked the brain scanner on it and nodded with a smile on her face. “It worked.” She said with a laugh as Raven’s brain patterns had changed from before. Raven laid there woozily and closed her eyes falling unconscious. “There, there my dear, you’ll be alright once you wake up.” Zabrina said as she undid the gag and removed the clamps from her arms and legs and carefully hoisted the unconscious heroine over her shoulder

Sometime later Zabrina was shown riding her Motorcycle and came to a stop on a hill. Another Motorcycle was seen approaching her and it stopped as well beside her and the rider took off her helmet revealing Raven now under her control as she was wearing a similar leather outfit that Zabrina wore.

“Enjoying your ride Raven?” Zabrina asked with a smile to her as she had been hypnotized The Electromagnetic Field having affected her brain making her believe she was The Villainess’ sidekick.

“Yes Miss Zabrina.” Raven replied to her with a calm smile. “I’m enjoying spending our rides together and being with you.” She said to her.

“Good girl, I know a good place where they are have some vehicles I’m interested in obtaining. Shall we go?”

“Yes Mistress.” Raven responded and the two drove off on the bikes leaving a dusty trail in their wake.

A Point Commission down for Slayer40k who wanted a story with Raven getting hypnotized by a Villainess

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans
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Ariel examined the strange objects from the surface world looking on at them. Recently finding them from a sunken ship she had discovered. The teenage princess of Atlantica knew she was going against her father’s orders and wishes. King Triton disapproved of her fascination of the surface world claiming they were nothing but monsters and would destroy her.

“I don’t see why he sees them as monsters. How could they be monsters if they create such interesting objects?” She asked herself as she examined what looked like an instrument one she had never seen before. She examined another object of what really was a pair of boots mundane to the surface world but to her a fantastic item. “Hello what’s this?” She asked looking on finding another object, it was actually a pistol but to her it was a comb. She put it and other objects she had found into a bag she had with her and the Mermaid swam around looking for anything more of interest.

“Interesting,” She said examining a Piano and pressed a finger down on one of the keys. “I’d love to take you but I’m afraid you’d be too heavy to carry.” She lamented shaking her head as she absently played a tune on it playing more keys. With a sigh she swam away from it looking for more things she could take back to her cave where she stored all her collections.

As she swam she was unaware that a pair of eyes watched her looking on.

“Hello,” She said looking on at the sight of what appeared to be a small statue of a man riding a strange four legged creature. “Oh, you’ll go perfectly with all my other stuff.” She said with a smile and went to pick it up.

Just when she was about to get it a hand grasped her own surprising her. Whipping her head she gasped as she found herself face to face with a person. The figure had purple colored eyes and his shoulder length hair was a lime green color. His upper body was nude and when she looked down she gasped as instead of a fish like tail and fin instead he had a dark blue colored scaly tail like that of a water snake.

“Who are you?” She said pulling away from him as she recognized his kind as he wasn’t a merman as she recognized his tail. Instead he was a Naga, a strange race of creatures similar to merfolk but said to possess a type of innate magic in themselves that no sorcerer or witch could learn. They weren’t often seen in this part of the Ocean, and were generally distrusted by other creatures of the sea. “If these are yours, I’m sorry I’ll return them to you.” She said reaching into her bag to pull out the items she had taken. The Naga only smiled at her.

“Don’t worry young one, I don’t seek to harm you.” He said to her as he swam up a bit giving her a full length of his eight foot long body. “What’s your name?” He asked her.

“Ariel, I am the youngest daughter of King Triton of Atlantica.” She said to him as she swam away a bit not sure if she could trust him.

“Ah, I see.” He said to her with a smile. “You seem to have an interest in the Surface world do you not?” He asked her and casually picked up the statue with his tail and brought it to her face.

“Yes, I do. I’m afraid its looked down upon though.” The redhead said to him relaxing her guard a bit as he seemed friendly.

“Hmph, this is just a mere sampling of the items I have at my home.”

“You have objects from the surface world?” She asked and then blushed at how excited she got.

“Yes, the grotto I live at is full of objects that I’ve obtained through my journeys, both from here and the Surface world. Humans, foolishly risking their lives during hurricanes and tsunamis in their boats.” He said with a smirk.

“Can I…Can I see them?” She asked him trying her best not to sound rude and to hide her excitement.

“Why would you want to do that? They are just items that were thrown away.”

“Please, if you let me, I’d like to see them as there as many things I’m curious about them.” Ariel said to him hopefully and he smirked.

“Alright then, follow me.” He said and swam out of the ship. “Come along.” He called back to her with a smile and she swam after him.

She followed him for five minutes keeping up with him as he was a fast swimmer. She looked around as this was pretty far out, she had never swam past this far before. Her father had warned her of creatures such as Sharks and Squids, and rumors of a sinister Sea Witch as well who was said to live here.

“Down here,” He said to her and they swam downwards through an underwater valley and soon came to an opening of a cave but Ariel looked and let out a small gasp at what she saw. A pair of Tiger sharks were swimming around the entrance and she stopped in her tracks as she spotted them and they saw them approach as well.

Ariel backed away hesitantly as she saw them swim towards her and bare their sharp teeth. However The Naga only wadded to them

“Taurus, Cancer heel.” He ordered them sternly and slowly the sharks swam away. “Do not worry Ariel, my pets will not harm anyone unless I give them the order to do so.”

She nodded feeling a bit safer but was still unsure as sharks were dangerous creatures and they looked hungry to her. “In here.” He said and swam inside and she followed after him inside it going on.

She looked around and gasped at what she saw, many objects were sprawled about the cave, objects she had never seen before from the surface world. She swam around in awe of the objects in it. She looked and saw him take a seat on a wooden throne in the edge of the cave. She paid him no mind and looked at all the objects. Chalices, Jewels, all sorts of items were there some of which she had no idea what they were or what they could do. She saw a small box and it was opened and revealed the figurine of a dancer spinning around on it being twirled by what appeared to be a male.

“Amazing, this is beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t believe you would have such a collection.” She said in awe to him looking on at the objects and sites. Her own seemed miniscule compared to his.

“Just some stuff I’ve picked up in my travels.” The Naga replied to her and she nodded her head as she looked around.

“Oh if only my father could see all this stuff he’d know the Surface isn’t dangerous.” She said as she looked around spotting what looked like a painting of a man, a woman, and their child.

She spotted a large mirror and swam over to it and examined her reflection in it staring at her face and figure as it copied her every movement.

She looked at the large mirror and he appeared beside her and was smiling at her. However as she looked at their reflections, she suddenly noticed something in it.

His eyes…they were changing. His eyes had begun changing colors and spirals began forming in them. She looked on in the mirror as she looked at them and slowly her own eyes began mimicking them as they changed colors and spirals formed in her own eyes as well.

“What’s happen…” She started to say but found herself unable to finish the sentence as she looked on as her eyes were changing colors as she was being hypnotized by him. Using his magic to hypnotize her as it was an innate ability Nagas possessed that enabled them to hypnotize others. Ariel could only look on as her eyes had spirals in them as her mind was becoming blank

“Look at me,” He said as he took her in his arms and held her in place and forced the Mermaid to look him in the eyes, as he wrapped his tail around her to hold her in place. Ariel was helpless to do so as her eyes reflected the spirals from his own eyes into her own as she stared at the Naga. The Naga smirked unpleasantly as he forcefully held her and slowly the Mermaid began weakening.

“Why are you doing this?” Ariel said weakly and he brought a hand up to stroke her long red hair. “Please stop.” She pleaded to him as she was wrapped up in his coils

“I don’t mean any harm My Little Mermaid, but you’re staying with me from now on, even if that means I have to hypnotize you.” He said to her as one of the reasons Nagas were feared and not trusted was cause of their supernatural ability to hypnotize anyone by looking them in the eyes. He wrapped his arms around the mermaid and smiled at her as his eyes returned to normal as she was fully hypnotized.

With a smile he stroked her lips with his finger and prepared to kiss her.

Before he could a voice interrupted them.

“Well that was easy,” A voice said with a chuckle. He turned his head and saw in the corner of the room having appeared a large woman with purple skin and white hair with the lower body of a black octopus. “You got her hook line and sinker to borrow a phrase from the surface world I’ve heard.” She said with a dark laugh as she floated over. “I was right to hire you after all.” She said to him.

