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One lovely starry night, a succubus named Lilith was on top of a building looking at the town. "The city looks so beautiful from here. " Lilith flew down and looked around at all the late night clubs and stores. "No wonder Morrigan likes it here so much. " She looked around and found her friend "feeding" on a male in an alleyway. After she was done feeding she let the man drop to the ground. Lilith ran to her sister happily.
"Morrigan this place is wonderful." "Yeah Tokyo has some very lovely sites to it. You ready to go?" Lilith nodded. The two girls went to a hotel and bought their finest room. "The room was white with a Jacuzzi, shower, beds, everything. "So Lilith, you had fun today?" "Oh yes. I met so many new people. How was it for you?" "Very busy." "Oh I'm sorry." "Don't worry I still enjoyed myself." The two girls stripped down into their bikinis and got in the Jacuzzi.  The two girls enjoyed the warm water. While bathing, Lilith's foot kept poking Morrigan's stomach. "He he he hey Lilith stop it." Morrigan grabbed Lilith's ankle. "Make me." Morrigan began lightly tickling Lilith's foot. "HE HE HE HE HE HE HE STOP IT THAT TICKLES HA HA HA." "Awww is poor little Lilith's ticklish?" Morrigan continued to tickle all over Lilith's cute feet. "HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE EH PLEASE MORRIGAN STOP HA HA HA." Lilith was splashing water all over the place and was going crazy. Morrigan decided to stop. "Your going to keep your feet to yourself Lilith." "Yes. You mad morrigan." "Nah, I just need an excuse to tickle you."
After the bath the two girls got ready for bed. Lilith lay on the left bed and Morrigan laid on the right. Morrigan fell sound asleep while Lilith got up. "Time for some much needed revenge." Lilith got some rope Morrigan packed. (Don't ask) Lilith began tying Morrigan to the bed. "He he he. Wakey, Wakey, little Morgan." Lilith began tickling her belly. Morrigan reacted instantly laughing. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what the?" Lilith stopped. "Lilith why am I tied to a bed!?" "Because I need to get revenge for you tickling me." "Did you have to tie me up like this." "Come on Morrigan we all know this is one of your thousands of fetishes." "True but still." "Sorry Morrrigan, revenge starts now." Lilith started to tickle her armpits.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha no that tickles ha ha ha ha." "Yay! Your upper body is super ticklish." Lilith tracced all the way down to her ribs. She put one finger in between each bone and tickled each on. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha come on quit it ha ha ha." While she was tickling her ribs she began nibbling her belly. Morrigan was losing it. She couldn't control her laughter one bit and Lilith was loving every second of it. Lilith let out her bats and they tickled her neck and armpits.  "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA THIS IS TOO MUCH HA HA HA HA." "Alright I'll let you go for now." Lilith un tied her and let her sleep.
When they woke the got dressed and ate breakfast. Today Lilith chose where they went and it was a surprise. "Come on Morrigan you're going to love this place. Morrigan was still a little tired from the tickle assult last night. "Yawwwwwwwn. This is why I'm a creature of the night." Morrigan followed Lilith until they got to a building and they both entered. "What is this place Lilith?" "You'll see."  She led Morrigan to a pitch black room. Lilith snuck out as the spot lights shined on Morrigan.
"Welcome to Marble's evil tickle room!" Sparkles and flashes fill the air. "Who are you?" "My name is Marble, Lilith's new friend. You ready to laugh?" "Oh no, what do you mean by that?" "Too late." The evil little monkey pressed a button. Suddenly, ropes started to wrap up Morrigan from her feet to her waist and tied her arms in the air. A mechaniacal claw took off her shirt leaving only her bra,. "Anytime your ready Lilith." "Thank you." Lilith pressed a blue button and something began to happen
Toothbrushes appeared near her armpits and began to turn on. "No Lilith please." "Sorry Morrigan but this is to fun to pass up." The toothbrushes buzzed in her armpits and thru tickly feeling traveled through her body. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA NO PLEASE THIS TICKLES A LOT HA HA HA." "Ohhhh her laughter is making me stronger." "Ohhhhh boobies." "Your one perverted monkey." Morrigan was in a fit of laughter, then the toothbrushes stopped. "Ready for the next tool Lilith?" "Yes." "Next….Tool." Morrigan was getting scared.
Lilith pressed a new button and Tentacles from a slime girl volunteer named Amber tickled her armpits, sides and ribs. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH NO MORE, NO MORE PLEASE HA HA HA." "What's wrong Morrigan too much?' "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA YES PLEASE STOP HA HA HA." Marbles just looked at Morrigan's hot body move around.  Morrigan couldn't do anything but laugh at the seemly endless torture.  The slime girl stopped and slipped away. "Thank you Amber," "Please tell me it's over." "Not yet. Marbles has one more weapon to use. If you would please Marbles."
Marbles pressed the final button and a laser pointer was shot at Morrigan's navel, her most ticklish spot. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA NO PLEASE ANYWHERE BUT THEIR, MY ARMPITS MY FEET JUST NOT THEIR HA HA HA." Morrigan's face was beet red and she was tearing up. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA PLEASE I HAD ENOUGH HA HA HA HA HA HA." "I think we should stop before we kill her." "Agreed." They stopped the laser and let her go." Lilith carried her out. "Had fun?" "I'm going to kill you!" "I love you too sis."
Our next victims are Morrigan and Lilith from Darkstalkers. This features my friend :iconthatreallyweirdguyxd: He's helping Lilith get Morrigan. I made this one mainly upperbody, I hope you guys are okay with that.
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  One beautiful starry night I was sitting in field with a fire I made. "This is boring." I was alone (which she hates) and wanted someone to talk to. I laid on my  back and looked at the stars. Then, a woman jumped on my belly. "Oww what the." "Hey cutie." I pushed Raine off of me. "Raine what I tell you about doing that?" "Sorry." "It's fine. So what do you want?" "I just wanted to keep you company." "Thank you." Raine sat next to me. "Hey Alice?" "Yeah?' "Have we ever battled each other?" "Ummmm not that I know of, why?" "Can we now?"  I mean I know this is out of random but I want to see how strong you are." "First thing tomorrow Raine we battle and I will win." "You wish." "Yeah I wish you were stronger." "Don't make me say it." "Don't you even…." "CodeRaine." "…….night." "Works every time."

  That next morning we got breakfast and got ready for battle. "Hey Alice, are there any rules in this fight?" "Next to no killing, no." "Okay." We stood 3 feet away from each other. Fire engulfed me changing my clothes to my Fire maiden outfit.  Smoke covered Raine and she wore her ninja outfit. We both were ready.

  I used my powers over fire to make a fireball. "Take this." The fireball was fired at Raine fast. She ran at it then jumped over it. "Too easy." Raine got close to me and kicked me in the chest hard. I got on one knee. "Wow she's strong." Raine walked away. "Come on Alice, if we're going to beat Jam we need to get stronger." "Yeah your right. Fire vortex." Raine was trapped in a vortex of fire that trapped her from all sides. "Crap I'm trapped." The vortex started to get smaller. "This  is going to hurt." The flames burned Raine from all sides covering her whole body. "Looks like I win." "I started to dance

  "You think you've won Alice." Raine appeared in a tree when the fire vortex vanished. "How did you?" "I'm a ninja remember, we always find a way." She jumped down and landed on my chest. "Owww that really hurt." "I know but this wont." Raine began tickling my armpits. "Ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ha no tickling allowed ha ha." "Sorry Alice but anything goes remember." I was on the ground laughing my head off. "Do I win." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha no."  I release a burst of flames that blasted her off. Then she noticed she was on fire. She began randomly running in circles screaming about the flames "So this is suppose to be one of the best ninja girls huh. Ninja's aere not as good as they use to be." Once the flames calmed down she was ready for action. She threw some smoke bombs and It surrounded a large radius. "Where did you go?"

  "Over here." She tickled my stomach. "He he he he." I tried to grab her but failed. "Now I'm here." She then tickled my sides from behind. I fell over giggling. "Got you." She sat on my waist. "Let me guess your going after my feet?' "Nope I'm going after your worst spot. "No if you dare." She began tickling under my knees sending me into hysteria. "HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AH NO THAT'S MY TICKLE SPOT HA HA HA AH AH." "I know that's why I love it." She focused on that spot not moving, driving me insane. Then I found an opening. "I reached and got her toes. " HA HA AH AHA HA HA HA AH AH OH GOD PLEASE HA AH AH AH." The tickle fight started.

  Raine and I began attacking each other's weak spot seeing who was going to give us first. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA GIVE UP RAINE NOW HA HA AH AHA." "HA  HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA I DON'T GIVE UP HA HA HA." Seconds felt like minutes. I didn't know how much I could take so I did a forbidden move. I began nibbling on her toes. Raine stop tickling me and lost it. "HA HA HA HA HA AH AHNO FAIR ALICE HA HA AH AH AH AH." "Sorry Raine all is fair." Raine was laughing so hard she began to cry and her face turned red. I decided she had enough and stopped. "Looks like I'm stronger. "It's not done yet." "What do you mean?" "We have to do the clash."

  Raine was talking about the strongest move clash they do on anime. The two fighters use their strongest move to see who is really better. Me and Raine gave each other some distance. I used my new whitish blue flame and formed it into a sphere. "Flame empress." Raine used all of her energy to form a white dragon. "White dragon dance." Her dragon came at me. I launched my Flame Empress. The two moves clashed and began breaking  everything apart. An orb was formed that began expanding. As it expanded it started to destroy everything. "Raine we need to stop it." "Yeah but how do we do that?" "earthbound barrier." A giant steel barrier trapped the orb. "Shadow crush" A giant shadow hand came and crushed the orb, absorbing its energy. Raine and I watched in amazement. We turned and saw two familiar figures.

  "Jam and Cj stood before us. Cj was a powerful earth mage and Jam was a legendary dark dragon warrior. Jam appeared before me and Cj went to Raine. "You alright Alice." I blushed. "Yeah I'm fine." "Raine you get hurt?" Raine looked away embarrassed. "Don't worry I'm fine." "So Alice what the heck happened." "Me and Raine were training." "Where did that orb come from?" "We might have overdid it a little." Jam just laughed. "What am I going to do with you?" "Let me go even though I almost caused an apocalypse." "Yeah no. Hey CJ how about we punish these two for nearly killing us." "Yeah they deserve some punishment.." I froze up thinking he was going to kill me. Raine was just scared out of her mind. Jam used his ice powers to bond my wrist and ankles to the tree. CJ used earth cuffs to bond down Raine.

  "Please C.J. were sorry we didn't mean too." "Yeah Jam we didn't know." Jam covered himself in dark aura and mini shadow hands rose reom the ground. I braced for the punishment. C.J. made clones and surrounded Raine. We both braced for pain but instead……………. We began to laugh.

  "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what the?" The shadow hands tickled me in every tickle spot I had. The clones tickled Raine the same way. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha is this our punishment ha ha ha ah ha." "Yeah Alice my dear, this is your punishment. You actually thought we were going to hurt you two." "Yeah you two are too cute to hurt especially you Raine." Raine blushed deeply. WE both laughed not having the energy to escape their "punishment" ;) Jam and CJ though they went through enough for today so they stopped and let them free.

  We both gave our hero's a kiss. (Raine kissed CJ and I kissed Jam o//////o) Then me and Raine gave eat other the look. We both tacked our hero's and decided to give than our own reward. I bagan tickling Jam's belly and Raine tickled CJ ribs. The two boys started to laugh defensibly. They could easily could of got us but they thought we've been through enough today.

  After our little revenge lasted for about 20 minutes before we stopped. We all looked over to see the moon rise. Raine and Cj looked at each other and kissed once more. So did Jam and I. O////////////////////O we were so into it we forgot that there was a giant pit behind us that we nedded to fix. Who cares though, it was still the best day ever.
This is an art-trade with :iconrainewhite: This isn't my best but I hope you guys like it =) I swear if someone points out me and Jam. I was just caught up in the mood i swear.

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One beautiful fall afternoon, I walked in a tickle therapy building where two of my friends worked. One was the blue- haired cutie Sami and the other was the legendary feather bender Stash who always looked sharp. I walked up to the counter to see Sami looking kinda down. Sami snapped out of her trance and saw me standing in front of her. "Oh I'm sorry. May I help you Alice?" "Yeah. Sami are you okay?" Sami got a bit nervous. "I'm fine. Stash is busy right now and will be back in an hour." "Are you sure you'll alright. You know were friends and you can tell me anything." Sami looked up at Alice. "You promise not to tell anyone Alice?" "If I break it my soul is yours." "Well. Stash has been very busy and I can't seem to find the courage to ask him for a session with him." "Are you sure that's it hon?" "Ummmm I think so." I thought of a way to help the poor girl. "How long did you say Stash was gone?" "About an hour." "Come with me Sami." "Oh no no no no I'm working." "Oh don't worry he won't even know I promise." Sami decided to go with me.

We went to my house and Sami looked around. "You have a nice place Alice." "Thank you." We sit on a couch and begin talking. "So Sami, why are you so nervous to talk to Stash?" "Well…I kind of well love him." "Aww that's so sweet." Sami's whole face went red. "Well have you tried talking to him?" "Yeah but I would kind of freeze up mid sentence and change he topic." "Don't worry I'll help you." "Thank you." "Okay first and most important look him in the eyes." Sami imagined to look deeply in Stashes eyes but couldn't do it. "I'm sorry but it's kind of hard." "I understand." I think of a way to help Sami out of her shyness. "You said you wanted to ask Stash for a session right?"  "Yeah," "Well maybe we can act out a role?" Sami looked confused. "I'll act like I'm Stash and you practice talking to me." "Okay I guess."

"Hello Sami, how are you?" Alice tried to sound like Stash but failed miserably. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." "Um.. Sami why are you laughing?" "Because you sound nothing like Stash." "At least you have good humor." "Okay lets try again." I cleared my throat and tried again. "Hey Sami, how are you?" "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha sorry that one wasn't it either." Alice quickly tackled Sami to the ground and pinned her. "W-what are you doing?" "I'll teach you to keep laughing at me."  I shart tickling her armpits and the cute blue haired girl laughed like crazy. "Ha ha ha ha ha please alice I'm too ticklish ha ha ha ha." "Aww I thought you liked tickling." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah but not forced ha ha ha." Hearing this I quickly stop. And let her up. "Sorry Sami I was just playing." "It's fine." Alice and Sami sat back down. "alice I appreciate you tring to help bu I think my shyness is something I have to deal with." "Oh okay." "Thanks for the help but I…."
"What's wrong Sami?" "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." "what's funny now?" "Ha ha  ha ha ha ha I don't know but ha ha ha ha ha something's tickling me ha ha ha." Sami clutched her sides trying to figure out what was tickling her." I started to feel something tickling my sides as well.

"He he he he he he what's going on ha ha ha?" The T.V. screen turned on." Stash doing his usual grin appeared on the screen. "Hello ladies. Would you like to  play a game?" "Stash ha ha ha ha haha why are you on ha ha ha ha my screen?" "Silence! To win the rules to the game is that you two have done a bad thing and will be tickled at random places by my powerful feather bending until you admit your fault."  "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what did I do ha ha ha ha?" "Sami you have failed to do something of mass importance." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha no I didn't ha ha ha." "Okay the longer you deny it the longer the tickling." "I adit mine ha ha ha I should've sneeked Sami out ha ha ha ha." "Okay Alice your free. Now Sami."

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I didn't do anything honest ha ha ha." "Sami don't make me get those feet of yours." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h no please don't ha ha ha ha I couldn't handle that ha ha ha."." Time is tickling. The longer you waste the longer the suffering." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha do your worst I'm innocent ha ha ha ha ha." "Okay you asked for it."  Sami's shoes and socks mysteriously disappeared.  "What the?" Alice stood their confused

Two feathers started to tickle Sami's feet. "HA HA HA HA HA STASH THIS REALLY HA HA HA HA HA HA TICKLES A LOT HA HA HA HA ." "Looks like my princess' feet are a little ticklish." "Wow Stash you should be taking notes." "I am no longer Stash I am Billy Stashsaw. HA ha ha ha ha." " "Stash I think your going mad with power." "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA THIS IS SO FUN HA HA HA HA." Me and Stash looked at eachother. "Did she just say this was fun?" "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA  I LOVE THIS." Stash stopped for a moment. "Sami are you okay?" "Heh heh heh heh yeah I am." "Sami, did you lie to me on purpose?" "Sorry." Sami looked to the ground.  

"Sami don't worry there was no harm done to it." "Yeah but I skipped work." "Yeah but you got your punishment which ironically you enjoyed."  "Thank Stash. Stash?" "Yeah?" "Can one day can I book a session with you? I really love you tickling me and it's really fun but I understand if you don't want to." Stash walked out the T.V. "How did you?" "The power of love has no limits my dear Alice. Sami how about I make you a deal. I give you all the sessions you want if you be the test subject for my tickle experiments"
"I wouldn't want anything else in the world. The two kissed for a while. And they left.
I waved good bye. Stash decided to leave me a gift." When I opened it 5 little Stashes came out and tickled me all over." "Another satisfied customer."
This is a gift for :iconthe-great-stash: I love him and his Oc but don't worry Sami he's all yours Dont forget to leave some feedback Stash as Jiigsaw is wierd but how did you walk through my T>V> screen
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  One day at Jamesville high school a group of cheerleaders were getting ready for the pep rally.  The pep rally was the biggest game of the year and the cheerleaders were as peppy as ever. It was game time and the cheerleaders left to do their usual things. At game time their football team was losing 28-40. The cheerleaders began to cheer. The crowd stood up out their seats paying more attention to them then the actually cheer. After half time their team started to actually win. The game was coming to the end and victory was within their grasps but their quarterback broke his wrist so he couldn't throw. The new quarterback wasn't that great so he caused them the win.

After the game, all the cheerleaders entered the locker room except for one, Jasmine. She had black long hair, thin strong body, nice long legs and a cute face. She went to the rec room to see her friend Riza.. Riza was the school goth. She wasn't mean though, just hated being around a long crowds of people. "Why are you cheerleaders so fake?" "What do you mean by fake?" "Not you in particular, I mean cheerleaders in general. They act like dolls on the court but are stuck up b**** on campus." "I'm not like that. I'm one of the few who takes cheer leading seriously." "Don't worry I know that." "By the way, can I ask something?" "What?" "Can I help you smile?" Riza had a surprise look on her face. "Why?" "I hate seeing people so sad." "What do you have in mind?" "Were going to do a playful little exercise. First put your feet on the table." Riza followed her instructions confused. Jasmine started to untie and take off Riza's boots. Riza was still confused. "What are you doing exactly/" "Making you smile. Jasmine removed her socks and giggled. "What's so funny?" "You have some cute feet." "Thanks I guess." Jasmine started to slide her fingers down Riza's feet. "He he he he he he what the?" Riza put her feet on the floor. "Why are you tickling me/" "Because you were smiling." "Well I hate tickling." "You hate tickling, why?" "It feels weird." "Well maybe your not use to it yet." "How do you get use to it?" "I'll show you, but you have to trust me." "Alright Jas I'll trust you."

Riza put her feet back on the table. "Go ahead." In a instant, Jasmine started to tickle her feet again starting from heel to toe. "He he he he he he oh god ha ha why did I ha ha ha ha agree to this." "you agreed because you wanna smile." Jasmine stayed at her heels "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I'm smiling so stop ha ha ha ha." "Ah ah ah. What's the magic word?" "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha please stop ha ha ha ha." "Sorry that's not the word." Jasmine noticed that Riza's laughing kept increasing.  "Looks like your heels are your sweet spot." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I don't know the ha ha ha ha ha word ha ha." Riza tried her hardest to tug away but she couldn't break Jasmines grip. "Come on you can do it."  "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha cheer ha ha ha." "No sorry." Jasmine increased her speed. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha come on give me ha ha ha ha ha a hint." "It's my favorite food." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha a banana ha ha ha." "Yes you guessed it!" Jasmine stopped and Riza caught her breath. "Listen I'm sorry if I upset you. Can I make it up to you somehow? Riza stood up. "Maybe you can." Riza launched at Jasmine tickling her exposed pits. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what the hell ha ha ha." "Aww looks like the tables have turned ha ha ha." Jasmine's pits were more ticklish than any other body part on her body.  

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Riza stop it ha ha ha." "Aww what's wrong Jas I thought you liked it." "I do ha ha ha ha ha ha I just wasn't expecting ha ha ha ha ha this." Jasmine's face started to glow red. "Stay here." Jasmine was trying to shake off the tickly feeling in her arms. Riza came back with Jasmine's pom-poms. "Oh no please don't Riza those tickle." Riza ignored her and shook them in her armpits. Jasmine totally lost it. "HE HE HE HE HE HE HE OH GOD PLEASE STOP HA HA HA." "This is your punishment for tickling me." Jasmine was a mess, her hair was everywhere and she was crying a little." "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I'M SORRY RIZA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA." Should I believe you?" "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA YES PLEASE HA HA." Jasmine was bucking up and down and shaking her head. "Ha okay I'll stop but you have to do something for me first?" "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA A WHAT IS IT." Riza whispered in her ear and Jasmine agreed to it. Riza let Jasmine up and brushed her off.

The next day a rematch game took place and something was very different. All the cheer leaders were wearinbg black. Even the pom poms were black. Jasmine Dyed the cheer clothes black to show appreciation to Goths and emos telling people they were no different. And for once Riza came to the game to cheer on her friend.
A request for :iconkevnc: He wanted a Goth to be tickled by a cheerleader. I really hope you enjoy it Kev.
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  One day a woman named Mira was roaming the forest looking for a hot springs. Mira was a red haired Demon hunter who weapon of choice was a lightning katana. She could also control lightning. While she was looking around she was hearing noise that sounded like a fight. Her demon hunter instinct told her to check it out. She dashed to the scene. "I hope I'm not too late." When Mira arrived at the site she found a female ninja fighting a Lymia.  "Who is that woman." "Hey women run. That's a Lymia.." The ninja replied in a serious tone. "I know that." The Lymia was a dark skinned long black haired beauty. The Lymia looked over and saw Mira and smiled.

"Ohhh hi their cutie." The ninja girl looked over at Mira. Mira put her hand on the hilt of her sword. "Who are you?" "My name is Tamara. Who are you?" "My name is Mira Fang. What are you doing to that ninja girl?" "Well she was walking through the forest and I saw her all alone so I decided to keep her company." "That crazy snake creep tried to eat me." Mira looked at the ninja. "Who are you?" "My name is Raine." "You need any help?" "Sure, lets go." "Ohh I get two hot meals for one, What a deal." Tamara was a human sized Lymia with a leaf bra, an exposed stomach and a snake tail with a spike tip and some sharp fangs. She charged at Mira head on with her fangs out. "Bring it on freak." Mira ran too pulling out her sword. When they got near each other, Mira jumped up and cut one of Tamara's fangs out. "Hey why you little witch." Her fang now looked like a tree when it's trunk is cut off. Raine then jumped up and kicked Tamara in her face. "Awww I'm going to kill you two."

The Lymia turned her arms into two dozen snakes. 12 on each arm. "Feast on my prey my babies." "Mira, let's show her the power of a ninja and Demon Slayer." Mira and Raine were on opposite sides from each other. 6 snakes came at Raine with their poisonous fangs out. Raine charged up some chi in her hand. A harden wind blade formed on her hand. She slashed wildly and wind sliced the snakes in many pieces. The 6 that attacked Mira came at her fast. "I faced demon baby's stronger than these things. "Mira stabbed her sword in the ground and began chanting. "Demon Slaying Holy Lightning Cross." A cross formed around her and a flurry of lightning bolts stuck the cross incinerating all the snakes. Mira and Raine turned their attention to the Lymia. "Bring it on babes. I'll kill you both." The Lamia's tail opened up and it a silver blade replaced it. "Get ready to die."

  Mira and Raine both got prepared. The tail sword went to Raine and tried to slice her in two. Raine teleported in front of the Lymia and began beating it up with a barrage of punches to the face. Mira came and sliced it's tail off. "Raine let's finish her.  Raine jumped back and got some distance. The two female warriors got their swords, ran up and sliced her in two. The Lymia let out one final scream before turning into a whole group of various snakes that fled into the forest with their red eyes. Raine and Mira gave each other a high five. "So Mira why are you in this forest?" "Looking for the hot springs." "Don't worry I know where it is." "Can you take me there?" "Sure. Least I can do after you saved me." Raine took Mira to a sparking hot springs.

"Wow the water looks so beautiful." "Want to join me Mira?" "Sure." Raine got changed into a white swimsuit and Mira changed into a blood red swimsuit. "You look beautiful Raine." Raine blushed.  "Thank you. You too." Mira blushed a little as well. The two girls jumped in and instantly loved the feel of the warm water. "Wow Raine this feels so relaxing." "I know I love coming here after a long day of training. Can I ask you something Mira?" "Sure." "What do you do? Are you a samurai or a knight or.." "Demon hunter for hire. Waitress side job." "Cool. I never met a demon hunter before. What kind of demons do you hunt?" "All kinds. Frog humans possessions, dogs you name it." "Wow. That must be fun." "Yeah it is." Raine dived underneath the water and began swimming while Mira relaxed.  
"He he he he he he what's tickling me ha ha." Raine swam back up laughing. "That was me sorry." "So you like tickling people huh?'  "Yeah it's pretty fun." "How about when it's done to you." "I love it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." Mira out of nowhere began tickling Raine's stomach. "So you're ticklish too." "Yeah ha ha ha ha ha." Raine tried to get Mira's hands off but Mira was pretty strong. Raine was laughing cutely as Mira's fingers went all over her smooth belly. "Can you handle it Raine." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha bring it." Mira started to tickle under her armpits. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I can take this." Raine spung out of the way of Mira's tickling fingers and jumped at her. Mira swam back but Raine grabbed her leg and stared at her bare feet in her hands. "These look so nice." "What do you plan on doing to me?" "You'll see." Raine tickled all over Mira's bare sole. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." "Aww sweet revenge." Mira kicked water in Raines face with her free leg. This just made Raine tickle harder and faster. " Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha this really tickles Raine stop ha ha." "Sure." Raine stopped and Mira got some distance.

  "For a demon hunter, you're pretty good at tickling." "So are you." Raine then got a good idea. "Wanna have a tickle fight Mira?' Mira got a little embarrassed. "I don't know/ doesn't it seem a little weird." "Come on it's going to be fun." "You sure Raine because it seems weird. We just met and tickle fight just seems…. akward." "Oh I'm sorry Mira I didn't mean to offend  you." "It's okay Raine." Mira hugged Raine. "Oh and I have something I need to tell you." "Yeah?" "I lied." Before Raine could react Mira began tickling her sides. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you little cheater ha ha ha."

  Mira backed away. "Okay lets do this." "I'm getting you back Mira." Raine swam towards Mira but then Mira. Got out of the way. Mira tried to grab Raine but Raine was fast enough to get in front of Mira. Raine tickled Mira's armpits. Mira began to laugh crazy as Raine tickled in her armpits. Mira splashed water in Raine's face causing her to stop for a bit. Mira then grabbed her ankle. "Mira what are you doing." "I'm winning this fight." Mira tickled Raine's toes. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA NO PLEASE THAT'S MY TICKLE SPOT HA HA HA HA HA." "Ohh a weak point huh. I'm going to enjoy this." Raine was laughing hard trying to stay afloat.  "Tickle tickle little toes, How much longer I don't know?" "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAT WAS VERY CUTE HA HA HA HA." "Thank you." Raine went under and grabbed Mira's foot. Now each girl had a foot.

  Raine  started to tickle her sole. "He he he he he he he he no please Raine stop ha." "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA YOU STOP FIRST." Raine couldn't handle it anymore. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA PLEASE QUIT I GIVE HA HA." "Alright. I'm done." Mira quit and they noticed that it was getting late. They got out, dried off and got dressed.

  "Hey Mira?" "Yeah.?" "Can I travel with you? You seem really strong and we work well together as a team." "Sure. I'll be honored." "Yes." The two girls traveled to begina quest.
This was a request idea from :iconcodegoku: Sorry if it's too long to read. I got caught up typing it.
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One pleasant fall day, a woman was walking through the town looking through buildings and small stores seeing what wonderful things Earth had to offer. While she was looking around she saw someone that looked familiar. "Hey Sami." Sami was shopping for Stash when she heard the woman. She looked up and smiled. "Hi Gwen."

Sami walked up to the counter to pay for the things and began talking to Gwen. "So what brings you here Gwen?" "To check on you and my son." Gwen poked Sami's sides. "He he he he hey that tickles ha. We're doing great." "That's great to here." "Yeah he's been making a lot of friends and students." "That's my Stash for ya, he's always making new comrades." "So you enjoying Earth Gwen.?" "Yeah the people are very nice and friendly." "That's good to hear." "So what has my son been up to?" ""He opened up a tickle therapy business." "how has it been going?' "It's been a huge hit." "Well that's wonderful. Can we go see him?" "Well he's really busy right now." "I understand." "He said he'll call me when he's done so you'll be able to see him them." Then Gwen had a idea. "Hey Sami, do you have to leave soon." "No, why?" "Follow me then." Sami began following Gwen back to her ship. "Come on in." Sami entered and saw that the ship looked like a mini home. "Wow this place is beautiful."

The ship had everything a normal house did. "So this is where you live." "Yeah it's very nice." "So what did you want to show me?" "It's in here." Gwen and Sami entered Stash's room. Sami looked around and saw all the pics of rock bands and pics of Stash. "Why does he wear sunglasses in every picture?" "It's his signature." "Oh." "Here it is." Gwen picked up a remote. "What is that Gwen.?" "You'll see." She pointed the remote at Sami and pushed a number combination. Sami noticed that some magic force lifted her in the air. "What the?" Gwen giggled. "We're going to have some friendly fun Sami." Gwen started tickling Sami's sides."  "He he he he he he no that tickles ha ha." "Stash was right you're really ticklish." Gwen continued to squeezed her sides." "He he he he he he he he what is this ha ha ha ha." "I really don't know? I just started pressing buttons.

Gwen started pressing more buttons and something weird happened. Mini Stashes appeared on Sami. Sami's position changed and it looked like she was on a cross. The Stashes tickled her feet, knees, belly, armpits, and ribs. Sami was laughing hard. Gwen kicked her shoes off and sat down enjoying the show. "Aww this is so cute. While Gwen was relaxing, Sami was going crazy. What Gwen didn't' noticed was there was a mini Stash under the bed and it began tickling her feet. "He he he he he he he he hey." More mini Stash came out and began tickling Gwen the same way they tickled Sami. "He he he he he he he where did you guys come from ha ha ha ha ha ha." "We are Stashes security, No women enter without passing an endurance test." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I'm his mom though ha ha ha." The mini Stash took out a notebook and looked through it. "Oh sorry there's no mom on this list so your trespassing." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha my name is Gwen and that's Sami ha ha ha." He looked through it again "Sorry but Sami, and Gen are not on the list."  Sami began to speak." "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha who's on the list then/" "Stash, stash, Stash, and of coarse Stash."

Then they all heard the door opened. The mini Stashes got off and bowed. A mini Stash stood on Gwen's head with a loudspeaker. "Introducing the coolest, handsomest, rockstariest Archean ever. The great Stash." Stash walked in the room. The mini Stashes lined up and the all gave him high fives. Then a girl entered the room. Her name was Raine. "Wow so this is your room huh?" Stash was surprised to his girlfr5iend floating and his mom looking she was about to pass out. "What did you little devils do?" "We captured the intruders, sir." "Good job cadets." The mini Stashs marched out the room. "Now since you guys had been through all that, I think that you guys need a break. He clapped his hands and Sami was released and she landed in his arms.  "Hey beautiful." Sami blushed. Raine looked around when she saw the woman sitting on Stash's bed. "Oh hello, you must be his sister. My name is Raine." "No I'm his mom and my name is Gwen."  Raine was in shock.  "You almost look younger than me!" "How old are you?" "30500 years old." Raine's jaw dropped, then she started to think. "Oh yeah you guys are Aliens." "Confused you didn't I?" "So Raine since your our guest what do you want to do?" Raine whispered something in Stashes ear. "That can be arranged." Stash clapped his hands and Gwen and Sami was lifted into the air.

"You ready Raine?" "Born ready." Raine went to Gwen's stomach and began tickling it all over. Stash tickled Sami's knees. Both girls were laughing very cutely at the torture.  "Aww looks like your mom is ticklish too. Raine traveled down to her hips and thighs. "He he he he he  he he he he this is very fun Raine ha ha ha ha." Stash went to he feet and so did Raine. Gwen and Sami's laughter got very high when their feet were tickled. "HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE RAINE THAT REALLY TICKLES HA HA HA." "I know it does." "STASH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA THIS IS GREAT." "The best for my girl." "Stash when do you think we should stop?" "In abou 1 archean year." "Awesome." And the girls were tickled for about as long as an Archean year is. I hope that's a long time.
This is for Gwentober. This features Gwen, Stash and Raine. i hope you all enjoy. And stash, How long is an Archean year anyway.

:iconthe-great-stash: owns Gwen, Sami and himself
Raine is owned by Me
Alice also helped so we both get credit for it.
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Yutani and I decided to stay home and relax for a bit before we left to rescue our friends. Yutani was becoming really upset from missing her friends, I've tried to cheer her up, it did work for a while but soon she went back to her depression. I decided to treat her to a little surprise, so I made her body just like mine, very small with a pure beautiful bellybutton, and it was indestructible. Soon she was happy and was ready to leave.


We grabbed everything we needed and looked at each other for a sec, then we opened the door and a cool breeze flew in. I t was so powerful that we almost flew back. We had no choice but to close the doors and wait for the breeze to pass by, but unfortunately the breeze knocked both of us back hitting the wall and making us both unconscious.

Soon we woke up in the same place as we were pushed back by the wind and the doors were closed, Yutani cling to me said to me, "Ahlam…? What just happened?" "I… I don't know, but let's see if the breeze is gone." I slowly approach the door hoping the wind won't hit the door on my face. I reach the door knob and slowly turn it and open the door. I freak out at first but notice it's nothing dangerous. There was no more wind, but there was a boy, around the age of 16, he wore a casual long sleeve shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, black Vans, his hair was going down but was spiked from the middle, and his face… It looked so familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it, although I could tell he was Japanese from his eyes and tone of voice. "Hi, my name is Ken."

I greet him and tell Yutani to as well, when she sees him, she looks away a bit blushing and greets him. We bring him in into the living room and seat him on of the couches. Yutani just sits beside me hiding herself now that she's small as me, I say, "So, I can see the wind is gone, I don't think I've seen your face before, are you new?" "Yes actually I've moved into this neighbor hood a week ago and just finished unpacking." "So how do you like here so far?" "Well… The neighbors are quite nice and quiet, my old neighborhood was extremely noise" "…What do you mean?" "Well, the old neighbors used to have parties all night, be very annoying and always caused trouble" "Oh, don't worry about these people, they are usually quiet. Let me grab you some tea and biscuits, while then, you can chat with Yutani, she's a bit shy."

I leave to the kitchen, Yutani stares down at the floor, she looks up but can't stop blushing, Ken says trying to cheer her up, "You look very beautiful, what's your secret?" Yutani now begins to giggle a bit, when she looks up, ken is sitting right in front of her, she jumps back, Ken says, "Aww, don't be shy, I just want to try something…" He stares into her eyes, his eyes turn from blue to piercing red, and Yutani she falls into a deep sleep. Ken giggles then he lifts up her shirt and finds the most beautiful bellybutton he has seen, "My lucky day" he says, "She's so cute and small too, guess I get a bonus" His tongue comes out of his mouth and slithers like a snake into her bellybutton, it goes very deep inside, making her moan and sweat little, but remain unconscious. He enjoys the taste of her bellybutton, he thinks to himself, "It's so clean, so deep, so sexy…" He hears my footsteps coming and he sucks out his tongue, covers up her tummy and sits back where I saw him last.

"There you go" I place the tray of tea and biscuits on the table, "Oh I'm sorry, Yutani must have fallen asleep since she usually stays up at night." "Oh don't worry, I don't mind, she was quite entertaining to look at" I giggle a bit but feel a bit creped out. "Let me just take her to her room, be back in a bit." I pick her up and carry her to her room, I drop her on her bed and she jolts us yelling, "No wait!! My bellybutton!!" I jump back from her screaming, "What are you talking about? You passed out in front of our guest, good job for busting that move." "No I didn't fall asleep, he paralyzed me to sleep, then he used me for his own pleasure." "… Okay I think you just have a bad dream from watching too many scary movies," "No wait, look!" Yutani lifts up her shirt and her bellybutton is a bit red and has some saliva in it. I freak out thinking that she could be right, after all, those words he said earlier


"There you go. Oh I'm sorry, Yutani must have fallen asleep since she usually stays up at night." "Oh don't worry, I don't mind, she was quite entertaining to look at"


I start to wonder why he would use those words, but I still had a feeling Yutani could be lying and trying to get rid of him. "Wait here, I'll just talk with him, maybe you just had a bad dream." Yutani clings to my arm. "NO!! Don't go down there, there's a monster in our living room!!" I snatch my arm away from her, "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." I walk down stairs back to Ken, I notice he is just sitting there staring at the biscuits and tea. "You haven't touched your snack, is something wrong?" "No, no, it's fine… Is your friend going to be alright?" "Yeah don't worry, she just had a bad dream. So how are things?" "Good as normal… would you mind looking into my eyes?" I first feel a bit strange, but I guess he just wants me to check if there's something in his eyes. I sit beside him and stare into his eyes. "Okay, now wh…" His eye turn red and now has control of my entire body.

He says to me, "Now, tell me about Yutani, about her bellybutton." "What is it that you want to know about her bellybutton, master?" "Is it naturally that beautiful? Or did, you do something to it to fix it up?" "I helped her tummy to get as small as mine, then made her bellybutton look just like mine." "Oh, so you're the one with the true body, it truly is amazing, will you lie down on this couch and reveal your tummy for me?" He stands up and I lay across the couch, slowly lifting up my shirt and soon my entire tummy and bellybutton are showing. "Oh, what beautiful art you creatures are." He first rubs my tummy, he falls in love with it right away, he loves how small it is, and my bellybutton, how it has the perfect shape and is pure with no folds or damaged. "Would you mind if I, I don't know, play with it?" "Certainly master, your wish is my command." He chuckles then begins to finger my bellybutton, then pushing it, harder, harder, and harder, even going past my backbone. I just lay still under control. Then he slithers his tongue out like a snake, and into my bellybutton, it slides inside side so deep, that is travels through out my entire body.

