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It was a sunny and slightly breezy afternoon with white puffy clouds in the sky. Not too far in the distance was a house not too small or big. A woman was coming out from the front door as she stretched her arms into the air.

“Ah what a lovely afternoon.”

The woman’s name was Aurora, a female anthro Lugia who had light blue skin, long blonde hair, and light blue eyes with red marks on her belly, tip tail, and close to both of her eyes. She was also wearing orange short shorts, orange sandals, and a light purple shirt with no shelves.

Aurora was done stretching her arms as she started walking over to the garage of her house. She grabbed the bottom hatch that led to the garage as Aurora lifted it up so she could see what she was looking for.

“Well there it is in the middle of the garage.”

Aurora was walking over to what seemed to be a pair of stocks in the middle of the garage. These stocks however were different from any other stocks in the world because these stocks were metal stocks that she had finished working on.

“I’m really glad I was able to get this done yesterday.”

Aurora placed her hand on her metals stocks that she finished but there was one problem with it…she had no one to test out her stocks with put Aurora in a predicament on what to do as she put her hands on her hip.

“Well I guess I could test it out myself even though my feet are ticklish. Oh what the heck besides it might be fine.”

A few minutes later Aurora came back with a special kind of chair as she placed it in front of her metal stocks. Next Aurora sat down in the chair, laid her back against the chair, and opened the stocks.

She then placed her ankles in the stocks as the top of the metal stocks closed tight on her ankles. Just then Aurora pressed something on her chair as her wrists were cuffed down to the arms of the chair.

“Ok let’s get started already.”

Aurora’s metal stocks started shaking as two white gloves came from out from the sides of the metal stocks. The white gloves then removed Aurora’s sandals to relieve her bare feet with three toes on her left and right foot.

The white gloves then started moving closer to Aurora’s soles and then started tickling her soles with their fingers. This was tickling Aurora as she started laughing but she was actually enjoying the tickling to her soles.


She didn’t bother moving her feet away because she had designed the stocks to make sure she couldn’t move her feet.


The white gloves continued to tickle Aurora’s soles for about five minutes and then went into the stocks again as two white feathers came out from the sides and started stroking against Aurora’s soles as she started laughing again.


Aurora was shaking her head trying to think of something else as the feathers continued to stroke on her soles but she couldn’t because it tickled so much on her soles all she could was laugh.


Just then out from the top of the stocks two more feathers came out but this time they were yellow and this time they were tickling in between Aurora’s toes.


This continued for fifteen minutes as Aurora had slight tears steaming down her face as the feathers continued to tickle her bare feet and toes at the same time. The feathers then stopped as they went back into the metal stocks.

Just then out came two red hairbrushes which started brushing up and down Aurora’s soles at a fast rate as her laughter soon grew louder.


She wiggled her toes as the hairbrushes continued to tickle her soles as more tears started steaming down her face.


This continued for another fifteen minutes as the brushes stopped, went back into the stocks, and the cuffs went back into the chair. Aurora was catching her breath before she would get up and then once she had regained her breath she got off the chair.

“Minutes later Aurora was sitting in her garage while drinking some juice as she placed her feet on the closed stocks.

“Well I can say that my stocks have worked well. In fact they’re perfect.”

Aurora smiled as she wiggled her toes and took another drink of her juice because she was happy that her stocks worked out really well.
An art trade with :icondashadyalien:

He wanted a story about Aurora a female anthro Lugia to have her feet tickled in her own stocks. I hope you like it:)

Aurora (c) :iconringoffirexl200:
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It was nighttime at a certain planet as Fox McCloud was sitting in the team ship just thinking into space. His other teammates were off on some other missions and Krystal was sitting out in the night sky. “Man I really bored and I have nothing else to do.” Fox said. Since Krystal didn’t have to do any missions she stayed with Fox and decided to stay outside to look at the stars.

Fox sat in his chair thinking what to do with the time. He kept on thinking and thinking what to do until he figured out what he was going to do. “I should get started so I can have some fun for a change.” An hour had passed Krystal was still sitting in the grass wearing her blue and black suit as she stared into the dark sky. Suddenly her watch started shaking and she knew it was Fox.

“I wonder what he wants.” Krystal asked herself. She got up from the grass and started walking back to the ship. When inside the ship it was really quiet that Krystal walked slowly since she had a bad feeling in her body that something bad was about to happen. “Fox…Fox where are you?” Suddenly she saw something thrown to the ground and stream started coming out of it. “It’s knock out gas I have to-” before she could run it was taking affect and then she fainted on the floor.

A few hours had passed as Krystal started to wake up from that knock out gas. When she tried to get up she couldn’t because her hands were cuffed to the wall and her ankles were in metal socks. “What’s going on?”

Suddenly a light turned on and Krystal saw that she was in a small room in the ship. She turned her head to find Fox standing across from her. “Fox what’s going on?” Fox just smiled as he walked over to Krystal and kneeled down by her boots.

He then removed her left boot and then her right boot and now her fur feet were showing. Then he grabbed some rope from his pocket and tied Krystal’s big toes to the stocks. “Fox what are you-” before she could finish Fox used his finger to tickle Krystal’s left foot. “Fox (giggle) don’t do (giggle) that.” Krystal said while giggling “Please stop (giggle) it Fox that (giggle) tickles.” Fox looked up and said, “Yes I know I’m just bored so I’m going to have some fun.”

He then used his other finger to tickle Krystal’s other foot. “Pleasesesese stop Fox ahahahahahahahahaha thaaaaaaaat tickles!” Krystal said while laughing “Let me goooooooo ahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha!” Fox then stopped tickling her with his fingers as he pulled out two feathers from his pocket and Krystal was struggling to get free but couldn’t. “Fox please don’t tickle me I’m begging you.” But he didn’t as he started stroking both her feet up and down with the feathers.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOOOOAAAAAAP FOX!” Krystal laughed “PLEASEEEEEEE DON’T TICKLE MY FEEEEEEEEET AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Fox shook his head and said, “Sorry Krystal but I’m bored and I don’t have anything else to do so you’ll have to deal with it.”


Now Fox decided to stop using the feathers as he gave Krystal a break. “Please…no more Fox…I can’t take this…anymore.” Krystal said while catching her breath. But Fox smiled again as he stuck out his tongue. “Fox no more please!” Krystal begged. But he didn’t as he started licking up and down her right foot.


After Krystal caught her breath again Fox thought that she was going to hate it but in fact she kissed him on the lips. She broke it off and smiled as she said, “That was fun Fox. I hope you can tickle me again.” He was relieved as he said, “Sure anytime.” Now Fox and Krystal were walking outside to enjoy the view.  
I had this idea by looking at this picture[link] made by :iconfirefoxsf: again and made me want to tickle Krystal from the Star Fox games. Btw I don't have any of those games. So thanks again :iconfirefoxsf: for letting me use your picture as a story.

I do not own this characters.
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It was a quiet night in Tokyo as Sora, Mimi, and Biyomon were walking over to Kari’s house for a sleepover. But since Sora was going to take Biyomon along she had to put her in her sleeping bag so no one would see her.

“Sora why do I have to stay in this bag?” Biyomon asked her.

“Because Biyomon we can’t let anyone see you now please be quiet,” said Sora quietly.

“Sora there’s no need to worry it’s the nighttime and I doubt that anyone is going to see Biyomon,” said Mimi.

“Well we’re getting close to Kari’s house so Biyomon can wait.”

Mimi struggled as she and Sora continued to Kari’s house but Biyomon was feeling really uncomfortable in Sora’s sleeping back.

Within a few minutes Mimi and Sora arrived art Kari’s house. Her house was big and tall and the lights were still on. Sora felt her sleeping bag moving because Biyomon was trying to get out and get some air.

“Ok ok Biyomon just wait a minute,” said Sora as she unzipped her sleeping bag and Biyomon’s head popped out.

Just then the door opened as Mimi, Sora, and Biyomon saw Kari standing by the front door. She was wearing a light pink long shelved shirt, light pink pants, and red slippers.

“Hi guys you made it come on in,” said Kari with a smile.

A couple of minutes later Mimi and Sora were in Kari’s room and they had already changed their clothes. Mimi wore a light blue dress that went down to her ankles and wore blue slippers. Sora had the exact same thing but her dress and slippers were light red.

In the next few hours they were talking about things they liked, telling funny jokes, but most of all they were having fun. Sora, Mimi, Biyomon, and Kari were having so much fun together that they were all getting tired plus it was the midnight anyway.

But they were too tired to go into their sleeping bags that they slept on the floor expect for Biyomon who was still awake and wanted to wanted to see have some fun. She didn’t want to wake Sora but she had an idea as she looked over at the sleeping bags.

One by one Biyomon placed Mimi, Sora, and Kari in their sleeping bags. Mimi was on the left, Kari was in the middle, and Sora was on the right. The three girls continued to sleep in their sleeping bags and Biyomon made sure their feet were sticking out from each end and made sure the zippers were closed tight.

“Hmmm now I wonder if Kari has any rope on her?” Biyomon asked herself.

A few minutes later Biyomon found some rope and tied it around the three’s angle. Now Biyomon needed something else to add to her fun. She was looking around for something but she couldn’t find it until she found on her feather tail as she plucked two feathers from her tail.

“This will do,” Biyomon said as she walked over to where Mimi’s feet were sticking out from her sleeping back. Biyomon then placed the feathers on both of her soles and started moving them up and down her soles.

Mimi could feel them on her feet as she was trying to sleep but then she bursted out laughing in her sleeping bag. Kari and Sora couldn’t hear her laughter because they were fast asleep.

“Hehehehehehehehehehehe oh myehehehehehehehehehehehehe that tickles!” Mimi laughed. “Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe stop tickling mehehehehehehehehehehehe pleasehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!”

Biyomon was having fun as she continued to tickle Mimi’s soles with the feathers but Mimi wasn’t having any fun at all.

“Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha stop it pleasehehehehehehehehehahahahahahahaha no mohohohohohohohohohore tickling!” Mimi giggled. “Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe pleasehehehehehehehehehehehehe stop ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

Biyomon tickled Mimi’s feet for almost twenty minutes as Mimi passed out in her sleep so Biyomon went over to Kari’s soles and continued where she had left off as Biyomon started stroking the feathers against her feet.

“Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe nohohohohohohohohohehehehehehehehehehehe I’m ticklish ehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Kari laughed. “Hahahahahahahahahaha please dohohohohohohahahahahahahahan’t tickle mehehehehehehehehehehehehe!”

Biyomon had no idea that her friends were so ticklish that she couldn’t stop tickling Kari’s sole but Kari had some tears in her eyes already.

“Hehehehehehehehahahahahahahahaha stop it nohohohohohohohahahahahaha more tickling ahahahahahahahahahaha!” Kari laughed. “I can’t stahahahahahahahand this tickling Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

Biyomon tickled Kari’s feet for twenty minutes and like Mimi she passed out from laughter. Biyomon smiled as she looked at the last one which was Sora and started tickling her soles but when Sora laughed her was the loudest but no one could hear her.


But Biyomon wouldn’t show any mercy to Sora as she started tickling in between her toes which drove her mad.


Biyomon tickled her soles for fifteen minutes as Sora was still laughing from the tickling to her soles and she couldn’t stand it.


Biyomon was having so much fun that she didn’t want to stop so she continued to tickle Sora’s soles for mostly the entire night.

Later in the morning the girls were still asleep from the tickling to their soles that they didn’t want to wake up. The rope was removed from their ankles as Biyomon was sleeping on Kari’s bed and she had a smile on her face as she was sleeping.
An idea that my buddy :iconfirefoxsf:gave me. He gave me an idea for Sora, Mimi, and Kari to have a sleep over, and Biyomon tickling their feet while in the sleeping bags. Thanks for the idea man:)

These characters are not mine.
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It was only now that he truly realized the error of her ways. He was nothing but a blacksmith's apprentice. He should never have come to the graveyard. He may have helped make the sword that now lay on the ground, but he had no clue how to wield it. The rest of the town knew better than to travel to the graveyard on the full moon, when it was rumoured a powerful sorcerer communed with the dead. But he, with typical youthful arrogance, was convinced that he could vanquish them. So he had sneaked out on his own, and after making his way through the forest between his village and the graveyard brazenly strode in, seeking his foe. And that was how he found himself sitting on the cold ground, his ankles gripped by skeletal hands emerging from the ground, while two more held his arms behind him. Unable to flee, he started screaming as the black robed figure glided towards him. But he knew it would do no good. No one from the village would hear him.

Looking at the Necromancer, he discovered that although they did exist, they weren’t actually an old man. In fact, they weren’t a man at all. It was a tall, gaunt woman, looking to be in her mid-20s, though who knew if she looked her age, with pale skin and long black hair. Despite her thinness and lack of colour, she was quite gorgeous, especially with his thin black robe clinging to her. Under different circumstances, he might have flirted with her. Now, he could barely talk.

Ignoring his fearful questions about her intent, she directed another pair of skeletal hands to rise at his feet, where the slid off his shoes and socks. “Oh my, I wouldn’t have expected you to have such soft looking feet. These are quite cute indeed.” Her voice was icy, and yet underneath her cold words, there was a slightly seductive tone. Despite his terror he felt himself blushing at her comment. Her bashfulness turned to confusion, and then shock, when the two skeletal hands began to stroke up and down his feet, as he began to giggle.

He pleaded for her to stop, but she simply watched with a neutral expression as he struggled helplessly against the skeletons’ grip. The bony fingers were almost like fingernails stroking his surprisingly tender soles, and the sensation was unbearable. Still, he didn’t really have any option other than bearing it. Up and down they scratched, never changing their speed or technique, for almost half an hour. Half an hour of nonstop giggling as he soles were teased by the beautiful Necromancer’s powers. Had he known what was coming, he probably would have gladly taken the unbearably teasing stroking some more.

Observing her victim’s wiggling toes, the Necromancer saw potential. Focusing her magic, she found several different entities in the area that might help her tickle this hapless young man. Soon, almost unseen on the dark ground, a long insect poked up out of the ground. Though commonly referred to as crypt worms, it was in fact a type of millipede that fed upon the rotting wood of caskets. Though not actually dead, between its simplistic, instinct driven mind, and its close connection with death, she was able to force her will upon it. Thus it began to climb up the apprentice's bare feet, and though he didn’t know what it was, and was unable to see it, he certainly felt  its many legs further tormenting his soft soles, before it began pushing between one of his pinky toes and its neighbour. His giggles now finally turned to laughter as he discovered just how sensitive the skin between his toes was. He tried to clench his feet tight, but spurned on by its master, it forced its way between each toe, before moving on to the next foot. Crypt worms were known for their tough shells, and he was unable to squish it with his feet. He tried shaking his feet hoping the movement might fling it off, but the Necromancer simply willed another skeleton through the ground, and soon its hand emerged and pinched his big toes together, gently but firmly. The insect regained its footing, and continued its journey until it threaded through all his toes. But it wasn’t done yet. She had specifically ensnared this one for its impressive length. It was so long that after threading between all his toes, it was able to walk along the tops of his feet and back to where it began before running into its end. This allowed it to continue marching between each toe in an endless loop that tormented his feet much more the two bony fingers on his soles did, though they nonetheless continued.

Pleased with the reaction one insect gave, she next focused on some tiny crypt beetles. These she had attack his torso, sending several of the tiny beetles to scurry over his sides and stomach. Although this seemed to tickle him a bit, it clearly paled in comparison to the bug tormenting his toes, so she soon grew bored and released them. Most scurried away, though one caught in his bellybutton, where it’s frantic wiggling had a much more desirable effect, as he twisted his torso to try and expel it. Maybe tickling his upper body was just a matter of technique?

She summoned yet another pair of hands to grip his elbows, and pull them to the ground, forcing him onto his back, which had the side effects of ensuring the insect in his bellybutton would stay trapped despite its tickly attempts to free itself. No less than four hands popped up at his sides once she had pulled the bones through the ground, and all 4 began poking, scratching, and squeezing his rib cage. “That’s more like it” she thought as she watched his struggles grow fiercer while his laughter grew louder. Not a single spot on his sides was left alone as the stiff digits explored all over his ribs, while she watched his reaction, observing which techniques produced the best results. Prods between his ribs seemed to be very effective, as did pinching the flesh around each rib.

While she coolly observed the torment, he was going through hell. It had been almost an hour since the two fingers had started teasing his soles, and it didn’t appear that this would end anytime soon. He pulled and struggled with all his might, but the magically imbued skeletal hands proved to be inescapable. All he could do was scream with involuntary laughter as the merciless Necromancer tortured him. Had he not been so caught up in the torture, he might have noted the faint blue light forming above him.

The Necromancer had managed to take control of a spirit bound to the grounds, and it now took form above the young man she was tormenting. When formed, it appeared as an ethereal woman, her face hidden behind a shroud. Under the Necromancer’s wordless command, it reached down its hands, and stroked his feet. The poor man howled with laughter. Its fingers felt like nothing he had ever experienced before. It was like dozens of soft fluffy feathers, running over his sensitive skin. They were also quite cold, but if anything, that seemed to increase the sensation. The most unique part of the experience, however, was how the passed through his skin, tickling him right to the bone. Now they passed up his leg, leaving behind a teasing chill as the horrible tickling ran up to his thighs, then moved to his ribs, passing right through the hands who had been tormenting him this whole time, until they reached his pits. The sudden sensation as the ghostly hands stroked him in such a sensitive place made him howl with laughter.

Curious as to how sensitive his armpits might be, the Necromancer has his elbows released, as the hands sunk into the ground and the skeleton was sent back to its resting place. However, he still could not sit up, as now his arms were pulled by their wrist outwards and up, until his arms were above his head. The hands at his sides moved out of the way to let them pass, before resuming their tickling.

Now the Ghost stroked his armpits again and got an even better reaction. The cold fingers still tickled like nothing he had felt before as they passed through his skin, but now, with his armpits pulled taut, the skin seemed much more vulnerable. The worst part of all this was the horrible tickling did nothing to lessen the feeling of the hands at his ribs, the beetle in his bellybutton, the damn millipede tormenting his toes, or even the two finger which had lightly stroking his soles the whole time.

The Necromancer, meanwhile, was completely enthralled by the sight that lay before her. She had long ago, much longer then her apparent age suggested, left behind the rules and taboos of society, and with it rejected biological desires. But looking at this young man squirm and giggling helplessly under her minion’s touches, she found it impossible to stop and focus on the rituals she had come her to perform. She noticed a crypt beetle crawling over his stomach, ignorant of its brethren trapped near it. She was momentarily confused; she had released them from her control. Then she realized his struggling on the ground had likely agitated one hiding under the dirt, and it was easily able to climb on. Sensing many more instinctively drawn by her powers, she wondered if maybe her early failure with them had been the result of so few getting lost amongst the stronger sensations coming from his feet. As the hands at his ribs pulled his shirt up passed the armpits that the ghost continued to torment, she brought forth dozens of the tiny insects to scurry over his torso. “Much better” she thought, as his laughter reached new heights. They ran almost mindlessly over his body, scurrying over his armpits without even being aware of the ghostly fingers they ran through. They ran over his ribs, tickling him with their tiny legs as they ran between the bony fingers doing the same. This continued for some time before finally, he received the mercy of unconsciousness.

With a small measure of disappointment, she sent back the skeletons, dissipated the ghost, and sent the insects scurrying away. Now that he was out, she allowed herself a small smile. That had been surprisingly enjoyable. And now she was free to return to her rituals, harvesting energy that would fuel her research until the next full moon. With shock, however, she realized the sun was breaking over horizon. She had been so entranced she had spent all night tickling the villager who had interrupted her. And she would never be able to gather energy without the light of the full moon. That was still too advanced for her.

She was silently panicking about what to do when she gazed upon the young man. Although the dead yielded much more energy than the living, as they no longer needed to hold onto it, if they were active enough, a living person could still supply the arcane energy she required. “Of course”, she thought, trying to supress a smirk “I’ll need to harvest his energy daily. If I took more then a few hours worth at a time, he wouldn’t be living for long. But as daily chores go, this won’t be too bad. For me at least.” As she hoisted him over her back with a strength greater then her appearance would suggest, she promised herself that this was only until next month, when there was another full moon.
So, my first /M story. Been wanting to do a story with a necromancer for a while, due to all the fun thins they could summon to assist with the tickling. Never imagined when I started writing it that the final version would incorporate bugs. But it seemed somewhat appriorate, given that it already had rotting skeletal hands.
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Alyx struggled, but knew it was no use. She wasn’t going to free herself. Not that freeing her would help, considering she was in a stalker stower (poison headcrab antidote to whoever gets the reference. Also, poison headcrab behind you) several klicks above the ground in the citadel. She had made great headway after splitting up from Gordon during the uprising, only to get knocked out and wake up in this damn thing. And for some reason, she wasn’t fully sealed in it. Her arms were above her head with her wrists crossed, and there was only three steel bands trapping her, one across her wrists, one across her waist, and one across her ankles. All she could do was sit there as she was carried to an unknown destination, and hope they didn’t decide to release her before she got there. Finally, after several minutes, she was brought to a wall with a round indent in it, which opened up to admit her to a medium sized room before sealing shut again. And there, right in front of her, was the one person she hated more than anything.

“Traitor” she uttered with pure hate in her voice.

“Look Alyx, just give me a chance to explain” replied Judith Mossman, standing right in front of her. “I only helped them so they would spare Eli and you”

“Oh, of course, let’s turn us over to Breen so he won’t hurt us. Good plan”

“Maybe one day you’ll appreciate my actions. In the meantime, you’re scheduled for interrogation.”

“I’ll never talk. Unlike you”

“They don’t want more information, they just”

“I guess you gave them they’re fill”

“Let me finish. They just want to interrogate you for the hell of it. But I have two piece of good news. First, I’ll be the one doing it”

“Guess you got promoted form betraying your race to torturing them”

Ignoring her, Mossman replied “Second, I’ve convinced them tickling is an effective form of torture”

At this, Alyx’s blood went cold. She wasn’t really going to tickle her, was she? Growing up as the daughter of Eli Vance, Alyx had taken a very active part in the resistance, and could tolerate physical pain. But she was hyper ticklish. She was also caught in a debate whether to continue acting tough, or drop her façade and beg Judith not to. Before she could decide, however, Mossman’s (don’t you love how I keep switching between first and last names) hands were under her jacket, fingers wiggling against her ribs, her Black Mesa shirt offering little protection. Alyx was instantly in hysterics, trying as hard as she could to move away from the tickling digits, to no avail. The steel bands held firm (duh). Mossman moved her [freakishly large] hands up and down her sides, before switching to kneading, making her squeal with ticklishness.

Though it didn’t prevent her from being tickled, her struggling did have one effect. It made her shirt ride up, exposing her bare midriff. This made too tempting a target for Judith, and she began skittering her fingers over it, sending Alyx into fits of giggles. Said giggles increased when she began to rotate her finger around her bellybutton, sending her into spurts of ticklish laughter. Said laughter went from spurting to screaming when she dipped her finger again, tickling Alyx to no end. Her nails had just been perfectly manicured in preparation for this, making it that much more effective. Not one to let something go to waste, she put her other hand to work scratching her sides, making her scream even louder, and struggle harder. After a few minutes, she switched hands, catching her other side off guard and tickling her even worse than the first hand.

Then, she finally stopped, to Alyx’s relief. Said relief vanished the moment Mossman pulled her jacket up her arms, attaching it to the band across her wrists via some large magnets placed on it, such that the whole thing was bunched up at her wrists, revealing to things. One, her Black Mesa sweater had had the sleeves cut off. Two, she had smooth, exposed, ticklish looking armpits.

“Oh, please, don’t do my armpits, anywhere but there, they’re almost the most ticklish part of my body!”

“Well, that’s the point. Besides, as I mentioned, this is for your own good.”

That signaled the end of that discussion, as Alyx helplessly fell back into laughter when Mossman started to wiggle her fingers in her hyper ticklish armpits. Alyx could barely even form words before, now she couldn’t even try. All she could do was struggle in vain and helplessly laugh. Said struggling and laughter increased when Mossman began to scratch her smooth hollows, tickling her worse than she had been tickled so far. She soon dropped the tickling level down, just lightly stroking her nails up, and fingers down, but against Alyx’s armpits, even that tickled like hell. Then, she finally stopped, and hit a nearby button, causing the platform to lower and rotate so Alyx was laying horizontally a bit above waist level.

Judith walked over to her knees, giving them a quick tickle and making Alyx giggle, but her true target became apparent when she stripped off Alyx’s shoes and socks, revealing flawless feet. Alyx, meanwhile, was too scared to beg her not to. Despite her tomboyish personality, she took great care of her feet, and as a result, they were quite sensitive, and super ticklish.

“You said your pits were one of your most ticklish places. I take it your feet are the most ticklish period? It looks like you take good of them.”

“Please, tickle my pits all you want!” said Alyx, regaining her ability to form words “I’ll do anything, just don’t touch my feet!”

“I’m sorry, Alyx, I really am, but I have no choice either. Just accept the inevitable” and with that, she began to wiggle her fingers against Alyx’s smooth soles, making her burst out laughing. Though it was obvious this tickled more than almost anything she had endured so far, it was also clear she could be tickled quite a bit more, and as such Mossman began to scratch her soles, making her scream with laughter.

“That’s better. Now tell me, are your toes ticklish?”

“No! Anywhere but my toes” Alyx managed through her laughter “there the worst place”

“You probably shouldn’t have said that. We’re being monitored, and now I’ll be expected to tickle them. I’m sorry. With that, she began to scratch just below her toes, making her laugh her hardest yet. She found she could avoid this by scrunching them up, but Mossman remedied this by using one hand to hold them back ,and the other hand to tickle them, stopping only to switch feet. Then, she took out a red feather (you knew it had to happen) and began to saw it between her toes. Alyx tried to grab it with said toes, but it tickled too much to move them, so all she could do was laugh like crazy. Finally, she stopped.

Alyx looked up to see a Vortigaunt standing in the door way

“The Dr. Breen wishes to speak with the Judith Mossman”

“And what of Alyx”

“I am to take over the interrogation of the Alyx Vance”

“Go easy on her” she said as she left the room. The Vortigaunt walked over to Alyx. “I am sorry to have to do this to the Alyx Vance, but it is better than the alternative” With that, he began to tickle her sides with his claws, making her squeal with laughter. However, this was a welcome change compared to having her feet tickled. However, he soon increased the stakes.

He held a hand over her body, and a wave of blue lightning shot out. However, rather than hurting her, it triggered very specific nerve endings (guess which ones); tickling her worse than anything she had endured that night. Unknown to her, it technically wasn’t really tickling her, just making her body think she was being tickled. That was of little comfort to her as it hovered its hands over her ribs, and eventually her armpits, making her scream so loud she could have broken glass. But the Vortigaunt ignored her and continued its tickling, eventually moving down her legs (which she had no idea could be tickled) until it reached her feet. She nearly died right then and there. It felt like a billion feather and a billion nails were all running all over her feet, across her soles, and worst of all, between her toes. And no matter how tight she scrunched them, it didn’t help. Then, it finally stopped. However, when Alyx opened her eyes, she saw the scariest thing she had ever seen. The Vortigaunt had its arms raised, as if charging its energy attack. But it was charging blue energy. When it struck, it tickled every inch if of her body, front to back, sides, feet, pits, face, even arms, nothing was spared from the relentless tickle assault. It even managed to give her some stamina, meaning it took a whole half hour before she mercifully passed out (seems a lot of my/anyone’s stories end that way).
The original story had Alyx being tickled by a Vortigaunt as a method of her recovery in episode 2, with her straddling her waist, tickling her sides with his claws, and using his middle hand to wielding a feather duster against her exposed chest. I eventually came up with the idea of him doing it to torture her, so the combine wouldn’t do anything worse. This led to the idea of using Mossman.
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Reilly, leader of the mercenary group Reilly’s Rangers, woke with a start. Her first instinct upon waking was to get out of bed, but as soon as she started, she realized how wrong everything was. For one thing, this was not her bed. Nor was she lying down. Nor was she in the compound. In fact, it would probably be quicker to name what was right: nothing. Her ranger combat armour lay in a heap beside her, leaving her clad only in her green bra and panties. She quickly realized her arms were tied above her by what felt like bands of Brahmin leather. She was sitting on a chair, and there was a rope around her waist and a second around her thighs, tying her tight to the chair back and bottom. He legs, meanwhile, we not tied to the chair, but were sticking though the bars of a bed frame, where they were resting on the metres and tied not only at the ankles, preventing them from being pulled back, but also, for some reason, tied via a thing leather band to the frame via her toes. She tried to move her legs, but the frame was too heavy to move, and pulled as far away as possible, preventing her from bending her legs at all.

“Anyone there” someone said in a slight drawl behind her. Reilly recognized the voice as that of her heavy weapons expert, Brick. It was then that she noticed there was a pair of hard against hers, presumably Brick’s, likely tied up the same way.

“That you Reilly?”

“Ya, it’s me. You tied up?”

“Yup, tied rather securely to a chair, and for some reason my feet are secured to a bed via the ankles and toes.

“Same here. At least the job looks too careful to have been super mutants.”

“Ya, but it looks too nefarious to have been for our own good.”

“Well, you’re right on that count” interrupted a voice behind them. Turning her head to the side, Reilly saw 5 men entering the room. They were dressed in the black combat armour of Talon Company, a band of mercs who put money before morals.

“Now, I don’t feel like a long conversation, so please shut up” said one of the mercs, presumably the leader, as he was wearing a black combat helmet.

“As you probably know, our army has had a recent problem with headcount”

“That’s an understatement” interrupted Brick, apparently not carry if the man wanted a long conversation or not “From we heard, The Lone Wanderer wiped out almost your entire operation solo, including your little base at Fort Bannister and the former ‘Command Jabsco’”

“It’s true” replied the commander, scorn obvious in his voice “That some are more responsible for our recent misfortunes then other’s. But I’ve always believed ever misfortune is an opportunity in disguise. After all, the death of our esteemed leader meant a promotion for me. And the so-called Lone Wanderer may also be a blessing in disguise. We have heard he has taken over your little mapping contract, and you’ve moved onto getting paid cold, hard caps for popping muties. So, why don’t you tell us who hired you? After all, even with our dwindled number, it’s a lot safer for us to take them on.”

“Please” said Reilly, a note of humour in her voice “your army couldn’t even take on one guy using an ancient repeating rifle, and that was when you had an army. Besides, our contact wouldn’t even want to bother doing business with some washed up band of useless mercs anyway.” At this, a look of pure rage came over the commander, who somehow managed to keep himself under control.

“Very well. Let it not be said I gave you no chance. We shall see if you are ready to loosen your tongue after we’ve had some fun”

“You think you scare us?” interjected Brick “We fight muties daily. We’ve seen the shit they can do. You can’t even hope to compare to what we risk all the time”

“Oh, I fully agree. We can’t even hope to match their cruelty. But I wonder, they say that your armour is the toughest unpowered armour in the wasteland. I wonder how much room that’s left your skin to become resistant to lighter touches?” As he said that, one of the four mercs began to slide a finger up and down her side, causing a smirk to grow on her face. “Oh, don’t tell me the big bad Reilly is ticklish” he taunted.

She would have loved to have told him where he could put his helmet, but didn’t dare open her mouth for fear of laughing. And she knew once she started laughing, stopping would be impossible. Brick, meanwhile, had begun to giggle as one of the mercs began to lightly tickle her knees. A third merc, meanwhile, had begun to lightly stroke her other bare side, causing her to cutely bite her lip. She had to put all her strength into keeping from laughing, but a few giggles nonetheless escaped, to her horror. The fourth merc then poked one of Brick’s armpits, causing her giggles to turn into laughs.

“Well, this is disappointing” said the commander “They haven’t even started and you’re already losing it. So let’s try and extend this. Whoever reveals the contact will be brought to my quarters as my ticklish prisoner forever, while whoever manages to resist will be set free. After all, it’s no fun having a prisoner who won’t break under tickling. We have all the time in the world, but just remember, when you can’t take anymore, that not only might they be at their limit, but if you decide you can’t take any more, then you’ll be getting more forever” Turning to one of the men, he whispered “After you bring the squealer to me, restrain the other one in the barracks.”

As he turned to leave, he added “And if anyone violates them, I’ll have your limbs broken and leave in raider territory or mutant territory, whichever seems worse at the time.”

Reilly managed to blurt out a vicious “fuck you”, and would have been able to do so without laughing, had one of the mercs not taken advantage of her momentary lapse in resistance and sent a finger into her bellybutton, causing her to burst out laughing. This seemed to signal the start of the true torture, because the mercs then went to work. As the commander left, he noticed how smooth and flawless their skin had managed to stay. “All the better to tickle” he though with a smirk.

The one tickling her bellybutton began to play his fingers over her ribs like a piano, moving them up and down, prodding the ticklish flesh between her ribs, while she played a symphony of squeals in response.  The one tickling bricks knees then began to really go to work on them, squeezing them as she put of forth yelps of ticklish helplessness. The other two, meanwhile, got out strips of cloth and tied them around eyes, the one on Reilly for some reason being tied all the way around her head.

She soon found out why when the one who had put it on took began to tickle her neck. It proved to be much more effective then she would have though, and the blindfold served to keep her head immobile, making what little protection she might have normally been able to afford herself with her head trapped between her arms impossible. As the tickling continued, both ladies realized the blindfolds served to increase the already bad tickling sensations. The extra merc on Brick’s end, adding to the assault on her legs, began to tickle her inner thighs, his hands moving around the rope to tickle the sensitive skin near her crotch. Heading the commander’s warning, he made sure his fingers tickled only her legs.

By now Reilly’s ribs were now being kneaded, her tormenter sitting on her lap to get easier access to them. Each squeeze drained away what little resistance she had left, as she began to wonder whether she could really hold out until rescue arrived. And what if it didn’t? Brick was the toughest person she knew, and she had no doubt Brick could easily outlast her, condemning Reilly to a ticklish fate. These though were interrupted when the other merc moved onto her knees. Unlike the one tickling Brick, he chose not to squeeze the tops, but scratching the bottoms on them, causing Reilly move in a way that would have been considered kicking if she could move her legs.

Brick, meanwhile, was having the same doubts Reilly was. She knew she was a tougher person, but she had never been tickled before, and it was maddening. It was pure agony, and yet it didn’t hurt. Unlike pain, it demanded every ounce of focus she had. She couldn’t ignore it, and the more intense tickling one part of her body simply intensified the rest, unlike how one wound will drown out the less painful ones.  And like Reilly, she was wondering if she would ever be rescued, or if the Talon Company would break her, then convince their contact to break a deal that would end with them rising back into power, keeping her a ticklish prisoner forever. As she wondered this, the one tickling he thighs straddled her lap, much like the one tickling Reilly’s ribs had done to her, and began to tickle flat stomach, the strong muscles doing nothing to protect from the tickling his wiggling finger’s produced.

As he did this, the one at her knees finally got tired of tickling them, at instead sat down cross-legged on the bed and proceeded to scratch her smooth soles. This sent her over the edge. She discovered the reason for tying her toes when she tried to wiggle her feet to the side, only to discover they wouldn’t budge. And if she had been unable to pull in her legs before, now that the bed had someone on it, there’s been no chance of movement. The tickler discovered her could get an especially good reaction by bending her toes back, and scratching her now ultra-taut sole.

The merc sitting on Reilly, seeing this could reaction, decided to test it out. Sitting at her feet, he went straight for the toes folding them back on one foot and tickling right below them. The reaction was equally wonderful. As he began to tickle below her other foot, the tickler at her knees slid onto her lap, and began to wiggle her fingers in her armpits, causing her to go completely overboard.

By now, both girls were a mess. Tears were pouring from their eyes to the point where they were even dripping out from under their blindfold. Their faces were turning red, and they had lost the will to even try and struggle. Unfortunately, the tickler at Reilly’s feet got an evil idea. Motioning to the one at Brick’s feet, who had now begun to tickle between her toes, the two left the room.

Normally, the two ticklish mercs would have been glad to receive less tickling, but the two men straddling their laps had begun a contest to see who could get a between reaction by tickling their pits. Judging by the laughter, it seemed they were both equally good, with both women equally ticklish. When the other two returned, the only clear loser was the two people getting tickled to the point of insanity.
When the other two did return, had the Ranger’s been able to see through their blindfold’s or hear over hair own laughter, they would have been scared. As it was, they could not see through their blindfold, as that would defeat the purpose. And though the two ticklers noted their colleagues return with amusement, neither was about to allow their captives a chance to rest. So both were utterly puzzled when they felt the two men sat and their and rubbed them all over, paying special attention to their toes, using... salisbury steak? Puzzlement turned to horror when the two, after letting it sit on their feet for a few minutes, realised the two dogs each had brought with them, which began to lick their feet with their rough tongues. When they started, Brick jerked so violently she actually managed to lift her chair up slightly, knocking off her tickler. But it didn’t matter anymore. In fact, Reilly’s tickler got off willingly to watch the show. The dog’s rough tongue were proving to be more effective tickling tools then anything the men had done. They even proved effective at pushing between their toes, making them scream so loud they wondered if it would affect their hearing. Finally, after a good five minutes, a new sound was heard through their laughter: an explosion. The dogs certainly heard it, and, forgetting the meal in front of them, ran off growling, as a lone cry was heard “Super Mutant!” The men look worried. How many Super Mutants were attacking? It must have been a lot to make it down here. Three of them risked a peak outside.

“What the hell, there’s only one of them. And what the hell is he holding”. He never got a response, because the next second the air was filled red laser streaks as all three were gunned down in front of the fourth eyes. Then, stepping through the doorway was a sigh they might have almost been comical. A man, wearing dark green combat armour stencilled with “Reilly’s Ranger”, a combat helmet, and a pair of shades. At his side, a dog, and in his hands, not a huge weapon that one would expect him to have, but a decorative looking rifle, made of polished wood and with gold finishing. Of course, the merc didn’t find this funny at all, because he knew exactly who he was: The Lone Wanderer.  A second later the fancy rifle had lowered the Talon Companies Headcount by another one.

“Didn’t expect to find you hear. We had a pool going over what happened to you. And seeing as how you apparently killed within the last three days by Super Mutants, I guess I lost 50 caps.” Then, noticing their binding and lack of proper clothing, he said, with a noticeable hint of disgust “what the hell did they do to you?”

“Nothing” Reilly quickly replied, feeling her face going red “You got her just in the nick of time.” Thankfully, the blindfold prevented her from noticing the glance he stole at her feet, covered in the remains of gravy and dog slobber.

“Well, the ways back is very clear, cept for a few remaining scumbags, so let’s get going.”

“Sounds good, I think I owe them a few round” By the time they got to the compound in the ruins of Washington, Talon Company headcount had broken its previous all-time low.
Completley unrealed to the last FO3 story. Also my longest one yet, beating out Mass Effect by about 100 words. And my favorite one I've written so far.

Given the wide selction of chicks in the game just asking for a break from the mundane, I forsee at least one more story, not counting the planned sequel to my other FO3 story, and the possible sequel to the third new one as well.

Let us hope that the new DLC's bring us more 'lers and 'lees, along with their plethora of bugs.
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Lucy Heartfilia stood in front of the request board in the Fairytail Guild Hall, she was dressed in her pink tank-top and blue shorts that went down to about her knees, as well as her red strapped high heels, her pretty blonde hair was tied up in a single pigtail on the right side of her head with a red ribbon and her pretty brown eyes glimmered with curiosity as she looked over the requests on the board. She was looking for a job to do by herself, since she needed the extra money to pay her rent of 70,000 jewel, she didn't have much time and she barely had any money as it was. Mostly because ever since Wendy, the adorable Dragon Slayer, and her Exceed partner, Carla, had joined Team Natsu, it had been pretty difficult to split the reward money evenly. Between Lucy, Gray, Natsu, Happy, Wendy, Carla and Erza, they to do jobs that were S-Class Quests, or Decade Quests...which were practically impossible anyway, so they rarely got a lot of money from their jobs. She was just about to give up when suddenly a strange request caught her eye.
   "What's this?" she muttered to herself and read the request curiously, it stated that it was a females only job and that it paid no reward, it was badly written and looked like some sort of prank, yet still Lucy was intrigued. She looked down at the address of the request and saw with surprise that it had come from Fairy Hills...but who had sent it?
   Lucy quickly grabbed the request flier and headed over to the bar where Mirajane, Sorcerer Weekly's bikini model was cleaning a mug and chatting with her two younger siblings, Lisanna and Elfman. The two sisters looked almost identical, except for the fact that Lisanna was a little cuter, both had pretty, white hair and sparkly blue eyes, they both had sweet smiles and cute little noses as well as very light skin. Mira had long, wavy hair that went down to about the middle of her back and was tied up in a ponytail sort of thing in the very front of her forehead, she wore her usual red and pink dress. Lisanna had short, straight hair that stopped at the very end of her ears, she was dressed in her blue T-shirt, black short-shorts and blue sneakers, both girls were exquisitely beautiful and Lucy often found herself feeling jealous of them.
   Elfman was the black sheep in the family, he was tall, muscular and tan and his expression was always serious and firm. He wore his usual blue jacket and blue pants with his wooden sandals, he had spiky white hair and cold black eyes that were constantly serious, there was a scar that went over his right eye and all the way down his cheek. By far, he was extremely different from his sisters. 
   "Hey, what's up?" Mira asked when Lucy reached the bar, Lucy smiled and showed Mira the flier. Mira took it from her and read it to herself, when she was done her pretty blue eyes twinkled with curiosity. "A request from Fairy Hills? But that's the girls only dorm for all Fairy Tail female wizards. Why would they put up a request?"
   Lucy shrugged, she didn't know either, but she was curious nonetheless. She'd never even heard of the place. "I'm not sure, I figured you would know. Think it's some kinda prank?"
   Mira stared at the flier with a thoughtful look on her face, but then she suddenly smiled and giggled to herself in that odd way that she usually did whenever she knew something that Lucy didn't. She handed the flier back to Lucy and gave her a sly wink. "You should take the request!"
   "Huh?" Lucy asked in confusion, she didn't like that look in Mira's eye. She knew it well, Mira often liked to use her extensive knowledge of everything strange that went on at Fairy Tail to her advantage against the new Lucy. Even though she had been here for over a year now, Lucy was still nowhere near as knowledgeable about this guild as the other members...even Wendy knew more than she did!  
   "You should definitely take the request, Lucy! Almost every girl in the guild has taken a request from Fairy Hills, at least once. It'll be fun!" Lisanna agreed with a devious smile, Lucy looked from Mira to Lisanna in surprise, there was definitely something going on here. Still though, it did sound intriguing...every girl had taken a request from Fairy Hills? Lucy did want to fit in better in the guild...also, if only girls had taken requests like this...then that meant Natsu and Gray hadn't this kind of request...Lucy could be better than them! Finally!
   "A-alright. I guess I can," she said after much consideration, both Mira and Lisanna nodded happily upon hearing that. 
   "Good! Better get going!" they both said in unison. Before Lucy even knew what was going on, Lisanna jumped up and started pushing her towards the door as quick as she could. Lisanna pushed her completely out of the guild, once outside, she quickly turned around and ran back into the guild.
   "Good luck, Lucy!" she called over her shoulder before disappearing back inside the guild and slamming the doors shut behind her. Lucy stared after her in shock...what was that about? She wasn't sure what Lisanna's deal was, but she didn't have time to worry about it right now, she needed to get to her job. With shrug, she turned and started walking off towards Fairy Hills, following the map that was on the back of the flier.