“Ursula.” He said to her hiding his annoyance that she had come earlier than he had expected. He wasn’t expecting her

“You did well, you got that foolish little girl.” The Octopus woman said as she swam over to him who folded his arms around his chest looking on at her. “Here’s your payment.” She said and reaching into her cleavage tossed out a small sack and in it a few gems which he got.

“I thought we agreed upon that the girl was to be mine after I had hypnotized her. You use her to get the Trident from Triton and then she‘s mine. That was the deal.” He said to her who chuckled.

“Deals change handsome,” She said reaching over and stroking his face which he recoiled from. “Now get lost, you’ve done your part you Naga.” She ordered and he glared at her but bowed his head and turned and swam away.

Watching him go the sea witch grinned evilly at the helpless Princess of Atlantica, her plan had worked perfectly

Ursula cackled with delight her laugh filling the cave. “Ha Ha! Finally, I’ll use you and force Triton to hand over his trident and The Seas will be mine for all eternity!” She said cupping her face After that I’ll turn both him and you into little shriveled up prunes like all the rest!! That is if I don’t decide to boil you first! Nothing can stop me!” She shouted and held back her head and laughed at the helpless Ariel her plan having been a success. Using him to confront the girl and her curiosity getting the better of her leading her to her doom and her rule of The Seven Seas with all its spoils bowing before her power

As she was laughing she was unaware of something sneaking up behind her.

Suddenly her laughter was caught off as she felt something wrap around her neck causing her to choke and gag in pain as she brought her hands up to the thing that was crushing her neck not understanding what was going on.

A sharp squeeze was given all of a sudden and her eyes bulged as her throat was crushed like a grape and neck broken.

“You fat ugly sea cow,” The Naga said to her in disgust as he had been the one to done it using his tail to snap her neck from behind while she was gloating. “Ariel is mine! You really think I was going to let you have her and use her in a spell?” He said holding Ursula up who was barely alive with his tail. “I had no intention of ever letting you have her.” He said and with a great heave tossed her body outside of the cave. “Enjoy your dinner.” He called out to his pets.

Taurus and Cancer, the two tiger sharks swam and swarmed around the limp octopus floating body as Ursula, who to her horror had discovered she was still alive and paralyzed unable to do anything. Looking on as they swam patiently around her and then dived down onto her sinking their teeth into flesh into her skin tearing her apart devouring her whole.

The Naga inside paid them no attention as they feasted as he stroked Ariel’s face with a smile the helpless mermaid in his possession.

Leaning over he kissed the redhead engaging her who moaned into it. Ariel was now his bride and the Mermaid would enjoy her new life Under The Sea with him.

A Point Commission for Pronon1990 who wanted a story with Ariel encounters a Naga.

Disclaimer: I don't own The Little Mermaid.
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“This the place?” One female voice said.

“I’m positive. This is where she was last seen.” Another female voice said as they were walking through a mountainous area.

The first girl was a long black haired girl wearing a black skirt and white shirt and red gloves. The second one was shorten than her companion and wearing a green shirt and khaki shorts and red gloves and a scarf around her neck and bandana. The two were Tifa Lockheart and Yuffie Kutsaragi.

“We’re being paid a lot of Gil and Materia for one simple mission.” She said as she held up a sack that contained Gil and Materia that they had been paid for the job they were doing. Quietly the Buxom fighter opened it and checked to make sure it was all there, after all she was traveling with an obsessed Materia collector who had stolen from them before.

Tifa quickly closed the sack feeling Yuffie’s prying eyes starting to look in. The ninja of Wutai frowned at her in annoyance. “C’mon let me see them!” She said hopping around in front of her.

“No, the moment I let you touch them I know I won’t be getting them back.” She responded and put it in her pouch away from prying hands.

Yuffie frowned at her and stuck her tongue out and Tifa rolled her eyes at her childish display.

Women had been disappearing who had traveled this road. Disappearing without a trace despite the efforts of search parties. But so far only woman who had been traveling alone by themselves had been gone missing. Curious over the events, both Tifa and Yuffie had decided to see for themselves what was going on or what type of monster was preying on them.

They were at the spot were the last disappeared woman had been last seen, and looking for any clues. “You’re a ninja Yuffie, try and find some sort of sign that something has happened.”

“What am I a bloodhound?” Yuffie responded. “Want me to get on all fours and sniff around as well?” She grumbled that she would be doing such tasks.

“Quit fooling around and help me look.” Tifa said in annoyance to her.

Yuffie huffed and looked around leaping up into a tree trying to find any thing that looked out of the ordinary. She scanned around keeping an eye out when suddenly she thought she saw something.

“Hey Tifa?” She called out.


“Was there a new fashion design that I didn’t know of?”

“What are you talking about?” Tifa said wondering what she was babbling about.

“Get up here and see for yourself!”

Grumbling at what she was saying Tifa made her way up the tree taking a bit longer than her as she lacked the agility and technique of the Wutai Ninja but found herself up in the tree beside Yuffie. “What is it that you are-” She was cut off when Yuffie grabbed her face and turned it to look at what she saw. “What the?” She said in disbelief at what they saw.

It was the outline and figure of a strange creature neither had seen before. She had purple hair and appeared human shape with red eyes. She was a distance away and they couldn’t get a good look at her from where they was at. What was most surprising was that out of her back was a pair of insect like wings which she sprouted and flew off.

“What was that?” Yuffie said in alarm.

“I don’t know, c’mon lets go!” Tifa said and leapt down and began going in the direction it had went. Yuffie quickly followed after her trying to keep up.

After about a half hour they found themselves in an opened forest. Looking around they spotted a building nearby.

“Get down!” Tifa shouted pulling her down and ducked behind a pair of boulders hiding behind them. Peeking her head out she and Yuffie looked on as they heard what sounded like a buzzing noise passing by.

The building actually looked like a Hive now that they got a look at it, like a Hive that you would see Bees have. But it was much bigger

“Whoa! Check them out!” Yuffie exclaimed looking on in disbelief as they saw a person fly by. “They look like a cross between a human and a bee.” She said as the woman flew around carrying buckets attached to sticks. She went through the entrance and passed through a pair of guards allowing her entry. More bee women appeared

“Wait a sec, all of those are females right?” Tifa said looking on noticing them all as they had the shapes of females and appearances as well.

“Yeah, what about it?” Yuffie asked.

“These are all the women who have disappeared. Something’s gotten a hold of them and somehow transformed them into a cross with bees.”

Yuffie looked on with her and felt a bit sick in the stomach. “I wonder what happened or what caused them to go like that.”

“Who knows but we better try and find a way inside before-”


The two felt a blow on the back of their heads and both fell to the ground unconscious. Behind them was a pair of bee like women having snuck up on them and knocked them out.

“Take them.” The leader of the group ordered and one picked up Tifa and slung her over her shoulder and the other did the same with Yuffie. “I will inform her Majesty that she has new servants waiting for her.” She said and flew off whilst the others carried the two away taking them inside the Hive.


“…Fie! Yuffie!” A voice called out and slowly the Wutai girl opened her eyes and looked around and saw to her surprise Tifa bound against the wall beside her. “Finally about time you got awake.” Tifa said to her as they were both inside a small room.

“Tifa?” Yuffie said and she looked and realized that she too was bound and encased up to her neck inside the wall by what looked like a yellow liquid that had gone solid. “Where the heck are we?”

“How should I know?” Tifa responded and struggled against it but to no avail as they were inside the room. For some odd reason, something about the stuff holding them smelled familiar.

“This stuff’s tough, I can’t break free.” Tifa said as she struggled to do so but to no avail. The only thing either of them could do was move their heads as their arms, legs, and bodies were coated and encased in the stuff.

“Great, they took our gear it looks like.” Yuffie said as she noticed her weapons and lock picks were not on her. Sniffing she noticed the scent was coming from the stuff on them and leaning down in curiosity stuck out her tongue and licked it.

“Hey, this stuff tastes just like Honey.” Yuffie said and began licking it enjoying the taste.

“Yuffie this is not the time to think about eating!” Tifa chastised her.

The door opened suddenly and in stepped in another woman who was a cross between a female and a bee but her appearance was more bee like as she had a stinger sticking out of her. Yuffie and Tifa recognized her as the first one the saw before.

“Well, what have we here.” The woman said to them.

“Who the heck are you?” Yuffie said still struggling to get free.

“My name is Q-Bee and I am the Queen of this Hive.” The purple haired creature responded to them.

“Q-Bee, that’s a real original name.” Yuffie said dryly. “Was your dad named K-Bee?” She asked and the figure looked on at her in amusement.

