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this is my bremarie sona called dooker X3

he is very silly bery large and maybe a bit too friendly . to males and females >//> he has no quarms in sexuality . he dont really know what it is
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heheheheh my sentiment EXACTLY >w>

this is a speed painting commission for :icondawgjr: that cost £12 ^^

took me about an houre and twenty minuets (i knew that because i finished this ten minuets befor the end of the film legion XD)

hope ya like buddy

art (C) me

characters (C) :icondawgjr:


im really happeh with this please tell me what you all think :iconiloveitplz:
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hmmmmmmmmmmmmm booooooob sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :ewe

a little gift for :iconetastic:

that ... and i wanted to draw some boob face .... WHAT OF IT FOOOL :iconepicstareplz:

ahhhhhhh at lest she didnt show me her shaved turtal ¬-¬ .... dont ask it will just confuse you and me more

anyway I LIKED DRAWING THE OVERSIZED MAMMERIES .... dont judge me :iconimgoingtokillyouplz:

done with pro markers on bristal board ... god i love bistal board . pens no bleed :iconiloveitplz:
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:iconpokerface3plz::iconsaysplz::iconscaredmingplz: hhhhhhaaaalp....

i donno why but she love messin with me the most, only because i resist and refuse to put out for her willingly

Amaka © myself and :iconbrokencreation:
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This is Bruma! shes very strong and extremely dominant and very frisky, however when youre on her good side shes quite sweet
but mind your manners because shes very strick about it.
She is also Ivory's older sister

she is a Bramarie, weighs about a third of a ton and is roughly the size of a shire Horse (basically a carnivorous horse) even though teh species is omnivorish

Brumar and the Bremarie species © :iconbrokencreation:
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on the how, to make a long story short n sweet... she saw me, thats pretty much it.

as per the "why"...
well… its like this. lets say for example of metaphor a little girl has access to all the sweet treats she could eat, and she could get them at any point and time when ever she wanted, but theres this one sweet treat that shes never tried before, she sees it on a high shelf and it looks and smells really really good, but she cant get it as easily as she could the other sweets because its just out of reach even with a ladder, and even though she could just eat all the other treats that one she never had is the one she really really wants to try, not just because its tasty but because its harder to get a hold of compared to the rest. thats what this is… both of them ponies could have ANY man or woman they wanted but because the ones that they could get dont really resist or present a major challenge or they practically throw themselves at the queen and princess because they want it. its honestly really not that rewarding yknow? i mean sure they gain pleasure from it at the time n stuff but the fact that they didnt really have to work too hard to get them just kinda takes away from it all not as fulfilling, thats what i think this is. im that treat that they really wanna try because im much harder to get than your typical man or woman that would take them to bed in a heart beat. and i know what youre probly thinkin… “why dont you just let yourself get taken? anyone else would jump at the change to take a goddess and a hot queen to bed.” well a couple reasons…

1. unlike a lot of people im not desperately in need of some pussy, if push came to shove i can live without it if i had to. dont get me wrong its nice to have and i love it but its not at the top of my priority list. but the main reason is that i value my purity and reserve it for the right girl to give it to, not just tarnish it and give it up to whatever girl is interested in me pr vice versa, in my opinion thats quite whorish, If the roles were reversed and i was a woman going after as much dick as possible id be labeled a slut or a whore or something else demeaning and i dont think id like that, not to mention desperate for a want or desire. plus its in my opinion more special to share my body with the right someone rather than getting as much pussy as possible for the sake of status or whatever insecurity it may be. and that too is also pretty shallow and one track minded. and im not really like that.

2. getting chased around isnt as bad as ya’ll might think, there are definitely a lot of perks to this, first and foremost i get to test and all the hard work i put into training myself, i also get to do what i love doin and thats parkour or “free running”, i also (and i know this may be a bit childish) kinda like the attention, i mean im not gonna lie knowing that im wanted by a smokin hot woman is a treat in and of itself, and i play hard to get because frankly i want to be taken, but i havnt come across anyone whod work hard enough to go the extra mile to get me, well except for these two… but they can both fly and use magic so they probly dont have to work AS hard. Although honestly i dont plan on being taken by either of them anytime ever, for as hot and attractive as they may be... they have already given themselves away to the hungry men and women out there. Me, i think id rather settle for a woman that's about me and our relationship, not the casual stuff thats so popular in today's society. yknow?

so yeah i hope that answers your question.

