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A drawing I finished of Mabel wearing a flower necklace. :iconmabel-plz:
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Just a simple drawing of Mabel and Dipper watching some TV together. :heart:
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Okay I need to seriously get a life and stop watching this show. LOL :XD:
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Chapter 1: He Returns

Wendy flipped through her magazine and sighed deeply. It had been an extremely slow day at the Mystery Shack, so she was hiding away on the roof of the decrepit lodge that was her current employment. Often on days like today, where the inhabitants of the small town of Gravity Falls were not in the mood for being conned out of their money by the crotchety old miser that she called her boss, she would often come up to this secret haven to think about how boring her life was.
Today was different however, as this time her mind was preoccupied thinking about the two new tenants of the Mystery Shack. Dipper and Mabel, the Pines twins or as Soos liked to call them, the Mystery twins.  The only real mystery about the pair to Wendy was how on earth they were related to Stan. Otherwise the two seemed like your average dynamic duo. As she thought about it though, she realized there was more to the twins than met the eye.  While Mabel may be an optimistic, boy crazy little girl, she had become kind of like Wendy's silly little sister, which was kind of nice since she came from a family of all boys. Dipper was different from his sister. He was paranoid, always thinking everything was part of some great conspiracy plot, but he was very mature and in her opinion, a very brave 12 year old boy.
She thought back about how he had saved her and her friends from the ghosts that had attacked them in the condemned Dusk2Dawn convenience store almost a week ago. At first, when she had heard the ramblings from the twins about the strange and mysterious things in Gravity Falls, she had thought they were just two preteens with overactive imaginations. Even when they came back on their second day staying at the Mystery Shack with the golf kart she had let Dipper borrow, claiming that gnomes had destroyed it to their very upset great uncle, she had thought they just got into a little accident and were trying to make up a story to get out of having to pay for the damages.  Now she started to believe.

It at least made their adventures feel more real. She remembered when she was their age, going on adventures with him. The boy from her childhood. The twins often reminded her of her youth and how she used to go explore the mysterious town with him, but then he left Gravity Falls. He left her. He almost left without saying a word, but he had sent her one last correspondence before he just disappeared. She wanted to write him back, ask him why he left their hometown, but the letter had no return address. She still had the letter, hidden in her room. It reminded her of him, kept his memory alive, even though she wasn't sure if he was. She always loved his writing, always seeing him with his journal, writing something down. She would ask what he was writing, but he never showed her, always giving her a gentle laugh and saying, "Maybe one day I'll show you."

During this reverie of her past, she didn't notice how the sun was starting to set beyond the horizon of tall pine trees. She also didn't notice the dark blue 2000 Mercury Sable that drove up to the Mystery Shack nor did she hear the car door shut as it's driver stepped out of the vehicle.

"Hey Wendy! Still got your little hangout on the roof, I see."

The shout stunned her and broke her of her daydream. The voice that called out to her wasn't one of her friends from school, but there was a tinge of familiarity to the tone. She set down her magazine and got up from the lawn chair. Looking over the edge of the roof, she stared at the stranger who was now sitting on the hood of his car, staring back at her. She racked her brain, trying to figure out who this mysterious young man was when he laughed. Then it all clicked, and she gasped in surprise. It was him. He was different from her memories, but the laugh was the same.

"I...I..don't believe it, it's you!" she stuttered.

"Well, am I going to get a proper welcome or what?" he asked, smiling up at her.

"Hold on, I'll be right down." Wendy yelled, as she rushed back to the trap door that lead back down to the Mystery Shack gift store. She couldn't believe it, her excitement giving her a sense of warmth that she hasn't felt for many years. He had returned to Gravity Falls. He had returned to her.
My first Gravity Falls fan fiction. I'm a big fan of the series and I wanted to try my hand at writing some fan fiction with an OC. I will try to keep it to canon as much as possible. I hope you enjoy.

Mostly Thriller/Mystery with some romance as well (we'll see how that goes lol).

Here's the summary:

When an old friend of the Mystery Shack gang returns to Gravity Falls, he is greeted as the town's prodigal son. But why does Dipper have a hard time trusting him? And what does this young man know about the secrets of Gravity Falls?

Next: [link]
Last: [link]
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Chapter 11: The Dance

Dipper, Mabel and the rest of the gang were very excited for the dance party they were going to be hosting at the Mystery Shack. The Pines twins had been having fun with the party favors, pretending to throw up silly string claiming that it was something their Grunkle Stan had fed them. Even Wendy had joined in with them. Dipper had noticed that Wendy's mood had been cheerier compared to the past couple of days. He had chalked it up to Adam's absence. Adam had to leave earlier that day, saying that he needed to meet with the contractor about his new place, as well as some other things he had to do in town. While Dipper did miss his new friend, he was more enthusiastic about the time he was going to spend with Wendy at the ticket booth. He couldn't wait to be able to put his "Get Wendy to Dance and eventually Marry Me" plan to work tonight.

Mabel had also been thrilled about the celebration. She was going to have such a great time, but she was going to miss Adam. He had said that he might stop by later to catch the end of the party, but he didn't know when or if that would be possible. Even though the tall blonde wouldn't be there, Mabel knew that she would still have a lot of fun. She was a little worried about her twin brother and his overcomplicated plan to impress Wendy. Mabel knew that Dipper meant well, but sometimes he was so caught up in his undertakings that he would undoubtedly be his own worse enemy.