“Your funny, I knew you two had entered my kingdom the moment you stepped in.” She said to them. “My guards and servants easily knocked you out and had you brought here.” She told them her hands on her hips.

“Let us out of here right now!” Tifa shouted struggling against it.

“Oh, this one has a lot of spirit.” Q-Bee said and stepped forward and stroked her hair which she pulled back from.

“Don’t touch me!” She said trying to break away.

“I’m afraid you two won’t be going anywhere,” Q-Bee said to them.

“Yeah right, once we get free we’re going to nip you in the bud.” Yuffie said and Q-Bee smirked and took a sip of his glass drinking the liquid.

“I see you like the honey I’ve produced, have some more.” She said and forcing her mouth open poured it in. Yuffie gagged a bit not expecting it all at once but swallowed eating it.

“My kingdom has grown this past year and I’ve had to get some more helpers and workers, but it’s getting bigger and so I’ve had to abduct people to get them. And that’s were you two come in.” She said to them.

“What are you going to do to us?” Tifa said a bit of concern growing in her stomach.

“Well for starters, I’m going to do this.” She said and leaned forward and suddenly kissed Tifa much to her and Yuffie’s shock. Tifa called out in surprise and tried to pull away but to no avail as her face was cupped by her hands. The honey on her side suddenly parted revealing her thigh and Q-Bee using her stinger jabbed it into her causing her to squeal.

“Now it’s your turn.” Q-Bee said grinning at Yuffie.

“Hey! I’m not into-MMMPHHH!” She was cut off when she too was kissed by the Bee Woman. Q-Bee kissed her and like with Tifa her side was revealed allowing her to sting her and Yuffie let out a yelp of pain.

“There we go, all done.” Q-Bee said pulling away and batted her on the nose with a grin.

Tifa cried out in pain at first and Yuffie soon did so as well as they felt the venom from her stinger coursing through their veins and entering their bloodstream.

“Shh, don’t worry my venom is non toxin.” She assured them as they felt dizzy and lightheaded. Playfully she flicked both of them on the noses and smiled at them. “See, the pain’s already over. Now then my girls its time to get you changed.”

The honey began to liquefy itself and suddenly moved upwards encasing their heads and trapping them fully inside it and hardened back again encasing them inside the honey.

Q-Bee looked on and smirked at the sight. The outlines of their figures could be seen through it, and if one looked closely they would notice that their bodies were starting to change as they were undergoing their metamorphosis.

“I’ll check on you two later.” She said and exited the room as inside it, Tifa and Yuffie were unconscious and slowly their bodies had began changing sprouting different features.

Later on Q-Bee looked on as her newest servants appeared before her.

“Tifa, Yuffie, welcome to the Hive.” She said with a smile to them.

“Yes your majesty.” They said simultaneously smiling back at the Bee Woman and she reached over and stroked their hair.

They had been transformed, they appeared human but both now had the characteristics and features of bees spawning wings on their bodies and antennas on their foreheads and wearing similar to what the other women were wearing. Tifa wearing a black and white outfit whilst Yuffie wore a green version of it.

Whenever she stung somebody with her stinger and infected them with her venom, they could be turned into her kind, just like she had done with all the other women and now Tifa and Yuffie as well.

“Alright my busy bees, time to get to work.” Q-Bee said to them and kissed them both on the cheek. “If you do a good job today I’ll make sure you are both rewarded.” She told Tifa and Yuffie who smiled in obedience towards their loving Queen.

“Yes your Majesty.’

A point commission for Pronon1990 who wanted a story with Q-Bee from Darkstalkers turning Tifa and Yuffie into Bee women and servants.

Disclaimer: I don't own Darkstalkers or Final Fantasy VII
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Commission from :iconanimelover1808:
Batgirl fights the Riddler and gets him sent to jail but she takes his hat as a taunt and slips it on without knowing that it brainwashes her into becoming a Female Riddler known as Enigma. She then gets a new uniform similar to the Riddler. She commits some crimes before she encounters Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Supergirl. She then brainwashes them into becoming her henchwoman.

oh yeah I used a toony version of the characters for work faster

info about request, suggestions and commissions on my profile page
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Livestream suggestion

Info about request and suggestions on my profile page
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Commission from :iconanimelover1808:
A pokemon flash comic where Misty is hypnotized by a team rocket kirlia into becoming a team rocket grunt and then is ordered to go out to hypnotize Sabrina, May, Dawn, and Erika into becoming team rocket grunts with the same Kirlia.
>Added Iris for fun
>Added effects as gratitude for being first official commission as Kaztle :3

Info about request, suggestions and commissions on my profile page
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You Are Under My Control(ler)

The following fanfiction was created for the purposes of entering the dA-Entranced video game contest. Enjoy.

Summary: Amy, Cosmo, and Shade get more than they bargained for when each of them win a free game system online.


Cosmo was pleased when she saw a huge package show up in her front door step. She recently heard about a website that would guarantee you a free game system, just by answering a few questions. She was intrigued as she went to said website, and in a few minutes, she was rewarded by winning one of the latest video game systems for free.

She opened the package to find her prize, a Nintendo Wii, inside, complete with a free game as well. She had gotten a chance to play the Wii before with her boyfriend, Tails. Now she saw this as a chance to have more fun together. She began to open the box as she read the instructions on hooking up the system.


At the same time, Amy received a similar large package in her possession as well. Just like the green plant girl, the pink hedgehog went to the same website, answered some questions, and she too had won the latest gaming for free.

The system she had won, however, was the XBOX 360, which included a free game also. She played the 360 with Sonic before at a game store. She didn't know if he got one himself yet, but she hoped to connect with him a little more through playing these games. She was already pretty good friends with the blue hedgehog, but she still hopes for that day that he has the same feelings for her like she does of him.

While thoughts of her and Sonic danced through her mind once again, she started to open the box as she read the instructions.


Meanwhile, Shade had a delivery of a large package, also. Like Cosmo and Amy, she also participated in that website and had won a game system as well. The terracotta echidna received the third of the latest gaming systems, the PlayStation 3, which included a free game as well.

Unlike the other girls however, she was slightly unfamiliar with the gaming system, as the only time she played it was with her boyfriend, Knuckles, and, needless to say, she was embarrassed. The red echidna had the experience factor and he did not go easy on her one bit. So, once she heard she won the system, she saw this as a chance to practice on her own, so she could get good enough to be real competition for him. They were evenly matched physically, but there was no way she going to let him get in her head like that. They had a competitive relationship, but they still got along... mostly.

Once she finished envisioning herself dominating Knuckles on the virtual battlefield, Shade opened the box and began to read the instructions on hooking up the system.


A few hours later, Cosmo was having fun with her game, which was an exercise-based party game, as she was really working up a sweat, moving the Wiimote and Nunchuck controllers in a rhythm movement pace. She had figured that was enough fun for one day as she quit the game.

She was about to shut off the system, when she heard a faint beeping sound coming from her Wiimote.

"Huh?" She said as she looked at it, "That's strange? Are the batteries low already?"

Cosmo loosened her wristband attachment of the Wiimote as she was about to detach the Nunchuck attachment from it... only to find that she couldn't.

Suddenly, the Nunchuck attachment began to move on its own as it started to swing around her body, surprising her as the band between the controllers seemed to extend like a bungee cord.

"Wha... What's going on?!" She cried out as she let go of the Wiimote controller.

At that moment, the Wiimote controller began to fly as well, as it continued to wrap around her body in the opposite direction of the Nunchuck attachment, until it completely trapped her. Cosmo ended up losing her balance and fell on her couch.

She continued to struggle against the cord with futile results. The Wiimote and Nunchuck were then placed on the plant girl's forehead, causing all of her movements to stop as her eyes were wide open with a blank stare. Soon after, the lights on the bottom of the Wiimote began to blink.

In a few minutes, Cosmo's eyes were surrounded by a light blue glow. "Yes... I must report... to my Master..." She said in a monotone state.

As soon as she said that, the Wiimote and Nunchuck began untie themselves off of Cosmo's body. Her body had remained motionless on the couch, as the Wiimote and Nunchuck began to tie themselves around both of her wrists.

The controllers then began to pull her wrists as she stood up, almost like a rag doll. "I must report... to my Master..." She said again, as the controllers began to pull her out of the house.


Meanwhile, Amy was having fun with her game, which was a racing game. Something she thought Sonic would definitely be into. As she completed another race; this time, making it in 1st place; she decided to quit the game.