Id answer other questions if i ever got any.
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I tried something new with this graphite, and that was add one
A grown up Red Riding Hood was into the forest,but not to go look for her grannie,but to meet the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf. Not really a bad girl,but instead a naive and timid wolfie girl,as Red discovered after their first encounter. This shy wolfie girl stole Red heart and later realized this couraged human girl could be her protector against humans, that could easily want her death,like they did with her father before.
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Rain Silves is property of Trancy Mick
Synx is property of Chimera Synx
The guys behind them are not so innocent bystanders,about to be in the most intense experience of their lives...provided by the
I tried a pic with sexy overtones and a bit of funny bone to it.Really some of my style. In doing this I favored a female Synx and made her extremely sexy...hehe the same sexiness applied to better effect.
This piece I made using entirely watercolors on white canson.
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I always thought Rain is very sexy,but she is pretty dangerous as well.However I pretended to show a most lustful side of this loving sergal without let her loose her own nature. This graphite I did tries that and a bit more. Notice the scary little dragons inside the tree trunk and you will understand my point. Hope you like it.
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As I sat under the tree where I was, thinking up new ideas for drawings, I didn’t notice that the three snake Pokémon had sneaked behind me, nor did I know they were planning a surprise of some sort...I was completely unprepared for it...and before I knew it...there was a rushing blur and within three seconds, I found myself in a three-way wrap!

“Hey! What the..?” I laughed.

There I was, sat in the middle of the coil pile of two-tone green, blackish-grey and purple with Serperior and Roxy resting their heads on my shoulders and Alfred resting his head on top of mine.

Clutching my pencil and drawing pad and feeling rather snug and somewhat suppressed, I gasped. “Steady on! What the heck’s gotten into you three all of a sudden?”

Well,” began Serperior.

“Consider this as a thank you gift from us for helping us out, dear chap.” beamed Alfred.

“After all, Sketcher, we owe you it.” Added Roxy, slightly tightening her hold and retracting her fangs.

At first I was at a loss for words, but then I smiled and said...”Well, well! Aren’t I the popular one?”

Another scene from one of my Pokémon Stories - A Serperior Addition to the team: dan-the-countdowner.deviantart…

Having done the sketch of Alfred, Roxy and Serperior, I move on to my next picture, unaware that the three snake Pokémon have sneaked behind me...and materialise only when they've secured me in a three-way wrap!

Arbok, Seviper, Serperior (C) Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokémon Company

"Alfred", "Roxy", Story Snippet, Drawing (C) Me
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"Hmmmmmm! Heehee!"

Heheheh! Looks like dear Lucky has got me in one of her hugs again! X3

Serperior (C) Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokémon Company

Lucky the Serperior, Drawing (C) Me
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“Excuse me, Dan.”

“Yes, Marvel?”

“Could I please travel around with you, if you don’t mind?” asked Marvel, nuzzling me.

I blinked and stared into her eyes.

Then, stroking her chin, I said “Of course I don’t mind, Marvel. Serperior, what do you think?”

Serperior brought her head to my shoulder and grinned. “I’d be delighted for her to come, m’lad. The more, the merrier, as they say.” She giggled.

Another scene from "A Marvel-ous New Friend" - dan-the-countdowner.deviantart…

Having successfully shielded me from a freak rainstorm, Marvel asks to join my team, and so I grant her request.

Milotic, Serperior (C) Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokémon Company

"Marvel", Story Snippet, Drawing (C) Me
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MetalKitty steeled his nerves & approached the dark tall crow, who hoisted up Twisted like a sack of grain.
Tabbi had run to MetalKitty in tears & clung to him. If anyone could help her friend, it would be MK!

"Listen...sir… How about I trade what you got there for some smokes? So what do you say?" Metal holds up the smokes to the ScareCrow.

"...” ScareCrow just blew some smoke out & seemed to be patiently weighing the silence around him.

The silence was so heavy that Tabbi tightened her hold on the cat & after a hard swallow, she whispered "Mr. Metal... He's not saying anything... *whine*..." she cringed from the tall figure.

“Listen friend... I don't want any trouble.” MetalKitty looked directly into the ScareCrow’s eyes.

