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cosa mas mierda y fail que e hecho en toda mi puta vida, pero almenos partisipe en la actividad de :icontorneotriple-r:

ah si, la jota narracion:
"una pelea entre el campeon reptiliano y ryuka el luchador canoso.
ryu: soy mujer!!
lo que sea, da inicio la pelea, reptiliano se posa atras de ella y la sujeta, al parecer le hara su movida especial. pero que es esto!? reptiliano no puede levantar la pesada humanidad de su rival y ohhhh ryu se suelta y lo toma por la espalda, lo sujeta con fuersa y parece que lo esta precionando..." no se como seguir o3o.

bueno, son las 12:11am. tengo dueño y me desvele haciendo esta mierda y viendo las ovas mazinkaiser skl :iconexplodelaplz:

pd: el fondo se lo copie a hi :iconmingplz:

los personajes le pertenecen a sus respectivos dueños y bla bla adios
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un dibujo que tenia en mi libreta hace un tiempo.

Bueno, Marisha trabajaba en la tienda de azael. pero en una noche algo tormentosa, habia muchos truenos y Marisha se sobresaltaba, y terminaba rompiendo algo, paso tanto que a Azael se le acabo la pasiencia y la despidio. casi la saco a patadas, nisiquiera la dejo tomar sus cosas , aparte le grito mucho..

buenooo esto no es una historia "oficial" sin el consentimiento de :iconnobodyendless: ya que quiero discutir algunas cosas sobre Azael o3o

que les parece?
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puta como luche para subir esto ;o;
en fin, viendo un comentario en uno de los dibujos de :iconhoshihana-uchiha: me vino una idea a la cabesa.

pues es simplemente ninchi levantandole la camisa a ryuu a la vista de otros el grupo -w-

jaja me salio mejor de lo esperado, con alguno que otro error pero bueno -w-U

los del fondo de izquierda a derecha son;

Fuyuko (de :iconleeeliaaa:)

Ariza (de :iconsuzumefujida:)

Y Chie (de :iconsayaplos:)
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More from that pretty little unicorn world!
W/O Magic:…
Brielle's mother, Camilla is a swamp witch who found Brielle as a little foal when she was abandoned by whoever her biological parents were. While Brielle knows she's adopted, she doesn't care who her 'real' parents are, because Camilla is her mom, and nothing anyone could say would make her doubt that.
Camilla is pretty cool, but she's also a massive doter. When Brielle decided she was going to be a knight, she insisted that Brielle take something she made; a bag of holding with two openings. One is on her end and the other is Brielle's.  So she essentially packs lunches for her, along with writing little embarassing notes, like all mom packed lunches do. She's got a lot of creativity and outside of the box thinking, but she's still a huge mom. She always asks about Brielle's day wherever she goses, it's also a little like the friendship reports of their universe.
Her tail lights up when she's doing magic.
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Adopted from :iconlexipika-adopts:
This is the face of a pony who isn't paid enough to do this.
Although she has no Crystal Pony blood in her and isn't a convert, Sunny Side Up is the Crystal Empire's weatherpony. The only weatherpony, in fact. She is constantly overworked because the Crystal Empire does not yet have a functioning weather team or schedule, or even any other pony on the payroll. Sunny Side is a great weatherpony, but even she can't keep up with an entire empire of Earth Ponies who have no clue how hard her job is. Luckily, there are a few pegasi living in the empire who tend to help her, but she's the one in charge and the one responsible for it. She's a nice enough pony, but she's frazzled about 90% of the time and has a tendency to rush through conversations due to the busy schedule she keeps. She does help Skyla whenever Skyla needs training for being the future Goddess of the Sky, and her time Skyla tends to be her relaxing time where she lets Skyla do the work for her. Not manipulatively, it's just how Skyla has to learn, and frankly, she kind of needs that resting time.
She really needs a vacation.
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Finished from…
Sammie is Owen and Izzy's kid. She's 8. She's extremely excitable like both her parents, and she's got her father's appetite. She tends to have no sense of personal space and doesn't have a lick of common sense. She's really bad at telling bad people from good people, and it took her dad almost as long as it took to teach her mom that you don't go in the van that offers candy. (It took him a while to learn that too XD)

fuck I can't draw hands in this TDI-ish style. No need to tell me XP
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A ref for :iconsohk-oct:
no I didn't have this in Scraps for a couple days to wait for someone else to post a ref WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT AHAAHAHA