However, when she was about to turn off the system, she noticed the lights on the center on the controller changed from a still green quarter-circle on the upper left corner to a flashing red full circle.

"What?" Amy said as she saw the odd pattern on her controller, "Don't tell me there's something wrong with this already..."

All of a sudden, the ring started to glow bright as the green X in the center began to glow as well. Then, the green X shot a beam directly into Amy, connecting right between her eyes. A stunned reaction was on the pink hedgehog's face as her eyes changed from green to red.

Her stunned reaction remained as her hands soon dropped the controller on the carpeted floor and she slouched down on her couch. Seconds later, the 360 controller began to sprout metallic legs, like a spider. It then scurried up Amy's leg.

Her expression remained the same as the 360 controller jumped over her dress and landed on her chest. The controller then spread its legs out and grasped her chest, like one those face huggers from those Aliens movies.

As soon as it seemed to attach itself to her chest, the red ring began to turn bright green again while, at the same time, the green color was returning in Amy's eyes. Her expression then became that of a zoned-out state as a green glow was surrounding her eyes.

"Yes... I must report... to my Master..." She said in a monotone state.

It looked like she was standing up, but in actuality, the 360 controller was dragging her limp body to her feet. Then, Amy began to walk like a marionette.

"I must report... to my Master..." She said again, as she clumsily walked out of her house.


At the same time, Shade was enjoying her game, which was a fighting game. Ironically enough, this was the same game that Knuckles had beaten her in. While she was playing, she already felt herself feeling more confident as she was getting better in the game, learning most of the combos that could be executed in the game.

Once she had gotten another win in her 25th fight, a message on the upper right corner appeared with a blinking battery icon. The message said the she had to charge her DualShock 3 controller with the charge cable.

"Wow..." Shade said, "I must have been on it longer than I thought." She then quit her game in order to find the charge cable. "Charge cable... Now, where did I put that... Oh, here it is." She said when she found it in the system box.

The terracotta echidna attached the charge cable to the controller and was about to grab the other end and plug it in the system when the lights on top of the controller began to flash.

Suddenly, the charge cable began to move on its own and struck its metal tip on her right arm. Shade dropped the controller and held her arm in pain upon contact.

"Ow! What the hell?!" She said as she held on to her arm.

She saw how the charge cable and controller seem to move like a snake with the charge cable moving like its head. The echidna was about to fight, when she realized that she couldn't move her right arm. It seemed to be paralyzed.

That momentarily distraction caused the DualShock 3 and charge cable to move again, with swift agility, approaching her, this time striking at her left leg. Even though she was wearing jeans, she still felt the sting of its strike and its effects were instantaneous as she lost her balance and her she fell on her left knee. The controller and charge cable began slithering up her body, traveling across her white shirt, as Shade still tried to fight it off with her left arm.

The DualShock 3 and charge cable went to her right side of her body, out of her reach, and struck at her black bracelet. When it did, her Nocturnus armor activated as the armor enveloped her body and clothing. Only when it did, the paralyzing effects now spread throughout her whole body as she fell to the floor.

Only her head remained active as she thrashed it around, trying to make some kind of motion happen. The PS3 controller then made its way on top of her forehead, planting itself on top of her black headband.

"Argh! Let... Me... Go!" Shade growled as she tried desperately to throw the controller of her head.

But it was no use. The charge cable soon sank its metal tip, like a snake's fang, into her neck, causing the terracotta echidna's actions to cease. Soon after, the lights on the controller flashed again as Shade's expression had changed to that of a hypnotized look while a black glow was surrounding her eyes.

"Yes... I must report... to my Master..." She said in a monotone state.

The DualShock 3 controller then seemed to pull Shade up to her feet, then, with the charge cable still attached to her neck, proceeded to pull her by her head. The rest of her body followed, almost like the movements of a zombie, as she moved towards her door.

"I must report... to my Master..." She repeated as she exited her house.


A few hours later, Amy, Cosmo, and Shade eventually met up, each girl under the hypnotic trance of their respective game controllers, as they continued to walk through a desert area as the nighttime air surrounded them.

Once they were in a completely deserted area of the desert, they stopped walking. They just stood there as if they were waiting for someone.

"We must report... to our Master..." The 3 girls said simultaneously.

A few seconds after they said that, a large machinery-like base appeared. Clearly the base was hidden by a cloaking mechanism. As soon as the base was in clear view, Amy, Cosmo, and Shade began to move inside it. Immediately as they entered, the base disappeared once more.


The 3 girls had entered the lab, which was scattered with all types of machinery and security monitors. One machine in particular was a large generator-like device, which looked to emit strange infrared signals beaming into the game controllers that has them in the hypnotic state they're in. Amy, Cosmo, and Shade approached an area with a wall of security monitors that played footage of each girl getting captured by their game controllers and a large swivel chair in front of the wall. Their bodies soon stopped at attention.

"We are here... to do your bidding... Master Eggman." They said.

No sooner did they said that, the chair turned around, revealing the large-gutted villain in his usual red and yellow coat attire. He then began to laugh evilly.

"Yes... the test was a complete success!" He proclaimed, "Now I can mass produce these special mind control controllers and place them in the game systems. Soon, the whole world will be under my control! The Eggman Empire shall rule supreme!"

However, as soon as he finished his proclamation, the ceiling crashed open as 3 figures began to drop down from the hole. The evil doctor already knew who those 3 figures might be.

"Ah... Sonic. Your timing is most impeccable." He said, "Though I doubt you or your friends will be able to stop me... now that I have your girlfriends under my power! Muah, Ha, Ha, Ha!"

As the dust cleared, the look of confidence Eggman had on his face changed into fear and confusion. The figures did look like Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles... but it wasn't them.

The creatures before them had metallic-like skin, almost similar to that of Eggman's robotic design. They looked to be a Metal version of Team Sonic, but different from Eggman's original design. They looked more advanced, sleeker, and maybe even more dangerous.

The doctor didn't know what was going on, but he didn't want to know anytime soon.

"Guard robos! Swatbots! Reinforcements! Anyone!" He screamed out, "Get Rid of Them, NOW!!!!"

No sooner did he scream that, a large amount of robots began to surround the metallic hedgehog, fox, and echidna. As Eggman's robots' weapons were about to fire, the strange team began to move swiftly to combat them.

The metallic version of Tails unsheathed a black laser sword and began to cut down the robots with ease. Several robots behind him began to fire their laser blasters at him, but the metal fox saw this and raised its left fist, causing a black shield to appear out of nowhere. After blocking the blasts, he then pointed his sword towards the robots. The sword then turned into a laser blaster as he fired black shots at the robots, destroying them instantly.

The metallic version of Knuckles started annihilating robots left and right with fierce fighting style, almost similar to the original Knuckles. Then he brought his hands together and began to release a huge blue fireball, destroying a whole row of robots. Another robot was about strike from behind, but the metal echidna struck first with a fierce uppercut. As it was delivering the uppercut, flames started to emerge from its fist as the robot was burned from the strike.

The metallic version of Sonic was zooming around the lab, almost with the same speed the original blue hedgehog was known for. As it raced around, it used spinning attacks to smash some of the robots. Several more robots were up ahead blocking his path. The metal hedgehog then jumped as it shoes opened up to reveal rocket launchers as two rockets immediately fired, causing them to strike the robots in a large explosion. Several robots began chasing him but then its hands began to open up. As he did a quick handstand flip, his hands place land mines on the ground, which exploded as soon as the robots touched them.

Eggman was in complete shock as he saw his robots destroyed in an instant.

"How is this possible?!" He screamed out.

"Ah, lighten up, Egghead!" A voice called out from the top of the hole.

The doc recognized the voice as he looked up and saw them. The real Team Sonic. Tails was holding a black Wiimote with a black WiiMotion Plus and black Nunchuck attached to it in his hands, Knuckles was gripping on a black DualShock 3 controller, and Sonic was holding onto a black 360 controller in his hand.

"We're just having some fun..." The blue hedgehog said, and then he turned to his orange two-tailed fox friend, "It's hard to believe you were able to modify these controllers to control those robo-duplicates of ourselves, Tails."

"You think that's something, Sonic, just watch and see what happens when you throw 'em down in a frustrating motion." Tails said.

"Oh... you mean like... This!" The red echidna said, as he threw his controller towards Eggman.

