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Art for the winner of my contest ( Sweet Moon's outfit category)!

Fennel belongs to :iconbunnily: ~
She said surprise me so I just drew whatever I wanted bwahah *V*)/

I hope you like!!
Gotta find some time so I can work together with ~Belindahhh to draw something for ~darthmer-mer)
texture: *dierat, pixiv
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for :iconpricechi: (taking a break from RL commie omg /sob sorry) !

Look at this beautiful picture she drew for me :iconasdfghplz:

Texture: *dierat
Please do not use image without permission from myself and =pricechi. Thank you!

Still working on improving this style *v*)a;;;; If I someday offered them for commission would anyone be interested?
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Happy Mother's Day ;w;
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Akari for whisperingwillow @ gaiaonline <333 ^ u ^

Livestream vid: [link]

edit: made some changes for willow! ^ q ^ )) <33
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My part of an art trade with the amazing :iconloveless-chan:! ^ 7 ^ <333
Please go check out her gallery if you haven't already! ;D
it's sooo adorable!~~ T U T <333333

colouring: [link]
tips on colouring? T 7 T b [link]
you can refer to that video for when I do stuff XD
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This is an old hummingbird OC I made a couple years back but never drew properly! Q 7 Q <33
You guys can see the album of scraps~~ Q u Q [link]
'cept that encoreCAPS from gaia one day drew a bunch of pics of him for me!
I love them all!
Now I am finally reviving him too~ X3

edit: His partner is back from the dead too! LOL
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Starting to dislike textures... OTL colored a sketch of Aster. Finally saturday \o/

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Thought I'd post something...

I have exactly 400 watchers here!... for a few days already nevermind... That makes more than 1k unique watchers in my life... 1000 eyeballs, some dead, some inactive, some alive, some half alive like me... Who wants to see more worms!

Character - Momo by *puchiko01
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A welcome gift for Amelie, :iconloveless-chan:'s new moe-c... where are the moe tears?!


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i'm so embarrassed for the rushed headshot picture now LOL AHH (of all things lol) ;;;
eeek excited excited dsjgfgh<33

- - - -

application for:

note: this is really, really long and darker than my usual works q____q;; i'm sorry if it freaks you out from length or content XD ;;; probably the former orz

- - - -

| || Name - "Edelweiss" / "Edel"

She keeps her real name to herself, as she prefers "Edelweiss" for its elegance. It was a childhood nickname from her friend, so the two could match, as her regular name was too plain for her.

| || Age - Appears 17

| || Sex - Female

| || Height - 5'4 (+3in with heels)

She usually floats since the ashes on her would dirty the floor... something a respectful, elegant lady would never do, you know. She probably wouldn't clean it up either.

| || Weight - Weightless as ghost (92lbs)

In her life, Edel aspired to be as beautiful as her closest friend Cecily, who was always the envy of other girls for not only her looks, but for her charisma and success. Her friend was always asked for modelling opportunities or features in street snaps, leaving Edel feeling like she was the "uglier friend." She pressured herself to look as attractive as Cecily did, starting with weight (though that wasn't the only factor), but the combination of risky diets and stress resulted in her becoming underweight, though she is still sensitive of her weight (don't ask her!)

| || Floor of Medium/Floor of Ghost - Floor of Ghost

| || Paranormal Ability - Telekenesis

Due to her impatient and sometimes rash nature, Edel might unintentionally shift something out of emotional stress - though nothing ever too much, since it would tire her (although when she's in a rage, she doesn't understand her limits.) Consciously, she doesn't rely on this too much, as she's not quite aware she has this ability.

| || Personality -

Edel seems just like a normal girl with fancy tastes - a little superfluous sometimes, rash too, and easily enchanted with frivolous things like lace and tea, and maybe a bit reserved, too. But further down, she's possessive, insecure, and distrusting - and overly passionate. Once you're hers, you're hers forever - a result from being a little too distant when she was alive, making her clingy to people for whom she cares and loves (though she probably wouldn't admit it).

She is easily enchanted by the charm of whimsical trinkets, and can sometimes be seen as vain and shallow (especially about looks, although her own are not stellar anyway). If she doesn't find a reason to distrust you though, she may naively do so, since she truly desires people she can be close with. Those who give her care and love may notice her reliance on them. Sometimes she can be seen as childish and easily offended, especially regarding her insecurity about her flaws, or mistakes.