“... Well…" blows a long whisper of smoke, “Seems like son, that is exactly what you are asking meh for… even payin' it for.” He stares at Metal long & quiet. Then ScareCrow shifts the weight of the little demon on his shoulder a bit. “Do yah think that I some kind of church? That if you got that money, that you can save a soul?”

Tabbi turned to MK. He looks back with a helpless look.

“There was this soldier gal looking back at nothing. Death was breathin' down her neck. Now did this child call for help? Call for salvation? No… she dun nothing such. She lit up & in her last breath of tobacco. She just sang… none eva to hear her sing her song but she didz anyway. I guess now that she was left after all the spittin’ & fightin, we wouldz have thought she be right happy that since she was last drawing breath, that her side have won… now son… didja think she won, son?” Said the ScareCrow

MetalKitty with a gape shook his head.

“Nowz…why iz dat?”

“Cause she was alone… all alone. I guess…” MetalKitty said sadly… pitying the girl in the ScareCrow’s tale.

“Hmmm…. ain't dat dem ways anyways? Well she did win… she was left last. Just cause none was left to pin medals on her or shake her hand. She still won… even as she died in the rubble & blood… she won.”

Tabbi was on the verge of tears. MetalKitty swallowed hard & with stern eyes, he asked again, “So that’s why she sang? She sang cause she won?”

ScareCrow just looked at Metal through his goggles… “Do it matter?” as he dragged another puff & blew it out, “Naaaah... She sang mighty perdy though.” The ScareCrow shifts the weight of Twisted on his shoulder.

“Then why did she sing?” MetalKitty asked frustrated. Looking up at the ScareCrow sternly. “She was all ALONE! She had none left in whatever war she was in! That is a horrible end! Winning meant nothing! That is not WINNING! It’s…it’s just…SAD!”

ScareCrow took a last drag of his cigarette & then tossed the burning butt down. He turned & began walking away with TC on his shoulder. He was crossing the tall grass just before the woods.

Metal cried out, “WAIT! I’m sorry! I have smokes! I heard you take trades! Give me my friend & you can have it! ” MetalKitty grabbed Tabbi & started to run after ScareCrow through the field. In a whirl of a harsh breeze, ScareCrow stopped & like a repercussion, he sharply turned to face them. Though his posture looked relax, there was something dark rising from him.

It seemed that seconds became molasses. When finally ScareCrow spoke, “Nice of you to apologize but you got nuthin to ask forgiveness for… not by me at least. Anyway… I don’t smoke that brand.” He turned, “I smoke blacks…”

As he walked away, humming something to himself. Metal saw TwistedCupid’s upside face. Twin rivers of black tears. She then twitches a sad shaky grin. She waves her bound hands as they disappear into the dark woods.

guess stars:
© :iconmetal-kitty:
© :iconcharmbeander05:

Just something I did up with my two pals involved...
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I do not own Kale or Campy or any of the characters in Furthia High. I am just an insignificant insect that is just a fan. All characters belong to © :iconquetzadrake:

This is a bit late for Valentines but I have had some computer issues to be able to spit out the mad love I made for DA & my favorite couples. I wanted to show one of my favorite couples in Furthia High…. There just isn’t enough art with Kale & Campy for me…. I got the pose from this other gay couple photograph that inspired me…unfortunately I can’t find the picture again….

I hope :iconquetzadrake: likes it… I am still shipping this pair….even though I may be alone in it….

I try to make Campy have that edgy Goth emo kind of style to him. I see him as an artist that has his flair for style…. & I love drawing long hair…. Campy I see as more cute conservative & subdued style to him. Something that he doesn’t want to stand out in, yet wears soft tones…. I like the contrast between bold & soft…. Also the painted heart…I did that to accentuate the holiday…..

I think that :iconquetzadrake: created some pretty exciting characters in his comic.... I look forward to it. It's like pistachio buts... You just keep eating them up....
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I know…another Kale & Campy fan-pairing art. They are my favorite yaoi fashion models. I love drawing outfits for Campy & Kale. Always having Kale in bright blues & cool colors that match his eyes. He is sort of a mix of American Eagle & Abercrombie, while I have Campy in edgier threads, with a mix of Hot Topics, Ed Hardy & Rock Star.