The twins also couldn't get over the discovery of the copier Grunkle Stan had in his office. Dipper had tried to find out more about the device, but 3 didn't offer any additional information about it. He wondered why Stan would have such a machine, but perhaps like the wax figures, Stan hadn't been aware of it's true potential. Dipper had other plans for the machine, as when they were working the ticket stand, Wendy decided to ditch her post to join in on the festivities. He was forced to stay, but he wanted to be with Wendy. So he decided to use the copy machine to help him with his plan. As he laid down on the glass, the eerie green light engulfed the boy and soon he was standing face to face with himself.

Dipper 2, or Tyrone had been an interesting subject of study. Dipper noticed that besides the physical similarities, the clone also retained many personality traits as well as being able to link minds and have the same thoughts. He wondered if it was a side effect from the copier or if some other supernatural forces were at work, but those inquiries would have to be put on hold. Dipper thought that with Tyrone, nothing could stand in his way to spend time with Wendy. He had strolled over to her when Robbie appeared.

Out of everyone in Gravity Falls, Dipper trusted Robbie the least. Something about the pale black-haired teenager made Dipper uneasy and the fact that the dark boy was a friend of Wendy made it all the worse. Ever since the Dusk2Dawn incident when Robbie and Dipper first met, there has been an increasingly tense relationship between the two. Needless to say, his head was spinning from the fantasy he had of losing his beloved to this emo guitarist. Tyrone and he had agreed, they needed a distraction to lure the unwanted visitor away from Wendy.

So they made three new clones, Dipper 3, the one they designated as Paper Jam Dipper and Dipper 4. Since Mabel was distracted trying to beat Pacifica and Grunkle Stan had seemingly disappeared from the party, the plan was foolproof. So Dipper 3 and 4 rode the bike with an angry Robbie running behind them. It had all gone according to plan, until now. They had ridden away on a stolen bike from the teenager, but now they were sitting back to back, tied together and blindfolded, somewhere in the middle of the dense pine tree forests of Gravity Falls. Suddenly they heard a voice, the voice of their captor.

"I'm not going to ask you again. What does Dipper know?"

The voice had sounded familiar, the clones knew that it was someone Dipper knew, but from the darkness of their blindfolds they couldn't identify the mysterious man.

"I don't get it, if we have Dipper's memories, shouldn't we know who you are by the sound of his voice?" Dipper 3 and 4 didn't know which of them had asked the question, one of the symptoms of the hive mind they shared with Dipper Classic.

The man laughed.

"When a copy is made, not all the memories are exactly copied over. They are more like smaller ripped versions, so there are holes that the copies can't fill. Also, the hive-mind only works one way. It's a safety override, to make sure the clones can't kill the originator and take his place. Now, how does Dipper know about the secrets of Gravity Falls, and how did he find out about the copier?"

Robbie came upon a clearing, chasing after the thieves that stole his mountain bike. He could have sworn that it was the snot-nosed brat that Wendy had dragged along on their time at the haunted convenience store, but he noticed that the other thief was not the kid's twin sister. It almost looked like an exact copy of the boy. Robbie wondered if perhaps he had a twin brother as well. In the clearing lay his bicycle, completely abandoned and unharmed. Robbie looked around and saw no fleeing children in sight. He shrugged and picked up the bike, straddling the seat and taking off toward the Mystery Shack. As he rode back to the dance, he couldn't hear the horrified screams of the two tortured clones in the deep woods nearby.
Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay on this chapter, I had a harder time writing it. This does include spoilers for episode nine "Double Dipper", but I didn't want to write a complete novelization of the episode because I think it's a waste if you can just watch it. So anyway without further to do.


Beginning: [link]
Previous: [link]
Next: [link]
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Chapter 6: Accelerated Plans

To say the moments after Wendy's outburst were awkward would be the most correct statement one could ever utter. They had all been astonished by her reaction to one of her best childhood friends coming back to their beloved hometown. Stan finally decided to break the uncomfortable silence by clearing his throat.

"Well, that happened. So Adam, it's getting kind of late."

Sure enough, when the twins looked out the window that was recently fixed from Grunkle Stan's incident watching The Duchess Approves, they saw that the sun had long since passed below the horizon and the sky had started to fade to darkness.

"Actually, that's what I was kind of meaning to talk to you about Stan. I bought a place in town, but until the house is finished I have no place to stay. Would it be alright if I stayed at the Shack for a while?"

"Well, I'm not sure. What with the kids here already..."

"Oh c'mon Grunkle Stan, please let him stay." Mabel spoke up, giving her great-uncle the most sparkly pout she could muster. Mabel had been pretty quiet throughout most of the new arrivals stay, besides rambling to him about her bedazzleing her face. While she didn't know too much about the one-eyed former employee of the Mystery Shack, she really liked the young man. Something had made her feel drawn to him. While she didn't know if Dipper felt the same way she did, she could tell that Dipper had noticed it as well. Plus she thought it might be kind of nice to have someone else living with them. She loved her dear twin brother to death, but she did often get tired of the times he would just sit on his bed all day and read his book.

"Oh alright. You can stay," Stan Pines grumbled, "but there might be a small rental fee."

Adam laughed and said, "You got it."

He then turned toward Mabel.

"And thank you, Mabel." Adam said, and gave her a big friendly grin. She smiled back at him as Dipper stared at his twin sister with big, bulging eyes. Dipper did not like the idea of this stranger staying here in their Grunkle Stan's home. He was going to have a talk with Mabel before they went to bed.

"Well I'm going to hit the hay, you animals should do the same." Stan yawned and went into the kitchen, going toward his room.

"Okay, I call the bathroom first." Mabel yelled and rushed up the stairs to get ready for her shower.

