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This couple will never end the love they are living !! Gazo "blue" , and Kaya " green".. my OCs ..
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the couple ZigZack , and Clover is falling asleep on a couch !! for :kibakazuki: ... i hope to gain something after all .. comments , faves .. and much of love :)
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that was a rapid sketch right before my laptop turns off cuz it lacked some charging ! :P .. so , yeah .. i know you may not make it out , but i thought of testing my abilities to draw such a thing in such a short time !!
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DISCLAIMER: I don't  own D. Gray-man, all belong to Hoshino sensei... If it was otherwise...  Lavi and Kanda should have been together from the very beginning!

WARNING:  IMPLIED YAOI - if you don't know what this word means, or if you don't  like boy/boy relationship this story is not for you, don't say I didn't  tell you! You know the song, DON'T LIKE DON'T READ!


I lift a hem of the bed sheet that wraps us both, so I could settle closer to you and better watch over your sleep.

It  takes you so quickly when you're beside me, as if my presence could be  reassuring, allowing you for once to rest without fear; and I admire  you, enraptured.

I always liked looking at you.

I love watching your daily training, even if you yell at me every time you notice and realize it.

But it overwhelms me, I simply can't help but find you so terribly beautiful.

Every  gesture, every muscle twitching while you perform your sword-dancing,  your every graceful move, sings about your perfection.

And I loose myself in you, following your dance:

you, wielding Mugen with incomparable ability;

you, your sculpturesque body covered in sweat;

you, your hair dancing in the sun, the long ebony locks shining, blown by the wind;

you, your so beautiful face lost in thoughts, concentration carved on your statuary features.

But I'll never tell you how beautiful you are...

How  much I love the mixing of your hair with mine when you possess me,  black shreds of darkness draped over the flames of hell, wild as my  passion for you, like pitch blackness poured into scorching lava.

How much the mere sound of your name, that you allow only me me to utter, delights me.


You  are so terrifying on the battlefield, your impassible face sculpt like  marble, ice cold eyes piercing your enemies, and deadly moves taking  death and destruction with them.

And then I think that you could be a Demon, as well as an Angel, so beautiful and lethal and scary as the Devil himself.

A fallen angel, covered in blood, his own and the enemies', staring at you with empty eyes, aware that his life is settled.

Ah,  those eyes... They seem to cast lightnings, incinerating anyone who  dares coming too close to this absolutely perfect creature, promising  painful death for such a crime.

And yet you yield to me, to me  only, and your body trembles against mine, your hands clawing my flesh  while I enter you, contemplating your perfect face flushed with  pleasure.

You don't seem to realize how much the fierce gaze that so often enlivens your features gives you an almost Godlike look.

And it's so hard to divert eyes from you when you fight Akuma, jumping and whirling in the air, bringing Hell with you...

And, I swear, if you really had been a Demon, I'd have damned my soul to love you.

But then, when you're asleep in my arms, so calm and peaceful, you sure are an Angel come down from Heaven for me to love.

And  again, this is another thing I'll never tell you, because to keep  loving you the way I do, I necessarily need to keep myself alive.

Okay, short drabble pretending to be poetic...

AND... Watch out for the excess of corniness! But, HEY, it's Lavi's speaking after all, and he's allowed to be that sappy!

- - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - - o - -

Well, this was originally posted on 6 JUNE 2010, for KANDA's BIRTHDAY, the starting day of the second LaviYu Festival, on my and LJ account.
For those who still don't know what the hell I'm talking about, the Festival, supported by the LaviYuu fans from all over the world, takes place between Lavi and Kanda's two Birthdays, beginning with June 6th, Kanda's Birthday, and culminating with the LaviYu Day, that was chosen exactly in the middle of their two Birthdays, on 8th JULY, to then end on AUGUST 10th with Lavi's Birthday.
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DISCLAIMER: I don't own D. Gray-man, UNFORTUNATELY all is into the hands of that crazy woman whose name is hoshino... Because if it was otherwise... D. Gray-man manga wouldn't have become a shapeless and disgusting jumble of nonsenses, and Lavi would have been together with Kanda from a VERY LONG TIME!

WARNING: YAOI - if you don't know what this word means, or if you don't like boy/boy relationship this story is not for you, don't say I didn't tell you! You know the song, DON'T LIKE DON'T READ!


Chapter 1: Daily Press

New York. The Big Apple. The most chaotic city he had ever seen, but in his own way, Kanda Yuu loved it. Maybe.

When someone wasn't knocking insistently at his door at nine o'clock in the morning after he'd done the night shift at the Police District.

Kanda Yuu, 22 years old, Japanese, recently naturalized American. Currently employed as a detective in the 49th District of New York, in the Bronx area. Certainly not the best possible place, but at least it was not monotonous, sure... sometimes too often for his liking.

And that night was one of those less monotonous ones, so he was tired and wanted to sleep. If only anyone was now at the door would've stopped knocking on it!

But the noise didn't cease. When a woman's voice was added to the annoying strokes, Kanda knew that he had no choice but to go to open the door, because that fucking harpy of a concierge would never leave him alone otherwise. Surely, she had come to complain again about the outstanding rent. Dammit.

"Fucking witch," Kanda railed to himself as he quickly slipped on his trousers and dragged his body towards the door, opening it at once.

He blinked his eyes several times to make sure to focus properly on the astonished face he found in front of him, and who was staring at him with eyes slightly wide-opened, her lips stopped at half of what she was saying and one hand still raised in the act of knocking.


"Lenalee! What the hell are you doing here!" Kanda finally managed to utter, stunned to see her in front of his door. "Shouldn't you be at school?"

The girl gave another look at his disheveled appearance (she was not used to seeing him with his hair free on his shoulders), moving a hand to cover her mouth, and letting out an embarrassed giggle.

"There... You see... I've been thrown out from the dorm." Lenalee answered candidly, showing the suitcase she was carrying. "Can I stay here with you? Just until I find another arrangement, I promise!" She said with folded hands before Kanda could argue, noting that his forehead had immediately wrinkled in a frown.

