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Soos had crazy awesome hair under his hat? Well, I thought it was a good idea. This is a finalized version of half of one of my scraps
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Lady Mois! Saw her premiere episode last night and lovvveeddd her character design! So yeah, I drew this little apocalyptica holding her Lucifer spear (very awkwardly, because I drew it way too long initially but didn't want to erase the planet end), I was going to draw whatever she's looking at, but meh. I LOVE the new format for submitting art btw
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from episode 2
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Puella Magic fan character for :iconbunny-parade: and :icondark--lights:'s collab
mini bio: Ever since she was little Emma has experience numerous medical issues. by the time she was 13 years old she was diagnosed with an incurable illness and given at max 5 years to live. her parents took the news very hard and instead of letting Emma experience the world they kept her at home for most of her days. soon Emma grew tired of the life she had and made a contract with kyubey where she wished she was cured of her illness so she could see the world.

Name: Emma Robbins
Age: 14
Height: 5' 2"
Nature: Freedom (i think?)
Wish: to be cured of illness
Weapon/power: Trident
Location of gem: center of collar bone
Witch: emma became a witch shortly after learning two important things. 1) eventually all Puella Magis become witches and 2) Emma's best friend Lilac was diagnosed with the same incurable disease Emma once had. Confused, she confronted Kyubey about it, believing that her wish extended to everyone, but learned it only applied to her. Realizing this, she decided that by becoming a witch she would help create hope for her friend in some backwashed logic.
tldr; emma became a witch believing she would create hope in the world through it.
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basically did this to play around on PS some more... please note i did this over a long period of time so its not really constent xD but yeah....

1) stupid old desu persona of me... not even CLOSE to what i look like in real life...

2) basically what got me into art and creating OCs was pokemon... nearly all of my OCs are based off of pokemon games and I've spent like the past year i've been 'converting' them to more 'original' character. Terra is the most notable in change i think, theres a lot of her stuff up on here as a pokemon trainer.

3) yeah... no comment... i dont even...

4) some of them may be familiar to some of you while others may not :XD: brief descriptions on some peeps...

Jenny- Gloria's BFFL, president of student council and over all a pretty cool guy *cough*marysue*cough* she gives gloria a lot of support for her 'rebelious' side

Uncle Floyd- Megan's Uncle, he's sister to her mom and is a retired magazine writer. he spends most time taking pictures of birds and plants. he lives in his old grandparents victorian house where he keeps board, but due to an injury he got when trying to shingle the roof by himself (dumb move on his part) he needed more help. and since Megans mom was newly divourced at the time and needed a place to live.... you get the picture. he's 49 years old, and is kinda demanding, he likes to keep things shipshape in the house and believes megan should do her fair share while live there (aka help cook dinner for everyone, run to the store once in a while for stuff, CLEAN!) he likes to take nature walks in the park too :meow:

Aunt Sally- i did draw her before but i dont think i ever gave a good description of her... she's basically terra, gloria, and flara's Aunt, sister of their mother who passed away. she tends to travel around the world collecting various things, she works as a writer for this one travel magazine and because of that she's always on buisness trips to exotic places writing up articles from ancient wonders to new theme parks. she's fairly eccentric and tends to spoil her nieces alot... its thanks to her Flara has her nickname, (she snuck out with Flora one day to get hair hair died auburn, something went wrong though and cause her entire head to be CHERRY RED! sally laughed so hard she dubbed Flora, Flara because of her fiery temper and hair) and terra aquires her pink hair dye...

Ham- swiss prince of canada... AKA MY HUBBY! < u >

5) ....
6) ....
7) i made gloria when i was in like 3rd or 4th grade... so yeah she's really old o-o" and i made mary sue... well last summer :XD: (read the epic tale to understand)

8) SOME PEOPLE think flara and flame are really alike... (so much alike they gotta date? o.e nasty man purse nastyness) on the works of getting damion be less damion/jun/barry from the pokemon fandom... <_> i still think their much alike though...


terra is really fun to draw with her hair! >3<
aqua is just the most fun when it comes to putting her in diffrent situations, and frankly i think she's the most changed compared to her old pokemon self/ paul fangirl < u > (sadly she's hasnt been drawn in a loooooooooooooooong while ;~; )
HAM! I LOVE HAM~:heart:

11) colors represent their trueness, not much else to explain.... space time addiction reality and avoidence are other OCs i made based on songs i've heard... still gotta draw them as well...

12) nearly 40 of my OCs are from RPGs i play... *cough*causeiplaytoomanygames*cough*
and the other half are for my 'stories' that i watch in my head... who needs TV and crack when you can get high on IMAGINATION? :iconimaginationplz:

13) gloria was a SUPER MARY SUE, good at pokemon without trying, always was flocked by boys, caught all the legendaries <_>" thanks to the converstion she aint a mary sue... BUT INSTEAD JUST A VERY FLAT CHARACTER 8D

flara was your average angry sue, always angry at the world for no reason... yeah...

terra is and probably still your average kawaiidesu sue... she was originally created based on my 'childish' side... <_>

14) it was late at night, i didnt know what else to dress miri as... she needs more love U:< LUCAS WHY DONT YOU LOVE MIRI LIKE YOU USED TO~!?
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ok so :icongakuenhetalia: is having a Victorian themed spring dance this weekend and i decided to draw patty in her attire for the dance! /o7o/ i even gave her a little judge button because i'm supposed to be a judge for a dress competition there
her dress was influenced on Victorian dresses of the 1880s mostly /-7-/
it kinda looks more like a work outfit than a spring dance attire otl...

will scrap later
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Baka and Book

**************Soul pov*****************

"Soul... Soul?! Oh come on I know it's late I'm tired too but we have to study."
Soul grumbled startled out of his near sleep "Maka come on its like 3:30 in the morning can't we give it a break?" he yawned and laid his head back down on his arm using it as a pillow.

They were sprawled out on the living room floor Maka was to his right tiredly going through some of the books and papers that were scattered all around them. They had been studying all day and they both were exhausted he was nearly falling asleep and Makas eyes were visibly drooping and when she scolded him for almost falling asleep she did it halfheartedly due to her being extremely tired herself.

"No…" she yawned "we can't give it a break we have to…. Study" her eyes started to droop more and she started to fall but she quickly caught herself "…… we have to study that stuff still…" she said sleepily while nodding her head towards a pile of books to her right.

Soul grumbled and reached for them with his right hand, since his left was busy propping his head up, and that was when Makas self-discipline slipped and she fell to the floor… out cold… and on Souls outstretched arm "Huh? ….Maka??" he shook her gently trying to wake her up. "Maka? What the hell Maka get off of my arm!"

Soul sighed… maybe this wasn't so bad... He could actually get out of studying this way but he couldn't wake her up if he did then there would be more studying. However that was a difficult task if he wanted his arm back. He tried to carefully remove his arm from under Maka’s head but Maka shifted some mumbling something about studying she now had her head on his shoulder.

