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It was nighttime in the Kanto region as Ash Ketchum and his friend Misty were heading towards Pallet Town so they could gear up for their next adventure but before they could that they had to get through Viridian Forest and then the city but before they could do that they have to find a way out of the forest first because they were lost. “Nice going Ash you got us lost,” said Misty.

Ash turned to her and said, “Wait how is this my fault! You came through this forest like me a year so you should remember where were going!” Misty looked at Ash angrily and shouted, “Don’t you yell at me Ash Ketchum!” Ash was now angry as well and shouted, “I can yell anyway I want to Misty!” They were both staring at each other angrily when a flock of Pidgey were flying out of the trees.

Misty immedately got close to Ash since she was scared and then she realized that she was holding Ash and then pushed him away as he landed in the brushes. “Hey what the heck was that for?!” Ash shouted. Misty turned away without saying a word. “C’mon Misty let’s see if we can find a Pokemon Center close to hear. Maybe they put one in the forest somewhere,” said Ash.

But there was no Pokemon Center to be found and it was really getting dark so Ash and Misty decided to camp for the night but first they needed to find a perfect spot in the forest. They both looked around to find a spot but couldn’t. Ash then noticed a spot that wasn’t covered with so much trees. Ash and Misty ran to that area and saw that there was an opening to where they could stay for the night.

“Ok Misty I have the sleeping bag and the tent so I think it would be better to-” Ash was cut off as Misty took the tent supplies from his bag and she started setting up the tent. “Hold on Misty why do you get the tent?!” Ash said angrily. “Because Ash I don’t have a sleeping bag and you do so it would make sense for a girl a like me to sleep in a tent like this,” Misty explained.

Ash just looked at her and thought, “Man she’s really starting to get on my nerves now!” Misty was finished setting up the tent as she opened the zipper to get inside while Ash took his sleeping bag from his backpack out and then laid it on the grass. Ash went into his sleeping back and when he did, Misty had already fallen asleep. “Man I thought I was a fast sleeper but she just fell asleep so fast,” thought Ash.

Ash tried to sleep but he couldn’t because he kept thinking of what Misty did to him. “I otta teach her a lesson but she’s a girl and it won’t feel right to do something like that.” He looked over to the tent and noticed that her feet were sticking out from the front of the tent. Ash got out of his sleeping bag and walked quietly over to where her feet were sticking out.

Then he made sure the zipper was all the way down to her feet so she couldn’t move. Ash then made the tent poles stuck to the ground tight so she wouldn’t be able to go anyway. Ash then walked over to his bag and then pulled out two red feathers. He walked back to Misty’s feet as he started stroking the bottom heels of her soles. So far he was hearing nothing but then Ash was hearing giggling.

“Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe heyyeehehehehehehehehehehehehe who’s ehehehehehe doing thaahahahahahahahahahattt!” Misty giggled “Asheehehehehehehehehehehehehe help ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” But there was no answer since Ash was the one who was tickling her bottom soles. “Stooaahahahahahahhahahahahhap it ahahahaha Ash helppeehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!”

Ash continued this for two minutes as he continued to tickle her bottom heels. “Stop ehehehehehehehehehehe tickling meeehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Misty giggled “Whyeehehehehehehehehehehehehehe are you doohohohohohoing thisssahahahahaha!” Ash then stopped tickling her heels as he started stroking up and down her sole. “Heh bet this will get her,” thought Ash and it did.



Ash placed the feathers down so Misty could take a breather but while she was taking a breather, Ash was licking his lips. He had given her enough time so he moved in closer to Misty’s left foot and started licking her sole. “EEEEEEAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOPPPEEEAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASEEEE NOT THAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAT!” Misty laughed.


Ash wouldn’t stop as he moved over to her right sole and started licking. Misty started punching through the tent as her fists were leaving holes in the tent. “DARN IT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOPEEEAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASEEEAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Just then the entire tent came chasing down as Ash immedaitely when back in his sleeping back.

Misty poked her head out to see Ash sleeping in his sleeping back. She then got angry as she threw something at Ash. “You jerk why didn’t you help me?!” While Misty was yelling at Ash he had a smile on his face and thought, “This was one of the greatest nights ever.”
I was planning to do a tickle story about Misty from Pokemon for a while now but I was planning what I was going to do to her. But I finally did so just enjoy the tickle story:D.

These characters are not mine.
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The sun is shining brightly outside with white puffy clouds in the sky. Victoria is lying down on the grass behind her house as a gently breeze is blowing by. She is wearing an earring on her right ear, her light purple tube top showing her belly, sides, cleverage, and arms, her blue jean short shorts, and wearing light purple sandals showing off her feet and toes.

“Ah what a lovely afternoon to be outside.”

Victoria stretched her arms in the air for a few seconds and then placed her hands on her belly as she stared up at the skies. The sky was nice and blue and no signs of rain were showing as Victoria was about to fall asleep on the grass as she closed her eyes. As her eyes were closed she felt something was blocking her from the sun light.

“Thought I might find you in the back of your house Victoria.”

She opened her eyes and recognized Bolt standing above her. He was wearing his black short-sleeved shirt with the lighting bolt in the center, black jeans, black sneakers with the lighting steaks to the sides, three golden rings around his wrists, and three earrings on each ear.

“Hi Bolt I didn’t know you were coming here.”

“Mm-hm yeah I didn’t have anything to at my house so decided to come here and see my friend. Mind if I sit down next to you?”

“Of course.”

Bolt smiled as he sat down next to Victoria. She then turned around on her stomach as Victoria kicked off her sandals revealing her bottom soles. “Ah much better to have these sandals off my feet.” She wiggled her toes freely and smiled as Victoria placed her head on the grass.

“Hey Victoria can I ask you something?”

“Sure go right ahead and ask?”

“How would you feel if I asked to tickle you?”

Victoria stayed silent for a few seconds as she looked at Bolt. She smiled at him saying, “Well Bolt I would love to be tickled by you because in case you didn’t know I loved to be tickled so if you want to let’s go.”

Bolt smiled as he grabbed Victoria’s left hand and took her inside the house. A few minutes later Victoria was now tied down to a vertical table in the room just her size. Her arms and legs spread out, her wrists were tied down as well her ankles and Victoria wasn’t looking scared in fact she was looking quite happy.

“Victoria do you mind if I start with you’re sides first?”

“I don’t mind at all Bolt. Go right ahead.”

Bolt grinned as he sat down on Victoria’s legs, placed his fingers against her belly sides, and started tickling away as Victoria started laughing with excitement.


“Oh I will Victoria besides I’m going to get you’re soles later.”


She was shaking her head like crazy but Victoria continued to enjoy the tickling to her sides as Bolt continued to tickle them and he was having loads of fun too.


“Thanks for the complement Victoria. Very nice of you to say.”

He tickled Victoria’s belly sides for ten minutes as she had tears steaming down her cheeks and still wanted more tickling.


“Sure Victoria but now its time for the soles.”

Bolt hopped off of Victoria’s legs as he kneeled down in front of Victoria’s soles. He then took two red feathers from his pocket as he placed them against Victoria’s soles and started stroking them up and down her soles.


She wiggled her toes having a great time having her soles tickled. Bolt was having a great time too as he moved the feathers up her feet and started tickling in between her toes which made Victoria’s eyes widen.


This continued for more than twenty minutes as more tears steamed down her face as Bolt continued to tickle her soles and toes with the feathers. Victoria was having fun but now it had to stop.


He snickered as Bolt stopped tickling her and within seconds untied her from the table and placed her on the sofa. While on the sofa, Victoria was catching her breath as Bolt looked with a smile.

“Had fun Victoria?”

“You know it Bolt…you know it.”
Another gift for my friend :icontoe-girl:

This one is about Bolt the Hedgehog tickling Victoria and she enjoys to be tickled:D Hope you like it friend^^

Victoria (c) :icontoe-girl:
Bolt (c) me
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It was a sunny and slightly breezy afternoon with white puffy clouds in the sky. Not too far in the distance was a house not too small or big. A woman was coming out from the front door as she stretched her arms into the air.

“Ah what a lovely afternoon.”

The woman’s name was Aurora, a female anthro Lugia who had light blue skin, long blonde hair, and light blue eyes with red marks on her belly, tip tail, and close to both of her eyes. She was also wearing orange short shorts, orange sandals, and a light purple shirt with no shelves.

Aurora was done stretching her arms as she started walking over to the garage of her house. She grabbed the bottom hatch that led to the garage as Aurora lifted it up so she could see what she was looking for.

“Well there it is in the middle of the garage.”

Aurora was walking over to what seemed to be a pair of stocks in the middle of the garage. These stocks however were different from any other stocks in the world because these stocks were metal stocks that she had finished working on.

“I’m really glad I was able to get this done yesterday.”

Aurora placed her hand on her metals stocks that she finished but there was one problem with it…she had no one to test out her stocks with put Aurora in a predicament on what to do as she put her hands on her hip.

“Well I guess I could test it out myself even though my feet are ticklish. Oh what the heck besides it might be fine.”

A few minutes later Aurora came back with a special kind of chair as she placed it in front of her metal stocks. Next Aurora sat down in the chair, laid her back against the chair, and opened the stocks.

She then placed her ankles in the stocks as the top of the metal stocks closed tight on her ankles. Just then Aurora pressed something on her chair as her wrists were cuffed down to the arms of the chair.

“Ok let’s get started already.”

Aurora’s metal stocks started shaking as two white gloves came from out from the sides of the metal stocks. The white gloves then removed Aurora’s sandals to relieve her bare feet with three toes on her left and right foot.

The white gloves then started moving closer to Aurora’s soles and then started tickling her soles with their fingers. This was tickling Aurora as she started laughing but she was actually enjoying the tickling to her soles.


She didn’t bother moving her feet away because she had designed the stocks to make sure she couldn’t move her feet.


The white gloves continued to tickle Aurora’s soles for about five minutes and then went into the stocks again as two white feathers came out from the sides and started stroking against Aurora’s soles as she started laughing again.


Aurora was shaking her head trying to think of something else as the feathers continued to stroke on her soles but she couldn’t because it tickled so much on her soles all she could was laugh.


Just then out from the top of the stocks two more feathers came out but this time they were yellow and this time they were tickling in between Aurora’s toes.


This continued for fifteen minutes as Aurora had slight tears steaming down her face as the feathers continued to tickle her bare feet and toes at the same time. The feathers then stopped as they went back into the metal stocks.

Just then out came two red hairbrushes which started brushing up and down Aurora’s soles at a fast rate as her laughter soon grew louder.


She wiggled her toes as the hairbrushes continued to tickle her soles as more tears started steaming down her face.


This continued for another fifteen minutes as the brushes stopped, went back into the stocks, and the cuffs went back into the chair. Aurora was catching her breath before she would get up and then once she had regained her breath she got off the chair.

“Minutes later Aurora was sitting in her garage while drinking some juice as she placed her feet on the closed stocks.

“Well I can say that my stocks have worked well. In fact they’re perfect.”

Aurora smiled as she wiggled her toes and took another drink of her juice because she was happy that her stocks worked out really well.
An art trade with :icondashadyalien:

He wanted a story about Aurora a female anthro Lugia to have her feet tickled in her own stocks. I hope you like it:)

Aurora (c) :iconringoffirexl200:
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Chapter 3: Flip, Flop, Fly

The morning started like normal: Getting up, having breakfast and a cup of tea, taking a shower, putting the school uniform on, getting her bag packed and ready and generally just rushing round like a lunatic.
Kathy had had a good night sleep despite the whole thing with the mysterious wolf. She had woken up ready to go, even if the alarm clock was annoying as hell.
She even managed to get a bit of practise in using her powers by using telekinesis to turn the alarm off. That little moment made her feel happy inside, although a little voice inside her head was warning her of who to show her powers to. Bad things could happen otherwise.
As she got out of bed, she noticed something glint slightly in the morning light. Getting out of bed and walking over to the desk where she would draw, there was a long black hair.
It wasn't the first one she'd seen, but the weird thing was no-one in her family had black hair.
The mystery of it had been puzzling her for ages, and now with the whole gaining powers and meeting the wolf, etc, things seemed to getting even more puzzling, with more questions to be answered.
As she held the strand of hair in her hands, the call of her mum caught her attention as she realised she had to get ready for school.
Putting the hair down out of the way, she then hurried downstairs to get her breakfast.

Time seemed to fly by. In what seemed like no time at all, Kathy was on the bus to her school. It wasn't long before they arrived, with the morning sun gleaming off the azure waters of the lake.
During the journey, Kathy had been practising with her powers again when no-one was looking. At the moment, her favourites seemed to be telekinesis and electrokinesis. Just watching the little sparks of electricity dance between her fingers was mesmerising.
Deep within, she wanted to show off her new abilities and just amaze her friends. Patricia and Angelica were sat next to her, chatting to each other and as such hadn't noticed what Kathy was doing.
All too soon, the bus reached its destination and Kathy and the twins headed off. Kathy had now made her decision: She would show her powers to Patricia and Angelica.
At break time, the three of them headed down to the pier for a while. The air was surprising warm for January and the water continued to sparkle in the sunlight, reflecting a clear blue sky. For a while, they just stared out towards the mountains, although it wasn't long before both Patricia and Angelica began to have one of their back and forth debates about something or other. Kathy sighed but smiled. Taking a deep breath, she interrupted.
"Hey guys…guess what I've got to show you".
After the twins had guessed for a while, Kathy decided to show them. Levitating herself into the air, the twins reaction was priceless.

A few minutes later after showing more of her new abilities, as well as explaining what had happened the night before with the wolf, Patricia asked Kathy a question.
"Kathy, you know how you can fly and go invisible and shoot lightning and everything?"
"Can you make us fly as well or something?"
Kathy thought about this briefly before smiling. "I think so. Hold on a moment".
Standing up, Kathy took both Patricia's right hand and Angelica's left hand before putting an 'invisibility bubble' around the three of them.
Focusing with her telekinetic ability, the three of them levitated off the pier.
Patricia shrieked. "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! WE'RE FLYING!"
"Ssshhhh!" Kathy hissed. "We might be invisible, but that doesn't mean people can't hear us".
"Yeah, Patricia, it doesn't mean they can't hear us", Angelica agreed.
Patricia quietened before Kathy and the twins flew out over the lake, still holding hands. It was then all three of them starting whooping as they soared over the water.
"This is scary", Patricia stated.
"No, it's amazing" Angelica argued.
Kathy sighed as the two of them began to have another debate. What happened next, however, caught her by surprise.
"Hey Kathy!" Patricia shouted.
As Kathy turned to see what she wanted, Patricia stuck her hand into the water before flicking the water at Kathy. Kathy screamed a bit and shook her head to get the water out of her eyes. The air may have been warm, but the water was still cold.
Patricia giggled. "Got you".
Kathy smiled and focused intently. Suddenly, Patricia then screamed as the water in front of them sprayed her in the face. Kathy then giggled.
"Got you too".
Angelica, however, had a different idea. With Kathy looking at Patricia and Patricia wiping the water from her face, Angelica took advantage of the situation and tickled Kathy on her armpit.
Bad idea.
Now laughing, Kathy lost her focus and all three of the girls screamed as they crashed headfirst into the water.
A few moments later, the three of them surfaced, shivering in the cold water.

After getting out of the water, the three girls (still invisible) floated towards one of the empty rooms, with Kathy having to use her powers to stop their cover been blown, due to the water dripping off of them.
Finding a vacant room, Kathy continued with the use of her abilities, drying off all three of them and of their clothes to stop them all catching hypothermia. After warming up for a while, Kathy turned to Angelica.
"Angelica, if we ever go flying again, don't tickle me", Kathy stated. "I already had swimming lessons".
"Sorry, Kathy", Angelica replied.
For a few moments, there was silence.
Then all of a sudden, the three of them all started laughing. None of them really knew what on earth they were laughing at, but for the time been they continued to laugh.
Not long after they stopped, the bell rang for the next lesson.
"Guys, promise you won't tell anybody about my powers, or what happened today", Kathy said with a serious tone in her voice".
"We won't", both the twins said in unison.
Kathy smiled and headed off with them to the next lesson. Little did she know what else was going to occur that very same day…
The third part of my story for Kathy

Hope you enjoy it. :)
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Several hours had now passed since their first kiss, and with the sun setting outside, both Sophie and Danny were now both watching the footage that had been recorded earlier while they in the park. Danny was sat on the left hand side of the sofa while Sophie was laid across, with her head on his lap looking at the screen.
She looked down and smiled as she felt Danny begin to slowly rub her belly. It felt soothing, but Sophie was curious. The way he was doing it was far more than just gentle - it was tender, and with great care and kind. It left her wondering, how many times had he ever been with a girl, if ever?
As he neared her bellybutton, she had a brief moment of dread as she thought he was going to tickle her, but he'd already read her thoughts and quickly reassured her.
"Don't worry. I'm not going to tickle you…not unless you want me to, of course", Danny said with a smile.
Sophie giggled. "…you can if you want", she replied as she looked up at him with a sense of longing in her eyes.
Danny had a think about where to tickle. Looking towards her legs, he saw her feet dangling over the sofa arm. Sophie was still wearing her boots, but Danny had already proven clothes were no obstacle for what he could do. Activating his telekinesis, he began to visualise slowly drawing a feather up the soles of Sophie's feet.
Sophie began giggling as her legs started to kick in a futile attempt to stop the tickling.
Danny didn't stop there. Continuing to exercise his psychic ability, he began to tickle around Sophie's toes and on the arches of her feet. The young woman's response was immediate as she rolled onto her back with her legs still kicking, but more than before. Her upper body was shaking as she burst out laughing.
One of Danny's rules of tickling was always respect a woman's request, and he certainly wasn't going to break it. The tickling quickly died off and Sophie re-relaxed herself, laying her head back on his lap.
"Oh look!" said Danny before pointing at the screen, "Here's where I went all out on you".
She quickly turned her head and sat up slightly. Sure enough, there she was getting tickled all over. As she watched, small sensations jolted through her body as she remembered how it had felt, being up in the sky and feeling the wind against her skin whilst enjoying a sense of freedom she had never felt before. Of course, she also vividly remembered the feeling of been tickled by Danny's amazing ability, and was feeling every pulse of it as she watched on the screen.
After what seemed like the longest half a minute she had ever waited, Sophie finally saw what had happened after she had blacked out.
Sure enough, Danny appeared at her side and slid his left arm under her knees and used his right arm to support her head and neck. Sophie watched then with amazement as he began to descend to the ground below, carrying her bridal style.
Reaching for the remote, she pressed the stop button before turning her head to look Danny in the eyes.
"Can you do that to me now, while I'm awake?" she questioned.
Danny smiled before affectionately stroking her hair. "Of course I can".
With that, Danny once again began to use his telekinesis, with Sophie beginning to feel the same tingling sensation she felt before she began to levitate off the ground in the park, when she started getting lighter.
Danny then proceeded to slide his right arm under her knees whilst bringing his left arm under her back. With that, Danny quickly got to his feet, with Sophie giving a quick whoop as she jerked upwards.
The pair stared into each others eyes before Sophie reached behind her head and hooked her fingers in her hair band, before pulling it out and throwing it aside.
As soon as she did that, she then shook her head from side to side, swishing her long chocolate-brown hair like a model in a photo-shoot, before once again making eye contact with him.
You cheeky flaunt, Danny thought to himself before smiling. Electricity was jolting under his skin while his brain felt like it was on overdrive. His heart was beating with a rhythm he had never felt before and his vision was locked squarely on her.
With his right hand, he began to softly draw his finger back and forth along her waist, just above her belt. Sophie tittered slightly as Danny used his telepathy to find out what she wanted to do…with his answer coming quickly.
The next moment saw the pair share an incredibly passionate kiss, as Sophie wrapped her arms around the back of Danny's neck and drew herself closer to him.
After what felt like a few minutes, the two slowly pulled apart before Danny leaned forward and whispered into Sophie's ear a message she never thought she would be so overwhelmed at hearing.
"I love you".
And she melted inside, as she knew he meant it…with all his heart.    
However, that question as to whether he'd had anyone before began to feel like a lead weight in her stomach. Taking a breath, she finally asked him.
"Danny…have you ever had a girlfriend before?"
There was a pause, before he gave his answer.
"I've never had a girlfriend; no…I've had friends who are girls, but not a girlfriend".
The weight lifted, but Sophie was still curious.
Did you ever have any crushes at all?"
Danny sighed. "Not really…the only time I ever really came close to that was when I was in college."
"Why, what happened then?"
"It was with a girl called Amy", Danny answered, "she's autistic, like me…we knew each other from a support group we both attended for people with learning difficulties. When I was school, I went to something similar called ASDAN."
Sophie interrupted. "Danny, erm…you know you can put me down now if you want".
Danny looked at her before realising he was still holding her in his arms.
"Well, you can keep holding me if you want", said Sophie with a smile before turning her head to look at the clock, "but I just thought I'd tell you since you've been holding me for nearly five minutes now".
"Sorry", said Danny as he slowly turned around before gently laying her back on the sofa. He then sat down before continuing.
"So as I was saying…I watched over everyone who was in the group, because there was a group of boys who used to pick on us, no matter how often they got told off. I felt more for Amy because she always seemed to get the worst of it from them".
Sophie sat up, intrigued. "Did she know about you having psychic abilities"?
Danny looked at Sophie before answering. "She found out one day. I used both telepathy and telekinesis to help her because she was getting assaulted by the gang that picked on us…do you want to hear the story?"
"Yeah, go on then".
"O.K. It's a long story, so you best get comfortable".

She was surrounded now by the jeering boys.
For Amy, today had just been hell. They had been throwing things at her in her maths lesson and tried tripping her up at lunch time just to name a few things. Now, as she had started walking towards the bus stop to go home, they had ambushed her.
Without warning, she was shoved forward from behind before then been shoved back. As she fell to the floor, the boys stood over her and cruelly laughed at her expense.
Tears began to well up in Amy's eyes. Just being herself had led her to be bullied for nearly her whole life, and it never was fair as to why she felt she was getting something she didn't deserve.
As she began trying to get up, one of the boys kicked her arm away, causing her to tumble back down and evoking more cruel laughter from the boys. Suddenly, she yelped as she felt a sharp kick to the base of her back and then another to her ribs. Searing pain shot through her from both hits and the tears now ran from her eyes.
At that point, the gang's leader Matthew stepped forward with his shadow looming over her. He had short, black hair with a face only a mother could love. It was covered in scratches and some of his teeth were missing. He had long had a hatred of people who were disabled or different from the norm, and he was particularly prejudiced towards women as well.
Amy could only look up at him as he bent down towards her. Noticing her tears, he began his pitiless charade.
"Awww, is little ginger nut Amy crying? Awww, didums!"
The boys all sniggered at his remark. Amy, however, began to feel white hot rage boiling up inside her. She had long had a split personality and her more aggressive side was slowly taking over.
Matthew bent down towards her and grabbed her chin with his hand. "You should know better than to try and hide from us. We can find you anywhere and do whatever we want to you. You're nothing, understand?"
With that, Matthew shoved Amy's head back to the floor. In his over cockiness, however, he was failing to read the telltale signs.
I'm going to have a feel of your tits", taunted Matthew as he now stood over her with his legs spread as he once again bent down, shoving his face right into hers. His breath reeked of cigarette smoke…and it was enough to finally push Amy over the edge.
Before Matthew even realised what was going on, Amy grabbed hold of his collar with her left hand before using her right to land several hard blows against his already ugly mug. With her last hits, she kicked him right between his legs in a place where the sun don't shine, before letting go of his collar and thumping him right in the nose, sending him reeling back with his head in his hands.
Her triumphant moment, however, was ruined as the gang went into kicking overdrive on her. One of them kicked her squarely in the forehead, causing her vision to mess up slightly and become blurred while another of the boys kicked her right between the shoulders.
Matthew, meanwhile, slowly got to his feet groaning from the kick to his groin. The blows had come as a big shock and as he put his hand over his nose, he felt something cold and moist. Moving his hand away, he saw that it was covered in blood. Her last punch had given him a nosebleed.
Looking at her, what could only be described as evil intent took over his mind. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a metal object. As Amy's vision began to clear, she was able to make out Matthew begin to pull something from the object. With a click, she realised to her horror what it was.
A lock-knife!
"You little bitch", he snarled through gritted teeth as he half hobbled, half stormed towards her.
Amy looked up into the sky to avoid his gaze, and noticed the familiar shape in the clouds. It was Draco and as she watched, his eye flashed as the sun appeared from behind the clouds. As she squinted, the air was filled with the sound of screams, while several shadows passed over her head. A moment later, there were a number of thumps on the ground.
Sitting up slowly and looking, Amy saw she was no longer surrounded by the boys, who were now all on the floor behind her, some piled on top of each other.
However, in front of her was a red haired boy who she recognised almost instantly. Although she could not recall his name, she knew he was in the same special needs group as she was. Slowly, she got to her feet and wiped the tears from her eyes before limping over to him. As she got to him, he put his arm around her back and gently rubbed around where she had been kicked. For Amy, it felt cool and soothing.
"Oi! Gingers!", shouted Matthew, who had now also got to his feet, still wobbling slightly.
Amy hid her face while the red haired boy looked with large, unblinking eyes at Matthew.
The rest of the boys were now stood up behind Matthew. "You've got some nerve, interfering with my fun".
"There isn't no fun to be had abusing women or indeed anyone else who's different".
"There is, actually, whatever your name is. Now, you better clear off and forget you ever saw anything while we finish up with the timorous beastie here".
Amy shrank away deeper into the boy's arms. The boy himself glared at Matthew before replying.
"My name's Danny and for your information, I aren't going anywhere or forgetting anything".
Matthew coughed in surprise. "Well, who's this trying to be the hero, eh lads?". The boys behind Matthew sniggered at his remark.
Danny himself felt anger boiling up inside, but managed to hold it back.
Matthew, still full of himself, turned back around to face Danny. "Well, lets see how long you last", and with that he motioned to his gang.
"Deal with him…and bring her over here".
As the group of boys began to advance towards them, Amy looked up at Danny who in turn looked at her and smiled. All of a sudden, she began to hear a voice in her head.
Don't worry, it will all be alright soon. Just trust me.
Before Amy could even begin to question who the voice belonged too, Danny took a few steps towards the bullies before stopping. He had learned a lot from them in weeks past from using his telepathy and now, he would use what he knew against them.
Activating his telekinetic ability, he began his attack. Almost instantly, the boys collapsed to the floor in hysterical laughter.
Several of them were trying desperately, among their flailing, to pull their shoes off while others were moving their hands under their shirts in pathetic attempts to stop the tickling that Danny was using his telekinesis for.
One of the boys was grabbing hold of his armpits as he writhed on the floor.
Another of the boys managed to struggle to his feet before collapsing back onto the floor after just one step, laughing with high pitched giggles.
One of the gang members next to him began to laugh at him among the laughing caused from the tickling.
The boy managed to argue back among his giggles.
Matthew couldn't believe what he was seeing. All of his mates were on the floor laughing their heads off. Walking over to them, he tried to no avail to get them up.
"What the heck are you guys doing?! Get up and get them for god's sake!"
The boys didn't even hear him. For many of them, their faces were going red as tears streamed down their faces.
Losing his temper, Matthew proceeded to kick one of the group members in another futile attempt to get them up.
Amy watched all of what was happening in disbelief. How Danny was doing this she had no idea, but it was still pretty amusing watching the boys who picked on her helplessly rolling on the floor. She smiled and put her hand to her mouth as she giggled at their expense.
Hearing this, Danny slowly brought the tickling to a halt. The boys all lay on their backs, huffing and panting from the torture they had just endured.
Danny, however, wasn't done with them yet. Using his telepathy, he pushed a thought into every one of the boy's heads that only he knew. All of a sudden, the boys looked at him and rose to their feet. Amy watched in shock as they all walked over to her and apologised for everything they had done to her, before turning and walking away.
Matthew was the most shocked, especially as the gang ignored his calls to go back and get Amy. Fuming, he looked at Danny before pulling out his lock-knife again.
"You're so dead!" he shouted as he stormed towards Danny, having now mostly recovered from Amy's kick.
Amy watched fearfully but Danny just smiled. Like he had done with Samantha all those years ago, he focused intently on the knife in Matthew's hand before using his telekinesis to bend it completely out of shape, making it useless.
Matthew, terrified at what Danny had just done, stopped immediately and began to back away.
Danny then spoke in a low but serious voice. "I don't like making threats, Matthew, but I'm going to say this to you. If you so much as lay a finger on Amy or anyone else in our group, there is going to be hell to pay, understand?"
Matthew quickly nodded.
"Good", Danny smiled, "now skedaddle".
Quick as he could, Matthew turned around and limped off. Amy, who had watched the whole event and was amazed and curious about Danny and his abilities as well as thankful for him helping her, slowly hobbled over to him. Danny turned to her and smiled.
"Are you alright?", he questioned.
"Yeah, I'm O.K", Amy replied, a bit cautious of Danny herself. "Thank you for helping me".
Danny gently hugged her. "We live in a world where people get picked on for the slightest difference, so we need to watch out for one another".
Amy smiled and hugged back. "How did you do those things?"
"I'll explain later", Danny answered. "Right now, we've got to get to the bus stop. I know your leg's hurt so you can piggyback on me if you want".
Amy carefully limped around behind Danny as he knelt down, before managing with his help to get onto his back. She giggled slightly as he jogged on towards the bus stop, waiting eagerly to hear how he stopped the bullies.
Taking one last look at the sky, she smiled as she saw Draco wink at her before the clouds moved out of shape.

On the bus, Danny helped Amy up the stairs of the Double Decker and to the front seat, before gently lowering her down. They were the only two on the top deck and after sitting her down, he tended to her ankle.
Amy felt a cool sensation as he carefully grasped her ankle and after a few moments, he let go. However, there was no more pain at all.
"How did you do that, and the other things?", Amy questioned.
Danny got up and sat down next to her as the bus roared into life and slowly eased away from the bus stop.
"I've got several psychic abilities. The ones I used with the bullies were both Telepathy and Telekinesis, while the one I used with you is one called Biokinesis".
Amy couldn't believe it. She had never expected to meet anyone with psychic abilities in her life, let alone anyone who would use them to help her. She knew about both Telekinesis and Telepathy, but the last one she hadn't heard of.
"What's Biokinesis?"
"Using the power of your mind to modify your genes", Danny replied. "I mainly use it for healing, although when I was a bit younger I changed my eye colour from green to black because I thought it would look good. But I changed it back later due to the fact I forgot I'd done it, then I looked in the mirror and freaked out when I saw my eyes".
Amy giggled. "Yeah, that would freak me out if I saw myself or someone else with completely black eyes. So what else can you do with Biokinesis?"
Danny seemed to go into a long train of thought, before finally answering.
"I read somewhere that it is possible to use biokinesis to achieve eternal youth, and even immortality".
Amy's eyes lit up. "I'd love both of those", she beamed.
"I wouldn't", Danny replied.
Amy was curious as to why Danny wouldn't, and his reason was long and complex.
"Would you be able to live like that? Watching all your family and friends get older and pass away, while you don't ever seem to age and just continue on in a world that doesn't stop changing around you?"
After a pause he continued. "Personally, I believe that our souls come here to perform whatever mission they need to complete or whatever destiny that needs to be fulfilled. All our body is, is just transport for our soul and it's designed to get old and eventually die, but our soul will keep going on and on".
Amy thought about all that Danny had said, with her thoughts full of her own beliefs about reincarnation and past lives. She did believe in them, but wanted to see what Danny thought if she told him she didn't. Turning to Danny, she fired away with her question.
"Danny, would you hate me if I said I didn't believe in reincarnation or anything like that?"
Danny wrapped his arm around her and smiled. "No I wouldn't. Everyone has the right, in my opinion, to believe what they want and others should respect them for that, even if they don't agree".
Amy smiled and cuddled with Danny, who in turn gently rubbed her back. She relaxed and further snuggled into Danny, feeling a great relief inside as she believed she had finally made a friend who would truly care for her.
After a short drive, the bus reached the next college before stopping. Before long, the two decks were full of people from the second college who were shouting, swearing and generally been incredibly noisy. Both Danny and Amy had managed to get used to the noise of the bus but it was still annoying when you could barely hear the person next to you.
Eventually, the crowd of people quietened down a considerable amount, before the bus roared into life and trundled down on its route.
Amy was constantly bored on the bus journey home. Having an idea after watching the bully tickling event over and over in her mind, she turned to Danny.
"Danny, have you played dares before?"
He looked at her and seemed to have a think before answering. "I have, yeah. Once or twice".
She smiled. "If I dared you to do something, would you do it?"
"Yeah, O.K. What's your dare?"
Amy took a deep breath before saying it.
"I dare you to…tickle everyone on this bus, except for me, and the driver obviously".
She waited for Danny to decline the dare, but instead she was shocked as he smiled before leaning over and whispering in her ear.
"I've actually wanted to do that for ages…but I've never had the nerve to do it. However, you've dared me now so I'm going to have to".
Amy couldn't believe her ears. He was accepting her dare and was going to tickle nearly everyone on the bus. She quickly sat back in her seat, waiting eagerly for Danny to begin.
"I used biokinesis absolutely ages ago on those who aren't ticklish, so everyone who gets on now is ticklish whether they know it or not".
Amy was beginning to quiver in her excitement.
Danny smiled as the bus began down the long straight, and took a deep breath. "Alright…here goes".