Yutani comes down stairs wondering why I was taking so long, then she noticed my body was possessed and Ken had his tongue deep inside of my bellybutton, she wanted to save me but didn't want to get captured herself. Luckily after a while, he removed his tongue, wiped off the saliva from my bellybutton and sat me up and got me back to sense. I shock my head feeling a bit dizzy and said, "I'll… Be right back, I'm feeling a bit, strange." "Don't worry, take your time, I'm still here."

I walked away feeling a bit wobbly but as I reached the stares I bumped into Yutani and we both walked upstairs into her room. She said freaking out, "Do you know what just happened??" "What are you talking about, I just got a bit dizzy from… Something." "No it wasn't that, Ken possessed your body and he toyed with your bellybutton, doesn't it feel weird?" "Well… It does feel a bit weak for some reason, but… It couldn't be him. Why do all the good looking boys have to be evil??" Just then something grabs me from behind and pulls me out of the room. I try to scream this slimy rope is squeezing me. Slowly I faint and the end of the rope leads to being Ken's tongue, he locks me into a room and sits down on the couch acting like nothing happened.

Yutani was frozen from fear but snapped out of it. She runs downstairs and finds Ken sitting there with a cute face. Yutan can't help but blushes, it's like she gets possessed without Ken's powers. She sits beside him and says, "Oh… Hello there, I just couldn't help but notice your eyes were like, sparkling---" She continues talking about how cute he looks, but without her knowing, Ken uses his hand and sneaks his was to her shirt, is slowly slides under and finds the bellybutton, he presses his fingers with a jolt into her upper tummy and she faints right away falling on him.

Soon Yutani and I both wake up and find ourselves tied to the wall with our arms and legs spread far apart making an X form, we look around and notice how the room is painted green and has a plain look to it with a box off to the side. Ken: "So, you girls finally woke up after your sleep, did you sleep well?" Yutani: "I told you he was evil, all cute guys are always evil, no doubt!" Me: "Shush! I don't need to be reminded, I wasn't the one who put myself into a trap" Yutani: "Yeah, who would be stupid enough to do such a thing." Me: Would of gave myself a face-palm if one of my hands were free. Ken: Okay, enough of your chit-chat, I want to play a little game with you girls." Yutani: "Wh-what kind of game?" Ken: "Oh just a pleasure game, don't worry you will understand how it works. Here are the rules, I will test your bellybutton to find out whose can last the longest without loosing their shape and beauty. Yutani's eyes widen as she goes through a flash back…


"Don't worry Yutani, your bellybutton will stay as beautiful no matter how much damage it takes."


Yutani (whisper): "Will out bellybutton stay beautiful no matter what?" Me (whisper): "Yes but…" Yutani (whisper): "But what…?" Me (whisper): "…But that doesn't mean we won't feel the pain. I'm sorry but… Get ready for what ever comes at you." Ken: "Okay no more chatting around, let's begin with… You, Yutani." Yutani's eyes widen and she begins to panic a bit.

Ken gets a pair of sharp scissors and Yutani closes her eyes hard thinking what he might do. Ken just cuts open her shirt enough for her bellybutton to be shown, he bends down and give her tummy a quick kiss making Yutani blush a bit. First he places his finger into her bellybutton and begins to rub, push, and scratch her bellybutton, Yutani feels much pain but she can survive.

Then Ken grabs a needle from the box and touches the tip of it into her bellybutton. He slowly gives it a push going harder and harder and soon it finally stabs into her bellybutton, he pushes it so deep inside, he almost looses it but manages to pull it back out. Yutani has some tears dropping down her check but she's okay.

Ken pushes a liver making the wall lay down so now Yutani is laying down now while still tied up, he grabs a screw and a screw diver. He places the tip of the screw into her bellybutton and holds it still and places the screw diver onto of it and begins to twist. At first it has made no progress but son the screw has gone really deep and really painful, Yutani begins to moan from the pressure but remains calm. He unscrews the screw inside of her bellybutton and yet her bellybutton remains fine and beautiful.

Next Ken grabs a sharp little dagger and smirks a bit. Yutani is now freaking out and closes her eyes extremely hard. Ken places the tip of the dagger into her bellybutton and begins to push, harder and harder, soon the dagger has pierced her skin. He continues and she begins to cough out blood. Ken pauses for a bit and pulls another lever, now right behind her bellybutton on the ground she lays on, here is an opening so stuff that stab her can go all the way through. He continues and pushes the dagger at his hardest and the blade passes her backbone and right through her back. Yutani coughs out more blood now with her vision blurry from loss of blood and weakness. Ken removed the the dagger and notices her bellybutton heals right away, He smirks thinking he can have all the fun he wants.

Ken instead of using a tool, he jumps onto Yutani and wraps his arms around her little waist, he begins to bear hug it extremely hard, making her loose air quickly. Soon he lets go and places his thumb in her bellybutton and begins to push extremely hard. So hard it goes in so deep and making her exhale air hard, making her skin pale from no air. Finally he lets go letting her inhale but not much because of the size of her small tummy.

After a while, he decides to let her relax now, since he has tortured her bellybutton much, He looks over to me with a big grin and smirk on his face. I gasp hoping it won't be more painful than Yutani's. I look over to Yutani she is really pale and worn out, but her bellybutton remains beautiful. Ken flicks 2 levers and it makes the wall lay down like a table, making me now lie down still tied up and the other switch opens a spot just under my bellybutton for stabbing to go right through my tummy.

Ken decides to go hardcore on me. First he cuts open my shirt just enough for my bellybutton to show and be tortured, then he grabs a thin but long metal pole with a very sharp at the end. He places the tip right into my bellybutton, it was so sharp that just touching my bellybutton made it bleed. He begins to push lightly and in a few seconds, the pole has pierced me skin, he continues and it just cuts through me like butter. I feel so much pain, that my skin already has turned pale and I faint right away. Ken laughs and says, "Well well well… Looks like you can't take it, but don't worry, I'll stil continue, even if you want to sleep through it." Ken continues to pushes the pole and in just a few inches, it has stabbed entirely through my tummy. He goes all the way down till the tip is now touching the ground below my table. He steps back to get a good look at me, from his point of view, I am fainted on the table and I have a 6 foot metal pole going right through my tummy. He get's back closer and begins to twist the pole, I moan a bit and he notices that I still feel pain even when sleeping.

Soon he pulls out the pole and looks at my bellybutton, what was first a hole going through my tummy, is now back to being my beautiful bellybutton. Ken grabs a power drill with a sharp tip at the end of it. He turns it at low and slowly reaches for my bellybutton. Finally the tip touches the back of my bellybutton and the feeling is really cold, but hot as well. He gives it a little push bit it isn't hard enough to pierce my skin, he puts it on medium and it pierces my skin but not much deep. Then Ken puts it at max and it stabs so deep, that blood is being thrown from the drill. He pulls out the drill and puts his finger inside my wounded bellybutton, the feeling made him so relaxed but me more painful. Soon my bellybutton healed back to normal and Ken was just getting started.

Ken jumped onto my table and sat on top of me, first he gave my bellybutton a little kiss, then he wraps his arms around my tummy and gave my tummy first a sweet worming hug, but then he started to bear hug my tummy and air just flew out of my body and my tummy began to contract. Finally he let go and my body automatically sucked in air but not much from my tummy being so small. Then Ken placed his finger in my bellybutton and pushed as hard as he cold, his fingers stabbed my bellybutton a bit, but it healed right away. Ken then laid down on top of me with his face on top of my tummy. He began to play with it like kissing, sucking, licking, poking, chewing, and tasting. Soon I woke up and felt this ticklish feeling, I noticed it ws Ken and allowed it to continue since it was quite relaxing and ticklish.

Ken noticed I was up and decided to get off of me and let me go. I was finally wasn't tied up, so I gave Ken a hug forgetting he was evil. I tried to let go of Ken after the hug but he wouldn't let go. I felt a weird feeling that something was crawling on me, then I got paralyzed and under control again, this time, Ken's soul was within me.

First I walked over to Yutani as she remained sleeping, the my tongue was just like Ken's, it slid into her bellybutton so deep, that I could feel everything inside of her. I could feel energy from her being drained to me, and her body was getting cold. She was moaning and aching but I couldn't stop since I was under control. Then I lifted out my tongue back into my mouth then my hand lifted and it slowly crawled it's way up to my tummy and I placed one finger into my bellybutton to rest. Then I felt a bit of strength coming from inside of me, I took this as an opportunity. I stabbed my finger into my bellybutton and felt something slimy and hard in my bellybutton, I grabbed it very tight and pulled it out with all of my force. Soon it came out and it looked like a 6 feet long tongue, I was free. I looked over to Ken, whose body was sleeping and so I stabbed my fingers into his bellybutton and pulled out the same thing, he fell onto the floor unconscious. I turn to Yutani and did the same thing as well, pulling out the tongue, then I untied her and collapsed from loosing all of my energy.

I woke up on the couch in the living room, Ken was staring at me while holding me hand, I jumped back but he said to me, "Oh please don't be alarmed, for you have saved me from the curse." "C-curse? ... You mean that thing inside of your bellybutton that controlled you into torturing out bellybuttons?" "Yes, I got that curse from going to this castle not too far from here, a big tall man with his face covered gave it to me, but I never wanted it." "Oh, I see, we met the same guy too… But we lost 3 of hour friends from that castle." Yutani walks into her room since she doesn't want to hear anything further of this. "Will… it be okay for me to join your party in rescuing your friends? I could be such great assistance." I think to myself if I could trust his, after all he did torture my bellybutton, but he was cursed. "I suppose, Welcome to the group" "Oh thank you so much! I'm sure of you, you won't be disappointed."

I walk into Yutani to tell her about the news, when I walk in she is sitting on the side of her bed, curled up looking out her window. "Yutani… Don't worry, we will leave first thing in the morning, and we will find our friends in time, I'm sure they are fine." "It's not that… its just that, me and the others had so much planned for tomorrow, it's kinda funny how I have to add 'saving from monster' to the list." I give her a hug from behind. "Don't worry, we will save them right before your plans begin with them, then you guys can have all the fun you need since you will be saving them. Besides you can tell them stories of how you stopped the monster." We giggle a bit, then Ken knocks at the door and I allow him to come in, he says to Yutani, "Umm.. Yutani? I just wanted to apologize of how I treated you earlier." She blushes a bit while facing the opposite direction on Ken, "Oh.. Don't worry its fine… To be honest, I actually enjoyed it." "Oh really?" Yutani's eyes widen, Ken jumps on top of her and begins to tickle her tummy, Yutani giggles as she blushes a bit harder. I just step outside waiting for them to finish.

I rest on the couch and they finally both come downstairs looking like they just ran a marathon. Me: "Had fun?" Ken: "Quite actually" Yutani: "My tummy is hurting a bit from his finger constantly poking my bellybutton" Ken: "Sorry about that, I couldn't help myself" Yutani: "Aww, don't worry it's fine" Me: "Okay enough of you 2 love birds, we need to focus on getting to our friends and rescuing them without getting trapped ourselves." Ken: "How about we discuss it at my house, since we recently moved in, we have a lot of extra rooms that we can use for sleepovers and working on our strategy." We all agree to his idea… Then a knock came, it sounded like a dinosaur was right outside of our house, then a strange sound started playing and it was so disruptive that we all fainted right away, leaving us unconscious for sometime.

I hope you guys enjoyed this one, it only took me like 2 days to write it since I had the idea already in my head, I just started kinda late. This is not the last part of The Castle, its pretty close to the last but not yet. I’m not too sure if the next is the last, deciding it might be but could change my mind. Anyway, have fun reading, Comment and favorite. Thanks guys! <3
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the thief who happens to be the robber, no one expects it to be her since she is acts like a sweetheart, but when nightfall comes, she changes from being Judy to the thief. Judy is 18 years old, she has long brown hair, and snow white skin, she has a very skinny, slim and sexy body, she is adored by all mainly by her appearance, her facial expressions are very cute and are just too irresistible. She is very kind to others and respects everyone.

Judy (The thief)

the person who sneaks in the middle of the night robbing people and stores for her own benefits. She wears a full body costume colored black (looks similar to a ninja), the clothing is very tight onto her body so her entire body looks very exposed. Her chest and behind area are already small sized so they never slow her down, her waist is very small and extremely attractive. It seems that her appearance has possibly a love charm causing most of her victims to fall in love with her.


a good friend of Judy's he secretly is in love with Judy, but he is very good at hiding it when he needs to. James is also 18, he has long blond hair, white tanned skin, and has a facial appearance that shows everyone he is a great friend.

Bob (James's father)

  man who owns a gas station, he used to work in the FBI, where he was trained to handle dangerous situations and deal with them. He is a 40 year old man with a bit of a gut, he has a bald spot in the middle of his head, no one ever expected him to be so tough since his ID was kept a secret while in the FBI.


It was a cold and dark night, Bob was just finishing last minute cleaning and tiding up the place. Outside of the gas station, there was the mysterious thief, who was so sneaky that no one could even tell if she were there or not. Bob locked the store and drove home, the thief snuck in and began walking carefully not trying to get caught by the alarm or cameras. She was able to sneak out a few things, and was able to escape without being caught.

The following morning, James and Judy both were at lunch together enjoying what the school had to offer, "My father got robbed yesterday!" "Oh that's terrible!! What did he loose?" "He's not consented on what he lost, he's just upset that his new security system didn't enable when the robbed came in. Oh I know! How about you come over and maybe we can help out lt father?" "Umm.. I'm kinda booked for the day, sorry..." "Oh please? Just one day?" Judy finally agreed to tag along, and right after school, they walked to James's father's gas station and he was kind enough to show Judy around.

James's father showed them the tape and the only evidence that was caught on the tape was the shadow of the suspect. Judy blushed and looked, James was quite shocked, he finally noticed it was a girl, but not just a girl, a very beautiful girl, James blushed as well feeling do curious if he could find out who the thief is. Judy quickly left the store without letting anyone know. "Wow, the thief sure has one heck of a body ate Judy? .... Judy?" James just realized she left, thinking she really was busy. James decided to spend the night in the station so if the thief ever returns, he will be ready for her.

Judy soon got home and was a bit scared of what they could find out with that tape. She walked to her bathroom mirror and looked at her reflection, she lifted up her shirt and blushed slightly, she never knew how cute she looked with her small belly exposed, so she decided to modify her outfit a bit and made it so where her tummy is, there is a transparent cloth that exposes her tummy but not her bellybutton. Soon as night came out, she decided to go back to the shop so she can steal the tape before anyone can figure out its her, but little did she know she will soon find someone unexpected.

As James puppy guarded the inside of the store, he walked all around the store, making sure no one is going to sneak up and steal something, then James's curiosity came back to watch the tape, he went in the back and watched the tape closely as the thief in the video, he loved how she moved and walked, making him more curious to find out who this sexy criminal can be. Soon Judy came to the station, she snuck passed the outside camera and went through the front door, she walked slowly trying to avoid being caught in the camera or with her shadow being caught. She slowly walked in the office fell back crawling away. Judy just noticed that James was here, and what was worse of all, he was watching the film that she needed.

She thought for a bit and decided she had to knock him out. She snuck in crawling over to James, then she stood up and was ready to knock him out, but she heard something, something like a snore, she turned him around and she noticed he had fallen fast asleep. She giggled to herself and reached to grab the video. Suddenly unexpected James grabbed the thief by the waist and tackled her to the ground. He held her arms down beside her head, then his curious eyes examined her body as they moved slowly lower till it found her tummy, James blushed then released one of her arms and reached to touch her small tummy. Then right before James could touch the adorable little belly, the thief knocked James off of her, she grabbed the girl and ran out ignoring the camera and alarm. James got up quickly running to the main door but she was already gone.

The next day, James told Judy all that has happened last night at the station, she acted shocked at every detail, then she asked surprisingly, "Was the thief... Beautiful?" "Oh yes, she was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen!!" Judy blushed looking away a bit, "What's wrong? Why are you blushing?" "Oh nothing, just kinda curious if maybe she likes you as much as you like her." "Haha, I doubt that, the way she kicked me off of her seemed like she didn't want any part of me to even look at her. Tonight, I'm gonna stay in the station again and see if she returns, why don't you join me?" "Oh! N-no, I'm sorry, I have so much homework, plus booked for the day again." "Oh, we'll umm keep you up to date!" Soon they both left home, Judy did have much homework, but she was able to finish it within minutes. James went straight to the station and set up his little camp ground preparing himself for the night.

As night fell, Judy was modifying her outfit some more, this time she expanded the transparent clothing area and made it so now it exposes her bellybutton. She put it on snd looked in the mirror, she blushed much more finding how adorable and sexy she looked. A fee hours later it reached midnight, James was watching the new film, he watched as how he tackled her, but he was mad at how he let her slip by so easily, he decided to capture the thief first before playing with her. Soon The thief came by and snuck into the back where James was relaxing, James had a feeling the thief was right behind him, then when the thief moved closer, James then jumped back thinking he grabbed the thief but no one was there, he then felt a tap on his shoulder, he slowly turn around to find the thief, he startled a bit but she didn't do anything, she just stood still with one hand on her hip, James looked from top to bottom and stopped at her tummy, he blushed to find that she had such a beautiful bellybutton as well. He then slowly reached, the thief relaxed her hands on James's shoulders then slowly he placed his hands on her waist and gently squeezed it. He then slowly kneeled down to level his face with her tummy, slowly getting closer, his lips getting closer to her bellybutton, he was only inches away, then suddenly the thief backed away, James kept getting closer but she continued backing away, the suddenly he hugged her tummy and began to kiss her bellybutton. The thief had no choice but to knock out James, once he was out old, he placed him in his bed and walked out slowly, feeling a bit sayid field as he did that to her.

The next day, James woke up with a sudden, he was in the tent, he was thinking if what happened last night was a dream or not. At school, he told Judy about everything, he was disappointed since he didn't even know if it really happened. Judy kept her eyes down with a light smile thinking about last night. James noticed this and gently touched her shoulder making her gasp and snapping out of it. "Hey, is everything okay?" "Y-yeah, just been working all day last night on my homework." "Oh, well I'm guessing your not free, are you?" "I'm sorry, I wish I was, but I'm just so busy, maybe we can hang out tomorrow, since it's the weekend?" "Yeah, it's a deal, I'm gonna be busy myself as well." James smiled and walked off Judy was confused whether she should be worried or not since she knew it had to do with the thief.

At nightfall, the thief returned to the station to see what James had I mind for her today. She snuck in and reached the back, she saw James sleeping while watching the tape again, she walked towards him and turned around his chair and gasped. It was only a dummy! Suddenly, James came from behind her and smack her upper back with bat, making her ram into the wall, and she slowly lost her vision as she saw James approaching her and she fainted.

Soon the thief wakes up and she was tied to the wall in a strange room filled with many different gadgets, luckily she was still covered but she had a feeling James might find the truth soon. James came into the room and noticed she was awake, he came to her and gently patted her belly and told her, "Well hello sweetie! You probably thought this was coming for you, well don't worry, I only have plans to have fun, nothing too much, unless I get bored, now let's have some fun, don't worry, I won't expose your identity, I find it more attractive to have fun with a secret person, now without further due, let's have some fun!" He finishes off as he playfully rubs his fist into her tummy.

James then grabs a knife and makes a small opening of her outfit on her tummy so he can access her tummy and bellybutton. First he gently pressed his finger into her bellybutton, the thief blushed a bit but remained calm, then James kneeled down and began to stretch open her bellybutton, she continued to remain calm, hoping she can last. Then James introduced a screwdriver into her bellybutton, he pushed it quite deep, then very slowly he began to twist it, at first the thief didn't feel much anything, but then suddenly she yelped from the pain of the screwdriver torturing her bellybutton. She continued to gasp out a few pressure moans. Soon he removes the the screwdriver and allows her to take a few breathes before he continues

Next, James asked her while lightly fingering her bellybutton, "how are you feeling so far my little angel?" She didn't reply but she kept her eye on him preparing for what was next. "oh I see, the silence, game, we can play that, but I'm sure you won't last that long." Suddenly he begins to scratch very deeply inside her bellybutton, making her yelp and James smiled and chuckled, "looks like I won, now it's time for my gift." he lowered down to be leveled with the thief's bellybutton, he places his arms between the wall and her back and gives her a tight hug, so tight that she began gasping for air, but James released soon and continued to play with her bellybutton.

The thief knew she had to escape before James wanted to reveal her identity, but she couldn't do anything right now since she was tied up and James would stop her from escaping. Suddenly James gets up, he grabs a drill and stands in front of the thief face to face. He continues to look into the thieve's eyes as DIF the thief, then he unexpectedly shoves the drill into her bellybutton, making her a but worried and James was able to see her expression through her eyes, he pulls the trigger lightly making it rotate slow and the thief began to get a bit of tears in her eyes. James smirked and pressed it even deeper and made it go faster, the thief was even in more pain and shut closed her eyes and was scared and didn't know what to do.

Then James saw in her expression she couldn't take anymore, then he removed the drill, then while the thief was still in pain, he gave her a drill to make her unable to move and numb, but still able to feel everything that's happens to her. He then removes her from the wall, picks her up and slowly lays her down on a table long and skinny table in the middle of the room. He doesn't tie her down since she can't move from shot, he moves her arms above her head and let's that hang down at the edge of the table, and he stretches her body a bit.

James then playfully spanks the thief's tummy and says, "oh my, you look even more gorgeous when your venerable, your tiny tummy is so beautiful, I can play with this all day!!" With saying that, James roughly rubs his finger inside of her bellybutton, he yanks, pushes, moves, and swirls it around, then he rubs her tummy while pressing it, he even wraps one arm around her lower back, arching her back up and rubbing her tummy up close and very slowly, examining it closely.

James then suddenly sits on the thief's legs and rubs her waist, then he lowers his head and begins to lick, suck, even bite on her bellybutton, soon the thief gain back her energy then unexpectedly she pushes James off, kicking him and knocking him out. She kneels down covering her tummy and crying feeling abused but very sad she had to knock out a very good friend of her's she decided to secretly take him to his room do he would wake up thinking that everything that has happened was a dream.

She reaches his window, climbing up and going through, she places him on his bed and kisses his forehead to relax him. She looked at the clock to find it was already midnight, she then just out of random decided to spend the night at James's house, she changed her clothes to a light t shirt and shorts. There was no room for her to sleep so she had no choice but to sleep in James's bed. She made herself some room and quickly fell asleep within seconds.

After a few minutes, James gasped awake sitting up but realized he was in bed, he began to question if that was real or just a dream, suddenly he felt something beside him, he lifted the covers a bit and found Judy in her bed, he blushed very much and grew a very big curious grin on his face thinking that this might be a dream but he wanted to enjoy it. He rolls her to lay on her back and he placed his hand on her tummy, then he lifted her tummy and noticed us was so cute, so tiny, so familiar. He then thought for a bit and thought maybe in his previous dream, he began to think if Judy was the thief. He then very slowly poker his finger into her bellybutton and it felt very similar to thank you thief. James was starting to feel suspicious.

Judy was awake the entire time, from James lifting up her shirt, she was conscious but wanted to feel some excitement for himself again, but instead got herself in a situation of possibly being caught.

The next morning, James woke up but didn't wake up Judy yet, he quickly and very lightly got off the bed and brought his face very very close to her tummy to examine it to make sure if she really was or was not the thief. He gently lifted up her shirt, placed his finger on her tummy and slid up and down in it, suddenly Judy begins to giggle and laugh but remains asleep,  that was much different from how the thief reacted. Next he pushed his finger into her bellybutton and made her moan and move a but, with slight giggling, that also was much different. Finally, James very slowly licked her tummy and bellybutton, Judy moaned and blushed, a bit giggling but more of relaxing, that was somewhat different. James decided that it couldn't have been judy and maybe what happened last night with him and the thief was just a dream. As soon as James left thē room, Judy sat up rubbing her tummy, she was awake the entire time and she knew this was coming. Judy stretched out for a bit and later got out of bed and went downstairs to where James was hanging out.

Judy comes downstairs to find James making his breakfast "Oh, you're up, good morning, are you hungry?" "Thank you, but no thanks, just wondering but, you didn't get enough sleep last night?" "What do you mean?" "Well, I kinda felt you.. Touching my tummy, and then my bellybutton." James lightly blushed, "O-oh... Yes it's true.. B-but I just.. I'm sorry, I was just do tempted." "Aww haha, am I that irresistible?" "Haha, I guess so." It became an awkward silence in the room for about a minute. "... Just wondering but... Did you enjoy my finger in your bellybutton?" "Umm, kinda haha, why? Do you want to try it again?" "Actually... Yes.. I-if it's okay with you, that is." "Haha, yes I don't mind, you may enjoy yourself." "Oh thank you so much!! May you lay down on the floor?"

Judy goes to the couch and lays down on it, she relaxes her arms above her head, her head on the cushion, and relaxed. James comes to her feeling so excited, he comes in front of her and sits on his knees, he lifts up her shirt and begins to poke her bellybutton, pressing it very deeply and wiggling to get deeper, he then stretches it open with his fingers and licks deep inside her bellybutton, getting every corner. James finds a screwdriver on the floor and picks it up and presses it deep into Judy's bellybutton making her gasp, "It's okay.. Just relax..." James says to Judy as she does so. He presses it very hard and slowly twists, and as soon as he hears a crushing sound, Judy moans in so much pain. James continues to add more pressure and twist faster and soon is strong enough to take it. James puts aside the screwdriver and picks up a drill, he places it deep and hard into Judy's bellybutton and turns it on slow, suddenly Judy groans and moans in great pain, James pressed even harder and speeds it up, Judy felt as if it was going to make w hole tight through her back. James presses even harder and turns it up to max, the pain much too hard that she just had to get away, she grabs the drill but it wouldn't come out, in fact made it go in deeper, then she pushed him from his shoulders and he just pushed in deeper, she couldn't take it and soon fainted. James continued to drill very deeply for another minute then finally powered down and very very slowly took it out and noticed her bellybutton extremely in pain and red, he decided to let her rest and head.

After about 10 minutes James back and saw her bellybutton was fully recovered by Judy remained unconscious, he then got very curious ad he looked at her face, she was so beautiful, and peaceful, her skin was so pure and perfect, the details were adorable, she looked much younger than she actually was, she's just much too irresistible. James got closer to her face closer and closer and their lips were so close to touching, then suddenly James's father walked in making James fall back, his father didn't notice anything and was already late for work so he didn't say anything or even ask who was on the sofa and left right away. James sat back up and looked at Judy, he lightly touched her cheeks and she slowly opened her eyes making James pull his hand back, "Oh! ... You're up! How do you feel?" "... Kinda strange, did something happen while I was unconscious?" "Nope.. Nothing at all, nothing that considers you." "... Okay? Anyway I must really get home, my mother must be worried where I am, maybe we can hang out tomorrow?" "Oh.. Of course sweetie!" ".. Sweetie?" "Uh! I mean uhh.... B-best friend, hehe..." Judy was a bit confused by had to hurry home. She left right away waving to James.

Once she got home, there was no one around and there never was, she lives on her own as long as she could remember, having to steal just to survive for the week. She wanted to live with James but was too nervous to ask, and she found it very creepy about his bellybutton fetish. A few hours later she fixed her outfit where James had cut it out from, she put it on and looked in the mirror. In the reflexion, she saw a beautiful figure, hidden from the world, the only thing that was visible were her eyes, and some of her tummy and bellybutton from the transparent clothing. She put her hands on her waist and sighed, she wanted to grow a bit bigger, because right now she looked like a little girl out on a Halloween night, she wanted to be a threat when she threatens someone, but often is confused to think she is a little girl playing around. She turns to her side and she looks at her breasts, they were also very weak and small, but she didn't mind it since bigger breasts would just become a hassle when sneaking around. He tummy was so very small, she measured it all around and it was only about 8 inches, she tried pushing out her belly but that gave her a bit pain and only came out to be 9 inches. The clock struck nine and Judy gasped as time flew by extremely fast, she ran out of her house to her destination.

Judy got to a bank not too far away, she slowly looked around to find an entrance and saw an area that was near many bushes and blocked from security, she climbed up the building and look on the room for an opening and found a door that led to the attic, she climbed down then from the attic climbed into the air vent where she crawled her way to the CDs and safes, she jumped out making no sound and looked around and was confused of where all of the security had gone, she got on the computer and cracked the codes and opened up the first safe, it happened to be empty. Then she tried the next, also empty, after many tries and fails she was down to the last one hoping there was actually something. She opened it and went to check it out, when she looked, there was something but not what she was looking for. The bank owner and many men were standing inside, she gasped and ran for her life, one of the men ran after her but she kicked them unconscious, more men came but she was still victorious, then suddenly the owner came walking to her with a cane, he looked like an old timer, he stood right in front of her, she was just a bit shorter than him. "You know why I am here" "Ah yes! The cute little girl who thinks it Halloween every night, would you like some candy?" She grabbed his collar tightly, "No messing around, I came for my fair share!!" "of course you did, that's why you snuck in" "I had to, you banned me from this bank when I never did anything to you or your precious money!" "Fine, fine, you deserve your money... My what a beautiful clothing you have." He put his hands on her waist, secretly he had tubes that were connected from his gloves to a device on his back, he activated it and shocked Judy with 10,000 volts, enough to shock her and loose conscious but not kill. Judy fell to the ground unable to move, lost her vision and soon fainted.

Soon the thief wakes up and is on a table, strapped down with her arms above head and stretched. The old man comes into the room and stands beside her and cuts out the transparent clothing that covers her belly, and he gently rubs and presses it. "My, you tummy looks much more cuter when completely visible, you should start eating more, you look a but too small, anyway, I decided I shouldn't kill you but do the next best thing, make you useful, no you may think what can you do for me, and the question for that is... Try to resist." one of the men hand the old man a small black ball, the thief was confused of what the ball was for, then the old man drops the small ball into her bellybutton and slowly sinks deep inside, then she feels a slight shock, then intense burning, then cooling, and suddenly her bellybutton begins to ooze black liquid and soon it finishes, but she couldn't tell what the purpose was for that, the old man demonstrates by getting a Bullard stick and sticker it into her bellybutton and somehow it goes all the way in and finally touches the bottom of her bellybutton as the stick was almost eater by her bellybutton and he removes the stick. "Do you like that? It's a new device I made I made just for you, but that was just a little thing, besides it should of warren off by know." he pokes inside of her bellybutton. "Yes, it's gone. I really wanted to show you this..." It was a big box, one of the men open it up and it looked something like a laser gun. "This device allows anyone to become 10x stronger, even poor old me, and best of all, it can last forever!!" he orders one of the men to shoot him and he does, as the shot has happened, a bright laser beam shoots into the old man making him glow a bit and get electrified, he falls to his knees and hands, then suddenly he stands up straight without his cane, he looks the same but he was now much more powerful. He then puts his palm on the thief's tummy and presses down, crushing her tummy and making her yell in pain* "Haha!! No one can stop me now!! Let's see how strong you really are!" He tells one of the men to release the bonds and send her to the arena so he may fight her and see who is stronger. the thief gasps and the men drag her to the arena to fight, which may be her last.

The men of the old man gather around the arena and cheer on, the old man taunts and shows off for the crowd, the thief was freaking out not knowing how she will be able to even last a minute. The match was like a gladiator match, it was a fight to the death but there were rounds for little breaks. The man wanted this to be fair so he allowed the thief to choose any weapon, and she chose a samurai sword. The man began and the old man ran so quickly to her, the thief gasp and tried to run away but the old man grabbed her, picking her up and slamming her back against the wall, "You might as well let me finish you off right now so it wouldn't be as painful!" The thief pushed has hand away and got into stance, she swung her sword by the old man grabbed it like it was nothing, , he pulled the sword dragging her along and punched her so hard in her tummy, making her fly back into the wall again, she fell to her knees bug got back up and charged at the old man, she swing as fast as she can but the man was much to fast, as she lost her balance, he grabbed her by the neck, then threw a few punches directly on her navel and slammed her against the ground and held her down, "Wow, I'm quite amazed, even after taking a beating, your still beautiful." The thief push away his hand, got up and finally got a good swing on his shoulder cutting him a bit, but he acted as if he didn't feel a thing. The old man grabbed the sword from her and kicked her to the ground holding her down by his boot on her chest and he poked the sword into her bellybutton, "Let's see how you like to be cut with a sword." The old man slowly pushed the sword as it pushed us own her bellybutton luckily not stabbing her, but something made him stop, he threw the sword away, picked her up and ran towards the wall, smallish her back into the wall snd holding her against the wall, "You're too cute to kill, I think I'll enjoy some time before I have to kill you." He then pushes his finger into her bellybutton deeply, thrusting very roughly, making me gasp for air, she lost so much energy this way.

Suddenly some of the crowd began throwing food and trash at the old man for cheating my abusing the thief's bellybutton, thē old man backed off and began tainting at the crowd and while he was distracted, the thief ran to get her weapon and began throwing slashes and slashes at the old man cutting deep wounds, then when she thought it was over, the old man turned around grabbing her by her neck and slammed her into the ground very hard, then began throwing very hard punched right on her navel, even scratched deep in her bellybutton, she tried to pul his finger out but it he was much too powerful, soon she lost so much energy and eventually fainted.

While she remained unconscious, she had a small vision of James kissing her on the lips, which gave her back to full energy. The thief gained full conscious and pulled out his finger snd threw him to the ground snd threw punches to his face after another after another nursing him very much then she grabbed his sword and was ready to kill him but she stopped, got off of him and walked away, the old men tried to get up but he was much too weak and there fore made the champion, the thief.

Soon the thief was able to exit the arena and walked to James's and his father's gas station, they gasped to find the thief bruised up and told her to leave, but then suddenly she fell to the ground unconscious. They picked her up and placed her on the bed in the back, they removed her mask and found out Judy was the thief the entire time. They healed her wounds especially the bruises on her tummy and soon she gained conscious, she gasped to see James was holding him in his arms, she touched her face noticing she wasn't wearing her mask and she blushed a bit, "It's okay my sweetheart, even though you might of been the store's enemy, you are still my beautiful princess." Saying that he gently kisses her on the lips and continues to snuggle her.

Soon Judy was adopted by James and his father as their sister and daughter, then a few years later, James proposed to Judy and she accepted and got married. Even though Judy doesn't steal anymore, she kept the outfit for special occasions, such as saving the world from evil. James still doesn't want to join her since he believes it's too risky but he supports her as much as he can. James very much enjoy's to play with Judy's bellybutton when she's asleep in the morning since she's busy at night, but she enjoys it and often even asks for him to play more and harder for the pleasure.

This took about a week to finish. I got some Ideas from friends while role playing, but mainly this was kinda of a dream. The characters are not real and do not exist unless someone reads this and makes it into reality (which would be 1/100000), but this could be real in some random part of the world that I have never heard of, so if it's real, PLEASE!! don't blame me for stealing, this is just a dream I had. Also there is NO child abuse in this, the girl is 18, that's officially an adult (in some cultures), and even if this was child abuse... Those of you know know me will understand why it doesn't count as child abuse. Also ALSO there is a possibility that this may become a series, not too sure.

Please comment, fave, and share!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
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The girls and I decided to find the treasure that was hidden in a abandoned castle. As we searched it, one by one a mysterious man kidnapped and tortured all of us. Only Yutani and I were too scared to return… but we knew we had to go back for the others.


After hiding for a couple of days, Yutani and I had some plans but feared they might fail and end up getting captured again. We spend everyday together at her house staying in her room, and only her room. We were too scared to view the world again, everyday she would get hungry once a day and I would fetch her something downstairs. I was scared but I knew I had to go and get her something to eat. I however, can last a week without food, just a bit of water a day, my tummy would contract at times but it would never expand. People say my tummy is so small, that they can wrap one hand around my entire tummy, and it was significantly true! My bellybutton is the spot I care for most, I keep it clean all the time, and always heal it when it damages or gets dirty, in fact, it's so healthy that it doesn't have a single fold inside, it's just pure soft, gentle skin. But, there is a secret I try to keep from the world, my bellybutton as a tiny hole that goes so far deep inside, that it almost travels through my body.

About a week has past since Yutani and I escaped from the castle. We still had thoughts in our head about the others, Taiki, Yume, Kanji. They all were strong by faith… but for how long? We cried at times thinking of how much pain they would be in at this time, but we dared not to think they were… gone. Yutani was depressed the most, she just lost 3 of her best friends, sometimes, she would stay silent and gaze out the window while curled up and her hair covering her face, I would try to comfort her but she would just pretend I was never there.

Another week has gone by making in total of 2 weeks since that fateful day, and I decided to take a shower to relax myself, I never had a bad scent, but just decided to help me rise up a bit. I continued to wear my under clothes because I was too scared to expose myself, even if no one was around. I turned on the water, fill up the bath tub, added bubble soap to it and slowly got in. I laid down relaxing myself and actually fell asleep for a couple of minutes. Later I woke up realized I fell asleep and continued to clean myself. As my skin passed my tummy, I felt the something very strange, I placed my hand there again and it felt like… a tentacle, I tried to pull it off but it was stuck to me, I began to panic and just then the tentacle crawled its way and found my bellybutton, it all of a sudden jumped in and right away, I actually woke up with my finger in my bellybutton. I fell asleep while cleaning my bellybutton.

Soon I got out of the shower and got dried but still wearing the same clothes I took a shower with, I went to the mirror in the bathroom and looked at myself, I make a few poses and noticed my tummy was a bit smaller, I giggled a bit and said, "Oh well, nothing's really changed." I changed into some warm clothes because outside was a bit chilly. I came to my Yutani's room to find her sleeping on bed next to the window, so I decided to take a short nap as well. I lie beside her and soon fell in a fast sleep.

