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this is my bremarie sona called dooker X3

he is very silly bery large and maybe a bit too friendly . to males and females >//> he has no quarms in sexuality . he dont really know what it is
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talea and marucus are tottaly boss . infact they are BIG bosses, kingpins infact. and they want you for a high end job ...

heheheh i like this only took me a little bit to do and seeing that people like my "like a boss" drawing i did i thought .... I GOTT DRAW THESE TWO ALL SEXY N GANSTER the traditional buff man it a pimping suite and shades and his sexy ass wife with her arms around his shoulders ... tottal sexyness here mang

marcus and talea are (C) to me
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heheheheh my sentiment EXACTLY >w>

this is a speed painting commission for :icondawgjr: that cost £12 ^^

took me about an houre and twenty minuets (i knew that because i finished this ten minuets befor the end of the film legion XD)

hope ya like buddy

art (C) me

characters (C) :icondawgjr:


im really happeh with this please tell me what you all think :iconiloveitplz:
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:iconpokerface3plz::iconsaysplz::iconscaredmingplz: hhhhhhaaaalp....

i donno why but she love messin with me the most, only because i resist and refuse to put out for her willingly

Amaka © myself and :iconbrokencreation:
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:iconfacepokerplz: i think i mightve peed a little when i finished drawing this... did i happen to mention that shes stands at about 7'3? and did i also mention that shes got enough strength in her to split a whole mountain in two with only 80% of her max?
:iconmingplz: i dont care how strong or tough i think i am... common sense would intel me to RUN THE FUCK AWAY!

and nothing annoys her mor ethan a cocky attitude that can take on even a god and believe he/she can win :iconmingplz:

this chick don mess around when shes pissed, she will break a motha fucker in 2, then break that 2 into 4, then break that 4 into 8, then break that 8 into 16, 32, 64 and so on (see what i did thur...? :icontrollfaceplz:)

this was inspired by Air gear manga x3
and ever since i made that "Wrath" pic featuring Isis i really did wanna capture the temper of her lover XD
so here ya go :iconmegustaplz: one pissed of sergal woman ready to turn you into a pretzel...

:iconohcraplz: b-but i don wanna be a pretzel....


Valaska Akia © myself :iconhouserapefaceplz:

Sergals and their epic ragetasticalness © :iconmick39:

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Just a little something i whipped up for my Two Tails RP story with a friend of mine now in base rough colors just for kicks!, this is my OC Havic in his au-natural state, he is a western Arx
his race is called the "Arx" and on their planet the "Sanghilo"
they are indeed an alien race i made for this story hurrhurr
and here is what he looks like with his disguise [link]
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I tried something new with this graphite, and that was add one
A grown up Red Riding Hood was into the forest,but not to go look for her grannie,but to meet the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf. Not really a bad girl,but instead a naive and timid wolfie girl,as Red discovered after their first encounter. This shy wolfie girl stole Red heart and later realized this couraged human girl could be her protector against humans, that could easily want her death,like they did with her father before.
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Rain Silves is property of Trancy Mick
Synx is property of Chimera Synx
The guys behind them are not so innocent bystanders,about to be in the most intense experience of their lives...provided by the
I tried a pic with sexy overtones and a bit of funny bone to it.Really some of my style. In doing this I favored a female Synx and made her extremely sexy...hehe the same sexiness applied to better effect.
This piece I made using entirely watercolors on white canson.
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ALIEN is property of 20TH Century Fox
This is a study of the ALIEN Queen,in particular specific parts of her anatomy I had some problems with.
Thats how I begin with a new project,like a way to explore and know better how to render some spedific theme and character. Not a finished piece,but something that will come on time.
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“Oh, m’lad?”

“Yes, Serperior?” I asked.

“Looks like you’ve got a few bruises yourself, now.” The Regal Pokémon replied.

Sure enough, I had.

“It would appear so, Serperior. Those rotten books!” I sighed.

Once again, Cuddles concentrated and the bright blue energy removed my bruises.

“That’s better. Thanks!” I said.