One of two girls in the seats to the right of them, who was talking to her friend next to her, began to jerk uneasily with her face showing the clear signs of trying to hold back laughter. Slight giggles could be heard from her as she tried to reach down towards her boots.
The girl next to her quickly questioned. "Jennifer, what's the matter?"
Jennifer managed to speak through high pitched squeaks as her face began to go red. "I think there's something on my feet". Suddenly, she couldn't hold it back any more and began to laugh.
Her friend began to get up, but quickly stopped and shrieked with laughter as several tickly sensations appeared across her belly and in her bellybutton.
While Jennifer fought in vain to try and undo the zipper on the side of her boots, her friend managed to whip her jacket off and began to pull up her T-shirt. However, the sound of their laughter had caught the attention of most of the top deck. As she spun around pulling her shirt up, several of the boys gaped and whistled at her as they stared at her slim body.
"Hey Emma, you sexy thing!" shouted one of the boys, "are you going to take your bra off next?"
Emma couldn't even see who was talking to her, let alone reply as she continued to laugh at whatever was tickling her belly.
Of course, no-one on the bus paid any attention to their squeals for help, and Danny wasn't done yet.
In the first row behind them were a boy and girl. Like a wave, Danny slowly swept his telekinetic tickle assault behind his and Amy's seat.
The boy was the first to start laughing as his armpits came under fire.
The girl next to him looked confused, but as she went to speak what felt like hundreds of feathers began on her ribs. She instantly squirmed and tried to no avail to stop the tickle attack.
As they laughed, Danny's tickle attack continued, gathering pace as the rows behind slowly became filled with boys and girls laughing as they were telekinetically tickled. One of the boys at the back shouted to his friend nearer the front who was now under attack from Danny's telekinetic ability.
"Hey Russell, I thought you weren't ticklish".
"Funny, you're laughing a lot for someone who isn't".
A girl nearer the front was clutching at her hips as she squealed uncontrollably.
Amy was watching with a big smile as the top deck erupted into laughter from the front to the back. The laughter was so loud that several people from the lower deck had come up to see what was going on.
Danny quickly noticed them, and continued his telekinetic tickle assault against them. Almost straight away, they began to shriek with laughter and collapsed onto the stairs.
"That reminds me", Danny stated to Amy, "I haven't done downstairs yet".
Continuing to focus his ability, Danny visualised the students downstairs in his mind before once again using his telekinetic ability to play.
After a few seconds, screams and squeals of laughter filled the lower deck as well as people were flailing and squirming from been tickled.
A boy downstairs had started sneezing as he was tickled, making him produce an odd range of noises. A few rows down from him, several girls were squealing with laughter, flailing and falling over much to the delight of others behind them, who laughed at them through their own forced laughter.
Amy couldn't believe it. Danny had actually done her dare and watched with a smile as everyone laughed around her, unable to stop the tickling. However, questions buzzed into her mind.
"Danny, how come the bus driver hasn't stopped to see what's going on?"
"Simple", Danny replied, "before I started, I used telepathy on the bus driver so he's not even aware of what's going on, and I've set it so the cameras don't record anything. In other words, we're O.K".
"But what about everyone else?" Amy continued. "Some people will have noticed us two aren't been tickled and think we have something to do with it".
"No worries. I'll use the same telepathy trick I did with those boys earlier. When this is over, no-one will remember a thing."
She couldn't believe it. "So are you going to stop now?"
Danny seemed to think about it before answering.
"Not yet. Besides I'm only tickling everyone in one place at the moment, so it's time to up it to two".
Taking a deep breath, Danny focused once again and suddenly the laughter got even louder as people were now flailing like mad and the simple laughs turned to high pitched squeals and giggles on both decks.
After a few more minutes, Danny upped it once again and began tickling three places at once on everyone. Over 70 people were now in hysterics and tumbling around the seats and on the floor in laughter.
However, noticing the first bus stop just at the end of the road, Danny slowly brought his playtime to a close as people staggered to their feet, gasping for breath.
Just as Danny had said, Amy watched as he focused before using telepathy on everyone on the bus. As people gathered themselves, many looked around in confusion as to why they had clothes off or were lying on the floor.
"Was somebody smoking a load of pot?" asked one boy as he picked himself up before brushing himself down.
People murmured to themselves as to what had been going on, with not a single one of them of them having a clue. As another boy began to get up, he noticed he had done something rather bad in his pants, and quickly covered the front of his jeans with his coat hoping nobody else would notice.
The bus journey continued, with Danny and Amy both smiling at what had just happened…and the knowledge nobody else on the bus would ever know.

"That was amazing", Sophie said with great interest. "You tickled over 70 people all at once?!"
"Yep", Danny replied with a big grin on his face. "Personally, I don't know if I'll ever beat that record".
Sophie laid back, letting everything that he had told her sink in. Her thoughts eventually drifted back to Amy, although Danny had read her surface thoughts and quickly explained.
"At that time, neither me nor Amy were interested in starting a relationship but we stayed friends throughout college. Matthew never bothered any of us again either".
Sophie smiled before settling back on the sofa.
Now it was Danny's turn to ask.
"What about you? Have you ever had any crushes or anything like that?"
Sophie sighed before giving her answer.
"I've had three previous boyfriends. The first one sounded nice but then after a while he started slagging me off in front of his mates, calling me a slut and stuff like that. The second one said he loved me, then joined the armed forces and I've never heard from him since, and the third one seemed like Mr. right, then one night he got drunk and attacked me before trying to rape me".
Danny put his hand in front of his mouth in shock. "Oh my god".
Sophie lowered her head before she started to cry.
Danny quickly sat down by her side and cuddled her, while she in turn laid her head against his chest.
"For a long time, I just never trusted any other bloke for a long time after that, because I saw them all as animals who just use and abandon women as they please".
Danny gently rubbed her back. "That's not how I see women, and it never will be".
Sophie looked at him and smiled through her tears, wiping them away with her hand. "I know…I learned that about you this morning".
The two of them once again kissed each other as Danny held her tight with great affection as the night now set in.
However, Sophie stopped suddenly as she noticed something.
"Danny…", she questioned, "what's that noise?"
Danny stopped and listened to the noise, which sounded like a strange whirring, before his eyes widened and a smile spread across his face.
"What is it?" Sophie asked, still confused.
"I know that sound anywhere", Danny said, still smiling. Suddenly he took Sophie's hand. "Come on, let's go".
Sophie stood up. "Where are we going, and what is that?"
"The roof", Danny answered, "and I'll explain in a minute or two. Best put your jacket on, it'll be cold up there".
As quick as she could, Sophie put her jacket on before following Danny upstairs. She reached him as he unlocked a door onto the roof and jogged outside, looking all around in the night sky.
Sophie also came out and looked around, although she had no idea what she was looking for. The sound was getting louder but as she turned to ask Danny what he was looking for, he suddenly pointed at the clouds and shouted "There!"
Looking at where he was pointing, Sophie looked with awe and amazement as a glowing sphere of white light descended out of the clouds towards the roof. As it got closer, the light around it began to shift into a different shape before disappearing and Sophie clung to Danny as the object became easily recognisable.
A flying saucer now hovered low over the roof, the whirring noise continuing
Danny looked at Sophie and smiled. "It's a Pleiadian Beamship", he stated.
"A what?"
Before Danny could repeat himself, their attention was drawn to below the ship as a hazy white light appeared, before taking on a shape. A few moments later, a young looking woman stood before them. She was around their height in a silver suit, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin was paler, however and her ears were slightly lower. However, there was no denying you could easily see her as a human from Earth.
She looked at Danny and smiled before speaking.
"Greetings, Danny".
Danny in turn smiled back. "Hello Sedina, it's good to see you again".
Sophie was shocked. "Again?"
Danny then turned to her and explained. "Sedina has been visiting me ever since I was five years old. It started not long after the first time I flew down the stairs".
Sophie realised inside that Danny was telling her no lies, and slowly relaxed and let herself listen to what was said.
Sedina then began to speak, and told them both of many different topics including about the Pleiadians, the other species who want to help and on the spiritual awakening and evolution of humanity.
Sophie took it all in with an open mind. Everything that was said seemed to 'resonate' deep down inside her.
After finishing, Sedina walked over to Danny.
"You're awakening at a steady pace, but in the future you must face the darkness and lay deeds gone by to rest, before you can continue along the path to ascension".
Danny nodded with a smile, although deep down he wondered what Sedina meant.
"I must go now", she said with a smile. The three of them said their goodbyes and embraced each other, with love and friendship. Sedina then stepped back and faded from view before the Beamship once again rose into the sky and disappeared into the night.
For Danny and Sophie, it was a magical moment.
"That was just incredible", Sophie commented. "So there are other human species out there as well as us?"
Danny smiled, "Yep, and other species as well who want to help humanity ascend. We're all one big family".
Both of them sat down on the bench, looking up at the Pleiades Star Cluster, which Sedina had pointed out to them as the home of the Pleiadians.
"Things are going to get better on this planet", Danny stated as he cuddled Sophie, "and 2012 is going to be a big cosmic party".
The pair just sat there for a few minutes, gazing up at the sky.
Suddenly, Danny remembered something he'd read before he came out in the morning.
"Sophie…I got an email from back home today. A friend of mine's brother is having a party and I'm invited to go. I was just wondering if you wanted to go with me?"
She sat up. "Where and when is it?"
"London, back home and it's on Saturday. I'm going to be going back to Hull tomorrow anyway to see my mum, so I was just wondering".
Sophie gave a disappointed sigh. "I can't. How am I going to get a plane ticket when I've got no money".
Danny grinned. "I aren't going by plane, or boat".
Sophie's eyes widened. "You mean…you're going to use your abilities and fly home?"
She had a think before replying. "Are you O.K carrying me on your back?"
"Of course", Danny replied, "but if you want we can do some practise flights over L.A if you want so you get the hang of it".
She agreed, before Danny went back downstairs to fetch something for her. As she waited, Sophie once again looked out into the stars and vividly remembered what Sedina had said.
"O.K, I'm back!" Danny shouted as he reached the top of the stairs. Sophie turned around and giggled.
In his hand, he was holding a cowboy hat.
"Aww, come on, it'll look good on you with your clothes". Sophie giggled some more before taking the cowboy hat and putting it on, before pulling off a pose.
"How do I look?"
"Stunning", Danny answered with a smile as he hugged her before bending down so she could climb onto his back. As she got into a comfortable piggyback position, Danny neared the edge before slowly rising up off the floor and flying out across the sky.
As they rose higher into the sky, Sophie couldn't help but give a whoop as she enjoyed every moment of what was going on. Leaning down, she kissed Danny on his cheek.
"Thank you Danny, this is amazing!"
"Danny looked at her and smiled as he continued the flight. As he flew over the Los Angeles skyline, he remembered the song that he used to love so much when he was little (A song for Milly Michaelson). Almost instantly, it began to play in his head and he hummed to it, while Sophie watched a white light streak across the sky.

'Here we go,
Hold on tight and don't let go,
I won't ever let you fall.

I love the night,
Flying over these city lights,
But I love you most of all.'  
This story is LOOOOONNNNNG overdue!

This is the third part of Danny and Sophie's story.
Part 1: Telekinectic Tickles
Part 2: Fun with the Burgulars

For my past stories I've only shown the girls getting tickled so now it's the lads turn as well.

Danny tells Sophie another story, back from his time in college in England, when Amy discovered his abilities and how one dare became a hilarious event on the college bus…furthermore, Sophie will learn that Danny has secrets that truly are beyond belief…

I should say right here and now I don't condone violence against anyone, whether that be women, redheads or disabled people.

For more info about the Pleiadians, type in 'Pleiadians' into a google search, and also check out this website.
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Chapter 4

At the bottom of the slope, Christina groaned as she lay in the dirt. Remembering not to move immediately, she carefully moved all her limbs to check for injury.
Her elbow was a bit grazed, but thankfully there was no broken bones.
The last time she had broken a bone was when she was twelve years old. She had been playing in the street with Jacob and Suzie on the week before they took their SATs, when a boy had kicked his football out into the road. Trying to be helpful since the boy was only a few years old, she ran out into the road (when it was clear) and retrieved it. Unfortunately, that was also when a car came whizzing around the corner way too fast. Next thing she knew, she felt herself been smacked from behind and flying in the air for a few moments before crashing back down onto the tarmac.
Thankfully, the boy's parents were nearby with his dad been a doctor and checking her over on the spot. The whole event wasn't painful, but it was a big shock and she had passed out not long after landing in the road. When she woke up, she was in Hull Royal Infirmary and surrounded by various people, before the boy's dad finally came forward and explained that she'd broken her femur, or leg bone.
She spent the next six weeks in hospital, with her right leg in traction and a massive pin stuck through the bottom of it, while her injury healed. It hadn't been broken very bad which was a good thing, and of course Suzie and Jacob visited her everyday. Suzie would keep her up to date with what was going on at school and elsewhere while Jacob would find ways to keep her entertained. Her favourite was when he impersonated different comedians and acted out their comedy, most notably Lee Evans, although he altered it to cut out the bad language due to the fact younger kids would sometimes watch him as well.
Something Christina had noticed with Jacob is that whenever he went near children, they would stare at him as he went by. There had even been times when he'd gone near a child who was crying, only for the child to then stop crying and stare at him, sometimes smiling.
After 6 weeks, her leg was put in pot and she was able to leave the hospital for the last few weeks of primary school. At home, Suzie and Jacob would drop by nearly all the time to hang about with her.
She still remembered clearly how one night, Jacob had took advantage of the fact she couldn't move her leg and had tickled her foot. All she could do was feebly flail and laugh as he got her foot all over. Thankfully, Suzie helped her out and used the same tactic on Jacob, with it not been long before he was squealing for mercy. They spent the rest of the night drinking Coca Cola and eating cookies and cakes while they watched the television till early hours. For her, that was a one time treat, as she had to keep to her diet.

That was then, and this was now. Slowly, Christina sat up before brushing the bits of twigs and leaves out of her hair and off her clothes. As she stood up, however, she felt something dig into her left foot.
Balancing, she lifted up her left leg to have a look and saw why. The sole of her trainer had ripped completely at the back right down to the middle of her shoe. It was flapping like a tongue.
Sighing with an agitated tone, she reached inside anyway and pulled out a bit of dirt which had got in before lowering her leg down. Looking at the slope, she could easily see even in the poor light there was no way she could climb back up. Nevertheless, she had managed to fire the flare at least, so hopefully Suzie and Jacob would find her.
Until then, she would have to look for another way to get back up.
As she looked around, she noticed something. It was hard to see due to the red light of the flare, but she was sure she could see a glow coming from over a small mound in front of her. Slowly, she walked towards it and sure enough, the light began to get brighter.
Moving closer, a small wave of panic washed over her as she worried about what was over the other side. She stopped and gasped, crippling over slightly as the pain pulsed throughout her ribs.
She waited for a few moments while taking slow, deep breaths. Eventually, the pain subsided and she warily carried on.
As she looked over the side, she could not help but stare in awe while murmuring "oh my god" under her breath.
There, in the middle of a small group of trees and among scattered branches, was the meteor.
Christina couldn't believe it. She had wandered around blindly for ages before giving up, and had now simply stumbled across it while trying to get back to the caravan. Carefully, she worked her way down before stopping a short distance away from it.
There was definitely signs that pieces of the meteor had broken off in the impact, as bits of rock and crystal lay scattered all around. Bending down, Christina scooped up some of it and put it in her pockets before moving closer to the meteor itself. The rock had cracked in several places, while a faint turquoise light shone from within the cracks.
Getting hold of a stick, Christina pushed aside one of the larger pieces of rock before gazing with amazement at what was inside. Inside lay a large chunk of crystal, bigger than a football.
The crystal was quite rough, like all crystal before it is cut into shape for jewellery or other such uses. As Christina now knelt down to look closer, she could make out something gold shimmering slightly inside, although the light of the crystal slowly faded like the light in the sky.
Gently touching the crystal with the back of her hand, she could feel it was warm but as she kept her hand on it, she could feel a tingly sensation in her fingers and palms. It was strange, but at the same time soothing.
Realising however, that Jacob and Suzie could be close now, she carefully picked up the chunk of crystal – which turned out to be much lighter then she anticipated – before putting it in the top pocket of her bag and covering it with her jacket inside her bag.
Looking around, she made her way back up the mound before heading back the way she came with the flares light still shining in the sky. With no way of getting back up the slope, she began to wander further, looking for another way back up. As she scanned the area, she stopped as she heard voices shouting her name in the distance.
She shouted back before heading towards where she could hear the voices coming from.
After a few minutes of shouting, listening and wandering around in the darkness, she finally found them...or rather, crashed into them.

Not seeing a small embankment, Christina stumbled and fell right into them, knocking all three of them to the floor.
After getting up and brushing themselves down, Jacob was the first to speak.
"Christina, are you O.K?"
"Yeah. I tumbled down a slope after I launched the flare but I'm alright", she replied, "although I lost your flare gun in the process".
Jacob hugged her. "No problem". Out of curiosity, did you find the meteor?
Christina's thoughts fell back to the chunk of crystal she had in her bag, but she brushed the thought away.
"I did find these", she said before pulling out the pieces of rocks and crystal from her pockets and giving them to Jacob, "but I didn't find the meteor, and I've pretty much ripped the sole off one of my trainers".
"Where did you find those?" Susan questioned.
Christina shook her head. "No idea. It was like Blair Witch out there when the light in the sky went out. I didn't have a clue where I was, and it wasn't helped by the fact my watch had stopped working after that weird storm".
Susan was surprised. "That's weird, mines still working", she said before turning on her watch light. The time was wrong but it was still ticking.
Jacob suddenly had a thought and pulled out his phone and tried to turn it on. Sure enough, it lit up before going to it's normal screen.
Christina smiled. "Looks like everything is starting to turn back on".
Suddenly, Jacobs phone began to ring. Fondling with it, he managed to answer it before holding it to his ear. It was his mum calling.

MUM: Jacob, what's going on? I've been trying to get in touch. Why was your phone off?
JACOB: There was a meteor shower and then this really weird storm. All the electrical equipment turned off and it wouldn't come back on.
MUM: O.K, where are you now?

Jacob chose to lie at this point.

JACOB: We're at the caravan at the moment, although there was a big meteor that crashed in the forest.
MUM: Are you sure?
JACOB: Definitely. It flew right over us and we saw it crash. You could feel the ground shaking from the impact.
MUM: Alright then...well, do you and the girls want to leave tonight then instead of tomorrow?
JACOB: Hold on, I'll ask.

He looked at both Christina and Susan.
"My mum's asking, do you want to leave tonight instead of tomorrow?"
Christina thought about it for a few moments before replying with a concern.
"I don't know. My Grandma will be in bed asleep now and if I go unlocking the door when she thinks I'm coming back tomorrow she'll think I'm a burglar, and I don't want to be scaring her like that".
Luckily, Susan quickly put forth a solution.
"You can stay at my house and then go back tomorrow, if that would help".
Christina smiled. "That would help a great deal".
Jacob then continued.
"Let's face it. We don't know if anything has come with this meteor, like you said Susan. As well as that, it probably won't be long before the police and everyone else turn up and start asking questions".
The girls nodded in agreement, and Jacob then continued with the call.

JACOB: Yep, they both want to go home tonight.
MUM: O.K then. You and the girls get your stuff sorted and packed up and make sure everything's unplugged and turned off. I'm going to sort some things here then I'll be on my way so I'll see you in about 15 minutes.
JACOB: O.K, we'll see you in a bit then.
MUM: Alright then, bye

With that, Jacob cut the call.
"O.K then. We're getting back to the caravan and we're packing up, ready to go. We've got to make sure everything's unplugged and turned off as well".
So, the three friends headed back through the forest as thunder rumbled above them and the storm clouds flashed with sheet lightning.

Sure enough, Jacobs mum arrived around 15 minutes later. Christina, Jacob and Susan had made it back to the caravan quickly, with the lights on and the television blaring to itself. They were pretty much packed away when the car pulled up outside.
Jacobs mum sorted out the food in the fridge while the girls packed the bags into the car and Jacob went around closing the windows and unplugging the appliances.
"Have you got your toothbrush this time", he queried as Christina came back in.
She smiled. "Yes, I've got it. It's in my bag's side pocket".
A short while later, the four of them had fully packed and with the caravan now locked, they headed off back to Hull as the heavens opened in a massive downpour. In a way, Christina was glad as the rain would hopefully cover up any sign they were in the forest and that she had found the meteor.
She had kept her bag with her, with it now been on the floor between her legs. Packing all her stuff away and the long walk through the forest had left her tired out, and soon she fell asleep, with her thoughts continuing to remain stuck on the evening's events...and of course, her secret cargo that lay covered up in her bag.
Chapter 4 of my story.

Hope you like it.
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It`s a sunny day at Lilly`s house, and her mother has invited a few friends over, but unknown, to Lilly this is going to be another very ticklish day. "Thanks for having me over" said Darna, one of her friends, She was a slightly tanned, women with pitch black hair, and green eyes, and a flat tummy, she was also a witch. She was wearing a green tank top, and a mini skirt. "Hey do you have any blood packs?" Asked May, a vampire, with white skin, and blue hair. She wore a yellow shirt, and skinny jeans. "Check in basement." Lilly`s mother replied." Hey where's Lilly" asked Angelica, a black woman, who wore a red shirt, and a mini skirt. "She is up stairs, talking to a friend, on the phone," she answered. " After a few minutes , chatting, an playing card games, they became bored. "So what do you want to do know?" Asked Darna, "We could do this" Angelica said, reaching over, lightly tickling, Darna`s flat tummy. "Hey tehgehehehe stop that!" Darna demanded, "Hey I know someone we can tickle" Lilly`s mother said. "Lilly, can you come down here please" she called, in a sweet innocent voice. Lilly, walked downs stairs, said hello to everyone, then asked what her mother wanted. "Remember when you blew a raspberry on my stomach, and I said I would get you back?" asked. Now if Lilly, had paid attention she might have noticed a few things before her mother asked her that. Like the evil grin on all their faces, or the lotion bottle that her mother was holding. And as fate would have it Lilly was wearing a tank top, and short shorts. "Oh no." Lilly gasped, realizing what was about to happen to her. "Come here you!" her mother said, playfully, running towards her. Lilly squealed, and tried to run upstairs, but to no avail, when her mother put her arms, around Lilly`s waist, and carried her to the couch in the living room. Where everyone circled around her giggling. "Come on can`t we work this out, like civilized people?" Lilly asked, with a nervous grin. "Coming from the girl who doesn't take baths!" Her mother said. Dana then Lifted up Lilly`s arms, May grabbed hold of Lilly`s legs, Angelica, Prepared to tickle Lilly`s armpits, and Lilly`s mother, prepared to tickle her tummy. Lilly, thrashed around trying to get away from them. Her began to count down "3 2 1 Go!" Her mother sounded, and all at once, May began to tickle Lilly`s feet, Angelica tickled her armpits, Darna sang coochi coochi coo, and Lilly`s mother started to knead Lilly`s tummy. As you can imagine, all this made Lilly Laugh uncontrollably. KAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHSTA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHE HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHAHAHAHAHAH AAHAHAHAHAHAAH DHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH NHHPHPHN NO, NO, NO, NO! AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAEHEHEHEHEEHK AHAHAHAAHDEEHEEHEHEHEH STHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAH EHEHEHEHEEHEHEHENHHHOOHHOHOH OH. Lilly jumped, she wiggled, she squirmed as much as could, she trashed trying to get away from them. The tickling was horrible , she tried not, to laugh, but that was impossible, her feet wiggled, at the touch of May`s hand, her tummy sucked in at her mother`s kneading / tickling. Her arms wiggled in Darna`s grip, as Angelica tickled her poor armpits. "NO STOP, STAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA EHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEEH AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH GEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEEHEH DAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NHOHOHHOHHHO PELAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA EHEHEHEHEEEHEEH TAHAHAAHAHAHA. Her mother then goes' down from her tummy, and tickles her hips.  "MOMMY NOT THERE"! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAH THEHEHEHE AHAAHEHEHE, May, began to tickle Lilly`s toes while singing this little piggy.  DON`T SING THAT AAAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAAH AHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHA PLEAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Lilly begged, as her toe`s curled at the tickly touch. "You know Angelica, Lilly`s armpits, are getting tired, maybe you should putt some lotion on them" Darna suggested, with a playful smile on her face. WHAHAHAHAHAT NHOHOHHOHHHOHO PLEAHAHAAHAHAAHAH NHHOOHOHHOOHHOHO! Read part two soon, gamernerd!
This story is too my good friend gammer nerd! hope you like it!
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"No not there, not my stomach, I hate being tickled." Lilly cried. "You have had a funny way of showing that" her mom said. She then poked Lilly`s belly up and down, making Lilly giggle, and squirm. "Thgehehehheheheh ehehehehehe ahahahahaha"! "Hhohohohhho nhhohohhoh plehhaahahaahahaha sthahahahahahahaah ehehehehehehe"! "aww is the belly of yours ticklish? Her mother said, still poking Lilly`s tummy. Yeheheheeeh ahaahaahahaah im sorryahahahahahahaha no merehahaahahaahahahahaah. Her mother began to tickle her tummy very fast . "HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAAHAHAH NHOHHOHOHOHOHHO THHEEHEHEHEEHE ATHAHAHAAAHAAH GHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAH STHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP! Lilly, wiggled from side to side, she squealed , and squealed, she tried to squirm free of her bonds, she was in agony, as her mother tickled her belly up and down. PLEHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH, EHAHAHHAAHAAAH STHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH SHAHAHAAHAAHAAHRHAHAHAAHAHAHHRHHAHAHAHAHAAHRHAHA YEHEHEHEEHEHHEHHEHEHE! Lilly yelled at the top of her lungs, laughing her head off. Coochi, coochi coo , her mom said teasing. DON'T SYAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH EHEHEHEHEHEHE JAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!. That horrible, saying made the tickling so much worse. Her mother stopped, to let Lilly get her breath, for a while. "Mommy please, I can`t take any more" Lilly said with pleading eyes. "Alright, a little more and I`m done" her mother said. She then began to tickle Lilly`s armpits. NO NOT THERE AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH GHEHEHEHEEHEEEH MAHAHAHAHAAH GHAAHAHHAHAAHAHA STHAHAHAAHAH PLEASE STHAAHAHAAH IT TICKEL SOOOO MUAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAH EHEHEHE GAHAHHA! NOT MY ARMPITS, NOT UNDER THERE! EHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEH. Lilly closed her eyes, as her mother tickled her poor, pits. Her mom then wiggled her finger In Lilly`s belly button. ARGH HEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHE TAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Her mom, then blew raspberrys on her bellybutton. With Lilly trying to wiggle away from, her mother`s mouth. Pffft pfffffffffft. "EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE ARGH GAHAHAHAAHAHA,no raspberrys yuck"! Lilly demanded, raspberrys were like tickly kissed to her. "Okay, last place, your feet" her mom said. She then tickled all over Lilly`s squirmy feet.NHAHAHAAHAHAAHAH  OK, OK FHAHAHAEHEEHEHEEHRHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAH. Her toes cringed. Her feet wiggled, at touch of the hands. "Okay done you little stinker" her mom said, kissing her cheek.  She helped her out her bonds. "now go get ready for your bath", her mom said. "Will I ever get a break asked Lilly. The end, please leave comments :)
part 2!
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Lilly, had done the unthinkable. She had snuck out the house. When she got back home, she quietly, opened, the door, and began to sneak up stairs when. "Where do you think you're going?"  Her mother asked, sitting on the couch. "Oh mom, your awake", Lilly said nervously. "Yeah, I`m awake, and you know you're in trouble" Her mom said. "But it was The party, everyone was going you can get mad at me for that" Lilly whined. "You know you are not allowed out past midnight, you also know the punishment," her mother said sternly.  Lilly didn`t just know the punishment, she hated the punishment. It was probably the only thing that would keep her from sneaking out again. "No mom please don`t punish me I won`t do it again," Lilly begged. "You should have thought of that, before you snuck out" her mom said. She then picked up Lilly, and began to carry her up stairs. Lilly, began to squirm, and wiggle. "No Let me go"! She demanded. "I`m sorry, I`m sorry" she yelled. her mother ignored all of Lilly`s pleas. She then gave Lilly`s armpit one long sniff.   "Theheheeheee quit it." Lilly giggled. "You're getting a bath after punishment, you stink! Her mom said irritated,   as they entered Lilly`s room. She then tossed Lilly, on the bed and changed her to it. You guessed it , the punishment is tickling. "MOOOOOOOM NO!" Lilly begged. "You know the deal, you are to be tickled for 10 minutes, as punishment" her mom said. The she tickled Lilly`s armpits "GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA NHAHAHAHAHAAHAAH EHEHEHEHEEHEHE.", Lilly wiggled as much as she could, she squirmed, the feeling was horrible, she could not stop laughing as her mother tickled her armpits. "coochi coochi coo", her mother sang. DON`T SAYHAAHAHAHAHAHHAH THAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Oh that dreadful saying just made it worse. Her mother then blew raspberry under her little armpit, causing her to laugh, and squirm uncontrollably . "STHHAHAAHAHAHAHAAH IMAMAMAMAMAAAAAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHA SORRYHEHEHEHEHEEHEHE AHHAAHAHAHHAHA! Pffft pffft pffffttttt, her mother blew. NO, NO STHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA PLEHEHEHEHEEHEHE ICHAAHAHAHAHAHA TAKE ANY MORHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAA. "But Lilly, if you can`t take this, then why did you sneak out", her mother said Mockingly. "Alright now time for that tummy" of yours her mother said. Read part two soon, leave comments
the title says it all!
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Megumi enters the living room and sits next to Duncan on the couch. Duncan opens his mouth to speak, but Megumi covers it with her hand.

There's something I haven't told you, but I should have. I have a bellybutton fetish, too!


I have a bellybutton fetish.

Because you inherited it from me?

No. I've always had it, ever since I was a little girl.

How did it happen?

When I was four or five years old, my parents and I visited my family in Japan. My cousins liked to play this game where they would hold each other down and tickle each other. It was a contest to see who could last the longest without crying for mercy. So I played the game with them. They pinned me down on the ground and took turns tickling my bellybutton, chanting "heso, heso, heso" the whole time. "Heso" means "bellybutton", by the way.

I already knew that, since Japan has the most navel fetish friendly culture in the world.

Anyway, that's where my fetish started. It became sexual when I became a teenager. I made all my boyfriends tickle my bellybutton while we made out. I thought I outgrew it, but then I met you and you awoke my fetish.

That explains why you were so accepting about it. But why did you keep it a secret?

Because of this silly idea of mine that you would be happier thinking you converted me over to bellybutton fetishism instead of knowing that I was already a fetishist.

He wraps his arms around her.

Sweetie, sharing your fetish with me is more important than how or when it started. Telling me about it would only strengthen our relationship.

She buries her head in his chest.

But I didn't. I should have told you right away instead of hiding it like a little kid.

It doesn't matter. Right now, all I want to do is cuddle with you and get some sleep.  

Ah, cuddling and sleeping. Those are among my favorite non-navel related activities to do with you.

Duncan lies down on the couch, and Megumi lies on top of him.  

I love you.

I love you, too.

They kiss on the lips, close their eyes, and slowly fall into a deep sleep.
Yet another scene from my screenplay, "The Fetish". The girl reveals to the boy that she also has a secret fetish.
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Adventures of the Omphale Sisterhood
Issue #1
Written by: Mike Brooklyn


A college sorority house during the middle of the night. It's a decent sized building, large enough to house four people. Judging from the lack of light coming from the windows, it's safe to say if anyone is home, they are all asleep.

CAPTION: The sorority house of the Omphale Sisterhood. A quartet of college girls with such a love of their midriffs, they named their group after "omphale", the Greek word for "navel".


We are in the bedroom of Sabreena. Her room looks like that of an exotic Arabian princess. Sabreena herself is a Southern Asia Indian girl, about 20 years old. She has milk chocolate colored skin; long, flowing black hair and doe eyes. She wears a silk, halter top and shorts set with chiffon trim and a rose detail. The silk shorts fall low on her hips. She sleeps without any sheets or blankets on. We can see she naked tummy, complete with a perfectly circular, deep innie bellybutton.

CAPTION: Sabreena, a young student from India. She came to America to further her education. She dreams of teaching belly dancing professional.  

Now we are in the bedroom of Joanie. She's 18 years old. She has long, wavy, almost blood colored red hair, tiny freckles on her face, and a milky white complexion to her skin. Her room is that of someone who you expect is a farmer's daughter. She sleeps without any covers. She wears a short, white, wife beater undershirt that has been purposely cut off so that the hem ends right below her breasts and above her ribs. She wears plaid boxer shorts slung low on her hips. Her bellybutton is oval shaped and has a pronounced rim of skin that goes all around, creating a puckered appearance.
CAPTION: Joanie, who hails from Georgia. She has spent most of her life living on her father's farm.


