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The Flowers' Lament                    I dream
                  of a field
                 of daffodils,
              and a waveless mirror
                   of water
                 in its midst.
                  Of a visage
               of my resemblance
            wondering with my eyes.
             Of the unending void
               of this universe
              seeded with holes;
              of the cold petals
              of countless stars,
           and the gravity of souls.
                   I dream
            of their seeds of black
                 taking root;
                and their blood
                  of violet
                birthing fruit -
             with coagulated wings
                   of velvet
                 taking flight,
                 and the river
               of spilt darkness
                 upon my sight.
                    I dream
                 of a pavillon
              of purple papillons;
               of their embrace
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