Lucy walked up a large hill, still following the map, and looking around curiously. Up ahead she could see a sign that proudly displayed the title Fairy Hills in metal over a black gate. She smiled at the sight of that, finally she'd made it. She looked down at her cute little Celestial Spirit companion, Ploo, and smiled at him sweetly, the little shaking guy was supposed to be Canes Minor, but looked more like a little snowman rather than a little dog. He smiled back up at her in his usual nervous way and Lucy couldn't help but giggle at how cute he was. 
   "Looks like we're here," she said as they walked up to the open gates and admired the giant building, it looked like a huge sideways I, it was full of dormitories and had three stories. It was actually a pretty cool looking place, had Lucy not already had her own apartment she may have considered living here.
   While Lucy was admiring the building, someone suddenly cleared their throat in front of her, she jumped in surprise and looked down from the building to see a small old woman standing in front of her and looking imperious, she was rather short, but she still looked very intimidating. Her silver hair was in a bun and held tightly on the back of her head, her skin was light and wrinkly, she stared up at Lucy for a long, awkward moment in silence, until finally Lucy could handle the silence no longer.
   "Uh...hey, I'm here for the-"
   Suddenly the old woman leapt forward and grabbed the bottom of Lucy's pink tank-top, she then quickly lifted it up and placed her free hand on Lucy's belly, before Lucy knew what was happening, the old woman started to feel her stomach, kneading it and squeezing it. Lucy grinned with ticklishness and tried to suppress her giggles, but had no luck.
   "Hahahahahaha! Quit it! Hehehehehehehehe! That tihihihihihihihihihickles!" Lucy giggled and tried to push the old woman's hand away from her super ticklish belly, but the woman was very persistent and the tickling was making it harder to concentrate. Every time Lucy tried to push the woman's hand away, the woman would push away Lucy's hands and continued to feel of her stomach.
   "Hmmmm...what a soft and ticklish tummy you have here," the old woman muttered with a curious smile, she then started to dip her finger inside Lucy's bellybutton, causing the ticklish blonde to squeal and giggle louder.
   "Eeep! Stohohohohohohohohohop! Thahahahahahahahahahat tihihihihihihihihihihihickles so bahahahahahahahahahahahahad!" Lucy giggled and squealed, she backed away quickly and glared at the old woman, covering her ticklish belly with her arms defensively. "What's your deal?!"
   "It was very soft and're perfect," the old woman said without answering Lucy's question. Lucy glared at her.
   "Perfect for what?" she demanded angrily.
   "For the job, of course!" the old woman answered with a devious grin. "I am, Hilda. I run this dorm for females! You will work her for me for a short time, as the request clearly states!"
   Lucy stared at her for a moment in confusion, was this lady for real? The request flier didn't say anything about work, it just said that it was a job that required females only. Lucy decided to take another look at the flier, she read it to herself again, but still saw nothing that stated work, she looked back up to inform Hilda of this, but when she did she was shocked by what she saw.
   "You will wear, this!" Hilda proclaimed with finality. She stood next to a manikin that had a cat costume on it, the top was a short, black tank-top that would definitely stop just above Lucy's bellybutton, the bottom was a pair of black really, really short-shorts that had a black cat tail sticking out of the back, it also came with the accessories of a pair of black cat ears, and black paw gloves for her hands and black knee high boots with purple stripes at the top. Lucy stared at it in disbelief, this woman was out of her mind!
   ", I won- Hey! What're you- Don't!" Lucy started to say, but Hilda quickly jumped on her and started pulling off Lucy's clothes and changing her into the cat outfit.
   "Now, you are dressed properly for the job! Come with me!" Hilda said, smiling at Lucy's new outfit. She looked cute in the cat outfit and she was blushing a lot and shifting around nervously, Hilda turned and began walking towards the dorm. Lucy followed her in embarrassment, covering herself with her hand and trying her best to not be seen. This was humiliating! She could easily leave right now, but she didn't wanna go back on her word, she had taken the job, therefore she had given her word to complete it... No matter how demeaning it was. Fairy Tail wizards never went back on their word.
   Lucy followed Hilda through the dorm, hoping beyond hope that no one would see her. She saw several rooms with people that she knew in them, she saw Erza trying on new armors in her armory room. Wendy and Carla in their room, the cute little Dragon Slayer was taking a nap on her bed, and the white Exceed was reading a book at a desk. She also saw Levy, her best friend, in the library reading a book with her red Gale-Force glasses on. Finally she saw Juvia in her room dancing the tango with her Gray doll...creepy. 
   After about 20 minutes of following Hilda, the old woman suddenly came to a stop in front of a large oak door, she glanced over her shoulder and gave Lucy a devious smile, then she pushed the door open and walked inside. Lucy followed nervously, the room turned out to be a large, old, dusty library, with books scattered all over the place, on tables, on the floor, in piles, or in stacks. None, however, were on the shelves, Hilda jumped up onto one of the nearby tables and turned to face Lucy. 
   "This is your job," Hilda declared, sweeping her arms around the room for emphasis. Lucy started at her in confusion though, not understanding. Hilda sighed, seeing Lucy would need more information than that an quickly explained further. "You and I will clean this library. When we're done, you can leave, that is the job!"
   Lucy shrugged, it sounded easy enough. She liked books, maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Lucy nodded and walked over to the first stack of books, she took three or four of them off of the top and started to put them on the nearby shelf, but she was quickly stopped, because someone grabbed her wrist from behind. Lucy let out a cry of surprise that quickly turned into a squeal and a stream of giggles.
   "Aaaah! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Wh-whahahahahahahahahat're you doing?!" Lucy giggled, dropping the books, Hilda grabbed her wrists and held them so that Lucy couldn't protect her super sensitive belly from her kneading fingers.
   "You made a mistake! We're moving the old books from this library over to the new library!" Hilda replied while still kneading her fingers into Lucy's super ticklish belly.
   "I'm sohohohohohohohohohorry! Stohohohohohohohohohohohohop! It thihihihihihihihihihihihihihickles! Hehehehehehehehehehe! Quihihihihihihihihihihihit!" Lucy giggled and tried to pull her wrists free of Hilda's grip, but the cat paw gloves made it hard, Hilda started to dip her finger into Lucy's bellybutton again, making the poor girl squeal and giggle louder once again.
   "Aaaaaah! No! Nohohohohohohohohoho! Plehehehehehehehehehease! Stohohohohohohohohohohohohop! Not my behehehehehehehehellybutton! Hehehehehehehehehehe!" Lucy giggled and squealed, trying yet again without success to pull her wrists free of Hilda's grip.
   "It's so soft and ticklish. What a pleasant tummy you have! It's as ticklish as that Erza girl's!" Hilda said teasingly. Lucy felt the blood rushing to her cheeks from all the laughing and she was certain that she would pass out if this didn't stop soon. Suddenly though, Hilda stopped and released her grip on the poor girl's wrists, Lucy breathed a sigh of relief and backed away from Hilda quickly, not wanting to get tickled again. The old woman smiled at her deviously and jumped down off of the table that she'd been perched on, she quickly gathered up the books that Lucy had dropped and then started carrying them towards the door, when she reached the door she stopped and glanced over her shoulder at Lucy. "Let's go! Grab some books and follow me!"
   Lucy gulped and did as Hilda had ordered, not wanting to be tickled again, she grabbed some books and quickly jogged out the door after Hilda.
Lucy worked with Hilda for hours, taking books to the new library, cleaning out the old one, and getting tickled. She was exhausted by the time that had finally done, Hilda had fortunately laid off the tickling since the last mistake Lucy had made. Now the job was finally done, and Lucy was at last free to go home!  
   "Did you have a good day?" Hilda asked as she and Lucy walked towards the exit of the dorm. Lucy stared at her for a moment, the answer was obvious, but she was afraid of what would happen if she said no.
   "Um...yeah," she said tiredly, Hilda glanced over her shoulder and smirked at Lucy.
   "Very good," she said. 
   She and Lucy walked in silence after that, after a few more minutes though Lucy was guided outside into the late afternoon, the sun was almost set so it had to be at least 7 or so, Lucy had been here all day, she was so happy to be out of there, she walked past Hilda and headed towards the open gates and to her freedom, but before she could reach the gates, someone grabbed her wrist from behind, Lucy was suddenly fearful, was Hilda not done with her yet?
   "Wait just a moment," Hilda ordered, Lucy slowly turned around fearfully.
   "Y-yeah?" she asked nervously, Hilda grinned at her and before Lucy even knew what was happening, she pounced on top of her, tackling her to the ground and pinning her arms to the ground with her knees, Lucy looked up at Hilda in shock. "Wh-what're you doing?!"
   "Giving you a goodbye gift!" she said cheerfully, she then quickly placed her mouth on Lucy's stomach and started blowing raspberries into it, right on top of Lucy's extremely ticklish bellybutton, this sent Lucy into instant hysterics.
   "What a sweet tummy!" Hilda said cheerfully, pulling her mouth off of Lucy's ticklish stomach for a moment but before Lucy could even take a breath Hilda started blowing more raspberries into Lucy's delicate stomach again, this time above her bellybutton.
   "EEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! STOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOP! I'M BEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEGGING YOU! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Lucy continued to laugh, finally though Hilda stopped and she raised her head away from Lucy's stomach, then she quickly released Lucy and jumped up off of her, Lucy lay there on the ground catching her breath for several seconds, Hilda stood over her and smiled deviously.
   "I must say, your little tummy is the best I've tickled in a long while. I thought that Mirajane girl had the best tummy ever, but yours definitely has hers beaten!" Hilda complimented Lucy, she then held out her hand, Lucy took it and Hilda pulled her to her feet. "Thanks for all your help today."
   Lucy nodded, still trying to catch her breath. "N-no...problem."
   Hilda nodded and patted Lucy's stomach, she then turned and walked back into the dorm without another word, Lucy didn't stick around a second longer, she quickly turned on her heel and ran through the gates as fast as she could, wanting desperately to put as much distance as possible between herself and that dormitory.
   Lucy sat at her favorite table, with a tired look on her face, she was worn out from yesterday and she just wanted to rest. Lucky for her though, Team Natsu had left on a quest earlier that morning, she would at least have the day to herself. She looked over at the request board curiously and saw that Locki, the woodmake wizard was examining it, her face suddenly became curious, she grabbed a flier from it, then ran over to where Mira was serving drinks to Waccaba and Macow, she started asking Mira about the flier and Lucy saw that same devious glint go through Mira's blue eyes...just like yesterday when Lucy had asked her about the Fairy Hills quest...could it be?
   Lucy got up from her table and walked over to where Mira was consulting with Locki.
   "So you see, it's sorta like a quest that all the female wizards in Fairy Tail go on," Mira was saying. Locki nodded thoughtfully.
   "Ok! I'll take it!" she then turned and jogged away towards the exit, Lucy watched her go curiously, when she was gone, Lucy turned to Mira curiously.
   "Was that?" she asked, Mira gave her a wink and nodded. Lucy shook her head in disbelief, poor Locki, she was going to have a long day ahead of her...


This was a request by my friend :iconkarma-beetle:, he wanted to see Lucy being tickled by Hilda, on her stomach, I hope you guys enjoy :)


I don't own any of these characters, their all owned by their respective creators, not me

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Yuzuru Otonashi walked into the Battlefront HQ, AKA, the principal's office, and was immediately confronted by a barrage of shouting. Nothing new there.
  "Hey, upperclassman! Look at my new moves! I bet I can throw you out that window and make you go SPLAT!" shouted Yui excitedly as she bugged the crap out of poor Hinata. He was sitting on the big green couch with an annoyed expression on his face while the little freshman poked his cheek with her forefinger and tried to get him to pay attention to her.
   Noda was busy trying to show Ooyama the proper procedure for taking off your opponent's head with his giant axe, but Ooyama wasn't getting it, so the big moron was screaming at the poor little guy furiously and freaking him out.
   Takamatsu was busily showing Shiina his muscles and trying to impress the female ninja, but she wasn't even paying attention to him, she was too busy playing with a plastic windup toy chihuahua, her red eyes were big and glimmering with love over how cute she found it to be. Shiina had a thing for cute stuff, it was an extremely cute quality for such a deadly girl.
   Matsushita V, was trying out dance moves with TK...and failing miserably. However, the leader of Battlefront, Yuri Nakamura, was nowhere to be seen. Otonashi looked around the room for her but still saw no sign of the loud girl. The big red chair behind the principal's desk was where Yuri could usually be found, barking orders or yelling at somebody, but now the chair was empty...where was Yuri?
   Otonashi walked over to the couch and sat down beside Hinata who now had Yui in a headlock and was trying to break her neck. He reached over and tapped Hinata on the shoulder, Hinata looked up murderously at Otonashi, but as soon as he saw who it was, a cool-headed smile appeared on his face.
   "Oh, hey man. What's up?" he said casually, not letting go of Yui.
   "Where's Yuri?" Otanashi asked, getting straight to the point. Hinata looked past him to where Yuri's chair was, his eyes grew wide with surprise and he seemed to have just noticed that their leader was gone.
   "Dude, Yurippe's missing!" he shouted, freaking out and squeezing Yui's neck tighter.
   "GAH! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!" she shouted shrilly, Hinata looked down at her for a moment and shook his head in annoyance.
  "You gonna leave me alone?" he demanded of the obnoxious girl, Yui nodded vigorously.
  "Yes! Yes! Lemme go!" she shouted in reply.
  Hinata rolled his eyes and reluctantly released her head, Yui fell backwards onto the floor, rubbing her throat and coughing. Within a millisecond, however, she was back on her feet, she gave a loud and angry growl and tackled Hinata, sending him sprawling over the back of the couch. The two slammed onto the hardwood floor together and Yui quickly wrapped her hands around Hinata's neck and started trying to strangle him while banging his head against the floor.
   Otonashi sighed and shook his head, he wouldn't get anywhere as long as those two were fighting. He got up from the couch and walked over to where Ooyama had just barely missed being decapitated by Noda, he quickly grabbed the small boy by the back of his sandy brown blazer and drug him away from the insane moron. 
   Once they were well out of Noda's range, he asked, "Where's Yuri? Have you seen her?"
   Ooyama's head bobbed up and down quickly and his dark green eyes sparkled with their usual gentleness. "Yeah! She went off to spy on Angel yesterday, haven't seen her since then though, could be in trouble."
   Otonashi was shocked by this information. "What?! She's gone missing? Why didn't you tell anybody?!"
   Ooyama suddenly looked embarrassed, he looked away from Otonashi nervously, twiddling his thumbs and shifting nervously from foot to foot. Ooyama didn't do well with confrontation.
   "U-um...well, I kinda forgot..." he admitted. Otonashi stared at him in disbelief, he'd forgotten about Ooyama's tendency to forget about important details.
   "Where was she going?" he asked calmly, trying to keep from strangling the little moron. 
    Ooyama fingered his chin for a moment, trying to remember where Yuri had last been seen. Otonashi waited impatiently, tapping his foot on the ground with annoyance. Finally, Ooyama's face lit up as he remembered something.
   "She was going after Angel in her domain again! Said she wanted to gather some new information, but she went in alone because she didn't think that an entire operation would be required this time! She said she was more likely to discover something if she was alone!" Ooyama informed him happily.
   "So she's still there then?" he asked impatiently. Ooyama shrugged, and gave him his usual innocent smile, Otonashi sighed and nodded, knowing that Ooyama really hadn't meant any harm by forgetting, but Yuri was missing, so he had to do something...but he couldn't take all of Battlefront with him, maybe if it was just him, then he could get back into Kanade's room and find Yuri. "Thanks for the info. I'm gonna go and search for her now, if I don't come back then don't forget to tell everyone where I went!"
   Ooyama nodded vigorously and saluted him, puffing out his chest and standing at attention. "Yes, sir!"
   Otonashi smiled at the little goofball and patted him on the head, he then walked past Ooyama and headed for the door. He left the meeting room and walked down the hallway of the Afterlife School, he remembered well where Kanade's room was, he'd been there only once before, when they'd infiltrated it in order to find out information about her, so he still remembered where it was.
  Despite what Battlefront thought about her, the girl they called 'Angel' really wasn't bad, her real name was Kanade Tachibana and she was actually attempting to help everyone here move on to a better existence...but they thought that she was trying to obliterate them and force them to stay in this world and obey it's rules, so they fought her constantly, all of them except for Otonashi. He was Kanade's only friend.
   Within a few minutes, Otonashi had reached the Girl's Dormitory and was standing outside of the big red door that led into Kanade's room. He wondered just what Yuri could be doing here, he knew that Kanade wouldn't hurt her, she wasn't as violent as everyone thought she was. So what could be keeping Yuri so long? Had she found something on Kanade's computer or was she just goofing off? 
   He reached out his hand for the knob, but just as it closed around the cool metal surface, a voice from the other side of the door made him was Yuri.
   "Aaah! No! Don't do that! No!" she shouted, sounding genuinely terrified, Otonashi swiftly drew his pistol from inside his jacket pocket. What could possibly be so terrifying that it could actually scare Yuri? There must've been a monster inside!
   Quickly, Otonashi turned the knob on the door and flung it open, rushing inside and aiming his pistol. What he found though, gave him the biggest shock of his afterlife.
   "Aaah! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stop! Thahahahahahahahahahahahahat tihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihickles!" Yuri giggled cutely as her soft soles were teased by Kanade's fingers. Battlefront's leader was lying on Kanade's pink bed and was tied up with shimmering silver rope, her black shoes and long black socks were lying neatly folded on the floor beside the bed, Kanade was on the bed sitting seiza-style and stroking Yuri's feet with her fingers, her expression was blank as always, but Otonashi that he saw a hint of a smile there. 
   "Wh-what's going on here?!" he exclaimed with surprise, Kanade and Yuri both looked over at him, Kanade didn't stop tickling Yuri's feet, however.
   "She broke into my room. So I am punishing her, is that an issue?" Kanade answered, her gold eyes holding no sign of any emotion, her expression completely blank.
   "Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Yehehehehehehehes! Stohohohohohohohohohohohop! Otonahahahahahahahahahahahahashi heheheheheheheheheheheheeeeelp!" Yuri giggled, she squirmed around and struggled against her bonds, but they didn't budge at all.
   "Kanade! You can't just tie people up! That's kidnapping, that's a crime!" Otonashi shouted at her, putting away his pistol and walking over to the inept girl. She stared up at him blankly.
   "She broke into my room, is breaking and entering not a crime also?" Kanade inquired, Otonashi went to reply, but he stopped himself short, she had a point there. He shook his head, it was still a crime to kidnap somebody like this and if Battlefront found out then they would surely come after Kanade with full force and that wouldn't end well.
   "Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! It wasn't lohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohocked! So I didn't break ihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihin! Eeep! Not the tohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoes! Stohohohohohohohohohohop!Stoooohohohohohohohohohohohohop!" Yuri put in while still giggling hysterically, Otonashi looked up at his leader and saw with surprise that she was actually really cute when she laughed like that. 
   "Yes, but you did come into my room without permission," Kanade reminded her, turning her attention back to Yuri.
   "Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stohohohohohohohohohohop! Angehehehehehehehehehehehehehel you're sohohohohohohohohohohohoho dehehehehehehehehehead!" Yuri giggled in reply, struggling harder against her bonds, but still having no success at all.
   "She is very ticklish, it was a perfect punishment for her," Kanade explained, addressing Otonashi once more. He stared at her for a moment, still not sure how he was supposed to stop Kanade without hurting her...or being stabbed...again.
   "Um, Kanade, I think she's learned her lesson," he said in a reasoning way, Kanade cocked her head to the side curiously.
   "Hm? But I've just started. It took the entire night to catch her and drag her back here for punishment," Kanade replied, Otonashi sighed dejectedly, he knew that Kanade, like everyone else in this crazy afterlife world, was extremely inept and dense as a boulder. In other words, reasoning with her wouldn't work, you had to be direct.
   "Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Shoot her! Hehehehehehehehehehehehe! Stohohohohohohooop!" Yuri ordered through her giggles, Otonashi shook his head, he couldn't shoot Kanade...not again. Kanade looked up at him expectantly as if she were waiting for him to actually draw his pistol and shoot her. It was a little unnerving seeing how calm she was in the face of death, despite the fact that they would come back in a few hours, or days, depending on the injury, it was still a terrifying and painful as hell experience to die in this world and being shot, along with being crushed and drowning was one of the worst ways.
   ", can you please stop? Yuri's learned her lesson, ok? She won't break in here again," he said hopefully, Kanade looked at him curiously for a long moment, her expression bleak. Otonashi was fearful that she wouldn't comply, he couldn't tell what she was thinking, which wasn't anything new, her emotionless expression made it impossible to tell what was going on in that tiny head of hers.
   After a long pause, Kanade sighed and removed her tickling fingers from Yuri's cute feet, which now had a slight red tint to them from where Kanade had been tickling them with her manicured nails. She stood up from the bed and walked up to Yuri's head, she then knelt down and looked into Yuri's rage-filled, sea green eyes.
   "Apologize," she said simply.
   "No way in hell!" Yuri shouted at her angrily, she started struggling again, trying extremely hard to break free of the silver ropes, but she had no success at all.
   "Yuri, just say sorry. Saying sorry won't kill you," Otonashi put in, walking over to stand beside Kanade. Yuri glared up at him angrily, her eyes told him that he would suffer later for not helping her.
   "Who's side are you on?!" she shouted at him.
   "Yours of course, but there's no sense in just violently beating up Kanade because you don't wanna say sorry," Otonashi replied calmly, he'd dealt with Yuri's temper for quite some time now and had gotten used to her. You just had to remain calm and not provoke her and you might be able to keep some of your teeth.
   "Then help me!" she yelled, Otonashi wanted to help his leader, but he was almost positive that there was nothing he could do, Kanade wouldn't hurt him unless he tried to hurt her first, but there was still nothing he could do about the ropes...only Kanade could remove them, of that he was certain and he knew that she wouldn't do it until Yuri said sorry.
   "There's nothing I can do, Yuri! Just say sorry and get it over with," he ordered her, Yuri hmmphed and looked away from him, closing her eyes and turning up her nose.
   "If you will not apologize, I will not release you," Kanade informed her, Yuri said nothing, she was as stubborn as an ox. Otonashi sighed once more shaking his head, he really couldn't get anywhere with these people.
   "You have to say sorry, Yuri!" he said, trying to move this along quickly, but Yuri still didn't reply, she merely stuck her tongue out at him and shook her head.
   "Very well, I will make you apologize," Kanade said, Otonashi looked down at her in surprise, he hadn't expected that all.
   "Kanade, there's really no need to-"
   Before Otonashi could finish his sentence, the ropes wrapped around Yuri's upper body suddenly began to unravel. For a moment, Otonashi thought that they were going to release her, but to his surprise, they instead retied themselves around Yuri's chest, leaving a giant gaping hole where her stomach was.
   "Kanade, what are you planning?" he asked suspiciously, Kanade looked up at him and shrugged.
   "If she will not apologize willingly, then I shall have to tickle her until she does," she answered as if this were perfectly obvious, Otonashi wanted to protest, but for some reason he didn't...he just how ticklish Yuri really was.
   He remained silent and just nodded, Kanade returned his nod and then turned back to Yuri. "This is your last chance, apologize."
   "Screw you!" Yuri shouted at her. 
   Kanade didn't reply, instead she reached up and started undoing the buttons on Yuri's white dress shirt, within a few seconds, her soft and fair-skinned stomach was completely exposed. Once her cute stomach was revealed, Kanade leaned forward and placed her mouth on top of Yuri's bellybutton, Otonashi watched curiously, expecting her to blow a raspberry or something, but Kanade did nothing.
   "What are you-"
   "Geez, Yuri, are you really ticklish?" he asked her, if he hadn't been present and hadn't seen it with his own eyes then he would've never believed it.
   "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU'RE SOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO DEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEAD IF YOU DOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHON'T SHOOT HER! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! STOP LIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHICKING MY BEHEHEHEHEHEHELLYBUTTON! AAAH! YOU FREHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEAK!" Yuri screamed with laughter, Otonashi knew that she would probably murder him later, literally. But for now, he was kind of enjoying himself, Yuri had a very cute laugh and for some reason he enjoyed seeing his mean and scary leader tickled, payback for all the times she'd threatened and killed him and many other members of when she'd starved them all to death.
   "Say sorry, Yuri. Kanade won't stop unless you do," he prompted, a teasing tone edging into his voice.
   Kanade suddenly lifted her head away from Yuri's bellybutton and gazed up at Otonashi curiously. "You are not going to stop me?" she inquired.
  Otonashi smiled and shook his head. "Well, I don't think I'd be able to anyway, so no." 
   "In that case, would you like to help me?" she asked, Otonashi was suddenly curious, what did she mean by that?
   "How so?" he inquired, his interest greatly piqued, Kanade nodded down at Yuri's cute feet, Otonashi followed her gaze and his smile broadened, he had a feeling that he knew what Kanade meant.
   "Her feet are very soft and sensitive, could you please tickle them for me while I work on her upper body? It would move this along much faster," Kanade explained.
   "No way! I'll kill you if you even think about that!" Yuri screamed at him, Otonashi looked over at her and smiled evilly.
   "You gonna say sorry?" he asked, Yuri's face turned beet red with rage.
   "She was becoming violent, I thought it best to stop her before something bad occurred," Kanade explained herself, giving Otonashi a small smile, he grinned and nodded. Yuri really did deserve this and it was so worth it to get payback on her.
   "No problem, I'll help out," he replied, he then quickly made his way down to Yuri's cute feet, despite the threats and unladylike things that she was screaming at him through her laughter. He knelt down in front of her feet and was genuinely surprised by how cute they were up close. They were small, size six or seven if he estimated correctly, her toes were scrunched up so that her soles were all wrinkled, showing off just how soft they really were, her nails, to Otonashi's surprise, were painted a deep violet color with the SSS logo on them painted in small red letters.
   "Wow, they sure are cute," he said with a devious smile. "I wonder how ticklish they really are."
   "The toes are the place to start," Kanade informed him, Otonashi smiled and nodded, he had been planning on going for Yuri's cute toes anyway.
   "Thanks for the info," he said cheerily, Kanade nodded and leaned down, placing her mouth on Yuri's stomach once and blowing a long raspberry into it, earning herself a loud, ticklish squeal from Battlefront's leader.
    "Geez, she's so ticklish," Otonashi said to himself. He smiled up at his laughing leader, her cheeks were bright red and she had tears running down her cheeks, but she was still pretty cute. Otonashi turned his attention back to her cute feet and brought his hands up to them, quickly he started scribbling the fingers of his left hand around on the toes of her right foot and the fingers of his right hand on the sole of her left. Yuri's laughter increased did her threats.
   "AAAAAH! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU'RE SOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! GOING DOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOWN! EEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! NOT THE TOES! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHELP! HINATA! SHIINA! SOMEBOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHODY!" Yuri squealed and laughed, Otonashi knew that she would probably send him into the Guild alone, traps activated and leave him in there for days after this, but it was worth it to get his revenge.
   "Just say sorry, Yuri, and we can stop," he told her while still tickling her feet.
   "Apologize, you are running out of oxygen," Kanade said in a monotone voice, Otonashi could see that she was right, Yuri's face was beet red now and she looked like she was about to pass out.
   "Yeah, Yuri, just say sorry, you're gonna pass out!" he agreed, Yuri still shook her head though.
   Otonashi was certain that Yuri was on the brink of passing out, but just as he was sure that she couldn't handle anymore, Kanade suddenly stopped tickling her, Otonashi did the same and Yuri sucked in a deep breath of air. 
   "You *Pant* are *Pant* dead *Pant*" Yuri panted and threatened, Kanade stood up and turned her blank gaze on Otonashi.
   "She has learned her lesson," she said definitely, Otonashi nodded and got to his feet as well. Yuri glared up at the two of them while still trying to catch her breath.
   "You *Pant* traitor! *Pant*" she panted, Otonashi smiled at her accusation and shook his head.
   "She's fine," he said, Kanade nodded, she then held out her hands in front of her, the ropes binding Yuri swiftly unraveled themselves and disappeared with a flash of light.
   Almost instantly Yuri was on her feet, she grabbed Otanashi by the front of his brown blazer and pulled his face down until it was an inch away from her own. 
   "If you ever and I mean ever, touch my feet again...I don't even know what I'll do, but it'll be horrible!" she said threateningly, Otonashi gulped and nodded his understanding. Yuri glared at him for a long moment, Otonashi was fearful that she was going to take his pistol from his and shoot him with it or something, but thankfully she finally pulled away, she pushed Otonashi backwards and grabbed her shoes and socks from the floor, she then stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.
   Otonashi rubbed his neck and stared at the door fearfully, he'd forgotten how truly terrifying Yuri could be. Kanade walked over to him and gazed up at him curiously.
   "Are you injured?" she asked, Otonashi smiled and shook his head.
   "No. Just a little scared," he assured her, Kanade nodded and looked over at the door.
   "She was faking it, you know," she said, Otonashi looked at her curiously, what did she mean by that? Was she talking about Yuri? If so, then what had Yuri been faking?
   "Huh?" he asked, a small smile appeared on Kanade's face.
   "Yuri was faking her hatred of the tickling. Did you not notice? She was laughing loudly and threatening us, but it was not her pride that kept her from apologizing...she was enjoying the tickling, that was why she did not say sorry," Kanade explained, Otonashi was shocked, Yuri liked to be tickled? That was extremely unexpected.
   "Really?" he asked in disbelief, Kanade nodded.
   "Yes, now, if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare for my classes," she replied, she then pushed Otonashi out of the room and shut the door behind him, leaving him all by himself in the hallway. He smiled to himself and began making his way back to the HQ, thinking about what Kanade had just told him about his fearless leader.
   Yuri liked to be tickled...he had a feeling that this was just the beginning of a lot of fun that he would someday have with his leader.....

THE END?.....
A story that involves the fearless leader of the Afterlife Battlefront Yuri Nakamura. She's extremely ticklish and the inept Kanade Tachibana and her partner in crime Yuzuru Otonashi are going to use that to their advantage in order to make her say she's sorry for invading Kanade's privacy :O
Sorry that it's so short guys...I have writer's block again Sweating a little... 

These characters are owned by the buy that makes AngelBeats! And the Heaven's Door Manga. Not by me :D
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"Hahahahahahahahaha! Be careful moron! That tihihihihihihickles!" giggled Arianna, scrunching up her toes cutely against Sam's rubbing fingers.
   "Yeah, yeah," Sam said in a bored tone, not really listening to anything that she was saying at all. The two were sitting underneath the big oak tree in the center of the Temple of Life, Arianna was leaned back against the tree with her hands behind her head, and she had her feet in Sam's lap and he was rubbing them for her...against his will.
   "Don't take that tone with me, buster!" Arianna said smugly. "You lost the bet, and you promised to do whatever I said. So put on a smile and rub my feet!"
   Sam rolled his eyes, but he did as she had ordered and forced a smile onto his face. Arianna smirked at that and nodded with approval.
   "Good boy!" she said slyly, she then lifted up her left foot up and poked Sam's nose with her big toe, causing Sam to cringe, but he continued to smile despite the fact that he was extremely grossed out. Sam hated feet, they were gross. Thankfully Arianna was a girl that took care of her feet, so they weren't gross or sweaty or anything. Still though, he wasn't enjoying this at all. Arianna seemed to notice his distaste for this task and she slowly moved her foot down to where it hovered mere inches from Sam's mouth. It took all of his will power not to pull away. Arianna grinned at his sickened expression and said, "Don't be such a sore loser! You're lucky I don't make you lick em'!"
   Sam shuddered at the thought of that. Arianna was truly a sadistic girl. She saw him shudder and gave him a sympathetic smile, she then put her foot back down in his lap. Sam gave a sigh of relief and moved his rubbing thumbs up to Arianna's toes, where he then started rubbing in between them, they were small and, to Sam's surprise, really soft. Immediately Arianna started giggling again.
   "Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thahahahahahahat tihihihihihihihihihickles! Quit ihihihihihihihihihihihit! Idiot!" Arianna giggled, but she didn't pull her feet out of Sam's lap, he looked up at her curiously and felt his cheeks grow warm with a small blush. He had never noticed how cute Arianna looked when she laughed.
   Her pretty black hair cascaded down to the middle of her back and across her shoulders, her bangs were parted on the right and held behind her right ear, her skin was light and soft and she had freckles dotted across her cheeks lightly. Her cheeks were pink from laughter and her eyes were a pretty shade of emerald green and they always seemed to shine with a light of their very own. She was dressed in her usual warrior attire, a purple sleeveless tunic and a black skirt that was split in the center and held tightly to her legs by a pair of black straps, making movement easy, her black warrior boots were lying in the grass next to Sam and her purple socks were hanging out of them.
   "Hehehehehehehehehehe! Ok! Ok! Stohohohohohohohohohohohop!" Arianna giggled, wiggling her toes around frantically, Sam shrugged and decided that he should probably stop before she got angry and threw him off of the nearest mountain.
   Sam stopped rubbing Arianna's toes and quickly moved his hands away from her feet. Arianna opened her pretty green eyes and gazed at him intently, a look of annoyance on her face.
   "I didn't say you could stop!" she said angrily.
   "But you told me to stop," Sam reminded her. Arianna folded her arms across her chest and gave him a withering glare.
   "I meant to stop tickling me. I didn't tell you that you could stop rubbing my feet though!" she lifted her left foot back up and held it in front of Sam's face once more, she then wiggled her toes against his nose, and Sam cringed once more.
   "Rub this one!" she ordered smugly. Sam sighed with annoyance, this was the last time he made a bet with Arianna. He reached up and placed his hands on Arianna's foot, she smiled and placed her hands behind her head again and closed her eyes. Sam lowered her foot into his lap and started to rub the soft arches of her foot, Arianna sighed and a smug grin spread across her face, Sam couldn't believe that he'd honestly thought of her as cute for a moment there, he must've been losing it.
   "When can I stop?" he asked her.
   Arianna remained silent for a long while and Sam thought that she was ignoring him, but finally she opened her eyes and stared at him hard. "Stop being such a whiner! You'll never live up to the master's expectations if you don't stop whining about everything!" she scolded. Sam made no reply, he just looked away from her angrily. Every day Arianna reminded him that he was the absolute worst warrior in the entire academy, he just wasn't good at swordplay, it wasn't in his blood, but he couldn't tell anyone that. Ancestry was everything here, if anyone found out that Sam's blood was anything but swordsman's blood, then he would be kicked out of the academy for sure.
   "Hand me my boots!" Arianna demanded suddenly, drawing Sam out of his thoughts. He looked over at her in surprise, and saw that she was glaring at him angrily. "Hurry up!"
   Sam nodded quickly and grabbed her boots, he held them out to her, and she snatched them away grouchily. She then promptly got to her feet and walked off, heading towards the bridge that led back to the academy.
   "Lets go!" she ordered over her shoulder without stopping. Sam did as she had ordered and stood up, he then quickly ran after, he had a feeling that he'd just done something he would regret for a long time...making Arianna mad could result in a lot of pain.
   Sam and Arianna walked through the Silent Forest in silence, neither of them saying a word to the other. Sam kept his gaze on the trees, or the birds, or the pretty blue sky above, anything except for Arianna. For her part, Arianna kept her gaze firmly set on the road forward, she was pissed off now, and even though Sam really wasn't sure what he had done wrong, he knew better than to pester her when she was angry. He was too scared to even look at her right now. 
   Eventually Sam's gaze drifted down to the leafy path that they were walking on, suddenly he found his gaze being drawn to Arianna's feet for some peculiar reason. They were small, a size seven or eight maybe, the soles were tinted slightly pink and they had a little dirt on them, since she was walking barefoot. Her toenails were painted black with little red flame designs on them, and for some reason Sam didn't find himself being grossed out by them as he usually was when he saw someone's feet. It was strange, but Arianna's feet were actually...cute.
   "You're staring. I know you think they're ugly, don't be rude!" Arianna said suddenly. Sam's head snapped up quickly, his cheeks growing hot with embarrassment, Arianna gave him an angry glare over her shoulder, it was obvious that she was now becoming even more pissed off than before...and that was very bad.
   "N-no I-"
   "Save it!" Arianna interrupted him, raising her hand up to silence him. She came to a halt, and turned to face Sam directly, the irises of her pretty grin eyes were now rimming with a glowing orange color. Sam fell silent immediately, turning his gaze back to the ground, but being sure that he didn't look at Arianna's feet again. She was silent for a long moment, but Sam knew that she was gazing intently at him, her withering gaze burning a hole straight through him...literally, he could feel his hair starting to sizzle already, if she didn't look away soon, then he was certain that he would spontaneously combust on the spot.
   After what seemed like an eternity, Arianna suddenly turned on her heel and marched away, heading back through the woods towards the academy. Sam looked up with surprise, and saw her making her way down the path swiftly, not even bothering to wait for him. Not wanting to be left behind, Sam quickly started after her, but he barely made it two feet before Arianna swiftly turned around to face him once more, an expression of pure hatred on her face.
   "Go away!" she shouted angrily, Sam was shocked, what was wrong with her? Why was she suddenly so angry?
   "Arianna, I-"
   Sam got no further, because the air around him suddenly heated up, Arianna's green eyes started to glow pure fiery red and she held her hands out on either side of her. Sam knew that stance well, it was the warning she gave before she burned her enemies to a pile of ashes. Sam's better judgment kicked in and he quickly backed away until he was at least ten feet away from her.
   Arianna glared at him for a long moment, but then she finally lowered her arms and the glow in her eyes slowly faded. Thankfully the heat also disappeared from the air and Sam was no longer in danger of being obliterated, but he wasn't dumb enough to try and get any closer to Arianna, whatever was wrong with was obviously due to him. 
   "Just stay away from me, Samuel...or else," Arianna warned him threateningly, then without another word, she turned around and started to walk away again, leaving Sam behind all by himself. He could only stare after her in shock...what was that about? Arianna was acting more temperamental than she usually did, and that was saying something!
   Sam didn't breathe easy until Arianna was completely out of his sight. He wasn't sure what exactly he had done to piss her off so badly, but he knew from experience that if he tried to talk to her, or especially find out what was wrong...things would end badly. So to preserve himself and avoid the various third-degree burns that would definitely follow bothering her right now, he instead decided to do what he always did whenever Arianna was mad at him and he needed to give her time to cool off...go fishing!
Sam emerged from the trees and smiled at the beauty of the natural waterfall that flowed from high above, originating from a giant snowy-peaked mountain high above. There were large rocks at the bottom of the mountain and when the water hit them, it sprayed out beautifully into the bright sunlight, forming a beautiful shimmery rainbow. Below that, it went on to form a fast flowing river that flowed through the forest gently, it's splashing waters were a mystery among these parts, for no matter how much you splashed in them, or threw into the would never make a sound. 
   Sam grabbed his pole from behind a nearby tree and then sat down in front of the flowing river. He could see through the clear water that there were several trout swimming along through the flowing water, moving at a slow, gentle pace, nowhere to go...except in Sam's stomach. He loved the sight of the beautiful fish, it made him feel calm and at peace, whenever he fished he felt like there was nothing else in the world that could bother him...he was perfectly at peace. He never felt that way whenever he used his sword in battle, instead of feeling peace, he felt as if he didn't deserve to wield a blade, it was as if he had no right to use a sword...he definitely wasn't a swordsman.
   He shook his head and dispelled those low thoughts. No use lingering on it. 
   "You guys sure look tasty," he said to the fish with a mouth-watering smile. The trout in the Silent Forest were the tastiest in the entire world and everyone considered them a delicacy, but no one could ever catch them, they would never bite any type of lure, no matter how good it was. Sam, however, had never had this problem, he normally caught a trout almost every time that he threw his line in the water, he wasn't sure why, but he really didn't care either.
   Sam threw his line in the water and the simple hook with a wriggling worm on it plopped into the water and sank down to the center of a school of trout, a few scattered, but the rest stayed and gazed at the bait with their big, round eyes fixated on it...perfect.
   "Come know you want it..." Sam tempted the fish, he knew that they couldn't hear, or understand him, but he always talked to the fish, it was a weird habit of his, but he was certain that other fisherman did it too. The trout blubbed at it for a second, but then one suddenly lunged forward for the bait, Sam was sure that he was about to catch himself a big fish! 
   However, just as the fish drew near enough to bite the bait...everything suddenly froze. 
   Suddenly, a cold feeling came over Sam, sending a shiver up his spine. He came to his feet immediately, instantly alert, he didn't have his sword with him, so he would have trouble fighting off whatever was coming for him...not that his sword would have done him any good anyway. He shifted his gaze from right to left, sweeping his eyes across the completely still forest around him, listening intently for any sign of danger, but he neither heard, nor saw anything...what was going on?
   "Boo!" someone suddenly exclaimed from behind him. Sam jumped five feet in the air in surprise, and turned around swiftly, fists raised and prepared for a fight to the death...however, who he found standing behind him caused his heart to skip a beat and stole away his breath...she was beautiful. 
    She was around fifteen or so, Sam guessed, her hair was blonde and wavy, and it cascaded down her back like a beautiful golden waterfall. Her eyes were big, and dark green and they shined with excitement and joy, they were so beautiful that Sam had a hard time looking away from their hypnotic shine. Her skin was tan and soft, her nose was small and cute and she was grinning at him deviously. Her attire was strange, she was dressed in a black ninja outfit that consisted of a black long-sleeved tunic, black skin-tight pants and black knee-high lace up boots. What really caught his eye, however, was the strange symbol embroidered on her left shoulder sleeve. It was a strange purple swirl of mist that was shaped like a hypno-wheel...why did it look so familiar?
   "Who are you?" Sam demanded suspiciously, after his scrutiny of her was done. The girl raised an eyebrow at him and giggled with amusement, obviously she didn't take him seriously.
   "Wouldn't you like to know?!" she replied ominously.
   Before Sam could reply, the girl suddenly held out her right hand, a black swirl of mist formed in the air around her hand, and formed a straight black line that slowly condensed into a solid form and right before Sam's eyes it changed...into a pure black katana. How did she do that?! More importantly, what was she gonna do with it?!
   The strange girl suddenly thrust her sword at Sam, aiming for his throat, but just before she managed to lop his head off, Sam ducked and barely missed being beheaded. His warrior instincts took over instantly, he ran behind the strange girl and grabbed her right arm, stopping her ability to wield her blade. He quickly twisted her arm behind her back and forced her to drop the blade, the second it left her hand, it vanished once more into a swirl of mist. Sam was intrigued by that, but he had no time to gock at her magic trick. Wasting no more time, he quickly tackled her to the ground and held her down, he made sure not to hurt her though.
   "Lemme go!" she ordered, struggling against Sam's grip, but he didn't let her go.
   "Who are you, and why're you here?!" Sam demanded angrily.
   "Screw you!" the girl spat in reply. Sam glared at her, he knew how to make her talk, but he didn't like to resort to that, he had no choice though. He needed to find out who she was, she might not be alone, and she might prove to be a danger to the other Tickle Warriors back the Guardian Grounds. He came to a decision as he thought of all of his friends back a the academy that could get hurt if he didn't get information out of this strange girl...he would do anything to protect his friends...even, that.
    Sam rolled the girl over on her back, still holding her down firmly and glared down into her pretty green eyes and he instantly felt sorry for her...she couldn't be all evil...could she? Suddenly the girl spit straight at his face, but he moved his head aside quickly and the spit flew past him harmlessly. He glared down at her angrily, all sense of remorse for what he was about to do to this girl vanished instantly...she was going down! Sam quickly adjusted himself on the ground so that he was now sitting on the girl's waist, holding her down and ensure that she would be going nowhere, but he didn't put all of his weight on her, he still didn't wanna hurt her...even if she was a total bitch.
   "Lemme go! Get off me!" she demanded angrily. Sam merely shook his head though, completely ignoring her demands as if she had never made them.
   "Answer my questions...and maybe I will," he replied in a menacingly quiet tone that was barely more than a whisper. His intimidation tactics had been taught to him by the best of the best whenever it came to scaring the living crap out of people...Arianna. There was no one better, however, it was obvious that this girl had some form of intimidation training, because instead of spilling her guts instantly, she merely turned her head away from him, and turned up her nose in a show of defiance. This wouldn't be easy.
   Sam could tell that she was going to be a tough nut to crack, but he had ways of making her talk...although he hated to resort to them. There was no other way though, and the more time he wasted talking to this girl and not making her talk, the more time likely it was that her friends were mounting some sort of assault on the academy...he had no choice. 
   "Last chance...tell me willingly...or else," he warned her, trying his best to get her to give in on her own so that he wouldn't have to resort to using...that. The girl just stuck her tongue out at him though, then turned away once more and turned her nose up again. The hard way would be the only way, that much was quite obvious...he had warned her.
   Wasting no more time, Sam quickly grabbed the bottom of the girl's black tunic and rolled it up until it was it was just below her breasts, exposing all of her soft, light-skinned belly. He looked up at her curiously to see what her reaction would be, but to his surprise he saw that she was still facing away from, completely uninterested...serious nerves of steel. Sam shook his head and looked back down at her exposed belly, by the looks of how soft it was, she would crack in minutes...maybe even seconds. He placed his hands on her belly and was shocked by how soft and warm it felt, there was no doubt about it, she would definitely crack quickly. Suddenly an evil smile spread across Sam's lips, his fingers moved of their own volition suddenly and he began kneading them into her ribs. The reaction was instantaneous, the girl released a shocked gasp, then a ticklish grin spread across her lips and she bit her bottom lip to prevent the laughter that was undoubtedly welling up inside of her from escaping her lips...perfect. 
   "Nnnngh! S-stop! Hehehehehe! You won't- Nnnngh! B-break mehehehehehehehehehe!" she giggled defiantly, and squirmed around underneath Sam's weight, but he knew for certain that she wasn't going anywhere...he had her right where he wanted her.
   "Oh really?" Sam inquired deviously. For some reason all sense of pity for this girl and remorse for what he was having to do to her had vanished completely...this was fun. The girls cheeks were beginning to turn a light shade of red, and Sam knew that she wasn't going to last much longer, it definitely wouldn't be long before she cracked. As soon as she spilled her guts to him, then he would release her...depending on what her answers were. It was only a matter of time.
    Several minutes passed by and the girl still didn't crack. She would let out a few giggles now and again, but other than that she kept her lips firmly sealed. Eventually it became obvious to Sam that it would take more than just some rib tickling to make her spill the beans about her intentions. He would have to resort to drastic measures.
   "You ready to talk?" he asked, feeling that it was at least fair to give her a chance to talk before he commenced with the deathly tickling that he knew would probably drive her insane.
   "N-nehehehehehehehehehehever! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stohohohohohohohohohohohohohop! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe! Not the rihihihihihihihihihihihihihibs! Nnnnh! I wohohohohohohohohohohohohohon't tahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahalk!!" she giggled in reply, completely defiant and with no intention of giving in.
   "Ok then," Sam replied with an evil smile. Time to break out the heavy artillery.
   While still tickling the girl's ribs with his right hand, Sam quickly placed the forefinger of his left hand on the edge of the girl's exposed bellybutton. He had done this many times in practice sessions with Arianna and other Tickle Warriors, so he was certain that he would also be able to do it now. With complete confidence in himself, Sam slowly began to trace a small circle around the girls bellybutton, making the seal. Within a millisecond he had completed the circle, and it was now ready to be activated. Sam stopped tickling the girl and allowed her to breathe for a second, she would need oxygen in order to avoid passing out whenever Sam initiated his plan.
   He let her catch her breath for a second or two, but he wouldn't allow her anymore oxygen than that, too much and it wouldn't had to be perfect. Not wanting to allow her to catch her breath completely, Sam swiftly put his body into action, he leaned down quickly and placed his mouth over the girl's bellybutton, making sure that it completely covered the invisible circle that he had traced previously.
   "!" the girl demanded while still trying to catch her breath, Sam didn't answer, instead he used the ultimate tickle technique passed down from the original masters themselves...the raspberry. He blew into the girl's bellybutton and activated the seal, and also drove her absolutely insane. "AAAAAAH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! NOT THAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAT! PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHASE! NOT THE BELLYBUTTON! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! STOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOP!" she squealed, and laughed loudly while thrashing about like a mad bull!
   Sam sat back up with satisfaction and observed his handiwork. The small circle on her bellybutton was glowing now, a faint blue color illuminated the circle and made it shine as if it were traced with a glow-in-the-dark marker...perfect. Without Sam's assistance, the girl continued to laugh hysterically as the seal that he had placed on her tickled her horribly. He knew from experience that it was like a million tiny fingers dancing across your skin whenever this technique was employed...the thought of it made him shudder.
   "Talk," he ordered simply.
   "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEVER! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! YOU WOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHON'T BREAK MEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!" she laughed with defiance, she was still resisting! Sam knew that his seal wasn't that stronger, but still...that was impressive. Not even Arianna could resist giving in whenever this technique was used, this girl was really tough!
   "Just give in," Sam commanded with confidence, trying to sound more sure of himself than he really was. In truth though, he wasn't really sure what more he could do, if this technique didn't work...then he really was screwed! 
   "Fine...let's just see how you handle, this!" Sam swiftly began kneading both of his fingers into her ribs once more, adding onto the already intense tickling. He was a little worried at first whenever she merely continued to spew abusive words at him through her laughter, and he honestly began to wonder if he would ever break this girl...but then it happened.
   Sam was a little shocked by that, but he wasn't just going to stop tickling her because she said she gave up...she could be tricking him. He wanted to be absolutely sure that she was gonna talk before he stopped.
   "Tell me what I wanna know," he ordered calmly.
   "Why can't you?" Sam demanded, he increased his tickling pace and moved his kneading fingers down to her thighs, tickling her even more than before.
   Sam looked up at her face and saw that it was beet red now from lack of oxygen, her eyes were filling with tears and they were flowing down her cheeks in swift rivers, leaving behind tracks where they had ran. With a sigh of annoyance, he stopped tickling her...he couldn't do this. Sam hated to see people suffer, it pissed him off, but when the suffering was being caused by just made him sick. He placed his forefinger on the seal once more and traced it backwards, erasing and ensuring that she would be able to breathe again.
   The second the seal was gone, the girl gave a gasping breath of relief and slumped with numb exhaustion, going completely numb. Sam glared down at her while she caught her was all because of his stupid nice nature, he could easily beat a man to a pulp and laugh while he bled to death...but when it came to a girl, well, he would risk his life to make sure that no pain came to matter who she was. He wasn't done with her yet though, she still had to answer his questions, once she could breathe again, Sam would recommence with his tickle torture until she told him everything that she knew.
   "Tell me," he demanded once her breathing had steadied. The girl looked up at him helplessly, her pretty green eyes were filled with the one thing that he had expected the least...fear. She looked genuinely terrified, and Sam had a feeling that it was fear that was coming for from some outside source, not just the fear of being tickled by him again. Whatever, or whoever this girl was afraid of, it definitely wasn't then, what was it?
   "I-I...I can't!" she exclaimed helplessly.
   "Why not?" he demanded in a quiet and menacing tone, trying to sound scary like Arianna would do if she were the tickler in this situation and she wanted this girl to talk.
   "That's enough, Kat!" a new voice suddenly said from behind them. Sam was on his feet instantly, he turned swiftly and prepared himself for combat, to his shock, however...there was no one there.
   "Who's there?!" he demanded angrily, sweeping his gaze across the green forest around him, trying to catch a glimpse of the new enemy that he knew was hiding out there somewhere.
   "Quiet, little fly," the voice replied in a bored tone. It was obviously a woman, but it was no woman that Sam recognized, her voice was harsh and cruel and sounded as though she had grown up giving orders and treating others as slaves...Sam hated her instantly.
   "Who are you?!"
   "Shhhh...listen... Can you hear it? The screams of your comrades?" the mysterious woman inquired in a singsong voice.
   "What are you-" suddenly a horrible sound assaulted Sam's ears...his friends were screaming, the other Tickle Warriors, their screams filled the woods all around Sam at a volume so intense that he felt certain his eardrums would burst. What was happening to them?!
   "Sam! Sam, help!" Arianna's voice rang out above the rest of the Tickle Warriors. She was in danger! Sam lost all sense of reason whenever Arianna's screams filled his ears, without a second thought, he ran forward through the woods, pushing himself through the tangled trees that seemed to push themselves inward to block his path. He had to get to Arianna!
   Suddenly the screams of his fellow Tickle Warriors vanished and he was engulfed in an eerie silence as the woods around him became perfectly still. That was when the darkness came. It surrounded Sam just as suddenly as the silence had, plunging him into a world of endless black...what was this?
   "You're alone, boy! The last one left, you are the last Tickle Warrior, and soon you too will die!" the mysterious woman's voice rang out in the darkness suddenly. The screams returned and Sam's head started to pound until he felt like it was about to explode! He just wanted them to stop, he wanted to be left alone...why wouldn't they stop?!
   Sam covered his ears with both hands, but the screams were in his head! They ran out louder than ever until finally Sam too was screaming with agony. He was certain that he would be driven into madness if the screaming didn't stop soon.
   Just as Sam was ready to jam knives into his own ears to deafen himself...the screaming stopped...everything fell silent once more.
   "Sam!... Sam, wake up! Wake up, idiot! We're late!" a voice suddenly called to him through the was Arianna...she was ok! Suddenly the black void around Sam melted away and a bright white glow surrounded him, chasing away the darkness and pulling him out of the inky void to which he had become apart of.

