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My attempt to paint a forest at night, not sure if it looks like night or just blue. :shrug:
I think I did a pretty good job at this....
coming up with ideas for the landscape was challenging with my own knowledge, as I tend to just draw trees on a flat piece of land

medium: pencil, watercolour paint
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I did this painting based on the mental pain that (romantic) relationships can cause.
The pain is from a woman, hence the lady handkerchief

The cracked background symbolizes a shattered soul
and the bleeding white rose = pain

watercolour paint
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For the ShareART: Share some love contest

This is a present for SilverWind714

I was thinking of adding silver as well, but I decided to stick with the one colour only. To make it a pleasant effect.

I was unsure if I should add a background to it...but was afraid I might ruin the I kept it simple
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This was something I had in my head for awhile that I just had to get out, the perception, and scale are all off, but I think it came out pretty decent I guess. The turtles where supposed to be the main subject of this art which kinda got lost sadly! ^^;

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- Art made by :iconlil-greenie:
Tools-Intuos 4 tablet, Photoshop CS 5
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This is a commission for :iconkalymake: I had a lot of fun doing this this one, it is so different then what I usually do for characters. Thank you for commissioning me to do something so interesting and unique! ^^
**Hope I did not leave any character details out...**

Tools- Intuos 4 tablet, Photoshop CS 5
:bulletgreen: Twitter :bulletblue: Tumblr:bulletgreen:

- Art by :iconlil-greenie:

Only for :iconkalymake: use, thanks!
Art feature!
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Contraltissimo is holding a contest that is ending on the 22 of September, and it has an amazing first prize so check it out! ~>[link]
The theme for Contrailtissimo's contest is "just me and my dragon". I felt inspired by that theme, and came up with the idea of a elf finding an injured dragon, and wanting to help him, but both of them being worried about the motives of the other. So perhaps a start of an amazing friendship between the two of them. Hopefully this displays my idea, and still falls under the the theme for the contest. ^^
**Another terrible title!...**
Tools- Intuos 4 tablet, Photoshop CS 5
:bulletgreen: Twitter :bulletblue: Tumblr:bulletgreen:

- Art by :iconlil-greenie:

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I'm wandering to find the path,
looking for something I cannot find-
-for nothing
-for everything.

I'm lost and I can't find,
I cannot find my way
in this maze of thought,
of wonder,
of dreams
of delay.

I'm sinking,
I'm falling,
I've gone too far down
in the pit that leads to nowhere
in the abyss
of smothered light.

I have gone,
I just can't see
past the sorrow,
past the fear,
in the final dying breath,
the faded light,
the silent song.

Help me
I am lost
and I'll never find the light.
Where've you gone?
I cannot see...
I'm too far away.

Not close enough,
not free enough,
I just can't find the way,
the path back to life,
the drifting music's say.

Where are you?
Can you find me?
I am lost.
I am blind.
I've been left behind.

And who would see?
Who would be
concerned for a soul
such as me?
Who would look
for such a mind
lost and tethered

I can't find you anymore,
I'm gone,
sunken deep.
I'm lost
so far away,
so far away...
and who's to say
if I can be found?
This one's about that feeling of being lost, but not physically lost. It's a bit hard to explain. Imagine wandering through a forest or a city or something and knowing exactly where you are but still feeling lost, as though you're looking for something but don't know what it is. Something along those lines.

But, of course, it's up to the reader to interperate.
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Here I am, the gallant knight,
trapped in a room where I cannot fight.
Here I am silent and still,
gazing out the windowsill.

I paint the world outside my cell
dragons and demons fight as well
as the battles raging in my head
the harrowing feeling that I might be dead.

I let my brush sweep the skies,
I build a world full of whys.
Dizzily, I speckle stars
and give new life to planet Mars.

But footsteps break me from my page,
I pace inside the mental cage,
my mind is melting with my brush
its colours dulled, no longer lush.

I hear them calling out my name
but I must paint just one more frame,
dripping down across the sheet,
I let the colour stain my feet.

One with art and art has won,
I'm done, dear god, at last I'm done.
I cannot take the pain much more,
the voice who screams, my mind so sore.