I love drawing clothes for these guys because they are both from different spectrums. I would think with Kale being raised by conservative & upper class family, he would have good taste but with modesty keeping him grounded. While Campy is creative & alternative. He is more Goth like & I like adding flair to him. He is fun to draw as a fashion model. I use fashion magazines to help inspire me for their outfits.

Campy is a creative soul that uses his writing to outlet his inner struggles & dreams, while Kale is more trying to discover himself while he tries to block his own inner anxiety. He is shy but optimistic, almost as if he is trying to appear inconsequential. Though he is the only human, (maybe) that is somewhat difficult to try not to draw attention.

Here I always thought that if there were someone who would make the first move it would be Campy… though it was only in his dreams that he did. I like drawing Campy being blushing & Kale being oblivious to the Campy’s situation. But this time I wanted to add a little push. Besides this could just be another one of Campy’s daydreaming.

But I was listening to some music but I can’t tell which one…I just listen to random music form my iPod.

I do not own Campy or Kale or any of the characters from Furthia High [link] . I am just an insignificant insect that is just a fan. All characters belong to ©:iconquetzadrake:
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Sketch 3 of 4 for *SethTheDragon! Akku is so serious looking to me xD

Akku (c) *SethTheDragon
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First sketch of 4 for *SethTheDragon! This is his dragonsona :D

This was the best scan I could get, sorry ;~;

Seth (c) *SethTheDragon
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My half for *Mystic-Flame of her Wyvern Micerio.
Been forever since I drew a Wyvern. :) It was hard getting something down but here's something! :lol:

Enjoy! It's not as good as my other stuff but I am most happy with the pose. x3

Micerio (c)*Mystic-Flame
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I did another picture to match Hollyleaf, only this time of Jayfeather :dummy:
I luv Jayfeather, sometimes his actions don't make any sense to me, but you know, I think he's a pretty darn good medicine cat. Also, has anyone else noticed that so far all the medicine cats of ThunderClan (besides Spottedleaf) are gray? xDD

Jayfeather (c) to Erin Hunter
Art made by Purrlstar

You may use this picture in YouTube videos or collections of warriors fan art or something like that, just ask! ;D
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I didn't want to upload this becuase... It's basically a spoiler xDD

but I couldn't help myself, its too awesome and I LOVEEE the outcome.

plus I'm sure you all knew it was coming anyways~

I'll move this to scraps later because I dont want it to take away from the anthro pic I just posted 8U
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I was doodling, and then, this happened.

Honestly I'm very surprised I was able to pull off that pose. LOOK AT THOSE ADORABLE BACK PAWS!~ >W<b

It was supposed to be Raphael, but I didn't feel like going to look up his markings.

Because I can.

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Name : Tiagii

Species : Long Eared Dog [Gelert]
Breed : N/A

Orientation : Straight
Status : Taken
Mate : Krim
Pups : Cronos + Soro

Appearance :
Fur color : Olive Green
Design coloring : Light green / Deep Olive / Black
Fur Length : Short
Eye color : Grey Blue
Height : Tall
Weight : Skinny

Accessories : A small yellow-orange bandana tied around the upper half of his arm.

Human Appearance :
Race : Black
Hair Color : Black
Eye Color : Blue
Height : 6’1”
Weight : 260 lbs

Personality : Angry / Sneaky / Psychotic /

Angry = There was never a time when Tiagii wasn’t angry. Along with the many nooby personality traits I gave him anger issues was one of them and he was usually always angry and selfish. He never really cared for anyone at all.

Sneaky = Tiagii was a sly fellow. He was very crafty and always found a way to get around something. He was filled with many types of revengeful thoughts, so he had to be sneaky to really get his plans to go through.

Psychotic = Tiagii was always a little off even from when he was first born. He never really had a very clear head, and when his father was killed and eaten in front of him he dove off the edge of sanity and became a pretty sketchy character who enjoyed killing, and really lost most of his reasoning.

He was basically your stereo typical maniac. He was head of a company for ‘Otherside’ until he lost his mind and had to give up the company to a higher force, Jet. The only person Tiagii ever remotely took orders from would have been Jet, though he never really listened to them in the best way.