Next is the bedroom of Moon, a Japanese girl at age 19. Her eyes are almond shaped, her hair is long, black and tied in pigtails, and her skin is honey in color. She wears a short pink shirt with a generic Japanese anime character on it; the shirt itself falls right at her ribs, and she also has on sexy thong panties. Not one inch of original wall is left as she has covered her walls and ceiling with posters of token anime characters. Of course, she wears no sheets to bed. An outie bellybutton sits in the middle of her exposed midsection; it's half the size of a ping-pong ball.

CAPTION: Moon, a student from Japan. The resident anime/manga fangirl who spends her summers going from anime convention to anime convention, and she is one of the world's best professional costume players.


Lastly, we are in the bedroom of Bianca. She is an African-American girl, age 21. Her skin is dark chocolate in complexion; her black hair is tied back in a ponytail. She wears only a dark blue sports bra and matching bikini bottoms. Her room is a virtual gym with exercise equipment everywhere. Like all the other girls, she doesn't wear bed covers. Her tummy has a hint of abs, but remains feminine. She has an outie bellybutton that is spiral in design; it resembles a miniature cinnamon bun.

CAPTION: And Bianca, a statuesque beach volleyball player who has her sights set on winning Olympic gold someday.


Back outside the sorority house, a lightning storm has begun. Rain falls from the sky, with bolts of lightning flashing in the background.

CAPTION: On this night, they will meet an individual with a love of the female navel as intense as their own.


A bolt of lightning that has stuck close to the ground beings to dissipate, revealing two shadow covered figures. One is in the shape of a man; the other appears to be a small feline.


With the lightning gone, we now see the figures. The man figure is Raijin, a Japanese God with traditional Japanese attire. He has the face of a Japanese demon, but he doesn't appear to be threatening. He carries a large drum on his back. The feline is Raiju, a curious blue and white colored cat like creature.

CAPTION: Raijin, the Japanese God of Thunder. Legend speaks of his habit of stealing the bellybuttons of moral humans that are foolish enough to sleep with their abdomens exposed during lightning storms. And with him is Raiju, his faithful companion. He has a habit of resting inside the navels of bare bellied sleepers.


From a worm's eye view, Raijin points with his long fingernails towards the highest window of the sorority house. Raiju looks in the direction that his master points in.

RAIJIN: Raiju, did I not tell you that coming to America would bring us much entertainment? Already I sense four young females who have dared to sleep with their navels exposed during one of my storms. Quickly, my pet, let us partake of fun at their expense.


Still outside the house, in a flash of light, we see Raijin and Raiju disappearing.


Now inside Bianca's bedroom, Raijin and Raiju reappear in another flash of light.


Bianca sleeps soundly on her back. Raiju floats above her stomach; he smells her cinnamon bun shaped bellybutton. Raijin looks over his pet's shoulder.

RAIJIN: Uh, your taste in beauty is uncanny, Raiju. Feel free to have your merry way with this amazon's navel. I will search the house for the remaining girls.


Close-up of Raiju as he licks Bianca's bellybutton. He leaves little hints of saliva.


Close-up of Bianca's face, her lips begin to curl from the ticklish sensation of Raiju's licking. She lets out a small moan.

BIANCA: Mmmmm.


Raiju has worked his lips around Bianca's bellybutton and is now sucking on it like a nipple.


Close-up of Bianca's face again, except now she has a full toothy smile on her face. She lets out a small giggle.



Close up of Bianca's face as her hazel eyes shoot wide open. She is startled.


Bianca now sits up in her bed. She looks in shock at Raiju. Raiju has stopped playing with Bianca's bellybutton and looks at her with equal surprise.

BIANCA: What … are you?!


Raiju now looks at Bianca with a sweet and innocent face. Bianca's expression has softened.

BIANCA: Ah, actually, you're kind of cute, for a painted … cat … thing.


Raiju begins to tickle Bianca's bellybutton with the tip of his tail. A huge smile comes across Bianca's face.

BIANCA: Hey, hehe, what are you doing? Wait, hehe, no, hehe, my bellybutton is, hehe, ticklish.


Raiju now tickles Bianca's bellybutton with his tail at a more feverish pace. Bianca's back is arched, giving easier access for Raiju to tickle her, as she laughs uncontrollably.



Bianca has grabbed a hold of Raiju's tail, stopping him from tickling her. She tries to regain her composure.

BIANCA: Ha, got your … tail now. No more … tickling.


Raiju's eyes start to grow blue in color. Bianca still has a hold on his tail, but is settled by the glowing eyes.

BIANCA: Uh-oh, that can't be good.


Little blue bolts of lightning shoot out of Raiju's eyes and zap Bianca on her bellybutton. She starts to laugh again.



Raijin has entered Joanie's room. A long, serpent like tongue protrudes from his mouth, it licks the inside of Joanie's puckered bellybutton. She giggles in her sleep.

JOANIE: Hehehe.

RAIJIN (thought balloon): Hmm, this girl's bellybutton is too sour.


Raijin is now in Moon's room. Same as before, he tastes her ball shaped bellybutton with his snake like tongue. Moon giggles, but remains asleep.

MOON: Hehe.

RAIJIN (thought balloon): And this bellybutton is too sweet.


Inside Sabreena's room, Raijin now tastes Sabreena's deep bellybutton with his long tongue. Sabreena giggles in her sleep, like the girls before her.

SABREENA: Hehehehe.

RAIJIN (thought balloon): Ah, this one has the perfect flavor.


Raijin looks at Sabreena's tummy at eye level and circles her bellybutton with one of his long fingernails.

RAIJIN (thought balloon): It would be a shame to steal such a perfect navel away from her, but at the same time, I am not ready to part ways with it. I have an idea.


Raijin has a hand on each side of Sabreena's waist as he lowers his face towards her bellybutton.


Raijin's head has disappeared inside of Sabreena's bellybutton, his shoulders rest on her stomach. Sabreena lets out a small moan.



Raijin is now deeper inside Sabreena's navel. Only his legs are protruding from outside the little hole on her tummy. Sabreena now giggles louder, but remains asleep.



Only one of Raijin's feet sticks out from Sabreena's bellybutton. She has gone into full laughter, but remains in her deep slumber.



Raijin has completely vanished inside of Sabreena's navel. Sabreena has stopped laughing and is now relaxed with a small smile on her face as she sleeps.


Bianca sits up in her bed. She has covered Raiju's eyes with her hand, stopping the lightning bolts from tickle attacking her bellybutton. She remains her composure again.

BIANCA: Okay … I'm going to remove my hand. So help me … if you try to tickle me in any other way, I'm going to … field goal kick you out the window.


From Bianca's POV, she has removed her hand from over Raiju's eyes. However, Raiju's eyes have turned into colorful rings of blue, green, and purple.


From Raiju's POV, Bianca's eyes mirror the rings of blue, green, and purple. A vacant, yet happy look is on her face. She is being hypnotized.


Bianca's eyes are now closed; she has been put to sleep. She also sports a small smile on her face. Raiju's eyes are normal, cat's eyes again. He gently pushes on Bianca's forehead with his tail, lowering her back into her bed.


With Bianca now resting peacefully in her bed, Raiju goes back to licking her spiral bellybutton. Bianca lets out tiny giggles in her sleep.

BIANCA: Hehehehe.


It's now the morning. Moon, still dressed as she was when asleep, enters Bianca's room. She rubs one of her chestnut colored eyes.

CAPTION: The next morning …

MOON: Bianca! Time to rise and shine, my fellow outielicious friend!


Moon is the foreground, with her back to us. In the background is Bianca, awake and sitting up in bed. Lying asleep on top of her stomach is Raiju.

Bianca: I don't know what this thing is, but get it off of me!


Bianca is still in bed with Raiju sitting on her tummy. Raiju is now awake and has an expression of joy on his face. Moon closely examines the magical creature.

MOON: Where did it come from?

BIANCA: I don't know, I thought it was some dream I had last night. It showed up and it would not stop tickling my bellybutton. The last thing I remember was … I don't know, a rainbow or something, but then I woke up and it was still here.


Moon now holds Raiju up in her hands. Raiju seems rather pleased to get this attention.

MOON: Wait a minute, now I know where I have seen this little guy before. In Japan, we have this myth about a lightning animal called Raiju. Legend has it he likes to sleep inside and play with the navels of humans during thunder storms. This must be him.


Moon and Bianca enter Sabreena's room. Raiju is lying across Moon's shoulders like a feathered boa. Sabreena is standing up with her hands on her stomach and her silver colored eyes looking down towards her naked bellybutton. Joanie is also awake and looking into Sabreena's navel with her green eyes.

MOON: Good morning, girls! What 'cha doing?

JOANIE: Sabreena says it feels like something is inside her bellybutton, but I can't see anything.


Moon hands Raiju over to Joanie. Joanie looks at Raiju with confusion.

MOON: I think I know what the problem is. Here, take this little guy for me, will you?

JOANIE: Um, sure. Hey here … little fella. You're a cute … whatever you are.


Moon is on her knees and is inserting one of her index fingers into Sabreena's bellybutton. Sabreena bites her lip slightly as this is happening.

MOON: This is going to tickle a little, but you have to trust me.

SABREENA: Hehe, sure, I trust you, hehe.


Moon has somehow managed to insert her arm up to her elbow inside Sabreena's bellybutton. Sabreena is laughing uncontrollably.

MOON: Okay, that shouldn't be possible. That proves Raijin must be behind this.

SABREENA: Hahaha, who!? Hahaha!


In the foreground, Moon has pulled Raijin's head out of Sabreena's bellybutton. She has a hold of him by his hair. Sabreena is amazed. In the background, Bianca and Joanie are equally shocked. Joanie is still holding Raiju.

MOON: Raijin, the Japanese God of Thunder. He just loves toying with bellybuttons while their human owners sleep at night.

RAIJIN: Right you are, my dear. You have exposed me, and so my ruse is over.


We're now in the living room area of the house. It's your average living space with couches and a TV with an entertainment system. The Girls have changed their clothing. Sabreena now wears a dark purple cropped top and matching sweat pants low on her hips. Joanie wears a short sleeved plaid shirt with the shirt tails tied up in a knot, and denim cut-off shorts. Moon wears a type of Japanese schoolgirl outfit, a blue skirt with a sailor like white top, cropped below her bust line. Bianca wears a white Speedo bikini. The Girls stand in front of Raijin as he makes himself comfortable on their main couch, with Raiju resting at his feet.

CAPTION: A few moments later …

MOON: So, Lord Raijin, what are you doing here in America?

RAIJIN: I grow bored with my duties in the Land of the Rising Sun. I decided to travel around the world and find amusement wherever I could. This brought me to your home. After all the entertainment you provided me last night, I think I shall have an extended stay here before returning home.


Raijin and Bianca are face to face. Raijin is still on the couch. Monique has her arms crossed and is not very pleased with what she is hearing.

BIANCA: Oh, good for you. But guess what, I don't care what you are or why you're here. We're not going to let you make yourself at home if you're going to molest us in our sleep.

RAIJIN: That is a shame, for you see, the only way to get rid of me is to pay me tribute. All each of you has to do is offer me a material possession, and Raiju and I will be on our way home.


Bianca is now really in Raijin's face. She's pretty ticked off, but he is even more relaxed.

BIANCA: No way! Our options are either let you stay and tickle us whenever you like or we give you gifts and you'll back off?! How is that fair?! You win either way!

RAIJIN: I never said anything about being fair. And you should watch your tone when speaking to a God, my dear.

BIANCA: Or else what?!


Raijin, still on the couch, now points to Sabreena and Bianca with his index fingers. The two girls are facing each other and are being forced against their wills to move towards each other. Their backs are arched so that when they collide, their stomachs will take the blunt of the impact.

RAIJIN: Or else, this!


The bare bellies of Sabreena and Bianca are pushed together.


A close-up reveals that Bianca's outie bellybutton has interlocked with Sabreena's innie bellybutton. They are stuck together.


Sabreena and Bianca try to push each other away, but they are still joined at their navels. Raijin smiles from the couch.

SABREENA: What did you do?

RAIJIN: Oh, just a trick I learned from a visit to China. Perhaps you have heard of the Chinese Finger Trip? The more you struggle, the tighter the grip will get. That is, unless you apologize for your rude outburst.

BIANCA: Forget it!


Raijin now uses his index fingers to point at Moon and Joanie, causing their arms to rise up into the air as if they were trapped by invisible bonds.

RAIJIN: As you wish. I have other methods that are just as convincing.


Raijin uses the nails of his index fingers to tickle Joanie's puckered innie bellybutton and Moon's ball outie bellybutton. The two girls are helpless with their arms suspended in the air. All they can do is laugh.

RAIJIN: Apologize, or you and your friends will continue to suffer.




A close-up of Joanie's and Moon's bellybuttons as they are being tickled by Raijin's fingernails.


In the foreground, Sabreena and Bianca continue to struggle to break away from each other. In the background, Raijin snaps his fingers.

SABREENA: For crying out loud, Bianca, just say you're sorry!

BIANCA: Okay! I'll say it! I'm sorry!

RAIJIN: There, was that so bad? You are free!



Sabreena and Bianca are able to pull apart from each other. They are both relieved by this. Their unlocking bellybuttons make a loud popping sound.

SABREENA: That's good. I was worried we were going to become conjoined bellybutton twins. Although I must say, Monique, I never knew your skin was so soft and smooth, even with that little four pack of abs that you have.

BIANCA: Oh, shut up, Bree.



Joanie's and Moon's arms are free. They use their hands to rub the ticklish sensation away from their tummies.

JOANIE: I thought I was going to pass out from all that laughing.

MOON: I was almost starting to like it. I haven't been tickled like that since I was a kid.


Raijin holds Raiju in his arms as they are being to fade away. The Girls watch on as this happens.

RAIJIN: Then we have reached an agreement. I am free to live among you until you pay me a proper tribute.

MOON: If that's true, Lord Raijin, then why are you leaving?

RAIJIN: Oh, I am not leaving; I am simply making myself invisible. Think of how much that will increase the fun that I will have with you.


Raijin and Raiju have completely disappeared from sight. The Girls can only stand around in awe of the situation they are in.

JOANIE: So this guy is going to be tickling us when we can't see it coming, and our entire wardrobes are nothing but bare belly clothes? We're screwed!


We're in Sabreena's room. She is dressed a green, tradition belly dancer outfit. She is removing an emerald jewel from a jewelry box on her dresser.

CAPTION: Later that afternoon …

SABREENA (thought balloon): Ah, there it is; my lucky emerald belly jewel.


Sabreena inserting the emerald into her deep navel. It's a perfect fit.

SABREENA (thought balloon): Ha, I'd like to see Raijin try to tickle my bellybutton now.


Raiju appears before Sabreena, he floats in mid-air. Sabreena smiles and points to her bejeweled navel.

SABREENA: Ah, Raiju. How about you do me a favor and tell your master that I've outwitted him? My bellybutton is safe from him, so long as I'm wearing this emerald.


From Sabreena's POV, Raiju's eyes become the hypnotic colored rings and this time, the colors are blue, yellow, and green.


From Raiju's POV, Sabreena's eyes mirror the blue, yellow, and green rings. She has a goofy smile on her face as she falls into a trace.


Sabreena, now fully under Raiju's spell, has her eyes closed and the silly smile remains on her face. She is removing the belly jewel from her navel. Raiju's eyes are back to their normal cat form.


Sabreena does a backbend with Raiju behind her, guiding her to the floor with his tail against her back.


Now with Sabreena lying on the floor with her knees bent, Raiju floats right above her, the tip of his tail hangs directly above her bellybutton. Sabreena's stomach is sucked in.


Sabreena has arched her back while doing a belly roll. This allows Raiju's tail to enter her bellybutton. Sabreena giggles from being tickled.



The same as Panel Three, with Sabreena's stomach sucked in and Raiju's tail hanging above her bellybutton.


Same as Panel Four, with Sabreena doing a belly roll, causing her to arch her back and allow Raiju to tickle her bellybutton with his tail. She giggles.



Sabreena now does another backbend, but this time Raiju is lifting her up to her feet by pushing her from behind her back with his tail.


Now that she's standing up, Sabreena sucks her stomach in like before when she was lying down. Again, Raiju has positioned the tip of his tail so it is mere inches away from Sabreena's navel.


Sabreena does a belly roll, causing Raiju's tail to enter her bellybutton. She laughs.



Same as Panel Two, with Sabreena sucking her stomach in and Raiju waiting with his tail at the ready.


The same as Panel Three, with Sabreena doing a belly roll so that Raiju is able to tickle her in her navel. She laughs again.



Raiju gives Sabreena's bellybutton a lick with his tongue. She laughs harder.



Raiju is starting to fade away. Sabreena is coming out of her trace as her eyes open.

SABREENA: Mmm, what …


Raiju is gone. Sabreena is startled as she inserts one of her index fingers inside her navel.

SABREENA (thought balloon): What happened to my emerald?! And why is my bellybutton all wet?


Sabreena has withdrawn her finger from bellybutton. The tip of her finger has traces of saliva on it. She appears upset.

SABREENA (thought balloon): It looks like I underestimated that little, blue menace.


We are on a beach. There's white sand and blue ocean in the background. In the foreground is Bianca, dressed in a red Speedo bikini. She is playing tetherball, a game in which a volleyball is attached by a thin rope to a metal pole. She holds the volleyball in one hand as she prepares to hit the ball with her other hand.

CAPTION: Meanwhile, at the local beach …


From Bianca's POV, Raijin's head has appeared on the volleyball. He has an evil smile on his face.

RAIJIN: Having fun, are we?


Bianca frowns with her hands on hips as Raijin's head floats in mid-air and the rest of his body starts to fade in beneath him. The volleyball is being held in one of Raijin's faded hands.

BIANCA: Oh, great, it's you again. If you don't mind, I'm trying to practice my volleyball skills.

RAIJIN: Come now, surely being graced with my presence is not that intolerable. You should feel honored to know that among your friends, I respect you the most. Not many mortals are bold enough to challenge me as you did.


Raijin is now completely visible. He floats behind Bianca. She turns around to face him. The volleyball is still in Raijin's hands.

BIANCA: So you respect me, eh? Or maybe it's that out of the four of us, I'm your favorite plaything.

RAIJIN: Yes, you are a clever one. I must admit, while I did allow my pet, Raiju, to have his merry way with your navel, I desired to play with it as well. However, I was not given the opportunity … until now.


Raijin tickles Bianca's bellybutton with one his fingernails. Bianca laughs out loud, unaware that Raijin is backing her up against the metal pole behind her. Raijin still holds the volleyball in his other hand.


RAIJIN: Are we that quick to forget that you cannot order the great Raijin to do anything? I do as I please, and playing with your navel pleases me very much.


Raijin now has Bianca leaning up against the pole. He holds her in place with his hand over her tummy as he throws the volleyball with his other hand.

RAIJIN: I prefer to have my victims be sleep while I play with them, but for you, I have an idea for how to keep you from resisting me.

BIANCA: What are you doing?


The volleyball swings around Bianca and the pole, causing the rope to coil itself around Bianca, binding her to the pole. Raijin looks on with delight as Bianca panics.

RAIJIN: Oh yes, this is a great improvement to your boring game.


The volleyball has stopped rotating and is fully coiled around Bianca, tying her to the pole. Her bare midriff is perfectly framed between the ropes. Raijin kneels down to look at her navel as he wiggles his fingernails.

RAIJIN: And now, my dearest, it is time to hear that enchanting laughter of yours.



Extreme of Raijin's fingernail tickling the middle Bianca's spiral bellybutton.



Another extreme close-up of Raijin tickling Bianca's bellybutton, this time his fingernail traces circles around the helpless navel. Bianca's stomach is quivering.

BIANCA (off panel): Haha, you can't do this … haha, it's not right, haha.

RAIJIN (off panel): I am a God; I am beyond that which you humans consider right and wrong.


Extreme close-up of Raijin's index fingernails spreading the folds of skin of Bianca's bellybutton open. His thumbnails reach inside to tickle the skin deep inside the center of her navel. Sweat drops begin to form on Bianca's stomach.


RAIJIN (off panel): I will be the judge of that.


Extreme close-up of Raijin's serpent tongue caressing Bianca's bellybutton. Bianca's tummy is both sweating and quivering.


RAIJIN (off panel): Do I detect a hint of cinnamon? Why, I believe I do!


Raijin now stands up to be at eye level with Bianca. She is tired and out of breath. Her face is covered with sweat.

RAIJIN: My sweet, have I tired you out? That is quite all right, you have amused me enough for today.


Raijin begins to uncoil the rope around Bianca. She looks like she's ready to fall sleep right there.


Bianca is free from the ropes. Her eyes are closed and she slides down the pole to the sandy ground below her. Raijin is beginning to fade away.


Raijin has vanished. Bianca sits on the ground with her head against the pole; she's sound asleep.


We're on a country farm. In the background is a generic looking barnyard scenery. In the foreground is Joanie, wearing a yellow, cropped, peasant top and a denim skirt. She's all smiles about being home.

CAPTION: The following day …

JOANIE (thought balloon): It's good to be back home on daddy's farm for the weekend. That mean, old Raijin won't bother me here.


Raiju appears by Joanie's feet. She kneels down to greet him and she appears to be happy to see him.

JOANIE: Hey there, Raiju. Were you following me this whole time? I'd take you hanging around with me over Raijin any day.


From Joanie's POV, Raiju's eyes have become rings of blue, red, and white.


From Raiju's POV, Joanie's eyes mirror the red, white, and blue colored rings. Her mouth is ajar and there's a dumbfounded expression on her face.


Joanie, now fully in a trace with her eyes closed, is standing in front of a white and black colored baby calf. She has a peach in one of her hands. Raiju, whose eyes are normal cat's eyes again, is floating over her head.

CAPTION: Moments later …


A close-up of Joanie's tummy, as she squashes the peach in her hand, allowing the juices to drip onto her bare belly flesh.


The baby calf licks the peach juice off of Joanie's stomach with its large tongue. Joanie laughs out loud from this. Raiju watches from overhead.



Joanie is now lying down and is surrounded by six chickens. She is holding a handful of chickenfeed. Raiju watches from overhead.


A close-up of Joanie's belly as she pours the chickenfeed into her puckered navel, creating a small mountain for the chickens to eat from.


The chickens are now peaking away at the chickenfeed inside of Joanie's bellybutton. Joanie laughs as Raiju watches overhead.

JOANIE: Hahaha!


Joanie is still lying down on the ground, but the chickens are all gone now that they are finished with the chickenfeed. Raiju is beginning to fade away.


Raiju is gone. Joanie's eyes open widely, although she is still lying on the ground.

JOANIE (thought balloon): What, what just happened?


Joanie now sits up and is inserting one of her index fingers into her bellybutton. She is confused.

JOANIE (thought balloon): Why does my tummy smell like a peach, and what's this inside my bellybutton?


Joanie is stilling sitting up, but is now examining a pellet of chickenfeed in between her index finger and thumb.

JOANIE (thought balloon): Chickenfeed?! How did that get in there? Why do I have the feeling I've been hoodwinked?


We're inside Moon's room. She is standing in front of a full figure mirror while wearing one of her cosplaying costumes. She's dressed as a jungle girl. The costume is a loincloth bikini with a tiger print pattern. She also holds two of her fingers up in a "V for victory" hand gesture.

CAPTION: Meanwhile, back at the sorority house …

MOON (thought balloon): Moony, get your acceptance speech ready, because this look is going to win you first place at next month's anime convention.


From Moon's POV, Raijin appears as the reflection in the mirror.

RAIJIN: That attire only increases your natural beauty, Moon.


Raijin is stepping out of the mirror. Moon seems pleased to see him.

MOON: Lord Raijin, I was just thinking about you.

RAIJIN: Is that so? You are glad to see me?

MOON: I'll let you in on a little secret. What I said yesterday was true, I do enjoy being tickled.


Raijin is completely outside of the mirror. He glides his long fingernails across Moon's naked midsection in a non-threatening manner. Moon is smiling.

RAIJIN: I expected that you would understand me. No doubt you are aware of your native Japan's belief that the navel is the center of your body's vital activity.

MOON: Oh yeah, I know about that. In fact, we revere our bellybuttons so much that women in Japan have this surgery done to change their "ugly" outies into "perfect" innies. Not me, I love my outie for being different. Even when kids made fun of me for having one, I still loved it, and I loved it even more when they would tickle me there. It felt so good.


Raijin has his hands on Moon's shoulders. Moon seems rather trusting of him.

RAIJIN: I admire a woman who is so proud of her natural beauty. However, your friends make me feel unwelcomed in your home.

MOON: You have to admit, being humbled by a God can be … um humbling. But, I'll make a deal with you … you tickle my bellybutton for one whole minute. If I can go the whole sixty seconds without laughing, you have to leave us alone. If I laugh, you can stay here until we pay you your tribute. How's that for a deal?

RAIJIN: I accept!


Extreme close-up of Moon's stomach. She has her hands on her hips as Raijin's index fingernail tickles the center of her ball outie bellybutton.

CAPTION: 60 seconds remaining …


Close-up of Moon's face while she's being tickled. She has her eyes closed shut and she is biting her lower lip.

CAPTION: 44 seconds remaining …


Another close-up of Moon's face. One of her eyes is twitching and she's sucking her cheeks inward like she has tasted a lemon. She is beginning to sweat.

CAPTION: 25 seconds remaining …


Yet another close-up of Moon's face. She has given in. Her head is thrown back as she laughs out loud.


CAPTION: She caved in with only 8 seconds remaining.


We're in the living room of the sorority house. Raijin and Raiju are sitting on the main couch. All four of the Girls are standing in front of them. The Girls are dressed in bikinis, Sabreena in blue, Bianca in purple, Joanie in green, and Moon in black. The Girls also have their hands behind their backs.

MOON: Lord Raijin, we decided it's in our best interests to pay you the tribute you asked for. This way, we don't need to be afraid of drowning in the ocean if you tickle us while we go to the beach today.

RAIJIN: Ah, finally, you girls are using your wisdom for once. What gifts have you for me?


Moon hands Raijin a small golden trophy. Despite the trophy's size, Raijin seems pleased.

MOON: This was the first award I ever won for cosplaying. I hope you don't mind that it's for third place.

RAIJIN: Oh, shiny! I accept your tribute. You are free from my bond.


Sabreena hands Raijin a topaz colored gem. Raijin is as pleased as before.

SABREENA: This is a topaz bellybutton plug that I used during my first belly dancing lessons. I have a collection, so you can have this one.

RAIJIN: Oh, this is even shinier! I accept your tribute. You are free from my bond.


Joanie hands Raijin a straw hat. Raijin seems mildly pleased.

JOANIE: This is my favorite straw hat, Mister Raijin. It's all yours now!

RAIJIN: Um, yes, it is quite … fashionable … I believe is the word. I accept your tribute. You are free of my bond.


Raijin now wears the ridiculous straw hat on his head. Bianca hands Raijin a volleyball. The ball is very worn out and is being held together by duct tape. Raijin is not amused. Raiju looks at the ball with excitement.

BIANCA: This is my first volleyball from when I was four years old. I've kept it ever since, but hell, I can't use it. Here, enjoy.


Raiju plays with the worn out volleyball with his paws, like a cat that plays with a ball of yarn. Raijin watches his pet having fun.

RAIJIN: Your lackluster gift brings joy to my loyal Raiju. I accept your tribute. You
are free from my bond.


From the Girls' POV, Raijin stands up with Raiju resting across his shoulders. The straw hat is on Raijin's head, the trophy is in one of his hands, the volleyball is tucked under his other arm and the topaz gem is being held in Raiju's mouth.

RAIJIN: The four of you have entertained my pet and I greatly over these past two days. However, now that you have honored me with your gifts, I will keep my promise and take my leave of you. Farewell. But, remember, I cannot promise you will not see me again if any of you sleep with your navels exposed during one of my storms.


Still from the Girls' POV, Raijin and Raiju are glowing in a blue aura.


Still from the Girls' POV, Raijin and Raiju have become a ball of blue lightning.


From the Girls' POV, the blue lightning ball falls out of a window and into the sky. The lightning ball leaves a trail of blue light behind it, like a comet.


The Girls stand in the living room, glad that the mythological figures are gone.

SABREENA: There they go.

BIANCA: Yeah, now we can sleep without waking up with anything weird in or on our bellybuttons.

MOON: I don't know, the tickling wasn't that bad.

JOANIE: We don't need a God to tickle us, Moony; it's much more fun when we do it ourselves.


The Girls give each other sly smiles and winks.


The Girls stand in a circle and tickle each other in their bellybuttons. Sabreena tickles Bianca, Bianca tickles Moon, Moon tickles Joanie, and Joanie tickles Sabreena. They all have huge smiles on their faces as they giggle.

SFX: Hehehehe.


Close-up on the window that Raijin and Raiju flew out of. Raijin's hand is seen coming out of one side of the window, while Raiju's tail peeks out from the other side of the window.


Raijin and Raiju look through the window, watching the Girls have their fun.


Raijin and Raiju look at us, the readers. They both have smiles on their faces, and Raijin even winks an eye at us.

RAIJIN: You did not really believe I was going to leave, did you?

This is a script to a fetish comic I wrote, entitled "Adventures of the Omphale Sisterhood". It hasn't been drawn yet, so if there are any artists out there (pencilers, inkers, colorists, and/or letterers) who would like to do all the artwork, contact me and let me if you're interested.

Copyright: Feb 2009.
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It's an average apartment; kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. Nothing too fancy. Megumi and Duncan enter.

Please excuse any clutter. I usually clean up if I know company is coming over.

I've seen worse.

Can I get you anything to drink? Water, soda, coffee, milk, seltzer, green tea?

Green tea is fine.

Duncan heads over to the kitchen and starts preparing the green tea. Megumi walks around the living room. There's a DVD shelf with an impressive collection of anime titles, mainly guy stuff like mecha and giant fighting robots. There's also a book shelf of matching manga titles.

Megumi then spot's Duncan's computer workstation. The monitor to the computer is on and the screensaver is running. Various images of New York's skyline appear on the screen.

Are these your pictures on the computer?

Duncan peeks over from the kitchen.

Yeah, those are mine. Feel free to look through them if you want.

Megumi sits at the computer and browses through the photographs. Most of them are of landscapes. She comes across a folder entitled "Hot Button". She clicks on it. Meanwhile, Duncan finishes preparing the green tea.

Hey, Duncan?

Yeah, Meg?

Why do you have an entire folder full of pictures of women's bellybuttons?

Duncan's eyes go wide. He rushes over to the computer workstation. The computer's screen is covered with high resolution pictures of women's bare navels. He turns to Megumi with a look of horror, but she looks back at him with a look of confusion.

Those ... um ...

I'm not offended or anything. They're great pictures. Look at the fine details. This one girl's bellybutton has a pattern like a wagon wheel.

I know. It's one of my favorites.

Did you take these?

No. I downloaded them from a website called The Hot Button.

Why would you do that?

Duncan hangs his head low and lets out a sigh.

Because I have a bellybutton fetish.

Duncan looks up at Megumi, but she doesn't look disgusted.

That's an unique fetish to have. The bellybutton is just a scar on your tummy. Most people don't think twice about it.

And breasts are just fat cells and milk glands, and the anus is where shit comes out of, but there's no shortage of breast men and ass men in the world.

True. Since when did you have this fetish of yours?

Ever since I was a little kid.

Do you know what caused it?

I think I do. Um, why don't we sit on the couch and drink the tea. I'll explain more then.

All right.

Megumi goes over to the couch. Duncan pours the green tea into cups and hands one cup to Megumi. They both sit down on the couch and sip some of the tea.

This is pretty good.

It is.

So, what about your fetish?

Ah, about that. When I was like four or five, there was this cute girl who lived next door to us. Coincidently, she was also Asian.

Was she Japanese?

No, Chinese. We lived near Little China for a short time. Anyway, like all little kids, we played "doctor".

"Doctor" as in the "diagnosis and cure" kind of "doctor", or the "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" kind of "doctor"?

The latter kind.

And here I wasted my childhood playing the former kind.

Duncan takes a sip of tea.

Anyway, we would play "doctor", and I would always use the game as an excuse to probe her bellybutton with my finger. I don't know what it was about it, the feeling of the smooth folds of skin inside of her bellybutton, or the laughing she did because it tickled her, but I've been hooked ever since. The next thing I know, I'm eyeing the bellybutton of every bikini clad woman at the beach, or any girl who wore cropped tops and hip huggers, or the models in my mother's Victoria's Secret catalogs. And like all fetishes, they get more sexual with age, so now women's bellybuttons are the ultimate turn on for me.

And what about that website?

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I found out I wasn't the only one with this fetish. The Hot Button is the top pay site for photos and videos of girls playing with their bellybuttons.

What do you mean by "playing"?

Oh, fingering their bellybuttons. Licking, kissing, tickling. Inserting things into them if they have innies. Or sucking, pinching, and poking if they have outies. Stuff like that.


Megumi sips her tea.

Not that I'm complaining, but you're being strangely accepting about this.

Why wouldn't I be? I come from the same culture that invented tentacle porn.