Cuddles smiled and nodded in reply. Then, she looked at Serperior and the both of them grinned and then looked at me.

“What?” I asked. “Whoa! Hey!” I added, as I was playfully pushed to the floor by both Cuddles and Serperior, who wrapped around me and secured me within their grip.

I just looked up at my two grinning snake friends and raised my eyebrows. “Well, well, you two! Coil Blimey, as they say!” I laughed.

Cuddles and Serperior joined in with the laughter as they gently tightened their grip.

“Hey, Serperior.”

“Yes, m’lad?” asked Serperior.

“Why don’t you go ahead and tell Cuddles about that day in the forest? Since I’, somewhat in a bit of a bind, I might as well do the same whilst I’m here.” I replied.

Serperior agreed and the two of us told Cuddles about how we first met.

A scene from my newest story "A Snake and her Artist" - dan-the-countdowner.deviantart…

I've just climbed down from replacing the books which fell on both my Serperior and myself, (fixing the shelf in the process). Serperior notices I got bruised and Cuddles heals me at that moment...before the both of them get me in somewhat a bit of a bind!

Serperior (C) Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokémon Company

Cuddles the Magical Snake, Story Snippet, Drawing (C) Me
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As I sat under the tree where I was, thinking up new ideas for drawings, I didn’t notice that the three snake Pokémon had sneaked behind me, nor did I know they were planning a surprise of some sort...I was completely unprepared for it...and before I knew it...there was a rushing blur and within three seconds, I found myself in a three-way wrap!

“Hey! What the..?” I laughed.

There I was, sat in the middle of the coil pile of two-tone green, blackish-grey and purple with Serperior and Roxy resting their heads on my shoulders and Alfred resting his head on top of mine.

Clutching my pencil and drawing pad and feeling rather snug and somewhat suppressed, I gasped. “Steady on! What the heck’s gotten into you three all of a sudden?”

Well,” began Serperior.

“Consider this as a thank you gift from us for helping us out, dear chap.” beamed Alfred.

“After all, Sketcher, we owe you it.” Added Roxy, slightly tightening her hold and retracting her fangs.

At first I was at a loss for words, but then I smiled and said...”Well, well! Aren’t I the popular one?”

Another scene from one of my Pokémon Stories - A Serperior Addition to the team: dan-the-countdowner.deviantart…

Having done the sketch of Alfred, Roxy and Serperior, I move on to my next picture, unaware that the three snake Pokémon have sneaked behind me...and materialise only when they've secured me in a three-way wrap!

Arbok, Seviper, Serperior (C) Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokémon Company

"Alfred", "Roxy", Story Snippet, Drawing (C) Me
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The Ekans drank deeply from the dish. By the looks of it, she was very thirsty indeed because she took long quick gulps.

“Ahh! You poor Ekans!” I sympathised. “You must have been deprived of a good long drink for a while.”

The Ekans looked at me and nodded, licking her lips and smiling.

“Mmm! So fresh!”

“Well, they don’t call it a 'Fresh Water' for nothing, do they?” I laughed. “The name’s Dan, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you!” smiled the Ekans, her tail swaying from side to side.

A scene from "Lavender", one of my upcoming Pokémon Fan-fics, in which I come across a fugitive Ekans on the run from some Rocket Grunts.

Ekans, Team Rocket (C) Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokémon Company

Story Snippet, Drawing (C) Me
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MetalKitty steeled his nerves & approached the dark tall crow, who hoisted up Twisted like a sack of grain.
Tabbi had run to MetalKitty in tears & clung to him. If anyone could help her friend, it would be MK!

"Listen...sir… How about I trade what you got there for some smokes? So what do you say?" Metal holds up the smokes to the ScareCrow.

"...” ScareCrow just blew some smoke out & seemed to be patiently weighing the silence around him.

The silence was so heavy that Tabbi tightened her hold on the cat & after a hard swallow, she whispered "Mr. Metal... He's not saying anything... *whine*..." she cringed from the tall figure.

“Listen friend... I don't want any trouble.” MetalKitty looked directly into the ScareCrow’s eyes.