The PS3 controller nailed him in the head. Then the Wiimote hit him in his gut while the Nunchuck struck him in his... eggs. With the evil doctor doubled over in pain, the 360 controller knocked him out as it hit his head.

As they threw them down, the metallic duplicates stopped in front of the generator that was emitting the mind controlling waves. They began to shake violently and soon exploded, destroying the generator in the process. As soon as the generator was destroyed, the controllers that was on the girls' bodies fell off. As their eyes no longer glowed, they soon fainted on the floor.

That explosion caused a chain reaction as the entire base was soon exploding in random areas. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles soon jumped down in the base and grabbed their controllers.

"Let's grab the girls and get out of here!" Sonic said, as his friends nodded in agreement.

Team Sonic had Amy, Cosmo, and Shade over their shoulders as they bolted for the exit. As Eggman recovered, he saw his base and his plans were, once again, going up in smoke, as he made a hasty run towards his Eggship and began to flee.

As the base began to explode behind them, the guys had laid the rescued girls down on the cool sand. Each girl slowly woke up. Shade was slightly embarrassed that she was easily captured like that. Knuckles would consolidate her, saying that there were moments that Eggman made him look like a fool as well, also saying he understands as he hugged her. Shade smiled as she embraced him back and began to kiss him.

Cosmo embraced her two-tailed boyfriend as she thanked him. Tails was so glad to see his plant girlfriend was okay as he held her in his arms and kissed her.

Meanwhile, Amy woke up to see the smiling face of her hero.

"Sonic? What... what happened?" She asked.

"Well... let's just say someone was playing around with your head." The blue hedgehog said, "Are you okay?"

"Ye... yeah." The pink hedgehog said despondently.

"Hey, don't be sad..." Sonic said, as he picked her head up, "I know what will bring that smile back on your face..."

He soon leaned in and pressed his lips against hers as he kissed her. Amy was in shock as Sonic did this, but she was in no hurry to stop him as she melted in the kiss with him.

A few seconds later, Sonic released the kiss and saw Amy was indeed smiling as she looked at him.

"So... you do love me!" She said in shock.

"Heh, heh... I never said I didn't..." He cleverly said as he embraced her.

"Oh, Sonic! I love you." Amy said.

"I love you, too, Amy." Sonic said.

Afterwards everyone started to head back into the city.

"So, who's up for a game when we get back?" Sonic said.

"Uh, no offense, Sonic..." Amy said, "But, I think I've had enough video games for one day."

"Me too..." Cosmo said.

"I'm going to have to decline as well..." Shade added.

"Relax... it's just a board game." Sonic said causing his friends to laugh out loud.


Basically the moral of the story here is never trust internet sites that say they guarantee you free systems. :D

The End

The July 2010 DA-Entranced Contest Winning Entry is You Are Under My Control(ler) by :iconfallenangelcam7:.


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Contest Entry: HypnoStar by ~BluRider


Coloured lights from the monitor flickered in the darkness of Konata's room as she and her young cousin Yutaka stared into her computer screen, fascinated. Quiet pulses of sound came from the speakers, as the game displayed dialogue. For a while, the only sounds were those pulses and Konata clicking her mouse.

"Are… you sure this game is for you?" Yutaka asked quietly, swallowing hard as she looked at the screen.

Konata gave a catlike smile. "Dad always hides Christmas presents in the same place, and I've never seen this Hypno☆Star game before," she declared, raising a finger emphatically. "It may as well have been labelled 'For Konata'." She clicked again.

There was a burst of coloured lights from the screen. Yutaka blushed. "Is… is she in a trance?"

Konata was laughing, "Well, my choices were to apologise to her, or to hypnotize her with the pendant. Easy choice." Her eyes narrowed as, leaning forward in a predatory pose, she clicked again.

Yutaka squealed, going a deep red. "K-Konata!"

Her cousin just giggled, as the voice of the character came from the speakers:

"Hai… Goshujin-sama…"

Yutaka sat, stunned, next to Konata on the bed as the latter was carefully repackaging the game in Christmas wrap. Neither spoke for almost a full minute before Yutaka, still blushing, said, "D-do you think maybe she secretly wanted to do that stuff with the main character?"

"Nope," replied Konata, "She was completely under his power!" She pointed to her sparkling green eyes, "You can tell by the eyes, and her voice. It's like that in all games. Girls become super weak-willed when you dangle a 5 yen coin in front of them."

Yutaka squirmed, her pose stiff and embarassed. "Hypnosis is amazing," she said finally.

Turning to look at her, Konata looked Yutaka in the eyes. Then, suddenly, she began to laugh uncontrollably. Soon, she was rolling around on the bed, wrapped in her long blue hair, crying tears of hilarity and holding her belly.

"W-what?" Yutaka pouted, frowning. She tried to grab Konata's pajamas, to hold her still.

Wiping away a tear, Konata sat back up, still giggling. "Hypnosis isn't real, dummy. It's just something they do to girls in games." Then, she redoubled her laughter, fondly running a hand through her cousin's red hair.

With her face still red and her mouth pursed in embarrassment, Yutaka got up from the bed. Her eyes squeezed shut, she shook her chubby little fist at Konata. "You're the dummy! Hypnosis is real!"

Konata only waved her words away dismissively, trying without much luck to stifle her snickering. "OK, OK. I'm sorry, Yutaka," she grinned.

Yutaka rifled around in Konata's drawers for a while, then turned around with her hands on her hips, trying to look authoritative in her pink pajamas. "I'll prove it to you!" she said, dropping something to hang from her hand: it was a simple 5 yen coin, on a string.

Konata stared in surprise for a moment; then she immediately started rolling around on her bed once again, in tears of laughter.

"I'm serious! Look at the coin!" Yutaka said sternly, beginning to swing her makeshift pendulum back and forth.

Sitting up again, Konata was eye-level with the shorter Yutaka. The coin glinted in the darkness as it dangled in front of her eyes. She couldn't help chuckling at the cliché induction Yutaka was using, her words taken straight from the game.

"Watch the coin," Yutaka ordered. "See only the coin. Follow the coin with your eyes, as everything else fades away. Let the hypnotic swinging of the coin, um, f-fascinate you. F-follow the coin with your eyes, and it will lead you deeper… deeper down… into hypnosis."

Konata was watching the coin now, her big green eyes curious as they followed it back and forth. "As you… w-watch the coin… swinging back and forth… back and forth… You cannot resist its… its power… its irresistible pull… Y-you will become… hypnotized…" Yutaka commanded, her little red twintails bobbing in time with the momentum of her swing as she followed the coin with her eyes. "Y-you… m-must… obey…"

Konata, still watching the coin, yawned deeply. Then, her eyes widened. "Hey, it's working! I feel sleepy!" she exclaimed. Then she furrowed her brow, adding, "Maybe I'm just tired, though."

Yutaka didn't answer, still staring at the coin in her own hand. "W-watch the coin… cannot resist… m-must… obey..." she mouthed breathlessly, staring at the coin.

"Yutaka?" said her older cousin, peering at her quizzically. "Are you... OK?"

The little redhead's eyes continued tracking the swinging coin. "Yes..." she sighed.

Konata looked more closely at the glassy-eyed little girl, her own eyes narrowing thoughtfully. "You look just like the girl from Hypno☆Star, just before the protagonist says... you are in a deep hypnotic trance!"

Yutaka trembled, replying, "I am... in a deep... deep hypnotic trance... m-master."

Konata's sly, catlike expression returned. "Reeeally?"

The red-haired little girl was staring helplessly at the 5 yen coin. "Yes, master."

Suspiciously, her blue-haired cousin waved a hand in front of her eyes. "You're not just playing with me?"

"No, master."

Still with that catlike smile, Konata said, "Do you remember how they proved it was real, in the game?"

"Y-yes…" Yutaka answered, suddenly blushing deep red from head to toe. "They made her, um, s-strip naked… against her will…" Breathing shallowly, she shook her head dizzily as if to clear it, her gaze still locked fast to the coin.

"So, are you really hypnotized, Yutaka? Really, really?" Konata laughed quietly.

A bead of sweat ran down Yutaka's forehead, her beautiful jade green eyes suddenly frightened, looking deeply at the coin. "I… I'm really… hypnotized! Honest! D-don't make me…"

"Prove it!" snapped Konata, with a grin.

Yutaka shut her eyes tightly in embarrassment, squealing, "Kyaa!" Shaking her head 'no' as she did so, and seemingly fighting her own hands, she immediately unbuttoned her pyjamas, threw the top across the room, and dropped her pants and panties to the floor in two quick movements, leaving her completely naked on Konata's bed.