Soul stared down at her slightly embarrassed about how close she was "no way to get my arm back now…" he sighed and shifted to a comfortable position which ended up being on his side and extremely close to Maka. She shifted again burying her face into his chest and closing the small amount of space between his body and hers.

Soul blushed furiously as his Meister who had cuddled into his chest. He slowly put his arm around her waist 'so uncool what if she wakes up… what about WHEN she wakes up!' he sighed and decided not to think about it she started this anyway. Her head was just below his nose so he nuzzled his face into her sweet smelling hair 'what in the hell do I think I'm doing? I'm going to get Maka chopped for sure' he sighed 'I guess I'll take my chances' he kissed the top of her head gently 'yup I'm going to die tomorrow' he sighed and fell asleep.
***********************morning Maka pov **********************

Maka woke up from a really strange dream to an extremely strange morning "mmmmh what the!?" Soul was sleeping next to her one of his arms under her head the other around her waist they were still on the living room floor with books all around them.

She didn't remember falling asleep… or Soul falling asleep next to her and she most definitely didn't remember him putting his arm around her waist! She slowly slipped away from him he was still in a deep sleep and she was still a little shocked to find him that way but she just smiled at him and started to get ready for school.
She brushed it off because Soul well he was Soul and is sweet moments were not usual and Maka didn't really mind it… he probably just fell asleep and shifted around not knowing right? She started to prepare a breakfast for them and when it was almost done she went to wake Soul up.

He was still passed out on the floor so she shook him gently "soul hey soul wake up." Soul stirred his eyes opening slightly "wha? Maka?….." she saw him look down at the floor where she had been sleeping then looked up at her seeming to blush a little "oh uh ya?"
Maka felt herself blush a little too "oh uh breakfast is almost ready." she turned quickly 'ok so maybe he didn't just "shift" in his sleep…' she blushed a little more at the thought 'maybe I wasn't dreaming…'

That embarrassed her a little more because in her "dream" he was next to her and she cuddled up to him then he put his arm around her waist and nuzzled his face in her hair and kissed the top of her head and she liked it.

She sighed and put their finished breakfast on the table as an awkward looking Soul appeared in the doorway "Hey" he said as casual as possible she smiled at him "Morning." they ate breakfast quietly when Blair walked in.

"Oh you two are finally up!" she had a camera in her hand and she was wearing silly pout face "I was going to get a picture you two looked absolutely adorable!"
Soul and Maka and its late and they are realllllyyy tired i thought blair was a good spot to leave off at
if i get good reviews for this I will continue it and it will get updated sooner ;D love you guys
Part 1:YOUR ON PART 1!
Prat 2:[link]
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***********class room, 1 missing person who is said to be in the nurses office due to head trauma*******

As Soul and Maka walked into the room there was many hoots and a few people even whistled… or at least they did until they spotted the look on Maka's face then you could hear a pin drop until Professor Stine interjected "Soul, Maka take your seat please."

Maka and Soul promptly made their way to their seats and class started as usual although there was A LOT of whispering that Stine did not approve of "Everyone Shut Up Or You Will Be The Next Subject On The Dissection Table!" the class promptly quieted down but not much because every now and then you could clearly hear an hushed conversation.

Soul noticed that due to the whispering Maka's frustration was getting worse… hell she wasn't even taking notes anymore! He also feared that the pulsating blood vessel in her head was going to pop at any given time that was his major worry…that is until a certain person logged onto his Facebook account…
"MAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!MY BABY MAKA WHAT DID THAT GOOD FOR NOTING SOUL DO TO MY MAKA! SOUL YOU FUCKING BASTRED YOU ARE GOING TO DIE FOR THIS!" Soul by habit instantly retorted "I didn't do anything you over protective freak."  Spirt furious at the boy leaped at Soul about to seemingly choke him but… he was stopped in midair by a Webber's dictionary. This was bad for not only spirit and his depleting brain cells but also for Ox because he happened to land on the poor unsuspecting boy who was seated below him. This sent the both of them to the infirmary while the entire class laughed like hyenas… and that was about the time they got called into The Death Room.

*******Death Room******

Soul and Maka walked into the room happy to be away from their teasing classmates "Lord Death you called for us?" lord death turned around "yah yah hello wats up?" Soul interjected "You called us to the death room for something?" lord death replied "oh yes I was going to congratulate you I hear you two Facebook official." He smiled innocently but Maka was quick to reply "NOT YOU TOO IT WAS JUST A STUPID ACIDENT NOTHING MORE!" then stormed out of the room Soul sighed "smooth... this is so not cool." then followed after her leaving lord death to be confused "did I say something wrong?"

Soul caught up to Maka in the hall she looked pissed "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THES PEOPLE!" she yelled he flinched "They are just teasing Maka don't be so uncool about it they will stop soon." she turned around still flustered "YOU THIS IS YOUR FAULT!"

Soul looked surprised "My fault?!? Maka if there was anyone to blame here it's you for making us stay up all night..." he caught the 'I'm going to fucking kill you if you try to pin this on me' look from her and decided he liked his skull in one piece verses shattered into a million little pieces by the dictionary that she still had in her hand "…Or that danm cat for taking a picture... You know what its Facebook's fault!" he declared jokingly trying to chill her mood.

Maka frowned at him then started back down the hallway. Soul, not knowing what to do followed her "Maka come on they are just teasing don't be so uncool about it." Maka continued to walk away "Don't follow me Soul I don't want to talk to you right now!" she yelled at him Soul frowned increasing his following distance looking like a wounded puppy lost in the rain Maka glanced behind her to see if he was still following her seeing his hurt expression her glare turned into a frown she turned her head back "Quit pouting and leave me be Soul!" he continued following  her until she darted into the safety of the women's restroom "Danmit Maka are you really going to play this game what are you two?!?" she called out from inside "Yes I am going to play this game!"

Soul sighed and walked over and sat by the wall deciding he could wait her out after a few minutes Maka poked her head out and when she saw soul was still there she frowned "Do you really have nothing better to do?" Soul smiled at her "nope I have absolutely nothing better to do" Maka glared at him "you're an idiot you know that." she ducked her head back in Soul laughed at her "Well that's might be why you do my homework for me… hey Maka?"  When she didn't answer he continued "there isn't anyone in there with you is there?" he smirked Maka squeaked "SOUL DON'T YOU DARE!"
Lol sry that took a little bit ANYWAYYYYYYY LOL soul dun go in the bathroom bad boy :iconteheplz: tell me if i screwed up anywhere :D btw I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! iv gotten alot of good feed back i love you guys :D
Remember Faves are respected and Reviws are Love and if you really like this story and you do both I will be your writing slave! :D
Part 1:[link]
Part 2:[link]
Prat 4:[link]
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"SOUL DON'T YOU DARE!" soul hopped up off the ground "too late."