“... Well…" blows a long whisper of smoke, “Seems like son, that is exactly what you are asking meh for… even payin' it for.” He stares at Metal long & quiet. Then ScareCrow shifts the weight of the little demon on his shoulder a bit. “Do yah think that I some kind of church? That if you got that money, that you can save a soul?”

Tabbi turned to MK. He looks back with a helpless look.

“There was this soldier gal looking back at nothing. Death was breathin' down her neck. Now did this child call for help? Call for salvation? No… she dun nothing such. She lit up & in her last breath of tobacco. She just sang… none eva to hear her sing her song but she didz anyway. I guess now that she was left after all the spittin’ & fightin, we wouldz have thought she be right happy that since she was last drawing breath, that her side have won… now son… didja think she won, son?” Said the ScareCrow

MetalKitty with a gape shook his head.

“Nowz…why iz dat?”

“Cause she was alone… all alone. I guess…” MetalKitty said sadly… pitying the girl in the ScareCrow’s tale.

“Hmmm…. ain't dat dem ways anyways? Well she did win… she was left last. Just cause none was left to pin medals on her or shake her hand. She still won… even as she died in the rubble & blood… she won.”

Tabbi was on the verge of tears. MetalKitty swallowed hard & with stern eyes, he asked again, “So that’s why she sang? She sang cause she won?”

ScareCrow just looked at Metal through his goggles… “Do it matter?” as he dragged another puff & blew it out, “Naaaah... She sang mighty perdy though.” The ScareCrow shifts the weight of Twisted on his shoulder.

“Then why did she sing?” MetalKitty asked frustrated. Looking up at the ScareCrow sternly. “She was all ALONE! She had none left in whatever war she was in! That is a horrible end! Winning meant nothing! That is not WINNING! It’s…it’s just…SAD!”

ScareCrow took a last drag of his cigarette & then tossed the burning butt down. He turned & began walking away with TC on his shoulder. He was crossing the tall grass just before the woods.

Metal cried out, “WAIT! I’m sorry! I have smokes! I heard you take trades! Give me my friend & you can have it! ” MetalKitty grabbed Tabbi & started to run after ScareCrow through the field. In a whirl of a harsh breeze, ScareCrow stopped & like a repercussion, he sharply turned to face them. Though his posture looked relax, there was something dark rising from him.

It seemed that seconds became molasses. When finally ScareCrow spoke, “Nice of you to apologize but you got nuthin to ask forgiveness for… not by me at least. Anyway… I don’t smoke that brand.” He turned, “I smoke blacks…”

As he walked away, humming something to himself. Metal saw TwistedCupid’s upside face. Twin rivers of black tears. She then twitches a sad shaky grin. She waves her bound hands as they disappear into the dark woods.

guess stars:
© :iconmetal-kitty:
© :iconcharmbeander05:

Just something I did up with my two pals involved...
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I do NOT own Kale or Campy or any of the characters from Furthia High {[link]}. I am just an insignificant insect that is just a fan. All characters belong to © :iconquetzadrake:

Yes, I had drawn another fan art of Furthia High, but as I look through, there was not allot of fan art based on Kale & Campy… so I made some!

( I did notice afterwards that Kale looks like he has bed-head, but that was not my goal. I was trying to make it look like his hair is blowing in the autumn breeze coming from behind him but I can’t draw wind effect very well. I made it look like he stuck his hand in a toaster instead didn't I? T_____T; )

Just had this wallpaper in my computer & had to draw them strolling down on their way to or from school. The golden sunlight shining through the fall leaves as the walk the leafy path. Kale admires the scene around him. Catching a leaf in his hand that was blowing in the breeze.
Campy scratching behind his ears. Trying to figure things out in head about Kale & other stuff. I can only just imagine what it might be like for Campy as he walks along with Kale through an autumn lined path, with Kale admiring the view, oblivious of Campy’s feeling.

I love summer…but fall has a magical feeling for me. Halloween & fall leaves. A sense of something in the air. Well for those in the Midwest or Mideast, it’s Twisters season so…. So I can imagine autumn is a particularly terrifying time of year. So good luck there then.