When Edel starts to become suspicious of something, she might jump to conclusions easily and act recklessly upon them. To her, it's an insult to promise her something and never follow through with it, or to act against it. She may start to become extremely cold, and seem cruel or vengeful, but in her eyes, she's justified... by whichever reason she chooses.

| || History - Newcomer

How does it feel to be second to the person whom you're closest to, in everything you ever do?

For Edel, she hated it.

She didn't at first. Not when her only and closest friend, Cecily, was there for her. It was harder to find a pair of friends closer than those two - they were always seen together, or thought of together. They lived a little ways away from one another, but as often as they could they tried to stay together. Even though Cecily would often be praised more, or showered with more love, it didn't matter to Edel because she would be proud of her. She deserves it, she believed. She deserves the world. I have an angel as my friend....

Cecily always put Edel first - if a partnership had a choice, it was always Ceci and Edel. To Edel, Ceci was like her older sister, someone who took care of her, someone who was always with her. Someone who was always there for her. Edel tried to improve herself, felt herself a burden - but Ceci always told her, "That's what I'm here for! I'm here for you."

The two of them hosted tea parties together (for just the two of them - it was enough of a party) as often as they could, as they both loved the feel of quaint, antique meetups. Ceci and Edel would discuss the cute new tea set one saw at the second-hand store down the road, or something new that happened, whether or not it related to the other, because what one did the other would know. They were just like that - like two pieces of the same person.

Ceci once told Edel, "We're going to be together forever, okay? When we grow up, we can move into a quiet little cottage somewhere, sip our teas and watch the sky, and browse the collections of strange items at the second-hand store!"


"Ceci! I miss you. I heard about your new job! You're going to meet so many people and do so many fun things! Do you think we can meet up tomorrow? I'd love to chat with you before you go."


"It's okay, you had to; it's not often that such a big agency contacts you for such an opportunity. We can always try another day!"


"Another one? Okay. You're free on Saturday? Yay! I found a new recipe we can try! I can prepare it while you're coming over."


"Hey, Ceci? I really miss you. I couldn't get the recipe right last time. I think if we try it together, we can do it. I know you have a lot of people seeing you now since the big feature, like last Saturday you were just overloaded, but it'd be really fun if we could try this together... like we used to."


"Ceci? Whoa, I never knew you had a voicemail set up. Um... I really need to talk to you right now, I don't have anyone else to talk to about this...."


"Cecily, if there's one thing I can ask of you, can we have a tea party? We haven't had one in a long time. Just once... then I won't call you anymore. I won't bother you at your door anymore either, when I know you're not opening the door when I'm there. I want to talk to you."


Edel dressed in her favourite ensemble, sliding dark rose clips into her hair, letting it hold the hair in the back in place. She loved the contrast between her brassy hair and the clips, which were a gift from Ceci years ago - she had bought two pairs, so they could twin. It matched her dress, which also contrasted. It would only make sense to look her best whenever she saw Ceci, because otherwise she felt so... plain. Not that she expected her to show up, anyway. It was nice to believe she would though, to look in the mirror and remember, imagine, who used to stand beside her in the frame while she tried on different ensembles, giggling at how each one complimented or clashed with her silly styles.

The doorbell rang.

Shock - surprise - fear - confusion - it all flooded through Edel, at once. Ceci? They hadn't seen each other in a long time, too long of a time. But when she opened the door, it wasn't an illusion. Ceci was there, looking just like she did before. Smiling. Cheerful, guiltless. Somehow.

"Edel! Oh, I miss you so much! I've met so many people lately, I just haven't had time!" Ceci was carrying bags of somethings, which clumsily bounced around as she threw her arms around her old friend. The somethings clattered around inside. "Oh, I'm sorry! I was out earlier to get rid of some things. Don't mind these bags!" Edel noticed one of the tags on the somethings inside said, "To my bestie CC!"

Edel set the teapot on the table. It was hot.

"Edel? Edel? How have you been? Wow, that dress looks great on you. Super slimming. The clips match so well, you look darling. Where did you get it? Dear, why are you looking at me like that? Maybe we can get a matching one from where you got it! ...Edel? Is there something wrong?"

The teapot was still too hot. Edel left to find biscuits. When she returned, she noticed Ceci was sitting on the inner side of the room that felt too small, far away from the windows and doors. She was checking her phone and typing away at something on it.

"I want to know why you are avoiding me."

Ceci looked up, suppressing a late giggle from something silly on her phone. "W-what? Don't be silly! I've just been busy. What's up?" She still looked at her phone. Distracted. Didn't notice what Edel was doing.

