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Warning: This is very long.

"It was getting dark, but Spike and I carried on searching, knowing that we were so close to reaching our destination. Just as the Sun passed beneath the horizon, leaving the Moon that was already high in the sky on its own, we came upon the collection of caves and waterfalls that Lord Perry had said that the Element of Honesty had been delivered to. Why anybody would want to pay who knows what to have a valuable item transported here, and simply left inside a dark, labyrinthian system of caves was beyond me. I only hoped that the Element had not yet been collected, or some clues as to where it went had been left behind at least.

"'Are we really going in there?' Spike asked, looking up at the many cave entrances in the hillside. I looked up at some of them, too, and I could have sworn I saw a few pairs of glowing, green eyes peeking out from the shadows before winking out. It unsettled me, and a nervous weight dropped into the pit of my stomach.

"I took a deep breath, a shook my head. 'Not tonight, Spike, but tomorrow, yes, we will be.' I thought I saw Spike shudder. 'It's okay to be afraid, you know.' I reassured him.

"'I'm not scared, I'm just cold.' he lied. It was like a Summer's evening, and the mosquitoes were out in full force, already biting. I didn't bother pointing out his little lie, instead, I scanned around for a place to camp out. My eyes fell upon a large waterfall that fell from the very top of the hill. At the bottom, I noticed a strange glow behind the water.

"'Let's go, I think I see something.' I knelt down and allowed Spike to climb onto my back, and I began walking to edge of the water. Carefully, I eased myself into the water, so that Spike wouldn't lose his balance. The cool water came up to my barrel, and the bottom of my saddlebags took a dip, too. I hoped that I sewn up all of the holes, and that the contents would be safe inside, as I started wading through the water toward the waterfall.

"'You're going to have to hold on tight and hold your breath for a teeny, tiny moment, Spike. Are you ready?" I heard him take a deep inhale, and a few seconds later, I did the same and slowly passed through the falling water, walking straight inside a cave.

"The cave was small, and was filled with a peaceful, blue-ish glow. It was much cooler inside, with a light mist gently hovering above the water. Spike exhaled and fidgeted as he looked around, 'So why did you pick this cave when we could've just camped outside?'

"'There's a wall of water falling behind us, mosquitoes and other insects can't fly if they get their wings wet, so they won't follow us through here.' I said simply. Spike merely responded with a 'Huh' as he continued looking around.

"'What's with the glow?' He quizzed, 'They seem to be coming from that mossy stuff, do you know anything about them?'

"I shook my head, slowly heading for a sandy bank. 'No, it only reminds me of the glowing vines that I saw in the Everfree Forest.' A thought clicked inside my head as I climbed out of the water. 'Actually, I might have the answer in my saddlebags. Spike, could you bring out the copy of Supernaturals I have while I fill up our canteens?'

"Spike hopped down and plonked his backpack down as I took my saddlebags off. 'You have a copy of that book with you? When did you get that?' He asked as he took his canteen out of his backpack and passed it to me.

"I tucked Spike's canteen under my wing so that I could speak, 'I... well I borrowed it. From Zecora.'

"'You mean Zecora is still okay?' Spike seemed to get his hopes up. 'What does she think has happened to all the ponies, surely she might have some clu-'

"I put my hoof over his mouth, and looked him in the eyes with remorse. 'I never said she was there to lend it to me.'

"I turned away before either of us could see the other react, and started refilling the canteens. Spike remained quiet, and started going through my saddlebags for the book. A few moments later, I dropped my canteen beside our bags, and gave Spike his canteen as he passed the book over to me. As he stashed his water away, I flicked through the pages of the looted book until I found a page that showed a plant similar to the ones growing in this cave.

"I rested myself on the sand as I read, and Spike sat down beside me. He put his claws behind his head and rested himself against me. A moment later, he broke the silence between us. 'So, what's the book say?'

"'Weeping Wall Tears, also known as Glowing Moss, is an unusual plant in that it has the appearance of moss but also shares characteristics with flowers.' I quoted, 'It favours damp and dark conditions where bats are likely to nest. The style and stigma are covered in a glowing nectar that frugivores consume. Pollen is transferred to a passing creature such as a bat eating the nectar, and is carried over to the next plant, allowing pollination to occur. The nectar is sweet and is commonly harvested for use as an additional ingredient in otherwise foul-tasting medicines. The inclusion of the nectar improves the taste and gives the brew a slight glow, making it easier to give medicine to fussy, sick foals who enjoy the glowing appearance and sweeter taste.'

"I twisted around to speak to Spike, 'Did you hear all of that?' Spike had leant forward and curled up into a ball, I instantly started to worry. 'Spike? What's wrong? You can tell me.'

"'We're alone, aren't we? How could I have believed that Zecora made it through this, especially after I saw what it did with Twilight and Princess Luna.'"

"I shifted uncomfortably, surprised that he was beginning to open up to me about what happened when everypony vanished. 'Spike? Would you like to tell me what happened? It's okay if you don't want to.'

"He lifted his head and looked over to me, tears in his eyes. 'She saved you, you know. Twilight. When I was woken up to your letter arriving, I also woke up to Twilight panicking. She spoke too fast for me to catch everything, all I know is that her and Luna had discovered what was going on, and that we needed to get everypony together right now. I reminded her that everypony else was still away on their assignments, and only you had just sent a letter to me. With her magic, she snatched the letter from me and read it in the space of a few seconds, then she picked up a quill and some paper and started scribbling something strange on it. Princess Luna landed through the balcony doors, telling us that Princess Celestia was fetching the Elements of Harmony, before I could ask what was going on, Twilight finished writing and told me to send her message to where your letter had come from, before you moved too far away for the letter to find you. I breathed my flames on it and the smoke went on its way. I asked her what she had wrote, and Twilight told me that she had sent you a self-activating ward in hopes that it would protect you. Before I could ask from what, it happened.'

"Spike stopped speaking for a few moments, fresh tears starting to fall. I nuzzled the little dragon to help sooth him. 'You don't need to say anything more if you don't want to, I know what happened, too.'

"'You didn't see the closest pony to you become lost in the light, you didn't hear her scream, and you haven't been having nightmares of that moment every night since then.' Spike curled back up into a ball, and for a moment, I wasn't sure what to say. I nuzzled him again and whispered that it's okay now, as he now had somepony to turn to. He peeked up at me, and I offered him a kind smile, even though the thought of seeing what Spike saw was upsetting me, too. 'Do you really think the Elements of Harmony can bring them back, Fluttershy?' He asked.

"'I hope so, Spike, I won't know unless I try, and I promise I will try.' I looked him in the eyes. 'I owe it to you and Twilight especially, and I will not let you down.'


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EDIT(s): - Improved minor grammar errors and corrected spelling issues. I'll try not to rush writing in future.

Good. Grief.

This started out as a simple scene. but rapidly grew into a behemoth. I'm still learning a lot when it comes to digitally painting scenes, and the environment almost killed me.

Then there were the light sources, which I decided were fictitious plants that glow, which resulted in spending about 30 minutes alone on giving the plant a name and a reason for being (which allowed me to stretch some world building muscles and address a whole bunch of questions in the story).

Basically, almost everything became much bigger than I expected for this scene. And I hope it doesn't turn some people off when they see how long this excerpt is. I won't be making it this long again, I'll refrain from cramming so much information into a single scene in future.

Anyway. I would absolutely LOVE your feedback! So don't be shy, click the comment box and bash your head on your keyboard (don't do that).

I was a day late with this update, and I'm not sure if I'll make tomorrow's update to get back into schedule, unless I buy myself an extra day and work on an animated scene. There's one that I should really do in light of this scene. So perhaps now is the best time for it.
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"Spike led the way into the caves, his torch bathing the tunnels and inner-caverns with a fiery, yellow-green light. In the darkness, I could hear the sounds of stones skittering along the floor and other noises that I couldn't place the source of. My heart started thumping in my ears, and I began to consider turning back and leaving as quickly possible.

"Spike stopped and turned to face me, and I could tell that he was nervous. In a hushed whisper, he asked me, 'Are you sure it's here?'

"'Yes,' I told him, 'It's here, even if you don't trust Lord Perry, I just know it's here.' I bent my head down and nuzzled him, trying to reassure him. 'I know you're afraid, Spike, I am, too. But as long as we look out for eachother, not even the scariest things can hurt us.'

"He smiled up at me, and I smiled back, and we carried on. Being reunited with Spike was the happiest day I had ever experienced ever since everypony vanished, I wasn't alone anymore, and neither was he. Spike was a very brave little dragon, definitely more than I was, but he was still a baby dragon, and I wasn't going to ever let him face this world alone again.

"We ventured deeper into the caves, both of us looking up, down, and all around in hopes of catching a glint or a sign of where the Element of Honesty was. It had to be here, I just knew it, and in spite of us both being scared, I knew neither of us would be happy with leaving without it. Both of us shared the same sense of... duty: To our friends, to the Princesses, to all of Equestria. Everypony was counting on us, and no matter how hard my heart pounded on my eardrums, I was going to do my best.

"'Uh, Fluttershy?' Spike pulled me out of my thoughts, I looked at him quizzically 'You're kinda pushing me along, and you've stepped on my tail twice. Could you slow down?'

"I halted, realising I was moving much faster than I thought. 'I'm sorry, I was lost in my thoughts...'

"Spike grinned as he waved his arm over the room we were in; 'Then welcome back! Did you bring any souvenirs?'

"I couldn't help but giggle. Spike seemed glad to have got a laugh out of me, and then turned toward a tunnel. 'Come on, we haven't gone this way, yet. If we don't find it in the next few minutes, could we look for gemstones instead? A sapphire sounds tasty right now, how about you?'

"'I don't think we'll find any Daisy sandwiches or a bushel of Apples down here!' I joked. We both laughed after that, but suddenly, we heard galloping echoing throughout the caves, which frightened us into silence. We both looked around, trying to see beyond the range of the torch. 'Do you see anypony, Spike? Or anything?' I whispered.

"Spike shook his head, 'No, but it sounds like it came from down there.' he waved his torch over to the tunnel he was speaking of. He looked back at me, unsure of what to do.

"I nodded at him, telling him that we should go that way, and we started on again, Spike quietly leading the way. But just as we entered the tunnel, I heard a dragging sound on the opposite side of the room we were in. I stopped and turned my head around in an instant, startling Spike. I couldn't believe what I saw. In the shadows, I could just about see another tunnel, and in that tunnel, I could've swore I saw somepony walking away from us.

"Spike twisted around, seemingly glued to where he stood, 'What's wrong, Fluttershy? What did you see?'

"'Applejack?'" I said uncertainly.


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I took way too long with this...
I'm probably going to start stepping up the rate at which I post these, because I basically have a full story written down, now. So schedule permitting, I'll be drawing scenes as often as possible.

Anyway, we've been long overdue for some Spike involvement, so I made a point of creating a scene that included him. I'm still getting used to drawing him, and finding the colour scheme I like most for him is obviously slowing me down. I'm not sure if I like these specific colours just yet, future scenes will warrant further expermentation with shades and what not.

Anyhoo, enjoy!
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"After days of following a gang of looting Diamond Dogs from just above the cloud cover, they finally revealed the entrance to their underground home. I marked the entrance on my map and waited patiently for the Dogs to disappear from view, and silently glided down from the clouds, landing at the mouth of the cave entrance.

"Watching the gang of Diamond Dogs scout around a part of Fillydelphia, kicking their way inside shops and homes, throwing sentimental but worthless possessions onto the streets while taking whatever valuables they could find, I began to grow more and more upset. They didn't care that something awful had happened to the ponies who had lived there, and they didn't care about the damage they caused to those desolate homes and empty streets. If it meant a profit to them, they didn't care if they robbed from the dead cities.

"My patience was wearing thin, and I felt sick through the amount of anger I was containing. And as I looked inside the dimly lit caves, hearing the sounds of the triumphant Dogs returning home with their loot, I felt myself begin to reach my boiling point. In the back of my mind, I could hear a voice begging for me to calm down before I went inside, but I banished it with a huff.

"I marched through the tunnels, following the sound of the Diamond Dogs I was following, soon choosing to follow the sound of civilisation as it became louder. I came up to large entrance, guarded by two Diamond Dogs in armour. As I approached, they rubbed their eyes in disbelief, and cautiously stepped forward to intercept me, spears held at the ready.

"Without a thought, I suddenly unfurled my wings and took to the air, quickly closing the distance between us, and caught the pair of them in a debilitating stare. Spears clanged to the floor, and the Dogs turned around and ran off. I dropped down onto my hooves, a sly smile creeping up on my face. Again, the voice in the back of my head piped up, reacting in abject terror. I pressed on, trying to cancel it out.

"I spotted signs pointing towards the marketplace, or bazaar as the Diamond Dogs had named it. As I followed the route, I came across another pair of guards. They ordered me to halt, and blocked the entrance to the bazaar. Like the guards before, I locked them into my gaze. The hairs on the back of their neck began to stick up, and I released them from my stare. They dropped to the floor and cowered and whimpered. I passed them and walked into the bazaar, passing bemused goats, sheep, and even cows who had witnessed the scene.

"The voice in my head started pleading to me, 'Stop! You're hurting them! You're going to get into serious trouble and get thrown into a dungeon before you even find where an Element of Harmony is being kept!'

"I hesitated and thought for a moment, I needed to find the Elements, and staring down every Diamond Dog I met wasn't going to help my cause, even if they had deeply offended me. But what they had done was wrong, so very wrong, wasn't I right to be hurt and angry?

"I spotted a stand selling jewellery, and started making my way towards it to ask if the trader had seen a necklace like mine. I watched the Diamond Dog behind the table casually reach behind him and lift a dagger off a crate, and attempt to hide it behind his back. He was expecting trouble, even if he was wearing a big, toothy grin like he was.

"I propped my forehooves on the table and lifted myself up to his level as best as I could. My mind carried on arguing for me to calm down and to not do anything sudden, especially since the trader was prepared, and hiding his eyes behind a squint.

"'How may I help you, pony? Looking for something? A nice, shiny, gemstone, hmm?" He greeted cheerfully, clearly a master salesdog.

"I could hear a commotion behind me, which only meant approaching guards. I stared blankly at the trader, and began to lose my anger and think clearly instead. It was probably too late to make amends now, but I had a moment to at least ask him what I wanted to know.

"I turned to my saddlebags and reached for the Element of Kindness, and was greeted by the sound of sharp weapons being drawn and pointed at me. Slowly, I pulled the Element out and placed it on my hoof, and looked up at the trader, who now had his dagger ready to defend himself with. He looked at the necklace oddly, unsure of what I was doing.

"I blinked a couple of times, clearing my vision and feeling my expression soften, and asked him. 'Have you seen any other necklaces like this one?'"


EDIT: Image updated to correct poor depth and shading quality. Now the back ground pops out of the screen a bit more!

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Never offend Fluttershy on a deeply personal level. Never ever.

Here we go, though this was uploaded in the early hours of the 3rd of August, this counts as my 2nd of August post, so expect a brand new scene on the 4th.

This month I have challenged myself to come out with a new scene every two days, so that the story can make some ground and I can start getting into the habit of drawing a faster rate.

This scene went under a few revisions in the sketch stage, and eventually resulted in the first sketch being scrapped with a new one being started. I'm happy with this drawing, especially Fluttershy's expression. The only thing I wish I did better was all of the Diamond Dogs in this picture, since I'm very new to drawing them, and really struggled with them.

Writing for it was a challenge, since there was a lot I wanted to include, but simply didn't fit the narrative. I may end up revising the written part with a fresh pair of eyes, the grammar seems fine, but in my current state I'm not certain that the flow is very good.

Anyway, enjoy!
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Chapter 1

The cool fall air sent a breeze through Fluttershy's mane as she slowly walked through the streets of Ponyville. Winter would be here soon, the streets would be covered in the beautiful blanket of white snow that embraced it every year. This was always one of her favorite times of the year, when everything was quiet and calm, the soft chill giving the world a sort of serene beauty. Even though most animals would be hibernating for the winter leaving her without much work, she always spent her time simply admiring the beauty the landscapes had to offer.

She felt a constant sense of awe in the simple wonders of the world this time of year, the way the leaves would change colors from their luscious green to the beautiful harmony of reds, oranges and yellows. The air would almost always have a wonderful smell to it as somepony would have a small fire going, or perhaps would be wood roasting some new savory dish or even the simple crisp air that nature provided.

However, things were not so calm for her this fall day. It felt like a knot had been tied around her heart and every day it was growing just a little tighter.

Fluttershy looked around Ponyville. Many of the houses were still decorated from Nightmare Night that had just come and past two week ago. She saw several ponies taking down the celebratory decorations to make way for the next holiday, while others were still enjoying the efforts of their work, their houses did look magnificent.

All the spooky decorations sent a shiver up her spine. She had remembered a time when she used to be able to enjoy Nightmare Night for all its wonder and spectacle. She even had helped the young ones with their festivities that night so that they could have a wonderful time. But the decorations only reminded her of things she'd like to put behind her now.

Of a certain fog-filled Ponyville and what it had told her of her past.

Fluttershy shook her head quickly, trying to let the thoughts go. She accepted what happened to her, she knew that well. She was thankful for it because of everything her experiences had given her in life…

It was exactly for that reason that it felt like the knot on her heart grew a little tighter.

She took a deep breath and kept walking through Ponyville. She didn't want to keep stopping every few feet to reassure herself, someone was waiting for her and she didn't want to be deterred any further.

The familiar smell of heated air, scented lotions and herbs, the very image of relaxation wafted all about her. The very presence of the spa did wonders for her nerves.

"Ah, there you are Fluttershy darling." Rarity greeted her dear friend happily as she entered the familiar building, "I was getting worried I'd have to go in without you."

"Sorry Rarity, I got a little caught up on things. The usual?" Fluttershy smiled cheerfully.

"The usual!" Rarity repeated cheerfully so the spa attendants could hear. Aloe and Lotus showed up in their usual promptness and quickly lead the two mares into the back.


"Ooooh, this is always so relaxing." Rarity stretched on the wooden seats as steam billowed from the coals, "Don't you agree Fluttershy?"

"Oh…yes, everything's fine." Fluttershy smiled as kindly as she could to her friend.

Rarity suddenly drew closer to Fluttershy, as if inspecting her face carefully.

"W-what's the matt-" Fluttershy was interrupted as she suddenly felt herself go stiff. Rarity placed her hooves against Fluttershy's back and rubbed up and down it carefully.

"My goodness Fluttershy, I knew SOMETHING was up, but you're so tense! Your back is riddled with knots! We simply must get you a massage right away! Masseuse!" Rarity cried out quickly. Before Fluttershy could even blink, the spa ponies whisked into the steam room and grabbed them, quickly bringing them to the usual massage tables. Fluttershy did her best to say a word of protest, but the moment the talented hooves hit her back she felt as if she was melting on the table.

"Isn't it heavenly Fluttershy?" Rarity asked as hooves began to work wonders on her back.

"Oh…oh yes…" Fluttershy cooed softly as she closed her eyes resting against the table. For a moment it really felt like her worries could be lifted away simply by the massaging of hooves on her back, as if the world just seemed to slip away and there was nothing else to worry about.

"Now…what is troubling you this time Fluttershy?" Rarity asked, cooing to her own feelings of comfort, "You know I don't like seeing you troubled."

Fluttershy was quiet. She wanted to feel upset at Rarity for having brought it up while she was relaxing, but she was doing a poor job at it. She simply just couldn't find a way to bring up a single negative emotion while those hooves did magic on her. She let out a reluctant sigh, there was no point in hiding anything from Rarity.

"It's Rainbow Dash." Fluttershy finally admitted.

"Her again?" Rarity mused as the set of hooves on her back began to strike just the right spots, "Mmm…she's not giving you trouble is she?"