Molly "Knit Girl" Crooslin

Age: 13 (almost 14)
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 100 pounds
Likes: KNITTING, cats, knitting things for people, bright colors, yarn
Dislikes: Blood (it freaks her the hell out), crochet, people unraveling her projects, talking longer than a few minutes at a time, people taking her knitting away

Personality: Very low key, and seems to be super focused on her knitting. But she's actually way more focused on what's going on around her than most will realize, since knitting is so easy for her that she doesn't even have to look at it anymore.
She seems to knit harder when her emotions flare up. (Knitting calms her down). You'd be surprised at what conversations or body language cues she can pick up.

She also tends to not take sides and is totally neutral about most things. Even in the most intense fights she'll at least wait until her opponent gets up on their feet before elbowing them in the face. And the instant they start bleeding she backs off.

:star: Stats (50 points distributed) :star:
Stamina: 15/20
Offense: 5/20
Defense: 5/20
Speed: 12/20
Intelligence: 13/20

Molly is the middle child of her family, with an older sister already enrolled in the school, and a younger brother who's got a few years to go before he's old enough. They all live in a middle class household with their parents and grandmother, the latter of which got Molly into knitting.
She was only 2 when her grandmother handed her knitting needles and taught her how to make a simple scarf. And Molly's been hooked since then, advancing from the scarf to socks to sweaters by the time she was 4. And to more complicated patterns when she was 5.
Soon knitting was all she was doing, and her parents were concerned for her apparent lack of focus. So they attempted to take away her knitting, and Molly fought back. Turns out she was more focused than they thought. She had been gradually training herself to fight while still knitting, something that started off a little clunky but could be improved with training. By the time she enrolled in the School, she reached a point where she could really hold her own against her opponents.

It's been about a year since then, and she's already gained the nickname of "Knit Girl". And while she's doing a great job at multitasking, there are people who still think that she's not much of a threat. She hopes to jump from that to "Worthy Opponent" status before she finishes the school year.

Fighting Techniques
These are all designed for her to keep knitting in the middle of a fight, or at least hold onto it so none of the stitches unravel while she's attacking someone. She'll either hold onto the knitting with both hands or hold it with one hand with these.
---Her Offense and Defense are clunky so she depends more on dodging and finding a perfect time to hit, and takes her time when it comes to taking down an opponent, hoping they wear out before she does.
--- And if that doesn't work then she'll try being the human equivalent of a Button Masher, multiple small hits that eventually takes her opponent down. (she doesn't do this as often, since it can tire her out)
-- She's basically a Fragile Speedster (…) that just knits constantly in the middle of a fight

1. Headbutting

She usually aims for the chin or rams her opponent in the stomach, maybe even their hips/knees if they're tall enough
2. Palm/Fist strikes
Just because she's knitting doesn't mean her hands have to be occupied. Sometimes she'll put her knitting in one hand and use the other one on your face, or anywhere really.
--Sometimes she'll use both hands (covering her current knitting project so no one gets jabbed with needles and her stitches stay on) and clock someone that way, volleyball bump style.
3. Elbow Strikes
Another hands free one, she doesn't use this one as often since her arms are usually pretty close to her body while knitting.
4. Scarf Grab
She always has at least two simple scarves on hand just for this purpose. Grabbing one so it forms a loop, looping the scarf around the face (or anywhere she can reach) and then pulling HARD. This tends to throw the opponent off balance (or at least confuses them) long enough for her to land some hits.
-- Sometimes, if she's at the right angle, she can shove an opponent down while kicking at the same time, making a knee/foot strike to the face way more painful