"What will the neighbors say? And the fucking concierge will pester me like hell because I brought a woman in her house!" Kanda opened his arms in a very eloquent manner to emphasize his point of view on the matter. "Not to mention your idiot brother!"

"Oh, you know that my brother trusts you blindly." Lenalee gave him her best innocent and hopeful expression, which she knew the Japanese youth couldn't resist. "Please..."

Kanda sighed, stepping aside to let her in, and slamming the door behind himself. The fact that they grew up together made her the closest thing to a friend that he'd ever had, but this didn't give her the right to interfere in his life that way...

They had a good relationship, sure, but this didn't mean he could bear to live with her for as little or as much time that it could be... Oh, fuck!

She followed him obediently, parked her suitcase in the Japanese man's room and cast him another disarming smile: and Kanda knew then that he would be sleeping on the couch. That was definitely a bad start for the day.

He would have had to adapt his study to let the girl sleep there, and regain in doing so his room with his beloved privacy. But what irritated him the most in the whole fucking thing was that he had a more than precise idea about who the guilty party of his current troubles was. Ah, if he only could lay his hands on him!

"Does this have anything to do with that ridiculous albino midget who claims to work in the school's little newspaper, right?" Kanda spat out in a sharp tone, every word steeped with poison while leaving his mouth.

He then let the girl have a seat in the kitchen and began to prepare some tea for the both of them.

Lenalee put on a hurt expression, feeling cut to the quick by the young man's words. It was a fact that Allen wasn't that good of a reporter, but it wasn't needed to emphasize it in so brutal a way.

"Oh, don't say that! He was hired part-time in a real newspaper, the Daily Press!" She exclaimed whole-heartedly, trying to defend her supposed suitor against the accusations of ineptitude that hung over him.

"As a deliveryman, I bet." Kanda's face formed a pleased sneer as he saw his current apartment-mate's eyes going wide: he'd hit the mark, he thought triumphantly.

"Well, everyone has to begin somehow, right?" Lenalee retorted, pouting.

The Japanese man held back another cruel comment, filling their cups and handing one to the girl, then sitting in front of her. He brought the tea to his lips, sipping with satisfaction, when a sudden thought struck him.

"How on earth did you get in here?" He asked out of the blue. Kanda was 100% certain that the fucking harpy was always on the lookout in her post, and therefore something was surely wrong with it all. "With the suitcase too!"

"Oh, I said I'm your girlfriend, and that I'm moving in with you." The Chinese girl spoke those words in such a casual way, like it was the most obvious and natural thing in the world, that Kanda could not help but cast her a completely shocked look.

"You said... what?" The young man gasped, almost choking with the tea he was drinking. "Are you crazy?"

"Come on, there's no harm in it, it's only for appearances." She met the other's incredulous gaze with her disarming smile, and Kanda slumped his shoulders, defeated.

Lenalee kept smiling at him, her face radiant and her expression full of expectation. Now the damage was done, he just had to play along with the game. He sighed. And he couldn't even go back to sleep.

"Hey, Lavi!" Someone shouted over the sound of many fingers typing, lots of people talking, and other phones ringing. The red-haired youth turned, a donut in his mouth and a pen tucked behind his ear, casting a questioning look towards the one who had called him. "The old Bookman on line two! And he also seems to be very upset, if you ask me!"

Dammit, again! It was the fourth time in two days that the old man had called to complain about the trend of the newspaper, and he didn't really know what new excuse he could cook up.

He settled the eyepatch that covered his right eye, pulling the bandana with which he tried in vain to hold the rebel locks of his flaming red hair at bay a bit further down, and scratched his head thoughtfully.

What if he got the other reporter to say he wasn't in? No, it was too late by now, he had to answer and face Bookman's wrath.

After all, the newspaper was booming, if the old man didn't like how he ran it, he could also come to the office sometimes and do the job himself. He picked up the phone slowly, cautiously, and brought it with the same caution to his ear.

«Lavi! You, useless idiot!» Shouted the voice at the other end of the wire.

"Love you too, Grandpa." Said the young man, moving the receiver to a safe distance from his eardrum. A blind eye was more than enough; he wouldn't want to become deaf in one ear as well.

Lavi Bookman, 22 years old, nationality unknown. Adopted by Bookman Senior, the owner of the newspaper where he was working, was now in all respects American. Pluri-graduated already at his young age, the boy prodigy had to be the pride of his guardian and mentor. Instead, he actually was the man's despair.

The newspaper that had to be a serious and blameless masthead, under Lavi's direction was slowly turning into a paper of news, something the old Bookman considered to be the step before of becoming a squalid tabloid magazine.

But all the redhead's efforts to make his grandfather understand that he indeed had saved the newspaper from bankruptcy were useless. A newspaper just talking about history wasn't much of a choice in line with the market...

«I want you behind the discovery of these archaeological relics immediately, you hear me?»Bookman was nearly shouting at him. «And I want your article about it on my desk tomorrow morning!»

What else could he do? This time he had to yield, after all, that discovery had a certain importance, it would have turned out into a good article.

" 'Kay, 'kay, stop worryin' or you'll have a stroke, you ugly wizened geezer!" Said the redhead in a mocking tone. " 'M goin' there at once."

«Lavi! Be respectful, you unworthy grandson!» Bookman protested, but Lavi had already closed the communication.

"Hey, Johnny!" He shouted at the little chap who called him to answer the phone just before, putting his camera over his shoulder. "I've t'go out for a report, fish out the albino, I need someone t'help me shootin' photos." The other nodded, and Lavi headed toward the entrance, waiting for his assistant to arrive.

Kanda drew out a sigh of relief when finally, three days after Lenalee's arrival in his house, he was able to regain possession of his beloved bed. He knew the girl wouldn't leave so soon, so he had had to share his study with her, and preferably indulging in his current primary hobby (after the training with his beloved katana, of course) without the girl around, or bringing his computer into his own room, since Lenalee had hers.

The important thing was that she'd never caught him writing; that would have cost him dear on pride terms.

But above all, Lenalee would have claimed immediately to read every fucking thing and then give her bloody opinion and meddling in his work, criticizing his choices and beginning to make suggestions everywhere. Not to mention that she would have tried, no doubt, convincing him to change the plot of his stories...