"Well…no…just the opposite actually…" Fluttershy lifted her head to look at her friend, "She's actually been very distant…e-ever since she came back from the Wonderbolts audition she's barely said a word to me." She laid her head back down, trying to concentrate despite the miracle being performed on her back. "This whole week she's been avoiding me…if I try to talk to her she says she's busy, if I try to invite her somewhere she'd turn me down…I even got her a gift and she just thanked me for it and went off."

"Oh my, this sounds serious." Rarity tapped a hoof against her chin. "Mud bath!" She suddenly called out to the workers. In the next instance Fluttershy was whisked from the table and placed before the warm pits of mud. She gasped as the sea weed was wrapped almost too tightly around her body, but as they let go the sea weed fit snuggly against her. She was always impressed with the accuracy and speed of their work.

With grace Rarity hopped into the bath, elegant as ever. Fluttershy carefully lowered into the bath, feeling the warm mud wash over her fur and sea weed. The mud seemed to reach each of her muscles, the heat being welcomed into her body. She could feel her muscles relax and loosen all over eliciting a soft sigh from her lips as she indulged in the relaxation.

"Now, do tell me more dear, what exactly does she do when she avoids you?" Rarity turned to her friend, "I must know the details."

"W-Well…okay, as you know it started the night she got back from the Wonderbolts audition…she came back and told me they were going to give her a second audition in a month and then she spent the night with me, but when I woke up she had left a note for me saying she had to take care of her weather duties."

"Huh? Rainbow Dash getting up early to take care of the weather?" Rarity asked almost in shock.

"I was just as surprised as you were. Usually when she spends her nights with me she sleeps in later than usual. But when I checked outside the clouds were cleared."

"How odd…and she didn't come back afterwards?"

"No, I didn't see her the rest of the day."

"Alright, well what happened the next time you saw her?"

"Well…the next time I saw her…"


"Rainbow Dash!" Fluttershy called out seeing her streak across the sky.

"Oh!" Rainbow said stopping to turn to Fluttershy, "Hey Fluttershy, I don't really have time to stop right now."

"You don't? What are you doing?" She asked confused.

"Oh you know, places to be, ponies to see, clouds to clear." Rainbow waved her hoof dismissively. Fluttershy looked around the sky curiously.

"But the sky is clear…there aren't anymore clouds to clear." Fluttershy asked a little worried about Dash's story.

"Well…some clouds are…uh…expected to wander in! Yes! Cloudsdale has been overproducing them and they've been caught in the air currents! Yea, that's it. So I gotta be around to clear them up when they come around. Yup." Dash laughed awkwardly.

Something was clearly wrong with what she was saying. Fluttershy was sure she could tell when Dash was lying by now, but it wasn't a situation that came around that often. The last time they had to lie was for Pinkie's birthday, and that lie had even been more awkward than this one.

"Is that…really what you have to do today?" Fluttershy crossed her front hooves and gave her best big-sappy eyes she could, blinking them softly at Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash instantly seemed to hesitate, rubbing a hoof against her neck as she looked around.

"Oh, hey, look at the time!" Rainbow said quickly pointing to a non-existent watch on her hoof, she apparently didn't even have time to draw one this time, "Would love to stay but I got things to do BYE!" Rainbow disappeared in a blur in the next instance, escaping from Fluttershy's sight.

"Oh…she escaped my gaze…I guess this really is important." Fluttershy thought to herself. "Well, I'm sure she'll have time for me when she's done then." She smiled thoughtfully as she continued with her day.


"She just left? With that flimsy excuse?" Rarity sounded appalled.

"Well…yea…I mean it was only the second day that we didn't spend much time together. I don't mind spending time apart, I just would like to know why, you know?" Fluttershy asked meekly.

"Oh but of course dear, it's only appropriate." Rarity nodded her head sagely, "Now do go on. What happened the next day?"

"Well…much the same. I got a chance to see Rainbow around town but she made another excuse and flew off. So I thought, maybe I could invite her to lunch the next day, I mean she constantly tells me how much she loves it when I cook for her…but she turned that down as well." Fluttershy said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"What about the gift? What happened with that?"

"Oh, well, see what happened there was…"


Fluttershy looked around the skies of Ponyville. She was carrying a small box in her mouth, inside of which was a scarf she had painstakingly sewn together just the day before. She had carefully stitched it together with rose colored yawn, embroidered with a soft yellow pattern. She made it to match her eyes, while still giving her something extra to think about her while she worked. Winter would be coming soon after all and Rainbow would be in charge of the weather as always. She wanted to make sure her marefriend would be warm and it'd be an excuse to see her, since she'd been avoiding her all week.

She continued to scan, looking for the single sign of her marefriend. It seemed that Rainbow had become craftier in her ability to be elusive, as if Rainbow knew she was looking for her.

"Ah-hah!" She mumbled, seeing the streak of Rainbow going through the town at a high speed. She adjusted her flight and then flew as quickly as she could to catch up to the speeding rainbow. The rainbow streak came to a stop just before a house. Fluttershy smiled as she quickly came up from behind her.

"Rainbow Dash!" she cried out quickly, interrupting Rainbow who was just about to knock on the door, "There you are, I've been looking for you."

"Oh! Fluttershy…heeeeeeeeey." Rainbow Dash laughed awkwardly, stepping away from the yellow Pegasus, "You found me…"

"Of course, I've been looking for you." She smiled before carefully holding out her decorative box, "I made this for you."

"O-Oh…uh…thanks…" Rainbow quickly reached over to grab the package. Fluttershy tried to lean into a kiss as Rainbow took the package, but she slipped back away escaping the embrace. Fluttershy felt herself pout a little. "Thanks for the gift, really! I gotta go though." Rainbow said as she turned spreading her wings.

"Wait, you're not even going to open it?" Fluttershy felt hurt at the gesture, after all the time she'd put into making the gift, "And weren't you about to go into that house?"

"…Well I just remembered that this is the wrong house." Rainbow said, though this time it was obvious she was lying, "And I will look at it, I promise just…I can't right now."

"Why not? I…I worked really hard on making it Rainbow Dash…" Fluttershy said softly, feeling tears start to form at the edges of her eyes at Rainbow's words. They felt like they bit into her, even though she knew Rainbow wouldn't hurt her on purpose…would she?

"…H-Hey, don't do that." Rainbow said quickly brushing a hoof against Fluttershy's face, wiping the forming tears. Fluttershy looked surprised at this, "I'll look at it, okay? Here." Rainbow put the gift down quickly, grabbing at the ribbons and pulling it off. She opened the box before staring at the scarf inside.

"Whoa…Fluttershy…you…you made this?" Rainbow picked up the soft rose colored material, looking at it in awe.

"I did." Fluttershy nodded proudly, "I haven't seen you much the past few days and I know winter will be starting soon…so I wanted to make sure you'd be warm." She blushed softly, rubbing a hoof against her leg.

Rainbow's lips quivered as she stared at the gift. She then forced herself to swallow, as she quickly wrapped it around her neck.

"ThankyoualotforthegiftbutIhavetogonow." Rainbow said all in one breath, as if she was trying to hold herself back from saying anything more, before vanishing in a streak of a rainbow once more. Fluttershy stared as she left, her mouth opening slightly.

"Wait…but Dash…don't you want to spend time with me?" She asked quietly to the air where Rainbow had disappeared to.


"She just ignored your gift!?" Rarity asked appalled, taking a hoof out of the hoof-soaking tub to try and cover her expression.

"Yea…and I didn't see her yesterday so I haven't seen her since." Fluttershy admitted gently swirling a hoof around her own tub, mixing the bubbly waters.

"That ruffian!" Rarity said gracefully stomping her hoof back into the water to minimize the splash, "I simply cannot stand by and watch my best friend be neglected in such a way by the pony she cares for most!"

"I-It's okay Rarity, I'm sure things will work themselves out." Fluttershy quickly tried to reassure her friend, that she would most likely be okay by the end of all this.

"Oh don't try to hide your pain darling; I've known you long enough now that I simply cannot let such crude behavior hurt you any longer." Rarity lifted a hoof from the tub and examined it, "This will have to do for now. Come Fluttershy, let us wrap up." Rarity said stepping out of the tub onto a towel, carefully drying her hooves.

"Leave? So soon?" Fluttershy said surprised. Usually they spent at least another thirty minutes in the spa with their 'usual' treatments.

"But of course Fluttershy, we have an expedition to go on! We're going to hunt down Rainbow Dash and figure out just what she's been doing from behind your back!" Rarity's eyes seemed to gleam with mischievousness, "She can't hide her delinquent activities from the eyes of Rarity the magnificent."

"No, really, that's not necessary Rarity. I-I'm sure things will work out on their own…" Fluttershy hesitated, her heart was telling her it was wrong to try and find out what Rainbow Dash was up to, as it was her private business and she shouldn't pry into it. She wanted to trust that Rainbow Dash had the best intentions in mind, even if it hurt not know what was going on.

"Nonsense. If Rainbow Dash hasn't said a word to you and made it a POINT to avoid you, then we have no choice but to find out what she's up to. There is no excuse for hurting your loved one this way!" Rarity carefully shook her mane before checking it in the mirror. She quickly spruced herself up, making sure she was in perfect working order. "Come Fluttershy, we must find out what in Equestria your marefriend has been up to."

"I…I guess I can't stop you then." Fluttershy murmured quietly stepping out of the tub and onto a towel, drying her hooves off, "Just promise me you won't do anything drastic?"

"I promise you dear. We're just doing a little…espionage." Rarity seemed to give a devils smirk at the word, "We'll find out what she's up to before she even knows we're following her."

It felt like butterflies had started flying all around Fluttershy's stomach. She admitted to being curious, wanting to know why Rainbow Dash had been avoiding her, but she still held reservations about invading her privacy. But Rarity wasn't going to be stopped and they were already leaving to find out what was going on.

'I hope you can forgive me for intruding Rainbow Dash…' Fluttershy thought quietly, quickly following Rarity out the spa doors.
Okay, I'm not quite sure why this took so long to finish, but I suppose my perfectionist nature was being like "No, don't rush this out. Make sure everything is right before you do so~"

This also hasn't been officially proofread yet, as in I was the only one who re-read it to make sure it was well. So chances are Rarity might be a teensy-bit out of character, but oh well.

The plot thickens, what could possibly be the reason Dash has been avoiding Fluttershy for the past week?~

Google Docs: [link]
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"Okay, so what're some things we both like doing?" Rainbow asked looking at a blank sheet of paper.

"W-Well…I really like watching you practice." Fluttershy thought.

"And I always like showing off." Rainbow said writing down 'Flight practice' on the paper.

"You really like my cooking…so dinners are always an option." Fluttershy said while thinking about possible new recipes to try for Rainbow Dash.

"Full bellies, check." Rainbow said writing down 'Dinner' on the paper.

"Uhm…we both like hanging out with our friends, going to Pinkie Pie's parties and getting a good sleep." Fluttershy listed off the most obvious things first.

"Check, check and check." Rainbow said listing off 'Hanging out', 'Parties' and 'Napping'.

"Uhm…" Fluttershy said tapping her chin thoughts, "How do you feel about the weather you make for Ponyville?"

"Well, I love having a good thunderstorm! Flying past lightning as it strikes is one of the most intense things ever! The wind and rain in your mane is just incredible!" Rainbow grinned thinking about it.

"O-Oh…I just kind of prefer it when there's a light summer shower of sorts. Watching the calm rain is rather soothing." Fluttershy said thinking about it.

"Eh…close enough." Rainbow said writing down 'Weather fun' on the paper. "What about pranks?" Rainbow asked looking up at Fluttershy.

"Oh…uhm…well I guess as long as it's in good fun and no one is offended that they're okay…I-I'm just not good at coming up with ones." Fluttershy admitted.

"I'm counting it. You could join me and Pinkie in doing some awesome prank fests." Rainbow chuckled as she wrote down 'Pranks'.

"Well…I know you're not too interested in taking care of animals like I do…how are you about swimming?" Fluttershy remembered enjoying a good swim every so often.

"Swimming? Well…it's not as fun as flying, but I suppose its fun, can't say I have anything against it." Rainbow wrote down 'Swimming'. "I know you're not much for competitions like me and Applejack tend to have, but is there anything physical you enjoy?"

Fluttershy couldn't help but blush at the way Rainbow worded that, "Oh uhm…W-Well…" Fluttershy rubbed a hoof over her leg as she thought, "P-Physical…I-I like h-hugging and cuddling…being close b-but…I'm not very strong or anything. I-I'll mostly be a cheerleader for you…a-as best I can though."

"Mmm…" Rainbow chewed the pencil in thought, "I've never been too big on stuff like that…" she tilted her head while crossing her hooves, "But, we are together now. I'll have to try some of that with you, see if I like it." Rainbow wrote down 'Hugging?' on the paper.

Fluttershy blushed again, thinking happily at the thought of cuddling with Rainbow Dash. She was really sticking to her word and giving this a serious try, it really made her happy.

Suddenly there were several knocks on Fluttershy's door.

"Oh, I'll get it." Fluttershy quickly got up, heading for the door. Just as she was about to open the door, it flew open suddenly.

"Oh, there you are Fluttershy-dear. It took me forever but I was finally able to get your new dress looking as good as new. I even spruced up some of the finer edges, so it should shine ever more now." Rarity said walking into Fluttershy's house with a white box.

"O-Oh. Thank you Rarity, I appreciate it." Fluttershy smiled.

"Now, you didn't give me any of the details about what happened that night, so you simply MUST tell me now. How'd it go? I can't imagine it going too well with the state your dress was in." Rarity said before turning to see Rainbow Dash looking at Rarity with a pencil in her mouth, "Oh, good evening Rainbow Dash, I wasn't expecting to see you in Fluttershy's house."

"Well I'm here." Rainbow grinned before putting the pencil down.

"Oh…well uhm…about that night…" Fluttershy said, not sure what to say. She looked nervously at Rainbow Dash. "You see…I…" Rainbow could see Fluttershy's invisible question of 'What do I do?'

"Hey, go ahead and tell her Fluttershy, she is our friend, I'm sure she'll understand." Rainbow Dash with a grin, not really wanting to hide anything.

"What? You've already told Rainbow Dash?" Rarity said amazed, "Oh you simply MUST tell me now!"

"W-Well…I didn't really tell her…s-see, it's like this…" Fluttershy said nervously beginning her story.

"-And then she kissed me saying 'What do you think?' And we just kind of went from there." Fluttershy finished her story, scrapping her hoof against the ground.

"Yea, it was shortly after that the Unicorn team came up and gave Fluttershy a full refund for the show. Man, those guys had egg on their faces." Rainbow laughed nonchalantly.

"O-Oh…you mean…the pony you were trying to impress was…Rainbow Dash?" Rarity said still trying to process everything.

"Well…yea…I-I'm sorry I wasn't forthcoming about it…" Fluttershy apologized softly.

"Good Heaven's Fluttershy." Rarity said shaking her head, "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"Hey, what's with that tone?" Rainbow asked not liking the way Rarity said that.

"I-I'm sorry Rarity…I was just nervous." Fluttershy rubbed her leg gently.

"Oh my, no WONDER your night was terrible." Rarity sighed, "I gave you dating advice on how to attract a Gentlecolt, not Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash is far from a good Gentlecolt." Rarity said in her usual sophisticated matter.

"Hey! I can be fancy when I need to, I just don't feel like it." Rainbow Dash huffed.

"Never the less, I gave the wrong advice for the suitor Fluttershy was trying to attract." Rarity addressed Rainbow Dash before turning to Fluttershy with a smile, "And something simple would've been much better for attracting Rainbow Dash. Perhaps something with a rainbow flare to it, something that would visualize to her 'I'm thinking of you'. Yes, it truly would make a gorgeous piece." Rarity said smiling as she thought about it.

"S-so wait…you're okay with Rainbow Dash and I…dating?" Fluttershy said a little surprised.

"But of course dear, whatever made you think I wouldn't?" Rarity smiled at her dear friend, with a warming smile.

"Oh…I guess I was just nervous that you or the others wouldn't like the idea…" Fluttershy admitted.

"Oh darling, you shouldn't ever feel that way. We are your friends! We love you for who you are, and if you like mares then that's fine by us. If it's what makes you happy, then of course we support you!" Rarity said happily, "Though I must admit, I was hoping you'd fall for someone with a touch more grace, but not everypony is me I suppose." Rarity chuckled.

"Oh haha, very funny." Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes before walking up to Fluttershy, before showing Rarity a big grin, "But if you wouldn't mind, Fluttershy and I were in the middle of some important 'relationship' business." This comment elicited a large blush from Fluttershy as she tried to hide her face in her mane.

"Oh, but of course. How rude of me, I'll go ahead and escort myself out." Rarity smiled before heading back for the door. "Oh, and one more thing Rainbow Dash."

"Yea, what is it?" Dash asked raising an eyebrow.

"You better treat Fluttershy right. She's my dearest friend and I would hate to see anything sadden her." Rarity glanced at Rainbow from the corner of her eye.

"You kiddin' me? I'd rather lose my wings then do anything to hurt Fluttershy." Rainbow grinned at Rarity.

"Very good. I leave her to you then." Rarity nodded before her horn lit up, closing the door behind her.

"T-Thank you…Rainbow…t-that means a lot to me." Fluttershy blushed as she spoke quietly.

"Hey, what's a marefriend for?" Rainbow grinned before nuzzling up against Fluttershy. "Now come on, we need to finish this list before I figure out a good date to take you on." Rainbow quickly walked back to where she had placed the paper before sitting down.

"Y-You? T-Taking me…on a date?" Fluttershy sounded surprised.

"Well yea. I'm taking this seriously, so it's only fair that I take you out sometimes." Rainbow picked up the pencil before scribbling on the paper again, "Besides, I may not know a whole lot about being mushy and romantic, but it requires effort on both parts right? You put the effort in, so it's my turn now."

Fluttershy blushed as a smile came to her face. "I guess you're right." Fluttershy happily headed towards Rainbow again. However, this time she sat down next to Rainbow, nuzzling up against her. A soft blush appeared on Rainbow's face.

"H-Hey, that tickles." Rainbow chuckled as Fluttershy nuzzled in close.

'I have the best marefriend ever.' Fluttershy thought to herself happily.
And there we go, a nice short little epilogue to help tie things together better for you peeps. And hopefully give you some insight as to how this relationship will play out, at least for now~

Plot twists in the horizon of a new story? Possibly. I got some fun ideas to be had till then.
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Chapter 3

The only sound that could be heard in Fluttershy's house was the very faint, very soft sound of sobs. Even the animals had grown quiet, as if in understanding of Fluttershy's plight. The only animal that hadn't kept quiet was Angel, who had tried several things to cheer her up, but nothing did the trick.

She just lay curled up on her bed, hiding under the covers. She was sure she'd cried enough tears to fill a bucket and now her eyes just felt tired and dry. She just wanted to stay curled up in her bed and be forgotten. She felt so insignificant.

"Rainbow Dash…" She murmured quietly under her covers, sniffing as memories began to pour into her mind. Memories that made her think back to perhaps, there was some warning, some moment that showed that Rainbow was tired of their relationship…

The rain was coming down gently around them as they watched through the window of Fluttershy's cottage. Rainbow let out a soft sigh, perking Fluttershy's curiosity.

"What's the matter? Are you bored?" She asked curiously, never actually quite sure what was going through Rainbow's mind.

"A little." Rainbow stretched, before trotting over to Fluttershy's bed and leaning against it, "How do you stand being cooped up all the time?"