"Well I still need to get stuff out of my car. Have a good night's sleep, Dipper." Adam said, and then proceeded to go outside to his vehicle.

"Yeah, you too." Dipper mumbled under his breath, clearly still skeptical about this whole situation.

After Mabel had gotten done with her shower, Dipper took his. As the hot water washed down his bare chest, he thought about the all the commotion that Adam had caused. Dipper was worried about Wendy. She had seemed so upset. After he finished drying himself off and putting on his pajamas, he noticed that his sister had fallen fast asleep. He didn't have the heart to wake her to talk about her brash decision to let Adam stay, and the fatigue from earlier had come back almost tenfold. So, he crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep.

Stanford Pines had been called many things in his life. A con-artist, yeah. A thief maybe, but none had ever called him heartless. While he wouldn't miss an opportunity to make a quick buck or get something that he needed without paying for it, he had never thought to put another person's life in danger because of his schemes. However, he could no longer afford that luxury. As all was quiet in the Mystery Shack, Stan made his way toward the gift shop. Adam was a good friend, had been a good employee, but his unexpected presence in Gravity Falls disturbed Stan. It meant his plans were accelerating. Stan cursed himself for even allowing his brother's son to send his kids to live with him for the summer. He had come to deeply care for their safety, but he knew that now, they might not be able to escape this place before it happens. He neared the vending machine at the edge of the room, hitting the secret code and slid behind the machine as it sprung out from the wall. It then closed behind him, lights flickering off. The stage was set, now it was just a matter of time.
Happy New Episode Day, my fellow fallers. I'm really excited for Double Dipper. Yeah I know it was already leaked, but I've being patient and waiting for it to air like a real fan (even though it's killing me). So I'm going to go to sleep now so I'll be able to catch the episode, since I work nights, but I figured I'd give you a little present to celebrate.

Beginning: [link]
Previous: [link]
Next: [link]
Last: [link]
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Drew this earlier today. I'm too obsessed for this show but IT'S REALLY GOOD! :XD:

I see SO many flaws with this pic, but I digress.


So yeah.....

Gravity Falls, Mabel and Dipper Pines (c) Alex Hirsch, Disney
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A quick drawing I did for my school binder because I head back to school tomorrow

And who wouldn't want these two on their binder??? LOL

So yeah, this is the last you'll of me for a while...but I'll try to upload stuff when I can

Dipper and Mabel (c) Alex hirsch
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Inspired by the scene where they're floating in the theme song/ title sequence.

Link to the theme song:

So yeah, I was FINALLY able to find a picture of the book online (from the GF wiki:[link]) which had to be the most interesting part of drawing this pic.

That book is so mysterious. A picture of a six-fingered hand with the number 3 on it? WHAT COULD THAT POSSIBLY MEAN??

Gravity Falls (c) Alex Hirsch, Disney
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cdszfv dsfvsdefved
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I already posted the one on the bottom left corner.

Trying to get the hang of the style.
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Wanted to draw some PnF and Gravity Falls.