So no, she mustn't even suspect that his dream now was to become a writer, and that he was already sending his works from quite a long time to any publisher willing to examine the deeds of emerging authors... Not that there was something wrong in knowing it, no, but...

So far, every file he had sent was rejected by each and every publisher, and he didn't want that defeat to become public, it was too embarrassing for someone as proud as Kanda. It made him feel silly, and also, unsure of his true abilities, though he would never have admitted to it, ever.

However, he believed he had improved really a lot since he had started writing, and the last story he had just finished let him hope for the best. He was very confident about it. He had put all his efforts toward creating that crime story, thanks to his first-hand knowledge of the field.

Now he just had to send it to another publisher and wait. It was a minor publishing house this time, with a name so banal – Bookman Publishing – which until then he'd never considered among those to which send his writings; but now that he was almost to despair everything became an option.

It irritated him so much to admit it, but he really needed extra money, and selling one of his stories could help, even the small amount he would earn if it was accepted. He sighed, leaving the parcel containing the precious CD at the post office and hoping that his luck would turn this time.

Lenalee was really curious about why Kanda was so protective and mysterious about his computer. After all, now that he quit going to university he didn't need it as much, at best, he used it the most for his work, to type some report at home instead of doing it at the Police District.

So why had he categorically forbidden her to touch it? The thing was suspect, and because of that, very, very interesting. If Kanda Yuu was hiding something, there was always a good reason behind it, which then made it absolutely important to discover. And Lenalee had excellent grades in computer science: she would hack the password.

One afternoon, when Kanda had the night shift, Lenalee decided to enter into action, knowing that she had the calmness of a whole night to try entering the Japanese man's computer. But to her great surprise, Kanda was more predictable than she'd dared to hope, and Lenalee got in after her first attempt.

The Japanese youth had used his sword's name, Mugen, as a password. Too obvious, Kanda-kun!, the girl thought, giggling complacently to herself as she began to rummage among her current co-tenant's files.

It didn't take long for her to locate the indicted folder. Kanda had made little effort to disguise it, and indeed, why should he? He lived alone... until shortly before, of course. Lenalee opened the first file, thinking it was a collection of hard core stories (or photos) Kanda was ashamed that she could find out.

Instead she gasped open mouthed ascertaining that she childhood friend, that same Kanda Yuu who had always shown himself cold and impatient towards everything, the stoic, callous, cynical Kanda Yuu she thought she knew like her pockets, was actually writing stories.

More, it was not a whim, all of them were meticulously cataloged, and there were reported all the publishers to whom he had sent them – and from which they were promptly rejected – with dates and notes. Her Kanda-kun wanted to become a writer! Now that really was shocking news.

She copied the folder's entire contents onto a USB pen and poured it into his laptop, then put all back as it was in Kanda's room: she would read everything calmly in the safety of her room.

From the beginning it was clear to her why the publishers had rejected all of Kanda's work: defining them just as banal was an euphemism. However hard he had engaged in it, his grammar gaps were more than evident, his outlines were too predictable, the characters were flat and not very developed, and the situations had no verve at all.

But the background was very accurate, thanks to the fact that the young man worked in the field, so the stories had potential, they just needed to be developed a little more...

So Lenalee decided she would lend him a hand, willingly or unwillingly. Thus, starting from the first story, she did her best to correct them all from head to foot, developing and adding that missing bite to the plot with her 'personal touch'.

Now she just had to wait for Kanda to decide to send something to another publisher, exchange the files, and the game was over.

She then began to keep an eye on him, very discreetly, taking particular care that her every action, every question, seemed completely random to the Japanese man. And Lenalee was damn skillful at looking innocent.

It soon became clear that Kanda was working on another story, and she simultaneously devoted herself to it while he was working at the Police District.

She really admired the imagination that the youth just showed to possess and of which she would never have believed he was capable. He had always seemed so... material. Every emotion scrupulously kept under control, no dreams, no illusions.

Instead she was wrong, realized Lenalee in that very moment. Kanda dreamed. He hoped. And she would have helped him to fulfill his wish.

Two weeks later, Kanda seemed ready to ship the file. Lenalee could tell that from the time he spent at the computer when he wasn't in duty at the District. And then the envelope had appeared, which was waiting for an address to be placed on it over the young man's desk.

The Chinese girl was also ready, and after the last check to Kanda's written text, she prepared her own CD, then set a trap for him, pretending to go to her class and instead lurking in a side street, waiting to follow him.

Kanda came out of the building shortly afterwards, looked around himself, and continued toward his goal absently.

Lenalee knew she had no hopes of following him without being discovered, but from the direction he took, she could guess to which Post Office Kanda was heading: she would get there before him.

Sitting in a bar in front of said Post Office, she watched the Japanese youth going inside it and waited patiently for him to come out and walk far enough away, before moving into action. She was going to put on a play worthy of an Oscar Award.

She entered the office pretending to be worried, wearing a slightly sullen little-face, and approached hesitantly to the man who was at the letters and parcels window, addressing him with a shy smile. He greeted her warmly, asking about what she needed.

"I made a big mess..." Confessed the girl, looking down and nervously rubbing the belt of her handbag. "But I'm not sure if you can help me..." She added next, looking the man in the face again, showing off her most innocent expression.

"What in the world could ever have happened to you, miss! Please tell me all about it, you'll see that we'll find a solution!" The man immediately offered, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks.
Lenalee mentally congratulated with herself: she was already holding him in the palm of her hand.

"Oh, you see, I put the wrong CD into the envelope that my boss came to send this morning, and if he realizes it, I'll be in big trouble!" Bemoaned the girl, pretending to be desperate. "That man has no heart, he's capable of firing me right after." She added a fake sob for good measure to that revelation.

"Come on, don't do that, just describe your boss and the envelope to me, so I can manage find it and you will be able to exchange the content. You have the correct CD with you, right?" The employee took the box with all the letters he had accepted until that time, and put it on his legs.

Lenalee nodded, trying to suppress the triumphant flicker that threatened to light her eyes.

"Oh, my boss is a rather tall and thin youth, oriental features, long black hair gathered up..." The man interrupted her with a sharp gesture, shaking his head.