Nightfall came and I woke up having a strange feeling, as my eyes opened I thought I saw Yutani standing next to me, but my eyes were too blurry, slowly they cleared up and it was her, I saw her quickly move her hand away from my direction, I was confused of what she was doing, then I followed of where I thought where her arm was and on my tummy, my shirt was lifted and my bellybutton was a bit red. I looked back up at her and she was blushing looking away. I giggled a bit and said, were you just playing with my bellybutton? I-I don't mind it all, in fact you may continue if you'd like."

She looked back at me and smiled, her arm slowly reached for my tummy and right before she touched it, she felt a bit nervous and paused but then continued her finger settled inside my bellybutton and began to rub inside. I giggled from this feeling but was really thinking why she wanted to do this to me. So I asked her, "is there a reason why you want to poke my bellybutton? I mean, I don't mind it at all, just seems kind of awkward." She looked away and blushed again, the said, "well… to tell you the truth, Yume always allowed me to play with her bellybutton when I was sad, depressed, or just for fun. Her tummy was really small and soft, but when I saw yours, it was much smaller, softer, gentle to my finger tips, and your bellybutton, it's deep, opened up, and a bonus, it has not a single fold inside! Yume's bellybutton has quite a few folds, but it was still soft like yours, I think I might have to replace her with you because I have to have your tummy! Hehe."

I was shocked and felt nervous of what she just said, I thought to myself, "She wants my tummy? I don't know what she means by that but should I allow her to play with my anytime she wants? I do enjoy the feeling of it." I finally decide to allow her to play with it anytime she desires to. Yutani was excited to hear that, she bend down and wrapped her arms around my tummy and began to snuggle with my tummy while she held it hard knocking out all of the air in my tummy.

I patted her head then thought of something we could do together to make forget about her depression, I asked her, "Yutani, would you like me to help clean your bellybutton so it could be soft and smooth like mine?" She gasped and accepted with excitement.

She laid down on the bed and I lifted up her shirt, as I was about to move her under shirt, I saw a beetle crawling out from the shirt, I was shocked and now a bit scared of what her bellybutton might look like, I've never seen it before. I closed my eyes tight and lifted her undershirt, and opened my eyes. I saw so many bigs, crawling inside, dirt, and on top of that, a mushroom growing from her bellybutton too! I almost threw up but put on a gas mask and gloves and said, "okay, it's time to clean this little devil!"

I first tried to pull out the mushroom but it was stuck deep in there. I got a weed killer and began to spray the mushroom and soon it died and was able to to pull it out. Next I scooped up the bugs and crushed them, some tried to get away but I was able to get them all. Last was the dirt, I got a vacuum cleaner with a keyboard cleaner attachable on the hoes and turned it on, I began to suck out all of the dirt and even the hidden dirt along with bugs and other stuff. I was surprised she had that much junk shoved inside of her bellybutton, I asked her, "How did all of those things get in there??" She replied, "Umm… magic?" I laughed a bit and continued on to finish the job.

I removed the gloves and mask and now, I had to take care of the folds inside of her bellybutton. First I got a bar of soap and rubbed it on a electric toothbrush, then shoved it in her bellybutton ad began to clean up the smell and other disgusting stuff, and removed some folds. Then I grabbed a bottle of lotion and dropped it all in her bellybutton, then I began to rub extremely hard in her bellybutton and her tummy. After an hour of rubbing I removed the remaining lotion and from under the lotion were a cute, skinny, tummy, and a bellybutton just like mine! I wanted to give her a bonus, so I first had to remove all of her clothes, then I wrapped a special cloth all around her body except her head, and I tightened it and left it on her for 5 hours.

Dawn rose and I woke up to find her sound asleep in the exact same position and the cloth still on her. I removed it and took her to a mirror, she gasped and almost fainted of what she saw. There in the mirror was a girl, who was short as me, but now skinny as my, Yutani lifted up her shirt and she saw that out tummies were equal too, including the bellybutton. She gave me a huge hug, she may look like me now, but she still had her strength of crushing me.

Yutani Was so happy about her new body, she played with it all day and lucky for her, the lotion I used is a shield against any damage, so she can't damage her bellybutton or anything else, that is how my bellybutton survived even though it was tortured. She enjoyed every moment of playing with her bellybutton, she put her hands on her waist and felt her now super thin body, she was now really skinny and small just like me. Yutani was really happy, but she still though about her friends, how they were holding up after 2 weeks and a day. I noticed she was looking out the window again and now curled up even tighter since she was smaller.

I grabbed her and released her from curled up, then laid her down flat on the bed with her hands and legs tied to the corners of the bed, she was unable to move now. I told her, "Since it makes you happy to play with my bellybutton, I might as well try it too!" She gasped and giggled then said, "Okay then, do your hardest!" I lift up her shirt and find the bellybutton just like mind, see deep, wide open like an oval, no folds, I inserted my finger in there and felt around, then I found her weak spot! Deep inside of her bellybutton, may seemed like it didn't go so deep, but there was a tiny little hole that went in deeper, just like mine. I got some tweezers and used then to open the little hole inside, then I slowly inserted my singer into it and soon she was moaning loud from this strange, strong feeling, my finger went in so deep, my entire hand almost came inside! I pulled out my finger but kept the hole opened.

I grabbed a single chopstick stick and slowly inserted it into her bellybutton and into the little hole. I pushed it in so deep that after a couple of inches, I felt her backbone, I began to poke around, swirling and rubbing, she was now laughing a bit hard from this now, "I think when I contracted your body, I must of contracted your stomach inside too because it seems that I can't find it!" I said to her, she now had tears in her eyes and she blushed, I giggled then I grabbed a caterpillar I found on the window sill. I opened the hole wider and the baby caterpillar crawled its way inside. Yutani was now laughing harder and hiccupping from her hard laughs, the caterpillar's little fur tickled inside of her bellybutton. She tried to escape but it was no use, soon she fainted from loosing too much breathe. I opened wide the hole within her bellybutton, and deep inside, was the caterpillar, I had to stretch to grab it, then I noticed my entire arm was inside of her bellybutton, I grabbed the caterpillar and exited her bellybutton. I placed the caterpillar outside of the window onto a tree and closed the Window. Soon I removed the ropes from her bond and allowed her to sleep.

Soon she woke up feeling refreshed and she looked down at her bellybutton and smiles to find me laying my head on it and sleeping. She tried to push out her tummy but it was no use, since her tummy was just like mine now, she was not able to push out her gut, it was too small even to expand a little when breathing. I heard gurgles in her tummy and woke up. I sat up and stretched, then I rubbed her tummy a little and asked, "So Yutani, are you ready to go now?" "Go where?" "Go back to the Castle to save our friends." She was in shocked and almost forgot about them, then she looked to the side while still lying down, then she looked back and said, "Yes, now is best to go and save them!"

We got dressed in our clothes, Yutani's clothes were now a little big on her so she had to use some of my extra clothes I brought. Soon we got ready and before we left, she took a good look at her tummy and gave it a rub while her shirt was still covering it, she asked, "…are you sure my bellybutton will stay the same like this?" OF course it will, remember how I was almost dead but still able to more, and you were too weak to even move." "Oh… yeah, I remember…" Yeah well, this tummy somehow gave me extra power to move, and my bellybutton is strong, now since your tummy and bellybutton are just like mine, you will have the same strength, the bellybutton you have now, it will be able to stand any damage and still be beautiful, just like yourself." She blushed and we gave each other hugs and soon, we opened the front door and a strong breeze flew in, the exact same breeze as when we first met our nightmare…

This is the part 2 of ‘The Torture Castle’ I hope you all enjoyed this story, took me a while since I never began right away after the first part was done, but I managed to finish this within 3 days, it would have been less than 1 day but I was really busy and never home. I will write part 3 that would be the final (well... most likely to be the final) part when I’m able to, but shouldn’t be too long of a wait. This story was just for fun, I tried my best to make it fit in the story line, I hope you enjoy it! ^-^
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Amy was walking back home from the grocery store with a bag of groceries in her arms wearing her trademark red dress. "Man I hope Sonic likes what I've cooked for dinner", she thought to herself smiling with bliss. She even giggled at the thought of what would happen if he did show up. She then started skipping like a pixie. Suddenly she ended up running into someone. She peeked from on top of the large bags she carried and saw Rouge the Bat in her Riders uniform.

"What's all this, Amy?", Rouge asked pointing to the food. "Hi, Rouge", she replied shaking with excitement, "Just a little diner I'm preparing for my hero Sonic. I'm sure he's going to love it and ask 'Wow, Amy you make the best meals. Maybe we should go out to a lovely place and-'". "Okay, okay", Rouge said grasping Amy by the shoulders, "Let's just stop there. I don't think he's going to say all that". "Why not", Amy asked with a perplexed look. "Face it, hun", Rouge said, "He's not into you as a girlfriend. Best you just let it go and move on". Amy looked very surprised and somewhat sad by what Rouge said but then Rouge left.

Rouge arrived back at her room at a hotel in station square. She routinely checked into their large suites during her G.U.N. missions and decided to make this an exception. She got to into her large two bedroom and large bathroom room and kicked off her shoes. She then collapsed on the couch near her flat-screen TV. "Ah what a day", Rouge smirked as she went off to sleep. As the minutes went by, the door opened and Amy came in with eyes of annoyance carrying another bag. She looked down on the sleeping Rouge then smiled an evil smile, "So you think I'm going to take that news".

She dropped the bag but instead of food, it had rope which she tied Rouge's wrists and ankles. He then picked Rouge up, sat on the couch then placed Rouge on her lap with her wrists tied to the end of the couch. Rouge then woke up and saw Amy smiling at her, "Uh what are you doing, Amy?" Amy didn't reply and stuck out her index finger into the air then slowly brought it down to her armpit. "Oh no, no, no, no, Amy, don't even-", Rouge threatened as she tried to squirm away but couldn't move. Amy then started mercilessly tickling her armpits with her fingers.

"Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe Amy hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe don't tickle meeeeeeeehehehehehehehehehehehehe !" Rouge giggled. "Please hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe stop it heheheheehehehehehe!"

"You should know not to hurt my feelings", Amy smirked, "But now I'm taking a break from cooking for some fun.... and this is fun". She then started tickling faster.


"Nah you're lying and the food won't be ready for two hours so we have anough time", Amy smirked evilly as she stopped tickling her then placed one hand on Rouge's belly, "Saaaaaaayyyy Is your belly ticklish?"

"I swear I'll freaking kill you if you tickle my belly", Rouge said sternly. "Guess I got your answer", Amy smirked then reached into the bag and took out a paintbrush. "Time for your punishment to get more intense", Amy laughed evilly then started stroking Rouge's ribs one at a time with the brush.


"Coochie coochie coo", Amy chuckled then to Rouge's horror brought the brush to her bellybutton and stroked the inside of her delicate little innie.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAT THAT NAHAHAHAHAHAT THAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAT", Rouge broke out into tears as she kept squirming to get away but was held down by Amy's grip.

"Aw, and people say I'm the one who acts like a kid", Amy chuckled, "Looks like your bellybutton is very ticklish. I'll think I'll stay there for a while".


An hour had passed as Amy watched with joy as she kept tickling Rouge's bellybutton. Rouge was still laughing but her face was flushed with shortness of breath, her tan skin particularly her belly was dripping with sweat, her eyes were also dripping with tears.


"Oh let me see", Amy said as she stared at her watch then saw it was 4:50 PM, "Well I got twenty minutes left so I guess I'll wrap it up", Amy said as she got up and walked to the end of the couch where Rouge's socked feet remained tied up, "Let's see if your feet our as ticklish as your belly", then used her index fingers stroking up and down her soles.


Several minutes later, Rouge fainted her body twitching from the intense tickling. Amy then stared at the watch, "Oh. I'm late. Better head back home". She then got up and ran out the room back home leaving Rouge still tied up and twitching.
requested by ~cagepower

SEGA owns all characters
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"Okay Sonic this is your only chance", Sonic said to himself as he waited in the woods while hiding behind a tree. "Sonic, are you sure this will work?", Silver asked. Sonic looked to see Silver standing in the clearing dressed up like Sonic with his red sneakers and some blue dye on his white fur. "Trust me", Sonic chuckled.

Silver sighed and waited in the clearing. A few minutes later, a earthquake like rumbling grew and Silver and Sonic saw Amy running at top speed like a rampaging bull. "SOOOOOONNNNNNNIIIIIIIIKKUUUUUUUUUU!", she cheered loudly running for Silver. Amy was wearing her pink racing uniform and boots with white stripes down the sides from Sonic Riders. "Now", Silver shouted as he grew pale and frightened. Sonic threw a lever and a rope appeared tripping Amy and making her tumble into a ball. To Silver and Sonic's worry, she landed on her head against a tree. "She okay?", Silver asked as Sonic went to check on her. He rubbed her head but saw no injury. "Nope she's fine", Sonic said, "She's more resilient than you think. Thanks for your help, Silver". "No prob", Silver chuckled, "But now I need to shower this dye off". He left while Sonic picked Amy up in his arms. He looked at her mischievously, "Now the fun begins".

He ran back to his house and tossed Amy on his bed. He then got some rope and tied her hands together then to the bedframe while her feet were tied to the other end of the frame. He pulled off her boots and tossed them away while he got a grocery bag. He chuckled looking at her sleeping expression then reached into the bag pulling out a long purple feather.

At that moment Amy awoke emitting a groan, "Oww, that hurt my head-" She then emitted a yelp when she saw Sonic smiling down at her with the purple feather twirling through his fingers. "Uh, what are you doing?", Amy asked then grunted when she realized she was tied up, "And why am I tied up? Could you please let me go?" "Nah, I'm thinking of punishing you for always running after me", Sonic chuckled. She saw him continually twirl the feather in his hand then gasped as she saw him pull off her socks one by one. "Oh no, please, no,no, no, no", Amy begged shifting her body in fear for she was extremely ticklish on her feet. Sonic then started stroking her right sole with the feather.

NOHOHOHOHOHOHO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE", she giggled as she felt the feather stroking up and down her right sole, "DOHOHOHON'T TICKLE MY FEET, SOHOHOHOHONIC!"

He kept stroking her right sole with the feather as she kept laughing while tears of joy and mirth clouded her eyes and fell down her cheeks. She wriggled her toes to lessen her sensitivity but that only gave Sonic a new target. He grabbed her soft pink toes with one hand and flossed the feather in the spaces between her toes and her soles.


"Nah you're lying", Sonic chuckled as he stopped tickling her sole and toes but then moved his feather to her other foot, "And just for that, I'm not going to show mercy on your other foot". He then stroked her left sole and toes, only faster than he did before.


Amy kept laughing until her pink quills became glistened with sweat and tears making her face shimmer. Her face also flushed a deep scarlet as she kept focused on the intense tickling she was getting. Sonic smiled at her expression, "Wow, little Amy looks so cute when she's being tickled".


Sonic let out a playful fume as he stopped tickling her feet. Amy struggled regaining her breath her chest heaving up and down but she gasped as she saw Sonic leaning down at her. "'Treat you like a kid', eh?" She then saw Sonic lift up her track shirt until her stomach was exposed along with her bellybutton. "Maybe cute widdle Amy needs another ten minutes of tickling", he said in a baby voice and delved the purple feather into her bellybutton.


"Coochie coochie coo", he joked as his feather stroked the inner part of her belly button. He then stroked the feather faster along her belly button and her tummy.


Ten minutes later, he tossed the feather away and watched Amy's chest heaving as she struggled to regain your breath. "That....... was....... too......much", Amy panted as she wiped her tears with her arms.

"Sorry Amy but you're too cute when you're tickled", Sonic chuckled but he wasn't through yet. He reached into the bag and picked up two gloves. He took his off and put the new ones on. He then turned around and held up the gloves which Amy gasped at. At the ends of each finger of the gloves were feathers. "Now this will be fun",he chuckled as he wriggled his fingers around as he approached her sides. "No, no, no, no, no, anything but that", she begged but Sonic didn't listen. He delved the feathered gloves to her sides and tickled up and down them,


He kept tickling her sides for half an hour until Amy finally passed out. He chuckled then untied her arms from the bed. "Now that was fun", Sonic said as he repacked the items he brought then put his normal gloves on. He then headed out but remembered her feet were tied. Then she woke up faster than he expected. "Sonic?",she groaned and saw Sonic about to leave.She then put on a scowl, untied herself and grabbed her Piko hammer, "You little-!" "Uh oh",he joked nervously and sped out of her house. "I'll get you for this, Sonic the hedgehog", she shouted from her window but had a smile on her face.
Another Sonamy tickle story
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Tails waited in his workshop pacing up and down the room. "Where is she?", he said to himself as he walked by a machine covered by a large sheet. His ears then flicked as he heard the door open then saw Blaze the cat enter. "What did you wish to see me about, Mr. Prower?", she asked with no emotion in her voice. "Just call me Tails", Tails said as he reached for a clipboard, "I need to go over any weaknesses you may have when you go into battle".

"Weaknesses?", Blaze said in a combined shocked and disgusted tone, "I have no weaknesses!" She then raised her arms into the air unleashing several flames into the air scaring Tails a little, "Does this look like a weakness?!" Tails then reached behind him and pointed a fire extinguisher at her making her stop. "Now are you going to cooperate?", Tails asked and Blaze nodded as he put the extinguisher down, "Okay is their any weakness you have that would interfere in your capability to fighting?"Blaze thought for a while and remembered a secret flaw in her that only Silver knew that made her flush. Tails could tell she had one and crossed his arms, "What is it?"

"I, um, well, I", Blaze said blushing a little, "For a long time...., and even Silver knew this.... I, um.... I'm kind of ticklish.... on my belly?" Tails' eyes widened at this and giggled a little. "It's not funny", Blaze yelled flushing with embarrassment. "Well don't worry", Tails said as he went over to the sheet covered machine and pulled it off showing a large metal table with straps, "Just lie down on the table and we'll solve your flaw". Blaze looked at him with slight curiosity but shrugged at the end and walked to the table, "Okay, Mr. Prower". "It's Tails", Tails said as he went to the computer. Blaze laid down on the table as the straps closed around her wrists and feet. Tails then switched on the machine and four robotic hands emerged form the table. Blaze watched helplessly as the hands lifted her shirt up exposing her purple belly then began tickling her stomach.


"It's Tails", the grinning kitsune said, "Besides the only way to rid of your condition is by strengthening your endurance". Blaze kept laughing outloud as the hands kept tickling and stroking her belly. Ten minutes later, she saw two of the four hands pulls out feathers that stroked up and down her tummy.


Another ten minutes passed, and Tails decided to give Blaze a breather for a second. "You okay", Tails asked her but was greeted by an angry glare, "I guess we'll have to take it up a level". He then went to the machine and started it back on. The hands came back tickling and rubbing her belly again and she continued laughing again.


Silver then entered the lab and saw his girlfriend, Blaze and Tails tickle torturing her. "What are you doing?", Silver yelled at Tails. "Solving her ticklish belly problem", Tails said. The albino hedgehog walked over to Tails then stared at Blaze who cried out for Silver to stop the machine. But at the last minute, Silver said, "Don't forget her bellybutton. It's very ticklish". Tails smiled as Blaze's eyes widened then another hand appeared and dipped a finger into her bellybutton viciously tickling it.


Tails unlocked the straps on the machine as Silver picked her up and carried her out like a baby. "Say Tails", Silver said before leaving, "Were you really going to solve her ticklish problem?" Tails grinned and shook his head, "Naah, I was just eager to tickle someone since Cosmo and Cream were still on their field trip". Silver laughed as he took Blaze home with him.
This was requested by Pro-Master-Gamer who wanted a tickle belly story between Tails and Blaze

SEGA owns all characters
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It was only now that he truly realized the error of her ways. He was nothing but a blacksmith's apprentice. He should never have come to the graveyard. He may have helped make the sword that now lay on the ground, but he had no clue how to wield it. The rest of the town knew better than to travel to the graveyard on the full moon, when it was rumoured a powerful sorcerer communed with the dead. But he, with typical youthful arrogance, was convinced that he could vanquish them. So he had sneaked out on his own, and after making his way through the forest between his village and the graveyard brazenly strode in, seeking his foe. And that was how he found himself sitting on the cold ground, his ankles gripped by skeletal hands emerging from the ground, while two more held his arms behind him. Unable to flee, he started screaming as the black robed figure glided towards him. But he knew it would do no good. No one from the village would hear him.

Looking at the Necromancer, he discovered that although they did exist, they weren’t actually an old man. In fact, they weren’t a man at all. It was a tall, gaunt woman, looking to be in her mid-20s, though who knew if she looked her age, with pale skin and long black hair. Despite her thinness and lack of colour, she was quite gorgeous, especially with his thin black robe clinging to her. Under different circumstances, he might have flirted with her. Now, he could barely talk.

Ignoring his fearful questions about her intent, she directed another pair of skeletal hands to rise at his feet, where the slid off his shoes and socks. “Oh my, I wouldn’t have expected you to have such soft looking feet. These are quite cute indeed.” Her voice was icy, and yet underneath her cold words, there was a slightly seductive tone. Despite his terror he felt himself blushing at her comment. Her bashfulness turned to confusion, and then shock, when the two skeletal hands began to stroke up and down his feet, as he began to giggle.

He pleaded for her to stop, but she simply watched with a neutral expression as he struggled helplessly against the skeletons’ grip. The bony fingers were almost like fingernails stroking his surprisingly tender soles, and the sensation was unbearable. Still, he didn’t really have any option other than bearing it. Up and down they scratched, never changing their speed or technique, for almost half an hour. Half an hour of nonstop giggling as he soles were teased by the beautiful Necromancer’s powers. Had he known what was coming, he probably would have gladly taken the unbearably teasing stroking some more.

Observing her victim’s wiggling toes, the Necromancer saw potential. Focusing her magic, she found several different entities in the area that might help her tickle this hapless young man. Soon, almost unseen on the dark ground, a long insect poked up out of the ground. Though commonly referred to as crypt worms, it was in fact a type of millipede that fed upon the rotting wood of caskets. Though not actually dead, between its simplistic, instinct driven mind, and its close connection with death, she was able to force her will upon it. Thus it began to climb up the apprentice's bare feet, and though he didn’t know what it was, and was unable to see it, he certainly felt  its many legs further tormenting his soft soles, before it began pushing between one of his pinky toes and its neighbour. His giggles now finally turned to laughter as he discovered just how sensitive the skin between his toes was. He tried to clench his feet tight, but spurned on by its master, it forced its way between each toe, before moving on to the next foot. Crypt worms were known for their tough shells, and he was unable to squish it with his feet. He tried shaking his feet hoping the movement might fling it off, but the Necromancer simply willed another skeleton through the ground, and soon its hand emerged and pinched his big toes together, gently but firmly. The insect regained its footing, and continued its journey until it threaded through all his toes. But it wasn’t done yet. She had specifically ensnared this one for its impressive length. It was so long that after threading between all his toes, it was able to walk along the tops of his feet and back to where it began before running into its end. This allowed it to continue marching between each toe in an endless loop that tormented his feet much more the two bony fingers on his soles did, though they nonetheless continued.

Pleased with the reaction one insect gave, she next focused on some tiny crypt beetles. These she had attack his torso, sending several of the tiny beetles to scurry over his sides and stomach. Although this seemed to tickle him a bit, it clearly paled in comparison to the bug tormenting his toes, so she soon grew bored and released them. Most scurried away, though one caught in his bellybutton, where it’s frantic wiggling had a much more desirable effect, as he twisted his torso to try and expel it. Maybe tickling his upper body was just a matter of technique?

She summoned yet another pair of hands to grip his elbows, and pull them to the ground, forcing him onto his back, which had the side effects of ensuring the insect in his bellybutton would stay trapped despite its tickly attempts to free itself. No less than four hands popped up at his sides once she had pulled the bones through the ground, and all 4 began poking, scratching, and squeezing his rib cage. “That’s more like it” she thought as she watched his struggles grow fiercer while his laughter grew louder. Not a single spot on his sides was left alone as the stiff digits explored all over his ribs, while she watched his reaction, observing which techniques produced the best results. Prods between his ribs seemed to be very effective, as did pinching the flesh around each rib.

While she coolly observed the torment, he was going through hell. It had been almost an hour since the two fingers had started teasing his soles, and it didn’t appear that this would end anytime soon. He pulled and struggled with all his might, but the magically imbued skeletal hands proved to be inescapable. All he could do was scream with involuntary laughter as the merciless Necromancer tortured him. Had he not been so caught up in the torture, he might have noted the faint blue light forming above him.

The Necromancer had managed to take control of a spirit bound to the grounds, and it now took form above the young man she was tormenting. When formed, it appeared as an ethereal woman, her face hidden behind a shroud. Under the Necromancer’s wordless command, it reached down its hands, and stroked his feet. The poor man howled with laughter. Its fingers felt like nothing he had ever experienced before. It was like dozens of soft fluffy feathers, running over his sensitive skin. They were also quite cold, but if anything, that seemed to increase the sensation. The most unique part of the experience, however, was how the passed through his skin, tickling him right to the bone. Now they passed up his leg, leaving behind a teasing chill as the horrible tickling ran up to his thighs, then moved to his ribs, passing right through the hands who had been tormenting him this whole time, until they reached his pits. The sudden sensation as the ghostly hands stroked him in such a sensitive place made him howl with laughter.

Curious as to how sensitive his armpits might be, the Necromancer has his elbows released, as the hands sunk into the ground and the skeleton was sent back to its resting place. However, he still could not sit up, as now his arms were pulled by their wrist outwards and up, until his arms were above his head. The hands at his sides moved out of the way to let them pass, before resuming their tickling.

Now the Ghost stroked his armpits again and got an even better reaction. The cold fingers still tickled like nothing he had felt before as they passed through his skin, but now, with his armpits pulled taut, the skin seemed much more vulnerable. The worst part of all this was the horrible tickling did nothing to lessen the feeling of the hands at his ribs, the beetle in his bellybutton, the damn millipede tormenting his toes, or even the two finger which had lightly stroking his soles the whole time.

The Necromancer, meanwhile, was completely enthralled by the sight that lay before her. She had long ago, much longer then her apparent age suggested, left behind the rules and taboos of society, and with it rejected biological desires. But looking at this young man squirm and giggling helplessly under her minion’s touches, she found it impossible to stop and focus on the rituals she had come her to perform. She noticed a crypt beetle crawling over his stomach, ignorant of its brethren trapped near it. She was momentarily confused; she had released them from her control. Then she realized his struggling on the ground had likely agitated one hiding under the dirt, and it was easily able to climb on. Sensing many more instinctively drawn by her powers, she wondered if maybe her early failure with them had been the result of so few getting lost amongst the stronger sensations coming from his feet. As the hands at his ribs pulled his shirt up passed the armpits that the ghost continued to torment, she brought forth dozens of the tiny insects to scurry over his torso. “Much better” she thought, as his laughter reached new heights. They ran almost mindlessly over his body, scurrying over his armpits without even being aware of the ghostly fingers they ran through. They ran over his ribs, tickling him with their tiny legs as they ran between the bony fingers doing the same. This continued for some time before finally, he received the mercy of unconsciousness.

With a small measure of disappointment, she sent back the skeletons, dissipated the ghost, and sent the insects scurrying away. Now that he was out, she allowed herself a small smile. That had been surprisingly enjoyable. And now she was free to return to her rituals, harvesting energy that would fuel her research until the next full moon. With shock, however, she realized the sun was breaking over horizon. She had been so entranced she had spent all night tickling the villager who had interrupted her. And she would never be able to gather energy without the light of the full moon. That was still too advanced for her.

She was silently panicking about what to do when she gazed upon the young man. Although the dead yielded much more energy than the living, as they no longer needed to hold onto it, if they were active enough, a living person could still supply the arcane energy she required. “Of course”, she thought, trying to supress a smirk “I’ll need to harvest his energy daily. If I took more then a few hours worth at a time, he wouldn’t be living for long. But as daily chores go, this won’t be too bad. For me at least.” As she hoisted him over her back with a strength greater then her appearance would suggest, she promised herself that this was only until next month, when there was another full moon.
So, my first /M story. Been wanting to do a story with a necromancer for a while, due to all the fun thins they could summon to assist with the tickling. Never imagined when I started writing it that the final version would incorporate bugs. But it seemed somewhat appriorate, given that it already had rotting skeletal hands.
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Alyx struggled, but knew it was no use. She wasn’t going to free herself. Not that freeing her would help, considering she was in a stalker stower (poison headcrab antidote to whoever gets the reference. Also, poison headcrab behind you) several klicks above the ground in the citadel. She had made great headway after splitting up from Gordon during the uprising, only to get knocked out and wake up in this damn thing. And for some reason, she wasn’t fully sealed in it. Her arms were above her head with her wrists crossed, and there was only three steel bands trapping her, one across her wrists, one across her waist, and one across her ankles. All she could do was sit there as she was carried to an unknown destination, and hope they didn’t decide to release her before she got there. Finally, after several minutes, she was brought to a wall with a round indent in it, which opened up to admit her to a medium sized room before sealing shut again. And there, right in front of her, was the one person she hated more than anything.

“Traitor” she uttered with pure hate in her voice.

“Look Alyx, just give me a chance to explain” replied Judith Mossman, standing right in front of her. “I only helped them so they would spare Eli and you”

“Oh, of course, let’s turn us over to Breen so he won’t hurt us. Good plan”

“Maybe one day you’ll appreciate my actions. In the meantime, you’re scheduled for interrogation.”

“I’ll never talk. Unlike you”

“They don’t want more information, they just”

“I guess you gave them they’re fill”

“Let me finish. They just want to interrogate you for the hell of it. But I have two piece of good news. First, I’ll be the one doing it”

“Guess you got promoted form betraying your race to torturing them”

Ignoring her, Mossman replied “Second, I’ve convinced them tickling is an effective form of torture”

At this, Alyx’s blood went cold. She wasn’t really going to tickle her, was she? Growing up as the daughter of Eli Vance, Alyx had taken a very active part in the resistance, and could tolerate physical pain. But she was hyper ticklish. She was also caught in a debate whether to continue acting tough, or drop her façade and beg Judith not to. Before she could decide, however, Mossman’s (don’t you love how I keep switching between first and last names) hands were under her jacket, fingers wiggling against her ribs, her Black Mesa shirt offering little protection. Alyx was instantly in hysterics, trying as hard as she could to move away from the tickling digits, to no avail. The steel bands held firm (duh). Mossman moved her [freakishly large] hands up and down her sides, before switching to kneading, making her squeal with ticklishness.

Though it didn’t prevent her from being tickled, her struggling did have one effect. It made her shirt ride up, exposing her bare midriff. This made too tempting a target for Judith, and she began skittering her fingers over it, sending Alyx into fits of giggles. Said giggles increased when she began to rotate her finger around her bellybutton, sending her into spurts of ticklish laughter. Said laughter went from spurting to screaming when she dipped her finger again, tickling Alyx to no end. Her nails had just been perfectly manicured in preparation for this, making it that much more effective. Not one to let something go to waste, she put her other hand to work scratching her sides, making her scream even louder, and struggle harder. After a few minutes, she switched hands, catching her other side off guard and tickling her even worse than the first hand.

Then, she finally stopped, to Alyx’s relief. Said relief vanished the moment Mossman pulled her jacket up her arms, attaching it to the band across her wrists via some large magnets placed on it, such that the whole thing was bunched up at her wrists, revealing to things. One, her Black Mesa sweater had had the sleeves cut off. Two, she had smooth, exposed, ticklish looking armpits.

“Oh, please, don’t do my armpits, anywhere but there, they’re almost the most ticklish part of my body!”

“Well, that’s the point. Besides, as I mentioned, this is for your own good.”

That signaled the end of that discussion, as Alyx helplessly fell back into laughter when Mossman started to wiggle her fingers in her hyper ticklish armpits. Alyx could barely even form words before, now she couldn’t even try. All she could do was struggle in vain and helplessly laugh. Said struggling and laughter increased when Mossman began to scratch her smooth hollows, tickling her worse than she had been tickled so far. She soon dropped the tickling level down, just lightly stroking her nails up, and fingers down, but against Alyx’s armpits, even that tickled like hell. Then, she finally stopped, and hit a nearby button, causing the platform to lower and rotate so Alyx was laying horizontally a bit above waist level.

Judith walked over to her knees, giving them a quick tickle and making Alyx giggle, but her true target became apparent when she stripped off Alyx’s shoes and socks, revealing flawless feet. Alyx, meanwhile, was too scared to beg her not to. Despite her tomboyish personality, she took great care of her feet, and as a result, they were quite sensitive, and super ticklish.

“You said your pits were one of your most ticklish places. I take it your feet are the most ticklish period? It looks like you take good of them.”

“Please, tickle my pits all you want!” said Alyx, regaining her ability to form words “I’ll do anything, just don’t touch my feet!”

“I’m sorry, Alyx, I really am, but I have no choice either. Just accept the inevitable” and with that, she began to wiggle her fingers against Alyx’s smooth soles, making her burst out laughing. Though it was obvious this tickled more than almost anything she had endured so far, it was also clear she could be tickled quite a bit more, and as such Mossman began to scratch her soles, making her scream with laughter.

“That’s better. Now tell me, are your toes ticklish?”

“No! Anywhere but my toes” Alyx managed through her laughter “there the worst place”

“You probably shouldn’t have said that. We’re being monitored, and now I’ll be expected to tickle them. I’m sorry. With that, she began to scratch just below her toes, making her laugh her hardest yet. She found she could avoid this by scrunching them up, but Mossman remedied this by using one hand to hold them back ,and the other hand to tickle them, stopping only to switch feet. Then, she took out a red feather (you knew it had to happen) and began to saw it between her toes. Alyx tried to grab it with said toes, but it tickled too much to move them, so all she could do was laugh like crazy. Finally, she stopped.

Alyx looked up to see a Vortigaunt standing in the door way

“The Dr. Breen wishes to speak with the Judith Mossman”

“And what of Alyx”

“I am to take over the interrogation of the Alyx Vance”

“Go easy on her” she said as she left the room. The Vortigaunt walked over to Alyx. “I am sorry to have to do this to the Alyx Vance, but it is better than the alternative” With that, he began to tickle her sides with his claws, making her squeal with laughter. However, this was a welcome change compared to having her feet tickled. However, he soon increased the stakes.

He held a hand over her body, and a wave of blue lightning shot out. However, rather than hurting her, it triggered very specific nerve endings (guess which ones); tickling her worse than anything she had endured that night. Unknown to her, it technically wasn’t really tickling her, just making her body think she was being tickled. That was of little comfort to her as it hovered its hands over her ribs, and eventually her armpits, making her scream so loud she could have broken glass. But the Vortigaunt ignored her and continued its tickling, eventually moving down her legs (which she had no idea could be tickled) until it reached her feet. She nearly died right then and there. It felt like a billion feather and a billion nails were all running all over her feet, across her soles, and worst of all, between her toes. And no matter how tight she scrunched them, it didn’t help. Then, it finally stopped. However, when Alyx opened her eyes, she saw the scariest thing she had ever seen. The Vortigaunt had its arms raised, as if charging its energy attack. But it was charging blue energy. When it struck, it tickled every inch if of her body, front to back, sides, feet, pits, face, even arms, nothing was spared from the relentless tickle assault. It even managed to give her some stamina, meaning it took a whole half hour before she mercifully passed out (seems a lot of my/anyone’s stories end that way).
The original story had Alyx being tickled by a Vortigaunt as a method of her recovery in episode 2, with her straddling her waist, tickling her sides with his claws, and using his middle hand to wielding a feather duster against her exposed chest. I eventually came up with the idea of him doing it to torture her, so the combine wouldn’t do anything worse. This led to the idea of using Mossman.
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Not 2 days ago, she had been a simple serving girl, working on passenger ships as they made their way between islands. All that changed when a storm tossed her overboard. She had no idea what had become of the ship, whether or not it had reached its destination safely. Nor did it matter. All that mattered was that she was now a prisoner of the mermaids. They kept her in the water up to her neck, her arms bound above her to the underside of a post coming up out of the water on a diagonal, the mast of a long sunken ship. Even if she cold escape from the ropes, the inlet she was in was surrounded on all sides by a sheer rock wall. She had no idea how far she'd need to swim to reach land she could climb onto, and in her currently weakened state, she'd never even make it to the mouth of the inlet without drowning. Not that she was weakened by starvation or sleep deprivation. Her captors provided her with food, fresh water, and their torment of her left her so exhausted sleep was easy even in this position. Of course, even if she did have the strength, in the murky water, she had no clue whether she was being guarded at this very moment. The answer became clear when the previously mentioned torment started again.

She felt a slight feathery sensation as one of the mermaids swam past her back, lightly brushing her with its tail fin. "Please, no more" she thought to herself, though she knew more was exactly what was in store for her. Another tail brushed her feet, and she lifted them up, though she knew that wouldn't stop them if they wanted to tickle her there. Her sides and armpits were tickled much the same way. Finally, after the teasing continued for a bit, the real torture started. A pair of hands grabbed her ribs, and began to knead them. With renewed strength, she began laughing and thrashing in the water, but her tormentor was able to keep perfectly still, using strong hands to keep her torso in place. Taking advantage of her stationary torso, another mermaid (or perhaps even the same one) used the very tip of her fin to tickle her captive's helpless bellybutton, which she couldn't move away no matter how hard she tried.

Next a pair of hands appeared at her pits, held taut by the ropes holding her up. Somehow, they were just as smooth and hairless as they had been when she went overboard, and it made this even worse. At first, the nimble fingers just skittered up and down the hollows, which tickled unbelievably in and of itself. But then the hands started scratching. She had quickly learned that mermaids have claws that are quite sharp, but also the dexterity to apply them just right, utilizing them for maximum ticklishness without rending the soft flesh they tormented. And torment they did. Every pass they made drove her to the brink of ticklishness madness. They were slightly curved, which means the effect was lessened as the ran back up her pits, but even that tickled something fierce. And all the while the hands at her ribs and tail at her bellybutton continued their task.