Also, Teen Ana on the bottom corner and Ferbella on the other bottom corner. Yup.
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I dunno, I wanted to draw them. The show looks interesting. :D
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I love this showwwwwwww.
First of all, this is NOT pinecest. I just find that to be disturbing and gross. I mean, they're as closely related as a boy and a girl can possibly be, and some people ship them together?
-______- Also, they're twelve and Gravity Falls is a children's show, even if older people like it too. Please don't send me hate for this, as it is my honest opinion.
This is fan art showing the love between a brother and sister. They care about each other in a familial way and it's sweet.
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I love this goat.
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Dipper and Wendy continued to hang out, but only as friends. Most of the time Mabel was with them anyway, so their newfound relationship wasn't that obvious. The only time Dipper and Wendy hung out alone was when they were either at the Shack or if it just worked out in town. Either Mabel would suddenly want to go somewhere else when she and Dipper are hanging out with Wendy, or Dipper or Wendy would unexpectedly walk in on each other when one was in a building and the other was outside. When that happened they just talked like good friends, and sometimes even joked around. Or, if they were at the arcade, they would play one of the two-player games. No one in Gravity Falls knew that they actually loved each other, though one seemed to have suspicions....
One day Dipper walked along the main road, just enjoying being outside. Once again a hydrant broke and Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland were treating it like a sprinkler. Dipper rolled his eyes as he passed them. Sheriff Blubs noticed.
"What?" He stopped running around, frowning. "You never did this in the city?"
"City Boy! City Boy!" Deputy Durland teased.
"No." Dipper smirked. "I'm too mature to do that."
"What are you saying boy?" Sheriff Blubs frowned even harder; Deputy Durland didn't look pleased either.
"*Hillbillies!*" Someone behind them cough.
Startled, Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland turned around to see Wendy nonchalantly leaning against a building. She had been nearby when Deputy Durland was teasing Dipper and felt the need to stand up for him.
"Did you say something missy?" Sheriff Blubs looked at her suspiciously.
Dipper tried not to laugh.
"Nah, cough." Wendy shrugged.
Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland, though still suspicious, let it go and turned back to Dipper.
"*Immature!*" Wendy coughed.
Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland turned back towards her.
"Okay that's it! This time we know you called us something!" Sheriff Blubs glared at her.
"Oh yeah?" Wendy smirked. "Well try to prove it!"
She then ran off, Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland chasing after her. Dipper just chuckled and continued on, he knew that Wendy would be able to ditch the two cops. She was more agile than them for one thing.
He then turned the corner, but just as he passed an alley someone grabbed him and slammed him against the wall. It was Robbie!
"Robbie?" Dipper said, confused. "What's going on?"
"Don't give me that, you know what's going on:" Robbie glared at him. "You and Wendy have feelings for each other."
"Geez, how many people are gonna guess my feelings for Wendy before I have a chance to tell them?" Dipper frowned, annoyed. "Seriously, you're like the fourth person so far."
"Big whoop." Robbie didn't care about that. "You having feelings for Wendy I can live with, who wouldn't have feelings for her? But her liking you back? No, not going to put up with that."
"Wait a minute, you have a crush on her don't you?" Dipper got it. "That's why you were unfriendly with me even after I saved you guys from the ghosts. You saw me as a rival."
"Exactly, and you're going to find out how I treat my rivals the hard way."
Actually, Dipper was really Robbie's first rival. The previous guys Wendy dated Robbie put up with because she didn't really like them back, she only agreed to go out with them because she was being nice. Then when she didn't feel anything special she gently broke it off with them. That's why she had so many boyfriends in the past. Even so Robbie still knew what he would do if Wendy ever really liked another guy. The thought of her ending up with someone else pained him so much that he would rather have his rival leave, even if Wendy was happy with the guy.
Dipper was starting to grow nervous, he knew he was in serious trouble now.
"Hey come on man, Wendy should choose who she wants to be with." Dipper said in hopes that it would get Robbie to back off. "You can't force her to love you back."
"Maybe not, but I can force my rivals to back off." Robbie smirked. "For example: I know you didn't beat the ghosts away with a bat. Wendy just said that to save you from being humiliated."
Dipper paled a bit.
"Yeah, that's right, I saw you perform that stupid dance. I didn't say anything before because you did save us, I was cutting you some slack. However, that didn't stop me from recording it."
Robbie held up his cellphone, revealing an image of Dipper in the lamb costume. The worst part was that it looked like it was a video. It probably was. Dipper really paled now.
"Here's the deal: stop loving Wendy or else I'll send this to everyone I know and humiliate you for life." Robbie threatened.
Dipper froze, thinking it over. Then he suddenly frowned defiantly.
"You know what, go ahead and send the video to everyone I don't care." Dipper glared. "I love Wendy with all my heart and nothing will ever stop me from loving her. I'd rather die than leave her."
Robbie was caught off guard, he didn't expect that reaction. Then he grew really mad and glared at Dipper.
"Then you will die." He said coldly.
Dipper's eyes widened as he paled further. He never expected Robbie to stoop that low.
At that moment, Robbie threw Dipper into some boxes near the end of the alley. Dipper was in so much pain that it was hard for him to get up, though he did manage to put his hat back on. Dipper managed to get up a little, but just then Robbie caught up with him and started punching him all over. Dipper tried to fight back but Robbie was too strong for him. Robbie then picked Dipper up and started slamming him repeatedly against a dumpster that was near the boxes. Dipper was now in so much pain that he could barely move, and he also found it hard to stay conscious. Robbie, seeing that Dipper couldn't fight back now, tossed him onto the ground and started pressing a board over him, trying to suffocate him.
"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" A furious voice yelled from the beginning of the alley.
Very startled, Robbie stopped trying to suffocate Dipper and looked up to see a livid Wendy. Robbie now was the nervous one, he knew he was busted.
"Wendy...I...." Robbie tried to explain weakly.
"SHUT UP!" Wendy snapped.
She ran over to him and gave him an uppercut, knocking him down. Stunned, Robbie didn't see his cellphone slide out of his pocket until it was too late. It was a one-piece instead of a flip-open, so Wendy saw the image of Dipper in the lamb suit. Shocked, she picked up Robbie's cellphone and glared at him.
"Delete." Wendy said coldly as she deleted the video.
She then tossed his cellphone at his eye, causing him to cry out in pain.
"You...I can't believe you would ever stoop this low!" Wendy snapped. "The Robbie I knew from my childhood would never beat up someone else! There is no justifiable reason for that! Get out of here Robbie our friendship is over forever!"
"But...but I love you...." Robbie protested, pained.
"You don't." Wendy said coldly. "If you did you would've cared more about my happiness than about ending up with me. You would've let me date whoever I wanted without interfering and especially without hurting the one I was dating. You would've done anything for me even if it was hard for you to do, like Dipper would. He's the one for me not you. Get out before I do something I might regret!"
Robbie, both scared and hurt, ran off.
Wendy then turned to Dipper and her anger melted into fear and sadness. She paled, tears forming in her eyes. Dipper was now unconscious and bleeding almost all over, even the mouth. He also had bad bruises all over, as well as cuts that were too small to really bleed.
