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pretending is something
you can only do for so long.
i am tired of pretending.
i wish the world knew
how sick i am of it already.
the days are long, quiet,
boiling sunshine scars
flesh like cigarette burns.
wind whistles like a
mockingbird that's finally
gotten his own song but
is too shy to sing it,
trees rustle and leaves
muffle in the cacophony
of the world's perpetually
profuse state of sad.
pencil tips snap, crack like
the bones of lost brethren,
scorned even through the
haven we used to call home.
the words etched fluidly
in my veins, ink spewed
blue before oxidation
has repercussions only
when there's affirmation.
i wish you knew how badly
this pretending makes me
feel, strangled by the
dull touch of lead in
the lungs of the breathless,
tears of the hopeless
stain mattresses of
an effervescent childhood.
we cannot hope any longer.
we can only pray that
the pretending will stop
and that you'll look
at the spattered pieces
of notebook sheets
ever so slightly littering
the ground you scuff
your sneakers upon, the
trees' foliage is long
gone, but the colors have
left even longer, i'm tired
of acting like our sepia-
toned sun never set, and
that this is just a game,
will it be funny when
i'm distorted back to
a normal perception?
as i hear the last chime
before another night wasted,
i wallow in what-ifs and
hope that i'll escape it.
this madness is just
temporary but the angry
will be forever unless
someone puts a stop to it.
i see no bells strewn
generously across my
emblazoned chest of feelings.
my heart is so far up my
sleeve you can no longer
hear it ringing. why
don't you give it a call?
why don't you try to give
enough damns and love
to save me? but it's not
worth it, the saving's
been done, it's the proving
that lacks its defense.
pretending is something
you've always been good at,
but you're not good anymore.
I just needed to write.
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i don't know why it's been
so long since i've written a
poem but i have subject matter
to write about as of now.
i was sad. you were there.
you told me i was beautiful.
"we need you, i need you."

it's going to be okay.

"just breathe for me. i'm here.
you'll always be safe with me.
i'll always be here for you."
those words stings because those
were the exact same things she
always said and where is she now.

it's going to be okay.

you tried to assuage my tears,
placate me, pacify me, pretend
you love me more than anyone else
just in this moment, why do you
insist on being so nice to me.
"because i care more about you
than anyone else. i want you
to be in my life for a very long time."
what the hell is that supposed to mean.

it's going to be okay.

"love you." but then you called me
the wrong name, whoops, intended
for your girlfriend, not for me,
stupidly i thought you may have been
falling but apparently we've both
fallen too far to stop already.
don't hold my hand if you love her more.
"you let me in when no one else would."
what about her. oh, yeah, her too.

it's going to be okay.

"you are so special to me."
"just try to believe."
"you are so beautiful."

"it's going to be okay, i promise."
it needs to be.

it's been forever. so, yeah...
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minutes turned into
hours turned into
days turned into
weeks turned into
months without you.
i didn't think that
i could do it. really.
i thought it would
be over, disappeared.
i thought i would be
decimated, and i
started out that way.
but now i must heal
the wounds that i
faced every time i
saw yours, you're so
beautiful on the
outside but on the
inside, you're a
monster, never rest.
you look at me like
what we had never
existed, and quite
frankly, i'm okay
with just that. i'd
rather you view me
with indifference
instead of hatred.
all this time has
gone by so quickly,
do you remember all
those good times that
we made together?
nostalgia eludes me,
because i don't.
i remember only the
bad things, the
fights, the shouting
matches, the days
you would force your
hand onto mine to
avoid my self-injury,
those days you nearly
cried, but never did.
i remember only when
we weren't, but
at the same time,
this is where we were.
this is who we were.
this is what we were.
our relationship
shouldn't have fragmented
so fast. it should
have lasted forever. but
minutes turned into
hours turned into
days turned into
weeks turned into
months turned into
memories simplified
to moments. seconds.
all we'll ever have
is the moments, the
moments when no one
else was there. and
no matter how many
years go by,
i'll always have
those seconds.
well. :|
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southpark drawing
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It comes and goes
like an unwelcome houseguest,
leaving me with messes I don't need,
and it never shuts the door
to keep the cold out.
I tried shutting off the lights
and closing the blinds,
twisting the key in the padlock
and boarding the windows,
but as long as light can
seep through the cracks,
this shadow will follow
and dig its fingers into my shoulders.
I bruise easily, it knows,
and it revels in watching
me shift in discomfort
while it grips me.
Like a ghost,
it won't let go.
Because, as someone told me, recovery isn't a straight line. But I know that hurt doesn't last forever, it can't.
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We built a beautiful pyre,
and in my heart,
I'm holding your hand as it burns.
The sparks could become the stars,
jewels in Orion's belt.

I'd lace my fingers through yours
in a final act of faith
while we stare down the smoke
cradling the moon,
and each piece of kindling
that crumbles in on itself
leaves me a little less broken.

The light flickers,
so do the corners of your lips.
We needed this.
Doing a bit better each day. =)
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Your empty gaze was the crack in the road,
staring past the pool colored
almost the same shade as last summer's paint job
meant to cover up the scratches
you left on the passenger door
when you were one tequila past sober.

I am a fly trapped in this spiderweb crack
that catches the blue-red urgency of
midnight sirens that you summoned without speaking.
They can't drown out the soundtrack
of our last sixteen seconds,
all caught in my head as if to prove
I don't want it there.