"Oh… I… I just like solitude sometimes." Fluttershy looked down, listening to the soft patter of the rain, "I like having other ponies around, and I always enjoy being with you Dash… it's just…" she turned slowly to look back out the window, "I used to not know myself but… I think it has to do with when I just a filly. Being quiet and by myself… it meant that I was being good, that I wasn't upsetting my father and that I wouldn't get hurt."

Rainbow Dash went quiet for a moment before walking back over and nuzzling up against Fluttershy.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up." Rainbow apologized quickly.

"It's okay; you know I accept what happened." Fluttershy nuzzled back, smiling softly.

"Still doesn't make it right." Dash said sighing softly, "And I don't want to sound disrespectful to what happened, but it's hard for me sometimes. I love flying, being in the free open air." Dash moved away, stretching her wings, "You like being cooped up and I like flying free…"

"I'm sorry… I love watching you fly, you know that." Fluttershy rubbed her leg awkwardly.

"Yeah, I know… and you know I like making you happy…" Dash sighed softly, turning to smile, "Sorry, maybe I'm just feeling a bit pent up."

"Oh… well…" Fluttershy smiled blushing, "We can fix that… you know…" she almost didn't say it out loud, though around Dash she certainly felt bolder. And it took Dash a moment for the idea to ring through her head, before a grin formed on her face, her wings extending up.

"Yeah… yeah we can fix that." She said closing in on Fluttershy and kissing her deeply.

Fluttershy quickly shook her head, trying to stop the memory from playing anymore. She didn't want to think about being happy with Dash right now. The memories stung like needles jabbing into her. But they didn't want to stop.

"Hey Dash… I-I've been thinking lately…" Fluttershy said putting down the food she had been eating.

"Hm? What's up Shy?" Rainbow said her mouth half full of the sandwich Fluttershy had prepared them for lunch.

"Well… it's just that… well, you know everything about my foalhood… but I still barely know anything about yours." Rainbow stopped munching half way through her sandwich, "And just after everything that has happened… I-I was just curious…"

Rainbow grew quiet for a moment, before flipping the sandwich into the air and devouring the whole thing, swallowing it quickly.

"Well… there's not much to say. I was kind of a grumpy filly who just liked having fun and didn't like being tied down by rules." Rainbow shrugged, "I'm not even sure what made me feel compelled to stick around you so much. Seeing you get picked on by bullies just didn't seem right so I wanted to help you…" Rainbow stopped in thought thinking about that before looking down at her plate, "Though… I suppose those bullies were the least of your problems back then, huh…"

"You're making this about me again." Fluttershy said moving a hoof across the table to place it on top of Rainbow's who looked up at Fluttershy with a bit of surprise, "How come you were so willing to leave Cloudsdale Dash? You left behind everything… why?"

Rainbow hesitated once more. She seemed reluctant to say anything about it.

"Honestly, I don't remember too much about my foalhood. Once I came to Ponyville I put most of it behind me. I wasn't happy in school because they always wanted to control HOW I flew and I just wanted to fly however I pleased. Home was okay, but it wasn't exceptional either. It eventually got to me and I took my frustrations out on you in the end and left." Rainbow looked away, "And then you came to Ponyville to find me. I honestly wasn't expecting to see you ever again after I'd left." Rainbow let out a soft chuckle at this, "And here we are, marefriends all these years later… I have to admit Fluttershy… if you hadn't come back for me… I might not be as loyal as I am today. You inspired me to be this way."

"Oh Rainbow Dash…" Fluttershy sniffed quietly, wiping her face. Everything she said hadn't been a lie, right? She had been important to her. What had she done to change that? Was it the Wonderbolts? But she'd always supported that dream…

She felt a gentle nudge from outside the covers, like a small paw prodding her. She carefully wriggled to the edge of the covers and winced as stronger light opened up under the blanket. She could then see Angel, holding up a plate with a daisy sandwich on it for her. She smiled softly, thankful for her small friend's sympathy.

"Thank you Angel… but I'm not hungry right now…" She said softly to him, though Angel just seemed to give a small disapproving smile. He just placed the plate on the night stand and hopped off to who knows where. She never really knew what kind of mischief he got into on his own.

She just let out another soft sigh as she returned to the comfort underneath her blankets. It was true, she wasn't hungry, maybe a little thirsty but she just didn't have the energy to get up. She was just hoping no one needed her services today. Not only was she not up for it, she worried that she wouldn't be able to take care of what they needed properly.

Her ears flattened as she felt a soft groan escape her throat at the familiar hard knocking on her front door down below. She curled up tighter into a ball, just asking for the knocking to go away and leave her alone. However they only seemed to become more insistent, getting louder and faster with each set. Fluttershy thought she could hear a muffled voice from outside calling out to her, but she didn't try to listen for who it was. She put her hooves over her head and waited for the noises to die down.

It seemed to take forever but the knocking finally died down. She waited a minute or two before letting out a sigh of relief, whoever it was had thankfully given up and gone elsewhere.

Suddenly she heard the frames of her windows open followed by four hooves landing in her bedroom.

"Hey Fluttershy, you under there?"

'Oh no…' The words raced through Fluttershy's mind, it was the last pony she wanted to see right now. The ball under the covers gave a noticeable twinge in reaction to Rainbow's words.

"Ah-hah, so you are under there. How come you didn't answer the door?" Rainbow asked curiously.

The only response Fluttershy could give was a rather strong "Hmph" before turning her body to face away from Dash.

"Uhhh… kay… hey listen, I need to talk to you. It's kind of important too." Rainbow said as if trying to word herself carefully.

'Oh I'm sure you do.' Fluttershy thought feeling another twinge of pain in her chest. She shifted under the covers, keeping herself wrapped up in them. She sat up on her bed, bundled up tight and moving the covers just enough so that she could see Dash. It seemed she was still wearing that saddlebag from earlier. She also seemed… groomed?

That was strange… Rainbow's mane was brushed neatly. It had also been styled to flow longer and sleeker. The bangs on her head were neatly folded over with a pink-flower hair clip. She was also wearing the scarf she had made her and… was that makeup? It was barely noticeable but it seemed to add to her feminine features. The normally tomboyish Rainbow Dash looked… girly.

"…Huh?" Was the first word to come out of Fluttershy's lips as she blinked back her confusion, "What happened to you?"

"Uhhh…" Rainbow looked down at herself as a blush crawled onto her face and looked away, "I-It looks terrible right? Ugh, I knew it was a bad idea to let Rarity give me a makeover." Rainbow looked physically unnerved, as if this stark change in her appearance was uncomfortable.

"N-No… it looks… fine…" she said flatly. She didn't want to admit she was hiding a blush under the covers now. She'd never seen Rainbow so neatly done up and it was genuinely attractive. But she was trying to hold on to her resentment from earlier, not wanting her body to defy her mind. "What do you want to talk about?" she closed her eyes trying not to be distracted by Rainbow's beauty.

"Well, first I gotta talk with you about why I've been avoiding you this last week and what you saw today." Rainbow let out a sigh, "Yes, Rarity told me everything you saw and how you reacted. But I assure you, just as I told her, I have a GOOD reason for everything. You have to believe me."

Fluttershy looked back at the rainbow pegasus her heart held such affection for. Rainbow had mentioned that Rarity gave her a make-over and it showed. If Rarity had forgiven Rainbow Dash for what they'd seen then… did that mean she really did have a good reason for everything she did?

"…Okay… I'm listening." Fluttershy said quietly, still not leaving the safety of her covers.

"…Ugh… I don't want to do it here Fluttershy. I want to go somewhere special for this conversation, just the two of us." Rainbow explained, getting closer to the covers, Fluttershy felt herself back up instinctually a little at Rainbow getting closer.

"Is it… is it absolutely necessary? We can't just… talk about it here?" Fluttershy whimpered softly, fairly certain she was a mess.

"It is. Please Fluttershy, I need you to come with me." Rainbow smiled. Fluttershy couldn't say no to that face.

"…F-Fine… just... let me freshen up first." Fluttershy said slowly moving off of the bed still covered in blankets. Rainbow watched this with strange curiosity as Fluttershy slowly wriggled into the bathroom in some kind of bed slug. It was one of the oddest sights Rainbow had seen.

Once in the bathroom Fluttershy unwrapped herself from the covers and looked in the mirror.

Her mane was everywhere, an unkempt ragged mess she could barely call hair anymore. Her faced was covered with tear stains and her eyes were still blood shot from all the crying she'd done.

"Yup… I'm a mess…" She sighed softly, quickly turning on the sink and quickly washing her face. It didn't take long for her to comb her mane back into a manageable state, but what worried her was the state of her eyes. It'd simply take time for the bloodshot look to vanish. She sighed defeated; at least the rest of her looked fine. She quickly gathered up the blankets off the floor before returning to her room and dumping them on her bed. She'd make them up later.

"Okay… let's go Dash." She said with a soft sigh, before looking at her marefriend. Dash simply seemed to smile.

"Trust me, you won't regret this." Dash said spreading her wings and flying out the window. Fluttershy followed quickly after her.


When they reached the hill Rainbow Dash was taking them to, the sun was getting ready to sink into the horizon and flare the sky with its brilliant colors. As they landed, Fluttershy couldn't help but notice that this was that same hill, the one where they had talked the first time after having met her father in Cloudsdale, where she had told Rainbow Dash everything about her past.

"Alright, we're here." Dash smiled, turning to face Fluttershy, "So I guess I can explain myself now."

"Well… I'm all ears." Fluttershy said quietly, still having a bit of difficulty with Dash's new look. She wanted to keep herself on an even emotional level, but her looking so good was making it difficult.

"Alright. Here goes." Rainbow said taking a deep breath, before starting to pace, a habit Fluttershy knew meant she was nervous about the subject she was talking about. "As I told you, the Wonderbolts gave me a second opportunity to audition for them in a month, it's been a week since then. The reason they did so was because I was nervous during my audition and they could see it. I explained to them that I was worried, that if I got accepted into the Wonderbolts that I'd be giving up my love for you for my dream."

Fluttershy opened her mouth to react, but Dash held up a hoof.

"Please just let me finish, if I get interrupted I might say something before I'm ready to." Dash said before taking another breath, "And yes I know you've said before that me joining the Wonderbolts won't mean I'm abandoning you or my other friends in Ponyville, but I was still worried. That's why I asked you to hold back on us having a foal, because I wanted to make sure I'd be able to have enough time to be there to help raise them AND live the dream. But that's a bit off topic…" Fluttershy could tell Rainbow was getting a little flustered with her rambling; her hooves were scrapping against the ground a bit more than usual.

"SO! As I was flying back from the audition opportunity they had given me I was thinking about what I could do to possibly calm myself and fully make me realize what I could do to know for sure I would always come back to you despite being a Wonderbolt. So the moment I got back I started doing odd jobs around town and taking my job seriously so that I could gather up as much money as I could quickly." Fluttershy raised an eyebrow curiously at this. The edge of the sun hit the horizon as Rainbow continued.

"And I've been avoiding you all week because I didn't want to say something I wasn't ready to. You have a way of drawing things out of me and I didn't want to spoil the surprise of what I had in mind. Which goes into what you saw today." Rainbow said taking a deep breath, "I was sweeping up the plaza of Ponyville for the mayor; the 'gift' she gave me was a bag of bits. I helped out Carrot Top with gardening for the same reason; she paid me to do it. Pinkie Pie also said she was going to help me with money in exchange for helping her with Sugar Cube Corner. At Lyra and Bonbon's house I was helping them move furniture, they basically asked me to help redecorate their whole house which they couldn't do alone."

Rainbow then reached into her side bag and pulled out a sheet of paper that she then gave to Fluttershy, who looked at it curiously.

"And THIS is the paper you saw me reading with Roseluck. Basically she was paying me to help her rehearse for a play. At the bottom you can see it says her stage directions are to kiss her opposite actor. Essentially she got too into the role while practicing with me."

It was true; Fluttershy's eyes scanned the script and saw exactly what Rainbow was talking about.

"It was then that Rarity started yelling and berating me. Once she was done I got to tell my side of things and well…" Rainbow brushed her hair with a hoof, "This kind of happened."

Fluttershy blinked in confusion, looking up at Rainbow Dash.

"I… I guess that makes sense…" Fluttershy said softly, feeling some of the pressure being lifted from her chest at Dash's words. None of it seemed like a lie, at least not from her body language. "But why were you doing all this? Why did you need the money? What couldn't you tell me about?" She asked confused at everything.

Rainbow took a moment to take in a deep breath and calm down. She had certainly just spoken a mouthful and needed a moment. She then smiled softly.

"I was doing this all for you. And well… once I talked to Rarity she loaned me the rest of the money I'd need. I guess maybe I should've asked her in the first place, but I wanted to do this on my own, to make it even more special for you." Rainbow chuckled softly, "I still promised to pay Rarity back, but thanks to her I can do it now." Rainbow turned her back to Fluttershy and walked towards the sunset.

"Do what? What are you doing Dash?" Fluttershy was still very confused.

"Well Fluttershy, I'm showing you that no matter where I go, how far apart we are, or how tough times may get that you'll be in my thoughts and my heart." Rainbow seemed to be grinning as she then stretched out her wings before taking off into the sky. Fluttershy watched with a mix of awe and curiosity as Rainbow went to work gathering stray clouds in the sky, thinking about her words as Rainbow worked.

The sky began to flare with different shades of orange and red as it began to sink into the horizon. Rainbow aligned the clouds in two single file lines in sky, angling them just right.

Then, in a resounding burst of speed and color, Rainbow flew straight at the clouds, kicking and striking each into a specific shape at break neck speeds. Fluttershy had never seen such quick cloud forming, but Rainbow was doing it masterfully.

Rainbow sculpted each cloud into shape, making them just thin enough so that they changed colors with the setting sun washing the sky with color, but thick enough to be seen from land. With one final hoof kick Rainbow came careening straight down for the hill, her head in her saddlebag to grab something.

Fluttershy quickly guarded her fast as Rainbow came into a skid landing before her, kicking up dirt around them. A small box seemed to land on top of Dash's head as it opened up.

Fluttershy turned to look at the box, seeing a magnificent golden hoofband covered in different colored gemstones, including all the colors of the rainbow and a few pink gemstones.

"So, what do you say?" Rainbow grinned, making Fluttershy look up at the magnificent scene of orange and reds.

Written in the clouds were two simple words.

"Marry Me."
Okay, this round of proper proof reading is brought to you by :iconace2401:

And there you go. Now you know what the surprise was and what exactly Rainbow was doing!

The story isn't over yet. I plan on at least two more chapters :3

Previous Chapter: [link]
Google Doc Version: [link]
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Whoa, Spike, settle down. Maybe you should treat those gems to dinner before getting all freaky on them.

Feel free to use. It was taken from episode 17, A Dog And Pony Show. Totally forgot about this one I made

Spike belong to My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was made for television by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
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Divine Intervention
Written By: Closer-To-The-Sun (Joseph Noblit)
Chapter 1: Turn The Page

Celestia's sun was shining down on Ponyville, giving a warm afternoon feel for the residents. While most of the ponyfolk were relaxed, there was one light blue pegasus who was racing towards her destination. It was Rainbow Dash, whose multi-colored mane was a blur to anypony who saw her. Finally landing in front of the Ponyville library, she checked the saddlebag on her back, double-checking to make sure it had not fallen off mid-flight, which it had a tendency to do. After her examination, she knocked on the door.

"Just a second!" a muffled voice from inside called out.

"No rush," Rainbow Dash replied to the voice. While she wasn't in a hurry, almost everything in her life was some sort of race or competition. It's how she was.

After what felt like eternity to the blue mare, the door was opened. Expecting to see her purple unicorn friend, Dash saw a small purple and green dragon.

"Oh, hello Rainbow Dash!" Spike said excitedly.

"Hey there, Spike. Is Twilight around?" Rainbow Dash asked in a bit puzzled tone.

The dragon shook his head, "No, she was called to Canterlot on official business for a few days."

"She is? Bummer, I needed to return some of the books she let me borrow," Dash explained, making a slight motion to her saddlebag.

"Oh, in that case, I can help you out!" said Spike enthusiastically, "Come on in!"

A small smile came across Rainbow's face in relief that she could return the books. The only issue she has with reading was the fact of late fees. They scared her to death. She followed the dragon inside the library.

Spike led the pegasus to the center table in the library. Without being told what to do, Dash took her books out of the saddlebag and placed them on the table so Spike could check them back in. Writing down the book titles on the sheet of paper, Daring Do and the Final Crusade and Daring Do and the Kingdom of the Sapphire Skull, he then took them to the shelf and place them in their proper location.

"So you really liked those Daring Do books, don't ya?" Spike asked as he was on his stepstool.

"Yeah, gotta admit Daring is pretty awesome. That last book of the series is really weird though. Not as good as the first one," Dash commented.

Spike chuckled as he got back on the floor, "Yeah, I remember when I read that last one. Thankfully, Twilight told me some other good books to read."

"You read, too? But aren't you like three years old in dragon years?" the pegasus asked in surprise.

"I'm thirteen….in dragon years I think….you know what, I'm not sure how the age thing works with me. All I know is that I'm pretty smart compared to most dragons," Spike thought about exactly how his age would work out being a dragon amongst ponies.

Rainbow laughed, "Yeah, what other dragons know how to get blueberry stains out of their scales?"

"Hey, watch it! I might show you how hard it is to get those out!" Spike threatened as his face was flustered.

Still laughing, Rainbow placed a hoof on Spike's head and roughed him up slightly, "I'm just messing with ya, you little twerp. You know that."

Spike still looked sour, but he seemed to brush it off, "So, what kind of book are you looking for?"

"Hm…." Rainbow Dash put a hoof to her chin, "something with action is always good, and something funny would be cool, oh, and totally have something that makes me want to keep reading!"

Spike waddled to the bookcase to grab a few books down, "Well, if you want action, then you will really want to read Luna Wars: A New Hope. It's a personal favorite of mine. Oh! And another great one would be Buck Cassidy And the Sundance Colt. It takes place in the badlands when Equestria was still very wild. And you totally have to read Donkey Quixote, it's really fun to read."

Rainbow Dash was surprised at the stack of books that Spike had in his claws, "Whoa, are you sure these are some good books for me?"

"Trust me, these are some of my favorites. If you don't like any of them, I'll buy you lunch!" Spike sounded extremely confident.

A sly smile came across Rainbow Dash's face, "Alright, you're on!" The blue pegasus began loading the books into her saddlebag.

Spike pointed to the mare, "But no cheating, alright? You can't just look over it like it's nothing and put it down! You have to give them a shot."

Rainbow smirked and placed her hoof on Spike's head again, "What, you don't trust me?"

"You broke into a hospital and the library to continue reading a book because you were to proud to admit you like reading," Spike reminded her.

Dash was silent, trying to think of a comeback, but she knew that she was beat, "Alright, you got me there, you little nerd."

The pegasus and dragon started there way towards the door. "I'll stop by tomorrow then and let ya know how my reading goes," Dash continued.

"Hey, don't just rush through them! Enjoy them!" Spike was a little bothered that she seemed to be so relaxed about her new reading material.

"Geez, Spike, you really are the egghead's assistant, aren't ya?" Rainbow turned to him after she stepped outside.

"And proud of it!" the dragon boasted.

Laughing Rainbow Dash began to take off, "Alright, well, see ya later, shorty!" And with that, the pegasus returned to her home in Cloudsdale.

Later that night, Rainbow Dash was busy reading the new books she had checked out from the library. Already done with Donkey Quixote and Luna Wars, she was in the middle of Buck Cassidy And The Sundance Colt. Rainbow had to admit, Spike knew what he was talking about.
“You may be right/I may be crazy/But it just may be a lunatic your looking for.” –Billy Joel, “You May Be Right”

Chapter 1: You are here : "Turn The Page"
Chapter 2: [link] : "New"
Chapter 3: [link] : "Outer Space"
Chapter 4: [link] : "You May Be Right"
Chapter 5: [link] : "You"

A NEW FAN-FIC! Sorry that it's been a while. I have been quite busy, and I'm lucky enough to get this started. Let's hope I can finish it. Anyway, here's another Spike shipping story for all of you ponies out there. Have fun. Also, enjoy the references.