Sam sat bolt upright in shock and looked around with shock. His partner, Arianna, was standing beside his bed and glaring at him angrily...she was ok! Sam wanted to hug her, he was so happy to see her, but by the look on her face he figured that if he even tried to touch her, let alone hug her...then he wouldn't be having family plans.
   "'Bout time you woke up!" she shouted angrily.
   "A-Arianna?" he asked in confusion, he was still half-asleep and still half-lost in the world of darkness...was this reality?
   "Yeah! Get up! We're late for training! Master's gonna kill us! Let's go!"
   Arianna grabbed his hand and pulled him out of bed, she then drug him towards his door. Sam barely had time to grab his black tunic, and brown trousers on his way out the door, but his boots were still under his bed. He would be going barefoot today it seemed. He hoped that Master wouldn't be too mad about the lack of proper attire, he was probably already extremely pissed the fact that they were late. Sam wondered what it had been that had made him sleep in so late, had he been having a dream? If so, he remembered nothing of it, not even a little detail...oh well, if it had been important, then he would've surely remembered it, right?

I've redone and made this better...I hope. I've still got writer's block, so it's probably not as good as some of my other stuff, sorry about that. Anyway, the Tickle Warriors are back. Brand new characters, new story line, new plot, new everything! So enjoy this my friends.

Sam is a Tickle Warrior that basically sucks at what he does, so then why is he receiving a strange omen in a nightmare? Why him? He's a suckish warrior right? So then why is the only survivor? Makes you think...does it not? :D

Pics of some of the scenes:

OCs: Mine :)

Pictures are drawn by :iconblibblerblubber:

Enjoy my friends!
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Several hours had now passed since their first kiss, and with the sun setting outside, both Sophie and Danny were now both watching the footage that had been recorded earlier while they in the park. Danny was sat on the left hand side of the sofa while Sophie was laid across, with her head on his lap looking at the screen.
She looked down and smiled as she felt Danny begin to slowly rub her belly. It felt soothing, but Sophie was curious. The way he was doing it was far more than just gentle - it was tender, and with great care and kind. It left her wondering, how many times had he ever been with a girl, if ever?
As he neared her bellybutton, she had a brief moment of dread as she thought he was going to tickle her, but he'd already read her thoughts and quickly reassured her.
"Don't worry. I'm not going to tickle you…not unless you want me to, of course", Danny said with a smile.
Sophie giggled. "…you can if you want", she replied as she looked up at him with a sense of longing in her eyes.
Danny had a think about where to tickle. Looking towards her legs, he saw her feet dangling over the sofa arm. Sophie was still wearing her boots, but Danny had already proven clothes were no obstacle for what he could do. Activating his telekinesis, he began to visualise slowly drawing a feather up the soles of Sophie's feet.
Sophie began giggling as her legs started to kick in a futile attempt to stop the tickling.
Danny didn't stop there. Continuing to exercise his psychic ability, he began to tickle around Sophie's toes and on the arches of her feet. The young woman's response was immediate as she rolled onto her back with her legs still kicking, but more than before. Her upper body was shaking as she burst out laughing.
One of Danny's rules of tickling was always respect a woman's request, and he certainly wasn't going to break it. The tickling quickly died off and Sophie re-relaxed herself, laying her head back on his lap.
"Oh look!" said Danny before pointing at the screen, "Here's where I went all out on you".
She quickly turned her head and sat up slightly. Sure enough, there she was getting tickled all over. As she watched, small sensations jolted through her body as she remembered how it had felt, being up in the sky and feeling the wind against her skin whilst enjoying a sense of freedom she had never felt before. Of course, she also vividly remembered the feeling of been tickled by Danny's amazing ability, and was feeling every pulse of it as she watched on the screen.
After what seemed like the longest half a minute she had ever waited, Sophie finally saw what had happened after she had blacked out.
Sure enough, Danny appeared at her side and slid his left arm under her knees and used his right arm to support her head and neck. Sophie watched then with amazement as he began to descend to the ground below, carrying her bridal style.
Reaching for the remote, she pressed the stop button before turning her head to look Danny in the eyes.
"Can you do that to me now, while I'm awake?" she questioned.
Danny smiled before affectionately stroking her hair. "Of course I can".
With that, Danny once again began to use his telekinesis, with Sophie beginning to feel the same tingling sensation she felt before she began to levitate off the ground in the park, when she started getting lighter.
Danny then proceeded to slide his right arm under her knees whilst bringing his left arm under her back. With that, Danny quickly got to his feet, with Sophie giving a quick whoop as she jerked upwards.
The pair stared into each others eyes before Sophie reached behind her head and hooked her fingers in her hair band, before pulling it out and throwing it aside.
As soon as she did that, she then shook her head from side to side, swishing her long chocolate-brown hair like a model in a photo-shoot, before once again making eye contact with him.
You cheeky flaunt, Danny thought to himself before smiling. Electricity was jolting under his skin while his brain felt like it was on overdrive. His heart was beating with a rhythm he had never felt before and his vision was locked squarely on her.
With his right hand, he began to softly draw his finger back and forth along her waist, just above her belt. Sophie tittered slightly as Danny used his telepathy to find out what she wanted to do…with his answer coming quickly.
The next moment saw the pair share an incredibly passionate kiss, as Sophie wrapped her arms around the back of Danny's neck and drew herself closer to him.
After what felt like a few minutes, the two slowly pulled apart before Danny leaned forward and whispered into Sophie's ear a message she never thought she would be so overwhelmed at hearing.
"I love you".
And she melted inside, as she knew he meant it…with all his heart.    
However, that question as to whether he'd had anyone before began to feel like a lead weight in her stomach. Taking a breath, she finally asked him.
"Danny…have you ever had a girlfriend before?"
There was a pause, before he gave his answer.
"I've never had a girlfriend; no…I've had friends who are girls, but not a girlfriend".
The weight lifted, but Sophie was still curious.
Did you ever have any crushes at all?"
Danny sighed. "Not really…the only time I ever really came close to that was when I was in college."
"Why, what happened then?"
"It was with a girl called Amy", Danny answered, "she's autistic, like me…we knew each other from a support group we both attended for people with learning difficulties. When I was school, I went to something similar called ASDAN."
Sophie interrupted. "Danny, erm…you know you can put me down now if you want".
Danny looked at her before realising he was still holding her in his arms.
"Well, you can keep holding me if you want", said Sophie with a smile before turning her head to look at the clock, "but I just thought I'd tell you since you've been holding me for nearly five minutes now".
"Sorry", said Danny as he slowly turned around before gently laying her back on the sofa. He then sat down before continuing.
"So as I was saying…I watched over everyone who was in the group, because there was a group of boys who used to pick on us, no matter how often they got told off. I felt more for Amy because she always seemed to get the worst of it from them".
Sophie sat up, intrigued. "Did she know about you having psychic abilities"?
Danny looked at Sophie before answering. "She found out one day. I used both telepathy and telekinesis to help her because she was getting assaulted by the gang that picked on us…do you want to hear the story?"
"Yeah, go on then".
"O.K. It's a long story, so you best get comfortable".

She was surrounded now by the jeering boys.
For Amy, today had just been hell. They had been throwing things at her in her maths lesson and tried tripping her up at lunch time just to name a few things. Now, as she had started walking towards the bus stop to go home, they had ambushed her.
Without warning, she was shoved forward from behind before then been shoved back. As she fell to the floor, the boys stood over her and cruelly laughed at her expense.
Tears began to well up in Amy's eyes. Just being herself had led her to be bullied for nearly her whole life, and it never was fair as to why she felt she was getting something she didn't deserve.
As she began trying to get up, one of the boys kicked her arm away, causing her to tumble back down and evoking more cruel laughter from the boys. Suddenly, she yelped as she felt a sharp kick to the base of her back and then another to her ribs. Searing pain shot through her from both hits and the tears now ran from her eyes.
At that point, the gang's leader Matthew stepped forward with his shadow looming over her. He had short, black hair with a face only a mother could love. It was covered in scratches and some of his teeth were missing. He had long had a hatred of people who were disabled or different from the norm, and he was particularly prejudiced towards women as well.
Amy could only look up at him as he bent down towards her. Noticing her tears, he began his pitiless charade.
"Awww, is little ginger nut Amy crying? Awww, didums!"
The boys all sniggered at his remark. Amy, however, began to feel white hot rage boiling up inside her. She had long had a split personality and her more aggressive side was slowly taking over.
Matthew bent down towards her and grabbed her chin with his hand. "You should know better than to try and hide from us. We can find you anywhere and do whatever we want to you. You're nothing, understand?"
With that, Matthew shoved Amy's head back to the floor. In his over cockiness, however, he was failing to read the telltale signs.
I'm going to have a feel of your tits", taunted Matthew as he now stood over her with his legs spread as he once again bent down, shoving his face right into hers. His breath reeked of cigarette smoke…and it was enough to finally push Amy over the edge.
Before Matthew even realised what was going on, Amy grabbed hold of his collar with her left hand before using her right to land several hard blows against his already ugly mug. With her last hits, she kicked him right between his legs in a place where the sun don't shine, before letting go of his collar and thumping him right in the nose, sending him reeling back with his head in his hands.
Her triumphant moment, however, was ruined as the gang went into kicking overdrive on her. One of them kicked her squarely in the forehead, causing her vision to mess up slightly and become blurred while another of the boys kicked her right between the shoulders.
Matthew, meanwhile, slowly got to his feet groaning from the kick to his groin. The blows had come as a big shock and as he put his hand over his nose, he felt something cold and moist. Moving his hand away, he saw that it was covered in blood. Her last punch had given him a nosebleed.
Looking at her, what could only be described as evil intent took over his mind. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a metal object. As Amy's vision began to clear, she was able to make out Matthew begin to pull something from the object. With a click, she realised to her horror what it was.
A lock-knife!
"You little bitch", he snarled through gritted teeth as he half hobbled, half stormed towards her.
Amy looked up into the sky to avoid his gaze, and noticed the familiar shape in the clouds. It was Draco and as she watched, his eye flashed as the sun appeared from behind the clouds. As she squinted, the air was filled with the sound of screams, while several shadows passed over her head. A moment later, there were a number of thumps on the ground.
Sitting up slowly and looking, Amy saw she was no longer surrounded by the boys, who were now all on the floor behind her, some piled on top of each other.
However, in front of her was a red haired boy who she recognised almost instantly. Although she could not recall his name, she knew he was in the same special needs group as she was. Slowly, she got to her feet and wiped the tears from her eyes before limping over to him. As she got to him, he put his arm around her back and gently rubbed around where she had been kicked. For Amy, it felt cool and soothing.
"Oi! Gingers!", shouted Matthew, who had now also got to his feet, still wobbling slightly.
Amy hid her face while the red haired boy looked with large, unblinking eyes at Matthew.
The rest of the boys were now stood up behind Matthew. "You've got some nerve, interfering with my fun".
"There isn't no fun to be had abusing women or indeed anyone else who's different".
"There is, actually, whatever your name is. Now, you better clear off and forget you ever saw anything while we finish up with the timorous beastie here".
Amy shrank away deeper into the boy's arms. The boy himself glared at Matthew before replying.
"My name's Danny and for your information, I aren't going anywhere or forgetting anything".
Matthew coughed in surprise. "Well, who's this trying to be the hero, eh lads?". The boys behind Matthew sniggered at his remark.
Danny himself felt anger boiling up inside, but managed to hold it back.
Matthew, still full of himself, turned back around to face Danny. "Well, lets see how long you last", and with that he motioned to his gang.
"Deal with him…and bring her over here".
As the group of boys began to advance towards them, Amy looked up at Danny who in turn looked at her and smiled. All of a sudden, she began to hear a voice in her head.
Don't worry, it will all be alright soon. Just trust me.
Before Amy could even begin to question who the voice belonged too, Danny took a few steps towards the bullies before stopping. He had learned a lot from them in weeks past from using his telepathy and now, he would use what he knew against them.
Activating his telekinetic ability, he began his attack. Almost instantly, the boys collapsed to the floor in hysterical laughter.
Several of them were trying desperately, among their flailing, to pull their shoes off while others were moving their hands under their shirts in pathetic attempts to stop the tickling that Danny was using his telekinesis for.
One of the boys was grabbing hold of his armpits as he writhed on the floor.
Another of the boys managed to struggle to his feet before collapsing back onto the floor after just one step, laughing with high pitched giggles.
One of the gang members next to him began to laugh at him among the laughing caused from the tickling.
The boy managed to argue back among his giggles.
Matthew couldn't believe what he was seeing. All of his mates were on the floor laughing their heads off. Walking over to them, he tried to no avail to get them up.
"What the heck are you guys doing?! Get up and get them for god's sake!"
The boys didn't even hear him. For many of them, their faces were going red as tears streamed down their faces.
Losing his temper, Matthew proceeded to kick one of the group members in another futile attempt to get them up.
Amy watched all of what was happening in disbelief. How Danny was doing this she had no idea, but it was still pretty amusing watching the boys who picked on her helplessly rolling on the floor. She smiled and put her hand to her mouth as she giggled at their expense.
Hearing this, Danny slowly brought the tickling to a halt. The boys all lay on their backs, huffing and panting from the torture they had just endured.
Danny, however, wasn't done with them yet. Using his telepathy, he pushed a thought into every one of the boy's heads that only he knew. All of a sudden, the boys looked at him and rose to their feet. Amy watched in shock as they all walked over to her and apologised for everything they had done to her, before turning and walking away.
Matthew was the most shocked, especially as the gang ignored his calls to go back and get Amy. Fuming, he looked at Danny before pulling out his lock-knife again.
"You're so dead!" he shouted as he stormed towards Danny, having now mostly recovered from Amy's kick.
Amy watched fearfully but Danny just smiled. Like he had done with Samantha all those years ago, he focused intently on the knife in Matthew's hand before using his telekinesis to bend it completely out of shape, making it useless.
Matthew, terrified at what Danny had just done, stopped immediately and began to back away.
Danny then spoke in a low but serious voice. "I don't like making threats, Matthew, but I'm going to say this to you. If you so much as lay a finger on Amy or anyone else in our group, there is going to be hell to pay, understand?"
Matthew quickly nodded.
"Good", Danny smiled, "now skedaddle".
Quick as he could, Matthew turned around and limped off. Amy, who had watched the whole event and was amazed and curious about Danny and his abilities as well as thankful for him helping her, slowly hobbled over to him. Danny turned to her and smiled.
"Are you alright?", he questioned.
"Yeah, I'm O.K", Amy replied, a bit cautious of Danny herself. "Thank you for helping me".
Danny gently hugged her. "We live in a world where people get picked on for the slightest difference, so we need to watch out for one another".
Amy smiled and hugged back. "How did you do those things?"
"I'll explain later", Danny answered. "Right now, we've got to get to the bus stop. I know your leg's hurt so you can piggyback on me if you want".
Amy carefully limped around behind Danny as he knelt down, before managing with his help to get onto his back. She giggled slightly as he jogged on towards the bus stop, waiting eagerly to hear how he stopped the bullies.
Taking one last look at the sky, she smiled as she saw Draco wink at her before the clouds moved out of shape.

On the bus, Danny helped Amy up the stairs of the Double Decker and to the front seat, before gently lowering her down. They were the only two on the top deck and after sitting her down, he tended to her ankle.
Amy felt a cool sensation as he carefully grasped her ankle and after a few moments, he let go. However, there was no more pain at all.
"How did you do that, and the other things?", Amy questioned.
Danny got up and sat down next to her as the bus roared into life and slowly eased away from the bus stop.
"I've got several psychic abilities. The ones I used with the bullies were both Telepathy and Telekinesis, while the one I used with you is one called Biokinesis".
Amy couldn't believe it. She had never expected to meet anyone with psychic abilities in her life, let alone anyone who would use them to help her. She knew about both Telekinesis and Telepathy, but the last one she hadn't heard of.
"What's Biokinesis?"
"Using the power of your mind to modify your genes", Danny replied. "I mainly use it for healing, although when I was a bit younger I changed my eye colour from green to black because I thought it would look good. But I changed it back later due to the fact I forgot I'd done it, then I looked in the mirror and freaked out when I saw my eyes".
Amy giggled. "Yeah, that would freak me out if I saw myself or someone else with completely black eyes. So what else can you do with Biokinesis?"
Danny seemed to go into a long train of thought, before finally answering.
"I read somewhere that it is possible to use biokinesis to achieve eternal youth, and even immortality".
Amy's eyes lit up. "I'd love both of those", she beamed.
"I wouldn't", Danny replied.
Amy was curious as to why Danny wouldn't, and his reason was long and complex.
"Would you be able to live like that? Watching all your family and friends get older and pass away, while you don't ever seem to age and just continue on in a world that doesn't stop changing around you?"
After a pause he continued. "Personally, I believe that our souls come here to perform whatever mission they need to complete or whatever destiny that needs to be fulfilled. All our body is, is just transport for our soul and it's designed to get old and eventually die, but our soul will keep going on and on".
Amy thought about all that Danny had said, with her thoughts full of her own beliefs about reincarnation and past lives. She did believe in them, but wanted to see what Danny thought if she told him she didn't. Turning to Danny, she fired away with her question.
"Danny, would you hate me if I said I didn't believe in reincarnation or anything like that?"
Danny wrapped his arm around her and smiled. "No I wouldn't. Everyone has the right, in my opinion, to believe what they want and others should respect them for that, even if they don't agree".
Amy smiled and cuddled with Danny, who in turn gently rubbed her back. She relaxed and further snuggled into Danny, feeling a great relief inside as she believed she had finally made a friend who would truly care for her.
After a short drive, the bus reached the next college before stopping. Before long, the two decks were full of people from the second college who were shouting, swearing and generally been incredibly noisy. Both Danny and Amy had managed to get used to the noise of the bus but it was still annoying when you could barely hear the person next to you.
Eventually, the crowd of people quietened down a considerable amount, before the bus roared into life and trundled down on its route.
Amy was constantly bored on the bus journey home. Having an idea after watching the bully tickling event over and over in her mind, she turned to Danny.
"Danny, have you played dares before?"
He looked at her and seemed to have a think before answering. "I have, yeah. Once or twice".
She smiled. "If I dared you to do something, would you do it?"
"Yeah, O.K. What's your dare?"
Amy took a deep breath before saying it.
"I dare you to…tickle everyone on this bus, except for me, and the driver obviously".
She waited for Danny to decline the dare, but instead she was shocked as he smiled before leaning over and whispering in her ear.
"I've actually wanted to do that for ages…but I've never had the nerve to do it. However, you've dared me now so I'm going to have to".
Amy couldn't believe her ears. He was accepting her dare and was going to tickle nearly everyone on the bus. She quickly sat back in her seat, waiting eagerly for Danny to begin.
"I used biokinesis absolutely ages ago on those who aren't ticklish, so everyone who gets on now is ticklish whether they know it or not".
Amy was beginning to quiver in her excitement.
Danny smiled as the bus began down the long straight, and took a deep breath. "Alright…here goes".

One of two girls in the seats to the right of them, who was talking to her friend next to her, began to jerk uneasily with her face showing the clear signs of trying to hold back laughter. Slight giggles could be heard from her as she tried to reach down towards her boots.
The girl next to her quickly questioned. "Jennifer, what's the matter?"
Jennifer managed to speak through high pitched squeaks as her face began to go red. "I think there's something on my feet". Suddenly, she couldn't hold it back any more and began to laugh.
Her friend began to get up, but quickly stopped and shrieked with laughter as several tickly sensations appeared across her belly and in her bellybutton.
While Jennifer fought in vain to try and undo the zipper on the side of her boots, her friend managed to whip her jacket off and began to pull up her T-shirt. However, the sound of their laughter had caught the attention of most of the top deck. As she spun around pulling her shirt up, several of the boys gaped and whistled at her as they stared at her slim body.
"Hey Emma, you sexy thing!" shouted one of the boys, "are you going to take your bra off next?"
Emma couldn't even see who was talking to her, let alone reply as she continued to laugh at whatever was tickling her belly.
Of course, no-one on the bus paid any attention to their squeals for help, and Danny wasn't done yet.
In the first row behind them were a boy and girl. Like a wave, Danny slowly swept his telekinetic tickle assault behind his and Amy's seat.
The boy was the first to start laughing as his armpits came under fire.
The girl next to him looked confused, but as she went to speak what felt like hundreds of feathers began on her ribs. She instantly squirmed and tried to no avail to stop the tickle attack.
As they laughed, Danny's tickle attack continued, gathering pace as the rows behind slowly became filled with boys and girls laughing as they were telekinetically tickled. One of the boys at the back shouted to his friend nearer the front who was now under attack from Danny's telekinetic ability.
"Hey Russell, I thought you weren't ticklish".
"Funny, you're laughing a lot for someone who isn't".
A girl nearer the front was clutching at her hips as she squealed uncontrollably.
Amy was watching with a big smile as the top deck erupted into laughter from the front to the back. The laughter was so loud that several people from the lower deck had come up to see what was going on.
Danny quickly noticed them, and continued his telekinetic tickle assault against them. Almost straight away, they began to shriek with laughter and collapsed onto the stairs.
"That reminds me", Danny stated to Amy, "I haven't done downstairs yet".
Continuing to focus his ability, Danny visualised the students downstairs in his mind before once again using his telekinetic ability to play.
After a few seconds, screams and squeals of laughter filled the lower deck as well as people were flailing and squirming from been tickled.
A boy downstairs had started sneezing as he was tickled, making him produce an odd range of noises. A few rows down from him, several girls were squealing with laughter, flailing and falling over much to the delight of others behind them, who laughed at them through their own forced laughter.
Amy couldn't believe it. Danny had actually done her dare and watched with a smile as everyone laughed around her, unable to stop the tickling. However, questions buzzed into her mind.
"Danny, how come the bus driver hasn't stopped to see what's going on?"
"Simple", Danny replied, "before I started, I used telepathy on the bus driver so he's not even aware of what's going on, and I've set it so the cameras don't record anything. In other words, we're O.K".
"But what about everyone else?" Amy continued. "Some people will have noticed us two aren't been tickled and think we have something to do with it".
"No worries. I'll use the same telepathy trick I did with those boys earlier. When this is over, no-one will remember a thing."
She couldn't believe it. "So are you going to stop now?"
Danny seemed to think about it before answering.
"Not yet. Besides I'm only tickling everyone in one place at the moment, so it's time to up it to two".
Taking a deep breath, Danny focused once again and suddenly the laughter got even louder as people were now flailing like mad and the simple laughs turned to high pitched squeals and giggles on both decks.
After a few more minutes, Danny upped it once again and began tickling three places at once on everyone. Over 70 people were now in hysterics and tumbling around the seats and on the floor in laughter.
However, noticing the first bus stop just at the end of the road, Danny slowly brought his playtime to a close as people staggered to their feet, gasping for breath.
Just as Danny had said, Amy watched as he focused before using telepathy on everyone on the bus. As people gathered themselves, many looked around in confusion as to why they had clothes off or were lying on the floor.
"Was somebody smoking a load of pot?" asked one boy as he picked himself up before brushing himself down.
People murmured to themselves as to what had been going on, with not a single one of them of them having a clue. As another boy began to get up, he noticed he had done something rather bad in his pants, and quickly covered the front of his jeans with his coat hoping nobody else would notice.
The bus journey continued, with Danny and Amy both smiling at what had just happened…and the knowledge nobody else on the bus would ever know.

"That was amazing", Sophie said with great interest. "You tickled over 70 people all at once?!"
"Yep", Danny replied with a big grin on his face. "Personally, I don't know if I'll ever beat that record".
Sophie laid back, letting everything that he had told her sink in. Her thoughts eventually drifted back to Amy, although Danny had read her surface thoughts and quickly explained.
"At that time, neither me nor Amy were interested in starting a relationship but we stayed friends throughout college. Matthew never bothered any of us again either".
Sophie smiled before settling back on the sofa.
Now it was Danny's turn to ask.
"What about you? Have you ever had any crushes or anything like that?"
Sophie sighed before giving her answer.
"I've had three previous boyfriends. The first one sounded nice but then after a while he started slagging me off in front of his mates, calling me a slut and stuff like that. The second one said he loved me, then joined the armed forces and I've never heard from him since, and the third one seemed like Mr. right, then one night he got drunk and attacked me before trying to rape me".
Danny put his hand in front of his mouth in shock. "Oh my god".
Sophie lowered her head before she started to cry.
Danny quickly sat down by her side and cuddled her, while she in turn laid her head against his chest.
"For a long time, I just never trusted any other bloke for a long time after that, because I saw them all as animals who just use and abandon women as they please".
Danny gently rubbed her back. "That's not how I see women, and it never will be".
Sophie looked at him and smiled through her tears, wiping them away with her hand. "I know…I learned that about you this morning".
The two of them once again kissed each other as Danny held her tight with great affection as the night now set in.
However, Sophie stopped suddenly as she noticed something.
"Danny…", she questioned, "what's that noise?"
Danny stopped and listened to the noise, which sounded like a strange whirring, before his eyes widened and a smile spread across his face.
"What is it?" Sophie asked, still confused.
"I know that sound anywhere", Danny said, still smiling. Suddenly he took Sophie's hand. "Come on, let's go".
Sophie stood up. "Where are we going, and what is that?"
"The roof", Danny answered, "and I'll explain in a minute or two. Best put your jacket on, it'll be cold up there".
As quick as she could, Sophie put her jacket on before following Danny upstairs. She reached him as he unlocked a door onto the roof and jogged outside, looking all around in the night sky.
Sophie also came out and looked around, although she had no idea what she was looking for. The sound was getting louder but as she turned to ask Danny what he was looking for, he suddenly pointed at the clouds and shouted "There!"
Looking at where he was pointing, Sophie looked with awe and amazement as a glowing sphere of white light descended out of the clouds towards the roof. As it got closer, the light around it began to shift into a different shape before disappearing and Sophie clung to Danny as the object became easily recognisable.
A flying saucer now hovered low over the roof, the whirring noise continuing
Danny looked at Sophie and smiled. "It's a Pleiadian Beamship", he stated.
"A what?"
Before Danny could repeat himself, their attention was drawn to below the ship as a hazy white light appeared, before taking on a shape. A few moments later, a young looking woman stood before them. She was around their height in a silver suit, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin was paler, however and her ears were slightly lower. However, there was no denying you could easily see her as a human from Earth.
She looked at Danny and smiled before speaking.
"Greetings, Danny".
Danny in turn smiled back. "Hello Sedina, it's good to see you again".
Sophie was shocked. "Again?"
Danny then turned to her and explained. "Sedina has been visiting me ever since I was five years old. It started not long after the first time I flew down the stairs".
Sophie realised inside that Danny was telling her no lies, and slowly relaxed and let herself listen to what was said.
Sedina then began to speak, and told them both of many different topics including about the Pleiadians, the other species who want to help and on the spiritual awakening and evolution of humanity.
Sophie took it all in with an open mind. Everything that was said seemed to 'resonate' deep down inside her.
After finishing, Sedina walked over to Danny.
"You're awakening at a steady pace, but in the future you must face the darkness and lay deeds gone by to rest, before you can continue along the path to ascension".
Danny nodded with a smile, although deep down he wondered what Sedina meant.
"I must go now", she said with a smile. The three of them said their goodbyes and embraced each other, with love and friendship. Sedina then stepped back and faded from view before the Beamship once again rose into the sky and disappeared into the night.
For Danny and Sophie, it was a magical moment.
"That was just incredible", Sophie commented. "So there are other human species out there as well as us?"
Danny smiled, "Yep, and other species as well who want to help humanity ascend. We're all one big family".
Both of them sat down on the bench, looking up at the Pleiades Star Cluster, which Sedina had pointed out to them as the home of the Pleiadians.
"Things are going to get better on this planet", Danny stated as he cuddled Sophie, "and 2012 is going to be a big cosmic party".
The pair just sat there for a few minutes, gazing up at the sky.
Suddenly, Danny remembered something he'd read before he came out in the morning.
"Sophie…I got an email from back home today. A friend of mine's brother is having a party and I'm invited to go. I was just wondering if you wanted to go with me?"
She sat up. "Where and when is it?"
"London, back home and it's on Saturday. I'm going to be going back to Hull tomorrow anyway to see my mum, so I was just wondering".
Sophie gave a disappointed sigh. "I can't. How am I going to get a plane ticket when I've got no money".
Danny grinned. "I aren't going by plane, or boat".
Sophie's eyes widened. "You mean…you're going to use your abilities and fly home?"
She had a think before replying. "Are you O.K carrying me on your back?"
"Of course", Danny replied, "but if you want we can do some practise flights over L.A if you want so you get the hang of it".
She agreed, before Danny went back downstairs to fetch something for her. As she waited, Sophie once again looked out into the stars and vividly remembered what Sedina had said.
"O.K, I'm back!" Danny shouted as he reached the top of the stairs. Sophie turned around and giggled.
In his hand, he was holding a cowboy hat.
"Aww, come on, it'll look good on you with your clothes". Sophie giggled some more before taking the cowboy hat and putting it on, before pulling off a pose.
"How do I look?"
"Stunning", Danny answered with a smile as he hugged her before bending down so she could climb onto his back. As she got into a comfortable piggyback position, Danny neared the edge before slowly rising up off the floor and flying out across the sky.
As they rose higher into the sky, Sophie couldn't help but give a whoop as she enjoyed every moment of what was going on. Leaning down, she kissed Danny on his cheek.
"Thank you Danny, this is amazing!"
"Danny looked at her and smiled as he continued the flight. As he flew over the Los Angeles skyline, he remembered the song that he used to love so much when he was little (A song for Milly Michaelson). Almost instantly, it began to play in his head and he hummed to it, while Sophie watched a white light streak across the sky.

'Here we go,
Hold on tight and don't let go,
I won't ever let you fall.

I love the night,
Flying over these city lights,
But I love you most of all.'  
This story is LOOOOONNNNNG overdue!

This is the third part of Danny and Sophie's story.
Part 1: Telekinectic Tickles
Part 2: Fun with the Burgulars

For my past stories I've only shown the girls getting tickled so now it's the lads turn as well.

Danny tells Sophie another story, back from his time in college in England, when Amy discovered his abilities and how one dare became a hilarious event on the college bus…furthermore, Sophie will learn that Danny has secrets that truly are beyond belief…

I should say right here and now I don't condone violence against anyone, whether that be women, redheads or disabled people.

For more info about the Pleiadians, type in 'Pleiadians' into a google search, and also check out this website.
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Angus walked in the door from school, his head hung low. Outside, it was pouring with rain, typical of the autumn weather in Scotland.
Taking off his shoes and coat at the door, Angus slowly walked up the stairs into his room before throwing his bag into the corner and slumping down onto his bed with his head down. His hair was dripping, but the wetness in his eyes wasn't from the weather.
It wasn't long before his mum Sandra came to see what was the matter. Sitting beside him, Angus was sniffling and kept his head low even when she sat next to him and put her arm around him.
"What's the matter, Angus?" she said with a concerned look.
Angus sniffled. "N-n-nothing".
Sandra sighed. "We both know that's not true. You've been crying".
Angus turned his head away, hoping his mum would just drop the subject. Unfortunately, she didn't.
Quick as a flash, she dug her hands into his armpits and wiggled he fingers all over inside. Angus didn't have a chance to escape before he was laughing and squirming wildly.
Sandra grinned and continued for a few more minutes before stopping. Angus was panting hard and still giggling slightly.
Sandra, meanwhile, smiled and then cuddled him.
"Come on, Angus, what's the problem?"
Angus looked at her before tears welled up in his eyes and he explained how the boy who picked on him before was bullying him again.
"Isn't that the same boy who Angel helped you against?"
Angus nodded. He could still remember when Angel had accidentally set the bully's backside on fire while defending him. It was funny at the time, but was now the reason the bully was having a go at him again.
"I don't want to go on Monday", Angus moaned sadly, not wanting to have to see the bully anytime soon.
Sandra shook her head. "You can't stay off just because you don't want to go…I don't want to sound mean, Angus, but there will be things in life you have to stand up to and you won't like it. You can't run and hide from all your problems or everything you're scared of".
Angus lowered his head again, moaning quietly.
"Trust me though", Sandra continued, "when you do face your fears, you'll see they're not as scary and you'll feel better for it. You'll see".
Angus looked up at her slowly and managed to smile a bit before cuddling her, shivering a bit.
"Gosh, your hair is soaking Angus", said his mum as she ran her fingers through it. "You go get yourself a shower and get dry and dressed. You'll feel better".
Angus didn't argue. Getting his towel, he headed into the bathroom…only to run out again, screaming and shaking.
At that point Cathy, who had come over with Marga, came over to see what was going on.
"T-t-there's a sp-sp-spider in the bath!"
Angus had long had a fear of spiders. He'd even broken his ankle when he was younger when he tried to get away from one. Cathy, however, had no such fear and simply scooped the spider up in the jug before throwing it out of the window like it was no big deal.
With the spider dealt with, Angus cautiously walked into the bathroom and shut he door, still shaking a little and looking around to see if there were any more spiders crawling around.
One time when he was slightly younger, Cathy had told him that if he ever killed a spider, the Queen of the Spiders would come and get him. She only described it as been very scary and VERY big.
"T-t-that's not true", Angus had protested when she first told him, refusing in fear to believe what she had said.
"It IS true, Angus", Cathy grinned. "Luna told me all about her".
Angus really was scared. Luna was Cathy's adoptive mother and also his guardian angel, so maybe it was true. Now, however, Angus simply brushed it off as a lie. There wasn't a 'Queen of the Spiders'…
…or was there?