You looked up from letting your fingers linger
on the radio dial when your song came on,
laughing about how it reminded you of cotton candy
and your first boyfriend's cologne,
when your summer eyes caught the headlights,
like stained glass in full sun,
and all you could say was

You always talked about how
if you had three wishes you'd spend one on flying,
but I don't think this is what you meant.
I still have dreams about you telling me
the experience wasn't worth it.

I still reach for telephone to tell you
about that nightmare,
beg you to wish for money instead before
I remember how you looked out of place
in a mahogany box, in your floral dress.

I'm not sure what a sinking heart sounds like,
but I imagine it sounds like a car crash.
Written based on a prompt by the wonderfully talented :iconschriftsteller: You can find the prompt in her journal, here! [link]
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Mr. Rush,

Every time I think back to public school, most of my memories are from band.  I started the program in 4th grade just looking for something to do, and it took me three long years to realize how much music meant to me.

While some kids went through the same old motions in middle school band, I embraced it and finally found my niche - something I could really do.  Music became more than a substitute for homeroom; it was a passion, a feeling, and you helped me learn that there is nothing on this earth comparable to playing in a band.

Band became a sanctuary where I could let the music shape my mood and let me forget my problems, even for a little while.  I know every inch of that band room, and learned so much more there than simply how to play a clarinet.  Right now, there's nothing I want more than to sit with that band, have you raise up your magic wand, and play Cedar Crest!  That one will haunt me my whole life!

In short, band changed my life.  Thank you for every adjudication, every song you pushed me to learn, and all those moments I irritated you.  Thank you for instilling in me a passion for something so much greater than what everybody sees at the concert.  Thank you for making me proud to be a bandgeek, and thank you for being my friend. :)

Just another clarinetist,
This is a real letter, one I wrote last night for my old band teacher from just a few years back, who my brother had and will leave this year for the last time :happycry:

It's sad, but that man knows I'll stalk him for the rest of his life, so we're all good :XD:

In all truth, this letter could've been pages long... it should've been, for there is so much I have to say to Mr. Rush, and some of those things can be expressed in no other way than in music. Music has shaped my life and changed my outlook on everything, and no matter how much people say that rap is music and that people screeching and synchronizing their voices is music, there is nothing in this world that can really be compared to crescendos and thunderclaps down in that musty old band room :heart: because that is where music comes from~
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It is a fragile line,
A note.
Held suspended by the air
As if a snowdrop,
Curling gently in its descent,
Ever wavering,
Never capturing the attention
It rightly deserves

Spinning, broken,
Like a careful little finely-tuned melody
To the trained ear

His fingers have been tormented
But he cannot simply stop.
The point of no return
Is a much more dangerous place
Than they let on

He plays because he must,
And in that string,
In that note,
There is his meaning of life.
Glisten like a snowdrop,
Glide like an albatross over the sea

Perhaps today it will make a difference.
They drop pennies in the hat at his feet.
:heart: Had to write a poem about a picture (for an imagery lesson) in English, so I chose my own picture and wrote this! :la:

The poem had to be 12-20 lines long and I made it 25 :facepalm: I keep doing this to my teacher and she deserves to give me less points for it... :XD:

Please let me know what you think! :aww:


P.S. quick little fun fact... if it seems weird that I added the albatross, I'll explain :XD: the albatross has a wingspan of over 11 feet, if my memory doesn't fail me, and this bird spends the majority of its life in the air, flying over the sea.  They can glide for literally hours without flapping their wings! :wow:
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So with the recent engagement of one of my dear friends I thought of making a classic "Will you marry me?" emoticon :giggle: whaddaya think?

The ending was weird because in photoshop I clearly told the dumb layers to lessen in opacity, but they didn't want to listen :shakefish: perhaps I'll fix it....

lotsa facial expressions in this one :D

that is all. :XD:
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Lucy was the princess of Magnolia, the once beautiful place in all of Fiore it was more lively then, until her father died when she was 10 she's now 17. Actually he was murdered, and Lucy was the only one who knew who did it. Hades the new king and her new "Father." Since then Magnolia fell into darkness and became known as the dark city. It was literally dark. So dark you couldn't see the sun or the blue sky. Instead it was an eternal night. Like a giant barrier that formed only around the area of Magnolia. Since her father died, that was the last day anyone saw the sky. No one can enter the city or leave it. They were helpless. Sitting ducks waiting for the dark king to get to them and kill them. She was alone since he became king. Her mother died before her father from a illness. She wanted to leave escape but there was no where to go to, and she had her duties as the future queen of Magnolia. She had to take down Hades. She had to prove he was evil. No everyone knew he was evil, no one would care if he was murdered right?