"Oh no...." Wendy picked up Dipper, not caring if she got blood on her. "Dipper hang on please. You're going to be okay I promise. I love you."
She then picked up Dipper's hat and ran out of the alley. She nearly bumped into Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland on her way to the hospital.
"Now hold on there- Wait a minute what happened?" Sheriff Blubs had just noticed Dipper.
"It was Robbie...." Wendy found it hard to talk without crying. "He tried to kill Dipper...excuse me I have to get him to the hospital."
Too shocked to do anything else, Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland let her leave.
Wendy ran into the hospital and up to the front desk. The nurse behind the desk looked at Dipper with shock and concern.
"What happened to the poor dear?" She asked.
Wendy quickly explained, without mentioning the reason why Robbie beat up Dipper, and the nurse sent for a stretcher. One came almost immediately and the nurses gently lay Dipper down on it. Wendy squeezed Dipper's hand reassuringly before letting him be wheeled into surgery. Then she brought out her cellphone and started to dial, remembering that there were others who would want to know.
Meanwhile, back at the Mystery Shack (or Mystery Hack or...whatever...), Mabel was looking worried. It was getting dark outside and she knew that Dipper doesn't normally stay out this least not without her. Besides, she had a strange feeling that something was wrong.
"I hope Dipper is okay." She said, looking out the window for a sign of Dipper.
"Me too dude." Soos agreed, also starting to get worried.
"Eh, probably just lost track of time." Grunkle Stan shrugged as he counted the day's money; he was actually a little worried, he just didn't want to admit it. "I hope he makes it back soon though, I'd hate for him to get hurt out there."
The phone suddenly rang, startling everyone a little. The phone rarely rang at night. Grunkle Stan picked up the phone with his free hand.
"Hello?" He said into the receiver. "Wendy? You're not calling in sick again are you?"
"No...." Wendy's voice sobbed from the other end.
"Wendy what is it?" Grunkle Stan was now sincerely concerned, he had never heard Wendy cry before.
Mabel and Soos turned towards Grunkle Stan worriedly, since he rarely sounded concerned about anything other than money.
"'s Dipper." Wendy managed to gather herself enough to talk properly. "He got beat up."
Grunkle Stan dropped the money he was holding.
"What?!" He cried, really shocked.
Mabel and Soos were now really shocked and worried too.
"It was one of my ex-friends...Robbie, the black-haired one...he caught on to Dipper and I having feelings for each other and tried to...tried to kill him. I managed to stop Robbie, I also dumped him as a friend but...Dipper's in really bad shape. We're both at the hospital."
"Stay there, we'll be right over." Grunkle Stan said before hanging up the phone.
"Mr. Pines, what is it?" Soos asked.
"Dipper got beat up."
Soos and Mabel's eyes widened, both of them horrified.
"WHAT?" Mabel cried.
"It was one of Wendy's so called friends, Robbie she said." Grunkle Stan explained. "He caught on to Dipper and Wendy having feelings for each other and tried to kill Dipper. Wendy saved him but he's at the hospital right now."
Mabel started to cry.
"Aw dude...." Soos said, really upset.
However, the two of them managed to gather themselves enough to follow Grunkle Stan into his car. He then drove them to the hospital to see Dipper.
When the got inside Mabel ran in and then ran towards Wendy as soon as she saw her. Wendy was sitting on one of the chairs, pale and sobbing.
"Wendy!" Mabel called.
Wendy heard Mabel and quickly got down, arms spread out, so that Mabel could hug her. Wendy hugged her back and they sobbed together.
"Thank you for saving Dipper." Mabel said through her sobs.
"I just hope I got him here in time, it's all up to the doctors now." Wendy sobbed.
"Where's Dipper?" Soos asked.
"In surgery, it was that bad." Wendy looked up, still sobbing.
Mabel's blood turned cold upon hearing that. Grunkle Stan and Soos were really shocked too. Mabel then suddenly stopped crying and ran towards the surgery rooms. Wendy caught on and quickly yet gently grabbed her arm.
"Hang on kiddo, you're not allowed in there." She said empathetically.
"I don't care!" Mabel argued, trying to break free. "I have to see Dipper!"
"I know how you feel but you'll be kicked out of there anyway." Wendy pointed out. "Wait for Dipper to come out before seeing him okay?"
"Fine." Mabel gave in. "But once he comes out of surgery I'm going to him and no one going to stop me!"
Mabel was close to tears again, so Wendy picked Mabel up so that they could cry onto each other again.
Later on Dipper came out of surgery. Everyone ran up to him but Mabel couldn't get close enough. The stretcher was too high. Even so she followed them into a recovery room. Dipper was gently placed upon the bed and an IV was hooked up to him. Mabel rushed to Dipper's side.
"He made it through the surgery, but we're not sure of his chances right now." One of the doctors said.
"Is there anything we can do?" Wendy asked.
"Just visit him a lot, let him know that you care." The doctor said. "He's still unconscious and probably will be for a while, but his subconscious should respond to your visits. It'll help him greatly if he knows that you all care enough to be with him a lot."
"Dipper?" Mabel sobbed, hoping he would respond to her voice.
He didn't, he just remained unconscious. Mabel started crying a little, not just because of that. It was also because of how bad Dipper looked. He was almost entirely covered in bandages, and some of what wasn't covered in bandages was bruised. There was a big bandage over his chest and another around his head. One eye was bruised and even his legs were bandaged. His feet were pretty much the only things unharmed, though that mostly had to do with his shoes having protected them from Robbie's punches. Overcome with grief, Mabel hugged him as hard as she could without hurting him further.
"You can all see him again in the morning." The doctor said gently.
"Thank you doctor." Grunkle Stan tipped his fez. "Come on Mabel."
"No!" Mabel argued. "I'm staying here until Dipper returns to the Shack."
"But...." The doctor tried to protest.
Mabel looked up from Dipper and glared at the doctor.
"NO!" She snapped.
The doctor was so taken aback by that that he just gave in with a shrug. He and Grunkle Stan left so that they could discuss the bill. Grunkle Stan didn't have enough money on him at the moment, but fortunately had more than enough back at the Shack. His years of hoarding money were finally going to pay off.
Soos and Wendy went closer to Dipper to encourage him to pull through.
"Come on dude, you can pull through." Soos said. "I know you can."
"You have to pull through, not just for your family but for me." Wendy added. "My heart will break if you...I can't even say it. Anyway think of Mabel too, I know her heart will break if...darn it."
Wendy started to cry a little, but pulled herself together and kissed Dipper on the cheek.
"I will always love you Dipper." She said.
Mabel smiled gratefully at Wendy. She knew that if anything could help Dipper pull through it was her love and Wendy's love.
Wendy and Soos then left. Grunkle Stan reappeared at the door.
"Mabel, I'll come back tomorrow with some of your stuff okay?" He said gently. "Including your knitting supplies, maybe you can knit a special sweater for Dipper."
"Okay." Mabel calmed down a little, grateful that Grunkle Stan cared that much. "Thank you Grunkle Stan."
Grunkle Stan smiled back as a way of saying 'welcome' before leaving. Mabel then carefully crawled onto the bed and lay down next to Dipper. She took his hand so that it was on top of her left hand and nearly buried her face into Dipper's shoulder and neck. Her right arm wrapped itself gently around Dipper's chest. Mabel fell asleep, smiling a little upon feeling Dipper's heart still beating.
The doctor had come back not long after Grunkle Stan left and so saw all that.
"I have never seen sibling love like that before." He said to himself before turning out the lights and leaving, shutting the door as he did.
Donít worry everyone Dipper will be fine in the long run. Iím not the type who would kill off a great character like Dipper, at least not permanently.