Fun Facts :
:bulletblack: He was my first animal character
:bulletblack: He is actually a Camo Gelert on my very first neopet account. His name is Tiagii.
:bulletblack: He was my first villian
:bulletblack: This is his 7th design.

Character + Art (c) *Pandaskeeper
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Someone requested this I can't quite remember their username but here you go ^^;

Not really too much to say about this 8T I quite like the turn out.
Leafpool turned out nicely but Crowfeather looks a bit strange xDD

Warriors- Erin Hunter
Art- *Corgi-Master
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New picture! :,D an improvement I think : o
She actually looks like a girl now |D I had to make the application bigger though because she was too large to fit xD

I changed a little to her design. She now has 'freckles' and darker ear tips. I hope those minor things were ok xD I think she looks prettier with them <3

Name: Scout Lyrik

Gender: Female

Age:-1[Not born yet I believe]

Rank: Kit

Accessories: None


Even though this cat is just a small kit, she is extremely serious. Scout always takes the tasks given to her and makes sure that they’re done! She loves to get things done. Once things are done you can have fun! But you can’t have fun until the project is completely finished and done correctly to boot! If the task is not done correctly Scout will definitely go back and make sure everything is done the right way. You cannot play without worries if there’s an incorrectly done project floating around.

Patients is not one of this kit’s strong points! She doesn’t like slow people. Scout cannot stand people taking too long to do a simple task. If they can’t do it she will jump in and do it herself! She has always thought that if they’re not doing it quickly they’re not doing it right. Which is unacceptable. She also likes to push people to do their best. Sure, it’s not always the nice way, but it works!

This little kitten was born knowing how to lie just like ever other cat, he just likes to practice it more than others. She is sly and crafty and loves every minute of it! She also likes to trick people sometimes. She can’t seem to understand that it’s bad yet. She’s pretty darn good already at tricking people. Tricking her siblings is one of her favorite things to do. Even though she really enjoys being as sly as she is, she never ever acts like that around her parents if she can help it. She’ll lie to them but never trick his siblings in front of them.

This kitten doesn’t believe in cooties. She’s always hitting on the other boys even the ones that are way out of his league and age group. She’ll even hit on a boy who’s her father’s age. She doesn’t believe in such things as ‘cooties’ and thinks they’re just a reason for the pretty kitties to keep women away from them! She prefers to hit on the older men though. She says they’re always much nicer to him.

Scout is as hyper and playful as any other kit. She’s always got to have something to do, or something in his paws. When she doesn’t he likes to tear things up or just run off and find something to waste his time on. She always needs something to do or she gets so bored she starts to become annoying. She’s just that one kit who always talking, and always putting in his two-cents when no one wants to hear from the peanut gallery.

Brief History:
Scout doesn’t really have much of a history yet seeing that she hasn’t really been born yet!
She wasn’t a planned kit. Her parents weren’t really a couple either, but she’s way too young to know this. Her mother is Denial Lyrik and her father is Baxter. She doesn’t know their story yet and he hasn’t done anything yet with her life because well… she’s a baby!


:bulletwhite: = Acquaintance
:bulletyellow: = Uncertainty
:bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good Friend
:bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletorange: = Crush
:bulletpink: = Love
:bulletred: = Dislike
:bulletred::bulletred: = Respect
:bulletblack: = Hate


:bulletpurple:/:bulletred::bulletred: - Baxter - Father/Owner - *RoamingFox
"I don't really care for him very much. I guess he's ok though, since he's my dad and all. I know he's super important and I'd hate to piss him off, so I treat him respectfully when he's looking of course."

:bulletpurple:/:bulletpink:|:bulletred:[Crushed] - Denial - Mother/Guest X-Stylist - ~Solfeesh
"I love my mom. She's definately cooler than dad, even if she won't let me leave the hotel room yet. I like hanging out with her. She always so strict though. She should losten up."
:bulletred:[Crushed] "Mom... I didn't want you to leave. Why did you leave me with dad? I liked you a lot better... Do you not us? I'm not giving up on you yet though! You'll come back right? You're not even the same person anymore..."