Title: Divine Intervention
Chapter 1: Turn The Page
Premise: Rainbow Dash comes looking for a book. Will Spike have anything to interest her?

The title for this short story is taken from the song "Divine Intervention" by Matthew Sweet, from the album 'Girlfriend'.
The name of this chapter is taken from the song "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger from the album to 'Back In '72', most known for the live version that appears on the album 'Live Bullet'
Don Quixote (also known by it's full title, 'El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha') was written by Miguel de Cervantes in 1605 and 1615
Star Wars: A New Hope was written and directed by George Lucas (as was the novelization, though ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster)
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid was written by William Goldman and directed by George Roy Hill
All characters belong to My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was made for television by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Written by :iconcloser-to-the-sun:
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Fairy Tales
Written by Closer-To-The-Sun (Joseph Noblit)
Chapter 2: Limelight

Saturday morning arrived and Ponyville was lively and active as Celestia's sun rose over the land. Many ponies were hard at work to prep for the busy day. There were a number of ponies setting up different booths for activities for anypony who wished to try their luck at winning various prizes. There were other ponies that were cooking various tasty treats, which led to the air being filled with the air of the aroma of the food.

At the Carousel Boutique, Rarity was prepping herself for the day. Using her magic, she placed all of the costumes that she and Spike had made into a truck neatly.

"There, all neat and organized!" Rarity thought aloud. She was finally relieved to have the outfits neatly organized and ready to deliver to the stage.

Using her magic again, she trotted out of her home with the case. Passing all of the vendors who were prepping for the day, an idea entered the unicorn's mind. She decided to make a detour.

Setting the truck down carefully with her magic, she knocked on the door of the library. Her fellow unicorn, Twilight Sparkle, answered the door. Her mane was still a bit messy from her sleep.

"Rarity?" the purple unicorn yawned, "What are you doing out? The festival doesn't start for some time."

"I know, but I was wondering if Spike would like to join me with prepping for the plays. I figured since he worked so hard on them with me, he should watch our work in the limelight," Rarity explained.

Twilight nodded, "I understand. But I'm not sure if Spike is even up this earl-" Twilight turned her head to see that a tired dragon was slowing making his way to the door, "I stand corrected."

Spike was rubbing one of his eyes with his claw as he yawned loudly. Rarity gave a small smile to the sleepy dragon. "So what do you say, Spike?" Rarity asked, "Would you like to see our hard work on display?"

With one more yawn, Spike replied excitedly and more awake, "Sure, lemme just get ready!" The dragon quickly dashed up stairs, leaving the two ponies at the door.

"I wish I could motivate Spike like that," Twilight joked, in which both of them laughed.

Spike returned downstairs quickly and the two bid Twilight farewell. Rarity was about to use her magic to levitate the trunk.

"Oh, you don't have to do that, Rarity!" Spike insisted. The dragon picked up the chest of costumes to carry.

"Are you sure, Spike?" Rarity seemed concerned for the small dragon to be caring such a big item, "I don't want you to push yourself, or anything."

"Sure I'm sure! It's not a problem!" Spike said cheerfully as he carried the trunk, "So, where are we heading?"

"To the town square, they will have the stage there," the unicorn informed him.

"Right! Let's go!" the happy dragon said, carrying the trunk and moving quickly.

Rarity was trotting behind him at a slower speed, watching Spike carry the chest of clothing. 'You really are quite the gentlecolt, Spike,' she thought to herself before shaking her head quickly, 'Wait, I have to keep myself in check here. He's just helping me out here! Though, I must admit, he is the best assistant I could ever ask for when it comes to anything….curses Rarity! Snap out of it and stop thinking such thoughts! Just relax and enjoy the day. The festival only comes once a year, after all.' Rarity was having some internal struggles with herself. Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself and continued trotting along.

Spike, who had noticed the unicorn was behind him, stopped to ask a question, "Hey Rarity, are you alright?"

Rarity gave a convincing smile to the dragon, "Yes, dear, I'm fine."

The two arrived to the center of town where the stage was set. Going back stage, the two laid out all of costumes for the different plays that would be taking place. Getting done quite quickly and early, Rarity then had an idea.

"Say Spike, would you like to go around and see the different booths? We do have quite a bit of time before the plays begin," Rarity felt that both of them could use something relaxing after a long week of creating the outfits.

"Sounds fun!" Spike was excited.

Rarity smiled as the two went back out to the square and explored the many booths that were spread out. The two went to the different food vendors and tried the various types of food that were being offered to the public. After experiencing the different sorts of cuisine, the two played a few of the carnival games that were set up. Spike had his eye on a large plushie at a ball toss game. Unfortunately, both he and Rarity failed to get enough points, but they both had fun playing it. The pony running the booth had some sympathy for the two and gave Spike a much small plush of the same one he had his eye on. It was then an announcement went out on the loudspeaker.

"Attention everypony. The plays will begin on the main stage in fifteen minutes. Thank you," the voice boldly stated.

"Come on, dahling, let's go get some good seats," the unicorn said, turning herself to start trotting to the stage area.

"Alright!" Spike was quick to follow.

The two arrived at the stage area and seated themselves in the second row, near the center. Both of them were eager to see the costumes be put to use. The seats quickly filled up as the curtain time drew closer. The crowd drew quiet as the curtain rose and the first play, 'Rumpelstallion', began. The audience watched happily as the small fillies and colts took the stage and began their acting. Spike over heard in the grey pegasus pony seated next to him happily comment that the unicorn filly who was playing the main female was her 'little muffin', to which she and the brown early pony seated on her other side, lean on each other and continue watching. The next play was a rendition of 'Looking For A Mare', in which Pipsqueak played the colt looking for a wife, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders played the three possible choices. It seemed like the four ponies took some liberties and reworked the script for their liking. A few other plays were performed and all were great successes with the audience. As all the ponies began to leave, Spike and Rarity stayed seated and waited for the crowd to die down before they decided to make their way out.

"They was simply wonderful, wouldn't you say, dahling?" Rarity asked to Spike.

"It was! I really enjoyed the Cutie Mark Crusader's play. It was very funny," Spike laughed to himself, remembering some of the funniest bits.

Rarity smiled, "They sure were. And I must say, our outfits really looked smashing in the limelight, don't you agree?"

"Yeah! You did a great job on those!"

"But I couldn't have done it in the least without your help, Spike!" the unicorn insisted.

Spike blushed slightly, "Oh come on, I was just doing small things. You designed the dresses and all that!"

Rarity shook her head, "Don't be so modest! I never would have gotten it done without your help, Spike! In fact, allow me to show my gratitude to you."


"Allow me to treat you to dinner tomorrow night. It's really the least I could do for such a wonderful helper, such as yourself."

The dragon was a bit uneasy, "I don't know, Rarity. I mean, I'm grateful for the offer, but you really don't have to."

"I insist, Spike," Rarity gave a warm smile to the purple dragon.

"Alright. If you insist," he gave in to the unicorn's offer. He wouldn't admit it, but it was the smile that made him agree.

"Wonderful!" the unicorn was joyful "I shall see you tomorrow then. I have to go back sure the crusaders don't damage their outfits."

Rarity bid Spike farewell as she trotted away. 'Alright, I'm sure this will make up for how I've been….well….taking advantage of Spike's help. Then after which, I won't anymore. That will be it!' Rarity was feeling that she could finally be free from her guilt of using the dragon.

Spike, who was still seated alone amongst the empty chairs, was frozen as one thought entered his mind, 'Did Rarity just ask me out?'
“Someday we'll know if love can move a mountain/Someday we'll know why the sky is blue/Someday we'll know why I wasn't meant for you.” –New Radicals, “Someday We’ll Know”

Chapter 1: [link] - "Give A Little Bit"
Chapter 2: You are here - "Limelight"
Chapter 3: [link] - "Gratitude"
Chapter 4: [link] - "Call And Answer"
Chapter 5: [link] - "Someday We'll Know"
Epilogue: [link] - "Fortress"

Sorry for the lateness of this chapter. Finals are happening and I haven't really been feeling good lately. And then the last episode kind of threw a wrench into this I had to rethink some small details. I'm still going with the original plan I had mapped out of this story, as if that episode has not aired is how this story will play out. At least finals will be over soon.

Title: Fairy Tales
Chapter 2: Limelight
Premise: Spike and Rarity spend the day at the festival and watch their hard work on stage. But what will happen at the end of the day?

The title for this short story is taken from the song "Fairy Tales" by Hypernova, from the album 'Through The Chaos'.
The name of this chapter is taken from the song "Limelight" by Rush, from the album 'Moving Pictures'.
All characters belong to My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was made for television by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Written by :iconcloser-to-the-sun:
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Have a Discorded-Best Pony wallpaper. Oh, and good luck sleeping tonight! :3

Yeah, I know there is not much color to it, not much going on in terms of the background, but I think the dark, foggy, smoke look actually worked well for this than other styles I've done. I personally don't know how I feel about this one overall. Let me know if you guys really like it or not. I'm probably not done with this particular vector of Fluttershy, and may try out more things with it...

Credit to :iconkired25: for the AWESOME Fluttershy vector.
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I love how this one came out. It means my new custom smoke/aura/fire/lightning brush set is working. :D
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I decided to do something a bit different than what I usually do in terms of color use; a challenge for myself. Rather than a bright, happy and colorful wallpaper, I wanted to create a wallpaper that was dark, sad wallpaper without much color at all...

This is the result. I hope you all like it, as sad as it may be in terms of it's theme...

Who's grave is it? That's up to you to decide...

Credit to Proenix for the Twilight Sparkle Vector
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Chapter five: Party of red

An Appledash fic inspired by the short story "Of Horseshoes, Apples, and Feathers"

Celestia's sun beamed through the aged window, lighting up the red and gold striped room. The room was a simple layout, for an apple farmer that is. On one side of the room was a brown desk, it was an old one, passed through generations of apple family members. Next to it was the closet door, white in color with apples painted on it. The only outfit that rested in it was the tattered Gala dress of Applejack. The earth pony in particular was fast asleep on her green cover bed.

"Hey, big sis" Applebloom whispered as she slowly open the door to the room.

Applebloom was pale yellow filly with a red mane and bow to match. She had Granny Smith's eyes, apple color. She was possibly the sweetest thing ever.

Applejack replied with a quiet mutter into her pillow.

"Sis" Applebloom said, her voice was a bit louder this time.

Once again she muttered into her pillow.

Applebloom stomped her hoof on the ground and left the room, only to return with an iron pot in her mouth. She spat it out and started banging on it.

Bang, bang, bang! The pot rang out, it was deafening.

"Wakey, wakey Applejack! It is somepony's birthday today!" She yelled.

"Ugh" Applejack replied as she lifted her head off her pillow. "Applebloom, not so loud" she moaned.

"Sorry sis" Applebloom said as she stopped banging the pot. "That was the only way to wake y'all up; y'all are usually up and early and ah want y'all up to celebrate a very special day today."

"And what's that?" She said, hopping out of bed.

"Applejack!" the yellow filly complained.

"Ah'm only kidding, happy birthday Applebloom, y'all are finally ten years old" she said before giving her a hug.

"Soooo" said the filly, her eyes wide with anticipation. "Where's mah present? What is it?"

"Y'all will find out later."

Applejack didn't want to spoil the surprise party at Sugarcube Corner, hosted by the one and only party pony.


"Now Ah don't wanna hear any whinin'. Now come on lil sis, we need to pay Pinkie Pie a visit" she said as she put her classic and distinctive Stetson on.


"Uh umm" Applejack stuttered as she tried to think of a lie, which was not her strong suit, being the element of honesty and all was a real impediment for a liar.

"We uh, have to go and pick up… Muffins! Eyup some sweet delicious… Apple muffins? Yeah, apple muffins, we're out… N' y'all know… how much ah like'em" Applejack said, with a half smiling face and eyes that were darting back and forth, hoping that she would buy it.


By some strange design by Celestia, she did. Probably because she was too excited to notice any lie.

The two ponies walked out the door of Sweet Apple Acres and onto the dirt road leading to Ponyville. Applejack saw the apple orchard, you could see to the left, or to the right, and you would still find apple trees. The Apple family kept this growing and growing since their first settlers, Applejack's Ma and Pa made a lot of work and left them most of what they had today, and she was always grateful for that. The sun was shining overhead, in a blue lovely sky, perfectly clear, probably thanks to… Rainbow Dash. Applejack tried to shake those thoughts and to keep walking; she felt deep inside, that the day was not done with her yet. So she tried to steel herself for whatever Celestia or Luna could throw at her.

The pastel yellow filly walked side to side with the orange mare through the streets of the quiet Equestrian town of Ponyville. Some busy shop owners were starting up their business, and opening their stores. Sugarcube Corner came into view as the two ponies walked into town center. A statue of Celestia was in the center, fallen leaves of autumn surrounded it. But the entire square was deserted of all ponies, even the sky was clear of all Pegasus and clouds alike, only someponies at the shop area were there. Applejack knew exactly where everypony else were.

"Where the hay is everypony?" Applebloom questioned.

Applejack started to sweat as she tried to come up with another lie. But she got an idea.

"Applebloom, you shouldn't say 'hay'."

"But y'all say it all the time! Stop treating me like a baby. Ah am a big pony now!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever y'all say mah big pony."

"Anyways, y'all didn't answer me, where's everypony?"

"Uh umm, ah don't know Bloom, m-maybe a h-holiday?"

"What's wrong big sis? Y'all are jumpier than Granny Smith on Zap apple season today."

"It's n-nothing. Hey won't y'all look at that, were here! Time sure flies when y'all are talking!" she said as the two found themselves at the front door of Sugarcube Corner.

"Um, sis… ah don't wanna disappoint y'all, but ah think y'all are not gonna get those muffins…ah think it's closed" Applebloom said looking at her sister.

The windows of the sweet shop were closed and dark, the curtains blocked all view.

"Aww don't worry, its open! Ah… ah told… Pinkie? That ah was comin' early, yeah, it's open, trust yer sis" she said, giving her a little nudge. "Go on in!"

Applebloom opened the door to Sugarcube Corner and walked into the dark room. She was then met by a flick of the lights, an explosion of confetti and a loud 'Surprise!' Applebloom was star struck as she was met by all of her friends. There was a large banner that read Happy Birthday Applebloom in big yellow and red paint. There was food and drinks all over the place, sweets to the right, snacks to the left, and drinks at the back. She could see her fellow crusaders, Sweetie bell and Scootaloo as they rushed to her side.

"Happy birthday Applebloom!" Sweetie Belle's voice cracked as she plopped a party hat on her.

"Y'all threw this party fer me?!" Applebloom said.

"Don't thank just us; it was all Applejack's idea. Pinkie Pie made the preparations, and I bring the awesomeness to the party" Scootaloo said, nudging her friend with her elbow.

Applebloom turned around to see her sister and rushed over for a hug. "Thank y'all so much Applejack, this is the best party ever!"

"Aww, y'all are welcome lil sis, ah would do anything for y'all. Now go have some fun with yer party, y'all only turn ten once y'all know?"

Applebloom broke away from the hug and rushed off to have fun with her friends. Applejack looked around for her own friends, she saw Pinkie serving cupcakes to the party guests near the stairs, and Rarity chatting with Fluttershy over by the punch bowl. Then she also spotted Pinkie serving cupcakes near the door, and on the back, and also next to the bakery's kitchen… Applejack then saw Twilight standing over by the door, trying to keep two fillies out of the party; she walked over to see who they were.

"But you can't keep us out! We are like, Applebloom's best friends! Tell her Silver Spoon" The pink earth filly of the two said, it was Diamond Tiara, the spoiled little brat.

"Yeah, you can't keep us out!" Silver Spoon said.

"I know exactly who you two are; do you think I don't have enough intelligence? You two are Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon" Twilight said in a stern voice. "You are the two fillies who bully Applebloom and her friends all the time and just want to be here to bully her some more. There is no way I'm letting you two in."

"What in tarnation is going on here?" Applejack said as she walked over.

"Oh yes, Applejack!" Diamond said in surprise. "You must let us into Applebloom's party, this mean old Twilight won't let us through. And we are best friends with Applebloom after all."

"Old!?" Twilight yelled. "How dare you? I'm only twenty for your information, twice your age!"

"Nice try Diamond Tiara, ah know exactly who y'all are, but there's no way in hay that y'all  getting in mah sis's party" Applejack said.

Diamond Tiara stomped her hoof on the ground in anger. "Wait till my daddy hears about this! He'll bring your business down, you hear! Come on Silver Spoon, we don't need to be at this lame party anyway!" she yelled before she and Silver ran down the street.

"Yer dad won't bring mah family's business down while we keep doing zap jam" Applejack slammed the door and yelled out to them. "And don't be coming back y'all hear!?"

"Thanks for getting rid of them Applejack, they were getting to my nerves" Twilight said as she sat down next to a table with her friend. "I hate those two snooty, stuck up brats; I swear someday I will… great, now I'm sounding like Rainbow Dash."

Applejack opened her eyes wide and started looking at her sides blushing slightly. "Rainbow… he-he yeah, sh-she isn't here is she?"

"Umm… I think she hasn't arrived here yet… Applejack, you're not avoiding her are you? Pinkie came to me a few days ago and told me about you two abandoning her after you saw sight of her."

"Ah can't help it" she got closer to Twilight and whispered "ever since that kiss, ah've been going crazy at the thought of her. Ah can't face'er without thinking 'bout it."

"Applejack you're going to have to tell her soon. You can't avoid her forever."

Pinkie Pie then popped her head out of a nearby vase. "Forever!" she yelled before sinking back in slowly, in a somewhat disturbing way.

Twilight and Applejack stared at the vase for some seconds and went back to talking.

"Ah know ah have to tell her, aH jes don't know when, how, or where" said Applejack as she slumped her head on the table.

Just then, the door of Sugarcube corner burst open and in its wake was a Rainbow-maned pegasus.

"Sorry I'm late everypony!" Rainbow Dash yelled. "Overslept again."

Everypony returned their attention from her and went back to partying, all except a purple-maned and orange coated filly, who rushed over and clung to one of Dash's legs in a death grip.

"Well, that's mah signal, ah'm leaving" said Applejack as she started to walk to the back door.

"Oh no, you're not escaping from your sister's birthday party!" Twilight said as she grabbed her with her magic. "Please stay, for her."

Applejack struggled to move, but it was useless against the unicorn's magic. "Twilight, please, ah'm beggin' y'all, let me go."

"No Applejack, you're not leaving just because Rainbow's here. You don't have to be with her, but that doesn't mean you have to leave Sugarcube Corner."

"Fine then, ah'll jus ask her to leave" Applejack said, trying to walk towards the cyan mare.

"You're not going to do that either, or else I'll bring out the big guns again" Twilight said as she pointed to Pinkie Pie a few hoofs away, who was eating a cupcake.

Applejack shuttered at the memory of what happened last time. "Cherrychanga or chimicherry, or maybe chimycherrychanga" she thought in her head. She instinctively lowered her ears and put her hooves over them to block any sound.

"Fine, jes… jes don't call'er." Applejack said in defeat. She didn't like to lose, but she knew when she was beaten.

"Great, now listen well, you will get your flank over there look at Rainbow's eyes and you will tell her 'hi', understood?"

"W-wait no Twilight! Ah-" she said in panic, but it was too late. The unicorn's magic wrapped around her and thrust her towards Rainbow Dash.