Next followed the moment she was dreading. She felt two slimy stands of seaweed wrap around her ankles and pull, stretching her body out. At first they had used their hands to hold her ankles, but soon they adopted this tactic. Maybe it was a new idea they were trying on her, maybe they always ramped up the tickling over time, it really made no difference. All that mattered to her was what followed. Another tail began to torment her feet, the feathery fin sending electric pulses throughout her body. Her feet had been separated by exactly the distance needed for one tail to tickle both, each foot getting one side of the fin. Even when she curled her toes, it seemed to effortlessly slip under them when it passed up her foot, and tickle the soft and sensitive spots. Despite how badly it tickled, she much preferred it to the hands that would inevitably come next, but all too soon did she feel the curved claws running up and down her feet. At first, it was only one, slowly dragging up and down. Already it was unbearable. Then a claw appeared on her other foot, it too just slowly going up and down. Soon, two claws were gently scratching each foot, tickling even worse. Just slowly going up and down the ticklish flesh, the down movement making everything go black for a second as it tickled her to insanity. Then the real torment of her feet started. Apparently two different mermaids were tickling her feet, as after one pair of claws passed up her feet, tickling from the heel to the arch to the ball and just below her poor toes, another pair ran down from the base of her toes to the heel, causing maximum tickling in both directions. The tail (or at least a tail) now brushed against the backs of her knees. She had no idea such a spot even was ticklish, but the feathery fin was the perfect tool for the job apparently. She couldn't believe she could feel every bit of individual tickling so clearly, but she could, and so the terrible sensation of the tail on her legs only added to her torment, just as the various techniques being used on her ribs, bellybutton, pits, and feet did.

And speaking of feet, before long yet another double pair of hands joined in at her feet, one pair holding her toes back, the other tickling below her toes full time, while the claws running up and down her feet now only tickled the balls, heels, and oh so sensitive arches. She had no idea how four mermaids were all managing to fit her hands in, but that wasn't really her problem. What was was the horrible tickling that resulted. They seemed to love her feet especially, perhaps because they had none, or maybe just because there were so many way to tickle them.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could she a mermaid's head poking above the water. Not good. There was only one reason she'd emerge from the water, and that was to get to the right position to apply her warm tongue to the helpless pit in front of her. The hand moved out of the way just she she reached her target, licking up and down the smooth flesh. She couldn't believe anything could tickle more then the claws, but there it was. It was like slimy sandpaper, and every lick sapped what little willpower remained. Even if she was wasn't pulled tight, she wouldn't have had the energy to struggle after a few ticklish licks. Next came a tongue on her other pit, the two of them alternating . One licked up her poor armpit, then the other, then the first, a constant cycle of ticklish torment, as another pair of hands appeared at her sides. Perhaps the one at her pits was responsible. Or perhaps she was the one that circled a tongue around her bellybutton as the tail moved away, before sliding it into the tiny, ticklish hole, extracting even more ticklish laughter. Or perhaps the one who had been using its tail there was responsible, assuming that wasn't the same one who had been tickling her ribs the whole time. She honestly knew nothing about the mermaids that tickled her. How many there were (though she could get a pretty good idea of the minimum), whether it was always the same one, or why they were doing it. And she didn't care. All she cared about was it ending. But it wouldn't. At least, not for long. She'd near unconsciousness, and they'd stop, letting her rest, then she'd awaken, maybe be given some food and water, maybe hang around for a while in anticipation of the next tickling, maybe get tickled some more right away, and the cycle would begin anew. Sometimes they'd start off slow, as the did today, other times they got right into it, tying her ankles and starting the torment everywhere at once. All that mattered to her now was that, far more suddenly then they started, they stopped. All sensations ended at once as the knots on her ankles slipped off. She soon drifted off to sleep.

She awoke to something strange: laughter. More importantly, not her laughter. Opening her eyes, she saw it was now night, the inlet lit by a full moon. That was nice. Though she could rarely see them anyway, when it was perfectly black, the tickling felt so much worse. And because of the light, she could see the source of the laughter: the mermaids apparently had a new captive, was was hanging from the same mast, facing her. She couldn't see any mermaids, but they were apparently hard at work, as the girl laughed and laughed in the moonlight, begging for mercy. She remembered when she had begged, when she though maybe it would make a difference. She wondered what the new captive would mean for her. Maybe when they had a new girl to torment, they let the old one go? The answer became all too apparent as she felt a fin dart across her stomach.

Felt it was time to think up a new story, couldn't think up an actual story, so hey, more just tickling.
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Lilith fire her shotgun at the last creature around the vicinity. She just place her weapon on her right shoulder glancing around the area to assure there were no other creatures around. Her long red hair stood out as her yellow eyes scan the dull desert. It was dull… because the only thing that would actually grab your attention would be the hazardous creatures or the wild gangs zooming around in their vehicles. Lilith close her eyes to shake the daunting feeling of uneasiness over her. Of course these bandits weren't the problem… or the creatures, it's just… boring. She could easily kill them since she has venture this area before. She was alone- decided to check out some things without her other vault comrades. After unlocking the vault and the secret, Lilith and her comrades were utterly bored of Pandora. They were just killing whatever they want now and no one can stop them…

Lilith walked from her current position to an abandoned outpost in the desert. Of course there was no one there unless you somehow caught the eyes of any hostiles. Lilith enter the shady covers of the tall metal roof sitting on a stack of tires. She was running low on ammo though. She forgot to pick some ammo up from some dead bandits before the Skags and Spiderants actually swarmed her. There was a few creatures that would creep Lilith out even if she has a gun… thinking about it, those small creeper Scythid crawlers will definitely make Lilith uncomfortable… Lilith glance at herself a bit… she was a bit dirty from walking in the sandy desert anyways… she needs to find some cavern before nighttime hits. Usually her other comrades would assist Lilith, but right now they're not with her. They would also do shifts, but once again… Lilith is alone. The only safe thing to do, other than traveling in the darkness with scarce ammo, is to find some shelter inside a cave… Even if there are creatures out there. Lilith did not want to sleep in the open like the nearby houses… Bandits can easily kick the door down and do something to Lilith. Lilith glance around her seated self to find some sort of gap in the mountains. She stop. Something was behind her… She dash off the stack of tires and into the sunlight out of the covers that protected her from the blazing sun.

A creature with a worm like body but bears pincers as it's arms with a pinkish purple eye and bug like legs stretching from it's chest to it's tail stands before Lilith. The Siren did not question the finger that pulled the trigger to her shotgun. The shot blast the head off the Larva Crab Worm as the body hit's the metal ground. Lilith glance around the area once again. How did this creature come all the way out here if there is no cave? These creatures dull within dark gloomy caverns- appearing out of nowhere outside seems to be a tad fishy… Lilith stop looking around to see a hole right there. It was covered by some parch of wood, but the worm must have knocked it over seeing Lilith. Lilith approach the hole aiming her shotgun at the ready. She only had 12 shots left along with her pistol holstered to her waist. The pistol only had 30 rounds as her rifle was completely empty along with her SMG. She close her eyes and sigh at the thought of how bad it will be if she winds up in some trouble. Whatever the case, Lilith waltz into the hole. She steady her shotgun hearing the very shallow cave. It wasn't utterly dark. Some grim faint of light seem to help Lilith's eyes as she cautiously proceed deeper through the narrow entrance. She exit the corridor to find a huge open area in front of her. There was some slopes up and down to other areas of this large cave as well as some spikes hanging from the ceiling or the ground. This is a cave that has not been discovered by anyone. Lilith pose her hand under her chin… Perhaps this will actually be an easy day for her…

A roar emerge right in front of her. Lilith glance at the Skag glaring at her. The creature was on all four, armored up, fiercely growling at Lilith. The Siren aim her shotgun. The Armored Skag was not alone. More of them appeared behind that one Skag Lilith saw… charging! Lilith curse under her breathe quickly entering her phase walk. She slips past all of the charging Skags. She dash through the left slope entering a new pathway filled with crystals. Lilith did not go back… There was a nest of those Skags- taking them all on would be suicide for her since she's low on ammo. She walked pasts the blinding crystals to enter a new area. This area was a bit more sketchy. There are a lot more pathways than the last area Lilith was in. When Lilith walked a bit further into the area, the path behind her was blown away. Lilith jumped forward to avoid the explosion… But there was none actually. When Lilith got up and glance at the path she exited- the rocks just barricaded the way back. Great. SOMETHING or SOMEONE was waiting for her. She pumps her shotgun, ready. Whatever it is, she's ready. Two Larva Crab Worms appear from the ground and slither towards Lilith. Already prep and ready, Lilith blast their heads off with easy precision. She wasn't running. She was walking at her normal pace, knowing sure there are more of these worms in the area. She heard something above her. She glance at the ceiling staring at a boulder falling right at her. She rolls out of the way towards one of the multiple pathways out of the area. Lilith fell into another trap as boulders were falling above her. Using her phase walk, Lilith easily outran the boulders falling down and blocking the path she took once again. When Lilith exit out of her phase walk and turn around to stare at the covered path. She rammed against something… Big…Scaly…Squishy… She back away from the 'thing'. It was an enormous Larva Crab Worm- maybe the queen. Of course, there's no such thing… But who knows. Lilith curse and exclaim, "Really? Fuck this." She aims her shotgun right at it's head, blasting some rounds. The two stories larva queen took the shots.

Lilith already unleash four rounds bearing eight rounds in her shotgun. She glance around the area to spot some more normal size Larva Crab Worms. She was going to aim her gun at them until something else came into the side of her eyes. There are some Scythids as well.. The small and fast ones… Shit.   Lilith found herself getting outnumbered real fast. Lilith glance around the area to find some sort of exit. Some sort of earthquake  shook near the paths out or into the area Lilith was stuck in. To make things even worse, the area was breeding babies of Scythids and Larva Crab Worms. Lilith cannot understand how these two creatures are not hostile to one another. They're suppose to be fighting each other- not ganging up on her. Lilith blast eight rounds at the incoming Larva Crab Worms, walking away from the horde. Her eyes glance at the sudden Sycthid trying to latch onto, dodging them with a twist and turn of her body. She was going to take her pistol and aim at the nasty small Scythids until one of the fast ones ram it's head against Lilith chest. Lilith motion a subtle 'umph'. Her body slam against a wall. Her left eye close itself as her right eye is open to what was going to happen next. A Larva Crab Worm toss a rock from the ground at Lilith's head… After that, Lilith lost consciousness.

She shook her head side to side… staring right at the wall.. She was… lying down? She tries to rub her own head only to find a dark black armored Scythid sitting on her. Her eyes burst wide open, squirming under the bug's weight. She notice some other weight applied to her legs- more of the creatures were just standing on her?!

"Get off of me! Fuck, really?!" Lilith curse. She could not twist her over her right or left shoulder. She struggles a bit more till she finally gives up. Lilith was a bit ticked. She test her 'bonds' yet again. The Scythids were standing on her upper body an legs. Her arms were already to her side as she couldn't even budge a single part of her body- not even a finger. The only thing Lilith could move was her neck, head, and… feet? She sighs feeling sleepy. Usually, they would kill her… Why are they hesitating though? The Queen was making strange sounds, even the Scythids were trying to say something, hearing the annoying hisses echo through the air. After a good ten minutes, Lilith was going to go to sleep… Something poked her face. She open her eyes to stare at a small purple… Eh? It's a small Larva Crab Worm? Babies…? Lilith open her eyes fully to tilt her head in confusion… Are they going to claw her with these small creatures? Haha, really? Lilith laughed out loud due to that thought- stopping in her tracks when she hears something sizzling at her soles.

"What are you creatures doing?!" Lilith tries in a fruitless effort to push them off. Nothing. Lilith felt something strange at her soles. She curl her toes and  move them frantically around. Her soles were covered in some white somewhat dirty socks. Wait. She could feel a slight breeze breathing into her sock soles. Her eyes burst open? Are they going to eat her feet?!   No, better question... how did they get past her boots?!

One of the medium size Larva Crab Worms use it's own acid to destroy the boots covering her soles. It did not overuse it's own acid- spitting a good amount of acid that melts the boots. Lilith was getting a tad scared. Not only did these creatures not kill her, they're scheming something else. Lilith curled her toes and kick her feet around cutely. This was a bit strange... these creatures are acting docile to her. Ugh, too many complications now and Lilith knows for sure she cannot sleep for the night... It was not even nighttime, truth be told.

Something... poked her sock soles. Her body tries to squirm, move, something. Her head twitch at the feeling as well as her feet. W-what was that? Lilith starts to struggle once more.

"W-what are you lot doing?!"
The two creatures near Lilith soles are the baby Larva Crab Warms and the Scythids. Lilith's security was diminishing. When she felt another poke to her sock soles, she kicked her feet around. There was a sudden grambling sound coming from the queen worm... Lilith begins to curse under her breathe. She could not even more... except her two body parts- head and feet.

'Stop that!" Lilith declares feeling a sudden halt of poking on her soles. The creatures stopped as Lilith breathes a sigh of relief. She uncurl her toes only to find a sudden body squirming over the top of her soles. It must by the Scythid with it's legs that are around perhaps a couple thirty or more underneath it's centipede body like body. Lilith let out a surprise gasp and release some giggles. Hearing the giggle, the queen said something... Lilith could only fear the worse- these creatures are going to tickle her!

"D-don't you darehehehe!" Lilith tries to place a frightening tone to scare them all... But that's a bluff. She cannot do anything in her position. Her body and her pistol are underneath the huge Scythids as the babies were having at her feet... Damn this day. Lilith is tough though. She bites her lower lip down, moving as best as she can. Limiting their true assault, she can at least put up a fight. She flails her feet up and down, doing whatever she can to ease the need to laugh. Her feet are ticklish as well as someother parts of her body. She did not want to give any satisfaction towards these creatures... nor their queen. The creatures were fighting back though. There are around 5 to 6 baby worms around her soles trying to pinch at her feet or move their claws up and down the medium size 7-9 soles. The Scythid babies did not assault her soles. They were observing. The Scythid just test Lilith's soles by crawling over them, but now they're waiting. The tickling was getting worse and worser. Lilith was forming a smile after two minutes. Her socks were helping but the way these creatures kept their steady pace was irritating Lilith's mind. She cannot escape- she understands that... IF she does not laugh/giggle, they might get bored and leave her alone... Not only was this a rough day for her, but this is the strangest as well... Worms and Scythids working together just to tickle her? That's absurd!

Something happened. Lilith eyes burst wide open, her mouth shaking for the urge to laugh. Why? She feels something covering her soles entirely. Her toes curl up underneath the sock, but the worms' pincers pinch her toes- grabbing some of them out of their curl state as they use their mouths. The small Scythid babies leaped onto Lilith's soles at the right moment. Their bodies cover her feet as they tickle her soles leaving her toes and heel out of the picture. The Scythids' legs moved in place, tickling the arches and the very middle of Lilith's sock soles.The Scythids' mouth naws at her sock soles biting through the fabric.

"Nohehehehehhheeheh!!" Lilith tries to flail her feet but the worms were holding her toes down. She can easily overpower the worms, but that will only mean more restriction to her soles if she piss the queen off to some degree. The giggles pull all of the creatures' attention. Shit. Lilith was not going to get a good night sleep.

The Queen order something. There was some silence as the Scythids bit the top of Lilith's ankles. Lilith twitched for a moment, breathing in some air before the true torture starts. She quickly notice the Scythids getting off... but she felt more cool air on her soles- oh no... The Scythids were peeling her socks off as her toes scruntch up in their nakednesss. Her feet are expose- bare and showing wrinkles across her soles. The creatures started to chatter amongst themselves as the queen overpowered all of the chatter with her loud screech. Lilith braced herself. She made sure her toes are tightly curled ready to take on anything they got. The baby worms did not use their pincers- they use their mouth! Lilith's eyes burst open feeling the mouths and nawing all over her soles. She starts to kick and flail them around, screaming at the top of her lungs. Crap, she wasn't prepared for that. She wasn't crying- not just yet! She begins to shake her head trying to get the worms away from her soles. It was 2 to 30-50.... They are surrounding her poor defenseless bare soles as they continue their assault. Lilith feel their teeth or whatever these bugs/monsters have. Their mouths chew on the side of her feet, the heel, the pads of her curled toes, the top of her feet... Everywhere. The sensations pulse through Lilith's body as her lungs and mouth cooperate in releasing laughter. Lilith's mind lost itself in the situation... The worms were emitting some sort of fluid. It is not acid, but something that seems to intensify the tickling session. Her laughs were getting louder and her eyes are tearing up. She covers her soles with one. The worms are assaulting her right sole covering her left as Lilith frantically flails them around.

"Nohahhehahahahahahahahaah Stophahahahha!" The creatures ignore Lilith as they continue on. They stopped after a minute. Lilith breathes more and more through her nose and mouth. Her eyes are starting to leak some tears. She can't stand this! This is ridicolous! Lilith uncurl her toes when they stopped. Lilith could feel the ooze all over her soles- their saliva or whatever fuild they place all over her feet. She wiggles her toes around feeling some of that fluid. She blush slightly as she curls her toes, flexing them in an dout. This was surprising- not like Lilith cared much... The Siren snapped back into reality when some bigger pincers grasp her toes. She tries to curl her toes up but the worms had a strong grip and it was bigger than the babies. It hurts a bit, but the worm's pincers did not chop her toes off. They kept her toes outward as the creatures slightly move her toes back stretching her soles and showing the balls and insteps of her toes. Lilith notice the toe bounds, screaming, "LET ME GO!" The tickling starts up again. This time Lilith found the Scythids and worms going all out. The Scythids leap onto her soles moving their legs rapidly as it tickles the middle of her soles again as the worms start to use their mouth and pincers. Lilith tries to move her soles around but the large numbers of babies overwhelming her slowly made her cheeks blush more as tears start to stream down her cheeks. What's worse- her toes were getting assaulted as well... the very top of them.  The mouths of the crabs nibble on the pads of her bounds toes as Lilith laughs hysterically. Her eyes were gettting covered in wet tears as her body wanted to squirm about madly. Her hair starts to cover her face as tears hit the ground. She was laughing- laughing!? Not only that, her nerves are getting the better of her. NOO!

"HAHAHAHAHHAH!" Lilith screams violently trying to thrash the Scythids ontop of her as the gap between her toes are targeted. She begins to buck, twist, doing a lot more uncontrollable movement as the big Scythids on her were moving. The pincers, the mouth, the strange fluid coating... they were engulfing her soles with every method they could use. Lilith jumps violently off the ground feeling some leeway. Her body was numb with the ticklish sensations shooting throughout her body. Lilith finally had enough of the torment when a mouth found it's way between her toes...,

Lilith made a huge eruption of lightning and fire. She enters her phasewalk. She killed the creatures that were tickling her. The Queen screech violently ordering a number of worms to come out of the ground. Lilith made a run for it. She dash towards one of the blocked entrances. There was a small gap in the rocks. Lilith knelt down and crawl through that hole. When she exits the hole, she placed a nearby rock in front of it. She exits out of her phasewalk. She sighs and wipe the tears and sweat off of her face... panting slightly.

"Shit..." she stated. She glance around the area she was in. Nothing. And that's good. She stand against the rocks and lower her body down to the ground. She did not care about her bare feet being out in the  cold... she was tired and she was falling asleep. She doze into her dreams as her body lay there agianst the rock and ground.  A small wandering crab worm emerge from the ground. It notice Lilith's sleeping state. The baby worm would have called in his/her other teammates, but it did not call the others. Instead, the warm silently approach te warm bare soles pressing it's face against her skin. Lilith's sleeping state twitch a bit as her toes curl here and there. The worm was joyful at this- the fact this worm could have this moment with these soles.
This is a non dirty version of Lilith (from Borderlands) getting tickled. In contribute to the dirty version of her getting tickled, I decided to make a more non sexual story with some plot.

Only way you can actually understand a bit of the story is if you actually played (or watched) Borderlands.

Of course it's foot tickling- got a problem with that?

Now enjoy

1st Version of Lilith Tickled (Dirty notations are present)
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"Aww come on, sis! Read us a better story!" yelled out a small girl in a pink outfit. "You have been reading us too many boring stories and it's not fun for me or Rom!" the girl in pink yelled out.

Her name was Ram and she had on a pink coat that had matched the hat that she is wearing. Along with a pair of stockings and pink boots. Like her big sister, she also had brown hair but it was slightly longer than hers. One thing about Ram is that she is more energetic and louder than her two sisters. She also loved to mess around with her big sister with her twin sister, Rom.

"Sorry, but I am not in the mood to read you two a story filled with childish nonsense."

The girl who had been reading them stories was a calm, quiet girl named Blanc. She had blue eyes and short brown hair that she covered with a big hat that bears an autumn color pattern on it. She had on a red dress and a small white coat that resembles a shrine maiden's outfit and had an autumn pattern that matches the hat she was wearing. Blanc was the CPU known as Lady White Heart that watched over Lowee. Along with her two twin sisters.

The other girl that sat around her started to speak. "Yeah...Ram is right. Can you read us something fun or exciting....?"

The shy, quiet girl was Rom. She had an outfit similar to Ram but it was in a powdered blue color rather than pink. But, unlike her twin sister, her personality was like her big sister's. And with her twin sister Ram, they both like to mess around with Blanc.

" two are getting on my nerves. I said no. If you two aren't happy with the stories I read, then go away and do something else to entertain yourselves."

"You're a big meanie, Blanc!" yelled out Ram.

"Yeah...big meanie..!" yelled out Rom as well.

The two had ran off and left Blanc alone. After running away from her, the two were deciding on how they would spend their time as they were walking around the otori forest.

"Hmm....what do you think we should do, Rom? Should we play hide and seek or play freeze tag?" she asked.

Rom was quiet. She had her head down and was looking down to the floor. Ram was confused.

"What's the matter, Rom? You seen more quiet than usual...." she had walked up to her and gasped at what she saw.

*sniff* *sniff* "Blanc...she was so mean..." Rom said softly. "I...I don't know why she didn't read us a story..."

Ram was upset. She didn't like the fact that her own big sister made Rom cry. So she started to think.

'Hmm...since Blanc was acting like a big, stupid dummy, then I know a way to get back at her. Hey Rom, you know how we're going to get her back? We're going to tickle her silly! It's what she deserves for being such a bully!" she smiled.

Rom looked at Ram and shortly afterwards, she wiped the tears off of her face and was smiling softly. "Okay...let's do it. But the question is, how?"

Ram had opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. "Uhh, I haven't thought it out yet. she said quietly. We should look around the forest and see what we can find to use against Blanc! I'll look in the left side, you look on the right!" said Ram.

"Okay!" yelled out Rom.

Rom had remembered the forest path so she wasn't worried about getting lost. As she was walking, Rom tried to keep an eye out for something that could be useful for their plan. But she saw something that caught her interest. A big, colorful flower was sticking out in the middle of the path she was walking in.  

"Ooh....a pretty flower...I have to show this to Ram..."

Rom had ran up to the flower and tried to pull it up from the ground, but it wouldn't budge. "Hmm...what should I do...?"

While she was distracted, the flower behind her was moving strangely and made weird noises. Rom had turned around and was looking at the flower. She saw two eyes looking at her and then, arms started popping out and soon, a head had popped out as well. It had bright red hair. Rom didn't think It wasn't an ordinary plant. It was a girl.

"Hey! Don't pull on me that hard!" yelled out the strange girl. "Hmm? I never seen you around here. What's your name?"

Rom was a little nervous. She slowly kept walking away from the creature. The girl was confused.

"Hey, why are you walking away from me? Don't you want to play with me? Come on, let's play!" she smiled.

Rom had stopped and looked at the creature again. She noticed that the girl didn't mean any harm. In fact, it seemed like it was friendly and playful. Rom had walked up to her and suddenly, she was grabbed by a vine!

" this...?" she asked nervously.

"It's nothing, silly! I'm just saying hi! Let's play a game together!" she kept smiling.

Rom started to giggle. "Your vine is tickling me....hehehe...."

At that moment, Rom remembered what Ram had told her. 'We should look around the forest and see what we can find to use against Blanc!'

"Uhm, excuse me miss flower lady...but would you be interested in helping me and my sister get back at our big sister?"

The girl was surprised. Someone had actually wanted her help! She smiled and let go of Rom.

"Sure, I'll be glad to help you and your sister out! So what are you going to be doing that you needed my help in?" she asked.

"Uhm...I'll tell you when we find Ram." said Rom.

Flower girl was looking at her.

"Your sister is named Ram? That's a funny name. Wait a minute, you never told me yours."

Rom stopped and looked at her.

"I'm Rom. It's nice to meet you miss flower lady." she smiled.

The two started to walk back to the area where Rom and Ram had been before they had split up.

"Heeeey! Rom!!" yelled out Ram.

She ran towards Rom and stopped as soon as she saw the creature behind her. Ram took a moment to look at the girl that was behind Rom.

"Uhh, why is this thing following you, Rom? Does it like you or something?"

Rom smiled, "No Ram, she's a new friend of mine who is going to help us with our plans. She is really excited to hear the plan."

The flower girl started to shout. "Tell me the plan! Tell me, tell me, tell me!!"

Ram is confused. She didn't know how Rom found such a creature but she was happy to know that the flower girl was eager to help with their revenge.

"Hmm, I like your excitement! So here's what we're going to do. Our big sister, Blanc was mean to both me and my sister. She also made Rom cry so now, we are planning to teach her a lesson by torturing her by tickling!!" ram yelled out.

"Tickle torture, huh? Hey, I can really help you out there! I can trap her by using my vines and make sure that she won't be able to move at all!" the flower girl had smiled as she called out a bunch of vines.

"That's perfect! But if I know Blanc, she isn't the type of girl to get easily captured. Especially when she is in her CPU form....." Ram become quiet. She knows that Blanc was strong, especially when she is in CPU form.

The plan was at a halt. None of them could figure out how they can get Blanc. Rom was thinking of ideas while Ram and the flower girl were talking to each other. 'If we were to stop our big sis....we'd have to tire her out...but how...?'

"Hello? Earth to Rom!" yelled out Ram.

Rom suddenly shook her head and broke out of her trance state. She then realized a possible idea for the plan.

"I...have a plan. Maybe...the flower lady would be able to make fake versions of herself. That way...Blanc would waste her strength trying to kill the real one."

The Flower girl had a frown on her face.

"Hey, I don't want to do all this work...Unless you let me do more than just hold her down." she remarks.

Ram knew what she had wanted something in return for the work.

"Hmm, if you can do all of this, you can join in on the tickling! Sounds fair?" she replies.

"Hehehe....very fair. I can't wait to find out her sensitive spots. Okay, deal!" she said with an evil smile. But she had another thought. "Wait, how are you going to lure her down here? Especially with her CPU form?"

Rom smiled once again.

"Easy... Ram will go and tell Blanc that I've been captured by a dangerous creature that is tough. She will have no choice but to come down and 'save me'." she said in a very cute but devious manner.

"Nice idea, Rom! I'll make sure to act as serious as possible to make her believe me!" Ram yelled out.

The three had all agreed on the plan and were set. Rom stays behind with the flower lady and will do their part. Ram was now heading back to the Basilicom to find Blanc.

"Blanc!!! Where are you?! I have some bad news!!!" Ram yelled out as she was running around the complex.

She then found Blanc sitting in the same room, in the same exact spot as she was before. "What is it now? Did one of you fall down and hurt yourself again?" she said softly as her eyes were focused on the book that still grabbed her gaze.

"No, no! It's much, much worse! It's Rom. She....she's been captured by this monster!"

"What? Is this a prank or is she in danger?" Blanc asked angrily. Her eyes were now fixed onto Ram, a flame starting to build up in her stare.

"No, no, no. This isn't a prank, I swear! We were walking around in the forest and next thing I know, a monster appeared and took her away!"

Blanc was now enraged. She made a dissatisfied frown yet a fearsome expression. "Tch! That stupid monster picked the wrong day to mess with me. Kidnap my sister and you're just asking for a beating!" She stood up and toss the book onto the ground.

She then transformed into her CPU form. She had looked different than before. Her hair was now a teal blue color that became slightly longer in length as her eyes were red and her outfit resembles a White bodysuit along  with long white gloves and boots that bore red colors on them.

"Blanc, do you really have to transform for this?" Ram said as she looked at her.

"Of course! Alright, show me where you found this monster so I can kill the fucker who took Rom!" White Heart yelled out!

"Okay, follow me then!" The two ran out of the Basilicom and were on their way to the forest.

Ram started giggling as they were running. " she's going to be more stubborn as we tickle her. I'll make sure that we'll torture her really good!"

The two had arrived at the forest and Blanc started to walk around, looking for the monster that had captured Rom.

"Well, where were you two before that monster came out?" asked Blanc.

"We were in an area where there was a field of colorful flowers. And then, one of them turned out to be the creature that took Rom."

Blanc knew the area as well. She walked to the field and kept looking around. She didn't see anything suspicious. But as a safety precaution, she pulled out her axe. As she pulled out her weapon, a creature popped out from behind.

"Aha! I found you now!" she then charged at the creature with full speed and sliced it in half.

"That was too easy! Hey Ram, I don't see Rom anywhere! Are you sure this was the creature?" asked Blanc asked.

"Uhh, yeah! But that's not the one..."

Blanc looked confused. "What do you mean that wasn't it?"

As she asked the question, more of the same creature popped out. "Damnit, these things are everywhere! Ram, stay back. I'll handle this."

She then started swinging her weapon around, slicing all of the monsters that were around her. "Is that all you got?! I don't care how many of you pop out, I will slaughter you all!"

Blanc kept killing them all rapidly. But every time she would kill one, two more would pop out in it's place. The battle seemed endless, but Blanc did not worry about such things. She was confident in her strength.

Ram kept watching her sister destroy all the dummies that the flower girl had made.

"I hope this works. Blanc still has a lot of energy and is just destroying them in one hit..." Ram watches how the clones were easily pulverized by Blanc's axe.

It had been a while and Blanc was still fighting the creatures.

" *pant* I still have some strength left in me....come on you stupid things..." she kept slicing and slicing the crowd of dummies that kept popping out.

"Hey Blanc! You look tired. Do you want me to help you out?" asked Ram.

"Urgh....I am fine! Just stay back there and keep an eye out if Rom comes out!"  

Before she knew it, Blanc was completely surrounded. "Alright! You think you can beat me?! You're dead wrong, you stupid things! I'll beat you all, right now!"

She charged all of her remaining strength into her weapon. She had closed her eyes and raised her weapon in the air with her two hands.

"This is the end for you, bitches! Take this!!! Hyah!!!"  she jumped into the air and slammed her weapon on the ground and destroyed all the creatures with the impact.

"That...was nothing...heh" Blanc fell down and sat down on the ground. "No sign of Rom at all...Ram, I don't think..."

Before she finished her sentence, vines popped out from the ground and started to grab Blanc's legs, pinning them down to the forest floor.

"Hey!! What the hell is this?! Let me go!" she tried pulling the vines off of her legs but in a flash, two vines had grabbed her arms and pulled them up her head. The vines on her arms slither halfway down her arms and held them securely above Blanc's legs. In the process of the vines bounding her arms, her weapons fell out of her finger's grasp. Not only that, the vines started to wrap themselves tightly around her legs but they stop at a certain point was above the boots.  

"What the hell is going on?! Stupid vines,!!!" yelled out Blanc as she struggles desperately.

" can try and break out but it's useless. You don't have any strength left to fight back."

The flower girl had appeared in front of her. "So you are the one who is the meannie head, huh?"

"What are you talking about?! Where's Rom?!"

The girl had moved out of the way and Rom appeared. "Hello...Blanc..."

"Rom, you're okay...Quick, take Ram and go back to the Basilicom. I'll handle this..."

"Oh, I don't think so Blanc!" yelled out a familiar voice. Ram had ran up to Blanc and started laughing. "All of this was just a clever plan to get you back. And it worked! You fell right into our trap!"

Blanc was angry. "You stupid little brats pretended to be in trouble just to get back at me?! Fine, you got me. Just take these vines off of me!!!"

"No way!" yelled out the twins in unison.

Ram had approached Blanc. She looked as her tough big sister was tied up, completely helpless. "Hey guys, it's time for stage two. Rom, you ready?"

"I'm ready..." said Rom.

The two had approached Blanc and her feet. The two were removing her shoes slowly, making Blanc nervous.

"H-Hey!! Get away from my feet! What do you think you're doing!!" she yelled out. She tries to kick her feet away from their grasp but the vines started to advance over her bare legs until it reach the ankles. Blanc shivered at the cold vines slowly binding her legs.

Rom and Ram didn't pay attention to Blanc. Rom had removed the left, but not entirely. She had left it on her toes. Ram had seen what she had done, so she had done the same to her right. Blanc realized how exposed her feet were. She made sure that she would not move them around in order to keep her toes safe. But the flower girl noticed what the twins did.

"No, no, no. That won't do. These little boots must be completely off!" she then removed them off her toes in a flash. The cool, damp air of the forest had caused her toes to wiggle. Blanc stared at her bare feet and wanted to do something about such... nakedness.

"So much better. You really have cute feet, you know. And the way you moved your toes is just adorable." she had giggled.

Blanc knew that something horrible was coming. She was in a bad position. "Damn it, let me go now!! When I break out of these binds, I'll teach you two a lesson you'll never forget!! she yelled out.

Rom had sat down on the floor. "I'm ready for the next part...." she said softly.

The flower girl was next to Blanc. "Aww, I wanted to bully her toes." she groaned. Blanc was a tad curious yet scared at that statement. She quickly motion her toes down into a curled state, not wanting something unexpected to happen to them.

"Oh well, I'll get my chance soon enough. I guess I'll tickle her here..." she swiped a leaf on Blanc's underarm. Due to her outfit, her underarms are naked and revealed. Blanc found her eyes twitching at the feeling, her lips shutting down against each other. Blanc had made no noise at all. She had held back her giggles as she closed her eyes.

Ram was looking at her face. "Hmph, so stubborn I swear!" She moved back to Blanc's right foot. "Any last words before we begin, sis?"

"Yeah, do your worst and try to make me laugh." Blanc had curled her toes and prepared herself for the torture.

"Alright then, tickle time..." she said with a devilish smile. Ram had started moving her index fingers in a circle and was slowly approaching Blanc's feet. Blanc regretted her words. She found Ram's fingers to be quite a nerve pricking device. Ram's nails are sharp. Her index finger scratches up and down the wrinkled medium size sole. Her toes are still curled down as Blanc quivers in her confinement. The flower girl watches Blanc and continues to stroke her armpits. Blanc could not motion herself away from the cruel leaf that the flower girl was using. She could feel the soft tip slowly stroking her bare pits- teasing the sensitive nerves in there. Not only her nerves in her armpits, but her soles as well. Her feet are not given any mercy. Ram's index finger continues to stroke in a circle right in the middle of her right foot. Blanc fidgets in her current state. She must not laugh!

Rom decided to join in, making sure she gets Blanc at the correct moment. Blanc found Ram teasing her even more, "Aw, is our big sister ticklish? Being mean to your little sisters and denying our interests in books? I think you deserve to laugh!" Blanc wish she could curse at Ram or say something but she found herself fighting against her urges to giggle... No, these giggles were slowly turning into the need to laugh. She must not! She did not want to show her little sisters such a side- it would be too embarrassing!

Blanc closes her eyes and tries to doze off the tingling feeling. Both her underarms and feet are ticklish but she feared that her feet will be the worst spot that will bring her demise. AH! Blanc let out a squeal that caught all of their attention. Blanc was glad that her own lips sealed themselves shut before laughter erupted right after that squeal. She glares at her left sole and notice Rom using one index finger to tease her arch. Blanc decides to put up a struggle- wiggling and kicking her soles all around. At the least, she could easily ease the tickling on her feet... now, she needs to do something about the- OH MY GOD!

"Do that again sister!" Ram said in a cheery expression, loving such a sound!

Blanc found herself feeling a finger teasing her big toe! She stare to her right sole and notice Ram's index finger poking and scratching the pad on her big toe! Blanc wanted Ram to stop it! The teal hair woman shook her head side to side at the feeling. The two little sisters did not even glance at their sister's reactions as they focused on her bare feet but the flower girl did. Flower girl gave a smile and lean towards Blanc's right ear.

"Aw, your soles are really that ticklish? I wish I could tickle such cute things... surely, I bet you were never tickled in a way that tossed you into insanity... You have such freedom for now with such cute moving delights but for how long? I will slowly teach you restraint..." the flower girl decides to blow into Blanc's ears and have the leaf press a bit harder against her armpit. Blanc jumps at the feeling and tries to move herself away from the wet, smooth leaf.

NO, NO, NO! Blanc wants to scream. Rom decided to do the same like Ram- tickling the pads on her toes! The feeling was unbearable! The feeling of sharp nails attacking Blanc's small digits that seem to hold super sensitive nerves makes her mad with laughter! Luckily, the two little sisters stop their tickling on Blanc's toes.

The flower girl notice the relief from the torment and glance at the two twins.

"Try her heels." Rom began to scratch at Blanc's left heel with one hand. UGH! Blanc could not believe this! Reduced to a struggling CPU Goddess that must endure tickling from her little sisters- how sad! Blanc's toes were wiggling around as well as her entire sole. Ram did the same think making Blanc's feet wiggle around an awful lot. The twins finally notice such a move.

"Cheating! You're moving your feet too much- you are suppose to have them still so we can tickle you easily!" Ram exclaims, grabbing Blanc's right foot with both hands.

"Oh, I know a way to end her movement."

"No..." Blanc managed to stay as she pants heavily, "I will fucking kill you-"

"Oh, what is it?" Ram asks in an utmost curiosity as it interrupts Blanc.

"You will see... just continue to tickle her soles." Ram nod towards the flower girl. Blanc could not believe how effective this method is! Rom decides to spread her fingers out. Her thumb and index finger tickled around the arches and the middle of her sole, as the rest of her three fingers attacked the bottom part- around the heel.

Blanc had a silly face on her right now. She was flustered, irritated, making such movements that deteriorate her image! She is suppose to be strong and prideful NOT a weak and ticklish girl! Blanc is glad that her other friends are not here; seeing this scene would make her cry and feel pathetic!