Check out the laughs at FH [link]!
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I do not own Kale or Campy or any of the characters in Furthia High. I am just an insignificant insect that is just a fan. All characters belong to © :iconquetzadrake:

This is a bit late for Valentines but I have had some computer issues to be able to spit out the mad love I made for DA & my favorite couples. I wanted to show one of my favorite couples in Furthia High…. There just isn’t enough art with Kale & Campy for me…. I got the pose from this other gay couple photograph that inspired me…unfortunately I can’t find the picture again….

I hope :iconquetzadrake: likes it… I am still shipping this pair….even though I may be alone in it….

I try to make Campy have that edgy Goth emo kind of style to him. I see him as an artist that has his flair for style…. & I love drawing long hair…. Campy I see as more cute conservative & subdued style to him. Something that he doesn’t want to stand out in, yet wears soft tones…. I like the contrast between bold & soft…. Also the painted heart…I did that to accentuate the holiday…..

I think that :iconquetzadrake: created some pretty exciting characters in his comic.... I look forward to it. It's like pistachio buts... You just keep eating them up....
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First sketch of 4 for *SethTheDragon! This is his dragonsona :D

This was the best scan I could get, sorry ;~;

Seth (c) *SethTheDragon
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Sketch 3 of 4 for *SethTheDragon! Akku is so serious looking to me xD

Akku (c) *SethTheDragon
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Subbie commission for *thorn2007. I should have finished this earlier considering how long I've had it. :P
I'm sorry for the poor excuse of a background, but it was the best I could think of for the Hydra's lair. :(
And I am not happy at all with how Hydra's colours came out. They were a severe pain! :XD:

Nevertheless, this was fun to do. :)

Hydra and Thorn (c) *thorn2007
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There!~ :dummy:

I hope that was worth the wait!! I'm really really really really sorry I put it off for so long, I mean, you completed your part back in February! anditsOctober.

but now, I can say I held up my end of the trade! <3

Thank you so much for the picture you drew for me, I can still look at it and feel the waves of awesome, I hope this does the same for you~

Art trade with :iconfelinemon:

Her half:
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Just a little gift for :icondragonclawawesome:

For making me smile when I was down. c:>

(Also, sorry if this looks a little wonky, I drew it while I was sick xD)

Tempo belongs to ~DragonclawAwesome
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Art for :iconcespuglia2008: of her character Tokage! This one took me a while, and I don't mean drawing time, I mean finding the correct pose!

I knew I wanted to make just a character doing some kind of pose that I hadn't ever tried before, but I'm probably the worst person at thinking of cute little poses for the 'camera' so I ended up searching Google images until I found this picture: [link] and thus this wonderful art peice was created!!
I hope I got all her markings right, those little spots where kinda hard to draw xD I really had fun with it though, and I hope you like it! :D

Art © to Purrlstar

Character © to Cespuglia2008
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Okay, so basically Chyme (the demon looking one) asked Soan(the black haired boy in the second pannel) to stay the night with him and he accepted the invitation. Chyme is too retarded to realize that Soan is now an assassin on the run. Asher (the pink haired boy) is Chyme’s roommate. I think that’s all I should have to say. :XD:

I wonder what Ashers dreaming about. hehehe

Here's part 2: [link]

Also, if you want more information on Chyme, here’s his character sheet: [link]

Soan belongs to :iconriddlemethis03:
Asher and Chyme belong to me! :dance:
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Chyme is about to make Asher a he lays fast asleep! Meanwhile Soan has no clue what’s going on in the other room.


Here's part 1: [link]

Asher and Chyme (c) Myself
Soan (c) The ingenious and sexually attractive :iconriddlemethis03:

PS: I am forewarning you all now that part three is going to have a mature contain warning. Sorry, but I don't feel like being suspended again.
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Chyme's about to put the beat down on your ass.
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Name : Tiagii

Species : Long Eared Dog [Gelert]
Breed : N/A

Orientation : Straight
Status : Taken
Mate : Krim
Pups : Cronos + Soro

Appearance :
Fur color : Olive Green
Design coloring : Light green / Deep Olive / Black
Fur Length : Short
Eye color : Grey Blue
Height : Tall
Weight : Skinny

Accessories : A small yellow-orange bandana tied around the upper half of his arm.