Chapter Three: [link]
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Wendy and Dipper continued dating each summer, with letters and phone calls from fall to spring. They ended up not having to worry about Robbie, who had decided to leave them alone. This mostly had to do with Manly Dan still watching him, after all no one wants to anger a guy who can rip the arm off an electronic. A literal arm I mean.
When Dipper and Mabel's prom came Wendy was able to be Dipper's date for it. They stayed together the entire night, except for whenever one had to go to the bathroom. Mabel and Dipper hung out too of course, but not that often. They didn't need to, Mabel had a date of her own.
The next year Dipper and Mabel graduated. Dipper and Mabel spent the day of the ceremony with their friends and family, then the next day Dipper and Mabel had a sibling's day out together. The day afterward was just Dipper and Wendy, who had been waiting for this.
They were sitting on the couch of the Pines's home. Mabel had gone out with her boyfriend and Mr. and Mrs. Pines were out enjoying themselves.
"You know, you're now legally allowed to get married." Wendy flirted playfully.
"I know, and I can't wait to marry you." Dipper smiled even though he was blushing; even after all these years compliments or flirts from Wendy still made him feel like his twelve-year-old-with-a-crush self. "But I want to make sure I get that Paranormal Investigators job first, the one I applied for last week. Thank goodness the truth about Gravity Falls spread all over the country, otherwise I would've had to wait to apply and then we would have to wait longer to get married."
"I understand, and I know you're going to get the job." Wendy smiled. "What about Mabel?"
"She's going to open her own line of sweater fashions." Dipper chuckled. "And do pet sitting on the side."
"Should've seen that coming." Wendy smirked, amused. "She still loves sweaters and animals. Including Waddles. Oh, and Bear, he's her second favorite."
As if on cue, an English Cocker Spaniel came in barking joyfully.
"Hey Bear." Dipper chuckled.
Bear jumped onto Dipper's lap, lay down, and let both Dipper and Wendy pet him.
Mabel did manage to open her own store in a slightly rural town that relies on homemade food more than factory made food. It's far enough away from the city for farms, but close enough to the city for visits. It worked out since Dipper and Mabel's parents lived in the city.
Dipper got the paranormal job, pretty quickly too. The job required traveling but despite that Dipper bought a house right next door to Mabel's. Both houses were perfect for them...though Mabel redecorated her's to make it even more perfect. The best part though was that both houses had large enough backyards for small-scale farming, which meant that Waddles would be very comfortable. Mabel decided to grow her own fruit but Dipper passed on the farming entirely. He was going to keep his backyard a backyard.
Later on, after Dipper finished moving in, he invited Wendy over to see his new house. Wendy loved it. Dipper was glad, because he had an important question to ask her. So, they sat down on the couch....
"Wendy, there just aren't enough words to describe how I feel about you." Dipper began. "All I can say is that I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I'm sorry this took so long but I had a hard time finding the perfect one."
Dipper then got down on one knee and opened a ring box that he took out of his pocket. Wendy gasped upon noticing the ring: it was a heart shaped emerald.
"This ring symbolizes my heart, a Pine heart." Dipper smiled. "I lost my heart to you a long time ago Wendy so this is the only way I can give it to you now."
"Since I lost my heart to you a long time ago I don't know how to give it to you now in return." Wendy smiled, tears of joy in her eyes. "All I can do is say that I would be honored to become your wife."
Dipper slipped the ring onto her finger and she got down so that they could kiss.
"You just gave your heart to me again." Dipper said happily. "You give your heart to me everytime you kiss me, because I feel your love inside me everytime."
They hugged.
Not much time passed, since the wedding wasn't going to be fancy or big. Heck, it was barely even formal. This was because it was being held in Gravity Falls.
So, everyone only dressed up in dress shirts and pants, or dresses in the case of some of the females. Even Grunkle Stan, who usually wore tuxes, just wore a dress shirt and dress pants...though that was just because he would've ended up being the only one in a tux and he didn't want to feel like a fish out of water. Even Soos dressed up, which was rare for him. Well, dressed up by his standards anyway, just a good shirt and pants. He even still wore his baseball cap, though that wasn't a problem because the ceremony was being held outside. Yet another reason to not wear fancy dresses or tuxes. Even the bride and groom didn't wear traditional attire. Dipper was wearing a blue collared and buttoned shirt with white pants while Wendy wore a green dress shirt with black dress pants. She still wore her boots and lumberjack cap, both of which had been cleaned up. Dipper also was wearing his old cap that he got from the Mystery Shack a long time ago (it was one of the reasons why he was wearing a blue shirt and white pants).
There was one big change that really made the wedding stand out: Dipper did not have a Best Man. Instead he had a Best Sister: Mabel. Tambry balanced out the alter as Wendy's Maid of Honor. Also, there were no Flower Girls or Ring Bearers, since neither of Dipper nor Wendy really knew any small kids. So, when the vows were being exchanged Mabel gave Dipper his ring for Wendy and Tambry gave Wendy her ring for Dipper (Dipper and Wendy had to talk Mabel out of 'decorating' either ring). As the vows were being exchanged some of the audience members began to sob. Including one that was a surprise for Grunkle Stan:
"Soos, are you...crying?" Grunkle Stan gave Soos a 'didn't expect this' look.
"Dude, it's just...." Soos sniffled. "So...BEAUTIFUL!"
Soos started sobbing uncontrollably, causing Stan to awkwardly scoot away from him.
Oh, and that was the only surprise. Manly Dan didn't sob, instead he just beamed with pride at his daughter marrying the right guy. Wendy's brothers too were proud of her for ending up with the right guy
The reception also wasn't exactly traditional. Dipper and Wendy both knew that Mabel could never resist a good dance so they opened the party with upbeat dances that everyone could dance too. The slow dances were saved for the end, for couples who were still on their feet. Dipper and Wendy were one of the couples and as they danced they forgot about everyone else in the room.
During the banquet Mabel tapped her glass to get everyone's attention and stood up.
"Ever since Dipper first fell in love with Wendy I knew these two were meant to be together." Mabel began her 'Best Sister Speech'. "There were a lot of pretty or cool girls at our school that guys had crushes on...except for Dipper. Dipper always knew that there was more to a person than looks, plus he wanted to wait until he found the right girl. And that girl turned out to be Wendy because she wasn't fake pretty or stereotypically cool. Her beauty was natural and her coolness came from not caring what other people thought and seeing others for who they are on the inside. She knew how to have fun in all kinds of situations and with all types of people. Dipper fell in love with her for that, and Wendy returned his love because he was the first guy to see her for her heart and not for anything else, not to mention the fact that he was the kindest and most selfless guy she had ever known. If there is a list of True Loves then Dipper and Wendy are one of the top couples on that list. I know that they'll be happy together forever. Dipper and Wendy everyone!"
Mabel sat down while everyone else applauded Dipper and Wendy and Mabel's speech. Dipper and Wendy applauded for Mabel's speech as well.
Oh, and by this point you're probably wondering about Robbie: well he had decided to move on and start a new life so he moved out of Gravity Falls. No one ever saw him again.
This will be the only story where the wedding is put into detail because it goes the same way for the ending of all my DipperXWendy stories. The proposal varies but the wedding doesn't.