Ram decided to attack Blanc's instep. She raises her right hand right below her toes and release a frenzy of scratches. She giggles as Blanc's right foot shivers and hastily curl her toes down. Ram's fingers were caught in her Blanc sudden movement. The little sister just glares at her soles and use both hands to gang up on those nasty toes! They are not nasty- they are cute... just that they just moved so quickly and attacked Ram's fingers. Blanc's face was twisted in her stubborn efforts to not laugh. Her eyes are shut, her body tingles, sweat slowly beaded down her head, her mouth was tightly shut as her insides were dying to explode. The move Ram did only pushed Blanc to a deeper hole; the soft delicate toes screamed with a thousand receptors to respond immediately.

Blanc could not stand it anymore!

"STOPAHAHHAH, DMANAHHA ITTHAHAHAHHS, STOPAHAHHAHAH YOUHHAHHAHAH IBIBIBITHTHCHCHEHHSAHAHHAHHAHA!" Blanc wish she could control her cursing CPU self. Ram stops her tickling but she was furious.

"Blanc! Did you just call us...!?"

"Blanc..." Rom said in a disappointed, saddened, and depressed tone. Blanc's face blushed heavily with guilt and regret. S-she did not mean to...

"H-hey..." Blanc said, "I did not mean it... I mean, y-you are tickling- AH!" Blanc was silenced by the flower girl who decided to tease her armpits once again but fellow thin vines with soft leaves came out of the ground to assist in the tickling.

"Such a mean girl~!" exclaim the flower girl, "I think she deserves a notorious torment! I mean, she did not read you a story, and now, she called her own sisters... Tsk, she must be humiliated!"

"I did not mean to!" Blanc shouted out loud, her tone in her CPU form being mix with sadness, "It's just that you are tickling me-"

"You deserve it!" Ram said clawing her fingers at her toes. Blanc could not stand such motions, tossing her head back as she felt her nails attack her digits once more.


"Blanc needs to be punished..." Rom said in a very soft voice. She slowly claw her hands all over Blanc's left sole. The move sent more messages to her body. Blanc's feet were awake- sensitive to any touches that the two made. Her ability to hold out any longer was fading.  


"Hold on you two, let me show you a very effective method now... and we shall play a game~" the flower girl said in a very cheery manner. The two twins raise their eyebrows and glance at her.

"Oh, how? Tell us!" Ram said, "I want to learn." The flower girl giggles and halt her own vines from tickling Blanc's armpit. White Heart was getting a break for now although she feared what was to come.

"You were complaining about her soles moving around, right?"

"Yeah!" Ram said.

"Well... watch this!" two small vines came out of the ground near Blanc's soles. Blanc quickly caught onto what was going to happen next. She curl her toes and shook her head.

"Oh no-" Ram quickly force Blanc's toes to uncurl. Ram forcibly squeeze her hands across her toes. Blanc's toes were pushed from their defensive state. Blanc was going to curse at Ram for being a bastard but she stopped. She was in a deep mess for making such a remark. The vines shot right at Blanc's big toes and pulled them back. Blanc could feel the upcoming helplessly. She could not wiggle her feet side to side or wiggle her big toes. Ram took her hands off of her sister's soles. She raise an eyebrow.

"Couldn't we use our own hands to hold her toes back?"

"Well, that is an effective method but didn't you want her to receive a full punishment? Why use one hand to hold her toes while you could use both hands to tickle her?"

"What about the other toes...?" Rom asks. Blanc was testing out her movement in such a toe restraint. She could wiggle her other toes but that could not ease the upcoming assault. Her ability to wiggle left to right is gone.

Rom was really quiet as she was right beside Blanc's left foot. She was a bit astounded by her older sister's soles. They are really soft. The way her fingers just graze against her skin was intoxicating. Rom knows what it feels like to be tickled. Ram usually tickles her to no end time to time and she endured but she was never tied up. The fact they are tickling their older sister was perhaps a memorable moment she would keep...

"Rom, are you okay?" Ram asks. Her twin sister glance at her, snapping herself out of her trance, "Ah... yes, I am fine."

"Did Blanc made you sad by calling us a..."

"I SAID I WAS SORRY!" Blanc exclaims, her face showing such shame on herself, "I did not mean to-"

"Lies!" Ram said sticking her tongue out.

"Why you...!?" Blanc almost said something until Rom pokes the bound big toe. Both twin sisters actually love the fact they have their big sisters in such a predicament. Trapped, helpless, and tickled. Ram loved the dominance she was getting over their big sister as Rom loves the cute reactions and the tickling treatment to their sister. The flower girl was loving the very scene before her; snickering softly as she could read everything that was going on.

"You should calm down sis..." Rom said as her index finger scratches her pad. Blanc could not respond, refusing to laugh once again.

"Yeah. You need anger management programs as well... Why don't we use this as a way to relieve such anger!"

"I can control my anger!" Blanc shouted- giggling at the light touches she felt on both he armpits.

"Now, before we continue, here's the little game. If you say 'stop'... I'll tie the rest of your toes. So hold those lips close." Blanc felt Ram's fingers target her heel. The soft leaves continues to stroke against Blanc's armpits but they were pressing harder into her hollows. Not only that, the leaves were coated in something. They were wet and light, acting as if they were feathers. Blanc's eyes twitch at the feeling but her body always responded to the nails scratching her smooth tender soles.

With her big toes bound, the twins could easily focus on her feet. Ram notice the particular movements that would make her soles twitch or have the need to move around. Rom, on the other had, focused on the toes and watch how they responded to such simple touches. She then traveled down most of her stretched out sole and test out the various areas. She scratched at the smooth unwrinkled arches and the very center of the sole to the sides of her foot then to the hard and rough heel. Rom also took note on how Blanc's toes reacted if she tickled somewhere else.

Blanc did not like this! She felt pain in her chest for forcing her urges down her throat. She could feel tears slowly rise into her eyes as her cheeks reveal the color of roses. She was not sweating anymore but she found herself... losing her mind. She could not think, reason, or even talk unless she wanted to lose herself in laughter. She was maddened by her body's urges. She did not want to laugh but mouth wanted to. She disliked the feeling of the nails and leaves but her nerves told her how it tickles and how she must respond to hem. Her mind was trying to reason with such notions of this torture but her mind begged for this all to end.

Blanc accidentally said, "Stop..." as her own well-being was going against her body's urges. The flower girl stops and let more vines pop out of the ground. The twins glance at one another. They were confuse to such a move- did Blanc said stop? Without any delay, the vines wrapped around each of Blanc's toes and pulled them back. Her feet are stretched back and lies on the ground in sheer immobilization. Blanc's eyes snap wide open and said to the flower girl.

"I-I didn't say stop! I was telling my body to stop!"

"Right." the flower girl said, folding her arms beneath her somewhat revealing breasts, "That's a good excuse..."

"No, really!" Blanc curse at her own state and random outburst. This will be bad.

"You know, I like this." Ram said, "Such feet are tied up so thoroughly- what is this method?"

"Toe binding," the flower girl answers, "This is, obviously, a method to restrain the victim's toes into a motionless state. As you can see, her toes cannot even move. Try it out..." With that said, Ram strokes her index finger down Blanc's right foot. The feeling stunned Blanc drastically! This was too much! Did she ever felt such maddening sensations!? Blanc jumped at the stroke and quickly glance away from her feet. The flower girl raise an eyebrow as Ram notice her sister's funny reaction.

"No... This can't be happening...!" whispered Blanc. The feeling was ten times worse! For some odd reason, her utter immobilization unless something that maddened Blanc. Why did this happen!? Rom's fingers started to tease her bound toes. Blanc's eyes closed themselves shut to ease the feeling but it did not work. Instead, she envision the feeling of her feet being tickled right in her head. NO!

"I think I'll just add the slight tickles to the underarms now..." the flower girl said, the slight tickles coming to Blanc's armpits force Blanc to turn her head towards the front.

"No...." Blanc whispers once again as the three ticklers notice such a plea. Ram gave a triumphant smirk.

"OH! Now you're begging us not to tickle you? The strong almighty sister of ours is reduced to such a weak state? Maybe having your soles tied up like this is making you feel such maddening sensations?" Ram felt really happy. She likes to tickle Rom but having this sort of torment to her older sister was a great moment in her mind! She praise herself for getting at her older sister... maybe she could do that next...

"Blanc..." Rom said softly, blinking at her sister's face and staring at the sole right next to her. The entire time, Rom was blushing heavily. None of the other three noticed or pointed out her flushed cheeks. Rom was loving this torment on her sister not because this is for revenge. She loved the way they're spending quality time together... and how cute it is to see a side of Blanc that she never reveals.

Blanc said no more as she accidentally puffs her left cheek and shut her lips tight as a smile form from the tickling. The leaves kept a moderate pace against her armpits, not slowing down or speeding up. The sensation was nothing compared to the torment on her pretty tender soles.

The nails raked up and down, left to right on the lower region of each foot. Her body wanted to do something about this. They wanted her soles to move away from the sharp nails that threaten ever inch of her smooth surface as each nerves send a devastating feeling to Blanc. Her toes wanted to flex, wiggle, curl, something but they were grasped tightly by the vines... What surprise Blanc was what the vines were secretly doing. They were making themselves soft. Soft like a feather. As the vines do this, Blanc found the vines to tickle after they finish the process. If her toes squirm slightly in their bonds, the vines holding her feet will tickle her. Not only her toes but her legs. The vines around her legs tickles as well... what was worse was a new feeling that greatly disturbs Blanc. Enjoyment? No, it couldn't be...

But Blanc's face was beat red. She was losing hr composure as the tickling greatly increase. The flower girl decides to have some of her vines tickle such delights as well- the vines popping from the ground and slithering their way to the spaces in between each toe. Rom and Ram use both hands and engulf the very sole from her arches to the heels. Since both the twins have small hands, they could easily cover most of Blanc's feet.

Scratches, strokes, slithering like vine feathers engulf Blanc's mind. Her soles could not take such notorious attacks- her mind was shattered by this. Her body temperature was above normal now, her body aching to release her urges after putting them off so stubbornly.

Rom was entranced by Blanc's helpless foot. She leans in and...

"NOAAHAHHA MOREHAHHAHAA OHAHAHAHHH MYAHHAHAHHAH GODHHHAHAHAHH! PLEAHSEHESHSHAHAHAH SOTPAHAHHAHA! AAIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHAHAH!" Blanc's face lit up in such laughs and tears. What threw her off was Rom's sudden move. She lowers her face down to lick her sister's toes. Her tongue was a tad shy to do such a move but it press forward after tasting such delights. Blanc's soles tasted like vanilla. Did she lotion her feet up or something? Rom could not stop her tongue and her urge to lick such tasty treats. Her face was extremely red for doing such an action. She was shy about this but she ignored her doubt.

Ram was taken aback by such a move and blushed at her twin sister for doing this. She blinks several times before she thought about doing the same thing. Her sister was laughing up a storm. She quickly killed her doubt and lean against Blanc's right sole. She open her mouth and nibbled on the side of her foot.

Blanc was at her ends- her body got the best of her. Her nerves relish in the feelings and her body did whatever they wanted to express such sensations the engulfed White Heart. The flower girl was jealous at the two twins licking her soles but she decided to get a taste of White Heart. She leans into her right armpit and took a long savoring lick. Blanc's mind exploding by such a move.

"NOHAHHAHAAHAHAA OHAHAHAHAHA STOPSPOHAHAAHHHAHAH! IHAHAHAH CAN'THAHAHAHAHAHHAHA AHHAHAH NOAHAHAHAHHA HAHAAAAAH AIIIIE!" Blanc could not beg anymore. All three of her ticklers started to use their hands and mouth. This was too much!

The flower girl use her nails over the wet area she licked in Blanc's right armpit. She mixed the sharpness with the wet saliva that tingles deep into her sensitive hollow. The twins were experts in making Blanc's feet quiver madly against their confinement. Ram and Rom know the areas that force Blanc's soles to move around. By using their sharp nails on these areas, they made Blanc's feet have urges to move around yet make them feel completely helpless. They made such targets struggle in a fruitless attempt to escape. Her toes were targeted by Rom. The teeth that nibbles on the pads of each toe or the very tongue that loved the taste of each suckable toe and how it sent flavors into Rom's mouth. Ram wanted to bite and make Blanc go crazy. She could care less about licking as her teeth stink deep into her skin and attack the nerves. The nerves could not bear such hard sharp instruments as Blanc release deadly high pitch screams.

Blanc could not describe the feelings that overwhelmed her. The tickling was intense, her state was in hysteria, her eyes were watery with such feelings as her cheeks blush from the heightened touches on her. Her body trembles madly as it slowly found her energy going away.

Both the little twins glance at one another and signal for their last attack. They have all ten fingers attack her heels. The flower girl notice their sudden move as their faces are above her five toes. The vines that held her toes quickly bundle them close together as the tickling vines traveled to her arches, sides, and the middle. Blanc notice her little sister right above her soles- screaming out, "NOHHHHHAAHAHAHHA! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAA AHAHA NOTTHAHAHAHFFFUAHAHHAAHAH!" Blanc was too late. Both her little sisters engulf her piggies into their mouths. Rom was the passive but notorious licker who uses her tongue and lips to tickle Blanc's left toes. Ram, on the other hand, uses her teeth and uses her tongue in a hasty manner to tickle her right toes.The vines holding her legs and toes quickly vibrated and tickled her even more! Blanc's armpits found themselves tickled at a faster pace as well as the flower girl speeding her tongue up.

Overwhelming sensations closed Blanc in! She was laughing in her highest pitch ever, her voice losing her tone as her tears stroll down her face with some drool that dripped beside her mouth. She could not struggle anymore as the last of her energy was depleted from such intense actions! She felt extremely warm, hot, and wet...

She passed out....


"NO MORE!" Blanc cried out blushing heavily as the two little sisters were in front of her. They both giggled madly. Blanc blush madly at the two and shook uncontrollably.

"You are okay Blanc?" asks a long light purple hair girl in a tailor sight and purple eyes, "I was informed by these two about what happened..."

"What a shame..." Uni said at the doorway, standing against the wall with folded arms. "Tickled by such a cheap move..." Her cheeks were red though.

"Rom, Ram- why did you tell them!"

"We did not tell them anything- they were watching!" Ram explained, "Besides... That was fun!"

"Why you little..."

"Sister, we are sorry..." Rom said in a timid voice, her cheeks red, "We did not mean to push it that far..." Blanc was going to say, 'Hell yeah...' but she stopped herself. Maybe she was in the wrong and deserved it. They are her little sisters and she should treat them better than what she has before. She blush slightly at the fact she is in the wrong and sighs. She is the worse big sister ever.

"I am at fault, Rom." Blanc said calmly, "I should have read you a better story and at least play with you two time to time." Both the little sisters were happy and hugged her. Blanc chuckles at such actions and close her eyes.

"Aw." Nepgear said as Uni just watches.

"That was really fun though." Ram said, "I was the genius behind it all!"

"Oh... really?" Blanc quickly change her attitude and glares at Ram. Ram gasp at the sudden hostility, grabbing Rom and left the room.

"Run for it!"

"Hold on you two, don't go wondering off like that!" Nepgear follows them as Blanc sighs. She blush at what had happened. She glance at her feet under the sheets, rubbing them together to quickly find her eyes twitching and her body having the urge to laugh right there and then.

"How... was it?" Uni asks. Blanc blush madly at the question and glance at Uni, "W-what do you mean!?"

"T-the tickling... Wasn't it fun and that wonderful?"

"I..." Blanc did not want to answer such a question but she did anyways. She found herself smiling and saying an honest response, "Yeah. It was. I guess that was like a sisterly like bonding."

"I am a tad envious." Uni admits, "But I feel like I went through the same experience with you... I was tickled before but I can't say... Nepgear is keeping something away from me though...


"Miss Nepgear, have you tickled anyone before?" Ram questions.

"Oh, sometime ago, I did!" Nepgear respond with a smile.

"Oh, who was it? Was it your sister?" asks Ram.

"No, it was Uni!"

"Oh really?" Ram said in astonishment, "She's really stubborn, isn't she? How did you..."

"I don't know... I told her  I wouldn't say anything..."

"Please... tell us Miss Nepgear." Rom asks politely in such a cute voice.

"Okay, okay, but tell me how you enjoyed tickling your sister!" Nepgear said, "I know you two did." They both blush and nodded their heads in agreement.

Blanc and Uni sneezed and glance at one another.
Well, this was a joint project. The first half was made by a fellow writer and friend :icondemonicreid:

He was going to do a tickling story on Blanc so I decided to help out as well. I done a pic on Nepgear and Uni so why not continue the show? I also have the picture of a scene from this story.

Well, you will see what this is all about- just read it.

Took me a while to type up the tickling segment since I was trying to get above my usually method but I think I repeated it? I don't know, you lot tell me.

Note: I will make more projects based of of Hyperdimension Neptunia- if you haven't notice, I typed one with Neptune in the World of Cluster (WOC) project.

Here's the link to see the picture fully: [link]

Well enjoy
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The sudden feeling of the cold air made Jessica shiver. She could see a part of her breathe. There were spiders everywhere! Jessica glance at their eight eyes lined up in two rows with their jaws moving... UGH! Jessica wanted to scream and run, but she needed to understand this world. She follow even deeper as some half armored male arachnids stop the lesser pawn. They notice Jessica. Everything was somehow lit in some faint light as the dark ceiling cave was covered in eggs or slight cobwebs.

"Who is she?" pose one of the armored dark male.

"She said K... That means someone needs to speak with her..." the spider rush out of there as the arachnid guard just scoff. He signal to follow him as Jessica notice more of his fellow teammates in armor.

"Geez... You're sure you want to talk to Kat-"

"Kat? Wait..." Jessica rush past the guard. He quickly notice yelling, "HEY!" He rush after her as Jessica rush towards the pathway they were taking. She stare at a female just sitting on her throne bored. She had dark hair and a pale body- her eyes show towards Jessica. The way she had was... exactly how Kat would pose. She would have her hand on her right cheek, her body slightly off from any chair position having a worst annoyed face ever. Jessica almost rush to hug the queen until two guards stopped her.

"Woman, halt!" they yell. Jessica found herself growing in anticipation.

"Who is this woman?" Kat said without even looking.

"Eh... We don't know, she said 'K'." whisper the guard. Kat raise an eyebrow staring at Jessica.

"You knew my name before-"

"Kat!" Jessica said in happiness. The Kat that stood before her glance at her soldiers. Jessica... found her heart soaring downwards fast.

"Y-you don't remember me?"

"Do I even know you human?" Kat shot back a question that made Jessica fall on her knees. W-what was going on? THIS HAS TO BE KAT! T-they didn't... Kat glance at Jessica on the ground feeling a tad sad.

"Leave us guards... Come to my chamber." Kat walk up to Jessica holding her. The two went into her room as Kat merely fiddled with her own hands. There was silence in the room. Although the room wasn't that organized nor cozy... It did have the basic set up. A bed, some shelves, seats, and at least a table...

"Please," Jessica said getting her attention, "D-do tell me where I am." Kat just fold her arms and sigh. "You're in the World of Laughter..."

"E-excuse me?" Jessica said knowing this a bit, but not as much.

"The World of Laughter separates into many worlds. There are holidays to events, or to the very fiction or other stories and such... This is where there are the prey and predators. WE are the predators who tickle our targets so much we can just do whatever the.... Well, you know, we want... And you lot, humans, ARE OUR PREY." Those words burn into Jessica's memories blushing. Kat was walking towards her.

"H-holdehe ehheheheheheheh ehhe!" Jessica couldn't move away as she went onto the wall. The queen spider just spat some cobwebs to her arms having them against the wall. Her body was at least a good foot higher than her with the huge lower spider half... Even though it looked like metal, it had a very sharp and clean spitting image. It was like a widow... although Jessica was more glad it WASN'T an actual widow. She felt the eight legs tickling her sides and stomach.


"Stop saying my name!" Kat yell. That sudden declaration made Jessica feel... dead. She began to cry. Kat stop, thinking she got her weak spot but notice the girl shaking her head.

"S-stop it." Kat pester, hesitating to even go on, "Why are you so strange!?"

"Strange?!" Jessica spoke angrily, "I wanted my old friend! The girl I love who stalked me! Don't you remember me?! Have you been brainwashed?! Weren't you..." Jessica shook her head in the tears as Kat just watch her captive complain and grumble. Her bare heart was being shot at. Her face was blushing lightly hearing some words.

"We use to hang out. Like friends, we had fun at our games and you wouldn't stop following me! We... we had each other till the end... Before you left me, force to go to a different area and school. You were so disappointed, sad, depriving your own happiness when you told me, but I loved you still!" Jessica stare at Kat as Kat was showing some tears, "Don't you remember me, Jessica!?" Kat's face somehow... I don't know, sparked? Something ran through that head as she gripped her heart and cried intensely. She hugged Jessica saying, "I-I... It is you. Thank God!" Jessica felt her long old friend hug her. Kat was weeping into her shirt though as Jessica just stood there.

"I'm so-"

"No you are not." Jessica interrupt, "W-what happened?"

"I... I can't explain." Jessica glance at Kat again. She had long dark hair, and some nice eyes- they were dark now since she was a... you know. Her upper body was utterly naked except that bra covering her. Her height had grown around the 6'0 and over.

"All I remember was me transforming into this and getting brainwash to... To..." Kat blush madly and jumped, "Tickle anyone I wanted! I couldn't help but feel so empower- getting my own army too!"

"G-geez..." Jessica looked to the side blushing but stopped it quickly, "WHO gave the orders?" Kat shrugs, "I do not know... BUT we should be reunited!" Kat smile so sweetly Jessica had to close her eyes and smile back... Until her legs were being lifted off the ground. Kat shoot for the table using it as she made sure the four legs stood on the floor securely. Jessica blush red quickly.

"D-don't- NO! STOP IT!"

"But..." Kat giggles closing her eyes and opening them again, "We haven't been acquainted in such a long while- I MUST!" Jessica glance at her Converse and her socks flying towards the air onto the floor. Her feet began to kick.

"N-no, really, you shouldn't!" Jessica continue flailing. This was a long while since she was tickled. All her other spots were less ticklish but her feet. Jessica would pamper them but felt a sudden feeling her feet grew even more ticklish from everyone's disappearance...

"Fine." Jessica glance at Kat teasing her toes before stopping, "Let's make out."

"Y-y-you're a spider-"

"Arachnid Queen." she corrected as the two kiss on the lips. Kat used her hands to position Jessica's head to hers as they repeatedly kiss. Their wet mouths were tasting each other lips having slight tongue foreplay. Their eyes were close as Jessica pulled away first.

"C-can you get this off of me-"

"Nope." Kat respond quickly and eagerly as the two continue kissing. Jessica felt some motion of her hands to her left- Feet, she let out a quick giggle curling her toes blushing and pulling away. She bit her lower lip having her left eye close and right eye open. Kat pull Jessica back into their kiss shaking her head.

"No... resistance." she reply as her extra legs were expertly getting at Jessica's bare feet. They weren't even tied and Kat could follow.Kat notice how concentrated Jessica was trying to avoid her legs as Kat just stop the making out. She folded her arms tying the two ankles with a sudden shoot of her cobweb from her... you know.

"Great..." she said walking towards them, "Punishment must be given."

"KAT!" yell Jessica flailing around again.

"Oh please." Kat rolled her eyes, irritated by Jessica's pleas, "How many times- no, you don't beg if I recall." The tease was referring to how Jessica would beg but they would shut her up. She could be hinting the past... or Jessica may get taped. Jessica just found herself closing her eyes and saying, "F-fine... BUT NO BUGS!"

"Oh ho, you still remember that day!" pose Kat, "How I got you in those stocks and tickled you with my little teammates... I do want to try that again-"

"NO!" Jessica declare.

"I am the Queen... And you're my slave." Kat tease.

"S-stop saying that!" Jessica stutter glancing at her sudden moves. She just had to state the past. Small spiders, very small ones that could be the hairiest of their kind just dangled from the ceiling along with some others.

"Get her feet." Kat command as he fold her arms beneath her breasts. The spiders just obey as they landed all over the top- her toes. Jessica let out laughter feeling their hairy fibers. They were crawling so slowly down her toes through the other parts of her feet. The spiders found themselves flying off as Jessica's feet were able to resist still... But the more she did that, the more the spiders were overwhelming and seeking revenge. They even stuck themselves onto her soles by making webs around some parts, shaking their fuzzy bodies as Jessica was in tears.


"One long strong sentence, you are still the same old Jessica- I wonder..." Kat stop to shrug it off, "Maybe later..." She glance at her feet wiggling around. Kat love to see bugs and feet together... She found herself fantasizing that moment until she shook her head.

"Enough." she announce towards her minion as they went.

"Might as well give you a taste..." Jessica blush. "Hehahahaheheheehe..... OH PLEASE NO! EEEP!" A squeal got through her mouth as Kat had a good thread in her hands. She tied it around the two big toes, wrapping it around as her feet just wiggled some.

"Don't worry... I'll make them wet." Jessica found herself laughing viciously at the feeling... Pampering her feet only worsened the conditions! Her dark polish shiny toenails were curling as Kat was licking the very middle of her left sole. Kat's hands pry the curled toes back. The sudden strength made Jessica immobile as the tongue slid underneath those five. She then place both her big toes in her mouth... Joking around by moving her mouth up and down the two toes.

"QUIAOHTHTAHTHTHHATIH THTTHA THTAAHHAHAH!" Jessica said in a roll over having her other toes flex.

"Oh god..." Kat said, "How I miss your moving soles, the way they're helpless... A bit, and how they ask for more. The fact that they taste like some wet white dream of mine makes me soar and want more... Vanilla, right? The flavor...?" Jessica nod still laughing her head as Kat just stop to hear a knock.

"What is it...?"

"It's the Succubus- she wants to talk to you-"


"...she said she wanted to-"

"Get out of my way." the Succubus roar kicking the door open. She have very orange skin having red blazing hair. Her hair was extended behind her with a emo flip over the right eye. They were more dangerous than piercing. Her vague clothing made each part of her body stood out and the clothing was really... revealing in a way that man would daunt. Her long g-string covered her lower with dark red boots and yellow trimmings. Her gloves were the same, but she toss them onto the bed. She glance at Kat already having fun closing the door.

"Leave, please." Kat demanded.

"Oh yeah?" the Succubus said, "But... You have a new prey, why don't we both tickle her so badly and make her wet herself..." Kat look over her shoulder showing a disturbed face. The sudden feeling of these two ganging up on her made things intense... Especially the look the succubus was giving towards Jessica. There was a disturbing smile dawning onto Jessica as she was still there.

"No." Kat cross her arms, "She is mine-"

"Selfish fool!" the Succubus yell, "Keeping your own-" The two began to fight in front of Jessica. Well... a tickle fight. Kat extended her legs toward her bare ribs glancing at the furious Succubus giggling lightly. Kat grabbed her arms as her legs pin her legs.

"I don't care!" Kat was fired up to have Jessica... "I won't let you take her to your lair!"

"Be rational woman!" the Succubus push Kat away tickling her ribs. Kat began to laugh viciously as Jessica was lightly struggling to break free. Damn these webs!

"S-stop it!" Jessica exclaim. The two stop as they rose confuse faces.

"Stop?" they both question in unison, "We're trying to..." The Succubus took the chance to tickle Kat, "Tickle you. I need to give you into my-"

"Oh please..." Jessica choose her words carefully, "You can even make me laugh... Even in my bonds." The Succubus stop tickling Kat walking up to the tied bare feet. Jessica just gulp to find the sharp nails taking place on her feet. She broke into laughter.

"Oh really~?" she cooed teasing the toes as the laughter went up a bit, "I wonder why you're disobeying me Kat-" The Succubus found Kat tackling her into the wall. This was turning nasty quick. The Succubus roar as she slam Kat into the wall too. The sudden commotion made some guards enter and viciously hold down the Succubus who was grunting.

"We're betraying our loyalty towards the group!" There was silence as the Succubus growl and stare intensely towards Kat, "You fucking flit-" There was a slap in her lowered self at the ass as Kat shook her head, "I'm going to have fun..."
This is the actually storyline for World of Laughter. Note: There will be nudity/violence/ anything else I would dare say later on. Please take note the fact these are my OCs and my 'story'. Feel free to go to the interactive story.

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Several hours had now passed since their first kiss, and with the sun setting outside, both Sophie and Danny were now both watching the footage that had been recorded earlier while they in the park. Danny was sat on the left hand side of the sofa while Sophie was laid across, with her head on his lap looking at the screen.
She looked down and smiled as she felt Danny begin to slowly rub her belly. It felt soothing, but Sophie was curious. The way he was doing it was far more than just gentle - it was tender, and with great care and kind. It left her wondering, how many times had he ever been with a girl, if ever?
As he neared her bellybutton, she had a brief moment of dread as she thought he was going to tickle her, but he'd already read her thoughts and quickly reassured her.
"Don't worry. I'm not going to tickle you…not unless you want me to, of course", Danny said with a smile.
Sophie giggled. "…you can if you want", she replied as she looked up at him with a sense of longing in her eyes.
Danny had a think about where to tickle. Looking towards her legs, he saw her feet dangling over the sofa arm. Sophie was still wearing her boots, but Danny had already proven clothes were no obstacle for what he could do. Activating his telekinesis, he began to visualise slowly drawing a feather up the soles of Sophie's feet.
Sophie began giggling as her legs started to kick in a futile attempt to stop the tickling.
Danny didn't stop there. Continuing to exercise his psychic ability, he began to tickle around Sophie's toes and on the arches of her feet. The young woman's response was immediate as she rolled onto her back with her legs still kicking, but more than before. Her upper body was shaking as she burst out laughing.
One of Danny's rules of tickling was always respect a woman's request, and he certainly wasn't going to break it. The tickling quickly died off and Sophie re-relaxed herself, laying her head back on his lap.
"Oh look!" said Danny before pointing at the screen, "Here's where I went all out on you".
She quickly turned her head and sat up slightly. Sure enough, there she was getting tickled all over. As she watched, small sensations jolted through her body as she remembered how it had felt, being up in the sky and feeling the wind against her skin whilst enjoying a sense of freedom she had never felt before. Of course, she also vividly remembered the feeling of been tickled by Danny's amazing ability, and was feeling every pulse of it as she watched on the screen.
After what seemed like the longest half a minute she had ever waited, Sophie finally saw what had happened after she had blacked out.
Sure enough, Danny appeared at her side and slid his left arm under her knees and used his right arm to support her head and neck. Sophie watched then with amazement as he began to descend to the ground below, carrying her bridal style.
Reaching for the remote, she pressed the stop button before turning her head to look Danny in the eyes.
"Can you do that to me now, while I'm awake?" she questioned.
Danny smiled before affectionately stroking her hair. "Of course I can".
With that, Danny once again began to use his telekinesis, with Sophie beginning to feel the same tingling sensation she felt before she began to levitate off the ground in the park, when she started getting lighter.
Danny then proceeded to slide his right arm under her knees whilst bringing his left arm under her back. With that, Danny quickly got to his feet, with Sophie giving a quick whoop as she jerked upwards.
The pair stared into each others eyes before Sophie reached behind her head and hooked her fingers in her hair band, before pulling it out and throwing it aside.
As soon as she did that, she then shook her head from side to side, swishing her long chocolate-brown hair like a model in a photo-shoot, before once again making eye contact with him.
You cheeky flaunt, Danny thought to himself before smiling. Electricity was jolting under his skin while his brain felt like it was on overdrive. His heart was beating with a rhythm he had never felt before and his vision was locked squarely on her.
With his right hand, he began to softly draw his finger back and forth along her waist, just above her belt. Sophie tittered slightly as Danny used his telepathy to find out what she wanted to do…with his answer coming quickly.
The next moment saw the pair share an incredibly passionate kiss, as Sophie wrapped her arms around the back of Danny's neck and drew herself closer to him.
After what felt like a few minutes, the two slowly pulled apart before Danny leaned forward and whispered into Sophie's ear a message she never thought she would be so overwhelmed at hearing.
"I love you".
And she melted inside, as she knew he meant it…with all his heart.    
However, that question as to whether he'd had anyone before began to feel like a lead weight in her stomach. Taking a breath, she finally asked him.
"Danny…have you ever had a girlfriend before?"
There was a pause, before he gave his answer.
"I've never had a girlfriend; no…I've had friends who are girls, but not a girlfriend".
The weight lifted, but Sophie was still curious.
Did you ever have any crushes at all?"
Danny sighed. "Not really…the only time I ever really came close to that was when I was in college."
"Why, what happened then?"
"It was with a girl called Amy", Danny answered, "she's autistic, like me…we knew each other from a support group we both attended for people with learning difficulties. When I was school, I went to something similar called ASDAN."
Sophie interrupted. "Danny, erm…you know you can put me down now if you want".
Danny looked at her before realising he was still holding her in his arms.
"Well, you can keep holding me if you want", said Sophie with a smile before turning her head to look at the clock, "but I just thought I'd tell you since you've been holding me for nearly five minutes now".
"Sorry", said Danny as he slowly turned around before gently laying her back on the sofa. He then sat down before continuing.
"So as I was saying…I watched over everyone who was in the group, because there was a group of boys who used to pick on us, no matter how often they got told off. I felt more for Amy because she always seemed to get the worst of it from them".
Sophie sat up, intrigued. "Did she know about you having psychic abilities"?
Danny looked at Sophie before answering. "She found out one day. I used both telepathy and telekinesis to help her because she was getting assaulted by the gang that picked on us…do you want to hear the story?"
"Yeah, go on then".
"O.K. It's a long story, so you best get comfortable".

She was surrounded now by the jeering boys.
For Amy, today had just been hell. They had been throwing things at her in her maths lesson and tried tripping her up at lunch time just to name a few things. Now, as she had started walking towards the bus stop to go home, they had ambushed her.
Without warning, she was shoved forward from behind before then been shoved back. As she fell to the floor, the boys stood over her and cruelly laughed at her expense.
Tears began to well up in Amy's eyes. Just being herself had led her to be bullied for nearly her whole life, and it never was fair as to why she felt she was getting something she didn't deserve.
As she began trying to get up, one of the boys kicked her arm away, causing her to tumble back down and evoking more cruel laughter from the boys. Suddenly, she yelped as she felt a sharp kick to the base of her back and then another to her ribs. Searing pain shot through her from both hits and the tears now ran from her eyes.
At that point, the gang's leader Matthew stepped forward with his shadow looming over her. He had short, black hair with a face only a mother could love. It was covered in scratches and some of his teeth were missing. He had long had a hatred of people who were disabled or different from the norm, and he was particularly prejudiced towards women as well.
Amy could only look up at him as he bent down towards her. Noticing her tears, he began his pitiless charade.
"Awww, is little ginger nut Amy crying? Awww, didums!"
The boys all sniggered at his remark. Amy, however, began to feel white hot rage boiling up inside her. She had long had a split personality and her more aggressive side was slowly taking over.
Matthew bent down towards her and grabbed her chin with his hand. "You should know better than to try and hide from us. We can find you anywhere and do whatever we want to you. You're nothing, understand?"
With that, Matthew shoved Amy's head back to the floor. In his over cockiness, however, he was failing to read the telltale signs.
I'm going to have a feel of your tits", taunted Matthew as he now stood over her with his legs spread as he once again bent down, shoving his face right into hers. His breath reeked of cigarette smoke…and it was enough to finally push Amy over the edge.
Before Matthew even realised what was going on, Amy grabbed hold of his collar with her left hand before using her right to land several hard blows against his already ugly mug. With her last hits, she kicked him right between his legs in a place where the sun don't shine, before letting go of his collar and thumping him right in the nose, sending him reeling back with his head in his hands.
Her triumphant moment, however, was ruined as the gang went into kicking overdrive on her. One of them kicked her squarely in the forehead, causing her vision to mess up slightly and become blurred while another of the boys kicked her right between the shoulders.
Matthew, meanwhile, slowly got to his feet groaning from the kick to his groin. The blows had come as a big shock and as he put his hand over his nose, he felt something cold and moist. Moving his hand away, he saw that it was covered in blood. Her last punch had given him a nosebleed.
Looking at her, what could only be described as evil intent took over his mind. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a metal object. As Amy's vision began to clear, she was able to make out Matthew begin to pull something from the object. With a click, she realised to her horror what it was.
A lock-knife!
"You little bitch", he snarled through gritted teeth as he half hobbled, half stormed towards her.
Amy looked up into the sky to avoid his gaze, and noticed the familiar shape in the clouds. It was Draco and as she watched, his eye flashed as the sun appeared from behind the clouds. As she squinted, the air was filled with the sound of screams, while several shadows passed over her head. A moment later, there were a number of thumps on the ground.
Sitting up slowly and looking, Amy saw she was no longer surrounded by the boys, who were now all on the floor behind her, some piled on top of each other.
However, in front of her was a red haired boy who she recognised almost instantly. Although she could not recall his name, she knew he was in the same special needs group as she was. Slowly, she got to her feet and wiped the tears from her eyes before limping over to him. As she got to him, he put his arm around her back and gently rubbed around where she had been kicked. For Amy, it felt cool and soothing.
"Oi! Gingers!", shouted Matthew, who had now also got to his feet, still wobbling slightly.
Amy hid her face while the red haired boy looked with large, unblinking eyes at Matthew.
The rest of the boys were now stood up behind Matthew. "You've got some nerve, interfering with my fun".
"There isn't no fun to be had abusing women or indeed anyone else who's different".
"There is, actually, whatever your name is. Now, you better clear off and forget you ever saw anything while we finish up with the timorous beastie here".
Amy shrank away deeper into the boy's arms. The boy himself glared at Matthew before replying.
"My name's Danny and for your information, I aren't going anywhere or forgetting anything".
Matthew coughed in surprise. "Well, who's this trying to be the hero, eh lads?". The boys behind Matthew sniggered at his remark.
Danny himself felt anger boiling up inside, but managed to hold it back.
Matthew, still full of himself, turned back around to face Danny. "Well, lets see how long you last", and with that he motioned to his gang.
"Deal with him…and bring her over here".
As the group of boys began to advance towards them, Amy looked up at Danny who in turn looked at her and smiled. All of a sudden, she began to hear a voice in her head.
Don't worry, it will all be alright soon. Just trust me.
Before Amy could even begin to question who the voice belonged too, Danny took a few steps towards the bullies before stopping. He had learned a lot from them in weeks past from using his telepathy and now, he would use what he knew against them.
Activating his telekinetic ability, he began his attack. Almost instantly, the boys collapsed to the floor in hysterical laughter.
Several of them were trying desperately, among their flailing, to pull their shoes off while others were moving their hands under their shirts in pathetic attempts to stop the tickling that Danny was using his telekinesis for.
One of the boys was grabbing hold of his armpits as he writhed on the floor.
Another of the boys managed to struggle to his feet before collapsing back onto the floor after just one step, laughing with high pitched giggles.
One of the gang members next to him began to laugh at him among the laughing caused from the tickling.
The boy managed to argue back among his giggles.
Matthew couldn't believe what he was seeing. All of his mates were on the floor laughing their heads off. Walking over to them, he tried to no avail to get them up.
"What the heck are you guys doing?! Get up and get them for god's sake!"
The boys didn't even hear him. For many of them, their faces were going red as tears streamed down their faces.
Losing his temper, Matthew proceeded to kick one of the group members in another futile attempt to get them up.
Amy watched all of what was happening in disbelief. How Danny was doing this she had no idea, but it was still pretty amusing watching the boys who picked on her helplessly rolling on the floor. She smiled and put her hand to her mouth as she giggled at their expense.
Hearing this, Danny slowly brought the tickling to a halt. The boys all lay on their backs, huffing and panting from the torture they had just endured.
Danny, however, wasn't done with them yet. Using his telepathy, he pushed a thought into every one of the boy's heads that only he knew. All of a sudden, the boys looked at him and rose to their feet. Amy watched in shock as they all walked over to her and apologised for everything they had done to her, before turning and walking away.
Matthew was the most shocked, especially as the gang ignored his calls to go back and get Amy. Fuming, he looked at Danny before pulling out his lock-knife again.
"You're so dead!" he shouted as he stormed towards Danny, having now mostly recovered from Amy's kick.
Amy watched fearfully but Danny just smiled. Like he had done with Samantha all those years ago, he focused intently on the knife in Matthew's hand before using his telekinesis to bend it completely out of shape, making it useless.
Matthew, terrified at what Danny had just done, stopped immediately and began to back away.
Danny then spoke in a low but serious voice. "I don't like making threats, Matthew, but I'm going to say this to you. If you so much as lay a finger on Amy or anyone else in our group, there is going to be hell to pay, understand?"
Matthew quickly nodded.
"Good", Danny smiled, "now skedaddle".
Quick as he could, Matthew turned around and limped off. Amy, who had watched the whole event and was amazed and curious about Danny and his abilities as well as thankful for him helping her, slowly hobbled over to him. Danny turned to her and smiled.
"Are you alright?", he questioned.
"Yeah, I'm O.K", Amy replied, a bit cautious of Danny herself. "Thank you for helping me".
Danny gently hugged her. "We live in a world where people get picked on for the slightest difference, so we need to watch out for one another".
Amy smiled and hugged back. "How did you do those things?"
"I'll explain later", Danny answered. "Right now, we've got to get to the bus stop. I know your leg's hurt so you can piggyback on me if you want".
Amy carefully limped around behind Danny as he knelt down, before managing with his help to get onto his back. She giggled slightly as he jogged on towards the bus stop, waiting eagerly to hear how he stopped the bullies.
Taking one last look at the sky, she smiled as she saw Draco wink at her before the clouds moved out of shape.