Good point. It's just that this isn't the reaction I usually get after confessing my fetish to a potential girlfriend. The response I normally get is the girl looking at me like I'm something she found inside of her shoe, and our date quickly ends.

That sounds harsh. But I'm still here, aren't I? Although, it would be convenient having a bellybutton fetish and a girlfriend of Japanese descent.

How so?

Well, the bellybutton is highly regarded in Japanese culture. We believe it to be the center of everyone's being and the source of a person's warmth. We believe the shape of the bellybutton will tell of a person's overall health. We have legends of Raijin the thunder god stealing bellybuttons during thunder storms, and his pet Raiju hiding inside bellybuttons during lightning storms. And we have annual bellybutton festivals. So you see, it would be convenient if your girlfriend came from a culture that also sees the bellybutton as more than just a token scar.

Are you saying that I was at the book store to pick up a Japanese girl because she might be more accepting of my fetish?

You said it before I did.

Well played. Yes, I'm aware of the high regards for the bellybutton in Japanese culture, but that's not why I was at the book store. I was there to hunt for some new anime, and have lunch, which was why I had my spork with me.

But that all changed when you saw me.

Yes, but let's not forget that you approached me first, not the other way around. And if I really wanted to flirt with girls in that place, I would have been wearing my "Now accepting applications for a Japanese girlfriend" novelty T-shirt.

Megumi breaks out into laughter.

You don't seriously have a T-shirt that says that!

I do. A friend of mine got it for me as a joke birthday gift. Do you want to see it? I'll even put it on.

No, I'll take your word for it.

They both drink more tea.

You want to see my bellybutton, don't you?

The thought did cross my mind.

By that you mean it was the first thing you thought about when you saw me at the book store?

Actually, the first thing I thought was "Wow, she's adorable", shortly followed by "I wonder what her bellybutton looks like".

Megumi giggles.

You're so honest. How about we end the suspense?

Megumi puts her tea cup down and stands up from the couch. She positions herself in front of Duncan so that her stomach is right in front of his face. She begins to lift up her shirt, but before her navel is exposed, she lowers her shirt back down.

I'll let you have the honors.

Duncan pinches Megumi's shirt in between his fingers and slowly rolls her shirt up until her navel is fully exposed. It's a pretty innie. Duncan tries to remain calm as he stares longingly at Megumi's bare tummy.

You like?

Oh yes.

You can touch it if you want to.

Without hesitating, Duncan extends one of his index fingers and uses it to trace little circles around Megumi's navel. He then inserts his finger into her innie and wiggles it from inside. Megumi flinches.


A little.

Duncan pushes his finger deeper into Megumi's innie.

What a deep innie you have. Cavernous, even!

The easier to make your finger disappear with, my dear.

Duncan removes his finger from Megumi's bellybutton, causing a small "popping" noise from the suction.

May I kiss it?

You may.

Duncan places a hand on each of Megumi's hips and brings his lips to her navel. He kisses it. Not a little peck, but a genuinely passionate kiss. Megumi lets out a soft moan. Duncan continues to kiss Megumi's stomach in a circular pattern.

That feels nice.

How about this?

Duncan sticks out his tongue and thrusts it into Megumi's innie.

Okay, and now your tongue is in my bellybutton. That's ... warm and wet.

I'll stick to kissing then.

Duncan kisses Megumi's stomach some more. Megumi places her hand on Duncan's forehead, as if to signal for him to stop. Duncan stops kissing her.

This would probably be more fun if we were laying down.


Megumi lays down on the couch and makes herself comfortable. Duncan situates himself over her, with his face inches above her stomach. Megumi lifts her shirt up past her ribs, and lowers the waistline of her pants down around her hips.  


Megumi nods her head. Duncan passionately kisses and licks in between each of Megumi's ribs and along her hip bones. Megumi coos and moans.
Another scene from my screenplay, "The Fetish". The young couple arrives at the boy's apartment, and the girl learns about his secret fetish.
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           Guila was sitting at home one day, waiting for her mom to get home, she was supposed to go to a movie that evening and was getting impatient with her mom taking her dear old time.  
      "What is taking her so long? I'm pretty sick of this," Guila complained, all the waiting made her tired, so she slowly eased into a little nap.  5 minutes later, Guila awoke to a strange, loud sound.
       " What the hell was that?" She wondered, she slowly started to nap again, when the loud sound awoke her once more.
       " AH! What is that?" The sound came again and she suddenly knew what it was.  She looked down at her belly and it gurgled once more.
       " Wow, I'm starved," Guila said, she looked at the clock and panicked.
       " Oh no, Mom will be home any minute and I can't go to the movie and eat the shitty food they have there! I gotta call her quickly!"  Guila quickly snatched the phone and dialled her mom's number.
       " Hello?" Zitta answered.
       " Hi mom, it's Guila, can you pick me up and take me out for some pizza or something? I'm famished, and I need something quick before I go to the movie."
       " Sure," Answered Zitta," How much?"
       Guila looked down at her stomach which growled even louder this time.
       " A lot," She said, and hung up.

         When Zitta arrived, Guila quickly pounced into the car, urging her mom to come back out quickly so they could go. Zitta came out of the house, started the car, and headed out for pizza.
        " I'm so hungry," Guila whined.
        " I am too," Zitta answered, her stomach growled almost as loud as Guila's did.  " Let's get there quickly."

        When they arrived there were already 10 pizzas stacked up on a table nearby.
        " I called in ahead of time," Zitta informed Guila.
    They sat down and the two quickly tore into their pizza, after 5 pizzas were gone Zitta's Stomach had grown huge, it gurgled with all food in it.
       " Ugh, I'm FULLLL!" Zitta groaned, rubbing her belly. " You can try for the rest if you want Guila, you have about 30 minutes before you go to the movie."
       Before Zitta got that sentence out, Guila was ripping through the rest of pizza. 10 minutes later, Guila took her last bite of pizza, then collapsed on her seat. Her stomach was practically the size of a beach ball, a noisy beach ball to be precise. She caressed her very large belly gently and slowly fell asleep.
       " Hahaha, looks like no movie for her," Zitta chuckled.  She got up and went over to Guila and rubbed her belly to release any pressure the food had in it.  She even put her head on her belly the odd time to listen to the funny noises it made. Zitta was about to wake Guila when she noticed some crazy features about her.
      " Wow, she has a reeaaaaalllllyyyy long neck and tail, must get it from her father." Zitta thought and woke Guila, the two paid their bill, got into their car, and left.
Another Art trade I did with my man Buduse :P

As you can see, Guila has a lot of the same characteristics as her mom and her grandmother :P

Zitta and Guila by BUDUSE
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     It was a sweltering hot day in the Hyrule Kingdom, and Princess Zelda had invited Princess Peach over to her castle for a relaxing tan beside her pool.
    Peach had finally showed up and they both headed out to Princess Zelda's Pool, both wearing their favorite 2 piece bathing suits. They each found a lawn chair and sat back to soak in the sun's boiling rays.
     Not 2 minutes in they both got awoken from their deep relaxation by a loud growl, they both sat up really fast.
      "What was that noise?" Peach asked.
      " I have no clue," Zelda answered.
    Then the noise came again, the two both realized what the noise was then, Peach put a hand on her belly.
     " Hehe, sounds like I'm a little bit hungry," Peach giggled.
    "Me, too," Zelda agreed, her stomach also giving a loud rumble." I'll call up my butler....Hello? Yes butler, bring Peach and I a plate of sushi as soon as possible," Zelda put her phone up to her stomach as it growled," Here that? That's why you should hurry, Goodbye." Zelda hung up.
    Peach and Zelda both eased themselves back into there chairs, their stomachs still making insane noises.
    " Hehe, mine sounds like there's cake mixing around in there," Peach giggled.
   " Well mine sounds like it's trying to digest air," Zelda answered.
   " No, I think yours sounds like there's something trapped in there and they're trying to get out," Peach said.
   " Yeah, well...... YOURS STILL SOUNDS LIKE A CAKE MIXER!" They both burst out laughing.

      About 20 minutes later Peach and Zelda realized that their food hadn't arrived yet. There stomachs both let out long, hunger filled growls.
    " That's it! I'm calling him again!" Zelda exclaimed.
     She picked up her phone and dialed.
     " He- Hello? Yes Butler, you've seemed to have not brought the sushi, wanna tell me why? slipped and fell and you think you broke your wrist? Yeah well....what? No I'm not going all the way up to the 83rd floor to help you! You....need me to call an ambulance for you? Ohhhh.......C'mon sir! You were able to pick up the phone weren't you? OH I SEE! Your dialing hand is the one that's broken and you can't move it. Well you know what?........SUCK IT UP! GOOD BYE." Princess Zelda hung up.
     " What did he say?" Peach asked.
    " He said he ruined it so I fired him...ANYWAYS......looks like we're stuck out here with no food, my butler has the only key and he can't open the doors cause he's fired." Zelda explained.
    " Oh, we need a miracle to save our hungry bellies now." Princess Peach complained.
     Then a thought came to Zelda.
     "Hey! I know what we could do, you see my pool? See how I've also got goldfish in there? Well why don't we eat them?! Zelda said eagerly.
   " RAW FISH? ICKY!" Peach complained.
    " Aw cmon, you'd love it, and if you swallow them whole, you can feel them squirming around in you. Still skeptical?" Zelda asked.
    " Uhhhhhhhh, okay I'll try," Peach said.
    Zelda grabbed a fish net from the side of the pool and fished out two fairly large goldfish.  She grabbed one by the tail and dropped it in her mouth, with one big gulp she got it down into her tummy. She sat back down into her lawn chair, and passed the fishnet with the other fish over to Peach. Zelda's Stomach gurgled and churned as the fish flopped around inside her.
     " Oh my goodness, I can see it in your belly, I CAN SEE IT MOVING AROUND! COOL! I WANNA TRY EVEN MORE NOW!" Peach Squealed eagerly.
    With no hesitation whatsoever, Peach grabbed the fish, dropped it in her mouth and swallowed, the fish went down down down, and into her stomach.
    " Oh cool, it feels so weird, it's swimming around inside me." Peach giggled.
   They both layed in their lawn chairs and enjoyed watching their fish swim around in there bellies.
      Suddenly, Zelda's Butler burst through the poolside door and stumbled in, his wrist swollen and awkwordly bent.
      "Zelda, the ambulance isn't coming and I feel like I'm gonna pass out, PLEASE TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL! PLE......Why are your bellies moving around like that?" The Butler asked interestedly.
   "Quit Drooling dear. For your information we were so hungry because you didn't bring that sushi. So we had nothing other choice but to eat the fish out of my pool, and that's whats moving around in us." Zelda tossed him her phone. " Here, try dialing again, but I'm not driving you to the hospital, you almost starved us to death, and just because your wrist is broken. You know I had all the sushi ingredients out, and it only takes about five minutes to make them, you could have at LEAST brought them down here and I would have taken you, instead of complaining up there for about a half hour. So I'm not going to take you, because you sir are FIRED!" Zelda Yelled.
     "........awwwww DAMN IT!" The Butler yelled as he showed his sorry ass out of Hyrule Castle.

                              THE END
*huffs, Puffs, WEEZ* HOLY FUCK!

Well I managed to finish this before I left for my vacation, it was a request from gregVent. He wanted a Peach Zelda stomach growl vore kind of story.

And yea gregVent i know i said id have this done next week, until i realized my girlfriend was coming too and i didnt want her to see what i was writing in case she thought i was a weirdo lol, so i finished my rough copy last night, and i busted my ass off this morning to finish it and post it before my plane leaves, which is in........40 minutes?! FUCK! thank god i live close to the airport lol.

Anyways thanks for your request GregVent and i hope you liked it
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           It had been a long time since Midna had ever seen the world of light.  Long ago, she adventured with a young swordsman named Link on a quest to banish the spreading of twilight into the light world. When they were successful, she returned to her taller, more attractive form, and locked herself into twilight by shattering the Mirror of Twilight. Since then, the kingdom of Hyrule, and the Twilight Realm were at peace, until one's appetite took over........
           Midna was all powerful, all high and mighty.  She was the Princess of the Twilight Realm, and lets not forget, the most attractive.  With a very tall and slender feminine look, she could easily arouse even a light worlder!  She sat atop Land of Twilight in her thrown, overlooking the entire Realm.  One day, while eased back in her thrown, a noise struck her empty corridor.
      " What......was that?" Midna wondered.  It happened again, it was a very gurgly, empty noise. Everytime it occurred, her core would ache. Midna realized what the noise was then. She moved her already transparent cloak and exposed her stomach. It growled once again. She put her hands over it, afraid of the embarrassment that someone might hear.  She had realized that it was Lunchtime and she had not eaten all day.  She then called for her Butler.
  " Ramin, get in here, I need to see a menu for lunch today," Midna hollered.
     Ramin, her butler, entered without hesitation, almost trembling.
   " What's wrong with you?" Midna asked.
   " Well your highness, uhm, well....... we've seemed to run out of food in the kitchen....I don't know how it happened. I assure you, there will be consequences to the staff for letting this happen though," Ramin Said.
       Midna became furious.  Her belly then let out a roar that echoed through her chamber. It startled Ramin.
    " If my stomach growls louder than that again, I will eat YOU! " Midna said, then got a foul idea." YOU!"
     " But Midna! You can't eat me! I'm not real......" Ramin Hollered.
     " Whaaa? That doesn't make sense, get over here. Your my butler, now get in my belly!!!" Midna protested.
     " But I'm not. Were not real, were parallel to the REAL world! So were basically just people not fit for the real world and were banished here to become NOTHING!"
     " Are you playing mind games with me, boy?"
     " No Midna! It's true. You eat me, and I'll instantly fizz into nothingness, you need to eat a REAL person for this to-" Ramin stammered, and asked, " Your not actually gonna do that are you?"
      Midna thought about it, and decided maybe that wasn't the best idea, and to find an alternative.  However, when her stomach started growling almost uncontrollably and loudly she felt there was no choice.
      " But Midna, why dont you just eat regular food in the Real world?" Ramin asked.
      " Because thats boring!!! It's like when you vacation at a fantastic location, and need entertainment. I'm not going all the way to the real world for BORING! This'll be FUN!"
      Ramin was nervous about letting his highness get reckless.
     " But Midna, how are you going to get back to the real world? The Mirror was shattered."
     " You seriously didn't ask that question I hope, I'm magic! I can lift things with no hands, I can create my own magic, I'm the goddamn Princess! I'm pretty sure world jumping will be a sinch!"
     As Midna walked out of her Chamber, Ramin was left to grieve.
      Meanwhile, in the Castletown market, roommates Griffin and Ryan were taking a stroll, looking for any random shit that was interesting.
      " What is Hyrule anyway?" Griffin asked.
      " It's a kingdom." Ryan answered.
      " But aren't most places broken up into Countries, or Unions?"
      " Yes."
      " Then why isn't this? It's like a whole world or something that changes every couple of years."
      " You ask way too many damn questions Griffin! You said to me before we left that you wanted to explore the deep and vast land of Nintendo didn't you? But you also wanted to by shit on the way right?"
      " I guess....."
      " Well this is the best place for that! Now, no more questions alright?  Were in a new world, it isn't the same back home, so keep your dumbass thoughts at a minimum."
       As Ryan and Griffin explored Castletown a little more, they passed behind an empty alley.  They then noticed that a mysterious vortex was opening on the wall. It started spinning faster and faster until a figure formed before it.  Ryan and Griffin started stepping back. The figure fully formed and revealed a tall, dark skinned, but VERY attractive being. Ryan and Griffin stopped.
      " hhhuh.......hoooly........ Cool world bro," Griffin stammered.
      " Whatever thoughts your getting big fella you can just trash can em', shes MINE!" Ryan whispered to Griffin.
      " To hell with that, she'll pick a magnificant dragon over a Mutt any day, chump!"
      " We'll see."
        Midna approached the two.  She looked at both them and said,
      " I'm a little lost..." Midna's Loud stomach interrupted her speech," ....and hungry, can you boys help me out?"
       " Holy hell, her stomach's louder than yours is Griffin......awesome!" Ryan said.
       " Ryan, correct?" Midna asked.
       "'d you know?"
       " Well Ryan, I know everything, I know all your fantasies, and I know your friend here is jealous right now."
       " Bitch...." Griffin muttered to himself.
       "And,"  Midna continued," I know one of your fantasies is growling bellies. Care to listen to mine?"
        " huuuuh.......YUP! " Ryan replied.
        " One little element," Midna added." I would like to shrink you......"
        Griffin sensed something was up. He tried to tug Ryan away.
        " Dude, somethings not right, I dont like this, lets scidadle outta here NOW!" Griffin pleaded.
         Ryan seemed in a trance.
        " I'm not huge fan of shrinking, but a rumbly tummy! I dont care." Ryan answered.
         He left Griffin's side and approached Midna.  Midna waved her arms around Ryan, and he began to shrink. He shrank until he was the size of a lego figure.  Midna picked Ryan up, lyed down right in the middle of the Alley, and Laid Ryan right in the middle of her stomach.  Her stomach started to bubble and rumble around while Ryan was in pure heaven.
        " You know I'm a fan of threesomes.....I dunno why he gets all the fun....." Griffin grumbled.
        Midna then shot her hand up and shrank Griffin right on the spot.
        " Finally, were getting somewhere." Griffin said.
       " Indeed you are," Midna said, and took Griffin, stuffed him into her mouth and swallowed.
       Ryan shot his head up immediately.
       " What....did you.....JUST DO?" Ryan yelled.
       " Fulfilled another part of your fantasies, listening to my stomach digest a vore victim." Midna answered.
       " Are you insanely mentally retarded?! He's my best friend. GRIFFIN!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME IN THERE?!?!?" Ryan yelled into Midna's tummy. Her stomach grumbled back in reply.
       " That wasn't him by the way, thats my unsatisfyed hunger," Midna said," Your next buddy, enjoy my tummy noises? Your about to hear them from the inside!"
                Midna snagged Ryan off her belly and stuffed her into her mouth, she swallowed, and Ryan was soon in her stomach with Griffin.
       " Funny isn't it?  Being eaten wasn't one of my fantasies......" Ryan said to Griffin.
       " fucked up, dumbshit."  Griffin replied.
       " Yeah, sorry....."

          Meanwhile, on the outside, Midna was casting a spell to enlarge herself.  It was successful, she shot up to stand at a height of 20ft tall! This alerted the whole town, and of course, Link and Zelda.  Quite the coincidence, but while Midna was playing her food games with Ryan and Griffin, Link was battling Ganondorf, who had somehow he always does.  Link and Ganondorf were dueling and Zelda was trapped in a forcefield set up by Ganondorf, Midna stomped through the tiny courtyard and peered into the castle, she noticed the battle.
      " Just to screw with them a bit," Midna giggled. She snapped her fingers.  Ganondorf disappeared, and so did the forcefield around Zelda.  Link and Zelda looked around in confusion, and noticed a huge face staring at them through the large window.
      " Mi....Midna?!?!" Zelda exclaimed. " What happened to you, what about Ganondorf?"
     Midna stuck her hand through the window, and snatched Zelda out while Link watched in shock.
      Midna held Zelda up to her belly. It was quite rumbly.
      " You sound hungry...." Zelda answered.
      " That's also the sound of Ganondorf digesting, you see, I know how to actually get rid somebody!" Midna boasted.
        In Midna's belly,  Griffin and Ryan were just being themeselves, considering there's nothing else to do since they might not ever see the light of day again.
      " Yeah she's pretty hot....." Ryan said.
      " Would you date her?" Griffin asked.
      " Oh hell yeah!"
      " What about Mariah Carey?"
      " I dunno, great body, but I wouldn't feel secure with age......"
        Then suddenly another body plopped right in between Ryan and Griffin.
      " HOLY FUCK!! Give me a heart attack, why didn't you yell on the way down?" Ryan screamed out.
      " Who are you two? How did I get here?" Ganondorf Puzzled.

       Back on the outside, Midna was preparing to swallow Zelda.
      " Sorry Dear, but when my stomach starts talking, I have to eat." Midna admitted.
      " Regular food?" Zelda pointed out.
      " You know that's funny, your like the 5000th person to suggest that today!  Boy, you guys need to learn about excitement."
      Midna then anchored her head back, and dropped Zelda into her mouth, and into her belly.  Her Stomach seemed to poke out a little while hosting 4 smaller people, but it still roared with the same hunger it did before.
      " Now for you, Link.  Thanks for the great adventures by the way, really appreciate them." Midna said to Link.     
         Now, we all know Link doesn't talk very much, but I think at that very moment, Link was thinking," I was her bitch for how long, and now she's hot and is gonna eat me. End my existance now please."
      Midna looked at Link, and her belly.
       " I think I'm going to make you bigger, I want a large gurgly belly after this." Midna said.
     She used her powers and made Link stand at 11 ft tall.  She then grabbed him, and stuffed him into her mouth, and swallowed hard to forced him down.
       " Alright, would you rather be an alcoholic, or a heavy drug addict?" Griffin asked, still inside Midna's belly with Ryan, Ganondorf, and Zelda.
       "  Alcoholic, you have to give up your liver, but you aren't as spazzy or chalky," Ryan answered.
       " Is this what your people do for a passtime from where your from? Just ask dumb questions?" Zelda asked the two.
       " Well do you see an xbox in here, Madam?" Griffin replied
       "" Zelda replied more confused.
       " OH....oh.....I'm so sorry M'aam, he ment to say Nintendo!"  Ryan Answered.
       "  I've wasted my life......" Ganondorf said to himself.
        Suddenly, a big bulge started to form above them and slowly eased into the stomach.
       " OH MY GOD IT'S GONNA CRUSH US!" Griffin yelled out.
       " Thank god......" Ganondorf said quietly.
       " Link?" Zelda muttered.
     Link's larger body slowly worked it's way into Midna's stomach, The screams from the four continued until Link's body fully sunk into the belly, muffling any noise except for gurgles.
     Midna looked down at her tummy, it poked out to a size as if she was 5 months pregnant.  She slowly caressed her stomach as it gurgled and churned.
       " Whoa, that was a great meal." She said to herself.
    She then slowly laid down on her back, positioned herself comfortably amongst the courtyard, rubbed her loud digesting belly, and fell asleep......

                                                               THE END
Well, this is easily the longest story I've ever written, but i enjoyed writing it nonetheless. It was a request from Xaldinpwn, he wanted a vore story featuring Midna and the the other zelda Characters plus a few of my own, and LOTS of stomach growling, my personal favorite.

it was a great request Xaldinpwn hope you enjoyed it as much as i did

For others, Please comment

Midna, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf - Nintendo

Griffin, Ryan - Sherwoodboy17 ( ME )
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Kelly had found herself facing a problem that rarely presented itself: She had no idea what to do with herself. She was usually an extremely hard worker at her job at the office, to the point where she never took vacation days. Finally, after discovering her flawless attendance, her boss told her that she was pretty much required to take some time off, and so Kelly faced a four-day weekend ahead.

She decided to spent some time with her high school friend Mandy, partly because she definitely knew how to have fun, and partly because she now worked as a fashion stylist; it had been ages since Kelly really updated her wardrobe, and she hoped Mandy would give her a hand in that regard. Mandy positively jumped at the opportunity, using her own vacation days to help and hang out with Kelly.

Mandy was already facing her first fashion challenge: Kelly was a fairly modest dresser, so there wasn't a whole lot of "fun" outfits in her closet. This would not do at all, if Mandy was to have her way. So the Thursday afternoon before their four-day weekend, the girls made an impromptu shopping trip.

Before looking at any clothes, however, Mandy pulled Kelly immediately into the changing rooms at the back of the store. "Lemme just have a quick look at you first," Mandy said. Her amber eyes scanned Kelly's figure up and down for a few moments: Kelly was wearing casual sandals, a pair of slacks, and a modest button-up blouse; her dark hair was tied up in a ponytail. Mandy shook her head, then pushed Kelly into a changing stall. "Just wait here, I have an idea."

She was gone before Kelly even had a chance to reply. Kelly sat down on the bench, a little anxious that Mandy would return with some crazy outfit for her. And she had to admit, part of the anxiety was due to the fact that she hadn't really spent much time out socializing in a few years, which she knew was unusual for a 26-year-old.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a pair of jeans and a shirt sailing over the changing room door and into her lap. "Try these on!" Mandy's voice said from the other side. "It'll be perfect for you!"

"This top looks a little small..." Kelly said, holding up the green shirt with some apprehension.

"Just put it on, trust me!" Mandy sounded excited. Kelly shrugged away her doubt and started unbuttoning her blouse. After a few moments, Mandy heard Kelly gasp loudly.

"Mandy, this shows almost my entire stomach!" Kelly called, shocked. Mandy opened the door and smiled at the sight. Indeed, the sleeveless top ended just a few inches below Kelly's breasts, and the blue jeans were slung extremely low on her hips, allowing most of her midsection to be exposed, her deep, round innie on full display in the center.

"Perfect, like I said," Mandy replied, raking Kelly's bare belly with her eyes. But Kelly looked embarrassed.

"I can't walk around with my whole stomach exposed!" she said, wrapping her arms around her waist.

"Why not?" Mandy pulled her friend's arms away. "You've got the figure for it, look at yourself! It's perfectly flat and sexy!" She gave Kelly's tummy a quick rub. "You used to wear shirts that showed your lower belly all the time in high school."

"That was different, that was only an inch or two of skin showing, this is the whole thing! I've never let my belly button show before!"

Mandy giggled. "Relax, it'll look really sexy, you've got a cute belly button," she said, lightly poking her friend's navel. "Besides, I'll show mine, too, so you won't be alone. I have a tank top that shows just as much tummy."

After several more minutes of convincing, Kelly finally caved and agreed to wear the midriff-baring outfit if Mandy would bare hers, although she continued to nervously rub and cover her stomach. "You'll have to stop doing that, too, let it show!"

The following day, with a little reluctance, Kelly put on the outfit Mandy picked out for her and let her belly show, and let her dark brown hair fall naturally around her shoulders as Mandy suggested. A few minutes later, her doorbell rang and she went out to meet Mandy.

The first thing Kelly was aware of was a sudden gust of air across her midriff and inside her navel as she stepped outside; since it was almost always covered up, it was a new and odd sensation. She then took in Mandy's outfit: like Kelly, Mandy let her wavy blonde hair fall down her back; she was wearing her own pair of tight, low-rise jeans and a purple tank top that ended an inch or so above her innie belly button.

"Hey, how come you're not showing as much stomach as I am?" Kelly asked, frowning down at Mandy's middle.

Mandy shrugged and smiled. "Because you have a much sexier belly and it deserves more attention." Kelly raised a skeptical eyebrow at this, but Mandy's smile didn't waver. "Now come on, miss Kelly Belly, let's get this little vacation started!" Jokingly, Mandy hooked her finger up into Kelly's navel and pulled her along by it, and Kelly couldn't help but smile and laugh.

So focused and entertained by the navel-pulling were they that neither of the girls noticed the pair of prying eyes carefully watching their exposed middles.
The first part of my story Kelly's Belly. This one I gonna get a little intense later on, fair warning! Nothing too horrifying though. :P
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"Exhausted" is an understatement for what Kim currently felt. She had been told just that morning that she would be sent across the country on a business trip for her law firm. She didn't actually need to do any work until the following afternoon, but her boss wanted her in the town tonight to make sure she didn't miss any meetings. It was extremely short notice, and she would be staying there for a few days at least, possibly a week, so she hastily packed whatever business and casual clothes she grabbed first.

Kim hauled her luggage into the hotel lobby at nine o'clock at night, mercifully dropping her bags on the floor before ringing the desk bell. An attractive young woman looked up from her book, put a smile on and came to meet her. "Good evening! Do you have a reservation?"

"Kimberly White, my boss called ahead, I think?"

The girl flipped through an address book for a moment, then said, "Ah, from the law firm? Yes, you have the Master Suite on the top floor!" Kim smirked in spite of her exhaustion; probably her boss's way of compensating for suddenly shipping her off to the other end of the country. "Would you like help with your luggage?"

"That would be wonderful," Kim said, taking the key. The girl called for the bellhop, who came hustling around the corner and started picking up bags. The kid looked barely out of his teens, not much younger than Kim herself. Together they headed to the elevator.

"Master Suite? Nice, big and spacious, you'll love it, if you don't meet the Midriff Maiden," the bellhop said idly.

The strange comment didn't register in Kim's mind at first. The ding! of the elevator's arrival seemed to coincide with her realization of what he said. "I'm sorry?" she asked, stepping into the elevator and pressing the topmost button.

"You didn't know? This hotel has a history, people say the Master Suite up top is haunted. Residents up there say they've seen a pale woman floating around and walking through walls at night, sometimes she disturbs their sleep. Seems to react to other women more than men, or so I've heard. They call her the Midriff Maiden."

Kim smirked and raised an eyebrow. She was pretty sure this was some kind of joke people play on visitors from out of town, but decided to play along for the moment. "And why do they call her that?"

The kid shrugged. "She apparently wears some kind of clothes that show her stomach, and female residents claim to feel their navels get touched when they're alone. Never seen her myself, but I've only been here about a year."

The elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open. "Well, thanks for the help, and for the warning. I'll keep a lookout for any ghostly belly buttons then."

He smirked. "I take it your a skeptic toward the paranormal." Kim merely shrugged. "Well, like I said, I've only heard stories. Have a good night, ma'am."

After the bellhop left, Kim walked to the closest mirror -- it really was a large suite -- with her suitcase to see what it was she actually threw in there that morning. Ironically, given what she was just told, it seemed all of the casual wear she packed consisted of shirts that showed some belly skin. Even the most modest top showed a good inch or two of lower stomach. Since she was really just going to lounge around before going to sleep tonight, she picked the one that showed the most belly: a thin blue tank top that came halfway down her ribs, which, when paired with the low-slung pajama pants she would wear, placed her deep innie right in the center of her exposed middle.

As she undressed from her work clothes, Kim looked herself over. She was rather proud of her body: Her wavy, dark brown hair fell down to her shoulder blades; her frame was somewhat slender, her stomach having a toned appearance, though it was actually fairly soft. Her navel was round and deep, and she knew from poking it that there were intricate folds at its base inside. She had never gotten it pierced, she always liked her belly button natural, and besides, that kind of stuff was frowned upon in the law firm.

Kim pulled on her striped pajama pants and the tank top, letting her hair fall naturally. She ran a hand lightly across her bare stomach. Very rarely did she get to show that much skin anymore, and it took a bit to get used to again. Before working at the firm, of course, she'd show it off as much as possible, she loved catching guys trying to get a quick peek at it.

She threw herself upon the large bed. Usually, Kim had trouble getting to sleep in hotel beds, they were almost always hard and uncomfortable. But this bed was absolutely delightful. She stretched out on it, letting her shirt slide up a little more and making her stomach concave. She lay there with her eyes closed for several minutes, not sleeping but enjoying her brief time of relaxation.

After a few minutes, as she was stretched out on the bed, she thought she felt a quick breeze on her naked, concave belly. She looked down, brushing it lightly with her hand, and (reluctantly) got up to double check that all of the windows and doors were shut and secure. Finding everything locked tight, Kim shrugged it off as simply not being used to showing her belly much anymore, and flopped back on the bed. She reached over to the bedside table and started browsing through the room service menu.

She was halfway through it when she very suddenly and violently jumped, throwing the menu across the bed. She looked down at her tummy, then all around, then back to her middle. She couldn't see nor hear anyone. Kim's breathing became faster for a few moments. She could have sworn she felt what seemed like a finger made of ice being pressed into her belly button.

Her panicking subsided fairly quickly, however, and she started to laugh. It had to be because of what the bellhop said, it was all in her head. He had mentioned a ghost, so of course she was half expecting something kind of weird to happen. But it was ridiculous, the idea of a belly-baring ghost taking an interest in young women's navels was simply laughable.

Her mind more at ease, Kim turned off the light and curled under the covers for the night. She wanted to get up early enough to get a feel for the town before meeting the client. Slowly, with no other midriff experiences, she drifted off to sleep.

Kim awoke the next morning to a confusing sight: the covers were pulled almost completely off the bed. The only reason she gave this any thought was because she knew she almost never moved in her sleep, her past boyfriends have said that she's like a dead log once asleep. Although she still put no stock in a ghost with a navel fetish, she made a decision to find out what exactly was happening. Maybe she just had a nightmare she couldn't remember and shifted a lot, but still, she wanted to know.

After getting dressed much more modestly, Kim headed out into town and bought herself a cheap video camera. She made sure the picture would be a decent quality, she hated seeing super-pixelated videos, then dropped it off at her suite before heading out to meet the client.

The meeting ended up being far longer than either of them expected. Given how it ended, she knew she'd be in town several more days. Finally returning to the hotel shortly after sunset, Kim gave her boss a call to update him on what was happening, then changed into sleep clothes, completely exposing her stomach again. She set up the camera so that it had a good view of her, in particular her bare belly, and let it run all night. She crawled under the covers again and went back to sleep.

Kim didn't need to meet her client again until two o'clock that afternoon, so after getting some much-needed coffee, she plugged the video camera into the large television and replayed it from the moment she turned it on last night.