Lucy tried avoiding her " Father at all costs. He was the worst man she knew. No he was the worst man in the universe. He'd grab some random people in town and made them his servants. If he was mad or displeased he'd torture them until they died. It made her scared and angry, knowing that innocent people were getting hurt and she couldn't stop him. She was only the princess and had no power. Not yet. Lucy slowly opened the door to her room. A shout could be heard down the corner. Slowly and quietly she walked towards the shouts. Peering through the slightly opened door of the room she saw Hades leaning over a pink haired boy who was sitting in front of him. Hades was slightly grinning, and not the happy type of grin, the wicked type of grin one that said ' Your so dead' grin. But the boy was also grinning but his was the happy kind like ' Your so weird' grin. She opened the door a little wider so she could see, but not wide for them to notice her. As she looked in closer she noticed that the pink haired boy was actually tied up to a chair behind him. The rope was so tight his hands were bleeding. Did he not feel pain?
" So, boy this is the fifth time disobeying me." Hades said.
" Yup, and it won't be the last, I won't stop even if its the hundredth time." The boy replied. 'Jeez what did this kid do?" Lucy thought.
" It seems you like being beaten."
"The more you hit me the more I'll get use to it."
Ignoring the boy he went on, " This time you ruined a valuable and expensive room. somehow it was burned and you," He pointed an accusing finger at the pink haired boy," were there. Therefor only you are responsible."
"Actually it's your fault. Maybe if you weren't the all mighty king things would go smoothly and I wouldn't be doing this."
The king lost it, Lucy closed her eyes as a loud CRACK echoed across the room. Hades was standing over him holding a whip. The pink haired boy slightly winced from the sting that came from his right side of his face. Somehow to Lucy he was different from the other servants. He didn't moan in pain, cry, or freak out and he definitely didn't say sorry over and over again. He was just sitting there smiling.
" What are you smiling at boy?" Hades growled.
" That barley hurt. Your so weak."
A vein popped on Hades forehead, " You insolent brat!" He yelled bringing the whip down whacking the side of the boys face once again. It bled a little. The boy was still grinning. 'Does he have a death wish or something?' Lucy thought. Seeing the boy smile made Hades angrier, he continued to hit the boy over and over until the small cut turned into a somewhat deep gash. The boy finally winced.
" Ow, okay that hurt."
" Guards." Hades said. The guards that were in the room moved toward the boy spears pointed at him. Lucy didn't want to see someone die. She charged in.
" Master please don't hurt him!" Lucy cried.
" What are you doing here? I told you never to bother me when I'm working." Hades growled angrily.
" You'll kill him! I won't allow it!" Lucy screamed.
" He is a servant what use does he have for you?"
" He can be my servant."
Hades laughed. " I'll never let a dirty little brat be your servant, he's far to violent, he may look innocent but he's like a ruthless killer."
'Your one to talk.' Lucy thought. She wanted to say that, but saying that was a like asking to be put to death, he'd kill her even if she's a princess. He'd kill anyone who opposed him. With that he slammed the boys head into the wall, the force of the blow made the wall behind him break, a stream of blood trickled down the side of his head, knocking him out. Lucy gasped. Hades walked toward the door the guards following him.
" I'll be back." He said before leaving. The room was finally quiet. She hurried over to the boy who was still unconscious panicking she tried to see if he was alright, but the door to the room slammed opened. Five guards walked in past Lucy and grabbed the boy by the arms dragging him through the room.
" What are you doing?" Lucy yelled.
" We have orders to throw him in the cell until further notice." One guard answered and disappeared through the door. Lucy sat down on the floor. She thought for a moment before running after the guards. The prison dungeon underneath the castle was dark. No ones been down here for ages, being thrown in it is said to be the worst time of your life, you'd go crazy from the darkness, and start to believe you see ghosts. She waited for the guards to leave before she went up to the cell which the boy was thrown in. She squinted in the dark trying to see.
" Hey, are you okay?" She whispered. She could see the boy move.
" Yeah." He gasped.
" You don't sound okay."
He paused. "I guess. Anyway why did you come in? Who are you?"
" I think its more polite if you introduce yourself first, but I'm Lucy Heartfilia princess of Magnolia daughter of Jude Heartfilia former king. I came her because I saw you in that room, your a servant here right? How long have you been here?"
" Not long a week maybe. Wait your the princess?"
" Mm-hmm." Lucy nodded," My new father is the one that caused all this, the darkness, the countless deaths, you know?"
" Yeah I've heard from the other servants, there so scared they could wet there pants."
Lucy laughed, " You didn't say who you were yet."
" Oh. I'm Natsu Dragneel, Fire dragon slayer and half dragon." Natsu said smirking, but then grimaced at the pain from the side of his face and head.
" Your a wizard? And your half dragon? I didn't know dragons actually existed." Lucy said. Natsu looked at her like she was crazy.
" Well they do , my mom and dad were full dragons, but since the darkness in the town came along I couldn't find them." Natsu said frowning. Suddenly he slumped forward falling face first on the ground.
" Natsu?" He didn't answer. " I'll be back." She whispered running off. She came back with bandages, and ointment. She got the keys from one guard after persuading him that she wouldn't let him free. She went in and tried to but failed to lift him on the bed. Instead she turned him over so she can fix him up.
The next day she went to visit Natsu in the dungeons. He was awake sitting in front of the bars of the cell. When he saw her he smiled lightly. She smiled back.
" We never finished our conversation last night." Lucy said.
" Yeah."
" So, Hades brought you here right, and you burned a room? And that wasn't even the first time? Are you crazy."
" Maybe, And that last time, you didn't need to come, I was fine."
" Right and that was exactly why you passed out with one blow and they went unconscious."
" That wasn't from the blow you know. You know how many meals you get a day as a servant here? One. I'm so hungry I could eat a field full of cows. Besides I'm a wizard and half dragon remember?"
" I still can't believe dragons exist."
" You don't know?"
" Know what?"
" That-"
A creaking sound of the door from the distance of the dark dungeon sounded as two guards walked in and bowed to Lucy.
" M'Lady we are to escort you and the servant to the king's chambers."
Lucy looked at Natsu who shrugged.
" Why?"
" I don't know M'Lady but its important."
" Alright. Come on Natsu."
They followed the guards out the dungeon up three stories of stairs to the top where the king stayed. The top room was more clean than the lower two. The big difference was that instead of the original blue and white color it was a dark purple and black color. It was clean and all but it looked more like a haunted mansion. The guards who escorted them stood by the door and opened it, lowering in a bow as Lucy and Natsu walked in. Hades had completly got rid of all her fathers belongings except the crown of course. He never let it out of his sight. It was like he was afraid someone would steal his identity as king. He kept his most trusted guards in the room to watch over it while he was gone so that no one would come snooping around to find anything they shouldn't.
" Ah Lucy there you are." Hades said with a fake smile.
" Yes. You wanted to speak to us?"
" Yes, That servant, " He pointed at Natsu in disgust, " If he is ever seen with you talking instead of whatever it is he's suppose to do he will be killed."
" Yes Master." Lucy said obediently.
" Now get him out of my sight." He waved them away.
Lucy and Natsu left the room.
" Sire are you really going to kill him?" One guard asked.
" What does it matter to you? Now I need you to keep watch on him. Report anything he does. I will make a decision on what to do with him."
" Yes sire."
" Now what should you do?" Hades asked the other guard.