"H-howdy R-Rainbow" Applejack said, finding herself right in front of the mare who had been driving her crazy. She started feeling a little bit dizzy and her face started assimilating her cutie mark's color.

"Oh um, h-hi AJ…" Rainbow stuttered, her cheeks lit up instantly in a fury of dark red.

"Well umm" Applejack stuttered as she searched for the right words to say. "Y-you look mighty dandy to-today. Ah must say."

This only made Dash's cheeks glow even more. "He-he thanks, you too."

Scootaloo who was still attached to Rainbow Dash's leg let out a long "Ohhhhh" knowing that her idol wasn't going to pay her any attention now, and walked away with a sly smile with a hint of frustration.

Applejack froze in fear as she realized what Scootaloo had discovered. "Umm Rainbow, ah am mighty sorry, but ah'll be right back, Ah need to take care of sumthin' " she said before she turned and started running after Scootaloo.

"Hey Scootaloo can ah speak with y'all in private?" she said as she rushed up to her.

"Suuure" she said in a long tone.

The two ponies walked up to Pinkie's room, she had been in her room before, but this time everything was different. The walls were a swirl of pink and blue, with some random yellow polka dots that varied in size across the walls. Applejack and Scootaloo both sat down next to one of the tables in the room. There were some minutes where nopony talked they just looked at each other, then Applejack sternly asked.

"How did you know?"

"Are you kidding?! It is obvious that you have a crush on her! I tried not to make false assumptions at first" Scootaloo said excitingly. "But now, you were blushing more than any other time I saw you two together, so that kinda confirmed it. Oh I can't wait to tell my friends."

"Oh no y'all won't!" Applejack said as she grabbed the filly to stop her from going downstairs. "Y'all can't tell anypony, not Applebloom, not Sweetie Belle, and especially not Pinkie Pie. Please Scootaloo, ah'm beggin' y'all… I-if y'all don't wanna do it fer me, do it fer Rainbow Dash. Please, don't."

"Umm… urgh…fine" she said with a pout and a crestfallen voice "But with one condition! You must tell her soon" she stated.

"What? No, ah can't! wh-what if."

"Relax. I have a feeling that she feels the same for you, you trust me AJ, I'm one of the fillies who know Rainbow Dash the most" she said before turning around and walking downstairs.

Applejack sighed in relief. "Whoa nelly… that was a close one, but luckily it was avoided" she said. She inhaled deeply and started walking down the stairs.

Scootaloo ran towards Applebloom and asked.

"Hey Bloom, don't you wanna play some games? But not 'pin the tail on the pony' or silly games like that" proposed Scootaloo.

"N' what are y'all thinking about?" asked Applebloom.

"Extreme truth or dare" stated the orange filly.

"Extreme truth or dare?" asked again the birthday pony.

"Yeah. It's like truth or dare, but once you've chosen the dare, and they have told you what to do, you can decide to make it extreme. If you complete it, you will gain a bonus, you can choose to change your dare, give a double dare to the other pony, or you can trespass your dare to somepony else you decide, even if they are not playing" explained Scootaloo.

"That sounds fun! Okay everypony! Let's play!" Applebloom shouted, some ponies got closer and sat around the two fillies.

"Well Applebloom, I think the pony's talk without talking… It seems this will be a one on one game."

"Bring it on filly!" provoked the little earth pony.

"Well, let's start, truth or dare?"

"Umm… truth" replied Applebloom.

"Have you ever lied to your sister?" asked grinning the orange pegasus.

"Umm… umm…" Applebloom gulped and closed her eyes "Y-yes."

"APPLEBLOOM!" gasped the farm mare who was sitting behind her.

"Ah'm sorry! Y'all are gonna pay for it Scoots. Truth or dare?"

"Dare. I wanna see what the worst you can throw at me is."

"Remember those spins y'all did to help me when we had to make that show fer school?"


"Well, why don't y'all do one fer us here, in front of everypony?"

"Just that? Then let's make it extreme!" said Scootaloo.

"Oh, y'all sure? Then y'all will have to spin around fer one whole minute."

Scootaloo stood up, she put one hoof on the floor and lifted the rest of her body and started spinning around. Half a minute later Scootaloo started loosing balance and she was not feeling to well, but she was one tough little filly and kept spinning until she got to one minute, then she collapsed on the floor, her eyes were still spinning and she couldn't focus, but she had won the dare, so she got a bonus. Some of the ponies of the crowd were clapping with their hooves.

"Hah! I told I, um, you can it do!" she said, shaking her head to recover "I mean, I told you I can do it, now I've got a bonus to use!"

"Okay, now's mah turn."

"Well… truth or dare" asked Scootaloo.


"Okay… let's see… I dare you to drink ten glasses of punch."

"Jes that? Make it extreme fer me Scoots."

"Well, if you say so, I dare you to drink the whole bowl."

"Okay…" she walked to the punch table, grabbed the bowl and drunk it all, not leaving a single drop. Everypony looked at her and a chore of "Oohh" were heard. "There, now ah have a bonus too."

"Well, I use my bonus to give you a double dare."

"Okay, and what would that be?"

"I dare you to give Applejack a very close and affective hug, like a very good sister, for a whole minute. Here, in front of everypony" she said smiling slyly.


"What's the matter sis? Don't Y'all love yer big sister? Come here n' give me a hug!" said Applejack, opening her arms widely and laughing slightly.

"It's not that, but let's use mah bonus, I choose to trespass mah dare to somepony else!" stated Applebloom.

"And that pony would be…" Scootaloo said.

"Umm… let's see…" said Applebloom, looking at the ponies in front of her, there were a lot of ponies there, but there was a mare that stood out of the rest, because of her rainbow-colored mane. "Ah choose Rainbow Dash! Come here Dashie, y'all have to hug mah sister for a whole minute!"

"WHAT!?" shouted Rainbow Dash, her eyes went as wide as saucers.

Applejack closed her arms quickly and froze, then she said "A-Applebloom, ch-choose another pony if she doesn't want to" she said, trying to avoid the situation.

Scootaloo knew that shouldn't happen so she tried to tell Applebloom "C-come on AB, it's an easy dare… won't you like to save this bonus for later?"

"Nah, ah wanna see this! They've been the best of friends in the past few years and miss Rainbow always comes bah mah house to see her. They spend hours playing n' talking, and ah've seen them bump hooves, arm wrestle. Once ah even saw them hit their heads, but ah've never seen them hug. Now Dash, y'all have to do it, y'all heard Scootaloo, even if y'all aren't playing; y'all still have to do the dare" said Applebloom with a mischievous look on her face.

Rainbow Dash tried to hide, but it seems being rainbow colored is not a great camouflage. The whole crowd of ponies started pushing her towards Applejack, and the other side of the crowd did the same with Applejack. Both ponies knew it was going to happen so they just resigned to it and opened their arms and wrapped them around the other pony.

There they were, hugging after all the things that happened. They were there, together, close to each other, and everypony was watching. Applejack was trying to think about Wynona, about tomorrow's chores, and about anything but that sweet, glorious, marvelous kiss they shared a few days ago. The silky, warm coat of Rainbow Dash, which she was so close to, she could even smell that intoxicating perfume that emanated of Dash's body. She failed about not thinking about that. She started to blush so she tilted her Stetson to the front so it could cover her face.

Rainbow Dash was using every single nerve to keep her wings from expanding in the most spectacular way. She loved every second of the embrace, but at the same time she hated it. All that time she spent trying to get away from Applejack so she could think about her quietly, and relaxed. All thrown away by just one hug.

The minute passed and both mares broke the embrace and walked in different directions, returning to their seats. The crowd concentrated on the two fillies again.

"Well… your turn Applebloom, ask me something…"

"Truth or dare?"

"I'll go with truth" said Scootaloo.

"Y'all have been at Pinkie Pie's room, am ah right?"

"Yes I've been there."

"Is it truth that she has a clump of lint, a pile of rocks, a sack of flour, and a bucket of turnips next to her night table?"

"Well, well, well! Come on everypony its time to open presents and eat cake!" Pinkie Pie yelled out, while some drops of sweat fell down her forehead and her eyes darted back and forth.

Applebloom and Scootaloo took that as a sign that the game was over and ran over to their tables.

Everypony gathered around the table that Applebloom was sitting at with presents in hand. Applejack made sure to be on the opposite side of the table from Rainbow, Scootaloo told her she might love her back, but why rush? Applebloom decided to open Applejack's friend's presents first. She received a new hoof-stitched bow from Rarity, luckily the white unicorn stuck to the original model and didn't add it any gems, a paint kit from Fluttershy, a delicious apple cake from Pinkie Pie, and a book from Twilight Sparkle. Who would have thought?

"Here you go kiddo, hope you like'em" Rainbow Dash said hoofing her a small box.

Applebloom quickly opened the box and glanced in confusion as she held up a strip of colorful pictures. "Fake cutie marks? Rainbow, are y'all tryin' to tell me sumthin'?" she asked staring at the speedster pegasus.

"What? Oh, it's obvious you're not a professional prankster yet, but look at the possibilities! You could totally pull off a cool prank on those two bullies with those" Rainbow shrugged.

"He-he good point, thanks" Applebloom giggled in a mischievous manner.

"Ah guess its mah turn now then huh? Well, mah lil sis, here y'all go Applebloom, happy birthday" Applejack said, giving her a wrapped box.

It was flat and rectangular… maybe a chocolate box? Sweets? Applebloom decided to stop guessing and shredded the paper in a flash. "A filly's guide to earning yer cutie mark" she said as she read the book cover.

Applebloom looked at her sister and said "Oh… it's jes this?"

"What? Don't y'all like it?" Applejack said, sounding a little disappointed.

The red-maned filly jumped over to Applejack and gave her a hug. "Ah'm jes kiddin'! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Applejack! Now the crusaders will earn our cutie marks for sure!"

"Y'all are welcome Applebloom, now come on; we got a cake to eat."

Twilight used her magic to cut the cake, giving a slice to each and everypony. It was a big cake, red and yellow frosting spelled out Applebloom while little bits of apple stuck out from it.

Applejack was in the middle of her slice when suddenly she was being magically lifted up in the air. "Gah, Twilight put me down, ah'm not doing anythin!"

"It's not me Applejack" Twilight said.

"Well who is it then?!"

"Pumpkin Cake put her down this instant!" Pinkie gasped.

On the floor were two baby filly's, one of them had her horn glowing and was beginning to pick up Rainbow Dash as well.

"Whoa! Pinkie do something!" Rainbow yelled in terror as she was lifted up in the air.

"I can't, these baby's won't listen to reason! Do you want me to tell you their taste in standup comedy as well?"

"Not now Pinkie, jus get us down" Applejack said.

Scootaloo who was watching and enjoying the show, saw this opportunity and took it; she rushed over to Pumpkin and whispered something in her ear. Pumpkin Cake was a baby, but she knew what other's told her. Pumpkin then had a mischievous grin on her face and started to slowly move Rainbow and Applejack closer and closer.

"Oh no" Applejack thought. "Scootaloo you traitor."

Applejack and Rainbow Dash both started to freak out and blush wildly as they began to float closer to each other they tried to cover their faces.  Pumpkin Cake was trying to force them to do something they both didn't and did want, kiss. The two ponies were only a few inches away from each other's face when suddenly.

"Pumpkin Cake put them down this instant, you hear little missy?" It was Cupcake.

The pale yellow coated filly unicorn did as her mother said and let the blushing Applejack and Rainbow Dash down.

Applejack thought she was going to faint in embarrassment at any moment and dashed out the door, Rainbow Dash did the same.  Scootaloo felt incredibly guilt for what she had done; she left the party and started to walk.

"What have I done?"

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The cyan pegasus struggled to open her eyes against the bright light that was above her. The air tasted clean and pure as in entered her mouth.

“A… A-am I dead?” she spoke out.

“No Miss Rainbow Dash, you’re in the hospital.”

Dash leaned up to see a light brown unicorn next to her looking over some papers. She looks around to see that she’s lying in bed in a small room. To her right she sees the morning sun rising through the window.

“T-the hospital, how long have I been out Doc?”

The Doctor flips through the papers he was levitating. “About two days, you have good friends, any longer in that cave and you wouldn’t be waking up.”

At the word cave, Rainbow Dash remembered back to what happened, the Timberwolves, the cave-in… the kiss.

“Applejack… Where’s Applejack?”

 “Don’t worry she’s fine, had a nasty bite but she’s okay. She’s in the next room.”

Rainbow Dash breathed a breath of relief.

“Now” the Doctor said as his horn glowed to open the door. “I believe you have some vis-“

“Dashie!” the pink hyperactive pony yelled as she rushed over to Dash’s bed, leaving a dazed unicorn on the floor.

“Pinkie I-”

“Dashie we were so worried we lost you two! We thought you and AJ were gone!” Pinkie cried into Rainbow’s mane, her own mane was dull and flat.

Rainbow looked up from the crying pony to see that Fluttershy had walked into the room.

“What happened?” she asked as she tried to calm down Pinkie.

“Oh it was terrible Rainbow, when we found you two we thought we were too late” Fluttershy said, wiping tears from her eyes. “When you told me to look for help.”




The yellow coated pegasus was flying at full speed through the pounding rain, the bushes and trees flew past her in a blur of green. Nothing was going to stop her from reaching help.

“Help, anypony help me!”

Fluttershy continued to fly faster despite the storm. Lightning flashed but she ignored it.


She suddenly stopped as she heard a faint whisper on the wind call out. “Fluttershy!”

The pegasus turned her heard in the direction of the voice and began flying even faster. The voice continued to call her name and she flew as fast as she could towards it.  Fluttershy rushed through an approaching bush and was met by a familiar purple unicorn and blue alicorn which, in her haste, she almost collided with.

“Twilight! Rainbow, Applejack, cave, help!” the pegasus yelled in between breaths through the rain.

“Whoa Fluttershy! Calm down and tell me what happened” Twilight said.

“Yes, what are thou so worried about?” Luna joined in.

“R-rainbow D-dash and A-applejack are trapped in a c-cave, we must hurry!”

The unicorn’s eyes widen at the news and said “Quick, show us the way!”

Fluttershy nodded and soon found herself rushing through the forest once more, but this time with help. The storm was picking up, the wind howled louder and the rain pounded harder. The tiny sound of panicking animals was listenable only to the pegasus.

“I’m sorry” she whispered as she flew back to her two trapped friends, leaving a trail of tears behind her, blown by the strong wind that was slowing her.


When she arrived back at the cave, the rubble was piled high and the storm had reached devastating conditions.

“Twilight they’re trapped in there, there must be something you can do!”

The purple unicorn nodded and soon her and Luna were levitating rocks away from the cave in a desperate matter. Fluttershy helped as well, hovering over and taking rubble away little by little.

“We must hurry; they probably don’t have that much time left!” Twilight yelled as she continued levitate rocks away.

By the time enough rubble was cleared away to enter the cave; Fluttershy rushed in.

“Applejack! Rainbow Dash!” she screamed, waving her hoofs around in the darkness.

A light suddenly appeared behind her; she whirled around to see Twilight with her horn glowing and producing a white light.

“Need a light?” she asked with a smile.

Fluttershy smiled back and she continued to trek into the cave.

“Rainbow Dash? Applejack? Oh please be okay.”

The group walked further into the cave before she saw them. Lying on the ground, eyes closed were the bodies of her two friends. Without speaking a word Fluttershy rushed over to the two.

“Applejack? Rainbow Dash?” she asked, her eyes beginning to tear up. “Please, please don’t be dead.”

They were both still and made no sound, but were in each other’s arms and had two big smiles on their faces.

Twilight slowly trotted over to the two, she wasn’t about to give up hope. She put her head on the chest of Rainbow Dash and listened.

Thump… Thump

The unicorns frown quickly grew to a smile at the sound she heard. “She’s alive.”

Fluttershy who had been observing what Twilight had done, moved to Applejack and did the same.

Thump… Thump

“They’re alive!” Fluttershy screamed in delight.

“Yes Fluttershy they’re okay for now, but we need to get them out of here. They need serious medical help and neither of us can give it to them.”

Fluttershy agreed and picked up Rainbow Dash while Twilight levitated Applejack. They looked at each other with a smile and then headed out of the cave.


Tears and a wonder of emotions flooded Rainbow Dash when Fluttershy ended her story. She could only think of one thing to do at this point; she leaped forward and hugged her friend.

“Thank you (sniff) Fluttershy” she said in between gasps of tears. “Without you, I wouldn’t have made it.”

Pinkie, whose mane had re-inflated to its natural curly state, decided to join in on the hug.

“Oh, you guys, that’s so sweet” she said before grabbing a tissue from out of nowhere and blowing her nose.


The three remained locked in the hug before a soft cough interrupted. They looked towards the door to see the doctor standing there, looking un-amused towards Pinkie Pie.

“Oh hi Doc, sorry about my friend here, she can be a bit excited umm… all the time” Rainbow Dash grinned.

“That’s quite alright Ms. Dash. Anyways, I came here to tell you that Ms. Applejack is awake and wishes to see you.”

Dash nearly jolted up at the name of her loved but was stopped by the blue aura of the Doctor.

“Now easy, you need to take it easy and no flying. Take slow steps and use your friends for support.”

The cyan pegasus seemed disappointed at the ‘no flying’ part, and was not pleased about having to be helped by others, but obeyed and slowly got up from bed. As soon as her hooves touched the floor, she realized why she should listen to the doctor’s advice, two days in bed without moving can be really devastating to your muscles. Fluttershy quickly got by her side as she noticed her muscle tensing, while Pinkie Pie moved towards Rainbow’s other side. The rainbow maned pony slowly but steadily made her way to the door along with Pinkie and Fluttershy at her sides.

“Like I said Ms. Dash, she’s in the next room, right across from yours.”

Dash nodded and walked across the hall and opened the door.

The inside of AJ’s room was the same in turn of color and design. Floor was the same, window was the same, and even the decorations were the same. The only thing different from hers was the orange cowpony on the bed with a purple maned unicorn standing beside her.


“Oh dear Applejack, they really need to clean this place better” Rarity said, she was levitating a duster and was removing some dust spots from everything.

“Tis fine Rarity, Ah don’t mind. Y’all don’t need to clean the whole room… four times...”

Applejack looked over to the door from Rarity, to see two of her friends helping a certain cyan pegasus. At the sight of her beloved, she immediately blushed a deep red.

“R-rainbow Dash, h-how are y’all feelin’?”

“I’ve been better, but also I have been worse, how about you?”

“Ah’m j-jes dandy.”

Rainbow and the rest of her friends moved closer to the left side of AJ’s bed. It was not until that moment that Rarity realized that Rainbow had entered. She stopped her fifth room cleaning, let the duster fall to the floor and freaked.

“Oh my! Rainbow Dash, I’m so sorry not to notice you. I must ask you, how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine Rarity, what are you two doing in here?”

“Oh I was just talking to our dear friend Applejack here about making a dress for her, so she could cover that scar. And a specialized applebucking dress to offer support on the area near the scar, so nothing nasty happens to her while she works. But the missy by my side refuses to use a dress, because she thinks it ‘doesn’t go with her style and that the other one would bother her to work on the farm’ instead of helping her, and that she doesn’t need it.”

Rainbow looked down to AJ’s leg to see a long scar stretched 3 inches across on her leg where the Timberwolf bit her. The pony cringed as she remembered the moment.

That’s my fault, I’m so sorry Applejack

“Ah already told you Rarity, Ah don’t need some dress to cover up a scar. It’s not like Ah care ‘bout it. Besides, Ah told y’all once, n’ Ah will tell you twice, it will get between me and mah job!”

