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You can view this screenshot and more on: :iconlsf-da-group:

OS: Sabayon 8 x64
DE: Gnome-Shell
Wallpaper: MARCH by :iconblankid: [link]
GTK3, Metacity Theme: Brown n Grey GTK by :iconcraazyt: [link]
Gnome-Shell Theme: Hope: Hope gtk3 by :icongrvrulz: [link]

Awn Theme: Transparent, pre-installed
Conky: Minimal Grey Conky by :iconmmesantos1: [link]
Icon Theme: Faience Dark by :icontgraeca84: [link]
Dock Icons: FaenK folders by :iconacidrums4: [link]

App: Nautilus
Monitor PSD image created by :iconsubmicron: [link]
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Well I have been wanting to theme a desktop using Radiance so I went and did it. Hope you all Like it. :-)
You can view this screenshot and more on: :iconlsf-da-group:

OS: Ubuntu 12.04 x64 Beta 1
DE: Unity
Wallpaper: French Morning by :iconakibara: [link]

GTK3/Unity/Metacity Themes: Radiance: Pre-Installed in OS.
Icon Theme: Faience icon theme by :icontiheum: [link]
Conky: Simple Unity by :icontheb4rd: [link]
Covergloobus: Sticker for CoverGloobus by :iconxegi90: [link]
Monitor PSD image created by: :iconsubmicron: [link]

Running Apps: Gnome Image Viewer
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OS: Ubuntu 10.10
DE: Gnome 2.32
Wallpaper: Woods by :iconkauppinen90: [link]
GTK2 & Metacity: LaGaDesk-N12-evo by :iconlagadesk: [link]
Icons: AwOken by :iconalecive: [link]

Docky Theme: Transparent, preinstalled in Docky Dev PPA.
Covergloobus Theme: ToolTip2 for Covergloobus by :iconbigrza: [link]
Conky: Minimal Grey Conky by :iconmmesantos1: [link]

Apps Running: Gnome Image Viewer
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WM: Fluxbox 1.3.2
Icons: AwOken [link]
GTK theme: Modified Ambiance Dark (Yeah, I like this theme lol)
Fluxbox theme: My own
Wallpaper: Thanks to minteastwood [link]

Screenshot 1:
cairo-dock on top
conky in middle (based on mrPeachy's conky [link] , but modified)

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:
Flux-menu + urxvt
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Yam! with a brown-metal wallpaper by igorkulemza: [link]

Specs is the same as: [link]

Style: Pluralistic
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*** UPDATE ***
A new version can be found here: [link]

I hacked the dock gnome extension that you can find at [link] It is now possible to have it on bottom or on top.

*** You change the options in the file "extension.js". There is a section in that file called "User section" which may look like this: ***

// ### USER SECTION ### //
const DOCK_ENABLE_AUTOHIDE = true; //Values: true or false
const DOCK_POSITION = PositionMode.BOTTOM; //Values: PositionMode.TOP or PositionMode.BOTTOM
const DOCK_SIZE = 30;
// ### END USER SECTION ### //

I hope it is pretty straightforward on how to change the options.

*** How to install ***
You have to extract the files in your .local/share/gnome-shell/extensions directory (If you already installed the original dock, back it up and move it to another directory).

This works on Gnome 3.2.1, however I do not know if it works for earlier or newer versions. Tested on Slackware 13.37.

*** Info about my screenshot ***
Icon: Awoken
Wallpaper: [link]

### Changelog v.0.2 ###

The size of the dock was not updated properly when moving out with mouse, you had to point on dock do update the size. This is now fixed (for the dock with autohide disabled).

### Changelog v.0.3 ###

Fixed the initialization values. You had to cover the dock with mouse when starting the dock first time to make it work properly. This is now fixed as well.

### Changelog v.0.4 ###

Added a "User-section" where you can easily change the alignment and Enable/Disable autohide options. See info above.
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Another Linux deskmod as usual.

GTK3 > Brown n Gray Dark GTK > [link]

Emerald > Placo > [link]

Icon > Iconpack mod °by me using GuillenDesign's Variations iconset > [link]

Covergloobus > Click 2 > [link]

WP > Derp °by lassekongo83 > [link]
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Just another updated deskmod with Gnome.
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I usually dont use the same stuff more than once but I wanted something clearer and I couldnt think of other theme than this one...