End of chapter
My 3rd fanfiction Dragon Blood. If you want to read more faster, I have 9 chapters on [link]
So whatcha think?
Sorry theres no spaces between dialog :|
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Episode One: A Strange Request

Against any attempt she made to hold it back, Lucy felt a wide smile grace her lips. What brought it on, she wasn't sure. Given her present situation, it could have been several different factors. Maybe the rays of sunlight warming her skin? Or the faint sound of laughter in the distance? Or even the simple, peaceful feeling days like this always caused? After so long, she simply gave up trying to guess.

As long as she was smiling, why did the reason even matter?

"Miss Lucy, aren't you afraid you'll fall up there?"

In response to the softly asked question, Lucy opened her eyes and looked down at Wendy's always cheerful gaze. The small girl, try as she might, was unable to return her gaze. Then again, seeing as she was currently using the guilds roof as an impromptu tanning salon, it wasn't surprising that she couldn't be seen from the ground. Lucy's smile widened to match her friends. "I'll be fine," she answered. "Don't worry, I'll be down in a few minutes."

Wendy's expression saddened, but only for a second. "Okay," the girl said with a smile, "but you really should think about summoning Aries, just in case. You could break something from a fall like that." On her way back around the building, the small girl waved playfully to the person she couldn't see.

Along with Wendy, Lucy knew several other members of the guild were present in the buildings backyard, no doubt using the sunny day as an excuse to get outside. Among the group, she could hear Levy and Wendy laughing hysterically, Gajeel yelling for a reason that was probably related, and Gray (along with a no doubt heart-eyed Juvia) trying to talk over it all. She could also hear Elfman, apparently in an argument with Lisanna over who could pick berries more like a man. It was strange really, even after losing everything they'd worked so hard to build; The pool, the cafe', the gift shop, her friends still managed to have just as much fun, if not more, simply by being together.

'And you wondered why you were smiling,' she thought to herself. 'You idiot.'

When a sudden thought entered her mind, Lucy forced herself to her feet, sighing deeply as she looked to the woman lying beside her. Erza, like herself, was dressed in a simple bikini top and bottom, stretched out on the roof as the sunlight warmed her skin. Even after all this time, Lucy found herself taken aback by the woman's beauty. Flowing scarlet hair, a body most women would kill for, and a constant aura that basically screamed power. It was enough to get even her heart pumping, and for that she couldn't help but be a little envious. Still, she put such thoughts behind her, hiding them under her smile as she leaned down next to the red-haired woman.

"I haven't seen Natsu or Happy in a while. Did they go home already?"

Keeping her eyes closed, Erza calmly shook her head. "They've been glued to the request board all day, I'd check there."

A quick thanks, and Lucy was off towards the ladder. Just as Erza had said, she found both Natsu and Happy by the request board. Neither noticed her approach, that is, until she announced herself with a soft clear of her throat. "Honestly, you two are relentless. Come up and relax with Erza and me. Everyone knows there hasn't been a decent job on that board in weeks."

"I'm tired of sitting around," Natsu said stubbornly, never once taking his eyes off the board.

"Aye," Happy agreed, "besides, Lucy, shouldn't you be starting to worry about your rent pretty soon?"

Opening her mouth for a quick-witted reply, Lucy instead fell into an instant gloom when her mind drew a blank. Sheepishly pushing her fingers together, she inched beside Natsu to look over the board herself. "I...I've been trying not to think about it. I figured a good job would turn up eventually."

With a deep sigh, Natsu fell into the bench a few steps behind him. "Yeah, well it's not looking good. Everything available is just simple jobs around town, you'd have to do a dozen to even come close to a decent reward."

"Looks like its life on the street for you, Lucy." Happy said as he landed on the girl's head. "Don't worry, you can stay with us until you find another place."

Lucy's heartbeat increased dramatically. "Me!? In that rundown shack you two call a house!" All but slamming her face into the request board, she began to hastily skim through each and every piece of parchment in front of her. "Over my dead body! I'll do every job here if I have to! The jewels will add up eventually!"