She ended up fast-forwarding through the first several hours, as the only thing that really happened during that time was when she rolled over onto her back. Around three o'clock in the morning, however, she stopped and let it play through at normal speed. What she saw made the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

As always, Kim had the covers pulled up to her neck as she slept. Then, very suddenly, the edge of the blanket was lifted straight up, as though someone had picked it up. The covers slowly rolled themselves back to her ankles, completely exposing her. Kim saw herself shift slightly in the bed, but was otherwise undisturbed. She then caught a strange movement, one that she thought she might have imagined. She reversed the tape a bit, then zoomed in on her bare stomach. She gasped as the saw the movement again, and almost screamed.

On the video, she saw her sleeping belly calmly move in and out with each breath. Then she saw her belly button press itself into her stomach, and invisible finger applying pressure to her exposed navel.

To be continued!
Someone requested that I put my belly/belly button fiction stories on here, so I figure, why not? :D

Also, on a related note, for those that are members of Tummies & Navels, I apologize for the MASSIVE delay in updating these stories, but I had a fairly long-running family emergency that didn't allow for much in the way of free time, but I'm working to get back to the forums and the community as a whole very soon!
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The summer was reaching the second half of the season. It was late July and it was beautiful. Warm and sunny, but not too hot thanks to a light breeze. It was so nice that Kate had decided to take the day off from work and spend the day outside enjoying herself.

She got up shortly after sunrise and got ready. She was about 5'7" and fit. She didn't have a noticeable six pack or anything, but she was in shape enough to be sexy. She had a rather pale complexion -- she could never tan, just burn, thanks to her heavy Irish heritage. She decided to let her dark brown and wavy hair hang halfway down her back, despite the temperature. She grabbed a pair of denim shorts and fit them snugly low on her hips. She then put on a green tank top to match her eyes. It was short enough to expose some of her midsection, but long enough to sufficiently cover her navel. She liked to tease guys by stretching to reveal her innie, as she enjoyed watching them try to steal glances of it when they thought she wasn't looking.

Grabbing a water bottle, Kate headed out. She decided she was going to take a walk through the nearby woods and see what she could find. Kate had been through the woods before, but had never explored the whole area.

On the way, she ran into her friend and co-worker Tara. Tara was a friendly blond in her late twenties, a couple years older than Kate. "Not going to work today?"

"No, too nice out for office work," Kate replied. She smiled inwardly to herself; Tara was just as fun to tease as men were. As she talked, Kate stretched her arms over her head, pretending to work out her muscles. Her shirt lifted up enough to reveal her deep, round belly button. She smirked a little as she saw Tara's blue eyes dart to her stomach.

"I don't want to make you late," she said, pulling her shirt back down. "I'll see you on Monday."

"Okay," Tara said, smiling. As Kate walked on, she absent-mindedly began to trace her prominent hipbones poking out of her waistband with her fingers. Her stomach was extremely ticklish, and the feeling sent shivers of pleasure up her spine.

Within minutes, she had reached the forest. Almost immediately, she knew this would be a fun day: The first tree she passed had a large black ant on it, and it crawled onto her shorts and up to her exposed skin. She loved it when things inadvertently involving her belly happened. Kate smiled as she felt the insect's legs lightly skitter on her hip and across her lower belly.

Somehow, her shirt managed to raise itself up enough to bare the lower half of her circular innie. The ant stopped just below it, and proceeded to prod the inside of her navel with its antennae. Kate giggled, as her belly button was by far the most sensitive and ticklish part of her body, and her belly convulsed as she laughed, which didn't seem to bother the ant. Eventually, it became uninterested in her anatomy and crawled from her tummy onto a nearby leaf.

Grinning, Kate moved on, but decided not to fix her shirt, leaving it to expose a portion of her navel. After exploring quite a bit of the forest she'd never been to before, she came to a small stream running between the trees. At that point, she had decided it was too hot and rolled up her shirt to beneath her breasts, exposing her entire stomach to the elements. Her already well-defined flat belly was covered in sweat, more prominently revealing the line going down the center of it to the dark spot that was her navel. Deciding to take a break, she refilled her water bottle from the stream and laid down on the soft forest floor, resting her head on a moss-covered rock.

As she gazed up at the leaves, Kate suddenly felt something alight on her lower stomach. Looking down, she gasped. Sitting on her belly was a large yellow wasp, facing her legs. When she drew in her breath, she sucked in her belly at the same time, making it concave. The sudden movement must have alerted the wasp, as, much to Kate's dismay, its shining black stinger unfolded, the point hovering directly over her belly button. She held her breath, afraid to move. The wasp didn't move, either, its sharp weapon hanging tensely over her helpless innie.

Without warning, its wings unfolded and it took off. Kate let out her breath -- and her belly -- in relief. She gave her stomach a reassuring rub, dipping her middle finger into her belly button and swirling it around a little. She loved her navel, it was her most favorite part of her body, and she'd hate for anything bad to happen to it. Still, she was surprised at herself. When the wasp had her innie at its mercy she almost felt... a thrill. She almost wanted its stinger to sink into her navel flesh, to experience a pain in that sensitive spot.

Pushing the thought away, Kate got up and hopped across the stream, continuing on her way. Kate grinned. Standing before her was the biggest tree she'd ever seen in these woods. Tree-climbing was one thing she never got tired of. Without wasting any time, she jumped up and grabbed the lowest branch, easily pulling herself up. For an outside viewer, Kate would have appeared half animal at how quickly and easily she jumped from branch to branch.

Halfway up the tree, she saw something that made her stop. From this height, she could see something large and dark through the trees off to her right. She leaned forward and squinted through the leaves. She was pretty far back in the woods as it was, and there couldn't have been anyone living this deep. Still, the only thing it looked like was a cabin. She rubbed her eyes, convinced she had to be imagining it. When she looked again, though, the cabin was still there.

When she shifted her weight to get a better look, her foot slipped on a patch of moss covering the branch she was standing on. Her arms reached out and caught a smaller nearby branch, clinging to it. She looked down; there were no branches close enough for her to safely drop to. As her feet dangled over thin air, she contemplated how to get out of her situation when she felt something on her fingers. Looking up, Kate saw a large, thin-legged spider crawling down her arm. She cursed and grew nervous; if that thing reached her sensitive belly, or worse, her belly button...

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to relax and ignore the spider as she felt its legs on her tender throat. Looking down, fear reignited itself as she saw the spider move down her breasts to her exposed middle. Her stomach reflexively twitched the second the spider made contact with her skin. She tried to focus entirely on keeping herself from falling. Her belly muscles tightened as she felt the light touch of the spider's legs move across her lower belly. She couldn't take it -- it tickled so bad, and she felt her fingers slipping.

Then it happened. Its forelegs reached into her innie and touched the inside. She gasped and pulled in her stomach while her fingers let go. She dropped several stories to the ground, her left foot hitting one of the large roots. She fell sideways and felt a twig bury itself in the side of her shin. She sat up, seeing the spider quickly skitter off of her belly and back onto the tree, and looked at her leg. Steeling herself, Kate took hold of the sharp stick and ripped it out of her leg. Trying to ignore the pain, she tore off a piece of her shirt and tied it around her leg to stop the bleeding. With that accomplished, she stumbled to her feet and limped in the direction of the mysterious structure.

It didn't take long to get there. It was indeed a cabin. It looked extremely old, the wood rotted and covered in vines. If there was anyone inside, perhaps they could help Kate with her wound. If there wasn't anyone there -- and it certainly looked like there wasn't -- at least it was worth exploring.

She limped up to the door, which slowly swung open with minimal force. The sun pouring in from the windows was enough to light the interior. Other than a few rotting pieces of furniture, the place was bare. On the floor near the back wall, however, near an old cast iron stove, was a trap door. Intrigued, Kate pulled the iron ring and flipped it open. An old set of stairs led into a musty basement, lit by small, rectangular windows set high on the walls. The only thing of interest in the cellar was a large stack of papers sitting in the corner. As she went to look at them, Kate heard a creak of wood behind her. She turned and jumped violently. Standing before her was a small old woman with a gray cloak wrapped around her. The woman leaned on a wooden walking stick, anger etched on her ancient face.

"Another child thinking it fun to intrude on an old woman's house are you?" she croaked.

"What? No!" Kate held up her hands defensively. "I'm sorry, I'm not --"

"I don't want to hear more excuses," the old woman cut her off. "Look at you, no sense of tact. Is this what you young people wear now? This," she jabbed her walking stick into Kate's belly button, "is unacceptable."

"Please," Kate pleaded, trying to ignore the dull pain in her navel. "I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone lived here. I was looking for help, I hurt my leg."

The old woman didn't reply. Instead, she pushed her walking stick into Kate's innie harder, shoving her back against the wall. "You seem disconcerted. Is it how I look? An old woman not sitting well? Maybe this is better."

Kate's eyes widened as the old woman changed in front of her, growing taller. The wrinkles in her face disappeared. In seconds, Kate was suddenly looking at a young woman in her thirties. Long black hair fell to the woman's knees. Piercing blue eyes were set in a flawless face. Just as quickly, the walking stick changed into a sharp, gleaming knife. Before Kate could react, the woman had her hand around Kate's neck, the blade pressed into her belly button.

"Maybe now you children will learn something," the mysterious woman hissed.
Again, thanks to Concavetummylover for retrieving this one for me! Unfortunately, since this one is so old, I'm not sure when I can add a conclusion, if ever, sorry! :/
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The place was known as the Genie's Bottle, the most popular restaurant in town.  The cuisine was top notch and its Arabian Nights atmosphere stood out in its own right but that wasn't why it was so popular.  What made it the hottest spot in town was the live entertainment...namely a seductive bellydancer named Jennifer.  Her sultry moves and glamorous costumes made her the talk of the town.  Just recently, she was given permission to add backbends...her favorite her routine, but tonight, she got the nod from her boss to try something a little different.  Knowing how much the crowd liked her dancing, Jen figured they'd go nuts for this.  Tonight, she was in her dressing room putting the finishing touches on her costume.  After putting a light coat of baby oil on her body, belly included, she looked down at her round, deep innie bellybutton and spoke.

"Okay, my lucky little bellybutton, let's show 'em our stuff. You might even get some licks and kisses tonight."

As she did before every performance, she did a slow deep backbend in front of her mirror and deep fingered her bellybutton for a solid minute.  She loved the sensations she got from this action and let out a soft moan before slowly standing up.  Flashing herself a smile, she left her dressing room and walked towards the stage curtain.  She nodded to the announcer and prepared for her most alluring dance yet.  A large spotlight shone in the middle of the floor as the announcer got ready to cue her.

"Welcome, patrons, to the Genie's Bottle!  Tonight, we have a very special treat for you.  Our Number One dancer, Jennifer, will perform a special dance where she will go around the tables and allow you, the audience, to do anything you want with her sexy bellybutton!  Let your imagination go crazy!  Just nothing painful, please."

The crowd cheers loudly...especially one gentleman sitting in the back who had hungry eyes. The sensual music begins and Jen saunters out into the spotlight in her sexiest outfit to date: a sexy red bellydancer outfit complete with sparkly red sequin bra with thin straps and matching veil that showcased her eyes.  The skirt she wore had two slits on either side with the belt sitting low on her hips showing her nice lower belly.  She had a thin coin belt around her waist that jingled with every move she made.  As the music wafted through the restaurant in a slow tempo, Jennifer started out with smooth figure 8's.  Her slender arms were above her head as she her body slithered like a snake; she knelt down to the floor, keeping her body straight before coming back up.  She went all out with her performance as the beat of the music picked up by doing hip drops, shimmies, mayas, belly flutters and of course slow, belly rolls.  The crowd clapped to the rhythm as she wiggled to the first table where a man in a dark blue suit was watching.  She sprawls on her back across the table in front him and smiled.

"Go on, sexy.  Make my bellybutton happy!" She told him playfully as her head went back.

She did that on purpose.  She discovered a long time ago that the sensations are heightened when she can't see what's being used or when it was coming.  The man smiles and takes one of the daisies from the centerpiece, plucks the stem off halway and tickles her bellybutton deeply with it making her arch a little and coo. After finishing, he places the blossom in her bellybutton. The audience lets out a collective "Aww" at the action.  Feeling that he was done, Jennifer raises up, puts the blossom in her hair and sweetly strokes his face.

"Thanks, sweety." She giggled.

She shimmies to the next table a few feet away from her where two women were sitting in wait and offers up her navel in the same manner as before.

"Come on, girls, I swing both ways...navel-wise, anyway. Have fun with this bellybutton!" She grinned as she let her head go back.  She rolled her belly as they needed any.

One lady smiles and pours a little bit of her red wine into her deep innie. First she quickly slurps it, causing a weird, but pleasurable sensation to ripple throughout Jennifer's body, then she deeply tongued it clean for her friend who pulls out a tube of cherry flavored lip gloss...the kind with the fuzzy applicator.  She slowly rubs gloss all around inside the enticing orafice as the fuzzy applicator tickles the sensitive walls of her bellybutton.  It felt so good to Jen, she giggled and moaned softly as she arched up into the applicator, her eyes closed all the while.  Once the sexy dimple was all shiny, the lady then slowly and deeply licked the gloss from her innie finishing it with a soft bellybutton kiss.  Both girls wink at Jen who winked back shivering from the lingering sensations.

"You girls have good taste. And I mean that quite literally."

Jennifer danced on to the next table where a young couple sat after enjoying their meal. She looks at the girl and says as she bends back over their table:

"In case you get jealous, you can play with my innie, too!"

The young man gets a q-tip from his wallet and slowly tickles her offered navel making her laugh.  He twists it right in the center, unaware of the tiny hole in the middle, making her arch and let out a soft moan. When he finished, his girlfriend looks at him...with a smirk. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a lipstick brush.  With a smile, she slowly traces Jen's abdominal dimple making the dancer roll her belly seductively.  She gives Jen's deep bellybutton a slow, sensual tickle which makes her let out another soft moan. She then flips it around and gently pushes the blunt end in. Jen could feel her throbbing pulse beat against it and liked that feeling so much, she pushes her belly into the brush handle.  After she slowly pulls the brush out. the girlfriend whispered something in her beau's ear which makes his eyes go wide. She said she wanted him to play with her bellybutton later when they got home. Jen overheard her and grinned at the couple as she lifted herself from the table.

"You two have fun. And trust me, girl, the brush feels amazing...both ends."  She winked.

She saunters to the next table, which is occupied by two young men seeming to be of college age.

"Mmm, you like what you see?"  She asked as she arched back far.  When the boys answered her, she let her belly flutter to turn them on more.  "Then, show me your stuff, boys." She said, offering up her deep innie.  People were amazed at how her bellybutton stayed round and open even when she was bent all the way back.

Both young men had some candy in their pockets that they had bought earlier and decide on some fun ways to eat it.

The first one had a pack of strawberry pop rocks. He filled her deep navel halfway with the sizzling candy and poured some of his wine into it. The popping sensation made her giggle and arch her back more. Her belly sexily went up and down as her breathing slightly quickened due to the popping right on her navel's most sensitive part.  Feeling the time was right, the young man slurped the concoction from her navel and slowly licked it clean.

The other had a single pixy stick.  Grinning to his friend, he poured it into her navel, licked his finger and dipped it into her powder filled bellybuton giving it a wiggle as he did.  This elicited a giggle and some cooing from the submissive Jennifer.  He licks the powdery candy from his finger and repeats the process, wiggling finger and all, until it's all gone.  He then gives her bellybutton a long deep licking to clean it out before she raised up.

"Mmm, you boys are 'sweet'".  She blew them a kiss and the two boys high fived each other.  Jen made this a night they wouldn't forget.

She gives them a wink and moves to the next table occupied by three young ladies and two guys.

"Ahh, A full house at this one. Five times the fun!"  She said as she positioned herself overtheir table.  She arches back and stretches her belly, baring it for all.  "Go fot it!"

All of them were into their dessert course and decided to eat some of each dish from her belly and navel.

The first girl had a slice of devil's food cake. She took a fingerful of chocolate icing and filled her navel with it, wiping some around the rim.  But instead of her eating it, the guy sitting next to her licked it from Jen's navel.

He slowly licks it clean and he had a bowl of fruit cocktail. He poured a little of the juice into her bellybutton and pushed a grape deep inside until it fit snugly. Jen smiled and rolled her belly, as if trying to get it out.  She even panted as if she was having trouble.  The young man looked to the woman next to him and gave her the nod.  With a smile, she leaned down over Jen's belly and bit the grape in half, using her tongue to dislodge the rest from her innie and lapping the juice out slowly.

She had a cake with cinnamon imperials decorating it and placed one deep inside her navel with a gentle push.  Again, Jen playfully rolled her belly as if trying to get it out with no hands.  The guy next to her leaned over and licked some of the red coloring off.  After a few licks, he lifted his head and pretended to wipe his brow, saying it was HOT and then uses his tongue to scoop out the hot candy.  Jen was arching and moaning since they started and looked forward to more.

Now, he had an ice cream sundae for dessert and scooped some ice cream out of the bowl, putting some in her deep innie. The sudden cold made her jump, but she liked it. She enjoyed the creativity of this group.  The girl next to him leaned over and slurped the ice cream out before licking her navel clean.

Since she and the last guy were sharing a sundae, she took the cherry, plucked the stemm off and slowly tickled Jen's bellybutton with it before pushing the cherry into into it. The first girl who started it leaned down and licked around the cherry, bit into it and used her tongue to scoop it out before giving Jen's bellybutton a deep tongue cleaning.

During every one of Jen's umbilical escapades, the man in the back with hungry eyes watched with anticipation; hoping for a turn at her delectable bellybutton. His eyes were focused on her delicious innie, thinking of all the things he could do with it. He took in every belly movement and noted how her tummy quivered and loads of ideas began forming in his head...

Jen raised up from the 'full house' table and shivered with delight making the coins on her belt jingle.

"Whoo!  Did I hit the jackpot here!"  She grinned.  "No wonder I love dessert."  

Giving a smile and a wink to every one, she shimmied on to the next table, drawing closer to her lustful admirer. This table had four young ladies who were having a Girls' Night Out.

"Here you go, gals," Jen says, patting her stomach as she bent back over their table. "Navel for all!"

As the girls giggled, one girl took decided to do something different. They all liked the idea of eating from the dancer's navel so the lead girl poured some ketchup into her deep innie then all four girls dipped french fries into it one by one, pushing the fries against the inside of her bellybutton. Every once in a while, a fry would hit Jen's sweet spot and she would arch in pleasure.  After they were done, each girl took turns tonguing her bellybutton until it was clean and no longer smelled of ketchup.  Jen was about to raise up, but she was gently pushed back by the girl on the end.  They weren't quite done yet.  For their big finish, each girl deep fingered her tasty bellybutton.  Jen closed her eyes and arched up moaning softly as each finger wiggled inside her sexy belly dimple.

The man watching in the background licked his lips. He was anxiously waiting for his turn.  Jen and her deep bellybutton were so close, he could literally taste it. His dream bellybutton was but one table away.  When the girls were finished, Jen slowly lifted herself from their table and smiled at the girls.

"We should do this again...and I mean that." She winked before swaying her belly to the next customer.  This next table, like the first, also had only one man.  He was good looking and that made it more enjoyable for Jennifer.

"You're cute.  Don't hold back, love.  Show me whatcha got." She says to the man.

This time, Jen didn't drape across his table. Instead, she did a slow, deep backbend, right in front of him. Her belly was smooth and taut and her bellybutton remained wide open.  On most people, their navel would stretch into a slit.  Hers remained as a nice unobstructed oval.  The man just looked up at the crowd with a silly grin on his face before looking back at Jen's sumbissive form.  Since he was single, he decided to be daring and take a shot.  He wrapped his arms around her slender waist and started kissing the soft skin around her navel. But he wasn't done there. He then placed his lips onto her bellybutton and gently kissed it as if it were a mouth. Jen was enjoying the felling of his lips on her innie but before she could raise up fully, she closed her eyes and bent back even further. Why?  Because the soft kiss to her navel turned into a passionate, deep french kiss and his tongue was stroking the most sensitive part of her bellybutton.  Jen panted and ran her hands up his arms, bracing herself as his tongue lovingly licked her sensitive navel. The audience cheered loudly, liking how this guy had some guts to do something so daring in public. He stopped and gave her bellybutton one last kiss before allowing her to stand straight, albeit a little dizzy from being bent backwards and from the kiss itself.

"Oh, wow!"  She panted out, her belly moving according to her heavy breathing.  "we need more customers like you."  She smirked.

The hungry man's eyes widened as he watched this guy almost bring Jen into an orgasm from the navel kiss. He was so sure he could kiss her bellybuton much better than that guy could, and he was also sure he'd get his chance right now.  Just as she turned to look his way, the announcer's voice came on.

"Well, we hope you enjoyed the show tonight, folks, but, unfortunately,  our little Jenny here does have a home to go back to. Good night and we hope you all come back soon!"

Jen gave a wave to everyone, took a bow and ran backstage amidst thunderous applause.  The hungry man was furious, but he hid it well as to not attract any undue attention. The ones who were playing with Jen's navel were chatting about how much fun it was and how they would be coming back more often.  It seems as if the dance had done its job in increasing the restaurant's patronage.  What Jen didn't know was that it did another that would put her in danger.

Time passed and the man waited outside until he and Jen were the only ones left. He hid in the bushes as Jen, who was still in her outfit walked to her car. She had on an overcoat because she was too tired from her performance and was going to shower and go straight to bed that night. Little did she know, that wasn't going to happen.

Seeing his chance, the man walked up and put on friendly smile. He figured he'd make small talk with her before he would strike.

"Evening." He said.

"Good evening." Jen replied. "Sorry I didn't get to you tonight. Maybe I could make it up to you another time."

"Sure, that'd be great! But listen, I think that last guy you danced for might want to hurt you."

That statement made Jen stiffen a bit.

"How so?  You don't think he's a stalker, do you?"

"It's just that he kissed your navel so passionately.  I think he'd loved to bring you harm through it.  I just want you to be careful."

"Thanks, I appreciate the concern." She said, a little fearful. "I'll just get home and ...MMFMFMMFMFMMFMFMFMFMFMFF!"

Jen never finished the sentence. When she turned to her open her car door, a chloroform-doused rag covered her nose and mouth.  She struggled to escape his grip as hard as she could.  Hey eyes widened and her belly heaved as she was leaned back.  She fought valiantly, but it was to no avail as her world went dark.


End of part one.

I'll be posting more.  Hope you want to read more.
This is a story I wrote with a friend years ago. If he's reading this, I hope he drops me a line. :)
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As she protested, the tiny worm was between his index finger and thumb and as he slowly lowered it towards her bellybutton, Jen slowly sucked her belly in as much as she could.

"Oh... yes. This little guy can make you dance so good. Shakira should try it."

Instead of his usual tactic of dropping it onto her lower belly and watching it crawl up, he drops the worm directly into her helpless navel.  Instantly, Jen begins thrashing her midsection around, which only got worse once the little crawler found and burrowed itself into the hole in the center of her innie, falling down into the first inner chamber of her bellybutton.

Now, she was truly belly dancing as her belly rolled just like the ocean during high tide.  Still it got worse as the worm found its way deeper into the bowels of her navel to her pulse point. She screeched as the breath left her lungs.  The man licked his lips as he watched her bend back far and pant uncontrollably. her rib cage becoming more defined with each desperate breath.

"Yum!  You look so good this way, I might not take the little guy out this time.  Watching you in your forced bellydance takes my breath away... not like how it's taking yours away, though, right?"

She heard him laugh maniaclally, but couldn't focus on anything other than the little invader in her navel. The worm crawled all over her inner bellybutton chamber and as it brushed her pulse point time and time again, it sent electric shocks that made her spasm throughout her body.  She would die by suffocation because of a worm in her bellybutton. She could see the obituary now..."Woman went by wiggling worm!"

He watched as she arched her back... pushed her belly out... writhed her body, anything to get that annoying pest of a worm out... but to no avail.  Her face was turning red as she panted more and more; her belly moving as it tried to take in air she needed.  He especially liked how her bellybutton changed shape from round to oval to almost a slit, like a fish's mouth as it struggles out of the water.

He grabbed his tweezers, but decided to do something different with them.  He had no intention of getting the wiggling creature out of her navel.. .not before he had some fun.  Instead, he slowly put the pincing end of the tool into her navel.  Jen felt the cold metal and THOUGHT he had a change of heart and was going to pull the damn worm out.  No such luck.  Instead, he grabbed some of the navel base and pinched it hard.  Jen, who was still struggling, let out a high squeal in pain.

"That's it; squeal like a piggy, girlie!"

He did it again, this time he twists the skin with the tweezers.  Jen felt tears stinging her eyes as she let out another agonizing squeal.  He does this for a few more minutes, taking care that he didn't end up squishing the worm.  Even HE thought that was sick.  With one last pinch, he manages to make Jen scream out in pain.

"Yeah, that's what I like baby!  I love screamers."  He said chuckling.

Seeing how red the inside of her deep innie was, he decided to do the soft torture on her while his new pet worm did his job.  He wanted to make her belly dance more  so he grabbed an elegant peacock feather and began to tickle the area surrounding her cavernous bellybutton.  When jen felt the new sensation, she practically shrieked. Bad enough a worm was loose in the depths of her bellybutton, squirming against the single most sensitive part of her body, now this psycho was making it worse by tickling the rest of her stomach with a feather!

He relished her erotic, yet vain, attempt to get her belly away from the feather by sucking it in.  All she could do was pant and shriek as the ticklish sensations worsened.  She remembered his words... he might not take the worm out this time... and that made her panic.

The added panic only made her situation worse. The idea that this little worm would never leave her, tickling the pulse point within her navel forever, made her lungs weaker.  Still the worm crawled freely oblivious to his host's plight and still the feather danced across her smooth, sweaty, heaving belly.

He watched as her belly's movements slowed down from the seemingly endless tickling inside and outside of her helpless bellybutton. Her panting slowed considerably and she was in real danger of passing out. Her body was now turning a slight bluish tinge as her belly involuntarily twitched as the worm still wriggled inside, despite the fact she barely had any energy or air left to move.

"Perhaps I'm taking this too far too fast."  The man thought aloud to himself.

He stopped the feather action, but left the worm inside her innie bellybutton just to see if she could still handle it.  He saw that she was the same... still arched back, still with barely enough energy to move... and rapidly, less and less air to breathe.   He could hear her audible gasps as she fights for air.

Grabbing the tweezers, the man, with some difficulty, opened up her navel hole to the farthest depths and retrieved the worm. As soon as it was gone, she deeply gasped for breath, letting her stomach out.

Her gave her time enough to recover, but he wasn't finished with her delicious navel yet... far from it.  For now, he watched... his camera focused on her sexy dimple as she arched back and took slow, deep breaths, thanking the good Lord for each one.

He slowly ran his hand across her sweaty belly but Jen seemed to take no notice since she was concentrating too much on breathing. He lightly rubbed her soft skin before lightly fingering her bellybutton, producing a slight moan from her. When he was finished, he patted her stomach and waited for what was to come.

As Jen was kept up with her deep breathing, her mind started to drift. She thought about her secret fantasy of meeting the right guy and dancing just for him...

[day dream]

Jen was practicing her new routine alone in her dressing room.  it was one of the few days when she had the club all to herself so she took advantage of it.  She had on a sky blue tank top, black leggings and a sequin-studded belly scarf as her outfit  Soft music played in her room as she sexily moved her hips to the melody.  She began arching to do a backbend when a man knocked on her door. His face was hidden from her view but his voice was clear as a bell.

"Good evening." The man said.

"Hi..." Jen replied. "Have we met?"

She absent-mindedly inserted her middled finger into her bellybutton as she talked. The act did not go by unnoticed by the visitor.

", but I've been a fan of your dancing for a while."  He said, watching her finger her deep navel.  "You seem to have a nervous habit."  He chuckled.

"What? Oh!" Jen quickly removed her finger and blushed.

"Er...Sorry. After bellydancing for so long, I just kinda learned to give it a lot of attention.  Would you like to come in?"

"I'd love to." The man replied.

As he walked into her dressing room, Jen noticed how good he looked; she still couldn't see his face though, but she had an inkling of how his features would look.

"I'm really embarrased. I didn't know anyone would be watching and..."  She was blushing a vibrant rose color by this time.

"No, it's quite all right."  He said with a smile.  "I couldn't help but notice how far your finger went in. You must have a very deep bellybutton."

"Yeah, I guess so," Jen said, looking down at her innie. "I haven't fingered many bellybuttons in my time, so I dunno how deep it is compared to others."

"Perhaps I can determine that. May I?"

His question knocked her for a loop.  Not too many people were as forward, but that appealed to Jen.

"Sure." She said, offering the stranger her navel.

The man reached out and slowly put his finger into her innie until it went up to his second knuckle. A jolt of pleasure surged through Jen's body as he touched the bottom.  Her belly muscles quivered and gently squeezed his finger as he slowly wiggled it inside.

"My, this IS a deep one. It feels so warm... and soft."

He gently slides his finger out and looks at Jen who had her eyes closed in pleasure.

"Um... miss?" He asked with a chuckle.  "Hello."

"Sorry." She said, regaining her herself. "Kinda zoned out there."

The man laughed at her embarrassment, but he found that attractive.

"Well, yours is an exceptionally deep navel."

"Thank you." She said. "Now, what can I do for you?"

"Well...I'm embarrased to ask this, but could you bend back for me?"

Jen grinned at this odd request.  

"May I ask why?"

"To be honest, I came in too late to catch your performance and you're well known for your backbends."  He explained.

Jen happily obliged.

"Why don't you have a seat and I'll show you what you missed."

The man sat in a chair and watched as Jen turned her back to him, but not before giving him a playful wink.  When she turned to face him, she had slipped in her ruby belly jewel.  As the soft music played, she did the most amazing backbend he'd ever seen. It stretched her belly out so much that her navel was almost a vertical slit...or it would have if not for the jewel inside.  And then she turned him on even more when she began to bellyroll; the gem sparkled as she rolled her belly seductively. The point of the jewel lightly scratched her navel base as she rolled her belly.

"You look really beautiful like that. It's like you're offering your deep bellybutton as a sacrifice. And I love how the jewel is trapped inside. When you move your belly like that it's like your begging for someone to remove it."

Jen smiled as she felt his fingertips gently caress her belly's silken skin.  Her belly quivered under his touch, his touch giving her wonderful goosebumps. Her middle became jelly as his fingers walked their way toward her delicious bejeweled innie.

Jen arched her back even more and seductively pushed her belly in and out in time with the music. He could swear he could hear her panting to the beat. He spied a cotton swab on a nearby table and was curious to see if she could take being tickled in her delectable bellybutton.

As swiftly as possible, the man grabbed the cotton swab and gently pried the jewel from her navel.  He then quickly stuffed the swab in her tender innie and began to swirl it around. Jen shrieked with laughter as it tickled her deep bellybutton.

"Stop!! Please! HAHAHA! It tickles!"  She said laughing.

Sure, she asked to stop, but she loved having her bellybutton tickled, especially if someone else did the tickling.

"You have a pretty laugh, but do you make other sounds when this delightful little innie is played with? Say...on the more erotic side?"  He asked as he continued to tickle her navel.

He didn't know what made him ask that.  He just met Jen not two minutes ago.  He usually wasn't so bold and the thought made him blush a little  He thanked God she was bent backwards and couldn't see him right now.

Forcing her laughter down, Jen started to moan with pleasure as the cotton was swirled around in her sensitive navel.

"How's that sound?" She asked with a smile.

Apparently, he hit a nice spot in her navel and continued to stroke it with the lucky q-tip. Jen was extremely flexible and rolled her belly making the q-tip tickle her even more.

"That is a very nice sound. Now how can a guy like me make you pant like you did during your bellydance?"

He had to admit to himself, it turned him on having such a sexy dancer with an equally sexy bellybutton submit to his ticklish whims.

The man pointed the q-tip straight down and pushed it into the center of her bellybutton making Jen gasp. Intrigued, he pushed it harder and harder. He had successfully made Jen gasp and moan in pleasure as the cotton probed the inner recesses of her bellybutton. He loved the sounds she was making and could tell it was turning her on, too.  Seeing the position she was in and how the q-tip was situated in her navel, the man was struck with an idea.

"Okay, try to raise up with this q-tip in your bellybutton."

The man had no idea about the tiny hole that led to her deepest, most ticklish spot.  While he pushed the q-tip down on her navel, Jen raised her body up higher, causing the cotton to squeeze through the two small holes leading to a deep inner chamber. The cotton brushed and pushed on her pulse point deep in her bellybutton.  Jen shrieked, making the man jump, and started flailing her midsection around as the tool tickled the most sensitive part of her entire body.

"Oh! I'm sorry, did I..."

Jen stayed in her backbend and answered him.

"No, no not at all. You just hit my really sensitive part of my bellybutton. There's a little hole in it and it leads to the most sensitive part of it. Whenever I get tickled!"

"How did you find out about this?"

"My friend April. She tied me up in a backbend like this and put a worm in my bellybutton. It crawled so deep inside, I was unable to breathe... but to be honest... and I never told her this... but I loved it! Having my navel tickled by something tiny turns me on. It really makes my belly dance."