About my music taste, Alabama is the best country group of all time. *_*

VS > Beginnings
Icons > Sticker and Piccolo
CAD > Snow
RocketDock > Gaia2010
Rainmeter > Amana Mod and Elegance
WP > Found it on Goodfon(dot)com
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The gtk3 theme is improved version of my gtk2 theme.My intention with this theme was to get easy on the eyes,not too light and not too dark,low contrast theme,but at the same time very usable theme.

The pack contains following themes:

-GTK3 (two versions)
-GTK2 (two versions)
-Metacity (two versions-right and left side buttons)

To install themes,unpack archive to /usr/share/themes or ~/.themes folder.Unity users have to use Ubuntu-tweak to set WOW-2-Left-Buttons theme for Window theme.

Gtk3 themes requirement:
gnome-themes-standard package

Gtk2 themes requirement:
- GTK2 engine Murrine
- GTK2 pixbuf engine

-29.12.2012. - GTK3 theme updated to gnome 3.6
-31.12.2012. - Fixed Nautilus path bar,and some gtk2 improvements
- 22.01.2013. - bugfix release
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AWN + Dockbarx - theme Radiance,
Conky - theme Universal,
GTK + Emerald - theme WOW-2,
Icons - theme AwOken.
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I modified Zukitwo-Dark gtk themes to suit my vision of desktop.If you like it,you can download it here.You have to carefully choose font size.Sans or ubuntu 10 or 11 px best fit themes,for other fonts you have to find the best size.Archive contains gtk3,gtk2,metacity,xfwm4,emerald and openbox theme.

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Plasma desktop with default theme for windows and caledonia theme for plasma.
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Elementary theme for qtcurve!

1.2 :
Refining a lot of widgets(exspecially qtcurve window border) modified alternative version.
***For smaragd: just copy the folder named theme to ~/.emerald and select smaragd from window decorations settings.

1.1 :
Refining various widgets,improved window border,added an aqua version,added chromium theme

1.0 :
First release but usable,for now using smaragd for window border for install go here [link]
There are 2 color schemas one that reproduces the elementary colors and another different.

How to install:
STYLE: if you don't have qtcurve,install it (search for "qtcurve" on your package manager)
download and extract the archive,open system setting - appearence - style,select qtcurve and click on configuration button,click on import and select the file .qtcurve downloaded.

COLOR SCHEME: open system settings - colors,click on import,select the .colors file downloaded.
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Full Flat for Plasma

i did this plasma theme to make a square,light and trasparent theme,matching with full flat qtcurve theme [link]

base theme is Caledonia by Malcer [link] thanks to him :)
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ArchLinux running gnome-shell 3.4. Plain and simple just as I like it.

- Midori
- Nautilus
- Avant-window-navigator

Wall: [link]
GTK theme: [link]
Mutter theme: [link]
Shell theme: WIP (Not sure if I'll release it because there are plenty of similar themes out there already.)
Fonts: Ubuntu and droid sans. (Using the infinality font patches with the OSX setting.)
AWN theme: Custom.
Icons: [link]

I must say Midori is a nice little browser. The only downsides are some bugs and the lack of some settings. (And that some addons won't work with js disabled globally.)
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Important note: This theme is designed around Gnome 3.4 and the 1.0.2 version of the Unico engine. I do not work with any development releases. This theme will break in Gnome 3.5.

The included INSTALL file have all the installation instructions.

This theme requires the Unico GTK3 engine version 1.0.2 or later. (Only if you're using Gnome 3 or GTK3 applications.)
- [link]
(Available as gtk-engine-unico in ArchLinux community repo.)

If you don't install these engines - GTK2 applications will not be styled. So it's NOT a bug if for example GIMP or Firefox looks like Windows 98. It's just you who haven't installed the gtk2 engines. :)

- GTK2 engine Murrine or later
- GTK2 pixbuf engine or the gtk(2)-engines package

Fedora/RedHat distros:
yum install gtk-murrine-engine gtk2-engines

Ubuntu/Mint/Debian distros:
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf

pacman -S gtk-engine-murrine gtk-engines

Search for the engines in your distribution's repository or install the engines from source.