The blue-haired older girl stared in shocked surprise, as Yutaka - eyes still firmly shut - tried in vain to cover herself. Her tiny hands left little to the imagination. Konata realized her young cousin was hypnotized for real, naked on her bed, and still under her power! "T-this is amazing!" Konata exclaimed, looking in awe at the game box. "I can't believe it was real!"

Her deep red blush intensifying, Yutaka squirmed uncomfortably. "Well it was! I must've hypnotized myself, somehow. Please, do something!"

Konata was still looking at the game box. "This ero-game's hypnosis actually works on young girls?" A sweatdrop appeared at her temple. "What is this really for, Dad?"

"Konata!" cried her cousin, shaking her head blindly. She was hugging her knees and holding up her pajama pants to hide her nakedness. "Help me, first!"

"Oh, that's right," said Konata, holding up the coin. "Open your eyes up."

"Thanks, Onee-chan," Yutaka sighed in relief, opening her eyes. Immediately, her pupils snapped to the 5 yen coin.

"OK, now... I want you to go even deeper. Just like the girl in the game."

"W-what? Konata!"

"I am your master now. Please call me 'Izumi-sama'!"

Her eyes moving back and forth, Yutaka repeated, "I… Izumi-sama…"

"Watch the coin and go down deeper. Much, much deeper."

"N-nooo… wait…" Yutaka's jaw slackened. Her eyes half-closed. She was helplessly tracking the coin. "Why do I, um, have to… go down deep… deeper…"

Konata held her cousin's head steady, as it started to loll forward. "Deeper and deeper. So deep that you'll do anything I say."

"S-so deep," Yutaka repeated. "I'll do anything… you say…"

"When I snap my fingers, you will be mine to command."

"Yours… to command, Izumi-sama…" Yutaka's eyes had lost all focus. She was floating.

Her cousin snapped her fingers. Suddenly, Yutaka's body relaxed completely, her eyes glazing over. Her pants fell to the ground and her knees slid from her grasp to the floor as the naked little girl fell back onto the bed, her exposed chest rising and falling faster as her heart began to hammer in her chest.

"OK, listen!" ordered Konata, with a feral look. "You are Izumi-sama's amazing pet hypnotist. Izumi-sama is your master. You will take this pendant and keep it hidden. When you hear your master say the words 'good night' to someone, you will put that person into a deep trance! If it's somebody in the same class as Izumi-sama, or in Kagami's class, you will make it so they will also enter hypnosis when they hear the words 'good night', but they'll forget all about being hypnotized. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes, Izumi-sama."

Konata couldn't hold back an evil laugh at the idea of having some hypnotic fun with her friends.

"Good, you're a good girl Yutaka. Now, I want you to put your pajamas back on, then come out of hypnosis, and forget everything that happened here tonight."

"Yes, Izumi-sama."

Konata rubbed her palms together. She couldn't wait for her Christmas Eve party to start.

Konata kissed her cousin on the forehead, putting her to bed.

"Good n-" she began to say, biting it off. "I mean, sleep well, Yutaka!" Konata smiled.

"Sleep well, Onee-chan!" replied her young cousin, smiling warmly.

Quietly, she shut the door to Yutaka's room, tiptoeing to the cupboard where the Hypno☆Star game had been hidden. She carefully replaced it, as if it had never been touched. With meticulous care, she arranged the other items in the cupboard, re-creating their placement before she'd moved them to get at the game. Finally, she shut the door with a soft 'click'.

"Oh," came a voice from down the hall, making Konata nearly jump out of her skin. "You're still up?" It was Sōjirō Izumi, her father.

Her voice shaky, Konata sidestepped away from the cupboard. "Y-yeah! I'm still up! I mean, I'm going to sleep. Right away. I was just going to the bathrom!"

Sōjirō looked at her suspicously for a moment. She smiled up at him innocently. Finally, he said, "OK. Don't stay up late: tomorrow's Christmas Eve. Good night, Konata!"

Relieved, she said, "Sleep well, dad!"

Quickly, she scampered back to her room. Her back to the door, she smiled to herself. "Safe!" she said, making a V-sign in the air from sheer excitement.

Suddenly, she was startled all over again, as there was a knock on the door. Had he looked in the cupboard? Was something not put back right? Konata leapt into her bed in a panic, immediately closing her eyes and pretending to sleep although her heart was pounding.

Her bedroom door opened, and she heard soft footsteps shuffling toward her bed. She peeked out of the corner of her eye.

It wasn't her dad, but her cousin Yutaka! The little girl dropped something into Konata's line of sight with a glint. It was a 5 yen coin.

"Good night… Konata…" she repeated over and over, before her eyes snapped to Konata's and she began to swing the coin back and forth, faster and faster. "Watch the coin," she ordered, her voice speeding up in time with the swings. "You are getting sleepy; very sleepy. Follow the coin with your eyes. That's it, just follow it. Let your body relax deeply."

Konata smiled, sitting up in bed. "What're you doing, Yutaka? Quit it, already."

Her cousin didn't react at all, continuing to swing the coin. "Deeper and deeper. Fall into relaxation. That's good. Watch the coin. Obey."

"Ohhh, I get it. You think of Dad as Izumi-sama as well?" the older girl asked, blinking slowly. "That isn't right. You're my pet hypnotist, not his!"

"… will begin counting from three to one… with every count becoming more relaxed… when I reach zero, your arm will float all the way up into the air. Three…"

"Wake up, Yutaka. False alarm, OK?"

"… two."

Konata frowned. "Don't make me take that pendant from you."

"… one."

Sighing, the blue-haired girl reached out to take the coin away.

"… zero."

Still reaching, Konata felt her hand start floating upward, up and away from the offending 5 yen coin. "W-wha-? How did you…?"

Yutaka leaned in closer. "Keep on watching the coin. When you drop your arm, you will go ten times deeper."

"N-no, wait!" Konata averted her eyes from the pendulum, trying to scramble away.

Yutaka had her cornered. "Drop your arm, now. Falling deeper, and deeper."

Konata's hand twitched, and fell down to her side. She suddenly fell back onto the bed, staring upward.

Yutaka clambered over to her, dropping the coin back in her line of sight. Konata's eyes snapped to it immediately. "H-how are… you…"

"Good girl," said Yutaka. "Now, SLEEP!"

Her eyes rolling up in her head, Konata shuddered briefly before falling into a deep, dreamless sleep.

"Good, good, Konata…" said her cousin, in a monotone that would've frightened Konata had she been awake enough to notice. "When you wake up, you will forget all about being hypnotized. However, when you hear the words 'Good night', you will enter a deep, hypnotic trance…"

Konata didn't say anything, remaining peacefully asleep.

* * *

"A party game?" asked Kagami, looking skeptical. She placed a gift on the table, and sat down in the living room next to her sister Tsukasa, who was chatting with Konata and Yutaka. Everyone was dressed well for their private Christmas party, and waiting for the arrival of the Christmas cake. Distrustful of Konata's party games, the beautiful twin asked, "You're just saying that so you can make us all help you to get an item in your online game again, aren't you?"

"No! Nononono…" Konata assured her, leaning close to the taller girl with stars in her eyes. "This is much, much better. Yutaka's going to show you a new game she's learned! It's amazing. She's been practicing real hard just to play this. You have got to try it!"

Looking uncertain, the twintailed, purple-haired girl looked sharply down at the innocently smiling Yutaka with her piercing eyes. "Well, OK," she said tentatively. "How do we play?"

"I'm, uh, not really sur-" the red-haired little girl started to reply.

"Just do as Yutaka instructs," replied Konata quickly. "Good night, Kagami!" she added.

Immediately, Yutaka pulled a 5 yen coin from her pocket, dropping it before Kagami's eyes. Her own glittering jade eyes becoming glassy and empty of thought, Yutaka began an amazingly fast hypnotic induction, speaking more and more rapidly to Kagami in a soft, monotone voice as the coin swung by quickly before her. "Keep on following the coin," she was saying. "That's a good girl… let your thoughts just melt away."

Caught up in the induction, Kagami stammered, "W-wha… what is this game…?" Her eyes were tracking the coin back and forth, her body beginning to sway on the spot as Yutaka started moving her own body side to side to match the pendulum, forcing the captivated Kagami to respond in kind. "You're… what're you-?" Kagami was reeling. Taken aback by this strangeness, Tsukasa just looked on with a curious, doe-eyed expression as her sister began to fall under.