"Wow. that is awesome."  He said as he slowly and gently removed the sqab from her navel.  "So, if a worm or anything got into those holes, that would make you pant?"

"Pant and everything else." Jen answered.

"Interesting." The man said. "Got anything we could try that with?"

"Well, there is one thing..."

Still arched back, Jen pointed to a jar in the corner which contained a couple of the same worms April used that day.

"I haven't had one in there in a while."  She said winking to him.

The man smirked back and decided to be daring... so he asked her a personal question.

"What is your secret fantasy?"  He whispered to her.

"To have that worm tickle my bellybutton while I'm helpless and powerless to take it out. To let it tickle me so much I can barely breathe then have someone save me at the last minute."  She whispered back.

"Mmmm, and by helpless you mean..."

"Tie my hands."

He didn't need to be told twice.  Grabbing some rope that was next to the jar, the man tied Jen's hands together with one end and tied the other end to the leg of her vanity.  Now she was stuck in her back-bending position and she didn't mind at all. He then opened the jar and retrieved one of the tiny worms. He held it above her quivering belly for several long, suspenseful moments.  In that time, Jen had pushed her belly out making her sexy bellybutton seem to open wider... a fitting invitation for such a fetish.  After what seemed like agony for Jen, she felt the worm fall from his fingers and into her sexy bellybutton.  she shrieked out loud and her belly moved sexily as the tiny creature made its way to the secret navel hole.

"Ohhhh...oh oh, I feel it... I can fee-"

She didn't get to finish her sentence because she started breathing heavily. Her body arches back more as the worm penetrates the first hole. Her belly muscles move in an erotic, involuntary belly dance.

The worm crawled around the first chamber of her navel, making her belly writhe around violently. The man watched with delight as she bellydanced to the worm's movements.

Then things got way worse as the tiny creature fell through to the second bellybutton chamber, landing directly on top of Jen's pulse point.  She went to her knees and arched back; her belly pushed in and put from her heavy panting. The worm was making its home in her bellybutton chamber and in doing so, it made her let out a barely audible squeak as she tried to breathe. Her bellybutton changed shaped and looked very much like a mouth trying to suck in air.

Jen tried sucking her belly in, making her ribs strain against her skin. Her deep bellybutton practically had a life of its own, the way it moved. Her attacker watched with delight as she bucked her concave tummy up and down while the worm tickled her pulse point again and again.

She arched her back and he could hear her try to breathe as she could barely make out the words...

" it...out...get it out..." She panted out.

She really needed air, and fast, but deep down she loved being so helpless. She couldn't see the man's face, but she knew he was handsome which made it so much more of a turn on for her.

After seeing her face start to turn purple, the man grabbed a pair of tweezers and held her flailing belly still. Using them to open up the forbidden chambers of her deep navel, he picked the worm out and removed it from her sexy bellybutton. She let out a sigh of relief, though she was secretly a little disappointed. He allowed her to catch her breath before continuing.

"How did that feel, my dear? Did you want me to rescue you from the mean ol' worm?"  He playfully  asked as he rubbed the soft skin of her belly and softly fingered her deep innie.

Jen felt violated as she felt his finger swirling around in her navel, but she was too exhausted from the worm to even try to resist...not that she wanted to.  She sucked her belly in a little, but with great effort. After a few moments, the man said, "Now, are you ready for something different?"

"Oh, what do you have planned now?" She asked in between breaths.

Jen was curious. This was her dream to have a gorgeous man have his way with her navel. She rolled her belly unconsciously in anticipation.

"You seem like you need that belly cooled down after such a workout."

The man approached with a cube of ice, though she could not see. He held it just above her navel and waited. After a long moment of anticipation, Jen gasped and sucked in her belly as the first freezing drop of water fell into her deep bellybutton.  She gasped and moaned as the cool drop of water hit her navel, then shivered as it seaped into the hole. She felt him do this a few more times before she felt a piece being pushed directly into it.

He swirled it around inside her bellybutton, making her involuntarily suck it in even more and squirm in pleasure. He did this until the ice cube was completely melted, making Jen's deep bellybutton a small pool.

"Mmmmm,I wouldn't mind taking a dip in there. I can't really fit, thought, but I know something that can."

He leans down and she can feel the warm tip of his tongue circle her navel.  Jen's belly convulses with pleasure, even moreso when his tongue enters her bellybutton. He licks the water clean from her innie and continues after it's all   Jen moans happily as his tongue swirls around her deep bellybutton and pushes her belly into his tongue, not wanting it to leave.

"Oh, don't stop....don't stop...don't stop..."  She moaned breathlessly over and over.

[dream sequence ending...]

She is still saying 'don't stop', unaware that it wasn't her dream man licking her deep navel.  In fact, it was her worst nightmare.

"Okay, baby, if that's what you want. I knew you liked my tongue in there." He said chuckling menacingly.

Jen's eyes snap open at the familiar voice. Revolted, she sucked her belly in to get her navel way from his disgusting, slimy tongue. "No, stop! Stop!" she said, trying to suck it in even more. Her bellybutton felt very violated as his tongue followed after it.  The man's tongue left her bellybutton and he looked down at her bent back form...then at the clock.

"Okay, babe, if that's what you want, you got it. No more tongue in your navel."

She thought this meant he'd let het go finally.  What a fool he would make her out to be.  He unhooks her from the floor and puts her on the table...with the spike directly over her bellybutton. He tightly ties her hands and ankles to the table with rope before removing the handcuffs.  He decided to remove her blindfold after all this time to let her see he wasn't bluffing about the spike.  When she looked up, she let out a scream that would wake the dead she could be joining if nobody saved her in time.

"But I have to tell you babe, you have one hour left...and soon...there won't be anything in your delicious little innie except this huge 2 ton spike! I never got my ransom, so guess what you get. His sadistic laugh rang through the abandoned warehouse.

Jen gasped and started to squirm around, her eyes never leaving the dangling steel spike abover her delicious navel. She hoped whoever was trying to find her would find her soon before her bellybutton was skewered by the trap.
I know I've taken WAY too long to update this but I hope it's worth the wait!
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The man chuckled evilly as he walked back to her arched back form.  In his gloved hand was a large, hairy, orange and black tarantula.  The arachnid looked around curiously.  It wasn't take out of its terrarium often, but today was special...well...for the spider, anyway.  The captor looked down from above as Jen's quickened breathing caused her sexy navel to widen and contract ever so slightly.

"This is gonna be fun to watch."  He droned as he placed his creepiest pet on her abdomen.

Her whole body shivered as she felt the hairy legs touch her soft skin. The tarantula agonizingly slowly made its way across her stomach until a leg plummeted into her deep bellybutton. She sucked her belly in at the feeling of the hairs all over the inside of her innie. It sat there for a long time as if it were stuck.

"I friggin' HATE spiders!" She thought as she held her belly in.

"Well well. It thinks it hit a pothole."  He laughs at his own joke.  Jen, on the other hand, found no humor it it.

The curious spider put each leg in her bellybutton one by one as its body hovers over it.  Jen didn't dare to move at this point. She took slow, shallow breaths and held her belly as still as she could.

"EW EW EW EW EW!!!! Get it off!"  She thought in disgust.

The hair of the spider tickled her in a grotesque way as it moved around, making her torso occasionally squirm a little. It felt out every bit of her belly with its legs before making its way back to her deep belly dimple.

"Like I said," the man chuckled, "there must be some strange connection between your bellybutton and wildlife."

As the tarantual continued its exploration of her deep navel, Jen hoped he didn't have anymore gross animals to use in her deep navel.

"Ugh, the kitten licking my bellybutton was kinda okay...if I wasn't desperate to breathe."  She thought.

The man slowly took the spider off her belly and put it back in her terrarium.

"After all that animal navel action, I think you need a little cleaning off...but your belly is just's the other parts that need a bath."

He unhooks her handcuffss from the hook in the floor, but they were still cuffed together, as were her ankles. Then he gets ready to pick her up.

"You move or make any attempt to escape, I break your neck right here, right now!"

Jen nodded in fright as he took her to a special tub. It had hooks in the bottom of it to hook her cuffs to just like the floor. He set her inside in her backbend position and watched her breathe in fear. The hook held her in a deeper backbend than before and this made Jen lucky she also took gymnastics as a kid; it gave her the flexibility she needed to endure such a position.

"Ready?"  He asked with an evil grin.

The man slowly turned on the faucet that was at her knees and the water level slowly started to rise. Jen's breathing quickened as the water toucher her hands.  Once it was full, she was entirely submerged, save for her delicious tummy. As she held her breath, he waited for her lungs to weaken.  He sadistically teased her and tried to make her slip up by getting a thin lipstick brush and tracing her innie with it.

"You're as pretty as a mermaid, babe. But even you can't hold your breath for long. And I'd love to give you CPR to bring you back."

She hears that and is now even more determined to hold her breath.

Her bare stomach quivered as she felt the brush stroke her skin. It was a weird feeling, having her stomach be the only thing that's dry. She almost squealed when the brush dipped in and mercilessly tickled her bellybutton, but managed to keep her mouth shut.  But for just how long she could go on like this, she didn't know.  He relentlessly, and very deeply, tickled her bellybutton for a solid minute before he spoke again.

"'re holding up pretty good, baby. Let's fix that."

The man leaned down teased her exposed navel with his tongue. Knowing how much she despised it, she tried to suck her belly in.  In her position, sucking her belly in wasn't the easiest thing to do. Still, she attempted, although the man's tongue still wormed around her bellybutton. She shifted her body in disgust, tightening her muscles. Her lungs were beginning to burn.  And now everything, bellybutton included, was wet, save for the rest of her stomach.

"Well, I see you don't like my tongue wiggling like a worm..."

Her belly started to move in panic when she heard that word.

"So let's bring in the real thing, shall we?"  He said as he stood up from the tub.

He could hear her muffled protests as she tried in vain to escape, making the water in the tub move in small waves.  She waited in horror as the man's footsteps faded away. Her stomach muscles tensed and her belly winced in anticipation when the sounds of his shoes' hard heels got louder.  Her muffled shouting could be heard as she felt the worm plop right into her innie.

"I knew keeping this little guy was a good idea!"  He said as he chuckled evilly.

Her belly writhed as she struggled to hold her breath. She knew if that tiny worm entered her innie hole, she was done for. Her muffled screams became louder as she prayed the worm was bored with her inner innie bellybutton...but alas, her prayers weren't answered. The man watched at the worm crawled to the tiny hole and waited. He'd get a chance to put his lips on hers soon, if only to bring her back to life.

She thrashed around screaming, splashing water out of the tub. Her belly undulated as she felt the worm burrow to the deepest chamber once more. The man smiled as he saw her finally open her mouth; the worm must've found that pulse point deep inside the bellybutton.  Her lips came off of the ball gag and he saw the bubbles float to the surface of the water.

"GOD! I'm really gonna die! Someone, help me!"  She thought.

He watched as she desperately tried to escape from her bonds and her belly dance from the worm's ticklish movements. This went on for a couple more minutes...then, the bubbles stopped.

Her thrashing belly stilled. As quickly as possible, the man retrieved the worm from Jen's navel and removed her from the tub, laying her on the floor. He performed mouth-to-mouth and CPR, relishing pushing on her bare belly. Once she regained a bit of consciousness, coughing up water, he pretended he didn't notice. This time when his lips touched hers, it was a deep kiss. It took her a moment to realize what had just happened. She moaned defiantly, but their lips remained locked.

"Damn," he said. "You taste almost as good as your navel."

Jen spat defiantly, damning herself for not being able to see his face. He watched her belly push in and out as she fought for every breath. She'd have to do that from now on until someone rescued her or...well she didn't want to think about that.

"I don't know what tastes better: your lips or your delicious bellybutton."

"Please...let me go. I promise I won't press charges against you."  She pleaded coughing.

The man waited until she finished coughing and then chained her back in her kneeling backbend in the other room.

"I only took that gag out to give you mouth-to-mouth.  Now that that's over..."

He put the ball gag back in her mouth and reveled in her muffled screams.

"I think I should tell you I also have a thing for outies. And an innie like yours would be so sexy popped out."

She screamed and bucked against her restraints when the man said that. Her innie was her pride and joy.  The thought of it popped out was nothing short of horrible to her.

"So, how should we go about this?" He asked. "Shall I pull it out with tweezers? Or use a vacuum? So many choices..."

As he talked her swirled his finger around in her bellybutton. Fear gripped Jen in the pit of her stomach. She couldn't have an outie! Her innie has gotten her so far in life!

"I'll be right back; gotta grab my tool." As he walked away, Jen could've sworn she felt her bellybutton twitch and pucker with fear.


End of part 4
Here's part 4. :)
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It was three weeks after the nightmarish tickling perpetrated by her biology teacher Mr. Howard,  and against her better judgment Jasmine found herself letting down her guard.  She tried to stay alert and suspicious but there was no hint of any other teachers planning mischief.  Jasmine was very careful not to be anywhere alone with Mr. Howard or Ms. Binder and still couldn't look them in the eye without blushing and feeling very awkward at the memory of the tortuous tickling they had each given her tummy and deep, oval bellybutton.

But with nothing happening in almost a month the beautiful blond's sweet nature and cheerful innocence returned.  Jasmine's clothing choices had been tending toward sweaters with long tails that fell down to the tops of her thighs.  The better to hide her flat soft tummy with it's firm curved sides and her wide, oval bellybutton with it's incredible ticklish depths.  This gave way to long t-shirts and then progressed to shorter versions that showed an inch or two of her smooth lower belly.

At this point Jasmine's next tormentor figured the time was right.  The would be tickler was the lunch lady, Ms. Trol.  Ms. Trol was in her late forties and looked like she had been taking freely of the lunches she served for years.  She was huge, tipping the scales at almost three hundred pounds but only standing around 5'8”.  Ms. Trol was well known for apparently having given up on personal hygiene, her short lank black hair was greasy and uncared for.  Her wide fleshy face with it's frog like mouth was usually covered in some acne breakout or rash which is why some mocking students thought she had grown a rather admirable mustache and thin beard of dark patchy hair.  Her pig like eyes were usually squinted in irritation and her pudgy, dishwater hands were always twisting a rag into knots in some unconscious gesture of impatience.  In short, an ugly unpleasant woman.

Jasmine had been assigned to help Ms. Trol in cleanup after the lunch hour every day and had been doing it with little happiness.  The obese woman was grumpy and rude, always snapping at Jasmine and ordering her to move faster.  This day was no different, after an hour and a half of being bullied and berated Jasmine was done and getting ready to go to her next class with relief.

“Hold on a second blondie”  Ms. Trol growled.  Jasmine turned around apprehensively and waited to be yelled at.  Instead the fat lunch lady said. “Tomorrow we have a big conference for teachers happening in the cafeteria, I'll need your help this evening around five o'clock getting some food courses ready and setting up.”  Jasmine grimaced inwardly at spending more time with the foul smelling blob and was racking her brain to find some way out of it when Ms. Trol barked “You have a problem with that blondie?!”  Jasmine flinched and then reluctantly shook her head and left.

That evening Ms. Trol was busy making her preparations in the kitchen and storage room for restraining and tickling the lovely Jasmine.  Excitedly she checked to make sure everything was ready and then watched the clock impatiently and twisted a rag in her hands.  A little before five Jasmine came walking into the kitchen.  “Always punctual our little angel.” Ms. Trol thought to herself smugly.
The lunch lady saw Jasmine was wearing a tight pair of low riding khaki shorts and a thin pink t-shirt since the kitchen got hot and steamy.  The beautiful high school senior was just putting her dark blond hair up into a ponytail so her t-shirt was riding up unveiling some of her silky lower belly.

The fat hag cleared her throat impatiently and snapped “About time, we have a lot of work to do!  I need your help in the storeroom now!”  As Ms. Trol turned around and lumbered into the back room Jasmine rolled her eyes,  let out a suffering sigh and followed her.

The storage room was about the size of a large walk in closet.  All four walls were lined in storage racks and there was a wooden table in the center of the room about six feet long by three feet wide.  There was a rolling metal table next to the wooden table that was holding the ingredients to make frosting and sweet glazes.

“Alright sweet cheeks, I need you to make vanilla frosting, some caramel sauce for dipping apples and a honey glaze.  Think you can manage that?” the lunch lady asked scornfully.  Jasmine nodded and in a careful patient voice said “Yes Ms. Trol, I'd be happy to.”

The fat matron grunted and went out into the main kitchen.  She gave her unsuspecting prey a good fifteen minutes to finish her tasks.  An evil grin spread across the lunch ladies wide mouth.  Ms. Trol found it extremely enticing to think that Jasmine was making the very foods that would be used in tickling her.

Finally running out of patience Ms. Trol locked the main door into the kitchen, grabbed a garment that looked like a cooking smock made of thick fabric and waddled into the storeroom.  She saw Jasmine had just finished up and was cleaning the top of the rolling table.  The beautiful high school senior had filled two gravy boat sized pitchers, one with caramel sauce and one with honey glaze.  Next to them was a small mixing bowl full of creamy vanilla frosting.

The sour smelling lunch lady squinted at the table and said, “Took you long enough.”  

Jasmine got a faint willful expression on her face and looked like she might retort but then changed her mind and just looked down at the table shrugging apologetically.  “Sorry Ms. Trol.  I need to go wash my hands, they're all sticky from the honey and caramel.  I hate how it feels on my skin.”  

The grotesque lunch lady chuckled inwardly and thought “Well then you're not gonna like the next couple of hours very much my little peach.”  She shook her broad head impatiently and snarled “A little sticky won't kill you.  We'll be working with flour next so put this smock on to protect your cute little t-shirt.”  Then she stepped forward quickly thrusting the garment out at Jasmine, not giving her time to think like Mr. Howard had advised.

Jasmine went to go grab the smock but Ms. Trol insisted on helping her on with it.  “No, no it goes on from the front and laces in the back.”  Jasmine held her arms out in front of her and the lunch lady slid the sleeves up her arms and hastily moved around behind her to fasten it.

The back of the garment had two sturdy straps with buckles that Ms. Trol fastened, securing it snugly.  There were two more buckles on the back,  right at Jasmine's shoulder blades and it was their turn next.

Jasmine frowned down at the smock with innocent confusion.  It just didn't look right.  For one thing it was so short it didn't even cover her ribs.  And the sleeves were too long, she couldn't even get her hands out of the end of them.  There was some kind of strap hanging off the ends of the sleeves and small steel rings attached to the elbows, maybe they were used to hold the sleeves out of the way.  “I don't think this one fits Ms. Trol.” Jasmine said over her shoulder.

The obese lunch lady suppressed an excited chuckle and said, “Let me see your right sleeve, reach back and let me see it.”  Jasmine naively lifted her right arm and reached back, letting it rest at the nape of her neck.  Ms. Trol grabbed the strap on the end threaded it through the buckle on Jasmine's left shoulder blade and cinched it tight, drawing the bewildered young beauties arm back until her slim bicep was parallel to her head.  Moving hastily the lunch lady reached around and grabbed Jasmine's left arm, bringing it back like her right arm and firmly cinching it down.

Ms. Trol moved back around in front of her sweet, tempting captive with a self satisfied grin. “No blondie, I think it fits just right.”  Jasmine's blue eyes were wide in disbelief and then they blazed with comprehension as Ms. Trol grabbed the hem of her tight pink t-shirt and drew it up to just underneath the straight jacket smock and tied it in a neat little knot.  Baring her smooth soft, golden tanned tummy from midway up her ribs all the way down to the low slung waist band of her tight shorts.  

Ms. Trol tilted her head to gaze at Jasmine's wide, oval bellybutton.  The firm silky rim gleamed with sensitivity as if to accentuate the warm depths in the center that were hidden in shadow.  “Mmmmm.  Just as gorgeous as they said it would be.” The fat slob burbled with a lustful grin.

Jasmine let out a shrill little scream and quickly backed away from the lunch lady with a horrified expression on her pretty face.  Ms. Trol watched as her tickle prey desperately strained at the straight jacket smock.   Hunching and twisting her shoulders as she fought to bring her arms down to cover her completely exposed and defenseless midriff.  Jasmine gritted her teeth and grunted as she struggled to get free, moaning a litany of  “Nonononono...” in awful anticipation of what was to come.

Ms. Trol walked ponderously over to Jasmine as the frantic high school senior had her head turned to the right trying to see how her arm was being held back.  The slovenly lunch lady took her pudgy right hand and lightly skittered her fingertips across Jasmine's sensitive lower belly from hip to hip as she said, “You need to pay attention to what's happening down here sweet cheeks.”

Jasmine gasped and doubled over instinctively, a startled laugh escaping her.  A second later the beautiful blond straightened back up and and twisted her upper body back and forth singing out plaintive laughter as Ms. Trol gripped the firm, curved sides of her belly just above her rounded hips and started squeezing.  The obese hag had a feverish look of excitement on her broad face as she kneaded and pinched her way up the sweet curve of Jasmine's sides to her bottom rib and then wriggled her fingers back down.

Jasmine tried to back up but hit one of the shelves that lined the room  Laughing frantically and squirming to get away from the lunch ladies fat tickling fingers the desperate teen lurched to the left, twisting her belly away from her tormentor.  

For a moment Jasmine was out of reach so she darted around to the other side of the table in the center of the room.  Ms. Trol hauled her bulk around the table as Jasmine warily circled the other way, her smooth tummy heaving in and out.  Her beautiful oval bellybutton flaring wider with each inhalation.  

Ms. Trol didn't have the time or energy to chase her prey around the table.  Then a wicked thought occurred to her.  She waited until Jasmine had her back to the  open door that led to the main kitchen.  Then she shot a worried glance at the main kitchen and muttered  “The door!  Dammit!”

Sudden hope blossomed on Jasmine's pretty face as she glanced over her shoulder.  The young high school senior assumed that the lunch lady forgot to lock the main door into the kitchen and she had a chance to escape.  Spinning around the beautiful blond bolted into the main kitchen screaming  “Help me!  Help me!  Anybody help!”

Following at a more sedate pace Ms.Trol lumbered into the kitchen and saw Jasmine hopelessly pushing at the locked door with her left hip, still screaming for help.  The fat lunch lady walked up behind her prey and grabbed the sleeves where they crossed behind Jasmine's neck.  This was a good handle for grip and leverage.  Ms. Trol began pulling Jasmine backward toward the storeroom and the screaming beauty had to stumble backward or fall down.  “Really Jasmine you can stop screaming for help.  There is no one else here.”

Devastated that her escape had failed but horrified at what was to come, Jasmine kept struggling.  Twisting and pulling trying to get free until she lost her balance and fell to the floor on her back.

Huffing in irritation the slovenly lunch lady positioned herself over Jasmine's thighs and ponderously lowered herself down, firmly pinning her victim's lower body to the floor.  Ms. Trol flexed her fingers with a menacing smile and said, “I guess we'll have some fun right here.”  Then she started fluttering her fingertips over the smooth flat surface of Jasmine's trembling belly.

Jasmine's eyes widened in shock and her mouth gaped open for a moment, her full lips beginning to curl in a forced smile then she burst into wild laughter.  “Naaaaaaahahahahahaha!  Aaaahaaaahahahahahaha!  Pleeeeeheeheeehee!”

The beautiful blond twisted her shoulders helplessly, her head tossing back and forth as she strained to get her arms free.  Ms. Trol danced her fingertips up and down Jasmine's firm tummy.  Then with her left hand she began kneading the left side of Jasmine's tummy while with her right hand she lightly rasped her short fingernails across the laughing blond's sleek lower belly.

Jasmine pressed her shoulders to the floor and helplessly tried to arch her back.  “Naaaaaaaaahaaaaahahahahaha!  Nopleeeeeeheeeheeheehee!  Pleasenoooohooohooohoo!  Staaaaaap!  Staaaaaahaahaaahaaap!”

Ms. Trol tickled for a couple of more minutes then she labored back to her feet and dragged a disheveled, aftershock giggling Jasmine up with her.  “Now we can do that every step to the storeroom if you want!”  Breathing heavily Jasmine wearily shook her head and stumbled along behind her tormentor.

Ms. Trol pulled Jasmine over to the wooden table in the storage room.  “Lie down on the table.” she ordered and then turned and walked back to shut and lock the door out of the small room.  

When the fat lunch lady turned back she saw Jasmine still standing at the end of the table, continually struggling to free her arms from the straight jacket smock.  Ms. Trol cleared her throat impatiently and barked, “I told you to lie down on the table Jasmine!”

The beautiful teen looked back and forth between the table and the grossly obese lunch lady with dread in her blue eyes.  Then she bit her lower lip and shook her head no.

Ms. Trol seethed at the disobedience but a part of her acknowledged that the sensuous young blond was right to fear that table.  “But that table isn't the only way to tickle you.”  she muttered as she plodded over to Jasmine.

Jasmine let out a scared little cry and wheeled around to run around the table but her hip bumped against the corner, knocking her off balance and slowing her just enough that Ms. Trol was able grab the sleeves of the smock again from behind with her right hand.  The fat lunch lady wrapped her left arm around Jasmine just under her full, round breasts and drew the struggling beauty back tight against her.    

Jasmine felt herself sinking into the lard on the lunch ladies body, being embedded in it practically and then she was enveloped in her tormentor's rancid, sour smell.  Jasmine let out a mewling sound of disgust as Ms. Trol bent her head down and growled, “I'm not playing around my little peach!”  Then the flabby sow reached her right index finger down and slipped it into Jasmine's deep, oval bellybutton and started rapidly tickling her.

Instantly Jasmine went rigid and lifted onto her toes as she cried out riotous laughter.  “AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!  WAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!”  Jasmine squirmed helplessly against the mushy cellulite of her captor.  Kicking her legs and swiveling her hips all the while never faltering in her soaring, frantic laughter as tears began to form in her eyes.

Ms. Trol was grunting a little with the effort of holding the wildly struggling teen mashed against her but she was smiling in malicious satisfaction as she probed and twirled her finger in the warm depths of Jasmine's sweet bellybutton.  The ecstatic lunch lady was learning a few things about her beautiful young victim's sensitive bellybutton, different reactions to certain spots being tickled.  Ms. Trol rapidly stroked the tip of her finger over the silky folds on the soft bottom of Jasmine's bellybutton.  The hysterical teen threw her head back and stomped her feet mindlessly, wailing ticklish laughter.  “AAAAAAANAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  WAAAAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAA!!”  Ms. Trol curled her fingertip up and lightly stroked the smooth roof of Jasmine's deep oval bellybutton.  Jasmine tucked her chin down and sucked in her smooth trembling belly while her laughter developed a squealing tone.  “NEEEEEEEEHEEEEHEEEEEE!!  EEEEEEAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

Ms. Binder tickled Jasmine for a few more minutes to get some of the starch out of her then withdrew her finger and quickly steered the dazed teen to the table and lay her down on it.  The lunch lady let Jasmine's legs dangle over the end from the knees down and she used two old aprons to lash the blond beauties ankles to the table legs.  Then Ms. Trol grabbed two thin lines hidden under the upper end of the table, one from each corner.  Each line had a clip on the end which she fastened to the rings on the elbows of the straight jacket smock and pulled them tight.  The end result was Jasmine laid out on the table with little room to struggle, completely vulnerable and completely irresistible.

Jasmine's frightened eyes darted around in panic, going from her secure bonds to her merciless tickler and to her own helpless torso.

Ms. Trol stared hungrily at her beautiful, vibrant prey.  Jasmine's smooth, sensuous belly was rising and falling with her nervous breathing.  The one light in the room gleaming off the sleek, golden tanned surface.  That same light glimmered off the silky rim that bordered the sweet oval opening of Jasmine's deep ticklish bellybutton.

The grotesque old cow suggestively licked her lips and leered at Jasmine.  “Well my little peach, as you can tell from looking at me I tend to experience life with my mouth.  And that is exactly how I'm going to experience your tummy and your gorgeous bellybutton.”

Jasmine's tear filled blue eyes widened as she realized what dreaded nightmarish act the slovenly lunch lady intended.

Ms. Trol gave Jasmine a sinister grin from her wide frog like mouth.  “That's right Jasmine, I'm going to lick you in your bellybutton.  I will lick every millimeter of the inside, I will lick ever hidden corner, every ticklish sweet spot and when I find them I will run my tongue over them again and again...and again.”

Jasmine was staring at the lunch lady in horror.  Her body trembling in dreadful foreboding.  “Noooo!!...Ms. Trol please...please don' please don't!!”  Jasmine pleaded in a thin frantic voice.

Ms. Trol smiled fiendishly “Don't go to pieces yet my little peach, I'm going to work my way up to it.”  The disgusting, obese lunch lady leaned over and began lightly kissing Jasmine's belly with her wide frog like mouth.  She trailed a line of whispering kisses down one side of the firm tummy until she got to Jasmine's silky lower belly.  Then the lunch lady slowly worked her mouth across, placing languorous wet kisses, her warm wet tongue flicking as she tasted her beautiful prey's tender lower belly.

Jasmine's eyebrows lifted in unpleasant surprise when the lunch ladies questing lips made first contact with her cringing tummy.  No one had ever kissed her belly before that she could remember and the resulting sensations of violated disgust were intense.  A moment later though as the lunch lady was kissing and lightly nipping her way down the sweet curve of Jasmine's side the blond beauty had to squeeze her eyes shut and bite her lower lip to stifle a girlish giggle.  When Ms. Trol's hungry mouth reached Jasmine's sleek lower belly the helpless teen gasped and her eyes widened.  Jasmine turned her face to the side and exhaled whimpering laughter as her trembling lower belly was thoroughly covered in wet kisses.

Jasmine was straining impotently to free her arms when the fat lunch lady slowly moved her wet tongue up and began lightly running the tip of her tongue around Jasmine's firm, silky rim.  

“Eeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeheeeee!!” Jasmine squealed adorably in surprise as she sucked in her sensuous belly and tried to twist her shoulders to no avail.

Ms.Trol trailed her tongue around Jasmine's tender rim a few times and then went to the bottom of the teens shiny rim where it was a little wider and teasingly nibbled at it with her lips and teeth.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhahahaha!!  Nooooooo!!  Eeeeeeeheeeeeeeee!!”  Jasmine tossed her head frantically as her feet waved uselessly under the table.  The only body part the could easily move.

The obese slob raised her head and licked her lips appreciatively.  “That's a sweet rim my little peach.  You're sweet all over.  Maybe just a little more sweetness wouldn't hurt.”  The lunch lady picked up the gravy boat of honey glaze and carefully drizzled some thin zigzag lines across Jasmine's lower belly the bound teen protested futilely.

With no pause the lunch lady leaned down and began hungrily licking up the sticky mixture causing Jasmine to squirm within her limited range, gasping and giggling in spite of herself.  When the glaze was all licked clean and Jasmine's sleek lower belly was gleaming with saliva as it rose and fell with her panting breaths Ms. Trol said, “Well I guess I shouldn't waste this moment.”  Then she leaned back down planted her wide fleshy mouth on the soft moist surface of Jasmine's lower belly and blew a long raspberry.


“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhahahahhaaaa!!”  Jasmine went rigid and cried out surprised laughter as the raspberries kept coming.

“Ppppppppppfffppfpfpfpfpfttttttt!”  Pause for a breath.  “Ppppffffffffpfpfpfpfpfpppppppptttt!!”

“Naaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaa!!  Eeeeeeeheeeeeeheeeehaaaaaahahaha!!”

Satisfied the sour smelling blob straightened up and caught her breath as her tickle victim did the same.  Jasmine whimpered giggles as ticklish after shocks tingled through her like electric currents.

Ms. Trol grabbed up the little pitcher of honey glaze with deliberation as she stared into Jasmine's apprehensive blue eyes.  “It's time my little peach.”  And before the blond beauty could open her mouth to plead for her tormentor not to the fat lunch lady slowly poured a thin ribbon of honey glaze into Jasmine's deep, oval bellybutton.  

Jasmine inhaled sharply and sucked in her smooth belly as the glaze pooled in her bellybutton, gradually rising up the sensitive walls until the amber liquid was level with her shiny rim.

Ms. Trol set the gravy boat aside and gripped Jasmine's curved sides as she lowered her head down.

Jasmine was fidgeting frantically at the smock holding her arms helpless and was watching with wide horrified eyes as the lunch ladies broad face lowered to her quivering belly.  “Nooooo!  Ms. Trol pleeeease....please don't!!  Ms. Trol pleEEEEAAAAAHAAAAHAHA!!”  Jasmine threw her head back and arched her back, wailing laughter as the lunch lady slipped her tongue into the teen beauties deep luscious bellybutton and took a long lingering lick.  Some of the honey glaze was displaced by the lunch ladies questing tongue and ran down the sides of Jasmine's heaving tummy.  But Ms. Trol settled down into deep, swiping tongue strokes that were lapping up what remained in the hysterical young blond's bellybutton.

PLEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEHEEEEEASE!!  AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!”  Jasmine was completely lost in unbelievable tickling pulses that were being touched off by that greedy, probing tongue in her oval bellybutton.  Tears of crazed laughter streaked down her open mouthed smiling face as she mindlessly tried to roll her hips and thrash her upper body but she was strapped down very well.