Wall: [link]
Icons: [link]
Font: Liberation Sans Narrow Condensed (Not the default font in this theme.)

The left bar is avant-window-navigator. The theme is included.

- In some flavors of Gnome 2.32 the right-click menu on some panel applets have a white text and uses the pixmap hover effect. There's no known fix for this.

- Dialog windows in Gnome 3 fallback mode have weird borders. My current recommendation is that you detach them with gconf-editor. Open gconf-editor and untick this key: /desktop/gnome/shell/windows/attach_modal_dialogs.

- Legacy metacity theme is not borderless. (It doesn't look good.) Use gnome-shell to get anti-aliased rounded corners. ;-)

- The IDE software Eclipse/Aptana may have some strange color bugs. If you know of any fixes, please let me know.

- Xfce panel applets have some strange bugs. Possible cause is because you need to use a background image for your panel. This theme is not designed to be used with a trillion inconsistent panel applets.

License: GPL



- GTK3: Gnome classic indicator applet fix.
- GTK3: Added support for slickpanel.

- GTK3/GTK2: Minor fix.

- Several changes. See the full changelog here: [link]

- Shell theme: Removed border radius from the menus + some other minor changes.
- GTK3: Selected backdrop color is now gray.

- Shell theme: Fixed colors.

- Shell theme: New layout on a lot of stuff. (Switches, pop-up menus, summary-source-button and more.)

- Shell theme: Added style for extra view-tabs created by extensions.
- Shell theme: Font-sizes are now set globally in the top of the css style for easier access.
- GTK3: Minor fix.

- Mutter: Titlebar text is now horizontally aligned.
- GTK3: Nautilus cluebar changes.
- Shell: Minor menu change. (To get rid of xsession-error warnings.)

- GTK3: Insensitive toolbar button text color and bumpy behavior fixed.
- GTK3: Improved GtkScale.
- GTK3: Minor Unity panel fix.

- GTK3: Some minor fixes.
- Nautilus: Inactive pane colors added.
- Gnome-terminal: Notebook border removed.

- GTK3: Improved progressbars.
- Unity/GTK3: Fixed GtkCalendar today highlight.
- GTK3: Some other minor changes.
- GTK2: Font in statusbars will now be the same size as your other fonts.

- GTK3: Spinbuttons are now styled.
- Shell theme: 1 bugfix and some improvements to pressed panel buttons.

- GTK3: Some adjustments and minor bug fixes.
- Shell theme: Loads of changes and fixes. New buttons, switches, colors etc.

- GTK3: A bunch of bug fixes and some other minor changes.

- Added support for Gnome 3.4. Do not upgrade if you still use Gnome 3.2.

- Shell theme: Ok. No more trollface corner ripple lol. :P
- Shell theme: Heart activities button replaced with the Gnome foot. (Heart icon still included if you would like to use that.)
- GTK3: Fixed the settings.ini file.

- First release.
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Not much change since last time. (Just love that wallpaper.) :P

Wall: [link]
GTK: [link]
Emerald: [link]
Icons: Faenza
Font: Trebuchet MS
Pic: [link]
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Wallpaper: Everywhere and nowhere by rainman65 [link]

GTK theme: 00101 by Aaron-A-Arts [link]

Emerald theme: GAIA Sprout by lassekongo83 [link]

Icon theme: Faenza Icons by tiheum [link]

Conky and AWN themes by me

Apps: Clementine, Gwenview
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Wallpaper: [link]

GTK theme: LaGaDesk-N12-evo (in my gallery)

Emerald theme: LaGaDesk-N12- mac (in my gallery)

Icons: LaGaDesk-BlackWhite-III (in my gallery) + folder icons by naf1971: [link]

Panel on top and dock on bottom: AWN (theme by me)

Conky theme: by me (will be released later)

CoverGloobus theme: by me (I'm working on it) it's placed over with impulse screenlet
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Nothing special, based on the last setups in bespin dark and light. ;)

Wallpaper: [link]

Picture in Gwenview: [link]

KDE 4.8.1 and Bespin (Airaquio color scheme and Bespin config in my gallery)

Icons: [link]

Plasma theme: [link]

Clock is BeClock: [link]
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Dear Reflektions fans, if you enjoy my work and this icon theme, please konsider making a donation
with Paypal to :)

This is a version of the KDE4 port of the "Reflektions"icons (….

