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Project Updates and Elaborating on Future Plans
Another update since people seem to like them
1. Zootopia Parody
Almost half done. Very intensive in cinematic and background work as I'm trying to live up to the movie's art
2. Steven Universe Parody
No animation progress. Still just a script. I have looked somewhat into some voice actors but still not a priority project
3. Meet the Amazing Scout Remastered
I'll finish it when I have nothing else to upload ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1. Giant "open" collaboration
To elaborate on what this actually is, this will be a TF2 centered video in which people send in clips they animate in SFM, Flash, Toonboom, Garry's Mod or whatever that has pretty much anything to do with TF2, which will all be compiled by me into, hopefully, a 30 minute to an hour long video. (Just keep in mind that I do entertain for a large audience so I do want to keep a certain level of quality. This project is not currently in the works)
2. New MLP parod
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Pen the Pegasus :iconactuallypiemations:ActuallyPiemations 150 74 More Like This
The Probable line up of my next buncha videos
So I'm at a point of production where the releases of certain things seems to have a logical order in which I'll release 'em. So here's a list of what I'm guessing will come out in what order, 1 being my next upload
1. Powerpuff Girls parody
2. 5 AM at Freddy's: 4
3. My Little Doomsday 2
4. Meet the Amazing Merasmus (HOPEFULLY?)
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Project Updates
Hello again!

- Patreon Video (No release date)
- Bill Nye parody: Written by Twitch (July 30th. Saturday)
Elements of Cringe: Episode 2 (Predicted for August 13th)
I'd say it's around 30% done. Production going SUPER good.- Some sort of Rick and Morty video
Like 5% done. I wrote a script!MAYBE HAPPENING SOME DAY
- Steven Universe Parody
Meet the Amazing Scout Remastered
- Deadpool video
- Open Collab
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Clarence, Clutis, and Calvin (Character Concepts) :iconactuallypiemations:ActuallyPiemations 27 12 More Like This Just an Applejack doodle :iconactuallypiemations:ActuallyPiemations 287 107 More Like This
Patreon Campaign?
So I’ve been considering opening a Patreon campaign
    (I also did back when I had like 10K subscribers, but that was stupid. I’m smurt now)
I feel these campaigns may be associated with “money hungry” creators. Not to mention my channel, by any stretch, is not failing in views, so I’m gonna lay out my reasoning here before moving forward, to get an opinion on how good my reasons are.
I’m out of highschool next year and frankly, YouTube scares me.
    It’s so unreliable and random with copyright strikes and algorithm changes, I wanna be sure I have a “steady” income when I’m out of school. By setting up a Patreon account now, I can assure I’ll have a really good amount of pledges to keep me afloat by the time I move into the real world. Basically, I just don’t wanna get a real job. I wanna keep making stupid cartoons for strangers
Outside of that, Patreon would actually change my cont
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Spek.jpg :iconactuallypiemations:ActuallyPiemations 306 81 More Like This Grumpus (Shading test) :iconactuallypiemations:ActuallyPiemations 376 26 More Like This
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Sonic - Chaos and Harmony Prolouge
Prolouge - Dark Times
Dear Sister,
            The universe is a strange place. So many worlds, so many galaxies, all of them spread throughout the stars, each world unique in it's own way. Yet, there is one thing every world has in common. Every world lives in a balanced state between dark and light. Every planet has it's heroes, and with those heroes, a great evil. Yet, they are always in balance. Different items of power keep the balance between chaos and harmony. These items are often sought out by the forces of evil, and are nearly always protected by the greatest of heroes. But even the greatest hero cannot prevail every time. Eventually, the hero is defeated, and evil stands triumphant. Power is a dangerous thing, and the items of each world that contain this power must be protected. But, what if capturing these items wasn't enough for the evil hearts of the villainous monsters that corrupt world's and plunge them into entropy? What if they dared to
:iconblueblur1207:BlueBlur1207 4 0 More Like This
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