Her frantic search went on for several minutes, after which, Natsu smashed his fist into the request board, missing Lucy's face by only a few inches. "Man, this is so frustrating!" The man bellowed, his voice more reminiscent of a child than someone his own age. "Cleaning houses! Fixing bridges! How am I supposed to get any stronger doing these kind of jobs!?" When silence was the only response to his outrage, the angered man turned on his heel and started down the guildhall. "That's it! I'm challenging Erza again!"

"No!" Happy screamed in protest, pulling on the man's scarf with all his might. "Throwing your life away won't help you get any stronger! Remember what happened the last time you two fought!?"

Lucy barely heard any of the commotion, focused entirely on the now cracked board ahead of her. "I won't live there. I can't. Virgo would collapse from exhaustion before the place was even remotely livable! There has to be a decent job available!"

"You know, there is one more job I can let you look at." Mirajane's soft toned voice turned all three heads. Lucy pulled her eyes off the request board, Natsu stopped suddenly in his tracks, and Happy, who still had a solid grip on the man's scarf, flew directly into his back with a solid thud. A second later, all three of them were seated directly across from the smiling girl, who'd been silently wiping off the counter for the past few minutes.

"A new job?" Lucy asked hesitantly, "you mean there's one that's not on the request board?"

Mirajane's smile widened as she nodded her head. "Yep, one came in just this morning. Not even the Master has seen it yet."

"Alright, lets see it!" Natsu said with two eagerly clenched fists.

With another wide smile, Mirajane leaned under the counter. A single piece of parchment was placed in front of her, which Natsu, Happy, and Lucy all proceeded to look over while she went back to work. The parchment read: 'Request for capable wizard to solve an incident in the town of Soveria. Payment of 5,000,000 Jewels will be paid up front, expenses included. Additional 2,000,000 when the job is complete.'

"Soveria, that's not far from here," Lucy said, thinking aloud. "But the wording is so strange. I don't quite understand what the job is for, it doesn't even say who in town sent the request."

"Who cares!?" Natsu yelled excitedly, nearly knocking the girl from her seat with the volume of his voice. "Look at that reward! This job has to be dangerous if someone's willing to pay that much!" Without even a second spent in thought, the passionate man slammed the request back down on the counter. "We'll take it!"

"No can do," Mirajane answered with a smile.

After a short silence, all three wizards fell from their seats in unison. From her spot on the floor, Lucy did her best to shove Natsu's body off her own. "What do you mean? Why let us look at the request if we can't take it?"

"I can't let you accept this job," came Mirajane's response, "not yet, anyway. A request like this has to be reviewed by the Master before anyone can claim it. Even then, one this mysterious will probably be bumped up to S-class."

Back on his feet, Natsu slumped over in a fit of depression. "Aw, come on. This is the only interesting job in weeks, you have to let us take it."

Mirajane shook her head sternly. "Sorry, Natsu. It's just not my decision to make."

Lucy finally pulled herself off the floor, placing a still dazed Happy on the counter as she sat back down. As calmly as she could, she racked her mind for a way to get the job request away from Mirajane. The girl was far smarter than her looks suggested, she wasn't just going to hand over the request willingly. However, if she'd learned anything in her time at Fairy Tail, it was that everyone in the guild had a weakness.

"Oh! Mirajane, I almost forgot to tell you!" The high pitch of Lucy's voice instantly gained Mirajane's attention. In one fluid motion, Lucy wrapped a hand around Natsu's waist, pulling the man in close as she aimed her smile across the corner. "Natsu finally asked me out! We're going on our first date tomorrow!"

The lie tugged at her stomach, especially when it brought such a wide smile to Mirajane's lips. "Really!? Oh, I knew it was only a matter of time!" The girl said, happily clapping her hands together. "Oh my!" Disappearing under the counter, Mirajane reappeared with a number of thick magazines held against her chest. "You said tomorrow? That only gives us today to pick out your dress. I think I have more magazines upstairs. Wait right here! Oh, this is so exciting!"

Lucy didn't waste any time. The second Mirajane was out of sight, she grabbed the job request and, dragging a confused Natsu behind her, made a mad dash for the main entrance.


Magnolia Train Station

Lucy clutched to the job request like her soul was attached to it. The piece of parchment was held hard against her chest, out of sight from anyone who passed as she sat, rather impatiently, on a bench along the stations back wall. The sun had just started to set in the distance, and a slight evening breeze made her hair stand on end. Yet, no matter how cold she was, all her body could focus on was Mirajane. The smile her lie had brought to the girl's face, that image wouldn't be leaving her mind anytime soon. She'd have to think of a way to make up for tricking her, maybe bring her back a souvenir from Soveria?.

"Hey, Lucy, you alright?" Natsu's voice brought her thoughts back into the present. The man had been sitting silently beside her until this point, a simple travel bag slung over his shoulder. They'd known each other for so long, she couldn't even think about hiding her true emotions.

"Do you think Mirajane will be mad?" She asked, pulling her legs up to her chest. "I've never lied to anyone in the guild like that before, I hope she can still trust me."