The honey glaze was consumed and now the obese lunch lady was just eagerly exploring the warm depths of Jasmine's bellybutton.  Riffling the tip of her tongue through the soft folds of skin on the bottom.  Sweeping around the smooth walls and lightly stroking the silky roof where some glaze had actually lingered.  

Jasmine's body would convulse and stiffen when certain places were licked.  The roof of her bellybutton seemed to be one spot, and right in the center of the creamy bottom of her deep bellybutton there was a tiny area about the circumference of a pencil eraser where it seemed softer and much more sensitive.  True to her word Ms. Trol lavished these areas with firm tongue strokes.  Flicking her tongue lightly across the smooth roof and then diving down into the soft, tender center of the bottom and lashing the tip of her tongue over it.

Jasmine reacted spontaneously each time her most searingly ticklish spots were licked.  When the roof of her deep oval bellybutton was tickled she would suck in her sweat glistening tummy and toss her head to the left, her screaming laughter rising to a squealing pitch.  “NEEEEEHEEEEHAAAHAHAHA!!”   When Ms. Trol stroked the tip of her tongue over the sweet spot on the bottom Jasmine's back would lift off the table and the blond beauty would throw her head back wailing laughter plaintively.  “WAAAAAAHAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!”

Ms. Trol played with these areas enthusiastically, making her victim squirm and dance to her will.  Orchestrating Jasmine's wild tormented laughter into a masterpiece of her choosing.

The fat lunch lady had many things planned to lick out of Jasmine's bellybutton but those plans fell by the way side at the sheer intoxicating thrill of tongue tickling this beautiful teen's amazing bellybutton.  All of Ms. Trol's allotted time passed and a tiny alarm went off in the corner of the storeroom, almost lost amidst Jasmine's unbridled ticklish laughter.  But that alarm meant time was up.

Reluctantly the grossly overweight lunch lady removed her tongue with a loud slurp and trudged to the door that led to the main kitchen and opened it.  She waddled out and came back with a warm, soapy sponge which she used to clean Jasmine's firm smooth belly of any left over condiments, drawing tired giggles from the poor disheveled teen.  Ms. Trol paused over Jasmine's wide oval bellybutton and said “I'm pretty sure the inside is clean but I could still wipe it out if you want.”  Then she laughed at Jasmine's frantic head shake.

When she was done the lunch lady released Jasmine from the table and set her free of the hated strait jacket smock.  “Now Jasmine, do I need to tell you not to tell anyone about this?”

Jasmine mutely shook her head, eyes downcast.

The lunch lady nodded brusquely.  “Yeah, I know the other teachers already gave you the talk.  Well that all goes for me, with this addition.  Not only will I get you flunked and keep you from graduating, I will also tickle you again.  Nothing will keep me from it.  I will take you somewhere secluded and I will spend the entire time licking you in your bellybutton.”  At Jasmine's automatic cringe Ms. Trol nodded.  “That's right my little peach.  Because now I've got a taste for it, so keep your mouth shut!”

Jasmine walked out of the school a few minutes later with her arms wrapped protectively around her still trembling body thinking things couldn't get any worse.

She was right, they didn't get worse but they got just as bad.....
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It was only a week later that the horror and embarrassment Jasmine suffered at the tickling hands of her gym teacher Ms. Binder began to fade.  The sweet natured eighteen year old's sunny disposition and enduring innocence didn't let her linger over bad episodes like that.  Jasmine figured she could just avoid Ms. Binder whenever possible and never get caught alone with her.  It was just one person to watch out for, how tough could it be?  

Jasmine made her way to school with her dark blond hair in a ponytail wearing a thin, white short sleeve button up top and snug low riding hip hugger jeans.  Her full breasts were barely contained in a white bra so as not to show through her top, but her honey tanned skin shown through, darkening the material slightly.  As Jasmine walked through the halls the thin material molded to the sensuous curves of her firm sides and the bottom was short enough to show a couple of inches of her silky lower belly.  But what really caught the eye was the wide, oval outline of her deep bellybutton that shone through the sheer fabric.  One person in particular was paying attention to that outline, Jasmine's biology teacher Mr. Howard.

Mr. Howard was a text book biologist in appearance.  About 5'8” and noticeably chubby with a balding head and thick glasses.  His academic passion was insects and he had a classroom and large storage room full of them.  Mr. Howard had another passion and that was tickling, and he had decided to indulge his passion on the beautiful Jasmine.  

In class that day Mr. Howard kept Jasmine after to ask her if she could give him a hand cataloging some new insects after school, for extra credit of course.  Jasmine had said yes with a carefree smile and said she would call her parents to ask but it should be fine.

School got out and Mr. Howard waited anxiously in his empty lab.  All his preparations were made now he just needed the time to tickle torture his poor unwitting student.  Jasmine came walking into the lab shortly after.  

“Hi Mr. Howard” she said with a small wave and a smile.

The eager biology teacher had to work to keep from ogling the breath taking high school senior.  To make matters worse the bottom button of her thin top had come undone revealing glimpses of more of her tender lower belly and the bottom rim of her beautiful oval bellybutton.  Mr. Howard mastered himself and cleared his throat.  “Ok Jasmine, first I need you to pick up that clear plastic case and put it on the side table.”

As the unsuspecting young blond did as he asked Mr. Howard inconspicuously closed and locked the thick door to his lab.  

Jasmine quizzically studied the clear case.  It had two holes to put your hands through into a pair of rubber gloves.  Inside the case was bits of bark and grass but nothing else she could see.  “Mr. Howard, what is this thing?”  

The biology teacher came up beside her “It's a case with a bark scorpion in it but you have to be careful handling it.  It's sting is quite painful.”  He glanced sideways at Jasmine and casually asked. “How long do I have you for Jasmine?  There is quite a bit to do.”

Jasmine grinned and said “I figured it would take a while so I told my parents I would be here at least three hours.”

Mr. Howard secretly rejoiced.  That was plenty of time, his plan was a go.  “Well, let's get started.  Jasmine go ahead and reach your hands into the gloves.”

Jasmine set her slim hands in the opening and pushed them into the gloves.  Immediately she felt something fasten firmly over her wrists.  A little bewildered she pulled her hands out and saw each one had a padded cuff fastened around the wrist.  Wordlessly she raised her hands to her biology teacher with a faint look of apprehension as though she had just broke something.

Mr. Howard huffed out a breath in mock annoyance.“Those dang cuffs are always coming loose, they are supposed to stay attached to the gloves.  See these rings on the side?  They are supposed to keep the cuff attached.  Take a seat on this big exam table while I get something to get those off of you.”

Jasmine shrugged good naturedly and hopped up on the end of the table letting her feet swing.  

The chubby biology teacher returned immediately and said “Let me see your hands.”  

As Jasmine held her hands out Mr. Howard said “Hey Jasmine, have you seen my new diagram on the wall there on your left explaining the nervous system?”  While Jasmine idly looked over to the wall her biology teacher quickly fastened a slim metal bar about six inches long to the rings on the cuffs, binding them together.  With no preamble the balding little teacher rapidly brought Jasmine's bound hands over head and pulled her over onto her back as he fastened the bar to a clamp at the head of the table.  

Completely baffled Jasmine let out a small confused sound as Mr. Howard pulled her right leg straight and grabbed a padded cuff that had hung unnoticed under the end of the table, quickly securing it around her ankle.  Jasmine was only just reacting to the lightning assault when her biology teacher grabbed her left leg to strap it in.  The suddenly panicking young beauty managed to feebly kick twice before Mr. Howard got the cuff secured around her ankle and pulled the short restraining straps tight on both ankles.  

With alarm Jasmine took in her situation.  Her arms were secured above her head six inches apart and her legs were stretched straight with her ankles firmly lashed down.  She wasn't stretched to the point of discomfort but she was only able to move a little.  Jasmine gave her biology teacher a confused look “Mr. Howard?.....”  

The chubby teacher strolled up to stand at Jasmine's hip.  “It's simple really Jasmine.  I need to observe insects in different environments.  Today that environment is you.  But first there is the task of learning this new environment.  Like for example where you are ticklish.”  Then he reached over and began unbuttoning the trapped teens white top.  

Jasmine's blue eyes went wide in panicked recognition of what was coming and she began tugging desperately at her bonds while she screamed in a panicked voice, “Heeeeelp!!  Somebody help me!!  Help me please!!”

 Mr. Howard finished unbuttoning the top and laid it wide open to gaze appreciatively at Jasmine's firm smooth, honey gold  tummy.  As Jasmine continued screaming Mr. Howard calmly said, “Really Jasmine, all that noise is useless.  The school is empty and no one could hear you outside this room anyway.  Not through that door.”

Jasmine's screams died away to be replaced with fearful panting as the truth of her situation became clear.

The biology teacher took the tails of her thin top and tied them together right under the blond beauty's full, firm breasts.  This bared Jasmine's sleek, sensuous belly in it's entirety, from the top of her rib cage to the low slung waist band of her tight jeans.

“There, we have to be sure all the traditional ticklish areas are exposed for testing.”  Mr. Howard explained helpfully.

Jasmine's gaze darted frantically around the room searching for some way to escape as her mind whirled in fearful anticipation  This can't be happening again!  Why do these people want to tickle me!  Don't they understand how wild it drives me?!

Mr. Howard gave Jasmine a speculative look and said, “Unless you want to save us some time and just tell me where your most ticklish spot is.”

Jasmine barely fought off the impulse to glance worriedly at her sensitive, deep oval bellybutton.  Oh my god, please don't let him tickle my bellybutton!  

Being strapped down like she was Jasmine was completely vulnerable and helpless and she knew it.  She could imagine how irresistible her wide open bellybutton must look to this twisted tickler.  Ever since Ms. Binder had given her deep bellybutton a crude but effective tickling and clearly brought it to Jasmine's attention how insanely ticklish her bellybutton was, the young high school senior was terrified of it happening again.

Jasmine gave her biology teacher a guarded look, pressed her full lips together and shook her head no.

Mr. Howard smiled knowingly and said, “You don't want to tell me?  Why not?”

“Well, because if I tell you where my most ticklish spot'll tickle me there.”  Jasmine answered nervously.

The balding teacher said in a gently chiding tone, “Jasmine what makes you think I'm not going to find it on my own?  It's not like you can stop me.  But you have a fair point.  I suggest some field experimentation.  How about I ask you three questions and then I see if I can guess where your most ticklish spot is?  If I'm wrong I let you go free.”

Jasmine opened her mouth to hastily agree but the bespectacled man warned her, “Don't think you can lie to me.  I reserve the right to verify my findings.”  As he wiggled his fingers suggestively.

Jasmine nervously cleared her throat and said “Deal, three questions and then you guess and I can't lie.”

Mr. Howard nodded and then creased his brow as though thinking hard.  “Okay, first question.  If you had to choose between me tickling your feet or your armpits, which would you choose?”

As he finished the question Mr. Howard walked to the lower end of the table and began removing her shoes.

Jasmine stared at him tensely as she realized he meant to follow through on the question.  “My feet I guess.”

The biology teacher nodded with a smile as he pulled the ankle socks off of her small perfect feet.  With no hesitation he began clawing lightly on the bottom of Jasmine's right foot.

Jasmine immediately burst into giggles, scrunching up her toes and trying to wave her feet as Mr. Howard moved his tickling to her left foot.  Jasmine's adorable, girlish giggles danced through the air of the room for another ten minutes before her tormenting teacher stopped.

“Okay, that was informative.”  Mr. Howard nodded. “Next question is this.  If you had to choose between me tickling your armpits or your belly, which would you choose?”

Jasmine couldn't stop herself from reflexively sucking in her smooth, sensitive belly a little at the thought of it being tickled.  I can't choose for him to tickle my belly, she thought frantically.

“My armpits I guess.”  she answered unhappily.

Mr. Howard moved immediately to the top of the table to Jasmine's stretched, smooth underarms.  The short sleeves of Jasmine's top were wide enough for the biology teacher to easily get his fingers in and he began rapidly spidering his fingers in the silky hollows.

Jasmine jerked and let out a startled squeak that was followed by sweet, musical laughter.  The flushed young blond ducked her chin down and stubbornly tried to suppress her ticklish reaction which she knew her devilish teacher loved,  but a second later she was trilling laughter as his fingers alternated between poking and bicycling in her underarms.

This went on for fifteen more minutes before Mr. Howard was satisfied.  He stepped away from his ticklish victim and gave her ten minutes to catch her breath.

As he stepped back up to the table Jasmine seemed recovered.  Her blue eyes were cautiously hopeful as she said. “One more question and we're done right?”

Her pudgy biology teacher regarded her with a little pity.  He probably shouldn't have been surprised that the sweet natured young angel couldn't see what was coming next.  Her mind was focused on getting free, and had jumped the obvious procession of the experimentation.  

Mr. Howard nodded. “That's right.  One more question and I take my guess.”  The bookish looking middle aged nerd tapped his chin as he appeared to puzzle over what to ask.  He smirked to himself evilly as he saw Jasmine's soft lips turn up at the corners in the beginning of a hopeful grin.

Mr. Howard nodded and said.  “Okay.  My question is this.  If you had to choose between me tickling your belly or your bellybutton which would you choose?”

Jasmine's grin faded before it fully formed and her lips stayed parted in shock.  Her mouth worked silently for a moment as she fumbled for something to say.  “Uh....neither.” she finally blurted.

Mr. Howard regarded her sternly. “Now Jasmine you have to choose one, that's the game.”

Jasmine looked at her captor beseechingly “I don't want to play anymore.  Just let me go please.  Please let me go.”

A calm, merciless expression came over Mr. Howard's face.  “Choose one Jasmine, or I will tickle both.”

Jasmine's brow wrinkled in consternation as she fitfully tugged at her bonds.  This is a nightmare!  My belly is so ticklish I can't stand it.  But my bellybutton is worse!.  I can't tell him to tickle me in my bellybutton!  I just can't!

Mr. Howard leaned forward and asked sternly “Which do you choose?”

Jasmine frowned in dread and in a timid, reluctant voice said “My belly.”

Mr. Howard nodded eagerly and went to get something off a side table.  He came back with a short handled brush with stiff bristles about half a finger long.  “This is a brush I use to descale delicate fish specimens I get.” he explained as he passed it up and down Jasmine's forearm. “It needs to be the right combination of stiff and soft, should be perfect for this.”

The fiendish biology teacher then took the brush and began firmly scrubbing it back and forth over Jasmine's silky lower belly.

Jasmine's mouth dropped open in horrified amazement as her back arched off the table and she cried out unbridled, frantic laughter. “Haaaaaahahahahahahahah!  Ohmygaaaaaahahahahahahahahahah!  Staaaaaaaahahahp!  Pleasepleasepleeeeeeheeheeeheehahahahhahhahaha!!

Jasmine lowered her back and desperately sucked in her firm, smooth tummy.  Trying to escape the awful bristles but they kept scratching over her trembling lower belly, increasing it's sensitivity by the second.

Mr. Howard changed tactics quickly and swept the brush up one side of her belly and down the other in rapid succession, then passed the brush just under Jasmine's lowest rib a few times.  He brushed around the circuit of her ticklish tummy for a couple of minutes then went back down and continued brushing back and forth over Jasmine's faintly glowing lower belly.

Jasmine was hysterical, as the brush moved around her helpless belly she would let out startled squeaks and screams, inner mixed with her tormented laughter.  When Mr. Howard returned to sliding the bristles over her more sensitive lower belly Jasmine arched her back again and shrieked laughter.

“Neeeeeeehahahahahahahhah!  Mr.Howaaaaaahahahahahahahahahah!  Nooooohohohohohohoh!  Haaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahah!

The balding little man switched the brush to his left hand and kept dragging it back and forth while he used his right hand to squeeze Jasmine's firm, curvy left side.  He lightly pinched his way down to just above her hip bone and then firmly kneaded his way up to just under her bottom rib.

Jasmine shuddered and tried to flinch away from the biology teachers tickling fingers as her laughter hitched up in intensity and tears of laughter welled up in her eyes.

After Mr. Howard had pinched and squeezed his way up and down the sweet curve of Jasmine's side several times he abruptly stopped tickling and lifted the brush away.

The panting teenaged beauty was too out of breath to speak.  She mumbled some garbled plea for mercy as her sensuous, sleek belly heaved with her heavy breathing.

The biology teacher watched with a keen eye and when he judged that his desperate young victim had recovered her senses he stepped back up to the table.  “Right, so the brush was to stimulate your nerve endings and make you more sensitive.  Let's see if it worked.”

Jasmine gaped at her tormentor in stunned disbelief.  She opened her mouth to frantically plead for him to stop when his fingertips began lightly dancing over her trembling tummy.

Jasmine squeezed her eyes shut and thrashed her head back and forth as she tried to swivel and roll her hips in short fruitless wriggles.

“Nopleeeeeeeheeeeheeeeehahahahahahhahahaaaaa!  Nnnaaaaahahhahahahahahah!  Nomorhorhor!  Haaahahahahahah!

Mr. Howard kept the fingertips of one hand whispering across Jasmine's gleaming lower belly while his other hand lightly scratched, squeezed and pinched over the rest of the smooth heaving surface of Jasmine's exquisitely ticklish tummy.

“I have to tell you Jasmine.  You have a gorgeous belly.  Soft, yet firm.  So temptingly smooth and it seems to be pretty ticklish too.”

“Waaaahahahahahahahahaaaa!”  Jasmine cried out helpless laughter as she turned her tear streaked face into her left arm in some scatter brained need to hide her face from her torturer in embarrassment.

Jasmine was in uncharted waters.  The only previous tickling experience she had was the brutish Ms. Binder and she had really only briefly tickled Jasmine's sensitive belly.  Her biology teacher was giving her helpless tummy a merciless and skilled tickling and showing her that she hadn't known what belly tickling was.  It was twisting her mind around in a blur of searing, tortuous sensations.

Mr. Howard had only planned on tickling Jasmine's tummy for 15 minutes but he was enjoying himself so much he went on for an extra 10 minutes.  Though time meant nothing to Jasmine, it felt like days.

Finally the biology teacher lifted his tormenting fingers away and Jasmine's ringing laughter trailed off to a frustrated sob.  

Mr. Howard looked in Jasmine's blue eyes swimming with tears and asked “Why are you crying?”

The panting beauty swallowed and in an angry tremulous voice said, “I'm crying because I hate what you're doing to me!  I'm so ticklish on my belly and you're tickling it so much, I-I can't stand it!”

Mr. Howard nodded understandably.  “Well the game is over.  So it's time for me to choose.  And I know where you're most ticklish.”  

At Jasmine's fearful, teary eyed expression the nerdy looking teacher said “This game was rigged Jasmine.  I talked to Ms. Binder.”

Jasmine blanched in fear at the physically imposing woman's name and couldn't stop herself from glancing at her deep, soft vulnerable bellybutton anxiously.

“We both know I know the answer.”  Mr. Howard said as he lightly trailed a fingertip down the center of Jasmine's smooth belly, slowly headed for the delicious oval opening.  

Jasmine bit her lower lip and squirmed tensely, never breaking eye contact with her tickler.  A moment later her eyes widened and her lips parted in a surprised squeal as Mr. Howard carefully ran a fingertip around the gleaming rim of her helpless bellybutton.

The biology teacher lifted his fingertip away.  “But here's what I'll do.  I'll give you the chance to tell me where you're most ticklish.  If you do I promise I won't tickle you there.”

Jasmine blinked in surprise and then gave a pretty scowl of doubt.

“Honest Jasmine.  I mean I could just tickle you right now but I'm giving you this chance.”

Jasmine mulled it over for a moment more and then reluctantly nodded.  “Okay....okay”  The beautiful blond met his gaze for a moment and hesitantly said. “I'm most ticklish bellybutton.”

Mr. Howard smiled maliciously and said.  “Of course you are!  Any bellybutton that beautiful has got to be ticklish.  Well, we're going to find out just how ticklish it is.”

Jasmine stiffened in shock. “But...but you promised.  You said if I told wouldn't tickle my bellybutton.”

Mr. Howard assumed a wounded expression.  “Jasmine!  Just because I shamelessly rigged the “where is your most ticklish spot” game doesn't mean I don't have any honor.  I said I wouldn't tickle you in your bellybutton and I won't.”

The chubby little man then waved an encompassing hand at the wall of glass containers of varied sizes containing all manner of wriggling insects and creepy crawlies.  “But they will.”

to be continued
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The sun wasn't very high in the sky when Kelly left her cheap little apartment and started walking to her volunteer project just outside of town.  Kelly was an eighteen year old who had just graduated high school and wanted to take a summer to do some humanitarian work before heading to college.  So she had moved to this little rural town in the mountains in Arkansas to help build homes for the disadvantaged.

Most people that saw Kelly would assume she was taking a summer off to do some modeling or something because she was beautiful.  She had shoulder length light blond hair that framed her sweet face and deep blue eyes.  Kelly was short at 5'4” but she had curves in all the right places that would have strip clubs sending her job offers if she wasn't such a pure, good soul.  

As she walked down the street she didn't even notice the appreciative stares she was getting from men (and some women).  It was going to be a hot day so Kelly was wearing a pair of white sneakers and a snug pair of cut off jean shorts that seemed custom designed to show off her smooth, toned legs and firm rounded rear end.  She was wearing a small pink tank top that barely reached to her bottom rib and left her breath taking tummy on display.  Kelly's tummy was smooth and toned while managing to look temptingly soft with firm, deliciously curved sides.  To raise the temptation factor Kelly also had a perfect deep, oval bellybutton with a smooth rim.  From the outfit no one would ever guess that the beautiful blond was incredibly ticklish on her belly and in her bellybutton, and truth be told not many had tried it to see.  Kelly was such a sweet, caring girl she just didn't attract hostile attention....until this day.

The house that the volunteer team was working on was a couple miles outside of the little town.  It was a dirty, rundown shack with hard baked clay for a lawn, holes in the roof and broken or missing windows.  Other than that there was only a little detached garage  What was astonishing was there was a woman living there.  The workers didn't see much of her as she mostly kept in her dim, grungy house.  She was in her mid eighties and frightfully skinny, looking frail and unwell with a bent, arthritic back.  Her hair was thin and gray, short but still curling with a beak like nose and an ugly hatchet blade of a face.  Her skin was drooping with wrinkles and spattered with liver spots especially on her gnarled hands with their short chewed of fingernails.  She told them to call her Ms. Grimm.

As Kelly worked in the hot sun that day she could occasionally feel an unpleasant gaze directed at her.  At one point she glanced at the house and saw a shadowy face peeking out the window at her with an uncomfortable intensity, but a moment later the face was gone and Kelly shrugged it off as imagination.  

In the house Ms. Grimm was grinning like an emaciated baboon as she began formulating her plan.  “That young Kelly is lookin' like her tummy could use a good ticklin'”  the old crone cackled to herself.  “And I'm just the old hillbilly fer the job!”

The work day was at it's end and the volunteers were filtering away back to town.  Kelly was one of the last as she dutifully finished up a project.  The yard was empty and she was getting ready to walk back to town when the door opened and Ms. Grimm stepped out on her tiny porch.

“Pardon me sweety, I was wonderin' if you could give me a hand for a second?”  the old lady drawled in her hillbilly twang.

Kelly smiled brightly and said “Of course I can Ms. Grimm.”  Even though she was tired from working all day her kind nature trumped all.

The sweet natured blond followed the old woman into her shack and the old woman closed the door behind her.  “It's over here honey.  This big cabinet, I need to move it but it's too heavy.”

Kelly went over to the cabinet and saw it was a large wooden china cabinet with two large glass doors on the front and it was full of what looked like china.  The cabinet must have been six feet tall and looked very heavy.

Ms. Grimm came up beside her.  “Everything of value I own in my life is in that cabinet.  It would break my heart if anything got broken.” the old crone said in a shaky, sad voice.

Kelly looked like her heart might break as she patted the old woman's bony shoulder.  “I'll be real careful, I promise.  I won't let anything happen to your memories.”

Kelly went over to the cabinet and tried to slide it across the floor but it wouldn't budge.  She could push on the side of it and just get one side to rock up but it was very heavy.

“Mebbe if you tilt it out a bit you could walk it sorta.  Try that hon.”  Ms. Grimm rasped.

Kelly grabbed from the front and gingerly tilted it toward herself.  Instantly she felt the massive weight over balance and tip toward her.

Ms. Grimm tensely snapped “The doors on the front!  Hold them closed!”

Kelly immediately put both her hands over the crack where the doors came together as the weight of the cabinet settled on her slim trembling arms.  Kelly grunted a little as the weight caused her arms to bend until her forehead was almost touching the front of the cabinet.  Unfortunately for Kelly she had put her hands near the upper quarter of the cabinet so it slanted out from the wall like a lean to.  

Ms. Grimm openly admired Kelly's firm young form as it trembled to hold the cabinet up.  “Don't worry Ms. Grimm....I've got it.  I won't let it fall.”  Kelly said.

Ms. Grimm nonchalantly walked around the still, straining girl.  Taking eager note of her soft, flat, vulnerable belly.  “Oh dear, my precious things!” the old crone shouted with complete insincerity.  “Please don't let it fall!”

Kelly grunted and managed to push it up a little so her arms were a little straighter but there was a long way to go to put it back in place.  “Ooof...I got it Ms. Grimm.  Don't worry.”

The old woman cheerily hobbled around behind the young blond.  “Hmmm, mebbe if you move this way...”  she said as she grabbed Kelly's firm, curved sides with her gnarled hands and gently squeezed.

Kelly gasped and went even more rigid then broke into adorable, girlish giggles as she wriggled her hips slightly.  “Ms. Grimm!  Dooohohohon't!  I have to hold this uuhuhuhup!”

The ugly old woman kept her wrinkly hands on Kelly's sides as she leaned forward a little to see the strained, ticklish grin on her full lips.

“You're gonna do fine honey.  Just don't let it fall.  You got a sweet, young body here, you should be able to take a little ticklin'.”

Kelly opened her mouth to object but the old woman was squeezing her firm sides again.  The old crone gripped just above Kelly's rounded hip and kneaded her way up through the curve to her bottom rib which she tickled briefly before trailed her hands back down.

Kelly was emitting a stream of giggles and high pitched squeals as she strained to keep the cabinet from falling. “Eeeeeeheeheeheeee!  Ms. Grimm naaaahahahahahah!  Don'tdon'tdeeeeeheeeheeehee!

The evil old crone peered around at Kelly's smooth, heaving belly hungrily.  “Mebbe I need to give this tummy a ticklin'.  What do ya think?”

Kelly shot a panicked look over her shoulder at the wrinkly hag, her blue eyes wide.  “Noooohohoho!  I'lldropit! I'lldropit!  Eeeeeeheheheheheeeehee!”

Ms. Grimm tskd.  “You would let all my precious memories be destroyed because of a little ticklin'?”

Even then Kelly's giving heart told her not to let decades be lost because of a few minutes.  Her heart almost changed it's mind when the old crones gnarled hands with their short  finger nails reached around and began rubbing and squeezing her soft, taut tummy.

“Nahahahahhahahahhahaaaaaa!  PleaseNo!  Pleaeeeeeeeheeehaaaaaaahhahahahaha! Ittickles Ittickles Ittiiiihihihikles!  Haaaahahahahahahaha!

Kelly's arms gave way a little as she shook head and squirmed desperately, the cabinet coming down to almost her forehead.  With a laughing cry of effort the flushed teen stopped the decline but couldn't stop squirming in torment.

Ms. Grimm looked around at the young blond's strained open mouth laughing face.  “I think it's been awhile since this tummy had a good ticklin!”  she croaked as her busy hands lightly squeezed and pinched their way down the center of Kelly's trembling belly to the waist band of her tight cut offs.

“Tickle, tickle, tickle, I love ticklin' this tummy.”  Ms. Grimm raspily whispered in Kelly's ear as her wrinkly hands skittered across the laughing blond's sensitive lower tummy under her deep, oval bellybutton.

Kelly's slim arms were trembling noticeably as the cabinet inched down toward the frantic girl's forehead.  Ms. Grimm's thin rough lips brushed her beautiful victim's left ear as she murmured in her cracked voice.  “If yer tummy is this ticklish I'm thinkin' yer sweet bellybutton must really be a hot spot”

Kelly's rigid posture shuddered in dread, her tear filled blue eyes wide as she tried to plead through her laughter.  But the old woman was unmoved and slipped a gnarled finger into Kelly's defenseless, deep bellybutton and wiggled it around eagerly.


Ms. Grimm was grinning excitedly as she mercilessly probed and wiggled her finger in Kelly's deep, oval bellybutton while her other hand groped and squeezed at the helpless girl's smooth, heaving belly.

Unable to stop herself Kelly let go of the cabinet with one hand to try and pull the old woman's tickling finger out of her bellybutton.  But as soon as the poor girl let go the cabinet settled downward alarmingly.  Kelly was only able to make an ineffectual grab at the tormenting digit before she had to use both hands on the cabinet again.  This did not stop her from frantically trying several times however.

After a few minutes of this the heavy cabinet was now resting on the side of Kelly's laughing tear streaked face as she wriggled and squirmed to the best of her ability.  Ms. Grimm lifted her tummy tickling hand away but kept her finger busy twirling in Kelly's perfect bellybutton as she gingerly moved around and creakily lowered herself to her knees in front of the hysterically laughing girl.

“I didn't have a speck of lunch.” the old crone drawled. “How about you dear?  Mebbe you'd like a few raspberries.”  Still keeping her tickling finger wiggling in Kelly's deep bellybutton Ms. Grimm leaned forward and put her thin lips on the helpless young blond's sweat moistened lower belly and blew a long raspberry.


Kelly let out a plaintive squeal “EEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEE!!”



This exchange of raspberries and shrill squeals went on for a few minutes until the old crone ran out of breath.

Panting, the old woman removed her tickling finger and both tickler and victim had a moment to get their breath.

“Okay hon.  Just one more thing and we'll be done here.  This sweet bellybutton of yer's needs a lickin'!”

With no delay Ms. Grimm pressed her wrinkled face into the soft, moist surface of Kelly's tummy and snaked her tongue into her deep, oval bellybutton.

Kelly's teary blue eyes went wide in shock and she burst into wailing laughter.  “WAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  NAAAAAAAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

It tickled so bad the poor young beauty lost a lot of her strength and the cabinet settled down alarmingly, bending Kelly backward in response which pushed her heaving tummy and bellybutton into the old woman's slimy, lashing tongue.  

Things didn't improve for Kelly when Ms. Grimm brought her gnarled hands up and began kneading and squeezing the howling young angel's firm, sweat slick sides.  The young blond's beautiful face was wearing a wide open laughing smile even as her brows were drawn down in frustrated disgust.

Through some intuition Ms. Grimm sensed when her laughing tickle victim was just about to lose it and she stopped her torment.

Grimacing the old hag crawled out from in front of the exhausted trembling young samaritan and climbed to her feet.

“Oh, you can let that go now honey it's not gonna fall.”

Kelly looked at the old woman through teary eyes and gingerly let the cabinet go.  The large piece of furniture dropped about another six inches and stopped.  In dawning amazement Kelly looked behind it and saw it was chained to the wall to prevent it from completely toppling over.

Kelly wiped at her face with shaking hands. “B-but....I don't”

Ms. Grimm grinned wickedly at Kelly. “It was a little trick dear so I could get my hands on that beeyootiful tummy of yers.  I'm too old to chase girl's down like I used to and tickle em.  Young un's are just too fast now.” she cackled.

Kelly stared at the wrinkled old demon with slowly dawning disgust and then quickly moved to the door and opened it.

Kelly was halfway out the door when she heard Ms. Grimm rasp “But then again, you do seem pretty tuckered out right now, and it's at least a two mile walk back to town.  Hmmm, maybe I got it in me to catch ya before ya make it back and spend some more time with that ticklish tummy of yers.”

Kelly shot a horrified look back at the old crone and then took off running down the side of the deserted mountain highway.

Ms. Grimm hobbled to the door and leered after her prey.  “Huh.” she mused as she made her way to the little detached garage. “I guess she didn't see my little golf cart.  It can really cruise on that highway.  I believe I still have some rope there too.”  she cackled excitedly.