"That arrogant man is your boss? I bet that you're so scared, he's disarmingly rude." He picked up an envelope from the floor, handing it to the girl. "I decided to leave it here for a really long time, given the way in which he treated me, but if you're the one who has to lose out, miss, I can't let it happen."

Lenalee had a hard time trying not to burst into laughter; she was pretty much sure it would have taken little for the postal clerk to identify Kanda, given his not exactly civil manners.

She looked at the envelope out of curiosity. Noah's Ark Publisher, stood out in large letters as recipient, so that was the publishing house that Kanda had chosen this time.

"Rather unknown," mused Lenalee. She opened the letter skillfully, replacing the contents with his precious work: she had included all of Kanda's stories, passing them off as a collection, since the main characters seemed to be the same for each one.

"Thanks, really, you saved my life!" Exclaimed the Chinese girl, showing off a dazzling smile. "You can trash it." She added, putting the other CD in her victim's hands. The clerk kept staring at her, hypnotized.

"You're welcome, miss. If I can be of help, I'm always ready." He followed the girl with his gaze as she left, and greeted her warmly.

"You are an idiot, Victor," called out a colleague from the seat beside him "Thank goodness you don't have a wife."

Along the way back, Lenalee was almost jumping in joy. She congratulated herself extensively, her plan was perfectly successful, and she hoped to have good news soon. Now she could go to take her class with peace in her heart.

Kanda was anxious; it seemed like an eternity had passed since he sent out the file containing the new story, and yet he didn't receive any news. He didn't know whether to interpret it as good or bad sign. Luckily, Lenalee didn't seem to notice his nervousness, so she didn't start to torment him with her irritating apprehension.

Then, one afternoon, Lenalee came home from college, her face radiant with happiness, clutching in a hand an envelope that seemed to contain documents of some sort. Kanda had just woken up, he'd been on duty that night, and as always, it had been a really bad night.

"Kanda-kun! Look, you received a letter from a publisher! It must be important!" Called the girl right after opening the apartment's door. She handed the envelope to him, and Kanda blinked in disbelief, considering if he was still sleeping. It was a cover too large and heavy to contain the usual 'We are sorry, but it's not the kind of stories we are interested in'. He gazed at Lenalee with a puzzled look. "It was the concierge who gave it to me." Explained the Chinese girl, smiling. "Come on, open it! Aren't you curious to know what in the world they could want from you?"

Kanda was too surprised to put up a resistance; he slowly opened the envelope and pulled out the contents, starting to read the letter that accompanied the sheaf of papers. No, it was impossible! They had accepted his story! And those documents were his contract!

He read the letter quickly, then he started with the contract terms, and here his brow wrinkled. He didn't understand that much about bureaucracy and legal clauses...

The Japanese man sighed. Willy-nilly he should have had to ask for Lenalee's help, which now no longer seemed so terrible a thing to him, since it wasn't about a failure anymore, and he shouldn't necessarily tell her of the previous ones.

"Well, I... I write. Stories." Kanda admitted, imagining the girl's confusion in seeing him so shaken by the letter's content. "They say... they're buying it." The youth ended his speech, swallowing hard.

"Really? It's a wonderful thing, Kanda-kun!" Lenalee said, feigning surprise. "I never would've thought you'd like writing!" She smiled at him sympathetically. "Here, give it to me, I'm reading the contract. I'll be your manager!"

Oh no! I've created a monster... Kanda thought, but it was too late to pull back. And now the girl would pretend to read his stories...

So Kanda Yuu signed the contract with the Noah's Ark Publisher; and his book of short stories was published; and it quickly became a best seller. And Kanda couldn't quite understand how such a thing was possible.

Title: It's a Mistake... maybe
Genre: Romance, thriller
Pairing: Lavi/Kanda
Rating: T (For now, rating will go up for later chapters)
Summary: Kanda is a detective in NY, but his secret dream is something else... After Lenalee plunged into his house suddenly that dream comes true. But soon after Kanda will discover that there's a price both for fame and dreams.
Warnings: AU, violence, language, boy/boy sex....

Well, I decided to post here all my fictional works about G.Gray-man, so here's this one too.


I hope you'll enjoy.

Next Chapters:
It's a Mistake... maybe - Ch.6
It's a Mistake... maybe - Ch.5
It's a Mistake... maybe - Ch.4
It's a Mistake... maybe - Ch.3
It's a Mistake... maybe - Ch.2

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own D. Gray-man, UNFORTUNATELY all is into the hands of that crazy woman whose name is hoshino... Because if it was otherwise... D. Gray-man manga wouldn't have become a shapeless and disgusting jumble of nonsenses, and Lavi would have been together with Kanda from a VERY LONG TIME!

WARNING: YAOI - if you don't know what this word means, or if you don't like boy/boy relationship this story is not for you, don't say I didn't tell you! You know the song, DON'T LIKE DON'T READ!


Chapter 2: Akuma World Library

Daily Press, an ordinary working day's morning of an ordinary day. Or perhaps not too ordinary, because that day the world was turning upside down, at least for the newspaper's owner, and that meant a bad day also for his employees. Especially for a certain red-haired reporter.

"Lavi!" A voice yelled from the other end of the editing, its tone quite frightened. "B-Bookman on li-line one, and it lo-lo-looks rather fu-furious..." Stammered a little man with glasses as thick as bottle bottoms.

Lavi sat up wearily from his desk, he hadn't slept at all that night to run after the 49th District's detectives, and he really wasn't in the mood to hear the monthly outburst from the old panda.

Monthly? Weekly, daily... He had lost count now.

"Whaddya want now, old man..." Lavi muttered while pressing the speaker button on the phone's bottom. The scream that came in response almost made the room's walls collapse, and all the other reporters and errand boys stopped carrying out their tasks, turning towards their Head Reporter's desk location, expecting the worst to happen.

«Lavi! Don't sit there fiddling, idiot grandson! At times I wonder why I brought you up, and especially why I'm PAYING you!» Bookman Senior shouted through the telephone's loudspeaker, and Lavi let out a sleepy moan in response. That did nothing but increase his guardian and employer's frustration. «Hurry up good-for-nothing, and trace the writer who published 'It's a Mistake... maybe',» the man curtly ordered.