"I want to know why you've been hanging out with other people, lying to me that you don't have time. I've seen the messages people leave to you. You're not as busy as you say you are. I wish you'd tell me that you didn't want to see me instead of lying to me. Every time."

A match fell. Hit the floor. The flame put out, but Ceci skittered off her seat, her phone abandoned now. "What are you doing?! W-what are all those... why do you have so many...."

"I'm tired of you being with other people more than me. You're everything better than me, and I let you know it. When I stared to improve myself, you left me, for those who would always praise you, even though you told me you'd always be there for me."

Another fell. A pile of them. A wall of them. Edel couldn't tell where she was even getting the matches from or how she was lighting them so quickly; she couldn't think, didn't know what she was doing. All she felt was... hot. Anger. The fire was small until it hit the lace tablecloth, when it greedily sped up, curling over dried flower petals.

"S-stop... why would you... Edel! I never did anything to you!" Ceci slapped at the fire with the nearest thing she grabbed - a frivolously lacey chair-cover, a favourite chosen together at one flea market day. It caught fire.

"Cecily, how does it feel to hate the person whom you're closest to, when somehow you always thought you loved them?"

It was hot all around now, in a room too small for both of them. The fire lead up one decoration to the other, jumping, catching, burning through years of friendship and one summer of neglect. Edel didn't even notice it spreading around them. She could only smolder, watching Ceci, who backed away from the ashes of what she had picked up before. Ceci backed into the corner, where a pile of linens lay. Linens that were aflame.

And then she was aflame, too. A sudden pillar of fire - speed aided by the silly decorative outfit of hers, as usual with too many ruffles and frills - a screaming pillar of fire, though by now Edel couldn't hear her anymore over the pounding of her heart. She didn't feel anything at first, though a little surprise flickered through her. Then she felt... satisfaction. It felt good, and she couldn't explain why. But something was missing.

Edel watched for a while, watched the thing that used to be her friend run around in vain attempts to extinguish the flames, but it wasn't any use. There wasn't an exit left if she could even see; the flames had blocked every one. When it turned towards her and started to weaken, she stepped up to it, and caught it. It writhed. It burned her.

"Ceci... we're always going to be together, okay? Even when we die, I don't want you to leave me. Because I know, without you, I'm missing something...."

The flames went up.


When Edel woke up, she was cold.

There wasn't anything left in the room, or anything that could make sense to her. It didn't feel the same, either. Sort of like it was frozen. She rose, brushing off some soot, and a card fluttered out of the tatters of her dress. She picked it up to read -

"...the House of Lost?"

It was an invitation for some kind of... eccentric hotel. Though she had never heard of it before, she felt oddly drawn to it. Staying in this dead room wouldn't matter much, anyway, since nothing left here was worth anything to her anymore.

What was left of the door creaked as it swung on its last hinge. A trail of ashes led outside, blackening the ground.

| || Other -

- Edel is fascinated by antique-styled things, especially handcrafted, boutique-like items.
- Tea time is her favourite time. She loves tea. A lot.
- She really, really hates if people turn back on their promises. If there's one thing she remembers, it's a promise.
- Spend a lot of time on her appearance (she doesn't like that being pointed out, though) and really loves fashion items (although as a ghosts, her appearance has been frozen with her makeup melting off oops)
- - - She doesn't mind her unclean appearance as a ghost, but she loves her hair and is distressed if it gets out of place or if the hairclips shift. She plays with it a lot.
- - - Likewise, her tattered and burnt dress doesn't bother her as it now looks like a unique, handcrafted item
- Loves cooking, although she usually doesn't taste-test and is not particularly talented with it (average, though impatient with recipes) and may need some other person to check over her process
- She is especially afraid of being lonely. Not alone, but lonely.
- Even though it may be expected of her to reject friendships based on her history, she actually doesn't mind them. However, it may take a lot of trust to develop something deeper than a surface friendship....
- Edel has an odd curiousity with fire. She doesn't like it if other people are in control of it, but she enjoys it if she has the control.
- The bottom part of her legs (her feet area) are completely burnt and ashy; if she walks on the ground, it leaves a slight trail of blackened ash.
- She is a little distrusting of groups of people, since she's afraid they'll take away any of her friends by becoming closer to them than she is.
- She doesn't like people touching her bandages.