Soul nonchalantly strolled into the women's restroom getting a book thrown at him he ducked quickly letting the book hit the floor with a thump he was getting good with this book dodging thing "soo this is what the women's  bathroom looks li-.." he was forced to shut up mid-sentence due to Maka had another book out "WHAT THE HELL WHERE DO YOU KEEP GETTING THESE FROM!?!" Maka ignored his comment "Makaaa-CH-"

Soul grabbed her arm before she could do extreme damage to his skull "now Maka you said I was an idiot do you really think giving me brain damage will help that?" she blushed  "Let go of my arm soul and while you're at it GET OUT OF THE WOMENS BATHROOM." Soul shook his head at her "and leave you in here to sulk I don't think so Maka." pouting she replied "I wasn't sulking!" she pried her wrist from his hold and slumped against one of the walls slowly sliding down it soul Laughed at her then sat down next to her.

***************Maka pov (hahah you thought I forgot did you? Well I DIDN'T!)**********

Maka glared at the boy sitting next to her "What are you laughing about stupid?" Soul smirked "Ohh nothing!" Maka growled at him "You may be stupid but you're not insane and only insane people laugh at nothing so tell me."

Soul looked down at her fondly "Your blushing" he winked "THAT'S BECAUSE YOUR PISSING ME OFF PERVERT!" Soul simply laughed "so it wouldn't bother you if I did this?" he ran his fingers over her cheek lightly and in response a cute red blush spread itself out upon her cheek she quickly swatted his hand away "Don't touch me I'm mad at you right now!" she spat at him but her perked up "So does that mean I can touch you later?" he smirked… for ¼ a second "Maka-CHOP!!!" Soul was now sprawled out on the floor whimpering a large book impression forever tattooed on his skull "GEZUS I WAS KIDDING and where do you keep getting these books from!?" Maka smirked "I have my resources." Soul shot back with a… almost snide comment "Yah you shove them up your-" Maka glared at him "….I will shut up now."
lol sorry it took me so long to post this chapter...and that it is super short TT.TT so sorry any wayyy lol lil fluffy here ;D oh soul i wouldent finish that sentence XD
Remember Faves are respected and Reviws are Love and if you really like this story and you do both I will be your writing slave!
Part 1:[link]
Part 3:[link]
Prat 5: [pending]
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Narrator: Since Zuko already finished eating, he went upstairs ahead.

Katara: Where are you going?

Zuko: Upstairs.

Katara: Aren't you gonna join me eating dinner?

Mom: I almost forgot. We prepaired clothes for you two upstairs. That torn is really big.

Zuko: Thank you. I'll go back after I change.

Mom: Dear, why don't you go change with your boyfriend so that when you eat, he'll be there.

Narrator: Zuko was going upstairs when he heard this. He was shocked that he didn't noticed he skipped one step and tremble on the stairs.
          Katara along with the mother was alarmed and turned to look but Zuko was quick enough to stand up. Katara giggled a bit.

Zuko: I...I don't think that's necessary...uh...Besides, I think she's really hungry.

Katara: Oh yeah... A lot... (^^ ')

Mom: Okay, well... Dig in.

Zuko/Katara: Phew...  (-.- ')

Narrator: Zuko hurriedly ran up the stairs to change and didn't hear the conversation Katara and the mother had.

Katara: Before I enjoy this lovely dinner, maybe I should just get the clothes for me upstair first. So that I could just change in the restroom.

Mom: Sure. Go ahead.

Narrator: Katara entered the room and as soon as she walked in she was so shocked (at the same time amazed *wink *wink) with what she saw then she shouted. Zuko was already changing and he already took his top off!!! (AAAAAAHH!!) Zuko was startled and he hurriedly covered himself with the nearest thing he could grab (which was a blanket).


Mom: What's going on up there?

Narrator: The mother hurriedly went up to check on the "couple". Zuko threw the blanket away revealing his body to Katara. Katara blushed and turned around.

*knock, knock, knock*

Mom: Is something wrong?

Katara: Everything's fine. Thanks for asking.

Mom: I heard you two scream.

Zuko: Oh that...hehe....that was...uh...

Katara: Nothing. I just...thought I...saw a rat.

Mom: Oh dear. I'll send someone to take care of that.

Zuko: No! She was just...halusinating?

Katara: Yeah.

Mom: And why were you shouting, young man?

Zuko: She...startled me. She does that a lot.

Mom: Aw, That's sweet. You must care for her a lot.

Narrator: Zuko just scratched his head and Katara turned away.

Mom: By the way, I didn't catch your names yet.

Katara: Oh, well, I'm Katara and this is Zu-...uh

Zuko: Lee. I'm Lee. Nice to meet you.

Katara: Nice come back. (whispering)

Mom: Well, I'll leave you two alone.

Katara: Thank you.

Narrator: The mother went down and Katara took the clothes given to her.

Zuko: What were you doing here?

Katara: What? It's my room too.

Zuko: No. I meant, what were you doing coming in. You know I'm changing. Don't you ever knock?

Katara: Well, sorry. I'll try to remember that next time.

Zuko: Unless, of course, you wanted to see me naked!

Katara: Don't be rediculous.

Zuko: I'm not. Come on admit it. (teasing Katara)

Narrator: Katara got irritated but no matter what Zuko said and how much she wanted to hit him, she resisted it because he was still recovering from his bad injuries.
         Katara hurried back down because she can't take it anymore.

Mom: Ah.... There you are.

Katara: Let's eat.

Narrator: While Katara was eating dinner Zuko finished changing and went to the balcony and thoughts began to wonder in his mind... Welp, here we go... *dives into Zuko's mind*...

(Zuko was holding Katara's hands cause she was about to attack.)

Katara: It's you. I thought you were some Fire Nation soldier.

Zuko: Hey, I'm Zuko. Nice to meet you. You can say I'm dangerous but I'm pretty sure I'm not a Fire Nation soldier.

(Katara laughed and Zuko smiled, feeling great cause he finally made her laugh. Sweet music from the festival began to play.
         Zuko and Katara blushed and looked away from each other. Silence was in the atmosphere for a while. That is... until Zuko broke the silence by saying.)

Zuko: So...uh...

Katara: *cough* So..

Zuko: Would you...

Katara: Yes?

Zuko: Well, it's a lovely night. And I was just wondering... Would to...uh*cough* With me?

(Zuko ,not knowing what Katara will say, closed his eyes shut nervous that Katara might say no or laugh at him. To his surprise, Katara cupped his face and turned it towards her and said...)

Katara: Dancing...would be nice.

(They didn't know the right positions. So after a few twist and turns, Katara placed her hands and rested her head on Zuko chest. And Zuko, feeling panicky and not knowing what to do, slowly placed his hands on Katara's waist trying his best not to make her feel uncomfortable and they began to dance slowly.)

Narrator: Well, what do ya know?! He's having a flashback ^^
         After Katara ate dinner she changed in the restroom. Katara wanted to take a walk outside but before she could reach the door...