The weekend passed liked the blinking of an eye, and sure enough it was back to the school routine. Angus had managed to relax a little over the break between school times but the thought of the bully never left his mind, with what happened a while back with Angel playing over and over in his mind. Luckily for him, the boy who bullied him didn't seem to be here today. Their normal teacher had gotten ill over the weekend so Jessica (on of Angus' friends who had gotten a second job as a substitute teacher) had stepped in to teach the class. For Angus, it made him feel a bit better as Jessica allowed the class to talk and listen to their music as long as they got enough work done. A bit more relaxed, Angus settled down and got on with his work, sneakily eating from a tube of smarties as he did, although Jessica smiled and pretended not to notice.
Unfortunately for Angus, the bully WAS at school that day.
Because of what had been going on Sandra had said Angus could come home for lunch that day. As Angus went out for lunch break however, a hand gripped tightly on his arm and yanked him backwards. Angus, frozen with fear, could only shake as the bully's eyes met his.
"You're coming with me, you little rat!"
Angus was too scared to argue or try and get away. He could only try and keep up as the bully dragged him away from the school and across the fields, to an area with wire fencing surrounding it. The grass was long with a single building in the middle of it all. The building itself was a mix of brick and metal, with weeds growing through the cracked pavement and a large pair of rusty doors.
Angus knew this place. It had been a place of scientific research but the building had been evacuated for unknown reasons. People reacted in fear of it but strangely, so did animals.
The bully, meanwhile, forced through part of the steel fence that had rusted away before Angus through. His hard grip hurt Angus, but he dare not complain or cry in fear of provoking the boy further. Whatever he was planning still had Angus wondering with curiosity.
As he found out though, the plan wasn't exactly complex. Upon arriving at the building, the boy picked up a long metal pole and then flung the rusty door open, with the hinges creaking loudly.
Before Angus' eyes could adjust to the darkness inside, the bully suddenly shoved him inside. As Angus hit the floor, the bully laughed.
"This will be the last anyone sees of you, and if luck is with me your dragon friend won't find you either".
With that, he slammed the metal doors shut with a deafening clang before pushing the metal pole through the handles, effectively trapping Angus inside. The little boy immediately got up and tried with no luck to pull the door open. Sliding down the door in defeat, Angus began to cry.

As he wept, the thought of what his mum had said a few nights ago slowly crept back into his thoughts. Wiping away his tears, he listened intently while watching in his head as if his memories were the scenes of a movie.
"There will be things in life you have to stand up to and you won't like it. You can't run and hide from all your problems or everything you're scared of. Trust me, though, when you do face your fears, you'll see they're not as scary and you'll feel better for it. You'll see."
Slowly, Angus got to his feet and took a few deep breaths. Maybe there was another way out.
Walking through the darkness, he felt around the cold walls to try and see if he could find another door or any other way to escape.
All of a sudden, the building lit up as if somebody had flicked a switch. As Angus squinted in the sudden light, he got a better look at his surroundings. The inside of the building was littered with various machines and papers were scattered all over the floor. On the far wall was a large set of reinforced metal doors that rose almost as high as the roof. Angus was now wondering what they were designed to keep out…or in?
He wouldn't have long to find out as the sound of gears clunking together echoed around the building and the metal doors slowly opened inch by inch. Eventually, they stopped with a loud clunk against the wall.
What Angus saw next drained the colour from his face.
From the darkness, an enormous and hairy leg stretched out, followed by another. Bit by bit, a creature larger then an elephant walked out into the light.
Angus fell backwards to the floor, his breath coming out in terrified gasps. The creature before him was a Zebra Spider of monumental size!
What Cathy had said about the Queen of the Spiders burned in his thoughts, and he was frozen to the spot as the creature's vision locked squarely on him.
As he tried to shuffle away, the spider jumped and landed right on top of him, using the claws at the tips of its two front legs to pin his arms down to the ground, preventing him from moving. The jump was so quick the spider seemed to have almost teleported.
Whimpering and with tears rolling down his eyes, Angus turned his head to the side as the spider's jaws loomed over him. However, the spider instead extended what looked like two smaller legs towards Angus, which proceeded to wiggle around on his ribs. Angus' reaction was immediate.
Almost straight away, his fear vanished and was replaced by pure laughter as the spider tickled him.
NOHOHOHOHOHOHO! He called out while squirming helplessly. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!
The spider's smaller legs continued to tickle Angus' ribs for a few more minutes before moving down and tickling his sides.
Again, Angus squealed with laughter as the spider took full advantage of him.
Of course, Angus had forgotten that the spider didn't understand human language as he tried to no avail to free his arms. The spider, meanwhile, now moved on again.
As Angus had been squirming, his school shirt had rolled up and now left his belly exposed. The spider seemed almost wanting to tickle it as its 'little legs' moved across and wiggled over Angus' tummy.
Angus squeaked and laughed cutely.
The spider's legs remained in place as Angus bucked and wiggled, with his escape attempts again getting him nowhere. The little legs, however, continued to dance over his tummy before one of them poked into his bellybutton and wiggled around. Angus couldn't help it as he laughed louder then before.
Five minutes later, the spider stopped for a few moments before her little legs went straight for Angus' worst spot - his armpits.
As soon as the tickling started, Angus laughed and squirmed wildly as he hated been tickled on his armpits.
This torture continued, nonetheless, for a few more minutes before the spider stopped and let Angus get his breath back.
Angus panted before beginning to take slow and deep breaths, believing it to be over.
He couldn't have been more wrong.

The spider once again extended its mini legs and this time wiggled them on Angus' hips and thighs. Angus began giggling as he tried his best to escape the tickle torture he was receiving.
After more time had passed, the small legs moved down and began to tickle the back of the little boy's knees.
His attempts to stop it were only partly successful as he tried to bend his knees, but the mini legs kept on tickling.
When the tickling stopped, Angus assumed the spider wouldn't be able to tickle his feet thanks to his shoes still being on his feet. He couldn't have been more wrong.
As he looked, he was shocked as the claws at the end of the spider's second set of legs grabbed hold of his shoes and easily pulled them off, leaving him only in socked feet.
With his feet now exposed, it wasn't long before those mini legs again wiggled all over the soles of his feet, sending Angus into more laughter.
A few moments later, the spider commenced its tickle attack on Angus' heels and arches, causing the little boy to kick madly. It had some success until the spider's second set of legs grabbed hold of his legs, after which Angus could only squirm uselessly as his heels and arches were mercilessly tortured.
5 minutes later, Angus was panting hard as the tickling stopped. Like before, though, it was only a brief break as the spider used its smaller legs to pull the socks off his restrained feet before the torture recommenced, this time going for his toes as well.
Not long after, the spider finally stopped and released Angus, taking several jerky movements back. Angus was exhausted from all the tickle torture and it took a short while for him to get his shoes and socks back on and then get to his feet. Looking at his tormentor, he guessed it wasn't interested in eating him.
As he curiously approached the spider, however, it suddenly jumped backwards before hiding its face with its four front legs.
Another memory shot through Angus like a lightning bolt. His mum had always said to him that spiders were more afraid of him then he was of them, but he had never believed it. Now, here was a spider that outsized him and yet was scared of him!
With his mum's words buzzing through his mind, he slowly approached the spider and talked quietly and as calmly as he could. When he reached the spider, he cautiously stretched out his hand before stroking the creature's leg. The hair's that covered it were softer then he had expected and as he continued, he began to hum a song he liked.
Eventually, the spider began to move its legs away from its face. At this point, Angus stopped and looked at the jumping spider's massive eyes. They seemed to glow and sparkle with rainbow colours as the light bounced off them, making the spider all of a sudden seem less scary and almost cute despite its alien appearance.
With his bravery increasing, Angus got even closer as the spider lowered its body to his height, before managing to stroke the creature on the top of it's head, enjoying the soft feeling of the hair under his fingers.
Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the spider's smaller legs wrap around his back and ever so gently pull him closer. After a few moments of wondering what she was doing, the answer came to him - the spider was giving him a hug. Smiling, he continued to stroke her while the jumping spider made some quiet noises that sounded a bit like chirping and hissing.
After a short time, Angus became curious as to whether the spider could understand him or not, partly due to the fact he was still trapped in the building.
"D-do  you know a way out?" he asked nervously. The spider seemed to almost nod before moving backwards in jerky movements. Angus eventually decided to follow, despite being nervous of he might find.
Following the spider through the large metal doors, Angus couldn't believe what he saw. In the middle of the room, there was a massive ball of silk attached to hundreds of webbing strands. Inside, Angus could make what looked like a lot of smaller balls. Were they eggs?
Nonetheless, the spider walked past them and stopped in front of a large pipe. Although too big for the spider to fit through, it was more then big enough for Angus to crawl through. As he looked into it, he could see light on the other side.
With a warm feeling of relief inside, he turned back towards the jumping spider before stroking her again. Once more, the spider made its unusual range of noises before turning around and heading the large silken ball in the middle of the room. Angus, meanwhile, crawled through the pipe to freedom.

Finally out of the factory, Angus had intended to just head straight home. However, an unfriendly face awaited him as he headed back to the front of the factory.
The bully seemed almost shocked that Angus had escaped out, but needless to say it only made him more angry. Pulling the metal pole out from the door, he advanced towards the little boy.
Before he could do anything though, the sound of beating wings filled the air before Angel landed behind Angus, his eyes glowing red in place of the usual indigo.
The bully now dropped the pole and backed up towards the door.
"What did I tell you?" Angel stated with anger in his voice.
The bully couldn't speak, and a further shock for him came when the rusty doors behind him creaked open and as he turned, the colour drained from his face at what he saw.
The spider was there, with her second set of legs raised in an aggressive stance. Before he could say a word, the spider pounced on him before dragging him, screaming, into the factory.
Angus now looked at Angel as his eyes returned to their indigo colour. Smiling, he knelt down before hugging Angus.
"Are you O.K?"
Angus nodded. "Wh-what'll happen to that boy?"
Angel smiled. "Don't worry. Queenie won't hurt him. She'll just tickle torture him for a few hours or so"
Angus looked surprised. "Queenie?"
"That's the name I gave her", Angel explained. "When I first came to Earth ages ago, I was shot down by a group called Majestic here in the U.K. I was then brought here where they intended to experiment on me but I managed to escape".
Angus was shocked. "What about the spider?"
"When I escaped, several of my feathers fell out, like the one I gave you. Angel dragon feathers have a lot of magic in them, and one of them happened to land near a female Zebra spider that was crawling on the floor".
"A-and it m-made her b-bigger?" Angus stuttered.
Angel nodded. "It changed her character as well. She became friendlier and as you found out, she gained a liking of humans but still remained a bit shy of them".
Angus remembered how Queenie had back away and hid her face when he got up.
"I come here every week or so to feed her", Angel explained. "I use dragon magic to create giant bugs for her to eat, so she doesn't go hungry. The last thing I want is her getting killed by people because of her hunting".
The thought of Queenie getting killed made Angus feel a bit upset inside. She had been friendly to him - even if she had tickled him for ages - and thanks to her, he wasn't scared of spiders anymore.
"When you didn't come home, Sandra asked me to come and find you", said Angel. "Did the bully hurt you?"
"Not really", replied Angus. Angel smiles and hugged him again while rubbing his back, causing Angus to sigh happily.
"Do you want a ride home?"
Smiling, he nodded before climbing onto Angel's back and holding on as the white dragon rose up into the sky, leaving the factory behind.

At home later, Angus sat on the sofa with the feather Angel had gave him ages ago in his hand. Stroking it up and down on his fingers, his attention suddenly was diverted to a spider running across the floor.
He wasn't scared, though. Not this time.
Putting the feather down on top of the television, he proceeded to gently pick up the spider in his hands. Even in his small hands, it looked tiny. Giggling as it crawled over his palm, he quickly and easily put it outside. As he shut the window, he heard the sound of clapping behind him.
It was his mum, who had seen what he had just done before coming over and hugging him.
"Well done, Angus", said Sandra before kissing his cheek. "I'm really proud of you".
Angus smiles and hugged his mum back, enjoying every moment.
A few moments later Sandra spoke again. "You go wash your hands, 'cause tea is nearly ready".
Angus grinned before running upstairs to go and wash his hands. In his haste, he'd completely forgotten Angel's feather on top of the television…and no-one was around as it began to flash, with the television screen also beginning to pulse with rainbow colours…
My half of an art trade I was doing with Kathy. (:iconxxcurlywurlyxx:)

It's a tickle story with her character Angus

Her half of the art trade: - [link]
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Chapter 2

"So, are you sure you've got everything?" her Grandma questioned.
"Yes", Christina replied with a smile as she put her bag down by the front door. Her Grandma had agreed to let her go with Jacob and Susan (who had also agreed to go) to his Aunt's caravan. She had packed before going to bed, but that didn't stop her Grandma consistently checking to see that she hadn't forgotten everything.
Outside, the weather hadn't changed much since yesterday. It was Friday morning and still sunny and without a cloud in sight, but it was cooler today. That Christina was glad of.
She was wearing a loose red t-shirt with her jeans, with her trainers by the door for when Jacob's mum arrived and her other footwear packed in her bag.
She kneeled down on the sofa and looked out the window as she waited. Some of the young kids were outside on the grass, having fights with their various water guns while one or two were playing about in a pile of sand and grit that the council had left. It wouldn't take a genius to know what the older kids would be doing, sat festering in their bedrooms with the curtains closed while they stare with zombie-like expressions at a screen of some sort.
It wasn't long before a silver people carrier pulled up in front of the house. Quick as she could, Christina shoved her trainers on and grabbed her bag before running into the kitchen where her Grandma was making herself a cuppa.
"Are you off now?" she asked, unaware of the people carrier outside.
"Yeah, so I'll see you on Monday", Christina replied before giving her Grandma a hug and turning towards the door.
"Have a nice time, and be careful", her Grandma called after her as she ran through the gate, which slammed shut behind her. Unaware of whether Christina had heard her or not, Julie simply smiled and shook her head.
"Kids today", she muttered to herself, "they're always in a rush". With that, she turned her attention back to her cup of tea.
Christina meanwhile barrelled down the passageway out onto the front. Jacob was already opening the door for her, leaning back from the front seat. Quick as she could, Christina put her bag in the middle before climbing in and shutting the door.
Susan was sat on the other side and smiled as her friend got in and fastened her seatbelt.
Jacob looked at her from the front seat before speaking.
"Have you got everything you need?"
"Yes!" Christina said with a smile, trying to hide the agitation.
"Have you got your toothbrush?"
"Yea...oh crap! Can you give me a minute?" she asked before pulling open the door and running back to the house. Jacob and Susan couldn't help but giggle at it.
A few moments later, Christina returned and they were on their way.
It was then that Jacob's mum spoke.
"I'm going to be staying with a friend in Pickering this weekend. She's not been feeling too well, so you three will be on your own. If you need anything, let me know".
The three of them agreed before relaxing for the long journey ahead.

Two days later on Sunday, the three were spending time outside the caravan in the warm summer night. They had spent the day in Scarborough, looking around the shops, going down to the beach and visiting the Sea-Life centre. They had loved going there, seeing all the different animals including the fish, seals, sharks and other creatures (although the girls had to constantly keep an eye on Jacob, who would frequently stop and stare at the various creatures, forgetting the girls were moving on).
Furthermore, he'd struggled when they'd gone shopping. He'd offered to carry some of their bags to try and be helpful. However, he trailed behind the girls whilst having to stop and seemingly have a rest. After a while, Susan turned to ask him what was the matter. Jacob had stopped and was switching the bag handles around.
"Jacob", Susan started, "if they're too heavy just say and I'll swap one with you. Switching the handles around doesn't make them lighter".
"It's not that", Jacob replied, rubbing his hands together. "It's because the handles are just digging into my hands and it hurts".
At this point, Christina turned with a smile on her face before giggling slightly. Walking over to Jacob, she picked up one of the heavier bags he had.
"Stop been such a wimp", she playfully teased.
"I'm not a wimp", Jacob moaned, not understanding that she was just teasing him.
Now, hours later, Christina and Susan were relaxing in the caravan watching the television. Jacob, meanwhile, had pulled out a telescope he had brought with him and was watching the night sky, which was full of bright stars. A big contrast to living in Hull, where the stars only appeared faintly at night.
Flicking through the channels, the pair eventually stopped on the news as they waited for another program to begin.
Christina smiled. "It's a bit odd not seeing Peter Levi doing the news here".
Susan laughed. "I didn't even think about that".
The newscaster continued with his stories, before telling one which surprised both of the girls.
"We've received reports from students at the University of Cambridge that there is a meteor shower coming down over the Dalby Forest area. For all residents in and around the area, there is no need for panic. The students have stated none of the meteors are big enough to cause damage and will merely burn up as they enter the atmosphere".

At that point, Christina was about to call for Jacob. However, he seemed to get there first.
"Christina! Susan! Look at this!" he shouted.
Quickly, both the girls hopped up out of their seats and hurried outside. As soon as they passed through the door way and door the steps, both of them were staring with amazement at the sky.
Showers of large shooting stars passed by overhead. They were glowing blue in colour and  some of them were leaving long trails as they passed through the atmosphere.
For a few minutes, the three of them just stood there, watching the sky as the spheres of light fell from the endless depths of space to this little blue planet below.
As they watched, however, something completely unexpected began to happen.
Between the trails of shooting stars, swirling rainbow lights began to appear, glowing brighter and merging into a curtain of multicoloured energy, flashing and pulsing.
"Jacob, what's happening?" Christina questioned, nervous of what was actually happening as the lights continued to swirl, forming areas of dazzling white between the spectrum of colour.
"I have absolutely no idea", Jacob replied as his eyes remained focused like lasers on the sky while the meteors continued to fall, not as easy to see now.
"Hey guys", Susan started, "the television's going weird".
Indeed it was. The television screen was changing colour rapidly, while the lights began to dim and brighten with no rhythm. Susan then pulled out her mobile.
"My phone's doing it as well", she said as she watched the screen cycle through the colours while menus flicked back and forth.
"Maybe the meteors are affecting earth's magnetic fie-".
Jacob didn't finish his sentence, as at that moment the girls screamed while multicoloured bolts of lightning flashed in streaks across the sky. All the electrical equipment immediately turned off while a sudden wind gusted up around them. Almost instantly, the trio got down on the floor as the caravan creaked while the telescope toppled over. Looking up, the three of them watched the rainbow lightning creeping like fingers through the curtain of energy, linking with one another in some bizarre way.
Then came the big finish.
As Christina looked up at one particular big section of white light, there was a sudden explosion before, like a dolphin jumping out of the water, a meteor much bigger than the others appeared. It too was glowing with dazzling blue fire and was coming down towards the earth. Unlike the others, this one wouldn't burn up.
Christina, Susan and Jacob all covered their heads as the meteor flew over them towards the forest. Looking up, they watched as it slammed into the ground. The sound of the impact was deafening as as dirt and smoke flew up in the distance like a bomb had just gone off, the shock waves travelled through the ground.
After a few moments, it all stopped. The air quietened and the dust settled, with only the remaining white glow in the sky.
Slowly, the three friends got up. Susan tried her phone but with no response, while Christina tried the electrical equipment in the caravan. The result was the same. Everything was kaput.
Christina turned to Jacob. "Your mum won't be able to get in contact with us now, so what do we do?"
Jacob looked at her before looking out towards the forest, lit by the light in the sky.
"Let's go find the meteor".
"What!" Susan asked, surprised. "Are you mad? We just nearly got killed by that!"
"Well we can't just sit here hoping somebody comes along", Jacob explained. "Barely anyone comes around here at night, so what else can we do? Besides, that light in the sky means we should find it in no time".
Christina seemed torn at this point. On one hand, she wanted to stay by the caravan even though there was now no power and they were on their own. On the other hand, she agreed with Jacob and wanted to go find it. Who knows what they might find there.
She turned to Susan. "I agree with Jacob".
Susan put her hand on her forehead. "I don't believe this...O.K, fine. Just let me get some shoes on".
Christina did the same as she reached through the door and grabbed the first footwear she could reach. She had pulled out her trainers and she quickly shoved them on.
Jacob waited patiently before finally, the three of them ventured together into the forest to find the meteor...and anything else that had come with it...
The third part of my story, Angels and Starlight.
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Betty woke up chained to the wall. A reddish blob with eerie veins sat in front of her. It shifted from side to side and began to approach her. She looked down to see that her shirt had been cut so that innie belly button was exposed. The blob creature crawled closer to her and stop inches away from her belly. Betty quivered, not knowing what the horrible thing had in mind, if it had a mind.

A long green tentacle pushed through the skin of the red blob, right towards Betty's belly button. She screamed,yelled and thrashed against her restraints,only to tire herself out. The green tentacle touch the edge of Betty's navel and she shivered. It was cold and slimy, making her skin crawl. The tentacle moved further into her belly button until it was touching the bottom of her innie. It found the crease in the middle and began to slither in between, pushing the crease apart. Betty groaned in pain as the green worm thing pushed itself deeper into her belly button.

Once the tentacle was inside, it began to swell, cause Betty's more pain. A lump formed inside the tub connect to Betty via her belly button. It grew until it was the size of a golf ball. Then it slowly made its way down the tube towards Betty. As the one lump traveled down, another formed and began its trek behind the first lump. Then another and another. When the first lump pushed its way into Betty, she groaned. Looking down at her belly button, she saw that it had began to bleed a little.

Betty tired with all her might to break loose but to no avail. The blob would do with her as it please. There would be no escape.
For all you creepy people like me who like the idea of navel penetration~
I had to come up with this on the spot so that this pic wouldn't seem so lame.
No, this is my belly button, it some random person off of goole. Google bellybutton and you'll find this picture I'm guessing.
Don't go bitching on me about how this isn't art or this is stupid and bitching, bitching, bitching...If you don't like it, don't look at it. :)
Bellybutton belongs to someone.
Editing done me!
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Des's tongue poked inside the bellybutton of the girl he was torching.  She was doing her best not to break down and give him the info he was commanded to get out of her.  He was only just starting to torcher her and she wasn't about to give up now.   The woman belly quiver as Des poked deeper into her navel with his tongue.

The only reason she was in the underground torcher chamber  was because she  knew information about a group of people planning to assassinate the king.  Once it was found out that she knew all this, she was hauled away to the dark, underground, dimly lighted, torcher chamber. She had heard tale of it before. Men were burned with demon symbols and woman were torched in such a way they didn't even speak about it.  It was said that the man doing all this wasn't a man at all, but a creature the king  had found while conquering other kingdoms.

She was dragged into a room that  was  just a dim lighted at the rest of the underground tunnels. The wall straight across from the door had chains for arms and legs. On her right side in the rectangular room, was an area with different potions, tools, and other assorted strange things.  On the left side was  two beds. One that looked to be for sleeping on, and the other  was bed-shaped  but  was stone and had leather straps for holding down human limbs.

The silent criminal was dragged to the wall with the chains,chained up, and cranked into the air so that her feet dangled off the floor.  The two men quickly ran out of the room and locked the door.  "Maybe there really is a creature in here," thought the woman.

A tall, young looking man got out of the bed and stretched. He didn't look like a monster. In fact, he was quite handsome.  He had a  plane, grey, long sleeved shirt on, dark brown pants,and black hair. He yawned and looked at the  girl chained to his wall.  "My, looks like I've got a guest." Said the man. "I need to get you ready before I can do my job."

He calmly walk over to her and  looked her over. Tilting his head to one side as if it'd help him figure out what he needed to. He turned on his heels and walked over to the table filled with random tools.

"And what is your name?" He said, picking up a knife.

Her skin prickled at the idea of having a blade poking holes into her, she mumbled her name,"Snel..."

"What was that?" He asked, walking over to the door. He opened it and pulled a note off it. He read it silently.  Walking  back over towards Snel, he asked again. "What did you say your name was?"  
    "It's Snel." Snel said again.
    He looked at her with a wide smile. "Well then Snel, you have some information  the king needs to know. And as a citizen, you should give him any information that'll help keep everyone safe. You don't want people getting hurt, do you?"  
    Snel looked at him. He didn't look at all like a torcherer, he looked like a  young guy in the wrong place. Though he still had the knife in his hand, he didn't looks dangerous.
    "What's your name?" She asked, dodging his question.
    "My name? I am Des. Your torcherer. And since you don't want to cooperate, I'll have to do my job today." He said, approaching her.
    Des took his knife and took a step closer to Snel. She  let out accidental yelp.  Des smirked and Snel blushed. He grabbed a wad of Snel shirt and plunged his knife through it. The gray shirted man tears a hole in the woman's shirt and then proceed to make it big enough so that he navel was exposed. Snel blushed even more  and  tried to break herself free. This only interested Des more. Snel  belly button changed shape while she thrashed about. Grabbing his victim by the hips, Des pressed his face into her belly.   He  pressed a soft kiss onto her belly button.
    "What the...?" Snel said shocked.
    Des pressed another soft kiss on Snel navel, causing her to stay blushed. He looked at her with a smirk, knowing that this was causing  her to blush.
    "You ready to give up that information now?" He asked sweetly.
    "Not if this is what you call torcher." Retorted the woman.
    "Looks like my sweet talking isn't working. Time for me to start the torcher."
    Des stuffed his face back into the hole in Snel's shirt.  His tongue  slithered out of his mouth and poked Snel's belly button. She squeaked with shock and began moving around again. But Des held tight to her hips. There would be no getting away.
    All this moving around intrigued the young man more. He pressed his tongue deeper into Snel's navel. Wiggling his tongue around like a big fat worm.  Snel moaned without even meaning to. She'd never  felt something so strange  before.
    "Time for the tickling!" Des said, pulling his face  away from the woman's  navel.  He skipped happily over to his tray of many toys and tools. Setting down the knife, he picked up a thin, flexible, rod shaped, piece of metal.  Skipping back, he stopped in front of Snel and asked her,"You ready to talk now?"
    "No." She said and thought to herself, "If he keeps going on like this, I'll never leave."
    Shrugging his shoulders, Des stood in front of Snel's navel again. He stood there a moment, thinking of what to do. A devious smile spread across his face.   Des took the thin, metal rod and inserted it into the woman's navel. Going around in circles in her belly button.  
    "Oh,hahahaha! That tickles!" She giggled.
    Des stop a moment to let her catch her breath.  "If you thought that tickled, feel this!"
    The torcherer took the pointed end of the rod and rubbed the  pulse point in Snel's bellybutton. Sending her into fits of gasping laughter.  Des moved the thin rod up and down her pulse point, cause her to keep laughing with gasping breaths. Panting uncontrollability. Each time he passed over the spot a tingling sensation  pulsed  in her body. The king's torcherer kept it up for a while. Snel didn't know how much longer she could take of this before she passed out.
    "Pleaseeee hehehe Stooooop!" She begged before another wave of laughter.
    "Fine, I'll move on to my last fun thing to do before I start using the hot iron." Des said, wishing he could keep going forever.
    "This is my final offer. Tell me what I need to know, and I'll let you go. If not, then...You'll see."
    Snel though a moment, "Might as well see what he had in store for me next. Those last few things we're all that bad."  She looked at him and said, "Go ahead, I might as well see what you have in store."
    "I was hoping you'd say that." Des said with a grin.
    Once again, Des got really close to Snel's navel. She peered at him as he faced her stomach,"What is he going to do, kiss me again."  
    Opening his mouth slightly, Des let his inner tongue out. It was a dark green, a few centimeter thick and looked like a worm with a pointed head.  It came from  the pit of his  stomach, eager to get what it wanted. Des moved his face close and stretch his inner tongue so that it just poked Snel's belly button. The devious young man wanted to make sure she knew what was going to happen.  He swirled his inner tongue around and around Snel's unprotected innie belly button, he could see the fear in her eyes.  
    Just to freak Snel's out more, he slowly got his  inner tongue closer to the inside of her navel and closer to the crease in the middle.  Des  brushed the  pulse point in the middle on Snel's belly button. He felt the tremors that ran down her body. "This is going to be fun." He thought amused.
    Without warning, Des plunged the tongue into  the woman's navel and  into her.  Just the the right depth so he could get  the fluids he craved.  Something he was constantly hungry for. No matter how many belly buttons he  burrowed into, Des could only suppress the wantings for a little while before they returned.  Snel's  would be one of the many woman that he's fed upon.
    "Auhh!" Moaned Snel, both in pain and enjoyment. It was a sensation of all it's own. It wasn't unbearable or truly likeable either.  She tied arching her back but only encouraged Des more. Pushing a little deeper.  Snel wanted it to last for ever, but at the same time stop.  It was so tiring  to have his tongue inside her feeding, even though Snel was doing nothing but holding still and moaning. "I got to stop him before I pass out and only the gods know what he might do to me then. But that mean I'll have to..." thought Snel.
    "Stop!" She gasped. "You win, I'll talk!"
    Pulling out his inner tongue from Snel's navel, Des back up and looked at her with  the worm like tongue hanging out of his mouth.  He slurped it up like a noodle and smiled at the woman who had finally  admitted defeat.
    "You ready to talk now? " Asked Des.
    "Yes...They're hiding out in an old wine cellar on the outskirt of the closest village.  They're planning to attack when the king is making his morning stroll through the village."
    Des wrote it all down quickly. "Thank you  for that little  bit of information. You'll be moved to a cell and later set free."
    "Why aren't they putting me to death?" Questioned Snel,confused.

"Because the king is giving you a chance to redeem yourself. And beside, once your friends find out you betrayed them...They might be the ones putting you to death."

Snel gulped and realized what might befall her.     As she was lowered back to ground level and hauled out the door, she watched Des. He smiled kindly and waved good-bye. She marked the ninety-ninth woman he had fed off of as a torcherer.  Just an average day for Des.
My first story on this account! Finally! Didn't take me long to type this all up and edit it. Maybe about a week, not counting all the days I didn't look at it. Please tell me of any annoying mistakes, such as spelling, grammer or how it sounds. Just don't be a jerk about it.

Des is a torcherer from the mid-evil time. He feeds off of a weird fluid inside navels. He just targets woman more because they have way less hair on their body and he perfers women. That peice of metal he was using on Snel was like a paper clip, just an FYI.

Any questions on Des? He's going to be showing up a lot more soon,when ever I get the next chapter out. Not as much belly button drama in this story, should be more in the next one.
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     I woke in my room to see the smiling sun shining outside. I was ready to begin the day without a moment to lose. Putting on my black belly shirt, that exposed my cute innie belly button, I went outside and walked to my favorite coffee joint. As I entered, the scent of coffee wafted up my nose and I smiled.

     "Hello," said a friendly man at the counter, "Would you care to try out our new BB Blast?"

     "Um, sure," I replied.

     Now that I think about it, the guy didn't look like the normal person at the counter, but it wasn't all that important at the moment. After finishing the odd, yet delicious coffee, I headed home to do some house work. On my trip home my head began to feel light, like it was going to leave my body. Again, I made a silly assumption that I was tired and decided to lay on my couch. Boom! I passed out. Out cold, lights out, dead as a door knob, whatever you want to call it. My dreams were crazy, convoluted, and reminding me a bit of the 70's. 

     It was when a someone called that I let go of my strange world and came back to the stranger world of the living.

     "Wake up," said a familiar male voice that I swore I had recently heard. 

     I open my eyes and find myself in a dark room, conveniently tied to what felt like a queen sized mattress. A good choice, but that's besides the point. I glanced around in the darkness, hoping to better understand my surroundings. 

     "Where am I? Who are you?" I called to into the darkness.

     "Here, let me shed some light and see what we have here," said the voice in the darkness. 

     As the lights turned on I noticed that this wasn't my room, but the room of some other person. Not much to look at, gray walls, a chair, a light and a door. There was a mysterious man walking over to the side of the bed that really caught my attention. As he smiled down at me and I cringed. I've seen plenty of movies, and when you're tied to a bed in a dull room with a guy smiling down at you, it's a good chance he's not planning a birthday party. More than likely he wants to chop you up or torture you to gets some answers. So, I bravely looked at my foe and asked my first question...

     "Who are you?!" I demand, though my voice nearly cracked when I did.  

     "Please, allow me to introduce myself. You should know me by my username of Seargeant 4. Your username is BellyButtonBug, correct?"

     I shook my head in agreement. This could be either a good sign or a bad sign. Then again, when someone you meet online drugs you and ties you to a bed...Let just say you get some weird ideas what they're planning to do. And all you perverts out there, get your minds out of the gutters, gesh. 

     "Good. Then let me go get my tools," Seargeant said as he left the room.

     Whatever this guy is going to do to me, I can take it. I reassured myself. Then I had a realization. Oh my God he's getting tools, I'm totally fucked. How the hell do I get out of here.  

     Re-entering the room, the strange man returned with a box. He noticed me staring at it and tipped the box my way. How nice. Inside the box was a feather, a feather duster, an electric toothbrush, a q-tip, a paint brush, and a small black box. The bad feeling I had been feeling, you know that tight knot in your gut, that began to get tighter. I remembered what I had on my BellyButtonBug account, and considering what was in the box and how my belly was exposed, I now had a good idea what was going to happen next. 

     "What's in the box?" I ask innocently, trying to stay calm.

     "Oh, you'll know soon enough, BellyButtonBug. Now, let's begin. I think I'll use this first," he held out the feather and twirled it in his fingers. "My, what a cute belly button you have. Is it ticklish?"

     "No..." I sheepishly replied.

     Searg lightly brushed the feather over my bare belly and I jumped a little. That devious grin on his face, oh how I wanted to punch him. He knew darn right I was ticklish, we had role played enough time for him to know what spots too.  

     "Do your worst Seargeant!" I hissed, instantly regretting my choice of words. 

     "Okay, if you insist, " he said, shrugging his shoulders. 

     He brought the feather down to my belly button and did light slow circles around it, getting closer and closer to my navel. The skin on my stomach tensed each time the feather rubbed over it. I chewed on my bottom lip, swallowing down as much of tickling sensation as I could. He paused a moment, which I dumbly assumed that it meant he was stopping and I could breath again. Wrong. The next thing I knew he thrust the feather down into my defenseless belly button. The laughter I had canned up burst out, coming out in a steady stream. 

     "Tickle, tickle, your belly button's ticklish," he sang. Though it was obvious, he just like to rub it in. 

     Seargeant did stop with the feather after a few minutes, allowing me to suck in more air. That wasn't the end, of course, he had a whole box full of stuff to use. He pulled out the small black box, the one I was the most worried about. Five inches by five inches, the little black box could contain anything. When Searg brought it over to me, a smug smile was on his face. He deliberately opened the box slowly to make me suffer. When he had it full open, out popped ten robotic hands that tickled, poke, probed, and pushed my belly button. Each taking their turn to torture my navel. I flopped about so much in trying to keep them away from my stomach, I gave myself a headache. I didn't know what was worse, them tickling me, or the throbbing in my head. 

    Once the hands were sealed away in their box, Seargeant pulled out the feather duster and slowly tickled my belly button. Yet again, I began to laugh uncontrollably. Little cowardly tears trickled out of my eyes. Good riddance to them, they were only making matters worse. 

    He set down the feather duster and gleefully pulled out the paint brush and tickled me with that. A big smile on his face as I giggled while being tickled. He made sure to get every little crease he could find in my navel. Which, is impressive yet annoying. 

    But he wasn't done there. Seargeant pulled out a q-tip and quickly swirled it in my belly button sending me into another fit of laughter. As he continued his assault on my poor navel, Serg slid the electric toothbrush out of the box and stuffed into my belly button. I was out of luck. I laughed and laughed until my sides hurt. That crazy guy left it in there and let it tickle me like crazy. My heart beat rapidly within my chest and given the opportunity, I'm pretty sure it would have jumped out and ran away. 

    Seargeant pulled out the brush and decided he'd have a go with my quivering navel. With his pointer finger, he swirled it around in my belly button for a bit. This wasn't as tickling, thankfully, so I was able to calm down for a bit. This break didn't last long though. Once he had his fun with that, he gave it twenty raspberries. Raspberry, breath,reassberri, breath, ect. Twenty times he did this. It was funny the first four times, but after a while it got old, yet it still tickled each time. It was probably a good think I didn't say that outloud, or he would have down more. 

    After all that, I was allowed a ten-minute break. And boy, did my belly button need it. The flesh in and around my belly button were bright red. The kind of red your face gets when someone catches you doing something stupid and you try to act like you either didn't do it or it wasn't that odd. 

    During the break, Seargeant had gone and gotten a brown plastic bottle.

    "What's that?" I ask him, as he poured the unknown cool brown substance into my aching belly button. It seeped into my belly button, filling every crevice. I would know, i could feel it doing so.  

    "Chocolate sauce," he replied.

    "What are you going to do?" I questioned, though I already knew the answer.  I just hoped he wasn't going to what I thought he was going to do. 

    He gave me a devilish grin and knew he was up to no good. Putting his face close to my belly, he licked up all the chocolate sauce, enjoying every moment of it. Then he began to push it further in to be sure he got every last drop of chocolate out of my navel. No crevice, crack or crease was safe. Once he was sure of that, he tickled my belly button with his hot tongue.

    Thankfully, I was give another ten minute break. Allow my muscles to relax and for me to think of all the wonderful sensation I had been feeling. Which, only account for about half of what he'd done to me. It felt pretty good at first, then it began to get irritating. At some point, I was going to break and that's when it'd get ugly. And I don't mean bar-fight ugly, I mean rat infest, dark alley ugly. 

:iconSeargeant4: and I had a RP a long time ago, thus this story was born from it. THIS NEVER REALLY HAPPENED, YA HERE! Just in case you guys get any crazy thoughts that this really happen.  Though, I do love all my little remarks and sarcasm I've added in :D 

I would like to clear a few things up though. One, I don't wear crop-tops and I don't like having people see my belly/belly button. Two, I so would not cooperate to this. I would be scared out of my wits, even if I was being tickled. But hey, it's fiction, I do what I want bitches! It's like, a what-would-happen-if sorta situation. 

Enjoy, laugh, and try not to be a creeper when you read. 

Part 2: <da:thumb id="318034035">

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Adventures of the Omphale Sisterhood
Issue #1
Written by: Mike Brooklyn


A college sorority house during the middle of the night. It's a decent sized building, large enough to house four people. Judging from the lack of light coming from the windows, it's safe to say if anyone is home, they are all asleep.

CAPTION: The sorority house of the Omphale Sisterhood. A quartet of college girls with such a love of their midriffs, they named their group after "omphale", the Greek word for "navel".


We are in the bedroom of Sabreena. Her room looks like that of an exotic Arabian princess. Sabreena herself is a Southern Asia Indian girl, about 20 years old. She has milk chocolate colored skin; long, flowing black hair and doe eyes. She wears a silk, halter top and shorts set with chiffon trim and a rose detail. The silk shorts fall low on her hips. She sleeps without any sheets or blankets on. We can see she naked tummy, complete with a perfectly circular, deep innie bellybutton.

CAPTION: Sabreena, a young student from India. She came to America to further her education. She dreams of teaching belly dancing professional.  

Now we are in the bedroom of Joanie. She's 18 years old. She has long, wavy, almost blood colored red hair, tiny freckles on her face, and a milky white complexion to her skin. Her room is that of someone who you expect is a farmer's daughter. She sleeps without any covers. She wears a short, white, wife beater undershirt that has been purposely cut off so that the hem ends right below her breasts and above her ribs. She wears plaid boxer shorts slung low on her hips. Her bellybutton is oval shaped and has a pronounced rim of skin that goes all around, creating a puckered appearance.
CAPTION: Joanie, who hails from Georgia. She has spent most of her life living on her father's farm.


Next is the bedroom of Moon, a Japanese girl at age 19. Her eyes are almond shaped, her hair is long, black and tied in pigtails, and her skin is honey in color. She wears a short pink shirt with a generic Japanese anime character on it; the shirt itself falls right at her ribs, and she also has on sexy thong panties. Not one inch of original wall is left as she has covered her walls and ceiling with posters of token anime characters. Of course, she wears no sheets to bed. An outie bellybutton sits in the middle of her exposed midsection; it's half the size of a ping-pong ball.

CAPTION: Moon, a student from Japan. The resident anime/manga fangirl who spends her summers going from anime convention to anime convention, and she is one of the world's best professional costume players.


Lastly, we are in the bedroom of Bianca. She is an African-American girl, age 21. Her skin is dark chocolate in complexion; her black hair is tied back in a ponytail. She wears only a dark blue sports bra and matching bikini bottoms. Her room is a virtual gym with exercise equipment everywhere. Like all the other girls, she doesn't wear bed covers. Her tummy has a hint of abs, but remains feminine. She has an outie bellybutton that is spiral in design; it resembles a miniature cinnamon bun.

CAPTION: And Bianca, a statuesque beach volleyball player who has her sights set on winning Olympic gold someday.


Back outside the sorority house, a lightning storm has begun. Rain falls from the sky, with bolts of lightning flashing in the background.

CAPTION: On this night, they will meet an individual with a love of the female navel as intense as their own.


A bolt of lightning that has stuck close to the ground beings to dissipate, revealing two shadow covered figures. One is in the shape of a man; the other appears to be a small feline.


With the lightning gone, we now see the figures. The man figure is Raijin, a Japanese God with traditional Japanese attire. He has the face of a Japanese demon, but he doesn't appear to be threatening. He carries a large drum on his back. The feline is Raiju, a curious blue and white colored cat like creature.

CAPTION: Raijin, the Japanese God of Thunder. Legend speaks of his habit of stealing the bellybuttons of moral humans that are foolish enough to sleep with their abdomens exposed during lightning storms. And with him is Raiju, his faithful companion. He has a habit of resting inside the navels of bare bellied sleepers.


From a worm's eye view, Raijin points with his long fingernails towards the highest window of the sorority house. Raiju looks in the direction that his master points in.

RAIJIN: Raiju, did I not tell you that coming to America would bring us much entertainment? Already I sense four young females who have dared to sleep with their navels exposed during one of my storms. Quickly, my pet, let us partake of fun at their expense.


Still outside the house, in a flash of light, we see Raijin and Raiju disappearing.


Now inside Bianca's bedroom, Raijin and Raiju reappear in another flash of light.


Bianca sleeps soundly on her back. Raiju floats above her stomach; he smells her cinnamon bun shaped bellybutton. Raijin looks over his pet's shoulder.

RAIJIN: Uh, your taste in beauty is uncanny, Raiju. Feel free to have your merry way with this amazon's navel. I will search the house for the remaining girls.


Close-up of Raiju as he licks Bianca's bellybutton. He leaves little hints of saliva.


Close-up of Bianca's face, her lips begin to curl from the ticklish sensation of Raiju's licking. She lets out a small moan.

BIANCA: Mmmmm.


Raiju has worked his lips around Bianca's bellybutton and is now sucking on it like a nipple.


Close-up of Bianca's face again, except now she has a full toothy smile on her face. She lets out a small giggle.



Close up of Bianca's face as her hazel eyes shoot wide open. She is startled.


Bianca now sits up in her bed. She looks in shock at Raiju. Raiju has stopped playing with Bianca's bellybutton and looks at her with equal surprise.

BIANCA: What … are you?!


Raiju now looks at Bianca with a sweet and innocent face. Bianca's expression has softened.

BIANCA: Ah, actually, you're kind of cute, for a painted … cat … thing.


Raiju begins to tickle Bianca's bellybutton with the tip of his tail. A huge smile comes across Bianca's face.

BIANCA: Hey, hehe, what are you doing? Wait, hehe, no, hehe, my bellybutton is, hehe, ticklish.


Raiju now tickles Bianca's bellybutton with his tail at a more feverish pace. Bianca's back is arched, giving easier access for Raiju to tickle her, as she laughs uncontrollably.



Bianca has grabbed a hold of Raiju's tail, stopping him from tickling her. She tries to regain her composure.

BIANCA: Ha, got your … tail now. No more … tickling.


Raiju's eyes start to grow blue in color. Bianca still has a hold on his tail, but is settled by the glowing eyes.

BIANCA: Uh-oh, that can't be good.


Little blue bolts of lightning shoot out of Raiju's eyes and zap Bianca on her bellybutton. She starts to laugh again.



Raijin has entered Joanie's room. A long, serpent like tongue protrudes from his mouth, it licks the inside of Joanie's puckered bellybutton. She giggles in her sleep.

JOANIE: Hehehe.

RAIJIN (thought balloon): Hmm, this girl's bellybutton is too sour.


Raijin is now in Moon's room. Same as before, he tastes her ball shaped bellybutton with his snake like tongue. Moon giggles, but remains asleep.

MOON: Hehe.

RAIJIN (thought balloon): And this bellybutton is too sweet.


Inside Sabreena's room, Raijin now tastes Sabreena's deep bellybutton with his long tongue. Sabreena giggles in her sleep, like the girls before her.

SABREENA: Hehehehe.