Also, this is the only story where Robbie doesnít reform. In all my future stories he does reform.
Oh, and credit for the scene between Stan and Soos at the wedding goes to [link].

Last Chapter: [link]
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The next night Dipper, Mabel, and Wendy went to the Dusk2Dawn with a bouquet of pink roses. Instead of acting spooky Pa and Ma appeared with confused looks.
"Thank you so much for helping to save my brother." Mabel smiled. "I don't know what I'd do without him."
"I'm also grateful," Dipper smiled. "I would've hated to leave Mabel and Wendy."
"Well, even though we don't like teenagers we always liked kids." Pa said.
"We even wanted at least one of our own...." Ma then looked sad. "But it never worked out."
Wendy came closer, holding out the pink roses.
"These are for you, for why you died." Wendy said. "Even though you attacked us and our friends we feel sorry for you. You didn't deserve to die that way. However, you shouldn't blame teens for your death."
"But-" Pa tried to protest.
"No buts." Dipper cut in. "Teenagers aren't a separate species, they're still human beings despite how some act. Instead of banning teens from your store you should've compromised with  them, asked them to behave better while they were inside your store or at least leave their music outside. I know teens seem disrespectful to you but you're forgetting: they're going through a difficult time in their life."
"Exactly." Wendy agreed. "We're no longer kids but at the same time we're not adults. A lot of us don't know who we want to be or where we stand in life. We don't want to become clones of our parents, we want to become our own people which is why we try doing things in a new way and look for different forms of entertainment. When you banned teens from your store you hurt their feelings, that rap was just their way of telling you so. If they really were bad people they would've vandalized your store or something like that. I'm sure they never intended to kill you, and I wouldn't be surprised if they felt horrible when you died."
"I'm sure they still feel really bad about it." Dipper added. "After all the teens of back then are adults now."
"Right!" Mabel chimed in. "No matter what age we are we are all humans. We have to share with each other and we have to care about each other."
Pa and Ma look at each other, also looking as if they feel bad.
"Maybe we were too hard on teens." Ma admitted. "We're also glad we didn't harm you three the first time you showed up with those other teens."
"Now that I think about it," Pa remembered. "You two kids did pretty much the same things as the teens when you first came."
"Well, teens and kids do like similar things." Dipper shrugged. "Like junk food."
"Which is another reason why teens seem disrespectful to adults." Wendy added. "We don't mean to be, but we do miss having fun all the time like we did when we were kids. Plus we know we're close to getting jobs. So when it come to chores we want to get paid for them, like we would get paid for a job. Otherwise we try to have fun but unfortunately some things we found to be fun as kids seem babyish or immature to adults and sometimes even to our peers. This creates an emotional conflict inside us. In my case I don't care what people think, mostly because my brothers used to tease me a lot for some of the things I like. I wasn't going to change for them, so I decided not to change for anyone else either. This also led me into being very open-minded, as well as willing to give others second chances. Others like you."
Wendy gave Ma the roses. She and Pa were really touched and now felt kinda bad for not treating teens kinder when they were alive. They then smiled at Dipper and his friends and started to float towards the ceiling.
"Where are you going?" Mabel asked, confused.
"We knew we wouldn't be able to rest in peace until a teenager finally showed us kindness." Ma smiled. "You are that teenager Wendy."
"You mean you're leaving?" Dipper said a little sadly.
"We have no choice." Pa said. "Thank you Wendy for giving us the first kindness we've had in years."
"Of course." Wendy smiled, though she was a little sad too. "Gee, and we were just starting to become friends. I'm glad you two are finally at peace though."
"So are we." Ma smiled. "We'll see each other again someday but it'll be years from now."
"Goodbye!" Mabel waved cheerfully. "Have a great time in heaven!"
Wendy and Dipper waved too and Ma and Pa waved back until they disappeared.
Days passed, and Dipper was starting to feel bad about Wendy's friends being friends with him through the lie of his defeating the ghosts with a bat. So, one day he secretly talked to them in the Mystery Shack while Soos was busy somewhere else and Grunkle Stan was out.
"Guys, it's time you knew the truth about that night at the Dusk2Dawn." Dipper sighed. "The truth is I didn't defeat the ghosts with a bat."
"We know." Tambry smirked.
"Huh?!" Dipper was shocked.
"Back when you were about to die and Wendy went to the ghosts for help the rest of us wondered why the ghosts would save someone who defeated them." Nate explained. "Wendy fell silent when we asked her that so we guessed that she lied to us. We didn't make her tell us the truth though.
"Oh." Dipper understood; he then took a deep breath. "Well the real way I got rid of the ghosts...uh, have any of you heard of The Lamby Dance?" He cringed a little.
Nate, Lee, Tambry, and Thompson looked at him with shock.
"No way...I mean that dance is like torture!" Lee said, shocked.
"Tell me about it." Dipper sighed. "Actually don't tell me about it...but yeah. The ghosts would only let you guys go free if I did a funny dance and The Lamby Dance is the only one I know...thanks to mom." He finished bitterly.
"Ugh, I sympathize with you on the mom thing." Nate winced. "They can be so embarrassing to us guys."
"So wait, you actually did that dance just to save us?" Thompson was surprised...and maybe a little touched.
"Yeah," Dipper shrugged. "I didn't want to do it but I did it. It was the right thing to do."
"It was also what won me over." Wendy added. "He's the only guy I know who would be selfless enough to do such thing."
"She actually has a point." Lee had to admit. "The Lamby Dance isn't cool at all...but being willing to do anything to save us is cool."
"Really?" Dipper smiled, surprised.
"Well, becoming friends with you did open our eyes on a few things." Tambry shrugged with a smile. "The hauntings at the Dusk2Dawn kinda helped with that too...." She muttered.
Thompson, Nate, and Lee nodded in agreement.
"Wow, thanks guys." Dipper smiled.
After that, Dipper and Mabel became permanent members of Wendy's group.
After the ghosts healed Dipper I wanted them to finally have a happy ending. After all I had always felt kinda sorry for them.