"Dunno know what is it, and..." The usual epithet with which his grandfather loved to address him cut off his statement.

«It's a book, you idiot!» Bookman Senior growled, irritated by his acquired grandson's carelessness. «Find the author, a certain Kanda Yuu.»

"Why are ya lookin' for 'im? Ya've never cared 'bout four penny writers..." A light bulb had turned on in Lavi's head, catching the slight shade of resentment in his adoptive grandfather's voice, and now the young man was listening with renewed interest. Why was his old man holding it against the writer? This thing was going to become very interesting, oh, yes!

«Don't discuss my orders!» Bookman Senior shouted, increasingly impatient. «Just find him, and discover what was so special about his book for it to become a best seller in just little more than a month!»

"Tell the truth, decrepit old man, it's gnawing at ya 'cause you'd refused it! It's 'cause o' that, right?" The sudden silence at the other end of the phone line confirmed that he had hit the mark, and Lavi smirked, satisfied, wondering why someone his old man had panned could have managed to obtain such a great success so quickly with another publisher.

«I don't intend to discuss my reasons with you. Go and find him quickly!» Bookman senior repeated again.

"Wait, he published with the Noah's Ark, I've guessed right, haven' I?" Silence again. Lavi chuckled to himself; he knew it! He would have bet on it, it couldn't be anything else but that one, the reason for such a strong irritation. "M'kay, then it'll be fun. I'll be glued to his ass in a sec, I'll let y'know 'bout it soon. Don't make your bile explode, old panda!"

«Lavi! Be respectful for once, or I will go over there to kick you and stick in that empty head of yours some common sense!» Lavi laughed heartily at those words, which angered his mentor even more. «Idiot, be serious for five consecutive minutes and pay attention! The Noah's Ark announced a meeting with the author of said book at their top library, 'Akuma World', in which he will sign autographs.» Bookman Senior pronounced that last word as if he was spitting something indigestible, and Lavi could not hold back another chuckle. «It's set for this afternoon, don't fail to be there and give him the third degree.»

"Roger, boss! 'M flyin' there!" And even before hearing the old Bookman's answer, Lavi hung up. The redhead grabbed his jacket and crossed at a run the editing tables under the surprised (and still shaken) looks of his colleagues and employees. "Hey, albino!" Lavi called out as he passed one of the errand boys, slipping a hand into the bag that said boy held into his chest and appropriating of one of his donuts. "Get my camera equipment and follow me."

"Hey! My name is Allen! Try to remember it!" Protested the youth in a perfect English, which clearly identified him as British.

"Oh, are we a lil' touchy, English boy?" Lavi teased the youth, giving him a finger tap on the forehead. "Move!"

"As if that other guy wasn't enough to saddle me with fanciful nicknames..." Muttered the boy who had just identified himself as Allen.

"Hark at 'im! So 'm not the first?" Lavi said, chewing the stolen donut, and leaning towards the English boy to pester him with another finger tap (on the nose this time).

"No. And you should really meet him, you two deserve each other." Allen said sarcastically."Both playing with words.

Lavi indulged in a loud laugh. If there was such a person, he absolutely wanted to meet him!

"Consider yerself bound by that promise!" Exclaimed the redheaded reporter. "Mission completed, I'll expect ya introducin' me to this guy!"

"Count on it. I can't wait for this." Allen secretly rejoiced within himself, because he was sure as Hell that Lavi would torment Kanda endlessly if he let the two of them meet.

And he meant to do it. Yes, even if Lenalee wouldn't be happy about it.

"And now, let's go huntin' for this Kanda Yuu!" Lavi said, throwing the jacket on one of his shoulders and preceding the young assistant, not noticing his incredulous expression nor the dull thud of the grocery bag impacting on the floor.

Lavi had just said that they were going to look for Kanda? The same Kanda he knew? A writer? No, it was impossible that someone like Kanda was able to write even two lines having a complete meaning one after the other...

Certainly it has to be a homonym, as much as it might seem bizarre. At least Allen hoped so; he had no desire to face the young Japanese, especially if the man was now a successful writer while he was a poor errand boy. He sighed, reluctantly following Lavi.

Lenalee was very worried. Terribly worried. Mortally worried. Things had gotten out of hand, and now she didn't know how to tell Kanda about her 'minor adjustments' to the novels...

Because at this rate he would discover it very soon. The short stories collection had been too successful, sooner or later someone would ask about the motivations behind the plot, the character's background, the details of their relationship...

That was the thing that most frightened Lenalee. Kanda would certainly kill her upon discovering that she had put together his two protagonists. And an autograph session with the fans was not encouraging, someone would ask, she was sure of that.

The Chinese girl sighed. She would have to face her fate with courage, she told to herself while accompanying Kanda to the table where the fans were waiting for him... or, to be more exact, the fangirls, because they were all women.

Kanda sat down between the piles of copies of his book, feeling uncomfortable, trying not to look tense or irritated by the crowd. He didn't understand why the book's buyers were only women, since his stories were structured solely as action events.

And the compliments with which they addressed him, blushing, left him dumbfounded. 'I was almost crying', or, 'The two main characters are perfect together', and, 'I didn't think a fascinating young man like you could write something so transgressive'...

Transgressive. What the hell she was meaning by that? What the fuck did it mean? And Lenalee behind him, who thanked each girl and encouraged him to sign the book and move on, her face flushed as if she was embarrassed about something.

When the last fan had left, both the youths breathed a sigh of relief, looking at each other: it had been really tiring.

But I'm still alive, thought Lenalee. For now.

Then she saw something in the distance she had wished would not ever happen.

"Hello!" Exclaimed a youth who seemed to have red hair entering the library, and behind him... behind him... What the heck was Allen doing here?

Lenalee panicked, she knew that Allen had a loose tongue, and would make jokes even completely ignoring the plot of the book. But when she noticed the bag Allen had on his shoulder she immediately understood: the other young man had to to be a journalist if her fiancé was carrying the camera equipment!