So here I am, the gallant knight,
who has long since lost his final fight.
Here I am, my mind a flood,
painting pretty pictures with blood.
Aye, yes, my main theme in poetry is the mind. But the mind is the most poetic thing there is! How it breaks and twists and fumbles and struggles, how strong or how weak it can be. Very poetic indeed.
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The skies are set on fire
in the passion and desire,
the roads are blocked with fear.
Let me hear-
let me hear!
The birds call out my name-
oh please, do not refrain.
The birds call out my name
in the mist.

Oh the list-
list of places, list of thought,
list of all that's left to rot.
I can see past the flight
through the feathers at the fight.
I can see past the fight
of the land.

Oh I can't stand,
I can't stand!
I fall to the floor
no more, no more!
I can't see past the blaze
a fire haze
a hidden maze
of fear.

Oh dear,
oh my dear,
It's in the skies!
All the whys!
All the eyes on my soul.
They eat me whole,
they split my mind
and I find-
I find the fall.
Oh it all,
all most go,
don't you know
how it must be?

Must be free....

Because the skies are set on fire,
the passion, the desire
to end! to end it all!
End the fall
of the light,
of the fight,
of the life,
of the strife...

I've had enough,
I am done.
Watch it burn,
watch them turn,
watch them fight
for the life!
For the nothing in the end,
for the bend,
for the last question asked,
for the masked,
for desire-
-for the fire.

And the last apple drops
and it stops
-a human hand-
It doesn't stand.
the tree is dead
oh so they've said,
the tree is dead
and in the sky's fire
in devouring desire
it burns.
The human pursuit of knowledge.
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*This contest is CLOSED! The winner was #71 or :iconoonaghancairebattle:!

Alright, so as a thank you to my watchers, and to everybody here at dA...I'm hosting a giveaway!

Let me break it down for ya:

The prize? 200 :points:!

Rules? You don't have to be watching me, but I do suggest faving this journal (not mandatory). Leave ONE* comment, and I'll give you a #.

How do you win? If your number's chosen, you win! I'll use to choose the winner.

End date? September 1st at 11:59 CST. Make sure to comment before then!

Good luck!

*If you comment more than once, it kinda screws up my numbering. SO, if you do comment more than once, I'll hide ALL of your comments and you won't be entered. Fair warning, guys.
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Base by - ~kochamswinki
Character - Caedis.
Story - The Vellanders.
Time used - An hour or two.

Seriously, I like his colours.. =w=''
I'll shade it soon! >w<


This is Caedis.
The leader of the Fighters side of the Vellanders... >w>

He doesn't really like colours.
He is often mad and rarely sets anyone else before himself.
People often think he married Marisol because of the power.
He will often be gone to kill or something like that.
His might end up in bed with someone that isn't Marisol.. :eyes: /shot.
He isn't the most faithful person to her, which make people think that he only married her for the power even more.
He have to be one of the few that actually seem to enjoy Zhai's personality the way it is.
He was the one that found Vellamina and Zhai.
He seem to always like to annoy the fighters side because he can.
He like eating people.. =w=''

More later.. =n=' So I might end up updating this one often.
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By EmeraldRyuzaki

It was a night calm fall afternoon. I had finally saved up some money to buy a used Pokemon Pearl Version. I played through Diamond once and felt as if I should try Pearl this time. My cousin had his SoulSilver. I begged him to trade me anything strong to help me beat the game. I was feeling rather lazy and I had always hated grinding to level up. He agreed under one circumstance. He picked the Pokémon he gave me. I agreed and we set up a trade.

I sent him a cruddy little Pidgey and I watched as he scanned through his team. "This one." He said, pointing to a level 70 Electabuzz. I frowned. "Electabuzz…" I sighed. I didn't really like Electabuzz or Magmar. Elekids were cute but Electabuzz. "Leave it or take it. At least he's high leveled." My cousin said crossing his arms. I huffed in irritation. "Fine…" We traded and I had to go home. The whole ride I sat looking at the yellow and black creature.