Mom: Where are you going?

Katara: Oh nowhere. Just gonna go for a walk.

Mom: Oh no you don't.

Katara: What?

Mom: Not without your boyfriend...

Katara: Oh...hehe (^^ ')

Mom: You wait right here.

Narrator: The mother called Zuko...i mean... "Lee" (*wink*wink) to come down.

Mom: Lee... What's taking you so long up there? You never came down.

Zuko: I'm coming...

Narrator: Zuko went out the room. As he was about to go down, he saw Katara with her lovely new dress. He felt an unexplanable feeling a he watched her. He was so struct with her appearance that he tripped and came rolling down the stairs... (^^ ') As he watched her waiting, she watched him FALLING... (ROFL xD)
          He fell down the stairs but after he reached the end of his "painful journey",
he stood up right away like nothing happened and said...

Zuko: What's up?

Mom: Oh dear, are you ok?

Zuko: Don't worry I'm fine... (trying to resist the pain he felt from the burn on his shoulder)

Katara: Oh yeah... He meant to do that. (giggling)

Zuko: Very funny. Anyways, why did you call me down here?

Mom: Well, your girlfriend here is going for a walk and as her boyfriend, you should be there to keep her company.

Zuko: Yeah sure. Come on.

Katara: Oh that really won't be necess-

Zuko: Great let's go.

Zuko: Remember what i said... play along.

(after they left...)
Mom: Hm... Strange couple.

Narrator: Zuko and Katara went to watch the dances and other performances in the festival.
        A lot of women were attracted to Zuko and somehow Katara became jealous. Katara got mad when they passed by a group of young women having tea and they all flirted with Zuko.

Woman1: Hi there pretty boy...

Woman2: Hey handsome...

Woman3: Come sit here.

Zuko: Well...Su-

Katara: Hey! He's with me!

Narrator: Katara dragged him to a table far from those irritating women.

Zuko: What was that about?

Katara: What was what about?

Zuko: The one back there.

Katara: Like you along.

Zuko: But we're not even in the inn.

Katara: So?

Zuko: So...I say you're jealous.

Katara: You're being pathetic....AGAIN!

Zuko: No...You are.

Katara: What?!

Narrator: Before Katara could say anything else, one of those young women (the one who flirted with Zuko) came to their table and said...

Woman1: Hey again.

Zuko: Hey.

Narrator: Katara felt bad vibes around that woman (probably jealous ^^). She cletched her fist and listened to their conversation. But what really pissed her off was...

Woman1: I hope you're good at your dancing as you are with your looks.

Zuko: What?

Woman1: Come on! Let's dance!

Narrator: Katara was so mad that the water in her cup was already shaking so hard. Zuko saw this and he had a smirk on his face.

Katara is still waiting for Zuko's answer and so will we...

Like last mom is already calling me so I had to cut this one too... sorry...but the next one won't take long.... Hope you enjoy reading my stories of Zutara Unexpected ^^

Zutara Unexpected_cover [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 1 [link]

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Narrator: Last time, we left Katara and Zuko having ideas of what to do. Let’s see what they are then, shall we?

Zuko: It’s perfect. We can go to the celebration and…

Katara: Find our friends.

Zuko: Great minds think a like.

Katara: But wait. We don’t have any clothes.

Narrator: Then they looked at the two dead spies and started to undress them. They took the clothes of the spies and wore them. They began their long journey to the Fire Nation. That might take some time so let’s check on the others first.

Sokka: Feeling better?

Toph: Yeah. Thanks Sokka.

Sokka: Hey sure no problem.

Toph: Someone’s coming.

Narrator: Sokka and Toph jumped into the bushes and listened to their conversation.

Soldier1: I hope this festival isn’t as dull as the last one. Every time we have celebrations we never have fun. All we do is patrol around.

Soldier2: Well that was before the Avatar’s capture.

Sokka: Avatar. That must be Aang.

Toph: Shhhhh.

Narrator: A soldier heard Sokka and said..

Soldier2: What was that?

Soldier1: What was what? You’re hearing things again.

Narrator: Toph lifted her arms and a huge rock hit the soldiers knocking them unconscious. Then Sokka and Toph came out from the bushes. They looked at the soldiers on the ground  with smirks on their faces.

Sokka: Sorry guys but we’re gonna have to take your clothes. We need them more than you do right now. Come on Toph. Help me get their uniforms.

Toph: You’re kidding right. None of those fit me. Besides, I still have my Fire Nation clothes on. You’re the only one who needs to change.

Sokka: Oh fine.

Narrator: After Sokka changed, they went into the Fire Nation. They listened to people and they tried to blend in.

Person1: I can’t wait for the celebration. It’s gonna rule!

Sokka: Oh yeah. I just wish I had something better to where.

Person2: Well you’re in luck. We’re on our way to the store to pick up clothes for the festival. Wanna come along?

Sokka: Well…

Toph: Sounds great!

Narrator: They went to the store and looked for clothes to wear for the celebration. While their on a mission for clothes, let’s see how Aang’s doing.

Soldier1: Hey kid here’s your food. Eat up.

Aang: Please you gotta let me out of here. I’m the Avatar.

Soldier1: I know. They’re having a celebration of your capture.

Aang: What?

Soldier1: As much as I wanna help, I can’t. I’m sorry. (walking away)

Narrator: Few seconds after the kind soldier left, Azula came in. The soldier knew it was nothing good so she listened to their conversation.

Azula: Hello Avatar. (with smirk on her face)

Aang: Azula! Release me!!

Azula: Whose gonna make me? Your peasant friend?

Aang: Where’s Katara?!

Azula: Oh don’t worry. She got away.

Aang: Phew.

Azula: With my brother.

Aang: ?

Azula: Unfortunately for them, my soldiers found them staying in a little Earth Kingdom village. It was impossible for them to escape.

Aang: What did you do?!

Azula: I didn’t do anything. My soldiers just burned the village to the ground.

Aang: No!!!

Azula: Oh don’t worry. There are plenty of other girls who will mourn for you when you die.

Narrator: The kind soldier heard this and felt sorry the Avatar. Then she heard Azula walking out and she immediately ran to a far distance and started walking back making it look like she was just about to go to Azula’s direction. As Azula passed by her, she shivered a bit cause of nervousness and then calmly said…

Soldier1: Good morning, Princess Azula.

Narrator: Azula just kept walking. As the master in lying and the creator of fear, she knew that the soldier was nervous but tried to stay calm.
         The soldier looked back and saw that Azula wasn’t there anymore. She entered the cell of the Avatar.

Soldier1: Are you okay?

Aang: …

Soldier1: Look. I’m gonna help you but you have to keep it a secret.

Aang: What’s the use? My friends are gone. Even if I would escape, I have nowhere to return.

Soldier1: Nonsense. You are the Avatar. The world needs you. You think your friends are gonna be happy with this?