And this was really bad, really really bad... An interview would have been the last straw, totally, with Allen standing right beside them in addition! Lenalee saw herself already sliced by Mugen, and an icy shiver ran through her body as she watched the two newcomers approaching their desk.

The young redhead turned in their direction, identifying at first sight who should be the writer... And then Allen saw them, nearly falling on the ground by surprise after recognizing Kanda as the author they was looking for, but above all, for finding Lenalee at his side.

"So this lovely lady is the author we're seeking!" Lavi flashed one of his dazzling smiles, trying to impress the one he believed to be a shy girl, and he even put a hand on the table leaning toward the Japanese man, pretending to put on the sexy pose of a heartbreaker.

Allen blanched at that statement, and Lenalee gasped, such behavior with Kanda meant death, preferably slow and painful.

"Care to repeat that?" Kanda growled, suddenly getting up and grabbing the youth by the collar, almost lifting his weight completely off the ground. The wool hat Lavi was wearing pulled down over his head fell on the floor, revealing in all their glory the flaming red hair and the eyepatch on the youth's right eye, almost completely covered by a red lock before his hat would fell.

" 'M s-sorry... your hair... I was misled..." Lavi stammered, half suffocated. "I didn't mean t'offend ya, on my word!"

Lenalee formed a silent 'O', and lifted a hand to cover her mouth, only then realizing the extent of the trouble in which she had plunged herself into. How could he exist? Yet the young man was alive and kicking in front of her eyes! Kanda also appeared shocked from seeing Lavi's rebel red hair. He too seemed to have recognized the reporter in some way, although for different reasons from the girl's ones.

"You again!" The Japanese man said, identifying in the youth the reporter who constantly pursued him during the investigation on his cases, and this clarified one of the questions Lenalee was silently asking herself, when Kanda added in a very upset tone. "It wasn't enough during my work on crime scenes, now you're following me even here!"

Allen pressed himself against the girl, terrified by the fate that his workmate was about to suffer, while Lenalee was wondering if it was the case or not to intervene and separate them, before the red haired youth had the worst.

Why on earth Kanda took inspiration from someone he didn't even know, and whom, moreover, he couldn't bear, to create one of the protagonists for his stories was a mystery. And she had them... Oh, heavens! What a mess!

Meanwhile, Lavi also recognized Kanda, helped by his grievances, and he definitely couldn't understand how this violent and antisocial individual could have actually written something as good as to be published...

My goodness, just be realistic, a cop! Okay, a detective, but at the police academy they didn't teach you how to write, that was for sure!

"Ah! The 49th District's detective who treated me like dirt last night!" Lavi concluded, indicating the writer's face, who's owner still clutched dangerously at his collar, threatening to suffocate him.

"Che," he received in response from Kanda, who suddenly dropped the poor redhead, nearly causing him to fall down on his back.

"And last week. And even the one b'fore that." Lavi rearranged his shirt and jacket. "Looks like we've fated to meet, ya and me, yer always in my way. 49 should be my number..." He got back another 'Che', a contemptuous exclamation the Japanese man let himself blurt out often as it seemed, and which to Lavi appeared so appropriate for a cold guy like the young detective; and that made the man even more interesting to him.

"Idiot." Kanda labeled him unceremoniously. Could it be possible he was surrounded only by morons?

Allen could not help but burst out laughing loudly, under Lavi's astonished gaze.

"The fuck are you laughing, moyashi? A single nuisance wasn't enough, you had to draw after a mate too!" Kanda turned towards Lenalee, his face tense in the effort to remain calm. "Why did you tell him where we were?"

"I haven't said anything to Allen, Kanda-kun..." The Chinese girl defended herself, now resigned to the worst.

Lavi tried to hide the laughter that escaped from his lips at the nickname the Japanese man had buckled to Allen. For what he knew of Kanda's native tongue it was a really good choice. Allen gave the redhead a withering glare, flinging open arms between Lenalee and Kanda.

"Leave her alone, you'll make her cry!" He accused the dark-haired youth, who shrugged at him carelessly. "And my name is Allen! Allen! Got it?"

"Whatever." Kanda dismissed him abruptly, his voice cold and sharp. "The Hell you want? I have no time to lose with two morons like you."

"Oh, yer so mean, Yuu! We just wanna do our wor..." Lavi couldn't finish his sentence that he found in an instant himself attached to the nearest wall.

"What did you say?" Kanda hissed as if the mere sound of that question could kill his helpless victim.

"Hey! W-What's wrong with ya? I only said we need t'do our work..." Lavi groaned in shock as he ended stuck to the wall with such a speed and violence.

"Che. Not that, you moron, the name. DO. NOT. EVER. USE. MY. NAME." Kanda spelled out slowly and with clear voice to make sure that the whole concept would penetrate the screw loose brain of the redhead idiot.

"But, Yuu..." Immediately objected said idiot, but feeling the grip around his neck tightening like a steel vice persuaded him to give up (for now) on whatever kind of protest he was going to utter. "Okay, okay, message received. Now let go..." Lavi breathed out, close to suffocation, and he was immensely grateful when Kanda did it. "I just want an interview with ya." The redhead said hoarsely, rubbing his neck. "Lavi," he added, holding out his hand for the Japanese man to shake.

"No way." Kanda replied contemptuously, ignoring the journalist's introduction.

"What's up, are you afraid to admit you wrote an obsce..." Lenalee's hand quickly covered Allen's mouth, forcing him to look at her face. The girl shook her head, motioning not to say anything, and it seemed... Oh God, no... This meant that...

"Come on moyashi, finish the sentence." Kanda ordered him in a threatening way, ready to fight again.

"L-Lenalee, don't tell me that you had... you had..." Allen saw she was giving him the look 'we'll calmly talk about it later, now shut up', and he knew he was right. Lenalee had something to do with Kanda's book.

"Well?" The Japanese man's tone had become impatient and he was about to snap again, when Allen gave him an answer he didn't expect.

"We just want to ask you some question about your book Kanda, be reasonable, we only need to write a review, that's all." The English boy hoped that Kanda for once would give way to the blandishments of fame.

"No." Was instead the Japanese man's categorical reply. "Invent it; you journalists are so good at these things." And with that sarcastic statement he turned his back to them, intending to leave the library. "Lenalee, tonight I'm on duty. I'll be home late." He said before walking out.