RAIJIN (thought balloon): Ah, this one has the perfect flavor.


Raijin looks at Sabreena's tummy at eye level and circles her bellybutton with one of his long fingernails.

RAIJIN (thought balloon): It would be a shame to steal such a perfect navel away from her, but at the same time, I am not ready to part ways with it. I have an idea.


Raijin has a hand on each side of Sabreena's waist as he lowers his face towards her bellybutton.


Raijin's head has disappeared inside of Sabreena's bellybutton, his shoulders rest on her stomach. Sabreena lets out a small moan.



Raijin is now deeper inside Sabreena's navel. Only his legs are protruding from outside the little hole on her tummy. Sabreena now giggles louder, but remains asleep.



Only one of Raijin's feet sticks out from Sabreena's bellybutton. She has gone into full laughter, but remains in her deep slumber.



Raijin has completely vanished inside of Sabreena's navel. Sabreena has stopped laughing and is now relaxed with a small smile on her face as she sleeps.


Bianca sits up in her bed. She has covered Raiju's eyes with her hand, stopping the lightning bolts from tickle attacking her bellybutton. She remains her composure again.

BIANCA: Okay … I'm going to remove my hand. So help me … if you try to tickle me in any other way, I'm going to … field goal kick you out the window.


From Bianca's POV, she has removed her hand from over Raiju's eyes. However, Raiju's eyes have turned into colorful rings of blue, green, and purple.


From Raiju's POV, Bianca's eyes mirror the rings of blue, green, and purple. A vacant, yet happy look is on her face. She is being hypnotized.


Bianca's eyes are now closed; she has been put to sleep. She also sports a small smile on her face. Raiju's eyes are normal, cat's eyes again. He gently pushes on Bianca's forehead with his tail, lowering her back into her bed.


With Bianca now resting peacefully in her bed, Raiju goes back to licking her spiral bellybutton. Bianca lets out tiny giggles in her sleep.

BIANCA: Hehehehe.


It's now the morning. Moon, still dressed as she was when asleep, enters Bianca's room. She rubs one of her chestnut colored eyes.

CAPTION: The next morning …

MOON: Bianca! Time to rise and shine, my fellow outielicious friend!


Moon is the foreground, with her back to us. In the background is Bianca, awake and sitting up in bed. Lying asleep on top of her stomach is Raiju.

Bianca: I don't know what this thing is, but get it off of me!


Bianca is still in bed with Raiju sitting on her tummy. Raiju is now awake and has an expression of joy on his face. Moon closely examines the magical creature.

MOON: Where did it come from?

BIANCA: I don't know, I thought it was some dream I had last night. It showed up and it would not stop tickling my bellybutton. The last thing I remember was … I don't know, a rainbow or something, but then I woke up and it was still here.


Moon now holds Raiju up in her hands. Raiju seems rather pleased to get this attention.

MOON: Wait a minute, now I know where I have seen this little guy before. In Japan, we have this myth about a lightning animal called Raiju. Legend has it he likes to sleep inside and play with the navels of humans during thunder storms. This must be him.


Moon and Bianca enter Sabreena's room. Raiju is lying across Moon's shoulders like a feathered boa. Sabreena is standing up with her hands on her stomach and her silver colored eyes looking down towards her naked bellybutton. Joanie is also awake and looking into Sabreena's navel with her green eyes.

MOON: Good morning, girls! What 'cha doing?

JOANIE: Sabreena says it feels like something is inside her bellybutton, but I can't see anything.


Moon hands Raiju over to Joanie. Joanie looks at Raiju with confusion.

MOON: I think I know what the problem is. Here, take this little guy for me, will you?

JOANIE: Um, sure. Hey here … little fella. You're a cute … whatever you are.


Moon is on her knees and is inserting one of her index fingers into Sabreena's bellybutton. Sabreena bites her lip slightly as this is happening.

MOON: This is going to tickle a little, but you have to trust me.

SABREENA: Hehe, sure, I trust you, hehe.


Moon has somehow managed to insert her arm up to her elbow inside Sabreena's bellybutton. Sabreena is laughing uncontrollably.

MOON: Okay, that shouldn't be possible. That proves Raijin must be behind this.

SABREENA: Hahaha, who!? Hahaha!


In the foreground, Moon has pulled Raijin's head out of Sabreena's bellybutton. She has a hold of him by his hair. Sabreena is amazed. In the background, Bianca and Joanie are equally shocked. Joanie is still holding Raiju.

MOON: Raijin, the Japanese God of Thunder. He just loves toying with bellybuttons while their human owners sleep at night.

RAIJIN: Right you are, my dear. You have exposed me, and so my ruse is over.


We're now in the living room area of the house. It's your average living space with couches and a TV with an entertainment system. The Girls have changed their clothing. Sabreena now wears a dark purple cropped top and matching sweat pants low on her hips. Joanie wears a short sleeved plaid shirt with the shirt tails tied up in a knot, and denim cut-off shorts. Moon wears a type of Japanese schoolgirl outfit, a blue skirt with a sailor like white top, cropped below her bust line. Bianca wears a white Speedo bikini. The Girls stand in front of Raijin as he makes himself comfortable on their main couch, with Raiju resting at his feet.

CAPTION: A few moments later …

MOON: So, Lord Raijin, what are you doing here in America?

RAIJIN: I grow bored with my duties in the Land of the Rising Sun. I decided to travel around the world and find amusement wherever I could. This brought me to your home. After all the entertainment you provided me last night, I think I shall have an extended stay here before returning home.


Raijin and Bianca are face to face. Raijin is still on the couch. Monique has her arms crossed and is not very pleased with what she is hearing.

BIANCA: Oh, good for you. But guess what, I don't care what you are or why you're here. We're not going to let you make yourself at home if you're going to molest us in our sleep.

RAIJIN: That is a shame, for you see, the only way to get rid of me is to pay me tribute. All each of you has to do is offer me a material possession, and Raiju and I will be on our way home.


Bianca is now really in Raijin's face. She's pretty ticked off, but he is even more relaxed.

BIANCA: No way! Our options are either let you stay and tickle us whenever you like or we give you gifts and you'll back off?! How is that fair?! You win either way!

RAIJIN: I never said anything about being fair. And you should watch your tone when speaking to a God, my dear.

BIANCA: Or else what?!


Raijin, still on the couch, now points to Sabreena and Bianca with his index fingers. The two girls are facing each other and are being forced against their wills to move towards each other. Their backs are arched so that when they collide, their stomachs will take the blunt of the impact.

RAIJIN: Or else, this!


The bare bellies of Sabreena and Bianca are pushed together.


A close-up reveals that Bianca's outie bellybutton has interlocked with Sabreena's innie bellybutton. They are stuck together.


Sabreena and Bianca try to push each other away, but they are still joined at their navels. Raijin smiles from the couch.

SABREENA: What did you do?

RAIJIN: Oh, just a trick I learned from a visit to China. Perhaps you have heard of the Chinese Finger Trip? The more you struggle, the tighter the grip will get. That is, unless you apologize for your rude outburst.

BIANCA: Forget it!


Raijin now uses his index fingers to point at Moon and Joanie, causing their arms to rise up into the air as if they were trapped by invisible bonds.

RAIJIN: As you wish. I have other methods that are just as convincing.


Raijin uses the nails of his index fingers to tickle Joanie's puckered innie bellybutton and Moon's ball outie bellybutton. The two girls are helpless with their arms suspended in the air. All they can do is laugh.

RAIJIN: Apologize, or you and your friends will continue to suffer.




A close-up of Joanie's and Moon's bellybuttons as they are being tickled by Raijin's fingernails.


In the foreground, Sabreena and Bianca continue to struggle to break away from each other. In the background, Raijin snaps his fingers.

SABREENA: For crying out loud, Bianca, just say you're sorry!

BIANCA: Okay! I'll say it! I'm sorry!

RAIJIN: There, was that so bad? You are free!



Sabreena and Bianca are able to pull apart from each other. They are both relieved by this. Their unlocking bellybuttons make a loud popping sound.

SABREENA: That's good. I was worried we were going to become conjoined bellybutton twins. Although I must say, Monique, I never knew your skin was so soft and smooth, even with that little four pack of abs that you have.

BIANCA: Oh, shut up, Bree.



Joanie's and Moon's arms are free. They use their hands to rub the ticklish sensation away from their tummies.

JOANIE: I thought I was going to pass out from all that laughing.

MOON: I was almost starting to like it. I haven't been tickled like that since I was a kid.


Raijin holds Raiju in his arms as they are being to fade away. The Girls watch on as this happens.

RAIJIN: Then we have reached an agreement. I am free to live among you until you pay me a proper tribute.

MOON: If that's true, Lord Raijin, then why are you leaving?

RAIJIN: Oh, I am not leaving; I am simply making myself invisible. Think of how much that will increase the fun that I will have with you.


Raijin and Raiju have completely disappeared from sight. The Girls can only stand around in awe of the situation they are in.

JOANIE: So this guy is going to be tickling us when we can't see it coming, and our entire wardrobes are nothing but bare belly clothes? We're screwed!


We're in Sabreena's room. She is dressed a green, tradition belly dancer outfit. She is removing an emerald jewel from a jewelry box on her dresser.

CAPTION: Later that afternoon …

SABREENA (thought balloon): Ah, there it is; my lucky emerald belly jewel.


Sabreena inserting the emerald into her deep navel. It's a perfect fit.

SABREENA (thought balloon): Ha, I'd like to see Raijin try to tickle my bellybutton now.


Raiju appears before Sabreena, he floats in mid-air. Sabreena smiles and points to her bejeweled navel.

SABREENA: Ah, Raiju. How about you do me a favor and tell your master that I've outwitted him? My bellybutton is safe from him, so long as I'm wearing this emerald.


From Sabreena's POV, Raiju's eyes become the hypnotic colored rings and this time, the colors are blue, yellow, and green.


From Raiju's POV, Sabreena's eyes mirror the blue, yellow, and green rings. She has a goofy smile on her face as she falls into a trace.


Sabreena, now fully under Raiju's spell, has her eyes closed and the silly smile remains on her face. She is removing the belly jewel from her navel. Raiju's eyes are back to their normal cat form.


Sabreena does a backbend with Raiju behind her, guiding her to the floor with his tail against her back.


Now with Sabreena lying on the floor with her knees bent, Raiju floats right above her, the tip of his tail hangs directly above her bellybutton. Sabreena's stomach is sucked in.


Sabreena has arched her back while doing a belly roll. This allows Raiju's tail to enter her bellybutton. Sabreena giggles from being tickled.



The same as Panel Three, with Sabreena's stomach sucked in and Raiju's tail hanging above her bellybutton.


Same as Panel Four, with Sabreena doing a belly roll, causing her to arch her back and allow Raiju to tickle her bellybutton with his tail. She giggles.



Sabreena now does another backbend, but this time Raiju is lifting her up to her feet by pushing her from behind her back with his tail.


Now that she's standing up, Sabreena sucks her stomach in like before when she was lying down. Again, Raiju has positioned the tip of his tail so it is mere inches away from Sabreena's navel.


Sabreena does a belly roll, causing Raiju's tail to enter her bellybutton. She laughs.



Same as Panel Two, with Sabreena sucking her stomach in and Raiju waiting with his tail at the ready.


The same as Panel Three, with Sabreena doing a belly roll so that Raiju is able to tickle her in her navel. She laughs again.



Raiju gives Sabreena's bellybutton a lick with his tongue. She laughs harder.



Raiju is starting to fade away. Sabreena is coming out of her trace as her eyes open.

SABREENA: Mmm, what …


Raiju is gone. Sabreena is startled as she inserts one of her index fingers inside her navel.

SABREENA (thought balloon): What happened to my emerald?! And why is my bellybutton all wet?


Sabreena has withdrawn her finger from bellybutton. The tip of her finger has traces of saliva on it. She appears upset.

SABREENA (thought balloon): It looks like I underestimated that little, blue menace.


We are on a beach. There's white sand and blue ocean in the background. In the foreground is Bianca, dressed in a red Speedo bikini. She is playing tetherball, a game in which a volleyball is attached by a thin rope to a metal pole. She holds the volleyball in one hand as she prepares to hit the ball with her other hand.

CAPTION: Meanwhile, at the local beach …


From Bianca's POV, Raijin's head has appeared on the volleyball. He has an evil smile on his face.

RAIJIN: Having fun, are we?


Bianca frowns with her hands on hips as Raijin's head floats in mid-air and the rest of his body starts to fade in beneath him. The volleyball is being held in one of Raijin's faded hands.

BIANCA: Oh, great, it's you again. If you don't mind, I'm trying to practice my volleyball skills.

RAIJIN: Come now, surely being graced with my presence is not that intolerable. You should feel honored to know that among your friends, I respect you the most. Not many mortals are bold enough to challenge me as you did.


Raijin is now completely visible. He floats behind Bianca. She turns around to face him. The volleyball is still in Raijin's hands.

BIANCA: So you respect me, eh? Or maybe it's that out of the four of us, I'm your favorite plaything.

RAIJIN: Yes, you are a clever one. I must admit, while I did allow my pet, Raiju, to have his merry way with your navel, I desired to play with it as well. However, I was not given the opportunity … until now.


Raijin tickles Bianca's bellybutton with one his fingernails. Bianca laughs out loud, unaware that Raijin is backing her up against the metal pole behind her. Raijin still holds the volleyball in his other hand.


RAIJIN: Are we that quick to forget that you cannot order the great Raijin to do anything? I do as I please, and playing with your navel pleases me very much.


Raijin now has Bianca leaning up against the pole. He holds her in place with his hand over her tummy as he throws the volleyball with his other hand.

RAIJIN: I prefer to have my victims be sleep while I play with them, but for you, I have an idea for how to keep you from resisting me.

BIANCA: What are you doing?


The volleyball swings around Bianca and the pole, causing the rope to coil itself around Bianca, binding her to the pole. Raijin looks on with delight as Bianca panics.

RAIJIN: Oh yes, this is a great improvement to your boring game.


The volleyball has stopped rotating and is fully coiled around Bianca, tying her to the pole. Her bare midriff is perfectly framed between the ropes. Raijin kneels down to look at her navel as he wiggles his fingernails.

RAIJIN: And now, my dearest, it is time to hear that enchanting laughter of yours.



Extreme of Raijin's fingernail tickling the middle Bianca's spiral bellybutton.



Another extreme close-up of Raijin tickling Bianca's bellybutton, this time his fingernail traces circles around the helpless navel. Bianca's stomach is quivering.

BIANCA (off panel): Haha, you can't do this … haha, it's not right, haha.

RAIJIN (off panel): I am a God; I am beyond that which you humans consider right and wrong.


Extreme close-up of Raijin's index fingernails spreading the folds of skin of Bianca's bellybutton open. His thumbnails reach inside to tickle the skin deep inside the center of her navel. Sweat drops begin to form on Bianca's stomach.


RAIJIN (off panel): I will be the judge of that.


Extreme close-up of Raijin's serpent tongue caressing Bianca's bellybutton. Bianca's tummy is both sweating and quivering.


RAIJIN (off panel): Do I detect a hint of cinnamon? Why, I believe I do!


Raijin now stands up to be at eye level with Bianca. She is tired and out of breath. Her face is covered with sweat.

RAIJIN: My sweet, have I tired you out? That is quite all right, you have amused me enough for today.


Raijin begins to uncoil the rope around Bianca. She looks like she's ready to fall sleep right there.


Bianca is free from the ropes. Her eyes are closed and she slides down the pole to the sandy ground below her. Raijin is beginning to fade away.


Raijin has vanished. Bianca sits on the ground with her head against the pole; she's sound asleep.


We're on a country farm. In the background is a generic looking barnyard scenery. In the foreground is Joanie, wearing a yellow, cropped, peasant top and a denim skirt. She's all smiles about being home.

CAPTION: The following day …

JOANIE (thought balloon): It's good to be back home on daddy's farm for the weekend. That mean, old Raijin won't bother me here.


Raiju appears by Joanie's feet. She kneels down to greet him and she appears to be happy to see him.

JOANIE: Hey there, Raiju. Were you following me this whole time? I'd take you hanging around with me over Raijin any day.


From Joanie's POV, Raiju's eyes have become rings of blue, red, and white.


From Raiju's POV, Joanie's eyes mirror the red, white, and blue colored rings. Her mouth is ajar and there's a dumbfounded expression on her face.


Joanie, now fully in a trace with her eyes closed, is standing in front of a white and black colored baby calf. She has a peach in one of her hands. Raiju, whose eyes are normal cat's eyes again, is floating over her head.

CAPTION: Moments later …


A close-up of Joanie's tummy, as she squashes the peach in her hand, allowing the juices to drip onto her bare belly flesh.


The baby calf licks the peach juice off of Joanie's stomach with its large tongue. Joanie laughs out loud from this. Raiju watches from overhead.



Joanie is now lying down and is surrounded by six chickens. She is holding a handful of chickenfeed. Raiju watches from overhead.


A close-up of Joanie's belly as she pours the chickenfeed into her puckered navel, creating a small mountain for the chickens to eat from.


The chickens are now peaking away at the chickenfeed inside of Joanie's bellybutton. Joanie laughs as Raiju watches overhead.

JOANIE: Hahaha!


Joanie is still lying down on the ground, but the chickens are all gone now that they are finished with the chickenfeed. Raiju is beginning to fade away.


Raiju is gone. Joanie's eyes open widely, although she is still lying on the ground.

JOANIE (thought balloon): What, what just happened?


Joanie now sits up and is inserting one of her index fingers into her bellybutton. She is confused.

JOANIE (thought balloon): Why does my tummy smell like a peach, and what's this inside my bellybutton?


Joanie is stilling sitting up, but is now examining a pellet of chickenfeed in between her index finger and thumb.

JOANIE (thought balloon): Chickenfeed?! How did that get in there? Why do I have the feeling I've been hoodwinked?


We're inside Moon's room. She is standing in front of a full figure mirror while wearing one of her cosplaying costumes. She's dressed as a jungle girl. The costume is a loincloth bikini with a tiger print pattern. She also holds two of her fingers up in a "V for victory" hand gesture.

CAPTION: Meanwhile, back at the sorority house …

MOON (thought balloon): Moony, get your acceptance speech ready, because this look is going to win you first place at next month's anime convention.


From Moon's POV, Raijin appears as the reflection in the mirror.

RAIJIN: That attire only increases your natural beauty, Moon.


Raijin is stepping out of the mirror. Moon seems pleased to see him.

MOON: Lord Raijin, I was just thinking about you.

RAIJIN: Is that so? You are glad to see me?

MOON: I'll let you in on a little secret. What I said yesterday was true, I do enjoy being tickled.


Raijin is completely outside of the mirror. He glides his long fingernails across Moon's naked midsection in a non-threatening manner. Moon is smiling.

RAIJIN: I expected that you would understand me. No doubt you are aware of your native Japan's belief that the navel is the center of your body's vital activity.

MOON: Oh yeah, I know about that. In fact, we revere our bellybuttons so much that women in Japan have this surgery done to change their "ugly" outies into "perfect" innies. Not me, I love my outie for being different. Even when kids made fun of me for having one, I still loved it, and I loved it even more when they would tickle me there. It felt so good.


Raijin has his hands on Moon's shoulders. Moon seems rather trusting of him.

RAIJIN: I admire a woman who is so proud of her natural beauty. However, your friends make me feel unwelcomed in your home.

MOON: You have to admit, being humbled by a God can be … um humbling. But, I'll make a deal with you … you tickle my bellybutton for one whole minute. If I can go the whole sixty seconds without laughing, you have to leave us alone. If I laugh, you can stay here until we pay you your tribute. How's that for a deal?

RAIJIN: I accept!


Extreme close-up of Moon's stomach. She has her hands on her hips as Raijin's index fingernail tickles the center of her ball outie bellybutton.

CAPTION: 60 seconds remaining …


Close-up of Moon's face while she's being tickled. She has her eyes closed shut and she is biting her lower lip.

CAPTION: 44 seconds remaining …


Another close-up of Moon's face. One of her eyes is twitching and she's sucking her cheeks inward like she has tasted a lemon. She is beginning to sweat.

CAPTION: 25 seconds remaining …


Yet another close-up of Moon's face. She has given in. Her head is thrown back as she laughs out loud.


CAPTION: She caved in with only 8 seconds remaining.


We're in the living room of the sorority house. Raijin and Raiju are sitting on the main couch. All four of the Girls are standing in front of them. The Girls are dressed in bikinis, Sabreena in blue, Bianca in purple, Joanie in green, and Moon in black. The Girls also have their hands behind their backs.

MOON: Lord Raijin, we decided it's in our best interests to pay you the tribute you asked for. This way, we don't need to be afraid of drowning in the ocean if you tickle us while we go to the beach today.

RAIJIN: Ah, finally, you girls are using your wisdom for once. What gifts have you for me?


Moon hands Raijin a small golden trophy. Despite the trophy's size, Raijin seems pleased.

MOON: This was the first award I ever won for cosplaying. I hope you don't mind that it's for third place.

RAIJIN: Oh, shiny! I accept your tribute. You are free from my bond.


Sabreena hands Raijin a topaz colored gem. Raijin is as pleased as before.

SABREENA: This is a topaz bellybutton plug that I used during my first belly dancing lessons. I have a collection, so you can have this one.

RAIJIN: Oh, this is even shinier! I accept your tribute. You are free from my bond.


Joanie hands Raijin a straw hat. Raijin seems mildly pleased.

JOANIE: This is my favorite straw hat, Mister Raijin. It's all yours now!

RAIJIN: Um, yes, it is quite … fashionable … I believe is the word. I accept your tribute. You are free of my bond.


Raijin now wears the ridiculous straw hat on his head. Bianca hands Raijin a volleyball. The ball is very worn out and is being held together by duct tape. Raijin is not amused. Raiju looks at the ball with excitement.

BIANCA: This is my first volleyball from when I was four years old. I've kept it ever since, but hell, I can't use it. Here, enjoy.


Raiju plays with the worn out volleyball with his paws, like a cat that plays with a ball of yarn. Raijin watches his pet having fun.

RAIJIN: Your lackluster gift brings joy to my loyal Raiju. I accept your tribute. You
are free from my bond.


From the Girls' POV, Raijin stands up with Raiju resting across his shoulders. The straw hat is on Raijin's head, the trophy is in one of his hands, the volleyball is tucked under his other arm and the topaz gem is being held in Raiju's mouth.

RAIJIN: The four of you have entertained my pet and I greatly over these past two days. However, now that you have honored me with your gifts, I will keep my promise and take my leave of you. Farewell. But, remember, I cannot promise you will not see me again if any of you sleep with your navels exposed during one of my storms.


Still from the Girls' POV, Raijin and Raiju are glowing in a blue aura.


Still from the Girls' POV, Raijin and Raiju have become a ball of blue lightning.


From the Girls' POV, the blue lightning ball falls out of a window and into the sky. The lightning ball leaves a trail of blue light behind it, like a comet.


The Girls stand in the living room, glad that the mythological figures are gone.

SABREENA: There they go.

BIANCA: Yeah, now we can sleep without waking up with anything weird in or on our bellybuttons.

MOON: I don't know, the tickling wasn't that bad.

JOANIE: We don't need a God to tickle us, Moony; it's much more fun when we do it ourselves.


The Girls give each other sly smiles and winks.


The Girls stand in a circle and tickle each other in their bellybuttons. Sabreena tickles Bianca, Bianca tickles Moon, Moon tickles Joanie, and Joanie tickles Sabreena. They all have huge smiles on their faces as they giggle.

SFX: Hehehehe.


Close-up on the window that Raijin and Raiju flew out of. Raijin's hand is seen coming out of one side of the window, while Raiju's tail peeks out from the other side of the window.


Raijin and Raiju look through the window, watching the Girls have their fun.


Raijin and Raiju look at us, the readers. They both have smiles on their faces, and Raijin even winks an eye at us.

RAIJIN: You did not really believe I was going to leave, did you?

This is a script to a fetish comic I wrote, entitled "Adventures of the Omphale Sisterhood". It hasn't been drawn yet, so if there are any artists out there (pencilers, inkers, colorists, and/or letterers) who would like to do all the artwork, contact me and let me if you're interested.

Copyright: Feb 2009.
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Megumi and Duncan are asleep on the couch as they lay in each other's arms. Megumi slowly wakes up. She carefully slips out of Duncan's arms and gets off the couch. She quietly walks over to a full figure mirror that's in a corner of the room. Megumi lifts up her shirt and admires her own navel in the mirror's reflection. She uses her hands to manipulate the skin of her stomach, making her innie change shapes.

Back on the couch, Duncan wakes up. He watches Megumi looking into the mirror. She uses her index finger to draw circles around her navel, and then inserts her finger inside of it. She coos as she pushes the finger deeper and harder into her innie.  

What are you doing?

Megumi turns to him and smiles.

Bringing a new meaning to the term "navel gazing".

Duncan motions for her to return to the couch. Megumi walks back over to the couch and positions herself into Duncan's arms. Once Megumi and Duncan are resting face to face, they kiss each other on the lips.

You know those fetish videos that you mentioned?

What about them?

Have you ever wanted to reenact what's being done in them?

Of course!

Megumi gives him a wide smile.

I'll have you eating out of the palm of my hand. Or should I say, out of the folds of my bellybutton?

She kisses him on the nose.


Duncan uses a q-tip to clean Megumi's navel.

Duncan pulls a loose feather from out of a couch pillow and uses it to tickle Megumi's
navel with.

Duncan pours red wine into Megumi's innie, and then drinks it up.

Duncan tickles Megumi's navel with a fine paintbrush.

Duncan inserts a mini marshmallow into Megumi's innie, and then uses his lips to suck it out.



Megumi and Duncan are heading home; they munch on after meal pocky along the way. They stop and hug each other. While in the embrace, Duncan slips his hand under Megumi's shirt and tickles her bellybutton. She giggles, and playfully slaps his hand away.

No fingering my hole in public!

She munches on a pocky biscuit while making a funny face at Duncan.


Megumi and Duncan are circling each other in the pool.

I love being in the water. It's so calming, and sensual. I might have been a mermaid in a past life.

Duncan rubs a hand along side Megumi's face. Megumi kisses the palm of Duncan's hand.  

Have you ever played with a girl's tummy while underwater?

Duncan shakes his head.

There's a first time for everything.

Megumi closes her eyes and floats on her back. Her stomach is arched perfectly, as if asking for Duncan to play with it. Megumi's innie is like a little pool of water. Duncan pokes Megumi's navel with his index finger, making all the water spill out. Duncan then lets water droplets fall off his fingertips and land inside Megumi's innie, filling it with water. Once Megumi's navel is full, Duncan pokes the water out again.


There's a knock on the entrance door.

Is that you, Duncan?!


The door isn't locked! Come in!

The door opens and Duncan enters.

I'm in the bedroom.

Duncan makes his way over to the bedroom. He looks down and notices that there are cherry blossom petals scattered all over the floor, making a path to the bedroom.  

Before he can enter the bedroom, he is greeted by Megumi. She is wearing a cropped top and bikini underwear, like Kelly LeBrock's introduction scene from "Weird Science". She looks incredibly sexy.

So, what would the little maniac like to do first?

You got all dressed up for me? That's sweet. You didn't have to do all this, especially littering your place with sakura.

You looked like you could use some cheering up.

Megumi takes Duncan by the hand and lures him into the bedroom.  


Megumi helps Duncan onto the bed.

I really appreciate this, Meg, I do. But I'm not in the mood today.

Ah, Duncan, getting you into the mood is never that hard to do.

Megumi lays Duncan flat on his back on top of the bed. She climbs onto the bed and crawls her way up Duncan's body like a cat until they are face to face. She then starts kissing him on the lips, then around his neck, and on his ear. She speaks in the most sensual voice possible.

Mmm, bellybutton. Such a unique word. It's sounds so naughty and yet so kawaii at the same time. Bellybutton. It rolls off the tongue, figuratively and literally. Bellybutton.

This is obviously getting Duncan hot and bothered, but he's trying his hardest to not get aroused.

Meg, this isn't a good idea.

Megumi stops kissing him, but looks at him with a hauntingly sexy gaze.

Why not?

Because ... my hands, they're all chapped. You don't want dry, rough hands all over you, right?

Megumi lets out a giggle.

Easily remedied.

Megumi opens a drawer in the nearby night stand and withdraws a travel sized bottle of baby oil. She hands the bottle to Duncan.

I want one of your soothing massages.

Megumi lays down on her back beside Duncan. Duncan pours the baby oil into his hands, puts the bottle aside, and rubs his hands together. He then massages Megumi's awaiting tummy, rubbing her skin with loving caresses. Megumi coos with each stroke.

I absolutely love this. Laying here, all prone and trusting of you, knowing you won't hurt me. Always with my best interests in mind. I'm so glad we met that day in the book store. It was the happiest day of my life.

Megumi looks up and smiles at Duncan. He smiles back.
A collection of navel play scenes from my screenplay, "The Fetish".
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Megumi and Duncan are seated at a table. They clink their drink glasses together in a toast.

DUNCAN Here's to our one year together.

MEGUMI Here, here.

They both drink. They then exchange gifts. Duncan gets a colorful letter envelope, and Megumi gets a square shaped gift in colorful wrapping. Megumi opens her gift first. It's a copy of "The Manga Cookbook".

Very clever. I like it.

Duncan opens his gift. A big smile comes across his face.

Duncan Graham, you successfully lasted in a relationship with Megumi Akiyama for a whole year. What are you going to do next?

Duncan holds up his gift, it's a pair of passes to Otakon.

I'm going to Otakon!

They both laugh.

We're so kawaii together.

They stand up from their chairs and hug each other, and then kiss. Midway into the kiss, Duncan sneaks his hand under Megumi's shirt and rests his hand on her stomach. Megumi rests her hand over Duncan's hand, lovingly holding it in place against her tummy.

A final (but heavily edited) scene from my screenplay, "The Fetish". The young couple celebrate their one year anniversary.
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Terra’s Return Part III (Teen Titans)

Robin walked up to Starfire and Raven and couldn’t help but notice there cute bare feet. In fact he was starring at them. “You don’t want to do this. You will be just as bad as she is.” Robin said to them.

Both Starfire and Raven turned to the boy wonder and yelled in unison, “DON’T YOU DARE SAY ANYTHING. YOU DIDN’T JUST GET TICKLE TORTURED!”

Robin, Cyborg and Beastboy cringed as they backed out the door. Starfire and Raven starring at them evilly and breathing heavy.

“Well ummm I guess they are ok!” Beastboy said.

“Yea I vote we get out of here before they turn on us.” Cyborg said

“Now then Terra lets see! Where should we start?” Raven said glaring at her evily.

“Hey, can’t you take a joke hehe! Come on I was only kidding. Please don’t!” Terra said looking at Raven and Starfire in horror as they approached her.

“I do not think so. You have been very bad and now we must teach you a lesson for being such a blorthog.” Starfire grinned.

Terra cringed and held her breath as Starfire moved in on her right and Raven on her left.

Raven reached out and poked Terra under her left arm. Terra tried to move to the right to get out of the way of Raven’s fingers but was met on her right by Starfire. She used both hands and ran her fingers along Terra’s sides and up her arm.

“HHHMMMM!” Terra tried to keep her laughter in as she twisted against the beginning on slot.

“She does not wish to laugh?” Starfire looked at Raven grinning evily.

“It’s not what she wants but it’s what’s she gonna do!” Raven said slyly looking at Starfire.. “Derith Hashon Asteroth.” Raven cast a spell and long dark tentacles sprouted from her finger tips. The moved up and down Terra’s sides sending waves of ticklish energy deep into her sides.

“MMMMMMMAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOO HEHEHEHEHE PLEASE DON’T HAHAHAHA!!!” Terra yelled not able to hold her laughter back.

Starfire giggled as she used her fingernails under Terra’s twitching arm pits and over her soft exposed stomach.

“HAHAHAHA STOP HEHEHEHEHE TICKLING HAHAHAHAHAHA ME HEHEHEHEHE!!!” Terra laughed in protest. Her body wiggling and twisting in a vain attempt to escape the tickling.

“You have very soft skin Terra. Let us see about YOUR belly button!” Starfire taunted Terra. Her finger drawing circles around Terra’s belly button before letting her finger twist in and out of it.


Raven had started working on both of poor Terra’s arm pits and sides as Starfire concentrated on her stomach.

“HAHAHAHAHA P HEHEHEHE LEASE HAHAHAHA NO MORE AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Terra screamed through her laughter. Her face bright red. Goose bumps raised on her sides and stomach.

“You know Star, Terra seemed to really like our feet. You think she may be jealous?” Raven smiled at Starfire.

“Yes, let us see for ourselves!” Starfire smiled evilly.

Terra gasped for breath as a wave of terror swept over her. Her face red as she watched Raven and Starfire move to the foot of the table.


“Anything huh?” Raven’s face twisted with sadistic glee as she unlaced Terra’s left boot.

“She seems very much against us tickling her feet friend Raven.” Starfire giggled unlacing Terra’s right boot.

“DON’T DO THIS! PLEASE! NOOOOOOO!” Terra bucked against her bonds wildly as her boots were slowly pulled from her feet.

“Let’s see what’s in the bag.” Raven smiled. “Would you do the honors Star?”

“Why yes friend I would love to.” Starfire giggled grabbing the tip of Terra’s socks and slowly pulling them off prolonging her anticipation.

“NO!!!!!!” Terra yelled scrunching her pudgy little toes. Her soft thin size 6 feet wiggling in the warm air.

“You have very pretty feet Terra. It is a shame to have to tickle them.” Starfire giggled.

“Hmmm this is what I am looking for.” Raven said pulling out a couple of stiff feathers from the bag. She handed on to Starfire and looked over Terra’s soles. “Now where to start?”

Terra’s body went ridged as she held her breath and closed her eyes tightly in anticipation. She knew her sensitive feet couldn’t take much tickling. She had them tickled before and ended up a giggling, crying, quivering mass afterward.

“I wish to start on her arches.” Starfire said letting the feather run lightly up and down Terra’s helpless right arch.

“I’m going to take her toes!” Raven said with evil delight. She threaded the feather in and out of Terra’s flexing soft toes then pulled it though like and unraveling sweater.

“WWHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO HOHOHOHOHOHO HEHEHEHEHEHE MY HEHEHEHEHEHE TOES HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Poor Terra couldn’t even make a sentence as her body shook uncontrollably. Her small feet wiggling and toes scrunching instinctively.

“Now I’m glad I came. I thought this would be as boring as a poetry reading but I’m having fun.” Raven’s face twisted with an evil smile.

“I am too. I am glad we do not have anything to do tomorrow. I wish to stay here and make an ‘alnighter?’ of this.” Starfire sadistically laughed as she discarded her feather.


Starfire began using her fingers under Terra’s wiggling toes. Brushing back and forth before letting her finger dart in between each ticklish toe.

Raven also dropped her feather and was using her finger nails. Raking up and down Terra’s hyper sensitive soles. Raven was watching Terra’s toes flex and scrunch as she went into a tickling frenzy.

Terra gasped and heaved as she tried to talk, “I HAHAHAHAHA CAN’T HEHEHEHEHEHEHE TAKE HAHAHAHAHA THIS HEHEHEHEHEHEHE.” Terra was turned into a giggling gasping mound of quivering flesh.

Starfire and Raven turned to each other.

“Should we let her go now?” Starfire asked Raven.

“Naaaw. Lets just let her rest. We may be board tomorrow and need something to do.”

here is the 3 and final part of terra's return
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Beast boy sat in the living room of Titans Tower playing, but not all that interested in a video game that Cyborg had gotten a week or so ago. BB had already beaten it 4 times, so now it was just for fun. Starfires sudden appearance behind him nearly sent him into arrest. "My apologies", said Starfire, "but I wish to ask your opinion on something. BB checked his heart rate then look at Star, "what’s up?" Sitting down on the couch, Star lowered her voice, "I am concerned about Raven." BB cocked an eyebrow. "To my knowledge, she continued, I have never seen Raven have fun." BB shook his head, "Forget it Star, this will end with me getting fried." Beast Boy was ready to go back to his game, but he saw the genuine look of worry on Stars face, and being the softy he was, he said, "Ok, I agree, but Raven is not the fun type, iv tried to get her to smile, or laugh plenty of times but no luck." Starfire bit her lower lip, "on my world this would be a sign of a serious problem, maybe even deadly.

Raven was walking by the door to the living room when the voices caught her attention. She was not the type to listen in, but somehow she found herself doing just that. "She is our friend, and I worry for her health, said Star. BB (Gulped) "ya well I’m worried to, of what shell do to me if I try anything." Star sighed, "After what happened with her birthday, I fear she will isolate her self even more in hopes of protecting us." Star looked up just in time to see BB shy away from a blush. "Beast Boy?" BB shook his head, "its nothing, just....Robin told me about what happened and well......." Star looked at him thoughtfully, "what?" BB scratched the back of his head, "well I was just thinking, Raven must have, well.....I think she'd look kinda cute with long hair." Star smiled, knowing she need ask no more. "So will you help me?" BB, (sighed), she’s gona kill us." Star jumped up and grabbed BB in one of her crushing hugs. From behind the door Raven was beat red; she had barely heard anything after "Cute." Raven shook it off and walked off down the hall.

Raven had no idea what Beast Boy and Starfire were talking about but over the next couple of days she found her mind wandering a little, she passed it of to exhaustion. Sitting in her room, Raven was getting ready for bed, she new things were a little off with her, she was wearing a pair a pajamas witch, even though she had a couple of pairs, and she never really wore them. Even stranger, she suddenly realized she was still brushing her hair, almost like she was......sprucing. Shaking her head she put the brush down and got into bed. Raven was just about asleep when a "Plop" woke her up. Looking up she checked around her room, seeing and sensing nothing she laid back down. As she drifted off to sleep she didn’t notice the green tentacles working there way out from under the bed. BB had taken a form similar to a squid, with thin tentacles that could move quickly and hold tightly. Raven heard a sound, but before she could react the tentacles grasped her arms and legs and pinned her. Raven was now stretched, spread eagle on her bed. Anger crept up her spine but she quickly suppresses it.

Beast Boy, despite his fear couldn’t help but smile to himself. "Ok Raven, show time." Raven was about to start her spell when a shock when up her leg. She looked down at her foot just in time to see the tentacles tip glide up her foot again. Raven involuntarily jerked at the sensation, she was getting really frustrated with the situation. "Beast boy, I’m going to give you a fair chance to continue breathing, let go." When there was no response Raven clenched her fist, "fine, Asurath, metrion, Ziiiiiiiiiiyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa....." The Tentacle began a slow up and down motion on her foot. Raven pulled franticly at the tentacle, she struggled with all her might to hold down the giggles that were pushing there way up. Raven had never admitted to anyone, even herself, how ticklish she was and this was driving her nuts. BB began working on her toes and that was the final straw. “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhahhahahahahahah,” It wasn’t what Beast boy was expecting, much to his surprise it was the same girlish giggling the pink Raven in her mind had used. Raven was bucking and thrashing as he worked over each toe. Beast boy was having more fun then he expected but was a little surprised he could hold on to her, always thought she was stronger. Shrugging it off, he began gliding a tentacle between the toes on her right foot. The reaction was instant; Raven began laughing like crazy and pulling at her bonds to no avail.

Beast Boy worked over her feet for another 5 minutes then decided to change tactics. Giving her a few moments to catch her breath he slid two tentacles up to her side. Getting in under her pajamas he began poking at her belly. Raven squealed with giggles and began pulling again. “Bhheest boy, sthhhhhaaaaapp hahhahhaahahahahahah,” she screamed. Tears were streaming down her pale face as her head thrashed around. One tentacle wormed its way into her belly button bringing up more screams and a new found strength to pull at her bonds. Beast Boy was having more fun then he ever imagined, but he suddenly was aware that Raven was running out of breath. Knowing full well his fate was sealed he stopped tickling and released her.

Raven lie on her bed for a few moments giggling and catching her breath. Once she had the strength she pushed herself into a sitting position and looked at Beast Boy. BB was sitting on the floor at the foot of her bed with the looked of a doomed man on his face. Raven caught the rest of her breath and stood up. “Beast Boy sighed, “just for the record, this was Stars idea, but if your gona kill me, make it quick.” Raven got right in BBs face, “you hit a nerve, one no one has ever gotten to.” Beats Boy closed his eyes and prepared to die. The without warning Raven reached out and flicked his nose. BB opened his eye to see Raven grinning at him. “So, he said, you’re not going to kill me?”

Raven shook her head, “no, it was kinda fun…..but if you tell anyone I send each of your atoms to a different dimension, got it?” BB smiled, “Got it.” Raven smiled, “good, now get lost and let me sleep.” BB hopped up and turned to leave.

“Beast boy,” said Raven, I think it’s only fair to thanks Star for her concern, don’t you?” BB smiled widely,”oh ya!” Raven nodded, “we have much to do.” As BB reached the door, Raven called back, “Beast Boy?”


Blushing slightly Raven looked back, “you….really think id look cute with long hair?” Beast Boy blushed slightly, “I…..always thought you were kinda cute.” Raven turned to the door, but BB was already gone. Raven smiled and climbed back into bed. She never thought anyone thought of her that way, and it felt good……also felt good to think about how exactly she was going to repay Star
here is another story of raven being tickled by beast boy
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Terra’s Return Part 1

Terra came back to the tower in her usual show off fashion. After a few feats of her powers she landed on the roof. Robin, Cyborg, Beastboy and Starfire greeted her happily. Raven of course was untrusting as usual.

“Hi ya.” Terra said happily waving to everyone.

“So what brings you around?” Robin asked.

“I was just in the area and thought I would hang with you all for the weekend. That is if it’s ok?” Said Terra.

Everyone, with the exception of Raven agreed.

“Sure thing Terra. But me and the guys are going out. I guess you 3 could have a girls night.” Robin said.

“Oh boy! This will be so not fun.” Raven said to herself.

“Yes! A girls night. Just the 3 of us hehe we shall have much fun.” Starfire said happily.

With that the guys walked from the roof and sped off in Cyborgs ‘baby’.

“So friend, what is it that we shall do?” Starfire asked.

“Well I thought I would show you my new pad. Its kinda far. That’s why I haven’t been around much. But it’s a place I can call mine.” Terra said.

“It starts!” Raven said to herself as she rolled her eyes.

“Oh that would be great fun. We would love to see where you now stay. Right Raven?” Starfire said all bubbly.

“I can’t wait.” Raven said in her usual under tone.

“Follow me.” Terra said as she hopped on her earthen pad.

Raven and Starefire floated into the air and followed.

A while later they arrived at an isle out passed the harbor. Terra started showing Raven and Starfire around her new place. Although it was small it looked very nice from the outside, but the real surprise came when they entered the house. Terra had used her powers to create a wonderful underground complex.

“Wow you have done very Terra. This place is beautiful.” Starfire said.
Although she wouldn’t say Raven was also impressed.

“Thank you. Would you like to see my most prized workshop?” Terra asked.

“Yes that would be great.” Starfire said smiling big.

“A workshop too? You haven’t forgot about anything have you?” Asked Raven.

“Nothing!” Terra said with a smirk.

They walked to the lowest level to a large room. Terra entered first and flipped on 2 switches. The lights flickered on as Raven and Starfire entered the room.

“I have something special I want to show you.” Terra said as she smiled evilly. Pressing a button on the wall energy beams shot out of what looked like 2 upright metal tables in the corner of the room. One beam hit Starfire directly and drug her over to the table holding her there like 2 magnets attracting. The second beam hit Raven’s cloak and pulled. Raven spun around letting the beam take her cloak.

“GRRRRRR what is it you are doing Terra?” Starfire said as she struggled against her unseen bonds.

“Ok that’s it, I knew this was a bad idea.” Raven said as dark beams shot out from her hands at Terra.