“Well you are most certainly NOT going to get out without me making you a dress, so for the sake of your work, I will design a form fitting dress, even though I hate doing that kind of clothes, so that nasty scar on your leg won’t be noticeable and it won’t get in the way of your work. Talking about it, I just got a new order of an experimental porous fabric that it’s supposed to create a coat-like effect and it can be used all day and all night long. You won’t even notice it! It would be like a second skin.”

Applejack sighed and decided to lose this battle, it was useless to keep fighting anyways, and she had more important things to do at the moment. “Okay Rarity, y’all go n’ do what you wanna do.”

Rarity seemed very happy with this statement and levitated up a sketch book, starting on the design.

Rainbow Dash looked to AJ and could read her eyes. They needed to talk about something not too obvious, but not too random either.

“Umm hey, where’s Twilight?” Dash asked.

Pinkie Pie was the one to answer. “Oh yeah, Twilight had to go on a super duper important trip to Canterlot for some reason. She’ll be back tomorrow.”

Rainbow looked back over to the Doctor who was looking at some papers. “How is Applejack Doc? Is she gonna be ok?”

The doctor shifted some papers and very surprised replied. “Dear Scott! I…”

The whole group went pale and held their breath.

“Oh, wait, these are from another patient” The doctor corrected with a nervous chuckle “Well… it looks like you’re not the one who’s pregnant…”

The ponies sighed in relief.

“How’s her leg.” Said Rainbow Dash

After checking some more papers he announced “Oh she’ll be fine, that scar however will be permanent, but luckily won’t affect her work with applebucking and carrying heavy weights. However I must tell you not to do any of the things I mentioned before for some days.”

“Ha!” Applejack yelled. “See Rarity, Ah don’t need some working dress for mah wound.”

The white unicorn looked up from her sketch book and said “I’m sorry darling, did you say something?”


Applejack facehoofed and said “Ugh, never mind.”

The Doc looked un-amused at being interrupted and continued. “Well as I was saying, Ms. Applejack needs her rest so it’s time for visitors to leave.”

“WAIT NO!” Applejack and Rainbow Dash both yelled.

Everypony looked at them with odd looks.

“Look, I see that you two want to be close and look after one another, but you both need your rest, so whatever is that you need to talk about, you will have to do it another time.”

The two ponies hung their heads low at the disappointing news.

“But hey, don’t worry. Tomorrow we’ll be moving you two to a double bed room. That way you’ll be closer. Now, if you excuse me, I have to tell the good news to the new young mother… Sweetie Be…”

Rarity’s eyes contracted until they had the size of two pins, her mane sprung in smaller curls and the sketchbook fell to the floor.

“No, wait… Sweaty Body. Oh yeah, now I recall, she’s the aerobics instructor.”

Everypony looked at Rarity, who was still paralyzed, Pinkie Pie picked up the sketchbook and Fluttershy helped her walk out of the hospital.

The two remaining ponies agreed on the doctor’s decision. Dash said goodbye and made her way back to her room, now able to walk without her friend’s help.




Rainbow Dash sat upright in her bed, the warm rays of the setting sun were absorbed into her mane from the nearby window; they felt good. She looked to her right to see her love fast asleep in her bed. They had moved the pegasus to her room first thing that morning, but Applejack was asleep, and is still asleep now.

“Ms. Rainbow Dash?”

Dash looked in the direction of the door to see the doctor. “Yes?”

“You have some visitors, should I send them in?”

She nodded.

The doctor left and not ten seconds afterward, the door opened once again to reveal a familiar purple unicorn.

“Oh hi Twili-” Dash said but was cutoff as her friend rushed towards her.

“Oh Princesses, are you okay Rainbow?  I was so worried about you and Applejack. Oh I’m such a bad friend. I should have been here sooner but the princess kept me in Canterlot for the night. I had-”

“Whoa, whoa, calm down Twilight. Don’t beat yourself up, I’m fine, Applejack’s fine, we’re both fine.”

“What the hay are y’all talkin’ ‘bout? Ah’m tryin to sleep her- oh howdy Twilight, when did y’all get here?”

Both ponies looked over to see Applejack had woken up, her mane was bedridden and messy.

“Oh Applejack, I’m glad to see you, how are you?” Twilight said as she walked over to her bed.

“Ah’m fine thanks to y’all n’ Fluttershy”

“You’re my friend, I couldn’t just leave you”

The two stared at each other for a few seconds. The tension could be cut with a knife, Applejack knew what she was going to ask. Twilight looked back around at Rainbow Dash, who was just staring out the window to her left. Twilight supposed she wasn’t going to turn around soon, so she took the advantage, she returned her gaze to Applejack and spoke in a soft voice.

“So… Applejack, what happened in that cave between you two? Did you…?” she whispered with a raised eyebrow.

“Shhh! Not here while she’s next to us!” shushed the orange pony, putting a hoof in front of her mouth. She signalized to her friend to get closer.

“Sorry, sorry”

“But Ah can say that us two don’t have to keep our feelings from each other anymore” she said with a blush.

Twilight could hardly contain her excitement, but she somehow did.



Rainbow Dash looked over to her two friends as they whispered to each other about something.

Wonder what they’re talking about

She turned her attention back to the window but was stopped a few seconds later as a  Knock sounded on the door.

“Come in” she yelled.

The door opened to reveal two iconic ponies. One was pure white with a long flowing mane of different colors, and the other was a dark blue with a mane that seemed to match the stars.

“Princess Celestia and Luna!” Rainbow Dash said with wide eyes.


 “Princess!” Twilight yelped as she jumped up from where she was and bowed to them “What are you two doing here?”

“I was worried for what happened to your friends, I came to give my care.”

“And we have also arrived to show thee that we care for them as well” Luna spoke.

Rainbow Dash was still stunned to see them here and looked over to Applejack to see the same look of big eyes and an open mouth.

“No offence princess, but why waste your time with ponies in this small town?”

“Nonsense, I come and look after all my little ponies, especially the friends of my most faithful student.”

The pegasus looked over to see the unicorn beaming with pride.

“I’m so sorry we failed the quest for the stone, Princess. I will personally go look for it as soon as possible.”

Celestia shook her hoof in a nonchalant manner “Oh, that won’t be necessary my dear student.”

All other ponies in the room looked up at her and said “What?” in unison.

“Sister, what do thou mean? Luna asked.

“Oh, he he” she giggled, rubbing the back of neck nervously. She cleared her throat and, unable to see directly into her student’s eyes, she looked towards the roof and carelessly said “Ehem . I might have already had the stone in my power all along, after all.”

All ponies once again shouted “What?” in unison.

“But Princess, where was it?” Twilight asked.

“Under my royal bed of course, so I could remember where it was easily” she said with a grin on her face, her eyes looking away from the ponies.

She regretted asking that as she facehoofed herself.

“Sister!” Luna spoke in a serious tone, backing Celestia up against a wall with her horn almost piercing Celestia’s chest. “We need to have a talk.”

Celestia’s pupils contracted as she looked at her student, terrified. Sweat drops rolled down her forehead and the smile turned into a grimace. Luna’s horn glowed blue and a second later, they were gone.

“Well that was strange…” Dash spoke.

“Y’all don’t say…” Applejack answered.

“Well it’s getting late you two, I better go before Spike gets mad at me for being late again. He’s my assistant but he can get really bossy now and then. I’m a grown mare for Celestia’s sake!” Twilight said.

Dash looked to the right to see that the sun had just set on the horizon and darkness had covered the land.

“Oh, yeah, well take care Twilight” she said goodbye.

“Yeah, take care. Come back soon y’all hear? Ah wouldn’t mind a lil’ bit of company these days.” AJ joined in.

The unicorn waved goodbye and said “Well, you will have Rainbow Dash by your side, that should be more than enough!” she said grinning, her horn glowed and she was gone.

“What did she meant by that?” Rainbow Dash inquired.

Applejack shrugged in response and looked away.

Silence filled the air moments after the lavender unicorn left, neither pony spoke a word.

Come on Rainbow, talk to her, now’s your chance

The pegasus obeyed her mind and slowly and hesitatingly got out of bed and walked over to her friend. Halfway there she stopped and said to herself “ Uh… thinking this thoroughly, maybe this isn’t the best moment to talk about it”

She turned around and went back to the bed. She hopped in and covered herself with the blanket, it was fairly hot inside the hospital, but as a pegasus, she was accustomed to clouds, that were comfier and warmer. She never felt cold when she was walking or trotting on the ground, but she needed warmth when she was sleeping, that’s why she hated when she needed to sleep on the ground and made herself a cloud house.

There were only two situations where she liked the ground:

a)      Sleeping at Fluttershy’s cottage, because since she was also a pegasus, she always had several covers.

b)      When she slept in the same bed with Applejack, on the clubhouse. She was so warm and comfy. Maybe… maybe they could sleep together once again, one of these days, maybe tomorrow, if she could gather enough strength to talk to her that is.

“Sugarcube?” Suddenly asked the orange earth pony.

“Yeah AJ?”

“What happened?”

“What do you mean?” asked worried the rose-eyed pegasus.

“Ah know y’all came here a spell ago. Ah can sense y’all, n’ hear yer hoofsteps.”

“Uh… Umm… It’s nothing to worry, I was worried about you and went to ask you how were you feeling, but you seemed asleep so I thought it was better to leave you sleeping.” “Good one, that should get me off the hook

“Oh… ok. Thanks fer worrying Rainbow, but Ah’m okay.”

The two ponies fell asleep soon after that small talk.


White light… once again that stupid, unnatural white light. Yet another reason to hate hospitals.

She liked to be woken by the sunlight, it felt different, like that was the way to wake up.

But she was stuck here, with the stupid, unnatural white light. “At least I’m with AJ” she thought. “Well… it’s not like I’m not thinking about doing other things with AJ…” she sat in her bed, looked to her left and noticed there was a window there. “What a nice view I have” she sarcastically said.

After a roll of her eyes and  an irritated sigh she turned towards her emerald-eyed friend. She looked like she was having a good and happy dream, given that goofy smile printed on her face.

“Lucky Applejack, I never get to remember what I dream… Well, except when I dream of you, that is.”

Suddenly the orange mare’s face cringed with pain as her leg made an unintended buck.

“AJ!” a weak desperate shout escaped from her mouth. She got rid of the blankets and she managed, weak as she was, to get to her friend’s side.

All the noise, along with the pain of the buck, woke Applejack up.

“G-gah… H-howdy Sugarcube… How did y’all s-slept?” She asked, trying as hard as she could to act like she was not in pain, but being the Element of Honesty she failed, making the cyan pony even more worried about her well-being.

“I’m okay, but I can’t say the same about you though…”

Applejack giggled a bit before wincing again.

“What’s wrong AJ? You were feeling better yesterday”

“Ah… Ah don’t know wholeheartedly, Ah reckon Ah’m a lil’ depressed. Y’all know me” She stated “Ah like to watch the sun rise n’ set, to be woken by the crow of the rooster, to work ‘til Ah can’t move anymore n’ sleep peacefully on mah bed after knowing Ah did the best Ah could fer the family. Here at this closed lil’ room Ah can’t do any of those.”

“Well, I can’t help you with that, but what I can do is…” Dash paused as she pondered what could she do for her, until suddenly she got struck with it. “I’m a genius! Twilight Sparkle my flank, I wanna see her coming up with this awesome idea.” “I can describe you what’s going on outside so you can feel like you’re out there!” Rainbow Dash proudly said believing that her obviously awesome idea would cheer up her orange beloved.

Applejack stared at her with a quizzical look. “Is this filly fer real?” She looked at her smug and confident face and answered her question herself. “Eyup… she’s fer real.

She made her best to smile and answered “Well that is a jes dandy idea, Ah would love y’all to…”

“Okay, but I only have one condition.”

“N’ that is…”

“You can’t look towards me, in fact, you have to close your eyes, lay down, and let your imagination and your senses flow and merge.”

Applejack hesitated but soon obliged.

Rainbow sat and started “The sun bathes everything in it’s invigorating and warm light, the foals and fillies spent their time and energy rejoicing and playing under Celestia’s sunrays. A sweet cool breeze…” As she said that, the speedster pegasus swiftly and expertly flapped her wings generating a sweet cool breeze for Applejack to enjoy the moment and really get into it.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold yer horses Dashie” Applejack said, opening her eyes and pointing at Dash.


“Since when y’all are better than Twi at story-tellin’ n’ describin’?”

“He, I guess reading too much Daring Do helps at something huh?” she  replied with a smile on her face.

Applejack chuckled “Ah reckon it does.”

“May I?”

“Continue missy.”

Rainbow Dash opened her mouth to talk, but found it stuffed with a pink hoof. She was about to scream, when she saw Pinkie Pie besides her, signalizing to shut up and heard an exaggerated

“Shhh!” The pink mare looked both sides and said “It’s not visit time yet, I managed to enter unseen, and I should remain undercover.”

Rainbow Dash nodded and the baker pony took out the hoof of her mouth. Now, free to talk, the rose-eyed flying pony said in a soft tone “Hi Pinks, what are you doing?”

“Oh, I just came here to be with you two and cheer you up! What were you doing?”

“Rainbow here was tellin’ me how beautiful the sight was through that window by yer side”

Pinkie Pie looked to her side uneasily and said “Applejackie… There’s a-”

Rainbow Dash cleared her throat.

Pinkie looked outside once again and continued “a beautiful day out there! Birds chirping, sun shining, everything is lovely”

“I know right? That’s why I was describing it to AJ” Said Rainbow Dash “and soon you’ll be out playing and running under the sunlight on a pretty day like today.”

Applejack smiled widely, which made Rainbow smile widely, and as everypony knew, seeing her friends smile made Pinkie Pie smile a mile-wide smile. She cheerfully said “Soooo… who wants cake!” She pulled out a cyan cake with orange frosting details that read ‘Get better soon Appledash’.

“Appledash?” asked the cow-pony with a smirk.

“I couldn’t fit the two names. Don’t you like it? I think it’s a good mixed name, they complement each other perfectly, it’s like your names were meant to be one in this one awesome name.”

“Well, a cake is a cake, with full names or half names, it will end up in my stomach soon anyways.” Rainbow Dash said before slicing a piece.

They spent the morning talking and eating until Pinkie started having a combo. “E-ear flop… Eye flutter… Knee twitch! Oh no! Opening doors, somepony’s coming!” She cleaned everything, gathered the remaining things and put them on a plastic bag. She then jumped through the window on Applejack’s side saying “I was never hereeee!”

Applejack looked at Rainbow and said “Weren’t we on a second floor?”

“Yeah… but she’s Pinkie, she’ll be fin-”

She was cut mid-sentence by an opening door, revealing Nurse Redheart and Fluttershy, hiding behind her.

“Girls, you have a visitor, should I let her in?”

“Howdy Nurse Redheart. Of course y’all can let Fluttershy in, in fact, y’all can pay us a casual, non-professional visit sometime too.”

“Thank you Miss Applejack.”

“Please, jes call me AJ, or Applejack, drop the ‘Miss’ thingy.”

“Ok. I will pay you to a visit, later today perhaps, if not, maybe some of these days you could let me taste your famous apple treats.”

“Of course, no problem partner!”

“Now I will leave you three alone.” She said stepping aside, letting Fluttershy in.

As soon as Fluttershy entered the room, Nurse Redheart closed the door a bit harshly. Something that made Fluttershy jump up squeaking.

Rainbow chuckled at the sight and asked “What are you doing here Shy?”

“Oh, um… nothing, I was just umm… I just wanted to see you… D-do… Is it a bad time? D-do you want me to go?”

“Nah, don’t get all shaky, come here.  We’re fine, how ‘bout y’all”

“I-I’m… fine.”

“Still worried since that day?” asked the rainbow maned pegasus.

“Y-yes… I can’t take it out of my mind.”

Rainbow knew what she needed to do. She walked, as she could, grabbed her friend by the neck and dragged her towards Applejack’s bed.

Applejack knew what she was thinking and as soon as Fluttershy was at hoof-reach, she lunged forward and said “Group hug!” pulling them closer.

Fluttershy tensed up at first but then she let herself go and started crying.

After some minutes of unintelligible squeaks and words, they finally made out some words “Oh girls I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault.” After some more whining and whimpering she continued “I-if only I were strong-”

“Shhh… calm down Sugarcube, it’s not yer fault, N’ we are safe and sound, that’s all that matters now!”

“B-but… what about your leg? N-now you won’t be able to work, and your family will become poor and you will b-”

“Now, now, that’s not gonna happen. N’ besides Kicks McGee has been trough a lot more and took many blows before. N’ y’all heard the doc, Ah’ll be jes dandy.”

Fluttershy finally stopped her crying and sighed relieved. “Thanks girls… I feel so much better now.”

But Rainbow Dash knew it wasn’t true, she has known her since they were little fillies, she knew her, and she knew when she was ok and when she wasn’t. “Shhh Shy, calm down, calm down and stop crying please. I don’t like to see you crying, mostly because… well, even though it’s not exactly my fault, it is because of me. Stop crying, you’re making me feel bad and guilty.”

And with that the dams broke again “B-but Rainbow, I could have lost you that day, and with you, everything I hold dear! What was I supposed to do if you died? I don’t think you get it” She looked at Rainbow Dash in the eyes, sorrow and despair clearly printed in her gaze “You are my oldest friend, my best friend, my confident, my guardian, my savior, my… my…”

And with that Rainbow Dash got it, it all fell into place: Why she always cheered for Rainbow, why she always helped her when she was feeling sick, why she always listened to everything she said, even if she was talking all day about flying and the Wonderbolts, she would listen to every single word, but more important of all… Why she got the idea of kissing her so Rainbow could see if Applejack was actually the love of her life or not…

Fluttershy was in love with Rainbow Dash… Or that was what she thought, but Rainbow was sure it wasn’t the case. She needed to make Fluttershy realize her error, talk her into her senses, and she knew just the thing to do for Fluttershy both stop crying and listen to her.

But first… she needed permission.

:iconlunahuzzahplz: After many mouths I'm finally done with Honesty and Loyalty!

This chapter was a bucking pain in the flank. Over :iconover9000plz: words and I had to split this into two parts just to upload.

Thanks to :icongutovi-kun: for his amazing editing skills, he's awesome guys. Go stalk him.

Here's the link for part 2 of this chapter, go read it now. [link]

Thanks guys for all the support, your all awesome!
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Chapter two: Discovery

An Appledash fic inspired by the short story "Of horseshoes, apples, and feathers"

The eyes of the two mares went as wide as Luna's moon and their cheeks went as red as the apples they were bucking when they realized what they were doing.

"I'm kissing Applejack! I'm. Kissing. Apple. jack! Rainbow Dash what are you doing?! She's your friend and you're kissing her? But why does the kiss seem so… Nice? So… Right? No! She's a mare and this is wrong!"

Rainbow Dash continued to fight a losing battle with herself while the earth pony was almost at the same situation.

"Oh no this isn't happening, Applejack why are y'all kissing yer best friend? But… y'all like it don't you? Applejack c'mon, y'all know y'all have had a small crush on'er fer a while! That's.. That's not true! It is, n' y'all know it! B-but anyways, Ah can't do this, it's immoral!"

Both mares broke the kiss and returned to reality. Rainbow Dash slowly climbed off of Applejack, her cheeks were getting warmer and almost as red as the lock in her mane. Applejack just stayed there; unable to stand up, her face resembled her cutie mark. It was Applejack who was the first to speak.

"A-Ah'm mighty sorry fer that Rainbow, I-It w-was an accident."

"N-no AJ it was my fault, I fell and didn't catch myself and landed on... well you."

Both Rainbow Dash and Applejack just stood there, their eyes wandering aimlessly into the twilight sky, unable to meet eyes, as they tried to forget what just happened.

"Well I uh… I better be going; I got to do the thing with the um… other thing."

With that said, Rainbow Dash took off into the dimming sky, leaving a dazed Applejack in her wake.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, why did I kiss Applejack? Why did I like it? What is wrong with me?"