"Damn, what a temper!" Lavi said as soon as the writer was out of earshot. "You're his girlfriend?" He then asked to Lenalee.

"God forbid!" Allen blurted out, about to choke with his donuts (which he had promptly withdrawn out again right after Kanda had left) hearing Lavi's question. "She's my girlfriend." He stated firmly.

Lavi put on a more than surprised look. The albino midget had a girlfriend so pretty and smart? Incredible. Some people had bad tastes, really.

But it was a true luck that the both of them knew Kanda so well, he would have the two youths telling him all about the writer, to understand the Japanese man better and find a way to break through his defenses.

Meanwhile, Lavi knew that the girl lived with Kanda, even if she was engaged to the albino, if you believed what the boy had just said.

"Yuu was really rude, he should have seen you home..." Lavi held out his hand, waiting for the girl to shake it and officially introduce herself.

"Lenalee Lee. Pleased to meet you." She shook hands with the reporter not without a hint of discomfort, thinking about the trouble in which she had gotten herself into. "If you value your safety don't ever call Kanda by his first name." She immediately warned the reporter.

"My name's Lavi, just call me that." The young redhead simply said, ignoring Lenalee's advice and smiling kindly to her. "Are we goin' moyashi? Let's take our pretty young lady home."

"Hey! What does this mean? You're not going to start calling me with that horrible nickname too now, are you?" Hearing Lavi chuckling in amusement, Allen complained disconsolately. "What harm have I done...

"Come on, don't quarrel." Lenalee rebuked them with a stern look on her beautiful face. "And if you see me home I'll be more than happy."

Perfect! Everything as expected, thought Lavi. This way I'll know where he lives... Tomorrow I'm going to give him a good morning!

The first thing the director of the Noah's Ark Publishing saw that morning was the familiar face of one of the most persistent nuisances she had ever known in her whole life: her favourite collaborator's brother, a new-age orientalizing charlatan with an absurd appearance: half a turban on his head, short unkempt hair of a whitish color, Arab-style clothing and three disturbing eyes tattooed on his forehead. The man smiled in a dull way, greeting her by waving his open hand.

"Wisely." She addressed him icily, honey blond hair tied back in a low ponytail, moving aside a strand of fringe from her 'Lennon' style sunglasses she wore constantly. "Just because your sister works for the Earl, doesn't mean that you're welcome here."

"Aww, Lulu dear, you're always so friendly!" The man said, leaning with both hands on the desk. "You know that if I come to see you it is always because I had an important revelation, and I want to share it." Wisely winked an eye at the woman, widening his smile.

"To you it's Lulubell, idiot. Now stop it with your 'Mr. I know it all' look and disappear from my sight." The woman snorted, clearly irritated by the unwanted intrusion which had interrupted her work.

"Don't you want to see what I brought for you?" Wisely fumbled with his clothes, extracting from his short 'Arabian Nights' style jacket an envelope and putting its contents on the woman's desk in plain sight. Lulubell's eyes widened as she saw the photograph.

"Bookman Junior?" She exclaimed dumbfounded, immediately recognizing the place where the picture was taken, and especially the person depicted beside the young Bookman.

"Correct. Aren't you dying to know why he was there?" The bizarre individual asked in a persuasive tone, leaning more towards the woman.

"I perfectly know why, you idiot!" She snapped, hitting the photo with her fist. "Damned Bookman..." Lulubell murmured, more to herself than to her current conversation partner, who continued to stare at her with that dull look on his face that made you ask 'is he really like that or is he just acting?', which strongly got on Lulubell's nerves. "You've made your boasting, now go back to reading the future in your hack-fortuneteller's study." She dismissed Wisely with a stiff gesture of her hand, continuing to study the photo with a worried look.

"Not even a thank you, Lulu?" Wisely complained in a hurt tone.

"Shoo!" Lulubell ordered, pointing at the door, still open since the man had barged into her study.

"Oh, you're so mean!" Wisely whined, flaunting a fake outraged expression. "But tell the Earl you got the news thanks to me. Maybe he'll employ me..."

Lulubell shuddered at the thought.

"Get out!"

The second after the one in which the door closed behind the pseudo-guru, Lulubell clung to the phone, calling the indicted Library.

"Sheryl? I have in front of me a picture of our miracle writer together with the Bookman scion, what can you tell me about it?" The woman hissed in a threatening tone. The man on the other end of the phone apologized repeatedly.

«Oh, Lulu, darling... I'm mortified, I couldn't help it. The Bookman brat stumbled in here by surprise during our meeting with the month's author, in the middle of the autograph session, and I certainly couldn't throw him out.»

"How come I wasn't informed?" Lulubell asked in an inquisitorial tone as she was now told of that fact, longing to have Sheryl right in front of her for kicking him as he deserved.

«Well... I didn't think it was so important, after all that Kanda almost punched the Junior Bookman, so there's no risk...»

"I'm the one to decide what's important and what's not, blockhead! That must not happen again, alright?" And on the further apologies from the man, she hung up the phone.

Now Lulubell only hoped that the Earl should never come to know about it, and immediately took the necessary precautions requested by the situation.

She dialed another number, and waited.

Title: It's a Mistake... maybe
Genre: Romance, thriller
Pairing: Lavi/Kanda
Rating: T (For now, rating will go up for later chapters)
Summary: Kanda is a detective in NY, but his secret dream is something else... After Lenalee plunged into his house suddenly that dream comes true. But soon after Kanda will discover that there's a price both for fame and dreams.
Warnings: AU, violence, language, boy/boy sex....


Other Chapters:
It's a Mistake... maybe - Ch.6
It's a Mistake... maybe - Ch.5
It's a Mistake... maybe - Ch.4
It's a Mistake... maybe - Ch.3
You're here: It's a Mistake... maybe - Ch.2
It's a Mistake... maybe - Ch.1

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Just a quicky.
This is a belated birthday present for :iconloeeshian: of his OC Jaska.
I hope you like it, sorry it's late!

References used.
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Happy (and very, very belated) Birthday to :icondestatidreamxiii: !