On the bus, Danny helped Amy up the stairs of the Double Decker and to the front seat, before gently lowering her down. They were the only two on the top deck and after sitting her down, he tended to her ankle.
Amy felt a cool sensation as he carefully grasped her ankle and after a few moments, he let go. However, there was no more pain at all.
"How did you do that, and the other things?", Amy questioned.
Danny got up and sat down next to her as the bus roared into life and slowly eased away from the bus stop.
"I've got several psychic abilities. The ones I used with the bullies were both Telepathy and Telekinesis, while the one I used with you is one called Biokinesis".
Amy couldn't believe it. She had never expected to meet anyone with psychic abilities in her life, let alone anyone who would use them to help her. She knew about both Telekinesis and Telepathy, but the last one she hadn't heard of.
"What's Biokinesis?"
"Using the power of your mind to modify your genes", Danny replied. "I mainly use it for healing, although when I was a bit younger I changed my eye colour from green to black because I thought it would look good. But I changed it back later due to the fact I forgot I'd done it, then I looked in the mirror and freaked out when I saw my eyes".
Amy giggled. "Yeah, that would freak me out if I saw myself or someone else with completely black eyes. So what else can you do with Biokinesis?"
Danny seemed to go into a long train of thought, before finally answering.
"I read somewhere that it is possible to use biokinesis to achieve eternal youth, and even immortality".
Amy's eyes lit up. "I'd love both of those", she beamed.
"I wouldn't", Danny replied.
Amy was curious as to why Danny wouldn't, and his reason was long and complex.
"Would you be able to live like that? Watching all your family and friends get older and pass away, while you don't ever seem to age and just continue on in a world that doesn't stop changing around you?"
After a pause he continued. "Personally, I believe that our souls come here to perform whatever mission they need to complete or whatever destiny that needs to be fulfilled. All our body is, is just transport for our soul and it's designed to get old and eventually die, but our soul will keep going on and on".
Amy thought about all that Danny had said, with her thoughts full of her own beliefs about reincarnation and past lives. She did believe in them, but wanted to see what Danny thought if she told him she didn't. Turning to Danny, she fired away with her question.
"Danny, would you hate me if I said I didn't believe in reincarnation or anything like that?"
Danny wrapped his arm around her and smiled. "No I wouldn't. Everyone has the right, in my opinion, to believe what they want and others should respect them for that, even if they don't agree".
Amy smiled and cuddled with Danny, who in turn gently rubbed her back. She relaxed and further snuggled into Danny, feeling a great relief inside as she believed she had finally made a friend who would truly care for her.
After a short drive, the bus reached the next college before stopping. Before long, the two decks were full of people from the second college who were shouting, swearing and generally been incredibly noisy. Both Danny and Amy had managed to get used to the noise of the bus but it was still annoying when you could barely hear the person next to you.
Eventually, the crowd of people quietened down a considerable amount, before the bus roared into life and trundled down on its route.
Amy was constantly bored on the bus journey home. Having an idea after watching the bully tickling event over and over in her mind, she turned to Danny.
"Danny, have you played dares before?"
He looked at her and seemed to have a think before answering. "I have, yeah. Once or twice".
She smiled. "If I dared you to do something, would you do it?"
"Yeah, O.K. What's your dare?"
Amy took a deep breath before saying it.
"I dare you to…tickle everyone on this bus, except for me, and the driver obviously".
She waited for Danny to decline the dare, but instead she was shocked as he smiled before leaning over and whispering in her ear.
"I've actually wanted to do that for ages…but I've never had the nerve to do it. However, you've dared me now so I'm going to have to".
Amy couldn't believe her ears. He was accepting her dare and was going to tickle nearly everyone on the bus. She quickly sat back in her seat, waiting eagerly for Danny to begin.
"I used biokinesis absolutely ages ago on those who aren't ticklish, so everyone who gets on now is ticklish whether they know it or not".
Amy was beginning to quiver in her excitement.
Danny smiled as the bus began down the long straight, and took a deep breath. "Alright…here goes".

One of two girls in the seats to the right of them, who was talking to her friend next to her, began to jerk uneasily with her face showing the clear signs of trying to hold back laughter. Slight giggles could be heard from her as she tried to reach down towards her boots.
The girl next to her quickly questioned. "Jennifer, what's the matter?"
Jennifer managed to speak through high pitched squeaks as her face began to go red. "I think there's something on my feet". Suddenly, she couldn't hold it back any more and began to laugh.
Her friend began to get up, but quickly stopped and shrieked with laughter as several tickly sensations appeared across her belly and in her bellybutton.
While Jennifer fought in vain to try and undo the zipper on the side of her boots, her friend managed to whip her jacket off and began to pull up her T-shirt. However, the sound of their laughter had caught the attention of most of the top deck. As she spun around pulling her shirt up, several of the boys gaped and whistled at her as they stared at her slim body.
"Hey Emma, you sexy thing!" shouted one of the boys, "are you going to take your bra off next?"
Emma couldn't even see who was talking to her, let alone reply as she continued to laugh at whatever was tickling her belly.
Of course, no-one on the bus paid any attention to their squeals for help, and Danny wasn't done yet.
In the first row behind them were a boy and girl. Like a wave, Danny slowly swept his telekinetic tickle assault behind his and Amy's seat.
The boy was the first to start laughing as his armpits came under fire.
The girl next to him looked confused, but as she went to speak what felt like hundreds of feathers began on her ribs. She instantly squirmed and tried to no avail to stop the tickle attack.
As they laughed, Danny's tickle attack continued, gathering pace as the rows behind slowly became filled with boys and girls laughing as they were telekinetically tickled. One of the boys at the back shouted to his friend nearer the front who was now under attack from Danny's telekinetic ability.
"Hey Russell, I thought you weren't ticklish".
"Funny, you're laughing a lot for someone who isn't".
A girl nearer the front was clutching at her hips as she squealed uncontrollably.
Amy was watching with a big smile as the top deck erupted into laughter from the front to the back. The laughter was so loud that several people from the lower deck had come up to see what was going on.
Danny quickly noticed them, and continued his telekinetic tickle assault against them. Almost straight away, they began to shriek with laughter and collapsed onto the stairs.
"That reminds me", Danny stated to Amy, "I haven't done downstairs yet".
Continuing to focus his ability, Danny visualised the students downstairs in his mind before once again using his telekinetic ability to play.
After a few seconds, screams and squeals of laughter filled the lower deck as well as people were flailing and squirming from been tickled.
A boy downstairs had started sneezing as he was tickled, making him produce an odd range of noises. A few rows down from him, several girls were squealing with laughter, flailing and falling over much to the delight of others behind them, who laughed at them through their own forced laughter.
Amy couldn't believe it. Danny had actually done her dare and watched with a smile as everyone laughed around her, unable to stop the tickling. However, questions buzzed into her mind.
"Danny, how come the bus driver hasn't stopped to see what's going on?"
"Simple", Danny replied, "before I started, I used telepathy on the bus driver so he's not even aware of what's going on, and I've set it so the cameras don't record anything. In other words, we're O.K".
"But what about everyone else?" Amy continued. "Some people will have noticed us two aren't been tickled and think we have something to do with it".
"No worries. I'll use the same telepathy trick I did with those boys earlier. When this is over, no-one will remember a thing."
She couldn't believe it. "So are you going to stop now?"
Danny seemed to think about it before answering.
"Not yet. Besides I'm only tickling everyone in one place at the moment, so it's time to up it to two".
Taking a deep breath, Danny focused once again and suddenly the laughter got even louder as people were now flailing like mad and the simple laughs turned to high pitched squeals and giggles on both decks.
After a few more minutes, Danny upped it once again and began tickling three places at once on everyone. Over 70 people were now in hysterics and tumbling around the seats and on the floor in laughter.
However, noticing the first bus stop just at the end of the road, Danny slowly brought his playtime to a close as people staggered to their feet, gasping for breath.
Just as Danny had said, Amy watched as he focused before using telepathy on everyone on the bus. As people gathered themselves, many looked around in confusion as to why they had clothes off or were lying on the floor.
"Was somebody smoking a load of pot?" asked one boy as he picked himself up before brushing himself down.
People murmured to themselves as to what had been going on, with not a single one of them of them having a clue. As another boy began to get up, he noticed he had done something rather bad in his pants, and quickly covered the front of his jeans with his coat hoping nobody else would notice.
The bus journey continued, with Danny and Amy both smiling at what had just happened…and the knowledge nobody else on the bus would ever know.

"That was amazing", Sophie said with great interest. "You tickled over 70 people all at once?!"
"Yep", Danny replied with a big grin on his face. "Personally, I don't know if I'll ever beat that record".
Sophie laid back, letting everything that he had told her sink in. Her thoughts eventually drifted back to Amy, although Danny had read her surface thoughts and quickly explained.
"At that time, neither me nor Amy were interested in starting a relationship but we stayed friends throughout college. Matthew never bothered any of us again either".
Sophie smiled before settling back on the sofa.
Now it was Danny's turn to ask.
"What about you? Have you ever had any crushes or anything like that?"
Sophie sighed before giving her answer.
"I've had three previous boyfriends. The first one sounded nice but then after a while he started slagging me off in front of his mates, calling me a slut and stuff like that. The second one said he loved me, then joined the armed forces and I've never heard from him since, and the third one seemed like Mr. right, then one night he got drunk and attacked me before trying to rape me".
Danny put his hand in front of his mouth in shock. "Oh my god".
Sophie lowered her head before she started to cry.
Danny quickly sat down by her side and cuddled her, while she in turn laid her head against his chest.
"For a long time, I just never trusted any other bloke for a long time after that, because I saw them all as animals who just use and abandon women as they please".
Danny gently rubbed her back. "That's not how I see women, and it never will be".
Sophie looked at him and smiled through her tears, wiping them away with her hand. "I know…I learned that about you this morning".
The two of them once again kissed each other as Danny held her tight with great affection as the night now set in.
However, Sophie stopped suddenly as she noticed something.
"Danny…", she questioned, "what's that noise?"
Danny stopped and listened to the noise, which sounded like a strange whirring, before his eyes widened and a smile spread across his face.
"What is it?" Sophie asked, still confused.
"I know that sound anywhere", Danny said, still smiling. Suddenly he took Sophie's hand. "Come on, let's go".
Sophie stood up. "Where are we going, and what is that?"
"The roof", Danny answered, "and I'll explain in a minute or two. Best put your jacket on, it'll be cold up there".
As quick as she could, Sophie put her jacket on before following Danny upstairs. She reached him as he unlocked a door onto the roof and jogged outside, looking all around in the night sky.
Sophie also came out and looked around, although she had no idea what she was looking for. The sound was getting louder but as she turned to ask Danny what he was looking for, he suddenly pointed at the clouds and shouted "There!"
Looking at where he was pointing, Sophie looked with awe and amazement as a glowing sphere of white light descended out of the clouds towards the roof. As it got closer, the light around it began to shift into a different shape before disappearing and Sophie clung to Danny as the object became easily recognisable.
A flying saucer now hovered low over the roof, the whirring noise continuing
Danny looked at Sophie and smiled. "It's a Pleiadian Beamship", he stated.
"A what?"
Before Danny could repeat himself, their attention was drawn to below the ship as a hazy white light appeared, before taking on a shape. A few moments later, a young looking woman stood before them. She was around their height in a silver suit, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin was paler, however and her ears were slightly lower. However, there was no denying you could easily see her as a human from Earth.
She looked at Danny and smiled before speaking.
"Greetings, Danny".
Danny in turn smiled back. "Hello Sedina, it's good to see you again".
Sophie was shocked. "Again?"
Danny then turned to her and explained. "Sedina has been visiting me ever since I was five years old. It started not long after the first time I flew down the stairs".
Sophie realised inside that Danny was telling her no lies, and slowly relaxed and let herself listen to what was said.
Sedina then began to speak, and told them both of many different topics including about the Pleiadians, the other species who want to help and on the spiritual awakening and evolution of humanity.
Sophie took it all in with an open mind. Everything that was said seemed to 'resonate' deep down inside her.
After finishing, Sedina walked over to Danny.
"You're awakening at a steady pace, but in the future you must face the darkness and lay deeds gone by to rest, before you can continue along the path to ascension".
Danny nodded with a smile, although deep down he wondered what Sedina meant.
"I must go now", she said with a smile. The three of them said their goodbyes and embraced each other, with love and friendship. Sedina then stepped back and faded from view before the Beamship once again rose into the sky and disappeared into the night.
For Danny and Sophie, it was a magical moment.
"That was just incredible", Sophie commented. "So there are other human species out there as well as us?"
Danny smiled, "Yep, and other species as well who want to help humanity ascend. We're all one big family".
Both of them sat down on the bench, looking up at the Pleiades Star Cluster, which Sedina had pointed out to them as the home of the Pleiadians.
"Things are going to get better on this planet", Danny stated as he cuddled Sophie, "and 2012 is going to be a big cosmic party".
The pair just sat there for a few minutes, gazing up at the sky.
Suddenly, Danny remembered something he'd read before he came out in the morning.
"Sophie…I got an email from back home today. A friend of mine's brother is having a party and I'm invited to go. I was just wondering if you wanted to go with me?"
She sat up. "Where and when is it?"
"London, back home and it's on Saturday. I'm going to be going back to Hull tomorrow anyway to see my mum, so I was just wondering".
Sophie gave a disappointed sigh. "I can't. How am I going to get a plane ticket when I've got no money".
Danny grinned. "I aren't going by plane, or boat".
Sophie's eyes widened. "You mean…you're going to use your abilities and fly home?"
She had a think before replying. "Are you O.K carrying me on your back?"
"Of course", Danny replied, "but if you want we can do some practise flights over L.A if you want so you get the hang of it".
She agreed, before Danny went back downstairs to fetch something for her. As she waited, Sophie once again looked out into the stars and vividly remembered what Sedina had said.
"O.K, I'm back!" Danny shouted as he reached the top of the stairs. Sophie turned around and giggled.
In his hand, he was holding a cowboy hat.
"Aww, come on, it'll look good on you with your clothes". Sophie giggled some more before taking the cowboy hat and putting it on, before pulling off a pose.
"How do I look?"
"Stunning", Danny answered with a smile as he hugged her before bending down so she could climb onto his back. As she got into a comfortable piggyback position, Danny neared the edge before slowly rising up off the floor and flying out across the sky.
As they rose higher into the sky, Sophie couldn't help but give a whoop as she enjoyed every moment of what was going on. Leaning down, she kissed Danny on his cheek.
"Thank you Danny, this is amazing!"
"Danny looked at her and smiled as he continued the flight. As he flew over the Los Angeles skyline, he remembered the song that he used to love so much when he was little (A song for Milly Michaelson). Almost instantly, it began to play in his head and he hummed to it, while Sophie watched a white light streak across the sky.

'Here we go,
Hold on tight and don't let go,
I won't ever let you fall.

I love the night,
Flying over these city lights,
But I love you most of all.'  
This story is LOOOOONNNNNG overdue!

This is the third part of Danny and Sophie's story.
Part 1: Telekinectic Tickles
Part 2: Fun with the Burgulars

For my past stories I've only shown the girls getting tickled so now it's the lads turn as well.

Danny tells Sophie another story, back from his time in college in England, when Amy discovered his abilities and how one dare became a hilarious event on the college bus…furthermore, Sophie will learn that Danny has secrets that truly are beyond belief…

I should say right here and now I don't condone violence against anyone, whether that be women, redheads or disabled people.

For more info about the Pleiadians, type in 'Pleiadians' into a google search, and also check out this website.
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Angus walked in the door from school, his head hung low. Outside, it was pouring with rain, typical of the autumn weather in Scotland.
Taking off his shoes and coat at the door, Angus slowly walked up the stairs into his room before throwing his bag into the corner and slumping down onto his bed with his head down. His hair was dripping, but the wetness in his eyes wasn't from the weather.
It wasn't long before his mum Sandra came to see what was the matter. Sitting beside him, Angus was sniffling and kept his head low even when she sat next to him and put her arm around him.
"What's the matter, Angus?" she said with a concerned look.
Angus sniffled. "N-n-nothing".
Sandra sighed. "We both know that's not true. You've been crying".
Angus turned his head away, hoping his mum would just drop the subject. Unfortunately, she didn't.
Quick as a flash, she dug her hands into his armpits and wiggled he fingers all over inside. Angus didn't have a chance to escape before he was laughing and squirming wildly.
Sandra grinned and continued for a few more minutes before stopping. Angus was panting hard and still giggling slightly.
Sandra, meanwhile, smiled and then cuddled him.
"Come on, Angus, what's the problem?"
Angus looked at her before tears welled up in his eyes and he explained how the boy who picked on him before was bullying him again.
"Isn't that the same boy who Angel helped you against?"
Angus nodded. He could still remember when Angel had accidentally set the bully's backside on fire while defending him. It was funny at the time, but was now the reason the bully was having a go at him again.
"I don't want to go on Monday", Angus moaned sadly, not wanting to have to see the bully anytime soon.
Sandra shook her head. "You can't stay off just because you don't want to go…I don't want to sound mean, Angus, but there will be things in life you have to stand up to and you won't like it. You can't run and hide from all your problems or everything you're scared of".
Angus lowered his head again, moaning quietly.
"Trust me though", Sandra continued, "when you do face your fears, you'll see they're not as scary and you'll feel better for it. You'll see".
Angus looked up at her slowly and managed to smile a bit before cuddling her, shivering a bit.
"Gosh, your hair is soaking Angus", said his mum as she ran her fingers through it. "You go get yourself a shower and get dry and dressed. You'll feel better".
Angus didn't argue. Getting his towel, he headed into the bathroom…only to run out again, screaming and shaking.
At that point Cathy, who had come over with Marga, came over to see what was going on.
"T-t-there's a sp-sp-spider in the bath!"
Angus had long had a fear of spiders. He'd even broken his ankle when he was younger when he tried to get away from one. Cathy, however, had no such fear and simply scooped the spider up in the jug before throwing it out of the window like it was no big deal.
With the spider dealt with, Angus cautiously walked into the bathroom and shut he door, still shaking a little and looking around to see if there were any more spiders crawling around.
One time when he was slightly younger, Cathy had told him that if he ever killed a spider, the Queen of the Spiders would come and get him. She only described it as been very scary and VERY big.
"T-t-that's not true", Angus had protested when she first told him, refusing in fear to believe what she had said.
"It IS true, Angus", Cathy grinned. "Luna told me all about her".
Angus really was scared. Luna was Cathy's adoptive mother and also his guardian angel, so maybe it was true. Now, however, Angus simply brushed it off as a lie. There wasn't a 'Queen of the Spiders'…
…or was there?

The weekend passed liked the blinking of an eye, and sure enough it was back to the school routine. Angus had managed to relax a little over the break between school times but the thought of the bully never left his mind, with what happened a while back with Angel playing over and over in his mind. Luckily for him, the boy who bullied him didn't seem to be here today. Their normal teacher had gotten ill over the weekend so Jessica (on of Angus' friends who had gotten a second job as a substitute teacher) had stepped in to teach the class. For Angus, it made him feel a bit better as Jessica allowed the class to talk and listen to their music as long as they got enough work done. A bit more relaxed, Angus settled down and got on with his work, sneakily eating from a tube of smarties as he did, although Jessica smiled and pretended not to notice.
Unfortunately for Angus, the bully WAS at school that day.
Because of what had been going on Sandra had said Angus could come home for lunch that day. As Angus went out for lunch break however, a hand gripped tightly on his arm and yanked him backwards. Angus, frozen with fear, could only shake as the bully's eyes met his.
"You're coming with me, you little rat!"
Angus was too scared to argue or try and get away. He could only try and keep up as the bully dragged him away from the school and across the fields, to an area with wire fencing surrounding it. The grass was long with a single building in the middle of it all. The building itself was a mix of brick and metal, with weeds growing through the cracked pavement and a large pair of rusty doors.
Angus knew this place. It had been a place of scientific research but the building had been evacuated for unknown reasons. People reacted in fear of it but strangely, so did animals.
The bully, meanwhile, forced through part of the steel fence that had rusted away before Angus through. His hard grip hurt Angus, but he dare not complain or cry in fear of provoking the boy further. Whatever he was planning still had Angus wondering with curiosity.
As he found out though, the plan wasn't exactly complex. Upon arriving at the building, the boy picked up a long metal pole and then flung the rusty door open, with the hinges creaking loudly.
Before Angus' eyes could adjust to the darkness inside, the bully suddenly shoved him inside. As Angus hit the floor, the bully laughed.
"This will be the last anyone sees of you, and if luck is with me your dragon friend won't find you either".
With that, he slammed the metal doors shut with a deafening clang before pushing the metal pole through the handles, effectively trapping Angus inside. The little boy immediately got up and tried with no luck to pull the door open. Sliding down the door in defeat, Angus began to cry.

As he wept, the thought of what his mum had said a few nights ago slowly crept back into his thoughts. Wiping away his tears, he listened intently while watching in his head as if his memories were the scenes of a movie.
"There will be things in life you have to stand up to and you won't like it. You can't run and hide from all your problems or everything you're scared of. Trust me, though, when you do face your fears, you'll see they're not as scary and you'll feel better for it. You'll see."
Slowly, Angus got to his feet and took a few deep breaths. Maybe there was another way out.
Walking through the darkness, he felt around the cold walls to try and see if he could find another door or any other way to escape.
All of a sudden, the building lit up as if somebody had flicked a switch. As Angus squinted in the sudden light, he got a better look at his surroundings. The inside of the building was littered with various machines and papers were scattered all over the floor. On the far wall was a large set of reinforced metal doors that rose almost as high as the roof. Angus was now wondering what they were designed to keep out…or in?
He wouldn't have long to find out as the sound of gears clunking together echoed around the building and the metal doors slowly opened inch by inch. Eventually, they stopped with a loud clunk against the wall.
What Angus saw next drained the colour from his face.
From the darkness, an enormous and hairy leg stretched out, followed by another. Bit by bit, a creature larger then an elephant walked out into the light.
Angus fell backwards to the floor, his breath coming out in terrified gasps. The creature before him was a Zebra Spider of monumental size!
What Cathy had said about the Queen of the Spiders burned in his thoughts, and he was frozen to the spot as the creature's vision locked squarely on him.
As he tried to shuffle away, the spider jumped and landed right on top of him, using the claws at the tips of its two front legs to pin his arms down to the ground, preventing him from moving. The jump was so quick the spider seemed to have almost teleported.
Whimpering and with tears rolling down his eyes, Angus turned his head to the side as the spider's jaws loomed over him. However, the spider instead extended what looked like two smaller legs towards Angus, which proceeded to wiggle around on his ribs. Angus' reaction was immediate.
Almost straight away, his fear vanished and was replaced by pure laughter as the spider tickled him.
NOHOHOHOHOHOHO! He called out while squirming helplessly. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!
The spider's smaller legs continued to tickle Angus' ribs for a few more minutes before moving down and tickling his sides.
Again, Angus squealed with laughter as the spider took full advantage of him.
Of course, Angus had forgotten that the spider didn't understand human language as he tried to no avail to free his arms. The spider, meanwhile, now moved on again.
As Angus had been squirming, his school shirt had rolled up and now left his belly exposed. The spider seemed almost wanting to tickle it as its 'little legs' moved across and wiggled over Angus' tummy.
Angus squeaked and laughed cutely.
The spider's legs remained in place as Angus bucked and wiggled, with his escape attempts again getting him nowhere. The little legs, however, continued to dance over his tummy before one of them poked into his bellybutton and wiggled around. Angus couldn't help it as he laughed louder then before.
Five minutes later, the spider stopped for a few moments before her little legs went straight for Angus' worst spot - his armpits.
As soon as the tickling started, Angus laughed and squirmed wildly as he hated been tickled on his armpits.
This torture continued, nonetheless, for a few more minutes before the spider stopped and let Angus get his breath back.
Angus panted before beginning to take slow and deep breaths, believing it to be over.
He couldn't have been more wrong.

The spider once again extended its mini legs and this time wiggled them on Angus' hips and thighs. Angus began giggling as he tried his best to escape the tickle torture he was receiving.
After more time had passed, the small legs moved down and began to tickle the back of the little boy's knees.
His attempts to stop it were only partly successful as he tried to bend his knees, but the mini legs kept on tickling.
When the tickling stopped, Angus assumed the spider wouldn't be able to tickle his feet thanks to his shoes still being on his feet. He couldn't have been more wrong.
As he looked, he was shocked as the claws at the end of the spider's second set of legs grabbed hold of his shoes and easily pulled them off, leaving him only in socked feet.
With his feet now exposed, it wasn't long before those mini legs again wiggled all over the soles of his feet, sending Angus into more laughter.
A few moments later, the spider commenced its tickle attack on Angus' heels and arches, causing the little boy to kick madly. It had some success until the spider's second set of legs grabbed hold of his legs, after which Angus could only squirm uselessly as his heels and arches were mercilessly tortured.
5 minutes later, Angus was panting hard as the tickling stopped. Like before, though, it was only a brief break as the spider used its smaller legs to pull the socks off his restrained feet before the torture recommenced, this time going for his toes as well.
Not long after, the spider finally stopped and released Angus, taking several jerky movements back. Angus was exhausted from all the tickle torture and it took a short while for him to get his shoes and socks back on and then get to his feet. Looking at his tormentor, he guessed it wasn't interested in eating him.
As he curiously approached the spider, however, it suddenly jumped backwards before hiding its face with its four front legs.
Another memory shot through Angus like a lightning bolt. His mum had always said to him that spiders were more afraid of him then he was of them, but he had never believed it. Now, here was a spider that outsized him and yet was scared of him!
With his mum's words buzzing through his mind, he slowly approached the spider and talked quietly and as calmly as he could. When he reached the spider, he cautiously stretched out his hand before stroking the creature's leg. The hair's that covered it were softer then he had expected and as he continued, he began to hum a song he liked.
Eventually, the spider began to move its legs away from its face. At this point, Angus stopped and looked at the jumping spider's massive eyes. They seemed to glow and sparkle with rainbow colours as the light bounced off them, making the spider all of a sudden seem less scary and almost cute despite its alien appearance.
With his bravery increasing, Angus got even closer as the spider lowered its body to his height, before managing to stroke the creature on the top of it's head, enjoying the soft feeling of the hair under his fingers.
Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the spider's smaller legs wrap around his back and ever so gently pull him closer. After a few moments of wondering what she was doing, the answer came to him - the spider was giving him a hug. Smiling, he continued to stroke her while the jumping spider made some quiet noises that sounded a bit like chirping and hissing.
After a short time, Angus became curious as to whether the spider could understand him or not, partly due to the fact he was still trapped in the building.
"D-do  you know a way out?" he asked nervously. The spider seemed to almost nod before moving backwards in jerky movements. Angus eventually decided to follow, despite being nervous of he might find.
Following the spider through the large metal doors, Angus couldn't believe what he saw. In the middle of the room, there was a massive ball of silk attached to hundreds of webbing strands. Inside, Angus could make what looked like a lot of smaller balls. Were they eggs?
Nonetheless, the spider walked past them and stopped in front of a large pipe. Although too big for the spider to fit through, it was more then big enough for Angus to crawl through. As he looked into it, he could see light on the other side.
With a warm feeling of relief inside, he turned back towards the jumping spider before stroking her again. Once more, the spider made its unusual range of noises before turning around and heading the large silken ball in the middle of the room. Angus, meanwhile, crawled through the pipe to freedom.

Finally out of the factory, Angus had intended to just head straight home. However, an unfriendly face awaited him as he headed back to the front of the factory.
The bully seemed almost shocked that Angus had escaped out, but needless to say it only made him more angry. Pulling the metal pole out from the door, he advanced towards the little boy.
Before he could do anything though, the sound of beating wings filled the air before Angel landed behind Angus, his eyes glowing red in place of the usual indigo.
The bully now dropped the pole and backed up towards the door.
"What did I tell you?" Angel stated with anger in his voice.
The bully couldn't speak, and a further shock for him came when the rusty doors behind him creaked open and as he turned, the colour drained from his face at what he saw.
The spider was there, with her second set of legs raised in an aggressive stance. Before he could say a word, the spider pounced on him before dragging him, screaming, into the factory.
Angus now looked at Angel as his eyes returned to their indigo colour. Smiling, he knelt down before hugging Angus.
"Are you O.K?"
Angus nodded. "Wh-what'll happen to that boy?"
Angel smiled. "Don't worry. Queenie won't hurt him. She'll just tickle torture him for a few hours or so"
Angus looked surprised. "Queenie?"
"That's the name I gave her", Angel explained. "When I first came to Earth ages ago, I was shot down by a group called Majestic here in the U.K. I was then brought here where they intended to experiment on me but I managed to escape".
Angus was shocked. "What about the spider?"
"When I escaped, several of my feathers fell out, like the one I gave you. Angel dragon feathers have a lot of magic in them, and one of them happened to land near a female Zebra spider that was crawling on the floor".
"A-and it m-made her b-bigger?" Angus stuttered.
Angel nodded. "It changed her character as well. She became friendlier and as you found out, she gained a liking of humans but still remained a bit shy of them".
Angus remembered how Queenie had back away and hid her face when he got up.
"I come here every week or so to feed her", Angel explained. "I use dragon magic to create giant bugs for her to eat, so she doesn't go hungry. The last thing I want is her getting killed by people because of her hunting".
The thought of Queenie getting killed made Angus feel a bit upset inside. She had been friendly to him - even if she had tickled him for ages - and thanks to her, he wasn't scared of spiders anymore.
"When you didn't come home, Sandra asked me to come and find you", said Angel. "Did the bully hurt you?"
"Not really", replied Angus. Angel smiles and hugged him again while rubbing his back, causing Angus to sigh happily.
"Do you want a ride home?"
Smiling, he nodded before climbing onto Angel's back and holding on as the white dragon rose up into the sky, leaving the factory behind.

At home later, Angus sat on the sofa with the feather Angel had gave him ages ago in his hand. Stroking it up and down on his fingers, his attention suddenly was diverted to a spider running across the floor.
He wasn't scared, though. Not this time.
Putting the feather down on top of the television, he proceeded to gently pick up the spider in his hands. Even in his small hands, it looked tiny. Giggling as it crawled over his palm, he quickly and easily put it outside. As he shut the window, he heard the sound of clapping behind him.
It was his mum, who had seen what he had just done before coming over and hugging him.
"Well done, Angus", said Sandra before kissing his cheek. "I'm really proud of you".
Angus smiles and hugged his mum back, enjoying every moment.
A few moments later Sandra spoke again. "You go wash your hands, 'cause tea is nearly ready".
Angus grinned before running upstairs to go and wash his hands. In his haste, he'd completely forgotten Angel's feather on top of the television…and no-one was around as it began to flash, with the television screen also beginning to pulse with rainbow colours…
My half of an art trade I was doing with Kathy. (:iconxxcurlywurlyxx:)

It's a tickle story with her character Angus

Her half of the art trade: - [link]
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I first of all want to say this before you begin reading.
I feel I need to write this story, because I believe the truth must be known. You must keep an open mind with everything you read otherwise nothing will make sense.
I'm fascinated by a lot of different things in this world, such as psychic abilities, ghosts and the paranormal, extraterrestrial encounters, and even conspiracy theories. I practically live a second, non-virtual life looking at these interests that, in all truth, you can't readily drop into a 'normal' conversation.
Where have all the ships and planes that vanished in the Bermuda triangle disappeared to? Did the lost continent of Lemuria really exist? Are aliens real? Was 9/11 really an inside job? What is going to happen in 2012?
However, before you lose interest and flick through the TV channels or check your phone, I'll continue with the story I mentioned at the beginning.
This story is not of me, but of my very best friend…Her name is Christina.

She was the kind of person you could instantly love without even knowing anything about her. Nearly impossible not to notice, with long, dark red hair that went halfway down her back. I could have swore my heart skipped beats every time she swished it with that amazing smile, like she was an model just practising for a photo session. Another thing about her you couldn't miss were her eyes, like pools of crystal blue water, that pierced your soul every time your eyes locked. Her personality was sweet and caring, with a great love for life and all of it. Kids and animals just seem to gravitate towards her, with her in turn showing them nothing but kind and respect.
Lucille Ball once said that 'Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead', and if my emotions aren't deceiving me, then I certainly did with her. Unfortunately, I'm wasn't the only one. Many of the boys in our school had all tried hitting on her, but she'd humorously brushed them off as she played her game of hard-to-get. It could be quite amusing at times, seeing blokes who are used to getting their own way with everything just get told no by her.

I'm going to say now that in no way am I just trying to make her sound perfect here. I'm talking honestly about all this, as I'm a ridiculous liar whether I tell lies through speech or written word.
After all, she wasn't perfect. When she was born, she had been diagnosed with an unbelievably rare heart condition. It was one of those medical conditions that's so rare, it doesn't have an official name. As such, the doctors had given it this really ridiculous name that's very long and impossible for anyone, other then them probably, to remember. When she first told me about it, I gave my own name for it; CCS (or 'Cute Christina Syndrome). It made her giggle in a good way, so no worries there.
Also, I say she was cute, but she was quite skinny. Due to her condition, the doctors had put her on a strict diet which was supposed to give her all she needed, but in many ways it didn't. While most girls continually battle to keep the weight down, Christina was battling to keep it up. Furthermore, she was only allowed to do gentle exercise and nothing strenuous. Because of this, she constantly had to skip P.E lessons such as Netball, Tennis and other such activities, making her a prime target for most of the girls who decided to have a problem with it.
The worst of it came from a group of both boys and girls who also disapproved of other things about her, including her friendships. While at school, she simply shrugged off the insults people threw at her, but there was always signs they were taking their toll.
Eventually, it was decided with Christina and her friends that they should go on a camping trip for the weekend, and have a change of pace. What it began was something that has changed the lives of her, myself and many others.

So without further ado, I'm going to begin Christina's story. Remember, keep an open mind to what I tell you, otherwise some things won't make sense. This story begins 5 years ago, during the school summer term in 2006...
The prologue for my story, Angels and Starlight.

Hope you like it.

Here's the link for Chapter 1: [link]
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Terra’s Return Part II

“Well now, where should I start?” Terra said as she walked over to Raven.

Raven looked at her wide eyed and frightened. “You could start by letting us go!”

“Oh I think not.” Terra said looking at Ravens outstretched arms. Lifting her fingers she began lightly stroking up and down along the inside of Ravens arms and down her sides.

“HMMMM” Raven bit her lip and tried to hold back the laughter.

“Oh you think your tough huh? Well lets just see how tough you are.” Terra grinned as she used her fingers to need Ravens armpits.

Raven wiggled against the tickling and tugged against her bonds. “EEEEEEEHEHEHEHEH NO HAHAHAHA STOP TICKLING HEHEHE ME!!!”

“Please Terra do not tickle her! Let us go.” Starfire protested as she struggled to get free.

Terra said nothing as she moved down Ravens wiggling sides kneading her fingers into her ticklish skin.
“AHAHAHAHA PLEASE NO HAHAHAHA MORE HEHEHEHE IT TICKLES HAHAHAHAHA!!!” Raven’s face was turning red as she shouted between laughs. Her body bucking and twisting trying to escape Terra’s fingers.