Human Appearance :
Race : Black
Hair Color : Black
Eye Color : Blue
Height : 6’1”
Weight : 260 lbs

Personality : Angry / Sneaky / Psychotic /

Angry = There was never a time when Tiagii wasn’t angry. Along with the many nooby personality traits I gave him anger issues was one of them and he was usually always angry and selfish. He never really cared for anyone at all.

Sneaky = Tiagii was a sly fellow. He was very crafty and always found a way to get around something. He was filled with many types of revengeful thoughts, so he had to be sneaky to really get his plans to go through.

Psychotic = Tiagii was always a little off even from when he was first born. He never really had a very clear head, and when his father was killed and eaten in front of him he dove off the edge of sanity and became a pretty sketchy character who enjoyed killing, and really lost most of his reasoning.

He was basically your stereo typical maniac. He was head of a company for ‘Otherside’ until he lost his mind and had to give up the company to a higher force, Jet. The only person Tiagii ever remotely took orders from would have been Jet, though he never really listened to them in the best way.

Fun Facts :
:bulletblack: He was my first animal character
:bulletblack: He is actually a Camo Gelert on my very first neopet account. His name is Tiagii.
:bulletblack: He was my first villian
:bulletblack: This is his 7th design.

Character + Art (c) *Pandaskeeper
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:new: I made him a new ref picture! His info has also been tweeked <3

HS is now an actual character and not an NPC :,D Ilovehimtoomuch <3

He really needs a new ref picture omo
I'm lazy bluh
I also added some information to his backstory~ Have fun reading that! : o

Name : Heatedstar
Nickname : HS
Gender : Male
Age : 25 [I did slash off a couple years, so I could have a little more fun with him!]
Race : Forrest Cat
Orientation : Straight

Accessories :

Blue Shirt + Tie His work shirt from his sailor days! He never takes it off. He always wears it along with his white tie. He does own a pair of swim shorts, but he only wears them when he’s on the beach. Being naked unnerves him so he never takes off all of his clothes.

Appearance : *SEE PICTURE*
This will be typed out later.

Occupation : Tour Guide and x-Navy man
Talents :
Charisma - Heatedstar is very friendly, and very easy to talk to. He knows how to talk to people and how to handle them. He considers this his best talent. Most of the time he does have good Charisma, if he’s talking to the right person. If you’re a pirate or someone nasty don’t expect him to really like you.

Sailing - He knows his way around a boat. He knows how to sail perfectly and knows all the different parts of a boat by heart! He lives on a boat and spent five years in the navy. Needless to say he really loves the sea and sailing. He considers it his best ability.

Skills :

Smarts - ****
Vigor - ***
Energy - ******
Creativity - *****
Temper - *******

Personality :
[Happy] :bulletorange: [Hateful to some] :bulletorange: [Loud] :bulletorange: [Convincing] :bulletorange: [Scared]

Heatedstar is an overall happy person, or he tries to be. Most of his happiness is genuine when he’s not talking about the island. His happiness is strongest when he’s out on the water or when he’s fishing. He thinks that you can only aquire true happiness if you’re doing what you love and being the person you want to be. Which is why he’s happiness out on the waves.

:bulletorange:[Hateful to some]
Heatedstar absolutely despises pirates and just bad doers. He hates pirates most because they were the biggest nuisance to him back in his navy days. They were always causing trouble and one group of pirates even took one of his closest friend’s life. It takes a lot for him to even try and speak to a pirate. He values respect and if he has none for the person he chooses to conversate with he won’t like them. Period.

This tom cat is loud and in your face. He has to be most of the time to get his point through. Plus his tour guide jobs requires him to be happy and optimistic about the island, and you can’t be happy and optimistic without being obnoxiously loud can you? He likes to be loud out on the sea too. Not that he ever really talks to anyone besides the waves.