Sorry this is SOOOOOO very late my dear. TOP was NOT cooperating and letting me draw him. *sigh* I hope you like! :huggle: 

Big thanks to *YumeNouveau for finding me a good portrait of T.O.P to work from! Obviously neither he, nor the portrait I was working from are mine. ;)

(~DestatiDreamXIII It's always the blue haired boys for you...why is you think? Hahahahhaa!)
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Meet my new character Gen. :D Don't call him Gwen, he doesn't like that much. ;) 
He's from the new short story I'm writing, a slashed version of Beauty and the Beast. :XD:

Gwenhael means blessed and generous

Edited to add (cause crud, I forgot to mention this time): Reference used. 
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This photo has a lot of time ó.o I don't know why I didn't submit it before.

Models: Sanji & Kami
Photo: Me
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my lovely boys ~ <33

i really love memes xDD they always seem like so much fun to do xDD ((even tho i read more of them than i actually draw >A> ))

this was seriously me forcing myself to draw theo (red haired gay)... xD; poor baby, i never draw him >.>;; i love him dearly, it's just his face... is so big and pointy... *used to drawing laith*

i also just wanted to draw how big they are compared to each other... xD cuz theo is such a large uke... <3 and laith is such a dominant shorty xDD i really love them @3@

panel 1: me being lazy *drew it last xD*

panel 2: i like this one the best... xD especially laith's worried expression xDD he's normally calm, so... hehheh. like his legs stickin' up? i know i do. :l

panel 3: it was fun to draw theo's expression with this one xD such a gay

panel 4: *got lazy again*

i may put this in scraps later... i dunno >3>;; we see.


Photoshop CS3

Theo and Laith Me D<
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Slenderman, Slenderman, does whatever a Slenderman does...

Okay. Yes. I'm totally in love with Marble Hornets. Problem?

My take on the operator symbol. Thought since Slendy likes trees, it should have some vines and stuffs =3

Slenderman belongs to the people who revived him.
Operator Symbol from Marble Hornets.
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Yeah, added him on to my operator symbol tribal~ GOTTA LOVE SLENDY!<3

Operator Symbol is from Marble Hornets
Slenderman was brought to you by something awful forums. Gotta love how creepypasta's start...
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So, I put three BlackWing - Bora the Spear in Talaria's deck. A crazy North American blackbird with a ridiculously oversized weapon? Why, yes, please!

Then I grew sad that there aren't any BlackWings that benefit non-Synchro decks outside of Bora and Elphin. I'd like to add Shura to Talaria's arsenal, but to do so, I need more that don't only support themselves. (I'd add Gale but he's a Tuner, and I'd add Kalut, but he only helps BF's. GOD I LOVE KALUT.)

As a result, I made a few new BlackWings. Since they're for Talaria, I thought it would be appropriate to choose two Australian birds--the cassowary and the kookaburra. (I really want to put Des Koala and Des Kangaroo in her deck, à la Tank Girl, but I'm still a staunch defender of preserving characters' decks, and those belong to Hayato, damnit! Besides, Invicil is the best Booga one could ever hope for.)

I'm still pretty torn on whether I'm upset to be adding random members of an existing archetype to my deck, but I keep justifying my decision because her deck is an aesthetic hodge-podge to begin with.

BlackWing - Dax the Laughter
Level 3 DARK Winged Beast.
"Once per turn, you can discard 1 DARK Monster or 1 Winged Beast Monster Card from your hand and select 1 opponent's Monster. If the selected Monster is face-up, change it to face-down Defense Position. If the selected monster is face-down, change it to face-up Attack Position."
[link] <-- LOOK. HE'S SO PRETTY.

BlackWing - Kes the Corona
Level 1 DARK Winged Beast.
"When this card is Normal Summoned, destroy 1 face-up opponent's Monster Level 4 or lower. If you control 3 or more face-up Winged Beast-Type Monsters in play, destroy any 1 opponent's Monster instead."

The BlackWing / BlackFeather Monster theme © Kazuki Takahashi / Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds / NAS Tokyo / Shueisha / Konami.

Kes and Dax © *datenshikurai / Academic Succession.

I'll probably redesign Kes the Corona to be a Casso-taur, though, since THE WORLD CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH BIRD MEN.
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...So are you ready for the flood of Saiou to happen? 8D;;

Just a little preview for now. Tall, clumsy Saiou gettin' macked on by determined Edo. 8D;; Yays

Taken by ~ryoneko at AnimeFest Dallas 2010, at the Reunion Hyatt. Pics in front of this lobby wall would not have been possible without her awesome photography skills and awesome camera! Admire her awesomeness! Admire it!! Thank you so much, Ryouko. We had a blast. Peep loves you!

(I'll be updating with a higher res, bigger picture once Ryouko gets the chance to dump her memory cards to her site. Super busy Ryouko is super busy! :heart:)
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A vast majority of yaoi fangirls don't know the first thing about male anatomy, male psychology, or any notion of male homosexuality. There is no understanding of how two men would interact, no comprehension of how their anatomy might function in any given situation whatsoever (solo or in tandem with another body).

Believe it or not...
1) There is no formula to gay sex.
2) There is rarely ever, in a relationship, a partner fixed as "the uke," while the other is always "the seme." If this is the case, it is because the couple is into light bondage--NOT BECAUSE THEY'RE GAY.
3) Gay sex doesn't require penetration. Many gay men have very active sex lives that don't include anal sex at all.
4) Anal sex REQUIRES lubricant. It's also nice to have a condom.
5) Real anal sex is hot, sticky, smelly, and usually involves some extent of pain. Think about the body parts involved and try to argue otherwise.
6) Gay men do not behave like women. (...Okay, most of them don't. BD;; ) Gay men behave like MEN.

I have determined that the likeliest source of all contrivances adopted as truth by yaoi fangirls was invented by an Internet troll.

In all fairness, most lesbian fantasies invented by men have the same set of problems.

Comments disabled by owner.
Isnt he just soo YUMMY...I love his hair!! And his songs!!
If you dont know go look up Scotty Vanity on Youtube I like your hair!!! Love yalllll xD
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a little tlc
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