Aang: What?

Soldier1: If you give up now, you will not only disappoint the world but also your friends. They worked hard for this. They went all this way for nothing? They placed aside their families, their needs and one even betrayed his nation (Zuko). You can’t let them down, can you?

Aang: No. I can’t. (looking up with an angry face) So what’s the plan?

Narrator: The soldier along with Aang planned for his escape. let’s see how Zuko and Katara are doing. *flips page of imaginary book*

Zuko: I’m tired.

Katara: We can’t stop now. We’re almost there.

Zuko: Almost there?! It’ll take us days to get there!

Katara: Fine. We’ll rest here for now.

Narrator: They stayed beside a river. Katara placed her bag on the ground and sat down. Zuko, on the other hand, was so tired that he threw his bag on a tree and laid flat on the ground.

Zuko: Finally. I was getting tired carrying our clothes.

Katara: I can tell…

Zuko: Hey, you think we can find them in time.

Katara: Well, sure. (crawling up to the side of Zuko)

Zuko: How can you say that?

Katara: I just hope for it.

Narrator: Zuko sat up and looked at Katara.

Zuko: I wonder where my uncle is.

Katara: What are you talking about? He’s held captive in the Fire Nation.

Zuko: No. Before I followed you guys to the Western Air Temple, I planned on getting him out. But when I went to his prison cell, he wasn’t there anymore.

Katara: Your uncle is a wise man. I’m sure he’s okay.

Narrator: Zuko looked into the crystal clear water worrying about his uncle’s condition. He remembered all those cruel words he said to his uncle. He was lost in his thoughts. And he fell back to reality and Katara held his hands. Surprised, he looked at Katara confused. Katara smiled at him hoping that he wouldn’t worry so much anymore.

Katara: I’m worried too. But we need to be strong if we’re gonna save our friends.

Zuko: I don’t know what else to do.

Katara: I do.

Zuko: ???

Narrator: Katara hugged Zuko doing her best to comfort him. Zuko didn’t know what to do. Her touch was way different from Mai’s. Way way different. Zuko felt like there was nothing more he could’ve wanted that moment and so does she. Zuko rested his head on Katara’s shoulders.

Zuko: Thank you.

Katara: No Zuko. Thank you.

Zuko: What did I do?

Katara: Don’t ruin it.

Narrator: Then they started unpacking. Katara helped Zuko with their tents (the one the mother gave them). Then Zuko began to look for firewood and Katara took out their food.
       While Zuko was in the woods, Katara was lying down trying to think of the things that had been happening these past few days. How she and Zuko had a lot of bonding. She even thought that she’s falling for Zuko but she immediately pushed that thought away. She shook her head and made a promise to herself that she will not let anything distract her from her mission to save her friends. But then she jumped back to reality when she heard something in the bushes. She went to take a peek. Then out of the darkness came a wild ostrich horse. Katara fell down. She was startle. The wild animal was about to strike her. She immediately got up and ran to the river. She created a very long water whip that hit the beast and knocked it down. The beast stood up ran to her direction. She shouted for help.

Katara: Aaaaaahh!!!! Zuko!!!

Narrator: Zuko heard her scream. He got startle so he dropped the fire woods he had gathered on the ground. He immediately ran back as fast as he could.
         Katara had no time to wait for any help to be given. So she raised her arms and created a gigantic wave. Then, with all her force, she sent the massive wave splashing onto the beast throwing it hard to the tree knocking it unconscious.
         Zuko arrived and saw Katara getting out of the river soaking wet. He ran to her and said.

Zuko: Katara what happened? I heard you scream?

Katara; Oh I was just taking a bath.

Zuko: ???

Narrator: Katara pointed to a tree with an ostrich horse lying underneath it. Zuko was surprise to see how it got there. He went to check if it was hurt.

Katara: Oh I’m fine! Thanks for asking! (irritated since Zuko comforted the animal instead of her)

Zuko: It’s injured. (tapping the animal on the head)

Katara: What do think you’re doing?

Zuko: I’m trying to see if it can still walk.

Katara: Great! You care on some animal who just attacked me and you didn’t even asked if I’m okay?!

Zuko: Don’t tell me you’re jealous. Besides, I know you can take care of yourself.

Katara: I am not jealous! *bleh xP*

Zuko: Then come here and help me.

Katara: Why do you want to save it anyway? It attacked me. (walking to Zuko)

Zuko: It’s probably just confuse or hungry.

Katara: Yeah and we are its food! Besides, how’d you know if it’s confuse or hungry? Oh I know! IT ATTACKED ME!!

Zuko: I had one just like this before.

Katara: Gee, I wonder why you have so much in common.

Zuko: Just trust me on this.

Katara: LAST TIME I did that, I barely escaped alive!! I wonder what’s gonna happen this time?

Zuko: Well, LAST TIME, I was still having trouble knowing right from wrong.

Katara: That’s weird. Maybe your still going through the process cause in case you don’t know, THIS IS WRONG!!!! And what makes you think I’d trust again?

Zuko: We kissed. You worried about me when I was wounded. You got mad when I didn’t want you to heal my wound. You secretly healed my wound when I was sleeping. We danced. You invited me to sleep with you. You agreed to pretend I was your boyfriend when you could’ve just said no. Yo-

Katara: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Okay. First of all, you were the one who told them I was your girlfriend and wanted me to play along! Second, that kiss was just pretend! Third, I let you sleep in the bed cause that was the only way I could thank you! Fourth, unlike you, I have a heart and I prefer to use it!

Narrator: Zuko didn’t mind her at first but what hit him was the last sentence she said. He looked at her with anger and said…

Zuko: You don’t me! So stop accusing me of being heartless!!

Katara: Oh since when did you care for the people around you?!

Narrator: With what’s been happening between them, Katara knows Zuko has a heart but she couldn’t afford loosing another argument with Zuko.

Zuko: You should know!

Narrator: Katara stopped. She was speechless. Again, she loses the argument. Zuko, relieved that their fight was over, looked back at the injured animal and said to Katara…

Zuko: So, will you helped me or not.

Narrator: Katara looked a little worried. She stood up and walked away. Zuko sighed in disappointment since he thought Katara was going to give help like she always does. But little did he know that she just went to take her container filled with water which she will use to heal the wounded animal. So, Katara then returned to where Zuko was and sat beside him. Zuko was surprised she went back but he dared not show it.

Katara: So… where’s the fire wood?

Zuko: … (confused) I dropped them on my way back here.

Katara: Sorry.

Zuko: For what?

Katara: For everything.

Zuko: Why? You didn’t do anything.

Katara: No. I did.

Zuko: … (still confused)

Katara: I’m sorry for the way I’ve been acting these past few days.

Zuko: You just wanted to heal my wound. I should be the one to say sorry.

Katara: No. Not that. I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m sorry that I’m always that one starting the fights. I’m sorry-

Zuko: It’s okay. We’re both tired and stressed out.