:bulletpurple:/:bulletpink: - Damain - Brother - *RoamingFox
"I really respect Damain. I usually don't like my siblings, but he's the exception. I like his attitude, though some of the things he says to our parents is a little out of line. He's awesome though."
:bulletpurple: - Brother - ~Solfeesh
:bulletpurple: - Brother - *Pistol-Pink

:bulletpurple:/:bulletred::bulletred:/:bulletred: - Lucifer Lyrik - Guest/Grandfather - ~Solfeesh
"My mom's dad. I don't talk to him much. He actually scares me alot..."

:bulletpurple:/:bulletyellow: Sapphira - Step-Mom - Guest -"I don't know Sapphira very well... Daddy married her. I kinda wish he would have just stayed with mom, but oh well. Sapphira's really nice. She treats me like I'm one of her kits! I don't mind her being my mom, but at the same time I really wish she wasn't..."


None yet!


None yet!

Role-Play Examples:
[#The-Vegas-Lights rp]
Wayne made his way into the bar quickly. He was itching for a drink and he couldn’t hold himself back much longer. He had a long day of cheating today. In one game of poker two people had to be taken off because they kept trying to cheat. Wayne couldn’t stand cheating. It made his light colored pelt tingle angrily. He noticed that his regular spot at the bar was taken today and on the other half of the bar there was a cream colored she cat. Wayne recognized the her immediately. That was Desiree. She was the head show girl. Wayne had heard a lot about her and her different relationships. He thought she might be with Felix right now. He hoped she was. He put his crazy relationship thoughts aside and padded up to her. “Hello,” He started and pointed to the seat next to her with his tiny limbs, “Is this seat taken?”

[#Genesis-Carnivora rp]
Yeti followed the dark colored bear somberly. The news he had to tell her wasn’t the best. It wasn’t a death, but it wasn’t something neither he or Vimedi thought should be taken lightly. Yeti was also contemplating telling the leader of the wild canines. Lio, after all was one of his closest allies. He stopped suddenly and looked around, “Wicker, This is far enough.” He took out a faded ripped sheet of paper from his collar. He looked at it quietly before handing it over to Wicker. “That’s a report from a soldier.” Yeti explained. He exhaled loudly. “The other day apparently one of our soldiers stumbled upon some sort of prey. He told me he thought it was dead because it was just… repulsive looking. He killed it but left it there. He gave me much worse details than this. Apparently he found some sort of mutated prey creature. Vimedi and I went to go try and see if the creature’s body was still there, and it wasn’t.” Yeti wasn’t sure he should give many more details.

-tell me if you need some more-

The kits!

My current TVL character

I GOT HER <33333
Yayyy ;w;

Well I really like DenialxBaxter so I tried out for one of their new kits ;w;
I really like that they're accidental xD;
Those children make the best characters to me |D

I hope I get her ;3
If I don't I'll just try for the next litter that comes up xDD

I hope the fact that the chats scare me doesn't hinder me getting this guy XD

Art + Character (c) *Pandaskeeper
:iconthe-vegas-lights: (c) *Pistol-Pink *RoamingFox ~Solfeesh

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Okay, so basically Chyme (the demon looking one) asked Soan(the black haired boy in the second pannel) to stay the night with him and he accepted the invitation. Chyme is too retarded to realize that Soan is now an assassin on the run. Asher (the pink haired boy) is Chyme’s roommate. I think that’s all I should have to say. :XD:

I wonder what Ashers dreaming about. hehehe

Here's part 2: [link]

Also, if you want more information on Chyme, here’s his character sheet: [link]

Soan belongs to :iconriddlemethis03:
Asher and Chyme belong to me! :dance:
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    Basically~ Chyme loves Asher.
    Asher doesn't love him back, yet.

The turtle in the picture is named 'Midori' :)
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Chyme's about to put the beat down on your ass.
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I had to get this out of my head :iconfacepalmplz:

Me as a Terran Reptoid x3
From *IntroducingEmy's comic Trying Human <3

I think I finally got the reptoid facial structure down

Her name is now Serratus.
Name suggestion by ~Ichigoli and approved by *IntroducingEmy
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Something I started not too long ago. I didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it, but I don't want to work on it anymore. Cause I'm lazy ono

Serratus looks happy ouo
I bet she wouldn't be out in the cold rain if not for a reason..maybe.

TH Reptoids © :iconintroducingemy:
Serratus is mine
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Some other drawings of her:

TH Reptoids © *IntroducingEmy
Serratus is my fan character
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