Terra used her power to meet Ravens beams. Their beams pressed against each other in an epic battle but Terra had been working on her powers and increased them 10 fold. She let out a huge surge which powered right through Ravens beam and knocked her onto the table.

“What are you doing? You know you can’t hold us.” Raven yelled.

“Oh, I think you are mistaken my blue haired friend. You see the tables you are on drain your power and uses it to hold you there. The more you summon your powers the more powerful my machines become.” Terra laughed evilly.

Raven and Starfire struggled desperately against there bonds. There arms pinned over there heads wasn’t helping. Terra through a switch and the tables moved to the center of the room and tilted down. Raven and Starfire were now horizontal. The foot of the tables were facing each other about 2 feet apart.

“Please friend Terra, stop this now.” Starfire said nervously.

“If you know what’s good for you, you will let us go right now.” Raven angrily shouted.

Terra just laughed as she walked over to them.
“I have been waiting for this for a long time. You never really liked me or accepted me as a teen titan so I started to think. What would be the best way to get back at them? Without killing you I have the perfect way.” Terra’s face twisted with an evil smile.

“What are you talking about?” Raven said nervously.

“My, my Raven how can I put this? You remember my brief stay at teen tower? Well while I was there I searched through the data base to find something very interesting. It seems your greatest fear is to loose control of your emotions, hence loosing control of your powers. Well not to worry my machine will absorb anything you can come up with. But there was more. I also found out that your second fear is being tickled.” Terra said.

Ravens eyes widened and her mouth flew open. “You wouldn’t! You don’t understand how ticklish I am.” Raven said frightened.

“I could, and I am.” Giggled Terra. “And I also found out that those from Tamaran have an extremely heightened sensitivity to tickling.”

“Oh no friend Terra you would not do this to us would you? We are your friends.” Starfire nervously said.

“Oh would I?” Terra laughed as her face twisted evilly with delight.

End of Part I
this is were terra returns to meet raven and starfire,and things go bad
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Lilith fire her shotgun at the last creature around the vicinity. She just place her weapon on her right shoulder glancing around the area to assure there were no other creatures around. Her long red hair stood out as her yellow eyes scan the dull desert. It was dull… because the only thing that would actually grab your attention would be the hazardous creatures or the wild gangs zooming around in their vehicles. Lilith close her eyes to shake the daunting feeling of uneasiness over her. Of course these bandits weren't the problem… or the creatures, it's just… boring. She could easily kill them since she has venture this area before. She was alone- decided to check out some things without her other vault comrades. After unlocking the vault and the secret, Lilith and her comrades were utterly bored of Pandora. They were just killing whatever they want now and no one can stop them…

Lilith walked from her current position to an abandoned outpost in the desert. Of course there was no one there unless you somehow caught the eyes of any hostiles. Lilith enter the shady covers of the tall metal roof sitting on a stack of tires. She was running low on ammo though. She forgot to pick some ammo up from some dead bandits before the Skags and Spiderants actually swarmed her. There was a few creatures that would creep Lilith out even if she has a gun… thinking about it, those small creeper Scythid crawlers will definitely make Lilith uncomfortable… Lilith glance at herself a bit… she was a bit dirty from walking in the sandy desert anyways… she needs to find some cavern before nighttime hits. Usually her other comrades would assist Lilith, but right now they're not with her. They would also do shifts, but once again… Lilith is alone. The only safe thing to do, other than traveling in the darkness with scarce ammo, is to find some shelter inside a cave… Even if there are creatures out there. Lilith did not want to sleep in the open like the nearby houses… Bandits can easily kick the door down and do something to Lilith. Lilith glance around her seated self to find some sort of gap in the mountains. She stop. Something was behind her… She dash off the stack of tires and into the sunlight out of the covers that protected her from the blazing sun.

A creature with a worm like body but bears pincers as it's arms with a pinkish purple eye and bug like legs stretching from it's chest to it's tail stands before Lilith. The Siren did not question the finger that pulled the trigger to her shotgun. The shot blast the head off the Larva Crab Worm as the body hit's the metal ground. Lilith glance around the area once again. How did this creature come all the way out here if there is no cave? These creatures dull within dark gloomy caverns- appearing out of nowhere outside seems to be a tad fishy… Lilith stop looking around to see a hole right there. It was covered by some parch of wood, but the worm must have knocked it over seeing Lilith. Lilith approach the hole aiming her shotgun at the ready. She only had 12 shots left along with her pistol holstered to her waist. The pistol only had 30 rounds as her rifle was completely empty along with her SMG. She close her eyes and sigh at the thought of how bad it will be if she winds up in some trouble. Whatever the case, Lilith waltz into the hole. She steady her shotgun hearing the very shallow cave. It wasn't utterly dark. Some grim faint of light seem to help Lilith's eyes as she cautiously proceed deeper through the narrow entrance. She exit the corridor to find a huge open area in front of her. There was some slopes up and down to other areas of this large cave as well as some spikes hanging from the ceiling or the ground. This is a cave that has not been discovered by anyone. Lilith pose her hand under her chin… Perhaps this will actually be an easy day for her…

A roar emerge right in front of her. Lilith glance at the Skag glaring at her. The creature was on all four, armored up, fiercely growling at Lilith. The Siren aim her shotgun. The Armored Skag was not alone. More of them appeared behind that one Skag Lilith saw… charging! Lilith curse under her breathe quickly entering her phase walk. She slips past all of the charging Skags. She dash through the left slope entering a new pathway filled with crystals. Lilith did not go back… There was a nest of those Skags- taking them all on would be suicide for her since she's low on ammo. She walked pasts the blinding crystals to enter a new area. This area was a bit more sketchy. There are a lot more pathways than the last area Lilith was in. When Lilith walked a bit further into the area, the path behind her was blown away. Lilith jumped forward to avoid the explosion… But there was none actually. When Lilith got up and glance at the path she exited- the rocks just barricaded the way back. Great. SOMETHING or SOMEONE was waiting for her. She pumps her shotgun, ready. Whatever it is, she's ready. Two Larva Crab Worms appear from the ground and slither towards Lilith. Already prep and ready, Lilith blast their heads off with easy precision. She wasn't running. She was walking at her normal pace, knowing sure there are more of these worms in the area. She heard something above her. She glance at the ceiling staring at a boulder falling right at her. She rolls out of the way towards one of the multiple pathways out of the area. Lilith fell into another trap as boulders were falling above her. Using her phase walk, Lilith easily outran the boulders falling down and blocking the path she took once again. When Lilith exit out of her phase walk and turn around to stare at the covered path. She rammed against something… Big…Scaly…Squishy… She back away from the 'thing'. It was an enormous Larva Crab Worm- maybe the queen. Of course, there's no such thing… But who knows. Lilith curse and exclaim, "Really? Fuck this." She aims her shotgun right at it's head, blasting some rounds. The two stories larva queen took the shots.

Lilith already unleash four rounds bearing eight rounds in her shotgun. She glance around the area to spot some more normal size Larva Crab Worms. She was going to aim her gun at them until something else came into the side of her eyes. There are some Scythids as well.. The small and fast ones… Shit.   Lilith found herself getting outnumbered real fast. Lilith glance around the area to find some sort of exit. Some sort of earthquake  shook near the paths out or into the area Lilith was stuck in. To make things even worse, the area was breeding babies of Scythids and Larva Crab Worms. Lilith cannot understand how these two creatures are not hostile to one another. They're suppose to be fighting each other- not ganging up on her. Lilith blast eight rounds at the incoming Larva Crab Worms, walking away from the horde. Her eyes glance at the sudden Sycthid trying to latch onto, dodging them with a twist and turn of her body. She was going to take her pistol and aim at the nasty small Scythids until one of the fast ones ram it's head against Lilith chest. Lilith motion a subtle 'umph'. Her body slam against a wall. Her left eye close itself as her right eye is open to what was going to happen next. A Larva Crab Worm toss a rock from the ground at Lilith's head… After that, Lilith lost consciousness.

She shook her head side to side… staring right at the wall.. She was… lying down? She tries to rub her own head only to find a dark black armored Scythid sitting on her. Her eyes burst wide open, squirming under the bug's weight. She notice some other weight applied to her legs- more of the creatures were just standing on her?!

"Get off of me! Fuck, really?!" Lilith curse. She could not twist her over her right or left shoulder. She struggles a bit more till she finally gives up. Lilith was a bit ticked. She test her 'bonds' yet again. The Scythids were standing on her upper body an legs. Her arms were already to her side as she couldn't even budge a single part of her body- not even a finger. The only thing Lilith could move was her neck, head, and… feet? She sighs feeling sleepy. Usually, they would kill her… Why are they hesitating though? The Queen was making strange sounds, even the Scythids were trying to say something, hearing the annoying hisses echo through the air. After a good ten minutes, Lilith was going to go to sleep… Something poked her face. She open her eyes to stare at a small purple… Eh? It's a small Larva Crab Worm? Babies…? Lilith open her eyes fully to tilt her head in confusion… Are they going to claw her with these small creatures? Haha, really? Lilith laughed out loud due to that thought- stopping in her tracks when she hears something sizzling at her soles.

"What are you creatures doing?!" Lilith tries in a fruitless effort to push them off. Nothing. Lilith felt something strange at her soles. She curl her toes and  move them frantically around. Her soles were covered in some white somewhat dirty socks. Wait. She could feel a slight breeze breathing into her sock soles. Her eyes burst open? Are they going to eat her feet?!   No, better question... how did they get past her boots?!

One of the medium size Larva Crab Worms use it's own acid to destroy the boots covering her soles. It did not overuse it's own acid- spitting a good amount of acid that melts the boots. Lilith was getting a tad scared. Not only did these creatures not kill her, they're scheming something else. Lilith curled her toes and kick her feet around cutely. This was a bit strange... these creatures are acting docile to her. Ugh, too many complications now and Lilith knows for sure she cannot sleep for the night... It was not even nighttime, truth be told.

Something... poked her sock soles. Her body tries to squirm, move, something. Her head twitch at the feeling as well as her feet. W-what was that? Lilith starts to struggle once more.

"W-what are you lot doing?!"
The two creatures near Lilith soles are the baby Larva Crab Warms and the Scythids. Lilith's security was diminishing. When she felt another poke to her sock soles, she kicked her feet around. There was a sudden grambling sound coming from the queen worm... Lilith begins to curse under her breathe. She could not even more... except her two body parts- head and feet.

'Stop that!" Lilith declares feeling a sudden halt of poking on her soles. The creatures stopped as Lilith breathes a sigh of relief. She uncurl her toes only to find a sudden body squirming over the top of her soles. It must by the Scythid with it's legs that are around perhaps a couple thirty or more underneath it's centipede body like body. Lilith let out a surprise gasp and release some giggles. Hearing the giggle, the queen said something... Lilith could only fear the worse- these creatures are going to tickle her!

"D-don't you darehehehe!" Lilith tries to place a frightening tone to scare them all... But that's a bluff. She cannot do anything in her position. Her body and her pistol are underneath the huge Scythids as the babies were having at her feet... Damn this day. Lilith is tough though. She bites her lower lip down, moving as best as she can. Limiting their true assault, she can at least put up a fight. She flails her feet up and down, doing whatever she can to ease the need to laugh. Her feet are ticklish as well as someother parts of her body. She did not want to give any satisfaction towards these creatures... nor their queen. The creatures were fighting back though. There are around 5 to 6 baby worms around her soles trying to pinch at her feet or move their claws up and down the medium size 7-9 soles. The Scythid babies did not assault her soles. They were observing. The Scythid just test Lilith's soles by crawling over them, but now they're waiting. The tickling was getting worse and worser. Lilith was forming a smile after two minutes. Her socks were helping but the way these creatures kept their steady pace was irritating Lilith's mind. She cannot escape- she understands that... IF she does not laugh/giggle, they might get bored and leave her alone... Not only was this a rough day for her, but this is the strangest as well... Worms and Scythids working together just to tickle her? That's absurd!

Something happened. Lilith eyes burst wide open, her mouth shaking for the urge to laugh. Why? She feels something covering her soles entirely. Her toes curl up underneath the sock, but the worms' pincers pinch her toes- grabbing some of them out of their curl state as they use their mouths. The small Scythid babies leaped onto Lilith's soles at the right moment. Their bodies cover her feet as they tickle her soles leaving her toes and heel out of the picture. The Scythids' legs moved in place, tickling the arches and the very middle of Lilith's sock soles.The Scythids' mouth naws at her sock soles biting through the fabric.

"Nohehehehehhheeheh!!" Lilith tries to flail her feet but the worms were holding her toes down. She can easily overpower the worms, but that will only mean more restriction to her soles if she piss the queen off to some degree. The giggles pull all of the creatures' attention. Shit. Lilith was not going to get a good night sleep.

The Queen order something. There was some silence as the Scythids bit the top of Lilith's ankles. Lilith twitched for a moment, breathing in some air before the true torture starts. She quickly notice the Scythids getting off... but she felt more cool air on her soles- oh no... The Scythids were peeling her socks off as her toes scruntch up in their nakednesss. Her feet are expose- bare and showing wrinkles across her soles. The creatures started to chatter amongst themselves as the queen overpowered all of the chatter with her loud screech. Lilith braced herself. She made sure her toes are tightly curled ready to take on anything they got. The baby worms did not use their pincers- they use their mouth! Lilith's eyes burst open feeling the mouths and nawing all over her soles. She starts to kick and flail them around, screaming at the top of her lungs. Crap, she wasn't prepared for that. She wasn't crying- not just yet! She begins to shake her head trying to get the worms away from her soles. It was 2 to 30-50.... They are surrounding her poor defenseless bare soles as they continue their assault. Lilith feel their teeth or whatever these bugs/monsters have. Their mouths chew on the side of her feet, the heel, the pads of her curled toes, the top of her feet... Everywhere. The sensations pulse through Lilith's body as her lungs and mouth cooperate in releasing laughter. Lilith's mind lost itself in the situation... The worms were emitting some sort of fluid. It is not acid, but something that seems to intensify the tickling session. Her laughs were getting louder and her eyes are tearing up. She covers her soles with one. The worms are assaulting her right sole covering her left as Lilith frantically flails them around.

"Nohahhehahahahahahahahaah Stophahahahha!" The creatures ignore Lilith as they continue on. They stopped after a minute. Lilith breathes more and more through her nose and mouth. Her eyes are starting to leak some tears. She can't stand this! This is ridicolous! Lilith uncurl her toes when they stopped. Lilith could feel the ooze all over her soles- their saliva or whatever fuild they place all over her feet. She wiggles her toes around feeling some of that fluid. She blush slightly as she curls her toes, flexing them in an dout. This was surprising- not like Lilith cared much... The Siren snapped back into reality when some bigger pincers grasp her toes. She tries to curl her toes up but the worms had a strong grip and it was bigger than the babies. It hurts a bit, but the worm's pincers did not chop her toes off. They kept her toes outward as the creatures slightly move her toes back stretching her soles and showing the balls and insteps of her toes. Lilith notice the toe bounds, screaming, "LET ME GO!" The tickling starts up again. This time Lilith found the Scythids and worms going all out. The Scythids leap onto her soles moving their legs rapidly as it tickles the middle of her soles again as the worms start to use their mouth and pincers. Lilith tries to move her soles around but the large numbers of babies overwhelming her slowly made her cheeks blush more as tears start to stream down her cheeks. What's worse- her toes were getting assaulted as well... the very top of them.  The mouths of the crabs nibble on the pads of her bounds toes as Lilith laughs hysterically. Her eyes were gettting covered in wet tears as her body wanted to squirm about madly. Her hair starts to cover her face as tears hit the ground. She was laughing- laughing!? Not only that, her nerves are getting the better of her. NOO!

"HAHAHAHAHHAH!" Lilith screams violently trying to thrash the Scythids ontop of her as the gap between her toes are targeted. She begins to buck, twist, doing a lot more uncontrollable movement as the big Scythids on her were moving. The pincers, the mouth, the strange fluid coating... they were engulfing her soles with every method they could use. Lilith jumps violently off the ground feeling some leeway. Her body was numb with the ticklish sensations shooting throughout her body. Lilith finally had enough of the torment when a mouth found it's way between her toes...,

Lilith made a huge eruption of lightning and fire. She enters her phasewalk. She killed the creatures that were tickling her. The Queen screech violently ordering a number of worms to come out of the ground. Lilith made a run for it. She dash towards one of the blocked entrances. There was a small gap in the rocks. Lilith knelt down and crawl through that hole. When she exits the hole, she placed a nearby rock in front of it. She exits out of her phasewalk. She sighs and wipe the tears and sweat off of her face... panting slightly.

"Shit..." she stated. She glance around the area she was in. Nothing. And that's good. She stand against the rocks and lower her body down to the ground. She did not care about her bare feet being out in the  cold... she was tired and she was falling asleep. She doze into her dreams as her body lay there agianst the rock and ground.  A small wandering crab worm emerge from the ground. It notice Lilith's sleeping state. The baby worm would have called in his/her other teammates, but it did not call the others. Instead, the warm silently approach te warm bare soles pressing it's face against her skin. Lilith's sleeping state twitch a bit as her toes curl here and there. The worm was joyful at this- the fact this worm could have this moment with these soles.
This is a non dirty version of Lilith (from Borderlands) getting tickled. In contribute to the dirty version of her getting tickled, I decided to make a more non sexual story with some plot.

Only way you can actually understand a bit of the story is if you actually played (or watched) Borderlands.

Of course it's foot tickling- got a problem with that?

Now enjoy

1st Version of Lilith Tickled (Dirty notations are present)
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An Asian girl with light ginger-blonde hair with a curious hairstyle consisting of multiple ponytails on the back of her head bears a shiny pink hair-clip decoration with feathers. She also bears pink sword's handles as well as scabbards with pink stones. Here scarlet bodysuit with long sleeves dawn over her body as well as some armor on her arms and hips. There is a red bandage tied to her right thigh and a feather motif repeated on the back of her greaves. Ther are strings with shiny pink beads attached to her waist as she dawns red socks going above her ankle yet it stops below the knee. She has a falcon like theme with her outfit as people glance at the strange girl. She seems to be a bit agitated but calm... or lax- too lax.

"Even if I wandered away from Leixia... I think I'll be fine..." she mutters to herself stretching her arms out as if she was tired. She was not really. She seems to be acting as if she was tired. To be honest, she was acting lazy due to her... nature. This female is named Natsu.

She's 17 years old with a height of 5'5 (166cm) and a height of 115lbs (52kg). She dawns these dual katanas (kodachis). She had her own motives to following Leixia actually. She is searching for her master. Taki. Natsu seems to be worried about her master ever since she left. Natsu bit her lower lip thinking about it, blushing slightly.

"Oh master..." she said glancing around the normal city. People walk by her as they were attending their usually business or life. Natsu did not run through the streets trying to find Leixia... It's too much of a drag to find her in such a big city after all. Even if Natsu was being relatively 'calm', someone was watching her from a far.

"Hm, I wonder. Is this possibly a pupil?" pose the silver hair girl bearing a very revealing outfit consisting of purple strings and little clothing on her chest as well as her upper thighs. Her left arm was covered in this strange gold-yellowish like armor piece with sharp armored fingers as her other arm was covered in a purple sleeve with the same colored glove. Her shoes, nonetheless, bears the same fruit to her attires. Her lips and eyes dawn a more darker purple although it does match her outfit still... Her hair and eyes stand out though. She was stalking Natsu at a distance. There was something fishy about Natsu- to this woman's eyes. She dawns two kodachis like that woman from before. She continues to follow the ginger-blonde girl until they went in a secluded area. The white hair girl glance around the place noticing how the two were alone.

"I know you're following me woman!" Natsu exclaim loudly placing her hands behind her and turning around with such a displeased look. "You suck at sneaking!"

"My goal was not to sneak up behind you or even tail you successfully. I was going to ask you  something." Natsu glance at the woman from head to toe. She raise an eyebrow in utter confusion.

"Who are you?" she asks making strange faces as if she was a child. The white hair girl scoffs a bit saying, "I'm Ivy..."

"Ah ok- you better go home before I totally kick your ass." Natsu bluntly state. She was going to walk away until Ivy state, "And you would not fight against a worthy adversary? I mean... Taki could have a fight with me one-on-one than you anyways. I mean, your attitude and your actions speaks magnitude."

"You know where my master is?!" Natsu asks turning towards Ivy, "You must-"

"Oh ho! I was right! You are her apprentice." There was a sudden pause in Natsu. She was not suppose to reveal herself to anyone although she did not say it directly. Ivy did not hear any denial to the relationship Taki had with Natsu.  She's a pupil to Taki but she must not say it so... freely. There is a reason why Natsu needs to keep it quiet although she blurted it out to this strange woman.

"Say, want to tell me where your master is?" pose Ivy smiling wickedly. There was a strange aura around the silver hair girl. Even her stare was intense towards Natsu. The ninja just glance away saying, "E-even I don't know..." she did not say that out loud. It was a mutter.

"What did you say girl?" Ivy pose. Natsu was sweating a bit. She was thinking about the predicament she will get herself in. She was not in trouble really, but the fact that this person is looking for Taki could mean trouble. While Natsu was thinking to herself, Ivy glance at Natsu more carefully. She notice something inside the blonde hair girl.A dark presence resides within her. Ivy would ask more daunting and personal or even weird questions to this ninja although she must focus on her own motives. Fighitng against Taki, the need to improve and to continue her pursuit against Soul Edge- that evil blade!

Natsu devised a plan against this stranger. She'll lie. Yes. Ivy wants to know where her master is... Maybe she can play with this woman's mind or even stall her. Perhaps if she place herself in danger, Taki would come to her rescue. Natsu smiles to herself in such glee of such a wonderful plan. Not only that... maybe she can kick this woman's ass easily. She does not even look strong!

"Ha. I do not think you are worthy of my master's presence!"

"Little girl, I told you I fought her before... and I assume you know where she is."

"Nah, master was going easy on you. She would never allow such a feline like you to see her full powers as well as her worthy techniques. I, her student Natsu, will show you what Taki has shown! I will certainly take you down in mere minutes!" Natsu was going a bit overboard with her act... or she was actually being cocky about beating the hell out of Ivy. The white hair girl did not seem surprise. She was smiling back though. Natsu was not heeding the smirk as Ivy was thinking about the things to do.

'This chick is a stubborn one. Not only does she lie and act all self righteous but it seems like she needs a good ass whooping as well as any other sort of punishment. Taki has not calm this girl down... or did she? Surely, teaching a girl like her must be a handful. Arrogant, ignorant, overzealous, a total... Wait! Maybe I can use other methods to get her to talk, but she'll fight first. Maybe, just maybe....'

"Stop thinking and fight already!" Natsu appears right in front fo Ivy. The whip chain stretched itself out of Ivy's sheathe appearing right before Ivy as it blocks both of Natsu's katanas. Ivy's eyes glare at Natsu. Natsu, surprisingly, smiles back.

"Good job! Now, let's try this!"  Ivy lifts her leg upwards trying to kick Natsu back but the ninja just backs away. Ivy grips the handle of her whip sword, lashing it all around her. She swings the weapon around her showing off the form and edge of her weapon. The sword whip made slashes on the ground around Ivy. The sword whip came together and form her sword. Ivy smiles deviously towards Natsu saying, "You think you can beat me?"

"I know I can." Natsu answers proudly showing both her blades in front of her in a x. Ivy likes her attitude due to the fact that she, Ivy, will break such confidence if she succeeds in taking this ninja down. She wants to know where Taki is since she needs a rematch with that particular master.The two dash towards each other and slam their weaposn hastily. Ivy's blade slam against both of Natsu's weapons. Natsu tries to come around and stab Ivy in the side but Ivy's weapon extend itself to her side blocking Natsu's attack. Ivy quickly knee Natsu in the stomach watching her take the blow. The ninja seems to make a painful grunt but she quickly shot her blade upwards trying to stab Ivy in the face. Ivy evades the attack with a slight move of her head staring at the desperate Natsu. Natsu quickly knees Ivy in the gut following her previous attack. The move made Ivy step back, grabbing her gut. Natsu takes the chance to elbow Ivy in the face making the white hair woman step back again. The ninja sprints towards Ivy although the woman quickly takes her weapon and lash it outwards to Natsu. Natsu jumps into the air trying to avoid the whip like weapon although the blade wraps around Natsu's ankle. Natsu seems to be in shock and utter astonishment as she slams onto the ground. She curse to herself. She fell from such an easy attack! When she glance  upwards to Ivy, Ivy's foot kicked Natsu hard in the face The ginger-blonde ninja passed out from such an attack. Ivy smirks at the silent Natsu.

"How about a game...?" she pose smiling even more sadistical, "I'm sure you will be... cooperative after our little foreplay." Ivy picks up Natsu over her shoulder and carries her off to some building. In the corner of an alleyway, there was a person who watched the entire scene unfold.


The two were in some underground basement. There was enough candles the entire room. Natsu and Ivy were together although Ivy was starting to do something to Natsu...

Ivy begins to undo Natsu's lower body. She did not take off Natsu's socks yet but Ivy took the libety of freeing Natsu's lower body from such clothing. Natsu's panty covered her womanhood still but most of Natsu's equipment were hunged along the wall behind her. Natsu is sleeping still. Ivy took Natsu's blades and hid them somewhere safe (just in case, Ivy does not want herself to be in position to surrender). Ivy did not strip Natsu's upper body since she will be focusing on a particular part of the body. Natsu is on a Y like machine. Her legs are spread out revealing stocks that fitted around her ankles. Her upperbody is against a straight wooden beam with metal cuffs bond around Natsu's wrists. Surprisingly, Ivy is letting such loose ends- not tying Natsu up completely. She could have tied some rope around her waist to the beam or her legs downwards to the beams underneath her legs but she was showing some mercy. Some.

Ivy glance at her socks, smiling. Size 6 soles. The folds appears on her socks as she moves her feet idly and calmly. The silver hair woman blush a bit. She lowers her face down to her red sock foot and strokes them slowly. This will be a fun event.... for her, of course. Natsu might not like this.... Ivy took the chance to slowly stroke her index finger up and down both soles. She did not take off her spiky finger like armor as it seems to make a huge effort on Natsu. Her left foot was twitching in utter madness. Natsu was giggling madly in her knocked out state. Ivy continues this, observing how Natsu was moving. Even if she was asleep, her feet were moving around a bunch. Her soles could not defend each other, obviously, but they were twisting and turning in the stocks. Ivy frowns at the movement. She opens both the stocks and re-adjust the position. Ivy close both the stocks and lock them on the side. She strokes both soles again noticing the change. Ivy moved Natsu's ankle downwards so they fit perfectly within the stocks- halting any twist or turning motion of her foot. As Ivy strokes both sock soles slowly, her soles begin to move up and down, flailing madly. Natsu's response from giggling turns into a stream of laughter. Her eyes pop wide open noticing her predicament. She begins tocurse and struggle against the bonds.

"You are awake my captive ninja." Ivy muse, halting the tickling for now.

"Yes! W-what are you doing!? LET ME GO!" Natsu begins to move around furiously, moving her legs and knees, her upper body violently, any part of her body that was not restrained- she was trying to get off of the contraption.

"No uh," Ivy tease, grabbing Natsu's chin and leaning clsoe to her face, "You will tell me the information I want. You seem like a stubborn gal but still... you lost in our fight."

"I want a rematch! I did not unless my true potentials!" Natsu state forcing her head away from Ivy's hand. "Besides, I won't tell you where my master is! I will NEVER reveal the location of my master to such a... busty old woman!" Ivy's eye twitch at the word 'old'.

"You really are a-"

"Besides, you can't even torture me! I am immune! You will never get me to talk!" Natsu is childish. Ivy wanted to choke this girl instead of torture her although she finds it quite... amusing. She could use this to her advantage...  to please her sadistic self. Well, she'll play along... and go beyond her true goals.

"Oh really?" pose Ivy as she walks towards her bound soles, stabbing all five fingers onto her sock soles. Natsu did not glance at the situation she was in. She lets out a very girlish squeal and bites her lower lip blushing madly.
"W-what... E-ewwww! D-don't touch m-m-my..." Natsu halts herself from talking. She was forcing her laughters in. Ivy was slowly clawing her fingers up and down. Ivy is targeting the middle of her sock soles. She did not move her fingers down to the heels or up to her toes yet. She was deliberately scratching an exact point of her foot. Watching the silent Natsu, Ivy can only assume she struck the most sensitive ticklish spot of Natsu's body- her feet.

"Aw, the ninja seems to be sooooo quiet for some reason?" Ivy coo, "Aren't you going to call me 'old'? Or perhaps taunt me and stating that I suck... Perhaps you're going to respect me more huh? I'm taking that as a yes..." Ivy was poking at Natsu's pride. Natsu screamed out, "Hell no!", although her laughs followed such a statement.

"Old, old, old..." Ivy made her fingers draw the three letters all over the sock as well as her soles. Natsu was glad that her socks were providing some deafening sensations but the way Ivy was taunting and tickling a certain region was growing too much for the ninja. She can only withstand such movements for a certain amount of time... She quickly blush at the time Taki actually teased her and tickled her once as a child or when she was still a trainee.

"Natsu," Taki stated as she glanced at the blonde hair woman tied up in a mingle of vines, "I told you to be careful on those branches. If you slip, you could have damaged or broken a bone... Luckily these vines halt your fall."

"S-sorry master." Natsu stated, trying to get out of the mess, "I-I'm stuck though...." The dark hair ponytail ninja glanced at her pupil smiling a bit. "Oh?" She left Natsu's view for the moment.

"M-master-HAHHAHHHAAAIIEIEEIEIE!!!" Natsu began to laugh madly as Taki starts to nibble and chew on her apprentice's sock soles. "STOPEHAHAHAHA PLELASEEHHAEHEEAHSE!!"

"Get yourself out of this mess now Natsu," Taki said  as she switch to her fingers, "Or you will be receiving such a tickling treatment... And note, this is part of the training. The longer it takes you to escape, the longer I will tickle such small soles." Natsu could not reach for her dagger on her waist. She was laughing madly, twisting and turning in the mingle of vines only to get herself wrapped up even more. After ten minutes, Taki has stripped her feet bare. Not only that, Taki would wrap some of the smaller vines around her toes just so she could not move them. Natsu was never tickled like thsi before. She took the chane to catch her breathe and tried one last attempt to get her dagger before Tki starts her tickling torment again.

The feeling of the vines wrapping around each of Natsu's piggies quickly caught the apprentice.

"E-eh... M-master? What are you doing?" the young Natsu would ask as she tries to move her soles around. She could feel the strange soft plant material around each of her toes, but she could not move them. Inside her, there was a strange feeling leaking out of her. "M-master... I can't move my feet anymore!" Taki pokes her immobilized sole hearing Natsu's squeal.

"Oh? Have you ever been tickled my apprentice? Well... This is just another method to keep your soles still. Toe immobilization, or toe bondage if you may say...  Can't even wiggle your cute toes can you dear?" Natsu tried to move them around and about but they could not break the grip of the vines around her toes that force them outwards. Not only that, her foot felt a bit stretched out as well, exposing a sole taunt and smooth as ever.

"I-I don't like this master! I feel really helpless..."

"Then break free or...." Taki did not finish her sentence. Her tongue met Natsu's small sole, forcing the blonde girl to break into deadly high pitch laughter, tears streaming down her brightened cheeks already.

"Hm, you're awfully quiet." Ivy state glancing at Natsu. The female just came out of her flashback blushing madly. "I-it's nothing!" she state in a bewildered tone.

"Oh really? I'm surprised you just let me take off your socks though... Thought you would put up more of a fight."

"Eh!?" Natsu glance at her bare soles. She was too preoccupied in memory lane to heed the action Ivy did. When Natsu was in her flashback, she took the chance to take off her socks, although Natsu cannot remember the teasing words or remarks that Ivy made while taking off her socks...

"Now, I'll ask you one more time, tell me where your master is- Taki, of course."

"NO!" Natsu said in a confident and unchange manner, "I will NEVER reveal my master's location to you!"

"Oh really? Then..." Ivy leans toward Natsu's right ear and asks her, "Have you ever have your soles tickled to pure madness?" Natsu's face went pale. She had recall that just a moment ago with Taki... But Taki was only using two objects to tickle her at the most. Her tongue and fingers.... Ivy, this woman before her, had plans for Natsu... No, this was planned out way before hand. Natsu's silence seems to give a more devious and overjoyed Ivy. "Oh~? So you really had such a moment? Come on darling~ If you say, I might reconsider...."

"L-like..." Natsu was fighting against herself. She was not utterly scared but the fact she will be tickled in such manners would... create confusion. What confusion? When Taki tickled her in the past, there was some enjoyment out of it. Maybe Natsu liked the way she was punished by her master or it was just the foreplay that seemed to turn her on... But being tickled by a stranger and being forced to tell the location of her master (even though she really doesn't know) is making her feel uncomfortable. What's worse, she can do whatever she wants and force her into utter submission.

Ivy knew her plans were working. Soon enough, the ninja will tell everything about her master just to save her own self. She did plan the steps ahead though. Tying her up, tickling her, the location, everything was pre-prepared, if you would say. The only that was troubling Ivy was the attitude Natsu had. Had. Right now, she's in a state of fear. She would surely give up the location in mere moments.

"I won't tell you!" Natsu said bluntly halting any blushing or any sign of doubt or hesitation, "Old woman!" Ivy raise an eyebrow. "Excuse me? You will not tell me where your master is?"

"No! I will NEVER reveal the locaton of my master Taki! Not to a stranger like you who resembles an old witch that could do no pain to me whatsoever and had to capture me in such a lame manner just so you can get information from me! I mean, tickling? Really? I have been tickled by my master in such worse manners than yours!" Ivy was in disbelief...

'Alright, if she falls for it. She should stop tickling me and resort to some other method... I hope I can lie to her so she won't tickle me exactly. I can't stand the foot tickling especially if it comes to more strict conditions...' Natsu thought.

"Oh?" Ivy asks glaring at Natsu, "So you won't give me the answer?"

"Nope." Natsu even place a silly face by sticking her tongue out at Ivy. You can clearly tell that the silver hair girl was not liking Natsu's attitude one bit. She picks up a butch of items and lay them on a table within Natsu's eyes. Natsu could not believe the amount of feathers, brushes, paintbrushes.... torture devices.

"H-hold up! I told you that-"

"I will not allow the fact that Taki gave you a more pressing foot torture than me." Ivy state, "I will show you what TRUE torture is!"

"You really d-"

"Oh I do!" Ivy state showing some small threads in her hands, "Even if it means making you a sweaty little dirty ninja, I will get you to a state of exshaustion from my tickling torment!" Natsu's face went pale again although she did not want to show any fear. She was strong! She even curled her toes down before Ivy could tie them up easily.

"Be a good girl and uncurl your piggies." Ivy said.

"No!" Natsu state, moving her head towards her left and closing her eyes. Natsu's face went red when Ivy decides to use a more devilish tactic. Natsu turns her head right at Ivy who was standing between her legs with her hands motioning at a certain part of her body. "N-no... P-please! D-don't..."

"Then be a good girl and undo your toes. Unless you want me to tease THIS SPOT even more... Or I could tickle these instead of those 'stubborn' soles.'"

"R-resorting to such dirty tactics!" Natsu exclaims, trying to bypass her own fears and attacking Ivy's pride, "You couldn't even tie my toes up even if they're curled! I mean... you couldn't even make me understand such tickling foot torture!" This irritated Ivy. She stops her teasing on Natsu's area and glance at her left sole.

"You stubborn bitch." Ivy curse. Before Natsu could say anything, Ivy starts to use both hands on  Natsu's left sole. The sudden tickling made Natsu explode in laughter. Her cheeks show a color of rose as her eyes close shut, shaking her head in bewildered sensations. "Tickle tickle." Ivy was glancing at how her foot was resisiting in every way. They would not uncurl even if she tickled all around her sole. They could only kick up and down. She could not evade the harsh tickling although anyway to get her toes to spread were being denied. What does that mean? Ivy could usually tickle a girl into driving her toes into a wiggling movement if she tickles a certain point on their soles. Natsu's entire sole is ticklish, no doubt, but for some odd reason Ivy cannot force her toes to uncurl. She continues to torture them for another 3 minutes. Ivy was maddened at the very stubborness Natsu has. "That's it!" Ivy declares. The tickling did not stop as Natsu begins to laugh even harder.

Ivy starts to pull each individual toe back. Her left hand would push her soles upwards so they can stand upright. Ivy's left hand would move it's index and middle finger to continue the tickling on the middle of her sole as her right hand would start to wrap itself around her pinky toe, first. Even her pinky toe wouldn't uncurl after the rope was applied and being pulled at. Ivy glares at the toe and state this to Natsu, "You are the only one to blame." Ivy leans closer to her soles breathing in some slight auroma of Natsu's sole.

"N-no! W-what are you-AHHAHAHAH!!!" Natsu begins to laugh madly as she starts to shake her legs madly as well as her upper body. Ivy starts to use her sly tongue of hers and force her toes to uncurl. She was targetting the pinky toe. Natsu could not hold her pinky toe curled down any longer since the sensations seem to drive her mind into insanity. Ivy quickly pulls her toe back and wraps the end of the thread to the screw on top of the stocks. She continues this with all the other toes. Ivy was enjoying this. She did not think she would use her tongue so quickly! Such a stubborn girl... Ivy decides to wrap the three toes following the pinky toe. They were still curled up but Ivy force all of them in her mouth, sucking and nibbling on them viciously. Natsu screams out madly as she tries to beg the white hair girl to stop. Her laughter seems to be more dominant though. Ivy force the three toes back as well and found the big toe all alone in it's curled form... on her left foot.
"N-no more!" Natsu  beg, "I-it's..."

"Too much? But you did not listen to me." Ivy whines, "And you did state your master gave you a more harsh treatment, right?"

"Y-yes... W-well... I was-"

"How about this. If you be a good girl and uncurl your toes on your right foot, I will stop the licking." Ivy glance at Natsu in sheer determination. Natsu blush madly and wanted to deny such an offer. Natsu could not bear the fact Ivy's tongue would lick all over her soles... She would rather lick her master licking her feet once again though- AIE! D-don't think like that!

"Fine." Natsu sighs, uncurling her toes.

"Good girl." Ivy said, "Although..." Natsu felt her left big toe being helf by Ivy's hands, "I will make you moan and laugh for me a bit more..."

"W-what are you- OOHHAHAHAHAHG GOOGAHAHHAHHOH!!!" Natsu could not scream and curse Ivy out for lying! Ivy begins to madly suck, nibble, and lick at her big toe. The white hair girl was losing herself in her torment. She IS enjoying this. A girl who would be so stubborn and so rebellious against her orders... Oh, the fun to make them bow down and submit! Why should she let this girl go... Ivy continues to watch Natsu's facial expressions as she did whatever so wants with that single toe in her mouth. The way Ivy plays with Natsu's big toe was agonizing. Natsu would have cried mercy if she could. Luckily, her laughs were covering those mistakes. Ivy's tongue feels awfully good yet it was spiking the nerves within the pads of  Natsu's toes. Not only that, her fingers starts to trail from her toes to her heel. The sudden scratching of just two index fingers raking notoriously on her smooth bare heel was sheer joint nerving torture! Her entire sole wanted to move away from those fingers- especially that armoed index finger. It was worse- feeling the very hard pointy metal raking at such sensitive skin! The only part fo Natsu's foot that could move was her big toe... The downside to that, her toe was wiggling inside Ivy's mouth. Ivy just torments Natsu's toe in ways Natsu  never knew. Nibbling, biting, sucking, licking, kissing, her mouth seems to play with Natsu's toe in every way. When she moves her toe around in Ivy's mouth, the sensations would become worse. Finally, Ivy spits Natsu's toe out and ties it up quickly. She went towards the right foot and tie all of her toes up as well. Natsu did not fight back. Ivy glance at her victim. She was red, of course, but she was already in tears. Did she really torture the ninja so badly?

"Well, I'll give you one last chance Natsu." Ivy said in such confidence, "And I can assume you lied about the torment.... Thinking you would get out of this predicament- I think not." Natsu wanted to say, 'she'll talk.', but her pride said otherwise.

"Never..." Natsu said, exshausted already.

"Humph. Stubborn." Ivy glance at Natsu in a satisfied smile, "Think I will use these toys and torture you until you just... I don't know, wet yourself or even submit yourself to me as a... tickle slave-"

"WHAT?!" Natsu exclaim, blushing madly at the very thought of such an idea. Tickle slave- she is no one's slave!!! "You can surely die in a ditch!"

"Oh~ Such harsh words... You did state I was an old lady- shouldn't I get some sort of reward from you. I mean, I can't even entertain myself half the time..." Ivy slowly approach the toosl she laid out, choosing the respectful items to torture Natsu with, "Well... you can't deny it anyways- you are tied up."

"You b-hehehehahahhaahHAAHAHAHHAH!!" Ivy starts to test the toe ties. Natsu could not move a muscle of her feet. She starts to use most of her energy in moving her body parts that are free of any restrains. She's burning most of energy though- finding herself helpless to the torture. Her soles are immobilzed and bound to the fullest. Ivy ensure the amount of thread around each toe was enough to hold them back but she made sure that the blood was not cut off. Natsu tries to move her soles against the bonds though, ignoring the fact she'll waste a lot of her stamina. She was able to move them but not as much. They quiver at Ivy's mercy as she runs the feather up and down her soles.
Ivy decides to sit between her legs with her back turned. She was smiling evilly. She loves this. Hearing Natsu laughs madly. They were controlled but insane at certain points. Ivy loves the way she could easily make this ninja scream... although she's keeping most of the information in her still. There must be a way to break her- there should be a very ticklish point in Natsu's feet that would get her to talk. Ivy continues to test the soles with one feather. They would travel from her heel to her toes. She ach how her soles would react from such touch. It was hard to read the true location though... Ivy was staring closely at the soles' movement. They would quiver or stay still most of the time... Nothing came out of her slow taunts. Natsu was falling into submission. She knew it as well as Ivy.

"You better give me the information before I start to enjoy this. I mean, I could do this for hours and hours." Ivy did not halt her tickling, listneing to the laughing Natsu who could not even form a single word. Natsu was not losing her mind. She was laughing, crying, sweating, and squirming, but her will was strong. There was only one fear Natsu had.... If Ivy discovers her sweet ticklish spot. Natsu fears two things. Utter foot immobilization as well as extreme torment on her extremely ticklish spot on her soles. Natsu blush madly once again... Her mind was taking her back into memory lane.

"How long must you struggle?" pose Taki. She watch her apprentice get coiled up in the vines. Her entire arm was entangled by the vines. Her hands were wrapped in the vines as well. She could not move an inch of her fingers as the vines firmly held them close together. Natsu whines and makes such childish noises as Taki sighed at her apprentice. "Tickling your soles can make you this messy? I need to train you more then... getting tickled of course." Taki folds her arms as she blush at the sight of her tied up apprentice, "Athough... I admit, I had fun tickling you for today."

"M-master... C-can you release me?" asked Natsu.

"Perhaps." Taki replied, "Although I amcurious... Where is your most ticklish spot?"

"M-my most ticklish spot?!" squealed Natsu, trying to wiggle herself out of the vines but finding it useless.

"Oh come on," Taki giggled, "I will release you... Don't worry. I'm just curious.... I'll admit- even my soles are ticklish Natsu. If you want to, I can... Taki did not finish that sentence.

"I-it's in between my toes." Natsu said shyly and cutely, "I... I can't stand having my feet tickled there! I... lose myself and all focus."

"Oh?" Taki said cutely and a tad amaze, "You haven't actually told me to stop if I recall... Did you enjoy this Natsu?"