Her body completely on autopilot, little Yutaka could not stop herself, helplessly following her own programming to hypnotize and enslave this pretty girl. "Just watch the coin go back and forth," she was saying. "Back and forth, as you fall deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper into hypnosis. Deeper and deeper into my control."

"… into hypnosis…" Kagami was repeating, her eyes ballooning wide now. "Deeper… into your control? Wha-…?"

"Good girl… so deep now… when you hear the words 'good night', you will fell deep into an obedient trance… so deep now… you will not remember being hypnotized at all!"

"W-wait," Kagami stammered. "W-what's going… on?!"

Yutaka was lost in her trance. "You will not remember… being hypnotized…" As if this were directed at herself, her own eyes suddenly went back to normal. Blinking rapidly, she yawned and then stretched, as if coming out of a very deep sleep.

Konata was giggling, slapping her knee as Kagami's own head jerked back up, no longer feeling sleepy. She looked around confusedly. Tsukasa was looking at her intently, and the other girls were smiling.

"W-what was that?" demanded the purple-haired girl. "Did you do something weird?"

"I tried to get Yutaka to hypnotize you," Konata responded. "Do you think it worked?"

"Hypnotize me?!" Kagami cried. "You did what?! And… h-how should I know if it worked?"

"Let's find out…" Konata said, grinning at her. "You are feeling very obedient, Kagami… you will do anything I say…"

Kagami scoffed, "Fat chance. Anyway, hypnosis can't even do that."

"Really?" Konata asked, disappointed. "Why not?"

"You can't make people do stuff against their will, that's why," Kagami explained patiently. "Everyone knows that."

"What if I say…" Konata mused, then added in a commanding tone: "I order you to become my loyal maid."

Kagami stared blankly for a moment. Then, she jumped up from her seat and began yelling at Konata. "What kind of a perverted order is that? What are you trying to make me do?!"

Tsukasa got up quietly, and stepped away from the fighting girls.

Konata yelled back, "Shut up! Act like a chicken!"

Tsukasa, who had picked up a photo frame as if to dust it, suddenly stiffened, then crouched forward and formed pantomime chicken-wings with her arms. Obliviously, she began to scratch at the carpet with her stockinged feet. Nobody noticed.

"You shut up!" demanded Kagami. "Your cousin's hypnosis doesn't work."

"Of course it works! Now, freeze in place! You cannot move your body."

Stuck in a comical, bent-over pose attempting to peck at the ground, Tsukasa froze up completely, her small breasts threatening to pop out of her low-cut, fashionable shirt.

"Obviously it doesn't work, then. Has she ever hypnotized you?"

Konata rolled her eyes, "Of course not! But it worked on HER."

Yutaka looked surprised. "It did?"

Both girls shot her a glare. She fell silent.

"Anyway," continued Konata, "I saw it working on you. I bet you'll do anything I say, as soon as you hear the words 'good night'."

As soon as the words were uttered, the room fell silent. With Tsukasa still frozen in the background, unnoticed, the two girls just stared at each other. For a moment, no-one spoke.

"Now," said Konata after a moment, "if you've been hypnotized properly, you will obey any command I give you…"

"Even if you're right, it's only if it's not against my will," replied Kagami.

"Fine," said Konata, smiling like a cat. "Then how about this: To prove that you are in my power, you will now take off all your clothes… I command you! Take off all your clothes!"

Immediately, Tsukasa unfroze. Her eyes widening, she tried to speak, but no words came out. Her hands began to tug at her shirt, pulling it up over her head. Then, standing up straight and swaying slowly from side to side, she began to take off her skirt and stockings, leaving her clad only in a childish set of pink lingerie.

"You're not listening," said Kagami. "That'd never work."

"Fine," said Konata, taking off her loose shirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing a bra over her perky little breasts. "I guess it won't work if I just command you directly."

The taller girl looked at her quizzically, "Taking off your own shirt won't do it either…"

"I've got it!" said Konata as she kicked off her shorts, leaving her only in her white, teddy-bear print panties. "You are in a public bath, where it is OK to be naked. You will take off all your clothes and have a bath with your friends."

Kagami gave her a dubious look. Konata looked proud of herself, standing naked in front of Kagami as her panties fell, crumpled, to the floor. Then, all of a sudden, her eyes seemed to refocus, becoming duller and glassier. "U-uh…" she shook her head confusedly. "Oh!" she exclaimed, suddenly. "Hi, Tsukasa! Hi, Kagami!"

Kagami turned around and squealed in embarassment. Standing among her cast-off clothing, her own sister Tsukasa was completely nude, and was obediently laying down in an imaginary bath.

As Tsukasa started making small noises of pleasure on the floor, Kagami watched, bemused, as Konata walked over to lay down beside her, and - apparently believing herself to have stepped into the bath with Tsukasa - began to roll around on the floor naked with her hypnotized twin sister, as the two 'swam' together.

"Stop that!" she shouted at them, but Konata and Tsukasa just looked over and waved for her to join them in the 'water'.

Kagami felt a tug at her sleeve, and looked down. She saw the small Yutaka getting naked in a confused daze, stepping out of her dress as she looked up at Kagami with wide, liquid eyes. "Aren't you going to get undressed, Onee-san?" the half-asleep, half-naked little girl asked Kagami.

"You've got to help! I don't know what to do!" shouted Kagami's flustered, shrill voice on the phone.

"Calm down," said Miyuki, adjusting her glasses. The blonde girl thought for a while, then said into her mobile, "I think you just have to get Yutaka to use her hypnosis on them again. Once they're back under hypnosis, you can get her to remove those commands.

"A-are you sure that'll work?" Kagami replied, worried.

"I'm certain. Give it a try, OK? I'll come right over."


The nude Tsukasa and Konata were sitting on the sofa now, pretending to wash each others' backs.

"Yutaka?" Kagami said to the naked little girl still 'swimming' on the ground. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes, Onee-chan?"

Kagami swallowed hard. "Um… good night, Yutaka."

"Huh?" the little girl replied. "I'm not going anywhere."

Kagami frowned. Then, she looked over at Konata.

"Hey, Konata!" she called.

"Yes?" answered her friend.

"Yutaka's going to sleep early. I'll take her home for you, so tell her good night, will you?"

Konata looked at her oddly. "Uh, OK. Good night, Yutaka!"

"G-good n…i…uuhhhh…" The little girl rolled onto her back, her naked body relaxing as she stopped making swimming motions. The nipples of her tiny, budding breasts were standing up clearly from being rubbed against the carpet. "M-must obeyyy…" she was panting.

"Go get your pendant, Yutaka," ordered Kagami, causing the naked little girl to rifle through her fallen clothing and then stand to attention holding a coin on a string. "Good, now I need you to hypnoti-"

"So, you're leaving too, sis?" Tsukasa was asking, in the meantime. "OK - we'll get dressed and follow after you soon!"

"Stay safe," said Konata politely. "Good night, Kagami!"

"Yeah, yeah," replied Kagami, looking at Yutaka. "I need you to use your pendulum to hypnotize Konata and my sister…"

"Yess…" Yutaka was saying, starting to swing the pendulum. "Watch the coin… Go into deep hypnosis…"

Kagami nodded, "That's right, swing it back and forth… and hypnotize… um, them to… remove the…"

The pendulum swung faster. "Hypnotized… so deeply, now. Keep on watching the coin. You cannot look away."

"… remove… um… the hypnosis…" Kagami was watching it swing, back and forth.

"You cannot remove your eyes from the coin. You must enter deep hypnosis. You will obey."

"… remove… um… my eyes… must, um, enter hypnosis… w-whoa… m-must…"

"You will obey."

Kagami was now staring openly at the 5 yen coin, with a foolish grin on her face, completely enraptured by its swing. "I… will… obey."

"Good," said Yutaka. "Now, when you hear the words 'good night', you will go into a deep, deep trance…"

Behind her, the other girls were putting their clothes back on, oblivious to what was going on only a few footsteps away.

"I love your dress!" said Kagami. "Everyone's just inside. Come on in."

"Thank you," said Miyuki, leaving her present on a table in the hall. "I'm just glad you were able to remove that hypnosis from them."

Kagami frowned. "Hypnosis? What hypnosis?"

Walking into the living room, Miyuki saw all of her friends dressed up nicely, reclining on the couch. "You know," she said, "I meant about how you were all hypnotized to become enslaved when someone said 'good night'."