HS could convince an newborn elephant it was a mouse if he only had thirty minutes with the creature. He’s extremely good at being convincing about anything. He can make his mood seem completely ecstatic even when he’s feeling terrible on the inside. Without this trait he probably wouldn’t still be the tour guide he is.

HS would have to trust you a lot to tell you his inner thoughts about his job, and just how scared he is. His job has let him learn things he never wanted to know, and has also put him at risk. He puts on his whole façade not because he wants to but because he needs to, or he’ll face the consequences.
Heatedstar is no longer afraid for many things. He is now pretty open about how he treats his job, ever since meeting Aeon he could actually care less about what other people think. She has changed him for the better, he likes to think.

Heatedstar has a huge temper. He is easily angered, especially if he thinks he needs to prove something. If you challenge him on sailing he will indeed become really angry, especially he already didn't like you. He's tempermental with pretty much everyone he dislikes but isn't tempermental with the people he doesn't really mind.

Likes :
:bulletorange:The Sea
:bulletblue:The Navy
:bulletorange:Being badass
:bulletorange:Frozen Yogurt
:bulletorange:New places and things
:bulletblue:Spicy Food

Dislikes :
:bulletorange:His Façade
:bulletblue:The founders
:bulletorange:Overly sweet things

Motto : N/A

Backstory :
Heatedstar came from a warrior forest a couple years back. He was the leader of OceanClan, a clan that lived off the sea. They were great rivals with a clan by the name of Rainclan, but HS always had them under control. Everything went perfectly fine in Oceanclan. Prey was plentiful, and there was absolutely no conflict. It was a perfect life, though Heatedstar hated it. He was overly obsessed with twolegs, or humans, and their strange ways. He would always be examining the humans. He loved the weirdness they seemed to offer. After many, many nights of examining them his mate, Lovevein, started to get angry at him. He was becoming obsessed and she didn’t like it. Convincing her that he was fine took a long time.

One day while Heatedstar was sleeping in his den one of his warriors came and woke him up. They had found some weird cat half dead in the forest who didn’t smell like twolegs, Oceanclan, or Rainclan. Heatedstar told them to help the poor cat, and once it was feeling better they discovered that this cat stood on two legs like a human. They also found out it spoke human. HS was fascinated by this cat, and wanted to learn more from him, while everyone else was terrified by him. The twoleg cat explained how he had gotten here. By something he kept calling magic. Apparently he had made a wrong turn while jumping dimensions and landed in theirs. However that happened. The cat stayed in HS’s den for the time being and started teaching Heatedstar more about the worlds outside of his. How many things there were, how the magic cat had come from a land filled to the brim with cats who walked on their back legs and all held magic in their paws. He also explained about how he was headed to a new cross dimension to start working their and he was going to join the navy, the ocean protectors. Magic cat, as HS started to call him, asked the warrior leader if he would like to come. Without a second thought Heatedstar said yes.

He announced to his clan that he was leaving in the morning. They were devastated, some even told him he had bees in his brain to go with that cat. Heatedstar didn’t care, and he said he would come visit them later on, because he had more to do in his life than just be a cat. His mate wasn’t hurt too bad and respected his decision. Lovevein actually decided to go with him. Magic cat took them to the Wa-kiki-tiki island, which hadn’t been finished yet and it was still under heavy construction. Heatedstar and Lovevein suddenly realized that they both were able to walk on their back paws now. HS was so eager to start this new life that he made sure he joined the navy with magic cat as soon as he could. LV wasn’t so convinced though. She didn’t like the feeling the place had and requested to go back to the forest. Heatedstar promised he would go back and visit her when he could.

Heatedstar’s time in the Navy taught him many things. His new found abilities let him figure out how to do more with the sea than he could ever imagine. He could sail now, float over the water, fish for creatures three time larger than he. He was capable of doing so many new things. His new joy was sailing, and that was his only joy. After years of sailing he had completely forgotten about his clan. Not that it mattered, they would be fine without him. People were much more accepting here, anyway.