-She will stop fighting the instant she sees blood. She doesn't like it at all. And if the opponent keeps going then she will too, just more shaky and knitting harder than before
-The yarn she has on hand can be literally any color (variegated or plain). As long as it remains consistent for the round. She'll have enough time to switch skeins around between rounds.
---This also goes for the 2 scarves, which can also have random patterns. She knits quick scarves between projects and she has plenty of them stored away.
- She will knit something for her opponent regardless if she wins or loses. Usually in a color she thinks works best for them. The thing she knits is up to you.
- She knit that giant sweater and hat that she's wearing.
---The sweater is only huge because it was her first one and she didn't figure out gauging quite yet, so something small child sized turned HUGE.
- During an intense fight, she might knit herself a sling right in the middle of it and try to find time to put it on so she can continue fighting
---She'll do this for other opponents as a temporary fix before they can get to the nurse
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Here we go now we have an Age Meme for Knit Girl!

5 Years: Just discovered the wonders of knitting, her hat was a gift from the grandmother that showed her knitting
13 years: How she is now, just starting to get good at knitting and fighting at the same time
17 Years: Can just about cocoon someone in a knitted scarf in the middle of a fight
25 Years: She is now the Knitting+Fighting MASTER, able to incapacitate her opponents by knitting them into a knitted sleeping bag in record time, and her sweater finally fits.
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(holy crap I got this done EARLY for once. Last time I was in an OCT I barely made it to the deadline. NOW I HAVE MORE TIME FOR GUARDIAN GHOST PAGES :D)


Previous Part: [link]
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I really need to practice a lot more in drawing backgrounds, sorry this is all sketchy and out of whack.

I know I draw Vya's family too much, but I don't care, they're a ton of fun! You've already seen his Pappa, now here's Mamma. Her name is Ruslana Bokabinsky, and she's as tough as a bear. She was a professional chef when she married Vasha (Pappa Bokabinsky's name, I forget if I said it or not) and then spent her time keeping her army of unruly children somewhat in line.
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So this is Simon and his brothers! (sorry, I like to think about characters' families and home life, even if it doesn't really come into play with the story) Simon, at 29, is the youngest in his family, Abraham is next at 32, and Joshua is the oldest at 34.

The three of them don't really talk much or spend a lot of time together, and when they're apart, they can all be semi-mature adults. But as soon as they're all in the same room together, they regress back to when they were kids, constantly fighting and bickering over stupid things.
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Working on portfolio stuff, colored an old-ish sketch to fill up some space on a page, and I was proud enough of it to post. I feel like I've gotten more and more fond of textures lately.
(Look at that ass Vya! This is why people think you're a girl!)
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I think I'm done for tonight, who knows.
Yeah, probably.

If you haven't seen that flag before, it's basically she's ace [asexual] as well as panromantic. Mind you, none of that stuff is really high on her priority list anyways. She's still trying to hold onto whatever's left of her innocent, drama-free childhood xD

I guess she might be relateable or partially relateable since, she doesn't really want to grow up. She wants to just be herself, and have fun and be a big goof. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mindy Jay Caldwell
- ♀
- 15
- ♥ [ace + pan]

Mindy's real name is Melinda, of course, but prefers not to use the latter as much. She's an only child, and despite being 15, holds onto a lot the common childish qualities of younger kids such as her deep love for cartoons, really cheesy jokes, and even her outlook on life has an upbeat rhythm to it. It's not to say she's never sad, but Mindy always tries her best to cheer up her friends, and help them through their troubles rather than focus on her own. The girl always looks on the bright side of things, the good in people, and often finds them too, but not everyone really has that ability to accept such things so readily. These are the everyday people , and most tend to think logically as opposed to hopefully. And if you think of it this way, where she may see the good qualities buried by labels and judgment in the personality of a ruthless bully, or a terrible leader of a country, you might see  where this could be a problem with people liking her and believing her opinions and word to be truthful.. It one of those things that tends to annoy others. On the other hand, she can't stand to  see her friends bullied, or anyone for that matter. Mindy may be able to sympathize with a bully, but she knows their actions are wrong, and if pushed enough, like anyone, even someone as bright and optimistic as herself would eventually snap, and do anything in her power to get through to them.

On a less important note, she loves violin music, spaghetti with an unreasonable amount of Parmesan cheese, memes, lame jokes, splatoon, learning about cultures, and doodling.