A short silence followed before Natsu answered her, a loud fit of laughter his chosen response. The act turned more than a few heads walking the station, but the man didn't seem to notice. "Ha! You're kidding, right!? That's—" The man looked down as he spoke, his facial expression instantly softening when he noticed the depressed look on her face. When he spoke again, his voice was noticeably more serious, and his gaze was kept straight ahead. "Mirajane isn't the type to hold a grudge, you know that. Don't let it bother you, we'll make it up to her somehow."

"I can't believe Lucy's plan actually worked," Happy said from his spot between the two.

Despite the hollow feeling still plaguing her chest, Lucy couldn't help but chuckle. "Your faith in me is so reassuring, Happy. Even if you can't believe it, I happened to know without a doubt that Mirajane would believe me."

"Really, why's that?" Natsu asked earnestly.

Looking upwards, Lucy used the light of the sunset to block the blush on her face. The whistle of their train was sounding in the distance, so she kept her explanation short. "A while ago, when you wanted to use Virgo to dig up those pictures, Mirajane had me convinced you were in love with me."

Happy burst into laughter at her comment, once again drawing attention to their bench, but Natsu simply nodded his understanding as he stood up. "Oh, so that's why you were acting so weird."

Their train pulled into the station with a long screech, forcing both Lucy and Happy (who had barely pulled himself together) to their feet alongside Natsu. Allowing the man to lead the way into the trains first car, Lucy's solid frown was finally replaced with a thin smile. "That was so long ago now, I thought for sure you wouldn't remember it."

"No way," Natsu said, a tad defensively. A short walk into the train, and the man sat down in the first row of empty seats he could find, waiting until his friends had done the same before he spoke again. "I knew something was wrong when you showed up at the tree in that black dress. It just seemed kinda...random, ya know."

Their was no hiding her blush now, so Lucy simply switched her gaze out the window. " remembered what I was wearing. You know, Natsu, sometimes you—" A sickening sound cut her sentence short, she didn't need to look to know Natsu was now out of commission beside her.

"What were you going to say?" Happy asked as the train started to move.

Lucy looked back and forth between the curiosity-filled cat and Natsu's nearly unconscious form. "It's not important," she said simply after a short silence. Happy shrugged the conversation away, too busy airing off his sick friend to pry any further.

A short sigh, and Lucy looked back out the window. An endless sea of trees was just visible through the darkness, shining only because of the star filled sky that formed from above. It was a beautiful sight, yet her mind still refused to focus on it entirely. Mirajane had finally left her thoughts, she had Natsu to thank for that, but something still felt...wrong. When the feeling refused to leave her, she found herself studying their job request relentlessly. Upon a closer inspection, the lack of information was enough to send a cold chill down her spine. Only the towns name, Soveria, was given. That left the requests source, exact location, and even the job itself up to question.

"Happy," she said to gain the cats attention, "when we get to Soveria, keep your eyes pealed, okay."

Half asleep himself, Happy pulled himself off of Natsu's head as he spoke. "Peal my eyes, that sounds painful."

"It means to look out for anything suspicious," Lucy said, a tad annoyed at the cats simple minded way of thinking. "I've never seen a job request leave out this much information before. With how much whoever made the request is willing to pay, you'd think they'd want the wizards to know what they're in for." Light snoring was the only response she received. Both Happy and Natsu had fallen asleep beside her, the latter using her shoulder to rest his head. Knowing Soveria was still a good hour or two away, Lucy pulled a small blanket from Natsu's bag, covering all three of them before she too closed her eyes, just for a minute.
Story by Colbert-238. Fairy Tail fanfic: Lucy and Natsu accept a mysterious job, unaware that doing so will put their very lives in danger, and test the limits of their friendship. The title for this story was inspired by the song Hero by Skillet…

Fairy Tail and its characters belong to Hiro Mashima.

Pairings: NaLu (Natsu and Lucy).

Spoiler Alert: this story is set after the seven year gap, and therefor may contain several spoilers for anyone not passed that arc.

To read this story on…

Episode 2: The Mayor's Aids
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The broken flower travels
From the green abyss to the corners of my eyes
Sits there, waits the heart shape petals

Your angel suffers, a dying bird on my cheek
On my palms he drew the map
Don't follow me , he said, my heart is your light

When the sun comes up again, throw the ashes
Where the broken flower lives, as it lives no more
Where words dance, each in a different dress

Take my heart from the book of prayers
And let the river of sadness pours into my eyes
Thank you for your love, my last miracles
Thank you for your love, where God's secret lies
I grew roots for my heart
in every twisted chamber
Hitting the ground, deep down layers of earth
There, sleeps every vein I have
Sometimes I feel that my heart has endless roots under miles of earth.
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Every single voice inside me is calling you
Every drop of blood, and every tear is asking for you
Every hill,and every twisted road on this body is begging you

Come to me, love me like love should be
Now it is all yours, taste it, smell it, just take it all
Nothing is usual my love, nothing you have seen before
This is us, what we have is nothing you knew before

Sail to my shores, I will wait for your ships
Get closer, ride me with your horses, with your swords
I need your deep voice and  your cold blade on my hips

Come and kiss me softly, then kiss me hard
Touch me like a broken petal, then touch me hard
Hold me,feel every bone in me, never let go of me,
Suffocate me and take the life out of me

Let your hands find their way through me
Let them burn me, let them find me over and over again
Let the soft tip rub every cell I have, every spot that hurts
Give me more when I beg your mercy,
Take it all when I say I can bare no more

Don't you dare stop when I no longer breathe
Peal every layer of skin until I have none
There is no time or place, your merciless touch is my dream

Stay with me until the sun comes,until all stars disappear
Stay here until you and I have no doubt or fear
Stay with me where the soul longs for what is above
Stay with me on our little green heaven we both call love
When you are in love, making love is much more than what you imagine.