The questions raced in Rainbow Dash's head as she flew through the clouds over Ponyville. She flew past some of her fellow weather pony's creating a storm. She didn't have time to talk and the receding light didn't make it much better, she needed help. And she knew exactly who was the indicated to do so.

"I need to see Fluttershy; she'll help me out of this, I know it."


By the time Rainbow Dash arrived at Fluttershy's cottage, the last slimmer of sunlight had disappeared. The smell of moist air hit Dash's nose indicating a storm was near; after all she was a weather pony.

"Fluttershy!" She yelled, banging her hoof on the door roughly. After some seconds the yellow pegasus opened the door.

"O-oh, it's you R-rainbow Dash. What are you doing here at this hour? W-why are you banging the door so loud?" Asked Fluttershy nervously.

"I need your help Fluttershy. Now" she said, her eyes filled with panic.

"Oh my, this sounds serious, please come in and tell me all about it… that is if you want to, of course."

"I do, I need to."

The two walked into the cottage, the smell of forest and woodland creatures combined with the leaf roof and animal homes made it a perfect home for Fluttershy. Fluttershy sat on the red couch in the middle of the room while Rainbow Dash took the opposite side.

"Ok… here it goes; I'll make it quick so it won't hurt that much. I kissed Applejack and I liked it."

Rainbow winced and expected a shock of horror or for Fluttershy to faint, but what happened was not exactly what she expected.

"Oh Rainbow Dash this is just wonderful!" screamed Fluttershy as she jumped up in excitement and hovered in the air for a bit.

"I know its wrong and- wait wonderful?"

"Oh yes it's wonderful that you and Applejack have confessed your feelings for one another. You two seem so perfect for each other."

"Wait, no, that wasn't what happened, I accidentally kissed her. I haven't told her that I love her because I don't even know if I love her! Wait, perfect for each other?"

"Oh please, think about it Dash, you two are best friends and have so much in common. The way you always look at her and the way she looks at you! It was obvious for everypony that one day this would happen."

"Maybe, but I don't know if I even feel that way about her. And what do you mean 'the way I look at her'?"

"When you look at her you always have that silly face… Well anyways, how did you feel when you kissed her?"

The cyan Pegasus recounted the memory at Sweet Apple Acres that happened only twenty minutes ago.
"It was… amazing; it felt like I did my first sonic rainboom all over again, it felt like I did the best prank ever. I felt happy and didn't want it to end" said Rainbow as she started to drift off into thought.

"Well I never kissed anypony before, but that sounds a lot like the spark everypony talks about when they kiss their true love."

"True love… That could be it!" Rainbow yelped as she snapped back to the conversation. "But… how can I be sure? I got nothing to compare it to; Applejack was my first kiss ever."

"Ever? Not even a kiss on the head from your mom?"

"Fluttershy I told you the story about my parents already…"

"Oh… yeah, sorry." Said Fluttershy as she remembered the story of how Rainbow's parents died in a fire when she was just a filly.

Both mares sat in silence as they remembered the story while the sound of lightning sprang outside; filling the room with it's light.


"What?" Rainbow questioned.

"Oh nothing…"

"No, you were thinking something! Tell me!"

"No… it was just a silly idea. I don't even know why did I thought about it."
"Tell me! Every option is better than nothing."
"I just thought that one way to tell if Applejack was your true love is... that y-you kiss m-me. S-silly right?" Said Fluttershy blushing lightly.

But Rainbow Dash thought otherwise. As quick as a flash she leaped over and locked lips with her. The yellow Pegasus's eyes instantly grew three times their size and her cheeks glowed pink.

"Oh sweet Celestia, that's the second time I have kissed one of my friends today! Why do I keep doing this? No, but this one it's not the same… this is just a test" thought the cyan pegasus.

As she broke away from the stunned Fluttershy, only one word came to Rainbow Dash.


"Wh-what?" Fluttershy said, trying her hardest not to faint.

"I felt nothing, no spark, no fire running through my body. That means I really do love Applejack. Oh thank you Fluttershy" she said as she leaped over once more for a hug.

"Y-you're welcome and m-might I say you're a really good kisser Dash."

"Hey let's not get carried away here, remember that I love Applejack alright?"

"I know, I know. I haven't felt anything neither… But, does this mean that you will confess your feelings to Applejack?"

"What? Oh no, I can't! What if she doesn't have the same feelings for me and stops being my friend? I couldn't bare that."

"Rainbow, she is one of the Elements of Harmony and your best friend. Do you really think that she would stop being your friend because of this?"

"Yes! Well… no, but it's just too risky Fluttershy, I don't want to lose her."

"I find that ironic coming from the pony who loves risks" said Fluttershy giggling.

Rainbow herself couldn't help but laugh too at the thought of her not taking a risk.

"Well I can't force you to tell her how you feel, but please Rainbow will you think about it at least?"

"Okay… I will, and thank you for your help; you're always the pony to come to if I need answers."

Rainbow Dash got up off the couch, exchanged a final hug with Fluttershy and headed for the door. She opened the door to her bad luck and found a ravaging storm outside.

"Rainbow it's raining, you'll catch a cold."

"But Fluttershy, I have to go home somehow."

"No buts Rainbow." Her voice was beginning to sound motherly. "You're more than welcome to stay here the night."

"Fluttershy I really need to get home"

"I said you were more than welcome to stay here the night." Repeated the yellow mare with a stern voice. Rainbow Dash knew better than to argue with her when she was like this.

"Thank you Fluttershy. Your kindness and watchful eye over me is like the one of the mother I never had" Rainbow said as she flew up the stairs leading to the bedroom.

Before joining her, Fluttershy couldn't help but to sigh and shed a single tear.


Meanwhile, immediately after seeing Rainbow Dash fly off, Applejack knew she had to speak to somepony, but who?

"Rarity?" No, she knew a lot about love and that kind of things, but she needed somepony wiser. Besides she didn't want to hear Rarity mock her about it.
"Big mac?" no she wouldn't dare speak to her kin about this.
"Of course" Applejack thought as the perfect pony came to her mind. "Twilight! She's a wise good friend n' will know what to do". Applejack then dashed off towards Twilight's library.
Applejack could see the weather ponies moving storm clouds into position for a nighttime storm by the time she arrived. It was nearly dark, the last shimmer of light last just a speck in the distance.

"Twilight! Ah need yer help!" Yelled Applejack as she banged on the library's door.

"Oh, hey Applejack, what can I help you with?" Twilight said as she opened the door.

"Ah need to talk to y'all 'bout sumthin', sumthin' personal."

"Alright, come on in and make yourself at home."

Applejack came inside the huge tree that was Twilight's library and home. She rested herself on the chair in the center of the room; the smell of parchment both old and new flooded her nose.

"Can I get you something? Tea? Muffins?"

"No, no thank y'all. But all Ah need right now is sumpony to talk to."

"Alright" said Twilight as she sat down next to Applejack "Let's talk then."

"Are we alone?"

"Yes, Spike is away in Canterlot on royal business and Owloysius is sleeping upstairs."

"Y'all must promise not to tell anypony."

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye" Twilight said performing the Pinkie promise.
"Ok… here goes" nervously said Applejack, her face starting to sweat. "A-Ah kissed Rainbow Dash, b-but Ah liked it."

Applejack felt relived having told somepony about the kiss while Twilight just sat on the chair with a look of surprise. The sound of thunder and lightning seemed to set the mood perfectly.

"He he he."

"Wha- Twilight why are y'all laughing? This ain't funny!"

"I'm sorry Applejack" said Twilight as she tried to contain herself. "It's just that I knew you two would kiss someday. It was meant to happen."

"Wait, y'all knew this would happen?"

"Well I only guessed that you two would end up together, it's just that you two are such good friends and have so much in common. The fact that you're always together, side to side. It would only make sense right?"

"Me n' Rainbow? Well Ah must admit that Ah kind of had a small crush on her since the Running of the Leaves… but she's a mare!"

"So? Love is love isn't it? No matter the gender. Look at Lyra and Bon-Bon for example."

"But Ah don't know if Ah like mares that way, or Rainbow Dash fer that matter. Ah have never had feelings like this for anypony before."

"Well… Then I guess you should have a second experience."

"What fer?"

"Analyze and compare."

"N' how do y'all expect that to happen?"

"Well… Looking at the circumstances, I only deduce there is only one way to find out" said Twilight, as she started to blush.

"What do y'all have in mind?"

"I'm Sorry about this Applejack."

"Sorry fer wha-"

Applejack was then cut off as Twilight lunged over and pressed her lips against hers.

"What the buck is this crazy unicorn doin'?" thought Applejack as the feeling of the sweet kiss returned to her. The kiss was however, not the same. "She couldn't have feelings for me too? This is nice, but feels so wrong; it's not like the kiss from... Rainbow Dash."

The kissed last only a second before Twilight broke away leaving Applejack dazed and lost for words.

"Now, how did that feel?"

"A-Ah liked it, but it was not right. When you kissed me, it was nice, but coming from you felt so wrong… no offence."

"It's ok."

"But why did y'all do that? Y-y'all don't have a crush on me do y'all?"

"Oh no, but it was the only way I thought that could help you, I'm not one for romance and I would do anything for my friends. Did it help?"

"Ah think it did actually, it wasn't the same… But it helped me to realize Ah do like mares, but also that Ah do love Rainbow Dash. Oh thank y'all so much Twilight!" said Applejack as she hugged her friend.

"Anytime, so does this mean you're going to tell her that you love her?"

"Are y'all out of yer little crazy mind? Ah can't tell'er about this. What if she doesn't feel the same way and leaves me? Ah can't live mah life without her as mah friend!"

"Applejack" Twilight said, giving her stern look. "She is the element of loyalty, why would she ever abandon you?"

"Yeah, y'all are right, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't damage our relationship to be..... Un-repairable."
"Well if you don't want to tell her, that's your business, but I hope you change your mind."

"Thanks for yer help Twilight; y'all are a really good friend."

Applejack hugged her one final time and made her way to the door. She opened the door to find the nighttime storm.

"Are you sure you want to head home in the rain? You're welcome to stay here tonight."

"I'll be fine, bye Twilight" and with that said, the orange pony dashed out the door.

The flash of lightning filled the library and the sound of hoof steps became louder as the door burst open to reveal Applejack again.

"On second thought Ah think Ah'll take yer offer of staying here the night" said Applejack, the tip of her tail burned by the lightning.

"He-he, come on I'll set up the bed."

Both mares headed up the stairs to Twilights bedroom, waiting for whatever tomorrow would hold.
The second chapter of Honesty and Loyalty, this one is much long than the last one and is much better. Enjoy! and give me feedback on how i did! Like comment or favorite! Also check out this story of FIMfiction! [link]
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= = = = = = = = = =

"Don't worry little star,
you'll fly in the sky one day."

= = = = = = = = = =

Day 3 - Draw a pony with a prop/Draw a material pony!

Minor lenience provided but here's the two definitions I used -
"(props) . . . an expression of approval or a special acknowledgment"
"Position something underneath (someone or something) for support"

I didn't cheat at drawing the stars and I thoroughly regret it because I didn't do it right in the end.

- - - - - - - - -

Time Spent - 2 hours (I have no idea why I put 2 'minutes' before if you saw that, didn't realize) for sketch + lineart + coloring

= = = = = = = = = =

I've said I was mostly going for creativity, but I just finished my requests so I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted for a while so I gave this drawing full attention.

= = = = = = = = = =

My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic series and characters belongs to the Hub & Hasbro

= = = = = = = = = =
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Here's what it looked like in the first rough draft - [link]

Comparison to an Older Similar Drawing- [link]

Checking on some of the effects I currently know with this drawing, didn't do as well as I'd hope, I couldn't find that proper balance without getting rid of a lot of ideas I had, it was originally more bloodier for example, then again I hope a lot farther than I probably should so I don't know.

MLP-WtPC is still in the planning phase, but I'm still eager to try and eventually get the story out for critique.

My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic series and characters belongs to the Hub & Hasbro

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= = = = = = = = = = =

Requested by RainbowShades on FIMFiction (Yea I have an account 'DSkyo' by the way, I didn't set it up or anything 'though) as Cover Art for "Alone" - [link]

Apologies on quality, I haven't done much anatomy checks on complete front-views or doing certain expressions so I might update this later.

= = = = = = = = = =

Info on requesting art over here - [link]

Remember to be a bit more specific if you wish, for example, a certain drawing style/mood to the art.

One request at a time per person, you can request again later after the last is completed.

= = = = = = = = = =

My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic series and characters belongs to the Hub & Hasbro

= = = = = = = = = =
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Season 1, Episode 6.

Spike begging Twilight to show Trixie what she's made of.

I do not own any characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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It's just that kind of day today...

Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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Spike preparing to nom a ruby.

Character belongs to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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Next: [link]

Previous: [link]

DISCLAIMER: Sorry it's taken so long, everypony! I'm not too proud of this. A lot of emotional stress has been happening, and my computer has been messing up plus my job has been getting in the way. Please understand! I hope you all enjoy :>


It was about 4 in the morning when I heard a loud screeching throughout the hallway.

"Up and at em, Bolts! Time to get up!" the griffin's voice shrieked, letting us all know it was time to wake up. I groaned and sat up, immediately wincing. My head was throbbing and my eyes were sore as well. I slowly craned my head toward my window. The sun wasn't even up yet. I wanted to just sleep again but I knew that I had to start moving eventually. I heard a soft knock on my door.

"Hello?" a voice called. It was different, not like Gilda's. My ears perked up instantly. I knew exactly who it was and it jolted me awake. Oh my Celestia.

"S..Spitfire???" I managed to choke out at her. "I uh.." I began to scramble out of bed, despite how terrible my body felt, the adrenaline sort of eased the pain as my heart pounded in my ears. Spitfire was actually talking to me! "I'll be out in a minute!"

I could hear her giggle as a few other hoofsteps outside could be heard. "Alright, meet us outside on the back cloud track, okay? Take your time." she assured me. I most certainly would not. This was Spitfire! I was actually going to train with Spitfire and the Wonderbolts!

Once I heard the other hoofsteps sort of fade out, the adrenaline rush subsided and I felt a surge of pain engulf my entire body. My eyes were swollen and sore from the night of crying and my throat was scratchy from my sobbing as well. My mane was probably a mess and my head was pounding. The headache was the worst. It was like a night of partying without the fun and booze. With each heart beat it throbbed in my ears and in my temples, reminding me of the crying I had done just a few hours earlier. I groaned before opening the door to the empty hallway. The other ponies must already be outside. I swallowed hard and tried to walk my best outside to where they were. The back cloud track, as Spitfire said. I assumed it was out the backdoor.

Once I found the track, Gilda was doing something to the Bolts, but it was a bit too dark and I was too tired to figure out what it was. I squinted my eyes to see it better, but increased my pace a bit to figure it all out. Once I was close enough my eyes widened a bit. I realized Gilda was...tying a rope around their waists'! I gasped and turned to her. Even as the sun was peaking over the clouds ever so slightly, her eyes gave off that eerie yellow glow.

"Gilda, what in Celestia's name are you doing?" I asked in a somewhat weak voice. I cleared my throat, however, ready to sound a bit more aggressive when I talked. She clacked her beak and leaned closer.

"Ah, Dash. You're late." she said simply, taking a rope in her talons and walking over to me. I was too stunned to move when I realized what she was doing. Before I knew it, a rope was tied around my torso, holding my wings down. She backed away, smiling at her work. "Cool your jets, Dash. You have no room to question my managing." she said simply as the Bolts all lined up, waiting for Gilda's instructions. I grumbled and stood with them, waiting to hear what she'd say.

"Okay, Bolts, obviously you all know what's going on. But since our friend Rainbow Dash is new, we should give her a run down." she said, pacing up and down the line, looking at me intently. I lowered my eyes at her. "Now in the mornings like this, I want you guys to get your leg strength up. Because not only do you need your legs to help you run to take off, but you need strong legs to help you land."

Gilda walked over and lifted up Spitfire's front leg, revealing how well toned she was. I swallowed hard. Even I wasn't that toned and athletic. Maybe this would be hard to keep up. Spitfire nodded, helping Gilda speak.

"That's right, Bolts." Spitfire said. "Landing in a split second after flying over 200 miles per hour can hurt. Luckily, our legs are trained for that." They all nodded, except me. I merely felt fear wash over me like a cold wave splashing on the shore.

Gilda nodded. "Okay, any questions...?" she asked, again, looking right at me. The others looked at me as well and I felt all attention on me. Although this felt like...condescending attention. Negative attention. Rainbow does not like that. I merely shook my head.

"No, let's get going." I said to them. Gilda nodded.

"I agree, go on, Bolts!" she barked.

And with that, the Wonderbolts were trotting at a quick pace around the track and I followed soon after. Surprisingly, my thoughts were not on Fluttershy now. Maybe it was because I was working out, trying to impress my heroes. I was still awe struck I was with the Wonderbolts finally. Like I was dreaming.

I saw Spitfire slow her pace and my stomach flood with butterflies. Oh my Celestia, she was actually coming to talk to me?! I felt a smile try to force it's way on my face, but it was as if my mouth forgot how to. She turned to me and smiled, the morning sun slowly peaking over the clouds.

"Hey, newbie!" she said. "I think I know you...I've seen you around a few times, correct?" she asked, keeping a medium pace with me. I was merely awestruck but I nodded.

"Y-yeah! I'm Rainbow Dash." I managed to mutter. She rolled her eyes with a smile and giggle snorted.

"Well, I knew that silly!" she remarked. I couldn't help but find myself wanting to laugh with her. But it was still early, and I was still recovering from last night.

"Is the rope really necessary?" I asked with skepticism in my voice. She was silent for a moment but closed her eyes and smiled, almost like a shrug.

"Mehhh she's been doing this since she first signed on as our manager. It seems to be working. It helps suppress my urge to fly and builds leg strength." she tried to convince me.

I looked forward, still not convinced. She could sense my silence as a sign of not really buying into that. But she kept her nonchalant face and attitude.

"We tend not to..question, Gilda's methods." she said finally. I was curious as to why. Were they..afraid of her? Was she too strict on them and were her methods a bit..extreme? Or was she genuinely a good manager? She seemed like she was pretty serious when it came to training, and the Bolts seemed to go along with it okay. I kept it at that and continued the run, ignoring the throbbing in my head and eyes.

"By the way..." Spitfire continued. "I had a hard time sleeping last night."

I felt my stomach churn at that. Oh great..did she hear me? I bit my bottom lip. "O-oh?" I asked.

"Yeah. I heard somepony...crying." she said a bit casual, as if it was nothing. "Would you know anything about that?" she asked. I could tell that she knew it was from me. I knew she knew it was from me. But, I denied it. Knowing very well I was lying to her.

"N-no? Didn't hear anything last night." I said nervously. I was an awful liar. She let the silence set between our conversation for a bit before nodding.

"Ah okay." she said, smiling. "But if you figure out what's going on with it, come tell me, okay?" she asked, grinning. Was she implying that I could..tell her? Everything? There was no way, I just met her and it is the first time meeting her where she acknowledged me! My mouth gaped open a bit before I spoke up.

"Ah..okay. I'll try." I assured her. She nodded.

"No problem! Welcome to the team!" and with that, she galloped off ahead of me. I hadn't realized how fast she was. I was beginning to feel out of breath! How long had we been running?! I tried to keep pace with the others, but could feel myself falling behind a bit. I panted, trying to keep up. The lack of food wasn't helping much either. But the sooner I finished this, the sooner we'd be done. I grit my teeth and hammered down on the clouds, trotting and galloping as fast as I could to the finish line on the last lap.