Once the island’s tourist attractions were finished the Navy was broken up for some reason. Wa-kiki-tiki’s Navy forces were disbanded and left many of the workers to try and find new jobs. Heatedstar took one of the jobs as a tour guide. He never developed a love for the island. His ‘enthusiasm’ is beyond fake, for he knows more than he’s willing to tell. The founders shared a few too many things with him while they were teaching him about the island. He is the only tour guide after all.

Now he’s been living his days out as a tour guide with many fears of displeasing someone higher up than him. He longs for the sea and his old friends in the Navy. Thoughts of his clan have almost completely vanished from his mind. He tries not to think about much that happened to him and likes to focus on here and now.

That wasn’t crazy sounding at all


Just a couple of weeks ago a man contacted him saying that there was someone at the docks who wanted to see him. Someone by the name of Lovevein. That certain she-cat was back from his clan days. They were indeed mates but they had broken up some time ago from… complications, so to say. Once he got there he met up with Lovevein who really looked like she had been through hell, or something. Her fur was a mess, and she looked really tired. She happened to bring along a little kid with her. At first Heatedstar didn’t even recognize the kid. Didn’t even realize that was his own child until she hugged him.

What Lovevein explained next was a little bit too much for Heatedstar to handle in one moment, She didn’t even let him put in any sort of feedback. It was straight talking with no stop.

“That’s Honeykit, the girl. I don’t really have much time to talk to you, because I really shouldn’t even be here. Rainclan’s warriors attacked our camp about a week ago, no one was expecting it, and our leader didn’t even see it coming. Cobrapaw was murdered in the battle. I don’t even know if you can remember him, but he was killed. Honeykit wasn’t hurt or anything, but I can’t risk anything else. I’m giving her to you, and she’s sick. Very sick. She has green cough, Heatedstar. I’m sure you and your fancy twoleg medicine can heal her, but I’m not risking keeping her and having her murdered like Cobrapaw. You’ve got to take care of her for me.”

She had started crying somewhere in the middle. Heatedstar couldn’t remember at what part. The whole time he was just kinds staring at her, not even understanding how she was here, and that his son had actually been killed. Lovevein was gone as quick as she came. The last thing she gave him was a quick hug and she was off. Leaving HS with a little girl he had never really met.

He watched her go and then looked down at the little girl holding his hand. Sure, he remembered when she was born, but he left almost right after that, so it wasn’t like he knew her or anything like that. She seemed to have grown up fast. It was a shame that she was sick though. He could take care of that, and then they could get to know each other. She would fit in just fine on the island! He just hoped he could get used to having her around.

A couple days after that he had taken her over to the doctors to start getting medicine for her green cough. Heatedstar had told the doctors exactly what it was, but they started calling it something else. He couldn’t remember what it was, but apparently it was fatal. Heatedstar tried to correct them and tell them that it wasn’t. He had seen plenty of cats get better after a case of green cough. Sure it was a little bit difficult, but you could make it out with some proper medical help. He even told them the cure. Once they said that getting that cure would take weeks, and it might not even work, Heatedstar got angry. He said that even feral cats could cure this, yet humans who went to medical school couldn’t? He left in a fit of rage. A rash decision on his part not to listen to the doctors. It hit him later that night about exactly what was probably going to happen.

Honeykit would die in about a month, maybe two if she was lucky.

He cried that night. It was probably the first time he’s cried in ten years. Crying over a daughter he just now started to get to know, and now she would be taken just like that. He had made a secret promise to himself a couple of days after that. He was going to make sure that she understood that he really cared about her. He was going to make sure the last couple of weeks she had were the best she could get.

He enlisted two people in his little project. The two people he trusted most on the whole island. Sophie, and surprisingly, Aeon. He really didn’t want to upset either of them, but he needed some sort of help. He wasn’t exactly good at taking care of a child, and entertaining her at the same time. He had made Sophie cry when he told her, and it seemed like Aeon was just as upset. They both agreed, even though it was a huge responsibility. That meant more to Heatedstar than he could ever express in any sort of language.