Katara: Yeah I guess you’re right…

Narrator: That wasn’t supposed to be what Katara was going to say. She did a lot of thinking and she realized she DOES feel something for Zuko. She decided to confess to him but whenever she tries to, it’s either they end up yelling at each other or Zuko changes the subject.

Katara: So what are we going to do with him if he wakes up?

Zuko: He’ll be our transportation. (standing up)

Katara: What?

Zuko: We’ll travel faster if we rode on him. (walking away)

Katara: Where are you going?

Zuko: It’s getting dark. I’m gonna go get some fire woods…again.

Katara: But the- (pointing at the now sleeping animal)

Zuko: I won’t take long. I’ll be back before it could wake up.

Katara: But-

Zuko: Don’t worry.

Narrator: Katara watched as Zuko’s shadow slowly fades away into the darkness. She was a little scared that the animal might wake up and attack her again. But this time Zuko didn’t take long since he didn’t need to look for fire woods anymore. He just went back to the place where he dropped them. He went back to see Katara near the river. She was dipping her hand in the water. Zuko approached her and asked….

Zuko: How’s the-

Katara: Tai’s fine. He hasn’t waked up yet though.

Zuko: Tai?

Katara: Since we’re traveling with it, we might as well name.

Zuko: …

Narrator: Zuko didn’t mind it. He accepted the fact that he will never understand girls. He placed the fire woods he gathered near the tent and lit them up. Then he walked up to her and sat beside her. They just sat there gazing at the beautiful moon. There was a long period of silence. Then Katara broke it when she said…

Katara: It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Zuko: Yeah.

Narrator: Katara looked at Zuko. She never noticed how handsome he was especially under the light of the moon. Zuko felt her looking at him but he refused to look at her.

Katara: Zuko?

Zuko: … (finally looked at Katara) What?

Katara: Nothing. (smiling at Zuko)

Narrator: Zuko looked back at the moon. The smile on Katara’s face was no more. She blushed and looked away. (ARGH!!!! Come on Zuko! Can’t you see she likes you?! It’s so hard when you’re a person who doesn’t understand girls… *sigh*)
            Katara heard Zuko’s stomach growl. So she got up and brought Zuko their food.

Katara: Here. You’re hungry.

Zuko: ... How’d you-

Katara: I heard.

Narrator: Zuko looked down in embarrassment and took the food given by Katara. They sat near the fire and started eating. Then Zuko saw Tai wake up. He approached him and gave him food. Zuko watched Tai as it ate the food off his hands. Then he began to tap it’s head.

Zuko: Good boy.

Katara: He finally woke up, huh.

Zuko: Yeah. Thanks for healing him.

Katara: Oh, sure. Yeah. You know me. Always glad to help….*continues to talk*

Narrator: Zuko stood up and walked away.

Katara: Where are you going now?

Zuko: Bed. And you should retire as well. (starts taking shoes and shirt off)

Narrator: Katara couldn’t resist looking at “his toned upper arms and shoulders, his strong, broad chest, and his flat stomach” (OMG!!!!! WAAAAAH!!! *starts jumping and shouting* ♥.♥ *fangirl squee**starts to drool*) Katara blushed and looked away. She didn’t feel sleepy yet. So she decided to go for a swim. She took off her clothes leaving her under garments on. The river wasn’t that deep. She could still stand. She swam to the middle portion and stayed there for a while. Then she felt someone standing behind her back. (Guess whoooooo?)

Zuko: Hey.

Katara: Hi. (sighed in relief that it was only Zuko)

Zuko: I told you to retire.

Katara: I don’t feel sleepy. Besides, why aren’t YOU in bed?

Zuko: I… couldn’t sleep.

Narrator: Katara turned to look at Zuko. But when she did she just froze. Zuko was standing so close to her that she could only see his chest. Again, there was a “DRAMATIC PAUSE”.

Katara: What’s keeping you awake?

Zuko: … Nothing.

Katara: We’ve been together for days and I still don’t know you. Tell, me what’s bothering you?

Zuko: I already told you. Nothing’s bothering me. (turns around and starts walking back to get out of the river.)

Katara: Here we go again. Zuko come on. Why don’t you ever tell me what’s your problem?

Narrator: Zuko got out of the river without saying anything. Katara went after him.

Katara: Zuko… (reaching Zuko’s hand)

Zuko: You know what my problem is?! YOU!! (looking back at Katara then starts walking away again)

Katara: What did I do now?! (following Zuko) What is up with you?!

Narrator: Zuko walked even faster but Katara grabbed his arm and forced him to look back at her. Zuko turned around, pulled Katara closer and kissed her. Katara was so shocked since she never expected Zuko would do such thing. Zuko removed his lips from hers and pushed her to a tree. He surrounded her with his arms (like he did in the Fire Nation while they were sneeking). He place his lips closed to her ear and whispered…

Zuko: Does that answer your question?

Narrator: YES! YES! YES! *fangirl squee*

*Unfortunately, it’s getting late… again. So, we’ll just have to wait till tomorrow comes to see what happens next... ^-^

welp...I feel crushed right now and I can't focus on the story. I'm running out of ideas and i could really use your help. you could send me a note on this... so...yeah.. this'll probably leave you guys hangin' but, hey!they kissed. ^-^ hope you like reading my stories...
Zutara Unexpected_cover [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 1 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 2 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 3 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 4 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 5 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 7 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 8 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 9 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 10 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 11 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 12 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 13 [link]

Zutara Unexpected_part 14 [link]
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Mirror: Prologue

On Earth...
Fionna watched as all of the cheerleaders came out of the changing rooms after practice all made up, leaving the mirror free. "About time, I thought they were going to break the mirror", she thought arrogantly. She walked towards it and saw herself, naturally, but not dressed how she actually was at that time in her cheerleading outfit and her hair tied up in a high pony tail. Instead she saw herself wearing a strange looking hat with white bunny ears that only showed her fringe and a basic blue top. She tilted her head as if to investigate her reflection. Her reflection moved in unison with her. That showed her that it was really her reflection, not just a silly video or a joke. She then looked at the background behind her reflection. It wasn't the girls high-school changing rooms. Instead it was a wooden based room, no, it was more than that: it was as though the room had been built in a tree. "How strange." To check to see if the mirror was real, Fionna raised her hand towards it, trembling, as though it would break into a thousand pieces if she touched it. But when she touched it, nothing happened. She looked at her hand for a while and then at her reflection's eyes. That was when she started to feel a kind of electric current that started in her fingers and spread its way through her body painfully until it reached her head and she lost consciousness...