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First: The pic doesn't belong to me, I've tried to reach :iconalphalayne: but he isn't answering, here's the original at least: [link]

I wanted to try this, I love putting text and pics together so I was quite amazed and happy when I found out how seashore works (the program I used) so please, tell me what you think? :hug:
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A girl is walking in the empty corridor, but something is wrong. She walks a little too fast, she's a little too hesitated. It's making her stumble, making her jump away from something you wont see. Almost as if she's haunted.

A shadow strikes by. A glance of a stranger she once knew everything about. She closes her eyes, walking faster, trying to escape, trying to get out of here. But it's all in her head you see, it's all just for her, almost as if she's haunted.

Voices, laughter, a secret promise so filled with love, she can hear it all far too well. But it's only a little girl, so defenseless, so scared, in this empty corridor. Alone but still with the presence of something, almost as if she's haunted.

But then the feeling of a hug hits her. It hits her hard, she has to run. Few steps in panic. A few steps before she collapses on the floor, no one is there, no one is near. Only the memory of something which used to bring such joy, such peace. Now it only brings pain, pain 'cause it's over, pain 'cause it can never happen again. But still it stays with her every moment of the day. The poor girl is haunted...
well... this... I.. I wrote it based on how I feel when I'm leaving someone or someone is leaving me, it has happened more than once that I've found myself in this kind of situation and so this was created. I haven't seen something like it and haven't written like this before so critique would be much appreciated :hug:
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Everyone's looking at you
But baby they're looking at me too...

What about opening your eyes?
Wouldn't that be great?
Try to see
See all the effort I put in
See all the people who care so much
See all the joy that really are in your life
I swear it will be worth it

'Cause we all love you so so much
Just look around you and try to be rational
There is no people filled with hatred against you
Just because you got a heavy story to bear
Doesn't mean there is something wrong on you
You don't necessarily have to be a burden you know

What about reaching out a hand?
Don't you think that would help you a little?
Try to understand
That every time you speak your words of long lost hope
Every time you tell me another story of that other girl
That wouldn't even cope
a single day with all your fears
I die a little more inside
It's like a burning pain in my chest

You are dragging me down down
Down a hole
I'm trying to pull pull
Pull you up
to become a more healthy soul

What about staying with me tonight?
Doesn't that sound nice?
Let me take care of you
Let me show you love
Show you life as it's supposed to be
Let me hold you in my embrace
Let me be there for you when times get hard
Doing what I can just to be your guard

'Cause I'm sorry dear
I'm sorry I don't have the answers you need
When you asked me for help
When you gave me the chance
and needed me the most
I wasn't there
There were nothing I could do
so I failed you...

Everyone were looking at you,
but baby they were looking at me too...
just a little something, not feeling that very well now a days and well.. i needed to write, simple as that! :XD:

I like the ending and beginning, otherwise; nah. but you guys often have another way of looking at it xD which I would be happy to hear? :)
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As a writer, I swear on my word and my honor to do my best,

To always strive for the unobtainable;

To not only reach for, but to walk among the stars;

To never lose the awe and wonderment of life,

And to see the world, if only for a moment, with the simple faith and wonder of a child;

To kindle the flame of imagination within the hearts of all whom I come into contact with;

To never scoff at the whimsical;

To keep a hearty belief in dragons and fairies burning strong in my heart;

To believe that giants can be slain, and evils vanquished;

To not merely search for a hero in dark times, but to seek to be one;

To look ever to my friends for inspiration, and also to seek to be that inspiring light;

To remember that the darkest hour of night is when the promise of coming dawn is the brightest;

To stand up for truth and right, regarding not the opposition;

To be ever open to new possibilities,

And yet to always say what must be said in the way it ought to be said;

To remember that the pen is mighty, but only because of the words that it writes,

To be mindful of the power of those words both to build up and to destroy the soul,

And to know when my words must strike sharply, and when their touch must be gentle;

To see talent in everyone, even if it must be worked more to be brought out;

To keep myself going on a wonderfully fantastical journey,

And to strive to take others with me for the ride.

Just something I jotted down and then typed up.
I haven't been on dA much lately... mostly because I know that if I log on, I won't get off as soon as I should XD
As always, comments are appreciated. I will reply to them (eventually)! I promise!
There's an extra squeeze on my time right now as I do my last four merit badges and get an Eagle project approved and completed so that I can make Eagle Scout, and also as I look for a collage.

EDIT: I added a couple of new lines as well as slightly rearranged a few of the others, inspired after... recent events.
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Well... It's late.  ...And I can't sleep.  So, I decided randomly to try to draw Terrador. Oh, and I needed to practice drawing the Gaurdians so I could help storyboard for LoC :XD:.
I've never went into minute enough detail on a dragon to draw the individual scales before, and I found it very rewarding (if it did get a bit dull... :XD:)  Only now, I'm tired of drawing on it, and I still can't sleep!
Aaaanymawho, tell me what you think!

Terrador (C) Sierra entertainment... :blahblah:
Art (C) Cody Hilson.
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It is only an issue, because we make it an issue.