A week had passed and the Electabuzz I had loathed I began to love. I began to call him Pearl. Another week and he was now level 92. I only had my starter and him in my party. Eventually I got ahold of an Action Replay. I wanted to start over so I could get all the starters. I went to delete the file. It said Are you sure? I clicked yes. I could of swore I heard Pearl's cry…

I restarted the game and went through the motions of stealing other trainers Pokemon. I didn't feel bad at all. "Just pixels." I said. This was before I knew what these pixels could do…

After I went through my third gym battle odd things kept happening. I noticed the bright pixels were slowly turning darker. I went off to my forth gym battle. I went into the grass and a loud screech came from the speakers instead of the battle music. The screen stayed black for about a minute. The battle music came in slow and reversed. It showed a blacked eyed grey and sickly green Pearl.

My eyes widened. I had completely forgotten about Pearl. "What's happened to you…"I whispered. I didn't send out a Pokemon…I took the place. A text box popped up. A wild FORGOTTENPEARL has appeared! What shall you do? I clicked Run. A text box popped up. "SO YOUR GOING TO LEAVE ME AGAIN?" It read. It sent the other options up. Items didn't work. Neither did PKMN. I had no choice now…I had to fight him. I used Struggle and it hardly dented his health. Mine dropped a little under half. Another box. "WHY DID YOU DELETE ME?" It read. FORGOTTENPEARL used Grudge! I'm on my last three points of HP.  The battle screen faded. My character was bruised and bleeding. ForgottenPearl stood before me. He walked in front of my character and hugged it. "I LOVED YOU…" It said before using Thunder on me. The screen went to black. It showed my deformed body on the ground with ForgottenPearl standing over me. The screen read GAME OVER.
My newest creepypasta based on my Electabuzz I deleted on Pearl.
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...and into the cold.

Skry for *PhazonFlood. Damn it Phaze why did you have to create such an awesome character SERIOUSLY. He was far too fun to paint and I love how the colours turned out.

And and the living blackness is Skasheel because WHY NOT I LOVE THE ING OKAY.
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Hello guys!
It's been a quite long time sice I uploaded a drawing/painting/whatever - I produced a lot of rubbish during the last time :(
But I really hope this drawing is more or less worth to be shown.
Helena is one of my closest friends. I'm sure she'll be a virtuoso violinist someday soon Nod 
It took a life time to draw all her freckles, but it was great fun Giggle
Hope you enjoy the weekend (like I do!) :hug:

~ Polychromos on Bristol Board, 8 hours and 15 Minutes, a lot of patience, good music (of course!)
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This is a very quick sketch of Leona Lewis. I drew it for my sister because she has a broken arm at the moment and had to stay approx. two weeks in hospital :( Leona is one of her favourite singers and I really like her music, too :heart:
Hope you like it! I have done it after my sister was taken to hospital by an ambulance and I wasn't sure what was going on.
Totally confused, I grabbed my pen and this is what I was able to do with help of a reference :D
Have a nice weekend!
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Hello :)

This is a part of a drawing I started a few months ago and I finished it also weeks ago and was never satisfied with it and didn't dare to show it to anyone (except my parents :D). But now... hmmm.

I used of reference of the super talented danish photographer Mathilde Vesterherup, please visit her facebook page (…!

I sent her the drawing one day ago and she said she loved it :heart: I am so glad about that! :happybounce:
I hope you like it, too, even if it's not a masterpiece (I never did a masterpiece, did I? :D)
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:star: Limited Edition Prints :star:


dead and alive.

model : crimsonsam

featured :heart:
Journal: Epic August 2013 Feature by missimoinsane

website | tumblr | redbubble | facebook | unrestricted stock
all gallery content © sophia a zhou with respective attributions as proper.

This image is not granted to the public domain, and is protected under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Licenses for commercial and derivative use of this image may be available for purchase. Please contact me if interested.
Under the Creative Commons license, this piece may be displayed on other websites as long as:
- Credit is given to Sophia A Zhou, in writing
- A link is provided linking back to the original piece
- All other conditions under the Creative Commons License are met
Any use of this piece other than as authorized under this Creative Commons License or Copyright Law is prohibited.
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Adventure time character
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