- - - -

LOL SORRY FOR CHEESE q___q; and it's quite long and i'm not a writer.. i've never tried writing up/formally creating a character before ;u;... plus the deadline is so close ahhhsdjhghadtorushsorry;;;;;;; i hope everyone gets in, i'm so nervous Q.Q;;;;;;

application form by *violie
i couldn't help but add tea stains ahah;;
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thank you so much for 1000 watchers!
i actually hit 1k a while ago, but i didn't have time to thank you guys properly.. ;.; i still have bunches i need to thank individually, but i'm so surprised and.. flattered. i never expected to get so many ;ooo;;!! i really appreciate it, and all your kindness TTvTT thank you for staying with me so far! i'll keep trying to work hard ;v; ♥


thank you =LoliRingo for convincing me to not scrap this one >.> ;v; ♥ i don't know if it turned out okay but i tried to make it unscrap-worthy XD;
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gift for :iconpiko-kun:

this is not a free icon. do not reproduce, trace, or reference my work. thank you.
only ~Piko-kun may use this icon.

sorry it's so simple @.@ i couldn't think of a background/extra and i thought something simple suited it ehehe ;w;

UM;; going to probably be a little inactive rest of the week-ish since i've got loads of work like projects that pop up from nowhere what qoq
SORRY GUYS ;AAAA; i know i'm ultra behind on replies LOL BUT I LOVE ALL OF YOU OKAY ;AAA; <333333333333

i feel so conscious when i upload icons to my gallery haha @V@ a few more coming while i make them in class orz

ramu-kun (belongs to ~Piko-kun)
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Headshot trade with :iconchewypickles:
I hope you like it ..
and thank you for drawing my little girl :icondesucraiplz:
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Commission for :iconyumiko12345:
Thank you :>
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this is kinda late ..*I'vebeenbusyashell* but i soo wanted to tell you " Happy Birthday lulu "<33

i thought i wouldn't be able to draw anything..
still.. i started doodling be4 going to bed and it kinda looked fine i worked on it a little more XDD

Ami is simply such an adorable oc,, i couldn't possibly resist drawing her..
Hope you like it .. and i wish you a great time :aww:

character (c):iconpluvias:
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I drew this right after my birthday so I was super happy

My RO ninja, Honoka! I love short skirts and red scarves
I have an exam in a half hour LOL CRIESSS goes to study
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for :iconpeachmaiden: yesterday!! her OC Solei! hope you had a great day muah muah u v u
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Thank you :iconkibiix:!! I hope you like it ^q^ <333
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Happy Belated Birthday Gift for ~Green-Blankey (*∀`*)
I drew her lovely oc Aero ; v ;

Sappy letter alert
sorry for hurting your eyes
✿●------------------. ●
Kusu afgdsgdfhakadsfhgadfhgslasl;aslalsal;adfhjasjh I am so sorry that this is so late ; ^ ;
but you know aru is not aru if she doesn't procrastinate /shot ,
U///U I just want to say that you're one of my first and best friends on dA
All of your friends are lucky to have a friend like you ; 7 ;
you're always so considerate, hilarious and fun to talk to
Your comments are so heart warming, and they always make me laugh,
I even got choked on my laugh several times lmao
not just that, it feels like I don't even need to think about what to write back,
even if I don't make any sense ; v ; sasfdfdsdfsafadsdfasds
before this is getting too long, I would like to say that
it says "since the rain is falling I think I might fall as well"
" and everyone eventually forgets me" on the drawing
sorry for sounding so depressing for your birthday,
but Kusu you know if you ever fall, Aru will catch you with her manly arms (*-`ω- )ノ
and Aru will never forget you U///U asl;sal;lsd;asd;ldsld;dkjjhhfhf
I sound so cheesy (*∀`*) but you know I love you Kusu ; 7 ;
my foreverpedotricycletofubuddy <3
Hope you'll like my gift and sorry this is getting pretty long
; v ; /le rides to the moon . ♥

✿●------------------. ●
SAI & mouse ● textures ~ pixiv ● flowers ~ aroneve ● words ~ tumblr
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< H a t s u n e " M i k u 01 >

sorry for my inactivity guys :iconallmytearplz:
✿●------------------. ●
SAI & mouse
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happy birthday *Purikyu
poori click here [link]

✿●------------------. ●
SAI & mouse ● textures ~ pixiv
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Happy happy birthday Tenshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! :iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz:

Ahhhhh, tenshiiiiiiii my bby special hngggggggg <3333 * 7 *
I'M SO HAPPY I MET YOU AHHH! :iconrainbowtearplz: a;kfdljasdf
you're so funny, nice and amazing and I love chatting with you always hngggggggggg

you made me love roleplaying and you're an amazing pixel artist and

HAVE A GREAT B-DAY BBY!!! <3333333

OC (c)=xxxTeNsHi
Art (c) me;;
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Happy Birthday *xXTokyoGirlXx !