Homeland : Warrior Forests
First Language : English, he used to know fluent feline language, but forgot it from misuse.
House Number : HS lives on his Tug boat which is found parked on the docks.
Shop Number : N/A

Family :
Lovevein - Ex-Mate
Cobrakit - Son - Murdered
Honeykit - Daugher - Death By Green Cough

Relationships :

:bulletwhite: = Acquaintance
:bulletyellow: = Uncertainty
:bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good Friend
:bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletorange: = Crush
:bulletpink: = Love
:bulletred: = Lust
:bulletblack: = Greatly Dislike
:bulletblack:/:bulletblack: = Despise

Feeling | Name - Occupation - Roleplayer

:bulletpink:|:bulletyellow:|:bulletgreen: | Aeon - Pirate Captain - *KylieKattu

"I don't even know what to say anymore. She's... Aeon's a really nice person... Once you sit down and actually have a conversation with her. It's like you get lost in her eyes and forget who she is. She's just a regular person most of the time.. not a villian. I don't know what I was thinking being such an ass to her like that... Hehe well I guess we're not rubbing eachother the wrong way anymore, considering we're dating. I'm not sure what I'd really do without Aeon. She's definately done so much for me already. She's also saved my hide so many times. I could go on and on, but I should probably stop now before I get fired or something."

:bulletblue: | Sophie - Tourist - *Purrlstar

"Sophie's a really sweetheart. She's definately nothing like any of the tourists I've met before. She actually seems some what intelligent, plus she has a good eye for seashells. We picked up seashells together one day. She helped me finally complete my collection. I definately owe her one!"

:bulletwhite: | Dezeren - Security Head - ~NethaEmerald

"... Oh Dez. He's ok I guess. I really don't know much about him. We've never really talked much. He's really got alot of issues with Aeon. I'm not sure what to think about that... though it always bugs me.... like I'm the only one who should be messing with her. Mrrr. Yeah anyway I don't know him very well, but he seems friendly."

:bulletwhite: | :bulletyellow: | Akori - Circus Ring Leader - *RoamingFox

:bulletwhite: "Akori is very nice. She's really short and pretty angry most of the time, but I really don't mind that. She agreed to talk to the other founders during that shadow emergency, so she's okay in my book."

:bulletyellow: "What in the hell is this new I hear about her knowing what happened between me and Aeon at that campfire.. S-she's not suppose to know about that, no one is! For god's sake I thought she was kinda cool at first, but now she's just making me feel awkward."

:bulletpurple:|:bulletpink:|:bulletyellow: | Honeykit - His Daughtyer - *Pandaskeeper

"... I-I don't wanna talk about Honeykit."


:bulletyellow: | Lucky - Tourist - ~NinjaSoilder

"Ah, yeah I barely have talked to that fella. He's a strange one. Some how he knew about the shadows already? Eh, he better not go around spreading that or things are going to ger really bad."

Time Zone : Central US time

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and now I'm just copying Moonfur

Heatedstar's mom was one of those cats who had two men :eyes:

so HS and his siblings have two dads ;o

The dorky on on the left is Doublegaze :>
He's a big pushover, but very kind. He doesn't like fighting at all, though he would spend his whole life creating battle strageties if he could.
If he was anthro like in the picture, He'd be one of those gamer men and most likely be a radio host ;o

HS's mom is in the middle Her name is still being decided but I think I might name her Darkstrike? idk warrior names are so hard omo
She's pretty darn sassy yes. She has a tendency to flirt, and she's half kitty pet ;o She likes to inforce her word and make sure everyone listens to her and gives her respect.
In the human world I see her being a fashionista B)

The mean guy on the right is Timberstance
He's mean
and just a big bleh most of the time. He spends alot of time fighting and causing trouble and being a butt. HS definately didn't take after him, besides maybe his heavy sarcasm ;o

Anyway yeah


Everything (C) *Pandaskeeper
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mlp belongs to Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:

art by me,i used paint tool sai for this pic
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mlp belongs to Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:

art by me,i used paint tool sai for this pic
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mlp belongs to Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:

art by me,i used paint tool sai for this pic

i plan to do a robot form for all of the mane 6 and background ponies
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