“This is for not trusting me.” Terra said, her face shining with glee. Moving her wriggling fingers over Ravens stomach letting Raven’s own motion tickle her more.

“PLEASE AHAHAHAHAHA STO HAHAHAHA PPPP!!!” Raven begged. Her red face gasping. Her hips bucking and twisting wildly.

“Well I guess you talked me into it for now.” Terra said turning to Starfire. “Well I think it’s time to see if the database was true about you.”

“Please friend Terra I beg you, do not do this!” Starfire tugged at her bonds as she looked at Terra with fear.

Terra smiled evilly and giggled. “This is gonna be so much fun.”

Starfire tensed up and closed her eyes in anticipation of what was to come.

Terra looked over Starfire’s exposed smooth skin and bit her lip smiling. She lightly ran her fingertips down Starfire’s arms feeling her soft smooth skin and watching as she cringed against the tickle attack.

“WHHAAAAA HAHAHAHAHA NO NO HAHAHA NO!!!” Starfire burst out screaming with laughter. Her arms twitching violently.

“Wow it seems Tamaran’s really are super sensitive.” Terra’s face was twisted, her smile evil and her eyes squinting as she went into a tickling rage raking her fingernails up and down Starfire’s exposed sides.

“AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE HAHAHAHA STOP AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Starfire screamed with laughter. Her face turning bright red as her body bucked wildly. Her soft skin shooting the sensation like electricity throughout her body.

Terra moved over Starfire’s soft stomach letting her fingernails glide along the waves on her skin caused by her laughing and wiggling. Reaching Stars’ belly button she twisted her finger in and out sending tickling sensations deep into her.


Terra stopped and looked over both her victims. Starfire’s face bright red as she giggled still. Her body slightly twitching from Terra’s on slot. Raven just catching her breath was looking at poor Starfire. She was still in awe at what had happened to them. Terra pulled up a chair and a bag next to the foot of the tables then sat down smiling evilly.

“You two are so ticklish. I am enjoying this more than I could have hopped for.” Terra said as she looked over at Ravens boots.

“Ok you had your fun now let us GO!” Raven said.

“Oh but I’m no where near done yet.” Terra said as she grabbed Ravens left boot and slowly pulled it off.

“HEY! NO PLEASE!” Raven protested as she felt the warm air wash over her soft size 5 feet.

Terra looked over Ravens soft wrinkle free foot as she pulled off Ravens other boot despite Raven scrunching her perfect small toes to keep her boot on.

“Please Terra, not my feet. I can’t take my feet being tickled.” Raven nervously protested.

“You have very pretty feet Raven. And such cute toes! It would be a shame for them to be left out.” Terra giggled as she lifted a feather from the bag and flicked it back and forth across Ravens exposed soles.

Raven’s whole body stiffened as she screamed. “NOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOT MY HAHAHAHAHA FEET HEHEHEHEHE!!!”

Terra delighted in Ravens laughter. She pressed hard with the feather moving from her soft heals to her small flexing toes. Running the feather back and forth under Ravens toes watching them wiggle.

“AAAAAAHAHAHAHA NOT HAHAHAHAHA MY HAHAHAHA TOES HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!” Raven screamed as she laughed. Her face bright red and tears streaming out of her closed eyes.

Terra skillfully moved the feather in between Ravens small scrunching toes and used it like a saw.

“PLEASEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP WHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Raven gasped as she bucked and twitched. Her small feet wiggled and toes flexed.

“Well I guess that’s enough for now.” Terra said putting down the feather and turning to Starfire who was watching Raven’s tickling in horror.

“No, no Terra. You must not. Please do not! Not my feet!” Starfire begged of Terra.

Terra paid no attention to her. Pulling and tugging on Starfire’s right boot she finally got it off. She was amazed at how perfect her size 6 feet were. Her toes skinny and cute. Pulling her other boot off Terra looked at Starfire’s soles. Starfire was already covering one foot with the other and scrunching her toes.

“You have smooth arches Starfire. And your toes are just the cutest.” Terra’s face twisted with evil pleasure.

“MMMM” Starfire could only whimper at what she knew was to come.

“I think I will enjoy feeling those soft feet of yours.” Terra said as she began tracing up and down the sides of Starfire’s feet.

“AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA NO HEHEHEHE YOU HAHAHAHA MUST NOT HEHEHEHE!!!!” Starfire gasped out laughing tugging and bucking against her bonds.

“So soft and so cute! I’m jealous.” Terra said giggling through her twisted smile. Her fingers dancing under Star’s wriggling toes.

“PLEASE HEHEHEHEHEHE STOP AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Starfire was already crying and gasping for breath. Her feet wiggling and flexing trying to get away.

“Star you are so much fun. I think I will tickle you all night!” Terra laughed raking her fingernails up and down her arches.

“WHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHE NOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHA!!” Starfire’s whole body shook uncontrollably.

“Man that was the funniest movie ever.” Robin said.

“Yea I really like when that dog bit that guys….” Beastboy was cut off.

“Where are the girls? It’s late and it’s not like them to be gone!” Robin said as he searched for a note.

“This is odd. I will try to locate their com links.” Cyborg said sitting down at the computer. “Well I found them but the signal is very faint.”

“Titans lets go!” Robin yelled and ran to the hover boat.

Later----“Well this is it. The com signal is stronger now and we seem to be close.” Cyborg said as he ran toward Terra’s house.

Robin, Cyborg and Beastboy ran into the house and heard Starfire laughing.

“Well that don’t sound like trouble. Lets check it out though.” Robin said.

They found the room Raven and Starfire was being held in. Upon entering they was shocked to see them lying on tables and Terra madly tickling Starfire’s bare feet. Robin ran in to turn the machine off as Cyborg and Beastboy distracted Terra.

“There got it!” Yelled Robin.

Starfire and Raven jumped up. They and Beastboy and Cyborg grabbed Terra and slammed her onto the table. Robin still at the control panel hit the button and Terra was now a captive of her own machine.

“You have been very bad friend.” Starfire said her face still flush and wet with tears.

“Normally I would say lock her up and throw away the key but this time I think turn about is fair play.” Raven glared at Terra.

“NO!!!! YOU WOULDN’T” Terra yelled.

“Oh, wouldn’t we!” Raven said.
here is the second part of terra's return
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Beast boy sat in the living room of Titans Tower playing, but not all that interested in a video game that Cyborg had gotten a week or so ago. BB had already beaten it 4 times, so now it was just for fun. Starfires sudden appearance behind him nearly sent him into arrest. "My apologies", said Starfire, "but I wish to ask your opinion on something. BB checked his heart rate then look at Star, "what’s up?" Sitting down on the couch, Star lowered her voice, "I am concerned about Raven." BB cocked an eyebrow. "To my knowledge, she continued, I have never seen Raven have fun." BB shook his head, "Forget it Star, this will end with me getting fried." Beast Boy was ready to go back to his game, but he saw the genuine look of worry on Stars face, and being the softy he was, he said, "Ok, I agree, but Raven is not the fun type, iv tried to get her to smile, or laugh plenty of times but no luck." Starfire bit her lower lip, "on my world this would be a sign of a serious problem, maybe even deadly.

Raven was walking by the door to the living room when the voices caught her attention. She was not the type to listen in, but somehow she found herself doing just that. "She is our friend, and I worry for her health, said Star. BB (Gulped) "ya well I’m worried to, of what shell do to me if I try anything." Star sighed, "After what happened with her birthday, I fear she will isolate her self even more in hopes of protecting us." Star looked up just in time to see BB shy away from a blush. "Beast Boy?" BB shook his head, "its nothing, just....Robin told me about what happened and well......." Star looked at him thoughtfully, "what?" BB scratched the back of his head, "well I was just thinking, Raven must have, well.....I think she'd look kinda cute with long hair." Star smiled, knowing she need ask no more. "So will you help me?" BB, (sighed), she’s gona kill us." Star jumped up and grabbed BB in one of her crushing hugs. From behind the door Raven was beat red; she had barely heard anything after "Cute." Raven shook it off and walked off down the hall.

Raven had no idea what Beast Boy and Starfire were talking about but over the next couple of days she found her mind wandering a little, she passed it of to exhaustion. Sitting in her room, Raven was getting ready for bed, she new things were a little off with her, she was wearing a pair a pajamas witch, even though she had a couple of pairs, and she never really wore them. Even stranger, she suddenly realized she was still brushing her hair, almost like she was......sprucing. Shaking her head she put the brush down and got into bed. Raven was just about asleep when a "Plop" woke her up. Looking up she checked around her room, seeing and sensing nothing she laid back down. As she drifted off to sleep she didn’t notice the green tentacles working there way out from under the bed. BB had taken a form similar to a squid, with thin tentacles that could move quickly and hold tightly. Raven heard a sound, but before she could react the tentacles grasped her arms and legs and pinned her. Raven was now stretched, spread eagle on her bed. Anger crept up her spine but she quickly suppresses it.

Beast Boy, despite his fear couldn’t help but smile to himself. "Ok Raven, show time." Raven was about to start her spell when a shock when up her leg. She looked down at her foot just in time to see the tentacles tip glide up her foot again. Raven involuntarily jerked at the sensation, she was getting really frustrated with the situation. "Beast boy, I’m going to give you a fair chance to continue breathing, let go." When there was no response Raven clenched her fist, "fine, Asurath, metrion, Ziiiiiiiiiiyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa....." The Tentacle began a slow up and down motion on her foot. Raven pulled franticly at the tentacle, she struggled with all her might to hold down the giggles that were pushing there way up. Raven had never admitted to anyone, even herself, how ticklish she was and this was driving her nuts. BB began working on her toes and that was the final straw. “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhahhahahahahahah,” It wasn’t what Beast boy was expecting, much to his surprise it was the same girlish giggling the pink Raven in her mind had used. Raven was bucking and thrashing as he worked over each toe. Beast boy was having more fun then he expected but was a little surprised he could hold on to her, always thought she was stronger. Shrugging it off, he began gliding a tentacle between the toes on her right foot. The reaction was instant; Raven began laughing like crazy and pulling at her bonds to no avail.

Beast Boy worked over her feet for another 5 minutes then decided to change tactics. Giving her a few moments to catch her breath he slid two tentacles up to her side. Getting in under her pajamas he began poking at her belly. Raven squealed with giggles and began pulling again. “Bhheest boy, sthhhhhaaaaapp hahhahhaahahahahahah,” she screamed. Tears were streaming down her pale face as her head thrashed around. One tentacle wormed its way into her belly button bringing up more screams and a new found strength to pull at her bonds. Beast Boy was having more fun then he ever imagined, but he suddenly was aware that Raven was running out of breath. Knowing full well his fate was sealed he stopped tickling and released her.

Raven lie on her bed for a few moments giggling and catching her breath. Once she had the strength she pushed herself into a sitting position and looked at Beast Boy. BB was sitting on the floor at the foot of her bed with the looked of a doomed man on his face. Raven caught the rest of her breath and stood up. “Beast Boy sighed, “just for the record, this was Stars idea, but if your gona kill me, make it quick.” Raven got right in BBs face, “you hit a nerve, one no one has ever gotten to.” Beats Boy closed his eyes and prepared to die. The without warning Raven reached out and flicked his nose. BB opened his eye to see Raven grinning at him. “So, he said, you’re not going to kill me?”

Raven shook her head, “no, it was kinda fun…..but if you tell anyone I send each of your atoms to a different dimension, got it?” BB smiled, “Got it.” Raven smiled, “good, now get lost and let me sleep.” BB hopped up and turned to leave.

“Beast boy,” said Raven, I think it’s only fair to thanks Star for her concern, don’t you?” BB smiled widely,”oh ya!” Raven nodded, “we have much to do.” As BB reached the door, Raven called back, “Beast Boy?”


Blushing slightly Raven looked back, “you….really think id look cute with long hair?” Beast Boy blushed slightly, “I…..always thought you were kinda cute.” Raven turned to the door, but BB was already gone. Raven smiled and climbed back into bed. She never thought anyone thought of her that way, and it felt good……also felt good to think about how exactly she was going to repay Star
here is another story of raven being tickled by beast boy
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Terra’s Return Part III (Teen Titans)

Robin walked up to Starfire and Raven and couldn’t help but notice there cute bare feet. In fact he was starring at them. “You don’t want to do this. You will be just as bad as she is.” Robin said to them.

Both Starfire and Raven turned to the boy wonder and yelled in unison, “DON’T YOU DARE SAY ANYTHING. YOU DIDN’T JUST GET TICKLE TORTURED!”

Robin, Cyborg and Beastboy cringed as they backed out the door. Starfire and Raven starring at them evilly and breathing heavy.

“Well ummm I guess they are ok!” Beastboy said.

“Yea I vote we get out of here before they turn on us.” Cyborg said

“Now then Terra lets see! Where should we start?” Raven said glaring at her evily.

“Hey, can’t you take a joke hehe! Come on I was only kidding. Please don’t!” Terra said looking at Raven and Starfire in horror as they approached her.

“I do not think so. You have been very bad and now we must teach you a lesson for being such a blorthog.” Starfire grinned.

Terra cringed and held her breath as Starfire moved in on her right and Raven on her left.

Raven reached out and poked Terra under her left arm. Terra tried to move to the right to get out of the way of Raven’s fingers but was met on her right by Starfire. She used both hands and ran her fingers along Terra’s sides and up her arm.

“HHHMMMM!” Terra tried to keep her laughter in as she twisted against the beginning on slot.

“She does not wish to laugh?” Starfire looked at Raven grinning evily.

“It’s not what she wants but it’s what’s she gonna do!” Raven said slyly looking at Starfire.. “Derith Hashon Asteroth.” Raven cast a spell and long dark tentacles sprouted from her finger tips. The moved up and down Terra’s sides sending waves of ticklish energy deep into her sides.

“MMMMMMMAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOO HEHEHEHEHE PLEASE DON’T HAHAHAHA!!!” Terra yelled not able to hold her laughter back.

Starfire giggled as she used her fingernails under Terra’s twitching arm pits and over her soft exposed stomach.

“HAHAHAHA STOP HEHEHEHEHE TICKLING HAHAHAHAHAHA ME HEHEHEHEHE!!!” Terra laughed in protest. Her body wiggling and twisting in a vain attempt to escape the tickling.

“You have very soft skin Terra. Let us see about YOUR belly button!” Starfire taunted Terra. Her finger drawing circles around Terra’s belly button before letting her finger twist in and out of it.


Raven had started working on both of poor Terra’s arm pits and sides as Starfire concentrated on her stomach.

“HAHAHAHAHA P HEHEHEHE LEASE HAHAHAHA NO MORE AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Terra screamed through her laughter. Her face bright red. Goose bumps raised on her sides and stomach.

“You know Star, Terra seemed to really like our feet. You think she may be jealous?” Raven smiled at Starfire.

“Yes, let us see for ourselves!” Starfire smiled evilly.

Terra gasped for breath as a wave of terror swept over her. Her face red as she watched Raven and Starfire move to the foot of the table.


“Anything huh?” Raven’s face twisted with sadistic glee as she unlaced Terra’s left boot.

“She seems very much against us tickling her feet friend Raven.” Starfire giggled unlacing Terra’s right boot.

“DON’T DO THIS! PLEASE! NOOOOOOO!” Terra bucked against her bonds wildly as her boots were slowly pulled from her feet.

“Let’s see what’s in the bag.” Raven smiled. “Would you do the honors Star?”

“Why yes friend I would love to.” Starfire giggled grabbing the tip of Terra’s socks and slowly pulling them off prolonging her anticipation.

“NO!!!!!!” Terra yelled scrunching her pudgy little toes. Her soft thin size 6 feet wiggling in the warm air.

“You have very pretty feet Terra. It is a shame to have to tickle them.” Starfire giggled.

“Hmmm this is what I am looking for.” Raven said pulling out a couple of stiff feathers from the bag. She handed on to Starfire and looked over Terra’s soles. “Now where to start?”

Terra’s body went ridged as she held her breath and closed her eyes tightly in anticipation. She knew her sensitive feet couldn’t take much tickling. She had them tickled before and ended up a giggling, crying, quivering mass afterward.

“I wish to start on her arches.” Starfire said letting the feather run lightly up and down Terra’s helpless right arch.

“I’m going to take her toes!” Raven said with evil delight. She threaded the feather in and out of Terra’s flexing soft toes then pulled it though like and unraveling sweater.

“WWHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO HOHOHOHOHOHO HEHEHEHEHEHE MY HEHEHEHEHEHE TOES HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Poor Terra couldn’t even make a sentence as her body shook uncontrollably. Her small feet wiggling and toes scrunching instinctively.

“Now I’m glad I came. I thought this would be as boring as a poetry reading but I’m having fun.” Raven’s face twisted with an evil smile.

“I am too. I am glad we do not have anything to do tomorrow. I wish to stay here and make an ‘alnighter?’ of this.” Starfire sadistically laughed as she discarded her feather.


Starfire began using her fingers under Terra’s wiggling toes. Brushing back and forth before letting her finger dart in between each ticklish toe.

Raven also dropped her feather and was using her finger nails. Raking up and down Terra’s hyper sensitive soles. Raven was watching Terra’s toes flex and scrunch as she went into a tickling frenzy.

Terra gasped and heaved as she tried to talk, “I HAHAHAHAHA CAN’T HEHEHEHEHEHEHE TAKE HAHAHAHAHA THIS HEHEHEHEHEHEHE.” Terra was turned into a giggling gasping mound of quivering flesh.

Starfire and Raven turned to each other.

“Should we let her go now?” Starfire asked Raven.

“Naaaw. Lets just let her rest. We may be board tomorrow and need something to do.”

here is the 3 and final part of terra's return
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GLaDLY Tested
By TickleWizard

"WAke uP sUBjEct 2243" came a rather patchy female robotic voice. Slowly the girl who's hair reached her shoulders and was a rather dark brown sat up. She rubbed her head as she slowly came to, before long she realised that she had no idea where she was. She looked around to try and find the owner of the robotic voice, recognizing it but not sure as to who it was. "Hello? Who is it? Please can you tell me where I am? And why the hell am I in an orange jumpsuit?" she called out, hoping that an answer may be found. "HeLlo teST suBJect 2243 yOu are in thE SKin rECeptIVe test lAb. This is beCAUse you haVe bEen DeSIGnated as tHe tESt sUbjECt fOr tESting sKin recePTIon to diFFerent stimUli. You are in a OrANge JumPSUit as it is the staNDard ApeRTure scIEnce tEstINg uNiFoRm." The robotic voice replied, sounding rather emotionless and still kinda patchy. "Skin receptition testing? Sounds kinda kinky if you ask me.... but ok as long as it isn't anything painful and I can be set free after this. And that sucks, can't it at least be black? Oh and you still didn't answer who you are! If it helps my name is Kayla, mind if I know your name now?" Kayla spoke, rather cheerily. "My name is irrelevent to this test. Please proceed to the testing table located in the centre of the room."

Kayla, though slightly hesitant, knew she had no choice in the matter so she made her way to the table. "GooD NOw PLEase lay DoWn on tHe TAble." Kayla stopped to think for a moment, examining the table whilst contemplating all the scary things that may be in store for her. After a few minutes, she climbed on to the table. As she led down, metalic shackles shot out from the table, gripping her ankles and wrists, holding them in place. Once they had her held tightly in their iron grip, another larger shackle came out and grasped around her waist. This all happened within the blink of an eye and Kayla was held in place, completly shocked by what happened and terrified of what is to come. "W-w-what the hell? What's with the shackles? Please.... let me go!" Kayla begged her captor. "I aM unABle to COMply with YouR reQueSt unTil the tEst is cOmPLETe." Kayla began pulling as hard as she can with her arms and legs to free herself, she was so focused that she didn't notice the strange orb land beside her. Neither did she notice as the eye like centre came to life and began to glow red, soon four metalic tencles grew from the bottom of it, it used 3 of them to elevate it's self to Kayla's eye level. This she noticed as she gazed in terror at it's eye like centre, dreading whatever foul intentions this device had with her vunerable body.

As it raised it's fourth tentacle, Kayla looked away and closed her eyes bracing for what she assumed would be a painful experience. She soon realised that none of the scenarios she imagined in her head had came true as she felt a cold presence, stroking along the hollow of her taut right underarm. She bit her lip to surprise the giggle that was bubbling in her throat. She opened her eyes and slowly turned to confront the red eyed menace and see what it was doing to her. She stared in disbelief as she watched the cold metalic tentacle stroking figure of 8s in her soft, shaven underarm. After awhile of watching she noticed how this was just making it worse so she turned her head away. "TicKLe tICkle" came a tease from the 4 limbed octopus core. This was terrible, Kayla knew how much teasing could make ticlking worse. She has a friend that on numerous occasions, had tickled her (usually her feet but sometimes her upperbody aswell, mostly when stood around like in the kitchen waiting for the microwave) and whenever he tickled her, he always loved to tease her. The taunts ranged from the usual tickle tickle~ and cootchi cootchi to him sometimes describing what he was doing or would do. "Oooooh these little toes love my brush dancing around them, they are swaying to the symphony like true elegant dancers. Ahhh truely the finest art an artist's brush can create, don't you think?" Oh how she loved it when he would pay attention to her delicate feet. She made sure to take a religous amount of care with her feet, just to make them that much more iressitable and used that to tease her friend, along with wriggling her toes in front of his face or stroking a foot along his cheek.

Her reminising about past ticklish encounters was suddenly burst by the feeling of another cold tentacle in her other armpit. She began to giggle and laugh gently, looking over to see the culprit was a new octopus orb, this time with a purple glowing core. Where as the other cores centre seemed focused on her armpit, this one seemed to be watching her facial expressions, seeing what happened when it twitched the tip of it's tentacle in different spots around her underarm, though soon began to focus it's tickish attention to her delicte sides. Within moments of this new attack begining a third orb landed and hovered above her belly. The orb raised so that it's core was gazing right into her eyes, then a voice seemed to come from it. "Statiscal data gathered from previous test subjects states that teasing heightens response to the 'tickle' sensation. It also states that the centre of the belly, known as the belly button is very 'ticklish'. Cootchie coootchie tickle toy." As the cold metallic voice echoed out it's sentence without emotion, one of it's tentacles slowly lowered and came stop above her belly button. The tentacle then split slightly at the end, and out of that split came numerous little tentacles that dashed around her poor defenceless navel whilst the centre tentacle gently circled around the inside of her belly button. Kayla instantly began to thrash and laugh hysterially, trying her hardest to escape. She clenched her eyes tightly, hoping it may provide some relief from the overwhelming ticklish sensations. She tried her hardest to beg but all she could do was laugh as tears began to form in her eyes.

"Oooooooh what's in here?" came a sing song voice from by her feet. Kayla opened her eyes to see what had caused the adorable little noise and much to her chagrim it was another orb with a orange glow coming from it's core. It had slipped one tentacle inside of her both of her shoes and was slowly and very gently pulling the shoes off. This was causing Kayla's anticipation to rise which was soooo torturous to her. Eventually a thud came from by her feet, signalling that her white socked feet were now free and dancing around in the cool air "Ooooh this thing has numbers on it" called the sing song voice as it slowly trailed a tentacle along the arch of each foot, stroking the area where her subject number was written on her socks. Kayla was in a mixture of Heaven and Hell, she loved her feet tickled and touched but hated the sheer torture her upperbody was receiving.... or was she? Eventually the tentacles slipped inside of her socks and begin to wriggle around. This was too much for poor Kayla, as her legs and feet began to thrash and she slowly began to drift away into the freedom of un-conciousness.

After a few hours she came to with a light giggle. She looked up to see the orange orb was still hovering at her feet and was very lighly trailing a tentacle along each bare foot. All the other orbs were gone. "Ooooh you're awake! I wanted to ask you something." Kayla stared at it in confusion. It brought it's tentacles up to her toes and they split apart like the blue orbs did. The mini tentacles wrapped around her toes and 4 for each foot hovered just above the skin between her toes, wriggling around but not touching her skin. Kayla was giggling with anticipation even though the tentacles weren't actually tickling her yet. The orbs centre looked at her and in it's sing song voice called out "Is between these toes ticklish?"
I was actually writing this up as a surprise for her, but half way through the first paragraph she asked for a her and GLaDOS tickle fic...... so I told her fine what would of been your surprise is now your request. She hugged me, we laughed and then she started teasing me again with her feet >_<

GLaDOS and all those orbs are from Portal belong to Valve
Kayla is of course :iconyuna--angel: .... at least I think she is, I dunno she could of been lying to me..... maybe I should tickle the truth out of her later
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Greedy Amelia
By TickleWizard

"Hmmm this must be the place....." the blue haired cat girl sighed out, clutching a piece of paper tightly in her hands, her tail waving about wildly with excitement. "hehe Guess me and my girls should go pay Stashy a visit~" she giggled out as she pushed the door open, making the shop's proprietor wake with a start. He yawned and stretched before smiling at his new customer. "Welcome Amelia, I did wonder how long it'd be till you'd make your way to my humble clinic, I take it you're wanting a session with yours truly?". "hehehe You know it Stash~ " Amelia giggled out, winking flirtatiously at her friend. Blushing slightly, Stash open a near by door "After you Amelia~" stash spoke with a bow. "Ooooh thank you Mr gentleman~" Amelia  giggled out in reply kissing his cheek as she walked past him, causing his face to redden ever so slightly. "I can only spare an hour since I have a few appointments today, but you're more than welcome to come back another day or even book an appointment!" Stash called out as he searched through his various 'devices of titillation'. "Oooh can I make a daily appointment then?"  Amelia queried, her eyes fixed upon the rooms clock, a plan formulating in her mind to get her an extra long session! "Ahaha shamefully not, one appointment per week I'm afraid! I've gotta give all the other ticklish young ladies a chance! Mind taking a seat and removing your footwear? I'll be with you in a moment, just gotta get everything ready." Being as careful as she could, Amelia eased the clock off of the wall and stashed it behind her back. "Hehehe Ok Stashy~"she giggled as she made her way to the chair, the clock ticking (possibly with kidnapped terror) behind her. She intended to keep her 'souvenir' out of sight from her friend; if he couldn't tell time he wouldn't know when to stop!

Once she was confident the clock was out of view, she carefully slid her boots off and sighed, the new found freedom causing her socked toes to wriggle in delight as she placed her feet on the stool.  Smiling, Stash watched her toes about as he took a seat in front of  her feet. "Would you like a hand with your socks M'lady?" he asked, fingers twitching with anticipation. "That would be lovely~ But be careful, they're veeeeeery ticklish!" her socked toes 'waving' at their soon to be tormentor. "Is that so?" he asked as he began to slowly peel her socks off. Smiling, he looked at her face, a slight smirk emerging as he saw her smile, her teeth gently holding her bottom lip hostage in anticipation. "Then I'd better not...." his fingers starting to softly tease the plump, pink flesh of her heels "do this then~". A muffled squeak escaped the neko girls lips, her toes clenching tightly as her eyes closed tightly. "Oooh such soft heels~ This must really tickle! Does it? Does it tickle kitty? Oooh how about here?~" teasing his 'victim' in a babyish tone, Stash slid his fingers under the socks and began to lightly scratch her arches. Her feet started to kick and bounce as she pulled her hands up to her face, burying her face against them. "Tickle that much?" he asked, smiling as her watched her shiver and shake from the tickles. She replied with a nod, her squeaks getting louder and more frequent as his fingers began to slowly crawl towards her toes. "You know you'll feel better if you just give in and laugh!" he giggled out, pulling the sock from off of her toes before using his fingers to bury them in ticklish delight. For Amelia, the battle against her laughter was lost! Her pudgy toes were her biggest weakness: she can't even manage a single scratch on them without bursting into hysterics! Her tail waved happily behind her as a symphony of sweet laughter caused by a torturous delight. In other words, she was in heaven because she was getting her treasured, adorable, pudgy little feet tickled! "Having fun kitty cat?" Stash cooed, his fingers now wandering into the spaces between her soft, vulnerable toes. "YEEAHAHAHAHASHAHEHAAEHAHEAHHAHAHAH!!!" she screamed out, her face alight with sheer happiness, her cheeks aflame with a blush. She was in heaven and it had only been ten minutes!

His fingers still exploring her soles and titillating her toes, Stash went to take a gaze at his clock to see how he was doing for time. Now I write "went to" because as you may recall from earlier or  have seen in the delightful picture the skilled artist 'The-Great-Stash', Amelia had stolen his clock, thus meaning his task would go unfulfilled. Anyway, let me patch back up the broken wall numbered 4th and return to this delightful tale! "Have you seen my clock?" he inquired, his fingers still absent mindedly teasing the supple flesh of his friends lovely feet. "I-IHIHIHIDO-HAHAHAHADON'TKNOKNOHOHOHOWAAHAHEHEHEHE!!" Amelia replied through ticklish laughter, grateful for the forced facial expressions the laughter caused (she knew she wouldn't be able to hide at least a smirk from the success of this evil scheme). "So strange." he muttered with a look so puzzled it was as if three exclamation marks floated above his head. "Ah well..... I'll just assume it's been about twenty minutes and move onto the next phase" he said, the puzzled look remaining, hindered slightly by a slight smirk. He hadn't realised he had in fact been twenty minutes, but this didn't matter to him nor his customer, both were enjoying themselves far to much to care about time. Stash took his fingers from her soles, leaving her to sigh briefly in disappointment.... which was quickly replaced by "Ooooh feathers~" her eyes lighting up as the sentence left her lips. "Like them I take it?" Stash inquired with a smile, stroking his palm teasingly with a feather. His teasing had worked, Amelia's toes clenched tightly, her soles shook and shivered, her teeth returned to their first directive she gave them upon the sessions start. She knew if she spoke she wouldn't be able to help but burst into giggles so she simply nodded. Stash couldn't help but blush slightly as he admired the cute effect his tease had upon his customer. Once he was finished tormenting her mind with anticipation (he teased her for about 2 minutes... what an evil git!) he lowered the feather to her right sole and started to drag it along the arch in a tortuously slow trail. Her eyes clenched again, a muffled and squeaky mew made it's way past her lips. Amelia loved feathers almost as much as she loved her feet! They were such a fiendish tool that has always been used to symbolize tickling, and what a suiting symbol it made! Part of the reason she adored feathers was their ability to make the ticklee feel more ticklish as the feather treatment continued! "Cootchie cootchie coo my ticklish neko victim~". Ahhh tickle talk, another much loved 'tool/trick of the trade'. Amelia just loved tickle talk, it was cute, it was fun and boy did it ravage the ticklee's senses. Tickle talk teased not just the ears, but the nerves themselves! It  always made fighting the tickle's so much harder, cause it made it tickle so much worse! "EeEHAHEHHeHHeAHEhahHETEEHEHEAAASE!!!" Amelia squealed out with sheer hysteric bliss. "So what of it? I know how much you love tickle talk!"

And with that, I shall be a fiend of tremendous.... fiendeshness.....ary.... and leave the rest of the story to your imagination! Did Stash ever find his clock? Did Amelia ever have enough of her 'treatment? (Like that will ever happen!) What tools did Stash use? How long did Amelia's session last? These are all things I'll leave you to decide! I hope you have enjoyed another tale of teasing titillation written by me, the British chap of tickling wizardy, TickleWizard!
My overdue part of an art trade with the wonderful dude that is :iconthe-great-stash:

He wanted a story based on his picture ( [link] ) of my OC Amelia paying him a visit at his laughter clinic!

Stash belongs :iconthe-great-stash:
Amelia belongs to me! So you can't have her! Nana nana Naaa na!!!! Of course you're welcome to play with her though!
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Fun In The Forest
By TickleWizard

Night had fallen upon Kiarma Forest, the Gnolls and other wildlife that prowled the forest during the day had retired to dreamland where they could hunt un-opposed. The nightlife was still awake though, the owls were stalking their prey and their prey was running for the fuzzy or scaly lives! Speaking of owls, a black one which had a silver crest upon its crown that resembled a moon was gliding through the forest, keeping its eyes open and diligently searching. It searched not for prey; it searched for threats that may wish to make its master their prey. After a while it returned to its master and let out a gentle hoot to inform her it was safe. "Thank you again Moonlight, if not for you I'd not survive." The Night Elf brought her hand to her loyal friends head and scratched lightly. "When we find somewhere I can rest my sore wounded body I'll be sure to repay you properly" she said as she gave her friend a light blue berry which the owl happily accepted and immediately ate. "Did you spot anywhere safe for us to sleep?" she asked the owl which nodded then took off, the Night Elf followed. Eventually they came to a secluded glade hidden under the canopy. There was a spring with running water for drinking as well as a pond filled with clear water. The moment the Night Elf noticed the pond her eyes lit up. "Perfect! I haven't been able to bathe for days!" She went to the water and examined it, dipping her hand in and swishing it around to test not only temperature, she needed to be sure nothing lurked there that would enjoy the company of her delicious looking frame. Though she doubted anything here would care for her looks, meat is meat to a beast after all!

Once she was sure that the water was safe, she stripped herself of her sweat drenched, dirt coated clothes and lowered herself into the water. The moment her toes hit the water she sighed in pleasure; the water was a perfect temperature to ease her aching feet. She had been walking for god knows how long and her poor feet needed rest. Her feet were beautiful and despite the many travels they embarked on, were completely flawless; not a single patch of rough skin or callous! This was thanks to her enchanted boots. She bought them of a travelling wizard who seemed to deal in all sorts of potions and enchanted clothes to help keep skin soft, smooth and utterly flawless. She had noted that most of his selection was dedicated to foot care and if she ever saw him again she was going to make sure she had enough coins to buy some of those cute socks and a few bottles of that lotion that caught her eye. She sat herself in the pool and relaxed her tired body. The pool of water was warm, clear and the perfect size for her to lay down if she wanted to! With her sitting down the pool only came half way up her breasts. After about an hour, she decided she had best dry herself off before she started to look like a prune. When she was dried off she washed her attire and left it to dry. After making herself a meal she put on her sleep wear and drifted off for what she thought would a perfect and calm rest.

She was half right; it was perfect up until she was brought awake by what felt like a vine, brushed against her foot in an almost loving manner. This would of been relaxing and would of had her slightly purring, but those hairs that lined the vine tickled too damn much for her to just stay sleeping soundly (mind you, it doesn't take a lot for these flawless feet to feel like they're being mercilessly tickled! In fact she could swear that thanks to those boots they'd become more ticklish than when they were when she was just a kid!). With a squeak and a light giggle, she awoke and instantly her eyes fell to where her assaulted foot rested, it's only company her other equally ticklish foot. No tickling fiend in site. She assumed that it must've just been an insect or maybe even just her imagination and went back to sleep. A few minutes later and the same feeling arose on both of her tender soles as well as along her belly. With that another squeak and a rather more audible giggle arose from her lips. She went to sit up to survey her surroundings for this tickling prankster, but found herself bound at her ankles, wrists and around the waist by what looked like tree roots. Immediately she began to panic. What could have caught her? The forest was barren of anyone bar the animals and insects. Perhaps this was a sacred grove and she had angered the spirits that dwelled there. But if it was spirits she had angered... why were they tickling her? Why not a more vengeful punishment? Mind you, she had kinda thought pain to be a better alternative as a few sneaky vines found a great delight in worming their way between her toes, paying extra attention to the senstive flesh that hid between them.

The instant that almost taboo area of her toes, her body had become nothing to but a big collection of nerves, and all of those nerves were recieving their own private titilation as more vines began to stroke each sensitive spot of her incredibly ticklish form. One in each armpit, delicately drawing figure eights. One counting both sides of her poor sensitive rib cage. One to poke and prod each side. One to tease the around her navel, just on the verge of her belly buton, as well as one more to tease said button. One to slowly stroke along each of her thighs, one each for her knees. And the worst collection of these new toys were all gathered at her feet with one for each part of her poor overly sensitive peds. Her toes had a vine for the gaps between each of her toes, as well as one for each stem and another for each toe pad. There were at least three she felt on the ball of her foot, madly dashing in no particular pattern along the ticklish flesh.  Two ran trails along each arch and one carved figure eights into her soft, subtle heels. If ever there was a hell, belongding to any demon lord with a love for tickling, the poor Night Elf was currently trapped in it.

After a few hours of this over stimulation the lone warrior slipped peacefully, and gratefully into sleep. After her strength had somewhat returned to her, she steadily and begrudgedly attempted to move her tired body only to find herself still trapped. At first she wondered why she was trapped, but the memories of her ticklish encounter with the vines came flooding back to her. Desperaton and fear soon fed her frantic attempts to escape another flurry of tickling. To her dismay all her escape attempt managed to do was tire her out and attract the attention of her captors. From the shadows of the trees a robed figure gripping a staff tightly in his hands emerged, vines followed behind him wriggling teasingly at their new toy. Each vine was eager for another round, as was the robed man. A smirk grew across his face as he gazed at his captive "My, my, my what a pretty little trespasser, such fun aswell...... What about another round of tickles?"
This story I have been trying to finish for about 2 months now, it's an original piece I dreamed up whilst kicking my mates ass at Warcraft 3. I couldn't figure out how to continue the tickling so I gave it a cliff hanger! Hopefully when I get my writing ability back I can finish this!

The characters and story are all Copyright of ME!!!
The whole Night elf thing though is Blizzards!
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The lonely life of metal and wood. Doing so much bad but desiring good.
A poor little puppet with strings tangled in knots. Left behind in the rain to warp and rot.
A lonely house full of toys. Yet lacking it did good girls and boys.
So play they must some other way. Good toys gone bad play with you today..
With two of the dark masters defeated. The wayward Digidestined wandered the woods
In search of both their lost friends and of the remaining masters who had twisted the once beautiful world into a spire of chaos and death. Unfortunately for them.
They happened upon the lair of the maniacal master of marionetted mayhem known simply as Puppetmon. And oh did he have games to play.
"Are you sure it's this way little buddy?" Tai called out from up a tree as he tried to spy Puppetmon's house with his trusty telescope. "Yeah i think so. But i was running really fast so i might be wrong.." TK replied with a touch of sadness at having let them down only for Sora to place a comforting hand atop his head. "Don't worry TK. We'll find him. With all of us together. That puppet doesn't stand a chance!" She said with a confident smile earning a smile in turn from TK and a cheer from the others.