Once I arrived, the other Bolts were already getting water and doing cool down stretches and exercises. Gilda walked over to me, yanking the rope off. It burnt my skin a bit, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. "Get some water and rest up. When you're done, it's breakfast." she said and then walked away.

I felt relieved as I felt the cold water splash down my throat. I was actually hungry from the work out. And I knew no matter how full I thought I was, I had to keep eating. Because I never want to feel like I'm falling behind with their work outs. I want to be the best.

Then, it hit me.

Like a ton of bricks.

I had to be the best Wonderbolt. The best. Maybe. Just maybe. If I'm the best, Fluttershy will surely notice! Yeah! I couldn't help but feel all the negative emotions wash away. If only for a second. I had this new hope instilled in me. If I was going to win Fluttershy back I needed to be new, I needed to be improved. And most of all, I needed to be the best.

Because she deserved the best. Then I felt my thoughts drift to her again, and my mood dipped as well. I sighed and my head began to slowly fall forward. As if there were weights weighing it down. Oh Fluttershy...where were you now? Did you miss me like I missed you? I felt myself slowly being dragged to the ground, like gravity increased. I wanted to curl up in a ball when I thought of her. When I thought of us. I felt my eyes slowly close as I fought back tears before those familiar talons were near my face and Gilda leaned down, whispering in my ear.

"Dash, not good to lay down after a work out." and when she said that, I could feel her beak slowly lean over to nibble on my ear. I flinched immediately and scrambled backwards. I gave her a disgusted look and narrowed my eyes at her.

"Do NOT do that again." I warned her. Gilda merely giggled playfully and slowly turned away.

"Whatever you say, Dash." she shrugged. "Okay, Bolts! Let's head inside for breakfast!" she said. I heard them all gasp with delight and follow her. I'm sure they were all starving.

Despite having virtually nothing in my stomach, I was stuffed. Hopefully I could force myself to eat something at breakfast.
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Everyone relax, they are kissing. Nothing more

Please tell me of any typos you see! Thanks!

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I looked long and hard at my friends. They were my best friends. Truly they were. However, my love for Fluttershy was greater than the way I felt about my friends. So if they shunned us for this, then fine. We still had Pinkie on our side, anyway. I slammed my hooves into the water, making the 3 flinch and I finally spoke.

"Fluttershy and I are more than just friends." I said, narrowing my eyes at them. They remained silent. Applejack knew, but she wanted to hear it from the pony's mouth.

"Yeah, we're together. We're a couple. The both of us." I knew everypony in the area was watching me. Watching us. But I didn't care. I felt even stronger with her there. However, out of the corner of my eye, I could see her lowering herself into the water more, as Pinkie tried to be there to comfort her.

Rarity opened her mouth to speak. "Rainbow Dash, Darling, we don't judge you for that!" she said, her voice carrying a high note at the end. I tilted my head, confused.

Twilight nodded. "Yeah Rainbow, you're our friend! We don't care who you date, or who you love!" she was smiling when she said this, but her smile fell. "The only problem is..if you two break up-"

I cut her off. "Like I told Applejack, don't worry about it!"

Twilight glared at me, her voice hiring. "Let me finish, Rainbow! As I said, if you two break up, our whole gang will break up as well!"

Applejack nodded. "That's what ah meant, Sugarcube! If you two broke up, then what would we do? We'd either lose one, or both of ya'll! The group would be torn apart because of your break up."

My ears lowered as well, and I could tell my face contorted into fear. Oh Celestia, she was right. But the thought of me leaving her. Of us breaking up, send a cold chill through my body. It felt like my organs would shut down at the very thought.

"That's not going to happen. Because.." I gulped. "Because Fluttershy and I will not be breaking up." I said this loudly, and proudly. I didn't care if the whole park heard. They needed to know how I felt. She did as well.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her slowly rising above water, looking at me. Her eyes blinked curiously as I turned to face her, giving her a bright smile. I flew over to her and placed my wing around her comfortingly. "I will not break up with her. We are going to make this work. For ourselves, and for our friendship...And we want you all to support this. Okay?"

I could feel Fluttershy welcoming this affection, even if it was a public display of it. She rested her head on my shoulder and I sighed contently. We watched the others and how they would react. Of course, Pinkie flipped.

"Yahoo! See! I told everypony, didn't I?! You guys are really perfect!" she hopped around the water, splashing all of us. Rarity whined in protest at getting wet.

"Yes yes, of course we will support you! If you think this will work, then...who are we to break up a happy couple??" she shouted with a smile.

Twilight and Applejack looked at eachother, before giving in and smiling at us too.

"Aw shucks, Rainbow, Ah didn't know ya'll truly felt that strongly. Of course we will support ya'll."

Twilight nodded, swimming over to us. "I think we should celebrate!" she took out her notebook and pencil, jotting down notes. "And for me, celebrating is calculating the speed of the slide I just rode~"

Applejack hopped over to her, knocking the notebook and pencil into the water, much to a very displeased Twilight. "Ah say last one to the Dragon Drench is a rotten apple!" she whooped, before hopping out of the pool.

Twilight groaned, getting up beside Rarity. But they both trotted after them, their noses in the air. However, they both gave us a smile before disappearing after Applejack.

Pinkie hopped out of the pool too, cheering and squealing. "Woohoo! The Dragon Drench! That's the best waterslide here! Come on you slow ponies!" she called to us.

I sat there a few moments with Fluttershy, smiling down at her. "You wanna just stay here? Swim a bit?" I asked.

She shook her head, pulling away from me to get out of the water. "You wanna be a rotten apple?" she asked me, grinning slyly.

I sat there a few seconds before, shooting out of the water. "Aha! Yeah right! It's gonna be you who is!" Despite this, we both trotted together to follow Applejack to the slide.


Today was amazing. My friends knew about us, and accepted it! Not only that, Fluttershy didn't hate my public display of love for her. And if she did, she certainly didn't show it. We had a wonderful time riding the slides, eating various treats, and joking around. I think after I stopped being so stubborn and opening up a bit more to everypony, they didn't get so defensive. I should learn how to tone down my cocky attitude.

Or maybe not.

As the park began to close, we headed out to a bus this time instead. It would get us back quicker. The bus waited at the park for everypony to board, making their way back to wherever they were from.

Rarity, Twilight, Pinkie, and Applejack were walking ahead of us, as we only walked a few feet behind. I remembered what Applejack said, and Fluttershy and I made sure to include them in our conversations and they did the same. It was so much easier now that everypony knew. I couldn't be happier!

"Alright, everypony!" said Twilight. "The bus will be here in 20 minutes. We should get out there and wait first. So we can get good seats!" she said.

Applejack nodded. "Yeah. Ah'm pretty tuckered out from today. It'll be nice to rest my hooves." she said, rubbing them against the ground in an attempt to massage them.

Rarity stuck her nose in the air, feeling simply disgusted with herself. Her beautifully curled hair was now hanging down around her shoulders. Stringy and wet from the events from today. "I simply can't believe I let you ponies drag me onto those waterslides. My once perfectly curled hair is now a mess." she whined.

Applejack was the first to speak up. "Aw shucks, Rarity. Ya'll had a blast today. Can't ya just accept it? 'Sides, you can shower when ya get home."

Rarity stuck her tongue out at Applejack. "Hmph! Unlike some ponies, I take great pride in my appearance!" she said coyly to Applejack again, now grinning.

Pinkie Pie still had as much energy as ever, hopping around all of us as we sat in tired heaps at the bus stop. "Ooh! I'm still all wound up from today!" she said, giggle snorting. Suddenly however, she stopped, a loud rumble could be heard among us. We all turned to Pinkie to see her face have a look of surprise.

"Oh..guess I'm hungry!" she said, before laughing. We all joined in.

"Yeah, I guess I'm hungry too...anypony volunteer to grab us a vegidog before boarding the bus?"

We were all silent, avoiding eye contact, before surprisingly, Fluttershy spoke up. "Rainbow Dash and I can get them." she said.

I looked over at her, and rolled my eyes. I didn't feel like moving much either. But Fluttershy looked at me, insisting I go. My ears perked up and I nodded eagerly. "Yeah, yeah we'll go!"

The others sighed in relief, happily handing us their bits to pay for the food with. "Thanks so much, you two. Hurry back!" said Twilight. We nodded, and went off to the stand together


I assumed the worst. She wanted to lecture me about speaking so loudly about us infront of everypony else. Or maybe it was because I was on the slides too much today and didn't talk to her a lot. All I knew was this could be good, or bad.

As we arrived at the vegidog stand, I took out the bits, counting them. "Well let's see. We have enough to give each Pony a vegidog and-" and in that instant, I felt Fluttershy practically pushing me behind the stand, without the prying eyes of the last few ponies leaving to see. She pushed me against the wall and I felt her lips attack mine, and her tongue invade my mouth. My eyes shot open. This was not what I expected. Not in the least.

I felt her push me on the ground now and we sat, and she wrapped her back legs around my waist, still kissing me passionately. She had done stuff like this before, but never this much. She always said kissing wasn't her thing. Well tonight she sure showed me wrong. Finally, after a few minutes of this, she pulled away.

"Rainbow Dash..what you said today. About never wanting to leave me...." she was only a few millimeters away from my lips, and it felt as though she would spring on them anytime. "It made me feel so special..." she buried her head under my chin, squeezing me tightly.

I was stunned. How could she not think I already found her special. I smiled, squeezing her back. "Well, are a very special pony to me. You know that, don't you?" I whispered tenderly.

She nodded, and made a small whimper. "I love you, Rainbow Dash..."

I kissed her on the forehead, then trailed my kisses down to her neck before answering. "And I love you, Fluttershy."

She gave me one more kiss on the lips before pulling herself away. We bought the vegidogs and brought them back to the girls. At first, their faces lit up at the sight of their food, then they fell, looking almost shocked, before breaking into fits of laughter.

"No wonder why it took you both so long to get our vegidogs" giggled Twilight.

Applejack chuckled as well. "Heehee, have fun you two?" she asked.

Pinkie tilted her head, already shoving her vegidog in her mouth. "What? I don't get it!" she complained.

It took us both a minute to realize, but our manes were a mess. They were tangled and it looked like somepony's hooves were playing in them. We both giggled shyly, and as we did, the bus for home arrived.

We sat next to eachother on the way home. As she fell asleep on my shoulder, I looked out the window at the night sky. Today was one of the best days of my life I think. Nothing would top this. Not even joining the Wonderbolts. Nothing would be as perfect as today was.

I wish it would stay like this forever.
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These last few days have been sheer and utter hell. And I'm actually putting it nicely. These last three days had been spent either crying for hours and going into a zombie like state. It was even worse when Gilda insisted she be by my side, telling me we needed to get to Canterlot. The first day I refused to move from my bed. I lay there, crying. I threw pillows at Gilda. I begged her to leave but even if she did she would return less than an hour later. It was as if she didn't want me to grieve at all.

The day after my sob fest, Gilda wanted to leave immediately for Canterlot where the Wonderbolts trained and lived. But it seemed I didn't even have the energy to fly. My wings folded in on themselves and I would free fall down to earth. Only to have Gilda swoop down and save me.

Next we tried the train. We had not even made it onto the train before I threw a mini tantrum like a little filly. Every measly scent, every little thing reminded me of her. Of the pony that I devoted my entire life to. I couldn't take it and the large crowd made me almost go insane. I ran away as fast as I could, only to have Gilda on my trail.

Finally we decided to take a carriage to Canterlot. It was a private carriage Gilda herself hired and they arrived to take us there. It was rather small, but it looked very exquisite and cozy. But even than I was having doubts.

"C'mon, Dash." she barked, opening the door to the carriage, inviting me in. I hesitantly stepped toward it, only to look behind me back at Ponyville.

"I don't know. Maybe if I talk to her one more ti-" she immediately cut me off me letting out a loud and short squawk.

"Dash would you just get over it? You need to leave this life, no, leave Sluttershy behind and start a life for yourself now!" I could feel her hard stare looking at me as I kept my head turned away. I was near breaking into tears again as a few escaped my eyes. I let out a shaky breath before turning around and slowly hopping into the carriage. I slid over to the other side and looked out the window, resting my head on the wall. I didn't even want to look at Ponyville disappear as my past life did with it.


We had been traveling almost half the day and the ride was completely quiet. The silence hung in the air like a heavy elephant pushing down on a trampoline. Occasionally I could see her glance at me through my peripherals. I wish she didn't look at me sometimes, it creeped me out. I wanted to at least sleep, or pretend I was asleep. But each time I closed my eyes, I was plagued with images of Fluttershy which twisted my stomach in a knot. When I closed my eyes I could still feel her soft coat against mine. The way her legs draped around me when we hugged. The way she wrapped herself around me as we slept. The way her hair brushed against my muzzle. It caused a few tears to leak out of my eyes and I attempted to wipe them away.

I don't know why I would do that. I don't know why I tried to hide my sadness and tears from Gilda. She had seen me do nothing but cry these last few days. I'm surprised at how patient she had been with me.

In the distance I could see the castle growing closer and closer as we were making our way to Canterlot. The sun was setting and I hadn't even noticed we were travelling all day. Gilda finally spoke up, cutting the silence with a knife. Slowly.

"So I hope you are hungry." she said, clearing her throat. "I booked us a table at the White Stallion. Place is pretty ritzy. You ever hear of it?"

Of course I had. The last time the girls and I went up here Princess Celestia bought us a meal. Fluttershy and I split the angel hair pasta.

"Yeah, I've heard of it." I said. "Since when can you afford that?" I craned my head slowly to her, blinking my tired and sore eyes. I was a bit shocked to see her eagle face staring back at me. Her golden eyes giving off a bit of an eerie glow in the dimly lit carriage.

"Since I am the manager of the Wonderbolts, of course." she said. That same, devious, jack-o-lantern smile contorting on her face. With her glowing eyes it made her a bit intimidating. "I get 70% of the profits." she said matter of factly.

This pissed me off a little. I didn't want most of my hard work to be given to her. Yeah she was the manager, so what? Besides take care of the team, what did she do to earn her all that? Why did she get so much of the cut? "What do you use that money for?" I asked.

She clacked her beak and began to speak. "Well for starters, a place for you guys to stay. I book public meetings, places for you to preform. Physical fitness, uniforms." she pointed out the window and I looked out to see a Billboard with the Wonderbolts on it. "Advertisements."

I looked down at my hooves and the ride remained silent. The rest of the way was spend with the both of us looking out our windows.


Once we arrived in Canterlot, it was just about Twilight out. Various fancy ponies were dolled up. They were all going out on the town. I have to admit that I may have gotten a few looks from them. But I know I wasn't a site for sore eyes that's for sure.

I know my eyes had a glazed over look with bags under them and my coat was very scruffy looking, as well as my mane. I hadn't done my best to take care of myself. Gilda immediately stood next to me, half draping her wing over me as she guided me down the street.

"I hope you're hungry." she said.

"I'm not." I stated. In fact, I hadn't eaten much in the last three days. They were spent with me crying and drinking minimal amounts of water. Every attempt to feed myself even a little bit was met with my stomach clenching up, not allowing anymore food inside of it. The knot had closed it off and I had no appetite once so ever.

I could hear a growl rumbling in her throat. "Well, too bad. You're going to eat. You have to." she said to me.


Once we arrived, we were seated at a booth and we both looked at our menus. I only looked at mine for a minimum of two seconds before setting it down. Gilda looked at me out of the corner of her eye as she scanned hers, deciding on what to get.

She then set her menu down and looked at my wings, picking one of them up with her talons, examining them. I immediately recoiled it, glaring up at her. "What are you doing?" I asked.

She replied calmly. "Examining your wings. I'm trying to figure out why you can't fly with them. You break it or something?" she asked, continuing to examine them, despite the fact they were folded up.

This brought my blood to a boil. "You know damn well why." I hissed under my breath. She looked at me, a bit appalled. Then shrugged.

"Well that doesn't really explain why you can't fly physically. Just in your head. We better get you something to eat that will make your wings work than." she stated. I slammed my hoof on the table, looking up at her.

"Gilda I can't help it. When I am going under stress like this I cannot fly. It's just how I am. You're going to have to deal with it." I said through my teeth.

She scraped her talon against the table, leaving a claw mark as she brought her beaked face down to mine. We glared at each other.

"I think you're the one who has to deal with it, Dweeb!" she said. I kept my gaze on her, listening to what she had to say. "You think she's crying over you like this? You think she's regretting this decision? No. And do you know why? Because she's the lowest form of dweeb and if you honestly think moping will make you feel better you've got another thing coming."

I remained silent, unsure of how to really respond. Was Gilda right? Had Fluttershy really not cared? Not even a little bit...? This only made me more sad, but before I could respond the waitress arrived. She smiled at us, levitating a pad and a pen.

"What can I get for you ladies?" she asked a bit too cheerfully. Gilda cleared her throat, composing herself.

"I'll have the steak. Rare." she said, handing the waitress the menu. Both her and I made a face of a bit of shock. Her order reminded us both that Gilda was very much a predator.

"O-okay..and what about you?" she asked me. I shook my head.

"Nothing." I was about to hand her my menu when Gilda slammed her talon onto it, keeping it on the table.

"She'll have the strawberry banana smoothie, with a shot of wheat grass." she told the waitress. The nice unicorn smiled and wrote down our meals before trotting off.

It was silent for a few moments before I turned to her, narrowing my tired eyes at the griffin. "Do not take my order for me."

"You needed something." she said, looking straight ahead. I wanted to punch her but instead she seemed to go quiet like me. So I sat back, enjoying the silence.

I looked over to Gilda and saw her give me a smile. She tried to make it seem less threatening, but that crooked grin was still there. "Just try to drink the smoothie and once you finish that I'll take you to your room. You'll like it, I promise." she said to me. This was the nicest thing she had said to me within these last few days. I merely nodded tiredly, wanting to just go to bed now. I needed to let a cry out but I knew I couldn't here.

Once our food arrived, the unicorn set the plate of meat down at Gilda. She handed me my smoothie and immediately trotted off. She didn't want to see Gilda eat the steak.

I watched her animal side kick in as she was presented with the food. Her eyes got a crazy look in them as she tilted her head back and fourth. Gilda leaned down to sniff the meat before scooping it up with the bottom of her beak. Like a shovel. With it in her mouth she tilted her head back and gulped down the entire thing. I almost gagged. How could she eat that? I turned away from the grotesque scene and looked at my smoothie. It did look really good. I leaned forward to take a small sip and even with the viscus liquid hitting my mouth, my stomach clenched up.

I sighed, leaning back in the booth. Gilda draped a wing over me and took my smoothie, taking a large sip from it. I envied her appetite at the moment.

"You know, Dash, I know you're pretty bummed now." she said. I rolled my eyes. Bummed doesn't even come close to describing the pain I felt. "But you're gonna get used to it." she took another sip, before looking at me. "Whether you like it or not."

I slowly turned my head toward her, raising an eyebrow. Was that a threat? I sighed, lowering my eyes. What choice did I have? I mean, Fluttershy obviously didn't care if I went or stayed. She hated me now. She wasn't in love with me anymore and she never would be again. Even thinking that didn't sit well with me as I was ready to just leave.

I waited for Gilda to finish her meal, allowing myself to drift into my own thoughts of Fluttershy and I. The more I thought of the reality, the more I tried to shove it away. I couldn't accept this. I just couldn't. I would never be able to accept it. I brought my elbows to the table and rested my head on my hooves, letting my tired and cried out eyes droop as I anticipated just leaving and plopping into a warm bed to cry myself to sleep in.
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From "Secret of My Excess" (S2E10)
Getting ready for Spike's birthday party, everything has been done. Well, not quite everything... Spike won't wash the cheek Rarity kissed, but Twilight insists.
As always: original .ai file [link]

My Little Pony © by Hasbro
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