This icon theme is a compilation of a few icon themes and a few sparse icons
found on and, as well as a few that I made on my own. It is not complete yet
but hopefully (in time) it will be.


The installation requires you run the included script. You MUST have the command "convert" available which is part of
imagemagick. You must also have the "tar" package installed. Make sure you have
both of the packages installed before you run the script.

1) Extract the downloaded file

2) cd Reflektions_KDE4/

3) click on click_to_install



The systray icons of KDE 4.5 series use by default the plasma-theme icons, which do not match the Reflektions set.
If you wish to have this theme's systray icons, follow the instructions that will pop out after the script has run.

*** FIREFOX ***

I have created a stylish script for firefox 4 (only) which will make it use your current KDE icon set. See here for more details:…

v0.1: initial release

v0.2: added kmail, konqueror, kget, device-notifier, etc

v0.3: added many navigation icons, some apps, etc

v0.4: added more navigation icons, apps and modified theme file to include more folders

v0.5: added more systemsetting icons, apps, actions, kmail icons and widgets

v0.55: fixed rating star color, added systray icons (read note above on how to use them)

v0.6: improved folders' contrast, added archives and some text-mimetypes

v0.7: added some audio files

v0.8: updated script, added systray icons, widget-icons, gwenview icon, and a few more... improved contrast of a few 16x16 and 22x22 icons.

v0.85: added firefox, amarok, kile, dropbox; updated script

v0.9: ktorrent, kopete, draw-freehand, text-x-changelog, show-menu, format-text-*, fill-color, format-fill-color, format-justify-*, unknown

v0.95: added: wine, applications-games, applications-development, applications-office, applications-science, applications-system, applications-utilities, kontact, gimp, banshee
improved: systray:wallet, systray:randr

v0.97: added: rekonq, korganizer, kpatience, quassel, pidgin, dropbox, ksnapshot, favorites, knotes, deluge, linuxdcpp, nxclient-icon, picard, kupfer, texmacs, kmag, kppp, nvidia-settings, okular, inkscape,
improved contrast of some 32x32 folder and compressed packages

v1.0: libreoffice-apps, djview4, korg-journal, view-history, svg, synaptic, chokoq, qbittorent, systray:quassel
improved 32x32 and 48x48 folders and compressed packages

v1.1: collection-amarok, podcast-amarok, playlist-layouts,
systray:klipper, systray:audio, view-services-lastfm-amarok,
view-services-magnatune-amarok, view-services-librivox-amarok,
view-services-opml-amarok, clementine, gnome-mplayer,
dynamic-playlist, amarok_playlist, playlist-generator,
improved 16x16, 22x22, 32x32, 64x64 folders and packages,
wallet-open, wallet-closed, luna, edit-select

v1.2: thunderbird, dragonplayer, networkmanager, lancelot, chronometer, qalculate, fork, basket, plasmaapplet-shelf, document-edit
systray: akregator
added "Theme" file to make your KDE like the screenshot

v1.3: iceweasel, blender, application-x-blender, deadbeef, secure-card
systray: akonadi, improved systemsettings tooltip icons

v1.4: xorg, application-x-cd-image, muon, view-statistics, designer-qt4, ccsm, few kmail-actions (finally!)

v1.45: added: systray:printer, systray:ktorrent, systray:kget,
systray:kopete, input-tablet, media-flash-memory-stick, lyx,
dashboard-show, internet-web-browser, application-epub+zip,
application-illustrator, script to uninstall dropbox, removed
systray installation script, added script to create and install
plasma theme using reflektions icons

v1.46: kalarm, audacity, bluefish, filezilla, linuxdcpp, opera-browser, virtualbox, systray:kalarm, systray:clementine