In Aaa...
Fionna went up to her room to get her back pack, ready to go on an adventure with Cake, who was waiting for her downstairs. "Where did I leave it?" she asked herself. She turned half way around her room. At the opposite end of the room was a mirror. "What the..? I can't remember having a mirror here", she tought to herself as she approached it. when she saw her reflection, she saw herself, naturally, but without her hat. Instead she wore a high pony tail and clothes that looked like...I don't know...a uniform. She tilted her head as if to investigate her reflection. Her reflection moved in unison with her. That proved to her that it was a mirror, not a BMO video or one of Cake's pranks. Then she looked at the reflection's background. It wasn't her bedroom, instead it looked like some sort of changing room with walls exactly like those of a bathroom, but with benches and hooks all around. "How odd." She wanted to see if the reflection was real, so she raised her hand, trembling, to touch it, as though it would break into a thousand little pieces if she touched it. but when she did, nothing happened. She looked at her hand for a while and then looked at her reflection's eyes. That was when she started to feel a kind of electric current that started in her fingers and spread its way through her body painfully until it reached her head and she lost consciousness...
Hey! I know I already post Mirror Prologue, but, this is translated by a friend of mine, who talks English perfectly, so I hope it's better to read...

Thanks to my friend, I can post the next chapters when I write them, so you can follow the fan-fic

^^ Thanks!!

Chapter 1: [link]
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Chapter one

"Ow... my head..."
Fionna woke up lying on what seemed to be a bed. She tried to open her eyes, but they felt heavy when she blinked, so she gave up trying. First, she got her thoughts straight. She was lying on a bed because... because she had lost consciousness. That seemed strange from her... Never mind, she had fainted because... she had touched the mirror? How strange.
"Time to open my eyes," she tried opening her eyes again, and succeeded. She was in a completely white space. When her vision started returning properly to her, a door in the room opened and she, out of pure habit, closed her eyes again and acted as though she was asleep. She wanted to be sure that whoever had come into the room was friend or foe.
-See! What did I tell you! She hasn't woken up yet. She must have hit her head...?- a concerned female voice said.- Do you think it's severe?
-Severe? Don't be stupid, Penny! She'll be fine,- another female voice said. They seemed concerned about her, which was a good sign, but Fionna didn't recognise their voices. -I'm wondering if she did it to get attention. 'I'd never do that.' Oh, please. It wouldn't be the first time she has been 'injured' and everyone has rushed to see what was wrong. Don't you think, Lucy?-
-Oh my God, yeah! That is sooooooooo her!- Fionna almost laughed at the silly voice 'Lucy' did since it sounded so much like Lumpy Space Prince but...more feminine. What did bother her was that they all started laughing as though it wasn't even a joke.
-Okay, girls, that's enough. What if she can hear us?- 'Penny' said.
-Hey, we've said worse things,- the second girl said. They all started laughing again-
-I hope she's okay. Let's leave her alone, girls. She needs to rest,- Penny said, ushering the other girls out.
When Fionna heard the door close, she opened her eyes and sat up, completely confused. She had so many questions swimming around her head. Where was she? How the Lump did she get there? Who were those girls? They had mentioned that she had done something that seemed frequent. Maybe they had got her mixed up? Was it possible that she was the last human? She looked down at her clothes. How come she was wearing something that looked like a uniform? How come she wasn't wearing her hat? How come... wait a minute...
MY HAT!!!!!!
Fionna started looking everywhere she could think of for her hat. From what she found in the drawers and cupboards, she deduced that she was in a hospital or infirmary or somewhere like that.
"Keep calm. Panicking is the worst thing you can do in a dangerous situation. Am I in danger? Never mind. That's not important at the moment, I need to get out of here," she said to herself.
She looked around herself and saw a blue shirt exactly like hers, and a pair of jeans. She decided that that was the best thing to wear if she was going to investigate rather than the 'cute top' and mini skirt she was wearing at that moment in time.
Once she had changed, she brushed her hair quickly, hoping she would find her hat as soon as possible, and made her way to the door. She stayed standing in front of it for a moment, wondering if it was a good idea or not... "Isn't this adventure time?" she asked herself. She walked through the door.
Here is the first chapter, I hope you like it! ^^

Prologue: [link]

Next Chapter: [link]
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Who wants a Lamby Lamby Lamby? I do! I do! :XD:
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So I'm taking it Mabel and Wendy are close friends dancing together in this pic I drew of them. :D Hope y'all like it. :iconmabel-plz:
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Just a simple drawing of Wendy I finished today, should've left her hat off though but hey it's Wendy, she still looks great. :icongravityfallswendyplz:
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I started this a few weeks ago then came back to it =u= b
Frederica Bernkastel from Umineko no Naku Koro ni C: I should really read the visual novel....but I can't find it anywhere >.>

I can ask for it for my birthday but...=u=;; I'm probably not getting anymore presents because I got a violin for Christmas LOL ;;

Anyway, the background is this: [link] It's a poem by Bernkastel or someting O.o It's really pretty ;u; But it took forever to copy down >.> (Yes, I copied it all hand....OTL Because I'm just a weeaboo like that. And translator fails.)

I don't know why but I like her =u= She's cruel and everything but I still like her.

I was originally going to draw both her and Lambdadelta, but I got lazy and erased her.

Once I started the background, I just knew I was in for a suicide wish. Enjoy!~~~

I think the total amount of time taken was 4-5 hours >.> The background alone took 1:30....:iconorzplz::
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I like this :D But I wish I made Remilia look more evil XD
I guess that's Flandre's job o3o
I don't know anything about Touhou XD I just like drawing the characters =u=""
Speedpaint: [link]

Mi is seriously considering getting Camstudio >A>
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Ahaha. Finally drew something that wasn't a person oAo Sorry, I need a little break ;; Right now I can't draw people for my life.

I really love these kind of pictures~ They're sweet C: And I love painting sunsets XD;;

Done in Paint Tool Sai C: Didn't take that long;;

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"Why should I? You ripped my t-shirt!" Marshall protested but when he looked at it it was in the hands of Fionna "Hey are we being robbed?" Marciline asked "No silly!Its us! Finn and Fionna!" Fionna giggled "Why are you dressed like that then?" Marshall questioned floating around them mostly looking at Fionna's boob*cough*shoes "We wanna learn how to dance like them people in step up 4" Finn answered "Did you really have to dress like that?" Marciline asked "Hes dressed up to impress Flame princess." Fionna said pointing a Finn "Are you sure you didn't dress to impress Marshall?" Finn whispered loudly so they could hear.Marshall's face looked as red as a London bus when he heard. "Shut up Finn!" Fionna moaned between her teeth giving him evil eyes and a dirty look "Anyway,i could teach you easily but we should do it in the front yard or we will smash up my house." Marciline said sarcastically walk- I mean floating to the front door "Actually, I'm not that wide awake to be able to dance so ill just wait here,k?" Fionna mumbled to Marciline "Ok." Finn Said with suspicion in his voice slipping through the door with squinting eyes