Mindy © meee
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kill me i made a new oc

im just gonna be ocs until i don't know what to do with them anymore

Dustin Brooks
- 13 years old
- cis male
- ???
- no partner
- chubby
- yet still loves to play soccer
- typical underdog, ignored, underestimated, picked last etc
- desperately wants be appreciated
- colorful
- curious
- clumsy
- happy with self, but can't help but wonder why he's always left out
- optimistic 
- sensitive
- often alone
- always tries hard, but it gets him nowhere
- loves good attention
- values friendship to a fault [and can easily fall for false friendships]
- loves to eat food! ♥ because food its great : )!!

might add more later
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im going to go to bed now. bye

also star. yeah.
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Now here's what I think are the worst sisters in media history.

10. D.W. (Arther): I haven't watch this show in a long time, but I did hear a lot of people saying that she is a spoiled brat.

Since I don't know how bratty D.W. is, I just put her at #10 now.

09. Zoe (Fantastic Max): For those who haven't heard of this show, it's basically like "Space Ace" with a "Rugrats" flare to it.

And Zoe is basically what would happen if Angelica was a sister, which would make her much more bossier than pushing around other babies.

08. Cree Lincon (Codename: KND): The older sister of of Abby (aka Agent Numbuh 5), who was an original KND member, until she was decommissioned .
And that's when she turned evil, and tried to kill/get rid of her own sister and the other members of the KND.:no:

Some "role-model" sibling she turned out to be.:X

07. Blackfire (Teen Titans): Despite how I only used the image of the animated "Teen Titans" version of Blackfire, but in the comics she was also a bad sister.

Stealing, letting Starfire take the blame for it, try to steal her sister's identity, and not to mention the numerous times she tried to destroy Starfire.
How's that not bad?

06. Judy Funny (Doug): Talk about a drama-queen. What makes Judy an awful sister is that she mostly either tormenting or humiliate Doug when she gets the chance.

Than again, she was a bland character.:hmm:

05. Candace (Phineas & Ferb): Nothing's more annoying than a tattle-tail and a nosey sibling, and Candace is both of them.

She seriously has nothing to do, but tell on her brothers (which mostly fails everytime).
Candace needs a new hobby.:no:

04. Suzy (Phineas & Ferb): Just when it was enough that Candace was a lousy sister, than this ugly little she-imp came along.
Suzy is seriously a little pychopath, and really sick in the head.
Someone needs to send this girl to a mental hospital.:fear:

03. Azula (Avatar: The Last Air Bender): I still can't believe that the "Protection of FCs" tried to protect this woman from all of the hatered.:no:

How can anyone not hate her?
She tried to over-throw her own brother and father for the kingdom, treated her "commards" as slaves, and went fully-mad with power.

And let's not forget that infamous laugh and face she made when she was defeated.:fear:

02. Sarah (Ed, Edd, n' Eddy): Other than being a total tattle-tail, what also makes Sarah such an awful little girl is that she treats Ed like a pack-mule, and Ed is suppose to be the older and more dominate sibling!

She's also a loud-mouth, and beats the snot out of Ed if she doesn't get her way.

And the worst sister in media history is....

01. Vicky (FOP): How can anyone be that evil? FOP is turning into a bad show with the characters going through a Flanders-phase, and Vicky's Flander personality is just being a bad person.

And they keep changing why she's so mean:
1. She got her personality from her father, Vic
2. She was bitten by an evil-bug
3. She's part of a cult of teenage girls that are suppose to be horrible baby-sitters.

or 4. She was just born evil like Rosemary's baby.

Above all, they now made Vicky so "evil" that even her own parents fear her and couldn't defend their younger daughter, Tootie (who Vicky keeps on torturing when she's not baby-sitting anybody). :no:

And I'm surprised that Vicky hasn't been arrested for child-abuse after all of these years.

Characters belong to Butch Hartmen, Nickolodean, CN, etc.
Meme created by me.
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My take on the Worst Mothers meme.

So here in my humble opinion, the worst media mothers.