v1.47: telepathy-kde + few app icons, smplayer, clementine systray is now black

v1.48: message-rfc822, select-rectangular, juk, page-zoom

v1.49: distribute-horizontal-x, knotes_alarm, sort-name, sort-presence, digikam, internet-telephony, kbugbuster, kchart, preferences-kcalc-constants, kde-windows, utilities-desktop-extra, tagua,
strigi, kgpg, fontforge, graphics-viewer-document, kcolorchooser, kjournal, office-address-book, xpdf, gaupol

v1.50: utilities-log-viewer, menu_new, kmail2, kmplayer, akonadiconsole, ghex, ktouch, 0ad, virt-manager, cmake-gui, cmake-gui2, CMakeSetup32

v1.51: widgets:ativities, application-javascript, application-xml, kdevelop, kteatime, systray:kteatime

v1.52: rsibreak0-4, rsibreakx, rsibreak, duringbreaks, timings, ark

v1.53: application-x-mswinurl, view-services-amazon-amarok, view-services-scripted-amarok, view-services-jamendo-amarok, view-services-ampache-amarok, view-services-gpodder-amarok, checkbox, photos-amarok, systray:kteatime, systray:notification, changed script for creating plasma theme based on existing one

v1.54: libreoffice-spreadsheet, libreoffice-drawing, many krusader icons, korg-todo

v1.55: konversation, okular-archive, changed dropbox script

v1.56: love-amarok, improved plasma_theme script to show only valid themes

v1.57 (last version): plasma-networkmanagement for systray 4.12, baloo
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I just couldn't come up with a nice way to show windows, but I hope you like it anyway :P

CrunchBang Statler
GTK theme: Equinox Evolution Dawn by ~tiheum [link]
Openbox theme: Equinox Evolution Dawn for OB by me [link]
Icons: Faenza by ~tiheum [link]
Wallpaper: Elemental by ~snipes2 [link]
tint2 by me (I will upload a config pack of sorts soon)
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Still using the CRT... Oh well :)

CrunchBang Statler
GTK and Openbox: Litestyle Mint Dark from Litestyle suite by ~weakhead [link]
Icon theme: Gnome Wise
Panel: tint2 (shout for config)
Wallpaper: Calm Grain by ~mACrO-lOvE [link]
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A sort of port of Illumine by ~JasonAbsolom. Due to limitations in Openbox, I decided to make everything uniform, instead of the panel and the menu having thick borders like the original, but the window decorations having 1px borders.


  • To install the Openbox theme, extract the Illumine folder to ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes

  • To install the tint2 theme, extract the tint2rc to ~/.config/tint2


  • The Openbox theme is intended to be used without a window label, and only the iconify, maximize and close buttons are done in the style of the theme. I can add the rest later, if requested...

  • Be warned that the tint2 config is set up so that right clicking a task closes it! If you like the mouse set up differently, be sure to change the config.

  • Recommended GTK theme: MediterraneanLight

  • Recommended KDE/Qt theme is whatever you like, just change your color scheme to match :)

  • Wallpaper: Combi-Interface by ~TiberianHammer
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If you like my work, please consider a donation via PayPal to ""


ANewStartBlood is the first attempt to port ANewStart guidelines in a dark fashion. Since the choices done here (this "bloodiness" that pervades all the theme) are surely tough to digest, maybe I'll plan another more easy-going version.

As its big brother, ANewStartBlood is a complete suite for GNOME. It's designed to work under Gnome-Shell, Gnome-Fallback and Unity. For Unity and Gnome-Fallback mode, please read the README file inside the pack. There is also a Conky file to meet the theme overall guidelines.

Other informations:


  • GTK3 -> Unico GTK3 engine version 1.0.1 or later (only if you're using Gnome 3 or GTK3 applications).

  • GTK2 -> Murrine GTK2 engine or later


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Gray Revenge GTK 3.4 + Unity + Gnome-shell + Cinnamon + Metacity themes.

Because every detail matters.

EDIT: the suite is released. You can find it here:
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Please consider a small donation (1$ goes a long way) via PayPal to ""


This theme comes with:

  • installation script to quickly configure conky, and install gtk theme and background wallpaper image

  • awn theme

  • gnome-panel background image

  • custom start page

Theme description is in the screenshot. For further info, check the README file in the downloadable archive.

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconpleaseask1::iconpleaseask2:
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