"What?!" Kagami shouted indignantly. "Don't be foolish. I was ne-v-e-r… hypno- um… hypn…uuuhhhh…" her eyes rolled up as a big grin suddenly appeared on her face. Her eyes wide and staring, Kagami stammered, "Y-yess… I w-will obeyyy…"

Frightened, Miyuki gesticulated wildly, "N-no! I didn't mean… Please, go back to the way you were!"

From over on the couch, she heard Tsukasa and Konata reply, "Yessss…", as the two girls suddenly began to take off all of their clothes all over again. Next to them, Yutaka shuffled away, looking startled. Miyuki continued to panic.

Kagami, however, snapped out of it, her vapid smile replaced by an alarmed expression. "Oh… oh no!" she cried out. "They're taking off their clothes again! Miyuki, help me!"

"What's going on?" asked Yutaka in a small voice, as Tsukasa and Konata's clothing began to fall to the floor, revealing inch after inch of their naked bodies. "What do we do?"

With her hands on her hips, Kagami snorted derisively. As the last pieces of her friends' clothing were shed, and the two girls stood there naked and obedient, she said, "These weak-willed girls have gotten hypnotized again, obviously. They think we're in a public bath."

"Duh," said Konata, "We ARE in a public bath. C'mon, take off your clothes already."

Kagami rolled her eyes. "See?" she said, starting to unbutton her own blouse for the first time. "They probably think that I'm hypnotized, just like they are."

Miyuki began to sweat with anxiety, pointing at Kagami. "Y-you are! Look!"

Raising an eyebrow, Kagami looked at herself. "Don't be…" Then, realisation blossomed on her face. "W-wait… I can't stop, uh, undressing… Miyuki! I… Is this really a bath?" she tried to stop her hands from moving, but they continued stripping off her clothing. "W-why can't I stoooppp…" closing her eyes tightly, she managed to slow down her undressing. "Quickly!" she panted. "Help!"

"Yutaka!" Miyuki shouted, whirling around hurriedly. "Quickly, undo the hypnosis!"

"W-what?" replied Yutaka. "How do I…?"

"Uh- Good night!" Miyuki replied, shaking her.

Yutaka looked like she wanted to cry. "I don't understand!" she wailed.

"Hypnotize them! Do it, quickly!" Miyuki commanded, agitating both girls further.

"N-no!" Kagami shouted, reduced to her lingerie and fighting not to unlace her pastel-violet bra. "Konata has to say it! Quickly! Please!"

"Konata!" cried Miyuki, "Say goodnight!"

"W-why are you saying good night?" Yutaka asked, worried.

The stark-naked Konata just looked at Miyuki. With a bemused, quizzical expression, she said: "Uh… good night?"

"Not to me, say it to - ahh!" Miyuki fell backwards as Yutaka pushed into her. "What are-?" she started saying, before a pendulum fell down before her eyes.

"Watch the coin, Miyuki… look only at the coin… you can see only the coin…" Yutaka started, the programming taking her over completely as she lost track of what she was saying, and control of her mind.

"… and remembering nothing about the hypnosis," ordered Yutaka, before suddenly wondering what she was saying.

She shook her head dizzily, unsure of what she had been doing. Then, suddenly, she realised that Miyuki was in front of her and staring at her unresponsively, whereas her other friends weren't wearing any clothes. Yutaka blushed bright red.

"W-what happened?" she asked quietly.

"We were just taking a bath…" Tsukasa started saying.

"I… I think you hypnotized her, while she was undressing for the bath," said Kagami.

"Good job!" said Konata, smiling widely. "I knew you could do it."

"B-but… we're not at a bath!" said Yutaka.

"Of course we are," said Konata, looking around the living room.

"U-unless… you hypnotized us, too?" said Tsukasa.

"No way she hypnotized us," said Kagami. "She can't make us get naked against our will."

"W-what if she told us we were in a public bath, first? Would that work?" asked Tsukasa.

"One way to find out," said Konata. "Hey, Miyuki! You're in a public bath. Please get naked and bathe with us!"

Suddenly Miyuki stirred, taking off her glasses and shaking out her long blonde hair as she slid aside the straps of her dress and wriggled out of it.

The other girls stared. "M-Miyuki… Konata! Wha-" stammered Kagami.

Konata held a hand up, "She's doing it! That means we're not really in a bath. We've been hypnotized!"

Tsukasa and Kagami tried to cover themselves with their hands, shrieking, "Kyaaa!"

Miyuki, now totally naked, joined in on the embarrassed screaming.

"Yutaka!" shouted a flustered Konata, "Quickly, you have to return us to normal!"

"I… I don't know how!" wailed Yutaka, holding up her pendulum on its string.

All of the girls' eyes snapped to the pendulum.

"Uh… you are, um, getting sleepy?" tried the red-haired girl, swinging it back and forth slowly.

"… getting sleepy…" all the girls replied, immediately, their eyes beginning to glaze over.

Emboldened, Yutaka continued, "Watch the coin… swinging back and forth… back and forth…"

The girls fell silent, watching the coin closely.

Yutaka swung the pendulum back and forth. Back and forth. "You cannot resist its… its power… its irresistible pull…"

Kagami and Konata began to slump forward, already entering an obedient trance.

Yutaka's pendulum swung faster, and faster. "You will become… hypnotized… so deeply… hypnotized…" she said.

Tsukasa's eyes fell shut, her body shuddering as she was conditioned to obey. Miyuki couldn't help joining her in enslavement, her head nodding forward as an unconscious, vacant smile spread out across her face.

Her power captivating the girls utterly, with all of them slumped forward and asleep at her command, Yutaka continued to swing the pendulum in front of her eyes. "You… must… o-b-e-y…"

Her own eyes fell shut, her enslavement completed. She fell forward herself into the unconscious ranks of obedient, hypnotized girls.

There was a loud click, and a creaking sound as a blast of cold air entered the house.

"Come here, girls, I've brought the Christmas cake!" called Sōjirō in greeting.

Suddenly, everybody's eyes snapped open in the other room, and the naked girls' nipples stiffened in the chill wafting in from outside as they got slowly to their feet, swaying obediently.

"Y-yess, master…" they moaned, unable to resist obeying his order instantly.

Sōjirō got the shock of a lifetime as his cute little niece led a large group of blank-eyed, hypnotized girls into the corridor, all apparently unable to resist his commands.

Almost as soon as he saw Yutaka, the blood rushed to his head, and Sōjirō collapsed with a massive nosebleed.

She was the only one still wearing clothing.

* * *


"Good lucky!" squealed Akira, waving her voluminous sleeves in excitement. "Wasn't that amazing, everyone? Hypnosis really is powerful! What's going to happen to the girls now?"

"Of course, hypnosis like this isn't real," said Minoru, "so don't try this at home."

Akira stopped suddenly, and looked askance at Minoru, leaning her head on one elbow. "Oh, so you're the expert now, are you?"

"Uh, w-well, I only meant…" Minoru stammered.

Akira buffed her fingernails, looking idly at her hand as she said, "I'm not sure a newbie like you should be actin' so high and mighty…"

"I- I'm sorry!" Minoru said, bowing. "Please forgive me, everyone."

Looking bored, Akira tilted her head until she was looking upward at Minoru. "You know, I used to get hypnotized, to help with stage-fright when I was little. So, actually, it's very real. It takes a lot of work to make a kid into a star, you know?" She huffed, flopping her sleeves forward. "I didn't get here overnight."

"Oh, I see," said Minoru. "I - I did think you were watching quite closely during the hypnotic induction…" he muttered. "I wondered if you might've be-"

Akira narrowed her eyes, her pupils shrinking with rage. "Did you say something?"

Minoru gulped. "I, um-"

Akira suddenly came to life, flopping her sleeves in a cute farewell gesture as she shouted, "Oh! It's time to go everyone! Don't forget to tune in next time!" She winked at the audience with a winning smile. "Buh-bye!"

"Good night, everyone!" said Minoru, waving.

The cute, vibrant Akira's movement slowed to a stop, her big eyes opening even further as her sleeves flopped down onto the desk and her jaw fell open wide. "I… uhh…" she stammered softly, and her head turned around slowly as she looked at Minoru with totally blank eyes, devoid of all free will. "I am your slave, my master," she said in a soft, subservient tone.

Minoru was frozen. "A-Akira?"

Totally under his power, she could only reply with, "Yessss master… I will obey your every command."
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