#10. Jane "Sour" Kangaroo (HHaW): What makes Sour Kangaroo (or Jane Kangaroo for those who prefer her "Wubbulous Word" name) a bad mother is because was just a strict stick-on-the-mud who only sees the glass half empty.
And she even wouldn't allow her son, Rudy, play with all of the kids and stay in her pouch.

However she's only #10, because at the end of the film Kangaroo learned her lesson to open-up to others, and accept that she isn't always right.
Plus, I've seen a much MUCH worse mother from another Seuss-adaptation that makes her look like Kanga from "Winnie the Pooh."

#09. Gru's Mother (Despicable Me): What makes Gru's mom be at the number 9 spot is that she's actually such a bad mother, she's actually really funny.
Sure she made fun of Gru and disrespect his dream, but it's just the way that she responds to Gru when he tried to impress her it's just so funny to watch. :giggle:
At least she didn't beat on him when he was a kid.:shrug:

#08. Madame Gazget (Robots): Now we're getting to the much worse mothers.
This ugly bucket of blots is the main villain of "Robots." Like her son, she wants the other robot get the fancy armor, however if anyone refuses to get the new parts, she shreds them into scrap.
Hate to see what she does to humans (if the characters were humans)!:fear:

#07. Mother Brain (Metroid): A lazy (and ugly) alien that sends out her "children" out to conquer planets, only to be killed by Samus, while she laze around until all of her children are dead.
How's that not worthy being on this list?

#06. Mother Gothel (Tangled): Despite that her name is "Mother" Gothel, she ain't worthy of that title. Not only is she not Rapunzel's mother, but she's just a bad mother in general.
She didn't care for Rapunzel like a daughter, just like a gem who she selfishly wants to keep for herself.
And she only wanted to keep Rapunzel away from the world because her hair has the power to make her young.

Which is very risque because in the original story of "Rapunzel," Mother Gothel's book counter-part only wanted to keep Rapunzel away from the outside word because she made a deal with Rapunzel's father (who tried to steal her precious rapunzel plants), in which he refused to accept after Rapunzel was born.
And since most of her plants were gone, Rapunzel was now her "precious" treasure she wouldn't share with the world.

#05. Lady Tremaine/Step-mother (Disney's Cinderella): Well, can't leave her out of the meme.
Not only was she a horrible stepmother of Cinderella, but she also a bad mother to her own daughters.
Lady Tremaine was practically teaching Drizzilla and Anastasia to be like her, a gold-digging Black Widow. I wouldn't be surprised that it was her that killed/poisoned Cinderella's father in his sleep.:paranoid:

As for her having such mean streak against Cinderella, I guess that she had a strong rivalry with her mother. So making Cinderella (or Ella, as what her name use to be) a servant was mostly a "payback" (and the real servants quit because they couldn't stand Lady Tremaine).

#04. The Other Mother (Coraline): Never thought there was a human-like creature that eat their young? Well, this scary woman is that creature. Only she doesn't eat her own young, she eats other's young.

First, she takes on the form of the children's mother (only with button eyes), than she pulls a Hansel & Gretel on them.
Give them what pleases their whelms, but when the children get too comfortable with the other world, that's when the Other Mother reveals her true form.:fear:

The next batch of mothers are defiantly much worse than the other before them.
While the others on the meme either learned their lesson or got what they had coming, the next mothers don't get that, and they are so horrible you'd wish that got punished for what they did.

#03. Lois (Malcolm in the Middle): I watched a few episodes of "Malcolm in the Middle" and I have to say that I have never such an awful show like this before, especially since all of the characters are unlikable.
And Lois is no acception. She such b*tchy woman who just yells and snaps at her children and husband.

Heck, in one flashback, when Lois tried to make her eldest son, Francis, to pay-attention, she burned his favorite teddy-bear right in front of him, right down to the button-eyes, and he was just a baby!:omg: That's not funny, that's traumatizing and unbelievably cruel!:(

#02. Benita "Benny" Lopez (George Lopez): This woman was the reason why my mom and I hate the show.
The whole "you ruined my 16 year old life" is excuse for what she did to George.
She was cheap, rude, and just plain old nasty! I'm surprise that George's character manages to stay alive under her care.

And the worst media mother of all is.....