Chapter 6: [link]
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"Awkward sibling hug?"
"Awkward sibling hug."


A sweet ending to the first episode of Gravity Falls, with a reminder that even though it is Disney, there is a hint of realsim. I must say, I found myself a new show to follow along. And more reasons to draw Mabel.

I've never done a hugging pose before. Yay me for getting better.

Dipper and Mabel belong to belong to Alex Hirsch (c) Gravity Falls/Disney

The songs that I listened to while drawing this:

"Falling For The First Time" by Barenaked Ladies
"99 Red Balloons" by Goldfinger (Nena cover)
"Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?" by The Ramones
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More Dipper! Or should I say, Dipper 2? Or Tyrone? The point is, it's Dipper's first clone from the episode 'Double Dipper'. I really loved the episode (and Paper Jam Dipper, the poor little guy!) and the Dipper's conversation and banter between each other was simply priceless. Proof that Jason Ritter is a perfect choice for Dipper's voice actor.

It was a quick sketch and a quick color. Very fun.

Dipper belong to belong to Alex Hirsch (c) Gravity Falls/Disney

The songs that I listened to while drawing this:

"We Used To Wait" by Arcade Fire
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Oh Mabel, you so silly! Since every other Gravity Faller is drawing Mabel with her lovely grappling hook (which I pray we see again soon), why not join in the fun?

I drew it a bit small for my taste, so it was a bit troublesome, but it's all fine now.

Mabel belong to belong to Alex Hirsch (c) Gravity Falls/Disney

The songs that I listened to while drawing this:

"Sunday Morning" by No Doubt
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I really needed that pointed out to me. wow...
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this won't end well...

If you actually notice the HAWUD IUDPH tell me and I'll JHW ULG RI LW
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the goat's name is GOMPERS
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if you ever need someone to paint for you
i'm not the right person to ask

anyway I like Gravity Falls (not enough to join the fandom though) In my opinion it's way too good to be on Disney Channel but oh well ouo

character designs and personalities are great and the animation is sexy GO WATCH THIS
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oh man Sam Marin you guys

Sam Marin
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the two sketches are better than the colored stuff

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