Ahh, happy special day you wonderful nice person!:iconkissingplz:

Since everyone is saying how you inspired them, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon :iconheplz:/shotdead

A-anyways, I just remember you were super nice when I was new-ish to dA and answered all my questions. Thank you for that! ♥♥

I tried to do a Kasumi in Wonderland thing, but then I gave up, but did change the outfit a bit;;

I hope you like it! ; 7 ;

Okay, yes, I know the anatomy's weird, and the legs are blah, but to be fair, I was trying for that really skinny kind of style :iconmingplz:. Forgive me.

Kasumi (c):devxxtokoyogirlxx:
Art (c) =cherriluu
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Collab with the lovely =Pi-Pa-Po-Pu-Pa

afkjsd;dkf ahh Nessi your pictures are too cute :iconpapcryplz:
T-thank you for wanting to collab with me /sob

I just used your colors since I was too lazy to come up with colors myself ▽`

Don't look at the bg. It's so random. :icontearplz:


Yep. And chuppa is what she is eating, apparently. xD
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I'll add more stuff to her char sheet later ORZZ ORZ NO TIME LATELY /sob

[N]ame: Wreathe (pronounced like Reese)

[C]ode #: 860

[G]ender: Female

[A]ge: 19 (biological age : 13)

[S]pecies: Half-android

[H]eight: 5 ft 3 in

- Gatling gun

[B]ad habit:
- NONE of the tact. None of it.
- Has a tendency to tidy up after other people's stuff. She doesn't know where it goes? IT GOES WHERE SHE PUTS IT DAMNIT.
- Uses large and overdescriptive words that may be inappropriate or may have a much more commonly-used, better fitting synonym.

- Used to be employed as a bodyguard/companion for a guy around the same physical age as her, who was hospitalised. She ended up picking up the same personality type as him.
- Leery of physical affection and shows of affection in general.
- Easily impressed by nature
- Very tidy person
- Enjoys meddling in the affairs of her friends
- Height complex
- More comfortable around males than females

+ Lipstick
+ Grilled fish
+ Sudoku

- Hospitals
- Physical contact from people she doesn't know too well
- Red meat
- Corny jokes

- Her blood is orange. She blushes an orange colour u__u
- Able to do complex maths problems in her head
- Can't recognise herself in a mirror (she can see others though.) If something's wrong with her clothes or makeup, she can't fix it by looking at her reflection...
- Physically strong and agile but isn't fast. Easily confused by fast things
- Can't drink alcohol

UH HEY GUYS alskjalkj IDK what I'm doing in this group omg weeps

I-I have no idea where we RP for LoX but I'd love to RP with people if you guys actually do that...? WEEEP
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Thank you for the invite! <3

Uhh well this is for :iconrannsama: of her character March Hare. ;;

and MANNN YOU'RE SO PRO I'M SORRY YOU HAD TO GET STUCK WITH MY ART *weeeeep* but um have a good holiday nonetheless and I do hope you like it, if only just a little ;; Your characters are really gorgeous and it was really hard for me to pick one to draw! ;; I love the style of clothing you draw and how detailed the designs are ;; I hope I didn't butcher your lovely char too much D:
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Ahhh a preview of my submission to the charity artbook Kingdom-Carousel!

"Our purpose is to make a charity art book and donate 100% of the profits to the charity, St. Jude's Children Research Hospital.

St. Jude is the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for treatment not covered by insurance. No child is ever denied treatment because of the family's inability to pay." This year is their 50th anniversary.

We want to make an art book that will never fail to bring a smile to your face."

Please click the group icon if you're interested in the book or spread the word, eheh... The book has many, many really amazing artists and I really do encourage you to check out the other previews ( [link] ) as my work isn't anywhere near as good as theirs... orz...
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Fullbody practice :heart:

I might open a few slots (probably max of 3 since exams start the week right after) next week since I need a few funds for...lunch money .____.;;

Ori Me
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2 out 2 couple commission for :iconavino: :heart:
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Originally, I created a new character OC for the outfit but since I don't like having so many, I decided to use the outfit as Alena's new one.

The outfit was created sometime a little after Alena's main one.
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