"N-no! O-of course not master!" Natsu said in a quick haste, "I... I was stubbornly taking up this tickling punishment! I am your apprentice after all-all....O-Oh... M-master...? EEKEKEAHAHAHHH!" Nats could not see what Taki was doing. The dark hair ninja was blushing at the fact she will be using her mouth again to tickle her apprentice but she was loving the auroma and the taste of Natsu's soles. She slowly blows some air between the toes that were spread apart. Natsu tries to move her toes together, tried anything to prevent the cool air to touch her skin. Nothing though. Natsu was spazzing  out. She was losingi it. She began to wiggle around but she could not move her body anymore. She began to whimper.

"Sorry Natsu. I really... want to do this." Taki starts to lick in a slow manner at the space between Natsu's toes. Natsu lets out a high pitch girlish scream of laughter. She could not move but she begins to laugh into the air as Taki starts to lick each spot in between her toes. She even tease the immobilized toes time to time but it had no results unlike the space Taki teased. She could not help how her apprentice was making such sounds and was begging in such desparation. Pleaing and saying Taki's name over and over again. It felt like she was dominating her. Taki could not help herself and continue to worship and tickle her soles for that entire day. Natsu could only laugh and make tears from such punishment....

Ivy finally found Natsu's weak spots. The space in between her tose. The feathers tease the space between her toes finding a good response... or vicious one. Her toes begin to pull at the thread. It was not enough to pull them free but it was an indicator to where to torture. Ivy smiles viciously picking up three feathers in one hand. She also took a paintbrush for her other hand and press onwards with the tickling torment. Natsu began to cry madly and beg. She was finally broken. Ivy's ears could not believe it.


"Oh darlin' this is waayyyy too much fun for me to stop! I mean, you're particularly begging right now! Aren't you suppose to say, 'I will NEVER reveal my master's position to you!' I will continue to torture your soles though... These results are so wonderful!" Ivy scontinues her method of tickling. There were three feathers sawing between Natsu's left foot. A red, green, and blue feather were sawing between her toes. Natsu was cracking up from such a torment as Ivy's other hand wield a brush that tease the arhces and middle of her taunt right sole. There was no way for Natsu to escape. She was moving every part of her body. Her hands clentch into a fist and spread themselves out as the unbearable feeling of her ultimate weakspot is getting tortured to the max. Not only that... she was submitting herself to this stranger! Master would be disappointed! Natsu felt another crazy feeling on her right sole.

"I will listen after I get you to submit yourself to me... Then I can hunt your master." Ivy was moving her face towards her right sole. Natsu explode into a luaghing roll over. Ivy was sliding her tongue all around her big toe. Even if she was not sucking on her toe like before, she was aiming at a particular spot. The space next to her big toe. This was making Natsu go insane. She wanted to tear her entire body off the contraption she was in, wanting the feeling to stop. What push her even more was the brush tickling her arch. It was slowly brushing it's way upwards to her spaces. Natsu was feeling weaken by every second of this tickling as she becomes an utter mess.Even her body was starting to act all funny... AHHAHAHHHA!

"AHHAHHA HAAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAH!HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Natsu was making a lot of noise. Ivy decides to use her armored pinky tease the very last spot of her left sole. It starts to tease the space between the pinky toe and the other toe. Three feathers, a brush, a tongue, and a metal device are tickling Natsu's spaces and it was driving her to such insanity and... arousement. She was finding herself wanting to wet herself from such sensations as her nipples finally stiffen outwards. She was drooling... her laughs were rolling out of her asthis was too much for how long?! Taki....

"Jeez, I thought I trained you better." Ivy glance in front of her but she saw nothing. A shadowy figure appeared right agove Ivy and knocked her out. Natsu was glad that the torment was done but she was laughing still. She could still feel the tickling sensations as she continues to laugh a bit more. "W-who-"

A dark hair ponytail girl stod in front of her apprentice as she stepped on Ivy's knocked out body, "You seriously need me to train you again? Natsu, you better learn or I'll tickle you personal again." She bears some armor on her arms and shoulders as her dark red suit match Natsu's a bit. It was Taki- Natsu's master.

"Oh... Taki." Natsu said in relief, "I-I'm sorry. I could not-"

"You did not even know where I was." Taki said, "You were lying?"

"Eh!? I-I was... W-well you see..."

"I thought I taught you better Natsu."

"You did master-"

"No. Seems like I need to tickle you to your senses!"
"MASTER-AHAHAHHAHH!" Taki took the chance to wave a feather in between Natsu's toes and smile, "How cute... you're still that ticklish girl I still know."
I got another commission from :iconmysterio0:
I (Shadow) did not make this story. Cheryl did this story since mysterio requested it.

Obviously, the picture tells it all. Ivy tickles Natsu, but how did this started? Read the story and you'll find out.

The picture was done by :iconribbotang:

The very idea came from :iconmysterio0: and my right hand woman decided to execute it with ease xP

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A female just sat on the couch being bored. She playfully kick her legs up in the air with her blue shorts on. She had a very short tank top on revealing her belly entirely. Her brown hair was tied up in a ponytail as she just sigh. Her yellow tank top was moving with her movements as she tried to find a more comfortable position on the crouch.

"Great…" she mutters getting up. She was barefooted. She walked around the house she lives in with her 8 size feet stomping through the place. Her friends left the place as she was left behind. She began to mutter stuff lightly underneath her breathe. She fold her arms glancing at their black cat roaming around.

"I'm so bored!" She hint getting more annoyed at the fact her friends left her. She lands herself onto the sofa as her feet were stretch across the entire couch. She yawns turning on the TV, or tried to. She click on the bottom as she began to curse lightly. She continues to press the button hoping that something would kick it up There was a small note on the table as the brown hair ponytail girl read it.

"Something is wrong with the power, go fix it." Power? Was this note referring to the basement? She just shrugs ignoring the letter. She tries to do something else, like turning her computer on, but it didn't work. She stops and glances at the fridge not even working either. She tries to call her friends, nothing.

This was too strange. Sabrina stops and poses. Maybe there was something wrong with the generator… Or it was some trick- no. This was for real. The brown hair fair girl just told her cat, "I'm heading downstairs, watch out for anything." This made her nervous as she slid on some fuzzy slippers and opens the door downstairs. She closes it turning the lights on. She walks down the stairs glancing around. There was nothing wrong as she went a bit further into the room. The generator was pushed downwards lying on the off button. It was controlled by a lever as Sabrina puff her face. They purposely did this to her! She push it upwards hearing the machine start up. When she turns around, the floor suddenly opens up revealing a lot of green tentacles. Sabrina screamed, feeling one of the moving tentacles pick her up upside down.

"L-let me go!" Sabrina yell feeling her slippers slide off her feet hitting the ground. The tentacles quickly surround the girl in mid air. They shot at her, wrapping around her wrists and ankles. They pull her arms and her legs outwards.  Sabrina struggle, pulling her legs back.

"Stop it!" she commands wiggling in her bonds. The tentacles were pulling her arms upwards as they circle around her arms. They tie around her legs, but sudden pokes made slight tensions. Sabrina's eyes shot open for a moment closing them. She curl her toes and fist her hands together. The tentacles wraps around her arms to hold it together and above her, but the end of the tentacles were running against her cloth armpits. The sudden sharp and not really slimy tentacles were making it worse. They weren't nails, but they were something of a sharp caliber. The tentacles stroke up and own against the hollow pits.

"Noheheheh….. Stop!" Sabrina tries to stay squirming. Her legs were pulling against the vines biting hard on her lips. Two more tentacles found themselves at the bare stomach. Sabrina notices this having her belly assaulted by the two green tentacles. The tentacles were going a bit under her shirt making the movement and resistance going futile.

"Stophehehehehehehe." Sabrina's face was slowly lifting up. She cannot resist it much longer… She felt the four pointy tentacles assaulting her armpits and stomach. She was able to keep her face in giggles, not laughing madly. First, the tickling were just light slow strokes. Next, it was some more furious ones making Sabrina giggle even harder. Then, the tentacles began to press harder making Sabrina even louder. Suddenly, her feet were involved. Oh no. Sabrina bursts out laughing as the tentacles were slowly tickling her up body. The two  testing her soles just began poking in and out. The tentacles backed off, watching the soles reactions. They would curl, flex, move around side to side, lower themselves or toss themselves a bit further from them.

"Nohahoahhahhah!" Sabrina said laughing now. Her face wasn't red, but when it comes to tickling her feet, she will lose it. She began to struggle. Her upper body tore the grip that the two  tentacles had. She found herself hanging upside down. She was going to kick and punch the tentacles but the tickling at her soles were distracting her. The sudden timing in the pokes were making her laugh. Her mind and body didn't react in time to stop the sudden directive of the tentacles. The tentacles were able to wrap around her shoulder and arms, pinning them downwards this time. The tentacles holding her ankles lower down to Sabrina's head making sure they were leveled. Not only did it readjust itself, the tentacles push Sabrina's bound feet a bit forward making her legs bend towards her already wrapped shoulders. They left some space between there as the poking was now strokes that wouldn't leave Sabrina's soles. The girl was laughing. She wasn't tearing up yet, but she was laughing. Her face grew a bit red as the tickling as stroking in the middle of both her soles. The one on the right suddenly jabs into the middle, twisting itself around sending Sabrina into a recoil of twists and turns. Her hands clutch up really bearing down the tickling sensations. The floor that revel the strange tentacles were closing but showing only a strange monster of… tentacles. There was no head. This wasn't even an animal, but it had a function to move. The strange tentacle creature held Sabrina as it was slowly doing something. Sabrina was still having troubles, her feet curling and flexing in all her ways to avoid the two tickling tentacles. Sabrina bursts out laughing feeling something she didn't saw.

A tentacle was able to find it's way around slide between her middle and index toes, sliding it's strange non suction cup self easily through the space making Sabrina's left foot curl her toes. Sabrina had to curl her right toes. She did, laughing viciously.

"Stopahahhahahahsaa,pallelahhehehahehahehahahhhseehehshha! Ihahahhancannn'c'athahhahaha!" Her words were falling on deaf eyes as her eyes were close. She couldn't bear her feet getting tickled. She had her mouth wide open, laughing showing her tongue and teeth. The creature place her on the ground, but something was wrapping around her. She didn't open her yes though. She peak but close them shut. The tentacles were wrapping around Sabrina's entire body. From the neck, down to her ankles, they literally cover their green tentacles like a blanket. Sabrina only notice when she open her eyes again. Oh no. This was bad.

The made sure Sabrina was up against the wall. Her feet and legs were extended outwards. She couldn't squirm in her bonds as the tentacles made sure they stayed there. Wrapped like a rope, Sabrina couldn't budge except move her toes and flail her feet around. The tentacles were slowly approaching her feet. Her right toes found a sudden movement plucking at Sabrina's nerves. She forget her toes curled around the tentacles wrap underneath there. She had to wiggle her toes feeling another tentacles playfully slide itself in. The tentacle she held in her right toes did a nasty move. Sabrina had her eyes close, once again, noticing her movement silenced. She opens her eyes glancing at the sudden tentacle holding her two big toes back.

"NOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHHHAHAAH AHAHH!" Sabrina manage to say trying to wiggle her poor toes. She couldn't. They were lock in the tentacle's grip. That one toe tie slime tease her two big toes by pulling it's grip around them, sending some vibrations that tickled her madly. Not only that, her feet was immobile to avoid the tickling. Her feet were pulled back. They wouldn't move side to side, they couldn't move forward to cover her main spots, they were stuck. The tentacles began to take advantage of this. After making her very defense restrained, they began to assault Sabrina. Te young lass was beginning to laugh and cry some tears now. The tentacles were holding back on the pressure they were using. They were testing her. The two tentacles that were tickling her feet before took place on a certain part of her feet. The one on her left began to jab and press hard on her heel. This made Sabrina's left toes curl and uncurl. The two big toes were quivering by the hold as some more tentacles arrive at the feet. Two of them notice the moving toes on her left foot. They slide themselves into the space as the pointy ends decided to tease the very insteps. This made Sabrina jump trying to move her toes getting tease, but to no avail. Her entire body was silenced by the tentacles coiled around her.

"NOHAHAHAHAH AAHAHHHAHA HHHHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAH HAH PPAELAHHAHAH!" her mind was losing it. She couldn't believe that this was underneath the basement- and how!? She began to shake her head madly, letting her mouth utter some sudden screaming laughter. The tentacles were teasing her left toes now. It was just one, but that one tentacle slide between most of her toes, stopping to stroke against her index toe. There was that one tentacle teasing her left heel as two tentacles were viciously stroking and jabbing at her arches. Her feet gently pull itself in it's current restrains hoping she could lessen the tickling pressure. She couldn't withstand it as she relax herself. Her body was forced to relax. Her struggles and determination to defend her ticklish feet were dying. Her toes were getting assaulted by the sudden tentacles wrapping or stroking into them. Her insteps were getting teases by their simply movements as the aches were getting jabbed at as her heels were suddenly targeted to make her toes go mad All of this made Sabrina finally lose it. She was crying, her face was red. Sweat was beading down her forehead, but her words were silence. Laughter was coming through that open mouth o f hers as the brown hair stick to her face. She had no control. It all stop. Sabrina felt the tentacles leaving. They untied her as they began to run away. Sabrina's eyes only catch them hiding towards the dark room of another room in the basement. There was only a meow showing her dark feline. Maybe they were scared of him? Sabrina didn't want to think about it. She was panting heavily, wiping some sweat off as she was still weak. The cat just walk towards her feet blinking at them.

"D-don't…" the cat… ignores her command and begins to lick her feet. Already tired and weak, Sabrina lets the cat lick at her feet
The rightful link to the picture is here [link]

Okay. After seeing this pic, I wanted to make a short simple tickling story on it. I kept it simple, didn't use anyone or any certain being. Just use the tentacles... Well until the end.

THIS IS PIRATA3 OC SABRINA, picture and credit of his drawing skills go to him. I'm just a writer who wanted to make a story for this.

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Guilmona was Lost.

After what seemed like hours and hours, Guilmona just couldn't find her way out of this maze of a forest.
"I swear there was a town around here, but I just can't find it." Guilmona sighed. It was getting dark, and Guilmona knew that her bright red body would be able to be seen by unwanted visitors. Her figure would definitely attract some weird ones to say the least, but who could blame them? With her curvy red slender figure and tail, her cute red face, half red half white bust, and white curvy belly? It's to die for.
  "I'd Better find a place to sleep around here soon or I'll be seen by some weirdo," Guilmona decided. Suddenly her belly let out a massive growl." Great, I have to go to sleep hungry," Guilmona whined. Knowing she can't find any better place to go , Guilmona hops into a bush and tries to get comfy for the long night ahead.

   About 4 hours into her sleep Guilmona is awoken by a small squeaky voice. She completely wakes up and looks around. There sitting neatly on her belly was a small, worried looking Pikachu." Oh thank goodness I found somebody." He squeaked.
"Oh great thanks Kiddo, you know I was hoping nobody would find me here, how'd u find me?" Guilmona asked.
"Well I was running and I heard a loud Gurgly sound."
    Guilmona put a hand on her belly and sighed."What do you need?."
  "well , I was trying to find my way back home when all of a sudden I heard a loud roar. I turned and saw a huge Charizard staring right at me. I could have fought him, but I wouldn't have one, so I ran. But could you beat him?" Pikachu asked?
   "Well kid, I'd have a hard time since I don't have attacks like Pokemon." Her stomach growls again." But I think I have an idea how."
     Guilmona stepped out of the bush, Pikachu followed her. But know sooner had they taken one step that they heard a roar. They turned and and saw a Charizard, standing right over them."oh I see you found a friend, Pikachu, well it won't matter, I'm too strong," Charizard Boasted.
  Pikachu wimpered.
  "Well I don't Like cocky bullies like you, but the cockiness makes you more tasty,"Guilmona replied.
  "WHAA?" Charizard asked confusedly
  Guilmona jumped and got Charizard by the head, her jaws completely wrapped around his head and neck, she gave a hard swallow and got his head completely in her tummy.
  "Yeah! YOU GO GIRL," PIkachu cheered.

She swallowed again, bringing his chest area into her maw. Then she pulled him down to her height and layed down onto her back. She murred as half of Charizard was already in her belly. She gave anotyher hard swallow and got his belly down into her chest region.
   Finally with one last huge swallow, she got Charizard all the way down into her belly. Now her once flat belly was now the size of an elephant, it gurgled as it digested her meal.
   "Wow, Whats-your-name, that was amazing! And hot hehe." Pikachu exclaimed.
   " You can call me Guilmona, and yes it was, and it feels amazing. Oh yes, I love the feeling of him squirming around in there." Guilmona murred.
  "Can I spend the night with you? PPLLLEEAASSSEE?!" Pikachu pleaded.
   " Oh, alright." Guilmona answered.
  "OH BOY!" Pikachu cheered.
  He jumped up onto her anormous belly and layed down.
  "oh cool, it's making all these cool noises," Pikachu said.
" Yup. Oh, while your on there, can you give my belly a rub?" Guilmona asked?
  "OH BOY SURE!" Pikachu happily accepted.
  As the night grew on, Pikachu fell asleep on Guilmona's Belly as Charizard Digested away.
   "Ah, I had a feeling I wasn't going to go to sleep hungry," Guilmona said Happily.
This is a request from buduse to have his character guilmona eat a charizard. hope you liked it buddy

Note that my original stuff will have some comedy in it
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      Xan was excited. Tonight was the night he was supposed to spend the night at Guilmona and Zitta's house. He had been waiting for this day for what seemed like months, he had the date on his calender circled so many times you couldn't even tell what the date was anymore.
    What Xan was so excited about was that Guilmona and Zitta are both very attractive girls, and on occasion, let people listen to their bellies.
      " There is only one guy I know who had the pleasure of doing that," Xan said to himself.
      " Ryan, you were one lucky dude, but you had to pretend to be a doctor to listen to their bellies, but I'm gonna get to with my CHARM! TAKE THAT, YOU SNEAKY BASTARD." Xan shouted. In that instant he grabbed all his shit and took off out the door to Guilmona and Zitta's house.
     When Xan got to their house he noticed the light of the TV flickering in the living room. He went into the room, and there they were, watching TV......IN THE NUDE!!
Xan couldn't believe his luck. One little chat with these two beauties and they already felt comfortable enough invite him into their house while they were naked.
       " Hello there Xan," Guilmona said.
       " Take a seat dear, we were just about to watch "Supersize Me." Zitta added.
       " You gals COMPLETELY caught me off guard," Xan admitted," But that doesn't bother me in the least! So, Supersize Me, eh? Is this your favorite movie?
       " Oh, you bet," the two girls answered.
       " Why?" Asked Xan.
       " Just you wait, dear," Guilmona answered.  Guilmona and Zitta both rubbed their bellies seductively.
       " GIGGITY!" Xan thought to himself.

      Halfway into the movie, Xan started to understand why it was such a great movie if you were hungry even in the slightest. Who could just sit there and watch someone stuff their face full Big Macs and Fries.
       " You know Xan, Zitta and I haven't eaten all day, we were waiting for this moment," Guilmona admitted.
       " She's right Xan. You see, we know what your fantasies are, we know what you like," Zitta tagged on.
     With that, there was a loud, hollow growl.
     Guilmona rubbed her stomach and said," Your fantasy has just begun dear."
      Xan could only sit there, half drooling. These two girls were two of the most stunning gals he'd ever done this with, and they were completely comfortable.
    Zitta's stomach then growled almost twice the volume as Guilmona's. Zitta encouraged Xan to come over and lay his head on her tummy. Xan was quick to do so. He put his right ear dead in the middle of her stomach and listened well. The sounds were so hungry, they were empty, hollow, and sounded as if her belly was full of air.
     " Oh dear, I'm SO hungry, lets eat now! You can listen to the digestion growls then Xan, there just as good," Zitta said.
     " Zitta, don't end this night so fast, Supersize Me isn't even over yet," Guilmona answered.
     " Um.....for the rest of the movie, could you..... I dunno, maybe lay both your bellies next to my ears for the rest of the movie?" Xan asked.
     " We'd be delighted!" The two girls replied enthusiastically.
  Xan had the ultimate surround sound for the rest of the movie.

     After the movie, the two girls couldn't take too much more of the hunger. The sound their bellies made were loud, and they seemed extremely painful. Their bellies almost seemed to move with the sounds they made. The two ditched Xan and ran to the kitchen. Xan was in a daze.
     " Holy SHIT! THAT FUCKING ROCKED! Thank god this is only half over," Xan thought to himself." Better go see what the girls are doing."
    Xan got up to his feet, and noticed the backpack he'd brought was open. He looked in, and noticed that those"special" cookies he brought were gone. No, they weren't Ryan's Famous Top O The Line Weed Cookies. They were Xan's Infamous Gurgle, Growl, And Grumble cookies. A treat designed to make as much noise as possible in the digestive system until you crapped em out. Now Xan was REALLY excited, he ran to the kitchen to see how the girls were doing.
    There the two were, and boy were they STUFFED. There had to be at least 30 cookies in that bag, and they were all gone. The two were laying in the middle of the floor, and there stomachs were going nuts. Gurgling, rumbling, grumbling, any of those verbs, they were doing it all.
     " Oh Xan, were SOOO stuffed, and those cookies were sooooo good. But my stomach feels like theres a big party of people jumping around," Zitta said.
     " Yes, mine as well." Guilmona added.
     " Wooooooow - I mean, we'd better go into the living room and set up the beds," Xan exclaimed.
    So the three got up, set up the beds, and got ready to settle in, but Xan wasn't ready to call it a night.
    " You girls wanna lay your stomachs next to my head? They look like they need a rubbing," Xan pointed out.
    " Sounds wonderful," the two girls admitted.

    And with that, the night was complete. Xan got an hour of belly rubbing in, and went to sleep with their tummies next to his ears. Xan had one more thing to say before he went to sleep.
Here's a request i got from my good buddy gm85. i set him up with an awesome date with two characters that belong to buduse. A little heads up, this story takes place a good length of time before zitta got together with Alpha and got pregnant lol.

Hope you enjoyed the story. Comments are appreciated.

Ryan - Me

Xan - Gm85

Guilmona - Buduse

Zitta - Buduse
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    Guilmona had just stepped out of the shower. She felt very relaxed, after all, it was a shower.
    "Ah, that was good, but I think it needs a little side order." Guilmona said to herself. She remembered that 4 year old Gouda Cheese she'd bought the day before. She rubbed her stomach as it growled for that cheese. She quickly dried off, and ignoring her clothes, went out into the kitchen.
    when Guilmona got to the kitchen, horror came to her. Her cheese, which was once on the counter, was no longer there, but a trail of crumbs were leading out to her balcony. Guilmona was very pissed off. She stomped right out to her balcony....and shrieked.
    3 mice were standing right below her, with the three pieces of cheese. Guilmona stared down at them with anger.
    "Oh....shit. This her cheese? One mouse asked.
   " Not so fast you too," The third mouse replied," Shes not fast enough for us, lets make a dash for it right now."
   The third mouse took maybe a half step before Guilmona snapped her hand right around him, she held him over her mouth, then dropped him in. He fell Straight down into her belly.
    "UH, Kinda!" a muffled voice came out of Guilmona's stomach.
    "Look, if we give you your cheese back, will you cough up Marty, and let us go?" The Second mouse asked.
   Guilmona held out her hand.
   They gave her the cheese, but when Guilmona looked at it, there was nibbles all around the sides, and there was dirt all over it.
   " Ah, what the hell? This isn't gonna do, I'm just gonna have to eat you two guys as well." Guilmona said.
   "Uh oh. what to we do?"
   The two mice tryed to run, but they made it nowheres, Guilmona snagged them both and held them over her mouth.
    "Go join your friend now, you cheese thiefing bastards," Guilmona said as she dropped the two into her mouth, and into her belly.
   Guilmona's Belly gurgled as the 3 mice moved desperately around, trying to escape. Still without clothes, Guilmona lyed down right on the balcony hard wood. Rubbing her belly as the mice continued to bicker.
    " Okay, who the fuck was eating the cheese BEFORE getting it back home?" The first mouse asked impatiently.
    Marty slowly raised his hand.
   "Marty...." the first mouse started," NICE GOING YOU FUCKIN TARD."
   The mice heard one last ear busting gurgle.
   Guilmona also heard the gurgle and gave her belly one more rub.
  "Ah, I'm SOOOO FULL!"
This story was part of an art trade i did with buduse. for his request, he wanted a vore story about his character guilmona, meeting a group of mice who were trying to steal her cheese.
I thought I'd add some more humor and cursing, cuz thats what i do best in my opinion.

Guilmona by Buduse
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    "Lady Satsuki? Hellooo, wakey wakey Eggs n Bakey!!" A voice was drawing Satsuki Kiryuin out of her sleep. She struggled to open her eyes, due to the bright lights that were surrounding her. When she did, she could see that a blonde girl with a purple eye patch and a large pink bow in her hair, which was tied into two massive pigtails. She was wearing a leather bikini with thigh high boots connected to a garter belt just above her bellybutton. "Harime... why are you wearing that..."  The girl replied groggily, cracking her neck and arching her back. She then tried stretching her arms, but she realized that she couldn't move them. Satsuki then panicked a bit, looking around frantically. Her limbs were covered by large padded leather cuffs, her legs were the same. Her body was positioned like she was on a cross, with Nui on top of her, running her finger around Satsuki's sore bellybutton. Aside from being bound, she was also butt naked.
   "Glad your awake now, my little cherub!!!" Nui sang with a cheerful smile on her face, swirling her finger in Satsuki's navel. "Nui? Where are we?" Satsuki asked, dazed and confused. "We're in my cozy 'lil sex dungeon, sweetie!" Nui replied, hopping off of Satsuki but still rubbing her tummy button. "Since when did you have a sex dungeon?" Satsuki inquired, struggling to escape, but the cuffs were too strong for her to break or slip out of. "Since forever," Nui playfully replied, "I get bored sometimes and take some of Lady Ragyo's employees down here for a little fun!"
   The bound student council president looked around the room. There were several bondage contraptions strewn around, there was a rack full of fetish outfits, a closet full of vibrators, and many other perverted things. "You expect to have your way with me, don't you?" Satsuki asked grimly, knowing that she was going to be trapped in this twisted dungeon for a week. "Yup yup yup!" Nui cheerfully repsonded, pulling her finger out. "And you're gonna enjoy every second of it, whether you like it or not!" Satsuki glared at the grand couturier, keeping up her strong willed act. "I doubt you'll be able to break me again," the girl growled, "You were only able to do so because you cheated." Nui giggled all cutesy like at Satsuki's response. "Speaking of Jakuzure, I've been having some fun with her while you were takin your nap," Nui pointed over to a corner of the room to show a bound Nonon hanging from her arms, her feet unable to touch the ground, blindfolded and gagged with vibrators burrowed into her vagina and anal cavity. She had headphones on blasting some awful pop music, even for Nui's tastes. Tears streamed down her face from under the blindfold, her body shook and shivered, legs rubbing together to try and get the vibrators loose, but no success was had. Her bellybutton was wet and dripping with sweat and saliva. On Jakuzure's tummy, the words 'Nui's Bitch' were painted across it in pink. Other phrases such as 'Rei was here' and '10/10 would lick and molest again' were written across her breasts and thighs.
   Satsuki's eyes went wide at this sight, either from fear, arousal, or both. "Whadda ya think?" The blonde haired woman asked Lady Satsuki, which prompted her to repress her emotions and don her iron willed stance again. "While I will admit that you did a good job in subduing and utterly breaking my subordinate, it will take much more to break me."    
   "Oooh! So intimidating!" Nui's body shivered, "I'm going to have so much fun playing with you!" Satsuki's eye twitched, trying hard to keep her resolve firm. Nui hopped back up on Satsuki, running her hands down her sides and rubbing her hips with her thumbs. Satsuki held her breath to keep herself from giggling, as the sensations she was getting were slightly ticklish ones. "Don't try to resist, luv," Nui giggled, "You're in my domain now, and I've got limitless ways to get you off, so you might as well just stop being such a hard ass and submit to my will, you silly little princess." Satsuki's face was beginning to turn red out of anger, her face getting more tense as she gave the evil eye to Nui. The blonde, however, ignored her and started dragging her fingers across the bound girl's stomach, her nails ever so slightly digging into her skin. "Come on, sugar, just give into your desires, and stop being such a stuck up bitch, you bitch," Nui started badmouthing the already pissed off Satsuki, who did not take this lightly.
   "How DARE you!!!" Satsuki shouted, thrashing in her bonds and struggling to break free and punch her captor in the teeth. "Nobody insults Satsuki Kiryuin in such a manner!!! MARK MY WORDS, I WIHILL MAHAHAKE YOHOHOHOU PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAY!!!!" Satsuki started to break out into a fit of laughter as Nui started tickling her bellybutton with a pink electric toothbrush. "What? I'm sorry, I can't hear over you're laughing, you're gonna have to stop!" Nui mocked her and pushed the toothbrush towards the bottom of her bellybutton. "NUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUIIIII I SWEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAR I WIHIHIHILL KIHIHIHIHILL YOHOHOHOHOUUU!!!!" Satsuki howled, her body jerking every which way in order to get the brush out, but the bondage kept her from going anywhere. "I'm sure you will while you're tied up like this. So hewpwess!!!" Nui coos, pinching Satski's cheek as if she were her granddaughter. Satsuki tried to bite the Grand Couturier's delicate fingers, but was met with a slap to the face.
   "Don't try to bite me, I'm getting you off!" Nui chastised her mockingly, "Or does someone wanna lose their speaking privileges?" Nui held up a pink ball gag, shaking it in the air in front of Satsuki's face. Satsuki was able to glare at Nui for a few seconds even though her face was stretched into a crazy smile from the tickling. "SIHIHIHIHIHILEHEHEHEHEHENCE MEHEHEHEHE IHIHIHIF YOHOHOHOHOU WAHAHAHANT, THAT WOHOHOHOHON'T STOHOHOHOHOHOP MEHEHEHE FROHOHOM TAHAHAHAKIHIHING MIHIHIHIHIHIY REVEHEHEHEHEHEHENGEHEHEHEHEHEAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Satsuki threw her head back and laughed her foine ass off. "Eh, at least you're not as vulgar as your little friend over there," Nui pointed to Nonon, who was violently kicking in the air and thrashing her head as she climaxed, her pussy juice shooting out all over, but the vibrators stayed firmly in place.
   "It looks like she's REALLY enjoying herself!" Nui smirked, looking at Satsuki and licking her lips. "Whadda ya think, hun? You want me to do that to you?" The bound girl shook her head in fear, still laughing like a maniac. "You afraid to get a little kinky?" Nui seductively asked, the toothbrush tickling her navel core. "NUIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI, YOHOHOHOHOHOHOU WIHIHIHIHIHIHIHILL LIHIHIHIHIVE TO REGREHEHEHEHEHEHT THIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHISSS!!!" Satsuki screamed, tears streaming down the side of her face. The toothbrush's bristles felt rough against her navel, and those feelings were being transferred down to her pussy. "How's it feel, sweetie pie? Is your Yogurt Gun Holster aching for some attention? Huh? Do you want me to touch your adorable 'lil honey pot?" Nui mocked Satsuki, who knew that deep down, she was enjoying herself. Nui then removed the brush, putting it down next to the Student Council President, allowing her to take a breather.
   "You... are such... a p-pervert..." Satsuki whispered, her chest heaving up and down. Nui just giggled, picking up a can from under the table and shaking it fast. "Open up, Lady Satsuki!!!" Nui cheerfully ordered the bound girl, who did as she was told. Nui squirted the contents of the can inside of Satsuki's mouth. From the taste, Satsuki identified that it was whipped cream. She hated whipped cream. "How's it taste?" the adorable one-eyed dominatrix asked, moving her body from side to side with her hands behind her back. "It's disgusting," Satsuki commented, choking down the gross tasting substance, her body shivering as it passed down her esophagus. "You don't like it?!?!" Nui was startled, as whipped cream is universally loved by everyone. "I hate whipped cream, it's gross!" Satsuki complained to her captor, gagging a little from the aftertaste the cream left in her mouth. "Hm... In that case, I might have something else you'd like!" Nui responded, grabbing a bottle of chocolate sauce from under the table.
   "Let's see how you like this!!!" Nui started squirting the chocolate around on Satsuki's midriff like a master chef, creating a very complicated design on her. She then took the whipped cream and started placing little dollops around Satsuki's body. She squirted some on her nipples and hips as well, taking the bottle and filling up Satsuki's navel with the dark brown liquid. Nui then put some whipped cream over top of it, and placed a cherry over top of it. "There!!! You look delicious!!!" Nui giggled after placing the finishing touch onto Satsuki's body. Satsuki was impressed with what Nui had done, her work was impressive for someone who didn't cook at all. "It feels sticky," Satsuki groaned, but then flashed Nui a suggestive smile, "Would you mind getting rid of it, sweetie?" Nui just giggled at Satsuki's request and grabbed her jaw, stepping off the table and getting close to Satsuki's face as if she were going to kiss her. "You know, you're lucky I was already gonna do that, or else I might have had to punish you for not knowing your place," Nui had a hint of wrath in her cutesy voice.
   "Unless you wanna end up like Little Miss Nonon over there," Nui pointed to the humiliated drum major, who had more tears streaming down her face from under her blindfold, her body hung from her shackles with no movement, save for her hips, which moved from side to side, craving real stimulation. The headphones had fallen off and Nonon could hear everything that was going on, and she would be starring in their direction if it weren't for the blindfold. The paint was starting to melt off, dripping into her navel and turning it into a big pink mess. "Awww, all my paint's melting off!!!" Nui pouted, whimpering like a puppy. "Ah well, I'll repaint it later. I don't want my snack to get all soggy!!" Nui shrugged and pushed her face into Satsuki's chest, licking the sauce off of her fun bags, swirling around and around until she got to her nipples, sucking on them and licking the whipped cream off. The icy skinned girl shivered as the kooky seamstress licked around the expanse of her midriff, licking up the chocolate sauce and cream ever so slowly and teasingly, driving Satsuki mad. "Quit teasing me!" She got a little assertive, though she didn't care if Nui punished her.
   "I'll tease you all I want, bitch!" Nui giggled, getting to her belly finally and licking the deliciousness of the delicious skin of Satsuki's toned belly. Satsuki moaned, Nui's tongue felt amazing as it traveled across her skin. "Mmmm..." Satsuki let out another moan, which was followed by an increase in licking speed from Nui. Soon, she arrived at her bellybutton, trailing her tongue around the whipped cream that covered it up. "Are ya ready, Lady Satsuki?" Nui asked in a peppy tone, her good eye looking up at her was similar to that of a puppy. Satsuki just moaned again, which Nui took as code for yes. Nui slowly licked the whipped cream off of the top of her navel, revealing the pool of chocolate in Satsuki's bellybutton. Nui wrapped her lips around the hole and sucked it all out, licking the rest of Satsuki's bellybutton clean. Satsuki moaned more and more, biting her lip as Nui's slippery tongue squirmed and pushed against her navel knot.
   "Mmmm, it's so wet!!!" Satsuki whispered, her honey pot aching for someone to taste it. "Nui... mmmm..." The girl moaned her mistress's name with lust. "Oooh, say my name, bitch!" Nui giggled to herself, relishing in the fact that Satsuki was being being broken down ever so slowly. "Come on, you know you want more!!!" The Grand Couturier cooed, licking deeper into the Student Council President's tight navel, making her body buck and squirm against her bonds. The way her body was moving, it felt like Satsuki's bellybutton was hugging Nui's tongue, pulling it in deeper and deeper, as if it too wanted more stimulation.
   "Y'know, I think this is getting a little boring," Nui spoke up, her tongue burrowing into the pit. "B-Boring...?" Satsuki whispered. She was having fun, her constant moaning was a sign of that. "Maybe we should try something a little... kinkier," the adorable blonde giggles to herself, as Satsuki raised her head up to look at her, one of her giant caterpillar eyebrows raised. "Although I'm gonna have to put you to sleep first!" The girl cheerfully giggled, and pulled out a big racket and whacked Satsuki on the head with it, knocking her out cold.
   Satsuki woke up again on a concrete floor, her head was pounding from the bump Nui left on her noggin. She slowly got up off of the ground, only to find out that she was dressed in a skimpy maid's outfit. "What?" Satsuki groaned as she looked around the room she was in. She got up on her feet, stretching her back and cracking her neck. After doing so, she saw Nonon bent over like she was a table, the vibrators still buzzing away and her body shaking and twitching every so often. Her juices were running down her legs, dripping onto the floor and creating a puddle. She was still blindfolded and gagged, her hair was a mess, and her body was sticky and sweaty. "Jakuzure..." Satsuki said walking over to her bound best friend.
   "She's so cute, isn't she!!!" Nui's voice echoed through the room, making it impossible for Satsuki to pin down where it was coming from. The student council president looked around with a glare, looking for the demented girl. "Don't ya just wanna have your way with her cute little body?" Satsuki looked down at Nonon, her petite little tummy moved from side to side as she struggled and writhed. "Why am I dressed like this?" Satsuki questioned, her voice boomed in the echo-y room. "You're gonna clean Little Miss Drum Major off!" Nui's cutesy voice instructed her. "Clean her off? With what?" Satsuki demanded an answer, looking around the room to see if there was a way out. "With your mouth silly!!!" The Grand Couturier replied, "You're gonna be a good little maid and tongue-bathe that naughty little foul mouthed lady until she sparkles from sweat and pussy juice!!" Satsuki blushed a little, as Nui's demand was actually a little much for her. "Um... A-are you sure?" Satsuki stuttered, this situation was actually turning her on, and she was getting all sweaty.
   "You feelin a little unmotivated? I've got just the thing!" The girl giggled, and Satsuki heard what she thought was her pressing a button. With that, the Student Council President felt a jolt in between her legs as a buzzer went off, causing her to jump back as her body shook and she fell on her ass. "Nui... how did you... do that?" Satsuki stuttered, catching her breath and slowly getting back up on her feet. "I put a little vibrator in your honey pot so you'd be more obedient!" Nui cheerfully explained, "Think of it like a shock collar for a dog!" Satsuki gritted her teeth and took a deep breath, "The fact that you think I need training is disgraceful, I'm more than capa-" She was cut off when the vibrator went off again, making her jump and yelp in a goofy manner. "Don't talk back to me, missy!" Nui scolded her like a child, making Satsuki get a little more pissed with her. "In fact, why don't you lose all the serious talk and speak like a cute lil' french maid?" Nui suggested, "Unless you want Mr. Buzz Buzz to go off again?" The icy skinned woman growled under her breath, and decided to suck it up. "Oui, madame," Satsuki muttered, and turned to Nonon, who was still shaking and gyrating her hips. "Ah ah ah!" Nui pressed the button again, and Satsuki moaned as the vibrator went off again and her body shook, "In character!" The Kiryuin girl rolled her eyes, "Oui, madame!!" She exclaimed in a cutesy voice, doing a pirouette and posing with her hands clasped together against her face. Internally, she was disgusted with herself as she gave into the wicked seamstress's silly demands. “Also, if you break character, I’m gonna punish youuuu!!!” Nui giggled, which definitely got Satsuki into character.   
   "My my, zis girl is filthy!" Satsuki played along in a french accent, running her finger along Nonon's tummy, making the girl shake from side to side as she tried to escape the foreign touch. "Zis vill never do! She squirmz too much, madame!" Satsuki wrapped her arms around the Drum Major's waist, sticky from all the sweat. Nonon tried to pull away, but couldn't. "Silly girl, stop wiggling so much!" The girl giggled as her tongue drew out of her mouth and made contact with the girl's skin. "MMMMMMMFF!!!" Nonon yelled out through her gag, which muffled the scream entirely. "You taste so salty und sveaty!!!" the maid girl licked up and down the expanse of her abdomen, gently careening over the slight traces of abs that she had. Satsuki sucked on her tummy flesh, licking the skin in her mouth and rubbing her teeth lightly against it. Nonon's head shook rapidly around, her pink hair went every which way as Satsuki licked along her sides leaving little hickeys along her skin. "Mon amie, your tummy iz so very sexy, I just vanna eat it all up!" The icy skinned maid girl began to lick around her bellybutton, smiling as she did so. Satsuki was ashamed to admit it, but playing the sexy maid was rather fun.
   Her tongue sunk into Nonon's tight bellybutton, giving attention to all the intricate bumps and folds of her navel, her saliva building up inside of the little hole and flooding a bit. "Mon dieu!!!" Satsuki exclaimed in her cutesy tone, "Your bellybutton iz so dierty, how do you live with yourzelf, little girl?" This was followed up by a smug smile, as she stared at the helpless girls shaking breasts before her, jiggling around like soft mounds of jello. "Gah! Your bosoms are in dire need of cleaning, dariling!!" Satsuki took her tongue out of her mouth and licked her fingers, and she then started rubbing the girl's hard nipples between her fingers. Nonon's fun bags were shaking like crazy as she twisted her nipples lightly. "Awwww, what's ze matter? Are your poor wittle nipples too sensitive?" Satsuki mocked the poor girl, and continued to lick around her navel, slowly dragging her tongue across the bottom of the knot.
   The drum major bucked and shook profusely, even though her attempts were futile. "Are you going to cum for me, sweetie?" The maid cooed, rapidly flicking her tongue against the knub at the base of her bellybutton. "MMMMFMFMFMFMFMFMMMMMFF!!!!" Nonon's muffled screams persisted through the ball gag, which was starting to get a little loose. "I'm sorry, mon amie, but you ahre going to have to speak more clearly!" Satsuki taunted her subrodinate, hoping that she would climax soon from the stimulation that was being delivered to her loins and bellybutton. "Are you close to ze cumming, little one?" Satsuki asked all innocently while she started to fuck Nonon's bellybutton slowly. "I vant you to flow like ze finest vine, cherie," the icy skinned maid girl pumped in and out with more gusto, her head bobbing with it as lewd squishing noises were made. Nonon’s muffled screams were like a symphony to Satsuki, and she greedily fucked and slobbered on the helpless little bellybutton. Her tongue lathered every part of her bellybutton in saliva, making sexy squishing noises with each thrust. Nonon’s body bucked and squirmed with each thrust of Satsuki’s tongue, her screams getting less and less muffled as she managed to slowly loosen the gag, hoping that the maid wouldn’t notice.

    “Why do you insist on rezisting, my pet?” Satsuki asked, rapidly fucking her bellybutton now, “You’re going to cum sooner or later. Why not just cum for me now, you little silly?” Nonon finally managed to loosen her gag, and moaned loudly, unable to help herself. “Oh come now, just give into your desirez! I’m getting razer impatient!!” Satsuki scolded the girl, now sucking on the drum major’s tight lil’ button. “Why don’t you get the FUCK OFFA ME YOU BITCH!!!” Nonon screamed at the top of her lungs, making Satsuki’s eyes go wide as she stopped licking to look over at Jakuzure, replacing her tongue with her pinkie finger. Her ball gag was hanging around her neck, though her blindfold was still on and her bonds were still tightly fastened. “Did you say somezing, mon amie?” Satsuki asked, her voice a little shaky, her finger scraping the knot at the bottem.

    “I SAID GET OFF AND LET ME GO YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!” Nonon yelled, moving her head around so that she could make it look like she was looking at Satsuki. “But my mistress sayz that I’ll be punished if I don’t lick you clean,” the Kiryuin girl replied, trying to stay in character for fear of punishment by Nui. “YOU’RE THE ONE WHO GOT ME INTO THIS MESS YOU STUPID CUNT!!!” Nonon screeched, “IF YOU HADN’T BEEN SUCH A BITCH AND CAME FIRST, WE WOULD BE HAVING OUR WAY WITH NUI RIGHT NOW!!!!”  Satsuki’s eye twitched, Nonon’s ranting was really getting to her. “I don’t know vat you’re talking about, cherie,” Satsuki responded, a little agitated, “I am simply ze maid, and I am hear to clean your filsy little body!” Nonon’s head turned straight towards Satsuki, and she could tell that underneath the blindfold she was getting the death glare. “OH DON’T PLAY CUTE WITH ME YOU FUCKING BITCH!! HELL, IT’S FUCKING DISGRACEFUL TO HEAR THE ONCE GREAT LADY SATSUKI REDUCED TO THE FUCKTOY OF SOME CREEPY RAPIST CYCLOPS!!!” Nonon insulted Satsuki again, however this time she had to speak her mind, whether she was in character or not.