I recently heard about the big hoopla people made over the mixed-race couple in the Cheerios commercial (a commercial which, for the record, I thought was both adorable and funny all at once).   It got me thinking about racism...
It bothers me that people still descriminate by race; it bothers me a lot.  Personally, there was never a time in my life when I ever thought that people of other races were inferior.  As early as I can remember, it was just a fact of life that people all looked different.  I was never told not to discriminate when I was young, so it never crossed my mind to do so... It didn't even cross my mind that people were different; I simply accepted that people looked different.
I understand that race and ethnicity affects a person's appearances now; I have for a long time, but it does not affect their value as human beings.  I long ago concluded that if everyone is descended from Adam and Eve, then we're really all the same... We're all still human; all still people.  If you aren't a Christian, then the same logic follows (not that I endorse evolution): all humans came from the same ancestral pair of humans.
So, I cannot, in all honesty, wrap my mind around racial descrimination.  To me, the only difference skin color really matters is what kind of delicious food a person might know how to cook (I don't mean that in a racist way... That is really and truly the extent to which race enters my considerations when I meet a person. What can I say? I'm a guy; I like food :XD:).
Everyone's skin is just a shade of brown. We're all of the same race; we all have the same red blood flowing in our veins; we all breath the same air; we all share the same earth; and we all walk beneath the same sun and sleep beneath the same moon and stars in the same sky.
...So why is it an issue?

When people, both those being discriminated against and those discriminating, learn to look past skin color and ethnicity, and consider the worth of every person based upon their words and their actions and the code of honor that they hold themselves to, the issue of racism will disappear forever.
Oh would to God that we would just consider our race to be human and our ethnicity to be Earth... Would to God we'd stop making it an issue.

Please comment with any thoughts that you have.

Image (C) Cody Hilson, AKA: ~Feanor-the-Dragon.
Please do not claim as your own, but you may repost it so long as you credit me as the photographer; in fact, I would encourage anyone to spread the message.
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Wishes upon a star,
Like the brilliance of the sun,
Fleeting like stardust
Blink – it’s gone.

And even still…
The sparkle that is left behind
Never fades easily
From the trenches of the mind.

Flower petals,
Like butterfly’s wings
Are fragile, be gentle
Or breakage it brings.

And even still…
The powder left behind,
On your fingertips it does dance,
As it goes unrefined.

Mirrors on the wall,
Like shimmering water,
It can distort the image,
And the ego it does slaughter.

And even still…
The cracks it leaves behind,
Do leave room to be filled
With the kindness of mankind.

Hey all~ :iconwavesplz:

I haven't uploaded anything for.... wow over a month.... sorry~~ QAQ Busy with school work :iconotlplz:

This was just a quick poem to show how even the most fragile and seemingly fleeting moments in life still hold beauty and goodness in them!~ It goes for people too! :iconcuterinplz:

Any comments and faves are much appreciate as always~ :iconcuteheartplz:

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All this hurt and pain
It builds up inside me
Like water behind a dam.
And I know I said it was okay,
That I was fine,
But I still expected your gentle gaze
Meeting mine.
Your warm hand
Holding mine.
Your calm words
Hushing mine.
And yet you say “okay”,
Like it was definite choice
Instead of a question hung in the air
Like snow falling from the sky.

I know if I wanted
I could’ve asked you.
I just put on the front
Of not wanting to bother you,
To take you from your friends,
From happiness,
From joy.

But what hurts the most,
More than anything I’ve ever known,
Is that I thought you knew me
Better than I knew myself.
But you still
Bought the mask I was hiding under.

Why can’t you see?
I want to hold you,
To hug you,
To whisper those sweet nothings in your ear.
So that you may forget,
And forgive,
And live.

I know I shouldn’t be hurt,
We all say things
We don’t really mean.
But was I really that “pointless”?
Did I really “bore” you?
Did the very thought of me
Make you smile and laugh?
Not because I was there
But because I wasn’t?

I’m trying to hold on
To those words you tell me,
That you love me
From the bottom of your heart
It’s true.
I’m trying so hard
To believe those words
But when you push me away
It takes all my strength
To hear those words in my head,
To play it on repeat
Until it is so engraved
Into my mind
That I will no longer
Feel incomplete.

But I silently wish
That you are in pain too.
That you feel,
Even a slice,
Of what I feel.
Of what you
Make me feel
Hey all... yes, some more depressing and sad free verse... But I still have things I need to get off my chest before I can write some more happy things, so just bear with me and wait okay? ^^

Thank you for viewing
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It doesn’t make sense
All this white noise in my head.
It screams and it cries and it howls
Words that I don’t understand.

Why can’t I feel the feelings
You laid out before me.
As if it was so easy
To show what is inside.

“I’m only human, nothing perfect.”
So I stumble, and I fall
But no on catches me before
I hit the ground and lay on the floor.

Feelings like pain and hurt
I understand those.
Even better than I do
The happiness and joy I see.

I’m sorry I hide when I’m upset
I just don’t see the reason
To bother you about it
And ruin your happiness.
I feel like people expect too much from everyone else... No one is perfect and no one ever will be because we are all unique in our own ways and how we deal with things!~ :)

Comments are always appreciated!~ If not for me, for the cute Kagamine twins...? :iconcuterinplz: :iconcutelenplz:
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