Marciline has already teached Finn the glide,heel toe,knee drop,slide and the shuffle "whoa,your a really fast learner!" Marciline complimented jaw dropped looking a bit creepy "Oh,thanks!At first i thought begginers luck and now i guess i was born to! like you were born to sing!" Finn complimented back making Marciline blush "Thanks,So wanna go strangle some pixies?" Marciline offered "Sure!" Finn answered Following Marciline to her house "Yo marsh,were gonna go strangle some pixies so stay away from Fionna!" Marciline threatened grabbing her umbrella "Alright Marciline *Door shuts* Ill try" Marshall replied with an evil smile looking at Fionna


"And did you see when its head expload!It was hilarious!" Marciline mentioned making them both laugh (Author's note:Guys,your gonna die when you read next part :3) "yeah!it was hilarious!" Finn replied still laughing "Hey, lets sneek in and scare them!" Marciline whispered outside "okay that sounds-" Before he could answer she picked him up and flew through the window and hid under the counter "Why are they so quiet?" Finn questioned to Marciline who was looking at them "Take a look for yourself" Marciline said with a grin on her face. Finn looked up with wide eyes to see the two making out on the sofa
Told you i might put some fiolee in this :iconpervyfionnaplz:
Im really sorry that its short ill try to make the next one longer
I did it at 1:00 this time :iconnoooplz:
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"You what!" Fionna questioned "I did it because 1, she found me and was gonna kill me and 2, there's no way I would let her kill you in your sleep!" Cake said looking at Fionna "Were did
you put her?" Fionna asked watching Cake sip her coffee like nothing has happened "In a cemetery near us." Cake said still acting like nothing happened "Okay then lets just forget about it,she deserved it anyway." Fionna answered "So now we got that out of the way I want to tell you something that you might like" Cake replied but in Fionna's mind she said "Ashley's dead,Yay!" "You can date Marshall." Cake mumbled but Fionna could still hear what she said "Oh, thank you thank you thank you so much Cake!" Fionna delightfully said to her squeezing her in a tight hug "You let her date him?have you gone nuts or something?" Finn asked coming downstairs rubbing his eyes "Yeah,but if he bites her I will throw him all the way to mars." Cake threatened "He's not gonna do that.There probably gonna be smooching all the time :D " Jake teased making Cake break her cup "Shut up Jake or I will go and kill him" Cake said grinding her teeth *Knock* *Knock* "Who's that?" Finn questioned opening the door to see lumpy space prince/princess "Is it true that your dating Marshall?" The 2 Lsp's asked Fionna "Who told you that?" Fionna asked "Marciline anyway gotta go babes bye" They said texting there way out of the house "Something tell's me that there gonna tell everyone now." Fionna said closing the door


"Marciline,what did you do this time?" Marshall asked looking at her laughing like crazy "I told Lumpy space prince and lumpy space princess that you were dating Fionna!" Marciline snickered "You WHAT!?!" Marshall screamed at her just making her laugh even more


"Ugh,now i'm gonna be paparazzi-ed all day like i'm glob or something." Fionna groaned playing with her breakfast "Fionna,you know the rules about breakfast eat it or I will." Cake said to her making her start eating it again "Ugh,i'm gonna go out before they start smashing down the door." Fionna said going upstairs


Fionna came down with mascara,lipstick and blusher on her face "Why the heck do you have makeup on?" Finn asked sounding like he was her dad "I dunno,Cake made me start liking makeup so now I always do." Fionna said quickly going out the door "I'm scared of what she might do."


Fionna was walking home brushing her hair and straightening her clothes,she got in the door and saw them all look at her with evil eyes "What were you doing with him!" Cake screamed at Fionna who got a little bit smaller when she said it
I cant really think of stuff so I just said "Tier 15" In my mind :iconhurrplz:
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You know how she had to use bending to put her suit on

And when Amon took it she was wearing it

And pretty much all the metalbenders were taken to Amon

How does she get it off?

I hope there's a way to get it off without bending cause that would suck.

...I'm sorry I really love Lin ;; I was screaming at the TV when her bending was taken away but


And either my theory is really stupid or this was done before >.>
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If you recall
A long long time ago
I was working on a big pic honoring the upcoming Korra series
Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Welp Naga looks weird and Korra's arms are really awkward and stiff but I can't say I didn't like this picture ;--; I'm just too lazy to motivation...I can't fix anything now cause I mashed her into one layer and I don't want to eraseee.

Saddd life.

I REALLY REALLY MISS when I used to finish nice pictures. ;---;
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EDIT: 7/21/12 Tweaked their noses cause some of them, especially Ryuu and Takashi's, were really bothering me .u.
And I made the hair look softer u v u. Takashi's nose is...really dainty. Ahaha. I just can't win.
Speedpaint: [link]
My first completed digital piece in a while....:iconlazycryplz:
I miss them. I really do. My wristttt hurtttssss
My stupid OC's //preciousbabies for my stupid story 8'D

From left to right: Jacques, Takashi, Marisa, Ryuu, Ren, Mei Xiang, Ying
Ying looks like a girl.
Mei Xiang looks transgender
Takashi's just the ugly butt as always :iconcryforeverplz:
By the way, I don't think you understand how painful it is to draw his eyebrows. .____.

And wtf is with Ryuu's shirt. It looks like a green jail suit.

Their noses are sexy.

Okay I'm done.

This took way too long. I always tried to draw something like this but it always ended in miserable failure. This is...less failure 8'D

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I sure get bored and creative at night that I draw on sai and come up with amazing pictures. I like this one so I thought I post this one too~ I've been posting so much digital art lately, am I getting better?

Last nights RP was fun how me and chaos were going insane in casino park and I wanted to draw chaoszard feeling really dizzy and angel chao in the back was a quickie doodle also so dizzy. I had fun drawing this really and I failed some stuff like the fire effect. I still like it. Sorry I didn't shade it I wanted to try for a good background @_@ Oh yeah how we got dizzy is we rolled around the pinball tables for hours on three different pinball tables. That last one made us dizzy for the longest time destroying robots as crush 40 music plays.
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This was an experiment to traditionally draw something then coloring it on the computer and I'll say it turned out better then my last years try with MS paint. This is my ST.Patricks day drawing and poor Angel chao has no trace of green on her and grounder is green so he gets to pinch my cheeks all day and no one can save me. I hope this calls for Volt to the rescue ;w; Got that idea from grounds and me talking about some holiday and what makes more sense is that Grounders shape is clubs while mines is hearts. Drawn and outlined with pencil everything else colored by gimp portable.

Happy St. Grounders Patricks day and wear green or else you will get pinched by a drillbot who is the color green!

I've been posting alot of stuff lately now I'm gonna slow down and play mah pokemanz crystal!

:shamrock: x :heart:
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Something I worked my right hand off on and it turned out great but coloring the rocks was a huge pain cause my stupid brunet color pencil snapped 12 times *rages*

I wanted to draw myself as a devil chaos chao since I'm usually a chaos angel chao named Angel~ XD Still cute looking anyway and the background... ugh coloring
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