    “You listen here, Jakuzure!!! You think you can insult me and get away with it!!!” Satsuki went back down on the girl’s tummy and slammed her tongue inside the girl’s bellybutton. Nonon immediately started shrieking with laughter and moaning as Satsuki furiously pounded her tongue in and out. “I’ll have you know that Satsuki Kiryuin does not take to such things so lightly!!! I will make you regret every single word you’ve said you pig!!!” the furious maid girl was tongue fucking at very fast speeds so much so that Jakuzure couldn’t handle herself. “SAHAHTSUKIHIHIHIHI!!!! I’M GOHOHOHOHOHONNA-OOOOOHHHH!!!” Nonon came, her body shaking and sweating as her juices ran down her thighs. Satsuki looked down at the pink haired girl in triumph, wiping the saliva from her bottom lip. “And that is why you don’t insult Satsuki Kiryuin,” She growled like a badass, getting off of the girl. However, once she touched the ground,  the buzzer in her loins went off, making her jump. She fell to her ass again, and heard a cheery voice from behind. “That was great, Lady Satsuki!! You did such a good performance as that cute little maid!!!!” Nui congratulated the icy skinned girl, who merely glared back. “However, you did break my one rule…” The grand couturier growled in her adorable tone, stepping closer to the maid girl, who was moderately frightened, “And do you know what happens to naughty little maids who break the rules?” Satsuki shook her head no, her eyes wide in both fear and arousal. “Allow me to show you!!!” Nui pounced on the girl, hitting her on the head and knocking her out again. “Oh, I’ve got something special planned for you, my disobedient little cherub!!” Nui cooed, and then everything went black.

To be continued....
Because Satsuki lost Nui's little bet, she and Nonon were taken back to REVOCS to be her personal bellybutton slaves. Can the girls survive a week in the Grand Couturier's twisted sex dungeon?

Something I've had done for a while, felt like releasing it. Special thanks to PoopyMcMuffin587 for helping me write this. 
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   “Wow…” she moaned post coitus, “That was fantastic, Nonon!” she pulled her pants back up over her sopping wet clit, getting on her knees and stretching her back. She then looked down at a neglected Ryuko, who still had tears running down her burning face as she laid there limply. Satsuki was still sitting on her, but she had fallen asleep out of boredom. Mako stared at her broken best friend and started to feel guilty. She’d basically come into her home and helped force her to have navelingus with her sister, and then forced her to watch her and Jakuzure take part in some steamy bellybutton licking without her. ON HER BIRTHDAY!!! 
    “Hey Nonon?” Mako asked, climbing back up onto the table, her knees still shaking from that amazing orgasm. “Yeah?” the pink haired girl responded, picking herself up and stretching a bit. Mako leaned in close to her and whispered something. “Do you think we’ve been a little… cruel to Ryuko?” Nonon looked away for a second, then back again, a guilty look starting to form on her face. She then looked down at the birthday girl, who was silently sobbing while her bare chest heaved up and down. “Cruel? No no no, we haven’t been ‘cruel’” she spoke sarcastically, “We’ve been downright SADISTIC!” Mako also started to get the guilty look on her face as well, staring at the ground and sighing. “Well, what should we do? I’m sure she wants to kill us now!” the brown haired girl overreacted. Nonon thought for a minute, and then got an idea. “Well, we could always.... Treat her to a little fun, right?” Mako nodded her head, and looked down below her. She got off the table and went over to Satsuki, lifting her up and moving her to the couch.

Ryuko noticed that the weight on her pelvis was gone and her head shot up like a bullet. She was now able to move her legs again and wiggled them to regain feeling. Mako then sat next to her belly, reaching over to remove the dirty panties she’d shoved in her mouth earlier. The birthday girl gagged a little and took a big breath, her stomach expanding and then concaving as she sighed. She then looked at Mako with fury, but before she could say anything, her bestie put a finger to her lips. Mako took a deep breath as well, and started to apologize. “Look, I know you’re horny beyond belief right now, and I’m pretty sure you want to kill us for ruining your birthday, but just let me make it up to you, ok?” Ryuko just looked at Mako, utterly confused. There was no way in hell anything could make up for this. Well, other than an amazing orgasm that is.

    Mako rested a hand on Ryuko’s abs, which sent a shock through Ryuko’s system. She hadn’t felt physical touch in what felt like ages, even though it had probably been, like, an hour since she was tied down. She rubbed her palm all over the bound girl’s tummy, which was extremely satisfying to the birthday girl. Although her pussy still ached for touch, this was distracting her from it. Mako added her other hand to the mix, rubbing down her sides with both now. Ryuko moaned blissfully, sighing and letting her head go back. “Anything you want me to do, I’m your girl!” Mako giggled, taking her thumbs and massaging Ryuko’s hips with them. Her toes curled and her already stiff nipples got even harder, and she came back up with lust filled look in her eyes.

    “Ok, I’ve got a few suggestions,” The birthday girl spoke up, her voice now confident again. “First, call me princess, it’s hotter that way.” Mako nodded, “Alright, princess!” She giggled hysterically. “Second, I want you to touch me down there. Since you assholes never let me itch the ditch, it’s only fair that you should scratch it for me.” Mako flashed her a grin, nodding again. “Got it! Anything else?” She asked. Ryuko had a devious look on her face for this one. “Ok. Thirdly, I want you and Nonon to get me off together. You think you can do that?” Mako nodded, and looked up on the table. “You think you can do that, Nonon?” she asked in a cutesy tone of voice. “Y-yeah, I just wanna regain some strength,” she moaned, laying there limply.

    “And finally,” Ryuko built it up as if this was a big one, “I want to play some party games after we’re done with this. Savvy?” Mako was a little confused, but went along with it anyways. “Okie dokie loki!” She replied, moving one hand down to the top of Ryuko’s yoga pants. She ran her finger back and forth across it, making the birthday girl’s hips gyrate in anticipation. Mako’s other hand was circling her bestie’s tender bellybutton, which was still sort of red after the tickling she had received from her older sister. The brown haired girl’s hand soon went under the tight black pants, slowly pushing through Matoi’s bush. Her middle finger joined the party as well, slowly making the journey down to Ryuko’s lower lips. Ryuko’s head was spinning like she was on a crazy merry-go-round, and the horse she was on had a vibrating saddle. She bucked up into Mako’s finger’s trying to get them closer to her soaking wet pink taco. The Mankanshoku girl was purposefully taking her time, stopping in the bush and feeling around in there.

    “C’mon Mako, stop teasing!” Ryuko shouted, half lustfully and half angry, “I’ve been teased long enough!” The goofy little lady just giggled, smiling at her bestie. Her fingers were about half a centimeter above Ryuko’s cooch, slowly gliding across the sleekness of her skin from her wetness. “Mmmm, Mako…” Ryuko moaned, grabbing hold of the ropes binding her and pulling on them, “I’m… I’m too hot….” Mako giggled, so painfully close to the clit that it was seriously bothering Ryuko. “Hot damn!” She said in response, before finally getting her middle finger to rub against the painfully neglected vagina. Ryuko tightened her legs in response, pushing her body up and releasing a very long moan. “Ohohohohohoho yesssssss…. My god… Mmmmmm….” Ryuko moaned, turning her head back and forth and all around. Mako rubbed her fingers into the pussy, getting them all sticky and wet. She started to go inside with a her pointer finger, slowly sliding it inside. Ryuko was drooling like a dog and crying like a child; this was the best she’d ever felt in quite a long time. Having foreign hands invade her junk was the best feeling in the world right now.

    Mako moved her body to between Ryuko’s legs, removing her hand from the bound girl’s belly to pull down her yoga pants. With those out of the way, she pulled down Ryuko’s panties, which were white and had little blue hearts all over them. After pulling them down, the moist dugout was finally revealed, and the brown haired girl had full access to it. She pushed her finger deeper inside of it and wiggled, squirming around in her moist insides. “Yeheheheheheheah, thehehere we gohohoho!” Ryuko moaned louder, pushing down into the finger. “Am I doing a good job, princess?” Mako asked, adding her middle finger inside of her as well. “Mmmmm, yes!” Ryuko giggled, “This issss exquisite!” Mako knew she was doing a good job, and got down on her belly, her face in front of the soggy trench. Her other hand spider walked back across the birthday girl’s belly, stopping at her navel and beginning to finger fuck it. This also elicited a long and hardy moan from the black and red haired girl, who bucked and squealed for more.

    Mako removed her fingers from the girl’s moist and tender pussy, slowly sliding them out and replacing them with her tongue. “OH!” Ryuko jumped a little, but quickly settled back into the IMMENSE pleasure she was experiencing. Mako began to eat out the taco as if it were Ryuko’s bellybutton, which she was now finger fucking with both of her hands. “Like that…. Yeah, exactly like that!” Ryuko was getting into it now, a cocky smile stretching across her beet red sweaty face. Mako licked and slapped her tongue against the pussy, making out with it like a frenchwoman and rotating it around as well. Ryuko was biting her sports bra now moaning and shaking her body as her navel and downtown area were played with by her best friend.

    “Is there any way this could get any better!” She shouted, looking up at the ceiling and laughing happily. “Oh, I think I know,princess” a certain pink haired girl said as she sat up and leaned off the table, staring down at the birthday girl. Ryuko blushed, although Nonon couldn’t tell since her face was already as red as can be. Her body still shaking from the orgasm, she got off the table and sat down on the floor, leaning over Ryuko. “Does the princess want her third request to be fulfilled?” Nonon asked seductively and giving the black and red haired girl a wink. “Oh, yesss…” Ryuko moaned, “Please doooo…” The drum major gave her a warm smile and leaned over the girl, her belly close to rubbing against her face. Nonon had essentially 69-ed with Ryuko, and made her way down to the girl’s belly. Mako was still fingering her button while eating her out. Knowing what Nonon was most likely going to do, she spread the button open for her so she’d have more room. Nonon helped the brown haired girl open the navel up and pushed her tongue in. She struggled to get it inside, as the tight little navel didn’t have much room due to the fingers. The fingers did, however, grab hold of the knot at the bottom and pulled it up a little, allowing the tip of Nonon’s tongue easier access to it.

    Ryuko moaned and rubbed her face against Nonon’s tummy, her warm breath caressing her soft skin. Nonon saw this as encouragement, and started to flick her tongue sharply against the knot. To Nonon, the bellybutton tasted salty, most likely due to Ryuko’s sweating, as had a hint of pussy juice as well, probably due to to either Mako’s fingers or the birthday girl rubbing some in after playing with herself. Either way, she didn’t mind one bit, as the flavor only enhanced that of her skin. The underachiever’s fingers started to slowly pump in and out of the button, lubed up from Nonon’s saliva. Ryuko moaned longer and louder than before, pushing her face into the drum major’s belly and moaning into it like a pillow.

    “Yes, keep doing that! Your princess commands you!!!” the birthday girl wailed, dragging her tongue across the pink haired girl’s belly. Her body was bucking and jerking like crazy, and she was getting close to cumming. With Nonon’s button hovering over her, she decided to take part in the licking and lick the drum major’s already spit filled navel, making the girl pick up the pace on the birthday girl’s navel. “That’s the spirit, princess!” Nonon giggled, and started to fuck the button along with Mako’s fingers. Ryuko also began to tongue-fuck Nonon’s bellybutton with gusto, motivated by the squishing noises that the fingers and tongue were making in her navel. Mako also began to stick her tongue in and out of her princess’s sensitive pussy, making her toes curl and her knees buckle.

    “Just… just a little more!!!” Ryuko shouted, powerfully penetrating Nonon’s belly, violently moving her head back and forth. The drum major was doing the same, except MUCH faster than the birthday girl. “Are you gonna cum for us, princess?” Mako asked, licking as fast and hard as she could, with Nonon doing the same. The black and red haired girl could feel it building up inside of her, so much so that she was ready to burst at any second. “I…. I… OOOH FUCK!!!!” She screamed as she released her juices all over Mako’s face and into the carpet, her body propelling upward as she experienced the hardest, longest climax of her life. “Jesus…” Nonon’s eyes were wide with amazement, shocked by how extreme the birthday girl’s orgasm was. Mako was also surprised by this, but more by how she was almost completely drenched in the girl’s juices.

    “Ewww!” Mako whined, “I’m all sticky!!! Awww, what’d I do to deserve this!?!?” Ryuko slowly lifted her head up and glared at Mako, who then remembered the hell she had previously put her bestie through earlier. “Oh… Right, I forgot… Sorry, princess….” Ryuko sighed, recovering fast from her orgasm. “It’s fine, you’ve both made up for it now,” the birthday girl said, “However, Satsuki hasn’t...” Nonon began to untie the girl’s hands, and with both free, she stood up and stretched, pulling her pants back up and her bra back down. “So what do you propose we do with Lady Satsuki, princess?” the drum major asked, looking down at the sleeping older sister. “Oh, I’ve got something special in store for her,” Ryuko chuckled evilly, a sadistic smile stretched across her face.”What is it?” Mako asked, really excited for what her best friend had planned. “Well,” Ryuko said, “Remember when I said I wanted to play party games….”     
5 minutes later….

     “Satsuki…. Wake uuuuup….”  a voice could be heard through her grogginess as Satsuki Kiryuin started to open her eyes. She yawned and stretched from her nap, slowly opening up her eyes to see Ryuko up in her face, smiling. “Ryuko…?” Satsuki moaned, “What is it? And why are you so up-close?” She felt her little sister squeezing her breasts, getting her hands under her bra and feeling up her breasts. Big Sister tried to swat her hands away, but found that she couldn’t move her arms. She looked up and saw that her arms were tied up above her head, with the same ropes that she had used to bind Ryuko’s the table and couch. She rolled her eyes and looked at her sister with a glare. “Really?” She asked, eliciting a giggle from Ryuko. “What’s wrong? I thought you were gonna let me do whatever I wanted to you.” Satsuki rolled her eyes again and groaned, “Well that was with my consent,” she explained, “And that ran out a while ago.” Ryuko just face palmed and sighed, “Please don’t give me that bullshit, you owe me for tying me up and tickling the fuck outta me.” “That may be true,” the former student council president replied, “But I’m sure we can arrange something that we’ll both be comfortable with.” The fiesty black and red haired girl started to get annoyed with her sister, now pulling on her nipples. “Well, you tickling me WASN’T with MY consent!” the little sister growled through her teeth as she pulled and pinched a little harder. “Besides, I think that we can have some fun with what I’ve got planned for you!”

    Satsuki raised one of her large eyebrows skeptically. “And what would that be?” She asked. “Well,” Ryuko said, “We’re gonna play some party games!” she squeed a little and shivered as she said that last bit. “Party games?” Satsuki replied confusedly, “Aren’t you a little old for those?” Ryuko got up close to Satsuki, putting her mouth near her big sister’s ear. “Not when they’re kinky,” she whispered, pulling one hand out from under the girl’s bra and going down to her navel, trailing her finger around it. The former student council president moved her head away from her little sis, genuinely weirded out, but rather intrigued. “Kinky? What kind of kinky?” She asked, a small hint of a smirk appearing on her face. Ryuko pulled something out of the waistband of her yoga pants, and held it up so Satsuki could see. “Oh, just a little variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey…” She grinned evilly at her former tormenter, admiring how the tables had turned in her favor. “Really?” Satsuki sighed, “That’s just… stupid.” Ryuko frowned a little at the icy skinned girl’s comment. “Well my other idea was to string you like a pinata and beat ya until candy comes out, but I wasn’t feelin’ like it!”

    Satsuki couldn’t believe what she just heard, but she quickly ignored it. “Whatever, just get this over with,” She scoffed, rolling her eyes again. “Fine, just get it over with!” Ryuko ran over to the kitchen and poked her head in. “Yo, we’re doin’ it!” She yelled, most likely to Nonon and Mako. They came out, Mako with facefull of cake and Nonon with her blouse back on, but tied up. “Finally, I was gettin’ bored,” The drum major complained, walking over and sitting on the couch. “But it’s only been 5 minutes,” Mako replied, which Nonon replied to by sticking her tongue out at the girl. “Now now, let’s be nice!” Ryuko chuckled, joking with the two young ladies. “Fine,” the pink haired sighed, “So how’re we doing this?”

    “Well,” Ryuko said, “We’re gonna play a little Pin the Tail on the Donkey… but with a twist. You see, we’re not just gonna put my favorite toy in my favorite sister’s amazingly smexy widdle perfect bellybutton… no, we’re gonna do it until she cums.” Mako’s eyes went wide at this explanation , while Nonon remained kind of skeptical. “Oooh! Can I go first!?!?” Ryuko giggled at her bestie’s eagerness. “Sure!” She answered, and took a piece of cloth out of a drawer to use as a blindfold. She tied it around Mako’s face and gave her the vibrator. She spun her around and pointed her in Satsuki’s direction. “And, GO!” She lightly pushed Mako and she stumbled around, waving her arms out as the hum of the vibrator was the only noise in the room. Satsuki kept quiet so that she wouldn’t alert Mako to her position, holding her breath for good measure as well. The brown haired goofball was closing in, her hands getting close to the wall. She bumped into it about 2 feet to the right of Satsuki, and she felt her way over to the girl, making contact with her armpit and causing her to let out a soft giggle.

    “Found her!” Mako shouted, feeling down her body and squeezing her side in the process. She drifted her fingers over the soft belly skin until her ring finger accidentally fell into Satsuki’s bellybutton. The whole time Satsuki was wriggling and trying to get away, but it was no use. Mako plunged the vibrator into her bellybutton, which made Satsuki lurch forward into it. The girl with a bowl cut giggled and wrapped her arm around her waist so that she couldn’t get away. “Remember Mako, you’ve got 3 minutes to make her cum!” Ryuko spoke up, forgetting to mention that earlier. “Alrighty!” Mako gleefully replied as she slipped her hand beneath Satsuki’s bikini bottom and started to grab at her delicious rump. The vibrator whirred on as it tickled the back of Satsuki’s perfect navel, with Mako moving it around and pushing it in deeper. The Mankanshoku girl’s hand made it’s way down to Satsuki’s fartbox, teasing it with her index finger. “No, not there,” Satsuki moaned, the vibrations in her navel were making their way down to her clit, tickling at her vulva like mad. “You’ve got a minute left,” Nonon groaned, “Don’t be an underachiever.” Mako frowned at Nonon’s comment, sticking her finger into Satsuki’s bum. The former student council president yelped and jumped up the wall, trying to get away and losing her panties in the process. She was pulled down by the brown haired girl, who sat on her feet and pushed the vibrator and her finger in deeper. Satsuki squeezed her thighs together in an attempt to halt the feeling, but it didn’t help one bit. However, she was graced by the sound of her little sister’s voice.

    “Alright, time’s up!” Ryuko announced, making Mako cease the navel play. “Did she cum, princess?” She asked, peeking out from under her blindfold. “‘Fraid not,” Ryuko replied, making Mako pout. “Awww, I tried so hard!” She whined, turning the vibrator off and pulling out. Satsuki breathed easy, gratified with herself that she didn’t come. However, Mako forcefully jammed her tongue in her navel, making her cry out in pleasure. Some fluid began to drip down her inner thighs after this, getting a little on Mako’s naked chest. “Eh, I’m satisfied with that,” she giggled, getting up and going over to the couch. “Ok Nonon, you’re up!” Ryuko said, handing her the vibrator. Nonon rolled her eyes, swiping it away from the birthday girl. “Alright, princess,” she stood up and tied the blindfold around her head, putting the vibrator into her shirt while she did so.

    Ryuko moved her into position and spun her around, pushing her in Satsuki’s direction like she did Mako. Nonon calmly walked towards Satsuki as if she knew where she was, accidentally bumping into her. “Watch where you’re going!” Satsuki shouted, yelping as the drum major stepped on her foot. “Don’t back talk me, bitch!” Nonon said, pulling out the vibrator and turning it on. She jammed it into Satsuki’s button like Mako did, except harder, and Satsuki tried to move away just like before. The pink haired girl stepped on her foot to stop her from getting away and pulled her over. “No, you take it and you like it!” Nonon shouted, pushing the toy up into her navel knot. “Aaaaaaahahh!” Satsuki moaned, the feelings were getting to her as she broke down even more. Nonon then got on her knees and started slowly licking Lady Satsuki’s taint, dragging her tongue over it in one long, agonizing lick. The black haired girl threw her head back so hard that she banged her head on the wall, making her breath sharply in both pain and pleasure. The vibrator buzzed on Nonon pushed and wiggled it around in her friend’s button, using her other hand to feel up her breasts. Nonon had Satsuki even closer to climaxing than Mako did, and the girl thought she was really gonna break her former superior. However, that was not the case.

    “Time’s up!” Ryuko announced again, making Nonon stop dead. “Dammit, she didn’t squirt!” She yelled in disappointment, taking of the blindfold and throwing it on the ground. “Now now, it’s ok, ya can’t win ‘em all,” the birthday girl put her arm on the drum major’s shoulder to calm her down. “I’m fine,” Nonon grumbled, picking the blindfold up and handing it to Ryuko, along with the vibrator as well. “Thanks,” She replied, walking over to the middle of the room and putting the blindfold on. “Ok, who wants to spin me?” She asked, playing with her own navel with the tip of the dormant vibrator. “I will!” Mako cheerfully giggled, hopping over the table and spinning Ryuko around hard. Ryuko was so dizzy that she had trouble standing, and she wobbled around trying to find her sister. “I think ya overdid it, slackerdoodle,” Nonon said sarcastically. “Well at least I didn’t UNDERACHIEVE!” Mako shouted, getting up in Jakuzure’s face. “Fair enough,” The drum major giggled.

    Ryuko was still tripping over herself to get to her sister, walking on her knees as she was too dizzy to stand upright. Her face soon collided with Satsuki’s soft belly, accidentally blowing a raspberry. Big Sister howled with laughter, which elicited a sadistic smile from Ryuko. “Are you prepared, sis?” She asked evilly, hovering her toy over her sister’s defenseless bellybutton. “Do your worst,” Satsuki growled, confident that she could stand it this time. “Oh, I will. Y’know, there’s one thing that the other two didn’t know about my favowite widdle vibwatow that could have REALLY helped them.” Satsuki raised an eyebrow, “And what’s that?” she asked. “That it was on the lowest setting,” Ryuko replied, twisting a knob on the back and turning it on. The vibrator’s buzz was now more powerful and louder than before, visibly shaking in Ryuko’s hands. The birthday girl plunged it in hard, making Satsuki’s eyes shoot open. She let out a long, hard moan as the vibrator rocked her navel like an earthquake. “Are you still gonna resist?” Ryuko asked, giggling like a sadist. “Y-yesss, I will!!!” Satsuki moaned, pulling at the rope to try and escape. “Too bad, because you’re gonna cum in the next thirty seconds,” Ryuko replied, pulling the vibrator out and replacing it with her tongue. She then stuck it into her sister’s glory hole, making her sing like an angelic choir. “Music to my ears,” Nonon sighed, watching the little sister ruthlessly ravage her sister. “M-Matoi!!! I’m… I’m… OOOH FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!” She yelled, squirting all over the vibrator and stiffening up. She went limp and started breathing heavily, while Ryuko wiped her mouth off.

“And that is precisely why you don’t fuck with me!” She yelled, slapping her knee and laughing evilly. Satsuki managed to stand up, her knees shaking like crazy. “I… I’m sorry….” She whimpered submissively, looking at her sister with sorry eyes. “Hm, you’d better be, or I’ll have to teach you again!” She took the vibrator and threatened to shove it in Satsuki's button, making her jump and try to move away. “Nah, I’m just playin!” Ryuko laughed, putting the vibrator down and untying her sister. She took her arm over her and got her up on her feet. “Now, come on, let’s eat some cake.” The four ladies all went into the kitchen to have some more cake, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Although Ryuko had basically been put through hell that day, she couldn’t deny that this was a fantastic birthday present. And hey, maybe she’ll do the same for Satsuki one day, right? 

    Satsuki Kiriyuin sat on the throne in her tower, draped in a bath robe and drinking some tea. She was trying to hold back the feelings of humiliation she'd felt after being forced to climax by Ryuko Matoi. Her navel was subjected to several things: toothbrushes, tongues, fingers, and other things. Her navel was sore, from the intensity at which her rival had ravaged it. Through the fuzzy bathrobe, she fingered her navel, trying to ease the stinging sensation. As it vanished, Satsuki couldn't deny that it felt good. It was like there was a connecting her clit and her navel, and every time she poked it, the vibrations would carry down to her nether regions and give her a pleasurable sensation. She put her cup down, and slumped back into her throne. She quickly lost herself, closing her eyes and sort of drifting off to sleep.
     She was soon awoken by a familiar voice. "Lady Satsuki, you awake? Helloooo, Earth to Satsuki..." She felt a hand on her shoulder as the person trying to wake her started shaking her. Satsuki started coming to, and realized that the one shaking her was her childhood friend Nonon. The pink haired drum major of the Elite Four was desperately trying to get her mistress awake. "Nonon?" Satsuki yawned, attempting to strech her arms out, but found that she couldn't move them. She groaned, looking over to see that her arms were bound above her head and her bathrobe was undone, showing all her saucy bits to the girl in front of her. Her eyes widened, and she panicked a bit, as this was the second time something like this had happened to her. 
    "Jakuzare! What is this?" Satsuki said in her normal powerful tone. "Oh, y'know, just stopping by," The young lady said, sitting on Satsuki's lap and snuggling with her. "Get off of me, you're heavy!" Satsuki struggles, but to no avail. "Jakuzare, what have you done?!?" Satsuki is mildly livid now, but she keeps her cool. "I heard Matoi playing with you from the next room over, and I just got a little jealous of the new girl getting to have her way with your delicious little bellybutton," Nonon said seductively, trailing her finger around Satsuki's exposed navel. Satsuki's eyes widened, as she realized she was going to be subjected to the same torture again. 
    "Nonon, get off! NOW!" Satsuki was desperately trying to escape, which was very unlike her. "Oh, calm down Lady Satsuki, I'll be gentle," Nonon calmly replied and gave Satsuki a hickey, and then started licking down her body, sucking on her superior's stiff nipples on the journey south. Satsuki tried to keep a straight face, keeping her resolve firm and her abs firmer. While she was flexing her abs, Nonon dragged her tongue over each one, before she arrived at Lady Satsuki's tight lil innie. Satsuki bit her lip and tried to keep the cold look on her face from fading. Nonon looked up at her Student Council President with a smirk, as if she was saying, "You know you like it." Satsuki just glared at her, trying to hide the pleasure she was getting from this.
    "Not gonna break, huh?" Nonon said, sticking her tongue deeper into Satsuki's bellybutton. "Try as you may... you will not break... mmmme..." Satsuki tried to keep in her moans, but one slipped past. Nonon's eyes got a little bigger, as she knew she was getting just a little closer to breaking Satsuki. "So you are enjoying it!" Nonon giggled a little, "However I think you need an extra push." With that, Jakuzare pulled out her drum major's mace, tickling Satsuki's bellybutton with the little tassels on the end of the mace. Satsuki giggled a little, as she was starting to break down and give in to Nonon's perverted game. Satsuki breathed heavily, trying to regain the little composure she had lost. "Coochie coochie cooo!" Nonon teased, cackling with sadistic glee. 
    "I... won't give in!" Satsuki tensed up in an attempt to resist Nonon's tickling. "Oh really?" Nonon glared at her with a sly grin on her face. "Well let's see how well you can resist this!" The drum major flipped her mace over, and placed the ball end of it near Satsuki's navel. She twisted something near the back, causing the pink mace to vibrate. This sent a shock to Satsuki's system, as the vibrations were too much for her, and she broke. "Oooohhh.... Mmmm," She moaned, trying to get back into serious mode but couldn't. She was too far gone. 
    "Does it feel good, Lady Satsuki? Are you finally ready to have some fun?" Nonon began rubbing her own breast while rubbing the vibrating mace into her friend's navel. Satsuki was moaning louder, her eyes wide open and tears running down her face from the humiliation of being reduced to Nonon's toy. "Are you ready for some real fun?" Nonon asked, and then proceeded to stick her tongue in while pushing the vibrator against her navel. Satsuki begins to sweat and drool, and she grinds her ass into her throne. Her body writhes and she moves her hips back and forth as if she's belly-dancing. 
    "Oooh, dance for me," Nonon giggles maliciously, pressing a button on her mace, which made it play Sing Sing Sing. ([link]) Satsuki's body moved to the beat as Nonon loving tongue fucked her tummy button. As much as Satsuki was disgusted with her enjoyment, she did have to admit to herself that if felt good. However, if the navel play were on her terms, then she would have gotten more of a kick out of it. Her body continued to shake from the vibrators and Nonon's sharp tongue penetrating the depths of her umbilical scar, still perfectly in time with the music the mace was playing. The drum major's body moved as well, with her right hand out, keeping time for some imaginary band. 
    By now, the student council president's navel was overflowing with Jakuzare's saliva and her own sweat. Satsuki began to shiver as she felt a draft, causing her teeth to chatter a little. Nonon picked up on this, stopping for second to wipe some saliva from her lip. "Aww, is milady a little chilly," she coos, nuzzling her face in the bound woman's breasts. This gave Satsuki a moment to breathe, although the vibrations were still present in her umbilicus. Nonon then noticed the tea on the armrest of the throne, which had gotten cold since Satsuki left it out, but was still hot, though not enough to burn someone. 
    "Maybe this'll help warm your pretty little body up," Nonon hissed, moving the mace down to the girl's lower lips, and pouring the tea into Satsuki's navel cavity. The tea sloshed around as it made contact with the girl's icy skin. "Ahh..." Satsuki moaned, her body shivering at the presence of an increased temperature entering the orifice that adorned her stomach. Nonon wrapped her lips around Satsuki's bellybutton and slurped the tea out. 
    "Mmm, chamomile," Nonon licks her lips and giggles, "You have good taste, milady." Nonon pours some more in and slurps it out, making Satsuki moan loudly. She's getting closer and closer to an orgasm, which Nonon quickly picks up on. "Y'know, I think it's about time you came for me, Lady Satsuki!" Nonon proclaims as she shoves her right middle and ring fingers inside of Satsuki's lower lips. Satsuki threw her head back and inhaled sharply through her teeth. "Ahh... please Nonon, stop!" Satsuki shook her hips as she tried to get the drum major out of her loins, but this only made Nonon push her fingers in deeper, wiggling them around and pumping them in and out, which was accompanied by lewd noises. 
    "Ja-Jakuzare! Plehese, I beg you! Make it stop!" Satsuki bit her lip, pulling at the bonds and trying to break free. "You're gonna squirt for me, whether you like it or not!" Nonon followed up by licking Satsuki's navel as well. She also sucked on the girl's bellybutton, even going as far as to pull it out and lick it's core. This was too much for Satsuki, and she finally released her juices all over Nonon's hands. 
    "That's a good girl," Nonon said, patting Satsuki on the belly. She then felt a hand on her head, which made her eyes shoot open. Satsuki must have broken free of her bondage when she orgasmed. She looked up and saw the president with a veeeery pissed off look on her face. "Uhh... No hard feelings, right?" Nonon had a scared look on her face and a nervous chuckle. "Oh, I'd be more scared if I were you," Satsuki pushed Nonon to the floor, putting her foot on the girl's chest. Four cuffs sprouted from the floor, bonding the drum major in the spread eagle position. 
    Satsuki started to unbutton the uniform Nonon was wearing, throwing it off to the side, and revealing Jakuzare's underwear, which was purple and covered in musical notes. "L-listen, I'm sorry! I promise I'll never do it again!" Nonon pleaded, pulling at the cuffs binding her to the floor. "I believe it's too late for that, Jakuzare. Now accept your punishment!" Satsuki started spider tickling Nonon's sides, making the pink haired drum major giggle and wiggle in an attempt to shake her superior off. "Sahahahatsukihihihihi, stohohohohohohohop!!" Nonon says over her laughs, which get louder as Satsuki moves from her sides to her tummy. 
    Nonon howled with laughter as Satsuki dug her fingernails into her sensitive tummy flesh. "You think you can just toy with MY body like I'm some plaything? DO YOU!?!?!" Satsuki blows a raspberry into Nonon's navel, causing the pink haired girl to shriek. "Honnouji Academy is MY domain! How DARE you do this to me, Jakuzare!" Satsuki then begins licking her navel, causing Nonon to push her abdomen up into the icy skinned woman's tongue. 
    "PLEHEHEHEHEHEAHAHEEHEHEHESEEEHEHEEE!!! IHIHIHIHIHI'M SOHOHOHOHORYYYEHEHEHEE!!!" Nonon pleads with her mistress, but to no avail, as Satsuki is extremely mad. "Satsuki Kiriyuin will not allow anyone to violate her!!! AFTER TODAY, NOBODY ELSE SHALL TRESPASS ON THE TEMPLE THAT IS MY BODY!!!" 
    "Golly gee, that's awfully ironic considering your relationship with your mother, Lady Satsuki!" A cute voice said, making Satsuki's eyes go wide with fear. She nervously turned her head around, only to see a woman in a pink dress with two very large and curly braids sitting on her throne. "Nui Harime..." Satsuki said, shocked but still keeping her controlled tone, "What brings you to my academy?" 
    "Oh, I'm just dropping by to check in on you!" Nui giggled, "And to join in your little game!" Satsuki raised one of her caterpillar eyebrows, "How did you know about... this?" Nui just gave a cute little grin and tilted her head to the side. "It's being televised all over Honnouji!" Satsuki couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Televised... all over..." She was completely dumbfounded by this revelation. 
    "Yeah, I was hoping that you wouldn't find that out," Nonon timidly spoke up, prompting Satsuki to turn her rage towards her. She tried to voice her anger, but there were no words that could express how livid she was. Instead she just blew a huge raspberry into Nonon's bellybutton, blowing repeatedly to make it seem like it was never ending. Nonon shrieked with laughter, her screams so high pitched that it could break glass. Tears were streaming down the girl's face, which was beet red from the lack of air she was receiving.  
    "How did you even manage to film us?" Satsuki questioned, "I don't see a camera in here at all!" The student council president was now jamming her finger into the drum major's tummy hole. "INAMUHUHUHUHUHUTAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! HEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEE'S CLOHOHOHOHOHOAHAHAHAKED!!!!"  Satsuki just managed to get even more pissed by this revelation, increasing her speed ten-fold. "I'm glad he's showing this to everyone, so they know not to oppose the will of Satsuki Kiriyuin!" While Satsuki was viciously torturing Nonon, she had forgotten all about her little visitor. Satsuki was so furious she didn't even realize that Nui had joined in with her, spider tickling Jakuzare's ribs. 
    "Wow, she's so adorable!" Nui giggled with a cute smile on her face. Satsuki finally broke out of her focus and looked up at Nui, who was sitting across from her on Nonon's chest. "Stay out of this!" Satsuki went to push Nui off of her subordinate, but Nui quickly dodged her, getting in behind Satsuki and wrapping her arms around her abdomen and falling back. Satsuki struggled, but couldn't break free. "Let go of me, Harime!" Satsuki commanded, but Nui just ignored her, and started to finger her bellybutton. Satsuki continued with her attempts to break free of Nui's iron hold, even if the navel play was making it harder for her. She moaned involuntarily, the feeling of Nui's fake nail scratching her button core, slowly dragging it back and forth and sending pleasurable sensations to her clitoris. "Stop... Harime...Ahhh...." Satsuki wiggled her body, both in pleasure and attempting to escape. She bit her upper lip, and her face flushed crimson, embarrassed that everyone could see her being toyed with by the adorably sinister seamstress. 
    "Are you enjoying yourself, Lady Satsuki?" Satsuki heard a voice from above her, and saw Nui standing over her, smiling. "What? How are you in two places at once!?!?" Nui just giggled and cocked her head to the side. "I can make lil' doppelgangers with some cloth," Nui pulled out some cloth and threw it into the air, "Mon Mignon Pret a Porter!" She shouted, and three exact copies of the Grand Couturier surrounded the Student Council President. Satsuki just growled, then moaned when the Nui under her stuck a wet finger in her navel. "Aww, you're so cute when you moan like that!" The girl chuckled, kneeling down and dragging her finger up Satsuki's side, tracing around her right breast and then circling her nipple. Nonon's mace was still playing music, and was now playing New York New York ([link]). 
    "Oh! I love this song!" Nui said with an excited tone, getting on top of Satsuki and burying her face in her belly. Soon, Lady Satsuki felt a tongue enter her navel, swirling around and causing saliva to build up and overflow, dripping down her sides. The whole time, she was bobbing her head left and right to the beat of the song. Her clones were also singing along with it, and were also touching all of her other saucy bits while the original tongue fucked her navel. Satsuki gritted her teeth and clenched her fists, her back arching up into Nui's warm, slimy tongue. "Mmmm... I... Oh...." Satsuki tried to protest against the navel play, but for some reason was actually satisfied with it. For once, it actually felt good. Soon, she felt the doppelgangers licking her nipples, as well as one underneath of the original eating her out. 
    Satsuki was scratching the floor and rocking her head from side to side, the sensation was too much. However, she was far away from coming. "Y'know, I think it's time I stepped up my game," Nui smiled, getting up and letting her clones lick and suck on Satsuki's tight body. She removed her dress, revealing that she was not wearing any underwear. She then walked over to Satsuki's head, crouching over her and getting into a 69 position. "Why don't you give me a nice little lickin' while I work on you," Nui asked politely, shaking her hips back and forth. Satsuki, who was too turned on to refuse, plunged her tongue up into Nui's tight innie bellybutton. Nui moaned a little, and then proceeded to suck on her navel. The harder Satsuki stuck her tongue in Nui's bellybutton, the harder Nui sucked. Soon, Nui had sucked out Satsuki's navel entirely, which caused her to giggle. "Wow, I didn't know your bellybutton was capable of doing that!" The seamstress joked, and proceeded to tie out her bellybutton with a piece of thread. Nui glided her tongue across the ball of flesh, immensely turning Satsuki on. 
    Soon, one of Nui's doppelgangers moved down from her breast to lick the outie along with the original Nui. The feeling of two tongues caressing her tied out navel was driving her ever so closer to her climax. "Ah... Yes, keep, mmm... keep going..." Satsuki was whispering sweet nothings into the Grand Couturier's tight little navel hole. "You like that!?!?" Nui was getting really into the navel pleasure, and more and more of her clones began to join in on the navel licking, with about five or six tongues coating her tongue at once. "Ooooooh.... Oh yes..." Satsuki kept pushing her tongue in and out, in and out, harder and harder, making Nui's long and sexy moans longer and longer. 
    "Mmmm... Fuck it! Time for a full scale orgy!!!" Nui sprang up cheerily like a jack in the box, and threw a bunch of pieces of cloth in the air, "Mon Mingon Pret a Porter!!!" she gleefully exclaimed, and soon a bunch of Nui's sprang up, all butt naked. They all jumped on each other, savagely licking their navels. Pretty soon the room was full of Nui's doppelgangers, all pleasuring each other's bellybuttons. Some were fingering and tickling one another's tummy buttons, some were licking and sucking, some were 69-ing and some were set up in akward four and five at a time navel licking squares and pentagons. They were moaning loudly and giggling, with loud slurping and smacking noises filling the room, drowning out the music. 
    In the center of it all, Satsuki and the original Nui were still going at it, vigorously plunging their tongues into the depths of their stomach holes, making lewd squishing noises with each thrust. "Tell ya what, Lady Satsuki," Nui piped up in between thrusts, "How about we make a bet. Whoever comes first has to be the other person's navel slave for a week!" Satsuki just smirked at this offer. "The fact that you think you can make me come so easily is amusing. Very well, I accept." Nui beamed with excitement, "Oh goodie! Now I can play for real!" Nui said, and stuck her fingers deep in the girl's clit. Satsuki's face contorted into a mix of pleasure, surprise, and anger. "If that's how you wish to play, then so be it!!!!" Satsuki managed to get her right arm free, and jammed her fingers into Nui's throbbing, moist pussy, making the Grand Couturier's eyes go wide. "Grrr.... I won't let you win that easily!" Nui said, a little mad but still in her cute tone of voice.
    The doppelganger under Satsuki soon let go, getting out from under her. With her other arm free, Satsuki wrapped her arm around Nui's waist and rammed her tongue all the way to the bottem, making Nui jump a little. However, the clone who was under her the whole time drifted over to her groin, and started to lick her there. With Nui and her clone eating her out, it was a little harder for Satsuki to hold off her climax. She fingered the seamstress harder, and licked the untouched and unknown depths of her tummy pit. Nui was also getting dangerously close to coming, so she called in a few clones to help. Soon, Satsuki had four tongues in her navel, and three were invading her womanhood. This proved to be too much for Satsuki, but she was somehow able to resist. 
    "I... will not... I won't... I WON'T COM- OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH FUCK!!!!!" She was cut off when her body shook vigorously as she climaxed. The Nui clones all started to disappear, leaving only the original, Satsuki, and a still chained up and neglected Nonon alone. Of course Inumuta was still cloaked somewhere, but he passed out from the extreme sexiness that was unfolding before him, and came prematurely about half-way through the doppelganger bellybutton orgy. 
    "YAY!!! I WIN!!!" Nui jumped around clapping. "Looks like you're gonna be my bellybutton fuck toy for a week, Lady Satsuki!" Satsuki just laid there limply, struggling to stay awake. "You... you cheated..." Satsuki whispered before passing out. "I never said anything about rules, you silly goose!" Nui taunted, picking up the girl to take back to REVOCS. "What about me!?!?!?" Nonon yelled, still chained to the floor, "Aren't you gonna untie me?" 
    Nui simply walked over to her, and unchained her. Nonon slowly picked herself up off the floor, stretching. "Thanks I gue-" She was cut off by Nui bonking her on the head with her parasol. "Yay!! Looks like I have two bellybutton slaves now!!!" Nui giggled, picking Nonon up off the floor. 

    Ryuko Matoi sat on the couch, exhausted from jilling off to the broadcast, her panties soaked. "Wow.... I don't think I've ever came that hard before..." She said to herself, out of breath. "It looks like Satsuki's going to be absent for a week," Senketsu, her uniform, said to her. "Yeah, there's gonna be a power vacuum. And I'm gonna fill it!" A devious grin spread across her face, and she chucked under her breath. "Get ready, Honnouji Academy. You're about to have a new queen."   
    "Also, would you mind cleaning me off first?" Senketsu nagged, "Your juices feel disgusting and sticky." Ryuko just rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up," she replied snarkily, "You enjoy watching me masturbate." She then proceeded to rub her sticky vulva through the skirt. "Not when you're wearing me!!" Senketsu shouted. "Ugh, sometimes I wish you didnt talk..." Ryuko groaned. 
A Kill la Kill navel fetish fanfic, brought to you in part by PoopyMcMuffin587!!! We hope you enjoy!!!! 

Satsuki sits down one night to cool off and have some tea. However, Nonon wants to have some fun with her bellybutton. Will Satsuki be able to resist her? What happens when the Grand Couturier of REVOCS shows up to join in? What is Ryuko planning? Why did I put this here if nobody's going to read it until after they finish the story and therefore know all the answers to these questions? Find out by reading it!!! 

Link to the PoopyMcMuffin's story: kill la kill navel Fanfic part 2 (Satsuki)
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