 The end
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  Toph lay on her back, waiting for the others to get back.  They had gone into town, for supplies.  Since she had been asleep they didn't wake her up.  And now she was starving, and there was no food!  "Great."  she said flatly.  Her stomach growled.  She rolled on her side, frowning.  She suddenly jerked up, grunting.  "OH man!"  she growled, "I could eat anything. Anything!"  Suddenly she could feel someones footsteps.  It was a woman, not very large, indicated by the vibrations she caused.  Toph grinned.  "Well I said anything."  
  She waited until the stranger came closer.  When the girl was close enough Toph got in her way.  The girl yelped and jumped back.  "Oh it's just a little girl."  She said.  "Hi, I'm Kona, you?"
  Toph smiled  "I'm Toph."  She tried to keep herself from grinning too much.  (Soon as she looks away.)  She thought, wondering what the girl tasted like.  She hoped it tasted good.  "What ya doing out here?"  Toph asked casually.
  "I'm looking for an earthending teacher."  Kona replyed.
  Toph almost stopped smiling.  "Earthbending teacher?" (I hope she doesn't put up a fight!)
  Kona nodded.  "Yeah, I'm pretty bad at it."  she chuckled
  Toph smiled "Well, good for you I'm an earthbender!"  Toph said boisterously, poking her thumb to her chest.
  Kona stood for a second before laughing.  "But,"  her laughter started to die down, "You're just a little girl."  she muttered pointing at Toph, and putting her hand on her hip.
  Toph smiled (Oh this is gonna be easier than I thought!), she thought taking a stance.  "Oh, well watch my moves!"  As Kona nodded Toph thrust her hand forward, sending a small rock flying at Kona.  It collided with her forhead, giving off a muffled thud.  Toph grinned ear to ear as Kona hit the ground, out cold.  "Looks like you learned not underestimate me!"  Toph yelled, pointing at her soon to be meal.  She walked up to her, and grabbed her shoulders, then used them to ram Kona's head into her mouth.  She did taste good!  (Not the best I've had, but still pretty good.)  She swallowed, moving her mouth past Kona's shoulders, and wincing as her jaw popped, probably dislocating, she reasoned.  Kona's shirt tasted terrible, and almost make Toph spit her back up.  She kept going, though and the next swallow got past her small bust.  Toph leaned her head back, picking up Kona and pushing her into the air, which made her much easier to swallow.  Toph pulled on Kona's pants, which slid her mouth over kona's bare midriff.  The breif taste was welcome.  Toph swallowed again, reaching slightly past Kona's waist.  Another swallow got her to the thighs.  Toph grabbed Kona's feet, and pushed.  Toph quickly reached Kona's feet, and just as quickly made the last swallow.  As a large bulge slithered down her throat, her jaw slid back to it's normal position.  
  Toph put a hand on her absolutley massive belly, giving it a breif rub.  She felt around to make sure her shirt hadn't ripped.  It hadn't, just snapped open, giving a perfect window for her gut to hang out.  "That was pretty good."  She muttered, and walked back to the spot she had been resting earlier, feeling Kona slosh around in her stomach the whole way.  When she lay down, she felt dominant, triumphant, and most importantly full.  "Thanks for the free meal, BUUUUUUUUURRRP!"  She belched out a small pack Kona had been wearing.
  "Huh,  what's this?"  Kona's muffled voice came form her stomach.  A hand pressed against Toph's belly.  "Where am I?"  Kona asked
  "Oh," Toph pat her stomach, "You're in my stomach."
  "What!?"  Kona shreiked, squirming all around, punching and kicking at her fleshy prison.  Toph leaned back, laughing at The poor girl, contemplating whether or not to let her out.
  Toph decided against it and said, "Goodbye Kona, thanks for lunch!"  
  "NO!" Kona screamed, pressing her face against Toph's gut.  "PLEASE!" She yelled, punching the top of her prison, eliciting a chuckle from Toph.
  Toph pat her belly, remarking "Struggle all you want, I'm not letting you out."  She felt Kona shriek again, so loud it shook Toph's gut.  Kona squirmed, yelling at the top of her lungs, kicking and punching.  Soon though, her arms began to tire, and kicking got harder.  It was getting harder to breathe, and her chest became tight.  She felt a tingle, and her clothes began to dissolve.  "No, please!"  She pleaded one last time, leaning against the warm, slimy wall of toph's belly.  Outside, Toph rubbed her gurgling stomach, ignoring the screaming inside.  Feeling Kona go limp, she lay down on her side, letting her gut hang out.  She went to sleep, waiting for the others to return.

  Toph kept using her new ability, and many a traveller fell to her hunger, but, those are their own stories.
Well here's the digestion version. please leave some feed back, I want to know what you think.
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  Azula stood with Mai and Ty lee, only a few hour after they had defeated the Kyoshi warriors.  Of course, it hadn't been much trouble, but there was the problem of imprisoning them.  And making sure they didn't escape.  But Azula had, after a while of thought, found and excellent way to take care of them.
  "As you to know, we need to make sure the Kyoshi warriors can't escape."  Azula said, her back to them.  Before they could reply, she continued.  "It took me a while,"  She said, turning to face them, "But I found the perfect way to, incapacitate our prisoners."  She finished, certain they knew what she was talking about.  And she was right.
  "You want us to actually do that?"  Mai asked, not truly suprised.  "Well, it make this a less boring day."  
  "I guess it could work..."  Ty lee said, looking up into the sky.
  Azula smiled.  "Well, then let's not waste any time."  She said, begginig to walk off.  

  Soon, they found them, exactly where they had left them, tied up and helpless.  
  "Hello."  Azula said with mock courtesy.  "I want to inform you,"  She scontinued, smiling, "That we won't be sending you to prison."  She said, and for a moment their faces rose.  "Instead, WE will act as your prison."  She said, and their faces went from hopeful to confused.  Azula smiled, walking over to their leader, Suki.  She grabbed her and another girl by the collar, Mai and Ty lee also taking two.  "Do it how you want,"  She said, starting to walk off, "I'm going to enjoy my meal."  Suki looked up at her, her face filled with horror and confusion.  
  Ty lee dragged hers off, while Mai did the same.
  After finding privacy, Azula stopped, dropping Suki and the other to the ground.  "Well,"  She said, undoing her belt, "I suppose I should explain."  She dropped the belt beside her.  "Simply put, I'm going to eat you."  She let it sink in, smiling as the two faces starting to twist with fear.  "Well, then, let's get started."  She said, grabbing the girl beside Suki, her mouth widening.
  Before the girl could react, Azula shoved her head into her gaping mouth.  A quick swallow pulled her head in, muffling her annoying shouts.  Though, she did begin to struggle, even though it was completely useless.  Azula grabbed her arms, using them to push her in.  She swallowed, her lips wrapping around her neck.  With another gulp, she had reached the girl's shoulders.  Swallowing again, her mouth passed over the girl's chest.  With a powerful gulp, Azula cleared most of the girl's stomach, noticing that her's was starting to bulge out.
  As her mouth closed on her waist, Azula lifted her into the air.  With gravity aiding her, Azula found it much easier.  She was a little disapointed, the girl didn't nearly as good as she thought she would.  Nevertheless,   she continued with her meal, slurrping down the girl's thighs.  She swallowed, reaching her ankles.  Azula looked over at Suki, smiling at the look of sheer horror and disgust.  With another quick gulp, all of the girl disapeared into her maw.  The last bulge slowly traveled down to her stmach, finally disapearing.  The massive bulge of her midsection reached almost five feet ahead of her.  The trapped girl's outline could be clearly seen in Azula's flesh, which amused her.  Her belly began to shake as the girl tried to squirm around.  Azula looked over at Suki, undisturbed by the activity in her stomach.
  "Well,"  She said, smiling, "A nice first course."  She walked over, picking Suki off the ground.  "But now it's time for the main course."  
  Slowly, Azula pushed Suki's head into her mouth, taking time to lick her face.  She smiled, Suki tasted much better than the other one.  She swallowed, pulling her head in.  Suki began to kick, actually hitting Azula in the side.  Azula responded by biting down on her shoulder.  She heard a muffled yelp in her throat, swallowing again.  Swallowing again, she reached Suki's chest.  Suddenly, Suki twisted, nearly cracking Azula's jaw.  Azula winced, as a sharp pain shot through her mouth ans neck.  She growled, this girl was beggining to annoy her.  Before she swallowed again, Azula punched Suki in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her.  As Suki recovered, Azula swallowed, reaching her waist.  
  Like the first girl, Azula lifted Suki off the ground, grabbing her legs.  She swallowed, reaching her thighs.  With a slup, Azula reached her feet in seconds.  With final gulp, she sent the last of Suki to her stomach.  
  Azula leaned her head back, smiling as Suki began to kick and squirm inside her.  She stood, examining her massive belly.  It stuck out almost nine feet now, the first girl pushed forward by Suki.  
  "This has been fun,"  She said to her struggling occupants, "But I have other matters."  She started to walk, her huge gut sloshing from side to side.  Azula frowned as her stomach groaned, then belched out on of the gags they had put on the Kyoshi warriors.  She rubbed her writhing gut, enjoying the sensation of her captives struggling.  For a moment she actually saw one of their faces impinted in her flesh.  
  Azula began to wonder if Ty lee and Mai had already finished, before sitting down.  She needed to take a quick rest, not used to weight.  It had been a while since she last done this.  "Oh well."  She said, resting her hand on top of the mound of flesh.  "I hope you get comfortable,"  She told her prisoners, patting her belly, "Because you're not about to get out."  With a laugh, she leaned her back.  She'd go and see Mai and Ty lee soon, but until then, she decided to enjoy the struggles inside.  She was going to let them out, but they didn't need to know that.
  Azula stood up, walking again.  "After you're dealt with,"  She said, rubbing her belly, "I'll deal with Zuzu."  She looked up into the sky, smiling.  "And then, the avatar."    
Well, my first Avatar vore piece in a while. It took almost four hours to finally get down, but here it is!!

All characters (c) owners
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Toph lay on her back, holding her grumbling stomach.  Somehow, Aang had managed to lose ALL of their food, and they were stuck being hungry all day.  And Well, Toph was getting sick of it.  Why should she have to starve because Aang lost their food.  They would go to get some food tomorrow, but Toph wasn't satisfied.  "I need food now!"   She exclaimed, grabbing her stomach.  "But what can I eat?"  She muttered, trying to think.  And suddenly, an idea crept ino ther mind, a rather sinister idea.  She knew something she could eat, and deicided that she would.
  She got to her feet, walking off to find Sokka.  He would be the first.  She quickly found him sitting by himself, cleaning his boomerang.
  "Can you believe this?"  Toph asked, sitting down beside him.  
  "I know!"  Sokka agreed, putting his boomerang.  "I tried hunting, but there was nothing around to eat."  
  Toph smiled, as her stomach growled a little.  "I don't know, I'd say there's something to eat."  
  Sokka looked up, obviously excited.  "What?!  Where is it, is it meat?"  He asked, getting in Toph's face.
  "Well, sort of,"  Toph said, pushing him away, "It's you!"  Before Sokka could react, handcuffs of rock flew out og the ground, wrapping around his arms and legs.  
  "Are you cra-"  Sokka was cut off, as a rock wrapped around his mouth, so he couldn't alert anyone else.  
  Toph picked him up by his shirt, smiling.  "Don't worry, I'll make sure to let you out."  She said, before opening her mouth, somehow stretching it over a shocked Sokka's head.  Before her mouth closed, the rock on Sokka's face pulled away, landing beside her feet.  She closed her mouth on Sokka's neck, tongue lapping over his face.  Toph was pleasantly suprized; Sokka was delicious!  Not wanting to waste time, Toph swallowed, reaching past his shoulders.  Sokka was trying to struggle, but he couldn't do much to stop her.  Toph swallowed again, getting to his chest, and almost gagging on his shirt.  But, she continued, swallowing his chest quickly, to reach his stomach.  She could fell her own stomach starting to bulge out, pressing against her shirt.  Not wanting it to burst, she undid the strap, then continued, getting to his waist.  But not, of course, before removing the rocks on Sokka's wrists.   
  As she swallowed past his waist, Toph lifted Sokka off the ground, holding him straight above her head.  She quickly wolfed down his thighs, and slurpped his calves.  Soon, all that was left was his feet, which she swallowed handily, the last of Sokka disapearing into her greedy maw.
  As his feet travled to join the rest of him in her belly, Toph put a hand on her stomach, trying to get an idea of it's size.  From what she could tell, it stuck almost five feet out from her body, and she could feel an outline of Sokka curled into a ball.  Toph liked it's size, rubbing the orb of flesh, licking her lips.  Suddenly, Sokka began squirming, kicking and shifting around.  Toph found the sensation pleasing, and sat down to enjoy it.
  "Just keep going in there."  Toph encouraged, patting the top of her gut.  "I'm sure you'll get out somehow."  With a loud belch, Toph got to her feet, decidng to find Aang.  He was the smallest, so he'd be easier to get down faster.  She could feel him walking nearby, whistling.  She walked over to him, holding her new girth.  Sokka was slowing down, which was good if Toph to suprise anyone.  "Hey Aang!"  She greeted him, rubbing her massive belly.
  "Hey Toph..."  Aang drifted off when he saw Toph in her bloated state.  "What did you eat?"  He asked, leaning down to look at her gut.  "I thought we didn't have any food."  He said, looking back at her.
  Toph smiled, holding the rock cuffs behind her back.  "Oh, I found something."  She said happily, rubbing the side of her stomach.  "And I just found something else."  She said, pulling out the cuffs...

  A few minutes later, Toph was sitting down, her enourmous belly between her legs.  Sokka and Aang were fighting up a storm, making Toph's gut jiggle and shake.  Aang had tried to blow them out using air bending, but all he did was make Toph's belly expand, before she belched the extra air out.
  "Y'know,"  Toph said, smiling, "If you keep fighting in there, you might give me a stomach ache."  She laughed, rubbing her massive belly.  Then, she felt Katara walking over to her from behind, probably trying to find Aang.  "Hey Katara."  Toph said, before Katara could say anything.
  "Oh, hi Toph."  Katara replied, not seeing Toph's huge stomach.  "Have you seen Aang?  I've been looking for him."  
  Toph smiled.  "Yeah, he's over here."  She said, getting the rock cuffs ready.  When Katara was close enough, Toph shot the cuffs at her hands and face, hitting her perfectly.  Katara fell on her back, trying to shout under the rock mask, and trying to struggle in the rock cuffs.  Toph pulled her nearby with earth bending, finally revealing her massive belly.  "You're probably wondering what's going on."  Toph said, picking Katara up by her shirt.  Too lazy to get up, she sat Katara on her gut, belching slightly.
  "Well, let's just say, I've been able to find something to eat."  Toph said, grabbing Katara by her shoulders.  She shoved the horrofied girl's head into her maw.  Before closing her mouth, she pulled the rock mask off, then clamped it shut.  As Katara tried to struggle, Toph swallowed her head and neck, reaching her shoulders.  Katara's kicking was starting to hurt her stomach, but Toph continued like normal.  She swallowed again, reaching her chest.  She passed quickly over Katara's bust, trying to get Katara in as fast as possible, since her kicking was annoying.  With another gulp, Toph reached Katara's stomach.  Before Katara's kicking could get any worse, Toph grabbed her, lifting her straight into the air.  She held onto her legs, using them as leverage to pull Katara down.  Quickly, Toph started sliding her legs down, finally pushing her feet down into her throat.  
  After sending them down with a powerful gulp, Toph leaned her head back, and let her monstrous belly hang out.  It squirmed wildly, it's three ocupants thrashing all over.  Toph rubbed the top of her distended gut, guessing it was over ten feet long.
  "Wow, you guys really hit the spot!"  Toph complimented her friends, rubbing the writhing bulge with both hands.  "And don't worry, I'll let you out."  She told them, though it did nothing to quell the struggle.  "Ah, just keep kickin' I guess."  She said, leaning her head against her massive gut.  
  She drifted into a deep sleep, and, slowly, so did the others.
Toph is starving! What can she eat?

Well, touching back on one of my favorite characters in all of fiction, is Toph! I like this one, but I feel I could have done better.

Tell me what you think!
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From underneath the water, a stream of bubbles rose up and broke at the surface around Mowgli as he was swimming in the water. It was almost as if something down below had blown them like a breath of air.
And it had been.
From below, an unseen animal had been sleeping at the bottom of the pond, until the disturbance at the surface woke it up. Looking up, it saw a small creature splashing around that it remembered seeing somewhere before. Was it…Man? A man’s cub? What was it doing out here, at this time of night?
Curious, the animal decided to find out, and it slowly began to wade up from its sleeping place towards the surface of the pond…
Directly underneath Mowgli’s small body.
Mowgli gasped as he felt something make contact with him and lift him up from underneath the water below. “Hey, wha-” he tried to say, until he saw what it was that had just lifted him up. He was sitting on the nostrils of an adult hippo. “Oh, uh…hello,” he spoke.
The hippo grunted and looked at him with a slight stern look, inhaling the man-cub’s scent with her big nostrils. “Hello, little man-cub,” it spoke with a hint of feminine tone. “What may I ask brings you here to my watering hole? I was sleeping here, you know.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Mowgli apologized. “I didn’t mean to wake you up, miss…I didn’t know you were sleeping in the water.”
The hippo let out a grunt and tossed her head gently, satisfied with the apology. “That’s okay, little man-cub. My name is Huberta the hippo. What is your name?”
“Mowgli,” the man-cub smiled, and gently petted her head. It seemed he had already made a new friend. “I’ve…um…never met a hippo before. What are you like?” Obviously all he could see of her was her head and the outline of her back under the surface.
Huberta smirked, and then began to wade out of the pond, carrying Mowgli on her nostrils as she did. When she fully emerged, Mowgli took a good look at her. Huberta was big. He had thought her head had been big, but her body was incredibly round, wide and fat, standing on four stumpy legs. She stood at just about Mowgli’s size. If not for the elephants, Mowgli might have thought this was the roundest and fattest animal of the jungle he had ever seen.
“You’re…magnificent,” he finally managed to say as he climbed off her nose to the ground.
Huberta let out a small chuckle. “Do you really think so?” she ran her front hoof lightly on the ground, as if showing off. She then took a step forward and gave Mowgli a huge kiss with her wide mouth, making him blush.
“You’re a cute man-cub for your kind, too –” she started to say, but was then suddenly interrupted by a deep growl coming from her huge belly.
“Oooh,” Mowgli stared. “Are you hungry?”
Huberta sighed, remembering that she hadn’t eaten before she had gone to sleep, and she was about to say so before another thought entered her mind, and she considered thinking of Mowgli as more than just a friend at that moment.
She quickly thought up of an excuse. “I…uh…must have eaten something that hasn’t quite agreed with me. I’ve been trying to cough it up, but it must have gotten stuck in my throat.” She then looked at Mowgli trustingly. “Mowgli, do you think you can get it out for me?”
Mowgli thought for a moment, before nodding. “Okay, sure. I’ll help you. What do I have to do?”
Huberta grinned, wondering if man-cubs really would taste nice. This one had definitely smelt good when she had sniffed him earlier. “You just need to climb into my mouth, and reach down into my throat.” She then opened her mouth widely, showing how big it was, with her tusk-like teeth showing.
Mowgli just stared at the mouth for a moment, but he didn’t suspect otherwise and was determined to help Huberta out. “Okay, then,” he walked up to Huberta and then slowly began to reach into the throat. “I can’t see anything.”
As much as the hippo was tempted to bite down right then and now, she knew she could make it a lot better. “It might be further down, little man-cub,” she managed to say. “Stand on the edge of my mouth.” When Mowgli did so, she got a nice taste of his wet, salty skin, and Huberta almost salivated at the delicious sample. She could imagine what it might be like to roll him around on her tongue…
“I still can’t see it,” Mowgli replied again.
“Try climbing deeper,” Huberta again asked him, and as Mowgli’s legs pushed down upon her mouth, slowly climbing in, the hippo knew then that she had him right where she wanted in. And without another further second, she snapped her cavernous mouth shut, sealing Mowgli deep inside her throat.
“Hey, what the –” Mowgli gasped as any glimpse of light from behind him was suddenly diminished, and he was sealed in darkness. “Huberta – let me ou –” but he lost his track of speaking when suddenly, movement inside the hippo’s mouth caught him off guard and he flopped about inside.
Huberta the hippo made a loving humming sound as she sampled the taste of the man-cub on her tongue, and she gently began to chew on him, feeling her inner teeth gently open and close on his body, and enjoying the first meaty snack of her life.
Mowgli almost panicked the moment he felt the hippo’s inner teeth close in between his body, pressing him from both above and below, only to let him go again before they could crush him, and then come back again, as if the hippo was only chewing on him in a playful way.
But would she let him out? He hoped she would…
But sadly, after a while, Huberta finally tipped her head back, and took a huge GULP, and Mowgli’s astonishment hit its peak as he was forced back through the hippo’s throat and slowly slid his way down into its final destination; the huge, fat belly of the hippo.
Huberta, finally finished with her meal, licked her lips, eyed the slight bulge in her belly…and suddenly found herself wanting more man-cubs like this. She had a feeling there might be more…if one man-cub had been here then its family and village couldn’t be too far.
The hippo decided that perhaps it would be interesting to find where they might be the next day. It might be a good way to get a nice delicious man-cub every night from now on…especially since she was now favouring the taste of meat.
But for now, she would sleep, and search for the village in the morning.
Huberta slowly waded her way back into the pond where the waterfall flowed, and slowly sank down into the depths, settling down at her resting place at the bottom. She slowly drifted into sleep underneath the water, with a struggling man-cub inside her huge belly trying with no avail to get out of his prison of digestion…
And the hippo dreamed happily of eating more man-cubs.
Introducing a hippo to the Jungle Vore Book...and her trickery lures Mowgli into her waiting mouth...
Suggestion from :iconph0220:
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As Mowgli carefully stepped out of the water, he shook himself dry as he remembered doing back in his old jungle days. He was much more comfortable now that he had cooled down, and he figured he could sleep much better now. Feeling much more confident, he was obviously unaware of the shadowy creature hiding within the trees of the jungle above him.
The form of a huge rock python lurked out of sight, spying on Mowgli carefully. It was Kaa, who had wanted so much to eat the young man-cub despite how scrawny he was. He knew just how much Mowgli had managed to avoid his coils and hypnotism with a lot of luck, but this time Kaa had a scheme that he was certain would not fail. It was only a matter of finding the right opportunity…
…and this looked way too much like the right opportunity now.
The hungry snake licked his lips as he started to sneak carefully across the trees, and settled carefully on a time limb that was hanging above the pathway. Then he waited for Mowgli to come past him. Having seen which way Mowgli had come to get to the waterfall, he would have to come back the same way, and that would be where Kaa had set up his trap.
As Mowgli finally began to walk back the way he had come, Kaa hung a loop of his coils down like a noose. As it was dark in the jungle, his coils would be difficult to see, and Mowgli wouldn’t even suspect that the coils hanging down would be any different from some thin trees.
Kaa watched carefully as the man-cub came closer down the pathway, closer towards his trap, closer and closer, until suddenly…
He stepped right into the noose!
Kaa pulled his coils up immediately.
“Whoa!” Mowgli gasped as he suddenly felt his legs get yanked up from under him. He fell, but because his legs were being yanked upwards, he was unable to hit the ground and hurt himself.
Kaa grinned as he pulled up the surprised man-cub and hung him above his positioned spot. His trap had worked. Catching Mowgli was by far the best part, but to be absolutely certain, he covered Mowgli’s mouth with a loop of coil, not making it the tip of his tail, lest should it be bitten by the man-cub’s mouth in an attempt to get away.
Then Kaa carefully observed the surrounding area, to make sure there weren’t any other creatures or humans in the close vicinity of the scene, and to make even surer, he checked that all his coils were safely out of sight, so he couldn’t be distracted.
So far it was safe…and now Kaa was very pleased with himself.
Now it seemed he could finally have his most wanted meal in absolute peace.
Looking back towards the struggling man-cub, who had by now figured out what had happened to him, Kaa carefully positioned his coils over Mowgli so that they completely covered his body, and that his head was the only thing he could move.
Then Kaa made eye contact straight with the helpless man-cub…
…and began to perform his hypnotism.
Within no time, Mowgli’s eyes were sparkling with deep coloured rings, and he was left totally in Kaa’s control. The snake smiled hungrily, and then carefully lowered the cocoon lower down, so that it was resting carefully on the tree bough. After loosening up the coils a bit, Kaa stared at the hypnotised man-cub for a brief moment, taking in how delicious and yummy he might actually be.
It pleased Kaa no end now to finally get his chance to find out.
Kaa approached the boy’s head carefully, and then began to open his wide mouth, sliding it carefully over the head, feeling the man-cub’s hair tickle his throat slightly. Kaa bit down a bit, letting his jaws feel the width of the boy’s head, and then began to swallow more, taking in the head past the neck, salivating at the taste of the man-cub.
Because the hypnotism had been strong, Mowgli could feel nothing as the reptile took him in, bite after bite. As Kaa continued to swallow down to the man-cub’s chest, he let out a slight humming sound as he tasted the blissful taste that he had yearned for so much, and continued to take in the body, swallowing up to Mowgli’s loincloth. Taking in a huge bite, the red-coloured clothing disappeared quickly into the snake’s gullet.
Mowgli unconsciously moved his legs around, with hardly even so much as a kick as Kaa continued to eat him, feeling his jaws loosen up a bit as the legs meant more room for him to close his mouth a bit. The feet gently twitched as Kaa took in the legs softly and gently, and then experimentally tickled the feet with his tongue, which resulted with a slight giggle coming from Kaa’s stomach.
Finally, the snake took in one final guttural swallow, and closing his lips, the man-cub was completely sealed up within his throat, slowly sliding towards the snake’s belly. Kaa opened his lips again for a quick moment to lick away the taste left on them, and feeling a wave of happiness and the weight of a full belly, he carefully settled down amongst the trees, to settle down to sleep and let his inner body take care of the rest.
The rock python had finally gained a worthwhile meal, and better yet, it had been his most favorite morsel. Sure, maybe he couldn’t enjoy this man-cub any more, but there were still many man-cubs in the village…it didn’t mean he couldn't still snack upon them. Maybe even an adult human would be too careless and feed Kaa even more…the possibilities were endless.
Kaa silently drifted into slumber, and began dreaming of eating dozens more little man-cubs as the one currently within his stomach began to settle into its final resting place…
Here is the story containing the most popular predator, Kaa the rock python...and he finally eats Mowgli!
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Kovu was standing out on the edge of Pride Rock, taking in the entire view, while Kiara was lying in the sunshine, feeling the warmth of the sun upon her fur. She blinked her eyes open, and gazed lovingly at her mate, admiring how much he had become king-like already.
She was about to get up and walk over to him when unexpectedly, her stomach growled.
Kovu turned and grinned. “Sounds like you’re hungry, Kiara,” he spoke.
“Yeah,” Kiara sighed. “I could do with a nice meal right about now.”
“Breakfast is served,” a different voice spoke up. Both of them turned to see Simba walking up to them. Upon his back were the bodies of two unconscious small forms, but what they were they didn’t recognize.
“What have you brought, Daddy?” Kiara asked, getting up.
Kovu walked over and sniffed the two young man-cubs inquisitively. He brightened. “I don’t know where you got them, Simba, but they sure smell nice. How about this one for our future queen?” He picked up the smaller one and brought it over to Kiara. As soon as she saw and sniffed young Ranjan, her mouth watered. She took him from Kovu.
“And I’ll try out this one,” Kovu then took young Shanti from Simba. “Thanks, Simba.”
Simba smiled, and then pulled a face as suddenly, his own stomach grumbled. “Well, I suppose I’d better see if there are any other creatures like these around.” He turned and started to leap down Pride Rock.
Kovu watched him go, and then turned towards Kiara. “I’ll leave you to enjoy yours,” he smiled. “I hope you enjoy it.” Then he took the unconscious girl away, leaving Kiara to enjoy her breakfast.
When Kovu had gone, Kiara looked down at the young man-cub with a desire to eat. For a man-cub so small, he looked so sweet and tasty…
And yet…in a way…
“Mmm…” Ranjan suddenly stirred. Kiara’s eyes widened. The cub was already waking up!
Ranjan rolled over on his side and then lifted his head up weakly. “Huh…w-where am I?” he then looked to his side, and came nose-to-nose with Kiara.
Normally, when a young man-cub who has been unconscious and wakes up comes nose-to-nose with a grown lioness, fear is the one thing that strikes into the heart of many a man-cub who values their life in such a way.
However, for Ranjan, he didn’t know what fear was – if you asked him, he probably couldn’t spell it.
“Grrrrr!” Ranjan backed away from Kiara and positioned himself in a crouching position on all fours. Remembering what his friend Mowgli had taught him about tigers, and since he only knew the jungle world that his home village had been surrounded by, he first believed this feline to be a tiger – a wild predator that young Ranjan himself must stand against and fight to protect his village…
…almighty powerful Ranjan would save the day!
Kiara stood up upon her paws, and simply stared at the young crouching cub. She was surprised…this creature, whatever it was, seemed so much like a young lion from the way he was acting. He was bold and brave and daring, even at so young an age to stand against an animal like herself.
He reminded her so much of being a cub once…wanting to hunt out beyond the Pride Lands and make her pride proud.
This brought a smile to Kiara’s face. If only this cub didn’t look so different, maybe she could…………
But a sudden growl from her tummy once again caught her off guard. She was still hungry.
Kiara sighed. Now what was she going to do? If she didn’t eat now she would starve. What’s more, Kovu had given her this young creature to eat. But in a way, she rather liked him, maybe more so than she originally thought. Could she bring herself to eat him?
She looked back at young Ranjan, who was now beginning to lose his daring appearance, due to the fact he was now actually beginning to realize that maybe this animal in front of him wasn’t a tiger after all. What kind of tiger had no stripes? Was it a mutant-tiger? Neither Mowgli nor Shanti or anyone in the village had ever mentioned a wild cat this light in colour. It couldn’t be a panther or a leopard…panthers were black all over and leopards had spots.
But what did that make this animal then? Now Ranjan’s curiosity was betraying him over to the lioness that stood before him, and a thought lingered in his mind…if it was different, then…was it also harmless?
He decided to find out.
Ranjan took a careful step closer upon all fours, and then held out his hand carefully, gently touching Kiara’s nose. The lioness stared at the hand for a moment, and then gently licked it. Ranjan giggled, since it felt a bit ticklish.
Kiara smiled. The taste of the man-cub’s skin was definitely nice, but she couldn’t decide if it was for love or food. There was definitely more to this little cub then she thought. If he could have only been lion-like in appearance, and if she wasn’t so hungry, then he could be her…………wait a minute…
Just then, an idea beamed in Kiara’s head. It was an idea completely out of the blue, and she realized that it would solve both her problems at the same time. After all, she had remembered one of the pride hunters undergoing the same thing before, and the result that had taken place had probably made her the happiest lioness in the pride – as well as a content mother.
This convinced Kiara to try it out.
She took a step closer to young Ranjan, and then reached out with her paw to gently cuff him over his head, as if giving him a love-tap. Yet somehow, Ranjan didn’t show or even feel any signs of fear. The man-cub was beginning to believe that this wasn’t such a big bad pussycat after all, and that she accepted his presence as a matter of being.
Ranjan crawled closer, and then playing it friendly at first, he rubbed his head against Kiara’s legs. The lioness looked down upon him, and gently purred. She leaned down, and began to gently lick his face, making Ranjan laugh. He tumbled upon his back, and continued laughing as the rough tongue continued to assault him. At that moment, all he could see was Kiara’s mouth.
And then, after a few seconds, the mouth suddenly grew in size…
As Kiara then opened wide and began to carefully work Ranjan into her mouth, finding it totally easy since he was rather small and easy to fit in. Her sharp teeth slid carefully over his small tummy and backside, and when he was already halfway in, she stopped and lifted her head up, hoisting Ranjan off the ground and leaving his legs dangling out, twitching.
Ranjan suddenly realized he was in the animal’s mouth, but for some strange reason, he still didn’t feel afraid. Something within his inner mind was telling him to trust this animal, and though he didn’t know why, he felt he should.
So Ranjan didn’t even so much as struggle, even as Kiara leaned back even further and took in a big GULP, swallowing down the legs and sending young Ranjan slowly slipping down her throat and into the warm, open space of her stomach.
Kiara looked around towards her belly, and admired how it had suddenly grown a little bit in weight, now that she had eaten a young man-cub for breakfast. But still, even if she had chosen to eat him instead of choosing to keep him as a pet, she was still happy.
For as it turned out, she hadn’t just eaten him for food.
Oh no…it was going to be a lot more than that.
But she had done all she could for now…only time would decide for her.
She settled down upon the warm stone ground, and licked her lips gently, taking off the remaining taste of the man-cub off them. She was about to close her eyes and nap before she heard somebody approaching, and she looked up to see Kovu coming back to check up on her.

Several months later…

The Pride Lands were in high spirits. Kiara and Kovu had taken over from Simba and Nala as rulers of the Pride Lands, and now Kiara had recently given birth to her new cubs. She was overjoyed, even more so than her mate Kovu. She hadn’t told anyone, but the reason she was excited was because she knew the method had worked. Her youngest cub had been born with a small tuft of mane upon the top of his head, as she remembered that young man-cub had before she had eaten him.
She hadn’t just eaten him for food…she had eaten him to rebirth him. Young Ranjan was now a lion cub, and he belonged to her now. She couldn’t be happier.
Only one thing puzzled her…
Even if she had given birth to her cubs, she was surprised to hear that for some strange reason, her mother Nala had also given birth…again. She was a bit too old now to have more cubs, but still, it had happened. Everyone was surprised when they heard of the news. Even Rafiki couldn’t figure out how this had happened.
But despite this, the cub was still accepted as part of the pride, although most of them wondered how the cub turned out to have an incredible mass of black mane upon the top of its head despite his age.
To Kiara, it reminded her of the young creature that Nala had said she had eaten several months before…
Final part...we finish with Kiara enjoying a Ranjan breakfast!
But this one contains rebirth...with a slight link to Nala's story involved. If you have read it, you will notice it at the end.
Thanks to :iconslycooper0213: for the suggestion...
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