#01. Isabella "Prissy-Izzie" Ler (The Lorax) :pissed: : Okay, there is absolutely NO way that Once-Ler came out of that hag! :X
That she-beast is just hard to please unless it involves money and making her rich! And whenever Oncie tries to please her with even the simplest and price-less things, she automatically rejects it and prefers what her eldest and dumbest sons give her.
And at the end when Oncie decided to shut-down the factory, she said it in front of his face that she now hates him even more and disowns him!:omfg:
Oh, I so would want to slap that old bat in the face with a spiked-club!:chainsaw:

Now that you know what I think are the worst mothers, stay tuned for the best mothers.

Characters belong to Universal, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Nintendo, and Warner Bros.
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Before I continue with my "Behind the Seuss" series, I wanted to share you guys with something that proves that my work HAS developed.

On the left is a picture of the Grinch that I drew back in 2008, which was part of a gift-pic for SSLovebird for making a parody of "The Pebble & the Penguin" with JojoxMay.

And on the right is from my recent Behind the Seuss series.

See the differences? And which one looks better?

The Grinch belongs to Dr. Seuss
Meme base belongs to :iconbampire:
Drawings by me.
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Ask Twixie Tumblr

“You tell Twilight all about your crush on the new Spike.

She says she sort of figured that what this was all about and that she can help you. She can send a letter to Spike directly to meet you a your boutique. Then you can talk to Spike in private.”
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Ask Twixie Tumblr

“You continue on tracking down your fire ruby. It seem to have stopped moving somewhere close by, so you move in that direction.

The white magic anon pony says she is certain that it is her brother who took your fire ruby. He has stolen things before in other universes.”
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Ask Twixie Tumblr

“Twilight says her and Trixie was just on their way back from grocery shopping when they saw you running towards the library, skid past it and collide with a inconveniently placed giant rock.”
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Anypony remember this lovely little scene from My Little Dashie Part II? Rob befriends Twilight and come up with a way to reunite Dashie with her dad.

(c) My Little Dashie Part II Comic by WaltzBrony
(c) My Little Dashie belongs to RobCakeran53
(c) My Little Pony FiM belongs to Hasbro
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:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple: My Little Dashie Part II :bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple:

Yes... I'm gunna be evil and Tease this too xD haha! A few things I wanna get off ma chest xD Firstly... I can now draw Ponies 20% cooler than before as you can see... I'm going to double my efforts on my work from now on.. and Hopefully if I have time .. Fully Revamp My Little Dashie Part I with my current skills.. but thats gunna have to wait LOL <3 hope you are all looking forward to this ^w^ I'll try not to fail you all... or rape the shit out of the first story.. xD

Original My Little Dashie belongs to :iconrobcakeran53:
My Little Dashie Part II written by :iconwaltzbrony: and :iconukir4321:

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
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:bulletblue::bulletyellow: Derpy's Wish - THE END :bulletyellow::bulletblue:

Well that's that for another Comic! I'll do the usual and shout out to those who get a special thanks!

:iconukir4321: - For sticking with me and making these comics a reality

:iconsnowtheicewolf: - For being awesome and shedding the first tear on this comic

And especially all of you readers! Sorry If I made you bawl... but at least it was sort of a happy ending! <3

Dont forget... Pipsqueak will be available to answer ur questions on the tumblr! <3

Thanks for everything.. Waltz Out

Created by :iconwaltzbrony:

(c) MLP FiM belongs to Hasbro!
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It's been awhile, but here's a new photo/drawing I drew for my friend Nate of Aelita's newest outfit design.
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I added a skirt to the design, because Moonscoop just released a newer and updated design of her and the other Code Lyoko group characters, and she had skirt. The skirt in the design didn't look transparent at all, but I just wanted to add a skirt to my picture and not take away from the design so... I lowered the opacity a tad.


I felt like drawing her and although my line-art was okay,
I really wanted to include the colour. E'Yup.

Hope you guys like.
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I drew this picture for :icona-queenoffairys:
in return for digitally colouring my line art of "Wind Dancer"

So, Here ya go!
Odd and Aelita!

I hope you like your gift! =]
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