However as Puppetmon Surveyed the heroic group of youngsters. He had other plans in mind. "Hah they think they are so great. But i'll show em what real power is when i turn them against each other hahahaha!" He said to himself laughing maniacly as he set to his game board of figures to start the first game. "A little electrical tape here and a little pepper here.." Puppetmon continued to ramble to himself as he set his first game into motion.
"Guys i'm pretty sure we've passed this same tree for the 5th time already." Joe stated in annoyance as he huffed from all the walking. "Actually i believe it is only 4 times. as the circumference of our immediate area based on longitude and latitude would not permit us to pass through the same perameter beyond the radius of this axis and-" Izzy began to try to explain with his usual jargon only to be interrupted by Mimi. " Oh would you please put a sock in it Izzy! My feet hurt and my back hurts and that stupid sun is doing murder to my skin." Mimi complained after they continued treking in the woods for well over an hour. "Look guys just calm down and-" Before Tai could finish he found his appearence changed with goofy overalls a red hat and a marker like mustache on his face as he began bouncing through the air. 

"What in the world is going on!? Get me down!!" Mimi screamed from a sudden high elevation in the air on a mysterious platform as Tai kept randomly jumping towards her. "I'd love to get you down Mimi when i finally stop jumping!!" Then just as suddenly Metaletemon appeared unable to control himself as he begins indiscreminately flinging barrels in Tai's direction. "What's going on. Is this somebody's idea of a joke. Nobody messes with the king baby!" Regardless of his feelings. He continued tossing more barrels.

TK meanwhile found himself picking up a wooden sword and spinning in circles as Patamon watched in confusion. " TK what are you doing that silly dance for?"  Patamon asked he was getting dizzy. "I..i dunno Patamon. I just have this urge to spin and go look for triangles.." Poor TK muttered with swirly eyes.

At the other end. Joe found himself suddenly clad in bad looking armor and a cannon strapped to his arm shooting yellow tennis balls at Izzy. "Joe watch where your shooting those things. That could really hurt!" Joe meanwhile was shocked at Izzy's appearance. " I can't stop! But what is up with your hair and that stupid lab coat?" Joe inquired.
"What about my hair..?" Looking into a pond Izzy screamed. "AHHHH What happened to my hair? It's white and and... bald!!"

A following scream came from Tai as he was dodged barrels only to have a flaming hole in his pants. "Agumon? Why did you hit me with a fireball?"  "I'm sorry Tai i can't hel-hel- Achoo!" Another shot after shot kept coming at him.
Meanwhile Sora and Kari found themselves at the doorstep of Puppetmon's humble abode. As they were forced to enter. They saw around them the sights of toys and trademarked Disney characters and a set of clothing with giant shoes.
"What is this? Are we supposed to be clowns at some theme park or something?" Sora quipped in annoyance as Puppetmon's voice rang out. "Why ofcourse not Sora and Kairi.
I Just didn't have the "heart" to force you into costume like the others ehehehehe"
"My name is Kari not Kairi you meanie!" Kari yelled out bravely.

"Whatever you say. You and your boyfriend will have to find the "Key" to your escape."
Puppetmon continued to laugh at his puns only for Gatomon and Biyomon to knock down the wall and find Puppetmon's control room as he  stomped angrily. "No no no no! That's not how the game works. Your cat and bird ruined my fun! I'll teach you." He quickly ran over and managed to teleport them into a random set up as Biyomon sat swinging in a cage with Gatomon watching her.. suddenly feeling hungry as Puppetmon glared at the girls.  " You ruined my game so i'm gonna have to make up a new game for you two."

Both girls stood tired as they were bound by strings made to play goofy games. Covered in pie from a pie throwing contest. Forced to act out a Punch and Judy skit. But no one was having any fun.
"I don't get it. This is hilarious. Comedy gold and you two havn't laughed once!" Puppetmon roared as they panted and glared at him. " Because none of this is funny you stupid jerk!" Sora equally yelled in anger as Kari looked sad enough to cry.

"Not funny?.. Why you! Then i'll just have to make you laugh!" Puppetmon declared as Sora found her arms thrust into the air. "Hey what do you think your doing you Wooden freak!? I've had enough of your games and-" She was suddenly collided with an oof as Kari landed on top of her. "Sora are you okay? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do it." Kari said with a sad look as her hands were suddenly thrust into Sora's armpits. "It's not your fault Kari it's this..hehahahaha What are you doing!? Gyahahahaha stop it i'm tihihihicklish!"
Sora yelled with a giggle as Kari's tiny fingernails continued to scratch along her smooth armpits. Sora struggled fitfully attempting to pull her arms down as Kari began to flick a single finger directly into the center of her hollows. "Nohohohoho please Stop i hate behehehing tickled!"  Sora could only look on as tears sprang to the eyes of her young friend as Kari's fingers continued to swirl making little swirls into her armpits as her body wanted to bounce and jerk and above all else pull her arms down.

"Kahahari don't cryhhihi. It's not your fault! It's thahaht stupid puppet!" Sora yelled angrily as she thought to herself. 'Ooh if i could just get one good shot at you!'
Puppetmon continued to snicker in the backround as he worked the strings. "Why are you so angry. Were all finally having a laugh! GYAHAHAHA" He declared. His laughter ringing out even more than Sora's.

Sora took a moment to gulp in breathes of air as the fingers moved away from her armpits and she looked at Puppetmon with spite. " Are you done with this silly game Puppetmon?"  Said puppet merely stared back with delight. " Ofcourse not you silly girl. Were just trying different places. You aren't laughing nearly enough."
Puppetmon said as Sora's shirt was suddenly pulled up and Kari's fingers began to squeeze and pinch at her sides as she managed to toss her head and buck as Kari's fingers explored her soft smooth belly. Still containing a touch of babyfat in her otherwise athletic figure. 
"No darn it. Not my belly! HAHAHEHEHAHA Go back to the armpits the arhahahrpits!!"
Sora continued to buck and kick her feet uselessly as Kari's fingers continued to explore her curves scratching along her sides and even wiggling a finger into her navel which brought a very loud squeal from the otherwise stoic tomboy. Kari glared hatefully at Puppetmon as her body moved against it's will. "I hate you you stupid digimon. Leave my friend alone!" Kari yelled as Sora continued to squeal helplessly.

Puppetmon however was taken aback by Kari's declaration. " hate me? All i've tried to do is play with you and have fun and you dare say something like that to me?" He roared as Kari was suddenly put to the ground with Sora on top of her. Her gloved fingers slipping under Kari's arms as she squealed instantly at the ticklish sensation.
Kari squealed and squirmed trying desperately to pull her arms down as Sora's fingers dragged into Kari's delicate soft skin as her face grew red from laughter with each passing stroke of her ticklish flesh. Tears poured from her eyes as Sora was clearly tickling her most sensitive spot. HEHEHAHAHAHA PLEASE PLEASE MAHHAHAKE IT STOP!! HAHEHAHAHWHAHEHAHHEHAHEHAHAHA" Her laugher starting growing hoarse as Sora looked to Puppetmon fiercely.

"Stop already she can't take anymore of this!" Puppetmon could only scoff and mutter. 
"Fine fine you babies. Let's try your belly now."
As Kari gasped for breath as he shirt was pulled up she sighed and huffed as she looked at Sora. "That was horrible.. Not even Tai ever tickled me that bad" She said with a pitiful look. "Dont worry Kari. We'll get free somehow..." Any confidence she had ended when Sora's fingers began to work into her soft round tummy as she began to squeal
and bounce. "Kyeahaha not my tummy pleahehehese. It tickle so bad!!" 

Though not as bad as her armpits her belly was still very ticklish and Kari continued to laugh and shake her head as Puppetmon chuckled at their plight. "You know you are looking kinda fat. You should try a fruit salad. Why not start with the raspberries! gyeehahaha" He laughed evily as Sora was forced to move down and blow a series of long wet zerberts on Kari's adorable pink belly as she squealed and laughed.

As her squeals continued. her belly heaving with laughter. Her shoes suddenly began to untie themselves as Sora was forced to sit also loses her shoes and socks as their feet pressed together. " What do you think you are doing now you sick freak?!" Sora demanded as Kari was too tired to speak. " Oh just with all her squealing. I thought you might enjoy a game of this little piggy." He said with a snicker as they began to wiggle each others toes. "This little piggy beat Metalseadramon, This little piggy played with your little piggy. and this little piggy tickled all the rest!"

He recited as each foot suddenly started tickling the other as Sora and Kari giggled away. 
"Hhehehahaha stop that hahaha my feet are ticklihihihish" Sora giggled as Kari squealed and tried to kick but could move. "HYAHAHAHAHA NOOHOHOHO STOP MOVING MY TOHOHOES IT TICKLES HEHAHAHEHAHA" Kari's squeals grew louder and louder
with each stroke as Puppetmon took notice and forced Sora to grab her ankles and slip her fingers between Kari's toes As Kari continued to cry with laughter. "HEHEHHAHAHA PLEAHEHEHSE STOHAHHAHAP!"  

Sora could no longer take the anguished cries of her young friend and glared at him. For the last time let her go you bastard!!" Sora's yell suddenly made Puppetmon stop. 
" said a bad word! This is a kid's show. You can't say that!"

"it's anime. We can say whatever we want you wooden asshole!" yelled a voice from the rafters as TK Suddenly jumped down. Now somehow his older self and cut the strings with his sword and pulled them to safety as he slashed Puppetmon in half. Pulling them both to their feet. Sora Marveling and blushing at how cool he looked.

"Ta--TK... Is that really you? How?" Tk looked at himself confidently. " I found some ocarina and somehow i got older. More importantly though. I'm gonna do this before my brother can ruin the moment" Dipping her down he kisses Sora on the lips as she swoons and stares at him in shock as he carries the exausted Kari on her back. As Sora stared at him. "Why did you do that TK?" Looking at her he blushes lightly and smiles as he gestures to Kari. " Cause i don't feel like being stuck in the friend zone cause of some cheap imitation of Tai. Speaking of where is he?"

Somewhere else in the forest Tai sits atop Greymon kicking his legs. "Come on Yoshi. Eat the turtle an spit a fireball!"
This is  a surprise present for my friend :iconkwtsag: Based on one of his commissions. I thought it would be fun to do and i hope i did an okay job so yeah. Like it comment or whatever it is you people do.  Just a bit of tickle fun for the girls and poor video game references.

Sora, Kari and the rest are the property of Digimon and the pic is originally done by :iconprinceofhalcyon:
Hope you don't mind me using this Prince. This was a sudden surprise.
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It was a dark time in the life of the Avatar. The earth queen was dead. Chaos ran through the earth kingdom. Her friends were severely beaten and nearly killed. Her very own father may very well be dead. Still Korra did what she felt she had to. To voluntarily allow herself to be taken by the radical group known as the Red Lotus.
Their leader Zaheer now had her at his mercy. His reasoning was not yet clear.
He was not your typical world ending villain. But then no one Korra has fought before were anything like she imagined. Bound by chains of platinum. She knew there was little she could do to attempt to escape before they would be on her.
So resolving to bide her time. She waited in hopes of an opening. 
But again nothing would come the way she expected it.
"What are you after Zaheer?" Korra demanded from her bound position as she watched him calmly meditating while his apparent beloved sat the side merely watching.
Not getting an answer she spoke out again. "You can't expect me to join with you after all this. And you wouldn't be going through so much trouble if you simply intended to kill me.
So what's your game?"  She asked in outright confusion and frustration.

It felt like minutes ticked by before Zaheer chose to speak to her. 
" Surely you understand it Avatar, This world is slowly being overtaken by the spirits.
Something we have you to thank for. The world is beginning to return to it's natural order.
That is our goal. To bring balance to the world. Just as you want."
He finished as he stood up to face her with his present calm and confident voice.
No matter the situation. Zaheer always seemed to be in control.

"How is that bringing balance to the world!?" Korra demanded as she shook her chains.
"You killed the earth queen and people are going nuts! If you keep this up. There will be no balance.. only chaos!" She finished her rant as Zaheer calmly let her get it out.

"And that is our goal exactly. The natural order of the world is chaos. We are just helping it along. We aren't the bad guys here Korra. Were just out to help the world and fix the mistakes people like Aang and Wan started." He blustered out as if he was speaking the absolute truth. Not a hint of doubt in Zaheer's eyes.
Korra wanted nothing more than to keep argueing. But Zaheer was quick to turn away.

"We don't expect you to join us Avatar. Nor do i intend to simply kill you. That would accomplish nothing. But i do have something special for you that i need to aquire. So Pi Li will entertain you till i return." Turning to the manic looking woman with the third eye tattooed upon her forehead as she approached. He set a hand upon her cheek and pulled her in a soft lasting kiss as she savored his touch and taste. A look of clear disatisfaction on her face as he pulled away.

"Make sure she enjoys herself. I'll return shortly." He added with a smile meant only for her as she smiled back. " Ofcourse Zaheer. Don't keep me waiting too long."
She shot back at him as he slipped away and Pi li slowly approached Korra.

Feeling anxious and resigned. Korra considered attempting to break free. But one look at the massive eye and she knew that this woman could blow her up with but a thought before she would ever have a chance to get free. Her body tensed as Pi li drew closer.
Till her chin was cupped by the errant fire bender.

"You shouldn't be so scared. You are going to cap off the greatest change to the world that has happened in ten thousand years." Pi li spoke with an unknown passion
as she looked into Korra's eyes. "You will be remembered as the greatest Avatar ever.
The one to restore balance to the world."

"Aang already did that!" Korra spat out, shaking her chin from Pi li's grasp as she glared daggers at her. "The world was doing just fine. This will only cause pain and death."
Korra implored. Only to recoil when Pi li was quick to grab her and break her tyraid.

"You don't know what the world needs. No Avatar ever did. Otherwise there would be no need for that Raava to keep reincarnating into someone new every single time.
Your human, just like the rest of them. You say Aang brought peace. But did he really?"
She questioned Korra who had a hard time meeting her intense gaze.

"He ran away and froze himself for 100 years. Letting the world fall into a bloody war.
He finally stopped it but let the man who caused this mess live. All because of his beliefs.
He brought the people together into one place. If he really brought peace. Then why did he neglect his children as he continued his never ending quest to save the world?
Why did he stress the importance of finding you when he knew he was going to die?
Because he knew that he failed! If he brought peace.. Why are you here now?"

The exaustive rant grew harder and harder as She pushed Korra back. Forcing her eyes to stay on her as she punctuated each word. " If the world is safe. Then why does the Red Lotus have to exist? Men like Aang, Like Ozai, Like Unalaq and Amon. They have ruined this world. But you can change it."

Pi li spoke as her voice took on a deceptively softer tone and she began to stroke Korra's cheek. Running her thumb across it and lifting her chin.
"Men are horrible horrible beings. It takes another woman to really begin to understand you... To know your feelings, Your pain..."

Korra found herself almost slackjawed at the change in demeanor as Pi li ran a hand through her hair, almost petting it affectionately. "You really do have beautiful hair.
So soft. Unlike mine. Your lips are cute too.." Korra's wide eyed gaze grew to saucers as Pi li planted her lips against hers. Her muffled pleas drowned out by Pi li's moaning as she tried to force her mouth open wider and stuck her tongue inside and lustfully played with Korra's hair as she pressed against her bound form.

Finally knowing the need for air she pulled back as Korra gasped for breath and looked on in shock at her captor as Pi li wiped her mouth and looked at Korra suductively.

"Ohh don't look so surprised. Men disgust me if that weren't obvious. I find the reactions you can get from women to be so much more pleasurable." She spoke in an almost demure fashion while smiling at Korra who could barely sputter out two words.

"But..but what about Zaheer!?" She asked in shock and panic at what she saw coming. 
"I thought you two were well.. You know." She added with a blush as Pi li snickered into her hands. " Zaheer isn't a man. He is a visionairy, A seer who will bring balance to the world. He is above men and women. He is a true Avatar!" She thrust out with sparkly eyes as she approached Korra again. Her hips swaying seductively.

"But but. what about that Lava guy! Why work with him then?" Korra spoke out franticly hoping to detur her. " Oh Gazan is just a means to an end. He will not live long in this new world. And poor Ming Hua. She is not nearly as fun as she used to be.
You don't think she was born armless do you?"

She asked as she let that bit of info set in. a bit of anger seeping through. " We have Tonraq the butcher to thank for that." She spat out as Korra once more looked shocked but unable to speak. " Yes your father did that. I remember it clearly. he said it was " necessary" For the greater good" 

" My father would neve- ENOUGH!" Pi li shouted out at Korra's attempt to defend her father. We are not here to judge him for his actions. I'd much rather see you smile."
She said with a light grin as she reached up and dragged her long nails slowly down Korra's arms as her body flinched at the sensation. The nails slowly working down to her exposed armpits. her body recoiling at the touch.

"You know i miss doing this with Ming Hua." Pi li errantly spoke as Korra clenched her teeth as she thought and struggled. 'Oh come on. seriously? Why did it have to be tickling? grrr' Her growl in her mind echoed as Pi li smiled at her reaction. Slowly teasing her armpits with a single nail in each pit.

"Aw come on now. How about giving me just one little smile. You know you want to."
She teased as Korra desperately reacted attempting to pull her arms down from her chains. "This must be just horrible for you. I bet you havn't been tickled since you were little. The shock just makes it sooo much worse."

 Pi li continued with a grin as she added more fingers. Slowly dragging them in circles around the taunt skin of Korra's tanned underarms. Every stroke elicting a groan as she fought to react. Slowly a smile began to crack upon her face as her teeth bared. Trying to fight the sensations.

" Aww there is a smile. And look at the those pretty teeth too. But i know we can do better. Let's hear that masculine laugh of yours too." 
With that she suddenly dug her nails sharply into Korra's ticklish pits. Causing her to buck and recoil at the sudden aggressive tickling. The shock of the sensations being more than she could bare in silence.
"Grrryehehhehe your ahaha nuts! knoahahak it off. This is so... childish!"
She managed to force out as she tried to remain in control  as Pi li stopped her teasing to look at Korra carefully. Then recoiled in pain as Pi li suddenly struck her across the face!
Blood began to drip from her mouth as Pi li extended a finger and scooped some up to bring to her mouth. 

"Mmm The sweet and savory sensations of pleasure mixed with pain. It's hard to imagine one without the other. isn't it?" She asked as Korra glared hatefully at her as the bruise began to develop on her cheek. But she wisely chose not to say a word. Not knowing what she might trigger next from this psycho.

Slowly Pi li brought her hand up again as Korra recoiled prematurely at the hand. only for Pi li to begin stroking her cheek lovingly once more. " I had really hoped you would understand our position Korra. After all. Were both women. We can understand each other better than any man ever hoped to. You can't tell me you have a man in your life that truly understands you." She spoke matter-of-factly as Korra was suddenly thinking back to all the akwardness of dating Mako. Bolin's sweet but misguided attempts.

Though she wouldn't admit it. She did feel that Pi li did have a small point.
But her thoughts were broken as Pi li leaned up to kiss her bruised cheek and slowly leaned down. " This may surprise you. But i don't actually enjoy causing pain and killing people. That is just what has to happen sometimes. It is sad. But it is the order of things. Natural selection if you will.
I much prefer seeing someone smile actually. You won't be needing these anyway."

With that Pi li slowly removed Korra's heavy boots. Burning them off slowly without harming her skin to peel them away through the chain as Korra's now bare feet, sweating from the heat and exersion felt a new chill as pi li knelt by them. Taking one into her hand and caressing it.
" it really is a shame. You don't take care of them. Granted i havn't either. But i spent 13 years in an icy prison. So i have an excuse. You really shouldn't neglect your body like that. It can come back to haunt you."

Pi li spoke in an erie way as she began to of all things. Massage Korra's feet.
The sensation while unexpected was oddly relaxing. despite her situation.
'This has got to be the weirdest kidnapping of my life' Korra thought oddly to herself as she tried to stay focused but found herself calming and almost wanting to sleep. If not for her akward position. " There now isn't that nice? You aren't as tense now."

Pi li spoke out as Korra regained focus and glared at her. prepared for her next action.
Only to suddenly curl her toes and grit her teeth once more as her eyes popped out the moment she felt a nail scratching under her toes.

" Gyeahhahahaha quit it damnit! I hate behehehing tickled!" Korra giggled out as Pi li playfully tortured her bound soft soles. "Now that you are massaged and relaxed. You won't be fighting the laughs anymore. And i bet your feet are twice as ticklish. You just seem the type." Pi li snarked out as her nails defly scratched along Korra's soles. 
Elicting giggles and laughter from the poor bound Avatar. Single nails scratching in the middle of the soles of her feet causing her to throw her head back in laughter.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA oh god make it stohahahahahap! Hitting me is behahaheheheter than this!" Korra squealed out as her poor ticklish tootsies were tormented by the explosive bender who found great delight in wiggling her sharp nails between her toes. Watching them curl and wiggle in a vain effort to escape their ticklish torment.

Every stroke making Korra's body wiggle in her bonds. Wanting nothing more than for the torture to end. From her childhood with teasing from her parents. She never enjoyed it.
And then again from the playful antics of Tenzin's three otherwise loveable children.
Always sneaking fingers into her sides as she meditated. Poking at her toes as she read to make her jump and chase them.
But as much as she detested it. She couldn't stay angry with them. They were just playing. But this... There was no end. There was no mercy. And worse was this psychotic woman was loving every second of her anguished cries.
Tears slowly welled up in Korra's eyes as she thought to beg to make the sadist stop.

"AHAHAHAHA PLEASE EHEHEHAHAHA STOP JUST STOP!! I'LL DOHOHOHOH WHATEVER YOU WANT I SWEAR!!" Korra begged with her panting breath as her ticklish ordeal continued for over 30 minutes before a voice brought a stop to the madness.

"That's enough Pi li! We still need her conscious  for the next part of the plan."
He commanded as she stood up and returned to his side.
"Forgive me Zaheer. I got a little carried away.." She said as she blushed but was clearly not sorry. "Well i hope you enjoyed your entertainment Avatar. Because the next part isn't going to be nearly as fun..."
Following the horrific battle and poisoning that Zaheer and the Red Lotus brought on her.
Korra sat sadly in her wheelchair as she stared at herself in the mirror. The horrors of the event fresh in her mind as Asami helped her dress. Her life was nearly taken and now she was paralyzed and helpless. Her gaze turned slowly to her green eyed friend as her hand was grasped and lightly squeezed.

"Korra... I can't begin to imagine what you had to endure... But i promise you.. no one will ever hurt you again. No matter what you need. Anything at all. I am here."
Asami spoke with assurance as she pulled Korra into a tight hug. At the feeling of them embrace she slowly brought her arms around her dear friend and rested her chin on her shoulder as silent tears rolled down her eyes. A single thought going through Korra's head.

'Pi li was right about one thing. Only another woman can truly understand how you feel..'
So in honor of the series finale of the Legend of Korra.
I decided to finally write a story. I wanted to write one for a long time.
But kept stopping myself as i could never find the right setting i wanted. And i understand why now. I have always written cute happy ending type stories and i never felt that was suited to the more serious and darker tone of Korra. But i finally found a setting i felt i could write and might fit into the story. And yes i know Pi li was dead by the time this happened. But she just felt suited for this. So take the creative license there.

So yeah this is darker than i normally write. But i hope you all like it.
Korra and such are owned by not M night "The Twist" Shamalamadingdong. Thank god.
So thanks Bryan and Mike for 3 awsome years of a fantastic show.
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It was a relatively quiet day in the otherwise rambunctious guild known as Fairy Tail.
It had been but a short time since the joint effort of 4 powerful guilds came together to bring down one of three great powers of the Balam alliance.
The Oracion Seis. 6 powerful wizards of a dark guild. Seeing to awaken an ancient weapon
known as Nirvana. One that would swap light with darkness, and darkness with light.
A creation of peace that would simply bring about chaos.
With much effort and spirit. the mighty weapon was brought down and the mistakes of the past were buried.
With it however went the home of the young dragon slayer. The sky maiden Wendy and her feline partner Carla. 
Fairy Tail was more than happy to welcome two more however and Wendy gladly accepted.
Though they were welcomed with open arms. No arms were opened wider than those a certain blue furred cat..
"Well aren't you looking dapper today Happy. What's the special occasion? Did you meet a special fish that needs wining and dining first?"
Macao questioned with a smirk at the wide eyed feline from his spot at the table next to his long time friend Wakaba. 
Before them. Happy stood looking rather unusual, in a custom made little white tux.
His hair slicked back with gel..or fish guts. And a mighty fish in his hands with a bright red bow tied around it. A serious look upon his expressive face as he turned away from them.
Trying his hardest to look cool.

"I don't know what your talking about. I'm just wearing my regular clothes. You are an undignified ruffian, hmph" Happy stalked away from the confused pair. Likewise the others of the guild could only stare at the scene before them as Happy slowly made his way to little table to the right. Where the new cutie of Fairy Tail. Wendy and her white furred partner Carla sat. Making friends with the resident book worm of the guild. Levy.

"You don't need to be so nervous Wendy-chan. You'll fit right in. Just give it time.
Fairy Tail really is just one big happy, crazy family." She gave the younger blunette a winning smile. Happy for the time being that the more destructive members of the guild weren't present to scare her away.

Wendy returned her smile with a small one of her own as she blushed. "I'm sorry. This is all just so new to me. But Natsu-san said everyone would love me and Lucy-san and Erza-san and Gray-san have been so kind. I owe them all and this is just.. I'm sorry!"
She apologized again while covering her face in embarrassment before shrieking in shock as she was suddenly whacked on the head with a rolled up edition of the sorcerer's weekly.

"What have i told you about apologizing so much Wendy? It makes you look weak."
Came the chiding of her catty companion. "Aiee i'm sorry!" Another whack was her reply as Carla growled at her meek partner. What am i to do with you?"
Levy could only stare in wonder. The image of a crying Natsu in Wendy's place as Happy ordered him around brought forth a sudden wave of giggles that got the duo to stare at her in rapt confusion. 

Happy took his chance to step forward and laid down his hard earned dinner before his crush. Rubbing his foot into the table he looked at her with a bashful smile.
"He-here Carla. I brought you an angel fish. cause your uhm.." He began to blush and couldn't get out the words as Carla coldly turned away. "I told you already male cat. I am not fond of fish. Nor am i fond of these constant attempts to force yourself upon me."

Turning to her human companion she glowered. "I'm going off for a while child. I shall return later with dinner." She quickly stomped away, directly on Happy's fish and grew her magical wings and flew away in a huff as a depressed Happy sulked over his trampled gift.
Both Wendy and Levy were quick to console the crestfallen feline.

"Don't worry Happy. She is just playing hard to get. Just keep up that old Happy charm and you are sure to win her over eventually." Levy said with a puff of her chest, hoping to inspire confidence. Only for him to sink deeper into depression.
"I'm so sorry Happy-san. Carla doesn't mean to be like that. She just well.. She's just protective." She finished with a bow as Happy wiped his eyes and blew his nose into the fish. Only to recoil in horror now that had ruined it.
Suddenly however he turned a quick gaze to Wendy as an idea struck him.

"Wait! Wendy! You can help me be get Carla can't you? You've known her since she was born. Tell me what she likes, what she hates, what she looks for in a cat. anything!!"
He pleaded and grabbed the front of her dress shaking at it and getting a squeal as she recoiled and slapped him for accidentally grabbing her breasts.

"Oh my Happy-san! I'm so so sorry!" She quickly picked him up and looked him over for injuries while he bobbed his head with dazed swirly eyes. "Wow that fish slapped hard... huh.. oh Wendy.. hey you gotta help me get Charla okay?!" He quickly rebounded and begged her for help.
Wendy quickly back away towards the exit. Trying to slip away without incident.
"I'm really sorry Happy-san. But i can't help. Charla needs to make her own choices."
With a quick bow. She dashed out to clear her head of the growing chaos that is Fairy Tail.

Happy meanwhile stared at the door. determination set on his brow as he cast aside his suit. His thoughts betraying his cute face. 'You will help me one way or another. My love will not be denied, Aye!'
What followed was what could only be described as harassment.
No matter where Wendy went that day. Happy would pop up with teary pleading eyes.
While trying to get a meal. He would pop out from under the food tray.
While reading a story. He would be staring at her from under the chair.
While taking a bath... fur clogged the drain.
Poor little Wendy was at her wits end. Staring around the corners, checking every nook and cranny. Finally when she thought it was safe. She peered out. Just in time for Happy in his ninja gear to slide down a rope and blow a handful of pink magic dust in her face. Knocking her out cold.
Wendy awoke slowly, blinking away the dust from her eyes and tried to stretch. Only to realize her arms were handcuffed to her bedposts. Panic quickly set in. "What the? Charla!? How did i get here!? Levy-san! Erza-san! Someone help me!"
She quickly began to build up magic. Hoping to break her bonds with a strong burst of wind. only to feel her magic blocked off.

"That won't help you. I borrowed these from Mira. No one can use magic when those shackles are on heh heh heh" Happy slowly emerged from the shadowy corner. Looking sinister as he casually flipped a coin for effect. Wendy however sighed in relief.

"Oh...Happy-san. It's only you, i was scared there for a second. Could you please let me go. I told you i can't help you get Carla." Wendy spoke adamantly while trying to look as cute as possible with little tears in her eyes as she rattled her chains.
Happy however merely scoffed.

"That trick won't work on me. I mastered it before i turned a year old. Now you are going to tell me how to Carla to like me or you'll be very sorry."
The cliched line was lost n Wendy as Happy spread his wings suddenly.
Wendy began to feel very vulnerable as she took in her state of dress.
Her lack of shoes caused her toes to curl involuntarily at the sight of those feathers.
Her bare armpits were wide open and thin material of her dress would offer little protection as she took in Happy's sinister grin.

"Happy-san..please i don't do this. I swear there is nothing i can tell you. Pretty please?"
Still her teary eyes had no effect as he crept closer. Twirling one of his own feathers menacingly. "Sorry Wendy. But love makes a cat do crazy things."

With that Happy began to slowly drag the feather up her quivering sole. Wendy kicked on reflex in response as far as the chains would allow. Her leg shaking as the feather began an elegant dance. The tip ever so lightly caressing her delicate sole with it's ticklish kiss.
"Hehehehehe oh pleahehse Happy-san. Nohohoohoho ahehehhaha."
Even this incredibly gentle tickling was beginning to send Wendy into a giggle fit.

"You aren't gonna last long if you are laughing already. Just tell me what i want to know and my wings won't have to see how ticklish your toes are, aye?"
Happy let his threat hang in the air but had yet to cease the torment his lone feather was causing the little dragon slayer. " Oh what have we here? Another feather! And magic feathers tickle way way worse. Especially to wizards!"

The felonious feline began to lose himself in a game of seeing which foot he could get to dance the most. One dragging slowly from her arch and teasing along her heel. Causing her poor ticklish foot to bounce and try to shake it off. The other meanwhile suffered the horror of the toe torture. Dragging under toes. Wendy tried to grab at the feather with her toes. Only for a sneaky brush of Happy's tail brushing along her arch. causing her toes to spasm and spread wide once more.

The tears welling in her eyes were given no solace nor did her laughing pleas that fell upon deaf ears as she continued a steady stream of giggles mixed with laughter when particularly sensitive spots were exploited.
"Ehehehehahaheheha oh stohahahap Happy-saahahan AHAHEHEHEHHAAHE Not my tohohoehess. ayihehhehahahehehahaheha. I'm goahanna peeeehhhehehhehe pleahehese!"
"Sorry Wendy. Not happening till you tell me what i want to know. Just make this easy on yourself already or do i really need to do it?"

Happy slowly brought his wings out. Lowering them to her flushed pink soles. Flapping his magic feathers across her small ticklish feet. The sheer amount took her by surprise as the rush of sensations struck her like an electric shock.

The feeling of his wings fluttering gently made Wendy buck and pull in an effort to get away. The magic going through the feathers and her own innate sensitivity to magic.
Caused Wendy to feel each and every feather individually. The fluttering all raised her sensitivity via her own wind magic. causing the air to brush past her skin to tickle just as much. Bringing even more desire to bring her arms down.

With slow reluctance. Happy let up and gave her a chance to breathe. Even offering her water so that she would not feel too much discomfort. He was a prankster but not evil after all.
"Alright Wendy. Just tell me what i can do with Carla and i'll let you go."
Happy was looking concerned at the sweat coming off her as she panted.
"ha..ha...ha.....i'm..i'm sorry...Happy-san please... i really don't know..."

At this point even Happy was feeling like a heel for what he had done and was about to unchain her when..
"Wendy. I'm back. and i brought dinner! There is a lovely little cafe just little down south of town. we'll have to have breakfast there and what in the world is this!?"
Carla quickly shrieked as she entered the bedroom to find chained, sweating and panting form of her dear friend with that repugnant male cat standing over her.
Carla was quick to take action as she flew like a bolt and tackled Happy into a wall and held him up by his scarf.

"What did you do male cat!? I swear if you harmed her in any way i'll rip out your fur one hair at a time then pull your organs out of your knows with an ice pick!"
Happy quickly began to sweat at the very colorful and descriptive threat as he tried to talk his way out of it. " No no i was just. and i didn't hurt her. i was just trying to!"
His stammering only got her to glare further as Carla gave him a good slap to bring him to his senses.

"Carla wait! Don't hurt him. He wasn't hurting me. He just wanted to know what he could do to make you like him.. i'm sorry i'm not strong or know what to say in situations like this. I got myself into trouble again. I'm really sorry.."

Wendy looked at her pitifully as she hung her head in shame. Carla quickly turned back to the whimpering Happy and gave him a stern look.
"Is what she says true male cat?" She was quickly answered with a vigorous nod.
"And has she been apologizing like that the whole time?"
Again she got a slower nod for her trouble as Happy was confused by her line of questioning. Just as suddenly she let him go.

"Very well then. I'll let you off the hook this time. But first you will unshackle her this instant. That is terribly rude and uncomfortable for a young lady to be bound like that."
a quick "Aye!!!" was all she heard as he flew over and unhooked her. Wendy lay there still catching her breath and rubbing her sore wrists.

"Thank you Charla. I was seriously going to pee myself if that kept up..uhm..why are you looking at me like that..?" She asked with concern as her smile faded when Carla hovered over her with a glare.
"What did i tell you about apologizing all the time? You make yourself look so weak that you allowed yourself to be captured by the male cat of all people and had to have me save you. I believe however the male cat has found an appropriate method to break you of this shameful habit. Now help me or i will tell Erza-san what you did."

This threat registered quickly as Happy dashed forward and bound Wendy's ankles with his tail as Carla moved forward. Her tail swishing at the ready.

Carla swiftly dug her dainty claws between the flesh of Wendy's toes the moment she had heard her plea out another apology.
"I told you to stop that already! grrr were not stopping till you learn a lesson!"

Carla began to drag her claws down the reddened flexing soles of her otherwise best friend. Happy merely flew there in silence. Marveling at Carla's technique. It seemed as if she knew exactly what to do to elict the most ticklish responses from the young girl.

'She is just so amazing..' Happy thought to himself as Carla continued her diligent work.
Working her claws into the ticklish flesh of Wendy's tiny size 3s. while at the same time brushing her tail along her toes. The fur causing a new sensation that made her wilt and bounce in Happy's grasp as she gripped the sheets and beat her small fists pitifully.

"Quit staring off into space and help me here male cat!" Carla's order brough Happy out of his stupor as he looked over Wendy's quivering form. "Aye...but where to start..?"
Slowly lowering himself. Happy began to work his own claws into Wendy's sides.
The teasing of flesh caused a new wave of laughter from the exausted girl.

This only served to spur happy on further as he slowly used his claws to tear at her dress. Clearing a path to her bare slightly pudgy belly. Having not quite developed to rid herself entirely of baby fat. Happy began to let his wing tips glide across the smooth skin before him. Wendy was quick to shriek and attempt to suck in her belly. 

The devilishly ticklish feathers circled along her round tummy. Teasing the quivering flesh in spite of Wendy's cries. But as the feathers neared the center. Her begging ramped up.

Wendy was completely lost in her laughter as her terrible secret was discovered.
Vauge memories surfanced in Wendy's mind of training with Grandeeny. Drawing in as much as possible. Only for a feathery wing of her loving adopted mother would suddenly graze her most well kept secret and unleashed a gale that would strip the leaves off trees.

Without the magic cuffs to bind her magic. All of Wendy's pent up magic unleashed and blew out a hurricane force wind that blew the two cats into a wall and then through it. Luckly they crashed safely into a giant Gray shaped body pillow near Juvia's bed. Slowly they stood up. Happy helping Carla to her feet.

"Carla are you alright? That was quite a gust." Carla in turn reluctantly took the hand and smoothed out her dress without looking at him. " Yes yes. i am fine male..pfft.. ahahaheahhahaha" Carla burst into giggles at seeing the afro shape Happy's fur had taken from the gust as she slowly floated back to check on Wendy who was fast asleep after her ordeal. Muttering softly in her sleep.

"I'm sorry Carla....i'm sorry." With a heavy sigh, She floated to Wendy's side and stroked her cheek. Giving her a small kiss on her forehead and covering her up.
" I suppose some habits will take a long time to break... Alright male cat. Since Wendy won't be waking up for a while. I don't want this food going to waste. I suppose i'll let you take me on a picnic."

Happy flew in suddenly with shocked hope on his face. " Re-really? Aye Let's go have-" 
His enthusiasm was cut short by her glare. " We are not having fish!"

A depressed sounding Aye.. was heard but he perked up and went to grab a basket and blanket as she sighed and looked around her. 
"I can just tell.. this guild is going to give me gray fur before my time."

The end.
This is my first story in a little while. I was recently injured and lost a lot of use of my hands for a while.
I am finally back to almost full strength and decided to write something relatively simple to get back into writing. Using one of my all time favorite girls. Wendy Marvel.
The image in question belongs to my bud :icontgohan: It provided the perfect inspiration and hopefully this story can act as a late substitute birthday present till his real present is ready.
Lots of delays on that one. But either way. Hope you all enjoyed.
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